Pegg: You’ll See More Of Enterprise & More Ships In Star Trek Sequel + Talks Cumberbatch & Eve [UPDATED VIDEO] |
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Pegg: You’ll See More Of Enterprise & More Ships In Star Trek Sequel + Talks Cumberbatch & Eve [UPDATED VIDEO] June 7, 2012

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Simon Pegg hates spoilers, but in a new interview clip (which you can watch below) Star Trek’s new chief engineer does promise that the sequel will offer fans views if different parts of the USS Enterprise and more. Watch it. [UPDATED: Added another video of Pegg talking about the Star Trek sequel cast]



Here is video of Pegg from Digital Spy, talking about the Star Trek sequel and the casting of fellow Brits Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch.



Pegg: Star Trek sequel is ‘expanded’ & ‘relentlessly entertaining’

Talking to IGN, Simon Pegg discussed how the Star Trek sequel fits in and differs from the 2009 Star Trek movie, saying:

It is a continuation, it is a continuing mission, but at the same time it is a new adventure, a new situation, new challenges. The architecture of the piece is still there, but it is expanded. You will see more of the Enterprise and different environments and different ships…and yes there there will be more lens flares and we are very very proud of that.

 watch the video where he also uses the phrase "relentlessly entertaining."

Thanks to Dee for the link


1. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

More ships…more environments…more of the Enterprise. Cool!

2. MJ - June 7, 2012


3. MikeTen - June 7, 2012

Great, hopefully we get to see the real engine room.

4. Din - June 7, 2012

I honestly think he was the weakest link in the 2009 cast. He’s completely wrong for the role, in terms of voice, face, height, hair, mannerisms–all of it. Frankly, I’d be OK with Scotty being killed off, as it would be better than watching Pegg playing him. I’m actually a great fan of the guy, and have enjoyed almost all of his movie roles. But Scotty, he just ain’t.

5. PEB - June 7, 2012

@3 right…his voice was wrong because his scottish accent was an ACTUAL scottish accent… there was nothing wrong with scotty when comparing him with tos’ jimmy doohan. give me a freakin break

6. Din - June 7, 2012

#5: I assume you’re talking to me, since #3 said nothing at all about Scotty.

I see no need to give you “a freakin break” if you’re so closed-minded that you can’t stand to read an opinion that is different than yours. This is a discussion board. I’m discussing. You’re not–you’re dismissing–which makes me wonder why you’re here, since this isn’t a dismissal board.

You like Pegg as Scotty. That’s great. I don’t. And I also don’t have to conform to your likes and dislikes. I stated my opinion. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

7. Din - June 7, 2012

I should also note that you got all worked up over something I never even said. I didn’t mention his accent. You brought that into the discussion. I mentioned his voice. They’re not the same thing.

And incidentally, since Pegg isn’t from Scotland, he doesn’t have “an ACTUAL scottish accent.” It’s a believable Scottish accent, yes–but it’s not “ACTUAL.”

8. Din - June 7, 2012

I don’t know what it is about discussion boards that make so many people socially inept. The anonymity of the online world makes people think it’s OK to attack people instead of talking to them.

9. Mike C. - June 7, 2012

I would like to see more of THE OUTSIDE OF THE SHIP. I don’t feel like there were enough space shots of the big E. Please, more.

10. SFC3 - June 7, 2012

#8 You could have posted that all in one post not triple-post it.

11. D-Rock - June 7, 2012

Can’t believe people get worked up about engineering. I vastly prefer it to day-glo tubes and beige carpeting. It lends it a lived in, real feeling and a sense of scope. A lot of the pipes/valving that was used 200 years ago is still used today. What bothers me endlessly is the airblade hand sanitizer as seen in sickbay which I believe I used in my local pub an hour or so ago. Or didn’t use. It doesn’t matter.

Khan for the win!!!

12. D-Rock - June 7, 2012

are still used…

13. Walter Kozlowski - June 7, 2012

What other Federation Ships could we see????

14. Din - June 7, 2012

#10: You could have not bothered to make that post since there was no point to it.

15. MJ - June 7, 2012

I agree with PEB completely on Scotty — he was right to say, “give me a freaking break.” That is not cussing, nor is it personal — it is simply a statement that he thinks your post where you pretty much tore down Pegg as a useless Scotty who “should be killed off” was over the top. PEB’s response was on the same level as your comments, so I don’t get why you are begin so ridiculously oversensitive to his response, feigning like his statement was some insult…come oh, dude?

I support PEB 100%…yea, poor me a glass of that “give me a freakin break” too, please; and make it a double. Simon Pegg’s Scotty should not be killed off — no way!

16. Din - June 7, 2012

$50 says the Exeter is in it.

17. PEB - June 7, 2012

nobody said i couldnt stand reading your oppinion. i just gave mine in return. i can argue my point just as you can argue yours. and if you want to get particular then fine, it’s an accurate scottish accent (an issue actual scotts have had with scotty for some time) that was my point. and the reason i brought up the accent is because yes, when you’re discussing a character with an accent and you say “his voice” without you clarifying, one’s natural responce would be to think you’re talking about the accent. you’re basically saying the character as a whole was just wrong. i dont think there’s any reason for that broad of an oppinion when there’s no evidence of that. sure you could pick out little points here and there, and no he didnt mimmick doohan’s depiction of scotty but that doesnt make the character wrong. so, you can say i’m being dismissive (as you seem to be towards pegg’s portrayle of scotty) but that’s just wrong -and if you’ve ever seen any of my other posts i encourage discussion here. everyone doesnt have to agree, and i wouldnt want them to.

18. Joe Schmoe - June 7, 2012

No, he used the phrase “relentlessly entertaining.”

19. PEB - June 7, 2012

& thanks MJ. the whole thing was a counter, not an insult. we’re all trekkies here. let’s pour some blood wine and get past it.

20. AJ - June 7, 2012

We saw a whole lot of ships get turned quickly to toast in ST09. Let’s hope for some more great ‘ship pron’ in the new one.

21. Daoud - June 7, 2012

I tend to think also that we know Chris Doohan gave a big thumbs up to Simon Pegg for his portrayal of younger Montgomery Scott. Plus, as Chris has said, this was a Lt Cmdr Scott 7 years before the first season of TOS, who’d just been assigned to almost-solitary confinement with a creeper alien Starfleet engineer, who was unfamiliar with people, but more than familiar with the specs for the Enterprise and her ample nacelles…
And, since Simon’s wife Maureen McCann is an “actual” Scotswoman, and she informed Simon’s development of the accent he used based on hers… I’d argue that even though Simon isn’t an “actual” Scotsman, he was using an “actual” Scots accent.

22. Daoud - June 7, 2012

Boborci already confirmed that an Exeter will appear.

23. Anthony Pascale - June 7, 2012

why is it almost every thread quickly devolves into some kind of fight? its summer people. Suns up. birds are chirping. Movie is less than a year away. lots of news has been coming on all sorts of stuff.


24. Walter Kozlowski - June 7, 2012

# 16. Good one! How about the Farragut from TOS”Obsession” It was the first assignment for Kirk in the prime time-line!” Be interesting what part it would play in the Alternate time-line.

25. CaptRobau - June 7, 2012

@11 The problem with engineering is not that it’s not clean enough, but that at no point you’re thinking: ‘this is not a brewery’. It’s brewing vats, brewing vats, brewing vats. That makes it feel really out of place with the rest of the ship, which has a uniform design and feels futuristic. I want iconic, like the TOS engineering room. This is just too bland.

26. New Horizon - June 7, 2012

Pegg based his Scottish accent on his wife’s accent. She happens to be Scottish.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with Pegg as Scotty either. It was simply a different interpretation of the character. I would much rather have an actor give an honest portrayal of character than an impersonation of Doohan’s interpretation of the character.

27. AJ - June 7, 2012


….and if you’ve ever been to a brewery, your first reaction is: “that’s a bloody brewery.”

28. Viking - June 7, 2012

#23 Anthony – to Channel Teddy R., bully!

29. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

People like Din really make me mad with their “comments”. First of all, Simon Pegg was enjoyable to watch as Scotty. But he could have been written a bit better I thought. A little too “funny” at times. But Pegg did a real good Glasgow accent, which isn’t easy to do. James Doohan couldn’t.

Secondly, Chris Doohan has endorsed Pegg as a worthy successor. He wouldn’t be doing that if Pegg stunk, now would he?

Thirdly, suggesting Scotty should be killed off because you, Din, don’t like Pegg is pure asinine and stupid. Real fans don’t make suggestions like that.


30. Sebastian S. - June 7, 2012

I love Pegg’s Scotty.
I thought, as with most of the cast, that he did a brilliant job. At first, I was concerned that he and Anton Yelchin seemed to be over-playing their parts just a bit, until I actually went back and re-watched a few old TOS episodes, and sometimes the characters really were that over the top.

I still think Yelchin’s Chekov should’ve opted for a slightly more natural Russian accent, but oh well. But at any rate, it’d be nice to see a bit more nuance and shading added to the characters, and I’ve little doubt that we’ll see more of that shading. The ’09 movie was the introduction; it had a lot of things on it’s ‘to do’ list….

And I look forward to seeing more of the alternate universe Starfleet in the new movie. Though the interview doesn’t really say a lot, it’s still enough to get the old speculative brain cells buzzing…. ;-)

31. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012


Agreed! My problem with the brewery as the engineering was the fact it too obviously looked like a brewery. If they had dressed it up a bit, and hid the beer vats, it could have worked better. Plus it made no sense for Uhura to have a station at a vat. What was that about?

Anyway, as much as that bothered me, its time to move on. We’re stuck with the beer factory because J.J Abrams likes it, and whether we do or not, it doesn’t matter.

32. Troubled Tribble - June 7, 2012

Have any of you figured out that the Enterprise in the universe is still a Constitution class ship? Did anyone look at the silhouette of the ship on the far top right of the space station? Notice how it’s dome has the same ridge down the top and if you clip a still from the bluray and zoom in you can make out that it is shaped exactly like the Enterprise?

Food for thought.

33. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012


Gee, no sh#t. I didn’t know that! (sarcasm)

Here’s a quote from Han Solo that would be appropriate here:

“Well, I’m glad you’re here to tell us those things!”

34. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 7, 2012

One thing is certen.
You can never have enough of Enterprise in the new movie.

35. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 7, 2012

I wonder if we will see tha Starships. Hood,Potemtkin,Defiant,and Constelation in the new movie.

36. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 7, 2012

I would also love to see a Starship called The U.S.S Del Trame in the new movie.

37. John Gill - June 7, 2012

#9, I agree with #9, in the last movie, there were not enough shots of The Enterprise exterior, or, maybe not enough “long” shots. Oh, how I long for those beautiful perspective shots of TOS series ship S L O W L Y moving by, and how big and elegant she looked… *sigh*

38. It All Started With a Big Bang - June 7, 2012

Geese, this is the cattiest I’ve ever seen it. Relax folks. For the record not only is Pegg’s wife Scottish but J.J.’s main assistant director (can’t remember his name off of the top of my head) is Scottish too so I’m going with the job well done on a very authentic Scottish accent. Way better than Doohan’s will as due respect the dearly departed. Yelchin’s family is Russian and he grew up speaking Russian so I’m pretty sure his accent is fairly “natural” as well.

D-Rock, agreed on the day glo tubes!

39. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

Din is a “Din-bat”!

40. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

Looks like I have an imposter….

41. MJ - June 7, 2012

Anthony, it looks like some is trying to use Red Dead Ryan’s name here? Posts 42 to 44.

42. Captain Karl - June 7, 2012

@23 Sun isn’t up…well, if it wasn’t up, we wouldn’t have day, but it isn’t out in South Florida…lol…Sunny South Florida my behind!…
But yes, it always seems one person tends to get all bent out of shape and defensive when someone disagrees with their opinion and then they take 20 or 30 extra posts to cry foul and defend themselves.

It’s a movie folks…let’s all play nice until it comes out next year. :D

43. John Gill - June 7, 2012

Looks like someone is using my name too

44. D-Rock - June 7, 2012

This is gonna be a fun movie, I have the utmost faith! SO PUMPED!!!!!

45. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

#42 is my own comment….43 and 44 are not.

46. Bob Mack - June 7, 2012

I thought Pegg as Scotty was different, but still very entertaining. I loved Jimmy Doohan but Simon Pegg has a certain attitude about the character that really shines despite all the chaos around him.

And the brewery? Even I am getting sick of complaining about it so I promise this is the last time, but it’s out of sync with the rest of the ship and as many people rightly point out, it’s obviously a brewery! It’s almost like a Trek/Space: 1999 crossover where Tony Verdeschi has taken control of the Enterprise.

Then again, a little brew might come in handy during a 5 year mission…

47. Walter Kozlowski - June 7, 2012

Hey I went to a brewery last year and the first thing out of my mouth was” Damn this place looks like the Enterprise’s engine room, those Big Tanks must be the engine coolant storage units.It’s fun using your imagination.

48. Driver - June 7, 2012

It’s “The Great Starship Race”. <-Novel

49. Walter Kozlowski - June 7, 2012

Have you ever seen an engine room on a ship or a mechanical floor in a skyscraper? They are much cruder and look out of place! That’s why they are out of place!

50. Bob Mack - June 7, 2012

Don’t want to hijack the thread, but now that I’m thinking about the brewery beyond the fact that I didn’t like it I have another thought. I’m not sure that it was the brewery itself that I hated, it might have simply been that the relative flurry of product placements in the first 20 minutes had me a little uneasy.

I mean, we’re presented with ads for Chevrolet, Nokia and Budweiser in pretty short (and obvious!) order right at the start, then we’re eventually thrust into an actual brewery. It seemed like a bit much to me. The Madison Avenue vision of the 23rd century.

51. Bob Mack - June 7, 2012

#55 – I expect an engine room on a ship or a mechanical room in a large building, so in my mind they’re not out of place. In Star Trek, I don’t expect a 20th century brewery in a 23rd century starship any more than I’d expect a team of rowing slaves or a cloth sail in the engine room of a nuclear “wessel”.

52. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 7, 2012

“I like this ship”… so… I’m smiling… ;-) :-)

53. TrekMovieMadeMeWonder* - June 7, 2012

Personally, I enjoyed the wide-eyed youthful optimism Simon brought to the role.

54. Dennis Bailey - June 7, 2012

Pegg was great as Scotty. End of story.

55. MJ - June 7, 2012

@56 “I mean, we’re presented with ads for Chevrolet, Nokia and Budweiser in pretty short (and obvious!) order right at the start, then we’re eventually thrust into an actual brewery. It seemed like a bit much to me. The Madison Avenue vision of the 23rd century.”

Well would you rather have Star Trek V again where they didn’t even have the budget to hire ILM for special effects?

Product placements aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

56. Walter Kozlowski - June 7, 2012

#57- How about Tube TVs, Mechanical clocks, toggle switches and video/audio tapes? All these items outdated by 21st century yet they made a come back in the 23rd century TOS? Just saying!

57. MJ - June 7, 2012

@57 “#55 – I expect an engine room on a ship or a mechanical room in a large building, so in my mind they’re not out of place. In Star Trek, I don’t expect a 20th century brewery in a 23rd century starship any more than I’d expect a team of rowing slaves or a cloth sail in the engine room of a nuclear “wessel”. ”

I am not a big fan of budengineering, but Walter has a point. Engines in most types of devices are fairly crude compared to the electronics.

I think we will see more of the engine room, including the matter-anitmatter chambers, in the new movie. Budengineering will probably look more organic in the new movie with these new areas and scenes added. That is what I am expecting, and Orci went on record awhile back saying that we would get an improved engineering, so I am taking him at his word on that.

58. Walter Kozlowski - June 7, 2012

Talking about future tech>I remember a review by Roger Ebert on Nemesis! Now I know there’s plenty to complain about but one of his remarks was” Why are Star-ships from the 24 century still using electricity?” Seeing sparks after the Enterprise is damaged! LOL

59. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

I didn’t mind the product placement in the last movie as it was few and far between, and not in-your-face. As long as it stays in the background, then its fine.

I agree that a realistic engineering would be more utilitarian, with pipes and tanks. But there should still be some sleek computer consoles to make it futuristic.

60. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012


Tech in the twenty fourth century is still going to require some sort of energy, so I suspect that even if it isn’t electricity, it’ll be something familiar and thus sparks will still erupt from damaged consoles that overload too much power during battle. :-)

61. Deflector Dish Guy - June 7, 2012

Time to get rid of Pegg.

62. Commodore Adams - June 7, 2012

Im thinking they will have something to show at Comic Con. Pegg said two months in he saw a sizzle reel which looked amazing and “two months in” was roughly..what…2..3 months ago and comic con is still 5 weeks away. If a sizzle reel could be put together 2 months after shooting started and it looks amazing, I’m thinking much more could be done in 2-3 months +. Star Trek was a no show at the 2008 comic con with no sneak peeks or previews…based on the success of the 2009 movie and the popularity of Comic Con, I doubt this July Paramount and JJ would give up this opportunity again. They will show something.

63. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012



64. Grand Lunar - June 7, 2012

I would hope the looks of engineering is improved a bit.

As for other ships, it’d be interesting if some are the sister ships of the Enterprise, like the Defiant (TOS era, NOT DS9) and Constellation.

65. Red Dead Ryan - June 7, 2012

I don’t think anything will be revealed at Comic Con. I think they want to keep the sequel under wraps for as long as possible. The first trailer won’t come out til late summer early fall at the earliest. And even that will probably feature only the unveiling of the delta sheild logo with only a couple of lines of audio dialogue.

66. C Miles - June 7, 2012

Go Simon Pegg!

Also hopin’ the National Ignition Facility (location for near end/last days of filming) turns out to be part of the new Engine room.

Place is rockin’ advanced.

67. AJ - June 7, 2012

They won’t release the first teaser-trailer until 6 months after the film has been released. That’ll get ’em!

And, IMHO, Pegg is wonderful as Scotty. He was shoe-horned into the last third of ST09 and did a brilliant job as the latest member of the soon-to-be-non-dysfunctional team on the Enterprise. Superb job.

68. Jerry Modene - June 7, 2012

#61 –

Actually, when it came time to do the effects for Star Trek V, ILM wasn’t available – both their “A” and “B” teams were tied up with other movies (I’d have to look up exactly which ones). Rather than go with the “C” team, Paramount opted to go with Bran Ferren’s bunch.

Of course, as mediocre as Ferren’s SFX were, they were apparently better than anything Robert Abel’s group were able to put together for ST:TMP (which is why they had to get Trumbull involved and give him virtual carte blanche to get the movie out on time).

69. NCM - June 7, 2012

Anthony, you might want to fix this one, from the SP quote:

…and yes there there will be and we are very very proud of that.

Didn’t he say ‘there will be lens flare’?

70. DonDonP1 - June 7, 2012

@7 Well, Scotland is among the four home nations of the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

71. The Original Spock's Brain - June 7, 2012

This is Pegg’s interpretation of “Scotty”, a character created by Gene Roddenberry, and fleshed-out by James Doohan. He’s not Doohan’s “Scotty”. Get over it.

72. BeatleJWOL - June 7, 2012


This sums up nicely why we can’t have nice things:

73. Maximus Decimus Meridius - June 7, 2012

I’m still waiting for “Brew-master” Scotty to mention the part where the new Enterprise gets blown up to pieces and is replaced with the “Prime” TMP bitching version of the ship.

JJ, I’m looking at you. Make it so!

74. MJ - June 7, 2012

@78. Yea, that is story of my liefe on this web site. Hilarious! Thanks!

75. 750 Mang - June 7, 2012

Star Trek 2.0: The Wrath of Lens Flare.

76. Adam E - June 7, 2012

What is an “Exeter?” A starship class? (I feel like a bad Trekkie!)

77. Peter Loader - June 7, 2012

Lens flares. More ships… me thinks we have a rogue Captain in the form of Peter’s Weller’s character!

78. spock - June 7, 2012

Hopefully the fix the ship, it is just ugly. The worst designed Enterprise so far. Although the D is a close second.

79. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 7, 2012

I wonder how much more civil people would be here if they weren’t anonymous. You can find out who I am pretty easily, and it makes me think twice before I say something stupid, reactionary or inflammatory. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to think three thrice before I say something stupid, so things still come out that I wish I hadn’t said.

I liked SImon Pegg’s enthusiasm in the film. He wasn’t given a lot of screen time, so I can’t say yet whether I like him as Scotty. Hopefully we’ll get to know him a bit more.

I didn’t care for his little friend, Keenser. It was like a Jawa had mated with an Ewok. I call him a Jawok. He was too Star Warsian for me. I did wonder, however, what his was his purpose and why Scotty treated him so poorly all the time. If he didn’t like him, why bring him along? For comedic bickering? I didn’t find it particularly entertaining.

The farm animals comment didn’t bother me, but I thought Uhura’s dislike of Kirk was pretty ugly, and it wasn’t very flattering of her character to continue hating him all the way through Academy. Is Kirk really that much of a creep, or is it Uhura? Hopefully she has softened in her opinion of him in the next film.

Nor was I a fan of the big hands, numb tongue gags. A little too slapstick for me. Why is it that Star Trek films often handle humor poorly? At least, it seems that way to me.

As for the brewery, I have no problem with a more industrial-looking engineering, but I’d rather have one that wasn’t so recognizable as a brewery. This 20th century location was extremely anachronistic to me. It seemed like a budget-saving idea more than anything. It didn’t help that they just placed computer consoles in front of the vats. Nothing about it convinced me that I was looking at the bowels of a starship.

I know that sounds like a lot of complaining, but I really liked the film. Most of it was done very well. I’m excited to see more of the Enterprise, because that ship is an integral character in Star Trek. To me, it’s as important as the human characters. I hope they show Kirk’s (and Scotty’s) love for the ship. It’s a magnificent thing.

80. BeatleJWOL - June 7, 2012

#88 was NOT MY POST.

Looks like we have a little troublemaker running around…

81. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 7, 2012

And just so you all know – this is the last thing I’m saying in this talkback, so if anybody uses my name, they aren’t me. Seriously.

Anthony, you need to do some blocking and banning, or have some way of keeping imposters posting here. It makes me not want to stick around.

82. T'Cal - June 7, 2012

Hmmm. I always liked the Enterprise-C. It really looked like a blend of the E-A and the E-D, an evolutionary step. It’s got a clean, no nonsense look about it. Just my take on it.

83. TheSchlaack - June 7, 2012

Young James Doohan on the left! Tell me he doesn’t look a little like Simon Pegg.

84. Tompkins - June 7, 2012

I completely disliked the shots of the Enterprise in warp in the 09 version, twisting, jumping and distorted. It made it impossible to enjoy the beauty of the ship- and it is as beautiful as any previous versions of Enterprise [The original 1701(A) and 1701E being my favorites].

85. Buzz Cagney - June 7, 2012

Pegg does give the impression that he dislikes spoilers, unless he’s the one breaking them.

86. Whacko - June 7, 2012

Din is an arrogant Ferengi

87. Whacko - June 7, 2012

Seriously, I wish someone would punch his lights out, pathetic egocentric pain the rear. Has an opinion on everything. Vent somewhere else please,

88. Peter Loader - June 7, 2012

What’s up with this thread? I’ve only posted once prior to this and there is another post with my name and a rather rude comment.

Anthony, please sort this out immediately.

89. KyleH - June 7, 2012


He doesn’t look a little like Simon Pegg. Their hats are similar, judging from the leaked photo with the kid . ;)

I like Doohan. I like Pegg. I like Dalton; I like Craig.

Seriously, I didn’t plan the rhyme. Lol

90. TrekTech - June 7, 2012

I saw the engineering set for the USS Honshu…its a Sapporo brewery…very authentic.

91. Mustard Sideburn - June 8, 2012

To be honest i don’t think i saw enough of Pegg’s Scotty in ST09 given that he just escaped the solitude of an ice planet…. I think this movie will show him a little more settled and a little more established onboard the enterprise… I’m hoping this movie will give me a clearer look at Pegg’s Scotty. And as someone from Glasgow i’d have to say his accent was pretty accurate.

92. Nick Cook - June 8, 2012

I thought Peggy was good, but I really hope the writers have gotten past using him as the comic relief. He deserves better than that.

93. Khan is not the easy route - June 8, 2012

If they kill of Scottie, bring on Welshie!

94. Khan is not the easy route - June 8, 2012


95. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - June 8, 2012

Lens flare makes me happy. I say this with great pride.

96. Digginjim - June 8, 2012

I’d just like to say that ‘Shilliam Watner’ is one of the best usernames I’ve every come across!

97. Peter Loader - June 8, 2012

Nice try 104. But a simple check of my email address will confirm who I am an which posts are legit.

What are you? Ttwelve years old?

98. Toonloon - June 8, 2012

I absolutely adore Simon Pegg, but I can’t tell the difference between his Scotty and his character in Mission Impossible. Apart from the hair and the accent.

99. =A= - June 8, 2012

Make sure change different enterprise warp engine!

100. Buzz Cagney - June 8, 2012

#105 I don’t think Pegg deserves to be better than comic relief, but Scotty certainly does.
But then if you put a comedic actor into the role I suppose they are always going to be tempted to put comedic moments in.

101. Din - June 8, 2012

#29: If ANY posts here make you angry, then you’re taking yourself too seriously. This is a message board, not something to get worked up about.

Second, just because Chris Doohan endorses him doesn’t mean everyone has to like his portrayal. That’s irrelevant.

Third, saying “real fans” or “true fans” is elitist garbage, and pretty much invalidates anything you could say.

102. Din - June 8, 2012

#77: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

103. Robert - June 8, 2012

I wonder if Captain Kirk will get a ready room?

104. Din - June 8, 2012

Reading through this thread, I see that a lot of people have chosen to insult me, calling me a nutcase, a retard, etc., instead of simply disagreeing with me, just because I said I don’t like Pegg’s portrayal of Scotty and would be happier not to have the character in the film. It’s called an opinion, folks. It’s the purpose of this board. The fact that some of you decided to make it personal is sad–it’s very un-Star Trek and very un-Gene Roddenberry. I didn’t make it personal–I said I didn’t like his performance as Scotty. I even said I love Simon Pegg and enjoy his films, so I wasn’t saying anything personal against Pegg–the man’s a genius. He’s just not, in my opinion, Scotty. All of you who responded to that stated opinion by insulting me showed yourselves to be whiny, immature little children, and that says a lot more about you than it does about me. I pity you, because despite your claims of being “real fans” or “true fans,” you clearly have no understanding of the series’ philosophy.

105. JaceF - June 8, 2012

Pegg’s Scottish accent is great, what are people complaining about? It’s a vast improvement on the Brigadoon brigade’s attempts or that awful TNG episode on the Scottish colony. In fact it’s nice to see some actual thought being put in to making more authentic.

BTW I’m Scottish.

106. Lt. Dakin - June 8, 2012

I loved Simon Pegg’s Scotty.

Yup, 60.

107. X - June 8, 2012

I hate that Pegg used a Glasgow accent for a chracter from Aberdeen. The two accents are from different sides of the country. Aberdeen has a warmer accent that suits the character better.

108. CmdrR - June 8, 2012

Give us a Dreadnaught Class.
That’ll wrinkle the Klingons’ brow!

109. La Reyne d'Epee - June 8, 2012

123. X: Canon says that Scotty comes from Linlithgow, which is nearer Glasgow, (actually 20 miles from Edinburgh and in West Lothian) not in Aberdeenshire. Doohan’s accent was a very good emulation of a Scottish accent while not being too specific to one particular location.

110. EM - June 8, 2012

Boy oh boy! What’s going on here. Maybe Anthony needs to implement a “log in” style membership to make comments. Or, maybe, a “Captains Log In”! The nasty commenters could have their memberships revoked. And nit picking galore! Glasgow, Aberdeen…I couldn’t tell the difference.

@Din – I may or may not agree with things you say, but that you keep responding to the negativity is only providing more buttons to be pushed by those who like to push them.

I enjoyed Mr. Pegg as Scotty. His little buddy didn’t make much sense to me, though. I enjoyed the whole movie. The brewery doesn’t bother me so much, either. It wasn’t a stellar location, but hey, it’s a movie.
I am happy to hear from those involved in the movie every now and then. I just hope that they don’t accidentally let any major info slip out!

111. X - June 8, 2012

125 – Scotty actually says in TOS that he is from Aberdeen, see The Wolf in the Fold. Doohan based his accent off of his friend from Aberdeen.
Also, of all the major Scottish towns, Doohan’s accent does sound most similar to Aberdeen.

112. ShatmanJohn - June 8, 2012

Din, get over yourself. U jumped down someones throat and people haven’t put up with it. I hope you’ve learned something from this.

113. Gary Makin - June 8, 2012

I bet someone has said (I haven’t checked): “Will we see more lens flares?!”

114. Din - June 8, 2012

#128: I did no such thing–that’s a complete lie, as you well know. I said, “I honestly think he was the weakest link in the 2009 cast. He’s completely wrong for the role, in terms of voice, face, height, hair, mannerisms–all of it. Frankly, I’d be OK with Scotty being killed off, as it would be better than watching Pegg playing him. I’m actually a great fan of the guy, and have enjoyed almost all of his movie roles. But Scotty, he just ain’t.” How is that jumping down someone’s throat? If you think that’s the case, then you’re unbalanced. The socially inept jumped down MY throat. I’ve remained civil.

115. La Reyne d'Epee - June 8, 2012

You can decide which accent either most resemble from this…

116. Din - June 8, 2012

What’s crazy is that I’m a self-stated fan of Simon Pegg–I’m not trashing him at all. He simply isn’t Montgomery Scott, in my opinion. Why people here would take it so personally insulting that I feel that way is beyond me.

117. CJS - June 8, 2012

Pegg is only miscast as Scotty if you think Scotty should look and sound like James Doohan. Otherwise he’s perfect.

118. La Reyne d'Epee - June 8, 2012

127. Ah well, I’m a Scot who studied Linguistics, what would I know… ;}

119. Din - June 8, 2012

#132: In your opinion. Not in mine.

120. X - June 8, 2012

130 – Dundee is halfway between Aberdeen and Glasgow. I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove here.

In the video the actors are all from Glasgow and have Glasgow accents and sound nothing like Doohan.

Trust me, I’m from Aberdeen myself.

121. noleknight - June 8, 2012

Keep in mind that the Enterprise didn’t truly have a proper shakedown. So even though the engine room served it’s pupose…one could say that there are still some finishing touches in the works. I’d like to see some modifications to it, but if you look at most engine rooms on ships, they are rather primitive looking compared to the rest of the ship. Not a big fan of the brewery, but I think they could pull off some sort of hybrid between the brewery and what we typically associate with the Enterprise’s engine room.

122. Anthony Pascale - June 8, 2012

I’m not sure why this thread has devolved so much but lets stop obsessing over a single comment from Din.

some comments had to be removed so the numbers are off.

123. Din - June 8, 2012

Thank you, Anthony. I’m sorry that my opinion of Simon’s portrayal of Scotty seems to have ticked off so many people–not because I think I was at all wrong for stating that opinion, which I wasn’t, but because I hate to see your excellent site be turned into Ain’t It Cool News due to some commenters’ inability to respect a dissenting opinion.

124. Picard's Fish - June 8, 2012

more ships! excellent.

I found Trek09 to lack a sense of scale when it came to the space scenes.. so many space shows seemed close ups of ships.. or at least that’s how I remember it now.

hoping there a grander vision for the space scenes this time ’round

125. Picard's Fish - June 8, 2012

*so many space shots, not shows

126. Mark Lynch - June 8, 2012

It’ll be nice if Anthony implements a more forum like system where people have to register and log in before being able to post.

At least that will stop idiots pretending to be other posters.

With regards to your original comment Din, I was a bit surprised to see Simon Pegg get the role of Scotty. He is an excellent comedic actor, but I do not want to see a comedic Scotty.

However, one of the things which I truly did not have a problem with was his accent. It is probably one of the best I have heard a non Scottish person use.

I just hope that in this latest adventure, the writers do not make Scotty the comic relief just because Simon Pegg is so good at it. Give the character some good dramatic stuff to work with and see if Simon Pegg can raise his game to match.

127. Mark Lynch - June 8, 2012

Perhaps there could be two areas. The actual “guts” of the ship where things like water/waste reclamation occurs and this looks like a brewery (sigh)

Then there is another area, nearby, which is the Engineering control section. This would look more high tech, as indeed it should.

Perhaps this could keep everybody happy? Oh hang on, we’re Star Trek fans… ;-)

128. dscott - June 8, 2012

More ships?! I hope we see a huge fleet, with the big E leading the charge! Pipe dream, but still, I just like to see large UFP fleets… they are a rare sight.

129. Din - June 8, 2012

#126: I completely agree with you about how Scotty was written–too buffoonishly, and not as Scotty should be written, which is as a more three-dimensional person.

The accent isn’t something I have a problem with, by the way–that was someone else’s misinterpretation of my comment. I just don’t hear Scotty when he talks, anymore than I see Scotty when he’s onscreen. For me, he’s just too different than what Scotty should be. I find it easier to accept the differences in the appearances of Uhura, Scotty and Chekov, but for some reason, when Pegg is onscreen, I find myself thinking, “Nope, this just isn’t working for me.”

And to reiterate for those individuals who inexplicably went into cardiac arrest earlier in the thread: I AM NOT BASHING SIMON PEGG, so relax.

130. George Zip - June 8, 2012

Re/other ships: as long as it isn’t called BOZEMAN


131. George Zip - June 8, 2012

I should add that I will also miss the USS SPOCK’S TIME SHIP as we were all referring to it back when. The one Spocktimus Prime was flying.

132. La Reyne d'Epee - June 8, 2012

120. Aha! An Aberdonian! I wonder then if, from an academic point of view you can pinpoint the accent at all? I’ve read different claims that Doohan based it on an Elgin and an Arbroath accent – and it just doesn’t sound anything like an Aberdeen accent to my ear, nor an Elgin one either. Arbroath I don’t really know about. Do you consider it sounds like any one of those?

The video is included for fun! As far as I’m aware Karen Dunbar is actually from Ayr…

133. Simon - June 8, 2012

@#68 – That’s a myth.

ILM had been doing other features but doing multiple movies in one season was standard operating procedure for them. When they did THE WRATH OF KHAN the studio was also working on ET and POLTERGEIST (and all 3 teams rolled into one big one for RETURN OF THE JEDI after they finished) and that was *1982*. ILM had since expanded greatly.

No, the “ILM was too busy” was a lie. Ralph Winter admitted it recently. He thought they had been “taken advantage of” on THE VOYAGE HOME. The *real* reason is that Producer Winter was butthurt about the “Co-Produced by Industrial Light & Magic” at the end credits of IV.

Needless to say after the disaster Ferren & Associates delivered, which were sub-par even to the FX on what Image-G was able to accomplish with TNG, ILM was first priority for THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY.

Set history straight, do not perpetuate the 24 year old lie.

134. Gabriel Bell - June 8, 2012

Interesting perspectives. I think Pegg was great as Scotty, but initially, I was worried his casting would take me out of it a bit. But I think he ended up killing it.

He ultimately had the best lines in the film (“It’s exciting.” “I’d rather not take sides.” “I’m giving it all she’s got.” And the perfect subtlety of him saying “If the design of this ship makes any sense, you should beam right into engineering.”)

I don’t think he was buffoonish at all. A buffoonish Scotty, sadly, can be seen in his final few film appearances and even his overrated TNG appearance. (Really? We discover a legend of Starfleet alive in a transporter beam for a hundred years and the story line is about how he is kind of annoying everyone on board and then we just give him a shuttle to do his own thing? I’m kind of thinking there would be a lot of people at Starfleet R&D that would want to speak with him.)

Anyway, I digress. I think Pegg ended up being a casting strength for the new Star Trek.

135. Neil Wildman (formerly Naomi) - June 8, 2012

Now I’ll be able to sleep tonight! :D

136. Din - June 8, 2012

#134: Thank you for discussing the top rationally, unlike your predecessors. :)

Those lines were fun, I agree. And hey, who knows, maybe I’ll come to appreciate Pegg more in the role in the sequels, if they give him a more fleshed-out characterization. I just miss the more serious Scotty–the one who isn’t in permanent “silly Scotsman” mode.

137. the blob from mars prime - June 8, 2012

we need Christopher Lee in Star Trek

138. Aurore - June 8, 2012

“J.J. Abrams is very good at casting people who are going (?) to work well together. And, we’re very much a sort of family…you know it was…it was a joy, again a joy, even more so than the first time.”

Good. Good.
Suh-weet music to my ears, Simon ( if I got this right ).

139. Phil - June 8, 2012

Great, three posts in and the engine room trolls start up. Tell you what I want to see, considering all the b******g about looking futuristic – I want to see a bathroom. 20 minutes of valuable film time of Chris Pine sitting on the can, working on the captains log. This ‘future toilet’ needs to be able to scan the deposit, transport the raw material into the captains pantry, and make a sandwich appear. Turn that grey water into a beer that only the magic tech of the future can. All run from a device the size of a cell phone, with a tiny transporter built in. Futuristic enough for you?

140. The Unknown Poster - June 8, 2012

The only thing about Scotty I’d like to see is him in the Captain’s chair for part of the move. He was always 3rd in command in TOS and never got to do that in the movies.

Scotty in charge were some of the best TOS episodes as his “style” was so different from Kirk and Spock.

141. Mark Lynch - June 8, 2012

Oh come on! That’s just silly. We all know transporter technology for food and beverage creation was only in use by the TNG era….

Honestly, do some people know nothing?

Please take this with a large dose of tongue-in-cheek BTW

142. Danpaine - June 8, 2012

My two cents: Pegg’s casting as Scotty was fine, as he’s a capable actor. But I agree the writing for his part was too lampoonish. The character of Scotty is one serious, bad-assed capable dude, who was ALSO humorous, at times.

I agree with the poster who said some of the best TOS episodes were when Scotty was in command. One tough fella.

Hopefully, this time around he’ll come across as a bit more…seasoned.

143. Chris Pike - June 8, 2012

Pegg is great, but the casting of him as Scotty…not too sure. The film was fantastically enjoyable and entertaining, no doubt about that .. but the E design, brewengineering and some of the production design were uninspiring – I want it to look more like it’s set in the future and more like TOS updated – the one thing TMP was outstanding in.

144. SFC3 - June 8, 2012

Din, here’s a tip. Just don’t spill out your opinions and just close your mouth. It’s as simple as that.

145. AJ - June 8, 2012

Obviously, the only logical choice (ever) to play Scotty was the other real Canadian Scotsman, Mike Meyers. Then the kids would think Shrek was in charge of Engineering, and would flock to the flick in droves.

Next on deck: Craig Ferguson. But that’s too real. He should stick with voicing Nordic cartoon vikings and his late-night chat show.

I pick Simon Pegg in the end. He and Abrams have a chemistry which brings out the best in the actor, who also has experience and reverence for the material.

146. Azrael - June 8, 2012

@136. I do not agree that Doohan’s Scotty was ever a serous character. As I have said before on other threads here, Scotty consistently cracked me up throughout the entire run of TOS, and all of the TOS movies. You can of course disagree all you want but you wont change my mind ever.

147. Anthony Pascale - June 8, 2012

144, SFC3
Warning for flaming

it is not your job to say who should and should not post here.

Everyone needs to find a way to tolerate other people’s opinions and not attack people for having them.

I dont agree with everyone who posts here but i dont ban them when they disagree with me.

148. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012

Scotty took always took his job seriously in TOS. In that regard, he was serious. But he never took himself too seriously, and that is where his humor came from, ie, “The Trouble With Tribbles” when he thanked Kirk for suspending him so he could spend more time looking at the schematics for the ship.

149. Din - June 8, 2012

#144: I have to wonder why you’re even here if you don’t want to read others’ opinions. This is a discussion board, intended for discussion. I’m discussing. You’re not. I don’t see that I’m doing anything wrong in stating my opinion of Simon Pegg as Scotty. That’s the point of this talkback. Plus, I’ve in no way disrespected the guy–quite the contrary, in fact. I’m being civil and respectful. You’re not. Plus, others have expressed the same opinion as mine, and yet I don’t see you jumping on them. You apparently like Pegg as Scotty, and that’s fine–I respect your opinion. It’s unfortunate that you’re not capable of similarly respecting different opinions; it’s a mark of immaturity and closed-mindedness. I’m open to discussion. You’re not.

150. Din - June 8, 2012

And that’s the last time I’ll respond to anyone who acts like a middle-schooler and attacks me for having a different opinion. Adult opinions I’m always open to, and happy to respond to. But comments like #144 just aren’t worth an adult’s time anymore.

151. lostrod - June 8, 2012

#144 – SFC3

“Din, here’s a tip. Just don’t spill out your opinions and just close your mouth. It’s as simple as that.”

Did I misunderstand you or do you actually believe that you can tell another poster to not post their opinion? If you don’t agree with then just say so, but please don’t try to stifle someone from providing input to this forum.

I frankly don’t understand what the uproar over Din’s original comment is about. It was a balanced post. He didn’t advocate killing off Scotty as some seem in insuate. I interpreted it as him say he likes Pegg’s work, but just didn’t think he was the best person for the role and was ok with them eliminating the character.

When you compare that to some of the harsh responses, I’m not sure why Din was singled out. He has as much right to express his opinion as anyone else.

Only Anthony has the right to stop someone from posting.


152. Mustard Sideburn - June 8, 2012

Was it just me or was Pegg’s accent slightly neddy glaswegian… the scots will know what i mean.

153. Desstruxion - June 8, 2012

Abramsverse Excelsior please!

154. china - June 8, 2012

Simon Pegg gave an appalling performance as Scotty. Its was a gurning mess. I groaned when I saw an interview i which he said he had a lot of scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict deserves to work with the best and not this over hyped guy.

155. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012

This quote from Din’s post at #4

“Frankly, I’d be OK with Scotty being killed off, as it would be better than watching Pegg playing him.”

Din did suggest that he’d be fine with killing off Scotty just because he didn’t like Simon Pegg in the part. This is what we have a problem with. Where does he get off saying a character should be killed off simply because he has a problem with the actor portraying him?

It’s a good thing Din (I assume; who knows for sure though) is a fan of Chris Pine or else he’d be suggesting another death for Kirk…

Pure asinine.

156. Disgusted - June 8, 2012

You people are immature idiots.

157. MJ - June 8, 2012

@123 “Thank you, Anthony. I’m sorry that my opinion of Simon’s portrayal of Scotty seems to have ticked off so many people–not because I think I was at all wrong for stating that opinion, which I wasn’t, but because I hate to see your excellent site be turned into Ain’t It Cool News due to some commenters’ inability to respect a dissenting opinion.”

Dude, this “feel sorry for me, I am the victim” kind of post is just not based in the reality of what you said. You said they should KILL OFF SCOTTY! Kill off our beloved Scotty just because you don’t happen to like the actor, the actor which Doohan’s son has given the “thumbs-up” on.

I think we would have gotten over your emotionally-charged comment by now, but your new shtick here of pretending to be a hapless victim on this is neither credible nor believable, and is bound to upset people even further.

dis·in·gen·u·ous   [dis-in-jen-yoo-uhs]
lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere: Her excuse was rather disingenuous.

Enough said!

158. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012


Ha ha! Funny! Pot calling the kettle black!

159. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012

Din was the one who got the ball rolling here. Now he can’t handle the criticism, and is now playing the victim card.

Lest we forget his first three posts where he was trolling and flaming with his asinine comments and dismissing the facts at the same time.

160. MJ - June 8, 2012

@151 / Lostrod: “He didn’t advocate killing off Scotty as some seem in insuate.”

@4 / Din: “Frankly, I’d be OK with Scotty being killed off, as it would be better than watching Pegg playing him.”

OK, we’ve cleared that up now. :-))

161. Din - June 8, 2012

#151: Thank you. I really appreciate that. I was as perplexed by the crazy reactions as you were. It’s nice to see that not everyone here is of the juvenile AICN mentality.

162. Din - June 8, 2012

Never mind–I see, from the comments after #151, that this place really IS AICN. A shame.

163. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012


So why do you keep coming back?

164. Thomas - June 8, 2012

Don’t know if anyone here has posted on this yet, but here’s some big news for one member of the Trek producing team; Damon Lindelof is being brought aboard World War Z to help deal with production problems:

165. MJ - June 8, 2012

@162. My God, your self-pity party is in full swing. Whatever, dude. Have a beer on me tonight as you tell all of your friends how poorly you were treated and how unfair it all was for you here. And go somewhere where they can play some violin music for you as well.

166. Azrael - June 8, 2012

@161. Dude I have gotten into arguments with nearly every person here, been called all kinds of names, and had people doubt the validity of my opinions, my intelligence, and so on. Still, the majority of the people here, even the ones I have argued with, are not the immature flamers and trolls you keep trying to say they are, and calling this site AICN is just insulting to Anthony and his staff, who at least ban impersonators, unlike the staff at AICN, and they do their best to take out flamers. I also find it disturbing IMO that you feel ok with insulting Anthony’s site after he backed you up at post #147.

You have every right to your opinions, not trying to say you don’t, but you have gone overboard here IMNAAHO.

(IMNAAHO = In my not at all humble opinion)

167. Disgusted - June 8, 2012

158. Red Dead Ryan – June 8, 2012

Ha ha! Funny! Pot calling the kettle black!

168. Stargazer54 - June 8, 2012

There will be lens flare!

or as the Shat:

“There! . . . . . will be . . . . lensflare!”

Looking forward to film. I imagine we’ll have a few surprises in store.

169. AJ - June 8, 2012


This is a great site with lots of good people on it.

A piece of advice: Stop posting endlessly in self-defense, and lashing out at others. This is not a thread about you, and it removes any desire here from participants to discuss the topic at the page header.

What you said up top was ‘kill Scotty,’ and not ‘replace the actor who plays him.’

What you’ve found out is that Engineer Scott is quite highly revered on this board which is, in fact, dedicated to ‘Star Trek.’ Anyone who met James Doohan (I did, twice) through the years highly prizes the experience, and Pegg took over, as a fan, with that reverence full front and center, and with the full approval of his son, and Trekmovie fan, Chris.

If you feel that killing Scotty would provide a ‘Game of Thrones’ style ‘WTF’ moment with high dramatic impact, that’s one thing, and we would want to hear you make your case. Scotty is in iconic character in the genre, and Pegg/Abrams have taken him out of his familiar surroundings for his new back-story (Delta-Vega). We’ve barely even seen the character in the movies yet, so I think he deserves a chance-and-half in ST2013.

170. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - June 8, 2012

That was a great interview! :)

171. Gary S. - June 8, 2012

I would rather they didnt kill off any of this cast,Certainly not Scotty.

172. LizardGirl - June 8, 2012

Wow…um…what I miss?

Geeze, just finished reading the article then all of these comments and I can tell you, it doesn’t look good. It’s like helplessly watching your parents make utter fools of themselves. Embaressing! -_-

So the topic of the day seems to be: Scotty, can Simon fit the shoes?

Yes, I believe so. He’s a slightly modified version. That’s okay, EVERYONE’S a modified version. The only possible issue I see with Scotty in ST09 is this: he’s only there for the latter half of the movie. Believe it or not, humans make small judgements based on the first few seconds of meeting someone. Take this into consideration when watching Simon’s in ST09.

I think the humor threw some Trekkers off because it’s hard to add that up with the Scotty we already know. Also at that point, we’re not familiar with this version yet. So now he’s being sold as a “clownish Scotty” because that’s the “first impression”. I don’t think this is actually true though. He gives humor relief but it’s done really well and placed very nicely in the movie.

PICTURE BEING IN SCOTTY’S SHOES. You’ve been outcasted on an ice planet for who knows how long with only a weird (let’s face it, Keenser is weird) alien for comany. Then all of a sudden you meet a young guy (have no idea who he is) and someone from the future who shows you your own handy work.

NEXT you’re beamed onto a ship and immediately almost drown or die a horrible death by razors. You’re barely on the ship for 5 minutes before you’re considered a fugitive. You’re given the 3rd degree by a very irritated looking Vulcan (they’re not supposed to look like that right?) who threatens you with court martial.

THEN you’re treated to the rare occurance of said Vulcan beating the stuffing outta someone. Oh and by the way, we have to save Earth from a Romulan pyscho from the future. Hello, welcome to the Enterprise Scotty! What does he have to say after all of this (which takes place in only 10 or so minutes)?

” I like this ship! It’s exciting!” I’m sorry but…classic! Love the humor.

I want to see more of Simon Pegg’s Scotty. I know and love the original Scotty and there will never be a replacement for him, but this one’s just interesting to watch. Let the man work. And please Mr. Pegg, be funny!

If someone says something so blatantly rude, disgusting or out of character, chances are they’re a troll or their identity has been hijacked by a troll. I will not HESITATE to tell you guys if someone’s taken my identity!

173. jim carrey - June 8, 2012

its just a movie, people!

174. LizardGirl - June 8, 2012

Whoo!! Did NOT know how long that was gonna look! Apologies for the veeerry looonng post! :)

175. Chain of Command - June 8, 2012

Give the Enterprise the respect it deserves! :-) Show that sucker off! The ENTERPRISE was created to inspire and awe! :-)

176. Martin J. Pollard - June 8, 2012

@LizardGirl: No apology necessary, it was a very well-spoken post and a refreshing bout of sanity in an otherwise insane thread.

177. Michael - June 8, 2012

SPOILER ALERT! There will be lens flare.

178. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 8, 2012

Nice summary of the facts concerning Scotty’s appearance, LizardGirl!

The Writers must have thought the same thing.

179. Cervantes - June 8, 2012

@ #122 AP – Ah, so it wasn’t down to a ‘site migration’ this time… ;)

Frankly, I reckon there’s certain others around here who’s post could do with a bit of ‘culling’ too, but there you go.

As far as Scotty goes, I’m over Pegg being ‘mis-cast’ (in my view), as I just look on the J.J.-verse as being set in a totally alternate ‘universe’ from the start, *even before* Nero messed up it’s particular ‘timeline’…

180. Jack - June 8, 2012

My hopes for the next Trek have dimmed quite a lot after seeing Prometheus.

When writers and producers say things like, “this film’s examining some really amazing ideas and asking a lot of questions,” well, it’s not unlike somebody starting a conversation by saying “I’m extremely intelligent” — usually, if you have to say that yourself, well, generally it means it’s not the case.

@ LizardGirl. “I think the humor threw some Trekkers off because it’s hard to add that up with the Scotty we already know.”

Or to add it up with what we think we remember. Scotty could get goofy — and by the later movies he’d gone full-blown crazy old uncle.

181. Azrael - June 8, 2012

@180. Other than Damon Lindeloff I’m not sure what Prometheus and Star Trek could possibly have in common, granted I have already stated that I do not think Ridley Scott is that good a Director or Producer, but still different franchises, different Directors, no real similarity at all IMO. I think, if your hopes have dimmed as you put it, that you will be totally unprepared for the face-melting Star Trek we have coming, but it’s just my opinion.

182. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 8, 2012

#177. Michael.
How dare you tell us that Spoiler about lens flare’s. You have now Spoiled the whole Movie.
So to get back at you.
There will be a Scene where the Ship is at Warp. So there. Lol.

183. J. - June 8, 2012

Ya know what’s getting really, really old, guys? This constant whining about “engineering” I put the in quotations because it wasn’t as much Engineering as it was a SECTION of Engineering. This pathetic uproar grew tiresome and annoying by the second week of the 2009 film’s debut and now, four years later, you blithering waste’s of your parent’s basement space refuse to accept the fact that J.J. Abrams does not follow orders from you; the SMALL, MINUTE niche of the movie-going public. I for one liked the set and wouldn’t mind all of engineering resembling it because A) it was nice to have a set that didn’t look like it was designed by Apple, B) it looked functional and, well, logical, and C) the engine room of a ship is supposed to be ugly… or, perhaps a better description: nuts and bolts gritty.

So please, for the love of God, give it a rest and get on with your lives.

184. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 8, 2012

#183. I have to disagree with you. In today’s times you would be right. An Engine Room is not the prettiest thing. I was in the Navy for 8 years and have seen them up close and personal.
Now jump forward a couple of hundred year’s and you would think that a 23rd century Engine Room would be a lot more clean and well. Futureistic like we have seen in Tos through Trek 10. I know why they used the Beer Brewery in Trek 09. But they should have done a lot better job on the next one. But again. We have not seen it and maybe they have dressed it up quite a bit to look more like something we might see in the 23rd century.

185. MJ - June 8, 2012

@180 “My hopes for the next Trek have dimmed quite a lot after seeing Prometheus.”

There is only one person who is involved in both films — Damon L. On Prometheus (I am seeing it tomorrow), he was brought in late to simply add some more connectors to Alien in an already completed script — so let’s say 10% of the script is his. On Trek 2013, he is 1/4 of the writing team, and we know that Orci and Kurtzman do most of the heavy lifting, so lets say Damon has 20% of the script at best.

So you are drawing conclusions about Trek 2012 being bad based on one common person who on average is responsible for 15% of the script on each film??? That just does not wash.

186. MJ - June 8, 2012

BTW folks, Yahoo User Reviews is averaging four starts for Prometheus.

I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow despite some posters here not liking it. I will decide for myself. But thanks for lowering my expectations — that always helps me to enjoy a movie more versus movies that are over hyped (e.g. the vastly overated Hunger Games).

187. Lostrod - June 8, 2012

#160 – MJ

I don’t read someone saying they’re ok with a character being killed off as being the same as actually advocating Scotty be killed. If so, he would have used words like “they should kill him off”.

Anyway I still think folks may have read too much into it and it’s spiraled into way too much personal back and forth. Just my thoughts.

Maybe just to veer this discussion of somewhat, but tie it together somewhat – does anyone here think that a main character should be killed in a future movie? Wasn’t that one of the arguments for using an altverse so that there could be real suspense that a character could die – thus avoiding the prequel curse of knowing that a character is in no real jeopardy (because if he/she is alive in the future) then they obviously survive?

Just a thought for discussion that moves on from the Din thing.


188. Din - June 8, 2012

#166: Nice try to stir up trouble, but I’ve never insulted Anthony’s site, so put away the melodrama, please. This site is brilliant, Anthony does a great job of running the place, and the majority of people here are intelligent and interesting to read. However, this thread has had some crazy people comment in it, which Anthony and others have taken to task. I’m not the one stirring up trouble here. But there’s no denying that some of the comments aimed at me here have been over-the-top and ridiculous, just because I don’t think Pegg makes a good Scotty. And no, that’s not a case of playing a violin, as someone melodramatically put it. There’s no victim card or pity on my end of the discussion–just bemusement.

189. MJ - June 8, 2012

@188. Add “brown-noser” as another key attendee at your self-pity party. ;-)

PS: Enough with this “I’m above the fray” act as well. No one is buying it, “Scotty Killer”. :-)

190. Peter Loader - June 8, 2012

Thanks Anthony.

191. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

For the record, Simon Pegg comes from the north of England near the Scottish border. His wife is from Glasgow, Scotland and so is the Assistant Director (also working on this sequel, I believe) from Glasgow, Scotland. On the second Star Trek 2009 DVD, there was discussion about how Simon Pegg worked on getting the Scots accent fairly accurate. I believe he had his wife with him and spent every moment he could being with Tommy Gormley and listening to him.

Din came off as being rather aggressive and PEB answered him as I would have, especially re the “voice” comment. However, what has happened since towards Din has not been warranted and is rather unpleasant to read. I wondered what was wrong with the numbering of posts. Anthony Pascale has cleared up that little conundrum for me, thankfully.

192. MJ - June 8, 2012

@187. Lostrod, you used the term, “advocate”. Din said, ““Frankly, I’d be OK with Scotty being killed off, as it would be better than watching Pegg playing him.” Dude, that is “advocating,” and I think any objective person would agree with me.

193. Amish Electrician - June 8, 2012

The last 10 minutes of Prometheus was some great film making

194. Phil - June 8, 2012

@155. Actually, I think I’ve suggested killing off Scotty or Uhura, too. Considering that TWOK 1.0 did not end well for Spock, in verson 2.0 they should kill off one of the secondary characters instead.

195. MJ - June 8, 2012

@187 “Maybe just to veer this discussion of somewhat, but tie it together somewhat – does anyone here think that a main character should be killed in a future movie? Wasn’t that one of the arguments for using an altverse so that there could be real suspense that a character could die – thus avoiding the prequel curse of knowing that a character is in no real jeopardy (because if he/she is alive in the future) then they obviously survive?”

Chekov to me might fit the bill. The cast is so male heavy, they could bring in a recast Savik to replace him perhaps? Chekov was charming in Trek 2009, but I could live without him. John Cho was so good as Sulu, I would not want him out. And the rest are too major to kill off.

196. MJ - June 8, 2012

@193. Sorry, never Scotty. He is on the Enterprise for the duration — no compromise ever on that one for my part. Scotty is never to be killed off, period, exclamation point!!!

Also, Uhura has moved into what we now call the Big 4, and the cast is so male-dominant, I don’t see that happening. But I could live with that, whereas Scotty — no way!

197. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 8, 2012

Hey MJ. I completly agree with you. The Main cast can not be killed off for any reason. To do so would be wrong in so many way’s.

198. Phil - June 8, 2012

@195. Sorry, it’s Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Everyone else is expendable, and considering that the producers have decided to revisit familiar territory, we need to accept that someone might not be around for Trek 13.

199. Lostrod - June 8, 2012

#191 – MJ

ad·vo·cate   [v. ad-vuh-keyt; n. ad-vuh-kit, -keyt] Show IPA verb, ad·vo·cat·ed, ad·vo·cat·ing, noun
verb (used with object)
to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: He advocated higher salaries for teachers.

MJ, I try to be objective. I just think that someone saying “I’m ok with …” does not fit the official definition of advocating someone to be killed.

Now if he were to say something like “they should kill Scotty off” or “come on, JJ, kill Scotty off because I don’t like his accent”, then I would agree that he was advocating a beloved character being killed.

But seriously, can we move on? I am :)

Din – my humble opinion is you do also. I’ve been around this site a long time and I can guarantee that you are not going to change some folks minds.

BTW – I propose a new drinking game in honor of Scotty. Every time MJ says “dude” in a post, take a drink!

Have a great weekend. Prometheus for me.


200. MJ - June 8, 2012

@198 “BTW – I propose a new drinking game in honor of Scotty. Every time MJ says “dude” in a post, take a drink!”

Finally, Lostrod, you and I agree 100% on something! Have a nice weekend yourself, my friend, and may we both enjoy Prometheus immensely!

201. AJ - June 8, 2012


You now fit the definition of a ‘troll.’ Stop using the words “I” and “me” in your posts as if anyone here cares about why people are shouting at you.

A troll, by definition, gets the message board off-topic, and then spends days defending him/herself and insulting the regular contributors for disagreeing with him/her. Your key objective is to keep the focus on you, and off the topic being discussed.

Your best bet, since most of us have not seen you in other threads, is to close up shop here, and wait until another thread opens up. I’ve pissed people off on Trekmovie, and when it gets heated, I just stop posting and it blows over. I even apologize.

I’m not telling you to get lost. I have no right to. And I have no rights on this site. A bit of common sense, however, would make your experience here much more enjoyable and would benefit the community.

202. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

“Plus it made no sense for Uhura to have a station at a vat. What was that about?”

Yes, that was the only part that seemed wrong, out of place and stupid. Why put computers and workstations there? Other than that, I am only too happy to know that Scotty and others can brew their favourite alcoholic vice within the bowels of the USS Enterprise engineering. Nice addition, JJ Abrams…:)

It is a movie after all…

203. MJ - June 8, 2012

@197. We will have to agree to disagree then. If Scotty dies, then a big part of Trek dies for me.

204. NCM - June 8, 2012

Good grief! I know so many people who I think would really enjoy this site, were it not for all the relentless sniping; but b/c of it, I’ve rarely recommended TM to anyone. I swear, some of you come here daily to hook up with your virtual buddies in hopes that someone will toss you some bait–doesn’t take much–so you can hone in on ’em and practice your bully skills. Talk about misdirected sense of entitlement.

205. Gabriel Bell - June 8, 2012

#134 – Excellent points. You are a wise man. (I mean seriously, why was everyone on the Enterprise-D so annoyed with poor old Scotty?)

Anyway, I always appreciate your cogent and succinct posts on this site. Great job!

206. MJ - June 8, 2012

@203. Killing off Scotty because someone didn’t like Pegg was a huge issue worthy of discussion.

But thanks for the lecture — I guess that is why you showed up so that you could “pat yourself on the back for your own ingenuity” as you correct us all for our deficiencies as human beings. ;-0

Again though, this was big Trek issue here worthy of significant discussion.

207. Phil - June 8, 2012

@141. Tongue is firmly in the cheek!! If you hang around here long enough it has to be, considering how worked up some people get about some of Trek’s trivial issues….like an engineering room with tanks and pipes in it.

208. NCM - June 8, 2012

MJ; why would you think I’m lecturing you?

I don’t think I’m alone in addressing the sniping issue and I think it appropriate for those of us who find it irritating as hell to occasionally offer an opinion on the matter–no? Maybe if I posted 15 comments, some the length of my thigh bone, and threw out a few names you wouldn’t feel I’d offered a lecture:]

209. MJ - June 8, 2012

Well, a lot of us are pretty fired up about the bonehead idea of killing of Scotty because supposedly Simon Pegg is doing a crappy job in the part. So, I apologize if I jumped on you, but I for one, do see this threat as a very legitimate discussion over that mean-spirited idea of shit-canning Pegg out of Trek.

Are there a sizable number of posters here who just had stupid one-line snipes that were emotionally immature and not worthy of this site –sure, I will agree with you on that.

210. MJ - June 8, 2012

correction: “thread” not “threat”

211. Azrael - June 8, 2012

@188. You said “this place is AICN” having been to that site and looked at the comments on various stories I find that statement insulting to Anthony. No amount of politician like backtracking and double talk is going to work on me.

212. Phil - June 8, 2012

Simon Pegg is a fine Scotty – no issues with his performance at all. James Doohan tended to be comic relief on TOS, so Mr. Pegg getting a laugh or two only helps build the character. My observation is that if in TWOK 2.0 someone has to die, killing off Cupcake or some other random red shirt has a lot less impact then knocking off a secondary character.

213. MJ - June 8, 2012

@211. Phil, we get your comments — no problem, my friend. We are talking about the Din firestorm — not your separate comments about a plot device of killing off a character in the movie…that is a legitimate point to consider.

214. Phil - June 8, 2012

@212. I figured as such, though reading the thread from the bottom up as caused problems before. And it’s not like we have never seen anything taken out of context here, right?

215. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

Simon Pegg: “And yes, there will be lens flare and we are very, very proud of it.” LOL Good one, Simon – love it!…:)

Just watched the videos – great.

216. NCM - June 8, 2012

MJ, you’re one passionate man! IMHO, you are easily baited and often are one of the dogged and less than civil pursuers when someone pisses you off–and you really don’t need help to tie a thread up in the snarkiest knots; but, you redeem well. You are like the dog that bites, but the family would be diminished in your absence. Please don’t go hate on me, now. If you feel I owe you an apology, then I do, and I will sincerely furnish it:]

217. MJ - June 8, 2012

Thanks NCM. No, you are good people!!! And thanks for the psyche eval — I think? :-)

218. ShatmanJohn - June 8, 2012

Kirk should die!!!! Not really, but Pine doesn’t look like shatner, sound like shatner or (aside from crossing his legs in the big chair) act like shatner. Should Pegg be doohans carbon copy? I think that was the point of the reinvention- be the same but different. I still love the ship – despite it’s drink-fuelled ugliness… Calm people

219. VZX - June 8, 2012

WOW! People really need to chill!!! Anyway, I’m having an awesome time in Key West! Just went snorkeling and swam with sharks for the first time, and met some fellow Trek fans!

Back to topic: I wonder if Pegg’s hair will be dyed dark for this Star Trek sequel. Go Star Trek!

220. NCM - June 8, 2012

“good people”: glad you think so, and back at ya!:)

221. Phil - June 8, 2012

@217. I don’t know that I’d kill him, but Pine does need to channel Shatner a bit more. Some of the kids in my sons NJROTC class have more command presence then Pine did in the last movie…..

222. LizardGirl - June 8, 2012

Okay, this was something that had been on my mind for quite a while. It does involve Scotty so it’s not completely off the topic at hand.The Scotty/Uhura relationship with the TOS actors didn’t really move me. I was like “hm….(no comment)”. It was so random, kind of like Uhura/Spock in new Trek. While I actually love this pairing to pieces, I’m kind of thinking that the Scotty/Uhura pairing could work very well in new Trek.

Uhura of ST09 is a different version from her predecessor. The new Uhura is more aggressive while the original was more lady like. I think new Uhura portrays a new sense of a professional woman: modern, confident and not afraid to voice that. First impressions would say she’s cocky or/and some kind of vixen-temptress. Not true. She genuinely cares for others. Also, she’s proud for the right reasons. She’s a lieutenant fresh out of the academy assigned to the Enterprise. She seems very intelligent and she worked to get where she is.

Spock is also very intelligent. I think this may be a point of attraction between the two. But say later on, he goes all “I’m a Vulcan” on her (dumps her). This Scotty would be a great boyfriend! While Spock would push her to exceed her limitations, challenge her to always to be better (she’d love this I think), Scotty would make her laugh, make her smile, “loosen her up”. He’d be able to understand her feelings better. I can totally see Scotty trying to ask her out for a drink and completely flubbing it, inadvertently breaking the ice by making her laugh. She’d say yes, and there you go! Beauty and the Geek.

If they had done this EARLY in TOS, and not in the movies, then it would’ve been a hit! Wishful thinking.

223. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012

The only guy I can see being killed off is Admiral Pike. As a mentor, I can see the writers coming up with a situation where he sacrifices himself for Kirk and the Enterprise, ala Obi Wan Kenobi from “Star Wars”.

I don’t see any of the main seven being killed off. Maybe Chekov. They obviously can’t kill any of the big four, or Scotty, and if they killed off Sulu, George Takei will go ballistic (most likely).

224. Phil - June 8, 2012

@222. And Takei going ballestic is a problem because……?

225. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

Anthony Pascale – Can we not post links here anymore?

226. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

227. Martin J. Pollard - June 8, 2012

#222 – “… and if they killed off Sulu, George Takei will go ballistic (most likely).”

Oh, my!

228. Corinthian7 - June 8, 2012

I’d kill off Uhura. Not so much because I can’t bear watching Zoe Saldana’s portrayal, mainly so we might get to see Karl Urban on screen for more than 5 minutes! Just kidding folks don’t everybody lynch me!

229. AJ - June 8, 2012

Pike is supposedly terminally injured in TOS from the ‘delta rays’ he was exposed to during a training exercise.

Then, he was restored to a thinking, but useless head-tractor. I’d hope he gets a better send-off in this film from the SC if that’s what they have in mind for him.

230. NCM - June 8, 2012

I don’t think they’ll kill off any of the main seven. They only killed off Spock and Kirk, I think, before they could conceive of multiple TOS incarnations piloting on for decades into the future. Now that they know TOS has a future even beyond the lifespan of the original actors… Also, I think they must know they can’t acceptably reinstate death and rebirth ground again.

231. Luke - June 8, 2012

#3 and #5:

You people are beyond rediculous… Why does this site have a comment section again?

232. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2012


The writers wouldn’t want that kind of PR surrounding their movie. Or maybe they would. Who knows? :-)

233. Vultan - June 8, 2012


In case you didn’t catch this on the other board, it turns out “Prometheus” was made before—in 1962! And by the Soviets!


234. MJ - June 8, 2012

@229. So why are you here then? To just complain?

235. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

236. MJ - June 8, 2012

@231. You know what is scary? That video looks kind of like the Trek game preview video that was premiered yesterday with Kirk as the shooter killing Gorns.

237. Vultan - June 8, 2012


Yeah, it does.

Freeze frame on those spacesuits and compare with the ones in “Prometheus.” Very similar. Maybe a coincidence. Or homage. I could easily see Scott as a fan of old Soviet movies.

238. MJ - June 8, 2012

@233. Great Pine interview — thanks!!!

239. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

#221 – Well, Chris Pine said recently in an interview that he did “get myself some of Bill’s good lovin'” also mentioned something about paper napkins and arm wrestling…(referring to doing the Captains Documentary). LOL

Then, on one of the interviews, Alex Kurtzman talks about having a “*Gollum talk” with himself (in connection with writing of People Like Us)…LOL

Good interviews with some good humour thrown in as well, especially from Chris Pine. What’s not to love!

The comment should be on one of the two links I just posted here. There is another interview but when I tried to post the link to that one as well, it disappeared…oh dear.

There has also been a comment made on another site about a CNN interview done with JJ Abrams (the one with the strange big black glasses) and Chris Pine. I have not seen it – no link given.

Anthony/Trekmovie Staff – can you please follow up/confirm etc. Thanks.

* Now surely everyone here should know what that refers to…:)
The dilemma for me is that Star Trek needs more gender balance (ie more women), however I really like all the other six characters and the male actors who play them, so I don’t want to see anyone “buy it”.

240. Phil - June 8, 2012

@232. Well, the Shatner ‘doom and gloom because I’m not in it’ PR didn’t seem to hurt Trek 2009, so a slightly pissy GT could not do any worse..

241. John Bigbootee - June 8, 2012

Anthony, all you can do is continue to put out good content, which many appreciate. Please don’t let it be a downer that some of the threads fall down to some fairly juvenile back -and -forth. Nature of the anonymous Internet, amigo. Rest assured most of us skim right on by to the next story. Your efforts are appreciated!!

242. MJ - June 8, 2012

@241. “…most of us skim right on by to the next story.”

That would not include you then, apparently. :-)

243. MJ - June 8, 2012

Please no more self-aggrandizing posts from those of who think that you are above the rest of us. If you are truly at a higher moral ground then us, then you wouldn’t give into the compulsion to post here to show off that moral superiority here.

244. MJ - June 8, 2012

@241. I apologize for singling you out John — I just am getting fatigued with people who have not been part of this discussion jumping in and complaining about it. Scotty is central to Trek, and killing off Scotty because a person does not like the actor is a legitimate issue that had to be dealt with here.

OK, I am now retiring from this article……

245. Daoud - June 8, 2012

Sometimes Trekmovie is best read like Playboy… Just read the articles! :)

246. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 8, 2012

You mean the articles in Playboy are more attractive than many of the pictures. That’s not what I’ve heard…;)

247. Montreal_Paul - June 8, 2012

Thank God!

248. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 8, 2012

243. MJ – June 8, 2012
“Please no more self-aggrandizing posts from those of who think that you are above the rest of us. If you are truly at a higher moral ground then us, then you wouldn’t give into the compulsion to post here to show off that moral superiority here.”

MJ – Notice how I haven’t posted? ;-)

Cheers, all!

249. Red Shirt Diaries - June 8, 2012

#247 Wow, you do love your Playboy! Hey, I give you credit for going public with that. Enjoy, but remember, too much of a good thing is not so good.

250. Montreal_Paul - June 8, 2012

249. Red Shirt Diaries


251. Philip Dunlop - June 9, 2012

4 – Couldn’t agree more. Think the guy’s BRILLIANT (I just re-watched Spaced for the umptee-gazillionth time), but Scotty he ain’t. Though… his accent IS better than Jimmy Doohan’s.

252. TrekTech - June 9, 2012

Im going to throw in my two cents. Im a big fan of Simon Peggs and have been for a long time. I think that may have been my problem. When I watched Trek 09 I didnt see ‘Scotty’ I saw Pegg and I kept half expecting to see Nick Frost pop up in the Engine room to hang out. I dont think he did a bad job but I agree with Din in as much as I didnt see Pegg as Scotty. Truthfully as far as characterization the only revamped characters I believed were Quinto as Spock, Cross as Sarek and Urban as McCoy. Pine may nail it in the next installment but it was more the characterizations I had a problem with then the actors. I felt some of the actors/characterizations nailed it and others missed the mark but I dont fault the actors. I think the most obnoxious was Wesley Chekov….errrrr….Pavel Chekov. I also thought the Brewery was terribly mis-cast as the Engine Room :)

253. Andy Patterson - June 9, 2012

@4, 126, 129

Hey Din, I’ll jump in here with you on that one. I thought at the time that Pegg’s Scotty was more like Dick Van Dyke’s ‘Chimney Sweep’ character than Scotty. Scotty was proud and put together. The humor came from how proud and conscientious he could be. I discovered Pegg in “Hot Fuzz” and really liked it and him in it. “The greater good”. His portrayal in the movie was not to me.

254. P Technobabble - June 9, 2012

When is comparison a good thing? Maybe when you’re at a supermarket checking prices.

Comparing one actor against another seems rather condescending. I don’t think we can — or should — compare Pegg with Doohan (or compare any of the new cast with any of the TOS cast).
Pegg is not Doohan. To expect his Scotty to be more like Doohan’s Scotty is an injustice. In fact, if we’re gonna nit-pick about Scotty-this, or Scotty-that, then let’s presume the entire Trek universe is totally real and these characters will grow and change over the course of their lives, hm? Maybe by the end of the third film Pegg’s Scotty becomes more like the Doohan Scotty you remember because of some incident(s)? I mean aren’t we gonna take into account the “age” factor of the new characters? These characters are still relatively young in their lives and their careers, and there is absolutely no way we could predict how they will change as time goes on, or what they will become, or how they will act. Don’t ya think?

Of course, I don’t really believe the Trek universe is real, so it makes no difference to me how Pegg tries to perform the almost-impossible task of taking on the role of a legendary character who is forever burned into the minds of every Star Trek fan. You really have to give him (and the rest of the cast) a lot of credit for taking on these roles. Do you think there might have been any actors who would have said, “No way I’m playing Captain Kirk, cos if the fans don’t like my portrayal I may never work again!”
Actually, I find it kinda humerous that some people here are still harping on the same issues for three years now — as if any of that had a point by now. Today’s Star Trek is every bit as much a part of Trek mythology as TOS, TNG, etc. Today’s cast/characters are every bit as much a part of that, as well.
IMO, of course…

255. LizardGirl - June 9, 2012

@254 Well put! I completely agree with you P Technobabble.

256. Christopher Doohan - June 9, 2012


Yes, Simon is a great Scotty and a great guy. A different interpretation, but great. #3greats=incredible

257. Azrael - June 9, 2012

@256. Chris, are you in the sequel?

258. Charley W - June 9, 2012

“You will see … different ships”

And they ‘blown up” REALLY GOOD!!!

(Apologies to SCTV!)

259. Red Shirt Diaries - June 9, 2012

Re: Montreal Paul; #250

Keachick noted that the pictures in Playboy were better than the articles, and then you replied with, “thank God!”

260. Montreal_Paul - June 9, 2012

259. Red Shirt Diaries

They must have posted at the same time as me… I didn’t even see that when I was commenting. I wasn’t even commenting on their post.

261. MC1 Doug - June 9, 2012

I hate to say it, but if the USS Enterprise’s engineering deck STILL looks like a brewery, that is one set I would like to see less of! Ugh!!!

262. MC1 Doug - June 9, 2012

Putting in my .02 cents about Simon Pegg’s Scotty (and the other actors as well). I would offer this.

I thought Pegg was fine. What I might take exception with is playing Scotty up as comic relief, but I would say that about any of the characters. I am not a fan of poking fun of our beloved characters, but that (no matter how lovingly intended) is how Scotty was written.

I would say the same of what they did to Scotty in STV (I hated seeing Scotty knocked unconscious as he was). I’ve absolutely no problem with a funny line here and there, but again, I do not want to see any of the characters put up for comic relief, but that is just me.

Personally, I think all the actors did a great job. We saw new interpretations of the characters, some aspects worked, some not but hey! They tried something new and I can appreciate that.

A few have taken Pegg’s Scottish accent to task, but I would venture the casual movie audience would not know an authentic Scotsman accent if they heard it.

In the next film, I would like to see more Dr. McCoy (and maybe someday we’ll actually get to see Joanna McCoy too).

As to the sniping about Din’s comment, I don’t agree with his point, but am happy to see someone voicing one (opinion). It’s just too bad we cannot all discuss things without raising the “alert klaxon.” I took some heat a few weeks back for one of my comments so I understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of a phaser set on disintegrate.

Lastly, as always, thank you Anthony, for this great site.

263. The Original Spock's Brain - June 10, 2012

@261 I agree, but it seems we’ll have to get used to it…

264. Aurore - June 10, 2012

I do not know what the future holds for my beloved 7, 8 characters ( I’m hoping that Miss Eve’s character will remain a part of the family for the next adventure, as a valued member of the starship Enterprise crew ).

But, if anything, in lieu of “substracting” there could be several additions, as it were.

As I stated earlier, Miss Eve’s character could be a permanent addition to the cast.

Not to mention that, in my opinion, “death” is not the only way of providing moments of high dramatic impact. ‘” Birth” can be as powerful too. I’m looking at you Spock and Uhura.

Besides, Mr. Scott would make a wonderful godfather…


P.S.: Unless I’m mistaken, some, or at least, one of my fellow Star Trek fans, mentioned that, in their opinion, Spock, Kirk, and McCoy were the only characters who could not be disappeared (if someone had to “vanish” in the next Star Trek).

However, if in Star Trek, in the name of “high dramatic impact”, the removal of the “secondary ” characters (and, them only) becomes a rule of sorts, and is, as such, expected, won’t that rather predictable aspect of the franchise become a joke comparable to the ones we already make about redshirts?

265. VZX - June 10, 2012

264: Aurore:

Well, if memory serves, I think that Spock’s death at the end of TWOK was originally intended to be permanent in1982. That’s the what Nick Myers and Mr. Nimoy intended at first. (The “remember” line of Spock to McCoy was forced by the studio, I think).

Anyway, my point is that any of the characters could be fair game for being knocked off. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirk was “red-shirted”. Why not? That would really surprise the audience, wouldn’t it?

266. Aurore - June 10, 2012

“Well, if memory serves, I think that Spock’s death at the end of TWOK was originally intended to be permanent in1982. That’s the what Nick Myers and Mr. Nimoy intended at first. (The “remember” line of Spock to McCoy was forced by the studio, I think).”

On another thread, after I asked, I read a different version to that tale.
It was quite informative too, in my opinion ( post 908 ):

If authorized here, here is a link to an old article on the question, as well:,3729090

Otherwise, if you google the words “Spock’s demise” you’ll find the article in question. In it, Mr. Nimoy, apparently briefly commented on his character’s death, at the time.

“Anyway, my point is that any of the characters could be fair game for being knocked off. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirk was “red-shirted”. Why not? That would really surprise the audience, wouldn’t it?”

You can’t be serious.
The last time it happened, I , personally, did not get it.

267. Din - June 10, 2012

#201: There is nothing you’ve said that would in any way affect how I post here, AJ, since you and your opinion are both irrelevant to me. This is Anthony’s site, not yours, and only he can tell me to post differently–and he hasn’t. In fact, he has made it clear that he disagrees with the childish mob mentality of those individuals inexplicably upset with my earlier comments. You’re just a nameless, faceless person on this site, just like me and just like everyone else, and your over-bloated sense of self-importance is silly. If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. It’s as simple as that. But there’s absolutely no reason I should feel the need to conform to your mandates regarding how I should post here, since you’re nobody important as far as this site is concerned, and you don’t speak for anyone but yourself. Don’t like it? Tough. When I said this place was like AICN, I wasn’t talking about the site itself, but rather some of the people who post comments here, like you, who act like jackasses whenever they disagree with someone. It’s not this site I disrespect–it’s you.

268. MJ - June 11, 2012

@267 “This is Anthony’s site, not yours, and only he can tell me to post differently–and he hasn’t. In fact, he has made it clear that he disagrees with the childish mob mentality of those individuals inexplicably upset with my earlier comments. You’re just a nameless, faceless person on this site, just like me and just like everyone else, and your over-bloated sense of self-importance is silly.”

Impressive, you are quite the guy, Din.


269. Din - June 11, 2012

LMFAO, It’s Anthony off his meds again & trolling but at least this time he’s updating.

270. Harry Ballz - June 11, 2012

268. “over-bloated sense of self-importance”

Are we talking about Shatner again??!!

271. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2012


Brilliant! You accuse Anthony of trolling and being off his meds! LOL!

You’re a classic, my nutjob friend! :-)

272. Anthony Thompson - June 12, 2012

256. Christopher Doohan

You usually post as ‘Chris Doohan’. Another imposter? If it is you, kindly answer the question I’ve asked here numerous times: Are you in the sequel?

273. Anthony Pascale - June 12, 2012

Warning for tolling. I suggest you move on to other topics

…again everyone lets not obsess over a single poster

comments to

RE: Christopher Doohan
thats the real deal

274. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 12, 2012

Din – a little piece of info – Anthony Pascale, the person you referred as being a troll and off his meds, is actually the owner and moderator of this site. He is the only person who can delete your posts and ban you from contributing posts to this site. Just so you know…

275. tdog - June 12, 2012

just to break up this thread of arguements: just throw in a couple tribbles and we’ll all be happy. :)

276. La Reyne d'Epee - June 13, 2012

Teeny weeny point, Keachick, the Peggster isn’t from the North of England, but Gloucestershire in the South West, quite close to Wales, not at all near Scotland. Which makes his efforts with the accent even more admirable.

His wife is from East Kilbride which is right next to Glasgow, so the accent is pretty much the same. I’m sure I’ve read that he largely copied the accent from his father-in-law, who comes from Maryhill in Glasgow. Tommy Gormley is Glaswegian. It’s no surprise then that Simon would have gone with that particular accent as he stood the best chance of getting real authenticity into it.

The only time I really heard him drop it badly was on that improvised line “Can I get a towel”. That sounded more South West of England to me! I’ll forgive him though!

277. Scott Hedrick - June 13, 2012

Elsewhere I’d read complaints from several people about Anton Yelchin’s “terrible” Russian accent, which is terribly amusing because he’s a native speaker. What’s much more likely is that the complainers have never been exposed to a live native Russian speaker and thus only have Hollywood accents for comparison. No doubt we have the same phenomenon going on here.

The movie didn’t really last long enough for us to get much more than a hint of the Pegg Scotty, and we aren’t likely to get much more if we only see it in movies that are half-decades more or less apart. Where’s the animated adventures?

278. Xplodin_Nacelle - June 14, 2012

I hope the put a pre TOS movie version of the Reliant in it

279. MJ - June 14, 2012

@277, Agreed, he’s from St. Petersburg for Christ’s sake.

280. Azrael - June 14, 2012

@277 & 279. And he included the W for V substitution which is NOT a part of a real Russian accent just to make the fans happy. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.