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First Look At Star Trek KRE-O USS Enterprise + Teaser For Stop-Motion KRE-O Trek Short July 6, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Merchandise,Star Trek Into Darkness,Toys,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , trackback

TrekMovie is back from vacation with news from one of the exciting things to look forward to with the 2013 Star Trek sequel. The new movie ushers in the first Trek tie-ins from toy giant Hasbro. And today Paramount and Hasbro announced they will be revealing the first Star Trek toys from their KRE-O building blocks line at San Diego Comic Con later this month. They have released a first look at the KRE-O USS Enterprise and a video teaser for an upcoming stop-motion KRE-O Star Trek short film. Check those out below.


First Look At Star Trek KRE-O line + Teaser for Stop-motion Star Trek KRE-O short

At San Diego Comic Con, coming up in a couple of weeks, Hasbro will reveal the first toys from their Star Trek KRE-O building blocks line. They will be showing off Kirk, Spock and McCoy along the USS Enterprise (which you can see below). They are also promising that these are just some of the figures and vehicles Hasbro will be releasing.

Working with JJ Abrams Bad Robot, Hasbro has also created a stop-motion digital short featuring the KRE-O figures. This short will be released later this year (after SDCC). But they have released a teaser today to give us a taste.

press release


Teaser Trailer for KRE-O STAR TREK Digital Short Produced by Bad Robot Also Unveiled
in Anticipation of Premier Pop Culture Event in San Diego

Pawtucket, R.I. – July 6, 2012 – At Comic-Con, the KRE-O brand from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) boldly goes where no one has gone before. Based on the upcoming STAR TREK sequel from Paramount Pictures and directed by J.J. Abrams, the KRE-O STAR TREK line, under license from CBS Consumer Products, features a variety of vehicles from the movie along with fun KREON figures based on iconic STAR TREK characters. Fans will be able to see the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE set and KIRK, SPOCK and BONES KREON figures for the first time in person at the Hasbro Comic-Con booth (#3213) beginning on Preview Night, July 11.

In a groundbreaking move for entertainment based building sets, Hasbro teamed up with J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming STAR TREK sequel, to create a KRE-O STAR TREK stop motion digital short. The digital short, produced by Bad Robot, features icons of the STAR TREK saga in a stand-alone storyline and will premiere at a later date in partnership with Paramount Pictures. At Comic-Con the teaser trailer for the KRE-O STAR TREK digital short will be featured along with the upcoming U.S.S. ENTERPRISE building set and KREON figures in the Hasbro booth. In anticipation of the convention, Hasbro is unveiling a first look image of the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE set and the teaser trailer. Fans can view the teaser trailer now exclusively on the KRE-O brand Youtube channel at

“Comic-Con International is the perfect place to give fans a sneak peek at upcoming KRE-O STAR TREK products and the teaser trailer for the KRE-O digital short produced by Bad Robot,” said Kimberly Boyd, global KRE-O brand director at Hasbro. “The KRE-O brand is enjoyed by consumers around the world and Hasbro is thrilled to work with the amazing teams at CBS Consumer Products, Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures to bring the STAR TREK property to life with KRE-O building sets.”

STAR TREK will mark the third major entertainment property to be featured in the KRE-O line from Hasbro. The Company successfully introduced the KRE-O brand in 2011 with building sets featuring its globally popular TRANSFORMERS characters and in 2012 introduced the KRE-O BATTLESHIP line. New KRE-O BATTLESHIP and KRE-O TRANSFORMERS sets will be on display in the Hasbro booth including never before seen KRE-O TRANSFORMERS expressions: KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICROCHANGERS and KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICROCHANGERS COMBINERS. Fans won’t want to miss these new figure reveals as well a chance to snap a photo with KRE-O character statues including TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE, a BATTLESHIP ALIEN and STAR TREK CAPTAIN KIRK all in their unique KREON expressions! Fans will also want to get their hands on a special edition KRE-O BATTLESHIP BATTLE-BOAT building set sample pack which will be distributed at various times throughout the show while supplies last.


1. CmdrR - July 6, 2012

Yeah, Rhode Island… my home state!

And yes, it looks better than JJ’s E.

2. MJ - July 6, 2012

“KRE-O building blocks.”

Good God Man, that is ugly. Why can’t we get Trek Lego toys — they do it right.

@1 No, it does not. You need some new material, dude…Leno you are not.

3. SherlockFangirl - July 6, 2012

Yay. TrekMovie is back telling us about overpriced junk.

4. MattR - July 6, 2012

I was interested in these before. But the proportions seems out of whack. Maybe it looks better in person. I’ll find out at SDCC.

5. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 6, 2012

come to think about it, where was that shot in the ST09 movie?
More shots of the E being constructed are always fun.

6. Pointing Out The Obvious - July 6, 2012

@2 We don’t have lego trek stuff because Lucasarts most likely has an exclusive deal with lego.

7. Brandon - July 6, 2012

The ship is disproportionate, no doubt because it has a complete bridge within. I hope like hell Hasbro will surprise us all with a 3 3/4″ line announcement at SDCC too! Hope we see a TOS and TNG Kreo sets as well!

8. NCC-73515 - July 6, 2012

The nacelle caps are rather accurate…

9. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 6, 2012

It would be great if someone from the Enterprise crew showed up there… at San Diego Comic Con…

…….. I felt a thrill listening to the soundtrack of Star Trek … ;-) :-)

10. Roddy - July 6, 2012

My favorite design is the JJ prise actually, so I am very pleased. I know that the fans are divided over the new 1701, but Ill be purchasing my own starfleet next spring! With the ability to reconfigure the elements of the ship, I can make the Kelvin, etc….

11. Kirk, James T. - July 6, 2012

I’m thrilled, looks soooooo coool! I love the 2009 Enterprise, far nicer design than the older Enterprise ships – this one actually looks like it could survive the hardships of deep space exploration as well as defending itself against hostiles. Can’t wait for spring 2013! Hope we get an announcement that Hasbro are also going to be putting out regular toys, especially a lights and sound 3ft USS Enterprise

12. You Simply Don't Understand The Most Basic Commerce Practices - July 6, 2012

@6. That would be against the law. An agreement between Lucasfilm and Lego that specifically froze out a completely different property (Star Trek/Paramount) would be a big no-no under the “unfair business practices” portion of U.S. Antitrust Code.

13. Red Dead Ryan - July 6, 2012

The KRE-O model and trailer were pretty cool. Looking forward to this. Should have been LEGO instead, but Hasbro is good to.

But, what I really want to see is a “creole” Enterprise! They probably serve it at Sisko’s. :-)

14. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 6, 2012

Is this Cannon. Or is it Canon. Lol.

15. Nony - July 6, 2012

That Enterprise looks pretty cool! I wonder if it lights up.\

@Dee: Karl Urban will be at Comic-Con. He’s doing a Dredd thing and moderating another panel. Hopefully he’ll say a little something about Trek.

16. Jeyl - July 6, 2012

Umm…. I’m sorry, but that is one very ugly looking Enterprise. There are some details in JJ’s Enterprise I can tolerate, but this KRE-O set looks like they’re taking the worst aspects of that design, dialing it up to 11 and putting it on display.

17. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 6, 2012

#15. Nony… yes thanks!!!…

……………WOW… always great to see KARL URBAN… ;-) :-)

18. MDSHiPMN - July 6, 2012

11 – You’re entitled to your opinion but lets be honest, it is not nicer than any of the other designs. I have my reasons but everyone knows it’s true anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. But not “wow” cool.

But does it even matter? In Star Trek we barely got to see Enterprise, so here’s hoping the next film gives us more, better exterior shots.

BTW, my favorite shot of Enterprise is when they are going through the debris from the fleet of ships that were destroyed. Some seriously sweet stuff there.

19. Tarrax - July 6, 2012

“BTW, my favorite shot of Enterprise is when they are going through the debris from the fleet of ships that were destroyed. Some seriously sweet stuff there.”

I have to agree there. In the Bluray version, that scene is simply stunning. ;)

20. Tarrax - July 6, 2012

P.S. It’s just a shame the shields decided not to work right at that moment. :(

21. trekboi - July 6, 2012

She’s a Chunky Girl

22. DECKER1017 - July 6, 2012


23. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - July 6, 2012

That was actually…really cool.

24. Daniel Broadway - July 7, 2012

Ha ha, that teaser trailer was an awesome throw back to the old one.

25. Elias Javalis - July 7, 2012

Με τουβλάκια θα ασχολούμαστε; MOVIE NEWS people!!

26. Anthony Thompson - July 7, 2012

Love the teaser; the toy itself looks rather clunky.

27. William Kirk - July 7, 2012

It looks like that it would be easy to make the Constitution Refit from “THIS” :-)

28. Buzz Cagney - July 7, 2012

Yikes, thats not nice is it.

29. captain_neill - July 7, 2012

My least favourite design of the Enterprise.

Give the refited design from I-VI anyday over this one

30. Devon - July 7, 2012

#29 – Yes, captain_neill… we know!

31. Mark Lynch - July 7, 2012

That is just, horrible…

32. Slornie - July 7, 2012

Wtf is KRE-O? Is it just a cheap Lego ripoff? Why not just use actual Lego, and, you know, maybe get Traveller’s Tales to do a tie-in Lego Star Trek game?

33. Bender Bending Rodriquez - July 7, 2012

Not bad. This Kre-O one probably needs to be seen up close in order to determine whether it would be a satisfactory representation.

But this brings back some memories. Am I the only one that tried to make the Enterprise out of Legos?

As a kid, I struggled with this. I tried for awhile, but could never get it quite right. It would never hold together. The pieces were not conducive to mavking something with round and curved shapes. Plus – I know this will reveal my age group – back in my day they didn’t make a lot of round and white legos, so the closest I could do was try to make roundish-curvy things with blue blocks.

I ended up relying on the model kits, and sometimes I would make the E out of modeling clay. I never could make a satifactory Enterprise out of Legos.

34. Sebastian S. - July 7, 2012

A parody of a teaser trailer…. OK, now I think I’ve seen it all. ;-D

35. Jonboc - July 7, 2012

Does anyone really expect an accurate replica of the Enterprise…or ANY ship, for that matter, to be constructed from Leggo-type blocks?? really?? It’s a toy…created to be played with by children. Kids know objects in the Leggo/Kre-o world don’t mirror real life…they’re just fun to build…and that’s the bottom line.

36. Niall Johnson - July 7, 2012

Well, I’ll maintain that the JJ Enterprise is UGLY, however she was beautifully presented.

37. Joseph Chapes - July 7, 2012

It doesn’t seem any worse than the MegaBloks U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D that was release several years ago. But then, I never had the nerve to actually take mine out of the box to build it.

38. Phil - July 7, 2012

JJ’s Enterprise looks fine….and this is a toy, so regardless of if it’s Kre-O or Lego, it’s not going to translate the same. Relax and enjoy if building blocks are your thing. Remember, this is for kids, those future fans who will be driving Trek on the big or small screen when we are old and gray. Or in my case, dead.

39. John from Cincinnati - July 7, 2012

LEGO’s they are not.

40. Vultan - July 7, 2012

It also doubles as a flask!

41. Phil - July 7, 2012

@40. A flask! Now THAT’s a useful Trek accesory…..

42. JKP - July 7, 2012

@2 and all the other LEGO fans – I totally agree. Why couldn’t they do it right and do LEGO? If it’s good enough for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean…

Does anyone buy this KRE-O crap? I only buy my kids (and myself!) LEGO. Everything else is a cheap, icky plastic, pale facsimile.

43. LizardGirl - July 7, 2012

Not bad! It’s the basic shape of…pretty much any Enterprise (except the original). E-D was a heavy looking ship and it’s one of my faves. This reminds me of it some.

Double click on the picture to see it bigger. When looking at the details on it you can see that nothing on the ship is wasteful. With the upcoming release of KRE-O Star Trek characters the amount slots on the ship makes sense. Also, considering the targeted age group, it’s going to have to be durable. It may not be Lego but it’s still an interactive toy (which is great!). As someone said earlier, would be awesome if it lit up and had Computer’s voice.

Very good for KRE-O and Bad Robot. I’m glad somone is interested in doing toys for Star Trek. Maybe more will catch on to this. Great job guys!

44. Hermioni - July 7, 2012

If I may say so, I greatly enjoy(ed) Mr. Abrams´ stop-motion teaser trailer as it strikes me as a deliciously self-referential, little etude in animated film-making, a loving acknowledgment of and homage to various video productions realized by fans and, I suspect, a friendly challenge to engage him once again with new projects. This time, however, on a more even playing field with regard to the resources employed… (which, from my point of view, also represents a quite impressive product marketing strategy geared towards adult consumers)

45. DeShonn Steinblatt - July 7, 2012

Hasbro have their Khan figure listed as “Bubba” on internal memos.

I love Hasbro.

46. Atomxero - July 7, 2012

I, for one, am excited to be getting ST Kreo’s. I think its foolish to base all of our judgement on this one picture. I’m sure Hasbro has access to all of the series, the license would be pointlessly expensive otherwise. And, these look like they will work with Lego’s, so they can always be augmented or swapped out. I say reserve judgement until next spring when we can actually put this together for ourselves.

47. MJ - July 7, 2012

I have been over-ruled by my 10-year old son on the Kreo Enterprise. He thinks this is really cool, so what do I know? LOL

48. MJ - July 7, 2012

@29 “My least favourite design of the Enterprise.”

No, nothing comes close to the ugliness of the TNG tv series Enterprise — the “pregnant guppy”.

49. AJ - July 7, 2012

This had better be an attempt to bring kids into Star Trek, and not some lame toy to be bought by speculators and re-sold on eBay.

We have a $3 trailer and a ship that looks like a waffle-maker.

I am sick of Trek swag. With 800 filmed eps over 45 years and 12 films, this is what we get.


50. Hat Rick - July 7, 2012

LEGO? We don’t need no stinkin’ LEGO’s!

KRE-O is where it’s at, baby!

51. PEB - July 7, 2012

ugh…more jj enterprise hate. compared to some trek ship designs, its funny how people talk about it so badly. then again, maybe i shouldnt be shocked. wake me up when the arguing stops.

52. MJ - July 7, 2012

@51 “wake me up when the arguing stops”

That’s how things started for Rip Van Winkle, and it didn’t work out so well for him. :-))

53. j_century - July 7, 2012

@ #2 – While I agree with you in theory, I don’t agree with the reference. If anything, #1 IS Leno… since Jay Leno has built a reputation on running the same, tired jokes into the ground for years on end. That and a strong case can be made by anyone with superior comedic taste that the man has NEVER been funny.

54. Cap'n Chris - July 7, 2012

I’ve bought my son some of the Transformers Kre-o and it actually stacks up really well against Lego. Not quite as good but you tend to get a lot more bricks for your money. The mini-figs are pretty decent too,

I think they’ve done a fair representation of the JJ E here. The ship’s quite out of proprtion in the movie and so is this model. Oversized nacelles and no neck.

55. TonyD - July 7, 2012

Why does Trek get such horrible licenses. Is it so hard to get some good companies to do some good tie-ins to the movies and TV shows? Sheesh!!

56. Vultan - July 7, 2012

The ugliest Enterprise…?

I say it’s a tie between the C and the Abrams Enterprise. But hey, I’m sure they have great personalities….

Someone should draw a cartoon of the ugly-prises standing behind the velvet rope while the TOS and TMP-prises go clubbing.

57. MJ - July 7, 2012

@56. Enterprise D is by far the ugliest. But you are right one account…the Enterprise D “always looked better at closing time.”

Rumor has it it in Hollywood that the Ent-D has been dating the Dark Star, who recently divorced the Event Horizon. Hey, when you are the D, you have to take what you can get, even if that means sloppy seconds.

58. Vultan - July 7, 2012


The old pregnant guppy or the new absurd hotrod, I’m not too crazy about either. TMP still gets the sash and tiara. “Theeere she is….”

Meanwhile, Excelsior is in the club’s bathroom snorting transwarp atoms from Mexico.

59. Jason - July 7, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, Iove a lot of the toys that Hasbro makes. Their Marvel action figures are amazing! But Kree-o sucks. There isn’t any other way to say it.

I’ll be excited when (if) we ever get a Lego Star Trek and it has sets for the Prime Universe. A Lego Enterprise-D or Voyager bridge would be awesome!

60. Red Dead Ryan - July 7, 2012

Remember, LEGO licensing fees are much higher than Hasbro’s.

61. MJ - July 7, 2012

@60 You pay for what you get. Lego’s are prolific and even pervade popular culture. Kree-o’s are/do not.

62. Red Dead Ryan - July 7, 2012


Yeah, Paramount has a history of being cheap. I’m sure the KRE-Os are fine, but LEGO is the ultimate building toy. This is like someone settling for RC Cola because its cheaper than Coca Cola.

63. Azrael - July 7, 2012

@62. I will always buy generic soda over name brand for precisely that reason. Not RC though, it’s frakkin nasty. Besides, like most of these block toys, I will bet the Kre-os work with Legos anyways.

64. norez - July 7, 2012

For someone fooling around with their kids’ NOT-LEGOS in front of the tv at night, it’s okay in the sense that the person who designed it has seen an Enterprise once or twice. “Two longish things on top, the round thing in the front, and the bottom part. I didn’t have the right blocks to do the ___________ with, so I used ______ instead.”

For an actual thing one is supposed to actually purchase, it’s really crappy looking. Are “proportional” and “accurate” concepts that are trademarked by Lego?

Who would buy this? Just get a nice set of the competition and play around with them in front of the tv at night. Whatever you come up with is BOUND to look cooler than THAT.

65. MJ - July 7, 2012

@62. The reason I buy Coke is because it is the best tasting cola. The reason my kids like legos is because they are the best and most user friendly building blocks, and have the most selection.

66. Red Dead Ryan - July 7, 2012

Y’know a year ago I went to a LEGO fair at my local mall. The kids who built the models did a wonderful job. One builder created a DS9 Defiant and Jem’ Hadar Scarab Attack Ship. It was amazing. He/She must’ve had to scrounge for the correct-colored parts. But it was most definitely LEGO. Must’ve required a whole number of sets.


Yeah, Coke is my favorite. I used to hate it as a kid, now I’m addicted to it! :-)

67. Azrael - July 8, 2012

@65. It’s all a personal choice, no right or wrong IMO. FWIW my brother and I used to make fleets of starships out of Legos, they were crude, but we had a lot of fun with them. With the way we did it one could do so with nearly any type of these blocks. Also a possible consideration in Paramount’s decision might be the expanding nature of the KRE-O line, after all they have an animated series based on their products. *shrug* I’m just glad they are getting some merch out there.

68. Bored - July 8, 2012

Its a slow news week when we get these topics on this Star Trek movie site. Whats worse I clicked on it.

69. Azrael - July 8, 2012

@68. What’s worse, you felt the need to complain about it instead of just hitting back.

70. hcmv007 - July 8, 2012

While I am more interested in the action figures, I would consider getting this.

71. Mikey1091 - July 8, 2012

@69. What even worse is you felt the need the click on the article, read 68’s comment, and then comment on how he felt the need to complain about the article. But whatever, I’m not judging anyone, lol. BTW, that kreo thing looks very badly designed, hence I wouldn’t pay to buy it.

72. Red Dead Ryan - July 8, 2012


What’s even more worse, is you felt the need to click on the article, read and complain about Azrael’s legitimate complaint of Bored’s initial complaint statement. :-)

73. Mr. Anonymous - July 8, 2012

It’s a toy. For children. It’s not supposed to look “accurate,” it’s supposed to be FUN.

74. Mr. Anonymous - July 8, 2012

And, it does.

75. Tomh, Esq. - July 8, 2012

@6 – Lucasarts definitely does “not” have an exclusive license with Lego.

Lego has also done video games for Batman (DC), Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney), and the Harry Potter series (Warner Brothers).

I wish Paramount had given Lego the license – Lego Star Trek video games would have been fun to play….

76. Vultan - July 8, 2012


The Japanese have done it again!
Coming to a toy store (or spy agency) near you:!

77. dmduncan - July 8, 2012

73. Mr. Anonymous – July 8, 2012

It’s a toy. For children. It’s not supposed to look “accurate,” it’s supposed to be FUN.


I’m sorry, Mr. Anonymous, but how can it be FUN if it’s not ACCURATE???

78. MJ - July 8, 2012

@71 / Mikey1091: “@69. What even worse is you felt the need the click on the article, read 68′s comment, and then comment on how he felt the need to complain about the article. But whatever, I’m not judging anyone, lol. BTW, that kreo thing looks very badly designed, hence I wouldn’t pay to buy it.”

Agreed. Hey, but “Bored” has to have something to do besides his 7-11 job and surfing pourn on the Internet. LOL

79. Jonboc - July 8, 2012

#77. I’m sorry, Mr. Anonymous, but how can it be FUN if it’s not ACCURATE???

Lol you must not have any kids. If you’ve ever seen a child make a drum out of plastic bowl, a gun out of a hairbrush or make a racecar out of cardboard box, you would understand. :)

80. Hat Rick - July 8, 2012

I, personally, love KRE-O, now that it’s Star Trek-affiliated. KRE-O, owed by Hasbro — an American company! How appropriate, in that we are within a week of the Fourth of July.

Okay, folks, here’s the thing:

Stop comparing Trek to Star Wars, ‘kay? Star Trek will never be Star Wars, and that’s both good and bad, and lots of people look at the “bad” side of that. Well, look — there’s no gainsaying that SW will always have it all over ST when it comes to merchandising.

Heck, SW practically reinvented the movie-merchandising business. (As commented upon by, e.g., “Spaceballs.”) True, “Six Million Dollar Man” had its lunchboxes, but $6M^2 was a piker compared to SW in virtually every other field. LEGO Steve Austin? I DON’T THINK SO!

So, yes, SW is mega-awesome when it comes to merch, but don’t forget — ST has it where it counts: A philosophy of existence that doesn’t rely on some mystical midochloridian — or is that the “Force”? I keep on getting that confused. (By the way, is the midochlor– whatchimightcallit an attempt to attribute science to nonscience? An attempt to square the circle? Or what, exactly? But, I digress.)

Besides, KRE-O blocks are compatible with LEGO. Wikipedia says so.


81. Hat Rick - July 8, 2012

^^ Also, I should have mentioned the original “Planet of the Apes,” which had it all over $6M^2, and was an actual movie, besides.

82. Thomas - July 8, 2012

79. Jonboc

Some people just forget what it’s like to be a kid. Or they were the kind of kid who actually thought toys were for collecting , not for playing.

83. Vultan - July 8, 2012

Just saw where Ernest Borgnine has passed away.
RIP to him, and to Andy Griffith.

Here’s to the good times.

84. Sebastian S. - July 8, 2012

# 83. Vultan~

Off topic perhaps, but I VERY much agree with you!
Ernest Borgnine’s “Marty” is one of my favorite movies (so help me, when I was single, it felt like it was my life story). Great film, and a terrific performance.

I grew up with SO many of his movies; “Poseidon Adventure”, “Devil’s Rain”, and even more contemporary roles of his such as “Gattaca.” He was a really versatile talent who proved that you didn’t have to look like Robert Redford or Matt Damon to get great roles or to be a charismatic performer. He will be SORELY missed….

RIP to Ernest Borgnine and to Andy Griffith, too (I can STILL whistle that theme song to this day….)

85. jr - July 8, 2012

The big E looks better than the 2009 version in the movie…. perhaps an upgrade in 2013?

86. MJ - July 8, 2012

@85. Can we expect an upgrade in your maturity for 2013 as well? ;-)

87. dmduncan - July 8, 2012

79. Jonboc – July 8, 2012

That was satirical.

88. MJ - July 8, 2012

@87 @89

Agree completely. My first inclination in seeing this was that it wasn’t very good, but then my 10-year old was like, “cooool”, so really, it is for the kids, not us.

89. dmduncan - July 8, 2012

Saw and completely enjoyed People Like Us. A great story that gave a bunch of actors a chance to show how truly talented they are. And that includes the supporting role played by Olivia Wilde, whose extraordinary natural beauty and warm intelligence made her the perfect girl to take home to meet mom.

Strong performances from Chris Pine (who had a very interesting job in the film) and Elizabeth Banks, in a very different type of movie than Bob and Alex are known for making — and they get commendations from me not just for making a very different kind of movie, but for having made it so well.

Alex Kurtzman clearly has the visual sense of a director, vs. being a writer whose skills are primarily in the use of words instead of filmed images, which is more than I can say about some directors that Star Trek fans regard as “great.” And he made People Like Us a film. Literally. A real film, shot on the stuff. Kodak Vision stocks, to be exact. And it looked great.

It’s a movie that K/O Paper Products can be proud of.

(But I’m not sure I like being reminded of how good Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies are. They CAN be…habit-forming.)


90. The Observer - July 8, 2012


I was just thinking that any new leaks re the villain will be coming from Chinese toy factories. Unless Abrams plans to have armed guards standing behind all those women as they paint the eyes on.

91. Obsidian - July 8, 2012

This is totally cool. Oh, and #1 CmdrR, that’s exactly what my first thought was! Totally cool looking ship!

92. Keachick - July 8, 2012

#68, 69, 71, 72, 78 – LOL!

#89 – That sounds really great. I recall only reading two less than positive reviews of this film; everything else has been good. People may prefer one actor’s performance over others, but all I have read is how good people who actually saw the movie thought all the performances were. Also, from what I have read, most thought the story was tight/held up as did the direction.

It seems that genuine quality appears to be getting panned in favour of what may not be so good and that the rest of the (English speaking) world is being shut out from being able to view People Like Us and share their comments. Seriously, WTF?

I am so gobsmacked and very disappointed. I know this is now becoming like some boring old mantra, so unless I hear any new news, I will no longer comment on my feelings in this regard.

93. dmduncan - July 8, 2012

Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks were outstanding. They make it look so easy.

And I always love it (because I’m a fan of actual celluloid) when a movie references movies within itself, and the shots of the home movie with the film loop on the projector were beautiful to me — as was the rest of that sequence, which I will not spoil because it was a really beautiful way to leave the story.

(And I actually have that exact model of Bell and Howell projector. An ancient but cool little machine.)

Now I have a question for Bob, if he’s lurking. I know the movie was BASED on actual events which means that it’s not entirely, or even mostly depicting actual events, but uh…fess up — which one of you guys threw the sodium block in the pool? :-)

94. Phil - July 8, 2012

Bravo Zulu, Ernest Borgnine. Rest in peace..

95. MJ - July 8, 2012

And Shaka Zulu to you, Phil. Shaka Zulu!

96. Charla - July 8, 2012

#89 Thanks DM Duncan for the review… I think another poster here didn’t like it, but it is always good to get another viewpoint as well. I plan on seeing it too and am looking forward to it now after reading a positive review on it.

97. gaiusross - July 9, 2012

I havm’t read all the posts. It appears in the video that what is seen as the Enterprise is not the Enterprise model that they are advertising. The one in the film has to many studs. Shame :-(

98. SoonerDave - July 9, 2012

@96 Here’s another negative review for “People Like Us.” Saw it last Thursday, and found it to be one of these movies that, worse than not knowing when to quit, didn’t know *how* to quit. The only reason the movie endured so long was due to the manufactured delay in Pine’s character telling his half-sister his “true identity.” In reality, this was nothing more than a superhero movie, with Pine cast as the “unwitting savior with the deep dark secret.” Bah. For the first twenty minutes, I thought we were staring a remake of RainMan in the face, right down to the vintage car in the garage following the supposed loss of birthright.

Aside from the fact that I’m not a fan of any movie that has pre-teens spouting profanity like water from a summer lawn sprinkler, I felt the plot was entirely too predictable…but I won’t go into spoilery examples here.

I will hasten to add that this movie’s flaws were not Pine’s. He did a good job with his role. Otherwise, it was as though evil spies had capture the movie, turned Michelle Pfeiffer into a Grizzled Evil Monster, and then once the Deep Dark Secret was out, the reward was to turn her back into Michelle Pfeiffer…

Other folks like it, that’s great; I’m just not among them.

As for Lego/Trek toys, I thought it was established a long time ago that Lego had no interest in expanding their line of space-franchise-themed toys beyond SW. Seems as though I remembered reading they had been approached, but were not interested. As for whether it would be “legal” to freeze out other space-based pop franchises, it doesn’t really matter. I seriously doubt Paramount, CBS, etc are interested in pursuing any legal action against Lego assuming you could even prove such an agreement existed.

99. Picard's Fish - July 9, 2012

it’s Gary Mitchell!!!

it’s Gary Mitchell!!

It’s Gary Mitchell!!

100. Picard's Fish - July 9, 2012

of course, Urban might be messing with us ;)

101. Aurore - July 9, 2012

“it’s Gary Mitchell!!”


THAT is NOT what Damon Lindelof promised in the DVD commentary of Star Trek 2009.

I demand a teaser trailer.
No fan-made stuff please…Unless approved by Bad Robot…


102. Khan's Mullet - July 9, 2012

99… It is Gary Mitchell

103. Aurore - July 9, 2012

Star Trek 2 : Where No God has ever Gone Before (?)


104. Khan's Mullet - July 9, 2012

Could this movie be called “Where No One Has Gone Before”?

105. Dave - July 9, 2012

Typical Paramount. Give the licence to some half assed company rather than the industry leader LEGO, ensuring that Star Trek remains second tier. Good God.

106. Aurore - July 9, 2012

“THAT is NOT what Damon Lindelof promised in the DVD commentary of Star Trek 2009.”

I agree.
Khan all the way, BABY!!!


107. Montreal_Paul - July 9, 2012

Oh wonderful. So we go from a remake of “Space Seed” to a remake of “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

So much for “rebooting gives us the blank slate so we can do anything we want.” I would really love a story that hasn’t been done before.

The first movie was good because we never saw the origin of the crew, etc.

Guys, you had a blank slate to give us a new story with new characters. Why do a remake??? I’m a little disappointed.

108. Aurore - July 9, 2012

Gary Mitchell, huh?

I would certainly have preferred a new character to the canon.
But, why not?…

‘Hope the movie’s good…

109. Danpaine - July 9, 2012

Gary Mitchell works for me, along with some Klingons thrown in for added suspense, please.

110. Chris Roberts - July 9, 2012

Above all else a God needs compassion…


111. Chris Roberts - July 9, 2012

T O   B O L D L Y   G O D

112. Ahmed - July 9, 2012

Didn’t Bob deny that Gary Mitchel in the movie ?

I’m really getting bored with all this, why they just released the bloody title and the other information NOW.

113. Drew - July 9, 2012

So many sites running the Gary Mitchell story… I am doubtful.

114. Drew - July 9, 2012

…but if true, how does that work with a comic book (blessed and outlined by Orci) that has already covered the WNMHGB episode in its entirety? Surely they wouldn’t do some cheap 5 minute montage to cover that ground… That is my favorite TOS episode.

This would open the door for…yeah, get ready for it, a Khan teaser at the very end of the film. Maybe the final battle with old Gare’ takes place near the Botany Bay, and we see it as the movie closes.

Something is too fishy about this. I think he’s pulling our collective leg. But hell, maybe they started with Khan, couldn’t get an acceptable actor, and rewrote it for Gare’?

Just tell us officially already, beatniks.

115. Phil - July 9, 2012

You know, I think I’m just going to ignore all the chatter on which TOS episode is going to get the big screen treatment. Before to long, some news outfit will be reporting that Spocks Brain is the story, and Alice Eve is really the villian. Who knew?

116. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012

Guys, Gary Mitchell had already been done in the comics. The writers have said none of the villains featured in the comics will be in the sequel.

Mitchell was shot in the chest and killed by Kirk in the comic reimagining. Kirk blew a hole into his chest. He was floating in a torpedo tube at the end of the story. He was dead.

If Mitchell is in the sequel, then Bob and co. have deliberately lied to us all along. Plus if they bring him back, it’ll be yet another tired “he-was-dead-but-magically-came-back-to-life” or the other “classic” “he-really-wasn’t-dead-but-only-appeared-so” gimmick that has been done to death not only in “Star Trek”, but other movies and shows. That would be lame. Unless they ignored their own rule of having all nu-universe material canon and what we saw in the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” comic was unofficial. That would be lame too.

That is why I am doubtful about Mitchell. I’m still going to stick with my prediction that the villain is Khan.

That is why I’m doubtful. I’m going to stick

117. Danpaine - July 9, 2012

Good point, #116. I’d forgotten reading about that – I haven’t followed the comics. I can’t see where they’d deliberately be so inconsistent.

118. MJ - July 9, 2012

@116. I am starting to wonder though if the Supreme Court has a disinformation campaign going that started with “Anthony’s sources” telling him it was Khan, and now Urban supposedly letting it slip that it is Mitchell.

I am still sticking with my Khan prediction, but my confidence is waning here.

119. Aurore - July 9, 2012

“…and Alice Eve is really the villian.”

…Dr. Elizabeth Dehner…I would not mind that AT ALL!!!

T.R.E.K. : Where No Goddess Has Gone Before….

120. Aurore - July 9, 2012

In all seriousness though; I really hope the movie is good…

121. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


There is also the possibility that Karl Urban was just screwing with us with the Gary Mitchell name-drop. I hope so.

122. Aurore - July 9, 2012

My prediction?

It’s definitely not Khan Noonien Singh.

Karl Urban has been allowed, so to speak, to reveal the identity of the villain.
He did not let it “slip”, nor was this reveal accidental…

Mr. Orci, should I be wrong, I would deny having written this post…and, you will deny having read it. As usual.


123. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

The best thing to do with People Like Us is just to go see it for yourself. Don’t let the Get-Off-My-Lawn-ers dissuade you from the experience. Make up your own mind.

Just went to Rotten Tomatoes and it currently ranks 71% favorable by audience members, and 56% favorable by top critics. But since professional critics really are just People Like Us, I fold their opinions over into the total, with the end result still being that a lot more PEOPLE liked it than did not.

And I know why.

It’s a good movie. If my name was on it, I’d be proud.

124. Corporate Magician - July 9, 2012

That’s the first time I’ve seen a lego trailer….nice lol

125. Phil - July 9, 2012

@123. It didn’t fare that bad in the standings this weekend. If it gets any kind of a foreign release it might even turn a profit…if it can run a few weeks who knows, it might turn a small profit.

126. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

@125: Even if they just get their money back they will have profited by having made the movie. It’s a fine picture to have on the K/O Paper Products list of accomplishments.

127. Yammer - July 9, 2012

Ha! Brilliant, so cheeky.

128. Yammer - July 9, 2012

Ha! Brilliant, so cheeky.

129. be flat - July 10, 2012

This is how you do it

130. Desstruxion - July 10, 2012

Wow. That thing’s butt ugly. I was excited about this before. Now I think I’ll pass.

131. Xplodin_Nacelle - July 10, 2012

It’d be an even cooler kit if you could build other federation starships, like a JJ verse Reliant, etc. They should include a few extra pieces, & decals for other ships. They’d sell a ton of kits

132. Jorg Sacul - July 11, 2012

all fine and well, but I would be more apt to buy a good ol’ fashioned plastic kit of the ship, one of them-thar “scale-model” things that AMT and other companies make.

133. Anon - July 14, 2012

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