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Viral Video: Animated Homage To Star Trek Title Intro June 18, 2012

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The video of the day is a creative animated homage set to the opening theme of the original Star Trek. The video is going viral right now and for good reason as it is pretty cool. Check it out below.


Viral video: Animation set opening to original Star Trek

The animation is by the Quintek Group who describe it as "an homage to one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi television shows ever to beam down to Earth." Their goal was "to try and capture the essence of what we found most enjoyable from the series for building this faux opening to this classic show."


1. El Alto - June 18, 2012

Cool… Now what happened to the “Outer Light” comic? It’s been deleted. I know it wasn’t the most popular thing here, but I still wanted to finish it (since I started it).

2. DeflectorDishGuy - June 18, 2012


3. mark - June 18, 2012

They left out Doctor McCoy…… :-(

4. Landru's cousin, Dandru - June 18, 2012

I was wondering that myself. Apparently, The Outer Light is now being hosted elsewhere at

5. Captain Smirk - June 18, 2012

Whoops, the LCARS interface wasn’t invented until the 24th century… And where’s De Kelly?!

6. Phil - June 18, 2012

First season, no love for De in the opening credits. And LCARS looks a lot like my Android, so I could live with some version of it in TOS…

7. Kevin In Choconut Center - June 18, 2012

That is so cool.

8. Canadianknight - June 18, 2012

Very cool.

As to “The Outer Light”, just went over to the site that #4 listed… and it’s still terrible. Read the latest one… and I really don’t care about the story .. so disjointed.

Guess they didn’t like the criticism they were getting here?

9. Captain_Conrad - June 18, 2012


10. Steve Gennarelli - June 18, 2012

Really nice ! Hope they do 1 or 2 more homage’s to the classic series so DeForest Kelley can be honored as well.
They tweaked the theme in the 2nd year and I think again in the third.

11. CmdrR - June 18, 2012

Was the second season the one where opera chick hits the high notes?
I’d love to see De in there (and maybe even James, since that was planned for Season 4) but, space diva always makes me giggle a little bit.

12. r0bt3k - June 18, 2012


13. Jonboc - June 18, 2012

has a cool Saul Bass vibe to it, with more than a dash of the similarly styled, recent mondo posters. great job!

14. joe - June 18, 2012

GUYS… who cares about the LARS?!?! QUIT BASHING

Excellent creativity!

15. ster j - June 18, 2012


16. Spike - June 18, 2012

Loved it

17. richpit - June 18, 2012

That was awesome. I loved it.

18. Montreal_Paul - June 18, 2012

I like it! Very nicely done. Have to watch the old animation series again. Would be nice if they do indeed produce a new animated series… or even a “remastered & re-animated” version of the old one. New animation to the original dialogue.

19. Jack - June 18, 2012

Very nifty animation. But improvement not needed on that baby. A phony star field and a model on strings still give me chills.

20. LLAP - June 18, 2012

Fantastic video, though I must nit-pick. The “E” in TREK should be rounded off on the upper-left side of the letter, not squared off. This is a common mistake.

You can tell which season an episode is from by the opening sequence.

Season One: No singing lady, yellow lettering, no DeForest Kelley.

Season Two: Singing lady, yellow lettering, DeForest Kelley.

Season Three: Singing lady, blue lettering, DeForest Kelley.

Now you know.

21. Anthony Thompson - June 18, 2012

Shatner doesn’t look like Shatner. Nimoy looks like old (movie era) Nimoy. Otherwise, pretty good!

22. Bob Tompkins - June 18, 2012

No De Kelley- wrong!!!

23. BrEnDoN - June 18, 2012

Love the Red Shirt death at 00:20

24. TrueTrekFan - June 18, 2012

That was exciting to watch! Bravo Quintek Group ! I really enjoyed the morph effect from Kirk to Spock.

25. Y - June 18, 2012

T_T That was effing beautiful!!!

26. Jack - June 18, 2012

Still, cute bit with the guy turning into the Kelvan skin tetrahedron…

27. MC1 Doug - June 18, 2012

This animated short is paying homage to TOS season one. DeForest Kelley did not have star billing until season two.

28. Luke Sutton - June 19, 2012

Love it! Reminds me of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy animation style. :)

skip to about 1:15 in

29. Daniel Shock - June 19, 2012


30. Jerry Modene - June 19, 2012

FWIW, “Opera Chick” was a soprano singer named Loulie Jean Norman. She was apparently used quite often in recording sessions, usually without billing. She’s the soprano on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens. (listen to that song and you can tell it’s her)

One thing I don’t like about the newly-recorded theme on the ST remastered episodes is that the lady they got to sing the theme isn’t as good as Loulie Jean.

31. Bird Of Prey - June 19, 2012


32. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

Very nicely done!

Gives me hope for that TAS remastered set I’m still holding out hope for someday….


33. LizardGirl - June 19, 2012

Just want to watch this over, and over and over again! Two thumbs up!

34. VZX - June 19, 2012

Holy crap on a hat! That was amazing!

Now I’m jonesing to watch some Star Trek! Tonight feels like an “Immunity Syndrome” kinda night.

35. William Kirk - June 19, 2012

Very nice… but where´s the doctor?

36. Jeff - June 19, 2012

That was great! They’re going to get work.

37. mikephys - June 19, 2012

Saw the Excaliban from “Savage Curtain.”
Saw the Talosians from “The Menegerie.”
Saw the red shirt turn into the polyhedron from “By Any Other Name.”
Saw the Galileo shuttlecraft from “Galileo Seven,” among others.
Any other specific episode references I missed?

38. Pensive's Wetness - June 19, 2012

awesome…. with a Capital F. very very awesome.

39. maffc - June 20, 2012

#37 The Guardian of Forever is in there too

40. trekkie626 - June 21, 2012

Shatner looks like John Wayne in that animation

41. Check the Circuit! - June 23, 2012

Outstanding! Love the style. Love the specific references to episodes. Like the approach to the featured cast.

But the pace slows down considerably after the Star Trek title card. Shots are a little long after that. Which of course would be instantly improved by adding the good doctor.

Overall Score: A-

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