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First Stone Laid For Paramount Park In Spain – New Images & Videos Of Star Trek Attractions June 2, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Conventions/Events/Attractions,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , trackback

Last year we reported that there was a plan to build a new Paramount theme park in Murcia, Spain which would include attractions based on Star Trek. This week ground was broken for the project in a special ceremony. There are also more details and images and promo videos from the planned Park and Star Trek attractions. Check it all out below.


First Stone Laid For Paramount Theme Park in Murcia, Spain

In a formal ceremony on Thursday in Alhama de Murcia, Spain, ground was broken for the planned Paramount Theme Park and Lifestyle Center. On hand were executives from PREMURSA (the consortium behind the project) along with local dignitaries and executives from Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Park Murcia is a different model than the Paramount Parks (including the now closed Las Vegas Star Trek: The Experience) that operated from 1994 until sold off to Cedar Fair in 2006. While Paramount is closely involved in the design of the new park and the attractions, they are actually functioning as a licensee, with the park being built and managed by PREMURSA. The goal of the consortium is to both make money off the park, but also attract tourism and investment into the area. They are hoping the park will attract 3 million visitors a year, with a planned opening in 2015.

While PREMURSA and the locals remain optimistic about the future of the project, describing this weeks event as a "major milestone," financing to complete the project is still being sought. This may prove a challenge with the current economic crisis in Spain and Europe in general. So this week’s ceremony is seen as a symbolic event, with major construction on the park awaiting financing.

First stone laid for Paramount Park Murcia on May 31, 2012

Paramount Park Murcia is envisioned as a competitor to other European theme parks with tie-ins to famous properties and characters including Warner Park in Spain, Disneyland Paris in France, and Movie Park in Germany. Spain is the fourth most visited country in the world, and the most popular destination for European tourists. While Murcia has a number of popular beach resorts, itself is not currently known as a major tourist destination (although it is a popular home for European retirees). Murcia does provide excellent weather for a theme park with 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 70 degrees (21C).

The plan for the Paramount theme park is to have five sections, each of which contains attractions linked to various Paramount films from their 100 year history, including Mission: Impossible, Titanic, Grease, Sleepy Hollow, Rango, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. Of specific interest to Trek fans is the "Plaza Futura" section.

Planned map for Paramount Park Murcia

According to plans, the Plaza Futura section will have three elements related to Star Trek. There is the Starfleet Recruiting Center motion simulator ride, the Warp Speed roller coaster and a Starfleet Commissary restaurant. All will be themed around the look of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie universe.


Artist renditions of Plaza Futura from Paramount Park Murcia

Artist renditions of Starfleet Recruiting Center attraction

Artist renditions of Warp Speed Coaster attraction


Promotional video from 2011 (in English)

New promotional video (in Spanish) will continue to monitor development on this project, as well as the Red Sea Resort in Jordan (which will also include a Star Trek attraction).


1. LizardGirl - June 2, 2012

beautiful, lovely!

2. LizardGirl - June 2, 2012


3. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012

Spain is bankrupt. I don’t know how this is economically feasible. But it’s still cool, and I hope it brings in lots of visitors.

4. LizardGirl - June 2, 2012

Why oh why, could we NOT do this here?

5. Vultan - June 2, 2012

Be sure to remind them at the gate there’s no money in the 23rd century. Trekkies get in for free. ;)

6. Ahmed - June 2, 2012

I wish if we have something like that here in Calgary, that would be amazing.

7. Sebastian S. - June 2, 2012

Kind of like the former Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, but on steroids!

8. Calbie - June 2, 2012

Yes that’s right Spain people. Get used to it. :D

9. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012


More like “be sure to remind Trekkies to bring a lot of money, as there is no such thing as a free ride in the twenty-first century”. :-D

10. Melllvar - June 2, 2012

Star Trek es a mejor chose en todo el universo! Espero que vemos a ver mas parques como eso en el futur

11. Elias Javalis - June 3, 2012

I hope it fairs well..considering the economic crisis!

12. MJ - June 3, 2012

WTF? Why isn’t there a Paramount Park in the USA then??

13. Trevor - June 3, 2012

Kind of like Star Trek the Experience, but with less immersion and a crappier universe in a country about to go bankrupt?

14. Elias Javalis - June 3, 2012

Better bring a star trek park here…(Greece). We re bankrupt too :):)

15. La Reyne d'Epee - June 3, 2012

I wonder if the staff will walk around in Trek uniforms…

16. loghaD - June 3, 2012

Can’t see what would be so terrible about building this in Spain. Yeah, their national economic situation is pretty darn troubling, but it’s not like suddenly every single Spaniard has become poor. Furthermore, Spain remains a popular tourist location from all over Europe.
In fact, this could potentially be great for Spain. In the short time, lots of construction workers and technicians will get more work. In the longer term, if successful, the park will employ lots of long-term employees, encourage spending among those who can afford it, and drive up tourism revenue (Germany – one of the most lucrative Trekkie markets – is just around the corner).
For these reasons, I’m guessing the local powers that be are willing to give Paramount some favorable developing conditions. Furthermore, Spain’s biggest economic issue – as far as I’m aware – is unemployment (particularly among young people), so there should be an ample supply of willing and able workers.

As for why it’s being built in Spain and not in the U.S….
Because it’s being built in Spain and not in the U.S.; simple as that. It’s not like every project plan has a flowchart with the question “Can you build it in the U.S.?” on it.

17. Tanner Waterbury - June 3, 2012

As I said on the YT page….WHERE THE HELL IS OUR PARAMOUNT ST THEMED PARK?! It’s been almost 4 years since the ST Experience closed (Really ticked me off too, since it closed 28 days before my 21st birthday, which I was planning to go TO the Experience that day or sometime after)

18. Trekboi - June 3, 2012

looks fun- will they use a brewry for enginering?

19. Charlie - June 3, 2012

2015? R they serious? Maybe 2018.

20. Eric Cheung - June 3, 2012

The second artist’s rendering features what appears to be either the Millennium Gate or Farpoint Station.

21. aix - June 3, 2012


22. Jay - June 3, 2012

Wow! Your such a bunch of cry babies! ‘ohh where’s our paramount park, why’s it not in USA, ohh way to go build it in a country that’s about to go bust!”
Call yourself Trekkies? Well you ain’t showing a very positive attitude to things.

I for one wish them all the best and hope it does well for them in term of boosting their economy!

23. Jay - June 3, 2012

Well said #16

24. Kobi - June 3, 2012

uh, brings back memories to the long dead Space Park that was built in Bremen, Germany: opened February 2004, closed September 2004 … they didn’t even attract the needed 1.3 million visitors per year.

25. CmdrR - June 3, 2012

JJverse Planet Vulcan Ride:

“It’s a small world afterall, it’s a small world afterall, it’s a small world afterall… It’s a small, small world…”

26. Douglas - June 3, 2012

Has anyone noticed that almost all of the music in the over 7 minute English version promotional video is from Star Trek films no matter what is being presented in the visuals?

27. mynameschris - June 3, 2012

It being in Spain will make it easier for people who arent from the USA to get to, and seeming that the States has Disney World and Universal and there have been numerous Trek themed attractions in the States but nowhere else I say why not.

Maybe its time to consider a holiday to Spain…in 3 or 4 years =]

28. Elias Javalis - June 3, 2012

I suspect Paramount is doing something to elevate star trek’s box office overseas. If i am correct, that’s great..

If they make and a TV series double great!

29. Trick - June 3, 2012

I like the new movie and cast and everything; however, I a surprised that the park is based on that universe, which is considerably less fleshed out and rich at this point. (I am guessing this is a function of CBS owning TV trek) I will totally go though if I find myself in Spain, looks neat.

30. BitterTrekkie - June 3, 2012

Based on JJTrek?

31. captain_neill - June 3, 2012

Looks cool.

I do wish it was the prime universe though.

32. captain_neill - June 3, 2012

There is a lot more in the prime universe, we have 3 centuries to draw on and the LCARS display screens are stil cooler looking in my opinion.

33. Elias Javalis - June 3, 2012


Hopefully, the younger generations will seat and enjoy the prime universe.
I believe, many of us (old fans) feel (a bit) isolated, but ultimately the universe has a ton to offer!

After all, star trek is about examining other possibilities too!

34. Elias Javalis - June 3, 2012

Pardon me, i meant the JJ universe has a lot to offer :)

35. Trick - June 3, 2012


Agreed, they *will* have two movies worth of information by then, and a third movie in the works, most likely. I think in the limited fashion that the park actually has to rely on “mythos” it should be fine (roller coasters and food courts). They are just kind of “skinning” traditional park attractions with Star Trek branding it seems. (No slight intended, if that sounds judgmental to anyone.)

If they were doing a star trek: experience type of thing, I don’t think the alternate universe would be able to populate enough attractions to make it a worthwhile, immersive experience. I would hope they would do a combined experience (prime + new) if such a thing were to be attempted again.

36. rm10019 - June 3, 2012

12. Um there were Paramount Parks here in the States until a few years ago when they sold off that business. Probably saved themselves a bunch of money selling off before the 08 econimic crisis.

37. Niall Johnson - June 3, 2012

Well, to be fair, the JJverse is in the mainstream now, so it’s not a bad idea to captialise on that right now. Further, since the lamented demise of the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience and the difficulty in getting it going again (if at all) it’s only reasonable that Paramount is looking further afield to set up this place.

38. Andy Patterson - June 3, 2012

Star Trek in Paramount park. Will there be a Guardian of Forever section where you can go an get answers and visit other places?

39. Killamarshtrek - June 3, 2012

Good job we’re going to Florida next year, cause when this opens we won’t need to bother! Awesome!!

40. LJ - June 3, 2012

Doesn’t matter about the financial/economic situation in Spain, as the Spanish people are not the target market. Spain happens to be the main summer playground of the Brits and the Germans, both of whom possess large numbers of Trekkers (and still have more money to spend in comparison to other nationalities in Europe). They are the target audience for this: it’ll make more money in Spain than in the (sometimes, not always by any means) rather more inclement climes of the UK and Germany.

41. Killamarshtrek - June 3, 2012

Oh and to all you yanks who are saying “why Spain?”. Spain is the main holiday destination for the UK, Germany, Ireland, Holland, France etc. we go every year and now I only see that increasing!

42. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

Sorry, but Spain? Is Europe where Star Trek’s largest fan base is? ST.09 made HALF as much money in the rest of the world as it did domestically.

Maybe Paramount is planning on doing a half-assed job with it and they don’t want any bad publicity fallout from building it in America.

43. VulcanFilmCritic - June 3, 2012

I really don’t have a good feeling about this. From what I can determine, Murcia is not on the coast of Spain, so there are no beach attractions. It has become a haven for “residential tourists” but there isn’t really a lot to do there, except retire. So why should anyone go there?
Look, our city fathers in New York have just scrapped a plan to build a new convention center at the site of the old Aqueduct Raceway because “it’s a long subway ride from Manhattan.” A long subway ride? How long a ride is it to get to Murcia?
This notion that if you build it, they will come, has flown out the window with the skyrocketing price of oil.
I was actually planning to go to Spain in a few years, but to Madrid and Valencia. Not Mucia. Murcia is not anywhere near those cities. Now I really love Star Trek but I’m not going to shlep down to southeast Spain to take a ride on a roller coaster, sit in a motion simulator and eat at a “futuristic” food court.
Also I’m not thrilled with the idea of pegging these attractions to the look of the new JJ Abrams style of Star Trek. This may become as dated in a few years as Mr. Spock’s circular slide rule.

44. ES - June 3, 2012

No offense to the Spaniards, but did they suddenly become the New Las Vegas?

And speaking of Las Vegas…what? Are we chopped liver over here? We’ve been waiting for *something* to happen for four years now!!

45. Gorn Born - June 3, 2012

It does seem strange that there are “Star Trek” theme park attractions in active development in Spain and Jordan, but not in the U.S.

Does anybody know if the plans to reboot the “Star Trek Experience” in Las Vegas are completely vaporized? The announced attraction in 2009 seems to have completely imploded.

46. VZX - June 3, 2012

This makes me miss Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas even more.

47. LJ - June 3, 2012

@43 easy travelling distance from Alicante and Benidorm, two major tourist destinations? I’d argue it’s smack bang in the middle of the main tourist area of continental Spain. I doubt it’d be feasible on islands such as Ibiza, Majorca or Lanzarote.

48. Wes - June 3, 2012

So I guess the JJ Verse is here to stay? Seems like 43 years of Trek History is ignored for a single 2009 film!

49. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012

The “Star Trek Experience” won’t be coming back. It’s done forever. The new economic world order has made sure of that.

50. VZX - June 3, 2012

Anyway, this does look really cool. Do you think we could get lucky and have something like this in the US again?

51. Sarah Stroud - June 3, 2012

Chattanooga, TN would have been a great place for Paramount Park (at Enterprise South). There may still be room. I want a big destination park to come to Chattanooga soooooooooo badly. Maybe someday :(

52. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012





53. Irishtrekkie - June 3, 2012

I for one think this is awesome that its in Spain, Spain is lovely.
place. And i am Irish and will be dragging my German gf (also a Trekkie)
to this when it opens.

Hope it does well , i mean there are lots of star trek fans all over Europe you only have to look at fedcon in Germany and destination Star Trek London.

Already checked i can get a flight to this part of Spain from €50 (thats $62) and alot cheaper then getting to vegas ! ! good times :).

Viva La Espana

54. DeShonn Steinblatt - June 3, 2012

Still think CBS/Paramount have no long term plans for the Abramsverse?

Still think it’s 3 and done?

Think again.

55. Hankster - June 3, 2012

I’d like one of these is the USA. Any room in California or Florida or are they over saturated with Disney and Universal parks?

56. WillH85 - June 3, 2012

I miss the days that Great America in San Jose (where I lived in the 90’s) was owned by Paramount and had some Star Trek attractions. I still think Spain is a dumb idea even if it is cheap to build there. I doubt people are going to start going to Spain on vacation because there’s a Paramount park there. Seems like building here in the US, probably near where tourists already flock to like LA or Orlando, etc. But it’s not like they care about making American jobs or helping the American economy, they just see a chance to make a quick buck.

57. Mikey1091 - June 3, 2012

First Jordan, and now Spain? I agree, Spain is a great place to build a Trek attraction, as is Jordan, but I also agree with all the “Where’s OUR park” people. I mean the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas died in 08, and then the plans to relocate it died a year later.

So the US Trek fans are someone annoyed, like myself, that we don’t have an attraction for us to go to without spending heaps of money to fly to Spain, let alone Jordan, and to say nothing of going through the agonizing process of obtaining a passport if you haven’t already.

I myself am glad I did that a couple year ago, as I’m going to Mexico with the parents end of next month for a few days (its about as much as I can spare from my summer work schedule). And then in August I’m spending the hundreds of dollars it’s gonna cost me to go to Florida for 5 days for Star Wars Celebration 6 (YES, I am a SW fan too, please don’t kill me!!!). But to go to Spain would cost thousands (I actually went and looked it up, so yeah) of dollars that I don’t have.

Would it be better for US fans if they built a Trek park in the US? Yes. Is it going to happen? Probably not. Are US fans with money still going to go to Jordan or Spain to see the Trek park? Yes. Is that a large amount of people? Definitely not. So in conclusion, the US was the Trek spotlight with STE for years. Time to let someone else hold it for a while.

58. Tim - June 3, 2012

For years we had Paramount Canada’s Wonderland north of Toronto, Ontario. They let that place get run down and jacked ticket prices up every year. Finally they sold it.

59. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 3, 2012

I really hope that things get better in Spain … difficult times now …

60. MJ - June 3, 2012

@22 “Wow! Your such a bunch of cry babies! ‘ohh where’s our paramount park, why’s it not in USA, ohh way to go build it in a country that’s about to go bust!”

Hey Einstein, Paramount is a U.S. company based in Southern California. That is why it is 100% legitimate to ask why they are not building on in the U.S. This is not like we are some crybabies in Poland asking for one there.

Shesh, get real!

61. MJ - June 3, 2012

And also, Trek 2009 did like 75% of its business in the U.S., and Trek generally doesn’t do well overseas except in GB and Germany. So what happened to that calculus in Paramount deciding to build this in Spain…I don’t get it, unless this is a bunch of lousy investors in Europe like the idiots who lost their shirts on Eurodisney, which went bankrupt a number of years ago.

Yes, I bet this is being fronted by European investors who don’t know what they are doing. That is probably why it is being built there.

62. TrekMadeMeFat - June 3, 2012

This is Star Trek now. It’s a brave new universe and our generation is going to have the hardest time living in it.

63. Jack - June 3, 2012

What a bunch of America-centric ugliness. “Do they really think we’ll fly to Spain?!?!” No, they don’t — it’s not for you.

60 – there’s a difference between saying we’d like one here and attacking the idea of one in Spain. Nobody else on earth thinks America’s the centre of the universe, except Americans.

64. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Fistly I would like to see people treat each other more respctuflly here.

Secondly I think its important to note that this park is not being build by Paramount, it is being build by PREMURSA, a public/private consortium who are hoping to make money and attract more tourists and investment into the region. Paramount are essentially licensees, and involved in the design. But they arent the ones deciding where to build the park. I am sure if a group had a viable plan to build a Paramount Park in Florida, Japan, the UK or California, they would consider it seriously.

RE: Trek 2009
It is the new thing, just like TNG/DS9 was the new thing when they made Star Trek: The Experience in Vegas in 1997.

I’m sure if there is a Star Trek attraction built somewhere in 2024, they will look to the latest Trek films/TV shows (if we are so lucky)

65. Jack - June 3, 2012

61. Eurodisney’s still around — Disneyland Paris. I was there last year and it was packed.

66. LizardGirl - June 3, 2012

Where am I gonna get the money to go to Spain, huh?! It’s a great idea for the European market– don’t get me wrong, but could they build a sister park in North America…doesn’t even have to be in the U.S. (preferable though). I’d wear my shoes out walking to Canada if they’d build on this side of the Atlantic!

But…say….Paramount did, build here (U.S.). There’s no way in heck it should be in a main city! They’re going to need space…lots…and lots…of space, not just for the park but for hotels, restaurants, etc. Midwest would be a better build site. You won’t disrupt the lives of city residents. You (and I) may get a cheaper travel rate since we’re not flying into a major city or staying at their hotels.

I think that Canada would be a great option too! But I’m unfamiliar with the land so I can’t say where something of this magnitude should be built.

But with two popular Paramount parks–one on each side of the Atlantic, both North American and European Trekkies will be happy, definitely.

Oh and please, European Trekkies, try to understand our pain. Don’t rub it in our faces. WE KNOW you’ll enjoy yourselves. Just try to be understanding. You’d probably feel the same if this was built here instead of there.
NOTE: T_T (face of tears and sadness), -_- (face of dark depression)

67. Captainmccoll - June 3, 2012

Spain may be bankrupt but we get the second most tourists a year in Europe behind France, what I can’t figure out is: Why Murcia? it is a backwater little province without a lot of tourism, our Texas for you to understand. Málaga would have been a beteer option in my opinion because Madrid has the Warner Bros Park and Barcelona has Port Aventura

68. LizardGirl - June 3, 2012

@64 Didn’t know that before I posted. Thanks for the clear up.

69. Jack - June 3, 2012

66. There were five Paramount parks in the U.S. and one in Canada, complete with movie-themed attractions for years and years. plus there was Star Trek the experience.

A company called Cedar Fair bought them all in 2006 (including Star Trek the experience).

70. Vultan - June 3, 2012

I wish this park all the best. If it’s a great success there, it may be enough to convince other developers to build in other countries. You know, like America.

¡Viva España!

71. LizardGirl - June 3, 2012

@69. You say “there were”…are they all still in operation? I thought Star Trek the Experience was closed down? I’m more particularly interested in a Star Trek theme park than anything else. I missed the boat on Star Trek the Experience (way too young and not a trekkie). So this sounds so amazing to me.

Screw it….I’m going to sell some organs!

72. John from Cincinnati - June 3, 2012

Maybe the Greek tourists will head there.

73. LizardGirl - June 3, 2012

I mean : not a trekkie at the time.

74. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

America isn’t the center of the universe, but it is the center of the Star Trek universe, because if there’s more fans in the rest of the world than here, they certainly didn’t turn out to see ST.09 more than people did in America, which accounted for $2 to every 1$ brought by the rest of the EARTH to see ST.09. And regardless of whether every one of those $$ came from already existing fans, it does show that Star Trek’s greatest appeal is to Americans which, by the way, are a people composed of many different previous nationalities. We aren’t a race, like Chinese.

If you are going to build a Star Trek themed park anywhere, it makes sense to put it where it has the best chance of success, meaning where the fans are more than anywhere else.

I’m thinking Spain ain’t that place.

But it’s not my money that’s building it. So I’m not going to lose anything over it, including sleep. Obviously the investors think it’s a great idea.

75. LizardGirl - June 3, 2012

BOOYAH!!! (in agreement with dmduncan @74).

76. VulcanFilmCritic - June 3, 2012

Well, if space tourism takes off, and I doubt that it will, but curiosity surrounding it might be an attraction, there’s a lot of cheap real estate around Mojave, CA, which is where the new Space Port is being built.
This is supposed to become the “next Silicon Valley.” The site of the space Port is being used in location shooting already by a number of movies and TV shows already.

Now if I were a speculative businessman, I would be buying up some real estate in the area, or maybe somewhere between LA and Mojave. If Mojave becomes a boom town, then entertainment is sure to follow.
If it seems like the commercial aerospace industry is going to “take off” in that part of the world, then that is where I’d site a Star Trek or science/futurist/action-adventure oriented theme park.

You’ve got a somewhat brutal climate to deal with and water issues, but when you think about re-terra-forming parts of Earth, remember that a lot of southern Florida was a malarial swamp before it was developed.

77. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

again, as noted in the article, this is not a “Star Trek theme park”, it is a Paramount theme park. there are some Star Trek attractions. THere are also attractions for Mission Impossible, Titanic, Sleepy Hollow, Grease, etc.

78. Michael DeSanto - June 3, 2012

I hope they put some more supports under that roller coaster when they build it…

79. LizardGirl - June 3, 2012

Okay, they’re doing a Paramount theme park in Spain with other attractions. I’d still love to see JUST a “Star Trek Theme Park” all the same. There are more than enough films to carry a dedicated ST theme park. I wouldn’t miss the other attractions that much.

If there was a need for other attractions, then maybe just the Paramount science fiction films for inspiration…but….doesn’t seem promising based on what I’ve read in their Theatrical Library.

80. Killamarshtrek - June 3, 2012

@67 ‘Why Murcia?’

I think you answered your own question. The Malaga area already has plenty of tourism as does Costa Dorada. Murcia does not, this is a local consortium looking for ways to divert tourism their way. I really hope it works, it certainly will with me!

81. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

BTW, how popular were the suburbs of Orlando before Disney moved in in the 50s?

82. Jack - June 3, 2012

We’re talking about a roller coaster a flight simulator and a snack bar… I don’t understand the outrage.

83. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

Okay, it’s a Paramount MOVIE theme park. I hope all those American movies they’re going to make attractions of have a hefty following in the EU.

And I never knew Paramount ever had any theme parks. Disney-MGM, Universal? Yep. And Warner Brothers teamed up with Six Flaggs for a while, to bring Batman and the Looney Tunes characters to its parks.

Didn’t know about Paramount.

84. dmduncan - June 3, 2012


Mountains out of molehills, Jack. It’s what we do.

85. Jack - June 3, 2012

84. Lol.

86. Jack - June 3, 2012

Wait , Spock had a circular slide rule?

87. section9 - June 3, 2012

This reeks of cronyism.

I guarantee you that there are kickbacks to Spanish and European politicians and banksters all over this thing.

Just to get the permits and approvals for this thing. Yeesh! Spanish politicians make Harry Mudd look like St. Francis of Assisi.

88. Captain_Conrad - June 3, 2012

First Jordan now Spain!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

89. TrekMadeMeFat - June 3, 2012

I think Anthony is as sentimental as the rest of us. Hang in there, Anthony. As far as my feeling on the good old days, I thought the Exhibition was more fun than the Experience. The Experience seemed just a bit too cheesy and “touristy”.

90. Captain_Conrad - June 3, 2012


I’m rescinding my comment. I just realized that this is exploitation of a society that doesn’t believe in the use of currency. I know in Star Trek they have some form of credit system, but currency overall is meaningless since the society in Trek provides the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

I had a dream once of building a Trek theme park in San Francisco. It would consist of a couple rides an a hotel with each deck themed after a certain starship. The dream included only having to charge the bare minimum to keep the park running. But unfortunately, it may never happen and for good reason too.

91. richpit - June 3, 2012

I say “good for Spain.”

Do I wish it was someplace closer so I might have a chance of going there (from FL)? Yes. But it being in Spain is no different to me than if it was in So. Cal. I still would never get there to see it.

So, run with it, Spain! Have a blast.

92. Jack - June 3, 2012

You can fly to Spain (and back, even) for $700 or less. But i’d think Spain is the bigger reason to go to Spain (and not a theme park) if you’ve never been there.

93. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


The U.S is the de facto “capital of the world”. It’s the number one economy, has the biggest military, and the majority of our favorite forms of entertainment (including ‘Star Trek’) are produced in Hollywood. No other country comes even close.

94. MJ - June 3, 2012

@65 “61. Eurodisney’s still around — Disneyland Paris. I was there last year and it was packed.”

Yes, but it went bankrupt several years ago and was bought out by new investors at a fraction of the original investment.

95. MJ - June 3, 2012

@93. Plus, Paramount Studios is based in the USA. So yea, I am rightfully a little taken aback that the first Paramount World is being built overseas.

96. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


Yeah, LA would be a natural place for one of these rides. Disneyland is in Anaheim, so why can’t a Star Trek ride be built in LA?

I’d also think it would be great to see one built in Toronto and Vancouver. A lot of films and shows are made in those cities, too.

97. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Paramount and their movies are global brands like Coca-Cola. It isn’t some regional thing.

And once again Paramount isn’t building the park, the Spanish consortium is. Once Viacom/Paramount/CBS broke up and sold Paramount Parks they moved to licensing for attractions. Spain is a tourist destination, it is the Florida of Europe. It just so happens that there are investors and government people in Murcia who want to do this (and in Jordan too).

I would not be surprised if some day there was a Star Trek themed attraction added to a US based Park, maybe Universal in Orlando. But Universal Orlando is the one that has to decide it is worth the money to do it, not Paramount. I’m sure CBS and Paramount would be happy to take Universal’s call.

If anyone here is a billionaire, then you could pitch your own park.

All in all I think it’s pretty cool for the franchise that this is happening and I hope it inspires more in places all over the world. However, it shouldn’t be another opportunity to attack, whine and vent.

98. MJ - June 3, 2012

@83 “We’re talking about a roller coaster a flight simulator and a snack bar… I don’t understand the outrage.”

Can you imagine is Mercedes decided to open its first auto-related theme park in Argentina instead of Germany? That is what this feels like for those of us in the U.S. who have supported our own Paramount Studios in Southern California.

Yea, it really irks me that I just drove by Paramount studios last week on the 605, but I would have to fly to Spain to see their Trek attractions at their new theme park. And all us American Trek fans, who provide 75% of the ticket sales on Trek 2009, get in return are nearly $100 chargers for the lackluster season 1 of TNG…talk about a crummy deal.

99. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012

Universal is a rival studio. I don’t think Paramount would be too pleased seeing Universal making money off of one of their biggest properties.

Plus, as others have mentioned, Star Trek just isn’t popular in Europe outside of Britain and Germany. Add in the economic crisis and this just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Kind of like how the Phoenix Coyotes NHL team is playing out in Glendale, Arizona where nobody cares about them.

100. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Why is it so hard to comprehend for some? This project did not start at Paramount. They were approached and they said yes. Should they have said no? We wont do any projects until someone opens one of these in downtown LA?

Does this mean they haven’t tried to get other parks to include Paramount themed attractions? No. In fact there are CBS and Paramount themed attractions at other parks around the world, including the USA (just no Trek themed ones).

101. MJ - June 3, 2012

@96. Actually, I think Vancouver would be a great location for a SF-themed park. Not so keen on Toronto. I think Vancouver would get a lot more U.S. and international tourists to such a theme park.

102. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

RE: Universal
Paramount already licensed Star Trek to Universal back in the 90s for an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. CBS is currently licensing to Universal for a Twilight Zone ride (I think at both their parks). Universal just opened a huge Harry Potter village (licensed by WB). Lucasfilm licenses for Star Tours at Disneyland. The list goes on…. If Universal wanted to pay Paramount to license a ride, there is no way Paramount would say no unless they had an exclusive deal with someone in the same region. Paramount are not in the business of theme parks anymore. They are in the business of maximizing profits from their intellectual property.

Again, facts are a crazy thing I know.

103. MJ - June 3, 2012

@100. I do understand that. Still, it hurts a bit.

104. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


Yeah, Toronto might be better off with a “Harry SpaceBallz” theme park!


Thanks for clearing that up! But Universal would obviously be on the hook for any losses. After all, there’s no guarantee that a Trek theme park would do well as a Harry Potter one would.

105. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Well you have just answered your own questions about “WHy dont Paramount do this in the USA”…Yes indeed that is the whole point of the Paramount licensing model. No risk, all reward. Which is why I suspect there are not Star Trek themed attractions in the USA. No one has felt it was worth the risk in the last decade. If another JJ movie is a hit, I suspect that might change.

And again we are talking about Star Trek *attractions* not theme parks. There is no Star Trek theme park being discussed, it is just an attraction inside the future section of a larger park. Even this park will have other attractions inside the Plaza Futura. I think something from War of the Worlds and some kids ride too. The Jordan park is the same. Just like the Harry Potter Wizarding World is just part of the larger Universal Islands of Adventure Theme Park in Orlando (and soon in LA and Japan).

106. MJ - June 3, 2012

@105. Agreed — that has always been Paramount — they are not forward-thinkers and are risk-adverse, unlike Universal. We get no theme parks, but instead get $80 blu-ray sets, $100 books on Federation history, etc. etc.

107. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Dont drag my comments into your diatribe. Paramount arent in the Theme Park business. I am sure if they still were (like Disney and Univesal), there would be Star Trek attractions at USA parks. They just arent in that biz. Most studios arent. That is not some kind of attack, just how they want to run their biz. Doesnt make Universal or Disney better, just different business models.

108. Jack - June 3, 2012

MJ, there were Paramount theme parks in the US for years and years. They sold them. I know the one in Ontario had a Trek show years ago (80s or early 90s)

True, Disneyland Paris is still in the hole (and a lot of folks in France, or at least in the press there were not thrilled with an Americanizing influence at the time) but ut’sthe most popular theme park, attendance wise, in Europe. Got to say, I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a kid, but Disneyland Paris was fun, but, well the bathrooms were pretty messy (paper towels in the floor, etc.) and smelled like pee (kind of like most public washrooms in Paris) –I remembered Disneyland being crazy spotless. And the staff was a little surly. So, it really was a French experience.

And, yeah — even with the endless economic crisis, isn’t the European economy still the biggest in the world?

109. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012

Paramount needs to take a page from George Lucas. He puts his own money into licensing “Star Wars”. He doesn’t rip people off by charging sky-high prices for cheaply made products. He hires the best in the business to carry out his marketing and merchandising plans while charging reasonable, affordable prices that anyone can pay. Lucas still manages to make tens of millions of dollars per year years after the end of the “Star Wars” movie saga.

110. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


The American economy is still the biggest in the world. Yeah, there are problems, but no where near as bad as what some European countries (like Greece, Italy, France, Ireland and Spain) are experiencing.

111. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Lucas charges huge licensing fees, what are you talking about? Disney is paying George for Star Tours. Hasbro pays huge for the toys, etc. Not sure what lesson can be learned from Lucas except to pretty much say yes to everyone willing to pay you to license your property.

Trust me people if there is a licensed thing where there isnt a Trek element, it is usually not from CBS and Paramount not trying to sell the license, but due to licensees not feeling Trek is worth it. CBS and Paramount want to make as much money of Trek as they can and they try as much as they can. But you need willing partners. That is now licensing works.

112. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


I’m pretty sure Disney is allowed a cut of the profits. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone to George Lucas. Why would a studio agree to something where they pay the cost and don’t share in any of the profits? It makes no sense. Unless they’re getting bailed out by taxpayers.

“…but due to licensees not feeling Trek is worth it.”

Then it’s up to CBS and Paramount to do their best to make sure that it is. One movie every four years isn’t going to cut it. Not saying they go back to the old days of two series running concurrently at the same time as theatrical releases, but an animated series that appeals to kids and adults would really help remind the mainstream of why Trek is so great and why they should invest their time and money into it like we do.

113. MJ - June 3, 2012

@108. Jack, while Paramount owned some amusement parks, and the one in Florida many years ago had I believe something related to Trek, they were never the large movie-themed parks like Universal has done. Rather, they were standard amusement parks.

114. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

It seems some people just have a hobby of basing Paramount and CBS regardless of the facts. I’m not saying they are perfect, but after dealing with them over the years I have learned that there are people there who love Trek as much as we do and want to see it succeed even more (their paychecks rely on it).

Paramount didnt want to wait 4 years they wanted another Trek film in 2 years but chose to wait 3 years to ensure quality by keeping the same team (who ended up not being able to deliver on time due to Super 8). If Paramount had rushed out another film with a new team in 2 years I’m sure the same people would be whining about them not valuing the franchise and risking it on an untested team.

As for Lucas making Star Wars appeal. that ship has sailed Star Wars is bigger than Trek. Has been since 1977. TMP proved Trek cant stand up to Star Wars. Even JJs movie cant stand up to the Lucas prequels. But if Paramount wanted to really milk Trek they would have forced the movie to have more kid appeal, and possibly churned out games and some crappy cartoon to back it up. Is that what you want?

The market will bear what the market will bear. Trek is now more valuable than it has been in a long time, but it will never be as big as Star Wars or some of the Marvel brands….and thats OK.

and now i am done. Believe that Paramount execs sit in a room trying to figure out ways to disappoint Trekkies if you must.

115. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


Nobody’s suggesting that Paramount and CBS milk the franchise. A number of us feel that they could have done a bit better marketing, that’s all. And I wasn’t suggesting they copy Lucas, but he did put out some quality console video games and a fun cartoon show. The last movie could have been marketed better overseas.

116. MJ - June 3, 2012

@114. Anthony, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that the current regime at Paramount is doing right by Trek. However, having been an active Trek fan since the mid-1970’s, I have been repeatedly disappointed over the years by Paramount — I could go on and on about things Paramount did and opportunities missed back then, but I am am sure you have heard most of it before.

I do appreciate that you are a relatively young guy who knows firsthand the new generation at Paramount today, and thus have a more optimistic view of the studio than many of us older Trek fans do.

I will try to keep this in mind, but when I see $80 blu-ray sets that should cost $50, and Star Trek theme attractions being planned in Spain, please understand that many of us have a built in skepticism that has been built by decades of not having a good opinion of Paramount, based on many of the bonehead things that they have done over the years.

117. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

Dont get me wrong, I dont think these guys are perfect. I was the first on this site to point out how the Star Trek film did relatively poorly outside English speaking countries. In fact the first time I met JJ Abrams back at comic con 2007 i told him int’l was his biggest challenge if he wanted to make a true global blockbuster. I have also actively lobbied for an animated series tied to the new movie universe. I did the same for a video game.

However I am glad they didnt rush out crappy licensed game and animated show. The game looks great and is worth the wait. Hopefully animated happens too but that is complicated due to CBS.

My point is that this news shouild not be seen as some kind of failing of Paramount to market Trek but a success and a step towards it growing as a global brand and returning to greatness. Remember Trek was essentially dead in 2005. Now two theme parks around the world value it to pay the $ to include it. Hopefully USA parks follow. Like I said, it is a step and a positive step.

What I fight back at is the knee-jerk whining and negative that seems to follow every new announcement as not being good enough, fast enough, close enough and/or cheap enough.

118. DeShonn Steinblatt - June 3, 2012

The more that is invested into the franchise (whichever universe) the more it becomes a long term concern. Anthony is right. Be happy about this, regardless of where it is happening.

119. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


Okay, I see your point. Thanks, Anthony!


I agree….but we think there should be something similar in North America, where most of the world’s Trekkies live.

120. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

i am glad you see my point but then you return to the ‘should’ thing. I can see wanting something. I could see how their could be a Trek theme attraction in the US. But there is no indication that it is somehow a failing that such a thing has yet to be announced. Once again the invisible hand of the market is in effect. Again, the Trek brand is still being rebuilt.

Maybe Orci’s cryptic comments will be related to something in the US. I would not be surprised if something in the US gets announced sometime in the next few years. But I dont come at this from a default position that anything short of it is a failure and their ‘should’ be something in the USA today.

121. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012

Okay, I’ll let this one go. It’s getting late anyway. Didn’t mean to annoy you.:-)


Will you be posting a “Prometheus” review like you did for “Avatar” and “Super 8″?

122. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

117. Anthony Pascale – June 3, 2012

What I fight back at is the knee-jerk whining and negative that seems to follow every new announcement as not being good enough, fast enough, close enough and/or cheap enough.


That’s a sign that we’ve been without Trek for too long. You should know that AP!

Okay, it’s great that Spain is getting Star Trek themed attractions, but it IS frustrating when other franchises bloom, and rebloom…and REbloom while we get not even an animated series — not even like what I suggested before in another thread, i.e., to use the PRICELESS original cast recordings from TAS and totally reanimate that show with modern animation technology for a new generation — because the “animation” on TAS is very poor quality. Why is THAT so hard to get done?

Is that not a good idea?

123. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

And you know what else? Complaints make people uncomfortable, and discomfort pushes people off their rockers. I think it beats saying nothing. This way maybe it percolates through the system, and when you, AP, are interviewing somebody higher up in the food chain, maybe you say something about what we say here and that gets them thinking.

It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

Be squeaky!

124. Pensive's Wetness - June 3, 2012

Is this legit? i was listeing to NPR 2 days ago about a euroscape park in Spain (with a rusting version of the Eifle Tower, amounst other atractions) that was LOOSING money. and they want to build another theme park? i can understand that rational in the US but really? what Fing retard OK’d this?

125. Jack - June 3, 2012

113. Yeah, but so is this one. It looks like they’re just putting movie labels and a little set dressing on rides, like the Paramount parks did (Top Gun, the roller coaster). Even Disney relabels existing rides as new franchises come out — most of their Tomorrowland attractions (apart from Star Tours) really don’t have much to do with the film’s they’re named after. I’m not slagging that — what options are there, really for a sci fi theme park adventure?

What’s the deal with Harry Potter at Universal Studios? I’m guessing the park has licensed it from WB, Rowling etc.? The appeal’s a lot different (a lot more kids and families care about Potter [or Star Wars & Indiana Jones, at Disney] than they do about Trek — it’s the nature of the franchise. I just wonder how many people would really go somewhere solely for a Star Trek attraction — unless it’s something spectacular.

What would it be, even, beyond a flight simulator or an actor-heavy interactive thing? Who was ever going to rush to Data’s Revenge!!!: the roller-coaster, or Troi’s empathic house of horror (“I sense fear from your screaming.”) or an adventure ride, back in the 80s, 90s based on the exploits of a bunch of guys in their 60s. And what would it be now, exactly? As outraged as everyone got here when that Robot Chicken guy (who’s done plenty of Star Trek stuff) said Star Wars is a more expansive universe, it’s true. Same with Potter. Yes, yes, Berman Trek had 90,000 episodes, but what does the general public really know about them? And the world wasn’t as convincing or immersive — it was guys with latex foreheads and recycled sets. I still love Trek and watched that stuff, but, come on…

Maybe something a lot smaller, like that CSI stuff in Vegas…

We complain about JJ turning Trek into an action adventure and then complain again because there aren’t Trek themed adventure parks?

Trek’s an adult franchise. Even JJ’s Trek. Sure some kids loved it, but I don’t think Star Wars (or Potter) far outpacing Trek in terms of video games, merchandise and toys has much to do with lousy decisions by Paramount. They’re different kinds of movies.

Plus, the Trek universe exists mainly on a few sets — you’ve got a bridge, engineering and a transporter room… yes, yes, there’s space… but how do you convert that all into an exciting ride? Or even a mass attraction?

I guess it’s doable, the Trek 09 the roller coaster could have your corvette going over the edge of a quarry, Vulcan collapsing all around you and that giant lobster thing snapping out at you — but….

126. Phil - June 3, 2012

Spain is bankrupt, and if the public sector is involved they don’t have two pesos to rub together right now. Where are they going to borrow the money from, Greece? Or California… hahahahahaahaaaa

127. Phil - June 3, 2012

Actually, I can understand why Paramount would want the Trek brand overseas before in the US – it’s an untapped market. Trek branded attractions have struggled to make money here, which tends to suggest the brand is overexposed here.

128. Phil - June 3, 2012

@109. Star Wars has some pricy merchindise that makes some of the high end Trek stuff, whos cost everyone was bitching about, look like cheap Chinese counterfeits.

129. Anthony Pascale - June 3, 2012

PROMETHEUS review this week. Have to respect USA embargo. Interview up Monday

130. loghaD - June 4, 2012

#64: Great points, here and elsewhere.

#66: I certainly don’t want to rub anything in anyone’s face; it’s perfectly natural to wish that things one wishes to participate in happen in a location accessible to one’s self (as a Swedish Trekkie, I experience that on a daily basis), and I’ve thrown my fair share of tantrums in my days (“What, so the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now ALIENS? DAMN YOU, MICHAEL BAY!”).
However, I’m quite shocked by some of the reactions that others have had here; it seems that since this was announced, Spain has been declared Hell on Earth, where the earth is loaded with TNT and the lakes consist of nitroglycerin.
Also, it’s very strange to me that people can’t seem to come to terms with the idea of a project like this taking place outside of the U.S. without a corresponding project going on domestically, or that the idea of going four years without a Star Trek theme park is somehow a big deal.

If and when somebody has a plan to build a Star Trek theme park in the U.S. and they’re well-assured that they can make a lot of money off of it, it will happen.
If they have such a plan for Spain, it will happen there.
…and in the parallel universe where the Swedish Empire never fell, we have four such parks in Stockholm ;)

#83: “Can you imagine is Mercedes decided to open its first auto-related theme park in Argentina instead of Germany? That is what this feels like for those of us in the U.S. who have supported our own Paramount Studios in Southern California.”

I may not be German, but I imagine that if I were, I wouldn’t really care. I may have preferred if it were closer to me, but global companies – by definition – do stuff around the world.
…and besides, the U.S. west coast had Star Trek: The Experience for ten years, so it’s not like Paramount Studios has completely neglected its domestic market.

131. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 4, 2012

Considering that it possibly costs me more to fly anywhere outside NZ than it would for most of you guys, I find the negativity about something getting built in Spain rather than the US and bemoaning the extra cost in travel a little pathetic. From where I am, everything costs more because I have to go further and because whatever the exchange rates (higher or lower) are, they never favour the NZ dollar.

Anyway, what’s wrong with saving up and going on a holiday to Western Europe, taking in a bit of Spain and discovering a little place called Murcia and its theme park? Spain is not the USA…

132. Gary Makin - June 4, 2012

Star Trek (2009) wasn’t that big in Spain.

133. VulcanFilmCritic - June 4, 2012

@ 86 Jack. [Off topic I know.] Yes, Spock in TOS uses a circular slide rule. It is actually more like a combination of a circular proportional scale (which artists use) and a slide rule. I don’t remember what episode it was.

Before there were calculators all the geeks had slide rules in their pockets. Now we have our phones, and computers, but even today when I have to do a lot of proportional dividing when drafting or doing a measured drawing, I use a circular proportional scale be cause it’s much quicker than keystrokes.

134. SciFiMetalGirl - June 4, 2012

Perhaps the attraction in Spain could build that full scale Enterprise that we have all been drooling about!

135. Hugues - June 4, 2012

Why not Spain?
Because they still torture and kill animals for ‘sport’, entertainment” and ‘tradition’.
That’s why.
Not Trek at all.

136. William Kirk - June 4, 2012

Artwork looks like JJ-Trek :-(

137. T'Cal - June 4, 2012

Why not the USA???

138. Irishtrekkie - June 4, 2012

Wow just wow , kinda taken back by the negativity and and really close minded comments from some posters.

as posted before i am an Irish star trek fan , and it is dirt cheap for me to fly to this part of spain ( like as low as €50 that $62 for a flight). Spain itself is a massive holiday destination and attract lots of tourist.

How is it spains fault there is not currently any star trek attractions in North America, maybe go ask paramount that.

And to the people moaning about not having a passport oh how much it would cost them to get to Spain from america, again your not the market for the park its more likely looking for European visitors.

(but really i doubt the cost are any different then it cost us non Americans to go vegas for when the star trek exp was running). And finally to the posters bring up the current global financial situation in spain or europe, lol get a grip and stop making a show of yourself.

139. THX-1138 - June 6, 2012

Hell, I don’t care if they build a sort of Trek themed park in Spain. As we say in the west, “It ‘aint no skin off my teeth.”

I’m sort of glad that there isn’t a AU universe Trek theme park here. Then I would have to feel guilty about avoiding it as I truly believe that the AU is not going to last. It’ll be a three movie blip. And then no Trek for a while. And then another re-boot in the prime universe.

140. Phil - June 6, 2012

@138. Really, it’s no big deal. Vegas had The Experience for years that no one ever went to, and when it was closed some folks wailed like it was a crime against humanity. Tell you what, if (and that’s a really big if at this point) they build it, go and take lots of pictures to post here so we can all enjoy it. And Mr. IrishTrekkie, if we make some friends in the process it’s a win for everyone.


141. Denise M - June 11, 2012

Looks like I’ll be taking a trip to Spain! :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.