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New Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ Game August 13, 2012

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This week Gamescon in Germany kicks off (Europe’s E3) and the team behind the new Star Trek video game set in the new movie universe are arriving with a brand new trailer for the game. Check it out below.  


New ‘Star Trek’ Game Trailer

Watch Spock neckpinch a big lizard in the latest trailer for the 2013 ‘Star Trek’ game, set between the 2009 movie and the sequel.



1. MJ - August 13, 2012

Looks lame. No thanks.

2. crewman daniels - August 13, 2012

I would like to have a ST game that i do not have to blast and fire my way through.
Why cant it be a mystery, use resourceful people and tools to unlock the secret?

3. Red Dead Ryan - August 13, 2012

Looks interesting. But I predict it will get cancelled just like most other Trek games.

4. windelkin - August 13, 2012

I think it looks awesome! It reminds me of the Uncharted games, which are about as good as you can get, so I hope to play it. The graphics look great. I just hope it provides many hours of gameplay, not just 30 minutes, like a certain popular Star blank- blank unleashed game. Did that make sense? It did in my head!

5. CAPT KRUNCH - August 13, 2012

My favorite Trek game was a Zork like text adventure Promethean Prophecy on the old Commodore 64..thankyou William Shatner.. You had to think your way through that one!

6. Anthony Pascale - August 13, 2012

this game is not getting cancelled

7. Basement Blogger - August 13, 2012

It looks promising. We’ve got to acknowledge that modern adventure videogames are going to have a generous amounst of action. That’s fine. If any of you ever played the Mass Effect games, you would know what I’m talking about. There’s plenty of combat. There’s an addictive action arcade like multiplayer part of the game. . And yeah you blow up a lot of stuff. But Mass Effect is still smart science fiction with serious ideas about whether artificial intelligence can become life.

Trust Bob Orci. He knows Star Trek. He knows that as Leonard Nimoy says about Star Trek, that it works on many levels. If the game is just mindless arcade shooter like say Galaxian, it won’t be Star Trek. And from what we know about the Gorn, they’re not just black and white bad guys. I just wish the game has legs and plent of downloadable content so the mission can last for a long time before the 2013 movie.

8. Steve Johnson - August 13, 2012

I have nothing against action-shooter Trek games. Really. I enjoyed Elite Force, and even though it’s very shallow I also enjoy STO. However, that seems to be all that anyone does with Trek.

This feels, mostly, like a Dead Space knock off with a Star Trek skin over the top of it.

Now, if the game does have more of an adventure puzzle element, this assessment is not my fault. Trailers are there to promote something, and to give the viewer an indication of what to expect. What I have seen of this game in it’s media is a very tepid, shallow 3RD Person Shooter experience with the actors from the new movie.

So, my bet at this point is this will be a fine but ultimately forgettable game.

When someone comes along and decides to do an adventure or RPG style game (I don’t mean an MMO, either, I mean a really good single player experience) then i’ll get really excited again.

Biggest fumbling point of modern Trek games is the emphasis on the single choice. Shoot your way out of situations. Action is fun, but when it comes to Trek, having some brain-teasing decisions to make would be even more fun, imho. I can get my shooter fix from dozens of games. I’ll go to Duke3D or DOOM before i’ll come to Trek for that sort of thing.

9. Randy H. - August 13, 2012

Meh. I agree, this looks like a standard first person shooter. Trek needs to be more strategic and exploratory. It is POSSIBLE that this can be a game like Fallout 3 with lots of moral choices and exploration. But I doubt it.

10. VZX - August 13, 2012

This best Trek video game IMHO was Starfleet Academy from 1996. I wish there could a great video game for Trek that blended the bridge simulation with an Arkham City like adventure.

11. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 13, 2012

Looks great!… ;-) :-)

12. Real Fan - August 13, 2012

New Movie Universe sucks, and is a mistake– in film, or any medium.

13. X - August 13, 2012

Vulcan Forge looks x10 better than this, I wish they’d release that instead. Change the spaceship and uniforms and this could be any run of the mill game.

14. GreenBloodedInhuman - August 13, 2012

If I’m not mistaken, I think we just got a glimpse inside the shuttle bay thus possibly ending the argument on the new size of the E….unfortunately.

15. jimmymac - August 13, 2012

New Vulcan?

16. NX01 - August 13, 2012

I hope they don’t cancel this game too. I feel like this game has been coming out forever.

17. Jonboc - August 13, 2012

Looks fun…I’ll be ready for a visit to the 23rd century after spending a few months with black ops 2 come November.

18. njdss4 - August 13, 2012

Looks shallow. Lots of shooting and explosions, and I’m sure the story will be thin and forgettable. I wish a big studio would take this on and turn into something great, like a Star Trek version of Mass Effect. The story delivery needs to be top notch for it to be more than “the next bad Trek game”.

19. sean - August 13, 2012

Looks pretty damn cool to me! Very Mass Effect-ish.

20. Craiger - August 13, 2012

Does this have single player?

21. PEB - August 13, 2012

The game isn’t a first person shooter (see halo) and it doesn’t look lame or horrible or meh. At least see more of the game or wait until ign or gametrailers or g4tv reviews the game before tossing it in the heap of bad Trek games. There have definitely been a slew of games that were slower paced and ‘cerebral.’ Think about this- a trailer for a game is supposed to get gamers excited to buy it. This trailer isnt made for the casual gamer so you probably wouldn’t see the puzzle solving that could possibly be in the game. There’s puzzle solving in Mass Effect that you never see in the trailer or many other features for that matter, so just take the trailer for what it’s supposed to be. And I also agree with Steve that a great Trek game would be a mix of a few ideas which is possible to achieve. At the end of the day, a great Trek game needs to be developed on its own and not to be released when a movie is coming out. Let a good team of developers really dig into it and create something fun and fresh and addictive. I’m all for it being set in the JJverse because there’s so much potential with design and story etc. Just make a great game that a real gamer can get lost in for hours on end.

22. Commodore Adams - August 13, 2012

Wish the title was “New Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ ” not “New Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ Game” *sigh*

Does not look the greatest but better than some past Star Trek console games. I would be happy to have any Star Trek game for my PS3.

23. Sci-Fiddy - August 13, 2012

New Trailer For ‘Star Trek ‘ …


… Game


24. JP Saylor - August 13, 2012

The whole nu-universe sucks, in my opinion. I’ve said this before, but it’s like a bunch of Star Wars geeks got together to do a Trek movie. Oh wait.. that’s EXACTLY what happened. Watch the behind the scenes of the new movie. They talk about Star Wars to say how it’s rock and roll and Trek is classical or some crap. What a load of targ droppings. If anything Trek is like CLASSIC rock, which is way better than modern rock.

25. Sebastian S. - August 13, 2012

Too bad information on the 2013 movie itself is not so forthcoming…

26. Bob Tompkins - August 13, 2012

Unfortunately, first person shooters are the only games that sell well these days and it’s the only way a Star Trek game can make any meaningful $$$. The first person shooter concept is as far away from the spirit of Star Trek as one can get.
A Star Trek ‘Civilization’ game should have worked, but didn’t.
Trek just does not translate well into the gaming community for whatever reason.

27. matthew - August 13, 2012

this will probably be a lot like the movie: flashy, good graphics, decent story, good time, but ultimately, lacking in the star trek feel.

28. Trekprincess - August 13, 2012

Too much hatred towards nu universe honestly if you don’t care or like it very much then why are you commenting on this site.? I

29. Joe G. - August 13, 2012

Really wish they could make a Mass Effect/KOTOR like 30 hour story Star Trek game. Some combat, but mainly exploration, modification and choice. It’s the perfect medium for a Trek game. Please someone take this on.

30. Steve Johnson - August 13, 2012


All of two people have said anything detracting against the nu-universe so far. Out of 29 posts. That’s hardly too much. Unless your definition of “too much” is “More than none”

31. Vultan - August 13, 2012

Do the Gorn have any lines? So far they look like the growling, snarling, one-dimensional bad guy aliens from Cowboys & Aliens….

Star Trek… come in, Star Trek… are you there…?

32. John from Cincinnati - August 13, 2012

They need to release Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury.

33. Newman - August 13, 2012

I can’t wait!

34. Ceti Alpha 5 - August 13, 2012

Hmmm, looking good so far.
Hope you can have more people on your Away Team than just Kirk and Spock.

35. Chris J - August 13, 2012

First of all, ‘New Vulcan’, interesting!

Second, since when has Star Trek become an on-the-ground sci-fi combat simulator?

36. Brian - August 13, 2012

Not 1st person…that is clearly 3rd person over the shoulder. A concept introduced in Resident Evil 4 that has become a mainstay. Also the trailer looks very flashy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a properly paced story. The trailer is just a sizzle reel for the most part. I am actually looking forward to this. What better co-op game play can you ask for than Kirk and Spock?

37. Steve Johnson - August 13, 2012

Brian, Resident Evil 4 was not the first game to do a Third Person OTS view.

And again, only two people even made that remark. It’s irrelevant, the point is this is ultimately by the number shooter mechanics on display.

38. Belkin - August 13, 2012

Is there a scenario where you can shove Keenser out an airlock?

39. Peter Loader - August 13, 2012

They should just turn this thing into the next movie and be done with it.

40. Bob Tompkins - August 13, 2012

The DS9 games came as close to being interesting games [and i bought them all, Srtarfleet Command series, Starfleet Academy, Borg, the Elite Force Games…] as any of them.

41. JP - August 13, 2012

@ #1 The only thing lame here is your constant complaining in the comments of almost every article.

Game looks like fun and shares a resemblence to the look of Mass Effect. Should be fun, can’t wait to find out.

42. Devon - August 13, 2012

“The whole nu-universe sucks,”

The WHOLE nu-universe? You mean what extremely little we saw? Wow.

“but it’s like a bunch of Star Wars geeks got together to do a Trek movie. Oh wait.. that’s EXACTLY what happened”

When a bunch of Star Trek geeks together you get Tuvok’s fanfilm and “Roddenberry to the Rescue” or whatever the F*** that was called.

43. BuzzCagney - August 13, 2012

Its not a character piece is it. lol
I recall a game some years ago called Starfleet Academy that I really enjoyed- and i’m not a gamer at all. It had a narrative and ‘felt’ like Trek. It obviously is possible to make such games so I wonder why they just seem to make shoot ’em ups now?

44. Calastir - August 13, 2012

Funny I had to sit through a commercial for WOW in order to watch this Trek commercial.

Lots of ‘splosions and popmusic…should please the buttonsmashers. Thoroughly underwhelmed over here though. Wake me when there’s an ACTUAL Trek game that not only looks but FEELS like the source material as well…

45. BuzzCagney - August 13, 2012

#42 don’t forget a bunch of Star Trek geeks got Free Enterprise made too. And that was excellent!
Talking of which are they doing Free Enterprise2 or what? Has anybody heard anything lately?

46. Kj - August 13, 2012

Meh. Much of what makes Trek what it is is in the world-building – the design, the sound, the ‘feel’ of it. Just because the uniforms are the same doesn’t make it ‘feel’ like Trek. Double meh.

47. Vultan - August 14, 2012


Yes indeed, Buzz, Starfleet Academy was a great game.

48. saavik001 - August 14, 2012

32 – i wish they would release everything they did for Secrets of the Vulcan Fury as an animated movie since its the last time Deforest Kelley and James Doohan voiced McCoy and Scotty. All the voices of the cast were recorded already, just make a narrative out of it…

49. JP - August 14, 2012

Some of you guys could suck the fun out of an orgasm.

50. Tom Pearson - August 14, 2012

Anyone remember the rouge squadron starwars games on the gamecube?
Well why not make a game like that bases on the dominion war ??!!!!!
Now that’s a game they SHOULD make !!!!

51. Devlin - August 14, 2012

Sigh… Need to watch the trailer a second time… Nope. Doesn’t look like Star Trek, not even nuTrek. But I will probably buy it anyway, maybe the story is good.

52. Jim Nightshade - August 14, 2012

anybody play star fleet academy bridge sim on sega 32x? is it good…how bout deep spce 9 emissary for genesis….

53. ilker - August 14, 2012

great… even the crappiest films have teasers and trailers 1 year prior to launch and what we get is video game trailers for the Star Trek sequel.
JJ and paramount I hope you rot in hell for treating ST as a cash cow and cant go one step beyond milking the franchise!

54. DREW - August 14, 2012

whats the music snippets being played with this trek game trailer?

55. J.A.G.T. - August 14, 2012

I’m not impressed…

I’d like to say that I’m normally not a person who really gives a damn about video game graphics but in this case the graphics just strike me as looking really dated – like something that would’ve been great about eight or nine years ago…

56. DeflectorDishGuy - August 14, 2012


Completely agree! Starfleet Academy simulator was suh a fantastic game! Blended an interesting story with real actors, great graphics, multiple choices to influence the story line and gameplay…. just perfect!


I’m with you too, I’m done with this silly Nu-Trek alternate universe garbage. The TNG crew deserved a proper retirement, and they never got it. Now they never will.

57. oby - August 14, 2012

There’s no reason this game can’t follow the Mass Effect strategy of interesting story, interesting characters AND good action. Hope they hired decent writers.

58. William Kirk - August 14, 2012

I don´t like the new universe. This game looks like a usual action-shooter. Why is it called Star Trek?

59. Elias Javalis - August 14, 2012

Looks very good. I ll buy it on ps3.

60. Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade First Officer Acting Captain Commodore 64 - August 14, 2012

Best. Comment. Ever.

61. star trackie - August 14, 2012

…sounds like a there are a lot of disgruntled TNG fans here, still sobbing because JJ came in and revived the franchise, Sigh.

The fact is, you’re never gonna get a TNG game because it’s hard to make it fun when all you do is sit in conference, sip tea and decide how you can re-arrange the deflector dish for the umpteenth time in order to combat some gaseous anomoly by bombarding it with ficticous poptartatrons. TOS was drama laced with fun action/adventure. JJ’s trek is drama laced with fun action/adventure. The game, appears to have plenty of action and adventure…which should make it fun…as well it should be, being that it is, after all, a video game. Mission accomplished. Looking forward to the action!. (also the story involving New Vulcan sounds interesting as well…double so, since it will, no doubt, tie into the new movie)

62. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - August 14, 2012

If it comes with TOS mods (or if TOS mods are created for it), you can be damn sure I’m getting this game.

63. Towerpower3000 - August 14, 2012

As usual with IGN video, I cannot get it to play. Anyone have a download link that works without being a Prime subscriber?

64. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

Can’t wait, thanks Bob!

65. Magic_Al - August 14, 2012

Somebody should take all the audio from Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites and update the graphics and gameplay. For that matter, who has the rights to the audio from Secret of Vulcan Fury and why haven’t they monetized it?

66. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

65 – the audio files from SOVF are missing. The rights to publish that game by Interplay (which doesn’t exist anymore) have lapsed, so it is in limbo. DC Fontana has the written materials for it but not the right to publish them.

I will answer this question anytime :)

67. DP McGuire - August 14, 2012

Looks awesome!

68. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

63 – this video will not play in the Prime Universe ;)

69. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

3- i trust all your ‘predictions’ are this accurate! lol I will toast your talent for prognostication while playing this game in a few months.

70. Elias Javalis - August 14, 2012


As an TNG fan, i d say, you re absolutely right!!

71. Randy H. - August 14, 2012

#61 – I suppose this is why there are so few Shakespeare games too. A complex and thoughtful approach to storytelling (with adventure placed strategically rather than haphazardly) does not lend itself well to a video game. I accept that gaming is a different medium from film which is a different medium from books. However, not everything translates easily or well from one to the other and this game *appears* to be “kill the bad Gorn quickly and jump around”. So until I see otherwise I stand by my original “meh”.

72. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

71 you are entitled to your mostly uninformed ‘meh’, and I’m sure you will give the game a fair shot and judge/review it once it is released.

73. Jeyl - August 14, 2012


Well, most of the Star Trek games I enjoyed over the years were the point and click adventure games. You had your entire crew, you had away missions, you had space combat, and the most important part, you had problem solving. And this problem solving barely involved how quickly you could shoot at something. You actually had to “think” your way out of situations. And the best part of those games, especially the 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rights was that your choices affected the outcome of the story.

Not all video games have to be about action where using weapons is the only means of progression like this new game shows here.

74. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

73 – do we know for sure there ISN’T problem solving in this game, like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, etc?

75. dscott - August 14, 2012

I read “New Trailer…” immediately peed my pants and forgot who I was for thirty minutes. When I regained my composure, I was sad to see it was just for a new game. Oh well, hopefully it makes gamers happy.

76. BiggestTOSfanever - August 14, 2012

I am looking forward to this game, although it would be nice if there was a wii version.

At first I thought this trailer was for the sequel!

I’m surprised nobody has tried conjuring up boborci to ask,
“Where is the trailer you said you smelled?” (comment 10)
boborci boborci boborci

77. Vzx - August 14, 2012

Yeah, I’m a sucker and will probably buy this game. I just hope there is more Star Trek in the game and not just a “shoot em up”

78. StunKill - August 14, 2012

Just sitting ignoring all the partypooper naysayers as usuall. I think this game looks awesome. I have noticed alot of trek fans seem to be very closed minded when it comes to the new JJverse, as if someone has scratched your car or something. Well wake up the old trek would be dead right now if it wasnt for Abrams breathing life back into it you winey naysayers should be thankfull that someone is interested enough in the franchise to keep it going, so what if it has faster paced action in it, that is what appeals to most people like it or not. For all the naysayers disappointed in the new trek there are many more new fans that have been brought on board to keep star trek going, shut up and be thankful.

79. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2012


Well, considering some of the whining and bitching that’s going on here in regards to the game, my prediction is quite logical. Someone from Namco Bandai is probably reading these comments, and shaking their head in shame and disgust. They may decide, in the end, that this game just isn’t worth publishing if they feel that not enough people will buy it.

80. ST:EXP - August 14, 2012

I like that I was forced to first watch an advertisement for a video game to then be allowed to watch an advertisement for a video game.

81. StunKill - August 14, 2012

Well, this isnt the only sight where people are voicing there opinions. The reaction to the game has been much more positive than negative, so I’am not worried in the slightest that it may be cancelled because it wont be. Not when there are trek fans like me that arents so damn critical with all things trek. I think the most dangerous element against star trek are the winey, closed minded, perfect continuity-nazi trek fans.

82. trekprincess - August 14, 2012

StunKill well said :).

83. StunKill - August 14, 2012

And no I’am not calling them nazi’s, they are perfect continuity-nazi’s.

84. Nano - August 14, 2012

Is the release date Post or Prior to ST 2.0 movie?

85. Jeyl - August 14, 2012


Well, what do you consider problem solving in those games? It sounds like the problem solving in games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted would be limited to trying to get from one platform to another. In Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rights, there was more problem solving in ways that you wouldn’t normally expect. For example…

Kirk, Spock and Bones are locked in a prison cell being guarded by a tough, tall security officer. The options of escaping is having Spock try to remove a panel on the wall which fools the guard into coming into the cell and having Spock neck pinch him. The other way you can get out is to actually talk to the guard about his history with Breddell and how you can help him and his friends get a clean slate if he’s brought down.

Or what about a planet full of primitive creatures who are being forced to stay in their primitive state due to alien technology that is somewhat beyond the Enterprise crew’s understanding. In the end you can shut down the machines that are controlling the alien population and let them progress naturally, or you can take the advanced alien technology for yourself but risk dooming the aliens to forever being in their primitive state.

But my favorite problem solving scenario was in the 25th Anniversary game where each mission would give you a redshirt whenever Kirk and crew went down on an away mission. You can decide to go about Star Trek tradition by having the redshirt die a painful death, or actually do things properly like a good captain and safe the redshirt.

86. AJ - August 14, 2012

I miss Zork.

87. Just Sayin' - August 14, 2012


88. StunKill - August 14, 2012

The lead designer of the game did say their would be puzzles durring an E3 interview, and in Xbox magazine as well. Exploratory missions will be there also as stated by the lead designer. Remember the puzzles in the metroid games? He said it is similar to those kinds of problem solving type puzzles.

89. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2012


Except you used “nazis” as part of a label towards a certain demographic. Trying to attach “continuity” as a prefix doesn’t change that.

Now, I myself have said some nasty remarks and over-the-top statements on this site, but the term “Nazi” isn’t one of them. I would never, ever call anyone any type of Nazi. The Nazis were the worst human beings in history, and only the Nazis should be labelled Nazis.

You automatically lose credibility when you use the term Nazi to describe someone else.

90. StunKill - August 14, 2012

Maybe in your eyes, but hey I’am not concerned with gaining credibility from you. And obviously your taking my comment out of the context it was originally meant for. Meaning people who are obsessed with continuity, not genocide.

91. Duncan MacLeod - August 14, 2012

Ok people, this is just PART of the gameplay. The part that is exciting in a trailer, i’m sure it will be better once we see the actual game.

It is not getting canceled, it has been paid for, it is licensed as a promotional tool for the new movie.

Be glad we are not getting the typical rushed out adaptation of movie as a game that we get nonstop.’

If not written by Bob Orci, it does have his input.

92. J.A.G.T. - August 14, 2012

Wow, all the hate on this site… it’s sad, very sad…

I wouldn’t say that I’m a “great fan” of the new continuity either, but guys, how about we give just give it a chance?
So far it has been only ONE MOVIE for Christ’s sake and of course it was not flawless but it succeeded in one aspect that’s VERY VERY important: It got Trek “back in the game” and brought it to a whole new audience.
No let’s calm down and as I said, let’s just give it a chance.

That said, I really hope that the next movie won’t be just about some crazy guy (stereotypical movie villain No. 28.546.228) who wants to blow things up (with the Enterprise’s crew OF COURSE being mankind’s last hope!) … but we will see…

93. Towerpower3000 - August 14, 2012

#68 – I knew that was coming…

94. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

89 – I’m afraid anything posted after your screen name has lost credibility. sorry.

Looking forward to playing this game!

95. Bas - August 14, 2012

@ 31


That’s funny, Vultan.

96. Towerpower3000 - August 14, 2012

For those of you like me that can’t see the video play, youtube has it…

97. JohnRambo - August 14, 2012

wow looks really great !
i definitely gonna buy it!

98. CJS - August 14, 2012

So they settled the Vulcans on Cestus III and the Gorn showed up as predicted.

The game looks pretty standard and uninspired. But perhaps crappy trailers are the only way to get gamers interested.

99. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2012


Well, anything you post–including your screen name–never had any credibility to begin with. Sorry. :-)

100. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

5 – Big props for mentioning Promethean Prophecy! Just moved and packed and upacked that Commodore 64 software. Along with The Kobayashi Alternative and Rebel Universe (great artwork done for all of them)

101. Charla - August 14, 2012

*Applause* #92 J.A.G.T. Much hate here for trek fans… sad really. Oh well, I am happy that Trek is given a much needed makeover, the movie is original in the fact no one previously thought to do it from the beginning.

As for the game, I am so buying it, I can’t wait to play it. I like most all genres of game playing, so I am open to the different ways to play. Maybe there will be a nice mix of exploration/strategy and first person shooter- who knows? I do think if we want more Trek, we who enjoy it need to support it ( & yes, while giving honest yet respectful opinions as to how it may be better), however it is presented.

102. NuFan - August 14, 2012

Some old-timey fans seem very threatened that modern Star Trek has expanded into video games. If you’re a gamer, go to any gaming site to see what normal, sane people are saying about this game. It won’t be putting any companies out of business like the old Star Trek games did.

103. Vultan - August 14, 2012

It looks like it might be a fun game. My main concern is the lack of Gorn dialogue. I mean, they get these guys into the recording booth—and for what? A lot of growling and roaring! They can’t get them to read from a teleprompter with the bouncing ball?

Just another example of blatant anti-reptilian bias in the media.

104. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

103 – Vultan, that was funny!

105. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

101 – I agree 100%. Can’t wait to buy this game on day 1. Also glad there will be exclusive PS3 content. Getting the real gaming community invested in Trek is a big plus.

106. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2012

Listen, guys, I’m hoping that this game DOES get released. I would love to play it. I hope it does well. I am definitely not hoping it gets cancelled. But the reality is, there were cool-looking Trek games in the past, such as “Vulcan’s Fury” and “Star Trek: Borg” that got cancelled before launch.

And let’s face it, Namco Bandai is taking a big risk here. The number of Trek gamers is miniscule compared to how many mainstream and “Star Wars” gamers there are.

107. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

106 – Oy, enough already, this game is not getting cancelled, was supposed to already come out with the movie THIS year, and the idea of making Trek games to appeal to GAMERS and not ‘Trek gamers’ is a good one and hopefully this game will appeal across the board.

The horse is dead, please stop beating it.

108. Vultan - August 14, 2012

#95 & #104



109. Basement Blogger - August 14, 2012

The gnashing of teeth….

Anyway, this is directed at everybody pushing the game over button. I’ve enjoyed Interplay’s Star Trek games. Curse them for not releasing Secret of Vulcan Fury. Those were game born from the classic adventure games of the DOS generation. (I still use DOS programs!) What you did in those games was walk around. Talk to people. Solve problems. Yeah, they were Star Trek.

As Captain Kirk said in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, “Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.” Look, I liked Star Trek 2009 but was critical of it. Needed to be more Star Trek, i.e. smarter and deeper. But we’re talking about video games and the need to reach out to young fans as well as the old.

It is now 2012. Video games are huge business. People want action. Look at the best selling games for this year. Even the traditional fantasy RPG has action. See Skyrim. And Star Trek needs to get young people. These new Trekkers may someday watch City on the Edge of Forever or TNG’s The Inner Light and know what Star Trek is about.

But shoot ’em up games are not brain dead. According to CNBC, the biggest seller this year is the conclusion to the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect 3. Link. Mass Effect 3 had a ton of third person shooting. It was also intelligent. The game had themes about sacrifice, the definition of life and it had a hot sexy robot named EDI trying to understand the best of humanity. (Voiced by Tricia Helfer.) In fact, you can talk to EDI and hear her talk about radical physics theories. Are we just holographic images? .

So relax, fellow Trekkers. Trust Bob Orci. Let’s wait for the game to come out and play it. If its’ as smart as Mass Effect, we’re in for a treat. If it’s a video game reminiscent of TOS’ Arena that featured the Gorn, that will be fantastic. Action. Morality. Tolerance. Plus, it looks like we get to blow things up. :-)

Link: Science fiction action RPG, Mass Effect 3, is the best selling videogame this year.

110. Trekfan1977 - August 14, 2012

Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury
would be the better one.
Bring back the old cast!! virtually ;)

111. Dipling - August 14, 2012

Star Trek game should be something like Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity.
Exploration, great story, great cinematic sequences, voiceovers from all actors, …

112. rm10019 - August 14, 2012

111 – yes that would be one type of good Trek game, but i believe that Trek could work in this type of game as well, and that modern gamers who play Uncharted, Mass Effect and others would respond to a Trek game like this.

To be honest, a Trek game like Final Unity or Judgement Rights would sell a fraction of copies that this game can. And an action/adventure game can and does include puzzle and character elements to it too.

One of the God of War writers worked on this Star Trek, and those games certainly did well and appealed across the board. Plus with the involvement of Orci, we know it will be in the spirit and continuity of the new franchise.

113. Charles Root - August 14, 2012

#55 Agreed. Wait till Crysis 3 comes out, it will be the graphics that all other games are judged by.

#109 I actually talked to one of the developers of the Secret of Vulcan Fury, about 10 years ago. While yes the game would have been awesome and the graphics even today hold up, the interesting thing he told me was that there is dozens of hours of audio tape that was captured by all the original cast members, including the last performance that Deforest Kelly did. I asked him where the tapes were because I would love to do something with him and he said last he knew one of the audio techs had them in his basement.

Now unfortunately I don’t remember the guys name and the e-mail account I discussed this with him on is long gone, but if someone put the effort in to getting those tapes to see the light of day, they could probably make a very cool animated TOS episode.

114. Calastir - August 14, 2012

I’m not thankful when gamedesigners take the franchise I love and misrepresent it by turning it into generic crap like this for a few extra $$.

Thankful? Seriously, for what?

And to all the name-callers above, I suggest those people google ‘Godwin’s law’… :rolleyes:

115. Guy from Berlin - August 14, 2012

An open world trek game like Red Dead Redemption – in Space with different planets and different choices would be nice. I think this will never arrive. :-( But this game looks awesome …

116. RBlaine - August 14, 2012

My favorites were the 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites, then Starfleet Academy. But I suspect The Secret of Vulcan Fury would have been my favorite if it had been completed.

117. Mr. Anonymous - August 14, 2012

Looks great! Finally a Trek game that isn’t a bridge simulator. That’s pretty much all they made for a decade.

118. Azrael - August 14, 2012

I have already paid for my copy of this game at my local Gamespot. It is set for release on Feb 14th according to their computers. There will also be special extras for PowerUp rewards card holders (like me).

Just felt it was relevant info to the discussion you all are having, see you around.

119. Basement Blogger - August 14, 2012

@ 108

Oops, Vultan that was me, the Basement Blogger.

@ 86


Zork? DOS based text games? You’re showing your age, my friend. I remember giving up my quarters for a great game of Space Invaders. :-)

120. Tomh, Esq. - August 14, 2012

Personally I loved Klingon Academy.

Seeing Christopher Plummer & David Warner reprise their roles from Star Trek VI was a great deal of fun, and the game dovetailed nicely with that movie.

IMHO, this game was “much” better than the aforementioned Starfleet Academy – better story, better gameplay, and much better performances!

121. Perplex - August 14, 2012

Even less Star Trek feel than the movie had.

122. Anthony Thompson - August 14, 2012

2. crewman daniels

Because the kind of people who like to game are the kind of people who like to “blast and fire” their way through. Simple as that.

123. Pensive's Wetness - August 14, 2012

when is MWO coming out?

124. spock69 - August 14, 2012

New trailer for trek game………..
How about some new info for trek film?????????????????????????????

125. StunKill - August 14, 2012

@114 Well you can go and be unthankfull and bitter in a corner somewhere while the rest of us enjoy it.

126. Kukko - August 14, 2012

Can the game be better than the Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force games?

127. Adolescent Nightmare - August 14, 2012

This is not the place to whine about the movie. This is the place to whine about the game.

128. StunKill - August 14, 2012

@114. Oh my gee wiz you sure got me with that Godwins law statement yeppers yeppers you sure did. .I.

129. Jack - August 14, 2012

127. Exactly.

130. Dunsel Report - August 14, 2012

Yeah, the Interplay games were the best I played. Those and The Promethean Prophecy. The two Interplay titles, Judgment Rites and 25th Anniversary, charmingly captured the banter and problem-solving of the original series.

I always wished for a galaxy-exploring Trek game along the lines of the old-school “Star Control 2″ or “Starflight.” Something like this was attempted by “The Kobayashi Alternative,” an Apple II text game that exceeded its reach but was an interesting experiment.

131. crazydaystrom - August 14, 2012

61. star trackie

“poptartatrons” ! You made me laugh out loud. Thanks. :-)

132. Bob - August 14, 2012

So where’s the Frakin’ MOVIE trailer already????

133. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2012


Geez, will you lay off already? Trek games almost always struggle to find a non-Trek demographic. A number of Trek games have been cancelled in the past. Those are the facts.

I actually look forward to this game, but I also don’t want to get overly excited. A lot can happen between now and February.

And by the way, I happen to be a lot more optimistic and hopeful than some of the other whiners and complainers here who are judging/trashing the game based on one short clip.

I don’t see you calling them out! Maybe its because you have a personal grudge against me?

134. Weerd1 - August 14, 2012

Blowing stuff up is not Star Trek, huh? I guess the 1970s where the only Trek game there was was “Starfleet Battles” didn’t happen then?

135. VZXS - August 14, 2012

So, which 2013 movie is winning the trailer race? Man of Steel has a teaser trailer out for weeks, but Iron Man 3 trailer is coming out super soon , and Star Trek has nuttin, huh. Yeah we’ll get the trailer by Crhistmas and the movie in 10 months, but still. Star Trek is losin the trailer race. It might lose the box office race as well……….

136. Craiger - August 14, 2012 just posted more screenshot from the new Star Trek game.

137. Jonboc - August 14, 2012

135″So, which 2013 movie is winning the trailer race? Man of Steel has a teaser trailer out for weeks, but Iron Man 3 trailer is coming out super soon , and Star Trek has nuttin, huh. Yeah we’ll get the trailer by Crhistmas and the movie in 10 months, but still. Star Trek is losin the trailer race. It might lose the box office race as well……….”

It’s not about who’s first out of the gate, it’s who’s first to cross the finish line. Trek will turn up the heat when it can build on the momentum. it’s way too early for that. I expect a teaser trailer by Christmas then a full blown 6 month promotional assault. They know what they’re doing.

138. VZXc - August 14, 2012

137. True that, Clueless Joe Public don’t hear about movies until 3 to 2 weeks before the movie comes out. Paramount has plenty of time, but I’m just commenting on which movie from 2013 has a trailer out, and I think Star Trek is losing that race.

I might forget that a Star Trek movie is coming out. Wait, no I won’t ! Who am I kidding, I’m a gonna that as long as I got $9 no matter what! Call me weak sauce

139. BaronByng - August 14, 2012

All of this has happened before:,14333/

And all of this will happen again.

I, for one, welcome this game which looks FRAKKIN EPIC™.

Interpretations of literature change over time. Sherlock being set in contemporary London, with cellphones and wi-fi, hasn’t made it any less engrossing or entertaining. Every generation does a new spin on Shakespeare. Who is to say that someone can’t do “The City On The Edge Of Forever” better, someday? Or reinterpret it for their time?

“People can be very frightened of change.”

140. Dunsel Report - August 14, 2012

134: WORD, SON. Hexes, Romulan Warbirds, and dozens of pencil marks on shield boxes.

141. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2012


Yeah, I don’t know if “City On The Edge Of Forever” can be remade into something better. It’s perfect as it is, and it is also timeless. Some things just shouldn’t be touched.

142. Jack - August 15, 2012

135. Total nonsense.

And Man of Steel, a franchise reboot, started filming a year ago and was done before Trek even started filming.

We call ourselves fans, and all we do is predict doom for Trek. WTF?

143. cd - August 15, 2012

This game appears to be appropriate for the AOK version of Star Trek.
Will the next trailer show the pod race part of the game?

144. Steve - August 15, 2012

I think a lot of people are being too hard on this game.

Yes, there looks to be a lot of shooting and such, but it’s a GAME! This isn’t about some deep story or playing with character interaction. This is supposed to be entertaining for the video game audience. Can you imagination ‘The Motion Picture’ as a game? There would be nothing to do, except a very long space walk.

Back in the day, there was a Star Trek pinball machine. That wasn’t about exploration of the human condition either, but it was fun. That’s what this is! Besides, for all we know, the game could have a great storyline and plenty of puzzle solving.

Just give it a chance, guys!

145. New Horizon - August 15, 2012

I think many of the criticisms being leveled at the game are fair, in general terms. There are very few games that I would actually consider ‘games’ in todays video game market. That’s not just an older player waxing nostalgic for the old days, that’s a recognized fact of game design today. Games ten to fifteen years ago were designed with the mindset that you would discover new things in successive playthroughs. Games today try to make sure the player is lead by the hand in order for them not to miss a thing. They’re less games than they are, interactive movies.

Go back to the great games of legendary developer Looking Glass Studios with System Shock 2, Thief: The Dark Project and Thief The Metal Age. That was some incredible game design, the likes of which we are unlikely to see from AAA producers…although the recent Deus Ex: Human Revolution came mighty close.

146. DAK23 - August 15, 2012

Does anyone else remember when Star Trek was about exploring the Human condition in thought provoking way? Sure, there was action, but drama took center stage.

*Sigh* And to think that this drek is what most people consider Star Trek these days. Random shoot-em-ups made solely for profit. I never hid my distaste for the action flick released in 2009, and this just reenforces my opinion.

147. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - August 15, 2012


“A complex and thoughtful approach to storytelling… does not lend itself well to a video game”

Many games made in the past 15 years prove this statement wrong. Game series like Metal Gear, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Final Fantasy, The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Knights of the Old Republic, and even Grand Theft Auto, just to name a few, have demonstrated that games have not only evolved technologically, but have become a rich storytelling medium as well.


“Because the kind of people who like to game are the kind of people who like to “blast and fire” their way through. Simple as that.”

No, not so simple and as a gamer, I find this statement damn near insulting. Like books and films, video games have genres that appeal to many different types of gamers, not just Call of Duty fanboys. Extremely popular games like Starcraft and Portal rely heavily upon players’ strategic and puzzle-solving abilities. Also, as I said in the previous paragraph, many games in the past decade feature some remarkable and complex storytelling.

As far as this new ST game is concerned, I look forward to it and hope it’s good. It seems funny to me that some trekkies seem to suffer from selective Alzheimer’s when it comes to Star Trek. TOS always had a very action-adventure feel to it, and while Trek is indeed known for big sci-fi themes and ideas about the human condition, it also had its share of good stories that didn’t feature them (e.g. The Trouble with Tribbles, The Doomsday Machine, Power Play, etc).

148. MJ - August 15, 2012

@41 JP: “@ #1 The only thing lame here is your constant complaining in the comments of almost every article.”

@49 / JP: “Some of you guys could suck the fun out of an orgasm.”

JP, do you ever post anything original on these boards? It seems like the vast majority of your posts are always hammering away at me and some others…like you have some mysterious axe to grind for some perceived slight in the past from a couple of us? I don’t remember slighting you, but if I did, I apologize.

Seriously dude, although I find the idea of have “a stalker” on these boards kind of flattering to my ego, it is kind of embarassing for you to be so obessed with me and handful of others here. We disagree on many things. Big deal! Get over it! See a therapist if ned be and learn to drop you obession with me and several others. Moreover, it would be great to see a post from you now and then that actually comments in detail about an article or a Trek topic.


149. captain spock - August 15, 2012

read this JJ Abrams Intreview,0,2147215.story

150. PEB - August 15, 2012

@147 as an serious gamer…THANK YOU! You made every point that popped up in my head the minute I started reading the majority of comments to this story. 25th Anniversary, and TNG A final Unity are classic Trek games and they were really enjoyable but they were never exciting. The stories were great for sure but then after that you got the DS9 games that were forgettable, the Shattered Universe (mirror universe) space fighter game that sucked, Starfleet Command 1-3 Armada 1&2, and even Legacy (that had it’s moments and amazing ship models). There’s been so much repetitive styles when it came to Trek games that all the anger or frustration with THIS new game doesnt make sense to me. If it drops and it gets horrible reviews then you’ll be right, the game wont last and you probably wont see any other Trek games for a long time but if it’s a fun game and the controls are great and the story is on point then it’ll be the launching pad for more Trek games to come from higher quality teams. And when that happens, expect to see teams wanting to go back to the original series or someone saying they had the idea of giving the TNG crew a good sendoff with a console game…I dont know, the options are there but there needs to be interest in a new game effort. Trek is a franchise that could stand toe to toe with Mass Effect and many bloggers and writers for gaming mags have said this, but you wont ever see interest in making those games if people just brush this off without more than what, 2 full trailers months ahead of the release.

151. PEB - August 15, 2012

@142. I dont think they’re wishing doom on Trek, I honestly feel (and I could be wrong) that it’s more of an issue they have with JJ Abrams and his team and nuTrek. I think some people genuinely feel that if they can somehow magically get rid of the whole new timeline then someone at Paramount with twitch their nose and go back right where the prime timeline was left off with a tv show comprised of reheated plots and stale movies because that’s the route we were on.

152. Jack - August 15, 2012

148. Pretty awful post MJ. Suddenly someone who disagrees with you is a stalker? I’m off this site — it’s become insane.

153. MJ - August 15, 2012

@152. Jack, this guy hounds me constantly in post after post. Enough is enough. I may join you soon in leaving this site. I have had just about enough of this myself.

154. K-7 - August 15, 2012

MJ is correct. This “JP” person does seem to stalk him on these boards, and has a main focus on simply bitching about MJ’s and others’ posts.

In fact I can’t ever recall a post from JP that is focused on anything other than complaining about MJ or someone else’s opinions. That is his deal — bitching about others’ posts and not offering any real opinions on Trek.

155. MJ - August 15, 2012

@154. Thanks. I don’t think Jack understood my post. The whole point of my post was that posts here should be based on opinions of Trek, not trying to score personal attack points on people. Sheesh, I wish Jack would go back an read my post again — he completely missed the point of my post, and he obviously wasn’t aware that JP has made a point in personally attacking me constantly in article after article on these boards.

156. et - August 15, 2012

@147 – Thanks for that post.

The snobbery surrounding Star Trek video games drives me crazy sometimes. You can almost count down to when someone posts, “Remember when Star Trek was about exploring not fighting?” as though Kirk never got into a fist-fight with a glow-eyed super-being in the TOS pilot. As though “Wrath of Khan” didn’t climax in one of the coolest space battles in Star Trek history.

And as you point out, complex storytelling not only is possible these days, it’s more of a fact of modern gaming than ever. “Mass Effect” and the “Fallout” series are big examples of that. We can only hope this game will be as complex, but I’m excited regardless.

When the next “Star Trek Monopoly” game is announced, I’m going to be the first to post, “Remember when Star Trek was about exploring, not building hotels?”

157. The Troubled Tribble - August 15, 2012

I really cant stand FPSs and I wont be getting this one either.

158. PEB - August 15, 2012

…it’s not a FPS…

159. LizardGirl - August 15, 2012

This has been very entertaining to read. Thank you guys for relieving my boredom! *_~

First of all Calastir @114

That was so good! I seriously looked that up, Godwin’s law. And it is seriously true, like with a good deal of the discussions I read! That is insane! And a very subdued, intelligent comment that goes completely over your head and then boomerangs back into your face! Thank you, I learned something today that I didn’t know yesterday.

MJ 148/154

I don’t think your response to JP was rude. Your tone seemed straight forward and a little exasperated with the whole ting. You didn’t insult anyone mother or family, there were no death threats, you were simply like “I’m done with this, what’s your problem?”. If he does have an issue with you he/she should say so, air it out and move on. Also, Jack seems to miss the point on a few things. I’m kind of shocked because I literally posted about that fact for the preceding article, before reading this one.

It doesn’t really matter what I think about the game seeing as I only own Nintendo consoles, but this is a forum so here goes. The game looks good, I mean REALLY good. But I’m just a casual gamer so what do I really know about it?

160. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - August 15, 2012

@150 and 156 – I’m with you both. It’s interesting to me that many people who are making derogatory comments about this game and video/PC games in general are people who’ve obviously had little to no exposure to them. I think it’s great to see a potentially awesome Star Trek game again. Needless to say, great ST games have historically been a rarity, especially on consoles, so I’m really hoping this game is awesome.

@157 – It looks to be a third-person shooter/action game, not an FPS. That said, I’ve grown to dislike cookie cutter FPS shooters like Call of Duty myself. The biggest draw of this ST game for me is the ability to play the campaign cooperatively, something I’ve sorely missed in a lot of modern games where there’s been a huge emphasis on online multiplayer features.

161. MJ - August 15, 2012

I appreciate all the support from folks in light of Jack’s misunderstanding of my post. Thanks!

162. Stop Proving the Metron Wrong - August 15, 2012

I still think the best ST game ever would be one that put you in charge of the crew of the Enterprise having to follow up on all the present day shenanigans of TOS. NOW GO MAKE IT.

163. Red Shirt Diaries - August 15, 2012

MJ, for what it is worth, I also think Jack gave you a raw deal with slamming on you like that. I don’t think he understood your post at all.

164. Dr. Cheis - August 15, 2012

The character animations really look lacking. The rest of the graphics really don’t compare to other modern games, like the Halo series. I fear this will be another flop.

165. Calastir - August 16, 2012

It’s good to see something positive coming out of all this mess. Glad to have been of service. :-)

166. Jack - August 16, 2012

Fair enough, MJ. I didn’t know the history. And I’ve wanted to say the same thing (not sorry, but back the f*ck off) to Lizard Girl — I was pretty annoyed after some of her simple-minded replies to my posts, instead of just disagreeing she has to tell me repeatedly (in nonsensical arguments) how wrong I am. Top it off with a lousy cold and by yesterday I’d had it with this site — sorry I took it out on you. I really am done here. Enjoy the next movie guys.

167. Jack - August 16, 2012

And, yeah, I stopped at “stalker” and got pissed off, sorry –I was miserable with a cold and a big fight with an editor — both situations are better now. I do think we tend to dismiss everything on here as lame and not Trek enough based on trailers or tidbits of info — and I kind of agreed with the guys posts in that sense. You can have an opinion, sure — but what’s the point of pisting something like ‘it’s lame’ or this sucks. How’s that contributing to the discussiob? And we wonder why they’re not goving us loads of Trek advance info. And nothing against you personally.

But, yeah, i’m finding it pretty frustrating here and need to get off. We used to have some pretty great discussions and these days it all seems like the same complaints and dismissals.

168. rm10019 - August 16, 2012

whew so glad that national nightmare is over. ..

Looking forward to this game!

169. SpikedCanon - August 16, 2012

I need new Trek Movie news. We are single digit months away. Why is the buzz machine so quiet?How about a title at least.Can we have a non-spoiler shot from the set? Ridiculous…

170. Gary S. - August 16, 2012

#169 All things come to those who wait .

171. LizardGirl - August 16, 2012

Have I made my first nemesis?! Yaay! I’m in the big leagues now! Joking aside. ;)

To Jack: I’m not sorry for my posts. I AM sorry that I hurt your feelings. You were having and off day, I get it. Those happen to everyone. With that said: if you post something that I don’t agree with, I’m going to call you on it. But you don’t have to respond to me. That’s your own personal choice. I’m telling you this now because I probably won’t even remember this incident a couple months from now.

172. rm10019 - August 16, 2012

Bob Orci, any information on how the Gorn are portrayed in the game, or other Trek-like themes in the story?

173. Tiberius Subprime - August 16, 2012

The secrecy on the new Trek film is now getting tiresome.

Either JJ and Co are being too over protective….


The new film is a steaming pile and they don’t know what to do…

174. rm10019 - August 16, 2012

173 – I will vote for Column A, thanks.

175. Basement Blogger - August 16, 2012

@ 149

So the budget for the new Star Trek movies is about 185 million. That’s kind of modest for a summer tentpole. Bombs John Carter cost about 250 million.. Battleship costed 209 million.

If the studios want to make money, they have to make smart movies. I liked John Carter but not many critics liked it. Battleship was a dumb idea for a movie. And it was a dumb movie. Yeah, I saw both.

If the new Star Trek is “deeper” than the last the one and is not dumb, I think it will do well. We know there willl be great production values and action. What it comes down to is execution and the screenplay. Not so worried about J.J. Abrams direction or the actors. But J.J. watch the camera gymastics. ;-) A great story married to a great screenplay should create a great movie. The Supreme Court has promised a deeper movie. I’m looking forward to it

176. Gary S. - August 16, 2012

#173 Or they are are being secretive so that the audience will be surprised , just as they were when they went to the movies growing up .
There wasnt always an internet ,
JJ & Co. are simply respecting that.
And, I for one, REALLY appreciate it .

177. Starbase Britain - August 16, 2012

we need some news on this new movie and fast. warp speed Mr Scott!

178. MJ - August 16, 2012

Jack thanks for the response — no worries. In retrospect, for my post @1 above, I should have just said that I did not see much to forward to based on this trailer, but that I hope the game is better than the trailer. So I will modify my post to say: “this trailer looks lame, but I’m hopting the game is better”.

179. MJ - August 16, 2012

@168 “whew so glad that national nightmare is over. .. ”

Ah, you do have a sense of humor after all! Touche! :-)

180. rm10019 - August 16, 2012

How could i not, i post and read great articles on MJMovie…. i mean! ;)

181. MJ - August 16, 2012


182. John - August 16, 2012

Bret Spiner’s Reddit IAmA.

183. JP - August 16, 2012

2 posts out of dozens equals stalking?

184. JP - August 16, 2012

MJ, I read every thread on this site and have done so for years. One trend that stuck out in my mind from doing so is that a lot of the whining tends to come from you. And you belabor your points over and over and over again. It really kills the vibe on this site and sucks a lot of the fun out of it.

Having a negative opinion is fine. But beating a dead horse with it is something else altogether.

185. Red Dead Ryan - August 16, 2012


JP, let it go, man. MJ is entitled to his opinion, whether negative or positive. I always enjoy reading his posts.

186. Locke for President - August 16, 2012

Only in America do you watch an advertisement for a product prior to watching an advertisement for a product, lol.

(Not being negative. Just making an observation. My degree is in advertising.)

187. Lostrod - August 16, 2012

I can’t believe that Paramount just tossed the Enterprise-D sets from TNG in the garbage.

Pretty lame.


188. K-7 - August 16, 2012

#184 JP, no offense, but your posts generally seem to focus on beging very negative about others’ posts, and you seldom have anything positive or interesting to say about the actual Trek topics within the articles on this site. Heck, here you go again with two negative posts on another poster today.

As I said earlier, this seems to be your main purpose here, bitching about others’ posts and not offering any real opinions on Trek.

189. MJ - August 16, 2012

@185 @188

Thanks guys — you both know what is really going on here!

Enough said regarding the mean clown.

190. spock69 - August 16, 2012

This site has become similar to watching Eastenders.
Same old faces moan moan moan and nothing new ever happens.

191. Calastir - August 17, 2012

With the designs they can rebuild the sets whenever they want, but look at the size of those setpieces! They need that space to make other movies, and storage costs money I’m not sure many fans are willing or able to cough up. Or am I wrong on this, anyone?

192. CoffeeProf - August 17, 2012


Then don’t see the new movie and go away.

193. CoffeeProf - August 17, 2012

24. JP Saylor

If you hate it so much then go away and don’t watch the new movie.

194. Lostrod - August 17, 2012


Yea, maybe someone can use the set for a fan production like Phase 2. Would certainly be authentic.


195. Daoud - August 17, 2012

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
Anyone got news?

196. rm10019 - August 17, 2012

194 – I am fairly sure the set being discussed in that link is NOT the ‘shooting set’ from the series, but one constructed for display and touring by Paramount. It is not the set that we see the actors working on in each episode of the series.

The shooting set was in fact destroyed per normal Paramount procedure.

197. Phil - August 17, 2012

@187. I’d expect the set to look pretty beat up, the last scene from Generations had Picard to Ricker beaming off the bridge of the destroyed E-D….besides, studios keep what can be re-used, so considering that we won’t be seeing TNG again, I’d expect them to get rid of it after a while.

198. Phil - August 17, 2012

RE: the game. Not a gamer, and I don’t think this is going to make me a convert. Besides, as reported here, the shelf life of this offering will probably be six months, Anthony’s reassurances aside.

199. Danpaine - August 17, 2012

#197 – True. Kind of a bummer, though, your phrase “…considering that we won’t be seeing TNG again.” Well put. No reason for the studio to hang onto it. Rather wistful seeing these sets in ‘real life’ without the polish, lighting, actors, etc. they had in front of the camera. Like the pics which circulated not long ago of the skeleton of the Galileo which mouldered in the elements. When you come down to it, this stuff is just old plywood, rusting metal, junk. Good luck to whoever takes on restoration.

As for the game – No Wii, then not for me. It’ll be in the bargain bin at Gamestop within a year anyway, most likely.

200. rm10019 - August 17, 2012

197 – this is not the actual set used in Generations either.

201. Lostrod - August 17, 2012


Interesting. The article didn’t reflect that. If not, then my apologies to Paramount.

However, still a waste of good props …


202. rm10019 - August 17, 2012

201 – yeah the publicity about this has been strangely vague. a poster at TrekBBS indicates that the owner’s own Facebook page didn’t make it clear until recently that this is just a set reproduction made by Paramount for publicity tours back then.

I agree though, a nice piece, but I’m not sure the public would fund the restoration if they clearly knew it is not the actual set.

203. I am not Herbert - August 17, 2012

movie universe (JJ-verse) sucks

at least they have slightly better phasers… (eyesroll)

204. StunKill - August 17, 2012

original series sucks, I have never liked the original series untill JJ updated and decheesed it. TOS never started getting good untill 1979 when the motion picture came out. If you dont like the JJ-verse than go sit in a corner and cry. I will be continuing to support the new star trek as will millions of other fans that do like and respect it. I will be buying this game, and I will be enjoying it.

205. rm10019 - August 17, 2012

Like Trek 09, this game will hopefully appeal to actual gamers ( ie general viewing audience) as much if not more than the entrenched aging Trekker.

I say this as an entrenched aging Trekker, but with eyes wide open, and a hope that Orci and the court start putting in more and more of the bold Humanistic and philosophical elements that made Trek such a hit the first time around.

206. StunKill - August 17, 2012

#205. I agree with you 100%, but let me just say that the movie wasnt bereft of humanistic qualities as in the opening sequence of the movie with George sacrificing himself for the crew. It was in that scene that I knew and felt they had gotten it right. But I do enjoy philisophy at the end of a phaser as well.

207. MJ - August 17, 2012

@204 “original series sucks.”

Huh? Dude, that is like saying God or the Statue of Liberty sucks?

208. StunKill - August 17, 2012

You really need to get a grip if you compare a TV show to God, praise be to him. And yes I appreciate the statue of liberty, a symbol of a free country which allows me to express my opinion that TOS sucks.

209. Vultan - August 17, 2012


You must not be watching the right TOS episodes—or watching them with the right mindset. Though the show’s production values are undoubtedly cheesy by today’s standards, quite a few of the stories—that is, their underlying themes—still hold up. At least for me….

I think Phillip J. Fry put it best. Don’t remember the exact quote, but it was something like: “Remember… 79 episodes… about 30 of them… good.”

210. rose by any other name as in Keachick - August 17, 2012

I am sorry to see Jack leave this site. He mentioned his frustration on another thread as well. I do understand some of his frustration.

@Jack –
If you do read this, I hope you get over your cold and start to feel better in yourself. Maybe you just need a good rest. Perhaps you could take some time off work? As far as I am concerned, you are welcome to contribute here anytime. As the time gets closer to Star Trek movie release date and we have got to see a trailer or two, maybe you could drop by and say “Hi!”

Take care, Jack. Be kind. Be strong.

211. MJ - August 17, 2012

@210. Agreed, I love Jack, and am sorry to see him go, and hope he changes his mind. We have all had tough times, and I hope he rebounds and comes back. Sure, I can be an a-hole, and others abound here as well, but all in all,we also have a lot of fun here and share our thoughts on Trek….an we are a virtual community, and I consider Jack a very valuable member of it.

A toast from me to check — take a breather, my friend, and then please return to us!

Best, MJ

212. rm10019 - August 17, 2012

206 – totally agree with you as well. Trek 09 did exactly what it had to do with a good balance.

213. MJ - August 17, 2012

@211 meant to say: “A toast from me to Jack”

argh….damn typos.

214. MJ - August 17, 2012

@208. No offense, dude, but as I certainly support your right to free speech, I just can’t take any of your posts ever on this site remotely seriously given you think TOS sucks.

This is like going on a Dr. Who site and saying “Tom Baker sucks.” It is a DOA comment, and 99% of the people here (not counting my detractors, who will probably weigh in) won’t ever take anything else you post on seriously afterwards.

215. Red Dead Ryan - August 17, 2012

If Stunkill had said TOS season three sucked, he would have had some credibility. The third season (minus four or five episodes that were actually good) did stink. The first two seasons, however, were top-notch sci-fi/Star Trek ideas at their best.

So saying how TOS (as a whole) sucked is akin to saying how Shakespeare or “Star Wars” sucked. Totally asinine.

I think Stunkill has taken a few too many phaser hits to the head. :-)

216. Newman - August 17, 2012

What ever happened to the weekly Sci-Fi movies feature??

217. NCM - August 17, 2012

Hey, Jack. Hope you’ll be back. I’d guess most of us get fed-up with one another often enough to consider calling it quits, but MJ’s right on at least one point: we are something of a community (albeit, a little pathetic at times), and you’d be one many of us would miss.

Here’s hoping you’ll take a breather and jump back in when the news is worthy, as we all know it will be!

218. MJ - August 17, 2012

NCM, I think the surprisingly little news on the movie is contributing to a general sense of malaise here by many of us. I know I am feeling it. The continued lack of basically any meaningful news on the sequel is perhaps amplifying our response to other articles and topics…leading to overly-emotional responses and argumentative behavior regarding what would otherwise be normal banter between posters.

219. TREKWEBMASTER - August 18, 2012

Damn it Jim. So much negativity.

Why not ask J.J. / Bob to “reboot” Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury, Starfleet Academy, with current networking as TCP/IP, updated graphics, and updates or chapters could be SF 1,2,&3, and OP, KA, Bridge Commander, and why not add-in BOTF, Armada, and branches for all of the rest of any Trek games out there.

What killed Starfleet Academy deader than a doornail was it being written for only IPX which isn’t routable over internet routers, virtually every internet device travels this way now. It was built for those old LAN networks where you didn’t have internet access, but was a very good idea, it just had impulse instead of warp drive.

If J.J. and Bob rebooted these, you’d be guaranteed an audience, and make them mod-friendly, because that’s what kept Starfleet Command going with Orion Pirates. Even klingon Academy KA didn’t last as long.

I remember that christmas morning back in 1996 when i got that first Star Trek game, Starfleet Academy and then Chekov’s updated addition, then heading home to dial-up to and we fragged our heads-off. It wasn’t until Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates came out that renewed interest in games after SFA was no longer supported by IPX on most ISP’s that anything was remotely as popular as SFA / SFCOP was.

Then we had all the rest until Star Trek Online was being developed years ago then hopes were dashed and saved and STO became beta, Star Wars Galaxies died forever, and that was a true shame, but left STO as the top space game out here on the net. And here we are with a new Trek game to check-out and you guys are griping about the past?

Do you naysayers realize just how fortunate us gamers are to have ONE Trek game? We’ve got TWO and possibly more coming out in the near future and everyone’s still not happy. I think it’s WONDERFUL.

I GROK all Trek games.

Live Long and Prosper fellow Trekkers,


220. Bugs Nixon - August 18, 2012

My cat’s breath smells like catfood.

221. Mikey C - August 18, 2012

at Star Trek role playing game on the xbox 360 would be awesome. i would buy it for sure.

222. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 18, 2012

My cat’s breath smells like whiskey.

223. Phil - August 18, 2012

My cat’s breath just smells. Probably good to be breathing, though.

224. Daoud - August 18, 2012

My cat’s nose smells. And its feet run. And the sky is blue.
Star Trek gaming… heck, I’d be glad to see the FASA game return. You know, the old RPG with dice and charts?

225. MJ - August 18, 2012

My cat smells like a pus….

226. Capt. of the U.S.S. Anduril - August 18, 2012

I love how someone asked if the Gorn have any lines. They never did in the show, a lot of growling and hissing that eventually went through a universal translator.

227. Phil - August 18, 2012

The dog days of summer have arrived at Trekmovie. Probably nothing of substance to report on the new movie for ten weeks or so….

228. Vultan - August 18, 2012


Ah, so video game consoles aren’t equipped with universal translators.
Very sad. They’ll have to work on that.

229. NCM - August 18, 2012

@218. MJ – August 17, 2012: I think the surprisingly little news on the movie is contributing to a general sense of malaise here by many of us. I know I am feeling it.

Here, here. Just gotta get your Trek fix elsewhere for the time being. I recommend “Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations” (published this year), if you haven’t read it. It was better than I expected; a really fun read.

On cat breath. I’m envious of those who experience it as smelling like cat food or whiskey. When my beloved felines (bless their departed souls) yawned within 36 inches of your nose, it was akin to opening a cooler 6 weeks after a fishing trip in which the fish hadn’t been released.

230. Boborci - August 18, 2012

Anybody out there today?

231. Ahmed - August 18, 2012

@230. Boborci

Hey Bob :)
Any gifts for us today ?

232. boborci - August 18, 2012

only if u consider scary truths a gift!

233. Ahmed - August 18, 2012

Interesting, truth is relative as some people think that there is no such thing as absolute truth.

234. Ahmed - August 18, 2012

Bob, how is the post production going ? Can you give us some idea when we might see the first teaser or at least the poster ?

235. NCM - August 18, 2012

Okay, out with the scary truths! Sure to beat cat breath banter.

236. MJ - August 18, 2012

Bob, JJ’s withholding of all info is like being in a Gulag for us fans. Can you at least let us know when this fall we will be getting some info on the sequel?

237. boborci - August 18, 2012

233. well, if that were true it would be a paradox.

238. boborci - August 18, 2012


239. Ahmed - August 18, 2012

Bob, since it seem that we will get any Trek related news, how about update about your other projects, TV and movies.

btw, are you involved in the new Jack Ryan reboot ?

240. Ahmed - August 18, 2012

Meant, Not get any Trek news

241. bardicjim - August 18, 2012

Bob, say whatever you feel like saying, man and say it when you want to say it. Please. :)

242. bardicjim - August 18, 2012

Maybe bob wants to say it this Summer? Seeing as it is the current season.

243. bardicjim - August 18, 2012

My Grammar goes out of the window when I hit the mead.

244. bardicjim - August 18, 2012

Hey Bob, tell ya what. How about you give us a taster and I will arrange a private tour of Stonehenge with Druids for you, excluding flights cos I am skintish. That’s my best offer. LOL

245. MJ - August 18, 2012

@238 Well, I do appreciate the direct response on this from you at least.


246. Bucky - August 18, 2012

It’s officially my birthday in a few hours to the 19th, don’t Gene Roddenberry & Jonathan Frakes have the same birthday? I would google but I gotta go out and buy beer. For, uh, myself. Not exactly partying it up, instead posting on Trekmovie.

Hey the game looks sweet.

247. MJ - August 18, 2012

Happy Sweet 16

248. NCM - August 18, 2012

Happy birthday, Bucky. Were we more than a virtual community, I’d happily buy you a beer and enjoy live chat with a fellow Trekker.

249. MJ - August 18, 2012

@248. But are minors allowed to drink? :-)

250. Daoud - August 18, 2012

Happy birthday, Bucky!
Today is Jonathan Frakes’ 60th birthday! Wow.
And Gene would have been 91 today….

251. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 18, 2012

Since we cannot even come close to knowing the mystery of life and the endless universe that encompasses it, I believe that truth is pretty much impossible to know, and morality itself is simply a matter of public opinion. Maybe Absolute Truth is revealed to us after death, but I don’t think we will ever comprehend it in our Earthly physical existences.

Happy birthday Bucky!

252. Red Shirt Diaries - August 19, 2012

Bucky, Happy Birthday!!!

Ah, I wish I could go back and be sixteen again!

Cheers, and here’s hoping for a great year for you ahead with hopefully getting a car, a girlfriend, doing well in school — the whole nine yards, my young friend.

Best Wishes!

253. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

Re cats and their breath – awesome stuff! LOL

Truthfully, I have been the owner of 16 felines all at one time (cats and kittens) a while back and I could not smell any of their breath from 36 inches away. That kind of breath can only mean bad teeth caused by tooth decay/abscess and/or serious sickness.

I was wondering when Bob Orci would drop by. Since he is not forthcoming about the Star Trek movie, I might as well as write about the Fringe series. I now have all three series of Fringe on DVD and I am enjoying the fourth series which is screening here Thursday nights. Interesting stuff.

I love the quirky humour…oh, and the fact that Walter Bishop chooses to go naked every Tuesday… Olivia – “Is it safe?” Peter replies, “No and not pretty either” (from third season) – LOL!!!

My son gave me a spoiler (something I sorta figured out anyway) but did not need him to confirm it before I get to see the episode(s) showing such…:(, but I do like the notion that Peter Bishop remained in the memory of Olivia because of LOVE. That was the episode screened last Thursday night… Bob Orci and co. – I, for one, can handle what many others may refer to sneeringly, as “cheese”.

Gotta go…

254. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

Of course there is the “Truth shall set you free”. I wonder, sometimes, of what exactly and for what?

To quote a screenwriter of our acquaintance – “Anybody out there today?”

255. Lostrod - August 19, 2012

A Star Trek teaser trailer at:


256. NCM - August 19, 2012

I missed the part where Bucky tells us s/he’s turning 16. In that case, virtual wish/offer withdrawn, Bucky. Make good choices. Don’t drink, yada, yada.

Back to cat breath, because, Rose, you asked for it and Orci isn’t offering up anything better:-/ I can honestly say our cats (Burmese, maybe it’s the breed!) received the best in everything (at least until the kids came home), but attempts at regular oral hygiene would send them into hiding for weeks. It was a quality of life issue. Despite halitosis, they lived 19 years; one surviving kidney failure and enduring years of daily sub-cu fluids (treatment he preferred to brushing) nine years beyond the diagnosis that was expected to take him down within weeks.

News is coming. I can feel it. Well, not really. I think we’re in for a long dry spell.

257. StunKill - August 19, 2012

I didnt become a fan of Star Trek by watching TOS, I became a fan with the TOS films and TNG. Which TNG had far better stories and humanistic qualities to it in my opinion, so if you want ignore my comments simply because I dont like the broken cheesedick 1960’s mentality then so be it. I’am not interested in gaining credibility from the likes of MJ whom obviously cant take any critisizm about his precious show. I’am who I’am and you are who you are so leave it at that. People dont have to like any particular incarnation of trek to love it. I will continue to post and people will continue to read inspite of what you think MJ.

258. K-7 - August 19, 2012

#256 Good point, NCM.

Hey there Bucky,

Happy B-Day, young man/woman, but please lay off the alcohol for a couple of years yet. There will be plenty of time for that later in your life.

259. Jonboc - August 19, 2012

#255. Regarding the that teaser trailer…all interest I may have had in this was jettisoned the minute I saw “from the writers and producers who brought you “Of Gods and Men”. No thanks.

260. K-7 - August 19, 2012

#257. Stunkill, a lot of us just won’t take what you said here very seriously given how you trashed the original series: “the original series sucks.” You don’t have much credibility here anymore given that ridiculous statement.

Nobody is saying you can’t have this opinion or post here. But a lot of are saying that we really can’t take anything you say here as credible from this point forward.

It is what it is.

261. StunKill - August 19, 2012

Whatever I dont care anymore. Back to the subject at hand: I really cant wait to get this game and I’am willing to bet the gorn will most likely be able to talk in this game, I have faith in Bob Orci to make it so. I’am also very curious about wandering around the enterprise and how much interaction will be available to it. It would be cool if we could access a computer and call up enterprise specs and actually find out how big it really is and see the internal configuration. Well, I’am off to work, hopefully I wont need any aspirin to get through the day since my head hurts from all the stonethrowers aiming at me.

262. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

NCM – Interesting. Perhaps the halitosis does have something to do with the breed and/or you have a more sensitive nose. I don’t know. I do know that I could not smell one of our beloved cat’s bad breath from that distance, despite the fact that he did have a serious tooth abscess problem which required urgent veterinary treatment. Up close, his breath did stink.
Yes, it is a bit strange to read that the original 1960’s Star Trek series sucked, given that everything we have seen since has been based, more or less, on that TOS series. TOS was/is the blueprint, which cannot be ignored if one is wanting to make a Star Trek movie or television series.

I see the Bob Orci man has disappeared…oh dear….

263. Keachick - rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

If Bob cannot say anything about the Star Trek movie, then maybe he could answer questions as to when the rest of the English speaking world will get to see People Like Us. I see that on IMDb, as of 15 August the movie was released in the Philippines and is also for release in Argentina, Chile and Germany this year. There is a rumour that the movie will be released in the UK on 9 November this year. Is there any truth to this?

At least, you, as one of the writers/producers, you could throw people outside the US a bone in this respect. What about the release of the movie on DVD/blu-ray – when could that happen? Given that we have had to wait almost another year before we see another Star Trek movie, I felt a little compensated by the fact that I would see People Like Us with Chris Pine (in a different kind of role from that of Captain Kirk). But, alas, that is not to be, it seems and that, frankly, SUCKS. I just don’t understand you guys sometimes.

People Like Us has had mostly good reviews and one or two people even think that Elizabeth Banks should be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress category because of her performance and yet…

Please do not ignore this post, Mr Bob Orci and/or Alex Kurtzman, as I would see it as a slight. Thank you.

264. Gorn Born - August 19, 2012

RIP William Windom (Captain Decker in “The Doomsday Machine”)

265. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

RIP William Windom – His performance on the Star Trek “Doomsday” episode certainly made that one of the most memorable and best of Star Trek TOS episodes.

266. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

It was either here or on some other thread/site where I read a rumour that we could expect to see the first teaser/trailer/pictures from the Star Trek sequel on 8 September, a Saturday. That certainly makes sense – given that it will be Star Trek’s 46th birthday.

Fingers crossed. How about it, Bad Robot? Come on, Make it so!

267. Phil - August 19, 2012

@266. Bob has commented that JJ is planning a six month promotion window for Khan 2.0. That would mean we are more likely to see something in November.

268. StunKill - August 19, 2012

Well, I prefer the extension over the basis, or I should say the improvement of the basis. And I guess I’am a little more openminded than some on here and not stuck in my little TOS box. However I’am nice and comfy in my little JJ Abrams TOS box. And I’am glad that I’am not alone since all my friends dont particularly like TOS either and they’re interest begins with more modern incarnations and that is all we need to love and enjoy our trek, just like some of them dislike voyager and like DS9, or dislike DS9 and love ENT. I dont open my mouth in gaping shock that they could ever dislike one over the other, but then again I’am outside the box. So be it. I REALLY WANT THIS GAME!!!! And I’am looking forward to september 8 as possibly being the release of the first trailer for star trek 2013 movie of the year.

269. Jonboc - August 19, 2012

…well, stunkill, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But I will say this. As much as you can’t stand TOS, I think 95% of TNG and it’s spin-offs is utter drek, so FAR removed from the TOS blueprint and foundation, that, other than similarities by being in the same fictional universe, they are as far away from Star Trek as an apple is from an orange. Having said that, I find it absolutely bizzare that you and your friends are fans of JJ’s trek. You and your friends being fans of TNG and its spin-offs…but not a fan of TOS, I fully understand…they are different as night and day….the very reason I feel the complete opposite. But JJ’s Trek, of which are a fan, draws nothing from TNG and it’s spin-offs. It builds it’s universe completely from the blueprint set forth by the very series you say sucks…yet you like it. I’m having a hard time figuring that one out.

But I’m with you on the game…love the new Trek universe and will be
playing the game, it looks great.

And RIP the great William Windom. Met him once, a great guy. Thanks for entertaining us for so many years. He will be missed.

270. pissed off - August 19, 2012

WTF is with this site? You cover two days of the Vegas con, then skip the last two and disappear for a week?


271. Basement Blogger - August 19, 2012

Rest in peace. William Windom. The Doomsday Machine was one of the greatest Star Trek episodes. Great action, drama and thought provoking.

272. Basement Blogger - August 19, 2012

On a happier note. Time to celebrate the Great Bird of the Galaxy’s birthday. Happy Birthday Gene Roddenberry.

273. Lostrod - August 19, 2012

Sad news about Mr. Windom. A shame that this site is not keeping up with Trek news. I realize that the actors death is not related to the JJ movies, but without the legacy of TOS, what’s the point? Might as well create an original story.

Sigh. Sorry, but sometimes one has to dwell on ones mortality and the fact that folks we grew up with are fading away.

Reminds me of the Bataan Memorial Death March, held each spring in New Mexico. It’s a 26.2 milie through White Springs Missle Range. In the opening ceremony that do a roll call of the survivors of the WW2 event who are present. Usual 4 or 5. Then they call the names of survivors who passed away in the past year. Much longer list of names. I did the march for the sixth time last March and w struck by the dwindling number of vets from a bygone era.

Not to equate ST with the sacrifices of soldiers in WW2, but celebrities from tha era are leaving us at an expanded rate.

Biff Elliot, the guest actor from “Devil in the Dark” died this week, for example. No notice on this site that I’m aware of.

Stepping back for a bit.


274. Tom - August 19, 2012

This site yet again falls off the tracks. It just seems unprofessional. God knows they probably make decent ad money.

Oh well, this is all just a silly indulgence anyway.

Back to writing my novel.


275. Ahmed - August 19, 2012

I just can’t believe the news.

RIP, Tony Scott.

276. Vultan - August 19, 2012


I just watched “Unstoppable” earlier today. Good movie. One of many he and his brother have made.

Tony Scott will be missed.

277. Ahmed - August 19, 2012


Yes, he will be missed greatly. I enjoyed his movies like Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State and others.

What a tragic end.

278. Vultan - August 19, 2012


Yeah, I think Crimson Tide is my favorite of his movies.
According to his IMDB page, he had several projects in the works.


279. gale - August 20, 2012

I miss trekmovie. 1 week without new content..


280. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - August 20, 2012

Gene Roddenberry’s birthday, the passing of William Windom and new images from Mars have all happened this week. How about Pascale gets more staff if he’s busy or on holiday!

281. KHAN 2.0 - August 20, 2012

very tragic news about Tony Scott.

his movies contained a few Trek references :

True Romance – Clarances actor buddy getting to work on TJ Hooker with ‘Captain Kirk’

Crimson Tide – Denzel tells the radio guy they are in a star trek situation and he is like Kirk to radio guys Scotty (i believe Quentin Tarentino contributed various scenes like this and obviously wrote True Romance)

Deju Vu – think there was some ‘beam me up’ reference

and obviously Unstoppable starred Pine

might be a few more in other films i dunno

282. make money while - August 20, 2012

This is the perfect webpage for anyone who
wants to find out about this topic. You know so much its almost hard
to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).
You certainly put a new spin on a subject that’s been written about for a long time. Great stuff, just excellent!

283. Danpaine - August 20, 2012

264. – Thank you for posting that NYT obit. on William Windom – I had no idea he had passed. His Decker character made the excellent Doomsday Machine all the better.

No doubt this site is off the rails again if they’re missing/ignoring stuff like this.

Trekweb, TrekToday, TrekNews, here I come.

284. SoonerDave - August 20, 2012

Really surprised this site dropped the ball on the William Windom obit. Guess its time for one of those increasingly frequent “dry spells….” which, I guess, isn’t quite so detrimental because there’s really not much *movie* stuff to talk about in the midst of the JJ “Cone of Silence.”

Remembered seeing a featurette years ago about the production of movie trailers, and why they often included so many “spoilery” scenes, and the comment was “we don’t care if they have spoilers. We want attention and publicity. If a spoiler is what it takes, so be it.” Obviously the SC these days has no such concerns, which is certainly their prerogative. But I can’t help thinking a crumb here and there would at least lend some credibility to a whole new slew of rampant, baseless speculation :)


285. Anthony Thompson - August 20, 2012

RIP William Windom.

286. Caesar - August 20, 2012

In Pace Requiescat, Mr. Windom. There’ll never be a better crazy Starship Commander than you.

287. Gary S. - August 20, 2012

RIP Mr Windom.
Thanks for the memories .

288. Red Dead Ryan - August 20, 2012

Here we go again, when Anthony’s away, “rose by any other name” comes out to play while Keachick disappears. Once Anthony returns, the reverse will happen again. :-)

Sucks about Tony Scott. He made some good action flicks. “Crimson Tide” and “Unstoppable” were great.

The thinking is he was feeling suicidal so he jumped off a bridge in L.A. People seem to believe his depression stemmed from being overshadowed by his younger brother, Ridley.

He will be missed. As will William Windom.

289. Phil - August 20, 2012

@284. It’s also a common practice to put stuff in the trailers that isn’t a part of the actual movie. Any promotion is good, I suppose…

290. Chris Doohan - August 20, 2012

Mr. Windom was a great Actor and all around guy. He and his wife Patricia lived next door to me for many years.

He will be missed.

291. Vultan - August 20, 2012


Tony Scott was the younger brother of Ridley Scott.

292. Craiger - August 20, 2012

I wonder if Anthony even cares about running Trekmovie anymore with these constant breaks? Do people even care about these breaks because when Anthony comes back with news no one complains about it.

293. rm10019 - August 20, 2012

Guys, usually when the site goes quiet for a while, Anthony is on vacation and when it does come back, he has big things to share.

294. Craiger - August 20, 2012

He seems to go on alot of vacations.

295. Riker's Dad - August 20, 2012

Yeah, wasn’t there a story a couple of weeks ago that said something like, “TrekMovie is back from vacation…”?

296. rm10019 - August 20, 2012

Wow, it’s a good thing he doesn’t have to answer to you guys! A good portion of the country is on vacation this week and next, it’s called the end of the summer season, look it up! Sheesh.

297. Phil - August 20, 2012

It might not be a bad idea to lighten up on Anthony a bit. I’m under the impression (I could be wrong here) that these guys do this on the side, it’s not a paying job. So if AP is off somewhere doing something that is actually paying the bills he needs to do what he needs to do.

298. Anthony Thompson - August 20, 2012

296. rm10019

Coverage of the Trek fan event of the year (the Vegas con) had been promised. The principles of this site were all there. Only Friday ended up being covered; the main events on Saturady and Sunday weren’t covered as promised. “Sheesh!”.

299. SoonerDave - August 20, 2012

@297 et al

Yeah, anyone new to this site that isn’t accustomed to sudden, unexplained “naps” or “vacations” or whatever you want to call it just need to get used to it. The site just kinda “fades away” like a distant radio signal every so many weeks. No complaints here, I’m not paying for it, so c’est la vie. I do think, as a fairly long-timer here just making an observation, that over the last several months a great deal of the “detail” content about Trek-related “events” or “news” has dropped fairly precipitously.

As I said, no complaints, just a realization that other things sometimes take precedence. If I come here tomorrow to find a “Permanently Gone Fishin'” sign, it wouldn’t surprise me, but neither would a slew of new articles. Just the way it goes.

300. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

Two deaths in one week – they say things come in three’s… I try not to think.

I was shocked and saddened to read about Tony Scott’s passing and that it was by suicide. A very sad time for those closest to him.

I guess Chris Pine can’t be feeling that great right now, given that he worked with Tony Scott on Unstoppable and he seemed to really like the man Tony Scott and the way Tony did things. A little snippet I read a while back was of Chris Pine saying (paraphrasing) that – Chris had to be up early – 5.30amish for an early start at filming and he found that Tony Scott was already up – had been since about 3.00am, working on the Unstoppable film. He was plying himself with lots of coffees apparently. Chris was quite in awe of the tireless energy this 65 year old man had and of his commitment to the project.

I think that someone like Tony Scott is very driven. In a way, they have to be in order to achieve what they do. However, obviously, somehow, more recently something must have snapped (we’ll probably never know what) and suicide was the result. Unfortunately, along with great creativity can also come some degree of emotional instability. It really depends on how much emotional instability there is and how effectively it is handled, without denting creativity.

RIP Tony Scott.
Take care – to those who knew him, even loved him

301. Vultan - August 20, 2012


It’s being reported that Tony Scott was fighting inoperable brain cancer, so that’s probably the main reason for his suicide. Of course, there could be other factors that contributed to his decision.

302. Daoud - August 20, 2012

William Windom, thank you. Folks, he also revisited Star Trek for James Cawley’s New Voyages/Phase II which this site has also covered through the years. He ‘brought back’ Commodore Decker for the 2004 episode “In Harm’s Way”. Always thought that was a nice present from James to a hard-working actor who was always kind to Trek fans….

I always liked the quotable Windom… such as this gem:
“You have a nice time because people are very nice, basically. I travel a lot and I see a great many of them in all parts of the country and it’s always a treat. Everybody has something worthwhile to offer, for at least ten seconds, maybe ten hours, maybe ten years, whatever, but they all have that spark that’s worthwhile.” (on being interviewed all over the world)

As for Tony Scott… sometimes going on one’s own terms is what someone wants….

As for this site…. A shame, but in comparison….

303. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

If that is true that Tony Scott was suffering from an inoperable brain tumour, then the suicide does make a little more sense – at least for Tony Scott. He perhaps wanted to spare his family…although doing what he did may not have given his family all that much time to *prepare for his inevitable death.

I have known personally of two people who have lost a mother and a daughter respectively as a result of a brain tumour. Not nice at all, heartbreaking in fact for the family to watch their loved one go down the way these tumours can take them down and out.

Very sad.

*to the extent that anybody can prepare themselves…

304. Phil - August 20, 2012

Meanwhile, in William Shatner news, Priceline has resurrected The Negotiator. Seems the Shat was really, really closely tied to the identity of the company.

305. Phil - August 20, 2012

Oh, Phylis Diller died today at the ripe old age of 95. No connection to Trek that I’m aware of, but as the lady from down under pointed out they seem to go in threes…

306. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

Wow. Oh dear…RIP Phylis Diller.

307. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

Frankly, if anybody here has a “bone to pick” around here, it’s me.

I don’t really have a problem with this site. If there is no news…well, there is no news. Perhaps Anthony is just waiting for the really important news re the new Star Trek movie sequel before he posts a new thread. Then he did say he will give a full report on the Convention at Las Vegas – perhaps it’s taking more time to do than he thought, or more likely, more pressing matters, like work that pays the bills, need to be dealt with first.

My “bone to pick” is with the Star Trek sequel makers and it is not to do with not getting trailers, knowing who the villain is or any of that nonsense. Expecting such information when the movie is still in its post-production phase could be considered a little presumptuous.

What I did ask for, way back in December last year, was a photo of all the cast assembled together. I did not expect them to be in costume, especially if that would mean a spoiler, ie giving away the race/identity of the Benedict Cumberbatch character for instance. However, a photo of all in their civies would be great. So far, nearly nine months have gone by and still no photograph for my desktop.

Now, at this point, given that principal photography has been completed, how hard would it have been to get all of them together (or even the main seven) for a couple of snap shots? After all, these people are used to having their photos taken…;)

WHERE IS MY DESKTOP PHOTO of my Captain and his good crew (at the very least)?

308. Robman007 - August 20, 2012

Better be careful rose..folks might jump on you and label you as the dreaded “entitled” when you go requesting any sort of promo for the new film.

This site seems to do that…goes up and down. Misses some things too.

Regarding the new film..I hope the ultra secret nature of the film is to protect it because it is ultra original and brand new, and not just a rehash of Spock’s Brain.

309. Robman007 - August 20, 2012

Oh, for those looking for a good Star Trek miniatures boardgame, with mini’s are are actually awesome and not garbage, like the HeroClix game, check out Call to Arms: Star Fleet. Granted, it’s based on the Star Fleet Battles Universe, but it has some awesome Original Series style ship miniatures that you can actually paint, and are pretty good size. They come in unassembled pewter or sometimes resin plastic.

Game play is pretty awesome as well. Fast and easy to learn, but with plenty of tactics to master.

310. Basement Blogger - August 20, 2012

@ 307


You’re going to hate this. Sam Raimi ‘s “Oz, the Great and Powerful” is set for release on March 8, 2013. It already has a trailer. Link below. Star Trek 2013 is set for release on May 17, 2013. We haven’t heard much from J.J. Abrams about Star Trek in general, let alone stuff about the new movie. I certainly understand some of the secrecy but some selling of the Star Trek franchise by Bad Robot would be welcome.

And by the way, we knew a long time ago that Catwoman and Bane were going to be in The Dark Knight Rises. Didn’t hurt the box office.

Oz trailer

311. Bob Mack - August 20, 2012

I’ll chime in on William Windom. I keep checking back to this site to see if there is an article about him, because I really loved his work and have been hoping to share in some stories about him.

I didn’t realize until reading his obituary this weekend that he was the great-grandson of Secretary of State William Windom under President Lincoln. How awesome is that? Must have been a source of great family pride and story telling for the Windoms and will continue to be that.

I always thought that his Commodore Decker in TOS was simply amazing. His was one of those performances that made me think back to Twilight Zone or some of the other great television dramas where a great actor would just chew through the scenery along with some great writing. He pulled us all along an emotional roller coaster in that episode (“The Doomsday Machine”) that was like few others. I also appreciated ST:TMP a little bit more with its nod to Commodore Decker via his fictional son.

One more remembrance was his role as President in Escape From the Planet of the Apes. Not a big role, but a great bit of acting that might have been nice to expand, though it probably wouldn’t have helped that story much.

I know Mr. Windom will be remembered very fondly and I look forward to watching his work whenever I can for the rest of my life.

My heartfelt condolences to the Windom family.

By the way, great to hear from Chris Doohan sharing his status as a Windom neighbor.

312. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 20, 2012

Many great actors must be saddened by the death of director Tony Scott, he directed and produced awesome action movies …

I obviously paid close attention in Unstoppable, following all the news during production of the film … after all, Chris Pine was one of the protagonists alongside the great Denzel Whashington … he also produced “Domino” with Keira Knightley, one of my favorite actresses … very sad … I wish the best for his family at this time.

313. Vultan - August 20, 2012

I’ll join in with those asking for a William Windom memorial article. I understand the man behind the curtain of this site might be incredibly busy, but a simple picture of Windom and his date of birth and death would only take a couple of minutes to put together.

C’mon, this isn’t some redshirt actor who didn’t have any lines but “Ahhh!!!” This is Commodore Decker we’re talking about here!

And a fine actor.
RIP William Windom.

314. moonwatcher - August 20, 2012

Besides his memorable performances previously mentioned (Star Trek, Escape From the Planet of the Apes, ) he was also in a two part episode of “The Invaders” called “Summit Meeting”. A great character actor from my past is now gone. Thank god his performances are preserved on Blu-ray & DVD. “Vulcan’s never bluff”…”No …no I don’t suppose that they do”.

315. Phil - August 20, 2012

@307. November 2012, at the latest. Merry Christmas!

316. Phil - August 20, 2012

@310. Yeah, but we didn’t know they were going to drop a big Robin hint. Overall, though, yeah the Paramount/Bad Robot school of ‘ignore it’ promotion makes little sense. This production has completely dissapeared from the radar screen…

317. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

Gosh, I have just realized – I don’t even have a bone to pick because the film makers haven’t thrown any…:(

What do you think I should do, given this sad state, Bob Orci?

318. Red Dead Ryan - August 20, 2012


Jeez, man, some of us just have a problem with Anthony promising articles and then not putting them up. How hard would it be for either him or one of his staff to notify us of what’s going on?


Thanks for the correction.

If Tony Scott had indeed been suffering from an incurable brain tumor, it would explain his sudden suicide. Brain tumors can cause some terrible headaches and mood swings.

A Seattle news anchor recently passed away after battling her third brain tumor in fourteen years. It wasn’t so much the tumor that caused her death, it was the chemotherapy which left her with a very low white blood cell count, and she eventually died of pneumonia. She battled hard, but it wasn’t enough.

I also used to work with a guy who did get cancer. He took a year off work to undergo chemotherapy. He recovered.

319. Red Dead Ryan - August 20, 2012


You’ll have to keep yourself entertained with the comics. It could be a looooonnggg, loooooonnnggg time before we get anything regarding the sequel.

And any news we might get may not be what we want to read or hear…..

320. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

I did not see this photo that I requested (not too late, of course. My desktop is still available to receive such an awesome picture…:)) as a promo or anything, especially if none of the actors were in any sort of costume and/or makeup. I was/am not looking for movie teaser/trailer photos or anything. Those will no doubt come in due course.

Perhaps I am out of order here, but doing this would just be a simple act of generosity of the part of the film makers – actors and producers…alike. It would hopefully be treated by us in a gracious manner.

This is a little something to go on, with regards to William Windom

321. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

When I first heard about the second death, that of Tony Scott and knowing that these events do have a way of coming in threes, I suddenly thought “oh no, don’t say that the third might be another Trek actor like William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy”. Although sad for Phylis Diller and her loved ones, it was sort of a relief to know that it wasn’t one of these older Star Trek actors (or even one of younger ones).

#319 – Yes, you are right. If Tony Scott did have a brain tumour, the headaches and mood swings associated with these tumours could also account for his actions…:(

322. Craiger - August 20, 2012

I wonder if the sequel is introuble? Maybe they didn’t like the Dallies on it?

323. Dominic - August 20, 2012


There actually was a connection between Diller and Star Trek… According to Wikipedia, which I am copying from,

“Diller had a cameo appearance in an episode of ABC’s Boston Legal on April 10, 2007. She appeared as herself, confronting William Shatner’s character Denny Crane, alleging to have had a torrid love affair with him. They seemed to have enjoyed a romantic moment in a foxhole during World War II.”

Everything is connected…

324. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

#324 – A very loose connection, I would say…;)

325. dmduncan - August 20, 2012

Tony Scott did NOT have brain cancer, and there were multiple suicide notes. Multiple drafts?

And how the HELL did witnesses recognize Tony Scott from TVs and the movies? He doesn’t have a stand-out face.

326. Vultan - August 20, 2012


What are you suggesting? That they have the wrong man?

Well, anyway it seems there are conflicting reports on his supposed brain cancer now. May have been something entirely different. Best to wait for the autopsy report….

327. Jamziz - August 20, 2012

Time for a new article already?

Duno what’s been happening behind the scenes at Trekmovie lately but it seems like someone back there has dropped the ball with respect to being a content / news provider.

I don’t recall there every being a drought during the pre-release time period of Trek ’09.

328. Jamziz - August 20, 2012

If it’s a matter people being on vacation / busy then perhaps it’s time to do an open call for writers / content providers? I’m sure within this community there’s some capable folks willing to participate.

Heck I do some web design and would love to toss AP some freebies.

329. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

This, as of 36 minutes ago –

Also, the results of the autopsy will not be revealed by the authorities for a few weeks.

It would appear that my first intuition/assessment may have been correct after all – what I wrote at post #300

“I think that someone like Tony Scott is very driven. In a way, they have to be in order to achieve what they do. However, obviously, somehow, more recently something must have snapped (we’ll probably never know what) and suicide was the result. Unfortunately, along with great creativity can also come some degree of emotional instability. It really depends on how much emotional instability there is and how effectively it is handled, without denting creativity.”

This quote from Tony Scott (Huffington Post) –

Scott often said he got his greatest thrills from filmmaking.

“The biggest edge I live on is directing. That’s the most scary, dangerous thing you can do in your life,” Scott said in an interview about his 1995 naval adventure “Crimson Tide.” “The scariest thing in my life is the first morning of production on all my movies. It’s the fear of failing, the loss of face and a sense of guilt that everybody puts their faith in you and not coming through.”

330. dmduncan - August 20, 2012


I am not suggesting. I am questioning.

331. Vultan - August 20, 2012


Go get ’em, Detective Friday.

332. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

“And how the HELL did witnesses recognize Tony Scott from TVs and the movies? He doesn’t have a stand-out face.”

Perhaps the witnesses did not recognize the man jumping off the bridge as being Tony Scott – only after the fact. When his body was recovered and identified as being that of Tony Scott’s, then the witnesses realized just who the man was who had jumped off the bridge, especially given the fact that Scott’s car was still there and could be formally identified as belonging to Tony Scott.

Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of a brain tumour. Just because his wife says that Tony Scott did not have cancer does not mean that this is the actual truth. Perhaps Tony Scott had only just received a gloomy health diagnosis, whether it be cancer or something else…hopefully an autopsy will help reveal what triggered Tony Scott to take his own life.

Also (clinical) depression can be a bitch and you can’t always snap out of it but you can snap because of it. It has a lot to do with brain chemistry…and little to do with how poor or wealthy you are, whether you are in a good or bad relationship, are working or not, etc, although all of these can contribute to whether a person is mildly or severely depressed, but not always.

333. Vultan - August 20, 2012

Thank you, Rose. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

334. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

#332 – “#330 Go get ‘em, Detective Friday.”

Huh? Is “Detective Friday” a reference to somebody/something?

Go check out the Tony Scott IMDb message board and see all the nastiness written against Tony Scott because he committed suicide. Very uncharitable. I am trying to make sense of it in my small (perhaps naive, silly) way, especially in light of some of the really mean stuff written elsewhere.

335. WannaBeatle - August 20, 2012

@ number 5 (is alive)

I LOVED The Promethean Prophecy!!! I would play that for years on end (and still not finish the damned thing).

that’s what any Trek game should be and not rely on the shoot ’em up type deal.

336. Vultan - August 20, 2012


A TV detective. A man who asked lots of questions.

337. dmduncan - August 20, 2012

@334, 336

As opposed to Ozzie and Harriet — an “ideal” 1950’s TV couple who asked none at all.

338. dmduncan - August 20, 2012

Bottom line: The reporting on this story sucks. ABC News’ new strategy seems to be reporting things with their fingers crossed.

339. Phil DeBrier - August 20, 2012

@336. A long time ago….

340. Vultan - August 20, 2012


As opposed to your reporting—ah, pardon, your “questions.” ;)

But I do agree the media gets it wrong waaay too often. A break down in standards—or no standards at all as case may be. All in the name of getting there fastest with the mostest, which is usually as good as complete fabrication.

341. Vultan - August 20, 2012


Just the facts, ma’am.

342. Phil - August 20, 2012

Richard Dawson passed about a week ago. That’s four….

oops…not supposed to post my last name.

343. Phil - August 20, 2012

@334. Some people are idiots. Probably the same ones who think that watching Stars Earn Stripes is a great way to help veterens. It’s not.

344. dmduncan - August 20, 2012


??? I am aware of having NO facts on “the Tony Scott suicide” matter, and I don’t pretend to have them. Reporting what I read doesn’t make me either a reporter OR a believer. But if I were a reporter, I would have higher standards than what ABC News has been evincing recently.

345. Chris - August 20, 2012

I don’t say this to be negative but until I read a post above here, I had almost forgotten that there is even another trek movie on the way. Yikes.

346. Thomas - August 20, 2012

334. rose by any other name

Detective Friday refers to this:

347. BuzzCagney - August 20, 2012

I see William Windom has passed away.
Very sad. I hope Trekmovie can wind itself into life long enough to remember him.

348. Bucky - August 20, 2012

Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes a few days ago, folks. Missed my 16th birthday by about a decade and a half-ish but if anyone has some red matter I might be able to send the birthday wishes back that to my 16 year old self. He’s probably waiting for Voyager / DS9 to start up again in September.

349. MJ - August 21, 2012

Great, looks like we are having another one of Anthony’s “disappearances” here.

350. trekprincess - August 21, 2012

rose by any other name I feel the same about this we should wait until the autospy reveals why Tony Scott took his own life. very sad really. :(:(

351. Bugs Nixon - August 21, 2012

If this site was on we would all be able to contribute to it. Bob could do an AMA and we could post memes!

352. rose by any other name - August 21, 2012

Now for some gossip – Chris Pine’s birthday is next Sunday, 26 August! Now, don’t you’s forget to say Happy Birthday to the fine Pine/Kirk…ya hear!

Just so you all know…:)!

353. Romulus - August 21, 2012

@349. MJ
Worse, nobody is contributing. There hasn’t been a Science on Saturday since mid July.

I’m only checking this site now to see if there’s an update.
It’s like checking for a missing person, who goes missing every couple of months and then comes back with no explanation.

Hell, even Travis Walton arrived back with a reason for his disappearance.

354. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - August 21, 2012

#292 ”I wonder if Anthony even cares about running Trekmovie anymore with these constant breaks?”

Oh, somebody’s here if it’s not Anthony, and they care enough to delete perfectly fine posts. And it’s not an auto-delete issue, I’m sure of that, so someone’s here. The intermittent article posting is normal to this site.

RE: TOS Blueprint

Well, I can understand anyone that says that they weren’t a huge fan of TOS, but they really liked the reboot movie. Some people are saying that TOS was the blueprint for the reboot movie, but what I think is being overlooked is that the “blueprint” was “altered,” hence the “alter-nate” timeline. Just speaking for myself, I think that’s why the reboot movie appealed to me more when TOS was always something I could really take or leave, and it usually got left. I don’t think TOS sucks, but I can understand if it didn’t grab someone and they just couldn’t get into it, but they could like the reboot movie. Makes sense to me.

355. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - August 21, 2012

I just came across this interview that JJ did with the LA Times semi-recently:,0,2147215.story

It talks about movie budgets, and apparently this next Trek film is costing $185 million.

”… the money you don’t get forces you to rethink something and challenges you to figure it out in a new way.”” – JJ

This quote is what stood out for me. It made me think of some of the projects with bloated budgets that didn’t perform on TV or in Film and whether the extra cash was actually a creative hindrance. I think having a reasonably constrained budget is good for creativity, like JJ pointed to. That way, no one is leaning on special effects or anything in particular to save them or “make” the film. Even though it’s a lot of money, I thought the $185 milllion was a little low until I remembered that they still have a lot of the sets and don’t need to rebuild them. So, the budget seems just right.

Now I’m off to see if being the most frugal studio with budgets has worked in Paramount’s favor or not, if I can find anything on it. I wonder if they lost any projects that really raked in the profits because they weren’t willing to finance them…

356. Doctor Nick - August 21, 2012

Alright, time to rub the paddles together.

CLEAR! Come on, Trekmovie, pull through, pull through…
CLEAR! Anything, nurse? Anything?

AGAIN! *Buzz*
AGAIN! *Buzz*

357. K-7 - August 21, 2012

Sheesh, Antony has gone AWOL again??? This is the time when we should be getting some news from his special sources on the sequel?

I am very disappointed here that he is having on of his lengthy unexplained “dead air” periods with the sequel just nine months away.

358. Doctor Frankenstein - August 21, 2012

“Get me twenty CCs of Hydroprovolone stat!”

“But doctor–”

“I don’t have time for questions nurse, for the love of God JUST GET IT NOW–Oh no, the patient’s going into trachyocarpal arrest!”

*The doctor rips the tubes out of Trekmovie’s arms and nose, climbs on top of the bed and starts beating his fists against Trekmovie’s chest*

“LIVE damn you, I SAID LIVE!!!!!”

359. Cat - August 21, 2012

Its a no brainer asking for tribute to William Windom. The part was originally written with Robert Ryan in mind, but Windom made it his own. He delivered big time, and as a result, the Trek universe has an iconic character that is as important as any other when you consider defining the character mosaic that is otherwise known as the original series guest list. A hall mark performance, one that scared me back in the 60’s and still entertains me every time I see it in re-runs or otherwise.

360. Doctor Frank Abagnale - August 21, 2012


The patient seems to have slipped into a coma. Do you concur?

361. Craiger - August 21, 2012

You couldn’t even post for a long time. This site isn’t going to be very reliable for “Your Source For Everything New In Trek.” Maybe Anthony should get rid of the tagline since now they aren’t even reporting regular Trek news items anymore.

362. Dark Monk - August 21, 2012


How many people are behind I wonder how much money a site like this pulls in each month.

363. Red Dead Ryan - August 21, 2012

Would it hurt any of the staff to post something explaining Anthony’s extended absenses?

364. Craiger - August 21, 2012

RDR, I think Anthony counts on his loyal viewers and that is why he thinks he can take breaks and come back without any explanation because we would just be happy witth new articles.

If he his tired of running this site or has more family issues that’s cool he should just come out and say what’s going on.

365. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

The site needs some backup staff to keep it rolling when the Powers that Be can’t….

366. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

Take a page from AICN’s playbook.

367. Gary S. - August 21, 2012

The explanation is simple .
Sometimes, our lives get in the way of what we would really like to do .

368. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

Here’s something interesting…

369. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

…or this…

370. crazydaystrom - August 21, 2012

I think Anthony’s chained to a wall in a ‘Bad Robot’ basement somewhere with knowledge of the title, villain and plot. He’ll be released when JJ gives the word.

371. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

…this is nice as well…

372. Jamziz - August 21, 2012

I’ve always believed AP could turn Trekmovie into a powerhouse blog, the talents out there, even if they’re volunteering without pay.

In fact after Trek ’09 I thought this puppy was going to boom, its going in the opposite direction..

Time to toss an open call for contributors?

373. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

…Gene Roddenberry is always an interesting read…

374. Craiger - August 21, 2012

#367 Look at other professional blogs, they have new artciles everyday and have lives. Even if some are on vaction and hear news they post if from their smart phone. Maybe Anthony looks at Trekmovie more as a hobby now and not a professionally run blog?

375. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

…and William Windom passed away, on of the infamous ‘death comes in threes, Tony Scott, Phyllis Diller and William Windom triplets’ …

376. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

… I’d go to this, but I saw most of the cast in Cherry Hill, NJ earlier this year…

377. Bob Tompkins - August 21, 2012

Except for the ‘ins’ Trelmovie has with the producers, it just ain’t all that difficult.

378. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - August 21, 2012

Maybe this posts, maybe it doesn’t…

Okay, one last thing and then this website will no longer be the place I come to first for “Trek movie” news. I just happened to be checking out articles over at Trekweb, and I came across this link to the TrekToday website:

The reason why I clicked on the link was to see the comments section. I remembered the huge complaints here about the uniforms and wondered if that was the case there too. There were some complaints, but it didn’t seem as bad. There were only 12 comments, and so I thought maybe that had something to do with it and I was going to check their forum when I looked at the photos and saw a difference from what was reported here at trekmovie.

See the difference? I do. I remember initially wondering why she took a picture with the entire main cast except for Zachary. It’s a very small thing, I know, but I did wonder about it.

It seemed like it could be one of three things. He either A) wasn’t there that day, but this didn’t make sense because seeing that she took pictures with everyone else and even some of the secondary cast, and the fact that he has what I hope is a significant role in the film, it seemed unlikely that he wasn’t there the whole time she was there, or B) he didn’t want to take a picture with her for some reason, but my understanding of him is that he’s generally a nice guy, or C) she didn’t want to take a picture with him for some reason, but my understanding of Zach is that he’s a generally likeable guy. So, I just didn’t know what to think. And I didn’t go looking all over the internet to see if she took a picture with him because I just assumed that the reporting here was accurate. Then I thought maybe it was nothing, because after looking at the photos again, I realized that Karl was missing too.

Why am I bothered by such a small thing?

The larger issue for me after seeing that there was a picture with Zachary taken, and that all of the other sites I came across today showing all of the pictures aren’t excluding just the one, is that it’s purposeful omission. It has to be. Reporting is supposed to be fair and accurate, and I know it’s just a picture, but that doesn’t sit well with me because of what the omission indicates.

I used to come here as the main place for checking up on Trek movie updates, but I don’t know now. What else might have been purposefully omitted? I don’t know. The odd and the sad thing about it is that I wouldn’t have even went to another website had it not been for the constant in-and-out reporting here, and reading from other people here that other websites that they named, like trekweb, do a better job of reporting things and reporting regularly. Add that to the way the modding does and doesn’t happen here, and…

It was done nice and cleverly, though. There’s a large picture of Zachary as Spock in his uniform in the article here to include him… Once again, I know this is a small gripe, but for me it speaks to a larger issue. Bye.

379. Craiger - August 21, 2012

#378 If Anthony keeps up these constant breaks pretty soon he might come here one day and find he can’t count on his loyal viewers anymore and not see any comments on his articles. If he doesn’t have time for this site anymore just come right out and say that. I think we will understand. Their is allways Trekweb, Treknews and Trektoday to get Trek news from.

380. X - August 21, 2012

I wish Anthony would open a forum on this site, the chat page is boderline crash-enducing.

Kinda starting to wonder why (judging from the amount of comments) a lot more people seem to visit this site over others. Besides the obvious Bob Orci connection and being a top Google result, this site is nothing special.

So why the popularity?
Maybe it’s time to stop complaining and organise a mass move to one of the other sites. Without the comments other sites just aren’t as great.

381. Craiger - August 21, 2012

I think Anthony should turn Trekmovie into a Scifi news site, that way when their isn’t any Trek news he or staff could post Scifi news and Science news.

Here’s some Scifi news, Syfy Channel is remaking Blake’s 7. Never saw that series. Is it any good?

382. Bob Mack - August 21, 2012

I’ll add something to the Anthony comments. I have disagreed on one or two occasions with his choices but I have to say that the man has gone way above and way beyond with this website. Yes, we’re all frustrated by the lack of posts lately in what seems to be a pretty Trek-rich environment, but I say give the guy a break.

He’s done his bit for king and country, someone once quoted someone else as saying.

I have no idea what sort of revenue, if any, that stands to be made here but I figure it will never come close to the cost of building, maintaining and operating the site. And that’s just the beginning. The time and energy involved is enormous.

If I have one complaint, it’s just that I’d ask for some more transparency about what is happening, or not happening. Beyond that, maybe the website might move in another direction that is more realistic for Anthony to work with, but that’s up to him. Other than that, I’d say let’s say thank you to Anthony for everything he’s done and hope that he still wants to do it again.

In the meantime, there are other places to look for Trek news and I’m sure most of are looking in those places, but let’s all be glad to have as well.

383. MJ - August 21, 2012

@382. “If I have one complaint, it’s just that I’d ask for some more transparency about what is happening, or not happening.”


Something like:

“Gone fishing folks for a 2 week August vacation. We’ll have new articles to post after Labor Day. LLAP everyone.”


384. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 21, 2012

#378. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-)…………..Well…

Maybe ZQ was doing the makeup of Mr. Spock when Anjini took the photos with other actors… far as we know he spent hours doing the makeup … maybe…;-) :-)

Anjini was filming on set in March 2012 … I think for a few days … after that she went back to LA for the wrap party of filming in May 2012 … “that photo with ZQ and Benedict Cumberbatch” … Chris Pine was in Cannes in that weekend …

385. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 21, 2012

WOW…. finally!!!… ;-) :-)

386. Vultan - August 21, 2012

#382 & #383


Shop owners can do it. “Out to lunch. Be back in one hour.” or “On Vacation. Be back in a couple of weeks.”

Why can’t Trekmovie?

387. Daoud - August 21, 2012

@354 S/U… you’re on to something with someone removing posts.
I had one from yesterday, that included a link to an image of a magazine cover from 1967 with a picture of Leonard Nimoy as Spock on the left panel, and the late Phyllis Diller on the right panel. Was a great picture of Phyllis, and linked to Star Trek. The image link removed? I guess because the image was stored at an ebay image site? Maybe an auto-remove, I guess. Maybe y’all can google it and see it. Also in that message I noted that Phyllis Diller had Nimoy on her variety/interview show in September 1968… another Star Trek Phyllis Diller connection. He talked about Trek’s third season in that appearance.
However earlier today in a post, I fairly slammed JJ, for whining about having to ‘rethink’ in eras of small $185 million dollar budgets… when there are real problems in the world.
Selective editing? No doubt. This site is in a tight Psi 2000 spiral, for sure. Where’s Sulu to cold start the engines?

388. Red Shirt Diaries - August 21, 2012

Agreed all. These unexplained mufti-week breaks by Anthony and company that happen two to three times per year are getting really annoying.

I am embarrassed for this site and for Anthony.

389. Jonboc - August 21, 2012

This site will survive just fine. It’s the usual suspects, ranting about the dreaded lack of “news”, that will be back checking daily for some sort of “fix” when more stories come down the pike. It really is pretty simple…if you don’t like the way Anthony runs his site, don’t come to it. We’ve all endured, time and time again, the same tired “threats” and whining when Anthony takes some unexplained time off, and yet you’re all still here. Either leave or quit your bitchin’ already, the man owes you nothing.

390. Daoud - August 21, 2012

Jonboc, your opinion isn’t superior to anyone else’s. You miss the irony of your last sentence?
And there’s plenty of news out there… folks just tended to prefer this site’s presentation of it, and the interaction with Bob Orci, found only here. TrekToday has almost 15 years of constancy, and T’Bonz continues posting interesting articles every day or so, and there have been a number of developments just this past week, with a JJ interview, William Windom’s passing, and fan film news. So there’s no “lack” of news. TrekPulse and TrekWeb have things too. Perhaps, Anthony should consider a merger with one of the other interests. TrekToday and TrekMovie would make for a good one-two punch. Maybe he’ll look into that. TrekBBS also provides a much better and established BBS system that has quite an amazing history.

391. MJ - August 21, 2012

@389. And we have heard over and over your same tired and stale defense that tells us all to go away if we don’t like it.

You could use some “new material” yourself, dude.

392. K-7 - August 21, 2012

#391. Agreed. Jonboc is right on schedule as usual with his repetitive and boring same shtick. Johboc reminds me of one of those old Chatty Cathy dolls — when you pull the string, she says the same thing over and over. LOL

393. MJ - August 21, 2012

@392. Ha! Ha! Ha! Righto! Could it be that I just found a video of Jonboc:


394. David - August 21, 2012

@381 Yes, brilliant if you like character-based shows with a strong nihilistic feel.

However, poor if you focus on the terrible effects and laughably-dated costumes.

Some people regard it as the “anti-Trek” as the Federation in B7 is a fascistic military dictatorship and the crew of the (stolen) starship arguing amongst themselves as often as they fight the enemy. Blake is a darker Kirk-like leader who becomes increasingly fanatical in his quest to overthrow the dictatorship and his second-in-command, Avon, is often described as Spock crossed with Napoleon.

If you want a feel for the show, transcripts of every episode can be found here:


After Blake goes MIA, Avon takes control of the crew and finds he cannot cope with being a leader. The second half of the series is his descent into madness from the strain of command. Imagine Kirk written out of Trek and Spock cracking up from the stress of leading the team.

Nice review of a book about the series (gives away the ending, though):

395. David - August 21, 2012

@381 Craiger (continued):

FWIW, many people (including Paul Darrow, the actor who played Avon), see Firefly/Serenity as the natural heir to Blake’s 7, so if you liked that show, you will almost certainly love B7 even more.

396. Avon Is My Homeboy - August 21, 2012

I think the Spock/Avon comparison is a grave disservice to both characters. Blake’s 7 is similar to Star Trek in that there is a crew in a ship in space. Oolh, yeah, the Federation is an entity in both universes. Wow. In Blake’s 7 people die and at the end of the day it’s not alright. I can’t even see a comparison with DS9. Firefly and Farscape exist because this show did first.

I’ve given up on this site. And for those who think he isn’t making money: What rock are you sleeping under? There are ads and where do you think people who search for star trek movie end up? It’s unprofessional and I’ll even say who the heck knows if boborci is real? I keep hoping that’s bs too because I’d hate to think that he’d pick such a poorly run site to dole attention out to the fans.

I’m so glad my mom is more into superheroes these days as Star Trek is really leaving a lot to be desired.

397. Thomas - August 21, 2012

To go back to the William Windom talk, I absolutely have to recommend his guest-starring role on Rod Serling’s Night Gallery; namely, the episode “They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar”. It is a wonderfully bittersweet story about age and longing for the past while dealing with a sense of worthlessness in the present. Serling called it one of the two best scripts he ever wrote, the other being Requiem for a Heavyweight.

398. David - August 21, 2012

@396 I think people choose to compare B7 to ST mainly because it serves as a point of reference. B7 is in many ways, a reaction to the utopian feel of Roddenberry’s show. It is, after all, ridiculous to think that a real world Star Fleet would ever be benign.

Apart from being coldly logical, I agree the Avon/Spock stuff is a little tenuous. Nation himself admitted that the character had parallels with Napoleon though, but initially Darrow was given carte blanche to develop the role as he saw fit.

Fully agree that there would be no Firefly without B7. No idea about Farscape as I have never watched it.


399. Red Shirt Diaries - August 21, 2012

Jesus, Jonboc, you always bitch about this every time this issue comes up. It is the same thing over and over from you. I swear you are cutting and pasting old posts of yours here?

Enough now already!

400. rm10019 - August 21, 2012

I love when it gets all ‘lord of the flies’ in here :)

401. Gary S. - August 21, 2012

It will pass.
It usually does .

402. Anthony Thompson - August 22, 2012

398. David

“It is…ridiculous to think that a real world Star fleet would ever be benign”. But, David, remember how powerful the US and it’s military is. And then consider how benign and a force for everything good in the world that it has been! ; )

403. Anthony Thompson - August 22, 2012

386. Vultan

Trouble is, he never hangs that sign in the window. He just turns off the lights, locks the door and then disappears for weeks. Suddenly he’ll be back behind the counter and pretend like he’d never been gone at all.

404. Toonloon - August 22, 2012

A new film on the way, competing fan films, and new podcasts from and still no update in 9 days???

My bet would be there will be several posts at once.

405. star trackie - August 22, 2012

#389 You’re right on the money dude. A lot of folk around here think they are entitled, when they are owed nothing. Whiners, if you don’t like the way Anthony runs his site, hit the road. But what’s funny is, it’s just like jonboc said, you hate it so much…but you won’t leave! I think you guys just like to bitch and moan! lol

406. dscott - August 22, 2012

There’s a whole host of individuals here I’m ashamed to be associated with by proxy.


407. Lostrod - August 22, 2012


Wow. A little harsh. Maybe you should take your own advice. :)


408. Gary S. - August 22, 2012

If he locks the door ,
How is it we can still POST?
The site isnt closed .

409. CanOpener1256 - August 22, 2012

The problem is not with this site, it’s with JJ and Company. I mean, no movie teaser, no stills, not even a freaking title. Hard to print news when there is no official news. There are even story bits on the Avengers 2 coming out in 2015! If I was Paramount, I would be worried. I am sure we will see something by year end .. If anyone cares by then.

So let Anthony take time off .. And btw, I notice all the trek sites are a little lean in new content,

410. rm10019 - August 22, 2012

I hope Anthony is enjoying his time, maybe even in the editing rooms! Bring back a teaser trailer!

411. BulletInTheFace - August 22, 2012

I’ve rarely seen a more ungrateful and entitled fandom than what exists among this site’s commenters. This isn’t a paid or official site–it’s something Anthony does for free, on the side, because he enjoys it. He owes you NOTHING. Those of you complaining about a lack of posts are being socially inept jerks. You should be thankful he posts as much as he does, without compensation, instead of complaining. Grow up.

412. Anthony Thompson - August 22, 2012

408. Gary S.

No, we are out on the sidewalk peering in the windows and rattling the doorknob.

413. BulletInTheFace - August 22, 2012

#388–Red Shirt Diaries: You’re embarrassed for Anthony and this site? Then do everyone a favor and stop visiting it, idiot.

414. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

Is it too much to ask for a simple “Hey guys — I’ll be away for awhile, so no news until __________(fill in the blank).

You retards acting in defense of Anthony just dont get it. It’s NOT that he’s gone or isn’t updating the site — it’s the fact that he doesn’t extend the courtesy of telling us he’s leaving!! Who should be loyal to a site when the webmaster doesn’t even give a frack?!

415. Daoud - August 22, 2012

@396 Boborci is real. And amazing. And about the best reason to hold out hope that AP gets something going here… or at least merges with a site with a larger staff. Bob’s activity can also be followed at and if you’ve never followed a Twitter page… I highly recommend his as the first one to follow.
@409 Lean? William Windom’s passing is rather major, as is the JJ whine-about-budget interview which relates directly to the current “Untitled Star Trek Sequel Project (2013)”. Yeah, guess that’s not really major.
@411 Ummm, there’s plenty of ad-based compensation involved. The traffic this site used to enjoy is very attractive to advertising. If you don’t understand this, please read the bottom and look into “Gorilla Nation”. Also, notice that there are ads at the top of the page, and the upper right corner. Advertisers pay to appear there, you know?
You think people do a site this major for free? You’re funny!
@412 Thought you said “peeing” there for a moment. :)
@413 Sorry, we forgot you are the determiner of what sites we can visit and not, and elected to speak for “everyone”. Sorta like The Outer Limits… “we control the horizontal… we control the vertical….”
@B7 This show would have always worked in remake… set in the Star Trek universe! I mean, the whole Maquis concept basically was swiping B7 themes. I’d love to see it in the Kelvin era, as a prequel to it. Any excuse to get Faran Tahir in again as Captain Robau, ya know? It could be set 7 years before or something…. bleh.

416. BulletInTheFace - August 22, 2012

#414: Yes, it IS too much to ask. No courtesy is required on Anthony’s part, as we are guests here and this site owes us nothing. We don’t contribute to it or pay for it, and no one is forcing us to come here. Don’t like how things are done here? Leave. Whining makes YOU look like a jackass, not Anthony. I’m glad he ignores the complaining–by not dignifying it with a response, he shows how unimportant the self-entitled really are.

And only 12-year-olds and the socially inept call people “retards.” Which are you?

417. BulletInTheFace - August 22, 2012

#415: There is no “we,” as you don’t speak for anyone but yourself. The vast majority of people on this site are clearly happy with it. It’s only a vocal minority who are whining.

418. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

#416 — By not responding or correcting the error of his ways, he shows he’s a lame ASS who doesn’t care about the people who come visit his lame-ass site. Which is lame because it’s seldom updated anymore. Also, how can he respond to anything when he’s not even here? He’d have to BE here to respond…but, as usual, he’s AWOL.

Further, YOU are lame for feining to be his “guardian protector”. Who are you? His mother?

The visitors of this site have every right to complain. We are, after all, the patrons of this site…without whom, there’s no reason for this place to exist — short of Anthony’s folly.

Only a retard would not get this concept…

419. Red Dead Ryan - August 22, 2012

For all you clowns out there telling the rest of us how Anthony “owes us nothing”, well, maybe he doesn’t per se, but a notice detailing his absense and how long he will be gone would be nice. After all, this site needs the ad revenue, and if Anthony and his staff keep taking these extended vacactions, people will stop coming here, and nobody will be seeing the ads. The advertisers will then stop paying the site owner, and eventually TrekMovie.Com would be shut down.

So there are going to be consequences. Just that simple.

420. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

Well, I don’t come here for the ads…I come here for NEWS. But, you’re right RDR — a simple “I’m going away for awhile. Dont come here expecting updates until I’m back” would shut me and all the other critics up…

421. MJ - August 22, 2012

#416 “#414: Yes, it IS too much to ask. No courtesy is required on Anthony’s part, as we are guests here and this site owes us nothing. ”

You know, dude, I might agree with you if it wasn’t for the BOLD PROCLAMATION BY ANTHONY AT THE TOP OF EVERY PAGE ON THIS WEB SITE:


If you are going to have the nads to say that on a public website, then you’d better be able to back it up unless you want to lose credibility. And to me that means either running articles by your organized staff every week, or at least HAVING THE FREAKING COURTESY TO TELL THE READERS WHEN YOU ARE TAKING OFF AND WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO BE BACK.

Again, Anthony proclaimed “”THE SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING NEW IN TREK”. I didn’t proclaim that. You didn’t proclaim that. So he needs to live up to his own proclamation, and to do that, he at least needs to have the common courtesy to let us readers know when he will be gone for awhile and when he is returning.

422. Craiger - August 22, 2012

RDR – I don’t think his vacactions matter anyway because no one will ask why the long breaks when or if he comes back with news, they will just be happy to have news and I think that is what Anthony counts on. However if he keeps up with these breaks he may find the ones he counts on like us to post and respond to his articles will no longer be here.

423. MJ - August 22, 2012

@420 “Well, I don’t come here for the ads…I come here for NEWS. But, you’re right RDR — a simple “I’m going away for awhile. Dont come here expecting updates until I’m back” would shut me and all the other critics up…”


424. MJ - August 22, 2012

@411 /BulletInTheFace: Read my post @421, dude, and notice the point about his bold proclamation, and I think you will change your mind on this.

425. rm10019 - August 22, 2012

I am in favor of anything to shut you and the other critics up, believe me. Perhaps Anthony should ban those who post as you do, since you don’t appreciate the site unless it does as your precious sensibilities would like, sheesh.

oh, and btw, Anthony owes you nothing in case you needed a reminder in reality. Please protest this site and stop coming. please.

426. rm10019 - August 22, 2012

Did I mention I can’t wait for this game on the PS3 and any/all bonus content made available!

427. Check the Circuit - August 22, 2012

“I’m rubber. You’re glue. Whatever you say, bounces off me and sticks on to you.”

Holy smokes! Time to tone it down a notch? I thought this was a site for Star Trek fans. You know? The 47 year old TV show that preached tolerance and open mindedness? Didn’t any of that rub off?

Civil and respectful discourse, my friends.

Onward and upward.

428. Craiger - August 22, 2012

#425 – Not sure if you are new to this site but this place used to be fun. When it launched after the reboot was announced, it was a great place to chat with the Abrams, Orci and crew about the new movie and chat about the other articles about Trek and Science news with Trek fans and now nothing.

I agree with MJ, don’t put a tagline “The Source for Everything New In Trek” if you don’t mean it. That means posting even small news articles about Trek. Anthony must be getting burnt out on reporting Trek news if this site is not living up to that. If he has other issues to deal with than this site then come out and say something, like “Due to pesonal commitments I can no longer run Trekmovie and it will be closing soon. Thank you for all you loyal followers of this site.” I could understand that and go eleswhere for Trek news.

429. MJ - August 22, 2012

@425. But f we all went away ,then how would you get your daily “I am so clever” fix if you didn’t have all of us misinformed peons to contrast yourself against?

Face it, you need us — we confirm the elitist tendencies that your brain craves!


430. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

MJ — I like your style, my man!! :-)

You are, of course, correct in your posts!!!

431. Phil - August 22, 2012

Well, if anyone is looking to releive a little frustration we could take turns bashing Stars Earn Stripes for a while. With a concept that abhorrent, it’s easy to take a few swipes at it….

Yeah, yeah, it’s not Trek. I sense a little tension among the ranks, though…

432. Red Shirt Diaries - August 22, 2012

# 425 “I am in favor of anything to shut you and the other critics up, believe me.”


Isn’t that basically how the Hitler and Stalin operated; by silencing all opposition to their view of how their countries should be operated?

What would be the point of having these boards if one person decided to shut everybody up that they disagreed with up? I am certainly not in favor of going to extremes here by using any means necessary (i.e. “ANYTHING”) to shut off peoples ability to post.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
– Adolph Hitler

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”
– Joseph Stalin

433. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

#432 — Man, you are on FIRE!!! Thoroughly awesome post!! Well, that’s how it is around here. Anthony is well known for banning those he disagrees with too! When the fresh Trek news is flowing, this place can’t be beat — but it’s a fact this place is not exactly a “tolerant” one…

Whoa to him/she who dares to disagree.

Hey, that’s cool…it’s got verbs and it rhymes…


434. Daoud - August 22, 2012

I love this attitude of some, that any critical or disagreeing voice must be banned. The irony again is delicious.
@417 My use of “we” in comments directed to you at #415 was purposely mocking you. Sorry you missed that, as it just made you look even pettier, and that wasn’t my intention! Anyway, for you to be such an arbiter of fine discourse and discussion… what is one to make of your handle “bullet in the face”? Are you making bukkake references, or ammunition references?

435. Michael Hall - August 22, 2012

@ 385:

“Well, I can understand anyone that says that they weren’t a huge fan of TOS, but they really liked the reboot movie.”

Actually, I can understand that a lot more than I can someone who says they love both. (Not that there’s anything wrong per se with loving both–folks should enjoy what they enjoy, without apology. I just don’t understand it.)

436. rm10019 - August 22, 2012

428 – Yeah.. I’m new here…. I came to read posts about how the webmaster owes the people who click on his page an explanation as to why it isn’t updated recently. Are you friggin kidding me? Do you not recognize how juvenile that sounds!?

I have loved Trek for over 40 years, and worked for Paramount for 15 of those. We all love Trek here, or at least I hope we do, otherwise your cursor control needs serious help.

I have some idea of what is ‘owed’ to the public’, and an explanation for not updating a website is not owed and its ridiculous to keep saying it.

I repeat, if you don’t like that Trekmovie has not been updated without fair warning, your permission or public reason in the last week, please never click on the link again. Please.

437. Avon Is My Homeboy - August 22, 2012

I’m very familiar with twitter. I still stand by what I said. I HOPE that the boborci who posts here is a fake because I’d really hate to think that of all the sites, this is the one he chooses to interact with fans on. It reeks of favoritism and poor taste.

And yes, any person who runs a blog and respects his audience/source of revenue OWES it to his audience to at least put up a notice “On Vacation Until ——.” I don’t understand why anyone is giving this site a pass. Do you give any other news outlet a pass when they screw up or are late posting about an important event? COMMODORE DECKER DIED but it’s okay it’s not posted on this site that has umpteen ads because “Oh poor Anthony?” What? Oh, and Biff Elliot passed away too, he was in Devil in the Dark. But it’s okay because we can’t criticize Anthony. LAME.

438. rm10019 - August 22, 2012

437 – i sure hope this conversation is helping to create revenue for the advertisers on the page. I wonder how traffic would suffer if Anthony put up a ‘gone fishing’ sign or shut the page down while away…. yeah that sounds like a great idea…. brilliant.

You should all ask for your money back, because I’m sure you contribute something, other than your grumpy pearls of wisdom all too often.

439. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

#436 — Sorry it seems unreasonable to you to actually expect NEWS when we come here — but thems the breaks. My point again — why have a site if you’re not going to keep it updated? And again, it’s not unreasonable expect a “I’ll be away” message here. It’s actually kind of the norm. I think used to warn the fans there would be a lapse in news/updating and I KNOW I’ve been to other sites that extend such a courtesy.

So it’s not unreasonable.

Are you that Richard Arnold dude?

The “professional fan”…?

Either way, if you don’t like our opinions, don’t read them!! See…that advice works for YOU too!!

440. rm10019 - August 22, 2012

439 – believe me, i would love an ignore button, i appreciate the input. For now, i will continue to read your posts and others here. I am simply flabbergasted that people would admonish Anthony, whom I don’t know personally, and I don’t think most here do. Who are you guys? Posters on his website! Would it kill you to be nice, or at least understanding?

If anything you owe HIM! Think about that, please. Who really owes who in this ‘relationship’.

441. NuFan - August 22, 2012

No good dealer needs to worry about his addicts.

The average blog makes between 85-150 dollars per month from ads. It depends on the number of unique hits.

I do think Anthony should disable posting when he is on break.

442. Robman007 - August 22, 2012

No site news cause there is no MOVIE! Cancelled. Finished. Cut.

Paramount will use the money to make another Tom Cruise action flick instead.

443. jerr - August 22, 2012

I was expecting to see a lot of discussion about the game.. guess that was my mistake.

444. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

#440 (Richard) and 441 —

If this were a one time occurance, you wouldn’t be seeing these reactions. It’s the fact that it’s ALL THE TIME!! What’s the point of having the site if it’s not going to receive the tender loving care it deserves.

Again — other sites have “going away messages”. Why not this one? C’mon — it takes five minutes! And you mean to tell me he can’t grant his SUPPORTERS that one tiny courtesy?

Please. I think it’s YOU who are being unreasonable here.

And sure — if he wants to disable comments when he’s away on one of his sojourns — so be it! But that too would indicate his disdain for the fans who visit his site.

Jus sayin. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be banned for daring speak out against the “mighty one”…whenever he decides to return. Might be a month from now though…

445. Ms. Retardica - August 22, 2012

“and who cares if some guest star died”

Wow…that’s pretty cold and heartless, dude…

Surely, you didn’t mean that. :-(

446. Toonloon - August 22, 2012


447. Craiger - August 22, 2012

#446 I don’t think that is the real Anthony.

448. Daoud - August 22, 2012

That isn’t Anthony. Someone is sockpuppeting. That person should realize that Anthony has full IP access and will ban their whole zipcode for that fakery.
Meanwhile, interesting comments by Benedict reported today (gee whaddaya know there’s news…) in DigitalSpy:

449. Craiger - August 22, 2012

In the old days Trekmovie would have that news up before Digital Spy. I’ll bet Trekweb, Trektoday or movie news blogs will be the first to say who the villain is and get the trailer before this site does. How many people will not have this place bookmarked anymore?

I like a blog called TVTattle for TV show news. When they went on vacation last Christmas and New Years they put up a note saying something like We will back after the Holiday’s see you in January.

450. Classy M - August 22, 2012

Since we’re sharing Cumberbatch news, there’s an interesting tidbit about his appearance in The Simpsons.

News UK reports: Benedict Cumberbatch will also be appearing in a forthcoming episode of the show. ‘It’s a cameo,’ he said, ‘but all of his fans should watch every minute of the show, before and after he’s on.’ The episode will be shown next year as part of the 24th series of the show, which is due to begin at the end of September.

Since one of his characters in The Simpsons is a snake it’s possible there may be a Hobbit reference, but I wouldn’t could out a Trek reference too.

Here’s the link but take some insulin before you access it. It comes with a particularly sugary picture of that Bieber twit:

451. Craiger - August 22, 2012

Maybe all the fans of this site should start a new Trek news web site or general Scifi news site? Anthony would wonder where everyone has gone and he would now see has competition. LOL.

452. Toonloon - August 22, 2012

Maybe Antony needs some help. Real life takes over delay able responsibilities at times, but there is no real excuse for not letting your patrons know they are wasting their time checking in. Especially if there’s a advertising revenue still being made. I’m trying to be fair as possible.

453. Craiger - August 22, 2012

#455 – He has a staff and they aren’t even posting news anymore they been gone for a couple of weeks also. That’s why I don’t get why Anthony doesn’t let them post new articles while he is gone. That is what most other blogs do if they have a staff. That’s why they are updated all the time so if others need to go on vacation they can. Just curious is running a blog too hard where you need to have a vacation from it?

454. Toonloon - August 22, 2012

His Herculean efforts and our support have ingratiated him into Trek’s inner circles, where no fan has gone before. I think seeing as we supported all his hard work he could at least be polite and keep his audience abreast of whatever difficulties there may be.

455. Captain Otter - August 22, 2012

Geez, y’all. I miss seeing new content as much as anyone else, but some of the folks who have posted above need to get a grip. Let me see if I can put this in perspective. This FREE TO READ website which we pay NOTHING to access and which has a history of delivering solid content over the years has been dormant for a few weeks because there really isn’t much new content to post and because the people who make little to nothing to keep it running are getting some time away to attend to more pressing matters.

I’m sure when JJ’s gag order loosens a bit and new info rolls out, the site will pick up again. And if it doesn’t, I’m sure we’ll all find another free source for information and our life will go on. There is zero reason for anyone to be bent out of shape.

Either way, I’m grateful to Anthony and company for all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from this site over the years.

456. CoffeeProf - August 22, 2012

I think the people complaining about “lack of updates” need to chill. Let Anthony do his thing because it’s his work, not yours. Also if you can do nothing but complain and think you could do better then……START YOUR OWN SITE. /rant

Anthony, keep doing what your doing.

457. Craiger - August 22, 2012

#459 – The only reason we are complaining is this site isn’t living up to its tagline anymore – “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” That means every news article about Trek no matter how small. If Anthony doesn’t live ip to that tagline anymore then he should remove it. Ir close the site if he doesn’t care about running it anymore. Anthony would gather Trek news from other sites and post it here so we didn’t have to go looking elsewhere for Treknews. Now we do. Anthony would have a Trek news article like this one posted today but I found it on Digital Spy.

458. DrumvanLuckwie - August 22, 2012

Obviously a fake poster. The real Anthony doesn’t have a period after his first name.

459. CoffeeProf - August 22, 2012


Then I’ll tell you what. If you’re so disappointed in how the site is run, then stop coming to it. It’s a free country and internet. You don’t have to come here. It’s just that simple. If the man is working a full time job and doing this on the side, then (considering the limited time he has) he’s doing a good job. Better yet, why don’t you, instead of constantly complaining about it either start your own website or (better yet) email him and volunteer to write stories for the site. Instead of putting the site down, either offer to help improve it or stop coming. I don’t want sound snarky, I’m just trying to look at this from a pragmatic point of view.

460. AJ - August 22, 2012

The onus now is not on Anthony to fabricate Trek news, or do ‘retro-reviews,’ or any of that BS which none of reads anyway. The onus is on the studio to finally pull its finger out and start marketing the film.

461. Craiger - August 22, 2012

I don’t think Anthony ever fabricated Trek news.

462. Basement Blogger - August 22, 2012

I wonder if the playable characters have personal shields like they do in Mass Effect. The reason to do so would be to allow your character to survive a shot from a phaser without dying immediately. That would be game over quickly.

463. rose by any other name - August 22, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch – “[As an actor] you can get paid more for doing TV work than you can for films.”

Interesting. I am hoping that when he was told what his Trek character would be and of the story, this was something he could not pass up because of the very real acting challenge that playing the character gave him!

The other interesting comment from Benedict Cumberbatch from that article posted above was his annoyance at taking his picture using their cellphone and not asking him first if they can. Yes, shyness can be one reason why people don’t ask him first, but also fear of a refusal can also be another reason why people don’t ask.

I guess the actor may feel that most of the time the reason for taking photos like this is because the photographer wants to sell it to a site or something. They are taking the picture for purely mercenary reasons. The other reason is that sometimes the actor is on his own time, may not be feeling the best, looking the best, whatever and then suddenly – snap (as it were) and look, the picture of him looking like he could have just fallen out of bed is all over the worldwide web. Cool – not! then the posting on the sites start – and oh, they are so charitable – NOT!

Then again, perhaps these actors should not worry too much. The time to start worrying, possibly, is when nobody asks and/or sneaks a picture anymore…

464. John Tenuto - August 22, 2012

Please enjoy our music video of the 2012 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention

465. Craiger - August 22, 2012

BB – I don’t in Trek new or alternate universe they had personal shields?

466. Basement Blogger - August 22, 2012

Maybe we should think about setting another record of posts when Anthony is away. The record was set at 2478. That was done when Anthony was gone for long time. Link.

467. Basement Blogger - August 22, 2012

@ 468

I agree that in Star Trek, I do not believe Starfleet officers had personal shields. Though the Borg did. Maybe Starfleet, Klingons, and Romulans did have personal shields. Maybe they didn’t mention them in the shows. I don’t know. But like I said, I’m guessing you’ll probably have some type of shield or health system, otherwise you get shot once and game over.

468. Basement Blogger - August 22, 2012

Well there is Star Trek movie news. I think this may have been posted yesterday, but Benedict Cumberbatch talks a little about the upcoming Star Trek film. He says it is an “action” and “drama” movie. Okay, maybe they are going to go deeper like they promised. He also says he worked out quite a bit for the role. He claims to have gotten bigger. Hmmm. Search for Hispanic actor…. Villain stronger than Vulcans…. Anthony’s sources that it is Khaaaaan. Anyway here’s the story.

469. Craiger - August 22, 2012

BB – I thought that also. Bulking up for Khan role or son of Khan role?

Another article Trekmovie would have posted today but by the time he posts it, it will be old news. How soon will it be before Trekmovie isn’t reliable anymore?

470. CmdrR - August 22, 2012


471. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 22, 2012

Hey Blogger. That was one long thred. It was a battle to see who would get the last word. oops. I did!. lol.

472. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 22, 2012

I think someone needs to get Anthony a Quantom Flux Device. He keeps slipping in and out of our Space Time Continum.

473. BulletInTheFace - August 22, 2012

#434: “Bullet in the Face” is a critically acclaimed TV miniseries that aired last week on IFC.

474. Jonboc - August 22, 2012

…and the crying continues!

(stay tuned… new…and yet, so very tired, complaints about the lack of site updates, from the whiners guild, are sure to follow!)

475. Red Dead Ryan - August 22, 2012

I like how those who label us “whiners” keep coming back. Folks like rm10019 tell us if we don’t like how this site is going, we should just leave. But at the same time, they complain and bitch about the supposed complaining and bitching by the rest of us. I’ll bet in no time rm10019 returns with his patented “holier-than-thou” fingerwagging rant angrily directed at us.

Oh, the irony!

476. BulletInTheFace - August 22, 2012

#478: Your grasp of irony is no better than Alanis Morissette’s.

477. Bob Tompkins - August 22, 2012

‘Lost’ documentary on the making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I saw this once many many years ago on HBO or Showtime and then it disappeared. I readily recalled the late Persis Khambatta’s tears as she was shorn…

478. Red Dead Ryan - August 22, 2012


Yeah, okay, you’re better at irony than I am, I suppose.

“Bullet in the Face” is a critically acclaimed TV miniseries that aired last week on IFC.”

Interesting that you’re the only one here who has seen it, much less even heard of it. :-)

479. Vultan - August 22, 2012

So… anyone seen any good movies lately…?

480. Daoud - August 22, 2012

The person using my handle in #453… I will ask that when Anthony returns, he makes sure to ban you twenty-seven ways to next week.
Clearly, someone out there has major honesty issues, and is simply trying to destroy this site, rather than simply express desire for more news.
I’ve been here since the beginning of Trekmovie, using the Arabic form of my name David (Daoud). I’ve also been at TrekBBS since its beginning under the handle sturmde. Whomever you are… faking being someone else, whether it’s Anthony, or Bob Orci, or any of us regulars… is pathetic. And exacerbates the problems of what happens when Anthony disappears, without a backup or succession plan.

481. MJ - August 22, 2012

@436 / rm 10019: “Yeah.. I’m new here.”

Dude, I get it that you don’t like our opinions here…fine…but to OUTRIGHT LIE and claim you are a newbie here…come on!!! You have been posting here for at least six months.

What is the deal with this outright lie?????

482. MJ - August 22, 2012

What moron that guy is who didn’t think we would see the period after “Anthony” in his fake posts.

483. Basement Blogger - August 22, 2012

@ 472


I don’t think it’s son of Khan. Remember that Bob Orci on this site confirmed that Cumberbatch is playing a character who is canon. And so is Alice Eve. Hmmm. Who does she look like with that blond hair style. Why did she watch all those Star Trek episodes and she seemed to focus on Kirk?

Cumberbatch is Khan….

and Alice Eve is Carol Marcus.

484. MJ - August 22, 2012

All, please see this article form September 2011 — RM10019 WAS POSTING ON THIS SITE AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO, yet is trying to convince folks he is new (“Yea, I am new here”) to this site:

Wow, the loss of credibility here now for anything this dude says in the future is staggering to comprehend.

485. K-7 - August 22, 2012

#484 #487. Wow, why would someone stoop to telling such a huge lie like that. That is so Busch League.

I will be skeptical of anything rm10019 posts from this point forward. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you, as the old saying goes.

486. Basement Blogger - August 22, 2012

@ 482


Here’s my movie recommendation.

I had a great time seeing the Expendables 2. Dopey. Silly. And hilarious. Director West and Stallone know they’ve got an Avengers of old action heroes. And it’s all testosterone. They don’t take it seriously.

Big guns for big men. Six hundred guys must have been killed on screen. Watch how West frames the shot of Willis, Schwarzenegger and Stallone firing their big guns. Riotous. And with Arnold, look for nods to Terminator and Total Recall.


Hilarious musical version of The Expendables. Listen to “Stallone” sing his subtle opinion of the PG-13 rating.

487. Red Dead Ryan - August 22, 2012


“That is so Busch League.”

I totally agree. rm10019 has probably been drinking too much Budwieser beer. :-)

488. Vultan - August 22, 2012


Thanks for the recommendation, BB. I never got around to seeing the first one, but the sequel looks better to me. Do I need to see the original first to enjoy this one? I kind of doubt it. It looks thin on story and high on body count—just like in the good old days!

You know, I do like my brainy, thought-provoking movies, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like a machete to the chest and a cheesy one-liner.

“Stick around.”

489. Anthony Thompson - August 22, 2012


MJ has called you out and body-slammed you, son. Sheesh! ; )

490. Vultan - August 22, 2012

On a sort-of Star Trek related note, it looks like CBS and David Mamet are in talks to bring back “Have Gun, Will Travel.” Gene Roddenberry wrote for the original series before moving on to other things—and other planets.

But who could play Paladin as well as Richard Boone…?

491. Gary S. - August 22, 2012

#493 I dont have a problem with that idea,
But, I hear they want to reboot The Rocketeer.
No .

492. Vultan - August 22, 2012


I have mixed feelings about a Rocketeer “reboot.”
I loved the original and would love to see more of Cliff Secord’s adventures.

But… most reboots aren’t that great. Maybe if Joe Johnston was brought back to direct again….

493. MJ - August 22, 2012


Yea — agreed — saw Expendables 2 tonight. Brilliantly fun and hilarious. Loved it.

“I know pronounce you man and knife”

“Rest in pieces”

Fracking awesomely fun movie. LOL

494. Prime Directive Cannot Be Altered Unless Preceded By Delete Code - August 22, 2012

Okay, here’s what I’m concerned about. Some bozo has taken it upon him/herself to pretend to be Anthony, the purveyor of this site (which undoubtedly nets him tens of dollars a year).

The real Anthony will presumably eventually delete these comments. But at that point, the numbers for all the comments afterwards will change, so that people who have replied based on the number of the previous post will now be thrown off because of a deleted item.

So my question: Is there a way to delete the contents of a deleted item without deleting the number? For example, the number could stay the same and the deletion could be noted with, “Deleted for profanity” or “Deleted because it was overly annoying” or perhaps simply “Comment deleted.”

Consider this merely a suggestion. Implement it if you can, but if not, I understand.

Anthony et al. thank you for having a nice sandbox for us to play in. We will welcome you back when you (and the team) come back.

RIP William Windom. I met him twice (the second time I got to hang out and talk with him for over an hour — that was super cool!) and he was extraordinarily nice and gracious and down to earth. What an incredibly friendly and talented person!

495. Red Shirt Diaries - August 23, 2012

#492 “rm10019, MJ has called you out and body-slammed you, son. Sheesh! ; )”

“Ouch” for rm10019. Yea, that was an unequivocal Hulk Hogan-style bitch-slap take-down of rm10019 by MJ. LOL

I guess the lesson learned here is you’d better not get caught in a major direct lie when everybody can check the record and see your previous posting history.

Nobody is going to believe poor rm10019 ever again on these boards. If I were him, I’d change my online name here and start over.

496. Ben - August 23, 2012

Not sure if its been said yet but when Starfleet ‘occupied’ earth in DS9 the troops used personal shields. You never saw them in action but they were mentioned. Theres my 2 cents :)

497. Craiger - August 23, 2012

Well I guess Trekmovie is officially abandonded. Why doesn’t Anthony just come right out and say he doesn’t care about running this place anymore and just shut it down? This place wont be a reliable place for Trek news anymore. If he does come back with news how can we count on his reporting anymore when he could just post a few articles then go on a two week vacation again.

498. Craiger - August 23, 2012

Here is probably another article Trekmovie would have but Collider has it. Jack Ryan reboot set for fouth quarter 2013 with Chris Pine.

499. Craiger - August 23, 2012

Also when or if Anthony does post news it will be old news other sites would have that news. That’s another bad thing about taking long breaks because then the news he posts wont be breaking news anymore. How is that a reliable source for breaking Trek news? What if other sites get the news on the first trailer and who Cumberbatch is playing before Trekmovie does then they post that two weeks later?

500. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#481: Bullet in the Face is IFC’s highest-rated TV series in years. That you haven’t seen it or heard of it in no way means others haven’t. It’s critically acclaimed–nearly every review has been positive–and it has a lot of fans. The fact that you’re out of touch is not my problem.

501. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#502: And… so what if that happens? Why does that bother you? You’ll still know about it, from other sites.

Again, people, this is a FREE site. Anthony owes you NOTHING whatsoever.

502. Daoud - August 23, 2012

@501 Now, that’s interesting, considering Matt Damon softly lobbied to portray nuKirk! So, now Chris Pine gets another lick in! What’s next, Chris Pine sleeping with Ben Affleck!? ;)
@502 Anthony could join forces with a stable board like TrekToday/TrekBBS and thus help each other. That’s what I’d like to see happen. He’s done great things with TrekMovie for many years now… a shame to throw it all away. Forming a “Federation” of Trek sites… sure would lessen the load on all involved.

503. Craiger - August 23, 2012

#504 I like chatting with Trek fans here and discussing the news articles but since their isn’t any new news articles.

504. Craiger - August 23, 2012

I like that idea Daoud merge, Trekmovie, Trekoday, Trekweb and Treknews into one super Trek web site. Even Gustavo over at Trekweb said he is getting burnt out on reporting Treknews, maybe Anthony is feeling the same thing?

505. Gary S. - August 23, 2012

Since we are talking movies,
I enjoyed The Amazing Spider Man last weekend .

506. Ms. Retardica - August 23, 2012

I have no doubts Anthony (the REAL one) will be back. Warning, banning, and deleting posts…it’s just a matter of time! LOL!!

Oh, and MJ — way to own, RM!! HAHAHA!! You rock, dude!!!

507. Ms. Retardica - August 23, 2012

#505 — I like your idea. Unfortunately, egos would not allow it…lol!!!

508. Lostrod - August 23, 2012

Since news is slow here, you’re welcome to subscribe to my free daily online science fiction newspaper at:

It’s called “Sci Fi Galaxy” and pulls in hundreds of Sci Fi articles and videos daily. The majority are Star Trek related.

Just a thought.


509. MJ - August 23, 2012

@509 “Oh, and MJ — way to own, RM!! HAHAHA!! You rock, dude!!!”

Thanks. Perhaps we should have a contest to see if we can figure out who was RM — obviously the guy will need to change his name now. :-)

510. MJ - August 23, 2012

@503. I’ve never heard of “Bullet in the Face” either — not ever in any conversation, or referenced in any media, print or otherwise, that I frequent.

511. Craiger - August 23, 2012

Also the thing is if and when Anthony comes back he just assumes its the status qo with us and we will be here so does he figure he doesn’t owe us an explanation as to why he and the staff goes on all these constant breaks? One day I wonder if this the way Trekmovie will be from now on, take a couple of weeks off or more post some news articles to keep us happy then take a couple of weeks off? If he keeps these up as the status qo for the site I wonder if he find out everyone has left.

512. Illogical - August 23, 2012

513. Phil - August 23, 2012

@515. Kinda funny that activity is picking up, we are all comeing back here to complain that there is no activity….

514. StunKill - August 23, 2012

@393 What does MJ stand for anyway “Mass Judgement” maybe, because most of your posts seem to be aimed at unilateraly throwing a gavel at someone and then having your posting pals join you in the crucifiction of one person or another. Look in the mirror and see yourself. I wonder what you would do if you were face to face with some of these people, myself included.

515. Anthony Thompson - August 23, 2012

514. Craiger


516. Anthony Thompson - August 23, 2012

517. StunKill

Not crucifixion. Bitch slap.

517. Toonloon - August 23, 2012

Theres a great new mondo poster out, if you guys haven’t seen it already.

518. dmduncan - August 23, 2012

511. Lostrod – August 23, 2012

Nice site!!!

519. dmduncan - August 23, 2012

520. Toonloon – August 23, 2012

Theres a great new mondo poster out, if you guys haven’t seen it already.


Correction: There’s a great new Mondo poster SOLD out, if you guys haven’t seen it already.

520. dmduncan - August 23, 2012

Note to Mondo: You guys do great posters, but you suck for making so few of them.

521. Vultan - August 23, 2012


If I was the poster artist, I’d be happy. Limited editions will make their work more valuable in the long run.

522. Dominic - August 23, 2012

I understand all of the complaining, etc regarding the lack of updates, but is anyone genuinely concerned about Anthony’s absence? Do we know if he’s alright? I certainly hope so. Are the contributors allowed to write anything in the interim?

523. rose by any other name - August 23, 2012

The contributors have already posted links to various articles that people may find interesting and could be Star Trek related in some way. Perhaps Anthony figures that most of us are fairly good at “running the site” in his absence by simply contributing links that are considered newsworthy. He can only *hope* that the site doesn’t descend into too much nastiness.

The IMDb message boards are totally driven by those who contribute to the message boards – ordinary people connected to the internet and signed into IMDb.

I miss Anthony and trekmovie staff and their articles. The articles give people something specific to focus on which is good. Even then, often times people here will meander off writing about subject matter not much related to the contents of any one thread.

524. rose by any other name - August 23, 2012

OT – Just thought you might like to know that we tend to use the word “full stop” instead of the word “period”. It is not that they don’t mean the same thing, when used, as “period” was, in the context above. It is just that, in my neck of the woods, period has another meaning, as in “she has her period” meaning “she is menstruating”. So you can imagine my initial surprise when someone wrote that Anthony does not have a “period” after his name – well, I should hope not…

Ahh – you just gotta love the English language – same word, same meaning, except in some parts of the English speaking world, it may come to mean something different as well. Just a little piece of trivia to wile away the hours while we await the return of the illustrious owner and moderator of this site.

I love what I am hearing about the Jack Ryan movie. I trust that all goes well with the production and that Chris Pine has a good time working on the film and also manages to see a good part of the UK…Cool stuff!

525. MJ - August 23, 2012

@517 ” Look in the mirror and see yourself.”

Just looked in the mirror, and one thing I did not see was a LIAR.

“I wonder what you would do if you were face to face with some of these people, myself included.”

I’d buy you a beer, and then hopefully we would have a good laugh on all of our posts on this site. However, if you got all serious on me about this, then I would buy the cute girl next to your beer #2 and ignore you from that point forward.

@517 “StunKill — Not crucifixion. Bitch slap.”

Excatly. I am a poster on Trek movie board here providing some opinions. Surely I am not committing the crimes of Pontias Pilate by killing the Savior? Come on, dude, I am bantering on a Star Trek board here for “Christ’s sake”. LOL

526. Craiger - August 23, 2012

If Anthony’s not carefiul he is going to start loosing his loyal viewers to Trekweb, Trektoday and Treknews. He will come back one day and wonder where has everyone gone?

527. K-7 - August 23, 2012

Stunkill, correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t you the infamous poster who recently lost all credibility here by boldly proclaiming that “TOS sucks”, or something along those lines?

528. MJ - August 23, 2012

Note to all, I have bought previous Mondo limited edition posters because they were advertised first on this site, and I was able to order them early. Because I made the mistake of trusting this site’s proclamation this past week stating, “the source for everything new in Trek,” I missed the opportunity to buy this poster due to Anthony and staffing being AWOL on one of their unexplained absences again. ;-(

The proclamation on this site should be changed to read:


529. MJ - August 23, 2012

@530 “Stunkill, correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t you the infamous poster who recently lost all credibility here by boldly proclaiming that “TOS sucks”, or something along those lines?”

Yep, Stunkill is the “Einstein” who tries to tell everyone who will listen how awful the original series was. Yea, the greatest sf show in classic TV history sucks…yea, right! LOL

530. Craiger - August 23, 2012

MJ, your right but will still complain about the breaks when or if Anthony and staff comes back with news because will be glad that their is news finally? I think that is why Anthony thinks he can go on long breaks because of that.

531. Gary S. - August 23, 2012

Or it could be that Anthony takes breaks because he has to .

532. K-7 - August 23, 2012

@534. I think 99% of us here do not begrudge Anthony breaks at all. However, we would simply like a courteous status message when Anthony and staff go on break so that we know when these breaks are in effect. Is that really too much to ask for a website that boldly claims it has the best and more current news on Star Trek anywhere on the web???

533. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

PHASER BANK. Slightly used. Takes pennies and dimes.
Will trade for shuttle camshaft or low-mileage pit woofie.
555-477-WORF. Leave message.

534. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#535: Yes, it’s too much to ask. This site owes you nothing.

535. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

DECK NUMBERS. From Enterprise-A. Go up to 78.
Slight scorching on surface from jet boots.
50 quatloos. Or trade for lawnmower blades.

536. Craiger - August 23, 2012

#537 – Without us viewers of this site their would be no

537. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

TRANSPORTER PAD. Used in good condition.
Nice patina. Some organic material and glitter
around edges. Call 555-047-OBRN.

538. Michael Hall - August 23, 2012

“Note to Mondo: You guys do great posters, but you suck for making so few of them.”

Loved the design for the “City on the Edge. . .” poster myself, but didn’t realize they were limited. Guess I’ve blown my chance for getting one?

“Yea, the greatest sf show in classic TV history sucks…yea, right! LOL”

Actually, that would probably be “The Outer Limits” (the Zone being mostly fantasy). But it certainly qualifies as the best space opera with continuing characters, even beating out “Far Out Spacenuts.” :-)

539. Lostrod - August 23, 2012

#521. dmduncan

“511. Lostrod – August 23, 2012

Nice site!!!”

Thanks. It’s brand new and updated every day. If you subscribe to the site you get an email to notify you.


540. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

Trades welcome. 555-795-MCOY

541. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 23, 2012

WHY SO SERIOUS? Many of you have seen the long absences here before and every time some complain angrily, threaten to defect, claim that Anthony will lose people to other sites, yet here we are, still posting on this site.

I will admit to being disappointed when I come here and find no updates, but that disappointment is short-lived, as I have many other things to occupy my time. Anthony doesn’t owe any of us an explanation or even regular posts. We chose to come here and we pay no subscription fee. Now, if we were paying, it might be a different thing.

There are SO many other things to be angry about in this world, massive injustices everywhere you look. Take your TrekMovie anger and channel it into a cause, start a petition, etc., etc. Anthony and company will return and things will once again attain some semblance of normalcy.

I have to laugh. This site mirrors the behavior of many dysfunctional families I’ve known, and one in which I grew. Don’t let it piss you off, folks, let it motivate you!

542. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 23, 2012

543. Trekmovie Classifieds – very funny, by the way.

543. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

EYEGLASSES. Broken lens. Antique frames.
Imported from future. Call Geezer Antiques and
Electronics, San Francisco. 555-435-KIRK

544. MJ - August 23, 2012

@544 “Anthony doesn’t owe any of us an explanation or even regular posts.”

But he proclaims at the top of every page on this site:


So if he doesn’t owe us anything, then for the sake of his own pride and credibility based on making this bold proclimation, he owes it to himself and his staff.

You know something, if he or the staff took that bold proclimation down from this webiste, then I would stop my complaining about this. But if you are going to boldly proclaim that to the public at the top of each page on the site, then follow-through with the promise of that slogan.

545. Craiger - August 23, 2012

544 – Because with long breaks by the time Trekmovie posts Trek news it will be old news. If this is the standard now with these long breaks then everytime they come back from along breaks with news it will be old news so why bother keeping what would be the point?

546. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

’68 BIRD OF PREY. Used. Low-mileage on new crystals.
New bridge. Custom hatch. Aftermarket aquarium. Call:
Bay Area Underwater Salvage @ 555-567-KRGE.
“Where no deal has been made before!”

547. Basement Blogger - August 23, 2012

@ 491


You don’t have to see the first movie to enjoy the mayhem and carnage of The Expendables 2. Yes, I like smart movies. Which is why I hope the next Star Trek movie to be deeper as the Supreme Court likes to say. But I too, enjoy a mindless, fun action movie. I can’t help but smile when I think about the big boys with the big guns.

548. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

Jesus. I’ll never understand why some of you take yourselves so seriously. You come off as socially inept, getting indignant over a lack of updates on a free Web site. If you’re so unhappy here, you can always go to other sites. This site owes you nothing, regardless of whatever “proclimation” it may make. It’s a fan site, nothing more.

549. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#539: You seriously over-estimate your importance. There are only a half-dozen or so of you complaining–it only looks like more because you keep saying it over and over again. If all of you who do nothing but whine all stopped coming here, the site traffic wouldn’t even be affected.

550. Basement Blogger - August 23, 2012

Trekmovie classifieds are a hoot.

551. Red Shirt Diaries - August 23, 2012

#547 “You know something, if he or the staff took that bold proclimation down from this webiste, then I would stop my complaining about this. But if you are going to boldly proclaim that to the public at the top of each page on the site, then follow-through with the promise of that slogan.”

MJ, I could not agree more. If you are going to make a bold, aggressive and proud proclamation like then to the public — which also infers that other Trek sites are inferior — then you should be prepared to live by it, and to suffer the public criticism if you can’t live by it.

This illustrates why a simple courteous status message from Anthony or the staff when they take these long breaks would be so welcome here — it would instill confidence in the public readers of the site (i.e. us fans) that this bold proclamation still stands for what it says. In other words, the proclamation really means something and the site is still the best of its kind on the web.

552. Basement Blogger - August 23, 2012

Okay want some Star Trek news? Here’s an interview of Nicholas Meyer, director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

553. Red Shirt Diaries - August 23, 2012

@552. BulletInTheFace, thanks for the personal attack on those of us who just happen to disagree with you. Perhaps your time might be better spent watching that supposedly “popular” TV show that none of us have never heard of? :-)

554. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 23, 2012

547. MJ – Well, clearly it means more to you than it does to me. The phrase “THE SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING NEW IN TREK” is up for interpretation to me. I personally don’t care about Trek comics, books, video games or any of the peripheral things Trek-related beyond a cool toy every now and then.

But no, I’m sorry, this is not a subscription site, no agreement has been entered into and no specific and clear promises have been made, in spite of any phraseology at the top of the page. Anthony is his own boss and the best thing about that is you can make the rules. You suffer and flourish because of them, but they are your rules. I just can’t get angry at the guy. I’ve never seen this as my sole source for Star Trek news, though it is probably my most common source.

But Anthony has been doing this for a long time – disappearing and reappearing. It doesn’t surprise me at all, and it doesn’t raise a bit of anger in me. If I come here and see nothing, I might stay and chat a bit, or sometimes I just go away and check back in a few days.

But hey, that’s just me. I grew up in an emotionally charged atmosphere and am no longer interested in extracurricular drama. Still, I DO hope Anthony returns soon with some more news, and I wish you the very best.

555. K-7 - August 23, 2012

Agreed on the proclamation thing. That is why Anthony does at least owe himself, his readers and his staff a decent website that is updated frequently, and which would at least let readers know when breaks in news coverage will occur.

When you make a proclamation like that, you need to deliver; otherwise your good name and credibility will suffer.

So yea, despite what bullet-in-the-ass and others say, he kind of does owe us fans a good website if he values his good name and credibility…because of that bold unforgiving proclamation of his! There is no getting around that proclamation.

556. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

LARGE SHELL. Gently used. Cone-shaped. Former
planet killer. Would make for excellent conversation
piece and/or paper weight. Call for price. The Galactic
Towing Company. 555-760-DEKR

557. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#556: Once again, you seem to think you speak for the group. By my count, exactly two people have said they’ve never heard of it. Given its excellent ratings, you’re clearly in the minority.

558. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#558: Nope. He owes you nothing. You’re free to leave if you hate it here so much. You won’t be missed.

559. Dominic - August 23, 2012

Aftermarket aquarium. Nice.

560. MJ - August 23, 2012

@557. Shilliam, did you notice in the proclamation for “the source for everything new in Trek” that the “the” at the beginning is in italics (unlike the rest of the phrase), which I’m sure we can agree implies that this site is the predominant source of news on new Trek news for fans.

I mean, dude, that is pretty audacious in my opinion to publicly state that. Anyone putting a statement out there like that on any fan web site would certainly open themselves up to some fair fan criticism if they did not deliver news and stories on a consistent basis that fulfilled that audacious proclamation, right?

And I am not ANGRY. But I am irritated and reserve the right to comment on this continual issue of the unexplained absences. I will stop commenting on this issue if one of the following two things were to happen:

(1) staff would begin to simply post a brief courtesy message when long absences in coverage were to take effect.


(2) That bold, proud and perhaps untenable proclamation on this web site were deleted from the top of each page.

561. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

Assorted things inside. Antique book collection.
Handmade chessboard, also checkers. Make
me an offer. 555-877-KHAN, Prefix Code: 1630

562. K-7 - August 23, 2012

#561 “You won’t be missed.”

Ah, just like if that IFC show you mentioned were cancelled.

563. BulletInTheFace - August 23, 2012

#563: Such ungrateful entitlement. It’s ridiculous and rude. No courtesy is necessary if a person who does something entirely for free takes a break from doing so without daring to inform you of his absence. The very existence of this site IS a courtesy.

564. MJ - August 23, 2012

@565. FYI — I asked about 10 people today at work if they have heard of that show that this Bullet character mentioned, and nobody had any recollection of it. On person asked it if was a CSI spinoff….LOL

565. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

on the outside. A little red matter radiation, whatever
that is. I only sell ’em. Call: Bay Area Underwater Salvage
@ 555-567-NERO. “Where no deal has been made before!”

566. Red Shirt Diaries - August 23, 2012

#563 “I will stop commenting on this issue if one of the following two things were to happen:
(1) staff would begin to simply post a brief courtesy message when long absences in coverage were to take effect.
(2) That bold, proud and perhaps untenable proclamation on this web site were deleted from the top of each page.”

Well said. This captures this whole debate in a nutshell.

567. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 23, 2012

PINK CAPTAIN’S CHAIR. A little burnt but
comfortable. Found in Mutara sector. Call:
Planet Forbidden Collectibles. 555-233-EARS

568. Red Shirt Diaries - August 23, 2012

#566 “Such ungrateful entitlement. It’s ridiculous and rude.”

You are completely ignoring the proclamation, which is the proud and aggressive public pronouncement that this site is the top source for new Trek news.

And your continued ridicule of others here that you disagree with, while quaint in an adolescent sort of way, is misguided at best, and just plain dead-wrong at worst..

A word of advice. Stick to the facts and drop the over-the-top emotion and mudslinging, and I think you will find that others here will start to take you more seriously.

569. wtf trek movie - August 23, 2012

umm… this site is not free. there are adverts all over the place. every time someone visits anthony gets paid like, 4 cents. thats how the internet works people


BTW – has had 17 new articles since this site went AFK – including 4 new ones today alone.

570. dmduncan - August 23, 2012

@566: True!

@542: I’ll be checking out your site, Lostrod.

@541: ‘Fraid so. They go on sale at some randomly announced time during the day and sell out in 4.549101 seconds. I had envisioned my Batcave walls eventually decorated with all 79 of them.

Not gonna happen.

571. K-7 - August 23, 2012

@572 “BTW – has had 17 new articles since this site went AFK – including 4 new ones today alone.”

Wow!!! And you will notice that there is no audacious proclamation at all on that site that claims if the the predominant source for Trek news. I guess they didn’t feel the need to do that over there. We fans are now figuring this out.


572. MJ - August 23, 2012

wtf trek movie, you bring up a point I had not considered. It sounds like this is a for profit site and not a fan volunteer site? It would be interesting if someone can confirm this?

If so, then the arguments by the Bullet-in-the-Ass guy and others go completely out the window then, and that makes us fans reading this, by Marketing 101 definition, as “customers” of this web site. Which means that that the proclamation at the top of each page is really the “mission” of the business enterprise, and we are the “end-user customers” of the web information service that the site provides, and the amount of us who come to the site directly impact the “advertising revenue” that Anthony collects.

OK, interesting. If this is correct, then now I am getting ANGRY! I have bought multiple items linked to this site on both articles and banner ads.

573. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 23, 2012

575. MJ

Relax. I am sure they were fine Trek products. Which ones? I bet it was the robes.

574. MJ - August 23, 2012

LOL. Last purchase was TMP music cd boxed set.

575. Gary S. - August 23, 2012

#550 I have not seen the movie yet ,
But I was reading today that Chuck Norris Is 72.
He looks amazing ,doesnt he?

576. Red Dead Ryan - August 23, 2012

Yep, when you add the tagline “the source for everything new in Trek” and don’t abide by it, its false advertisement, plain and simple.

This BulletInTheFace fellow has to be feeling a bit embarrassed after it’s become clear that his namesake series IS NOT as well known as he would like us to believe. He also seems to have some issues regarding those who disagree with him.

577. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 23, 2012

563. MJ – That’s fine with me. It’s clear I don’t have as much invested in this site at you do. All I can do is explain things from my point of view and let it go. I’m simply trying to understand why some of you guys seem so angry, and at the same time tying to explain why I’m not. I am not in any way, shape or form telling you that you can’t feel the way you do.

I wonder though – this issue has been going on for quite some time, certainly as long as I’ve been here, so I guess there WAS a time when stories were more regularly posted. So I understand that some of you who’ve been here longer miss that, and feel let down. But there must be something that keeps you coming back here. If this was a restaurant and the service was as equally bad, I can’t imagine you’d still be eating here. So what is it that keeps you coming here?

Not trying to be provocative, I’m genuinely curious. Is it the memory of what once was? The camaraderie? Are there other Trek sites where you can gather and “talk” like this? I actually don’t know, so I’m guessing not. So you pretty much have to come here to discuss Star Trek, and when Anthony is gone for these long periods there’s much less to discuss?

I hope I’m not coming off as some kind of psychologist freak. I’m naturally curious as to people’s motivations, and since the emotion often runs pretty high here, it interests me. I like it, I really do, and I like that you guys, Red Dead and MJ in particular, are so passionate about it.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. I see your points and I get it. But now I have to go to bed. Must be up in six hours for a long day. Oh boy. I’ll come back tomorrow night and see if we’ve any new news. Good night all.

578. MJ - August 23, 2012

@580. Well, perhaps psychologically, some of us feel that we have already been abandoned by JJ and Orci in terms even very minor news on the new movie (like a couple of fracking still shots and the title of the movie at least…sheesh!), and now on top of that, Anthony and staff goes AWOL again…with the fever excitement we have for the new movie, which is only nine months away…yea, this is kind of rubbing a lot of us the wrong way.

I think a lot of us would like something concrete on the new movie. These silly retread comics (where they are ripping off TOS stories) and shooter-style video games are just pissing some of us off more than getting us excited for the new movie. JJ and Orci shut down any new novels in the nuTrek universe, so pretty much any adult stories are limited to the movies, and we only have one of those to date, with info on the new one as tight as a (INSERT POLITICALLY INCORRECT REFERENCE).

579. James - August 23, 2012

Oh man, some funny sad stuff posted here.You forgot to slam the Dr Who/Star Trek crossover again mj. Your comment about violating integrity or something and especially the “selfish enjoyment” line still make me laugh. I certainly feel the Trek love here………………HAHAHHAHAHA

580. MJ - August 23, 2012

Glad to be of service, James….my pleasure! :-)

581. Mark Lynch - August 24, 2012

I’d certainly like a couple of titbits about the movie, such as an official poster and a (bloody) title… That would be nice and not unreasonable to expect at this point in the game.

I certainly would like to know the reason there has not been an official announcement of the title. Is it really that hard to have come up with something? Or is it truly that JJ is that secretive?

I know the film is still nine months out, but haven’t most movies had their title, a teaser poster and even a teaser trailer released by now?

I miss the non Trek news like Science Saturday and the other things we used to get here…

582. captainkirk - August 24, 2012

While we wait for news, I might as well post an observation I have made regarding the Khan rumors. One of the main things that started and sustained it was the search for Hispanic actors. But did anyone ever stop and consider that maybe there was no search? Every single one of the Hispanic actors that was considered was reported by Variety. They claimed to have gotten the information from their “sources close to the production”. These were the same sources that said Alice Eve would play a new character. The only thing that was known officially was that J.J. Had discussed the idea of casting Benicio Del Toro in an unknown role. This could have been for the part which went to Noel Clarke or Peter Weller.
Also, why would they suddenly go from Mexicans to a pale Englishman for Khan? It is my opinion that perhaps only Del Toro was considered and it wasn’t for the villain.
Sadly for many posters here, this, when combined with the statements of Simon Pegg, mean that Khan is absolutely NOT the villain.
I don’t know who it could be. I’ll mention again my theory of it being Colonel West from the cut scenes of TUC. Benedict Cumberbatch said recently that he had very little time to establish the character in the franchise. This could mean that he’s playing a character that originally had a small role. Also, being most likely connected to Section 31, Colonel West could have access to advanced technology that could help him fight Spock. Perhaps some kind of genetic engineering or cybernetic implants.
I doubt that this will convince anyone that Khan isn’t the villain, but it’s the best I can do right now.

583. Anthony Thompson - August 24, 2012

Where is MONGO when we need him???

584. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#571: There’s not a problem of people not taking me seriously. You and one or two others are insulting me–no one else is. It’s YOU whom no one takes seriously.

585. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#575: Clearly, your understanding of business is very limited.

586. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#579: Over-dramatize much? I couldn’t care less if any of you have heard of the show. I didn’t bring the subject up–someone else did, by claiming my scree-name meant something it didn’t. I simply explained what it meant, after which two or three of you decided to keep that non-issue going. If you three haven’t heard of the show, I don’t give a crap. It’s just a TV show. My screen-name and the show on which it’s based are off-topic and uninteresting. Why you three have decided to make it an issue, I’m not sure. The fact remains that it was IFC’s most highly rated series in a long time, regardless of whether or not you three have seen it. And there’s nothing for me to be embarrassed about, as I am in no way associated with the show. Now, I’m going to stop discussing Bullet in the Face, as that has nothing to do with this site or Star Trek, and your attempt to make it an issue just makes you look like a jackass.

587. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

As for me having a problem with those who disagree with me… um, no. That is a complete non-sequitur, as no one has disagreed with me about any issues. A tiny handful of trolls are whining like little babies about a lack of updates to a site you don’t pay to visit, so I and several others are rightfully calling you whining little babies. Don’t like it? Tough. You’re the ones who look bad here, not us.

588. Romulus - August 24, 2012

@ 590. BulletInTheFace
“You’re the ones who look bad here, not us”


who exactly is “us”
Have you appointed yourself the head of
TMN EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES:- everything is fine, rly, it is ?

If so, congratulations on your appointment
was it a unanimous vote of one? or did you have to negotiate with yourself?

589. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

I LIKE this ship… it’s fun!

590. Mikephys - August 24, 2012

Can I get a towel?

591. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#591: “Us,” very obviously in the context of what I wrote, refers to those calling out the vocal minority of whiners. The rest of your post is drivel, so I’m ignoring it.

592. Daoud - August 24, 2012

@590 “Trolls”? I think it’s hard to claim those of us who’ve been here since the start of are trolls. However, someone who uses a channel 3635981 program that no one’s heard of to come and verbally malign folks we’ve mutually known for years here….
Well, let’s just say Miss Manners and Wordin would say you still haven’t earned your “Troll Kingdom” residency, because you haven’t figured out how to debate without malice.
I just asked colleagues over morning coffee if anyone has heard of “Bullet In The Face”, and not a one had. That’s about 25 people. However, someone suggested “Bullet in the Ass” with Forrest Gump and LBJ.

593. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

Daoud: All of your posts attack and insult people–hence, you’re a troll and are not worth my time. And I couldn’t care less whether or not you’ve heard of a TV show that isn’t Star Trek.

594. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

And your Forrest Gump/LBJ comment is entirely nonsensical.

595. Gary S - August 24, 2012

Just a thought on the original topic of this thread .
The inclusion of The Gorn in this game make me want to see them
In a live action Trek film .
But, The CGI would probably be very expensive .
It is a pity there are no practical Makeup effects they could use for The Gorn or am I wrong about that ?

596. Commodore KorTar - August 24, 2012

Eleven days and no new articles? Anthony, Kayla, John, someone, throw us a bone please!

597. Red Dead Ryan - August 24, 2012

Will you let it go, BulletInTheFace? This is getting tiresome. Some of us have (quite rightfully) expressed some concern about what’s going on with this site.

As for your favorite namesake series, well its fine you enjoy watching it. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is insisting that it is a highly popular series when in fact you’ve been the only one to mention “Bullet In The Face”. I certainly haven’t heard of the show, and neither have MJ and Daoud, both of whom also asked a combined thirty-five of their co-workers if they were familiar with the show, and they said they were not.

598. Basement Blogger - August 24, 2012

Okay, I missed this funny animated video. It’s Star Trek (2009) : How it should have ended.

They also did a spoof of Prometheus.

599. Anthony Thompson - August 24, 2012

MJ, did you notice how liar-liar-pants-on-fire (rm10019) has slinked back, hoping no one will notice? NOT going to happen!

600. VorlonKosh - August 24, 2012

Keep the classified ads coming…they’re a hoot!

601. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#600: I don’t give a crap whether you have a problem with that. I’m not here to make you happy, nor am I the one discussing the series Bullet in the Face–two or three of you keep inexplicably bringing it up. This isn’t a Bullet in the Face site. It’s about Star Trek. If I wanted to discuss Bullet in the Face, I’d visit IFC’s official site for it. You guys are focusing on the wrong aspect of this discussion in a failed attempt to annoy me, which is a popular troll tactic. I’m no longer taking the bait, since I don’t care one way or the other what you guys think of a TV show that has nothing to do with Star Trek–this site’s topic. I’m not the one pushing the Bullet in the Face discussion–you guys are.

602. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

Agreed about the classifieds–they’re very funny, and make a great contrast to the whiners.

603. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#601: The How It Should Have Ended series is brilliant!

604. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#585: That is an excellent point–the various Khan rumors came from non-confirmed sources. The entire thing may have simply been blown out of discussion.

605. Red Dead Ryan - August 24, 2012


Dude, we simply mentioned how we didn’t know about the series. Sheesh!

“You guys are focusing on the wrong aspect of this discussion in a failed attempt to annoy me, which is a popular troll tactic.”

C’mon, you were referring to the rest of us as whiners well before we inquired about your name. The fact is, your arguments have been rather trollish themselves. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

606. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#608: I agree with you, Red Dead Ryan, that Star Trek is one of the best science-fiction series ever made.

607. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

SCRAP METAL. Found in the Arctic. Assorted
parts of junk. Some prosthetic arms and space
monocles included. Bring your truck to Benny’s
Travelin’ Polar Bonanza in the Piggly Wiggly
parking lot this Saturday. Free bag of ice with
every purchase!

608. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

POLISH. Ten cases. Recovered from shipwreck
of Enterprise-D. Label reads: “Franc’s Original
Scalp Polish.” Can also be used for shoes. Call
555-223-PCRD for pricing.

609. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#610: LOL!

610. Red Dead Ryan - August 24, 2012


Okay, I can agree that Star Trek is the best sci-fi show ever. Peace! :-)

611. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

REAL ESTATE. Gamma Quadrant. Ocean-front
property. Gated community. Friendly neighbors.
Call for further details. 555-JEM-HDAR

612. Robman007 - August 24, 2012

Star Trek TOS, Babylon 5 and The X-Files (pre-LA move) are my top three fav sci-fi shows ever

613. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

DIFFERENT? Come see the experts and find
your best alternate reality at the International
Red Matter Institute. 555-893-ORCI

614. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

1. Star Trek Tos
2. Star Trek Tng
3. Star Trek DS9
4. Babylon 5
5. Battlestar Galactica New.
6. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
7. Star Trek Enterprise.
8. Star Trek Voyager.
9. BattleStar Galactica Orignal.
10. Star Gate SG1.

615. Romulus` - August 24, 2012

Don’t forget Doctor Who WHICH starts on September 1st UK and USA

616. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

#616. Or you can try The Empires Agony Booth. It will relive your Stress if you put your enemy into it.

617. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

From the Empire News Service this is a Special Report.

We have nothing to report at this time. Stay Tuned.

618. Red Dead Ryan - August 24, 2012

Yeah, I really liked “The X-Files” (seasons one to five), “Fringe”, the various “Star Trek” series (favorite being DS9, least favorite “Voyager”), “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. I also liked “The Outer Limits” nineties series, as well as “Space: Above And Beyond” and the new “Battlestar Galactica”.

619. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

condition. New view screen. New jellybeans.
Crew all dead. Needs new carpet. Call about
our low, LOW prices. Warpy’s Emporium.

620. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#613: OK, cool. :)

621. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#617: My list would be similar to yours:

1. Star Trek: DS9
2. Star Trek: TOS
3. Star Trek: TNG
4. Babylon 5
5. Battlestar Galactica (new)
6. Stargate SG-1
7. BattleStar Galactica (original)
8. Firefly
9. Stargate Atlantis
10. The Twilight Zone

622. steve - August 24, 2012

1. Farscape
2. Battlestar Galactica (new)
3. American Gothic
4. Star Trek: DS9
5. Star Trek: TOS
6. Stargate Universe
7. Caprica
8. First Wave
9. Dark Skies
10: Star Trek: Voyager

Honorable mentions: Space: Above and Beyond, Nowhere Man

623. Robman007 - August 24, 2012

1. Star Trek TOS
2. Babylon 5
3. The X-Files (Season 1-5, some of 6 and 7)
4. The Twilight Zone: The Original Series
5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
6. Star Trek: The Next Generation
7. Highlander: The Series
8. Battlestar Galactica (New)
9. Tales from the Crypt
10. Warehouse 13 (so far….)

624. MJ - August 24, 2012

@602 “MJ, did you notice how liar-liar-pants-on-fire (rm10019) has slinked back, hoping no one will notice? NOT going to happen!”

Yea! :-)

625. Craiger - August 24, 2012

#604 We are not Trolls most of us have been here since the site opened.

626. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#628: That discussion is over. Let it go already. This site is about Star Trek. I’m done with this stupid conversation, and this will be the last time I respond regarding this topic. Anyone who keeps this argument going is trolling.

627. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Well this site isn’t about Trek anymore since they stopped reporting the news about it.

628. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#630: Touche. OK, I’ll give you that one.

629. MJ - August 24, 2012

@577 “There’s not a problem of people not taking me seriously. ”

Agreed, it is a public service, not a problem at all. :-)

@588. “#575: Clearly, your understanding of business is very limited.”

Let’s see, two advanced degrees, including graduate-level marketing courses, and a demonstrated success in business, even as the economy tanks and others are out of work…BUZZZZZZZZ.!!! Wrong again!

@589. “My screen-name and the show on which it’s based are off-topic and uninteresting.”

Agreed, seeing how no one has heard of either you or this show until this week when you showed up here.

@589 ” Now, I’m going to stop discussing Bullet in the Face..”
@594 “The rest of your post is drivel, so I’m ignoring it.”
@596 “All of your posts attack and insult people–hence, you’re a troll and are not worth my time.”
@604 ” I don’t give a crap whether you have a problem with that. I’m not here to make you happy…”

Wow, for someone so eager to STOP and IGNORE stuff, you sure have a lot of negative things to say about these topics. These illustrate perhaps the most piss-poor attempts at IGNORING or STOPPING to talk about subjects that I have ever seen. :-)

If you want to INGORE and STOP, then simply IGNORE AND STOP. Claiming to IGNORE and STOP here while in the process of insulting people is DISINGENUOUS and reinforces the opinion forming in many of us here that you are a FLAMER at best, and a TROLL at worst.

630. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012


My apologies to anyone who was offended by my earlier comments about whining. Perhaps my words were not well-chosen. We’re all fellow fans here, and I don’t mean to be at odds with any of you. I DO understand your disappointment at coming here and not seeing new stories–I honestly do. I share that disappointment.

But I also don’t think there’s any point in complaining about it, given that (a) I don’t pay to visit the site, (b) no one is forcing me to come here, (c) there are other sites at which I can find news if I want it, (d) getting angry over a lack of content on a Web site is overreaction and (e) life’s too short to get worked up about things that don’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things–it’s just not healthy for the mind or body. So my reaction to the few people complaining was coming from that place.

If I offended you, my apologies. As Red Dead Ryan said, “Peace.” This topic isn’t worth taking a bullet in the face over.

631. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#632: See #633. I see no point in reading or responding to your post.

632. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

So… Star Trek.

633. MJ - August 24, 2012

@629 “#628: That discussion is over. Let it go already. This site is about Star Trek. I’m done with this stupid conversation, and this will be the last time I respond regarding this topic. Anyone who keeps this argument going is trolling.”

And there you go again….throwing out more insults in the guise of “I’m stopping this nonsense.”

If you really want to STOP and IGNORE like you claim, then grow some fracking nads and follow-through with your promise. Just STOP and IGNORE — the incessant paragraphs of Troll-talk around these claims of STOPPING and IGNORE are unconvincing. You say you want to STOP and IGNORE — then JUST DO IT!

char·la·tan (shärl-tn)
A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.

634. MJ - August 24, 2012

@634 “#632: See #633. I see no point in reading or responding to your post.”


Well done!!!!

635. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#636: While I agree with your statement that Morn sitting on a bar stool was a clear homage to Norm from Cheers, I disagree that we should have heard him speak–his not ever speaking was an homage to Norm’s wife, Vera, who was never seen.

636. MJ - August 24, 2012

@633. Apology accepted. Thanks!

And Peace! from me as well.

637. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

MISSING. Trekmovie staff. Last seen at the International
House of Pancakes for dollar day waffles and sausage
links. Possible alien abduction. If you see them, please
call 555-NOT-HERE.

638. MJ - August 24, 2012

@638. Don’t get the reference, but you can have the last word on this. Peace!

639. Gary S. - August 24, 2012

Nice theory .

640. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#637: True, there many extremely attractive actresses on Star Trek. I’m not debating that issue. But I still think that few were as classically beautiful as Marianna Hill, as sexy as Nancy Kovack, as drop-dead gorgeous as Beth Toussaint, or as trip-over-your-own-feet well-built as Jolene Blalock and Jeri Ryan. I understand that you prefer Marina Sirtis, Terry Farrell, Nichelle Nichols, Ashley Judd and Barbara Bouchet–and I even agree with you that they were also amazing to behold. But for me, Hill, Kovack, Toussaint, Blalock and Ryan will always be the top five.

641. Penguin44ca - August 24, 2012

TNG remastered replacement discs now shipping August 24.

642. K-7 - August 24, 2012


Thanks for the apology. Let’s all move on to new topics.

643. James - August 24, 2012

char·la·tan [shahr-luh-tn]
   It’s pronounced with three syllables. ;-]

644. Dub - August 24, 2012

Trekmovie staff, I miss seeing new posts on your website! Hope you come back soon!

645. K-7 - August 24, 2012

#643. BulletinTheFace, I’m not sure who you meant this post for (did you meant to post this in a different thread?), but I’ll jump in and say that I do prefer Sirtis and Farrell over the overrated big chested Ryan any day. Blalock is pretty awesome as well.

646. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#641: Morn, from DS9 was based on the character of Norm Peterson, from the TV show Cheers. Morn (an anagram of Norm) was always seen sitting on a bar stool, just as Norm was, and he was never heard to speak. On Cheers, Norm’s wife, Vera, was often mentioned but never heard to speak. DS9’s writers had previously worked on Cheers, and modeled Quark’s bar after the Cheers cast–a sexist bartender (Quark/Sam), a clueless assistant bartender (Rom/Coach), a hot waitress dating one of the bartenders (Leeta/Diane) and so forth. Plus, everyone yelled “Norm!” upon entering the Cheers bar, just as Dax sometimes did (“Morn!”) upon entering Quark’s.

647. Magnus - August 24, 2012

Surely there’s some news to post to TrekMovie other than something pertaining to this movie? Y’know, like the forty+ years that precedes it and its own predecessor?

For example, there’s a new line of toys coming from Diamond Select called Trek Select. They boast a unique combo of interchangeable body parts and a detailed diorama. Behold, Spock and the very first Horta action figure!

648. Craiger - August 24, 2012

#643 – This is why we are complaining about this place being the source for everything new in Trek. #644 just posted when the TNG remastered replacment discs are shipping, that is part of “The source for everything new in Trek.” I am not buying TNG on Bluray but you can see why Trek fans come here and see news like that helps them know about those replacement discs. Now they have to go eleswhere for that. Trekmovie would gather articles from all over the web about Trek and Scifi news, so we don’t have to go looking for it. Plus we miss the chatting about the latest Trek and Scifi news.

649. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#648: I was just joking–replying to an off-topic post with an on-topic post, in an effort to lighten up the dense mood. :)

650. jamesingeneva - August 24, 2012

LMAO @ 640, that was a hoot!

651. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#651: Like I said, I really do understand your disappointment, and share it. On that point, I have never disagreed with any of you. This site WOULD be better with more news. My beef was only ever with the sense of entitlement–the idea that this site somehow OWES us more news, or an explanation of why it’s not forthcoming. But that ship has sailed, and I don’t want to restart the tension.

652. MJ - August 24, 2012

“#648: I was just joking–replying to an off-topic post with an on-topic post, in an effort to lighten up the dense mood. :)”

Dude, I am proud of you! Seriously!

You’ve past the tests, newbie! Welcome to our community of posters,

653. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#640: LOL!!!

654. BulletInTheFace - August 24, 2012

#655: Thanks, though I’m not a newbie–I’ve been here for years, off and on. :)

655. Buttered popgorn - August 24, 2012

569. “#563 “I will stop commenting on this issue if one of the following two things were to happen:
(1) staff would begin to simply post a brief courtesy message when long absences in coverage were to take effect.
(2) That bold, proud and perhaps untenable proclamation on this web site were deleted from the top of each page.”

Well said. This captures this whole debate in a nutshell.”

Really? Did I just read someone actually trying to dictate terms and conditions to a blog/site? The inmates are truly running the asylum! Idiots.

656. MJ - August 24, 2012

@651. Agreed, Craiger. Plus we missed the chance to get that new Mondo poster as well — I rely on’s articles and links for those posters as they are released….again, buying into Anthony’s mission statement proclamation that his site has “THE” best and most current information on all things Trek related. Bummer!!!

657. MJ - August 24, 2012

@658 “Really? Did I just read someone actually trying to dictate terms and conditions to a blog/site? The inmates are truly running the asylum! Idiots.”

Hey “Einstein,” when someone uses the word “I”, that means that they are applying what is said to themselves only. Here is the definition for you:

Used to refer to oneself as speaker or writer.

658. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

MISSING. Vera Peterson. Not heard from in years.
Husband unsure of whereabouts. Possible abduction
by deranged mailman. If you see her, call Cheers:

659. Phil - August 24, 2012

No news is good news, Day 11.

Shouldn’t we have had a federal disaster declaration by now?


660. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - August 24, 2012

Hey everyone.

Thought I’d drop by to see what was going on.

No news for eleven days?


Well, I’m a little late to the party, but I’ll just say that I had a great time at the Creationent Con in Vegas and the Trekmovie panels were really fun. Thank you for the magazine, Anthony.


661. Anthony Thompson - August 24, 2012

658. Buttered popgorn

Yes, homeboy, the inmates ARE running the asylum! Because the warden and staff have abandoned it! Duh!

662. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

FOOD. Discount Romulan Baloney. Assorted
Klingon BBQ sauces. Ferengi Pork Rinds.
Come on down to Odo’s Short Stop and Gas!
Promenade Rd., south of the off ramp.

663. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 24, 2012

Ahhh, the number of a Trekkie!

I remember when this site got this many hits when they revealed the new E.

664. Classy M - August 24, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on BBC1’s The One Show this evening. He was shown a photo of him and Zachary Quinto and asked who he was playing in ST2. He smiled, pointed at the picture and said… ‘I’m playing that person.’


665. Phil - August 24, 2012

@667…Ah HA!! BC reveled the big F-U during the interview.

The Farragut is a fine ship, the U version….

Slow day, indeed….

666. BuzzCagney - August 24, 2012

For Sale: One Tombstone. Would suit deceased person called James R. Kirk. Or possibly suit deceased called James T. Kirk. (just don’t bring the R up and pretend that nobody has noticed)
First to see will buy.
Cancelled order so all offers welcome.

667. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

Hey Trekmovie Classifieds. I am sure there are some ads from the Empire.

668. Craiger - August 24, 2012

I just thought of something maybe Anthony has decided not to adhear to his tagline anymore “The Source For Everything New In Trek” and just reporting on the new Trek movies and that is it? If that is the case I can keep track of that at

669. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Plus I miss the interactions with Orci and crew and other people involved with Trek. They don’t even post here anymore

670. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Scifi is coming back to network TV.

671. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

DAGGERS. Collection of used daggers. Imperial
surplus. Condition varies from blade to blade.
Some blood stains. Color of blood varies. Terran
Phasers and Collectibles. Call: 666-EMP-SATO
“If you can’t name a better deal, we’ll kill you!”

672. Buttered popgorn - August 24, 2012

Collider wants you too Craiger. Please go away.

673. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 24, 2012

Universe A. Converted to Terran specifications.
See Vintage Imperial for further details.
“Where we AGONIZE to serve you!”

674. galemazuma - August 24, 2012

@585, here is my theory…

A Mexican actor still plays Khan.
Cumberbatch plays a Khan henchman.
Cumberbatch set mutiny and kills Khan.
Cumberbatch main villain for the movie.
Cumberbatch in end about to kill Kirk.
Khan returns (escapes death it seems) and takes revenge on Cumberbatch.
In effect, saving Kirk.

Pegg: “Khan definitely not the villain”
But the HERO!

Yes, anything goes in JJ’s universe.

675. boborci - August 24, 2012

600 posts? what have u been talking about?

676. Dominic - August 24, 2012

Good question…

677. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Hey Bob, are you a pc and/or console gamer? Have you tried out this title?

678. Dominic - August 24, 2012

The Diamond Select Spock and Horta rocks. (No pun intended. Seriously. I’m a Star Trek fan, not a brick layer.)

And I’m always amazed that Enterprise ranks so lowly on people’s favorite shows lists. I dug it a lot. Especially liked the Trip/Malcolm bromance. One thing I couldn’t get past and it stood out sharply every time I watched the show- Trip sounded to me JUST like he was doing a George W. Bush imitation. Everytime. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m just sayin’, once you notice it, you cannot UN-notice it.

679. dmduncan - August 24, 2012

“Tony Scott’s suicide note reveals no motive”

Explanations. Easy come, easy go.

680. MJ - August 24, 2012

@678. Certainly not your Trek sequel, Bob… because we can’t even get a couple of still shots and a freaking title out of your CIA-style boss, JJ. This is the movie information cover-up equivalent of the Bin Laden pre-raid planning by Seal Team 6.


681. Romulus - August 24, 2012

678. boborci
Hey Bob, have you watched any Doctor Who?

682. the Dogfaced Boy - August 24, 2012

Bob! Heard any good Trek news lately?

683. Bob Tompkins - August 24, 2012

So is the site a dead link?

684. dmduncan - August 24, 2012

But I would love to know the source who spread the “brain cancer” rumor that didn’t stick.

685. MJ - August 24, 2012

@675 / Buttered popgorn: “Collider wants you too Craiger. Please go away.”

Craiger, you gotta love this clown — all he has intellectually left to respond to your well reasoned posts is to whine about how you should “go away.” Gosh, how weak and lame this is! I heard more intelligent responses from 10-year olds. LOL

BTW, has anyone ever heard of the Buttered Popcorn poster before? I find it interesting that all of a sudden we see these posts here from this person over the past day. Very interesting!

686. Craiger - August 24, 2012

#675 – I’m not a troll I’ve been here since the site launch. You’re a newbie. I just posting Trek and Scifi news here since this site isn’t doing it anymore like they used to.

687. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Yeh, MJ, now that their isn’t news posting anymore its strange now trolls or people that have never posted here are all of a sudden posting.

688. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Bob, I think all this secrecy about the sequel is going to make people think Paramount cancelled it or make people forget they even shot a sequel

689. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 24, 2012


So say we all..

690. MJ - August 24, 2012

@690. Craiger, what do you get when you mix a troll and a sock-puppet?

Answer: A troll-puppet!


691. John Tenuto - August 24, 2012

As we wait for Tony, please enjoy this video!

When I was in high school, my parents went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium while on vacation visiting my brother and his family. They noticed that they were filming a Star Trek movie and instead of enjoying the Aquarium, they spent the day filming William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Catherine Hicks for me. You will hear my father and mother’s voice on the video talking to me.

Before the Internet and video sharing, and the common usage of video cameras, it is amazing that back then, the crew allowed spectators to film the actors. Needless to say when I viewed the footage back in Illinois, I was both grateful to my parents and confused because I didn’t understand why Kirk and Spock were at a 20th Century venue!

692. Criager - August 24, 2012

Good one, MJ, LOL.

693. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. Would you ever consider Remaking the Movie. The Final Countdown. Just wondering.

694. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. Heard any great rumers about the new Trek Movie that you can share. Lol. .

695. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Hey, Mike, that was my idea. LOL.

696. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 24, 2012

Craiger. that’s why I am the Emperor!. Lol.

697. Red Shirt Diaries - August 24, 2012

Jesus, I hope no one is implying some sort of conspiracy here on the Tony Scott death? The guy was married and divorced three times, so one could certainly imagine he had a difficult personal life. Some people get really depressed and keep it all inside, but then something breaks within them and and they can lose “impulse control” (no Trek pun intended) and can kill themselves in what seems to outsiders as inexplicable.

698. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Perhaps we are on the cusp of some huge news or teaser trailer release, so Bob stops by to test the waters and say hello :)

699. dmduncan - August 24, 2012

No idea. Also have no idea who Tony Scott knew, or what he was involved in. So can’t rule it out until facts are ruled in. He may well have been suicidally depressed, on meds linked to suicide, etc., but then each of those is either a fact or not a fact like any other, which requires support.

But the phony “brain cancer” explanation from an unnamed source which ABC trusted enough to push, however, raises questions.

Hence my curiosity.

Is ABC News really so incompetent that they can no longer distinguish between a good and a bad source? Or is there some other reason for that bogus report — the latest in a string, two of which involved false claims in the Colorado shooter James Holmes case?

700. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 24, 2012

#678. boborci

just saw… PLU … on Blu-ray/DVD… october 2…. ;-) :-)

701. Gary S. - August 24, 2012

Suicide often has no discirnible motive .
Sloppy reporting can lead to mistakes .

702. Phil - August 24, 2012

@672. Have not seen Mr, Orci of late. Probably busy personally handling foreign distribution of People Like Us, to the delight of the Rose lady from New Zealand…

Back to my boycott of Stars Earn Stripes…

703. dmduncan - August 24, 2012

@704: Whether there is or is not a discernable motive is in the facts of the case. I hope we’ll get more of those. Like what the note he left says.

A lot of people just make up their own probable explanations about weird things like this and then just forget what happened.

I…tend not to. E.g., when there is a strange series of incidents involving reporters (and Judge Judy) who inexplicably spout nonsense on air (Judy’s was during un-aired taping), I don’t just go “huh” and turn on the football game.

704. Phil - August 24, 2012

@678. Seinfeld, Bob….

705. Romulus - August 24, 2012

WE NEED U BOB! your infallible

pls stop the pain of no news

706. Craiger - August 24, 2012

Bob, did you put a gag order on Anthony? LOL.

707. NCM - August 24, 2012

@511: Lostrod, I just saw your site post! Why are we just hearing about it now? Looking forward to delving in–looks very interesting!

708. NCM - August 24, 2012

The unbreachable wall of silence stands firm! wouldn’t suggest bringing it down, but, Mr. Abrams, a little chink, please!

709. Nano - August 24, 2012

Without any news could please just pose some questions to the regulars?
Well I share a pic of 6y/o Borg! I had a blast making the costume for Halloween!

710. Bob - August 24, 2012

Since this seems to be the main comment area for now. Here’s something to look forward to (maybe).

The next Trop Storm/Hurricane is going to be…..wait for it….


711. rose by any other name - August 24, 2012

#703/705 Finally, some good news. Now, really, Bob Orci, you could have revealed that news to me/us, but I know – you wanted to give Dee the pleasure of doing so…:)

Happy/sad – Happy – because it finally looks like I will get to see People Like Us. Hopefully, it will be in NZ stores in time for my birthday/Christmas. You can guess what the family will be told to get me for either of those days in December when they ask…:)
Sad – because it looks as if I won’t get to see the movie on the BIG WIDE screen…:( oh well… seek the silver lining, so I’ve been told.

I see that a post of mine has disappeared. However John Tenuto has posted a link to a video his parents made of some of the filming of Star Trek IV. Very cool. He has also told us to enjoy while we wait for Anthony. And then, Bob Orci, pipes up…the plot thickens….hmmm?!

Those kea fledglings are growing well…noisy, boisterous, incorrigible and interminably curious…ah…sigh…

712. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Did 602 call me a liar? What is that about? Please pm me at not sure what you are on about but i certainly havent lied to you or anyone on this site.

713. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Sorry just read back and it seems that you misread my sarcastic ‘yeah, im new here….’. Of COURSE im not new here, i have been posting almost since day one like the rest of you yokels… anyone who has been paying even a little attention to these columns would know that.

It was a stupid question and deserved a sarcastic reply, i even wanted a rolleyes icon. Sorry if my screen name hasnt been burned into the brains of all the troll like regulars. I cant account for your reading comprehension and retention. Rolleyes.

714. Red Dead Ryan - August 24, 2012


*rolls eyes* *shakes head*

LOL! :-)

715. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Good times. I eagerly await an apology and/or a teaser trailer for the next movie!

Which will come first?

716. Bob - August 24, 2012

Maybe I’m late to the party here, but I just finished the 2nd part of the latest comic, dealing with the tribbles. As they said there were clues to the next film in these, there is a brief appearance of a blond Janice Rand. Alice Eve? Or has this been debunked elsewhere. I’m admittedly out of touch.

717. K-7 - August 24, 2012

Really, rm10019? Really?

This “explanation” from you after two days have passed is the best response you come up with???

You’ve lost all credibility here. You are up Shit Creek without a paddle.

718. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Lol sorry if you cant understand that K7. I neither seek nor care about your acceptance. I am very credible, since that was the honest truth, and if you would like to see the 2 month old little bundle of joy that kept me from posting on your self important time table then friend me on FB, the name is Russell Meyers in New York, zip code 10019.

719. K-7 - August 24, 2012

For all who care about this (probably not many of you), here was the original exchange:

#428 / Craiger: “Not sure if you are new to this site but this place used to be fun. When it launched after the reboot was announced, it was a great place to chat with the Abrams, Orci and crew about the new movie and chat about the other articles about Trek and Science news with Trek fans and now nothing.”

#436 / rm10019: “428 – Yeah.. I’m new here…. I came to read posts about how the webmaster owes the people who click on his page an explanation as to why it isn’t updated recently. Are you friggin kidding me? Do you not recognize how juvenile that sounds!?”

How could anyone conclude that rm10019 in the first sentence was using sarchasm? He replies by simply saying: “Yeah.. I’m new here.” How could that be interpreted as sarchastic? It really strains credibility and smacks of desperation. rm10019 wants to dig out of this mess, but I don’t see the logic in providing him a shovel.

720. K-7 - August 24, 2012

Now apparently you think the by providing us your real name, email address, and referencing your kid, that we will give you a free pass on lying? Whatever.

Seriously, congrats on your baby, but I not going to throw a “sympathy free pass” your way. Go ahead and share your mother’s email address and tell me all about your dogs and cats if you must, but no free pass on you lie still from me! :-))

721. Hugh Hoyland - August 24, 2012

Wow, looks like we’re trapped in another worm hole here! :]

722. Ms. Retardica - August 24, 2012

Where’s Anthony?


723. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Wow that was a waste of your time. Why would Craiger even as if I’m new here, i not only have been posting here for a few years, but even posted quite a bit up thread about the strange selfishness being displayed by those who wanted an explanation for the lull on the site?

The two sets of… …. were my attempt at a pause in speach indicative of sarcasm, sorry you didnt read it that way and it means so much to you. It sure doesnt make me a liar and i dont like being called that in public which is what the internet is.

724. Red Shirt Diaries - August 24, 2012

For Christ’s sake, people need to at least suck it up here and admit it when they screw up and/or lie. Coming back 300 posts later and claiming it was misunderstood humor is so obviously the losers way out. Man-up, apologize, and move on, and spare us all the politician-like” virtual baby-kiss” that reeks of desperation (but it did give me quite a chuckle, so thanks!). I am just waiting to get the next post hear about your sick father in the hospital or something like that.

Enough! Man-up!

725. rose by any other name - August 24, 2012

It is so lovely that everyone, in Anthony’s absence, is getting on so well…/sarcasm…LOL.

It is amazing how often words like “troll”, “inmates” and “asylum” and the “hey Einstein” type phrases, suddenly get used with much more regularity when Anthony/trekmovie staff are away for more than a week. Play time is never quite the same without Anthony/trekmovie staff – a lot of smelly paint grenades tend to be tossed about creating general mayhem and confusion.

I see Bob has gone again….I hope it’s been good for you too, Bob Orci…:)

When I first looked at the information given about the Untitled Star Trek Sequel many months back on IMDb, the MPAA rating was PG-13, just as it was for the first movie. Now that the sequel is now in post-production, the rating is no longer there.

Is this normal in that the movie has not yet been completed so it cannot be given a rating, or is it because this sequel movie may not get the PG-13 rating, like the first one, because of the content of this one being possibly more violent and/or sexual in some way? Just wondering.

726. rose by any other name - August 24, 2012

Emoticons can be your friends…

727. Red Shirt Diaries - August 24, 2012

# 728 “It is so lovely that everyone, in Anthony’s absence, is getting on so well…/sarcasm…LOL.”

Rose, that is an example of real sarcasm that is clear and unequivocal for all to see. That is how to do it!

Thanks! ;-)

728. Bob Mack - August 24, 2012

It seems to me that we’re moving into the “acceptance” phase of nothing going on at The mood seems lighter and less angry these days.

One question – is there anyone here that would know if Anthony was having health problems? Could it be that we are hearing nothing because Anthony might have taken ill?

Note: I am not suggesting that he is ill – I don’t know. Just hoping that he is okay and wondering if anyone here can verify that.

729. Daoud - August 24, 2012

He hasn’t posted on Facebook for a while, Bob, so yeah, I’m getting concerned. Hope he’s okay…. Help us help you Anthony….
Fortunately, Mark’s just posted another article, at least updating the comics with a few other neat notes. At least someone’s turning the lights back on….

730. MJ - August 24, 2012


If that was suppose to be sarcasm, then it is undoubtedly the most piss-poor attempt at sarcasm that I have ever seen. It strains all credibility.

But hey, if you don’t like what I am saying here, I just wanted to let you know that I have three cute kids, and really nice Siberian Husky, and my mom says to say “hi” to you.

731. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

724 – Sorry to disappoint you but i didn’t lie, not sure why something so obvious as being ‘new’ or not is even in the realm of being able to be lied about? We all recognize our names from the past months, years, etc. don’t we? Who was I trying to ‘fool’ about being ‘new’? I was trying to be droll and sarcastic to someone i disagreed with, because he was trying to dismiss my assertion that Anthony doesn’t owe the whiners any explanation, by implying i was new here and didn’t understand that on the trolls are the regular posters, who constantly gripe and moan and post negative things.

Please be careful about who you call a liar. And please PM me anytime. I’m a great guy, huge Trek fan, and a new Dad.

732. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

730 – Thanks, say hi to your Mom for me :) See at least MJ has a sense of humor, and I have seen plenty worse attempts at sarcasm on the internet.

I never thought i would say it, but MJ you are now my fave Trekmovie troll :)

733. MJ - August 24, 2012

LOL, rm10019. And congrats on being a new dad, dude.


734. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

MJ – do me a favor and email me at, or PM me if you post on TrekBBS, My screen name is 22 Stars

735. rm10019 - August 24, 2012

Thanks MJ

736. Gary S. - August 24, 2012

my guess is that IMDB was assuming it was going to be the same rating or somebody there did and posted the PG -13 quite unofically .
And, a correction was later made as they wait for the official word .
Speculation on my part ,
But, I think it is a good guess .

737. BuzzCagney - August 24, 2012

For Sale: 28 shirts. All in red and either large or XL. Some are damaged and some have what appears to be bodily fluids on them.
Would possibly suit soccer team.
No sensible offer refused.

Also for sale: One Captain Dunsel. This Dunsel is still in very good working order but has recently been superseded by the M-5 so has become surplus to requirements. This particular Dunsel has a propensity to over emote at times but if you require help in teaching alien females about love and how to kiss then this is the Dunsel for you.
Requires little in the way of maintenance though probably better if you carefully monitor its diet. Will gorge if left unattended.
Would possibly consider an exchange for a younger Dunsel.

738. StunKill - August 24, 2012

I really want this game!!!!! And TOS still sucks!!! Anything after that is Awsome. Credibility not required from faceless nobodies.

739. BuzzCagney - August 24, 2012

And so says faceless nobody Stunkill :-p

740. MJ - August 25, 2012

Stunkill it to most of us what was Bane was to Batman.

741. Jonboc - August 25, 2012

#675″600 posts? what have u been talking about?”

Sadly, the bulk of it is made up from the same 3 or 4 whiners droning on and on, feeding each others frenzied delusions, about how Anthony, somehow owes them all an explanation about why he has the audacity to not seek out their approval before he leaves his own site for awhile.

742. Enterprisingguy - August 25, 2012

“741. Jonboc:

Sadly, the bulk of it is made up from the same 3 or 4 whiners droning on and on, feeding each others frenzied delusions, about how Anthony, somehow owes them all an explanation”


No one said Anthony owes us an explanation. The so-called whiners are merely expressing their opinion that Anthony should show some courtesy to his devoted followers and simply tell us if he will be away for awhile. That’s all that’s being requested. No one begrudges him time away. I happen to share the opinion of “the whiners”!

I’ve been coming here since the beginning like many others. And I find his constant weeks-long disappearances without a word to be rude. This site is after all a business. To say we aren’t owed anything because we don’t pay a fee is a lame argument. 99% of the internet sites don’t charge a fee and are driven by ad revenue which is tied to web page traffic. Would you also complain if people got miffed for going to CNN for two weeks and seeing the same news? Of course not! Those sites don’t charge a fee and they change content several times an hour to keep people coming back. This site is no different. No new content for weeks means unhappy and reduced traffic resulting in lower ad revenue for Anthony!

743. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Well said Enterprisingguy!

744. fascinating - August 25, 2012

674, then 675

745. Gary S. - August 25, 2012

#742 there is certainly a difference in terms of the frquency of news at a Treksite as opposed to CNN their flow of news never stops and CNN is a HUGE organization.
Anthony runs a small website with a few staffers .

746. Enterprisingguy - August 25, 2012

@745 Gary S.

Thanks for pointing that out Gary. I understand the difference. I just used that example to make my point. When there is news happening people go to their favorite source for the latest. The news may come less frequently here but it does come as we’ve seen in the last week. When I heard about the Empire State Building shooting I shot over to CNN for the latest. When I heard about William Windom’s passing I came to this site only to see nothing. And there is still nothing. And there has been other news. The point is it’s frustrating to come to a site you expect to be reasonably up to date only to wonder where the heck everyone is. And when they come back without a word they post old info if they post it at all. I still enjoy the many good people here and the good discussions. It’s without a doubt the best community of Star Trek fans. But I no longer consider this to be the premier destination for breaking Trek news.

747. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Enterprisingguy you are right about when they come back with news its old news so why bother? Why even bother having this site if that is going to be their SOP?

748. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

742: “Anthony should show some courtesy to his devoted followers and simply tell us if he will be away for awhile.”

On the other hand, AP not posting any stories for a while sort of tells us that.

AP takes periodic, unannounced vacations from Trekmovie. Fans should do that too.

It’s healthy.

Anthony has no legal or moral obligation I can figure out to inform us where he is, why he’s not posting, THAT he’s not posting, or anything else. And none of us has any legal or moral obligation to visit this site if we do not like how it’s run.

I understand you all want more. But speaking from experience, that constant hunger is probably one of the things that causes these lapses. That and because it’s probably not an urgent source of income to AP. If Trekmovie allowed AP to quit his day job, the site would probably run differently. But I can’t imagine he makes much off this place.

And it isn’t good if you either do not have anything to do apart from Star Trek and this site, or you do and are neglecting those things because you come here too much.

It’s good to take a break, do other things, breathe some fresh air, maybe get caught up on stuff you need to do.

These lapses are opportunities for us as well.

And let’s be honest. Half the visiting is for the stories. But the other half is for the chance to interact with and be heard by Bob.

So I don’t know…maybe if we can get a system where a red flashing light on top of our computer goes off whenever there’s a new story and/or a comment by Bob is posted, life will be better.

Maye even just an email alert.

749. Enterprisingguy - August 25, 2012

748. dmduncan – August 25, 2012

“And let’s be honest. Half the visiting is for the stories. But the other half is for the chance to interact with and be heard by Bob.”


If you want honesty I can tell you that I could care less about the chance to interact with Bob Orci. Other than the time he talked conspiracies his posts are nothing to write home about. They are usually nothing more than a few words of cryptic teasing. Hardly “interactive”. If he were talking about something interesting such as how a scripting session goes I would agree. But he doesn’t. I find the posts by the group far more interesting and interactive. But that’s just my opinion. Others may find his style of posting amusing.

750. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

Well, then you can leave yourself out of the group that my statement references. I feel just the opposite. I want to have an influence on the franchise that I love. So it isn’t what or how much Bob says. It’s more that he indicates when and that he’s listening. Although the off-topic conspiracy discussions with him here have been some of the great moments of the talkbacks for me.

751. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Dmduncan, then if Anthony does want to take constant breaks and not want to post that he’s a break and will be back soon then he should take down his tagline “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” That means everything, new in Trek no matter how small, like posting about Paramount sending out TNG replacement BluRay discs, If he thinks he has gotten in over his head and has too man things going on, with that tagline and can’t do that anymore and this only be a part-time Trek news site then that tagline should be deleted for all pages of this site.

752. Red Dead Ryan - August 25, 2012


Stunkill, I think you’ve taken a few too many phaser shots to the head!

I’m afraid it has stunned/killed your brain cells!


753. Phil - August 25, 2012

Look – fresh posts! We can all go back to complaining about JJ, secrecy, TOS uniform functionality, Spock and Uhura, fan films and the new Enterprise…

Don’t watch Stars Earn Stripes, please!

754. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Yeh but that Trek comics story is old. Trekweb had it 5 days ago.

755. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

751. Craiger – August 25, 2012

I think you are taking things a little too seriously. That was his objective when he started, and despite the lapses, it’s probably more often true than not. I think it would be obsessive to remove it when there’s a lapse and then put it back up when there isn’t. I wouldn’t bother either because Anthony isn’t causing harm to anyone by leaving it there during a lapse. And even if AP never posted anything new about Trek, it’s difficult to see how you could make a case that you were harmed by that tagline not being true.

And barring serious health problems as the cause, AP will be back.

The last time there was a long lapse, Red Dead Ryan claimed the site was being shut down in a matter of days.

We’re still here.

753. Phil – August 25, 2012

What’s your beef with Star Earn Stripes? (I’m not a fan, I’m just not aware of your gripe).

756. Red Dead Ryan - August 25, 2012


“The last time there was a long lapse, Red Dead Ryan claimed the site was being shut down in a matter of days.”

Yeah, thankfully, I was wrong on that one.

As for “Stars Earn Stripes”, I’m not sure what that is, or why Phil is boycotting it. Must be some sort of reality show.

757. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Dmduncan but when Anthony does come back from long breaks and posts news its still old news. Why bother with the site then if it doesn’t have up to date news?

Trekmovie just posted Trek comics news but Trekweb had posted that 5 days ago. What if Anthony comes back after a two-week or more break and posts news about the first trailer and who the villian is but Trekweb, Trektoday, Treknews or movie blogs had already posted that news during his two week or longer break.

758. Booborci - August 25, 2012

680 lol

759. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Bob, did you see my idea that Mike stole, LOL, about rebooting The Final Countdown?

760. K-7 - August 25, 2012

#741 “Sadly, the bulk of it is made up from the same 3 or 4 whiners droning on and on, feeding each others frenzied delusions, about how Anthony, somehow owes them all an explanation about why he has the audacity to not seek out their approval before he leaves his own site for awhile.”

Jonboc, 3 out of your 7 posts on this article are pretty much whining, bitching and moaning about these “3 or 4 whiners” lke me who you never see eye-to-eye with.

So Jonboc, you are part of the problem here, not part of the solution. You whine with the best of us, but then pat yourself of the back for supposedly being above the fray. You are not fooling anyone.

761. K-7 - August 25, 2012

#751 “Dmduncan, then if Anthony does want to take constant breaks and not want to post that he’s a break and will be back soon then he should take down his tagline “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” That means everything, new in Trek no matter how small, like posting about Paramount sending out TNG replacement BluRay discs, If he thinks he has gotten in over his head and has too man things going on, with that tagline and can’t do that anymore and this only be a part-time Trek news site then that tagline should be deleted for all pages of this site.”

Craiger, you nailed it!

762. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Thanks, K-7.

763. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

757. Craiger – August 25, 2012

But that’s for Anthony to worry about. If he loses traffic because he’s not posting, or posting old news, then maybe he’s okay with it. You can’t twist his arm and make him post if he’s comfortable with the lapse. And you can always tell him you are unhappy by stopping your own traffic to this site, which will be recorded in site statistics.

764. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

Just imagine how amazing it’s going to be when Anthony comes back out of the wilderness and is the first to break a huge new story. It…it…it will be like THIS…with AP in the role of the baboon:

And then we will know, without any doubt, how GREAT this site truly is…

765. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

Until then, maybe you guys can use a philosophy lesson:

766. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Dmduncan, I am not trying to be mean to Anthony, I can understand if he has other obligations to attend to and doesn’t have time to devote to this site anymore.. However, I don’t think he would have gotten to the postition of having contact with people involved with Trek and going to Trek events and meeting with Trek stars their without us loyal viewers of the site. Unless he had those contacts already? I think that is why he owes us some sort of explanation as to what is going on with this site. Maybe he is taking breaks if because he is working on some new mega Trek site that is going to replace this and that is taking his time away from this one. I think Orci and crew took notice of this site when it first popped up and liked it and told other people involved with Trek about it.

767. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

AP also created a community that we can find value in posting to even when no new news is posted. If we did not find value in coming here when there are no new stories, we wouldn’t have 700+ posts on this thread right now.

Hakuna matata.

768. Craiger - August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong dies at 82.

769. Michael Hall - August 25, 2012

@ 768–

Yes, just saw that. Aside from that little thing he did in ’69, Armstrong also co-wrote with John Barnes a pretty decent SF novel called “Encounter at Tiber” which I guess most of the people here would find worth a look.

770. Michael Hall - August 25, 2012

Amazing. I’ve attempted multiple times to address dmduncan’s question about the toxicity of “Stars Earn Stripes,” with the site never posting my reply. What gives?

771. MJ - August 25, 2012

@769. We are in agreement for once, MH. Great novel — and I have a signed copy — both Aldrin and Barnes signed it.

772. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

770. Michael Hall – August 25, 2012

You probably used an unaccepted keyword.

773. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

769. Michael Hall – August 25, 2012

That was with Aldrin.

774. Phil - August 25, 2012

Not sure if Armstrongs passing would rate an article here. The 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight went unnoticed here…

775. MJ - August 25, 2012

@766 / Craiger, DM Duncan

Anthony really owes himself, his volunteer staff, and yes, us fans of the site, some improved communication on when the site is essentially off-line. Two reasons support this:

(1) The site boldly and audaciously claims that it is “the source for everything new in Trek,” and this phrase is even altered by Anthony to have “the” at the beginning of the phrase in italics — inferring that this site is the predominant site (i.e. better than any other Trek web site) for new and breaking Trek news of “everything” related to Star Trek.

(2) This is a pay site that is supported by advertising revenues. I have no idea where the money goes, but one would suspect Anthony collects the income. That makes those of us who click on and purchase linked items int the articles and banner ads on this site the “end-user customers” of I estimate that I have spent at least $500 in the past three years based on links to this site. Therefore, I am a customer of the site, and I do have the right to make claims on the quality and effectiveness of the site, and it is Anthony’s responsibility to then provide customers like me a site that matches his own derived mission statement for the site: “the source for everything new in Trek.

Based on the above, I will repeat what I said earlier. I think it is incumbent upon Anthony to either:

1. Delete the bold proclamation/mission statement for the site if he doesn’t think he can no longer deliver on it; or

2. Provide the readers and customers of the site just a very simple status message when he and staff are talking these unexplained long absences.

Guys, I don’t think the above is asking for too much.

776. MJ - August 25, 2012

@774 “Not sure if Armstrongs passing would rate an article here. The 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight went unnoticed here…”

One can always hope someone at Trekmovie is paying attention…one can always hope that someone in charge of this website could take a brief break from their lengthy absence here to acknowledge the man who paved the way for our future in space…one can always hope.

777. Michael Hall - August 25, 2012

@ 773 dumduncan–

You’re right! my bad, sorry. Still, a pretty good book. :-) I envy MJ his signed copy (but will still take my signed copy of Gore Vidal’s “Creation” over that any day).

At further risk of running afoul of Trekmovie’s A.I. censor, here a link to answer your earlier question about “Stars Earn Stripes.”

778. Phil - August 25, 2012

@755. Not that the bar for reality broadcasting is set all that high to begin with, but NBC trotted out a show that’s a combat simulated relity show. My two main beefs are it completely whitewashes the brutality of war, and trivializes the work and training of the uniformed services who fight them. In a flimsy attempt to justify the show they kick in a few bucks for military charities – I won’t speak for others but I don’t believe that the means justifies the ends. I really would not care so much if it was just an olive drab version of Wipeout, but NBC has sunk considerable PR resources into creating the fantasy that what they are showing you is the closest thing to real, without someone actually shooting at you. The program is just wrong at all levels.

779. MJ - August 25, 2012

The only reality shows that I like are The Amazing Race, Top Shot, Mantracker, Storage Wars, American Pickers and Locked Up Abroad. With the exception of The Amazing Race, these shows are on History, NG, and Science — all cable channels. I can’t recall ever liking a main network reality show other than Amazing Race, except for perhaps the novelty of the first couple of seasons of Trump’s The Apprentice.

780. Michael Hall - August 25, 2012

“Not that the bar for reality broadcasting is set all that high to begin with, but NBC trotted out a show that’s a combat simulated relity show.”

And why shouldn’t they, Phil? NBC is owned by General Electric, one of the biggest purveyors of the means of inflicting death and destruction on the entire planet. If the program’s a hit, not only does it provide the company a new revenue stream, but boosts their primary license to print money as well, and all under the cover of providing charity–as if they should need it!–to our brave men and women in uniform. As a business model it’s definitely win-win, and utterly beneath contempt.

781. Gary S. - August 25, 2012

RIP Neal Armstrong ,
A True Pioneer .

782. Craiger - August 25, 2012

MJ, I sometimes warch Storage Wars, I also like Shipping Wars and Parking Wars and Hard Core Pawn.

783. Craiger - August 25, 2012

MJ, this place wont be a reliable source for Trek news if they keep taking constantly long breaks. What if the trailer for the sequel is shown and the villain is announced on other Trek sites and movie blogs before this site gets around to posting it? Anthony would come back and post that news but we would have already known about it. I would also miss chatting about the trailer and who the villain is when Trekmovie would post that type of news first. Wouldn’t be worth talking about if Trekmovie posts it two weeks late. However, I still wonder if now Anthony is only going to post again when breaking news happens about the sequel? If that’s the case I agree with you MJ, take down “The Source For Everything New In Trek if Anthony only intends to report on the new Trek movies and that’s it. Then that would go with the name of this site.

784. Craiger - August 25, 2012

785. Phil - August 25, 2012

@780. GE sold NBC to Comcast about 20 months ago, so I’m not quite ready to buy into the idea this show is part of some bigger military industrial complex conspiracy to sway and influence the masses. As several publications have pointed out the military does enjoy favorable status in a good portion of the civilian population, and the way the show plays it comes across as a badly thought out attempt to turn a buck on that good will. It’s deplorable, regardless…

786. Gary S. - August 25, 2012

actually , I heard yesterday on the radio that one of the Navy Seals who participated in The Bin Laden Raid has written a book about the experience .
So that means JJ and Friends are MORE secretive than those behind
The Takedown of Bin Laden!

787. Craiger - August 25, 2012

788. Michael Hall - August 25, 2012

“GE sold NBC to Comcast about 20 months ago, so I’m not quite ready to buy into the idea this show is part of some bigger military industrial complex conspiracy to sway and influence the masses.”

I didn’t mean to suggest a “conspiracy” of any sort. I do suggest that, in multiple ways, it’s good for their bottom line, and in no way reflects NBC’s actual corporate attitude towards real-life military personnel (as opposed to telegenic C-list celebs and ex-servicepeople), who in any case would probably prefer better pay and benefits to charity–but of course that would actually require people like Jack Welch to pay some taxes, something they are obviously loathe to do.

789. MJ - August 25, 2012

@788. Dude,you really need to keep up on current events. In addition to GE not even owning NBC anymore, Jack Welch retired from GE over a decade ago. :-)

I recommend you read a good major newspaper or two like the LA Times daily — I think perhaps you are getting that crap tv news, which is really entertainment, which would explain why you news topics are so out of date here.

790. Red Shirt Diaries - August 25, 2012

Perhaps Micheal Hall should star in the sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine?

791. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

I don’t think it is out of bounds for you as a loyal Trekmovie visitor to want so mild an expression of gratitude from Anthony that a word or two regarding site status would be.

When I ran TKR I had a text box between the headline story and the story columns that was for that purpose, because that’s just the type of guy I am.

But maybe AP has heath issues and has to take more breaks than usual, and maybe he just doesn’t like to mention it. Or could be something else that we would find equally understandable if we knew what it was. And maybe he’s a grump who just doesn’t care what anyone thinks about how he does things.

I don’t know Anthony so to narrow down what the issue behind his absences is, but I feel reasonably comfortable speculating that this site is not a substantial source of revenue for him. It looks to me like AP has for Trekmovie exactly the type of ads I had for my site, which means that the ads only pay if — and even then only pennies — someone clicks on them. He would collect more if Trekmovie ads were paid for by advertisers who were attracted to the site because of its Drudge-like traffic, but that doesn’t look like what I’m seeing. Looks like he just has banner ads that target the interests of its visitors. Same as I had. So I suspect there is not a powerful financial incentive to run this place like a professional news source. Which is also the problem I had.

In any case, attendance to the site is free. There are no subscription fees, and if you don’t like the job he’s doing, you have no recourse but to stick around or leave. He certainly isn’t defrauding you of your money if you choose to click on a link posted here and he collects a few pennies for it. And these absences have happened enough times for me to realize that AP will be back when he’s ready.

Hakuna matata.

792. Phil - August 25, 2012

@788. Yeah, I have a healthy dose of skepticism about NBC’s attitude towards military veterens. Suspect their new found love of veteren coincided with federal tax breaks for hiring vets.

793. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

Tell ya what. If I ever move out to LA, I’ll pick up Bob and Anthony —

5 am, 4 x per week, 3 miles per run.

I’ll get those boys in fighting shape! And if Anthony runs out of breath, I’ll make Bob haul him the rest of the distance in a radio flyer wagon.

794. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

777. Michael Hall – August 25, 2012

No sh*t. America is Starship Troopers without the cool spaceships.

(I love that movie, but it isn’t a world I want to live in!)

795. Red Dead Ryan - August 25, 2012


“Hakuna matata”

What a wonderful phrase! :-)

Anyway, most reality shows suck. But I do like “Pawn Stars”, “Cajun Pawn Stars”, and “World’s Worst Tenants”.

As for “Stars Earn Stripes”, that show lost its credibility when they cast Nick Lachey.

796. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

@795: I like The Biggest Loser because the contestants are usually really decent people — not physically fit mentally deficient freaks on a game show trying to stab each other in the back. And because they want to change their lives, and over the course of the show they actually DO. They make progress that isn’t fake. It’s moving to watch them make the journey, and it’s particularly satisfying to see updates of the ones who get sent home where they continue to make progress off the show.

The Colony and that Josh Gates show are the only other reality shows I watch when I can. Which means on Netflix.

797. NCM - August 25, 2012

750. dmduncan – August 25, 2012

“Well, then you can leave yourself out of the group that my statement references. I feel just the opposite. I want to have an influence on the franchise that I love.”

I’ll count myself out of that group, too. Bob’s occasional presence is cool: sometimes he really contributes to the fun, but he’s made it known prevailing opinions here represent a movie-going populace too small to wield influence… One doesn’t test market for mass appeal among fringe groupies, apparently–go figure.

Fans here might get a comrade’s name mentioned, maybe influence a line or title. That’d be cool, but enough promise to keep people coming back even during prolonged dry spells? I think fans here enjoy hearing/sharing ideas with fellow fans, or simply spouting off at least as much as reading articles or hoping for an Orci breach.

Should you have no influence on the franchise, dm, maybe it’s enough to simply contribute as you do to this ignoble but resilient little community.

798. MJ - August 25, 2012

Well said, NCM.

799. MJ - August 25, 2012

@794. I remember in Starship Troopers that you had to serve in the military to get full citizenship. I don’t see anything like that happening here. We don’t even have the draft anymore.

800. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

797: Sure, there is a community here that I haven’t found on any other Trek sites. But you may be underestimating the role Bob has played in helping to create it. I can still reliably find threads Bob is posting in by noting sudden spikes in the number of comments which occurs after he makes a post. But I’m not going to make this a scientific investigation and do an encyclopedic post to prove my point because I’m also doing other things right now — but I think I could do such a post if I felt it were that important to prove.

Bob is an asset to this site. I know for sure that if he didn’t come here I wouldn’t be the community member here that I am. Hell, none of you ever heard of me before ST.09, so really, if it wasn’t for Bob, Alex, and JJ, I wouldn’t have come back to Star Trek.

If ST.09 turned out like Nemesis? Not a peep outta me on here.

And I count myself among those who haven’t grown so comfortable to his lurking presence that I don’t remember how very rare it is that someone in Bob’s position takes the time to listen to what fans are saying.

Since I love Star Trek so much, and he’s one of the folks in charge of making new Star Trek happen (and not just new Star Trek, but new episodes of my favorite version of it), I am very grateful to Bob for at least giving me the feeling of being listened to, which after so much bad Trek I gave up thinking I would ever have.

801. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

799. MJ – August 25, 2012

Well that’s not the same either, but we sure do have our versions of the bugs, and a government intent on making sure we never stop fearing them. The TSA and DHS with its absurd “See Something, Say Something” campaign would fit perfectly into the mental world of Starship Troopers.

And one thing I always wonder when I watch Starship Troopers is why they don’t destroy the asteroid before it hits Buenos Aires?


But I still love the movie. First time I ever saw Denise Richards. I was like GRRRR! I probably would have been as dumb as Johnny Rico, signing up to impress her.

But no — I prefer to keep that kind of world IN the movies where I can experience it at a safe distance.

802. dmduncan - August 25, 2012

Also, our drones are killing Pakistani children. The stats aren’t being publicized on the nightly news, but it is happening, and people like George Clooney are going to ignore those figures and stump for the man who’s ordering the numbers to climb higher. And that kind of disregard for life as if it’s cheap when it’s not ours is Starship Troopers-like. There’s that crush-the-bad-guys mentality at work in both worlds, and too bad if the innocent are blown up with the guilty.

(That doesn’t mean anyone should vote for Romney either, because he is going to be another status quo candidate who will continue the same policy.)

But to the Pakistanis I’ll bet Americans seem like the bugs! Our drone missiles are like bug asteroids killing their children, but they don’t have the power to fight back.

803. NCM - August 25, 2012

@802: Are you so certain the situation in Afghanistan will improve for those who can’t leave once our troops do? Though we didn’t go there to liberate women from the burqa or to reduce Taliban executions of those not covered head-to-toe, or accused by a neighbor of adultery, nor to build schools which admitted girls, we have, for the time, brought some positive change, it would seem — who knows for certain? Certainly none of us, but esp. not those of us so far removed. Might it be worth the effort to stay until Afghanistan can maintain those gains for its own people? I’ve doubted from the start that we could ever instill sustainable progress there, but I’m not so sure of my doubts that I’d want to be the one to say, “Let’s get the Hell now and leave ’em to their fate.’

804. MJ - August 25, 2012

Pakistan is a cluster-f*ck. They pretty much hid Bid Laden for years, and then bitched about it when we stepped into get him. Not to mention that every-time they get a hopeful leader, either the militant Islamist for the corrupt military kill or replace them. Excuse me if I don’t get all sentimental about them. Like their leaders care about their innocent people getting killed…I doubt it.

805. MJ - August 26, 2012

NCM, good points. People forget too easily how truly awful the Taliban was. Women were lower than dirt under their regime, and now girls to school again in most of Afghanistan. I recommend to anyone the two outstanding Khaled Hosseini novels that really bring home just how bad things were under the Taliban:

— The Kite Runner

— One Thousand Splendid Suns

BTW, ask the vast majority of women in Afghanistan if they want U.S. troops to leave, and you will get an emphatic “NO.”

806. MJ - August 26, 2012

May 1, 2012

In a remote part of Afghanistan early last year, a girl was sentenced to death. Her crime was possession of a cellphone. Her executioners were to be her brothers. They suspected her of talking on the phone with a boy. The girl, in her late teens, had dishonored the family, her brothers said.

“My older brother took the cellphone from me and beat me very badly. It was dinnertime. They told me that they would execute me after dinner. They said to me this would be my last meal,” says “Lina,” a pseudonym.

The question of how to protect the rights of Afghan women after U.S. troops leave the country has become a key question. But this task hasn’t been easy, even with a huge American troop presence in Afghanistan.

Lina’s story illustrates the point: When she came to an American military base pleading for help, U.S. officials had to figure out how to save her life without enraging the local community.

“I was terrified to think of running away from home, but suddenly a voice from inside told me to flee before my brothers killed me. Maybe the devil made me do it,” says Lina. “I took one of their cloaks and wrapped it around me to look like a man. Then I slipped out of the house and started walking to the foreigner’s base nearby.”

So-called honor killings are common in Afghanistan, along with other gruesome punishments for women suspected of contact with men outside their family. It’s considered a dishonor even when a woman is the victim of sexual assault. Hundreds of women are in Afghan prisons for “moral crimes” such as being the victims of rape.

Seeking Refuge

It’s not clear if her brothers knew it, but Lina says one of her in-laws was regularly abusing her — physically and sexually. Women in remote villages have little recourse, almost no route of escape. Most spend their lives barely leaving the house. Advocates say they have heard of only a few cases where Afghan women approached American bases for help.

“She approached the gate. When they realized she was in danger, they took her in,” says U.S. Marine Maj. Jennifer Larsen, who was to become Lina’s almost constant companion for the next several weeks. (The location of the base is also being withheld to protect Lina.)

Larsen says the guards at the gate saw the same car passing again and again. Each time it drew near, Lina looked petrified. They took her to a doctor who discovered fresh bruises on her back and knees from the beating. After treating her, Lina moved into a tent with three American women and an Afghan translator — her exposure to male soldiers on the base was limited.

[Lina] wanted to get away from where she was. Anytime you asked her a question, her answer was, ‘Do I have to go back?’ Our answer at the time was no, and we had to figure out how to keep that promise.
– Marine Maj. Jennifer Larsen
But even that small corner of the American base was a new world for Lina, after a life of sequester in the village. Things like television and hot running water were new — as was the existence of books, written words and even written numbers.

But Larsen says the girl embraced them. She devoured new foods from the cafeteria, especially ice cream and Doritos. She quickly gained a small English vocabulary, including phrases from the PG-rated movies they watched to pass the time. Some showed men and women kissing. “Kiss” was a favorite new word, says Larsen.

“She was scared and overwhelmed, but she was a strong person, and as she had new things come to her, she adapted quickly. I found out she was very bright,” says Larsen.

“She wanted to get away from where she was. Anytime you asked her a question, her answer was, ‘Do I have to go back?’ Our answer at the time was ‘no,’ and we had to figure out how to keep that promise,” Larsen says.

Pressure To Return

But saving a teenage girl was not part of the battle plan for U.S. forces in Afghanistan — it might even have jeopardized that mission.

Afghan advisers told Americans at the base very bluntly: To keep peace with the community, Lina had to go home, even if it meant her death. Her original “crime” now paled in comparison to the fact that Lina had spent weeks living with non-Muslim soldiers, says Huma Safi, a women’s rights advocate in Kabul.

“In Afghan society, women stay with their families. When they spend nights in other places, it’s a dishonor for their families. It’s not just the military base … they don’t want their daughters to spend the night anywhere,” says Safi.

An elder from the community stayed on the base with Lina, but he stopped speaking to her once she said she wanted to stay with the foreigners. Her family also tried to convince her to come home, but Lina knew it was a trick, says Larsen.

“The hard part was as I watched her sister beg her to come home. Even her niece and nephew, who were very young, were there as well,” Larsen says. “She was glad to see them, she hugged them and kissed them. But as soon as her sister even suggested that she come back home, the whole meeting came to a screeching halt. She had no time for her sister, and she asked her to leave. It was hard to watch. At that moment, an interpreter was unnecessary.”

Lina also saw her brothers again — they surprised her by showing up at a meeting near the base. Larsen says she feared the brothers might try to kidnap Lina or even throw acid on her at the meeting. Lina says she knew her family planned to lure her home to kill her.

“My brothers pleaded with me to return home. I told them no. They said they would let me marry whoever makes me happy. I asked them, ‘Why would I ever believe you?’ ” Lina says.

This is where the story in Afghanistan often ends: The woman is sent home, and later killed by her family to cleanse the dishonor.

But Lina’s tale has a rare happy ending. U.S. officials helped fly her to a women’s shelter in a larger city, while Afghan officials in her province agreed to look the other way.

A Life Of Hope

Women’s shelters in Afghanistan can be virtual prisons, and Lina says she felt depressed after about eight months there. But the same pluck that helped her escape death served her again.

When she was brought before a female Afghan judge, Lina asked for help. The judge said she knew a young man looking for a wife. Lina insisted on seeing him first, and that she not be made a second wife to a married man. They met, and after a short discussion, decided to get married. She is now expecting her first child.

Larsen, Lina’s Marine caretaker, says that news brought tears to her eyes. “It’s overwhelming sometimes. I don’t even know what to say. There are so many women who have this issue. It would be nice if there was something we could do that was tangible, but I don’t know what that thing is,” Larsen says. “We did help one, and hopefully she’ll be able to help others in the future.”

Speaking by phone from her new home, Lina says she wants for nothing. After fleeing her home with only the clothes on her back, she now wears the traditional rings and necklaces given to a bride by her husband.

Lina’s husband is aware of her past and, unlike most men in this deeply conservative society, is still accepting of her. She says she’ll never forget the Afghans and the Americans who helped her escape.

“I have everything I ever dreamed of,” Lina says. “I live with a big family, and they all love me very much.”

807. Craiger - August 26, 2012

Another strange thread goes from complaining about Anthony’s lack of news articles to Afganistan.

I think we should get out of the Middle East. I used to be for the U.S. being the world’s Policemen but that changed with the cost it adds on to the debt. Also some of the Afganistan troops that we train turning on us.

If we drilled for our own oil, natural gas and not shut down coal plants we could be energy independant for a decade or more and get out of the Middle East. I am almost for the U.S. becoming an isolationalist country and just take care of us. However we still need trade partners.

808. Craiger - August 26, 2012

Also we are protecting a corrupt government with Karzi and what are getting out of being in Iraq and Afganistan nothing? It sucks with those atrocities in those countries but I now think we should have just covert ops to go after the terrorists whereever they are and not a bulk of ground troops.

809. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

803. NCM – August 25, 2012

@802: Are you so certain the situation in Afghanistan will improve for those who can’t leave once our troops do?


Well, I’m not sure what our presence in Afghanistan holding back the forces of darkness so that some Afghans have some space to grow healthy for a while has to do with killing innocent children by drone attack in Pakistan.

Which there is no defense for. At all. You can’t righteously kill innocent people. You encroach into bad guy territory when you do. It’s bad enough when you do it once and seriously regret it. It’s much worse when you know you are likely to kill children and you KEEP doing it, which is the situation that describes this current administration’s use of drones.

As for Afghanistan, there is no doubt that at least some Afghans are benefitting from our presence. So it saddens me to think with them in mind that it’s a fight we cannot win, and that it’s a protection we cannot give them forever. It is very expensive for us to fight in a foreign territory that the Taliban calls home. The Taliban are fighting a war of attrition against us while we are in deep financial trouble as a country, and the Taliban knows it.

And given Afghanistan’s history, nobody can feign ignorance about the likelihood of this result. But no, we wanted to go in there all jock-like to prove we could do what other empires failed to accomplish.

To successfully fight these wars really does require that we become hard hearted and militarized as a nation, putting all our energy and resources into winning at all costs. But even if we did that and won, it would be a tragically Phyrric victory for us, not worth having.

And that same hard heartedness that we are developing can quite easily be turned toward American citizens themselves, and in fact we have already seen steps taken to make that easy to do with Obama’s passage of the NDAA and his administrations REQUEST that American citizens be included in it as objects of indefinite detention without due process.

I couldn’t care less that he says it’s a power he won’t use even though he has it, because he just gave it to the next guy who follows him, and even if Obama never uses it, the next guy MIGHT.

And that is how a nation becomes a police state. Not necessarily by one guy taking all the power all at once, but by a series of guys all taking steps, i.e., making PROGRESS toward it.

So right now, with few Americans awake enough to realize it has happened, you could as an American citizen have your name on a list and have the word “terrorist” stamped on it, and you could then be hauled off without due process of law or the right to defend yourself against your accusers.

And given the dishonesty of people who enjoy power and the ease with which they then broaden the definitions of words, this is something everybody should be deeply concerned about and protesting, because the definition of “terrorist” is expanding.

And the media ignored the NDAA! It was a non issue! The latest celebrity news was more important!

Our country is in deep, deep trouble, mainly because we do not respect truth, and we behave as if lies however severe, are good, so long as it benefits “our” side. Even the financial crisis and real estate bubbles can be traced to that flaw.

810. NCM - August 26, 2012

809. dmduncan – August 26, 2012

803. NCM – August 25, 2012

@802: Are you so certain the situation in Afghanistan will improve for those who can’t leave once our troops do?


Well, I’m not sure what our presence in Afghanistan holding back the forces of darkness so that some Afghans have some space to grow healthy for a while has to do with killing innocent children by drone attack in Pakistan.
Can’t fight the war in Afghanistan without addressing Pakistan’s part. Do you think the Pres. wants to fight a war in Pakistan?

“You can’t righteously kill innocent people.”

You can’t avoid killing innocent people in war, at least, not at this point, with the equipment/military we have. Some would have us refrain from any war unless our people/territory are under threat (which could again be the case with Afghanistan). Others believe we have a moral obligation to intervene where entire populations of innocent people are being wiped out. We’re still keeping Bosnian peace, at a cost barely on any chart. We helped end Hitler’s tyranny–by committing the greatest act of terror (targeting Japanese civilians) the world’s yet seen. I’d have hoped we wouldn’t have set that war out even if the Japanese hadn’t delivered an invitation, but I can’t say if our means was justifiable. War puts people to the ultimate moral tests. I ask the questions knowing I’ll never have the answers.

“To successfully fight these wars really does require that we become hard hearted and militarized as a nation, putting all our energy and resources into winning at all costs.”

It means, too, that innocents will die, but maybe fewer than would perish if we isolated ourselves from the troubles of the rest of the world. What would you have us do? What’s the alternative to being “hard-hearted and militarized,” to “winning at all costs?”

I know this kinda posting is verboten, but I’m guessing the only ones here, now are those of us interested in this discussion…? And we’ve been left without supervision, so the absent administrator can’t (I hope) take too much offense:]

811. Gary S. - August 26, 2012

Bob , any news on The Secret Cabinet ?
We are still going to see that, right?
I am VERY interested in that series .

812. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

810: “Can’t fight the war in Afghanistan without addressing Pakistan’s part. Do you think the Pres. wants to fight a war in Pakistan?”

You do realize that Rumsfeld CHASED the Taliban and al Qaeda into Pakistan without inserting American troops between them? He had a Marine Expeditionary Unit available and a Battalion Landing Team good to go while he used Air Force bombs and Special Forces to push them toward Pakistan while leaving their path into Pakistan COMPLETELY unobstructed.

He didn’t do that because he’s stupid or couldn’t predict the outcome. The outcome was very predictable.

Whether Obama wants to fight a war in Pakistan or not, he is ultimately the one killing children there. And that creates blowback. It creates hate. More of the same stuff we have to make more bombs to kill, which ends up creating more hate, more bombs, more death, more hate, etc.

He also gets the stats, so he knows, and he keeps doing it when he has the choice to act differently. I don’t know where the actual drone operators are, but probably somewhere here in the US where they can take a break from killing kids in the “video game” they play and go to a local McDonalds.

That strikes me as deranged. And it may come to pass that Americans in America someday become just another target on their screens between breakfast and lunch.

” It means, too, that innocents will die, but maybe fewer than would perish if we isolated ourselves from the troubles of the rest of the world. What would you have us do? What’s the alternative to being “hard-hearted and militarized,” to “winning at all costs?”

Gandhi was a better Christian than any church-going man who drops bombs on kids.

The argument you make is status quo CFR. Most recently, I heard Niall Ferguson make it in a documentary about what would happen if America disappeared from the world stage. It’s not a personal attack on you. Those are just the ideas that dominate media attention and get purveyed, so that’s the argument that people have in their heads.

My answer? Perhaps the only truly transformative, conquering power in the world is love.

I doubt this is a popular song at the CFR, but with me? I’m feeling it:

813. Red Dead Ryan - August 26, 2012

Well, the fact is, Afghanistan is one of those places where democracy and freedom WILL NEVER take place. Too much primitive tribalism and religious fundamentalism. Not to mention a literally dirt-poor population resentful of foreigners.

Early in the Afghan war, there was hope. al Queda and the Taliban were actually on the ropes, and progress was being made. But then George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq, and that proved fatal on two fronts: The attempts to bring democracy and stability to Afghanistan took a big hit when valuable American troops and resources were diverted to Iraq, and secondly, the tactics of Iraqi insurgents were passed on to their Afghan and Pakistani counterparts, who have been able to pretty much reclaim Afghanistan from U.S and NATO forces despite the late surge of U.S troops and money by the Obama Administration.

The problem is, to bring democracy to a foreign country, a massive cultural change has to occur on the part of the natives. And in a tribally primitive and ethnically divided country such as Afghanistan, that’s going to be pretty much impossible.

As for Pakistan, that country is filled with terrorists. The government of that country sees the Taliban and Al-Queda as an ally and weapon against arch-enemy India, who they are angry at for the mass atrocities committed in Kashmir, and the subsequent occupation. Many in Pakistan hate the west for their support for India, and thus, have allowed Al-Queda and the Taliban into their towns and homes. Osama bin Laden may be dead, but in Pakistan, he’s a martyr and legend.

If there is any country in the region that is a possible springboard for change, its ironically, Iran. The very same country that became a hard-line theocracy in 1979. The problem is, while the people of Iran want change and progress, the government there continues to quash dissent, threaten to wipe out Israel, and are continuing to arm and support Bashar al-Assad’s mass murder of his own people in Syria.

814. Red Dead Ryan - August 26, 2012

I would argue the real reason why Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney allowed Osama bin Laden to escape into Pakistan was that it gave them a political card to play later on, when it came to policies and elections. By keeping Bin Laden alive and out there, the Bush administration was able to convince American voters that a Democrat could not be trusted to run the “war on terror”, and thus, when John Kerry was leading in the polls in late 2004 (some were even predicting his victory), the infamous bin Laden tape surfaced, scaring many would-be pro-Kerry voters into re-electing Bush. That happened despite the growing anger over the Iraq war, which Kerry firmly opposed, and promised to end.

815. Hugh Hoyland - August 26, 2012


I admire the fact that you point out whats going on, and do it in a way that people who may not fully understand the situation can grasp what your saying without feeling their being lectured.

Lets hope more people catch on and we can move this country back on “source”, the US Constitution. Its not the first time this counrty has drifted off course for sure, but IMO its the longest sustained deviation in the nations history.

816. Conrad - August 26, 2012

Psh… Star Trek… more like Action Adventure Shoot em Up

817. Anthony Thompson - August 26, 2012

This site has now ignored (and disrespected) the deaths of William Windom and Neil Armstrong. Shame!

818. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

This is the nature of war. Innocents always get caught/killed in the crossfire. There is even a term for it – collateral damage. WW2 went on for six years – 1939 – 1945 and millions died and not just at the hands of the Nazis. Then there is the propaganda machine, which often ends up having ordinary people confused and not knowing what to think. No doubt this is the real purpose of propaganda. Then again, no government can spend billions of dollars developing and making all kinds of weaponry without wanting to see them in use.

This current war started as a result of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon in 2001. The US sought revenge for these attacks, while their allies in the other English speaking nations and in Europe were afraid that they could be next on the terrorists’ attack list. The problem is that now the US and its allies have killed more people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan than were killed in the original 9/11 attacks. As with the 9/11 attacks, the majority of those killed in the Middle East have been ordinary civilians. This gives the Taliban, Al Queda etc the excuse to seek revenge on the US and its allies, which in turn gives us an excuse, which in turn gives them an excuse…

(FYI, five NZ military personnel serving in Afghanistan have been killed in the last month by the Taliban and the Taliban have issued death threats to any NZers in these countries).

When I mentioned Samsara in a post some threads back, it is this kind of thing I was talking about and the war that is going on right now is nothing new to the history of humankind – hence Samsara. Once any “wheel” is set in motion, it is difficult to stop and it seems that whatever is done (whatever the intentions), the more entangled the mechanisms become that could have once stopped the wheel turning…now no one is certain how or when this particular wheel will come to a halt and what the eventual outcome might be…

The 9/11 attacks were the result of mentalities filled with at least two of these three factors – Greed, Hatred and Delusion and unfortunately, everything that has eventuated since (on both sides) also result from similar mentalities fueled by the three Poisons – Greed, Hatred and Delusion.

What to do? I guess the first thing is to be able to see things as they really are…

819. MJ - August 26, 2012

@810 “Well, I’m not sure what our presence in Afghanistan holding back the forces of darkness so that some Afghans have some space to grow healthy for a while has to do with killing innocent children by drone attack in Pakistan. Can’t fight the war in Afghanistan without addressing Pakistan’s part. Do you think the Pres. wants to fight a war in Pakistan?” You can’t avoid killing innocent people in war, at least, not at this point, with the equipment/military we have. Some would have us refrain from any war unless our people/territory are under threat (which could again be the case with Afghanistan). Others believe we have a moral obligation to intervene where entire populations of innocent people are being wiped out. We’re still keeping Bosnian peace, at a cost barely on any chart. We helped end Hitler’s tyranny–by committing the greatest act of terror (targeting Japanese civilians) the world’s yet seen. I’d have hoped we wouldn’t have set that war out even if the Japanese hadn’t delivered an invitation, but I can’t say if our means was justifiable. War puts people to the ultimate moral tests. I ask the questions knowing I’ll never have the answers.”

I agree complete, NCM. Outstanding post!!!

820. MJ - August 26, 2012

@818 “FYI, five NZ military personnel serving in Afghanistan have been killed in the last month by the Taliban and the Taliban have issued death threats to any NZers in these countries.”

If you are fighting a war against opponent, then you already have implied death threats against each other, so that fact that the Tailban says “we have a a death threat against you”….well, duh, Taliban…guess what, we have a death threat against you as well. LOL

821. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

It is now 26 August in the US. I have a vain hope that perhaps one Chris Pine (aka Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek) may read this –

Happy birthday dear Chris
Happy birthday to you

Why was he born so beautiful
Why was he born at all
The angels brought him down from heav’n
To shine a light for all!

I have a piece of homemade sultana cake topped with lemon flavoured icing saved for you. Hope you like…Enjoy?!

Many happy returns, Chris Pine!

822. Craiger - August 26, 2012

How did complaining about Anthony being on vacation too much to discussing Afganistan?

823. MJ - August 26, 2012

Outstanding history of the Tora Bora fiasco:,2

824. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

Yes, I know, MJ. LOL

I am just reporting what I heard quoted on the television news last night. It seems that was what the Taliban said…I suspect the threat was not just against NZ military forces in these countries, but also against any other New Zealander who is there. Some may be there working with the Red Cross/Blue Cross and/or other relief organizations. I am not sure how the Taliban or their allies would necessarily know who or where any of these Kiwis would be.

Seems a rather desperate and vacuous statement, on the surface at least.

825. MJ - August 26, 2012

@817 “This site has now ignored (and disrespected) the deaths of William Windom and Neil Armstrong. Shame!”

Agreed. “The Source for Everything New In Trek.,” my ass. :-(

826. MJ - August 26, 2012

@812. But he whole point of the drone attacks is that many less innocents die then in open warfare and the bad guys get taken out…duh!

827. MJ - August 26, 2012

FYI to all — last two times the U.S. tried the “isolationist approach” where none of our bombs killed babies we ended up with WWI and WWII. Enough said!

828. Vultan - August 26, 2012

It’s a sort of catch-22 for the United States. If we stay out of world affairs and again embrace the isolationist approach, we reinforce the stereotype of the uncaring, greedy, parochial American, which would be correct. And if we lead from the front and take the Islamist bull by the horns, we reinforce the Imperial American, hellbent on spreading peace, freedom and democracy with the largest military in the world.

I suppose the most balanced, most ideal approach would be the kind of US involvement seen in Libya, where other UN members did their fair share of the heavy lifting in the conflict—the way it’s supposed to be. But then you have Syria, a deplorable situation where major UN members, namely Russia and China, are either blocking attempts to end the conflict or simply washing their hands of the matter. And in the meantime, as we ask ourselves what to do and rather pathetically wag our fingers at the Assad regime, the massacres continue unabated.

Indeed, no easy answers.

829. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

@ 826:

The drones are used because they are more politically expedient.

We are not at war with Pakistan, and it would be a disastrous idea to go to war with them to get troops on the ground inside Pakistan.

And no matter what you say, it is wrong to kill innocent people, and there is no way around it. Problem is too many Americans are self-absorbed and unable to feel or understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of American military power.

If you want to cheerlead the process, Starship Troopers-style, go ahead.

I’m a witness, not a judge. I’m as responsible for the condition of my own soul as you are for yours, and I’m not doing that.

830. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

827. MJ – August 26, 2012

FYI to all — last two times the U.S. tried the “isolationist approach” where none of our bombs killed babies we ended up with WWI and WWII. Enough said!


And the last several times the US tried the interventionist approach we ended up with the Korean war, the Viet Nam War, the Drug War, the Gulf War, and the War on Terror. To top it all off we are building a scale model of Mt. Everest out of debt, and pissing away our rights out of fear of the bad guys.

831. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

And WW2 wasn’t caused by American “isolationism,” which is a CFR propaganda term. It was caused by the Nazis invading Poland.

832. Vultan - August 26, 2012

There is one major difference when it comes to civilian casualties. The US, as far as my knowledge of modern military tactics takes me, does not actively target civilians. There are no misguided attempts to break the morale of the enemy by wiping out large cities, as with Dresden in the Second World War. The other side it seems isn’t as concerned with developing “smart bombs” to avoid civilian deaths.

I only wish weapons—all weapons everywhere—were smart enough to refuse to work.

833. MJ - August 26, 2012

The Korean Way, Vietnam War, and Cold War are really sucked. But they sure as well worked out better than global thermonuclear war I would say. That is what certainly what would have happened if we had buried our heads in our hands from 1946 to 1991.

Being the worlds policeman and lead Superpower is not fun. But it is better than the isolationist way…that is a pipe dream by well-meaning types. That course leads to much larger and more spectacularly devastating conflicts and deaths in the long run, as history has shown us time and time again.

We are far from perfect. Vietnam was a good idea at the outset, but having idiot politicians and former auto executives run a “limited war” was one of the dumbest things this country ever did militarily.

834. MJ - August 26, 2012

@831. You nee to read up on your history of the failed League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles lead to the rise of the Third Reich. We buried our heads in the sand after WWI — Woodrow Wilson, god bless him, tried to warn us, but the public and most politicians turned a deaf ear.

This is all in this history books — not really open for debate.

835. Anthony Thompson - August 26, 2012

829 and 830 dmduncan

You are my hero (sincerely). You laid out your position ethically, morally AND logically! US interventions inevitiably lead to poor results (as in Afghanistan). The world needs more diplomacy and less ‘Death from Above’! The US needs to be less of a self-appointed World Policeman (which it can’t afford anymore, as you stated). And it needs to stop letting domestic political considerations dictate policy toward Cuba and Israel.

836. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

I think why the UN are not doing anything about what is going on in Syria (apart from the fact that Russia and China seem to veto any suggestion of intervention) is because there is a fear that a similar situation could repeat itself as with Iraq/Afghanistan…

It is to do with how an indigenous population feel about foreigners/outsiders/occupiers being on their soil, even if those foreign military/come relief efforts are there to protect the many innocent people caught in the middle of a civil war, which is what is happening in Syria. The foreigners become the bad guys and are seen by most of the population, at best, as meddlers. So, instead of two factions fighting against each other, you have yet more *factions* brought into the fray, thus possibly complicating matters even more. When to intervene, when not to – that is the question. Correct – no easy answer.

#827 – Not true. The US was isolationist until 1942, in that it was never directly involved in the war going on in Europe, however it got itself out of the depression by making lots of military hardware which was sold to the British who then used it, which no doubt killed Italian and German civilians caught in the crossfire and likely included babies and small children.

Being an arms manufacturer/dealer would not be considered “Right Livelihood”. Just saying.

837. Vultan - August 26, 2012


Might I remind you of your recent support of automatic weapons for civilians to keep the government in line, or something to that effect, following the Aurora shooting. Now, I support the Second Amendment too (to a certain limited level of weaponry), but I think it’s important to remember we all see “bad guys.” And we all seem to need weapons to make us feel safe to one degree or another. Not really a judgment, just an observation.

Adults aren’t really adults, still just children, hunched behind a tree, thumbs cocked and waiting for the invisible—and sometimes very real—baddies to come.

838. MJ - August 26, 2012

@835. I wish we had the luxury to live in your worldview. Jimmy Carter was a really nice guy with that sort of worldview….that did not work out so good.

The problem with this worldview is that it always assume that the people we are negotiating with, or using “diplomacy” on, are rational operators who will be motivated logically and honorably to negotiate in good faith. Well, many of them aren’t and will never will be. It is a sad fact that for much or the world, diplomacy and “being nice” just don’t work.

We are the world’s policeman, like it or not. For the most part, nobody else give’s a shit. Case in point, we had to drag our European allies into their own back yard in Bosnia to clean up that horrid mess — they were too chickenshit to deal with genetic cleansing even in their own back yards!

It’s messy and we make a lot of mistakes. But we are in the best position over time to make the world a better place. If we don’t, I’m sure sometime soon the Chinese and others will be happy to step into the vacuum we leave….so be careful what you wish for here, my well-meaning friends.

839. MJ - August 26, 2012

@837 “#830. Might I remind you of your recent support of automatic weapons for civilians to keep the government in line, or something to that effect, following the Aurora shooting. Now, I support the Second Amendment too (to a certain limited level of weaponry), but I think it’s important to remember we all see “bad guys.” And we all seem to need weapons to make us feel safe to one degree or another. Not really a judgment, just an observation.”

Whoops! :-))

840. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

MJ – you seem to talking to yourself –

“839. MJ – August 26, 2012
@831. You nee”

You were post #831 or have the numbering of posts gone askew?

841. MJ - August 26, 2012

@840. On my end right now, Post #831 is by DM Duncan???

842. Vultan - August 26, 2012


The US entered the war in Europe because Germany declared war on it following the US’s declaration of war on Japan, which declared on it with the attack on Pearl Harbor. A bit complicated, but Germany, Japan, and Italy had a pact where if any one of them were declared war on they would support the other.

That’s the official paperwork anyway. ;)

843. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

@833: “The Korean Way, Vietnam War, and Cold War are really sucked. But they sure as well worked out better than global thermonuclear war I would say. That is what certainly what would have happened if we had buried our heads in our hands from 1946 to 1991.”

Not true. Futures that didn’t happen do not belong to the realm of facts, but to the realm of speculations, and speculations are by their nature UNcertain.

But this is the scare tactic that Americans are taught by which they are made to support the status quo. They are terrified by specters of possible futures that will CERTAINLY happen if they do not do or support what they are told to do or support.

834: “This is all in this history books — not really open for debate.”

Well facts are not open for debate, but your interpretation of them definitely is.

What are your commitments? Are you suggesting that America should have invaded Germany to stop the Third Reich before it arose?

Because what I am talking about is armed American intervention. I don’t know what you are talking about.

How did al Qaeda manage to erupt given the wonderful success of the interventionist model you support? How is it that your interventionism didn’t manage to nip them in the bud before they took down the Twin Towers?

And what does “buried our heads in the sand” mean to you?

844. MJ - August 26, 2012

@843 “But this is the scare tactic that Americans are taught by which they are made to support the status quo. They are terrified by specters of possible futures that will CERTAINLY happen if they do not do or support what they are told to do or support.”

Nothing here involving scare tactics. If we had ignored the Soviet Union and went back to isolationism, you can bet the Soviets would have expanded further in the 1950’s, and that this would have led to WWIII, which likely would have involved nuclear weapons use by both sides. Unforgettably, we probably would have had to launch limited strikes in Eastern Europe first to try to stop and overwhelming Soviet invasion of West Germany, etc, not to mention them moving south to take Iran, and eventually the oil fields.

Can I prove this? Of course not, because it represents an alternate history of the world. But I think that it would have been close to inevitable. Just look at history, and the two world wars in the 20th century that preceded this time frame. Yea, I think we’d be in post-civilization post-nuclear winter right now, with certain places in the Southern hemisphere trying to rebuild as best they can…but the Northern Hemisphere would be mostly radioactive toast.

845. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

839. MJ – August 26, 2012

I do not support public ownership of automatic weapons which are, in fact, illegal to own. I do support semi-automatic weapons, which can be in pistol, carbine, or rifle form. But my principal belief, aside from self defense, in supporting those is to have a deterrent effect against cowardly politicians who may wish to usurp our rights in a more severe way than they would likely be able to get away with had the people no weapons at all.

I do think the Second Amendment creates a powerful deterrent. I never ever ACTUALLY want to see an armed revolution in this country. And I think a Gandhi type movement could have some success here.

846. MJ - August 26, 2012

@845. Ah, that was Vultan’s post, not mine that you are responding to. I just repeated it. Sorry for any confusion.

PS: I will point out though that full access to guns by everyone means that babies and innocents are going to get killed on regular basis through either crazy folks in mass public shootings, heats of passion murders, and accidents. Begin tragically killed by weapons based on any government policy (i.e. intervention) or Constitutional Amendment has the same result for any innocent victim — they die the same was and just as easily in each case.

847. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

844: “Can I prove this? Of course not, because it represents an alternate history of the world. But I think that it would have been close to inevitable.”

See, I don’t think those scenarios ARE inevitable. Since those alternate history scenarios never happened, they are not facts, so we CAN disagree about them. But in our world the Soviet Union overextended itself and fell apart. That always happens. It happened to Hitler’s Germany. It happened to the Roman Empire.

That’s why I think it is so important to pay attention to Gandhi. If I didn’t know he defeated the British Empire without any bullets, I would have said it was impossible.

I think what happens is that we become so convinced we know the future that we act to stop our images of it from happening — often with violence, and we then we create problems that may not have existed if we did nothing, or would have resolved themselves peacefully at some point even if they did happen.

Those are also possibilities that get ignored in the rush to violent action.

848. Vultan - August 26, 2012


Ah, sorry for putting words in your mouth.

But you’re contradicting yourself a bit there. Gandhi, as far as I know, never had a gun. There was nothing to fall back on, just his ideas and nothing else. So while the Second Amendment can be a deterrent, a Gandhi type or Martin Luther King, Jr. type movement would only work when its leader holds his or her hands up and protests in the name of peace and non-violence. And while both men were killed by guns, it didn’t stop their respective movements from being (eventually) successful.

Or to put it another way, it’s like in The Dark Knight Rises. Sometimes the jump can only be successful without the safety of the rope.


849. MJ - August 26, 2012

@847. I will agree that Gandhi was one bright spot — a glowing exception in a world where pacifistic rebellion has seldomly worked out. But certainly I would prefer a world where this worked — I just look at history and have a hard time believing that it could work, that’s all. For every Ghandi, there are 10 Tiananmen Square’s.

With your example of the Roman Empire, they expanded for 200 years before they started imploding, etc, and their Eastern Empires lasted for 1500 years….so that might not be the best historical example to us in saying the that Soviet Union would have fallen apart in a few decades.

Ronald Reagan’s defense build-up in the 1980’s brought down the Soviet Union. They were forced to spend nearly half their GNP on defense. Imagine a post-WWI world where the U.S. was isolationist — in that world the Soviet’s could more comfortably expand their empire on their own terms.

850. Craiger - August 26, 2012

MJ, and now Obama is gutting the military.

851. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

846: ” I will point out though that full access to guns by everyone means that babies and innocents are going to get killed on regular basis through either crazy folks in mass public shootings, heats of passion murders, and accidents. Begin tragically killed by weapons based on any government policy (i.e. intervention) or Constitutional Amendment has the same result for any innocent victim — they die the same was and just as easily in each case.”

The Constitution does not state a policy of murdering innocent people even though it allows for the ownership of guns that can be used to do that.

Somebody still has to pull a trigger, and when it is done to an innocent person, it is equally wrong, but that doesn’t make the 2nd Am. equivalent to the POTUS’s drone policy.

The drone policy is more like supporting mass shootings overseas.

852. MJ - August 26, 2012

I don’t really think Obama is gutting the military. It just looks like that because we are drawing down troops and equipment after a decade of fighting two major wars. And really, we need to savings now to get our fiscal house back in order. And actually, Obama has pretty much carried on with the military and anti-terrorist policies of Bush — I don’t see much difference. It is pretty much an bipartisan effort, although the extremists on both sides will try to play games and tell you something different. In my opinion, there has been very little difference between Bush and Obama on defense.

853. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

849. MJ – August 26, 2012

Unfortunately, information travels much faster these days, which makes the possibility of more rapid collapses more possible. There’s a good National Geographic special based on Dr. Jared Diamond’s book of the same name called “Collapse” which you might want to check out. It’s an instant stream on Netflix right now.

Comparing ourselves to the Romans, it’s hard to say where we are correlatively. The Romans had a shallow rather than a steep decline, so they went down hill for a long long time before totally collapsing.

The case which the documentary makes, if I remember correctly, is that a similar collapse could happen much faster today because of how much faster information travels today.

854. MJ - August 26, 2012

@853. Sounds interesting, I will see if I can find that doc online or on Netflix. Thanks, DM.

855. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

848. Vultan – August 26, 2012

I think Gandhi was actually in the Army.

If, by contradiction, you mean two things that can’t be true at the same time, what’s the contradiction?

856. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

@854: Sure. I’m going to watch it again myself in a few.

857. Daoud - August 26, 2012

The Romans let in so many of the German tribes, and depended on them eventually for the military, that when the remaining Germans led by their ruler-kings… was able to completely come in and take over (Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, etc.). The U.S. has certainly allowed in many documented and undocumented (the new “pet” terms to replace legal and illegal aliens)… but we have yet to see them become dominant in the military. In due course however….

858. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

#841 – You are correct. I must be tired…pay no attention. Sorry.

859. MJ - August 26, 2012

@857. Sheesh dude, you seem to be inferring the Hispanics are going lead a sacking of the Capital some day and the Mexico will take over the U.S.?

Is that what you are saying???

860. rose by any other name - August 26, 2012

It’s *funny* how the US terms other human beings not born on US soil as “aliens”. Lord only knows what genuine beings from other planets (not earth, not humankind) might get called.

861. Craiger - August 26, 2012

Now Anthony has us talking world politics instead of Trek.

862. Vultan - August 26, 2012


Contradiction — a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.

In this case, the use or threat of violence vs. non-violence in order bring about political and/or social change. I mean, both philosophies have their points, but you can’t shoot or threaten someone a little and then turn around and honestly call yourself a man of peace. Though governments and some people seem to think they can get away this from time to time.

As for Gandhi’s military service, there appear to be some conflicting reports. Some say yes, others no. I honestly can’t say for sure. Although Dr. King was definitely not.

863. Craiger - August 26, 2012

2016: Obama’s America ranks $9 Millon at box office and is in the top ten.

864. Vultan - August 26, 2012


The US isn’t the only country that uses that term.

865. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

862: “I mean, both philosophies have their points, but you can’t shoot or threaten someone a little and then turn around and honestly call yourself a man of peace.”

Those approaches do not necessarily have to inhere in a single person, though, and you are treating them as if they do or as if I think they must.

A man of peace is able to reconcile within himself the different approaches that exist in the world rather than trying to eradicate what he thinks is not the best approach, which becomes an act of war against a different point of view.

Do you know who Leonard Crow Dog is?

While supporting the armed protestors who occupied Wounded Knee in 1973 as one of their spiritual leaders in their demand for Indian civil rights, yet he himself never picked up a weapon as per his beliefs…yet he still participated in the protests and supported fights for civil rights in South Dakota alongside those who were armed.

It isn’t paradoxical. It is making peace with reality.

I see nothing contradictory about being at peace with the Second Amendment or the deterrent effect which it has. Guns do not have to be USED to be a deterrent to political over-reach anymore than nuclear weapons do to deter invasion.

Given the size of the prize that America’s power represents, and the number of unscrupulous people who try to control it, I think it is a very very good thing that we have a 2nd Amendment.

And I think of it more as a safety net that gives you the courage to walk the high wire.

Maybe after you make it a certain distance and feel your confidence you can ask that it be removed. But without the net you may not get on that wire at all.

Once you have the power in your hands and you realize you have the responsibility to wield it properly, you can also realize you don’t have to use it at all, even if it means you end up getting hurt yourself by not using it.

But I will still always argue that people have the right and means to defend themselves.

866. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

862. Vultan – August 26, 2012

Maybe what you’re saying is you can’t turn the other cheek and shoot off your enemy’s balls at the same time.

So I’ll turn the other cheek, and you shoot off his balls. Deal?

867. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

of course I’m KIDDING.

868. Basement Blogger - August 26, 2012

By the way, I think Anthony is back. So stop griping. I just got a post deleted. By the way, it would be fair if this site is going to delete political views it doesn’t want to see, that those posts that proselytize should be deleted also. See Mr. Craiger’s post 850, 863. If you are aware of Mr. Craiger’s views, he tries to get his right wing views on this site, usually by linking different sites.

869. Basement Blogger - August 26, 2012

Sorry for my post on 869. I see that it (865)did post . For some reason it was there and now is back.

870. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

@868: Well, you know. You leave the place unattended for while and folks start talking about things that really matter.

Hopefully he’ll start deleting things before we get all the world’s problems solved, and order breaks out everywhere.

871. Romulus` - August 26, 2012

A Question to all
Should the Defense budget be cut before the welfare budget?

872. Craiger - August 26, 2012

This article is from a Democrat and a Liberal newspaper.

873. Romulus - August 26, 2012

ok, lets look at the F-22 Raptor program.

it has cost $67 billion and a unit cost of $150 million.

Please tell me why we need the F-22?

874. Basement Blogger - August 26, 2012

@ 863

And by the way Mr. Craiger, your comment seems to indicate that this shows how unpopular Obama is. Sigh. This is the type of low effort thinking and knee jerk reactions that you’ve previously write on this website. Read the article you posted! It’s a very slow time for movies at this time. I will agree that the numbers are good for a documentary but you cannot take it so far out of context. There wasn’t that much competition at the box office.

By contrast, liberal Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 won the its box office weekend with a gross of 23.9 million, Link. It later went on to be best selling documentary video ever. Wow. That’s a lot of liberals. If I were a conservative, I would try to figure a way to keep those liberals from voting. Hmmm….

875. NCM - August 26, 2012

WOW! I’d like to compliment all the great posts, but there are too many–they’re ALL good! I had no idea so many posters wanted to talk politics, etc.! Consider this, please, one and all–including AP should he visit this thread–when was the last time you can recall a TM thread which generated so much commentary regarding such emotionally charged topics and including so many TM regulars and yet avoided all personal attacks. I am so impressed.

I agree with you 100% MJ. Wouldn’t it be nice if love could be the answer…, but how to convert the terrorists, dictators, and, yes, immoral politicians, generals, and so on. I greatly admire Gandhi, but mounting a successful peacetime movement of non-cooperation is hardly applicable to stopping world wars or genocides. In fact, when Gandhi tried to intervene in violent conflict between Muslims and Hindus, he was unsuccessful.

@ 815. Hugh Hoyland – August 26, 2012

“dmduncan… I admire the fact that you point out whats going on, and do it in a way that people who may not fully understand the situation can grasp what your saying without feeling their being lectured.”

With all due and genuine respect, Hugh, to suggest that those of us who don’t share your views haven’t achieved your level of understanding of the world, or, as DM suggests, that we are more vulnerable than the wiser likes of you & DM to propaganda is rather like me suggesting that your views are the result of inherent naivety. I don’t assume the latter b/c I believe your both intelligent, that I might learn something from this discourse (what’s the point of debate if you have nothing to learn? Might as well talk to the wall), but I’d need to better understand your views. I may have missed something (I am not being snide), but I still don’t understand what you or DM would have us do in the case of WWII, for example, or 911. I’d advise everyone to look at a timeline of WWII–Hell was breaking out all over the place and, yea, I believe it was WWII before Germany invaded Poland. How much longer could we have set that one out?

I don’t like having the U.S. be the world cop, but in the aftermath of WWII, I don’t think the world will ever be without that job posting. Question is, who’s it gonna be if not us (and I don’t suggest we can hold the position indefinitely). China? India? Maybe even Pakistan in a few decades?

876. Craiger - August 26, 2012

877. Craiger - August 26, 2012

BB – 2016 was only in 1,000 theaters. It just expanded to more this weekend.

878. Craiger - August 26, 2012

I wonder if a new rule Anthony should add here is no more discussing of the world situation and politics, just Trek and Scifi since these type of discussions can get a little heated?

879. Romulus - August 26, 2012

@878. Craiger

“no more discussing of the world situation and politics, just Trek and Scifi since these type of discussions can get a little heated?”

What’s the point of discussing the future if we cannot debate what is happening right now?
listening to other peoples point of view is the essence of Star Trek

880. Vultan - August 26, 2012


That’s precisely why I’m hesitant to join any movement in this country, especially today. They inevitably take extreme measures to prove their point. An “armed protestor” is about as useful and reasonable to me as mowing a lawn with an atom bomb.

Again, I look forward to the possible day when the weapons are intelligent enough to go on strike… instead of gone striking. ;)

881. Basement Blogger - August 26, 2012

@ 872

Mr. Craiger,

Do you read any of the articles you post? You post an opinion that supports your view that Obama is gutting the defense. It doesn’t say Obama is primarily responsible to defense cuts. In fact, if you can understand what you read, you would have done some thinking. Since it’s clear you don’t understand it , I will break it down for you.

The article you posted talks about the Budget Control Act of 2011. This was all about the big controversy over raising the debt ceiling. Link. In an effort to control spending, if there’s no agreement on cuts and taxes, there will be mandatory spending cuts called “sequestrations.” That term is in the article . These cuts are across the boards. Yep, defense will get cuts if there is no agreement. But also on the chopping block is discretionary spending.

Second, again this requires critical thinking, Mr. Craiger. For a bill to become a law, it must be passed by Congress; the House of Representatives and the Senate. So the evil Obama could not pass a law on his own. Um, that law stuff is high school civics.

So who controlled the House of Representatives in 2011? Republicans. And a bunch of them voted for the act. Oh my God, there are socialist Republicans in the House. Call Glenn Beck. I suggest you blame Republicans for “gutting” the defense since they voted for the bill!

Third, this clearly shows you don’t use critical thinking. Look at the very bottom of the article. The author who is Ike Skelton. And who is he working for?

“He is a partner at Husch Blackwell and REPRESENTS SOME DEFENSE INDUSTRY CLIENTS.”

Gee, I wonder if he’s got some financial interests in having the government spending on defense?

882. dmduncan - August 26, 2012


But NCM, you bring up WW2 as if whatever the answer is it would justify every dirty, honorless thing we have done in the world since then.

The question isn’t what to do about WW2. That’s long over. It’s what to do today. It’s the circumstances and things that happen NOW which are important to have a decent response to.

WW2 is a red herring that doesn’t justify killing kids in a nation we are not at war with to get a few evildoers.

This is something you shouldn’t have to lose your own children under the same circumstances to understand.

So if you folks mean to point to the interventionist model as an example of success, boy do you have your work cut out for you.

1. It didn’t exactly stop al Qaeda, because apparently they keep getting new recruits.

2. The Taliban is alive and well and waiting us out.

3. And we are creating more enemies in Pakistan by our policies which we will then have to continue to kill. Our policy, you might say, is actually helping to create the problem the policy is used to eradicate.

I don’t know how you expect to put the fire out with gasoline, but that seems to be what you support. If you or MJ have a good explanation for how how that’s supposed to work, I’m listening.

But you can’t do it by referring to WW2.

Yeah, we got Hitler. But one could argue that the Nazis still won by changing their uniforms and going to work for the USA.

Now I can tell you that Marine Expeditionary Units are trained for a lot more than warfare. Humanitarian assistance and operations other than war are a big part of their mission and reason for being.

Helping other nations when they need it seems like a good idea to me. Providing disaster relief and preventing genocide seems like a reasonable use of American power PROVIDED we can do it, which is NOT always the case.

That is also a radically different mission from using drones in Pakistan and the historical use of Marines to defend American corporate interests, so the former isn’t a justification for the latter.

When people argue for “interventionism,” it becomes a Trojan Horse policy to justify every dirty trick in the book the CIA wants to perpetrate against foreign nations.

The policy needs to be scrutinized a lot more closely than you folks who think it’s great are doing, and not in broad terms as isolationism vs. interventionism, which then turns into the same kind of trick argument as liberal vs. conservative.

883. dmduncan - August 26, 2012

880: “Again, I look forward to the possible day when the weapons are intelligent enough to go on strike… instead of gone striking. ;)”

I don’t want those. They may decide to sterilize the carbon based units.

884. MJ - August 26, 2012

@876. Those of you who are caught up in Democrat versus Repbulican, Conservative vs. Liberal, are behaving exactly like the money grubber lobbyists and Kingmakers want to you to behave. The election is joke, and so are the major issues. I mean, come on, you have the guy that evented Obamacare, Mitt Romney, trying to pretend that he all of sudden thinks it is a bad idea….what kind of horse crap is that. And as I mentioned previously, Obama’s defense and anti-terror policies are nearly identical to Bush’s — if anything, he has taken them farther than Bush did.

I sympathize with those of you who think there are real differences between these candidates. I am independent, and go issue by issue rather then by candidate. I’ll probably vote for Obama this Fall only because I am tired of the rich paying 15% of their income while I pay 22 to 25%. And I also damn well think that people who can afford should of course pay for health care — I tired to all hell of subsidizing everyone else’s healthcare — you damn fu*king right, they should be forced to pay, and that is a conservative position.

885. MJ - August 26, 2012

@883. Yea, that statement brought back memories to me of the great sf classic movie, “Colossus.” No, I don’t think we want to give machines eventual control of the weapons as Vultan is suggesting…that may not end well for the human race.

886. MJ - August 26, 2012

@882. Correction — al Qaeda’s operations internationally, and in North American are pretty much nil now outside of activities in fringe and 3rd world countries. We keep decimating their leadership over and over. Like it or not, the hard-ass policies of Bush/Obama, including special forces operations and drone attacks, have worked brilliantly.

887. MJ - August 26, 2012

@875 “I don’t like having the U.S. be the world cop, but in the aftermath of WWII, I don’t think the world will ever be without that job posting. Question is, who’s it gonna be if not us (and I don’t suggest we can hold the position indefinitely). China? India? Maybe even Pakistan in a few decades?”

Exactly. Imagine China talking over as the Worlds top Superpower if the U.S. goes isolationist. If you think we kill too many innocents, well, let me tell you something, we ain’t got nothing on China, folks.

888. Vultan - August 26, 2012

Uh, that was a joke, guys.

I don’t want machines to have control at all. Simply pointing out it may take the cold, emotionless calculations of a machine to determine that this fighting and killing amongst ourselves will be—should be—an outdated means of resolving conflicts.

Anyway, weapons in the hands of humans are much safer. I’d hate to see an ASIMO go nuts and shoot up a place. They’re prone to do that, you know. Not humans. No sir. We have those three laws that prevent us from doing something like that. ;)

889. Vultan - August 26, 2012

Woah, we’ve gone from Starship Troopers to I, Robot.
Quite a long, winding philosophical trail there.

But it’s been fun.

890. MJ - August 26, 2012

You guys should read Robopocalypse….one hell of a novel.

891. NCM - August 27, 2012

@882: But NCM, you bring up WW2 as if whatever the answer is it would justify every dirty, honorless thing we have done in the world since then.”

Don’t know what dishonorable act you think I’ve condoned. Maybe you misread my post. I admit to more questions than answers, and I believe force is sometimes necessary.


“So if you folks mean to point to the interventionist model as an example of success, boy do you have your work cut out for you.”

Is your task easier? I haven’t seen the word of love end a war or a terrorism campaign. Seems the church of the Black Eyed Peas has limited global reach.

“1. It didn’t exactly stop al Qaeda, because apparently they keep getting new recruits.”

Call me ignorant for mentioning that reports claim al-Qaeda’s been significantly weakened since Bin Ladin’s death, but I haven’t seen reports refuted–yet…?

“2. The Taliban is alive and well and waiting us out.”

…but their oppressive omnipotence in Afghan life has been greatly diminished for the duration of our presence, at least–bringing many years of greater freedom, opportunities for girls to learn to read, etc…

“3. And we are creating more enemies in Pakistan by our policies.”

It would seem so, but then all the money we’ve bestowed upon Pakistan over the years hasn’t brokered friendship, either.

“I don’t know how you expect to put the fire out with gasoline, but that seems to be what you support.”

What is it you support… letting fires spread until they consume all there is that burns?

“If you or MJ have a good explanation for how how that’s supposed to work, I’m listening.”

I don’t think you are. I was interested in learning more about your views: circumstances you think might warrant intervention. I’ve learned a bit about what you despise, but little about strategies you might support, and I find you far more inclined to air your views than to weigh opposing perspectives. That’s okay. It’s been fun anyway, but more interesting debates, to me, are those in which I might have to concede a point, or there’s a real exchange of ideas: otherwise, as I’ve said, we might as well present our arguments to a wall.

892. NCM - August 27, 2012

On the military budget…There’s extreme pork and waste on that front. We have would-be national leaders arguing our military needs a bigger budget than military experts call for and we’re dumping billions on weapons no one in the military even wants.

Our military budget is reportedly bigger than the combined budgets of the next 17 nations with the greatest military budgets. How much is enough? Trench warfare seems to be a thing of the past. Shouldn’t we be refocusing military R&D, and spending on new technologies?

893. MJ - August 27, 2012

@892. Agreed, although keep in mind the catch-22 situation — most of what you call pork are jobs for people, and can you imagine if those jobs were cut in the last few years how devastating that would have been on the already crappy economy? The dirty little secret of the last five years is that federal deficit spending most likely was the key to avoiding another Great Depression.

894. Gary S. - August 27, 2012

#890 I Bought Robocalypse, have not read it yet .
My understanding is that Spielberg wants Chris Hemsworth as the lead in the film version .

895. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012

“Robopocalypse” is a great book. I look forward to the movie. I’m also going to have to read “Amped” sometime soon, as well.

896. NCM - August 27, 2012

It’s a good point, MJ. I’m as cynical as the next self-appointed domestic and foreign policy critic, but I remind myself that mine’s an easy job: I don’t have to have all the facts (in fact, it’s not likely I’ll ever know all the facts considered in any global decision), and I won’t have to make any decisions affecting millions of people.

I think we need to have a little appreciation for how impossibly difficult our ever embattled leaders choices can be. Yet, to participate in our own governance, we owe it to ourselves and each other to make an effort to inform ourselves and to participate.

And I still think we must address the waste and cut our military budget. It could also be said that we could put a lot of people to work by expanding military spending, but then we’ve got that looming deficit–either way, we’ve got that persistent party pooper. As I think you pointed out, the USSR put first and foremost their military budget to the point of their own demise.

I think there are better ways to put people to work, but of course, so much easier said than done.

There’s got to be better info/examples of wasteful spending on the net, but here’s something quick and vaguely interesting (I’m out of time for now):

As Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) parrot the talking points of Pentagon contractors this week at town hall meetings in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and New Hampshire, we urge you to push back on some of the more outlandish rhetoric you’re likely to hear.

It’s unlikely the trio will mention the record earnings by large Pentagon contractors, the exorbitant executive salaries paid at these firms, the billions of dollars lost to waste and mismanagement and the fact that several politically-diverse national security experts say even if the deepest Pentagon cuts occur (and that is scenario is unlikely) it will have a negligible effect on industry.

897. Basement Blogger - August 27, 2012

@ 894

MJ says,

“The dirty little secret of the last five years is that federal deficit spending most likely was the key to avoiding another Great Depression.”

Finally, somebody who understands economics. In down times, nobody spends money. People or companies. There’s only one entity big enough to spend money and put it into the economy. It is the U.S. government.

And for those who doubt whether government spending can get us out of depressions, I suggest they look to the Great Depression. What got us out of that? World War II. And what did the government do? It spent money. A lot of money.

898. Basement Blogger - August 27, 2012

@ 891


Thanks for the recommendation on “Robopocalypse.” If I have time I might give it a read.

899. Craiger - August 27, 2012

Who pays off that debt in the long run? Our childern and maybe grandchildern? Do we really want to give that to them?

900. Craiger - August 27, 2012

We could still have another great depression having alot of debt. How is alot of debt helpfull to the economy?

901. Craiger - August 27, 2012

902. Ms. Retardica - August 27, 2012

Where’s Anthony? :-)

903. Anthony Thompson - August 27, 2012


Right here. : )

904. Anthony Thompson - August 27, 2012

899, 900 and 901.

No one on this site is interested in your right wing bullshit.

905. MJ - August 27, 2012

Drawing down spending from two wars, plus a gradual improvement in the economy, combined with the some of the belt tightening like the Repubs want to do will gradually reduce the annual debt over the next five years. I would like to see the rich be forced to pay the same tax rate that I pay as Obama proposes — that would help to bring in more revenue as well.

Too bay we can’t elect a guy called “Rombama” — a guy who would both cut spending and tax the rich to pay the same rate as the rest of us — that would move a long way to get our fiscal house in order. :-)

906. Basement Blogger - August 27, 2012

@ 901

Mr. Craiger,

No one is saying the national debt or the deficit are good things. The point that MJ and I are making is that government can help by keeping or getting us out of depressions. We survived the debt created from World War II.

907. NCM - August 27, 2012

Craiger has as much right as anyone here to share his political views.

Craiger, I think you suggested, earlier on this thread, that we not discuss politics. Glad you joined the party since everyone here seems interested in doing so and I don’t think we’re flying too much in the face of TM’s ban on such discussion — since this thread’s otherwise dead. Also, Anthony Thompson’s impolitic comment aside, the discussion’s carried on for days without anyone resorting to offensive personal attacks.

908. MJ - August 27, 2012

It’s funny how people think that cutting govt spending is a panacea for all of our problems. Virtually all gov’t spending is tied directly to JOBS for Americans. That bloated defense budget — pays our military and defense contractors — defense contractors who provide hundreds of thousands of upper middle class jobs to engineers, scientists, etc. Welfare and Medicare — good paying jobs to healthcare professionals all around the country. Transportation — engineering and construction jobs everywhere. “The fat” in DC in the beltway – hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs.

I’m not saying that we don’t need some cuts, but severe cuts in this anemic recovery would quickly send us back into another recession or worse. It is economics 101 that you should only make major cuts to govt spending during periods of healthy growth.

909. MJ - August 27, 2012

@907. Good point — as Anthony has seemed to shitcan his once grand proclamation, “THE source for everything new in Trek,” then I certainly no longer feel compelled to recognize his rules on what we should or shouldn’t be talking about here, including politics and the economy, wars, etc. Shit, this site couldn’t even throw in a story on Neil Armstrong.

I mean, its not like there is any real Trek news beyond ANOTHER comic book, which I frankly could give a rats ass about, right? :-)

PS: Yes, Craiger has a right to share his views…all views should be welcome, but should be challenged as well for those that disagree.

910. Vultan - August 27, 2012


Ah, but they give us a article!
Neil who…?

Priorities, MJ, priorities….

911. Vultan - August 27, 2012

That should be #910. Numbering was a little screwed up.

912. Craiger - August 27, 2012

Now Trekmovie is just a science news site. LOL.

913. TrekTech - August 27, 2012

@ 81 You used the word ‘Nazi’ therefor nullifying anything intelligent you may have had to say. Unless referring to the 20th Century regime responsible for genocide the use of this term to describe anyone with a differing opinion is the last bastion of those who have no valid argument. Its also despicable and a disservice to those who lost loved ones to the Nazis and is the standard fallback for those with nothing of importance to ad.
@80 Who made you the vanguard of Trek and what gives you the right to say that those that dont kow tow to Abrams flawed version of Trek shouldnt post here? Not everyone is as easily as impressed as you and this is a forum for the exchange of ideas not the stifling of them. It is one of the only places wherein Trek fans can actually voice their likes and dislikes and that the creative team actually pays attention to. The better question for you is: If you dont like it when others disagree with you why post a response? Why does your opinion matter more than those that disagree with you? Not very logical for a ‘trek princess’.

914. NCM - August 27, 2012

Re: 913:

See, we can debate war, peace, politics civilly: It’s Trek talk that raises our hackles!

915. Vultan - August 27, 2012

Now it’s back to #909.
Crazy numbers….

916. MJ - August 27, 2012

I have noticed that on site that someones when you view it the same time with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, that the numbers differ by one across all posts…very weird???

917. Gary S. - August 27, 2012

#895, I am barely aware of “Amped”.
What is it about ?
Genetic manipulation?

918. Craiger - August 27, 2012

Jack Ryan reboot set for December 25, 2013

919. dmduncan - August 27, 2012

891: “Don’t know what dishonorable act you think I’ve condoned. Maybe you misread my post. I admit to more questions than answers, and I believe force is sometimes necessary. “

In 802 I first mentioned drone attacks killing Pakistani children. In 803 you responded to me with your opinion that it might be better to stay in Afghanistan than to leave, which didn’t address any point I was making in 802; but since your response was directed at me, I did read your post as an attempt to balance the negative of drone attacks killing Pakistani children with the positives of good things we have done as a result of being in Afghanistan, which good things I do accept the existence of.

However, when people balance wrongs by mentioning rights, I hear “to make omelets, you break eggs.” Which, if not being outright support of wrong doing, is yet tacit acceptance of what some people call necessary evil, which you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know I don’t buy either.

“Is your task easier? I haven’t seen the word of love end a war or a terrorism campaign. Seems the church of the Black Eyed Peas has limited global reach.”

I expected the cheap shot at the beautiful Black Eyed Peas song — as if I were making that tune a global foreign policy prescription to usher in a new age of world peace — to come much sooner. So I’m pleasantly surprised that it took as long as it did.

Maybe that means someone actually got what I was feeling too.

In direct answer to your question: Well, what task is that? My point of view is — at least from the perspective of who wields power in this country — a minority one with very little power. According to the fake news, that is.

I’m not voting for Obama. And I’m not voting for Romney, because even though he doesn’t have a presidential record, I’m sure he’ll continue policies I oppose from the previous two administrations.

When Ron Paul got out of the race I was left without anybody to represent what I wanted to happen to our foreign policy.

“Call me ignorant for mentioning that reports claim al-Qaeda’s been significantly weakened since Bin Ladin’s death, but I haven’t seen reports refuted–yet…?”

According to reports, al Qaeda has been significantly weakened every time they kill new leadership. How many times are there going to be???

You don’t get rid of weeds by mowing them down. You’ve got to pull up the roots or they keep coming back. We keep killing al Qaeda’s leadership, but notice how we keep having to repeat the process? That’s because terrorism is alive. It’s not like there are X number of terrorists, and if we just kill all those, mission accomplished.

We can, however, do things to eliminate blowback.

And right now al Qaeda is in Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, and there are offshoots with different names growing out of it. It’s been 11 years and how much money since 2001?, and “victory” is not a word on the tip of anyone’s tongue.

And what has this whole experience cost our country?

This guy knows:!/boborci/media/slideshow?

If we eventually win this war, will there be anything left to our nation worth saving?

“…but their oppressive omnipotence in Afghan life has been greatly diminished for the duration of our presence, at least–bringing many years of greater freedom, opportunities for girls to learn to read, etc…”

I agree. Which will make our failure in Afghanistan all the more tragic.

“It would seem so, but then all the money we’ve bestowed upon Pakistan over the years hasn’t brokered friendship, either.”

Money given to whom? How does the money erase the damage done to people by drones? How does it pull back the ripples of hate that spread every time one of our drones indiscriminately kills civilians and children, and from which new recruits can be drawn to terrorism? How?

“What is it you support… letting fires spread until they consume all there is that burns?”

Is that what’s going to happen, NCM? The world will burn?

“I don’t think you are.”

Sorry you feel that way, but it was an honest concession that I could be wrong and I am always open to persuasion by stronger arguments. You haven’t made any. You are making a case that I myself would have made in 2001 and which I can’t justify anymore given everything I have learned since then.

“I was interested in learning more about your views: circumstances you think might warrant intervention. I’ve learned a bit about what you despise, but little about strategies you might support,”

Well I already told you what MEUs do. Humanitarian aid, disaster relief. If we can stop an attempt at genocide or help to provide a real solution vs. just being the enforcer of US corporate interests — in short, if we can be honorable men in our service and do honorable things, which means without betraying our oaths, then I am at least potentially in support of it, but I still need lots of specific information about each and every circumstance where it was being considered to give you a good answer for anything.

I am not in support of political BS and lies, however.

“and I find you far more inclined to air your views than to weigh opposing perspectives.”

And you thought I would be defending the merits of a status quo majority viewpoint that gets little to no public vetting because…? If I gave you the impression in this thread that I would be defending some policy I strongly disagreed with, I do apologize, but I don’t think I said anything here to create that impression.

Beyond that, I do not mask the fact that I advocate for my point of view. But my point of view is not made of concrete. It changes as I do. And I am a man in motion.

And if you viewed this as a debate, then it’s your job to provide contrast to my view, as mine is to provide contrast to yours. So why again would I be trying to fit into both our shoes as if I was having a debate with myself?

“That’s okay. It’s been fun anyway, but more interesting debates, to me, are those in which I might have to concede a point, or there’s a real exchange of ideas: otherwise, as I’ve said, we might as well present our arguments to a wall.”

I don’t think these kinds of debates persuade the people making them as often as they persuade people listening to them who may be on the fence about something.

I hope I spoke to someone SITTIING on a wall, rather than to JUST a BUNCH of walls.

920. MJ - August 27, 2012


DM Duncan is a military veteran. Please be careful about labeling him dishonorable.

921. MJ - August 27, 2012


DM, I think one thing you are missing about the drone attacks, is that while sure, some innocents are killed, far less innocents are killed than in more conventional missile attacks, special ops or open warfare attacks, and as well, drone attacks do not endanger our soldiers. I get that you don’t want ANY innocents killed, but from a historical perspective, these types of attacks are far less dangerous to civilians than “old-style” attacks…aka Mogadishu for example.

Hopefully, someday, we can just file a pinpoint laser from space and take out the single bad-guy without anyone else getting hurt. I would bet within 20 years that we will be able to do that.

922. Craiger - August 27, 2012

I think we should get out of Afganistan now with the more Afganistan troops we are training turning on our troops.

923. Craiger - August 27, 2012

MJ, I think that way would be better sending drones and lasers from space to take out bad guys but then what would happen to all of our Troops? Also the upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ponders the questions what would happen if the bad guys hacked all of our remote controlled equipement. The game is set in the future where we have some of that equipment.

924. Vultan - August 27, 2012


And as for rogue states, I think it would more beneficial to invest in EMP technology rather than conventional weapons and nukes. During the invasion of Iraq, a so-called “E-bomb” was used for the first time in combat to take out the Baghdad power grid (such as it was).

Perhaps someday, the regimes in Iran, North Korea and other rogue states will be treated like the petulant children they are—act up and we’ll take away your internet privileges! :D

Wouldn’t really work in Afghanistan though. Give them a Curtis Le May-ish line of we’ll send you back to the Stone Age, and they’ll say: “Yeah…. and the threat there would be…?”

925. Vultan - August 27, 2012

Correction: it was a TV broadcaster not the power grid, and there seems to be some disagreement about whether it was an e-bomb or not. Hmm….

Still, it’s worth looking into if it means minimizing civilian casualties. I mean, hey, it worked in Ocean’s 11!


926. rose by any other name - August 27, 2012

The problem stems from a certain amount of Western hypocrisy and this has not been lost on the more fundamentalist Islamic factions in the Middle East.

Take the women’s rights issues – we’ve made a big deal out of the awful injustice that Afghani women and girls face – and that is real and should be called out, yet we tend to overlook the injustice perpetrated on females in places like Saudi Arabia or China. Women face many of the same losses of freedom that we all take for granted here in West – they face floggings, beheadings, honour punishments for the same reasons, like being raped, in middle eastern countries *friendly* to western interests, yet not a peep from anyone…Western governments *don’t go there*.

Same with China where females face being forcibly sterilized or having their babies aborted or their babies being taken from them in punishment for going against the one-child family policies.

We are all so quiet about the violations of basic human rights, when the nations perpetrating such violations are *friendly*, ie their relationship is to our economic advantage.

All these repressive regimes are more than aware of all this hypocrisy and more on the part of western powers, especially that of the USA. I suspect this would be one of the reasons why they may see us as corrupt and easily bought…just saying.

927. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012

The George W. Bush administration tried to make nice with Pakistan by giving them billions of dollars in aid money. President Obama continued doing that, but the Pakistanis have used it to support both the Taliban and al-Queda as well as their own military and nuclear programs.

Obama is in a no-win situation. If he uses the drones, collateral damage occurs in the form of civilian deaths. If he does nothing, terrorists build more training camps while Ayman al-Zawahiri plans attacks against western targets.

The radicalization of Pakistan began when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. A lot of the mujahideen were based in the mountains of the Afghan/Pakistan border. Those groups, some of which later became al-Queda and the Taliban, were supported by U.S military equipment and money.

Not to mention the hot-button issue of Kashmir, whose Muslim population has suffered greatly at the hands of the Indian military for decades. Western support for India has made those people incredibly angry, and vengeful. The Pakistanis view the Kashmiri Muslims as their victimized brethren, and thus, wholly support al-Queda and the Taliban. The attacks in Mumbai a few years ago have been seen as acts of heroism by the Pakistani population, who consider India, alongside the U.S and Israel, as an enemy of Islam.

It’s funny how everyone demands China give Tibet its independence, but no one condemns India for its continued occupation, and subjugation of, Kashmir.

928. MJ - August 27, 2012

@926. Good point. For myself, I am far from a fan of either China or Saudi Arabia.

@927 “The George W. Bush administration tried to make nice with Pakistan by giving them billions of dollars in aid money. President Obama continued doing that, but the Pakistanis have used it to support both the Taliban and al-Queda as well as their own military and nuclear programs. Obama is in a no-win situation. If he uses the drones, collateral damage occurs in the form of civilian deaths. If he does nothing, terrorists build more training camps while Ayman al-Zawahiri plans attacks against western targets.”

Exactly! As Vultan inferred, where is Curtis LeMay when you need him. :-)

929. rose by any other name - August 27, 2012

How long has Kashmir been occupied by India? My grandfather was born in Kashmir, which was considered to be a province of India – in 1900. Curious…

930. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012


Kashmir, or at least half of it, has been occupied by India since 1948. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over the territory. The Muslim population of Kashmir are closer in culture, ethnicity and religion to Pakistan, who they see as their real compatriots.

There is no guarantee of peace between the nations even if India withdraws from Kashmir. In fact, al-Queda groups would most likely fill the vacuum, but at least India would be able to say to the world that it was willing to give something up.

931. Gary Neumann - August 27, 2012

And the re is no title for the next star trek movie yet. Not even a poster and/or a starfleet delta which is very easy to do….

932. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012

Saudi Arabia, an ally of the west, discriminates more against women than even Iran, an enemy, does. At least in Iran, women can get an education and drive without having a man around.

But at least the Saudis are cracking down on terrorists in their own country.

933. MJ - August 27, 2012

The only good thing to ever come out of Kashmir was Led Zepplin’s greatest song!

934. NCM - August 27, 2012

MJ, you misread. I’d never suggest DM’s dishonorable. Rather, he accuses me of supporting dishonorable acts. Apparently, to recognize any good in a war in which children die is to support dishonorable acts. The world’s less black and white for me and the answers are a bit more illusive. I think few things are as simple as all good or all bad.

935. MJ - August 27, 2012

Seriously, given how Pakistan has so F-upped their own country since they separated from India, I don’t think giving them more land they can’t control in the answer.

936. MJ - August 27, 2012

@934 “Apparently, to recognize any good in a war in which children die is to support dishonorable acts.”

Ah, OK. Thanks for clarifying this. In that case, sing me up to support dishonorable acts…if it helps those — who think Jimmy Carter-style “being nice” policies work better than killing the unapologetic bad guys with some minimal but regrettable civilian casualties — if it helps those types of people to sleep better at night by labeling you and I as “people who support dishonorable acts,” then label away. I’ll take that and still sleep well at night.

937. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012


Yeah, but then at least they won’t have any excuses for supporting terrorism. And India can say “Well, we tried to make peace. We decided to give the Kashmiris the independence they wanted, and the Pakistanis are still angry at us. Oh well.”. It would become an internal social/political issue for Pakistan, who would be forced to look in the mirror.

As long as India is in Kashmir, Pakistan and its terrorist allies will have that thread to hang onto, and the ability to use it as justification for attacks not just in India, but against foreigners in Afghanistan as well as against western targets.

I don’t understand why India refuses to leave that area. They’ve wasted billions of dollars, and many of their own soldiers, not to mention making millions of people angry at them and the west.

938. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012

The thing about war is, no one ever truly wins. The side who “wins” tend to be those who lost less than the other side. But the ones who lose most are the civilians, who almost never agree to be part of it.

And Kofi Annan has finally got it that nobody can make peace with a bloodthirsty tyrant (Bashar al-Assad).

Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, and Neville Chamberlain. Three guys who believed they could make deals with tyrants and dictators and expect them to keep their end of the bargain. They were wrong.

939. dmduncan - August 27, 2012

NCM: The instance where I first mentioned honor prior to the response where you thought I was applying it to you personally was in the first sentence of 882:

“But NCM, you bring up WW2 as if whatever the answer is it would justify every dirty, honorless thing we have done in the world since then.”

I did not apply it to you. I applied it to our nation. I don’t know why you seemed to take that remark so personally.

And it is a caricature of my position to suggest that I cannot distinguish between good and bad acts in a given theater of operations, giving credit to one and condemnation to the other. If either of us is seeing the world in simplistic terms, it’s you, since I am the one advocating making finer distinctions within those theaters of operations; I am certainly not arguing that to help Afghan women we must unfortunately sacrifice some Pakistani kids and civilians — as if the trigger must always be pulled and we have no ability to decide when and when not to pull it.

We do.

940. MJ - August 27, 2012

@937. Yea, RDR, I see your point!

941. rose by any other name - August 27, 2012

I see no one has taken up the gauntlet I threw down re discussing religion. Hmmm?

Of course, what is often pointed out is that these Arab organisations like Al Queda and others terrorist organisations are always called Islamic – fundamentalists, extremists etc. I may now be the only one here who has actually called them Arab rather than by their religious designation. Is it the religious convictions that drive them (or so they say) or other more mundane culturally related motivations which really have nothing to do with any belief in or practice of a religion? Most likely – both.

I looked up wikipedia in order to give a concise meaning of religion…LOL

942. Red Dead Ryan - August 27, 2012


Al-Queda ( Arabic for “the base”, btw) was originally founded by Arabs, most notably Osama bin Laden. Most of the core is made up of Arabs, with the 9/11 hijackers being all of Arab descent (fifteen from Saudi Arabia) with some others coming from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent, ie, Ramzi bin al Sheeb and Khaled Sheik Mohammed.

Yes, bin Laden’s hatred for the west originally stemmed from the Gulf War, when U.S forces numbering 500,000 made Saudi Arabia a base from which to expel the Iraqi forces who were occupying Kuwait at the time. bin Laden, and his Afghan/Arab mujahedeen, saw it as the ultimate sacrilage. bin Laden believed the “land of the two holy places” became the new home of the infidels, and that Islam was under attack.

But even back during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, bin Laden and his allies were driven and inspired by Qu’ranic verses and teachings. Sharia Law and a strict obedience to the fundamentals are the only options for a “holy warrior”.

It is what “guided” them back then, and what “guides” them now.

And then there is Hezbollah, made of mainly Lebanese Shia militants who were inspired by the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran to seek to destroy Israel. Hezbollah was the model and inspiration for al-Queda, though now they are enemies. Opposite sides of the same coin, so to speak.

943. MJ - August 27, 2012

@941. What is the problem with calling them Islamic extremists. The Crusades were carried out by “Christian Extremists” — I have no problem whatsoever using that term.

944. NCM - August 27, 2012

@ 939. dmduncan – August 27, 2012

DM: “But NCM, you bring up WW2 as if whatever the answer is it would justify every dirty, honorless thing we have done in the world since then.”

DM: “I did not apply it to you. I applied it to our nation. I don’t know why you seemed to take that remark so personally.”

Why did I take it personally? Because I was the subject of the sentence; a sentence which made no mention of our nation. I still don’t see how else to read it, but I’ll take your word for it. I have no idea what you’re saying, DM and rather than risk antagonizing you, because that’s really not my aim, I should probably shut up… and yet, I still find it interesting …

Given your sense of honor–and honestly, I’m no longer sure I have a sense of it–what does it say of us who call this land our land, unless we’re Native Americans? Ugly as the reality is, we benefit from perhaps the most successful ethnic cleansing campaign ever waged.

As for Ron Paul. He seems likeable, sincere, intelligent, but I don’t see how people taking the isolationist view can also claim moral high ground when the value they place on human life is weighed in terms of proximity.

945. MJ - August 28, 2012

Ron Paul is a would-be Nevile Chamberlain. That guy’s foreign policy scares the living hell out of me.

946. Battlestar Retardica - August 28, 2012

I like everything Ron Paul has to say — except on foreign policy.

947. Vultan - August 28, 2012


“Is it the religious convictions that drive them?”

Yes. But it doesn’t stop at convictions; they take it to the next level—extremism. Everyone has the capacity to take themselves and their ideology too seriously and browbeat (or even murder) those who disagree with them, and this is no different really.

948. Basement Blogger - August 28, 2012

@ 945, 946

I see your points. But Ron Paul stood by his convictions on the Iraq War. He criticized it even when almost every Republican would not. Billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, still no weapons of mass destruction. The iraq War will go down in history as the biggest foreign policy mistake this country has ever made,

949. Daoud - August 28, 2012

@948: Hard to believe that Iraq’s new folks-in-control would agree with you on that. Why these countries evolve towards strongman rule is a sociological question. However, Iraq not-under-Saddam certainly has potential compared to Iraq under-Saddam. History probably will be kinder on that than you think.
What history clearly shows already though… is our *Iran* interference with Mossadegh was criminal, and created much of the mess we face with Iran still today. Propping up the Reza Pahlavi (a/k/a Shah) in order to please *British* oil interests was the last desperate statement of an extinct British Empire. We were foolish to do that. We brought upon the 1979 Ayatollah takeover upon ourselves, and we pay for that to this day.
Iraq… although imperfect…. is in better shape already as a functioning government, and perhaps after Israel and Turkey, the closest thing to a democracy in the Middle East.

950. Vultan - August 28, 2012

Vietnam was a far bigger, more costly mistake than Iraq.

951. Basement Blogger - August 28, 2012

@ 950

Hard to disagree with you Vultan. Viet Nam fell to communism and the world did not become communist. I know that’s hind sight but what were we doing in Viet Nam anyway. So the French got their asses kicked. Not their country.

952. Vultan - August 28, 2012


Well, people still debate what we were doing there. If you get a chance, check out the documentary “Fog of War,” where former defense secretary Robert McNamara gives his perspective on what happened. An interesting watch.

953. MJ - August 28, 2012

If you read a military history of Viet Nam, you will find out that the politicians never wanted to let the military fight a true war. If we had went in with the intention of going all out, we would have been out of there in 5 years easily. But instead, we let a former auto-executive and a bunch of idiots in the Pentagon run a limited war that did not have a goal of destroying the enemy…for example, most major targets we were not even allowed to bomb.

So I will agree that given the intention was not to try to win the war, then we never should have been there in the first place….what a waste of 50,000 lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.

954. MJ - August 28, 2012

@952. McNamara was the problem, not the solution. That guy deserves the blame of most anyone for the tragedy of Viet Nam. I refuse to support him making money by watching his movie or reading his book. If was was a military officer, he would have been Court Marshalled for causing the unnecessary deaths of so many of our soldiers.

955. MJ - August 28, 2012

@948 “The iraq War will go down in history as the biggest foreign policy mistake this country has ever made.”

I don’t know how can say that. Iraq, in the long term., COULD end up being an example of a fresh start for the Middle East. You should give it 10 years before you make those sorts of claims.

956. Vultan - August 28, 2012


Which is why it’s an interesting watch. No argument here that he deserves plenty of the blame, but as a matter of a historical retrospective of his times it should be watched simply for the lessons learned from some terrible mistakes.

And it’s kind of hard for him to make money nowadays… being dead and all.

957. rose by any other name - August 28, 2012

In some ways, I see the US as being a little “isolationist” in its attitudes already, as demonstrated by some of the posts on this site.

Many allies warned the Bush administration about not going into Iraq, that the intel that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the ones responsible for the 9/11 attacks were from Iraq was unreliable at best, yet the USA browbeat the UN into going into Iraq and Afghanistan anyway. With certain misgivings, some of the US closest allies and members of the UN – namely Britain, Australia and NZ, as well as some European nations, followed suit. These countries have now managed to exit Iraq, but not so easily with Afghanistan…

An example of what seems to me to be “isolationist”(?) is the notion, as mentioned on another thread, that the music of the “Star Spangled Banner” should get played through the Curiosity Rover speakers on Mars. Although the Curiosity was a Nasa project (US funded and built), it was an international team effort that helped get it to Mars, yet some people seem to forget and/or not acknowledge the efforts and goodwill of people all over the world. That’s just rude. The US has its flag on the moon – fair enough, but from now on, to get into space, explore Mars etc is/will be/has to be an international effort. Although the US leads the way, it is not the only player, not anymore.

NZ is geographically isolated, but isolationist – not at all, nor are we necessarily interventionist, unless we follow larger allies… (I don’t know what’s with our politicians sometimes, probably to do with some highly ILLICIT secretive pact made, which is why it is a secret – real dipshit stuff…)

958. dmduncan - August 28, 2012

945: Well then let me rephrase it: Even IF WW2 was a just war, that intervention doesn’t justify all the interventions since then, many of which have been dirty. No person in their right mind wants to bomb kids or civilians, and I certainly don’t think you do. But we do also have to recognize that we consent to it when we support the policies that make it happen, and the consent is easier to give when we never see or feel the consequences. Or, in terms from TOS: A taste of Armageddon, it’s acceptable because it’s sanitary.

Unfortunately I don’t have many no-brainer scenarios where I could give you a clear answer about using American military power. Major earthquake in Haiti and the people need help to stop looting, dig out, get back on their feet? Sure. I think that’s one.

But manufactured crises? False flags? Those are thing I am conscious of and would have to be on guard against.

We were told Saddam Hussein had WMDs and years later GWB is cracking a joke about not finding any! That’s the kind of thing we have to be wary about. And the same “bad intel” that we were sold to go into Iraq is being used to blow up civilians and kids under this administration with drones. So the policy continues across administrations.

Now, I don’t know what you folks mean by isolationism, but I suspect you do not mean the textbook definition. Ron Paul is not isolationist, he’s non interventionist.

I don’t know ANY isolationists. I don’t hear them on TV.

“Isolationism” is one of those buzzwords used to create one of only two stark, undiluted alternatives that the masters of our status quo foreign policy use to drive people to their extreme. Speak of the alternatives in general terms, caricature the opposing view so that people lean in their direction, and then smuggle in through those generalities some specific policies that people would not support had they been made explicit at the beginning, but which by then it is too hard to counteract should people become aware of them.

That’s what I see.

959. Vultan - August 28, 2012


As an American, I rather enjoy being the boogeyman of the universe, hiding under beds, failing to signal in traffic, invading Mars and playing questionable music and bringing down the property values.

It’s a pleasure.

960. Vultan - August 28, 2012

That should be #958. I was not talking to myself. Though boogeymen are known to do that.

961. Basement Blogger - August 28, 2012

@ 955

MJ, you maybe right that in ten years things may look good in Iraq. But I don’t ever want to fight another preventative (danger not imminent) war again. I again cite that hundreds of thousands of people were killed and billions of dollars were spent. We know three things now about the Iraq War.

1) Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Some people actually thought that Iraq had something to do with 9/11.

2) Iraq did not attack us. We attacked them.

3) There were no weapons of mass destruction which was the reason we went to war there. It became about building democracy after the war went bad. But recall Condelezza Rice’s comments about mushroom clouds.

962. NCM - August 28, 2012

@958: Discourse with someone long enough and you’ll (usually) find you agree more than you disagree–and if you’re not too ‘quagmired’ in your own thoughts, they’ll give you something to think about.

963. Gary S. - August 28, 2012

Way back up there , post #786 I mentioned that a member of the Seal Team that went after Bin laden has written a book about the experience .
It is an autobiography called No Easy Day .
I dont know how much it goes into the raid .
But, there is a rumor going around that Spielberg wants to adapt the book into a film .
I thought that was an interesting development ,
Just passing it on .

964. Daoud - August 28, 2012

@961 BB: 37 American sailors died when the Iraqi Air Force fired Exocet missiles into the USS Stark. Just in case you hadn’t heard. That was before the war.

965. dmduncan - August 28, 2012

962. NCM – August 28, 2012

If only that idea would go viral!

966. Red Dead Ryan - August 28, 2012

The Iraq War benefitted the Iranian regime. It shifted the balance of power in Iran’s favor, allowing it to ramp up its nuclear program, and increase its influence in the Middle East. Saddam Hussein might have been an evil tyrant, but he also was a deterrant against Iran. Now Iran is no longer in a corner. And the Iraqi Shia weren’t ever going to embrace America, even if it meant that Saddam would be gone. They see Iran as their ally, and their friend. Most Iraqi Shia Muslims regard the Ayatollahs as their spiritual leaders, just as how Catholics view the Pope as theirs. Iran is also profiting off of Iraqi oil sales, and actually control a lot of the oil fields. The Iraqi government leaders serve their Iranian counterparts, and are actively aiding Bashar Al-Assad’s mass murder of the Syrian people.

Not to mention Al-Queda in Iraq ramping up its own brutal attacks against Shia Muslims. And on the Shia side, the radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has tremendous political influence in the country. He hates America and Israel, and is a big ally of Iran.

All George W. Bush did was hand Iran a belated victory, and made Iraq an extension of that country. The U.S had lost over four thousand of its soldiers, and trillions of dollars, going home with its tail between its legs while the Iranians come out the big winners without spending one cent or firing one shot.

Not to mention that Al-Queda in Iraq shared its tactics with their counterparts in Afghansitan, allowing them and the Taliban to retake that country, and turning that war into a losing cause for the U.S and NATO. Al-Queda is in more countries than before the Iraq war, and despite the death of Osama bin Laden, is still a global threat.

The Iraq war will always be remembered as a massive strategic blunder. Every one of America’s enemies gained from it, and the Iraqi population still doesn’t view the U.S favorably, except for the Kurds.

The consequences of that war are still being felt today, with a skyrocketing U.S debt and deficit, an emerging, emboldened superpower in Iran, and Israel facing threats of annihilation at the hands of the Islamic Republic.

967. Brady - August 29, 2012

Too little too late. Sorry.

968. MJ - August 29, 2012

@966. Time will tell. I think it is way too early to be drawing historical conclusions from this. This would be like saying in 1947 that the Marshall Plan hadn’t worked.

969. Anthony Thompson - August 29, 2012

964. Daoud

Israel attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 170 crew members. Yet we are sending it billions of dollars of American taxpayer dollars each and every year!

970. Basement Blogger - August 29, 2012

@ 964

The Stark Incident was a fog of war accident. The Iran-Iraq war was still going on. According to Wikipedia, Hussein apologized for the incident.

My point was that Iraq did not attack the United States intentionally. It didn’t fire missiles at America. It was not behind 9/11. The United States without provocation attacked Iraq. Yeah, it was about weapons of mass destruction but the Iraq War was a preventative war. Iraq did not attack the United States which would have caused American retaliation.

971. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - August 29, 2012


oh, rats! …

972. Red Dead Ryan - August 29, 2012


Possibly, you may be proven right. But right now at least, the three major ethnic and sectarian groups in Iraq all hate each other. There is too much internal strife, not to mention outside interference by Iran and al-Queda.

On an unrelated, and much more fun, note, I got a sight of the “Batman” and “Batman” returns Batmobile here in downtown Victoria. It was being pulled on a flatbed trailer connected to a pick-up truck. I was eating pizza at a favorite pizza place when it was driven by. Happened quickly, but it was an awesome sight!

973. Red Dead Ryan - August 29, 2012

Damn, that should read: “….I got sight of the the “Batman” and “Batman Returns” Batmobile..”


Anyway, that Batmobile has always been my favorite. It had bombs, machine guns, sheilds, was able to be remote-driven, and was able to become a Bat-Missile.

974. Joseph Dickerson - August 30, 2012


975. Craiger - August 30, 2012

KITT was better than the Batmobile.

976. Craiger - August 30, 2012

Drill Baby, Drill!!!!

977. Basement Blogger - August 30, 2012

@ 976

Surprise, surprise. Imagine Mr. Craiger throwing out a right wing slogan without being prodded. Sir, tell your Republican employers that we Trekkers don’t want you to pollute this website. Please leave us Trekkers alone and take your job proselytizing right wing views to another unsuspecting website.

978. The Director - August 30, 2012

@109 ^Basement Blogger

Well said!

979. MJ - August 30, 2012

All of you fighting left wing versus right wing, Democrat versus Republican — you are behaving exactly like how the lobbyists and the “entertainment news media” want you to behave.

We’ve got a poor communicator who won’t explain and stand up for his own programs very well, and who pretty much has implemented the exact same defense/foreign/anti-terrorist policies of his Republican predecessor, versus a moderate republican who actually invented Obamacare himself, and who is trying to pretend he is some ultraconservative guy.

Not much of choice. I think I will go with Obama though given I really am getting tired of the rich getting a free ride and pay typically 10% less income tax than I have to pay…enough of that shit.

980. MJ - August 30, 2012

20 more posts to 1000….keep the posts coming guys/gals……

981. Basement Blogger - August 30, 2012

MJ, I think we might have some meatpuppets here at See they want to start the political conversation by throwing out some crazy comment like “Global warming is a fraud” out of nowhere. Then we start talking about it and then they’ll respond with Republican talking points.

We’ll get to 1000 but at what cost? This site becomes polluted with right-wing garbage. We’re not supposed to get into politics. Anthony has deleted some of my posts for being too partisan. But I will fight these right-wingers when they put up ignorant comments. And yes right wingers do say and believe in insane stuff. Rep. Todd Akin said last week that women who are raped can’t get pregnant. By the way that view is not the fringe of the Republican Party. State Rep. Stephen Freind (Pa.) said it in 1988. The theory is that a woman under attack produces special sperm killing chemicals. I’m not kidding they say this crap.

982. MJ - August 30, 2012

” And yes right wingers do say and believe in insane stuff. Rep. Todd Akin said last week that women who are raped can’t get pregnant. By the way that view is not the fringe of the Republican Party. State Rep. Stephen Freind (Pa.) said it in 1988. The theory is that a woman under attack produces special sperm killing chemicals. I’m not kidding they say this crap.”

Agreed, this is “nutcase-level” stuff for sure.

983. MJ - August 30, 2012

@966. The Iranian economy is in shambles. If we and our allies keep up the sanctions and other pressures for another decade at most, their gov’t will be overthrown from the inside — just like what happened to Russia.

Meddling in Iran and launching its strike would be to the benefit of its dictators. The current course of action is slowly working — we need to be patient!

984. Basement Blogger - August 30, 2012

MJ, we’ve got a long way to go , if we want to break the record. Record setting posts was set at 2428. Link.

985. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2012


Iran has some pretty big clients in India and China, as well as a strong military supporter in Russia. There is only a limit to how effective sanctions can be agaist Iran, who has been able to continue progress on nuclear weapons, as well as increasing the size of its military. Economic sanctions tend to hurt the civilians more than the government they are meant to constrain. Case in point: pre-WWII Germany. The sanctions were so severe, and Germany so isolated, the number of innocent Germans who suffered through the resulting economic hardships skyrocketed, and they voted in a madman (Adolf Hitler) they couldn’t understand because they had no one else who would look out for them.

No one wants to go to war with Iran, but if you’re in Israel’s position, you’d be getting nervous at the very least. Especially since the Iranian leaders have threatened genocide against the Jewish state.

986. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2012

Russia, by the way, is still being ruled with an iron fist. All that is different is that it was a democratically-elected iron fist (Vladimir Putin). Political opponents in that country are still routinely targetted for assassination by the thugs who work for Putin. Not to mention how Pussy Riot was thrown in jail and sentanced to hard prison time in a prison camp in Siberia merely for speaking out against the regime.

When it comes to Russia, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

987. MJ - August 30, 2012

@984. Yea BB, of course I remember our record breaking set of posts. Still though, it is fun to crack 1000!

988. MJ - August 30, 2012

@986 “Pussy Riot was thrown in jail and sentanced to hard prison time ”

“Hard” prison time for Pussy Riot, eh? Sign Harry Ballz up to be warden there! LOL

989. MJ - August 30, 2012

Actually, new rule. Any band that calls themselves Pussy Riot should be jailed. Well done, Putin. LOL

990. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2012

I can’t remember, but I think at least a couple members of Pussy Riot managed to escape from Russia before they were sent to prison.

991. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2012


I think Harry Ballz would read them the “Pussy Riot Act”!

992. MJ - August 30, 2012

Thank goodness Putin is still letting the band, “Peenis Ruckus”, play in Russia.

993. MJ - August 30, 2012

@990. If those escaped members of the band are willing to give acting a shot, I understand the the long running play, The Vagina Monologues, is recasting for new run.

994. Red Shirt Diaries - August 31, 2012

I just cun’t protest this.

Damn typos, I mean, can’t protest this.

995. Anthony Thompson - August 31, 2012

We are getting week-overdue obits of Armstrong and Windom but what about some news RE: the sequel???!!! Even the tiniest scrap would do!

996. MJ - August 31, 2012


997. MJ - August 31, 2012


998. MJ - August 31, 2012

sheesh….now 999….LOL

999. MJ - August 31, 2012

1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1000. MJ - August 31, 2012

Cool !!!!!

1001. Red Dead Ryan - August 31, 2012

I hear the members of “Peenis Ruckus” are all total dicks!

1002. MJ - August 31, 2012

@1002. Yea, but they have nothing on that band, “Twat Anarchy.”

1003. NCM - August 31, 2012

@979: Well said, MJ.

The Republican party’s swung so far right, I find myself arguing against them such that I sound like a Democrat. I used to be Rep.; I’ve never been a Dem. Though I grew more liberal, so not suggesting the change is only in the Rep. party.

The Bush presidencies taught Republicans to rely on fringe group voters. Sr’s advisers said they realized all he needed to win was the 30+% of Americans who identified themselves as evangelicals, but they had to get them ‘all’ to vote. It worked for Sr., once. Jr. relied on the same strategy, but pursued it more determinedly. Toward the end of his 2nd term, though, many evangelicals began to resent being seen as Republican tools. Along came the the Tea Party. What’s a Republican to do?

Add to TP demands nearly essential requirements of today’s Rep. candidates — sign puppet master Grover’s pledge, join ALEC, attend ALEC meetings, append name to ALEC legislation and take it home to your district — and you have a unified Republican front and every disincentive to act outside the party agenda.

In the past, the parties would swing toward their extremes, then follow the pendulum back toward center. Now that they’ve learned the only thing worse than being seen as obstructionist or unilateralist is to be caught negotiating with the other side, I think we’re in for decades of whiplash policies that will perpetuate sustained economic and every other kind of uncertainty.

1004. Joe - September 3, 2012

Meh, too much action.

The best Star Trek-like game I *ever* played was a very, very old game called Starflight by EA. 1980’s.

Have never seen a game with this kind of depth since. Mass Effect series was decent.

1005. JackRyan - September 5, 2012

The irony of course is that Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, etc was once ruled by the Christian Byzantine Empire that was essentially annihilated by the Muslim Arabs. The original Egyptians are now the Copts, Jordon was populated by the Ghassanid Arab kingdom, the original Iranians were Sassanids. The question then becomes if Israel is supposed to give up the Palestine, does Turkey give Istanbul/Constantinople back to the Greeks? Does Egypt get handed back to the Copts? Syria and Jordon to the remaining Arab Christians? Or do you only need to hand back territory if you do not massacre the entire population? When do we finally hit the reset button and accept the borders as is today? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.