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Complete 15-disc Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection Coming This Fall From La-La Land + DS9 Set In The Works August 10, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Music,TOS , trackback

Tonight during the "Renaissance of Star Trek Music" panel at the Las Vegas convention, the guys from La-La Land Records announced they are developing a 15-CD complete box set of the music from the original Star Trek series. More details on this exciting new set below, including a special video they made to announce the set. We also have a little bit of details on a DS9 La-La Land is also working on.   


Complete Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection announced

We are truly living in a great time for fans of Star Trek music, as more and more of the scores are being remastered and released in extended sets. Today’s announcement may be the most exciting yet with a giant 15-CD set featuring all the music from all three seasons of the original Star Trek series, much of which has never been released before. In addition the set also includes tracks of music that was recorded for Star Trek but never used.

Mockup of TOS set box coming this fall from La-La Land

The set will be released in the fall, with a price not yet set. It will come with a 100 page booklet written by Music of Star Trek" author Jeff Bond. Here is a brand new video made for this exciting new release.

DS9 set coming too

La-La Land is also working on a new set of music from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So far the only details they were able to provide is that it will be a 4-CD set and will be available soon. We will provide an update when there is more info.


TOS Set press release


Burbank, CA — La-La Land Records proudly announces its forthcoming release of STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, a limited edition 15-CD box set, showcasing all episode scores as heard in all three original seasons of the landmark sci-fi television series STAR TREK (1966-1969). This special collection of ground-breaking, iconic music, from one of television’s most acclaimed and beloved series, has been newly remastered from studio elements and features hours of stellar material previously unreleased in any format.

Original series composers Alexander Courage, George Duning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore and Fred Steiner are all represented in this deluxe collection, their historic work meticulously assembled, restored and remastered to ensure the finest presentation and sound quality possible. A 100-Page CD Booklet, featuring exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer and Star Trek historian Jeff Bond, complements this attractive set, which is housed in a hardcover slipcase.

The collection is expected to be released in late fall 2012. It will be a limited pressing, but the total number of units to be manufactured has yet to be determined. You can help the label decide how many units will ultimately be pressed by visiting now and signing up for the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION MAILING LIST.

STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION is licensed by CBS Consumer Products and produced in cooperation with GNP Crescendo Records, the longtime home of pioneering classic Star Trek television and film soundtracks. GNP Crescendo’s Neil Norman has allowed for episode scores previously and exclusively released by Crescendo to be newly expanded and remastered for this box set, in order to make the collection as comprehensive as possible.

This release marks the kind of authoritative collection of original Trek series music that fans have desired for decades. “For 45 years, those like me who love this music could only dream about having it all,” remarks album producer Lukas Kendall. “This is the major, historical piece of sci-fi music, television music and pop culture music that we have always wanted to release in a definitive form for the collector.”

“A majority of the music featured in this set has never been released,” adds Executive Album Producer and La-La Land Records President MV Gerhard. “Of that unreleased music, there is a fairly large percentage that no one has ever heard because it was written and recorded for the show, but never featured in the episodes.” Regarding some of these previously unreleased tracks, Album Music Editor Neil S. Bulk comments, “No original music from season three, apart from the main title, has ever been released. It’s really distinct and definitely Star Trek… It’s what people have always wanted.”

“The original show was very theatrical,” says Trek historian and liner notes writer Jeff Bond. “So the music reflected that. It was huge and very expressive and thematic. And that makes it very exciting to listen to apart from the show.”

The original Trek series scores team with action, adventure and drama, but they are also infused with deep emotion and the greatness of the human spirit. Such characteristics have kept these richly orchestrated tracks vital and relevant decades beyond their original recording. “Trek was always about the human condition,” remarks Co-Executive Album Producer and La-La Land Records VP, Matt Verboys. “And the scores have that in it and I think that’s what has made both the show and its music timeless.”

For more about STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, visit now and join the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK MAILING LIST to receive important forthcoming information and announcements regarding the release, such as the official release date, the number of units pressed, pricing and much more!



1. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 10, 2012

Music to my pointed ears!

2. George - August 10, 2012


3. freezejeans - August 10, 2012

My goodness that is epic. Insta-buy!

4. Robman007 - August 10, 2012

Epic. Insta-buy. Can’t wait, already signed up for the mailing list.

5. Jeyl - August 10, 2012

La-La Land never disappoints. This will be extremely comprehensive and mind boggling.

Special thanks to GNP for allowing LLL to release music originally under their banner. This might just redeem you for not allowing the complete “The Best of Both Worlds” score on the Ron Jones project.

6. SomeRandomGuy - August 10, 2012

You know, it would’ve been nice if they released all this cool shit, you know, when there wasn’t a world recession going on, and I could actually pay for these kind of things.

7. CmdrR - August 10, 2012

Wonderul project.

8. Ensign RedShirt - August 10, 2012

I’m all over this. Signed up for the waiting list!

LaLa is doing awesome work-LOVING the TMP set.

9. Greg Schnitzer - August 10, 2012

La-La Land Records, FTW!

10. Themanle1 - August 10, 2012

Still waiting for generations, insurrection and nemesis to be released in special edition. Then my movie collection will be compete!!!

11. Mike - August 10, 2012

Very happy for those of you looking forward to the big box set, but I was hoping for some good details on DS9. Once again it is the forgotten middle child ;)

12. Son of Sarek - August 10, 2012

This will be bought, cherished, and listened to often! Following the TMP release, this fulfills my wildest dreams of owning Trek music bliss!

13. Ralph - August 10, 2012

Talk about the Holy Grail!!! Thank you so much LaLa Land!!!!
Already signed up!

14. Aldo F. Rodriguez - August 10, 2012

The Original Series soundtrack remains, to this day, the most memorable of all the Star Trek series because of the theatrical passion and integration to the story. Aside from the opening main themes. none of the other series had anything that fan’s can put a finger on say “I remember that scene!” like the Original Series has.

15. Remington Steele - August 10, 2012

Good god almighty yes!

16. Mark T - August 10, 2012

I leave the computer for a few minutes for a restroom break, and while I am gone, the nerd genie grants one of my longest-held wishes. Seeing the press release in my inbox just made this a fantastic Friday!

Now, if they could somehow do up a release of Oliver Nelson’s cues from the “Six Million Dollar Man”, I could die happy! :)

17. TrekologistJa - August 10, 2012


18. Sebastian S. - August 10, 2012

I REALLY want this….. now if you’ll excuse me I need to wipe the drool that’s pooling below me.

TOS was the only ST series where the music was as much a character as any of the actors. The rest (with only occasional exceptions) were essentially musical wallpaper. TOS’ music was iconic and memorable.

Here’s hoping that the Great Material Continuum will send me a copy….


19. SPOCKBOY - August 10, 2012

I have been waiting years for this to happen.
VERY happy about this!


20. ScottDS - August 10, 2012

Don’t forget to go to the La-La Land site and sign up for the mailing list – that’s how they’re gonna determine the quantity!

21. Andy Patterson - August 10, 2012

Now THAT’S cool news! Great, in fact!

22. kmart - August 10, 2012

Damn, I’ve been waiting 50 years to get a good recording of the battle music from Elaan of Troyius! (at 3:49 above) Used my taped off TV cassette for a solide decade + of writing and driving inspiration.

Plus somebody took my DOOMSDAY/AMOK CD, so I’m seriously jonesing for those too.

23. Reign1701A - August 10, 2012


24. Andy Patterson - August 10, 2012

I love the call sheet titles for each little cut and cue. Wish we could get to see that too in the release. That’s really cool. Is that going to be a feature too?

Wow, to have just been able to look through the vaults and find that stuff! What a cool, cool project. Bravo!

25. dep1701 - August 10, 2012

I think I may pass out!

Gonna have to start saving my quatloos NOW!

26. kmart - August 10, 2012

I’m honestly surprised some Tarantino-era filmmaker hasn’t insisted on finding these recordings earlier, to incorporate (track) into new movies, like QT has done with Morricone scores. For me, I’d’ve probably made space travel movies using music from the old NFL FILMS highlight shows.

27. Ken Thomson - August 10, 2012


28. Uberbot - August 10, 2012

OMFG!!! THIS IS SOOOO COOL!!!! I WILL HAVE IT!!! OH YES…I WILL HAVE IT!!! Unheard tracks never used?! OMG!!!! Who knew such a thing even existed!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Soundrack GODS!!!!! :-)

This is about as fan-gasmic as it gets!!!!

29. Quark - August 10, 2012

Just the music in the promotional video gave me goosebumps. Not to mention all the cool models and props.

30. Andy Patterson - August 10, 2012

Hey Jeff,

Digging your collection of props there. Impressive. Including the curved whiskey bottle. Don’t suppose you have a Gary Seven servo in your collection?

31. NCC-73515 - August 10, 2012

The level of drama in some of the generic pieces to create atmosphere was really unique… like the one with the drums, when they find a destroyed ship or outpost, or realize something bad had happened. Some of those pieces still float around my head every now and then :D

32. Adam Cohen - August 10, 2012

Okay, not caring how much this costs- I’m buying it no matter the price.

It’s amazing to see that the masters are in good condition nearly 45 years later. I’m so very excited for this one.

33. OldDarth - August 10, 2012

Wow! Just bought The Motion Picture score release and now this!



34. jimj - August 10, 2012

I just had my biggest Star Trek orgasm EVER!!!!! Pardon my blunt words, but this is a Star Trek fan who was born the same year the series went on the air! I have followed it ever since I started watching TV. The music teacher in me loves this idea and the fan in me is totally geeked out!!!! This set will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35. Elias Javalis - August 10, 2012

As much as i love the original series, truth is…its music..its not for me! I have no desire to listen to music for a 60’s made show! Now, the Ron Jones project means more to me, that’s why i got it!

DS9, i ll give it a shot!!

36. Guy Who Complained About Soundtracks For Years - August 10, 2012


37. CaesarGJ - August 10, 2012

Good lord. I so want this…I hope I can save up for it. Do we have any idea of the price range? $200? $300?

38. Dr. Cheis - August 10, 2012

So this isn’t the re-recording made for the Remastered series?

39. BeatleJWOL - August 10, 2012


Most likely it’ll be in the $200 range; the Ron Jones project box set ran for $149.99, so we’ll see.


Only the main theme was re-recorded for the remastered (and subsequent Blu-Ray) versions. That particular re-recording might show up on this set but the majority of the set will be the 1966-1969 recordings.

40. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 10, 2012

Cue up the, This will be to expensive, or a money grab, posters in

41. Jeff Bond - August 10, 2012

I don’t have a Gary Seven servo–but thanks to the convention I now DO have a universal translator, McCoy’s operating instruments and a nice Captain Pike laser pistol.

The Remastered rerecording of the main title will be on the set. And yes, the price will be about $200.

42. AJ - August 10, 2012

The ‘hoarder guy’ in me says “YES!” And the ‘practical guy’ says “NO!”

In all truth, if I want to hear this music, it’s better with an episode on the TV for context.

Any music that wasn’t actually released as part of an episode is something I would never listen to anyway, so ”practical guy’ will pass on this set while he saves up for the 8th re-issue series of Jethro Tull’s Chrysalis catalog.

Now , REALLY re-mastered!

43. George Zip - August 10, 2012

I cannot wait to order this — my only aggravation point is the whole “extremely limited edition” mindset. I understand how it drives sales, though.

44. BeatleJWOL - August 10, 2012

@43 The Ron Jones Project box set was limited to 5000 and apparently there are still copies available.

There are a buncha Trek fans out there but if they’re anything like the guy posting above you, they don’t really love the music the way they love the show; not enough to sell out a fairly substantial box set.

This being complete, however, might make all the difference.

45. BeatleJWOL - August 10, 2012

Was trying to link the FSM thread earlier with your actual comments but it wouldn’t go through so I tried to share the info the only way I could.

Thanks for keeping people in the loop! :D

46. Jeff Bond - August 10, 2012

Actually so far it looks like interest is WAY above that for the box set–LLL is very happy about the response so far. I think the Ron Jones set suffered from the perspective about the TNG music in general–it was hard to convince people that Jones’ music was NOT the “wallpaper” sound of most of the series. Also while I love Jones’ music, you ARE talking about one composer’s style there playing across 10 CDs. Here we have a 8 or 9 composers with VERY different and very distinct styles of music and a LOT more variety because of that.

47. BeatleJWOL - August 10, 2012

Works for me; I hope it sells, but hope it doesn’t sell out! :D I’m trying to add my name to the interest list but apparently my email and the site aren’t getting along so well.

It’s going to be an expensive time for Trek fans; I still haven’t nabbed any more of the complete film scores like I was planning to; that’s another $100ish for those…

48. Nelson - August 10, 2012

Hey Jeff,

This is great news! I would have liked to have been there at the convention.

I signed up on the LaLa website to be put on the list, but have not received the email back to complete the process. The server must be overloaded with the intense interest?

49. Will - August 10, 2012

Wow, I didn’t think there was more than maybe 20 minutes of original music for TOS. Cue the sound they play when something shocking happens.

50. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 10, 2012

Good news, everyone! But, I wonder what the quality will be like? The GNP Crescendo releases weren’t the best quality. I really liked the rerecordings of select episodes by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. But, I am assuming this 15-disc set of TOS music is the original tapes remastered?

51. Thomas Jensen - August 10, 2012

This is exactly what I’ve wished for many years. Especially when I’ve heard a fan film use third season music in it’s episodes. I kept thinking, “hey, I don’t have that, how’d you get it?” Star Trek’s music evokes so much. The music was just one more aspect from the ‘real’ Star Trek we old fans always loved. And since many of us ‘taped’ the episodes, the music became a part of what Star Trek was.

The big question for me is, “Jeff, will the “Pseudo Brahms Esq.” by Ivan Ditmars be included as well?

52. Rush Limborg - August 11, 2012

Personally, I can’t wait until they release the DS9 music! Here’s hoping they include the special “character melody” Chattaway composed specifically for Ezri Dax–something he rarely did for the characters.

53. Jeff Bond - August 11, 2012

Pseudo Brahms is on the set–every piece of music you heard played on TOS will be included. So not only Pseudo Brahms, but those harpsichord pieces Trelane played…

54. Logan - August 11, 2012

JJ should just score the new movie using these TOS classic cues. No offense to the great work of Giacchino, but come on. This stuff is classic, and epic.

55. VulcanFilmCritic - August 11, 2012

@14 Aldo F. Rodriguez. Agreed!
Music is what set this series apart from any other. And what an extensive soundtrack! In some episodes, even individual characters (like Edith Keeler) had their own themes. I want it, but I don’t really want to have it.
I just can’t believe that it takes 15 CD’s to deliver all this music. Reminds me of the last days of VHS. A TV series could take up a whole shelf. I’m hoping that soon there will be a more efficient way to own it, like a download.
I’d love to have a set, but I just don’t have the space for such a large box of plastic.
Weren’t CD’s supposed to be able to cram a lot of data into a small space?
Beautiful, but not entirely logical.

56. Andy Patterson - August 11, 2012


Dig it. I’m envious. Youve got quite a haul. Fun to be an adult and finally own the toys we always wished we’re available when we were kids. Or that’s what I tell my wife.

I’m very pleased this project is using the original tapes, not re recorded by the “mid cities Slavic pop orchestra ” or some such thing. Those guys playing back then had a sound and unique style. I never have liked the remastered Trek credit theme. Different sound concepts. Different tone quality even. I mean, great players, but different. Jars me out of the moment every time. Those old guys meant business. Even their subtle mistakes are fun to hear.

Also, I for one am fascinated to hear music of that period that was meant to to be used, yet never was. What a treat. I will eat that up. Everyone needs to listen to those Steiner and Gerald Fried’s interviews on those American archive things to appreciate what they were doing; who they were…the depth of their talent.

Bring it on.

57. SFC3 - August 11, 2012

Finally the music to Metamorphosis!

58. ST:EXP - August 11, 2012

Would be excellent if they’d stop releasing CD format.

This is all going to be ripped to file format once I buy it anyway.

Now how about all the 50+ guys here start yelling they want CDs…

59. Robert Bernardo - August 11, 2012

I must have it!

60. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 11, 2012

C.B.S sure is doing a lot! of things for Star Trek lately. That is of course a very good thing.
Maybe C.B.S is looking at the idea of something a little bigger in the future!.
Say a new series!.

61. Smike - August 11, 2012

@58: I can’t help but feel personally offended by your statement. You know, there are COLLECTORS out there who don’t care about mp3 downloads at all but want to have something real…

And nope, I’m NOT 50+ but 32…nonetheless I love collecting soundtracks on CD.

Why do you want them to stop selling CDs? Why not selling both? I can live with people prefering mp3 downloads but I want my good oldfashioned CDs…

62. darendoc - August 11, 2012

I want mine in a box set of 45 LP Vinyl Records. :) “good old fashioned CDs” … indeed… lol

63. Loran Alan Davis - August 11, 2012

@62 – Not good enough, I want mine on wax or acetate cylinders. Seriously, I am 53, and yes – I prefer real books, CDs, and DVDs.

I do have a question: Was Gerald Fried (the sole-surviving OS composer) in any way involved with this project?

64. Elvis Shatner - August 11, 2012

You WILL be mine… My precious!!! yes…! Yes! YES!!! Oh god YESSSSS!!!!!!

65. Driver - August 11, 2012

15 WAV CDs could be remastered onto 2 MP3 CDs….and cost way less.

66. Dan - August 11, 2012


67. darendoc - August 11, 2012

The cost isn’t in making discs. The cost is in the music licenses and royalties. 20+ hours of music is expensive to produce… and this is a bargain… it’s gonna be around 12-13 dollars a disc… right? And this is for CD quality, not some compressed nightmare. If you want them to fit on two mp3 discs, by all means… rip away… but let us have the higher quality so we can decide for ourselves.

68. Driver - August 11, 2012

Put it on both formats and see which prevails in sales.

69. CarlG - August 11, 2012

Shut up and take my nonexistent money!!!

70. BeatleJWOL - August 11, 2012

It absolutely should be released on both formats.

Then people with no ears and only an iThing to listen to music on will be happy and the rest of us who actually appreciate what real quality audio sounds like will enjoy the CDs.

Although, I do like the Blu-Ray audio idea somebody posted earlier; can you imagine this music in the equivalent of DTS-HD Master Audio?

71. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - August 11, 2012


72. Driver - August 11, 2012

There you go. 99% of people won’t hear any difference between WAV and MP3

73. BeatleJWOL - August 11, 2012

I think you’re overstating the numbers a bit, but you do have a point; compressed files for audio are definitely getting there! LAME codec MP3 files sound very good, and Apple’s AAC codec can sound even better than MP3 in some instances.

But why eliminate so much from the source when you don’t have to? It IS missing something, and people that really do love music and upgrade their systems may very well start to hear what’s missing, and I’d hate for someone to have something like this in mp3 format, dig it out in 10 years and realize it sounds like [insert offensive euphemism here] and never listen to it again because it sounds fairly awful on their new equipment.

Still waiting on my lossless downloads, Apple.

74. darendoc - August 11, 2012

But Driver, your comment was that it would be cheaper as an mp3… and I’m saying that it couldn’t be. That was my point. The licensing is the cost here.

75. Red Dead Ryan - August 11, 2012

Man, oh man, does the idea of owning the TOS Music Collection sound good! But it may be out of my price range though!

76. Nelson - August 11, 2012

An option for a FLAC download would be cool too Darren. I agree, the highest resolution possible is best. And CDs are the best mainstream medium. But even higher resolution that FLAC can do could be very cool.

I only rip at lossless, so no compression.

77. captain_root - August 11, 2012

Judging by the description of this set, any GM (that’s Game Master for the non-RPG crowd) who runs Star Trek adventures set in the TOS era should definitely get this! I know I will! :)

78. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 11, 2012

Will no one consider the deaf? MP3 has always been the preferred format of the deaf!

79. "The Captain's Neck Is Broken" - August 11, 2012

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! My prayers have been answered!

80. John Carter - August 11, 2012

Finally, the fan films will have more music to use!

81. DavidJ - August 11, 2012

49. Ha ha, I was thinking the same thing. It always sounded to me like they took the music from the first 10 episodes or so, and then reused that REPEATEDLY throughout the rest series.

It’s hard to imagine how every track on this 15-disc set could be a UNIQUE piece of music, and not just a bunch of different variations of the same few themes.

82. Andy Patterson - August 11, 2012

So jazzed by this I keep visiting this thread just to read it again. Too cool for school. And that’s the truth ’cause I start back in two weeks.

Really hope there are some cool innards to hold and read. Would love to see up close, the cue sheets. I like the tangible. I like to hold and look at it. I like to have it on my shelf. I noticed they transfered those cue titles over to the Pro Tools set up. What a cool project that must have been to work on. Dig it, dig it, dig it!

Looking forward to all the unused stuff. What a gold mine of musical and historical perspective to have. And yes, I’m looking forward to hearing alternate/ unused “The Way to Eden” tracks.

83. Uberbot - August 11, 2012

#81 — you need a better imagination. This set will contain the greatest music ever written for Trek! :-) And its about freakin time. I’ve waited literally decades for this awesome music!!

84. Shatoupee - August 11, 2012

Finally! Congrats LLL Records, Jeff Bond, and company. I guess the hold-up all these years was GNP. I registered at LLL, but got no email back.

85. Pinsent - August 11, 2012

No email return from LaLaLand….
I really want this one – format doesn’t matter, if I could get a tin can with a string attached to listen to this I’d be happy.

86. Shatoupee - August 11, 2012

I read on another forum that the “library cues” (re-recordings of original music tracks used in subsequent episodes) are included in this set. Awesome! What about the Brahm’s Lullaby, Uhura playing the piano for Trelane (Roses from the South, I think is the title), Uhura singing about Spock and Charlie in Charlie X, Uhura singing Beyond Antares in Conscience of the King, Spock singing Bitter Dregs, Goodnight Sweetheart on the radio in City on the Edge of Forever, etc.?

Are all original track titles, as named by the composer, known?

87. darendoc - August 11, 2012

I think it’s clear in Jeff Bond’s statement… “Every piece of music recorded for the original series… ” :)

88. Jeff Bond - August 11, 2012

Yes–and if all goes well everything you mentioned will be on the set. Every piece of music recorded for the series is included.

…Star Trek DID track its music from season to season–the first 8 episodes or so would get original music, then that music would be sliced and diced for the remainder of the season. Then in the next season, a few of those cues might be rerecorded with variations or different tempos. So there will be three or four CDs of library music but 9 or 10 CDs of original scores written for specific episodes–something like 17 hours of total music.

89. bmar - August 11, 2012

Interesting – the reaction you get when you listen to these cues is indeed, truly transporting. You can instantly visualize scenes in your head. Very few pieces of music can do that. The only one that I can think of, besides Trek, and the obvious one of the original Star Wars soundtrack – is, believe it or not, the sound track of the music Carl Stalling wrote and recorded for all of the Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes cartoons – you listen to that stuff and you can’t help but smile, because, with no images – just music, you can instantly picture the scenes in your head.

90. Shatoupee - August 11, 2012

Awesome, Jeff Bond. Thanks for the reply. This is the boxed-set I’ve wanted for 30 years!!

91. Martin Anderson - August 11, 2012

If we get a release of The Siege of AR-558 ‘s soundtrack, I would be ecstatic!

92. ErichWood - August 11, 2012

Anyone interested in buying this for me ?
All offers will be accepted.
Why is it the only music I can think of from Trek right now is the swinging space hippy music ( with Spock on the Vulcan Lyre) from “The Way to Eden”?

93. Borzisc - August 11, 2012

Jeff, do you know if FSM will do an article on the release? Would you author the article? Also, thanks to Verisimilitude for providing the front-left and front-right DVD rips of soundtracks. That was a great collection to listen to while we waited for this release.

Does anyone have an ETA on an Oliver Nelson’s $6M Man or Hoyt Curtin’s Hanna-Barbera: Herculoids, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Birdman, Galaxy Trio, …?

94. Robman007 - August 11, 2012

Leave it to Trek fans to find something to complain about when it comes to something so cool.

“Awesome CD set, but i want MP3 format instead.” “New movie is out bringing Trek back, but it’s not MY star trek, so I’ll hate on it beyond all logical reasoning”

So sad

95. izmunuti - August 11, 2012

WOW!!! I had supposed the original tapes didn’t exist, or else, why did others, with past soundtracks, go to the expense of hiring orchestras to recreate the same music?

I love this music. It has been ingrained in my brain.


96. Scott B. here. - August 11, 2012

This is my first post on TrekMovie in over a year. This news has broken my silence. I cannot believe that letter (remember those?) I wrote to Neil Norman in 1988 has finally borne fruit. :-) I am stunned with happiness.

I’ll be owning this, despite cost and the space it will take up. Finally: “Friday’s Child,” “Conscience of the King,” “Metamorphosis,” “Patterns of Force,” “Paradise Syndrome,” “Elaan of Troyius” … plus unaired tracks? Holy mackerel.

I look forward to reading Jeff Bond’s liner notes too (I just received the expanded “Phantom” soundtrack yesterday; great job on that, Jeff!)

What a great moment in history to be alive.

Scott B. out.

97. matthew - August 11, 2012

anyone else want that model of the enterprise more than the music itself? :)

98. Cervantes - August 11, 2012

Fantastic news indeed. 15 cds worth of pure nostalgic gold! Thanks for doing this La-La Land Records.

99. dep1701 - August 11, 2012

@97; That model in the video is the limited edition and sold out commercially available “Master Replicas model” from about 4 years ago. Read about it here:
You can still ocassionally find someone selling them on ebay, but it’ll cost you a LOT more than this box set will.

To Jeff Bond: Thanks so much to you, Lukas Kendall and everyone at LA LA Land and GNP for making this happen. Thank whatever deity appeals to you that there are people who care about these soundtracks enough to do the work to make them available to the fans. Companies like LA LA Land, Film Score Monthly, Screen Archives and Intrada are catering to a very select niche audience who do care about hearing wonderful music like this, free of dialogue, sound effects and edits for time.

Dreams do come true. And yes, I am one of those who want a full fidelity CD set. I don’t like only having MP3s. Then if something happens and my files are wiped ( it has happened ), I always have the discs in my library. Then nobody can unpost them, or delete them, or otherwise make them unavailable.

Just like I’d rather read a book than an Ipad. Books dont require power…just light.

100. Steve Gennarelli - Tampa FL - August 11, 2012

There is so much great music in the original Classic “Star Trek”.

The music that stands out the most though is George Duning’s classic music for “Return to Tomorrow”, “The Empath”, “Metamorphosis” to name a few.

His soaring theme used when Shatner gives his dramatic speech about why we’re in space in “Return to Tomorrow” is one reason of many that “Star Trek” has endured and remained so engaging 5 decades later.

101. Dan - August 11, 2012

again OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

102. tdrake1701 - August 11, 2012

My name is Tom
I’m a geek
And this on on Christmas list.

103. ST:EXP - August 11, 2012

Ridiculous replies about wanting CD release vs digital files because of full audio quality. The very nature of scaling down to archaic 25 year old CD technology is a loss in audio quality.

Digital file release in pure higher-than-CD mastering bitrate and resolution *is exactly why to not release CD*

wanting the ~80 min disc limitation is a wasteful and pointless endeavour. its an old format. its more waste generated than a single elegant release on a USB stick designed in the style of a TOS replica prop item

What % of consumers want to deal with 15 cds? very small… but vocally dominant… marketshare. like most of TOS fandom…. the irony of being a fan of a futuristic drama and IDIC, etc, but angry about any change to their settled norms.

“im familiar with CDs from the 90s… so thats the way audio releases should be in purpetuity!!!!”

mainstream lossless audio formats trump 44.1 wav CDs, folks.

104. Andy Patterson - August 11, 2012

That’s a good idea. I’d take the USB stick too. But, …I still want the box CD set. This coming from someone who still has their Star Wars and Godfather sets on video.

105. BeatleJWOL - August 11, 2012


Bring it on.
Get me my hi-def lossless audio experience. I welcome it!

Unfortunately the trend is sliding downward in quality, not up, so we’re lucky to be getting these releases on CD at all, rather than everybody’s favorite iFormat.

Yes there may be fans out there who are crying “give me what I know!” but they don’t include me.

106. SIP - August 11, 2012


24/96 uncompressed audio would be great.

But make no mistake: the toughest market this collection has to please is the film music collector, who insists on physical media that can sit on a shelf comfortably alongside their other 1000+ scores.

107. Anthony Thompson - August 11, 2012

I’m onboard!

108. - August 12, 2012

Look at the list below. Of the 79 episodes of the original series (80 if you count “The Cage”), there were 33 with significant amounts of new, orchestral music.

This is NOT counting various re-recordings such as was done for “The Tholian Web.” It’s also not counting Uhura playing Trelane’s harpsichord in “The Squire of Gothos,” nor Spock’s playing the piano in “Requiem for Methuselah,” nor the songs in “The Way to Eden.” That’s not even counting episodes that had small amounts of new music, such as “The Omega Glory” and “Patterns of Force.”

33/80 means that over 40% of the original series had significant amounts of new, and mostly compelling music. Even an abysmal episode like “And the Children Shall Lead” had music that when reused in “Day of the Dove” was suddenly revealed to be quite good.

Many thanks to everyone at La La Land Records for all their hard work in putting the set together! I’ve been waiting years for this.

01) The Cage
02) Where No Man Has Gone Before
03) The Corbomite Maneuver
04) Mudd’s Women
05) The Enemy Within
06) The Man Trap
07) The Naked Time
08) Charlie X
09) Balance of Terror
10) What Are Little Girls Made Of?
11) The Conscience of the King
12) Shore Leave
13) The City on the Edge of Forever
14) Catspaw
15) Metamorphosis
16) Friday’s Child
17) Who Mourns for Adonais?
18) Amok Time
19) The Doomsday Machine
20) Mirror, Mirror
21) I, Mudd
22) The Trouble With Tribbles
23) By Any Other Name
24) Return To Tomorrow
25) Spectre of the Gun
26) Elaan of Troyius
27) The Paradise Syndrome
28) The Enterprise Incident
29) And the Children Shall Lead
30) Spock’s Brain
31) Is There In Truth No Beauty?
32) The Empath
33) Plato’s Stepchildren

109. Dennis Sisterson - August 12, 2012

I’ll pay extra if you they leave out the hippie songs from “The Way to Eden”! (Kidding.)
This is brilliant – time to hunt down the back of the sofa for lost change.

110. Driver - August 12, 2012

This will be a 1 channel(mono) release? As heard on 1960’s TVs? If it’s in stereo wouldn’t that fundamentally change the original intent?

111. Zoidgarth - August 12, 2012

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite score on the citadel.

Seriously though, I’m really looking forward to this, I love TOS music. It has complexity, while keeping to the limitations of what music on TV could be back then. Sure they reused themes, sometimes over used them such as the fight music from Amok Time, but there’s also the music you don’t realise is there. the slow version of the fight music when Kirk is talking to Spock in his quarters, which I was disappointed wasn’t on the CD of The Original Star Trek Box I got which had the Amok Time music on it.
The thing I’m looking forward to the most isn’t the big fanfare scores it’s the slower scores that convey mood, the scores people don’t think of when they think of Star Trek. Hopefully this will truly be the ultimate score soundtrack for TOS, with every piece of music.

112. Malformed - August 12, 2012

Just listen to how great the music sounds on the video teaser. Rich, full and with tremendous presence,

I am sooooooooooooo excited.

And, I still don’t have my email from LaLa… > ; (

113. Uberbot - August 12, 2012

#110 — I sure HOPE it’s not mono!! I hope the take the time to remaster these tracks as they deserve. Listening to the music alone should not be the same experience as listening to the episodes…

114. Curious Cadet - August 12, 2012

@ 110

Driver, are you kidding, I hope?

There is no original intent when it comes to 1960s TV audio. The only director I’ve ever heard who intended his movies to purposefully be released in mono, was Stanly Kubrick, who did so because of his perceived inconsistencies of theater sound systems. But he was a strange man.

And regardless of the intent of the filmmaker for the final production mix, the music is always recorded in stereo where possible, because it’s music. Listening to it by itself was always intended to be stereo. How we ended up hearing it in the fully mixed show is more a by-product of the technology at the time the show was mixed, regardless of what the producer’s might have preferred — and mono was likely not their first choice as the 1960s were the zenith of stereophonic sound.

Would you also have the music volume adjusted up and down as it was mixed in the show to clear for dialogue and effects, because this was the original intent? And have the restored score butchered to match the relatively poor edits made to accommodate new picture for which it was never written? Original intent has its place, but this ain’t one of ’em.

115. Kevin - August 12, 2012

I guess I’m just not understanding how TOS can have 15 discs worth of music. As great and iconic as the TOS music was, much of it was just the same re-used cues and scores through out the series… Everything I’ve read indicates that only a few episodes each season were composed for and scored and then that music was just rearranged/ re-cut and used for subsequent episodes. This was done for budget reason, of course.

116. Driver - August 12, 2012

Hey, just asking. Are you positive it was mastered in stereo? If so, great. They could have had it remixed it for SACD and included that and the stereo mix on the same CD. Then to me it would be worth the price they’re going to want.

117. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 12, 2012

A set of Voyager music would be great for insomnia!

118. SIP - August 12, 2012

@ 114

Woody Allen, to this day, also prefers mono.

119. Caesar - August 12, 2012

#115: See post #108.

120. Driver - August 12, 2012

I have the LaLaLand CDs of both Land of the Giants and Lost in Space. These CDs are not touted on their covers as stereo or mono. Curious, I ripped them to my desktop and used Audacity to analyze. The music is mono, duplicated and split to left and right channels. These were very expensive shows to produce, LOTGs being $250,000 per episode. Yet they never bothered to make the music stereo.

121. ZeroBANG - August 12, 2012

very interested in the DS9 set.
( TOS not sooo much… )
i’m listening to Star Trek music while playing Star Trek Online a lot,
and i notice that even though i have most official soundtracks i am lacking any Dominion or Cardassian themes.

The Species 8472 score from Scorpion is also high on my wanted list.

122. Jeff Bond - August 12, 2012

TV music of the 60s was always broadcast in mono. We do have some stereo material on the album but the majority was mixed to mono and those are the sources we have–however it all sounds stupendous, far better than any original Trek music that’s ever been released–believe me, even in that big hall we announced the set in, the music sounded great.
There are about 30 episodes of Star Trek with music scores recorded for them. And we do include all the library music recorded for the series, so yes, there are variations of some of the same music–but that is in the minority and we’re still talking at least a dozen CDs of totally original music in the set with the rest devoted to library cues and source music (and some musically created sound effects).

123. Driver - August 12, 2012

Thanks Jeff, for clearing that up.

124. Scott B. here. - August 12, 2012

Jeff, thanks for weighing in on some of the comments and questions. I have one that is taxing the limits of my arithmetical skills.

On the video, Mr. Davis said there was 75 hours of material. How is is possible to fit all of that onto only 15 discs? Don’t CDs max out at about 80 minutes? 80 x 15 discs = 1200 minutes or 20 hours of material. What am I doing wrong?

Scott B. out.

125. spock - August 12, 2012


126. Neil S. Bulk - August 12, 2012

The tapes we had transferred contained every recorded take for the series. When cut down to just the selected takes, we wind up with about 17 hours of music.

127. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2012

Again, bring it on. I’ll listen to every minute of it

128. BeatleJWOL - August 12, 2012

Here’s a question for those in the know.

Were there any takes that made anybody go “hmm, that was interesting”, or are they all pretty much just failed and/or incomplete attempts at the final version?

129. BeatleJWOL - August 12, 2012

Alternate takes, I should say.

130. Scott B. here. - August 13, 2012

Thanks for clearing that up, Neil.

As insane as this sounds, I’d happily listen to all 75 hours of material. Repeatedly. :-) I envy you guys the editing process.

It’s sort of like those unused frames of film from TOS that Lincoln Enterprises used to sell back in the day. I still regret not buying more of those.

Scott B. out.

131. Uberbot - August 13, 2012

I wish we could hear those alternate takes you’re sorting through. I’d be curious to know if they are composed differently or just contain flubs…

132. Curious Cadet - August 13, 2012

@ 128

Most likely they were not alternate takes, but rather parts of the take that were either poorly executed, or needed subtle changes to tempo, dynamics, or rhythm.

Keep in mind in those days, there was very little isolation between the instruments. The entire orchestra sat in the same room together and if one instrument missed a note, they had to do it all over again. They couldn’t just “punch-in” the way we do today.

Doomsday Machine is a perfect example. That is an enormous amount of complicated music to record in one session, and it shows. There are several takes that end up in the final mix that would not be tolerated under ordinary circumstances, out of tune, missed notes, poorly executed passages. I can only imagine that these were the results of several takes, either the best of them, or the best edited together.

I would expect many cues had to be performed an average of 3 times each. They probably recorded the first rehearsal in case they got lucky, then the second pass, and then an alternate or “safety” for editing or in case of undetected damage to the tapes. The more complicated cues probably had several more takes, or even sections of takes they could edit for problematic performance areas.

So, no, this is not material even star trek fans would want to hear.

Ocassionally, there were probably alternate takes with a slightly different instrumentation, but there is likely not anything significant here. Sometimes the composer just needs to hear something to realize he really doesn’t want a clarinet on a particular passage, or a trumpet line is too distracting.

It seems like any truly alternate takes, or unique unused material they are already giving us in the 17 hours.

But that’s just my experience … Like the stereo issue, I’m sure the very responsive experts will let us know for sure. But I would be surprised if they are withholding anything worth listening to.

However, one thing I would like to know … Jeff Bond indicates that most everything was mixed to mono, considering that there is over 75 hours of material, I’m assuming this was not multitracked in any way, but rather mixed live to mono (since usually only the tracks they want to keep are mixed). This would certainly explain why there are so many takes, since they couldn’t even remix a bad performance. This seems likely since multi-track recording technology was in its infancy in 1966 and very expensive for TV which was essentially going to be broadcast mono. Though I’m sure the composers would have preferred stereo, one plus of mono is that we get much more preserved fidelity after 45+ years by having the signal recorded over the full width of the tape. Though I am glad to hear we will get some stereo material … I can’t wait to hear how some of these cues sound mixed this way …

133. Scott B. here. - August 13, 2012

One more question for Neil or Jeff or anyone in the know: will each track be discrete and isolated, or will there be tracks that are combined into (for lack of a better word) “suites?”

My preference would be for each one to be isolated, but if grouping related tracks into lengthier single tracks means we get more content, I won’t complain. Just curious.

Many thanks!
Scott B. out.

134. Andy Patterson - August 13, 2012

I’d like to hear even takes that were messed up.

There’s a clam one of the trumpets makes in Finnegan’s song as he and Kirk are fighting. All fun for me to hear. It shows even the pros are human. Miles Davis’s clams are some of my favorite parts of his music these days. Adds character.

135. SPOCKBOY - August 13, 2012

Neil S. Bulk and Jeff Bond, thank you.
Very happy about this finally happening. :)

136. Spock's Other Brain - August 13, 2012

I pray god they’re not dumb enough to release these multitrack recording s in inferior mono when superior stereo is readily available to them. Stereo has, in fact, become the standard manner in which Star Trek music (on LPs, CDs, and on the DVDs of the show itself) has been made available to the public for many years now. To all those who inexplicably hate stereo: if you can’t bear to hear this music in enveloping, dynamic stereo sound, all you have to do is push the mono button. The standards of sound reproduction will then be lowered to meet your standards.
Of course, by now, the decision has already been made. And judging by the preview, antiquated, inferior, all-sounds-congealed-into-a-single-lump, mono sound was chosen, and the super stupid decision is the one we’ll have to live with.
Nevertheless, I’ll pray that intelligence might yet prevail and we will receive this product in an optimal form rather than have to settle for less .

137. Spock's Other Brain - August 13, 2012

#132. How can you say that the music wasn’t recorded multitrack? All of the GNP releases have been stereo.

138. Herb Flinn - August 13, 2012

Wait, there’s are the original 1960’s recordings? The ones that have been collecting dust at Desilu/Paramount for over 45 years?

139. Jeff Bond - August 13, 2012

Yes. And the GNP albums were in “false stereo,” which I believe is just creating a microscopic delay or something between two identical tracks of music.
To “Spock’s Other Brain”…I’m going to try to ignore what appears to be your tone, but no one involved in this project “chose” whether to release this music in stereo or mono. We used the elements that were available–mono elements were released as mono, stereo elements were released as stereo. Any “decisions” regarding the stereo or non-stereo status of those elements were made almost half a century ago, so even praying to your god isn’t going to alter those facts.

140. Neil S. Bulk - August 13, 2012

You and your facts, Jeff! It’s like you’re some sort of expert just because you actually got to hold and inspect some of these tapes!

141. JR - August 13, 2012

GREAT! Cannot wait… but i will.

142. Uberbot - August 13, 2012

Mono…stereo…whatever it is — i’ll buy it!! I’m just glad these scores are finally bein released. Thanks for all you do, Jeff!!

143. Spock's Other Brain - August 13, 2012

Someday I’ll learn to cool off before I post something, anything. Until then, I apologize for my angry tone. I’ve listened carefully through headphones and I have to admit, I was wrong. The GNP issues are not really stereo. They just seem to undulate amorphously and my imagination did the rest (damn, I would have sworn those soundtracks were in stereo).
With the Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond (and some parts of The Outer Limits) soundtracks available in Stereo and Star Trek episodes presented in stereo, I assumed that Star Trek music also existed in stereo. But, apparently, it does not. My bad.

144. Jeff Bond - August 13, 2012

Like I said, we have some stereo material, but the bulk of it is mono, and in great sound as far as I’m concerned. Another thing: part of the agreement with the union back in the day was that all recorded music would be DESTROYED at the end of each season in order to prevent it from being tracked into subsequent seasons. Obviously this was ignored in many many cases–but the point is we’re lucky to have this music available at all. A lot of people have worked very hard to make this sound as good as it possibly can and I think the results are terrific–this is a historic release, as I don’t believe any television series’s music has been so completely preserved the way this release does it.

145. Curious Cadet - August 13, 2012

@ 134

Andy, I hear ya. It would certainly be interesting to hear each take, perhaps released on DVD with optional commentary as to what made one take superior to another, or why it wasn’t used.

However, for this release, that would be too much work (and money) for an audience who largely would not be interested in hearing poorly performed cues. Maybe one day a test case, using the score for an undeniable favorite “Doomsday Machine”, which arguably posed the most ambitious challenges of the series.

In this case, yes the pros are human, but they were also rushed and overworked. They had a lot of muck to crank out in those sessions, and when they weren’t missing a note, the equipment might screw up a take. Star Trek reached for the stars alright, but their budget was spread too thin as a result and ocassionally it showed …

146. James - August 13, 2012

I second Scott’s question (Back at #133 on this list). Will the pieces of music be released as individual tracks, or will several pieces of music be bundled together to form longer tracks?

I’m hoping that they’ll be individual tracks for each piece (Even the short stinger pieces that only run a few seconds), which would make accessing a piece you want to hear much, much easier. When they’re grouped together, like they were on the Crescendo releases or La La Land’s sole Lost In Space album, it always seems that the piece I want is in the middle of a track, sandwiched between other pieces of music.

Also, will this collection be including things like the short piece of music used in the mid-break bumper from when the series originally aired? An example of this would be the second bumper shown here:

I know things like that are obscure and small, but their inclusion will ultimately make the set that much richer, so I hope they’re there!

And, since the question hasn’t been answered yet, will those few songs created for the series, like “Beyond Antares,” be in the set, or were no masters for those located?

147. Marc B. from Chicago - August 13, 2012

@Jeff Bond,

Jeff, I’m interested in talking to you or someone at La La Land about this release…specifically what they plan to do when the boxed sets eventually sell out (since not everyone here, including myself, is interested in CD’s).

And they will sell out! :)

Let me know if there’s an email address where I can hit you up.

148. Andy Patterson - August 13, 2012

Hey Jeff,

I certainly appreciate what you guys did. Again, well done.

149. Jeff Bond - August 14, 2012

My email is

As far as the track grouping goes, many tracks are placed individually (and all library cues are separate) but there is some grouping of tracks; not in “suites” or anything but groups of 2-3 tracks to deal with the numerous short cues and stings.

The NBC bumpers were not part of the original elements unfortunately.

150. Scott B. here. - August 14, 2012

Thanks for the answers, Jeff, about grouping of tracks, and for engaging with us rabble to answer our questions and concerns. :-)

I hope my questions haven’t come off as finger-wagging or ultimatums. I recognize that you and the others involved with this project love Trek and are doing your darndest to make this the best it possibly can be. I know I’m going to love this set, and will appreciate all the care and work that will have gone into it.

Scott B. out.

151. Patrick Gleeson - August 14, 2012

Jeff many thanks for the interesting and revealing information – I await with excitement the release date :-)

152. Caesar - August 14, 2012

Love hearing from Mr. Bond (said in a villainous accent) on this. I can’t wait for the release…I just have to start saving…

153. Jorg Sacul - August 14, 2012

Must have. This is as important as a complete Beatles collection!

154. James - August 14, 2012

Jeff, thank you for the quick response, to my questions and the many coming from other people! I can safely say that we all appreciate it, as well as appreciating how much work you and Neil and the rest of the crew are putting into this release.

While I’m disappointed that all the pieces won’t be kept on separate tracks, it certainly won’t keep me from buying and enjoying the set!

As far as the bumper music goes, well, no one can blame you for not including something you don’t have! I was just hoping that it might have been tacked on at the end of one of the regular sessions.

Still curious about the songs, though. ;-)

Thanks again for the response!

155. Scott Macy - August 14, 2012

#121 – The Species 8472 score from Scorpion is also high on my wanted list.

I too would REALLY like to get my hands on that music!

156. Jeff Bond - August 14, 2012

All songs and source music are on the set pending a few negotiations. The hippy songs are definitely there as well as numerous others. I think that’s one of the things that will give some added appeal to this–while plenty of people are interested in the scores, there’s also a lot of things specifically related to character that I think people will find fascinating–Uhura singing, Spock playing the piano, Trelane’s harpsichord, the space hippy jam session–music that you relate to specific characters onscreen.

157. James - August 14, 2012

Glad to hear about the songs! I hope the remaining negotiations go quickly and smoothly, so they can all be included!

You’re right about the specific character pieces! They each stand out because they are so firmly engrained with the character who performed them and the scenes in which they were used. It’ll be impossible not to hear them without those specific moments from the episodes coming immediately to mind!

And thank you again for the speedy response to all of our questions!

158. Sq. Trelane - August 14, 2012

Can you tell us from which episodes some of the unused material is from?

159. Shatoupee - August 14, 2012

Some of the music from “Amok Time” on the DVDs is in stereo, as are a few tracks on the DVD for “The Cage.” Wondering what else will be in stereo on the TOS boxed set.

160. Driver - August 14, 2012

I have the LP record of music from “The Cage” & “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. I transferred them to my comp via USB from my turntable. Although the album has the stereo label, it is not in stereo. Again they made right and left signals by duplicating a mono track. It would be misleading to present the new set as something it isn’t or mostly isn’t. Except for the true stereo tracks, the rest is not even pseudo stereo unless some effort has been made to that extent.

161. Skeptical - August 15, 2012

I’m skeptical that all the music used in the show would fit on 15 discs (and yes, I have read the comments up to this point about it). The reason being that, years ago, I obtained through unofficial channels a bootleg collection of mp3s that serious, serious fans had been putting together under the banner of the “Star Trek Project”. Let it be stated that I always replace bootlegs with official, licensed content as soon as it becomes available — so when this set comes out I will buy it day one.

In this series, each episode of TOS has its own “album”, and I don’t believe (but don’t know for sure) any music is repeated between albums (hence some albums are a mere 10 minutes long, others ~30). I only managed to get my hands on 33 of them (less than half), and the total duration of those is 14:58:47 (hh:mm:ss). Basic extrapolation would predict at least 30 hours for the whole series. So to say there are only 17 hours total of used material, when at less than half the series we already have 15 hours accounted for, seems a bit off to me.

Either way, though, the set looks epic and I will own it!

162. Curious Cadet - August 15, 2012

@ 161

I’m not sure where your music came from, was it all of the original cues somehow leaked out of Hollywood while the show was being produced? Or was it cues extrapolated from the actual series combined with dialogue and effects that were equalized out? I googled “Star Trek Project” but there are a lot of projects utilizing this title.

Either way, it sounds like what you have is each episode’s music catalogued onto a single disc. The problem with this, if they are matching cue for cue contained in the episode, much of the music contained in each episode is “library”, or music that was tracked from another episode it was originally composed for. They only recorded original music for a few of the episodes every season. Therefore, much of the music in most episodes of Star Trek is an exact duplicate, or various edits or combinations of edits (some better executed than others) of music originally written for other episodes.

My understanding of this project is that we are getting only the original cues from the original episode for which it was written. There are no duplicates, or edited variations, as might have appeared in other episodes as tracked library. That easily explains why there are only (only!) 17 hours of original non-duplicated music. It also means if one of your favorite cues was from a tracked episode and was actually a combination of two different cues from two different episodes, you probably won’t be getting that in this release.

I’m sure the lurking experts will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is the case.

Thinking about this does raise a new question for me … If an original cue has additional material that was edited out for the episode it was written for, will we be getting it in its original form, and/or edited the way it was presented in the episode? I feel like there are a few original music episodes with what appear to be obvious edits in the cue to accommodate last minute picture changes. I could be wrong, but …

163. Jeff Bond - August 15, 2012

You’re correct. While some cues are combined because they were recorded separately, but designed to flow into one piece of music in the actual score, edits that were done for time, or later on in tracked episodes to make preexisting cues conform to onscreen action they weren’t written for, would not be duplicated in the set. So yes, particularly in a number of library cues, you will hear additional music–preambles and resolutions–that never played in the episodes.
I think I have a few of the “Star Trek Project” CDs–these are something like 10th generation dubs of the music EXACTLY as heard in the episodes, including all of the tracked episodes, so yes, there is a tremendous amount of duplication of music there and it those discs are not a very good way of gauging the amount of music written for the series if you’re just totalling up the number of minutes of music on each CD and ignoring the repetition. As I stated, ALL music recorded for the series is included on the set and it all will fit on 15 CDs.

164. Andy Patterson - August 15, 2012

Man, every time I read or think about it,…too cool! Just to have gone into the vaults and hear the raw tracks. To look through all that.Some people garden, some people go fishing, some people golf,….this would be right up my alley. Would love every minute of it. Too cool.

165. borzisc - August 15, 2012

The project was called: “The Complete Scores Project”. It was completed by someone called: Verisimilitude, and he acquired the music by recording the front-left and front-right DVD sound, which primarly had music, with some sound effects. He created a booklet describing his method and his attempt to contain only original music with no duplication. As of the third iteration in the project, the music was from the following episodes with the duration in minutes listed:

1. The Cage 40
2. Where No Man Has Gone Before 35
3. The Corbomite Maneuver 15
4. Mudd’s Women 32
5. The Enemy Within 24
6. The Man Trap 29
7. The Naked Time 38
8. Charlie X 34
9. Balance of Terror 11
10. What Are Little Girls Made Of? 15
13. The Conscience of the King 32
17. Shore Leave 25
28. The City on the Edge of Forever 10
30. Catspaw 31
31. Metamorphosis 32
32. Friday’s Child 31
33. Who Mourns for Adonais? 31
35. Amok Time 31
39. Mirror, Mirror 32
41. I, Mudd 17
42. The Trouble With Tribbles 15
50. By Any Other Name 19
51. Return To Tomorrow 23
56. Spectre of the Gun 28
57. Elaan of Troyius 39
58. The Paradise Syndrome 36
59. The Enterprise Incident 38
60. And the Children Shall Lead 37
61. Spock’s Brain 38
62. Is There In Truth No Beauty? 37
63. The Empath 33
67. Plato’s Stepchildren 29
75. The Way to Eden 8

If you add this up, it represents 15.4 hrs. If you remove the opening and closing credits from all of the episodes except for one, this becomes 14.9 hrs.

166. Curious Cadet - August 15, 2012

@ 165

has to be duplicates. There was never that much original music written for that many different episodes, and the list omits some major original scores, most notably Doomsday Machine.

My guess is that where two or more cues are edited together, or significantly shortened cues are concerned, it would be very hard to determine whether it was original or a duplicate without comparing the waveforms. And in some cases even that would be difficult as re-used cues were often slightly sped up or slowed down to match the timing required for the new use.

From what I read, this music also contains sound effects present in the surround channels as well …

167. borzisc - August 15, 2012

@ 166

You are correct about Doomsday Machine. I have to go back to the Project manual and see why I am missing it.

Some of the episodes included in the project had bonus tracks that were the same cues used in different episodes that contained less sound effects.

Just the fact that such a project was undertaken and distributed and so many people have enjoyed it is an indication of how desired this LaLa Land Set is. I cannot wait!!

168. Mr Fanboy - August 15, 2012

Jeff Bond-

Could you elaborate on the contents of the 100-page booklet you have written and will be included in the set? Specifically, I’m wondering if the CD tracks will each be identified by their original library cue number, and whether the complete set of episode Cue Sheets will be included so that we can see where every musical cue was used in each episode?

Also, thanks for helping to make this release possible. I’ve been hopin for such a release for over thirty years now, and never thought it would happen. The general understanding seemed to be that the original music was either lost long ago, tossed, or being hoarded by private collectors/publishers. Will your booklet discuss the actual history of the tapes, where they;ve been all these years, and what hands they passed through (if they did indeed do so), and how they came to be released in 2012? I have a suspicion that would be a fascinating story.

169. Borzisc - August 15, 2012

@ 168

Jeff, if the booklet contains the cue sheet for every episode, we would be able to make individual episode playlists for those episodes without original music.

170. Mr Fanboy - August 15, 2012

@ 165

In Jeff Bond’s previously published book “The Music of Star Trek – Profiles in Style” (ISBN1580650120). He includes a list (on page 33) of the 34 episodes that had scheduled scoring sessions. Although on page 39 he indicates there were 35 episodes with original music (“Patterns of Force” being the extra episode listed on the latter page). Maybe his new booklet will clarify that discontinuity.

Also, on pages 40-55 he includes a sampling of transcribed Cue Sheets for ten episodes (seven of which are for episodes with original scores, and three of which cover episodes with tracked scores). It also includes a list of commonly used library cues.

So yes, I am hoping he will be including the cue sheets for every episode so we can have a complete list of how the music was used throughout the series. I can’t think of any other reason why the booklet would be 100 pages long, so I hope the cue sheets are all included. If it’s just 98 pages of TOS photos I’ll cry. So I’m hoping Jeff can elaborate.

171. Skeptical - August 15, 2012

@ Curious Cadet / Borzisc –

Hmm. 33 total albums…maybe I *did* get them all then. Except my list differs; I have Doomsday Machine and I do not have The Way To Eden. The times of the rest all roughly match your list (though your list rounds up and sometimes inexplicably has a few extra mins). The albums I acquired did not all contain the opening theme or credits music — those were only included a single time each split between two of the albums. So my ~15 hour figure did not include duplicates of those.

Anyway, IMO “Verisimilitude” did a mighty fine job; I don’t recall hearing any dialog or intrusive sound effects in the music (and it has been played many times). But I anxiously await this set! And he might wind up slapping himself for all the time he spent on that project, never expecting a set such as this would ever exist!

@ Jeff Bond –

Thanks for your reassuring remarks. I’ll stop being skeptical and start marking the days until this set is finally in my collection!

172. Bryan Erdy - August 16, 2012

Looks cool! Like the video as well… as a producer and film critic, I am impressed that a soundtrack release got a video of this caliber. Well done!

173. Neil S. Bulk - August 16, 2012

Brad Hansen is a friend of mine and I knew he’d be perfect for this video. Have you seen, “The Lion King Rises” on YouTube? Brad made that.

174. Skob - August 16, 2012

Happy birthday to me! and the best christmas present EVER!

To echo many a fan’s sentiments, the TOS music represented a high-water mark in romantic, expressive, utterly theatrical soundtrack music. It vanquishes nearly all else that was heard on network television in the 1960s, and is a key reason for the continuing success of the series.

As a lover of all kinds of music, I have long wanted to hear so many of the TOS cues. I can still remember the joy the I discovered the Doomsday Machine CD, plus it had the Amok Time fight music on it too. But then there was the disappointment at so little else to be found, like the incredibly aggressive themes in Friday’s Child, which popped up repeatedly through second season. Or that super weird Pike-Rigel-7 music, which epitomizes creepy weird alien stuff and was repeated during Spock-gets-shot-with spores, Kirk getting healed by Nona’s mako root, Landru summoning the body, etc.

I am one of those crazy nerd fans who has dreamt up new episodes in my head, then “scored” them with tracks off the commercially available CDs (and then played them in my car during boring drives). How cool and amazing will it be to conjure in the mind’s eye new episodes that never were while listening to unused tracks?

I have enjoyed all the comments here, especially the comparisons of original vs. tracked scores. It is amazing to see so many people who know this body of work intimately, like which compose scored which piece, and this has all been hidden away for years.

I have gladly registered and I will happily pay the price on the day this material is released.

175. Curious Cadet - August 16, 2012

@ 171

So is this the source of the Soundtrack score used on fan made productions like Cawley’s? If so it does indeed sound pretty good.

This re-mastered edition should sound amazing then.

176. Iowagirl - August 17, 2012

Cool – TOS lives! :)

177. Joy Eibe - August 17, 2012

can’t wait!! came across this news by accident! oh please let it be affordable.

178. Patrick Gleeson - August 18, 2012

@ 177 So do I – it may depend on what we consider ‘affordable’ :-)

179. Jeff Bond - August 20, 2012

It will cost around $200 and there is a total of 17.1 hours of music on the set. The cue sheets will not be included in the booklet but we’re thinking about other options for those. I would love to make them available somehow so people could cobble tracked scores together (although you would still have to do a little editing in Garage Band to cut some tracks apart)–not sure if there are any legal problems with doing that though.

180. Malformed - August 20, 2012

I still haven’t received my email confirming I’m on the list. What’s going on??

181. Curious Cadet - August 20, 2012

@ 179

Great idea Jeff. A code included in the CD that would allow access to a website maybe? Of course one code would be enough to get access to the cue sheets without purchasing a CD. However, there are combo data/audio CDs which would require actually having the CD in a computer drive in order to then use the code. Of course, either way they will quickly make their way around the globe. Which they would do even if they were included in the booklet.

I would think there would be no problems legally since the cue sheets are already available in public form through ASCAP and BMI’s websites, albeit electronically as part of a database (nor do I think it’s organized by episode, or order).

Wow a 100 page booklet of just information about the music. Can’t wait!

182. Shatoupee - August 20, 2012

Cue sheets would be awesome!

183. "The Captain's Neck Is Broken" - August 20, 2012

@179. $200? I’m in!

184. "The Captain's Neck Is Broken" - August 20, 2012

What’s 200 bucks? I’ve waited my whole life for this!!!

185. Andy Patterson - August 20, 2012

No cue sheets? Bummer. Ah well. Maybe someday. Tis definitely a great treat as is.

186. Neil S. Bulk - August 20, 2012

The cue sheets are nice, but they aren’t the most accurate documents in the galaxy. There are frequent typos and omissions.

187. James - August 21, 2012


Which is part of why I was hoping all the pieces of music would be presented as individual tracks on the discs. I bought a wodnerful series of TV soundtracks from Japan that did exactly that. It didn’t matter if the piece was 5 seconds long or if it ran a couple of minutes, each one had their own track. Each album ran roughly 75 minutes long and had between 65 and 70 tracks, but the high number count wasn’t a bother when you’re simply listening to the album, and it’s wonderful when you’re looking for a specific piece of music! For me, that was a Gold Standard in TV music presentation.

As for the cue sheets, well, even the Japanese discs didn’t include that, though they did include a list of which episodes each piece was used in. Perhaps one of the discs in the Star Trek set could be a CD/CD-ROM hybrid that includes all of the cue sheets as something that could be viewed on your computer?

188. Curious Cadet - August 21, 2012

@ 186

Good point Neil. I wouldn’t be surprised if any number of edited cues were not listed correctly, especially where numerous cues are being combined from previous episodes. More than likely they would just list a single title anyway, especially if it were all credited to the same composer.

Cue sheets are primarily a royalty payment document, not so much a continuity report. In those days cutting 35mm mag stock on the fly meant lots of shortcuts. Those were the days music editors actually had to work for a living. So notes were probably loosely kept at best, and the cue sheets themselves prepared weeks after the fact. As long as the proper composer was getting credited for the timing of the total music used in a cue, that’s about all that could be expected. I wouldn’t be surprised to find titles that had nothing to do with the actual library cues used in some cases.

I think what fans really want is a detailed break down of each cue, and combination of cues used in their chronological order as they appeared in each episode, so they can follow along as they watch an episode, and even do a little in home editing, to recreate some of these hybrid cues from the original takes included in the CDs. Anything even remotely accurate like this would have to painstakingly created from scratch, by laying particular cues against the picture, as I doubt it ever existed. I smell a fan project coming on after the release …

189. Neil S. Bulk - August 21, 2012

You may find just as pleasing results by putting all of the music into iTunes and turning on shuffle play. It’s like getting a brand new (tracked) episode of Star Trek!

190. Chris Rod - August 21, 2012


191. paustin - August 22, 2012

So does this open up the possibilty of future blu ray releases to have a music only track???!! Wow what a dream that would be

192. Scott Gammans - August 22, 2012

I am literally vibrating with excitement.

193. Curious Cadet - August 22, 2012

@ 191

I believe they have always been able to have a music only track. They just chose not to. That’s how the bootleg soundtrack discussed earlier got its source material — from the remixed 7.1 BluRay surrounds. Most TV series deliver with dialogue, music and effects tracks broken out for foreign, and other uses. I don’t recall offhand whether TOS went back to the original audio elements or not. Now will it be as high a quality as the music in this set? No. But I also think you would have a hard time synchronizing the music to the film at this point, considering that it has been transferred so many times from the original source material. In terms of just offering a music track roughly against picture, then the answer is yes, some day it would be possible to include these tracks as optional music only. Though many hours of painstaking work would have to be done organizing and re-editing first. But I doubt that will happen anytime soon, considering the cost, and by the time it does, BluRay is likely to be a dead format.

194. Twilight Trek - August 23, 2012

$200 :( For individuals who just want the music that price just invites illegal downloads. In the future you don’t need money right? I’ll buy it but was hoping that at the most it’d be half that price.

195. darendoc - August 23, 2012

Really, Twilight Trek? No, I think the thing that invites illegal downloads is the attitude of entitlement and years of not paying for music. Do you remember when CDs were 25-30 dollars apiece? I do. This set is a bargain. And it’s important to support small music companies like LaLa Land Records who go out on a limb to present this niche music and make it available. As has been stated before in this thread, the cost of licensing this music is big. That is what costs the record company so much.
Really? You were hoping for 15 CDs for $100? I don’t know ANYTHING that would cost that little. Even second hand CDs at your local trade in music store cost 9 or 10 bucks apiece. This is something that a lot of us have waited at least 45 years for. Let’s not have talk about illegal downloads. Let’s put our money where our heart is… so that it encourages more releases like this.

196. BeatleJWOL - August 23, 2012

Perhaps later in the 20th century, Shakespeare’s advice re: lawyers will be followed and then we will be rid of those ridiculous licensing costs which are surely akin to actors’ and professional sports players’ salaries in terms of WHY ARE YOU GETTING SO MUCH MONEY FOR SUCH LITTLE THINGS.

Until then…

197. Jeff Bond - August 24, 2012

I’m sure Shakespeare was more than happy to do all his work for free.

198. James - August 24, 2012

@ 195

I agree wholeheartedly! In the $200 range, the set is a bargain. While I’m sure all of us here can or will find our own personal little nits to pick about the set, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be lining up to buy it when it becomes available. I know I will!

@ 196

A little late for the 20th century, but the 21st is still fairly young!

@ 197

I’m sure there were times when Shakespeare looked at his pay and, like most of us, felt like he practically was working for free… ;-)

199. Uberbot - August 24, 2012

#195 — Much agreed, Darren!!! On all points!

200. darendoc - August 24, 2012

On a related note… does anyone want to know the secret for handling temperamental artists?……


doc out.

201. I Am Not Spock - August 25, 2012

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I agree, $200 is a bargain. I just hope those who put in the many long, long, hours required to do this are properly recompensed.

202. Andy Patterson - August 25, 2012

@201 agreed.

@200 and also agreed. Although I’ve found that to be easier said than done sometimes.

203. Andy Patterson - August 25, 2012

And by the way,….RIP Jerry Nelson The Count….

204. Uberbot - August 26, 2012

#200 — HAHAHA!! So true…so true!!

205. Caesar - August 26, 2012

$200? I’m in. That seems like a great deal for 15 CDs of music. And with this single swoop I’ll be done buying Star Trek music forever. :)

206. Andy Patterson - August 26, 2012

I haven’t said anything because I know Anthony’s got to have a life. But man! I miss seeing something. I would have loved to have talked about William Windom’s passing with people and other stuff lately. This is one of the first sites I visit everyday.

School starts tomorrow. Looking forward to this CD release is something to really look forward to as the semester grinds on. Must tell you that.

It’s the little things.

207. Patrick Gleeson - August 27, 2012

@ 179 Thanks Jeff – $200 is not cheap but any standards is a bargain for what’s on offer – it’s worth it – definitely. BTW, do you know approximately when news is due on the email lists ?

208. Patrick Gleeson - August 27, 2012

@ 205 Me too. Except for the long awaited – for me anyway – Generations expanded set :-)

209. starfall42 - August 29, 2012

If you find a “stereo” version of old TV music, it’s almost certainly not original. One exception is if the theme song was released as a pop song. The recording for that would be in stereo, though it’s also usually an extended mix and not the exact broadcast original.

Everything else is either pseudo-stereo, or a modern recreation. GNP did release several albums of Trek themes that did imitate the orchestration of the original show, but were modern recordings. These are in stereo, and may be why some people think there are original stereo tracks.

210. COMPASSIONATE GOD - August 29, 2012

Not since The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen box set have I been this excited for a soundrtack release! This is a dream come true!! More than ready to purchase this set!!

Thanks x1000, LaLa Land!!

211. Soundtrekker - August 30, 2012

@209 starfall42

With all due respect, but you are wrong: GNP did 3 albums between 1985 and 1992, with ORIGINAL Star Trek TOS music, containing the ORIGINAL recordings from the show – they were NOT re-recordings! As was mentioned before, though, GNP manipulated the original mono tracks in a way to create the pseudo-stereo effect you mentioned.

[They did, however, release a CD single, called “Star Trek Encounters – Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra”, with two tracks (“Star Trek Encounters” – [6:41] and “Vena’s Dance” – [1:51], which were re-recordings in stereo.]

Other re-recordings (this time in full, true stereo, of course) were released in 1986 by Varese (2 albums) and Label X (2 albums), conducted by Fred Steiner and Tony Bremner, respectively.

212. Herb Finn - September 6, 2012

I’m curious about the music recorded but not used on the seriers

213. A T Hallgarth - September 7, 2012

I received an e-mail from La-La Land records, I signed up for their mailing list. It’ll be 6000 units at $224.98, with an aim of a late November release.

214. Patrick Gleeson - September 8, 2012

Got that email too – I think that 6000 will be sold no problem – even at $220 +

215. borzisc - September 9, 2012

Any hope for ST:TAS soundtrack? It would be short, but memorable. :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.