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Star Trek Phase II Re-Launches With New Vignette Featuring New Kirk + Refit Enterprise & more August 6, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

Earlier in the summer the popular fan series Star Trek Phase II announced the recasting of their Captain Kirk. And tonight they released a new video vignette to re-launch the series which featuring Brian Gross’ Kirk along with their newly refit USS Enterprise. There is also another new member of their bridge crew which is going to blow you away. Watch it below .



Star Trek Phase II re-launches with new Captain Kirk and New USS Enterprise

Star Trek Phase II producer (and original Kirk) James Cawley has just sent over a link to this “Going Boldly” vignette which he is calling a “re-launch” for the fan series. It features Brian Gross as the new Kirk addressing his crew and it also shows off the newly re-fit design for the USS Enterprise. Pretty cool stuff.

The previously announced big change to the series was bringing on actor Brian Gross to step into the role of James T. Kirk, played in all previous episodes by producer James Cawley. Gross’ first episode will be “Bread and Savagery” which recently finished shooting. There are still a couple of episodes featuring Cawley that have yet to be released before his introduction as Kirk.

It is also interesting to see how the fan series which launched as Star Trek: New Voyages in 2004 continues to evolve. This new vignette demonstrates how the series is trying to move closer to the Star Trek: The Motion Picture era. Phase II’s Enterprise is now a step towards the full TMP refit.

It was actually four years ago that the Phase II team first announced their intentions to ‘refit’ their Enterprise, but that original plan was eventually put aside, until now.

The show has also brought on board a crewmember from the Star Trek animated series in the 1970s. The three-armed tri-pedal Edosian navigator Arex joins the cast, thanks to the CGI work done by Tobias Richter. Adding Arex was announced back in 2010 and he was originally supposed to come on board for “The Child,” which was released earlier this year.

For more info on the series visit the official site.


1. This is going to be a long year - August 6, 2012

It is nice to see several fans series.

But how do they pay for all this?

2. DeflectorDishGuy - August 6, 2012


3. Mudd - August 6, 2012

@1 Lost incan gold ;)

4. Alex Prewitt - August 6, 2012

Love that Chris Doohan who contributed the voice of Arex is working with both STP2 and STC. Very Classy guy!

5. The Bear - August 6, 2012

I think I’ll like this new Captain. Cool seeing Arex, and the effects are very well done. Looking forward to seeing what they do with this.

6. Andy - August 6, 2012

The detail is pretty amazing. The TWOK music really gets your heart racing! Spacedock is inside an asteroid?

7. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 6, 2012

Still not that Keane on the acting style but, the visuals continue to impress, and that reveal of the refitted enterprise and its jump to warp was incredibile.

Just out of curiousty is Arex’s voice someone filling in with a scratch V.O. track, for who you ultimately cast as him ? Or is that the actual voice over actor?

8. RobertZ - August 6, 2012

Just wonderful!
Very well written. Way to go PHASE II!!!

9. SomeRandomGuy - August 6, 2012

Any chance of getting those Enterprise shots as shiny wallpapers? :D

10. X - August 6, 2012

Much better, will be watching more.

A few things to be careful of:
– Avoid having the camera pointing up for conversations, normally this is used for making subjects seem more powerful and seems out of place here.
– Light the backwall white to avoid shadows and give it amore studio feel. Blue light looks out of place on the ship.
– Add movement to conversations: walking down corridor, walking around table whilst talking and show some full length shots as well.

11. Red Dead Ryan - August 6, 2012

Cool! I like the progression between TOS and TMP. The TOS/TMP Enterprise hybrid is a bit odd though. Also, that spacedock was originally planned for TMP but was first seen onscreen as a Tholian dock housing the TOS Defiant in the “Enterprise” episodes “In A Mirror, Darkly” parts one and two.

12. Fez - August 6, 2012

@7 That was Chris Doohan who is Scotty in STC and son of James Doohan that portrayed both roles

@10 as this was not a full episode, we will more of those types of conversations that you brought up in the future

Thanks and keep watching

13. Erik Parrent - August 6, 2012

You guys never cease to impress me. Can’t wait for more.

14. MJ - August 6, 2012

WOW !!!!!

You know, the competition between the fan crews on these new series is really making for near-professional Trek series now.

Cawley — I love the new great — great and BOLD move, dude! I am going to make another new donation.

PS: And the “hybrid” Enterprise is GENIUS !!!!!

15. Lostrod - August 6, 2012

Very nice!


16. MJ - August 6, 2012

@14 meant to say “Cawley — I love the new Kirk — great and BOLD move, dude!”

17. Thorny - August 6, 2012

I think they erred with the hybrid Enterprise. If it already has the TMP nacelles, what exactly was brand new in ST:TMP that caused so much trouble with the wormhole and what-not? They should have used the old glowing nacelles but added the glowing deflector as the bridge between TOS and TMP (which looks a lot more modern than the silly 1950s radar dish of TOS). That would fit with Scotty’s comment that “the new engines haven’t even been tested at warp speed” in TMP.

18. Yancy - August 6, 2012

@10 Spot on observations. New Voyages/Phase II is the fan series that drives me to drink… they are always right on the cusp of awesome, then dodgy production practices creep in and I start nitpicking.

However, my biggest problems with NV/PII have always been more about editing and writing issues which result in a lot of bloat. This vignette could easily have been tighter and cut down to 6 minutes or so… Now I do understand the first half of the vignette was a farewell to people lost on the production… so fine, leave the funeral in and have Kirk’s final speech over a montage of the ship preparing to leave drydock.

Unfortunately, we had a complete extraneous scene between Kirk and the Admirals. Most of the information they provided had been imparted to the audience so there’s really no reason for it… It’s what I call New Voyages “Kitchen Sink Syndrome” where we throw every fanboy wet dream on the screen… oh look the Guardian of Forever, and we have not one but TWO Doomsday Machines!!! This series has always worked best with smaller character driven episodes like “To Serve All My Days” and “World Enough and Time.”

I will be honest… I got so used to James Cawley as Kirk it will take some getting used to for the new guy, but he does show some promise… but I do think he’s holding back a little and needs to be a little more brash! And I’m pleased as heck to see John Kelly back as McCoy.

19. James Cawley - August 6, 2012

Look closely these are not the TMP engines, but as the dialogue states “Experimental prototypes” that could lead to a fleet wide refit…

20. Yancy - August 6, 2012

@19 Please no TMP PJs James. LOL!

21. Federali Aundy - August 6, 2012

“Come on dude, I just made a SPEECH! Don’t let me look like a D-bag to my crew!”

22. Federali Aundy - August 6, 2012

“Drake.. Magellan… Archer… I am way cooler than those guys. I just HAVE to go to deep space!”

23. Fez - August 6, 2012

What is coming up will blow your minds and socks off

24. Federali Aundy - August 6, 2012

It’s plenty cool but… why does Checkov have a boob arm?

25. Adam C - August 6, 2012

Having now starting going through TOS in HD, and watching this WOWWOWOWWO!

26. Ensign RedShirt - August 6, 2012

Very, very nice FX work..and seeing Arex was a very pleasant surprise. Did Daren Dochterman do the new Enterprise FX?

27. Vice_Admiral_Baxter - August 6, 2012

This is near perfection!

28. darendoc - August 6, 2012

Nope… I didn’t do these effects, these are all the great Tobias Richter and his “The Light Works” company. :)

29. LBC - August 6, 2012

LOVING the evolutionary attention given to Big E; gorgeous work by all involved. The new (old?) photon tubes were completely unexpected and particularly awesome.

30. Check the Circuit - August 6, 2012

Well done!

Amazing CGI! Better than what we see on actual TV productions. And nice homage to the Enterprise shots from TMP. And loved, loved, LOVED the asteroid spacedock…which if I’m not mistaken was based very closely on the early Ralph McQuarrie design concepts for the first movie.

Also liked the more sophisticated lighting on the bridge set.

Struggled with the transition from the stripped down orchestrations of a 60’s TV score to the James Horner material from a 1982 theatrical release and back again.

This is pretty random but kept thinking Dean Cain was over-dubbing Kirk’s lines.

But all in all, an impressive step forward for Phase II. (Speaking of which…sneaking the series name into the dialog was pretty clever.)

31. Sebastian S. - August 6, 2012

Nicely done! Very cool, indeed.

They even made Lt. Arex plausible (kudos Chris Doohan). ;-)
Brian Goss’ Kirk will take a bit of time to get used to; he’s solid, but almost a bit too boy scout; too earnst. I think James Cawley had a bit of Shatner’s world-weariness in his Kirk. Goss’ Kirk is good, but he needs to get just a wee bit more of that Shatner ‘je ne sais quois.’ Cawley understood what it is; my guess is Goss will in time as well…. I’m certainly hopeful.

All in all, a BEAUTIFULLY made vignette that has me thoroughly stoked for more Phase II. I’m just so glad that STP2 and STC can coexist side by side and that I can choose to watch them both (it’s not as if they’re on competing networks or anything, thank goodness!).

Way to go, P2 crew…. ;-)

32. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 6, 2012

@17 Prototype engines whic will eventually be redisigned into the movie-era versions. It fits very nicely with “Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise.” Look it up if you’ve never read it. It explains why the more extensive refit was needed,

33. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 6, 2012

@31 Absoulutely, Now we’re doubling up on Star Trek, which should all be good in the end.

34. - August 6, 2012

Not bad. I think they need to tone the acting down 10%, just a little too much.

Spock looked a little too emotionally moved.

But ohterwise good stuff.

35. jesustrek - August 6, 2012

Woooowww No words o_O great work STPII

36. StunKill - August 6, 2012

Superb, just superb I love it. Kind of reminds me of a star trek skit myself and some friends of mine did in high school drama class without the special effects, and sets.

37. Dr. Image - August 6, 2012

#18- SPOT ON! They need to EDIT.
Arex? Wow!
Tobias’ fx: WOW!!
The PII Ent! But it shouldn’t have glowing nacelle caps, imho.
Spock- pluck those eyebrows ;)

38. StunKill - August 6, 2012

you cant judge the acting as if they were professional A list actors, it is sufficiant. Just enjoy the presentation. If any of us were involved our acting would be scrutinized as well. I think they did quite well.

39. vantheman77 - August 6, 2012

You guys never cease to amaze me. New Kirk and a new Enterprise that symbolizes the relaunch of the Phase 2 series. Brian Gross resembles young William Shatner from the 60’s yet sounds similar to Chris Pine.

40. AJ - August 6, 2012

The Starbase where E undergoes her refit is quite reminiscent of the Tholian base where the Defiant is being studied in the “Mirror Darkly” arc from “Enterprise.” Very cool.

The ship looks great, Arex looks great, and the attention to detail on uniform decorations, especially when I set my Youtubes up to “11” HD was wonderful.

I am looking forward to all these (and the other) guys have in store.

41. Browncoat1984 - August 6, 2012

Yeah, this wasn’t bad.

I do agree with what a previous posted said that they tend to be on the verge of fanboysim, so much so that it’s almost teeth-grating.

Also, I agree with what someone said about the music transitions. Would it kill them to actually use synth to create brand new musical queues that can be as iconic as the ones we already know? Nothing is wrong with using Synth. Many TV shows like Babylon 5 did and got along just fine.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how this series and Star Trek Continues progresses. It’s amazing how far fan productions have come in the past several years. I remember back in the day with that New Frontier show, it was so bad I couldn’t get much past the first season.

It’ll at least be nice getting some decent quality Star Trek, I mean, even a quasi-professional fan produced series is better than most TV shows that air these days, and its better than waiting 4 years between movies for our next dose of Trek.

I hope Star Trek Continues doesn’t do the fanboy-like stories like New Voyages tended to do (like using the Guardian of Forever). I think New Voyages should stick to more character driven type episodes.

42. Matt Oracle - August 6, 2012

Wow. Best piece of anything Trek i have seen since Star Trek in 2009. For a minute i forgot this was a FAN film and not something on a television station.

Love the seeing the Phase II Enterprise re-design finally onscreen after seeing the unused sketches by Matt Jefferies. And the realization of Lt. Arex was a surprise and a nice touch, as too is seeing the new Captain Kirk, who really does feel like some alternate reality young William Shatner :)

Can’t wait for more of the new Phase II episodes. Crawley and crew have really outdone themselves this time !!! :)

43. ThePrimeAlternative - August 6, 2012

The new Phase II E is kinda cool but….

I still think this “1701 Prime Alternative” blows it away

The 1701 Prime Alternative is a state of the art Three foot Studio Phy Model built by a veteran ILM model builder over the last 2 1/2 years and and due to be unvailed @ Vegas Con.

Designed* by two fanboys, one in CA and a CG artist in Fl;
by borrowing* design cues from the NX01, TMPE plus a little Kelvin, and then infused those cues into the great Matt Jeffries original design architecture.

check it out – link internal lighting animation design 1701TPA

Anonymous –

44. Pensive's Wetness - August 6, 2012

ok… time to masturbate to loving imagry… VERY impressive work, folks. I especially loved the Admiral (was he real world Military? i got that vibe that he was a Officer, active or retired). I was smiling ear to ear at his ‘Testement to THE STAR FLEET’ and swore i thought i was listing to a real world Admiral in some formation back on Ike. Very, very cool. I dont even think i got that vibe from ST2009 (but that movie had different vibs to entertain me) but this video, was even better than the STC, by no small measure. BZ, gentlemen…

45. Lord Garth, formerly of Izar - August 6, 2012

Holy sh$t!!

Blown away



New E

And they even brought back the greatest warp effect of all time!

Lord Garth is happy
Lord Garth wants more

46. RAO - August 6, 2012

Wow, the Enterprise and especially Arex look off the charts amazing. Still not buying the new guy as Kirk, but hopefully he’ll grow on me.

47. Michael Hall - August 6, 2012

This felt really genuine, an homage to the past (both of Phase II and Trek in general) and a bold statement about charting new beginnings. There had been some discouraging developments regarding this project of late, and I was becoming fairly convinced that its best days were probably behind it, that the energy and enthusiasm that had propelled it to occasional greatness despite the limitations of its creators had largely dissipated. In this case, I’m delighted to have been proven wrong. Phase II lives!

48. Brent - August 6, 2012

Fleet captain Garth back to active duty and now friends with Kirk. Interesting. I guess the treatment worked.

49. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 6, 2012

12 great thanks for the info. I just wasnt to make sure since its just a vignette, I was wondering if it was the voice actor you were going forward with. Chris did a great job from that brief bit of dialouge we here! cool he is going to be apart of two fan series

50. Dunsel Report - August 6, 2012

Awesome. Love the mood.

51. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 6, 2012

38) Just as an FYI even community theatre actors gets reviews in the various local newspapers where productions are put on, and they arent proffesional actors. If you commit to perform in front of the public you should expect to have that performance critiqued, whether you are a professional or a volunteer.

Also the new kirk actually is a proffesional actor also as are several other performers involved in the production.
just sayin.

Having said that I am excited to see the entire episode when its ready to be shown. As I said that reveal of the refitted Enterprise was great, And cant wait to see Arex in action

52. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 7, 2012

James, if your still on tonight, I do want to say I really would love to see you take on something entirely original. with the behind the scenes team and the production quality you have in place, I think you could create a pretty cool totally original series or low budget Indie film.

53. Jack - August 7, 2012

10. ” Light the backwall white to avoid shadows and give it amore studio feel. Blue light looks out of place on the ship.”

I vehemently (and politely) disagree — TOS was all about the colored lights (and shadows) on walls, it add depth to the sets as well. Why would they want a “more studio feel?”

54. Jack - August 7, 2012

PS. Agree that a little editing might have helped, and I say this as someone who finds it tough to cut good material.

The starbase in an asteroid was from Ralph Macquarrie (sp)… No?

55. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 7, 2012

@43. Nice ship.

56. Bob Tompkins - August 7, 2012


57. OtterVomit - August 7, 2012

So with Arex being realized, might we also be seeing M’Ress?

58. LetTheWookieWin - August 7, 2012

Mr. Cawley,

Again, mostly fantastic stuff. Once we were on the bridge, it really took off, I got chills, and I just completely felt like I was watching and immersed in Star Trek. It completely blew me away.

To echo my other fans, I would recommend some tighter editing. The funeral sequence was a tad long winded and I found myself skipping forward a bit.

Ultimately I really only have one major issue with Phase II: Bobby Rice. I understand he is a talented actor and a veteran to this type of production, however I feel like he’s being forced on us. It is cool to have a homosexual character on Star Trek, but I wish it wasn’t so blatant. My attention drifts and I lose the “Trek” feeling when he is on screen. It’s fine that you had him in, but he was obviously featured the most other than Kirk in that sequence, and it could have been lightyears better without the crying. I’d rather see the core of the traditional crew rather than the Peter Kirk character that feels out of place and forced on us.

Just my two Federation credits.


59. trekprincess - August 7, 2012

This is great I think Brian Gross does a great job but is it just me or does anyone else think he sounds similar to Chris Pine.?

60. El Chup - August 7, 2012

The acting is still awful, with horrible timing between line delivery. However, the Kirk actor is an improvement on Cawley.

I like the steps to upgrade the Enterprise, with some stunning visuals, although this makes it all the more dissapointing that the Arex animation is pretty crappy.

Also, shouldn’t the music at the end be Goldsmith’s?

61. Jack - August 7, 2012

58. “Ultimately I really only have one major issue with Phase II: Bobby Rice. I understand he is a talented actor and a veteran to this type of production, however I feel like he’s being forced on us. It is cool to have a homosexual character on Star Trek, but I wish it wasn’t so blatant. My attention drifts and I lose the “Trek” feeling when he is on screen. It’s fine that you had him in, but he was obviously featured the most other than Kirk in that sequence, and it could have been lightyears better without the crying. I’d rather see the core of the traditional crew rather than the Peter Kirk character that feels out of place and forced on us.”

Speak for yourself, not ‘us’ — I’m a big fan of Peter Kirk. It’s cool to have a Russian/black/Japanese/Scottish/female/white/Southern/male/Edosian character, but I wish it wasn’t so blatant.

Apparently the final frontier is hitting a bit too close to home?

Anyway, forget the negative comments, including mine on editing, Mr.
Cawley, I thought it was, as a whole, lovely. And thanks for keeping Peter Kirk in there.

62. Mark Lynch - August 7, 2012

Love the Phase II Enterprise!!! And it is a joy to see the TMP warp effect back on the screen.

Going to take some time to get used to the new Kirk. I’d gotten used to and liked James in the role. Really happy to see John Kelly back, he is a great Dr McCoy.

I am so looking forward to seeing where Phase II goes on from here.

A big well done to all on the team.

63. Jack - August 7, 2012

51. Except we’re not reviewers.

64. John - August 7, 2012

Finally there’s a decent actor playing the captain! Now all you need to now is get good actors for the rest the cast!

65. - August 7, 2012

Easy to say they are not pro actors so the acting should not be critiqued but as long as the advice is fair anyone can learn and improve, even amateurs.

59. I didn’t think he sounded like Chris Pine.

66. Melllvar - August 7, 2012

Best Enterprise I’ve seen since TMP

The actors look great too!
It’s all finally coming up trek. And to think, after the failure of Enty and Nemesis, the future looked so bleak. The tables have turned my friends!

67. MAXIMUS - August 7, 2012

This Enterprise is awesome. Take note Abrams, THAT’S how it should’ve been done.

68. Mark Lynch - August 7, 2012

The only nitpick I have is that the Enterprise`s launch should have been done to the TMP launch music…

This would have been perfection in my eyes.

69. Toonloon - August 7, 2012

This was great!!! I saw the “Continues” clip before this one, and seeing them both side by side, makes me feel damn lucky as a Star Trek fan.

This clip is so different in tone and design from the other series, that I hope they continue to diverge from each other, as both have unique formulas and both are superb in these vignettes.

The Phase II clip was very well shot, although I would have liked to have seen a wideshot of the briefing room set, as I was wondering just how the hell all those extras fit in there and what their relation to the space was.

The CGI work and the acting was really top notch here. It’ll take a while to get used to new Kirk’s difference from Shatner, or that he doesn’t appear to be trying to ‘do’ Shatner like Mr Cawley did, but we must give him a chance. If he was very good here and if he was playing any other Starfleet Captain, he wouldnt’ be so scrutinised in the manner in which he has been.

This is a great, great start to a change in direction for the Phase II crew, and I have nothing but praise for this vignette. Well done guys! Keep the bar up there and stay your course!


70. Dave Galanter - August 7, 2012

I’ll take the hit for it being a bit too long, I suppose. I like it, however. :-)

It’s supposed to impart some feeling in the funeral and then the exploration speech, and after that some information to sort of explain why the ship is changing (mind you, this is done OUTSIDE of an episode so the episode not focus on that kind of detail) and then also show why they’re going to be out exploring strange new worlds with basically what amounts to prototype engines. So, a little emotional business, a little new business, and then a loving look at our new ship.

As the writer, I couldn’t have asked for finer performances from the actors or more stunning visuals.

71. Toonloon - August 7, 2012

@ 70.

Well said, sir. And well done with your script. The Phase 2 line was especially clever.

72. Holger - August 7, 2012

This is exciting! Looking forward to the new adventures.

73. Brady - August 7, 2012

If John Kelly’s back….so am I!!
I’d love to see an episode where Garth was faking it the whole time just to get a ship and take on Kirk!

74. Tom Pearson - August 7, 2012

These fan series are getting better and better !!
Now all we need is for paramount to stop being so stupid and get some
TV movies going !! What’s the latest on micheal Dorns attempt
To being Worf back ? Personally a tv movie of enterprise with danniels
Back recruiting chef to take the place of James t Kirk is what I want !
Give shatner one more go !!!

Well done phase 2!! Any chance of seeing the xindi ??

75. a1071ccn - August 7, 2012

Wow team Cawley are doing great stuff here. Love the revamped Enterprise. I think something like this design would of been better in ST:09

76. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

Looks fantastic!! Too bad it’s not in the budget to build the sets designed and built for the planned P2 of the 70’s!! I like the glowing engine caps!! May e that’s not was intended for the 70’s show, maybe it was…that was never clear to me in anything I ever read about the P2 miniature…but looks GREAT!!! Arex does too!! Wow!!!!

77. James Cawley - August 7, 2012

We can’t change certain sets and maintain continuity as most of the original P2 sets essentially were slightly re dressed and became the RE-fit for TMP. So some artistic license was used to be able to do this re-launch.

78. spock - August 7, 2012

I really like the phase 2 design.

79. Mark Lynch - August 7, 2012


If I recall correctly, wasn’t the Phase 2 engine room very different from what we actually got in ST:TMP?

I’m sure I have seen photos or even a video way back…

80. Uncle Twitchy - August 7, 2012

Loved Lt. Arex — now you should add Lt. M’ress and see if Nichelle Nichols would do the voice…

81. Sebastian S. - August 7, 2012

I also enjoyed the subtle touch of having Captain Garth ‘cured’ and back on active duty, no less. In that fictional 23rd century it seems the current stigmas regarding mental illness will be a thing of the past. People need to acquire the wisdom in understanding mental illness, and treat it as no more someone’s ‘fault’ than a broken leg or seizure.

Yes, people can do horrible things when the mind is broken; but it’s no more their fault then a person having a heart attack or stroke at the wheel of a car who accidentally crashes into another vehicle….

Kudos to the P2 team for slipping in a classic ST-style message right under the door (even in a vignette); I think Roddenberry would’ve been proud.


82. James Cawley - August 7, 2012

#79 – Mark, the warp core was different in phase II and you will be seeing it from us…

83. Robert - August 7, 2012

At #1 – James Cawley pays for it for being an Elvis impersonator. Doesn’t say on Wiki, but I do remember reading about that.

84. CanOpener1256 - August 7, 2012

Now THIS is how you do Star Trek. Paying attention CBS?

85. ME!! - August 7, 2012

Looks interesting….the only real problem with changing the Enterprise at this point and having that type of nacelle (even if it is slightly different than the TMP version) is Kirk’s reaction to the new nacelles in TMP. He seems very curious and attentive to the new design. Why would he look at them in that way if he had seen the basic design previously during his initial five year mission?

Again, granted the design is not exactly the same and this version has the glowing bussard collector and the TMP version doesn’t, but would that really be sufficient reason for him to react in the way he does in the film?

86. Tim - August 7, 2012

Are you guys going to give (Arex the CG character) a lip sync?

87. Dave Galanter - August 7, 2012

#85, Kirk’s wonder at seeing the new design could easily be explained as both his awe at the newer design (and the differences) as well as his general awe of the Enterprise. He was an Admiral in the fleet that was building these new ships. Do we really believe he’d not seen the design specs even if he didn’t know some of the gritty details? :)

88. cj - August 7, 2012

Good job, I enjoyed this immensely.

89. SoonerDave - August 7, 2012

The SFX are outstanding. I’m not sure, however, I can actually force my mind to imagine Shatner as Kirk ever saying the word “profundity.” :)

90. Mark Lynch - August 7, 2012



91. Mark Lynch - August 7, 2012



92. Dave Galanter - August 7, 2012

Kirk is actually very well read and if he can say “midst” at Spock’s funeral, I think “profundity” isn’t out of his wheelhouse. ;-)

“We are gathered here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. And yet it should be noted, in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world; a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish. He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one, and we will not debate his profound wisdom at these proceedings. Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.”

“The deepest wound, the most acute pain, is the loss of a comrade. We serve together, allied in desire and goal, bound together in spirit and purpose. Kindred… and so: kin. As we renew our vessel, so we renew
our commitment to one another, and to the memories of those who have completed their mortal journey… as we so humbly endure ours. They must continue to remind us that humanity’s strength is in its courage, in the profundity of its spirit, and in the resilience of its will. It is in their memories we dedicate our continuing voyages.”

:-) I will say this, based on someone’s comment somewhere I wish I’d changed “humanity’s” to “our” so it was inclusive of all races, but as you see Kirk considers human to be a high compliment. (My cat does not.)

93. falcon - August 7, 2012

Production values-wise, this one shows the constant maturation and improvement in the PII crew. Could have been a little more tightly edited – during the “argument” between Kirk and the admiral, would have been nice to see a little overlap in dialogue (L-edits – you guys who know Avid and Final Cut know what I mean). The guy playing Garth seemed a little too jovial, but I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been in an insane asylum for a few years undergoing treatment.

Brian Gross…I don’t know. Granted, it’s a fan production and we shouldn’t expect him to be the second coming of William Shatner. And each actor should make the character his own. His interaction with the admiral was very Kirk-like, except for the line stating, hey, I just gave a great speech, don’t make me look like a jerk. Frankly, that seemed a bit immature for a supposed late-30s captain of a starship, but that was more writing and less acting. His voice, though, is too high-pitched, and I have the same problem with Vic Mignogna in STC. From an acting standpoint, I’d recommend a little more projection, and bring the timbre down a half-octave or so. Presence. And enunciation. Nobody got through Toastmasters sounding like a tweener or a Gen-Y.

Just constructive criticism. Overall, it’s looking great. PII and James Cawley, keep up the great work!

94. Dave Galanter - August 7, 2012

#93, I’m sorry it came off like Kirk was saying the Admiral should change his mind based on Kirk giving a speech. I meant it more that Kirk was saying “hey, we’re explorers. We need to explore.” He wasn’t suggesting the admiral should change his mind because the crew heard him say that, but because the admiral HIMSELF heard him say it. But if that didn’t come across, that’s on me. :)

95. MikeTen - August 7, 2012

Wow, the asteroid is right out of the old Ralph McQuarrie design drawings for TMP. I remember seeing them in the old Starlog magazine back in the 1970’s.

96. Gary Graham's mailman - August 7, 2012

Fantastic all around! Bravo!! Can’t wait for more!!!

97. Tobias Richter - August 7, 2012

Thank you all that commented. It was great to finally go a step forward with the big lady and give her a proper reveal…

@86 yes, he will be lipsynched when we see him in an episde – just like we did in the vignette.

@95 Right – the astrodock is based on Ralph McQuarries design, with a few influences of the dock seen in “Enterprise” and a few of our own ideas.

98. zules - August 7, 2012

I am loving Brian Gross!
Yup, looking forward to his first episode. :)

99. James Cawley - August 7, 2012

Yes thank you all!

100. Bird of Prey - August 7, 2012

Stunning visuals!!

I guess the guy doing some wielding on the Enterprise saucer was a shout out to the very first Abrams-Trek trailer?? (But this time in space, not in Riverside, Iowa!)

101. Bird of Prey - August 7, 2012

Sorry, I meant “welding”.

102. James Cawley - August 7, 2012

98 – I am loving him too! a great friend, a great Kirk and it allows me to do so much more and have so much fun!
BTW- Chris Doohan is a CLASS ACT! I enjoyed his performance as Scotty in his project, and we were all thrilled that he chose to continue on and portray Arex for us.

103. Robman007 - August 7, 2012

@ James Cawley….

Awesome, awesome stuff. You guys are doing a magnificant job. Keep it up.

The CG work on the pre-refit refit Enterprise is pretty awesome. I expect to see alot of kit bash modelers turning the new 1/350 scale TOS ship into that one.

Awesome job and thanks for all that you guys do.

104. Robman007 - August 7, 2012

@ Tobias Richter

Amazing work on the CG. I’ve been a huge fan of your work, especially the job you do with the Enterprise. That’s such a beautiful ship to work with anyways, especially when it’s the original and the refit.

Keep up the amazing work.

105. Larry Talbot - August 7, 2012

I think there’s a misquote of Longfellow’s poem. Captin Kirk appears to have made a mistake:

“Dust thou dust” doesn’t make any sense. The line from the poem is supposed to be “dust thou art.”

106. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

#10 X: you said “- Light the backwall white to avoid shadows and give it amore studio feel. Blue light looks out of place on the ship.”

I’m intentionally going for TOS first/second season look – namely lots of color (in this case, a very somber blue with hints of cold to it) and lots of shadow and contrast. Eventually, I suspect, my lighting will transition into something closer to the Phase II era (or what it would have been).

107. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

#82 — James, Did you guys actually build the P2 engine room or is it a digital set? Looks digital in that one, brief, shot in this clip.

Either way — amazing job on this!!! My hat is off to you folks!!! A minor quibble: the McQuarrie space dock was designed for Planet of the Titans (the proposed Trek movie concept that pre-dated ST:P2)…not P2. P2 had a rather flimsy dry dock and photos and pre-production artwork of what it was to look like exist…

Anyway, superb job!!!

108. NoKhanPlease - August 7, 2012

James–I always enjoy your work on these projects, but at the rate of release, which seems to be about an episode a year, won’t it be several years before we see this new Kirk in a full episode?

Or is there a plan in place to release episodes faster?

Don’t get me wrong, I get why it takes so long. You’re not a Hollywood studio with a big budget. It takes tremendous time, there is a lot of cost involved, and you all have full time jobs.

But that said, I’m curious as to how it all will work. I hope you take it as a compliment that I would like to see more of what you do at a faster pace.

109. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

One other thing about the p2 Enterprise is that it had two turbo lifts. You can see where they are on the back of the bridge dome. There are two cylinders behind it. So, if your E miniature is accurate, the bridge set should reflect that change and have two turbolifts…

Just FYI…and doing my duty as a fan and nitpicking…:-)

Seriously awesome job on this!!!

110. Robman007 - August 7, 2012


Actually, the most acturate way to see how the phase 2 Enterprise should look like is to take a look at the old, out of print AMT USS Enterprise refit model kits. I believe that kit was commissioned for phase 2, then slightly retooled for TMP, but despite a few minor changes to the warp engines, the kit is the same thing as the planned phase 2 model, which is one of the many reasons why that kit was so inaccurate.

111. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

#30Check…: re lighting.

Thanks! That was an interesting shot to light, since it was filmed in multiple parts (literally… full frame shot… full frame shot… half frame shot (ie: dropped half the frame)) over the span of more than a year. No complaints though – I enjoy the “challenge” of matching my lighting in such shots – especially since it has to be so seamless that no one notices.

But, the real kudos go to Tobias for bringing Arex to life on screen, Chris for giving him voice, Marx for replicating camera positions identically, and the gang who took the left/right “split shots” and made them into one shot.

#34 Chris: “Spock looked a little too emotionally moved.” Perhaps… though that grief could be because the human behind the character, like most of the rest of us, lost real life friends mentioned in the vignette (Tony and John).

#58 Wookie and #93 falcon: “To echo my other fans, I would recommend some tighter editing. The funeral sequence was a tad long winded and I found myself skipping forward a bit.”

It was also a very real memorial for us – due to the loss of fellow friends/production crew – the length reflects trying to get everyone into a scene who knew our departed friends on the production. I hope everyone can live with our reasons for intentionally editing it this way.

112. MJ - August 7, 2012

@111 “It was also a very real memorial for us – due to the loss of fellow friends/production crew – the length reflects trying to get everyone into a scene who knew our departed friends on the production. I hope everyone can live with our reasons for intentionally editing it this way.”

My sympathies. I don’t think any of us were aware that they died in real life. Sorry for your loss!

113. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012


Thank you, MJ :-)

114. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

#10 X: you said “- Light the backwall white to avoid shadows and give it amore studio feel. Blue light looks out of place on the ship.”

Forgot to mention, in real life, those back walls are green (and one set of side walls a very interesting blue, while the other (behind the podium) the normal stark grey) – so, had I lit the wall white, you’d still be seeing color – just not the deep blues I created… pale greens instead. ;-)

115. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

#109 — the original ST-TMP kit was not THAT inaccurate. It had all of Doug Trumbull’s, Andy Probert and Richard Taylor’s modifications for TMP! The P2 Enterprise just had a plain dome under the primary hull — not the cross shaped thingy built into it. Also, the photon torpedo launchers on the connecting dorsal were as Tobias Richter made them for this. The nacelles were different and shorter. The book The Art of Star Trek has photos of the P2 Enterprise under construction. That’s the best source imagery there is of the P2 Enterprise model that I know of…that, and in the Garfield/ Reeves book on ST:P2…

Tobias Richters P2 E is better than the one I saw that Darren Dochterman had built…IMHO…

116. DeflectorDishGuy - August 7, 2012

Its funny, because THIS IMAGE:

is the one I liked.

The one in Phase II’s little video here, doesn’t look like it at all. Or am I just blind?

117. Dennis_C - August 7, 2012

That was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see more.

Great work, everyone!

118. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

#116 — If memory serves, that’s Dochterman’s model…and no, I don’t like it. It looks clunky to me. The P2 Enterprise didn’t have those rings around the rim of the saucer either because those were added by Probert/Taylor to the new E model built for TMP at Magicam when Robert Abel and Associates helmed the visual effects for TMP.

Don’t mess with me on pre-TMP history. I know my pre-TMP history like the back of my hand.

Oh, and did I mention Richard Taylor is an acquaintance of mine? :-)

119. Bill Lutz - August 7, 2012

Good job.
it was fun to work on and its a great emotional story.

120. James Cawley - August 7, 2012

116- I wanted a design that that harkened back to the earliest Mike Minor concept P2 painting which is on the cover of the P2 book, in order to avoid a major gaffe with established continuity the ship had to stay more TOS- ish, while getting a slight re-fit. This would allow us to keep sets, as most of the P2 sets were re used only slightly for TMP. It is am artistic compromise that I chose so that I could fit within the boundaries of canon. Our story say’s that these are early versions of what would be developed into TMP nacelles if they test out O.K.
#108- You will see Brian and I at the same time, essentially. we are planning to release my farewell eps. alongside his debut in the coming months. Sooner rather than later, if I can get all the editing stuff worked out! My Thanks to all of you.

121. TrekDoesMeGood - August 7, 2012

I just watched both vignettes and am extremely impressed with these “fan” productions. Who could have guessed it would ever get this good? Definitely makes you wonder what these guys could do if they were really getting paid for this? I know these productions have to cost a fortune, let alone the time invested.
I like Brian Gross a lot as Kirk and can see him getting better as time goes on. I thought everyone did well in both vignettes. Chris Doohan, wow! what more can you say that has not already been said? Also thought the guy playing the Admiral did a great job. Being from a military family and background myself I’m thinking he has to be real military, or a good actor, as he carried the part with very convincing gravitas.
I salute both Productions and like others here I cant wait for more!

122. star trackie - August 7, 2012

Love the FX…love the drydock images, reminds me of an old illustration from the 70’s. Love Arex. Kirk, however, his voice just isn’t commanding enough, seems almost like a boy…I expect to hear “golly gee whiz” to come out of his mouth. Not his fault, he just doesnt fit my perception of what should embody this role.
My other gripe is the editing and/or direction. It was an emotional scene, the dissolves between the expressions in the crowd were way to quick. Due to the nature of the situation, they should have been slow dissolves…and I would have dissolved between slow panning shots of the closeups, not to individual faces to keep movement among the shots. Also, the conversation between Kirk, Garth and the Admiral was unusually staged and came off as a little awkward for me. I would have used more conventional over the shoulder reactions rather than profiles. Thats my 2 cents, for what its worth. I don’t know if the new Kirk can command the sceen as he should, but I will give him a shot. Again, the FX, and implementation of the Phase 2 tech is interesting and I look forward to the first episode.

123. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

#122: dissolves arent really something TOS did except to lead in or out of a commercial. As for the slow panning shots, we’d have loved to, but due to the nature of the scene (see my comment at #111), it wasn’t possible. Many of us were rushing in and out of uniform to do the setups for that scene – as well as to be in the scene. And thanks for giving Brian a chance – having seen him in “Bread and Savagery” I think you’ll find his performances just fine. ;-)

124. Fez - August 7, 2012

@120 James, let me know if you need me for anything… you know how to reach me

125. Simon - August 7, 2012

#62 – disagree about the warp effect. While spectacular in TMP, it just isn’t “practical” – it seems to take a starship an eternity to go to warp. The stretch-snap they used for TNG thru ENT made a lot more sense. Plus (supposedly) it was more accurate: a starship going to warp would appear to stretch away from anyone watching from the outside.

In any case, the stretch-snap was tried by Douglas Trumbull for TMP but he couldn’t quite get it to work (the compressed post-production schedule didn’t allow time for experimentation), so he abandoned it in favor of the animated one. It wasn’t until ILM took inspiration from what Trumbull attempted that it was made to work for TNG.

126. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

@124: What about me? I need some pizza. :-P

127. Dr. Cheis - August 7, 2012

Interesting that they’d choose to refit the Enterprise after originally deciding not to. I think the reason they gave was with the J.J. Star Trek, they wanted to preserve a sense of the original?

128. Fez - August 7, 2012

@Rob, I’ll get you pizza when I get back to the Enterprise or…. I get to do what you and I talked about during MS

129. NX01 - August 7, 2012

James said he was going to leave the Enterprise alone.
I don’t like it , I like that this show was trying to stay as close to the original as posible. I am disappointed.

130. BuzzCagney - August 7, 2012

Have to say that is pretty darned good. NuNuKirk (!) is growing on me after the brief glimpse we saw a few weeks back. Some very subtle work going on there from Mr Gross. And extra points scored for the way he punches his intercom switch! Nice.
The SFX are brilliant and its interesting to see the Enterprise with the experimental engines and torpedo launchers.
And who can fail to get excited by seeing her launching accompanied by Horners Wrath of Khan music.
Its clearly had a tremendous amount of work and thought and effort put into the project. I’m very impressed and look forward very much to seeing the finished show.

131. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

Eh…the James Horner music was the ONE thing I didn’t like about this clip — although, I understand why they selected it…

132. PEB - August 7, 2012

i LOVE being a Trekkie right now -with different fan series going strong and getting better and better in quality, the awesome jj universe and upcoming new movie, the upcoming new video game, the comics, the merchandise and its pop culture resurgence, it’s like the franchise has gotten over the hangover and is getting back on the right track.

133. Ventrue - August 7, 2012

I like the new Kirk, loved seeing Arex ,and the refit on Enterprise looks great. However, seeing Alec Peters pretty much ruined the whole thing for me. I hope he won’t become a recurring part of NV, that’d be enough to make me tune out forever.

134. Glenn A, Miller - August 7, 2012

The P2 crew hit it out of the park with this.
James and crew, I had a lump in my throat and tear in my eye hearing the names of departed friends. The spirit of Star Trek was invoked in the Magellan speech, which echos risk is our business!
Tobias ……. AWSOME dude! Magestic reveal, and Arex too!
Standing ovation to all of you. May the wind be at your backs, and I look forward to further adventures!

135. BuzzCagney - August 7, 2012

So you don’t like that music @131?
I understand where you are coming from, I think, in as much as it kind of clashes with the older music being used (and in that respect I don’t understand why they used it!) but I’m happy to overlook that personally.

136. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 7, 2012

Cawley is better than the new professional actor as Kirk. Just wish Cawley would part his hair on the Kirk side…and shave those Elvis sideburns, dammit! :)

137. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

#135 — Love the score from TWOK, but no, it doesn’t fit in the other music. I think that’s exactly my problem with it here.

138. BRF - August 7, 2012

I’m surprised we’re not having a vigorous debate over how long it took to swap out those nacelles and struts. Three weeks seems pretty quick. I’m half joking. And I agree with the suggestions to tighten it up. And I think Kirk should be cockier.

But impressive work. Congratulations.

139. Robman007 - August 7, 2012

@ Uberbot

The AMT model is horribly inaccurate. The shape is there, but the detail is far off. Angles are all off too, and the Aztec lines are silly. I could go on and on. Night and day difference when you compair it to the 1/350 scale Polar Lights kit or even the smaller Bandai model. I have find memories of the kit, but after building a 1/350 and picking up the 1701 Bandai, I can see plain as day how off the detailing is on the original AMT, especially the warp engine grill reflective sticker original. Hehe

I have to look in my books, but I have one about the films and it had a picture of the filming model proto for the 2nd TV show and despite some minor detailing it looked a lot like the AMT kit.

140. Drij - August 7, 2012

looks like a crappy show.

141. Toonloon - August 7, 2012

Piss off, 140.

142. Michael Hall - August 7, 2012

“Also thought the guy playing the Admiral did a great job. Being from a military family and background myself I’m thinking he has to be real military, or a good actor, as he carried the part with very convincing gravitas.”

I met the actor (though I don’t recall his name, sorry) on the set of “Origins,” where he played the same character, and had the pleasure of telling him personally what a natural I thought he was for the role. “Gravitas” is just the word I’d use. He’d actually run into a spot of difficulty with one of his longer speeches that required a number of retakes, and was quite embarrassed and apologetic about it. Nevertheless, I considered it to be one of the best pieces of casting New Voyages/Phase 2 has ever done.

143. DAK23 - August 7, 2012

I think these fan films are fantastic, and show a great love of the show that inspired them… /however/ and please note, this is not a complaint by any means, but I just don’t see this new actor as Kirk – if I may be so bold, his voice simply does not convey the respect and authority that I would expect from a leader of men. Now, I’m not knocking the guy by any means – I give much respect to anyone who puts him/herself out in the open as an actor. I just can’t believe him as a starship commander.

That having been written, good job to all involved :-)

144. Uberbot - August 7, 2012

#139 — Yes, yes, I know that. But that doesn’t mean that kit bore any resemblence to the P2 variant of the E. It didn’t. Anything that was wrong about the kit was just poor attention to detail and poor molds.

The one thing that DOES bear some resemblence to the P2 Enterprise is the electronic toy version of the TMP Enterprise that came out in 1979 — but only in that it had the smooth dome on the underside of the primary hull…still, that could have been a holdover from the early Abel designs for TMP.

By the time AMT/Ertl got around to producing the molds for the TMP E, the P2 Enterprise was long forgotten. They wouldn’t have used that as the basis for the kit! And I can tell you none of the versions I owned in 79 had the engine pylons seen on the P2 ship…or the nacelles…or the connecting dorsal…etc., etc…

145. TonyD - August 7, 2012

Some of the acting in Phase II can make me wince a bit – though in all fairness there was plenty of acting post TOS that also had me looking at the TV screen through squeezed eyeballs – but I have to give James Cawley props for always absolutely nailing the look of the 23rd century and giving us designs that are far more aesthetically pleasing while also being truer to classic Trek than anything we ever got post TNG. The use of music cues is also always well done. Keep on Trekking James; I’ll be sorry to see you leave the center seat but also look forward to seeing what you and your staff do next.

146. Anthony Thompson - August 7, 2012

Looks great! But I hope they closed the shuttle bay doors before going into warp! : )

147. Avindair - August 7, 2012

Amazing work by James and crew. I’m just astonished at the professionalism and dedication necessary to put together any production. Tackling one with such a well-loved property is either genius or madness. Or, let’s face it, a little bit of both.

As with others, I found the memorial a bit slow-paced. While a moving tribute to those now passed, as a piece of visual storytelling it did feel a bit languid.

I’m going to have to get used to the new Kirk. It took me a while to get used to Cawley, but once I had I was very comfortable with him in the role. Now, just like getting used to a new Doctor following an inevitable regeneration, I’ll just have to step out of my comfort zone to give him a fair chance. That all being said, if I were to offer up a critique to his otherwise solid performance, it would be that he needs to bring that sense of purpose and decisiveness to his delivery that Shatner, and later Cawley, brough to the role. I wish him the best of luck.

It was a great pleasure seeing Richter’s Phase II Big-E on the screen. My son and I knocked together a silly video together a few years back ( with a version of the ship he built in all of five hours, but we were never really happy with our product. The LightWorks brought to life scenes I’d only imagined while reading Starlog magazine back in the seventies. I’m excited to see this iteration of the beloved Enterprise in action.

Well done, folks. My hat is off to you. I look forward to the next full episode.

148. BPS - August 7, 2012

I hate giving actor criticisms. But honestly that’s the only nitpick I can give this piece.

I get the reasoning behind recasting Kirk, I support it, and I think Brian Gross has a fantastic look for it.

But I really hope he starts to talk in a lower register.

149. Drij - August 7, 2012

141 – Let me restate that. It is a a crappy show.

150. Dave Galanter - August 7, 2012

If I may be so bold, I believe the reason Brian Gross doesn’t sound like William Shatner is that they’re do different people, and they have different vocal chords. They’re different actors, too. Brian isn’t trying to mimic Shatner. He’s looking at the character of Kirk, and bringing his acting talents to it. I applaud the decision to do this rather than hiring someone who would merely study and then impersonate Shatner’s performance (which in my mind belittles the character to a series of mannerisms and vocal inflections as opposed to something more meaty that any actor can take and run with).

I respect that some people want to see a Shatner-Kirk, but you can ONLY get that from William Shatner. Anyone’s else’s Shatner-Kirk is a pale imitation.

151. BPS - August 7, 2012

Personally I’m glad he’s not “trying to be Shatner.” His voice just has a very different timbre from Shatner and James which makes him sound VERY young.

152. Ryan Spooner - August 7, 2012


Care to explain why? Without reasons to back up that inflammatory statement, then it’s an entirely worthless opinion.

153. Toonloon - August 7, 2012

Agree with Ryan.

@140 Justify your trolling or piss off.

154. JimJ - August 7, 2012

James and the gang: I have watched the Phase II stuff since the beginning, been through the name changes, cast changes and so on. I just gotta say, this is looking pretty damn good! I understand exactly what you are trying to do and I like it. Frankly, I have been enjoying lots of fan productions more recently. When I first started watching them, I thought they were a joke. Obviously, there are still people on this website and others that still have that attitude. Me=Not anymore! What I’d really like to see (and maybe someone mentioned this) is your work/productions becoming THE new Star Trek TV series. I know that is bold and probably something you don’t want…however, it’s my way of saying how well I think your stuff has come along. My compliments!

155. Rblaine - August 7, 2012

Great job, guys! I’ve always liked your shows. The evolving Enterprise looks AWSOME!

156. et - August 7, 2012

The new FX are simply fab! Nice work, guys!

Brian Gross is a step up as Kirk, too. (Though, at the risk of sounding snarky, he sounds a bit like a 12-year old. I hope his testes drop before the first full episode.)

157. rogue_alice - August 7, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, I like this, but it seemed to plod along at times. Maybe it was the timing of the dialog delivery.

For the life of me I can see how these people can have real jobs and do this work….seems it would take a lot of time (and money).

158. James Cawley - August 7, 2012

Brian’s portrayal will obviously grow and change as moves forward with the series. I love the fact that he is not trying to impersonate Shatner. When I even did one line per episode like Shatner I was crucified for it. No one can be him, you must bring your own thing to it.

159. Ted C - August 7, 2012

The Adventure Continues….but our acting is still mediocre at best.

160. Fez - August 7, 2012

@158 James and that is why I adored you as Kirk and now Brian in the role, you’ve got the past interpretations of the character… let’s see what we can get out of your own personality and then bring it to the character…

161. Fez - August 7, 2012

and that’s why i think you have done a better job then with all due respect to Chris Pine, and Brian I feel will def be the same way as he continues to grow into his character

162. Christopher John Seeley - August 7, 2012

OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you James Cawley not only for this, but for also placing the good of your project ahead of your own personal desires. I like Brian Gross as James T. Kirk, his speech was spot on! This production is going to continue to be first class!

163. Rick Carthew - August 7, 2012

@ 43, Outstanding Ship & cool Video .. Thanks!
( just made a new screen-saver with it )

I saw an early draft test video of this same ship over 2 ½ years ago!

And, what I love about this Prime Alternative E is that its Matt Jefferies original TOS E … but with “Canon” designed upgrades to her surface skin plus all the ST industrial design tech added to her that would have “followed” the design tech of the NX01 & Kelvin (plus a little JJprise tech with those clear nacelle domes, exposed fan blades and impulse drive details) with the only major physical change being the very cool struts/pylons & their attachments and a tweaked upgraded bridge, but still pre-dates the TMPE refit design — do you have any wallpaper images of this ship?

Also, the Three foot (350 scale?) Physical Studio FX Model of this ship must look insanely cool —

164. Jonboc - August 7, 2012

I enjoyed this. And, ulike some, I love the stylized lighting of the walls…it screams TOS! The new Kirk? Well…hmmm…he just doesn’t seem to have the maturity in his voice to pull off a starship captain, but I’ll give him the benefited the doubt for now. Spock is way too dry and droll. We need to see some of that not-so-hidden humanity! And I agree with whoever said the fast fades during the voice over were way too quick. Nice, gracefull, slower fades, or dissolves, during the voice-over while showing the saddened crew, would have been more effective, reflecting the somber tone. The transitions were just too abrupt in that particular sequence. Also the pacing of the conversation with Garth seemed off track a bit. Room for improvement? Sure. But all in all, it looks gorgeous and the Fx are super. I’ll be there for episode 1, no doubt about it.

165. Obsidian - August 7, 2012

That just flat out blew me away! THAT is Star Trek, and at the risk of sacrilege, I feel more excited about his than the JJverse movies.

Probably just a temporary excitement after that vignette? Maybe, but I kinda doubt it. We’ll see in their first full length new episode.

That few minutes felt network-quality!

Is this show ready to be taken seriously by CBS/Paramount and be given the budget and resources to get on the network and given the budget to start a weekly series? Now THAT would be awesome indeed!

166. Sybok'sSecretBrother - August 7, 2012

Love the P2 Enterprise.

167. Brian H - August 7, 2012

@51 & 64 — I have to disagree with your assessment of the PII actors. While we are obviously a fan film and have no budget to “hire” actors, we have always attempted to get professional actors in roles. Brandon Stacy is a working professional actor out of L.A who was hired by J.J. as Quinto’s stand-in. DeSalle (Ron Boyd) is an actor/artist out of Canada, Bobby Rice is a professional working actor out of L.A., Jay Storey (Lt. Kyle) just completed series work on PanAm and several other series work, Kim Stinger was with us and is a professional actor out of California, Jasmine Pierce (our NEW Uhura) is an actor/model out of the Cincinnati area and now N.Y., John Zungree (Chekov) is an actor out of NYC, Wayne Johnson (Lt. Walking Bear) is a currently active film actor out of NY, Tony Carey (Condriss in “ES”) who is a working actor of numerous credits, Paul Sieber (Lt. Prescott/Kyrill) is currently featured in a one-man show in Washington D.C. And now we have Brian Gross who is a featured performer from numerous film & TV projects out of L.A. In the upcoming “Bread & Savagery”, we will be getting acting from the likes of Daren Docterman (a man well-known for his work in Trek as well as acting), Jonathan Carter Schall who is a working actor out of L.A., and I have been with New Voyages/PHASE II for 6 1/2 years and have 22+ years experience with film, TV, and touring musical theatre. And like many of the cast, I am sure we have all done our time with community and regional theatres. Add to this mix: Denise Crosby, Bill Blair, Kurt Carley, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Larry Nemecek, William Windom, Barbra Luna, John Carrigan, and many more actors that have helped us and escape my immediate memory……….I am failing to see the non-professional actors you mention so boldly and frequently. Of course we have our share of “volunteers” but the professionalism they exhibit as they donate time, money, & resources is far beyond what anyone can rightfully expect and yet they do it gladly and repeatedly……and without pay. I am honored to be a part of this program and I thank you all for watching our little “hobby” and especially James Cawley for just letting me come out and play with this great group of people.

Brian Holloway
Make-Up Supervisor/SFX Make-Up
Star Trek New Voyages/PHASE II

168. Batclaw - August 7, 2012


*John Kelly is unable to act competently…JUST STANDING THERE.

*The Enterprise FX are amazingly realistic.

*The Enterprise FX are more realistic than Gross’ acting.

*The nacelles are too TMP, sabotaging the concept of a “middle ground” refit E and, as already mentioned by other posters, the problems with the new engines encountered in TMP.

*Overall: I’ve not been given even one reason to begin watching this series.

169. John Cooley - August 7, 2012

In a word, FANTASTIC!

Very well done all. James, I have been resistant to the idea of moving towards Phase II, and away from pure TOS from the begining, but this glimpse into the “future” (past?) is pure cool. Brian, welcome to the big chair. I can’t wait to see the rest of the episode!

Thanks Phase II family!

170. spock69 - August 7, 2012

You are Treks’ saviour.
Without todays fantastic reveal of your Phase 2 relaunch this would be just another day of ranting on here about no news about new Trek. You and your crew are just doing the most fantastic job of exploring strange new worlds and new Star Trekking!! I and others feel like we have just watched a trailer for a new Star Trek series. Keep it going towards the second star to the right……

171. dmduncan - August 7, 2012

Oh come on. Pine does not imitate William Shatner.

If you bother to watch Pine in his other acting roles it’s pretty clear that the man has a swagger and personality that makes him a natural to play Shatner’s Kirk.

If there are certain types of roles that certain people are “born” to play, like Eastwood, then Pine was born for the role of Kirk, and I have yet to see anyone try the role post-Shatner who’s within a dozen zip codes of Pine’s address in ST.09.

Pine’s not TRYING to be Shatner as Kirk. He’s just being himself. And as himself he has Kirk swagger.

That’s what makes him credible in the role, and he stayed that way while charting territory as a younger Kirk that Shatner never did, and without losing the character.

Like it or not, folks, William Shatner established the character of Kirk, and that character — his character — is now a cultural icon. And you will have about as much luck selling just any actor as Kirk with the explanation that he’ll interpret the role in his own way as you would in casting Jim Parsons as Superman.

Some roles there’s no interpreting without weakening the character’s portrayal. And I think Kirk is one of those.

If you are going to do these fan productions, then it seems to me you have to go into them with the understanding that they are made by fans for an audience of fans, with the hope that your audience will give you the charity you need toward the actors you cast to accept what you do.

That’s a lot of hope, since Trekkies CAN be merciless. But it’s the best you can do when you don’t have money and you are driven to make these things.

172. MikeB - August 7, 2012

Very cool vignette from the Phase 2 people. Seeing Arex was great and the “new” Enterprise is awesome. It will take a while to get used to Gross as Kirk – I must say that I really liked James portrayal, but it was nice to see John Kelley back as McCoy.
Can’t wait to see where they take if from there. Keep up the great work everyone!!

173. Canadianknight - August 7, 2012

I think this is OUTSTANDING! Congrats to all involved.

Love love LOVE the re-fit Big-E. Obviously based on Mike Minor’s P2 designs… cool nacelles that appear half-way between TOS and TMP, altered secondary hull, but still mostly TOS, interesting design on the new photon launchers, and so on.

Love the new Kirk, and can’t wait to see a full episode.

…and nice touch returning Captain Garth to the fold. :)

174. Rick Chambers - August 7, 2012

It’s a joy to see this vignette take flight! I was there when most of it was shot, and I can say that the emotions involved were very real and very powerful — for those who had passed away, for those whose collective passion drives Phase II, and for the enduring spirit of Star Trek.

As we see on this board time and again, passion for Trek is what we all share — and that’s a good thing! Passion is what has breathed life into Star Trek for nearly half a century. Passion is what gives Phase II and other non-Hollywood iterations of Gene Roddenberry’s vision their existence. There may be quibbles, but they are merely that. The passion and the vision remain.

Congratulations and gratitude to James Cawley and to every person involved in Phase II. It’s a privilege to know you all and to share that passion.

175. CmdrR - August 7, 2012

Nicely made.
I’m a little divided. It’s good to see the Trek Lovin’, but it’s very confusing to see an endless line of actors trapsing through the famous roles.

176. AC - August 7, 2012

did anyone see the engineering set? It looks like the TNG era reactor and the same detail above the conduit opening

177. John Cooley - August 7, 2012

Umm…the original TNG dilithium chamber and set was based in large part on the set designed for Star Trek:Phase II (1976)

178. Bob Mack - August 7, 2012

#1 – I have the same question. How do they pay for these shows? These shows aren’t cheap to produce by any means even if they don’t cost as much as network television. And how does a fan production get the rights to use the Star Trek name, music and characters? Do they negotiate and pay for that with CBS? Seems to me like it would be very difficult to do.

179. John Cooley - August 7, 2012

If I can speak on behalf of my friends at Phase II, it is funded compleatly by private donations. Phase II has a very friendly and active relationship with CBS/Paramount, and communicate regulary with the studio. As for Phase II’s funding CBS takes the point of view that so long as Phase II makes no monitary gain from their production that their production goes along way to keep the brand and franchise alive and vital.

180. PEB - August 7, 2012

another cool little something -crewmember talking about the destruction of the uss kelvin. surprisingly hadn’t seen this until now.

181. John Cooley - August 7, 2012

So what precisely was offensive in my detailed explaination and donation links for the needs of Star Trek: Phase II, that my post was deleated? CBS/Paramount is quite aware of the funding methods of Star Trek:Phase II, and my post was relvant to the discussion, as the question of financing had been rased? Just wondering.

182. Bob Mack - August 7, 2012

#179 – Thanks for the explanation! I really like Phase II and I’m glad they keep doing it but it still amazes me that it gets done. A production like that is no small amount of work.

183. JohnRambo - August 7, 2012

crap! star trek continues is WAY better!

184. Red Dead Ryan - August 7, 2012


Take it elsewhere.

I don’t know why some people feel the need to dump on fan productions.

“Phase II” is great, and I hope it “Continues” to keep “Star Trek” going!


185. TreK_Fan - August 7, 2012

I am very impressed with James Cawley’s Star Trek Phase II. I look forward to the new episodes.

186. Mikephys - August 7, 2012

Amazing work! James Cawley and his crew deliver the goods yet again. Ignore the naysayers, James, and keep on trek’in!!!

187. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 7, 2012

There’s no way in the world I’d do anything but praise these people and their tremendous efforts. They’re doing this on their own dime for the love of Star Trek. I just can’t dump on them for their faults. This is a fan effort, and the production values are incredibly high. Being cruel to them is just plain cheap and unnecessary.

Give them some constructive criticism if you must, but ragging on them says more about the critic than the production. Let’s be civil, folks. If you’re not, then you should ask yourself why you feel the need to be that way.

James Cawley and company, my hat is off to you guys. This is some incredibly hard work you’re doing, and you’re doing it well.

188. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

#183: Then it’s a good thing there are two shows in town. Enjoy what you will – but hopefully most people will take the high road and not bash either production with such insults. If you’ve got constructive criticism though, I know we always welcome that – and I am pretty sure that STC does as well.

#182: a small fortune each shoot – the costs are mostly carried by James, and the rest of the producers (we all chip in what we can), with the rest being fan donations.

#179: thanks for the explanation. And basically, since there’s always a large shortfall each month in the donations to expense ratio (made up by producers and crew), we obviously are a LOOOOOONG way from making even a penny (heck, as it is, the donation stats include crew donations – we’re lucky to have such a dedicated crew that they spend their hard earned money coming to shoots, as well as chip in towards our monthly expenses).

On behalf of our entire team, thanks to all for the wonderful comments, constructive criticism, and spending time chatting with us here!

The Lighting Guy/Line Producer

189. tdrake1701 - August 7, 2012

While I do want to see more– — This series has become rocky– “McCoy” may not have doubts- but I do.

190. Jackson Lake - August 7, 2012

Bet you anything that “The Leader” from the Constellations anthology will get adapted after Troublesome Minds. It’s a good story. I hope it does.

191. RobertMfromLI - August 7, 2012

#187 from all of us thank you.

#190 interesting bet… what if I told you that it was actually going to be…

192. Kev - August 8, 2012

is it just me or does it seem odd to go with the refit of the enterprise there? as well the strenght of the original ship seemed to be that there was no torpedo launcher on the engineering hull

thus better protecting the warp drive, the main power for the engines and the sheild generators from any sort of blowback if it was hit and that the warp drive seemed to only be linked to the engineering section while the the saucer was powered by the impulse engines

thus making the ship while not as powerful phaser wise much more durabile in a fight over the refit in its original configuration as the engineering section was further back in the enginering hull and thus better protected and also made sure that if the connecting bit was hit it wouldnt effect the efficency of the engineering hull.

sorry I was just thinking maybe thats the reason why the enterprise seemed stronger in TOS based around the comment in TMP that the phasers directly now take power from the warp drive

meaning they probably werent connected originally with the original design and the torpedo launchers seemed to be more internal in the show and thus better protected.

193. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 8, 2012

Going with the technology of the show,
1) Photon torpedoes use an anti-matter charge, and aren’t armed until they’re needed. The anti-matter stores are in the engineering hull, as they are the fuel for the engines.
2) Shields are 99% of a starship’s defenses. Once the shields are down, the hull might as well be made of paper.

194. Nemesis4909 - August 8, 2012

I just have to say, that was fantastic. Why can’t this be weekly?

195. Dave Galanter - August 8, 2012

#192 the phasers are still not powered by the warp engines in the series. Kirk doesn’t think it’s viable and when the specs hit his desk as an admiral he’ll suggest it is not workable and will be surprised in TMP when they found a way to make it work. ;-)

All that’s happening is the new engine design is being tested before the final design is approved. Phase one of the testing happened on smaller test vessels. Testing the engines on an actual starship? Well, that’s Phase II. ;-)

196. jeannieSpock - August 8, 2012

Umm, never really bothered to look at this series before. However, this clip looks promising. Hope they do a bit more Spock centered stories – it will be interesting to see how the actor copes with it. Keep up the good work guys.

197. Devlin - August 8, 2012

Looks amazing. Almost like the real thing. Congrats to everybody involved.

198. Dave Galanter - August 8, 2012

#196 In November they will film a VERY Spock-centric story. Very.

199. Fez - August 8, 2012

We already filmed a Spock-centeric episode, well… More of a Kirk and Spock-centric episode

200. Daoud - August 8, 2012

Interesting. With the long lead times for production after filming, this I guess leaves plenty of time to insert Arex, also, if he only appears at his station on the bridge?
Chris Doohan totally has the Arex voice matched perfectly! Glad to see vocal talent runs in the Doohan family! :)

201. Dep1701 - August 8, 2012

@85 One reason Kirk is looking so lovingly at the Enterprise in TMP is that he’s thinking “She’s mine again..all mine!” Remember, he’d just come from a meeting with Admiral Nogura ( “…which will not last more than three minutes…” ), in which he’d managed to wrest command of the ship away from Decker. In my opinion, not only is he taking in the beauty of the ship, but he is savoring his victory and enjoying the anticipation of command again.

Besides, I’m sure he’d have been checking on her progress from time to time, so I doubt all of the external TMP upgrades wouuld have caught him completely by surprise ( although some of the internal ones sure did ).

202. Dave Galanter - August 8, 2012

@199, Fez: TRUE!

203. Dr. Image - August 8, 2012

It’s just so cool that the PII E is a TRUE Matt Jefferies design, now brought to life.

204. Dave Galanter - August 8, 2012

@105 Larry, it’s my mistake, FYI. :-/ Sorry.

205. SoonerDave - August 8, 2012


The novelization of TMP went into much more detail about Kirk’s familiarity with the Enterprise redesign. In general, the novel references Kirk’s prior tour of the Enterprise midway through the refit, and again when it was now “gracefully whole.” In particular, it created a much more intelligent context for the later wormhole scene where the phasers were cut off, and Kirk didn’t know about it. In the novel, Kirk had been shown the plans for the phaser cutoff, thought it was a stupid idea, let someone know about it, and assumed the change would be made merely on the basis of his personal credibility. He doesn’t find out until the wormhole scene that they ignored his suggestion. In the book, Kirk looks like the victim of a bureaucracy. In the movie, he’s just made to look stupid.

I think TMP would have benefited considerably had the scene with Nogura been filmed. The sets were built, but they were later struck when, I believe, Robert Wise decided to cut the scene in favor of some extra slow-motion space effects…(sarcasm). I can’t help but think of how the texture of Kirk’s character would be different if we knew before the spacedock scene that he was in command again….

206. Dave Galanter - August 8, 2012

@205, you may like my novella in the Mere Anarchy series

It takes place between the end of the show and TMP while Kirk is still admiral and leads to him thinking about getting back his command.

207. DiscoSpock - August 8, 2012

#180 – That’s crap, man, real crap. It’s a rip-off of the Indianapolis scene in JAWS, with a guy who keeps saying “the Kalvin,” and…yeah, no thanks.

As for the Phase II relaunch, my two cents would just echo a lot of the rest of these comments: great effects, mostly great acting, not-so-great writing/editing in these vignette. (I know, there’s a personal meaning to the cast and crew, but that doesn’t make it any less ponderous. Spock’s funeral scene in TWOK had far more emotional ‘punch’ in 2 minutes than this memorial does in 4 minutes.)

I’m glad to see such love and attention put into semi-professional Trek productions. (They are far, far, far beyond ‘fan’ productions, and they deserve credit for that.)

208. Basement Blogger - August 8, 2012

Wow. I’ll say the same thing about the other fan based production. That’s a fan based production? Somebody’s making live action Star Trek again. Okay, there’s the movie coming out in 2013. But we might get more Star Trek between the movies. And these guys that are producing the fan Star Trek stuff know and love Star Trek.

Taking this amatuer stuff to the next level is going to require refining the acting and editing. But it’s getting better and better. I applaud the Trekkers who are giving their time to our beloved franchise. Live long and prosper.

209. Rodney - August 8, 2012

I see a great future for Phase II! Thanks to JAMES CAWLEY for keeping Trek alive (for those of us who care) during these past few “lean” years before JJ’s Trek movie. I personally like P2’s (and soon STC’s) continuation of the original look and feel of the show we all love, not so much the new movie’s divergence from most of what we loved visually from the old show.

I only wish we had more frequent episodes. There are so many personal stories to tell, how the crew interrelates on these long voyages for instance, how they spend their shore leave time, drama amongst the crew themselves, etc. It doesn’t always have to be space battles and aliens. I was thrilled however to see Mr. Arex. I love bringing more TAS into new episodes. How about some pre-TNG holodeck stuff like TAS explored? You could film anywhere on location for that. Maybe episodes could be completed quicker without so many FX shots (or using stock footage).

These P2 episodes are fun and wonderful to watch. All criticisms are minor compared to the joy it gives me to revisit the world of Trek like I’m a kid in the 70’s again. Thanks to everyone involved. Live Long and Prosper!

210. ME!! - August 8, 2012

The effects are top notch. The acting is still subpar with a couple exceptions and the overall feel of the project still seems to be lacking somehow.

I want to like this series, but I just can’t seem to get past some of the really bad choices in actors, camera work, and especially EDITING. The production is also way too dark.

211. DeflectorDishGuy - August 8, 2012

#120 – Wow, a direct response from the man himself!

Thanks for the background info! Makes sense to me now.

212. Kev - August 8, 2012

193: Still though after the Torpedo Launcher was hit in 2 there was a sudden radiation surge that knocked out the mains (I understand it was a plot device but still) and well getting hit in the magazine didnt exactly help the WW2 HMS hood any either as that was blown up in two with a single hit to its magazine in an unarmored area.

and the way the sheilds seemed to be rigged up in the TMP films is that they effectively deflected energy weapons like in TMP but werent able to really stop physical torpedos unlike the TNG shields, instead acting like a net as soon as they hit the perimeter of the shields it slowed them down but didnt stop them

meaning the hull would have to be up to the job to really survive any sort of serious hit and firefight like the hit on the torpedo launcher and the engineering section and the area around the impulse engines that got hit by a torpedo.

and the hit in 6 hit the saucer at the weakest point in its super deformed underbelly.

so well I think because of the way the sheilds were rigged up it would have to be stronger than that, plus well maybe in TOS they were using energy torpedos and in TMP since they needed the extra space to use the ship buster physical torpedos they needed to add those much larger ones.

plus well why else would the bird of prey in 3 just knock out the automation center and not cause any physical damage while in 6 it did, so maybe the one in 6 was rigged up with the physical torpedos of a heavy cruser rather than the energy ones?

195: ah gotcha so you thought of that too lol

205: still though the warp drive was in flux and out of whack with out of calibration untried controls so the powersuply for them was also probably pretty screwed up too and maybe as a precaution it cut off what little power was avalable to it to make sure it didnt burn out the phasers from a power surge from it.

after all the only reason they had phaser power in 2 was because they were powered them up as part of the going to yellow alert thing, meaning that the power surge cut off thing was probably still in place in 2 otherwise they’d of had no shields and no phasers period.

213. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 8, 2012

James Cawley – While I must admit that your productions haven’t always been “my kind of thing,” I recognize how much they have grown in quality. I admire your dedication and the class you’ve always shown here in your measured and reasonable responses. You’ve done a great job.

214. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 8, 2012

212: Speaking of plot devices,

In 2, Kirk didn’t raise shields in time, assuming the Reliant was a friendly vessel having mechanical problems. The Enterprise did not have shields up at any point in the movie.

In 4, combat conditions overloaded the automation system and Scotty was unable to raise shields as a result. The weapon hit then knocked the system out completely.

In 6, The BoP had been hammering the Enterprise continuously. The shields had collapsed when the saucer was hit. (tension builder before while Spock and McCoy were modifying the torpedo.

As for the magazine hit, Photon torpedoes are not armed with antimatter until just before being loaded into the launch tubes for that exact reason. However, the main energizer has a vertical column running through the neck., an hence the torpedo launcher. Khan’s hit to that area merely added insult to injury.

In any case, we are talking about theoretical technology in a fictional universe. Carry on with the debate = D

215. Dave Galanter - August 8, 2012

I love Star Trek fans. :-)

216. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 8, 2012

I dispute everything everybody has said here.

217. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 8, 2012

Ah, eloquence

218. Greg Limardi - August 8, 2012

Not sure if anybody already said this but does everybody realize that seen of the Enterprise leaving the asteroid is taken directly from the late Mike Minors painting seen in Starlog….25 I think. Kudos James

219. theevolved1 - August 8, 2012

I liked the promo however the change from Cawley to this new actor is going to take some getting used to….

Loved finally getting to see Arex although I hope that this was just a test vignette and you are still working with the audio it just doesn’t sound right.

I dont know how I feel about the refit Enterprise, I understand that you are trying to bridge the gap between TOS and TMP but I am not sure I am ready to see the classic look go yet. Although I would have to agree with #17 that you should have gone with the deflector dish instead of nacelles it does throw off the whole angle of the warp engines in TMP depending on how close to the TMP we actually are at this time. It seems to leave the question of why the ship would have gone through another refit and yet another new engine design.

All in all I would have to say I am excited for the future of this fan series and I am also just as excited for the other fan series also. If I had the money and time I would love to create a fan series. My hats off to these people who put such love and time into these series.

220. Jim Nightshade - August 8, 2012

Wow! Very impressed kudos to mr cawley n all involved….Losing loved ones is inevitable as we become older…the great equalizer-the memorial service was touching n i could tell it had reality behind it…we lost our father last year still hurts even tho heblived a long 92 years…we go to a friends memorial svc tomorrow—we will all die n the older u get the closer it feels as our friends n family pass on….thanks again for the memorial…we will lose loved ones but they will not be forgotten…arex n ship efx n obvious luv of trek shines thru gentlemen…hope jj n all are paying attention….good time to be a trek fan..cept for lack of tv trek…

221. James Cawley - August 9, 2012

I am impressed with the fans posting here, the overall level of courtesy being presented is wonderful and I Thank everyone for their constructive comments and well wishes.
Best to all.

222. Toonloon - August 9, 2012

After the deluge of negative comments (some fair, some not) over the Bread and Savagery clip, I too am glad to see that the phase 2 team came back and knocked this one out the park.

223. Fez - August 9, 2012

@222 to be fair, the Bread and Savagery clip was not intended for other’s to view and was not edited, color corrected ect. it was a very rough clip as it was stated on the clip description and on James’ FB status.

This I will say when Phase 2 completes an episode and/or a vignette they are at network quality, because of the people in front of and behind the camera. This was a very special vignette for all of us at the studio, it was as much of a tv memorial service as it was a family getting together for such an event

224. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 9, 2012

You’re a class act, James. Keep bringing the magic = )

225. Dave Galanter - August 9, 2012

@223 Well said!

226. Stargazer54 - August 9, 2012

@ James Cawley. I have to say I am impressed at how you have continued to improve and move production values forward. I’m looking ahead to what you can now bring to the “enterprise” by producing from behind the camera. I know your heart is in it.

Nit pickers aside, you’ve been carrying the torch for TOS lo these many years and deserve our thanks for keeping TOS alive. My dream is that we will get TOS back on the small screen and if we do, it will be due, in no small part, to all your efforts and the hard work of your production partners.

God speed, friend. May the wind be at your back.

227. Fez - August 9, 2012

@226 well said, I felt that since I started watching 2006, before coming to work on the set for “Kitumba” in 2009, and the quality of the show keeps moving foward as per our goal to keep pushing our episodes to be better each time out.

228. Michael Hall - August 9, 2012

Mr. Galanter–

Just wanted to mention that I appreciated Kirk’s speech, finding it very much in keeping with the tone and verbal style of the character in TOS–though when discussing humanity’s strengths I would hope that compassion and intellectual curiosity would rate a mention, especially since they’re at least as relevant to Starfleet’s mission as courage and resoluteness. Still, overall a very nice job.

229. Dave Galanter - August 9, 2012

@228 Thanks! As many have noted the special memorial this vignette was in many ways, the line actually comes from a line out of my first book’s author’s note (yes, I quoted myself and gave it to Kirk) published way back in 1994:

“To end on a more serious note, I began work on this novel the same week a friend lost his battle with cancer. Thoughts of him and his fiancee will always be with me as I reflect that I embarked on a new and enjoyable struggle, as he and his family lost to an older and uglier one.

“This book is written in memory of Vincent Lloyd Whitenight, and in honor of his fiancee, Stacie Eaton, who will forever remind me that humanity’s strength is in its courage, in the profundity of its spirit, and in the resilience of its will.”

That dedication had always remained with me and when I thought of this service for Kirk and crew, I wanted to reiterate my feelings through those lines.

230. MJ - August 9, 2012

@221 “I am impressed with the fans posting here, the overall level of courtesy being presented is wonderful and I Thank everyone for their constructive comments and well wishes. Best to all.”

The feeling is mutual, James. I am really excited about your new Phase II production here. Well done, my friend!!!

231. Al Hartman - August 9, 2012

Well, I enjoyed the vignette due to the glimpse of things to come, and as a fitting memorial to those who have passed, as well as a chance for everyone to get a glimpse at a small number of all the wonderful folks who made the show happen.

I thought the actor playing the Admiral was excellent!

Other than the TWOK music, I would have loved for them to use the alternate launch from spacedock music that Jerry Goldsmith wrote for TMP,

232. Frank Fischer - August 9, 2012

WOW! THIS is awesome! Abolutley fantastic! I am surprised how good the new Kirk-actor is. James Cawley and his team do an amazing work! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see more! I also love the way how the Enterprise adapted to the original Phase II design! By the way: amazin work by Tobias Richter! LLAP!

233. MC1 Doug - August 10, 2012

#58: ” It is cool to have a homosexual character on Star Trek, but I wish it wasn’t so blatant.”

Exactly how was Peter Kirk’s inclusion in these shots “blatant” homosexuality? Did you see him having sex? You say it is cool and then you go to explain why it is not…. so which is it?

It was perfectly a natural flow of images to include him when the eulogy included his lover. How do you know if any of the other faces featured weren’t the survivors of the other decreased crewmembers?

Honestly, I just don’t get the overt bad reactions to the show being inclusive of a gay character.

234. MC1 Doug - August 10, 2012

#80: Nichelle Nichols did not provide the voice of the original Lt. M’Hress, majel did.

Of course, she cannot do the voice now. Sadly

235. MC1 Doug - August 10, 2012

Dave, James, Tobias… and the rest of your talented crew (behind and in front of the camera)…What you guys do for the love of TREK, and for free no less is akin to the 70s fanzines!

Kudos to all!! You guys rock!!!

236. Odradek - August 10, 2012

I remember Tobias Richter doing all those Trekworld covers. I was a big fan back than. But one could say he came a long way since those days.

237. Odradek - August 10, 2012

…back THEN…

238. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 10, 2012

58: It is cool to have a homosexual character on Star Trek, but I wish it wasn’t so blatant.

Makes me thin about ths (sarcastic) bumper sticker.

239. Lewis E. Kilgo - August 10, 2012

Ah, morning typing.

240. TroyianAssistant - August 10, 2012

To everyone that has commented favorably on the performance of the Admiral, he is not an actor, but rather a dedicated supporter of Star Trek and of Phase II. And he does a great job!

241. Falvoant - August 10, 2012

22 Sir!

242. That Idiot - August 10, 2012

I liked it!

It’s interesting that there are two redesigned TOS E’s on this page. I like the Phase II one better, although they both keep that “ship of the line” feel that I love about the original. Definitely superior to the JJ-prise, in my humble opinion, although personally I would have kept the torpedo tubes flat. The engines are gorgeous though.

It could use a little tightening up I think, as others have said. Just a tad. New Kirk seems promising. McKoy is dead on.

The new(er) and more obscure characters are a good idea, I think. I don’t find myself constantly comparing them to the originals and thus I get them more easily. By the same token, I wish you guys would really just KILL KIRK or have it about some other captain who can be as Kirk like as you like but not constantly compared to the original. All I ever really wanted was another series about say, the Lexington or just another ship of the line in that era.

Just my two cents. Anywho, I liked it. Carry on.

243. Bob Tompkins - August 11, 2012

Looking at the visual effects that they are laying down with no budget to speak of, one has to be impressed.
10 years ago, those shots of the Enterprise would have cost $1m and would not have looked as good as these do. Movies will be heading off in an interesting direction more sooner than later.
Movies are quickly reaching the point that having a human actor is going to be pointless.
Wanna see John Wayne’s latest western? How about Bogey’s next murder mystery noir? How about season 4 of TOS with all the original actors? The Lost Years between TOS and TMP? No limits because digital people will be photorealistic within 5- 10 years and more affordable than the real thing.

244. Bob Tompkins - August 11, 2012

Looking at the visual effects that they are laying down with no budget to speak of, one has to be impressed.
10 years ago, those shots of the Enterprise would have cost $1m and would not have looked as good as these do. Movies will be heading off in an interesting direction more sooner than later.
Movies are quickly reaching the point that having a human actor is going to be pointless.
Wanna see John Wayne’s latest western? How about Bogey’s next murder mystery noir? How about season 4 of TOS with all the original actors? The Lost Years between TOS and TMP? No limits because digital people will be photorealistic within 5- 10 years and more affordable than the real thing.
Don’t know if I’ll like that or not….

245. Matt - August 11, 2012

Was McCoy’s “never had a doubt” line supposed to been a nod / inside joke of Brian taking over the role of Kirk?

246. Falvoant - August 11, 2012

that may be your opinion
but our research shows the oposite
people WANT to see KIRK SPOCK MCOY and the Enterprise
they could give 2 flying feathers about lexington or any other starship that does not have their heroes on board
when was the last time there was 14,000 hits in 4 days on any other fan film? starring other charactors?

247. Dave Galanter - August 11, 2012

@245 Kirk is about to say something about him winning over the Admiral and that’s McCoy’s response.

248. Kirk's Girdle - August 11, 2012

#243 Bob Tompkins – Although I think this sequence looks great, I do have to disagree somewhat with your assessment about the progression of home grown sfx. In my opinion, “Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning” is still the high water mark of fan film fx. The sheer volume and quality of effects in that film are staggering, despite the fact that the film (in its original copyright infringing form) hit the internet in 2005. They rendered those effects in an apartment with a bunch of pc’s linked together on the floor. As for New Voyages / Phase II, the effects have inconsistent from one production to another, but with Tobias Richter’s help, they should do great. My personal favorite is “World Enough and Time”.

249. Bob - August 11, 2012

“Peter” Kirk. How fitting.

250. Jim Nightshade - August 12, 2012

World enuff n time was their best…the story..a time travel story that was so good i dint wince at it—cast knew it was a good story n everyone in it did their best…guest actress playin sulus daughter was incredible…takei of course best work as usual…and mr cawley knocked it outta the park..he became kirk n i saw felt him falling in love-and the loss…
2nd fave was the chekov episode-opening shuttle/asteroid klignon toying at the beginnig awesome..only thing tht confused me was the ending…he really died but howcom he was back in his chair on the preview for the next episode…as far as best efx cmon nnothing can beat star warpeds stop motion hah–the enterprise had propellers…n star wars n et n termin.n 2001 n predator were all in it as well as wookies being killed…

251. Fez - August 12, 2012

@250 You have to watch past the credits in the ‘A Night in 1969′ version of the episode. Available to view on the ‘To Serve All My Days’ page in the episode downloads

252. Jim Nightshade - August 13, 2012

ohok not sure what that means.,i have a dl copy of the regular epi..didnt know there was another version?

253. That Idiot - August 14, 2012


But most of trek is about other characters. I never really bought that these people were the TOS crew, but maybe some do. For me, it was always a story about the Lexington, or some other ship captained by Elvis. I was ok with that. I also felt like the further NV grew away from the characters in TOS the better it got, because they began to seem more like real people and less like… impressions.

254. Bill Lutz - August 14, 2012

Hey guys and gals:
In concert with the Vignette release, check this out:
Star Trek Phase II Illustrated – Issue #1×01

255. Kev - August 14, 2012

Sorry about that my old comp crapped out lol, just thought I’d put that out and Im transitioning to my new one hence the super late reply

but yeah it is fictional tech but well I just kinda put my mind to why it seemed like the enterprise sometimes seemed to be unfairly weak in the tmp movies outside of the first one and maybe the sixth.

I dont know always kind of bugged me that even with the A it seemed like the ship never seemed as strong or as reliabile as the TOS version hence why I put so much thought into this

and sadly that also applied to the D as well but atleast that was blatant bad writing in generations.

as I’ve always kind of thought you know if they ever do trek again in the modern universe they oughta make it so there was another refit after 6

like they did in real life with the F86 Saber that was better in all regards than the excelsior and also is sort of a return to the ships tos routes, basically like what madkoifish did with his fictional verstion of the ST09 ship, which I absolutely love as it looks like a damn near perfect mesh of the TMP and TOS ships

as the last version of the F86 that I believe the canadians had with a bigger engine was faster than what was toted as a much more advanced plane and basically kicked its butt.

but still atleast that explains why we’ve never seen a ship in the show or films go up from a hit in the magazine.

256. spark - August 14, 2012

@17 Absolutely 100% agreed. Also, the ceremony was entirely too long.

257. Bill Lutz - August 15, 2012

@256 Spark
believe it or not, the ceremony had more elements absed in reality than fiction. We lost some of our dear friends and loved ones this year. That ceremony was very real to many of us. It deteremined its own length.

258. Lewis E Kilgo - August 15, 2012

285: Nope. They always go up from loss of anti-matter containment, which is far worse = D

259. Xplodin_Nacelle - August 18, 2012

can’t wait to see this episode – well done!!!

260. chazroot - August 23, 2012

Prit-tay, prit-tay, prit-tay cool! Gross looks great, but sounds like a kid.

261. Oktoberfest - September 2, 2012

This production crew is not afraid to take chances, and I love it.

@45 = “Arex, Newkirk, New E” absolutely. I saw Arex and squealed.

@many – Acting. The task is monumental for any acting troupe to duplicate. My uneducated guess is that TOS was one of the best cast shows in the history of TV, and that’s an exospheric bar to reach. In this fan made production, the acting complemented the production well. And the production as a whole is astounding.

I wish a network would pick this up and fund new weekly episodes. :)

262. Scott Gammans - September 3, 2012

I just want to thank James for the spectacular work he’s been doing with ST:NV and ST:PII. This vignette is making me absolutely salivate in anticipation. Tobias Richter’s work is excellent as always, and I must admit that I also squealed in delight when I saw Lt. Arex! (The fact that Chris Doohan is graciously supplying the voice of Arex–following in his dad’s footsteps no less!–while portraying Scotty on STC is nothing short of Aw. SOME.)

One of these days I’m going to have to make a “trek” to New York and join in the action… you guys look like you’re having way too much fun! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.