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Watch: Patrick Stewart Scalping Olympic Tickets With Simon Pegg In Funnny or Die Video August 9, 2012

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The only Star Trek TV captain not appearing at this week’s Star Trek con in Las Vegas is Patrick Stewart. And now we know why. It appears that Mr. Stewart is too busy in London making big money as an Olympics tickets scalper (or touter as they say across the pond). Watch the new Funny or Die video with Sir Patrick below, which also feature’s Star Trek’s Simon Pegg.


Patrick Stewart as the Godfather of Olympic Ticket Scalping

Sir Patrick Stewart, gold medalist Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) in a tale of the ancient art of ticket scalping.

The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams from Patrick Stewart



1. Tanner Waterbury - August 9, 2012

LOL wayy too funny. Sir Stewart has still got it going.

2. Harry Ballz - August 9, 2012

Now THAT was funny as hell!

3. I'm Dead Jim! - August 9, 2012

LOVE IT! HILARIOUS! Even though I had trouble understanding some of Sir Patrick’s heavy accent.

4. AJ - August 9, 2012

REALLY funny..

5. FSJ Music Man - August 9, 2012

Utterly ridiculous! WONDERFUL!

6. J.A.G.T. - August 9, 2012

Well, that was lovely…

7. Frank - August 9, 2012

lol little game of thrones girl

8. LLAP - August 9, 2012

There’s really only one thing to say about this video…

9. zperk - August 9, 2012

that’s called a “murdering them”

10. joe1306 - August 9, 2012

“You were f*cking marvellous in Star Wars!” :D great^^ this was really funny! xD

11. Daniel Shock - August 9, 2012

It has taken me several minutes to regain my composure in order to post – THAT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON FUNNY OR DIE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

love it!

12. Basement Blogger - August 9, 2012

Clever stuff. We all knew Patrick Stewart could do comedy. Go see the recent movie Ted by Trekker Seth McFarlane. He does a riotious narration. And remember when he played himself of the mini-series “Extras?.” TrekMovie posted a clip for you. Link. It’s the fifth video in the TrekMovie story.

13. Nick Cook - August 9, 2012

Okay, that was funny!

14. Phil - August 9, 2012

Gawd, funny stuff. Pegg does understated really well, I might add….

15. ados - August 9, 2012

lol….Star Wars

16. MDSHiPMN - August 9, 2012

Well done.

17. Peter N - August 9, 2012


18. Al - August 9, 2012

As a Brit, I thought it was not that funny. And Pegg has had a hair transplant

19. alec - August 9, 2012

good acting from the ‘Dark Knight’!

20. JohnRambo - August 9, 2012

Patrick Stewart!!!! AWESOME!!!!:-D

21. CAPT KRUNCH - August 9, 2012

That was frakking awesome!….ha ha Star Wars! sweet!

22. Rainbucket - August 9, 2012

I don’t want Sir Patrick to stop being this character. He should show up everywhere like that. He always looked on the verge of exposing himself.

Then again, Picard and Arya and Shaun, holy crap I don’t ever need to see anything else again.

23. Steve Johnson - August 9, 2012

@18 What does it matter if Pegg had a hair transplant? I detect some bitterness in that remark.

24. Andy Patterson - August 9, 2012

Ok. Funny.

He was good on “Extras”. “And then I saw all the girls naked”.

25. rose by any other name - August 9, 2012

So that’s what “flip the birdie” means…LOL

Good fun stuff. Patrick Stewart ain’t a “Sir” for nothing.

26. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 9, 2012

I loved it……….Sir Patrick…. Maisie is great, too…. OK and also Simon…;-) :-)

27. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 9, 2012

#25. rose by any other name………….. Where’s Keachick?…………….. maybe waiting for Trek Sequel???…….LOL

28. Punkspocker - August 9, 2012

Perfect. Love Maisie in GOT.

29. Red Dead Ryan - August 9, 2012

Funny! Patrick Stewart has got some good comedic chops! And Simon Pegg wasn’t bad either. But the show belonged to Sir Patrick. :-)

30. Commodore Adams - August 9, 2012

Lmfao! Priceless!!!

31. CmdrR - August 9, 2012

It makes London seem like one neighborhood, where you could run into Simon and Sir Patrick together. What fun.

32. RAO - August 9, 2012

Sir Patrick always had great comedic timing. Who could forget him in Robin Hood: Men in Tights? It’s good to be the king… Or captain!

33. Newman - August 9, 2012

Patrick Stewart you are the man

34. Brady - August 9, 2012


35. Harry Ballz - August 9, 2012


Meh is, of course, an acronym for Mighty Entertaining Hilarity!

36. JRT! - August 9, 2012

We say touter over here!?! Ok,never heard it before but…..ok. LOL! Great to have’em both in a vid though.


37. The Original Spock's Brain - August 10, 2012


38. Mark Lynch - August 10, 2012

That was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S !!!!

“Loved you in Star Wars.”

39. Mark Lynch - August 10, 2012

Actually we call them “Ticket touts” not “Ticket touters”

Just saying…

40. Devlin - August 10, 2012

Stewart is the best.

41. Mr Lirpa - August 10, 2012

“Yankee pankee” genius!

42. rm10019 - August 10, 2012


43. T'Cal - August 10, 2012

My dreams are shattered! Sir Patrick dropping an F-bomb?? I’m appalled…

44. JRT! - August 10, 2012

We call’em that? Guess I’m so used to just saying scalpers that ticket touts just hasn’t crossed my vocabulary yet,LOL!

At least it was a fun vid! lol!


45. LazarusNine - August 10, 2012

Could have been funnier. I thought it was too self-aware. Nice to see some of these people having a bit of fun, though!

46. Pat Payne - August 10, 2012

That was hilarious! Usually I’m not a fan of four-letter words, but to have the F-bomb come out of the mouth of Sejanus/Jean-Luc Picard/John Lear/Prof. Charles Xavier/Claudius/MacBeth’s mouth was priceless!

47. NuFan - August 10, 2012

So did Pegg win his race?

48. rose by any other name - August 10, 2012

I have not seen Simon’s name appear anywhere on the Olympic medal tally, so what do you think?…LOL Perhaps we should find out first whether Simon Pegg can swim or not. Calling Simon Pegg! Certain vital questions require answers…:)

Dee – Keachick got laid and has now laid. Wee kea chick hatchlings expected shortly…

At the risk of sounding like… well, me, these birdies should be adept at flying so that keachick and her young minions can keep track of all things Trek come 2013, especially when it comes to all to do with THE captain. Oh to be a PINE/Kirk. Only one Keachick – rose pinenut/rose by any other name though. They all report back to me. No sockpuppets here!

God, when I look at what I have just typed, it could seem a little creepy…what to do?

(I watch that actor play FDR in This Means War and I find myself even surprised to see how gorgeous he looks. Dammit, Chris Pine, you appear such a honey…what can I say?)

49. CaptainDonovin - August 10, 2012

That was awesome, freaking awesome.

50. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 10, 2012

#48. rose by any other name ………..

Well, I guess I did not understand anything … LOL … but seems you, like all “pinenuts” on the planet is lost in that DVD or Blu-Ray of TMW …. AWW FDR

………………and it seems Jack Ryan’s wife is KEIRA…………………………….

they heard me!……. ++LOL

………………………………………………….. waiting for Trek 2013!!!!

51. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 10, 2012

……”are lost”………..;-) :-)

52. eowyn - August 10, 2012

I love the random “Star Wars” mentioned by Sir Patrick!!! Hahaha!

53. Phobos - August 11, 2012

wow impressive. That was real fun to watch.
Picard is awesome.

54. CarlG - August 11, 2012

I’m not gonna stop grinning for the next 24 hours. That was AWESOMENESS.

55. LJ - August 11, 2012

Just…Brilliant! Well written, well played, well cast. The Star Trek connection is done really well. This is just, to use a cliche, gold.If they’d have lost the use of the US term ‘scalping’ it’d been perfick.

56. Tj Trek - August 11, 2012

I would love to see Patrick as a similar character in some show or movie, it would be awesome.

57. Techtrekker - August 11, 2012


58. MJ - August 11, 2012

Love Stewart, but this was just dumb.

59. bossinir - August 12, 2012

MJ stfu it was amazing u troll

60. Red Dead Ryan - August 12, 2012


Take it easy, man. MJ has a right to his opinion.

61. Carlos Teran - August 12, 2012

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