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Video of the Day: Prime Universe Reacts To New Star Trek November 16, 2012

by Staff , Filed under: Humor,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , trackback

Clever video masher Major Grin has another fun Star Trek re-edit out. This time he takes on JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie as seen through the perspective of the characters in the prime Star Trek universe. In short: they aren’t impressed. Check it out below.  



Prime Universe Reacts To New Star Trek

Watch the latest from General Grin.



1. CmdrR - November 16, 2012

Funny. Like rubbing salt in a wound, but funny.
I’ve succeeded in ignoring the parts of the movie where JJ basically obliterates the franchise I’ve loved for 46 years.

2. NerdKing - November 16, 2012

My god, they made the Enterprise in the wrong place and gave no logical explanation.

3. Victor Hugo - November 16, 2012

hahaa Dax and Sisko bored reactions are the best! hahahaa

4. Anthony Thompson - November 16, 2012

Not much of a giggle.

5. Dr. Cheis - November 16, 2012

That was kind of boring and incoherent.

Funny when the asks how many lights he sees and Picard can’t count them all though.

6. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - November 16, 2012

Meh. Horribly clunky editing and not terribly funny or clever.

I’d like to know where these bitchy Trekkies were during the last 10 years of the Rick Berman’s reign. There didn’t seem to be anywhere near as much vitriol about our beloved franchise then. They like to say Abrams and co. ruined Trek, but Star Trek Voyager/Enterprise and virtually all the TNG films already did that job exceptionally well.

I look forward to December 14th (and May 17th) regardless.

7. Jack - November 16, 2012

This whole idea that JJ obliterated the franchise is stupid. If most of the morons who are moaning and complaining would pay attention, he created a plot device that allows this new universe and the old universe to coexist.

Neros incursion created an alternate reality. What is the big damn deal? I get so annoyed with these narcissistic geeks and their whining about what JJ did to their beloved franchise which. The new trek does not take away from the old. Why the hell do you think they had Nimoy in the movie. He was there to create a link.

Star Treks problem was that it was too self absorbed and it created a product for its loyal following which helped kill it when they released Nemisis. I like the new Trek. I like the ideas and the direction they are headed in. Absolute nonsense.

8. Dr. Cheis - November 16, 2012

A 15 minute video of the prime universe characters watching the movie and liking it would have been less interesting, I guess?

9. Adam - November 16, 2012

Nero:”James T kirk was a great man”
Picard:”NOOOOOOO!”*Smashes glass*

10. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - November 16, 2012

@8 – “A 15 minute video of the prime universe characters watching the movie and liking it would have been less interesting, I guess?”

In the hands of a decent editor? Probably not. Here’s an example of a funny/clever video with Major Grin’s concept:

11. milojthatch - November 16, 2012

These video are kind of old now, but none the less sum up the feelings of the half of the fan base that hate JJ-Trek with a passion. I actually loved them, even with the bad editing on some of them. For me, Star Trek died in 2006 when they started making these damn films! I hope the REAL thing comes back, but I’m not holding my breathe…

#6 I can’t speck for everyone else who hates JJ_trek, but in answer to your question, I didn’t complain about Trek during the Berman era because I actually liked it? Frankly the worst episodes ever made of either “Enterprise” or “Voyager” are ten times better “Star Trek” then JJ-Trek could ever hope to be! “Nemesis” with it’s issues is a better film then JJ-Trek! No, I didn’t get mad at the direction my beloved franchise was going till JJ Abrams got involved. Rodenberry actually handed the reins to Berman. Can JJ say that? Answer your question?

#7 – If you don’t get why the “whining” now, you never will. I could point out the fact that even if what you say is right and the Prime Universe is fine and well, the odds of actually seeing anything new in it ever again isn’t looking so good right now, but I won’t. I could point out that JJ-Trek’s “plot device” is flawed at best, but I won’t. Actually, I’m rather sick of JJ-Trek fans telling me how awesome it is, so I hope we have an understanding now, k?

12. Peter Loader - November 16, 2012

Mash up is right!

13. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - November 16, 2012

@11 – “I can’t speck for everyone else who hates JJ_trek, but in answer to your question, I didn’t complain about Trek during the Berman era because I actually liked it?”


“Frankly the worst episodes ever made of either “Enterprise” or “Voyager” are ten times better “Star Trek” then JJ-Trek could ever hope to be!”

HAHAHAHAHA! That’s damn funnier than the video, but seriously, even the best episodes of either of those shows don’t match the quality of Trek ’09. Voyager and Enterprise were so god awful bland and were so good at boldly going nowhere it’s hard to believe they lasted as long as they did.

“Nemesis” with it’s issues is a better film then JJ-Trek!”

Box office receipts and critical acclaim between the two films suggest otherwise.

” Rodenberry actually handed the reins to Berman. Can JJ say that?”

George Lucas came back to direct the Star Wars prequels. I guess just because he created Star Wars I should just automatically like the prequels too, right?

“Actually, I’m rather sick of JJ-Trek fans telling me how awesome it is”

I’m rather sick of fans like you bitching about “JJ-Trek” when you were part of the market helping to perpetuate crap like Voyager, Enterprise, and the TNG movies. Sorry, but once DS9 ended, the last of good Star Trek went with it for 10 years.

14. Brett L. - November 17, 2012

@7- I’m inclined to agree. There’s room enough for both universes. I will say that although the new movie was meant to appeal to a different generation than my own, I still enjoyed it and respect what it did for the franchise.

Failing to bring in new blood was a death sentence, and any realist recognizes that. Ironically, the franchise was being weighed down by the 40+ years of continuity we all enjoyed, and it needed to evolve. What prospective fan was going to sit down and get a degree in Trek history just to watch above average, risk-averse fare like most episodes of Voyager? While folks don’t have to like exactly what JJ did, I do think it’s silly to deny the fact that the franchise was in desperate need of a major refit or reset in order to survive.

15. - November 17, 2012

Too funny.

Of course Cisko loves Kirk so you guys who are pedantic about Cannon may want to give this a miss.

16. Schwarzkopf - November 17, 2012

I’d say all in all the whole last decade wasn’t a good decade for Trek. It died slowly since the end of the 90s, getting irrelevant in the post 9/11 era. Since then there is a lack of interest in utopian topics, reducing sci-fi to its special effects and action sequences. That’s what we germans call “Zeitgeist”. And that is what JJ’s Trek is all about. It was the only way for Trek to survive on the big screen. But the times, they are always a changing and hopefully in the future, the audience will be more interested in utopia again.

17. William Kirk - November 17, 2012

Very funny. Definitely would go to the cinema to see this :-)

18. julio capes - November 17, 2012

another crap video. where is the love for broke trek

19. CJS - November 17, 2012

This might have been a funny video, if they knew when to stop. I only watched about five minutes.

20. Chris Roberts - November 17, 2012

@18. “where is the love for broke trek”?


STAR TREK ENTERPRISE 10th Anniversary Tribute (Extended Edit)

STAR TREK 40th Anniversary Tribute 1966 – 2006

21. Jonboc - November 17, 2012

#7. “This whole idea that JJ obliterated the franchise is stupid.”

Yep…the only thing that obliterated the franchise Is the franchise itself. It finally imploded just like the planet Vulcan after years of uninspired TNG flavored knock-offs that embraced mediocrity as the new standard. That’s the real world. In the fictional world, the Prime universe still exists. it’s just not on the silver screen anymore…thankfully!

22. Anthony Lewis - November 17, 2012

JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek so much that when my 9 year old little girl watched his movie she fell in love with Star Trek and subsequently went on to watch and enjoy the other films and TV shows.

NERD RAGE~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

23. The Keeper - November 17, 2012

Mmm, you think it’s wise to post video’s depicting the anti views of disgruntled Star Trek Fans who hate the new time line…I mean wouldn’t this be HURTING the upcoming film and future productions?
Think about it boys, your being subversive all for a chuckle….I enjoy a good laugh, in fact I demand it, but this is not the way to go. Your feedding into hate for the Abrams movie.

24. Banned - November 17, 2012

Deleted by admin

25. Kirk, James T. - November 17, 2012

@23, this is just a bit of fun! Why do many Star Trek fans insist on reading into everything with such detail? Just enjoy stuff once in a while without picking things apart.

I think any fan who sees JJ Abrams movie’s as somehow obliterating the past 46 years of the franchise need to go take Science lessons again at school.

Nero and Spock try to stop Romulus from being eaten by a supernova, Spock tries and fails, Nero blames Spock and in a confrontation in the prime timelines 24th century both ships and their crews get sucked into this black hole! Spock from the prime timeline travels through a black hole into ANOTHER TIMELINE following Nero, ending up in a DIFFERENT 23rd Century.

If you haven’t got it by now I’d either go to the doctors to see if you have some kind of tumour pressing on part of your brain or actually sit down and watch the movie.

Either fans just don’t want to accept change thus a part of their brain is just not registering how JJ Abrams DIDN’T destroy 46 years of Trek canon or there are some ridiculously dumb-ass fans out there that just don’t understand.

26. Eekhoornhoer - November 17, 2012

‘James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life.’

NOOOOOOOOOO *smashes glass*


27. BitterTrekkie - November 17, 2012

This whole idea that JJ obliterated the franchise is stupid. If most of the morons who are moaning and complaining would pay attention, he created a plot device that allows this new universe and the old universe to coexist.

That’s called lip service.

28. Dom - November 17, 2012

Quite nicely put together, but about 12 minutes too long and really just yet another Berman-fan, Church of Roddenberry bitch-fest. Seeing those clips from the movie trailer made me want to dig that film back out and watch it again.

TNG and its fellow shows killed Trek for me, so I’m happy enough to go straight from TUC to ST09 and ignore the self-righteous, taking-itself-way-too-seriously, don’t-get-what-Trek-is-about Berman Treks.

The only Berman era team member I have any time for is Ron Moore for creating the greatest science show since the original Star Trek when he made the modern Battlestar Galactica!

29. sean - November 17, 2012

If it had been a 2-minute video it would have been mildly amusing. Unfortunately, they chose to make it 15 minutes long.

30. Hat Rick - November 17, 2012

This is a very well-done video. Congratulations to the producer and all involved in it. Very entertaining.

However, the two universes can coexist. They do coexist.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, after all.

31. Adolescent Nightmare - November 17, 2012

Old Star Trek looks even more boring when they are side by side like that.

32. Hat Rick - November 17, 2012

Also, how come the Prime Universe people are watching scenes from the Star Trek 2009 movie trailer?

33. Sebastian S. - November 17, 2012

I love ST09, but I also love a good parody. You gotta have a sense of humor about these things…. ;-)

I thought this video was hysterically funny, and beautifully edited.
Well done…


34. Captain Jean Jack - November 17, 2012

@ 11 Hey blame Rick Berman for not finding an effective way to seal the plot holes in the “Prime Universe” more effectively. That is the fault of the previous gatekeepers. The Prime Universe ended with Nemisis. They should have ended it then. They thought John Logans weak script would save the day.

Years ago I told a friend of mine that Trek would have to go back to the original to save itself and that more than likely it would be some kind of reboot. Robert Orci thought it would be disrespectful to the previous gatekeepers to wipe out all of their work so they created this plot device which is nothing new and has been done in countless comicbook storylines and sci fi stories. A time travel event sparks the creation of an alternate timeline/reality. I dont see the problem?

Star Trek needed an edge. DS9 was as close to the edge as it got. It needed to be shaken up. The original series was a great show for the time in which it was created. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results that is insanity.

Do you realize that the best Star Wars film ever is the one George Lucas did not direct? That ought to tell you guys something. Sometimes the visionary needs to kept in a corner somewhere. The ego doesnt allow for anyone else to mold their vision so they appoint puppet gatekeepers and have their old wives around playing different roles to make sure their wishes are kept. Paramount owns Trek movie rigihts.

Star Trek was dying and Voyager, Enterprise and those lame Next Gen Films began the decline. Voyager had some okay moments and Enterprise did too but overall it was too much. It was created for a fanbase. The masses could not enjoy Trek because every few years there was another show with aliens in jump suits and it was not accessibe.

JJ is young and so is the cast. Man oh man if they knock another home run out of the park what are you JJ haters going to do with yourselves?

35. Duncan Macleod - November 17, 2012

it was an *ok* video, but amateurish. I could have easily incorporated the widescreen clips so the aspect ratio was proper and it didn’t look ridiculous

36. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - November 17, 2012

@28 – I too enjoy BSG (although I hate the finale), but I also love TNG and DS9. I’m surprised you don’t at least like DS9 given Ron Moore’s involvement in that show and the definite storytelling parallels between it and Galactica.

@34 – Well said. I’ll always respect Roddenberry, but like Lucas with the Star Wars franchise, he wasn’t the only major creative force behind the Trek saga.

37. John Bigbootee - November 17, 2012

Hilarious work, much appreciated, Major Grin :)

Took some in-depth knowledge of Trek TimeTravel lore!

Thanks for helping us pass the time until the movie!

38. Bird of Prey - November 17, 2012

I found it funny, even though I don’t agree with the anti-Abrams-Trek message.
Good thing there is so much time travel- and alternative universe-related dialogue in Trek! Some of this fitted almost perfectly! :-D
The unmoving-screenshots-with-faces-photoshopped-in parts were a bit klunky though. But nevertheless kudos for the effort!

39. Kev-1 - November 17, 2012

The video is a little long. I thought Trek 2009 was a good movie, but hardly the “adult sci-fi drama” Star Trek was created as. It’s more like the Space Patrol type shows that came before Star Trek. The 2009 Trek is so precisely targeted at a younger demographic it requires retrofitting the characters into continuity even if it means Kirk gets an instant promotion. Re the video; No need to get personal with the current actors and team. They’re just doing a job. I’m just thankful Roddenberry and the TOS actors were able to continue their journey from 1979-91.

40. Clinton - November 17, 2012

I like original Trek (have since 1966), I like the new Trek. Can’t wait for the new movie. And I’d like to see Star Trek back on TV, too.

41. Weerd1 - November 17, 2012

Careful observation of “Prime” Star Trek reveals it is spread across at least three different timelines as it is; possibly more. Hence alterations like the time period of the Eugenics Wars, differences on Enterprise following the Borg incursion from the 24th Century, and even the fact that there is visual evidence that Worf does NOT return to the timeline he started from in “Parallels.” (Take a close look at the wall decorations from the beginning and end of the show.)

Alternate versions of timelines are nothing new to Star Trek, there is nothing that says 2009 erases whichever version of prime you prefer, and nothing that says you have to watch 2009. Feel free to stick with just the old shows if you want, but the fact all my DVDs are still in place pretty well shows those versions still exist.

At least as much as ANY fictional timeline. It’s fiction; if the writers say it all still exists, then it does.

42. Robman007 - November 17, 2012

Always some basement dwelling fan who will whine and cry about the new films “destroying” Star Trek. Yet, those same cry babies will go see the new film 2-3 times in theaters.

Get over it, and in the words of Shatner, “Get a Life!”

The only thing these new movies have done is ressurect a franchise that had become boring, stale and painfully bad.

43. Tony Todd's Tears - November 17, 2012


The first time we saw Worf in the shuttle, and on board the Enterprise in “Parallels” he was already in an alternate universe, having crossed into an alternate one when he went through the anomaly.

The quantum universe at the end was his correct universe, the one at the very beginning was the alternate.

44. Tony Todd's Tears - November 17, 2012

I prefer this video:

45. Red Dead Ryan - November 17, 2012


Let’s not forget the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. The “repaired” timeline at the end of the episode was not the same as the one prior to the emergence of the Enterprise-C from the Kerr Loop rift. The TNG universe prior to “Yesterday’s Enterprise” didn’t feature Sela. The TNG universe post-YE did. We know this because Guinan was able to sense the changes in “Redemption”. She knew (with her psychic abilities) that Picard allowed Tasha Yar to go back in time with the Enterprise-C in the alternate timeline, even though the captain was unware of those events. In fact, everyone except Guinan didn’t know anything was different.

So one could argue that it was TNG that diverted from the Prime Timeline, and that a secondary timeline took its place on our tv and movie screens, with the J.J Abrams movie creating another spin-off timeline from a spin-off timeline.

Obviously, the post-YE changes weren’t as drastic as the post-“Star Trek” 09 alterations, but nonetheless, it wasn’t the supreme court who first diverged from the Prime Timeline, but the writers who wrote YE.

46. Hat Rick - November 17, 2012

@Red Dead Ryan (44), that’s a very astute analysis. I hadn’t thought of that. Do you think that the writers of those episodes did that intentionally (i.e., put in hints that the post-YE timeline was different from the original timeline). If so, why, I wonder, would they have done that?

Also, where was Sela featured after the events of YE?

47. Simon - November 17, 2012

@44 – Guinan wasn’t “psychic” so much as forever changed by her interaction with the Nexus ribbon. Since the Nexus is temporal energy she was aware of many timelines, if only subliminally.

THAT said the video isn’t particularly clever. Using the same trailer footage over & over…the edited together “prime” clips don’t form any narrative.

48. Richard - November 17, 2012

LOL loved it!! With Star Wars VII coming out in 2015 JJ will have plenty of new material for his third movie.

49. Red Dead Ryan - November 17, 2012


I’m not sure if it was intentional or not. Probably not at the time, as I don’t think anyone anticipated Denise Crosby coming back yet again, this time as Sela. But who really knows. Someone needs to ask Eric Stillwell or Denise Crosby the next time they see either one of them at a convention. :-)


Guinan was at least partially psychic, or at the very least, had a very heightened sense of intuition. Don’t think it was caused by the Nexus. “Generations” was written a few years after “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Redemption”, both of which established Guinan as having some sort of heightened intuition/psychic abilities.

50. Hat Rick - November 17, 2012

@Red Dead Ryan (49), thanks for the response. Yet another reason to go to the next Trek convention, as if I needed any more. (Whether or not Denise Crosby or Eric Stillwell is there.) Missed this year’s Vegas con, which makes me sad. Particularly because it was Nimoy’s last, apparently, and also because it was held at that new hotel.

With the loss of Trek cons, LV Hilton has severed its last connection with Trek.

And as I sort of predicted, the proposed new Trek attraction on Fremont that was supposed to be the successor to the much-missed Star Trek: The Experience hasn’t really gotten off the ground, last time I looked. Still. (Will it ever?) The economy and all that, apparently.

But I digress.

51. Tom Delgado - November 18, 2012

Ok Seriously. I love old and JJ Trek. I swear just because it isn’t the Trek we grew up with doesn’t mean it is bad. IDIC man IDIC.

52. Dom - November 18, 2012

36. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface: ‘I too enjoy BSG (although I hate the finale), but I also love TNG and DS9. I’m surprised you don’t at least like DS9 given Ron Moore’s involvement in that show and the definite storytelling parallels between it and Galactica.’


I loved the BSG finale. There’s a tendency by kneejerk militant atheists to misinterpret it (after all, how DARE a spiritual dimension be an acceptable element in a show made in the West?!) but there was evidence of a higher power at work from the miniseries onwards. Did you notice Kara’s picture of the Ship of Lights from the original BSG? There was also an emphasis on how everything happens before and will happen again and that humans and Cylons are operating almost as part of a complex intergalactic computer program (holoband anyone?)

My suspicion (and I love that the series neither confirms nor denies anything) is that the avatars (Gaius and Six) are Cylons from an earlier cycle of time. Although it’s denied by Ron Moore (and it shows how stories gain a life of their own) I think Kara’s father probably was a No7 and Kara was resurrected on the nu-BSG version of the Ship of Lights. I also wonder if the Centurions who leave on the Baseship eventually develop organic life and create the 12 colonies of the original show…

And watching Laura’s and Bill’s final scene always moves me to tears.


As for DS9, Star Trek was horribly indulged in its ‘McDonald’s of scifi’ era. If the words Star Trek hadn’t been shoved on the front, none of the shows would have been allowed to get past their first season. Better shows got cancelled to give the Trek behemoth a free pass. I know DS9 got better in season four, but I object to sitting through three seasons of crap to get there.

53. mr.universe - November 18, 2012

I too love startrek, but I think if they had maked three amazing titan-movie set after nemesis (5years after, perhaps) , now that would have had been great, but then what???

A series in the century???
How long would such a series had lasted??

I think the old trek was getting old, but what I like about the new trek is that (now) everything is possible now, no limits, just creating a new universe, and as well, the old univers is still there, and that´s wonderful.
I hope the Nimoy´s spock is mentioned in the new movie.

54. Captain Jean Jack - November 18, 2012

The old universe is still there. Who is to say that JJ and those guys won’t pull elements from it in a future story. Star Trek needed to be scaled back to its basics.

The writers and producers did not adjust to the world on the outside of the Trek bubble which is why when Nemisis came out they got their asses handed to them. Lord of the Rings was a Stealth Bomber and Nemisis was a little raggedy plane that barely got off the ground. Warner Bros. Learned the hard way when Joel Shumacher created that awful Batman and Robin and then we got Batman Begins.

SCI FI creators have a tendeny to live in a bubble. They think that the loyalty of an aging fanbase is enough to carry them and they dont see the edge and the growth outside their audience. Star Trek did not know when to pull up and they paid for it. George Lucas just sold Star Wars. He lived in a bubble for years and we got his prequels which had major issues. His ego did not allow him to step back and allow Directors and writers who grew up inspired by his work to infuse something different. Maybe JAR JAR does not exist if George listened to someone other than himself. Stan Lee cant write Marvel comics today. He is a legend but he knew when to fall back. Marvel produces great work today because Stan knew when to fall back. What he and Jack Kirby did was inspiring and their stories are still canon albeit with a modern twist. (Sliding Timeline)

You cant stay the same in SCI FI and Superhero world and expect to be successful. Look at what Ronald Moore did with BSG. Glen Larson could not have done that. Sorry. You got to learn how to pass the baton and allow people with talent to stretch your work and grow it up. Star Trek did not do that.

Voyager was not that great. Enterprise was a noble effort but it was a continuity nightmare and they tried to use that Temporal Cold War as an excuse. The problem with the Next Gen Films is that they let the tv people write it and have a hand in it. Look where that got them with the exception of First Contact. DS9 was the best Trek show ever made. I dont care what anyone says. It dared to turn that utopian get a long world of Gene Roddenberry on its ear and at the end the Black Captain gets send off into Limbo. Absolute Bull.

Sci Fi needs to grow. The new gatekeepers of Star Wars will take it to a level Lucas haas never taken it.

All these Trek purists need to sit down and shut up.

55. Weerd1 - November 18, 2012

@43- See, it was my impression that Worf didn’t start skipping universes until after he came into proximity with Geordie’s VISOR; even so, would he not have noticed that someone came into his quarters and hung a shield next to his door that wasn’t there before?

I had forgotten “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and even “Time’s Arrow” potentially shows a history affected by the 1701D’s crew.

Hell, the first time time travel appears in TOS, “The Naked Time,” Spock says they have been thrown back two days in time: Does this mean there are two Enterprises in existence, or does Kirk’s (admittedly flippant) remark about not wanting to relive those two days indicate they assumed their own past quantum placement? If they then did not go on to Psi 2000, it’s already an alternate timeline.

How about “Future’s End” on Voyager? At some point, the 30th Century was destroyed because of the incursion by the Voyager into the 20th Century. Voyager was part of a timeline that ended for Earth after 600 years. When the episode is done, we get Captain Braxton from a secure 30th Century. ANOTHER alternate timeline that the show’s narrative now follows. Not to mention the contamination of 30th Century holo-emitters.

One could even argue that between TOS and the TMP, the timeline had been altered to such a degree that TMP is in fact that new alternate universe’s version of “The Changeling.” That would also explain how between TOS and the films Khan goes from being a ruler on Earth in the 1990s (of which we see no evidence in “Future’s End”) to a Prince on Earth “200 years” before TWOK (roughly in the mid to late 21st Century).

To be fair and honest, there has NEVER been a consistent time-travel narrative in ANY Star Trek, making the Prime universe really a big ball of wibbley-wobbley, timey-whimey….stuff. JJ has just added one more thread to the tapestry.

56. Hat Rick - November 18, 2012

I just want to comment on the nuBSG finale. I never saw it. I stopped watching the nuBSG in the second season, I believe, when it became just too violent for me, and unfollowable. Mainly the latter. I read the spoilers posted above and I somewhat feel better about it from the fact that there was some kind of resolution.

I started to become very frustrated with Cylon trope. It seemed as though everyone was a Cylon. “I a Cylon, you’re a Cylon, wouldn’t you like to be a Cylon, too?” — apologies to Dr. Pepper, but that’s kind of the way I feel about it. What was with these Cylons and their glowing spines, and how many of them were they, and were their actually body-doubles of Cylons, etc., etc. Just too much to follow. Too confusing.

So it appears from the spoilers, above, which I read very quickly, and from my very sketchy knowledge of the finale that …


The Humans and the Cylons did eventually settle together on a planet, a planet that may or may not have been Earth (?), and that there was in fact a joint destiny between the Humans and the Cylons. From this (possibly incorrect recollection / inference on my part) it seems that the producers were creating the idea that the Humans and their machine progeny, the Cylons, were fulfilling their fate, and from that point forward (insert mystical stuff here).


I mean, am I interpreting this correctly? Again, I did not see the finale and I stopped watching the series fairly early so I could be very wrong about it.

In any event, there’s some kind of resolution, yes, but it’s still all very unclear to me.

Finally, I must say I have no problems with DS9. I liked it from beginning to end.

57. Hat Rick - November 18, 2012

^^ “were their” should be “were there.”

58. Captain_Z - November 18, 2012

People complain too much about Voyager, Enterprise and Star Trek by JJ. I thought they were all good. I could have watched another three seasons of Enterprise and enjoyed it. JJ’s Trek opened the door for more Trek and who doesn’t like that?

59. I am not Herbert - November 18, 2012

…yes, even Nemesis was better than JJ-trek… =(

…but, JJ-trek MIGHT be better than ST5… ;-)

60. Dr. Cheis - November 18, 2012

There’s little reason to complain about the ’09 movie, but this upcoming movie might make more sense for complaints. We can mostly all agree the prime timeline exists, but the question is why we should care what happens in every single alternate timeline? And why should we care about the new one if it isn’t closely ties to the primeline? I just made up that word. I’m gonna stick with it. If it isn’t, closely related, then there’s not much reason to become invested in the new series.

61. Dolphinboy - November 18, 2012

When kirk and co crossed over to the mirror universe it was entertaining and set up countless books and future episodes of ds9. While these episodes were entertaining, when the final credits roll and our crews returned to their own universe, we didn’t really need to know or care what happened to their mirror counterparts. While I do agree in the IDIC philosophy, I do not agree the whole ‘history/canon be damned, let’s rewrite trek for the wider audience’ philosophy from a non trek fan such as jj.
Trek 09 was a well made action film, with no more plot holes than any other trek, but for me it is NOT trek, and although I will watch the next film and add it to my dvd collection along with the rest, that too will not be real star trek.

62. Optimistic Doodle - November 18, 2012

Feels a bit strange though, watching our characters on the big screen without a television history, without the bagage or bonding.

63. DeShonn Steinblatt - November 18, 2012

What about the countless new fans who are just never going to care what went on in the prime timeline? For them, watching TNG or DS9, or especially TOS, is like watching old Flash Gordon serials.

Do you program the future of Trek for the people that went to see Nemesis (43 million) or for the people that went to see Star Trek (257 million)?

Well, yes, I know what you would do. But I’m thinking in terms of reality and television executives.

64. Tom Delgado - November 18, 2012

To paraphrase:

Star Trek must evolve. It’s fanbase is still strong, but it must evolve. To be quite frank. This whole ‘It is not my Trek’ has been heard since TMP. You had people always upset about some change: Whether it is Spock dying, Blowing up the Enterprise, TNG or any of the other series since the 80’s to 00’s, Killing off Kirk, bringing action and war into the Utopian society Roddenberry created, The TNG movies, all the Fan Films like Phase II, Exeter, Continues, Hidden Frontier, and now JJ Abrams and the ’09 movie and now Into Darkness. I am sorry but if it does not evolve then the fans will be asking:

“Is there nothing more?”

65. Weerd1 - November 18, 2012


In the middle of season four, the Rag Tag Fleet with some renegade Cylons find Earth, the 13th Colony of Kobol. They find it is an atomic wasteland destroyed 2000 years earlier. Turns out the Humans on Kobol had created Cylons and had a war too, which may have led to their original exodus to the colonies while their Cylons evolved into skinjobs and go to Earth. The Earth skinjobs create their own machine Cylons which eventually rebel. Only five Earth skinjobs survive the resulting war, but realize that the Man/Machine war is a recurrent theme throughout Human history, and leave to find the 12 Colonies.

Traveling relativistic, they arrive to find the Colonies already engaged in a war with THEIR Cylons, and those machines making the first steps toward evolving skinjobs. The five convince the Cylons to end the war in exchange for perfecting their evolution. Eventually, the Number One model of Cylon grows dissatisfied with the Five Earth Cylons, and wipes their memories, forcing them to live for years among the Humans they seem so keen to protect. Number One later starts the war that led to the Apocalypse we see in the pilot.

After finding Earth the combined Human/Renegade Cylon fleet wander pretty aimlessly with no idea what they are going to do next. Finally, circumstances lead to a final confrontation with Number One’s Cylon base. As it is destroyed the Galactica jumps away using coordinates hidden in a song brought from Earth by the Five and end up around a pleasant little planet, third from the sun with its own pre-technological human population.

No longer pursued by Number One’s Cylons, the various humans and skinjob Cylons settled this world, mixing with the local population and send their fleet into the sun. Adama declares that whatever else has happened, THIS is Earth and their sanctuary.

There is a small coda where we are shown 150,000 years later we are the descendants of both the Colonists and Cylons, but have reached a point where our own mechanical technology may start the cycle again unless we show wisdom.

There’s a LOT of details I have left out as far as which characters do what, and some shockers on how certain information gets passed, but I didn’t want to spoil everything in case you decide to give it a second chance. The show is violent and sexual, but its about humans and you can’t take an honest examination of what we are without dealing with it.

66. DRB - November 18, 2012

That was a remarkably uninteresting video. It *did* emphasize the extent to which Star Trek has often consisted of characters sitting or standing and watching events happen while discursively commenting on them.

Not much of a mystery, then, why Abrams version of the thing would be so much more successful than the earlier movies. LOL

67. The Keeper - November 18, 2012

I sort of like this video better:

68. Hat Rick - November 18, 2012

@Weerd1 (65), thank you for that excellent summary. It seems that nuBSG had a interesting series arc and I think that if I had been so inclined, it might have been a good series to continuing watching to the end. I might give it another try, but probably not for a while.

Thanks again for your effort and the fine description.

69. NEW TREK UNIVERSE FIRES BACK - November 18, 2012

Since Kirk and Company’s Five Year Mission Ended, the rest of you that followed, with the exception of DS9, ARE B-MOVIE-LEVEL WANNABE TREK SHOWS!

70. BiggestTOSfanever - November 19, 2012

I think they really should have the prime universe interact with the new universe via the Guardian of Forever, if only in the comic books. Spock prime could go back to his universe if he wanted, but it would be cool just to have new Kirk see what his alternate life was like. It might help some fans make peace with the idea that both universes can exist simultaneously.

71. trekker4747 - November 19, 2012

This is the greatest video ever! lolz! So funny!

70 – They should get Brian Michael Bendis to write it and it can be called “Star Treks”.

72. Staff Sgt. Grin - November 19, 2012

You commenters not liking General Grin HAVE JUST COMMITTED AN ACT OF UTTER BARBARITY! Well done!

73. NoKhanPlease - November 20, 2012

#6–Not for nothing, but the vitriol that Abrams gets for destroying the prime universe is NOTHING compared to what Berman and Braga got, which was very much justified.

If you didn’t see it, you weren’t around. It was there, and far worse.

Just look up archives of any message board during the runs of Voyager and Enterprise, not to mention the comments on Nemesis and Insurrection.

As bad a decision as it was to wipe out the prime universe like Abrams did, at least he made a decent movie and was smart enough to embrace the original characters.

The anger toward Berman and Braga caused the ratings and box office numbers to drop, because those guys put out a terrible product.

It was there.

74. Admiral_Bumblebee - November 20, 2012

We can only hope that the next reboot of Star Trek will wipe out this new alternate timeline as well.

75. Underhill - November 20, 2012

haha, if anything, this video shows that Abrams is only faithfully following in the footsteps of almost EVERY star trek episode or movie ever made by altering the timeline.

what would Star Trek be without tinkering with time? =)

76. Captain Ransom - November 20, 2012

there is no alternate timeline. there is star trek and then there is abram’s film which seems to have no relationship to actual star trek.

and yes, voyager was better than trek xi. way better. look at episodes like the equinox, relativity, and scorpion. that’s hall of fame trek right there. at least the plots made sense.

77. THX-1138 - November 20, 2012

It’s not so much that I hate NuTrek. I don’t.

It’s that it doesn’t do much for me. And I get all of the folks saying that the two time lines can co-exist. What they fail to get is that we will probably not see any stories set in it anymore. And why that might be sad for some of us.

Your failure to recognize that there might be some of us who aren’t altogether happy about not seeing new stories in the Prime Universe is puzzling.

Oh well, no more Vulcan. The ship is the size of a Star Destroyer. And after three movies it will be over. Then what do we get?

78. Basement Blogger - November 20, 2012

Funny stuff. Makes me want to look up all those episodes.

79. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - November 21, 2012

@52 – Indeed DS9 (and TNG) didn’t really pick up momentum until it got past the first few seasons (I thought it started to hit its stride in the third season), but once it got its sea legs I thought it was great.

As for nuBSG… [SPOILERS]

I can enjoy religious/spiritual themes in film/television as long as they are well done in context of the story, but in the case of BSG’s finale I think it crashed and burned. Yes, the idea of a higher power at work was a running theme throughout the show and certain events would occur that some characters would attribute to “God”, but until the last season, that idea didn’t really evolve beyond that. Seemed like the writers wrote themselves into a corner and pulled a deus ex machina (quite literally). Plus, the idea that everyone would be willing to give up their ships and technology to integrate themselves into primitive Terran society and run the risk of yet another Cylon war occurring over 150,000+ years later just doesn’t make any sense to me.

@76 – “and yes, voyager was better than trek xi. way better. look at episodes like the equinox, relativity, and scorpion. that’s hall of fame trek right there. at least the plots made sense.”

Uh, no. Voyager was not only not “way better” than Trek ’09, it wasn’t good period. Equinox was the best of those episodes you mentioned (probably the best of the series) and it was only okay. As with virtually every other Voyager episode, nothing of real interest or consequence happened that left a lasting impact on the show’s overall story or the characters. And Relativity? Seriously? You can’t complain about the time travel in Trek ’09 and then refer to this episode as being good. Seven and the EMH were probably the only good things to come out of that show, but I guess “hall of fame Trek” celebrates mediocrity.

@77 – It’s one thing to say you simply don’t like Trek ’09, but there are Trek fans who flat out attack it and even make absurd claims that the last 10 years of prime universe Trek (minus DS9) were better. Star Trek was in dire need of a shake up, and if revisiting the prime universe means going back to Berman/Braga era Trek, then that universe should STAY DEAD. It shouldn’t be about just seeing new stories in the prime universe, it should be about seeing GOOD stories in the prime universe. Sadly, those haven’t been seen since TOS, TNG, and DS9, so good riddance.

80. THX-1138 - November 21, 2012


Maybe Trek was in need of a shake up. I am just not of the opinion that JJ’s version or idea was the right way to go. I still don’t feel that going backwards was the way to go. I don’t think we got a proper origins story on the TOS characters. And I don’t happen to share the complete vitriol many fans have for “Berman/Braga” era Trek. Why can’t the very fans that dislike that era of Trek see that they are acting in exactly the same way that the people who flat out attack NuTrek?

81. Dom - November 22, 2012

79. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface

‘Seemed like the writers wrote themselves into a corner and pulled a deus ex machina (quite literally).’

How so? BSG is based on a show created by a Mormon and based on the Book of Exodus. The concept of the Christians (the Cylons) driving out the pagans was always pretty much upfront.

The original BSG had Patrick Macnee playing Satan (Count Iblis – Iblis meaning the devil in the Koran, IIRC) who killed Apollo, who was subsequently resurrected on board the Ship of Lights.

If you watch nu-BSG from the start (I just have in the last couple of weeks, followed by Caprica), there are seeds sown from very early on for the ending to make sense. And given that rhythmic music ran throughout the show, the fact that it led to coordinates for ‘our Earth’ tied things together rather nicely, I felt!

‘Plus, the idea that everyone would be willing to give up their ships and technology to integrate themselves into primitive Terran society and run the risk of yet another Cylon war occurring over 150,000+ years later just doesn’t make any sense to me.’

Actually, we don’t know for sure that everyone did. We know the Centurions left in the baseship, but we can’t be positive all 40,000-odd people all really got rid of everything. After all, this isn’t Berman Star Trek, where all humans are docile androids! Even Head Baltar implied to Gaius and Caprica that, while things might be quieter from now on, there were dramas yet to come. We don’t know why Hera died so young, for example (possibly in childbirth or maybe she aged more slowly once she reached puberty.) Maybe some people do keep colonial technology and there are confrontations yet to come.

Maybe Colonial tech built the pyramids thousands of years later. Did the Cylon rebels eventually procreate? Hera was conceived through love, so maybe other Sixes, Twos and Eights had children. Did anyone go back to old Earth and pick up D’Anna? Stretching things further, what happened to Zoe Greystone, the first ‘skinjob’ Cylon and Tamara Adams?

82. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - November 22, 2012


We can agree to disagree, but I will continue to defend the merits of the 2009 film (and possibly Into Darkness), especially when people have the audacity say that the inanely written and incredibly dull storytelling of Berman/Braga era style Trek was better.

As far as I’m concerned, Star Trek went into a coma back in May of 1999 and finally woke up in May of 2009, and I and quite a few others are happy to see her back.

83. bringbackkirkprime - November 25, 2012

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