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Video of the Day: Tom Hardy’s Star Trek: Nemesis Screen Test July 30, 2012

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For the second weekend in a row The Dark Knight Rises is the top movie at the box office. In just ten days the film has taken in over half a billion dollars worldwide. This film cements Tom Hardy, who plays the villain Bane, as an even bigger star. But, it was just 10 years ago that Hardy got his big break in Star Trek: Nemesis. A video of his screen test with Patrick Stewart has been going viral again this week. Check it out below.        



Before he was Bane: Tom Hardy’s Star Trek Nemesis Screen Test

Here is a Star Trek: Nemesis screen test with Tom Hardy as Shinzon with Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard. The video intercuts test scenes (which were shot on the Star Trek: Enterprise armory set) and the actual scene from the Nemesis movie.

At 24 Hardy was a relative unknown when he landed the role of the Picard-clone villain in Star Trek: Nemesis back in 2002. While the film was not considered a success, Hardy did get good marks for his performance. His career has continued to rise in the last decade, including roles in Layer Cake, The Virgin Queen mini-series and most notably Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Nolan then tapped Hardy again to play the villain Bane in his next film, the now monster hit The Dark Knight Rises.

Behind the scenes with Tom Hardy as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"

Hardy has now moved to the leading man position and is currently filming Mad Max: Fury Road, taking over the role that Mel Gibson inhabited for three feature films.

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1. Adama - July 30, 2012

The performance was very good, but the fact that Hardy look nothing like Sir Patrick was very very distracting. I’ve would have preferred James Marsters, who I understand was considered and could pass for a young Patrick Stewart way better, and its a good actor.

2. spock69 - July 30, 2012

Shame nemesis bombed at the box office. it really wasn’t that bad.

3. MJ - July 30, 2012

It is amazing what steriods will do a person. Good thing they don’t have drug testing for actors like they do for players in sports. There is no way hard grows that much bulk without roids.

4. Drij - July 30, 2012

Tom Hardy sucked.

5. PEB - July 30, 2012

I love EVERYTHING about Tom Hardy

6. Vultan - July 30, 2012

Seeing skinny Hardy and muscleman Hardy together looks like one of those old ads in the back of magazines. “You too can look like THIS!”

7. PEB - July 30, 2012

He’s ideal for a great Trek villain but badly cast as a young Picard clone. I’m not sure what they were thinking.

8. KHAN 2.0 - July 30, 2012

i could never get past Hardys full head of hair 5 of clock shadow in some scenes(and seen clearly there in the rehersal). he obviously had a full head of hair just shaved down like David Beckham. why not shave it so it actually looked as if he was bald?

and then there was the almost angelina jolie pouty lips to Patricks thin as hell ones. LOL

Patrick shouldve played both roles (he probably wouldve liked to have done that)

9. Dunsel Report - July 30, 2012

The weird plot of “Nemesis,” about a guy who is mad that he was prevented from growing up to become a Picard clone who infiltrates the Federation, suggests that it must have began, at some stage in the story process, as a story about an evil Picard clone infiltrating the Federation.

Watching “Nemesis,” that was the story I wanted to watch. Not the story of a guy who is disgruntled because the more exciting story never happened.

(Maybe it even started as a Locutus of Borg story, looking back to “Best of Both Worlds.”)

Imagine how much fun a movie about Patrick Stewart vs. Patrick Stewart could have been. Good Picard could be banished into some Rura Penthe type predicament. Data starts to suspect that something’s not quite right as Evil Picard perverts the Federation Council. (No, not the Romulan Council. Was anyone clamoring for a story about the struggles of the Reman People?)

Tom Hardy did fine job with an impossible character. But for someone from the stiff-upper-lip Picard stock, I was never clear on why he was so sensual and pouty.

10. alec - July 30, 2012

He’s over-acting a bit, here: glad he toned it down (especially the nervous movements) in the film.

I thought that Nemesis had a clever script. It was a better film than how was recieved. Still, if it had not been so, we may never have had Trek 2009 and a bright future….

11. Al - July 30, 2012

Hardy’s lips were wrong

12. Jannek - July 30, 2012

I remember an interview with Jonathan Frakes or Stuart Baird (I can’t remember exactly, but I guess it was Jonathan Frakes) when ST:Nemesis came out who said something like “With Tom Hardy we don’t have a star but we have someone who will be a star one day”

At the time I thought “what an embarrassing talk just to push the movie” like “this is the best star trek movie ever” (Something like that has been also said). And I was disappointed they didn’t cast a real big name for box office…

And now I know: He was right! Amazing!

13. Saiyan - July 30, 2012

I can’t fault hardy’s acting in the movie but if it was a choice between watching the final frontier or nemesis i’d watch the final frontier everytime. Car chases, Trek rule breaking ships and nosferatu remen just ruins it as a good trek movie

14. B - July 30, 2012

Is it me or Tom Hardy has a record of being miscast/ totally wasted in a couple of his movies? I mean, he is really a talented bloke and a charismatic one as well but with Nemesis… MEH! Miscast! With TDKR, criminally wasted because of the mask!!! Geez. What a waste. Nolan did good use of him in Inception tho.

I read somewhere that Gary Oldman has named his would be successors (for awesomeness) and he included Hardy, Cumberbatch and Fassbender. Nice to know that two of them are in Trek.

15. Chris Roberts - July 30, 2012

I get the impression he’s a very scary guy, off and on the screen.

I had no problems with him playing a younger, warped version of Picard. Shinzon’s probably the only of Tom’s villainous roles, that evokes any sympathy.

He does great work and its no wonder he’s always in demand.

Probably my favourite role of his was on TV, in a remake of A For Andromeda for the BBC. One of the earliest sci-fi shows from 1950’s, done again in the 2000’s.

16. J.A.G.T. - July 30, 2012

@3: Oh well, I wouldn’t be so fast to judge. You have to consider the fact that Hardy had already starred in two movies for which he had to bulk up beforehand; namely “Warrior” and “Bronson”. So it’s not like he packed on those muscles in a matter of weeks.

17. J.C. England - July 30, 2012

Hardy sucked in Nemesis…not sure who to
blame on that. Stewart should have played
both parts (but that would have been really
weird with him and Spiner playing dual roles
in the same film)…

Obviously another problem in the production
when you let the actors make the decisions
over the director & producers…(imho)… B4
never should have been in the film – it took
away from the actual story..

18. rose by any other name - July 30, 2012

I much prefer seeing Tom Hardy the way he looked in This Means War – fit and well-toned, but not over-muscled. I have never found the Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr Universe type body, that Tom seems to have here as Bane, as attractive. I doubt having to build up that kind of muscle is all that healthy, short-term or longterm either.

I see that they have had to do a body paint job on Hardy as well for him to play Bane. Those tattoos that he has on the movie This Means War are not his character Tuck’s. They are Tom Hardy’s and they are REAL!

19. DavidJ - July 30, 2012

I have to agree with those who felt it should have been Patrick Stewart playing Shinzon. It would have been awesome to see Stewart commanding the Scimitar and wreaking havoc across the galaxy. It would have made Picard’s predicament MUCH more compelling and heartbreaking.

Unfortunately the entire theme of the movie was undermined by the fact that Tom Hardy looks or feels or acts NOTHING like Patrick Stewart.

20. The Unknown Poster - July 30, 2012

Why was he bald? Picard was not bald from the beginning so they chose to make Hardy bald to make the “clone” aspect for obvious, which made no sense.

21. Robert McLaws - July 30, 2012

Just watched this movie with my wife the other day, and she LOVED it, except for the ending. So we watched the alternate ending on the Blu-Ray, and we both agree that the filmed ending is the one thing that made the movie totally suck. So here is the alternate ending we have replaced in our minds with the actual one:

Riker and Geordi banter about the new First Officer on the Bridge. New First Officer RFK from Thirteen Days enters, speaks with Riker, asks for advice. Riker mentions to call the Captain by his first name. Riker enters the turbolift, exchanges smirks with Geordi and Worf.


Picard and B4 talk about Data. B4 sits there stricken with duckface and doesn’t understand anything. Starts singing the song Data sang at the wedding. Everyone feels a little better that B4 might someday be like Data (but screw you guys, we’re never making another TNG movie so you’ll have to buy a book or something). Picard starts to walk out.


New First Officer starts sucking up to Picard. capain invites NFO Madden to dinner, Madden follows Riker’s advice, everyone gets a good laugh. Captain turns to try out new chair, demos new seatbelts. Unnamed Ensign Techie Guy grins with satisfaction at Captain’s approval, Worf is jealous he doesn’t get seatbelts. Picard starts telling NFO about new mission to Deneb system, says it is [PAUSES] “Where no one has gone before.”


(Feeling of excitement at the new stories that could be possible after this movie swells)



What do you guys think?

22. X - July 30, 2012

Do you think the wardrobe department saw this and thought “close fitting leather right up to his neck – that’s what his costume needs to be!”

23. Anthony Thompson - July 30, 2012


I thought the ending of Nemesis was the best part.

24. SomeRandomGuy - July 30, 2012

Um… This was on the two disc DVD that came out years ago.

25. lovedoti - July 30, 2012


26. AdmNaismith - July 30, 2012

Hardy looks fairly natural. I’m sure he has a trainer, a nutritionist, and others to keep him on track 24/7, but I don’t think he has a pharmacist, too.

27. Baxter - July 30, 2012

Oh my gosh, the dialog and delivery from the screen test is so much better than the actual film. WTH. I halfway-actually believe Shinzon, it’s a much more compelling performance.

28. ben spratling - July 30, 2012

Oooooh. It was “don’t they?” I always wondered why he said “our eyes reflect our lives, Dudley.” Who is dudley? and why does everyone think this guy looks like Picard? And why did they do an episode where the two leading characters had clones? And why aren’t they using the same sickbay set as in First Contact? And why does that green color feel so out of place? And have the Romulans always been that other green color? And why the heck is everyone just standing around (or sitting around) looking at each other for the whole dad-blame movie? Where’s Wesley? And why did Picard say there were 24 decks in First Contact but the first officer just ran down to deck 26 to fight intruders, and then fell down another deck or two? I was cranky when I got out of that movie.

29. No Khan - July 30, 2012

I just loathe this whole movie. The Remans should have been transplanted Romulans. End of story. But since they wanted a prejudiced race they could have done something like the episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” . The same race with suttle differences.

30. Mikey Clarke - July 30, 2012

I have to admit, I found the acting in the rehearsal video more moving than in the actual movie. In rehearsals, the actors have a lot more freedom to improvise and mess around and see what works and what doesn’t. I’d love to see rehearsal videos for a lot more movies.

31. DJT - July 30, 2012

I concur. I like the rehearsal footage better than the actual movie.

32. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 30, 2012

He was so young……

33. CmdrR - July 30, 2012

This was the better scene. They stepped on it by adding the duplicate scene in Picard’s ready room.

Anyway… Hardy was excellent as Bane. I really didn’t have much hope for the menacing pro wrestler, but it works well.

34. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 30, 2012

I do not understand the “Cumberbatch” mystiic.

How is the next Trek going to be any good with such a geeky British protaganist?

35. Chingatchkook - July 30, 2012

I kind of hope that we will eventually see the screen test iPhone video of Benedict Cumberbatch. It would be interesting to see the performance that blew JJ away.

36. Red Dead Ryan - July 30, 2012

Tom Hardy was good in “Nemesis”. The character could have been written better, though. He was badass as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises”, which I saw for the second time last Saturday. I enjoyed it more the second time. Hell of a way to end an epic superhero trilogy.

Tom Hardy also appeared in “Band Of Brothers”.

37. captain realistic - July 30, 2012

I always wished Patrick Stewart played Shinzon… Imagine, A real evil Picard played by the real and only Picard… I thought that would have worked and would have been better.

A few techy bits about age progression therapy and there ya go.

38. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 30, 2012

I concur #37

39. Lt. Dakin - July 30, 2012

Hardy was in “Black Hawk Down” prior to trek, along with Eric Bana.

I don’t think you can beat his performance, I just never understood the decision to make him bald other than the audience is too stupid to think a guy with hair is a clone of a bald guy.

40. rose by any other name - July 30, 2012

Shinzon suffered from that illness that Picard had but was cured of. Shinzon was never cured. Apart from sharing the same DNA etc which would have given Shinzon male-pattern baldness as it did Picard, losing hair, even going bald can also happen when a person is chronically ill.

41. - July 30, 2012

Hardy was great as Bane. I’m going to see TDKR for the fifth time tonight.

Nemesis could have well killed his career before it started so i’m glad he is still around.

Nemesis would have worked better had Stewart played the antagonist also but a better story would still have been needed.

42. Bob Tompkins - July 31, 2012

I am glad Tom Hardy’s career recovered from Stuart Baird’s horrible direction.
Look at his take in this clip as compared to the final, over- the- edge product. Tom had a handle on Shinzon and Baird pushed him to camp it up.
Jonathan Frakes should have directed Nemesis and while he was diplomatic about Baird’s new eyes in the DVD commentary, when I suggested to him in May at Cherry Hill during a lull in autograph signings that Nemesis would have been a much better film with him at the helm, he thanked me for the [belated] support and wholeheartedly agreed. He suggested I look at Hardy’s performance in his screen test and compare.
I always thought the best take on Nemesis was the second idea they had and discarded; Sir Patrick in both roles.
He would have been masterful, as always. Frakes said he would have been OK with Hardy, he would have given him a lot more leeway in the role and would have made many choices differently than Baird.

43. Toonloon - July 31, 2012

Alec Newman got down to the last 2 for shinzon, but as is a regular occurrence with the producers, he eventually played malik in season 4 of enterprise.

Tom was great as shinzon. Anyone who talks about his lips is an idiot. They were looking for someone to be a ln effective screen presence opposite Patrick Stewart, who not only is a very fine actor, but had 10+ tests of fan goodwill on his side. For them to find a 24 year old who could hold his own in that situation AND be affordable us nothing short of a major casting ‘find’, which, as a poster above said about Jonathan frakes’ assessment of him, is nothing short of brilliant.

44. Al - July 31, 2012

I talk about his lips. They are entirely different in shape from Stewart’s.

45. CaptProton - July 31, 2012

Proof that Stewart as Shinzon would have been 1,000x more badass. :)

46. KHAN 2.0 - July 31, 2012

i said this before somewhere but i will say it again because i want to do so – they shouldve just done another Borg movie for Nemesis. they had Klingons as villains in III, V, and VI (and VII) so they couldve done the Borg again to ensure some extra $ so the film series didnt crash and burn (esp if theyd had Jeri Ryan in it : )

anyway the borg were far more Picards nemesis than any juvenile whiney clone

what story though? obviously not another earth invasion thing. couldve instead explored the borg origins … and had the Ent E (with Seven of Nine as new crew member) sent to investigate some troubling disturbance in far reaches of unexplored space where they encounter new improved borg, more alien like not so machiney…no queen…something that would tie into their origins (prometheus style)

– Vger..

at the end the Ent would have to stop nuBorg from reaching federation space – Data is killed saving the ship etc

47. Bane-zon - July 31, 2012

@46–no, they should have done a Dominion movie. However, as bad as Nemesis was, consider this: it might be the reason Tom Hardy got his bigger, more recent roles. Also: I find it cool that Hardy and Stewart did his screen test on an NX-01 set from Enterprise :)

@1–James Marsters as Shinzon..would…have…been…epic.

48. Check the Circuit - July 31, 2012

As much as I like Patrick Stewart, I think he phoned in his Nemesis performance. Remember, he was getting big bucks elsewhere as Professor X. I remember a comment he made before filming began about his payout negotiations and making sure is was “worth my time.”

Apparently it wasn’t.

A split screen evil twin episode with Stewart would have taken a bad movie and made it unintentionally laughable. IMHO.

49. Adam - July 31, 2012

There is an interview somewhere (maybe even on the original DVD) where Patrick Stewart confirms that the original intention was for him to play both roles but he wasn’t interested because he felt it was “going over old ground”.

I have to agree with those who think this would’ve made a better film though – a missed opportunity, a bit like a Mirror Universe Next Generation with a dark Picard.

50. ProtoVulcan - July 31, 2012

Hardy did a fine job in Nemesis.
Too bad the movie wasn’t better, primarily due to the director.
He’s good in the screen test and comes up several levels in the final footage.

51. KHAN 2.0 - July 31, 2012

its a shame John Logan and the almost roman connection couldnt have somehow brought on Ridley Scott to direct…..

would it have still flopped? if it had been pretty much the same script/story but directed by Ridley Scott??

it certainly wouldve been abit of a marketing coup – ‘the director of Alien, BR and Gladiator returns to SF for the first time in 20 years to direct the latest Star Trek movie starring Patrick Stewart!” i could see ‘A Ridley Scott Film’ being very prominent on all the posters and trailers etc

it wouldve been a hell of a thing for SF fans and movie fans in general really.

52. KHAN 2.0 - July 31, 2012

i also get the impression that had Bryan Singer not been directing X2 around the same time hed have probably been up for directing Nemesis (Singer is a huge trek fan and appeared in a cameo)

53. Damian - July 31, 2012

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who liked Nemesis. There aren’t many of us, to be sure, but there are worse movies out there. This ranks somewhere around the middle for me (noting, of course, that I loved all the Star Trek movies, just varying degrees). I do agree, Hardy made a good villain, but Stewart should have been his own clone. I just think the two should not have been one and the same. I liked the idea of finally having Romulans as a villain in the movies (they were sadly overlooked in the previous 9 movies). I thought the Scimitar was a great ship, the special effects were well done (considering they were not done by ILM) and as always Goldsmith had a great music score for this movie.

Not a perfect movie, by any means, I just don’t think it’s as bad as some make it out to be. I’ll always say, Paramount was incredibly foolish for releasing this at the same time as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Die Another Day. It was always going to be a losing proposition.

54. No Khan - July 31, 2012

@51 Ridley Scott & ST. I love that idea.

55. I'm Dead Jim! - July 31, 2012

Interesting. Now we know that Riker and Troi weren’t the only TNG crew members who spent some time on board the NX-01 Enterprise. Must be a popular holodeck getaway. ;-)

56. Bane-zon - July 31, 2012

@49 now THAT would have been a better concept for Nemesis. The Picard from the Mirror Universe seizes control of the Romulan Empire to invade and take over the Federation.

57. falcon - July 31, 2012

@56, @49 – That was what I was about to say. They did the mirror universe effectively in TOS, not so well in DS9 (Kira in a catsuit? Seriously?), but could have been done to great effect in “Nemesis.” In fact, a book had already been written about it, sort of – I think it was the third or fourth book that William Shatner wrote.

And wouldn’t it have been cool to have Shatner make an appearance as Emperor Tiberius? The puppetmaster behind Evil Picard?

58. Red Dead Ryan - July 31, 2012

#49, 56, and 57.

The problem is, by the twenty fourth century, the Terran Empire had collapsed, with humans becoming slaves to the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Picard wouldn’t have the chance nor the motive to be an evil warlord/conqueror. Kirk would’ve been long dead.

59. Charla - July 31, 2012

Good to see Hardy come into his own with the recent film TDKR. He was good in Nemesis, Inception, TMW and I can’t wait to see TDKR now. Chris Nolan is an amazing film maker-

60. Chief Engineer - July 31, 2012

How good would it be if in 15 years time they decide to reboot Star Trek The Next Generation as a movie and they were to cast Tom Hardy as Picard… Mr Orci would you be interested?

61. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - July 31, 2012

@# 18 rose by any other name
“… I have never found the Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr Universe type body, that Tom seems to have here as Bane, as attractive… “

Same here. I much prefer they body type that Christian Bale had in the movies. His physique was perfect. :-)

— DKR spoilers below. I tried to keep it spoiler free, but I failed. ;-)

And speaking of Batman, I finally went to see The Dark Knight Rises and that was one of the BEST movie endings I have ever seen and will see in my life!!! Such a great end to the trilogy and also a great beginning to more stories. I just can’t believe the Nolan brothers are done. That ending is BEGGING for a continuation. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t say much, but there’s a reveal at the end in the batcave that just had me on the edge of my seat already wanting the next movie that just NEEDS to come. I was so happy for Bruce and Selina; they look so good together and deserve the happiness they’ve earned…

I feel a rant coming on because already I’ve read reports of a possible reboot, of all things. It’s like you can’t even fully bask in the afterglow of THIS trilogy before someone (studios probably) comes along saying we need a newer, younger, batman. :-/ They did it to Spiderman with some success :-/, but I still would have loved to have seen a 4th and final Sam Raimi movie. They successfully did it with the First Class reboot for X-Men while promising to end the story being told by the original movie team (which is what I’ve patiently and not-so-patiently been waiting for – the actors are getting older, you know). I just don’t understand why they are so in a rush to restart everything before the previous installments are really done.

And if they reboot batman in a few years as a money-grab, I will not watch it just off of principle. The Nolan version is one of the greatest trilogies ever, imo, and it would not deserve that slap in the face like it didn’t just happen and was never there. I really want to see another Nolan Batman movie with those characters. It would be so amazing to see Robin get trained by Bruce the way Ra’s Al Ghul trained Bruce, even though Bruce is retired. He could come back and still be semi retired while he helps Robin because Robin needs him to learn how to fight and protect the city. And then there are so many enemies that haven’t even been seen yet. What about Penguin? What about the Riddler? Oh, I would love to see what the Nolan brothers would do with their version of the Riddler considering the great job done with the Joker (excellent casting with Mr. Ledger on that as well). And now that Catwoman is there, they could be the tro that didn’t work in Batman & Robin (although Chris O’Donnell had potential that was wasted there). It just can’t end!!!

These Nolan brother know what they’re doing, lol. ;-) They knew everyone would want to see more after the way this movie ended. So maybe Chris doesn’t direct the next one, but he could still come back as an Exec. producer and maybe work on the script a bit with his brother or something–something, lol. :-)

62. captain_neill - July 31, 2012


Well they made the Romulans bald in the last movie incase the mainstream audience confused them with the Vulcans.

63. martin - July 31, 2012

@61 Dude- you don’t want to spoil it for everyone, but then you do. If you haven’t read #61 yet and haven’t seen Dark Knight Rises – DON’T READ IT. There are about 3-4 major story points in the last 15 minutes and you will be best not to know ANY OF THEM before hand.

As for Nemesis – my main problem is all the B-4 stupidity. Even granting temporary amnesisa that everyone has for their history with a certain earlier version of Data – this is the second time in four movies that they give Data and Geordi a little android experiment to do while the ship is on a mission/crisis situation. Look – don’t play with your emotion chips and don’t don’t put together/re-activate Data’s brothers unless the ship is fully out of danger.

64. rose by any other name - July 31, 2012

I have not seen the DKR yet. Maybe next Tuesday?

65. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - July 31, 2012

@#63 “Dude- you don’t want to spoil it for everyone, but then you do.”

And that’s why I typed a spoiler alert before anyone can read any spoilers. So, if someone keeps reading after that and hasn’t seen the film, it’s on them.

66. Bird of Prey - July 31, 2012

Very interesting! Compared to Screen Test-Shinzon, Movie-Shinzon seems to act more like someone who is used to being an authority figure.
And then there are the small differences in dialogue: Screen Test-Picard is the first of his family who has ever left EARTH, while Movie-Picard is the first to leave the SOLAR SYSTEM! Perhaps someone figured that at least a weekend trip to Moon or Mars should be no big deal in the three centuries after Cochrane??

67. Genesis - July 31, 2012

I think my biggest gripe with this film is they had an opportunity to let Riker be on his own ship for the last half of the film or quite possibly from the beginning.. He could have left the wedding and started service on the Titan, and bam, once the Enterprise needed help against Shinzon’s ship, Riker comes in Capt. Sulu style and saves the day…..

Seeing a couple Romulan vessels come in and help didn’t make me feel much for the character, whereas if Riker and the Titan had put themselves in harms way, it would have had so much more gravitas than what we got.. And who knows, maybe if those scenes had worked well, Frakes could have had a shot at his own Trek series.. Ya never know..

68. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch. - July 31, 2012

63 I always laugh at people who cry and get all worked up about spoilers,especially those who get up in arms about films that have been out for a year or two or more allready.

Now of course TDKR is only two weeks old but I saw TDKR a few days before its official release, knowing exactly what was going to happen, ending and all. And guess what it didnt ruin it for me one bit,Hearing or reading something (no matter how detailed) second hand and actually watching it on screen are two different experiences.
And for me knowing what happens ahead of time doesnt ruin the EXPERIENCE of actually WATCHING it unfold before MY EYES.

A movie like the dark knight has been seen by a majority of the public, why should someone have to curtail there discussions about something that has been out for over 2 weeks now. perhaps those that havent seen it should get their buts to the theatre and actually see it instead of crying that the millions who have seen it are talking about story points and the ending.

just my opinon even if you dont agree with it, i am entitled to have that opinon the same as you are entitled have a different view point

69. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch. - July 31, 2012

60 JJ needs to keep his lens flair away from TNG,& DS9

70. Jack - July 31, 2012

“just my opinon even if you dont agree with it, i am entitled to have that opinon the same as you are entitled have a different view point”

What, are you 5?

71. Mike - July 31, 2012

I like Tom Hardy. I don’t blame him for Nemesis.

Stewart did phone it in a bit, I think, but his character had been grossly mishandled for years. It would be hard to blame him for not caring overly much about a crap script in a crap movie made by greedy idiots.

72. Simon - July 31, 2012

@#53 – Damien – It’s too bad ILM did not do the VFX: we could have avoided a couple stupid things:

The Enterprise-E leaving SMOKE TRAILS when it goes to warp instead of the stretch-snap-flash effect that all TNG-era (and ENTERPRISE) used for the warp effect.

The Bassen Rift is *green*. Green ships (warbirds) firing green weapons against a green background. Blech. While this may have been a director/producer decision, the Rift is nothing special. ILM probably would have made it more interesting, like they did the Mutara Nebula.

Photon torpedoes that look more like laserbolts than the torpedoes used in GENERATIONS and FIRST CONTACT.

Plus it’s the ILM curse: don’t use ILM and you risk failure. I, V, IX, and X all were perceived as failures. Perhaps things would have gone differently?

73. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 31, 2012

Could’nt they have made Tom Hardie degenerate into the likeness of Picard?

74. Red Dead Ryan - July 31, 2012


I saw nothing wrong with what he said. Chill out, man.

As for “The Dark Knight Rises” and the ending, well, I don’t expect a direct continuation by the next director. So you’ll have to assume that the ending is a set-up for a story we’ll probably not get to see.

75. Starfleet06 - July 31, 2012

I love how the screen test was shot in the NX-01 Armory. Awesome.

76. Bob Tompkins - August 1, 2012

Nemesis was about 1/3 again as long on first cut. If _Paramount ever rereleases these movies in whatever format comes next, why not take the chance and do the full cut of the movie less any repetitive scenes?
I’d like to see Wesley’s scenes restored, the second mindrape, Make it as epic as it could have been.
nothing at all to lose.
And give Shat the techs at CBS for a couple of weeks to finish The Final Frontier.

77. Damian - August 1, 2012

72–I didn’t really have a problem with the effects. Maybe there was a bit too much green in the battle scene, but otherwise they weren’t too bad (certainly nothing like Star Trek V). I liked the effects used to cloak the Scimitar and they did a good job showing just how big it was compared to the Enterprise.

Nemesis also had one of my favorite Star Trek opening scenes after the title when they “flew” you to Romulus to the surface where the first scene took place.

Again, not a perfect film. As a Trekkie, I found lots of things I liked about it (some not so much–such as Data singing, again). However, I can see how a non Trekkie may have a harder time getting into it, which is where JJ Abrams comes in, to bring that mass appeal back.

78. T'Cal - August 1, 2012

I so badly wanted this movie to be a great one. The cast and crew were raving about it before it was released, and while INS wasn’t a homerun like FC was, it was very reminiscient of TNG on TV, which is a compliment in my book. But NEM failed. I was disappointed when I first saw it and, when I went back to the theatre to give it another chance, I was more disappointed. The characters were written and directed poorly, there were plot holes, and the “twins” theme was overdone with both Picard and Data having dopplegangers. Still, after watching it on video a few times and having viewed the deleted scenes, I’ve realized that this isn’t a horrible movie like TFF was; that one was awful and it gets worse with each viewing. NEM, OTOH, is more palitable with each viewing because it does have a few scenes that are excellent even if some are deleted ones. What bothers me more than anything, though, is that it did so poorly at the box office that it killed off TNG and along with ENT, it almost killed off Star Trek entirely. TNG deserves a better send off and a made-for-TV movie or, better yet, miniseries is the way to do it. If Paramount could be convinced to come out with TUC after the failure that TFF was, then CBS TV should be able to do another TNG event.

79. Jack - August 1, 2012

Sorry, bad day.

The word entitled bugs me — I’ll get therapy.

But, yeah, yeah, we’re all able, pending deletion, to share our opinions and to agree or disagree with others. I don’t see what it has to do with anything here though.

I’ve tried to keep my TDKR comments relatively spoiler free — because spoiler warnings don’t really work, especially if you’re reading quickly and once you’re already on the page. Especially if you’ve written a massive post taht somebody has to scroll though — what, they’re supposed to just stop reading the entire page because you’ve warned taht you’re posting spoilers?.

and, once the spoilers start in a thread — future posts reference them, and, well, the whole darned thing is ruined for somebody. Not every post is going to say ‘spoilers below.’ So, It’s courtesy. It’s not fair to say that other readers should have gone and seen the thing already so those that have can talk about it here on any post. It’s only been a couple of weeks.

If it’s a Dark Knight spoiler thread, well, that’s totally fine. But if it’s a story on Tom Hardy’s Nemesis audition, well,….

And we wonder why the Trek guys don’t want to leak spoilers.

And the poster above who went in knowing the entire plot and ending — what? Did you seek it out online? I thiught it had been relatively well-kept. Sure, some of the stuff was relatively predictable to anyone who’s ever seen a movie, but still…

Again, the folks who say spoilers don’t bother them — well, fine… but why ruin it for others (like I did when I was 9 and saw The Empre Strikes back on opening night and told everybody I knew that Darth Vader was — spoiler alert — Luke’s father)?

PS. Nemesis looked like a much cheaper film and it felt like a product. And it shows why Trek fans, even when they’ve won Oscars, should stay away from writing Trek. Same with most Trek actors and producing/directing. We get excited by things — Troi and Riker get married!! — that matter only to us… and we get so thrilled by easter eggs and self-referential shorthand that we can overlook, even temporarily, a lousy story. Yeah, it had its Trekky moments and, yeah, it’s nice to see them all together on screen… but

80. T'Cal - August 1, 2012

I wish TNG had stayed on the small screen. GEN was weak at best, INS would’ve been an excellent two parter, and NEM light as well. First Contact was excellent but if making it a TV two parter meant keeping the series on TV, I would be ok with that.

81. PEB - August 1, 2012

@79 Totally agree. I remember the cast saying that Nemesis felt like the first REAL movie or film of the TNG era. They said it didn’t feel like a an extended tv episode but when I watched it, it felt exactly like a “product” it didnt feel like a film and it didn’t really feel like something Trek. It more-so felt like it wanted to be a good film but it kept getting tripped up by bad writing and a fanboy’s wishlist.
That being said, Insurrection felt really cheap and really dragged along. That’s not a crack at Jonathan Frakes or anything, but the cgi was horrible and the comedy that was in it felt more like comedy that worked on the tv show but didnt translate well onto the big screen. There were just so many cringe-worthy scenes in that movie. I may love what JJ has done with the new cast but I’ll say I never felt like TNG got the true send off they truely deserved.

82. Jack - August 1, 2012

81. Absolutely. It’s interesting because one would think they could have made any movie they wanted after First Contact — I don’t know if they were smoking their own press releases, as I think Ralph Winter reportedly said about Star Trek V, and thought they could do no wrong, or what.

But both I and Nemesis seemed more like direct-to-video Golan-Globus productions than Paramount Trek. It could just be me, but even the actors seemed smug in Insurrection, I know they were trying to do light. but (this may be entirely in my head) they all seem to be giddy from the success of First Contact. Especially Stewart and Spiner.

The last 30 minutes of Insurrection drags more than any movie I can think of, and Nemesis wasn’t much better (the fight between Riker and batboy didn’t work, in every possible way). They both make Generations look good (and it did indeed look good, thanks to ILM). I wonder how much input ILM has into art direction — because the ILM films really do look so much better (I wonder how well Trek III would have worked with lousy fx).

Visually, the non-ILM films look so much more dated — even the cinematography — than some of the ILM Treks done years earlier (say, compare Insurrection and Trek 3).

Not bashing Berman, but nearly two decades of the same team doing the same stuff constantly, will make anyone stale. Even Voyager was a product.

But, hey, look at the later seasons of a lot of (most, even) really successful long-running TV series — things often start to get lame after a while.

83. sean - August 1, 2012

I saw part of Insurrection on TV not long ago, and the effects in the film are TERRIBLE. The particle capturing ship looks like something from season 1 of Babylon 5. And why the heck did Ruafo have my great-grandmother’s couch on his bridge?

84. Red Dead Ryan - August 1, 2012

“First Contact” had some terrific shots of the ships. The Enterprise E model looked great, and looked believable. There were some really nice shots. In both “Insurrection” and “Nemesis”, the cgi Enterprise E looked like, well, it looked like cheap cgi from a video game. Digital Domain just couldn’t cut it. At at point, I guess Paramount was being cheap and decided ILM was too expensive. Penny wise, pound foolish.

85. Jack - August 1, 2012

“And why the heck did Ruafo have my great-grandmother’s couch on his bridge?”


86. KHAN 2.0 - August 2, 2012

How about we give our very own (brief) Nemesis pitch – like if we invited into Paramount in 2000 to pitch for Berman

Heres mine

Ent E is on route to earth after charting gaseous anomalies etc Seven of 9 is on board as new crew member …then Starfleet is on the comm. orders enterprise to uncharted area of space to investigate strange disturbing disturbances from ship of unknown origin that is gradually approaching federation space. ent warps along (takes a while as its a long way so time for pontificating about what it could be – tension/build up etc) eventually encounters huge huge HUGE (I mean HUGE) star ship -like HUUUUUUGGGE!! Away team of Picard, data, 7of9 and red shirts beam over and after much searching – turns out that the big ship seems to be where the first borg came from – the very first borg vessel. Away team become infected by something, red shirts turn into zombie like humans – like borg without implants. Picard, data and 7of9 escape. Back on enterprise they discover the ship is also very similar to VGER – the Vger machine world is WHERE THE BORG CAME FROM…THATS RIGHT VGER WAS THE BORG!! (last movie tying in with the 1st type thing – movies come full circle type deal)

At the climax, the ship suddenly activates and totally disables enterprise then gears up to go toward earth to destroy it – once it sets off nothing will stop it. the only thing that can stop is if the severely damaged, barely working enterprise warp crashes into it (like kirk was going to set ship on destruct in TMP). Picard evacs everyone apart from himself and data to set collision course/guide to the big ass ship – data places little patch on picard and beams him off (goodbye) and then steers damaged ent into vger destroying it. BOOM data dead (no B4)…borg/vger is gone….USS Excelsior NCC 2000-C picks up crew and takes earth

the end. ok now i got to go

87. Sebastian S. - August 2, 2012

Good screen test. A more subtle version of what he ended up doing (or being told to do) in “Nemesis.”

He’s come a long way; loved his performance in “Inception” and “Dark Knight Rises.” Not to mention “Bronson.” So glad he got his life together after his descent into drugs. He’s too interesting an actor to wind up another self-inflicted casualty of sudden fame.

88. Phil - August 2, 2012

@83. Season one of B5 was pretty cool. The particle ship from Insurrection was just downrigh phallic – which might have been an early tip off the franchise was screwed.

89. Basement Blogger - August 2, 2012

I thought The Dark Knight Rises was fabulous. I can’t stop thinking about it and what director Christopher Nolan wanted us to take out of the film. He does not dumb down the content for the audience. See Dark Knight, and Inception.

I have to comment Tom Hardy for playing a character with a mask most of his face. Hardy acts with his eyes and parts of his forehead. It’s like Judi Dench in “Notes on a Scandal.” (2006) in which you can read her emotions just by looking at her face. You don’t have to hear her say any words. Tom does a pretty good job of exuding emotions.

90. nano - August 2, 2012

Here’s a twist, I agree to Patric Stewart playing Shinzon put instead of B9″ replacing Data it should have been Shinzon replacing Capt. Picard lot more story possibilities…

91. Vultan - August 2, 2012


Agreed. I never thought I’d have any sympathy for Bane, but at the end—without giving too much away—I did have something other than disgust for the character. And it’s all due to Hardy’s acting with his eyes when he’s looking at _______

(You know who.)

92. sean - August 2, 2012


The effects were pretty terrible, though. CGI just wasn’t up to specs yet, and it showed. It’s dated in a way that a contemporary like DS9 isn’t.

That’s not a knock on the quality of the scripts, which could be quite good.

93. Obsidian - August 2, 2012

I wonder if the technology of youngifying actors, such as was done with Patrick Stewart in one of the Xmen movies, could have been used with Nemesis. With Stewart playing both roles. That would be cool.

94. sean - August 2, 2012


I especially loved the fact that Bane’s mask is an inverse of Batman’s mask.

95. thebiggfrogg - August 2, 2012

Re: 29. “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” subtle differences? I think that was the genius of it. The makeup was so ridiculous that it did an excellent job on reflecting the ridiculousness of race-based prejudice.

96. Jack - August 2, 2012

94. Cool. I’d never thought of that.

97. Jack - August 2, 2012

3. “There is no way hard grows that much bulk without roids.”


And he doesn’t have that ridiculously huge yet ripped-to-sh*t look that steroid users tend to have. He may have taken steroids, but that kind of bulk gain’s totally possible with just diet and weight training.

98. Red Dead Ryan - August 2, 2012

Who cares if someone uses steroids? It’s their own health they’re putting at risk, not ours.

Besides, there is so much hypocrisy when it comes to athletes and steroids. Marion Jones went to jail for “cheating”, while baseball players get big contracts.


99. Duane Boda - August 2, 2012

Where was Paramount’s thinking tank when they cast Tom Hardy

to be a younger Picard? It was a HUGE mistake. Just goes to show

that all they were thinking of was the bottom line = profit. What fools!

100. Bucky - August 3, 2012

I was a fan of Tom Hardy when I first saw Nemesis, I think he has a ton of great stuff (“Can you see in the dark, Captain?”) throughout. The fact that he went on to be this highly regarded actor and I’m all like “Hey, I dug Hardy back when he did Star Trek Nemesis and ain’t NOBDY liked him on Star Trek Nemesis!”

101. werideatdusk - August 3, 2012

Ultimately the blame for the general anesthetic quality of voyager and enterprise, generations, insurrection, and nemesis, is none other than Rick Berman.

The dude always saw Star Trek as a product line. His lack of zest and passion infected the shows until they were grey, lifeless, and depressing (Nemesis being perhaps the most glaring example).

That more than anything separates the late 90s-early 00s Trek from the other stuff, just a real lack of energy.

102. Nano - August 3, 2012

@101 we agree!

103. Jack - August 3, 2012

Yeesh, you sheesh everything. Nobody cares whether or not he’s using steroids. At least I don’t. Just saying (I know, starting a sentence with that never bodes well) that one can indeed get bulky pretty quickly without ‘roids… being a big guy doesn’t necessarily involve steroids. Just like being super-thin doesn’t necessarily mean heroin. I’m defensive because I got relatively super huge once, briefly, and everybody thought I was on steroids. But it was all due to faithful workouts and a shitload of Big Macs. Then I got superthin again, and… well, that time it was heroin.

104. T'Cal - August 3, 2012

Haven’t seen this new image before

105. Azrael - August 3, 2012

@104. Yes we have.

106. Jack - August 3, 2012

104. Aack. I’d tried hard to avoid seeing that one when it was talked about awhile back — and now I’ve accidentally seen it.

Not a huge deal, but can you maybe please let us know if you’re posting a Trek 2013 movie pic. I thought that might be a new Hardy pic or a “new” Nemesis pic, since that’s the thread…

107. T'Cal - August 3, 2012

Dear 105,

I meant “I” hadn’t seen that image before. I was implying the question, “Has anyone else?” In the future I will be more specific.


108. T'Cal - August 3, 2012

Dear 106,

I will do as you ask because you asked so very nicely.


109. Jack - August 3, 2012

108. Thanks, T’Cal! I know it’s the Trek movie forum, but I’m trying to restrict my movie image intake. Doctor’s orders. :)

110. Azrael - August 3, 2012

@107. No prob, probably came off meaner than I intended, and I did missunderstand what you were saying. No harm no foul?

111. Elias Javalis - August 3, 2012

Fans can bash nemesis all they want, the truth is..its canon, and its not so bad. Sure thing, it feels tired. couldnt agree more. But if you take that aside, you get some very impressive space fights, (the destruction of the saucer section is memorable, the thrusters – full reverse scene is incredible, the screen blow out is impressive), the chemistry between Picard and Shinzon is balanced (dont mind the bald), it introduces cool gadgets, like the argo, new phasers and tricorders.

Too bad, the fanbase abandoned it…Grave mistake, if you ask me!!

112. Jack - August 3, 2012

What does canon even mean anymore, though? Whatever they make becomes part of the story, pending a reboot, just like with every other film/TV/book series, unless they rewrite/change//retconn or pretend something never happened…, but… so what? this ain’t the Bible.

Don’t get me wrong– glad you liked it. But this idea that whatever they produce = “so, shall it be,” well… meh. Canon, schmanon.

113. Elias Javalis - August 4, 2012


If you put this way, i agree with you! Surely it is not the bible. Every fan has the right to bash it, because of its flaws. But i think, it deserves a second chance.

I dont know if the Orci comic “countdown” is canon. When i was reading it, i remember a fleet of scimitars!!

114. William Kirk - August 4, 2012

I don´t like the movie and I don´t like Hardy as Trek villain, sorry. But it is way better then JJ-Trek..

115. Phil - August 4, 2012

@104. Yeah, it made the rounds a couple months ago, and a few people got worked up over it. There is an outtake reel floating around from Trek 2009 where the uniform was used, but didn’t make the final cut. Some sort of dress uniform, I guess. Would not read any more into it then that….

116. Jack - August 4, 2012

113. :). Sorry. not trying to be a dick. I’ll give Nemesis a second chance = haven’t seen it in a while, will watch it again.

Yeah, what had they said about Countdown being canon?

I read the Nero comics for the first time last night (couldn’t sleep so I downloaded them) — (SPOILER) _____* being in them was somewhat surprising.

And, again, that Archons one was certainly interesting — I’m wondering if we’re seeing possible connections (the voice at the end) to this next movie? Or will this storyline wrap up in the comics themselves?

And aren’t these comics (and a game) leading up to this next film, well, sort of marketing? Geared to fans, sure…

broad spoiler hint:
*_____ = a character whose (abbreviated) name has four letters and an apostrophe

117. Elias Javalis - August 5, 2012


Happy Screening!!:)

118. Elias Javalis - August 5, 2012


I would say, they re two different movies…in style. Nemesis managed a lot of sfx, with a small budget. Were they comparable (in terms of quality), with JJ’s ? No!

119. Legate Damar - August 5, 2012

I know a lot of people didnt like Nemesis, but Shinzon was one of my favorite Trek movie villains. Not as good as Khan, Chang, or the Borg Queen, but still quite good. Certainly better than Nero. He was also pretty good as Bane, though not as good as Heath Ledger’s Joker. I guess Tom Hardy is just good at playing villains who grew up in a Hell hole prison before using super weapons to destroy places that they consider to be the cause of major social problems.

120. Jack - August 5, 2012

“I guess Tom Hardy is just good at playing villains who grew up in a Hell hole prison before using super weapons to destroy places that they consider to be the cause of major social problems”


I wonder if he woud have been more convincing, visually, as Picard had he worn a mask. ;)

121. Legate Damar - August 5, 2012

120-That could have worked if the Hirogen were the ones to clone Picard. I can’t see how a mask would hurt though.

122. Markavus - August 8, 2012

I honestly think the screen test was BETTER than the actual footage. In every way. The head stubble, the acting, even the jacket could’ve worked too. That insane get-up in the movie was kind of ridiculous. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.