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TrekInk Review: Star Trek #13 September 21, 2012

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Comics,Review,Star Trek (2009 film),TOS , trackback

IDW Publishing presents a one-shot issue of their ongoing Star Trek series this week. Star Trek #13 features Cupcake in a poignant tale of what it really means to wear a red shirt in service to Starfleet. Spoilers and more after the break.

Star Trek #13
written by Mike Johnson, art by Stephen Molnar, colors by John Rauch, lettering by Neil Uyetake, creative consultant Roberto Orci, edited by Scott Dunbier


Hendorff records a message for transmission to his parents, telling them about his life and work aboard the Enterprise. His story is woven with recollections of his first meeting with Kirk, the tragic encounter with Nero, his observations about friends like Uhura, and other crewmates, a difficult away mission where he was seriously injured protecting Commander Spock, and more. Most of all, Hendorff wants to reassure his parents. The stories they’ve heard about what it means to wear red, are just stories. When he and his colleagues in security put on the uniform, it isn’t fear they feel, it’s pride, and he’ll be fine.

Never trust a purple alien flower!


Writer Mike Johnson presents a bottle episode in this one-shot story featuring Hendorff, dubbed Cupcake by Kirk, a security officer we first met in Star Trek (2009) as a cadet, who has also appeared in several previous issues of this series. At this stage, the meme of the redshirt has embedded itself in our brains, but Johnson’s story hits its target with ease, with compassion, and with some insight into the characters of Star Trek. No matter what we may think, redshirts are not the walking dead. Hendorff has chosen to serve and wear the red shirt. I’m all too certain that nearly everyone knows someone like him. Johnson’s point is well taken. Stephen Molnar’s art is terrific in this issue. He captures the spirit of every familiar character aboard the Enterprise. John Rauch does an equally good job with colors. The landing party scenes are particularly good. There are three covers for Star Trek #13. The retailer incentive photo cover features Chekov. Tim Bradstreet’s regular cover for issue #13 is all about the red shirt, rendered without faces, which, in a way, places Hendorff’s role on the ship in sharp relief. We’re getting to know him much better than your average security officer. If you recall, in the original series episode, The Apple, Ensign Hendorff dies quickly and without fanfare on Gamma Trianguli VI, from a plant that shoots thorns. You should pick up a copy of Star Trek #13, read it, then tell me, what do you think the future holds for alt-Hendorff?

Cover: Art by Tim Bradstreet


Cover RI A: Art by Tim Bradstreet, Cover RI B: Photo cover

Star Trek: Romulans Treasury Edition
story and art by John Byrne, colors by Leonard O’Grady, lettering by Neil Uyetake and Robbie Robbins, edited by Chris Ryall

Also available this week is a collection of John Byrnes’ Romulan tales. This 72-page, 9.25-inch x 14.25-inch oversize edition reprints Alien Spotlight: Romulans and Romulans: The Hollow Crown. If you missed out on Byrnes’ work the first or second time around, third time’s the charm. Like the DC and Marvel Treasury Editions of the 1970s and 1980s, this large format reprint shows off the artist’s work very nicely. If this is the start of a new format for IDW reprints, I think we’re in for a treat.

Cover: Art by John Byrne

These comics are available at your local comic shop this week along the with the first issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive, a four-issue mini-series. Keep an eye out for TrekMovie’s review of Hive #1. IDW Star Trek comics can also be purchased online. Preview PDFs are available for TrekMovie readers.

Star Trek #13
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive #1
Star Trek: Romulans Treasury Edition

Star Trek #13 Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive #1 of 4 Star Trek: Romulans Treasury Edition

Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.


1. Captain Otter - September 21, 2012

Looking forward to reading it!

2. Nerds in Korea - September 21, 2012


3. Bored, Bored, Bored with Star Trek. - September 21, 2012

Ten days of absolutely NO news, and all we get is a review of a lousy 7 page comic book, that very few will buy and read. Yawn. Didn’t I hear they are going to make another Star Trek movie?… I seem to remember some sort of rumor along those lines… oh, right.. It’s a freaking secret.. god forbid, we actually get news about that.

4. Gary S. - September 21, 2012

I LOVES me some Star Trek Comics .
This news is much appreaciated .
Thanks Mark !

5. CmdrR - September 21, 2012

Love the art work. I think these are a good way to appeal to a certain demographic.

Yes, I’d like some movie news. Ah well. Still, good comic.

6. rm10019 - September 21, 2012

3 – ok this site is now blocked from you and your account deleted so you don’t need to be upset any longer. It’s ok, go about your normal life, without posting here again.

7. Desstruxion - September 21, 2012

Will the Abramsverse comics ever have original art on the covers?

8. trekker - September 21, 2012

Star Trek ongoing 13 was a great read. I liked their take on redshirts and that they didn’t follow the cliches. I’m anjoying the comics more and more and can’t wait for the movie.

9. bearytrek - September 21, 2012

i’m assuming they are setting us up for a death of the character…

10. rm10019 - September 21, 2012

Hendorff Into Darkness

11. Pensive's Wetness - September 21, 2012

@6 o.O i think humor* was involved in @3’s posting but he does have a slight point. Its been very quiet around here lately though it’s not TM’s fault. you can just as an example of fail in getting -too- much information in the movie Prometheus…

as for the comics, didn’t someone mention that the comics from this particular arc/brand was given a lite tap oaf cannonisity? And does anyone know what the actor who plays ‘cupcake’ think about all this?

*The PW kneels and bows to the great and ethical TM enities. Please don’t punch me in the face…

12. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 21, 2012

Wow. These really look good.

13. Gone2TFF - September 21, 2012

IDW’s Star Trek is on my pick list at my local shop. Read this issue Wednesday afternoon and seriously got a little misty eyed at the end. So used to the two-parters of the series, I was caught off guard not just because it was a “bottle” issue but because it was so good! Just one minor illustration faux pax – incorrectly showing the black ringer color as part of the tunic rather than correctly as part of the black undershirt – but otherwise, a perfect story.

14. LeenyM - September 21, 2012

13- i was bothered by the same thing! maybe they were trying to make it seem like he was lazy and just had the 2 shirts together- i do that sometimes. But yes, it was a very good issue and really makes you love Hendorrf.

15. BiggestTOSfanever - September 21, 2012

This is probably one of my favorite of the ongoing comics, I liked the fact the Uhura has maintained her friendship with Hendorff and that she is portrayed with a slightly sunnier temperament like original Uhura.
I wonder why Starfleet wanted Kirk to contact the natives in this, perhaps a hint at something bigger going on in Starfleet like in the new return of the archons one (with the Starfleet computer). I think these hints will be important in the next movie with something like section 31.
Also, the biggest coloring goof that I saw was when Kirk is supposed to be reasoning with the natives in the recap at the end, he is wearing a red shirt and his hair is colored wrong! You can tell its supposed to be Kirk by the stripes on his sleeve.

16. Mr. Anonymous - September 21, 2012

#3 – You seem to feel a sense of entitlement or something. The people in charge of this site do this for fun, and don’t owe you anything.

17. rm10019 - September 21, 2012

16 – This.

18. AJ - September 21, 2012

What is a ‘local comic shop?’ Is that like a ‘record store?’

19. Johan Albrechtsen - September 21, 2012

Yeah, reading the comic books it does seem that the Starfleet of the “abramsverse” have some alterior motives. If Khan is indeed the main baddie in “Star Trek Into Darkness”, here’s my guess how the story will pan out:

Starfleet (an unknown ship, not The Enterprise) locates The Bottany Bay adrift in space with a frozen Khan (and entourage) on board. Following the attack of the Narada on Earth (and its attack on The Kelvin several years earlier), Starfleet’s gotten paranoid and fearful of being technologically inferior. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and recognizing that Khan is an amazing intellect, he’s secretly given an influential post in Starfleet, where he’s helping to make key strategic decisions while secretly plotting his own schemes.

This is the reason why Khan’s wearing a Starfleet emblem in the pictures from the set, and this also explains why Pike is being ordered to get Kirk in line in the comic book series leading up to “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Khan is, amazingly, calling the shots, and so the movie will not only feature a showdown between Kirk and Khan, but also between The Enterprise and Starfleet itself.

20. Johan Albrechtsen - September 21, 2012

PS. By making the events of the first film influence Khan’s introduction to the 23rd century, it’ll be easier to give the story a whole new spin.

21. ALI - IN SCOTLAND! - September 21, 2012


22. porthoses bitch - September 21, 2012

I grew up with the Gold key comics (printed here in my hometown).. they went from beyond bad to ummmmm…. ok…they were cool to look at to a 12 yearold boy…most of the art was snagged from publicity stills ( a process IDW continuesto this day esp, in the ng-who crossover). Then onto Marvels and Didnt DC have the licsense for abit?

Trek and comics have never really geled. I thinks the fotonovels worked well. And (showing my age).. james van hise’s photo stories in Enterprise Incidents were always strong.

The idw books are they canon ? We were told that hintswere being .dropped.

23. Jemini - September 21, 2012

one of my favorite issues so far. The part between Kirk and Cupcake is great and addressed some things that you’d think the characters would, realistically, think after he got promoted as Captain so young.


I like that Cupcake and Uhura are friends.His behavior with Kirk in the bar scene makes a bit more sense now but his reaction in the movie still is out of proportion and I feel like this portrayal of him kind of contradicts his portrayal in the movie. The “Cupcake”/Spock bit was good. My favorite line is when he commented that Uhura is the only one that makes Spock smile (and that “spock smile” there is perfect! he really does “smile” like that when he’s amused) that was sweet especially because the reader, unlike him, knows that they have a relationship. I think that he, along with all the other crew members but Kirk, Scotty and Bones, doesn’t know it since Spock and Uhura are keeping their interactions professional while at work (plus they have pre-conceptions about the vulcan commander). I like that, it’s challenging.

24. Kirkwanabe - September 21, 2012

I agree. It was a great issue. Highly recommended.

#19 – I’m intrigued by your musings. I think your interpretation of the change to Starfleet’s “outlook” given recent history is bang on. Can’t wait for this movie. I think we are in for a real treat!

25. CanOpener1255 - September 21, 2012

I wait a month for the price to come down to 1.99. But I have loved every issue, especially as we see a bigger divergence from the Prime Universe with each issue.

I hope we see more interiors of the Enterprise. Also, last issue had Rand in it. I wonder if that who Alice Eve plays in the new movie? Possibly one of th clues?

Keep em coming boys! The first comic series I have followed since the 1960’s!

26. dlee - September 21, 2012

“I’m all too certain that nearly everyone knows someone like him.”

Americans, with their militarised empire, might. Those of us in the rest of the world probably won’t since only a minority join the military now, thank heavens. I therefore doubt this comic will sell well internationally.

27. BulletInTheFace - September 21, 2012

#22: There have been many great Trek comics over the years. DC had the license for 12 years and produced hundreds of comics, most of which were stellar. Paramount Comics, Wildstorm and IDW have since published other great stories, and the L.A. Times’ four years worth of daily strips were great fun. You’re basing your opinion of Star Trek comics on Gold Key and Marvel, which were basically the low point of Trek comics history, and only a small percentage of the total number of comics published over the years–there have been close to 900 to date.

28. BulletInTheFace - September 21, 2012

Oh, and Malibu also did a very good job–I forgot to mention them.

29. CanOpener1256 - September 21, 2012

#22 … Yes, they are supposed to be canon in the new universe per BOB. They will lead directly to the rumored next movie. ;)

30. CanOpener1256 - September 21, 2012

#26. .. I just deleted what I was going to say. This forum is not the place.

31. Terran American - September 21, 2012

#26. I certainly hope there aren’t that many tanks on the road today in militant America. Pesky armored convoys and war games and strafing runs often keeps one from getting to the local comic shop. It really is vexing, I must say.

Nevertheless, long live the empire!

32. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 21, 2012

I really hope that Star Trek does not become more militarized than it has done. It may have won a few more fans, but people like my father-in-law don’t want to know about these later iterations because they appear too flashy, fast paced and more militaristic in tone. Apart from his eye problems, we can’t get him to watch the latest Star Trek movie DVD. It is the militaristic nature of Stargate, for instance, that has not made want to watch any of that series, even though most episodes (especially at the beginning) were really good.

Then again, he *lived* through the Depression, WW2, America’s military involvement in other countries since then. His brothers fought in WW2. Maybe he just feels a bit overloaded because if we don’t hear/see/read about America’s military activities and roamings in real life, we are sure to get militaristic stuff within the realm of television and movies, especially in those coming from the US.

When Star Trek first came to our TV screens in b/w, this man was working fulltime, studying Anthropology part time at Auckland University and had a wife and two sons, one of them my better half. He was a busy man. However, come Thursday night 8.00pm, he would stop everything, sit down and watch TOS Star Trek. Apart from the nightly news, this was the only TV programme he would watch – without fail! The kids could stay up to watch as well and as they were doing that, I was doing the very same in another part of Auckland.

I hope the real Roberto Orci reads this. I am just giving a perspective from a different viewpoint/place.

33. Johan Albrechtsen - September 21, 2012

#24, agreed – can’t wait!

34. dlee - September 21, 2012

#32 fully agree. Well said.

35. hcmv007 - September 21, 2012

I loved issue 13, one of the best Trek comics in a while & the best of this series yet. Only 1 complaint about the new monthly: no scantily clad alien babes! Come on get with it already! And can we please have more Molnar or Corroney artwork? Their art is awesome!

36. BiggestTOSfanever - September 21, 2012

What about the alien nurse Cupcake wakes up next to?

37. Michael - September 21, 2012

It is curious. At the top of the site, there is no tab for “Star Trek 2 — 2013 movie” but there is one for the 2009 movie.

38. NCM - September 21, 2012

Nice to see Mike Johnson getting some well deserved praise–of course, I read a (glowing) review on another site, first.

Way to go, Mike! The Tribble tribute and the Red shirt salute are trumping my initial low expectations, and I couldn’t be more thrilled or appreciative.

39. NCM - September 21, 2012

Not ready to write off TM, yet, but it’s not my first stop for Trek news, anymore, and other site administrators seem more deserving of fan loyalty. The only reason to keep coming back here is to see who has what to say, and by that, of course, I mean fellow, often belligerent, fans. Granted, there may be no big news, but other sites are still doing the work of reporting what is out there.

40. Tanner Waterbury - September 21, 2012


So…… Star Trek Insurrection II? That actually sounds eerily similar to the Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Civil War Storyline. You have the Earth Alliance government scheming with some beings, all along slowly creating a totalitarian dictatorship. I wonder if this universe is going down that route… THAT would be most interesting to see.

41. CAPT KRUNCH - September 21, 2012

beginning to wonder if this sight wasup anymore…Needs me some TREK!
what’s going on with that MOVIE?!

42. Sebastian S. - September 21, 2012

I’ll wait until it comes out in a 2 volume set, but yes, I’ll definitely buy this. I enjoyed the previous IDW new ST books. They were better than I thought they would be.

I particularly enjoyed the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Operation Annihilate” adaptations; liked how they used the Abramsverse Trek to further enhance the character aspects of these familiar stories and make them not quite what we expect (ditto the ending of “Galileo Seven”).

43. David G. - September 21, 2012

The IDW special photo covers are just getting more and more mysterious. Here’s an issue about Redshirts, and the photo cover is of … Chekov? Then there’s the recent “Tribbles” issue that had a special photo cover of Sulu … who doesn’t appear in the story.

44. sean - September 21, 2012


I’m always a bit puzzled by this observation. What makes the new movie more ‘militaristic’ than TOS?

45. gingerly - September 21, 2012

Oh! This is fantastic!

I was hoping they would do something with the minor characters introduced in the film. :)

The only thing that would make this better is if he shows up on the sequel, right along the Maddie (the silver-eyed alien) and Gaila (if she somehow, survived ).

…Or if they expand the official movie website with some world and minor character bios.

I live for minutia like that! :D

46. MJ - September 21, 2012

“Ten days of absolutely NO news, and all we get is a review of a lousy 7 page comic book, that very few will buy and read. Yawn. Didn’t I hear they are going to make another Star Trek movie?… I seem to remember some sort of rumor along those lines… oh, right.. It’s a freaking secret.. god forbid, we actually get news about that.”

AGREED !!!!!

47. GarySeven - September 21, 2012

#32 and #44-
Well said, Rose! (as in Keachick). That was a moving story about your father and his love of Star Trek and it’s non-militaristic tone. I too hope Mr. Orci reads it.
I can’t tell you why others think the new movie is more militaristic that TOS, but I can say why I think it is more militaristic. The new movie’s story, and I think its message, is very different from TOS. In Roddenberry’s TOS, many stories were about how potential enemies and conflicts could be addressed through understanding the other side’s POV and not demonizing “the Other.” Examples of this are with the Horta, or with what happened in the ending of “The Corbomite Maneuver.” In the new movie, Nero is just bent on revenge, and he is blowing up planets, and we have to kill him before he blows up Earth. It’s a simple, non-philosophical, militaristic message (“Kill them before they kill you”) that is typical of any ephemeral, easily forgotten action movie. It’s very militaristic. It is not at all like the best of TOS in that regard.

48. Jack - September 21, 2012

@3. it’s a comic that ties into the next movie and the series will lead into it… and you’re complaining about this?

What do you want, exactly? If we had new news of the movie every three days, we’d know everything about the darned thing by about, say, October?

49. lostrod - September 21, 2012


” It’s a simple, non-philosophical, militaristic message (“Kill them before they kill you”) that is typical of any ephemeral, easily forgotten action movie. It’s very militaristic.”

GarySeven, as someone currently serving in the military (25 years), I can’t help but be a bit offended in how you use the term “militaristic”. Military force is not exclusive offensive, it’s primarily defensive.

I’m not sure why you would object to the military attempting to kill Nero since it would clearly be DEFENSE rather than OFFENSE. After all, Nero had already killed billions and aspired to kill trillions.

Attempting to “Kill them before they kill you” would never seem more appropriate.

Would you prefer the miltiary not do anything while Earth was destroyed (Nero’s intent)?

Sorry, but people automatically assuming anything “militaristic” is a bad thing is getting old. Like me.


50. NCM - September 21, 2012

@3. Bored, Bored, Bored with Star Trek. – September 21, 2012:

“Ten days of absolutely NO news, and all we get is a review of a lousy 7 page comic book, that very few will buy and read. Yawn”

Sure, TM’s failed to report minor news (disappointing), but what’s happened in the world of Trek in the last 10 days that has warranted more attention than this review? You may not be interested, but others look forward to the comic reviews. The comics, are, after all, one of the view things “Ongoing” (or going on) in Trek, now, besides super secretive editing/finishing.

51. Jack - September 21, 2012

That comic was pretty good. Wow.

52. mikejohnson - September 21, 2012


But the other 15 pages are incredible.

53. mikejohnson - September 21, 2012


Thanks so much!

54. AJ - September 21, 2012

We’re well into the business-cycle for this new film. Look at “Avengers” and the last “Batman” film. “Hobbit.” We should be swimming in teasers and trailers by now, with full FX, loads of swag, interviews and previews.

We have shite. Nothing. Where’s the shiny new Enterprise, and the great new Klingon cruiser? Where are the new Kirk/Spock shots? We saw new Superman fly already. We Trekkers get nothing. There are 30 of us in’ CHAT’ who are chuffed one of are friends may get a mention as a random crew member in the film, but where is the marketing campaign for a $200m film which should now be in full force?

That this site is practically shut down is another thing. Not really a mystery at this point. The new title is SHIT and many believe it is false. Otherwise, the masthead would have been changed already.

55. Jack - September 21, 2012

” We should be swimming in teasers and trailers by now, with full FX, loads of swag, interviews and previews.”

What? Eight months before it’s in theatres? You expect a media blitz and merchandise? I agree that we should be seeing some sort of trailer pretty quick (by around Christmas, say…). But even that would be just under six months before it comes out…

56. NCM - September 21, 2012

49. lostrod – September 21, 2012:

“…automatically assuming anything “militaristic” is a bad thing…”

Glad you addressed that, lostrod; probably no one here in a better position to do so.

57. NCM - September 21, 2012

@52: “But the other 15 pages…”

Thanks for chimin’ in.

@53. You bet.

58. sean - September 21, 2012


I’m a big supporter of the new team, but this zero presence marketing strategy has really left me baffled. This isn’t ‘the Mystery Box’ approach, it’s the ‘Wait, there’s a box?’ approach.

59. MJ - September 21, 2012

“I’m a big supporter of the new team, but this zero presence marketing strategy has really left me baffled. This isn’t ‘the Mystery Box’ approach, it’s the ‘Wait, there’s a box?’ approach.”

Yea, this is fast approaching the awful marketing strategy of John Carter — a very good movie with a horrid marketing campaign that doomed it.

Mike Johson — I’m sure this is a great comic entry — thanks! You just happen to be the only news we have in 10 days on this web site, and many of us are getting real irritated with The Supreme Court’s super-secrecy deal.

60. Elias Javalis - September 22, 2012

From what i see on various media, Into Darkness is already one of the most anticipated movies of ’13..I just dont understand why people thinks otherwise!

61. Starfleet Sideburns - September 22, 2012

Long time lurker, first time poster, so – hi, everyone!

I too liked this comic very much! Despite being a stand-alone, it didn’t feel too short, and there was just the right amount of excitement, humor and heart-warming moments. (For some reason Hendorff’s line “I don’t know what you’ve been feeding Scout, but that’s one fat labrador” in the message for his parents really got me – little things like that just make the ST universe feel all that more believable to me.) And as others have already stated, the artwork is great! The character likeness is spot on – I especially loved Chekov on page 7, full of young wide-eyed enthusiasm. :)

I suppose this is not a coloring goof but rather a conscious artistic decision, but it still irks me somewhat – that the cadet uniforms in the ongoing comics are silver/gray instead of red. (A nod to TOS and its sparkly silver cadet tunic I guess. :) This could be another cadet uniform variant of course, the red possibly being a dress uniform, but I think the movie made it pretty clear that the cadets do in fact wear the red uniforms all the time. IIRC this was the second time we see the silver uniform, the first was in #2 when Gary Mitchell recreated scenes from Kirk’s past. Though I admit that it *would* diminish the effect of Hendorff’s “The day I put on the red was the proudest day of my life” line considerably if the cadets had just been shown wearing red uniforms a few panels back. :D

Another minor irritating thing was that we were not told the names of the two female redshirts in the landing party, when Mallory (the only one of the party besides the women who had not been established before) got a shout-out… Since this was a retelling of “The Apple,” I guess the blonde with the ponytail could very well be Martha Landon – though she’d have to be born a little earlier in this timeline à la Chekov for it to work out, methinks.

And while we’re at the ages of the characters – has anyone noticed that nuUhura too would have to be older than her prime universe counterpart? That is, if you take her birth year of 2239 given on at face value. But since her age has never been stated on-screen and the birth year is thus not canon, I guess it gives some wiggle room. But if she really *was* born that late, she would have been only 16 in the bar scene of the 2009 movie! Talk about suspension of disbelief… :)

@23: Maybe Hendorff had a crush on Uhura? At least his dad seemed to think so… (Or maybe it was his dad who had the crush, lol). That would explain, at least to an extent, why “Cupcake” was so willing to beat the sh*t out of Kirk.

Aannnd… that’s all, for now. (Do I hear sighs of relief yet? I’ll try to be more succinct in the future. XD)

62. Commodore Redshirt - September 22, 2012

I just don’t like the comic versions of Trek.

63. Craiger - September 22, 2012

Trekmovie isn’t even posting this. Oh how this great site has fallen.

64. TwilighTrek - September 22, 2012

It seems to me they are getting us closer to “Cupcake” to have a greater emotional impact when he dies in “Star Trek Into Darkness.” It’d be another easy way to make the crew grow up in the next film.

I bought the first comic but haven’t read the rest of the series yet. I’m sort of curious, disappointed, excited about this “new outlook” star fleet has. It’d make more sense of when Bob Orci said the first one related to September 11th. With Star Fleet being more invasive it can be related to today’s current issues such as The Freedom of Information Act and more government control in the name of fighting terrorism. I’d actually like this… the only thing I’m concerned about is if our hero Kirk will stand against this mentality like he did in the TOS. If I recall correctly, he broke the prime directive multiple times in TOS in order to free civilizations from the control of outside influences… such as in “the apple” and “the sky is hollow,” and “the return of the Archons.” I didn’t see the new Kirks reaction at the end of the new “Archons” but if Star Fleet is now the controlling outside influence I sure hope Kirk still breaks the rules in the name of freedom like the original Kirk did. The conflict of Kirk having to decide between following his duty and following his sense of what is right and wrong would be great to see in the new movie.

65. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay...) - September 22, 2012

#63 That is odd…

66. Red Dead Ryan - September 22, 2012


I think that means Christmas at the earliest. Which probably further means that the first trailer won’t come out until well into next year.

Will the sequel be released in May 2013? Still possible, but I’m thinking the movie gets pushed back again. Paramount is the one with the final say, and they obviously don’t want to have to compete with “Iron Man 3″ nor “Fast and Furious 6″. Their own “GI:Joe: Retaliation” comes out in late April. And I doubt they’ll be pushing back that film’s release date because they already got action figures to that movie on store shelves.

67. Craiger - September 22, 2012

The question is will it be a real trailer or just a teaser trailer. If its a teaser trailer then I wonder if the sequel will get pushed back? Another clue will be what the first movie poster’s date will have.

68. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 22, 2012

Roberto Orci’s tweet just seems to confirm what has already been indicated, by Xmas or so. I take this to mean that the trailer will be out November/December/January. That’s OK. It introduces those who don’t know already that there is a new Star Trek movie on the way in plenty of time. Expect full on publicity next year, especially after the movie gets “completed” beside its name on a site like IMDb.

Re: my comments about Star Trek’s more militaristic tone – my father-in-law found it to be that way in DS9. For me, the tone changed a little with TWOK with the change in uniforms. They made the feel, the tone, a little different from TOS and not as “friendly, open” if you get my meaning.

Allowing for different colour gives a sense of light, openness, variety and variation, whereas darker shades and less variety in colour gives a sense of dogmatic uniformity, restriction of mind and body. Add to that, most of the aliens the Starfleet heroes seem to meet are easily given to hostile encounters – the end result is a more “militaristic”, antagonistic tone, where Starfleet is either having to attack before being attacked or fending off attacks, in other words, always being involved in some kind of violent skirmish or much worse.

“… to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations…” seems to have been replaced by “…to venture only but a little, to fear (therefore we always have a full arsenal of weaponry) what new might mean…”

Oddly, I did not find the last Star Trek movie all that militaristic. Maybe it had something to do with the return to the less formal and colourful uniforms of TOS. I just wish that David (my father-in-law) would give this new iteration of Star Trek a go and having done that and found it to be as I find it, not to be disappointed by the sequel, in that Star Trek Into Darkness has really been dumped into the pit of violence, despair and dark. As I asked, will the posters show a smudgy black devoid of any depth or possibility of illumination, or will the poster show the immense beautiful darkness of space, along with the depth being illuminated by tiny starlight?

What many people seem not to understand is that Kirk was not out to kill Nero or his crew, he just wanted to STOP Nero from continuing on his destructive path. Even when Nero was pummeling Kirk because he was the same Kirk (someone, until he met prime Spock, he had no idea even existed, ever) from the prime universe’s past, Kirk still offered Nero rescue. For James Kirk, it is rarely about seeking revenge, but about seeking justice. The two words are NOT synonymous. It was the young Spock who allowed his more vengeful and aggrieved side to dictate his attitudes. This is not to say that Kirk does not feel some hatred and desire for revenge – it is just that he does not allow these negative feelings to dictate his decisions and actions, unlike so many other people then and throughout history.

I just hope that the producers/writers and actor understand this about Kirk, because it is this quality, among others, that set him apart and make him a real HERO.

69. Planet Pandro - September 22, 2012


I bet you’re not too far off the starbase with those ideas!

70. Johan Albrechtsen - September 22, 2012

#40, hehe, exactly! :-) Although hopefully it’ll be a more edgy, hard-hitting and inventive film than Insurrection, which is probably my least favourite Trek flick next after Nemesis.

#69, glad to hear that I don’t appear too crazy! :-)

71. AJ - September 22, 2012


The Jim Kirk I grew up with was “a walking stack of books,” which doesn’t exactly jibe with what the boys over at “Bad Robot” put together for us 3 years ago. THAT Kirk is a bloviating fool with a great brain and a stout heart, when he is not drunk, whose conscience and instinct are in the right place at the right time, but needs ‘seasoning.’ Just ask Riker.

Shatner nailed it, most probably because of his Shakespearean training,and his innate ability to turn that ‘stack of books’ into a swashbuckling hero. Chris Pine has some work to do.

72. Gary S. - September 22, 2012

Shatners Kirk had a father to make sure he cracked those books.
I am sure that made a big difference .
The Two Kirks are different people ,BOTH are heroes.

73. BulletInTheFace - September 22, 2012

The recent nuTrek version of “Return of the Archons” made NO sense whatsoever. The change in the timeline only happened a generation earlier–how could centuries of history on that world have been changed?? That’s sloppy writing.

74. Herb Finn - September 22, 2012

Is it me,or does Hendorff’s apparence remind anyone else of Phase II’s DeSalle? (Ron Boyd)

75. Starfleet Sideburns - September 22, 2012

#73: “The change in the timeline only happened a generation earlier–how could centuries of history on that world have been changed??”

My thoughts exactly, though I enjoyed the Archons story otherwise. Who knows, since there are now apparently two different Delta Vegas (both of which pop up in the comics), I guess it’s possible there are two planets named Beta III as well… :P

76. Marja - September 23, 2012

#71, We only really saw the “walking stack of books” Kirk in the first year and a half of TOS. After that, sad to say, he was very badly written, into a caricature of himself. “I’M RESPONSIBLE!” etc. (there were a few exceptions in 2nd and 3rd seasons, but just a few).

Yes, this Kirk has a lot of growing to do. He loves adventure, finds action fun and so on. But as Rose pointed out, he offered Nero compassion at the end. It was Spock who demurred, and Nero himself who outright refused Kirk’s offer (“I would rather die a thousand times ….”)

This is a smart guy, a “genius-level offender” turned to the good through Captain Pike’s care and Starfleet’s discipline … uh, well, the discipline went so far …. but Kirk’s rebellious nature saved the Enterprise and the Alpha Sector from Nero’s evil designs.

I do want to know how it is that Delta Vega appears to be in the same star system as Vulcan…

… and why the Conspiracy Theory is looking to be a plot or subplot for the second movie. I just hope it won’t be a tired old example of a conspiracy movie.
… and don’t the comic book’s colorists have editors? I’ve noticed discrepancies all through the series. Especially with the minor character Zhara in the first four issues – who I concluded must be a shapeshifter.

Other than small things, though, I’ve enjoyed the comics very much. Just hope Uhura gets a more active adventurous role and a more active role in the Briefing Room scenes.

the comics have improved SO MUCH since the beginning! The artists have really got the hang of the characters.

I confess, I was very disappoint that Uhura didn’t get to hold a tribble in Issues 11-12.
…. and why some folks think Paramount is going to listen to us about the lack of STid information — it’s beyond our control, and for that matter, I’m sure it’s beyond Bob Orci’s control too. I guess this comm is a place to vent, but some of the negativity seems repetitive.

As to the comments on TOS/JJverse “militarism”, I liked Pike’s comment that Starfleet was a “peacekeeping and humanitarian armada” – ready to fight and die if need be, but as defenders of the helpless, of civilizations.

I do wish we’d see more science-fiction and diplomacy storytelling, but that’s not likely to happen in a Summer Blockbuster movie. And nor is it happening in the videogame, which appears *very* point & shoot oriented (at least the short clips I’ve seen). Where’s the rest of the crew? Are the solutions only going to lead to “kill or be killed”? It’s a shame; they really could draw a lot more fans with a variation on the game and a fuller cast of characters .

Oh well…
There’s always fanfic :-)

77. Marja - September 23, 2012


Oh I wish i wish I hope Gaila has survived!

I hope Hendorff doesn’t die in the new movie … :-(

78. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

Wow even MJ is now finally starting to show aggravation with the continued super secrecy of Star Trek Into Darkness.

79. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

67 there is no reason why they couldnt have given us a teaser trailer months ago heck even a year ago. JJ could have easily taken a page out of his Idol Steven Speilberg’s book and given us a teaser trailer ala the indiana Jones sequels teaser trailers. Or taken a que for the Dark Knight teaser trailer.

Teaser Trailers DONT have to show actual film footage, his teaser trailer for Trek 09 is a perfect example

80. Starfleet Sideburns - September 23, 2012

@76: I’ve been wondering about the mysterious case of Lt. Zahra myself. When she is first seen in #5, she has black bob hair and brown eyes. Yet in #6 she looks exactly like the blond blue-eyed Rand from #3 & 4, right down to the conical bun hairdo that the Starfleet women of the era seem to prefer – a simple case of mix-up, I guess. (Or could it be that there are actually *two* different Zahras serving on the Enterprise… no, wait, we can’t possibly use that explanation to smooth out *all* the discrepancies that the comics throw at us. XD) Though it still doesn’t explain how Zahra’s hair managed to grow so quickly by the time of #8 – it’s at least twice as long as in #5. Must be some fancy-schmancy 23rd century technology. Or maybe she’s just fond of wearing wigs. Or maybe you are onto something with that shapeshifter theory, Marja – that’s really the only in-universe way to explain why Zahra’s hair and eyes change from black/brown to strawberry blond/blue to brown/blue in #8. Hmm…

To adapt a quote from Carol Marcus: “Can I nitpick or can’t I?” ;)

81. Well Of Souls - September 23, 2012

A little tidbit from TrekWeb:


82. Well Of Souls - September 23, 2012

*As a footnote, TrekMovie is usually my site of choice when the good Trek updates come out, however as news has been sparse I do check out other sites on occassion. TrekWeb has a major glitch that will mess with your browser from time to time. But I guess if you want something daily to satisfy your Trek fix it is an option.

83. Craiger - September 23, 2012

Trekmovie better watch out because Trekweb will overtake them for Trek news.

84. secondary back ups - September 23, 2012

i have really enjoyed every one of these idw star trek comics

85. Killamarshtrek - September 23, 2012

Looks like Hendorf’s had his ‘Final Destination’ moment with the thorn’s.

86. Craiger - September 23, 2012

I thought Hendorf is in the sequel? Aren’t these new comics considered canon in JJ’s Universe?

87. NCM - September 23, 2012

Trekweb has a little more on recent interviews with Urban. In one, the interviewer mentions Karl’s Gary Mitchell invocation, but he doesn’t prompt a response.

88. Spockchick - September 23, 2012

They better not kill Cupcake! I am inordinately fond of him, and I would love to see Gaila back. We need these background characters, just like Riley, Rand, Kyle etc. They flesh the universe out, and it would be nice to subvert the ‘redshirts are all toast’ trope.

89. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 23, 2012

#71 – Apart from your post being totally irrelevant to the point I was making about the CHARACTER, the NATURE of James T Kirk, it is also a little clicheed and possibly incorrect.

What I do think that the boys at Bad Robot got right was in not making this (Pine) Kirk a revenge seeking individual. That is totally in line with the TOS (Shatner) Kirk who we are used to seeing.

I don’t think that the two actors’ differing acting experience has anything to do with this. So far both actors make a convincing Captain Kirk.

As for the “stack of books on legs” comment that is so often repeated and used as an example as to how different this younger Kirk is from the TOS Kirk, I say poppycock! If Kirk is the genius that we are told, then being “stack of books on legs” could easily apply to him, whether he was in Starfleet or not – in fact, more than likely. However, being that tipsy guy in the bar seeking attractive young cadets and offering himself, “You can handle me. That’s an invitation.” is also applicable.

People with high IQ’s like James Kirk are FASTER at learning, memorizing and applying such information fairly well than the majority of people, even the brighter ones among them. The IQ generally gives such a person insatiable curiosity, so “repeat offender” Jim Kirk could have easily studied the basics of xenolinguistics, just out of curiosity, just for the fun of it… This also makes the fact that this Kirk did in three years what takes other bright people four years to do, understandable. He, like Spock, would probably be eligible to join high IQ social organizations like Mensa or Intel of today. Kirk couldn’t/can’t help himself. This is just the way he is. He can *help* himself no more than a person born with Downs Syndrome whose IQ scores sit at the opposite level of the IQ spectrum.

I find it incredible that so many people on the various boards don’t seem to understand what is so obvious to me.

90. Bob - September 23, 2012

10 days between articles. Trekmovie is falling behind. No movie news? Give me a break.

91. Craiger - September 23, 2012

Maybe Anthony doesn’t think little movie tidbits like cast members saying the sequel is going to be awesome and epic doesn’t really count as news? Maybe the only sequel news he cares about is just when the bad guy is announced and the first trailer?

92. Craiger - September 23, 2012

If Trekmovie isn’t going to post all Trek news anymore its going to become obsolete because the movie news blogs and Trekweb will get who the bad guy is and the first trailer news before Trekmovie does so why bother coming here anymore?

93. Jack - September 23, 2012

Why do we need a teaser trailer showing nothing from the film? WE all know it’s coming out. I just don’t get this armchair micro-managing of the marketing. Is everyone afraid their neighbours won’t be there next May?

I’ve said it before — Trek V had a teaser poster out over a year in advance, it was just a theatre seat with a seatbelt on it, set against a starfeild, and it was some lame slogan like ‘next summer, prepa for mosre action in a theatre than…’ i don’t know. And it certainly didn’t help the movie be any better. Despite the boost it got by the previous one being so popular, Trek V started to do lousier and lousier at teh box office once word got out how awful it was.

This movie has a teaser — it’s called Star Trek, and is on TV often,and was a great hit. in two and a half months, if a trailer comes out, and it’s good, people who don’t know about it yet and who liked the last one will go ‘Awesome. I loved Star Trek. And this looks good. I’ll hav eto go see that whenever it comes out. Wait? When? May? That’s a long ways away. Okay.”

Folks are commenting about the lack of marketing on stories like this, which are about the comics, or about the games. These are all connected to the freaking movie.

folks brings up TDKR or various other movies as examples of ‘x did it, so why can’t Trek’ – and I’ve goven up pointinng out the dodgy facts in some of those statements (I was told I just didn’t get it)…. and that most of them really did put A LOT of time and money into keeping their plots secret (including TDKR, the Avengers, the new James Bond, Man of Steel) even if a few names of characters were revealed.

I’m excited to see the trailer and posters. Am I the nly one who thinks it’s not unreasonable (pr unusual) for a trailer to come out say 6 months before a film comes out. This movie will be on EVERY most-anticipated movies of 2013 list, regardless of when they get the trailer out there.

Personally, when I see trailers a year in advance and then see them every bleeding time I go to a movie, for months and months, I start to think there’s something wrong with the damned momvies they’re selling, that the studio knows it, and that they’re trying to sell the heck out of it to get a lot of people to see it as close to the start of tet run as possible, before critics ravage it and word of mouth gets out.

94. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

91 than the tagline for the site needs to be changed then
“The Source for everything New in Trek”
Its definately not living up that let me tell you.

And craiger to answer you question in post 92, I think most of us still bother coming here because for the most part this site has a pretty civil group of members, sure some of us get on one anothers nerves sometimes but, its one of the least overly dramatic, online forums.

But even that can only hold our attention for so long, If they arent careful, there wont be anyone to read or post when they do start posting regularly again

95. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

91 than the tagline for the site needs to be changed then
“The Source for everything New in Trek”
Its definately not living up that let me tell you.

And craiger to answer you question in post 92, I think most of us still bother coming here because for the most part this site has a pretty civil group of members, sure some of us get on one anothers nerves sometimes but, its one of the least overly dramatic, online forums.

But even that can only hold our attention for so long, If they arent careful, there wont be anyone to read or post when they do start posting regularly again

96. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

91 than the tagline for the site needs to be changed then
“The Source for everything New in Trek”
Its definately not living up that let me tell you.

And craiger to answer you question in post 92, I think most of us still bother coming here because for the most part this site has a pretty civil group of members, sure some of us get on one anothers nerves sometimes but, its one of the least overly dramatic, online forums.

But even that can only hold our attention for so long, If they arent careful, there wont be anyone to read or post when they do start posting regularly again

97. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

Yikes sorry about the tripple repeat post.

93, Teaser trailers are good because even if they dont reveal anything they help to get you pumped for the future. Its great hearing that music and hearing dialouge etc.

Its part of the showmanship of presenting your film.
But its obvious from your post you just dont get that, and instead would prefer write something that appears to talk down to other posters like you know better.

98. Craiger - September 23, 2012

#96 – That’s what some of us has been saying that Anthony is not living up to this sites tagline and it should be taken down if this only going to become a part-time Trek news site.

99. Red Dead Ryan - September 23, 2012

They could have done a trailer similar to the “Under Construction” trailer released in Jan. 2008.

The trailer could have featured the Enterprise undergoing repairs in Spacedock, with welders in spacesuits replacing damaged hull plating.

With the “Space…the final frontier…” narration spoken by either Chris Pine, Leonard Nimoy, or even William Shatner (as a non-movie cameo).

And the tagline “Back In Action………..May 2013″.

100. Gary S. - September 23, 2012

#99 They may still do something like that .
There is still time .

101. sean - September 23, 2012

Some of y’all need to take a pill. Why do you want Anthony to post no-news news stories like half the other Trek sites out there? There’s no real news right now, and that’s not exactly Anthony’s fault. Do you want him to post more ‘Zachary Quinto says sequel features space’ or ‘Chris Pine confirms Kirk in new Star Trek movie’ types of articles? I’d just as soon there be no articles than read a bunch of space-filler. The title is the only big news that’s come out, and Trekmovie reported it right away.

102. jack - September 23, 2012

Howdy, Ryan. Why? It’s a sequel — not a reboot of a presumed-dead franchise like the last one was. The last movie needed a teaser to remnd people taht Trek wasn’t dead, and that this wasn’t going to be another shitty TNG movie, and that this was going to be both fresh and connected to the original Trek in a way the last ten or eleven movies weren’t.

Why do they need a generic teaser for this one? The teaser for this next movie was the last movie, even if it was out two years ago.

The argument that people will forget about Trek if we wait 2 months longer, or taht they’ve forgotten about it already — well, what’s it based on? How will a completely generic teaser telling them NOTHING about the movie remind them or draw them in? Trek was a success, they’re right to be confident in their marketing.

Man of Steel is a reboot, and the last movie was disliked, Snyder has put out at least one recent turkey, and it’s been in production for nearly two years –It needed a teaser in a way that Star Trek doesn’t.

And, personally, I don’t think they needed the Man of Steel preview a year in advance, although, there’s probably not another DC superhero movie coming out between now and next summer, and DC Superhero movies are pretty mich teh perfect place to adverstise for an upcoming DC superhero (or any superhero) movie, because you have plenty of genre fans in the audience.

t this point, a generic trailer for a sequel (or shots of the Enterprise with a voiceover) would generate a WTF response from moviegoers. ‘We know what Star Trek is, we saw th elast movie, why are they giving us a teaser with NO CONTENT.’ If anything, it would show a lack of confidence in the material — and it ain’t free to produce these things. Why not focus on getting spectacular fx for a spectacular trailer taht’s going to entice folks –Trek fans, movie fans, dogs, cats….

And what movieswould they put a Trek teaser with right now? Sure, attatch it to The Hobbit around Christmas and you get genre fans. But that Will Farrell movie right now? Not so much.

I haven’t seen a convincing argument for a teaser, other than ‘we really want one’ and ‘my neighbours and this lady I talked to at the store still have no idea that a Star Trek movie is coming out next May! WTF are they doing?!!?”

Not to mention that these exact sMe complaints — no Trek movie news, no trAlers, no stills were made here incessantly last time — and the movie did fine.

103. Red Dead Ryan - September 23, 2012


Well, its fine that you disagree. I mean, geez, God forbid that a trailer spoils the movie.

I put out an idea and you poo-poo on it.

The reasoning behind my suggestion was that it could be fun. FUN! I didn’t say it had to be done to remind people of Trek. It was more of sequel to the original trailer. Done for FUN!

But maybe you ought to go back to bed, Jack.

104. Anthony Thompson - September 23, 2012

Uhura’s going to dump Spock and take up with Cupcake. Kind of a steamy, earthy thing like Stanley and Stella had going on in “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

105. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 23, 2012

I think that Jack does “get it” and he doesn’t need to go back to bed. Perhaps, having a little cameo of Pine Kirk saying, “Space, the final frontier…where no one (man) has gone before!” and showing the Enterprise “trekking into darkness” may arouse the curiosity of some filmgoers, but the real publicity can only really happen next year, when it makes sense to most ordinary movie watchers.

Seeing some teaser trailer(s) many months before the actual release of the movie becomes an irritating bore. You get sick to the bloody death. It just becomes another bleedin’ advertisement for something you feel you’ve already seen way too much of (even if, in actual fact, it is not at all the case). It just feels like that! In other words, too much advertising too early may actually do it more harm than good.

Jack is right. Rose (the Keachick) says so…:)

All that has to be done, which is what has happened here in NZ, is to have networks repeat screenings of the first JJ Abrams Star Trek movie at various intervals – not too close together either, lest people get sick of it.

106. Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch - September 23, 2012

102, again its not about having to put a teaser out to make people aware, its about the showmanship behind it, audiences get excited when Teasers to very popular franchises come on screen, a teaser doesnt give anything away, it teases.

But again you just dont understand or get exactly what showmanship is, or its purpose.

Your posts instead choose to be worded in a way design to talkdown to other posters, because you are just oh so much smarter than the rest of us.

107. Red Dead Ryan - September 23, 2012


Hey, genius, I wasn’t suggesting several trailers. And I wasn’t suggesting that they release one at this very moment. But I think that around Christmas time wouldn’t be a bad idea. Attach it to “The Hobbit” or a movie that comes out around that time.

I don’t know. I was suggesting an idea and you and Jack have condescendingly shot me down. Yeah, we get it. You two don’t want anything released until the date the movie comes out. But you also don’t speak for the rest of us.

108. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

105 wow, you really are no different than the others you post with over on IMDB.

Basicly if someone has an idea or opinon that differs from yours or you cohorts, its wrong and they dont know what they are talking about and youll talk down about them.

Its sad that the element of showman ship lost upon you.

109. Red Dead Ryan - September 23, 2012


Agreed! Keachick always seems to have this “holier than thou” attitude when it comes to responding to people who have differing opinions here.

And Jack just sounds angry.

110. Marja - September 23, 2012

DCIMWB … I don’t want to throw gas on the fire, but as you and others are entitled to your opinions, Jack is entitled to his also, is he not? I don’t feel “talked down to” by Jack & am unsure why some take his remarks so personally.

Why not allow for differences of opinion? It’s the IDIC way, as so often expressed in Trek. If we as individuals have opinions must we change them to “fall in line” with someone else’s? Must we agree on every little thing so as not to be considered “patronizing” or complete idiots by others on the board? Is there no spirit here of collegial debate?

“Can’t we all get along?” Trek is a subject we all love and I’m unsure why people get so angry in here. This does not apply only to you, DCIMWB. I like to come here to talk Trek with other fans, but I’m not crazy about all the bitterness & upset.

Peace & Long Life, folks; can we try to keep it fun?

On the other hand maybe venting is a lot of fun for some.

111. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

Youll notice that Jack and Rose, are the ones who smash down everyone elses opinons in this situation, by talking down to them.

Its one thing for them to say they personally dont need a trailer, but they specificly do it in a tone and manner that is very condesending and talking down to other posters like they know better.

they make the blanket assumption that people want to see a teaser trailer cause of some unfounded fear that audiences have forgotten trek.

But thats not the case, as i pointed out a teaser trailer is all apart of providing excitement and showmanship and the excitement that goes through the theatre when a tease of a fan favorite franchise is shown on screen.

But hey what do i know I only work for one of the most famous theatres in the world that was built on the ideas of Showmanship.

112. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

109 you should see her posts over on IMDB

113. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 23, 2012

“I think that Jack does “get it” and he doesn’t need to go back to bed. Perhaps, having a little cameo of Pine Kirk saying, “Space, the final frontier…where no one (man) has gone before!” and showing the Enterprise “trekking into darkness” may arouse the curiosity of some filmgoers, but the real publicity can only really happen next year, when it makes sense to most ordinary movie watchers.”

This is what I actually wrote. I was not poo-pooing your idea at all. I thought that sort of idea could work, be a good introduction to the new movie, especially with the new (Pine) Captain Kirk being heard to say those iconic words. Showmanship will come soon enough, I’m sure.

Bad Robot/JJ Abrams is NOT Christopher Nolan, Kenneth Branagh or anyone else. That’s good. Nor is he any better or worse than these other directors and how they go about making their movies. It is not a question of him OR them. Why can’t we just accept him (Abrams) AND them (the others who make different decisions when it comes to publicity etc)?

I was not “talking down” to anyone. Was it not you, RedDeadRyan, who suggested that Jack should go back to bed? Was that not a putdown?

Besides, whatever any of us want or write, the Bad Robot team are working within their own schedule and I doubt that anything we might write will change much at this late stage. Have Faith.

It is actually me who feels “put down” right now.

114. Anthony Thompson - September 23, 2012

We all know about Daniel Craig, Keachick, Jack, Craiger and RDR. But where’s MJ??? Did he finally get perma-banned or something? : D

115. Red Dead Ryan - September 23, 2012


Hey Einstein, read Jack’s post again. He did come off a bit angry. And yes, he pretty much poo-pooed my idea. I told him to go back to bed as a sarcastic response.


Hate to break it to you, but MJ is alive and well posting on the “Into the Darkness” thread.

And oh yeah, he told me to send you his regards! :-)

116. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 23, 2012

Marja – What does DCIMWB mean?

MJ is posting on the other popular thread of the day – the one giving the Star Trek movie title, Star Trek Into Darkness.

117. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - September 23, 2012

114, I dont believe I have ever talked to you before, and in any case I have never been rude or attacking.( Some of us might have our differences of opinon from time to time but usually those smoove over.

IN any case I stand by what I said a teaser trailers are a great way to get audiences excited.

118. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - September 23, 2012

Not to mention they are time honored method of getting audiences excited with a TEASE

119. TheBoss - September 23, 2012

Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch = DCIMWB

LLAP! :)

120. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 23, 2012

119, A name I took from the very funny Harrison Ford Cowboys and Aliens Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch when Cowboys and Aliens came out.

121. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 24, 2012

RDR – In this context, your sarcasm does you no credit. Despite what some of you obviously think, I am not trying to be a smartass and I am not in any way related to Einstein, as far as I know.

Maybe Jack’s post appears to be a bit angry, but I am more inclined to think that it speaks to a certain amount of frustration on his part. Despite that, I agree with him for the most part. This is not a new topic. People here have been demanding trailers for a while now. Clearly the studio is not ready to present a Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and I frankly do not understand the panic and indeed anger on the part of some posters writing here.

Given what we have seen and heard, or more accurately, what we have not been shown, it does appear that Bad Robot/Paramount may share mine and Jack’s views in this matter.

The reality is that it is not up to any of us. It is up to them, for better or worse.

Personally, if they persuade Kenneth Branagh to give his main man a little time to do a good Kirk mission statement: “Space, the final frontier… to boldly go…before!” Perhaps, Chris Pine has already done that…and the studio is just waiting for the right moment…

122. Jack - September 24, 2012

Dude, all I hear is anger in these (everyone’s) repetitive “why isn’t there a teaser?!” posts. And that’s not what I disagree with — be angry. The anger doesn’t make your point valid or invalid. I wasn’t angry at all. But, I’m actually asking, without sarcasm and without being condescending, why is a teaser is needed?

Nor did I criticize your actual idea (although, frankly, it’s lame) but asked about teasers generally., because this site is full of people constantly complaining about the lack of a teaser etc.

So why? Sure to tease and get audiences excited — BUT HOW? How would a generic teaser do this? We used to be able to have discussions on here without people obsessing about others disagreeing with (sorry, poo-pooing) them,

So anyone who disagrees with you gets hit with a bunch of insults (condescending, Einstein….) because you feel insulted?

You can’t make your case reasonably without being a dick? You can’t disagree with points without name-calling? This applies to Daniel Craig and Craiger as well. Yep, now there’s a little anger, just here at the end.

123. John - September 24, 2012

This is awesome!

Star Trek: Sail
by Matthew J. Conrad

124. Daoud - September 24, 2012

@99: RDR…. I’d love to see them tape something with Pine on shore leave…. in civvies…. maybe riding horses in Mojave on Admiral Pike’s farm with his communicator going off. He beams into a spacedock station not in uniform and says “I’m James T. Kirk, and I’m reporting for duty” (in John Kerry 2004 campaign style)…. Then a Orson Wellesian narrator “Star Trek Into Darkness. Back in Action. May 2013.”
Do another one, with Spock meditating, with the long black Kolinahr type robe on, contemplating his communicator which had just gone off. “Fascinating”, he says. Then the same “Star Trek Into Darkness. Back in Action. May 2013.”
Folks can write more of these quick teasers. Wouldn’t give away a damn bit of the storyline other than the usual “The Crew Assembles”, which of course we usually expect in a Trek movie.

125. bardicjim - September 24, 2012

LEt’s talk about 911

126. Anthony Thompson - September 24, 2012

125. bardicjim

Good idea. My first contribution to the discussion RE: 911 is to remind everyone here never to call it unless there is a true emergency.

127. bardicjim - September 24, 2012

126. Anthony Thompson

Ahahahahaahahahahahaaaaaa like it.

128. Classy M - September 24, 2012

One of those photos that demands a caption, maybe along the lines of, ‘Hmm, those ears just don’t look right…’ Zach Quinto doing something odd to Benedict Cumberbatch at last night’s Emmys:

129. Red Dead Ryan - September 24, 2012

For the final time, I never demanded any trailers. Sheesh! I posted an idea (Jack calls it lame, of course, what a surprise) and now I’m being talked down to by Jack (who can’t seem to stop coming here to complain, after saying how he was leaving a few weeks ago) and by Keachick (who quite obviously thinks she knows best).

Speaking of 911, I feel like I’m going to be arrested.

130. Starfleet Sideburns - September 24, 2012

@123: Nice video, thanks for the link! Though I didn’t particularly like the music, that was some great editing there. :)

131. AJ - September 24, 2012

89: Rose/Keachick

I love the word “poppycock.”

I grew up with Kirk as the “stack of books/swashbuckler/over-actor.” I like that Kirk.

I see that JJKirk is also the “highest-rated under-achiever in the Midwest,” or whatever Pike calls him in the bar. Maybe that’s the same.

I understand the issue of justice over revenge, and I think the writers could have found a better “out” than having Spock make the choice to kill Nero, rather than rescue him, (and Kirk agreeing. He WAS in operational command).

I liked the Kirk from my youth that always found a way to not fire a shot, but was lethal with a phaser. Or, he could make a hell of a speech without punching anyone, and boy, could he punch.

JJKirk lost every fist-fight he was in in ST09, and made no speeches.

132. Craiger - September 24, 2012

AJ, he was just learning. Remember that’s what they said about Archer.

133. jeannieSpock - September 24, 2012

Is it me or is this site not being updated as much recently. I used to look every day and there would be at least 2 or 3 items. Not now though.

134. Jack - September 24, 2012

Wasn’t talking about you with the complaining about trailers, Ryan — was asking super generally, because tonnes of folks bemoan the lack of a teaser. I wasn’t poo-pooing your specific idea one bit — until I got fed up and called it lame. Because when I ask you a question or diagree, you say I’m poo-pooing you, talking down to you, condescending, complaining, and angry (that gets mentioned a bunch).

So, yeah, here’s angry. Again, only Trek fans would give a crap about any of these (really expensive) teaser ideas. Sure, they’d be fun for us to see. And they’d also take awhile to put together.

I know what a teaser is, I was asking why folks thought we needed one.

Yeah, I’d left for a bit – and came back. Disagreeing with the hive here leads to personal attacks by the few who agree with each other. Fine, dude, I’ll stay away. You want everyone else who asks general questions to leave too?

135. AJ - September 24, 2012


jeannieSpock: Unfortunately, it’s you. This site is usually packed solid with all the Trek news of the day. Nary a sausage of that to be found, I’m afraid. You must be hallucinating.

136. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 24, 2012

RDR – It is about all those others who seem to think they know best, which is why they are moaning about the lack of teasers/trailers and say that JJ Abrams and co. don’t know what they are doing, who constantly bemoaned the lack of a title etc, in spite of the movie still being in its post-production phase.

I don’t know what is best any more than anyone else round here. It is just that, like Jack, I question the necessity for knowledge of a title and there being teasers/trailers coming as early as many posters have been demanding. Many have been demanding titles/teasers/posters for much of this year, which seems a little *nuts* to me.

The fact that there is no teaser/trailer forthcoming as yet may well validate mine and Jack’s viewpoint. I know I already wrote this, but it does bear repeating, given the actual FACTS that we have right now!

You are the ones who are being angry and insulting.

#134 – Jack, I agree with you. I hope you don’t stay away…

137. Curious Cadet - September 24, 2012

I will have to read this when the price drops to $1.99. I like the idea of the comics, and since Bob Orci has said they are canon, they make for nice filler until the next installment of the franchise comes out next year. But $3.99 is just a little steep for what is often a very short read. Maybe I just don’t understand comics or aren’t appreciating them correctly.

The artwork is excellent, but the stories often leave me a bit cold. It’s not that they differ so radically from the originals, it’s just that they don’t really improve upon them, and in some cases they seem even more implausible and fantastic than the originals, which is not really a good thing.

Mike Johnson is no Bon Orci, and it makes me wonder just how much control Orci has over the final product. Case in point — in the 2nd installment of the Tribbles comic, halfway through I stopped in my tracks and couldn’t get past this:

(possible) SPOILER:

Starfleet has been overrun by Tribbles, they call the Enterprise and inform them, and then like Spock in Star Trek IV, Spock’s solution to address the problem is to start his own separate investigation with McCoy in a vacuum, as if the significant lead start Starfleet has, and the thousands of exobiologists worldwide on Earth with millions of specimens at their disposal to examine, pale by his and McCoy’s efforts who ultimately solve the problem when no one else can. While I might give elder Spock credit for that in STIV (and that was a bit of a stretch too), I’m not so sure I’m ready to believe young Spock is already at that level. Not only does this scenario ring false to me, it’s also going back to the trough of been-there-done-that ideas already presented in Trek. In the end, they decide to go back to the original conditions in which the first Tribble was not multiplying, something which they should have done right off the bat if they are the geniuses we are led to believe — And if not them, the thousands of researchers on earth who would have been given the information of where Scotty first encountered the little beasty. Granted Trek has been pulling this one for years — Operation Annihilate comes to mind … But hey, that was 1967, I guess I just expect more by today’s standards.

Yes I know it’s just a story, and I can overlook this on entertainment value (especially for $1.99), but it is a lazy solution in crafting these stories, and I expect better I guess, especially when Bob Orci’s name is on it (writer or not).

138. Azrael - September 24, 2012

@109. Keachick also believes that an inaccurate article on wikipedia about a fictional character offers some kind of insight into my mind and thought processes. As she stated here.

comment 160.

After that delusional, stupid, statement I have completely discounted everything said by this “Keachick” person, and I sincerely hope that she is NOT representative of the population of NZ, but given some recent news articles about NZ politics I am unsure of that.

Nevertheless the fact remains that no article about a fictional character, even an article far more accurate than the one referenced by Keachick, can ever, ever offer any insight into the workings of an actual living person’s mind. H-ll even if she had found an article about the actual source of my online handle (which she did not) it would have offered no information about how my mind works, ever.

The whole thing makes Keachick look as crazy as a person who writes a name over and over on a piece of paper, colors the opposite side, seals it in an envelope, cuts it into pieces, and claims they are “killing aliens” (and I have personally observed this psychosis).

139. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 24, 2012

#137 – Why would there be thousands of exobiologists with knowledge of these tribbles and why would there be thousands of tribble specimens for scientists to study?

I got the impression from the scene where we first met Scotty on the cold outpost was that the tribbles he had did not multiply very rapidly at all, otherwise Kirk and prime Spock would have found Scotty and Keenser overrun by them. For some reason, Scotty’s tribbles did not reproduce quickly or at all. Perhaps it had something to do with the very cold climate or a nutritional deficiency…who knows.

So when the Enterprise later encounters these little beings, it is possible that, up until then, exobiologists are not aware of their real reproductive capabilities until the tribbles find themselves in the right sort of environment.

I have not read the comic – need to order them through etc etc… however, using the knowledge I have already, re Star Trek and the TOS episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”, that is my surmise.

140. Curious Cadet - September 24, 2012


yes you do need to read it. That is exactly what happens in the story. They explicitly tell us why this happens. My point is, the exobiologists obtain these specimens because Earth has been overrun with them. And I don’t suggest they know anything about them, rather, they are experienced with alien biology and do this as a job for which they are passionate about, and have a few days lead time on the Enterprise. It’s just poor storytelling to suggest all these experts dealing with an environmental disaster on Earth are somehow less equipped to figure out what makes the Tribble’s tick than Spock and Bones on the Enterprise. It’s one thing to do it when only Bones and Spock have access to the Tribbles in TOS episode, but another to do it when the Earth has already been dealing with them on their own, knowing no more about them than anyone else. I also don’t understand why they have to keep taking things back to Earth, and in this case making it a planet-wide threat? What was wrong with just keeping the story on the Enterprise? Resourceful crew handles crises in a vacuum. That was always the formula for a good Trek episode. Where they started going wrong was in the movies where almost every story meant the imminent destruction of Earth if the Enterprise didn’t do something.

My feeling with these stories in general is at they seem to want to make them bigger and more important than the originals, more cinematic. The result is that somehow they are less satisfying. Maybe I’m over-reacting, especially since I know the original tale so intimately, but I don’t think I’m wrong. I’m actually eager to embrace these alternate tales, but by the time I finish reading the second part of each, I find I’m much less enthusiastic than I was when I started part one.

Anyway, like I said for $1.99 on iTunes they’re a fun read, I particularly like the new dynamic comic book reader which moves from frame to frame addressing the action in an exciting way. I just wish they put a little more into the story telling. Moreover, Orci has said these stories will connect with the new movie somehow, so hopefully reading them will pay off in that regard. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed, but like I said for $1.99 I’m not losing anything major if it doesn’t deliver.

141. NCM - September 24, 2012

Remember not so long ago when we discussed politics for…, I don’t know, 100 posts, give or take, and virtually no insults were slung? People even got a little heated without resorting to name calling and outright belittling. Maybe you guys should switch focus. Teasers, trailers…, this is dangerous territory.

Religion, anyone?

142. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 24, 2012

So I take it – Scotty returns to Earth with his two or three little tribbles and because the environment of Earth is more conducive to reproduction, the tribbles get on with it and soon Earth is overrun with them.

That sounds a little daft to me, if that is what the comic is telling readers.

I guess I do need to read it for myself. Even if I am able to order it today, I’ll have a month’s wait before i see it…:(

143. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 24, 2012

Now I am upset. To whoever deleted my posts in response to post #138 Azrael – why is OK for Azrael’s post to remain? His post is, at the very least, rude. He once again labels me as “delusional” with “psychosis”. These words are actual psychiatric terms used to describe people with real mental health conditions. Azrael’s use of such words to label me is totally inappropriate and unacceptable. He got upset when I posted a link to the possible meaning and background to his username, Azrael, but he considered it alright to berate me with labels more appropriately used within a proper clinical environment after a professional diagnosis has taken place. This site is definitely no such an environment.

“The whole thing makes Keachick look as crazy as a person who writes a name over and over on a piece of paper, colors the opposite side, seals it in an envelope, cuts it into pieces, and claims they are “killing aliens” (and I have personally observed this psychosis).”

This entire paragraph has Azrael describing and labeling me in a totally insulting and inappropriate manner, yet you allow this to remain on this board. So he thinks that he can know how my mind works and what’s more, where I have gone so awry. He has called me “delusional”, “schizophrenic” and “psychotic” on this thread and the other thread.

“comment 160. (ref. to the link to the Bruce Greenwood thread)
After that delusional, stupid, statement I have completely discounted everything said by this “Keachick” person”

Azrael is also a LIAR. On the other thread, he had already labeled me and said he discounted me even before I posted that link on comment #160. In fact, it was Azrael’s insistence that he could diagnose my *problems* that prompted me to provide a link to the name Azrael. In other words, he is in no more of a position to know how my minds actually works than someone reading about a fictional being called Azrael knows necessarily how poster Azrael’s mind might work. However, that, of course, doesn’t occur to this poster.

Frankly, if *you* deem it alright to delete my posts in response to Azrael’s rude attacks on me, then you really need to delete his post as well. Anything else is unfair and unacceptable.

144. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 24, 2012

What I say still stands. However, we have a case of posts appearing, disappearing and then appearing again.

My apologies to whoever I thought deleted two of my posts…I hope this doesn’t happen. It is quite disconcerting, but I know I am not alone in having this happen because other posters have also had the same thing happen to this, even the boborci’s.

145. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 24, 2012

Looks like the inmates are running the asylum again. Trekmovie is like some kind of wild internet animal, only slightly domesticated and coming home for a good meal from time to time, only to run back out into the wild, snarling and slobbering all the way.

146. jellocutter - September 24, 2012

One update in two weeks I cant be bothered with this sight anymore. Its lazy and a lot of the news is repeated. The same as saying a car is a new model car because you changed the shape of the headlights. And its comments are very narrow in there views and opinions of what ST is and should be, and everytime i read them i cant help but get the clech’e image of a star trek/scifi fan in a basement with nothing beter to do than split hairs and live in the past. I dont think thats a fair evaluation of scifi/st fans but you are not guiving much for people to work with to make the view any broader than that. See you later im done.

147. Daoud - September 24, 2012

TrekToday is an excellent site, with a 12 year history, and the associated TrekBBS goes back even more years and includes people from the history of production of Trek, and Trek lit authors. Great place. I’d give you the links, but those are usually auto-deleted. Google is your friend, my friend!

148. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 24, 2012

No one can stand to the mighty wrath of JELLOCUTTER!

149. Tom - September 24, 2012

I know this site offers free content and it doesn’t owe us anything. Yes, yes, it’s something that the creator does as a pastime, or something like that.

Fine. I concede all of this.

Nonetheless, this site has become a joke.

150. Daniel Craig Is My wookie Bitch. - September 24, 2012

122 please point out where i did any name calling. wow man now your putting words in my mouth.

Anyways as for your “Generic” Teaser comment, well who said anything about using a Generic Teaser, they are master story tellers are they not, its not to difficult to come up with a teaser trailer that stands out and gets a auditorium excited, And yet keeps the story and plot secret.

Again its clear you dont grasp the concept of showmanship.

151. Daniel Craig Is My wookie Bitch. - September 24, 2012

I would discuss this on the Michael Dorn Kickstarter project newsstory page, but that thread is closed to new comments, but just got an email tonight saying Michael Dorns kickstarter project has been canceled with about a week left to try to raise funds.
I am guessing because it didnt get anywhere near the 750,000 goal he set. Such a shame that the project isnt going forward unfortunately with Kickstarter projects it appears the lower the goal you set fundraising wise the more likely it is to get funded.

Who knows if we will see an article about this on Trekmovie, so thought i would post about it here.

152. Gary S. - September 24, 2012

#144 is it possible that an automatic system is deleting posts ?
just a theory .

153. BulletInTheFace - September 25, 2012

Here’s a Star Trek article from another site that was posted today:

154. Irritated - September 25, 2012

Shut this down…shut it all down.

155. Bob Tompkins - September 25, 2012

Cumberbatch keeps giving interviews while saying absolutely nothing.
It is getting as ridiculous as this site not getting any interviews and also saying nothing.
I am just tuning them both out. It gets old, it gets distracting and I’d much rather see what Rmoney is up to these days, calling 47% of us leeches and wondering why he can’t open airliner windows at 37000 feet… something incidentally I’d love to see him do, by the way.
Piece of advice- if you can’t say something to intrigue or to entertain me, just zipper it the f*** up, okay?

156. jamesingeneva - September 25, 2012

Hey guys, no sense in complaining about the disappearing acts. It’s happened like 5 times now and there are never any acknowledgements of it, appologies, changes to prevent them in the future, etc. Clearly we’re not high on the priority list and that’s OK. Believe it or not, there are more important things to life than us! lol… I’ll continue to check back to read what Bob has to say. I love the arguments he gets going on here lol. Otherwise, just get your fill elsewhere folks!

157. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 25, 2012

“Nichelle Nichols vamps by singing Star Trek at Endeavor Ceremony”

;-) :-)

158. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 25, 2012

”Karl Urban: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Will Be ‘Epic’, ‘Emotional’ ”

;-) :-)

159. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 25, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch about filming “Star Trek Into Darkness”:

“It was an amazing experience”……………..

160. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 25, 2012

“Young Spock” meets “Charming Villain” at Emmys

;-) :-)

161. Anthony Thompson - September 25, 2012

157 – 160

Thanks, Dee, for some great links! It seems as though us Trekmovie readers have to dig up our own news these days. : D

162. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 25, 2012

Link to Michael Dorns Message to kick starter members who were going to back his project
Thank you so much for your generous pledges and kind support, but I have decided to cancel the “Through the Fire” project here on Kickstarter. This was a fun and exciting experiment for me with social funding and a way to get all of you involved in some of the things I’m working on. Even though we did not have the result we would have liked, your participation means the world to me. Things may not have been a success this time around but be sure to keep an eye out for other potential projects in the future. Thank you again!

Michael Dorn

163. sean - September 25, 2012

So what happens to the money now that the project is cancelled? Does he give it back or ?

164. Joseph Dickerson - September 25, 2012

163. When you pledge money on Kickstarter it is a commitment to pay, not a payment – people only have to pay if the project hits its funding goal.

165. Bob Tompkins - September 25, 2012

Wishing I could be in London<<<<

166. ironhye - September 25, 2012

JJ Abrams needs to adjust his secrecy policies. Nobody here has forgotten that a Star Trek movie is coming out and it’s really kinda rude to pretend like we as fans do not exist or care, by keeping it all wrapped up like this.

The secrecy is overdone, the fans are not being treated fairly by the “supreme court”, and if they want Star Trek to just be their own little playground that we are not welcome to, then why should I care about it? This site being TOTALLY and EMBARRASSINGLY dead is exactly the outcome of JJ Abram’s secrecy.


167. boborci - September 25, 2012

C’mon kids, lets give trekovie a break! They cant invent news! How about this idea: lets do a thread about asking me anything (except details of new movie) and i will answer.

168. Montreal_Paul - September 25, 2012

167. boborci

Fair enough. I have a few questions for you.

1 – I know that the cast has a 3 picture deal. Do you think that the current movie series will end as a trilogy or do you feel that it will go further than that?

2 – Any chance of you dabbing in other classic (or not so classic) sci-fi such as Space:1999?

3 – If you were given free reign to re-boot or re-imagine any other TV show or movie … which would you choose?


169. Craiger - September 25, 2012

No Space 1999 reboot, Bob reboot The Final Countdown.

170. Tom - September 25, 2012

155…. Romney was right. 47% pay no income tax. They are the recipient of services paid by others. Demographically, that group doesn’t much care whether income taxes go up or down.

He didn’t say it with hate. He was talking with contributors to his campaign, and he was explaining that most of the 47% won’t ever vote against Obama.

Which is precisely WHY the democrat party keeps such a large percentage of voters dependent upon them.

It’s the convergence of mathematics and control.

Sadly, most democrats get too caught up in emotionalism to approach it objectively. And they launch attacks against republicans on fallacious grounds.

I’ve heard that floxum my entire life.

171. Tom - September 25, 2012

* flotsam

172. NCM - September 25, 2012

@167. boborci – September 25, 2012:

Kind of you to try a re-direct and offer a little allowable Trek entertainment.

Why was young Spock absent at the Kirk-centric ceremony at the end of the last film?

173. Toonloon - September 25, 2012


Do you have any thoughts about whether STIII will be a direct sequel to STID or a standalone adventure.?

174. NCM - September 25, 2012

@170. Tom – September 25, 2012:

Whoa, Tom! I suggest you do a little more reading on the subject, as Romney should have done. The majority of those 47% live in ‘red states.’ About half of them are low income. The percentage has greatly increased in the last several years, as the economy tanked, beginning during Bush’s admin. The number continued to rise in the earliest part of Obama’s term, but has since dropped 4%. The other half of those people include some very wealthy people, military personnel, elderly. Many avoided fed. income tax due to Rep. tax legislation. In most of those categories–red states, elderly, military people–the majorities vote Republican. The blue states actually subsidize the red states.

175. boborci - September 25, 2012

Montreal Paul

We always think it is bad luck to count sequels before they hatch, but in my dreams we keep this cast together for more, even if those if us behind the scenes change.

As for other classics, we are excited about Ender’s Game!

As for other reboots… Xanadu!

176. boborci - September 25, 2012

NCM Young Spock was in the mind set to quit Starfleet so he could help found new Vulcan colony, so he missed a few events.

177. boborci - September 25, 2012


Undecided. Could go either way at this point.

178. Stephan - September 25, 2012


Are there any news on the next-trek-series-on-tv front? ;)

179. boborci - September 25, 2012

178. No. Movie needs to come out first. Tv pitch season is just about over

180. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 25, 2012

174. NCM – Well said. The biggest mistaken assumption Romney and his supporters make is that the 47% are all Democrats. They’re either being stupid, or are trying to paint Democrats as worthless. Maybe a little of both. Either way the strategy will bite them in the asses.

But maybe they really believe this about Democrats. If this is what they really believe, they have no grasp of their own constituency. In that sense they are more out of touch than the Democrats, but I think both parties are full of self-serving blowhards who are in the game solely for themselves.

Romney doesn’t care about 47%? Bull crap. He doesn’t care about 99% of us. None of those clowns does.

181. Bored, Bored, Bored with Star Trek. - September 25, 2012

boborci – I agree in spirit with #166 – the secrecy is TOO much… there isn’t any news about your movie, it’s like it just doesn’t exist… scraps of the same quotes about how fantastic the movie will be, or how great it was to work on it are boring and tired. I’m bored with Star Trek right now…. and you guys have the ability to do SOMETHING and invigorate the fans, and get the discussion moving again…. or risk the momentum of the latest ‘superhero’ and sci-fi movies passing you all by.

Thanks for the offer of answering a few questions… frankly, that’s the most interesting stuff about ST I have read in a month…

182. DUNN - September 25, 2012


Read recently that you munched on some Trek literature. Wondering which exact books you read. Would also recommend ST: Vanguard as an example of awesome ST lit. Its pretty great stuff and fills in some things from the TOS time period.

183. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 25, 2012

boborci – Have you, or anyone else, canvassed the main cast – Pine, Quinto, Uban, Cho… as to their interest in doing a Star Trek television series based on the present ST movies they are/will be working on?

Personally, what I’d like most to see is a TV series with these actors playing their ST characters, as well as, of course, the movies.

184. Son of Sarek - September 25, 2012

Having a Star Trek movie night every month leading up to “Into Darkness” in May. Did you rewatch any Trek before beginning work on this film? Any fear that the “odd-even” curse that first permeated fans perceptions with the Classic films and seemingly was reversed as of Nemesis and the last film will have any impact on the 2013 movie? Why no teaser trailer as we we had in 2008 for the last movie?

185. Son of Sarek - September 25, 2012

My comments are directed to boborci :)

186. Gary S. - September 25, 2012

Bob , I was curious if The Shadow Cabinet or something like might be greenlit as a TV series in the near future.
Any hope on that front?

187. NCM - September 25, 2012

@176: Thanks. I considered that, but didn’t think you guys would – only b/c his unexplained absence in the scenes had a certain dramatic aspect, which I suspected was intentional: I thought you might have been trying to signal something more, but your answer’s perfectly plausible and I’m content not to be guessing any longer. Looking forward to the future guessing grand slam.

I loved Xanadu! If ABBA could be raised from scattered ashes…

188. boborci - September 25, 2012

186. Waiting to hear about lastchance for Shadowcabinet.

189. AJ - September 25, 2012


Are the scenes of Spock and Scotty in a Northern California Hooters and next day’s ‘Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch’ actually in the film as reality? Or will they be some sophisticated illusion or suggestion placed in their minds by aliens for a nefarious purpose?

190. Jack - September 25, 2012

Ryan. Didn’t mean to belittle you or, well, initially,your idea. I just was hoping to better understand why teasers (as opposed to actually trailers) are so important to some, to the point that they’re threatening not to see the movie. I get, as a fan, wanting to see this stuff. And by generic., I meant with no content from this next movie… Is it for us, who already know the thing’s coming out, or joe moviegoer?

Bob, did you see the PBS 9/11 stuff? Thoughts? Any interest in a fictional movie based on done of this stuff, or would that never get funding?

Interesting book out now — Shadow War, I think — on US dealings with Iran .again, I’m not trying to damn Americans or the accomplishments of Americans — I’m just a fan of getting as close to the Real Story as possible…

Any chance of John Noble getting into one of your flicks? Love the guy.

Is there any actor, say a Hollywood Icon, you’d like to see in Trek? (Ford, Willis [great in Moonlight Kingdom], Costner… less icony- Viggo Mortenson?)

And, I’m getting out on the ledge here, but did Roger Ebert’s Star Trek review piss you off?

Got a Hollywood movie cliche pet peeve?

191. Bucky - September 25, 2012


Do you think the butterfly effect of Nero’s incursion would affect the Delta / Gamma Quadrants or would the Dominion / Borg keep plugging along as they did in the Prime timeline? (I’d love to see something like this obscure geekery explored in the IDW series)

192. This is going to be a long year - September 25, 2012


Thanks for dropping by.

How is post production going? Anything unexpected going on?

193. chuckunit - September 25, 2012

Well, I dug #13 a lot. I’d hoped Cupcake would get a nod. This might be the best “redshirt” story done in any of the Treks. I particularly appreciated the scene when Kirk called Cupcake in to clear the air, and gave Kirk an honest assesment of Kirk’s relationship with the crew. It felt right.

194. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 25, 2012

Is it OK to ask about how the studio will market this film once the first trailer is released?

For example, with the last Star Trek movie, the main cast travelled to the UK, parts of Europe, Japan, Australasia, Kuwait promoting the movie – is this likely to happen again?

195. NCM - September 25, 2012

Boborci, can you tell us anything at all about the K-S-Mc pocket books that had been slated to be released beginning some time ago, but have not been published?

Were those projects put on hold until after the release of the next film–or indefinitely? Would you expect that we’ll see these books, and/or other novels centered around the main crew, hitting shelves in the months/years after the next film debuts?

196. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 25, 2012

Boborci, just want to say, really enjoyed last nights Season 3 premiere of Hawaii 5-0 great start to the season. Question will Terry O’quinn still be making appearances from time to time or is he gone now that he is on 666 park avenue

197. Donny@LitterBoxCats - September 25, 2012


Just logged on to TM and caught the “Xanadu” quote. Believe it or not, I downloaded that very song (certainly not the movie) only an hour ago. Strange timing, here.

If some bizarre Olivia Newton-John connection is making itself evident, please let it end prior to “Two Of A Kind” ;)

198. boborci - September 25, 2012

Love two of a kind!

199. boborci - September 25, 2012

196.might be hard to book him, danno!

200. boborci - September 25, 2012

Ncm. Dont know much about it.

201. boborci - September 25, 2012


I imagine we will travel since international market is so important.

202. Donny@LitterBoxCats - September 25, 2012


I’m willing to buy almost anything on this thread but no. You don’t. Run for the hills, my friend.

Next you’ll tell us a “Neverending Story” reboot is on the blackboard.

203. boborci - September 25, 2012


Saw pbs doc. Would support real investigation.

Would love to work with Noble again in any capacity.

Have never liked Roger Ebert. Even before i was in the biz. Valley of the Dolls? Yikes!

204. Donny@LitterBoxCats - September 25, 2012

As a hockey aficionado I have far fewer things taking up my time, and with the NHL lockout in effect I’m focused squarely on the sequel.

Trek, not Xanadu ;)

205. boborci - September 25, 2012

192. Only unexpected thing about post is how well it seems to be going.

206. boborci - September 25, 2012

191. Dont think it would affect borg too much, but maybe a little.

207. Donny@LitterBoxCats - September 25, 2012

“Valley of the Dolls? Yikes!”

Now THAT is a reference well done.

208. Anthony Thompson - September 25, 2012

Bob –

Assuming there is a third one, will you be writing it? Are there any solid preparations (contracts, etc.) toward making one if ‘Darkness’ does well?

209. Jack - September 26, 2012


210. Toonloon - September 26, 2012

@ boborci – Wow. Thanks for answering my question. You just made my day, pal. I’m really looking forward to STID. Fascinating to think you could go either way with part 3.

BTW, I saw you on a LEGENDS OF SCI FI program on British TV the other evening. Good interview, mate.

211. Ralph Pinheiro - September 26, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,

how will Into Darkness attract to the theaters people who live the outside the Anglo Saxon market?
I live in Brazil. Rafael Santos in Portugal.
could you ask Paramount do Brazil to do a promotional campaign stronger than star trek 2009?
I thought it was very weak in my country. We have many Brazilians trekkers. The box office potential in my country is very good. The Averengers was a success at the box office, $ 63,857,044.

212. BulletInTheFace - September 26, 2012

boborci: Given that you guys are supposedly watching over the comics, why are there elements in them that don’t make sense given what you set up in the first film? For example, “Return of the Archons” features a completely different Landru and a completely different history for that world–but how would that result from the destruction of the Kelvin, which happened many centuries AFTER Landru’s era?

213. Keachick's Evil Twin - September 26, 2012

#16 — Au contraire! But they DO owe us something! They owe us the best darned Trek site on the web…and right now, we ain’t getting that when the webmasters are MIA. Folks like you owe us something too — to shut your pie hole when folks like me voice out displeasure!

Yeah…so put that in yer Tranya and drink it!! ;-)

214. DUNN - September 26, 2012

Think I may actually have a halfway logical answer for why things may be different from before the Kelvin’s destruction. After Nero’s incursion into the past, causing a new timeline, Starfleet cracks down on any time-travel incidents, causing future JJverse Kirk and co. to be much less cavalier about time travel adventures that they had in TOS and in ST4. Due to this, some minor changes that might have occurred due to the Enterprise cew’s laziness, such as the communicator left by Chekov in the 20th century, do not occur, and the timeline is perhaps more “pure” than the prime timeline. The lack of several time travel adventures in the novels and Animated Series may provide some reasoning fr the Landru difference.

Ultimately, its all just poetic license, but I think that can exlain a few differences.

215. Gary S. - September 26, 2012

#214 I am certainly not a time travel expert,
But that sounds like a strong educated guess to me.
Good Job!

216. SoonerDave - September 26, 2012

Hot speculation/rumor: Serious time travel scene in STID. Deals with awareness on part of certain characters of altered timeline.

My mind may implode while watching this movie.


217. Keachicks Evil Twin -- Keadude - September 26, 2012

#211 — I heard a rumor that the Trek production team is going to recast the entire crew with a different ethnic cast for each film starting with Star Trek 3 and that Star Trek 3 is going to have an all-Brazillian cast and the musical score will be salsa music.

It will have its premiere in São Paulo and Brazil will get it before anyone else.

After that, Star Trek 4 is rumored to have an all-Zimbabwean cast with all the Zibabwean bells and whistles and a Zimbabwean premiere as well!

Pretty cool, huh?

When Khan shows up, I’ll bet they use an all-Indian cast for that.

Paramount doesn’t expect these new “etho-Trek” films to do well in any country except the theme country of the film…but, meh…they’re ok with that. “There’s always the next film”, says Paramount head honcho Les Moonves. “My thinking is…Les is more!”.


218. Braziliantrekkiefan - September 26, 2012

Salsa in Brazil? Yes we have salsa here, but it’s a culinary condiment!
In Brazil we have SAMBA!!

Ralph Pinheiro is right, ST2009 was poorly promoted here, the guys ended up on the other side of the planet, like NZ, and did not come to Brazil!

So hellooo Mr. Orci and producers, pay attention this time!

Come to Brazil in 2013 and if you also can come to São Paulo would be GREAT! ;))

219. Keachicks Evil Twin -- Keadude - September 26, 2012

LOL!!! Regarding the salsa…yes, you are correct! I was trying to think of the right word…hahaha!!!

Anyway, yes, I’d love to visit Brazil. Looks like a lovely country with nice people and cool traditions! Not to mention great food!! :-)

Stay cool!! :-)

220. Ralph Pinheiro - September 26, 2012

Thanks, Braziliantrekkiefan.
Salsa is essentially a Cuban popular dance music.

if the studio wants to make into darkness more profitable, it will have to do more promotional campaigns to outside Anglo Saxon market

221. AJ - September 26, 2012

The rumor I heard was that ST3 would be shot entirely in New Zealand due to its breathtaking vistas.

Or maybe it was New Jersey.

222. Craiger - September 26, 2012

Bob so if their is another Trek TV series it will be based on how well the sequel does? Then will a new TV series start after the second or third movie? Also are you still leaning toward animated or live action? hanks.

223. Craiger - September 26, 2012

Also what Century will it be set in?

224. Tiberisu Subprime - September 26, 2012

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a teaser by Oct / Nov. Not December, but Oct / Nov.

This would be about the time a teaser should come out, anyway.

So how about it, Bob? Come on. A teaser. Now’s the time to start generating some interest in STID.

225. Tiberius Subprime - September 26, 2012

Tiberius. Sorry. I am so exhausted with secrecy I can’t even spell my on-screen name right. :/

226. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - September 26, 2012


There you go. There’s Gene’s Vision at work. Thank you for showing us the kind of…

Aw, F&ck it… who cares any more.

227. jamesingeneva - September 26, 2012

Hey Bob, think there will be another ARG before the release next year?

228. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 26, 2012

#221 – “The rumor I heard was that ST3 would be shot entirely in New Zealand due to its breathtaking vistas.”

Now there’s a rumour I could live with…:)

You realize, my Southern Hemisphere Brazilian brothers, is that in four years time the world will be coming to you – Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Coincidentally, 2016 is also the 50th anniversary of Star Trek (TOS) first coming to TV screens!…hmmmm?

Also, from Auckland, if you fly east, across a might blue ocean, after many, many, many hours, you reach Chile. With a hop, skip and a jump across a country which has a width smaller than the ditch we call the Tasman Sea, you are in BRAZIL!

There you, Bob Orci and co., STID promotional itinerary, which MUST include Chris Pine (goes without saying really), along with Zach, Karl, John at least, has been partially sorted for you. I believe that, at Auckland Int’l Airport, there are regular flights going to and from Chile.

Yes, this is how it should work – our cool, lovable cast leave LA for Rio de Janiero, Brazil, to wow/woo all the trekkie fans there and some, from Brazil to Auckland, NZ (not sure if there are any direct flights between Rio and Auckland), from Auckland, a little flying across the ditch, brings them to Sydney and/or other Australian cities, from Australia to wherever. Last time, the itinerary seemed a little weird?, as in the guys flew from Sydney to Auckland and then to Kuwait.

Anyway, Bob, what say you? Last time, I had no idea these guys were here until afterwards. What about next year?

229. porthoses bitch - September 26, 2012

I think what scares me is that STID’S final trailer and 3d push will no doubt be attached to GI Joe Retaiation..Ive got a feeling that flick is a hot mess.

230. killamarshtrek - September 26, 2012

Hi Bob,

Did you hear about NASA developing a real Warp Drive (not on here obviously)? Is it too late to put a reference in the new movie?

231. Greystoke 47 - September 26, 2012

Re: 16 — They do this for fun, huh? Have you seen the ads surrounding the main areas? They charge quite a bit for those. There’s business being done here. Maybe the customers of this site (us) mean nothing to you and you think because you disagree with something that we should just keep our opinions to ouselves — but if I’m an advertiser paying a grand or so for minor ad placement (not a made up number, I’ve asked about adspace) I want to to see more regular articles to bring in readers to click on my ad. (Actually, I’m glad I didn’t go for the ad space here — there are better places.)

So, do they “owe” us anything? No. But it’s a bad idea not to pay attention to updating your site on a regular basis if you want people to keep coming by, even if you aren’t doing business.

I, for one, come here waaaayy less than I used to. What’s the point when it takes weeks for something new to pop up?

232. Craiger - September 26, 2012

Pretty soon Greystroke if Anthony decides to start posting news articles again he will find no one is responding and everyone has left because they felt he abandonded this site.

233. Basement Blogger - September 26, 2012

Hey Bob Orci,

Did you hear about this recent UFO conference at the National Atomic Testing Museum, a museum affiliated with the Smithsonian? Anyway, Col. Halt of the Bentwaters Incident says there’s a government agency still investigating UFOs and that it is compartmentalized.

Sounds like a good idea for a TV series. Yeah, there was the X-Files but the last season kind of sucked. The whole thing cover up was about super-soldiers? But a new TV show could deal with all kinds of aliens.

Still waiting for the day when the government admits there is extraterrestrial life. That would change everything. Okay, that’s from Star Trek: First Contact. But Troi was right. Everything would change in our society. Religion. Government. The bad guys in Space Invaders.

Here’s the Huffington Post story.

234. Craiger - September 26, 2012

BB – Or better yet The Final Countdown the TV series. The Government testing time wormholes first test was in 1980 sending the Nimitz back in time to 1980 and see what they do.

235. Craiger - September 26, 2012

Sorry I should have said sending the Nimitz back in time to Dec 6th 1941.

236. Red Dead Ryan - September 26, 2012


No worries, Jack. I think we’re all a little bit frustrated by the lack of any news regarding Trek in general, not just the sequel.

Two different 2013 “Star Trek” calendars have just been released in stores, and in the past, this site would have posted an article about it.

237. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 26, 2012

I suppose the actual discovery, contact and verification of extraterrestrials visiting our planet could have an impact on some religions but not necessarily on older ones like the Hindu or Buddhist. Those religions have always pointed to the notion of other realms of existence, of beings living on far distant worlds.

The Buddha recalled when he looked out into space with his mind’s eye that he could perceive “numbers beyond counting” of chakras, or wheels floating in space at inconceivable distances, each of which “contained the 84,000 classes of beings”. I have no idea which Dharma text this is from (there are thousands of them) but, according to my better half who has actually read this (whereas I have only had it read to me), it comes within the Buddha’s discourse on the endless variety of living beings, both earthly and extraterrestrial.

It is possible that some Islamic and Judeo-Christian groups may have difficulty coping with, accepting the existence, presence of extraterrestrial beings – not sure. However, one interpretation of what Jesus Christ said – “In my father’s house are many mansions” could be another way of describing what the Buddha spoke of 500 years before this Jesus walked on earth. Mansions are big houses where a lot of different people of various ages and abilities may live…

238. NCM - September 26, 2012

Boborci, are you still taking questions?

When do you think TM may have some Trek material worth sinking its teeth into? Oh, please answer. It’s a good question:)

239. Themanle1 - September 26, 2012


Is it likely that we will here majel Barrett’s voice on the enterprise again. I know she has now passed, but there is loads of old clips that could be reused for this movie. Just a thought.

240. Lostrod - September 27, 2012

Since TM is not posting news, you’re welcome to subscribe to my Sci Fi Galaxy newsletter. It’s published daily with hundreds of articles.

The latest issue is at:

If you click on the subscribe link on the right you’ll get an email as soon as the latest issue is available so you don’t have to checking for updates.


241. Crusade2267 - September 27, 2012

Bought the comic yesterday, and after reading the last few, I definitely think that the new film will be about Section 31 or some other shadowy intelligence agency. But it leads me to wonder, with all the TOS retellings that have tied in with this new theme (Return of the Archons, Trouble with Tribbles, The Apple), how much of this was going on in the Prime universe that never got exposed?

242. Starfleet Sideburns - September 27, 2012

@241: None of it, necessarily. If the destruction of the Kelvin was a 9/11 type of event for the Starfleet as has been suggested by some, it could be that the increased (and shadowy) intelligence activity in the alternate timeline results from it.

243. Crusade2267 - September 27, 2012

Except that backstory for the Archon was more fleshed out in the comic, and it seemed to indicate that the organization had been operating for at least 100 years. So since the setup for Return of the Archons was so similar in both stories, (Sulu and Desalle beaming down, finding the Lawgivers, Landru, etc), I would say that the conspiracy exists in both timelines.

Though perhaps Prime Kirk and company uncovered it in the time between episodes.

244. Red Dead Ryan - September 27, 2012

Speaking of Section 31, I wonder if Admiral Pressman was secretly working for them when he was experimenting with the phased cloaking device? I wish somebody had expanded on that backstory.

Could be a potential goldmine for a comic or a novel.

245. Crusade2267 - September 27, 2012

It certainly fits with their pattern of doing something less than legal for the greater good of the Federation. And we know they have to have significant research resources if they can develop something as complex as the changeling virus.

246. Craiger - September 27, 2012

RDR – Check this site out

He likes Trek and posts articles about Trek stars in other TV shows.
Normally Trekmovie would post this type of article right.

247. Pauln6 - September 27, 2012

Just read the comic and enjoyed it hugely. It takes one of the cheesiest episodes and adopts a worthwhile spin, putting in lots of Easter Eggs for fans, while telling a nice self-contained story. They also are finally improving the female dynamic by evening up the background characters, support characters, and even the security guards. A big thumbs up from me. :)

248. sean - September 27, 2012


I caught hat Patrick Stewart bit last night. It was pretty unexpected and hilarious.

249. rogue_alice - September 27, 2012

The Stewart bit was hilarious.

250. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 27, 2012

Just to show that there is life outside of Star Trek as well and that the “captain” has beamed back here to deal unto a bad Russkie.

251. Basement Blogger - September 27, 2012

Where’s Bob Orci when you need him? :-) Two things that I think Bob will love. Bob is into UFOs. One, Col. Friend who was a director of Project Blue Book says UFOs are real. Now he clearly has been saying this lately but he’s another military officer who says UFOs exist. Begs the question does the government cover up UFOs? Friend seems to think we are not visited by aliens. Then what are they? Time travelers? Other earth species? Are they from another dimension? Observers?

Two, NASA’s Curiosity has found evidence of past flowing water on Mars.

252. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 27, 2012

And now, our geography lesson, in case anyone is wondering where Birkenhead (apart from being in Auckland) or Wirral is –

Apparently there are two tunnels, one built in 1886 and another in 1934. I wonder which tunnel they are using for this film.

If you go to the IMDb site and do a search on Jack Ryan (2013), you will find all the locations of where this movie is being shot. Most are in the UK.

You might also notice that two of the film companies involved in the production of this movie are also the ones behind this Star Trek Into Darkness film – Paramount and Skydance. To me, it would not be that sensible to start putting out trailers and other promotional material for Star Trek when, at least, one of the main actors is out of the country working on another of their films. However, all going well, principal photography for Jack Ryan is expected to be completed by Christmas…

What did Bob Orci say about the time expected for the first ST trailer to be released? I believe he mentioned November or December. Guess who should be back in the good ol’ USA by then?

Think about it, *guys*!

253. Jack - September 27, 2012

“To me, it would not be that sensible to start putting out trailers and other promotional material for Star Trek when, at least, one of the main actors is out of the country working on another of their film”

Don’t trailers usually appear months before the actors start doing appearances and press tours? They’re usually busy doing junkets just in the weeks before — people here (I know yiu haven’t, Rose) have complained how the actors have moved on to other projects and aren’t promoting the film right now, and how that seems odd. They’re not endentured for the year from filming to release. ;)

And, as for Anthony not posting much — on every post, whether they’re about the movie or not, some people complain nonstop that the stories aren’t sequel news. And even when they are about the sequel, people complain because there aren’t details and it’s just actors saying generic info when being interviewed about other things.

A few of us get frustrated with complaints and we’re told we shouldn’t be complaining about complaints.

Me, I’d like if someone from the site would give a site update. Maybe reposting every Trek story on the Internet is redundant and unnecessary.
I liked the tone of the site and the quality of the exclusive content (comic reviews, etc).

Seriously, what sequel news can you expect 8 months out? I’m asking, honestly, about what people think should be on here.

I understand that folks want more Trek news, and fair enough. Weekly round-ups would be swell.

And, I’m not trying to talk down to anybody — this is how I write. I’m honestly interested in hearing people’s opinions — that’s why I ask so many darned questions.

254. Craiger - September 27, 2012

Jack – They are promoting Jack Ryan and its not out until December 2013.

255. Nick - September 27, 2012

253 – Jack, I tend to agree …

I’ve been following this site since the early days. Idon’t post often.

The articles have been great in the past, & with every release we get some good dialogue going … that has been a great part of Trekmovie & why many keep coming back.

Have to say it has been a really articulate group who come here, some strong opinions … & generally a willingness to debate & discuss in a mature manner … that’s like gold nowadays if you look at many online forums.

I hope Trekmovie will continue. Perhaps a wave of the future might be to evolve the ability to have discussions or a user-driven article area. This is a little vague, but something constructive I’d like to suggest.

I appreciate the work involved in researching, writing, checking &
publishing … maybe a link area to relevant news (i.e. a Nasa story for example) … with the ability to discuss back at Trekmove. I.e. Don’t re-create the wheel … takes less time.

Something to think about …

As far as the movie promotion … obviously it would be wise to ramp this up from late January. I tend to think a seed needs to be planted pre-Christmas rush though.

Nagging at the back of my mind is the situation Star Trek was once in … saturation to the point of not being particularly special anymore, evident in the TV ratings & ST Nemisis.

So, while we’ll always want more … perhaps this is being handled quite logically.

256. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 27, 2012

#252. Rose (as in Keachick)…

Yesterday they were filming “Jack Ryan” at Stansted airport … Today they were in Hatfield

and by the way last week Chris Pine was talking to the media in London, about the animation “Rise of the Guardians” … it is not yet time to “Star Trek Into Darkness”!

;-) :-)

257. AJ - September 27, 2012


The alternative approach is to do a “Peter Jackson” or a “Brian Singer” and take us through the process of making the film. Quarter by quarter with web-series. No dice there.

The fact is we already have a publicity photo of Chris Pine as Jack Ryan on a bike and bags of info about JJ Abrams’ new series running on TV before a shred of real info has been released about the new Trek film, which is in the can. It’s only the small hardcore batch of fans who feel offended, so the studio probably feels, “who cares?” More like “F*k those guys” at this point.

258. Jack - September 27, 2012

254. Hey, Craiger. Yeah? Aren’t they still filming? How are they promoting? I see they released a couple of pretty unrevealing stills – a photo of Pine on a motorcycle. And a photo of Pine and Costner.

It’s a franchise reboot, so, yeah — they may have decided to get the word out there sooner — like with a teaser (and generic posters) like they did with Trek 09 and Man of Steel. It wasn’t a secret that Trek was filming — it had plenty of news. Sure, there were no stills. But I honestly think the secrecy helped it get better news coverage. I know we won’t agree on this, man. ;)

Yeah, some films promote early. A lot don’t. And, I’d argue that any stills we would have got during filming Trek, which wouldn’t have spoiled anything, would have been so generic as to have been unnecessary (Uhura sitting at her console or something similar we’ve already seen).

I’m wondering, honestly. This isn’t meant to be pushing: What kind of stuff from the Trek movie do you want to see right now?
What do you think we should have had by now?
And what kind of stuff do you want to see each month as this thing gets closer?
Are you worried about too much being revealed or would you like as much as you can get in advance?
Again, just asking.

I keep coming back to similar complaints before the last one came out — a bunch of people here were unhappy that the trailer didn’t reveal much and that we’d only had a handful of stills. some people here were predicting that the thing would bomb because the marketing had been so bad… Would it had done better had a lot more been revealed — hard to say. Me, I usually think less is more, to a point — as long as it gives us a good idea of why we should see the darned movie. But I hate long trailers that show every action scene and pretty much tell the whole darned story in advance. I thought even Prometheus gave away a bit too much. Show me the premise, sure…

I really liked John Carter, one of my favourites of the year — but I don’t think the problem was a lack of marketing. I think they marketed to the wrong people and they sold a completely different movie than the one they had — John Carter: angsty, serious, unfun sci-fi drama (look, Rita, we’ll have to learn the martian language to understand this thing) instead of Walt Disney’s John Carter of Mars! Adventure! I would have loved to have seen more of the Earth story in the trailers to set it all up (the diary stuff) and a better sense of the weirdness, camp, humor and fun of it all.

255. “As far as the movie promotion … obviously it would be wise to ramp this up from late January. I tend to think a seed needs to be planted pre-Christmas rush though.”

I agree. Even a little tiny something — a poster — say late this fall would be nice for this fan. I totally understand the anticipation — I’m anxious to see the trailer, the posters and the movie itself… ideally I ‘d want to see them all in the next hour or so… but I’ve got to wait until late-May. Rats.

259. Jack - September 27, 2012

259. true, man. A little late for that. Unless they’re saving it.

I went nuts over Singer’s Superman Returns stuff. And they didn’t make it a better movie. In fact, I think I liked the movie less because I saw from watching all that stuff that so much pointless expense and detail went into such a dull and uninspired project. I wish they’d taken the energy made making those vids and put them into the movie.

Me. i’d rather wait to see that stuff after I see the movie. In an Art of the Film book or in DVD extras. But I get that a lot of people want to see that stuff early.

I just don’t think it’s a personal slight toward fans — we know the thing is coming out, so why market to us differently than to the rest of humanity? I know we don’t agree on this. ;)

So, what’s the answer? Spoilers, behind-the-scenes stills and set tours?

What do folks wish they could see?

260. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 27, 2012

They are still filming Jack Ryan. They won’t be finished until December. It seems obvious to me is that they are filming all the outdoor actions scenes now while the weather is still reasonably good, given it is now Autumn (Fall) in England. However, the rest of the movie will be shot in Pinewood Studios, just outside of London and I suspect that will be a case of keeping it all “mum”. Because of whatever the story is telling involves chases with motorbikes, SUV type vehicles through city streets, tunnels etc, getting realistic film of this requires what the article I posted above told us. It is not hard for ordinary people to notice stuff going on, especially if they are having to make detours etc, so the director doesn’t even try to hide these activities.

Curiously, the sets of photos from the various film shootings have been posted on internet sites like JustJared, but even more photos appear on the Chris Pine Network… I am smiling a little when I think what could be going on here (I have no proof though).

We have seen some pictures of the Star Trek cast on set (in golf carts), some of the cast in grey uniforms (*what’s that about?), lovely photos of the youngest star, a little Indian actress who plays the child of Noel Clarke and Nazneen Contractor’s characters, with much of the main cast as well as with JJ Abrams. Granted there are not very many but they are better than nothing. Then of course, there is the well known *leaked* scene of Quinto/Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch’s character wearing a black outfit with a Starfleet logo on it (*what’s that about?) duking it out among the polystyrene…:)

* Wait till we see the movie…

JJ Abrams and co. have their own way of doing things…All this bleating and moaning has clearly not changed anything. If nothing is forthcoming by January next year then start worrying. That another two and a half/three months away. Chill out. Just like the title, the trailer will be upon us and so will the inevitable nitpicking…ugh…groan….There is clearly something of a “hungry ghost” in most, if not, all of us…Oh dear.

261. Jack - September 27, 2012

Okay, I promise I’ll shut up — but I don’t understand why Abrams promoting his shows is a bad thing. They’re starting now or in the next few weeks.

Star Trek isn’t out until next May. Why does it have to be one or the other? We all know these guys, the actors included, have other jobs.

This isn’t new to Trek, although the last franchise’s movie guys’ other jobs were all other Trek shows.

262. bud - September 27, 2012

Who farted?

263. Red Dead Ryan - September 27, 2012

Yeah, I don’t care so much about the lack of sequel news. I can understand that. But there’s got to be other Trek stuff happening, like conventions, fan productions, merchandise, books, etc.

But, since we’re not getting sci-fi or science articles anymore, I’m going to guess that Anthony is winding this thing down. Maybe he’s got personal issues to deal with? If that is so, I hope he’s okay. And I wish one of his staff would explain the long absenses and quiet periods.

Right now, its the “make up your own news” period. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but I know I’d like some actual articles.

264. captain spock - September 27, 2012

Happy 25 TH Anniversy Star Trek:TNG

265. captain spock - September 27, 2012

167 C’mon kids, lets give trekovie a break! They cant invent news! How about this idea: lets do a thread about asking me anything (except details of new movie) and i will answer.

Bob,ok my question is beside star trek & hawaii 50 what is your favorite T.V. show or movie.

second question is how many kids do you & your wife have? to personal you dont have to answer.

what your favorite dinner?

are you going to do a sequel to cowboys & aliens any time soon?

266. Mark Lynch - September 28, 2012

If Trekmovie had a real forum behind it where people had to register before being able to post and then those users have the capability to create threads.

Trekmovie would be more self sustaining as the visitors would be able to post items, rather than just a select few.

There is plenty of free BBS software out there, for example, PHPBB to name just one.

Something to think about perhaps.

267. Starfleet Sideburns - September 28, 2012

@243: D’oh! Somehow I managed to conveniently forget that in the alternate timeline the whole Archon thing was actually a Starfleet “experiment”… Maybe because, as BulletInTheFace at #73 pointed out, it doesn’t make sense. At all. The timeline divergence took place in 2233 – how would that affect Beta III’s thousands of years of history that had already happened? I mean, didn’t the comic say that all the humans on the planet were descendants of the Archon crew? That’s not how it was in the original episode. Dunno, maybe someone came from the future and wiped the planet clean of pre-existing life with the Genesis device or something…

I try not to think about these plot holes too much, otherwise I’ll end up having a headache. And it’s not like any of this is real anyway. Just because the timelines are in a twist doesn’t mean I should get my knickers in one too. ;)

268. Jack - September 28, 2012

Speaking of timelines, I’m pretty excited to see Looper this weekend.

269. SPOCKBOY - September 28, 2012

I don’t think Anthony is intentionally ignoring the site. He’s probably dealing with “life stuff” which is more than okay.

Meanwhile, here is something supercool to temporarily satiate all of our hunger for Trek.


270. Bud - September 28, 2012

Really…who farted?

271. dscott - September 28, 2012

262. bud – September 27, 2012
Who farted?

– lol

272. KHAN 2.0 - September 28, 2012

Benicio Del Toro on Trek 2:

273. Jay - September 28, 2012

263 I agree. The “secrecy” around why weeks go by without anything new on this site is very much like the secrecy around JJ Abrams’ production.

I just don’t see any reason for it. What would be the harm for Anthony or someone to post an explanation? Doesn’t have to get into any personal details. Just something that says, “hey, because of personal (or whatever) reasons, I’m not going to be updating this site as often for the forseeable future. I will resume normal posting as soon as I can.” At least then we would be left wondering if this site is in the process of going away.

It’s getting so frustrating with this new movie. 3 weeks since anything related to the new movie has been posted. 7 1/2 months until it opens and not a word about so much as a teaser trailer being releases soon. What would it kill Abrams and company to tell us when we can expect a damn trailer??

274. Jay - September 28, 2012

Right now I just don’t get the marketing plan for “Into Darkness”.

At this point last time we had a teaser trailer (not sure if the first trailer had been released yet – can’t remember the dates), we had a website with “clues” being updated on a regular basis… lots of buzz.

Right now there is absolutely no buzz – zero – for this movie. Most people aren’t even aware another Star Trek movie is coming out.

I just don’t understand what’s going on.

I wish Anthony wasn’t preocupied with whatever it is that is keeping him away so that he maybe could get some information for us on why there seems to be such a black hole of information about this movie right now. No marketing. No trailers. Nothing.

275. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

273. Jay

No buzz for the movie? Um… have you been reading the boards the last few months? There is so much buzz about the movie… lots of speculations, lots of people wondering what it’s about. That kind of marketing buzz is the classic no news buzz. You create a buzz from lack of news. The fact that you are talking about it… the fact that all Trek boards are talking about the secrecy… THAT is buzz my friend. Just because we don’t have teaser trailers or more pictures, doesn’t mean there is no buzz…. otherwise you wouldnt have people like you talking about the movie. Know what I mean?

276. JS - September 28, 2012

Is this website over?

277. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

275 – Yes, no need to post here any longer ;)

278. AJ - September 28, 2012


The “boards” are only a tiny fraction of the audience.

If JJ wants International to be a large piece of the business, they should be re-launching Trek as a brand all over the world right now.

279. Jay - September 28, 2012

274 I’m talking about buzz in the general population. Not on message boards on a freaking Star Trek site. No kidding people there are talking.

I mean out in the real world. No one is talking about this movie. Most people are completely unaware it’s even being made.

People like me, people that are huge fans, are going to seek out information. The general movie going public, especially the summer blockbuster types, are not seeking out information about a movie that they are completely unware of.

Buzz on Star Trek message boards is close to meaningless. it represents a fraction of 1% of those that Paramount needs to go see this movie for it to be a financial success.

280. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

278 – People don’t NEED to care that Star Trek is being made now. They only NEED to care a week or two before the movie opens, and that they HEAR it is awesome and big, and great.

That is how the movie distribution cycle works. Just a fact.

281. jamesingeneva - September 28, 2012

269. It was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO, that’s the most fun we’ve had on here in days lol….

282. Nony - September 28, 2012

I’ve been keeping tabs on Karl Urban’s ‘Dredd’ international press tour for the past couple of weeks. A depressing number of reporters have been asking ‘so, you did a Star Trek movie, will there be a sequel to that? When are you doing that? What, you already filmed it?’ They legitimately have not heard about any of it.

283. Jack - September 28, 2012

281. If that’s true, then those reporters need to do their homework… ;). Gosh, all you need to do is go to Urban’s IMDB page. What were they supposed to do, send press releases saying they were filming directly to every news outlet on Earth? That still wouldn’t have done it. So some people don’t know it’s coming out yet — so what? There’s still a while yet. I’m sure there were folks last fall who didn’t know The Dark Knight Rises was coming out… ;)

I still don’t get the panic here.

284. Christopher Miles - September 28, 2012

A Bit of early Science Friday

Channeling Star Trek: Researchers to Begin Fusion Impulse Engine Experiments

University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH) aerospace engineers working with NASA, Boeing and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are investigating how to build fusion impulse rocket engines for extremely high-speed space travel

Complete article here:

285. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

278. Jay

To be honest, the general public doesn’t really care about a Star Trek movie. They never really ever did. And it only comes out in May of 2013… it’s September 2012 right now. People, other than Trek fans, won’t go all orgasmic is a trailer comes out now. The movie going public has a short term memory. They see a trailer now, they will forget it within a month. You will see the first ones around Christmas… towards March, you will see a full blown campaign going.

The only reason why the general public flocked to the theatres for the first one was because of curiosity. The were rebooting it with new people playing characters. They cannot rely on that for the second movie. They will have to rely on a well written movie and a well acted movie. But basically the only people that will really care are the genre fans.

People are saying that JJ & company should market it how Peter Jackson is marketing The Hobbit. Honestly…. do you think the general public even knows that there is a Hobbit movie coming out? Even with all the video diaries that Jackson is doing? Nope. They really don’t care. Same goes with Superman. The only people really creating a buzz are the fans.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are getting the buzz they want right now. Get the fans in a tizzy and taking about the movie on the boards and fan sites. Have you talked to your non-Trek friends about the new movie? I have… and THAT creates a word of mouth buzz. But really, the movie comes out in 8 months.

286. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

279. rm10019

I agree 100%.

287. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

285 Montreal_Paul – Thanks.

15 years with Paramount Distribution and Publicity came in handy for once :)

That being said, would I love more news and a glimpse into the post-production of this film… YES!

288. AJ - September 28, 2012

STAR TREK should be marketed more like a property than just a series of films and back-catalog re-issues.

My kids both knew who R2D2 and Darth Vader were by the time they were two. Star Wars is an ongoing brand like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. It has a cartoon and actively available swag at Walmart/Toys “R” Us.

Star Trek just does the movie, throws out a few kids’ toys which end up either on eBay or in the bargain bin, and then licenses out to companies who make super-detailed expensive ship/weapon models and $100+ dollar soundtrack compilations. Once the film is out on DVD, all the marketeers are already on other projects. CBS will keep re-releasing the TV shows, but there are no new younger fans running to buy them.

The best way to keep TREK around is to keep new younger consumers coming in with cash. Look at all the Marvel and DC properties, Transformers, etc. TREK should be doing that.

289. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

287 – AJ I agree! I want a Trek Animated show now for the past 10 years, and it may be coming… but it should have now, not a year or two from now. Transformers on HUB and Clone Wars do so much for those franchises, it’s a shame to see Trek squander the same opportunities.

But that’s not the same as publicity for a film. I agree though, the marketing of Trek as a property, to get young kids interested in it, is lacking.

290. Gary S. - September 28, 2012

The general public may not be aware of the new Hobbit film ,
But, Box Office for the LOTR trilogy indicates they would certainly care about it
And the general public certainly cares about a Superman Film,
Thjey just want an entertaining Superman flick.

291. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

289 – They don’t care about a new Hobbit or Superman film ‘coming’, they care when a new film is about to open, or IS open and they can GO to it.

It is a very select group that care about the ‘making’ of movies, most people care about going to SEE the movie, on a date or with their friends or as a weekend activity with the kids.

292. Stargazer54 - September 28, 2012

Wow. Kinda starting to worry about Anthony here. Maybe I missed it, but anybody heard from him? Hope he’s ok.

And thanks to Bob Orci for stoking the fire while everyone is out.

BTW, if I ever see Trek marketed like Star Wars I think I’ll puke.

293. Adolescent Nightmare - September 28, 2012

School just started. By the time the movie comes out school will be almost over. That’s how far away it is. But feel free to complain anyway. It is our only entertainment for now.

294. Bob Tompkins - September 28, 2012

The Cone of Silence surrounding Into Darkness is nothing short of ridiculous.
Actors who participated give interviews and say nothing except it is going to be great.
I liken it to Mitt Rmoney standing up in front of a crowd stating “I paid big taxes for the last 15 years. Trust me!”
If I was an actor or a writer involved in any project which forced me to give such an insipid interview, I’d be ashamed to give any interviews.
Abram’s attitude shows such a complete disrespect for the individual giving the interview, he’s telling them that they are children and they must play his game. Be proud of your work, just don’t give any hints about how good you actually are.
The world doesn’t end if a hint about the movie leaks out.
All of the secrecy shows an intense lack of self- confidence steeped into Abram’s personality. If the movie is going to fail, he wants that big opening day anyway.
It actually makes me feel a little bit sorry for him, since he hasn’t had many failures except when he dragged out some TV series out a season or 2 too long.

BTW, RIP Trekmovie.
A reasonably well- executed site disappearing without a reason is a sad way to go…

295. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

The general public doesn’t care about a movie that opens 8 months away. It is too far away for anyone to make plans or get excited about it. I know that I could care less about what next summer’s blockbusters will be… good Lord, Autumn just began.

Mark my words, you will see a trailer for Trek during the Christmas releases… and even then, it will be 5 months until the movie! Paramount has other movies to market for Christmas releases first.

And as far as Star Wars is concerned… it was more geared towards kids. That is why they have the clone wars and all the toy lines. Trek has never been a “kid’s show”. They CAN go that way… and just might. The way the last movie was made shows that they want a younger crowd in. In a few years, they will have animated Trek and market it towards kids. The have Bob Orci writing this and possibly the next movie. And he seems to “get” gearing a movie to that audience as well… look at Transformers. But remember, Transformers was a toy brand first.

Just give it time guys… it is far too early to push marketing for a movie coming out in May. The audience will forget everything within a month if they start marketing now.

296. Romulus - September 28, 2012

Patrick Stewart donned a wig and pretended to be John Oliver on The Daily Show 2 days ago.
It was a great scene and was very well received.
I thought it might have warranted an item on TVM (your source for everything Trek), but given the flaky reporting from this site over the last 6 months, I not really surprised it didn’t.

297. AJ - September 28, 2012

They don’t have to dumb-down ‘Star Trek’ for kids. TAS was the smartest cartoon on TV when I watched it in the 1970s. It just looked terrible.

They need iconic characters and good eye-candy in great stories. Lucas was a genius when he thought up little R2, 3PO, Yoda and Darth Vader. He had the merchandise rights. Kids remember them even at an age where they don’t quite understand the films, and then grow up with them as toys and games, as well as a constant presence on TV.

The delay between the two films didn’t help, either.

298. Jay - September 28, 2012

284 You are so wrong I don’t even know where to begin.

Alot of people know there is a new Superman coming out and alot of people know about the Hobbit movie. You are completely wrong on both fronts. Alot of people are talking about both of those movies because they have released trailers that appeared during summer movies, so millions of people saw them. Also they have official websites as well.

You just made my point for me. No one knows about the Star Trek sequal because none of those things have been done.

My question is why? What are they waiting for?

299. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

296. AJ

I think that is why they came up with the Keenser character… all marketing. But Trek was never kid-like. The cartoons I watched as a kid were more story oriented at the time. Cartoons have changed and if they want to market to kids, they will have to gear it towards kids like Clone Wars – which has a different tone than the original Star Wars. Don’t forget, when Star Trek came out, it was geared towards adults as a space drama, not a kids show. Star Wars was geared towards kids from the start.

The delay between the two movie isn’t a factor. Case in point, Look at the time span between Star Wars episode 6 and episode 1.

300. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

297. Jay

WHO is talking about Superman and The Hobbit? Not the general public… fanboys and genre lovers. That is all. You can’t find anything about either movie on regular non-genre sites. Ask any “regular” person and you will see. No one is talking about it.

Why are they waiting… BECAUSE THE MOVIE IS 8 MONTHS AWAY! That’s why.

301. Jay - September 28, 2012

290 I couldn’t disagree more. Like most people, I find out about a new movie such as Superman or the Hobbit most of the time when I see the trailer, or teaser trailer while I’m at the movies for another film. That is usually 6 to 8 months before the film comes out, sometimes more for bigger movies. And it’s that initial buzz that gets me interested and wanting to see the film.

It is that initial buzz that will cause me to go look online to see the official website and see what they have about the film.

So yes, people do care about movies that are coming out next spring and summer… My teenage kids are already talking about the “next” Transformers movie and it doesn’t come out until 2014. So how can you possibly say that the general movie audience doesn’t care about future releases?? That’s so clearly not true. That is the whole point of marketing movies ahead of time. And it works.

To me I love going to see a movie and then a trailer comes on for a movie that I didn’t know was in production. That happened this past summer with Superman. I had heard that one was going to be made, but I never took the time to search online to see, and then there was the trailer, and I became very interestd, even though it doesn’t come out until Spring.

302. Jay - September 28, 2012

297 You are wrong. I’ve had several discussions about both movies just out hanging with friends or family. People start talking about movies in general and it never fails that someone will say, “Hey you hear about the Hobbit?” Or “hey, you hear about the reboot of Superman?”

Not sure what rock you are living under, but the only movie that is exclusively being talked about solely by fanboys is the new Star Trek movie.

303. jamesingeneva - September 28, 2012

LMAO You guys gotta check this out!

304. Jay - September 28, 2012

299 Typo on my previous post referencing your post.

Also, when we were 8 months out from ST09, we had an official website with clues and cool things to explore that was being updated regularly, and we already had at least one trailer.

305. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

300. Jay

Of course you are excited about it… you are a fanboy and love that genre. So do I. But the general public doesn’t. I heard today about the next Spider-man movie… but the general public could care less.

If you had studied marketing you would see that movies start promoting 6 months in advance. That is the norm. And that makes sense. When would you promote Trek? You look at Christmas for a May release… that is when the buzz for summer movies usually start. You have all the trailers for summer movies attached to the Christmas blockbusters. When does Bond come out? November. When was the first trailer released? May. It was 6 months before the movie comes out. That’s the way it usually works. And this is the 50th anniversary of Bond.

306. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

303. Jay

Yes, we had a teaser and a website 8 month before the 09 movie. Who was it geared to? Us.

And like I said, there was more buzz about it because they were rebooting it. That is old news. People know it is rebooted now and they enjoyed it. Fact is, no one in the general public is going to go gaga over a Trek movie like us fanboys do. And the secrecy level was just as high about that movie.

307. Craiger - September 28, 2012

Anthony should just say this site is closing, he doesn’t care about it anymore.

308. Craiger - September 28, 2012

I think Anthony is getting like Gustavo over at Trekweb. He says he is leaving Trekweb in late 2013 because he has grown tired of reporting Trek and Scifi news.

309. Tom - September 28, 2012

If this site made him a lot of money, there would be more reporting.

310. Nony - September 28, 2012

Maybe Anthony is working on getting a new exclusive for us. Big news sometimes appears suddenly after a long period of nothingness, right…?

311. Daoud - September 28, 2012

TrekToday and TrekBBS keep soldiering on. Come on over.

312. Samuel Clemens - September 28, 2012

I’d like to know where the “general audience” ends and the “genre audience” begins. Seems to be a pretty fuzzy line when you think about it.

If someone from the “general audience” shows interest in a genre, doesn’t that mean they’re no longer a member of the former?

313. JP - September 28, 2012

On a side note. has the TNG season 1 blu ray set on sale today for $59.99. I have no idea if this is a permanent price drop or not. Makes me wish I had waited to buy it.

314. Anthony Thompson - September 28, 2012

304. Paul

What you wrote makes lots of sense. A Trek sequel trailer attached to a Christmas blockbuster. 5 to 6 months in advance. Problem is, apparently JJ & Co. haven’t gotten your memo. Because Bob Orci recently announced on this site that the first trailer will come out AFTER Christmas, not before.

315. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

Like Superbowl time!?

316. Red Dead Ryan - September 28, 2012

I get the sense that Paramount is making the decisions when to release any promotional material. They’re probably mulling over the posibility of delaying the film’s release by six months to a year to accommodate “GI: Joe Retaliation” as its summer tentpole flick of 2013.

317. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

301- you are the one talking about those movies with friends and family. Thanks the point. Your Aunt Fanny doesn’t care unless she is talking to you about it, and then when it comes out and is well received.

318. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

315- um no. Your sense is wrong

319. Ironhyde - September 28, 2012

Long long before 6 months we were hearing news on casting, on crew, there was a LOT of news about the 2009 movie. Even just crew dossiers, and a cool flash website. Yes this movie is a different animal because it isn’t introducing a whole new cast — but there are still ways to keep us in the loop!

This movie might as well not exist right now. And yeah, maybe that’s good for the general public, but as a life-long Star Trek fan and a truly curious individual wanting to know and hear about the movie (and NO, not spoilers!), I find this secrecy offensive. Treat me like a regular movie going general public, then maybe I’ll become one. Do they want to lose fans? Do they want to pretend we dont exist and try to put everyone in the same boat? I guarantee the majority of movie-goers dont know this movie is even being made. Right now, I really wish I was one of them..

320. Red Dead Ryan - September 28, 2012


We’ll see.

321. rm10019 - September 28, 2012

319 – if they move Trek out of Summer 2013? Ya we’ll see….

322. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

313. Anthony Thompson

I meant during the Christmas blockbuster season which goes into mid-January. So Bob & company are still attaching it to a Christmas blockbuster.

315. Red Dead Ryan

rm10019 is right. I have a friend in the distribution end of Paramount in Canada. Star Trek’s date is firm. They won’t be moving it. GI Joe is still questionable. You know they had to re-edit and actually pulled one actor’s character completely out of it. It was a troubled project from the start and they are thinking it (GI Joe) might be pushed later into the summer away from other big movies.

323. Craiger - September 28, 2012

If they move Trek again I wonder if Trek is done, which why I wouldn’t get the a possible move because Paramount said Trek is one of their great property’s. So why are they treating it like this? All the cast is saying how great it and JJ are but I guess that could be BS?

324. Craiger - September 28, 2012

Also with this long delay of promotion have they all but lost the general audience because by now they may have forgotten they filmed a sequel. That will hurt it also.

325. AJ - September 28, 2012

In actuality, this thread is dated 21 September. Anthony didn’t write it, but he communicated with us in CHAT on the 11th to expect a reset soon (We’re up to over 1600 posts).

So, the site was being actively tended to just one week ago, and Anthony has been offline for under three weeks.

Both “Ain’t it Cool” and “Digital Bits” sites tend to defer to Trekmovie as first reference on all things ‘Star Trek.’

Not dead yet, I hope.

326. AJ - September 28, 2012

In actuality, this thread is dated 21 September. Anthony didn’t write it, but he communicated with us in CHAT on the 11th to expect a reset soon (We’re up to over 1600 posts).

So, the site was being actively tended to just one week ago, and Anthony has been offline for under three weeks.

Both “Ain’t it Cool” and “Digital Bits” sites tend to defer to Trekmovie as first reference on all things ‘Star Trek.’

Not dead yet, I hope.

327. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

322. Craiger

They won’t be moving Trek. the date is firm. Don’t worry about that.

And the general public forgot all about the 09 movie 3 months after they saw it. They aren’t like us who pine over it for day after day for years. For the general public, they saw the movie, they liked it, told a friend, then forgot about it. Having it a year earlier or at Christmas or in May will have no effect on how the general public sees the movie. Trek has a built in audience, no matter how much we bitch about it, they know we will see it at least twice and buy the bluray special edition set. Easy money for them.

328. AJ - September 28, 2012


329. MJ - September 28, 2012

“Paramount has other movies to market for Christmas releases first. ”

Aside from Flight next month what else does paramount have this year?
Nada zero, zilch.
nice try though

330. MJ - September 28, 2012

279 How long were you an intern in their distribution Dept?
Obviously if you actually worked as paid employee in Marketing and Distribution for 15 years you would know more was required.
I mean if its only a week or two prior why do studios, Paramount included spend millions on super bowl spots for movies that come out 6mths to a year later.

331. Montreal_Paul - September 28, 2012

329. MJ

Ummm… let’s see… Let’s take a look what’s coming up…

Paranormal Activity 4 – Oct 19
Flight – Nov. 2
Rise of the Guardians – Nov 21
Jack Reacher – Dec 21
The Guilt Trip – Dec 25
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – Jan 11

…to name a few. And from what I hear, it may be attached to Hansel & Gretel…

but nice try though. ;)

332. WriterJWA - September 28, 2012

Kind of a side note, but TNG premiered 25 years ago today …. no story on that here? I really hope this place isn’t drying up…. it’s a good site.

333. Gary S. - September 28, 2012

I didnt realize Flight was a Paramount release.
Looking forward to that one too.

334. AJ - September 28, 2012


Thanks for the link! Happy 25th to TNG.

Here’s the chaser, of course:

335. Red Dead Ryan - September 28, 2012


Except that there are already “GI Joe Retaliation” action figures and toys on store shelves already. I think its pretty much guaranteed that “Retaliation” will come out in its April timeslot. Paramount can ill afford another delay with that movie.

The Trek sequel, on the other hand, is seen as money in the bank. And so I don’t think Paramount would think twice about postponing the movie again, especially since the vast majority of Trekkies would go see the flick in theatres even if its another year late. The studio may also feel that another year would give them more time to properly market the film in the overseas market, which was a weakness last time around.

336. Spock of Ages - September 29, 2012

337. captainkirk - September 29, 2012

I highly doubt that they will delay it again. Considering that they are preparing to market the movie, they’ve had two press releases, and they don’t need any reshoots like GI Joe, I’m sure it’ll launch on time. Besides, If GI Joe flops, which is quite possible, they’ll want another summer movie to make money.

338. Tom - September 29, 2012

309 (Nony): please say you don’t actually believe that.

339. Tom - September 29, 2012

315 – you don’t support your supposition about a delay with any evidence.

In the same spirit, I theorize that there is a flamboyant colony of Martian termites preparing to launch an attack on North American woodlands.

Sorry for the sarcasm. But there it is.

340. Montreal_Paul - September 29, 2012

334. Red Dead Ryan

Like I said, I have a friend at Paramount distribution. I asked about any possible delays with Trek. Release date is firm. There will be no delays.

GI Joe is set for a March 29th release, but there is talk at Paramount about moving it to June or July of 2013.

341. Bored, Bored, Bored with Star Trek. - September 29, 2012


342. Nony - September 29, 2012

@337 Tom:

Not really, I’m just trying to cheer everyone up with my sunny optimism and cheerfully groundless speculation. :)

*sparkles like a My Little Pony*

343. Craiger - September 29, 2012

Paul have you heard anything about a new Trek TV series?

344. Montreal_Paul - September 29, 2012

342. Craiger

Not a thing. Other than everyone is talking about wanting to do one – but no one is actually doing one. My personal opinion, it is inevitable. There will be a new TV series but not for at least another 5 years… at least not until after the 3rd movie is out. Could be animation or live action. But definitely not before the 3rd movie is out.

Spoke to the guys who purchase the shows on the air for the TV station I work at and they said there was no one talking about that yet.

345. Craiger - September 29, 2012

Thanks, Paul but didn’t Orci or Anthony say they could do one after the second movie? Unless Paramount’s/CBS plan is too not have the Trek movie and TV series not running at the same time like they did in the 90’s and not oversaturate Trek.

346. Montreal_Paul - September 29, 2012

344. Craiger

It’s just my opinion as to when I think it would make sense. Of course it could happen next year if Paramount or CBS gives the go ahead.

But because the cast have a 3 picture deal – my thoughts are that Trek could go back to TV after that and then they will reboot the series again… mainly because that seems to be the trend now.

347. LizardGirl - September 29, 2012

For 318: Ironhyde

“This movie might as well not exist right now. And yeah, maybe that’s good for the general public… Right now, I really wish I was one of them.”

I know right? Four years in the making! It better be good, for that wait! Hopefully STID will come out May 2013 without any pushbacks.

Just a small thing, I can’t remember which thread or who posted it, but someone brought up that Star Trek 2009 has a regular showing on FX, and that qualifies as buzz? I can’t say I agree with that statement.

While showings, in the US anyway, are quite regular, it doesn’t naturally allude to the making of another ST movie, especially if the audience is in the dark about the sequel. And while FX is an international channel, I don’t believe it covers all continents/countries. Seeing as that’s the market JJ will be trying to reach the hardest (outside North America), I don’t think it’s safe to assume that if you’ve seen ST09 on TV/ Big Screen, then you have buzz.

348. Captain Ransom's back - September 29, 2012

@346 LizardGirl

It hasn’t been 4 years in the making. They only started writing it just over a year and a half ago. Shooting only started in January.

349. LizardGirl - September 29, 2012

@347 Captain Ransom’s back

I believe Paramount wanted a trilogy from the start. The actors were signed on for a trilogy back in 09. Regardless of when the writing started the intent was always to make a sequel (orig. 2012), and hopefully a third movie. So between then, now and the future release date of May, it adds up to four years of waiting for the second movie. Which is why I said four years in the making (not made/ released).

350. Captain Ransom's back - September 29, 2012

@348 LizardGirl

Still not 4 years in the making. Doesn’t matter if they were signed to 3 picture deals. If we were to go by your logic, it would be more than 4 years in the making. No. By the time the movie comes out it will have been 2 years in the making. The writers and JJ were on various other projects after 09 came out. You can say it was “in the making” as soon as they started making it… writing, shooting, etc. You CAN say that it was 4 years in the planning or 4 years in the thinking… but sorry, they haven’t been making it for 4 years. But I understand what you were trying to say.

351. Gary S. - September 29, 2012

As long as it has a good story,
I dont care how long they have been making it

352. LizardGirl - September 29, 2012

*Sigh* Okay, you win. I know that they weren’t “making” the movie in 2009. I should have said four years in the WAITING…because that’s what I really meant. I do hope the movie’s awesome though, for the wait (not in the making, sorry!).

353. Captain Ransom's back - September 29, 2012

@351 LizardGirl

I agree. I really don’t care about the time between movies, I just want a well written and well executed movie next May. And with no writer’s strike this time, at least changes could have been made while shooting if something didn’t work.

354. Montreal_Paul - September 29, 2012

350. Gary S

Agreed! If it has a good story and good acting, I’ll be happy. Take your time and do it right – I don’t care if it will be 4 years between films.

355. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 30, 2012

An article appeared in the NZ Herald Timeout (nationwide newspaper), dated 27 September 2012, which was basically about Karl Urban and the Judge Dredd film. However, in the middle of the article was this quote from Karl Urban:

“‘The good directors and writers are the ones who are open to other people’s suggestions. They don’t get hung up on the fact that it’s not their idea and they will embrace it. I’ve been blessed to work with quite a few like that’, he says, also referring to director JJ Abrams Star Trek in which he played Bones McCoy.'”

The words Star Trek appeared twice in the article, in italics, which meant that it could be more easily seen by someone at a glance. The fact is that every time anyone sees or reads about any of the main actors from the Star Trek, even if the main subject has nothing to do with Star Trek, somehow mention of Star Trek and the Trek character the actor is playing gets mention. Often expectation of a sequel is also slotted in there.

As I said once before, things Star Trek are not shoved in our faces, but they are. Once the real promotional work kicks in, then most people’s (sub) conscious memories will make them feel very acquainted with the notion of a new Star Trek film. Ultimately, though, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

356. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 30, 2012

edit: I meant to write “…in our faces, but Star Trek is still there…”

357. Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch - September 30, 2012

349, actually 4 years in the making is acurate as the sequel was greenlit back in 2009 before Trek 09 even hit theatres.
And it was originallly set to hit theatres in 2011, before being pushed back to 2012 and then 2013, even though they were working on other projects the script was supposedly being worked on the entire time.

Had it been released on time we would most likely be seeing star trek XIII in 2014 but now thats pretty unlikely.

358. Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch - September 30, 2012

349, actually 4 years in the making is acurate as the sequel was greenlit back in 2009 before Trek 09 even hit theatres.
And it was originallly set to hit theatres in 2011, before being pushed back to 2012 and then 2013, even though they were working on other projects the script was supposedly being worked on the entire time.

Had it been released on time we would most likely be seeing star trek XIII in 2014 but now thats pretty unlikely.

359. Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch - September 30, 2012

351 but the movie was greenlit in 2009, and they were according to reports on here supposedly working on the script backin 2010.
even though most on here seem to be willing to drink the jim jones kool aid and forget about that.

360. Captain Ranson's back - September 30, 2012


The script was SUPPOSED to start in 2010 and be finished in April 2011 but wasn’t. Because of previous projects, it was started late and only ready last Fall. Shooting only started last January. It doesn’t matter when a project gets green-lit. Look at The Hobbit, it was green-lit back in 2006 I believe.

361. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 30, 2012

The story outline was given the OK by Paramount in February 2011. From then on, pre-production commenced around September last year when JJ Abrams officially became this movie’s director. However, for most of last year, “soft” pre-production work was already going on, according to writer/producer, Roberto Orci.

362. NCM - September 30, 2012

2184. Red Dead Ryan – September 24, 2012

“I have Asperger’s, so it can be difficult at times. So yeah, I’ll agree that some of the “armageddon” warnings are probably exaggerated.”

RDR, on the assumption that you’re not being flippant, I commend you on revealing this aspect of your makeup. People who openly acknowledge their ‘differences’ build awareness and acceptance that benefits everyone.

Many of the most fascinating and wonderful people I know happen to be on ‘the spectrum.’

363. Gary S. - September 30, 2012

Anybody know when the script was started?
Thats part of the production process too or at least the PrePreProduction process.

364. Jack - September 30, 2012

361. Agreed. ;).

365. Jack - September 30, 2012

Yep, they coulda finished the script a year or two early, and I coulda gone to medical school — but they didn’t and I didn’t. With respect, so what? We could have had seven new movies by now, if they filmed them over a weekend in somebody’s basement.

We’re split into two teams here:

Team They’ve Waited Too Long And Nobody Is Going To Remember Trek and Nobody is Going To See It In May If They Dont Know About It Yet And They’ve Scwed Up The Marketing and It’s Going to Tank

and in the opposite corner

Team People Go See Movies That They Didn’t Know About Six Months Before All the Time and If We Haven’t Heard a Peep in Three Months Maybe We Should Start to Worry, But Only A Little

Take Looper. I hadn’t seen a trailer for it, I’d heard about it briefly maybe two moinths ago (just that it existed) and then I saw Joseph Gordon Levitt on SNL last weekend and then I saw it get a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes on Thursday of this week, oh, and I think I saw a commercial during Fringe on Friday. So I went to see it last night, and the theatre was sold out.

I’d wager that almost all of the people in that theatre hadn’t heard about the movie 3 months ago. Or even 1 month ago. And probably not even three weeks ago.

For every “X had trailers out a year ago!!” there are a dozen movies that get to #1 in the Box Office without six months of advance publicity. No, those aren’t actual statistics.

Actual word of mouth of mouth doesn’t happen 6 months or 3 months in advance. people will go see a movie even if all their facebook friends didn’t post links to the trailer eight months previously…

Seriously, who goes to see a movie and thinks — “oh, I only heard about this a month ago and not last year, hmmm, critics are saying it’s great ,and it’s top at the box office, but I’m really reluctant because I didn’t see posters last Christmas?”

We’re assuming that average movie-goers put premiere dates n their calendars, cross off the days remaining with Delta Sheild stickers, and book the day off work a year in advance like we do.

At most we get people talking and saying, “oh, yeah, Avengers looks good — when’s it coming out?” and then forgetting about it’s in theaters.

Yes, fanboys (whether it’s Trek or Lord of teh Rings or Batman) are giddy with anticipation and ji*z everytime a still, or trailer, or action-figure package design is revealed — but I’d argue that most of the people who see these movies aren’t fanboys.

Let’s be honest — it’s not about the average moviegoer at all. We want the Trek guys to acknowledge that we as fans really want stuff in advance, we need material to help us sustain and build enthusiasm in the same way that me as an actionless teenager needed por-n.

We don’t just want the movie, we want a year of nonstop build-up.

The average movie goer doesn’t need eight months or six months or two months of foreplay, but we do, and that’s why we’re griping.

We’re saying it’s because we’re worried that the other folks in line at the grocery store won’t be at Trek opening night, but really, bottom line is, “we want our trailer/stills/making-of-diary/leaked script, etc., we deserve our trailer (etc), and we want it six months ago!”

It’s about us. Let’s be honest about it. We’re angry that the marketing campaign isn’t geared to us. Nope, entitled is an ugly word, I agree…. But we definately think we deserve to have seen something by now….

366. Jack - September 30, 2012

At most we get people talking and saying, “oh, yeah, Avengers looks good — when’s it coming out?” and then forgetting about it until it’s in theaters.

367. Montreal_Paul - September 30, 2012

364. Jack

I agree 100%. I have even said so myself. Too bad the rest of the people on here don’t get that.

368. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 30, 2012

Exactly, Jack!

I only found out about the last Star Trek movie about a month before its release and that was because of a little article in our local TV Guide. Actually they were two short interviews with Chris Pine (never heard of him) and Leonard Nimoy. I saw the promotional trailers on TV, starting a week before release date. Being the Star Trek TOS fan that I have always been, resistance was futile. The rest is history…

I had thought that Rise of the Guardians was to be released here on 6 December but now I see it won’t come here until 3 January 2013…:(. I am hoping that we will see a Star Trek trailer before the screening of the Hobbit (if not earlier) and then again before Rise of the Guardians. I say ROTG because it appears that Chris Pine (voice only) has first billing on this movie, which could be good for a Star Trek trailer…

I have no idea how STID will be promoted or when and where, but the options I have suggested make sense – at least to me, they do. I don’t know if the real Bob Orci is still around and reading these posts – just hopes and musings about what might work…

369. Jack - September 30, 2012

366. I realize I won’t change anybody’s mind on this — people want to gripe, fair enough. It just gets on my nerves to hear the same complaints (‘they’re dooming the movie’) over and over, on every topic. Just as I’m sure it bugs them to hear me saying over and over that, while no news might be annoying, it’s not particularly unusual and that the few examples that keep getting brought up (TDKR and Superman had teasers!) far more movies don’t. Whether it is or isn’t unusual doesn’t matter, I suppose… A lot of people don’t like being in the dark, and that’s really what they’re pissed off about — fair enough. ;)

370. Jack - September 30, 2012

it would be interesting to see some marketing research in WHY it didn’t do well overseas and whether it did better on DVD/downloads. We say here that they didn’t market it properly, but what do we actually mean by that?

I don’t know whether trailers a year in advance and more and more cast appearances would necessarily, automatically make a huge difference… people see movies they want to see. Most markets are pretty sophisticated, and, in my experience, in parts of Europe and Asia, people are, generally, way more cinema-savvy than North American audiences. There has to be more to this — did the movie get good reviews? Was it in a lot of theatres? Or did people decide it was something they could wait to see on TV or on DVD?

I remember someone from Germany saying here that it was badly promoted in Germany, but what does that mean? I was in Berlin then and there were ads in bus shelters, and on billboards, and on TV. It was a bigger campaign than I would have seen anywhere in Canada or most places in the U.S. All the stars made an appearance in Berlin. My Trekkie friends in Korea, China and Japan said there were ads all over the place. It was no secret that Trek was in theatres. It was known that this was a reboot with a new cast.

And maybe folks associated Star Trek with really mediocre movies with middling production values?

And marketing the shit out of something — too much merchandise, endless posters months in advance, too many clips giving too much away — can backfire too, especially if the reviews are terrible (unless it’s an Adam Sandler movie). It’s easy to say that the answer is automatically – Do More!! Do more earlier!

John Carter was marketed strangely (I think it could have been sold as a fun, old-fashioned Walt Disney sci-fi swashbuckler from the director of Wall-E) — but it also got pretty lousy reviews (a lot of people called it derivative and tired, even though the books influenced everybody, ever). But it was marketed like crazy — there were (cryptic) posters, and commercials and crap forever in advance…

371. Red Dead Ryan - September 30, 2012


Thanks for your post. I wasn’t being flippant. I can go overboard with my arguments and statements sometimes. I do appreciate your understanding.

And Jack:

You made some good points with your arguments. I think the last movie was so good that it left us starving for more. And when people are starving, well, they can be a bit……impatient. :-)

372. Red Dead Ryan - September 30, 2012

I’m not sure, but I was under the impression that “Star Trek” has always done well in Germany. Or did the last movie underperform there?

I first heard about the Trek reboot in an early 2007 issue of “Star Trek Magazine”.

373. Jack - September 30, 2012

Thanks, Ryan. And thanks to Paul and Rose too.:)

“And when people are starving, well, they can be a bit……impatient. :-)”

Yep. Absolutely true.

Man, I wish I could be as succinct as you are on here. Instead I ramble on for hundreds of words — and that’s the short version. ;)

374. Red Dead Ryan - September 30, 2012


Yeah, but you’re pretty good with words. And you display good spelling, and correct sentance structures. :-)

Anyway, I was listening to Michael Giacchino’s “Star Trek” soundtrack (the retail version, unfortunately I was unable to procure the deluxe edition) earlier. The guy clearly has been influenced by both John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith but at the same time, created a new and unique score, with the end titles a great, modern version of the TOS end credits theme.

And I’ve been listening to his “Lost: Season Six” score, and it’s just mind-blowingly good. Same for “Up”, “Ratatouille”, and “John Carter”.

What a talented composer. Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with for the sequel.

375. Jack - September 30, 2012

371. I thought the Germans loved Trek too — but I vaguely remember someone on here saying the promotion wasn’t great there. I was just using it as an example of decent promotion, in one city, at least, because I was there just before the release. i’m not sure how it did there.

And we’ve had some folks here speculating that lousy marketing was the reason it didn’t do spectacularly well internationally. “Internationally” covers a lot of ground, I know — but I wonder if there was more to it?

376. Jack - September 30, 2012

Hmm, it didn’t do too badly in Germany. Although it was no Avatar (which made about ten times the money. ;).

Any idea if Trek ’09 did better than Paramount expected it to?

And I’m a big fan of MG’s Trek score. It might be my favourite Trek score, depending on which day you catch me.

377. Red Dead Ryan - September 30, 2012

Well, apparently from what some have said on this site, the overseas markets are drawn to films starring A-list big name actors, like Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, etc.

J.J Abrams’ “Star Trek” had a fine collection of talent, but I don’t think that any of them could be considered (at the time of release, anyway) as true A-listers.

Both Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana have had non-Trek hits/blockbusters but I’m not sure they’re at the A-list level yet. They’re getting there, with the Trek sequel a potential big boost, depending on how good it is, and how well it is recieved.

Though Daniel Craig wasn’t a household name before “Casino Royale”, he became an A-lister after the Bond reboot became a smash hit worldwide. Maybe because it wasn’t an ensemble-driven movie like “Star Trek” was, or maybe Bond is just a bigger sell overseas because the Bond flicks take place all over the world in recognizable places.

378. Red Dead Ryan - September 30, 2012

“Judge Dredd” made only $2,280,000 over the weekend, raising its overall box office “haul” to just over $10,000,000. Sheesh.

“Judge”-ing by the numbers, the studio must be “Dredd”-ing its decision to give the green light to this box office bomb!

379. MJ - September 30, 2012

Uh oh I can see the comments coming “Know it all Jack strikes again”.
“Jack get your mouth off of that TS Roses she-Stick”
I kid my friend I kid :)

380. Jack - September 30, 2012

378. Lol.

381. Jack - September 30, 2012

I meant 381, lol.

382. Jack - September 30, 2012

Wait, now 379. MJ, anyway.

Er, by the way, what does that mean? the second one. ;)

Of interest, Super 8 beat Prometheus, domestically. Super 8 ($127,004,179 domestic, on a $50 million budget; $259,936,677 worldwide) gets called a bomb a fair bit on here. So I was surprised that it beat Prometheus in North America.

Prometheus made $398,091,084 worldwide. $126,477,084 of that is domestic.

Trek made $385,680,446 three years ago. $257,730,019 of that domestic. Without 3D. Not bad at all.

383. efren - October 1, 2012

i have a question for anyone to answer. Is the star trek comics canon in abrams universe as the prequel comic to star trek with ambassador picard? i wanna know!

384. Red Dead Ryan - October 1, 2012

People who refer to “Super 8″ as a bomb are generally those who don’t like J.J Abrams or his movies.

“Prometheus” was a great movie as well, but it sounds like it did better overseas than it did in North America, the reverse of Abrams’ “Star Trek”.

385. Jack - October 1, 2012

382. Hey. Yeah, I think so. And they’re supposed to lead in to the movie, right? So we’ve got 7 more months of comics, I suppose. Is it one a month? So a lot could happen in those stories.

I found the first four or five to be a bit groan-inducing, but the last few have really, er, grown on me. They still rehash the movie a bit too much, unless the newer comics are still set just a few weeks after Trek ’09 (they’ve probably said, but I can’t recall). Even if it was still recent, all everybody does is talk about that big Nero adventure, like my stoner high school buddy still talks “that time at Dave’s party” 20 years later. The art has gotten better , though, and the dialogue’s sounding less off.

I’m hoping this means they’ll be completely quiet about that time Nero changed the timeline in the next movie.

383. Prometheus grew on me, a little. I was really disappointed the first time I saw it because I had ridiculously high expectations, kind of like the ones I’ll have for the next Star trek movie — even higher actually, with all the talk comparing it to 2001 and all the promise of philosophical insight. It was a decent summer blockbuster, but I suspect it won’t be considered a classic, say, like Blade Runner.

386. none - October 2, 2012


I have to disagree about zoe,zoe is defintely A-List.

.I mean come on she was the lead actress in Avatar which is the higehst grossing film of all time and she is prpbably one of the most and may be the most popular woman of coulor actress right now

387. Gary S. - October 2, 2012

In one of her upcoming films,
Zoe costars with Christian Bale .
Isnt he considered A List ?
Just saying .

388. Jack - October 2, 2012

In big movies maybe, but a box office draw, internationally, back in 2009? Avatar was ridiculously big, but would some still not recognize her from it back then… I don’t know.

And now? Dunno. Would you go see the next big Zoe Saldana or Olivia Wilde movie in the same way you’d go see a Julia Roberts, Matt Damon etc. movie? Again, I don’t know.

Even Christian Bale — is he a **star** (/product/industry) in the same way that, say, Tom Cruise is? Not sure.

389. Gary S - October 3, 2012

I would see the next Zoe film if I like the premise of the story .
I dont usually base my film choices on stars alone .

390. Gary S - October 3, 2012

Bale doesnt have the clout Cruise does, no question .
Still, Bale did Empire of the Sun when he was 10 .
So, he has climbed pretty far .
But Cruise has the power that he does because of his enormous success .
I laughed when people said his career was over after Knight and Day .
And that movie actually did pretty good overseas .
Even Toms Flops make money!

391. DennyM - October 3, 2012

I’m curious, what is everybody’s favorite non IDW ST series.

392. Starfleet Sideburns - October 3, 2012

@385: “The Redshirt’s Tale”, or the framing story at least, was set at stardate 2259.23, which is January 23, 2259 if I’ve got my facts straight. It’s not said anywhere in the comic, but the date can be seen as a mirror image through Hendorff’s fancy transparent computer screen on the comic’s first page. So that’s almost a year after the destruction of Vulcan (2258.42). #13 actually jumped back in time a bit, since #11 (the first part of “The Truth About Tribbles”) was at 2259.155.

393. Pauln6 - October 6, 2012

Judge Dredd had a very weak plot. It was like watching somebody else play a computer game. The same can be said of the new Resident Evil Movie. There is no characterisation in those movies at all – Star Trek scored quite highly on that basis.

And Prometheus was a terrible let down. It was visually stunning but the characters acted like idiots with no knowledge of basic scientific method or safety protocols. The genie could get out of the bottle in any number of ways but when it is through sheer mind-numbing stupidity I’m happy to tune out.

Now in Alien, Ripley, a navigator with nominal scientific knowledge, was aware of safety protocols and kept a cool head. Half of that common sense in Prometheus would have vastly improved the movie.

394. Jack - October 6, 2012

@392: Starfleet Sideburns. Wow. That’s impressive. So Tribbles was a year and four months or so later and they were still talking about the events of Trek ’09. I guess the destruction of a planet and angry future Romulans stick with you for a while. :)

I wonder if the crew had late night discussions over a beer and pizza where somebody was like like, “Okay, remember that whole Nero thing? So the guy was really pissed off that Romulus was destroyed by a completely unprecedented subspace supernova or something right? Fair enough, but I still don’t get why he did all that shit. I guess you go a littl enuts when your planet blows up, but still… you know? I’m not the only one wondering this, right?”

395. Jack - October 6, 2012

395. Agreed!

396. Starfleet Sideburns - October 20, 2012

@394 (Jack): Well, Vulcan *was* one of the founding members of the Federation with over six billion inhabitants, so I can absolutely see people discussing its destruction even after months and months and months. Especially on a Federation starship that just happened to be right smack in the middle of it all and nearly got destroyed itself. We here in the real world are still debating 9/11, over a decade after it happened. Heck, we’re discussing Titanic over a *century* later, and there weren’t even any real bad guys involved! (Unless you count the iceberg.) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.