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Star Trek Into Darkness Announcement Trailer Shot-By-Shot Analysis December 6, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Announcement Trailer’ is just 63 seconds long but it actually contains 39 cuts. TrekMovie has taken a deep dive and we have a shot by shot analysis, including analysis of the extra couple of cuts in the Japanese trailer (which might just blow your mind). Check out the full analysis below. [Spoilers].  


Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Analysis – Someone Wants Vengeance

Let’s start with the voice over, which is provide by the film’s villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch):

You think your world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace for I have returned to have my vengeance.


So shall we begin?

Firstly, this voice over appears to confirm that "vengeance" is a theme of the film. As reported by "Star Trek: Vengeance" was considered as a possible title for the film. Secondly, he is saying he has "returned." The big question is, from where? Or even possibly, from when?

Now lets go to the shot by shot analysis (Click images to enlarge)

San Francisco skyline

Kirk addresses Starfleet crowd (presumably at Starfleet HQ or Academy in San Francisco)

Small ships fly overhead in missing man formation possibly indicating above crowd is for a memorial

Kirk talks intently with someone with grey hair (possibly Pike)
– NOTE: New uniform and rank insignia style

Some kind of alien planet location

Kirk and McCoy run through alien location wearing some sort of robes

Kirk and McCoy jump off a cliff into the ocean

Alice Eve as unknown character on board what appears to be some Starfleet vessel

Kirk looks up with puppy dog eyes to (presumably) Eve character who is handing him something (a PADD?)

Benedict Cumberbatch character stands on Klingon building (note lettering on side) and leaps high into the air and down towards awaiting Klingon – dead bodies are also seen on ground in upper photo

Cumberbatch takes down a Klingon wielding some giant gun thing

Kirk and Uhura look on (presumably at Cumberbatch’s character taking down Klingon)

Cumberbatch wielding some kind of rifle during Klingon fight

 SYNOPSIS NOTE: This Klingon planet could be where "Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction"

Spock descends into volcano wearing special suite

Spock inside volcano

Uhura gazing at something (at location of Klingon fight)

Spock holds pistol (different than phaser used in Star Trek) (appears to be at same location of Klingon fight)

Enterprise rises out of an ocean

Back to Spock in the Volcano

Kirk and Scotty (Apparently) try to catch falling crewperson (maybe Uhura) (presumably on Enterprise)

More of Cumberbatch beating up a Klingon

Some kind of Starfleet meeting interrupted by phaser blasts (appears to not be on a ship as chairs are not affixed to floor). And Spock appears to be standing next to officer who gets blown out of her chair

SYNOPSIS NOTE: Above attack could be why the synopsis says "an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for"

Kirk takes a swing at Cumberbatch’s character (presumably at location of Klingon fight)

Sulu looks down at something

Spock runs through the streets holding standard phaser from 2009 movie (and has same 2009 movie communicator and belt)

Cumberbatch’s character crashes through window (presumably running from Spock)

Alice Eve’s character (wearing science blue) screams

Explosion (possibly on Enterprise)

Scotty consoles Uhura

SYNOPSIS NOTE: Above could be related to how "love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew."

Kirk tries to hang on

Cumberbatch punches someone on board some ship with dark interior

Kirk enters a room looking beat up, possibly to face …

…Cumberbatch’s character in command chair of ship with dark interior

Citizens look concerned at something headed their way – NOTE: New type of alien in upper left of lower image

Explosion (possibly crash) in the city

A Federation style ship crashes into what appears to be San Francisco Bay (not the USS Enterprise note difference in nacelle/strut style)

Analysis of Japanese Trailer Bonus Shots: Who is the Family?

There are also a couple of extra seconds in the Japanese trailer. These have more from Benedict Cumberbatch’s character saying…

"is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?"

Once again we are left with a question. Who is his family? Is he seeking vengeance because of his family?

Kirk looks concerned (appears to be at same location as Starfleet meeting attack shown above)

Kirk (Presumably, maybe Cumberbatch) and Spock touch hands through transparent wall in moment that is very reminiscent of iconic scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

What have we learned? – and what haven’t we learned

The trailer confirms many things about Star Trek Into Darkness, including some previously reported spoilers from

But there are of course many questions. We still don’t know which canon characters are being played by Eve and Cumberbatch. Also Peter Weller doesn’t even appear, nor do Anton Yelchin or Bruce Greenwood (unless we are seeing back of his head in one shot). But there is another trailer coming next weekend along with the first nine minutes of the film with the Hobbit in IMAX.


1. Stephen Whelan - December 6, 2012

I am loving this so far. Don’t care what all the naysayers are talking about…this is better than no Star Trek. I just hope it’s a fun film and not all dark knight

2. Tiberius Subprime - December 6, 2012

So, here is my guess at the plotline:

Gary Mitchell is found by someone. (Not dead, as thought)

He uses the Klingons–and a few Starfleet operatives– to aid him in seeking revenge on Kirk.

His powers are not fully functional, due to his ‘death’. He needs a power source to ‘recharge’ himself to full capacity (hence the filming done in the science building that took place early in the year.)

Dr Dehner is also the target of his revenge, as she spurned him. (flashbacks to her doing this prior to his assignment on the Enterprise, as in the comic she is not there.) Or she was part of the ‘secret’ team working on his rejuvination, and she abandonded the group, and him.

Ultimately he is destroyed (ala Dr Soren from Generations) by Kirk blowing up the power source with Gary in it.

(You can substitute Garth’s name for Gary, I suppose. If it is Garth. But having seen this trailer, I know switch my position back to Gary.)

3. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

It seems to me that the villain’s ears may be pointed, as I noted in my blog.

4. Penguin44 - December 6, 2012

Well after a few views of side by side of the water ship and the 2009 enterprise, that is not the enterprise coming out of the water. The nacelles are different styles. 09 has a straight look to it. This has a straight bit then pops up to a rear bit. 09 nacelles are – – – – – and water is_____––––

5. Devon - December 6, 2012

“Locations visited include San Francisco, an Alien planet with red jungle (and possibly same place as Volcano), a planet with Klingons”

Which should put to rest any false assumptions that there is no “Trekking to the stars.” Not to mention the official synopsis indicated they were going to an alien world.

6. dlee - December 6, 2012

When you say “another trailer coming next weekend” do you mean the day after tomorrow or the week following that?

7. Devon - December 6, 2012

#4 – The registry on the side of the nacelles says “1701” before it fades out. Will provide a screen cap if needed. The ship shown as crashing toward the end is obviously a different ship.

8. Malte - December 6, 2012

I can´t wait! ;-)

9. Penguin44 - December 6, 2012

Yes the end one us indeed another ship. By the rising one does not look like the big e. Can you provide a shot? I’d love to be proven wrong because seeing the prise come out of water would be amazing.

10. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

It is the Enterprise. Cumby’s ears not pointed.

Analysis is clear when there is conjecture. All things stated are facts are things I know for sure.

11. Ciaran - December 6, 2012

This trailer seems to be more puzzling than anything else. Yes it’s completely awesome, but I think we should treat this as just a small snippet of something. This gives us nothing to go on in terms of plot or story. I think we need to wait for the full trailer next week for a real look at the film.

12. Ryan - December 6, 2012

Great, the last movie a beer factory doubled as Engineering, now the Enterprise can enter the atmosphere, hell, under water no less.

WTF seriously?

13. Gary Makin - December 6, 2012

Before people start saying that “This isn’t Star Trek”… The Undiscovered Country was dark (so was First Contact and Nemesis).

14. Dalek - December 6, 2012

Where can I download that image of Cumberbatch sitting in his Captain’s Chair for my desktop wallpaper?

15. dlee - December 6, 2012

What is Spock looking for in a volcano? It would have to be something protected by a forcefield, like Cumby’s ship, the entrance to the Klingon base or maye eve Landru is hidden there, if it plays a key role after the tease at the end of the Archon comic and Cumby got hold of it.

16. Gary Makin - December 6, 2012

^ The Enterprise has flown in atmosphere before.

And Voyager traveled in Fluidic Space.

17. dlee - December 6, 2012

It is interestying there are no scenes of London, despite it featuring on the poster. Do both San Francisco and London end up devastated? Are other cities affected too?

18. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 6, 2012

@4 er yea it is the Enterprise coming out of the water…

Really does look incredible, I mean totally worth the 4 year wait, VERY excited :D

19. gingerly - December 6, 2012

@1 My thoughts exactly.

I think Chekov’s gonna die.

20. Stephan - December 6, 2012


Would you tell us if you know more if a trailer will be attached to the Hobbit premiere on 12.12.12 in Germany


21. Andy Matner - December 6, 2012

Enjoyed the trailer. I wonder if what seems like the Enterprise rising out of the sea, is buoyancy just after the impact?
Shame 23rd century Earth’s citites are so grim, if Earth is supposed to be a utopia. Then I except the cities to be greener?

22. Stephan - December 6, 2012

… but revenge? Why does it have to be revenge again?

23. Andy Matner - December 6, 2012

“expected” I mean

24. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 6, 2012

@12 Ryan,

Ryan, seriously, why? I mean just why do you bother yourself and others by just being so negative.

I think all those people saying this isn’t Star Trek should actually spend the time watching the show rather than just posting flippantly on here and elsewhere.

Clearly this IS Star Trek, you may not like it but it clearly IS Star Trek…

25. El Chup - December 6, 2012

The memorial better not be for Spock Prime.

26. racaca - December 6, 2012

That building at pic #2 looks incredibly cheap and cheesy – bad 1990s architecture.

27. Aix - December 6, 2012

Kirk punching Cumberbatch and Spock looking.

I think Cumberbatch saved them from the Klingons and then Kirk recognized Cumberbatch and punched him. Like, you know, when a friend dies and come backs from the dead…

28. Hateza - December 6, 2012

The Japanese literally says, Humanity’s (people’s) greatest weakness is love.”

Yep, I’m here for this movie whenever it appears. Can’t wait to read it in Japanese and experience it on a completely different emotional level.

29. Aix - December 6, 2012

And this “is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?” and the hands are total misdirection!

30. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Ryan, looks like Enterprise is crashing as opposed to just entering underwater.
Interestingly, how will the ship’s artificial gravity react against the human body when the Earth’s natural gravity is also pulling against it ( perpendicular to the ship’s gravity no less ).

Any answers?

31. dalek - December 6, 2012

– 14 Dalek please choose a new username I’ve been using this for years.

32. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

Anthony, where is:

ZOOM: Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Chekov (Anton Yelchin) and McCoy (Karl Urban) spotted in crowd.

Also… any chance that place with the big concentric yellow ring thing on the wall is Rura Penthe? I know that Uhura’s there, but she’s not wearing any kind of Federation uniform (now that there are many different types of them.)

33. Eminiar7 - December 6, 2012

Memorial = Christopher Pike?

34. Captain Nemo - December 6, 2012

Star Trek 2009: The Enterprise is being built on the ground.
Star Trek Into Darkness: The Enterprise goes under water.
Star Trek on the Road: The Enterprise has wheels. Live with it.
Star Trek Transformers: The Enterprise morphs into a huge sandwich toaster.

35. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

Yeah, I think Pike is more likely than Kirk for the glass-pane scene in the Japanese trailer.

I think that’s who the memorial is for. Pike.

36. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

A friend of mine was just speculating…Volcano Planet…Genesis??
( I doubt it )

37. Jannek - December 6, 2012

Great and epic! So now I have my doubts it’s Khan.

38. Lance W - December 6, 2012

While nothing in this rules out Gary Mitchell (he wasn’t British in TOS – but I guess that timeline changes could have effected that), I’m guessing its a sleeper that no one that I have seen has mentioned. The story mentions that Cumberbatch’s character says “is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?”

I think he is playing Joaquin, Khan’s 2nd from “Space Seed.” I think the Klingons find the Botany Bay, and Khan is killed and Joaquin blames Earth and has returned for vengeance.

39. dalek - December 6, 2012

35 – Steve, I thought so at first but if you look closely thats a young man’s hand and not an older guy.

40. shamelord - December 6, 2012

Scotty consoling Uhura (not in dress uniform) is very emotional two. It may rather fit the WoK moment.

And yeah, we see the Enterprise’s huge nacelle – saucer still under the surface – coming out of the water. Feels like a huge reveal before a potential final battle.

Crewmen thrown about could also be from the Starfleet ship crashing into the San Francisco Bay waters.

41. Dalek - December 6, 2012

Is that Kirk and Spock in #21?

42. Baby - December 6, 2012


The kirk and spock iconic hand salute, that is so very wrath of khan.I just hope Spock does not die in this film.

43. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

@39 Dalek

I suppose you may have a point. Even still. I don’t think it’s nearly that obvious. JJ does many things that some would say are wrong, but I would never say he’s obvious.

There’s a twist in there that fans will have to pick up on. The shot of Kirk before the hand shot is there as a red herring.

44. Barry - December 6, 2012

The Starfleet meeting is:

Core Starfleet Command staff meeting – members of fleet command assassinated by Benedict’s character.

That’s what the weird statement meant:

…”detonated” at the hart of Starfleet…. or something….

Also the reason why the first shots are in a greyish style (funeral speech) etc. is because it is a memory flashback at the beginning of the movie!

Uh did I say too much? :)

45. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@35, check out the Chris Pine Hand P**n Spectacular site, and I can’t post the link since it’s banned on this site.

It’s his hands on the glass.

46. aligee - December 6, 2012

We want star trek – love, friendship family danger starships, klingons – looks like we have it – this is star trek for the 21st century – i loved this teaser trailer so did my 2 daughters who are 19 and 21! Nuff said!

47. DurdSoB - December 6, 2012

Great stuff, Anthony! Thanks!

Spock and Kirk in the glass pane scene? I don’t know about that…I was kinda shocked by that scene. :D

48. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Captain Pike, killed in an assault against the Klingons. Cumberbatch-Villain ( also a protege of Pike ) wants bloody revenge, doesn’t care who stands in his way.

While the Federation sues for peace with the Klingon Empire, Cumberbatch wants nothing more to destroy them, and the ‘cowardly’ humans who are negotiating a peace treaty…

49. Lance W - December 6, 2012

48. Spock Jenkins – Very plausable

50. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

The roles are flipped – Spock is outside, and Kirk is the one trapped in the chamber…definite red herring shot…

51. Darkthunder - December 6, 2012

Honestly, I have no issues with the Enterprise being inside an atmosphere, or even underwater;

Hell, the ships are built to survive the pressures of deep space. Why wouldn’t the hull be able to handle the pressure of being in water as well? Reinforce Structural Integrity Field, shields up, DIVE!!!

I don’t think we can make any real conclusions of the movie as of yet, since the teaser shows us very little. Alice Eve could be playing either Dr Dehner, or Carol Marcus (both scientists, with blonde hair). Benedict Cumberbatch, on the other hand, is still very much a wild card. If the 2nd movie skips ahead a few years (1st one was in 2258), it’s possible he’s Gary Mitchell, and they are “catching up” with the TOS timeline, which occured in 2265.

52. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

sorry that “zoom” thing mentioned was a remnant from old article, i removed that.

53. Jim Smith - December 6, 2012


Is Cumberbatch playing George Samuel Kirk, Jr?

Also, surely the blond girl in science blue is Elizabeth Dehner from WNMHGB? Resemblance is very strong indeed.

54. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@44 The reason why the city shots are all greyish is because that’s the new cinematic style in Dark films. I hate that but that’s the way it is. Bleed all the color out of scenes to make an “artistic statement.” Blech!

55. JohnBisc - December 6, 2012

Oh my gosh – its David Marcus back from the dead Genesis planet! Fighting with dad to save the cosmos. Revenge on the klingons. Strength of Khan that died in the genesis device explosion. Original movie Enterprise crashes in SF Bay – it too is somehow reconstituted.

This is what you wanted DAD! Your son to gallop around the cosmos with you!

56. EvanT - December 6, 2012

This is quite odd… When the line “is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?” is spoken, the japanese subtitle reads “Man’s greatest weakness is love” Random screwup or is it a subtitle from another spot in the film?

57. John F. - December 6, 2012

@ Lance W

I think you maybe onto something, Cumberbatch playing Joaquin.

58. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@52, thanks for the clarification, Anthony. :)

59. dalek - December 6, 2012

Steve I agree it’s a red herring. If anyone significant was going to die they wouldn’t forecast it in a teaser trailer!

60. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012


61. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@55, Eve is Dehner. The haircut is too iconic.

62. Lance W - December 6, 2012

57 – John F – Thanks, then again, I’ve seen quite a few other theories that seem plausible too, but I’m not really disappointed with any of them. :)

63. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

OK, after viewing the trailer dozens of times I’m willing to admit that the ship crashing into the bay could be the Reliant. So now we have a Khan/Gary film? Huh? I’m lost. :(

64. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

The nacelles of the crashing ship do not look like the Enterprise’s. But why would it be Reliant?

65. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@64, ties into Khan. The Reliant crashes into the ocean and the Enterprise follows it? A very definite maybe. Otherwise what are two STARships doing playing submarine?

66. John - December 6, 2012

Sally Kellerman looks good.

67. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

The ship at the end is likely one of the fleet ships that is destroyed by the big bad near the beginning of the film.

The Enterprise coming out of the water is likely from a different scene and moment entirely.

68. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

Ok, let’s continue the wild speculation:

Weller is Khan
Cumby is Gary
The dark interior ship is the Reliant (looks like Federation issue)
Klingons find Botany Bay, hold Khan at Rura Penthe, Gary busts him out


Told ya… I’m lost… :(

69. Bradley - December 6, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is a Klingon. LOL

70. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@66, yeah, my thoughts exactly. I think we can put Eve in the Dehner column conclusively.

@67, IMHO the two events are connected. I can’t get over two separate Starfleet ships going underwater in the same film unless it’s all connected.

71. boy - December 6, 2012

kirk and spock doing the iconic scene.this means it could only mean one thing.Spock’s death.

Or maybe we get a reverse…Kirk’s Death.

That will just suck more because people will view it as clihe and tacky as TOS Spock has already died in the orignal timline which happens to be a sequel also.

Also there is that scene of scotty conforting uhura…..why else would she be crying?

Men….I really hope Spock does not die in this film.the film critics will never give JJ a pass on this one.

I for one am rooting of this film but be very critically accliamed and to in every way supass its predecessor. X-Men 2, Spiderman 2 and Dark Knight style.

With new Star Wars coming out, there can be no room of error for Star Trek.

72. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@69, I thought of that too given the hoodie. But why would he “return” to Earth if he was Kang or Kor? However, Kor does look a lot like Del Toro… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

73. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012


I think you’re putting too much emphasis on the water element.

The one ship is clearly crashing out of control into a city scape. (It looks like it’s actually being manipulated by some force as it comes up onto the city.)

The other is rising out of the water.

That, and they’re VERY different ships. The crashing vessel doesn’t seem to have any indication of a drive section in it’s shape.

74. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

I think the Klingons holding Khan idea might be too much of a callback to the last movie ( deleted scenes ) where the Klings held Nero on Rura Penthe…

I still go with my speculation, in the face of a new Enemy, two proteges fo Pike ( deceased ) take two differing paths – one of revenge, one of hope ( Kirk, tempered by his experience in the last movie, and Spock’s loss ).

Wild speculation of course – can’t wait for the next trailer to drop next week!

75. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@71, Spock croaks at the end of TWOK, so if that’s the film JJ’s rebooting then the critics will see it as coherent.

76. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

We already know Cumberbatch is playing a Star Fleet guy. It’s been confirmed. He’s connected directly to Star Fleet. So he’s not a Klingon, or an augment.

77. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@73, sure they’re different ships. The Miranda Class Reliant was much smaller than the Constitution Class.

We’ve gone over 700 hours of Trek and never seen a single starship underwater. Why would it just be a coincidence now? JJ’s brain doesn’t work that way. It’s all connected… somehow…

78. Star Trek Nemesis blows, is the point. - December 6, 2012

I don’t see why it would be Joaquin. He would have to repatriate with Earth, then become a member of Starfleet. Then he could appropriately seek his revenge.

Clearly, Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet uniform; you can see the insignia. Also, in that screenshot, you can clearly see his ears are not pointy in an alien kind of way. They look a little pointy, but that’s just the way his ears are.

79. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012


;-) :-)

80. Andy - December 6, 2012

Firstly, awesome trailer, bring on May!
I think the fly-over / memorial is for BC’s character, i.e. Enterprise et al left him for dead somewhere, he got super human powers, got “annoyed” about being left behind and wants to get his revenge. Sort of like Gandalf the Grey turning into GT White but being really peed off about.

81. Firelight - December 6, 2012

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Weller say he had his own ship in the movie? If so, maybe the darker interior one is Weller’s ship that BC commands or stole?

82. Star Trek Nemesis blows, is the point. - December 6, 2012

And no way is that the Reliant. It looks more like the NX-01 than it does the Reliant.

I understand they can change things up, but they’re not going to radically redesign the Miranda-class. If they were, they’d radically redesign the Constitution-class while they’re at it.

83. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

I like the idea of a ship ( crashing under water )…yes, in all the hours of Star Trek, we’ve never seen that – that’s exactly why we’ll see it now. It’s something new, and I suspect that was the thinking behind it.

I also love the fact that they’re spending some time on Future Earth. I’m sure it’s not the whole movie, so people can relax – hopefully there will be some ‘trekking’ to the ‘stars’…

84. Mikey C - December 6, 2012

I think that Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell who is back for ‘Vengeance’ on Kirk and crew. If you are reading the IDW series from early on, it was dealt with what happened to Mitchell in the new timeline. As far as who Alice Eve is playing, I think it is either Carol Marcus or Elizabeth Dehner, but if Cumberbatch is Mitchell, the she is more than likely playing Dr. Dehner, due to the whole ‘No Man’ connection. Trailer looks great and makes me want to see this movie even more than I already did.

85. Commodore Redshirt - December 6, 2012

okay… I’m now excited.
Thanks for the shot-by-shot look.

86. CAPT KRUNCH - December 6, 2012

WOW!!…just too much to speculate..I see possible Gary Mitchell, Admiral Pike’s memorial, Dr Dehner, or Carol Marcus… Genesis like planet, Enterprise, ship emerging from the water…..Enterprise, ship crashing down into Starfleet and the bay…..a scene like that at the end of TWOK!…
Can’t wait to see those 1st 9 minutes next week!!

87. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

Remember what Spock Prime said in ST (2009) — that he needed Spock and Kirk to become friends even at the cost of misleading Kirk about what would happen should he reveal his existence.

This is a philosophical inclination that suggests that the producers agree that we must have faith that timelines should unfold as they they are MEANT to be (which is again, a Spockian approach). Thus, there is a possibility that what happens in one timeline has a strong tendency to “gravitationally” influence those “near” it.

If NuSpock does die in this movie, then that would be consistent with that thesis.

88. Ian Rendall - December 6, 2012

Going out on a limb here. Sybok?

89. Teidi - December 6, 2012

Am the only one thinking that the blonde isn’t Dehner…but Nurse Chapel??

They did a switcharoo by making Spock fall for Uhura…maybe they are making Kirk fall for Chapel….

I might be missing something here…

90. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

Awesome trailer… I’m breathless!!!

91. Aix - December 6, 2012

Are we sure he is canon, though. I mean, from your interview with boborci he said that he is. Then he commented in the thread that he lied.

92. lovedoti - December 6, 2012

WoW! is the klingon wielding a bat’leth at 0.21???

93. willj1365 - December 6, 2012

The hands scene – does it HAVE to be Spock/Kirk? How about McCoy/Kirk?

94. Bob Tompkins - December 6, 2012

Dalek- Run the viewing program at full screen and freeze the framteyou want. Press the Prnt Scr key, open Paint and select paste.
The picture will then be open in Paint to do with it as you will.

95. Max - December 6, 2012

I don’t think the hands are Kirk & Spock. Obviously a homage to TWOK but they don’t yet have that same bond. I think it’s Pike and Spock, and Pike is the one dying hence memorial scene

I also reckon Klingons still don’t have cranial ridges (which sucks!) and they are hiding their heads behind the masks/helmets out of shame.

As far as who cumby is, I think JJ and crew would have expected forums like this would be rife with speculation about Khan and all the TOS villains we’ve all mentioned and they have purposely thrown a curve ball which no one here has guessed yet.

96. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012


It’s Spock. The other person is a wild card. We know it’s spock because of the \\//, gesture. :)

97. Johan Albrechtsen - December 6, 2012

This may be a small detail, but am I the only one noticing that Cumberbatch’s character’s jacket has the exact same collar-pattern that Khan’s orange suit has in TWOK?

98. Aurore - December 6, 2012

In the last movie, Kirk eating an apple while taking the Kobayashi Maru test for the third time (?) was, apparently, thought by many, to be an homage to the scene in The Wrath of Khan, where the character had done the same thing while explaining how he had beaten the test.

However, on the commentary track to the movie, Mr. Abrams seemed to have an other explanation regarding the origins of the scene,i.e.; the reason why he had filmed the character eating an apple….Was he being facetious? I did not think so at all, but, I could have been wrong.

The scene in the Japanese trailer does remind me of the iconic scene referred to in the article, though…

And, of course, in spite of this, I still do not believe Mr. Cumberbatch is playing Khan.

99. Radioactive Spock - December 6, 2012

Is Spock dying in this movie?!! That would explain him “moving on” to other types of roles.

100. Konar - December 6, 2012

Cumby = Flint

101. Chuck - December 6, 2012


102. gingerly - December 6, 2012


I agree with you.

It’s not Khan.
Also Spock’s not dying.

I know Alice Eve looks a lot like Dehner, (it might be her) but the jury’s still out on Gary.

I’m swinging back to the theory that’s one of the other supes on Khan’s ship.

It would fit the super-strength, but lack of almost omniscience of Gary Mitchell. Right along with the whole vengeance thing and wanting to get back at Earth, specifically.

103. George Zip - December 6, 2012

#36 = “volcano planet might be Genesis”

Not unless the story jumped about 30 years from ST ’09.

104. Radioactive Spock - December 6, 2012

I don’t know. I’m starting to think maybe CB IS playing some Augment like Khan. some elements of the trailer remind me of Space Seed and TWOK. I know it might just be homages but I’m starting to wonder…

105. Mark Lynch - December 6, 2012

Looking forward to reading this thread properly after I have seen the 9 minute trailer…

Gonna be hard to not read these, but I must be strong! ;-)

106. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

TWoK death scene redux:

They’re the wrong hands! In original, it is right hand on right hand. This is left on left.

107. Konar - December 6, 2012

#101–Chuck– you may have been jesting but I actually think that’s a possibility… Apollo, god of war on more than one planet (Klingon, Earth, unnamed war torn planet) returns for revenge… “enjoy your peace” etc… Greatest weakness is love, etc.

108. gingerly - December 6, 2012


Between that eagle-eyed poster who spotted the jacket design similarity to Khan’s (on reddit)…

The fact that he’s super-strong, but STILL must use hand-to-hand combat (unlike Gary and his telekinesis), I am CERTAIN is another augment.


KHAN is a not a pasty English guy, sorry. Even the 80’s version was at least Latino.

And he’s been done to death.

109. captain_neill - December 6, 2012

it looks like a good trailer, but the Enterprise rising from the San Francisco Bay.

Didn’t the Enterprise not struggle in Earth orbit in “Tomorrow is Yesterday”?

I think it will be a great film but is Earth in peril and Vengeance not old hat in the movies, especially it was in the last film.

110. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2012

First, great job breaking down the trailer Anthony. Did not notice the Klingon writing. While I still say it’s Khan, both the Mitchell and Khan factions can make arguments.

I’m going to make the argument it’s still Khan from what we know (search for Hispanic actor, TrekMovie report, etc.) and the trailer. The narration about “coming back” to enact vengeance sounds like Khan. Remember he was exiled or fled earth. Second, BC is a superhuman who does not use telekinesis ( Gary Mitchell) but superstrength. (Khan) to dispatch his opponents. Third, the romantic glances between Kirk and Spock. I keeed. I keeeed. I mean between Kirk and I think Alice Eve. And remember that Eve researched the part by viewing all Star Trek episodes. She seemed very interested in Kirk. Eve is Carol Marcus.

Eve watched all TOS episodes to prepare for part. There would be no reason if she were Dehner who only appeared in one episode.. She seems to focus on Kirk, perhaps to create chemistry between her and Pine.

111. Jay - December 6, 2012

What is up with Quick Time? Eventhough i have installed it, and i can open it and it runs… for some reason when i try to click on the trailer on the apple site, it keeps telling me i need to install Quick Time?!!?!??!?!?

112. Lt.. Dakin - December 6, 2012

Thank you, Bob, Alex, Damon, Bryan and JJ.

Thankk you, Gene.

113. JohnRambo - December 6, 2012

i can’t believe they’re killing Spock AGAIN! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

114. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

Interesting that the final part of the Khan trilogy (ST:TVH) also had a ship crashing into the San Francisco Bay, and also a female scientist who eventually became a Federation science officer.

115. sean - December 6, 2012

Yeah, I suspect it’s probably Khan as well. The superhuman fighting vs. the Klingon looks very much like what we’ve seen in the past, from, say, the augments in Enterprise.

First off, anyone saying it’s Mitchell “coming back” from his brief appearance in the ST ongoing comic book is really nuts — there’s no way they’d make a sequel to a *comic book appearance* that hardly anyone read. Mitchell’s been done there, and with Orci’s supervision/approval/whatever, and so I think he’s off the table.

I do find it odd that, if he’s playing Khan, Cumberbatch is still sporting his British accent. I suppose they’d rather go with a bit of Canonical inconsistency. Let’s all be huge nerds and discuss how being in cryogenic freeze might cause one to adopt a different accent when you’re unfrozen.

Khan makes a ton of sense in a few ways — Alice Eve now seems like she could be Carol Marcus, the hands picture from the Japanese trailer sure evokes TWoK, etc.

Personally, I wish Cumberbatch was playing Garth of Izar; he looks the role and fighting against a shapeshifting genius Starfleet tactician just sounds more fun than a rehash of Khan or Mitchell. But, whatever, it’s a big Hollywood movie, they just want butts in seats more than appeasing our little collection of overly-obsessed nerds. Like the 2009 film, this is not a movie for us.

116. Chuck - December 6, 2012

#107 Konar – I never jest about Star Trek.

117. racaca - December 6, 2012

btw. that Alice Eve’s scream shot looks totally fake and overacted.

118. Mqark - December 6, 2012

When I saw a demo of the new star trek game based on this movie being played and shown in Gamescon in Germany, I saw what appeared to be a rescue mission with Kirk and Spock in what looked like a science lab on a rocky planet, and I also saw Spock and Kirk fighting many Gorn who were on a couple of space ships.
The fighting action progressed from the planet onto the flat decks of the ships.
The Gorn seemed to be an invading force.

Didn’t get to glean any other info from this game.

I’ve not seen anything in the trailer that looks like this, and I’ve not seen it being discussed anywhere.

119. Deflector Dish Guy - December 6, 2012


Wikipedia says Benedict’s character is Khan, and links to a UK newspaper as its source!! Confirm???

120. boy - December 6, 2012

If Alice Eve is Carol Marcus then she might get knoceked uo at the end.

121. George Zip - December 6, 2012

I still say “…the fleet is detonated…” is just bad copy, regardless of what it means. “Decimated”, maybe. “Demolished”, even. But “detonated”? Makes me think of Yosemite Sam or even Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny.

And, man, the fleet was *just* “detonated” by Nero in the last movie.

122. Paolo C. - December 6, 2012

@ Basement Blogger

And if she were Christine Chapel?

123. Deflector Dish Guy - December 6, 2012

See?!? It lists Benedict as Khan!!

124. I, Mugsy - December 6, 2012

They’d have to be pretty stupid (and unimaginative – copying TWOK in this regard) to kill off Spock after only the second film in the rebooted series. We still need time (and a few more films) to get to know this ‘new’ crew fully…

I’m sure it isn’t Spock that dies… unless we’re led to believe he dies at some point in the film, but….. ;)

125. L4YERCAKE - December 6, 2012


Khan’s ethnicity was speculated upon but never ultimately specified, it’s absolutely Khan in this film, there is no longer any doubt in my mind about this. And Khan will be a pasty Brit in this film because Cumberbatch will own his performance of the character, in the same way that Ricardo Montalban did previously.

And done to death?? In one episode and one film??? Khan is the one major character in Star Trek ever who has had so few appearances yet has an iconic status to rival Kirk.


126. richard - December 6, 2012

it is gary mitchell, alice eve is playing Elizabeth Dehner also from the orginal pilot – look at the hairdo

127. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

There is a theory in science fiction which solves the time travel problem known as the “Grandfather Paradox” by contending that nothing that happens in the past can ever be changed by a time traveler so as to result in a different future from that from which the time traveler came. A chronological equivalent to the strong anthropic principle, this construct mandates that anything that a time traveler does in an attempt to change the future will nevertheless revert to that which had actually occurred.

More on this is found in my blog at:

128. George Zip - December 6, 2012

Sorry if I missed someone else saying it; is that “red weed” (War of the Worlds homage?) from the ST comic with the Tribbles? That was in a Klingon territory, as I recall.

129. PureGenius - December 6, 2012

This is the article that Wikipedia referenced. It states he is playing. Who knows if it is true.

130. Matt - December 6, 2012


Take it from a native – the Daily Mail has no source to confirm anything to do with a Star Trek movie. One of their half-wit journalists would have done a google search, seen Khan somewhere, and stated it as fact. It’s a horrid publication with is not on speaking terms with the notion of good journalis. Put your faith in Mr. Pascale for now.

131. Remington Steele - December 6, 2012

So are we thinking then that Cumbersnatch is part of the enterprise crew, in the 9 minute prologue something happens and he is “Killed”

This would then explain Kirks shock at seeing him.

This is bloody great, been waiting for so long to really start speculating about this movie!

132. Sebi - December 6, 2012

Maybe Bob Orci is reading all those comments and thinks:

“Man…… they are all wrong…..”

133. Bennie - December 6, 2012

@ 51: That’s just the problem. There is no pressure in space!
Of course the Enterprise is airtight and pressurised.
So travel under water should not be a problem other than no warp field is possible under water (there is no space to warp..). So I wonder what kind of engine they use for movement…..

134. ensign joe - December 6, 2012

If JJ was going to setup the next movie, and he wanted Khan in it, he could start that process in this movie.. So it’s possible for Batch to not be Khan and still have Khan make an appearance..

Oh and I too see pointed ears on Batch..

135. Jason F - December 6, 2012

If that’s the Enterprise rising from the water did they seperate the saucer section?

136. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

@133 Bennie

Her Impulse engines should still be powerful enough to do the job I would think.

137. KronicSonic - December 6, 2012


I think they’re killing Kirk not Spock, is a kind of reversal.

138. Bennie - December 6, 2012

@136 Steve Johnson
Indeed, that would be posible. I’m really liking what I’m seeing.
My two cents: I think it’s Gary….

139. Jay - December 6, 2012

As for the scream looking poorly acted….. remember that sometimes they take unsused shots and use them in the trailer, or different takes.

Remember 200i9 trek, and how the scene when young kirk is talking to the policeman. The wording, and phrasing was completely different than what actually appeared in the film, so it was a take that they didn’t use in the movie, but did use it in the film.

So, the film may have a better take of the scream.

140. Neil - December 6, 2012

Is it me or do the nacelles on that ship crashing into the water look like a 24th century Starfleet ship? They almost look like the Enterprise-E style nacelles.

141. cpelc - December 6, 2012

Crewmen thrown about (presumably on Enterprise)

In this pic (bottom one) it looks like (from L to R) Scotty, Uhura and Kirk. Possibly stunt doubles if their faces are not exactly the same, but the hair all matches up.

142. cpelc - December 6, 2012

I flipped the image upside down and it definitely is them.

trekcore has a slightly different pic (maybe previous frame) where you can clearly make out scotty and kirk.

143. Bob Mack - December 6, 2012

I’m immediately struck by the repetition of motifs from ST (2009) to this film. There are many similar elements.

Sauce for the goose. JJ must love seeing the Enterprise out of her element. First, Titan’s thick atmosphere. Now, San Francisco Bay? Both shots have something of a resurrection quality to them.

JJ must be afraid of heights. Kirk goes over a cliff. Again. Last time he was able to hang on by his fingernails – who knows what happens this time? Add to that the fall to the drilling platform over Vulcan in 2009 and the next motif –

JJ loved “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.” Super-human jumping seems to be a favorite. First the crew of the Narada lept huge distances from platform to platform, now Cumberbatch tries his hand at it.

JJ loves geology. In 2009 it was red matter causing planets to consume themselves from within. Now volcanic activity is somehow critical to defeating or stopping Cumberbatch.

JJ has a singular focus on singular bad guys. Nero was kind of a fail as his character didn’t get enough screen time or development in 2009. Now Cumberbatch seems to get the attention that Nero lacked.

144. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

@137 Agree completely.

145. Frank - December 6, 2012

Alice Eve is Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. No doubt!

146. a1071ncc - December 6, 2012

I think the 1st 9 minuets Will be a condensed version of Where no man had gone before and the “memorial” is for Gary Mitchell a year later. By such time Mitchell haS devised a dastardly plan cause havoc and steal a certain device

147. gingerly - December 6, 2012


A pale Englishman, named Khan Noonien Singh would make about as much sense as Swiss man named Pei Mei.

…Or a Dutch girl named Keisha Jenkins.

Seriously, people need to stop with the Khan.

They didn’t hire a Sikh or Mongol (looking) actor, so it’s not Khan.

…But it IS one the augments.

148. Shaun D Lyon - December 6, 2012

It isn’t Khan. But I think it’s a character connected to Khan. I think he’s one of Khan’s super soldiers. In this universe, Khan died and one of his lieutenant’s took command. Maybe he blames the federation for killing his beloved leader, Khan. It could be that the character was going to be Khan when Benicio Del Toro was going to play him, but when he dropped out they re-wrote the character with Cumberbatch in mind. Just my two-penny worth.

149. OldDarth - December 6, 2012

Great to see Carol Marcus & Garth!

150. Neil - December 6, 2012

Definitely looks more like a Garth of Izar storyline after reading this:

151. amidon - December 6, 2012

The blonde chick’s scream looks so fake… terrible

152. Capt sanders - December 6, 2012

Could be Kirks brother.

153. Tom Delgado - December 6, 2012

I don’t think Alice Eve is playing Dr. Dehner. I really think she might be Carol Marcus. I really don’t think it is Mitchell or Khan, maybe one of the Augments. But we won’t know for a while.

154. gingerly - December 6, 2012


I saw the episode, and unless they do some heavy-duty retooling (and they certainly could) I don’t think it’s him.

Though, I’ll gladly eat humble pie if I’m wrong. ;)

155. NFXStudios - December 6, 2012

The Enterprise struggled in the atmosphere in Tomorrow is Yesterday because it was crippled from the sling shot effect. Voyager routinely traveled in the atmosphere of planets. The Enterprise in at least one Next Generation episode traveled into the atmosphere of a star under extreme external stress, and I’m pretty sure in at least one episode into the high density atmosphere of a gas giant. Air and water are both treated as fluids in physics.

And to whomever said something about not going to warp while under water because there is no space there to warp… really? Space just stops, where? At the top of the atmosphere? At sea level? “Space” is all around us. Our entire planet is just something very small *in* space. You could definitely go to warp while under water, although it would probably not be a great idea.

156. John F. - December 6, 2012

Garth of Izar. Mmmm. He was imprisoned. Could be. Then the blond is Carol Marcus.

To rehash Khan or the Augments would not be too thrilling. But then again, anything’s possible.

157. Jack Ryan - December 6, 2012

I think its either Garth of Izar or Khan. Why would Gary Mitchell carry a phaser if he has powers? I think its Khan or Garth. I am learning more toward Khan though. Thats my gut. Maybe its someone we have not considered.

158. Paul - December 6, 2012

Its possible that the funeral scene is for Cumberbatch’s character who was a close friend of Kirk’s then the surprise attack (like Pearl Harbour) starts.

The Enterprise appears to crash at the end of the trailer into the water with red flames on her engines then emerges (after Scotty fixes her earlier in the trailer).

Scotty is crying when he consoles Uhura so its someone they are both very close to.

Cannot believe its Khan that makes no sense more like Gary Mitchell or some other TOS character like Commodore Decker or STMP’s Captain Decker perhaps after spending a long time within V’ger in the alternate universe!

159. Jack Ryan - December 6, 2012

Alice Eve could be Christine Chapel or maybe Marla McGivers. Did anybody think about that?

The Khan thing is not far fetched. How do we know that Khan did not undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery? Maybe the Augments were found and made to fit into Federation society?

I am leaning toward Garth of Izar though but Garth was a shape shifter wasn’t he?

160. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

@157 Jack Ryan

Someone suggested the idea that if it were Mitchell, his powers may be only just rejuvenating when he’s using the weapons. That his death and resurrection come at a price.

161. Jeff O'Connor - December 6, 2012

Really stoked to see confirmation of the Borg Queen and Weyoun Four!

162. CaptainRickover - December 6, 2012

So, in the end it’s another Star Trek movie with a bad guy seeking vengeance.

163. Nony - December 6, 2012


The hand-touching scene…interesting how the rank stripes are hidden from view. That could be anybody…it could even be Spock in the black and McCoy in the blue, attempting to finally respect him and throw him a Live Long and Prosper. But I definitely think Spock’s not the one dying this time, though he might appear to be at one point, judging from the distraught Uhura.

164. Capt sanders - December 6, 2012

Garth was a great character but I can see them not using him based on the name alone.

165. cskirk421 - December 6, 2012

@77 the Delta flyer flew underwater in this episode.

166. Other Guy - December 6, 2012

He’s Charlie X.

Yes, it WILL Suck.

167. Gerd - December 6, 2012

Ah… vengeance. Could I be more bored? So Cumberbatch ist playing Shinzon? Or Khan? Or Nero? Or just another bad guy with flatulence? I suggest: read the script of “Undiscovered Country” and start thinking about the words “good story”.

168. John F. - December 6, 2012

Yeah, I would have liked a space exploration movie. Though, it would make it more difficult to attract an audience. TV is a good medium to the space exploration stories. The movie theater is a more difficult place. That said, I’m just happy that Star Trek is still being made.

169. Jack Ryan - December 6, 2012

The thing is that trailer tells us nothing. JJ is not a fool. He is keeping a lot close to his vest.

Orci said its a canon character but the guy talks about vengeance. Obviously he is pissed and in the japanese trailer he talks about family.

Okay Khan is the only one I cant think of who had a “family” He was also exiled into space and had his kingdom taken from him.

Gary Mitchell would not be shooting a rifle. Garth is a shape-shifter.

This guy has superhuman abilities. How in the hell can this not be a new version of Khan? I thought about Flint too. Thats possible.

If I am wrong then so be it but all the signs point to Khan in my opinion and Alice Eve could be McGivers, Chapel, or Dr. Dehner.

Remeber how gogo Dehner was for Gary Mitchell. What if she were with Khan? Hey You have to think like a Geek in these situations when you are given little information.

For all you guys bitching keep in mind again this is a new universe with new possibilities. the beauty of what they did with the first movie was they have no hand cuffs which means they can play with this the way they want to.

Alternate realities never give you the characters as you remember them. They change things.

Neros incursion changed that universe. They blew up Vulcan!!!! If they did that, can you imagine what else they have in mind?

I am sticking with Khan and they can explain how he changed. Who cares. I saw the first one 2 times and I will do the same with this one.

It is not Gary Mitchell. Alice Eve could be Dr. Dehner. Read Star Trek issue 1 (IDW) that is possible but I think its Khan. All signs point to Khan.

I love JJ and those boys. Man traditional Trekkies are going to be pissed off!!!

170. Gateway Trekkie - December 6, 2012

Is it possible that the memorial service at the beginning of the movie is for Cumberbatch’s character? And let’s presume for a moment he does play Gary Mitchell – endowed with super powers and left (presumably dead) on Delta Vega. That would be the perfect set up for the movie.

171. Nony - December 6, 2012

Ooh, what if the black-sleeved hand at the end is actually Cumberbatch? ~Redeeming himself by doing something good and therefore earning Spock’s respect? Uhura could be crying over something else entirely – maybe she and Scotty are monitoring Spock going into the volcano thing, and they freak out at that lava explosion and think he’s dead.

172. Derf - December 6, 2012

It is hard not to see that one shot and think of this.

173. John F. - December 6, 2012

Star Trek VI is very good. I also like The Motion Picture (crazy, right?). Star Trek IV I only like because of the comedy. I’m not too attracted to the revenge Star Trek movies. I also didn’t like the Borg movie First Contact. It was wonderfully shot, but the story is silly: Borg travel back in time? They could have done that like a thousand times earlier, before entering Federation space. Silly stuff. I did like Insurrection because it was typical TNG story, but not not so much movie theater material. Into Darkness, revenge story or not, I want to see succeed to reinvigorate Star Trek and bring it back to TV.

174. rogerachong - December 6, 2012

My Two Cents on a great teaser trailer:

Good News: There is something absent in most of the clips. Yes folks there are very few LENS FLARES. If this was the last movie you would barely be able to recognise Cumby due to the blinding lights! I only picked up a few flares and those seemed to be more appropriate ones.

The ship falling into the water does not look like the JJ Verse Enterprise. I think the nacelles on that ship are too far apart as compared to the Enterprise that is seen rising from the water earlier in the teaser with nacelles much closer spatially. Not sure of this though.

I believe that Kirk and Bones jump into the water since the Enterprise is hidden just beneath the surface on this stealth mission to a Klingon planet. Note that they do not even hesitate to jump as though some creature is chasing them. That red flora planet has a lot of water as seen in the wide angle shot of the “Facility”. I am guessing some type of terra-forming thingy. It could also be some type of Temple? Vaguely like Angkor Wat.

Zoe looks like a regal Empress 100% perfection in that outfit from early part of the clip. Me likey very much, Va Va Voom indeed.

No glowing eyes for Cumby even Kirk seems to have a slight glow at the end. Maybe a trick of the light. That leaves Khan or the shape shifting Garth as likely villain. Leaning towards Garth these days.

Great action set pieces what’s not to like. What is that object falling through that building that has the civillians all in a tizzy? Could it be the Chatauri? preamble to a Doomsday Machine now controlled by the villain? Speculations anyone? For a great ending you need to one-up the threat level or the action seems flat. So what is the Card that JJ is holding up his sleeves?? Let’s wait and see.

175. Jack Ryan - December 6, 2012

A lot of people thought the first one would be bad and it was a hit.

Do you seriously think after everything Paramount has been through that they would turn out a bad movie?

I doubt it. JJ is way too smart for that. I think Trek fans are the biggest morons sometimes. I think there is way more to this movie than what we have seen. I wish people would just enjoy the ride look forward to this cool ass movie.

I stand by Khan. Not sure how he ended up a white guy but I am sure they will explain it.

Star Trek was stale and dead and although Nemisis was a decent effort it was a reflection of a franchise that was out of touch. I like this new Trek and I think this movie will lead to a greater franchise. 09 was a nice test drive. This one is going to be good.

People are quick to judge before they see the final product. I think this movie goes to another level. It looks great.

176. KG - December 6, 2012

It makes sense that it (if it is him) Khan would have a British-type accent, he is Indian after all.

177. bintrepid81 - December 6, 2012

The ship seen crashing into the Bay. Could it be the NX Enterprise or one of that style anyway? It does have that design. Maybe it was in orbit as a museum piece and was forced down somehow? Could be still in use possibly and tied into the overall story.

I agree with some who have said that hands on the glass are Spock and Pike with Pike being the one who dies thus explaining the memorial scene and the aircraft overhead in that formation. Could also be when Pike gets exposed to Delta rays and becomes the wheelchair-bound invalid.

178. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

Hat Rick, KTLA just played it.

179. Captain Hackett - December 6, 2012

I think we will witness the dying of Cumberbatch’s character when he puts up his hand on glass wall against Spock’s hand.

Pike at memorial service??? He probably eulogizes someone special that he is closer to. Perhaps Cumberbatch’s character?

In my mind, the character of Cumberbatch must be Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar!

180. Adolescent Nightmare - December 6, 2012

Told you Scotty has red hair this time and no one believed me. Short attention span youth, my ass. More like adults who don’t pay attention.

What else was I right about that is now obvious?


181. drumvan - December 6, 2012


they are obviously in the “historic” section of san francisco where cheesy 90’s architecture still resides ;)

182. LazarusNine - December 6, 2012

I’m hoping for Gary Mitchell and Dehner, but otherwise unimpressed by another disaster film. The filmmakers can rest assured, though, cuz they’ll still be getting money out of me.

183. Steve Johnson - December 6, 2012

@180 Adolescent Nightmare

Khan is not yet so obvious. Otherwise I think most people would be in agreement.

But hey, keep patting yourself on the back. If it makes you happy, then I encourage it. :)

184. - December 6, 2012

I don’t wish to sound disrespectful and i am really looking forward to this movie but can we please get away from “The Wrath Of Insert Villain Name Here” story lines for the next installment.

Wrath of Shinzon, Wrath of Nero, Wrath of Benedict Cumberbatch. Lets move on.

185. DMar - December 6, 2012

Why would the last shot in the Japanese trailer be Kirk and Spock? Kirk does wear the command color of gold now right? The villain has been established earlier in the trailer wearing the black shirt right? Why could that last shot not be blonde doctor in blue shirt and villain in black?

186. Vince - December 6, 2012

If no one thinks this is Khan, you are in deniable at this point lol.

187. Nony - December 6, 2012

Does anyone else see something hidden under the surface of the water where Kirk and Bones jump off the cliff?

188. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

I’m thinking Cumby is either Garth, Khan, or non-Khan member of Botany Bay. He looks human and has super-human abilities. If we are to believe Orci, an admitted liar, then Cumby should be playing a TOS character.

I’m just not sold on the Gary Mitchel theory. The blond in blue uni could be Dehnar, but she could also be Chapel or Marcus.

I would like it if Cumby is playing a TOS character. Just not Khan.

189. CJS - December 6, 2012

Clearly the villain is Ra’s al Ghul. It’s been a couple of centuries (no biggie for Ra’s) and since the Batman is long dead and buried he has to find someone new upon which to exact vengeance.

190. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

186. Vince:

Yeah, I am in denial since I really don’t want it to be Khan. It would just suck if it was. I would rather hope for Garth or a non-Khan Botany Bay member, just not Khan.

Well, here’s hoping!

191. Kevin - December 6, 2012

@DMAR The blue shirt can’t be Alex Eve as the hand is making the Vulcan salute, female uniforms don’t have sleeves, and the torso we can see has no boobs.

192. Bill Turner - December 6, 2012

I didn’t see Bones in the trailer at all.

193. Paul - December 6, 2012

#187. Nony said, “Does anyone else see something hidden under the surface of the water where Kirk and Bones jump off the cliff?”

To me, it looks like the outline of a Klingon-style ship.

194. Dave Malkoff - December 6, 2012

I was ON THE SET the day they shot the last scene in the trailer photo here:

195. Captain Hackett - December 6, 2012

No. 192 Bill Turner

1) Kirk and he ran out of red alien field and jumped off at cliff.

2) He was in background when Alice Eve got Kirk’s attention.

I think I saw more couple of him in the movie trailer.

196. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 6, 2012

Mitchell doesn’t need to punch a Klingon or carry a gun, you simpering denialists.


197. AmmoGod - December 6, 2012

I prefer the premis that the botany bay is found by the klingons, Peter Weller playing Khan. Peter dies in Klingon custody. Kirk and crew somehow raid the klingon outpost that Khan and crew were being held in on a total unrelated mission, and Cumby’s character (Call him Joachem for lack of another name) uses the diversion to affect his own escape attempt. We then have joachem proceed to Earth bent on revenge for the banishment that they sufferred 200 years before, as it led to the death of his “family” at the hands of a kingon dead moon. The scene of Joachem in a starfleet shirt is him simply wearing a fresh change of clothes from a captured ship of some sort. Continuity of timelines denotes spock’s death to be very likely, which sets premise for third film. Or, spock still saves the ship, but this time is able to be revived… Missing man formation most likely for Pike.

198. ScottC - December 6, 2012

A question about the movie poster: which one of Khan’s crew would have been responsible for any destruction in London during the Eugenics Wars? Could that be what we see on the poster and its actually damage that happened then? That could be how they work BC into the Khan storyline without him actually being Khan.

199. Commodore Adams - December 6, 2012

@ 12. Ryan Wow, just started reading the comments and I have to comment on yours. If a ship is build to travel through space you can be damn sure it can enter an atmosphere and go underwater no less. What’s your deal bro? Chill.

200. Mark s - December 6, 2012

It’s Mitchell.

The Klingons destroyed his “kingdom” which is The Valiant. He was left for dead, wreckage enters the space storm. His other revenge is aimed at Pike.

201. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 6, 2012

I just saw the trailer. it’s AWESOME!. Thak you Anthony for your article. I so can’t wait for the movie.

202. - December 6, 2012

If it’s Khan i’m launching a website

Seriously though, when was Khan ever a member of Starfleet.

I know who is in denial and it’s not those of us who don’t want Khan.

203. ME!! - December 6, 2012

Anyone else notice that Alice Eve’s hairdo is almost the same as Dr. Dehner’s in Where No Man Has Gone Before?

204. The TMP Enterprise Crashes.... - December 6, 2012

The ship that crashes into the bay looks a lot like the original motion picture enterprise…especially the skinny nacelles.

205. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

I like the idea stated above that the the hand at the end is Cumberbatch’s rather than Kirk’s – perhaps redeeming himself.

btw, anyone referring to the British tabloids like the Daily Mail for confirmation that it’s Khan, better look elsewhere.

U.K. tabloids, when they’re not lifting stories wholesale from sites like Trekmovie , and others, basically make $hit up…

206. racaca - December 6, 2012

202: “Seriously though, when was Khan ever a member of Starfleet.”

Need one remind you we’re in the “alternate universe”? Anything is possible.

207. Dalek - December 6, 2012

Will the real Dalek please stand up?

208. Ralph Pinheiro - December 6, 2012

In Japanese trailer, who is wearing blue uniform makes Vulcan salute, and other one that touches the glass is left-handed. The greenwood is left-handed.

209. Gary - December 6, 2012

Alice Eve could be playing Janice Rand.

210. Mech Man - December 6, 2012

What if Kirk dies instead?! Think about it.

211. Reign1701A - December 6, 2012

Anthony-what leads you to be so conclusive that it’s Kirk’s hand on the glass? It’s a black sleeve, which Kirk wore in the last one. But she should be in gold or in that new gray uniform. It could be Cumberbatch’s death scene.

212. Rick Johnson - December 6, 2012

Honestly, they need to take the Klingon helmets off. It’s kind of pathetic at this point. TOS had no budget. They changed the makeup when somebody gave them money. “Continuity” is a farce. Some “Trek” fans are borderline retarded. “Respecting” them is insulting everyone else.

Alice Eve has her blue Dehner uniform–still seems to be Gary Mitchell, but still no indication of his “plan” except for the Klingons, which makes no sense. No grey hair and no weird eyes, though.

213. Rudi - December 6, 2012


Good idea. But what happened to the beehive on her head?

214. Legend of Link - December 6, 2012

The hand already on the glass seems to own to the person who’s in distress. Spock is on the OTHER side seemingly looking IN to the enclosure. If it’s not Spock who’s in trouble, then who is? Is it Kirk? Cumby’s Gary Mitchell early in the film? Interesting…

215. Ralph Pinheiro - December 6, 2012

post 211. Reign1701A

It´s not Kirk’s hand on the glass. Greenwood is left-handed.

216. Reign1701A - December 6, 2012

215: Could be that whoever’s hand that is is too weak/injured to put up his right hand.

217. DaiMonRon - December 6, 2012

The yellow/orange multi-ringed circular structure that is described as part of Klingon building looks suprisingly like a large Genesis device control panel, like Khan used at the end of TWOK to detonate the weapon/planet terraformer.

218. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

No shiny eyes. No white temples and/or side burns. Dependence on firearms and fists. Doesn’t ring Mitchell to me.

There’s a difference between vengeance and revenge. If the villain is looking for vengeance, this paints more of a punishment or retribution for a wrong or injustice. Revenge is more personal – focused more on the one who personally attacked or wronged you as Nero did with Spock. Vengeance is more diffuse and usually against a bigger picture rather than the individual.

A revived Khan, denied revenge by the fact that he outlived any individual he might want to take revenge upon, might seek vengeance on that which survived. Even more so if he came to Earth to offer them order and was, yet again, rejected.

It is not unusual for people from India to speak the Queen’s English with a proper English accent. If he is indeed a Sikh it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to be drawn to the militant part of their history while focusing on social justice and harmony. He might even come to focus on England as a target for exacting vengeance.

The hoods throw me. Yeah Khan had them on Ceti Alpha V but there weren’t any on the Botany Bay.

Given the Nero incident, I could see some faction of Star Fleet trying to retrieve Khan from his big sleep and recruit him into Star Fleet.

But seeing BC sitting in a command chair just feels off. He doesn’t own it like Ricardo’s Khan.

I’m rooting for Joachim but I’m wondering how the writers can create his need for vengeance?

Time will tell.

219. The Great Bird lives - December 6, 2012

Okay peeps, lets get off the warp drive under water crap. It doesn’t take a warp field theorist to figure out that you can’t create a warp field within a gravity well of a planet. Yet admittedly I see it done many times in Star Trek. This would cause an enormous explosion, and ultimately mutual destruction of the ship and planet.
The inertial drive, or Inertially modified pulse drive, i:e Impulse drive could be modified to vent seawater from the impulse manifolds. And although Enterprise is pretty darn heavy she would be fairly buoyant, AND maneuverable with slight modification to the thruster assemblies. But since shields would be out of the question the deflector array would suffer damage if the ship remained submerged for too long.

Sorry, I immediately put on my geek hat upon seeing the new trailer…

Thanks, Anthony… you are a man of your word.

220. Commander K - December 6, 2012

Qunto looks fatter in above pic…hence wh ythere is a clip of him out on a jog in the trailer

221. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

I speculated months ago ( and it may probably be wrong of course ), that Joachim takes on the title of ‘KHAN’ after the Botany Bay is damaged ( by either a Federation Force or Klingons ). Khan’s Pod is destroyed as are all the other augments’. Only Joachim survives to exact revenge adopting the title of his fallen leader…

Personally, I’d rather this movie have nothing to do with Khan, but some other sites are saying they’ve heard whispers from inside sources that is IS Khan ( Devin on Badassdigest is saying as much )…

222. Denny Crane - December 6, 2012

By the way: Alice Eve plays Christine Chapel.

223. Spock - December 6, 2012

Interesting seeing Enterprise in water, like Yamato in Star Blazers

224. CW - December 6, 2012

I bet its Chapel too. I also think that they can make up any reason they want to for (my guess: LT LESLIE) to want revenge for whatever reason. He’s the only one with a british accent in the TOS.

Finally: Didn’t the Delta Flyer fly into water for days on end on some water world without issue?

225. Travis - December 6, 2012

Ok i have a few points i would like to lash out! 1: If Benedict Cumberpatch is indeed playing Gary Mitchell then why does Gary use a phaser gun to kick the Klingons asses, shouldnt he have GOD like powers? 2: Why arent Benedict’s eyes white instead of normal? ( Dont tell me that Gary Mitchell can change his eyes because he cant! The only time his eyes returned to normal is when Gary was being drained of his powers ) 3: Gary has a American voice! Khan has a European/Indian voice same as Bendict is playing! The character that Benedict Cumberpatch is playing is indeed KHAN! However this khan is different! Could this Khan know what happens in the prime timeline? Is this Khan time traveling? Does Peter Wheeler’s character ( John Fredrick Paxton ) find Khan in the 22nd century and bring him to the 23rd?… Did the Klingons find the Botany Bay and awake Khan??…
Need answers!!!

Alice Eve i believe is playing Dr. Carol Marcus simply because on the teaser trailer how both Pine and Eve look at each other! its love at first sight!

Also did anybody see towards the end of the teaser trailer coming up from the ocean water a NX class ship! The same ship used in series Enterprise with Scott Bakula? That could be another clue to Wheeler’s character!

226. cw - December 6, 2012

I mean KYLE not LESLIE. The transporter tech guy.

227. Plum - December 6, 2012

Great comments! I’m so confused! And very excited! I would have sworn it was gonna be Gary back for revenge from Delta Vega.

I didn’t see anyone comment on WHY this film will, indeed, have a dark tone AND be centred around the villain. I’m no cinema scholar but as a formula the second film is usually darker in tone. This gives the characters a story that challenges and threatens everything about them, thus giving them a chance to triumph in the third film. The formula is well established from Empire Strikes Back to The Dark Knight.

228. Travis - December 6, 2012

Also too in the Japanese Trailer i think we are forgetting a actor that has come back in this Sequel…. Leonard Nimoy! I believe Old Spock has something to do by either saving Kirk or by saving Spock!

229. Unbel1ever - December 6, 2012

I love Cumberbatch. I don’t think the villain’s motive is particularly interesting, though. Revenge? Again? Well, at least I’m sure that Benedict will be able to convey it more convincingly than Eric Bana. Other than that the teaser does not reveal much. I hope we get to see some scenes in space in the full trailer.

230. John Cage - December 6, 2012


You don’t see Alice Eve and Chris Pine looking at each other. You see Alice Eve first and then Chris Pine. It doesn’t have to be the same scene, but a smart cut for the teaser.

I don’t think that Cumberbatch will play any known TOS-charakter. That wouldn’t make sense because none of Kirks enemys tried to destroy earth. And one man alone, detroying star fleet and earth? Strange idea…

231. CJS - December 6, 2012

If the villain is Khan, Eve will be introduced as Elizabeth Dehner to throw you off. If the villain is Mitchell, Eve will be introduced as Carol Marcus or Marla McGivers to throw you off.

The producers, they are trying to confuse you.

There’s also a possibility that Eve will be playing Leila Kalomi, and the scene with Kirk and McCoy running through the field of pod plants is the rescue of the colonists on Omicron Ceti III before the Enterprise gets called back to Earth for the film’s main crisis.

232. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Plum, good points. ESB for sure, but I think fans all over have got carried away with the Dark Knight Analogy. I don’t think DK was any darker than the other Bat-films either side of it – I certainly wouldn’t call DK the darker film amongst the other dark Batfilms.

Am I alone in this?

I think people should differentiate Star Trek going dark, and Star Trek facing a dark threat in the movie. Certainly it seems to be the latter, but they will hopefully come out into the light ( closer in this respect to the dark Motion Picture ).

I just hope the filmmakers haven’t written themselves into a bottle hole with all this Khan talk. We need another Trek film after this…

233. Josh - December 6, 2012

so the trailer doesn’t rule out the main three baddie suggestions:

Khan – he would be returning, could have motive for vengeance as he was driven away, would need weapons, but would be able to do some superhuman feats.

Gary Mitchell – he would be returning, would have motive for vengeance (being left out in space), would most definitely be able to use superhuman feats. Wouldn’t necessarily need to use weapons, but there is no reason why he can’t.

Garth of Izar – he would be returning, would have a motive for vengeance (exiled in insane asylum), The main problem for him would be super-human feats, but who knows what he could manipulate his powers to be able to do. If he can change his looks, he could perhaps change his body in other ways to make himself stronger or more powerful or able to do other superhuman feats.

Or all of us could be wrong.

Also, I have no problem with the Enterprise being in the water. It’s unusual, but really, if a ship is sturdy enough to go out into space, it can probably survive a dip in the ocean.

234. Jack - December 6, 2012

I’d guessed the E had crashed in the water. Could detonating the fleet mean, partially, turning ships into weapons and making ’em crash into Earth? All guessing.

Could Eve be a doctor? Or is it clearly a science ensignia.

235. ME!! - December 6, 2012

“For all you guys bitching keep in mind again this is a new universe with new possibilities.”

I HATE that pathetic excuse! Hey, everyone who thinks this way, it also has to MAKE SENSE!! Yes, it’s an alternate universe, changed by Nero’s appearance…..around 25 to 30 YEARS PRIOR. NOT 200 YEARS. Nero’s appearance would not have a blasted affect on someone who’s been in cryogenic freeze for 200 to 300 years, suddenly making them British and white! That….is…STUPID!

That would make about as much sense as Zefram Cochran suddenly being a black female even though the the timeline change occurred 150 years AFTER he lived!

Of course, it would also make about as much sense as the U.S.S. Archon (looking like the NX-01, which makes sense, but with the new nacelle design of the ’09 Enterprise, which does NOT) crashing on Beta III 100 years ago and causing the whole Landru society movement via a Starfleet scientist named Cornelius Landru having been caused by this altered timeline by Nero DESPITE the FACT that the original episode “Return of the Archons” indicated that the real Landru lived 6,000 YEARS PRIOR!! But then, that’s what the people (specifically, Orci) responsible for these films have done with the “canon” comic series.

If Cumberbatch is Gary, great. If he’s Garth, great. If he’s some Eugenics Wars reject, great. If he’s someone else entirely that we haven’t thought of, great. If he’s Khan, I’ll watch and likely enjoy, but will NEVER accept it regardless. TOO MANY LIBERTIES being taken. I can accept some weird changes of things AFTER Nero’s meddling, but I absolutely will NOT accept ANY alterations of anything that happened BEFORE he appeared. That would make ZERO sense no matter what anyone tries to say to excuse it. Either this is connected with the Prime Universe or it isn’t. If they wanted to take so many liberties with it and alter everything from the beginning of time on through to the 29th century, then they should have completely and unquestioningly REBOOTED the entire thing, not connected it to the Prime Universe we’re all familiar with.

236. Cliff - December 6, 2012

This teaser is great, and the movie looks fantastic. Let’s hope they build on the successes of the first one and improve on the failures.

To everyone who thinks this new extrapolation of Star Trek is not really Star Trek; you’re right. This is a modern reimaginiing of Star Trek to appeal to the masses. This change was necessary to keep Star Trek around. My view is they kept just enough of what I liked about the old Star Trek to keep me, a die hard Trekkie, interested, and added plenty of action/adventure/humour to please everyone else. A fair trade off, and a really positive change.

This is pretty much what I’ve always wanted Star Trek to be. If the new movie is great, I just might be able to forgive JJ and company for blowing up Vulcan. Maybe

237. Rene Quebec - December 6, 2012

From the scene of Cumberbatch smashing through the window, I can only surmise that he is reprising the Joanna Cassidy role of “Zhora”…

238. Agent 89 - December 6, 2012

Peter Weller’s character was listed as a ‘CEO’. That leads me to think he was part of Khan’s group 200 years ago. They either escaped or were exiled in the Botany Bay.

Now Khan is back, possibly having commandeered the Reliant and her crew — a threat from “within Starfleet”. He wants revenge for losing his power in the past.

Alice Eve is Carol Marcus, a character from The Wrath of Khan.

Cumberbatch may be a pasty British guy, but remember they tried to cast Hispanic actors for his part before going with him.

239. Vger23 - December 6, 2012

I think the biggest tell-tale clue to BC’s character’s identity is that he is wearing the black Starfleet under shirt that Kirk was wearing in the first film. So, in spite of how much fun it is to come up with theories…it’s likely not Kahn, not a random member of the Botany Bay refugee crew, not Charlie Evans, not Flint, and not Harry Mudd.

It could be Garth, Mitchell, or some other character we haven’t considered yet…but the probability of it being one of these other characters people love to speculate about is pretty slim.

240. Agent 89 - December 6, 2012

..I’m also reminded of the following dialoge from The Wrath of Khan, with Khan sitting in the captain’s chair of the captured Reliant:

Joaquin: They still haven’t raised shields.

Khan: Of course. We are all one happy fleet.

241. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

I’m still thinking BC is an Augment, whether its Khan i don’t know.

Alice Eve plays Christine Chapel.

That looks like it could be BC touching the glass, realised what he has done and redeeming himself.

The vessel crashing into the water looks like the enterprise-e’s nacelle shape.

242. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

Physics of Enterprise underwater:

The stress and strain against the pylons on the warp nacelles and connecting saucer and stardrive sections would be too much against the water for the structure to maintain its integrity. It would fall apart.

Matt Jefferies designed the Enterprise so that she would only work in the vacuum of space. She was never supposed to be within an atmosphere, let alone in water.

243. LostonNCC1701 - December 6, 2012

Of course it won’t be a “Star Trek” movie as far as being about exploration and seeking out new life, etc… the movies never have really been about that. Remember, Picard even lampshaded this: “Aren’t we supposed to be explorers?”

I think it’s Khan. Maybe Mitchell (with perhaps his physical beating-down of Klingons coming before he is at full God power and merely at low-level demi-god status), but probably Khan. And, I got to admit, based on Cumberbatch’s monologue, I think he could probably do a good job as him. I mean, yeah, he doesn’t look like Montalban that much, but considering that Khan was a Mongolian-Irish-Indian guy (judging by the names) played by a Mexican, I think it’s safe to say that Khan is just Khan. It’s not about the appearance, it’s about the gravitas.

Also, I don’t think that’s the Enterprise rising from the sea. Nacelles don’t look quite right.

244. Gary - December 6, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is playing Colonel Green?

245. HiThere - December 6, 2012

I’m liking Gary Mitchell for this, if only for the “one man weapon of mass destruction” billing, the Elizabeth Dehner look-alike, and I think the RIFLE in Cumberbach’s hands is a nod to the TOS episode Mitchell was featured in, the only TOS episode where a “laser” (sic) rifle was ever used.

246. sean - December 6, 2012


They did it in an episode of Voyager, so it’s not unprecedented.

247. j4yn1ck5 - December 6, 2012

I think all you guys making these connections to previous TOS characters for Cumberbatch are just making gullible, wishful thinking guesses at plotlines that wouldn’t even be good anyway. So why are you doing it?

Also, what evidence AT ALL is there to strongly, STRONGLY support that Cumberbatch has superhuman strength? I see NONE. Even if his jumping around isn’t typical human stuff, why can’t he be on a low gravity planet, utilizing zero g combat tactics?

Why the HELL would they re-kill Spock? Not thrilling in the slightest. Why do sad Scotty and Uhura immediately tell you a SENIOR OFFICER has died? There’s any number of people they could be sad about, that have been killed during the “detonation” of the fleet.

In your desire to be the one who knows what’s going to happen in this movie, you end up showing yourself to be very small-minded, making drastic overestimations of certainty on slivers of non-evidence. It also seems very possible that JJ and his team have succeeded in manipulating all of you into a hyped up frenzy of speculation, a la LOST. (Arguably not a bad thing if you want the franchise to succeed, which I do.)

I, for one, am glad to wait longer without certainty of what will ultimately be the identity of the villain, happy to have an allegorical story (one of my favorite dramatic approaches in trek-writing), and look forward to finding out all about it when the movie finally comes out.

Honestly, I don’t want it to be any of the ideas you guys are floating around, except maaaaaybe the one where the Federation seeks peace with Klingons, leaving Cumberbatch feeling betrayed on the front line, because all these ideas SUCK.

248. Vger23 - December 6, 2012

If the Enterprise can withstand the gravometric sheer of a quantum singularity, travel through nebulas, withstand tractor beam pulls, traverse barriers of energy and radiation…I’m sure a little salt water isn’t really a big deal.

Boy, you guys love to jump on stuff like this, don’t you?

249. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

Is it just me or does anyone else think its annoying that there are not any SPACE scenes?

250. Vger23 - December 6, 2012

248 It’s just you.

251. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

@241 You are taking this way too seriously

its science fiction!

252. HiThere - December 6, 2012

There’s been mention of visual confirmation that that is the Enterprise rising out of the water…I’ve frame-advanced the 1080p video, and can’t seem to make out the hull number, nor does the shape seem to jibe with the enterprise from 2009 Trek…does anyone have a link to that screen shot?

253. sean - December 6, 2012

Also, did anyone notice that those ship-in-water scenes all cut away before you can see the NCC number of the ship in question? I’m willing to bet that’s not the Enterprise rising from the water.

254. LostOnNCC1701 - December 6, 2012

248: Those probably take the longest to do in post ;)

255. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

@249 lol i guess it is.

im sure there will be space bits. but not in this trailer

256. Josh - December 6, 2012

Enterprise: can withstand 353454315342543 gs by jumping to warp speed (ok ok, external inertial dampeners, I get it). But going into the ocean? WE’RE GONNA DIE!

P.S. couldn’t those same external intertial dampeners also help with moving through water? It’s not really gs, but we’re still talking about force, whether it’s g force or nacells-pushing-on-water force

257. CJS - December 6, 2012

85% of The Voyage Home was set on Earth or nowhere near space. Space is just the stuff they have to travel through on their way to the planets where the action happens.

258. ME!! - December 6, 2012

@ 230. John Cage:

Orci and at least one other person involved with the film has officially stated Cumberbatch’s character IS in fact an Original Series CANON character.

As for Khan having a British accent….yeeeesssss, it would make perfect sense! Assuming of course we hadn’t already seen that Khan did NOT have such an accent LONG BEFORE Nero’s appearance!!

Eve is likely Chapel, Dehner or Marcus. I would NOT bet on her being any other character…especially Rand.

If this is about Khan, they’d better damn well come up with one hell of an explanation as to HOW this could all be possible.

I personally think they’re playing with all of us by showing us things that have the appearance of a Khan related story. It’s working too for a lot of people since there are some here who are speculating on things they saw 2 seconds worth of without actually stopping and looking at any of it to confirm it. The ship “crashing” into the water being suggested as the Enterprise is one such example. Clearly, that is NOT the 1701. Pause the trailer and look for yourself. The nacelles are too far apart (that’s one thing I hate about the new Enterprise…the nacelles are too CLOSE together) and the bussard collectors are completely different.

“It’s an NX-01 style ship!”

No, it isn’t. Look in the Ongoing Series comics that are “canon” according to Orci. The NX ships evidently had nacelles that look exact like the “new” ones “introduced” on the Enterprise in the 2009 film (which makes zero sense).

“It’s Kirk and McCoy!”

Not unless McCoy decided to spend a few years on Vulcan between the films, took up the Kholinar and decided to greet people with the Vulcan salute.

“He’s got pointed ears!”

No, he doesn’t. Well, not Vulcan style anyway. Cumberbatch has small ears that appear “pointed” in a manner of speaking when viewed at a certain angle.

259. LostOnNCC1701 - December 6, 2012

Also, I don’t think it’s Garth. You don’t cast Benedict Cumberbatch and then make him a shape-shifter.

260. NuFan - December 6, 2012

Let it be known that, unlike MJ, I never waivered!

261. beac0n - December 6, 2012

My hunch:

Cumberbatch is Khan’s mind in Mitchell’s body.

262. sean - December 6, 2012

Oh and RE: the ears, Cumberbatch just has funny ears. No really, Google him.

263. boborci - December 6, 2012

34 Captaon Nemo

“Sandwhich toaster”


264. beac0n - December 6, 2012

There is a difference between being in space and being underwater. A starship would be built to withstand the pressure differential of the interior to the non existant pressure outside the ship in space. But under water, the outside pressure is more than the inside pressure. A ship designed for space will crush like a tin can under water.

265. Admiral Waugh - December 6, 2012

262 boborci

what is it like to watch us squirm in anticipation, hope, and confusion? lol

266. Sebastian S. - December 6, 2012

Changing my previous Gary Mitchell assumption. The villain is most likely a new character (unless the JJ Verse Mitchell went to an English boarding school). Also his eyes aren’t glowing, either.

Still not getting any Khan vibe from Cumberbatch, either. Too pale, too British. So I’m going to ‘boldly go’ and say that Bob Orci’s misdirection was into making us poor geeks think it was a canon character from TOS. It’s pretty obviously not, IMO.

Alice Eve is really cute. She could still very well be playing Dr. Dehner (Mitchell plot or not).

Lots of great potential IMAX eye candy, but the plot sound like yet ANOTHER “I shall seek bloody vengeance” story. Getting a bit tired of these. This has been an overused ST movie story template ever since “The Wrath of Khan” (hell, it was even used in the last movie, for gods’ sake). I’m disappointed that this seems to be the ONLY story the ST ‘supreme court’ seem to have up their sleeves these days.

Like “Star Wars” to modern cinema, TWOK was both the best and worst thing to happen to Star Trek…

267. Rick Johnson - December 6, 2012

@boborci Seriously WNMHGB is my favorite episode in the history of all Star Trek, thank-you guys.

268. AliGee in Scotland - December 6, 2012

JJ and Co must be loving reading all this! its exciting!

269. NuFan - December 6, 2012

I think Rick/Steve Johnson is beginning to snap.

270. EM - December 6, 2012

There is no rule stating that scenes in a trailer have to be in the same order as the movie. The missing man formation may be for Spock after his death a la TWOK.
Also, does anyone know if the first 9 minutes of the movie is playing the entire run of The Hobbit, or just the first night?

271. singularity87 - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is Arne Darvin or some other Klingon agent?

272. Gary - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing evil Picard from an alternatate future. Before he lost his hair.

273. vger23 - December 6, 2012


You give the people what they want. If those movies get butts in seats, then those are the movies that are going to be made.

274. vger23 - December 6, 2012


Seriously, Arne Darvin?

I’m sure Arne Darvin would make a perfect “weapon of mass destruction.” He was a sniveling little weenie! Give me a break…you guys are REALLY reaching now, hun?

275. Saiyan - December 6, 2012

If so much of the movie seems to be set in San Francisco wonder why they used a future London skyline for the poster?

276. Josh - December 6, 2012

263 – that’s why ships implode when a photon torpedo hits it. or not. obviously ships need to be designed with external impacts in mind, both for weapons and just for space debris.

269 – yeah, I figure that scene is either the very start (perhaps a memorial for the people lost in the first movie OR a memorial for our eventual villain, which would make his return surprising) OR it’s at the end for basically what you suggested, or perhaps for someone like PIke if he dies.

277. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@262 boborci: You gotta admit that there are some frames in the trailer that could be taken from Star Transformers! :)

278. Gary S. - December 6, 2012

257.Orci has indicated that he lied about something so his claim that the villain is a Canon character could be that lie.

279. George Zip - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing the Charles Napier role from THIS WAY TO EDEN — if you watch, you can see him mouthing the word “Herbert” to Pine in that one scene!!!

280. bmar - December 6, 2012

Some thoughts – not that they mean anything. Just some observations:

1. 0:18 – Looks like they are on a shuttle (based on the door with the Exit sign) and she’s handing Kirk something as opposed to scanning him. Transfer orders maybe, as they head back to the Enterprise?

2. The grey robes they are wearing on the red planet are not uniforms, which seem to indicate that they crew is has come to this place “incognito.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they whole red-planet chasing through the jungle and jumping off the cliff thing is NOTpart of the main story line, but rather an “Indiana Jones” type prologue that opens up the movie – an exciting chase scene that finds our characters in the middle of some situation, and ends with them jumping from the cliff and getting back to the Enterprise in some dramatic fashion.

3. The leather jackets and scarves they are wearing at 0:23 appear to not be the same costumes as the robes which would indicate that they are some other form of civilian or incognito garb.

4. Alice Eve’s scream at :41 isn’t a scared reaction screen – it’s a horrified scream as something is occurring – like something terrible is unfolding before her eyes. Not like a panic scream…

5. Kirk shot at :45. He’s beaten up (so after the cumberbatch fight scene) and he’s back in uniform – I’m going to gamble that this is not in the same setting as the next shot (of cumberbatch sitting) – I’m going to bet that this is Kirk walking into Sickbay. He’s coming to see something/someone who is injured/dying/dead.

Just some thoughts.

281. Aurore - December 6, 2012

“Cumberbatch has small ears that appear ‘pointed’ in a manner of speaking when viewed at a certain angle.”

Which angle would that be?
This is a serious question.

(Link if authorized, here):

To me, there is a difference between his ear, in the picture above, and, what I see in the second link of post @97….

….Not to mention what I noticed in the trailer, at 1:06.

I could be wrong, of course.

282. bmar - December 6, 2012

wow…lots of typos in my previous post. Sorry folks!

283. Drunk Garak - December 6, 2012

Apparently 23rd century Earth takes their fashion sense from Back to the Future Part 2. This isn’t the 80s or 90s anymore, large boxy sunglasses don’t exactly say “FUTURE!” like they used to.

284. adjunct37beta - December 6, 2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I don’t care if cumberbatch is playing khan, alice eve is carol marcus and spock dies again…its going to be epic! cannot. wait!

285. sean - December 6, 2012


Look again at the shots after he beats up the Klingon. His ears are really not pointy, def not Vulcan/Romulan pointy.

286. Commodore Shaggy - December 6, 2012

I don’t think we should jump to assume that this character has super-human abilities exactly – could just be a really good fighter on a planet with low gravity. Not every planet in the universe has Earth-level grav, like is usually shown in Trek ;)

287. Captain Karl - December 6, 2012

@107 Mars/Ares was the god of war, not Apollo.

288. beac0n - December 6, 2012

275 — A starship has shields to protect against impacts in space. Shields will not work under water. Shields are EM fields. Electricity does not mix with water.

289. Josh - December 6, 2012

Here is another thing. If this is Garth of Izar, scenes who we think are characters may not really be those characters. I’m specifically thinking of the scene of “Kirk enters a room looking beat up.” He just kind of has this…look…to him

290. Tony Whitehead - December 6, 2012

Two words: Mirror Universe.

291. Gary Mitchell - December 6, 2012

That ship crashing into San Francisco is an NX-type

292. Lemon - December 6, 2012

I’m gonna thrown my thoughts in and say it’s Sybok.

1) He’s looking for Vengeance, maybe vengeance for the destruction of Vulcan? Maybe he blames the Federation/Starfleet for saving Earth while failing to protect Vulcan? He talks of ”Thinking you’re safe…’s an illusion”, maybe he’s referencing his own experiences, wants Earth to suffer for surviving Nero, while billions of Vulcans died.

2) He talks of family, maybe he’s referring to Spock? Their mother? Revenge? Maybe the supposed TWOK glass scene is actually Spock and Sybok? It might also explain the emphasis on Spock chasing Cumberbatch’s character. It seems to suggest something personal between them, than between Cumberbatch and Kirk.

3) It would explain his super-strength and maybe even his resistance to the nerve pinch?

4) I’m thinking Sybok is in Starfleet, and goes insane/rogue after Vulcan’s destruction. He gets the burial after he is killed, maybe as a cover-up to prevent the damage public exposure of a Vulcan attack on Earth would do to the stability of the Federation.

5) It might also explain how he is able to ”detonate” the fleet and commandeer what looks like a Starfleet ship for himself as well as his Starfleet attire.

Yeah, I think it’s Sybok.

293. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

I’m thinking that the no space scenes is due to the fact the visual effects of the space shots aren’t done yet. I don’t think JJ would be so foolish as to not have a Star Trek movie take place in space. Also, Orci stated that the Enterprise is more of a character in this movie (assuming Orci didn’t lie again.) So, more of the movie should be on the Enterprise or about her.

294. Rick Johnson - December 6, 2012

@291 Only one question, how does Stephen Hawking find time to post on this web site? I’m aware you are confined to a chair and probably bored a lot, but it’s still a thrill!

295. bmar - December 6, 2012

Addendum –

A couple of more notes:

6. From the Japanese Trailer – the shot of kirk looks to be in the same room as the attack/explosion earlier.

7. The Hands shot – Blue obviously spock, but the other hand has no braid on the sleeve and has a “cuff” that doesn’t match starfleet uniforms, so whoever it is, he’s not in a uniform.

296. A. Fortner - December 6, 2012

Wow! This is Awesome! I am inspired to create a few alternate titles for the movie based on the new trailer…

“Star Trek – Algae Bloom nightmare”
“Star Trek – Alice in Wonderland”
“Star Trek – Vengeance Is Mine Dear Watson”
“Star Trek – Spock Versus the Volcano”
“Star Trek – Troi Takes the Helm Again”
“Star Trek – 20 Thousand Leagues Under San Francisco Bay”

What do you think?

297. Harry Ballz - December 6, 2012

#117. “Alice Eve’s scream shot looks totally fake and overacted”

Funny, racaca, I thought the very same thing. Real amateur hour.

Ah, well, I guess that’s what happens when you hire someone for their looks and not talent.

I hope the casting director enjoyed himself!

298. Josh - December 6, 2012

287 – EM fields don’t work with most matter either, unless it’s electrically charged or magnetic itself. why do you think you can get your hand near a magnet?

Also, I always figured shields to be some sort of energy shield that wasn’t electro-magnetic (or at least wasn’t entirely) specifically for this reason. You could fire high-speed non-charged weapons at the ship and it’d pass right through the shields.

299. Aurore - December 6, 2012

“Look again at the shots after he beats up the Klingon. His ears are really not pointy, def not Vulcan/Romulan pointy.”

Respectfully, look at my post again; I said that, to me, there was a “difference” .

I never wrote anything about “Vulcan/Romulan pointy” ears.

“Look again at the shots after he beats up the Klingon.”

I did. And, I still stand by what I said. For now.

I need to see more of the villain to form a definitive opinion , naturally….


300. CarlG - December 6, 2012

Imagine if Cumby had said the word “wrath” instead of “vengeance”?

Missed an opportunity for next-level trolling, JJ! >:)

301. opcode - December 6, 2012

I don’t think it is Gary. Khan still makes more sense. Gary’s vengeance would be against Kirk best case, while Khan might want vengeance against Earth, as he was defeated and forced to abandon the planet. Now, about how he managed to get infiltered in Star Fleet, that is a good question.

302. LastBorgStanding - December 6, 2012

@241: In THIS universe, the Ent was even BUILT within an atmosphere, Earth’s atmosphere to be precise.

Let’s keep this real, people, JJmount, as somebody else stated, “wants butts in the seats”. They wouldn’t create a storyline even half as complex as some geeks created in the discussion.

If (!) BC’s character is an augment (let’s again, and again for no special reason, call him Joachim), the plot might be like this: He is, for what reason ever, obsessed by the idea that the Klingons are to blame for the wipe-out of his “family” aka a handful of other augments that somehow managed to survive. He seeks for vengeance. His idea is to get Starfleet into war with the Klingons. In order to be able to do so, he joins (or infiltrates) Starfleet and eventually fills a higher position (maybe we will see the birth of Section 31?).

Second storyline: When the Klingons find the augments’ outpost, they also find fragments of the Genesis blueprints and immediately start building a powerful weapon.

Back to the first storyline: Kirk, who has made friends with Joachim but never noticed that he is an augment, finds out his real plans. He informs Starfleet command, so Joachim flees (perhaps, like someone proposed, with the NX-01 orbiting Earth as museum or as part of Earth’s defense belt). While on his way to wherever, he realizes that the Klingons have managed to build the weapon, and immediately turns sides. He drops a note to Kirk who, with his mates, mounts Ent and rushes into space to the planet where the weapon supposedly is being built. As we geeks know, a planet that has been exposed to the Genesis device, will show heavy tectonic and volcanic effects.

To penetrate the planet’s defense belt, Ent (eventually joined by NX-01) must fight against some Warbirds, one of them hitting Ent so devastatingly that it must be abandoned, and crashes into the planet’s ocean. While Spock, directed by Joachim, hunts down the weapons facility, Kirk and some others try to reactivate the Warbird, being finally successful and being able to rescue the remaining crew members.

Meanwhile, Spock searches to destroy the but isn’t able to do so without sacrificing himself. Although he is willing to do so, Joachim beams down directly into some ultra important device and lands the final punch. Spock spends the few moments of Joachim’s life with him, then beams the dead body and himself back onto the NX-01. Together with the Warbird, they rush back home, persecuted and fought by Klingon vessels. Already at sector 001, the NX-01 gets hit by a torpedo fired from the last remaining Klingon ship which is immediately wiped out by a phaser volley from the Warbird with Kirk in command. They somehow manage to coat the disabled NX-01 in some field and bring it back to Earth, but the ship has been damaged so heavily that they beam Spock and the dead Joachim on board the Warbird and finally let the NX-01’s wreck drop into Frisco Bay.

Kirk persuades Starfleet to give Joachim, who, on one hand, incited a war, but on the other hand prevented the Klingons to get their hands on an unimaginably powerful weapon, obsequies with military honors.


I guess you can tell for yourself where the most important scenes of the trailer would fit in that plot. Remember, trailers don’t tend to be chronological.

303. Sean4000 - December 6, 2012

I bet Orci and crew are enjoying watching us speculate and nit pick every detail to death.


304. Drunk Garak - December 6, 2012

Speculation is fun, and since we’re talking about pointed ears it’s possible the the grey-haired person Kirk is learning down to talk to is Old Spock, the person’s ears seem pretty tall in the image. (Though I grant you it makes more sense that he’s learning down to speak to a wheelchair-bound Pike)

And to clear up some confusion, on Conan’s show this week Quinto didn’t say that Old Spock isn’t the movie, he simply said he didn’t work with Nimoy (which could mean they just don’t share any scenes together). And if you notice, as Conan begins to ask the next question Quinto quietly qualifies his statement by adding “…necessarily.”

305. NuFan - December 6, 2012


They are paying attention, but ignoring anything they don’t like. Red hair Scotty is a canon violation so they ignored it.

I’m starting to agree that the real reason they didn’t want Khan is because of the radical changes from the old canon that are coming.

306. singularity87 - December 6, 2012


True, but there’s no need to get quite so reactionary to it.

Though it would make me more amused now I’ve seen the reaction if they have run with that idea, that he’s a Klingon agent disguised as a human, but otherwise completely different from Darvin.

Maybe the scene with the glass conceals the fact that Kirk’s about to be eaten by a giant carnivorous tribble genetically engineered by Darvin? :P Lots of those would be a WMD :P (for avoidance of doubt I don’t mean these two statements seriously)

It would also be really easy for the writers to have come up with something new that no one will have guessed, and still call it ‘from canon’ since it leans on something already established. It’s all meaningless conjecture until it’s on screen, but it can be fun.

307. VulcanCafe - December 6, 2012

I strongly suspect that the 2nd to last shot of the “explosion” is actually a shot immediately after the ship crashes into the water.

To clarify: the ship hits the water moving towards the city, then the ship slides into the city.

The shots were rearranged so they could have the most impressive visual last.

308. Adam - December 6, 2012

Good spot on the ‘missing man formation’ – that plus the fact that Cumberbatch’s character wears a Starfleet tunic is more suggestive of Gary Mitchell. If he definitely appears in TOS season 1, I don’t see who else it could really be.

309. Lemon - December 6, 2012

I sincerely hope that isn’t an NX-Class ship. I HATED that class, such a boring/ugly design. I was so glad to see one get shredded by the Xindi.

Actually, now that I think about it……I hope that IS an NX-Class ship!

310. Lemon - December 6, 2012

By the way I’m pretty sure they have some advanced cosmetic surgery in the 23rd Century, so how Cumberbatch looks is pretty much irrelevant.

If the character didn’t want to be identified as a Vulcan, he may have had his ears altered. Or if he is Khan, he may have changed his look so he isn’t recognized. I’m pretty sure if Hitler came back tomorrow, he’d be noticed by pretty much everyone.

311. Harry Ballz - December 6, 2012


Lemon, if Hitler came back tomorrow, all he’d have to do is shave the funny moustache, comb his hair straight back, and nobody would twig to his true identity!

Hmmmm, I’m beginning to see how Clark Kent got away with it all these years!

312. VOODOO - December 6, 2012

This trailer gives us just enough to talk about, but not enough to really to give any definitive answers on who the villian is…I for one appreciate that Abrams tries to keep things quiet. Why would one want to go to a movie and know everything about it?

313. Bill Murray - December 6, 2012

Disappointed there’s no shot of Peter Weller. I’m still holding out hope that he is playing John Frederick Paxton.

314. Phil - December 6, 2012

Okay, if it’s a well made space shoot-em up it will sell a ton of tickets, and they will make more.

Just a few observations….

I guess the Klingons are not bad asses in this universe, having been curb stomped by individuals bent on revenge.

Revenge? Again? Isn’t the Federation supposed to be beyond all this?

Is Starfleet really that bad of an organization that one guy can so easily wreck havoc on them…again?

“Take her down to 300 meters, Mr. Sulu” Enterprise as submarine is just a brain fart. Lets just fly her into the sun while we are at it.

Still not prepared to admit BC is Khan, but the trailer does suggest the theme of the movie is inspired by TWOK…

Still think Spock doesn’t die? Maybe it’s Kirk on the radiation side of the glass?

The silloute of the ship crashing into SF bay resembles NX-01. A little shout out to Archers Enterprise there?

315. sean - December 6, 2012


Sorry, but if you aren’t referring to his ears being pointy than what is your point about his ears?

316. Firelight - December 6, 2012

Despite all the fighting, explosions, I can’t see a scratch on any frames of BC’s character. I wanted to see if his blood was red since someone upthread mentioned Sybok. I was sure I had seen red cuts, but going through the frames… not a scratch or cut I could see on his face. Is this a clue about the villain’s identity- or careful editing to not show us any hints if the blood isn’t red. Curse you teasing teaser!

317. sean - December 6, 2012


A starship also has a hull, which is designed to withstand impacts.

318. LogicalLeopard - December 6, 2012

Is it too much for me to ask for the bad guy to be the dude that slams his fists on the control panel and yells, “I CAN’T!” in TWOK? It would be a veritable cornocopia of unmitigated awesomeness if that’s the bad guy, getting back at Starfleet because no one propertly appreciated his pecs.

JJ would be the Master of All Things Trek if he did this, and all of you know it.

PS: The hand thing is such an obvious misdirection, it hurts. I think JJ loves stirring the pot as much as he does making great Trek movies.

319. George Zip - December 6, 2012

What will happen soon enough is that the toys will start to appear in advance-order catalogs; one of the Cumberbatch figures will have the name leaked (a la “Spock Prime”) and we’ll know pretty quickly.

I do think the similarities between Cumberbatch’s collar on that uniform in one scene and the one Montalban wore in TWOK are pretty striking.

Sometimes I wonder if Orci & Co. read our speculations and see the occasional bit that makes them go “damn, that would’ve been a good shot”.

320. Jack - December 6, 2012

Not a big Garth fan. But, he doesn’t have to be a shape shifter — didn’t he pick up that trick somewhere (which never made a lot of sense)?

321. George Zip - December 6, 2012

#315 forget the blood color as a clue; don’t forget EVERYONE involved with ST ’09 forgot Vulcan’s sky was NOT supposed to be blue.

322. Jack - December 6, 2012

That suit Cumberbatch is in reminded me a little of those 21st century soldiers from Encounter at Farpoint…

323. George Zip - December 6, 2012


Look at Memory Alpha’s entry on Garth — did they change it recently, or has it always read thus:

“Garth of Izar was a decorated, highly-regarded officer in the Federation Starfleet, who rose to rank of Fleet Captain in the course of his service through the mid-23rd century. His career dissolved in a dramatic descent into darkness and attempted genocide, resulting in his commitment to the Elba II asylum for the criminally insane.”

324. MORN SPEAKS - December 6, 2012

MORN has Spoken!

This is Khan! What more evidence do you need?! There is nothing to indicate it’s Gary Mitchell or Garth. While there’s plenty indicating it’s Khan.

This is Khan let loose on Earh, if he hadn’t been stranded on Ceti Alpha V

325. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@ 257. ME!!,
“As for Khan having a British accent….yeeeesssss, it would make perfect sense! Assuming of course we hadn’t already seen that Khan did NOT have such an accent LONG BEFORE Nero’s appearance!!”

This matters about as much as Scotty previously sounding like a drunk Pakistani with that abominable accent. Khan sounds the way he should have, not with a Spanish accent because 1960’s Hollywood was racist …

“Eve is likely Chapel, Dehner or Marcus. I would NOT bet on her being any other character…especially Rand.”

My vote is for Chapel or Marcus now. Rand wore red, even in the comics, so not Rand. McGivers wore red as well.

I also agree that Khan is a red herring.

Also, not that you alluded to this, but “Your World” does not necessarily mean Earth.

326. I Joke - December 6, 2012


I liked Morn better when he didn’t say anything.

327. Lt. Atkins - December 6, 2012

NOT the Enterprise in the water. Look closely at the registry number. First digit appears to be a zero.

328. Mary Gitchell - December 6, 2012

It looks certainly very Nolanesque, with some Michael Bay thrown into the mix.
The villain is clearly Gary Mitchell, the only one that could possibly want to seek vengeance at this point (as they tried to kill him off in the comic book)…
Yeah, the Japanese bit connects it to TWOK, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Khan. It could also be only the torpedo coffin from TWOK, thus it’s must likely Gary Mitchell…
Cumby sounds and feels a lot like Nero and Bane / Shinzon… And that’s possibly not good. Three very similar antagonists with VERY similar motives (wrath, veangeance, revenge, retribution, retaliation, you name it…) I dunno…

329. Simon - December 6, 2012

@308 – The nacelles look more TMP like (like 1701-A or Reliant), not the “new” Enterprise or the NX-01.

The ship rising from the water is definitely the JJ-Enterprise. Those who doubt it need new monitors. You can clearly see the NCC-1701 and the rear of the nacelle.

330. I Joke - December 6, 2012

After this trailer, I’m pretty sure the number one question on every Trek fan’s mind is…….What would a Tribble Starship look like?

331. danny from London - December 6, 2012

This looks great,,,please please please make this put an end to the quite awful half finished…and when finished…so badly done…fan films…
Great lighting…great reproduced sets…someone from TOS…it is still nothing more than a bad school play.
please tell me i am not the only one with this opinion regarding the fan vids

332. Ian B - December 6, 2012

/me Finds out first trailer is out

/me Comes straight to TrekMovie to read everyone else’s analysis

/me Glad to live in the age of the internet

333. Adam C - December 6, 2012

My only real worries are for the klingons I hope they arent the generic bad guys. I hope some of them have character or dialogue.

Also what’s up with those Klingons arms, there like tentacles?

334. Jack - December 6, 2012

Well, Paxton isn’t from TOS canon — so technically he’s a new character. ;)

Did I say this already? I keep losing my posts. Interesting ideas here today, though.

I wonder if ‘detonating the fleet’ could literally mean turnng ships into weapons and making ’em crash. Complete and utter speculation. So , is it possible the E could be crashing there, maybe…

Colonel Green and Khan (and everyone else) are still possibilities. So is nearly everybody else. Again, if so, it will be interesting to see how they get either into this time…. (Khan wiukd have been in suspended animation still, it seems… But Green?)

Bob did talk last time about the timeline ‘correcting’ itself — so Khan (who now has a British accent) and Kirk meeting is a possibility.

I honestly have no idea.

Gotta say, I was a little sad thismorning because it was so dark and just showed a lot of destruction (and Trek 09ish scenes of guy(s) jumping from great hieghts with big discs in the background) and screamng — and had that standard ominous “guhhhhh” sound between rapid shots like the Prometheus trailer (and most others lately) — but I realise it’s a teaser trailer — it’ll focus on he set-up and the trials our heroes face. I trust thatthere will be a lot more to the story than carnage…

335. Jamziz - December 6, 2012

My friend said it well, “It’s going to be an action movie where Star Trek makes a couple of cameos”.

He also raised a good point and said JJ love borrowing style and “inspiration” from other directors. Last year it was spielberg, this year it’s nolan.

As a Star Trek fan it hard not to get excited about seeing such an action filled story taking place in the Trek universe. But on the flipside it’s a bit disappointing to see a trailer filled with bleak, depressive, and somber moments so in line with the precedent set by Nolan to go for “dark realism”.

Definitely pumped for this – but a bit worried that the plethora of sets in the film will come accross cheesy and fake. I was never able to shake that feeling while watching the ’09 flick.

All in all I’m going to give JJ & Gang the benefit of the doubt and hold my tounge till the film gets released (that is unless the 9 minute preview ruins everything).

336. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

#329 – yep i can just make out the NCC-17 as it rises.

337. Trekzilla - December 6, 2012

Might as well start calling it Revenge Trek. LOL!! I’ll go see it and probably even enjoy it (as long as its not Khan), but this is not Roddenberrys Trek.

He’s probably spinning in his grave…

338. Jamziz - December 6, 2012

Sorry about the grammar (fixed):

My friend said it well, “It’s going to be an action movie where Star Trek makes a couple of cameos”.

He also raised a good point saying JJ loves to borrow style and “inspiration” from other directors. Last year it was spielberg, this year it’s nolan. The poster is problably the most overt testament to this.

As a Star Trek fan I find it hard not to get excited about seeing such an action filled story taking place in the Trek universe. But on the flipside it’s a bit disappointing to see a trailer filled with bleak, depressive, and somber moments so in line with the precedent set by Nolan to go for “dark realism”.

Definitely pumped for this – but a bit worried that the plethora of sets in the film will come accross cheesy and fake. I was never able to shake that feeling while watching the ’09 flick.

All in all I’m going to give JJ & Gang the benefit of the doubt and hold my tounge till the film gets released (that is unless the 9 minute preview ruins everything).

339. Jamziz - December 6, 2012

#336 He definitely is.

340. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

Regarding the question of family, Kirk’s family, in a real sense, is the crew of the Enterprise.

Including Spock.

(I have improved my blog, by the way, which includes an article on What Happened to Spock in Star Trek Into Darkness? Note also the comment and its response at that article.)

341. JohnBliss - December 6, 2012

Khan was a Sikh. Cumberbatch doesn’t look Sikh to me. Although he could be part of that family.

Who told the lie that they were safe?

342. Jonbocs - December 6, 2012

10 but anthony thats not kirks hand in the final shot of the japanese trailer, its someone elses/

343. Mary Gitchell - December 6, 2012

The more often I watch this trailer, the more Nolanesque it becomes…the Starfleet assembly at the beginning feels a lot like the police assemblies in Gotham…the voice-over is Bane himself (Bane and Bane, what is Bane?), the attack /crash towards the end feels exactly like the football stadium sequence and the score? Well, Inception!?! The Klingon complex is the Pit (Deshi Deshi Basara anyone?)

The Vulcano scenes are…well…not Nolan…but Mustafar…

The obiously want to turn this into Trek’s TDK / TDKR…

344. LogicalLeopard - December 6, 2012

Looks a lot like Khan to me.

Khan’s got a vendetta. Khan could be a one man weapon of mass destruction, not just because of strength, but intellect. Khan can lead Kirk (whos pretty smart himself) on a chess game, etc, etc, etc.

The weird thing is him wearing that Starfleet uniform. Weird, but not unexplainable. Someone finds the Botany bay, they don’t figure out who it is as quick as they did in Space Seed, and he’s able to disguise his identity and join Starfleet to destroy it from within. Cant be too hard for Khan to fake some records, maybe pose as a colonist, etc.

Or say that the Klingons found him first, maybe the Botany bay wanders that way, they take them all prisoner, and find out that they’re dealing with a lot more than they thought they were. Khan cons (no alliteration intended) his way across into Starfleet after escaping, and after paying a little revenge on the Klingons, goes back to pay revenge on Earth.

Or maybe he’s just wearing the shirt because he needed a clean shirt, and it ticks off his enemies.

Lots of room to play around with, because this is around the time of Space Seed, and with an altered time line, ANYONE could have found the Botany bay, from Pakleds to Romulans.

345. Flake - December 6, 2012

You know the best thing?

This was a teaser for a teaser!

“Watch the teaser on December 17th at itunes”

346. Captain Hackett - December 6, 2012

Bob Orci… I got a question for you.

We know Cumberbatch’s character is a Star Trek canon, but is it TOS or non-TOS?

347. Josh - December 6, 2012

323 – looking in the page history, yes, it does appear to have been changed from “madness” to “darkness”

348. Jamziz - December 6, 2012


You hit the nail on the head with that comparison. Those set pieces look like a virtual copy. That’s always struck me as JJ’s approach to film making. Him and his team disect the elements that worked for other succesful directors / writers and apply that formula to their work. It seems so pervasive this time around that even the ad campaign is virtually identical.

My friend and I immediately remarked that the score for the trailer was a textbook lift from Inception.

If you look at it from the bright side, at least he’s copying a master-director.

349. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

there just better be some space battles!!!!!!!

350. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

klingon ships would be a bonus!

351. Spock Alpha - December 6, 2012

It cant be Gary Mitchell. Mtichell would not need a weapon. Mitchell would have not have jumped out of a window. He could wave his hand and shatter the window. He could remove the wall in front of him and walk through.

I stand by Khan or Garth. I am leaning toward khan. I think its a different take on Khan. I think Alice Eve is Dehner, McGivers, or Carol Marcus. I doubt shes Chapel but we could be wrong

The Gary Mitchell thing does not sit right with me. Look at the story from the IDW comic series. Nah, Mitchell would go after Kirk. Starfleet did not exile him. Kirk did. Nah. A lot of people say its Mitchell but I dont see it.

352. Mary Gitchell - December 6, 2012

Though it’s only a short glimpse, Scotty seems to look much better / serious in this one…not that joking nuisance he came off as in the last one…

353. Howard Andrew Jones - December 6, 2012

What if it’s Ben Finney, and the whole “missing man” formation is because Kirk jettisoned him, and this is just a whole lot more elaborate revenge plan than Court Martial?

The whole Dehner haircut and Khan hand scene could be misdirections.

354. lwr - December 6, 2012

My two Cents are based on this small clue: VENGEANCE. the original title for St2 was of course the VENGEANCE of Kahn. so my thought is that is this reality, the SS Botony bay was indeed discovered adrift by the Klingons. Once they board, they open “compartment B” and let loose augment other than Kahn. seeing no value in teh vessel, they set it adrift, but take the augment ( not knowning it is an augment, by the way) to wherever. On this wherever is Kirk and company for whatever reason. the augment awakens, beats the snot out of teh klingons and Kirk takes him back to earth. not knowing he is an augment he is just found to be smart as crap and blah, blah. he is trained as a Cadet, but during his studies realizes what has happened to his people during the Eugenics wars (remember , i think Kahn left earth on his own as the S*&T hit the fan, right….). with this knowledge, and the knowledge that his brothers and sisters were either slaughtered in the past or fl;oating in the space tomb of the Botany bay, he goes mental and creates the havok of the movie. Pike is NOT KILLED, but severly maimed while saving some crewman when the whateveritis valve explodes leaving him as the other acteor in the black chair. the bad guy gets killed… and Kahn is still out there tio yet be disovered by KIRK.

oh… and the blond chick is what’s her name.
and by the way….Jacob did it

355. Ian B - December 6, 2012

It seems incomprehensible to me that if it were Khan, they would not have cast an ethnically Indian actor. This isn’t the 1960s when “anything foreign will do”.

356. lwr - December 6, 2012

and i can’t type

357. Gary - December 6, 2012

The lack of lens flare is a good sign.

358. matthew - December 6, 2012

@77: we did see a ship underwater in voyager – granted, it was tom in a shuttle (was it the delta flyer?) but we have.

also, might fluidic space count? it wasn’t water, per se, but definitely a fluid.

359. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

I don’t know if it’s Kirk’s hand… What I know it doesn’t look like Chris Pine’s hands, definitely!!!

:-) ;-)

360. STEMBOB - December 6, 2012

will we know who the villain is in the next trailer you think?

361. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

the Chris Pine’s HAND… I mean!

362. Jamziz - December 6, 2012

Also with respect to Khan – my gut is sensing that it may very well be him and here’s why.

The official snyopsis says things like: a threat from within, a chess game, a weapon of mass destruction.

A threat from within covers both the fact that this guy is Human, a chess game aludes to his master intellect, and a weapon of mass destruction to the combination of that intellect, his physical strength (as displayed) and his apparent plan for vegence.

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding why he’s wearing a uniform. I really don’t think its worth delving into that too much. I suspect that he’s found a way to infiltrate Starfleet much in the same way Khan from TWOK took over the reliant.

From a marketing / business stand-point (and if you look at it from the lense that JJ is “borrowing” his insipration from Nolan) it makes the most sense to have Khan as the villian. Just as the Joker was the most popular main-stream vilian from Batman (hence why Nolan returned to the character) – Khan is the most mainstream villain from the Trek universe with the greatest marketing potential rather than an obsecure villian from the second pilot of TOS or an entirely new one without history within the Trek franchise.

Many clips in the trailer seemed to suggest to me that this guy is Khan. His physical prowess, his testament to seeking “vegence” against the Human society (just as Khan sought to seek revenge and reconquer Earth), the appearance of what could either be Nurse Chapel but is more than likely Marcus. The scene at the end of the Japanese trailer looks preeettty familiar to me.

363. Travis - December 6, 2012

@ 344: Khan was rescued by the Enterprise in Space Seed! He did however wear a cadet uniform when he was onboard the Enterprise so it is very possible that this NX class ship does discover Khan and gives him a starfleet cadet unifoem! would not surprise me!

364. The Original Spock's Brain - December 6, 2012


365. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

1. They’re not “playing with us”. This is a trailer for a major motion picture; it is designed to excite as many people as possible, not to play with the emotions of Trekkies.

2. There’s no reason they can’t have Cumberbatch play a white, British-accented Khan without an explanation in the story. Again, this is a major motion picture–they are more concerned with casting the best person for the role than they are with keeping ethnic continuity. Khan’s ethnicity was never a defining element of his character, so tweaking it doesn’t materially alter his back story–if you need him to look like a Singh, let’s just say his dad was Indian and his mom was a British person living in India, and he came out looking more like her. Everyone is being played by different actors in the new universe, so we’re already suspending our disbelief in that none of them look or sound the same…is it really a stretch for them to ask us to accept a white Khan if Cumberbatch really does a great job in the role?

3. The fact that Cumberbatch wears a black Starfleet shirt means nothing. He also sits in a captain’s chair, suggesting he takes over a ship. So he gets there and wants to change into clean clothes, and the first thing he finds is a black Starfleet shirt. Done and done.

Not saying it is Khan, just that these three arguments against it being Khan are flawed. For my money, he plays Joachim revenging the death of Khan and the other augments.

Just remember when trying to figure this out, their main goal is making a mass appeal movie, not pleasing Trekkies (though that is certainly a strong secondary goal). So if they have to choose between pleasing the most people with a great movie and pleasing us with continuity, guess what? We’re losing.

366. s-o-matic - December 6, 2012

Maybe the villain is Dr. Janice Lester?

[ducks and runs out of the room]

367. Jamziz - December 6, 2012

#362 continued..

We also can’t ignore the casting choices leading up to BC and how obvious that appeared to all of us.

To those who are suggesting that the hand sequence in the Japanese trailer is misdirection – I find that highly unlikely.

It would be a pretty ridiculous to think that JJ would rip an iconic moment from TWOK and use it here if the plot was completely different.

Everythings pointing to Khan.

368. TreK_Fan - December 6, 2012

My guess is that Alice Eve is playing Dr. Elizabeth Dehner.

369. Saiyan - December 6, 2012


I was only wondering about the London skyline in the poster :-p

370. NuFan - December 6, 2012

The water could just be a temporary hiding place. It’s my favorite scene in the trailer.

371. Platitude - December 6, 2012

Thanks for the analysis! Wonderful trailer.

On the villain front, I think its an original character. But if it isn’t, I think Mitchell is more likely than Kahn.

372. Hat Rick - December 6, 2012

I have written an article on similarities between STID and TWOK. However, the differences may be quite a bit more important.

Does anyone believe that JJ’s audacious objective may actually be to remake the Classic Trilogy?

373. Trekzilla - December 6, 2012

I said at the very beginning — as soon as Cumberbatch was announced as the actor playing the villain that he was playing Joachim. Cumby bears a striking resemblance to the actor who played Joachim – Judson Scott.

In not saying for sure that’s who Cumby is playing but it would make sense. I really wanted him to play Mitchell…but I’m less certain that’s the case.

Hard to say! I wish they’d just come out and tell us. It’s not like knowing who the villain is spoils anything.

It’s definitely not Sybok though. That’s absurd…Cumbys character doesn’t even have pointed ears!

374. sean - December 6, 2012

I still don’t get the people who think we’d seriously see a movie sequel to a 2-issue arc from a (relatively obscure) comic book.

If Mitchell was killed off in those two issues, then this is certainly not going to be a sequel to those episodes. Why write a sequel marketed at the masses to a two-issue comic book story that relatively no one — compared to the size of the movie-watching audience — read? Makes absolutely no sense.

Now, if Cumberbatch is playing Mitchell, then expect a completely new Mitchell story here. Perhaps one that involves the galactic barrier and god-eyes and strangling someone psychically, whatever. But then that’d defeat the purpose of the comic, and it’d be tantamount to Orci basically pulling a fast one on the hardcore fans (e.g., readers of the comic, who just had that story told to them last year).

Nah, it’s Khan. They were going to put the Botany Bay in the post-credits sequence for the 2009 movie, they were going hard after del Toro and Ramirez for the role initially. They wanted a Latino actor to fill Montalban’s shoes, and didn’t get one, but got an excellent Brit instead. So, we’ll just have to deal with the odd racial dissonance of having a Latino/Sikh superhuman played by a British guy with an awesome baritone.

I can deal, you will, too.

P.S., Alice Eve has to be Carol Marcus, then.

375. Richard - December 6, 2012

#374 sean: Except that Alice Eve is wearing a starfleet uniform and Carol Marcus was not a member of starfleet.

Also, they made up Alice’s hair to look like a dead ringer for Elizabeth Dehner.

376. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

What #365 sez.. ‘Everyone is being played by different actors in the new universe, so we’re already suspending our disbelief in that none of them look or sound the same…is it really a stretch for them to ask us to accept a white Khan if Cumberbatch really does a great job in the role?”


I still think its an Augment, Khan or otherwise

377. LogicalLeopard - December 6, 2012

#363 & 365

Good points. And tI agree that about Khan being “white” isn’t that big an obstacle. Could have a white parent, or perhaps he came out looking the way he did as a result of the genetic tinkering. We don’t know Khan’s official backstory. He could have been grown in an anonymous vat, and “Khan Noonien Singh” could have just been a name he adopted for all we know.

378. EM - December 6, 2012

@374 sean:

It’s true, noone ever returns from the dead in a science fiction / fantasy movie! Especially one as grounded in reality like Star Trek.

379. Ian B - December 6, 2012

If it’s Khan, it shows a catastrophic lack of imagination on the part of the creative team. The analogy to The Joker in Batman is false; the Joker is a persistent nemesis of Batman. Khan appeared in one average episode of TOS, and one movie. He was never a “nemesis”; the writers of TWOK turned him into one due to (a) in the days before video recorders, most viewers couldn’t easily check what a minor character he’d been in the series and (b) the “prior history” with Kirk.

In this universe there is no prior history for Kirk and Khan. Khan is out somewhere on the Botany Bay, asleep. There is no reason for Kirk and Khan to even know of one another, unless the writers introduce some awful contrivance. There is certainly no reason for “vengeance” since this Kirk has never exiled Khan and his wife and followers to a planet that was next to one that blew up.

Anyway, if they really couldn’t think of anything original for the story, I will be thoroughly disappointed. Khan was a great villain, for one movie, 30 years ago.

380. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Are we certain that is the Enterprise rising from the ocean and not the Reliant rising from the Thames? That’s certainly Spock crashing through the plate glass window and not Cumberbatch.

381. Starshipcaptain - December 6, 2012

Ask yourself a couple questions… U can narrow down the bad guy’s list and see why everyone is wrong!

1. Does CB have Q like powers? No, not Trelane
2. Do we see any shape shifting? No, not Garth
3. Do we see glowing eyes…and special powers? No, not Mitchel
4. Super strength? Possibly
5. Fights by hand and uses guns? Yes
6. Has the ability to destroy the fleet without powers? Yes… He wouldn’t fight by hand or use a gun if he could!
7. Has an association (somehow) with the Klingons. Yes. Kahn never did!
8. Do we know what the Klingons look like? No… Could be like TOS with TNG helmets… Is he a Klingon?
9. Wears a star fleet uniform. Yes, but is it a disguise or real?

I think we’re all gonna be shocked!!!

382. Richard - December 6, 2012

#379: Peter, if you watch the trailer in HD you can see that the ship has NCC 1701 on the nacelle. The 1 at the end is hidden, but the NCC 170 is clearly visible.

383. Zirclet - December 6, 2012

I know that it’s highly unlikely that they’ll reference ‘Enterprise’ in any way beyond another “Admiral Archer’s prize beagle” Easter Egg, but IF this is Khan, how does all that b**ls**t with the Augments play into the timeline as we know it for these films? Might that allow, even without direct references, for those genetically engineered folk to more easily insert themselves into this film’s plot?

I’ve admittedly (and somewhat thankfully) forgotten the fine details from that story arc on ‘Enterprise’, but think of it whenever the inclusion of Khan is floated when it comes to this film.

384. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

@379 You can clearly see it’s BC and not spock.

385. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

OK wrong about Spock crashing through the plate glass. Not off to a good start! Should have enlarged the pic first!

386. Aurore - December 6, 2012

“Sorry, but if you aren’t referring to his ears being pointy than what is your point about his ears?”

I’m sorry.

I thought I had made myself clear @280. Especially with the photo I linked to.

To me, and although I may be mistaken, there seems to be a difference (in shape) between Mr. Cumberbatch’s ears, and, what appears to be his character’s ears.

Why should he be Vulcan or Romulan to have “different -looking” ears?

I often said I believed the character could be anyone. Moreover, I remembered the following :

“Pegg is full of praise for Cumberbatch’s baddy, whom he describes
as ‘not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing,’ he squirms. ‘Obviously I can’t talk about it.’ Given internet rumours that Cumberbatch has been cast as Kirk and Spock nemesis Khan, will this be a very different ‘wrath of Khan’ from the 1982 film of the same name? ‘It’s not Khan,’ replies Pegg, annoyed. ‘That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.'”*

In my opinion, the words of crucial importance above, could be “Alien” as well as “thing”.

Who knows what Mr. Orci might have lied about? Again, the character could be anyone, as far as I’m concerned. He *could*, in fact, be new to the canon.

He might even be a…”thing”…we never heard of, before.

387. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

381 – 383. Thanks. Just got out of bed. The old eyes are a bit blurry!

388. rm10019 - December 6, 2012

I don’t think we will know who BC is until the last minute of the film

389. Bart - December 6, 2012

On the chance that it’s Khan, it could be that the first 9 minutes of the movie that are going to be shown at IMAX could be the scene of London being destroyed during the Eugenics War….that could be the whole Prologue. The end of the 9 minutes could be “the reveal”

But doesn’t the description of the film say that the threat is from within Starfleet?

390. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

I bet Cumby is Khan. And he takes over Starfleet Academy. He then renames it The Khan Academy.

And then he takes over the Federation and gets his vengeance by creating very useful online lessons on math and science accessible by anyone in the universe!

Oh, and Peter Weir plays a future Bill Gates that gave Khan a grant to do this.

391. Beamer - December 6, 2012

The Crewmen Thrown Out picture on the bottom is Scotty, Kirk, and Uhura. Easly noticable if you flip the picture horizontally.

392. Firelight - December 6, 2012

The shots of McCoy & Kirk running through the red plants, why would McCoy be with him as opposed to another crew member? McCoy is a doctor (“I’m a doctor, not Indiana Jones!”) so why is he there? My guess is that his medical expertise/assistance was needed. Could be they were trying to rescue someone in need of possible medical assistance….

393. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Not sure who the villain is for certain. But it could be Khan, out for revenge for being marooned by Kirk and the death of his wife. Clearly the bad guy want to play with Kirk. The underwater bit with the Enterprise could be a twist on the whole Mutara Nebula scene in TWOK. Now that would be interesting having two starships fighting it out in and out of the water.

394. Trek Fan - December 6, 2012

Okay, a few things here… I love the trailer! Fantastically shot and edited. Great action scenes. Loved Cumberbatch’s voiceover throughout.

My thoughts:

– Alice Eve looks so much like Dehner that it’s scary.

– The person that Scotty and Uhura are sad about could be the death of Pike. JJ is known for killing off major canon cahracters and he was like a Father to the entire crew. Especially Kirk.

– Enterprise underwater. It has been done before with Voyager in fluidic space and the Delta Flyer in the water planet.

– No one ever said they were going to warp in the water, we just see it rise. Probably on thrusters or impulse. Very possible since this Big E was built on the ground.

-The scenes following Cumby saying, shall we begin? Could be when his powers are full force and he brings a starship crashing to earth and blows up buildings. Very Mitchell-esque.

– Don’t forget that trailers can be edited out of sequence to evoke a certain emotion or belief… what you see here and what you are taking could be out of context. Keep that in mind.

395. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

Going back to the comics for an answer …

In the trailer:

1. Cumberbatch exhibits greater than normal strength and looks human.
2. Cumberbatch doesn’t exhibit any supernatural powers.
3. Cumberbatch uses weapons to do damage.

In the comics:

The Romulans now have RED MATTER!! That would be a very effective weapon used on a smaller scale, making a single man capable of mass destruction.

Is Cumberbatch a surviving Romulan from Nero’s crew who did not escape the Klingons on Rura Penthe? Orci did not say WHICH canon Cumberbatch came from. Perhaps ST09 canon. We see Nero’s crewman finally escape, and make his way back to Romulus, where he steals the Red Matter and goes to exact his revenge on the Federation? Or is he just a rogue Romulan from canon that Kirk faces for the first time in the films prologue, bent on infiltrating the Federation, returning to complete the job?

Is Weller the threat from inside? Is he working with Cumberbatch to take over the Federation? Is Cumberbatch just using him to exact his revenge?

396. oh my - December 6, 2012

I see your ship baiting (or fan pandering) with Scotty/Uhura … K/S shippers are already saying that from those frames alone Spock and Uhura broke up and Scotty/Uhura are a item.

397. boborci - December 6, 2012

303. Sean

I am enjoying it, but not because I’m laughing — I love reading different smart theories and suggestions etc…

As George Zip said, sometimes we do read someone’s awesome suggestion and go, “Wow, that’s a good idea!”

398. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

#375 – “Except that Alice Eve is wearing a starfleet uniform and Carol Marcus was not a member of starfleet.

Also, they made up Alice’s hair to look like a dead ringer for Elizabeth Dehner.”

In this timeline, she may well have become a member of Starfleet. Why not? As for hair style, you mean that Alice’s hair is a dead ringer for my daughter’s hairstyle and colour as well.

I am not saying she is playing Carol Marcus or Elizabeth Dehner. Haven’t a clue. Don’t care. She’ll tell me on 16 May, if not before hand.

399. skortzy - December 6, 2012

Maybe Alice Eve is screaming Khaa…aaan and it was cut to aaa…aaaaa ;)

400. shawnyboy - December 6, 2012

The time line has change so anything is possible, the events may not be the same that in twok but i think it has to do with khan… Maybe not him directly but its no gary mitchell… Gary is dead event in this timeline. And why would gary mitchel need a gun??? The vilain moves more like an augment.

Maybe khan is played by peter weller and khan dies… and one of his children or augment family members want’s revenge???

As for the extra jap footage… if it is spock and kirk well spock is standing up! The tables have turned… but it might not be kirk because Cumberbatch is also wearing the black shirt!

401. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Going by the trailer I’d say this movie is going to be a hit! Possibly the biggest of 2013.

402. Yanks - December 6, 2012

It’s not Khan. He never served in Star Fleet. My money is on Garth. Quite interesting reading everyone’s comments. My bet is Spock (prime) dies.

403. Ralph Pinheiro - December 6, 2012

My theory: the vilian is Garth of Izar. Garth is someone special, or designed for this, maybe a project of old eugenic wars, but he has maintained an unorthodox and aggressive policy as captain, beyond the limit established by StarFleet. He became mad and dangerous. He was sent to prison for years for his crimes. He think that he is victim of injustice and fleet is something that must be annihilated to build a new order. So, he escapes.

404. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

I really thought that it was Pike who was comforting Uhura. Gosh, I never realized how similar Simon Pegg and Bruce Greenwood could look.

#395 – Oh grief. Not that again…sigh…

405. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

404 Pegg must be channelling Greenwood. At first glance I thought it was Pike also.

406. Mary Gitchell - December 6, 2012

@393: Exactly…that “Shall we begin” means that he now starts using ESPer powers, crashing starships into Frisco, destroying – detonating -, the heart of Starfleet…

It HAS TO be Mitchell. If it’s Khan, he doesn’t look like him at all. He may have a very powerful voice not unlike Montalban, and if you look at the TWOK trailer, there are some resemblences (“Beyond the Darkness, Beyond the Human Evolution is Khan…For At the End of the Universe Lies the Beginning of Vengeance”) but what would be his motives? Unless the 9 minutes are a retelling of “Space Seed”…

407. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

TOS’s Garth of Izar looked older than Cumberbatch’s character. Otherwise, quite likely.

I think it more likely than either Khan (groan) or Gary Mitchell. Lots of people have thought that it could be Garth of Izar. If I have to lean anywhere, then my lean is towards Garth.

Then again, Bob/Cumby could be white-lying and our Cucumber patch is playing a completely new character, written specifically for this movie!

408. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

Some thoughts to consider during wild speculation:

1. The THREAT FROM WITHIN STARFLEET and Cumberbatch DO NOT necessarily have to be THE SAME THING


3. KIRK is out for REVENGE







10. RAND has been ESTABLISHED in COMICS as a RED SHIRT and MCGIVERS was a RED SHIRT (but that could change in this timeline)



13. ORCI indicates he may have LIED ABOUT SOMETHING.

409. Scottevill - December 6, 2012

@375 Richard. We don’t know that Carol Marcus was NEVER in Starfleet, only that she was not in Starfleet at the time of TWOK.

410. sean - December 6, 2012

“Alice Eve’s hair looks like Sally Kellerman’s did in 1966!” has to be the weirdest bit of obscure justification for a fan theory I’ve read in a while.

Impressive acts of confirmation bias, Trekmovie readers.

411. Jon Snow - December 6, 2012

I’m thinking Genesis device. and spock “dies” in end, just like in Wrath.

412. Colin Lindsly - December 6, 2012

The message I am getting from this teaser and the synopsis is, this is a Big Hollywood Movie action-adventure in the same vein as The Dark Knight Rises. I like the latter, maybe I will like the former.

413. Josh - December 6, 2012

381 – yeah but if they’re trying to hide the baddie, then it’d make sense they wouldn’t reveal anything that makes it obviously them at this point (like shape-shifting for Garth).

397 – boborci: here is an awesome idea you can copy for Movie 3: Kirk va. Borg. Do it. I know you want to.

414. Kassidy Yates - December 6, 2012

@ 402 Khan was never a member of Starfleet but in the Space Seed he was given a Uniform to wear. Starfleet protocal did not seem to matter when it came to clothes and in Trek II he wore a Star Fleet medal around his neck. I dont know about anyone else but it seemed like Dude was escaping from somewhere. I think a few clips thrown together dont tell the whole story obviously. I got a feeling there is more to this. It’s not that obvious.

There is no question that the villian is a Genetically Advanced human. The question is, who is he? Is he Khan? Is he Garth of Izar? He sure as hell is not Gary Mitchell. There is no evidence to support that.

I think Alice is Dehner but again its a new reality with new possibilties and outcomes.

I narrowed it down to Khan, Garth or Izar, and Flint (The Immortal Dude) Outside of that, I can’t think of anyone else.

415. gov - December 6, 2012

there is rampant speculation on other sites that Cumberbatch is playing some version of Dr Soren.

I dont believe that mind you….i just wanted to put it out there….because its “out there” on the rest of the net.

416. Picard's Fish - December 6, 2012

I wonder if Cumberbatch might be an andoid…

417. Josh - December 6, 2012

407 – I thought about Garth looking older or perhaps being someone who should be older, but then I realized…if he can shape shift, surely he can keep himself looking young, no?

half the board – I don’t get this Carol Marcus thing with Khan. That was in TWOK when she was working on Genesis. This is way before that. I mean, have Kirk and Marcus even hooked up at this point? I mean, I suppose one could throw them in together because that’s what people remember from TWOK, but there is zero reason why they should run into each other during this time frame.

418. Lance W - December 6, 2012

I’m still going to be wishfully thinking that the Klingons find the Botany Bay, kill Khan in their attempt to revive/interrogate him, and his 2nd, Joaqin, blames Earth for his loss and proceeds with his plan for vengeance.

419. AJ - December 6, 2012

What if that’s Cumby’s hand on our side of the glass? Obviously, it’s Spock’s on the other, in LL&P mode.

420. gov - December 6, 2012

@417 josh

Carol and Kirk did run into each other in the prime timeline around this point. That’s how David, Kirk’s son, cam to exist.

That doesnt mean that they have to meet and make a baby in THIS timeline, however.

421. Geodesic - December 6, 2012

I’m guessing Sybok with an earjob.

422. Dr. Cheis - December 6, 2012

“Cumberbatch’s character crashes through window (presumably running from Spock)”

More likely running AFTER Spock, in my opinion.

423. rm10019 - December 6, 2012

397 – BobOrici, If the movie opens with an homage to a TOS episode, I would like a dinner with you next time you are in NY, that will be a thank you enough! :)

Thanks again for all the work that is going into this next Trek film!

424. Kassidy Yates - December 6, 2012

Another thing I have seen on boards a lot of these sci fi geeks lamenting about this being an action film and not like the old trek. Hey that ship passed a long time ago.

For paramount which has seen lot of success lately, they are not interested in some cerebral film that only appeals to an aging fan base. They are not going to do that.

We are in a different world. There is a reason why the old BSG did not work and the new one did. You are wasting your breathe if you think that they are going the route of the old days again. Not under this.

I gurantee you Paramount told those boys look, we want something that is explosions and something loud.

Star Trek needs this shot of Caffine in its system. A lot of people have a problem with this bold new direction. I am happy about it. I love it. They want a film that the world can connect to.

You cant make films for an isolated fan base. Rick Berman did that and it led to Treks demise.

I kind of wish the cry babies would shut up. Here is a solution: Stay home when it comes out. Theres a new idea.

425. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

I don’t see any Klingon letters…

426. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 6, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. That’s not the same George Zip that was quoted from the movie Airplane! Lol

427. Optimistic Doodle - December 6, 2012

At the end of the (Japanese) teaser, that mysterious young hand does NOT seem to belong to Cumberbatch. Pay attention to the finger nails and match those with e.g.

428. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

New verse. New rules. Preconceptions about 60’s characters physical traits or backgrounds don’t apply. Simple as that.

429. gov - December 6, 2012

@428 Loader….even, say, Kahn’s ethinicity?

430. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

If Weller is Khan, and his makeup/costume make this obvious, and Cumberbatch is playing Joaquim (or another Augment), then not showing Weller in the trailer makes sense.

People are expecting way too much continuity when they are making predictions. Forget the original stories…one thing we can be sure of is that JJ is NOT simply remaking an old episode or movie. I would assume that in a Khan story, the only thing that would remain the same (besides the general backstory) would be that he and the Augments were adrift in the Botany Bay. Who finds it, who unleashes the Augments and what happens next will all be an original story. The same is true whether it is Garth, Gary Mitchell, or any other canon character–JJ isn’t going to do a remake, so don’t assume that everything you know about the canon character will hold up in the movie version. Carol Marcus could be a Starfleet officer. An Augment could infiltrate Starfleet. Scotty could be the treasurer of the Ginger Society. But you’re not going to have a movie with Khan, Klingons, the Genesis Device, Carol Marcus and Spock dying at the end, and you’re not going to have a remake of a TOS episode either. Whatever character is the villain, you can assume that while the broadstrokes definition of the character will remain basically the same, it will otherwise be a new story.

One more thing on Weller/Preston guessers: There is NO WAY IN HELL that JJ is making a movie based on a storyline from Enterprise. C’mon, people. What’s next, saying Cumberbatch is a surgically-altered Xindi?

431. gavabot - December 6, 2012

I think we should rule out Gary Mitchell, as his powers were way more powerful than what we’ve seen in the trailer.

The person in the trailer is shown using a gun and hand to hand combat. Gary Mitchell could kill someone with a thought if he wanted to.

432. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

I have made some minor tweaks to the analysis
– Downgraded Kirk’s hand to ‘presumably’ – Not confirmed by trailer itself but he is wearing same shirt in other shots and it makes sense
– Alice Eve is ‘handing something’ (possibly a PADD) to Kirk, the flashing lights could have been scanner but now I dont think so
– Kirk looking concerned shot from Japanese trailer appears to be at same location as Starfleet attack (note wall design)
– Clear ship crashing into ocean is not USS Enterprise (nacelles and struts are very different)

433. PureGenius - December 6, 2012

Has anyone brought up Kor or Kang? Augment virus? Definitely canon, across different series.

434. Borgsdorf - December 6, 2012

Is it just me or does whatever ship crashes into the water do so in a very odd/unnatural looking fashion? Could this be a hint at telekinesis?

435. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

Synopsis: It was MEANT to be Khan, but now the part has been rewritten to be an augment follower of Khan.

Argument: What We Know:

1) Benicio del Toro had a lock on the part. Hence, Khan. When that fell through, they looked for other actors that would fit the part (largely Mexicans). Hence, Khan.

2) Cumberbatch’s legendary iPhone casting so blew them out of the water that he was basically hired on the spot.

3) Gary Mitchell is dead. See canon IDW. (not addressing ways they could finagle out of it. Occam’s Razor would seem to imply that’s not the route to go).

4) Bob’s original “It’s one of these (Khan, Mitchell, etc.)” comment from (relatively) way long ago.

5) Bob’s subsequent “But I lied once…” comment more recently.

6) Cumberbatch says “Your world…”

7) Cumberbatch says “I have returned for my vengeance…” (paraphrase).

8) Cumberbatch is in a Starfleet uniform.

9) Cumberbatch takes on a Klingon in a Klingon-owned planet (see Klingon writing) and wipes the floor with him.

10) Cumberbatch uses a gun.

11) Cumberbatch’s eyes do not glow, nor does he display any kind of supernatural or preternatural powers that cannot be more readily explained–again, Occam’s Razor–by genetic engineering.

12) There’s a death scene with a missing man formation.

13) There’s a scene where Kirk and Spock’s hands meet across glass/transparent aluminum, a la TWOK. Note that this scene was shown ONLY IN THE JAPANESE TRAILER!! (that’s important, as I’ll get to later). Also note that recently in Japan there was a display of some footage that has yet to leak.

14) There’s a blonde lady in science blue.

15) The phrase “one man weapon of mass destruction” is used.

16) The phrase “from within their own organization” is used.

17) Scotty is consoling a distraught Uhura.

18) The phrase, referring to Kirk’s family as “his crew” is used.

These are salient facts (and yes, I’m paraphrasing a few; work with me here).

Hypothesis: We are being led astray by one fact and one fact only: Cumberbatch is ethnically white and cannot–without resorting to some serious retconning–be readily identified with Khan. Hence, the confusion. Everything to the point of Cumberbatch’s hiring pointed to Khan, including Anthony’s sources on at least two occasions. In logic, Cumberbatch’s ethnicity the red herring. It’s the only thing that doesn’t fit with the idea that the villain is Khan. Here’s how it works out…

Up until Benicio dropped out, the villain was Khan. That was what Anthony’s sources confirmed and that makes sense. For whatever reason, they didn’t go look for a Sikh or at least Indian actor and so fell back on “Ricardo was Mexican,so…”. It’s cognitive shorthand. Lazy, but it’s logical, from a certain point of view.

Benicio’s out, and so they look for another Mexican or Hispanic actor. No dice. A couple fall through. The deadline is approaching to begin filming and they still haven’t got a lead villain. Panic sets in.

Then, out of the blue, Cumberbatch gives his legendary casting call and completely blows them out of the water. He’s a cinch for the part because what makes Khan…well, Khan? Is it his ethnicity? No. It’s his background history as a leader of the Eugenics Wars. “A product of late twentieth century genetic engineering,” says Chekov. Everything ELSE is superfluous to the story of Khan’s character. He could have been called Giovanni in “Space Seed” and so long as his backstory as a leader in the Eugenics Wars was maintained, the story would’ve been largely the same. The history is all that mattered.

So what did JJ and crew do? They changed the character’s name and altered the backstory just a tad. It’s really all there is to it. It doesn’t have to be Joachim, either. In fact, I’ll lay money that it’s not. Why? Because thus far, JJ and crew have more or less tried to stay within continuity as far as how the characters are physically portrayed. Kirk doesn’t have red hair, for example. Scotty is an exception but he’s, frankly, second-tier as a character. Joachim had blond hair and an American accent. Cumberbatch has black hair and a British accent.

So, with only a couple of line shifts, “Khan” becomes….Cumberbatch’s character who is, as all the evidence seems to point to, an augment.

But, one might ask, how does that fit with everything above?

The Botany Bay is found by the Klingons. Instead of awakening Khan, they awaken Cumberbatch’s character, who proceeds to escape. Where does he go? The only place he knows: Earth.

But doesn’t he say “Your world?” Absolutely true….but that’s a misleading phrase. We say to our kids “In my time” or, in contrast, “In your time”. “Your world” doesn’t HAVE to mean “Your PLANET”. It could also mean “The world (timeframe) you GREW UP IN”. Compared to the timeline of Cumberbatch’s character, where people lived and died and things weren’t so utopian and soft as they are in the 23rd century, it’s like comparing the 20th to the 15th centuries. He’s saying that the life of the 23rd century is soft, fragile, spoiled, solipsistic. Think of how many times both Kirk and, especially, Picard, preached about how civilized they were; how they didn’t need to use force, or didn’t have money, etc. etc. Someone with Cumberbatch’s background, with that drive, zeal, and will-to-power that was bred into him, would look at the world of the 23rd century as one of sheep.

“Vengeance” now takes on a whole ‘nuther meaning. He’s a follower of Khan, THE last augment to fall from grace in the denoument of the Eugenics Wars. He saw how they began, and how they ended in ignominy. Remember, because the novels are not continuity–however much I loved them, especially with how they tried to reconcile our history with the notion of a world war in the ’90s–JJ is free to interpret the Eugenics Wars as something vastly more destructive, thus giving them the meaning that Kirk and Spock implied in the “Space Seed”. It gives them back the punch the novels semi-retconned away in an attempt to reconcile history. So Cumberbatch’s character is PISSED. He’s FURIOUS. He was DENIED his genetic DESTINY. And so he’s returning to Earth to take what is, in his mind, rightfully HIS. And he can do it because, as he’s assumed, the Terrans of the 23rd century are sissies and sheep. Pike’s blather about Starfleet being a “peacekeeping” force sounds like leftish UN blather speak. An augment from the Eugenics Wars introduced into the 23rd century would be something the likes of which Earth hasn’t seen in centuries. An ubermensch.

“One-man weapon of mass destruction.” I initially thought this was Marketing’s idiotic ham-handed writing skills but now, having seen the trailer, it makes a lot of sense. What was the tagline of TWOK? “At the end of the universe lies the beginning of VENGEANCE”

What does that mean? It’s identical hyperbole. Obviously, the Mutara Sector wasn’t the “end of the universe” or even the “end of the galaxy,” but a spot isolated enough from the main areas of settlement that the Genesis Project could be tested far from prying eyes.

Looked at IN THIS FRAME, the description wasn’t ham-handed at all. It practically TOLD YOU THE STORY. “One man weapon of mass destruction” is hyperbole because in a world of cushy, solipsistic sheep like the Earth of the 23rd century, with no challenges, nothing to want for, nothing to strive for, an augment from the Eugenics Wars WOULD be a weapon of mass destruction! He would fight in ways Starfleet has never trained for. He would think not like chess, but like GO or WEICHI or SHOGI. In short, he would be such a paradigmically different threat to the Fleet that they would have no possible way to counter him until it is far too late.

So Cumberbatch escapes from Klingon space and does…what? Does he capture a Starfleet vessel? Why not? Kirk picked up Khan in “Space Seed” and the Reliant was taken by Khan’s followers in TWOK. Afterwards, note that Khan’s followers WORE SOME STARFLEET UNIFORMS or, at least, part of it (Khan, himself, wore the delta symbol in TWOK and even draped an overshirt over his shoulders). So that would explain why Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet uniform.

The blonde? Carol Marcus. That’s an easy one.

Now…here comes the trick. Why put those additional ten or so seconds in the Japanese trailer and not the American one? Because it would have very quickly given away the plotline. That scene is iconic for Trekkers. It’s clearly Kirk and Spock, not Kirk and Blonde Woman or Spock and Sarek. Note the youth of their skin (neither are old) and masculinity of the shape (neither are a woman).

What does that tell us? Well, it fits with this having ORIGINALLY being a movie with Khan as the villain. It’s an amalgam of “Space Seed” and TWOK in a single movie, with a pivotal death scene in the movie involving Kirk and Spock (we’ll presume it’s a death scene only because it would fit with the homage theme but it could be a near-death scene and it would work almost as well for those of us who remember TWOK (probably fall flat for the new guys who aren’t as invested in Trek as we are)).

But because this is JJ and he’s good at using framing to tease us with “same, but different,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that in this movie, it’s not Spock that’s in the fatal predicament, but Kirk.

But what about Uhura? She’s crying. Wouldn’t that mean Spock, right?

Oh? What if Uhura’s moved on to Kirk because, as Quinto has said, Spock is responding to the death of Vulcan by becoming more logical, more cold (more like he was at the beginning of the original series)? Or, it needn’t even be that. Note that SCOTTY is also choked up as well. Now Scotty and Spock’s relationship isn’t really fleshed out yet. I daresay he’s not as invested in it as he is with his relationship with KIRK. Ergo, because Scotty’s choked up and Uhura’s choked up, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s Kirk who’s in trouble. Uhura knows Kirk wants here and Scotty is more invested in Kirk than Spock. It makes a certain degree of sense, though I’m open to other interpretations (for example, that scene could be of a city getting destroyed and the sheer horror of it would cause BOTH of those characters to feel more than a little teary-eyed).

What about the “family” angle?

Again, a misperception and a carefully-chosen framing by JJ. He’s using sociology on us and careful editing to twist what we THINK we see.

Cumberbatch’s character, if he’s an augment, knows how to manipulate humans. They were BRED to do that. That’s what they did; that’s how they assumed power. There’s someone above who noted the Japanese translation of one of the phrases amounted to “humans greatest weaknesses is love”. What do you love the most? Your family.

It’s a trick and it’s on us.

Cumberbatch’s character gets fixated on Kirk because unlike everyone else in Sheepville Earth, circa 23rd century, Kirk is a MAN OF ACTION. He is a throwback to the old days. And Kirk’s history has shown us this time and time again. Picard was a man of his times. Kirk was a man OUT OF SYNCH with his times. So to Cumberbatch, Kirk becomes the one focus, the one challenge, that stands in his way. This, apparently, is a fatal flaw in augments. Look at Khan and his fixation with Kirk. Maybe it’s a flaw in their psyche. It also fits with the hypothesis that originally the villain was Khan. We can just generalize and assume that this fixation on challenge and personalization of conflict focus is a flaw not just of Khan but all augments.

And so what does Cumberbatch do? He threatens to take away Kirk’s “family”. I.e.: his crew.

Cumberbatch even SPEAKS like you can assume Khan would. Listen to the words and close your eyes. Khan was eloquent, spoke in metaphor, quoted lots of Melville (which no one who hadn’t read Melville got but it make Khan sound pretty eloquent.). Once more, the part was MEANT to be Khan but when you think about it, wouldn’t many of the augments have that same kind of educational background and solipsistic megalomania? They might, dare I say it, speak rather similarly? The writers probably didn’t have to change all that much to make a shift from Khan to Cumberbatch’s character.

So, in summary: It was SUPPOSED to be Khan but Cumberbatch changed the calculus when he knocked it out of the park. They changed the ETHNICITY of the villain but not the BACKSTORY. Instead, they stripped it down and looked at what made Khan Khan and transferred those characteristics to Cumberbatch’s new character.

This would explain the initial reports (“It’s Khan!”), the initial casting (Benicio, et al.), Anthony’s sources (even AFTER the casting of Cumberbatch, the sources either might not know that the shift has been made–after all, all the scenes were the same, only the name changed–or, to add to the secrecy, why not only tell a couple of the actors that the change had occurred? Maybe the final script STILL said Khan? JJ could then make lemonaid out of the lemon of not being able to cast Benicio and use it to increase his OPSEC of the story’s plotline.), the in-canon death of Mitchell, the idea of a man being a “one man WMD”, the “family” reference and, most importantly, the Japanese trailer that practically gives it all away (and the reason why it’s there and not here? There are more Trekkers in the States and Europe and they’d figure it out quicker).

Occam’s Razor. The story, itself, really hasn’t changed. It’s “Space Seed”+”TWOK” reimagined. The character is now a NEW augment and follower of Khan.

Bob’s lie…really ISN’T a lie. When he originally said it, it WAS supposed to be Khan. So he wasn’t lying. Now, though, it would appear to be a lie but if you consider it a lie, then it wasn’t one of COMMISSION but OMISSION. And it’s only one if you look at it now, when the character was changed from Khan to whatever it is now.

Why isn’t it Gary Mitchell? He’s dead. The trailer shows now god-like powers…but it does show augment-like powers.

You can probably find other theories but this is the only one I can think of that fits all of the salient facts without damaging them. Occam’s Razor.

436. NC Trekker - December 6, 2012

I never thought about the Star Fleet medal Khan wore in TWOK. I guess that must have belonged to his wife.

437. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

@430 Weller/Paxton could just appear as a vid like Colonel Green did in Enterprise eps ‘demons’

438. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@420 gov,

what better reason for Kirk to be seeking revenge than for the death of his baby moma and his unborn child David?

439. Josh - December 6, 2012

432 – well, it COULD be the “Enterprise” just not NCC-1701 :P. At least if people saying it looks like an NX-class are to be believed

As for the hand scene, my impression is that, in this case, Spock is the one on the “outside” looking in on…whoever is about to go on a suicide mission/is dying/etc. If it’s Kirk then one presumes he survives whatever mission he goes on. However, if it’s someone like Pike, I wouldn’t bet on it. I”m not sure who else it could be, unless it’s one of the new characters we haven’t seen otherwise.

440. boborci - December 6, 2012

423. rm10019 – December 6, 2012

Hmmm…. our entire “reboot” is an homage to TOS, so I guess you get dinner anyway;)

441. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 6, 2012

“- Carol is ‘handing something’ (possibly a PADD) to Kirk, the flashing lights could have been scanner but now I dont think so”


Did Anthony just confirm Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus?

442. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

Not enough Lens Flares!

443. DaiMonRon - December 6, 2012

@432 – Anthony

Your second bullet point:

– Carol is ‘handing something’ (possibly a PADD) to Kirk, the flashing lights could have been scanner but now I dont think so

You have suspiciously called the “unknown Alice Eve character” Carol here. Are you trying to tell us something/holding out on us?

444. Legend of Link - December 6, 2012

Wow I’m looking at other sites including youtube with discussion about the new trailer. Seeing a lot of negativity. It’s too bad. I think most of us here agree it looks pretty cool.

445. LastBorgStanding - December 6, 2012

#397 bob:

So we WILL eventually see an Enterprise NCC-1701 ST, fueled with, let’s say, powdered shapeshifters instead of anti-matter, morph into a sandwich toaster?

I can already hear Bren… Data… “Profess… Captain! The cheese core will breach in 2 minutes 16 point 2 seconds. It will mess up the whole deck with a certainty of 97 point 8 percent.”
Worf: “This is more than the USS Obama got at the elections of the blackest ship! Shall we go to red alert, Sir?”
Riker: “We could flood the deck with more tomato sauce.”
Picard: “Make it so!”

“And this, good kids, is how [S]tar [T]rek finally turned into [S]andwich [T]oaster! Now turn off the lights, close your eyes, and dream of Mozzarella!”

446. Dr. Cheis - December 6, 2012

“The Enterprise can go under water”

I suspect it wasn’t SUPPOSED to go underwater, but I guess we’ll find out how well that works out for them. :)

Also, I doubt I’m the first one to catch this, but these two look awfully similar…

447. Josh - December 6, 2012

I would also note that, even if the woman was carol marcus, it could be to throw us off the scent. We don’t know when Kirk met her but it would be around this time frame I would think.

I’m more of the mind that the likely she’s Carol Marcus the LESS likely the badie is Khan

448. Bob Orci II: The Wrath of Green Slave Chicks - December 6, 2012

@BOBORCI Hey Bob you could end all of this speculation nonsense if you wanted to but you dont want to. When will we know who Benedict is playing? Is it someonw we all know and love? Or somone who we will be like Dude, are you kidding me, Cumberbatch is Harry Mudd? WTF!!

Another thing, is the IDW comic continuity tied into this film for real?

Is this a triology deal or what? Cause the old crew stayed around until they were like 90 and needed wheelchairs and heating pads and had to be fed before 2. Are you guys going like 3 films? 7 films?

Bob, find a way to bring Jean-Luc Picard in to say whats up to the folk. Maybe through some hole in the space time or maybe the Nexus (Joking I never want to see that Floating stick of gum again)

One more thing remember that Cat chick from the animated series. You guys think maybe we could bring her back and have her portrayed by January Jones or Christina Hendricks. That would be cool and do a lot for me personally.

Love you Bob

449. Dude Against Telephoto Paparrazzi - December 6, 2012

That is not the Enterprise rising from the water. The back of the nacelles don’t match and notice that we can’t see the hull number past NCC? That is not Kirk touching Spock’s hand behind the glass, that is Admiral Pike’s hand. I’ll even bet that the blonde girl is Admiral Pike’s daughter. The eulogy at the first of the clip is where they are burying Gary Mitchell, Peter Weller’s character or the blonde girl for stopping/ending/preventing some type of wipe out of the Earth/Federation. Missing man formation, remember? And that starship crashing into San Fran Bay? Not the Big E. Of course, these are my opinions.

450. Commodore Shaggy - December 6, 2012

Not sure if this has been mentioned already but I just noticed something in the high rez shots, particularly the one where the Starfleet people are being shot at in some room. Notice the Starfleet insignia on the lady, on her right. It is metal and is like those used in STII.

451. More Thanks - December 6, 2012

I’m sorry but Khan’s ethnicity cannot be changed. It has nothing to do with social issues/whitewashing/hollywood attitudes….it’s just pure Trek canon, folks.

The Botany bay was launched in the 1990’s, WAAAAAY, before Nero changed the timeline. Thus when that cryo-tube is opened, whether in the prime timeline or the alternate timeline it’s going to be more or less the same Khan that emerged in Space Seed, mentally and physically. Nero’s changing the timeline CANNOT change the ethnicity of someone in a frozen tube!!

The only thing that may have happened is that perhaps in this timeline someone other than Enterprise/Federation found the Botany Bay first. Khan would still be the same when he woke up, but either they could have altered him, or he, upon learning where and when he is, and having taken over wherever he is, opted to change his appearance himself.

And for all the people saying Khan’s ethnicity was not clearly stated, I suggest you watch this from 9:00 onward….

If that’s ain’t clear to you, did you need them to write ”Indian” on his forehead?

452. boborci - December 6, 2012

448. Cat chick… Check. Consider it done;)

453. Josh - December 6, 2012

This movie is totally unrealistic. Those jets at the beginning are flying way too low to leave condensation tails like that…

454. Daniel Broadway - December 6, 2012

It IS the Enterprise rising out of the ocean. The ship at the end crashing into San Francisco Bay is NOT the Enterprise. What is so hard about this?

455. jonblocs - December 6, 2012

Except she looks nothing like Carol Marcus, they have purposely styled her hair exactly like Sally Kellerman’s hair in WNMHGB, she is tall just like Sally Kellerman as well. And Carol Marcus was never in Starfleet.
Also its definately not Rand, Mcgivers either as they are both Red Skirts.

as close to detail as JJ and crew were with appearances of TOS characters in Trek 09, its a given they are going the same route here

456. JohnRambo - December 6, 2012

he is definitely NOT Gary Mitchell!

457. Josh - December 6, 2012

Well, I agree with her looking like the one character from WNMHGB. But about Carol not being in Starfleet…eh, this is the alternate universe. Maybe she joined after what happened in the new movie *shrugs* I don’t really find that a very persuasive reason why it can’t be her.

458. NuWisdom - December 6, 2012

Methinks Section 31 is going to play a part in this film. Perhaps it is Mitchell and in this Timeline he is part of Section 31 and then gets ESPered and starts going on a villianous rampage? Perhaps similar motivations as Khan in TWOK but Mitchell is doing it this time? Perhaps as revenge for being left out in space?

459. HarcourtFentonMudd - December 6, 2012

Clearly, Cumberbatch is playing Cyrano Jones, and when he releases his dreaded Tribble-bomb, all hell breaks loose.

460. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

Is that based on secret information… or just a typo? *Frakes smile*

461. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

429 Absolutely.

Khan a title for a ruler in Turkic and Mongolian languages and also used by Persians, Punjabis, Afghans/Pashtuns for chiefs and noblemen.

Not just for Indians.

Consider a mixed marriage. Wife maybe Anglo Saxon decent?
Child inherits more of the mother’s features?

462. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

Where are the gorgeous maroon uniforms from the last film? Those new grey uniforms look rather bleak and depressing. Well it definetely fits with the dark theme of the film.

463. AJ - December 6, 2012

Cumby is Finnegan. My wondering is over.

464. Dennis Bailey - December 6, 2012

#451:”I’m sorry but Khan’s ethnicity cannot be changed. It has nothing to do with social issues/whitewashing/hollywood attitudes….it’s just pure Trek canon, folks.”

So what?

“Pure Trek canon…” thanks for the laugh.

465. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Red plants? Did Carol Marcus use add a little Red Matter into the mix?
I wonder.

466. More Thanks - December 6, 2012

@461 The ”Khan” part of his name is not the giveaway. It’s the ”Singh” part.

Also if you watch the link in one of my previous posts, they spell out clearly where he is from. Unless they made the effort to put those lines in the script just for a joke, I highly doubt it.

I don’t understand why people are arguing over Khan’s ethnicity when it is CLEARLY stated. Khan’s cannon ethnicity is undeniable, but it is NOT even an issue even if Cumberbatch is playing him. This is STAR TREK, there could be a dozen in-universe reasons why in the next movie Scotty is a green skinned Orion.

467. The Squire of Buttocks - December 6, 2012

Just found out who he is & am very dissapointed.

468. Dunsel Report - December 6, 2012

Even though Alice Eve superficially resembles Dr. Dehner, I’m going to guess her ’60s hairstyle owes more to the influence of Mad Men than to “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

469. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Flyby scene is for blank blank’s funeral. Shame they won’t be in the next movie.

470. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

What – people are comparing the state of an actor’s nails in order to determine who is on the other side of the glass? LOL!

For a start, you can’t actually see the hand, let alone the nails, that well, because the picture is too dark.

What with Chris Pine “mauled” nails and Ben’s chipped nail – yep, it’s a tough one, to be sure. Ever heard of chipped nails (ref. BC picture)? Then there are such an activities as cutting of nails and manicures.

You read it here first.

471. Jack Zymurgy - December 6, 2012

I love that the last image in the triler is two lense flares with the credits/details. That’s funny!

472. More Thanks - December 6, 2012

BTW those ”Crewmen” in the analysis shots are Kirk, Uhura and Scotty unless I’m mistaken?

473. What is it with you? - December 6, 2012


That is clearly the Enterprise crashing into the ocean. You are just seeing it from a strange angle. Look closely at the Nacelles – they are the same. The previous image of the ship “surfacing” is the Enterprise recoering from the crash, bobing back to the surface.

It’s not going to hide in the ocean or act like a sub. It’san homage to ST IV. And it’s the only way to crash the beautiful lady without destroying her.

What we should be discussing is why it had to enter the atmosphere in the first place, and why is the port nacelle toast! Can’t wait to see that!

474. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

sorry I fixed my last comment. Was just picking up on Eve speculation. Article was updated to note that Alice Eve was handing something to Kirk and not scanning him. I’m allowed to speculate too right? But I try not to as people assume I am making news so I fixed that. Sorry for confusion.

When this site can confirm more characters it will be done in an article. Eve’s role has not been confirmed by TrekMovie

475. JMac - December 6, 2012

All signs seem to be pointing to: Cumberbatch = whale probe

476. Pegasus - December 6, 2012

I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled by Cumberbatch’s performance already. His voice, his articulation, even the writing is tight and intelligent here… I think this may be Star Trek’s greatest villain ever.

477. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

The figure on the other side of the class has no stripes on their uniform and the material is different.

478. Gary 7 - December 6, 2012

@Anaxagoras of the South…

All of the arguments you make, minus one or two minor details regarding DelToro could be made to say the character is actually Garth of Izar.

1. Garth was human, though not from Earth so the “your world” quote fits.

2. Garth was Fleet Captain prior to his accident. If he was presumed dead, Starfleet would have had a huge memorial for a member of that rank including a missing man formation. perhaps the accident was such that Starfleet was unaware of his survival which would explain how he fell into the care of the Antosians.

3. He was a brilliant tactician, a compatriot of Pike and Garrovick so he is someone Kirk would have had tremendous admiration for.

4. As Fleet Captain, he would have tremendous knowledge of Starfleet protocols, technology, security codes, etc. allowing him to easily manipulate systems to cause widespread damage to the fleet.

5. Garth developed the ability to heal himself using “cellular metamorphosis” techniques he learned while on Antos IV. It isn’t a major stretch to see how he would have developed the ability for bursts of above average strength and endurance using the same techniques.

6. He was exiled, much like Khan, on Elba II for the attempted genocide of the above-mentioned Antosians that had actually saved him and nursed him back to health. That would have been the “betrayal” needed to spark his quest for vengeance.

There are dozens of plausible arguments to be made regarding both characters and perhaps originally in MIGHT have been Khan. i just don’t buy the whole “Benicio quit, so we have to use another Eugenics War Superman”. I think the shift would have been very easy. I”m not convinced that Khan was actually the first script either. I’m sure they toyed with it, but I doubt it was really ever Khan in the first place.

A few other minor notes….

Alice Eve=Janice Rand. Not Dehner, not Marcus. This is the world “re-imagined”. Rand would not necessarily be just a Yeoman, nor would she have a beehive hairdo. As a matter of fact, if you look at her apperance in ST:VI on Excelsior, she has the identical hairstyle to Alice Eve’s.

“From where? Or possibly from WHEN”… No. Not from when. There won’t be more time travel in this one. The whole first movie had enough time travel in it for the next 5 sequels. This will be purely a single time story.

The two shots of “some kind of Starfleet meeting interrupted by phaser fire”? That looks more like a conference room you would see in a corporate office. Since Peter Weller plays some kind of CEO, I’m guessing that it isn’t a Starfleet meeting, but something that takes place at his company. My guess is that he is some kind of “defense contractor” that is trying to play both sides and gets in over his head.

Just some of my thoughts. I could be completely wrong obviously, but thought i would play Devil’s Advocate for a bit.

479. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@455. jonblocs

“as close to detail as JJ and crew were with appearances of TOS characters in Trek 09, its a given they are going the same route here”

Yeah, because Nichelle Nichols wore her hair in a pony tail ALL THE TIME as Uhura … give me a break!

480. Optimistic Doodle - December 6, 2012


When you take a look at the frames, things aren’t that dark.
Take in account too the thickness of the fingers ;-)


481. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

Think the guy talking to Kirk is Bones and the hairs coloring a result of a lens flare.

482. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

This site stinks! This other site (insert site URL here) is better as they ran an interview with Wil Wheaton where he’s commenting on what type of conditioner he uses on his beard. There’s never any interesting Trek movie news on this site so let’s all go there!

Oh, ok. I keed.


483. LastBorgStanding - December 6, 2012

#434: No, it’s ILM trying to spare their best F/X for the next Star Wars episode ;)

484. Mascaw - December 6, 2012

I’m thinking Mitchel, Maybe kirk didn’t kill him and this is him coming back for revenge. Gary Mitchel would be a one man weapon of mass destruction.I just don’t think its Khan while a bad ass he certainly was not a one man weapon of mass destruction, everything he did he did with help from members of the Botony bay and or the decedents of in wrath. Mitchel more than fits the Revenge part and it would “fit” with continuity of if he is not dead and coming back after kirk and crew.

485. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@ 477 Gary 7,

“Alice Eve=Janice Rand”

Nope. Rand has already been depicted in the comics, which Orci states are canon, as wearing a red shirt and piloting a shuttlecraft.

486. Max - December 6, 2012

435. You’re making entirely too much sense.

487. LastBorgStanding - December 6, 2012

#452 bob
Talking about cats and chicks… We all think that Spot needs a reappearance, don’t we? About the chicks… later ;)

488. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

I took another look at the ‘crewman’ and indeed it does look like Kirk and Scotty but not sure that is Uhura that is falling

489. Cap't Picard (USS Enterprise) - December 6, 2012

Does anyone remember when we used to be explorers?

490. maspill - December 6, 2012

From the angle of the hand (kirks) it seem he is in trouble on the floor and spock is conforting him, in a reverse of the seen in the wrath of khan

491. Dunsel Report - December 6, 2012

No reason that this Khan-like guy has to be Khan or one of Khan’s dudes. Recall what Spock says in “A Space Seed.”

“SPOCK: By my estimate, there were some eighty or ninety of these young supermen unaccounted for when they were finally defeated.

“KIRK: That fact isn’t in the history texts.

“SPOCK: Would you reveal to war-weary populations that some eighty Napoleons might still be alive?”

I can picture Orci/Kurtzmann watching this scene and it speaking to their fondness for “Dark of the Moon”-esque historical coverup plots.

492. LastBorgStanding - December 6, 2012

#489: Yes, it’s running on syndication ;)

493. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

I love CUmberbatch in this. His voice is so menacing.
However i hope so badly, that it is Gary Mitchel. If it would be indeed Khan, i would have had a hard time to accept a British white guy as the new Khan. It would feel to much like a Galactica like Retcon where Ronald D Moore changed gender and race for his new characters. Thats too radical for STar Trek.
If its Khan, OK, but in this case i wish it would have been Benicio Del Toro .

494. Bamasi - December 6, 2012

#489 The two hour exploration movies were not well recieved.

495. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

@Gary 7

Oh, I’m open to Garth. I’m simply taking into account not just what we’ve seen, but other clues as well, including Anthony’s still-firm sources on the villain being Khan. Why burn bridges unless, at the last moment, the villain was Khan and it’s been changed into a generic augment? Especially when you really don’t need to change the story much, if at all? It would fit with Khan, it would fit with Joachim, it would fit with any follower of Khan.

I go with the It Was Khan But Now It’s His Follower because of Benicio but not just that. If Benicio quit and they went and tried a couple of other actors with a different ethnicity, then the case would be weaker (unless they were willing to retcon Khan’s ethnicity). But the didn’t. They tried to look for another Hispanic actor not once but at least twice, if you believe the reports. What does that say? That they were invested in the way the villain LOOKED. It’s lazy typecasting, yes. But it fits, especially when you’ve gotta get something done and you’re fixated on a certain way of doing things.

Then Cumberbatch comes…and changes it all. Someone, maybe Bob, maybe JJ, who knows, goes “Guys…you know, why does it HAVE to be KHAN? The story works just the same if it were Joe Augment with little to no changes. You just shift the name and a sentence or two of background explaining that he was a FOLLOWER of Khan and…well, we’ve got the same movie. And, hey, additional benny is that it adds to our OPSEC and it throws EVERYONE off!”

You’re right about Garth being able to do much of what’s been seen but, again, I’m not just taking those parts into consideration, but how the movie has been portrayed up to this point, the reports of casting, even the phraseology of the dreaded press release. But, really, the kicker for me that convinced me it was a Non-Khan-Khan was the Japanese trailer. The last scene. Too much of a coincidence for me.

496. LizardGirl - December 6, 2012

@435 Anaxagoras of the South

That was very well stated. It’s a good arguement for an original character that may have its roots in the Khan character.

I personally am not really concerned with who the villain is. Interesting to read some of the theories, but I’m just happy to have a trailer. And wow, what a trailer!

497. Paul - December 6, 2012

The comments on this thread by some of you are amazingly entertaining. You do realize this is science FICTION right? Things are not supposed to be taken so seriously, right? Enjoy all of this for what it is – entertainment. Wow.

498. Dunsel Report - December 6, 2012

“Then Cumberbatch comes…and changes it all. Someone, maybe Bob, maybe JJ, who knows, goes “Guys…you know, why does it HAVE to be KHAN? The story works just the same if it were Joe Augment with little to no changes.”

I think that’s probably right. And I just can’t picture anyone from Starfleet, an organization for Joe Lunchpail starship captains, acting as posh and entitled as Benedict Cumberbatch does. That kind of arrogance only comes from controlling 30% of Earth in the year 1996.

499. MC Doctor - December 6, 2012

Well, if I had spies they would tell us that the emeorial we see is for Gary Mitchell. And they might also tell us that Pike is killed when Starfleet command is attacked (as he’s become Kirk’s family) and then I personally would remind everybody that the term “fleet” also refers to the Admirals that represent a fleet, not just the ships themselves.

If we had spies…

500. sean - December 6, 2012

Hey guys, what if Cumberbatch is playing some futuristic version of Sherlock Holmes? He’d be great as Sherlock Holmes!

501. Dilithium_doublebock - December 6, 2012

367 Jamziz
In ST 09 JJ ripped of an iconic moment from TWOK (bitting the apple) and the plot had nothing to with TWOK.

Leaked photos showed a fight between Spock and cumby with cumby having an appearent immunity to the neck pinch. Augments had no such immunity–Spock took one down in space seed with a pinch.

No Khan. No augments. But the scene does look like a tip of the hat to that TWOK scene.

502. Jax Maxton - December 6, 2012

You all realize that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus, right?

503. Newman - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell.

504. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@ 491 Dunsel Report,
“No reason that this Khan-like guy has to be Khan or one of Khan’s dudes. Recall what Spock says in “A Space Seed.”

Technically, an unnamed (and perhaps unseen) augment qualifies as being from canon, and unless this is what Orci lied about, I think I speak for a number of fans who would be disappointed that the character would not be more substantial after that hint from Orci.

The reality is, this could be the thing Orci lied about, and the character is brand new, introduced and thought lost in the opening of the film, and then jump forward in time to discover it is this character that is returned.

505. boborci - December 6, 2012

491 Dunsel

For the record, we had nothing to do with Dark of the Moon.

506. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


Hate to break it to you, but that’s *NOT* Enterprise rising from the ocean or crashing into it.

If you look at the hi-res clips that have been taken from the announcement trailer, one of them is the ship rising out of the water, and it is clear that the first digit following “NCC-” is *anything* but a 1.

And, unless they’ve taken those big, bugling warp nacelles off of ST09’s Enterprise, there’s no way that’s the same ship plummeting into SF Bay.

I think that may be the ship Cumberbatch is using, ala Khan.

507. LizardGirl - December 6, 2012

I’m not sure if this was mentioned earlier, but does anyone think that, the scene on the alien with Sulu and Kirk running toward the cliff, is new Vulcan? The robes kind of remind me of Vulcan clothing.

508. Firelight - December 6, 2012

For those in the Khan or augment camp, what do you make of, ‘friendships will be torn apart’ bit?

509. non.sequitor - December 6, 2012

I think it’s Khan.
Only Khan is vicious and arrogant enough to attempt a planet wide destruction of Earth. But as previously said, a highly modified Khan for this reboot.

Gary Seven banishes him on the Botany Bay. Khan returns and meets Kirk.You have to be a real diehard trekkie to even know who Lt. Gary Mitchell was and his relationship with Kirk. That’s a hard sell to the whole.audience.
Can’t be Mitchell. Kirk asks for.him to join his crew on his first command, which I believe was officially guven to him in the previous movie. Nothing much happens with Mitchell until 2265 when he gets his vision adjusted for him by some aliens.

But Khan has the flamboyant behavior, Mitchell was boring in comparison.

Bring back Gary Seven!

510. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

Another thing. Did Gary Mitchell have a British accent? Did Garth of Izar? You have to ask yourself: would the Supreme Court be willing to retcon not just the hair color of someone but their whole nationality? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s something to think about.

Again, LISTEN to the trailer with your EYES CLOSED. If you had to choose, who would SOUND like the character in the voice over?



or Khan?

Mitchell doesn’t work for me and not just for the accent. The PHRASEOLOGY doesn’t fit. It doesn’t sound like blue-collar Gary Mitchell but someone far more erudite.

Garth could work for how it sounds but he was rather a bit older looking in WTGD. The age doesn’t match for me.

Khan works perfectly. I can imagine him reciting that voiceover with complete aplomb. But there’s a guy on Tumblr who claims to be a member of the production crew who says it’s neither Khan nor Mitchell. who does that leave? Garth, if you can get over the age differential…

…or another augment.

I’m not wedded to the theory. It simply fits the facts about the production and not just what we see in the trailer or the IDW comic or anything else in the individual sense. I’m looking at this holistically.

511. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

@506 I can clearly see NCC 170 as it rises from the water.

512. NC Trekker - December 6, 2012


Did you have anything to do with what scenes made it in the trailers or is that someone else’s department?

513. Slornie - December 6, 2012

Random thought. The “Kirk talks intently with someone with grey hair (possibly Pike) ” shot. Could the grey haired individual be Spock Prime?

514. Dunsel Report - December 6, 2012

I stand corrected–I may have been thinking of ancient robots buried on Earth in 17,000 B.C. in Transformers 2.

515. Commodore Shaggy - December 6, 2012

@478 – Look at the lady in the left of the frame. She has a Starfleet insignia on her uniform although it is on the right side of it instead of the left and its designed like the insignia from the original movies (metal).

I do agree with thoughts that Garth seems a likely candidate

516. boborci - December 6, 2012

512. NC Trekker – December 6, 2012

That we do have a say in.

517. Jax Maxton - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing Sybok, who is coming to get revenge for Vulcan’s destruction. He doesn’t look Vulcan because he was trying to live as a human, but the destruction of Vulcan has cured him of his Vulcan hippie ways.

518. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


You can see NCC-. You *cannot* see NCC-170.

Sorry, but on the snip I’ve seen at, there’s just no way that’s “1701” First digit might be a “0” or an “8”, but there’s no way its “17.” And if these shots in the trailer are shown out of sequence, that’s 100% consistent with it *not* being the Enterprise splashing into the bay. Ship splash-landing happens first, rising out of the water second.

The angles cannot account for the physical dissimilarities in the nacelles *unless* there has been some drastic change to the Enterprise’s engines between ST09 and now.

I’m with Anthony on this. Not Enterprise.

519. curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@501 Dilithium_doublebock,

“In ST 09 JJ ripped of an iconic moment from TWOK (bitting the apple) and the plot had nothing to with TWOK.”

First I think Abrams said he didn’t rip off that moment. However, in both cases (ST09 & TWOK), Kirk was laughing at the no-win scenario — which until the end of TWOK he did not believe in.

But you are correct in that merely including an homage to the end of TWOK does not in any way suggest Khan is involved. In this case, it is a direct recall to the no-win-scenario which Kirk learns, much earlier in this timeline, is a very real thing with consequences he has never learned to deal with. That is a direct connection with the death of his friend Spock in TWOK and appropriate to reprise in such case. The second to last shot in the Japanese trailer looks as if Kirk has had his heart ripped out by something unthinkable. Whether that’s the moment or not, that’s a plausible reason to make the connection with a duplicately staged scene/

520. Max - December 6, 2012

521. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

Let me clear up something I said in 510. Khan, obviously, didn’t have a British accent, either. But if much–if not all–of the dialogue was written before Cumberbatch was hired, then the “mental voice” would sound like Khan. When Cumberbatch comes on and, in my hypothesis, the identity of the villain shifts to Not-Khan-Khan, nothing changes as far as the dialogue goes, for the most part. In other words, it still works, whether or not it’s Khan or one of his followers because what made Khan a great villain wasn’t his ethnicity but his attitude, his intelligence, his background, much of which any follower of Khan who survived the Eugenics Wars would’ve shared.

522. Richard Johnson - December 6, 2012

How this thread looks to me:

Gary Mitchell theories:

All other theories:

523. gov - December 6, 2012

assume the hands are indeed Kirk and Spock. consider that the “hand touch homage” that is getting so much attention may just be an homage. (like the apple biting in ST09)

It may very well play into a scene that, within context, helps to demonstrate the growing respect and intensely defining friendship of Kirk and Spock. We’re trying to give it some similar meaning to the way the similar shot appaered in TWOK. The shot can be the same. The loving friendship can be the same. But it doesnt necessarily need to occur in the same context of one characters imminent death.

524. JTK - December 6, 2012

So another story about a crazed supervilliam coming back to earth/Federation to kill everyone. Great eye candy, but i’m not sold on the story so far. Looks like a retread of what we’ve seen so many times before. I’ll go easier on JJ if the same story is retold well, but it would be nice to see something different…

525. numbera - December 6, 2012

Of all the speculation/theories I’ve read here, none of the Khan/Gary Mitchell/Garth ones are impressive/interesting so I hope none of them are the villain.

I liked the Sybok theory and it sounds like it would be a great movie, but isn’t Sybok a little unknown to be the main villain in a movie like this?

Besides, he comes from Star Trek V………I need not say any more.

526. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

518 Agree

In my opinion its most likely the Reliant.

527. LastBorgStanding - December 6, 2012

#523: I’d bet the apple bite in ST2009 was sponsored by Apple, Inc. ;)

528. Mister Wu - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is obviously playing Nomad – the space probe is pissed that Kirk posed as it’s creator, and is back for vengeance. It’s the only interpretation that makes sense, though I suppose you could stretch the facts to make a case for V’Ger or M5.

529. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

@Max 520. That is an excellent distinction. Joachim (TWOK) and Joaquin (Space Seed). Because of the way Khan says the name in TWOK, I hear it as “Joaquim”. It’s a bit slurred there as Joachim is dying in Khan’s hands. I conflated the two characters as being the same person.

With that being the case, we’ve got another working hypothesis in that it could easily be not just Joe Augment but Joaquin. Looking at the picture, I can see Cumberbatch. At least the hair color would be right.

530. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

sooner dave

well you are and arent with me. The ship coming out of the water is different configuration as the one going into the water. Look at nacelles and struts

531. cw - December 6, 2012

What about the fact that BC calls Capt Kirk ‘sir’? What you gotta say about that?

532. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

@518 You may not *see* it but i clearly can.

533. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

Which would still fit with the Not-Khan-Khan Hypothesis. Indeed, it fits even BETTER than Joe Augment New Character because it makes the nod to TWOK and Space Seed even more explicit.

534. DaiMonRon - December 6, 2012

@474 – Anthony

So you’re saying JJ called and was ticked off that you revealed Alice Eve’s character so you changed you comment?!?


Yes, sir, you are allowed to speculate, too!

P.S. Thanks for a great site where we can all speculate until our hearts are content.

535. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

First of all, AWESOME TRAILER!!!

Second, I agree with AP that it looks like someone died and is getting a memorial. So when Cumberbatch says “I have returned,” I get the impression that he is the one who “died.” The shocked expression on Kirk’s face when he sees him also conveys the idea that he is back from the dead, like Ben Finney from the Courtmartial episode.

But other than the huge leap Cumberbatch takes, I don’t see anything super-powerish about him in the trailer. We sure don’t see anything “god-like” here. They did a good job of masking his identity, but he does appear to be someone from within Starfleet.

Also not getting much from Alice Eve. Handing Kirk the prop and smiling, and then screaming in the other shot reminds me more of Yeoman Rand than anyone else. Doesn’t make me think Dr. Dehner at all.

536. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

@530 Fair enough, Anthony, Sorry. At least 50/50, though, right?

It’s all great fun, though, isn’t it?

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I’ll stand by it not being Enterprise rising for now. We’ll see. I’ll keep looking at that hi-res of the ship coming up out of the water and see what might be there to change my mind.

537. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


Okay, Anthony, I will agree that the nacelle of the ship rising from the water is *not* the one that is seen going into the water later. But I still contend the digits following NCC are not 1701. So maybe we’re sympatico on 3 out of 4 :)

538. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2012

BTW, Hi Bob

If you had a hand in the trailer why doens’t it give you a title card like JJ

“From the mind of Roberto Orci – writer of ‘Jack of all Trades’

I keeed….Love Jack of all Trades. Anything with Bruce Campbell has to be good

539. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

#449 – Darn you…:) You bet me to it. I was about to say – as in Carol Pike?

Who knows how many little Pike-lets could be running amok everywhere?…:) It’s not like (Greenwood) Pike is unattractive…

“One more thing on Weller/Preston guessers: There is NO WAY IN HELL that JJ is making a movie based on a storyline from Enterprise. C’mon, people. What’s next, saying Cumberbatch is a surgically-altered Xindi?”

And why not? Using a character/theme from the Enterprise series could be quite within the writer’s prerogative. Besides, it does lend to a certain continuity…Not that I am saying that Cumby or Weller are playing anyone mentioned in that series, but still, it is not impossible. They could still weave a really good story…just saying.

Re – Hands – I agree with Dee. I doubt they are Pine/Kirk hands. Chris’s fingers are shaped a bit differently. Takes a Pinenut to know – (or not?)…:)

540. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

But Eve IS wearing blue. AND her delta shield does have the sciences emblem…so…back to the hairstyle. Or she could also be Chapel.

541. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

A ship is a ship…

542. Simon Belfast - December 6, 2012

“Self destruct sequence inititated.. Thirty seconds to detonation..”
Pandemonium ensues as flashing self destruct countdowns appear on every console on every starship in Earth orbit. Bathed in red light, terror struck Starfleet men and women pack themselves into lifepods and jettison in the frenzied hope of escape. Explosions devastate ship after ship as the charred carcasses of the once mighty space vessels plunge menacingly towards the Earth’s surface below.
– Who or what caused the ships to spontaneously self destruct? Who could activate the codes remotely? Could the unthinkable be true and Starfleet’s enemy be from within?

(Just my take on the infamous “detonation” of the fleet as mentioned in the press release, and maybe an idea for the 9min preview, similar to the Kelvin prologue in 09?)

543. Gary - December 6, 2012

Can’t wait to see Star Trek: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Maybe they will run into the Seaview or the Seaquest.

544. Jax Maxton - December 6, 2012

Sybok was probably the most interesting Vulcan character ever but in the totally wrong movie. I would love to see him “re-imagined”.

He’s living as a human in Starfleet to better understand emotions when Vulcan is destroyed. He first blames the Klingons because they had Nero and let him go. Now, in his madness, he is looking for old Spock because he was unable to stop Nero. He goes to Earth looking for information and winds up attacking.

545. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 6, 2012

So, who owes me an apology? ;)

546. Banned - December 6, 2012

Deleted by admin

547. Ian B - December 6, 2012

I finally figured out what I don’t like about this version of the girls’ uniforms. It’s the skirts. They’re too flared.

548. gov - December 6, 2012

without me re-watching space seed….is it 100% confirmed that Joaquin was an augment?? I barely remember the character from Space Seed. But the character in TWOK seemed kinda dim witted and didnt seem particularly strong.

Why would all of these augments choose to follow Khan? Dont they have superior ambition of their own? Was Joaquin established 100% as an augment?

549. Josh - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch is actually Voldemort before he got all ugly. You saw it here first.

550. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

Those hands could belong to anyone. The dark undershirt worn is standard issue.

551. Josh - December 6, 2012

gov – I think they were all augments. and in TWOK Khan mentions that they “swore to live and die at my command” which suggests that either

1) they were chosen to go with him because they were the most loyal, or
2) they were genetically engineered to be “followers” instead of leaders, if you will (but still augments)

552. Bronto Dan - December 6, 2012

My Guess: memorial is something sad where some people die (related to Cumberbatch’s character) and Kirk might be responsible. That’s for all the revenge angle. Making sens here?

And where was Weller in this trailer? I’m really wondering what is part is in all of this.

553. gov - December 6, 2012

@551 Josh You may be right.

from watching TWOK i always assumed that they were non-augmented, loyal followers. They seem so silly and weak minded.

I just cant remember whats established in Space Seed. Time to rewatch and listen up.

554. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

Jack – me thinks you are onto something here…”he who shall not be named”

Bob – Jack sins…I mean, wins!

I am not kidding – typing “s” instead of “w” really was a typo. Thought I would leave it in to show how easy doing typos can be.

Jack – I know you are a good ‘un.

555. Captain Sisko (Where is my Movie!) - December 6, 2012

@489. Do I remember when you use to be explorers?

Yes I do old dude but this is a new day. What makes your lament so bad is that you picked one from a movie that was really a glorified episode of the television series that I wasted money to see. Not to mention he makes that lame comment in the midst of one of or if not the bloodiest war in the history of the Federation. (I digress)

If Star Trek made a film about exploration and probes that talk in 2012 then there would not be a Star Trek. You try that mess today and you are in for a rude awakening. That does not work and you know it doesn’t.

What is the movie supposed to be about? The crew discovers a race of warrior teddy bears with hearts for bellys?

The crew finds a race of aliens who dress and dance like Ellen Degeneres

Or is it supposed to be about the building of New Vulcan with Kirk Spock and McCoy singing row row row your boat.

Oh wait, Data singing Blue Skies in V’gers belly and reciting Shakespeare.

Better yet a coming of age story about Wesley Crusher trapped in the 20th century and he meets katie holmes and its called the city on the edge of dawson creek 90210.

Wait Captain Sisko travels back in time to South Central LA to help a group of troubled high school kids in trouble and falls in love with a math teaher then they sing lean on me with Odo and Kira.

Stop it please.

556. Jim - December 6, 2012

How about my theory that the other hand in the japanese trailer belongs to Cumby?
Maybe his end after an intellectual conversation with spock near to his death? Maybe, maybe….

557. NuFan - December 6, 2012


Too bad.

558. Josh - December 6, 2012

so basically the comment thread is now:







559. Captain Sisko (Where is my Movie!) - December 6, 2012

When the idenitity of this villian comes out a lot of folks are going to look real stupid. honestly I just dont know. The fact that they want to keep it under wraps speaks volumes…

560. Captain Sisko (Where is my Movie!) - December 6, 2012

The fact that adults are on here arguing about it speaks volumes. can you say Get a Life….

561. Jax Maxton - December 6, 2012

The memorial is for the anniversary of the destruction of Vulcan. Vulcan’s destruction in the sequel will be treated like 9/11 is, thus bringing an analogy to the modern world into the movie.

562. Captain Sisko (Where is my Movie!) - December 6, 2012

no really there are a stack of Life magazines next to the chair, help yourself….

563. Gary - December 6, 2012

Cumberbatch = Redjac

564. Jax Maxton - December 6, 2012

#563 That would be awesome. Cumberbatch playing essentially an alien serial killer.

565. Ian B - December 6, 2012

Here’s a theory: Cumberbatch is playing Rick Berman who, having destroyed one timeline, has come to destroy this one too.

566. Dehner! - December 6, 2012

boborci – stir controversy by asking Paramount to invite Sally Kellerman to the premiere! ;)

567. Paul - December 6, 2012

The fact that SO MANY people here are passionate about it on both sides of the spectrum only tells me this movie is going to do SERIOUS box office.

So many theories about ‘the villain’ and that just adds to the excitement.

I can’t wait for this movie.

I loved ST 2009 and have complete faith STID is going to be at least as awesome a movie – but probably a hell of a lot better and that is saying something.

568. M5 Readout (This unit must survive) - December 6, 2012

HAHAHAHA, You are all fools of the highest caliber. For Benedict Cumberbatch is clearly playing…the M5 COMPUTER!

569. NCM - December 6, 2012

I think those who hated the portrayal of Scotty in the last film will enjoy seeing a much more serious side this time. I love the look of this film, so far. I like the ramped up drama, action, intensity, and darkness).

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not Spock’s hand on glass–maybe Bones’?
These guys like to take iconic symbols and apply them differently–as with the scar Mirror Sulu’s scar on Mirror Kirk’s face, instead, in the comic.

CAN’T WAIT!! Just hoping that with the 9 min’s and another trailer, they don’t give away the movie before we get to pay to see it in its entirety.

570. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

#519 – “Kirk was laughing at the no-win scenario…In this case, it is a direct recall to the no-win-scenario which Kirk learns, much earlier in this timeline, is a very real thing with consequences he has never learned to deal with.”

Wrong. Yes, Kirk was laughing at the “no-win scenario” Kobayashi Maru simulation test in both timelines. However, they were for different reasons. In the prime timeline, he had not yet confronted the reality of a no-win scenario and its consequences. In this timeline, he did – from the day of his birth…

That is both and subtle difference between this alternate timeline and the prime timeline – it is about what Kirk discovers much earlier than he did in the prime timeline. Kirk had to get much older, become an Admiral in the prime timeline before the real test came. With this alternate universe, the reality has come much earlier, as in coping with the reality of not having a father and why…

Am I in the ballpark with my analysis, Bob Orci?

571. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@ 529 Anaxagoras of the South,

“With that being the case, we’ve got another working hypothesis in that it could easily be not just Joe Augment but Joaquin.”

I would prefer this over Khan. And recall that they lost many of the vintage sleep chambers and thus their occupants while trying to revive some. Indeed, Khan almost didn’t make it. If the Klingons found the Botany Bay, or any other lesser capable team, it’s possible Khan was never resurrected, and given its earlier discovery some other superman leader from another region.

My only problem with Joaquin is, did he have any lines, or was he just a multi-purpose stunt man? The actor played an unnamed “Klingon” the very next season.

If they go this route, such a minor figure would be very disappointing, I guess at least he has a name …

572. Doug - December 6, 2012

386 – If he is a “thing”, maybe the spirit of Jack the Ripper is inhabiting Gary Mitchell’s corpse or something like that.

573. Doug - December 6, 2012

562 Gary – sorry, looks like you just beat me to it!

574. Trek Fan - December 6, 2012

I have a question… IF it is Khan, what is seeking vengeance for? Since he never met McGivers and he was never exiled and his wife didn’t die… what exactly would be be seeking vengeance for?

Can someone in the “It’s Khan” camp give me some insight into that?

I can see how Mitchell would return to seek vengeance. I can see how Garth would too. But Since the events of TWOK haven’t happened… and this is clearly not Space Seed… what is hell bend on vengeance for?

575. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 6, 2012

Sorry. I mean Josh re comment about Cumby playing a prettier Voldemort…:)

I gotta go now. I am really enjoying. Thanks a million for the trailer, Bob and co. Keep up the good work. I mean it. Very good – frightening and dark but well done. Feeling excited.

Just want “my captain” to give/get some good loving either in this and/or the next movie. Remember

576. Captain Ransom - December 6, 2012

so the enterprise is now a submarine? hmmm well voyager went underwater on that waterplanet episode….yet the klingon bird of prey didn’t do too well in the water at the end of star trek IV.

577. olly - December 6, 2012

i thought these concerns were valid
So let’s talk about Cumberbatch—because I just can’t with Chris Pine and his tape-lips—as this is his big Hollywood debut, the culmination of years of expectation. First, he looks great. He got fit for this role, and we’re so used to seeing him all skinny and sickly for Sherlock that it’s nice to see him looking healthy for a change. He also looks pretty badass in that shot of him in the hood, jumping down to do some fighting. I have my issues with JJ Abrams, but man does he know how to frame a shot. But mostly, the impression I get from Cumberbatch is that his villain is SCARY. Like, way scarier than Ben Kingsley’s accidentally-hilarious Mandarin in the Iron Man 3 trailer. It’s not so much how he looks, but how he sounds. He sounds terrifying.

But there is that little disconnect between look and sound, which is where my disinterest is coming from, I think. The problem with Abrams and his Super Secret Club of Secrets is that he’ll edit a trailer into oblivion to protect whatever is the SUPER BIG SECRET, and the end result is often this—sure everything looks cool but I have no idea what any of it means and therefore I do not care about any of it. So yes, Cumberbatch is convincingly scary as the villain, and the action is appropriately blockbustery, but I’ve got nothing identify with or care about beyond the preservation of JJ Abrams’ secrety secrets. And that’s a fad that wore thin five years ago.

578. M5 Readout (This unit must survive) - December 6, 2012

@572 He was having the BEST dream of his life when he was rudely woken up by humans from Earth. He takes rudeness VERY seriously.

579. Josh - December 6, 2012

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but i stopped the frame JUST at the part where the ship goes into the water. I can’t tell what ship it is, but it looks like the nacell on the right is on fire and billowing smoke. at first I thought it was just clouds, but I think it’s smoke from the nacell on fire

580. Khan Jenkins - December 6, 2012

@572 he would be seeking vengeance for being exiled from Earth and his defeat during the Eugenics Wars. He was a powerful ruler and he was deposed.

Its a new reality and Space Seed may not have happned. When Nero came back in time he disrupted the order of that universe. Events will take shape differently. Maybe someone else discovers the Botany Bay.

There are clues in the current Star Trek series from IDW.

Mitchell makes no sense. Garth maybe.

581. gingerly - December 6, 2012

Okay some things we definitely can deduce at this juncture:

-> The new villain fights Klingons (maybe they found him or they have beef too, maybe Klingons are allied with the Federation now)

-> swings a giant gun one-handed like a baton (he’s super-strong)

-> someone close to Scotty and Uhura gets hurt or killed (could be Chekov, Pike, or Keenser IMO)

->The villain takes command of a Federation ship (personal connection to having been of rank?)

-> Grumpy Bones and Kirk have a mission on a cool-looking (YEAH! THANKS FOR THE COOL-LOOKING ALIEN PLANETS, BOB!!!) red planet

->Kirk and Alice Eve make googly eyes at each other (player Kirk is back)

->Kirk punches the *beep!* out of Cumberbatch villain (no longer a wuss, ahhh yeah)

-> …but he’s still hanging from things (kinda’ have mixed emotions about that, like the lens flares, it’s distinctly “New Trek” and so I’m endured to it)

-> San Francisco gets attacked.

-> There’s a Federation funeral with full arms (either one high-ranking person dies or lots of Federation)

-> Spock touches hands through glass with someone in a dark uniform (it’s not Kirk, his hand is too big, but definite homage)

-> Something makes Alice Eve scream (possibly big reveal in her presence?)

And I just found the article saying it’s definitely not Gary Mitchell…

And he’s definitely not Khan…

So, for me, it’s another augment or another villain (must be earth and Federation-related IMO, from TOS)

582. Captain Ransom - December 6, 2012

the genesis planet was destroyed in star trek III retards. khan was not on it. spock was the only human life form found on the planet. khan died in the explosion on board the U.S.S. Defiant created by the genesis device.

583. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

@Trek Fan

It would work for Khan, Joaquin or any of Khan’s followers because it’s revenge for having been cheated out of their genetic right to rule. The augments were bred to rule. Khan and his coterie ruled 30% of Earth in his day. If that doesn’t give you a sense of entitlement, I don’t know what will. And that will-to-power is what got them into their ruling positions in the Eugenics Wars in the first place.

I don’t see that with the Mitchell theory. Listening to the dialect and the phraseology of Cumberbatch’s character doesn’t scream Gary Mitchell to me. Go watch WNMHGB clips or the whole episode. Gary was smart, yeah, but he wasn’t in the least bit eloquent. He didn’t sound like the guy in the teaser trailer.

I don’t think it’s Khan unless the Supreme Court was willing to retcon the ethnicity. I think it was SUPPOSED to be Khan but when Benicio pulled out, they couldn’t find another Hispanic actor to fit with the visual of Space Seed, and Cumberbatch nailed it, they changed the name of the villain but otherwise pretty much left well enough alone. Any of Khan’s followers would probably have the same kind of thinking, same intellectual background, same overwhelming sense of presence and power that Khan does.

New character (or Joaquin) who was otherwise meant to be Khan.

Hence, Not-Khan Khan.

584. CanOpener1256 - December 6, 2012

I am always surprised by people who don’t understand the new universe timeline. It was altered when Nero and then Spock came into it from the Prime Universe. However, as previously stated in Star Trek canon, there are thousands of universes each one a little different than the other. So this current universe doesn’t have to match the events of the prime universe event for event. It is a different universe from the Big Bang until Nero. Not big differences, like the Mirror Mirror one, but different enough that even events in the past, like Khan, could be very different in its own right even before Nero and Spock screwed it up more. So relax. This is a new universe, both past and present. Enjoy it! Stop bitching about Khan being a white pasty cause in this universe maybe the British pasties wiped Noonian Sigs (sic) butt and became the augmented powerhouse instead. Old canon is fun but restrictive as hell, let’s give Orci some space.

585. Granite Trek - December 6, 2012

Anthony, we don’t know that’s the Enterprise rising from the water – we can’t see the whole registration number, or the whole ship for that matter, only that the nacelles are apparently similar. How do we know that this isn’t the same ship crashed into that city that is apparently but not definitely SF? Still not a lot to know quite yet.

586. draderman - December 6, 2012

I feel sorry for that boat ;)

587. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

@572 That would be what the movie was about. Not just his revenge, but what led to him seeking it.

588. Phasers - December 6, 2012

@580 That’s USS RELIANT, fool!

589. Doug - December 6, 2012

Maybe the volcano scene takes place at the start. The Enterprise crew *might actually be doing some exploring* and doing tests/taking samples on the volcano planet before the Cumberbatch emergency begins. (Naive, I know, but I live in hope.)

590. Trek Fan - December 6, 2012

578. Khan Jenkins

But he and his followers ran. They were not exiled. It doesn’t make any sense why he would be 100% more pissed off here than he was in TWOK when he WAS exiled and blamed Kirk for the death of his wife. In Space Seed, he was just a power hungry dictator wanting power… not vengeance. So your theory really doesn’t hold water.

591. The Great Bird lives - December 6, 2012

@Bob Orci,

I think It’s very cool how you interact with us here on Trekmovie from time to time. Nice work on the trailer, and I’m confident that you guys wrote a blockbuster. I only wish I were in your shoes, knowing the whole story (having co-written it), and reading all these posts that scrutinize, and speculate on the what-ifs. I don’t mind NOT knowing, mind you, but it must be shear joy at times to read this stuff being in your position?

592. Bronto Dan - December 6, 2012

@ 572

here’s my guess. They could start it somehow like space seed then have something happen to Kahn’s ship killing all of his group, then he would have one hell of a reason to get revenge.

but that’s not my first option… can’t wait to see what happens next!!

593. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@545. Jeff, God of Biscuits: You were 100% right! Way to go! :)

594. Khan Jenkins - December 6, 2012

@BobORCI said and correct me if I am wrong, that the new villian dude is canon?

@579, if its not Mitchell (which I never believed, ) Khan (who I think it is), then who is it? I think its either Garth of Izar or Flint (The Immortal Dude)

Those are my candidates. Orci said its a canon dude. Maybe its someone one we didnt consider.

I will take Col. Green for 400 Alex? hey why not he was a bad guy Eugenics and all that. I am surprised no one has said Green.

595. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

Ok, lemme run one up the flagpole:

The “volcano” is the Genesis device recreating Vulcan. Spock drops in to check it all out.


596. LostOnNCC1701 - December 6, 2012

Not quite sure if this would be important or not, but Alice Eve seems to have two blue eyes in those pictures (maybe, hard to tell with the lighting). In real life, she has one green and one blue eye. So obviously whoever she’s playing must be important enough where getting her contacts to have two blue eyes is important. Either that or they were just worried that seeing somebody with heterochromia on the big screen would distract from the film, or something.

597. curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

572. Trek Fan,

“But Since the events of TWOK haven’t happened… and this is clearly not Space Seed… what is hell bend on vengeance for?”

Not that I’m in the Khan camp, but for Khan, he’s just been awakened after 200 years, but for him, its like its still the 1990s. Which means, he is seeking revenge for being banished from the Earth that created him. Now that’s a reason for revenge!

Further, given that there’s a clear opportunity for a shadow organization within Starfleet having discovered and then experimenting on Khan, there’s even more reason to launch his vendetta against Starfleet.

598. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 6, 2012

The Last Vulcan (#591): Not 100% – that ship hitting the water isn’t Enterprise. The one rising out of the water though is. So, now we can all speculate why at least two starships ended up underwater :)

599. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

@Khan Jenkins.

The problem is Bob also said he lied about “something”. So it may be that he lied about whether or not the character is in canon or one of the options given.

Or…that he lied about lying.

Or that it’s a “from a certain point of view” kinda thing. An augment that isn’t Khan, particularly if it’s Joaquin, would be canon…just someone really down the totem pole. So it’s not a lie that it’s in canon…just that it was someone relatively of larger import than the villain equivalent of a red shirt….

…which, until TWOK, was exactly what Khan was.

It’s all about framing… There’s circles within circles here.

600. Sam - December 6, 2012

This is going to be the re-envisioned story of Khan…It will end with him being casted out on to Semi-Alpha 5. The beginning where he is talking about having his revenge. Guaranteed that will be at the END of the movie. They placed it here at the beginning just to screw with people.

Pretty easy. Some powerful force is wiping people out – kirk goes to investigae – gets introduced to khan whose killing fools with his race of hybrid crazy strong people – stuff happens, more stuff happens, kirk wins, his mentor dies, he bangs his smokin hot new blond GF who is probably Dr. Marcus from the original Wrath of Khan (but young and in training at this point), it gets alluded to that they are going to have a kid and that khan will return again one day. BOOM.

601. Josh - December 6, 2012

everyone is missing the obvious villain:

someone found some humpback whale DNA, cloned a while, took it past the galactic barrier, it mutated into a super-human like thing, and is now back to take vengeance for us wiping them out (all of them).


602. Bronto Dan - December 6, 2012

@ 582. CanOpener1256

” It is a different universe from the Big Bang until Nero”

no it’s not. from big bang until Nero arrival in the “past” it’s the same universe. So Khan origin should not change (but the writer/director/producer could just decide to change it anyway)

As soon as Nero ships cross the portal than it’s alternate from that point on.

603. Commodore Shaggy - December 6, 2012

The movie will start with a routine mission on some classs-M planet. BC is a red shirt that gets killed because Kirk favors one of the main bridge crew. BAM there’s your vengence, vengence for all the red shirts who have died over the eons. :P :P

604. Jonbocs - December 6, 2012

Could the ship crashing into san fran bay(?) Be a one of the old NX series ships like the enterprise or columbia, that was converted into a museum ship?Sort of like how the shuttles recently became museum ships around the U.S.

605. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

598 Well, damn. You win, Sam. And the funeral is at the very end as well.

606. gingerly - December 6, 2012


You could very well be vindicated with that theory. The only thing that’s throwing me off is the obvious super-strength and that whole “family” thing.

And how young Cumberbatch is…

But then… everybody is much younger so…

The curve-ball JJ threw at us is just how closely Alice resembles Dehner. And I think that was on purpose.

Can’t be Mitchell, because along with Orci discounting him and having been covered in the comics, there are evidently zero telepathic powers.

I do like the Green idea, if only because Cumberbatch himself said he wasn’t a straight-up “evil” guy.

The best and worst kind of evil is the guy who thinks he’s doing terrible things for the best long-run outcome.

Green fits that description pretty well, actually, right along with that whole vengeance thing.

Garth on the other hand, also had vengeance motives, but he was also “cuckoo-go-nuts”.

607. Commodore Shaggy - December 6, 2012

err I guess I should add, BC dead red shirt gets resurrected by some alien lifeform like a Talosian. Then you get your vengeance

608. starfall42 - December 6, 2012

Futurama had a good take on a spaceship under water:
“How many atmospheres of pressure can the ship take?”
“Well, it’s a spaceship, so anywhere between zero and one.”

609. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

580. Captain Ransom – December 6, 2012:

Khan was on the Reliant, not the Defiant.

It’s funny how you tried to correct someone, but with incorrect details. How’s that feel?

610. Jonbocs - December 6, 2012

I wouldnt be surprised if the funeral(?) with the missing man formation is in fact for Spock Prime, who most likely dies off screen of old age.

611. Phasers - December 6, 2012

@555. Captain Sisko (Where is my Movie!)

Hey idiot. Read this….

Space: the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise
Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds
To seek out new life and new civilizations
To boldly go where no one has gone before.

This was said at the end of the 2009 movie as well. It might be boring to you (and most imbeciles that make up the modern movie-going audience), but it’s the spirit of Star Trek. If you just want explosions and gun fights, watch Star Wars. With enough time and effort there could be a story created, that is entertaining (fights and all) yet retains the core of Star Trek…..exploring (and thus exploring humanity as well).

612. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

# Jonbocs

“I wouldnt be surprised if the funeral(?) with the missing man formation is in fact for Spock Prime, who most likely dies off screen of old age.“

I hope they do not dare! They can|t kill Spock Prime… again!
If Nimoy Spock dies, the franchise dies!
Because Nimoy embodies Star Trek, way more than Gene Roddenberry or William Shatner did.

613. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

We’ll see. They were very clever in their choice of shots. But I don’t think many of us thought this trailer would answer the burning question anyway.

I didn’t. I’m waiting for the preview to do that.

614. KennyB - December 6, 2012

I enjoyed the trailer…………it’s ONE minute. Came here, and now I remember why most people think Trek fans are strange.

615. Charley W - December 6, 2012

Maybe Ms Eve is Leila Kalomi? Or Kirk’s mysterious ‘Ruth’?

BC could be Charley X, returned to Human Civilization and perhaps involved in a StarFleet Black Ops group that went bad on a Klingon planet. (I don’t think so, just offering a possibility)

Are we sure that they are actually canonical figures from TOS? Perhaps Eve is Picard’s great-grandmother (or however many great would fit), for instance?

616. Steve - December 6, 2012

Yawn!! Could they rip off the Dark Knight soundtrack while they are at it?

Rehashing..that is what I see.

617. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

I’m hoping for some old-school Courage fanfare at the end or beginning of the next trailer.

618. curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@ 608 Jonbocs,

I seriously doubt such a big funeral would be had for Spock Prime. If anything Spock Prime is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Federation — he’s from the future for pete’s sake. Word of that got out, and since even Kirk doesn’t understand how time travel works, you’d have spies coming out of the woodwork to capture and torture Spock. So to throw this guy a big state funeral after hiding his existence, especially when you have your own Spock standing right there, potentially compromising him to the outside world and raising suspicions as to exactly how much Prime Spock might have told him … well you get the problem here …

619. Phil - December 6, 2012

Not convinced the vessel coming out of the water is Enterprise….at least from this photo. There is enough of whatever it is we are supposed to see that’s out of the water that if it were one of Enterprises nacelles, you should be able to see the saucer section clearing the surface as well, and there is nothing there.

The registry number is blurry, but it does not look like 17 (01). Also, it would make sense that if Starfleet did have a need for vessels to operate in a space environment and an underwater environment, that they would be very specialized ships, and not look like yout typical Starfleet design.

620. Killamarshtrek - December 6, 2012

Hi Bob Orci

As you had a say in the trailer, can you tell us why the extra footage was put in the Japanese version?

621. cd - December 6, 2012

Do we even know Cumberbatch plays a known character? It may be some new character so all of this may be pointless. Like Cumberbatch’s ears.


622. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

Is that Rosario Dawson in the crowd scene? It sure looks like her.

623. gingerly - December 6, 2012



Orci has confirmed that the villain is from TOS and Charlie X is another who was officially discounted.

Though your theory is creative for having been done on the fly.

You know….

If they are doing the Ongoing comics in some kind of order, we might be able to deduce who the villain is by checking to see how the episodes would line up/which have been done, so to speak.

If we’re on Mirrorverse right now (and that’s a two-parter) and there DEFINITELY will be another prequel comic leading up to the release…

Can someone figure out what TOS episodes they’d be on, or haven’t done, by the time the prequel comic is released?

That may give us our villain!

624. Commodore Redshirt - December 6, 2012

I think the “hand” shot is Spock and Cumberbatch, (maybe Mitchel?) who “dies” at the start of the film… missing man is in his honor, Scotty and Uhura also see his death.
…but he’s not dead yet…!
And perhaps Alice Eve is Dr. Elizabeth Dehner? She is in medical blue.. (or if the villain is in fact NOT Mitchel, she could be Nurse Chapel)

I still think it could be Lt. Kyle who becomes evil as the result of some unknown force…

625. FDRLincoln - December 6, 2012

i was in favor of the resurrected Mitchell theory, but after seeing the trailer that seems much less likely.

I don’t buy Khan unless there is some massive plastic surgery involved and that seems unlikely.

The non-Khan-but-Augment argument fits many of the facts, but not all of them…Joe Augment would not be from “within” Star Fleet.

So….I really have no idea. You have me Bob Orci, I don’t know who it is.

This better be a good movie after all this misdirection.

626. Nony - December 6, 2012


Bob, if you’re still around…did you have a say in that last extra part added onto the Japanese trailer, or know why it would be in that version in particular? Was it deliberate? It seems sort of random for only one country’s trailer to be almost identical and then have that part tacked on.

627. Nony - December 6, 2012

Oop, sorry, missed that Killamarshtrek just asked that a few posts up. XD

628. PureGenius - December 6, 2012

For what it’s worth:

This was just re-tweeted by Damon Lindelof.

am i alone in the snaking suspicion that picard is the bad guy in the new star trek movie?

In a crazy way, it almost makes perfect sense.

629. cute toes - December 6, 2012

Hey Bob Orci could you please confirm for us here,

What you had for lunch today?

630. Charley W - December 6, 2012


I really didn’t think it would be Charley X; Charley & BC’s ages don’t mesh at all. As you said, it was just a possibilty to maybe get people out of the Khan/Garth/Gary Mitchell rut. (I would love it to be Garth, by the way)

Good idea about the comics timeline, hope someone with a copy of ST Chronology and more time than I have can come up with something.

631. boborci - December 6, 2012

629. Sushi.

632. boborci - December 6, 2012

626. Different research leads to different marketing strategies for different markets.

633. Simon - December 6, 2012

@619 – Again, it says NCC-1701 on the nacelle, and the nacelles sit higher than the saucer section.

You may need a new monitor if it’s that blurry…(good excuse to upgrade)

634. cute toes - December 6, 2012

I had a maple bacon poutine.

635. girl6 - December 6, 2012

It would be cool to see Finnegan in this.

636. Todd - December 6, 2012

I am sticking with Omne until proven otherwise. He was slightly Vulcan in appearance, incredible strength and agility, a ravingly genius intellect, hated all the powers in the quadrant, but particularly the federation. Wearing a star fleet uni doesn’t mean he was necessarily in Star Fleet, could just have needed the outfit for the job to get close. He was a one man terror organization. It all fits, and it was a character who tested Kirk/Spock and the crew like no other in the books. I will be slightly disappointed if it is Khan or Mitchell.

637. Bronto Dan - December 6, 2012

@ 606. gingerly

thx :D

Yes Cumberbach may be young but superior gene may give him a smooth skin :P

That Col. Green character, I’m not very familiar with but, how could he fit in the story? From what I’ve reed he comes from a place where Kirk and Spock fought many historical figure…

Also doN,t forget the Peter Weller character, he seems to have been forgotten in this mix

638. p'trick - December 6, 2012

still lookin’ forward to the movie, of course. and i’ll likely enjoy it just as i did TREK2009.

however, the trailer is terribly derivative of the loud, thumping, clashing movie-previews that appear to be standard these days.

nothing distinctive at all about it – nor thoughtful in anyway. neither were there any suggestions that, beyond violence and vengence, the movie might actually be a fun sci-fi spectacle to enjoy.

of course, keeping SPOILERS to a minimum, JJ can’t really offer too much info about what the movie is really about.

639. STfanboy - December 6, 2012

I have watched the ship thats coming out of the water and I definitely see a NCC-170 on the nacelle. I am betting that this ship is the Enterprise. Or it could be NCC-1705?

640. Daniel Broadway - December 6, 2012

As sad as it is to say, I feel like the hands on glass moment may have been left out of the US versions intentionally because of the homophobia rampant in our society.

We as Trekkies know that this is a tender moment between best friends, but those not familar with Star Trek could raise an eyebrow questioning the sexuality of the main characters because “ewww men holding hands” or some other such nonsense.

I would say my comments are way off base speculation into the absurd, but knowing marketing types, I would say I’m probably closer than I would like to believe.

641. boborci - December 6, 2012

591 the great bird lives

Interesting. It is cool to be doing what I am doing, no doubt about it. But I often wish that I could see Star Trek as an audience member and experience it that way. When you are behind the camera, you lose some of the magic. Poor me;)

642. PureGenius - December 6, 2012

Hey Bob Orci,

Is there anything in the new teaser that would be strong evidence to suggest who the villain Cumberbatch is playing?

643. Jax Maxton - December 6, 2012

Remember, the dudes making this have given hints that they collectively like the “newer” Trek stuff, and my guess is they will take their cues from the movies rather than the TV show. Yes, they did some sound and design from the original series, but I don’t believe they’d go to the series for villains or others, at least not in a major storyline. That’s why Alice Eve is Carol Marcus, and I would look to the movies for the villain as well.

644. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

boborci, is there a difference in marketing between ‘western’ countries?
Meaning, can we expect small differences in US, Canadian, European clips and posters?

645. rtrj - December 6, 2012

I thought it was Garth, now I don’t. We are all thinking TOS villians.
What if it is a character from the original series that was left for dead
by Kirk (hand on glass/funeral etc.) that didn’t die but instead survived
as more than human and filled with revenge?

646. I'm Dead Jim! - December 6, 2012

Guys, I think there were some potential big clues in the Ongoing Comics version of Return of the Archons. It appears that there is some sort of Shadow Federation activity and that Pike was connected to it or at least knows about it and was advised to keep Kirk in check or someone else would take care of him. Now that doesn’t clearly state who the villain is (Landru?) but definitely could contain some plot points.

647. Trekkie1701 - December 6, 2012

It is Gary Mitchell. Alice eve’s hairstyle is the same as Sally Kellerman’s in the
Original episode.

648. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


I’ve been looking at the hi-res version of that pic for a while, and I can’t see the “1701”. Looks like different digits to me. Amazing how folks can see differing things from the same picture!

This is awesome fun.

649. Lords Of Kobol Book - December 6, 2012

Hello, “boborci.”

Is one of the Klingons in the trailer using a bat’leth?

And, to throw my guesses out there: Garth, a non-Khan Augment, Gary Mitchell.

650. boborci - December 6, 2012

634. cute toes – December 6, 2012
“I had a maple bacon poutine.”


651. willj1365 - December 6, 2012

for reference – The Reliant’s number (from TWOK) is NCC-1864.I agree with those who see an 8 and not a 7, but I just point that out, I am not convinced its Khan

652. Charley W - December 6, 2012

Mr Orci, may I ask at when roughly will YOU be able to see the complete cut of the film- the version that will be seen in theaters? I’ve heard of films being edited a day or so before their premiere, does that still happen nowadys? When is the deadline for that final cut? Has it been decided where the pre-premiere (that first first public showing for the VIPs) will be?

653. boborci - December 6, 2012

644. NCC-73515 – December 6, 2012

No. Very little difference if any. Interesting question.

654. AJ - December 6, 2012


Different countries definitely have differing marketing techniques. I saw STIV in Italy, and the cinema poster had Kirk, Spock in robes, and the punk rocker holding his boom box walking down the street behind them.

655. boborci - December 6, 2012

652. Charley W – December 6, 2012

We like to work until the last possible moment. To get prints out and get the movie ready for screenings, we can keep working up until about two or three weeks before release.

656. Charley W - December 6, 2012


Find a Japanese poster for one of the Star Trek movies. With some of them you would not know ST was involved.

657. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

640. FYI, there are 16 different trailers for many different countries and languages on the iTunes site, and the Japanese one is the only one with extra footage. So it isn’t just the US version that doesn’t have this, 15 of 16 versions don’t have it.

RE: coming out of the water, I think I see the 170 but I can’t say that isn’t just an illusion based on the ripples in the water as it rises. HOWEVER, that ship is a different ship from the one that crashes into the city. Both scenes seem to be major sequences from the movie. So, if neither ship is the Enterprise, that means at least three starships play significant roles. Not that this is impossible or even improbable, but it seems more likely to me that one of these (probably the riser) is the Enterprise.

And anyone using haircuts to make predictions needs to take their meds for the day. Seriously.

658. boborci - December 6, 2012

642. PureGenius – December 6, 2012

Impossible for me to answer objectively knowing what I know. Interesting to see differing opinions based on same imagery.

659. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

Good, otherwise I would need to collect them all (I found the poster with the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009 much nicer than the one we had here) XD

Bob, you can’t reveal WHEN we’re going to learn who the villain is, can you? Will it be clearer after the full trailer, after a third trailer, or not until may?

660. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012

Wow! So many comments. Most of them interesting.

I would like to apologize to Jeff, God of Biscuits. He was right on the money.

Also, didn’t Nurse Chapel wear an isignia with the red cross on it during TOS?

Alice Eve looks like she’s playing Dehner. Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing Gary Mitchell, or Khan Noonien Singh.

661. StephenH - December 6, 2012

Don’t slate or praise a film just on the strength of a trailer. Trailers can be cut and edited to sell the film as practically anything. Don’t believe me? Have a look on YouTube for recut trailers. There’s things like Mary Poppins as a horror film, Jaws as a family adventure or The Shining as a romantic comedy.

The entire point of the Abrams films is to break away from the old and try new things. So, can all the whingers stop whining and wait unitl the damn movie comes out so both it, the cast, and JJ can provesall the doubters totally and utterly wrong !!

Humble pie anyone ??

662. boborci - December 6, 2012

659. NCC-73515 – December 6, 2012

You know us. We will keep it under wraps as long as we can;)

663. Gary 7 - December 6, 2012

Hey Bob Orci…

Perhaps you could give us at least one small tidbit. Will the first 9 minutes of the movie coming out with The Hobbit IMAX finally let us know who Benedict is actually playing or are we going to sit through a longer timeframe in the final film before that’s revealed?

664. girl6 - December 6, 2012

If it’s not Charlie X (though I think it is, regardless of what Orci said), could it be Apollo? Parmen? Trelane?

Whoever the villain is, I think the blond is Janice Rand. She looks too young to be Chapel.

665. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@598 Jeff, God of Biscuits. Yeah, but you said that it went by real fast and you were accurate about the fact that you actually did see the trailer, you weren’t just another poser or faker. For that you get megakudos!

@641 boborci. Whenever you get tired of what you’re doing I’ll be glad to switch lives with you. I’ll even throw in my dog. Maybe my wife too! :)

666. TrekkerChick - December 6, 2012

I’d conclude that we have reached an impasse, re: BC’s character, that is only able to be solved by…


TO DA’ DEAT (best T’Pau accent)

667. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

If it is indeed Khan, Bob Orcis Reboot Explanation would not make any sense anymore. He said, that Neros intervention created a new timeline. And indeed from then afterwards the writers can do whatever they want, without affecting the prime universe.

However if they use Khan, that reboot theory would be trashed, because Khan was born before the intervention! That means, his character is already predetermined.
And furthermore, Khan has been retconned by reality. There were no eugenics wars in the 20th century. Therefore Khan should stay in the Trek museum as a nice anecdote. He is already been falsified by reality, lol.
On the other hand they would have a free pass with Gary Mitchel I hope they use him. Because a white, british Khan would be kind of strange.

668. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

Well as long as we’re in for surprises every time something new is released, I couldn’t be happier :D

Then maybe noncritical details, like, how many other ship designs can we expect? I liked the other ships of the fleet that was destroyed near Vulcan, some interesting designs, but we saw them so briefly… will there be more than just the Constitution class in the film? Even bringing back the Klingon battlecruisers that were featured in the Kobayashi Maru simulation would be a neat treat that’s hard to beat ;)

669. Husker - December 6, 2012

Looks like BSG: Blood and Chrome stole all the lens flares from this trailer ;)

Also, sorry ”boborci” and co, but even though they obviously ripped you guys off on the ”introduce the hero to his ship scene”, I preferred the introduction of young Galactica to the introduction of new-1701.

Wait a minute…..returning to Earth for vengeance……the fleet wiped out……cities being attacked from the skies…….BC is a CYLON!

670. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012


I know you won’t give away any big plot points, but would I be correct in saying that perhaps we shouldn’t trust any particular interpretation of the identity of Cumberbatch’s character based solely on what’s in this preview?

671. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Maybe the villain remotely causes a slew of Starfleet ships to come crashing Earth ( in a horrific 9/11 fashion ). The thought alone is terrifying.

672. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

…yeah, it’s the Brit version of Gary Mitchell who’s crawled out from under his rock, all pissed-off to wreak his “vengeance” on Starfleet with all kinds of senseless,desensitizing violent excuses for “drama”…

…and yes, it looks like another steaming pile of the usual JJ&Co’s stuff… lots of explosions, running, yelling, and theme park cinematography…

PLEASE!! at least fix the ship this time…? PLEASE!? at least fix the bridge, and build engineering? PLEASE?! PLEASE?!!

shuttle bay would be cherry on top… =)

(REAL Star Trek would have gotten the ship and all interiors squared away up front)

673. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Why did Japan get the extra footage? I’ve heard that historically the Trek films don’t do that well over there…

674. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

In spirit of PIXAR films, first nine minutes is actually an animated short starring Scotty’s little engineer buddy from the first film.

675. George Zip - December 6, 2012

The thing is, in TNG there were several nemesises (nemesii?); Q, the Borg, the Duras, Tasha’s Romulan daughter, etc.

Kirk never had a nemesis.

As noted somewhere in the hundreds of posts above, Khan was an arguably minor character in a single episode, which was watched by Nicholas Meyer a decade and a half later and he said, “there’s something here” and he figured he could get Montalban to reprise the role.

But Kirk never had a nemesis. He never had a Joker. Never had a Lex Luthor. Never had a Green Goblin.

If anything, Kirk’s nemesis was retirement.

676. boborci - December 6, 2012

673 Spock Jenkins – December 6, 2012

That’s why they get extra attention;)

677. izmunuti - December 6, 2012

I watched to trailer on my Apple TV — after the list of all trailers for this film, there is a link for “Related Products.” When I clicked it, the ONLY other movie listed was:

This is a very strong hint Cumberbatch is Khan.

678. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

Japan has good taste, intelligence… they will be a difficult sell… but marketing can do wonders… ;-)

679. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

In case you are reading this, here is my explanation why it can|t be Khan. It would be nice, what you think about this.

If it is indeed Khan, your Reboot-Explanation would not make sense anymore. According to that theory, Neros intervention created a new timeline. And indeed from then afterwards the writers can do whatever they want, without affecting the prime-timeline.

However if they use Khan, that reboot theory would be trashed, because Khan was born before Neros intervention! That means, Khans character is already predetermined.
And furthermore, Khan has already been retconned by reality. There were no eugenics wars in the 20th century. Khan has already been falsified by reality. Therefore IMO Khan should be treatedas a nice anecdote from a time, when we did not knew how the 20th century would turn out. On the other hand you guys would have a free pass with Gary Mitchell. I hope you will use him. Because a white, british Khan would be kind of strange and furthermore would not fit with the nero-reboot-theory you guys created.

680. Gary S. - December 6, 2012

One of my favorite theories was the idea that Ben Finney was the villain.
I thought that was original.
my current thought is that it is either a Non canon character or a canon character we have not talked about ,like Robert April.
Havent heard much talk about him yet

681. boborci - December 6, 2012

679. Exverlobter – December 6, 2012

A solid theory. Can’t wait to discuss!

682. Dr. Cheis - December 6, 2012

Come to think of it, I’m going to be very disappointed if he turns out to be Kahn. Surely he could have done a better approximation of the accent if that were his role.

683. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Thanks Boborci, though I can’t think why by now they ( the Japanese ) wouldn’t get with the program – especially seeing how awesome JJ’s and you guys’ Trek is…

684. George Zip - December 6, 2012

boborci –

Still wish there would have been a misdirection still or two showing Quinto in his Spock duds but with a goatee, or walking around in a jumpsuit with some gadgetry around his head with Urban working an R/C unit behind him.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to is the next soundtrack; now that the crew has “earned” the Alexander Courage theme (per Giacchino’s commentary on one of the reasons it wasn’t utilized earlier in the score for ST 09), I hope a few more “thematics” from TOS work their way into the score (though I understand the reasoning behind not wanting to use something that’s almost become parody in and of itself, like the fight music).

685. Vorus - December 6, 2012

@ 681 boborci

Why would you be anxious to discuss it at a future date, unless the villain is Khan? :P

686. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

Oh by the way boborci, was Marc Okrand back on board? There must be new Klingon words and phrases for us to learn :D

687. Doug - December 6, 2012

boborci – Does Landru feature in the film, even in a cameo role?

688. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

George Zip, Agreed. Kirk’s nemesis is anything that takes him out of the Captain’s chair, be it old age, retirement, death, etc.

689. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

Re: Klingons – Bumpy Foreheads, Or To Not Bumpy Foreheads. That is the question…

690. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@boborci: The TOS ship vs. ship scenes were criticized for being “submarine warfare” rather than taking advantage of full 3 dimensionality. The culmination of the TWOK Reliant vs. Enterprise scenes were marked by Spock’s observation that Khan’s helm was betraying 2 dimensional form of thinking. Is it at all possible that you’re turning the whole thing on its head by having an Enterprise vs. Reliant pursuit underwater? :)

691. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

sock puppet alert!

that’s not cool, man… =(

692. izmunuti - December 6, 2012

I WANT to be enthusiastic about this, but I can’t. If it weren’t Star Trek, I would dismiss it. It’s a generic, weak imitation of The Dark Knight — in space, with pretty good special effects, but not great. Sorry. Hope I’m wrong.

693. RushLight - December 6, 2012

I figured it out folks, Cumberbatch is playing an evil version of Julian Bashir. Think about, the augmented intellect, strength, and British accent. It all fits.

694. boborci - December 6, 2012

691. The Last Vulcan – December 6, 2012

Anything is possible!

695. JohnBliss - December 6, 2012


If you ever do a Mirror Universe story – cast Michelle Rodiquez as the bad girl.

I’ve got the star fleet uniform already designed – a black leather crop top number with insignia. Oh yeah ….

696. I am not Herbert (the real one) - December 6, 2012

VERY funny… but still not cool… =(

697. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

“Dark Knight in Space”. I’m sick of hearing fans who think anything deep/dark/pushing characters to the limits began with TDK.

In fact TDK wasn’t even the darkest of the bat-trilogy. They were all equally dark.

I don’t we should take a villain seeking revenge to be TDK esque, as that wasn’t even the Joker’s plan in TDK – it was to cause chaos without reason.

STID doesn’t look visually dark to me – it looks future silvery. Quite separate from a generic look I think. I’m glad these new Trek movies have their own feel…

698. Doug - December 6, 2012

Boborci – please may the British villain be Redjack come back to London to seek his revenge! :-)

699. boborci - December 6, 2012

686. Vorus – December 6, 2012

Nice try. As a fan, I would love to engage in discussing any valid theory. Sadly, the internets being what they are, any discussion I participated in about your theory would lead to conclusions.

for example, if I said, ‘I disagree… this is the way you could do it…” that could be my opinion wether we did it or not. Conversely, if I said, “TOTALLY AGREE…” others would rule out special K. And at this point, we want nothing ruled out.

700. I am not Herbert (the real one) - December 6, 2012

alright… where’s Anthony…?

701. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

There was some guy here, that theorised that Spock Prime would die.
I hope this is not the case, because it would be a bad omen for Leonard Nimoy, who is not the youngest guy on earth anymore.
I would prefer to see the death of Quinto-Spock, but not Nimoy.
Nimoy is the embodiment of Star Trek, even more than Gene Roddenberry. If he dies, STar Trek dies with him.

702. Robman007 - December 6, 2012

The identity will probably be leaked when Hasbro accidentally let’s some toy box art sit on a desk in front of a fan with a smart phone.

Very excited. Love any adventure that features the good Captain.

703. Charley W - December 6, 2012

How about this:

A transporter accident brings Sherlock Holmes into the future, where he seeks revenge on Kirk, who he mistakes for Stapleton from ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ (which W. Shatner played in that god-awful 1972 version- Stapleton, not the hound).

Eve plays Caroline What-ever-her-last-name-was from the Apollo episode, after Starfleet has captured Apollo (Weller) and turned him into a Starfleet SEAL.

704. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

#287. beac0n

Somebody better tell electric eels, quick!

705. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

But in Star Trek Online Spock Prime has been back for a time already, as he in the ‘future’ of the Prime Universe…

706. I am not Herbert (the real one) - December 6, 2012

you could talk parallels to 9/11… ;-)

707. Killamarshtrek - December 6, 2012

Hi Bob,

Can I ask: Were you aware of ‘Sherlock’ before BC was cast or have you watched it since? Does he have the same mesmerizing presence in STID as he does in Sherlock?

708. Gary 7 - December 6, 2012

Thanks for your non-answer of my last question Bob Orci…

Your silence is all I needed to know. ;-)

709. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

690: Bumpy. But under a helmet, so it remains a mystery.

Another one of JJ’s “mystery boxes.” Kinda like the “rabbit’s foot” form MI:III. No one knew what it does. Typical JJ. What a funny guy. I wonder if he watches TV on mute with his eyes closed since he enjoys the mystery so much.

710. Spock Jenkins - December 6, 2012

On a slightly different note – Benedict Cumberbatch for “Reed Richards” in the Fantastic Four Reboot…

711. boborci - December 6, 2012

711 Gary 7.

You are so welcome;)

712. Vorus - December 6, 2012

@ 701 boborci

No worries, I just enjoy stirring the pot a bit. For the record, I don’t agree with Exverlobter that the new universe can’t include a different version of Khan, because I don’t think your Trek universe was EVER the same as the “Prime” universe. (Pike is the wrong age, transporters are VASTLY inferior, the Kelvin knew who the Roms were on sight, etc, just for starters.) Too much stuff was already different before Nero showed up.

So, in my mind, you can do whatever you want, because you never were playing in the “prime” universe anyway.

I don’t have any particular attachment to any “who is the bad guy” theory, I’m just enjoying the theory-crafting.

713. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

dude, you suck. quit sock puppeting me.

714. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

Gary Mitchell. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it until something better comes along.

I don’t know how many times I watched this damn trailer. Enough so that I’m now calling it “this damn trailer.”

Clearly there’s a death. There’s a memorial and a missing man flyby formation, which indicates the loss of a comrade in arms.

But whose death is it? The Cumberbatch’s character who dies in the beginning — a death from which he returns to generate the story?

Or is that a sequence from the end of the film, held for the death of a main character?

The extra footage in the Japanese trailer recalls the end of TWOK.

715. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012

If the action and suspense seen in the trailers are anything to go by, I think it may be wise for the theatres to have several defibrillators on hand.

The excitement might be enough to give an audience member or two a heart attack….


716. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

It recalls the end of TWOK, but we don’t see who that is behind the glass wearing the blue tunic.

Could be McCoy this time.

717. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2012

@696. boborci: You rock! If I ever have to take the Fifth I want you by my side!

Personally, I’d like to say that your presence on this forum is extremely appreciated by the vast majority of ongoing frequenters, and I ask you to accept (at least) my own apology if in the course of these comments you have to read ones that are rude or deprecatory. Having access to your comments is priceless and thank you for being accessible and as open as you can be… without facing the JJ Death Squads. :)

718. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

i love dealing with adolescents…

719. The Great Bird lives - December 6, 2012

@641 Bob Orci,


Perhaps you would like to change places with me one day?

But seriously, as an observer, and a true fan of all things Star Trek it can be agonizing to sit back, powerless to contribute. Cheers to Gene Roddenberry, to you, and to all of the cast, and crew.

720. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012

I wouldn’t be surprised if Admiral Pike gets killed, and Kirk has to avenge his death.

721. Charley W - December 6, 2012

Please, please, please NO MORE damn mind-controlling bugs up the nose, in the ear or ANY OTHER orifice!!!!!!!!!!

It was contrived the first time (WOK), worked fairly well the second (TNG), and wasn’t funny the third (ST 09).

And how many times does Kirk hang by his fingers from a cliff in THIS one? Oh, he doesn’t? It’s Chekov in this movie? For the WHOLE movie? I bet Anton’s hands were tired after even one take, let alone the standard 5 or 6.

How many times does Mc Coy use that “I’m a doctor, not a ****” line? Five times? And he gets seven lines for the whole movie? Well, you guys are the ones paying him…

722. Jeffrey S. Nelson - December 6, 2012

Perhaps Spock dies and that’s why Uhura needs consoling…

723. I say - December 6, 2012

I say:

* The Starfleet ceremony is for the ships lost at Vulcan.
* That’s Pike’s hand touching Spock’s through the glass.
* I’ll conjecture a meeting of Starfleet officers (including Spock, maybe others) takes place – with some sort of attack occuring. Pike is trapped behind a barrier. Pike dies. Spock pursues through San Francisco. It’s Cumberbatch’s character he’s chasing, who then crashes through that wall.
* Alice Eve is Elizabeth Dehner. She would have appeared in the IDW comic books, but that would have conflicted with this movie. Her character wasn’t used as a result.
* The writing team has chosen to remix the characters from TOS episodes to appear here. You won’t see Dehner/Mitchell. Instead, you’ll see Dehner and (other TOS character/villain).
* I maintain this is a Khan-augment, NOT Khan, NOT Gary Mitchell. Starfleet recovered the Botany Bay. Starfleet trained the augments to give them a chance at redemption; turned them into black ops. They’ve turned. It’s Joachim, if we’re adhering to canon.
* That red plant planet is the same place as where the Klingon building is. Plants are red because of the intense radiation from whatever the Klingons are developing, e.g. super weapon. Spock is triggering a volcanic explosion to take out the area since the Enterprise can’t do it (for whatever reason).
* The Enterprise rising from the ocean takes place on the planet with the red plants.
* Not Charlie X. Not Khan. Not Colonel Green.
* Not Lt. Kyle. (lol)
* I think Khan is dead in this universe.
* It’s a Khan-augment, likely Joachim.

724. Geodesic - December 6, 2012

Haven’t we seen those hooded robes in the comics?

725. TJ Hooker - December 6, 2012

@ BobOrci

This is just for fun, but i have a way how you can include William Shatner in the future. Well, SHatner-Kirk is dead, so Shatner cant play Kirk anymore, but he can still play TJ Hooker! The scene in Trek2009 where little Kirk is chased by Robocop…. i always envisioned this scene in my head, with a Shatner-cameo. And Shatner as TJ Hooker from a different universe asks little Kirk : What is your name? And little Kirk says to Shatner!. My name is James Tiberius Kirk!
Would have been hilarious. Oh and while where on the corvette scene, i would not have used the Beasty Boys, but that .”I hate you song .”from Star Trek 4. Would have been perfect for the hate little Kirk has towards his evil uncle, lol.

726. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

675. George Zip – December 6, 2012

Good point. Kirk never had a real nemesis. And I think that the character is better for it. It doesn’t cheapen the character into a cliche-superhero type. Whoever Cumby plays in this new movie, I hope it’s not Khan for that very reason. I do not agree with the analogy of Khan is to Kirk as Joker is to Batman.

Kirk’s real enemy is old age, as you mentioned. My favorite scene of any Trek production is the one from TWOK between Bones and Kirk in Kirk’s apartment. They discuss Kirk’s issues of losing his command to a promotion, among other things. THAT is Kirk’s arch-nemesis. Not aliens or mad men, but time. Maybe that’s why he’s so impulsive.

727. LostOnNCC1701 - December 6, 2012

One thought I just had is maybe the villain is Khan, but not really Khan.

Let me explain:

One of the things that was said was that the whole stuff with Nero forced Starfleet to become more of a military operation than it was the original universe, at least as far as the firepower at it’s disposal.

It would lead to reason, though, that Starfleet would likely want to improve upon the original weapon: the body. So looking into the history of humanity (and, indirectly, the Klingons in Enterprise), they drew upon the Eugenic Augments that included Khan and began a program to create augments of their own. Of course, stuff goes horribly wrong. Cumberbatch would be one of the few surviving augments, swearing vengeance upon Starfleet.

Thus, in a way, Khan wouldn’t be the villain, per se, but he’d be the man who leads to the villain.

728. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

Boborci, boborci, boborci!

Odd. That should have worked …

729. I say - December 6, 2012

@ #677 –
This movie has been given the unofficial title of “Star Trek 2″ due to being the second of the new “Star Trek” movies. Don’t read into what Apple is doing too much…

730. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

well, (once again) i HOPE that i am pleasantly surprised… but i will say, much less hopeful than 4 years ago… =(

Star Trek COULD HAVE brand recognition, appreciation, and loyalty like Star Wars… but not like this… =(

I wonder if (Brit) Gary Mitchell will still be named Gary Mitchell in the JJ-verse…? probly…

731. AJ - December 6, 2012

George Takei is on “The Last Word” tonight on MSNBC 10PM eastern time US.

732. Al Roberts - December 6, 2012

As far as a Federation ship in water there’s an episode of Voyager where after a few adjustments they take the Delta Flyer in Monean’s World Ocean. I’ll grant you that’s not a full starship but still it’s some what of a precedent.

733. boborci - December 6, 2012

726. Curious Cadet

it worked!

734. Yanks - December 6, 2012

I still say it’s not Khan and not one of his augment buddies either. None of them even know what Star Fleet is at this time, let alone have served in Star Fleet.

I’m still in the Garth Camp.

It’s a blast reading everyone’s opinion.

@boborci – Thanks for playing with us today. The trailer looks great!

735. gingerly - December 6, 2012


MAN, I wish I could be in your shoes. Just enjoying the speculation, while knowing exactly what happens.

Rub your hands together and cackle, man.

The things in the trailer I’m most happy about are the truly alien landscapes (looking for some crazy-looking aliens too!), and Kirk and Grumpy Bones getting their Butch and Sundance on.

Thanks, for that. :)

736. Charley W - December 6, 2012

Please, please, please that damn Gorgon Angel/Pirate thing from the WORST episode of TOS!!! (Yes, I know- there were even worse episodes of TNG, DSN,and Enterprise, and Voyager in general kept punching the Crapatoa button.)

737. Charley W - December 6, 2012

Please, please, please not that damn Gorgon Angel/Pirate thing from the WORST episode of TOS!!! (Yes, I know- there were even worse episodes of TNG, DSN,and Enterprise, and Voyager in general kept punching the Crapatoa button.)

738. LostOnNCC1701 - December 6, 2012


Uh… good luck on the Spidey seuqel and that new “Mummy” remake. May I suggest you think of using Kharis instead of Imhotep?

…Okay, I’ll be quiet now.

739. ricker - December 6, 2012


Joachim, or Joaquin.

Joaquin was in TOS,Space Seed Joachim was in TWOK….

I know too much trek


740. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

As much as i hope that it is Gary Mitchel, there is one strong reason for the supporters of the Khan theory.
Until last December JJ Abrams primarliy searched for Latino actors, even after the refusal from Benicio Del Toro. THen came Benedict CUmberbatch, and filming already started immediately afterwards. I don|t think that Orci and the others had enough time to rewrite the script for a new villain, even if they had wished to. It is indeed possible that they said

Meh, whatever, so we have a white Khan then. THats the way of life.

741. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

…plus, WNMHGB is one of my VERY FAVORITE episodes! =)

i hope it get’s the love and respect it deserves… i hope! i hope! =)

742. Charley W - December 6, 2012

sorry about the double posting- it sent the damn original when I tried to edit it

743. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

Why isn’t Alice Eve on the credits at the trailer site? Is her part that small?

744. NCC-73515 - December 6, 2012

I think it’s just as much fun for us trying to find out, hoping for the next response… as it is for him enjoying our curiosity :D

745. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

Khan probly was the first choice… but they couldn’t find anyone good enough to sacrifice their career… so, next outline…?

746. Picard's Fish - December 6, 2012

Hiya Bob,

Do you guys have a pretty good idea where you’d want to take your next movie now that this one has come together?

love that you’re posting here. a treat!

747. Oz - December 6, 2012

Exciting trailer. Thank you boborci for lurking about, hope you are enjoying the frenzy.

I think the ship rising from the ocean is not the Enterprise, but some sort of specialty vessel, perhaps an Aquashuttle based on the Enterprise, engaged in some special op. (Didn’t they have those on the Enterprise from the animated series?)

My money is still on Garth. That start of a scream you see from Alice Eve in the trailer is perhaps her witnessing him shape shifting into something horrifying. (Couldn’t show the shifting in the trailer or it would give the whole thing away.)

Just my two cents, interesting to read everybody’s opinion.

748. Killamarshtrek - December 6, 2012

Hi Bob

It’s fantastic that you post here – cheers.

Could you tell us whether the poster of BC stood in front of a destroyed London depicts an actual scene? I live in the UK so I just want to know if it’ll be safe to go there!!

749. boborci - December 6, 2012

746. Picard’s Fish – December 6, 2012
Hiya Bob,

Do you guys have a pretty good idea where you’d want to take your next movie now that this one has come together?

love that you’re posting here. a treat!


Hmmm…. which answer will make you feel better?


750. Viking - December 6, 2012

I think there’s a lot of red herrings swimming around in here. And in the trailer. My theory: the insane, anti-matter Lazarus escaped the corridor connecting the two universes and is back to tear the Federation a new one. The ship he purloined to get back to Earth was captained by Peter Weller.

Of course, I’m the one who still thinks Colonel Mustard did it in the billiard room with the lead pipe, so I might be way off base here.


751. SoonerDave - December 6, 2012

I’m going to add a few new coals on the fire of alternate theories for the Cumberbatch Wars, if for no other reason than to stir the pot with some different theories other than rehashing Khan/Mitchell theories

* How about “Lazarus” from “The Alternative Factor?” Crazy/Sane Lazarus, jumping back and forth between alternate universes, until Kirk shoves them both out an airlock and blows away their spaceship “portal” between the universes.. In the Alternate Timeline, perhaps this “episode” never occurred, and the “nutball” Lazarus is demanding Kirk’s sacrifice to “protect” what he perceives to be the “right” reality, knowing he could destroy it at any moment.

752. boborci - December 6, 2012

748. Killamarshtrek – December 6, 2012
Hi Bob

It’s fantastic that you post here – cheers.

Could you tell us whether the poster of BC stood in front of a destroyed London depicts an actual scene? I live in the UK so I just want to know if it’ll be safe to go there!!

no place is safe;)

753. p'trick - December 6, 2012


for me, y’all have done a good job toying with the suspense. keen casting moves have certainly enhanced my anticipation for TREK 2013.

enjoyed Cowboys & Aliens btw. quite a gem, that film.

754. Son of Sarek - December 6, 2012

Is Cumberbatch perhaps the non corporeal Henoch of this timeline inhabiting the body of one Captain Garth? Thoughts?

755. AJ - December 6, 2012

And no-one here has considered Kevin Riley? For Shame.

756. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

hmmmm 9/11 Federation vessel type attacks simultaneously worldwide.

Yay or nay Bob? ;)

757. Rick - December 6, 2012

That’s Pike’s hand touching Spock’s through the glass wall…after
Pike was exposed to massive Delta Rays, saving other fellow officers, crew and cadeates, following explosion from air attack and or starship crashing in the bay during Starfleet HQ ceremony .

Remember what Bob continued to say in 2009…(and wanted built into the ST09 script) “It the Universe attempting to mend itself”

758. Picard's Fish - December 6, 2012

Bob.. the truthful one! we’re not here to judge! isn’t that much obvious? ;)

759. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@733 boborci,

Haha, if only. Still sitting here alone!

(But made me look over my shoulder!)

760. Greg - December 6, 2012

OMG! This is SOOO playing as a “Wrath of Khan” scenario. You have the “transparent wall hand touch”, you have a memorial (with upset Uhura), you have a “super” man, etc. Could Alice Eve be playing Denner only taking the McGivers character role in relation to Khan?

761. Paul - December 6, 2012

Hi Bob…

I’m not going to ask about the villain… the plot… none of that.

I just want to say thank you for your part in making Star Trek relevant again. It is a hell of a lot of fun to see these movies and make me break out the DVDs and BluRay’s as well of previous series and movies.

I wish you and the team nothing but success! Can’t wait!

762. Picard's Fish - December 6, 2012

as an aside, what the hell are Scotty and Uhura eating from those foil bags in Star Trek 5?

I always thought it was popcorn.

as a kid, I imagined it tasted very good.

maybe we’ll see those foil bags in the new trailer??

763. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

I am glad that the San Francisco skyline seem to have shrunk since the last film . The city was always presented with normal sized buildings but in the last film, there were suddenly those gigantic Coruscant like mile high skyscrapers. Yeah they were futuristic, but it reminded me too much of Star Wars.
Now it seems to be again a little bit more realistic.

764. Rob - December 6, 2012

The villian is Gary Mitchell, no doubt about it!! The female actress playing the scientist is a dead ringer for the actress who played the female scientist in the original. I would have loved it to be Khan, but there is no way Cumberbatch is playing him. He is playing Gary Mitchell-I’m totally convinced!

765. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

you know… i hope they DID crash that “design study” of the Enterprise!

…then they could build the REAL, FUNCTIONAL Starship Enterprise! YES!

(in orbit, of course…) ;-)

766. Kendall Byrd - December 6, 2012

Bob–Kudos to you and the whole team. People are excited again and playing the cards close to the chest is doing exactly what you wanted it too. Frustrating but it’s fun to watch the fans freak out and even guys at work today that I showed the trailer to………25-35 non trek fans were like “damn that looks badass”. Keep it up. Can’t wait till May and BC looks like an AMAZING villain!!

767. mark - December 6, 2012

what would be Gary mitchells motivation. kirk hasnt stranded him anywhere. that time line doesnt exist. gary and kirk should be best friends right out of the academy. kirks mission to the edge of the galaxy is 12 years in the future that no longer exists. Khan will not be found until a year after that in the old time line. from what weve seen in this time line, kirk hasnt wronged anyone. what do you think?

768. The Reasonable Trekkie - December 6, 2012

The Gary Mitchell Theory does not hold water. The Star Trek Comic Series from IDW dealt with the Gary Mitchell story in the first two issues. The comic series is overseen by Bob Orci and in it Dehner does not accept her assignment on the Enterprise because she had a bad relationship with McCcoy. I think its safe to say that Alice Eve is Dehner. That does not mean Mitchell will appear in the film.

Mitchell is incapacitated by Spock with a Vulcan Pinch and in the photos of the film he is shown resisting it. The difference between this and the episode is they shoot the tube with Mitchells Body in outer space instead of burying him on the planet.

The person speaking wants revenge on humanity. He says you think your world is safe and says enjoy your peace and I have returned. Would not the dialogue be more geared toward Kirk. Would he not say Jim why did you leave me? Jim why didn’t you save me? I want to destroy James Kirk.

He sounds like he is use to the world he knew having no peace and he calls it an illusion. Does not sound like a former starfleet dude to me.
Again Mitchell does not need weapons and one person talked about his powers fading in and out come on! Really? Another thing The person is human with superhuman abilities. I think its Khan. Call me crazy but all signs point to Khan.

He was banished and exiled from Earth. He lost his Empire .
The person sounds like they are from another time and really angry with humanity. It is plausible to think that Khan takes advantage of a Klingon Power Struggle. I am speculating.

The alternate reality allows this to happen because the events dont play out necessarily the same. Dehner does not take her assignment on the Enterprise for example. Mark Piper the old Doc was not even mentioned. Quantum Reality is a beautiful thing.

Another ship may have encountered the Botany Bay and it may have happened sooner rather than later. My point is that there is obviously a great back story to all of this.

I stand by Khan. It just makes more sense. Mitchell would not jump through a window. He would wave his hand. The Mitchell theory does not hold weight.

People mentioned the Uniform. Did not Khan wear one in Space Seed? Come on. This is my last post about this. I know I am right on this one.

769. Curious Cadet - December 6, 2012

@615 Charley W,

“Maybe Ms Eve is … Kirk’s mysterious ‘Ruth’?”

Bless you Charley W, this is the best idea anybody has come up with since this whole thing started.

Of course … Ruth! I haven’t thought about her in years … She could literally be anybody in this timeline, but more importantly she could have been the little blonde lab technician (sciences blue) that Gary introduced Kirk to at the academy, the one he almost married!

Eve may not ultimately be Ruth, but she should have been.

770. heyberto - December 6, 2012


I keep hearing JJ refer to Dr. McCoy as being from ‘Kentucky’. I’m not sure what canon established, if anything, but I’ve always read he was from Georgia in some of the extended materials, which makes particular sense when you consider DeForest Kelly’s accent.. which was not the Kentucky dialect, but distinctly a native Georgia dialect.

771. gingerly - December 6, 2012

LOL at the idea of a vengeful Kevin Riley.

Uhura sings Beyond Antarres, someone sprays knock-out juice in his milk, THE END.

772. Starfleet Battles - December 6, 2012

The ship crashing is about to make landfall in a bay. The ship rising out of the water is in an entirely different location, and likely a different planet due to the fact that it appears to be far out to sea, or looking outward from a coastline. where the bay is enclosed by landmasses. The crashing ship has nacelles that don’t fit the new Enterprise, and the one rising out of the water is definitely our new flagship.

B.C. is going to be a fleet officer. Who, we won’t know without more information. I’d like to see Garth of Izar, but who knows. He will represent something more than a name from cannon, so I think the conjecture about what character he actually portrays, is less important that what is it that motivates him. Is he on Federation business, or rogue?

I think it is possible that Spock’s volcano is a result of what BC’s” villain” has done on Kronos, and is somewhere behind the concentric circles in the Kronos fight scene. We couldn’t save Romulus or Vulcan, but we just might save Kronos? With the Klingon fleet in shambles after Nero’s escape, and the Federation weakened, does the Federation authorize a first strike, and Kirk decides to go rogue?

I’m torn. I want to see this film, but in 09 after seeing the first one, I was hit by the fact it would be years before I saw more. For now, I’m having a blast with the hype and conjecture!

773. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 6, 2012

@140. Neil – December 6, 2012
“Is it me or do the nacelles on that ship crashing into the water look like a 24th century Starfleet ship? They almost look like the Enterprise-E style nacelles.”

I thought the exact same thing…

774. Matt K - December 6, 2012

Quick thoughts from someone who doesn’t post here often: Benedict will be playing Khan, who gets released from The Botany Bay by Peter Weller’s character (a Starfleet captain). Weller has some sort of grudge against Starfleet and/or Earth and he thinks Khan can help him with his vendetta. Khan goes wild and turns against Weller, causing much more destruction than intended. Plausible? I guess we’ll see.

775. The Great Bird lives - December 6, 2012


As long as a warp field is NOT established in the gravity well of a planet it is perfectly safe to assemble a Starship in a planetary atmosphere.

776. heyberto - December 6, 2012

@774 Matt K –

I thought Weller was cast as the head of some corporation?

777. BritBoy - December 6, 2012


Can i just point out I am a little disappointed there was no glimpses of any ample clevage that we enjoyed in ST09. In sincerely hope we get some…even if it is green….

778. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

I still can’t help but feel that Terra Prime is involved somehow, what with Weller being in it. After what happened to Vulcan you’d think it’d be a perfect chance for Terra Prime to pipe up.

779. Well Of Souls - December 6, 2012


McCoy: “NO!! You’ll flood the whole compartment!”

Spock: “He’ll die–”

Scotty: “Sir! He’s dead already.”

McCoy: “It’s too late.”

A dying Kirk: Spock… The Ship, out of danger?

Spock: You saved the ship

Kirk: “I have been…and always shall be…your friend. Live long…and prosper.”

Spock: “No…!”

Loudspeaker: LIGHTS!!! And thank you all for your participation.

Pike: James Tiberius Kirk!… You have successfully completed the ultimate test, in facing the “No Win” scenerio. Might I say in a rather unconventionable fashion, but none the less you faced death and performed, admirably…

Kirk: Thank you sir…

Pike: Dismissed…

Spock: “If I may be so bold Jim, you may wish to consider giving up acting. Commanding a starship is your first, best destiny.

Kirk: Hahaha, point well taken… Spock, Bones, Scotty and my lovely lady, I have a meeting to attend. I assume you will all be present?

McCoy (to blond haired woman): And that my dear, is the only person in Starfleet who ever beat the Kobayashi Maru. Once by living, once by dying. Only to save the lives of many in both scenerios.


Any way, A newly discovered cut scene from TOS’s “Cage” pilot depicting the engineering room can be viewed by clicking my name. Notice the 2 cadets in the foreground playing a board game. Perhaps a reference to the chess game in JJ’s movie?

780. twilighttrek - December 6, 2012

On one side we hear Cumby’s character is really evil.. on the other side we hear he’s not just black and white… this teaser makes him out to be only evil.

Things can point to Gary Mitchell except that if it was him it would leave no room for character development for Cumby’s character. As soon as the crew would see him they would know.. ok he’s evil.. we must kill him. This would make the movie one dimensional. Only if the crew didn’t interact with him in the comic universe could there be room to slowly watch the “gray character” turn black.. That might be the major reason I don’t think it’s Mitchell.

781. Milo - December 6, 2012

@1 But that is the point, this is the same as no Star Trek! This is many things, but Star Trek it is not. It looks like a fun, mindless action movie. But it’s not Star Trek. That my friend is dead.

782. dhargo - December 6, 2012

IMO I don’t think the villain is Khan for a couple of reasons. 1st, where are the other Botany Bay crew members? TWOK was 15 years after he was marooned giving him a lot more time to want revenge. However the crew is still in TOS years so even if they stumbled upon Khan at some point in between movies I don’t think enough could have occurred for him to be able to get that much revenge. Besides Khan only wanted revenge on Kirk not the whole Star Fleet. As for who the villain is I’m still unsure, but if they do it right he can become as iconic as Khan did (Sorry if someone brought this out earlier, I just didn’t feel like reading through hundreds of posts to give my take on it).

783. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

My theory: he is the British/JJ-verse version of Gary Mitchell… (Gareth?)

why the violence and fear mongering?: JJ&Co., esp. BobOrci, are agents of the Illuminati, tasked with creating fear of Galactics, and making Sci-Fi, esp. Star Trek look trivial and unbelievable… whereas it SHOULD be a shining beacon of enlightened ideas, concepts and philosophy! =)

…and flying cool space ships to the edge of the galaxy and stuff… =)

784. The Master - December 6, 2012

I think that the villain is a cross between Kronos and Mitchell, the death may be That of pike. And the blond is nurse chapel.

785. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

one dimensional villain? PAR for the course!!

786. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

here is the thing,
If Alice Eve was Carol Marcus, or Nurse Chapel, or even Rand
there would be no reason to withhold her name, none of those characters is going to suggest the villian.
Carol Marcus had no prior connection to Khan till TWOK, so just cause Carol is there doesnt mean Khan is involved.

Nurse Chapel and Rand wouldnt be any give away either as they had no connection to Khan

however Dr Dehner and Gary Mitchell are infact connected if they mention that Alice Eve is playing Dehner (who she looks exactly like in this preview and the spy pics) than the cats out of the bag and you know its Mitchell. There was a reason why Denher was not used in the IDW comics, it was holding her for the story being told in the movie.

I am sure those who will argue and disagree but the fact of the matter Alice looks like Sally Kellerman as Dehner, she doesnt resemble Chapel or Rand and definately not Carol Marcus.

787. JR - December 6, 2012

When Gary Mitchell became ‘godlike’, he refered him and Daner as ‘Adam and Eve’

788. Robman007 - December 6, 2012

it kinda looks like the nacelle struts on the crashing ship are damaged, giving the appearance they are drooping…..maybe a class of ship that is closer to the TOS Constitution

789. Bob Mack - December 6, 2012

#631 – I am CERTAIN you had Thai for lunch today! The trailer exposes your whole “sushi” lie.

790. This is going to be a long year - December 6, 2012

Is that blue thing behind Scotty and Uhura the warp core in a revamped Enterprise engineering?

791. Trek by Trek - December 6, 2012


Considering Nero’s observed presence in the marketing of your first Trek outing, are you at all concerned that the conspicuous lack of confirmation on the villain this go around will breed disappointment once revealed?

Or is that specific reveal so unquestionably significant that there’s no possibility of a backfire from over-mystification and get-them-talking tactics?

792. Aix - December 6, 2012

I hope they do not reveal the villain until the movie opens. Because that would be freaking awesome and exciting all at the same time.

793. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

Although Alice Eve resembles Sally Kellerman,there is one reason why one can doubt that she will play Dr. Dehner.
She was described as a walking freezer unit, but in this trailer she smiles to Kirk. There was no romance between Dehner and Kirk in the second pilot.
On the other hand, this is the alternative timeline, they can do whatever they want

794. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

Why would Gary Mitchell need a gun?
Why would his eyes not be glowing?
Because Dr Dehner weakend him enough that he for a few minutes loses atleast part of his powers.

Also of note people who claim that Cumberbatch speaks more eloquently in teh monolouge than Mitchell, keep in mind after his transformation Mitchell’s inflection, tone and voice manner of speak changes as well.

watch this clip fight to the death

come on after watching that your going to tell me that Alice eve is anyone but Dr Dehner

795. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

786. Mark James Tucker – December 6, 2012

Good points. I’m going to read the comic again, but there has to be some more clues. Like you said, the fact that Dehner was not in the comic is a HUGE piece of evidence. And Alice Eve looks so much like her. Sooo, ok, now I am swayed that Cumby is Gary Mitchell. And if so, then Orci did in fact lie on national radio to Herc from AICN. Orci replied “no” when asked if Gary Mitchell was in the new movie.

796. TUP - December 6, 2012

Does the fact he’s wearing the black Starfleet uniform really mean anything? If he was Khan or someone else discovered (or helped) by Starfleet people, is it not reasonable they’d give him some new clothes?

My wild guess was the Klingons found the BB before the Enterprise due to the altered timeline. If they changed directions, they could have Khan’s capsule malfunction and he dies (remember it began to malfunction and Kirk had to break him out to save him).

797. Lukas - December 6, 2012

756. Flux Conundrum – December 6, 2012
hmmmm 9/11 Federation vessel type attacks simultaneously worldwide.

Yay or nay Bob? ;)

And suddenly the phrase “detonating the fleet” makes perfect sense. I think that might be it…

798. Barking Alien - December 6, 2012

I am likely completely wrong here but the ship rising from the water does not look like the Enterprise to me (not even the JJ-verse Enterprise).

There seems to be hull forward of the nacelles that to me make it look like a much smaller craft. Again I could be wrong and ship scale is not easy to judge in the JJ-verse, let alone it the trailer.

799. Matt K - December 6, 2012

@776 heyberto

You’re right, I forgot about Weller being some sort of corporation head honcho. I also seem to remember Weller himself saying that he had his own ship in the movie, which is why I was originally thinking he might be a Starfleet captain. Maybe he can still be a mini-bad guy, with no ties to Starfleet, and still unleash the “wrath” of Khan, per my original idea.

800. PEB - December 6, 2012

@798 i keep looking at that clip, and it is the enterprise. it’s the scale. it’s such a close shot of the nacelle coming out of the water that it plays a trick on the eye, but go back and look at it a dozen times. you’ll see it, and it makes you appreciate the scale of this timeline’s enterprise. made me stop and say “wow” after i picked up on it.

801. Richard - December 6, 2012

boborci: Did you run out and dutifully buy a copy of TNG season 2 on blu ray this week? If not I’ll loan you my copy in trade for knowing who the villain is in the new movie ;)

802. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

Please dont kill Spock Prime!!
Please dont kill Spock Prime!!
Please dont kill Spock Prime!!
Please dont kill Spock Prime!!
Please dont kill Spock Prime!!
Please dont kill Spock Prime!!
Please dont kill Spock Prime!!

That would be a bad omen for 81 year old Leonard Nimoy anyway!

803. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

Thank you 795,
I mean its not just a passing resemblence Alice right on down to the hair is pretty much identical to sally kellerman in that preview when compared to the original episode.

804. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012


Yup they commandeer or remotely take over the sol system/ earth orbit Federation vessels and target them at Earth, using the the vessels weapons or the vessels themselves.

805. dmduncan - December 6, 2012

Ending to the Japanese trailer gives me chills.

806. Phil - December 6, 2012

Well, Yahoo Entertainment is speculating that Spock is dead….

807. Curious cadet - December 6, 2012

793. Exverlobter,

And in the comic, it is implied that McCoy had some kind of one-night-stand, or affair with her, yet one gets the impression in WNMHGB that Dehner has absolutely zero interest in men.

And keep in mind these are the same guys that have Spock and Uhura kissing in public.

808. CCR - December 6, 2012

Wheres chekov?

809. Daigs - December 6, 2012

Can’t wait… I think it looks absolutely awesome. All the speculation is fun, but let’s face it, the villain could be anyone really. I’m really thinking Khan though… A few reasons why…

1) Vengeance… TWOK was originally to be titled “The Vengeance of Khan”. But don’t forget Khan’s origin. In TWOK, he told how he was a Prince. He was a god among men, and that world turned on him and essentially expelled him. He escaped on the Botany Bay. The Botany Bay was in space adrift when the timeline changed. But it would still be when the change occurred. Just like Earth, Vulcan, etc. However he is discovered is anyone’s guess. The Klingon planet stuff could be anywhere in the movie. But he returns to Earth to destroy the planet that turned on him.

2) Charlie X & Gary Mitchell both had super powers. After Kirk exiled/killed them, I’d imagine they’d be more intent on using them and not taking their chances with silly things such as guns, hand to hand combat and terrorism. Garth is interesting. Possible he got injured differently in this timeline. Not sure though. None seem really formidable. If you’re going for a canon-character, none really had the staying power. It would be a nod to the fans, but they all seem a little shallow.

3) Cumberbatch’s delivery… Cool, calm, collected. Could be Khan-like. Reminiscent of TWOK when he’s talking to Terrell & Chekov on Ceti Alpha V.

4) The hands on the glass… If I recall correctly, didn’t Khan have Kirk in that pressure chamber on Space Seed? Very possible it’s an homage to that and TWOK. Kirk could be facing death, Spock can’t save him, that could be the moment that defines their future friendship…This is where crew comes into their own supposedly. It could tie Kirk’s first battle with Khan and his last one together nicely.

5) We’ve heard repeatedly about Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and their respect for it. They went for The Joker in #2, Batman’s archenemy and they reimaged the character a bit. there’s room here for that.

Second guess: Harry Mudd. Harcourt Fenton Mudd sounds British. Might be a stretch moving him from the comical pain in the ass he was in TOS to a terrorist. But he did challenge Kirk more than once and was a criminal for sure.

I don’t know… All I know is I wish I could fast-forward to 6 months from now…

Can’t Wait!

810. boborci - December 6, 2012



811. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

One Reason for the Mitchel fraction

JJ Abrams always said, how much he would prefer Khan.However one could argue that he spares the best and wellknown villain for the third and last film of the trilogy.

812. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

I’m thinking…what if that scene in which Cumberpatch comes jumping down from those golden circles is the Gateway that was mentioned in TNG and DS9 (with the Jem’Hadar, “To The Death”)?? Maybe it’s Gary Mitchell traveling through that? AND we might be dealing with the opposite of Wrath of Khan, so we have Kirk sacrificing himself (instead of Spock) to save the ship — since we see Spock in command when they pan across Sulu’s concerned-looking face as well as Spock & Kirk’s hands on opposite sides of the glass….

813. Daigs - December 6, 2012

Oh yeah.. and we didn’t see Chekov in Space Seed… Like we didn’t see him in the first trailer… ;)

814. boborci - December 6, 2012

791 Trek by Trek

Do I look concerned?

Oh wait… you can’t see me can you. Try to imagine me looking unconcerned;)

815. Curious cadet - December 6, 2012

@803 Mark James Tucker,

“the hair is pretty much identical to sally kellerman in that preview when compared to the original episode.”

If that’s really what they were up to, then why is Alice Eve’s hair parted on the wrong side?

I mean all that effort to be identical to the original TOS character and they get the part wrong?

816. psb2009 - December 6, 2012

I think the blonde woman is Rand or possibly Chapel.

817. Exverlobter - December 6, 2012

@ 809.

If they use Harry Mudd, they have to cast Nick Frost, as suggested by Simon Pegg.

818. Mad Man - December 6, 2012

809. Well, if it is Khan, then I just won’t see it. End of story.

OK, I gotta get back to work now. I watched that trailer enough now to know I probably won’t see the movie. But I’m still interested to know who Cumby is playing.

819. boborci - December 6, 2012

777. Got you so covered;)

820. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

i imagine you looking fat! ;-) …and happy? ;-)

821. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

So… no scenes with Chekov…hmm…interesting?

822. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2012

mmmmmmm……. boobies….. always good =)

(Alice’s, not Bob’s…) ;-)

823. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

Hi Mr. Orci … in this trailer we see a lot of drama and despair … any chance we see some light and funny moment in the film? … and about shirtless Kirk? … you know, I need to ask that! … lol … btw, I loved the trailer! … a great movie is coming!

;-) :-)

824. boborci - December 6, 2012

823. Dee

Absolutely. This trailer merely shows one feeling of this Trek.

825. cute toes - December 6, 2012

Whats for dinner tonight boborci?

826. mateoenkcmo - December 6, 2012

yo Bob, are there going to be any gay people in this movie?? apparently there was a gay holocaust in the future at some point because there hasn’t been a single homo at any point.

827. This is going to be a long year - December 6, 2012


So a poster, a teaser trailer, 9 minutes of footage, a longer trailer over the next 2 weeks.

You’re spoiling us.

828. captain spock - December 6, 2012

the one where scotty is holding uhura if you click on the picture then click again on the picture it shows commander scott is crying, so click on the pictures . then click again it shows more tha meets the eye.

829. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2012

824. boborci

Thank you! I’ll be waiting for… ;-) :-)

830. Redshirt Ricky - December 6, 2012


How different is the 2nd trailer? What feeling does it show?

831. rynocarp - December 6, 2012


Just how great is Benedict Cumberbatch in this movie? His voice in the trailer is still giving me chills. This has got to be good.

832. captainthikd - December 6, 2012

IT’S CAPTAIN GARTH!!!! IT WOULD MAKE PERFECT SENSE!! an insane re-imagined captain/ joker like character… destroying everything and reigning anarchy down. PERFECT. they could do so much with such a lesser known character. PErfect!!!!!!!!!!

833. Jon - December 6, 2012

evidently the person who wrote this article is no TOS fan, putting it kindly

the woman is clearly, very obviously, dehner

the uniforms are a lot like those of away teams in ‘The Cage’

834. Will - December 6, 2012

starTrek : DSV.

835. Stoneface - December 6, 2012

#826 — How would you know?

What is up with you people? Do you introduce yourselves as “Hello, I’m ______ and I’m GAY!” ?

Why the emphasis on gay all the time?

Get a life.

836. RetroWarbird - December 6, 2012

Not a lot to add in a long conversation. Alice Eve having Dehner’s hairstyle could be a red herring, easy. I noticed the resemblance, sure. Often times the most obvious thing is in fact the truth of something, particularly something so surrounded by rumor and misinformation.

But I’m into pot-shots and trick guessing, and it did delight me to think that she could be Chapel (sorely missed last time ’round) and that Cumberbatch could be a revamped Korby (or Korby 2.0, rather).

837. Boxker - December 6, 2012

Gary Makin – I’d Like to add Star Trek III to your list of Dark Star Trek movies.

838. RetroWarbird - December 6, 2012

Additionally, despite the classic “Colleague turned Man-God, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” angle finally getting the movie treatment (about time, actually!) I think it seems at least very likely that the expanded role of Klingons in this one will lead to a full-on proper Klingon movie for the third one.

(Crosses fingers for a big-screen adaptation of Kitumba that also features at least one of the legendary Dahar masters!)

839. cw - December 6, 2012

Bc is playing the ex boyfriend of that green chick on st 2009. He is still pissed about kirk doing her kermit style and takes his vengeance.

840. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

LOL @ #835…”why the emphasis on gay all the time?” — uh, what? Who exactly are you talking about or to? Because you don’t know me, and I am willing to bet you don’t know any gay people…so you’re obviously a closet case who is sensitive to any discussion of homosexuality at all.

And your ridiculousness with…. “What is up with you people? Do you introduce yourselves as “Hello, I’m ______ and I’m GAY!” ?” …. Is that how you approach whatever sex you stalk? Do you think that is how normal people talk to one another? lol. Obviously you’re a loser with no friends and you have no idea how the world works. Things don’t have to be so blatant and literal. Why don’t YOU get a life, Virgin Loser?

841. Kahn - December 6, 2012

It has to be Kahn. Obviously, the Klingons find him and attempt to revive him. Little do they know, he’s going to take over their ship/colony (whatever) and return to Earth in order to take his place as natural ruler. He could be seeking revenge for being spurned by Earth before, which resulted in him fleeing the planet in the Botany Bay.

842. Flux Conundrum - December 6, 2012

#835 #840 – Don’t feed the homophobic troll.

843. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

Garth of Izar’s Memory Alpha page says, “Garth emerged from Starfleet Academy to make good on his promise as a star pupil. Among contemporaries like Captains Pike….” Maybe it is him! I had thought Gary Mitchell for sure, but I also don’t know much from TOS.

844. R. Banks - December 6, 2012

First and foremost, I love the trailer. After seeing it, we are so tantalizingly close to finding out what character Cumberbatch is playing, yet we still don’t really know for sure….

I enjoy the the mystery, the puzzle, the speculation. Part of me would like an answer right now, and part of me would like the mystery to go on a little bit longer. It’s all great fun.

I’m still leaning towards the villain being Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell. Most of the clues so far fit this conclusion. One thing that doesn’t fit with this theory, is that the Cumberbatch character does not have the white glowing eyes as seen in TOS episode.

However, Cumberbatch has such an intense and compelling gaze, that I think it would lessen the impact of the character by obscuring the eyes behind a white glow that never focuses on anyone. So much compelling acting comes from the eyes, that leaving out the glow is an acceptable concession, and decision.

Either way, I can’t wait to see the film!

845. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

#843…good point. Couldn’t resist the first feeding though.

846. mayanspacecadet - December 6, 2012

oops, meant #842.

847. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

Is that Mcoy behind kirk in the scene where kirk is looking up at Denher?
or is it cumberbatch?

848. gingerly - December 6, 2012


Whew! the dust around here. ;)

849. Christopher Arnold - December 6, 2012

So far, “Star Trek” showed Starfleet shuttlecraft going underwater. Now we can see a Starfleet ship doing the same, and if Abrams is an anime fan (which we don’t know if he is or not at the moment), the trailer makes ya’ wonder if the scene of the Enterprise rising from the oceans is an homage to one of Star Trek’s Japanese equivalents: “Space Battleship Yamato” (of which “Star Blazers” is an Americanized re-dub/re-edit).

850. Bob Tompkins - December 6, 2012

Consider: the person dying behind glass partition is not Spock, rather the other hand belongs to Admiral Pike and he is doing the dying…
I have no doubt whatsoever that the villain is Khan, who has been discovered by Starfleet [not Kirk or the Enterprise] and has pretended to go along with whatever research project waiting for a chance at revenge…
i suspect we will know who the villain is after the first 9 minutes.

851. Anaxagoras of the South - December 6, 2012

Another thought I had that cuts against Mitchell but is neutral towards any variant of the augment theory…

Why would Gary use a gun?

Why would he crash through a window?

Wouldn’t a man with godlike powers just vaporize obstacles, organic or otherwise?

And watch that beat down of the Klingon again. Now, every human knows he’s going to lose against a son of Kahless unless he uses trickery or he’s so desperate he’s nothing better to do but go for broke. Klingons have at least Vulcanoid level strength and redundant organs that make them a suicide wish for even your strongest humans to go up against (and yeah, Kirk probably has a death wish in there somewhere…).

But if you’re an augment, you’re at least twice as strong as an unaltered human. You’ve been bred for maximum human efficiency. In short, you might, once in a blue moon, see a human beat a Klingon one on one. But Cumberbatch’s character apparently whipped quite a few of them and was confident enough to keep it rolling.

Now, you could make some of the same arguments to support the Garth of Izar theory as well but not Gary. If you’re a god, a beat down isn’t needed. Just wipe them out…

852. gingerly - December 6, 2012


I disagree.

I think those nine minutes are going to be a separate set-piece like George Kirk’s sacrifice in 2009.

…Perhaps the tail-end of another adventure.

853. R. Banks - December 6, 2012


Excellent points. Why indeed would a man with godlike powers need a gun? Hmmm.

More food for thought…

854. Gary S. - December 6, 2012

786 .All of those women are tied to a suspected villain.
Carol Marcus suggests Kahn
Elizabeth Dehner suggests Gary Mitchell.
Janice Rand suggests Charlie X.
Christine Chapel suggests Roger Korby.

855. Gary S. - December 6, 2012

853. in this timleine, his powers might be different.
Superhuman sttrength no telekinesis .
And why do people think this is the last word on what this character can do?
He may have telekinetic abilties, they just dont want to show it yet .

856. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012


Ahem, its spelled K H A N.

857. Gary - December 6, 2012

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Cumberbatch was playing a holographic version Professor Moriarty from the future?

858. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

again i point to the end of WNMHGB
Mitchell briefly looses his powers at the hands of Dehner, its not beyond the realm of possibilites he loses his powers again briefly and has to resort to whats closest to him a big a$$ gun

859. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

Please explain how Khan is a one man weapon of mass destruction.
again when he left earth, he was noted for having not resorted to genocide and mass destruction durring his rule of 3/4 of the planet.

He has no personal score to settle against kirk when they first meet, he has nothing to seek vengence for. that came latter.

860. Matt Sahlgren - December 6, 2012

From the beginning, all roads have been pointing to Gary or Khan. Therefore, it’s not Gary or Khan. It’s a canon character, who can wield incredible power yet is still somehow vulnerable to being punched in the face, who seems to involve a blond blue-uniformed gal; and is very close to Kirk, family even…
I say it is David Marcus: seeking revenge for leaving him for dead on a dying planet that just happened to resurrect Spock.
The Klingon connection, the ability to “detonate the fleet” (with protomatter, perhaps), a Genesis-like planet that seems to be disintegrating beneath our heroes feet, the Blond… and, finally, the predilection of time-travel plot devices in Star Trek movies.
There’s still a bit of the Khan legacy in there, and why assume this next film would not still deal with the bizarre effects of an alternate timeline?
It’s the perfect setup for a third film that brings an overall signature Abrams-finish to a trilogy… and bring in the Shat. Maybe for a final death worthy of the character.

861. You People Are Ignorant - December 6, 2012

^^^ Moron.

862. Adam E - December 6, 2012

Has anyone asked: What is Spock doing in a volcano?!

863. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

I am still 100 percent certain its Mitchell, but if not I am ok with anyone else but Khan.
And my reasons for not wanting this to be Khan is everything thats been said about the character Benedict is not what made Khan, well Khan.

I wouldnt mind seeing khan if the character atleast remained true to the original character but everything weve read points to a different character.

plus cumberbatch is to young when Khan left earth he was a full 12 years old physically than what cumberbatch is cumberbatch looks way to young, and closer to being a contemporary to Kirk than anything else.

864. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

861 you dont have to agree with me but there are rules against name calling on this site.

865. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012


Wait….you were sockpuppeteering as Matt Sahlgren?

866. David Marcus...LOL! - December 6, 2012

864…If you think the villain is indeed David Marcus, you’re a moron. End of story.

867. Bucky - December 6, 2012


Gary Mitchell!

Khan’s brain in Gary MItchell’s body!

Joaquin! Out for vengenace for Starfleet phasering Khan!

Garth of Iztar!

That’s all I got.

868. Q - December 6, 2012

it’s Q

869. Ashley - December 6, 2012

I get the weird feeling that Kirk is already a fleet captain or admiral in this one, and that the ship crashing into the water looks a bit like a refit… Weird stuff. :S

870. Peter Loader - December 6, 2012

In my opinion, all this the character ‘must be like the original’ is nonsense. There’s a myriad of reasons why they should in fact be different and after all its not a ‘biography’. Besides the writers are smarter than us… they have it all figured out I’m sure. New verse. New Rules. Let’s pretend we’ve never heard of Khan, Mitchell, Charlie X or Garth of Iza.

871. PureGenius - December 6, 2012

Hey Bob Orci,

Chronologically, does the story take place within a year of the first movie, a few years hence, or many years?

872. Darmok - December 6, 2012

You kids should go back and rewatch the second teaser trailer for ST09 (the first one were unused scenes of the Enterprise being built). Notice the differences between what was actually in the final cut and the teaser trailer. Some of the lines were different or acted out in a different manner. There was a bunch scenes in the original trailer that didn’t make the final cut. Also, there changes in some of the CGI. Even the Klingons were in the trailer and they didn’t make the final cut. Even the final trailer had some differences with the final cut. Keep that in mind as these trailers roll out. What you’re seeing/hearing may be way different than what makes the final cut.

873. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

no Red
THis post i made
“Please explain how Khan is a one man weapon of mass destruction.
again when he left earth, he was noted for having not resorted to genocide and mass destruction durring his rule of 3/4 of the planet.

He has no personal score to settle against kirk when they first meet, he has nothing to seek vengence for. that came latter.”

which is now 859 was 860 and the one i was responding to when i said name calling was not permited was 861

you know the posts and post numbers fluctuate on this site posts disapear and reappear.

874. Gary S. - December 6, 2012

Chris Pine has said kirk earns his Captaincy in this one .
I doubt he is promoted .
It might come down the road though.

875. Captain Peabody - December 6, 2012

I think the movie is somewhat coming together in my mind…

I’m getting a definite “Heart of Darkness” vibe from this trailer. I think that’s significant. Cumberbatch’s character, I think, is to some degree going to be a Colonel Kurtz-type character, a rogue Starfleet guy who’s gone “up the river,” and who our will have to go and confront, travelling…INTO DARKNESS.

Essentially, I think Cumberbatch is an Augment created by Starfleet to fight the Klingons. Starfleet was scared badly by the Nero incident, and remember the Klingons also got hold of a lot of technology from Nero’s ship as well. Most likely, the war with the Klingons has not been going at all well, and this led to the secret creation (or modification) of Cumberbatch and most likely other Augments as well. He and these other Augments has basically been off fighting the Klingons on the frontlines, turning the tide of the war, unknown to most of Starfleet and the Federation. Now, however, for some reason, Cumberbatch and his brothers have gone rogue.

Basically, I believe that he’s become really, really pissed off at the Federation for making him into a monster, and for basically sending him and his comrades off to fight, suffer, and die as cannon fodder, unknown to everyone in the Federation. He wants his vengeance on the Starfleet leadership, and he wants everyone in the Federation to know that the only reason they’ve been safe is because Starfleet has been letting him and his brothers do the dirty work, and suffer all the horrors of war, while the people of the Federation rested obliviously. He’s out to show the people of Earth and Starfleet what war is all about, to make them suffer the horrors he’s suffered, and experience what he’s experienced.

Most likely, he and the other Augments form some kind of semi-terrorist cell and strike out at Starfleet, assassinating the leadership and bringing chaos to Earth.

Cumberatch’s character sees Kirk in many ways as a kindred spirit. Perhaps Cumberbatch also had a “family” of fellow Augments who he lost to the Klingons; or perhaps this family is still alive. Perhaps he simply respects Kirk’s boldness and tenacity. But because of this, he wants to especially show Kirk what he’s been shown, to make him into a mirror image of himself. He’s going to be gunning psychologically for Kirk quite a bit, I think.

Eventually, I think, Kirk and co are going to have to follow Cumberbatch back into his realm, go “up the river” to the secret, war-devastated worlds where Cumberbatch and his brothers have been fighting and dieing alone.

As to who exactly Cumberbatch is playing, the character is obviously in some ways a variant on Kahn. However, Garth of Izar is also a possibility, albeit it’s nothing more than a random name-drop. Personally, I don’t think the name of the character is that important. It’s even possible (if far-fetched) that Cumberbatch in fact plays ALL the genetically-identical Augments in this film, with one in particular being the main villain. In that case, the name could be relatively meaningless.

Soooooo…what do you think, boborci? Insanity? Close?

876. Nony - December 6, 2012

Watching that cliff-jumping bit again, I just realized that Kirk and McCoy are sort of a Butch and Sundance in Space (and without the robberies). Is that what you guys had in mind with that part, Bob? ;)

877. BritBoy - December 6, 2012

@ BobOrci #819

Just made my day! Excellent writing sir! Ample clevage all the way!

By the way Bob, Im sure everyone here REALLY appreciates your continued presence, and your valuable time conversing with us on here. I have no doubt you enjoy it too, but thank you all the same.

878. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 6, 2012

@875 Captain Peabody

I must say, very well thought out. I was thinking along those lines myself. When I first heard Garth of Izar’s name being dropped, I immediately thought that someone of his talents would of course be of great interest as a kind of sleeper agent/Jason Bourne type. At least that’s where I imagined JJ and co taking it, especially with all the Section 31 stuff in the comics. I mean the feeling you get from the trailer is that this is a trained professional, but one that feels used, alienated, angry…I dunno. Maybe not.

In any event, you make a really good case.

879. Adam E - December 6, 2012

868. Q – December 6, 2012
it’s Q

Q would be awesome! I’d love to see Kirk and crew face off against Q. But why would Q seek vengeance?

880. John - December 6, 2012

Wow Khan looks great!

881. Dude Against Telephoto Paparazzi - December 6, 2012

Checked the trailer again after watching it in HD on my big screen. The ship rising from the water IS the Enterprise. Watch the last few frames of it and you can see the water clear just enough to make out NCC-17??.

The “missing man” formation is nothing of the kind. There are 4 jets and they are in perfect formation.

I still believe the person in the chair, that Kirk is kneeling down to talk to is either Weller’s captain character or Admiral Pike. I think it may be at the end of the film and they are probably the father of the blonde girl, who dies.

The hand behind the glass at the end of the Japanese trailer, where Spock reaches out to touch the glass….that hand is too small to be anyone’s but Cumberbatch’s. Look at any picture of the man and his hands are dainty. Perfect match.

I think the sacrifice that everyone seems to be talking about is Kirk giving up the Enterprise to stop a madman or stop someone from doing something bad with it. Kirk might even be aboard and is found or, even yet………….Kirk may die in this one (that one I doubt, though.)

Now, you see, this discussion is what is neat. THIS is what fun is about: talking about officially released material. Not getting grainy spoiler pics from some inbred loser geekoid with too much time on their hands, who climbs an elm tree/cargo container/30 story building/100 foot smoke stack to bring us “exclusive” photos from 3 miles away of Chris Pine taking a piss in his “new” costume (yeah, I said costume..not “uniform”) that differs from the one he wore in the first movie. :D

882. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

I just want to remind everyone that Cumberbatch said this on monday in japan
“He is a complicated character not to be judged by white-or-black, or good-or-evil. But this is the appeal of J.J.’s works and I felt challenge as an actor.”

and JJ said this “The character is a villain and scary, but I was looking for an actor with humanity who audiences can sympathies with”

Now does that sound like Khan to you, are we really supposed to have sympathies to Khan? Is Khan not to be looked upon as not being good or evil?

883. TheWrathOfBong - December 6, 2012

If the nine-minute intro sequence shows the crew on an unrelated mission to establish that these people have been adventuring together since we last saw them, then I’d bet that the scene on the red-colored planet is part of this sequence. It has a lighter, “Indiana Jones” type feel to it and I could see it being comparable to the intro scene from Raiders in that way.

884. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

I do find it interesting the some of the same posters going on and on about Augments are some of the same posters who regularly trash talk Enterprise when ever there is a Enterprise article.

Considering the term augment was never used until Enterprise.

If there are augments its a shame, there is no Brent Spiner cameo

885. AB - December 6, 2012


This sounds very plausible to me. It fits a lot of things we’ve heard and seen. ‘Into Darkness’ could also refer to Starfleet feeling the need to turn away from its former humanity and idealism to produce these soldiers who are essentially created only to kill and be killed.

I agree that the villain’s name could be something new altogether. Perhaps the ‘lie’ was that it was a canon character, or perhaps Orci was cheating a little by confirming an Augment character as a character from canon, just not a specific Augment (as in Khan).

Perhaps Weller’s character is the head of the Augment project inside Starfleet, or the CEO of a company which aids in producing the super soldiers.

886. Jimi - December 6, 2012

Bob Orci – Please tell us who the villian is before the mayan calendar runs out ;)

887. Canadianbacon - December 6, 2012

Kirk met Carol Marcus at Starfleet Academy, or at least that’s what we were led to believe in the original Trek canon. I might be wrong but didn’t she help him reprogram the kobyashi maru? Also, in TOS, Admiral Pike is confined to a wheelchair after exposure to severe radiation. Could it not stand to reason that it’s Pike who sacrifices himself to save “his family”? They kill him off rather than leave him a vegetable. Whatever that case, can’t wait to see it!!!

888. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 6, 2012

James Cawley of Phase 2 posted this on facebook.

James Cawley
Okay, it is barely 9 am and I have received a flurry of inquiries as to whether I have seen the new trailer for Star Trek:Into Darkness and did I like it or what are my thoughts. Rather than send emails back to a lot of folks, here is my answer: I think the title is appropriate! “Into Darkness” It seems that is where Trek is now.
The trailer while beautifully crafted seems to me to be no different than the one for “Battleship” or a “Transformers” film.
It seems to be just another mindless bit of Popcorn summer fun using the STAR TREK brand name, or as I like to say STAR TREK: FOR THE PLAYSTATION GENERATION”. Now, don’t get me wrong, these folks are in the business of making money, and lots of it and this is what sells in this day and age, so with that all in mind, they are doing this very well. Unfortunately for me, this is not Star Trek, the meaningful as well as adventurous one I grew up with and cherish. Can anyone see this crew trying to go back in time and save the Whales??? I have deep respect for J.J. and his team and wish them The Best with all they do, I honestly do! But for the first time since 1979, I will not be in line to buy a ticket on opening night.

889. Adam E - December 6, 2012

Spock’s human side. He is split like in “the Enemy Within.”

890. Thomas - December 6, 2012

All this speculation about Cumberbatch’s role brings something to mind:

On his podcast Fat Man on Batman, Kevin Smith talked about his reaction to the advertising for The Dark Knight Rises; namely, what he perceived as an overemphasis on Tom Hardy as Bane. He felt that the ad campaign was making such an over-the-top push for Bane as the villain (especially considering that Tom Hardy wasn’t terribly well-known before the movie), he realized that there was a bit of misdirection going on. Namely, that it steered the audience away from Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul, the true mastermind of the plot against Gotham.

I think something similar may be going on here. We don’t really know much of anything about this movie from this trailer; we see a lot of things in it but it doesn’t of itself add up to much. However, one thing we can reason from this trailer is that it’s pretty much about Cumberbatch (I’m not attaching a character name to him because we honestly don’t know who he is). We don’t see Chekov, Pike (possibly), or for our particular purposes, Peter Weller (again, we don’t know who he’s playing, so I give no name). I find myself thinking Cumberbatch is playing what is being purported to us as the villain when he may actually be an ancillary figure to another antagonist, whom I believe to be Weller.

I have no proof that any of this is true; I fully realize that my theory could be entirely bogus. But consider this:
-J.J. Is bound and determined to keep this movie as much a secret as possible until it opens.
-The production is being just as secretive about Weller’s role (if not more so) as it is about Cumberbatch or Alice Eve.
-Keeping the focus on Cumberbatch shifts attention onto him and away from the other characters, namely Weller (go through this thread and see how many posters automatically assume he’s reprising the role of John Frederick Paxton on the basis of rather circumstantial evidence).
-There is also the great potential for the production team to use the veil of secrecy to their advantage. By allowing a modicum of information to be released, especially out of context and with the ability to maintain a certain degree of silence, they allow us to speculate freely while not stating categorically one way or the other. This freedom to speculate allows us to believe whatever we want without them ever having to give away anything important. It’s especially worthwhile if what we believe allows us to venture down the wrong rabbit hole, so to speak.

891. to find the creator - December 6, 2012

it seems the end (of the JP teaser) is redemptive. Kirk & (villain) … you know.. whoever he is, comes to peace..

892. -H- - December 6, 2012

@Anthony, as you can see in the cut after the first one of Alice Eve, the person holding the device in front of Kirk seems to have a red division identification in her/his sleeve.

893. Thomas - December 6, 2012

875. Captain Peabody,

I hadn’t read your post when I wrote mine (# 890), but I have to say that your post is the only one that’s made the most sense. I tend to agree that whoever Cumberbatch is playing may not matter much, at least in comparison to what he does.

894. CJ - December 6, 2012

#97- I actually thought the same thing too when I saw the jacket. Glad someone else did. I like the idea of it be Khan’s 2nd in command. It would be a unique curveball on JJ’s part.

Couple things I thought of while watching:

-BC is fighting klingons on a klingon planet. In TWOK, Khan refers to an ancient klingon proverb. Khan has had no exposure to klingon’s in Space Seed, and he was exiled to a planet to start anew. How does Khan learn of the proverb? I think the visit to a klingon planet might be an indication of Khan.

-The jacket worn by BC on the planet, also pointed out by post #97.

– I thought the ships coming out and also hitting the water on (earth I’m assuming) might be a unique way of recognizing TWOK’s portrayal of “submarine warfare”

– The bonding with hands moment, a clear homage to TWOK but the context remains in question. A monumental moment in Trek history. However, would JJ really make a move to replicate that moment to be his own?

– You will notice in TWOK that Khan, while aboard the Reliant, is wearing a starfleet uniform. The ship that BC is sitting in on is clearly not Enterprise. Possibly Reliant?

– If Abrams is using the original WNMHGB episode as a basis for the new movie, Gary Mitchell did not battle the Enterprise and cause mass amounts of damage, whereas Khan and the superhumans did exactly that in TWOK.

– If Khan is involved somehow, and it is not BC, who could it be? If Joachim is indeed the villain, Weller must be Khan, because you know Khan will not be an unknown playing such an iconic character. Weller did claim he had his own ship…was never specified on if it was a starfleet ship. Botany Bay?

-Uhura is crying and being consoled by Scotty. We know of Uhura and Spoks relationship from the last movie, and we know Scotty was present in engineering during Spock’s death in TWOK. Could that scene be related to the hand bonding moment and indeed be Spock’s death?

These are all things I thought of while watching the trailer and looking at the images. I’m not saying they’re true, but interesting. Thoughts?

895. Hugh Hoyland - December 6, 2012

With all due respect to Mr. Cawley I’m not sure where he’s coming from with that statement. Of course he is totally free to have an opinion and I respect that. Especially for what he does with his OWN version of Star Trek. I love the idea of individuals making their own art (movies, episodes ect.). And he’s done a great job.

But IMO ‘Star Trek 09′ and ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ ARE 100% pure Star Trek and just as valid as Star Trek: The motion picture, TWOK, 3,4,5,6, Generations, FC, INS, NEM. This idea that because a film has a certain “style” that doesnt fit someones liking makes it un-Trek or something just doesnt hold water with me. This is Trek, and its natural evolution and I for one am grateful these guys have pulled it off!

896. Mark James Tucker - December 6, 2012

Wow now thats a shocker, there considering how much James Cawley made a point of bragging about being an extra in Trek 09

perhaps braging isnt the right word in descrbing that thought

but still this is a shock to me that James said his true feelings about the trailer.

Bravo james for speaking your mind and not just towing the line, just because its new trek.

897. Hugh Hoyland - December 6, 2012

And please excuse the sluggish way I wrote the above opinion. Its late and no edit button. :]

898. Red Dead Ryan - December 6, 2012

James Cawley will be one of the first in line to see “Star Trek Into Darkness” despite what he says.

899. She Sucked Jeffries' Tube! - December 6, 2012

@890 Now that you mentioned it, it could be that Kirk et al was able to capture BC’s character from the Klingons, only to find out that he deliberately had himself captured so he can be taken to Earth and put his grand plan into action, perhaps free Peter Weller’s character and wreck havoc at Starfleet Command? :P

900. Trish - December 6, 2012

Has anyone else noticed that in the Klingon fight scene Cumberbatch’s character stops a phaser?blast before it hits him. It just fizzles out. Super mind powers?

901. Disinvited - December 6, 2012

People keep thinking vengeance and revenge are synonyms. They’re not.

When Khan woke his buddies in SPACE SEED, he reminded them that when they went to sleep they dreamed of conquering a world. Then he told them “Now, we have a universe.”

Any of Khan’s group could seek to wreak vengeance on the Earth for the injustice of being denied that rightful conquest, and as a prelude to the bigger one Khan would lay before them.

Step 1. Arrange for the heroic death of the most loved member of the fleet that will result in a memorial that every fleet member will try their best to attend in honor of his memory.

Step 2. With all those minimally manned ships in one spot, infiltrate each and prep them for fleet detonation.

Step 3. At the precise point in the eulogy where the speaker praises the hero’s actions for keeping the peace, the prime mission, interrupt and give your Trailer A speech.

Step 4. Conquer.

Step 5. Rule.

In this manner, whoever detonates the fleet becomes a one man WMD.

Also, maybe this time around, however Khan awoke, he had time to hangback and study the situation. Plan to infultrate Starfleet, etc.

902. kmart - December 6, 2012

Sure, do his thinking for him. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that a helluva lot. Crucify the naysayer, that always works well too, dumbshit.

903. Crewman Darnell - December 6, 2012

I have reason to believe the “weird looking” NCC-17… ship rising up from the water is Peter Weller’s (CEO) Federation ship, commandeered by the Cumberbatch villain, who is likely to be a Botany Bay Augment.

904. diggin up bones - December 6, 2012

Here’s my take on it: Kirk’s “family” is Carol Marcus and their unborn son. The villain is Khan or Mitchell or whoever, found by Peter Weller. The villian defeats Starfleet and forces the Enterprise to crash into the water. Everyone is forced to submit to his rule and wear leather jackets. Kirk and company fix the Enterprise and fly out of the water to kick his butt.

905. Adam E - December 6, 2012

#904. diggin up bones

Good theory! Alice Eve could be Carol Marcus who, in this timeline, joined Starfleet.

906. -H- - December 6, 2012

@Anthony, BTW, at second 37, the two holding crew members on the ship who tried to catch a falling third one seems to be Kirk and Scotty if you turn the images 180 degrees. ;)

907. Ha ha - December 7, 2012

#901. People keep thinking vengeance and revenge are synonyms. They’re not.

Sorry, but they are synonyms.

908. Jack - December 7, 2012

890. Thomas. Nice points.

909. portland182 - December 7, 2012

Mitchel and Kirk get super powers not Dehner?

910. Jack - December 7, 2012

I need to watch the trailers for Trek II, III, VI and even VI again, but I remember that none of them was a real representation of the actual movies. They were all explosions, FX and Kirk yelling ‘fire!’

I think assuming that this movie will be intellectually lazy, based on the trailer alone, is intellectually lazy

911. boborci - December 7, 2012

886. If i see an ashteroid coming in a few weeks, i will tell all;)

912. boborci - December 7, 2012

876. nony


913. Bird Of Clay - December 7, 2012

Too dark for a Trek movie, if you ask me. At least from what we get until now. Somehow the excitement has been revoked, leaving just … i don’t know…curiosity.

I still cannot understand how bringing down everything you gave shape to, in the first movie, can make Trek go further and evolve. I try my best to keep the faith and hope the movie lives up to the fans’ expectations, as it is supposed to.

914. boborci - December 7, 2012

871 pure genius

about a year-ish.

915. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

@Disinvited (178) — Could you please be more specific?

916. Mark James Tucker - December 7, 2012

Best thing about this preview, no Keenser.

917. Tweek - December 7, 2012

Why do anyone believe, the Enterprise can go under Water and is seen in this Teaser?
You just can read “NCC”. No “1701”. It could be another Ship, maybe the Ship, that crashes in SF at the end of the teaser…(I think it crashes)

918. - December 7, 2012


I noticed that too. Here is hoping.

919. karter95 - December 7, 2012

Looking at the picture with Kirk in his yellow shirt . Am I the only one who thinks. His eyes just don’t look right.

920. Battle-scarred Sciatica - December 7, 2012

This looks like a decent sci-fi action movie but will suck as a Star Trek movie.
For fracks sake JJ stop hacking up my beloved Star Trek.

That is all.

As you were.

921. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

@ 914 boborci: If you’re still in NYC as you had stated earlier… you really should get some sleep! :)

The movie has two acknowledged homages:

Butch Cassidy cliff jumping
TWOK through the glass LL&P

Therefore it is safe to assume that there will be others.

The Fly??? (Khan & Gary merging?) :)

922. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

@TheLastVulcan (921) — And, I will add: Is it too much to expect the compulsory “KHAAAAAAN!”-niption from our new Kirk?

923. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012



Well, all I know is that I’d love to have seen a merger between Alice Eve and Zoe Saldana. That would take sexiness to infinity and beyond!

(Another homage, this one to Buzz Lightyear?) ;)

924. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

@TheLastVulcan (923) — LOL — good one!

925. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 7, 2012

I don’t understand fans who say this isn’t Star Trek – people please, it IS Star Trek but with a much larger budget!

Trek of the past was given the bare bones treatment, sets made from cardboard, we all love those times but this is what Star Trek would have looked like done with the money that Abrams has had.

There is no one better suited to bring Star Trek into the 21st century than JJ Abrams. These movies will and have opened up Trek to a whole new audience.

As for this movie, I LOVE that trailer I do however have my questions:

– Obviously space is involved as we see Kirk and Co on different worlds but is space given as big a part in this movie as it was in the first one?

– Is that Khan, Mitchell, Garth? My money is on Gary Mitchell due to his personal connection to Kirk and that he, out of all of the choices has appeared in the Star Trek Ongoing comic book series which was said to contain hints and clues as to what the movie would be about…

– Although the trailer looks stunning I do hope that this movie has as much, if not more humour in it. What made the 2009 movie so likeable for many I believe was that these weren’t just men and women from the future, these were human beings with all the characteristics there of. I do hope that whilst it’s clear our heroes have to overcome disease and danger wrapped up in darkness and silence… They are able to be human…

– The optimistic outlook. Will the optimism come from our heroes struggling through horrific times or does this movie literally send Star Trek into darkness?

At the moment I’m truly gob-smacked excited about this movie but I can see its flaws, it’s too much like every other summer blockbuster out there and whilst the clip is only a minute long, will things reveal themselves to be a bit different from your average super-hero flick? I hope so, JJ Abrams has the ability to do wonderful things, Star Trek and Super 8 being his finest pieces of film so far, I just hope that Into Darkness doesn’t just mean the literal but there’s some light and humanity involved too.

926. Bird Of Clay - December 7, 2012


“What made the 2009 movie so likeable for many I believe was that these weren’t just men and women from the future, these were human beings with all the characteristics there of.”

“I just hope that Into Darkness doesn’t just mean the literal but there’s some light and humanity involved too.”

Could not agree more. I’m glad to have read that.

927. Disinvited - December 7, 2012

#907. Ha ha

Thank you. Their entries in the OED are different and seemed disparate. Now I understand what everyone’s typing about. I stand corrected.

928. Disinvited - December 7, 2012

#915. Hat Rick

Sam Rubin played the non-Japaneses version of the Trailer A that we’ve all been typing about during his first 2 entertainment segments.

Kept mentioning some staffer exploding happiness all around at its release.

929. Pegasus - December 7, 2012

Okay, so people get annoyed when someone says this isn’t Star Trek. What’s Star Trek to you?? Let me share a few examples of what Star Trek is to me:

1) it is literary. Shakespeare, Melville, Dickens, row row row your boat… There is an intelligence, a wisdom to Trek, that comes from classic texts — texts which can be translated into our lives today, and from there, the messages can be revealed on alien worlds, as alien motivations. Literature, reading, must be in Star Trek for me.

2) Prime colour uniforms. Sorry, that’s just how it goes. When someone walks into a room wearing “Star Trek” I can tell it from the other side of the house. It’s like changing the colours of Superman or Spiderman. Not cool. I get that Star Trek Online kinda mixed up the clothes and stuff for variety’s sake and rpg fun with thousands of players, but for me a Star Trek without a bright red shirt is as bad as that glowing blue energy-form Superman.

3) So after the shirts, I say the ship. The saucer in the front and the nacells at the back. That style of ship is really necessary for Trek. They used it in DS9 a lot during battles, and even had them docked at the station now and again. There is a certain design of the ship that must remain in tact for it to be star trek. Saucer in the front, nacelles in the back.

4) Me. That’s right folks, Star Trek for me has to be about me. This is what killed Harry Potter and what killed Twilight after the first movie. Why do I care about a battle to kill an evil wizard unless it somehow connects to the person I am and talks to me about my own issues and my own life and my own world? I don’t. Star Trek NEVER talked about aliens to the point where I didn’t see myself. If there’s a fight, I don’t care unless it’s somehow relevant to the person I am. Or universal enough that I’ve seen or experienced it through others. I don’t actually CARE about vampires! I cared that the vampire was trying to fit in, keeping secrets and fighting his instinct — all of which most people feel just in going through puberty!

5) Positivity. Star Trek 2 wasn’t about Spock dying. See, Star Trek 2 had to be done right. Spock had to put his hand on McCoy and say “Remember” even for no reason at the time. Because it needed hope, a possibility. Star Trek 2 is ultimately a failure without Star Trek 3. Star Trek 3 had to happen or Star Trek would have died. That is the positivity that keeps the show going. People survive. Plus, the actions of the crew are good. I have to be able to watch them when I am young and learn from them how to act. They have to be models, guides, friends. Because that is a future we should want, without poverty or war. How do we achieve that? Things should be brightly lit. There was no worse choice than the lighting in Generations. And people listen and care and think. This is Star Trek. It is an attitude.

There are of course exceptions to all these rules, but the bulk of Trek for me MUST follow them.

Now. Which of those is in this trailer? Maybe #3, the saucer in the front and the nacelles in the back? If that’s all, I can quite firmly say, this is not Star Trek to me.

Don’t get me wrong. The villain sounds amazing and the movie looks fun and exciting and touching, but is it Star Trek? They need to do better next trailer on showing the Star Trek part of the movie.

930. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 7, 2012

Going back to that very last screen shot of Kirk and Spock between glass….

if that is indeed Kirk, it seems like he’s laying on the floor – could this be the alternate version of this scene and could it be Kirk this time that gives his life to save his crew?

Of course even if Kirk is the one who gets it in the neck, doesn’t mean he’s actually dead…

But it just seems like killing Spock would be too obvious and that it may be more ‘logical’ to kill Kirk instead (I just hope they bring him back for the final movie)

931. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

@Disinvited (928), thank you for your response. It seems that Sam Rubin is a fan of Trek, which to me is a good thing.

932. - December 7, 2012

I doubt it will be Gary Mitchell simply because they have covered his story in the comics.

Not that they could not bring him back but they would have drawn the character to have looked like Benedict Cumberbach. Instead he was drawn to look like the original Gary Mitchell.

If it is Khan that would be lame but maybe no lamer than running three pissed off villains seeking vengeance in a row.

Iron Man did the same thing by repeating the same story for it’s second film. I’m hoping this story is more than a repeat but so many things are already identical.

933. Max - December 7, 2012

#929 I just read the script for TWOK and interestingly the “remember” isn’t in it. They must have filmed it and then left the decision to use it or not once Nimoy had made up his mind about coming back

934. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 7, 2012


I think Orci said that the comics gave clues as to what the film would be about. It’s not too far fetched to believe that a god-like being would be able to sustain a phaser shot and to be in some kind of coma until found within is photon tube by lets say… The Klingons??

As for the look of Mitchell in the comics, Cumberbach was hired to play the villain AFTER the comic was written so thats why there could be some change in his appearance. Also you have to think about what he was wearing in the comics, this matches up with what Cumberbach is wearing in the trailer…

The problem I have with Khan is that there are too many unanswered questions as to why he’d be wearing a Starfleet black uniform and why he’d be there at all, why does he say he’s returning when we’ve not seen him? The only other person it could be is Kirks brother? But then why would he be british.

Lord Garth perhaps but again we’ve not seen him in this new timeline throughout the comics and to be honest Lord Garth is not as memorable a character nor as complex a character as Gary Mitchell.

Mitchell ticks more boxes than any other character from the TOS catalogue:

– He has a personal relationship with Kirk
– He has a motive for being pissed off
– He has a reason to seek vengeance against Kirk

Reasons for shooting a gun? Gary Mitchell was never fully transformed into a “god” so it could be that along with the injury he sustained when Kirk shot him on that other Delta Vega…

The other thing is that this story could borrow elements from different parts of Trek, the man could be Gary Mitchell but he could be using the genesis device?

935. Hawkeye53 - December 7, 2012

Does anyone else thing Scott looks weird? Can’t wait to see this…

936. Hawkeye53 - December 7, 2012


937. draderman - December 7, 2012

There is a TOS villain that tells Kirk “I’ll have my vengeance.”
Lazarus – The Alternate Factor
His powers caused “Complete disruption of normal magnetic and gravimetric fields, time-warp distortions, and possible radiation variations.” Kirk and Starfleet thought the effects from his powers were “a prelude to invasion.”
Other things said in the episode:
“Were dealing with a creature capable of destroying worlds.”
“Hes humanoid outside, but inside, hes a hideous murdering monster.”
Its interesting to note that Lazarus and Spock Prime share one thing in common: they are the only 2 characters that are time travelers from an alternate universe.
I don’t think its him tho. just sayin’

938. KevinA Melbourne Australia - December 7, 2012

30. Spock Jenkins
Inertial Dampers! They seem to fix everything!

This trailer is great. I was already excited but I am really pissed about not having any Digital IMAX in Australia. I’ll just have to wait for the TrekMovie report next week I suppose.

Great work Anthony, never seen so many posts here!!!

939. Khan 2.0 - December 7, 2012

Star Trek (Look We Know You Cool Kids Want Everything To Be Like The Dark Knight Now So Please Come And See Our Really Dark Movie So Much So We Are Actually Put Darkness In The Title With Another Conflicted Scheming Villain Out For Revenge And Lots Of Destruction And Explosions And Mayhem And Fighting With That Really Fast Bourne Editing And Revenge Of The Sith Like Volcano Action Cos That Was The best SW Prequel Right And Lots of References/Imagery Of Things Rising Just Like In The Dark Knight Rises That Will Be Nothing Like Your Great Grandpas Star Trek Other Than A Few Nods Here And There To Keep Them Happay Like The Touching Glass Thing That Will Completly Go Over Your Heads But The Old Timers Will Be Wetting Themseleves In Glee) Into Darkness

940. Khan 2.0 - December 7, 2012

Ah crap i got a bit wrong – please ignore the ‘Are’ at the end of the 2nd line

941. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 7, 2012

Mitchell would also have an issue with Starfleet and Pike for promoting Kirk above him. Also Alice Eve’s character could take sympathy for Mitchell and help him in some way as Kirk was seemingly not liked at Starfleet in the first movie… Which would suggest that Alice Eve may be playing Dr Dehner since there was perhaps a romance between her and Mitchell (besides McCoy which is referenced in the comic book having ended badly so another reason to not like the Enterprise crew very much)

942. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 7, 2012

@940 no you got it wrong, therefore your attempt at humour has been denied…. ;)

943. Khan 2.0 - December 7, 2012


what about Kirk? – he now has his hair styled/parted on the opposite side to Kirk in TOS (unless you count those mirror ‘reverse’ reaction shots in certain episodes)

a fun subtle nod to the fact that this is all taking place in an alternate universe/dimention where things arent the same? like in the Roy Thinnes (David Vincent) movie Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (aka Doppleganger)

944. Gary Mitchell (ITS NOT ME YOU IDIOTS!) - December 7, 2012

Why do you have people on here continuing to believe its Gary Mitchell and the arguments they make for it are weak and ridiculous.

Gary Mitchell is not the villian. Go back and watch that episode. Mitchell would be way more badass in movie form. Orci and those boys are way too smart. They would stretch their imagination if it were Mitchell. He would not be jumping through a window. He would wave his hand and remove it.

Again, this is a new universe with new twists. Neros incursion altered everything technology and the balance of power. Events were altered or reshaped. JJ said in an interview with MTV that Neros incursion altered the technology in that era and I think this movie will reflect Starfleets response to what happened and how it shaped the Federation.

Mitchell would make this personal. He would ask Jim why didnt you save me? Why did you leave me stranded in a tube (Read the current comic series if you want to know) Mitchell did not have an accent.

If it is Khan which I believe it is, they have come up with an explanation for why he looks different and where he has been. Maybe the Botany Bay was discovered by someone else. Nobody wants to consider that.

You would have to be a complete idiot to think its Gary Mitchell. The movie has to be accessible to fans and non-fans. Non-Fans are not reading comics or blogs like this. They may not go back and watch old episodes.

There is not much you can tell from those clips but if you know Trek Lore and you are familiar with the Eugenics War stories and all of that which I am sure Orci and Kurtzman are (No offense guys but you are two nerds living a nerds dream come true) highly versed in that lore and there is no way in hell you can not gather from those clips that Khan has been resurrected in the franchise. You would have to be a fool to think its Mitchell.

I believe Alice Eve is Dehner. Thats another thing new timeline and new lives. Remember Spocks line about the alternate reality. That was the writers way of saying we are going in another direction. You wont necessarily see things as they were in the old universe and I agree with them 100 percent.

Khan is back albeit as a white british dude. I say look to the Eugenics War novels for clues. Those guys read Trek novels. You cant make the case for Gary Mitchell. It does not add up. I think Dehner was thrown in and thats cool but no way its Mitchell. The Dude says that “peace is an illusion” He is someone who fought wars and rejects this new utopia. Does that sound like a Federation dude to you? According to the synopsis he goes to a war zone. That is Khan. Remember The Milton reference at the end of Space Seed? Come on man use your Geek Brains. If you cant see it turn in your Trek fan card now!!! You don’t deserve it. This is Khan man and I am sooooo happy he is back.

In the first issue of the Star Trek series from IDW there is a plot device in there that allows him to be brought back if they see fit but I doubt it.
Paramount has had way too much success to ride their fortunes on Gary Mitchell and some esoterical Trek movie about probes and whales.

If Gene is turning over then let him turn over. Its a new day old Trek dudes. Deal with it. No more V’GER and all that. I love old Trek but it needed a shot in the arm. DS9 was as close to the edge as it got and I am glad they are taking it back to the edge or else it dies.

One more thing if its not Khan I will be on my roof like Kirk shouting “BOOOOOOOOOOOB!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!! then I will go see it love it and be alright like all Nerds

945. Picard's Fish - December 7, 2012

interesting that Cumberbatch feels that this villain isn’t purely a black/white, good/evil type..

what sort of injustice was done to this guy that warrants total annnihlation of a city, an excuses the evil label?

946. Mad Man - December 7, 2012

914. boborci – December 7, 2012
871 pure genius

about a year-ish.


Well, that kinda sucks. I was hoping it would be after the “5-year mission” or close to the end of it. Well, maybe it would still see Kirk with more command experience and presence.

947. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

One thing is missing from the trailer — and I hope it’s not permanent! I’m sure you all know what it is. Oh well.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled speculation.

What? You don’t know what it is? Okay, then.


All right, all right, I’ll tell: The thing that’s missing is, of course is…

Admiral Archer’s dog. The poor thing. I feel guilty about that too, Scotty….

948. Maxie - December 7, 2012

I haven’t read all 950+ posts so I’m not sure if this has been addressed, but has anyone considered the line “A comforting lie told to protect you” ?
A lie told by who?
Protect from what?
Maybe the lie is told by section 31 as in their own misguided way they do want to protect the federation. But again, from what? Klingons? Augments? Augmented Klingons?

Another point; I don’t know much about military protocol, maybe someone could fill me in, but if that scene is a memorial service shouldn’t everyone have their hats off?

949. Basement Blogger - December 7, 2012

Star Trek movies where the the villain seeks vengeance.

1. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

2. Star Trek: Insurrection

3. Star Trek: Nemesis; One could argue that this one is not about vengeance. But Shinzon gets back at the Romulans for abandoning him on Remus. He also has no love for Picard. So I consider this one featuring a villain seeking revenge.

4. Star Trek 2009

Now Benedict Cumberbatch seeks revenge on earth. So that’s five out of twelve films about revenge. I’m keeping an open mind; Star Trek Into Darkness could be a great movie. The trailer has me very interested in the movie. It’s exciting.

950. SoonerDave - December 7, 2012


If I remember correctly, that was a pickup shot after some initial screenings in the movie itself tested well, but Spock’s death tested *very* negatively and public rumors about him being killed off were making the rounds. Bennett didn’t know if he could talk Nimoy into coming back for another movie, or if even there would *be* another movie, but he realized he had to do something to “texture” the perception of Spock’s death. From the outset, the idea was that Spock would be killed off. Test screenings from then on, apparently, were cut off immediately after the scene where Spock leaves the bridge to repair the engines before the Genesis torpedo detonates, and test responses were off the charts positive.

When he wrote that scene, it was originally supposed to be “Remember me,” which Bennett thought was too on the nose, and changed it to “Remember,” which left it open ended and “magical” (at least that’s the word I think I remember him using…saw/heard the discussion on a DVD extra or Trek feature somewhere a long time ago). It was that change, and the later pickup shot of Spock’s “torpedo coffin” that led director Nicholas Meyer to nearly asking for his name to be taken off the film entirely because he felt the old trick of doubletalking a “killed off” character back to life was a cheat.

951. - December 7, 2012

A 938.

There is digital imax in Melbourne (Hoyts). We will get the nine minute trailer in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

952. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

@ 944

You basically say, that it must be Khan, because Gary Mitchell is too unknown as a villain, so they stick to known one?
Well first of all the last film proved that you can be succesful without using a pre-eastablished villain. Nero was an unknown and the movie was sucesful nonetheless.
THe average audience knows basically about Star Trek, that it is the show about the guy with the funny ears! I dont think that they remember who Khan is, Star Trek 2 might be criticially aclaimed but remember that the film is also 30 years old!
The average audience won’t care if it is Gary Mitchell or Khan, simply because they don’t know both guys either. They might remember Spock Kirk and Bones, and thats it.
I don’t think that Khan is a selling point, especially if it is a non-recongnisable white british Khan. Whats the point of using Khan, if his physical features are already gone.

953. SoonerDave - December 7, 2012

The “Is It Trek” debates wage on…

Classic Trek was about good drama, drama that puts central characters in conflict – good, credible conflict. TOS Trek was feast or famine – really good (City on the Edge of Forever), and really bad (Spock’s Brain).

But as TOS evolved into movies, Trek’s nature necessarily changed. Movies, as ol’ David Gerrold wrote, necessarily have to be about the “biggest thing” to happen in the character(s)’ lives. TV is precisely the opposite. The week-to-week adventure and exploration TV notion of Trek has yet to translate to a unqualified success at the box office.

Yeah, I wish there had been a good TOS Trek movie with a discussion and great dialog a la “COTEOF”, and great insights a la the briefing room table in “Balance of Terror,” but the movies haven’t quite done it. TUC came darned close to it. TMP with just a fraction less ponderousness was close, too. Voyage Home had wonderful camaraderie. But the pure notion of “Where is the Enterprise going this week,” in the forms of “Insurrection” or even “Generations” just haven’t worked very well in feature movie form, nor are they likely to. Abrams and crew know this.

I think its time we just acknowledge this incarnation of Trek is the product of the current generation, and the current folks at the helm are doing their dead-level best to create a product that perpetuates at least some of our favorite aspects of Trek while appealing to a broader audience. This movie isn’t likely to match the dramatic ennui of “COTEOF,” or even draw any great insights on the human condition, but it’s at least an *effort* to keep this grand franchise alive and going. And I plan to be in line May 17th to see how it all turns out.

It’s about fun and entertainment, folks. That’s all.

954. - December 7, 2012

I agree with Exverlobter.

Any villain will not effect the wider audience for better or worse.

The only villain that will effect bums on seats is Khan and that amongst trekkies who will stay away if Khan is the villain.

Khan makes the worst decision from a marketing perspective.

But it still may be him though. Note the ridges in the jacket similar to the ridges in Khans outfit in TWOK.

But then the fact that it’s someone from inside starfleet would seem to preclude Khan and this pic gives me hope×227.jpg

But why would Mitchell have a gun as others have mentioned?

I think my brain is about to explode.

955. - December 7, 2012

Good thoughts SoonerDave.

956. gov - December 7, 2012

Mitchell may have a gun and use his fists in these few quick clips if his powers are diminished. Same for the lack of mirror eyes.

Remember, when Kirk would should (wound?) Mitchell, the eyes returned to normal for a few moments. And he seemed to lack “god-like” powers in those few moments, as well.

So…the…posssibility….exists that we’re seeing Mitchell use weapons and fists while his powers drained.

Just a theory.

957. Is he the real writer? - December 7, 2012

Is the guy here who claims to be Bob Orci the real one? Can anyone confirm this?

No offense to you Bob.

958. Yanks - December 7, 2012

For all you “JJ Trek” haters…

Trek is in it’s element on TV, not on the big screen. Enjoy these action based popcorn blockbusters, buy the DVD’s and we just might get trek back where it belongs.

BTW, they bent over backwards to pay homage to TOS in the first movie, I would ecpect no less this time.

@boborci – please don’t kill off any of our main characters, you did way too good a job casting them :)

Really looking forward to this movie and many more.

959. Endeavour Crew - December 7, 2012

Anthony, if you look closely at the ship coming out of the water and it’s nacelle design it is not the Enterprise (unless they altered the design for this movie). In essence, the back of the nacelle design is “stepped”.

Also, we only see NCC……..and nothing more so at this point we do not know for sure it is the “E”……

960. Locutus - December 7, 2012

If you look at the Japanese trailer you can see in the end what looks like a recreation of the Spock death scene from The Wrath Of Khan when both Kirk and Spock place their hands on each side of a glass… My guess is its a remake of The Wrath Of Khan…

961. Joker-84 - December 7, 2012

The Trailer is awesome. I can’t wait. I don’t care who the villain is. I watched it twenty times. BC is really bad ass. I love the darkness in the trailer.

962. Nurse Gabble - December 7, 2012

I keep coming back to the last sentence “Is there anything you would not do for your family?” The emphasis is on “your”.
So he justifies his vengeance for what has happened to his family/crew/race? Remember that Noel Clarke was announced to play a family man (not just a guy with wife and daughter) but again the word family.
There must be a connection somewhere….

Regarding the main suspects Khan, Garry and Garth and asuming they stay approximatly close to the villains canon history, which of them is most likely out to avenge not only whatever injustice has happened to him but also to his “family”?

Garry is godlike. I doubt he cares for anyone but himself.
Garth is crazy and too self-centered to think of others.
Khan remains the only one with a “family” related motif.

But then again this sounds too much like Neros story

Hell, I don’t know !!!

963. - December 7, 2012

Not true. Khan was single until he met McGyvers on the Enterprise.

But sounding like Nero’s story, that part is exactly true.

964. SirBroiler - December 7, 2012

I think there are a lot of great ways that this could be Khan or Joachim based on what is seen and heard in the trailer. And if they pass up the opportunity to show the birth of the Kirk/Carol relationship they are insane. Alice Eve is Carol Marcus for sure.

Khan and the other augments were warrior kings – and this “end of peace” notion in the trailer has me thinking thinking more about the concept of war versus complacency in peacetime, than it does about some being, human or not, with cosmic alien powers.

And are we sure Spock is behind the glass? Maybe he’s in front of it?

965. Rick Johnson - December 7, 2012

@954 There could be–and almost has to be, for plot reasons–some kind of fluctuation or variation in Mitchell’s power. He’s not “Q.” He might be seeking an enhancement to his power, or some kind of superweapon, or something. Without motivation of some kind beyond his “terrorism,” there’s no story.

Even with silver eyes, in the episode, he could be crushed by a rock totally. In the “canon” comic, Spock neck-pinches him at full power, and messes up his powers by messing up his blood-flow. And with just a bit of telekinesis, he could sabotage complex ships (the same way in real life a tiny telekinetic bubble in their brain could kill someone.)

It’s implied his powers are growing in the episode, and he’ll soon be “like a god,” but the most he ever does is make some stuff appear at the end of the episode. Then he’s fist-fighting with Cpt. Kirk, so he’s not *that* godlike.

966. Devon - December 7, 2012

#917 – “You just can read “NCC”. No “1701″”

I and several others here have looked at the 1080p iTunes trailer and “1701” is visible (barely) right as that shot is fading out.

967. Dom - December 7, 2012

I remember all the whinging last time from a section of Star Trek fans. It’s more an issue for Berman Trek fans, I think, who are used to a very talky, drawing room style of Trek. Berman’s Trek is best summed up as: ‘You can’t do that: it’s Star Trek!’ which is why it ultimately stagnated and died.

If you grew up before TNG came along, Star Trek was an action-packed space Western, often with a very dark, surreal streak. Look at characters like Doctor Adams or Kodos, for heaven’s sake! Or forces such as Redjac. TMP, which is arguably the pilot for TNG, was a shock for many of us because such a talky, pretentious film was not what Trek fans expected. And the eventual director’s edition was a considerably less ponderous, more fun affair.

And now we’re getting films based on TOS, so the style is bound to be an amped up version of the 1960s show. And for all the remarks about the lack of colour, there’s lots of it in the alien landscape clips. The reason for the greyness in San Francisco? The same as we had to point out to the naysayers last time: mist from the bay! It’s realistic!

And as for the obsession with the Federation being a utopia in Star Trek, there was never any kind of utopia in the original Star Trek, so expect more realistic people in these films behaving in a more realistic manner.

In short, don’t like the look of the new film? Get over it.

968. doctorbobo - December 7, 2012

Just as a slightly altered idea – keeping in mind the original timeline:

Captain Pike was supposed to go to Talos IV, but now will not as Captain of the Enterprise because of the events of the first movie.

So…what if someone else does…I keep thinking about the line in the voice-over “It is an illusion” and how that might a bread crumb to Cumberbatch being an officer who, instead of Pike, ends up going to Talos IV. The Talosians in the original timeline were not keen in “The Cage” about humans learning their powers, lest it destroy humanity, too.

It might explain other things like the older looking NX-01 ship crashing into San Francisco Bay, Cumberbatch challenging Kirk – “shall we begin” – and even the WoK-ish scene as an illusion to mess with Spock’s head.

969. MORN SPEAKS - December 7, 2012

I find it interesting that almost all Treks have at least some scenes on Earth. With the exception of Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis.

All of which, weren’t box office hits.

So, does having scenes on Earth preclude better box office due to its familiarity and grounded setting?


970. R. Banks - December 7, 2012

@Joker-84 #961,

Although I enjoy the speculation about who the villain is, like you, it doesn’t really matter to me.

I think the more important thing is who (the actor) they cast as the bad guy, rather than the identity of the actual character. I think they’ve hit a home run by casting Cumberbatch as the baddie.

His voiceover in the trailer is ominous and awesome. The darkness of the trailer is is brilliant.

971. Rick Johnson - December 7, 2012

@964 Wild, wild guess–Kirk is behind the glass, Spock is outside. Kirk’s arc has something to do with “family.” Maybe he sacrifices himself–but killing Kirk is insane.

I don’t think you can callback to that scene without killing *somebody* and not have it feel like a cheat.

Perhaps Dehner then sacrifices herself to save Kirk. You can see how it would be appealing to callback to the end of “Wrath of Khan” and have this wonderful “get out of jail free” card with godlike powers, who needs to die anyway, laying around. All the self-sacrifice themes would fit in with the Hollywood approach to “Trek.”

We know how much these guys love the Joseph Campbell mythical stuff, so “rebirth of the hero” works in that mold (think end of the last Harry Potter book, where Harry “dies” and is resurrected immediately.)

972. Devon - December 7, 2012

If you want to see it:

973. MORN SPEAKS - December 7, 2012

Mr Orci,

I like that the Klingons are masked.

On Enterprise it was established that some Klingons had ridges while others were afflicted with the disease that left them without.

So, if you were a ridge-less Klingon, you might put on a mask so other ridged Klingons wouldn’t know and no one would dare touch that mask.

974. Khan 2.0 - December 7, 2012

@942 my attempts at humour leave much to be desired,,,: )

975. Khan 2.0 - December 7, 2012

angry Khan like villain = II, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII

angry Khan like Villain out for revenge with sympathetic streak = II,VII, IX, X, XI, (XII?)

976. - December 7, 2012

Cumberbach says the villain is not really good or evil which i guess rules Khan out.

977. Green - December 7, 2012

I really, really think and hope it’s Gary, the blonde lady seems likely to be Elizabeth. The two of them even look like their TOS counterparts and I seriously doubt J.J. really wants to touch Khan with a ten foot pole.

It seems kind of obvious to me. People are just saying Khan because they can’t get Khan off the brain and because of the little reference in the Japanese trailer.

978. LogicalLeopard - December 7, 2012

976 Unless he’s referring to the fact that he has his own individual moral viewpoint, which Khan definitely has, or that perhaps he’s insane, which could have happened to Khan as well.

979. Ralph Pinheiro - December 7, 2012

Aircraft flying in missing man formation could be a major character death. Maybe Pike. I don´t believe in Spock´s death again.

980. drumvan - December 7, 2012


that sounds like a very real possibility. very well thought out.

i also think that possibly it is cumby’s character that dies (almost) in the spock hand scene and he is really pisssed because the enterprise crew and federation abandon he and his augment team there.


that’s pretty good evidence that it’s enterprise rising out of the water. the ship crashing into the bay is obviously not. but it’s a damn impressive visual!

981. LogicalLeopard - December 7, 2012

Oh, and a point about the glass and two hands touching on the glass from the Japanese scene.

Has anyone realized that the person’s hand with the gold sleeve is not moving, yet the blue hand is?

I think it’s a good guess that Pike dies, and Spock is touching his hand through the glass, perhaps to detect if he was still alive. Pike’s death would fit in with the family theme, as Spock’s former commanding officer, he’s probably one of the few parental figures or close friends that Spock has.

Then again, the two people could be anyone, but since the gold sleeve isn’t moving, I think it’s a good bet that it isn’t going to be Spock who bites it.

982. Green - December 7, 2012


Or if we assume that it is Gary Mitchell, that could happen early in the movie when we establish what happened to Gary when he’s left for dead.

983. Maximus - December 7, 2012

Easy! Cumberbatch is Mitchell back for revenge. Decimates the fleet. Khan is Weller who will play a secondary part ib thus film. As the fleet is destroyed and most personnel, eugenics are the only means to combat the growing klingon threat. In comes Khan, probably at the end of the film. The eugenics war begins and on the st:3…

984. RaveOnEd - December 7, 2012

What if Paramount goofed and spliced in part of an old fire prevention video, where you have to touch your hand to the door to see if it’s warm?

Never thought of that, did ya? Some unreleased video done in the 1960’s: “How to Live Long and Prosper from Fire Prevention with Leonard Nimoy!”

985. Ralph Pinheiro - December 7, 2012

if I were a writer, I would reboot Garth of Izar. He is a character almost unknown, but he has the potential to be threatening. He would fit as a Starfleet officer, intelligent and with some extra human abilities would become a potential threat.
In my opinion, bring back Khan and Mitchell would be more complicated.

986. USSHorizonNCC1732 - December 7, 2012

Has nobody noticed that Spock touching the glass in the last shot of the Japanese trailers is holding the Live Long and Prosper salute……

Just saying, that might be important…

987. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

More Leans flares please! This is too bleak.

988. Ralph Pinheiro - December 7, 2012

Imagine, Cumberbatch as Garth of Izar in prison, seeing a chance to leave it when a ship arrives at the planet. The captain Weller’s ship. Cumberbatch would enter it hidden, dominate the ship and begin his revenge.

989. SoonerDave - December 7, 2012

Hmm…whaddaya bet the magic “first nine minutes” are the backstory to the Eugenics wars, re-establishing Khan, who is then taken out in the alternate timeline by Cumberbatch’s character…

I am more and more of the notion that these first nine minutes are immensely important to the film, not just a creative advertisement.

boborci, if you’re still lurking, could you at least advise if that latter sentiment is right? That is, are these “nine minutes” especially important to the story foundationally? You could have the first few minutes that just lets everyone know the movie is on the way, and reveal virtually nothing of the broader story, or you could include important foundational elements that would carry over to the rest of the movie…

990. lwr - December 7, 2012

That was basically my take also as mentioned in item 354.
Of course, my only fear is that this would have been the TREK way boborci would have written it ( being a trek fan and all), but with Damon Lindeloff swooping in from behind he could just toss it out and say, ah how cares if it makes sense. unansered questions are good….

991. Basement Blogger - December 7, 2012

Gary Mitchell supporters. Here’s an article that says the trailer says Gary Mitchell. I still think it’s Khan. TrekMovie has not retracted its story that it’s Khan.

992. Zwebz - December 7, 2012

I don’t think anyone has mentioned the “Christoper Pike” backstory yet. Will the Talosians fit in to this anywhere? Seems to me, if the writers are trying to keep to a loose version of Canon, Pikes’ illusionary rescue attempt on Talos IV to begin the original series (In my opinion, one of the best Star Trek episodes of any of the series) should figure somewhere….not to mention he was taken back to Talos by Spock to be freed of the limitations of his useless body. Will the B.C. character go back to Talos after being killed by Kirk (and having been on the original mission with Pike) to learn or harness the power of illusion (after being left for dead on a planet like Delta Vega and take it one step (or several steps) further? I seem to remember an old Star Trek comic where the Klingons tried to take over the Federation because they learned the power of illusion and the Enterprise crew had to stop them.

Going one step further, does the B.C. character (assuming he’s Gary Mitchell) use his high “E.S.P.” rating, which turns him into the God-like being at the edge of the galaxy, combined WITH the power of the Talosians to wreak vengence on those that left him behind?

Even if this is not the movie specifically, sounds like a pretty kick butt Star Trek movie to me anyway!

993. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@930 Picard, Jean-Luc

“But it just seems like killing Spock would be too obvious and that it may be more ‘logical’ to kill Kirk instead (I just hope they bring him back for the final movie)”

Oh that’s easy …

Old Prime William Shatner Kirk comes back through time from the Nexus and ages backward until he’s Chris Pine Kirk again. While he’s still old, he and Prime Spock share copious amounts of man-love, and go out on a vaudeville style tour of the galaxy where they sit around in rocking chairs recollecting their adventures together …

994. Nony - December 7, 2012

@912 boborci

Awesome! Now, who’s Newman and who’s Redford…

Kirk: We’ll jump.
McCoy: Like hell we will!
Kirk: No, it’ll be okay, if the water’s deep enough that we don’t get squished to death…they’ll never follow us.
McCoy: How do you know?!
Kirk: Would you make a jump like that if you didn’t have to?
McCoy: I have to and I’m not gonna.
Kirk: Well, we’ve got to, otherwise we’re dead. I’ll jump first.
McCoy: Nope.
Kirk: Then you jump first!
McCoy: No, I said!
Kirk: What’s the matter with you?
McCoy: Dammit, Jim, I can’t swim!

*cut to trailer jump with McCoy screaming all the way down*

995. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@947 Hat Rick,

Scotty gets Admiral Archer’s dog back at the end of the Tribbles comic I believe, where we are told Scotty is still perfecting Transwarp beaming … (yet another clue from the comics which nobody seems to be considering here)

So that’s at least one mystery solved for you …

996. NC Trekker - December 7, 2012

The guy with gray hair in the picture talking to Kirk looks like he has Vulcan ears to me. Does anyone agree?

997. Stephen Hornak - December 7, 2012

One thing you have to remember about teasers like this is often they put scenes that may or may not be in the final movie.

998. George Zip - December 7, 2012

I got it: Cumberbatch is playing a horta.

I mean, how great would it have been to hear his voiceover say NO KILL I

999. cpelc - December 7, 2012

Chew on this.

Step back for a moment and forget that Karl Urban ever mentioned Gary Mitchell.

What from this trailer is outright proof of BC playing him (other than extrapolation and trying to “make things fit” with it being GM)?
Answer: Not very much.

So let’s look to things in the so called canon comics that seem to be clues on the more obvious side:
– Pike had a conversation with an unseen person on a few occasions about Kirk (and that he needed to be kept under control).
– Sulu was approached about being a part of some secret intelligence branch of Starfleet.
– A conspiracy with the Archon situation.

*Then from the most recent Starfleet Academy book we had mention of a secret organization committed to keeping the ideals of the Federation at all costs.

So all in all we have no outright mention of a villan.
We have Boborci saying that they do not want any confirmation either way as of yet.

We only have Anthony’s confirmation of Khan from a before.

So are we off base to assume that Urban was told to leak Mitchell’s name as an on purpose misdirect, after Anthony had confirmed it as being Khan?

Why else would we be so in the dark if not to avoid preconceptions of a “remake”.

We are being left in the dark to build anticipation and to judge the clips and pictures without any sense of automatic rejection as it being Khan reimagined.

It makes sense from a JJ point of view and from a studio point of view. This marketing will draw in the outside crowd with teases of a great movie and insure that we don’t “rock the boat” and start negative reactions to a movie we haven’t seen based on what we hold to be a great story that’s already been told.

It’s Khan. And it’s hopefully going to be great.

1000. JudgeCross - December 7, 2012

I’m glad it’s a repeat the trail looks more universal, I sorry if JJ Arbrams couldn’t tell you this. I won’t tell you I never will, some will have to wait patiently.

UFO’s wouldn’t be seeing you soon, but those who don’t complain will be seeing you, and so will I.

I’m being patient about it. Your own question should be, will you be patient?

1001. Banned - December 7, 2012

Deleted by admin

1002. - December 7, 2012

“When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.”

Khan is not a member of Starfleet.

Khan would have no idea how a starship works coming right out of sleep.

A member of starfleet who returns to wreak vengeance, who could that be?

Others have suggested and i think it could be true. Gary Mitchell has already appeared in the comics and is killed by kirk.

Perhaps the film starts with Gary Mitchells funeral as he is thought to have died.

Cumberbach and Eve are canon characters, Peter Weller is not so no chance of him being Khan either.

1003. Confused and excited - December 7, 2012

What if, just what if, the extra scenes on the end of the Japan trailer aren’t even in the movie? What I mean by that is perhaps a deleted, or even fake scene. How many movie trailers to you see that show a scene and then it’s left on the cutting room floor? J.J. trick perhaps. Just adding to the curiousity.

I also wonder what the volcano scene has to do with…anything?

There has been talk about these movies following the layout of the Dark Knight/Christopher Nolan movies. I almost wonder if CB isn’t some sort of Starfleet hero, or beloved man of the people who turns for some reason (ala Harvey Dent). Perhaps not a Khan or Mitchell character or any canon character again. Son of Khan?

Too much to think about. I have been running my mind over and over with scernarios and possibly clues. Damn you J.J. and crew….Damn you!

1004. SoonerDave - December 7, 2012


Some really cogent, thoughtful points there.

I have long thought part of the intense secrecy around this movie was to pre-emptively dilute criticism for any possible revelation that Khan is, in fact, in the movie, even if in an entirely different (alternate timeline) way that would be impossible to explain without seeing the movie.

That’s also part of why I’m holding out the theory that the IMAX 9-minute preview is *much* more than just a preview – its foundational to the very issue of Khan and his relevance/lack thereof to the new movie.

We’ll see.

1005. Nony - December 7, 2012

Maybe someone in Cumberbatch’s family was killed during the events of the first movie, and he blames Starfleet for it. Or maybe a family member has been imprisoned by Starfleet, or his homeworld has problems because of something the Federation did. Hence the ‘is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family’ line.

@999 cpelc, I agree with you, I think Starfleet Intelligence will definitely play a big role in this movie after all the comic hinting. Pike seems to be in the know about something sketchy that’s going on — and perhaps he will meet his end because of it. :(

1006. Spock Jr. - December 7, 2012

I thought the teaser was incredibly powerful, a shock to the system – launching immediately into, what appears to be, all out physical and psychological war! :O Frustrated though, because every online article is simply focusing on who Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing – rather than talking about Star Trek, crew and story… I, of course, love a good secret – but I do hope this particular one isn’t ultimately going to damage the promotion of Into Darkness. It’s probably not even a big deal, it’s just that it hasn’t officially been announced, so everyone has become… illogical. Beloved Bob, please go and poke J.J. in the ribs and tell him to announce it already! Then we can all get back to talking about Star Trek – or at least then focus on Benedict’s hair or something…

1007. Endeavour crew - December 7, 2012



Now this confirms my other thought- the “stepped” up
rear of this nacelle confirms that more than likely they have
changed the design of the ship a little for this movie. Interesting-
wonder what else has changed……

1008. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

Here are The Last Vulcan’s current best guesses. We’ll see how they pan out when they pan out:

It’s the Reliant crashing into SF Bay

It’s the E rising from the ocean after an underwater chase of the Reliant

Alice Eve is Dehner, even though Kirk is making googly eyes at her, she’s not Marcus

The volcano is actually the Genesis planet in development

The Genesis planet is New Vulcan

The missing man formation is not for Pike or Spock, it’s for the thousands lost when Cumby “detonates” the fleet

The glass LL&P is Kirk and Spock, and yeah, there could be a switcheroo and it’s Kirk that is doing the croaking.

And as for Cumby… This is where the problem lies.

IF he’s Gary, then Weller is Khan. It makes more sense for him to be Gary than Khan because there is no way that Kirk could land a punch on Khan and have him reel. It would have to be Gary during a temporary lapse of psi powers. So my odds are 1.001 to 1 that it’s Gary. But still, I’m not fully convinced based on the evidence so far.

There you have it. An analysis which is worth exactly what you’ve paid for it. Nothing! :)

1009. LogicalLeopard - December 7, 2012


Khan is not a member of Starfleet.

Khan would have no idea how a starship works coming right out of sleep.

***You’re not thinking about the changes to the timeline, which go back all the way to Kirk’s birth. Bunches of ships were destroyed, both Federation and Klingon (off camera), which would certainly reroute the traffic patterns that existed in TOS.

Since Khan had been floating out there for centuries, ANYONE could have found him at ANY time after the timeline change.

So, say someone found him ten years prior to the movie. He’s got plenty of time to acclimate himself to the time period, fabricate an identity, join Starfleet, etc.

And actually, another point is that he doesn’t have to be IN starfleet. Maybe people from within Starfleet wanted to have a “secret weapon” to prevent time traveling Romulans from blowing up core worlds again, and tried to “reprogram” Khan and use him. And it didn’t work out so well. That would qualify as coming from “within their organization.”


1010. Decker - December 7, 2012

I just realized that they might not have put Weller in the trailer because to do so would make his appearance a giveaway.

And that in itself is a clue.

1011. Ralph Pinheiro - December 7, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,

Will the final be something open or will have a story with a beginning, middle and end?

who did the title choose in Portuguese: Além da Escuridão- Star Trek? It was strange “Star Trek” coming after “Além da Escuridão”.
Thank you.

Ralph, site Trek Brasilis

1012. Jamziz - December 7, 2012

#989 SoonerDave

My thoughts exactly. It has to be a Eugenics war backgrounder if this is indeed Khan. Probably showing (very quickly his rise then his banishment from Earth).

Just as the previous film had that intro that quickly established Kirks new beginning but more importantly hastily introduced Nero, this first 9 minutes will do the same. (Not to mention JJ has borrowed this approach of introducing the mysterious villain right out of Nolan’s play book).

1013. KingDaniel - December 7, 2012

Did anyone else spot this guy?

1014. Jamziz - December 7, 2012

#999 cpelc

I agree with you completely. I believe that this was really the only choice JJ & gang could make going with Khan. He’s iconic, greatest marketing potential, ultimate bad guy, and sure bet that they’ll gross big bucks.

It’s Khan. Shot in the style of the Dark Knight, from the writers of cow boys and aliens.

1015. Hikaru - December 7, 2012

Why… does everyone think Cumberbatch might be Gary Mitchell? Or Garth? Cumberbatch clearly has superhuman strength, not psychic powers. Mitchell wouldn’t have to super jump over to engage a Klingon in hand to hand combat.

He’s either Khan or someone we haven’t thought of yet.

1016. Curious Cadet - Pulling My Hair Out - December 7, 2012

@ 943 Khan 2.0,

“815. what about Kirk? – he now has his hair styled/parted on the opposite side to Kirk in TOS”

Seriously, we’re going to parse hairstyles?

Hair is a very personal thing for the actors, and how they want to be perceived is at least as important as the producers considerations. However,

In ST09 Kirk’s hair was parted on the same side as Shatner’s throughout his career — to the right. Pine appears to be parting it to the left in this film only. Off-screen Pine also appears to wear his hair parted on both sides, and is currently wearing it parted to the left off-screen as well.

Bones has parted his on the opposite side from TOS since ST09. Likewise Karl Urban wears his hair off-screen parted on the same side.

Sulu has parted his hair on the same side as TOS since ST09. John Cho also appears to consistently wear his hair parted to the same way off-screen.

Checkov parted his hair on the opposite side from TOS in ST09, and Checkov never had curly hair. Anton Yelchin likewise wears his hair parted this way off-screen.

James Doohan parted his hair on both sides changing throughout out TOS. Pegg has a completely different hairstyle, but appears to part it on the same side as Doohan from the 2nd pilot and the third season and movies.

Pike has a completely different hairstyle, but generally parted on the same side as TOS. Bruce Greenwood likewise wears his hair parted in various places.

And of course Uhura’s hair is nothing like TOS Uhura’s.

Which brings us to Alice Eve’s hairstyle proving anything about her playing Dr. Dehner … Eve wears her hair off-screen parted on the left, right and center, some matching Sally Kellerman’s exactly, but most parted on the opposite side, with completely different bangs, as in the movie. And for those saying the hairstyle looks nothing like Carol Marcus from TWOK, Google her — it’s a very similar cut, just with 1980s styling, whereas today is more flattened and straight, as are all the women’s hairstyle in the ST09, so who knows what Marcus looked like in 2050s — probably a lot like Alice Eve.

So if the producers are seriously trying to make some kind of statement with the actors hair, they are being remarkably inconsistent with their attempts to use this as a tool.

1017. Kroll - December 7, 2012

There are lots of people saying it’s Kahn because of such and such, it’s Mitchell because of this or that…

What if it’s neither?

As for it being spock and kirk at the glass door, this is based upon what exactly? A blue shirt and the merest hint of a hand gesture?

Nothing in the trailer gives anything away, which is awesome. I think the Enterprise raising out of the water looks amazing, Cumbies voice over is chilling, and the whole film looks like it’s going to be great. Bring on May 2013.

1018. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 7, 2012

#957. Is he the real writer?

“Is the guy here who claims to be Bob Orci the real one? Can anyone confirm this?”

Yes, Mr. Bob Orci “the real one” comment here frequently!

And it’s great!

;-) :-)

1019. Gabriel Katz - December 7, 2012

After I watched both trailers. I sense that cumby is palying Nero because he`s canon since the first movie come out and he
wants to kill kirfk because he was defeted by him. It also could be that cumby plays Nero´s father or grandfathber

1020. Spock Jr. - December 7, 2012

@1015 Curious Cadet

Wow, a fellow ‘hair person’! Ever notice how Tony Stark always has great hair, but in Iron Man 2 it was kinda combed back and up and awful? That’s the indefinable something wrong with that movie! It’s the hair, people. No. I’m not joking. ;D

1021. Slornie - December 7, 2012

RE @513: Having looked around, I’m even more convinced that image #4 (Kirk talks intently with someone with grey hair (possibly Pike)) is actually Kirk talking intently with SPOCK PRIME (perhaps asking for advice about Cumberbatch’s character, or if he’s playing Sybok asking about NuSpock’s reaction to his appearance?).

My evidence for this is this:

NuSpock and Spock Prime from ST2009:

NuKirk and Spock Prime from ST2009:

Same iron grey hair, and a hint of pointed ears in the new shot from STID.


1022. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

Hmmm…. About half an hour ago I posted at #1008 a bunch of speculation about the plot. It was there when I last looked. Now it’s disappeared without a trace and there is someone else’s post at #1008.

Does that mean that I hit too close to home and it was deleted on purpose?

Hmmm… very interesting.

Actually I don’t mind if that is the reason and I won’t post that speculation again, but it would be nice to know if that was the motivation for an intended deletion.

1023. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

WTF??? Now it’s back at #1008? Is this site smokin’ wacky tobacky? I wish I’d taken a screenshot! :(

1024. Max - December 7, 2012

A bit of fanwank: What if Nero let slip to the Klingons knowledge about Khan? They go out and find him and thaw him out 30 years earlier. Peter Weller Khan would be gnarly.

1025. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

I like the idea of the first 9mins showing Eugenics war background and Khan and his followers leaving Earth but i dunno how that would sit with non star trek fans because he’s leaving Earth in 1996.

1026. Spock Jr. - December 7, 2012

@1022 The Last Vulcan

Your post is still there, Trek-friend. Some… not illogical conclusions.

1027. Jeffries Tuber - December 7, 2012

IDW#8 Vulcan’s Vengeance Part 2, p13: “Vengeance? Vengeance is never a result of logic. It is only ever a result of emotion.” – Spock, moments before learning that his father Sarek planned a red matter terrorist strike against Romulus.

1028. Max - December 7, 2012

Who was it that made the “Khan in spirit” comment a while back? Was it JJ?

1029. Spock Jr. - December 7, 2012

It would be logical to assume, given that the Klingon’s had the Nerada in their possession for 20-odd years, that they have adopted some of that advanced and formidable technology. I know the Klingon prison planet was cut from Trek 2009, but Neo’s escape was mentioned, so it did happen!

1030. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@1002 chrisfawkes,

“‘an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization’ Khan is not a member of Starfleet.”

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a dozen times:

The unstoppable force of terror within Starfleet, does not necessarily have to be the same thing as the one-man WMD.

1031. Check the Circuit - December 7, 2012

There may be another red herring in the trailer….Cumby’s v/o. I’m sure it touches on the appropriate themes and plot of the movie. But I wonder if his character will have a British accent? He could have been directed for the trailer read to use his natural accent to throw us off. But we never hear him say anything in any of the scenes from the trailer.

Is he Khan? Not with a British accent, right? And Gary Mitchell didn’t have an accent. Can’t be him either then. I mean, how could a temporal incursion that took place 25-ish years ago (in Star Trek movie time) have caused someone’s nationality or ethnicity to change? It couldn’t/wouldn’t.

But Cumby seems like a talented guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if his mystery character has a completely authentic-sounding, non-Bristish accent in the movie.

1032. CAPTAIN SCARLET - December 7, 2012

In th teaser,the shot of the ship crashing in the water is not the Enterprise and its during a terrorist attack on San Francisco…the shot of the ship rising from the water is the Enterprise,after Bones and Kirk jump off the cliff of the red jungle,the Enterprise is waiting under water to pick them up.

1033. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@999 cpelc,
“Chew on this”

You’re forgetting what we know about Weller. It is not unreasonable to assume that he is related to the Paxton character from Enterprise, or at least a similar situation. Weller seemingly represents the military industrial complex whose best interest it is in to propagate war. Perhaps Starfleet is trying to shut him down, or at least his radical programs involving mind control and the like, which has been suggested in most of the comics. If its a straight up remake of Khan, where does Weller fit in?

Something else that hasn’t been made much of is the significance of dressing Cumberbatch in the same blank Starfleet uniform as Kirk wore in ST09. This is more than just a practical matter of convenience for the character, but it is very powerful symbolism equating is character with that of Kirk’s in the last movie for the audience. Khan dressed himself in a Captain’s jacket in TWOK, so theoretically, a Q-like need to satisfy his ego. Has this changed if Cumberbatch is Khan? It strikes me much more likely that the choice of wardrobe for Cumberbatch presents him as an equal, or even junior to Kirk. And Kirk appears to KNOW Cumberbatch. And then there’s the “I’m Back”. That statement is made In such a way as to convey familiarity to those who already know him. Nobody knows who Khan is in this timeline, and that includes the new audiences … Most of whom barely know who Kirk and Spock are by name. Khan is as wasted on them as he will be on the hard-core fans if he is radically re-envisioned.

Unless this trailer is a complete misdirect, and Weller plays a bit part, I don’t think this theory holds water.

1034. Fascinoma - December 7, 2012

I’ve watched the teaser several times now.

Honestly? My feeling is that the teaser is leading us down a different path from what the film is even about. Many scenes could even be out of order and things will look different when presented out of context.

The teaser doesn’t seem to match the synopsis at all.

Here is another thought.

Yes, Cumber-Villain is having vengeance, but who says its on Kirk or Earth? If we are going along with the synopsis, it follows that he’s a Starfleet officer who is engaging in his own personal war against a third party and has gone too far.

And the trouble with interpreting the voiceover is that it could have been pulled out of context. For all you know, he’s just returned from the bathroom. ;)

1035. DH - December 7, 2012


I thought that very same thing. Kirk & Bones running after boldly going where no man had gone before, jumping in the water to a submerged Enterprise. Don’t know why,but I’m sure there’s a good reason.

1036. DX7 - December 7, 2012

Things and characters they don’t show in the trailer (Peter Weller) are where the most important plot points are revealed. Also, don’t forget, there’s the Prequel Comics.

Also, I think that red planet is the new vulcan, Kirk and McCoy are wearing robes, which remind me of ceremonial vulcan attire, could be wrong.

1037. DX7 - December 7, 2012


Yeah , I spotted him also. He’s “corpsing” that’s the terminology used when an actor goes completely out of character for a scene, like smiling or grinning, when they should be scared shitless.

1038. Flake - December 7, 2012

Pretty sure a Klingon disruptor ‘bolt’ just deflects off of Cumberbatch when hes jumping down to kill them.

1039. NuFan - December 7, 2012

Weller can’t be playing Special K because Weller was on the not canon list.

1040. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

…yeah, it’s Gareth “Gary” Mitchell: the red planet with the weird vegetation is Delta Vega, and “Gary’s” hair gets greyer as he becomes more “god-like”…

1041. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

…and maybe Weller is “Gary’s” father…?

1042. Tim Fielding - December 7, 2012

What I perceive from the trailer, is the USS Enterprise has a new pair of engines and she can or is forced to go under water, San francisco is gonna get jacked-up in some way. Spock dies again (hence The two hands on glass again ala ST-2! Uhura on Scottys shoulder, Kirk at a memorial service.), Cumberbatch as Gary Mitchell, Alice Eve as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner,
The movie is gonna be a lot of fun.

1043. Furback - December 7, 2012

Khan would be a Kopout

1044. gingerly - December 7, 2012


Is there a particular opening box office number that will guarantee or expedite another sequel?

And if so, will you share with it us?

1045. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

also, i am in FULL AGREEMENT with Mr. Cawley…

JJ&Co. are Sci-Fi hacks… this is Transformers in Star Trek uniforms…

it’ll sell, but it’s low-brow… twinkie vs. eclair… =(

1046. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

I hope the Enterprise is not fueled with beer anymore in this film!

1047. Picard's Fish - December 7, 2012

@1044 Gingerly

45.6 million opening weekend. but NOT A PENNY LESS!!!! :)

1048. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

Guys, is that really a statement from James Cawley?
I saw him at a convention here in Germany and he praised the Abrams-Film.
Here is a vid of that convention

1049. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

yeah, they killed vulcan and “detonated” the federation…

so, they will probably destroy San Francisco too…

anything else on the conservative agenda?

go back and get Obama ala JFK?


1050. NC Trekker - December 7, 2012

I see the same thing in that pic, old Spock is talking to Kirk.

Can anyone officially confirm or deny that old Spock is in the film?

1051. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@1042 Tim Fielding,

Well Uhura and Scotty were an item in the Prime universe. Guess it just happens a little sooner in is one …

1052. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

…maybe they ARE killing Spock again, ala TWOK… =(

that WOULD be the next step in the denial of logic… =(

1053. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

check this out… did they fix the bridge? did they fix the ship? i hope so!!

1054. - December 7, 2012

So Cawley was in line for a ticket to see that other light hearted Trek movie Nemesis then?

And what about first contact or Next Gen episodes that involved the earth under attack from the Borg?

Was it Star Trek when Picard was captured and tortured.

Perhaps that post is fake but it does seem to be the attitude of many who think if they point to a light hearted episode non of the darker stories ever took place.

I’d be more inclined to say any Star Trek where the acting is dog awful is not real Trek.

1055. Banned - December 7, 2012

Deleted by admin

1056. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

false alarm… it’s the Kobayashi Maru test from the first movie… =(

1057. - December 7, 2012

So time travel in this film?

1058. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

@1026. Spock Jr. Yup, it reappeared by itself. Very strange. Now that we have what MIGHT be some new info maybe we can come up with more plot guesses that are not overly illogical. :)

@1053. I am not Herbert: That’s the Kobayashi Maru test from the first movie.

@1055. boborci. This day will live in infamy along with the date of Kithomer! Ship outta time, huh… ok… IF we are to understand this, it’s a TNG/DS9/VOY ship that jumped timelines (maybe in the wake of the Narada, or looking for Old Spock…) That makes sense with the very angular and widely spaced nacelles… The plot thickens!

1059. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

@1055. boborci. We’re not doing battling Timelines a la Fringe here are we? ;)

1060. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

So it could be another ship that passes through the black hole that Nero and Spock came through or the one that destroys the Nerada.

1061. cw - December 7, 2012

I don’t believe for one minute that James Cawley said any of that shit.

I LOVE Phase II alot, and its done in the manner of the TOS and all that but his shows are special effects extravaganzas relative to TOS so I don’t buy any of it.

1062. - December 7, 2012

So the movie starts with the death of Spock from Twok, the Reliant explodes but instead of being destroyed is sent back in time.

1063. Mark James Tucker - December 7, 2012

1055 Its the NX01 or 02 isn’t it?

1064. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

So, it’s now a pretty sure beer bet that Cumby (whoever the fork he is playing) came over from the TNG/DS9/VOY timeline. Possibly in the crashing ship OR being chased over the timeline by the crashing ship. Yup, chillin’ that famous beer right now. :)

1065. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

sad when the training room looks better than the flagship…=(

1066. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

@1063. Mark James Tucker. No way it’s an Archer era ship. This is a late Picard era nacelle design.

1067. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

@1065. I am not Herbert. I’m not a fan of the Apple Store Bridge any more than you are, but it’s nowhere near as bad as Brewgeneering!

1068. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

Spock’s death will come at the end, ala TWOK, if at all… (i hope not) =(

1069. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

What about the alternate NX-01 from the Enterprise E2?

1070. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

*E2 episode?

1071. NC Trekker - December 7, 2012

“Ship out of time” What does that mean? From the future? The past?

1072. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

(PLEASE build Engineering this time?)

1073. Logan 5 - December 7, 2012

Cumberbatch is either Mitchell or Khan’s son Joachim. The blonde is either Dr. Dehner or Dr. Marcus. Weller is either Khan himself or a Klingon Captain, as he has said in a recent interview that he has his own ship… The Botany Bay, or a Klingon Warship. Either way, I’m happy.

1074. No Khan - December 7, 2012

If there were hints in the comic book. Where are the Khan hints? And since Gary M. was in the CB does this trailer tell us anything?

1075. - December 7, 2012

The ship out of time could be the Botany Bay.

That would mean no time travel.

I hope not.

1076. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

The Bay must be full of garbage now, lol
The Bird of Prey crashed into it, then Neros drill, now that unidentified Starship.

1077. boborci - December 7, 2012

1055. boborci


the fake is back. not my answer

1078. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

…and drop all of the stupid references and sad attempts at humor?

we do need some witty banter (Spock-McCoy), but come on!

1079. Bucky - December 7, 2012

Khan is brain-swapped, people! Khan is brain-swapped into whoever Cumberbatch is!

And, man oh man, is he ever ticked.

1080. Mark James Tucker - December 7, 2012

1077 can you answer this, is the cumberbatch V.O. from the trailer actually spoken in the movie or was it written specificly for the trailers?

1081. Drunk Garak - December 7, 2012

Was it really a fake boborci at 1055, or is this a conspiracy? Maybe an angry phone call from someone at Paramount was involved prompting the quick retraction?

1082. NC Trekker - December 7, 2012


Thank goodness. That would have been something else to worry about. I should have known you wouldn’t reveal something like that here. So let me give you my personal email instead. I keed. But not really.

1083. - December 7, 2012


Thank god.

1084. Joey B. - December 7, 2012

Cumberbatch is Xon. He’s pissed that Vulcan was destroyed, he’s pissed that he didn’t get moment on ST: Phase II, and he’s pissed at the fact was stuck on Epsilon 9. And Alice Eve is Ilia and Decker’s love child. I know, it’s hard to tell when they’re not wearing those Starfleet pajamas from ST:TMP.

And Peter Weller? Easy. He’s Robocop.

1085. - December 7, 2012

Or thank Bob.

1086. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

Thank Bob

i was about to suggest the Enterprise J lol

1087. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

EEEK! ANTHONY PLEASE FIX THIS SITE SO THAT WE HAVE A REAL boborci AT ALL TIMES. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1088. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 7, 2012

Family saw the trailer. Better half immediately said, “Smaug – the voice of Smaug”. Apparently, being a big Tolkien fan and having read the Hobbit many times, he sort of imagined Smaug (the dragon) sounding just the way Benedict Cumberbatch did in the STID trailer.

I hope nothing is changed in the way that Benedict Cumberbatch sounds in this film. Also hoping to hear the same in the Hobbit movie.

1089. PureGenius - December 7, 2012

Hey Bob Orci,

Is the villain’s prime universe equivalent still alive circa 2387 (same year as the destruction of Romulus)?

1090. Geodesic - December 7, 2012


Is not Benedict not playing not Khan?

1091. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

…also, having the Enterprise “rise” out of the water like that, is just about as STUPID as building it on the ground… come on!! get a consultant!!

1092. Anthony Pascale - December 7, 2012

Sorry about the spoofer guys but again he/she is banned. I have avoided forcing people to register to comment as that cuts down the conversation, especially on big stories with lots of new people coming in. Makes site too much of a clique.

Thanks for understanding

The Management

1093. USS EXETER - December 7, 2012

Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!
Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!
Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!
Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!
Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!
Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!
Please Not Khan, Please not Khan, Please not Khan, Please Not Khan!!

The purpose of creating the alternate timeline was so JJ & company would not be bound by canon, thus giving them a license to do anything they wanted. Rebooting Khan is a waste and boring given you just got free will with the alternate timeline to do ANYTHING!!

1094. - December 7, 2012

^ Preach it brother (or sister). You get an AMEN! from me.

1095. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

Thanks Anthony! but, i suppose they just get another address… =(

1096. trekprincess - December 7, 2012

boborci I thought the teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was brilliant can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out in May :):)

1097. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

@1092. Anthony Pascale. I’m sure that there has to be some way to just have boborci alone have a unique login without changing it up for everyone. Maybe a star next to his name that only appears when he logs in with his private email account. The sock puppets have been playing with quite a few members here, but that’s nowhere near as important as these pranksters violating California SB 1411 and impersonating boborci, especially when they state things that could affect the actual business of the movie’s release.

1098. Ralph Pinheiro - December 7, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,

Will the ending to Into Darkness be cliffhanger or will have a story with a beginning, middle and end?

1099. - December 7, 2012

Totally get where you are coming from with the comments Anthony.

I hate those blogs where you have to sign in or go through a captcha before you can post.

1100. SoonerDave - December 7, 2012


I can only speak for myself, but I wouldn’t object at all to a registration process to at least try and circumvent the spoofers, Anthony. And if there’s a feature to edit posts, that’d be awesome, too.

I understand that it slows down the discussion, but at some point I think its worth the trade-off. Besides, you could create authenticated accounts for folks like boborci et al.

Just my opinion.

1101. Skulltrail - December 7, 2012

I didn’t read the complete discussion but I have some things I didn’t read here before …

1. The Scene from the JP Trailer show at the “light” side someone with a blue uniform doing the vulcan-salute … so most probably it can’t be Spock right?! But who is on the side where someone is going to die?! Maybe it’s BC himself after seeing that his revenge is irrotational and the Enterprise is going to be destroyed he save his “Family”/Crew he former belonged to?! So BC would also die for his Family and Kirk lose a member of his Family/Crew … Doesn’t matter if it is Mitchell, his brother Samuel or someone else!

2. Also as mentioned in the Comics … The Thing about the danger which Comes out of the own rows could really have to do something with Section 31. Wasn’t Sloan in DS9 also having some Special powers?

1102. Hat Rick - December 7, 2012

@CuriousCadet (995), as Kirk might say, that’s what I get for missing staff meetings. ;-) Thanks for the info!

@AnthonyPascale, you are doing a great job as it is. This is the site that I check the most throughout the day. You had me worried in September and October, what with the “where’s Anthony?” routine, but this site is back with a … shall we say .. vengeance? ;-)

This is such a fun site. :-)

P.S.: Still, the movie needs more Porthos.

1103. Skulltrail - December 7, 2012

Some other ideas:

A theory against Khan : Where is his whole Family? In Twok we saw a lot of Augments and what we have seen so far is only Cumberbatch?!

The other Thing is … Is with “Ship out of time” not only meant that the Crew/Ship is running out of time because they are crashing into the see and are maybe going to be destroyed?

1104. - December 7, 2012

Ship out of time was a fake post.

1105. Drunk Garak - December 7, 2012

Has anyone else commented on the fact that the phaser blasts attacking the Starfleet meeting match the Klingon phaser/disrupter blasts in the scene with Cumberbatch attacking the Klingons? Are Klingons attacking Starfleet, or has someone stolen Klingon weapons?

1106. V.I.N.C.E.N.T. - December 7, 2012

Just a thought… On the red vegetation planet, it would appear that a temple was made from the red vegetation… as if it grew itself. This could point to Genesis. Then the blonde is Carol Marcus. I think Benedict is Khan’s son that grew up on earth after his father (Weller/Khan) was exiled. And Khan is returning after his son “lays the groundwork” so to speak.

And for the love of sprockets, could someone please tell Maximillian to stop shredding people.

1107. gov - December 7, 2012

Where and when is it established the Joaquin/Joaquim and Khan’s other followers are aurgments?

This is kind of a repeat of a question i posed earlier….but no one answered…

1108. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

there does appear to be a “temple” on the red planet (Delta Vega)… ;-)

would not an egotistical “god” wish to be worshiped in a temple…? ;-)

1109. Disinvited - December 7, 2012

The trouble with killing multitudes of Vukcans in the first flick is if you kill Vulcans in the second one, someone’s going to get the notion that someone on the writing staff has a problem with Vulcans and what they symbolize.

1110. boborci - December 7, 2012

990 lwr

we wrote it together. we agreed together on every inch of the movie.

1111. Barney Fife - December 7, 2012

Bob Orci – Do you have a rough guess on the length of the movie?

1112. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

I think the (incorrect) moral that Bob will try to impart is:

the downfall of a man who dares to equate himself with “god”.

whereas the truth is that we are all (spiritually) little pieces of divinity =)

1113. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

Disinvited: Hmmm… do ya think…?

perhaps a religious viewpoint…?

1114. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

…plus ZQ probly just wants out…

1115. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 7, 2012

Din’d they try the God thoing in Trek 5 and didn’t Trek 5 fail pretty bad.

1116. Tony Todd's Tears - December 7, 2012

I think you guys are all on the wrong track here. This is obviously a remake of ‘This side of Paradise”

Cumberbatch is playing Elias Sandavall

1117. Michael Hall - December 7, 2012

@ 266–

“Lots of great potential IMAX eye candy, but the plot sound like yet ANOTHER “I shall seek bloody vengeance” story. Getting a bit tired of these. This has been an overused ST movie story template ever since “The Wrath of Khan” (hell, it was even used in the last movie, for gods’ sake). I’m disappointed that this seems to be the ONLY story the ST ‘supreme court’ seem to have up their sleeves these days.

Like “Star Wars” to modern cinema, TWOK was both the best and worst thing to happen to Star Trek…”

This, taken to the power of 100. Of course, how well this endlessly used trope will work depends a lot on the antagonist’s motivation. For my money, Nero’s desire to wreak havoc on planets and characters that (however ineffectually) had only tried to help his people made zero sense in 2009. But I can think of many ways that a returning TOS character (Mitchell, Garth, whomever) could have very compelling reasons indeed for being pissed off, and which could make for some great drama. Here’s hoping they got it right this time.

As for my own reaction to the trailer itself: not enough really to go on except that (once again) we’ve a madman out for revenge, and while it all appears to be very lavish and expensively mounted it doesn’t look much like a Star Trek film either. (Which may be to the good, for all I know.)

One other thing, though. Modern architecture started out as a movement to liberate cities from centuries of gothic and Stalinist dreariness, and ended up (particularly in places like modern downtown L.A.) creating moonscapes. Since the previous series and movies were pretty uniformly optimistic in their depiction of the future as a combination of high-tech and respect for the natural world, Abrams’ sterile glass-and-concrete version of the 23rd century easily qualifies as the ugliest in the history of the franchise.

1118. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

it was about the delusional follower of a false “god”…

1119. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

ST5 was about a delusional follower of a false “god”…?

1120. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

sorry, though my post had been “disappeared”…

1121. Space - December 7, 2012

OH MY GOD. A lot of things on this trailer point to the death of reincarnate Spock… I can’t wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!

1122. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

“One other thing, though. Modern architecture started out as a movement to liberate cities from centuries of gothic and Stalinist dreariness, and ended up (particularly in places like modern downtown L.A.) creating moonscapes. Since the previous series and movies were pretty uniformly optimistic in their depiction of the future as a combination of high-tech and respect for the natural world, Abrams’ sterile glass-and-concrete version of the 23rd century easily qualifies as the ugliest in the history of the franchise.”
@Michael Hall

The glass and concrete were already shown in the last film. However in that film the buildings were too large and looked like it belonged to Coruscant from Star Wars. There is also a Youtube-Video about someone from San Francisco who complained that nobody would allow such large building in the town

Well this seems to have been fixed. The buildings look a lot smaller in the shots of the new trailer. I like it.
And San Francisco before Abrams? Well we only saw a few shots in TNG and DS9 from that altered wastewater treatment plant. There were only a few hints how the city is supposed to look.

1123. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

“One other thing, though. Modern architecture started out as a movement to liberate cities from centuries of gothic and Stalinist dreariness, and ended up (particularly in places like modern downtown L.A.) creating moonscapes. Since the previous series and movies were pretty uniformly optimistic in their depiction of the future as a combination of high-tech and respect for the natural world, Abrams’ sterile glass-and-concrete version of the 23rd century easily qualifies as the ugliest in the history of the franchise.”

@Michael Hall

Well that would also be munition for those who ridicule the Federation for being a dishonest, devious communist meritocracy in reality.

1124. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

what we REALLY need is a Sam Raimi, or Tim Burton, or GdT, or District 9 guy, or Wochowski Bros. or even Lassiter… those guys KICK A$$!!!

who did Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter? that was good… ;-)

1125. Craiger - December 7, 2012

People keep forgetting this Trek is mainly for the general movie going audience so wouldn’t JJ pick a bad guy that they general movie going audience is familiar with? I don’t think the general movie going audience knows about Gary Mitchell. I think they would know more about Khan then him.

1126. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

dude, Khan was 30 years ago… the “general movie going audience” (tweenage girl) doesn’t know Star Trek from a hole in the ground…

1127. PC3 - December 7, 2012

Gary Mitchell is confirmed:

1128. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012


1129. Nurse Gabble - December 7, 2012

Love it !!!
See there is no need for explosion after explosion.
BC’s voice still works without all of this.

1130. cpelc - December 7, 2012


You’re assuming it’s the same character based on the same actor. But think about how many times in Trek an actor has played multiple unrelated roles. Gorkon was played by the same actor in ST VI as the Federation representative in ST V. Think about how now people would’ve assumed that he’d be playing the same part when they learned he was cast in consecutive films.

We know little to nothing about Weller’s character other than his quote that he has his own ship (is a captain). The actor who played Terrell in TWOK would be listed as a fairly large role in the credits for that movie just as we might think that Weller is. He could simply be a victim of circumstance in this movie for all we know.

An exile seeks vengeance – not a esp-enhanced being. Mitchell would’ve simply created his own world had he been abandoned on Delta Vega (something that I never thought made sense in the original).

There has been a definite effort to keep the characters in the comic true to their counterpart’s appearances. So why would they use Mitchell right off the bat and make him look like Gary Lockwood.

The retelling of WNMHGB in Comics #1 &2 was simply because it was the first voyage in the original and they wanted to show right off the bat that there would be a divergence from what we thought we knew.

1131. Commodore Redshirt - December 7, 2012

I’m still going the Lt. Kyle as the villain…

I think Eve is playing Rand , despite the blue uniform… check out the hair style from a little later in her carrier!

1132. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

Trelane was one of the Q-like beings.

Did Trelane “need” a gun to deal with Kirk?

No, of course not. He had powers far beyond what would make a pistol necessary to wield against Kirk.

So…why did Trelane challenge Kirk to a duel using a PISTOL?

And why couldn’t Gary Mitchell be using the same reasoning here when we see him swinging a gigantic gun after leaping like the incredible Hulk?

The trailer does make this look like a torture test. Somebody of great power is putting the crew through the ringer to see what they’re made of.

And that is Spock behind the glass in the Japanese trailer, but I wouldn’t be counting him dead just yet.

I’m thinking it’s going to be Kirk or, alternate scenario, it’s Cumberbatch.

His vengeance satisfied, he decides they passed his test and the “villain” sacrifices himself to save the ship.

1133. Exverlobter - December 7, 2012

Can anybody clarify some aspects about those grey dress-uniforms? Are they new or were they already supposed to be in the last film? I always thought that those gorgeus whine-red uniforms from the last film were the actual dress-uniforms but now it seems that the red-uniforms were just the academy-uniforms. Or were they the normal dress-uniforms but got replaced by these bleak new ones?
DOes anybody know?

1134. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

1131. Commodore Redshirt – December 7, 2012

Lt. Kyle! Totally obscure dorky transporter tech in one universe becomes center stage cosmic bad guy in rebootiverse? Hilarious.

1135. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

And what does death mean for Gary Mitchell? In WNMHGB, Mitchell, showing off, makes himself “die” for Dr. Dehner. At will.

1136. Killamarshtrek - December 7, 2012

@875. Captain Peabody – December 6, 2012

This is the best theory I’ve heard so far, it fits what we’ve seen so far really well. As far as “is there anything he wouldn’t do for his family” maybe his fellow surviving augment “family” are being held, possibly tortured by the starfleet shadow element on some type of Guantanamo bay facility (red weed planet?) so Cumby tries to free them, they end up getting killed so he returns to Earth to “have his revenge”. I think we’re onto something here!!

1137. Dunsel Report - December 7, 2012

1117: Of course, how well this endlessly used trope will work depends a lot on the antagonist’s motivation.

Yes. That’s why I’m heartened by Benedict Cumberbatch’s claims that the character is a complex blend of good and evil. In “Khan” you squirm because Khan has a good reason to be mad at Kirk. With Nero, he was fine, but hard to empathize with.

1138. Nurse Gabble - December 7, 2012

Isn’t that reason enough to seek revenge?

1139. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

1131. Commodore Redshirt – December 7, 2012

In a world of infinite variations of Star Trek, sure, I think you could pull that off. But when we are stuck in this world with so little Star Trek getting made, is Lt. Kyle really the guy you’d go to as the dastardly centerpiece of your movie?

1140. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 7, 2012


I really hope the powers that be decide to standardize their uniform choices. It’s a bit of a mess to try to get your head around. In the last movie, we had three different “ground” uniforms. We had the wool knit gray ones admirals were wearing, the gray ones that line officers and Academy faculty were wearing, which wasn’t too difficult to understand until the end when in comes Pike at the end with the ice cream man outfit.

Now in addition to all that we got at least two more new gray ground uniforms. I suppose the new gray ones are replacing the old line officer ones, and I’d guess that the new gray jumpsuit outfits are some kind of field dress, like a BDU or something…sigh. I don’t mean to nitpick, this is something that only completists care about, but still. It would be nice to have some clarification on that.

1141. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

In the trailer Cumberbatch says “I have returned.” So that probably means you have to both introduce his character and set up his loss. And you have to do it pronto, because JJ moves so damn fast and there probably won’t be much screen time wasted between his loss and his return. So I’m looking to the beginning of the film for it.

That’s why I think the 9 minutes from the beginning will be a prologue to the rest of the movie.

1142. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@1132 dmduncan

Which Spock? Prime or Alt?

@1130 cpelc,

“There has been a definite effort to keep the characters in the comic true to their counterpart’s appearances.”

As they have in the movies. So if Alice Eve is Dehner because they have gone to great lengths to match her TOS appearance, then who in canon does Cumberbatch look anything like? Not Mitchell, Definitely NOT Khan … But he does look a lot like a young Garth. Not saying it is Garth, but applying this logic, he’s a candidate.

And if it is Khan, then they’re going to have to come up with an explanation of why he looks so different for the fans, which is going to be about as satisfying as the plot device in Face Off.

1143. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

BTW, today is Pearl Harbor attack anniversary. Does the trailer remind anyone else of that, or just me?

1144. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

ok… “Gary” is swatting the klingon like a fly with a broken beam, not a big gun, LOL

the grey “robes” are “Gary” worshiping attire

the dark uniform shirt is generic and is (normally) worn underneath the division colored tunic

hope that clears things up…? (you’re welcome) ;-)

1145. The Last Vulcan - December 7, 2012

Anthony, thanks for banning the moron impersonating boborci. After all we saw how the Aussie DJ stunt with the Princess’ nurse worked out. :( Too many of these celebrity impersonations have massively negative consequences.

1146. Dadio - December 7, 2012

Dear Bob Orci

Did you write into your script a Redshirt death ?


1147. SoonerDave - December 7, 2012


Garth was not black-haired. What hair he did have was blondish.

Sorry, but of alt the theories rolling around here, the Garth-based ones are the hardest for me to get on board with. Garth was a nutball in an asylum, and at the end of that episode was being treated, and had already forgotten much of his past. I think it would be a huge contrivance to translate that into a major motion picture villain.

I’ve about come to the conclusion that we’re ALL being led down a primrose path on the TOS character business. I can’t help but think the actual character is going to be revealed, and perhaps dispatched, in the nine-minute preview, and Cumberbatch’s actual identity is going to be drastically different from anything anyone has postulated so far. Remember, boborci has already admitted a deliberate fib along the way, and if my guess is anywhere near right, he’s reading all these theories and having one huge good-natured chuckle at our frantic constructions here.

1148. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@ 1132 dmduncan,

“So…why did Trelane challenge Kirk to a duel using a PISTOL?”

Sport. Like Q, he was bored. He was looking for something to do.

If it’s Mitchell, I suspect the same could be true, not so much out of boredom, but crushing them like a bug would be far too easy and unsatisfying, especially when he wants to see them pay for what they did. Vengence is personal, something you want to do up close so you can savor every minute of their destruction. And like Trelane, he knows there is nothing they can truly do to hurt him.

1149. Mad Man - December 7, 2012

1127. PC3 – December 7, 2012

Dude, that rocked! Thanks!

Makes for a cool trailer for that episode.

1150. dmduncan - December 7, 2012


Quinto Spock.

Re: Khan: Yep. If the guy Cumberbatch is playing in that trailer is supposed to be Khan, I will be sorely disappointed, because he bears absolutely no resemblance to the character portrayed by Ricardo Montalban.

Not his clothes, not his hair, not his pale anglo skin, not his voice, not his ability to jump like the Hulk. There is NO resemblance. None.

1151. NCC-73515 - December 7, 2012



1152. Ashley - December 7, 2012

Hmm, could BC be playing a new character? Perhaps a Starfleet officer that was captured in a battle with the Klingons? Not sure how he becomes so powerful but it would at least be motivation for vengeance depending on the circumstances. Maybe he felt he was abandoned by the Federation and Starfleet when there was no rescue attempt. And then with the Klingons torturing him, maybe he went mad. Would also make him a POW and give some grey area for his motivations.

1153. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

1148. Curious Cadet – December 7, 2012

More than that, when the “gods” come to earth, they take on the form of men and play in the world of men as men. It doesn’t mean they have no more power than men, but that they play a role while among them.

In other words, it PAYS SOMETHING to be embodied, and what has value also has risk.

When we meet the Organians, they appear to be simple-minded agrarians.

1154. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

Did Bob Orci say the BC character was TOS canon or canon?

1155. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@ 1174 SoonerDave,

And Kirk did not have Blue eyes, and Scotty did not have a receding hairline and light brown hair …

At some point you have to accept the minor variations of the actor.

Either way, you’re not wrong. I’m just playing devils advocate … Of course the characters can change appearance, but to say appearance is conclusive proof on the one hand and completely ignore it on the other to prove a point is just ridiculous.

I too believe we are being fed a bill of goods. But unlike you, I don’t think we’re going to have conclusive proof after December 14th. Keep in mind that audiences had no idea who Nero was after the opening 9 minutes of ST09. All we knew, if you had not read the comic, was that he was a really pissed off guy with pointed ears and a big damn ship. Considering Cumberbatch doesn’t look like anybody from canon (except Garth), its entirely possible we could get through the first 9 minutes without his name ever being said, and walk away in the same boat we are in now.

1156. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@ 1127 PC3,

Very nice!

But I demand equal time!!

Let’s see this treatment done to Space Seed and see if it makes as compelling a case for Khan …

1157. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

simple life does not equal simple minded… ;-)

on the contrary… ;-)

1158. Casss - December 7, 2012

I swear if they pull the cliche of starting the movie with the funeral thing to make us believe someone important dies and keep us guessing until later and then at the very end reveal the person isn’t dead, I’m never buying another star trek item again.

And if they say that the crew is the only family Kirk has left, then Sam and Winona would both have to die.

And Khan was Indian in TOS. I don’t think they would mess with that. And JJ said he wanted to have new and original plots, not to remake the TOS.
At one point Variety had an article stating Alice Eve’s character was to be original, though they have been known to lie.

1159. dmduncan - December 7, 2012


Bob said BC was canon. But that could have been a lie. ;-)

1160. Flux Conundrum - December 7, 2012

So not TOS specific then.


1161. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

1157. I am not Herbert – December 7, 2012

You are right. That’s why I said the Organians “appear” simple. Complicated lifestyles make for simple minded people because those people are not in touch with reality. They are in touch with the kind of make-believe you get when you prefer to ignore reality, and that creates complexity.

1162. ScottC - December 7, 2012

I say the first 9 minutes will be revisiting the Eugenics Wars, what happened then and why Khan and his super men & women fled Earth. Khan will be played by a non-consequential actor, Cumberpatch is playing Joachim. The final scene is the Botany Bay being found in space by the Klingons. Khan is killed setting up Joachim as the leader.

1163. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@1162 ScottC,

If they play a 9-minute prologue at the beginning of the Hobbit to promote Star Trek, and 90% of it takes place in an alternate 1990s with guys in leather fighting with conventional weapons, and ending with some guys in leather horror-movie face masks, stumbling onto a ship in Space, all without one shot of Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise and not so much as a bright-red shirt anywhere, there will be a riot in the theater. To to mention everybody else will think they are watching a trailer for a new Michael Bay film.

1164. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

dmduncan: well said =)

1165. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

If it’s Mitchell, I think it’s a mistake to assume the movie is going to do exactly as the comic did.

I think the 9 minutes is going to be an action packed mini movie complete in itself, having a beginning, middle, and end. It’s going to be an episode compressed into 9 minutes which will intro the character, the problem, and the resolution, which resolution will explode into a new problem in the movie proper.

Though I don’t know who the character is, try as I might, I CANNOT see that character as Khan. I can just barely see him as Joaquim if I ignore certain pieces of evidence, but not Khan. He is as white a man as ever there was, and he’s Starfleet, so if that is Khan, then JJ is toying with us in a way that I do not find interesting, all to preserve a secrecy of questionable value.

Also, TWOK reference in this trailer is too blatant. It smacks of misdirection from a crew of people who love remixing. It’s just too classic-formula to be a legit Khan reference, otherwise this film WILL be a reboot of TWOK. But it won’t be that if this film just borrows and remixes elements from TWOK, which I think is what is happening.

I think they carefully chose the hands on the glass clip specifically to generate speculation of Khan. Which is why I don’t trust the impression it creates. Seeing a TWOK reference makes me think anything BUT TWOK when coming from these guys.

But I detect NO clear impression in the trailer specifically of Gary Mitchell, really, or of any other canon character, which makes me think this guy could be someone new. Either that or they are cutting the trailer very closely to obfuscate his identity.

1166. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 7, 2012

Who says that the person on this side of the glass is dying? All we see in a dark place is a hand, quite possibly belonging to Pike (Bruce Greenwood), Kirk or Cumby’s character?

Someone important is supposed to die. I think the funeral/memorial service takes place near the end of the film.

My guess is that it will be either Spock prime or Admiral Pike.
Or the service may be for the Cumby character himself, for reasons that only the film makers will know…just putting it out there.

If it is Spock prime, Spock prime is somehow able to transfer his katra into the young (Quinto) Spock shortly before he passes away.

I try to be as *entertaining* as anyone else when it comes to theorizing about the characters and events and so on to do with STID, even if I don’t do as much. Hope I am doing OK, Bob Orci?

(I’m having one of my attention-seeking moments. I have to be honest – I suppose).

1167. No Khan - December 7, 2012

212. Rick Johnson, you got that right bro!

1168. No Khan - December 7, 2012

266. Sebastian S, “Like “Star Wars” to modern cinema, TWOK was both the best and worst thing to happen to Star Trek… ”

Some gets it.

1169. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@ 1165 dmduncan,

I totally agree. Smacks of complete misdirection.

The first 9 minutes will have plenty of trademark Trek elements, and likely non-stop action.

It will absolutely not rehash anything that was depicted in the comics, or even anything from canon. It will be the setup for THIS movie.

Now keep in mind, in order to tell the Gary Mitchell story, or the Khan story for that matter, at some point in the movie there will have to be a flashback sequence, or briefing room scene, that tells us the backstory. In the case of Mitchell, we will have to learn what happened to him in WNMHGB in order to understand what he’s back from. Now this is stretching, but assuming this is Mitchell, could those shots of the ship turned upside down with the crew sliding across the floor be from the flashback entering the galactic barrier?

1170. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

Well it’s interesting to see the black sleeve in the hands-on-glass scene.

In ST2009 the undergarment black shirt is what Kirk wore until the end when he got his gold tunic and official membership among the crew of the Enterprise.

So the black undergarment really said Kirk was unaffiliated. Black sheep.

And now Cumberbatch is wearing it. So I tend to think it’s Cumberbatch on one side of the glass and Spock on the other. Why would Kirk take off his gold tunic?

It IS possible that it’s still Kirk, that Kirk is wearing the black shirt under his dress uniform, and something happens to make Kirk take off his dress coat.

1171. AB - December 7, 2012

That pic of a Klingon that was revealed behind JJ during the MTV Movie Awards a few months ago makes sense now given what we’ve seen in the teaser. That looks like the same huge golden glowing thing behind him from the scene with BC’s character jumping into the air.

1172. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

the kirk/spock hands on glass is an obvious reference… no?

the starfleet memorial is pretty obviously for Gary… no?

he was presumed dead in TOS, and apparently in the comics as well… no?

Spock Prime? LOL!

1173. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

1169: “Now keep in mind, in order to tell the Gary Mitchell story, or the Khan story for that matter, at some point in the movie there will have to be a flashback sequence, or briefing room scene, that tells us the backstory. In the case of Mitchell, we will have to learn what happened to him in WNMHGB in order to understand what he’s back from.”

I was thinking of that, but I’m not so sure we need a flashback to explain anything.

One thing we know about JJ Abrams is that he moves fast, and together with Bob, Alex, and Damon, they can pack a lot if info into a short space of time.

So I believe they can tell the entire backstory in the opening 9 minutes.

Think of it being the REVERSE of what happens on TV when a writer has to stretch out his story for 30 minutes.

Here they could do the opposite: compressing a 30 minute story into 9 minutes, denuded of any and all superfluous dialogue and action.

That fits JJ, and it fits the opening sequence of ST.09, but with 4 years of thinking about it, expect their skills to have advanced over what they could do in 2009.

They wouldn’t risk hitting us with 9 minutes of boredom. Not if they’re still breathing the same air we are. I’m expecting maximum g’s.

I’m expecting school is in session. I’m expecting a LESSON.

1174. No Khan - December 7, 2012

313. Bill Murray – December 6, 2012

Disappointed there’s no shot of Peter Weller. I’m still holding out hope that he is playing John Frederick Paxton.

Gosh I hope not. I hated that whole storyline. Typical modern over done rehash xenophobic preaching storyline.

1175. No Khan - December 7, 2012

Didn’t these Khan/Augment guys fight each other for control of the Earth in TOS? So when one dies another just can’t wait to take over like the Sith in Star Wars.

1176. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

dmduncan: agreed =)

they can tell the entire backstory in the opening 9 minutes.

1177. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@1173 dmduncan,

“So I believe they can tell the entire backstory in the opening 9 minutes.”

I presume you mean tell it within the opening 9 minutes, not take the entire 9 minutes to tell it.

Either way, do you really think that’s what JJ has up his sleeve? After all this secrecy and build-up, he’s going to tell us exactly who the villain is and what they’re up to, 5 months out from the premiere?

1178. I am not Herbert - December 7, 2012

yes, because the rest of the world doesn’t know anything about Gary Mitchell… gotta get ’em warmed up… ;-)

1179. Ashley - December 7, 2012

Is it 9 minutes of the movie or the first 9 minutes? I’d laugh if it were merely a montage of random half-scenes totaling 9 mins. xD

1180. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2012

Hats off to Anthony for the shot-by-shot analysis. Reading it has made the trailer more compelling.

But I can’t see the Klingon letters said to be on the side of the building. Can somebody please point out exactly where they are? I really can’t see anything of the kind.

1181. dmduncan - December 7, 2012


1. Well if they do a mini episode they may need all 9 minutes. It all depends on how fast events develop, but even so, if they do a short film prologue then I expect it to be a elf contained story that sets up the bigger story to come. And if I’m wrong, then I just gave Bob a good idea for the future. ;-)

2. You know, I really can’t find any logical reason for the degree of secrecy which JJ demands. It seems almost pathological.

The Russians knew more about the Manhattan Project than they know about who Cumberbatch is playing.

And therefore I cannot logically predict when he will decide to drop the secrecy for the identity of his antagonist.

News travels fast. Nearly at the speed of light, on the internet. So whether it’s five months early when the secret makes it out, or in the hours before the movie’s release, we ARE going to know — all of us, around the world — AFTER the first early review and BEFORE we are sitting in theaters (excepting those who purposely avoid the spoilers).

I’m just not sure what JJ thinks he is gaining here with his secrecy, which means I’m also not sure what he thinks he could lose by sacrificing it, so that is a hard question to answer.

But if this character is returning from a demise early in the movie, I don’t see how they can avoid revealing his identity.

1182. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

lol. That should read “a SELF contained story,” not “a elf contained story.”

1183. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

Or maybe it’s just 9 minutes of Cumberbatch talking at TED.

1184. JD - December 7, 2012

Every time I look at this trailer I see Garth of Izar.

1. He is English, and somewhat flamboyantly Shakespearean, similar to Garth’s character in TOS. Also they are strikingly similar in appearance and fashion.

2. In TOS, the actor who played Garth was only 34 years old, so the age different cannot be a factor. New Garth might also be able to regenerate himself.

3. Cumby’s character is a.) out for vengeance, specifically on Starfleet (for being exiled on Elba II) b.) able to blend in to starfleet easily (due to shapeshifting) c.) psychotic enough to commit atrocities like genocide and d.) deeply concerned with “family” (his fellow inmates on Elba II)

4. It is possible Garth stashed his old ship underwater somewhere, resurrected it, and used his crazy cronies as the crew. The Klingons may also be using Elba II as a penal colony, which they have been known to do. Also as a Fleet Captain it is likely Garth has had some prior dealings with Klingons at one point or another.

5. Kirk is familiar with Garth and admires him because he studied him at the academy. Pike and Garth would have been contemporaries. Pike could advise Kirk about Garth’s behaviors. It was always Garth’s ambition to conquer Starfleet.

6. Cumby pounds the floor in frustration in this trailer, much like he did in the original episode. He also plays with explosives.

7. Garth’s potential as a legitimate villain was never explored after TOS and this would allow Abrams’s team to establish a new foundational character in the Trek universe

Probably forgetting a few points but thats my take

1185. Ashley - December 7, 2012

I really hope it’s Garth of Izar. Sure there are many good points in speculation about Gary Mitchell or Khan, but I’d rather it wasn’t either of them and Garth (to me) seems both likely and desirable as a villain.

1186. Curious Cadet - December 7, 2012

@ 1181 dmduncan,

Ah, I see what you’re saying … It will be a backstory, and in the case of Mitchell, just not one identical to the way WNMHGB was re-imagined in the comic. In other words, as Orci said: the comic is canon until the movie comes along and changes it. In which case, the comic was nothing more than a clue, Mitchell will be back, if however completely re-written, maybe even preparing us for a big change.

The only thing I can think about why JJ is being so secretive with the fans is that he knows how much he’s changing things, and doesn’t want a huge outcry from the Trek community before they have a chance to see it. Arguably that’s exactly what happened with ST09. Every trailer that came out sent the fan base into a tizzy. But this time, they may be changing major details with the villain(s), which might really upset the boat, and with 5 months to go, open up a big ugly public debate which could impact box office.

On second thought, you may be right. By showing the first 9 minutes of the film, whether it reveals all or not, JJ is putting enough of the film out there to silence even the harshest critics. Imagine had JJ put the first 9 minutes of ST09 out there 5 months out, people would have been blown away and the film might have earned even more than it did. No matter what the hard core Trek fans have to say about it, audiences with less invested will be persuaded of the quality and able to ignore the detractors naysaying over the changes to canon, and perhaps even be won over themselves.

That or you’re completely wrong and the opening gives away nothing.

1187. Dude Against Telephoto Paparazzi - December 7, 2012

I’ve got it! Cumby is Robert April who was exiled and discovered super powers on a strange planet.

Zephram Cochrane. Pissed off that he was forgotten about and he’s infused with the Companion’s powers. He’s back for vengeance.

Roger Korby. Pissed at being on that underground planet for so many years, lover of Christine Chapel and also pissed that Ruk is running around those tunnels with those penis shaped stallagtites. Remember, Korby was an android with superhuman powers.

Dr. Thomas Lieghton. Who knows.

Hell, let’s keep listing dudes in the ST universe and we’re bound to hit on the right answer.

1188. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

Well just think of it this way. Forget that it’s even Star Trek. I just cannot imagine, if JJ Abrams hasn’t totally switched to speaking in tongues and he still knows which way objects fall when you release them, that this 9 minutes is going to be modest. If it’s modest, it might as well be a slog. How would those 9 minutes benefit the movie if they do not absolutely JOLT people? If that’s the case it’s better to just play trailers, like ST.09 did, which arguably had one of the greatest trailers EVER with #2, rather than to give away 9 minutes of a movie in which nothing significant toward the rest of the film happens.

I don’t know JJ Abrams to be GOOD with a pistol, but I’m reasonably sure he isn’t planning on shooting a hole in his foot in front of the whole world, either.

I THINK this 9 minutes is going to be a ride or they wouldn’t put it out there.

Which means that what happens has to be important. If the first 9 minutes are unrelated to the rest of the movie, then Great Saturn’s Balls!, quarantine California, the end is nigh.

I mean, if we don’t know who it is in those 9 minutes, then I would have to consider that JJ is never going to tell us! He might have the name bleeped throughout the entire movie, and a black bar added in post across the mouth of every character who speaks it. Just to spite the lip-readers.

How far is this deranged little man willing to go? Into darkness, comrade curious cadet. All the way up the river.

1189. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

I say that with love, of course.

1190. dmduncan - December 7, 2012

1187. Dude Against Telephoto Paparazzi – December 7, 2012

Or it could be Kirk’s hill people friend, Tyree, from A Private Little War, seeking vengeance after Kirk shtoinked his wife in the bushes.

1191. Ahmed - December 7, 2012

Looks like most people think it is Gary Mitchell after all.

1192. MORN SPEAKS - December 7, 2012

Storytellers love symmetry. This is definitely Khan and Carol Marcus.

1193. Captain Slow - December 7, 2012

I tried to post this once before but it got lost in subspace:

Some of these arguments about who the villain could be are quite tiring. Some say that he will be an Indian superman. Or that he can make coffee cups move with thought. All we know is, he’s called the Stig. Ok, not really. But he might as well be with how much we know. Not much about the villain can be stated as fact. Most of it is just speculation. And I will now try to debunk as many theories as I can.

Khan first. Here is a quote from a previous Trekmovie article:

“Bob responds to a rumor that the villain would be someone from the first season of Star Trek, to which Bob replied:
I don’t think so.”


As we all know, Khan (and Gary Mitchell) was from the first season. Now Bob doesn’t completely refute the rumor but he does make it seem unlikely.
In another interview, Alex Kurtzman said:

“Starting at a premise of what you want to see and then working a story around it is not how we do it. You have to start with what is the right story. And that if you can say “That’s a story that Khan fits into”, that’s how you get to that.”


Ok, he mentions Khan. But that’s not evidence for Khan. If you read what else he had to say you could figure out that the way they came up with the story was to have a basic story and then find a villain that would fit. That couldn’t be done with Khan. Khan had a specific backstory and wouldn’t fit into many plots.

From Benedict Cumberbatch:

“I didn’t know what I was going to do and I had very little time to establish the character in that franchise.”


Khan is already very established in Star Trek. If it hadn’t already been confirmed that the villain was a canon character then this could have been evidence that it was a new character. It does make it sound like the villain is someone not well known or who had a small role originally.

And now the big one:

“It’s not Khan,” replies Pegg, annoyed. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”

Source: I don’t think I need a source for this one. Besides, I can’t find the link.

No one has mentioned this quote yet as far as I know. Yet it’s hard to get away from. He also said that he wasn’t lying and that it wasn’t misdirection. Why would he ruin his reputation like that if it is Khan? The only explanation that makes sense is that he was telling the truth.

Now to debunk the evidence that everyone claims prove Khan.

Benicio Del Toro

First of all, it was never confirmed that they wanted him for the villain. Only that J.J. had wanted to put him in the movie. It could easily have been for Peter Weller or Noel Clarke’s roles. It was a rumor started by Variety that he was going to be the villain. And no one from the production team ever confirmed it. Variety were also the ones that claimed to have been told by trusted sources (sound familiar?) that Alice Eve was going to play a new character which was later refuted by Bob Orci. Variety were also the only ones to ever report on the other Hispanic actors that were supposedly considered for the role. So I wouldn’t use Del Toro as evidence for Khan.

Super strength

In the spy photos the villain is apparently able to resist nerve pinches and phaser shots. Spock was able to effortlessly knock of one of Khan’s crew with a nerve pinch so I’m sure he could take down Khan with one too. Phasers I don’t know since Khan was never shot.

Trekmovie’s report

The strongest evidence for Khan. And the hardest to refute. As I noted earlier, Variety reported several things about the cast that were told to them by sources and at least one of them was false. So trusted sources may not always be reliable.

One other important piece of evidence against Khan is that Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t resemble Khan in the slightest. In the spy photos he is seen the be pale, brown-haired (brown, not black like Khan’s), and wearing a Starfleet uniform. The press release confirmed that he’s a Starfleet officer.

So there you have it, the villain is not Khan. I bet 47, 000, 000 bars of latinum on it.

I know you’ve probably stopped reading by know, but I also have to disprove Gary Mitchell. This is harder because there is more evidence for him but I can prove that he is most likely not the villain.

First of all:

“Bob was asked if the following were in the sequel and he confirmed that all are not…
Janice Rand
Gary Mitchell (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”)
Charlie X (“Charlie X”)
Ruk the android (“What Are Little Girls Made Of”)
The Borg”


Now some have said that this could be the lie he mentioned, but in a Trekmovie interview he seemed to imply that on this issue he was telling the truth:

“ A couple of weeks ago you were on a radio show and you confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell in the sequel. Then last week Karl Urban says he is playing Gary Mitchell. Both can’t be true.

Roberto Orci: All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand… Nice callback, but are you sticking with your original comment and it isn’t Gary Mitchell.

Roberto Orci: I would say that I never lie. While Karl tests all those hypo spray props on himself [laughs]”


So he was more than likely telling the truth about Mitchell not being in the movie.

Then of course there’s the fact that GM died in the comic. Yes, his body is intact, but why do the story for the comics at all? You have to remember that the script was being written before the comics. So the writers would have to think “Why don’t we make it that WNMHGB already happened in this universe and now Mitchell comes back from the dead?”. It would make no sense. Also, Mike Johnson said that there would be a tiny hint of a subplot in the first issue. I can’t find the exact quote but this means that whatever clue there is in the issue (probably about Dehner) isn’t related to something as important as the villain.

So Gary Mitchell is highly unlikely. But more likely than Khan.
Thanks for reading this loooooong comment, if you did.

1194. Captain Slow - December 7, 2012

I know you’ve probably stopped reading by know, but I also have to disprove Gary Mitchell. This is harder because there is more evidence for him but I can prove that he is most likely not the villain.

First of all:

“Bob was asked if the following were in the sequel and he confirmed that all are not…
Janice Rand
Gary Mitchell (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”)
Charlie X (“Charlie X”)
Ruk the android (“What Are Little Girls Made Of”)
The Borg”


Now some have said that this could be the lie he mentioned, but in a Trekmovie interview he seemed to imply that on this issue he was telling the truth:

“ A couple of weeks ago you were on a radio show and you confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell in the sequel. Then last week Karl Urban says he is playing Gary Mitchell. Both can’t be true.

Roberto Orci: All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand… Nice callback, but are you sticking with your original comment and it isn’t Gary Mitchell.

Roberto Orci: I would say that I never lie. While Karl tests all those hypo spray props on himself [laughs]”


So he was more than likely telling the truth about Mitchell not being in the movie.

Then of course there’s the fact that GM died in the comic. Yes, his body is intact, but why do the story for the comics at all? You have to remember that the script was being written before the comics. So the writers would have to think “Why don’t we make it that WNMHGB already happened in this universe and now Mitchell comes back from the dead?”. It would make no sense. Also, Mike Johnson said that there would be a tiny hint of a subplot in the first issue. I can’t find the exact quote but this means that whatever clue there is in the issue (probably about Dehner) isn’t related to something as important as the villain.

Now many people have been saying that he fits with the line in the trailer about returning, but that could apply to any number of people.
He doesn’t fit with Benedict Cumberbatch’s comments in Japan about the villain not being completely good or evil and having understandable reasons for what he’s doing. Mitchell thought he was better than everyone and so he should rule the universe.

So Gary Mitchell is highly unlikely. But more likely than Khan.
Thanks for reading this loooooong comment, if you did.

1195. fascinoma - December 7, 2012

Why do people think that Dehner means Mitchell, and Marcus means Khan?? This is the alternate universe. People don’t necessarily all show up at the same time. For frick’s sake, the entire season 2 crew being on the ship at its launch is new, too.

1196. Aurore - December 7, 2012

“‘It’s not Khan,’ replies Pegg, annoyed. ‘That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”’
Source: I don’t think I need a source for this one. Besides, I can’t find the link.”


Nevermind the link.

I believe you.

1197. Captain Slow - December 7, 2012

Sorry about posting three times in a row, but I just wanted to provide some more speculation on who the villain could be.
Who in TOS wasn’t completely good or bad but wanted vengeance?
Who was so distraught over the loss of a lot of people close to him that he was willing to do anything to keep it from happening again?
I think that the villain is Matt Decker. Obviously he wouldn’t be fighting the Doomsday Machine again. But the events of the episode proved that he could go on a vengeful quest if it was for people he cared about.
“Is there anything you would not do for your family?”

1198. fascinoma - December 7, 2012

For that matter, why does the possible presence of a Hispanic actor necessarily mean Khan? If they’re going to be consistent with not racebending everyone – wouldn’t they choose someone of Indian descent? In this universe, Scotty is a Scot, Chekov is a Russian. You get the picture. Why would they racebend anyone else if it’s not in their MO to begin with?

Couldn’t a Hispanic actor… be… *gasp* a Hispanic character, or somebody other than Khan?

1199. Disinvited - December 7, 2012

#907. Ha ha

Of course, in furthering one’s education, it’s probably best to not rely on one sole source:

“Revenge is passion; vengeance is justice.” – Samuel Johnson’s 1773 dictionary

The distinction was important to certain revolutionaries of note.

Still grateful for the education, though.

1200. MJ - December 7, 2012

OK folks, I was really trying to deliberately not see the trailer and wait unilt I saw the 9-minute IMAX clip next Saturday night, but I couldn’t help myself — I have just watched the English and Japanese versions of the trailer.

My oh my, what a difference this trailer makes. Last week, the vast majority of folks here were dismissing out of hand that it was Khan,and kept promoting a nonsensical Gary Mitchell ressurection-based storyline. Now, with the trailer, even they have to admit that Khan is very much in play; or at least Jochaim and/or a member Khan’s family.

And this trailer definitely takes Mitchell off the table. Mitchell had no family, and the context of BC’s lines in this trailer make absolutely no sense for Mitchell to be saying. Sorry Montreal Paul, DM Duncan and others, but it ain’t going to be Mitchell.

This puts the credibility back in my sails. It feels good — very good.

Khaaaaaaaaaan !!!!!

PS: I rate it at a 75% chance that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus..

1201. Elias Javalis - December 7, 2012

Fellow trekkies a theory.. The Starfleet ship that crashes on the bay, seems like a future design to me! Equinox type from Voyager comes to mind.. Watch the nacelles.

…Please don’t stone me for mentioning time travel again :):):):):):):)!!!

1202. Captain Slow - December 7, 2012

MJ, read my above post which proves quite conclusively that it’s not Khan or Gary Mitchell.

1203. MJ - December 7, 2012

Also, it looks like Pike dies — hence the memorial service with Kirk speaking. I had mentioned that as a possbiility over a year ago.

1204. Mark James tucker - December 7, 2012

1198 Thank you for that, this is not the 1960s anymore.

You know the more I think about it, the more I think if we werent all speculating and talking about who he is playing they would just go ahead and announce the character.

Look at Amazing Spiderman II are they hiding who the Villian is? NO
Iron Man 3? NO
Man of Steel? NO
Justice League? NO

You know why? Because knowing who the Villian is Doesn’t ruin or spoil the movie.

And the argument about him being Jaquin or Jaquim? why bother they weren’t supermen they were followers of Khan. They had no were near the level of intellegence or strength that Khan had.

If they really truly were going to have Khan be the Villian and really and truly wanted Bencio but it fell through, there are a lot of really talented latino actors they could have pursued.

Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem are just two examples of latino actors who besides being talented are also very charismatic(something that is required for Khan)
Further more Khan is not any of the things described in the press release or what we have seen in the trailer so far.

Last I checked Khan wasn’t meant to be a character that isnt bad but isnt good. He isn’t someone the audience is meant to sympathise with

They left Earth to find a new world to conqure why return to the one they left 200 years earlier instead?

Thats why i feel they arent telling a khan story or a bottany bay crewmember story.
Plus I really feel that Orci and Kurtzman are much more creative than to just go to Khan instead trying something never seen in a Trek Movie before.

I still laugh at how so many of you who keep saying augment this augment that are the same ones who dumped on Enterprise.
which is where the idea of calling them Augments originated in the first place.

1205. Mark James tucker - December 7, 2012

1200 is that really you thought you said you were going to be gone for 1.5 weeks lol

In anycase to me that teaser still doesnt say Khan. but I suspect you would expect me to say as much.

I will say this the full size poster looks great hanging on my apartment wall.

1206. Disinvited - December 7, 2012

#1999 Disinvited

The typo gremlin struck again. the full quote is:

“Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance is justice.”

1207. MJ - December 7, 2012

@1205. Yep, it’s may — couldn’t help myself any longer and needed my trailer fix. LOL

I agree that the teaser doesn’t say it’s Khan. However, the teaser certainly reinvigorates the possibility that it is Khan, while at the same time making it look like its not going to be Mitchell.

1208. Ashley - December 8, 2012

@1201 I agree that the nacelles look different. They seem narrower, and the warp pylons are definitely different. Aside from their span being wider, they have almost a ‘gull-wing’ kind of bend. It looks sleeker and more balanced though, imo. I kind of wonder if maybe it’s a refit? Perhaps there’s a time jump after the first 9 minutes? Or halfway through the movie? Maybe the rest takes place in the somewhat near future (late TOS) and the ship has been refit. Could explain some of the different uniforms we’ve seen. When Bob Orci was saying it took place within a year of the first movie, maybe he was only referring to an earlier part of the movie…

I also think that Pike might die, and maybe in the first half. The thing about family could refer to Kirk, and Pike could have been all he had left aside from his crew. The line could even be taunting or baiting Kirk. So he has to fight this guy and win to protect his crew, Earth, and the whole rest of the Federation. Family is what drives Kirk to win against him. Of course this is all just wildly speculating. xD However, Pike could have been like a father figure to both Spock and Kirk, so if he dies it might bring them closer and make them more like brothers…

1209. Captain Slow - December 8, 2012

Oh, now for everyone saying that the hand on glass scene proves it’s Khan, remember that the writers based the Centaurian slug scene in the last movie on TWOK. And Khan wasn’t in the last movie.

1210. Dirty Harry - December 8, 2012

OK, here’s my own addition to the wild theories we’re all having fun with…

I am not even going to guess who BC is playing (although I would like it to be Mitchell to avoid trying to remake a classic).

Instead, here’s a crazy thought that just occurred to me, and I haven’t seen anyone else suggest.

The young boy in the crowd watching the city destruction / starship crash – someone online has said that he was given specific direction by JJ…

What if he is playing a young BC? They look close enough and that could explain why the crashing starship looks a bit old-fashioned.

Maybe that scene is part of BC’s backstory and, Batman-like, a starship crash kills his parents… Meaning he’s back for his vengeance…

Like I said, I don’t actually believe this to be true but I thought it was an interesting idea and a break from the same old Khan / Mitchell debate.

Any thoughts?

1211. Jonboc - December 8, 2012

1200 “Mitchell had no family, and the context of BC’s lines in this trailer make absolutely no sense for Mitchell to be saying. ”

MJ, I think BC’s line, about family, is referring to Kirk…who, after losing “family” , at BC’s hands…seeks revenge…and the lengths he will go to, to catch the killer. That would be more in line with the official synopsis released a few days ago.

I think we are hearing a narration from BC, in character, not actual dialog from the film.

1212. Tuomas - December 8, 2012

Must say I loved the trailer and I can’t wait to see the film in cinema. Too bad Finland’s got to wait till June for that.

My favourite part was the Enterprise emerging from the ocean. It had a sort of mysterious, majestic feeling to it, a sense of something big happening (obviously, it’s a big ship).

I read every comment up until 600-something and people were still debating whether it is the NCC-1701 or not. Not sure if it was settled after that, though.

Here’s an animated GIF with a side-by-side comparison of that scene. On the left is my quick-and-dirty paint job of some of the registry numbers to give you an idea where to look for them in the untouched version, which is on the right. They really are easier to see from moving picture than a still frame. (be advised: file size is about 6 MB)

1213. No Khan - December 8, 2012

430. TheWrathOfBong, I think your spot on. I’ve been thinking the same thing.

1214. Dude Against Telephoto Paparrazi - December 8, 2012

Christine Chapel and Roger Korby.

1215. Just thinking out loud - December 8, 2012


I like where your going with this. Perhaps BC is upset over the loss of his family who were either Starfleet themselves, or citizens killed in the crash/explosion. Maybe SF covered up the incident or ignored it otherwise did not handle it to his satisfaction. Perhaps an alien race was involved, say the Klingons, and now he is thrusting the Klingtons/Federation into a war since they are both responsible for his loss. Would paint him as both the good/bad character BC has mentioned. Who wouldn’t side with a guy trying to avenge his families death/murder?

1216. Sci-Fiddy - December 8, 2012

1212. Tuomas.

Nice gif

looking at memory alpha, here’s the ships that start with NCC 170 –

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)
USS Hood (NCC-1703)
USS Lexington (NCC-1709)

I think it’s gotta be the enterprise… but, it’s just too bad we can’t see that last number…

1217. dmduncan - December 8, 2012


MJ, if it’s not Mitchell then it’s anyone but Khan. Could be Garth, could be Tracy, could be someone else unexpected — could even be a new character.

The only way that the guy Cumberbatch is playing in that trailer is Khan is if it is very very important to JJ Abrams that you be right.

Do agree that Pike is a good candidate for killing, though I wish they wouldn’t throw him away. The missing man formation is not for “top brass,” it’s usually done for fallen pilots. Of course, just about EVERYBODY in Starfleet seems to be a pilot anyway, so not even that gives anything away.

1218. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

And the Cumberbatch dialogue about family is a question posed to someone else. “Is there anything you would not do…for your family?” The narrator is not speaking about HIS family. In addition, that line is not VO narration. If you listen closely you can hear an echo. So it’s being spoken in a room. That’s from a scene in the film.

1219. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

When I hear Cumberbatch say that, “Is there anything…you would not do…for your family,” it sounds targeted at Kirk, but it also sounds spoken in wonderment. It sounds like Cumberbatch’s character is coming to an unexpected realization, and that we are hearing the antagonist on the verge of what plays out as a reversal in his intention.

I don’t for a minute believe Cumberbatch is playing a simplistic bad guy.

Also, if Cumberatch is not Mitchell, despite the fact that he leaps like the Hulk and can apparently destroy Starfleet singlehandedly, then look for a Red Matter type MacGuffin here. Some device that allows him to take control of ships and to wreak havoc and have his way against all Starfleet without requiring him to have X Men powers.

Some kind of backdoor device that lets him control everything.

1220. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

One more thing — abut killing Pike.

Bob expressed interest in a Pike-based TV series.

Bob also rebooted the TOS universe because they didn’t want to do the early days of the prime universe where the death of Kirk was a known. They wanted an open future for him.

But if they pursue a Pike based TV series while killing him off in this film, doesn’t the same principle also apply? They’d be investing in a character for a series whose future demise was a known. Same problem that led them away from doing a prime universe movie reboot.

So how do you kill Pike in the movie and then get around that self inflicted wound to do that series???

1221. Kevan - December 8, 2012

After doing some research and back story of garth of izar, watching whom gods destroy, and review a book, i believe that it is his story, and BC, plays him. Garth was a decorated fleet captain who went insane and wanted revenge and take over the galaxy, Starfleet was his family and was required reading for cadets about his tactics and battles on the frontier.

1222. boborci - December 8, 2012

1111. We always like to shoot for 2 hours, but we don’t have a final cut yet, so it is just our goal/guess.

1223. boborci - December 8, 2012

1098. Ralph Pinheiro – December 7, 2012
Mr. Bob Orci,

“Will the ending to Into Darkness be cliffhanger or will have a story with a beginning, middle and end?”


The ending will clearly be a ———;)

1224. Simship - December 8, 2012

Ok, not hugely important but did anyone else think Pine’s eyes looked green in the trailer?

Contacts maybe? His haircut is more Shatnerish too… I hope so – those bright blue eyes were jarring in XI, lovely I’m sure… But not Kirk.

Also – I rewatched Whom Gods Destroy last night… Now I’m sure it’s not Garth!

1225. Mad Man - December 8, 2012

Why did they change Alice Eve’s eyes to be of one color? I wonder if she has to do that for every movie she’s in. I really like the two different-colored eyes. It’s so cool!

1226. MJ - December 8, 2012


“The narrator is not speaking about HIS family.”

Come on, I don’t here this “wonderment” you are taking about. It sounds to me that he’s speaking about HIS motive for vengeance — HIS family. I agree that he is making a broader point in a scene from the movie, but his point is based on HIS family being killed, and I am sure relates to his motive.

“Also, if Cumberatch is not Mitchell, despite the fact that he leaps like the Hulk and can apparently destroy Starfleet singlehandedly…”

Why would a fully powered-up super-Mitchell, who destroyed the entire fleet by wiling it, need to engage in hand to hand combat??? Makes no sense? Now, a different version of Khan or Joachim, who Starfleet Intelligence (Weller) tried to make into “a weapon” he would need to use super-human fighting and jumping because he couldn’t will stuff to happen. So see now how these scenes from the trailer support Khan more that Mitchell? It might not be Khan, but these scenes pretty much rule out Mitchell.


“So how do you kill Pike in the movie and then get around that self inflicted wound to do that series???”

Very Simple. The Pick TV series takes place earlier in his career. Pike would be recast as a younger green Captain.

There you go!

1227. MJ - December 8, 2012

I would not be surprised if Pike is an Admiral in this movie as well.

1228. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1226: “Come on, I don’t here this ‘wonderment’ you are taking about. It sounds to me that he’s speaking about HIS motive for vengeance — HIS family.”

You’re trying not to hear it, MJ. He’s speaking english. He says “Is there anything YOU would not do for YOUR family.” He’s not saying “there is nothing I would not do for MY family.” So it is kind of odd that you are coming up with the opposite interpretation of what his words are saying.

And that reflects what the synopsis tells us: “As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.”

Read that again: “sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.”

Kirk’s family is the one this movie is referencing. “Is there anything you would not do for your family” most probably refers to KIRK’S sacrifice for his family, i.e., his crew, whatever that sacrifice is. They even put it in the synopsis.

And as the person causing all the mischief, it’s kind of a hard sell that Cumberbatch Mystery Character X is doing something good for HIS family. I don’t know how you see vengeance equating to that. Vengeance is personal. You do it for yourself, not for others. Khan’s dead wife in no way benefited from his mad action against James T. Kirk.

1229. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1226: “Very Simple. The Pick TV series takes place earlier in his career. Pike would be recast as a younger green Captain.”

Read my post again.

1230. MJ - December 8, 2012

@1220 “They’d be investing in a character for a series whose future demise was a known.”

Ref: The Clone Wars. The most successful animated cartoon series of the past decade. Both Anikan and Obi Wan DIE in future SW movies.

Death would actually make Pike more legendary and interesting for use in a TV series.

1231. Flux Conundrum - December 8, 2012


‘Some device that allows him to take control of ships and to wreak havoc and have his way against all Starfleet without requiring him to have X Men powers.
Some kind of backdoor device that lets him control everything.’

I mentioned this in a post i made about 9/11 type attacks using Federation vessels.

Then it came to me… TWOK even has it… The Prefix code.

I did ask Bob for a yay or nay but he didn’t confirm or deny it, which is understandable.

1232. MJ - December 8, 2012

@1228. You didn’t address my point about why would a super-Mitchell need to use hand-to-hand combat if he had earlier just willed the entire fleet to blow up? There is really no answer for this point, so I can sympathize why you didn’t want to respond to that point of mine. ;-)

1233. MJ - December 8, 2012

@1231. “I mentioned this in a post i made about 9/11 type attacks using Federation vessels. Then it came to me… TWOK even has it… The Prefix code”

Exactly!!! There is no need for a wacky Gary Mitchell willing the fleet the detonate. Come on, nobody is going to buy that in a Trek movie. People would be laughing in the theater.

1234. MJ - December 8, 2012

@1229 “Read my post again.”

No problem — please see my post @1230 where I address it.

1235. Trek Fan - December 8, 2012

The scene from the trailer just after Cumberbatch says.. “Shall we begin…” where the crowd sees the building explode and the ship crashes into the water… I tend to think that is Mitchell showing his powers… bring a ship crashing down from space… making buildings explode. All probable.

1236. Disinvited - December 8, 2012

Karl Urban does a left hnaded Vulcan salute:

1237. Trek Fan - December 8, 2012

@MJ 1233. “People would be laughing in the theater.”

Like they will laugh at a pasty white Brit playing someone called Khan Noonien Singh

1238. Charley W - December 8, 2012

Some further notes:

1) BC is not likely to be Charley X, WOF’s Joachim (could be Space Seed’s if they are different individuals), Peter Kirk, etc., because of his age. Think maybe in his 30s to late 40s or so (around Kirk’s age or somewhat older).

2) Seeing the trailer again- the fly-over is certainly some sort of memorial (I was thinking at the beginning of the film for those lost due to Nero, but RO has said that the film is about a year later than the events in the previous film.), but is the assembly? The cadets have their hats on, not likely for a memorial for the dead, more likely for a graduation or commencement. (I’m actually going to put this down to the filmmakers not paying attention to these sort of details.)

3) The trailer is certainly drawing upon the ST2 similarities as much as they can, probably some red herrings due to it being film #2 of the reboot. It probably has similar structure to WOK with a DIFFERENT villian.

4) I think that BC playing Finnegan can be taken off the list now, he certainly didn’t have an Irish accent in the voice-over. (When I first heard it, I immediately thought of Patrick Styewart.)

5) I feel like we’re missing something and BC is someone like Decker, Tracy, or a second string character. George Kirk is certainly a possibility, and I think MORE likely with what the trailer has shown (I have not seen the comic that he appears in.)

1239. MJ - December 8, 2012

@1235. That would be so lame. “Probable.” Yea right, dude. LOL

@1237 Like I said, the trailer supports Khan more than Mitchell. It might not be other, but the trailer pretty much rules out the wacky Mitchell resurrection/X-man scenario.

1240. MJ - December 8, 2012

“George Kirk is certainly a possibility.”

Agreed. Sam/George Kirk is my long shot possibility as well.

1241. Charley W - December 8, 2012

Another possibility:

Has Anyone thought maybe characters from The Animated Series?

1242. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1230. MJ – December 8, 2012

@1220 “They’d be investing in a character for a series whose future demise was a known.”

Ref: The Clone Wars. The most successful animated cartoon series of the past decade. Both Anikan and Obi Wan DIE in future SW movies.


You’re missing the point, MJ.

Alex and Bob had nothing to do with The Clone Wars, and their stated reason for not doing a prime universe reboot was because we knew how Kirk died.

That’s the principle that guided THEIR decision, which they will deal with again if they both kill off Pike in the movie AND seek to do a Pike-based series.

1243. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

And BTW, it is not for want of trying that I am unable to see that dude as Khan. There is just no angle from which it look like it even COULD be him.

I mean, they radically re-engineered his character if Cumberbatch is supposed to be him. But why would you guarantee yourself a horde of pissed off fans by re-engineering that iconic character, when you could simply introduce a NEW character with the features you want him to have? If you change the character of Khan THAT much so that Cumberbatch could play him, then you’ve lost the character of Khan, and there’s no sense in even giving him the same name anymore. You could just go original.

Second, there’s the logistical problem. If that’s Khan, you have to discover him, explain his backstory, INDUCT HIM INTO STARFLEET IN A PLAUSIBLE WAY, and THEN give him a reason for seeking vengeance that takes up the rest of the movie. Not ONLY do you have to make this movie some variation of Space Seed and TWOK, but between those two plots you have to insert the story of how and WHY the hell Starfleet inducts this former dictator and eugenic “superman” into their organization, which he then turns on.

Dude, that’s enough for several movies.

1244. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

TWOK prefix codes is the sort of backdoor I mentioned earlier. That’s a possibility, though it could elicit laughter if one guy with a special number to dial can destroy starfleet.

And that would hardly make this guy a “one man weapon of mass destruction” or “an unstoppable force of terror.”

You take his backdoor passkey away (and whatever ship he appears to have in the trailer) and he’s eminently stoppable.

Plus, did I mention he leaps like the incredible Hulk? Definitely someone more than a standard Bond villain here.

1245. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

Really, he seems to be Bane, but without the help.

1246. Not a Doctor - December 8, 2012

As a “lostie” and a “trekkie” – I am loving this! All of this discussion is pure conjecture, well-researched conjecture, but conjecture just the same.

I’m excited to see Klingons – and I would love some more evil Romulans, but what I have secretly hoping for is a story about what happens to the Vulcans. I don’t need a reboot of something that has already been done – I would like to see how the diminished Vulcan race reacts to being near extinction – do they revert to their once violent ways? Does a rogue Starfleet officer (Cumberbatch) secretly work with the Vulcans to destroy Earth in an act of vengeance? Will Romulans take advantage of Vulcan’s demise to turn Earthlings into their slaves?

Whatever the story, I know from the 2009 movie that the writers kept enough of the old in with the new to make me want these movies to go on for as long as possible. How about one a year?

1247. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1238. Charley W – December 8, 2012

Hey, Finnegan was never on MY list, but I love the character, and if they ever use him in the future, COLIN FARRELL is the man for the role!

1248. Flux Conundrum - December 8, 2012

They could explain the prefix codes as easily as they did in TWOK.
He/they could overide the starships in earth space/orbit and just fly them straight at Earths major citys or just simply engage self-destruct.
That’s one way to detonate a fleet.

1249. Curious Cadet - December 8, 2012

@ 1243 dmduncan,

Not that I think it’s Khan, but you DO NOT have to INDUCT him into Starfleet, based on wha I’ve seen and read.

The unstoppable force from within Starfleet can be mutually exclusive from the one man WMD. Cumberbatch can be one without being the other. The fact he wears a Starfleet uniform can be explained as easily as why Khan wore one in both Space Seed and TWOK.

Just saying, that’s not your strongest argument against Khan. Indeed Cumberbatch himself is the strongest argument against it.

1250. Ashley - December 8, 2012

Taking some of the speculation off of BC for a moment, I wonder what Spock is up to throughout the movie? He seems to be doing some solo missions in like, three different parts of the trailer…

1251. Curious Cadet - December 8, 2012

@1235 trekfan,

If it is Mitchell, that makes a good point. Audiences are already used to Xmen supernatural powers. This would be no surprise to them. Guess it all depends on what kind of movie Abrams is making. And after that trailer, I am not sure anymore.

As for it being Mitchell, there is a simple reason why he doesn’t always use his god-like powers … Because he can.

Dmduncan made an interesting point somewhere about the fact Trelane chose to duel with Kirk using pistols. For a very similar reason, Mitchell doesn’t need to prove his abilities after an initial demonstration, and can toy with his subjects as one of them. In particular, if he’s out for Vengence, he wouldn’t want to merely squash them like a bug … He would want to kill them with his own bare hands, as revenge is personal. All along being confident that there is absolutely nothing they could do to stop him.

1252. Curious Cadet - December 8, 2012

@1242 dmduncan,

I’m afraid the Pike series is already doomed. Even though it’s unlikely, the expectation that when our lead characters are placed in peril, that they could actually die is important. Since we already know Pike survives into the current films, that possibility is removed. I’m not sure what Orci was thinking about going back and doing a series based on a younger version of Pike since the future is already determined for the character, and i think he himself made that specific point about death. I feel like Orci must have come to this realization as well and thus willing to kill off Pike for the most dramatic result for the story. Plus, from what I’ve read, I don’t think CBS is anywhere close to seriously considering a new Trek series, even if this next film does amazingly well.

1253. dmduncan - December 8, 2012


“When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.”

There is no possibility here. We are speculating because we do not know, so to us anything SEEMS possible, but in reality anything is NOT possible. It is what it is.

Now that synopsis I quoted is only two sentences, and I am not reading the second one as unrelated to the first. The unstoppable force of terror destroys Starfleet. As a consequence, the crew searches for a one man weapon of mass destruction on a war torn world.

It is VERY likely that the unstoppable force and the one man WMD are one and the same, and that the reason Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet shirt, is because he is the unstoppable force of terror from within Starfleet. If he is unrelated to that force of terror from within Starfleet who destroyed their fleet, why go to some wartorn world looking for the Cumberbatch dude? Why is Spock chasing him on earth? Why do we see Kirk fighting him? They obviously are not on the same side of things, and someone is being sought for the destruction caused.

The question is not whether or not other scenarios are possible. They are certainly possible — for YOU, and me, and the rest of us who think them up. But they are not equally possible for the film. The film has its own reality now, and we are either right or wrong in relation to it.

And in trying to squeeze Khan into the role, he’s just not fitting.

Your theory that the unstoppable force and the one man WMD are two different things isn’t likely to me.

And if those two things are in fact the same as I think they are — they would have to place Khan in Starfleet, which is another scenario I find extremely unlikely, for the logistical reasons I mentioned.

1254. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1252: “I’m not sure what Orci was thinking about going back and doing a series based on a younger version of Pike since the future is already determined for the character, and i think he himself made that specific point about death. I feel like Orci must have come to this realization as well and thus willing to kill off Pike for the most dramatic result for the story.”

Bob’s stated approval of the Pike based series comment came well after he wrote the script for this movie, so unless he changed what happened to Pike after the movie was in production, then he knew when he *liked” the Pike idea what Pike’s future was in this movie.

1255. Charley W - December 8, 2012

Mr Orci:

Is anyone here even close to the main questions that we have? I’m certainly NOT asking who, if so, but just want to know if anyone has read the clues right.

1256. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

I ALSO get the impression that when Spock is chasing Cumberbatch X, they do not know who he is. And when Cumberbatch X makes his leap on that Klingon world and Kirk sees his face for the first time, Kirk displays a shock of recognition. So it mayhap that when they are looking for that dude, they know he’s human, but they don’t know he’s someone they already know.

1257. Jefferies Tuber - December 8, 2012

The VO sounds like Christopher Plummer. A [young-not-General] Chang would be a great twist on the “it’s canon” rule–though, in fact, I’m not disagreeing with Anthony. It’s probably Khan.

1258. Curious Cadet - December 8, 2012

@ 1253 dmduncan,

I don’t disagree. However, there’s still Weller’s character to contend with. While the OMWMD may likely be related to the “unstoppable force of terror”, being an actual officer within Starfleet is what I suggest is not clear.

If that is not the most likely scenario for you, sobeit.

Mitchell is a much more likely possibility for me now than Khan, if only because Cumberbatch looks absolutely nothing like Khan and I’m not looking forward to whatever retcon Orci would concoct to explain it. But there are so many other problems with it as well. But it also feels like someone other than Mitchell, and indeed may be a lie by Orci that Cumberbatch’s character comes from canon. Either way, limiting our thinking to just characters that could be Starfleet officers does us a disservice given the ambiguities.

Also, in 1193 above, Captain Slow quoted Orci’s response on this forum that Cumberbatch’s character probably does not come from Season One, which rules out both Khan and Mitchell. If that’s the case then Garth is the most likely fit for your position, but perhaps not the best if candidates outside of Starfleet are considered. Not sure where this changed though, and of course The Spreme Court could have changed its mind.

1259. Trekman - December 8, 2012

Gary Mitchell is the villain. Alice Eve is Elizabeth Dehner. It is quite odvious I think. Even if Gary Mitchell did seem to die in the comic book series, he might of not. Kirk shot him with a phaser cannon and they think he’s dead. They torpedoed him out into space in a capsule and that’s how he escapes and somehow comes back. That’s why Gary wants revenge on Kirk and the Federation. Besides, in the original episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, Kirk tried killing Gary with a phaser cannon even then. And it didn’t kill him.

1260. Curious Cadet - December 8, 2012

@1254 dmduncan,

Or Orci could have just been telling us he thinks it would make a great series, not that he would actually make it while trying to throw us off the scent.

@1256 dmduncan,

I also pointed out that Kirk appears to recognize Cumberbatch after watching the trailer, but as many have pointed out, including yourself, this trailer could be easily cut up to make us think something that isn’t true. The truth is, we don’t know who Kirk appears to recognize, or what he’s reacting to, or when in the story. If it is a linear cut he simply could be recognizing Cumberbatch from his first meeting of him earlier in the film. So all I’m doing is playing devils advocate to keep the thinking fresh.

All I currently see on this board are two the major theories that were floating around since before the trailer or synopsis came out: Khan and Mitchell, and everybody is trying to fit these two odd-sized pegs into a hole for which neither quite fit.

1261. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1260: “All I currently see on this board are two the major theories that were floating around since before the trailer or synopsis came out: Khan and Mitchell, and everybody is trying to fit these two odd-sized pegs into a hole for which neither quite fit.”

Which is why I keep thinking this Cumberbatch guy is someone new. It just FEELS that way, though you can cut one minute out of a two hour movie to create deceptive impressions as well. However, I think we CAN rely on as proof whatever the movie illustrates which we also find in the synopsis.

Bob’s “lie” is the wild card that can swing everything in a different direction. Most people are thinking he lied when he said it wasn’t Mitchell, largely because of what Karl Urban said.

But if Karl Urban really was joking or, even worse, if he was misdirecting us, then the axis of rotation shifts to the new character theory, and the lie Bob told may have been that the character was canon.

I’m not quite there yet, but I’m not letting that possibility escape my sight either.

1262. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

1258: “If that’s the case then Garth is the most likely fit for your position, but perhaps not the best if candidates outside of Starfleet are considered.”

And I LIKE the Garth idea. He was such a forgettable character in the series that he leaves someone with an interest in contributing to the franchise (like Bob) with a great opportunity to do so much better than the original version — and THAT may be why this Cumberbatch guy feels so new.

But Cumberbatch X jumps like the Hulk, and he looks like Kirk’s contemporary rather than a generation ahead, so I’m not counting Garth OUT.

1263. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

error: I AM counting Garth out. At least right now. Next Saturday I may feel different.

1264. Curious Cadet - December 8, 2012

Anybody notice how Kirk is wearing his black shirt just like Cumberbatch in two adjacent cuts. Somehow since Cumberbatch is punching an unseen person in the very next shot of the trailer, I am reminded of the iconic scene of Kirk and Shapeshifted Garth/Kirk fighting in Elba II.

That said, spoilers from the longer trailer are out on a new thread.

we now know among other things that Checkov is wearing a red shirt. Cumberbatch is in the end scene wi Spock on the Japanese trailer and the glass is the wall of the brig. Pike tells Kirk he has no humility and is going to get somebody killed.

1265. Disinvited - December 8, 2012

#1253 dmduncan

So you don’t think might be trying (unknown to him) the irk Prime solution of using one doomsday weapon(MD) to neutralize another? Say, go the warworld to get Garth to defeat Khan? The ceromony could be for Garth who dies defeating Khan.

1266. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

No, I think that’s too complicated, and neither of those guys are one man WMD’s. They are extremely stoppable when you get right down to it.

1267. LogicalLeopard - December 8, 2012


On Cumberbatch jumping like the Hulk, is it just me, or is Cumberbatch not jumping at all? There is a flare under him when his “jump” begins, and before he lands, it looks like a there’s a bluish glow like some sort of jetpack.

So the question is, was that intentionally selected in the trailer to confuse the identity of the character?

1268. Disinvited - December 8, 2012

#1266. dmduncan

Then I take it you have the position rhat Comander Reliant in TWoK was extremely incompetent.

But I get you complication observation. Its one thing to use an H-Bomb which most of the audience is familiar with. Quite another under the shot for economy of 120 minutes to establish some obscure character as equally as menacing/threatening. Let alone two.

1269. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 8, 2012

Please stop calling Benedict Cumberbatch a “pasty Brit”. He is not pasty. He actually looks rather healthy, with a bit of colour.

1270. Trek Fan - December 8, 2012

@ 1239.- MJ

The trailer supports Khan?? What are you smoking Dude! If anything, it lessens the chances of it being Khan. And judging from the poll on here and what other media sites are reporting, more people think it’s Mitchell and not Khan.

1271. dmduncan - December 8, 2012

There’s a “briefing room” in the trailer which resembles the briefing room from WNMHGB, with the “halo” suspended from the ceiling around the table.

Images 25 and 26 above.

That style room disappeared after WNMHGB. So it’s interesting that they designed a room that takes cues from the briefing room in that particular episode.

1272. Trek Fan - December 8, 2012

@ MJ

How do you explain”unstoppable force of terror from within…” and “a one man weapon of mass destruction”…?

Khan may be a genertic super human… but a one man weapon of mass destruction? And when did he join Starfleet to become an unstoppable force of terror from WITHIN?

1273. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 8, 2012

Pine/Kirk eyes are blue, blue, blue – not jarring at all – just beautiful!

1274. Astrophysicophile - December 8, 2012

563, 572, 698. I now agree with you that the villain is Redjac, but I think he is inhabiting a very live Garth of Izar.

1275. Astrophysicophile - December 8, 2012

So, in comparing the synopsis, poster, and trailer to Redjac and Garth, I see that:

1. “unstoppable force of terror” – Redjac

2. “from within (the crew’s) own organization” – Garth

3. “detonated the fleet and everything it stands for” – Garth is a genius and a fleet captain and might have the ingenuity and access to hack into the computers of all the ships in the fleet and setting them to self-destruct or to crash into the Starfleet and Federation institutions on Earth and then self-destruct; Redjac can control the computers of ships like the Enterprise

4. “war-zone world” – Axanar

5. “one man weapon of mass destruction” – If Garth is possessed Redjac, he will be a one man WMD

6. “epic chess game of life and death” – In “Whom Gods Destroy”, Garth played a chess game of life and death against the crew of the Enterprise; Redjac hates all that lives and thrives and feeds on death

7. The city of London on the movie’s poster – Redjac slew at will in the heart of the most populous city of old Earth

8. Cumberbatch’s character speaking with a British accent – If Garth is possessed Redjac, he might speak with this accent (but then Hengist and the Enterprise did not, although Jaris already did)

9. “your world” – Garth is from Izar; Redjac, from who knows where

10. “You think your world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace” – In “Whom Gods Destroy”, Garth was offended when Kirk spoke of the Axanar peace mission, and called Spock truly blind for agreeing with Kirk’s statement that the humanitarians and statesmen of the mission had a dream that made Spock and him brothers, a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars; Redjac feeds on fear and terror

11. “I have returned” – Garth studied and is headquarted on Earth; Redjac slew at will on old Earth

12. “to have my vengeance.” – In “Whom Gods Destroy”, Garth felt betrayed and barbarically treated by his crew, Starfleet, and the Federation; Redjac feeds on fear, terror, and death, plus in “Wolf in the Fold”, it was beamed into open space by the crew of the Enterprise of the prime universe

13. Eve’s character screaming in horror – Redjac hates women, and preys on women because they are more easily and more deeply terrified, generating more sheer horror than the male of the species

1276. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2012

C’MON, it’s not Redjac!

1277. Astrophysicophile - December 9, 2012

1275. Sorry, “possessed Redjac” should be “possessed by Redjac.”

1276. Which villain in TOS is unstoppable, is terror itself, has been to London, feeds on fear, terror, and death, and makes women scream?

1278. Astrophysicophile - December 9, 2012

1277. And can also control the computers of starships?

1279. boborci - December 9, 2012

1261. dmduncan – December 8, 2012

Good theory. Solid as always.

But not the case.

You’re so close to how you’re going to catch him, Agent Starling;)

1280. boborci - December 9, 2012

I just want to say, now, as we get closer and closer to all being revealed that no one should feel bad for guessing wrong. Seriously. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it either. So many good theories. and so many are viable story lines that would be great:)

1281. boborci - December 9, 2012

1255. Charley W – December 8, 2012
Mr Orci:

“Is anyone here even close to the main questions that we have? I’m certainly NOT asking who, if so, but just want to know if anyone has read the clues right.”


Several have had great guesses that hit close!

1282. boborci - December 9, 2012

1243. dmduncan – December 8, 2012
And BTW, it is not for want of trying that I am unable to see that dude as Khan. There is just no angle from which it look like it even COULD be him.

I mean, they radically re-engineered his character if Cumberbatch is supposed to be him. But why would you guarantee yourself a horde of pissed off fans by re-engineering that iconic character, when you could simply introduce a NEW character with the features you want him to have? If you change the character of Khan THAT much so that Cumberbatch could play him, then you’ve lost the character of Khan, and there’s no sense in even giving him the same name anymore. You could just go original.


Your comment reminds me of my favorite philosopher’s (Daniel Dennet) jokes who wrote this joke/analogy of a philosophical argument he was making. I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially, he joked:

“Scientists have discovered Santa Clause is real. Turns out he is a tall, thin violinist living in Florida. He never gives presents and he hates children.”

The above from his book, “CONSCIOUSNESS EXPLAINED.”

Warning: The above should truly not be taken as a confirmation or denial of anything — just a fan of Daniel Dennet:)

1283. Astrophysicophile - December 9, 2012

1282. But Dennet himself looks like Santa Claus.

1284. Astrophysicophile - December 9, 2012

754. Henoch instead of Redjac possessing Garth is another idea, especially since he did make one woman, Uhura of the prime universe scream, but there are a couple of points against him:

1. Since the events of the episode “Return to Tomorrow” probably has not occurred in the second universe yet, he will have to come from the prime universe via Nero, just as Redjac will have to do as well.

2. He has never been to London.

3. He has telekinetic powers, which Cumberbatch’s character does not exhibit.

1285. - December 9, 2012

Def not Khan.

80% of trekkies would hate the character to be Khan and 20% of those would just not go and see the movie if it was.

The general public would not care so nothing lost nothing gained.

Given that this is business at the end of the day no one was ever going to make a decision that would cost bums on seats.

So no Khan.

For those of you who really want him, no Khan do.

1286. Captain Slow - December 9, 2012

I was wondering, since the villain mentions family, is he any relation to Noel Clarke’s character who was described as a family man?

1287. to find the creator - December 9, 2012

same feelings after seeing teaser for ST ’09. can’t believe they actually made this movie. so excited! no matter the villain (leaning strongly toward mitchell if it truly is canon character) the footage looks badass!!

1288. Mad Man - December 9, 2012

1280. boborci – December 9, 2012
I just want to say, now, as we get closer and closer to all being revealed that no one should feel bad for guessing wrong. Seriously. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it either. So many good theories. and so many are viable story lines that would be great:)

So, we are getting closer to when all will be revealed. My guess it will be revealed in the 9-minute scene, since Orci says we are close. But, knowing how secretive JJ is, I somehow doubt JJ would want to reveal that now since he has been so successful in keeping it a secret this long. Of course, maybe JJ, having to succumb to studio demands, had it scheduled long ago when Cumby’s character will be revealed.

Like Hannibal from the A-Team, JJ is enjoying his plan coming together. He just better be smoking a cigar when it does.

1289. Gary S. - December 9, 2012

It is probably going to be a character who is an amalgamation of all the people that we are discussing .

1290. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2012


Well, Gary, if that’s the case, I look forward to seeing GARMITCHKHAN!

1291. I am not Herbert - December 9, 2012

it looks (to me) like the first nine minutes will be the intro to the JJ-version of WNMHGB (with lot’s of overkill and some twists)…

This has the POTENTIAL for an EXTREMELY KICK-A$$ movie…

but, they will probly put the usual stamp of low-brow gimmicky fake-looking pandering implausibility all over it (again)… =(

1292. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2012

“low-brow gimmicky fake-looking pandering implausibility”

Boy, if I only had a dime for every time I’ve heard THAT phrase!

1293. Charley W - December 9, 2012

Concerning only the human suggestions:

Col Green would involve Time Travel (TM), and I hope that we will not be traveling down the SAME road again so soon.

Trelaine is more powerful and wouldn’t be hand-to-hand fighting unless there was some compeling reason. Nor would he need weapons, or go for spot revenge (“I’m going to nuke London because you pissed me off, Kirk!”)

I’m leaning against Khan or any of the other Botany Bay exiles- too much backstory would be needed. Same with any Earth augments.

Gary Mitchell would require at least a partial retelling of events in the comic: what would be the royality situation for the people involved with the comic in that case? Remember how Harlan Ellison reacted when it was just SUGGESTED that they might reuse The Guardian of Forever?

Finnegan’s out because of age and BC’s lack of Irish accent.

Charlie Evans, Peter Kirk, Miri’s friends, Gorgon’s followers, etc can be ruled out due to age.

With Darvin and Apollo, I think we’re getting into the silly side of things.

I think the most likely is either Sam Kirk or one of the Starfleet personel (Decker, Tracey, or even Wesley, Garth or Garrovick- the latter three should be Pike’s contemporaries in age, though and I’d toss because of that).

Again, perhaps we should be looking at second stringers, one of the people in “Ultimate Computer” or “Trouble with Tribbles”, for Instance.

Has anyone suggested Flint?

1294. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 9, 2012

#1280 Bob Orci – Thank you for that comment.

We could all be wrong or just some of us could be wrong. I think that most of the theories/rumours are just as valid as the other and I agree that you guys (I mean, Bob, Alex…) could weave a good story around any one of these characters and even one that has not been mentioned.

I am not sure who I want the main villain to be. I am hoping that he is not Khan, mainly because that is who I have read about for more than three years now and I am really all Khanned out and have been for a while. The obsession with Khan has really shocked and thrown me.

However, I am certain that the man with that voice – oh that voice, will do any character justice, as do all the other actors in this iteration of Star Trek.

Even though there appears to be quite a bit of violence and a look of desolation and bleakness shown in the trailer, I am still excited. Perhaps it is because I got to see “my captain” Pine/Kirk again. I don’t know. I have always liked that character, despite his flaws and Chris Pine is coming on fine in filling the original Shatner/Kirk shoes. Bless the Shatner/Pine guys.

I just hope that you have taken care of “my captain” – mind, body and soul.

If not, it won’t be just a little chat that I will need to have with you, Bob. So be warned!

So excited, so nervous.

1295. I am not Herbert - December 9, 2012

…i just wish British Naval Dude was still here… YAR!!

…he’d rip these guys a new blow-hole! ;-)

1296. Killamarshtrek - December 9, 2012

A bit off subject and won’t help the discussion but interesting none the less. Has anyone noticed the scene of the explosion at the starfleet meeting is a mirror image print, a mirror universe reference perhaps (I’m sure someone on here is taking that seriously!).

Was that intentional Bob Orci?

Also the shot of Kirk from the Japanese trailer in the dress uniform as he’s presumably looking at the after effects of the above explosion, has anyone noticed he’s wearing a ST:TMP badge with the circle around the delta?

1297. CJ - December 9, 2012

I would like to make another observation to the possible characters BC might be playing.

– The type of voiceover/voice the character has does not come off as someone, I as a fan of star trek and movies in general, would expect from the type of person Gary Mitchell is. Its a deep and dark feel to it and between GM and Khan, the type of voice falls more in line with what I would expect from Khan (or another superhuman from his group)

– If it IS indeed Khan, explain his heritage then. Khan is a Persian Prince. Montalban back in Space Seed actually looked like he could fit into that role. BC doesn’t really fall in like with that. His look falls in line more with Gary Mitchell.

All in all, JJ is doing very well at making us all speculate.

1298. Charley W - December 9, 2012

Weller may be playing Paxton’s descendant or perhaps they may pull something like they did in the episode of Enterprise: some sort of recording made during his lifetime.

Hey, I’ve got it!!!: he’s playing Max Headroom whic gives vital informaion to Our Heroes on how to defeat BC!!!

1299. Aurore - December 9, 2012

@ 258 . ME!!
@ 285 . Sean


I was wrong.
You both were right.

Those are, indeed, Mr. Cumberbatch’s real ears.


1300. AJ - December 9, 2012

It could be a relative of Spock’s: Maybe a younger brother, a son of Sarek and Amanda (not Sybok) who didn’t get pointy ears, but DID get the mega-strength and intelligence.

That scene through the brig window is somewhat revealing in that regard.

1301. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2012

AJ, maybe it’s Spock and Sybok’s younger brother, Ihock. Always in debt.

1302. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2012


since we’re going to hear who the villain is on December 14th, can you give us some convoluted clue now (cryptic as hell), so we can beat our brains out over it for the next five days? You know how much we enjoy THAT!

Pretty please??

1303. Sharr - December 9, 2012

Does anyone read history? Why is it so far fetched for a Brit to play Khan? India, and what used to be the British Empire have a bit of a connection. Such casting actually makes more sense than casting a Mexican American to play an Indian. Aside from the fact they were originally looking at Latino actors anyway.

Never mind modern demographics… I can easily see a “white” guy playing Khan.

Also why is there any debate? Trekmovie already confirmed Khan. I can’t seem to find a retraction any place…

1304. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2012

Oh, sure, Sharr, bring common sense into the debate! Way to go!

1305. kunundrum - December 9, 2012

Hand scene: The sleeve cuff looks more like the black shirt instead of the dress uniform (see Scotty’s cuff as he’s holding Uhura). One pick shows Kirk in the black shirt, and another shows Cumby in it. It might be Cumby in a redmption/sacrifice scene with Spock, or even Pike dying (if I’m wrong about the cuff).

Cumby’s trenchcoat: It appears that he’ll be wearing 2 different trenchcoats. One is definitely taken from a Klingon to provide a stealthy disguise (along with the hood) within the Klingon compound in the pic. The other is a lighter-weight, shinier trenchcoat as we see in the leaked set pics of him fighting a blue-shirted Spock (On Earth, perhaps? See the chase pics above.). Section 31, anyone?

Dehner and Chapel: Both are possible since they wore blue (Science/Medical).

Carol Marcus: Was she ever an officer in Starfleet? Memory Alpha infers no, yet Memory Beta states yes. But, again, this new timeline changes everything so Marcus should also be considered as a blueshirt.

Per the IDW comic: Dehner withdrew her transfer to Enterprise once she found out that McCoy was Chief Medical Officer, which was prior to the events of WNMHGB. A BAD breakup was inferred. Maybe Dehner later “got over it” and finally handed her transfer PADD to Kirk (with a frowning McCoy in the background)? Oh yeah, and Rand is still a redshirt, folks!

If Eve is Chapel, I do like the idea that since Spock and Uhura are together in this timeline she’d fall for Kirk.

Things that don’t work for me with the Mitchell theory: British accent (yes, explainable, but why?), no glowing eyes (yet), and if he’s so godlike and powerful, why is he fighting mano-a-mano with Klingons, Humans and a Vulcan (as @ 108 Gingerly so nicely put it)? Why not just use omnipotence to crush them all with his mind? However, his motivation for vengeance would be clear, per the IDW comic. And why is Kirk recognizing him and punching him out, unless he’s familiar? Hmmmmmm….

Maybe he’s Joaquin (father of Joachim in TWOK) or another Botany Bay eugenic megalomaniac, and the ship was captured by Klingons in this timeline. But then again, Kirk’s (seeming) recognition and punch isn’t really explainable and it kinda looks like Cumby actually saved Uhura and Kirk from menacing Klingons. It also doesn’t really fit the “unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization” line from the synopsis. Hmmmmm….

@ 723 I say & @ 768 Reasonable Trekkie & @ 875 Captain Peabody & @ 944 Gary Mitchell & 1005 Nony & @ 1030/1033 Curious Cadet & @ 1193 Captian Slow & @ 1231 Flux Conundrum & @ 1256 dmduncan & @ 1275 Astrophysicophile & @ 1300 AJ – GREAT ANALYSES!!!

MY $.02: Cumby is either 1) a Bourne-esque rogue Section 31 augment, working for Weller, who is also a Starfleet Academy chum of Kirk’s or even perhaps George Samuel Kirk (FAMILY) who ran away to the UK (see ST09 deleted scene), or 2) Joaquin, found by a Paxton descendant (Weller), who becomes the one-man WMD wielded by the terrorist Paxton within the organization. Eve is Dehner. It’s either Cumby or Pike with Spock in the window scene.


PS – And YES, I did read all of the above comments….my head hurts…

1306. dmduncan - December 9, 2012

1279. boborci – December 9, 2012

Haha! Thank you Dr. Lecter.

1307. dmduncan - December 9, 2012

1282. boborci – December 9, 2012

Y’know, I’m slightly more of a John Searle man when it comes to “explaining” consciousness, though I think he makes some critical mistakes that place me at a far distance from him as well. Dennett has no means of explaining certain things that I know actually happen in the world. He simply has to reject their existence because they don’t fit his model of what mind is, and that is never a good strategy when you are trying to explain how things really work. Searle doesn’t have that means either…but I think he’s a step closer in the right direction.

Would love to discuss philo of mind with you someday! Brush up on Dennett and you be his advocate and I’ll be me. It will be fun!

1308. dmduncan - December 9, 2012

1280. boborci – December 9, 2012

I just want to say, now, as we get closer and closer to all being revealed that no one should feel bad for guessing wrong. Seriously. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it either. So many good theories. and so many are viable story lines that would be great:)


Man, I have been pumping out so many different ideas that I am bound to be half right and half wrong about a lot of things. I’m not going to feel bad if I’m totally wrong about any given thing. This is great exercise.

1309. dmduncan - December 9, 2012

1303. Sharr – December 9, 2012

Does anyone read history? Why is it so far fetched for a Brit to play Khan? India, and what used to be the British Empire have a bit of a connection.


Address your question to Jai, a visitor here who is an Indian and Sikh living in the UK.

He answers it best.

1310. dontcare - December 10, 2012

@1309. He also does not take into account the near universal obsession with skin whitening in India (look it up), I mean these people are selling topical creams to bleach the skin of womens vaginas, advertised on public TV! Claiming that anyone is too pale to play a person from that culture is ridiculous, just f-ckin stupid, and without basis in reality.

1311. Comte DeLoach - December 10, 2012

No way is that the Enterprise under water, if anything its a shuttle. Look at how short the Warp Nacelles are, and how they have a 45 degree jag up in them about half way up. Nope, thats a shuttle from the Enterprise. Probably there to pick up Kirk and McCoy when they jump off the cliff.

1312. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

1310. dontcare – December 10, 2012

Using a current cultural fetish that exists among some people in India is RIDICULOUS to propose as an explanation for why Cumberbatch would be playing a Punjabi and Sikh.

Unless you’re doing the Comedy Central version of Khan.

That is just ludicrous.

That’s like casting Cumberbatch to play Dr. Richard Daystrom and explaining the obvious racial difference away in this universe by saying he now has vitiligo.

That would be an ignorant insult.

1313. Peter - December 10, 2012

I hope this doesn’t get too Star Warzy.

1314. Malachi - December 11, 2012

I don’t believe it is Khan. The story “Space Seed” is too rich and developed to be left as an offhand mention. “Oh Khan, ya I remember him, supergenius, genetically perfect tyrrant and 90 of his people that I marooned on Seti Alpha 5 inbetween movies.” I don’t buy it.

Same with Gary Mitchell; Kirks best friend now turned Esper Demigod who in the space of 50 hrs went from weak as a kitten to creating life on a lifeless world. At that rate of growth what does he need with revenge? He could create a 1000 Kirks and kill them all in different ways in as many minutes.

Besides, in the trailer, it is made clear that this villian has a grudge against Earth in general and Star Fleet in particular.
There is no defining moment when he points and Kirk and says “Ah, my true and noble Enemy!” Although it does seem that Kirk has a beef with him.

A good friend of mine mentions another Star Trek villian that never ended up dead as is the norm for these stories.

Garth of Izar is a former Star Fleet Captain. He methods were studied at the academy as a brilliant tactician. He was an inventor of many things including what he called the ultimate explosive. He went insane and was committed to a mental hospital by Star Fleet and he developed the ability to shape shift his form to appear as other people.

All of these characteristics make him a perfect villian for what weve seen in the trailer.

He has a definite grudge against Star Fleet (his jailors)

He’s brilliant and insane

He can infiltrate and destroy Star Fleet from within

He has a plan and will be hard to stop.

He already has Star Fleet training, protocols and clearances. The clearances will have been cancelled but that seems to be part of all Star Fleet training. “If ever your clearances are revoked this is how you reinstate them.”

That’s how I see the upcoming movie

1315. Astrophysicophile - December 11, 2012

1314. And Garth can change into the form of John Harrison.

1316. Malachi - December 14, 2012

522 Richard

How this thread looks to me:

Gary Mitchell theories:

All other theories:

Ok, maybe this has been gone over already somewhere in the 800 entries since but what does a link to Spock’s career vs. a link to Sulu’s career have to do with one theory over another.

I don’t have the time or the inclination to speculate on logic vs. emotion or any other oddness you may have been shooting for. I thought you were giving us a link to something definitive.

I was expecting something like (I won’t say which theory) theory 1 is akin to Evolution and theory 2 is akin to Creationism. Now that’s taking a stand. But even that is unclear if you don’t state which is the one you follow.

1317. mayan december 21 2012 - December 31, 2012

I like reading through an article that will make men and women think.
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