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Alice Eve’s Character + 7 More Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers Revealed At Bad Robot Visit December 10, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Today Star Trek Into Darkness producer/director JJ Abrams invited the press (including TrekMovie) to visit Bad Robot HQ in Santa Monica, CA. While there the media could chat with folks behind and in front of the camera as well as get a closer look at elements of the movie. During the day TrekMovie picked up on a number of new character and story tidbits. Find out what’s new below but beware of spoilers.



1. Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus

It is confirmed that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus. TrekMovie was first to report that (contrary to reporting from Variety) Eve would be playing a character from canon, and that character was Kirk’s former love (and mother to his son) from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, played by Bibi Besch. In Wrath of Khan Marcus was a civilian scientist, but TrekMovie has confirmed that in Into Darkness she is a member of Starfleet and a science officer assigned to the USS Enterprise with the rank of lieutenant.

Alice Eve (L) steps into the role played by Bibi Besch in Star Trek II (R)

2. Benedict Cumberbatch Really is ‘John Harrison’

As reported earlier today, Paramount released a new image of featuring Benedict Cumberbatch from Into Darkness and the official caption provided identified his character as "John Harrison." After all the debate many fans have been scratching their heads over this name asking, who is John Harrison? Some have suggested that this name could just be a placeholder used for marketing purposes, however TrekMovie can confirm that Cumberbatch’s character is called Harrison in the film.

Meet John Harrison – Into Darkness’ Villain

One of the reasons fans are scratching their heads is because producer/co-writer Roberto Orci had previously stated that Cumberbatch was playing a character from Star Trek’s canon. Clearly ‘John Harrison’ is not a well known character from Star Trek’s canon. Tune in tomorrow to find out what both Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had to say about this discrepancy.

3. Joseph Gatt Plays Character Named ‘GATT2000′

11 months ago TrekMovie reported that British actor Joseph Gatt was cast in the Star Trek film. During the event TrekMovie learned Gatt appears in the film with the character name "GATT2000." (unsure on the spelling) The character will be seen as a bald humanoid but with some kind of technology built into his head. It wasn’t entirely clear, but it is possible that he could be an android or possibly a human with technological enhancements.

Imagine this guy but with a sort of blue flashing gizmo built into back of his head

4. Pike (probably) gets out of his chair

This one isn’t certain, but pretty certain. When we last saw Bruce Greenwood in the 2009 Star Trek movie he was in a wheelchair due to his injuries sustained under Nero’s torture. This chair was an homage to the original Pike who was seen in a beeping chair in the original series. While Pike was not seen in the 9-minute preview or the upcoming domestic teaser trailer, if you looked closely at a display of props at the Bad Robot event you could spot a cane featuring the Starfleet logo. TrekMovie tried to get Greenwood to spill the beans but all he would offer is joke "maybe I use the cane to hit people from my chair." However, in this case I am going out on a limb and saying Greenwood gets out of his chair, something the actor had previously said he hoped would be the case for this movie.

Pike last seen in chair in Star Trek (2009)…probably upgrades to cane in ‘Into Darkness’

5. Klingons faces (and foreheads) will be revealed.

In the deleted scenes for the 2009 Star Trek film, no Klingons ever removed their helmets. However that will change for Star Trek Into Darkness. It was revealed that two of the actors playing Klingons will remove their helmets. The Klingon makeup designs were on display and they were very much in line with post Star Trek: The Motion Picture ridged forehead Klingon look with some minor differences. Probably the biggest new feature was how these Klingons adorned their ridges with ring piercings. There was also a subtle homage to original series design Klingons with devilish goateees. It was also revealed that there were twelve additional actors playing Klingons, but they keep their helmet/masks on.

Klingon helmet/mask style from 2009 Star Trek also used in ‘Into Darkness’ but this time we will see what’s underneath

6. It’s Qu’noS

In TrekMovie’s shot-by-shot analysis of the announcement trailer released last week a planet was identified to have Klingon buildings (where Cumberbatch’s character beats up some Klingons). At the event today it was revealed that scene takes place on Qu’noS, the home world of the Klingon Empire.

Qu’noS is lovely this time of year

7. Chekov will wear both gold and red tunics

In the 9-minute IMAX preview (shown to the press last night) Anton Yelchin’s Chekov was seen at his traditional bridge station wearing his regular gold tunic. However, in the upcoming teaser trailer (shown to the press today) Chekov can be spotted running down a hallway wearing a red tunic. Since the 9-minutes was from the beginning of the film, it could be that at some point Chekov gets reassigned.

Chekov as seen in 2009 Star Trek (w/ gold shirt) returns to his post for ‘Into Darkness’ but will also be seen in red shirt

8. Keenser is back

And one last new detail…Star Trek Into Darkness will feature the return of Scotty’s loyal diminutive alien side-kick Keenser. Deep Roy has returned to play the part he first inhabited in the 2009 Star Trek film.

Deep Roy as Keenser from 2009’s Star Trek – and he’s back for ‘Into Darkness’

More to come from Bad Robot visit

These tidbits are just part of what was learned at the Bad Robot event. Over the next day or two TrekMovie will report more on what was shown, along with quotes and comments from actors, producers and some of the other crew who are making this film,



1. Andy - December 10, 2012

This is exciting! Eagerly awaiting Mr. Orci’s and Kurtzman reply to us fans. I’m nearly bursting at the seams to watch the IMAX preview this weekend.

2. Max - December 10, 2012

Ra’s al Ghul all over again.

3. George Kirk - December 10, 2012

And so it begins. Who is John Harrison?

4. Randall Ferris - December 10, 2012

Isnt John Harrison the name Khan used in the TOS episode Space Seed when he was originally found by the crew of the enterprise?

5. The Man from Mandrem - December 10, 2012

But there was a Harrison character in many episodes. Why the comment that he’s not in the canon? So they didn’t give him a first name…

6. Brian - December 10, 2012

With the John Harrison thing, I will point out that Marion Cotillard’s character in The Dark Knight Rises was named Miranda Tate, and everyone involved in the production vigorously denied that she was actually playing Talia al Ghul, despite great fan suspicion. And then what happens when the film comes out? It turns out Tate really was Talia.

So, I’m just saying… these things do happen.

7. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

So Alice Eve is Carol Marcus
What for a Downer.
First of all she has got that Dr. Dehner Haircut.
Secondly, Dr. Marcus was never in Starfleet.
Yes i know, in the Abrams- timeline it could be different, but that’s basically a total reverse of her character. Originally Carol Marcus and David were against Starfleet, and now she is a member of it?
No, Dr. Dehner would have made much more sense!
Furthermore it would have been a nice twist, if Dehner is the girl of Kirks life and not Carol Marcus. But Abrams HAS TO play it safe. What a pitty!

8. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

So there is just one mystery left?


9. Max - December 10, 2012

It’s still Gary to me, Dammit!

10. A. Fortner - December 10, 2012

“John Harrison?” wasn’t he one of the Beatles?

11. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012


So, it’s official… NO KHAN, Will you be a big enough man to own up and admit you were wrong? Or will you still stick to your guns and say it’s Khan?

12. rynocarp - December 10, 2012

Thanks for all the great info!

13. Themanle1 - December 10, 2012

News coming in thick and fast!! Great. First for the first time!!

14. Mark - December 10, 2012

Thanks for the inside scoop!

15. draderman - December 10, 2012

k sorry, but iwould rather see the ikea monkey in this film than that keenser ewok wanabee. GATT 2000? really?

16. PRCCOLE - December 10, 2012

I wonder how many people’s heads exploded while reading this article. Not hating though, still can’t wait for May 17th!

17. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

Can BobORci and CO defintely confirm that John Harrison is indeed John Harrison and not in a weird shyamalan-twist just a Khan in disguise.

Iam annoyed by this Abrams-Secrecy. Even Christopher Nolan told the audience more than 1 year in advance, that the villain is gonna be Bane! And that did not hurt the movie.

18. Tim - December 10, 2012

I do believe that Weller is actually playing Kahn and John Harrison is I no inequality else but Johannes. The whole movie will serve as a huge build up for the third film and the conclusion.

19. Robman007 - December 10, 2012

The John Harrison is a faaaaaake name. Why all the secrecy to just have him go by that…..he’s either Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar.

20. Tim - December 10, 2012

Inequality = one… smartphones eh?

21. A. Fortner - December 10, 2012

“John” sounds like “Khan.” Works for me!!


22. gov - December 10, 2012

“Clearly ‘John Harrison’ is not from Trek’s canon.”


Couldn’t John Harrison be based on the TOS Harrison that everyone is talking about? Wouldn’t that make his character canon?

23. mhansen0207 - December 10, 2012

I don’t have a problem with any of these revelations, but I take all of them with a grain of salt.

I for one appreciate all the secrecy and guessing games. It makes for a more enjoyable movie experience in my opinion. And I appreciate all the exclusives that Anthony works so hard to put together and publish.

But I also have to consider that some “exclusive sources” not too long ago had reported on here that it was definitely Khan and that Leonard Nimoy was in the film. Doesn’t look that way now. Again, not trying to be a dick, but just trying to consider all the precedent and examine everything carefully.

All in all though, we’re in for a hell of an interesting ride and I’m looking forward to it.

24. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

“I do believe that Weller is actually playing Kahn and John Harrison is I no inequality else but Johannes. The whole movie will serve as a huge build up for the third film and the conclusion.”

@18. Tim
That would be just as weird. Peter Weller is also a white dude, and btw too old and too skinny to play Khan. If they wanna use Khan in Part 3, fine, but try again to cast Benicio Del Toro then!

25. No Khan - December 10, 2012

I hate all this copying of the movies. The TV series was so much better than TOS Movies. It seems the crew (Supreme Court) that are writing these movies are more fans of the Movies then TOS TV show.

26. Phil - December 10, 2012

Checkov in a red shirt? Set phasers to vaporize!

27. Adm. Ensign - December 10, 2012


“But Abrams HAS TO play it safe. What a pitty!”

I smell a bit of a set-up here. I’d explain further, but I’m so certain I’m right that it’d be a genuine spoiler.

28. draderman - December 10, 2012

Joseph Gatt + Omnibot 2000 = GATT 2000

29. sean - December 10, 2012


No. Khan just called himself Khan.

30. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

17. Exverlobter:

Secrecy? Bad Robot has just revealed the names of several major characters! Just because you (and probably MJ & Co.) don’t want to accept that fact, that’s YOUR problem!

31. mhansen0207 - December 10, 2012


Wow, REALLY? You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but I say it’s a GOOD thing if Abrams & co. are more fond of the TOS movies than TOS itself. I definitely think that with the exceptions of TMP and TFF, the movies were far better than the series.

Sorry to say it, but TOS is FAR from the perfect series that a lot of people make it out to be.

32. martin - December 10, 2012

GATT2000? That seals it then. It is John Harrison Fenton Mudd.

On a more serious note- you are making hay out of Eve’s haircut looking like Dehner and so it doesn’t make sense that it is Marcus?

Seriously? Have you ever observed a woman over the passage of time to keep the same haircut for 20 years? Kirk went from straight to puffy hair, and you think a woman would keep the same hair?

And if you do think that women keep their hair the same way through all universes and all times, you are still wrong. Dehner parted her hair on the left side of her head. Eve’s hair is parted on the right side. She can’t be Dehner.

33. sean - December 10, 2012


Carol Marcus wasn’t ‘against’ Starfleet. She actually argues in favor of Starfleet in TWOK and is the one that involves them in the Genesis Project in the first place. It’s David that is distrustful of Starfleet.

34. mhansen0207 - December 10, 2012


Good call.

“Starfleet has kept the peace for 100 years, I cannot and WILL NOT subscribe to your interpretation of these events.”

She was never anti-Starfleet, she refused to believe that Starfleet was robbing her of her research.

35. covette King - December 10, 2012

There is a william harrison from an episode of TOS. He was the flight office on the SS Beagle and was killed on the Roman style planet in the televised gladiator fight when kirk arrived

36. Li'l Shat - December 10, 2012

A bald humanoid with some kind of technology built into his head.

Clearly, it’s Locutus of Borg! ;)

37. - December 10, 2012

So great to hear it’s not Khan then we end up getting Keenser.

The one character all trekkies unanimously did not want.

Wasn’t Harrison an engineer in Tos?

38. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

Yeah, Bob Orci. What is up with the BC is canon character? Did you lie to our Anthony? Do we have to waterboard you to tell the truth? I’m thinking Zero Dark Thirty. :-) Unless John Harrison is an alias? I mean is he really Sydney Bristow. And what is the Rambaldi Device? Oops. Sorry for that.

And for Anthony’s sources about Khan. If not true be prepared to endure the Wrath of Pascale. :-)

39. sean - December 10, 2012


Don’t think it’s unanimous. I never knew would have known anyone had an issue with Keenser if not for internet message boards.

40. Satan666 - December 10, 2012

It’s Captain Garth! waging genocide on the Klingon Empire!

41. covette King - December 10, 2012

personally, It would be cool if he was really Finnigan from Shore leave and felt cheated by Kirk for advancing before him.

42. Val Jean - December 10, 2012

i was reading the other thread and was wasting time there when all this was revealed! awesome.

so John harrison is only human?

43. Max - December 10, 2012

44. - December 10, 2012

Btw all you guys who said it was definitely Khan owe me fifty dollars.

I think that was the bet wasn’t it?

I take paypal.

45. dean-o - December 10, 2012

Gary Mitchell steered “that little blonde lab tech” towards Kirk in TOS. That lab tech being Carol Marcus.

46. JP - December 10, 2012

I have no problem with Keenser either.

47. Chain of Command - December 10, 2012

Carol Marcus is a good choice. Granted, it would have been cool to see a revamped version of “Where no man has gone before” with Dr. Dehner and Gary Mitchell, but oh well.

I really do look forward to seeing this movie.

48. - December 10, 2012


I know, i just like to think my opinion is unanimous.

49. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

38. Basement Blogger

If you were paying attention, Bob stated that he had told one lie.

50. Martin Anderson - December 10, 2012

Perhaps Joseph Gatt will be an observer from Fringe. He’s got the look :)

51. Cranston - December 10, 2012

Oh, come on, people. Cumberbatch is clearly playing the 18th-century inventor of the marine chronometer, who, carrying a three-century grudge against the British parliament for shorting his rightful claim to the prize money for solving the problem of determining longitude at sea, has finally returned to Have. His. Vengeance.

52. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@45, yup, and John Harrison is going to kill her and Kirk’s unborn son David …

53. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012


Yes, MJ, be a man!!!

54. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

I would have prefered Gaila. Or that other Green-chick that was played by Diora Baird and got deleted.

55. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

Thanks again, Bob, for expanding and renewing the Trek universe instead of giving us the retread that certain people wanted so badly.

56. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012

C’mon, just because Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is referred to as John Harrison doesn’t mean that is his real name. We still don’t have the full context of this piece of information. It could be a “Ra’s al Ghul pretending to be Henri Ducard” type scenario. Which is what I tend to believe.

Also, GATT 2000 sounds like an android, or an ehanced human being. Probably created by Peter Weller’s company, which could have used Arik Soong’s eugenics/postitronic android research as a basis for his own creations. And remember, the Klingons also had access to the Augment DNA during fourth season of “Enterprise”. The Klingons are mad, at the Federation, and Peter Weller’s company clearly has something to hide or contain, with Benedict Cumberbatch most likely playing someone who was “enhanced” genetically by either the Klingons, or Peter Weller’s character. Obviously he has a lot of hostility towards both the Klingons and Starfleet/Federation.

This is getting interesting….

57. Thorny - December 10, 2012

This is great news. It probably isn’t Khan (hooray! originality!) and we get to see Carol again (not original, but a backstory we haven’t seen in canon.) Well, Peter Weller could be playing Khan, but that seems unlikely, given Weller’s age/stature and what little description we’ve heard of his character so far.

As for Carol in Starfleet, we don’t know from TWOK that she was never in Starfleet. 20-ish years earlier, she could have briefly served before deciding that life wasn’t for her. Or a four-year stint could have been the price she paid for her education. Or she served, fell in love with James T. Kirk, and then found out he had a girl in every port, left Starfleet and instilled in her son a hatred of all things Starfleet because of her bad breakup. Or the destruction of Vulcan could easily have changed events so that Carol Marcus decides to join Starfleet instead of remaining in the civilian world. Lots of reasons to choose from which make perfect sense.

GATT2000? Oh please let this character be left behind on the cutting room floor, or at least edit out that silly name. Sounds like a clunky Atari system from 1984.

Keenser is okay with me. He was only comic relief, and it sounds like this movie will desperately need it.

58. dmduncan - December 10, 2012


59. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 49

AT, please link the article where Bob says he told a lie. I need to read the context.

60. draderman - December 10, 2012

i mentioned this in another thread, but i will repeat.
in the star trek into darkness poster, john harrison (cumber) is standing on or very near to the former residence of the real john harrison.
also, its worth noting that one of john harrisons first marine timekeepers was used on the hms bounty (see: star trek IV).

61. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012


Just Google ‘bob orci told a lie’.

62. CraigM - December 10, 2012

Just because Carol Marcus starts out as a Starfleet officer that doesn’t mean she won’t quit the service at some point in the future (perhaps after the events in this movie?) and grow to hate Starfleet.

I really hope Abrams and company break new ground here instead of retreading two of the best Trek stories (Where No Man Has Gone Before, Space Seed/Wrath of Khan) when it really isn’t necessary. That would be like trying to remake “The Best of Both Worlds”. Those stories are classic for a reason. Star Trek needs new material and new stories to tell or it will just flounder and die again.

63. Dilithium_doublebock - December 10, 2012

Bob Orci
Please kill Keenser

64. I'm a trekkie NOT a trekker - December 10, 2012

Random Thots:

@37 “unanimously”? I don’t mind bursting yer omniscience bubble cuz I’m glad to see Keenser continuing in the sequel.

GATT2000 = 23rd Century RoboCop.

John Harrison?? Who’s he?

Peter Weller built GATT2000 as a marketing ploy for the RoboCop reboot. He’s Harry Mudd.

Alice Eve = Carol Marcus. At least she’s a lot prettier.

65. The Man from Mandrem - December 10, 2012

Is it just me or does the way Cumberbath leaps in the 1 minute traler seem superhuman.

66. Mike - December 10, 2012

Garth of Izar is a shapeshifter. He takes the form of John Harrison to infiltrate Starfleet. He reveals his true form at the end which is played by Peter Weller. Thank you, good night.

67. cd - December 10, 2012

7. A character in the new movies, acting totally opposite of the original, that’s unheard of! Unless you count Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov….

68. Mantastic - December 10, 2012

Haha, I was right! It wasn’t Khan, Mitchell, or anyone else everyone was guessing!

Major kudos to the JJ and the rest of the production crew for having the balls to come up with someone new or obscure.

Now if they could just do something about how almost everything in the movie is either blue or bright orange…..

69. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@65 The Man from Mandrem,

Download the trailer and step through it. They have intentionally edited the shots out of order which makes him seem considerably more superhuman than he is. I also don’t believe he leaps up, but rather runs and jumps forward, it’s the camera angle that makes him appear to soar, and editing that makes him appear to lift off like Sperman. I could be wrong because we don’t know what happens immediately before and after each of those two cuts. But I’ll bet you he lands and rolls before re-engaging. The way it’s cut he appears to land flat footed and swinging an object he wasn’t holding when he jumped. And look closely, he jumps down to the very same platform he leapt from!

70. Andy - December 10, 2012

I read this theory on another site….. Kirk first met Gary Mitchell while he was teaching at star fleet academy. Because Kirk was promoted to captain in this film, he wouldn’t have taught at the academy, and would have never met Gary Mitchell. Spock however has the connection to the Starfleet academy, and would have have met a ‘bright’ student there. This John Harisson character is in reality Spock’s “Garry Mitchell”. Spock has the background with this character to invite him aboard, and is given the God like powers in some series of events similar to the TOS episode. This would explain the relationship implied in the spock/harrison hand on glass scene. I haven’t read any spoilers on the IMAX preview, so I don’t know if this is discounted; I found this observation rather interesting though. I also don’t know how accurate all this information is, as I don’t recall Kirk and Garry’s history.

71. JoeRalat - December 10, 2012

First off it may not be Khan, if this dollar store mirror universe/jj verse is following the real time line, then Alice’s version of Carol Marcus, should not know khan. In trek 2 she asked who is this Khan. Then again you have Carol Marcus plus a shot in the trailer with hands touching between glass just like trek 2. Then again these guys take all the things we like from all the trek tos movies and just recycle them in there movies and silly people eat it up

72. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

In defense of MJ and Mitchell Theorists

MJ, RDR or myself, at this time, do not have to admit we were wrong. The movie is not out yet. John Harrison could be an alias used by the character.whether that be Khan or Gary Mitchell. Bob Orci told TrekMovie that BC is canon. So the Khan and Mitchell theorists can wait to issue apologies if needed. Maybe we should wait and see if TrekMovie retracts its story that BC is Khan.

But now there will be a John Harrison camp. And to acknowledge your proof, yes, thef writers did pull a joke on us before. Remember naming deflector dish? By the way, what was the name given to the deflector dish? :-) So maybe BC isn’t canon. But what about the vengeance remark in the trailer? Maybe John Harrison is pissed off because the Beatles chose Ringo over him, George’s brother.

73. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012

I don’t think this rules out Khan, or even Mitchell at this point. Although it makes Mitchell more unlikely.

Again, the villain may be referred to as “John Harrison” in the movie without it being his true identity.

After all this time, and all this secrecy, do any of you really think that they are going to reveal everything? Nope! They still want us to keep guessing. And one of the things they want us to continue to guess about is the true identity of the villain. One way is to mislead us by coming up with a previously non-canon “official” identity.

74. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

If John Harrison is a new character I’d be glad.
But i am not still convinced.
As someone already pointed out it is totally possible that a Talia al Ghul-Scenario is possible, where everybody denies that it is Khan, and in the end JohnHarrison is Khan nonetheless.
And that would suck.
And Peter Weller as Khan would suck too.

75. YouKnowWho - December 10, 2012

Folks, please. “John Harrison” was a name of one of the Enterprise’s crew members in the episode “Space Seed” where Khan was found. It is obvious that either Khan or one of his group has killed the real John Harrison and taken his place. There is no doubt there is a Khan connection, even if it is not actually him. They may reserve him for a future movie, but all talk of Gary Mitchell or other non-Khan related villains is pretty much pointless now.

76. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

This will certainly be interesting. Apparently in Wrath of Khan, Kirks first words when they actually again is :

“I did what you wanted……I stayed away”

That tells me that Kirk wanted to be with her and she is the one who basically told him to get lost. Indeed this will be interesting.

77. YouKnowWho - December 10, 2012

And to add to my previous post: the entire reason Khan and his group left Earth is because the populace rebelled against them. Therefore it makes perfect sense for them to want revenge, and to be Kings again.

78. Steve Johnson - December 10, 2012

Maybe Ol’ John Harrison is a canon Villain in a different sense?

Like maybe it’s not that he’s a canon character specifically, but taken from a canonical source. IE, a member of Section 31 or something. Like a rogue agent? I could see that being used as part of the allegory of the movie. It’d fit with recent trends and such. Like in Skyfall the bad guy is a former agent.

79. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

@ 76

Sorry, I meant to say:

‘Apparently in Wrath of Khan, Kirks first words to Carol when they actually meet again is:

“I did what you wanted……I stayed away”

80. KindaHorta - December 10, 2012

According to Memory Alpha, there was a TOS crew member who was simply named “Harrison” who appeared in 14(!) episodes, always as a minor character, but always played by Ron Veto. I think it would be hilarious if Orci and Co. picked this otherwise inconsequential character to somehow be transformed into a superhuman villain. Think of it as “Revenge of the Redshirt.”

81. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

72. Basement Blogger

Again, Bob said he had told a lie during that interview. To be more precise: July 14th article, comment 67.

82. Carol Marcus - December 10, 2012

The rumors are delivered, instantaneously causing what we call the Marketing Effect. Truth is reorganised with money-generating results… Instead of a dead franchise, a living, breathing one, capable of sustaining whatever characters we see fit to deposit in it.

83. Jack - December 10, 2012

68. Obscure. A TOS character apparently had that last name, at least. If this is the same character…

And showing us up for thinking we know Trek better than they possibly could.

“Played by regular TOS extra Ron Veto. Harrison’s name was mentioned in “Space Seed” as the camera panned over Ron Veto. In this scene the name Technician 1st Class Thule was mentioned as the camera panned over actor Eddie Paskey who generally played Lt. Leslie and he can be clearly seen wearing his lieutenant braids. Also the camera has moved past actor Blaisdell Makee, who played Spinelli, by the time his name was mentioned. There is the possibility that Technician 1st Class Thule was the name intended for Ron Veto, who had no braids on his costume; since the name also refers to an Eskimo culture, incidating a possible Inuit background (the actor was actually of Hawaiian descent). This would be consistent with other character names in the series that are used to describe place of international origin.”

84. BJ (TheFreshMaker) - December 10, 2012

@7. Exverlobter

Firstly, maybe it was a popular haircut in that time period. I doubt that only one person in all the galaxy had it…
Secondly, I may be missing something, but I dont ever remember hearing it stated Marcus was never in Starfleet. And it make sense that she would have been. She could have easily been a science officer, and eventually became dissoluted by her experiences and that is why she was against Starfleet.

85. Jack - December 10, 2012

82. You really are a brilliant scientist.

86. KindaHorta - December 10, 2012

PLUS! The original Harrison, Ron Veto, looks just like Del Toro. It makes a lot of sense that they’d try to cast him first.

87. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

And to all the folks, who said that it must be Khan , because Gary Mitchell’s name is not intimidating enough i just say….
John Harrison. A frickin’ Beatles character, lol!

88. Tesla's Cat - December 10, 2012

There’s a comedy sidekick in every universe.

89. Thomas - December 10, 2012

43. Max

The exact same thing came to mind for me.

90. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 61


That’s not good enough. You’ve got the burden of proof if you’re saying Bob Orci was lying about something. If you can’t produce it, and we can’t see the context, I’m sorry it won’t cut it as evidence.

And by the way, if you google that phrase, the first response is TrekMovie’s article where Orci says BC is a canon character. If you’re referring to comments, you have to point out the number and yes, authenticate it to Bob. That’s the way evidence works. Why? There have been fake Bob Orci’s in the comments.

Also, Anthony doesn’t subscribe to your argument that Bob lied about something. Secondly, again without context we don’t know if Bob was joking assuming he made the comment.

91. AJ - December 10, 2012

I’m buying in. John Harrison.

Goodbye, Gary.

92. MJ - December 10, 2012

More circumstantial evidence to suggest a Khan-centric story.

93. Belkin - December 10, 2012

Keenser’s back. Oh cr*p. There goes Scotty’s credibility as a serious character.

94. - December 10, 2012

Here is a pic of the original Harrison from tos

Some background on his character here

95. AyanEva - December 10, 2012


Go to comment #67 (not trying to get in the middle of your discussion but I was curious about whether I could find it, since I remembered reading it too) Hope this helps!. :)

96. filmboy - December 10, 2012

I called it! Alice Eve is Carol Marcus. I knew the Supreme Court was gonna have a hard time resisting the chance to explore Kirk becoming a father in this universe. He loses his own father on the day of his birth and then becomes a father himself. What does he choose to do? Would he remain in Starfleet knowing the risks and danger it puts him in? Does he want to leave his unborn child fatherless?

Plus this plays into one of the themes this film will have which is family and what choices you would make to protect that. Kirk may have to choose which family is more important to him by the end of this film. I am not entirely sure his crew wins out.

“Ducard”, “Miranda Tate”, “John Harrison”…yep all of these names have something in common: they all represent assumed identities. “Harrison” is Khan. Khan is “Harrison”. Nice way for JJ to be able to say that he told us who Cumby is playing while not really telling us much at all.

You got Carol Marcus, you got Khan music cues, and you have Spock reminding Kirk about the needs of the many. It is totally Khan or one of his followers who assumes his name. Either way, we are looking at a re-working of Space Seed and TWOK. Could be interesting or it could seem uninspired and lazy. Time will tell on that.

Personally I am thrilled that Eve is playing Marcus. There is room to grow and expand that character and make her a true romantic foil for young Kirk. Good call there JJ and company.

97. Tanner Waterbury - December 10, 2012

Its John Harrison… alias of Khan, alias which JJ created and was a popular show in the 2000’s. Is Khan going to be the Khan we know as being ruthless, or is Khan not REALLY a bad guy in this ‘Verse, he just has his motives that sets him to be so.

98. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012


Agreed! Well said!!!

99. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@70 Andy,

The comic says Mitchell is Kirk’s friend, a year ahead of him at the academy, and that Kirk brought him onto the enterprise with his other friends.

While that is canon, per Orci, it’s only canon until the film supersedes it. But it’s pretty clear that’s the relationship Orci wants to establish. It also explains why we didn’t see Mitchell in ST09, he left a year before Kirk graduated …

100. - December 10, 2012

It’s not Khan. Some of you guys are getting pretty desperate now.

101. John Bliss - December 10, 2012


Bob Orci never lied or mislead. He is telling the truth from his point of view.

The entire studio is riding on the success of the film. The plot of this film is so secret any one person does not know the full story not even JJ – which is kinda sad.

This film is being produced by 3 separate film companies and crews – each with their own stories and ideas – not know what the others are doing. In the weeks right before distribution the 3 films will be hobbled together into one gigantic Star Trek extravaganza of a film. If all goes to plan – it will be both cannon and original at the same time – pleasing no one and everyone at the same time!

Come back in exactly 4 months, 3 days, 9 mins., 22 secs, and one Delta Vega day minus 3 and find out who plays whomever.

102. MJ - December 10, 2012

Still confident this will be a Khan-centric story. The additional circumstantial evidence of Eve playing Marcus is likely not a coincidence. BC will have a connection to Khan; we’ll have to wait and see just what it it. It could be Weller is Khan, or it could be BC has carried on the secret society of the Khan superhuman bloodline (see earlier post) like the Knights Templar, and now they are needed to help Starfleet Black Ops beat off the new Klingon threat. I am not prepared to believe that Anthony was completely duped or lied to us last April — I still think we will have some form of the Khan story in this movie, and having Carol Marcus around, and seeing BC make superhuman jumps and called a one-man WMD supports this.

The only thing for sure is that Mitchell now is pretty much off the table.

103. BJ (TheFreshMaker) - December 10, 2012

Maybe Weller is a Soong? He is supposed to be some sort of CEO. Maybe its of some kind of cybernetics company. Seeing as this GATT2000 is some kind of cybernetically enhanced person, it could fit. Maybe John Harrison was left for dead and found by Weller and enhanced significantly and is returning to destroy those in Starfleet he feels left him for dead. Being enhanced by tech could explain his being able to jump great distances carrying a huge gun and being able to withstand a Vulcan nerve pinch. Weller doesnt have to be a Soong, just an extra little thought.

104. Q-Pid - December 10, 2012

Stop hating on Keenser! =)

105. JoeRalat - December 10, 2012

If its based on the ep.. Where no man has gone before. Maybe Harrison is the crewman or Captain of the ss valiant. A name was never given to them, it could be the name of the villian and still be true that it someone from trek canon.

106. 750 Mang - December 10, 2012

Cannon is satisfied. Meet the cannon-based ex-Starfleet baddie John Harrison…

107. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012


I DID tell you what comment it was (at #81 above you). You’re not paying attention again, I see. That post by Bob has never been disputed and indeed has been brought up numerous times on this site, including recently. Again…not paying attention.

95. Ayan Eva has posted the link and the comment number (AGAIN!) for your convenience. : )

108. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

MJ, where’s that hundred bucks you owe me?

109. McCoy's#1Fan - December 10, 2012

Guys, you won’t believe what I just foiund in the STAR TREK
CONCORDANCE.. there is a Technician HARRISON who was
a crewman on the bridge when Khan takes over and nearly
suffocates the entire bridge crew. How about that!!

110. Tesla's Cat - December 10, 2012

The haircut has landed!

111. indranee - December 10, 2012

@64: Bibi Besch was very pretty IMO.

I can’t wait to see the mayhem here tomorrow when Orci shows up.

112. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@90 Basement Blogger,

On addition to AyanEva’s post 95 above, note this thread where Orci repeated his admission and the need to come clean about it. Should be 680 and 890. Also note Anthony at 691 confirming boborci’s identity. Anthony does not let fake boborci quotes stay ever, and he catches them all.

Now please post the link to the statement where Anthony shares his belief that he does not subscribe to the argument that Bob Orci lied.

113. Danya - December 10, 2012

Am I the only one who thinks the craziest news out of this just might be the fact that Klingons have piercings in their ridges?

114. MJ - December 10, 2012

Where are those dozen or more people now who said Eve absolutely had to be Dehner because of the hair, Mitchell connection, etc.

Where have all of those posters gone?

Come on people, take accountability!

115. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012

Seven things:

1. I’m not buying this whole ‘he’s really John Harrison’.
2. Please, the name is lamer than Gary Mitchell.
3. If it’s really his name: Yay! Original character!
4. Please stop saying that it’s Khan! It’s not Khaaaaan!!!
5. It’s not Mitchell either!!
6. Benedict Cumberbatch will knock it out of the park anyways. He looks badass even from just a teaser.
7. I’m so excited for this film.

116. O - December 10, 2012

Why would Khan have an alias? Thats not like him in this reality or the last. Plus no one would know who he is anyway and isn’t the type who would go undercover.

117. MITCHELL - December 10, 2012



The EXACT same number of letters in each name!!!


118. MJ - December 10, 2012

@112. Maybe you should just congratulate Basement Blogger for his correct deduction six months ago that Carol Marcus was the character being played by Eve. No offense dude, but I have yet to see ANY of your conjecture here on this site, with your associated strong-armed pontification, turn out to be right.

When are you going to be right about something here? Your Mitchell stuff is dead in the water now, in case you hadn’t noticed.

119. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 81

Anthony Thompson,

Your assertion that Bob Orci said h lied once during TrekMovie’s interview( July 14) is spurious. It’s exactly why I demanded the context. First, we don’t know if that is the real Bob Orci at 67. There have been fake Bob Orci’s before since he’s come on and said that not me. SECOND THE COMMENT IS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT IN REGARDS TO THE INTERVIEW.

Let’s analyze the comment, shall we? Bob often comments to other posters, so we must look at the prior posts.

” 28. NCC-73515 – July 14, 2012
Hey if he’s lying about not lying, then that itself would be a lie and therefore it would still be true! :D”

“30. Emperor Mike of the Empire – July 14, 2012
#28. Ok. If Bob Orci is lying about telling the truth then he told the truth about lying. But if he told the truth about lying then he could not lie. Therefore he told a lie while telling the truth.
Ok. Everyone got that.”

Let me pause here. NCC and our Emperor Mike are joking around about lying about lying. . Now let’s go to Bob’s comment, shall we?

“67. boborci – July 14, 2012
correction. i lied once.”


By the way, don’t you think Bob would tell Anthony Pascale that he made a mistake in the interview so TrekMovie would correct it? Lying to TrekMovie, means he would lie to us since TrekMovie reports its news to the fans. Bob loves Trek and its fans. When he’s being officially interviewed I cannot believe he would lie. It’s just bad publicity.

Here’s the article link (BC is canon) and posts for you all to read.

120. 750 Mang - December 10, 2012

It’s a typo. It’s John Harriman. He goes back in time to kill Kirk before ST: Generations, thereby escaping the shame of his incompetence as Captain of the Enterprise-B leading to Kirk’s “death” in the Nexus.

121. cd - December 10, 2012

71 – “dollar store mirror universe”: I like that!

122. MJ - December 10, 2012


Carol Marcus

Nurse Chapel

WOW — exact number of letters in each! Can you believe it! What does it all mean?


123. cd - December 10, 2012

101-“It’s true, from a certain point of view.”

124. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

Basement Blogger, where have you gone? lol.

125. Tesla's Cat - December 10, 2012

Hm. GATT2000. Some kind of prototype engineered human/humanoid. Peter Weller CEO of big corporation. Harrison some kind of superhuman. Circling around a genetic engineering plot, Innit? *whispers* Khan

126. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 95

Ayan, please read my analysis of the context of that comment at 119.

127. cd - December 10, 2012

121 –

Carol Marcus

Nurse Chapel

Pavel Chekov!


128. Fascinoma - December 10, 2012

116 – of course Khan wouldn’t go undercover. A Napoleon or Caesar wouldn’t. He’s just not the spy type. He thinks the world ought to be entitled to behold the glorious Khan Khleavage.

129. Jack - December 10, 2012

119. Regardless, there’s a Harrison in canon.

130. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

102. MJ

MJ’s now *apparently* admitting that BC isn’t playing Khan. Is that right, MJ? But now he’s selling his ‘Khan-centric’ story theory. Perhaps BC is standing in for Khan or avenging Khan? MJ, do you seriously want us to believe that a major movie would be made in which the villain is absent from it? BC is the villlain, not a henchman for Khan! Get real, my friend.

131. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@118 MJ,

What are you going on about, oh gentle pot calling the kettle black? Show me where I ever wrote it wasn’t going to be Carol Marcus.

And no offense taken. Being proben right or wrong is not an issue for me. I’m only interested in pointing out the facts and the possibilities as I see them. But as far as I know, I haven’t seen any of my conjecture proven wrong either. As far as I’m concerned, everything is still on the table, except of course Alice Eve’s character.

132. BJ (TheFreshMaker) - December 10, 2012

Whether its Mitchell or Khan, why do you want it to be a character we’ve seen before so badly? Since the movie was announced it seems like all I have seen on here and other sites is people posting they hope it’s a remake of ST2. Or that they hope “such and such” character is in it. Why do Star Trek fans constantly want the past rehashed or have constant call-backs to people places and things from earlier episodes and movies? I remember growing up with Trek and being more excited when there was a new cool character or ship or planet or race introduced, than constantly revisiting things we have seen already. Is it to just stroke your ego when there is a reference that you feel the need to explain to a non-Trek fan watching with you so you can show your knowledge? Just curious…

133. Wes - December 10, 2012

Let’s see we have villain names:

and…. wait for it…..

John Harrison! What a memorable name! (not!) And another lie from the team. Remember this is the same team who brought you the title “Corporate Headquarters” five years ago. I was there and was cast as an extra. Even after the casting call and costume fitting at Paramount and after trying on the Star Trek costumes they still told us it was for “Corporate Headquarters” LOL! I wouldn’t believe a word these guys say! And if anyone is fool enough to choose a name like that for a villain in a multi – million dollar film then they better take some creative writing lessons! The best villains had great and memorable names- J.R., Khan, Goldfinger which embodied their character. John Harrison sounds like a great substitute teacher or neighbor name but not a villain!

134. BitterTrekkie - December 10, 2012

Oh, please. Harrison a pseudonym.
This whole thing with the villain having a false name is becoming cliche.
First the villains of Nolan’s Batman, then Silva from Skyfall, and now this.

135. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

119. Basement Blogger.

And black is white and white is black. Oh, and BTW, Cumby is playing Khan.

136. Bill Peters - December 10, 2012

Wondering if GATT2000 might be a Project of Richard Daystrom or and Early Soong type Android?

137. MJ - December 10, 2012

@130. He could be Khan undercover, Khan’s offpsring, leader of the Khan group of super-humans still alive, etc. etc. I am still confident in Khan, in one form or another, being the centerpiece of the overall story. Am I now saying that BC might not be Khan Noonian Singh himself — yes, I am saying that. If that makes you happy that I am saying that, then by all means, take enjoyment from my statement — take family out to dinner to celebrate if this occasion so excites you. ;-)

138. Marol Carcass - December 10, 2012

They just haaaad to bring the little ewok guy back for the kiddies (sigh)…..

139. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 119

AT, I’m still here old friend… LOL. And you took the”lie” comments way out of context. Check out the analysis on 124.

140. Jeffrey S. Nelson - December 10, 2012

Maybe Gatt2000 is one of the Observers from J.J. Abrahms’ “Fringe.”

141. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@126 Basement Blogger,

Interesting. So how do you interpret this thread where Orci repeated his admission and the need to come clean about it? Should be 680 and 890.

And how do you account for Anthony at 691 confirming boborci’s statements?

142. Jack - December 10, 2012

119. For Pete’s sake, Blogger. In that interview, Orci says he doesn’t lie in reference to the Urban Mitchell claim, made a week or so after Bob told AICN that the villain was not Mitchell. Bob didn’t repeat that it wasn’t Mitchell, he just said he doesn’t lie.

Yep, the comment could absolutely be a joke. Who knows?

BTW, did this (below) factor in to your evidence? Had this been discredited? Are we saying that Del Toro wasn’t signed so therefore he technically wasn’t playing Khan? Or that The source was wrong?

143. MJ - December 10, 2012

@135. My, how convenient it must be for you to reply with a humorous one-liner to Basement Blogger’s detailed analysis where he actually tried to backup his answer to your question with facts.

BB completely nailed the Carol Marcus casting, BTW. The guy knows what he is talking about, and does his homework.

144. Aix - December 10, 2012

I just cannot accept they named a villain John Harrison. I… I just. Maybe it is an anagram of some sort like Tom Marvolo Riddle= Voldemort. I am obviously in denial.

145. AyanEva - December 10, 2012

#126 You kind of lost me there, no offense.

I mean, I get what you’re saying but I feel like the simpler explanation is just that he fibbed about something. He knew that readers assumed that he had lied and he never corrected this assumption, although he could have done so at any point in the ensuing months after the interview was posted. If the assumption that he lied was untrue he probably would have said something, I imagine.

Anyway, I have to get up for work in about 5 hours though so I shall have to bow out or I’ll be a total zombie all day long (not enough caffeine in the world). Perhaps we’ll be able to re-examine the comment in a different context when the canon/non-canon discrepancy is discussed later today (or tomorrow if you’re on the West Coast).

146. MJ - December 10, 2012

@142 “Are we saying that Del Toro wasn’t signed so therefore he technically wasn’t playing Khan?”

That’s exactly the case — and we discussed this to death last December/January. Read JJ’s exact quote again and you will see the context is that “Benicio Del Toro is not playing Khan” or something like that. This is really old news, dude.

147. Anthony Pascale - December 10, 2012

Guys I have noticed some of the regulars here have taken to sniping and attacking each other. I dont think thats the way people should treat each other here.

148. MJ - December 10, 2012

@147. Agreed, and I apologize for my small part in this. I am calling it a night.

Thanks for the outstanding reporting here Anthony!

149. Konar - December 10, 2012

133–sometimes the best villains are not two dimensional cartoons with on-the-nose villain names. Sometimes they’re ordinary people. I would say a multimillion dollar movie would be the perfect place to find such.

150. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 10, 2012


151. Jack - December 10, 2012

Hey, I appreciate the passion. And I wasn’t intending to insult anyone. we’re all just guessing. It still could be Khan. Night, folks.

152. Khan was Framed! - December 10, 2012

Rad!! I’m so glad we get to see a version of Kirk’s romance with Marcus.

This movie is looking more epic everyday!

153. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

@ I am Kirok’s Girdle

I was thinking the same thing when I read about Gatt2000.

154. Anthony Pascale - December 10, 2012

Regarding LOBOT, well the GATT thing was much more subtle. Its small and blue and on top/back of the head but formed with the head as if it were installed into the heat, not on top of the head.

155. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 147

I’m sorry, Anthony. You’re right. I can be passionate and should have a thicker skin. One can say I argue for a living. And no I’m not part Klingon.

And I do agree with MJ. Thanks for the excellent reporting and your website. Good Night.

156. Tiberius Subprime - December 10, 2012

No way John Harrison is his real name.
He either ends up as Mitchell with new powers (face melting?) so that he only looks like Harrison…

…or he is Garth (face melting) who only looks like Harrison).

Or he really could be Harrison (But I can’t see that. It’s too simple for JJ and Orci. There must be some sort of reveal about his charcter’s real identity. )

Orci did say the character was from the original series. So we have three names above, and lots more to choose ffrom.

But I’ll bet the farm that Harrison ends up not being his real name. Don’t be fooled by this.

157. ATOZ the librarian - December 10, 2012

Why do people want a rehash of “Where no Man..”? I’m glad Alice Eve is Carol Marcus. We now get to see a bit of the back story behind Kirk and Dr. Marcus.

158. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

…or, GATT2000 is Ilia with an Adam’s apple. Both my theories are absolutely confirmed by the incontrovertible evidence of Joseph Gatt’s eyebrows, which is/are in no way circumstantial because of reasons having to do with other reasons which are totally factual because.

Or maybe, Gatt is playing a younger version of whoever Weller is playing, since they look a lot alike. But that makes a certain kind of sense, and it seems like simple ideas that make a little sense aren’t the kind of idea many of you are willing to entertain.

159. Alt-Spock - December 11, 2012

I’m sorry, but does anyone really care about “Keenser”? (I didn’t even know it had a name…)

160. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

I meant to end #158 with a smiley, sorry if the absence of it comes off aggressive! Not my intention, I love you conspiratorial nuts with the raw thumping passion of 10,000 Kirks hopped up on Romulan ale :D

161. L4YERCAKE - December 11, 2012

Mr. Orci’s gonna have an interesting time explaining how John Harrison may or may not be a character from canon tomorrow.

Maybe Khan is brought out of stasis with amnesia, or fakes that he has it, so John Harrison is like John Doe.

The smart money’s still on Khan.

162. L4YERCAKE - December 11, 2012

‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’

Carol Marcus shows up, she and Kirk are destined to have a child and he has to decide between Starfleet and his family on Earth.

This is really getting interesting.

163. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

Personally, I kinda like the idea that Cumberbatch/Harrison is a red herring/henchman for the real big bad (probably Weller), and they intend for this film to lead directly into the third, where Weller’s real plan will unfold. Remember, way back when, they said a few things about having a trilogy in mind. Typically, trilogies have a standalone 1st episode, then a tightly integrated 2nd and 3rd “acts”. DARKNESS is the Empire Strikes Back cliffhanger middle episode of this trilogy.

164. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012


Yeah, I care about Keenser. We all do. We look forward to him being thrown in a BBQ pit and smoked for 12 hours. Pulled Keenser on a brioche bun with a side of Scotty Slaw™. Goddamn. Doesn’t that make your mouth water?

165. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

FYI: Scotty Slaw™ is a half-gallon of 30-year scotch served neat, with a cabbage leaf laid out carefully in a bowl in a completely different starship at least 100 light years from wherever Scotty is, because Scotty don’t eat fookin’ cabbage; Scotty just drinks his drink.

166. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

I have successfully killed this thread with my incisive insights. There’s simply nothing more to add, so you all moved on to some other post where you’re vociferously theorizing as to whether or not Alice Eve’s hair will remain parted to her right, or if it will move over to the left (the “Dehner Maneuver”).

167. J - December 11, 2012

102: “Still confident this will be a Khan-centric story”

Really? Still confident? That’s unexpected. I’m surprised and I know it.

168. Could Be Mitchell - December 11, 2012

I don’t know if this has been brought up, but it could be the resurrected Mitchell from the comics. That story didn’t veer too much from the original plot. Since TWOK was a sequel to a TV episode, they could very easily treat this as a sequel to the events of Where No Man Has Gone Before. It seems a little unlikely to me that they would go in that direction, but if TWOK could pull that off, this movie probably could as well.

169. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

Do you ever find yourself the last nerd left awake on a web forum? It’s a feeling of raw power that few ever attain, and even fewer manage to maintain. I can do ANYTHING here. In fact, I’m typing this comment in SARGON’S voice, so it should be read thusly (my children).

Hm. Sargon is bored. Sargon is referring to himself in the third person. Sargon should go to bed. I mean, to…oblivion.


170. cd - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus

Nurse Chapel

Pavel Chekov

Peter Weller!!


171. cd - December 11, 2012


172. cd - December 11, 2012


173. cd - December 11, 2012


174. AJ - December 11, 2012

Godspeed to the filmmakers. Sounds and looks like a kick-ass yarn, if I may say. Let’s get them to a billion worldwide.

175. I am Kirok's Girdle - December 11, 2012

Forget the Cumberbatch/Weller casting enigma.

I am most curious to find out who’s voicing the ship’s computer. I’m hoping it’s Chris Tucker, reprising his role as Ruby Rhod from THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

Spock: “Computer, estimate time required to synthesize five pounds of Vulcan Meditation Hash, and a bag of Doritos.”

Computer: “Ssssssssssssssssssssss!”

176. SciFiMetalGirl - December 11, 2012

Keenser = the Jar-Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe

177. Sebi - December 11, 2012


I thought that was Wesley Crusher?

178. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 11, 2012

I for one am happy that for once the villain isn’t being given a silly name like Shinzon or Nero but a rather normal sounding name John Harrison. It makes perfect sense because in reality villains are people too so why have these exotic names just to make them sound more villainous

179. Aix - December 11, 2012

Lawd. It is Khan isn’t it?! It really is Khan. Or not. Abrams and Co. would not be that stupid to touch a character as iconic as that. But Paramount can insist on it being Khan. A lot of sources says it is Khan. Trekmovie says it is Khan. But John Harrison? Could be an alias. People say Khan is actually called two different names in the script. But why hire Cumberbatch no matter how impressive his audition is? How about issues of whitewashing even in an alternate timeline? What about Urban’s Gary Mitchell tongue-slip? How about Simon Pegg denying it is not Khan. But I though no rehashes? Why not maximize the alternate timeline?! UGH! It is killing me.

180. Jim Nightshade - December 11, 2012

if khan is back for revenge then harrison could be a fake name…after all his people tried to take over earth and was put into space exiled n frozen….he wouldnt announce to the world he was back for revenge at least not at first until he did start to dieze power again somehow…family reference interesting n would make kirk/carol marcus mean he had family to lose….besides enterprise….yah carol m coulda been in starfleet at one time how else would they have met/hooked up…im also thinkin khan still….

181. J - December 11, 2012

177: granted, Wesley was a funny sounding small creature, but there is no comparison to this Keenser grotesque.

182. Pointed Sideburns - December 11, 2012

I wonder if Cumberbatch’s character was sent on a secret mission either by Section 31 or Starfleet to the Klingon home world to retrieve Nero’s papers he wrote while in prison at Rura Penthe? Think about it. Those were very important papers and it would connect this movie to the first movie in this trilogy. It could be that he was abandoned on his mission by his peers.

183. O - December 11, 2012

This Keenser ‘hate’* is so arbitrary. And no, he’s not Jar Jar. Jar Jar was in almost in every friggin’ scene in the awful Episode 1 and served little purpose. Even if you don’t like Keenser he’s harmless.

*Thank God it’s only a handful of people.

184. - December 11, 2012

Knowing it is not Khan means i can get off of my knees for the first time in four years and find something else important to pray for.

185. - December 11, 2012

I think you will find in the “should the new Trek movie ditch Keenser” poll that the haters were in the majority.

186. Thomas - December 11, 2012

Is there anyone else who’s willing to consider that his name is actually just John Harrison? Sometimes I think all the speculation exists just so the people on these threads can see if they can outsmart the production team. If I’ve learned anything in all the speculation, it’s that you can overanalyze any problem and any solution can be overthought. The increasingly complicated your answer becomes, the more likely you are to go off on the wrong trail.

187. Dr. Cheis - December 11, 2012

Still scratching my head over “John Harrison”…

Also, disappointed over ridged Klingons, but I guess it’s a necessity for the same reason as it was in TMP. Maybe in the alternate timeline, they developed the cure for their condition earlier than in the prime universe?

Maybe in 35 years we’ll finally find out what the deal with the alternate reality Klingon ridges is, just like in the prime universe.

188. JD 74205 - December 11, 2012

I feel the need to remind people that J.J. Abrams took the opportunity in his first movie to introduce elements from novels and other non-canon works, making them canon. There was either a novel or a comic that featured Carol Marcus as a Starfleet Lieutenant. See: for questions.

As for “John Harrison”, I remain skeptical.

189. - December 11, 2012

An ancestor of mine tried to blow up the houses of parliament in London in 1604 in an attempt to kill King James.

He lied and said that his name was John Johnson.

So your theory is not unreasonable.

What kills Khan for me is the british accent.

190. - December 11, 2012

When they caught him he lied about his name that is.

191. Nobilone - December 11, 2012

After making clear that Beatles’ Harrison was a George (and we sorely miss him), JOHN Harrison (18th century) could make a hell of a nickname, as he was the guy who started the theory to calculate the exact position of a ship crossing the ocean, and he was a watchmaker! Stars allowed a precise calculation of latitude but since the ship was sailing long distances, the longitude (that is, the time-zone) could only be determined by precise time measurement. Wich was all but easy in a time when all clocks were mechanical and mostly gravity-based. We would probably have no GPS, without him.

And, yes, he was a brit.

So this is very trekkish, as we are dealing with someone related to ships, navigation and, mostly, TIME (OMG…)

Geekly yours.

192. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

Well I have to say I am totally surprised that Alice is playing Carol, and that unlike the prime universe she actually is an officer in Starfleet.
I mean I really felt that with the hair style and look that she was Dehner, having said that I am totally ok with her being Carol Marcus and it will be cool to see that relationship in its beginings and prime.

Now then on to Mr Harrison, I still can’t believe that people are grasping for very short straws as to how this is still Khan or its a Khan related story.
No one yet really has provided an answer as to why Khan would be lurking around a hospital offering to save a young girls life. or provided a logical reason why Khan would be someone elses B!TC#.

I have to say while I thought all signs were pointing to Mitchell, I am actually kind of excited that villian (or possibly henchman) is essentially a here to now unassuming background member of the TOS crew, I mean thats freaking brilliant.
It will be interesting to see if Harrison turns out to be surgically altered Klingon operative. And I just want to point out even if there was genetics involved in teh story line, that doesnt necessarily have to relate to Khan.
Don’t forget TNG had their own Gentic’s gone bad characters with the Sona.

193. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s article with the Kurtzman Orci explination about the confusion of Harrison.

BobOrci, I just want to say bravo elevating a previously minor background crewmember to a starring villian/henchman role.
now that is one surprise I totally love.

194. Vespasian - December 11, 2012

Yeyy, at least I was right about Carol Marcus!

About the John Harrison thing: I’m still laughing.:D I mean how brilliant is that? “AND THE VILLAIN IS… JOHN!” :DD

Well anyway, I agree, it’s probably just an alias the villain uses in the film.

That scratches Gary Mitchell off the list, he wouldn’t need an alias (just like he wouldn’t need a gun).

Garth would need an alias with his shape-shifting abilities, but I don’t think this is the case (I was on the ‘Garth Camp’ until now BTW).

So who else?

Haven’t a clue, we’ll probably find out in May.

195. Vespasian - December 11, 2012

191. Nobilone – December 11, 2012

I salute to your knowledge!

196. Buzz Cagney - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus- I suppose that guarantees one love scene then!
Lets hope this David has a better time of things than he did in the real Trekverse.

197. Douglas - December 11, 2012

I’m feeling a bit better about the upcoming film with the news of these characters. IMO that “announcement trailer” did more harm than good by making the film feel like a mindless “Transformers” headache producing experience. Thank you to Anthony & crew for bring us this new information.

As for Keesner, I find that character an interesting bit of diversity. He’s kind of sweet and loyal, like a pet that’s become a member of your family. I found it touching when he worried about Scotty beaming out of their lab and on to the Enterprise. It was a moment of nice chemistry between characters.

198. Buzz Cagney - December 11, 2012

#114 maybe they will when you look suitably embarrassed about your Khan fixation. ;)

199. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

183. O – December 11, 2012

—-This Keenser ‘hate’* is so arbitrary.—-

It’s not arbitrary. It’s an ewok thrown in to pander to children and young ladies. If they’d give him something to do that was actually funny, it wouldn’t be a pander. But in the first movie, they didn’t. As hard as Simon Pegg tried, God bless him, even he couldn’t make the scenes with Keenser funny. Because nothing funny was written for him to do. He’s just there to pull at the heart strings of children and young ladies. You’re right that Keenser isn’t as bad as Jar Jar. Keenser didn’t make ST09 unwatchable like Jar Jar did for Phantom Menace. But it’s still annoying.

200. Buzz Cagney - December 11, 2012

Ah I’ve noticed some of your other posts, MJ, and I see the embarrassment and widening of your Khan assertion has begun. LOL
Very enjoyable it is to read too buddy. Thanks!

201. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

As someone here said once, Keenser is a cross between an ewok from Return of the Jedi and an ugnaught from Empire Strikes Back. But at least the ugnaughts were interesting.

202. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus in starfleet? What an overgrown girl-scout! :-P

Oh, and, I know it’s been mentioned, but the link’s relevant:

Even his hair, if you look at some of the close-up pictures, matches…

Probably a red herring… Or, as I mentioned in another post, a Red Lectroid… :-P

203. Pointed Sideburns - December 11, 2012

@ 199 Cygnus-X1

Well we do see Scotty kind of in tears in the teaser with Uhura in his arms. Maybe Keenser bites the dust?

204. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

203. Pointed Sideburns – December 11, 2012

@ 199 Cygnus-X1

—-Well we do see Scotty kind of in tears in the teaser with Uhura in his arms. Maybe Keenser bites the dust?—-

Here’s hoping. ;-)

205. DJT - December 11, 2012

Random thoughts…

Gatt2000 reminds me of ‘Knight2000′. Artificial Intelligence? Is the Gatt2000 a robot? Is it a “bad robot”? Does ‘gatt’ imply the character is a weapon? Does it refer to the base pairs of DNA as the movie Gattaca does? Why such a obtuse name for a character?

206. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012


This whole Cumberpatch/John Harrison thing is a red herring and Keenser turns out to be the villain. In the first movie, we were meant to take Keenser for a pander bear, but he was really infiltrating the Enterprise, and now he’s returned…to have his vengeance….

207. Shaun D - December 11, 2012

John Harrison IS his name. His body gets taken over by an alien intelligence early on. Kirk has to eject him from the Enterprise from an airlock which is the scene in the photo. He doesnt die however. Now he’s really pissed!

208. Aurore - December 11, 2012

320. boborci – July 15, 2012
“soon as the movie comes out I’ll tell you what my lie was.”


Alrighty, then.

I’ll beeeee waitiiiiiiiiiing,


While everyone else will be busy …..SPECULATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING…..


209. O - December 11, 2012

I think Harrison was a test subject conducted by Peter Weller’s character (who is a big name in the medical field). Weller has access to Khan’s preserved DNA and used it to genetically engineer Harrison to create a new, more refined version of a ‘superman’. Why? I don’t know but humans tend to be circular.

Thats how Cumby’s character can help the ill girl in the prologue; through Weller’s character.

So you can say that Harrison has Khan’s blood in him but is a whole new character hence the confusion in the ‘rumors’ from sources.

210. Remington Steele - December 11, 2012

I said it after the last one came out that Keesner would be back and I swore he will do something to save the Enterprise…

I stand by that! And I bet it’ll be awful!

211. Kroll - December 11, 2012

John Harrison my ass, I don’t believe a word of it.

Eve being Marcus is inspired though, opens up so many holes. People are assuming she falls in love with Kirk, who know’s she might wind up being the Marla McGyvers of this story and falling for the bad guy.

I don’t understand why nobody gets the idea that things in this universe do not have to be identical to the original series and movies. Time has been rewritten and they can make up any story they like now. So yes Marcus can be in star fleet, yes Spock could become the Father of Checkov’s first child.

And yes Keenser could save them all Jar Jar style.

nahh Keenser is cool, doesn’t bother me at all that he is back in it.

212. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

210. Remington Steele – December 11, 2012

—-I said it after the last one came out that Keesner would be back and I swore he will do something to save the Enterprise… I stand by that! And I bet it’ll be awful!—-

Oh God, can you imagine? In a misguided attempt to justify the Keenser character and prove that he’s not just a pander bear, the writers of ST3 have him save the Enterprise. Plinkett would have a field day reviewing that.

213. saavik001 - December 11, 2012

Gat2000 is really Lobot. Lando’s man servant…

214. Mel - December 11, 2012

My reaction to each of those spoilers.

1. Just crap. I hate the character of Carol Marcus. Why did they have to bring her back? And it probably means some stupid love relationship with her and Kirk. I already thought Spock/Uhura was a weak point of the last movie and now they added another romance probably. I REALLY hope, Kirk won’t get her pregnant, because that would make it even worse.

2. My first reaction: Who the hell is John Harrison? I don’t count the background character mentioned on Memory Alpha. So he isn’t a canon character like it was said before.

3. I hope he is an alien and not a human with technology in his head or an android. Star Trek needs more aliens. Hopefully it is not a Borg.

4. Ok. I just hope Pike’s role won’t be too big. I want the focus on the Enterprise crew.

5. and 6. After tons of Star Trek episodes and movies involving Klingons, I really was hoping to never see them again. There are so many more alien races, they could use or they could simply invent new ones. I thought the whole point of a reboot was, that they are free to do new things. At least they won’t wear all the time these stupid masks. It doesn’t make much sense for them to wear them. The masks are also looking very primitive and Klingons are after all a space fairing race and not some knights in the middle ages on earth.

7. I just hope it makes sense, that Chekov wears different colours and it isn’t random. And hopefully he suddenly won’t be a security officer, which wouldn’t make sense. An engineer would be better.

8. I like Keenser, so I am glad, that he is back. Hopefully he won’t be only used for jokes. It would be nice to see him as a proper part of the crew and as a good engineer. The Enterprise needs more aliens, who don’t look practically like a human. Hopefully we will see a Horta, too.

215. dontcare - December 11, 2012

A bit of speculation….

(interior, Captain’s Quarters)

Kirk: “I’ve already cleared it with Starfleet, you will assume command when we get back to Earth.”
Spock: “Captain, what…”
Kirk: “I’m going to be a father Spock, I won’t let my child go up without…”
Spock: “Jim, the needs..”
Kirk: “Don’t! I’ve already heard it!”
Spock: “Jim, Starfleet, the Federation, the crew, all of us need you, that includes you’re child, and someday perhaps mine.”


216. Commander K - December 11, 2012

They are not lying..but then again they are..i’ll explain

The Cumberbatch character name IS John Harrison…which he has at the start of the movie, it’s something he inherits to infiltrate starfleet..but then his true identity is revealed as is his character name later on in the movie.

217. SciFiMetalGirl - December 11, 2012

I thought it was Qo’nos, not Qu’nos? Is it a typo, or is it nuTrek spelling?

218. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

214. Mel – December 11, 2012

I think the new ship’s surgeon is a horta.

219. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

Hey, I have a question…

Why did they write the Klingon home world as “Qo’noS” and have it be pronounced “Kronos?”

I mean, the Klingons don’t use the Roman alphabet like we do here in the Western part of Earth. The Klingons have their own linguistic characters that bear no resemblance to ours. So, what’s the point in spelling the name of their home world using the Roman alphabet differently than it’s pronounced in Klingon?


220. Aurore - December 11, 2012

“I thought it was Qo’nos, not Qu’nos? Is it a typo, or is it nuTrek spelling?”


I would like to know too.
(I thought it could be spelled “Kronos”).

221. trekmaster - December 11, 2012

Peter Weller is Omnedon…GATT2000 is his Omnebot and John Harrison surely a kind of genetically engineered prototype/ duplication of known character

222. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

I mean, why not have the translation of the Klingon home world from Klingon characters to Roman alphabet be phonetic? If the Klingons say a word that sounds like “Kronos,” why not spell it “Kronos?”


223. Aurore - December 11, 2012'noS

“Qo’noS (transliterated to Kronos in English) was the inhabited Class M homeworld of the warp capable Klingon species, and the capital of the Klingon Empire. The planet was located in the Klingon planetary system in the Alpha Quadrant.”


That is why I thought it could be spelled that way.


224. Tedster - December 11, 2012

Am i the only one thinking that the misinformation and secrecy is going overboard?

I also have the feeling from reading the past rumours until now and how they are turning out that this was a movie with a lot of bumps durings it’s making.

Like we are getting a revised or different script of what it was supposed to be. Normally this isn’t bad…except when it becomes a terrible movie with a feeling of rush.

The trailers excite me but this incertain setting and the non-disclosure of some key elements also works as a turn off.

I hope i am wrong

225. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

223. Aurore – December 11, 2012

But “Qo’noS” is, itself, a transliteration of a Klingon word spelled using the Roman alphabet. So why not have the transliteration be the phonetic, “Kronos?”

See what I’m sayin’? Makes no sense.

226. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

Instead, they transliterated the name of the Klingon home world into spelling that uses the Roman alphabet, but which doesn’t correspond to any pronunciation of that spelling by any human culture (that I know of)….Unless there’s some culture that pronounces (Qo) like the English “Kr,” and even if there were such a culture, it’s obviously not the dominant culture at Star Fleet Command, so why use their unusual spelling instead of the spelling that most people use?

If I may render a guess, it SEEMS LIKE some ST writer was trying to appear sophisticated.

227. Aurore - December 11, 2012

“If I may render a guess, it SEEMS LIKE some ST writer was trying to appear sophisticated.”

If such is the case, at least, that writer did not fool you.

You do not seem impressed….


228. Mel - December 11, 2012

@ 218

There is a TOS Star Trek book with a Horta crew member. I really liked that character in it.

I call the planet Kronos. It is much to hard to remember the other way to write it. ;-)

229. Girl Grey - December 11, 2012

Well, as John Harrison looked quite “latino” in TOS (more like Benicio del Toro then BC) and Benicio was replaced by BC, I think the character name is true.
Also it’s an alternative timelime and many characters are not as familiar as we knew them. And this whole hairstyle discussion is just hilarious and tedious. You just can’t reason from that which character s.o. is going to play.
The only thing that took me aback is the GATT2000-thing … that sounds like a stupid joke to me. Joseph Gatt is GATT2000. What the…?

230. Gracian - December 11, 2012

Maybe I’m just a science nerd but GATT are the first foir basis on our DNA sequence (guanine, adenosine, thymine). Like on that movie with Ethan Hawke called GATTACA (the first seven). I bet it has something to do with augmented DNA…

231. Gracian - December 11, 2012

Oh, by the way, it’s ADENINE , not adenosine…

232. Fascinoma - December 11, 2012

Qo’Nos vs Kronos?

Not that far fetched.

The same thing happens with Earth languages that don’t transliterate neatly into the Latin alphabet. Take a look at Tibetan if you want to blow your mind. The way it is often rendered into the Latin alphabet is pronounced nothing like it looks; the name of the current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is rendered as bstan-dzin rgya-mtsho. It only makes sense if you actually read Tibetan and thus see how the letters are arranged and know what letters sound like what. But reading the transliteration, the pronunciation and the spelling look totally different.

233. trekmaster - December 11, 2012

Brent Spiner is Spiner-2000 or B-9/Data!? ^^

234. Randomness - December 11, 2012

Re: Qo’noS – If I’m not mistaken the name “Kronos” was established first in STVI. Mark Okrand then transliterated it into his Klingon language –> Qo’noS. This more alien looking spelling got picked up in the Star Trek Encyclopedia and eventually into the canon.

235. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 11, 2012

To all those complaining about the – well established – spelling of the Klingon homeworld’s name as “Qo’noS”; it’s like how the Welsh name for Wales “Cymru”, looks like “kai-mroo” to English speakers, but is actually pronounced “koom-ree”, because at some point the relative usages of the letters u & y swapped in the Welsh & English versions of the Roman alphabet.

Similarly, the most accurate direct transliterations for the Klingon-alphabet letters in the Klingon word that sounds like “Kronos” is Qo’noS, but the different rules of pronunciation make it sound the same.

236. smegger56 - December 11, 2012

I called it for Carol Marcus last week. I’m over the bloody moon that its her.

Delighted. The rest, great. But the best news has been Carol Marcus :)

237. Randomness - December 11, 2012

To add to what Fascinoma said, consider Tsar/Tzar/Czar/Csar or Mao Zedong/Mao Tse-tung. It’s not really far-fetched that under one scheme the Federation adopted Qo’noS and it remained most popular even though it’s not the most obvious spelling.

I personally like these spelling inconsistencies and oddities as adding a bit of realism to the universe.

238. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

Now we can get to why the sequel has a role listed using the obsolete term “meter maid”?

Does Kirk get his long overdue ticket for illegally parking an unregistered spacecraft in a San Francisco park? Or is it just a placeholder concealing something else?

The role also seems to require a stunt double so it is going to be in some action.

239. Konar - December 11, 2012

Peter Weller is Flint and Harrison is a rogue Flint-like immortal, possibly even his son. Twice as strong as an ordinary human, instant healer, able to manipulate magnetic fields, and wicked smart by virtue of age and experience.

240. Pointed Sideburns - December 11, 2012

Now I can see why they wanted Benicio Del Toro. He absolutely resembles Ron veto

…as Harrison Ron Veto was an actor of Hawaiian origin, who portrayed Harrison


This list contains 27 items

TOS: (27)

“The Corbomite Maneuver”
“Mudd’s Women”
“The Enemy Within” (scene deleted)
“The Naked Time”
“Charlie X”
“Balance of Terror”
“The Conscience of the King”
“The Galileo Seven”
“The Menagerie, Part II”
“Shore Leave”
“The Alternative Factor”
“The Return of the Archons”
“A Taste of Armageddon”
“Space Seed”
“This Side of Paradise”
“The Devil in the Dark”
“Errand of Mercy” (also as an Organian villager)
“The City on the Edge of Forever” (stock footage only)
“Operation — Annihilate!”
“Metamorphosis” (stock footage only)
“The Omega Glory” (stock footage only)
“Elaan of Troyius” (stock footage only)
“And the Children Shall Lead” (stock footage only)
“Spock’s Brain” (stock footage only)
“The Cloud Minders” (stock footage only)
“Turnabout Intruder” (stock footage only)

241. gingerly - December 11, 2012

*facepalming for some of you guys*

I have to say, the only people still holding on to Khan are stubborn fanboys, everybody else, knew from jumpstreet, that it wouldn’t be him.

They are also using good old common sense to deduce the fact that a pale white Englishman isn’t the right choice to play an genetically engineered Indian-Mongol warrior.


242. captain_neill - December 11, 2012

I agree Carol Marcus was not in Starfleet, she did not want David to follow in her dad’s footsteps.

I guess in this alternate universe he took command 6 years earlier than he did in the prime universe for some sreason, David was born in 2261.

Things are screwed as Archer said to Daniels.

243. Aurore - December 11, 2012

@ 222. Cygnus-X1 – December 11, 2012

I was serious @ 220.
I sincerely wanted to know more about Qo’nos/Kronos.

And now, take a look at this thread. There is plenty to read about it . Interesting stuff ( to me, anyway).

( Perhaps) everything I always wanted to know about the spelling of the Klingon homeworld’s name but was afraid to ask….

This would not have been possible without you.
Thank you.


244. CAPT KRUNCH - December 11, 2012

Since it starts in 23rd c England…It’s George Harrison’s great great great great great grandson wanting revenge for not getting the respect Lennon-McCartney got as one of the Beatles : other possible names were: Paul Lennon, George Starr, Ringo McCartney, John Starr or Ringo Lennon McCartney….

245. KingDaniel - December 11, 2012

It’s Khan! It’s Mitchell! No wait, it’s some background nobody from TOS gone batshit crazy.

Epic troll, boborci. Well played, sir. :p

246. cpelc - December 11, 2012

What’s the odds we get some sort of “boy scout” reference to Kirk with Marcus in the same scene?

247. Captain Hackett - December 11, 2012

Keenser is back?!?!?! UGH!

248. Mel - December 11, 2012

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the inclusion of Carol Marcus?

249. Aurore - December 11, 2012

P.S. :

@ Cygnus-X1

The “interesting stuff” I was referring to, @ 243, includes first and foremost your posts @225 and, 226.

250. Spock Jenkins - December 11, 2012

Maybe Carol Marcus’ short time in Starfleet in her younger years is what puts her off the military/scientific combination, and turns her to civilian science later on?

GATT2000 – maybe in the film his character is ( probably ) not even referred to by name, so calling him GATT2000 is more to do with the credits, and naming him for the actor.

251. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

Sketchy info seems to indicate Omid Zader played the meter maid.

Also some indication he was the stunt double for Quinto in the volcano descent. I’m guessing he was the stunt double for the meter maid too and his being named actor in the role is a misattribution.

252. sean - December 11, 2012


ps, how’s it going, you “Cumberbatch is Mitchell” holdouts?

253. Spock Jenkins - December 11, 2012

The ridged Klingons must be ones not affected by the augment virus. It would be nice to see a combination of smooth and ridged head Klingon in future.

254. olly - December 11, 2012

To get Khan onto the Enterprise they’d have to come up with some character for him to impersonate. Its Khan going by the name of Harrison. No more than that. Its a great way to tease the audience by making the reveal quite late in the film. They were never going to introduce Khan in the tried and tested way. Theyve put their energies into thinking up a clever way to weave him into the story. Theyve made some subtle changes to the character so he’s not banging his chest all the time. Hiding his character under another persona gives them more options.

255. STEMBOB - December 11, 2012

ok if this turns out to be true John Harrison , which i think it will ….i dont mind im glad its a new baddie.

John Harrison not the most iconic of names , does not really stand out like NERO , KHAN, SYBOK,SORAN etc ….
it just sounds a bit bland ,, no offense if there is omeone out there with that name reading this…. i guess your kinda famous now lol

would be nice if someone else agrees with my view !!! like to hear your comments

256. Sub Trek - December 11, 2012

Cynugs-X it isn’t that hard:

257. Sub Trek - December 11, 2012

All you guys trying to be right so hard: why do you make this into a shitflinging contest? Is this Twilight or Trek? User Jack is the only one talking sense and the other guys are just frothing and blinded to reason with needing it to be “their pick”. Grow up.

258. Captain Dunsel - December 11, 2012


How abot checking with Ron Veto, who played “Harrison” on the original show? Mayhap HE knows something! (According to IMDB he’s still around and active, though not as an actor these days…)

259. Ahmed - December 11, 2012

Reading this article made less excited about the movie. They rebooted Star Trek, only to return to same old characters from the Prime Universe like Carol Marcus !!

and why would anyone bring back that Jar Jar “Keenser ” back to the movie ?

260. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

Couple possibilities:

He is John Harrison. And he is also someone else. How does this work?


Garth takes over John Harrison’s position, pretending to be him.


He’s a Klingon spy, similar to what we have seen before…. but one who has replaced a real Star Fleet officer who, earlier in the film…

261. Spock Jr. - December 11, 2012

Maybe the villain, like Man in Black in LOST, has taken the form of a crewman. Ooooooh. That’s what’s so wonderful about Trek – it could be anything… ANYTHING! :O

262. Curious Cadet - December 11, 2012

@241 gingerly,
” a pale white Englishman isn’t the right choice to play an genetically engineered Indian-Mongol warrior.HE’S NOT KHAN.”

He’s actually too pale, wouldn’t you agree? Like his lips are the same color as his skin and its not a nice shade of white. Like not normal. look at the pocture of him behind glass with Kirk and Spock, even Spock looks like he’s tan by comparison. There’s something very disconcerting about it. And maybe it’s just the clips we’ve seen, but he looks amazingly clean and well put together compared to everybody else. Just look at him in the Klingon fight scenes.

And I’m actually very concerned that Cumberbatch looks disturbingly like Brent Spiner in this character.

263. EJD1984 - December 11, 2012

Personally, my biggest question is – Will the Enterprise be getting a proper Engineering this time around?

264. Flake - December 11, 2012

Its still Khan…

Khan is somewhat infamous in future earth history, like Hitler is now. If you saw Hitler walking down the street you would notice – same with Khan.

So he has not only using an alias, he has altered his appearance.

265. sean - December 11, 2012


Yes, asking an obscure former actor who hasn’t been involved in the franchise for decades is probably the best way to resolve any questions you’ve got about this movie.

266. trekmaster - December 11, 2012



267. EJD1984 - December 11, 2012

@Curious Cadet
“And I’m actually very concerned that Cumberbatch looks disturbingly like Brent Spiner in this character.”

Could he be Lore from the nu-timeline’s future assuming the name John Harrison?

268. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

Ugh?! The Jar Jar of Star Trek is back…KEENSER again?!!!


269. crazydaystrom - December 11, 2012

I’m starting to think Cumberbatch is not playing Sybok.
*sips coffee, crestfallen, and wipes the single tear away ;-(*


270. The Professor - December 11, 2012

Keenser’s back. He was one of my favorite parts of the movie. I hope he is in all of the new movies or even a TV show. For those that do not like him he is far batter than either Wesley Crusher or Guinan, both of whom would have been worth watching had they been assimilated.

271. Richie - December 11, 2012

Complete misdirection. It’s got to be. If Cumberbatch really was playing a character with a mundane name like “John Harrison” who had never been in any incarnation of Star Trek before (except, perhaps, one “Harrison” who received a commendation from Kirk at the end of “Space Seed”), then why all the secrecy surrounding his identity? Why not just say it from the beginning? There is much we don’t know here, but I suspect the character is not what he appears to be, no matter what press release was released or what Bad Robot and the writers may say. It is, after all, in their best interests to keep surprises in the bag until the last minute, and since I like being surprised, I’m pretty sure I’ll be very happy when the movie opens in a May.

272. Veritas2012 - December 11, 2012

Harrison? He is John Carter!!! Lol

273. Maxie - December 11, 2012

From now on everytime I read a post of someone refusing to let go of their silly little Khan/Mitchell/Garth speculation I am just going to imagine it in the voice of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons and laugh at you. (In fact I’m doing to my own post now.) Worst speculation ever!

274. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#4: Um… no. He always identified himself as Khan, right from the beginning.

275. Mr. Mott - December 11, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is a genetically altered human developed by section 31 to help fight the Klingons and his creators were fans of The Beatles eg: (JOHN Lennon and George HARRISON). He is British after all. Carol Marcus was assigned to the Enterprise to deactivate him because of her expertise in genetic manipulation.

276. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#37: Unanimous? Hardly–the character of Keenser is actually quite popular.

277. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012


Did you deny Talia the same way?

278. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus has several times been portrayed, in the books and comics, as having been in Starfleet prior to working at Regula 1. There’s nothing in Wrath of Khan to say otherwise–she never expresses disgust with Starfleet or says “I was never in Starfleet.” Quite the contrary–she seems to have respect for it.

279. Aurore - December 11, 2012

Regarding Kronos/Qo’ nos:

“The proper name of the Klingon Homeworld is Kronos but the formal name, Q’onoS, is capitalized when written. ”


Common spelling of Klingon homeworld, more properly known as Qo’noS in Klingon. This planet’s first city hosts the Klingon High Council, the center of Klingon Government.”


That is what I meant ,earlier, by “I thought it could be spelled Kronos”.

As far as I’m concerned there is no Qo’nos versus Kronos.

Both are admissible.

(@ 220, I should have written: “I thought it could be spelled Kronos, *too*.)

280. Damian - December 11, 2012

Technically Orci did not lie. Since everything on screen is canon, saying he plays a canon character is true, since he will be in Star Trek Into Darkness. He didn’t actually say he was in some other episode/movie.

I was curious about John Harrison, so I looked it up on Memory Alpha to see what came up. Unfortunately nothing came up for that specific name.

I think it’s pretty clear it’s not Khan since this Harrison appears to be a former Starfleet officer turned villain (not to mention, he doesn’t exactly look like Khan). I’ll be happy if that’s the case. With a max of maybe 3 movies by this team, I really wanted them to develop their own characters, not rehash previous villains. If they were doing a whole series, maybe that would be different, but I really didn’t want to waste one out of three of their productions on an already well done character.

281. Just Saying - December 11, 2012

Keenser sucked! I hated him!

282. The Keeper - December 11, 2012

Your all forgetting the single most important thing about a new time line…any body can be any thing.
By choosing a virtually unknown back ground character, they stay with in and pay homage to history.
Also giving them the opportunity to bring out a player who’s life takes on a completely new direction.

It’s not so crazy or wild an idea.

A no body in the original time line becoming a super force to deal with in a new time line.
Doesn’t matter if we don’t know him well or even remember him.
The case in point is that now, he’s some one. Proving once again and reinforcing to expect the unexpected, the sky is the limit here.

So stop trying to pull out connections with your supreme self inflicted knowledge.

Just because Carol Marcus is going to be introduced, doesn’t mean the story involves Khan.
We do know from canon, that Kirk and Marcus had a relationship early on in there lives. the film will probably explore that a bit, hence staying with in canon.

I agree you all know Star Trek well…but you don’t know the direction the new time line will take and how it will unfold.

So as Captain Decker once said:
“Forget about your theories, that thing is headed to the heart of our galaxy so what are you going to do about it!?!”

283. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

Over at Orion ress they have a Lexivon that lists John Harrison as a pathologist aboard the USS Enterprised who headed the Biopsy Lab. Its says in THE NAKED TIME when he got infected with the PSI2000 virus he painted wacko slogans on the walls.

You got me if the sciptwriters frew from that or not.

284. Disinvited - December 11, 2012


ress should be Press and frew should be drew.

285. igloo - December 11, 2012

So no Chapel in this one then? :|

286. CJS - December 11, 2012

John Harrison could be an alias used by the Cumberbatch character until the point of his big reveal as either:

a) Khan, who has undergone reconstructive surgery to hide his identity, and hence now looks like a pasty Brit.

b) Mitchell, who may be using his psionic powers to also hide his identity. (looking different to people like Kirk and Spock who know him).

He could also be one of Khan Botany Bay associates. Maybe he thawed out first in this timeline and killed Khan and the others so he could be the sole ruler. Peter Weller’s Garth or Tracey may have been the one to discover the BB and decided to use Harrison in a coup to seize control of Starfleet.

Eve as Carol Marcus could also be a ruse, not that she isn’t Marcus, but that the presence of that character points to Khan as the villain, and that they will switch it up and use Mitchell or another character.

287. John - December 11, 2012

The funeral shown in the teaser is for John Harrison. Gary Mitchell who died in the comics conscious travels and possess John Harrison’s body. So he is John Harrison and is Gary Mitchell. In addition, I guess we can now say that it is John/Gary Harrmitchell hand on the other side of the glass with Spocks.

288. Disinvited - December 11, 2012


SHeesh, Lexivon should be Lexicon and Enterprised Enterprise.

289. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

John Harrison and KITT2000






290. Moputo Jones - December 11, 2012

So, we get Augments, Klingons and the beginning of the Borg??? I was cool on this but I’m actually beginning to get excited!

291. Josh C. - December 11, 2012

Well, I think I said in an earlier article that the more likely this character was Marcus, the LESS likely I think the baddie is Khan. I still kinda think that. As I’ve said before, Khan doesn’t seem the “go into hiding” or covert operation type. I mean, the first thing he thought of when he woke up on the Enterprise was grabbing a knife and threatening McCoy.

While I guess we can’t close out the possibility 100%, I think Mitchell is pretty much done as a possibility. I just don’t see how that works.

Garth becomes less likely, I think. While it’s possible that he going around either calling himself or posing as “John Harrison,” I’m not sure what his motivation would be.

And Qu’nos? Wow. Is the Klingon Empire really is such bad shape that the Enterprise can just take a cruise to their homeworld? Maybe that battle where they lost 47 starships to Nero crippled them and other people, internal and/or external, have taken advantage of the fact.

292. Trek fan in Iowa - December 11, 2012

He’s Aaron Rodgers! Discount Double Detonate!

293. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

John C

Garth and his motivation? In TOS he impersonated several people, including the doctor who was in his charge. He was going to pretend to be Kirk, remember. If Kirk didn’t show up, and someone else did, what if he succeeded and now he is impersonating that captain for his crusade? It fits him. Don’t say it doesn’t.

294. Constable Odo - December 11, 2012

What if John Harrison is just another alias of Arne Darvin?

295. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

One thing I would hate: “the creation of the Borg” story idea. It flies in the face of who and what the Borg were – they weren’t from earth, they were not created by humanity, they were from a far-way-off place and have existed for a long, long time.

But I can see JJ Trek doing it, alas.

296. CanOpener1256 - December 11, 2012

Hit fix says it is Robert April and has some compelling evidence.

297. Gary - December 11, 2012

Orci didn’t lie…he exagerated. ;-)

298. JimGrant1701 - December 11, 2012

Just got to say… I like Keenser. I think it’s great that they are introducing some new secondary characters.

299. marthrax - December 11, 2012

Until now there is a lot of speculation around BC on the basis of superficial prejudices. Perhaps you people should think more about intentions than haircuts.

Imagine if BC is Kahn, what would Kahn do?
Would he come back to earth and say “hello, I`m Kahn and I am your new leader??? No way!

The 23rd century people don’t believe in tyrants and they will resist, except there is a fake incident that changes peoples minds about radical solutions. Kahn, as a historic character, will never be accepted, but a John Harrison (thanks to plastic surgery) is able to reintroduce eugenic politics.

The only thing he needs is this fake incident, that will make people think it would be necessary. And that might be a war against the klingon empire, a war that is so brutal and cruel, that people accept augment soldiers to fight against klingons for their own safety.

But when the war against the klingon empire is over, the war of the augments against democracy begins! After the crew of the enterprise faught side by side with the augments, they will notice very fast, who John Harrison really is.

300. Mad Man - December 11, 2012

I know what I’m doing May 17th: NOT seeing this movie!

The more I learn about this movie, the more I don’t want to watch it. I may be in the minority, but this sucks. My life already sucks enough, now I don’t even have a Star Trek movie to look forward to.


301. Bode Gibbs - December 11, 2012

In the first film, do you remember the boy Kirk speeding past the other lad who was walking down the road? He called him “Johnny.” I wonder…

302. Josh C. - December 11, 2012

Garth Faction – Oh I agree. I’ve been on the Garth bandwagon for a while. But I just kinda have started to feel like one is going to have to force him into the story for it to fit, and when that starts happening, the likelihood that it is him goes down.

There is a whole host of things one can do with his backstory, but unless he’s more sane and cunning, it doesn’t seem to be him. While he impersonated others for short periods to reach his goal, he very much wanted to be worshipped for him. He would need to be a much less crazed and much more willing to go into a methodical undercover role to pose as “John Harrison” for as long as he appears to in this movie.

Impossible? Certainly not. Unlikely? I think it’s becoming more so.

303. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 11, 2012

Nobody’s buying that John Harrison is just John Harrison? Should have picked “Steve Harrison”.

304. Gary - December 11, 2012

Star Trek II: The Wrath of the the Guy Kahn Suffocated

305. LostOnNCC1701 - December 11, 2012

Will Keenser sit on things?

306. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012


I don’t see how it is “more unlikely” right now. It is the kind of thing movies are doing lately: villain pretends to be someone else. Garth has that tendency. I think it is more when he gets back and wants to take charge, when he thinks he can, he will announce who he is — not before then (save to those he thinks he can trust). Moreover, there has been talk about a “face melting” scene. If this is true, again, sounds like shapeshifting in the modern age, which fits Garth… so far I’ve seen nothing which makes him less likely than anytime before; everything fits him and what we know he does. The thing is, we need to know the full plot.

Another guess is whoever he is, but still I think Garth, the whole “I’ve come back for revenge” statement is his words to the Klingons

307. Spock Jenkins - December 11, 2012

I love the fact that Hitflix are espousing the Robert April theory…could this be another example of misdirection on JJ’s part???

308. Admiral Kent - December 11, 2012

It’s great to see Carol Marcus back in the fold…her absence was one of the biggest problems with Star Trek III. Although she was almost in Star Trek IV.

309. Captain Hackett - December 11, 2012

To no. 268 Trekzilla

I cannot agree with you more about Keenser being Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek! :D LOL!

310. Captain Hackett - December 11, 2012

I sure hope they will get rid of those budengine!

311. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

297 Gary *LOL*

295 Garth Faction – Maybe I’m not remembering something, but what says that the Borg were not from Earth, and they’ve been around for a long time. I know they’re based in the Delta Quadrant, but a wormhole, advanced tech, all sorts of things can get you there. It’s a good idea too: Set up shop in one quadrant, conduct “raids” in another as you grow your strength.

312. Kevin - December 11, 2012

So Bob Orci lied to us? That little…

313. JJ's Secret - December 11, 2012

I like this guys take on things.. and what he saw during the tour yesterday……

Robert April.

314. marthrax - December 11, 2012

ps.: To wake up, say your Kahn and take over a ship, is one thing. To come back to earth and say you are Kahn is like Hitler going to Washington D.C. and telling the american people “I wanna be your president”. While Hitler may have been stupid enough to do so if he would have survived, a genetically improved intelligence like Kahn will always gain power by intrigue, but once he is established as the leader, may live by his unleashed super-ego.

315. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

Well, Guinan talks about “thousands of centuries” for the Borg….

316. Kevin - December 11, 2012

Why are there people saying Keenser is the Jar Jar of Star Trek? He has only one or two lines and gets yelled at by Scotty during his 5 minutes of screen time. Keenser may be irritating, but he is no Jar Jar.

317. Dear Leader - December 11, 2012

GATT2000? More like LAME2013.

Carol Marcus in Starfleet? I don’t buy it.

Keenser, the Reman-Ewok, the Jar Jar Stinks of the Abrams Universe?

John Harrison, the late great descendant of Rick Harrison, after amassing billions from his family’s pawn shop and now Orion Syndicate business, now wants to pawn the Earth to the Klingons?

Head ridges with piercings???

I want my Rick Berman back, and I want him back, NOW.

318. Cervantes - December 11, 2012

I’m actually more worried it’s now confirmed that the ‘Keenser’ alien is back as Scotty’s ‘sidekick’, than whether Cumby is ‘Khan’ or whoever.

I know J.J. likes ‘Star Wars’, but I didn’t want him to create his own equivelent of the ‘Jar Jar Binks’ character for this universe!

319. USS EXETER - December 11, 2012


320. Vorus - December 11, 2012

–“British actor Joseph Gatt was cast in the Star Trek film. During the event TrekMovie learned Gatt appears in the film with the character name “GATT2000.” (unsure on the spelling) The character will be seen as a bald humanoid but with some kind of technology built into his head.”–

Wow does that ever sound STUPID. GATT2000?! Really? REALLY?! Is this The Jetsons, or Star Trek? It’s worth repeating, Gatt2000? REALLY?!?! That doesn’t INSTANTLY sound idiotic to you, Mr. Orci?

321. Sunfell - December 11, 2012

I don’t care who is playing what- I’m just looking forward to seeing a good story. I just hope that JJ Abrams isn’t replacing lens-flares with explosions, as it appears in that first trailer.

And I also hope we won’t have to wait 4 years for the final film in this set.

322. Gary - December 11, 2012

Gatt2000 is the ancestor of HAL 9000

323. The Squire of Buttocks - December 11, 2012

It makes a lot more sense that Carol Marcus would have been in Starfleet a while back, as she is familiar with it, met Kirk, and is then in charge of project proposed to them. She could be the one Gary Mitchell sent Kirks way.

324. Aurore - December 11, 2012


….Apparently, Qo’ nos can indeed be spelled “Qu’nos”.

I just found out about that:

(Unless it’s a “typo”.)

“Les klingons sont originaires de la planète Qu’nos (prononcer Kronos)….”

Link if authorized, here:


325. John_Harrison - December 11, 2012

Stop all this Jar Jar nonsense.
Keenser was a very beloved character in ST 09 outside of internet message boards and by no ones standards does he belong in the same list Jar Jar is heading.

326. Sebastian S. - December 11, 2012

I’m still picturing a traumatized MJ sitting in his theatre seat, long after the credits roll, unable to move, babbling to the ushers,
“See?!? Told you it was Khan! It’s Khan, it’s Khan, it’s Khan…..”

SO GLAD it’s not Khan. An original character was my first hope; then I fell into the Mitchell camp only because it seemed a more viable (and less laughable) alternative to a very pale, blue-eyed Englishman playing a north Indian Sikh in a 21st century movie.

But in my heart of hearts, I was really hoping it was a new character. My faith is restored. This movie might not be a Space Seed/Wrath of Khan retread after all. I’m actually excited about it again…..

327. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

A possibility with John Harrison:

I don’t think that John Harrison is “Harrison”, the canon role player on TOS. Why? Because, although I am willing to accept that a white guy can play a Sikh originally portrayed by a hispanic actor, I find it utterly RIDICULOUS that a white guy would play a Inuit character originally portrayed by a Hawaiian actor. And no, I’m not going to quantify that with an explanation, you all know I”m right *L*

But if John Harrison IS canon, maybe he’s a guy that never HAD a name in TOS, but Orci and co liked him and came up with a name for him. I think we’ve all seen a background character in Trek at one point or another and said, “What if this guy comes back and gets revenge at some point?” That would preserve the canon angle, and I think Orci and Co would do something like that, build a whole backstory for a throwaway extra.

So any good theories on extras that could be John Harrison?

328. CAPT KRUNCH - December 11, 2012

I expect to see Lando Calrissian with Gatt2000!…or should I say ..Lobot!
Keenser the Ewok!…does Kirk get a Lightsaber in this one?!…
I really don’t mind the STARWARS similarities as long as it’s a good story, unlike the last 3 STARWARS!!
thanks fo rthe updates…no one ever said Carol didnt start off in Starfleet..that makes sense that Kirk would meet her at Statrfleet, though he wouldn’t have been a Capt at that point in the original universe..after Kirk became a deadbeat dad…she ditched starfleet to have the kid and later on pursued her career as a civilian scientist…i know she told him to stay away….who knows what will happen now…will young David become the Wesley Crusher in the next movie??!

329. Floggy Bottom - December 11, 2012

I’m LOVING the April theory from Drew. If nothing else, it would mean more screen time for Greenwood, who was one of the best things in Trek 09.

330. Craiger - December 11, 2012

Could Cumberbatch be this character from ST 2009?

331. J - December 11, 2012

“Keenser” should be called “Jar Jar Abrams”

332. NCC-73515 - December 11, 2012

It’s Qo’noS with an o

333. Bamasi - December 11, 2012

319: You can hardly compare the two. Keenser had an appropriate amount of screen time and dialogue for the purpose he served. The same cannot be said of Mr. Jar.

334. DP McGuire - December 11, 2012

Lets see, Berman drove Trek into the dirt and JJ made it a big hit. I wonder which way the Execs will go?

335. Jay - December 11, 2012

One thing that really bugs me about this – and some have mentioned it – what was the point????

I just don’t get it, and I really hope that Anthony asks Bob or JJ – What was the point of the secrecy? Why go through all this trouble to hide the identity of the villain in this movie when no one knows who he is anyway?

It makes no sense, but this isn’t the first time JJ has done something that doesn’t seem to make sense. Don’t get me wrong, i love the new Star Trek, but this just doesn’t make sense.

“We’re going to keep the identity a secret, and then out of nowhere, 5 months before the premiere, we will just casually tell everyone who he is. Oh, and yeah, I know you have no idea who John Harrison is anyway.”


336. Spock Jenkins - December 11, 2012

Perhaps Pike sacrifices himself to save the ship.

Uhura and Scotty look on in horror as the compartment Pike is trapped in is flooded with Delta Radiation.

Spock gives the Vulcan salute against the glass as Pike dies, acknowledging the bravery of his former commander…

337. Sebastian S. - December 11, 2012

# 327 LogicalLeopard~

John Harrison is not necessarily canon; he was only mentioned by his LAST name in Space Seed. His first name wasn’t necessarily “John”; that’s an assumption, not an established fact. This could be a totally different character. And how is a white Brit playing an Inuit any more ludicrous than playing a Sikh who was originally played by an hispanic? It’s all bad casting, really. Which is why I don’t believe this Harrison is the one we saw in TOS (the TOS version was clearly younger than Kirk as well). Not to mention John Harrison is a fairly common name, you know. There was also a ‘Harrison’ mentioned as a member of the Beagle’s crew in “Bread & Circuses”….

There’s NO evidence to suggest this Harrison is related to any of the other Harrisons we’ve seen in TOS. It’s a NEW character, folks….

338. Starship Captain - December 11, 2012

John Harrison IS the character BC plays… But like Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Clark Kent etc, he WILL have a alter ego name! Mark my words!!!

339. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

#309 — Thanks!!! Maybe you, a few others, and myself should start the He Man Keenser Haters Club? :-)

Two things I hate — annoying child characters and annoying Jar-Jar/Ewok type characters…ugh.

The pain…the pain…

340. Star - December 11, 2012


341. Craiger - December 11, 2012

John Harrison becomes Khan 2.0.

342. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

GATT2000 sounds like the name of a toilet bowl cleaning product and, yes, the description and appearance remind me of Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back. I don’t know why Abrams turned down directing Star Wars VII when he’s trying his best to turn Star Trek into Star Wars…lol

343. Aurore - December 11, 2012

“…. Paramount released a new image of featuring Benedict Cumberbatch from Into Darkness and the official caption provided identified his character as ‘John Harrison’.”


Good enough, for me.

344. Picard's Fish - December 11, 2012

335 Jay,

the point of all the secrecy was to generate hype, buzz, discussion, etc.. it’s a marketing tactic, and it’s an effective one.

google Star Trek and take a look at the news results.. all sorts of CONTINUED press coverage concerning the villain of the new Star Trek film! would this have happened had there been a press release simply stating the name of the villain and the plot? probably not, certainly not the extent it’s getting now.

JJ is no dummy.. this is smart marketing

345. vva - December 11, 2012

339 I hate annoying talkbackers bitching about nothing important.

346. dbo - December 11, 2012


347. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

Yes, but that buzz is pretty much amongst Trekkies. I doubt it’s resonating beyond the fan base. Joe Q Public doesn’t know or care about Khan, Hortas, Trelane, or Gary Mitchell.

Why the need to torture the fan base with all the cheesy secrecy?

I can assure you no one outside of fandom gives a rip!

348. Willj1365 - December 11, 2012

Keenser will most likely be wearing a red shirt. As Spock once said, there are always possibilities

349. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

#345 — It matters to ME…and judging from the comments here, quite a few others.

Add trolls to my list of things I hate.

350. Randall - December 11, 2012

I’m bothered by the idea of Kirk banging a member of his OWN crew, and getting her pregnant. A hot scientist NOT in Starfleet? Sure. A member of Starfleet NOT his equal—and worse, a member of his crew? No….. that’s hugely unprofessional and inappropriate.

351. CAPT KRUNCH - December 11, 2012

Since he’s British, maybe it’s actually Mr Kyle, or Cowel as Kirk always referred to him…He got pissed that Spock used that agonizer on him and he’s come back for revenge!!! John Kyle…John Harrison…Cyrino Jones…John the robot from the Mudd planet…Commodore Stone, Decker, Stocker, Wessley, or Mendez???….Garth, Gary, what about Riley or Kelso for that matter…could be DeSalle, Piper, Boyce, Galloway, Hadley, Hansen, Leslie, M’Benga, McGivers, Colt, Rand, or number 1!

352. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

#350 — Agreed!

353. cpelc - December 11, 2012

So are we thinking now that Weller could be Robert April?

And in turn he’d be the “man behind the curtain” communicating with Pike in the comics?

It doesn’t see that far fetched really… considering his age and if he’s an Admiral he’d be a CEO type.

354. Janice - December 11, 2012

Well, the spoiler that I was most interested in is Spoiler #4 ( Pike-probably- gets out of the chair).

I sure hope you’re right as I REALLY want to see Pike OUT of that chair. Total waste of Bruce Greenwood to have him just sitting in a chair. I also hope we get to see a good bit of him–not just a few short scenes. I know I won’t be happy unless he gets some decent screentime.
I suppose we won’t know these details until the film is out!

355. Gary - December 11, 2012

Robert April theory is growing on me. Sounds very plausibe.

356. Picard's Fish - December 11, 2012

347, Trekzilla

I think it’s bigger than us, really! My wife, (who has no previous interest in Star Trek prior to the last film) is following this news like a rabid dog.. it’s a big sotry in the entertainment world..

I really do think there’s a renewed interest in our little Enterprise, and I think JJ et al are capitalizing on it

357. Spock Jr. - December 11, 2012

To be honest, I don’t think we know any more than when we started… Everything we’ve been told could be misdirection. What is fascinating however, is that if you really push for Gary Mitchell or Khan or Sybok or whoever… you can, linking this or that, make it work – make it feel right! Right now, I think anything and everything is possible.

358. I'm Dead Jim! - December 11, 2012

I am excited that here are Klingons in the film but concerned that ridge rings and piercings will make them appear even more like TNG space pirates.

Lose Jar Jar, Jr.

Everything else looks awesome so far.

359. Jay - December 11, 2012

#344. Yes I understand that WAS the point. But just casually revealing that the villain is someone you never heard of – 5 months before the release – makes no sense in context of the previous secrecy.

Why reveal it now? Why not keep it a secret longer? Wouldn’t that make more sense in terms of building buzz?

My point is that it only makes sense to hide the identity of the villain if it is someone that Trek fans know. This is not, so it makes no sense.

360. Jay - December 11, 2012

#347 Exactly. Unless the villain was someone iconic like Khan, and that was finally revealed right before the premier, then no one outside of the fan base would care.

The only villain that anyone outside of the Star Trek fan base knows about, or would recognize is Khan. So it makes sense to hide that if that is who he is.

Hiding a character name that even Trek fans don’t know is confusing. Especially if you are just going to casually give it away 5 months before the premier. What was the point?

361. Rick Johnson - December 11, 2012

@300 See you on May 17.

Unintentional hairstylist nerd troll: sad. I guess when you tell a hairstylist to “watch some Star Trek,” she’s probably not going to get much beyond the pilot.

I liked Keenser and new Scotty.

The farthest anyone goes is saying he’s called “Harrison” in the film. There remains the possibility it’s Khan. I’m not sure why we’d be scared Harrison is returning, or why he’s superjumping or shaking off Vulcan neck pinches. Honestly that superjump looks beyond even Khan, though.

362. Jay - December 11, 2012

#350…. we don’t know that happens in this film. She very well could end up quiting Starfleet before the end of this movie and their romance starts after that….. or not at all in this timeline.

363. Picard's Fish - December 11, 2012

@360 I think now was chosen due to the proximity of the new trailer, and the new footage on Friday..

it can’t be an accidental coincidence that in terms of new info, Demeber seems to be our watershed point..

people are now paying attention, so get them into the theater on th 14th, blow em away, and get them pumped for May..

364. lwr - December 11, 2012

I am sticking with my theory that the Klingons found the Botany Bay and opened compartment “B” instead of compartment “K” (because Kahn either DIED due to his malfuncting sleeper chamber, or that they just never awakened him) and the Klingons, finding no value in the Botany Bay just discards the ship ( and if that is teh case he is still floating around out there). There is just to much going on here with Chekov’s re-assignment, Caroll Marcus, et all for it not to be the Space Seed plot re-imagined.
As for the name John Harrison, then why not….
As for the Starfleet uniform, I say that when Kirk and Co. find BC, they have no idea who or what he is and when they bring him back to Starfleet, he remains quiet (much like Kahn did in space seed).
only thing I cannot figure out is why Kirk would be punching him, like they knew each other….?
then again i am probably wrong and BC is just Wesly Crusher.

365. cj9 - December 11, 2012

Oh, goody. More Jar Jar scenes.

366. Spock Jenkins - December 11, 2012

Weller could be Admiral MArcus, with Batch playing Robert April…

367. Mad Man - December 11, 2012

335. Jay – December 11, 2012

Yes, exactly. What was the point? Other than to just eff with the fans, what was the point of keeping it a secret?

Another reason I don’t want to watch it.

368. Yanks - December 11, 2012

The only reason I can think they want Carol Marcus in this movie is to have the Genisis (or some precursor) create a new Vulcan.

I was really hoping for Gary Mitchell and Dr. Elizabeth Dehner.

Oh, well – this could all be clever misinformation I guess.

369. Jay - December 11, 2012

The whole April theory sounds good to me. I think it would make alot of sense, and would be a good plot. But I don’t get the connection between calling him Harrison and he is actually April. So that doesn’t fit. If he really is April, wouldn’t they just call him that? And wouldn’t JJ keep that a secret longer? Why call him Harrison?

But, it does sound like a good story if that is who he is.

Personally, I’m thinking that it is related to Khan in some way and that this movie is basically a Space Seed story in the new timeline. The comics have shown us that as time passes, the stories we saw in TOS are more and more divergent in this timeline. More and more things change. So I’m thinking this is somehow related to Khan, but BC’s character – Harrison or whoever – is not Khan, but part of his crew, or somehow linked to him or the Eugenics program.

370. George Zip - December 11, 2012

“A bald humanoid with some kind of technology built into his head.”


371. George Zip - December 11, 2012

“The only reason I can think they want Carol Marcus in this movie is to have the Genisis (or some precursor) create a new Vulcan.”


372. trelene - December 11, 2012

Just come up with the craziest idea!

The villain is David (Kirk’s son) from the future, this alternate reality future version of David has obviously gone to Starfleet.
I mean that explains the vengeance factor AND that Carol Marcus will be in the film
Who is the first to debunk this theory?

373. shamelord - December 11, 2012

If you take these earlier Q&A with R. Orci A couple of weeks ago you were on a radio show and you confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell in the sequel. Then last week Karl Urban says he is playing Gary Mitchell. Both can’t be true.

Roberto Orci: All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand… Nice callback, but are you sticking with your original comment and it isn’t Gary Mitchell.

Roberto Orci: I would say that I never lie.

… it would be probable that this Harrison character is a crewmember (referenced in TOS) who suffers Mitchell’s fate in the Abramsverse.

374. Simon - December 11, 2012

@364: K-H-A-N darn it! It’s on the box!!! The Wrath of KHAN, not “Kahn”.

375. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

Sebastian S.:

John Harrison is not necessarily canon; he was only mentioned by his LAST name in Space Seed. His first name wasn’t necessarily “John”; that’s an assumption, not an established fact. This could be a totally different character.


That’s what I was saying. I don’t think it’s the “Harrison” canon character. It could be a new character, but if it’s a canon character, I think that it could possibly be an UNNAMED canon character. There are tons of extras that don’t have names spoken on screen, maybe Orci and Co looked at one, and said, “Hey, how about making him the bad guy.” Think about what Quentin Tarantino planned to do with Kill Bill. Vivica Fox’s character had a daughter who came home and found her dead at the hands of Uma Thurman. Quentin Tarantino at the time said he wanted to come back 10 years later and do a story about that character exacting her revenge. The daughter is pretty much a throwaway character, but could be used to effect in a later movie.

And how is a white Brit playing an Inuit any more ludicrous than playing a Sikh who was originally played by an hispanic?


It just IS. *LOL* I said I wasn’t going to explain my logic. It just doesn’t feel right *L*

No, but seriously, the reason it doesnt make sense is because Harrison (the TOS canon character) makes no sense. Why would the writers dig out Harrison and use him as the bad guy? He wasn’t a bad guy, and didn’t have bad guy tendencies in TOS. So it would make more sense for Cumberbatch to play Khan, because Khan is an established character with the proper motivations to be the villian, and his appearance can be explained away by plastic surgery due to injury, or perhaps surgery to better fit in and take over Earth again.

376. Jay - December 11, 2012

#364 Yeah, I was thinking something similar. Klingons find the Botonay Bay and emprision BC and his crew. They escape and come back to Earth for vengence … .not sure exadtly what the vengence is for, but something like that.

377. Christopher Roberts - December 11, 2012

I can buy the Carol Marcus casting.

You want to give Kirk a romantic interest. Right. So you go there.

But GATT2000?

Oh, that’s too much…

Miles O’Brien: “You’re filling me up with this stuff.”


378. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

I am thinking the return for vengeance is with the Klingons. People are taking words and the misdirection just like they did with the Japanese trailer…

379. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

368 Yanks

The only reason I can think they want Carol Marcus in this movie is to have the Genisis (or some precursor) create a new Vulcan.


Well there’s a more obvious reason to put Carol Marcus in there: Characterization. No matter how people feel about the new Trek, I think many people can agree that there aren’t many Trek scenes that hold a candle to the emotionality of the opening scenes of ST2009. Or the scene in which Spock loses his mother. The awesome Uhura/Spock elevator scene. A stable love interest can add some maturity to Kirk.

Here’s an interesting question that I hope will be answered in the coming movie(s). Kirk Prime was raised with a father, yet was a horrible father himself. Does Alt.Kirk, who wasn’t raised with a father, decide to be one now? And what kind of effect does that have on his career? Does he become a weaker Captain, too concerned to take a risk. Or does he become a stronger, wiser, more humble Captain?

380. lwr - December 11, 2012

yeah.. I mistype “teh” for “the” also.
but my point is still the same.

also…. BC says VENGANCE, which was the alternative title for Wrath of KHAN.

381. lwr - December 11, 2012


man do I need spell check.

382. BestInTheWorld - December 11, 2012

I seriously don’t see the comparison between Keenser and JarJar. Keenser, as an alien species, shows how creatures of any planet can work for Starfleet, plus he was nowhere near as annoying or out of place than JarJar. Plus, anyone who has been following the comics will have read the Keenser issue and seen how much of a backstory the poor guy has, which, imo, gave me more sympathy for the character.

As for ‘John Harrison’, no way he’s Khan. Unless he sets up the ending of this movie to feature Khan in the next one, he’s an all-new character. Highly doubt its Gary Mitchell either as they’ve already played his story out in the comics, and I would believe Orci/Abrams would find replaying a story in a comic in a feature film rather dumb and unnecessary. I firmly believe we WILL see Khan in film, possibly in the next one, because his story and character is far more iconic in Trek lore to be reduced to simply a two- three-part comic arc.

383. Adam - December 11, 2012

@38 re: Bob Orci and TOS canon. I could be wrong but didn’t he say “the villain” was TOS canon, not Cumberbatch specifically? There may be more than one villain, especially as we don’t know the exact identity of Peter Weller’s character.

384. Jay - December 11, 2012

#382 Yeah, I’m convinced Khan is related in some way, and probably will be the focus of the next film. I agree BC isn’t Khan, but he is somehow linked to him. Just not sure how of course.

Is GATT2000 a precursor to Data?

385. Jay - December 11, 2012

#383 I don’t remember the exact wording, but that is certainly possible with these guys. Playing semantics.

Peter Weller could be April also.

386. Moputo Jones - December 11, 2012

@384 I wouldn’t doubt if GATT2000 were a precursor to the Borg.

387. cpelc - December 11, 2012

Why would they name Gatt’s character GATT2000 – is he playing himself? I mean it must be a relatively unimportant character that they didn’t even have a name for prior to his casting.

388. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012


John Harrison is a victim or henchman of Kodos the Executioner. If a henchman, spreading his Eugenics message to strengthen the Federation (maybe against the Klingons). If a victim, he’s trying to exact revenge on the Federation/Earth who turned a blind eye to what was going on in his colony.

389. Adam - December 11, 2012

388 – If there is one character I would love to see re-imagined in this universe, it’s Kodos, particularly after the ‘Arab spring’ uprisings.

390. DeflectorDishGuy - December 11, 2012

Is it wrong that I’m somewhat disappointed Alice is Carol Marcus? I’m very scared that this will somehow lead to Cumberbatch being Khan and that this will just be a reboot story line and that we have in fact forgotten how to be creative and writing new and inventive stories… wow, sorry about the rant.

Seriously though… unique plot… please?

391. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

Stop obsessing over GATT2000, and read this:

11 months ago TrekMovie reported that British actor Joseph Gatt was cast in the Star Trek film. During the event TrekMovie learned Gatt appears in the film with the character name “GATT2000.” (unsure on the spelling) The character will be seen as a bald humanoid but with some kind of technology built into his head. It wasn’t entirely clear, but it is possible that he could be an android or possibly a human with technological enhancements.

Okay, so if you’re unsure of the spelling, that means you never saw it written down. So, someone told you that was his name? Who? How did you learn it? It seems suspect, and more of a joke.

Trekmovie: Hey, are you playing in the new Trek movie?

Gatt: Yes, my name is Joseph Gatt.

Trekmovie: What is your character’s name?

Gatt: His name is….GATT2000. As you can see by this blinking thingy on my head, he’s kind of got some high tech bits to him.

Trekmovie: Really? So it’s Gatt2000?

Gatt: Yeah, makes it easy for everyone to remember. Futuristic. Bob’s got a sense of humor. Now excuse me, I’ve got to go finish my scene with Khan…

392. SoonerDave - December 11, 2012

@386 Bald guy with mechanical attachments….Borg was the first thing I thought of. Perhaps Weller is a time-traversing CEO who somehow recruited a Borg as one of his lieutenants. Still think Harrison is going to end up a refugee of the Botany Bay in the alternate timeline, Weller, who is an agent for some dark/shadow element of the Federation, is going to be the one who (in whatever manner) discovers Botany Bay rather than the Enterprise, and convinces Khan’s people to work for him and promises them power in return. When Weller renegs, Harrison goes renegade against the Federation.

You could take a really serious risk by having a Khan character who “merges” (in some appropriate Evil Sci-Fi way) with Cumberbatch to explain away all the physical dissimilarities between the two. Heck, that issue alone might have been part of the delay in getting the story out for filming last year when Del Toro declined – the original story was Khan leading the charge, until they lost their preferred actor…but they realized their base story worked, so had to shift the focus away from Khan and rewrite certain elements of it.

Hey, its no sillier than any of the other theories out there :)

393. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

Keenser = annoying
Jar Jar = annoying

Ergo, they are similar.

In The Abramsverse, does every villain have to be captured by the Klingons and have some debt to settle?

Does GATT2000/Lobot have a big red lightbulb on the back of his head that flashes and beeps when he walks backwards — like on a forklift?

394. Mad Manq - December 11, 2012

390. DeflectorDishGuy – December 11, 2012

No, it’s not wrong. I’m very disappointed that she’s playing Carol Marcus. And I’m pretty sure Khan is in the movie somehow based on the Khan theme heard in the 9-minute preview.

Also, Trek 2009 had some items taken from Wrath of Khan as well: Kobayashi Maru and “I have been and always shall be your friend.” It’s like the writers are ONLY taking stuff from STII:TWOK for their new movies.

395. ChuckingDice - December 11, 2012

Wasn’t that kid young Kirk waved to in the car he stole named Johnny? In the deleted scene, the intent was to make him George Kirk Jr., but they changed their minds and re-dubbed it Johnny. If his last name is Harrison, it could explain a lot. It would still be considered canon.

396. BeyondtheTech - December 11, 2012

I would surmise that Robert April is supposed to be older, so I think Peter Weller is playing Robert April and Harrison is his XO. Both were shelved from commanding the Enterprise when Nero screwed everything up in the alternate timeline.

If they’re going with April anywhere in the film, I remember pitching the idea as a sequel to Bob Orci waay back when ST09 was released. Not like I’m going to take any credit, but it would feel nice in the back of my mind that I might have somewhere planted that seed Inception-style. Hehe.

Or, John Harrison could have been one of several Augments subjects along with Khan, but in this timeline, the experiment on Khan failed and now he’s the superhuman.

And, Weller could be the architect behind the Augments and Harrison is his creation.

397. gingerly - December 11, 2012


Ain’t nothing wrong with his being pale. We all evolved for different reasons, vitamin D deficiency and folate retention, for example….



Also everybody freaking over GATT2000, I have a feeling his role will be no bigger than Madeline’s or the big-eyed obstetrician in the last Trek.

I don’t know enough about Keenser to form an opinion of whether he’s annoying or not. Just that he’s small, has some engineering skills, and like to climb things.

I think people are prejudging because small = dismissal/toocute in many people’s eyes, which means, I’m sure Peter Dinklage changed many an ignorant person’s world-view.

Anyway, I love and hate JJ for keeping things so close to the cuff. As long as the endproduct is AMAZEBALLS like you said, I’m fine with speculating and being wrong. ;)

398. Chancellor Gowron - December 11, 2012

396-The experiment on Khan can’t have failed in this timeline. That all happenned centuries before Nero changed the timeline. It’s possible that Khan never gets woken up in this version, but everything he did back in the 20th century still happenned. Besides, Weller would never be behind the augments. He believes in the purity of the human race.

399. Craiger - December 11, 2012

Does the sequel sound like its going to just like the Enterprise Augments storyline?

400. The Man from Mandrem - December 11, 2012

If BC is Khan, I’m sure we’ll find out as we approach the film’s release date.

If you have a guy doing genetics on kids in a faustian way, martial arts, playing a dangerous chess game wth Kirk and being a “One Man Weapon Of Mass Destruction,” I suspect he has to be an augment that Star Fleet planned to use as a weapon but cannot control.

Whether he’s Harrison from TOS (Ron Veto wore many shirt colors in the different episodes) or Khan taken out of the freezer or cloned is immaterial. If it’s revealed Harrison is Khan, it changes nothing. Similarly, there’s got to be someone within the fleet who thought this was a good idea, so Weller’s likely just what he says: A Star Fleet Captain. Whether he’s Tracy or Garth or someone new is completely immaterial to the story.

Right now my only fear is seeing Skyfall with phasers, eugenics, and more fundamental questions of the rights of the individual vs. society discussed.

401. stunned4life - December 11, 2012

John Harrison could be the “Bane” in this movie. With an unknown boss. Dark Knight style

402. Cpt K - December 11, 2012

Harrison is a genetic scientist and engineer who has created a device to make humans stronger and live longer. His latest creation, GATT2000, a hulk like being with (revolution type powers) has gone Frankenstein and is out to destroy the world. One click of his thingamgig powers down anything. (Hence the falling star ship).

Kirk and the crew return from a mission to discover his girlfriend, Carol Marcus has fallen for Harrison. Kirk puts Marcus on the crew to take her away from Harrison. What starts out as a jealousy turns into terrorism as Harrison is the only one keeping Kirk from Marcus while also knowing how to stop GATT2000. Icy ground for Kirk.

Kirk has to find someway to both save the Earth and his relationship.

That’s my idea.

403. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 11, 2012

103. BJ (TheFreshMaker) – December 10, 2012

So you’re suggesting that an officer who was left for dead is restored to life & physically enhanced by the guy who played RoboCop?

As Newton said to Leibniz, seems a bit derivative…

404. Mad Man - December 11, 2012

403. Ctrl-Opt-Del – December 11, 2012
“As Newton said to Leibniz, seems a bit derivative…”

HAHA! But Newton created calculus first. Just saying.

405. Smike - December 11, 2012

Oh dear… what a letdown… A character named John Harrison? Should’ve called him John Harriman instead…LOL But really, those who argued that Gary Mitchell was a boring name…oh my…now we’ve got John Harrison :-(

At least Mitchell would have been an iconic Star Trek character from one of the best and first episodes. Now we’ve got a boring no-name with no prior iconicity on record. IF he ain’t a moniker for Khan or Garth…

I’m more than happy with Carol Marcus to pop up… May I mention that she might be that “blonde lab technician” Gary Mitchell once set up on Kirk in the old timeline?

As for Joseph Gatt playing a character called Gatt2000… This is beyond me… Now I honestly do believe Ms. Contractor is also playing a contractor with Starfleet as posted yesterday by someone…

An no, Keenser isn’t JarJar…he’s WESLEY CRUSHER…

406. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

GATT2000 is Nomads mommy.

407. Orb of the Emissary - December 11, 2012

Though she didn’t share her son’s mistrust of Starfleet, she was incensed when told that her project and all her files were to be taken by the crew of the USS Reliant, under orders of the new Admiral Kirk. She was determined to fight this unexpected incursion into her territory, though she was willing to give her former lover the benefit of the doubt. When it turned out to be Khan, not Kirk, who stole the Genesis Device, she gratefully accepted Kirk’s assistance.

So Dr Marcus being in Starfleet in this reality isn’t that big of a stretch, IMO.

408. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 11, 2012

@404. Mad Man – December 11, 2012 – “Newton created calculus first. Just saying.”

Yeah, that was the joke; Newton calling Leibnitz’s work derivative of his own ;-)

409. sean - December 11, 2012

I’ll say it again…this is all misdirection. JJ is using sleight-of-hand to keep you focused on Cumberbatch and the Khan rumors, while we still don’t know who Peter Weller is (mentioned as a sort of adviser to Cumberbatch’s character).

410. marthrax - December 11, 2012

I am suprised how many nonsense is posted here. Maybe some people are getting paid for it. If you can read between the lines, YOU KNOW JOHN HARRISON IS KAHN!!!

In this timeline he was awakened by another crew, years before Space Seed. He got back to earth with another look and another name, going on with his genetic research to create better humans. And thats what you see at the beginning of the first 9 minutes. When the father of that ill child asks BC who he is, he is just smiling, cause he knows, that he is Kahn, but he won`t tell them until it`s to late for homo sapiens.

411. BJ (TheFreshMaker) - December 11, 2012

403. Ctrl-Opt-Del

Derivative or not, it seems more plausible for a big budget summer movie than all the ST backstory heavy ideas that I see on here. Everyone forgets that they “rebooted” into this new timeline in order to shake themselves loose of all the canon that was weighing down ST and making it not very accessible to non-Trek fans.

412. Ambassador Spock of Compton - December 11, 2012

John Harrisson is a ruse. That is not his real name. I think he is Khan and I think Harrisson is not his real name.

I think there is a LOT that they are keeping close to the vest.

Carol Marcus is cool. I like that. She was an interesting character. The other trek movies ignored her existence after STII. It would have been cool to see her reaction to what happened to David.

Will there be a David Marcus? We get to see the “Alternate Reality” version of the Klingon Homeworld. Interesting.

This movie is going to be a lot of fun.

413. Bill Murray - December 11, 2012

Is he Kahn or is he Khan? ;)

414. Aurore - December 11, 2012

332. NCC-73515 – December 11, 2012
“It’s Qo’noS with an o”

Well, that’s what I thought before reading the article.

However, I have found different spellings for the word online, today:

Qu’nos and Q’nos….

The more the merrier….

415. Bill Murray - December 11, 2012

TrekMovie has yet to retract their original story from an inside source stating that the villain is Khan. Furthermore, multiple other bits of info from that same story have now been officially confirmed. Until Anthony post to the contrary, I will believe we’re in for the vengeance of Khan next summer.

416. Smike - December 11, 2012

GATT2000 = Genetically Advanced Terminator Tyrant

Honestly, the more I think about all of this: it SCREAMS
Miranda Tate = Thalia AlGhul and John Blake = Robin !!!

Do I really have to believe they’ll introduce a character named John Harrison as (one of the) main villains in a TOS reboot movie? They could have easily called him John Doe…
Right, there is a mystery now and it won’t be revealed prior to the movies’ release. And yeah, Cumby will be called John Harrison in the first 90 minutes of the film, but there HAS TO be a revelation of his true identity towards the end of the film, be it Khan (most likely due to Carol Marcus and the other TWOK hints) or another major TOS villain.

417. Ambassador Spock of Compton - December 11, 2012

I think that for now they are going to stick with John Harrison but in the film he will be revealed to be someone else.

I am laughing at people who think that John Harrison is the actual name of Cumberbatch’s character.

Come on now really?

418. Hythlodeus - December 11, 2012


As long as the reveal is better than John ‘Robin’ Blake’s in Batman&Robin 2

419. Gary - December 11, 2012

Cumberbatch is Gene Gene Roddenberry’s decendant. Endowed with Q like powers he decides to reset the universe back to the way it was supposed to be.

420. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

SMIKE, Khan and Carol Marcus do not have to be Synonimous.
John Harrison might be a fake identity, but Cumberbatch is NOT Khan.
Cant wait for the Article Anthony promised earlier where Orci and Kurtzman explain a bit more about Harrison

Lobot errr GATT2000 I dont know what to think.
SMIKE who are you thinking GATT 2000 is going to be revealed to be?

421. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

Why do people think that it’s a stretch for Carol Marcus to be in Starfleet? Was it ever said that she WASNT in Starfleet at some point in TWOK?

She’s a brilliant scientist. Starfleet would undoubtebly accept her, and she might serve a tour with Starfleet to get valuable, hands-on, front line, research experience. Think about it. Starfleet allows people to have the opportunity to be the FIRST Federation Scientist to do studies on planets or lifeforms. What does that mean? That means other people are using YOUR work as a basis for future studies. It’s like having a paper published in a scientific research journal times one thousand!

Now, that doesn’t mean that Carol would want to be a career Starfleet officer. I imagine that just like today’s military, most people don’t make a career out of it. The fact that Kirk chose to be a career Starfleet officer instead of a father is what ticked her off, probably.

But even if she wasn’t a Starfleet officer in TWOK, that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t make the choice now.

422. Thomas - December 11, 2012

327. LogicalLeopard

I wonder how many peoples’ heads would explode if it turned out Harrison were actually someone like the ever-present Mr. Leslie or Hadley.

423. Thomas - December 11, 2012

330. Craiger

I can’t believe no one’s thought of that before! You might be onto something.

424. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

417 Why is it so hard to believe that Orci and Kurtzman
would take what I think is going to be the brilliant move of elevating a formerly non descript Background TOS crewmember who appeared in 20 plus episodes into a more prominant role?

425. Fascinoma - December 11, 2012

421 – I agree.

In real life, lots of people do a tour or two in the military for all kinds of reasons, and it doesn’t mean they’re a “lifer”.

It’s perfectly reasonable for Carol Marcus to have been in Starfleet, and it’s also most likely how she met Kirk in the Prime Universe, because obviously they were around each other enough to have some sort of ongoing relationship and discuss what would happen to the kid. Hey, maybe she made the decision to leave Starfleet after getting pregnant, and that’s why it never worked out.

426. Scottevill - December 11, 2012

“TrekMovie can confirm that Cumberbatch’s character is called Harrison in the film.”

Can TrekMovie confirm that is the only name Cumberbatch’s character goes by in the film? :) Other outlets are reporting that they learned one or more spoilers during the Bad Robot visit that are still embargoed.

427. Travis - December 11, 2012

Benedict Cumberpatch as John Harrision… I can get used to a NEW character!

As for Alice Eve i told you people that she looked EXACTLY like Bibi Besch who played Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek II. And if you people really, REALLY want to get techicinal… Kirk did meet Carol at Starfleet Acadamy! It was Carol Marcus herself when become pregant that she left Starfleet because she didnt want David chasing the stars like his Father….

428. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

412 Compton, so can you explain why “Khan” would be lurking around a london hosptial approaching grieving parents with offers of saving their child?

429. Gary - December 11, 2012

Cumberbatch is is a renegade Time Lord “The Master” from Dr. Who.

430. Dunsel Report - December 11, 2012

John Harrison is obviously a TOS-style name for a hubristic English starship captain with stature in Starfleet and a reputation to blow on misunderstanding the human condition.

But the insistence here that he’s secretly Khan is so bewildering that it makes me wonder if my fellow Trekkies have been under the care of Dr. Simon Van Gelder.

431. Smike - December 11, 2012

And since Dr Dehner is not in the film I officially withdraw all my theories about Gary Mitchell’s return. It wouldn’t make sense. I’m now leaning heavily towards Khan…

1) The appearance of Dr. Marcus
2) The fact that Benicio Del Toro was approached for the part first
3) The infamous hands touching through glass scene
4) Reports of TWOK score cues being used in the film
5) The similarities between the films titles (“Into Darkness” / “Vengeance” in Russia) and the TWOK trailer (“Beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution, is Khan…”/ “For at the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance”)
6) The fact that “John Harrison” adresses HUMANITY in the teaser trailer, not Kirk and crew…his vengeance is directed at Earth that overthrow his tyranny and chose another path without genetically superior augments…
7) The ENT-based link between Human Augments and Klingons!
8) The fact that Cumby shares Montalban’s powerful voice…
9) The idea that Khan is indeed for Kirk what the Joker represents for Batman…his most important, and most iconic adversary, to be included in the second outing of the reboot series.
10) A previous insider report that the villain was actually Khan…
11) The presence of an Indian woman and child to be cured / enhanced by Khan Noonian Singh…
12) His enhanced, yet not god-like powers shown in the trailer…on par with Klingons, but very physical and not ESPeresque…
13) Khan’s obsession with stealing Starfleet uniforms and wearing them like trophies…
14) And last but not least: the common notion that lots of recent Trek films tried desperately to copy TWOK, but never quite made it work… only the original Khan could outkhan TWOK, the critically most acclaimed of the old movie series…

432. NuFan - December 11, 2012

If John Harrikhan kills Keenser, I will be very sad.

433. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

I honestly think that John Harrison is going to turn out to be a Klingon Operitive who managed to infiltrate the federation, which would kind of imply that the John Harrison from TOS was also a klingon spy (though never discovered)

434. Flux Conundrum - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus may be in it but it doesn’t mean her and Kirk will sleep together like in the Prime timeline.

435. Fascinoma - December 11, 2012

I know!!!!

What if CAROL MARCUS is really Khan!! And it’s all been a big ruse this whole time!


436. Do You Wanna Dance - December 11, 2012

I take it you guys didn’t see the hidden anagram in John Harrison’s name. It’s so obvious!

Cumberbatch is playing a character named “Ninja Rho Rhos.”

437. Smike - December 11, 2012

@430: “But the insistence here that he’s secretly Khan is so bewildering that it makes me wonder if my fellow Trekkies have been under the care of Dr. Simon Van Gelder.”

Yeah, soooooo totally unbelievable…Thalia al Ghul hiding right next to Bruce Wayne as Miranda Tate in his own company sounds also a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? That thought was sooooo remote that JJ and Paramount turn the first teaser trailer into a TDKR rip-off in order to distance themselves from any plot device in that vein…

You’re right…we’re all delusional. Obviously. C’mon…

438. Jay - December 11, 2012

#412 I could believe that as well.

Who is to say that in this updated Star Trek, that part of eugenics experiements didn’t allow people to change their appearance? And jump like we see BC do. Just because Khan didn’t do that in the TOS series or TWOK, doesn’t mean he can’t.

It’s possible that the Klingons find the Bontany Bay, awaken Khan and imprison him. It’s possible that Khan, while in prison, kills and assumes the identity of one of his crew – John Harrison – and escapes from the Klingons and returns to Earth. He assumes this other identity, because even in this time line Khan is a known identity.

439. Kev. - December 11, 2012

You must be narrow minded to think Khan is the bad guy because, again, it’s the second Trek movie. I suppose you also think that Spock will die and the next movie will be a bout searching for a Vulcan?

440. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

A technician first-class on the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2267. Harrison nearly suffocated on the bridge when Khan cut the air supply. Captain Kirk’s log reflected a commendation for him.

That’s what the name is about, it doesn’t mean it’s BC’s character name.
Do the OPs like to create pointless gossip over nothing? Is Paramount paying to keep this useless discussion over the character? Whats so bad about admitting who’s the villain?
When sources confirmed the obvious Khan, someone started Mitchell rumors, now that Mitchell has been confirmed NOT to be in the movie, at all, there’s this absurd Harrison theory.
He’s Khan, stop wasting your time.

441. Derf - December 11, 2012

Well this wasn’t helpful:

…but I think I’m getting closer:

442. Hugh Hoyland - December 11, 2012

Anyone wonder what character PW is playing? I do. And I dont think its Khan.

Possibly V’ger.

443. Pointed Sideburns - December 11, 2012

Breaking News:

The giant gun that we see Cumberbatch holding when he leaps towads the Klingon in the teaser is called ‘Aprils Gatlin Gun’.

444. Jay - December 11, 2012

#439 not sure who you are directing that at, but it has nothing to do with being the 2nd movie, and everything to do with what we have heard for over a year.

The fact that they made obvious references to Khan also is part of it. Carol Marcus being in the movie gives a string indication that it is somehow related to Khan, even if BC is not Khan. The hands on the glass is an obvious homage to TWOK.

Movie makers don’t do these things without purpose.

445. Flux Conundrum - December 11, 2012

‘But… one last thing. In the trailer, you’ve seen the shot where Cumberbatch jumps, lands, and then swats a dude using a huge long hunk of metal. Well, that hunk of metal is what the crew on the film called “The Big Gun.” That’s what we were told during our tour, and as everyone was discussing it, we were standing in a room that had been specially set up for today’s event.

And on the counter at the back of the room, there was a big book of production art that was open. Laying right there were anyone could see it. And on one of the two pages, there was a concept design sketch for that gun.
But instead of “The Big Gun,” it was called “April’s Gatling Gun.”

As in the gun that April uses. The gun that seems to belong to Cumberbatch in the trailer, which would suggest that Cumberbatch is April.

You see what I mean about misdirection? What if they intentionally left that there, open to that page, in the exact area where everyone was standing, just to help obfuscate everything even more?’

446. Pointed Sideburns - December 11, 2012

Excuse me……………in 443, I meant to say ‘Aprils Gatling Gun’

447. Jay - December 11, 2012

#443 Yeah someone posted that article earlier. Very interesting…

Doesn’t necessarily mean that BC is April…. could be that Weller is April and it’s his gun that BC has.

448. Do You Wanna Dance - December 11, 2012

@439. No need to search far. Spock Prime is already in the Alternate Universe. But how can one katra be in two places at once?!

449. Smike - December 11, 2012

And that gets us to:

15) The obvious similarities between the TDKR trailer and the STID teaser, hinting (not even subtly) at some TDKR plot devices (Thalia/Miranda – Robin/Blake)…

16) An inside source within Starfleet played by Weller, who works with Khan on changing the face of Humanity and the Federation, portrayed by an actor who had previously played a notorious fashist before on ENT.

17) A Federation starship crashed into Frisco bay / Starfleet Headquarters (aka detonated the fleet!) – this timeline’s Reliant? – obviously captured by “John Harrison” with some inside help from with their own organisation…

18) Couldn’t the enire TWOK plot be described as a “chess game of life and death”?

19) Someone has to RETURN according to the teaser trailer. Who would that be? A totally unknown character named John Harrison none of the movie audience, not even hardcore fans, could relate to? Er…well…no…it has to be someone the audience is FAMILIAR with…at least to some extend. Talking about general audience that is…The return of John Harrison…Right…okay…Wow…

450. Smike - December 11, 2012

@44=. So there was a “Harrison” in Space Seed? That would be link 20…

451. Jay - December 11, 2012

#449 I agree on the point about “returning”.

You have to remember that JJ is targeting a wide audience. He wants to bring more people to Star Trek. So if they are centering this film around the themes of “returning” and “vengence”, then it would make little sense for that person to be someone no one has ever heard of. How is he “returning” if we never knew he left in the first place?

There is more to this than we know.

I also can’t believe that JJ would go through so much trouble to swear everyone to secrecy, and to keep the identity of the vilain a secret, only so he could just throw it out there so casually 5 months before the movie opens. Just makes no sense. There is more to it than that.

452. Vince - December 11, 2012

give me a break it’s not John Harrison, that would be really stupid he was a no name who gave a crap character from TOS. I am still saying it’s Khan.

453. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

@442, 447: Orci confirmed PW will be playing a new character, not in canon.

454. Craiger - December 11, 2012

What if John Harrison is just an alias and later in the film he will reveal his true name? Hitfix sounded like they think he could be Robert April.

455. cd - December 11, 2012


456. Colin - December 11, 2012

Everyone keeps posting about the look of the new Klingons..All i want to know is, are we going to see the reimagined Bird of Preys? A new cloaking effect?

I haven’t seen anyone ask this unless I’m blind

Also I hope they shoe-horn Gowron in just because I want to see his eyes get all wide one last time.

457. Smike - December 11, 2012

April’s Gattling Gun…Wow…If Robert April’s in the movie…it’s gotta be Peter Weller and not Cumby… Maybe in this universe he helps Khan because he lost some family during the Narada’s attack on Vulcan / the fleet… Now he wants to help Khan creating a race superaugments that could cope with any alien threat much more easily…He may have even brought Khan into Starfleet…and turned him into “John Harrison” until his reckoning hour…

458. Smike - December 11, 2012

@453: I think April is NOT considered canon for TAS isn’t considered canon either…April is MUCH OLDER than either Pike or Kirk… Weller is the right age!

459. Pointed Sideburns - December 11, 2012

@457 Smike

Maybe April in this alternate timeline is actually pissed because he thought he would get command of the Enterprise but instead it was given to Pike, and then Pike gives the command to Kirk.

April wants revenge!!

460. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

@458: Orci was asked directly if the Weller would be playing an existing canon character or a new, invented, original character for this new movie and he said the character is new.

461. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

if Weller*

462. Flux Conundrum - December 11, 2012

Paxtons son or relative perhaps. Terra Prime still has to be around.

463. Smike - December 11, 2012

Okay, here is a potential storyline that would involve both Khan and Robert April:

After the Narada incident, Commodore Robert April, Starfleet Head of Security and the fleet’s weapon quartermaster, retrieved the Botany Bay and brought Khan back to Earth in order to create a new breed of Human Augements that could easily defend Earth against any alien threat, much easier than normal Starfleet personell like Kirk and crew. He got Khan into Starfleet, giving him the identity of Lt. John Harrison, whom he made disappear somehow…

But Khan rebelled against his “menthor” for he has his own agenda of vengeance against Humanity as he cannot forgive the human race to have defied his supreme rule. He takes control of some access codes and crashlands the some Starfleet ships into Starfleet Headquarters, detoating the fleet (headquarters)…

Khan escapes aboard a Federation prototype (the ship with darker interiors), probably called Reliant and takes it to a warzone involving Klingons…

During the attack on Starfleet HQ, Pike was killed, leaving Kirk with a personal vendetta, since Pike was the closest thing he had to a father figure… He takes Enterprise on a hunt to capture Khan, who is, equipped with April’s masterful weaponry (April’s Gattlin Gun) and other top secret equipment, including GATT2000, either a genetically augmented superweapon (WMD) or a heavily armed android – all part of April’s attempts at arming Starfleet with more powerful weapons against any future threat… GATT2000 might even be based on Khan’s DNA, he might be his son, his family…

Just my two cents…could be totally off…but the plot is thickening…

464. Do You Wanna Dance - December 11, 2012

Since JJ is such a fan of Star Wars, maybe Peter Weller is Grand Moff Tarkin, Cumberbatch is Wedge Antilles, and the entire fleet is detonated by a Star Destroyer!

465. Fascinoma - December 11, 2012

I’m kind of starting to hope he really IS named John Harrison. Because I’m getting excited about this character without him having any connection to Pre-existing trek whatsoever and I think that’s what Abrams was trying to do to us.

And “I have returned”? He could’ve returned from somewhere IN THE MOVIE… he could’ve returned from the bathroom or grocery store for all we know, heh.

I was Team Garth, now I’m Team John.

466. Spiked Canon - December 11, 2012

#463 continued. Khan (but it isn’t Khan, it’s someone else from the Botany Bay) is sent to Qu’nos to kick some klingon arse. Get’s a little too big headed and the Enterprise is sent after him

467. NCC-73515 - December 11, 2012

414. Aurore

Only Marc Okrand’s dictionary is canon ;D

468. sean - December 11, 2012

Can you please fix the spelling of Qo’noS, please?

469. Flux Conundrum - December 11, 2012

The Eugenics/Augment science would probably still be accessible to some (Starfleet intelligence/Section 31) on Earth so why keep bringing up the Botany Bay/Khan?

I still think Starfleet Intelligence/Section 31/Terra Prime are the main players with a dash of Augment science.

I just hope it’s not Khan in some shape or form.

470. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

Read the Hitfix article correctly. There is no doubt (at least according to what they’re saying) that Cumby IS April. If we’re to buy the reverse aging plot, then April took over Harrison’s identity to sneak around the fleet since everyone knows he’s much older. Finally SOME of this is beginning to make sense… I think…

471. LogicalLeopard - December 11, 2012

422. Thomas – *LOL* That’s what I’d like to see.

425. Fascinoma – Good point. It’d be interesting to see if Marcus gets pregnant in this movie or the next, and what decision she and Kirk make. She may make the decision that she doesn’t want to give birth on a starship under attack like Kirk’s mom, or something could happen to her where she really sees why Kirk has to belong in Starfleet, and she stays too. I’d really like to see Kirk’s views on family given his very different upbringing.

472. Colin - December 11, 2012

What if John Harrison is SUPPOSED to be a lame name, what if its Section 31’s version of John Doe, or James Bond, just some generic name they give their most important spies. It’s simple, and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

In the trailer it looks like Kirk and Uhura are suprised at Harrison slaughtering the Klingons so fiercly with his abilities. My guess is that he IS a Section 31 mole and only breaks his cover once they get to Qo’noS.

The Klingons had captured the Narada and probably learned about Khan in the database and maybe wanted to do more augmentations of their own. Kirk is sent there under an entirely false pretense and then Harrison completes his secret mission to retrieve Khan or the information of his where abouts to give back to Section 31.

John Harrison…the name is MEANINGLESS…he is the James Bond of Section 31…the ultimate spy, the ultimate genetically engineered espionage machine bent on completing his mission..

Like Bane said in the Dark Knight Rises: “It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan”.

473. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

OK, some of this is coming together… so the LL&P on the glass which has been already stated to be Spock and Cumby/April/Harrison (even though the hands don’t match) makes sense if Spock served on the same ship as April. So we have Capt. April, Number One Pike, and Science Officer Spock. They’re on a mission where all hell breaks loose and April doesn’t make it back, but he does gain the reverse aging and superpower thing. He goes nuts and blames the Federation for everything and is out to wipe out the earth, bladdybladdyblahblah. Not the most ORIGINAL plot in the alpha quadrant but much better than some of the ones that have been tossed around.

474. Jeff - December 11, 2012

I posted in another thread that I thought Carol Marcus and Finnegan….John Harrison Finnegan? Or did Trelane (Q) take on human form after getting all grown up and is now a petulant adult mad at Kirk for making his parents discipline him?

475. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

One thing I missed stating in 473… The reason why the LL&P is dramatic is because Spock is now faced with the imprisonment and/or killing of his old Captain. Nice twist on TWOK’s similar scene. Now THIS is worthy of boborci! :)

476. Smike - December 11, 2012

@459: Good idea…but April is two generations ahead of Kirk. He was born long before the Nero Incident. We know, however, that he was definitely involved with creating Starfleet technology, that is the original ENT in the old timeline. Maybe he became obsessed with creating superweapons after either the first or the second Narada incident…

And yes, Bob said that Weller was playing a non-canon character. But since April never appeared outside the cartoon show, he qualifies. IF April is involved at all. But then…there is April’s GATTLIN gun, and a character called GATT2000. Gatling gun is normally spelled with one T. The GATTLING gun might be part of the GATT2000 and later removed by John Harrison / Khan…

Bob said… Weller = new / Cumberbatch = canon. Cumberbatch actually plays a character that was on TOS, either Khan himself or John Harrison, a character that was sophocated by Khan in the original timeline.
Harrison was on TOS, too, but he is far from iconic. Weller plays a character never shown onscreen in a live-action Trek series, only outside canon on TAS. And Joseph Gatt is a loose CANNON for what it’s worth…

477. jorDe' Klingon Warrior - December 11, 2012

Correct spelling in Roman letters for the Klingon Home world is Qo’noS.

478. Johnny - December 11, 2012

I’m with #440 – Trekkie, there is NO evidence whatsoever that the name Harrison is in any way linked to BC’s character.

And about the mess around the villain’s name, it might be targeted mostly to the general media, I mean, people like us, fans, know that it’s Khan from obvious evidences that match our knowledge.

But thinking worldwide, most people that go to the theaters won’t have watched all the series and movies and have all the bg information, so, they might be trying to keep it from the cover and headlines of huge magazines and sites or some shit, so most of their target public will learn about te villain only when they watch the movie.

Saying who is it 10 months before it premieres would generate almost a year of articles, posts, interviews and perscrutation of all kinds over the villain and therefore the plot, and it could ruin the fun for casual spectators.

479. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

476. Smike – “…but April is two generations ahead of Kirk” yeah, and that’s why he has the reverse aging thing. And he’s not TWO generations ahead if George Kirk either/or Pike was his Number One. He would have been Captain 3 decades earlier which isn’t much. So let’s say the big mess happened when he was 50, he’d now be 80 which is still feasible as a starting point for the reverse aging thingy.

480. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

478. Johnny – “there is NO evidence whatsoever that the name Harrison is in any way linked to BC’s character.”

Can’t anyone read?

“however TrekMovie can confirm that Cumberbatch’s character is called Harrison in the film.”

Hello, McFly?


481. BeyondtheTech - December 11, 2012

“Tune in tomorrow to find out what both Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had to say about this discrepancy.”

Isn’t tomorrow today? We’re waiting! (foot tapping)

482. KHAAAN the weasel - December 11, 2012

An original character as the villain? – That’s great news actually! Wouldn’t have bothered me if it had been Gary Mitchell either, but hey, I’m sure glad, it’s not Khan!

483. MJ IS A JACKASS - December 11, 2012

BC not playing Khan!!!!…….Somewhere in a little dark corner of his parents
basement MJ is crying like a little girl………….HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHAAHA

484. Jack Zymurgy - December 11, 2012

A few thoughts…

1) Carol Marcus could be included to tie into the Khan story arch, but I doubt it. As others have noted, Kirk in this timeline has serious family issues. What good writers wouldn’t want to explore that by having a love interest and, possibly, a kid to force him to wrestle with those issues? Of course Carol was going to show up in the movies! How could they resist?

2) As others have noted, it was David Marcus, not Carol, who hates the military. Hey, from his perspective, Star Fleet is the reason he grew up without a dad around. He’s an angry young man. Seems like the young Kirk in the last film was mad at Star Fleet for the same reasons. Simple as that.

There is nothing in TWOK which precludes Carol from having served in Star Fleet prior to her later work- and even in her later work as a civilian, they are partnering with Star Fleet, suggesting Federation funding behind the whole project. For all we know, she and David worked for the civilian side of the government directly. Many people in civil service or in private industries with government ties are former military. No reason why she wouldn’t be too.

3) My best guess is that the name “Gatt2000″ is never spoken in the film, but is a playful way to credit an unnamed android by playing with the actor’s name.

4) No guess on John Harrison, other than hopefully the Gary Mitchell people will finally let it freakin’ go. The comics already killed him. Move on.

5) Anyone else wonder how Sulu’s connection to Starfleet Intelligence (maybe even Section 31) as depicted in the Return of the Archons vol 1 will play into the film?

485. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

481. BeyondtheTech – Let’s go boborci! Confirm that Cumby is April (who has offed Harrison to take over his ID), Spock is conflicted due to his loyalty to his old Captain, the main plot device is reverse aging (and the superpowers that go with it), the sick Indian kid is in SOME way related to the Khan angle (even though we don’t know if Adam Sandler will be playing Khan) and then I’ll be able to SLEEP TONIGHT! :)

486. NuFan - December 11, 2012

You’re willing to accept that notKhan can age backwards, but Khan can’t change his appearance?


487. stunned4life - December 11, 2012

It could be Gary just with modified abilities. Someone said sources close to production said its Khan? Is that accurate?

488. Smike - December 11, 2012

@465: But that wouldn’t be plausible from a marketing point of view. It’s teaser trailer adressing both a general audience and Trek fans. They can’t just let a no-name return from a shopping tour. If someone RETURNS in cinema, it simply has to be a rather iconic character…

The name IS important. If it was just some lame Section 31 augmented James Bond, it would be worst waste of potential there is. This movie series is supposed to be new take on TOS. TOS are the comic books, NuTrek is an updated adaptation. Just like the Dark Knight trilogy is an updated take on classic Batman stories.

The Supreme Court rewatch the entire TOS series to come up with some inspiration… The final revelation has to link to TOS directly, not to ENT and/or DS9 material. Section 31 might be in the movie, but only as a minor part… April MIGHT work for them, but it matters that April and Khan are possibly a part of the story, not Section 31… I don’t hate DS9 and I certainly love the later seasons of ENT. But this is not a futuristic spy movie about some sinister Section 31 plot…but genuine TOS material…

If it isn’t, the movie is utterly pointless, no matter well it may do…To cut a long story short: They’d better get some real TOS villain into this outing and there will be a totally p*ssed off Trekkie.

489. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

486. NuFan – I’m willing to accept the evidence that’s been garnered by people walking around Bad Robot. Not the fanboi fantasies that don’t fit the facts.

490. Yanks - December 11, 2012

@ 379. LogicalLeopard – December 11, 2012

All good points. I agree about the Kelvin scene – wonderfully done. I personally hope the Spock/Uhura thing goes away as he is now her superior officer.

Not sure about Kirk having to have a relationship in a movie. More appropriate for a TV series I think, but I’m not opposed to something starting.

491. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

490. Yanks – I agree with you about the Kelvin sequences. By far my favorite part of the entire movie, in fact, in retrospect I would have been happier if they’d never left that timeline as IMHO George Kirk was a far more compelling officer than any I saw in the rest of the movie. Star Thor! :)

If my theory is correct (and IMHO it’s the only one that takes the reality of what has been reported so far into consideration) then the ship crashing into SF Bay is a TOS/TNG/Kelvin timeline ship that’s been brought across the threshold by April!

492. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Wow. People just can’t let go, can they?

GEORGE Harrison was a member of the Beatles.

Why does John Harrison have to be anyone other than…John Harrison, a new character to the Star Trek canon. I am pleased, as I wanted to be introduced to someone new, even if he is “one mean dude” or someone gone bad. As for “returning”, well, it seems that Starfleet knows who he is…and he’s back “with a vengeance”.

Benedict Cumberbatch – John Harrison (new character) – YES!

Alice Eve – Carol Marcus (ST TOS canon) – Wavering
(I don’t like the name Carol Marcus or the person she seemed to be in TWOK.) I hope Carol is nicer towards Kirk in STID. It goes without saying that he should also be nice to her.

I think that this is the lie that Bob Orci said he told. Who was new to canon and who was playing a villain from TOS were switched. When Alice Eve was first cast for this movie, I believe that it was clearly stated that she would be playing a new character. Clearly, this is not the case.

I am pleased that Keenser is back. He is NOT anyone from Star Wars… He is Keenser. Perhaps we may learn something about his race and world. Good call, Bob, Alex, JJ Abrams…!

Hope this goes through – NZ Telecom *playing* with Broadband…Ugh

493. Johnny - December 11, 2012

@480: if you believe everything TrekMovie “confirms” then the character has two names and many other characters change personality and the plot, direction through the movie. Many things have been “confirmed”. Many times. As different things.

I still go with the obvious reactions to Khan. After TrekMovie confirmed it was Khan, rumors about Mitchell began to rise and now that Mitchell has been dismissed entirely (not even mentioning the obvious reasons why it couldn’t be him), simply discarded, there rises this convenient Harrison name.

They’ll stick to it until there’s something leaked that they can’t deny. Expect many months of BS coming.

494. PureGenius - December 11, 2012

372. trelene – December 11, 2012

Alice Eve is English. If she speaks with a British accent in the film, that will be a clue.

So, if she still raises a future David on her own, David would also have a British accent.

I’m wondering also, if this is David Marcus from the future, and he uses an assumed name the whole movie, and we only find out his real identity at the end.

I also haven’t totally discounted the comment by a supposed fake boborci that said the crashing ship was “out of its time”, and then quickly retracted as fake.

495. Mad Man - December 11, 2012

408. Ctrl-Opt-Del – December 11, 2012

Oh snap, I didn’t see that. Duh, I’m dumb, and I teach that stuff.

496. Smike - December 11, 2012

How did this “reverse aging” thing become part of this discussion? I know there was that TAS episode, but really? How would APRIL be the one RETURNING, in a cinematic sort of way? Nobody wants to see the Return of Captain April. If he’s in the movie, April will be played by Weller who is the right age, a senior Starfleet CO / CEO.

Cumby won’t play April but use his freakin’ GUN! John Harrison directly links to “Space Seed” and there is no way they gonna waste the opportunity to reintroduce a classic iconic villain to the audience.

“FOR I HAVE RETURNED…TO HAVE MY VENGEANCE!” You seriously believe a counteraging Captain April would make any difference with the audience uttering these words? And you honestly think that they previously approached Benicio Del Toro to play ROBERT APRIL???

C’mon…I used to be on the Mitchell gang…because at least he was an important character in the TOS PILOT episode. His return to seek vengeance made SENSE!
But April? A minor character, a nice nod to extended universe stuff as TAS and some novels, perfectly fitted for an aging genre actor to portray. The one to make a deal with the devil. BUT THE DEVIL IS KHAN!

497. Ralph Pinheiro - December 11, 2012

I do not know why people read the “Alice Eve – Carol Marcus” associate immediately STII. The relationship between Kirk and Carol Marcus existed before The Wrath of Khan. Probably twenty years before it.

498. Yanks - December 11, 2012

@ 491. The Last Vulcan – December 11, 2012

If my theory is correct (and IMHO it’s the only one that takes the reality of what has been reported so far into consideration) then the ship crashing into SF Bay is a TOS/TNG/Kelvin timeline ship that’s been brought across the threshold by April!

Wow, I guess they can do whatever they please… those struts and nacelles definately don’t look like JJ’s 1701. They look more like the “E” or the NX-01. My imagination is going nuts here (lol). I’m not going to go see ‘The Hobbit’, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see the “9 minutes of diversion” it when it makes ot to the internet. From what I’ve seen, there is allot going on in this movie for sure. It’s going to be a great ride!

499. cpelc - December 11, 2012

Here’s a little more info for us to chew on before Anthony posts more from last night.

500. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

493. Johnny – What do you think that Anthony is privy to the entire script as it’s being penned? He’s dripped info from Paramount and has to piece stuff together just like we do. Of course he gets more accurate info as time goes on and JJ’s shroud peels away. It’s completely imbecilic to continue to insist that Anthony is wrong and the character’s name is actually Archie Bunker or Oliver Queen.

496. Smike – How did it become part of the discussion? Read Hitfix! Unless you’re going to be one of the guys who walk out at the end of the movie in May and still insist that JJ had it wrong and he really should have had the character be Ahdar Ru’afo or some such silliness. Why did JJ create the alternate timeline? So he could have FREEDOM TO DO WHAT HE WANTS! And what’s better in crafting a character than to pick out an almost prequel character that exists in (some forms of) canon, and he can do whatever he wants with as the audience has no preconceived notions? So yeah, Khan is in this movie somewhere, I don’t know where, but Cumby plays April.

498. Yanks – I have to admit that this April storyline is the first one to be “suspected” that I’m actually REALLY interested in.

501. Lt. Bailey - December 11, 2012

Benedict will turn out to be playing Luke’s father.

502. Smike - December 11, 2012

@492: Rose, Alice Eve was always soppused to play a canon character. So no, Bob did not reverse the entire list of canon and non-canon characters. He may have lied about some details within that list. Or he MAY have (forced to) backed off from his original list, which stated that BC would play a canon character in order to keep his true identity a secret.

Bob first told us that BC was canon. Then JJ told him to fake a presumable lie for he planned to introduce the character as John Harrison, only to be revealed to be Khan later in the movie. Get my idea?

1. First Bob told the truth…BC being a canon character (presumably Khan.)

2. Then he said that he had lied about something, which could be BC playing a canon character.

3. Now we get John Harrison (who, strictly speaking was on TOS), but is not REALLY a canon character because he isn’t himself but Khan.

4. Shortly, Bob will admit that BC being a canon character was a lie (which it actually wasn’t) in order to play along the John Harrison disguise.

So, Bob’s only lie is that he told us he had lied in the first place. BC is playing a canon character, the only possible choice if you eliminate potential other baddies such as Mitchell and Garth… Khan, the only one previously linked to the name John Harrison on “Space Seed” and the only Star Trek villain that would be able to “return” after 10 movies, with a significant portion of them having already attempted to copy TWOK anyway.

But then, you might be inclined to believe in April as an iconic villain. Sorry, but it’s not yet April Fool’s Day! They won’t fool me!

BTW: April’s Gattling Gun remindes me of Annie Get Your Gun :-)

503. Johnny - December 11, 2012

500 – The Last Vulcan

493. Johnny – What do you think that Anthony is privy to the entire script as it’s being penned? He’s dripped info from Paramount and has to piece stuff together just like we do. Of course he gets more accurate info as time goes on and JJ’s shroud peels away. It’s completely imbecilic to continue to insist that Anthony is wrong and the character’s name is actually Archie Bunker or Oliver Queen.

If you didn’t understand what I wrote, then it’s your problem.
I’m not saying Anthony is always wrong, nor judging what is posted here, on the contrary, every new rumor is good, be it to prove itself obviously fake or seriously true.

I was merely stating that that saying it’s written “it was confirmed” doesn’t prove a n y t h i n g.

The only imbecile thing is keeping such an aggressive attitude towards posts on the internet.

504. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

502. Smike – There’s some people that even after you beat them over the head with facts still insist that the earth is flat. Godspeed, my friend. I hope you enjoy continuing in your Khanian illusion. :)

505. Bill Peters - December 11, 2012

What is funny to me, is could this Robot or Android Character be a start towards a Data in the JJ Verse ?

506. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

503. Johnny – No aggression intended. Live long and prosper. :)

507. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Trekmovie never confirmed anything, just that the rumours coming from various sources pointed to Khan. That is NOT the same as saying that the villain is actually Khan. Why do people have such difficulty understanding the difference between fact and rumour? It is truly worrying, for real!!!

However, the production company, Bad Robot, contracted by the Star Trek movie franchise owners, Paramount, are now officially stating who the main guest actors are playing. That, to me, constitutes FACT and not just more rumour.

508. Admiral Ensign - December 11, 2012

@497: That’s the basis of my theory, which without expanding further, amounts to “let’s further diverge this new universe from the prime one.”

509. Red Shirt Diaries - December 11, 2012

@483 /MJ IS A JACKASS: “BC not playing Khan!!!!…….Somewhere in a little dark corner of his parents basement MJ is crying like a little girl………….HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHIHIHIHIHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Priceless!”

Anthony, I think the vast majority of us regulars here would appreciate it if you would permaban the poster in @483.


510. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Alice/Carol got her hairstyle from my daughter. So there!

511. Red Dead Ryan - December 11, 2012

C’mon Keachick, are you so naive as to think that the villain’s name is “John Harrison”? These guys have spent so much time and energy keeping him a total secret. If that’s his real name, why release it right now after all the secrecy? What could be gained from that?

There’s only one conclusion here: Benedict Cumberbatch’s character assumes the name John Harrison as a pseudonym to cover up his true identity.

Just like how in “Batman Begins” Liam Neeson’s Henri Ducard was revealed to be the true Ra’s al Ghul, or how in “The Dark Knight Rises” Miranda Tate was really Talia al Ghul, Ra’s’ daughter.

C’mon already!!!

512. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

@507: TrekMovie did confirm it was Khan in a post back in April. Saying they had many sources and everything.

What is actually weird is how you twist the Harrison thing. Maybe your definition of fact is different than the standard.

What WAS released was an image with a small reflection with a name, which has no reason to be taken as BC’s character’s name, and is simply a name of someone Khan kills.

At no point there was an official announcement that John Harrison is played by any main guest actors.

513. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

512. Trekkie – “At no point there was an official announcement that John Harrison is played by any main guest actors.”

Of course not. Just because on the Paramount labeled photograph it states


means nothing. I’d much rather take the word of some anonymous people on this forum than Paramount. They’re just the studio. What do they know?


514. Vince - December 11, 2012

Sorry I still think it’s Khan. They will do anything at this point to steer us in the other direction.

515. Smike - December 11, 2012

@500: “How did it become part of the discussion? Read Hitfix! Unless you’re going to be one of the guys who walk out at the end of the movie in May and still insist that JJ had it wrong and he really should have had the character be Ahdar Ru’afo or some such silliness. Why did JJ create the alternate timeline? So he could have FREEDOM TO DO WHAT HE WANTS!”

The Hitfix article is nothing but “a crazy theory”. Even they admit it. Having a reverse-aging April heal sick children, presumably many years before a potential “Counterclock Incident” is not very convincing.

VERY convincing evidence however is the “April’s Gattlin Gun” thing, which links the character to a secret weapon program, potentially involving augments, weapons of mass destruction and GATTlin guns. GATT2000…Khan…?

I don’t say my theory is the truth but it’s not any worse then the Hitfix theory. BC’s character smiling denotably in the 9 minutes opening indicates that his identity is a special treat for fans, yet not obvious for a more generic audience. “Who are you?” is the most pivotal question of this opening sequence that was reported a couple of days ago.

Now, if the answer to that question was “a counteraging Captain April” that would be totally ridiculous. If he was Lt. John Harrison who has been on a couple of TOS episodes including Space Seed, that would also be rather disappointing. If he was KHAN, that would be a major treat.

Yeah, JJ could do whatever he wants, but no, he won’t do such blunder. He won’t turn Horta into a killer Tribble, he won’t turn Garth of Izar into a transsexual lesbian…and no, he won’t base a major Blockbuster on an insignificant TAS episode…

April will be in the movie but not as the major villain but as the fool to have woken the devil himself: Khan Noonian Singh. He may have done this out of good intentions, to protect the Federation from unknown threats, he may have created weapons of unspeakable danger to prevent another Narada incident… but he is after all a senior Starfleet CO, not unlike Admiral Doherty (if you have to bring up INS), who just made a deal with the devil, only to put Earth and the Federation in grave danger… and Cumberbatch is that threat…along with GATT2000 and an armory of immense fire power, created by April and his section within Starfleet (probably linked to Section 31)…

516. underwhelmed trek fan - December 11, 2012

ive been on board since 2009 and ive been defending the jjverse to all my trek loving friends, but ive got to say after reading all of these updates, im starting to think this movie is going to suck.

517. Travis - December 11, 2012

I want EVERYONE to read this artice i have read from! It shows why JJ Abrams and crew chose Alice Eve as Dr. Carol Marcus and there could be more of a alias to Benedict Cumberpatch’s Character!

518. Of Bajor - December 11, 2012

The guy at who has seen the preview says, and I quote “I can tell you this for certain: composer Michael Giacchino quotes Khan’s theme.”

Yep you heard that right folks “Khans Theme”. It would appear that John Harrison is an assumed name the villain uses until the big reveal of his true identity. LLAP!

519. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

” Tune in tomorrow to find out what both Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had to say about this discrepancy”
24 hours latter still waiting, I have been tuning in all through out the work day today, so what did they have to say ?

520. Smike - December 11, 2012

You know, anothervreason why I don’t suppose April will be a counteraging madman? Because that counteraging stuff has already been done on TAS! JJ will potentially include the character, but outside the original context.

Look…He did the same for Pike! Pike was in ST09, but no, he wasn’t blinking yes or no, and he was not brought to Talos IV. April will (most likely be) in STID, but as a senior CO, involved in a Starfleet weapons program, that thing “within their own organisation” that counteracts everything Starfleet stands for…

521. kunundrum - December 11, 2012

My guess is that “whiz-kid” Chekov dons the redshirt and gets reassigned to Engineering, where he and Keenser can further annoy Scotty.

522. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

That was William Harrison from Space Seed and he is much darker in skin tone than Benedict Cumberbatch.

It is possible that originally the writers may have written the character as being William Harrison and so sought similar looking actors to play the character, hence Benecio Del Toro and others… When Del Toro did not sign on, then the character became a completely new John Harrison with a deep British voice, ie Benedict Cumberbatch. I have always theorized that there were two similar story outlines…

Although the surname Harris is much more common, in Auckland alone (small city by earth standards) there are approximately between 450 – 500 people, families with the name Harrison. John Harrison is a perfectly acceptable name for an OK guy who has also become something of a villain.

523. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

Once again — in case anyone missed it — if Khan is in this film, it will be the first Trek film I will not have paid to see in the theater.

Khan is just a lazy lazy lazy choice and no on could play Khan better than Ricardo Montalban.

Lazy writing totally devoid of creativity — if it’s Khan.


524. Moputo Jones - December 11, 2012

Anyone who actually thinks that a character from The Animated Series (Como. April) is going to be a major character, either good or bad, is nuts! Orci and Kurtzman may be fanboys, but there’s no way in hell they’d by nerds like that.

525. dean-o - December 11, 2012

Man, this whole Khan connection is making me sick. If they really are using Khan in this movie it’s a sad state of affairs for the creative engines sputtering about in Hollywood. It’s lame.

526. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012



527. Of Bajor - December 11, 2012

I fail to understand the anti-khan feeling some are exhibiting. Khan appeared in one episode an one movie….hardly overkill. Yet Klingons appear every other week and everyone is clamouring for Klingons. Doesn’t make sense.

One thing is for sure, if it is Khan, it’s not going to be the Khan we are familiar with, so all is good!


528. Gary - December 11, 2012

6 words….Zoe Saldana in a wet suit! :-D

529. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

What the hell is wrong with the name, John Harrison? JJ Abrams keeps everything a secret until he is ready to say… Maybe John Harrison could be a pseudonym for Khan, but frankly I don’t see why. Khan is not the only bleedin’ villain or someone who has been rejected, dismissed, angered, has too much hubris for his own and anybody else’s good.

RDR – I could equally ask why you are still so set on this villain being Khan, bloody Khan, when the producers have told us that the person’s name is John Harrison, quite likely born in 23rd century England. It seems that people, including Screenrant, just can’t get their heads around the fact that this person is not Khan (although he may have met Khan) and are still concocting stories to do with Genesis etc. Why? Why? Why?

The producers and writers have been working on something new, original for Star Trek and even when people are given a name, they still cling on to preconceived notions and then call people like me “naive”.

This is just freaking insane!

530. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

When are the Khanyphants going to get it, KHAN is not, was not nor ever will be KIRKS Arch Nemesis.

The Klingons always have been, they were enemy he went up against the most, the enemy who Murdered his son, and they were the enemy who he flat out admited he HATED on a whole.

He encounterd Khan twice, the first time ended with him beating Khan but still having a bit of respect and admiration for him. the second time years later he beats Khan, Khan dies, Kirk learns a painful lesson.

But he was never Kirks Arch Nemesis. and definately not in the same vain as the joker.

531. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

And at the end of the day my money is on Peter Weller being the true Villian of the story.

532. Red Dead Ryan - December 11, 2012


C’mon, the name “John Harrison” sounds contrived if that is the true identity of the villain. And again, why keep it all a secret and then suddenly reveal his name if it is indeed “John Harrison”? What would the point of that be?

Unless…….his true identity was Khan! (Or some other major TOS character).

Yes, right now, the evidence continues to indicate that it is Khan.

533. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

#527 — I agree with you on the Klingons. I didn’t want to see those again either!! Arghhh!!!!

The Gorn would have been a great villain… As would Gary Mitchell. But really, I wanted to see Abrams & Co come up with something new and scary — a new and bold addition to the Trek universe akin to The Borg in terms of menace…but, alas…laziness won the day once again in Hollyweird it seems!

The fans lose…and so does Star Trek.

Having Khan in the film would be pandering to the lowest common denominator…ditto for Klingons.

534. Bucky - December 11, 2012

There’s no way in high-hell that the filmmakers would give the guy the name “John Harrison” if that was who they were wrapping the entire movie around. It clearly sounds like a very dull alias. He’s probably Starfleet black ops. Because he’s an unfrozen augment who is probably also Khan. I hope they mention that it’s Section 31 just for the hell of it.

535. Chris Doohan - December 11, 2012

I’m going to the 3:00 (Saturday) showing at the Regal Simi Valley Civic Center.

Anyone want to join me??

536. Red Dead Ryan - December 11, 2012


Let’s see…..Khan was last seen on the big screen THIRTY friggin’ years ago! I was just a baby back then.

So for me at least, it’s quite literally (almost) a lifetime ago.

Gary Mitchell, on the other hand, was recently done in the comics. But you GM fans sure like to have it both ways. You come up with excuses as to how he’ll supposedly be in the movie, yet you rule out Khan.

As well, you folks call the idea of a “pasty-faced Brit” playing Khan ridiculous and racist, yet get all excited over the fact you think he’s playing Harrison, orginally played by an actor of Inuit descent.


537. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#522: The character in “Space Seed” is not William Harrison. William Harrison was one of the gladiators in “Bread and Circuses.” The character in “Space Seed” is just “Harrison.”

538. SearchforSocks - December 11, 2012


539. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

I certainly would rather they not did Khan. He’s been done the best he can be done. Anything else is going to be a disappointment in comparison to the greatness of WoK. It will be Revenge of the Sith all over again.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if Cumberbatch is playing two characters, the first who is replaced by the second, ala Garth. You know. How Garth pretends to be someone else.

540. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

If John Harrison kills Keenser, I’ll buy a ticket. In fact I’ll even buy a ticket if Khan is it — so long as Keenser dies

Bonus points for slow, painful, agonizing death.

I’ll even buy the Keenser action figure if he dies in this film

541. Jay - December 11, 2012

#529 Because there is no point in keeping that name a secret. He could have revealed that name when BC was cast and no one would have known who he was still.

“BC will be playing a character named John Harrison.”

Ok… and??? That doesn’t tell us anything because no one knows who that is. They wouldn’t have had to say he was the bad guy or anything.

So it makes no sense to keep that a secret. Like I said, there is more to it than we know at this point.

542. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

Clearly there is more to it, but I think it goes to BC playing two characters, one being John Harrison, the other, someone pretending to be John Harrison (either Garth or a Klingon).

543. I am not Herbert (retired) - December 11, 2012

if you believe there’s a character named ‘GATT2000′…

you’ll believe there’s a character named “John Harrison”… ;-)

let’s hope Keenser is subterfuge as well… (eyesroll)

544. PEB - December 11, 2012

@523 and 525
Yes you’re absolutely right, as lame as Christopher Nolan casting Heath Ledger as the Joker because you know, nobody could play the Joker better than Jack Nicholson right? As lame as some kiwi director thinking he could possibly take Tolkein’s trilogy and turn it into an immersive and vibrant on-screen adventure. And surely as lame as a muscular blond haired actor playing a James Bond who -gasp- doesnt drink a martini.

Sarcasm aside, you have an oppinion and a right to express it but why make such a sweeping assumption based on a little teaser that barely answers any questions at all? Are you just generally not a fan of what’s going on in the franchise now or are you just worried about this specifically? Just curious.

545. crazydaystrom - December 11, 2012

I am absolutely LOVING all of this! The speculation. The debate. Is he? Is he not? This guy or that guy or someone else entirely? In my decades of Trekking this is something I’ve not seen. Certainly not to this degree. Loving it!

And now consider this-
This movie is JJ’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. As such, I predict two things:

1) A BIG reveal, ala “Luke…*I* am your father!”


2) Even though STID will be a film whole and complete unto itself (all of a piece, as it were), there will be a CLIFFHANGER! Again, as with TESB. Something that’ll have us salivating for ‘Star Trek Into Light’ or whatever the hell it’s to be called.

It’s been said this film is going to melt our faces off (or our eyes out or whatever was said). Well I also want my MIND BLOWN! I’m hoping JJ & Co step up to the (implied) challenge made by the criticisms that ST’09 was dumbed down Trek and give us a complex and intellectually engaging film experience. Fingers crossed! With JJ’s penchant for, and obvious love of, secrets, puzzlement and misdirection it would great to be presented with something of ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’ to go along with all the whiz-bang and boom we’ll no doubt get. And THAT would be extremely satisfying for this old Trekkie.

That and the ultimate resolution of the trilogy, when all is said and done, that it WAS Sybok!

LOVING all of this!

546. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

#532 – And your name doesn’t sound “contrived”, I suppose? It is a name and John Harrison is as valid a name as any other. That statement is both idiotic and offensive.

547. Red Dead Ryan - December 11, 2012


LOL! Well, Keachick, I really hope you leave room for all of the crow that you’re going to be eating after the movie comes out!

548. Moputo Jones - December 11, 2012

This is why I’m going to see the movie:

549. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

#544 — My beef is mostky just this Khan issue. Overall, AbramsTrek is fine…although Keenser must die. ;-) LOL!!

550. Jay - December 11, 2012

#546 You’re missing the point Rose. It doesn’t matter if that is his name or not.

The point is, IF it truely is his name, and not a pseudoname, then there would have been no point in keeping it a secret.

You only hide the identity of the big villain in a movie like this because everyone knows who that villain is.

If you cast a guy to play the bad guy in a Batman movie, you may wan tto keep the identity a secret, because clearly if you say his name everyone will know who it is.

If his name is Bob Smith, then it doesn’t matter and there is no point in keeping it a secret.

551. Jay - December 11, 2012

#549 In the begining i was against it being Khan. And I don’t think BC is Khan… but there is no denying that the film is somehow related to Khan. How exactly is unknown, and may be the big reveal at the end of the movie. But you don’t put that many things into a film that clearly pay homage to the Khan stories as just a joke on Trekkies. It is done purposefully. There is some Khan connection.

552. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

#548 — Mmm hmm…she’s smokin hot!! But, even with such a hottie it would be hard for me to get past Khan being in this…ugh!

553. maspill - December 11, 2012

I like John Harrison its an everyman name and maybe we will get a villian with more dimentions a normal guy for what ever reason does bad things but you can understand why!

BTW John Harrison was a name of a british assasin in a book….interesting!!!!

554. BeyondtheTech - December 11, 2012

I guess simple is better sometimes, right? John Harrison sounds like a pretty plain or bland name for a villain, but it’s as random as life would be, wouldn’t it?

I always thought the line Nero delivered in ST09 was odd: “Hello, Christopher. I’m Nero.” But then again, it was plain and served its purpose.

555. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Apparently the William Harrison character has turned up in different TOS episode, including Space Seed. Who knew?

556. The Sinfonian - December 11, 2012

Cygnus X-1. All your questions about Klingon v. >tlhInganQo’noSqQa, b, ch, D, e, gh, H, I, j, l, m, n, ng, o, p, q, Q, r, S, t, tlh, u, v, w, y, ‘qQqo’noSQo’noS< is Kronos.

557. The Sinfonian - December 11, 2012

So much for using the standard Klingon transcription set aside of angled brackets! Just go to

558. Moputo Jones - December 11, 2012

#555 Actually, a lot of people knew that “Harrison” was in Space Seed. William Harrison was a Starfleet officer on another ship, not the same Harrison as the one in Space Seed.

559. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

547, you willing to do the same thing, when once and for all its revealed its not Khan?

560. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

Without going through the various comments one by one, here is MY personal take on the plot:

An old April-Cumby takes a TNG era ship across the divide into the other timeline, maybe trying to find Spock Prime.
At some point perhaps through a Khan (being played by your choice of Woody Allen, John Goodman, or Joan Rivers) connection which could be the eugenics secret sauce he ages backwards and gets superpowers.
He needs an ID so he kills Harrison and takes his.
He starts wreaking havoc. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS NOT HIS STARFLEET! The JJ Starfleet has inadvertently done something horrible which only April can realize since he has the perspective of the other timeline… (Cumby sez he’s not all good but not all bad) and the 1701 captures him, without knowing that he’s April.
His identity is revealed and now both Kirk and Spock are faced with offing someone they respect and adulate.

We’ll see if I’m right!

561. Red Dead Ryan - December 11, 2012


Oh, yes. I will gladly eat my fair share of crow. But I suspect I will have lots of company. A lot of people who insisted Gary Mitchell will also need seats at the table….

562. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

I do not think I am missing any point. Whoever the villain’s name is, he appears to make up a large part of the story and so therefore it is as valid to keep his name a secret along with anything else related to story and characters. So what, if the character is unknown and/or the name “plain”…

Now that they are within the six month window, it is the right time, from the promotional/marketing perspective, to reveal some, all (not happening), or perhaps nothing more. I doubt that the latter will be the case, but it is JJ Abrams’ call and always has been.

Frankly, what difference would it have made if we knew a few months back that BC played a JH. Anyway, people are still convinced that he is playing someone else…

OK, Bob and co. were playing the guessing game with us and muddying it a bit with the lie. Given the thousands of posts, people got right into it, even to the point of sparring at times. It got pretty crazy, even nasty sometimes. However, that was nothing to the kind of mindf*ck I am reading now…WOW!

563. The Last Vulcan - December 11, 2012

561. Red Dead Ryan – I like my crow medium rare with a white truffle sauce and tiramisu for dessert, thank you. :)

564. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

@550 Jay

“If you cast a guy to play the bad guy in a Batman movie, you may wan tto keep the identity a secret, because clearly if you say his name everyone will know who it is.”

I would beg to differ, as I’ve said in other threads. I think you’re contradicted by your own example. In Batman Begins, no one in the general public knows nothing about Ra’s Al Ghul. But they kept his identity as the villain, as well as the actor playing him, a secret as long as they could. Next movie, there was a villain whose name everyone knew. And it was wall to wall Joker, Joker, Joker. The first teaser showed the Batman logo breaking up into joker cards, to the sound of Joker’s menacing voice. But for the third movie’s ad campaign, as I said in another thread, they were much more mysterious, showing scenes of destruction and an old reclusive Bruce Wayne shambling around Wayne manor. It raised more questions than it answered. And there was a similar “al Ghul” reveal in the third movie. Why would they keep these villain identities secret, and not the Joker? The point I’m making is that in marketing, you don’t hoard your silver bullet. When you have an established brand like a villain everyone recognizes, you capitalize on that. In fact I can’t think of a single example in modern filmmaking where they’ve kept the identity of an established villain a secret in the way you’re suggesting, except perhaps the whole Palpatine/Sidious reveal in Ep III which wasn’t exactly a secret to begin with.

I can understand JJ wanting to keep the identity a secret, he loves surprises. What I find hard to believe is a studio going along with it. You may in the end be right, though. I guess we’ll find out.

565. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

Er, that should be “no one in the general public knows anything about Ra’s Al Ghul”.

566. nterprise1965 - December 11, 2012


If I still lived in Ventura County I would have loved to join you. Enjoy the show.

567. Ron - December 11, 2012

I told you clowns months ago Khan would not be in this movie. Some of you folks need real help in the common sense department. Gary Mitchell i can understand, but Garth? The Squire of Gothos? OMG! Complete tards.

568. Bob Tompkins - December 11, 2012

Too many callbacks to Space Seed and Wrath of Khan for Cumberbatch’s character to not be revealed to be Khan at some point in the movie. ‘John Harrison was a crewman almost killed on the bridge in Space Seed.

569. Ron - December 11, 2012

555 Rose, you have been redundant and your lack of common sense is astonishing. You have posted evey ridicules theory in the world. Take a break and give us a break from you inane monotony.

570. K-7 - December 11, 2012

“Complete tards.”

Seriously??? Did somebody really just use that word?

I gotta say, the “it’s not Khan” crowd certainly has a lot of questionable types of people supporting their view. People who steal identities, launch personal attacks, use inappropriate language, etc.

Can’t your simple ideas and opinions that “it is not Khan” stand intellectually on its own without the necessity to engage here in internet-style guerrilla warfare designed to personally tear people who disagree with you down?

Come on — we are all better than this!

571. K-7 - December 11, 2012

@569. Enough! Stop personally attacking Rose. She did not deserve that mean-spirited attack from you.

572. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#555–Rose: Again, William Harrison is not the Enterprise crewman. William Harrison was a gladiator in “Bread and Circuses.” The character from “Space Seed” and other episodes is just “Harrison.”

573. Hythlodeus - December 11, 2012

Wait, was there supposed to be some kind of interview online by now about the Harribatch character’s true nature? Did I miss it?

574. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

Are any of you guys facebook friends with James Cawley?
He is definately making his dislike of the things being shown from Into darkness.

575. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#567: Ron, how old are you? Only kids of limited intellect call people “tards” and feel the need to insult and attack people just because they disagree with them. Grow up, kid.

576. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

@574 MJT

Now was he shown the 9 minutes? I know he hated the announcement teaser. I’d be curious if he changes his mind. He didn’t like the ’09 movie until he saw it. He still hates the sets and the Enterprise redesign. Like he said, he’s a purist.

577. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

561, Well I allready admited it wasn’t Gary Mitchell said it wasnt him when i had been saying over and over again it had to be him, and there were a number of signs pointing to him. But once we found out his character lurking around a hospital a full 3 years prior to kirk joining starfleet.

I even admited it mid sentence in another post i was making when it dawned on me.

578. Of Bajor - December 11, 2012


Who cares what Cawley thinks. He needs to look no further than his own dreadful interpretation of Star Trek before dissing others efforts

579. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

578 uh ok, wasn’t really the response I was looking for, you do realize that he is a member of these forums right, maybe instead of bashing his efforts to keep trek alive, you could bite your tounge or be a bit more respectful.

580. Darmok - December 11, 2012

I’m enjoying all of the folks posting about the TOS character “Harrison” as though they knew who the hell he was before yesterday.

581. Of Bajor - December 11, 2012


Maybe, but he obviously didnt hate it enough to turn down the cameo he had in it. Something he made no secret of either

582. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

576 well i really dont want to repost his words, because they are his words and he is a poster over here as well.

But the most recent thing he mentioned was about The enterprise being parked underwater.
his whole thing though is that TOS was atleast somewhat bound to real life sciene and how that inspired many many people to enter the fields of science for their careers. And with what we are seeing and hearing here thats not the case anymore.

perhaps James when he comes back on here can explain more about what he was getting at, but if your a facebook friend of his its definately worth reading his thoughts.

583. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

581 he is specificly talking about what is coming out about THIS film, not the last one. in anycase show some respect instead of blindly attacking someones opinon

584. Of Bajor - December 11, 2012


Im not being disrespectful, simply giving my opinion of the mans work, and the fact that I dont care that he dislikes STID anymore than the next man.

585. R. Banks - December 11, 2012

Folks, with all due respect, it’s only a movie. A movie that is supposed to be a fun and entertaining escape for a couple of hours.

All the speculation and theories about the films particulars can be very fun to read and paticipate in as well, but not when people start using insults and personal attacks.

I’m not trying to single out any one person, I’m just suggesting that we all take a breath, lighten up a little, and treat others as we would want to be treated.

586. Darmok - December 11, 2012

Klingons with ridges…thank Kahless. Klingons with pierced ridges…I’ll bite. I’d like to see a promo pick of the helmetless Klingons. Also, ya’ll remember that little archery skit that JJ was on MTV Movie Awards (I think) where he talked about the Klingon/archery subplot deleted scene in ST09? There was a Klingon on the screen in the background and just about everyone said it was from ST09. You can tell by the yellow background that it’s from that scene in the trailer.
[Cue Canon Police: “It’s actually spelled K’@#*H—Le===S5′]

587. NCC-73515 - December 11, 2012

It is actually pronounced “KHO! nosh.” with your tonge way back for the KHO! – Chris Plummer did it pretty well as Chang ;)

588. AJ - December 11, 2012

I read James Cawley’s FB posts, and he is a picky fanboy just like all of us. He probably realizes in the end that he’s just got to go see the damn thing before passing judgment.

There were posters lamenting that the one-sheet was a rip-off of ‘Dark Knight,’ and that the film, therefore, must blow chow.

Nature of the Trekkie/er fanboy/girl beast, I guess.

589. Bucky - December 11, 2012

Wacky alert! At the Bad Robot thingie, HitFix saw a production design sketch of Cumberbatch’s big gun from the trailer. Written on the sketch is “April’s Gatling Gun.”

April. As in Robert April. As in the sick girl at the start of the flick is aging rapidly. As in Robert April in the Counter-Clock Incident where the crew ages backwards.

Robert April. Aging backwards(?) Gone crazy. He’s Starfleet. And Robert April is British too.

Mind blown. Wow. Different choice!

(note: mind blown retracted if he’s not Robert April.)

590. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

@582 MJT

Oh, okay, I didn’t know that. I remember that he had a very bad reaction to the teaser, not liking the whole ‘earth-bound disaster movie’ feel of what was put together there. I was actually looking forward to hearing his response to the 9 minute preview since it supposedly has everything the teaser was lacking. (The crew heading out to strange new worlds, working together as a team…it even supposedly has the old Alexander Courage Trek theme when you first see the Enterprise.) That’s actually kind of a bummer that he feels that way…

591. thomas vinelli - December 11, 2012

It appears they came up with something knew with Star trek, just like i wanted them too. All the tv series came up with new villains and heros, why not in a big motion picture. Guys and Gals if Star Trek is to go on and on years from now , they are going to have to come up with new things , forget Khan, a or any other villain of the past . StAR tREK always came up with new , new , new.. Going back to pat villains makes no sense to me and its bad movie making

592. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

590 yeah he says he still has nothing but the utmost respect for all involved, and he understands the business reasons, but that to him thats not what makes star trek , star trek.

Its just very interesting to see his reaction to it.

593. AJ - December 11, 2012


If the Supreme Court has made the long reach to TAS, (“Counter-Clock Incident”), it would be the second time. The Spock backstory from ST09 was similarly influenced by “Yesteryear.”

I think The April theory is quite far-fetched.

594. al - December 11, 2012

What is all the hate suddenly abount KENNSER ? He’s a cool character…and people should give him his respect since he is an LT.
He’s a lot older than he looks having served on the USS KELVIN before it’s destruction.
The 2009 movie didn’t established it, but the comic book did. They show his entire background, which would make anyone have a soft spot for him.
He’s got a really cool origin. There is a reason why he only says one word at a time… Just read Star Trek (Ongoing series) from IDW…issue #14

595. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012


O Rly…

My theory: His lie was about him saying he never lies.

It’s like if you had three wishes, your first one is to wish for more wishes. ;)

596. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

Er…disappearing messages. Guess I’m seeing things.

597. Scottevill - December 11, 2012

Guys, Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny says “I think it’s unlikely I am right” about his Captain April theory.

I would argue that these are the options:

1. It’s Khan. When Cumberbatch says “I have returned,” he’s speaking as an infamous figure from Earth history. If “John Harrison” is a decoy name, it could be that they drew it from the credits of “Space Seed.” Also: why all the build up to a big reveal that is anticlimactic to the vast majority of the 2009 movie’s audience if it’s anyone OTHER than Khan? But if it’s Khan, why is it personal for Kirk? Because he kills Pike.

2. It’s Mitchell. He could magic up a cure for the kid, and if they acnkowledge the comic book adaption of “Where No Man…,” then it’s clear why he’s looking for revenge, and why it’s personal for Kirk. That said, though Cumberbatch appears to be super-strong and super-agile in the trailer, there’s no sign of glowing blue eyes or other godlike powers. (Much to my relief.) And: if Alice Eve is NOT playing Dr. Dehner, is it likely that Cumberbatch IS playing Mitchell?

3. Captain Garth. Some aliens taught him how to heal himself. Presumably he could teach it to others, like the sick kid. He can also sort of shape shift. Is this how a famous officer who inspired a generation of kids to join Starfleet can look like a contemporary of Kirk’s? Is this why we have not seen Peter Weller? Does he *also* play Captain Garth? Why is it personal for Kirk? Because he kills Pike.

4. As advertised, Cumberbatch plays a minor extra from TOS called Crewman Harrison who in the alternate timeline somehow becomes a major adversary. . . which could be kinda cool, and would explain why they were interested in Del Toro (who kind of looks like the TOS actor) but I still don’t buy it. Again, why the big build up to such an anticlimactic, off-handed reveal? For months, it’s been we can’t tell you who the heavy is until the time is right… then all of a sudden, the name slips out on the caption to a picture. Horse puckey!

I’m leaning Garth again. (Though I will say that Peter Weller could be one of the 2 major Klingon parts.)

598. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

According to the link I posted here, I understood it to be the same William Harrison and who seemed to be played by the same actor. Anyway, Harrison is a fairly common name, so it still means that Cumby’s John Harrison does not necessarily have to be related to any of the Harrisons already seen in TOS.

I have no idea who Ron is; don’t want to either.

Thanks, you other guys!

599. R. Banks - December 11, 2012

I’ve read a couple of articles written by people who have seen the early 9 minute preview, and they are calling the red lava planet Nibiru.

I googled that name and got references to cataclysmic events, planets colliding with other planets and such.

Has there ever been a planet called Nibiru in any of the movies or TV series?

600. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

that makes a lot of sense.
Could very well be John Harrison (named after the british clockmaker) is actually the much younger reverse age version of April
and if thats the case, then Weller is in fact April, and thats why he is pretty much the one actor now that no one has seen pics or been given a name of.

and again the agent could have ment C.O. not C.E.O. as was reported a while back.

601. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012


Yeah, Nibiru is one of those Chariots of the Gods/Zachary Stitchin pseudoscience that you used to hear about on the Art Bell show. That’s depressing if they’re using that. Kind of below the dignity of Trek. What next, the Enterprise goes to Zeta Reticuli to meet the Reptilians who have secretly been controlling the World Bank and the Council on Foreign Relations?

602. Peter Loader - December 11, 2012

Maybe we’re seeing a convergence of timelines… brought on by the destruction of the Narada… and the jettison of theEnterprise’s warp core… that would explain a heck of a lot… if that’s the case then there’s no telling who will make an appearance in this movie.

JJ and Co are certainly taking this Trek movie… Where No One Has Dared Go Before!

603. Scottevill - December 11, 2012

@599 R. Banks… No, but it’s the supposed planet at the center of some 2012 doomsday conspiracies. For a while, there were a bunch of stoned NYU kids demonstrating in Union Square every day with signs proclaiming our impending, Nibirocalypse.

Which suggests to me the possibility that — like John Harrison — it’s a decoy name. If the name of the planet in question would give something away… Say, Antos IV?

Or maybe they just name the alien planets in a super casual way, like making “Delta Vega” a planet near Vulcan in the 2009 movie when the TOS version was at the edge of the galaxy… in which case there’s no deeper meaning. I guess that is probably the most likely explanation.

604. McCoy's#1Fan - December 11, 2012

I am glad it’s Carol Marcus and we can see the backstory of her and
Kirk. (No wonder Eve said she watched the TOS with emphasis on
Kirk) For her to play Carol doesn’t mean Khan is involved.. as pointed
out that’s much further down the road. This will just build on the Kirk
character as we now know him.

Would like to point out something here.. I don’t think there has been
a picture of Peter Weller’s character or really much detail given unless
I missed more than already known. I think his character is the
big piece of the puzzle that is still missing.

Finally, something I have always wondered about.. if “Genesis
doesn’t work” how did we get Spock back? (And maybe David was
revived also.. was it ever explained what happened to his body??

605. Al - December 11, 2012

Drew at Hitflix has cracked the mystery – I’m convinced

606. Al - December 11, 2012

Peter Weller may be Admiral Marcus

607. R. Banks - December 11, 2012


Yeah, the first thing I thought when reading about this “Nibiru”, is that it sounds like something you’d hear on the Art Bell show.

608. Sebastian S. - December 11, 2012

I suspect that there are several people on this site who, even AFTER they’ve seen the movie, are probably still going to try to convince everybody else (in their sanitarium) that it’s Khan…

Give it up, already, for goodness’ sake. John Harrison is the characters’ name. You can all relax now. John Harrison is a pale, blue eyed English guy who may/may-not be a super powered augment of some sort. That doesn’t mean he’s automatically Khan (or Gary Mitchell, or a relative of George Harrison, the former Beatle)….


609. Scottevill - December 11, 2012

@604 McCoy’s#1Fan. “Genesis doesn’t work” because the planet it created was destroying itself. I think the idea was that Genesis would create planets that sustain themselves and have a normal lfiespan.

610. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#580: I’m sure a LOT of people here knew who Harrison was before today.

611. Dunsel Report - December 11, 2012

I’m surprised no one here is arguing that Nero is a decoy name for Khan, or that he will be revealed in the credits as a Section 31 operative working to undermine the Treaty of Bajor.

612. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#593: In fact, the 2009 film contains actual dialog from the animated series, between Spock and Sarek. So yeah, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for this film to take its lead from the cartoons.

613. RetroWarbird - December 11, 2012

Very cool, very cool.

If Cumby is John Harrison, which “new guy” is fine by me, it does make me wonder if we’ve got some tricksy “yeah, new human name, but secretly a canon entity” thing happening. Either way is fine, but I’m actually glad he’s a new character – the only option I’d have truly liked was Captain Garth, but it’s unnecessary. I do like the idea he could be a Korby-type android, though, or even a Mudd-type android like Norman. (And god help me, I love you for all suggesting it, Sybok really does deserve to be made into a better character.)

Glad it’s Carol Marcus.

So that leaves the question of the canon antagonist. It seems feasible to me that Sellers’ CEO-type, or the lead Klingon, could be a proper canon menace. Who doesn’t want to see Kang, Kor or Koloth?

Lastly, I’ve done loads of sketches blending TOS and Post-TMP era Klingon designs. We all love the modern, common Klingon design but I always did feel like they just ditched even the cool parts of the TOS-era Klingons. The regal gold of the cloth they wore, the short, military haircuts, and the far more devilish facial hair. (Then again, they did sort of completely switch the roles of the Klingons and Romulans for the TNG-era.)

I like my Klingons a little nastier, and my Romulans a little more concerned with honor and duty.

614. ricker - December 11, 2012

Keep repeating…

John Harrison = Jack the Ripper

615. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#598–Rose: If you mean the Memory Alpha link you posted, that page is for Harrison. There’s a link at the top to visit the William Harrison page.

616. Smellmett - December 11, 2012

Here’s my take: Why would JJ go to the immense trouble of casting actors that look, act and downright impersonate Kirk, Spock and Bones (especially the latter 2), then cast BC as Khan who doesn’t look, speak or remotely have the build (or race for that matter) of the original character.

My money is still firmly in the Mitchell camp. I think the funeral scene in the trailer is for Mitchell, who returns for his revenge soon after in the movie. The hand on glass scene in the Japanese trailer is way too obvious, and can’t possibly be a re-run of the WOK scene as that’s 15 years after they first find the big man.

With a bit of luck this movie will end with the Enterprise receiving an old distress beacon from the Botany Bay making Khan the main man in the third movie, Bane-style with Del Toro or someone who at least looks likes the guy playing him…

617. MJ - December 11, 2012

“I suspect that there are several people on this site who, even AFTER they’ve seen the movie, are probably still going to try to convince everybody else (in their sanitarium) that it’s Khan…”

Sebastian, you already covered this in your post @386.

OK dude, we got how clever, funny and proud of these remarks you made the first time you posted them. Congrats! Go tell you neighbors and everyone else you know how clever and funny these remarks are. Well done! Bravo! Salutations! You are the man!

618. cumby - December 11, 2012

Is Chekov going to be reassigned to the transporter room in the red shirt since he saved Spock in ST09?

That would open up his seat on the bridge for BC’s character.

619. V.V. - December 11, 2012

You guys are so deep into the geekiness of the thing (in a good way) and with clever theories about why it could be this or that character, and yet you forget this is not an episode we’re talking about.

It’s a movie, and a really modern one. Recent movies don’t work in the same way as series episodes, or their old movie adaptations, let alone from a series that has been changing and evolving for decades.

From a movie point of view you must understand some crucial facts.
First, If a company, production, direction and even writing team make secret about something in the film, rest assured that it means something to them.
Maybe it’s to keep it from major media, even if fans find out the truth, or maybe it’s for some other reason, but there has to be one.

Second, big productions, JJ’s Star Trek is HUGE, usually start their casting, recruiting actors and crew under fantasy names, it’s standard procedure. They don’t want to let people/general media find out what’s going on so they won’t say “hey, Star Trek is making auditions for Captain Kirk” they’ll go like, let’s say, “hey, The Broken Mirror is auditioning for Thomas Wallace”. This way they make sure only people ”on the know” know about it.

This generic name thing also happens when a Movie doesn’t want to reveal a character’s name, they may insist on calling someone ”Jake” until the premiere.
Also when the character is not important or secondary, they might usually have the same name/variations, like all extras having the same surname, etc.

Now in Star Trek’s case, we have, curiously, seen they use the name ”Harrison” as a card whenever they need it.
Through the series the name has been used for several random unnamed onscreen characters or red-shirts. This is called a placeholder.

So, what we have is

1- Harrison is not the name of a known villain, but is a famous name in Star Trek backstage.
2- The movie’s official information sources have been trying their best for months not to confirm the villain’s name.
3- A new rumor appears every single time someone comes up with a reliable source about Khan.
4- It’s not impossible and highly probable, not to mention consistent with their previous behavior, that a company that big could keep a generic-cult name to preserve their villain.
5- Not one single major representative has said that the villain is NOT Khan.
6- Nor have they stated BC will NOT play Khan. (Giving one name doesn’t exclude the possibility of playing various characters or it being a character’s alias)
7- Suddenly they start calling him John Harrison. (At Monday’s press and in the still image’s caption)

So, John Harrison could be either;

#A brand new villain.

Which doesn’t make sense, given the movie’s proportions.
They want big, they’ll make it big, and the best bet is a big villain people know, and not a new guy that they’ll have to build up and make convincing in a single movie. (A movie that follows basically everything of a Khan storyline, so this “new villain” would precede another villain who’s moved by vengeance, wants to destroy peace and has super strength.)

#An ally/coworker/conspiracy partner/buddy of Khan’s

This doesn’t make sense either.
Why would they put BC narrating a personal vengeance monologue during the trailer, if he is not the main villain? They’re clearly using his voice and presence for the bad guy, seeing him as Khan’s subordinate or ally is weird when all the main action and atmosphere is centered on him.

#An alias used by the main villain (being the villain whoever you want it to be)

This has higher probability of being true. They could keep the cover name and use it to talk about the character and it would be normal if they still insist on hiding the real name. Also with this they would be legitimately using the character’s “name” without giving out the big name.

#A complete misleading, facade name

This would follow the historic of their usage of ”Harrison” in Star Trek, and could be true. Combining their “Harrison” and “John” and you can’t get anything more generic.
But although it is possible and even probable, it can’t be actually proven by now. (Maybe in a few weeks or months it’ll be proven right or wrong.)

|| Please notice that I’m personally partial to the villain being Khan, but everything I said simply involves the John Harrison name, so you can applay it to any villain of your choice/taste ||

The truth, however is that, since Harrison was the name of many redshirts, the movie will bring a Red Shirt Revenge, John Harrison has returned to seek revenge in their name and Kirk better watch his fine ass.

620. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

Well at least this completely disproves the whole Khan theory! Even though there is a Harrison from canon… could the lie Orci told was that Cumberbatch was playing a canon character when we wasn’t.

The inclusion of Carol Marcus at this point makes sense. This would be around the time he met her… and it doesn’t have to be Khan related.

So… no Mitchell… and no Khan. Looking forward to seeing who Weller is playing… Orci did say that he wasn’t a canon character.

I love how MJ is STILL thinking Khan story… even when it is OFFICIALLY confirmed that there is no Khan! I can picture him mumbling to himself while in a rocking chair… “It’s got to be Khan… It’s got to be Khan. I can’t be wrong.” LoL. I keeeed MJ, I keeeeed… just joking around with you! Cheers Dude!

621. Pauln6 - December 11, 2012

Well, there is a lot to like in these teasers. I’m glad they’re developing Marcus, although it is a shame that every female officer seems to be shoe-horned in as a love interest, it may well be that they will dodge that bullet with a bit of misdirection. They should still try to work in Chapel and Rand as well though, even if only as cameos.

Interesting if they are transferring Chekov to tactical station as it could open up a slot at navigation for Ilia!

I hope they decide to use Dehner in the comic. Maybe they might use her in all the stories where they really needed a psychiatrist and McCoy just filled in. Helen Noel could serve in the same role though, it’s a shame we’ll probably get neither instead of both.

I dislike Keenser too. Scotty treats him like a dogsbody so I assumed he was crewman or possibly petty officer but the comic suggests he is a lieutenant! I don’t know why the obsession with the officer class grew so big in Trek but if he’s an officer then the man needs to be treated with more respect! Disability discrimination should not really be so overt on a Starship! Next people will suggest that Starfleet is also sexist.. Oh wait…

622. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Due to the fact that John Harrison is unknown to us, we have no idea of his backstory, other than it appears that he used to be in Starfleet, got very pissed off for some reason and is back with a vengeance.

Now we really do have a mystery…thanks a million, Bob Orci et al. I mean that.

Frankly, if people are asking why the villain’s name was not revealed before now, then the same question could be asked about Alice Eve’s character.

In terms of Kirk’s character, Carol Marcus had clearly been a lot more important to him than any TOS villain, especially Khan. She was his lover and mother of his child in the prime universe. Therefore, revealing that Carol Marcus was indeed in this alternate timeline is as important as telling us who the villain is, because of Kirk’s (prime universe) relationship with her. Of course, it may be different in this alternate universe, but no matter. Who is important to Kirk is very much part of the story, as it does seem that Star Trek is as much about Kirk’s own growth, experiences, joys, sorrows etc as it is about anything else.

623. Sub Trek - December 11, 2012


A very good theory. I’ll add that Weller is the same guy.

624. K-7 - December 11, 2012

@617. Well done, MJ. Again, more of the “it’s not Khan” crowd belittling people who disagree with them. It’s telling to me how the “it’s not Khan” viewpoint seems to attract the lowest common denominator type of Trek fans. This is the kind of low-brow nonsense some people feel the need to resort to when they have lost the battle of ideas. You’ll notice the the folks claiming “it’s Khan” have not been stealing identities, personally attacking people, using inappropriate language, name-calling or belittling people.

625. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Forget Mitchell, forget Khan. Those dudes are at the Hella bar with a pitcher of beer talking about what might have been.

626. Dutch - December 11, 2012

Although I still think Redjac may be involved, I am beginning to think John Harrison is somehow involved with the Genesis Project, and those that want to use it as a weapon (which is what most Klingons thought it to be).
Perhaps the Genesis Device (or a prototype) is what is used to decimate the fleet. Perhaps the “gun/rifle” Harrison has in the announcement trailer is a mini-version of the Genesis Device.

627. Garth Faction - December 11, 2012

I don’t think it is Khan, and I don’t want another Khan film, however, I also don’t think Khan is out of the question. Too many people take things at face value.

628. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

624. K-7

Excuse me? You, Ryan and MJ were ALWAYS belittling people when they had their Mitchell theories. Sorry… pot… kettle…

What’s the matter? You can dish it out but can’t take it yourself?

629. Mark James Tucker - December 11, 2012

619, the name was given to ONE episode, to a guy who appeared as a regular crewmember extra through out 20 plus episodes.

don’t know where your getting many red shirts have been called Harrison, did you even watch TOS?

After reading the Hitfix article with Drew saying the gun production art, said Aprils GATTLING gun, to me that for now starts pointing a bit towards April

Still waiting for article that Anthony promised where Orci and Kurtzman explain more about harrison

630. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

#379 – “Here’s an interesting question that I hope will be answered in the coming movie(s). Kirk Prime was raised with a father, yet was a horrible father himself.”

Oh dear. Un-freaking believable! Obviously another person who did not pay attention to the most popular and presumably the most watched of all Star Trek movies. Kirk never got the opportunity to be a good or bad, because Carol Marcus bluntly told him that she was the baby in her world and not gallivanting around with his father sometimes. Kirk sadly said to Carol Marcus in the Genesis Cave, “*I DID AS YOU ASKED. I STAYED AWAY!”
*My emphasis

Kirk’s only *crime* was to respect and honour Carol Marcus’s very self-centred wishes. Not only that, Carol Marcus lied to her son about his father, telling him that he was conceived as a result of a one night stand (something like that) and that he was dead. Nothing could have been further from the truth, not where Kirk was concerned, at least. That is why prime universe Carol Marcus was a BITCH!

631. Rocketeer - December 11, 2012

Trek fan they are the first ones to throw a temper tantrum and start throwing out acusations when they get called out on belittling people, just look at how they treat that poor girl Rose.

632. Robert - December 11, 2012

@ 605

Great find. So far the most interesting plot I have heard so far.


633. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

#609. scottevill

Ah, but the Genesis effect tested in the cave did work.

So as long as they restrict it to terraforming the surface only of a lifeless planetoid as originally planned for in phase 2, everything should be fine.

634. Phil - December 11, 2012

@630. Not even willing to consider the possibility that when she found out she was pregnant, that her honest assesment of Kirk was that he was nothing more then the sperm donor? She was, as the old question asks, better off without him?

635. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

631. Rocketeer

That trio of guys kept calling the Mitchell theories stupid and they would belittle anyone who thought it was Micthell instead of Khan. MJ was the worst. He comes across as so arrogant talking down to everyone. They don’t like that the tables have no turned.

636. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

@607 R. Banks

I guess what kinda bugs me about it, if they’re actually going with the name ‘nibiru’ is the degree to which the whole Zachary Stitchin/12th planet/Apocalypse 2012 conflicts with, well, everything Trek is about.

It’s not just that the appeal to mysticism, conspiracy, and pseudoscience is just a little bit at odds with Star Trek being a beacon of reason, a kind of candle for the enlightenment.

And it’s also not just that apocalypticism conflicts with Roddenberry’s vision of progress, that people can choose to make the world better or not, that there’s a certain defeatism in believing in that no matter what people do, the world will end. Whether you believe it’ll come in the form of an angel breaking seven seals or Sumerian speaking aliens riding in on the secret 12th planet, it’s the same nihilistic, deterministic point of view that what we do doesn’t matter. It’s all going to go up in smoke anyway.

My main issue is this: I was watching the Neil deGrasse Tyson pod cast the other day, where Will Wheaton was relaying an anectdote of his where he heard Roddenberry dress down some nut at a convention. The guy was going on about ancient astronauts building the pyramids and the face on Mars and all that jazz. I’m paraphrasing, but Roddenberry kind of had enough, cut him off and said, “No, Martians didn’t build the pyramids. WE DID. We did it because that’s what humans are capable of doing when we stop slitting each other’s throats for five minutes and actually work together. We can do mindblowing stuff when we want to, and you degrade human achievement when you think we’re not capable of doing such things.”

Okay, rant over.

637. porthoses bitch - December 11, 2012

Please remember one thing from twok: Kirk: “I did what you wanted I stayed away” at one point in the original timeline they seperate themselves.. my guess Carol leaves Starfleet to raise David. Also remeber that McCoy knows of carol very well. ” well if it rains it pours” Kirk is the one who was shunned, he refers to Ca1$rol as an “old wound”……..

638. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Admittedly, this is an alternate universe, so technological developments may not take place at the same time as they did in the prime ‘verse, if at all perhaps, however, work on the Genesis device or prototype did not occur until about 15 – 20 years later. It was David Marcus, Kirk’s son to Carol Marcus, who had begun work on it when he was about 20 years old…

The story may have something to do with the development of the Genesis device, but not that likely, then again, who knows what those KO chaps have got cooked for us – nothing too fishy, I hope. I’m not into fish…:)

639. K-7 - December 11, 2012

Trek Fan,

But not to the level of stealing peoples names, inserting insults into posting names, calling them horrid stuff like “tards,” using sock-puppets , etc. etc. etc.

See posts #483 and #567 and then get back to me and tell me when we have ever posted crap like that. Do you really support that?

640. V.V. - December 11, 2012

@629: The fact that you only know about one (presumably Ron Veto, but I bet you didn’t even know his name and just wanted to disagree) doesn’t mean they didn’t use it more times. You should try watching it again.

641. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

639. K-7

As you very well know… this place is full of trolls and sockpuppets. You had them before the Khan/Mitchell thing and you will have them afterwards. If I remember correctly, that stunkill guy was stealing people’s names and just countering everyone’s opinion on everything.

And you can’t deny that you and MJ would belittle people for having a Mitchell theory. And you guys were downright mean to quite a few people.

642. Craiger - December 11, 2012

What if Cumberbatch is using John Harrison as an alias then later he reveals he is Captain April or Khan?

643. whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - December 11, 2012

No matter how you slice it you have been lied to. You have either been lied to by being told that Cumberbatch is playing John Harrison (more on this below) or by Robert Orci saying that Cumberbatch is playing a ‘canon’ character from Star Trek:

I have watched every episode of TOS multiple times over the last 40 years and there is no “canon” character named John Harrison. The retcon attempt to imply that John Harrison was the background crewman played by actor Ron Veto is the akin to saying that Cumberbatch is playing the guard who stands third from the left from William Shatner in the scene where Kirk is brought before the Eminian High Council in the episode, “A Taste of Armageddon”. Weak.

Every time I read one of these Trek Movie updates I feel like we’re dealing with congress.

644. K-7 - December 11, 2012

@635 “That trio of guys kept calling the Mitchell theories stupid and they would belittle anyone who thought it was Micthell instead of Khan. MJ was the worst. He comes across as so arrogant talking down to everyone. They don’t like that the tables have no turned.”

How have the tables turned? You imply here in your post that the villain has moved from Khan to Mitchell? How is that so? Where is the Mitchell evidence then?

At best for your case, the tables have turned sideways, and it is neither Khan nor Mitchell. I still think it will be Khan in the end, or some form of Khan — to think otherwise would be to accept that Mr. Pascale was used or duped by Orci and JJ — while you may be prepared to disrespect Mr. Pascale like that, I am not.

645. Jay - December 11, 2012

#622 Rose you are so far off it’s like you don’t understand english.

You are completely missing the point.. are you doing this on purpose because it’s becoming difficult to believe you can’t understand a simple point.

If BC’s character’s name is John Harrison and there is nothing more to it, then it makes no sense why it was kept secret. Do you not understand that simple point? Why keep the character’s name a secret when it’s not a character that anyone knows? That IS NOT the same thing as keeping Alice Eve’s character’s name a secret at all. Not anywhere close to the same thing. By saying that, you are just showing how you can’t undestand the simple point that I and others are trying to make to you.

Telling us his name is John Harrison back when BC was cast last year wouldn’t have changed ANYTHING because no one knows who that is. Therefore, there is obvioulsy more to it than his name is John and that’s it. That is so clear. JJ would not put forth so much effort to keep BC’s identity a secret only to tell everyone now, and reveal that it’s someone no one knows anyway.

646. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

644. K-7

Tables turned = being wrong about who the villain is.

How is that disrespecting Anthony? He was duped. Plain and simple. The inside source was wrong. Or he was right and they changed the script when Del Toro backed out. Every journalist has sources that aren’t always reliable. Orci and JJ did not dupe Anthony… his “inside source” did.

647. V.V. - December 11, 2012

@643: They’re deliberately “omitting the truth” for a long time, I agree with you, no matter what people want to believe, there’s been information restrained and flat out lies.
Did you seriously just link us to the July interview that everybody has read? What for?

Also did you even read my original post at 619? I said nothing about BC playing a random guard, it was about the usage of a name from production’s side or decoy as an alias.

648. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

#630 – Charming. So what you are saying is that Carol may have wanted a baby and saw that Kirk had all the right qualities and so treated him as her sperm donor. Funny – when I proposed that notion a while back, it was spewed on from all directions.

I think that it is possible that was how Carol felt. Kirk may not have had much interest in having a family…until the realization came that he was to be a father. Maybe Carol believed she would be better off without him but why would she lie to her son? Deny him his father? Although Kirk went along with her wishes, what she did was never her call/right to make. David had a right to the truth about his father, as well as access, irrespective of his parents’ own personal, self-centered desires.

I think the TWOK film reflected some of the more aggressive, dafter feminist attitudes of the early 1980’s. I am not that kind of feminist.

649. Jay - December 11, 2012

“I do not think I am missing any point. Whoever the villain’s name is, he appears to make up a large part of the story and so therefore it is as valid to keep his name a secret along with anything else related to story and characters. So what, if the character is unknown and/or the name “plain”…”

That just makes no sense at all. To what purpose? Why does it makes sense to keep an unknown character’s name a secret? When has that ever happened?

We knew the 2009 villain was Nero very early on in the filming of the movie. Why did we know that? Because no one knew who Nero was anyway so it didn’t give anything away.

650. R. Banks - December 11, 2012


It was a good rant!

651. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

“If BC’s character’s name is John Harrison and there is nothing more to it, then it makes no sense why it was kept secret. Do you not understand that simple point? Why keep the character’s name a secret when it’s not a character that anyone knows?”

See 564.

652. Sub Trek - December 11, 2012


The theory in the link really fits everything we’ve been told and have seen. It even makes it possible for Spock to die in the movie.

653. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Please forgive all my typos in #630…Oops!

654. MJ - December 11, 2012

Trek Fan and K-7,

At the risk of interrupting your entertaining little squabble here, Khan, or at least a Khan-centric story it still very much in play — and I sticking to my guns on this, whether anyone likes it or not. If you want to believe that John Harrison is John Harrison, go for it. For myself, I would be willing to bet anyone here cash or whatever wager you want that John Harrison is not who he appears to be here.

PS: For those of you who were already booking your Genesis Planet Gary Mitchell Resurrection Tour tickets, I apologize if I hurt your feelings for belittling that scenario. :-)

655. Jay - December 11, 2012

#564 That’s because they didn’t care about revealing the villain. This is JJ Abrams. I wasn’t using Batman as a literal example.

If JJ were doing Batman, he would not tell you if the villain was the Joker, or the Riddler, etc. for as long as possible. Those are iconic villains and obviously everyeone would know who they were.

It’s amazing to me how such simple and obvious things are lost on so many.

There simply is no point to keeping an UNKNOWN name a secret. It doesn’t reveal anything to reveal the name, so it seems like an obvious question – and one many movie critics/comentators around the web have already asked – Why? Why would JJ keep an unknown name a secret in the first place, and why reveal it now when there is no reason to?

Clearly because there is something else going on. BC will be revealed to be more than just a guy named John Harrison. He will be someone we already know wel from Trek canon.

656. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

@ K7

And MJ’s comment proves my point. So why don’t you direct your comments over to him. Not only does he belittle anyone who doesn’t agree with him… he does it arrogantly.

MJ… give it up dude… there is no Khan or Khan story. You are now sounding very desperate trying to save face. You have lost all credibility.

657. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

“There simply is no point to keeping an UNKNOWN name a secret.”

Kind of like how he wouldn’t confirm who Nero was, if he was a Romulan or not, for nearly an entire year after the first movie wrapped. J.J.’s secretive because J.J.’s secretive, not because J.J. necessarily has something to hide.

And I don’t think you need to insult people when you disagree with that point of view.

658. V.V. - December 11, 2012

@MJ: What do you think of (user)dalek’s theory that

“John Harrison is the name of the Starfleet officer who Khan genetically changes himself to look like and infiltrate starfleet.

Khan Noonien Singh will look like Ricardo Montalban in the movie (but you will see him on a viewscreen as what Khan looked like before he surgically altered himself to look like John Harrison).

The officer in the brig is the real John Harrison having been imprisoned for Khan’s deeds as his doppelganger.”

Sounds very much probable to me, I’ve been thinking in the same lines as him. To me, it’ll wind up being some version of this.

659. V.V. - December 11, 2012

Sounds very much probable to me, I’ve been thinking in the same lines as him. IMHO, it’ll wind up being some version of this. ***

660. The Great Bird lives - December 11, 2012

The planet is call Nirubia… Not Nibiria, or whatever

661. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

“ OK and the big one, Benedict Cumberbatch.
Roberto Orci: Canon.”

Herein is the lie that Bob Orci told. It seems that I was in error to think that Alice Eve’s character was new to canon, as Bob Orci did say in the same interview that her character is known within canon – now we know, she is Carol Marcus.

Jay – Bad Robot kept EVERYTHING a secret until now…Get it. Why should they tell? Just because it makes sense to you and everyone else who needs to know everything yesterday? I am well acquainted with the
English language – thank you.

662. V.V. - December 11, 2012

@Rose: Are you seriously saying you can’t understand that when information is withholded by a big company, there is always a REASON?

663. AJ - December 11, 2012

List of potential names for the diabolical villain:

Gary Mitchell
John Harrison
Larry Lipschitz
Bill Smith
Harry Jones
John Connor
Nigel M. Hainsworth III
Raymond Burns
Brian Duffy


Larry Lipschitz lost at the last minute.

664. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#640: These are the only characters who have ever been named Harrison in all six Star Trek series and 11 movies to date:

Harrison: An Enterprise background crewman from numerous TOS episodes.

William B. Harrison: A gladiator in “Bread and Circuses,” previously of the SS Beagle.

Harrison Schmitt: An actual NASA astronaut mentioned in “First Flight.”

John Harrison: Cumberbatch.

That’s it–three characters out of more than 800 episodes, with a mention of a fourth person who actually existed. There are no other Harrisons ever mentioned in any episode or film.

665. R. Banks - December 11, 2012


The two articles I read both spelled the planet name Nibiru.

Of course, it’s possible they misspelled the name.

666. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#660: No, it IS Nibiru.

667. V.V. - December 11, 2012

#664: Did it take you long to wikipedia those?

668. Jay - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus in the film is clearly a link to Khan.

If you have ever taken a film study class you would understand that these kind of story links are not done randomly. Just like props in a set aren’t there by accident, even if they are made to look like they are. Everything is done with a purpose.

JJ and this team of writers didn’t pick Carol Marcus to appear in this movie just because. They could have given Kirk any love interest. There are obviously numerious to choose from.

The only other time that Carol Marcus appears in Star Trek is in TWOK. This is not a coincidence. Her inclusion is meant to link to that story arc, just as the hands on the glass are as well.

These things are clearly meant to point back to TWOK, and because we know the movie is set in a time period years before TWOK, then we know it’s not a TWOK remake. Possibly this time line’s version of Space Seed.

If you read the comics, you will notice a common theme. They purposefully retell several stories from the TOS series. Each one getting more and more divergent from the original timeline version. This is most likely to build the foundation for why (if this is a Space Seed re-version) this will be very different than Space Seed, while still having some key similarities.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t think BC is Khan himself. I don’t think JJ would do that, unless Khan is able to somehow change his appearance, but that would seem to be a contrived story element. However, I think it is more than obvious that this movie will in some way be related to Khan. There is no other point to having so many elements in the film that pay homage to TWOK and Space Seed if you are making a movie that has nothing to do with Khan. If this movie had nothing to do with Khan, then the homages would be about some other story in TOS history.

669. MJ - December 11, 2012

Trek Fan,

If I am the desperate one, why are you then posting all these multiple little slams and bitching sessions today about me and others who support the Khan scenario? And these other folks who are stealing my name and labeling themselves as silly stuff, like “MJ’s a Jackass” — why are they so active all of sudden? The conclusions that any objective person would draw from this is that you are the ones who are exhibiting the classic behavior traits that one would expect of desperation.

I am relaxed and confident, dude. You go right on thinking that John Harrison is John Harrison — you go right on thinking that! :-))

670. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#667: (1) Wikipedia isn’t a verb. (2) I didn’t need to “Wikipedia those” since I already knew that. and (3) I doubt very much that information would be on Wikipedia, even if I needed to look it up.

671. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

Nobody has answered my question. Why is so terribly important to reveal the villain’s name and not the fact that Carol Marcus is in the movie?

Carol Marcus is a more important character (in the prime universe, at least) because she was part of the main character’s life and helped shape who he was. The truth is that nobody had the impact on Kirk as Carol did. Not Khan, not the Klingons, nobody. Carol broke his heart. Kirk appeared not to be interested in anything but casual (sexual) liaisons and when he did love, he lost, yet again. He was lonely and no doubt very horney at times, resigning himself to only expecting the rewards of being captain of the Enterprise and the mission as a partial substitution for what else was missing in his life. Later, we find out what – access to his son, David!

Please – I beg you writers – be nicer this time round to “my captain”.

672. Dunsel Report - December 11, 2012

#653: That’s a really interesting angle on Carol Marcus and one that I should have thought about more: that she pushed Kirk out of David’s life?

But I also think that when Kirk frames it that way — “I did what you wanted, I stayed away” — he’s being self-serving in his version of events. And getting in his jab at her at the expense, possibly, of important facts about how he failed her in the relationship. That’s why Carol recoils and starts to say, “How could you!?” Yeah, she pushed Kirk away, but probably because he had hurt her with his Kirk-like philandering or other sins that fit thematically with the sin of neglecting Khan on the planet and neglecting to check up on his son.

I don’t think she used Kirk as a sperm donor. Carol’s a better woman than that and you can tell she has a real case against Kirk, just like Khan does. Otherwise Kirk would have nothing to regret in that dark moment in the cave.

673. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

This site prints a story saying it is confirmed that BC is playing Khan and a chorus rises up “This is not proof. Proves nothing.” This site prints another article saying it is confirmed BC is called Harrison in the movie and the same chorus cries “Case closed! Solid proof!” Huh?

And before you try to make hay out of that caption: If you had been going to the movies as long as I have you would recognize that pticture as being the equivalent of a lobby card produced by studios for theaters to use in their in house advertising. Lobby cards are notorious for having erroneous captions.

674. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#673: It has been confirmed by various sites that at the Bad Robot meeting today, reporters were told that yes, the name John Harrison is correct. This is not a case of an erroneous lobby-card caption.

Now, could it be a lie? Absolutely, it could. But it’s not an error. And the number of years you’ve been going to see movies is irrelevant.

675. MJ - December 11, 2012

@668. Jay, well said. I have modified my thinking slightly and we are simpatico — it’s going to be Khan-centric story, and BC “MIGHT” not be Khan himself. This fits the data and does not violate the most important piece of key evidence — Anthony’s article from last April.

676. Rocketeer - December 11, 2012

Trek Fan becareful he is baiting you to get a reaction, and will then start to say your someone else, and then the identity BS starts spewing, and make you look to be the instigator

Just move along its not worth the headache, let them believe what they want. You’re the better person for it in the end

677. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

669. MJ

Do you want to know why people relish in digging it to you? Really, you don’t know? Because you come across as so arrogant… not confidant… and the way you talk down to people, I think people just wanted to put you in their position for a change. To see how you like being belittled and made fun of for what your theory is.

673. Disinvited

There is a difference between reporting an “inside source” as confirmed and reporting that the Supreme Court confirms it. See the difference?

678. MJ - December 11, 2012

@671. Keachick, well said — I agree with you. Well said.

(please note that I agreed with you and have a positive response here to you)

679. Bill Peters - December 11, 2012

Chris Doohan if I lived near there I would so Join you, would love to someday talk to you in person, but living in Washington State probably won’t make it.

680. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 11, 2012

Thesis: If something sounds like a mystery, that means they’re hiding something big!

Anti-thesis: Possibly. But it’s equally probable that the reason they’re not showing something is because there’s nothing to show, that there’s no big name to capitalize on. Someone hiding his cards doesn’t always mean they have a royal flush. You’d lose a lot of money playing poker that way.

We live in an age where any money spent on any scene has to end up in the trailer. If there’s something with brand recognition that can be used to market a movie, it ends up being used to market a movie. More often than not, the reason is that if there’s nothing to get people excited about (i.e., a known commodity), you invent a reason, you make things more mysterious than they actually are. Anyone who got sucked into the Cloverfield ARG remembers this. There was no big mystery in the end, no great secret Bad Robot was holding back, nothing at the end of the trail of bread crumbs. It was a found footage monster movie. The Batman films were cited as an example, but when you look at their ad campaigns, the biggest twists and turns in the movie ended up being about small unknown villains or characters that had heard of before. When they used the big guns (i.e., Joker), we knew it from day one. J.J. kept Nero mostly under wraps, (Though his name leaked out early, Bad Robot refused to confirm his race, origin, or back story) and by your logic there was no need to. See there’s this crazy theory that some schools of marketing have, which is that if you tell people everything that’s in the movie, even stuff they normally wouldn’t care about, they may not see the movie.

I’m not saying Khan isn’t in the movie. I’m saying that that this line of reasoning for saying he is, is not water tight.

681. Jay - December 11, 2012

#657 But we knew the name Nero. We knew he was the bad guy. Not knowing if he was Romulan or not just further proves my point. JJ keeps things that Trek fans will recognize a secret.

He wouldn’t tell you the bad guy was Nero if Nero was a character already known in Trek canon.

Clearly John Harrison is not, so therefore it makes no sense to keep that a secret. By releasing his name, JJ is playing with you and others that are so easily accepting.

One thing that you and Rose keep ignoring is that there was no gain in keeping that name a secret if in fact that is all there is to that character. The only thing you have said is “to drive up interest”. In what? An unkown character? Just to play games with the fan base and movie buisness media? really???? come on now, tell me you are smarter than that.

682. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

243. Aurore – December 11, 2012

Glad to be of service. :-)

683. Phil - December 11, 2012

@672. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, by sperm donor I meant that once she discovered she was with child, her hard assesment of Kirk, the man, found him lacking as husband and father material. Absent any consideration of him as long term relationship material, his only contribution to the child was supplying the genetic material.

684. MJ - December 11, 2012

@677. Just listen to yourself dude? Obsession with me or anyone here is not healthy. I am just a guy posting some stuff here. If you are taking me so fracking seriously that I am like ruining your day or something, then that is your fault, not mine. It sounds like you take me much more seriously than I do myself? And I never resort in getting personal with people like you are trying to get with me here — I am not going to go there.

Don’t take me so seriously — have some fun here! And if I have offended you, then sure, I sincerely apologize!

685. MJ - December 11, 2012

@673 “This site prints a story saying it is confirmed that BC is playing Khan and a chorus rises up “This is not proof. Proves nothing.” This site prints another article saying it is confirmed BC is called Harrison in the movie and the same chorus cries “Case closed! Solid proof!” Huh?”

Agreed !!!

686. MJ - December 11, 2012

@681 “Clearly John Harrison is not, so therefore it makes no sense to keep that a secret. By releasing his name, JJ is playing with you and others that are so easily accepting.”

If he’s John Harrison, then I’m Fred McCartney, and we wrote songs together in the 60’s. LOL

687. Rocketeer - December 11, 2012

This comment from Shat in the interview is what comes to mind when i read here.

WS: “Well, uhh, ‘MJ’ stands for the ‘Most Jerk’? Err, what does it stand for?”

688. OtherGuy - December 11, 2012

Think superhero rip-off and it’s easy.

Cumberpatch is Khans’ Herald.
Only think of him as Green Lantern in the Silver Surfer role.

There will likely be holes in the Earth everywhere again.

689. MJ - December 11, 2012

@687. “WS: “Well, uhh, ‘MJ’ stands for the ‘Most Jerk’? Err, what does it stand for?”


690. Phil - December 11, 2012

@671. Because the villian is the main thrust of the story. Carol Marcus is an aside, supporting cast.

691. Phil - December 11, 2012

Stand tall, MJ. Even when we don’t agree, I’ll give you credit for sticking with your convictions, right or wrong.

692. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

685. MJ

There is a difference between reporting an “inside source” as confirmed and reporting that the Supreme Court confirms it. Do you not know the difference?

693. V.V. - December 11, 2012

@671: Rose, just because you are obsessed with Kirk and Marcus it doesn’t mean she’s a major character or more important than a heavy villain for producers.

Villains dictate tone and give crucial information on how the plot goes, it’s normal that there is interest on hiding the villain as long as they can.

The main media wants to know if Star Trek’s villain will be this, that, this guy that guy from this movie or that episode… They want to scan him and compare him and judge be cause villains are the immediate counter-part of the heroes.

But a love interest is a love interest.

They (company and media) couldn’t care less who is she or what does she mean, she’s just seen as “Kirk’s love interest, reference to original series.”, and that’s it.

For writing, yes, she may be relevant, and for Kirk’s character construction and development maybe even his personal plotline. But other than that, she’s not priority at all.

No matter how much she means to yuo as fan, for a huge company and the main media she’s just a member of supporting cast.

694. Gary S. - December 11, 2012

I dont care if Bozo the clown is the villain.
I just want a good story.

695. Lance W - December 11, 2012


I’m sure someone beat me to it, but I just had a realization as to who Cumberbatch is. He is from canon…the New Timeline canon. When young Kirk drives past the boy in his uncle’s Corvette he yells, “HEY JOHNNY!” Since they deleted the scene that originally showed that character as his brother, it would stand that he is John Harrison

696. MJ - December 11, 2012

@692. Anthony had “mutliple” inside sources confirming it was Khan. The Supreme Court just tells us BC is playing a guy named John Harrison, with no other info or context. Both are right — Khan will be the villain in some fashion, and BC’s character will go by John Harrison in at least part of the movie. The is nothing contradictory here for me.

697. MJ - December 11, 2012

@691 “Stand tall, MJ. Even when we don’t agree, I’ll give you credit for sticking with your convictions, right or wrong.”

Thanks Phil — much appreciated!!!

@695 Wow, that is interesting!

698. Phil - December 11, 2012

Well, Hollywood will step outside of race while casting a racial character. Johnny Depp plays Tonto, a Native American, in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie. Yeah, yeah, I know Depp says he’s 1/16 Sioux or something, the point is, he doesn’t look the part.

699. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

695. Lance W – December 11, 2012

Not a bad take on it!

700. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

698: “Well, Hollywood will step outside of race while casting a racial character. Johnny Depp plays Tonto, a Native American, in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie. Yeah, yeah, I know Depp says he’s 1/16 Sioux or something, the point is, he doesn’t look the part.”

You middle aged white guys ought to hang around people who don’t look like you more often.

701. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

696. MJ

Keep reaching dude, keep reaching. We all know you don’t like to be wrong so you will twist anything to fit your theories.

You’ll still be ranting about it being Khan even after the movie opens and there is no sign of Khan or a “Khan-centric” story… but you will twist something from the movie to Khan. LOL. You are too much dude… countless hours of entertainment. Have to hand it to you to sticking to your guns even when you know when you are wrong.

702. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

695. Lance W

THAT is the most plausible theory I have heard yet.

703. Benny - December 11, 2012

I’m fairly certain that Into Darkness will not include characters/aliens from outside of the Original Series universe. No Borg, no Data or Lore.

Other than that, I still have no definitive conclusions, other than MAYBE Peter Weller is Khan for a cameo, and John Harrison is well, John Harrison – the main terrorist/villain of this film.

Maybe Keenser will get a red shirt this time.

704. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

256. Sub Trek – December 11, 2012

—-Cygnus-X1 it isn’t that hard:—-

“For instance, the Greek phrase “Ελληνική Δημοκρατία” ‘Hellenic Republic’ can be transliterated as “Ellēnikē Dēmokratia” by substituting Latin letters for Greek letters.

Transliteration can form an essential part of transcription which converts text from one writing system into another. Transliteration is not concerned with representing the phonemics of the original…”

I understand now. The Klingon characters which represent the name of their homeworld correspond to the Latin characters (Qo’noS) which is not pronounced in Klingon as its transliteration is pronounced in English, presumably due to spelling rules and/or evolved sound shifts dealing with letter combinations unique to Klingon.

A better example would be any of the numerous Modern English spellings which has been corrupted from its phonetic ancestor. For example, the word (table) transliterated into Spanish (which would use the same Latin characters) would yield the same spelling, “table,” but a different pronunciation, “taab-leh.” The reason for the difference is that the spelling and pronunciation of the English word have been corrupted over the centuries. Likewise, presumably, for (Qo’noS), which, for example, might have been pronounced “Koh-noss” in an ancestral form of the Klingon language. The spelling of the word has remained the same as its older form, but the pronunciation has changed. Hence, when transliterated the Klingon characters spell out an English word that sounds different from the Modern Klingon pronunciation (but may sound the same as an older pronunciation).

705. radii - December 11, 2012

that stupid rock monster sidekick is back ?!?! … JJ Abrams, quit pissing all over Star Trek ! … Khan would be so lame – think this is all a fakeout and it’s going to be Gary Mitchell and Alice Eve is playing Sally Kellerman’s part … am hating the reboot and the way they’re messing with the story (and stupid brewery in Engineering, and 30 shuttles, and the Plot-Scrambler that put all the characters in the right chairs) with Kenny Enterprise always being battered about (now it’s underwater), Spock vs the Volcano … bring back blue phasers and the classic sounds! I think this is going to suck despite the excellent Cumber’s Batch

706. Cygnus-X1 - December 11, 2012

256. Sub Trek – December 11, 2012

P.S. Thanks for the link.

707. MJ - December 11, 2012

@701. OK then, please provide me a simple YES or NO answer to the following question:

Is John Harrison likely concealing another identity?

Yes or No ?

PS: BTW, I’ll be the first one to say I am wrong if the movie doesn’t reveal Khan in some fashion. I always take full accountability here for what I say.

708. Gwil - December 11, 2012

Yeah saying BC’s character is the road Johnny is totally believable, cause there’s just so few ppl named John and they totally .

Answer me this: If John Harrison is the name of BC’s character, and that’s IT, then why didn’t they confirm his name in the 9min preview? Why keep the name hidden AGAIN, if it would be released in the same week?

Also, how is BC’s character someone else in a movie that has so many evidence to be dealing with a Khan storyline, but still narrates the trailer in a first person monologue about his own vengeance? How does that work?

709. KJ - December 11, 2012

It’s funny all of the people who seem to think Star Trek calling that planet from the tease “Nibiru” is un-Trek. Star Trek always had a habit of showing hokey religions or crackpot theories to be crap. Examples: Apollo was an alien. Quetzacoatl was an alien.

710. Trek Fan - December 11, 2012

707. MJ

I can’t answer that because I have not seen the movie yet. So it’s not a “simple yes or no” type of question. Because I don’t know.

If you are asking me for my opinion…. then I would have to say no. He is NOT concealing his identity.

711. Gwil - December 11, 2012

at #708 I meant “…they totally would pretend the brother didn’t officially exist in their original plans just to fit a new/convenient character in.”

712. Colin - December 11, 2012

What if they mean Genghis Khan was confirmed by inside sources and this is a remake of The Savage Curtain…and what if the new Lincoln movie was also sort of a lead-in into this movie?

Where is that MJ drinking game post…

713. Simon - December 11, 2012

People keep thinking Carol Marcus is a link only to Khan.

She’s also a link to Gary Mitchell.

Who do you think “that little blonde technician” was?

714. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

#674. BulletInTheFace, #677. Trek Fan

It was more than obvious that I was commenting on the sourcing of facts from this site. As I type this this site has not declared the source of its Harrison confirmation.

Misinformation and lying are indeed some of the reasons why Lobby Card captions are often incorrect and are included in the meaning of erroneous as in wrong.

The length of my movie going was to familiarise the uninitiated with the concept of Lobby Cards – not a reason for Paramount’s captions to be often wrong.

715. Colin - December 11, 2012

I don’t understand why people think Carol Marcus is a link to anything really..thats like if people were saying in 2009 “OMG PIKE IS IN THE TRAILER ITS GOING TO BE A REMAKE OF THE CAGE”

Carol Marcus fathered Kirk’s child at about this time..of course shes going to be in it regardless of the villian.. She has NO connection to Khan except for an incident that took place in the FUTURE OF A DIFFERENT TIMELINE. It’s not like Khan was seeking revenge on her…

716. MJ - December 11, 2012

“If you are asking me for my opinion…. then I would have to say no. He is NOT concealing his identity.”

OK, thanks.

717. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@714 The John Harrison information is not just from the caption. At Monday’s press they only referred to his character as John Harrison, all the time.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not conveniently using a name that’s not the only or real name the villain goes by.

Would anyone answer my questions at #708?

718. Phil - December 11, 2012

@715. You are right, there isn’t a link, other then that of victim. This time around she’s a quick lay for the boy captain, and probably dies in the end. Or aborts the baby. Something superficial to get Kirk to shed a tear and man up a bit.

719. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@718 or just bringing a romantic interest and a baby to make it sadder when he dies in the end.

720. MJ - December 11, 2012

@717. Your questions are good ones, and they certainly support an argument for Khan.

721. Colin - December 11, 2012


Thats actually a fair question in your previous post but,

I don’t know, I’ll tell you after I see the sure to be enjoyable movie in May unless some jerk on here completely goes beyond speculating and spoils it all

722. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@720 Yes, thanks.

I’d like to see someone who’s not favorable to Khan answering them without admitting the obvious.

723. AJ - December 11, 2012


Nice catch, Lance W.

We’ve already thrown the ‘Sam Kirk’ ball around several times, but there’s that scene in the teaser where Kirk’s face just wreaks of surprised recognition when he’s side-by-side with Uhura on Qu’On’os.

724. MJ - December 11, 2012

@718. God help us all if I have to watch Dr. McCoy perform an abortion in Sickbay so that Kirk and Marcus can avoid responsibilities…yuk!!!

PS: Don’t they have a “24 Nano-Second After Pill” in the 23rd Century?


725. Colin - December 11, 2012


No, if you remember from DS9 they get monthly birth-control injections. Sisko forgot his and knocked Yates up.

I’m guessing it basically takes the “anti-matter” out of your “torpedo’s”, you dig homie?

726. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2012

People here keep talking about the villain being Jim Kirk’s brother.

Gawd, let’s hope not. Remember how well Sybok worked out?


727. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

John Harrison may be his real name, but if he’s a clone of someone else, he can also be a canon character with a different name in this movie.

I would tend to think he’s not a hybrid clone, because that would not really make him a canon character anymore. He would be half canon, half new.

728. Sebastian S. - December 11, 2012

# 617 MJ

Oh yes, MJ because you NEVER EVER repeat yourself. No sir. No sireee.

Now maybe you’ll understand how annoying it is to hear someone bombastically play the same tune all the time…. ;-)

729. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Given that the movie starts out with Clarke and Contractor and their daughter going to the hospital, and given that Harrison says “Is there anything you would not do for your family,” and given that the synopsis talks about the only family Kirk has left, I’m thinking maybe FAMILY is a central theme of this movie.

The secret may be a cryptic reference right there in the synopsis.

730. Brandon - December 11, 2012

Tom Marvolo Riddle= I Am Lord Voldemort…….John Harrison= Khan Noonian Singh…….hmmmmm? What does God need with a starship? Indeed.

731. Sebastian S. - December 11, 2012

# 727


I’m still thinking he’s a Starfleet made augment developed by Peter Weller’s company, who is later outed, imprisoned and exiled (hence the return/revenge)….

732. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln:

“Khan, sir? — it’s done.”

733. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

#718 – You are a totally insensitive prick! Ever been pregnant? Ever had a miscarriage or a blighted ovum? Ever had to consider terminating a pregnancy? Ever been through labour and given birth? Well guess what I have experienced all, except one – considering the possibility of having an abortion. And believe me, I feel so totally blessed that I have never had to face that trial…because that would be HELL ON EARTH. You disgusting creep!

How bloody dare you speak about such things as being ‘superficial’. Kirk to shed a tear and man up? WTF is “man up” supposed to mean?

I don’t believe I should have to put up with reading such unbelievably ignorant, insensitive, offensive rubbish as this on this site.

Anthony Pascale – please moderate Phil!

734. MJ - December 11, 2012

@728. You know, you might just have a point there! :-)

735. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

731. Sebastian S. – December 11, 2012

I’m thinking something similar as you, but family at this point seems to be a theme here as well.

Family…genes…genetics…augmentation…Weller…Paxton…genomic purity…

Would like to know where that scene in the brig comes in. Near the beginning of the movie or after the Klingon planet stuff?

736. MJ - December 11, 2012

time to exit for the evening I think………

737. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@dmduncan the family thing sounds good, but it would be better if it hadn’t been said exactly as they mirrored the scene where Spock dies.
Except it’s more likely to have a symbolic meaning, and directed to the main charecters in general, since Kirk is the one falling in the image.

738. Randall - December 11, 2012


The original Beatles: John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney,
Pete Best.

After their first recording session at EMI in London, Pete was called to
the Beatles’ manager Brian Epsteins office, where he was told
“The boys want you out of the band and Ringo in”. And so Ringo
(Richard Starkey) became the drummer. Incidentally, George did not
have a brother by the name of John Harrison.

Incidentally, When Kirk asked Khan his name in the TOS episode “Space Seed,” Khan did indeed say his name was John Harrison. Youtube the video or CBS as all TOS episodes are now free.

739. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@738 I love you

740. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#738: Khan never called himself “John Harrison” in “Space Seed.” That’s patently untrue. The name “John Harrison” has never been spoken in connection with Khan. Kirk asked his name, and Khan said, “Khan.” You’re completely making up the “John Harrison” claim.

741. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@740 you are destroying my heart. :(
(I can’t remember details like lines from the episode so I’ll have to watch it again, now. ugh.)

742. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Sickness…curing sickness…making stronger? Extending life? Cloning?
Clones in the tubes with the windows???

But the only one who has motive at this point is Paxton and Green…hating genomic impurity…killing to protect the human genome…and Harrison…offering HELP to the little girl of the Clarke/Contractor family…Paxton, Green, “for I have returned to have my vengeance…”

But why the Klingon stuff?? Working with the Klingons? Helping them?

What happened to Green and Paxton? Unknown.

sorry…stream of consciousness stuff…

743. Disinvited - December 11, 2012

#736. MJ

What? And miss The Supreme Court explanation of it all??!

744. Colin - December 11, 2012


Agreed, I rewatched this morning for the heck of it and you’re lying totally, that also makes you a bigger nerd than all these nerds on here right now.

745. BulletInTheFace - December 11, 2012

#733–Rose: What the heck? Why the heck are you asking that Phil be moderated? He said NOTHING in this thread that should result in moderation. Furthermore, censorship is a very bad thing. If you don’t believe in free speech, why are you visiting a message board?

746. Lance W - December 11, 2012

I think many people are overthinking it. As I said 695, John Harrison is the boy that young Kirk yells, “HEY JOHNNY!” to. That way he still fulfills the idea he is a canon character. All of this other debate is exactly what Bad Robot wants, and the answer is so simple.

747. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Whoops, I must’ve somehow hit the send button half way through my rant there…that’s weird…

748. CaptainDonovin - December 11, 2012

I’m looking forward to this movie, the premise sounds fun, like that Carol Marcus will be in the movie, I’m glad Keenser returns (this comparing this character to Jar Jar is bs bs).

Dontknow what all the fuss is about, I’m glad we’re getting another movie & am going in to be entertained, just as I was in ’09 & back when I started my trek into Star Trek in the ’90s.

Oh, & Harrison IS a fake name. It is really Jonathan Archer returning for Porthos & he’s very angry on how this buddy was lost by Scotty. I know Harrison has an accent & Archer didn’t but it can happen. Madonna grew an accent for a while.

749. Lance W - December 11, 2012

Also, as far as The Beatles go, you’re all forgetting Stuart Sutliffe.

750. Gwil - December 11, 2012

@744 Thanks for the info, I’ll watch it again tomorrow just for the sake of it, too.


Lol all these theories ignoring Khan and no one can answer my questions at #708.

751. Lance W - December 11, 2012

I mean Stuart Sutcliffe

752. opcode - December 11, 2012

Ok, let me ask this: would it be possible that JJ never actually approached Del Toro? Does anyone think that perhaps that was a hoax they created to get fans thinking the movie was about Khan?
And on the other hand, supposing they plan to have Khan in this film, not as the main villain, but just as a cameo or something near the end, would it be possible to hire an actor to do the part but keep it secret until this point? How about if the hired the actor during reshots, like they did with Cillian Murphy in Tron Legacy.

753. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

#746 – I am guessing you are male.

Anthony has given warnings to people and has even deleted messages. Clearly, the notion of free speech is a relative one, otherwise there would be no auto-delete software operating that will delete an entire post simply because someone wrote one word, like p_rn – see what I mean…

Phil wrote – “This time around she’s a quick lay for the boy captain, and probably dies in the end. Or aborts the baby. Something *SUPERFICIAL to get Kirk to shed a tear and man up a bit.”

This is what I am objecting. I can’t believe I have to exactly explain myself here. There is NOTHING superficial about pregnancy or deciding on an abortion, certainly not for the woman and it is also usually true for the guy as well, especially if he really loves the woman. Kirk loved Carol Marcus.

I am really angry that somebody would write something so ignorant as what Phil wrote. When I read the post, I felt sick to my stomach. I guess you have to be female to understand.

Making a pregnancy (whether intentional or not) is the LEAST superficial aspects of life itself. It’s actually ALL about LIFE, NEW life!

*My emphasis.

754. Gwil - December 11, 2012

#752 Unlikely, he most certainly approached Del Toro. You can, however, argue on weather it was to play Khan or someone else.

But his typecasting isn’t the only thing that screams Khan in this movie, anyway.

It’s higly unlikely that they would waste such a villain as Khan as a cameo or anything near the end, because that would mean the next movie would be about him, and how does it make sense to you a movie right in sequence with a main villain with the exact same plotline that this one proclaims in the trailer?

But yes, they could hire someone to appear just at the end and not talk about it, it would be easy.
Which does not apply to the situation of the character BC’s playing.

755. Colin - December 11, 2012

Oh my god…this thread just got funnier…we’ve gone from Mitchell vs. Khan to abortion politics in just over 750 posts..

I am DYING of laughter…people getting mad at other people on the internet..never gets old…keep this stuff coming guys

By the way does anyone STILL have a hangover from the MJ drinking game last night..I think I almost died..

756. Anthony Pascale - December 11, 2012

please avoid politics

But this site cannot protect people from ever being exposed to some speech they don’t like. The rules are that you must be respectful to each other. Otherwise opinion variety is welcome

757. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

746. Lance W – December 11, 2012

I like the idea, but I’m not so sure.

They wanted the identity kept secret. The name John Harrison is nothing that really gives anything away because we don’t know Johnny on the road’s last name.

John Harrison MAY be the same Johnny on the road, true, but it’s impossible to confirm anything without that last name, and keeping the secret the way they did is something you would do for a canon character whose character would be more recognizable when you heard the name.

Maybe his name is John Kirk, and Harrison is his alias.

Also, THEY are playing tricks. The name Captain April also came up. In a sketchbook that was left open, a sketch of the gun that Harrison carries was named “Captain April’s Gatling Gun.”

So I think they are using countermeasures. Chaff.

If John Harrison IS Johnny from the road, it’s also kind of a let down after all the build up. It’s so simple that it’s unsatisfying.

Marketing wise wouldn’t that be like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer?

I mean, if you are going to make a big deal about keeping a secret, there should be a big secret worth keeping.

758. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

755. Colin – December 11, 2012

LOL! I didn’t participate.

759. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

MJ – Thank you for your support of my post. Carol Marcus was just as important a person as any villain in Kirk’s life. Even though things went sour in the prime universe, he clearly could not ever forget her or the son they had. It was still a deep wound many years later…(ref TWOK – elevator scene with Kirk and McCoy).

Hopefully, the behaviour of Carol won’t be repeated…I think it would be good if she and Kirk could have a child together and this time, Kirk is able to be a dad to the best of his ability, given his commitments and obligations. Or perhaps they go their separate ways, no baby created and Kirk meets another woman…

I am not obsessed with Kirk or Carol Marcus. Star Trek is not just about Kirk and/or Carol. I never said it was. However, if you are going to do a credible backstory for Kirk, then she is clearly a part of it, even in the alternate universe (because the writers and JJ say so!).

MJ – I was not trying to put you down. It is clear that we don’t agree on everything. I wrote that post because I was genuinely concerned for you (I am not mocking you). You have been so fervent in your belief that Khan is the villain, even to the point of seeing Khan connections where there are none. I was afraid of how finding out that perhaps Khan is nowhere in STID might affect you personally. That’s all. I have nothing against you, just what you write sometimes.

As I wrote a few days back, once we see this film in its entirety, it is quite likely that everyone of us here will need to eat crow of some sort.

Take care, MJ. You’re OK. I mean that.

760. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Peter Weller’s character is STILL unnamed. That might be important boys and girls.

761. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

753. Rose (as in Keachick) – December 11, 2012

Rose, just want you to know I understand your feeling there.

762. Edwin - December 11, 2012

Awwww… and I thought the villain was going to be called either Chuck Finlay or Rusty Shackleford….

763. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 11, 2012

I’ve never been so glad to be wrong in my life…

764. MJ - December 11, 2012

@759 “Take care, MJ. You’re OK. I mean that.”

Thanks Keachick. What do you say you and I have a fresh start here? We used to get along better and I do genuinely appreciate your contributions here. You are good people!

765. ThePhaige - December 11, 2012

John is an diversion, It is Gary Mitchell….hear me out. The whole start of the 9 minute preview is set up to ask the question” who are you?” and the snickering look on Cumberbatch’s face is a tell. Why go through all that for and unknown name. I was right about Carol Markus also, that’s the family piece coinciding with the crew(family) and also the Human family. Kirk and Bones on the Nibiru removing ancient scrolls? Nibiru is not a coincidental name, its referred to in the Zecharia Sitchin translations of Sumarian texts and has apocalyptic significance. This movie is going to be an allegorical retelling of the Biblical book of Revelation, except with a more secular/sci fi twist. Mitchell is the anti-God/Christ like figure and is resurrected from having been killed. This is also alluded to as he offers to “heal” the little girl in the 9 minute footage.

Revelation 13:3
King James Version (KJV)
3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

There is only one God like possibility who was liked by seemingly everyone and turned and that is Mitchell. Sure there were other god likes in Trek but none were essentially a part of the crew family and then turn to such a degree.

766. Chris Petree - December 11, 2012

Did anyone consider the possibility began in Starfleet but resigned at some point? Maybe Jim Kirk soured the organization for her.

767. Lance W - December 11, 2012


Maybe she resigned in the Prime universe because she became pregnant with David.

768. whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - December 11, 2012



Yes I just linked you to a previous interview that, according to you, everybody has read. It’s called a CITATION. I’d link you to a definition of that term so you could (maybe) understand why I posted it, but you seem to have a lot of time on your hands so I’m sure you can find the time do that yourself.

Also, you seem to have an inflated opinion of the importance of what you are writing on here. No, I didn’t read your original post 619. Do you see how many posts there are on here? Who the hell has time to read them all? I was making what is known as a STATEMENT, not a retort or response to anything other than the article I had just read.

Live long and prosper, V.V. and get over yourself.

769. AdmiralSirJohn - December 11, 2012

I still think either Weller or (more likely) Cumberbatch will be Garth of Izar.

770. Rocketeer - December 11, 2012

724-Wow MJ Real Classy,

All I will say is this there is, there are somethings you should never joke about. I dont think you realized how bad that comes across in your post. But man sometimes you really should re read sommething before you hit say it.

771. Astrophysicophile - December 12, 2012

217, 220, 324, 332, 414, 468, 477. I also thought the name of the Klingon homeworld is spelled Qo’noS, not Qu’noS. Perhaps, Anthony misspelled it. Anthony, did you misspell it?

772. BulletInTheFace - December 12, 2012

#753–Rose: Whether or not I’m male or female is irrelevant, and it says a lot about you that you’re making such an assumption. Furthermore, there is nothing in Phil’s comment that is offensive–and certainly nothing he should be censored for. You are blowing this WAAAAAAY out of proportion. This is a message board, nothing more. For you to get so angry over something an anonymous person wrote–especially something so non-offensive, which it is–says a lot more about you than it does about Phil.

And for the record, I’m female. And I’m sorry to have someone as judgmental, sexist and easily offended as you representing us.

773. The Sinfonian - December 12, 2012

Qo’noS. However, the Klingon Empire has many polyguttal dialects. It is possible that just like Rumania/Romania/Rominia and Russia/Rossiya in our world, that Qu’noS is a similar dialectical variation. Dr. Marc Okrand set up the real fictional language specifically that way to address all the “mispronunciations” by actors and such, to give more flexibility to it. always has more information.

774. The Sinfonian - December 12, 2012

“polyguttural” that is.

Alice Eve as Carol Marcus by the way is a marvelous turn of events. We never got much of the backstory in the original universe. Getting to see a variation on it in year 2259-A is going to be enjoyed. And if there is a child born in 2260-A and named David, we can all look forward to 2285-A and Wrath of Rhett Khan.

775. BulletInTheFace - December 12, 2012

“Wrath of Rhett Khan” = brilliant. :)

776. Face The Face - December 12, 2012

@I’m a trekkie NOT a trekker: Did you expect Admiral Kirk to be in love with a 20-something year old woman? Bibi Bech was just the right age for a man the age of Bill Shatner/Admiral James T. Kirk.

777. Face The Face - December 12, 2012

@Carol Marcus: I love you so much right now for your comment, it is so funny.

778. Astrophysicophile - December 12, 2012

219. Actually, some areas of the Eastern part of Earth also use the Latin alphabet, areas such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

779. Phil - December 12, 2012

@774. Thing is, we really don’t ned a backstory on her, she was a fling for the captain, not much more. She woke up one morning with the ‘my god, what am I doing with this guy’ moment, and sent him on his way.

780. Astrophysicophile - December 13, 2012

219, 222, 223, 226, 232, 235, 237, 704. As 219 reminded us, the Klingons have a native writing system; in his book “The Klingon Dictionary” (, Mark Okrand calls this system pIqaD. 232, 235, 237, 704, I think your in-universe explanations for Qo’noS vs. Kronos – explanations involving either a disconnect between pronunciation and spelling, or multiple but equally accurate transliteration systems – are very elegant. However, in Chapter 1 of his book, Okrand presents a transcription (not transliteration) system based on the English alphabet – as posts 556-557 show – developed so that English-speaking people will have minimal difficulty approximating the sounds of Klingon; and in Section 5.6 of the book, he tells of the usual spellings of Klingon names by English speakers who frequently mispronounce the names, spellings that only suggest the true pronunciations of the names. For example, the Klingon name spelled “Qugh” in Okrand’s transcription system is usually spelled “Kruge” by English speakers. So, Okrand’s transcription of the Klingon name for the Klingon homeworld would be “Qo’noS” – as 225 mentions, “Qo’noS” itself is a transliteration (actually, transcription) of a Klingon word – and the usual English spelling of the name would be “Kronos”.

781. Astrophysicophile - December 13, 2012

219. So, the point in spelling the name using the Roman (actually, English) alphabet differently than it is pronounced in Klingon is to allow English speakers to spell the name according to their (mis)pronunciation.

222. Since the Klingons say the name more like “Qo’noS”, they do not really say a Klingon word like “Kronos.”

226. In-universe, if an English speaker wishes to avoid problems with a Klingon who is overly protective of the Klingon language, then the unusual spelling of “Qo’noS” is used instead of the spelling “Kronos” that most (English-speaking) people use. In any case, based on Okrand’s book, you probably mean “Q” vs. “Kr”, or “Qo” vs. “Kro”. Out-Universe, the ST writer who used “Qu’noS” (Qo’noS?) may not have been trying to appear sophisticated, but was trying to make the name – as 234 describes it – more alien looking.

782. Astrophysicophile - December 13, 2012

780. Oops, “Mark Okrand” should be “Marc Okrand.” Talk about misspelling.

783. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 13, 2012

#772 – Wow, so you believe that pregnancy and the possible decisions and outcomes are merely superficial. Really? That is how I interpreted Phil’s comments. Also what was Kirk supposed to man up about? Unborn beings should be considered no more unreal or disposable than anyone else and what’s more, nor should the relationships that allowed for their procreation be similarly considered. Also, Kirk is no “boy captain” – what is wrong with some of you? He is a young ADULT male.

Perhaps, I did go a little over the top in my blasting of Phil, however I do still stand by my initial comments about that post.

What does my reaction say about me? Maybe that I care too much about some things…really, I don’t know.

It also seems that I was not the only one offended by Phil’s comments.

784. Astrophysicophile - December 13, 2012

223, 225. Both spellings are phonetic, but “Qo’noS” is more phonetically correct, “Kronos” less so. So, 223, the article on Qo’noS is not quite correct about “Kronos” being the transliteration of “Qo’noS” into English; both “Qo’noS” and “Kronos” are transcriptions of the Klingon name for the Klingon homeworld. An example in the real world is “Gwong2 zau1″ vs. “Canton”, the first from the Cantonese Jyutping romanization system, the second probably from a now-obsolete Cantonese-Portuguese romanization system. Both are transcriptions of the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese name 廣州 of the same Chinese city, but the first is more phonetically correct, the second, less so.

234. I think your out-universe explanation, that “Kronos” was first established in STIV and then Okrand transliterated it into his Klingon language (transliteration system), may not be exactly correct. According to IMDB, he worked on the movie as the Klingon language specialist, so he may have used his system to transcribe the Klingon dialogue during the production of the movie.

279. So, based on the links provided, “Qo’noS” became the transliteration (actually, transcription) formally accepted (by the Klingons), and “Kronos” the common one (to English speakers.)

785. Phil - December 13, 2012

@783. Apparently you missed the post where is was speculated on that the good doctor gave the one night stand the boot when she discovered she was with child. Knowing Kirk was not father material, that makes her a good mom for putting the needs of the child first, not the bitch you quickly accused her of being. In the new universe that’s an entaglement that boy Kirk doesn’t need, and frankly, if the writers throw that slop in to generate a revenge motive for Kirk it’s further evidence that this Kirk has no business being in command.

786. Phil - December 13, 2012

@783. Oh, and it’s nothing I took personally. It’s not the first time you roared off to defend Pine-Kirk without all the facts. You are entitled to your opinions as well….

787. dub - December 13, 2012

So excited Carol Marcus is in the film! Woohoo!!!

788. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 14, 2012

Phil – most of us are not necessarily great parent material. People tend to muddle through, for the most part, hopefully getting more right than wrong.

Denying a child knowledge and access to his father is NOT putting the interests of the child first. It was more about what was convenient for Carol Marcus (in the prime timeline). Shatner/Kirk was not a criminal, as in someone who sexually assaulted/raped women, nor was he pedophile. Therefore, Carol had no right to demand that he stay away…Get it.

Now there are people who blame Kirk for being a neglectful father for NOT checking up on her and David because he was doing as she asked. He just can’t win, can he.

We don’t know what the writers have in store for Jim Kirk or Carol Marcus in this alternate universe. However, I did/do take exception to your disrespectful and dehumanizing attitude you seem to have toward young adults like Jim Kirk and Carol who may be engaging in sexual intimacy which may result in a pregnancy. He is NOT “that boy Kirk” and male/female relationships and the possibility of parenthood is not just some “slop thrown in”.

Oh and you don’t have all the *facts* either, in order to summarily make the insulting statements you have made about this Pine/Kirk or a possible situation, entanglement he might find himself.

I am sure you are not the only one out there to have these sorts of attitudes towards (young) people etc – as in referring to male/female relationships and pregnancy to being merely “superficial” and that “the boy captain” should “man up” – whatever the hell that means.

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