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Star Trek into Darkness will be in Dolby’s new Atmos sound format November 8, 2012

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom Inc., today announced at ShowEast 2012 that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production of Star Trek into Darkness will use the latest technical achievements in cinematic storytelling to deliver a new experience to audiences. Star Trek into Darkness is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures on May 17, 2013.

Star Trek into Darkness will be released in Dolby®Atmos™ to deliver a more natural and realistic soundtrack that moves sound around and above audiences, transporting them into the outer regions of the universe.

“We are in the incredible and lucky position to have access to the latest technology, the best possible tools, and the most talented artists in the business,” said Abrams, the producer and director of Star Trek into Darkness. “We are therefore thrilled to announce that we will be employing the amazingly immersive Dolby Atmos audio system to bring the Star Trek into Darkness soundtrack to life.”

Academy Award® winner Andy Nelson and multiple Academy Award nominee Anna Behlmer are the re-recording mixers at the helm of the Dolby Atmos mix; Academy Award winner Ben Burtt and multiple Academy Award nominee Matt Wood are the supervising sound editors. Dolby Atmos is a new audio platform that revolutionizes the experience of sound in entertainment. It allows sound designers and mixers a new level of creative control and ensures that audiences will experience the full impact of the sound mix, regardless of theatre configuration. Said Mark Christiansen, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Paramount Pictures, “Dolby Atmos brings a new sonic dimension to the amazing visuals Star Trek into Darkness will deliver audiences.”

The list of theatres selected to show Star Trek into Darkness in Dolby Atmos will be made available closer to the release date.


More About Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is a brand new audio technology that can have up to 64 channels, 61 channels of audio and 3 subwoofer channels of information (61.3), which allows for a much more granular, and thus realistic, presentation of sounds all around the theater audience.

Hollywood studios including Disney/Pixar (Brave), Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Animation (Rise of the Guardians), Twentieth Century Fox (Taken 2, Chasing Mavericks, Life of Pi), and Warner Bros. (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) have adopted the Dolby Atmos format, increasing the count of 2012 Dolby Atmos titles to six.

In 2013, three titles, including Gravity and Pacific Rim from Warner Bros. and Star Trek into Darkness from Paramount Pictures, are already scheduled to receive the Dolby Atmos treatment, with additional studio titles to follow.


For lots more about how Atmos works and sounds see this thorough write-up by Sound and Vision Magazine here:

List of current Atmos enabled theater locations:


1. Ensign RedShirt - November 8, 2012

REALLY looking forward to hearing this new format when The Hobbit gets released. By all accounts it’s a huge step up in immersive sound fields.

2. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 8, 2012

Thank you for this thread.

I have read a little about JJ Abrams using the Dolby Atmos sound system for STID on TrekWeb and links already posted here. However, being first at posting new information about something does not necessarily mean that what information has just been released is always the most accurate or the best understood and explained.

No one has to always be first at everything and that includes this site when it comes to posting articles dealing with latest breaking news.

3. Kevin - November 8, 2012

This is very interesting and cool. Nice article!

Will need to find a local theater with this new technology.

I was hoping the first teaser trailer would be attached to the James Bond film today, but I guess it didn’t happen. Maybe the Hobbit.

4. Rowsdower - November 8, 2012

BOBORCI – Your VAN HELSING is going to be about Bram Stoker’s Abraham Van Helsing, not Stephen Sommers’s Gabriel Van Helsing, right?

Will the tone be more down to earth and gritty?

5. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

Good to see somebody is manning the ship. Um… but this story was reported at Trekweb on the seventh and later posted on Chat. Here’s some more Trek news. Fan proposes to girlfriend in front of the TNG cast. Again reported at Chat. Link.

6. Remington Steele - November 8, 2012

In before tears!

Thank you for the article!

7. braxus - November 8, 2012

Great to read Ben Burtt is back on sound again. I wonder though- isn’t 64 channels of sound a bit excessive? And how would they deliver that many channels without using compression? The majority of releases today (at least on Blu Ray) don’t use compression any longer, though theaters still do.

8. Craiger - November 8, 2012

What BB said. Get back on your game Trekmovie, Trekweb is scooping you.

9. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 8, 2012

Question for Matt Wright – How will the movie sound in a cinema that does not have the latest sound/speaker technology? I think that most of our Events cinemas here in NZ have the Dolby system and surround-sound but would that be enough for the Dolby Atmos technology to be effective, as in give the audience the kind of sound experience explained in the links you posted here?

10. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 8, 2012

@ BB, Craiger, anybody else – if you have nothing to ask or add that is positive – then, how do I put this succinctly, yet politely –


11. Craiger - November 8, 2012

Rose, we are trying to help this once great site. Trekmovie movie used to have multiple articles a day just like Trekweb and now not. BB, I and others are sad that this once great site has fallen.

12. Craiger - November 8, 2012

Rose didn’t you just complain about this site not being moderated because we now have duplicate posters in here along this possibility of a fake Bob Orci. If this site was moderated more we would also see new multiple articles a day.

13. EM - November 8, 2012

Sounds good. See what I did there?

14. Craig - November 8, 2012

This is actually kind of a bummer. As this will sound awesome in ATMOS theaters it will not sound so great once out on Bluray on the average home theater. Using Dolby Digital True-HD means that the normal 5.1 surround setup will only play 640 Kbps DD. Thats lossy DVD quality. If they used DTS then it would be full Lossless 1500 Kbps on the Bluray. They will not include both formats I can tell you that is a certainty. Ive been seeing to many movies coming out lately in Dolby only and that means the audio suffers once it hits video. I can not afford to upgrade to a 7.1 surround system that is Dolby Digital True-HD compatible yet.

15. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 8, 2012

Yes, Craiger, I can understand your point of view, but clearly what you and others are doing is not working. It is only annoying and alienating, especially for people like Matt Wright who do make an effort in bringing us the latest genuine news relating to the new movie.

The complaints that you and others have made about the downturn occurring on this site, re numbers and quality of articles being posted, has been going on for months to no avail. All it adds is negativity and a turn off for anyone new coming to this site.

If this site were properly moderated, then it is more than likely that the imposters and sockpuppets would disappear, but I’m not so sure that we would necessarily see new multiple articles a day. People got tired of reading about what the actors, Chris, Zach, Simon, Ben… couldn’t tell us about the new movie, as much as I suspect that these actors must have felt they were going around the bloody twist having to say a lot of nothing…

For God’s sake – give it a rest!

16. Ensign RedShirt - November 8, 2012


Has it occured to you that there might be a very good reason why Anthony has disappeared? It’s his site – folks such as Matt, Kayla, and others are doing their best, but ultimately this is Anthony’s baby. Clearly he has something far more important in his life right now. Constantly repeating the same thing OVER and OVER is not going to get Anthony or anyone else to post more frequently.

I know this may shock you, but Star Trek is not the center of everyone’s universe. Real life sometimes takes precedence.

17. Craiger - November 8, 2012

But by the time this site posts news it is old that’s another reason we are afraid this once great site will become obsolete. We like this site and are trying to save it. It used to be fun but now not even people involved with Trek aren’t even posting here anymore. We don’t even know if Bob is posting here anymore. I liked it when we chat with the people involved with Trek. Also discussing with other Trek fans the multiple daily articles sometimes the people involved with Trek would post in the news article also.

18. LizardGirl - November 8, 2012

Hope we get Dolby Atmos where I live. I was going to ask the dumb question “what’s Dolby Atmos?”, but the video does a great job of explaining what it is. I want the best STID experience possible and this would definitely help!

19. Craiger - November 8, 2012

20. Phil - November 8, 2012

I think this was floating around in some trade papers before Trekweb posted it. I’ve just taken to Googling STID – tried looking at Trekweb, and it’s seizure inducing.

Thanks for the update, Matt.

21. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

@ 10

Rose as in Keachick,

Okay, I made a little dig at the site. But that’s how change happens. If nobody complains about the site’s problems, nobody at TrekMovie is going to do anything. And I was not putting down Matt. But this site is competing with other Star Trek sites. They all deserve our attention but this is our favorite site and it may not be that way if TrekMovie fails to report the stories. Right now on this site we, the fans, are reporting the news.

I am big fan of Anthony for his work. I hope he’s okay. But if there’s something wrong, just tell us. We will understand. If there are other problems with the site, that’s understandable. But right now, fans of this site are in the dark.

As far as you telling me to “Shut up!!”, I’m a big supporter of the First Amendment. If you don’t like our speech, ignore it. I think you will be happier if you don’t read anything that Craiger or I write. But since you want to shut me up, I say to you…


22. Craiger - November 8, 2012

BB, didn’t Anthony make it so you didn’t have to go to other Trek sites because he posted their news here?

23. Craiger - November 8, 2012

Phil, I am getting my news from their but sometimes Trekweb has I.E. error messages, Trekmovie doesn’t.

24. Uberbot - November 8, 2012

Bummer…no theater so equipped in my town!

25. Jack - November 8, 2012

There’s no scooping, man. These are press releases. For some reason, the folks here can’t update this site as quickly as other sites get updated. Maybe their in a different time zone. Or, say, have other jobs and commitments. Or troubles logging into the site.

You want this stuff as quickly as possible? Do a google news search when you wake up or set up a Google News Alert for Star Trek Into Darkness….

I’m making the assumption here that those other sites got it from the same release.

And we know the First Amendment has nothing to do with Internet comments or private conversations — and yet it comes up everytime people say they’re sick of the complaining or someone gets criticized for something they say. Keep complaining, though, if you want. I’d rather see constructive criticism than the loads of complaints…

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re trolls or violating your rights. But, no, nobody likes to get told to shut up. And nobody likes being ridiculed for their positions. It really doesn’t feel great to get mocked or have your argument torn apart… and I know I have to get better at disagreeing with folks on here, so that i’m not being a dick.

I think a lot of us have said that we really came to count on this site for reporting Trek news and that it did a great job. And that we’re honestly concerned that Anthony might have troubles that are keeping him from the

26. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

@ 22

First, Craiger, thank you for defending me for my post. We’ve had bitter fights in the past, and I appreciate your defense. I also want to say if you repeat an idea, go for it. I’ve defended others for repeating their arguments. See Captain Neill. He only got in trouble for spamming with Trek Princess. But not everyone has read their ideas. I say if you are a regular here and don’t like the ideas, don’t read it.

What this site did in the past, was that they searched the web better than we do. So, Trekmovie never had to resort to posting other Trek sites stories unless it’s an exclusive with that other site. If did regularly post stories from the official Star Trek site. So do the other Trek sites.

This site is an excellent Trek website. It’s often cited by other entertainment sites. See Ain’t It Cool News. We comment because we care. Hopefully, TrekMovie will come back and post all Trek news, small and big. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the picture of the guy proposing in front of the TNG cast. (@ 5) Check out their reactions. Charming.

27. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 8, 2012

#21 – Of course you are a big supporter of the First Amendment….hahaha

I *love* it when Americans chuck the First Amendment into the fray, as if other people, especially those living outside the US, have no notion or understanding of such rights and needs. If only people would opt for and act on the other right sometimes, ie the right to be silent…at least, until they have something original, worthwhile, interesting, encouraging to say.

I guess it is time I exercise my RIGHT – to be quiet, lest what I write becomes just as repetitive, boring, discouraging and futile as much of what is posted here. Oh wait…it just may have. The pull of conformity is such a bitch.

28. Craiger - November 8, 2012

No problem, BB.

29. Craiger - November 8, 2012

Normally, Rose Trekmovie would also post Trek articles like that guy proposing to his girlfriend in front of the TNG cast that BB posted. Or new ships in the Trek Online Game, convention coverage, what the other Trek stars are up to, ect. Not just news about the sequel. BB is right about the members of this site are reporting Trek news instead of Trekmovie.

30. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

@ 25

Jack says,

“And we know the First Amendment has nothing to do with Internet comments or private conversations — and yet it comes up everytime people say they’re sick of the complaining or someone gets criticized for something they say.”

This site is a private site so the moderator can censor comments. But I disagree with your point that the First Amendment has nothing to do with the Internet. The First Amendment protects speakers from infringement by the U.S. government. See Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1997)

My point is that I believe in a person’s right to speak. I believe in the marketplace of ideas. That from this marketplace of ideas, truth can come out. See Tinker v. Des Moines 393 U.S.503 (1969)

31. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

@ 27

Rose aka Keachick,

First, I’m not patronizing people outside who don’t know about the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is a basic human right. I just used it as defense since you told me to “shut up.” Until Anthony tells me to stop or you come over here to the states and try to shut me up, I’ll continue to speak.

I suggest you not read anything I write. You will be much happier and won’t be bothered by speech that you dislike.

32. Emperor Mike of the Empire - November 8, 2012

Looking forward to hearing this new sound system. Seems. Out of this World. Lol.

33. Craiger - November 8, 2012

Mike did you get the new Bose one that has it all in one box?

34. Sean4000 - November 8, 2012

I remember years ago that Dolby was looking to add “elevation” to their sound field. Looks like this is it. Can’t wait to hear it.

35. Craiger - November 8, 2012

Sorry, Mike didn’t realize you were talking about the new Dolby one. Duh. Thought I was in regular chat. LOL.

36. jas_montreal - November 8, 2012

epic stuff. Can’t wait to watch this movie. I need some star trek!

37. Matt Wright - November 8, 2012

@ Rose – Atmos is able to scale anywhere from 7 channels (which is typical for movie theaters) up to the crazy array of 64. That’s why it’s so cool. The sound designers basically only make one sound mix, the Atmos one. That mix exists in a 3D space so it doesn’t care about the number of speakers per-say, the sounds come from locations in 3D space, not from a speaker. So it will re-map the sounds to the speakers theaters have installed. Now since Atmos is brand new, all movies made in Atmos also have a standard Dolby Digital mix for theaters that don’t have Atmos decoding.

38. Red Dead Ryan - November 8, 2012

Here we go again. Somebody posts something stating their concerns about the site, and Keachick tells them to “SHUT UP!”.

She has this habit of complaining about bitching that goes on here, and yet, recently complained about not caring about the TNG Season Two Blu Ray thread.

Once again, the pot calling the kettle black. SHEESH!

39. Lostrod - November 8, 2012

If you want a wide assortment of StarTrek and Sci-Fi news every day, you can go to my Sci-Fi Galaxy newsletter site and subscribe for free:

Then you’ll get a daily email with a link to the newest edition as soon as its available.


40. Hugh Hoyland - November 8, 2012

Dang, I cant wait for this movie, seriously can 2013 get here any faster?

41. Sebastian S. - November 8, 2012

Now the trick will be to replicate this on a home theatre system…

Will we have to chuck all of our speakers, soundbars and subwoofers and start over? Thanks, but no thanks; I just bought a new sound system last year….


42. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

How about some Star Trek news?


Okay, now that I’ve warned Rose, here’s some Star Trek news. On tonight’s Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton had a funny part. And stay tune through the end, as there will be another Trek cameo!!!! Yeah, I know Wheaton is on the show regularly. I’ll admit I don’t watch the show. But some of you do. Anyway, plenty of Trek references for this hit show.

Here’s the site for the show. Check out the preview and I think they will post the show in the near future.

43. Suellen from Savannah - November 8, 2012

STID– Medical Acronym for Sexually Transmitted Infectious Disease. Wonder if JJ and company really thought that title thru. Sorry, but I think “Bones” McCoy would appreciate my medical humor.

44. somejackball - November 8, 2012

See, they need more speakers cus it’s Khan

45. Thor - November 8, 2012

46. Thor - November 8, 2012

47. Thor - November 8, 2012

For more news on Into Darkness go to TrekWeb Facebook page and like it

48. Jonboc - November 8, 2012

#38. ” Somebody posts something stating their concerns about the site, and Keachick tells them to “SHUT UP!””

To be fair, you have to look at this in the proper context. More like, ” Somebody posts something stating their concerns about the site for the 438th time and Keachick tells them to “SHUT UP!”

Rose is right. The constant repeating is both tiresome and futile. Has been, and continues to be, as it seems to pollute every single article.(few that there are! ) I can skip this site for days and bet the rent that, when I return, there will be post after post from the same broken records, continuing to beat that poor deceased horse. Sigh.

…cool news about Dolby tho, sounds very immersive and I look forward to experiencing it. Also, thanks to all who are posting these cool little tidbits. now I’ll be on my way until I meander back this way in the days ahead…at which time, I’m sure I’ll read the same old complaints and threats from same old folks who threaten to leave, but never make good on their promises! lol

49. Ahmed - November 8, 2012

@ 46. Thor – November 8, 2012


In that article, it said:

“Abrams, who is in charge of the “Star Trek” franchise, has previously stated that is first love was “Star Wars” —as a youngster, he was not a big fan of “Star Trek”. It will be interesting to see if Abrams is tempted to direct the new “Star Wars” film, and what, if any, effect such would have on the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise.”

So, looks like JJ might jump ship & get to do what he wanted to do in the first place.

50. Red Dead Ryan - November 8, 2012


And if you paid any attention, you’ll know that Keachick does a lot of bitching herself. Often about things that don’t have anything to do with the article.


“So, looks like JJ might jump ship & get to do what he wanted to do in the first place.”

Yeah, except that, according to some on this site, he already did that five years ago under the the supposed disguise of “Star Trek”. :-)

51. Ahmed - November 8, 2012

@ 50. Red Dead Ryan – November 8, 2012

“So, looks like JJ might jump ship & get to do what he wanted to do in the first place.”

Yeah, except that, according to some on this site, he already did that five years ago under the the supposed disguise of “Star Trek”. :-)”

lol, true. To fair, not just on this site, but on other Trek sites, some people feel the same way.

Myself, I don’t feel that. I enjoyed most of JJ early works from the amazing “Lost” to “Mission Impossible III” & “Star Trek”.

My only issue, that he is taking so many projects that he seem not to be able to give Star Trek 100% of his attention. Also, his obsession with secrecy is becoming too much sometime.

I will watch a Star Wars movie directed by JJ anytime, after all, he is well suited to make a perfect Star Wars movie.

52. Bill Peters - November 8, 2012

Cool, but can most Theaters take this Format?

Also to those of you who say JJ made a Star Wars Film under the Guise of a Star Trek movie that isn’t True, to keep Trek Relent sometimes you have to change a few things, What Aducances like to see in a Sci-Fi is Changing, HE keep to the Core Trek Beliefs in the Film but also showed us a New Side to Trek, Wrath of Khan was Considered by some to be a Rip off of Empire Strikes Back but it wasn’t but Star Wars did Change how Trek was done to Certain Extent, Star Trek 2009 wasn’t a Star Wars Movie it was Trek but a New Take one Trek.

53. Red Dead Ryan - November 8, 2012


Agree with everything you said. J.J made a terrific “Star Trek” film. He’s a damn good director.


We were commenting on how others claim Abrams supposedly turned “Star Trek” into “Star Wars”.

54. Bill Peters - November 8, 2012

Also Paramount knows Fans like Trek but for us to get new Trek Paramount has to also pull in General Audainces and they have to Balance what Fans want with what they think will pull in a Wider Audance, Star Trek 2009 Was a new take on Characters we love, and also it is a Trek that isn’t tied down by the History of Trek Cannon to a large Extent, to do a True Prequel with Existing Cannon would have been hard to do cause Trek Cannon at times controdicts Itself, and the Cannon may make for an Interesting Film for Fans but No one in a General Audance wants to watch a movie where they don’t get what is going on and don’t feel included. Also Fans would Nitpick any TOS Prequel if it Failed to live up to thier Expectations or got something wrong about Kirk, Spock, Maccoy and the others, So Paramount said lets do Trek but do it in a way to pull in new Ascendances and grow the Fan base that we have. Paramount Makes Trek cause people like trek but to get new Trek, Trek has to make money at the Box office or it won’t be made, Paramount Decides what happens with Trek not us fans to a large Extent, they Include us more then most Production Companies but in the End Paramount owns Trek, we all love it but Paramount owns the rights.

55. What's Going On With This Site? - November 8, 2012

What happened to this site. I’m really concerned about the lack of articles and posts. Watching the original series is like reading a classroom text book…unbearable.

56. RNase-free Jeff - November 8, 2012


Remember how on the Star Wars to Disney article everybody was debating how this could affect Trek? Well here you go. If JJ jumps ship and does Star Wars VII, then what happens to Star Trek #3?

Maybe we won’t see Star Trek #3 until 2017 then. Or maybe JJ takes it and pulls a Superman Returns, who knows, but it’s something to think about.

57. Elias Javalis - November 8, 2012

Wonderful News..Star Trek is about new Tech too! Lets hope Star Trek 3 will have images popping out of the celluloid!!

58. Elias Javalis - November 8, 2012

Sorry about the double post!


It doesnt have to be Abrams. There are others. Trek will have to land to the right one!

59. Basement Blogger - November 8, 2012

@ 48


First, I don’t run around and say I’m going to leave the site. Second, I don’t complain all the time about the fact that this site is beginning to wither. However, not everybody reads every post. Some people may read the posts for the first time. So I don’t have any problem if a person repeats an argument. I defended Captain Neill so I’m not going to be hypocritical about it

Might I suggest you ignore the posts that irritate you. Just don’t read them. You will be happier and you will be able to sleep better at night. Remember ignore the speech you don’t like.. So if you see an idea that bothers you, don’t read it. Got it?

But what I don’t appreciate is when Rose aka Keachick tells me to “shut up.” I came real close to using some colorful words at her. What’s so wild about all this is that we got along very well while working on the longest thread project. But I digress. I will continue to speak as long as I can type. And unless Anthony tells me to stop or one of you guys comes over here to shut me up, expect me to continue to exercise my free speech.

60. Marvin the Martian - November 8, 2012

If the new ATMOS technology is the same one that the Sontarans used in Doctor Who, we’ll all be dead before leaving the theater.

I’d be careful. Bring a sonic screwdriver with you just to be safe. Or a really large Klingon.

61. MJ (The Original) - November 9, 2012

Can someone just shitcan Dolby now and everyone move to DTS Master HD Master? I mean come on, first Trek 2013 won’t news IMAX, and now they are using some lame attempt by Dolby to stay relevant, when their competitors have long sinced past them by. And so the sucker consumer gets stuck with this incompatible format on their Blu-Ray player at the end of the day as well.

Why are we still dealing with Dolby in 2012. It is like a modern day 8-track — no one wants it anymore.

62. James - November 9, 2012

Interesting how the article consistently refers to the film as “Star Trek into Darkness” with a lowercase “i” on “into”. Definitely reinforces the opinion that there is no “invisible colon” in the title.

63. Obvious Troll is Obvious - November 9, 2012

Craiger, you’re trolling this website, not helping it out.

64. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 9, 2012

Atomos is a great sound system, I experienced it when I saw Brave 3D at the El Capitan in Hollywood over the summer.
Definately will be cool to see Star Trek Into Darkness 3D in Atomos.
Now Dolby needs to get on one or all of the Big 3 theatres in Hollywood to install it permanately. (El Cap only had it durring the theatrical run of Brave)

I wonder if JJ and Paramount looked into Iosono they have a great 3D surround system they have been testing out for a little while now.

65. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 9, 2012

MJ DTS HD Master is not a commerical theatre sound format.
in fact DTS is no longer in exsistance in theatres it morphed into DataSat.

DTS has been DATASAT for over 3 years now.
DTS is strictly a home theatre surround sound format now.

66. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 9, 2012

And I am betting you have not experienced a movie in Dolby Atomos, so how can you critique something you have not heard or experienced?

67. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 9, 2012

And no one wants it anymore than please tell me why is it the sound format that was chosen to be used for the New York Premiere taking place in New York on December 6th

Its being installed into the Zigfeild specificly for the New York premiere of the movie.
Which if you have 500.00 by the way you can buy a ticket for (it benifits the American fiIm Institute,)

So clearly you are wrong about no one wanting it.

68. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 9, 2012

BobOrci, will the trailer be mixed in Dolby Atomos for those of us watching the Hobbit in Dolby Atomos equiped theatre?

69. Jack - November 9, 2012

The list of theatres in Atmos is on the atmos site. Apparently, I like saying atmos.

Only one in Canada, so far. Write your MP!

70. Calastir - November 9, 2012

Unless a sound system can drown out the constant chatter and ringing of mobile phones from cinema audiences themselves,

I’ll stick to my 5.1 blu-ray home cinema set, thank you very much.

Cinema audiences do nothing but ruin my movie experience nowadays.

71. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - - November 9, 2012

wow just noticed the spell check on my phone when typing my post kept correcting it to ATOMOS not Atmos.

Smartphones at times are not so smart.

72. Bob Tompkins - November 9, 2012

All that I can say about the casting/ villain of Into Darkness is that if Cumberbatch is not portraying Khan, an injustice can be corrected with the casting of Javier Bardem as Khan when they do decide to address the Khan issue…
He was fantastic in Skyfall.
In every nuance of that phrase.

73. Chris Roberts - November 9, 2012

So… they’ll be no sound of bacon frying on the soundtrack huh?

Well, unless they intend to have the sound of bacon frying of course.

74. NCC-73515 - November 9, 2012

Just one wish: please stop making shuttles sound like flutes.

75. Nick - November 9, 2012

great, hope the story is as good as the sound.

76. Zip - November 9, 2012

# 27 – ” And you have restored my faith in Humanity”
Thanks for that Rose, well not all humanity just some posters here…

77. Thor - November 9, 2012

78. Robman007 - November 9, 2012

So, this new Star Trek film does actually exist? Wow

79. Disinvited - November 9, 2012

Latest JJ:

basically sequel’s still “coming together” in editing.

80. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

#38 – Red Dead Ryan

Don’t go there. I may have accepted your apology but I have not forgotten what you wrote and how often you did so, on this site a while back, nor can I understand why you felt you had the right to be so rude and offensive towards me. If I had been able to write what I wrote (a portion of a short story outline) for Roberto Orci’s eyes only, then I would have, but that was not an option. Anyway, I did not see what I wrote would have been problem if anyone else coming here read it. Obviously you did, and you made that abundantly clear with your repetitive shouting and swearing at me, which included “SHUT THE F*CK UP”!

Pot calling the kettle black – Indeed!

* If some people do not know what I am talking about, then they don’t need to. Very unpleasant. However, RDR should definitely know…

As for my complaining and bitching – I am not quite sure what you mean. I do no more than anyone else here, except perhaps the nice Dee, and certainly a lot less than some. I rarely initiate subject matter, only comment on what is already being discussed on the various threads. Giving an opinion that may not represent what a majority may think/believe on a certain subject is the same as complaining or bitching.

#76 – Zip – I did not write what you quoted. I am not sure if you are genuinely complimenting me or being sarcastic in some way.

81. Stargazer54 - November 9, 2012

@ 79. Hey, thanks for the JJ clip! Mission Continues is a great idea.

We just had a Blackhawk blast off from our quad and head back to base after our Veteran’s celebration. Pretty impressive.

Hats off to those who serve!

82. Marcelo - November 9, 2012

When I was at USC film school about 10 years ago a bunch of us got to enjoy a demo of a new 10.2 “Immersive Audio” format being pioneered by one of our professors, Tom Holman (inventor of THX audio). The main selling point aside from more speakers was that there was an overhead component to it.

As a (future) sound editor, I thought the overhead thing was real silly, that it was overkill, etc. Sure, it might be technically better, but 5.1 was enough.

They started by playing a 5.1 recording of a choir singing, and then they said “here’s what it sounds like when we add the overhead” and they did it again and it was like NIGHT AND DAY. The overhead added SO much atmosphere and presence and it was like you were really there in the cathedral. It was unreal. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Immersive Audio demo I saw isn’t the same thing as the Dolby Atmos, but I can tell you firsthand that adding the overhead, while it seems like a really silly extra thing when you think about it, it makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE when it’s properly mixed. Super cool that Trek is doing it.

83. filmboy - November 9, 2012

Great, we now know that Star Trek Into Darkness will be presented with a new Dolby surround system. Yippeee! I know previous to this I have preached patient in regards to this film and the release of information pertaining to it. However, the landscape has changed quite a bit since then with the announcement of, well ahh yeah, Star Wars Episode VII!

I know I brought up Star Wars on a Star Trek message board, blasphemy. My apologies my fellow Trek fans, but it had to be done. I think JJ and company need to put the trailer out here this month. Everyone is talking up Star Wars all over and excitement for Episode VII could not be higher.

All the more reason that JJ and Paramount need to release something to remind sci-fi fans that they have a pretty damn fine (we hope) film coming out this summer. I am not advocating they necessarily completely change up their plans. But I also think moving up a trailer release would not be a bad idea.

JJ and company are going to do what they have planned. But at the same time there comes a time when absolute secrecy becomes less mysterious and engaging and more annoying and pretentious. They are coming up on that fine line here soon.

I am not complaining per se. I just see the excitement over Star Wars and wonder just how much wind it took out of the sails of the Star Trek sequel. I think a well put together teaser trailer could right the ship, no pun intended.

84. LizardGirl - November 9, 2012

If JJ gets the director seat for Star Wars, more power to him. If I were in his shoes, I probably wouldn’t pass that opportunity up.

Despite my annoyance with lack of STID news (which is a personal opinion), JJ deserves his props. He’s an excellent director who gets along with his staff and the actors. I’m a fan of ST09 and Fringe, as well as Mission Impossible 3. I will not feel begrudged, but I will expect great things from both SW and ST!

85. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

“I’m a fan of ST09 and Fringe, as well as Mission Impossible 3.”

Me too!

86. Captain Ransom - November 9, 2012

pfff who cares? let’s have some real news. now i’ve got to get back to summoning more aliens to shovel into the modified warp furnace. captain janeway is jealous that my ship is faster than hers.

87. Dom - November 9, 2012

Thanks Matt! As an editor, I’m always fascinated to hear about new tech! :)

88. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

I have a small apology to make to Matt Wright and that is because I did not acknowledge and thank you for your answer to my question before now. You are right now more deserving of my respect than Red Dead Ryan.

Thank you!

The issue of the advancements made in audio/visual technologies does bring up certain questions. The main one is – how easy is it for many cinema operators around the world, especially those in poorer countries, able to keep up with this new technology in order to show the new movies as close as possible to how the film makers mean them to be seen and heard by audiences?

We are all well aware of the problems associated with watching movies in 3D and not all cinemas show the 3D version of a movie as it is meant to be shown. Then, there are people who have problems with the glasses, who end up with migraines, visual problems and a desire to throw up – not exactly the pleasant film going experience that a paying film goer expects to have.

Perhaps these problems, ie cost of introducing new cinematic technologies, may be what affects the marketing of some movies, especially those using the latest film making technologies. The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey does have worldwide distribution and it is hoped that people who can’t see it in 3D (either by choice or because it is not available) and who can’t hear it via the full Dolby Atmos, will still be able to enjoy the movie. However, the important factor is that the LOTR/Hobbit films are adapted from books which deal with themes, legends, folklore which many people in places like Europe and Scandinavia are likely very familiar with.

Star Trek does not fall into that historical/cultural category. It is not about the characters of of legends, folklore. It is futuristic… I think that is what makes Star Trek harder to market, promote outside the English speaking countries where cultural norms and focus is not quite the same as it is with us. Marketing/promotional material is expensive…

89. Simon - November 9, 2012

#61 – It’s clear you don’t know much about sound systems or delivery formats.

Dolby is 8-track? Right. DTS is the one who reintroduced playing a disc in sync with the movie with their theatrical system, something that hadn’t been done since the 1930s. They couldn’t figure out how to get their codec, APT-X which is a lossy compression system used in Europe, on a film print. Dolby did. Not only that, they figured out 6.1 EX and now 7.1 Surround on film prints while DTS lost the theatrical market.

Dolby is the sound system used in all HD broadcasts. Dolby Digital Plus is efficient enough for Netflix to provide 5.1 sound in internet streaming.

Again, where is DTS?

DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD are both on Blu-ray. TrueHD initially was more difficult to encode with the studio authoring tools, DTS-MA was not. Now Dolby has introduced new authoring tools and the folks at Pixar are the first to adopt them with the new release of BRAVE and FINDING NEMO.

DTS has never been an innovator, only a follower who then claim their solution is “better”. It’s the SPINAL TAP method “Ours goes to 11″. The ONLY reason they had a theatrical presence was because Universal Studios installed 500 DTS theater locations FREE. That’s right, the theater owners didn’t have to pay a dime. Universal was eager to have their own sound format to compete with Sony/Columbia’s SDDS. Dolby was studio neutral and their sound system sold at a premium: they had a standard where if the theater didn’t meet specs (dynamic headroom, bass response, etc) they would not let the system be installed. DTS lowered the bar for everyone so any crappy theater could get it, even if it meant blowing out the speakers.

So that’s why if you think DTS is “better” and “more innovative” then you don’t know sound.

90. T'Cal - November 9, 2012

I’ll decide what sounds better to me, thank you. That’s if this movie ever gets released. May 17th is forever away and I’m starting to wonder if it will be on time. Just sayin’…

They owe us. We’re entitled. There. I said it. Give me a goddam trailer!!!

91. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 9, 2012

Gotta say it, cause I am thinking it.

I am seriously considering NOT going to the next Trek “at the movies.”

Much better sound at home. And, Trek is just pissing me off these days.

’nuff said.

92. Gary S. - November 9, 2012

Me three on ST09 Fringe and Mission Impossible III.

93. Jack - November 9, 2012

No way, I can’t get that sick, stale movie theatre smell at my house. Surprisingly.

94. Jack - November 9, 2012

72. Worth seeing like right now?

95. James - November 9, 2012

There’s a special 1 hour documentary for Browncoats, airing on the Science Channel. Not strictly Trek news, but for more details – click the link:

96. Craiger - November 9, 2012

Here’s another type of article that Trekmovie would have normally posted under its tagline, The Source For Everything New In Trek. I know I could never afford that but its fun articles like these I miss.

97. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

It seems that both Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams are using the same new sound format for their respective movies. Yet another reason why an STID trailer should precede the Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey.

On 22 November 2012, the premier of the Hobbit will occur in Wellington, NZ. As I have never been to a premier, I do not know if trailers are shown before the movie being premiered, but if so, I hope, among others perhaps, we will get a wee peek at STID. If not at the premier, then when the Hobbit gets its first public screening and that will be in – holy moly I did not realize this myself until now, when I checked – look at what countries they are!

Belgium 12 December 2012
Denmark 12 December 2012
Finland 12 December 2012
France 12 December 2012
Netherlands 12 December 2012
Norway 12 December 2012
Sweden 12 December 2012

I always thought, way way back, that Star Trek (in some form) should run alongside the Hobbit movie. At that stage, I had no idea that the same actor was to be in both movies, ie Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t think anybody did then. There are just so many good reasons… At least to me, there are.

Come on, JJ Abrams, Bad Robot and Paramount – You just can’t pass this up!

Bob Orci – Please – are you getting this?

Everyone now – fingers crossed, both hands!

98. guest - November 9, 2012

Cumberbatch wont really appear in the first Hobbit film. Apparently you just get one dragon eye opening and thats it for film 1.

By the way its been confirmed he will play Julian Assange with Mcavoy as his right hand man.

Then he’ll play Brian Epstein.

99. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

Cumberbatch does the voice of Smaug (you will hear him) and plays the necromancer, where you will hear and see him. I don’t believe that the necromancer appears until the second Hobbit movie.

100. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

To add – any producer/director would want to make as much use of a voice like Cumberbatch’s as possible, hence he gets to plays two characters…well played, Peter Jackson!

Chris Pine commented on that BC voice way back when Benedict was first cast in Star Trek. Later he called BC’s character “one mean dude”. What with the Dolby Atmos sound system being used for Star Trek, I suspect that we may experience goosebumps and have our hairs stand on end when we hear this “one mean dude” speak!

Here’s hoping…

101. Craiger - November 9, 2012

Abrams doesn’t think Trek is iconic as SW. Doesn’t want to direct the next SW movie.

102. Craiger - November 9, 2012

Google Star Trek news search.

103. Craiger - November 9, 2012

Sorry that link didn’t work. This one does.…0.0…1ac.1.BMqSms_5704

104. Matt Wright - November 9, 2012

@ 95 – Thanks for the heads up on the Science Channel Firefly documentary, I’ll set it to record right now :)

105. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 9, 2012

Simon, you are correct and plus as i mentioned DTS is now relegated to being a home video sound format.

106. Simon - November 10, 2012

@105 – I was referring to #61 MJ., not you MJ(T). So confusing I know…

He was referring to Dolby “not being needed” in 2012…even though DTS has nothing that can compete with Dolby Atmos, so they bought SRS.

People also should realize Atmos (& SRS’ system) are not channel based systems but object based: sound mixers can pan individual sounds to an area and the speakers in that area reproduce the sound. Similar to how videogames move sounds around multiple speakers. Atmos scales from simple setups all the way to 64 speakers: the more speakers you have the more accurate the sound is reproduced.

I’m just sick of DTS riding on Dolby’s coattails when Dolby has been the one innovating since the 1960s. They single-handedly brought surround sound back into cinemas when it died in the early 60s, they brought it home with Dolby Surround and made 5.1 the standard with Dolby Digital, bringing cinema quality sound to everything from HDTV broadcasts to game consoles. Something to think about next time someone claims “DTS is better”.

107. Tom - November 10, 2012

Unrelated, sorta…

I think JJ will finally cave to pressure and tell us who the villain is a month or two after the movie comes out.

108. T'Cal - November 10, 2012

Tom, you’re a glass-half-full kinda guy. Like me…

109. Jonboc - November 10, 2012

# 106 “Atmos scales from simple setups all the way to 64 speakers: the more speakers you have the more accurate the sound is reproduced.”

With the ability to disperse and assign individual tracks to up to 64 individual speakers, this new delivery by Dolby is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to get pulled into the 23rd century, aurally. It sounds totally immersive. I just hope the local theaters pony up the cash for the speaker upgrade before May of next year!

110. James - November 10, 2012

Trek Core has the new ST:TNG season 2 trailer. Here is the link to the YouTube clip:

111. (the real) Montreal_Paul - November 10, 2012

KTLA interview with JJ about Into Darkness… no spoilers…

112. (the real) Montreal_Paul - November 10, 2012

First episode of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is now online! Check it out…

113. Ahmed - November 10, 2012

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome: Ep 2

Maybe not as good as BSG the series, but at least it is BSG. Hearing the music alone was enough to bring fond memories of the series.

114. Craiger - November 10, 2012

Wil Wheaton’s guest on Big Bang Theory this week is online:

Also the surprise Trek guest spoiler:

115. Disinvited - November 10, 2012

#111.(the real) Montreal_Paul – November 10, 2012

A little old (see #79) but good enough to bear repeating.

116. Basement Blogger - November 10, 2012

@ 96

Craiger, thanks for the Star Trek news.

117. Craiger - November 10, 2012

No problem.

118. MJ (the original) - November 10, 2012

@117. Good article, Craiger. But seriously, the NG Enterprise is the ugliest starship in Trek history. You’d have to pay me $1000 to want one. :-)

119. MJ (the original) - November 10, 2012

All, (this is my major-spoiler free review of Skyfall)

Don’t know how many of you have seen Skyfall yet, but I saw it last night. Maybe my expectations were overly high, seeing review headlines of “best Bond ever” and 4 stars and up from many reviewers, but it came across as a bit of a letdown for me.

Without providing major spoilers, It was not as good as Casino Royale, and certainly not up there with the best of the Connery Bond films. Most surprising, the bad guy in the film wastes the talents of Bardeem – his bad guy is too effeminate and funny to take seriously — I just couldn’t take him seriously or fear him, with violates “the rules” of bad guys in action movies.

And Craig, now after 3 bond films, just shows his weakness as an actor — his facial expressions just don’t convey much of an emotional response for me. And the ending was more McGuyver than James Bond for my tastes.

Don’t get me wrong though, it is a decent enough Bond movie, and I enjoyed it, and got my money’s worth. It is just not the great Bond movie that many are suggesting it is.

120. Red Dead Ryan - November 10, 2012

Interesting review, MJ(the original).

121. Simon - November 10, 2012

@119 – I see your knowledge of Craig & Bardem’s acting ability is on par with sound formats.

@120 – The film is brilliant, and so are the performances from the lead actors. Bardem has a original take on what could be a typical adversary and it makes a huge difference. I don’t know about “best Bond ever” but without spoiling it the film is as great as everyone else has been saying. Well worth the price of admission.

122. MJ (the original) - November 10, 2012

@121. I admit that I stumbled on talking about sound IN THE THEATERS, but with my 7.1 system at home, I can categorically state that DTS Master Audio that comes on some lucky Blu-Ray disks blows the socks of Dolby 5.1 that comes with the majority of Blu-Ray disks.

PS: RDR, did you see Skyfall yet? If so, what did you think?

123. Red Dead Ryan - November 10, 2012

I haven’t seen “Skyfall”. Will see it next week sometime, though.

124. Simon - November 10, 2012

@122 – And I can categorically state that Dolby TrueHD is every “bit” the equal of DTS-MA: still lossless but uses fewer bits and requires less CPU power to decode. It also has less issues: google “DTS bomb” or “DTS 7.1 dropouts”.

Again, it is the toolset that determines which lossless audio codec gets used and with Dolby’s new toolset expect to see more and more discs in Dolby TrueHD, starting with the new Pixar discs. Every audio innovation in the past decade has come from Dolby: first 5.1 EX sound, then 7.1 surround and now Atmos. DTS has absolutely no innovation whatsoever. Why they have this fanboy following is beyond me.

125. AJ - November 10, 2012


Director JJ Abrams has announced he is teaming up with LA-Z BOY to develop extra comfortable reclinable cinema seats for “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS,” which is due in cinemas May 17th, 2013.

“We are so proud of these seats, because, when they recline, you can fit a tub of popcorn on your belly while playing pocket pool during the film at a 36 degree decline in back on rich Corinthian leather. Along with the 64 channels of Dolby sound, 48 FPS Fake 3D IMAX, we can charge $48 for a film no one has heard of. Bring your own Kleenex to clean up.”

I’m so fed up with BS cinema gimmicks these days that I look forward to plane flights to watch films. The options for the first “Hobbit” film are staggering given the 48 FPS thing. You need a computer to find it in “3D IMAX 48 FPS Dolby Atmos” in cinemas that are not in George Lucas’s living room.

126. Anthony Thompson - November 11, 2012

According to TrekWeb, JJ is till working on the editing of ‘Darkness’. When did that wrap – about 7 months agao???

127. Tesla's Cat - November 11, 2012

I saw Brave just recently, which has Atmos sound. I don’t know if the cinema had any special modifications to support it. But I will say it did sound great.

128. Simon - November 11, 2012

@127 – To hear Atmos you need to be in an Atmos installation. There are only a handful on the planet right now.

There will be more and more installs as films like STAR TREK and THE HOBBIT draw near.

129. Teslas's Cat - November 11, 2012

The Empire in London has it too. :}

130. Anthony Thompson - November 11, 2012

119. MJ (the real one?)

Agreed. Don’t know where this “best Bond ever” is coming from. Reminds me of The Dark Knight being “the best movie ever made” Media hype and me-tooism.

I enjoyed it thoroughly but it ranks behind OHMSS, Goldfinger, Casino Royale, The Spy Who Loved Me and others. But Craig ranks as one of the best actors to play Bond, alongside Lazenby and Connery. The guy has the gravitas that Brosnan and Dalton sorely lacked. Gravitas can’t be faked.

131. Hugh Hoyland - November 11, 2012


Blood and Chrome looks VERY good IMO. I dont get why SyFy didnt jump at the chance of picking it up as a series. Would think it would be right up thier ally.

Man I miss BSG on SyFy and B&C brought a lot of that flavor back. Someone somewhere bring this thing to series please. :]

132. Lostrod - November 11, 2012

Great article about the London convention:


133. Craiger - November 11, 2012

Normally Trekmovie would cover that Lostrod and now not.

134. Bob Mack - November 11, 2012

Atmos goes to 11.

135. James - November 11, 2012

@119, I agree with you that Javier Bardem was not on screen enough in the latest Bond film. On the other hand, I enjoyed the film and though that Daniel Craig was excellent. My Skyfall review can be read here:

136. James - November 11, 2012

@131 Lostrod, that article in The Mail is pretty good and I agree with what they say about milking the fans. That said, I enjoyed the event and went to Shatners talk on the Sunday, which was cool. For photographs and my own personal review of the event, check out my blog page:

137. Thor - November 11, 2012

Enterprise on Blu-Ray

138. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 11, 2012

Enterprise on Bluray confirmed
That was announced about a month ago or more, though i guess this site never wrote about it huh?

139. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 11, 2012

wow the makers of the Enterprise Bluray ask for fans to help pick the cover via voting on the facebook page and this site doesnt even bother to promote it or write about it.
Thanks to Thor for posting the trekweb article that brought it to attention for readers here. I voted for the first two cover choices.

140. Buzz Cagney - November 11, 2012

#134 a good review. I agree with you. A very good film…. if a bit too long. It did take a while to find its feet though when it did it really soared.
Still, again like you, I will always have a great affection for The Spy Who Loved Me. Thats pretty much perfect for me
Skyfall is a fine addition to the series though.

141. (the real) Montreal_Paul - November 11, 2012

137. M.J. (Mark James Tucker)
“Enterprise on Bluray confirmed
That was announced about a month ago or more, though i guess this site never wrote about it huh?”

Wrong again… it was RUMORED that Enterprise would be the next on Bluray. NOW it is confirmed.

142. GG - November 11, 2012

Oh, great! Now, we all need to get new home theater receivers (again) so we’ll be able to decode future DVD’s with “Atmos” LOL

143. Bob Tompkins - November 11, 2012

How many theaters will deliver the full experience of Amos? Outside of NYC, LA and maybe Chicago, not very many. Sounds like an expensive proposition just when theater attendance is on the wane.
I’d rather the money be spent on scriptwriters and production values.
Eye candy for the ears.

144. Remington Steele - November 11, 2012


Perhaps you could, I dunno, CHECK TREWEB YOURSELF

Seriously, you know that checking ELSEWHERE for Star Trek news on the net isn’t considered cheating?

We all do it…

145. Red Shirt Diaries - November 11, 2012

Just got back from seeing Skyfall. A very good entry in the Bond franchise, equal to Casino Royale at least. Bardeem was the only disappointment. He was more of a comic relief than a convincing bad guy, and his plot was preposterous.

146. Simon - November 11, 2012

@141 – Atmos will never be on DVD, just as 7.1 isn’t today.

Blu-ray maybe (doubtful in my mind), but I would look to the next-gen 4k formats before you see something like Atmos in the home.

147. Basement Blogger - November 11, 2012

@ 144 On Skyfall…

RDR, my view on Skyfall is different but like you, I give it high marks. This is a new era of Bond realism. Well, as realistic as Bond movies can get. See For Your Eyes Only. Gone are the volcano lairs. Skyfall was a well made thriller but it wasn’t fun in the Bond way. I liked Bardem and his backstory. His villain was as great as the one he did in No Country For Old Men. They bring did bring back Q but the only gadgets he gives Bond is a personal Walhter PPK and a radio. Okay we get the old Aston but there’s no new fun stuff that Q brings to the movie. And then at the climatic end, there’s a great opportunity for a Bond pun. Hint: think about the weapons used. But the screenwriters refuse to have anyone say it.

And speaking of the screenplay, there’s a Star Trek connection. Tony Award winning John Logan was one of the screenwriters. His Star Trek connection was that he helped write Star Trek: Nemesis.

148. Anthony Thompson - November 11, 2012

SOMEONE at TrekMovie is busy doing something!!! Not writing articles, mind you, but deleting posts. Pathetic!

149. CJS - November 11, 2012


There was another connection between Skyfall and Star Trek: Nemesis, Skyfall was edited by Nemesis director Stuart Baird.

In spite of Logan’s and Baird’s involvement, Skyfall was a good film. Almost as good as Casino Royale.

150. Basement Blogger - November 11, 2012

@ 149

I liked Nemesis though it was somewhat derivative. What I did like about Sam Mendes direction of Skyfall and Baird’s editing was that the editor didn’t create the excitement. Action scenes had a logical flow instead of the overuse of fast and jump cuts that some modern filmmakers use.

151. Craiger - November 11, 2012

Microsoft close to developing Trek’s Universal Translator.

152. Romulus - November 11, 2012

“J.J. Abrams to Possibly Direct Star Wars: Episode VII”


Look how long it has taken him to produce 2 Trek Films.

153. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay) - November 11, 2012

Is this new???

Star Trek Into Darkness Promo Art Photo 1 of 2 –

154. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay) - November 11, 2012

155. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay) - November 11, 2012

BTW Skyfall should have been an A movie but is low B- to high C+ in my book because of the “homoerotic” bond scene as it’s been dubbed. Dude I am not gay bashing they can live how they want but Ian Flemming is sure to be rolling in his grave. :-(

156. MJ (the original) - November 11, 2012

@155. My main criticism of that scene was that it was unconvincing. Bardeem’s character came across like some weird cross between Robin Williams in The Bird Cage (a great movie!) and Charles Bronson — that is a combination that just does not work. And I did not believe for a minute that that his character was an IT genius either.

He just wasn’t scary. He was silly.

And does Bond have to be so realistic now that Q can’t have any cool gadgets? Come on, the CIA has more gadgets I a sure in the real world than what Q came up with in this film?

And why are the sex scenes so incredibly brief compared to historical Bon films?

157. Anthony Thompson - November 12, 2012

152. Romulus

LOL. Abrams has already stated he’s not interested, BTW.

158. James - November 12, 2012

@155, Ian Fleming was close friends with two gay men, Noel Coward and William Plomer.

Also, don’t forget that Bond went to Eton ;)

159. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 12, 2012

Montreal it was conifrmed a little over a month ago, got to love your classy response as well, perhaps you would be happier if you just ignored my posts.
read the article over on trekcore. geesh\
Unlike you i can back up what i say with a freaking Link

“In a further tweet today, Mike Sussman confirmed these hopes, with some other very interesting information:

“Trippin’ down memory lane: just wrapped up an interview for the @StarTrek Enterprise season 1 Blu-Ray set coming next year. #itsabouttime”

160. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 12, 2012

Remington,, I had allready seen it on trekcore, before TrekWeb posted it. Just making a observation that this site chose to not post a article about it, just as they didnt post an article when sussman tweeted that he had recorded an interview for the bluray sets coming next year.

161. Bob Mack - November 12, 2012

#155 – Did you see Diamonds Are Forever? That film was not written by Fleming nor taken directly from one of his stories, but the characters were very much Ian Fleming’s. Skyfall might have gone slightly further for a moment, but I’d hardly call it homoerotic. I thought it was well played.

I would agree that the film should be panned for gay bashing if it had occurred, but I don’t think that making a villain gay is bashing any more than making a villain heterosexual is bashing in the other direction.

162. Matt Wright - November 12, 2012

One could also interpret that scene as Silva was using seduction spycraft on Bond to throw him off his game. He was sending a message that they were both were trained in the same methods and both know how to provoke and manipulate people in a variety of ways, it’s a means to an end regardless of the gender of the indented target.

Also @ Bob Mack, Diamonds are Forever is indeed a Fleming novel, it was rather loosely adapted to the movie version, but it keeps many of the characters including the openly gay (in the novel) killer team of Wint and Kidd.

163. MJ - November 12, 2012

@161. Bob, like I said, for my part, I don’thave a problem with a character being gay. However, the entire role was Bardeem was poor writting and unconvincing. Rather than being concerned or scared by him, I thought he was an idiot fool who I could not envsion being an IT expert or MI5 agent. He was just completely unconvincing and laughable. A real waste of Bardeem’s talents.

@162. If that is the case, then that aspect did not register for me — again, very unconvincing.

164. MJ - November 12, 2012

meant to say MI6

165. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 12, 2012

#156 – “And why are the sex scenes so incredibly brief compared to historical Bon films?”

Because that is what the film companies have been told – ie No sex please, we are British and American.

Get it?

166. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 12, 2012

My better half also posited the opinion that various kinds of action and violence can be shown using the latest special effects, CGI, whatever you call it technology. Given that movies must generally conform to being shown within a certain time frame, usually about 2 hours, then there is less time to show quieter, more (sexually) intimate scenes between characters.

I have just bought the fourth season of Fringe on DVD – half way through it – fantastic by the way. However, the level and kinds of violence depicted is quite horrific sometimes and I am sure that some of what is shown is only possible because of the new special effects etc technologies that are available to film makers.

I can also understand now why TVNZ moved the screening of this series to a later timeslot, ie from Thursday, 8.30pm to 10.30pm. It has remained there ever since.

The DVDs here in NZ have an *R16 classification, not just a M, and that would be because of the violence of some scenes and certainly not because of any sexual content. I have to wonder whether the same television series on DVD even has a censor classification in the US.

*R16 classification is a legal definition, laid down by an Act of the NZ Parliament. It means that any retailer selling this DVD series to anyone under 16 years of age can be prosecuted!

It really comes down to this – just because you can do a thing does not mean that you should necessarily (always) do that thing.

167. Red Dead RYANNE - November 12, 2012

uh oh Cue up Roses butt kissing of Bob Orci!
Not to mention her know it all attitude.
Oh and how did you like Skyfall Paul?
Knowing that M is shot in the stoumach and bleeds to death?

168. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 12, 2012

112. (the real) Montreal_Paul – November 10, 2012

First episode of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is now online! Check it out…


OK. You roped me in on that Battlstar webisode part one.

BUT HOLY FRAK, Montreal_Paul!

You should have warned me!!!!

You should have known!!!!

I, a comitted TOS fanboy, am still coming down off of seven seasons of Next Generations abysmal use of the holodeck for adventures! And Blood and Fire, eh, Chrome starts off fantastic, but then as Adama’s Son wastes that toaster, in the most brilliant intro, to the biggest thing since the new Battlestar premiered, AND THEY USE A HOLOSIMULATION to end the scene!!!!!


169. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 12, 2012

With the state of Science Fiction these days, I am REALLY starting to think about following sports.

170. DiscoSpock - November 12, 2012

I enjoyed Skyfall, but agree that Bardeem was grossly misused in that role. His character was a bufoon, and it lowered my enjoyment of the movie..

I also felt that Judy Dench hung around one movie too long — she seemed to be mailing in her performance. Q was forgettable.

Craig was awesome though. He, and the gorgeous cinmatography and direction, still elevated this to be one of the better recent Bond films. Its not quite as good as Casine Royale and Die Another Day, but it was certainly better than Quantam of Solice and The World is Not Enough.

171. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 12, 2012

#167 – Red Dead RYANNE or whoever you are – why are you giving away spoilers for Skyfall? A&&hole!!!

Some of us do not get to see the movie until 22 November and others here may not have had the chance to see the film yet. That is why other posters here have been very careful not to give away anything important when they have reviewed the film and I thank them for that.

I kiss no one’s butt and the real Bob Orci knows that. For one thing, I am not butt girl, never have been – more a front and centre kind of girl. Everyone knows that…

A nuli I know of has just the right thorn for your butt though – Red Dead RYANNE.

@ Bob Orci – Seeing the entire episodes of the first half of the fourth season of Fringe (without the unholy ad interruptions), I was reminded of the Walter Bishop who spent 17 years in a psychiatric ward comment about the other universe’s Olivia when he described her as having a “vagenda” and later a “matahari”. I see that you write very few of the scripts, so I wish to say that I would like to say to whoever wrote those lines that “I love it!” from me Rose/Keachick. Good one. I get the giggles every time I hear that conversation.

172. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 12, 2012

Of course, the enjoyment of those Fringe scenes has as much to do with John Noble’s performance as anything else…:)

173. Read Dead RYANNE - November 12, 2012

Rose as in kechick
get over yourself, the spoilers were posted in two other threads including-

M is shot and killed by bleeding out.
Mallory becomes M at the end of the movie.
Eve is Moneypenny.
The Astin Martin is blown and shot apart in the climax.
Skyfall is the ancestral home of the BOND family.

oh and did i mention M Is killed.
Enjoy that when you go to the cinemas on the 22nd.
Ok you can go back to planting your lips front and center as you continue to suck up over imdb

174. Read Dead RYANNE - November 12, 2012

Rose as in Keachick, is back in full on chris pine worshiping mode over on IMDB forums and shes in full on kiss butt/ brown nosing mode here

175. MJ (The Original) - November 12, 2012

Dude, come on now. Let’s try to get this site back to legitimate posts. Enough with the babyish stuff, please. You are ruining this site for everyone.

176. Read Dead RYANNE - November 12, 2012

175 then tell Rose to stop taunting me.
So tired of her talking down to all of us like she is smarter.

177. (the real) Montreal_Paul - November 12, 2012

159. M.J. (Mark James Tucker)

Nowhere in that article did it say that it was made official. It is saying that people are talking about it coming to Bluray…

“Have it on good authority that another Trek series is making its Blu-Ray debut early next year…”

Even in the quote you put up states that the HOPES are confirmed. If you take a look at the URL, it even says “entblurumors.”

Therefore, NOT an official confirmation. Like I was saying….

178. MJ (The Original) - November 12, 2012

Rose, please tone it down — you are bringing out some negativity here that is causing more trouble here than it is worth.

179. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 12, 2012

OK – you bloody imposters – cut cyber stalking my emails on other sites and stop taunting me!

180. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay) - November 12, 2012

169. TrekMadeMeWonder – November 12, 2012

“With the state of Science Fiction these days, I am REALLY starting to think about following sports.”

I follow both! I am quite content… :-)

181. MJ (The Original) - November 12, 2012

@180. I am not an imposter. This is me. But you are inciting these folks, Keachick. I am trying a new approach with him/them — let’s try to tone things down here and see if they will stop their bad behavior. And this means you need to stop egging them on.

182. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 12, 2012

real Montreal paul scroll down it says it in there, thats just bad form man.

Why dont you just MAN up and admit your wrong, heck the new article on the main page now even has the tweet made on October 6th in quotes.

and in my post that you responded to, I copy and pasted it directly from the Trekcore article.
sad man just sad.

183. MJ (The Original) - November 12, 2012

M.J. and Montreal Paul — like how many people really care about when and overpriced Blu-Ray of the truly horrid Season 1 of Enterprise is coming out? It’s like you guys are hungry and are fighting to see who gets to claim the last rat in neighborhood for your dinner. LOL

184. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) - November 12, 2012

Not at all, just saying like/dislike is subjective. I like the series doesnt mean you do and you dont have to like it.

Your ability to like or not like has no bearing on my love of the series, dont buy just means there will be another copy on the shelf for a fan who wants to own it.

185. MJ (The Original) - November 13, 2012

“Your ability to like or not like has no bearing on my love of the series, dont buy just means there will be another copy on the shelf for a fan who wants to own it.”

Sure, by “my opinion” is that you guy’s big fight over Enterprise headlines is very amusing for me given that (in my opinion) that series sucked. :-)

186. trekMadeMeWonder - November 13, 2012

180. Aaron

You are a rarity. Or a genetically modified human.

187. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 13, 2012

How *noble* of you, MJ…

A poster makes a personal comment towards me accusing me of brown nosing/butt kissing etc and YOU, MJ, tell me to stop taunting this poster.

I know a nuli who can also grow just the right thorn for your butt hole as well…

188. MJ - November 13, 2012

Sheesh, Keacchick, just listen to yourself? What has happenned to you?

189. Jim Nightshade - November 14, 2012

sooo are the bad guys in skyfall as silly as the bad guys in moonraker…that has to be silliest bond not counting intentional spoof….jaws…his girlfriend with the glasses—using the close encounters 5 note signal to get into the lab etc…..then again octopussy was pretty lousy too afhhhh roger moore…less of him as bond woulda been more’….

190. MJ (The Original) - November 14, 2012

Agree that Moonraker was too silly, but the Bond movies now have gone too far the other way. I miss “the big concept” Bond movies like “You Only Live Twice” and “Thunderball.”

Bond just morphing into Jason Bourne is just king of boring.

191. Matt Wright - November 14, 2012

@189 – It’s funny you mention Jaws, in multiple interviews Javier Bardem mentions that the first James Bond movie he saw was Moonraker and he was drawn not to Bond but to Jaws as a character…

192. Jim Nightshade - November 14, 2012

Interesting…true jaws had more character depth than moores bond….he had a girlfriend, was kinda sympathtic…also tough to kill….ha

193. John Ericson - November 17, 2012

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