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WATCH: First Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness [UPDATE: Big Reveal In Japanese Version?] December 5, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

It is finally here. The first trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness has arrived! Paramount is calling this first one an "announcement trailer" and they have officially confirmed that a second trailer will be online after next weekend. Watch the announcement trailer below, but beware of spoilers. 


Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Announcement Trailer’

As TrekMovie we promised, the first trailer has arrived on Thursday Dec. 6th. Watch it!

UPDATE: Bonus seconds in Japanese trailer

For some unknown reason the Japanese version of the trailer contains a few seconds of additional footage.

Another Trailer confirmed online Dec. 17

This trailer is being called an ‘Announcement Trailer.’ Paramount has also confirmed TrekMovie’s previous exclusive report that a second trailer (which they are calling a ‘Teaser Trailer’) will be available for download at Apple Trailers on December 17th. 

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters on May 17th.

More to come

TrekMovie will be following up with a ‘shot by shot’ analysis of this trailer, just like we did for all the trailers and commercials for the 2009 Star Trek movie.

POLL: Rank The Trailer

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1. trekmaster - December 5, 2012

Wheres the trailer?

2. Kneale Faragher - December 5, 2012

Hurry up!

3. njdss4 - December 5, 2012

I hate QuickTime. Why are we still being forced to use it?

4. Well Of Souls - December 5, 2012


5. Aix - December 5, 2012

Well…. FCUK!!!!

6. Kevin Rubio - December 5, 2012

I love how The Yamato rises up out of the ocean. And i didn’t know The Mandrin was in this movie as well.

7. Legend of Link - December 5, 2012

My god. Looking good guys, looking good.

8. Lieutenant - December 5, 2012


9. Kaitlyn - December 6, 2012

Japanese trailer has a few extra seconds at the end.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?”

10. Mek27300 - December 6, 2012

Whoa! Didn’t expect that.

11. Seb - December 6, 2012

HAHA. Enterprise under water

12. CanOpener1256 - December 6, 2012

Holy water wings Batman! There be whales!

Actually awesome and better than I expected. Way better!

Whoever the villan is, Kirk is surprised to see him again. Also I bet it is Janice Rand.

13. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012

Outstanding! Looks action-packed!

And it looks like the villain is indeed Gary Mitchell. Alice Eve’s hair looks like that of Elizabeth Dehner.

So, I was wrong about it being Khan. There. I did it.

14. Count smokula - December 6, 2012

Oh my god… Hell yeaaaah!!!!!!

15. Battle-scarred Sciatica - December 6, 2012

What the frack was that all about?

16. Mr Lirpa - December 6, 2012

He has returned? Khan?? Unless Gary’s back from the edge of the Galaxy…

I’m excited!

17. Well Of Souls - December 6, 2012

Loved it!!! And now the question: “I have returned”?…

18. somethoughts - December 6, 2012

holy cow, looks awesome!!!

Shall we begin??!!!

19. trekprincess - December 6, 2012

Absolutely brilliant :):)

20. David - December 6, 2012

This movie sucks !!!!

21. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012

It looks like the Enterprise takes a beating in this one, and possibly is destroyed.

Benedict Cumberbatch is pure menace!

22. Richard - December 6, 2012

Well, it still doesn’t say who the villain is. Cumberbatch does use the words “Your world” which would seem to denote that he is not part of it. Its the first wrtench in the Gary Mitchell notion that I’ve seen.

Is there any way to make the trailer full screen?

23. Joe - December 6, 2012

I’m starting to think maybe it is Khan.

24. Peter - December 6, 2012

Yeah I dont know – on the fence here. Really pushing the grey palate to make the world depressing and “edgy”. Not impressed

25. Mark James Tucker A Man and His Dream - December 6, 2012

yes frack yes, Gary Mitchell!!!!!!

Alice Eve looks perfect as Dr Dehner

26. Lt. Dakin - December 6, 2012


27. Fascinoma - December 6, 2012

I just watched “Whom Gods Destroy” again and I’m feeling REALLY feeling Garth. My second guess is Mitchell, but aren’t Mitchell’s glowing eyes kind of iconic now?

28. Richard - December 6, 2012

But then he says “I have returned”. So maybe he is part of this world.

So confused…

29. LtPiper - December 6, 2012

Enterprise under water……WTF wow

30. Jack - December 6, 2012

Wow. At least one Klingon. No magic powers. And somehow even more mystery

31. Skeptic - December 6, 2012

This really just doesn’t feel like Star Trek. It feels like an action movie, Transformers or Batman maybe, but not Star Trek. I hope I’m wrong, because I really want this to be good, but it seems everyone just wants more of the Dark Knight, and JJ is capitalizing on it at the expense of the franchise.

32. JRT! - December 6, 2012

Is it on youtube yet? LOL! Can’t watch stupid quicktime here at work! ARRGGHH!!!


33. Capt. Kirk - December 6, 2012

Oh it is definitely Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner from “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Too cool!

34. Joe - December 6, 2012

do we know that Alice is playing Dr. Elizabeth Dehner?

35. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012


36. Hugh Hoyland - December 6, 2012

Awsome!!! Looks like we’re in for one heck of a fun ride.

And why do I still get a Khan vibe from this? I can still hear a bit of a british accent in there though.

37. JRT! - December 6, 2012

NEAT! Yeah,found it on youotube,lol! Not bad,looks like fun.


38. WillH85 - December 6, 2012

I realllllly hope this means we’re dealing with Gary Mitchell and not Khan here. Looks amazing, though. All of the people that are going to say that it doesn’t feel like a Star Trek movie, well of course it doesn’t. A traditional Star Trek movie would not be able to pull in that many people, at least outside of the Trekkie audience, and that’s not enough to get anywhere near the budget these movies got. That’s just the way it is. If there’s ever going to be a real Star Trek again it’s going to have to be on TV.

39. Commodore KorTar - December 6, 2012

It is on youtube and you can click fullscreen on it!

40. Seb - December 6, 2012

There’s not one shot in space!!!
What about this is Star Trek?

41. Jason - December 6, 2012

It looks like they may have fixed the enterprise so the nacelles aren’t super close together like they were int he first movie?

42. somethoughts - December 6, 2012

Japanese version shows, kirk and spock ala twok at the end oh no…

43. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

*Potential Spoilers in post*
I gotta say… Gary Mitchel after all?

I know, I know, everyone is going to say “Psh, they’ll never have a villain named Gary!” I just want to point out, that this take could make you rethink just how nasty “Gary” can be. :)

Well, at the very least it looks very visually interesting. A full trailer will hopefully bare out more of the story/character dynamics, but everyone looks from this to have settled a bit more into their roles.

44. Jack - December 6, 2012

Wow, that extra bit at the end of the Japanese one? Amazing! Kirk and Spock apparently separated by glass…

45. Lostrod - December 6, 2012

Finally saw it, but didn’t make much sense to me …

Maybe it’ll sink in later.


46. David b - December 6, 2012

So is he a tribble that turned back in to human form?

47. Hallbjorn - December 6, 2012

Looking forward to this !

48. Val Jean - December 6, 2012

did anyone else see ONE shot of…you know…. SPACE?

49. Eric D - December 6, 2012

I can’t see Gary Mitchell, if only because there’s weapons involved, and sure, it’s been awhile since I saw that episode, I don’t think Mitchell would’ve needed weapons.

“Your World” could also allude to your personal world, i.e personal space. Doesn’t mean he has to be from another planet. We’ll find out in May.

As for the trailer, I like!!!

50. Jack - December 6, 2012

13. RDR You’re not wrong yet ;). But I really don’t think it’s Mitchell. At all.

51. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

How come the poll is closed already?

52. J - December 6, 2012

Trailer looks cool, but just like “Yet Another Action Movie”.

53. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

First Star Wars, now Titanic… just kidding XD
I think it’s great! ALthough I also miss those times when it was all about philosophy, the human condition, exploration of alien life…

54. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

Oh, now it’s back. Strange…

55. Dan - December 6, 2012

Amazing! Looks so bloody good, definitely firing on all thrusters ;)

56. dharmaworkman - December 6, 2012

Ummmm…does any of this take place in space? haha

57. J - December 6, 2012

Some people owe “Jeff, god of biscuits” an apology…

58. Aix - December 6, 2012

If Cumberbatch looks that BAD ASS and has Gary Mitchell for a name. I would not believe it.

59. CsMisi - December 6, 2012

damn … wow … holly cow … no words here only excitement

60. somethoughts - December 6, 2012

Talosian, it’s a illusion

61. Alt-Spock - December 6, 2012

Um, can we get a non Apple format trailer?

62. Optimistic Doodle - December 6, 2012

(Oops, sorry for the double post, not my intention at all. Guess I’m too optimistic today ;-)

63. The Snob - December 6, 2012

#57 I was thinking about that too… But I never see the ENT really being UNDER water I think… But he definately saw something, I’m convinced of that…

64. J - December 6, 2012

Also, do yourself a favor and watch the Japanese version. At least it has the Giacchino’s theme in it.

65. Count smokula - December 6, 2012

This could very well be khan though… Maybe the enterprise crew doesnt find the botany bay in this universe but they get released somehow else… I mean the whole chess-game metaphor would kinda suit a nice duel of intellects between khan and kirk… Cumberbatchs character looks like someone who isnt just looking for conquering but for challenge too… Dunno my get tells me hes khan

66. mhansen0207 - December 6, 2012

Are we seriously complaining that we haven’t seen a space shot? REALLY? This is an ANNOUNCEMENT trailer, people. It’s to get moviegoers excited and hyped. More’s coming, it’s not like this is the final trailer we’re getting.

And I gotta say, BOY did this thing do it’s job. I’m EXCITED!!!!!!!

67. Legend of Link - December 6, 2012

I really don’t think it’s Mitchell and Dehner. I’m thinking it might just be a brand new villain? Bob did say we’d b amused by his one lie. Think about how many discussions we’ve had about who the villain could be.

Or maybe it is and they’re doing a “sorta sequel” to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Gahh I don’t know! Either way I’m super excited! It definitely looks dark. Looks amazing and I’ve only seen a minute of footage. Yeah I know, I’m a sucker. haha

68. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 6, 2012

Mitchell doesn’t leap off a building like that. Mitchell doesn’t return. Mitchell doesn’t have anything to avenge. Mitchell does not refer to the 23rd century as “Your World”.

Khan or a new guy.

69. SciFiMetalGirl - December 6, 2012

Going to be so worth the wait!

70. Alt-Spock - December 6, 2012

ah, nm. Thanks # 39!

71. J - December 6, 2012

Ok, the Japanese version is absolutely better than the US version. Thanks to the inclusion of Giacchino’s fanfare it has that “majestic” Star Trek feeling.

72. Jason - December 6, 2012

where is the japanese version?

73. dharmaworkman - December 6, 2012

#66. Not complaining. Looks great and I am excited. Just seemed odd not to have something set in space.

74. Lee - December 6, 2012

Love it.

75. Ross - December 6, 2012

Its not really “Trek” though is it?
It looks a good movie, but its not “Star Trek”. Just another action movie that happens to use the Star Trek name.

76. njdss4 - December 6, 2012

As other comments have mentioned, watch the Japanese one, too, as it is slightly different from the others.

I was convinced it was Gary Mitchell, but that part at the end of the JP trailer makes me doubt that and think it might be Khan again.

77. Richard - December 6, 2012

Watched it again in HD and full screen. You can see the starfleet insignia on Cumberbatch’s shirt during the “Shall we begin” part.

On a sidenote, they went and used the Inception style music. JJ has a real hard on for Christopher Nolan doesn’t he.

78. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

This trailer reminds me of the trailer for Prometheus. They’re showing us big, expensive CGI action scenes and a vague hint at the premise, but not much else. My takeaway from this trailer is that Cumberpatch seems intriguing, though there’s precious little offered even about his character in the way of substance. The premise of this movie involves vengeance, but so did the premise of the last movie. We can only assume that what moves Cumberpatch to vengeance will be significantly different than what moved Nero to vengeance, but there’s no telling from the trailer.

Truth be told, there’s no telling from this trailer whether or not the story will be good. The trailer isn’t very exciting, but it’s not disillusioning either. As far as trailers go, it’s not a particularly good one, but that doesn’t mean that the movie won’t be good. I rated it a 3.

79. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

Wow, the addition of that final bit in the Japanese trailer adds a whole new bag of questions and, frankly, emotion to this short little teaser.

J is absolutely right. Watch the Japanese version, too.

Giachhino’s re-tread of his theme that is hinted at in the end is quite telling.

80. Vespasian - December 6, 2012


Nonono, because this villain 1) doesn’t have glowing eyes, 2) has to use a gun.

Gary Mitchell wouldn’t need a gun.

“I have returned.”

So it’s someone who left. Can be anyone really, I’m warming up to Khan again.:D Wouldn’t mind Garth of Izar though.

And Carol Marcus? They originally wanted to include her in ST 09, so it’s a possibility.

81. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@68 DeShonn,

New guy = Orci lie

82. ScifiKabbal - December 6, 2012

With respect, I don’t know how someone could watch this trailer and think Gary Mitchell. Villain is definitely an augment.

#9 – Thx for pointing out the Japanese trailer. Loved the extra footage, but I’m a little worried that the end of the film will mirror TWOK too closely.

Roberto Orci, thank you for including the Klingons! Please, don’t allow them to be cut from the final film.

83. Jack - December 6, 2012

72. There’s a list of versions on the itunes page…

84. CraigM - December 6, 2012

The Japanese trailer has additional footage at the end, including a homage to the death of Spock in Wrath of Khan.

85. Bill Peters - December 6, 2012

Actually in Where No Man has Gone Before, Mitchall thought he had gone beyond the Human Race and needed to kill Kirk to get to whatever goal he thought was with in his power.

86. SciFiMetalGirl - December 6, 2012

I vote for Carol Marcus. And I would love to see a Garth origin story, but I don’t think he has the power to “detonate” the fleet.

87. Legend of Link - December 6, 2012

Just watched the Japanese trailer. Okay, it’s Kahn. I would have preferred something new to be honest, but I’m still amped to see it this!!!

88. John W. - December 6, 2012

Is it possible the first ten minutes could basically be a quick telling of the Khan TOS story?

89. Richard - December 6, 2012

That Lava world is reminding me a lot of Revenge of the Sith.

90. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

And whoever it was who brought up that it probably has the Inception BAAAH sound as well was totally right XD
I wonder where those water rumor guys actually saw this days before release…

91. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@80 Vespasian,

Carol Marcus would be my guess. Did you see the sparks between her and Kirk?

Dehner was a cold, icy professional, not the least bit interested in men, and I can’t remember if she ever smiled once during WNMHGB.

It’s not Dehner …

92. Richard - December 6, 2012

If its Khan then why is he wearing a starfleet uniform? That makes no sense.

93. Adam E - December 6, 2012

He’s Gaila’s boyfriend. He’s mad at Kirk for using her to cheat on the Kobayashi Maru test.

94. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

64. J – December 6, 2012

—-Also, do yourself a favor and watch the Japanese version. At least it has the Giacchino’s theme in it.—-

Where’d you see the Japanese version?

95. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

Where is there a Klingon? In the suit fighting BC?

96. Tesla's Cat - December 6, 2012

I’m getting walloping great whiffs of Batman

97. summoner2100 - December 6, 2012

Hmm, the more I watch the trailer, the more confusing.

I’m leaning towards Mitchell, but there is a strong Kahn vibe to me throughout.

Also, *I* don’t think it’s the Enterprise that crashes into the sea. It looks too small, and the basic shape is similar but off. I’m not sure.

At the end scene in the japenese? Umm, wth? They should NOT use a scene like that. Too iconic..

98. Michael P. - December 6, 2012

I keep hearing that there is a Klingon in the trailer but I can’t spot him. Could some one give me hint.

99. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

Richard, Khan could’ve gotten the uniform from the craft he was marooned in? Or from whatever he hijacked to make his return?

100. RenderedToast - December 6, 2012

Uh-oh… that ending of the Japanese trailer. Kirk and Spock separated by glass? Sounds familiar…

101. Robert Saint John - December 6, 2012

Japanese version… holy cow

102. Vespasian - December 6, 2012

Yes, the Japanese trailer is the best! (with a very obvious recall to my everlasting favorite, The Wrath of Khan!:D)

103. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

The Japanese version is better. There’s an extra line of dialogue at the end, which, given the scarcity of the dialogue in the American version, nearly doubles the total amount of dialogue in the trailer:

104. Jack - December 6, 2012

88. There are other reasons for wanting vengeance. Against Earth. Against humanity. Against Starfleet. Who knows?

105. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

I watched the Japanese trailer, the footage at the end with the unsteady hand of kirk pressing his hand against the glass and spock then placing his up to kirks, would seem to be a reverse of the iconic scene from TWOK, and could seem to point towards Khan, but I really just dont see Khan when i look at cumberbatch.
I am still 100 percent certain its Gary Mitchell.

106. A14U - December 6, 2012

David Marcus.

107. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 6, 2012

Ok, having watched the Japanese version… Absolutely… Positively…


That “homage” at the end is not even subtle.

108. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

Although the promotional info says specifically that BC’s character is from within Star Fleet, right?

109. Jack - December 6, 2012

98. A klingon helmet, anyway. In the scene of two people fighting with a big orange disky thing in the background.

110. ScifiKabbal - December 6, 2012

@92 – The comic currently has a clandestine branch of Starfleet (a la Section 31) developing TOS threats such as Landru as assets. My guess is that the Botany Bay was discovered by another ship. Its crew were treated as an operationally asset and the events of Into Darkness can be considered blowback.

111. Commodore Robert April - December 6, 2012

For those that haven’t found it.

Scroll down to the Announcement JP Sub trailer, it has an extra 14 seconds of runtime.

112. Vespasian - December 6, 2012

@ 100. RenderedToast

Oh, JJ & Co. would not put the same scene in, I mean they wouldn’t have Spock dying AGAIN. That’d be stupid.

I wouldn’t mind a re-telling of Kirk vs Khan, but please, do not remake The Search for Spock as the next film! :D

113. Richard - December 6, 2012

#105: I don’t get much of a Khan vibe from Cumberbatch in this trailer either. Mind you there isn’t much to go on yet. Still seemt o point closer to Gary Mitchell, just a slightly more amped up version of the character from the tv series.

114. Jack - December 6, 2012

107. The homage doesn’t mean Khan. But it could.

115. Vespasian - December 6, 2012

105. Mark James Tucker

But why would Gary Mitchell need a gun?

116. Leo R. (Star Trek: Phoenix) - December 6, 2012

First, I love the grand scale of destruction that we only get a glimpse of and the whole starship in the water is pretty awesome. As a Trek fan since watching Star Trek II, I’m really looking forward to seeking this new version of Khan, especially since Benedict is such an amazing actor.

Gotta love the Klingons and glad they’re in this film.

Oh, the Homage to the death of Spock in the Wrath of Khan took me back to 1982; thanks for that. I think you guys are knock this one out of the park again. Good luck and thanks for all the hard work.

117. Andrew - December 6, 2012

How do we know that it’s Spock on the other side of that glass in the Japanese version. We only see a hand. My guess because Kirk’s wearing the grey uniform that probably means it happens early in the movie on Earth during the attack and it’s a family member like his brother or Pike. That means that Kirk could also be seeking vengeance throughout the movie for the death of someone he loves or respects.

118. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@87 Legend …

WTF, it’s like a scene right out of TWOK! And why is it only in the Japanese version?

It has to be Spock right? But it doesn’t have to be Kirk. In fact the black shirt sleeve would suggest it isn’t Kirk based on the shot of Kirk we see immediately before the Vulcan salute through the glass. Maybe Gary Mitchell, or Pike? I mean we never saw Pike and we know he’s in this.

119. Richard - December 6, 2012

The ship crashing into the water (which I don’t think is the Enterprise) doesn’t do much for me. Almost makes the crash in Generations look good by comparison.

120. Ashley - December 6, 2012

I absolutely can’t wait to see this movie! That trailer just blew my socks off. o.o And I really love how it has caused nothing but speculation all over the map. It’s as if all the guessing and narrowing it down went out the airlock and everything is back on the table. xD

121. Jay Ley - December 6, 2012

I didn’t interpret the end of the Japanese trailer as being a rehash of the end of TWOK… infact if you look carefully, it’s Spocks blue uniform that replaces Kirk and it looks as if Spock is on the right side of the glass, and not dying

It would be really lame if they did rehash that iconic scene… but my gut feeling from watching it 20-30 times is that we are seeing the bad guy die here…

“Is there anything that you wouldn’t do for your family?” – Interesting line… does that mean that the bad guy was a part of the family (crew), or he is fighting on behalf of his family??

One thing is for certain, I have no idea who the villain is… however I would be AMAZED if it was Khan, I get zero Khan vibes.

122. Gapaxbr - December 6, 2012

it might be kirk as the person who is “dying” especially from the line before it, is there anything you would not do for your family

123. Adam E - December 6, 2012

@ 105. Mark James Tucker.

Good observation. I can see them reversing the scene. But would they actually kill Kirk? He can transfer a katra like Vulcans. And what would they do with the third movie? “The Search for Kirk?”

Maybe they would have a “Kirk death” scene earlier in this film and he’d have a triumphant return to save the day? Something tragic might happen to a main character, notice the scene in the trailer where Scott is comforting Uhura.

124. MattieB - December 6, 2012

Am I the only one who thinks that in this kirk/spock glass seen it is Kirk making the sacrifice? Given that BC seems to be talking to kirk when he says “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?” and the crew is Kirks family?

125. Gapaxbr - December 6, 2012

and if you look at the hand of the person in blue, it almost looks like the Vulcan hand sign for live long and prosper

126. Richard - December 6, 2012

#118: We know that Nimoy Spock is making an appearance in this movie. Maybe its the two Spocks. I’ve had the feeling from the moment they announced Nimoy was doing one more that he was going to bite it in this movie. Maybe that’s the scene and its a callback to the first time he died. That would be way too on the nose for my liking but…..

127. LLAP - December 6, 2012

It looks like an amazing, over-the-top sci-fi action thriller with loads of special effects and explosions to keep an audience well entertained.

But I can’t figure out how this is a Star Trek movie. Are the characters enough to make it so?

128. Wes - December 6, 2012

I was firmly on the side of those that thought Cumberbatch was playing Mitchell for a long, long time. After seeing the Japanese trailer though, I really am starting to wonder if it’s Khan after all.

At any rate, whether it was Mitchell floating around in his torpedo tube or Khan floating around in the Botany Bay, I think it’s safe to say the Klingons are the ones who stumble upon our villain. Who then proceeds to hand the Klingon’s forehead ridges to them on a latinum platter.

But that final scene in the Japanese trailer…it’s hard to deny the WoK connection when it’s hinted at in such an in four face way.

Curiouser and curiouser…

129. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@100 RenderedToast,

There’s absolutely NO REASON to believe that THE HAND is KIRK’S. it could be anybody’s as Kirk and Spock are not yet the kind of friends they were at the end of TWOK.

130. Sebi - December 6, 2012

115. Vespasian – December 6, 2012

But why would Gary Mitchell need a gun?

The same reason why God needs a starship?

Haha… Seriously though: AWESOME TEASER!!

131. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

104. Jack – December 6, 2012

—-88. There are other reasons for wanting vengeance. Against Earth. Against humanity. Against Starfleet. Who knows?—-

Since people here feel comfortable saying they’re 100% certain that Cumberpatch is playing Khan or Gary Mitchell, let me say that I am absolutely 100% certain that Cumberpatch is out for vengeance against the manufacturer of his underwear, which keep riding up on him.

132. Stephan - December 6, 2012

But why does it have to be vengeance, again??? Is this the only kind of motivation one could have to do bad things?

133. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

Captain Pike in the Japanese trailer? Maybe that is a hint of his final moments.

Maybe we see that cadet ship scenario played out, as part of the price paid by our heroes?

That’d be pretty awesome, if it’s the case.

134. penguin44 - December 6, 2012

ok after watching for a while now. The ship coming out of the ocean is NCC 2—- thats all i can make out is a 2. The ship crashing could be Enterprise but the engines look different.

135. Reign1701A - December 6, 2012

I’m not convinced that’s the Enterprise crashing into the water at the end of the trailer. The nacelles are way further apart than the JJ-Enterprise, and the nacelles themselves are a lot smaller and more angular. Unless the Enterprise gets a refit mid-movie.

Also, that commenter who claimed to have seen the trailer: props for your description of the Enterprise rising out of and then falling into water (or at least a Starship falling into water). Maybe that fake poster may not have been so fake?

136. mhansen0207 - December 6, 2012

About the extra Japanese footage….c’mon they’re not gonna put in that big a reference to TWOK and give it away. There’s gotta be more to that shot than what we’re seeing.

Still INCREDIBLY excited.

137. Aurore - December 6, 2012

Mr. Bad Guy has returned….to have his…vengeance???



138. Well Of Souls - December 6, 2012

Click my name for official HD 1:06 min announcement trailer

139. Anthony Thompson - December 6, 2012

A lot of screaming and explosions. A starship in water. No space. Probably Mitchell. Hope the movie is better than this trailer.

140. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

One could also ask why would Khan need a gun?
We dont know the context and what leads to him holding that giant weapon.

JJ just tell us officially his name allready, this playing coy is begining to agrivate

141. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

Let’s assume that the first nine minutes are a kind of preamble — like last time ( I don’t think they’d be comfortable showing the clip if they weren’t), then what do you all expect to see?

I think that a lot of this trailer will occur during that first nine minutes — maybe even that death scene.

142. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

This is actually the 5th Trek movie in a row that has revenge as a central theme.
1996: “I will make them PAY for what they’ve done!”
1998: “The children have returned to expel their elders, just as they were once expelled, except that Ru’afo’s need for revenge has now escalated into paracide!”
2002: “We will no longer bow before anyone as slaves!”
2009: “For 25 years, I planned my revenge against the Federation.”
2013: “I shall have my vengeance!”

143. mhansen0207 - December 6, 2012

Enough with the “no space” comments. It’s a MINUTE of footage. Chill the hell out, we haven’t seen it all yet.

144. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

@141 Anonanon.

Are you suggesting this announcement trailer is a trailer of a sort for the nine minute preview that will be shown?

That’s interesting.

145. Adam E - December 6, 2012

@134. penguin44

True, the engines and nacelle pylons of the crashing ship look different from the Enterprise’s.

146. BaconBDC - December 6, 2012

Guys it is Khan. No glowing eyes, super strength and uses weapons. Japanese trailer “Is there nothing you would do for your family?” Khan’s whole thing was his family on the Botany Bay.

147. Jason - December 6, 2012

The part where the ship is rising from the water the nacelles look closer together like they were in the first movie, but the ship falling into the water has them spread way apart.

148. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

Quinto 100 percent confirmed on Conan that Nimoy is NOT
in Into Darkness.
this site has just choosen not to report that, my guess is cause it atleast partially debunks the OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION article from a while back

149. Richard - December 6, 2012

Alice Eve is a dead ringer for Elizabeth Dehner in this trailer. Its uncanny. She’s quite a good looking girl.

150. Dunsforth - December 6, 2012

Check out the Japanese trailer for a real moment of OMG/WTF in the last few seconds.
Not sure why it didn’t make the cut into the regular trailers, but it’s a scene straight out of WoK

151. somethoughts - December 6, 2012

it could be kirk and mccoy at the end of the japenese trailer, get a close up of the insignia….

152. T2 - December 6, 2012

Pretty exciting stuff. Looks like it’s gonna have a pretty upbeat rhythm. I’m inclined to agree with some of that it doesn’t feel much like “Star Trek”. But it’s just an action teaser and I enjoyed XI, so this should be fun.

And just to shake things up a bit from Gary or Khan…I’ll throw some other names out for fun, as unlikely as these are…

Ron Tracey, Charlie, Garth, Merik

And as for Eve, if not Dehner then perhaps Carol Marcus, Rand, or Chapel.

Whoever they are, I’m pretty sure their characters won’t survive this movie…

153. PaulB - December 6, 2012

#134 – I don’t see a 2 in the NCC number. It looks like NCC-170…(Can’t make it out clearly, but the last visible glimpse of it looks like 170…) Pretty sure it’s 1701, the big E herself, in the water. I guess Abrams took TWOK’s “starships as submarines” motif a bit too literally. :)

154. Wes - December 6, 2012

Now that I can go through it frame by frame, I notice we get our first look at a bat’leth in the alternate timeline.

Neat. :)

155. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

@141 Basically. Doesn’t most of it seem like it could come during the early cataclysm that we are expecting?

Either that or the first nine is just Enterprise heading home to get high fives and then at the last second seeing some horror.

156. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012


Not likely, given the Vulcan salute.

Though that would be ballsy to kill off the ol’ country doctor.

157. RenderedToast - December 6, 2012

126. Richard – December 6, 2012

Why would you just say that on a site like this? No confirmation of Nimoy appearing has been given, in fact the exact opposite is true (although I would not be that surprised to see that they snuck him in).

158. aligee - December 6, 2012

3. njdss4 I hate QuickTime. Why are we still being forced to use it?
Eh….Cause its web standard and gives the best quality!

BTW looks awsome! Its Gary Mitchell who didn’t die in this version of the trek universe – he was only marooned on a dying planet! Cue back story!

159. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

If its not Mitchell, I am going with Cumberbatch being Sybock.
though I am again 100 percent certain he is Mitchell.

160. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

Does anyone else think Alice Eve’s scream is unusual? Like maybe she is abnormal in some way?

161. PaulB - December 6, 2012

#148 – Quinto did NOT say that Nimoy isn’t in the movie. Quinto said he didn’t work with Nimoy on this movie. That doesn’t mean Nimoy isn’t in the movie, just that he’s not in any scenes with Quinto. He could still be in the film, though I doubt it.

162. racaca - December 6, 2012

I can’t help but wonder why the Japanese version is more “Trek” than the US one. The US doesn’t feel like Trek. There’s not even any familiar music – which, in turn, is present in the Jap ver.

Ok, I’ll stop now

163. Bob Tompkins - December 6, 2012

Khaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn would want vengeance for being exiled!

164. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@ 151 somethoughts,

Nope. Why would McCoy be giving the Vulcan salute?

It’s most likely Pike who has given up his life, and his former first officer Spock.

Still, way too similar to TWOK for the fans. New audiences won’t care … A why do it?

165. Richard - December 6, 2012

#157: If I’m not terribly mistaken, I believe it was on this very site that it was first reported that Nimoy had been asked by JJ to come back one more time for this film and that Leonard had said yes.

166. Rich Civil - December 6, 2012

Abrams and crew must be laughing their asses off at all the people with all the bad guesses.

167. Tesla's Cat - December 6, 2012

Bit of A Sith/Jedi/Star Warsy leap in the middle there…

168. Cameron Cooke - December 6, 2012

I don’t understand all the comments that say “it’s not a Star Trek movie”.

I guess it’s not a Star Trek movie as it’s not got ageing actors, a poor script, tiny budget and a dwindling fan base! If anything this is what I’ve always wanted Star Trek to be and more, we’ve always complained about Star Trek having low budgets, bad directors, poor story lines and not enough action, well here you go. This IS Star Trek and it’s accessible to all.

169. Markus - December 6, 2012

In the Japanese version it is Spock and Cumberbatch, not Spock and Kirk. So now rehash of Kahn.

170. Anthony Thompson - December 6, 2012

One more thing: Lots of Uhura; nary a sighting of Bones. JJ has remade the triumvirate into Kirk, Spock and Uhura.

171. Well Of Souls - December 6, 2012

@ 158. aligee. Click on my name for the High quality HD Trailer from Non Apple Youtube

172. kaiento:ton - December 6, 2012

i can see this being gary mitchell, he would be back for vengeance for kirk “killing” him in the first 2 ongoing comics where they re-imagined where no man has gone before, he wears a starfleet uniform, seems to have superpowers and in the TOS episode, he begins to disassociate himself with everyone else, fitting how he calls it “your world” and so on. What vengeance could khan be after? He was put in cryo sleep and hasnt met kirk yet, in TWOK hes after revenge cuz of the events of space seed. BUT whoever he is, the movie still looks AWESOME so far!

173. Obijuan2 - December 6, 2012

@134 penguin44.

Totally agree! I don’t think the ship coming out of the water is ENT. Even the ship crashing into the water has the wrong Nacelles for me…..?

Couple other thoughts…..

– JP trailer version definitely the best
– TWOK scene at the end = human & vulcan (poss Spock) but reckon the human bites it!
– BC saying “your World” doesn’t refer to Earth, I think he means Kirk’s Starfleet ‘world’….
– BC’s villain possibly ex Starfleet (wears Starfleet vest) or is this another TWOK “tip o’ hat” i.e. when Khan wore the captains blazer on the Reliant….?

Great trailer though!! Roll on May 13!

174. Riker's Beard - December 6, 2012

Wow! I’m glad they have kept so much secrecy – it makes every grain of information so incredibly exciting. This movie will be great. Star Trek is back!

175. Richard - December 6, 2012

And here it is, Anthony announcing SPock Prime being in this movie:

176. ArcadianFries - December 6, 2012

It looks like a woman’s hand to me. Maybe Alice Eve? Jennifer Morrison?

177. Aurore - December 6, 2012

Well…I still would like my… scarynuanceddressedinheadtotoeleather…villain to be a new character to the canon…

…And, I can’t wait to see my beloved crew again.

178. Xeos - December 6, 2012

I dont know guys, just not enough long deliberations about xeno-politics at a table for me.

179. LOFC_Ed - December 6, 2012


Agreed with the nacelles. They look to have the shape of the prime constitution class refit.

180. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 6, 2012

Absolutely incredible… Can not wait, this is awesome. Its still not Khan, Its Gary Mitchell. He would also be a guy wanting vengeance on Kirk if anyone has been reading the new Star Trek Ongoing comic book series. He would also be super-human in strength and he would be wearing a Starfleet uniform/black uniform.

Its Gary Mitchell, Gary Mitchell it is

181. heisdeadjim - December 6, 2012

Trailer has a strong dark knight vibe to it, beginning with the grey / blue colour scheme.i like they take a more gritty approach, for those who dont, I see their reasoning but keep in mind that twok did the same and introduced a more gritty, militaristic approach to star trek.

Certainly curious to find out what cumberbatch is going to do to star fleet in the shot where he jumps through the window, seems that this is from a scene in the beginning when he somehow ends the “illusion of peace”. In the synopsis it reads “detonates the fleet and what it stands for”, the ship crashing in the water does somehow not look to me like its the enterprise, so indeed he literally might detonate ships and the heaedquater. Starfleet, according to pike is a peacekeeping institution, so maybe he somehow tries to start a war between starfleet and the klingons, thus their (Confirmed?) involvement in the plot.

When Cumberbatch says ” shall we begin” he seems to be sitting in the captains chair of a ship, so his character either has a ship in the beginning or somehow takes command over a ship.

To the villain discussion:

dont really get a Mitchell vibe at all from the trailer, cumberbatch eyes arent shiny, he gets into fistfights with kirk (trailer) and spock ( spypics)
and seems to feel pain to a certain extend. if he was indeed mitchell wouldnt he really get into those spots?

He says he has “returned” , which could indicate mitchell, who returned “from the dead” ( if comics are cannon) or could be khan who was flooting around in space and comes from another time , which may fit to the fact that he refers to “your world”, since the world he lived in was different than the future.

Moreover we know that the villains motive is revenge. If its MItchell why would his revenge involve the whole fleet? of course, there could be some reasons why he would do that, but somehow i feel like if its khan it would make more sense, since he sees him and his augmented followers to be different to “normal humans” and he was, if i remember correctly “expelled” from earth and now he has returned and wants his vengeance.

Not saying it is Khan, when I read the synopsis I thought it could be Garth of Izar, which very well could be the case, too.

If any of you havent checked out the japanese version of the trailer, there is a really intriguing shoot in the end that evokes memories of a certain star trek movie.

182. Bob Tompkins - December 6, 2012

“…your world…”
This is not Khan’s world of the 1990s or whenever.

183. MattyTrek - December 6, 2012

I honestly think the answer has been provided – it’s Khan.

184. Tesla's Cat - December 6, 2012

BC = Sybok.

185. Aix - December 6, 2012

Where is Jeff, The King of Biscuits? I bow to his throne!

Also, I am kinda regretting seeing the JP trailer. I thought Khan is unlikely until that effing scene.

186. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

I bet anything the Spock/pine? or cumberbatch? hands against the glass is pure misdirection as well as being a tip of the hat to TWOK

187. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

Again, I’m having a hard time believing it’s any TOS villain in any traditional way because surely Spock Prime would have warned them. Shouldn’t his life be dedicated to making sure they avoid reliving TOS and helping them with tech?

188. Entropy - December 6, 2012

Is that SPOCK PRIME when the first shot of Kirk looking up in a gray jacket in from of an old pointed ear man?

189. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

184, i was trying to catch a glimpse of his ears to see if they were human or vulacn lol

190. David - December 6, 2012

Disappointed, Doesn’t look or feel like Star Trek, in the end it needs to be a tv show, all this “supreme court” is going to do is make 2 or 3 movies and bail. Will it be entertaining, possibly, but in the end i am let down by the tone they are taking and they need to let it go. Does it really matter who lives in dies in this movie when all there is going it be is at most 1 more movie in this timeline.

191. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

I don’t know why people look at the glass pane scene so literally. There are many more plausible explanations than “we’re just gonna take the scene from TWOK 2 and reuse it verbatim.”

Not to mention it’s incredibly unlikely they would give that away not in a teaser, but in an ANNOUNCEMENT teaser of all things? They at least waited until the main trailer before they ruined the Enterprise’s destruction in Search.

I’m still not convinced it’s Khan. I think that’s mis-information.

192. Bob Tompkins - December 6, 2012

After watching the Japanese trailer, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the villain is Khan, and to make the story fit the verbal teaser, someone in Starfleet assisted him.

193. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 6, 2012

At the very end where we see a ship nose dive into water… it looks a lot like the Enterprise from the original 1980’s movies…

194. Tesla's Cat - December 6, 2012

189. Might’ve had physical modifications…

195. Anonanon - December 6, 2012

I think the scene of them on the planet surface with the ash everywhere could be the marooning? Kirk is punching BC in the foreground while Spock calmly holds a gun on them.

196. Wytse - December 6, 2012

Khaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn?! (JJ is laughing his pence of again)

The trailer got definitely the WOW!-factor.

197. Richard - December 6, 2012

#184: Tesla’s Cat: He doesn’t have pointy ears.

198. Penguin44 - December 6, 2012

The other thing I loved seeing is it looks like they have a scene in the briefing room. Cool

199. BaconBDC - December 6, 2012

I hope there is a part where Cumberbatch screams “KIIIIIIIIIIIIRK!”

200. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

It doesn’t seem to be Mitchell, unless Mitchell has assumed a Vulcan identity.

Spock’s half-brother? Full brother? Friend of Kirk or Spock?

The tormentor of the young Spock we saw in ST (2009)?

201. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

I guess it’s Pike who dies from Delta radiation poisoning with Spock watching through the glass. The scene with that big audience adressed by Kirk is probably his funeral…?

202. dalek - December 6, 2012

– 143. mhansen0207 – December 6, 2012
Enough with the “no space” comments. It’s a MINUTE of footage. Chill the hell out, we haven’t seen it all yet.

Agreed! No space? Yeah because maybe they have a budget and don’t have to be stuck on the Enterprise sets they can explore strange new worlds like the one we see in throughout the trailer!!! Space isn’t exploration that’s commuting!

Star Trek IV and First Contact primarily set on earth. Two of the best Star Trek movies we’ve had!!!

203. dd - December 6, 2012

When BC is fighting the Klingons at (:20) he’s dressed in a funky leather outfit , with a hood and carry a very large saber weapon. I don’t think Gary Mitchell would dress like a leather ninja and carry a big gun.

204. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012


To be fair dalek. Star Trek 2, with it’s very tiny budget, was set mostly on not just ship sets, but the same damn sets for two ships!

And it’s a damned amazing movie.

So I do think it’s a fine complaint to be concerned not to see any sign of space in a film called STAR Trek.

However, I don’t think it’s anything to get worked up over. I wager we’ll be seeing lots of space, and lots of places in space.

205. Commander K - December 6, 2012

It’s a reimagining of Khan surely…and that last scene in the japanese trailer…ugh…


206. njdss4 - December 6, 2012

@ #200 Hat Rick: Vulcan identity? Check the trailer. There are no pointed ears on Cumberbatch.

The more I think about it, the more I think it’s Khan. Mitchell seems out as there are no silver eyes and Mitchell would never need weapons, as his super powers were more powerful and useful than any phaser.

“I have returned” sounds more like Khan having returned from cryo-sleep on the Botany Bay and having been captured by the Klingons (who we see fighting him in the trailer). I really hope the part where we see Cumberbatch sitting in what looks like a captain’s chair means there will be a space battle between the Enterprise and whatever ship Khan has taken control of.

The ending of the JP trailer makes the whole thing look like a WoK remake now. I hope I’m wrong…

207. loghaD - December 6, 2012

With those robes and that big, glowing circle thing … am I the only one who gets a bit of a “The Return of the Archons” feel?

It could very well be that Cumberbatch’s character is also Pike’s Section 31 contact.

208. Larry Sellers - December 6, 2012

Alice Eve looks amazing SPOLIER ALERT I would let her turd into my mouth after emptying my balls of their slime into her slick turd hole this is why its called INTO DARKNESS – it is about my adventure up Alice Eves Turd Factory lol

209. Bugs Nixon - December 6, 2012

For I have returned… To have my vengeance… LADDIEBUCK!

(You know who he is)

210. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

@207. That’s… Actually a pretty good idea.

The Archons have been suggested before, and they were brought up in the comics as I recall too.

211. Commander K - December 6, 2012

Some of the UK press this morning already saying it will be Khan as a matter of fact..than rumour. :-S

212. Tesla's Cat - December 6, 2012

200 Spock’s tormentor – an interesting idea!

213. Rod @ New Zealand - December 6, 2012

Why would the Khan or Mitchell characters now be portrayed by a British actor with such a blatant British accent (there’s obviously not been any intention of Cumberbatch Americanising his accent)?

I’d find it easier to believe that they’ve re-written the evil Colonel Green character into this alternate timeline.

If that is the Enterprise rising up out of the water, then clearly it has been quite substantially redesigned/refitted.

214. I, Mugsy - December 6, 2012

Looks like typical action movie fare to me, nothing Trek about it at all.

And please… they’re not going to destroy the Enterprise yet again are they?!? Can they not do drama in the States now without having to blow up/destroy everything on screen? It’s getting REALLY dull. Trek at its best was about the character moments & imagination. Not this Nolan-esque CGI carnage…

I’d like some science-fiction in my science-fiction please.

215. Jose Kuhn - December 6, 2012

Anyone else believe that the part at the end of the Japanese trailer is deliberate misinformation. Maybe there is a scene where Kirk and Spock are separated that is like the Wrath of Khan but JJ did this to make us think one way but it is really something else…

216. Riker's Beard - December 6, 2012

I don’t care who BC is playing, tbh, we’ll find out when we find out. It looks like Picard and O’Brien separated by glass. That’s based purely on my knowledge of Star Trek actor’s hands.

217. Wytse - December 6, 2012

I guess the big E got wet again.

“Can I get a towel, please??”

218. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

Rod, it’s The Big E without a doubt. It’s actually pretty identical to the 2009 ship. There’s probably a bit more detail on there then before, but it’s the same exact ship.

219. Into Darkness Conspiracy - December 6, 2012

He says “Your World” and in the end of the Japanese trailer, you see a blue shirt do the Vulcan “live long and prosper” sign on the other hand. My thinking is that it is Spock’s human brother. Back from the depths of space, ready for revenge of the loss of his mother and Vulcan? Thoughts?

220. dalek - December 6, 2012

– 202 Steve definitely true but I wasn’t arguing that space was bad. I was arguing that great Star Trek isn’t secluded to any setting and two of the other great Trek movies were set on earth.

The most important element of any great Trek movie is the writing. Nemesis was set in space but was very poorly written.

It’s likely there are no space shots because all the effects haven’t been completed yet.

221. TUP - December 6, 2012

Is the jacket BC’s character is wearing not awfully similar to the jackets worn in TWOK?

222. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

I have posted a shot-by-shot description of the opening moments of the trailer for those who cannot view it. It is currently available at my blog (click on my username above).

223. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012


My money is on it being Pike dying. He was critically injured in the prime universe during a radiation leak. It would be rather poetical if Pike basically “took Spock’s place” in saving the ship from impending doom.

224. racaca - December 6, 2012

Haven’t really seen TOS, but I sure hope that BC’s character is not called “Gary Mitchell” – it sounds like a truck driver from Texas.

225. George - December 6, 2012

Can’t see it, maybe to many people trying to watch it at one time

226. dalek - December 6, 2012

Yep I agree that the last scene is misdirection to make you think Kirk or Spock is dying. Looks like the shot of Kirk just before it he’s wearing a different uniform to the one that touches the window. My guess, the Enterprise find earth devestated by the villain, and Captain Pike is dying. That is Spock saying goodbye to Pike!

227. Thisguy1313 - December 6, 2012

Maybe the scene with Kirk and Spock separated by glass is a trick.. Think about it.. The narration is: “Is there nothing you would not do for your family?” Perhaps it is Kirk on the danger side of the glass for this movie? That would be an interesting twist, and something that the fans would recognize in metaphor right away. The grey/black sleeve in that scene could also indicate BC’s character, but why Spock would be saluting him, who knows….

I’m going to go out on a very solemn limb and say that it is Kirk that risks death to save the crew in the same style of Spock in TWOK, but he will live instead of die… That’s my two cents.

228. Devon - December 6, 2012

I just watched the iTunes quicktime trailer. The ship we see from behind is the Enterprise. However the ship crashing into the water near the end doesn’t appear to be. In fact the outline of the nacelles appears to almost look like that of the TOS-Movie area.

229. Jose Kuhn - December 6, 2012

If it were Khan there it would be him and his crew not just one guy

230. Devon - December 6, 2012

“Looks like typical action movie fare to me, nothing Trek about it at all.”

Yes. This actually appears to be a well made film, hence the “nothing Trek about it all.”

231. Mark Lynch - December 6, 2012

I just skipped down to the bottom and am going to avoid this trailer like the plague!

I’ve got my tickets for the Hobbit on the 17th of December at the BFI IMAX in London and I don’t want to spoil myself for the 9 minute trailer.

Everyone else, carry on and have fun!

I did see a picture of Alice Eve in character on another site and have to say there is no way she is anyone but Elizabeth Dehner. So my guess is that Cumby is definitely playing Gary Mitchell. But as I say, I am staying out of this, for now.

I’ll catch up with this thread on the 18th ;-)

232. Devon - December 6, 2012

I apologize for my post at 228 – I missed over that #173 already said these things.

233. Jose Kuhn - December 6, 2012

Yeah, it is probably Pike in the last JP scene….. back to Talos IV

234. dalek - December 6, 2012

229 – Jose Kuhn

Consider this: Khan is seeking vengeance for the death of his crew because another Startleet ship rescued him and they died or couldn’t be recussitated. He comes back for revenge on Starfleet. Pike is killed in the attack. This time Kirk seeks retribution on Khan for killing his friend and mentor!

235. Jose Kuhn - December 6, 2012

At the 23 second mark, Klingon with Bat’leth!!!!

236. gingerly - December 6, 2012

YEA!! And it begins.

So, did you guys see the Japanese trailer, with the Khanesque moment?

Though it’s still NOT KHAN!! JJ’s just trolling you.


I think it’s Chekov… He was notably absent from the trailer.

237. Wes - December 6, 2012

@228 Devon

Agreed. The nacelle pylons on the crashing ship curve away from each other, rather than toward each other as the Enterprise’s do. Though that could just be minor refitting/tinkering with the cg model, the ship as a whole seems to be smaller than Enterprise as well.

238. BaconBDC - December 6, 2012

Just for anyone who is interested, at the “crowd gasp shot” at :50 you can see a blue alien dude in the crowd in the back.

239. Joseph - December 6, 2012

Is anyone concerned that we DON’T clearly know who the villain is from this trailer?? If it is a canon character, shouldn’t it be clear, even from a minute long trailer??

240. the_engineer - December 6, 2012

Interesting that there’s no sign of McCoy in this trailer…. is he killed off early?…

Hey we’ve destroyed Vulcan, and the Trek in Star Trek, so why not McCoy too?

241. Schultz - December 6, 2012

Quite alright. Looks like decent entertainment. But why why why do so many movie trailers at Apple have mono sound?

242. gingerly - December 6, 2012


Oh, trust me he’s there.

This trailer has already been dissected and capped by the fangirls.

Urban is doing the damn thing, with a perfectly executed Bones scowl plastered in place.

243. Adam E - December 6, 2012

@ #40 the_engineer:

McCoy is in the trailer multiple times – including the running in the red field scene.

244. Killamarshtrek - December 6, 2012

I was firmly in the Mitchell camp but everything about this trailer says KHAN! Fist fighting, using guns, commanding a starship, Mitchell would need none of these. Announcing to the world “I am back for my vengeance”, Mitchell wouldn’t do this cause no-one would know who he was, they would know about Khan though seeking vengeance for exile. The admiring glances between Kirk and Eve’s character (he wouldn’t do that with Dehner but he might with Carol Marcus!). Then there’s the WoK scene at the end! Everything says Khan!!

245. PaulB - December 6, 2012

#240 – McCoy is running and jumping off the cliff with Kirk, with the red plants all around. He’s also in the background, out of focus, in another scene.

246. Adam E - December 6, 2012

@ 222 Hat_Rick

Where do you see Cumberbatch with pointed ears?

247. El Chup - December 6, 2012


1) Yet another TWOK rehash, ugh
2) The standard teaser stinks of being the usual summer blackbuster “clone-a-movie”
3) It’s tiresome that everything has to be “dark” these days. Star Trek is about hope. I notice that the general colour scheme seems to be dull and grey and the TOS inspired duty uniforms reduce in appearance.

To be honest, it’s only really the added scene in the Japanese one that talks of family (which is a reference to the crew, not literal family or just Spock) that suggests to me that there is anything remotely Roddenberryish about it and leaves me with any shred of hope.

I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen the picture, but that advertising so far leaves me with a sour taste that Star Trek has moved too far away from what it originally was. Here’s hoping I am wrong.

btw, I notice the Klingons still have those helmets on. I wouldn’t mind better that’s because they’ve taken iberties, redesigned them and don’t want the redesign revealed during the picture.

248. the_engineer - December 6, 2012

#244: Everything says Khan, but this seems too obvious & they’ll know this – I think it’s just JJ having fun and it’ll be some other character from Trek ‘canon’.

Glad McCoy IS in the trailer afterall, need to watch it in HD closely ;)

249. El Chup - December 6, 2012

For those saying “it’s obvious it’s Khan”, hasn’t anyone considered that the trailer may have been cut that way to make it look as if it is, to throw you off the scent?

250. Devon - December 6, 2012

And 240’s post is a reason why people shouldn’t jump to conclusions, in light of the responses following.

251. DieEnteaufdemBerg - December 6, 2012

epic trailer. i want to watch the movie now or at least the “full trailer”.

252. Riker's Beard - December 6, 2012

McCoy is in the trailer.

253. macoytwicebroa - December 6, 2012

saw mccoy 2wice broa

254. Devon - December 6, 2012

“”””1) Yet another TWOK rehash, ugh””””

Yet nothing in the trailer remotely resembled TWOK, outside of MAYBE the last shot in the Japan trailer. But go on…

“”””””2) The standard teaser stinks of being the usual summer blackbuster “clone-a-movie”””””

So it wants to resemble and come off as a blockbuster movie? Shocking!

“””””To be honest, it’s only really the added scene in the Japanese one that talks of family (which is a reference to the crew, not literal family or just Spock) that suggests to me that there is anything remotely Roddenberryish about it and leaves me with any shred of hope.””””

Ironic as that is the only scene that gives any remote merit to you seeing a TWOK resemblance!

255. RenderedToast - December 6, 2012

Couple of things on my 4th rewatch.

Opening city is LA (Golden Gate in the background).

The guy addressing the crowd is Pike.

Looks like the guy Kirk looks up at has pointed ears – they’re blurry but too elongated to be normal human ears.

Red weed planet – clearly off-Earth, for those whining about not seeing “space”. Clearly we go a few places (volcano world, for example).

Cumberbatch with the enormous gun makes a superhuman leap – rules out an ordinary human. Confirms Gary Mitchell for me, although theoretically Khan could be retconned to have that kind of power.

Cumberbatch’s ears are not pointed – not Vulcan.

Seems to be a lengthy fight scene with Cumberbatch on a decaying planet involving Spock, Kirk & Uhura all in weird non-Starfleet clothing. Expect this is the first meeting with the villain rather than the last.

Registration numbers are not visible on the ship rising out of the water but looks like a big fat nacelle so probably the Enterprise.

Bridge destruction scene not taking place on the Enterprise (crew and layout is unfamiliar).

Scene on decaying planet ends with Kirk beating the shit out of Cumberbatch. Considering Spock had difficulty with him from the set-shots, we can presume this whole scene takes place very early on in the film, possibly the opening 9 minutes.

Scotty’s gone blonde. Seems a bit of needless lack of effort on their part. Glad to see he’s not just comic relief this time though.

Ship crashing into the ocean is not the Enterprise, unless they’ve given it a refit – the nacelles are classic movie size. Again, this likely comes close to the start of the film, when Cumberbatch “detonates the fleet” or whatever.

Overall it’s a decent trailer but very homogenized, much like the poster. It has everything modern film trailers MUST have – the Inception/Prometheus clarion calls, the fast cuts, the overall dark, washed out colour palette…. I’m going to say that that’s not because the film is homogenized (at least no more than the first one was), but because they have to market it in this way to maximize audiences.

After the first one, I have utmost faith in these guys to deliver a great Trek film. It is theirs to mess up.

256. Wizzard - December 6, 2012

“You think your world is safe” well not really mister villain as a few years ago a time traveling romulan destroyed a small fleet then created a black hole inside vulcan and then nearly did the same thing to earth. Guess our new villain didn’t see the first film.

257. Vulcan Soul - December 6, 2012

This is mildly interesting as a typical action/horror/disaster movie with lots of stuff blown up etc., but make no mistake: this has absolutely nothing to do with Star Trek. Whatsoever.

258. njdss4 - December 6, 2012

@ #249 El Chup: It’s certainly possible that it’s not Khan, but having “returned” means he most likely had to have been to Earth or is from Earth, which narrows the choices, and Khan talking about family makes sense with how he viewed his augment brothers and sisters. Calling it ‘your world’ just seems to mean that it’s different from ‘his world’ that he left behind when he was defeated in the 1990s.

Nothing is settled, but I’m leaning away from Mitchell now.

259. Tiberius Subprime - December 6, 2012

So, here is my guess at the plotline:

Gary Mitchell is found by someone. (Not dead, as thought)

He uses the Klingons–and a few Starfleet operatives– to aid him in seeking revenge on Kirk.

His powers are not fully functional, due to his ‘death’. He needs a power source to ‘recharge’ himself to full capacity (hence the filming done in the science building that took place early in the year.)

Dr Dehner is also the target of his revenge, as she spurned him. (flashbacks to her doing this prior to his assignment on the Enterprise, as in the comic she is not there.) Or she was part of the ‘secret’ team working on his rejuvination, and she abandonded the group, and him.

Ultimately he is destroyed (ala Dr Soren from Generations) by Kirk blowing up the power source with Gary in it.

(You can substitute Garth’s name for Gary, I suppose. If it is Garth. But having seen this trailer, I know switch my position back to Gary.)

260. gingerly - December 6, 2012

Hahaha, even you overly-cynical fanboys can’t ruin this moment for me.

Lens flares, black outfits, FANTASTIC-looking action scenes, but most important, character moments…

People looking distraught, afraid for each other, happy to meet each other (whoever Alice Eve is).


261. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Doesn’t matter who the villain is really. It’s a Star Trek movie that’s all that really matters.

The writers and JJ have turned Prime Universe Trek on its head with their vision and good on them.

Can’t wait to see the 9 minute trailer!

262. LOFC_Ed - December 6, 2012


I think the ship at the end seems as if its either charging forward while turfing up water, or coming out it at an angle.

263. Thalos - December 6, 2012

This is not Star Trek, it might as well be called just “Into the Darkness”.

264. Koriandr - December 6, 2012

Alice Eve’s character looks like a carbon copy of Dr. Dehner.

The hand thing seems to be a red herring and cute little nod to ST fans. I don’t think it’s Khan, but I’m not going to believe it’s Mitchell even though he is my first choice.

265. El Chup - December 6, 2012


I wasn’t referring to the plot of TWOK, but rather the “villain out for revenge” plot that of course we haven’t already seen in half a dozen Trek movies since STII.

It amuses me that, as always, there are those ready to lap up whatever is fed them without question.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since TOS was the only thing out there. I know what brought me to the franchise, and endless repeats of “villain of the week” and “clone-an-action-blackbuster” wasn’t it.

It may satisfy youngsters and low brows. But I want my Trek to have a bit of originality and Roddenberryish hope. That’s what set it apart from the rest and gave it it’s longevity.

But, like I say, I’ll reserve final judgment until I’ve seen the completed product.

266. Pegasus - December 6, 2012

It does seem like Khan, actually. Seriously. He was run off-world into space in cryogenic tubes with his crew, wasn’t he? And that ending on the Japanese trailer.. OMG. :( No wonder Quinto was talking not doing more Trek…

267. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012


Quinto told people to relax. He’s contracted to do three movies.

268. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

Excuse me, my previous comment was meant for “267.” My bad. :)

269. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

Ok… why has no one mentioned that the guy (allegedly Cumby) who is jumping up 30 feet then landing to fight the Klingon has to have superpowers of some kind? Plus, the guy addressing the uniformed seated crowd seems too tall to be Kirk so could be Cumby? And freeze frame the very last frame of the shot where Spock is watching that huge volcanic eruption and tell me if the flame doesn’t create 3/4 of the left hand side of a Vulcan face? Furthermore, JJ is not going to use one of the most iconic scenes in motion picture history (hands, glass, LL&P fingers) for anything other than Spock dying.

So Cumby has superpowers and uses weapons. If it is Gary, it’s a very different take on him.

However, I’ve been wrong on some aspects of divining Cumby’s role before so I have officially lost one beer. :(

270. njdss4 - December 6, 2012

@ #255 RenderedToast: If that’s the Golden Gate Bridge, that means it’s San Francisco, not LA.

I don’t think that’s Pike giving the speech, either. Looks more like Kirk, imo.

The man Kirk looks up at could be Sarek or Spock Prime.

Khan doesn’t need to be retconned into having that kind of power. He is amazingly strong in Space Seed and WoK. The leaping is just something Khan didn’t need to do before, which doesn’t mean he couldn’t.

I felt I could see the registry numbers on the ship rising out of the water in the 1080p version. Really looked like 1701 to me, or at the very least, 170-something.

The ship crashing into the water is definitely not the Enterprise and I agree that it’s most likely towards the beginning when Cumberbatch ‘detonates the fleet’.

271. dalek - December 6, 2012

Thalos “This is not Star Trek”

Oh? You’ve seen the movie have you? How interesting!

272. El Chup - December 6, 2012

@ 261

Voyager was Star Trek as well, but was a good idea that was very poorly executed, much as were the first three seasons of Enterprise.

How about the steaming pile that was Insurrection?

Having the name “Star Trek” is not enough to make it good or in keeping with the spirit of Roddenberry’s vision of the future. Anything with the name “Star TRek” only really earns that name if it’s in keeping with his vision and is thought provoking as well as entertaining. That’s my way of looking at it anyhow.

What I fear about these JJ Trek movies is that they seem to rely a little too much on actions, special efects and basic villian of the week plots. Poeple are getting hard ons over it because the special effects budget is six times that of a Harev Bennett or Berman picture. But that’s not enough to ensure longevity. What I’m worried about is that these movies are all well and good for short term entertainment, but in ten years time they will be largely forgotten about at the franchise movies on in a different form (or not at all). TOS, TNG, DS9, etc, on the other hand, all had staying power because they didn’t rely on the summer blockbuster low brow market.

273. Admiral_Bumblebee - December 6, 2012

Obviously the villain wants to save his family. So who do we know in Trek lore to be a prominent character who does have a family?

maybe the villain is known from TOs but maybe he wasn’t a villain in the Prime timeline? We always thought that the villain of STID would have been a villain in TOS as well. What if this is not true?

274. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

Regarding the pointed ears, I thought I saw a hint of it in the shot where the villain is on the starship. Perhaps I was wrong.

275. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

Also, freezeframe the ship coming out of and into the water. The nacelles read NCC 17… and seem to have a much more pronounced “rear dorsal fin”. In the going in scene, the nacelles are nowhere near those of the previous film. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay further apart, and the nacelles themselves are much skinnier and almost angular near the front.

I know one thing… It’s dark alright… with all the good and bad that brings!

276. Thalos - December 6, 2012

I didn’t see the movie, but i haven’t seen a single shot in space in the trailer.

But perhaps the new space is underwater now

277. Jonboc - December 6, 2012

…in the “going out on a limb” department, it could be a very pissed Charlie X. Maybe he returns with a vengeance and let’s all hell break loose after being banished, or at least, a perceived banishment, to the Thasians by Kirk. The enterprise didn’t look to be underwater by choice….possible the work of Charlie. Instead of Denher, it might be Rand, whom Charlie was infatuated with…complete with Denher hairstyle courtesy JJ’s department of misdirection. The entire first 9 minutes may be a recap of that initial 1 st season encounter, before we fast forward to the present, being farther into the mission. Just more speculation on my part, it’s probably Gary Mitchell. Lol

Can’t wait for the 9 minutes for more clues!

278. Gary Makin - December 6, 2012

Not watching it to avoid spoilers.

I’m sure people will troll it though, regardless of how good it looks.

279. Aurore - December 6, 2012

….Aaaah, yes…. the Japanese version of the trailer….

Rendez-vous on the thread where it will probably be discussed IN DETAILS, soon….


280. racaca - December 6, 2012

276 there are not that many shots of the ships either… That’s a little vexing

281. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

#256k Wizzard.

Exactly. Mitchell, having lived through the Nero thing couldn’t credibly say such a line. Now I could see him trying take Kirk down a peg by saying “You think you can keep your world safe?”

282. dalek - December 6, 2012

Thalos they obviously go in space because that’s an alien planet we see with the red florestry. They probably don’t have all the effects shots completed, or they felt the ones set on the planets were more spectacular for the trailer.

By the way having seen the trailer in HD that is NOT Pike’s hand. No offence to Bruce Greenwood intended, but that’s a young man’s hand and not an old guys hand.

283. shamelord - December 6, 2012

Let’s imagine another fun scenario ;)
Khan crashes a starship into the San Francisco bay waters with him onboard.
Kirk and crew explore the wreck.
Ninja Khan makes his presence known.
Hence the huge deflector dish in this cavernous set!

Did Botany Bay have such a dish BTW?
Have a nice day!

284. JohnBisc - December 6, 2012

285. Data - December 6, 2012

it looks like a good action packed scifi movie but not trek’ish

286. the_engineer - December 6, 2012

#265 – completely agree. If people want death and destruction and ‘Sh*t blowin’ up bro’ then for God’s sake stick with Transformers and leave Star Trek out of your closed-minded ‘everything has to be like a computer game’ type mind-set please. Trek (at its best – as these films SHOULD be) was about optimism under adversity, and exploration and humanity. Obviously they deviated from this now and again and had the (very) odd naff tale, but at its core that’s Trek at its best, and what separated it from the usual Sci-fi actioner dross. That’s why it’s endured. If these things are boring or ‘square’ to today’s multiplex audiences, then leave Trek alone (it’s not for you and never will be) and go ruin some other franchise instead!

They succeeded in rebooting the franchise, now go out and explore and show us things we haven’t seen before. STRANGE NEW WORLDS! A Star TREK. Do Roddenberry proud and stop pissing on his legacy! God-like alien (or human?) entity? Mass destruction… yawn! Earth under destruction again? Ugh!

Mark my words, this Trek will end with the third film. And all this rebooting will be for nothing. They’ll just be remembered as generic sci-fi actioners that had the chance to reboot the classic era series in style, and instead ran it into the ground again after only three adventures…

Bring Trek back on the box!

287. Sebi - December 6, 2012

Did anyone notice?


288. JohnBisc - December 6, 2012

He is fighting a Klingon!

289. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

Here is my full analysis with images… including confirming a number of things

290. gingerly - December 6, 2012


I’d like to believe it’s because he followed my advice…Yeah, I’m that delusional and vain, and what?!

If he followed the rest (OH GAWD PLEASE IF ONLY IN MY MIND AND BY ACCIDENT) that movie will rock.

291. Stephan - December 6, 2012

I really do like the trailer although the voiceover sounds a bit dumbed down. But revenge again? I know I am repeating myself.

But… revenge, really?

292. Shunnabunich - December 6, 2012

I’m sorry, did someone here somehow expect a good movie from the same people that made the last one? I hope this and the other upcoming trailers are enough to put that silliness to rest.

293. gingerly - December 6, 2012


Thank you, Anthony!!

294. El Chup - December 6, 2012

@ 286 Agreed, sadly.

295. Aurore - December 6, 2012

Here we go!


It’s not Khan!

296. vulcan_erruption - December 6, 2012

sure, go ahead, resolve who is Cumby playing and blah blah blah – SPOCK MIGHT DIE IN THIS ONE, PEOPLE!

297. Riker's Beard - December 6, 2012

So Star Trek shouldn’t have FX and explosions? Come on, people! The vast majority of fans are happy to see Star Trek being made again. If you don’t like the direction they’ve gone with the movies, fair enough, but the fact is that without mass market appeal they simply wouldn’t get made. I think JJ is the best man for this job – who do you think should take it on and what would they do to make it ‘better’?

298. racaca - December 6, 2012

@297 “So Star Trek shouldn’t have FX and explosions? ”

Cool misinterpretation.

299. Dom - December 6, 2012

Looks absolutely awesome! People should remember that TOS was not that often ship-based: that was a TNG thing. The job of the Enterprise was to get the characters to a strange new world for an adventure and stay in the background, beyond establishing shots post-ad break.

And yes, it looks very much like Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner. Very happy Trekker here!!!!

300. Juan Carlos - December 6, 2012

In this page is the teaser trailer with sub in spanish. engage:

301. NanoTechDudeLA - December 6, 2012

Looks great, can’t wait!

302. Valenti - December 6, 2012

Isn’t this exciting? Are you excited cause I’m excited I’ve never been so excited, well, except for the time that I went [gasp] but I mean really-

303. Aurore - December 6, 2012

….Earlier, I only saw the update.

I had not noticed the comment about the new thread yet!


304. Firelight - December 6, 2012

I love the teaser! Looking forward to the trailer after next weekend. Hope the time flies.

305. Davexbit - December 6, 2012

WOW! The scale! Cumberbatch! Gary Mitchell for sure. I’m glad. Back in the TOST you knew the character had awesome power but the budget and abilities couldn’t do it justice. This is like Star Trek meets Akira! Mitchell of course being Kaneda. IMAX will do a grand job showing the scale of everything we were meant to see and experience in the Star Trek Universe. If the story is tight this will truly be amazing! Can’t wait.

306. Clinton - December 6, 2012

Dear May 17, 2013: Why are you so far away?

307. John Tenuto - December 6, 2012

Why my guess is Khan:

Vengeance…wrath…original title of Wrath of Khan was Vengeance of Khan

The Japanese version ends with Spock’s hand and someone elses with glass between them like TWOK


Why it could be Gary Mitchell:

Then again, Cumberbatch looks nothing like Khan here and is accent is wrong. According to the rules the filmmakers set last film, anything before Nero’s interferance is the same in both universes, so Khan should have the same kind of look and accent as the “Space Seed” and TWOK. Of course, Gary did not have a British accent either!

Gary Mitchell was in the comic book that is considered cannon months ago and died. It could be him, I guess, because of the line about returning


My guess is that is Khan, although Gary is a close second.

308. Dogs can read minds - December 6, 2012

Meh, it’s okay.

To be fair I’ve seen so many ”epic”, overblown, booming music trailers over the last….10 years, that I think I’m desensitized to it now.

I’ll wait and see what the teaser reveals…….the FRICKIN VILLAIN HOPEFULLY!

309. Vincent - December 6, 2012

The ending of the Japanese trailer was a dead giveaway guys. Obviously Spock and Khan separated by glass a homage to Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan’s ending. The women in the blue uniform has to be Carol Marcus and she is looking at Kirk in a flirty kind of way. Cumberbach saying “i have returned.” Obviously about Khan being put into a statis ship and sent away. Oh an him using Guns and leaping from a tall building with incredible strength. There is no doubt in my ind IT’S KHAN.

Oh and him wearing a starfleet uniform again homage to Khan doing the same thing in ST II. It’s not mitchell.

310. Bob Tompkins - December 6, 2012

Dehner- Marcus. [Knowing looks were exchabged between her and Kirk.
Mitchell – Khan

311. Sam - December 6, 2012

“I have returned for vengeance”. That’s got to be Khan…

312. JB - December 6, 2012

It looks very exciting, but – the story is about a bad guy driven by…vengeance? That trope’s been used several times already, as recently as the last movie.

313. Dogs can read minds - December 6, 2012

Sooooo…….I’m just gonna point out the elephant in the room here……

Does this mean Khan is a White dude now?

314. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2012

Wow. I hope it’s Star Trek.

315. Valenti - December 6, 2012

It’s most likely that this movie is set before the main timeline’s “Space Seed” episode… And Wrath of Khan was set, what, 20-odd years later?

Mr. Cumberbatch is probably playing someone else.

Maybe a future evil Sherlock clone? ;)

316. Punkspocker - December 6, 2012

Wow, I didn’t expect Cumberbatch to keep the British accent…sweet!

317. Astrophyiscophile - December 6, 2012

41, 134, 135, 145, 179, 228, 255, 275. After stepping through the trailer several times to study the nacelles of the starship crashing into the water, I now see that the nacelles look like those on Enterprise E.

318. pg - December 6, 2012

Revenge has been a central them in many great stories since books were written and films have been made… Not a problem, as long as it’s done well!!

319. Samuel Vimes - December 6, 2012

Has none of you read what JohnBisc posted? Memory Alpha says about Garth:

“Garth of Izar was a decorated, highly-regarded officer in the Federation Starfleet, who rose to rank of Fleet Captain in the course of his service through the mid-23rd century. His career dissolved in a dramatic descent into darkness and attempted genocide, resulting in his commitment to the Elba II asylum for the criminally insane.”


Another quote from Memory Alpha:

“He manufactured a chemical explosive of substantial strength from available materials (and claimed it was the most potent weapon in history)…”

Need I saymore?

– Sam

320. Nurse Gabble - December 6, 2012

Oh my….
a teaser packed with shooting, blasting, screaming, bombing, threatening!!!
I don’t know if it is that exciting. Seen it under different names too many times.

321. captain_neill - December 6, 2012

Vengenance is a theme of two of my favourite two Trek films, Wrath of Khan and First Contact, but I don’t think it is needed again, especially when the villain of the last one also was looking for vengenance. It’s just old hat now.

There is a whole universe to play with in Trek but somehow makking it more mainstream limits the themes. Still it looks like it will be a fun action packed film. As long as I come out and say “That’s Star Trek” i think I can be happy, but this is one fan who will always prefer the prime uniiverse. Yet I can still enjoy these films.

322. JohnRambo - December 6, 2012

i can’t believe they’re killing Spock AGAIN! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

323. Stu - December 6, 2012

It looks to be the Enterprise coming out of the water, but the ship crashing into the water can’t possibly be the Enterprise, the nacelles are too far apart!

324. I, Mugsy - December 6, 2012

After this film is done & dusted, can Trek III please NOT be about some villain looking for vengeance? Can we have something new please? With today’s technology we really could explore some new alien cities/concepts etc. I want to feel that thrill of galactic exploration back again in Trek…


325. captain_neill - December 6, 2012


I reach

Exploring strange new world and seeking out new life is lost when it comes to attractign the mainstream.

326. racaca - December 6, 2012

324: ditto. So far only Avatar managed to give us the thrill of galactic exploration and “strange new worlds”

327. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

@322 The Spock/Kirk Vulcan Salute on Glass in the Japanese version is unmistakably an homage to Wrath of Khan.

I’m utterly convinced this is the middle arc in a purposeful trilogy, and this time around, Kirk is the one who “dies,” or so we’re led to believe, and will be “revived” in the next movie, ala Han Solo in Carbonite in SW:TESB.

And the story about the Russian title of “Vengeance” (along with the sweeping coat of the villain in the poster) led me to think, right or wrong, of “Nemesis.”

But I gotta tell ya, that trailer does, in fact, look awesome. The Enterprise (or whatever ship it is) coming out of/crashing into the water is going to be amazing in IMAX and/or 3D.

Looks really good. As for which TOS villain its supposed to be, I haven’t one clue. Khan wasn’t British. Neither was Mitchell. But there’s clearly no effort to conceal Cumberbatch’s British accent. I’m beginning to wonder if that, itself, isn’t the big “lie” we’ve heard about – that the TOS villain being reprised is really only a minor character in this movie, such as maybe Peter Weller’s character, and Cumberbatch’s villain dispatches the TOS character early on. I can’t think of any TOS villains having a British accent. Clearly, however, the trailer shows Cumberbatch saying he’s “back” or has “returned,”

Trelane??? Squire of Gothos?? Man, that’s the only “villain” I can think of that even comes close, but he was so much a cartoon character I can’t fathom it’d be him, besides he was never part of Starfleet.

*sigh* No clue. Mitchell’s a good a guess as any. I just hope the “Kirk chases another villain” theme works out well.

328. ruue - December 6, 2012

Eventhough the theme of vengeance is overused (ähm STII, ST: Nemesis, ST XI???) this trailer looks IMPRESSIVE! 9 out of 10

Allready hyped for the real teaser in front of the hobbit, hope it will be shown in German theaters

329. The Professor - December 6, 2012


330. VOODOO - December 6, 2012

Looks like a nice little character study ; )

331. Chingatchkook - December 6, 2012

Between the poster and this trailer, there really feels like an allegorical hint of 9/11, especially with that crowd scene.

Trailer looks good, can’t wait for the real thing

332. The Professor - December 6, 2012

Where is Chekov? We see everyone else.

333. shamelord - December 6, 2012

324. I feel the same way.

334. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

The whole title of the movie does not make sense STAR (Stars in they night sky)TREK(Exploration) INTO DARKNESS(Space is dark yet none of the trsiler seemed to be in space?

7/10 A bit dissapointed but looked good.

335. Dom - December 6, 2012

325. captain_neill

I disagree. There’s nothing to stop the crew having a big, action-packed movie adventure on a strange new world, far away from Starfleet, the Klingons, Vulcan’s destruction and so on. Someone just has to make it… ;)

There’s an awful lot we still don’t know about this film, which is wonderful from my perspective. Indeed, the lack of ship shots implies there might be a good reason for this!

336. Nurse Gabble - December 6, 2012

“You think your world is safe, it’s an illusion” Talosians anyone?
Maybe all what happens is a staged test of character.

337. Stephan - December 6, 2012


I think I will ask some cinemas by mail, maybe they know something.

338. paustin - December 6, 2012

this trailer needs more lense flairs

339. Mack Johnson - December 6, 2012

but Gary Mitchell wouldnt NEED a gun. and the last fews secs of the Japanese trailer looks just like the death of Spock scene from The Wrath of Khan, when Kirk and Spock touch hands.

340. singularity87 - December 6, 2012

My impression is that this is something of an homage to Wrath of Khan but with a different, possibly totally unrelated villain such as Mitchell. We shall see.

341. rm10019 - December 6, 2012

Looks like a great summer film! Can’t wait! The word illusion is certainly loaded with meaning to Trek fans, i agree that through all of the primary story there could be a face melting reveal at the end of Pike or another character in a Cage.

342. Caesar - December 6, 2012

What’s with the trailer noise in EVERY trailer now? BHAAAN

343. al - December 6, 2012

looks great. I don’t think kirk will die in this movie…eventhough the last shot is a homage to WOK. It could be pike’s hand. Love the Enterprise rising out of the bay or ocean.
Is it me or is the teaser cut a bit like the Transformers movie trailers? It has that feel and that weird electronic music.
The blonde chick is gorgeous. I still don’t know who cumberbatch is playing, but it feels like it will be gary mitchell, unless, they have revised Khan’s origin.

344. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

Let me be the first to say it:


345. finetuneit - December 6, 2012

I get why people are saying Alice Eve could be Dehner or Carol Marcus, but when I first saw her, I automatically thought Nurse Chapel (wasn’t it reported ages ago that she could appear in this film).

As for who Cumberbatch plays, I have no idea! I can understand why people automatically think Khan. Then again, it’s totally like JJ Abrams to mislead people to believe that.

346. George - December 6, 2012

Hey, did anyone notice the command insigna on Kirk’s unifrom at the end of the Japanese trailer. It looks very much like the one worn by Kirk in ST:TMP

347. Randall Williams - December 6, 2012

If you notice the last scene of the teaser in the Japanese version, you
will see kirk and spock “touch hands” by pressing their hands on either
side of the partition. That is a rewrite of the famous Spock death scene
in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. They do the same thing in that
death scene, except Spock splays his fingers in the “Live Long and prosper” salute and says the familiar dialog, then Spock collapses and dies.

I have been a “Trekkie” since I first started watching “Star Trek” on NBC TV back in 1967.

348. SPATAN555 - December 6, 2012

That is Gary Mitchell voice. No doubt. I like this!

349. John Gill - December 6, 2012

I see Cumberbatch is wearing a blue Starfleet uniform with insignia in one shot!!!! I hope it’s Gary Mitchel and he says “WHY DID YOU MOVE DELTA VEGA NEAR VULCAN, I WANTED TO DO THAT…”

350. William DeCourcy - December 6, 2012

The reference to “your family” is justifying the actions the antagonist is taking to protect his family…it’s juxtaposition, and it’s brilliant. The family in question, of course, are the Augments/Genetically Superior followers/relatives of Khan. Khan Noonian Singh is doing what he must to protect his family. Also, keeping in mind the sprinkling of characters Frakes referenced this week, don’t be surprised to see “Noonian” used in more that one context in this movie.

351. Mech Man - December 6, 2012

What if Kirk dies instead of Spock…..that’d be a twist.

352. GO - December 6, 2012


I hope I’m proven wrong, but so far, all I’m seeing is a CGI-infested crap-fest.

At least it seems like lens flares have been toned down a bit.

I’ll take the Undiscovered Country and First Contact over this for now.

353. John Gill - December 6, 2012

If this is The Enterprise in this shot, then it looks like it’s gracious beauty has been restored, somewhat…

354. racaca - December 6, 2012

352. When the movie is actually released the CGI might look much better and the lens flares might be added. I remember that the tank in “The A-team” movie trailer looked completely fake, but it certainly looked real in the actual movie

355. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 6, 2012

I like this Trailer. It’s Exciting!!!!

356. Kev-1 - December 6, 2012

Looks like Khan. I think Mitchell would be too “science-fictiony” to be included in a movie (not by me) — all those lightning bolts and whatever. Doesn’t look good for NCC-1701. I’m on the fence.

357. Commodore Adams - December 6, 2012

Wow, the footage blew me away! Good job boys. Can’t wait to see it.

I just hope there is some uniqueness to this plot.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Villain driven by vengeance
Star Trek 2009: Nero driven by vengeance
Star Trek Nemesis: Shinzon driven by vengeance
Star Trek Insurrection: Ru’afo driven by vengeance
Star Trek Generations: Soren driven by vengeance
Star Trek II: Khan driven by vengeance

Hence why Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country is still my favourite Star Trek movie, more so then TWOK simply because it wasn’t a one man vengeance plot, it was a conspiracy plot, Federation and Klingons conspiring with one another, it was awesome, unique, and had never been done before. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Wrath of Khan but it falls flat and is uninteresting compared to Trek VI which had depth, colour, intrigue and character. I really cant understand why TWOK is most people favourite Trek when VI is leaps and bounds better.

358. Commodore Adams - December 6, 2012

@ 352. GO YES! Another person who listed Undiscovered Country and not Wrath of Khan…THANK YOU for having taste and class! Trek VI is leaps and bounds better than Trek II.

359. Sunfell - December 6, 2012

The comics really were a lead-up to the movie. In the first issues “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, Kirk left Mitchell for dead out on that remote planet.

Apparently, he failed to do a ‘double-tap’…

360. Me - December 6, 2012

The hands touching glass look like Spock and Cumberbatch. The arm in the foreground looks to be wearing just the black Starfleet undershirt, as Cumberbatch appears to be wearing in the movie. Maybe Cumberbatch’s character is looking for vengance for his family, perhaps his Vulcan family that died in the first movie? Perhaps this family is also Spock’s family, hence why they’d have a glass-touching scene.

361. - December 6, 2012

Khan would not return for vengeance. He would return and try to conquer the world again.

362. John O - December 6, 2012

I also agree. Star Trek VI was my favorite film as well. A great story, good vfx, places and images we had not seen before (at that point), connection to other films and the next generation, and a fitting end for the legendary crew.

Trek VI, followed by Treks II, III and IV. Though every now and again, when I feel like I’m in a 70’s mood, The Motion Picture fits the bill nicely!

363. Saiyan - December 6, 2012

My money is on Marcus with unborn David for kirks family danger

364. Robert - December 6, 2012

I hate to prejudge but I think Into Darkness is what Nemesis should have been.

365. Nony - December 6, 2012

Man. I have watched this trailer so many times in the last two hours.

Can I just wave my little McCoy devotee flag for a moment and hope that he is highlighted in the movie a little more than he appears to be in this trailer? I’m slightly concerned that Urban doesn’t get a solo ‘hero pose’ or close-up the way Pine, Quinto, and Saldana do (or any clear emotional shots, really) and that that might signify something in regards to his actual importance in the film. Backseat and blurry. It seems odd from a marketing standpoint, because it’s not like Urban isn’t a draw, especially with genre audiences and women in general.

I’m probably (definitely) overreacting, though. After all, Chekov and Pike got nada, and we know they’re both in the movie, so… I’ll just hope for a little more Bones in the finished product.

366. USSEXETER - December 6, 2012

Looks good, really hope it’s not Khan. Prefer Gary or Garth. And the new blond woman (Alice Eve) is now my favorite Star Trek hottie!!

367. James Cawley - December 6, 2012

Here is a thought for all of you wondering who the villian is, watch the Japan trailer with the added footage, the very last line of dialogue delivered made me wonder if this villian could be Kirk’s Brother or some family member.. The line need not be about Kirk’s Enterprise/Starfleet family…
James Cawley

368. Magic_Al - December 6, 2012

By now, using that BRAAAAAHHHHHHM sound turns any trailer into self-parody. Between this and the Dark Knight-ripoff poster I’m mystified by what seems like a deliberate marketing message that this film contains nothing original.

369. Janice - December 6, 2012

I watched the trailers a couple of times looking for Pike since he’s the one I like. Didn’t see him however. I refuse to read any speculation that he’s sacrificed as that would be a total bummer. At the end of that movie, I hope I see Pike alive and well (and Not on Talos4) and that the rest of the Enterprise crew are all in one piece—a “feel good” ending.
The trailers look to be full of great action!

370. Doomsday - December 6, 2012

361: But…he could be seeking vengeance against a world that rejected him and exiled him into space….most of the desctuction seems aimed at Earth in general, and not Kirk in particular, though that’s highly speculative from such a short clip.

371. The Devil Wears Armani - December 6, 2012

@319 I think you got it Sam. And let’s not forget that Garth has the power to project illusions like Governor Cory, etc.

372. SciFiJunky - December 6, 2012


Those are very interesting points. I would love for the villain to be someone other than Mitchell or Khan (the evidencse leans towards Khan even though I don’t want it to be), and Garth would be awesome!

How would Garth have superhuman strength, though?

373. Jefferies Tuber - December 6, 2012

I think we should move past the “Khan is ethnic” meme on Trekmovie. Montalban was a Castilian Spaniard whose family moved from Mexico City to LA. In other words, he was European. Montalban’s characterization of Khan in The Space Seed was upper class, if anything. He did absolutely nothing to indicate Sikh/Mongolian/Indian culture or ethnicity in TSS or TWOK. Sikhism is a religion, not an ethnicity, in any event.

374. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

For a change of pace on the is/isn’t Khan/Mitchell/Garth debate, did anyone notice that the starship crashing into the SF Bay looks amazingly like the *TOS* Enterprise, with the straight/perpendicular pylons and simple, cylindrical nacelles?

Surely we’re not dealing with a villain that’s time traveling and hijacking from the original timeline….??

Be a heck of a way to show a glimpse of Spock Prime or Kirk Prime..

I know, I know, silly and probably not right, but it’s something different to talk about.

375. Dennis Bailey - December 6, 2012

“I think we should move past the “Khan is ethnic” meme on Trekmovie. Montalban was a Castilian Spaniard whose family moved from Mexico City to LA. In other words, he was European. Montalban’s characterization of Khan in The Space Seed was upper class, if anything. He did absolutely nothing to indicate Sikh/Mongolian/Indian culture or ethnicity in TSS or TWOK. Sikhism is a religion, not an ethnicity, in any event.”

Exactly so. Well said, but it will be ignored.

376. gigi 1 - December 6, 2012

I think its Khan and it looks like sopck deis in the end like on twok kirk and him seperated by the glass and is it me or does it look like the Enterpirise E crashing into the water at the end of the trailer ????

377. Legate Damar - December 6, 2012

Well, given that he says that he’s returning, I guess that means that it’s Khaaaaaaan. After all, he is an ancient tyrant from Earth’s 20th century. Mitchell, or really most TOS villains, wouldn’t really fit that.

378. Gary S. - December 6, 2012

simple, in this reality, Garth was found on Antos IV badly injured and, he was “rebuilt”.
If it is a TOS character they dont have to be based EXACTLY on their counterparts.
Could be Mitchell without blue eyes and telekinesis.,Super Strength instead.
Or it could be an amalgamation of past Trek villains, but a new name .

379. Spuhura Addict - December 6, 2012

I love it. I’ve got that tingling feeling again. (cue my happy dance)
But wait…does any of this happen in space? Maybe I’ll get my answer next week. We get 9 min, right? I am going to hold my breath.
Starting now………

380. BitterTrekkie - December 6, 2012

Wow, a film about revenge.
We never seen that before in Star Trek.

381. AJJ - December 6, 2012

Right. Throwing a theory out there. The release time for the trailer was 1201. Why it couldn’t be 1701 got me thinking. Could it be related to an episode where the shuttle craft Picasso 1201 was used in?

382. Captain Karl - December 6, 2012

So yeah, basically what Quinto was saying about moving on from his role of Spock, and especially with the very TWOK scene at the end of the Japanese trailer, points towards Spock joining his fellow Vulcans in Sha Ka Ree.

Also JJ seems to love villains jumping from higher ground down to the hero…as we can see in an almost matching shot of Khanberbatch jumping down as Nero did jumping down to Kirk.

383. Yar's love child - December 6, 2012

367 – I had the same thought. I wonder if it’s Sam…

384. Mantastic - December 6, 2012

Star Trek: Michael Bay edition.

Lots of overly oppressive action and explosions, washed out blue tones, over-saturated orange tones, and not much else in the way of color otherwise. Not to mention the fact that everything looks to be as hopeless and depressing as possible.

This is not Star Trek.

I’m not going to give the movie a failing grade just based off of this teaser trailer, but I’m really concerned.

385. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

Well if that is Cumberbatch’s take on Khan I ‘aint that into it. That’s why I doubt it’s Khan. Cumberbatch is a better actor than that. I would presume that if he were asked to play Khan he would bear some resemblance (no, not just physical) to Montalban’s portrayal of Khan.

And Garth? For all the people who complain about Gary being a silly name for a villain, Garth isn’t any better. In fact it’s kinda worse. All you would hear from the press after the release is “Party on, Garth!” It might just make you hate Star Trek.

No, it’s Mitchell. Apparently the comics have him being “killed”. This would explain Cumberbatch saying he has returned. And why he is seeking vengence.

386. M-5 Computer - December 6, 2012

Has anyone stopped to think that maybe it *KIRK* inside the glass and Spock is trying to save *HIM*? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist on the scene? Sacrifices must be made, indeed.

387. rm10019 - December 6, 2012

385 – Yep, that’s what i thought too

388. Lurker - December 6, 2012

The real question is, where will R2D2 show up this time?

389. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

347. Randall Williams – December 6, 2012

But when did Kirk and Spock both become left handed? The original was right on right.

390. Lemon - December 6, 2012

@373 Mongolian? Lol Where did that come from? Khan’s origins are clearly pointed out as Indian in Space Seed in dialogue and I think there was a painting of him in a Turban in that episode too.

But I agree, in this day and age any ethnicity can play any role. And besides, just as there are Brown Americans, there are White Indians you know. Freddie Mercury, Cliff Richard, ring any bells?

Anyway, I’m gonna thrown my thoughts in and say it’s Sybok.

1) He’s looking for Vengeance, maybe vengeance for the destruction of Vulcan? Maybe he blames the Federation/Starfleet for saving Earth while failing to protect Vulcan? He talks of ”Thinking you’re safe…’s an illusion”, maybe he’s referencing his own experiences, wants Earth to suffer for surviving Nero, while billions of Vulcans died.

2) He talks of family, maybe he’s referring to Spock? Their mother? Revenge? Maybe the supposed TWOK glass scene is actually Spock and Sybok? It might also explain the emphasis on Spock chasing Cumberbatch’s character. It seems to suggest something personal between them, than between Cumberbatch and Kirk.

3) It would explain his super-strength and maybe even his resistance to the nerve pinch?

4) I’m thinking Sybok is in Starfleet, and goes insane/rogue after Vulcan’s destruction. He gets the burial after he is killed, maybe as a cover-up to prevent the damage public exposure of a Vulcan attack on Earth would do to the stability of the Federation.

5) It might also explain how he is able to ”detonate” the fleet and commandeer what looks like a Starfleet ship for himself as well as his Starfleet attire.

Yeah, I think it’s Sybok.

391. Lt.LanaShelby - December 6, 2012

Welcome to Talos IV

392. Andy - December 6, 2012

Visually, I think this is going to be pretty spectacular. The ‘new-earth’ look is very reminiscent of Mass Effect, and I think it works pretty well. It’s also very hard to judge a film completely based on one small teaser. The editing of the clips can give an entire different feel to a film. They were trying to give the film a much more gritty/and darker feel right out of the starting gate, to further re-iterate that this isn’t you father’s Star Trek anymore. I have extremely high hopes for this film, and so far I don’t feel let down one bit. The trailer was a little too action/destruction/transformers for myself personally. I’d love to see elements of adventure that are so strongly rooted in past SCI-FI. Overall I’d give it a B+. Also, the teaser is already burning it’s path through the internet. It’s pretty big on reddit right now.

393. Adam - December 6, 2012

345 – If Alice Eve is Nurse Chapel, perhaps Cumberbatch is Dr Roger Korby? Perhaps he found some kind of Domesday weapon on Exo III…….

394. D for Me - December 6, 2012

timeline/ dimension travel till my ears bleed or I’m turned into a white bust of myself. A Starfleet ship from prime timeline? Either that or they refit Enterprise after the big battle with the Narada? Is the “bad guy” on the Klingon prison planet? maybe a link to the first movie and Nero? HMMM? Lots of questions. Can’t wait to see Into Darkness!

395. Simship - December 6, 2012

That hand.. in black… not Chris Pine. That guy mauls his nails – you can see it throughout ST:XI.

& no, I dont think he’s stopped… same thing in Welcome to People (or whatever that dull film he just made is called) when he’s lighting a cigarette. I just checked.

So yeaaaah. I dont think that’s Kirk.

396. Elias Javalis - December 6, 2012

Pardon my language.. This is F@…Amazing!! It ll destroy theaters everywhere!!

397. dalek - December 6, 2012

Interesting I read the “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for you family” as a justification for the villain’s actions, rather than inferring he was a family member of Kirk’s.

The vengeance in this movie will be Kirk going after Pike’s murderer!

398. Drij - December 6, 2012


399. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

It’s 10, for me!

#394. Simship

I’ve been thinking about that, too!… does not look like the hand of Chris Pine …. a stunt double hand?… maybe? :-)

400. martin - December 6, 2012

I am wondering if the hand is Cumberbatch’s- and perhaps it is the brother of Spock.

Sybok was insane, and could easily have been much more dangerous than he was portrayed to be.

As for Alice Eve, I am thinking more and more is Carol Marcus and either she, or possibly David is killed.

401. Pensive's Wetness - December 6, 2012

not much point in talking since it’ll reach 1k+ by this evening but… that trailer caused a mild erection, at the very least :D Probably gary (but now i got ‘Gary, Come Home’ singing in my ears…)

402. Khan was Framed! - December 6, 2012

Haha. Why are there fighter jets that leave an exhaust trail in Star Trek?

I really hope that’s a flashback to Khan’s defeat on Earth of the past; otherwise that may be JJ’s worst infraction yet.

There’s no war on Earth in this time period, hence there are no war vehicles on Earth except in museums.

Now I’m a bit scared of how dumb this could get.

403. Dr. Cheis - December 6, 2012

Sure doesn’t sound like he’s Khan…


404. Gary Mitchell - December 6, 2012

Not exhaust trail but contrails!

405. Anthony Thompson - December 6, 2012

Trying so hard to like it. But don’t. JJ told us four years ago that the optimistic tone of Trek is what had attracted him to the material. Compare the first trailer from the 2009 film – “That’s one small step for a man…” with this one. This is all explosions and screaming (to the point that it’s annoying, BTW). I hope for better things from the film itself.

406. Gary Makin - December 6, 2012

To all those people saying “Why can’t this movie be about exploration”, etc. – none of the previous films were. They all featured the Enterprise crew reacting to some kind of crisis.

407. It's Khan's Son - December 6, 2012

Joaquin!!! The resemblance is uncanny!!!

408. Platitude - December 6, 2012

Amazing trailer! So excited for this movie! May needs to hurry up and get here.

409. crazydaystrom - December 6, 2012

159. Mark James Tucker,
184. Tesla’s Cat,
and anyone else who might’ve said it,

I’m totally down with the idea of him being Sybok! That would be so out of left field and something I’d hope for back before ST ’09 was released. It’s what I would’ve done if I was the writer – take a main character from a maligned Trek fim and make an awesome new film! I mentioned it at least a couple of times on this very site back when.

Of course it’s probably not Sybok, JJ and crew are probably still being VERY calculatedly misleading and secretive. But whoever it is, it looks like it’s going to be a great fun ride.


410. anonanon - December 6, 2012

It’s a very minor detail, but doesn’t that window’box/thing behind Kirk in the final part of the trailer resemble the kind of light that came from the radiation leak that Spock repaired in TWOK?

411. GO - December 6, 2012

#354: It’s not the CGI quality I’m worried about. It’s that CGI and mindless action seem to be the number one priority here, much like in the 2009 movie.

Last time I checked, Trek was supposed to be intelligent, cerebral SciFi with an optimistic take. JJ and his team have unfortunately taken and turned it into over-glorified (and at first, seemingly exciting) MTV music videos. The cast is stellar (with the surprising exception of the disappointing Zachary Quinto) – shame they couldn’t also recreate the storytelling magic.

Again, I may be getting ahead of myself here, but seeing how poorly Trek 2009 stands up in repeat viewings (the plot increasingly reveals itself as superficial and emotional involvement is tepid to non-existent), I’m afraid we’ve got another mediocre entry coming.

412. Dr. Image - December 6, 2012

Ok. Now I”m on board, despite the stupid poster…

413. GO - December 6, 2012

#358: it’s an easy call. Undiscovered Country is easily the most representative of what Trek has always been about.

Good SciFi with relevant social issues and optimism. Great acting and emotionally engaging storytelling, with action underlining the story, not violently overwhelming it.

Don’t get me wrong – I also enjoyed Wrath of Khan greatly, but I believe VI is the best of the TOS crew movies, much as First Contact the best of the NG crew’s film efforts.

Much as I LOVE First Contact, forced to choose between the two, Undiscovered Country would be it.

414. George Kirk - December 6, 2012

Reasons it isn’t Gary Mitchell:

Says, “I have returned.”

And I don’t think Gary Mitchell would need to use weapons (phaser rifles, massive gatling guns, etc).

415. CaptainDonovin - December 6, 2012

That was cool, cannot wait for May.

416. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

#414 George Kirk

In the recently released comics, which the producers have said are now canon, Gary Mitchell is shot and “killed” apparently.

So he could very well have returned.

417. LizardGirl - December 6, 2012

I feel like I’m going to faint. Oh my god. Did you hear that voice? The graphics oh my god! I wish I wasn’t at work right now. Trying to control myself.

418. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

Yes, the Japanese trailer plays properly for me. The other one does not.

Presumably this film will run for about 2 hours, so it is likely that there will be quieter scenes – scenes with good character moments and exposition. I am hoping that there are some scenes in outer space, where the Enterprise was built to be – exploring strange new worlds. However, if the Enterprise is able to go underwater, then the crew will be taking the Enterprise to go where none have been before…;)

What’s with the horrible grey uniforms and stupid hats? I guess that will be among many things that hopefully get answered when the movie is released. Cumberbatch does seem to be playing someone who may be known to Starfleet (but to none of us!), has gone away, then has returned – with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, vengeance does appear to be a major motivating factor behind much that is evil – even Hitler. It seems likely that he already had anti-Semitic attitudes but they got fueled when a Jewish doctor failed to save his mother’s life. Hitler blamed the doctor and then directed his hatred/vengeance towards all Jews…WW1 was triggered by some trivial and dumb event… All dumb.

419. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

The trailer looks quite amazing. The scenes shown are dark and destructive, but then it is Star Trek Into Darkness. I am hoping this will be about things being darkest before the dawn.

Grey, overcast days are quite common weather patterns…

420. LizardGirl - December 6, 2012

If it is Khan, then we’re missing James Kirk’s son. It’s happening a little too soon but I guess that may be the case in the alternate universe. Or maybe the villain doesn’t die yet in this one, if it is Khan.

421. rm10019 - December 6, 2012

lol 411… that will make 750 Million Dollars and keep the franchise alive.

422. Colonel Green - December 6, 2012

How about Charlie X?

423. CaptainRickover - December 6, 2012

# Rose (as in Keachick)
That thing with Hitler’s mother is nothing else than a legend. His hate for jews was homegrown, a legacy of his allready anti-semitic father. So far with the history lesson.

About the trailer:
Another vengeance-story. Nr. 4 in the movie series (and Nr. 5 if you count Picard’s vengeance with the Borg), and movie Nr. 5 with a thread for earth. So far with innovative storytelling…

About the grey uniforms:
Hail the Galactic Empire!

424. @Dave01 - DZO - December 6, 2012

It’s not Gary Mitchell. You are right, he doesn’t need to use phaser/guns PLUS the Star Trek ‘Ongoing” comic book series (WHICH IS NOW CANON) retold the Gary Mitchell story. The ‘Super Human’ leaps by Cumberbatch’s character shows us his is a super human or ‘Genetically Engineered’.

Also in the newly told alternate timeline being told through the comics is George Kirk does not die on the planet with those flying jelly fish amebas that latched on to Prime Spock’s back. George Kirk lives in the alternate universe. So my guess is KHAN kills him in that terror attack and James T. Kirk is hell bent to get KHAN.

That’s my guess.

P.S. Now I’m not sure if we are going to get to see any KLINGON faces.

425. crazydaystrom - December 6, 2012

419. LizardGirl
James Kirk’s son had nothing to do with Khan’s first TOS appearance. So he wouldn’t be missing here, he just does not yet exist, as he did not in the original series. Or rather, Kirk’s son did appear in the original series. I don’t know when he was supposed to have been conceived.

426. crazydaystrom - December 6, 2012

That’s ‘did NOT appear…’

427. Ammogod - December 6, 2012

In the fight scene in front of the big yellow circle thing, the klingon is swining a batleth at cumby. its at 0:21 into the japanese trailer. At 0:38 it is a woman in starfleet uniform being shot.

I believe kirk, spock, uhura are dressed in klingon garb at the fight scene with klingons.. possibly on a infiltration mission?

Cumby’s coat has a similar collar design to khans’… thinking the “son of khan” theory may have merit and kirk and crew just find him while on another mission.

At 0:41 look at boots on cumby… at 0:42 blonde woman is seen in front of person with cumby’s boots looking at the camera screeming.. a scream of protection, defiiance? Could be eithe son of khan or mitchell theory…

More I think of it, the more “son of khan” makes sense.

The 9 minute preview will be klingons finding Botany bay and possibly Peter Weller as Khan, including his dramatic death scene to open the story plot… That way, a big shocker is played and released early to wet the appetite of everyone and set them to wondering again that this is not the original TOS universe anymore, but something different and excitingly new.

428. Cygnus-X1 - December 6, 2012

119. Richard – December 6, 2012

—-The ship crashing into the water (which I don’t think is the Enterprise) doesn’t do much for me. Almost makes the crash in Generations look good by comparison.—-

The CGI in general doesn’t look all that good in the trailer, for some reason. Maybe it’ll look better on the big screen in context? It’s strange; I’m sure they spared no expense on the CGI, especially for this kind of movie where the CGI will almost surely play a prominent role in the film.

429. Becca - December 6, 2012

I can’t decide if it’s Gary Mitchell or Khan… honestly it could go either way.

430. Unbel1ever - December 6, 2012

When I read the synopsis, I was hoping for sth. along the lines of DS9’s “Homefront”/”Paradise Lost” episodes. It seems that will not be it. Instead we get another revenge story. Hmmm… I was mostly against bringing Khan back, because it would have been another revenge story. I really wanted something new. The feeling you got when they discovered the Borg or – failing that – a standoff involving the major galactic powers. The unknown. Now, the trailer looks a bit like the Avengers. It’s another human super-villain. Ships turn into subs. I hadn’t realized Star Trek was now about comic book stories. But with IDW’s series, I guess it is. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy movies like that. However, Star Trek to me is a space opera. Why try to copy the comic book formula when there are already so many comic book movies. I really hope Cumberbatch can give whatever character he plays a convincing motivation. Otherwise this is just Batman.

431. Mark stopher - December 6, 2012

In the end of the jap trailer notice how the hand on “our” side of the glass is positioned? the arm is almost horizontal which would mean the person attached to it is lying/kneeling down. So spock is the survivor in that scene, so it leads to who’s arm is it? my moneys on cumberbatchs as guessed in previous posts…..

432. Horatio - December 6, 2012

-#422 Agree, there seems to be ALOT of vengeance going on in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

Just a thought, could CB be Sam Kirk?

433. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

#428 Cygnus-X1

The D’s crash in Generations definitely looked better (to me at least) than the ship in this trailer. For one, it was a real physical model that was expertly shot.

434. number6 - December 6, 2012

Holy F@ckin F@ckity F@ck…. This looks badass™!!

435. Gary Makin - December 6, 2012

Re: 90 – Told ya it would have the BAAAHHH sound :)

436. martin - December 6, 2012


After watching it again, I am wondering if this is an awakening, not a death.

However, it also seems to me as if Spock’s hand is shaking somewhat, which leads me to think even more that this is Sybok at the end of the movie.

And even if it is Gary Mitchell, I am hoping that Alice Eve is still Carol Marcus- it doesn’t need to have Dehner in it just because Mitchell is.

437. Trick - December 6, 2012



I was thinking the same thing.

438. garth - December 6, 2012

People… quit judging the teaser’s potential plot, visual effects… the movie isnt due out for another 6 months! Quit complaining. From one trek fan to the others that trashes this teaser… get a life.

439. No Khan - December 6, 2012

Sure doesn’t look like Khan or Mitchell to me. A newbie maybe?

440. Jack - December 6, 2012

Montreal Paul’s on sabbatical, but his hometown paper isn’t quite buying the bluster:

441. BRF - December 6, 2012

This pushes me more toward thinking it’s Khan. Khan, but not as we know him, to paraphrase the doctor. Part of the point of a reboot is to play a little bit loose with the elements of the original, and that’s what they’ve done here, is my best guess. Khan was engineered to be superhuman (by a Starfleet skunks works program?) and then rebelled, or was cast aside, but for one reason or another was sent/went away and now he’s back and somehow he can pin how he was mistreated on Kirk (or Kirk’s family?) and is after him.

442. karl - December 6, 2012

Interesting… The version of the trailer on the UK Yahoo movies website has the film title as “Into Darkness” at the end. The words Star Trek don’t appear—star-trek-into-the-darkness-104221695.html

443. JohnRambo - December 6, 2012

he is definitely NOT Gary Mitchell!

444. CAPT KRUNCH - December 6, 2012

This is basically the first of many teaser trailers, which simply gives a glimpse of what is going on, without trying to give too much of he plot or characters away. It’s fun to guess who CB is and to complain about how this isn’t real TREK or how bad the E crashing into the water looks or how much vengeance there in the future.
I’m just glad that we get something to look at and talk about with only 157 days and an odd number of hours left!!!

445. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

Needs more Lens Flares!

446. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

I have a feeling that the 9 minutes of footage being released on 12/14/12 are going to prove monumentally important in the foundation of this movie. If its possible for a feature film to have a “prequel” in terms of a “short” that can be spun around a zillion times on the Internet, this may well be it. You could *easily* have this supposed TOS character in some way “reprised” in the 9 minutes, and then killed by Cumberbatch as the foundation for the “real” movie.

Heck, the first 9 minutes could be the Alternate Timeline’s “Space Seed,”

I admit I’m not crazy about YAMDSTRS (Yet Another Moby Dick Star Trek Revenge Story), but man, they’ve got this one looking awfully impressive. Should be great fun.

I think its also going to end up being very important that Cumberbatch is wearing that dark tunic with the Federation symbol on it. Mirror universe version of some prime

447. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

@444 “ bad the E crashing into the water looks..”

?? I don’t think it looks bad at all. And judging from the looks of those engines, I don’t think its settled that its Enterprise, at least not of this timeline. Looked pretty darned good to me. You want a bad FX shot of something crashing into an ocean or body of water, go check out how Air Force One is depicted crashing into the ocean at the end of “Air Force One” (the Harrison Ford flick). Now *that* was some really bad SFX.

448. et - December 6, 2012

CAN’T WAIT! This opens next week, right?


449. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

Hey….how about Cumberbatch is an alternate timeline LOCUTUS coming back to destroy the Federation because Picard destroyed (well, neutered?) the Borg in First Contact?!?

okay, okay, I need medication :)

450. CaptainRickover - December 6, 2012

BTW: Did anyone notice the new addition to the Enterprise’s warp nacelles? I can’t believe it: they manage it, that this ugly hulk of a ship look even uglier now.

451. Newman - December 6, 2012

I don’t get it

452. LizardGirl - December 6, 2012

@425 crazydaystrom

Yeah, definitely Kirk’s son wouldn’t be as big as he was in the Search for Spock, but it seems like he should’ve at least been born by now, right? Maybe not.

453. NuWisdom - December 6, 2012

Anyone having problems playing the Trailer, its also available in iTunes in the Movies section under the Theatrical Trailers link to the right.

454. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

@450 You’re assuming that ship is Enterprise. I maintain it isn’t.

455. No Khan - December 6, 2012

i see Klingons in traileer

456. No Khan - December 6, 2012

And Klingon writing.

457. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

#454 Sooner Dave

The ship rising out of the water definitely IS the Enterprise. That has been confirmed by Anthony. The one crashing into the water seems to be a different Connie Class. As a matter of fact after nabbing some shots of it and playing it in slo-mo it sure looks a heck of a lot like a Prime universe Connie.

458. NCM - December 6, 2012

Just saw it, haven’t read anything else. It IS GARY MITCHELL! Yup, pretty sure!!! (And I never made any earlier predictions.)

459. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


That’s fine. I just disagree. It’ll be great fun to see how it all pans out. If I’m wrong, oh well….

460. CAPT KRUNCH - December 6, 2012

@447…I agree with you.. the shot looks awesome..I was merely remarking on all of the initial complaining,specualtion, and wonder that has started now that this first trailer has come out. I am TREK through and through and I appreciate were TREK has gone and appears to be going. I have no problem with action and adventure…it puts butts in the seats and keeps the franchise going strong.

461. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

Whoever Cumberbatch is playing, he does have some unusual power because a) he can jump really really far, and b) they make him appear to be the source of all the havoc…which would be kind of hard for him if he’s just an ordinary individual with a bunch of stolen passkeys.

462. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012


‘As a matter of fact after nabbing some shots of it and playing it in slo-mo it sure looks a heck of a lot like a Prime universe Connie.’

That’s exactly what i thought when i saw it.. Reminded me of the Enterprise E nacelle

463. olly - December 6, 2012

I thought these comments were valid:-
So let’s talk about Cumberbatch—because I just can’t with Chris Pine and his tape-lips—as this is his big Hollywood debut, the culmination of years of expectation. First, he looks great. He got fit for this role, and we’re so used to seeing him all skinny and sickly for Sherlock that it’s nice to see him looking healthy for a change. He also looks pretty badass in that shot of him in the hood, jumping down to do some fighting. I have my issues with JJ Abrams, but man does he know how to frame a shot. But mostly, the impression I get from Cumberbatch is that his villain is SCARY. Like, way scarier than Ben Kingsley’s accidentally-hilarious Mandarin in the Iron Man 3 trailer. It’s not so much how he looks, but how he sounds. He sounds terrifying.

But there is that little disconnect between look and sound, which is where my disinterest is coming from, I think. The problem with Abrams and his Super Secret Club of Secrets is that he’ll edit a trailer into oblivion to protect whatever is the SUPER BIG SECRET, and the end result is often this—sure everything looks cool but I have no idea what any of it means and therefore I do not care about any of it. So yes, Cumberbatch is convincingly scary as the villain, and the action is appropriately blockbustery, but I’ve got nothing identify with or care about beyond the preservation of JJ Abrams’ secrety secrets. And that’s a fad that wore thin five years ago.

464. jeanniespock - December 6, 2012

Oh God, I ‘canna take any more of this’. I refuse to read anymore posts or watch anymore trailers. I don’t care who Cumby plays. I want to be shocked and awed when I go to the premier showing in Manchester UK. How can I avoid this site? I’ll have to delete it from my favourites but I know I will still try to look at it between my fingers over my eyes.
Ohh that voice of BC
Help me!!!

465. Granite Trek - December 6, 2012

We don’t see the whole ship, or registration numbers, so we’re jumping to conclusions that the ship rising from the water is the Enterprise. A similar designed ship does crash into some bay or city (probably SF). How do we know that isn’t the ship rising from the water to be crashed into the city nearby in a stealth attack reminiscent of 9/11?

466. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

#459 Sooner Dave


#465 Granite Trek

Because Anthony has had it confirmed to him (by the producers one would presume) that the ship rising out of the water is the Enterprise. I have no reason at all (having been a frequent posting member of this site for 6 years or so) to think that in this instance Anthony is lying. Perhaps the producers or whoever gave Anthony that information was lying to him, who can tell. But for now we have to take AP at his word. The ship rising out of the water is the Enterprise.

Now the one crashing into the water is another story. THAT one sure looks like a good old Prime universe Connie to me.

467. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

@ Sooner Dave – THX-1138 – Granite Trek

After watching the clip numerous times i think it is the Enterprise (with a badly damaged port nacelle) crashing into the water. The angle, shadows and lighting just make it hard to see.

I doubt there’d be 2 Federation starships crashing into water in the movie imo

468. The Sinfonian - December 6, 2012

@452. We have no idea when David Marcus was born, per se. Wrath of Khan takes place about 2285. We’re watching the rebootiverse in 2258. David doesn’t have to be born just yet. However, if Alice Eve is playing Dr. Carol Marcus then maybe we’ll be there at David’s creation.

@458. Makes more sense if it’s Garth of Izar. (“Your world” being Earth makes sense as a line, if you’re from Izar.) Izarans could be stronger, or Garth could be post-Antosian ‘healing’.

@457. The crashing ship is likely Exeter. Exeter would be rebootiverse Constitution Class, not the Pike-directed Enterprise behemoth class. Could Peter Weller’s character be Captain Robert April commanding? That would be great.

469. martin - December 6, 2012

@466 I think without a doubt the rising ship is PineKirk’s Enterprise.

I really think that the crashing ship appears to be the NX-01 with the skinny nacelles and slightly wider vs. longer saucer. The only problem is that where the struts join don’t look quite tirhgt.

I don’t think it is a prime universe Constitution class. The nacelles still look too skinny for that, and there would be a larger engineering section in the middle.

However, I think it is most likely the USS Randomship NCC-9753.

As for Cumberbatch – I am now excited most about the possibility of Sybok. A mixture of insane, genius, and emotion.

And Eve is Carol Marcus.

470. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

#467 Flux Conundrum

I can acknowledge the validity of your point, but I have to disagree on two parts:

We don’t actually see 2 ships crashing into the water. We see one rising and then one crashing. Like, say for example if the Enterprise was laying in wait in the water for whatever reason and took out the other ship causing it to crash INTO the water.

I also maintain that the dimensions of the crashing ship are just too far off from the NuTrek Gigantoprise. The pylons are too straight, the nacelles too far apart, and the diameter of them compared to the saucer too small.

471. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

#469 Martin

Just one thing about the NX-01:

The saucer is indeed round. It “looks” wider because it has a “bite” out of it where the deflector dish is and at the rear where it is straight. But it is circular and not ovoid.

472. martin - December 6, 2012

@468 –
Memory Alpha says that David Marcus was born 2261. I would say that is optimistic. David Marcus seemed older than 23-24 in ST2 (and he already had a phd, and some time afterwards to be working on Genesis). Further, he spoke of the “overgrown boyscout” that Carol used to hang out with – so I am thinking he was no younger than 4-5 when he saw the boyscout hanging with his mom – which would be exactly the time Kirk was becoming captain, and thus not hanging around Carol. So I would bet that David was more like 8 when Kirk became captain, so really about 2258.

Star Trek 09 was 2258/2259.

Assuming 3 to 4 years between movies, I think regardless of the theory, David Marcus is born in the prime timeline. So the question is whether Carol and Jim procreated in the new timeline.

473. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

Chris Pine with his tape-lips? WTF? What is the matter with some people and their bizarre, and I am assuming, deorgatory comments about another person?

474. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


I don’t mean to dispute Anthony, nor to even remotely suggest he’s “lying.” I just read that it was his analysis it was Enterprise coming out of the water; I didn’t read that he had that one scene confirmed from higher ups.

I’m just saying I’ve looked at that nacelle pic and I just don’t see the “1701” others do; I see something other than “17” there, so I’m just going to disagree that its categorically Enterprise coming out of the water. As I said, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. No biggie.

475. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

The notion that someone (Cucumber?) may have killed all/some of Kirk’s family, including his pregnant girlfriend, could set Kirk off, especially given the current mood of the times…

476. Chain of Command - December 6, 2012

I like Star Trek when it’s taken seriously….and this movie looks like it’s pretty serious!

477. Rico - December 6, 2012

Just simply love it! Bring it on JJ!

478. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

The next “teaser trailer” to come out on 17 December – my birthday! loverley! Make it a good one, JJ/Bob! Rose (Keachick) likes nice pressies…:)

479. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

#473. Rose (as in Keachick)…

LOL… This can only be, a certain Cumberbitche from Vancouver … you know who I’m talking about, yeah she is also a Cumberbitche and says such things about CP… or so is a big fan of her…

Well, it doesn’t matter at the end “cucumbersalad” villain is dead!

I told you Cumberbitches aren’t easy!

;-) :-)

480. dougner - December 6, 2012

this movie is going to be huge!!!!!

481. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012


Yeah they do look to far apart for the rebooterprise but i figure that maybe the angle.
Looks like the Enterprise E port nacelle to me.

482. Ian - December 6, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch IS Khan but an alternate universe Khan, reborn from the Genesis explosion, made up of the genetic material of the Reliant crew, but with Khan’s personality coming out on top and returning now, in time, to have his revenge before his original self is defrosted and beaten by Kirk.

That’s it. I’ve got to go to bed. Even I don’t know what I’m on about.

483. THX-1138 - December 6, 2012

Yar, I’ll stop beating the horse. It’s dead, Jim.

484. cakeman - December 6, 2012

Looks exciting!

485. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

@483 THX-1138

I’m going to backtrack quite a bit on my previous assertion re the ship coming out of the water. The single-frame capture I was studying did not show a clear representation of the numerals following “NCC-“; however, the series of frames in the clip itself do, I believe, clearly show *at least* “170”, so my prior suggestion it started wth an 0 or an 8 is clearly wrong. I’m not entirely sold on that last “1” yet, however :)

486. Maltz - December 6, 2012

Oh, it is definitely Gary. Definitely Gary.

Gary Seven, that is.

487. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 6, 2012

The Japanese always get extra footage. Even with the Les Miserables movie they got extra.

I have a feeling either Kirk or Spock dies…just a feeling. The trailer looks fanfrackingtastic.

488. Milo - December 6, 2012

And this is Star Trek how again? I kept feeling like I was watching the newest trailer for the next Chris Nolan Batman film. Truly, JJ Abrams has buried Star Trek. R.I.P. Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

489. fizzben - December 6, 2012

I guess it could be Gary Mitchell but I’m getting the feeling it’s someone we’ve never met before. I had no idea what to expect for this sequel but I have to say that judging by the few frames I’ve seen in the trailer it’s going to be impressive. My excitement meter just moved into the red.

490. suellen - December 6, 2012

Roger Korby and Alice Eve is Chapel. Roger put his brain in an android thus he is stronger than human.

Could also be Charlie X all grown up and Alice Eve is Rand. The beehive hairdo would definitely not work in this day and age with movie audience.

Its not Kahn or Gary. Think someone who was send away. Gary Mitchell is too obvious, as is Kahn. Would be too much comparison of films, not JJ style.

491. JR - December 6, 2012

Got to be Gary Mitchell.. he was stranded by Kirk in this timeline. Now he seeks vengance. hum…

492. Trek by Trek - December 6, 2012

Here’s why the Gary Mitchell theory doesn’t jibe with me: if you were marketing a movie with a primary villain that appeared in a single episode of a half century old TV show, would you market it with this much mystery surrounding it?

Think back to Kahn. The first trailer for that flick had to lay out who the hell he was.

493. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

Did you watch the Japanese version though?? The ending has Spock touching the glass just as in Wrath of Khan….shit! I had thought it was Gary Mitchell all along until I saw that!

494. Marshall McMellon - December 6, 2012

Hmmmmm. I don’t seem to recall Gary Mitchell having a British accent.

495. Rose - December 6, 2012

Just wanted to point out–Kirk’s just been made captain and the Botany Bay is still off floating in space somewhere. HE’S PROBABLY NEVER MET KHAN BEFORE. And it’s been announced that the villain has a personal vendetta against Kirk, meaning that the the villain and Kirk have to have met before. Logically, therefore, it can’t be Khan.
Plus, everyone knows how much Abrams loves misdirecting fans. I think all the Khan references are there just to drive us batty.

496. David G. - December 6, 2012

Am I the only person in nearly 500 postings who’s thinking …. Sybok?

497. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

@Marshall…I’m not sure that Cumberpatch’s accent sounds entirely British…. It’s definitely not his natural accent.

498. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@207 loghaD,

“With those robes and that big, glowing circle thing … am I the only one who gets a bit of a “The Return of the Archons” feel?”

I get a “Return of the Jedi” feel from that scene …

499. GO - December 6, 2012

421: I’m pretty sure it will. The same can be said of any franchise that has been dumbed down to “keep it alive”.

Won’t necessarily make it more enjoyable for those wanting more than just bells & whistles, though.

Now, if Trek were placed in such capable hands as Christopher Nolan’s and his team’s… THAT could’ve been truly interesting.

500. VorlonKosh - December 6, 2012

I need to chime in here, that sleeve is not a starfleet uniform at the end, so I don’t think that is is spock on the one side of the glass… also, is it just me, or do those nacelles of the ship crashing look like they are the shape of the Enterprise-E nacelles?

501. mateoenkcmo - December 6, 2012

@VorlonKosh…I had the same thought! Holy hell that would be AMAZING if they incorporated the Enterprise-E into the film!! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about Patty Stew getting another shot at a Star Trek swan song since Insurrection & Nemesis both sucked arse!

502. Jack - December 6, 2012

Heck, interesting to wonder what Khan woulda done had he been found by another ship (even years earlier ) — he would have taken it over and, well, tried to make the world better, again — heck, he might even try to overthrow a corrupt government — he’d also want revenge on Earth, one might think…

But, yeah — Garth, Col. Green… all sorts of possibilities. I really doubt it’s Mitchell. What would be the motivation? Other than having been driven nuts by power.

503. CmdrR - December 6, 2012

And…. nice!

504. startrek4life - December 6, 2012

Am I the only one that thinks the part at the end of the japanese version is just to throw us all off?

505. CZ - December 6, 2012

is there anything you would not do for your family

You would not change the time line again to save your brother Kirk?

But he does in The next one.

506. cakeman - December 6, 2012


I wouldn’t doubt it.

507. GO - December 6, 2012

500: I thought that too (about the nacelles looking very Enterprise E-ish…)

508. dean-o - December 6, 2012

It’s a new take on Gary Mitchell and Dr. Dehner. The original Gary story was the first episode with Kirk. This movie is the first full story with Kirk as Captain. Makes sense.
It’s not Khan. Way too early for it to be, plus it’d be cheesy to even have Khan. Benedict is a clean-cut, caucasian Starfleet officer, as is Gary Mitchell.

Oh, and it’s not Khan. Not Khan… NOT KHAAAAAN!

509. The Sky's The Limit - December 6, 2012

Cool teaser with some pretty good curve balls thrown. The ship hitting the water looks more like a version of the Enterprise “A” versus “E”. Nice effect with the port nacelle on fire. I’m not even going to try guessing who the villain is suposed to be, but it’s great listening to everyone’s theories. Although I’m not sold on it being Khan or a remote variaton of him. Can’t wait to see the 9-minute trailer!

510. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

494 hmm well i dont recall Khan being a White man with a british acccent either.

go back and watch WNMHGB and pay attention to how lockwood voice changes after Mitchells body has been taken over. Cumby sounds very similar

511. Archer - December 6, 2012

I love this looks like an excellent film from what I seen, also I am trek fan, but have an open mind why die hard fans have to moan and groan about this not being “trek optimistic future crap” who cares if you don’t like it go back to watching old trek in whatever series movie’s you liked and don’t bother posting here, and the others speculating who the villain is how can you conclude anything, J.J and co are probably laughing and saying wrong try again as this could be a new villain we have never seen before.

Oh anyone not wanting to use QT download the klite codec pack and just select the defaults during setup but make sure you check windows media player as media player classic is default which is included as part of the installer.

Hope this helps :)

512. Archer - December 6, 2012

Sorry for double post for anyone using win8 download the shark008 codecs just google it works very well after install bring select the optimize default button.

Also that end scene of that ship crashing those nacelle struts looked similar to that future ent j from enterprise series s3 the struts curving up and out some kool design.
And that was big e coming out of the ocean seen the ncc 170, the reason for a few diffrences probably has to do with the ultra clarity of using imax cameras.

513. ThePhaige - December 6, 2012

Looking good!!!

In the scene when Bones and Kirk are running in the orange/red florest and leap off the cliff into the water, I bet the rising ship (Enterprise?)seen later in the trailer is their get away. I imagine whomever is chasing them watches them disappear into the water and then whooosh!! here rises the ship or a sub/shuttle combo from the Enterprise, its hard to fully make out that ship though.

The ship crashing (into the SF bay?)does not appear to be the Enterprise
My opinion is its too small and the nacelles are different.

This has a very apocalyptic theme/feel to it… still cant put a finger on BC role as yet :(

514. Christopher Valin - December 6, 2012

I still think Cumberbatch may be Joachim, Khan’s henchman. That way they can do the Khan thing without the main villain actually being Khan.

515. GarySeven - December 6, 2012

I like it because it has a bad guy and lots of explosions. It seems like a very good movie because it is about a bad guy and lots of explosions.
I had to get someone smart to type this for me because I just watch explosions. Star Trek is cool because it has lots of action and explosions.
Can I see Star Trek versus Transformers next time? That would be even more cool.
Now I must go and play video games.

516. Phobos - December 7, 2012

This is a remake of Star Trek II with variations due to the new timeline?

“Is there anything you would not do for your family?” (same as when Khan referred to his wife).

And then Kirk appears to be watching Spock die behind some glass wall.

Took me decades to forgive Paramount for killing off Spock in Trek II. I have to go through the whole thing again? ;-)

517. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 7, 2012

It is possible that the hands belong to Pike and a crew officer wearing blue, ie Alice Eve’s character, Mr Spock or Dr McCoy. I mean, I am not Vulcan and I can make the Vulcan hand salute, with both hands, therefore… if you get my drift.

518. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

You know something?

Anthony, if you are reading this, I want to congratulate you on predicting the villain, if it turns out to be Khan.

I did not think that JJ Abrams would well and truly desire to tackle the classic II/III/IV trilogy, as it is essentally the inner sanctum, the Holy Grail, of Trek cinema; but perhaps I underestimated his audaciousness and ambition.

Mr. Abrams is a man who has tackled Star Trek, after all.

If it turns out that this is in fact a remake of TWOK, but with our current understanding of the zeitgeist, then this will be a picture of and for the ages.

It will make the original Star Wars trilogy look like child’s play.

Again, my congratulations. Time and time again, what is old is new once more….

519. Jorge - December 7, 2012

Fanboys suck.

520. Geek Girl - December 7, 2012

Very, very nice. I originally thought the villain would be Juaqim, Khan’s second, but now I’m buying into Mitchell. The blond actress looks strikingly like Dehner.

BTW any Vancouver residents here? I’ll be moving there in April and was hoping you guys have an IMAX .

521. Disinvited - December 7, 2012

I feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston. Six months after she created “The Rachel”, she must have been positively identified by witnesses at most crime scenes. Thank God, that’s over for her.

522. Admiral_Bumblebee - December 7, 2012

I showed the trailer to a friend of mine who is this Joe Average with six-packs-type of moviegoer. He loves Transformers and such movies…

He liked the trailer very much. When I asked him about who he thinks the villain is he said: “It’s this Nemo-guy from the first movie. He says that he returned and that he will have his vengeance.”
I told him that NeRo was a bald Romulan with pointy ears and a tattoo and he just shrugged and said: “This time he is this boy, what of it?”

523. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

27, 35, 284, 319, 468. I agree that the villain was Garth.

524. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

80. I wouldn’t mind if the villain was Garth either.

525. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

86. I would love to see a Garth origin story, too. Being a genius and a starship fleet captain, he might actually have the power to “detonate” the fleet, by hacking into the computers of all the ships in the fleet and setting them to self-destruct, and also, based on the trailer, even setting some of the ships to crash into the Earth to detonate everything the fleet stands for, the institutions of Starfleet and the Federation, the devastation of which is shown in the movie’s poster.

526. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

152, 181, 259, 366, 502. As you can tell from my previous posts, I prefer Garth.

527. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

371. I also think 319 got it right that the villain is Garth. However, Garth has the power of cellular metamorphosis, rather than the power to project illusions like the Talosians or the alien from M113.

528. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

372. As you can tell from my previous posts, I think Garth would be awesome villain, too. As for how he would have superhuman strength: The Antos race taught him cellular metamorphosis to restore the destroyed parts of his body after he had an accident. He later learned on his own how to use the technique to change form at will. As 468 suggests, Garth might eventually learn to change into a superhuman form of himself. Of course, this begs the questions of where he (or any other shapeshifting character in Star Trek) gets the fantastic amounts of power required to change form and how he does not burn up when he expends this power.

529. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

378. Actually, Garth’s accident sent him to Antos IV, and he was taught to rebuild himself.

530. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

385. In 912, I said the names Garth of Izar and Gary Mitchell are not the catchiest, mean nothing to the average non-fan, are hilarious, have no cachet, and are meaningless commodities, because the bearers of these names are supposed to be ordinary people who accidentally and abruptly gain absolute power and become corrupted absolutely. Khan Noonian Singh’s name sounds catchy, because the scientists who selectively bred and genetically engineered him to be a ruler purposely gave him a fitting name, as historically, a khan was the ruler or monarch of a Mongol tribe.

Personally, I like the name Garth of Izar. It reminds me of the name Zefram Cochrane of Alpha Centauri and Sarek of Vulcan. But after becoming insane, Garth preferred to be called “Lord Garth (formerly of Izar), master of the universe.”

531. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

468. Izarans could well be stronger than humans, but in “Whom Gods Destroy” (WGD), Garth was no stronger than Kirk, and definitely not stronger than Spock.

532. Jay - December 7, 2012

I’ve gone back and forth so much…. but it could be Khan. Maybe in this timeline, the Klingons find the Botany Bay and imprison Khan and his crew and they end up breaking out and coming back to Earth.

By the way….. can anyone tell me why when I try to watch the trailer on the Apple site, it keeps telling me i need to download QuickTime, eventough I already have downloaded it? I’ve restarted my computer, QuickTime runs just fine, but when I try to launch the tailer it tells me to download quicktime again.

533. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

If the villain is Garth, why would he seek vengeance? In WGD, he said his starship crew mutinied when they disobeyed his order to destroy the entire Antos race, and said his first use of the Enterprise would be to hunt down his crew and punish them for mutinying. He also said he was betrayed and treated barbarically (probably by his crew, Starfleet, the government, the courts, and the Elba Two asylum) Perhaps, that is why he seeks vengeance.

However, in the trailer, the vengeance of Cumberbatch’s character seems to be for something more personal. Perhaps, he seeks vengeance for the accident itself, an accident that occurred during the Axanar war on the war-zone world of Axanar itself, an accident that in his insanity he perceives as an assassination attempt.

As 468 suggests parenthetically, Cumberbatch’s character referring to “your world” makes sense if he is from Izar. Perhaps, the vengeance is for something even more personal: his perception that Starfleet sacrificed his world and his family to win the Axanar war. However, as you can see, this unfortunately would be too similar to the reason for Nero’s vengeance in ST09.

Also, in WGD, when Kirk mentioned the Axanar peace mission, Garth became offended and referred to the humanitarians and statesmen of the mission as politicians and weaklings. When Spock agreed with Kirk’s statement that the members of the mission had a dream that made Spock and him brothers (no doubt a nod to Martin Luther King, Jr.), a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars (apparently after the founding of the Federation, the races of the Federation were treated unequally until the peace mission made them equal), Garth called Spock truly blind.

In the trailer, Cumberbatch’s character says that the world being safe is an illusion and comforting lie to protect the people of Earth and tells them to enjoy these final moments of peace. Perhaps, he is referring to the Axanar peace mission as being the illusion and lie.

534. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

“I’m Wayne, and this is my friend, Garth! Dude!”

“Party on, Wayne!”

“Party on, Garth! Right on!”


535. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

But, if the villain is not Garth, it may be an even more obscure character, but one who is a product of eugenics and genetic engineering like Khan. He is implied from the animated series episode “The Infinite Vulcan”. He is Dr. Stavo Keniclius IV, the third clone of a man who was banned from the “community” (I guess that meant Earth) for wanting to clone a perfect specimen prototype into a master race that would serve as a peace-keeping force throughout the galaxy. Basically, each incarnation of Keniclius was a modern Diogenes searching the galaxy for that perfect prototype. As such, Keniclius V does not seem to have strong reasons for vengeance. Also, he would use a master race to force Earth to be peaceful. Plus, he is on a planet at the area of the galaxy that will not be explored until Kirk’s five-year mission and has probably been out of touch with Earth for two centuries.

However, the events in ST09 may have set forth a cascade of events that may have hurt him very personally.

536. Locutus - December 7, 2012

If you look at the Japanese trailer you can see in the end what looks like a recreation of the Spock death scene from The Wrath Of Khan when both Kirk and Spock place their hands on each side of a glass… My guess is it’s a remake of The Wrath Of Khan…

537. dalek - December 7, 2012

– 532 Jay

Instead of viewing it. Click on the download option. It should play externally in your quicktime player.

538. Jay - December 7, 2012

This is not a remake of TWOK. I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand that the time frame of this movie is in the TOS time period, just on a parallel timeline.

IF this movie is about Khan, it is set around the time of Space Seed, the TOS TV episode, NOT TWOK which comes many years later.

539. Jay - December 7, 2012

#537…. thanks, i will try that when i get home.. although i thouhgt i had tried that already…. we’ll see.

540. ajdczar - December 7, 2012

My money is on one of Kahn’s men. Perhaps Kahn did not make it through thawing.

The last scene where spock/kirk separated by glass indicates a Star Trek II homage, but I would guess the roles are reversed where Kirk saves the enterprise to a sad end.

541. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

534. I didn’t know, or I’ve forgotten, that the buddy of Wayne of “Wayne’s World” was called Garth. Now, I know why 385 said, “Party on, Garth!”

In any case, the first names of most if not all the villains of real history were not villainous sounding names, names like Adolf, Augusto, Benito, Ferdinand, Hideki, Jeffrey, John, Joseph, Mary, Philippe, Richard, Zedong, and Vlad. These name were given by their parents.

542. trekkertos - December 7, 2012

Evil bad guy jumps a long distance seen that in 1st film, Enterprise rises slowly through smoke (this time water) seen that in 1st film, main characters dressed in space suits seen that in 1st film and i think we will get a dramatic action / heart wrenching scene with no sound to give more impact used twice in 1st film and of course the lens flairs.

Tried to like the 1st movie, watched it more than once main cast not in character.Spock not knowing how someone tampered with a program then having Kirk jettisoned into space? Spock and Uhura? 4 Star fleet cadets beating up Kirk, Red Shirt guy mindlessly wanted to “kick some arse” Star fleet shuttles all rusty and scratched Engine room looking like a brewery unfortunately the list is endless which is a great shame because i like Star Trek and have watched it in all its formats.

Normally when i come across an episode of TOS or TNG on TV i might watch it ( yes i know there are some terrible episodes especially TOS) i am usually surprised how good the story and characters are.

I think Star Trek is more suited to TV, waiting years for the next Film is too long.

This film will be entertaining to the mass audience its impossible for JJ Abrams to make Star Trek the way a TV series can so i think he is just making a Star Wars style space movie with a ready made set of known space characters that some people know it as Star Trek.

543. Marshall McMellon - December 7, 2012

@ 510- Oh, by my comment, I really wasn’t suggesting it’s Khan at all. I totally agree with you on the point you made there. I will definitely have to go back and watch WNMHGB again (haven’t seen that one in awhile) and see what you mean about the accent change as GM morphs into a superhuman. It’s just that hearing BC’s voice over in the trailer- I’ll just say that his accent definitely didn’t sound American (I’ve simply assumed that Mitchell’s character was American- but at the same time, WNMHGB didn’t give us too much back story on Mitchell either). Well, regardless of who the villain is, I’m still going to enjoy the movie. :)

544. Jay - December 7, 2012

#542 Tried to like the 1st movie, watched it more than once main cast not in character.Spock not knowing how someone tampered with a program then having Kirk jettisoned into space? Spock and Uhura? 4 Star fleet cadets beating up Kirk, Red Shirt guy mindlessly wanted to “kick some arse” Star fleet shuttles all rusty and scratched Engine room looking like a brewery unfortunately the list is endless which is a great shame because i like Star Trek and have watched it in all its formats

I guess there is just no pleasing some people. To me 2009 Trek was what Star Trek should be. Epic, exciting, good story and acting. I see no problems in the things you listed. Spock isn’t all knowing, and obviously wouldn’t have known at that instant how someone beat his program…. he figured it out later. Nothing wrong with the romance. Shuttles having scratches just makes them look real and actually used unlike most of the previous movies where everything always looked like it was just built for the set. how is the fight between Kirk and 4 cadets a problem?

Nothing you said indicates any issue with it being “trek” which is very subjective anyway.

It was a great movie and long over due for someone to take Star Trek from a low-budget, almost 100% CGI’d, glorified TV episode on a movie screen and made an actual blockbuster, theatrical worthy film.

545. Midnight - December 7, 2012

LORD Garth of Izar….

546. frank - December 7, 2012

About the crashing vessel:

I thought for a second it looked like Enterprise-E Nacelles so:

Where is Nacelles Monthly??????


We need a new edition :P

547. SirBroiler - December 7, 2012

49. Or…your world could mean the world in your time. If Cumby is Khan, or more likely an associate, then he could be talking about the Earth of this new time in which he’s awakened – a world now complacent in peace. Bring on the WAR!

548. The Sinfonian - December 7, 2012

Well, Boborci got his wish in that we’re all talking about all the things we don’t know. And JJ is I’m sure “very pleased” as the trailer’s out and we know little more than we knew before. His Mystery Box is working?

Who is Cumberbatch playing? Right now, we can all come up with justifications for Garth, Gary, and Khan, and any number of other canon villains or could-be villains. I start to think of Roger Korby, who we know has great strength: he’s an android copy of himself! I still lean towards Garth, on the strength of the “descent into darkness” quote from Memory Alpha. We know Boborci and Alex use Memory Alpha for background and looking up things from the prime universe, as they’ve done that before.

Who is Alice Eve playing? The blue shirt is a clue, and a strong Dehner one. But Dehner wouldn’t smile like she does. Carol Marcus most certainly would. Janet Wallace, too. And if Cumby is a mad android Roger Korby, you can suggest Nurse Chapel. I would love for Carol to be there, or even Janet name-before-Wallace. Both were very important to Kirk in the prime universe. Any “echo” of the prime universe in this alt universe is appreciated. Maybe Janet works all the better, if they want to save Carol for later. But having Carol now, works really well if Khan is NOT in this movie. Then Khan can be in the threequel, and Carol and young child David Kirk can continue on this time *in* Kirk’s life. Prime Spock would approve.

549. Astrophyiscophile - December 7, 2012

535. But then, Keniclius IV being a clone of someone banned from Earth during the Eugenics Wars probably cannot be a Starfleet officer.

After rewatching the trailer, I am now thinking perhaps Cumberbatch’s character is Nero whose mind somehow survived the destruction of his ship at the end of ST09 and became melded with Garth’s mind. Since Romulans are descended from Vulcans, perhaps Nero during his years of imprisonment in the Klingon Empire learned to unleash his ancestral telepathic powers and upon death transferred his katra to Garth who was commanding the ship that rescued the Enterprise. If so, then the new movie is the second installment of a true trilogy. Nero has the unleashed telepathic powers and superhuman strength of a Vulcanoid and the vengeance, and Garth has the genius and a starship fleet captain’s access to the computers of all the ships in the fleet.

550. Astrophyiscophile - December 7, 2012

522. So, your friend might be correct that Nero has returned.

549. Now that I think of it, Vulcanoids are not really that strong. Perhaps, Nero’s katra transferred from person to person until it reached Garth recuperating on Antos IV. So Nero has the unleashed telepathic powers of a Vulcanoid and the vengeance, and Garth has the genius, a starship fleet captain’s access to the computers of all the ships in the fleet, and the power of cellular metamorphosis.

551. Astrophyiscophile - December 7, 2012

550. Perhaps, the writers did not think the character of Nero was developed enough in ST09, and thought a villain with a vengeance of as great a magnitude as his should be developed completely and fully, in a trilogy. So, he returns and is more dangerous, insidious, and twisted than before, sort of like Sauron in “The Lord of the Rings.”

552. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 7, 2012

This does not make sense. Refer to what katra is – Star Trek III

553. Joey B. - December 7, 2012

Cumberbatch is Xon. He’s pissed that Vulcan was destroyed, he’s pissed that he didn’t get his moment on ST: Phase II, and he’s pissed at the fact was stuck on Epsilon 9. And Alice Eve is Ilia and Decker’s love child. I know, it’s hard to tell when they’re not wearing those Starfleet pajamas from ST:TMP.

And Peter Weller? Easy. He’s Robocop.

554. Drunk Garak - December 7, 2012

Has anyone else commented on the fact that the phaser blasts attacking the Starfleet meeting match the Klingon phaser/disrupter blasts in the scene with Cumberbatch attacking the Klingons? Are Klingons attacking Starfleet, or has someone stolen Klingon weapons?

555. Greg - December 7, 2012

I am going to point out (possibly again, but I haven’t seen anyone say it yet) that the Indo-Aryan people appear to be VERY European, but in fact are Indian.

So C’s appearance doesn’t rule him out being Khan.

556. Captain of the USS Monte Carlo NCC-1986 - December 7, 2012

HOLY #$#@$@#$$@#$@ THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! Can’t wait for Dec 17th and then the schmoes who will pirate the 9 minutes form a camera and show it on the net, LOL. This looks way better than ST 2009 and it was pretty good. ……..

557. Captain of the USS Monte Carlo NCC-1986 - December 7, 2012

# 544 – Agree 100%. And they have said that the ‘real’ universe is still in tact, so why is everyone so pissed off? I know these guys aren’t Shatner, nimoy, etc, but they ‘ARE’ kirk spock and mccoy, in a sense, and so what if some people dont like it, its not like you can CGI them all!!! The addition of Nimoy brought trek 09 into balance as a member of the st family. I clearly could see in that film that quinto was the younger spock with no qualms. Sure, he looks a little different, that is suspension of what you are used to. ST needed a shot in the arm, it got a kick in the A$$ and it was pretty good. Now we get to see what JJ can REALLY do, now that the mess of continuity and re-origins is out of the way. Looks absolutely fantastic and realistic to me, better than my beloved old TOS and their cheesy backdrops. LOL. Bring on ST 12!!!!!

558. Marc Henson - December 7, 2012

Okay, so I’m a bit of a late comer to this forum here, but I thought I’d chime in.

Anyway, having seen the trailer, I have to say, it does look awesome, but at the same time…it looks really confusing. I can’t really tell what’s going on. There’s a lot of people staring at stuff that’s off screen so I don’t really have a clue.

I keep hearing people say that it’s Gary or it’s Khan. I think I even read someone say that they think it’s Garth of Azar. Honestly, I don’t see any of those being right. I could be wrong, but Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be playing someone else. It’s doubtful he’s supposed to be Charlie Evans either. Plus he’s too old to be him.

He seems to have the strength of Khan, but he doesn’t seem much like Khan in any other sense. He doesn’t have the right accent and he doesn’t seem to be an alien to this time period, he seems to blend in with the twenty third century just fine. He even has a Starfleet Uniform.

As for Gary Mitchell…Gary Mitchell was a one man weapon of mass destruction, which is what the official synopses referred to the villain as, but in the trailer he is seen taking out Klingons, and jumping around and fighting in a very agile and precise way…but not like Gary. He doesn’t seem to have souped up ESP powers, and his eyes don’t look like diamonds.

Can’t be Charlie, he doesn’t seem that powerful or that young.

I’m gonna apologize in advanced if this has already been mentioned, but could he be an operative of Section 31? He may have been genetically enhanced, and trained to be an incredible fighter…who knows? He even wore black. Just saying….I can’t imagine who he’s supposed to be if he’s someone that’s been in Star Trek before.

559. Steve "Ozzy" Smith - December 7, 2012

Perhaps….remember Kirk’s Brother running away from home in the first film….what if…..something happened…..seems Kirk knows who this person is….and the Japan version…talking of family….could be wrong…just a wild guess.

560. Dutch - December 7, 2012

Has anyone thought of Ben Finney from “Court Martial”?
He “played dead” before, and this time could be even angrier at Kirk’s advancement to captain at even a quicker pace!

561. john - December 7, 2012

the villain is either vulcan or romulan could you not see the ears in the trailer

562. john - December 7, 2012

it is nero from the last movie ha has returned to seek his revenge

563. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

If the bad guy turns out to be a full grown version of Kirk’s brother whom we last saw walking down a country road, I will personally go to Paramount Studios on Melrose Boulevard, which I used to drive past on my way to work, and wave a batleth in a Klingon suit cursing the powers that be until I am covered by KTLA’s Sam Rubin and Entertainment Tonight, tasered by the LAPD until I repeatedly utter “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!,” and succumb to said tasering rendered in any event, whereupon I will sue the LAPD for billions of credits, win, and make the Enterprise a reality.

Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be awesome? Not the part about Kirk’s brother, I mean. but the other part.

564. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

^^ Correction: Comma after the word “mean.”

565. SOOPRcow - December 7, 2012

I’m going with Gary Mitchell as well…

1, in the recent comics he is given the Vulcan death grip by spock (see

2. Leaked photo shows Benedict Cumberbatch getting the Vulcan death grip? Were they maybe filling a back story shot for the movie goers who didn’t follow the comics? :)×385-84716.jpg

566. ifoc-participant - December 7, 2012

since we all were shock to see Spock and Uhura kiss in the first one wait till we see Kirk and nurse Chappel kiss in this one.

567. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

552. I actually know what a katra is. I have seen STIII and other movies and episodes that mention katras. When a Vulcan is dying, he or she can transfer his or her katra to someone else or a katric ark by touching the head of the recipient. Perhaps, Nero was one of the few Romulans who learned about the katra and how to transfer it.

568. Astrophysicophile - December 7, 2012

562. In 550-551, I also suggest Nero has returned, except that he has somehow transferred his katra to Garth of Izar.

569. John from Cincinnati - December 7, 2012

Another vengeance story? Really?

570. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 7, 2012

Who did Nero transfer his katra to and how did he manage it? He was blown up with the rest of the remaining crew. The only two people who escaped from the Narada was Spock and Kirk. The only person he had physical contact with was Kirk…

Dr McCoy could not handle having Spock inside him that well. As Sarek said, “Both are in pain…”

Captain Kirk does not appear to have had the same problems as Dr McCoy had. It was clearly several months between Nero’s death and Kirk taking over command of the Enterprise. The Enterprise also needed extensive repairs done. If Kirk experienced problems, it is doubtful that he would be in the captain’s chair by the end of the movie.

I don’t know how long a Vulcan can survive without his katra. The young Spock in Star Trek III obviously did, but that was more to do with the regenerating properties of the Genesis effect. However, he certainly did not have much, if anything, in the way of “marbles”, not until the ritual was performed on Vulcan where he received his katra back from McCoy.

I don’t see that much resemblance between Eric Bana (Nero) and Benedict Cumberbatch (?).

571. Peter Loader - December 8, 2012

559: Nice theory. He may have lived in England for a time… that would explain the accent… and the reason why young Kirk destroyed his uncle’s car…

572. Astrophyiscophile - December 8, 2012

570. Nero could’ve transferred his katra to Pike. And it jumped to another person, and then another, until it got into Garth recuperating on Antos IV.

Or in the first movie, an incorporeal being like Redjac resided in Nero’s body and magnified the Romulan’s vengeance, and upon the Romulan’s death, jumped from body to body until it got into Garth.

Maybe all the vengeance in all the ST movies and episodes were caused by being like these. This could explain the preponderance of vengeance so many of ST stories.

573. Astrophyiscophile - December 8, 2012

572. The incorporal being transferring from body to body can explain why Nero and Cumberbatch’s character do resemble each other.

Now that I think of it, this being sounds like Satan.

574. imfoc-participant - December 8, 2012

The Enterprise does not go underwater, its smash by the god like powers of Gary into SF bay and its lifted up by Gary again to finish the job.

Also the hand on the radiation side of the glass could be Kirk’s brother, who also got the god like powers and Kirk had to kill him.

575. John from Cincinnati - December 8, 2012

So, shall we begin?

A villain with a vengeance and some catastrophe heading towards San Francisco.

Didn’t we see this movie already? Like the last one!

576. Astrophysicophile - December 8, 2012

575. In 572-573, I suggest that an incorporeal entity that fed on vengeance, an entity like Redjac, possessed Nero in the last movie and perhaps anybody whoever sought vengeance in all previous ST movies and episodes, and that once Nero died, this entity transferred from person to person until it reached Garth of Izar.

Or this incorporeal entity influenced people rather than possessed them, an entity like the Beta Twelve A entity.

This entity would tie all of those movies and episodes together. The conflict would thus recurrently be man vs. vengeance.

577. LizardGirl - December 8, 2012

@468 The Sinfonian & 472 martin

Ah. The Alternate timeline is a couple of years off from the Prime timeline. But pretty close. So if Carol Marcus IS in the movie. Then chances are, if David exists in alter-verse, he should been born -by now- to match up with what happens later on in the Prime universe around Star Trek III.

Well, I think it would definitely put a new dimension to what Benedict (as villain) says in the Japanese teaser. Something about “how far would you go to protect your family?” or something like that. But then again, everything is still in speculation!

578. Astrophysicophile - December 8, 2012

So, I think Redjac feeds Garth vengeance. In a way, as a play on the words of the title of the episode “Whom Gods Destroy”, Redjac is the god that destroys Garth.

But why would Garth seek vengeance? In WGD, he said his starship crew mutinied when they disobeyed his order to destroy the entire Antos race, and said his first use of the Enterprise would be to hunt down his crew and punish them for mutinying. He also said he was betrayed and treated barbarically (probably by his crew, Starfleet, the government, the courts, and the Elba Two asylum) Perhaps, that is why he seeks vengeance.

However, in the trailer, the vengeance of Cumberbatch’s character seems to be for something more personal. Perhaps, he seeks vengeance for the accident itself, an accident that occurred during the Axanar war, maybe on the war-zone world of Axanar itself, an accident that in his insanity he perceives as an assassination attempt by his crew, Starfleet, or the Federation.

In the trailer, the reference of Cumberbatch’s character to “your world” makes sense if he is from Izar. Perhaps, the vengeance is for something even more personal: his perception that Starfleet or the Federation sacrificed his world and his family to win the Axanar war. However, as you can see, this unfortunately would be too similar to the reason for Nero’s vengeance in ST09.

Also, in WGD, when Kirk mentioned the Axanar peace mission, Garth became offended and referred to the humanitarians and statesmen of the mission as politicians and weaklings. When Spock agreed with Kirk’s statement that the members of the mission had a dream that made Spock and him brothers (no doubt a nod to Martin Luther King, Jr.), a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars (apparently after the founding of the Federation, the races of the Federation were treated unequally until the peace mission made them equal), Garth called Spock truly blind.

In the trailer, Cumberbatch’s character says that the world being safe is an illusion and comforting lie to protect the people of Earth and tells them to enjoy these final moments of peace. Perhaps, he is referring to the Axanar peace mission as being the illusion and lie.

And Redjac is going to help him prove it.

579. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2012

Nero was trying to extract information OUT of Captain Pike. He used torture as a means to do that. He wouldn’t have time to try to place his Katra in the mind of Pike. Not only that, but at that point, Nero was pyschologically, mentally, and emotionally unhinged in the extreme, and was too irrational to have the foresight to consider his own death, which in the end, turned out to be irrelevent to him anyway.

C’mon, man! That’s just absurd.

580. Astrophysicophile - December 8, 2012

579. In 572, I later suggested an incorporeal entity like Redjac. Now, I think the villain is Redjac.

581. Robert Oyler - December 8, 2012

If you pay attention to the original trailer for ST II: Wrath of Khan…you hear Khan’s menacing voice for the whole thing. Just like Cummbi on this one. He is Khan…or, some new/original character that is a shout out to Khan and Gary Mitchell., having elements of both…If it is Khan…Blondie (Alice Eve) will be Carol Marcus….the best sci fi movies contain elements of horror i.e Prometheus….Alice Eve’s scream in the trailer….wow

582. Astrophysicophile - December 8, 2012

580. So, in comparing the synopsis, poster, and trailer to Redjac and Garth, I see that:

1. “unstoppable force of terror” – Redjac

2. “from within (the crew’s) own organization” – Garth

3. “detonated the fleet and everything it stands for” – Garth is a genius and a fleet captain and might have the ingenuity and access to hack into the computers of all the ships in the fleet and setting them to self-destruct or to crash into the Starfleet and Federation institutions on Earth and then self-destruct; Redjac can control the computers of ships like the Enterprise

4. “war-zone world” – Axanar

5. “one man weapon of mass destruction” – If Garth is possessed Redjac, he will be a one man WMD

6. “epic chess game of life and death” – In “Whom Gods Destroy”, Garth played a chess game of life and death against the crew of the Enterprise; Redjac hates all that lives and thrives and feeds on death

7. The city of London on the movie’s poster – Redjac slew at will in the heart of the most populous city of old Earth

8. Cumberbatch’s character speaking with a British accent – If Garth is possessed Redjac, he might speak with this accent (but then Hengist and the Enterprise did not, although Jaris already did)

9. “your world” – Garth is from Izar; Redjac, from who knows where

10. “You think your world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace” – In “Whom Gods Destroy”, Garth was offended when Kirk spoke of the Axanar peace mission, and called Spock truly blind for agreeing with Kirk’s statement that the humanitarians and statesmen of the mission had a dream that made Spock and him brothers, a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars; Redjac feeds on fear and terror

11. “I have returned” – Garth studied and is headquarted on Earth; Redjac slew at will on old Earth

12. “to have my vengeance.” – In “Whom Gods Destroy”, Garth felt betrayed and barbarically treated by his crew, Starfleet, and the Federation; Redjac feeds on fear, terror, and death, plus in “Wolf in the Fold”, it was beamed into open space by the crew of the Enterprise of the prime universe

13. Eve’s character screaming in horror – Redjac hates women, and preys on women because they are more easily and more deeply terrified, generating more sheer horror than the male of the species

583. Astrophysicophile - December 9, 2012

582. Sorry, “possessed Redjac” should be “possessed by Redjac.”

584. Robert - December 9, 2012

For all that say he is not KHAN….remember that J.J. was trying hard to sign Benicio Del Toro, but couldnt get him. Given his hispanic/native american type look….J.J. was trying to find someone today that would even look like Ricardo Montalban….its KHAN

585. ToMaHaKeR - December 13, 2012

One thing I haven’t noticed until now, is that the number of used lens-flares is greatly reduced :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.