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Exclusive: Into Darkness Teaser To Debut Online December 6th + Longer Trailer In Theaters Dec. 14th December 4, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

We all know that the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will be showing at IMAX screenings of The Hobbit on December 14th, but TrekMovie has learned that is not going to be the first reveal of footage from the new movie. A teaser trailer is going to be released online this week! More on that below plus an update on the first theatrical trailer.


Star Trek Teaser To Debut Online December 6th

With yesterday’s reveal of the new Star Trek Into Darkness poster there were also updates to official Star Trek Facebook pages around the world, generally showing off the new poster. However the official French Facebook page also made mention of a new trailer coming online on December 6th. TrekMovie has confirmed this is true and that a teaser trailer of about a minute or so in length will debut online on December 6th, and will be available to download worldwide.

A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie reported that a theatrical trailer will be showing on December 14th, with non-IMAX showings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. While still not being officially confirmed by Paramount, TrekMovie has again been told by trusted sources that this theatrical trailer is still planned for that weekend. This trailer is said to be longer (over two minutes) and will have footage beyond the first nine minutes of the film, which is being shown at IMAX Hobbit screenings.

While characterized as a “teaser,” the trailer being released on Thursday contains footage from the movie and isn’t like the “Under Construction” teaser trailer for Star Trek released in January 2008 which had footage of Enterprise being built that wasn’t shown in the final film. According to a source, there is overlap in what footage is shown in the two trailers (December 6th online teaser and longer December 14th trailer in theaters), but each also has unique footage as well. TrekMovie has also been told that the longer trailer will be available online but not until after the first weekend in theaters.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the news on Star Trek Into Darkness

By December 6th – this tiny glimpse shown on "Conan" will no longer be the only thing seen from "Star Trek Into Darkness"


UPDATE: Pegg Tweets Trailer news

If you wanted more confirmation, here is tweet today from Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg

Thanks to Ulrich for the French links and translation


1. Christopher - December 4, 2012


2. Joel - December 4, 2012


3. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 4, 2012


4. Antni - December 4, 2012

Here we go

5. Bobby - December 4, 2012

For months I have been checking the site daily for any news, and now I feel the ball has started to roll :)

6. KennyB - December 4, 2012

Hells yeah!!!

7. LizardGirl - December 4, 2012

WHOA!!! YESS!! We’re getting them all at once! Teaser, Trailer, and 9 mins of movie!!

8. Captain Hackett - December 4, 2012


Just two more days to go! :)

9. Brandon - December 4, 2012

Now this is something we can finally sink our teeth into. I hope Hasbro will soon announce what “select” figures and role play means and hope that will be 3 3/4″ figures, ships and playsets.

10. Ensing Ro- (Short for Roland) - December 4, 2012

Cannot wait!!! Although, I found the poster to be a disappointment. But, still looking forward to seeing some actual footage. :-)

11. Captain Hackett - December 4, 2012

How come the French got it first before we English-speaking folks did?! :)

12. summoner2100 - December 4, 2012

Hmm, interesting. But we do remember the trailer from the 2009 movie, right? The one that showed the Enterprise with workers on it, that wasn’t actually footage from the film.

I’m waiting semi-patiently so we’ll see. =)

13. Henrique - December 4, 2012

#5, me too!

14. The Professor - December 4, 2012


15. sean - December 4, 2012


That was a great teaser, so if this is along the same lines I have no problem with that.

16. Neumann - December 4, 2012

@12: This one will be those workers replacing the cracked window on the bridge for two minutes. Or better yet, carrying that giant thing through the hallway and trying to get it through the doors. “Left, left!” “I can’t see where I’m going, the light’s right in my eyes!”

17. Scooter - December 4, 2012

NOW, I can start getting excited! Hope there are no lens flares.

18. PaulB - December 4, 2012

#16 – LOL! And the 9 minutes of footage will show redshirts changing all the bulbs on the Enterprise bridge.

How many members of Starfleet does it take to change the light bulbs on the bridge? All of them!

19. Punkspocker - December 4, 2012

Whoosh! Thats the sound of my ovaries exploding. Xeriously, Trek remains supreme.

20. Jonboc - December 4, 2012


21. BeyondtheTech - December 4, 2012

Screw that, I don’t want to see the teaser. That will just kill me for the next week until I see the longer trailer. Imagine 9 minutes of footage and still no understanding of who Cumberbatch is? That will also be cringing.

22. Anthony Pascale - December 4, 2012

Guys I know some people get excited but a reminder that the system auto deletes posts with f bombs and the like in terms of profanity

23. David - December 4, 2012

Woo-hoo! Bring it ooonnn!!!

24. Anthony Thompson - December 4, 2012

SWEET!!! Thanks AP!

25. cpelc - December 4, 2012

Ok – so are we thinking that the teaser is the 1:03 one that was posted on the Canadian movie site? And the one viewed by “Jeff, The God of Biscuits”?

“He” said it was rather short so hopefully we get to see what he saw and then even more.

26. Commodore Adams - December 4, 2012


Teaser, Trailer, and 9 minutes of footage all within one week (more or less)

Talk about excited. Beam me up ASAP cuz i’m geeking out to teh max with a raging nerd boner.

27. Optimistic Doodle - December 4, 2012

Now the only thing that ‘s missing, is… a Xmas trailer!

28. Red Dead Ryan - December 4, 2012


Well, the idea of Redshirts changing lightbulbs on the Enterprise for nine minutes may very well be entertaining, given what usually befalls anyone unlucky enough to wear a red shirt……could be rather…shocking.


29. Flake - December 4, 2012

Yippee Kai yay mother Trekkers !!!!!!!!!!!

30. Red Dead Ryan - December 4, 2012

oops, I meant that for #18.

31. Radioactive Spock - December 4, 2012

I’ll be in Den Bosch when The Hobbit opens. Please let there be an IMax there and an english presentation!

32. Ciaran - December 4, 2012

It’s about freaking time! It’s a great early Christmas present that Paramount are giving us all of this news all at once this month! We have waited a very long time for this and finally we are getting a taste of what we should have had AT LEAST six months ago. Notice I say that PARAMOUNT are giving this, because I’m convinced that this is being done without JJ Abrams’ consent or approval. IMHO, he’d be happy to have absolutely NO marketing whatsoever and just let the movie be released next May and hope that word gets out from the people that it’s actually out.

Thursday can’t come fast enough, December 14th REALLY can’t come soon enough and next May is so far away, I’m working on a time machine to get me to May 17th sooner! LMAO!

33. Smike - December 4, 2012

@21: Supposedly, neither the teaser nor the 9 minutes will reveal the villain’s true identity. None of the ST09 trailers revealed Nero’s identity, motives or origins. We probably won’t get the villain’s name until early May, when the first reviews pop up…

34. Tiberius Subprime - December 4, 2012

One of the trailers did reveal Nero with pointed ears.
And we knew just before the trailers came out that he was Romulan. (Although it might have been considered rumour at the time.)

35. Flux Conundrum - December 4, 2012

‘We probably won’t get the villain’s name until early May, when the first reviews pop up…’

#21 or maybe January onwards when the IDW prequel story runs.

36. Flux Conundrum - December 4, 2012

#33 i mean

37. Ciaran - December 4, 2012

#34, uhm….I never said anything about the reveal of Nero in the 2009 movie trailer. LOL.

38. Aurore - December 4, 2012

OH. MON. DIEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


39. Commodore Adams - December 4, 2012

Meh, I am not so hung up on the villain – im extatic that its Cumberbatch – as I am the crew, the ship, special effects and I am really curious to see some Klingon footage hoping there is some in the trailer.

@ 32. Ciaran

Unfortunately that is not true, time fly’s, and 5 months will fly by at warp speed.

40. gov - December 4, 2012

yes yes yes. So excited!

41. Schultz - December 4, 2012

Oh, Jesus, I believe I should be acting like a grown-up, but… I – CAN’T – WAIT !!!!

42. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 4, 2012

Can’t wait for you all to see it. I didn’t do it justice in my description, it’s gonna be awesome!

Like the poster though, some will be pissed off, I’m sure. There’s no pleasing everyone.

43. Mad Man - December 4, 2012

Cool. I’m interested in watching this teaser. Y’know, I always liked watching trailers on the computer before I see it in the theatres, since they go by too fast in the theatres.

44. Nony - December 4, 2012


45. al - December 4, 2012

As long as the teaser trailer isn’t like the 09 teaser with the ship under contruction. Then again, they may base the teaser off the teaser poster with buildings crumbling about the unknown villian.

46. Coopacabra - December 4, 2012


47. Elias Javalis - December 4, 2012

Great news!

Bring on the trailer!

48. al - December 4, 2012

GOD…I know a lot of people hate JJ’s Alternate Universe Trek. Please…just knock this movie out of the galaxy !!! I like this alternate universe; that is the way I choose to see it, and I can still have love for the PRIME universe.

49. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 4, 2012

al (#45): Don’t worry, it’s not. I think even JJ and Co. said a week or two ago that the teaser would be actual footage from the film, and I can confirm that!

50. John - December 4, 2012


51. Anthony Pascale - December 4, 2012

The article states that yes teaser and longer trailer both feature footage from the entire movie, not fake teaser stuff and not just from the 9min preview. These are real trailers

52. Stokiespock - December 4, 2012

Let the darkness begin !!!!! OMG some great news for trek fans this week keep it coming !!!!

53. cpelc - December 4, 2012

@#49 Jeff

So do you think you saw the teaser or the full length trailer?

54. Flake - December 4, 2012

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and leave it be :)

Just stop moaning about it :)


55. Leo R - December 4, 2012

All of the Star Trek: Phoenix fans are ready to go!!! Let’s do this….

56. Craiger - December 4, 2012

Will it reveal who the bad guy is?

57. drumvan - December 4, 2012


58. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 4, 2012

Can’t wait to see the teaser. geeking out here.

59. Spock Jenkins - December 4, 2012

The amount of times History has been altered in the Trek Universe through Time travel ( in all of the series ), we don’t insist on calling everything from that moment on NuTOS, or NuTNG, etc.

Wish we could just accept that JJ’s Trek is a big screen version of the original series.

After all, the whole point of the ‘Alternate Reality’ angle is to not piss of the fans who’d question why the JJ universe looks so hi-tech when compared to the 60s series.

We are happy to accept new actors in the role – no one questions – in universe- why the characters look different, so why could it not be that JJ’s universe looks ‘polished’ because it is just using 21st cinema tech to portray the lives of these legendary characters, the same way 60s TV budget was used to portray these characters back in the day.

It’s like Cecil B Demille doing the story of Moses in 1923, and then redoing the film in 1956. It’s still the story of Moses, and doesn’t have to be seen as an ‘alternate reality’ just because the SFX, setting, etc. is more updated in the later version.

Each age that portrays the ‘Future History’ of STAR TREK will be updating the ‘look’ each time, but it will still be about the characters we know and love – no need to sideline it as an ‘Alterniverse’ just to please SOME fans.

60. Neumann - December 4, 2012

Okay, here’s what happens:

You have the redshirts changing the lightbulbs as suggested, right? Then one of them does it wrong and it sparks in his face. “I’m blind!” he screams, stumbling backward, knocking another crewmember over the console, upending it, causing it to smash into the floor, pinning crewman 2 underneath. His wild flailing arm cracks the clear light floor around the captain’s chair, and a third crewmember’s foot falls through, cutting him severely. He yells out in pain, getting the attention of a crewman carrying a large pillar. His jerky turn knocks yet another crewmember over… the one trying to replace the glass. The glass slips out of its’ place and the vaccuum seal is breached. Alarms start blaring and blazing, the glass flings itself into space. The crewmembers hold on to anything they can, but the life is quickly leaving their bodies. They can’t keep their grip. And almost all at once, they lose their grip and are sucked out… into darkness.

Star Trek Into Darkness.

61. drumvan - December 4, 2012

maybe i should have said “yomayo”!!

62. Lorenzo - December 4, 2012

I posted this news yesterday in the comments and you deleted it !!!!!
Noooot cool….

63. Gary Mitchell - December 4, 2012

I am so in this movie. Khan who?

64. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 4, 2012

cpelc (#53): It may have been the shorter one, or it just felt that way in my excitement! :) I’ll let you know in 48 hours!

65. filmboy - December 4, 2012

Alright, it appears that the Paramount execs have found a way to penetrate JJ’s Mystery Box. I wonder if they got a demolition expert involved? Hmm.

I am just happy to finally see some footage from this movie. Be it a minute teaser or full two minute trailer. I want to get a handle on the tone of this second go around. The marketing to this point has really put out the feeling that this film could be pretty dark tone wise. So I will be curious if the tone will feel right for Star Trek or not.

Ok, two days to go!

66. JJ's Secret - December 4, 2012

I guess JJ lost his battle, and the Paramount decided to try to catch up to the Star Wars hype.

Sorry, JJ… but I’m sure your movie will still make plenty of money. Don’t worry.

67. JohnRambo - December 4, 2012

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

68. rogerachong - December 4, 2012

Please Tease me, Like I Tease you!!

69. PEB - December 4, 2012

@Ciaran I’m pretty sure as a writer/director/producer JJ has a good handle on marketing. Remember, we’re getting a 9minute preview, a theatrical trailer, and a teaser all around the same time and the film will be out in May of next year. We, as fans, want to be teased and see SOMETHING, but dont doubt the man. He’s got a long list of accomplishments under his belt in Hollywood.

70. Nony - December 4, 2012

I actually thought the ‘under construction’ teaser for ’09 was really cool, with the historical references and all, and then, suddenly! The Nimoy voice! It still gives me shivers. But I’m glad to see some real movie footage.

71. Smike - December 4, 2012

@34: So yes, we knew Nero was Romulan (or Vulcanoid). But we didn’t know he was called Nero, that he was from the future etc… With this degree of intell, we couldn’t distinguish between Garth, Mitchell of Khan… We would only know the villain was human (or human-looking) this time round…

72. Gary Mitchell - December 4, 2012

#71: Smike: Silly rabbit, I already told you all I’m the villain in this movie.

Hey, wanna check out my god-like powers *wink wink*

73. Smike - December 4, 2012

@72: I thought you were in Japan, Benedict… Oh, the internet… I see…

74. Gary Mitchell - December 4, 2012

#73: Smike: This internet thing is going to be HUGE! And if its not, well, I’ll just have more time for enslaving the human race. Erm, I mean, bringing a new era of prosperity to you all. Yeah…

p.s. Who is this Benedict Cumberbatch you speak of?

75. Craiger - December 4, 2012

One reason I could see them maybe having the bad guy with God like powers is so they can capitalize on the super hero movies right?

76. Gary Mitchell - December 4, 2012

#75: Craiger: Not to mention an opportunity for them to capitalize on my stunning good looks. But yeah, god-like powere help as well…… in bed :)

GMitch gonna get you where you need to go *wink*

77. Smike - December 4, 2012

Time to order the 15-disc TOS soundtrack box on LaLaLand Records. It’s available as of NOW… 6000 units limitation… I’m dying to get this one :-)

78. Gary Mitchell - December 4, 2012

Don’t forget Season 2 of Next Gen on blu streets today.

79. Smike - December 4, 2012

@78: We get a steelbook special edition on Amazon.de on Dec, 20 over here… but yeah, I’ve already preordered this one months ago…

80. Hat Rick - December 4, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

As they say!

81. Gary Mitchell - December 4, 2012

#79: Nice, I’m jealous. I’m actually just headed to the store to pick up season 2 here shortly. Will report back later this evening.

82. NuFan - December 4, 2012

We will have to wait and see. I don’t believe a single thing I read on Trekmovie. They are always wrong.

83. Anthony Thompson - December 4, 2012

32 and 66.

Yeah, JJ “lost” his battle with Paramount. He must have gotten over his disappointment fairly quickly considering that he’s travelled all the way to Japan to unveil the first nine minutes! LOL.

84. EM - December 4, 2012

I have a question. Is the first nine minutes showing only on the 14th in front of the Hobbit, or for the Hobbits entire run?
The Quinto / Conan bit was funny, too!

85. Riker's Beard - December 4, 2012

This trailer is the final nail in the coffin for ‘real’ Star Trek. Joking, of course. JJ will deliver the goods once again! Can’t wait…

86. Commodore Redshirt - December 4, 2012

I await the trailer hoping for the “Gosh!” feeling I got from ST09, and NOT the “oh no” feeling I got from the synopsis and the poster.

I am a long time fan… old enough to remember ST on TV back in the original run on NBC (“The Man Trap” scared the $#!+ out of me when I was 5!).
I think JJ did a fine job rebooting Trek… I honestly hope this new one lives up to my expectations and does not confirm my fears.

87. Dunsel Report - December 4, 2012

“What am I while you exist? A shadow? An echo?”

Footage of space battles…

“I’ll show you my true nature – *our* nature. And as Earth dies, remember, I will always, forever, be Shinzon of Remus. And my voice shall echo through time long after yours has faded to a dim memory!”

We see him turn and reveal his Romulan ears.

The supertitle “5.17.13” flashes onto the screen before disappearing in a bullshit Matrix effect.

88. Hat Rick - December 4, 2012

I hope the Paramount servers don’t crash due to demand.

Also, I’m fairly certain that this will not be Nemesis redux, because that would be relatively devastating if true, and I am not prepared to be devastated. Also because the director is not Stuart Baird. And also because no Star Trek movie could be quite the exception that Nemesis was (and I don’t mean “exception” in a good way).

Also, no Data.

89. Sisco's Pale Brother - December 4, 2012

TOS box set ordered, trailer coming in two days, life is good!

90. (the real) Montreal_Paul - December 4, 2012

Well, I called it. I had said there would be news starting in November… and that’s when we got the synopsis… I was confidant that there would be trailers in December for the Christmas releases. And we get a 9min teaser… an online teaser… and a regular trailer as well. Hmmm…. what else might I be right about. ;)

91. Lee - December 4, 2012

So, will the IMAX preview will be on all IMAX screens (like my local theater) – including the psuedo IMAX screens, or just the pure/true IMAX screens?

92. porthoses bitch - December 4, 2012

What”s funny after all this is that James Cawley resembles Cumberbatch..more than he resembled Shatner.

93. Groucho - December 4, 2012

Just in time for my birthday on Saturday!! Thanks JJ :)

94. pg - December 4, 2012

Does anyone think the whole “into darkness” subtitle is to hint that the crew runs into people from the Mirror Universe? Me thinks so… Perhaps a Mirror Universe Gary Mitchell or maybe a Mirror Universe Khan who got zapped by the same crap that hit Mitchell in the Prime Universe..

So many possibilities!

95. Anthony Thompson - December 4, 2012

90. Montreal Paul

Are you channeling MJ? : D

96. NCM - December 4, 2012


97. Mark James Tucker A Man and His Dream - December 4, 2012

Question since the French Facebook page said the 6th of December, does that mean it will actually go live here in the states in the mid evening to late night on the 5th here?

Remember the launch of Skyfall by Adelle was launched online at 00:07 on October 5th in the uk, it went live here in the states on the 4th at 4:07 pacific time.

98. Aix - December 4, 2012

Just !!!!!!

99. DonDonP1 - December 4, 2012

Cool! Can’t wait to see the teaser online on Thursday!

100. Mark James Tucker A Man and His Dream - December 4, 2012

why are people going with this whole nonense of “Oh Khan must get injected with gary mitchell’s powers”

Its not Khan, it might have supposed to have been early on in the story development but they went another direction, right now looks like GM but could easily be another classic villian.

If they were going to do Khan I believe they would hold true to his M.O. and character traits, and just deliver a story that isn’t Space Seed or TWOK. they arent going to change his genetic makeup and backstory and give him super powers.

And so what if Mitchell was used and supposedly”Killed” in the comics.
Some of you act like the story device of the Hero going up against a not character from their past whom everyone thought was “DEAD”
I mean come on you guys watch movies right?

It doesnt take that much work to explain what happened and how he is back.

101. Mark James Tucker A Man and His Dream - December 4, 2012

Pretty sure they did Where No Man Has gone before in the comics and got that story out of the way so they could utalize the characters from it in the movie, and tell a whole new story involving Mitchell because wait for it……..

The movie is not a remake or reboot of a allready seen trek adventure.
They said early on they were not going to remake any of the episodes.

102. AJ - December 4, 2012

I’ve never seen the name ‘Gary Mitchell” on the net as much as now, if at all. He’s mentioned on every entertainment and geek site as the main contender to top Khan as the villain.

What’s funny is they can even show Ben Cumberbatch in the teaser or trailers, and unless someone says his name, we still won’t know who it is.

What a let down it will be if his name is ‘Frank’ or ‘Nigel’ or something completely unrelated to the series.

103. Mark James Tucker A Man and His Dream - December 4, 2012

Hat Rick Stuart Baird is a good director and excellent editor, he just was the wrong fit for a Star Trek movie, he even admited as such that he wasnt the right choice for Nemesis

89 that box set is so worth it, i picked it up at thew Egyptian theatre launch last night, when they screened Mirror Mirror and Amok Time.
(Iam assuming your talking about the just released TOS CD set)

104. Davexbit - December 4, 2012

Sweet! Need we say more. This should be a fun ride.

105. Mark James Tucker A Man and His Dream - December 4, 2012

78 I have had mine since this weekend, Best Buy Burbank had them out early, And I got my price match this morning to the new lower price.

106. Flake - December 4, 2012

I thought it was Gary Mitchell but it isn’t because Spock would not be able to fist fight with someone capable of:


The ability to control energy, including both its directed use as a weapon against other organisms, and an invulnerability to phaser weapons

The ability to manipulate matter, including the instant materialization and dematerialization of both organisms and objects

Its someone with a weapon able to destroy some or most of the fleet and perhaps stage a coup, taking over the Federation as dictator? Who would want to do such a thing? Khan? The Genesis Wave?

107. Dan - December 4, 2012

I like Star Trek

108. USS Smiley - December 4, 2012

So, do we know whther the trailer will be released 12:01 AM on the 6th? And where will it be released? The startrekmovie.com site with the poster?

109. Flake - December 4, 2012

Its exciting!

110. (the real) Montreal_Paul - December 4, 2012

95. Anthony Thompson

He’s the mirror-Montreal_Paul :)

111. Josh - December 4, 2012


112. KDH - December 4, 2012

I just had a nerd-gasm!

113. Gary Makin - December 4, 2012

I won’t be watching the trailers (for spoilers reasons), and will have to settle for carefully skim-reading comments instead. Still excited though.

114. Dunsel Report - December 4, 2012

My love has wings,
slender, feathered things
with grace in upswept curve
and tapered tip

115. Commodore Redshirt - December 4, 2012

“95. Anthony Thompson – December 4, 2012
90. Montreal Paul
Are you channeling MJ? : D”

“109. (the real) Montreal_Paul – December 4, 2012
He’s the mirror-Montreal_Paul :)”

L O L !

116. CAPT KRUNCH - December 4, 2012

Buckle UP!!!!

117. Aurore - December 4, 2012

“What a let down it will be if his name is ‘Frank’ or ‘Nigel’ ….”

That is why it HAS to be Ramón or Esteban.


118. Douglas - December 4, 2012

I put up an 8 x 10 color print of the teaser poster outside my cubicle at work. The office manager asked if I would please take it down because it was upsetting some people who had been through Hurricane Sandy. I work in New York City. I respected her wishes and had no intention of upsetting anyone. I thought I would post this situation so the marketing department and the powers that be might be aware of this reaction. Many of the cast and crew from Star Trek are from New York City or consider it a second home and will have an opinion of their own. It’s unfortunate timing that the storm damage has become such a familiar sight to so many and the wreckage and flames depicted in the poster trigger this connection. It was a horrible storm that has changed the lives of many. I love Star Trek and want it to be a success. I saw the looks in some co-workers eyes that are suffering in it’s aftermath and that expression was very sad when they saw the poster. Not the reaction I was hoping for. There is plenty time before the premier of the film and I hope there will be a different kind of poster for the official one.
Please don’t be angry at this posting as being something too sensitive.
I was caught between 2 burning buildings myself on that night, with 10 feet of water around the building and thought I might not survive. I live in Rockaway. It’s a difficult experience to get through. My individual storm story is not appropriate in detail here but suffice to say the devastation lingers.

119. PaulB - December 4, 2012

#102 – “What a let down it will be if his name is ‘Frank’ or ‘Nigel’ or something completely unrelated to the series.”
Or something really awful like “Bob.”

(hides from the wrath of Orci)

120. Legend of Link - December 4, 2012

I definitely haven’t been this excited for a movie since…well I think ST09. It’s gonna be epic!!1!1!1!!!1!1

121. MJ - December 4, 2012

A message to friends and honorable critics,

I want to see the 9-Minute STID IMAX preview “fresh” on the night of December 15th (the date of my tickets for the Hobbit IMAX) before having seen the teaser, or reading media reports with spoilers from the Japanese 9-minute preview today, so this will be my last post until December 16th — i.e. I am going “cold-turkey” here on participating in Trekmovie.com for 1.5 weeks so that I can see the 9-minute preview “unspoiled.”

Talk to you all in 1.5 weeks.

Best, MJ

122. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

@100 & 101 MJ,

I thought this too, until I gave this a little thought, and I’m not so sure you’re right about a Khan story without some super-power tweaking. If only because Khan simply isn’t the guy described in the synopsis without a major adjustment.

The comics seem specifically designed to set up a shadow organization within Starfleet that is specifically running a mind-control experiment with the Archon. Starfleet Intelligence is given the Denevan mind-control creatures, and the Tribbles over Kirk’s objections. This is all after the Mitchell story, which doesn’t explicitly discuss reporting to Starfleet, but I think the implication is clear from the subsequent stories, Mitchell would not go uninvestigated.

Orci has already said about ST09 that many of the changes we are seeing in the film are the direct result of Starfleet becoming a more military organization, scared by the appearance of the Narada into developing more defensive, if not offensive capabilities. Sort of how The Soviets were scared into building up their military to defend themselves against Regan’s StarWars program. In that light, so many things would have developed differently, and with respect to Khan, I’m thinking Captain America here.

This shadow organization may have turned to their archives and the previously shelved augment program. They may have actually set out to find the Botany Bay themselves. Using the augments as the test subjects of their experiments, they could have investigated with the Denevan or Archon mind control to keep their subjects in check, and even experimented with the god-like entity that possessed Mitchell, after studying it.

If this is the kind of story Orci wants to tell, then Khan is certainly a good subject for it. But the synopsis doesn’t work with the khan we know fresh off the Botany Bay. As far as Mitchell is concerned, my feeling is that something similar will have to happen to him as well, as an unbridled demigod, Mitchell would be unstoppable without some kind of lame “Kryptonite”. This is one of the reasons I don’t like Mitchell for this, and I do think he’s dead, but his entity lives on and can possess another living being with similar traits, and this may be what Starfleet tries to control and develop.

123. Craiger - December 4, 2012

Interesting Syfy Channel is showing TWOK right now.

124. Ashley - December 4, 2012

I’m sooo looking forward to this teaser. o_o

I’m also really looking forward to the third movie, where the epicness is scaled to 8x and the whole universe is at stake. Where Kirk & co. have grown into their roles, and the ship finally has a decent engine room. And as a proper trilogy, it has closure and ties back into the prime-timeline’s future. Best of all though, the crew will have a mission and proper exploration. With a landing party, and at least a briefing room scene.

If any of this begins to take shape in ‘Into Darkness’, then I think it will be an amazing film. :)

125. Richard - December 4, 2012

Just got home from Best Buy with season 2 of Next Gen on Blu Ray in hand. Let’s do this! What should I start with? Think its gonna be the extended version of ‘The Measure of a Man’. Will report back later. I promise to avoid spoilers.

Also picked up Galaxy Quest on Blu ray finally. That’s been a long time coming. I’ve always considered it as a Trek movie for all intents and purposes. And a really great one at that.

126. (the real) Montreal_Paul - December 4, 2012

121. MJ

Good for you! I am glad that you don’t want to see any spoilers until you see the 9 min. preview. I will also be gone from this board shortly and will not return until I see the movie opening day.

I look forward to seeing who is right… you with your Khan theory or me with it not being Khan. :)

Enjoy the 9 min. trailer and enjoy the next few months. Catch ya later buddy!

127. Peter Loader - December 4, 2012

The trailer will leave more questions than answers, but excellent news! Can’t wait to see it.

128. Jonboc - December 4, 2012

Nice analysis cadet.

129. somethoughts - December 4, 2012

Dam i cant wait! Thanks boborci and all for early xmas gift!

130. dmduncan - December 4, 2012

118. Douglas – December 4, 2012

Sorry to hear that. Glad you got through it okay.

131. Richard - December 4, 2012

Making my way through the S2 Next Gen Blu Ray set. Just finished watching the extended version of ‘The Measure of a Man’. I’d love to talk extensively about it but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. What I will tell you is that the episode runs 13 minutes longer than the original. At the beginning there was a text intro that described how the extended version came about to put it in context. Nothing we didn’t already know, but still good for those that don’t live on the internet like us. Its still awesome to be seeing new footage in an episode that I know intimately and have watched many many times since childhood.

The new material is a mixture of scene extensions, extra lines here and there, and a few new scenes. Nothing too earth shattering and in one case, a moment that contradicts another between Data and Geordie that makes sense as to why it was removed from the final version of the episode. As it was with the movie Nemesis, the best deleted scene is one between Data and Picard. That’s all I can say without spoiling it for all of you.

As for the set itself, its in the same kind of packaging as S1, though because the season is only 5 discs instead of 6, the episode and extra features list printed on the inside cover is not hidden by one of the discs which is nice. The main menus aren’t quite as nice looking as S1’s though still containing the same functionality. I’d post a pic fi I could remember my photobucket login :)

Going to move on to the commentary track for this episode and after that the new special feature documentaries and hour long cast reunion. Going to close out the night with a screening of ‘Q Who?’.

I’ll keep reporting in after each one. This is a lot of fun to dig into.

132. Harry Ballz - December 4, 2012

I bet the trailer only shows a few seconds of Spock.

Boy, there’s nothin’ worse than a spock teaser!

133. Richard - December 4, 2012

#132: Harry Ballz: I see what you did there :)

134. sam1701 - December 4, 2012

Whose posting comments in Gary Mitchell’s name

135. Jack - December 4, 2012

132. Ouch. ;).

136. AJ - December 4, 2012

Harry Groks Spock…

137. Richard - December 4, 2012

Finished the commentary for ‘The Measure of a Man’. The episode’s writer Melinda Snodgrass is quite informative. Unfortunately Mike Okuda cuts her off a couple of times, including once while she’s in the middle of an interesting story about how her friendship with George RR Martin got her foot in the door of Hollywood. I like Okuda, but he was a little annoying here. Melinda was very natural and filled with great stories, but the Okuda’s were a little stiff and formal. Would have worked much better as a solo commentary track.

Moving on to the cast reunion documentary on disc 5.

138. Jack - December 4, 2012

Ciaran — Six months ago they were just finishing filming. Don’t include me in that ‘we should have had this earlier’ talk. Any idea how much work it takes to get a trailer or a clip together, especially when it’s as post-production heavy as Trek?

We still have to wait until May. If we’d had all this earlier , it would just give people here more time to complain.

139. Anthony Thompson - December 4, 2012

118. Douglas

Tell your manager to get a life! I’m so sick of this ‘being offended’ by every little thing mentality these days. And that poster is about London, not New York. Ugh!!!

140. Richard - December 4, 2012

Still making my way through Next Gen season 2 on blu ray. Just watched the cast reunion. It runs for a little over an hour and was really great. Some new stories told by the cast that I hadn’t heard before mixed in with a few that we know already. Everybody looks healthy and happy. Best moment is a funny back and forth between Dorn and Stewart.

Off to watch the 2 part 80 minute documentary next.

141. AJ - December 4, 2012

I hope the 9 minutes before the Hobbit ends up being a complete farce, filmed specifically to take the piss out of all of us.

The real 1st 9 minutes will be completely different.

Peter Jackson only completed the final cut of “Hobbit” a week before the NZ premiere. So, JJ’s done & dusted 6 months ahead of schedule?

I know it’s a long-shot, but, what if?

142. gingerly - December 4, 2012

OMG!! YESSS!!!!! XD!!!

Now, hopefully the teaser is something beyond just a long wide-shot of the Enterprise and the title.

…Not that it would matter because we’re getting 9 MINUTES!!! and a REAL trailer in a little over a week!

*does a happy dance!*

143. s - December 5, 2012

The teaser trailer on the 6th will reveal everything. Who Cumberbatch is playing, what the plot is, and what they have to do. The only issue? It will all be hidden behind LENS FLARES =)

sorry, had to. =)

144. Jim Nightshade - December 5, 2012

Thinking rather sadly of British Naval dude….and all of our own mortalities….i remember a certain riker who claimed he was planning on living 4ever…if we only could….british naval dude made us laugh on trekmovie.com many times…he is still missed…also if the world ends dec 21 im gonna be poed we wont get to see trek into the dalekness err darkness..sigh…hope mr british can still attend and watch movies as a non corporial being hah…let us all raise a tronya or warp core breach to british naval dude sir we miss ya….also saw get a life when it arrived on netflix a few weeks ago…in the captains, shatner met capt dave backstage who was in a wheelchair…and he revisits him at the 2011 vegas con….only to find he passed away a couple months after the con…he found trek to be his indpiration to living longer, to hope for a brighter future for all of us, to be accepted no matter the limitations / handicaps of our mortal shells….and for a future that can cure and heal….sounds like fellow trekkers were very kind to captain dave n his mom…shat dedicated get a life to this remarkable soul….rip dave…wish i ha a chance to say hi….and thanks to the many trek fans at the conventions who said hi to and knee captain dave..

145. Jim Nightshade - December 5, 2012

opps shoulda been ‘and knew captain dave’….

146. Aurore - December 5, 2012

#102 – “What a let down it will be if his name is ‘Frank’ or ‘Nigel’….”
“Or something really awful like ‘Bob'”.


Again, that is what I am saying…..

Something like….I don’t know….let ‘s say…..”ROBERTO”… would sound so much better!


147. Aurore - December 5, 2012

“Thinking rather sadly of British Naval dude….and all of our own mortalities….i remember a certain riker who claimed he was planning on living 4ever…if we only could….british naval dude made us laugh on trekmovie.com many times…he is still missed…”


Regarding Mr. Trame, if I may, apparently he might have worked himself into the sequel. One of the minor characters will be named Del Trame. It won’t be said on screen but show up in the credits.

Unless, I’m mistaken, that is what we were told (by the site owner), over at Chat, back in September, I think .


148. Max - December 5, 2012

It’s December 6 on East coast Australia in 80 minutes. Does that mean i get to see the teaser if i stay up till midnight!? :-)
(Wishfull thinking) s’pose I’ll have to wait till Saturday then :-(

149. Max - December 5, 2012

Whoops! No- Friday! That’s not to bad!

150. Ralph Pinheiro - December 5, 2012

Don’t these things operate based on US time?

151. ruue - December 5, 2012

Finally we´re on our trek again

152. Stephan - December 5, 2012

@ Anthony Pascale

Do you know if a trailer will be attached to the Hobbit premiere in Germany on 12.12.12 as well?


153. Max - December 5, 2012

Yes Ralph, I’m sure they do. It was a joke intended to highlight my impatience and anticipation. (Geesh)

154. Commander K - December 5, 2012



155. Gary Michelin - December 5, 2012

I am the villain of STID. Peter Weller plays my father. Our vendetta against Kirk is about that antique set of four Michelin tires that he drove off that cliff in ST09.

156. IPIUIL - December 5, 2012

#153 Commander K
That’s an old Fan-Trailer, but it’s really good ^^

157. Vespasian - December 5, 2012


I’m not sure. In the footage I seem to recognize Dr. Gedimen from Alien Resurrection.

Well anyway, somebody did a very good job, especially, if it’s fan-made.:)

158. Vespasian - December 5, 2012


Oh, okay then.:)

159. Gary Michelin - December 5, 2012



160. Commander K - December 5, 2012

Incredible fake!! I stand corrected. I’d take that as a teaser, looks good enough.

161. STEMBOB - December 5, 2012

i really hope the trailer lives up to expectations

162. Sebastian S. - December 5, 2012

And I’ll bet every other post on this site will still be arguing the villain’s identity. Hell, I bet some will argue about it even AFTER the movie is out…

163. CJS - December 5, 2012


That was Khan only pretending to be Gary Mitchell, it was part of his superior intellect’s plan to infiltrate Starfleet. And then he only called himself Garth Of Izar because Garth had a higher security clearance. And even he didn’t know that in the sub-prime reality the Thasians had transformed Charlie Evans into a non-corporeal being who had already possessed the body of Khan/Mitchell/Garth while he was still floating around in suspended animation.

OMG, the villain is all of them!

164. SoonerDave - December 5, 2012

@153 Good fake, until the title credit page that calls it “Star Trek 2″. Sure seems like I remember hearing something like that voiceover material in some other Trek-related material, but darned if I can remember where.

165. The Professor - December 5, 2012

@ 162

Now that is a good and likely accurate post.

166. a1071ccn - December 5, 2012

is it the 6th december is oz yet. Have u guys the trailer. Oooh its like Christmas eve all this waiting

167. Spock Jr. - December 5, 2012

Top 3 ongoing (current) movie franchises:

1 – Star Trek
2 – Bond, James Bond
3 – Marvel Studios, Thor, Iron Man and such…

These are my favorites, they may not be yours – please do not beat me up. And if you do, mind the face.

168. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 5, 2012

It is 6 December, 6.37am in NZ now. I take it to mean that the trailer won’t become available on the internet until 6 December (US time), but I am wondering – which US time?

169. The Great Bird lives - December 5, 2012

After reviewing the series I have found 2 other possibilities that may not have been considered.

Apollo- What If an ancient God comes back to demand obedience, and rule over his people once again…nah


What of Rojan in: By any other name

This was about a group of aliens from Andromeda that attempt to steal the Enterprise. Their powers were pretty intense…

If these aliens became trapped here they may attempt to take over our galaxy..

170. Curious Cadet - December 5, 2012

@141 AJ,


The reason Abrams has nine “finished” minutes he is allowing to be released is because the movie was originally supposed to premeire by Summer 2012, then Winter 2012. It’s essentially been pushed back an entire year, and Abrams has had a luxurious 7 months to complete a “final” edit of the first 9 minutes after wrapping principle photography, and another 5 months to finish the entire thing if he needs it. Jackson on the other hand only had 4 months to complete the entire first film!!

Now that doesn’t mean there won’t be any minor changes to the first 9 minutes between now and the film’s release, but it’s 100% believable that Abrams has a achieved a near perfect cut of the first 9 minutes that he’s happy to put his name on.

And why would Paramount and Abrams allow this? Maybe Disney’s Star Wars announcement has something to do with it. The holiday movie season is one of the most captive audiences filmmakers will have until Smmer. Paramount realizes they maybe took too long between Star Trek movies, and with Abrams secrecy, there hasn’t been a lot of mainstream coverage with which to keep the franchise alive over the last 3 years. Now Paramount is facing an almost from-scratch worldwide marketing campaign, with the added hurtle that Star Wars is stealing their thunder. So what better way to do that than show a mini movie that will captivate people’s attention in the theaters that really stands out among all the short trailers while people are still finding their seats, shutting off their cell phones, going to the bathroom and getting their popcorn? Especially if this first 9 minutes has as much impact as the first 9 min of ST09 — arguably the best part of ST09.

171. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2012


Mine include:

“Star Wars”

“Lord Of The Rings”

“The Fast And The Furious”

“The Dark Knight Trilogy” (though its all over now)

As well as the ones you mentioned, of course.

172. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 5, 2012

Peter Jackson was no doubt working on post-production as the three movies were being filmed. All prinicipal photography for ALL the movies finished a few months back, but I am betting that he has had more than four months to do the post-production for the first of the Hobbit movies. It is quite possible that principal photography for the Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey was completed some time ago.

As for the film not being totally completed until two days before premier, this would be about Peter Jackson tinkering – artists do it all the time. It is never quite finished, complete, done right, until he has to let go, relinquish and just allow it play out, as is…

173. Hat Rick - December 5, 2012

The villain’s name is “Balok” of the Planet Fesarius.

There. I said it.

Why not?

174. Aurore - December 5, 2012

I heard something I found interesting today.

Some say the Star Trek Into Darkness poster is reminiscent of the Romantic painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich :

” …Painted in 1818, it is often interpreted as a metaphor for introspection or stepping into an unknown future, as well as synonymous with man’s reach exceeding his grasp….It has been used for the covers of classic Gothic works including Frankenstein…” ( or something to that effect )


175. BiggestTOSfanever - December 5, 2012

Do you think the music in the trailer will be similar to the 2009 one?


176. AJ - December 5, 2012



Ian McKellan was on TV here in the US Monday night, and he said he has to go back down to NZ for another few months of shooting, so they’re not quite there yet with the “Hobbit” trilogy’s photography.

177. John - December 5, 2012

Is it time yet?

178. AJ - December 5, 2012


Curious Cadet

I was being facetious. As in: What if Ben Cumberbatch is referred to as “Unnamed Villain” in the film itself? Just to maintain secrecy?

They only began shooting in January 2012. The original release was scheduled for June. I find it curious that he has a full 9 minutes 6 months out with full FX, a musical score, etc. I suppose he could have prioritized those 9 minutes above all else.

179. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2012

Some of the reviews for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” are in, and they are mixed, at best.

A lot of critics have labelled the film as overly long and drawn out, with too much emphasis on cgi spectacle over story. They say the plot is thin.

And the 48fps is being blasted, as well.

I guess the rest of us will know for sure next week…..

180. Smike - December 5, 2012


Mine are:

Star Trek
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Harry Potter

James Bond
Alien / Prometheus / AvP / Predator
Marvel Universe (Avengers, X-Men, not so much Spidey)
Dark Knight Trilogy (I hate the old Batman movies though)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Planet of the Apes
Terminator / Matrix (hope they will once crossover at some point)
Chronicles of Narnia
Indiana Jones
The Hunger Games
Sherlock Holmes / Sherlock

Resident Evil
Mission Impossible
Die Hard
Nightmare on Elm Street

Is there one I don’t like…hell, yeah…TWILIGHT! Ughh… That was a totally new experience…loathing a movie franchise…that had never happened to me before…LOL

As for TV series:
Apart from all Trek series (in the order of TOS – TNG – ENT – VOY – DS9)…

Best shows ever:
Doctor Who (NuSeries)
Battlestar Galactica (NuSeries)

All-time classics:
The X-Files
Babylon 5
Buffy TVS
Red Dwarf

Haven’t started to watch some of the more recent shows yet… Though I’m defenitely planning to start with Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, American Horror Story etc…

181. Curious Cadet - December 5, 2012

@ 172 & 176 Rose and AJ,

They shot for 266 consecutive days (and as AJ points out they’re still not finished), as well as prepping, casting, shooting, and yes posting 3 films simultaneously. Jackson absolutely had more than 4 months in post on the first film, but do you honestly think with a schedule like that he could have devoted the same kind of time Abrams has to Star Trek for the last 7 months following completion of its principle photography? The day after the first footage is shot, Star Trek went into post as well, so Arams has had a year to complete 9 minutes of footage, with 5 months left if he needs it. And keep in mind, depending on how they shot the Hobbit, there could have easily been scenes for the first film shot late in the shooting schedule. Shooting movies they way they shot the Hobbit takes an incredible toll on the films directors as well. Harry Potter famously burned-out Chris Columbus after two consecutive films which were not shot simultaneously.

But regardless of Jackson’s abilities, or actual completion of the film, my only point is that Abrams had more than enough time to complete the first 9 minutes in time to show it next week.

182. Smike - December 5, 2012

@179: This had to happen…You just can’t turn a relatively simple children’s book and turn it into a 9 hour epic… It won’t live up to the hype of the LOTR trilogy. But it doesn’t have to. I’m gonna love it to some extend and it simply has to be better than Star Wars TPM…(though I liked Eps 2+3 very much)

183. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 5, 2012

#172 – I am surprised by this announcement.


Of course, JJ Abrams had time to do the nine minute preview. That does not mean, though, the entire STID is complete, nor do JJ Abrams and co. necessarily have a luxurious amount of time to have the rest of the film completed, ready for premier screening and distribution.

184. Curious Cadet - December 5, 2012

@178 AJ,

Oh I understand. I suspect the first 9 minutes were given priority for ST09 as well. And it sort of shows when compared to the rest of the film. It is a mini movie in of itself and sets e tone for the rest of the film. And as I recall, we didn’t learn a whole lot about Nero in the process, so the same may be true of this 9 minutes.

But here’s the reality. The first 9 minutes of ST13 was most likely locked before any other. It had a temp score as a guide for music, and the effects houses had been working on the footage from the day after it was shot. So I don’t really have any problem imagining the first 9 minutes were ready to go very early on. Moreover it takes some planning to mount this kind of promotion, so to the extent any effects shots weren’t ready, my guess is Abrams had plenty of time to make them a priority. You do bring up an interesting point about the music. Assuming it is original underscore (that will likely play under 90% of the opening if ST09 is a guide), setting up a special session just for these 9 minutes would not be a big deal, and I suspect that Abrams has been showing Giacchino footage all along anyway. So knocking out 9 minutes in a month (which is the minimum I would expect it took to plan this) would likewise be a leisurely schedule for the composer.

That said, this does not preclude additional tweaks, or re-mixing with the final film, and even possible re-scoring of some of the music. But as I said before I doubt Arams would have ever agreed to fast track this if it weren’t almost 100% locked when they approached him.

185. Curious Cadet - December 5, 2012

@183 Rose,

I never said Abrams had a luxurious amount of time to complete the entire film by December 2012, just the 9 minutes.

But the fact remains, ST09 started shooting in November 2007 and shot until April 2008, with an original release date of early December 2008. That’s a post window of about 6 months. The first cut was ready by July 2008. Abrams ended up taking a little extra time and completed ST09 in late December, in about the same time frame he is in now for ST13 — 5 months ahead of the release.

So yes, luxurious compared to the time he had originally been given for ST09, knowing full well he has until Summer 2013 for release, something that didn’t happen on ST09 until well into principle photography. Abrams could actually plan to take advantage of the extra time this time around, which would have him otherwise delivering a finished film under the original film’s actual schedule.

186. The Professor - December 5, 2012


You are correct. It was discussed in the poster article see posts 202 and around there. I do not know if it is inspiration or not, but there is definitely a resemblance.

187. AJ - December 5, 2012



That article is from July 2012. Since then, PJ announced he was going to expand The Hobbit into three parts. McKellan said they needed five more months of on-set shooting, probably to fill in story gaps between the Smaug/Lonely Mountain/Dale bits and the War of the Five Armies, and maybe we’ll see Bilbo go home with foreshadowing of coming events in LOTR.

188. Captain Hackett - December 5, 2012

One more day to go!!!

I am getting more and more excited! :)

189. Ahmed - December 5, 2012

Great news, can’t wait for it.
Do we know what time the teaser will be online on Dec 6 ?

190. Hermann - December 5, 2012

Hey, it is already Dec. 6th (in Japan und Russia). Where is the trailer?

191. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 5, 2012

#179 – Yeah – so what’s new? Every movie gets mixed reviews and the bigger, the more epic, the more noteworthy, the more mixed the reviews are.

A review of the Hobbit was given on TV here last night. The comment was that it is lighter in tone – fun – than LOTR, especially in the first hour. The new filming style does take a little getting used to and could create problems for some, hence the 2D version. However, if a person can get used to seeing it via the new medium, then they should, because it is really GOOD. She gave the movie 4 and a half stars out of 5.

The story of the Hobbit is able to be extended beyond the actual book, because it is part of a bigger world which Tolkien wrote about in his other books. I don’t know, but I am fairly certain that Peter Jackson has given background to the Hobbit/LOTR story by using material from the other books.

I suspect the same will be said of Star Trek when it is released. It really depends on the individual cinema goer being able to watch these movies without bias, either way, to pay attention to what is being shown and said in the actual film without reference to other people’s opinions, and to form an opinion based on these criteria.

Personally, I don’t really give a shit what critics say, because most of the time, imo, they talk simplistic garbage wrapped up in *clever* *cool* wording, which just everybody will then repeat, because it is easier and means that they do not have do much in the way of watch, listen, look and think for themselves.

192. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 5, 2012

OK. I had thought that Peter Jackson was making two Hobbit movies, until I looked them up on IMDb a month or so and noticed a third movie. I am sure when PJ announced the making of the third movie. Obviously it was since July this year. I have not been following the Hobbit movie making oddly enough but I do hope to be able to go to Hobbiton some time next year. Only a couple of hours drive down country…

193. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2012

Well, I was just saying how the movie was getting mixed reviews already. I haven’t seen the movie, yet, obviously, but one can’t also dismiss any flaws it may have. By the sounds of it, “The Hobbit” isn’t terrible by any stretch, but doesn’t quite reach the heights of the original “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy.

I too, generally take critics’ comments and reviews (good or bad) with a fairly large grain of salt before I go see the movie in question.

There were those that disliked that Denzel Washington flick “Flight”, but I thought that movie was terrific, one of Washington’s best ever performances.

194. AJ - December 5, 2012


I look at LOTR as one long film. When Hobbits 2 & 3 are out, the trilogy will probably be as cohesive and superb as the LOTR trilogy..

195. Flake - December 5, 2012

WHAT TIME WILL IT BE ONLINE? please Bob Orci your my only hope.

I want to be sat at a monitor pressing F5 every 10 seconds in anticipation.

196. sean - December 5, 2012


More likely it will feature music from the first movie.

197. AJ - December 5, 2012

The first nine minutes will probably be 100% IMAX, which implies loads of JJ-fied action, hopefully in space….

198. Jonbocs - December 5, 2012

Why hasn’t the site written about Quinto’s official confirmation that Nimoy is NOT in the new movie, oh i know why, its cause it debunks the sites OFFICIALLY Confirming Khan, Spock prime etc etc article from a few months back.

Stay Classy

199. Jonbocs - December 5, 2012

Rose enough with your holier than now, i am smarter than you posts

next you will start the pine cyber stalking again

200. Jonbocs - December 5, 2012

I just bought my tickets for the IMAX 9 min prolouge

201. Curious Cadet - December 5, 2012

@ 196 Sean,

Since there was presumably a scoring session for the first 9 minutes of the film, its entirely possible that they did a couple of custom variations for the trailers. And even if they didn’t, they could have edited with the music from the first 9. With any luck, we’ll get brand new music.

But yes, they will most likely use music from the last movie where possible.

202. Commodore Redshirt - December 5, 2012

199. Jonbocs – December 5, 2012
“Rose enough with your holier than now, i am smarter than you posts”

Sorry Jon, not to nit-pick but the phrase you want is “holier-than-THOU”

That said, I don’t think Rose has any more attitude than anyone else posting here, so why are you picking on her?…


203. Aurore - December 5, 2012

“You are correct. It was discussed in the poster article see posts 202 and around there. I do not know if it is inspiration or not, but there is definitely a resemblance.”

I had missed post 202 ; it was indeed discussed.
Thank you.

Concerning the painting, I was also reminded that it was “often imitated and reproduced”. Which brought to my mind an article I had read about the Star Trek Into Darkness poster and its similarities with posters for other films, such as Inception and The Dark Knight, for instance .

(Link if authorized, here):


204. Well Of Souls - December 5, 2012

@ 90. (the real) Montreal_Paul (#90 last time I looked). I wasn’t going to comment, but I have been laughing on your posted prediction since you posted it yesterday. Too funny. A sense of humor without insult at it’s best.

Any way, A newly discovered cut scene from TOS’s Cage pilot depicting the engineering room can be viewed by clicking my name. Notice the 2 cadets in the foreground playing a board game. Perhaps a reference to the chess game in JJ’s movie?

205. Antonio - December 5, 2012

Okay, It’s December 6th. where’s the teaser? DAMN IT GIVE ME THE TEASER ALREADY!

206. AJ - December 5, 2012

Many early “Hobbit” reviews, specifically from critics who watched it at 48FPS, said it difficult to get into the story because they were so busy examining the rich detail, and getting used to the format. Some then watched in 24FPS to get into the film without distraction.

I think those 9 IMAX minutes will be similar for us Trek/kies/kers who pay ridiculous attention to detail anyway. Note to self (I have tix for the 14th): Just relax and enjoy the ride.

207. Jonboc - December 5, 2012

#202. “Sorry Jon, not to nit-pick but the phrase you want is “holier-than-THOU”

Quite right commodore. Jonbocs, I implore you, If you’re going to continue to use this less-than-creative spin of my name, please use your quotations more responsibly…or learn to type, whichever might apply.

Jonboc (sans the s)

208. Martin - December 5, 2012

# 205
Im guessing this sites running in the U.S so the trailer should be coming in the next 8-10 hours.

209. Commodore Redshirt - December 5, 2012

207. Jonboc – December 5, 2012

“…Jonbocs, I implore you, If you’re going to continue to use this less-than-creative spin of my name, please use your quotations more responsibly…or learn to type, whichever might apply.”

Jonboc, I did not realize that you were being aped by someone adding an “s” to your name. I hate when that happens!

210. (the real) Montreal_Paul - December 5, 2012

204. Well Of Souls

LoL … thanks! :) It was some playing ribbing on how I worded it… it I did indeed predict that anyway.

Love the pic on your name link!

211. Jonnbocs - December 5, 2012

What time does the trailer come out tomorrow?

212. gov - December 5, 2012

1 hour 15 minutes until midnight EST

Anyone know when the trailer hits?

213. rogerachong - December 5, 2012

Twas Brillig and the slythery toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. It’s half past late December 16th and Santa has not yet arrived with our Trailer!!

This is an Outrage I say!!!

214. rogerachong - December 5, 2012

Or was that: Twas Brillig and the slythery toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. It’s half past late December 6th and Santa has not arrived with our Trailer!!

This is a Total Outrage I say!!! AP should be tarred and feathered by now!!

215. Gary Mitchell - December 5, 2012

Trailer just went live:


216. Ahmed - December 5, 2012

Anyone seen the teaser yet ?

217. Lostrod - December 5, 2012

#215 – Gary

I think Anthony may ban you for posting a fake trailer link …

218. James T. Kirk (JJVerse) - December 5, 2012

#215 Damn you Gary Mitchell! I will have my Vengeance!!

219. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 5, 2012

I think it is due out on 6 December US time. I am reading on this site the date of 5 December, even though it is 6.10pm 6 December now in NZ.

I expect to see the trailer tomorrow morning, 7 December.

220. trekkin' - December 5, 2012

wheres my trailer lol

221. Max - December 5, 2012

Hey Rose, if we’re lucky it might be up at midnight Pacific US. So that’ll be 9pm tonight you and 6pm for me.

222. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 5, 2012

Its still the 5th here on the west coast, and Alaska and Hawii so I wouldnt be surprised if its not till shortly after midnight pacific time.
probably around same time they tweeted the poster.

223. Observer - December 5, 2012

12:00 PST, confirmed by Anthony!

224. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 5, 2012

223. That’s what i figured. It makes the most sense.

225. Max - December 5, 2012

Awesome it should be up just as a get home from work and I can watch it on the big screen rather than my phone!

226. gov - December 5, 2012

so, anyone else think that it is silly that I would need to have and/or care about twitter in order to get that PST news?

That’s something that should be on this sight first. Hell, even give it it’s own article. Instead, there’s a tweet.


227. gov - December 5, 2012

oooh there’s a poll up to rank the trailer! i’ll wait to see the trailer before i vote!

228. Aurore - December 5, 2012

It’s already Thursday OVAH HERE….

Why am I saying this?


229. JRT! - December 5, 2012

Well???? It’s Thursday here too. Where’s the bloody thing? Did I miss it? LOL! Hope those lying wankers at Paramount aren’t doing it AGAIN! And this has got to be FANTASTICALLY BRLLIANT to make up for that craptastic poster they released! Here’s cautiously hoping. And it better be out before I leave work today! lol!

Have fun y’all!


230. Reading is hard - December 5, 2012

#229: JRT: If you had bothered to read you’d have seen that the trailer is going live @ 12:01 PST.

Google can tell you how to convert PST to whatever time zone you are in.

231. Aurore - December 5, 2012

In less than two hours something should happen…


232. Anthony Pascale - December 5, 2012

There is a reason I didnt post article about it

233. Aurore - December 5, 2012

230. Reading is hard – December 5, 2012
#229: JRT: If you had bothered to read you’d have seen that the trailer is going live @ 12:01 PST.

Google can tell you how to convert PST to whatever time zone you are in.

John might have been joking too. As was I.

Someone did it upthread, see post 150 ( & 153 ):

“Don’t these things operate based on US time?”


234. Richard - December 5, 2012

#232: Anthony: Because you were too busy having a wild orgy with 3 Orion Slave Girls? I think I speak for everyone when I say, we understand :)

235. JRT! - December 5, 2012

Yeah,I was joking about the first part,hence the big LOL! Or didn’t you bother to read that far? LOL!!!! I keed,I keed! But I didn’t actually know there was a certain time it would be released as I don’t actually bother to read,ROFL!

All kidding aside though,I KNOW there’s a time difference and I even know how many hours it is between here and New York,and here and L.A. Yeah,I know,I’m THAT good! ROFL!

Have fun y’all! Give it a try,it’ll do ya the world of good,lol!


236. Robb - December 5, 2012

3:01 am is when the teaser will air. Awesome! :)

237. JRT! - December 5, 2012

And I like your name,Reading is hard. Good one,and so true if you have a short attention span,like me,or ADD or even ADHD. Probably why I loved the last movie so much ‘cos it was a good movie for those with ADD,lol!

I REALLY hope what we’re waiting for today isn’t gonna be that calssic SW Episode I thing back in 99,which I saw at the Ziegfeld in New York,first midnight showing,which was fun,but the reaction of MANY was,WTF!?! I waited umpteen years for THIS!?! ROFL! Guess you had to be there.


238. Aurore - December 5, 2012


“Correction”. 233.

Post 150 was a reply to a post (joke) @148/153.

239. Max - December 5, 2012

Is PST Pacific Standard Time US? If so isn’t it after 12am now?

240. somethoughts - December 5, 2012

3am est, another 37mins

241. Max - December 5, 2012

D’oh my convertor app doesn’t take daylight savings into consideration.

242. Richard - December 5, 2012

This is very exciting. Ok, quick game to pass the time. Name your favorite episode of each series:

TOS: Space Seed
TNG: Yesterday’s Enterprise
DS9: Far Beyond the Stars
VOY: Timeless
ENT: Damage

243. Aix - December 5, 2012

Come across an interesting theory in STiD IMDB board that Cumberbatch is standing in the Greenwich Observatory in the poster. They used the landmarks as reference.

244. Denise Dion - December 5, 2012

As I check my calendar, I notice that today is the 6th…but it is 2am..So, does that mean, later today, we’ll be seeing something…………So very excited…Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

245. Well Of Souls - December 5, 2012

T minus 5 minuteS and counTing…Into Darkness

246. lostrod - December 6, 2012

Something just showed up on official site – announcements?

Links not working for me.

247. Val Jean - December 6, 2012



248. Caroll - December 6, 2012

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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