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Chris Pine on Trek 2: “We’re Not Making Batman” + First Look At Pine As Jack Ryan September 4, 2012

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

As usual, the cast’s lips are sealed when it comes to details about the Star Trek sequel, but Chris Pine took a bit of time to talk about the mood of the new film saying, “we’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.” Chris is referring of course to The Dark Knight‘s darker take on the Batman franchise and indicated that, although the stakes will be high and the action great in the new Trek, it wasn’t meant to be darker and will still have comedy. More after the jump. Plus check out Chris in the first images of him as Jack Ryan.


There’s Still Room for Comedy and More Character Development in Trek 2
Pine noted that the newest Star Trek would not follow the party lines set by the Batman reboot and noted that we’d still see some lighter moments.

“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal. There’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”

The 2009 Star Trek really needed to take some time to reintroduce the characters to the audience and give the viewers some backstory to work with. This time around, it seems like we will get to see those characters grow and develop a lot more with some intricate and powerful story arcs.

“The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!”

In other news, Paramount released a couple images of Chris Pine from the new Jack Ryan movie, currently in production. And yes, it’s true that Paramount has yet to release any images from the movie Chris Pine shot for them before the Jack Ryan film, namely the Star Trek sequel. The new Ryan film is a prequel to the previous four Jack Ryan movies and will be released Christmas Day 2013.

Chris Pine plays young Jack Ryan, cruising the downtown streets of Manhattan (David Lee)

First look at Kevin Costner (far right) as a legendary CIA Field Agent with Chris Pine (center) in JACK RYAN (David Lee)


Via Totalfilm.



1. Jesse - September 4, 2012

So it’s a Star Trek movie? Does this mean it won’t have Christian Bale?

2. MattR - September 4, 2012

#1 Presumably, it won’t have Batman so I’m assuming not. Glad we got that tidbit to tide us over. Lol

3. LizardGirl - September 4, 2012

I appreciate that. I actually think, that when done right, comedy is good for Trek.

4. Khan Noonien Singh - September 4, 2012

He tasks me and I shall have him!


5. Cygnus-X1 - September 4, 2012

So, wait. Are they making Batman?

6. soonerDave - September 4, 2012

Meh. Heard this before. Bigger, badder, better, greater, more incredible…

Nothing of substance here. Teaser trailer, anyone?

7. Sgt. Major Catastrophe - September 4, 2012

I’d settle for the intensity of MI3. JJ did great with that one and Cumberbatch can compare favorably to Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a villain.

8. Cygnus-X1 - September 4, 2012

Is Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing The Joker in the new Star Trek?

9. johnnyb807 - September 4, 2012

Good thing William Shatner never played Batman. Could imagine him saying, “I’mmmm … BATMAN, Mister!” Deedlee deedlee doo. Then you’d have to start calling him SHATMAN lol …

10. Cygnus-X1 - September 4, 2012

Hoffman is a great actor but I can’t see him topping Heath Ledger.

11. Salvador Nogueira - September 4, 2012

I bet Cumberbatch is playing Batman.

12. Maximus - September 4, 2012


Yeah, it is good for trek. When done right. And too bad it hasn’t been done right with Abrams’ movies.

It’s actually been really juvenile. The worst in any star trek movie.

“Gene Roddenberry had a dream that was Star Trek.” ::points sword to arena:: “This is not it. This. Is. Not. It.”

13. loghaD - September 4, 2012

Why would they cast Benedict Cumberbatch to play Philip Seymour Hoffman? They look nothing alike!

14. Steve Johnson - September 4, 2012


Yes. I just did that. No. I don’t care if it’s old hat.

I hope they strike a better balance this time out. Some of the gags in the first flick were good. Some, not so good. I did enjoy the antics between McCoy and Kirk, but I felt certain bits were just too goofball. (Kirk being a jackass in the simulator, the big hands gang, some of Scotty’s OTT bits. Though I did love his line “Can I get a towel, please?” That was very natural.)

Oh, and Pine is very wrong. He can overhype it. Don’t do that. Really. Don’t. Let the movie speak for itself. It will find it’s audience if it has a worthwhile story. Star Trek always finds it’s audience if the story is well craft.

I’m still cautiously excited.

15. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 4, 2012

Alright then … Captain!

Oh Kayla… you picked one of the worst pictures of Chris Pine … LOL

………………… I had to say that … ;-) :-)

16. Calastir - September 4, 2012

So far all I gather is Cumberbatch stars as Khan and Pine plays Batman. Right? Can’t wait for the trailer.

17. captain spock - September 4, 2012

JJ abrams is going to be on the today show on september 14 @ 7 am dont have any idea what he going to talk about so just passing information..

18. THX-1138 - September 4, 2012

So before they can do the Justice League movie we have to go through all of these “character” films first. “Dark Knight”, “Man of Steel”, “Green Lantern”, and “Star Trek II: Working Title Only”. OMG this is going to take forever!

This comments section has some of the BEST comments EVAR. I applaud you all. I want to cast an actual vote for the Nolan’s taking on Prime Universe Star Trek in some way.

19. Bill Murray - September 4, 2012

@ 17

I suspect JJ is on Today to promote his new NBC show Revolution.

20. Bill Murray - September 4, 2012

Oh, and you can watch said show here…

21. Punkspocker - September 4, 2012

Never liked batman, im glad its still trek.

22. Hat Rick - September 4, 2012

Yee-haa! Loves me some of that good ol’ action. Can’t wait for this movie! :-)

23. Captain Dunsel - September 4, 2012

These aren’t the interviews you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along…

24. Bored to tears - September 4, 2012

Well, thank goodness. I was worried they were making Batman. Might as well read about it anyway, no news here.

25. LizardGirl - September 4, 2012

I thought Spock was humorous, in a more Vulcan-subdued way.

McCoy: “If you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky Derby, you don’t leave your prize stallion in the stable.”

Spock: “A curious metaphor, doctor, as a stallion must first be broken before it can reach its potential.”
–the way he says this…with that almost not quite smile. Like, while he’s a Vulcan, he knows he’s trumped McCoy and he sees it as a personal victory.

McCoy: “My God, man, you could at least ACT like it was a hard decision!” (funny!)

Spock: “I intend to assist in the effort to reestablish communication with Starfleet. However, if crew morale is better served by my roaming the halls weeping (picture that!), I will gladly defer to your medical expertise. Excuse me.”

26. EM - September 4, 2012

So there’s no Christian Bale…how about Christian Slater!

27. ME - September 4, 2012


28. Peter N - September 4, 2012


Slater already had his cameo in TUC. Too busy selling cars, anyway.

29. rose by any other is Keachick - September 4, 2012

I have read this article about what Chris Pine said about the new Star Trek movie, but did not post it here. I did not want to be accused of being “obsessed with Chris Pine” if I did post the link here…

30. r0bt3k - September 4, 2012

god i hope its not like the last batman,
that movie was F**KING TERRIBLE

31. Commodore Adams - September 4, 2012

Oh wow there’s a Star Trek movie coming out in 2013!? I kid I kid. If it were not for tiny articles like this, I wouldn’t think there is a star trek movie coming out in 2013….Its not like i’ve seen a trailer or anything…..Bob :P

The Batman reboot is an amazing trilogy. Being a batman fan I love what was done with it. I would be interested to see if Star Trek 2013 bumps it up a notch the from the original the way The Dark Knight bumped it up from Batman Begins. It might not make it better depending on how its done. The Dark Knight was intense, DK Rises an emotional ending, but Batman Begins is still my fav of the trilogy.

I truly hope Star Trek 2013 is leaps and bounds better than Trek 09.

32. Gary S. - September 4, 2012

# 30 Truer words were never spoken.

33. Red Dead Ryan - September 4, 2012


Interesting that you say that, as both Adam West and William Shatner shared a similar physique and acting style. Both broke the mold when it came to portraying tv heroes. Both the 60’s “Batman” and “Star Trek” had that pop-art feel to them.

Shatner: Iam…… James T….Kirk!

West: Well…..I am….BAT..MAN!


34. Michael Towns - September 4, 2012

I disagree. I found The Dark Knight Rises to be the best film of the Nolan Batman trilogy.

35. Jonboc - September 4, 2012

Well, TOS always had a great balance of drama, humor, action and romance, all laced with a full dose of creative imagination. JJ clearly recognizes that and brings it to the table. I look forward to more of the same and the fact that Chris Pine is excite, and wants to hype it up, means he is personally very happy with it. My only gripe is that it’s almost a year away.

36. Red Dead Ryan - September 4, 2012


Hate to break it to you, but “The Dark Knight Rises” is a tremendous film. Maybe not quite as good as the previous two, but still, a great movie it is despite your lame protestations to the contrary.

37. Trekker5 - September 4, 2012

I will wait for the first trailer and then make up my mind if it’s Batman or not. :)

38. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 4, 2012

#29. Keachick…

Do not worry about I played that role … I put the link here … although I do not know if anyone noticed this … LOL

39. LameSecrets - September 4, 2012


The secrecy is getting really, really old.

40. charles charles - September 4, 2012

wow…. this better not be action scene after action scene….. i mean really star trek stories will naturally have action in it because you’re exploring the unknown and dealing with volatile sitations and people…. but it seems like the memebers of production of this latest installment are unofficially saying its an action movie….. i hope to god it isnt. this is coming from a 19 year old so no im not saying this from an oldtimer’s perspective im saying this from the perspective of someone who is smart enough to not need violent stimulation to find a film entertaining.
if this falls under the genre “action” im just gona flip at abrams and the writters.

41. daniel craig is my wookie Bitch - September 4, 2012

36 RSD,
while I totally disagree with his thoughts on Dark Knight Rises, as it was my personal favorite in the entire series.

He is entitled to have that opinon on the movie, just as i am entitled to have the opinon it was a great movie.

Just because he doesnt like it doesnt mean him saying he didnt like it is lame, its his opinon.

42. daniel craig is my wookie Bitch - September 4, 2012

19 I am much more excited about CBS picking up the pilot for Beverly Hills Cop, than I am for JJ’s next primetime failure.

I am really excited Eddie is going to actually guest star in the pilot as Detroit Police Chief Axel Foley, and if it gets picked up for series, he will be a recurring occasional guest star.

Now if they can just get Judge Reinhold to be a regular on the series, it will be perfect.

43. Paunch Show Greg - September 4, 2012

Not Batman, they’re making The Avengers in space. It’s a comic book franchise now.

44. Red Dead Ryan - September 4, 2012


Well, here’s what he wrote:

“god i hope its not like the last batman,
that movie was F**KING TERRIBLE”

As you can see, he didn’t offer any real reason why he didn’t like the movie. So yeah, it was lame. He should have at least come up with a couple of reasons why, in his opinion, it was “F**KING TERRIBLE”.

45. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 4, 2012

RdR, point taken

46. jamesingeneva - September 4, 2012

LOL, article on TMZ about our friend Bill harassing the help

47. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 4, 2012

In other news really wish there was a thread where i could discuss the great job, paramount did fixing the audio issues and the VFX issue on the bluray replacement discs for TNG season 1.
I mean its not like any posters have sent in pics of the discs or info about the replacements being shipped now :)

48. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 4, 2012

46 its funny how in the comments section over there Shatner is censored to ****ner

49. rose by any other is Keachick - September 4, 2012

#40 – I agree.

I also hope that it is not a violent movie, because I think that is what “action packed” or “relentless” (another adjective Chris Pine used to describe the sequel) has generally come to mean. I want to be moved and excited in ways that don’t involve lots of violence, battle scenes or Kirk being punched in the face yet again, although a good Kirk-fu scene, where he actually wins (just once, mind) will be fine…:) I have no doubt that there are scenes which involve obvious violence, but I hope they are kept to a minimum.

We’ll just have to wait and see…only 8 months and 12 days away – a doddle really! MG has started working on the music, which suggests that JJ and co are happy with the film as it is playing so far and now needs the music to set the tone. You can’t have a trailer without music…

50. Bucky - September 4, 2012

Uhura dies. That’s their idea of drama. Not story, not suspense, not real emotion, just a stunt. Just watch – there’ll be a cheesy, actor-driven, high profile death.

51. martin - September 4, 2012

I am glad they are not making Batman. Because Bane was the only one that was able to kill Star Trek all 5 series and 10 movies cold in it’s tracks.

52. Smokdham - September 4, 2012

@50 Is Joss Whedon writing this one? Killing someone just for added “drama” is his crutch…

53. Captain Otter - September 4, 2012

Re:52 I’m still not over Wash’s pointless death in Serinity.

54. CmdrR - September 4, 2012

52 – It’s Hollywood’s crutch.
Don’t be shocked — or bored — by a main character cashing out.

55. Vultan - September 4, 2012

And don’t be shocked to find out the dead character was actually in the shower the whole time—it was all a dream!

56. lostrod - September 4, 2012




57. Dr. Image - September 4, 2012

Good. Because TDKR sucked.

58. NCM - September 4, 2012

Good grief, what a cantankerous bunch. I begin to see why the powers that be aren’t makin’ a movie for Trek fans. Hail to the powers that be.

What could be more threatening than a challenge to the survival of two planets? “Frightening”? Huge character arcs…going places we’d never expect?! Sounds like great fun. I can’t’ wait!

Thanks to Pine for the hype. He can’t say much, but would we really rather he just say, “No comment”?

59. NCM - September 4, 2012

Thanks for the article, Kayla!

60. Phil - September 4, 2012

Hopefully, you are not making The Sound of Music, either….

61. TheOne - September 4, 2012

The Dark Knight was too dark, I think. The Joker was great, the movie itself was great, but very,very dark! I assume, ST II won´t be that way. And that is good. If it is Trek, it should not be that dark!

62. Phil - September 4, 2012

“……And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”…really, can I call bulls**t on this, too? I’ll venture a prediction here, at the end of this new movie the crew of the good ship Enterprise sails off into the sunset, with the primary cast intact. Unless it is the WOK remake, so Enterprise will be light one Vulcan. Sorry guys, that’s about as intense as predicting the sun is rising tomorrow morning. Either Pine is shoveling a pile of s**t into the Paramount garbage disposal here as a distraction, or this is really going to be a remake of Khan. Bad news either way….

63. Phil - September 4, 2012

@44. Now I didn’t think TDKR was terrible, but Bain’s quasi OWS on stroids takeover of Gotham was a bit over the top. Bain had the talking villian syndrome on overdrive in the last third of the movie, and a good chunk of the dialog was nonsense. Just my opinion, of course, but it bugged me enough that I don’t know that I’d pay to see it again.

64. Vultan - September 4, 2012


Exactly why people should stop comparing Trek and Batman.
They have little in common—except….

The OWS stuff in TDKR was great, I thought. It’s the kind of topical, in-your-face commentary on the times like a little show in the ’60s did on a fairly regular basis. And I don’t mean the one with Adam West.

65. The Quickening - September 4, 2012

Wasn’t it the filmmakers themselves that were making the comparison to the “darkness” of the BATMAN films, particularly THE DARK KNIGHT for the new TREK film?  Now, according to Pine, this isn’t true.  I’m only moderately interested in the new TREK film–being unimpressed with the first film, but it seems to me a lot of  incompetent actions, tardiness and indecisions are showing their head with this production.  Doesn’t bode well.  Being a TREK fan though, I wish them a lotta luck. 

66. DeanPrimer - September 4, 2012

If Cumberbatch is Khan then I’m MICKEY MOUSE! Maybe he’s the younger Matt Decker who in this timeline has some sort of epiphany about “Doomsday Machines” and the Enterprise goes out into deep space to see if he’s right. Or maybe Peter Weller is Matt Decker and Cumby is Gary Mitchell.
The big E gets stolen by the delusional Decker with Mitchell on board as navigator and we end-up with a mash-up of The Doomsday Machine and Where No Man HAs Gone Before? I don’t know… just literally pulling that concept outta my shoes. We shall see!

67. Mirror Universe Batman - September 4, 2012

>I bet Cumberbatch is playing Batman.

Awwwww! You need to write “SPOILERS” before you post that! Now the movie is going to be ruined for me! Ruined!

But hey, as long as we’re having fun, here’s something to check out: “Star Trek vs. Batman:

68. - September 4, 2012

Comparisons to Nolan’s batman films were never intended to be about how dark the story is but by the actual quality of the story.

Whereas Nolan’s batman films leave you thinking about the story after Transformers left you wondering what else you could have done with that ticket money.

Batman showed intelligent story writing while future transformers films were just ridiculous.

Even Prometheus seemed to be painting by numbers. As if a list of things like someone having their head ripped off, female giving birth to alien etc were just thrown in along the way without ever being a serious payoff for anything else set up in the story. Theron calling Guy Pearce “Father” was painfully bad.

So what people are hoping for whenever they have used Batman as a benchmark is intelligent story telling. Something that should be foundational to Star Trek and what separates it from empty fluff (albeit fun fluff) like Star Wars.

Non of this means comedy and character have to be sacrificed.

I’m really hoping we get some quality story telling like Nolan rather than bad guy doing bad stuff, enterprise go in to get him, bad guy gets upper hand then heroes switch things around and win the day, credits.

The opening sequence in particular of the last Trek film showed that great level of writing. I enjoyed the whole movie but if they could pull off an entire movie as good as the last ones opening sequence we would have gold.

69. Belkin - September 4, 2012

“There’s still room for comedy”

Oh right, ‘coz that’s what the original series was all about, wasn’t it, laugh-a-minute?
I assume this means that Keenser’s still aboard and Scotty is still a juvenile prat?

If it read “there is still room for HUMOR” I’d be happy. As it is, I’m cringing in anticipation of them doing further damage to my favorite engineer.

70. somejackball - September 4, 2012

if it starts out with Kirk, Bones and Spock sitting around a campfire, i’m walkin da’f*ck out da theater!

71. Charla - September 4, 2012

Chris seems genuinely excited about the movie- which is contagious to say the least at least for me. We still have approx. 9 more months, quite some time to go yet, but thanks Kayla for the tidbits! :o)

72. Cygnus-X1 - September 4, 2012

Look, for all we know they are making Batman, and all this “We’re not making Batman” business is just a ruse like to throw us off the trail.

I mean, think about it. If you were making Batman, but wanted people to think that you weren’t making Batman, what would you say?

You’d say you’re not making Batman.

So we can clearly not choose the glass in front of Chris Pine.

73. Anthony Thompson - September 5, 2012

69. Belkin

You said it! No more so-called ‘comedy’ lines from Scotty such as: “Do they have sandwiches in the future?” and “Does anyone here have a towel?”

74. GarySeven - September 5, 2012

Bravo, #40, who wrote:
40. charles charles – September 4, 2012
wow…. this better not be action scene after action scene….. i mean really star trek stories will naturally have action in it because you’re exploring the unknown and dealing with volatile sitations and people…. but it seems like the memebers of production of this latest installment are unofficially saying its an action movie….. i hope to god it isnt. this is coming from a 19 year old so no im not saying this from an oldtimer’s perspective im saying this from the perspective of someone who is smart enough to not need violent stimulation to find a film entertaining.
if this falls under the genre “action” im just gona flip at abrams and the writters.
I’m 48, but “you and I are of a kind.” Star Trek has not endured so long because it is a non- stop action movie. It has endured, and is special, because it is about ideas and characters that are interspersed with action. I don’t know if the team that makes “Transformers” really understands this in depth. I think they think if they throw in ten percent of scenes involving conversation they have created something deep because their reference point is Transformers and conventional action movies of fleeing mass market value. I miss Gene Roddenberry.

75. GarySeven - September 5, 2012

I meant to write “fleeting” mass market value, but fleeing works too. Neither one is about making something of enduring value.

76. Aurore - September 5, 2012

@ 68. – September 4, 2012

I agree with many of your points.

Well said.

77. Mark Lynch - September 5, 2012

Please, let’s not have any forced comedy. If a comedic moment comes from the situation, then fine.

But otherwise it becomes a farce.

You know, like big hands…

Star Trek is not a comedy and should not have comedy squeezed in for the sake of it.

78. DonDonP1 - September 5, 2012

Fascinating. I cannot wait to for the official title of “Star Trek XII” (“Star Trek: (insert subtitle)” ) to be unveiled, nor can I wait to see a teaser.

79. jimthebard - September 5, 2012

Yeah, no forced comedy like Doohan banging his head…. Just sayin.

80. Rhett Coates - September 5, 2012

I keep thinking the leaked photos from set make the supposed “bad guy” look a lot like Lazarus from TOS episode “The Alternative Factor” (if one judges his clothing) … but I didn’t write it, so who knows? If so, it would have changed a bit in this alternative time-line, as Spock is the one fighting him instead of Kirk. But that doesn’t actually make sense either, so I guess I’ll wait just like everyone else to find out what story they’ve come up with. But Pine said “…there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”

Hmmm…. greater threat than just a collection of planets (as in the threat from Nero)? The entire Alpha quadrant, perhaps – or the entire Milky Way Galaxy? We’ll find out soon enough. I sure wish Paramount would release a trailer in theaters, sooner than later. They’re already showing a LOT of trailers in theaters for films coming out next Spring and Summer; what’s up with the Star Trek sequel?

81. Calastir - September 5, 2012

So according to CP this Trek’s got humor, but also some serious issues and a greater threat.

I dunno; sounds like Batman to me, Chris.

Not saying like that’s bad though. But I prefer Avengers in space.

82. KG - September 5, 2012

Darn. I was so looking forward to Kirk and Batman taking on the Romulan Riddler together. Spock is Nightwing in this outrageous fantasy.

83. VZX - September 5, 2012

It’s still weird that there is no title released yet.

I still think the best title is simply “Star Trek 2″.

84. rm10019 - September 5, 2012

Would love an update from the recording studio where they are working on the score right now. Any new themes? reworkings of any classic TOS music stabs as an homage?

85. Emperor Mike of the Empire - September 5, 2012

Title is.
Star Trek. The Dark Knight Lowers.

86. BitterTrekkie - September 5, 2012

No they aren’t making Batman….
They’re making a sequel to a crappy remake instead.

87. dscott - September 5, 2012

So many hate on the new Trek, why are you here?

88. Calastir - September 5, 2012

Why so serious?

89. Shannon Nutt - September 5, 2012

Wait, so Cumberbatch is not playing Batman? Shoot, there goes MY theory.

90. Gary S. - September 5, 2012

Pick your fear .
Too much Comedy
Too much Action.
I am certain the movie will be an equalbalance of both .

91. psychojediboy - September 5, 2012

Occasionally when I read an article on TrekMovie I also read the comments and it instantly reminds me why I want nothing to do with what passes for fandom these days. People making asinine comments about how terrible the comedy’s been in JJ’s Trek movies (plural) when they haven’t seen a single frame of the second one. People bitching about every possible aspect of a movie they haven’t seen. Taking cheap shots at the producers over every imagined slight to the “old” Trek – and at producers and movies that have nothing in the world to do with Trek! So many “fans” here complaining about how this little detail or that little detail shows that the cast or crew just doesn’t “get” Trek.

No, YOU just don’t get Trek. This fandom has embraced its negative side in a huge way and morphed into exactly the stereotype of angry nerds bitching on the Internet. (Yes, I do see the irony in that complaint.) Nothing could be more the opposite of Trek than all this nonstop whining. TOS had a positive message about finding the best in people and doing the right things even when they weren’t easy. I doubt any fandom in the world has so lost sight of its core values as a large part of Trekdom has. My hat’s off to Anthony for his willingness to put up with the nonstop juvenile bitchfest on this site.

If you hated ST09 so much and are so sure that ST13 is going to be just as bad, feel free to shut yourself in your room with your TOS blurays and pretend like these movies don’t exist. This knee-jerk, Pavlovian response of bashing these movies in any article about them is truly pathetic.

92. EM - September 5, 2012

#87 – I don’t get the hate either. Star Trek (2009) was, indeed, different from the Trek to which we had grown accustomed. It was more science fantasy than science fiction. And, yes, the movie was not perfect. What can be? But, it kept the spirit of Trek alive! It looked great! And it made enough money so that we (all of us here) got another chance to see more Trek. And, most importantly, kept me entertained from start to finish. I look forward to the next outing. And keep it secret! Spoilers, clues, images, slips of the toungue…all these things serve only to ruin the surprise of seeing the story unfold and being surprised as it does!

93. cd - September 5, 2012

Always thought Christian Bale would make a better Spock than Quinto does.

94. martin - September 5, 2012

It’s been 24 hours since this post went up. Where’s the mash up trailer?

95. MidMoElMarko - September 5, 2012

Wow; in the midst of all of the Batman/ST mashup conversation, you managed a Princess Bride reference. Need dramamine……

96. MidMoElMarko - September 5, 2012

BTW….Dark Knight Rises….drek. Any more Tom Hardy channeling Sean Connery and I may throw up. Also, at least in the comics we got Bane with a major chemical enhancement and he’s latino. Here he’s an abused child who grows up with muscles, sounds like the 60s James Bond spouting unsweet nothings……and is a Rhas Al Gul disciple too……NOT Batman canon by any stretch.

97. MidMoElMarko - September 5, 2012

Are you ThiThilian?

98. Duncan MacLeod - September 5, 2012


Or perhaps he’s wondering why someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of a plane?

Please proceed to throw up.

99. Mark Lynch - September 5, 2012

@ jimthebard

“Yeah, no forced comedy like Doohan banging his head…. Just sayin.”

I thought that scene was stupid and unneeded also.

I am all for humour in Star Trek, but not comedy…

100. Mark Lynch - September 5, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing Robin, and in the third movie he will progress to becoming Nightwing after Batman sacks him from being Robin due to Dick getting too old…

You heard it from me first. Now where is my prize for being correct?


101. AJ - September 5, 2012


Pop SciFi fandom has always been about nit-picking. It is not something that has appeared magically since the dawn of the Internet. That Star Trek fans are known for it is inconsequential.

For those who sit and stare at this website 24/7 expecting news, Paramount has decided not to market the new film yet, and maintains a total information lockdown, which means no info at all. Not even for Anthony. At this point, most of us realize we are well beyond the threshold for the promotional campaign to begin, and we are understandably frustrated by the silence.

JJ has missed his launch deadline on both films, and with nine months to go, cannot even provide a title for No. 2. We’re understandably pissed off and on edge as fans, and when Trekmovie seems abandoned by its founder, as it does at times, our discussions tend to become rudderless. No news is no news.

If there is no communication from the studio in the form of a teaser (Or a full-blown trailer) by Christmas, we’ll know for sure something is rotten in tinseltown. I think the information blackout strategy is ultimately damaging to the franchise, but, in any case, the bitching in the forums should all be accepted with a grain of salt, and not blanket condemnation of the community.

102. Classy M - September 5, 2012

There’s only one title that works. Star Trek: Relentless Silence.

103. Robman007 - September 5, 2012

I’d actually love to see Christian Bale in a Star Trek movie in a villian role. I think he’d make an amazing Klingon, maybe Kor or something around that line. Guy is a great actor.

One of the saddest things about Star Trek movies of the past is that the TNG films never touched on the Dominion War. That was a gold mine of a flick waiting to happen. It would have been killer cool to save the final battles of the Dominion War for a film that combined TNG and DS9 casts.

104. Calastir - September 5, 2012

Thank you! And I totally agree.

As a Trekkie I tried my best with my fanclub to promote the last movie at a couple of theatres in my country (Holland).
The public then also didn’t even realise there was a new Trek movie out until the moment they saw us in uniform hanging round in front of the foyer handing out flyers and such!

In spite of our efforts the passing of the movie was quick and quiet. It pains me to see history repeating itself.

105. Bruce - September 5, 2012

The new Batman movies are brilliant – does that mean they don’t want to make a GOOD movie?

106. Red Dead Ryan - September 5, 2012

Guys, just to let you know of something I read on another site, the TNG Season 2 Blu Ray comes out on Dec.4. There is going to be audio commentaries on “Q Who?” and the tv version of “Measure of a Man”.

The extended version of “Measure of a Man” will be entirely in HD.

Also, the TNG MEGO action figures (Picard and Borg) have just been released. I picked up the Borg one. The Borg figure is really cool.

107. jed - September 5, 2012

Even more off subject, we need to get behind this…….

108. Robman007 - September 5, 2012


I think the idea behind that statement was that they are not trying to mimic The Dark Knight Trilogy..they are doing their own thing. The first film got alot of comparison to Batman Begins and everyone assumed that the 2nd film would mirror The Dark Knight.

Although, I am going to assume that this film will have a darker ending, possibly with Captain Kirk no longer in command of the good ship Enterprise. Possibly demoted to first officer or the alike. The 3rd film will complete his journey to becoming the Shatner style Kirk we all know and love and assigned to the 5 year mission, which would translate pretty well into a TV series, although with a few recasts, of course.

109. Robman007 - September 5, 2012


I’d also do a petition for Star Trek V: Directors Edition. TMP needed one, but TFF needs it a helluva lot more.

110. Adolescent Nightmare - September 5, 2012


I blame poor parenting.

111. Phil - September 5, 2012

On another read, I’m thinking CP may have dropped a hint. He said, “And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.” This suggests more Trek movie formula. Gin up the bad guy in hopes of driving more cheeks to the seats. A bad omen. So, if the movie title was something nebulous, like ST: Manifest Destiny or something else equally silly, it really would not be an issue to realease the title, or have a few posters in theaters. Instead we have the cone of silence, and as much as I hate Hate HATE to admit it, I’d say this leans toward the movie being Khan 2.0. Yeah, I know, some of the cast have denied it., but for the producers to be claiming that silence is golden for a franchise is just silly. These guys are not stupid, they know that any promotional stuff with Khan in it or hinted at will be ripped to shreds by fans and critics long before anyone sees it. I hope I’m wrong….

112. Phil - September 5, 2012

@101. Bob has mentioned the promotional stuff kicking in six months prior to the release, which is around Thanksgiving weekend. So, yeah, I’d agree that if there is nothing by years end there’s trouble in Bad Robot land….that would really tend to suggest that Trek is an afterthought project for these guys.

113. Craiger - September 5, 2012

One thing I just thought of is it too early to do Khan? The crew just go together and Khan took place after a long period of and Kirk and Spock were old friends by TWOK. I’m not sure how much time has passed between the first reboot movie and the sequel, but I don’t think Pine’s and Quinto’s Kirk and Spock have a friendship like Shatner’s and Nimoy’s Kirk and Spock to where if Spock dies could it be as emotional as the original ST 2? Could they use “I have been and ever shall be your friend” with the crew being so young?

114. Aurore - September 5, 2012

“These guys are not stupid, they know that any promotional stuff with Khan in it or hinted at will be ripped to shreds by fans and critics long before anyone sees it. ”

I personally don’t believe they would fear what the fans would have to say if Khan were to be the villain.

Furthermore, if the movie is as good as I hope it is, who would care about the critics?

Who would seriously consider the opinions of people ripping to shreds a movie they would not have seen yet?(And, I say all this as someone who does not want to see Khan in the sequel .) .

As I said on another thread, I sincerely believe the powers that be will make “announcements” when they are ready to do so.

Not a second before.

115. rm10019 - September 5, 2012

111 – i’m sure you are wrong, rest assured :)

116. rm10019 - September 5, 2012

114 – I agree, the actual producers of Trek, the artists creating the piece, should dictate the content and promotion of the film, not the fans.

117. SoonerDave - September 5, 2012

@109 ST V needs a director’s cut like a fish needs a bicycle.

118. rm10019 - September 5, 2012

117 – yeah, keep the director as far away from it as possible. a Special edition, perhaps with new editing (approx 65 min) and new FX like the fan edition on YouTube would be welcome.

119. BulletInTheFace - September 5, 2012

#113: All of that is irrelevant, really, since even if this were a Khan story, it couldn’t be based around Star Trek II–this is the era of “Space Seed.”

120. Lt. Bailey - September 5, 2012

I hate to tell them that its a bit obvious that they are not making BATMAN. They should be making STAR TREK of course but what exactly are they making? I understand the need for some secrets but we also need to know something of what they going to give us next year… I hope its next year, after all this time we have been waiting, we need some kind of trek fix.

121. Legate Damar - September 5, 2012

That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing Adam West as Captain Kirk. I suppose if TOS is like the Adam West Batman than DS9 is a bit like the Nolan Batman series. Both are much darker than the originals, although TOS was not nearly as silly as the original Batman show. Well, I guess we can’t expect that Clown from The Thaw to rig two Starships to explode, and offer the passengers on each ship the opportunity to blow up the other ship. I was really looking forward to that scene.

122. CJS - September 5, 2012

#113. Khan is not The Wrath of Khan, Khan is Space Seed, a story that took place 15 years before TWOK. And the new timeline could have altered the timing for the discovery of the Botany Bay any number of ways. The presence of massive Romulan ships capable of destroying planets may have increased the number of patrol ships searching empty space for potential threats.

123. Craiger - September 5, 2012

I forgot didn’t they say the new Trek video game will tie into the sequel or just is just canon and takes place before the seqiuel?

124. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 5, 2012

How could Khan (from Space Seed time period) be an even bigger threat than Nero with his borgified Narada and red matter? That doesn’t make sense.

If it is an even greater threat, it might possibly be in the nature of a plague/disease spreading throughout the galaxy, which could either be a rare but naturally occurring event and/or something that has been created by some race wanting to expand their territory due to overpopulation, food shortages, whatever…

It is just a supposition on my part, however there are only so many threats to life itself, or to a way of life. Honestly, there is really nothing new under this sun or any other sun, just variations on themes. Whatever theme the writers have picked, what makes it feel more original, unique, exciting etc is how it is handled and that is where good characterization comes in. You can’t bring out the characters’ individual identities – as in understanding of a situation, various feelings, resolve etc if there is virtually non-stop action, all guns blazing type scenes. Of course, showing how a battle ensues can give some evidence of the characters’ make up, resolve etc but it often tends to appear rather superficial.

Personally, I thought two of the funniest lines in the last movie was when Scotty asked if there were any sandwiches where prime Spock came from and later having Scotty ask for a towel at that particular moment in the story. Both questions were quite appropriate as well as unexpected. In the first case, the poor man was hungry for some decent food and secondly he was soaking wet…

Watch the outtakes for the towel scene – Zachary Quinto desperately tried to hold back a laugh; he couldn’t which immediately set Chris Pine off. Frankly, it’s not hard to see why the actors did what they did…LOL

125. Craiger - September 5, 2012

If it is Khan has anyone here suggested that Alice Eve could be Marla McGivers?

126. Daniel Craig Is My wookie Bitch - September 5, 2012

At this point not expecting an article, since they still havent posted anything about the TNG season 1 replacement discs being availble.
Pre orders are now up for TNG season 2 bluray.
again i would post in an earlier TNG bluray thread but they are all closed

127. Daniel Craig Is My wookie Bitch - September 5, 2012

And the release date for TNG season 2 is December 4th

128. Craiger - September 5, 2012

#124 – I thought the comedy was great in the sequel. I think alot of general movie goers probably would think Star Trek was too serious.

129. Craiger - September 5, 2012

#126 – This site isn’t living up to its tagline anymore, The Source For Everything New In Trek. Its becoming a part-time Trek news site.

130. Basement Blogger - September 5, 2012

@ 114


As you know I think it’s Khan. That doesn’t mean I support bringing back Khan. It also doesn’t mean that I will automatically hate the new movie. Haven’t seen it. It could be the deeper Star Trek movie that the Supreme Court has promised. I want Bad Robot to shoot down rumors. If it’s not Khan, say so. If it’s not Gary Mitchell, say so. Killing rumors won’t spoil the movie. Heck, we knew about Bane and Catwoman several months before its release.

131. Aurore - September 5, 2012

“Heck, we knew about Bane and Catwoman several months before its release.”

Yes, Bernie.

But, you heard what Christopher Pine said; ” We are not making Batman.”


Hey! Don’t be mad at me; he said it !!!!

132. bardicjim - September 5, 2012

MTV has an interviw qith Quinto.

133. Daoud - September 5, 2012

Nanananananananananananah… BATKHAN! :)
Seriously, I get that they want to hold the plot, the major villain, etc. as close to vest as is possible… but how about something MINOR. Like… who’s Alice Eve portraying? That’d keep us busy for a few months, and also…. talking about HER could really increase interest in the movie, as it’ll mean pictures of her being posted. They need that “red blooded fellow” in the audience, and that’s one way to get him. Sex sells, as they say. C’mon Bob… push JJ to at least let loose on something.

134. Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch - September 5, 2012

130 why did they start calling themselves the “Supreme Court”?
Its always bothered me comes off as pretentious.

I’ve never liked it, and i pretty much role my eyes when i see JJ and co and Supreme court in the same statement, but that just me

135. bardicjim - September 5, 2012

Sorry wrong one

136. CanOpener1256 - September 5, 2012

I think this is all smoke and mirrors. There is no movie. Somebody lost the film or accidentally erased the hard drive.

I mean, if there is a movie, what is the title? I know the titles of every marvel movie for the next decade. Can we not at least know the title of this one?

Even my sister, a trekker said, “They’re making another one?” She has heard diddly squat as a viewer of normal television and meda. I suggest somebody stop focusing on 14 new tv shows and get cracking on this supposed new star trek feature! I’ve also seen more Chris Pine photos as jack ryan than captain Kirk!

137. Gary S. - September 5, 2012

The more they specifically deny ,
The more they narrow down the list of actual characters.
Denials can be spoilers in themselves, if not handled correctly.

138. Commander K - September 5, 2012

Teaser Trailer will be shown at Destination Trek in October….be prepared!

139. BulletInTheFace - September 5, 2012

#112: That’s just stupid. Trek is OBVIOUSLY not “an afterthought” for the filmmakers. I’ll never understand why so many people on this board get so melodramatic.

140. BulletInTheFace - September 5, 2012

My prediction: The villain is several characters in one–he’s Gary, he’s Khan, he’s a Klingon, he’s a number of others as well. Why? Because he’s either a shape-shifter or an omnipotent being.

141. Phil - September 5, 2012

@136. No. Because when they announce it’s some variation on The Wrath of Khan, they know a good chunk of the audience will immediately dismiss it as another remake.

142. Aurore - September 5, 2012

“No remakes. No rehashes.”

TOTO….you promised.

I’m gonna hold you to that!


143. Phil - September 5, 2012

@140. The villian is Darth Q. Guinan, evil force yielding time travelling god from another universe….que the death star march…

144. gingerly - September 5, 2012

…although the stakes will be high and the action great in the new Trek, it wasn’t meant to be darker…

Oh, thank goodness. I think far too many people think “darker” automatically equals better. Well, at least for me, that last entry in the Dark Knight franchise proved that to be untrue.

It was not good. And when you compare it with The Avengers, it was an absolute slog to sit through.

There was zero levity.

I’m hoping for a soaring adventure that gave my the same “LOOK AT THIS AWESOME TEAM” high as that Avengers movie did.

I’ll say it again, darker doesn’t automatically equal better, people!

145. T-800 - September 5, 2012

I dig music.

146. Craiger - September 5, 2012

Has anyone thought its just the Klingons as the bad guys? Why does it have to be one bad guy? Maybe Cumberbatch and Gatt are Kang, and Kor and later they could announce later another actor as another villain playing Koloth? Remember they had a Klingon/Federation war in the 2250’s. In the new timeline maybe its later? I think the space battles bettween the Federation and the Klingons could be cool and have them like Submarine battles. Kirk could be coming up with new manuvers. In Nemesis didn’t Riker mention the Kirk manevuer?

147. Craiger - September 5, 2012

I should have added just the Klingons as the bad guys period and no Khan.

148. Dom - September 5, 2012

The too-much-comedy/too-much-action brigade can’t have seen the same KSM-era Trek I did! I mean, this is the show that gave us Spock’s Brain and A Piece of the Action!

Star Trek was wild… much wilder and weirder than the TV shows and films that followed it, which meant it could actually hit levels of light and dark far in excess of the others. That JJ’s films have riffed on the visual stylings of the original shows should tell people that the sexiness, comedy and action of the originals will be in there, amped up for the big screen!

Bring it on!

149. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 5, 2012

Guys, you are repeating yourselves re JJ & co. don’t care, where’s the title and so it goes on. Time to stop the revolving circle, because it is becoming almost as old as those vinyls people put on turntables with a diamond needle to make that black vinyl disc thingy make sound.

We see more photos of Chris Pine as Jack Ryan because the Ryan movie has different producers, writers and director. Different strokes for different folks…

This being said – I am quietly hopeful that we may see the first actual pictures of the crew of the 2013 sequel on 8 September this Saturday. Perhaps a picture of Alice Eve in character with a main character like Kirk or Spock or Peter Weller in character with Scotty – you know, something like that. All depends on the story, of course…

OT sort of – Our local NZ TV Guide has a weekly horoscope section and part of it gives the birth dates of well knowns in that week and of important events for each day of that week. The latest TV Guide has noted that 8 September 1966 was the date that the first Star Trek screened on US television! True!

150. Bobby - September 5, 2012

148. Exactly! They weren’t sitting around a table discussing philosophy.

151. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 5, 2012

In the horoscope section of the TV Guide, both Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine got mentioned on their respective birthdays. Same with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Others as well, like, obviously Karl Urban…

152. SherlockFangirl - September 5, 2012

153. Craiger - September 5, 2012

In the old days of Trekmovie that would have that article posted by now. Sad.

154. Craiger - September 5, 2012

The death of such a great site.

155. Montreal_Paul - September 5, 2012

I can understand fans want their Trek news and are frustrated with the lack of news on this site. But has anyone given any thought as to why? Perhaps Anthony is having health issues or personal issues. Fact is, we can bitch & moan all we want, but perhaps we should all also hope that everything is okay with Anthony.

Perhaps Kayla has heard something or can shed some light on if Anthony is at least okay.

156. Astronut - September 5, 2012

Not sure what the statement “We’re not making Batman” means but I will tell you this: they could do a LOT WORSE, if he is referring to The Dark Knight. I’m being serious. If that is what he was intimating well then, holy s#it what a strange thing to say. And yes, I agree with those who have said lay off the gigantic swollen hands type stuff… it’s forced. STAR TREK is about many things – hope, exploration, human relationships, mystery, thrills, etc – but it does not hinge upon slapstick. Some humor is welcome… without it, we have THE MOTION PICTURE ALL OVER AGAIN. God, what a dry film that is. And I LIKE it for certain reasons but overall, no one – I don’t care WHO you are or HOW much Trek you have in you – NO ONE can defend ST:TMP with regard to having heart and soul. It was a cold machine at nearly every turn. Very few exceptions. I just watched it last night. I watch it once or twice a year. But it is what it is… interesting, enjoyable at times, but largely devoid of heart and soul. SO. I guess what I am saying here is that I do want * some * humor elements but not an assload. Please… yes… some Dark Knight drama… a great script… and high stakes would be welcomed.

157. Daniel Craig Is My wookie bitch - September 5, 2012

155, that is possible true, but when you look back over the last year or so, these extended periods of no sign of Anthony are becoming more frequent and lasting longer number of days.

Not a great way to keep your readership base. If there are personal issues preventing that then temporarily hand over the reigns to keep things running.
just my thoughts

158. Craiger - September 5, 2012

But then it wouldn’t be the same site because Anthony has all the Trek contacts right?

159. Astronut - September 5, 2012

Oh. And would it be too much to ask to have the crew GO BOLDLY… ?

(For god’s sake.)

160. DoctorBobo - September 5, 2012

I think they are going to do a remake of The Cage…and will use a Talosian as the villian

161. jamesingeneva - September 5, 2012

At least we have Kayla here trying to bridge the gap. Thanks Kayla even though I know you don’t post in the comments lol… I honestly think this is the longest dissapearance yet. I sure hope he and family are well!

162. ironhyde - September 5, 2012

Glad they aren’t gonna try Batman… again. Again? Yes. Because in the team’s relatively new Hawaii Five-O remake series, they totally ripped off the “save Rachel or save Harvy Dent” set-up from The Dark Knight. It was done, it was lame and meaningless, and it was a pure, tacked on rip-off. The episode had all but ended and it seemed to just be thrown in to fill the final 10 mins. It was kinda embarassing. So they tried Batman in another project and bleewwww it :)

163. Astronut - September 5, 2012

Okay, I have to respond to #144

Let me guess. You are not a comic book fan? Someone who actually followed Marvel’s greatest stories back in the day? Because there is no way someone who actually followed Marvel books could say with a straight face that The Avengers had “ZERO” levity… or that is was a “slog” to get through. No way.

There were at least a dozen or so bits in the film where the characters were going back and forth with each other in a light mannered way. I don’t even have the time to site each example. Seriously. But I’ll throw out a few real quick.

Hulk punching Thor just for the hell of it.

Some dude playing Galaga instead of doing his job.

Iron Man saying s#it like, “Doth your mother know you are wearing her drapes?” to Thor.

Coulson pressing Captain America to sign his trading cards.

I mean, were you even watching the movie???

No disrespect intended here but come ON.

164. Astronut - September 5, 2012

D’OH! Ignore my previous post, #144… I thought you were referring to The Avengers, not TDKR.

You are correct. TDKR was nearly devoid of ANY levity whatsoever. The pacing was terrible. Very much a “slog” to get through.


165. Anthony Thompson - September 5, 2012

146. Craiger

Did you see Cumberbatch as made-up or dressed like Kang in any of the photos we’ve seen from the set? Or did he look like a typical caucasion in what appeared to be some sort of Star Fleet uniform? You’d better work on another theory, son.
Or…watch the Democratic convention and learn something.

166. Gary S. - September 5, 2012

#163 not to mention the EPIC confrontation between Hulk and Loki!

167. Craiger - September 5, 2012

Anthony some have speculated he could be an undercover Klingon agent augmented to look like a Human,

168. Red Dead Ryan - September 5, 2012

I just don’t understand this hate towards TDKR. Oh well.


Agreed! I hope Anthony is okay. I think if one of the staff posted something relating to his absence, then I think the “complaints” would stop.


Well, I think your record has worn out. Time to play something new.

169. jamesingeneva - September 5, 2012

On the bright side, he updated his domain info before he disappeared lol

I wish we’d hear something interesting… Hey @Boborci, a while back you said you were involved in something like the Star Trek experience… I’m assuming that was just filming the movie any chance you’ll have some exciting news for us soon?

170. Daniel Craig Is My wOokie Bitch - September 5, 2012

165 you mean in the photos that have been widely speculated to possibly be either reheasal footage or staged ?

also its not like we havent seen Klingon operatives made to look human to try and infiltrate the federation before

I mean going by your argument that he doesnt look like a klingon, I could counter well he doesnt look like Khan either

171. Daniel Craig Is My wOokie Bitch - September 5, 2012

165, maybe try and keep politics out of the discussion as well.

172. Daniel Craig Is My wOokie Bitch - September 5, 2012

160, I would actually welcome a Big Screen take on the Cage.

173. Craiger - September 5, 2012

RDR, I was thinking the same thing if they would at least post an update saying what’s going on with Anthony and this site, would be cool. Is it going to a part-time Trek news site, if so they should take down “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” Or does Anthony not have time for Trekmovie and is going to close it down for good, I can understand that, then complaining would stop.

174. Craiger - September 5, 2012

#172 I can see it Star Trek meets Inception. LOL.

175. Craiger - September 5, 2012

#170 – What if they did a twist with Kang, Kor or Koloth and one of them volunteered to go undercover and infultlrate Starfleet for some reason?

176. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 5, 2012

Articles are being posted regularly, yet some people still bitch because they aren’t posted by Anthony?!?!?!?!?!?

There is so much I could say about that, and it would all get me in some kind of trouble. Suffice it to say that the dynamics that appear here when Anthony is gone for a long time are quite… fascinating.

As for Pine’s comments, I find them fairly un-elucidating. Until the veil of secrecy is lifted, comments from cast and crew are pretty much of the same low caliber – generalizations wrapped in non-specifics. They must be tired of being asked about the film when they can’t say a damned thing. At least Carl Urban has found creative ways to say nothing.

Cheers! And thanks, Kayla, for all your hard work!

177. Craiger - September 5, 2012

Could Anthony have started his own business? Maybe that is taking up most of his time now. If so I still wish as a common courtsey as to his loyal viewers of this site, to say why he is not coming here and updating this site as often as he used to do, and this site is closing or something like that. Their wouldn’t be a Trekmovie and he wouldn’t have been able to get contacts within the Trek industry and go to the coventions and get backstage access. Unless he had those already? If he did something like that I would go elsewere for Trek news.

178. Vultan - September 5, 2012

I imagine Anthony is just taking a well deserved vacation from this place—and why not? We probably won’t hear anything substantial for a few more months about the movie, when a trailer will be released. Sounds like a good time to step away from it all.

Anyway, I too would like to thank Kayla for filling the void in the meantime.
Especially those science articles. Keep ’em coming!


179. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 5, 2012

Zachary Quinto on Star Trek 2 at The ShortList Awards

180. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 5, 2012

178 still there should atleast be a follow up thread/story for the new replacement TNG discs, since it was a big item of debate in the story about the audio issues in the sesason 1 set, shortly after release.

I sent in photos of the replacement discs and the accompanied appology card some shots taken of the corrected FX on Disc 5, to the tip email address, the same day the discs appeared in my mail box.

And I am sure a few other people might have as well.
But still no story so that it can be discussed, and the original bluray threads are now all closed.

Thats a big thing the site should have covered.

there are other stories as well, that should have gotten coverage here, but havent as well.

181. MJ - September 5, 2012

@173 “RDR, I was thinking the same thing if they would at least post an update saying what’s going on with Anthony and this site, would be cool. Is it going to a part-time Trek news site, if so they should take down “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” Or does Anthony not have time for Trekmovie and is going to close it down for good, I can understand that, then complaining would stop.”


182. Astronut - September 5, 2012

Using words like “un-elucidating.” Oooooooooo!! You’re so awesome.

I mean really? Really?

Dude, get over yourself.

183. MJ - September 5, 2012

@180 “still there should atleast be a follow up thread/story for the new replacement TNG discs, since it was a big item of debate in the story about the audio issues in the sesason 1 set, shortly after release.”

Agreed!!! Why was that TNG Blu-Ray article comments thread prematurely closed, and by whom? One would think — that if Anthony had enough time to aid the cover-up for CBS of all of the fan problems worldwide with TNG blu-ray product by shutting down comments — one would think that he would then at least drop in to provide a new article or two on other topics here since this is THE source for everything new in Trek. ???

I mean sheesh, there were continuing issues still being brought up on that thread when all of a sudden the comments were closed. i would not be shocked if lCBS may have sent an email to Anthony to shut down the thread given all the issues that were being brought up with the problematic TNG Season 1 Blu-Ray release….perhaps “the Edsel” of Blu-Ray remastering efforts to date.

184. Andy - September 5, 2012

I don’t really know where to put this, but industrial light and magic has listed the Star Trek sequel under their in-production section. I was hoping that we’d get a mistaken leak of the title through ILM, but instead they have just put Untitled Star Trek Sequel. That’s so un-fun! Still, it’s something! I sent in the tip, maybe we’ll see a post about it on here some day…..

site: under

our work: in-production.

185. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 5, 2012

Well, Chris Pine, I certainly hope that it is not Batman. Now, listen here, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – you are the captain, that Captain James T Kirk of the starship Enterprise of STAR TREK.

I do know that you beam back occasionally to stop runaway trains, get the girl in order to allow your best friend to be reunited with his ex-wife, discover you have an older half-sister and now it seems you are about to save the world from financial ruin as this Jack Ryan fella.
Hey, this can be our little secret…;)

186. K-7 - September 5, 2012

@183. Yes, I noticed that too. Just when there seemed to be a number of posts bringing up additional issues with TNG Season 1 Blu-Rays, Anthony cuts off posting. WTF??? That is very suspicious, and points to a situation where there are probably significantly more issues with this Blu-Ray set then Anthony and CBS want fans to know about.

187. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 5, 2012

182. Astronut – I fail to see how using that word merits your insults, or would lead you to think I’m trying to be superior. I was actually trying to be funny/ironic, since un-elucidating isn’t really a word.

Please go pick a fight with somebody here who wants one. I wish you the very best.

188. Astronut - September 5, 2012


Look, I am a well-educated individual. I was an Exec Editor in the print pub industry for many years. I appreciate the English language. But when people use words which are rarely ever, ever used it comes off as aloof. Okay? We’re all Trek fans here but the “superior intellect” angle is annoying. Not because people can’t come to terms with it… because it’s unnecessary. I have never once seen that word in print, ever. It’s use in day to day communication is pompous at best.

189. Astronut - September 5, 2012

And before you lean on the “there is no right or wrong way to communicate” angle… I submit this. Why not speak Shakespeare? I mean, that stuff is impressive, right? Problem is, 99% of the population does not speak that way. We don’t over-engineer our communication because, well, quite frankly, it comes across as elitist.

190. MJ - September 5, 2012

@188. Hey newbie, thanks for the resume. Now look who’s acting superior! LOL

PS: Recommend you find some new topics to discuss — critizing others’ vocabulary is just plain lame and make you look petty.

191. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 5, 2012

188. Astronut – Sorry to be pompous in your eyes, but how is that better than telling somebody to get over themselves? I have never personally attacked you, nor will I, yet that is what you’ve just done to me. Over a word.

I guess I wasn’t aware there was a proper way to communicate here. I only use the intellect I possess, and don’t try to come off as superior. That is your accusation, and I refute it wholeheartedly. I also have been an editor, and write quite extensively. I was having fun with words. It’s something I like to do. I never expected to be attacked for it, and don’t think it was deserved.

If it makes you feel any better, I also found Dark Knight Rises to be pretentious and ultimately disappointing, and I loved the Avengers. So now we have established common ground. I hope in the future, if we ever address each other personally, that it can be more civil.

Cheers, mate.

192. MJ - September 5, 2012


Shilliam, didn’t you get Astronut’s latest inter-office memo to all of us?….you can’t use sarcasm now either.

You elitist pig, you!

;-) LOL

193. MJ - September 5, 2012

However, I must disagree with both of you — The Dark Knight Rises was by far the best movie I have seen this year, and the only movie I paid to see more than once. Sure is was pretentious, but then so was Lawrence of Arabia and Apocalypse Now… pretentious in all their cinematic glory… Hollywood, please give me more pretentious movies like these!!!!!

194. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 5, 2012

192. MJ – You horrible little troll ;-) While I found DKR disappointing, it was because, to me, it didn’t live up to its pretense, and took some rather sloppy shortcuts to achieve its very lofty goals. I admire it greatly, and even enjoyed much of it, but found that it didn’t quite deliver.

Lawrence of Arabia and Apocalypse Now (two of my favorites) DID deliver the good in my view.

The Avengers was a much simpler movie, enjoyed on a baser level than DKR. I feel kind of bad comparing them, because they are so different, but I felt like a kid again watching the Avengers. It was fun, with no pretense and lots of mindless action.

I will still buy both films on DVD, but will probably watch Avengers more often.

195. MJ - September 5, 2012

Well I will agree that The Avengers was the most fun I had at the movies this year. Yea, you really can’t compare these movies.

196. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 5, 2012

DKR was so much more ambitious. Nolan doesn’t like making simple movies, that’s for sure.

197. Buzz Cagney - September 5, 2012

#192 MJ, i’m reminded of a great exchange on Frasier..

Frasier to Niles… ‘do you think i’m elitist’?
‘oh Frasier, you know I do, you don’t need to worry about that’ !

198. bardicjim - September 6, 2012

Very Dark Humour warning!!!

What if Anthony is really Tony Scott and ya’ll drove him to want to jump off a bridge? It would explain the absence.

199. Calastir - September 6, 2012

Too soon sir, too soon.

200. bardicjim - September 6, 2012

Simply using the power of shocking humour (How we spell it in the UK) to address the notion that the whining on this site is enough to drive a man to suicide.

Psychology 101.

201. MJ - September 6, 2012

@200. You and Stunkill should get a room.

202. bardicjim - September 6, 2012

As long as it isn’t the Engineering room. Don’t like beer.

203. The Last Vulcan - September 6, 2012

Oh for the love of Kahless. Here are some fundamental truths:

1. The movie will be based on Klingons and that’s who Cumby’s playing.

2. JJ will release info when he’s good and ready and not one minute before.

3. Anthony works in spurts. He’ll post a bunch of stories and then disappear for three weeks. He’s been doing this for years and it’s never gonna change. Maybe he’s got a cyclical other gig, maybe he gets bored easily, maybe he’s an Oil Field Worker with a three week on three week off schedule, maybe he’s cruising the South Pacific and only posts when he lands on an island, or maybe that’s just the way he is. Who knows? All the whinging in the world isn’t going to change it.

204. A - September 6, 2012

Off topic but anyone here following Dara O’brien on twitter? Look what he tweeted: “What a mad night. The high point was Benedict Cumberbatch telling Stephen (Hawking) exclusive details of the new Star Trek film.” True or not. HOW COOL IS THIS SHIT?

205. Phil - September 6, 2012

We are all going to wake up one morning, drive by the local theater, and there on the marque will read Star Trek 12. Gee, when did that happen?, we will all say in unison….

206. Phil - September 6, 2012

I’m not supposed to post at all, I don’t have a Hugo award. … :-(

207. Craiger - September 6, 2012

I can see the third movie not coming out until 2020 the way JJ is producing TV series left and right.

208. Aurore - September 6, 2012

“I’m not supposed to post at all, I don’t have a Hugo award. … :-( ”

True. True.

But, at least, you do have my respect……..What do you mean exactly by…”That’s not much” ?!

…You ‘re so cruel, Phil….


209. psychojediboy - September 6, 2012

101, thanks for proving my point. There’s nothing understandable whatsoever about being pissed off and on edge that the studio isn’t adhering to your made up schedule for the release of info about this movie. Your conspiracy theory that there’s something wrong with the movie because you haven’t seen promotional material at the time you’d like really drives the point home.

I’ve been around Trek since well before the internet, and yes, this level of angst IS new. The automatic condemnation of a movie nobody’s seen is far beyond old school nitpicking.

Whether or not playing things so close to the vest about the new movie is a good idea is an open question. I’d love to know more than we do right now. But putting myself in the producers’ shoes for a second – If I’m Bob Orci and I come here and see people shredding every cell phone costume photo and offhand quote from the cast as a sign of the Trekpocalypse, I’m not going to JJ to say “We’ve got to give these guys more material!”

You know what we’ll know if there’s no trailer by Christmas? Exactly what we do now: nothing. Nothing more and nothing less.

210. Daoud - September 6, 2012

Astronut, I don’t know what you’re talking trying to say. Could you please elucidate?
@206 Hey, I’ve read Victor Hugo in the original français. Could I post? And, my son has an old poster of Hugo Weaving in full Matrix regalia. Can I call that a Hugo?
Riffing off that… JJ and Boborci should find a role for Hugo Weaving in the threequel.

211. Red Dead Ryan - September 6, 2012

#198, 200.

That was not funny, dude. You seriously need a new (and better) sense of “humour”.


“You know what we’ll know if there’s no trailer by Christmas? Exactly what we do now: Nothing more and nothing less.”

Actually, if no trailer is released by then, we’ll know that the sequel WON’T be released in May 2013, and instead be delayed yet another year.

212. Frederick - September 6, 2012

I just hope that there is more humor around McCoy and not Scotty so much, Scotty should get some serious moments, and not be the constant “plucky comic relief.” He wasn’t that in the series. He just had humorous moments like everybody.

213. trekprincesslauren - September 6, 2012

The only thing I want in the sequel is more McCoy and that it’s as great as Trek 2009 if better :):)

214. Craiger - September 6, 2012

RDR – Would that signal the sequel is introuble?

215. Phil - September 6, 2012

@214. I’d think so. At about the 6-8 month mark for Trek 2009, There were test reels making the rounds in Europe, the first US trailer was 4-5 months in the rear view mirror (granted, it was the welder), and Paramount was very vocal about needing to build the brand name overseas. Also, rememer Trek 2009 premiered a month overseas a month prior to it’s US opening. Assuming that happens again, we are just about into Bob’s six month marketing window now.

From Wikipedia….
Paramount faced two obstacles in promoting the film: the unfamiliarity of the “MySpace generation” with the franchise and the relatively weak international performance of the films. Six months before the film’s release, Abrams toured Europe and North America with 25 minutes of footage. Abrams noted the large-scale campaign started unusually early, but this was because the release delay allowed him to show more completed scenes than normal. The director preferred promoting his projects quietly, but concurred Paramount needed to remove Star Trek’s stigma. Abrams would exaggerate his preference for other shows to Star Trek as a child to the press, with statements like “I’m not a Star Trek fan” and “this movie is not made for Star Trek fans necessarily”. Orci compared Abrams’ approach to The Next Generation episode “A Matter of Honor”, where William Riker is stationed aboard a Klingon vessel. “On that ship when someone talks back to you, you would have to beat them down or you lose the respect of your crew, which is protocol, whereas on a Federation ship that would be a crime. So we have to give [J. J. Abrams] a little bit of leeway, when he is traveling the ‘galaxy’ over there where they don’t know Trek, to say the things that need to be said in order to get people onto our side.”

I don’t expect this film to take the same track for marketing the previous one did, but the direction this one seems to be heading down seems to assume the franchise is now established overseas, which would be a mistake considering the amount of time that has passed. If there is nothing at all by Xmas, I’d assume May 17th is a very soft date at this point.

216. jamesingeneva - September 6, 2012

see, things have gotten so slow even fake @boborci doesn’t come on to comment any more lmao… Don’t get me wrong, Kayla’s doing a good job of at least keeping the site updated but the other sites are kicking this ones but with new news. They just lack TM’s professional touch.

And now to argue for the sake of arguing, I think ST Nemesis is the best trek movie ever :)

217. Red Dead Ryan - September 6, 2012


No, it woud probably have more to do with Paramount. Remember, their aim is to make “GI:Joe” a bona fide film franchise. “GI: Joe: Retaliation” comes out just a few weeks before the “Star Trek” sequel. Paramount figures that there’s already a built in audience for “Star Trek”, and I suspect that the studio is at least mulling another delay. Not to mention that “Iron Man 3″, a film that Paramount sold to Disney, is coming out within the same period.

Yes, J.J Abrams’ is a secretive man, and doesn’t want to give a whole lot away in advance. But that isn’t the whole story here. I think the studio is pulling the strings.

218. Phil - September 6, 2012

The studio has been consistant with explaining delays that they didn’t want to ‘rush’ the product, and needed to take the extra time to get it right. Of course we know now that the film was delayed because Bad Robot had other committments. At this rate Trek 12 should be the greatest movie. Ever.

219. Phil - September 6, 2012

@216. Yeah, baby!! Greatest. Movie. Ever!!

220. Aurore - September 6, 2012

“….Of course we know now that the film was delayed because Bad Robot had other committments.”


It seems to me that we’ve known about this for months, now ( see article and post 56….. amongst others…)

221. AJ - September 6, 2012


“Bad Robot had other commitments.”

The GI Joe franchise, as far as I know, is not related to Bad Robot, which is JJ Abrams’s production company.

I would ask for clarification, but as we are seemingly adrift on the Web, I do not expect it:

Bad Robot: Makes the flick and pays the bills/salaries
Spyglass: Secures the financing for Bad Robot
Paramount: Distributes
CBS: Royalties under contract for images and devices/swag

Anyone with better knowledge, please fess up.

222. Craiger - September 6, 2012

I think another delay will hurt Trek, people will just forget that their was another Trek movie that was filmed. Unless they really promote the sequel because of the delay. That could also hurt, allthough I want to know who the villain is and see the trailer, I thought they did over promote ST 2009 and because of that we knew most of what was going to happen in the movie, except the ending. I think their hyping the movie and then their is overhyping.

223. SoonerDave - September 6, 2012

At some point, whether I want or don’t want to be beset with potential “spoilers,” the reality is that most big-name, tentpole films get *some* kind of public spin going from the studio well in advance of their release. The ones everyone knows about, but *don’t* get the spin, are very often not getting the spin because they’re in *some* measure of difficulty.

I am *not* saying JJTrek2 is in trouble. I *am* saying that as time goes on with literally no formal, official, or even incidental “stir” from Paramount et al, the probability that *something* is awry increases IMHO.

224. The Last Vulcan - September 6, 2012

I think that we’ve been locked away in this asylum alone for too long and we’re all starting to hallucinate. :)

There’s nothing wrong with the movie, there’s no unexpected delay or problem. JJ’s a security freak and he wants people to be surprised when they’ve paid their ticket not on a site a year before release. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the teaser and even the actual trailers don’t show much of anything. Remember the first movie’s teaser? Other than “her ample nacelles” the plot could have been killer tribbles on a galactic rampage.

Until then, we might as well rename this site :)

225. Phil - September 6, 2012

@224. Or a promo for Welders Union local 242…

226. LizardGirl - September 6, 2012

Thank You Kayla!!! You’re the best!! Keep rolling them out! ^_^

It kind of bothers me when people use the good old “back in the day we didn’t have internet” as a preamble to fuss down at people. I’m sorry for being born in the era of convenience and I am truly sorry you had to use pigeons to communicate but like it or not, we are living in a different world than before. Not that there aren’t good things about days passed (we are talking about Star Trek here), but I just don’t like it when it is used to stand on a pedestal.

Also, title doesn’t necessarily equal spoiler. It’s just a necessary fact about the movie. If they have a title, they should advertise it so at least IMDb can put it on their website. There won’t be many big conventions to promote at between December and May. Whatever marketing campaign they do for this movie, it’ll have to be very aggressive!

Despite living in the age of the internet, I believe word of mouth will still be a strong way to advertise. The internet will be their friend if the fans are actually excited about the project. You’ve seen some of the amazing things fans have done for their preferred franchises. Let us work for you, Paramount. Please.

The reason I slipped Paramount in there is because, while JJ might secretive, there’s no way a blanket of silence can be so thorough unless backed up by someone more powerful than JJ. Him threatening the actors not to spill the beans seems preposterous. But Paramount intimidating the actors with a some kind of silence clause. That seems more reasonable. Maybe JJ’s doesn’t want to see them get into trouble so he tells them, “Hey don’t say any details that will get you sued okay?”. The actors don’t say anything negative about JJ, ever. So now I’m not so sure if it’s him that’s behind all of the silence. Maybe a lot of it, but not all of it.

Paramount has a history (that I read up on) of short selling Star Trek. Maybe it’s them and not Bad Robot.

227. LizardGirl - September 6, 2012

And maybe I should add CBS in that last sentence?

228. Phil - September 6, 2012

@226 JJ works for Paramount. They will allow him some lattitude, but if a studio exec decides Keachick needs her cast photo tomorrow, she gets her cast photo tomorrow. Or a trailer on the upcoming Bond flick, which is much more likely.

And if the title is some sort of variant on The Wrath of Khan, it is, indeed, a spoiler.

229. AJ - September 6, 2012

In our own little universe, the delay has “hurt” Trek in that we, the silly fans, are f*cking pissed off and feel like shit when one or another actor comes out and says “it was really great! What a ride! But that’s all I can say!” when he’s already on the set of his next film.

Many here complain about JJ’s cluelessness with regard to fandom, or how he lost the clue with LOST after his creative high-point 6 years ago. Now he’s attaching his name to boardroom-created sci-fi dramas (Revolution, Android/Cop thing), and just coasting along, counting money.

I think JJ wants to be Spielberg doing “Schindler’s List” instead of “Jurassic Park” over and over again. He probably needs someone with Spielberg’s weight to get him there. JJ needs an “Empire of the Sun” to get him out of Sci-Fi and then leave “Trek” to a dedicated creative team.

230. Bobby - September 6, 2012

The film is out next May. Eight months. 252 days.

Relax. Talk to your doctor about Xanax.

Let the studio worry about the average moviegoer (who doesn’t read People magazine or Entertainment Weekly, watch talk shows, ET or read newspapers — all of which talked about the filming) not knowing yet that the film comes out on May 17, 2013.

Fact: Every single genre movie tries to keep their plots secret. JJ’s just better at it than most.

231. Craiger - September 6, 2012

AJ, some say he did the same thing with Alias, great in the begining and lost it in the end.

Best scene during first season of Alias.

232. captain spock - September 6, 2012

JJ abrams sell robot cop show to fox

233. Bobby - September 6, 2012

Generic, pointless teasers are for fans to jizz over. Or for new properties or reboots that may have no, or negative, buzz (like Man of Steel, which was delayed a year and which has to overcome some troubling connections to the last, lousy Superman pic, and some lousy movies by Zac Snyder).

The first Trek was the teaser. Reporters are still constantly asking the actors about it. This story is about a story talking about the next movie. There are recent stories on this site about the comics, about the game, and about statements from actors and the filmmakers. And yet we’re saying nobody’s talking about Trek?

Mystery sells. Say it’s called Star Trek: Purple Rain. So what? What’s that going to mean to the average moviegoer? When there’s a trailer, there will be a title, presumably.

234. Bobby - September 6, 2012

“The reason I slipped Paramount in there is because, while JJ might secretive, there’s no way a blanket of silence can be so thorough unless backed up by someone more powerful than JJ. Him threatening the actors not to spill the beans seems preposterous. But Paramount intimidating the actors with a some kind of silence clause. That seems more reasonable. Maybe JJ’s doesn’t want to see them get into trouble so he tells them, “Hey don’t say any details that will get you sued okay?”. The actors don’t say anything negative about JJ, ever. So now I’m not so sure if it’s him that’s behind all of the silence. Maybe a lot of it, but not all of it.”

Are you kidding? Or insane? Nearly every genre movie does this. Return of the Jedi filmed under the name Blue Harvest so nobody would know they were filming on location. Coincidentally, it also changed names at some point during post-production, I believe.

Telling actors they can’t spill plot details before isn’t new. Or unusual. It happened on The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. And every summer tentpole movie in my lifetime.

It’s not a bloody conspiracy.

There’s going to be a massive marketing campaign. Chill.

235. LizardGirl - September 6, 2012

If the title is indeed a spoiler, then at what time does one decide that the public is ready to embrace it, sooner or later? Either way, it’s a spoiler. Some have predicted that if the movie has anything to do with Khan, then it will have damaging repercussions. But I think that’s a little dramatic. We’re all fans here, and while some have said they will boycott the movie or predict it will fail, most of us honestly want to see it do well.

It’s not Us vs. Them, but I personally feel somewhat isolated from an experience that has always had some fan involvement. And I don’t say that as a disgruntled fan, but as someone who’s watched the interviews of the original Star Trek actors as well as read Nichelle Nichols’ biography (which is fantastic by the way! “Beyond Uhura and Other Star Trek Memories” 1995). I also know that fans protested the cancellation of TOS and it was through them that we now have the third season. So fan participation and Star Trek go hand in hand. I trust that whatever JJ & Co. has done with this movie is great, I only wish I knew something about it to keep me excited.

236. Randy - September 6, 2012

Cumberbatch = V’Ger

237. LizardGirl - September 6, 2012

Um, I didn’t say this was a conspiracy so don’t put words in my mouth. I was saying that maybe it’s not just the director that’s telling everyone to be quiet. Actually, I was cutting JJ some slack and not completely blaming him for the vacuum of non information.

Whoever owns the rights to make Star Trek movies may have had those involved sign a gag clause (like they did for ST09). If JJ is anyhow involved in that, then, well, go back and read the example I put in 226. It’s easy to blame JJ but maybe it’s not all his fault.

No conspiracies here.

238. Craiger - September 6, 2012

#235 – The sequel tile – Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. LOL.

239. Aurore - September 6, 2012

…Well…..Anyway, how is it going, Mr. Orci?

What did DamOn think of my suggestion for the title of the sequel?


240. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 6, 2012

#228 – Oh Phil, all I ever been hoping for is a non-spoiler cast photo. No titles, no names of the villains, no little plot synopsis – it is others who bleat on about what they have not got yet, stuff that could very well be rather spoilery. Gosh, your sarcasm does you proud…/my sarcasm.

Oh and @ Astronut – the word “spoilery” is probably not a proper word either. Damn that ever versatile, fun to play with language known as English!

Why get pissed off/angry at Chris Pine for saying how he felt being part of the latest Star Trek movie? He is under contract, with some obviously very specific clauses that if he violates, could mean he never gets to work again. That is the very last thing I would want to happen. These clauses seem to apply to the other actors and crew of the movie as well.

241. Vultan - September 6, 2012

Yeah, I see Astronut’s point about unnecessary pretentious words in everyday conversation, but it is kind of odd to make a big deal about made-up words… on a Star Trek site.

Our favorite fictional universe has done its fair share of making up words, sometimes just to sound like one of those cool science kids—tricorder, protomatter, phaser, etc., etc.

All made-up, but all of them perfectly cromulent words.

242. Salvador Nogueira - September 6, 2012

One thing, for me, is not clear. Who is playing Batman in Star Trek 2?

243. Craiger - September 6, 2012

Just curious do you think we should all boycott Trekmovie until they provide us with an update with what’s going on with this site? I’d like to know if its worth even coming here anymore for Trek news?

244. Aurore - September 6, 2012

“Just curious do you think we should all boycott Trekmovie until they provide us with an update with what’s going on with this site?…”

Let us keep things simple.

From now on, in order to post here, fans should all be Hugo Award recipients.

That means you too, Mr. Orci.

245. Phil - September 6, 2012

@242. Whoopi Goldburg.

246. Phil - September 6, 2012

@244. Welcome to the Michael Hall blog, formerly known as….of course, I’m assuming he has one, the way he goes on about it….

247. Jonboc - September 6, 2012

#243 “Just curious do you think we should all boycott Trekmovie until they provide us with an update with what’s going on with this site?”

You know, my first reaction was to just ignore this bit of foolishness. And so, without further adieu…

248. Montreal_Paul - September 6, 2012

243. Craiger

With comments like that, it’s no wonder Anthony has been staying away.

249. LizardGirl - September 6, 2012

Hm, we can’t boycott Star Trek. Goes against the rules of nature. It’s like trying not to blink. Physically impossible.

250. Aurore - September 6, 2012

What is needed now is a topic of discussion that will bring us all together as one happy family.

The happy family that we, Star Trek fans, can be, every time we choose to put aside our differences.

Spock/Uhura, anyone? The engine room….perhaps?


251. Jack - September 6, 2012

Okay. I’m now regretting coming to check out this site, when I’d sworn to myself I wouldn’t.

Having been around Trek for decades, Lizard Girl. I can tell you that this isn’t particularly new. And I’m not trying to be condescending, if anything, it’s a little sad that I’ve been following every bit of Trek news since the 70s. I’m not saying I’m an expert but I’ve seen all this for every movie, and not just Trek movies.

But back then, the anticipation was part of the marketing — there was a vacuum of information so you searched constantly. You looked at the bookstore for books and magazines about Trek. You dug everywhere you could. It was frustrating but pretty fantastic.

Of course, averagemoviegoer didn’t search for all that — he waited for the posters and trailers and magazine articles and reviews in the paper…. pretty much exactly just like now, except the reviews and most of the stories are online. But it’s just a difference of medium, really.

And I’ve been a rabid movie fan for decades — I can tell you that this has happened with most major movies I can think of, even recent ones. Even movies with complicated tie-ins and ARGs (like the Matrix sequels), which was the rage a few years back, kept the plot mostly or entirely secret. In cases where they haven’t it’s either been because of a leak or lousy marketing.

It used to be a long, long wait between movies — especially before TNG was on the air and we became oversaturated with Trek. The news came gradually, pretty much the same way, really, it does now — official announcements, trailers, news stories, interviews, TV commercials, ad campaigns, publicity stunts and merchandise tie ins.

I just don’t understand where this idea of fan involvement in the movies that you’re talking about came from (apart from this general idea that, yes, Bjo Trimble started the drive to write those letters, and fans [ie viewers] made the show popular in reruns). Sure there were things like the naming of the shuttle etc. But Trek fans have never been used to market a movie that I can recall.

I’d argue that this team’s interaction with fans is unprecedented.

Sure, fans watched, the same as with any property — and some went to conventions — but they were never part of any campaign to spread the word.

Before the last movie, there were surprise advance screenings for fans. Orci posts here, which is unprecedented for Trek. There are comics out now, tied into the movies, between the movies — that never happened before (yes, there were comics and novels, but they never officially bridged the movies or were part pf canon). And there will be a game out before/by the movie — that’s marketing.

The only other “fan involvement” for previous movies that I can recall were leaks of the scripts online. Actors kept their mouths shut for all of them too. Even Nichelle Nichols. ;)

Does anyone here know whether there were major leaks at conventions?

Oh, and most sources say Gene Roddenberry engineered that letter writing campaign. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t legit. But he instigated it, and it became a big part of Trek’s publicity/legend over the years.

And all the other movies were released pretty much like this one, complete with secrets — as far as I can remember.

People were making this exact same argument here on this site — the Paramount and Bad Robot had dropped the ball on marketing and it was probably because they knew they had a stinker… and they predicted that the film would bomb — weeks before the last one was released. They were making it right up until the movie hit theatres — and did remarkably well. People were complaining because we had only a few stills. And there were all the same complaints about secrecy that are being made here.

During filming we complained here about the lack of updates and behind-the-scenes footage, stills. Before filming we complained that they hadn’t given us the title, plot or characters.

I’ve never said here that fans shouldn’t be frustrated or they shouldn’t want to know the title, characters or to see a trailer. I’m anxious too. I’ve never ever said or suggested that there’s anything wrong with being anxious or wanting spoilers, even though I personally don’t want any (I have said though, that the argument that “if you don’t want to know spoilers then don’t look for them” isn’t realistic — because spoilers get out there).

The only thing I ever complained about was fans saying, more or less, the movie will suck and will be a colossal failure because the team has kept their cards close to their chests. And all I’ve ever argued with, factually (and you said I’d missed the point) was this idea that other movies give way more information and teh implication that JJ is somehow crazy to be guarding the story.

And in every thread that example was The Avengers and TDKR. My only point, which I kept repeating, was that, in reality, the actors in those movies were ordered to keep plenty of secrets. Yes, we knew who they were playing, but that was pretty much it.

Sure, we can quibble — yes, they let us know this and that. Maybe I’,m making a really obvious point, over and over — all movies try to keep secrets, this isn’t particularly unusual and it doesn’t mean the movie will be doomed.

Bottom line. If you’re frustrated that they haven’t released (or decided on) a title, I can’t argue with that. You’re frustrated, you’re frustrated. But it’s a stretch to say that it means they’re dooming the movie.

We’re talking about fan involvement and the fan’s role in marketing? Well how are we helping by constantly complaining that they’re dooming their movie because they haven’t told us the title, or (and many people complain about this, even if you don’t) the characters’ names, or the plot, or shown us a generic teaser trailer. Right now, we’re giving lousy word of mouth. That’s what fans in forums generally do. We try to show that we know more than everyone else and try to impress people with our predictions.

So what, unless they give us what we want when we think they should, we’ll talk constant s**(T about them and their movie? We’ll only give good word of mouth if they meet our demands?

And before you give me a catchy comeback like “well, you’re a fan too — are you including yourself?”. Yes, Lizardgirl. Yes I am.

I said, in another topic, I was frustrated with fans here who are saying this thing will tank simply because we don’t know much 8 months out. And you, in another topic “debated” me for saying that. Are you telling me I’m not frustrated? Some people have called for plot synopses and character names, repeatedly. Others, like you, have just said you expect a teaser and a name to have been released by now.

Again, fine.

I just really wish that people wouldn’t automatically forecast doom… fine, be sad or pissed off that there’s nothing yet…. but instead we get fans saying how important they are — and yet those fans are doing nothing but griping. They do, and there’s nothing I can do about it. All I’ve ever tried to do here is put that in some perspective — plenty of films haven’t released all this info months in advance, and they were fine.

252. Craiger - September 6, 2012

Sorry, didn’t mean to cause people to get upset with my idea about boycotting this site, I’m just getting frustrated like alot of people here about the status of this site and the sequel, it seems both are going slient with status updates.

253. Montreal_Paul - September 6, 2012

252. Craiger

Be patient. Starting in November, there will be so much info coming out.

254. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 6, 2012

#251 – Welcome back, Jack. I agree with everything you wrote.

In retrospect, I think that I may have actually got much of what I had said that I wanted back in December 2011. It is just that it did not come in the way that I had expected/hoped. However, those *leaked* photos did show both Zachary Quinto as Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch as *villain in uniform with Starfleet emblem supposedly duking it out on plastic, or whatever you call that stuff…:) and then there were the photos of much of the cast in their own clothes being driven around on the film sets in golf carts.

So thank you to whoever posted those pictures. They weren’t quite as I had expected, but they did show that things were a happening with the latest Star Trek film production.

As I said, I am hopeful that 8 September will bring us all a little something from the latest film in commemoration of the first time people ever got to see Star Trek on the small screen in 1966, some 46 years ago! This doesn’t mean that the main promotional work can’t start till November this year.

Fingers crossed!

255. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 6, 2012

As for another made-up word said recently in a movie – “cromantic”

Tuck – “I don’t if that is creepy or romantic”
FDR – “Cromantic”

256. rose by any other name is Keachick - September 6, 2012

Need edit facility – just saw that I missed out the word “know” in “I don’t KNOW if…” as the last comment posted…ugh!

257. Jack - September 6, 2012

250. How ’bout how excited we are that a new Trek movie is coming out in just 8 months?

Or about how excited we are to find out the title and see the trailer?

Or how incredible it is that we have surprises to look forward to?

252. Craiger. I feel for you. About this time last year, I was sad that Anthony had gone silent and there were rumours that the site was dead.

But, if there’s nothing to report, there’s nothing to report. Anthony pretty much reports exactly what the other sites report — he can’t invent sequel news if there isn’t any. With very few exceptions, his exclusives are mainly limited to what Bob Orci says in the comments here.

And no matter what the topic here is — we tend to make the same exact complaints about the lack of information. Even when they’re stories about things — like the brand new comics and the games — that actually ARE part of the marketing for the movie.

Here’s what we can look forward to over the next 8 months: the trailer will come out, a title will be released, we’ll see official stills, there will be interviews and magazine covers and talk show blitzes and, most of all, we’ll get to watch the movie for the first time with everybody else, more or less, on opening weekend. What could be better than that? :)

258. Jack - September 6, 2012

254. “As I said, I am hopeful that 8 September will bring us all a little something from the latest film in commemoration of the first time people ever got to see Star Trek on the small screen in 1966, some 46 years ago! This doesn’t mean that the main promotional work can’t start till November this year. Fingers crossed!”

Hi, Rose. :). Hope all’s swell with you. I may vanish again because I feel like a curmudgeon and/or Polyanna for arguing for sticking with the facts and not predicting that the sky must be falling because the beans haven’t been spilled yet. What other metaphors can I mix?

Brilliant idea with the Trekiversary. I hadn’t thought of that at all.

To quote the hecklers in the balcony of the Muppet Show – Why do we always come here? In our case, it’s because we’re excited. Impatient, yes. But, really, we want Trek and (almost literally) can’t wait for next May. It’s actually a good thing.


259. Craiger - September 6, 2012

Jack we also keep saying about this site’s “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” That just doesn’t mean Trek sequel news that means everything new in Trek no matter how small. This site would be reporting on things like when TNG BluRay’s are out or if they have to send out replacement discs. they haven’t said when Season 2 is out or when those discs would be availabe. They used to post news articles about other Trek products and what other people are up to with Trek like those guys wanting to rebuild the TNG bridge. I think it could be that Anthony just has too much on his plate right now to stick to this sites tag line, “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” That’s why their should be an update as to if this site is going part-time or being closed. Then that tagline doesn’t matter anymore.

260. Craiger - September 6, 2012

Trekmovie has said when the Season 1 box set is out but not when Season two is out. I am not getting them just using that as an example for other people that would be interested in buying them.

261. I'm Dead Jim! - September 6, 2012

Possible Spoiler Alert!!!! (if you consider the recent comics spoilers)

Forgive me if this has been discussed before…

After just reading the Return of the Archons nu-trek adaptation, I really hope the movies aren’t going to follow the shadow federation story line involving Pike & Sulu, intriguing as that may be on some level. Not sure I want to take my Trek that dark.

262. Craiger - September 6, 2012

#261 – Cumberbatch as a Section 31 agent? Maybe Section 31 see the Klingons as a new threat to the Federation? What if Section 31 decides to find Khan and the Botany revive them to help combat the Klingons? Then Khan and his people turn on the Fedeation?

263. I'm Dead Jim! - September 6, 2012

@262 Intriguing.

264. Craiger - September 6, 2012

263 – Thanks. Thought of something else maybe Cumberbatch as the Seciton 31 agent hires Weller’s CEO character to find the Botany Bay. Weller did say his character has a ship.

265. Commodore Redshirt - September 6, 2012

Adam West is Playing KHAN!

266. Commodore Redshirt - September 6, 2012

Wait… Cumberbatch is The Penguin!

267. Cpelc - September 6, 2012

There’s also the shadow group in the latest starflower academy novel from the jive rise. And it seems to be a big deal that the info about former members was released by Spock (operating under the orders of Pike). Although this story takes place prior to ST2009.

268. NCM - September 6, 2012

@ Shilliam Watner; you owe no apology–esp. not to one who picks a fight over a single inoffensive word and claims to be “an Exec Editor in the print pub industry” without ‘ever, ever’ encountering the word “elucidate.” Maybe the “Exec” should spend less time in the pub and more time reading competently edited print (s/he might also look up the meaning of “aloof”).

Welcome back, Jack!

269. Jack - September 6, 2012

259. True, Craiger.

270. LizardGirl - September 6, 2012

Well, I don’t know how you can stand it. It’s killing me, and yes, technically, this is my first rodeo. I don’t have the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Trek experience that many here have, I won’t lie. But as you said, many are frustrated, regardless of generation. I personally don’t appreciate the damning of a movie that hasn’t been released either. Yet I don’t fire back at any and everyone expressing doubt. Reasonable doubt of course, not the obvious flaming posted over and over. But even some of that probably stems out of insecurities about what’s happening out there in Hollywood land.

Forgive me but at the time I responded to you, it seemed that you were targeting those in the “reasonable doubt” category. These are not flamers that are dooming and glooming the movie, but avid fans expressing their concerns (yes, some a little more creative in their wording). I felt that you were trying to argue a point that wasn’t so much a point as it was a state of mind. People are restless, nervous, frustrated, etc. Sometimes you can’t reason with emotions. I see that you’ve stated that in your post so you get it. I was under the impression that you didn’t understand the emotional part, but was just rattling off stats of other movies to prove something.

This is really the only first hand experience I have concerning any Trek process: (1) Star Trek, under Paramount and Bad Robot was initially slated for release December of 2008, then it was pushed back 5 or so months for May 2009. (2) Star Trek sequel originally slated for release May 2012, pushed back to late May of 2013 (3) September of 2012–no updates, interviews (only a few, with the same cloak and dagger responses), and no real news. Human nature sometimes dictates that we listen to what the gut is telling us. Getting nervous should be kind natural. It may not be very logical, but we aren’t Vulcans (only in a perfect world!)

Maybe everyone’s under a legal oath not to give any news. I don’t know. But usually, there’s a security blanket to hold onto until things get “less scary” or less…unknown.There is nothing so far, this time around. When there’s nothing to go on, people speculate. Sometimes it’s wild, sometimes it makes sense. *shrug*. For me, a visual and tactile person, a title and a teaser acts as a promise. It’s as good as their word that this thing is okay. It would definitely confirm it in my mind, make it real to me. Right now it’s like trying to grasp the clouds out of the sky.

Maybe my generation Trek is the first to ever involve fan interaction. But one thing I have learned is that Star Trek fans are very involved and very hands-on all on their own, regardless of what era they come from (as your own personal experience shows). Maybe they didn’t have much involvement in the actual movies but they seemed involved in everything else, especially the TV franchises. They support the cons, the graphic novels, attend the movies, read the articles and despite some grumblings many support JJ and crew. Maybe JJ Trek Generation, my generation, is spoiled. I don’t know if I should apologize for that or not. For me it just…is. And now it is not anymore. 0_o

271. Aurore - September 6, 2012

“250. How ’bout how excited we are that a new Trek movie is coming out in just 8 months?

Or about how excited we are to find out the title and see the trailer?

Or how incredible it is that we have surprises to look forward to?”


This is unacceptable…

The very last suggestion is particularly offensive, to me.

….And so, those are supposed to be “worthy subjects of discussion”?!


272. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 6, 2012

Hi, Jack. I hope you are feeling better. I recall you saying that you had a bad cold, had an argument with the boss and felt lousy/depressed and reading some of the posts here was the last straw (I am paraphrasing here). Anyway, here’s to your good health and happiness.

Perhaps I need to get a life, or at least a better one than the one I already have…if only everyone weren’t always sick…sigh.

I am nervous as well about the new movie. Then again, I have always been referred to as a worry-wart by others. Also I can get easily panicked sometimes and then look very foolish afterwards, so I try to stick to the facts, much like Jack seems to.

I recall writing here that I saw the first trailer for the Rise of the Guardians (NZ release date 6/12/12) when I went to see Prometheus and I thought that the promotion of this movie seemed a little early, so I guess I figure that promoting the new Star Trek starting November this year six months out from release date is plenty of time to get audiences knowledgeable and interested. My panic button would get really pushed if nothing was heard/seen by January next year.

273. ELIAS JAVALIS - September 6, 2012

Absolutely correct strategy Mr Abrams. Last thing i wanna see is Batman..A good movie by all means, but Trek is better:)

274. - September 6, 2012

Of course it could not be Batman.

Who would do something as silly as mixing Star Trek characters with super heroes.

275. Marja - September 7, 2012

Jack, I’ve been around Trek fandom for a while too, and I remember everything you talked about. The slow accumulation of “news” about upcoming movies &c. The seeking for info in the days when there was no 24-hour news cycle or instant cyber-spoilers. So I guess I’m used to waiting for the good stuff.

In the late 1970s when I heard there was going to be a “Star Trek” motion picture I was so excited! Ummm then I saw it (joke). Though it was ponderous, at least it was TREK!!!

After STII WOK Nimoy was asked at a convention in 1983 “Is Spock coming back?” and Nimoy said, practically waggling his eyebrows, “There are always … possibilities.” And that my friends is the same kind of thing we’re getting now.

The stars are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. And JJ is fond of secrecy because he wants us all to get to the theatre and experience surprise. I’m all for that!

In the grand scheme of life, the universe and everything, movies are pretty low on the list of consequential things. I love movies! I enjoy Trek, I love Trek, I write Trek fanfic: yes, I do spend time on inconsequential things … for enjoyment.

I like to come here for idle speculation (the fun speculation, not the “This movie must suck” speculation or the “They’re jerking us loyal fans around”), and any actual news that wanders our way. I expect little *news* until about two months before the movie. And even then it will be dribs and drabs designed to whet our moviegoing appetites.

There are so many joys to be had in life!

One of those joys is anticipation. JJ does seem to be giving us a little too much of this, but heck, folks, it’s a movie.

I’m looking forward to it . If I sound foolishly loyal or whatever, forgive me. I’m going to worry about the election now.

276. Captain Rickover - September 7, 2012

Ah, there is still a new Star Trek movie in the making!

I wonder if anyone beside us fans know this at all. Isn’t it about time to reveal something to the public and show the potential audience that there is something worth their money?

277. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 7, 2012

Why make a big deal out of a movie that has not been completed yet? Even if everybody knows about it, they can’t spend their money until 17 May 2013.

278. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 7, 2012

#274 – “It was a little joke”

279. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 7, 2012

Hi, people – This is OT but I thought some of you may like to see this picture of the late Tony Scott with the main cast of his last movie, Unstoppable.

280. only so much patience - September 7, 2012

Here we go again
No updates.
no news of any kind on this site
What a crock of *@#!!

Trektoday for me from now on

281. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 7, 2012

If there ain’t no news, there ain’t no news.

Except that, it now being September 7, this means that writer Alex Kurtzman has a birthday.

Happy Birthday, Alex Kurtzman and many happy returns. Have a great new year and best wishes for the success of that science fiction film currently in post-production that you helped write…:) due for release on 17 May 2013.

282. star trackie - September 7, 2012


“Here we go again
No updates.
no news of any kind on this site
What a crock of *@#!!

Trektoday for me from now on”

Promises promises! lol

The only croc is that you think anyone will take you seriously…with a name I’ve never seen on this board…ever….cleverly calling yourself “out of patience” no doubt in response to the unforgiving lack of updates. :)

Obviously you’re one of the disgruntled whiners who continue to cry in their synthehol about the lack of updates on this site, pulling a quick change act. “Out of Patience” may have left the building, but I’m sure he, or she, will be back with more complaints under their usual moniker!

283. star trackie - September 7, 2012

And the only reason Trek has been compared to Batman, is in the sense that Batman Begins seemed to reinvigorate the tired Bat-franchise…the same way JJ’s Trek was expected to do after the Trek franchise fizzled out. Which it did with great success. As far as I’m concerned, the baby is walking now and needs no more comparrisons to the business models of NOlan’s BAtman and it’s sequels.

284. Jannek - September 7, 2012

@ 14: 100 % agreement

285. Gary S. - September 7, 2012

#261Just curious ,
Aything in the comics about Robert April?

286. Gary S. - September 7, 2012

Sorry about the mispelling
Anything in the comics about Robert April .?

287. Hat Rick - September 7, 2012


Just a note to say:

The new Google doodle is the most awesome ever!

A playable Star Trek doodle featuring the Gorn as well as the TOS crew (and a poor redshirt).

288. harley3k - September 7, 2012

Yes, I just noticed it myself, and wondered why it isn’t a new entry on this site. Is it just me, or is the frequency with which this site is updated has gone down? Maybe time to hand the reins over to someone that has time to manage it?

289. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 7, 2012

Loved it!

It should be a cover story.

290. Mikey1091 - September 7, 2012

So…..Its the 46th anniversary of Trek. Hows about a commemorative article? Yes? No? Maybe? Oh and by the way, Thanks to Google for actually taking the time to acknowledge it with a little doodle thing of their own!

291. bill coleman - September 7, 2012

when you are in the transporter room, click ont he “e” and he cries.

292. DurdSoB - September 7, 2012

I bet they’re making some kind of conspiracy-story which threatens the federation in some way. It would be boring to have another Villian threaten to destroy earth, the galaxy or whatever. But to threaten the peacekeeping force in the galaxy or at least the quadrant would be interessting.

293. BulletInTheFace - September 7, 2012

Boycotting the site? Seriously?

The melodrama is REALLY getting out of control. If you’re so unhappy here, why visit the site daily? Just so you can post tons of “This site sucks” and “Anthony sucks” posts?

It’s ridiculous.

294. it's just ridicooolus - September 7, 2012

it’s just ridicooolus

295. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 7, 2012

Hey! “They” heard me!!!

296. - September 11, 2012

Clearly what Pine is saying is that Khan is not in the film.

All of the Khan fanatics saying that Khan is to Kirk what the Joker is to Batman has prompted this denial.

Time to move on lads.

297. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 11, 2012

Really? Once again, people are reading far more into what someone else said. All Chris Pine said is “We’re not making Batman” and that means that Chris was saying that Khan is not in the movie. I have no idea whether Khan is in the movie or not and that is because Chris gave no indication, either way.

The only person who did actually say anything about Khan was when Simon Pegg said that Benedict Cumberbatch was not playing Khan. That, of course, does not automatically exclude Khan from appearing in the sequel. It is that he is not being played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

I really hope that Khan is not in the movie or only has a very small part, like in the beginning where the Botany Bay gets blown away with him and his merry men all fast asleep still. Someone gets to play Khan being asleep!

In eight months and five days, we’ll know, for sure, one way or the other!

298. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 11, 2012

edit: I mean to write “…and that means…Khan is not in the movie?” Question mark.

299. - September 12, 2012

Get a sense of humor Rose.

300. - September 12, 2012

And i thought you were from Australia.

301. Keachick (that rose girl) - September 13, 2012

#300 – No, I am not from Australia but I’m not sure what that’s got to do with anything. I am from NZ, those two small islands off the coast of Australia. Only takes about 3 hours on the big bird to get from Sydney to Auckland.

What do you mean by get a sense of humour? You mean, an actor gets paid to play that iconic Khan character who is fast asleep …is not funny? When I think of merry men, I think of Shrek…:) It also means that we avoid the possibility of having to endure any of that “I spit at thee…” and “…perdition’s moon” kind of dialogue.

I was/am having fun here and I did not know that you were such a funkiller…:(

:- ))

302. - September 13, 2012

New Zealand. We basically own you guys anyway to you could get away with claiming to be Aussie.

Worked for Russell Crowe and see where it got him.

Now maybe he could play Khan.

303. Keachick (that Rose girl) - September 13, 2012

You don’t make sense. No, I am not Aussie! NZ and Australia are separate, sovereign nations. As far as *ownership* goes, everybody is in debt to everyone else anyway, so the notion of ownership (in a financial sense) is a little moot.

304. Joni - September 21, 2012

Trek movie is very nice & i enjoy it

305. Frank - September 21, 2012

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