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New Image From Star Trek Into Darkness + UPDATE: Villain Name Revealed December 10, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Paramount has just released a new image from Star Trek Into Darkness. This wasn’t in the trailer and it features Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and a certain Mr. Cumberbatch. UPDATE: Paramount has provided photo caption with villain named. Spoilers. Check it out below.


UPDATED: Cumberbrigged

Check out the brand new image from Star Trek Into Darkness. Note updated caption. (click to enlarge).

(Left to right) Zachary Quinto is Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

The new shot is not something from the ‘announcement’ trailer released last week nor will it be seen in the 9-min preview showing with Hobbit IMAX, but it might be from the ‘teaser’ trailer which comes out with the (non-IMAX) The Hobbit this weekend.

Quick thoughts:

So now who do you think the villain is?


1. Ben - December 10, 2012

Tis the season for new Star Trek!

2. Tiberius Mudd - December 10, 2012

And, no doubt, this takes place halfway through the movie a la The Dark Knight, Skyfall, and The Avengers.

3. Flux Conundrum - December 10, 2012

Pic doesn’t enlarge for me. Shrinks to Kirk.

4. Chris Doohan - December 10, 2012

Nice cell. No toilet?

5. Flux Conundrum - December 10, 2012

forget that

6. Kendall Byrd - December 10, 2012

Flood gates OPEN!!!!

7. Brian - December 10, 2012

You need to fix the “click to enlarge” part. Right now it just opens up the small preview icon instead of a larger version.

8. Anthony Pascale - December 10, 2012

enlarge fixed

9. tpug - December 10, 2012

He’s actually Kirk’s stepfather, come back for vengeance over getting his ‘vette wrecked.

10. Darmok - December 10, 2012

What is image or whatever on Cumby’s right forearm?

11. mattytrek - December 10, 2012

Is this where Spock gives the vulcan sign to the mystery hand with the black sleeve?

A brotherly sign of acknowledgment? I am not getting off the Sybok train until we arrive at Khan Central Station .

12. Planet Pandro - December 10, 2012

I think this image is purposefully misleading…looks like the scene in WNMHGB on Delta Vega, or could be Garth in the asylum, could still be Khan. I give up I think…

#4 Chris Doohan

The toilet slides out of the wall, I think (do not use while in spacedock)

13. Scott - December 10, 2012

I still think it is Khan…Khan did have a uniform on during the TOS episode…and during STII:TWOK he had a Starfleet coat on once onboard the Reliant.

14. Father Robert Lyons - December 10, 2012

My guesses:

1) Fleet Captain Garth of Izar
2) Commodore Matt Decker

To be a person from within the ranks who has the power to mess with Starfleet and the Federation, it has to be a command grade officer. Garth’s existent backstory establishes he was messed up… what if, instead of getting to him and putting him in an institution, he made good on his promises to give the Antosians the universe?

On the other hand, Decker was higher ranked, and might have deeper insight into fleet operations. Perhaps Decker went nuts with paranoia after the Narada hit the local neighborhood, and, when the Fleet ignored him, he went beserk.

Anyway, they are my top two candidates.

Others could be Bob Wesley, Commodore Wainwright, Commodore Stocker, etc. I am fairly certain the person has to at least be a starship commander.


15. Jonathan - December 10, 2012

Looks more like an airlock to me. The hole in the middle looks out in to space

16. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

10. Darmok – It’s his iPod playing a Japanese infomercial from the looks of it.

That image SCREAMS Gary. To me at least!

17. Commodore Adams - December 10, 2012

Glass? Cereal? C’mon TOS had force fields. Still its a nicely designed brig.

@ 9. tpug – good call.

18. Elias Javalis - December 10, 2012

The wall behind him is like an airlock!

19. Moputo Jones - December 10, 2012

CumberVillain clearly doesn’t have pointed ears. Enough with this Sybok nonsense! If not Khan himself, then either another Augment or a descendant of Khan.

20. Sprout9000 - December 10, 2012

Kirk and Spock rocking the hipster Starfleet pants.

21. OldDarth - December 10, 2012

Same as before.

Mitchell or Garth.

Hoping for Garth.

22. sk8r_gurl - December 10, 2012

2. Tiberius Mudd – agreed. Puh-lease don’t let this movie have a “he meant to get captured” sequence ala TDK, Skyfall, Avengers, that trope is playyyyyyyed out.

Dig the new brig, though.

23. Hythlodeus - December 10, 2012

Okay. The villain gets himself caught just to blow up the heroes headquarters. Sounds like a plot I have NEVER seen before… *cough*TheDarkKnight*cough*Avengers*cough*Skyfall*cough

But really, it is getting less likely with every new info that this is Mitchell we are talking about.

24. Nony - December 10, 2012

Their pants do appear to have gotten tighter since the last movie. I’m just going to examine this image for a while for…potential clues. Hmm. Yes.

25. Buzz Cagney - December 10, 2012

looks very Where No Man Has Gone Before to me too. Of course he doesn’t look bothered, he knows he can wish the cell wall away whenever he wants to.

26. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 10, 2012

@10 I think that’s an image of the villain from TOS who Cumberbach will be playing in Star Trek Into Darkness…

27. Phil - December 10, 2012

@4. People don’t go to the bathroom in the 23rd century. Either that, or there is a hole in the floor, that leads to the replicator downstairs….

28. Lord Britan - December 10, 2012

Garth of Izar. He can do the things this character is doing. He can shapeshift, and it’s not a stretch to imagine him jumping around and being very strong. Just fits this to a T.

29. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 10, 2012

Also is it me or does the lens flare seem less apparent?

30. AyanEva - December 10, 2012

So this Italian page shows the image and mentions a caption that includes a name. Not a name I’ve heard of and the only thing they say about it is, “The caption speaks of [name] , who is?”

Granted, I had to run this through Google Translator and we know how well that works out sometimes. The rest of the page seems to have translated perfectly fine though, for what it’s worth.

I only lurk here normally and don’t know the policy about posting links but it’s on Screen Week Blog.

Can anyone shed some light?

31. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

That back wall is such a 2001 homage that it brings tears to my eyes… maybe it is an airlock into space so that if Gary or whoever acts up, they press a button and shoosh him into the vacuum.

32. Elias Javalis - December 10, 2012

Something tells me the villain is a clone from the Eugenic Wars. Not Khan..!

Remember Cold Station episode from Enterprise?

33. Saiyan - December 10, 2012

Zoomed into the centre of the wall. Looks like a window that leads out into space I’m going with airlock or emergency bulkhead

34. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

30. AyanEva – The Italian page says that the name (of the sci fi author???) was attached to the slide. No other info.

35. AyanEva - December 10, 2012

34. Thanks! I was hoping someone could read that a bit better than I could.

36. Dr. Cheis - December 10, 2012

I’m not sure it’s the brig. Why does the brig need a big thing on the back wall that looks like some sort of fancy camera? I say airlock or perhaps medical quarantine/decontamination?

37. Dr. Cheis - December 10, 2012

Oh (sorry to double post) I also just realized. Even the original series had force fields on the brig. Why would JJ pass up an opportunity to insert a special effect where one made sense?

38. Saiyan - December 10, 2012

What that on cumbernatch’s arm???

39. Richard - December 10, 2012

Waits for MJ to show up to tell us all how its going to be Khan for the 163526th time.

40. gingerly - December 10, 2012


Have you never seen Firefly?

It unfolds from the wall. ;)

41. saavik001 - December 10, 2012

I hope those new Trek kids bring their A game. Cumberbatch is a very talented actor.

42. MattR - December 10, 2012

He’s even wearing the same boots.

43. Mad Man - December 10, 2012

Wow. That’s so Gary Mitchell. BUT: maybe it is on purpose. Misdirection.

44. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Kirk still doesn’t quite have Federation sideburns XD

45. Tiberius Subprime - December 10, 2012

Still say Garth or Gary M.
Either of them might have the power to heal.

Gary Seven now becomes an outsider for me.

Can’t see how it could be Decker or the other top ranking officers mentioned. It’s possible, but I doubt it. No way it is Sybok, unless he had his appearance altered to pass as human.

And that looks like a brig to me. There is a bed to the left.

46. Vince - December 10, 2012

Honestly, I give up on who it is. It’s just starting to annoy me now. Whatever I’ll just wait for actual full proof evidence of it is. Sick of guessing :/

47. Majicou - December 10, 2012

I have to say that if this is the brig with a physical barrier between the prisoner and the rest of the ship (or facility), it’s about damned time. Sure, force fields are cool and futuristic–right up until the power goes out, which isn’t such a rare occurrence in Star Trek.

48. dean-o - December 10, 2012

Yep, that’s Gary Mitchell! No other option makes sense. The scene is a dead-ringer for the WNMHGB pilot, and Cumby looks just like GM. The fan boys who refuse to accept he’s not Khan are idiots.

49. George Kirk - December 10, 2012

Is anyone entertaining the possibility that Cumberbatch could be a Klingon, sans brow-ridges? All the vengeance stuff sounds very Klingon. The healing part not so much I suppose. Well, never mind, talked myself out of it.

50. Jonny Boy - December 10, 2012

Definitely the brig. The reflective screen-type thing on the back wall appears to be a mirror. You can tell its a reflection of the entire cell, with all three of the men reflected in it. Cumberbaddie is the easiest to make out. I guess a mirror showing the entire cell from the back is useful for anyone outside to be able to see everything going on at a glance. No subterfuge in this brig lol.

51. Smike - December 10, 2012

@49: Arne Darwin then?

52. expatminister - December 10, 2012

After watching the teaser, I’m introducing a brand new hypothesis: Ben Finney, alt-universe style. Wants revenge on Kirk & Co. If I’m wrong, I’m gloriously wrong!

53. Spockchick - December 10, 2012

He’s Loki

54. Darkthunder - December 10, 2012

My bet is that it’s part of the Enterprise “airlock”, and not necessarily a Brig. I’m wondering if the NuEnterprise even -has- a Brig? If it has, why did Spock jettison Kirk in an escape pod in the 2009 movie? Why not just throw him in the brig?

55. Spock Jr. - December 10, 2012

I’m going on the record, Trek-friends! This is it! One shot – and I’m taking it! BC is playing… Lazarus from The Alternative Factor – A and B – one capable of miracles, the other… nothing but destruction. And ‘Into Darkness’ is the dimension we have somehow clashed with! ;D

56. Craiger - December 10, 2012

That brig is bigger than Archer’s Ready Room. LOL.

57. Craiger - December 10, 2012

#54 – That was set up so Kirk could meet old Spock on Delta Vega.

58. Craiger - December 10, 2012

#55 – Lazarus wasn’t in Starfleet.

59. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

If Orci, Kurtzman and Lindolf are that well versed in Trek, they’d bloody well remember that the brig had forcefields and not glass!

60. Optimistic Doodle - December 10, 2012

Call me stupid, but how exactly did C get to be behind the plexi? Transporter beam? Or via the hatch behind him…

61. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

Perhaps the brig wasn’t going to be operational until Tuesday? ;-)

62. CoolPT - December 10, 2012

Why does it look like Cumby has a photo of Amy Winehouse on his sleeve???

63. Aqua - December 10, 2012

Medical isolation ward?

64. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012


What #58 says…

65. Thorny - December 10, 2012

Darkthunder… that’s one of the plot elements that really dragged down Trek 2009. We can hear the justifications that “it was the universe trying to set things right and get Kirk and Spock together again” from now until doomsday, but it still is sloppy writing. I still liked the movie, though.

And shouldn’t the brig have a cot in it somewhere?

66. Hythlodeus - December 10, 2012

@59 wait. I’ve read that exact same sentence just one minute ago on another board.
Deathlok, I presume?

67. Troi's bar of soap - December 10, 2012

maybe Sulaban (not sure of the spelling) from Enterprise, temporal cold war and all that

68. Matias47 - December 10, 2012

I know who the villain is — Stay with me here while I explain — It’s —


In “Inside Star Trek: The Real Story” (forgive the quotes. I’m not sure how to underline here) Herbert Solow and Robert Justman allude a missing “lace piece,” which is a really fine wig, of Shatner’s. They had no proof, but they’re pretty sure Bill walked off with it. Now, by the time of the movies Bill had replaced the good wig with a far lesser Hairclub for Men-looking thing. Well, the lace piece had sat around for years, collecting dust, anger building, until it escaped through a small wormhole and landed in a dimension where Star Trek is reality and not fiction. Once there it crawls onto the head of an unsuspecting British Starfleet member and posses him, like Snake’s hair took over Homer in the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode.

Now connected to someone who knows the society the wig decides to decimate anything and everything that reminds him of his Star Trek glory days when he was treated with care and respect.

It’s got it all — a TOS connection, vengeance, wild and goofy science fiction — what more could a Trek Fan want?

69. Spock Jr. - December 10, 2012

#58 – Doesn’t need to be the same as the episode. It’s a reinvention of the character.

70. Smike - December 10, 2012

@52: Gosh! Yeah…Ben Finney does indeed make sense, in this universe even more. At least, he’s got a motive. On TOS, he was degraded to a lower rank due to a mistake that Ensign Kirk had reported. Look at NuKirk’s career: he made it from Junior Cadet to Starship Captain in…well..a few days? Maybe Finney is even more jealuous this time round…On the other hand, so would be the entire fleet…LOL

But Ben Finney can’t heal kids, is no one-man WMD etc…and is FAR from being the “iconic” character Cumby is supposed to play. Even Mitchell hardly qualifies as “iconic”, though he was in the second pilot…

71. Driver - December 10, 2012

Kirk’s sideburns are not pointy enough. The image on Cumby’s arm is a reflection from the glass. It could a scene from Fleet HQ not Enterprise. Cumby is part of Starfleet else he would be wearing non emblem prisoner garb.

72. O - December 10, 2012

Paramount has a caption that states Cumby is playing ‘John Harrison’.

73. Spaceman - December 10, 2012

@ 48. Dean-o, I am a fanboy and I am dead certain it’s not Khan, in fact – I am QUITE insistent that it is Garth of Izar, and that anyone who thinks differently isn’t looking for connections outside of “ooooh, it looks like Michell…” They already have a homage to TWOK in this movie, the last movie was full of homages and easter eggs. This brig scene is just another iconic star trek scene re-interpreted with no connection to WNMHGB.

74. RoobyDoo - December 10, 2012

Just because I don’t think I’ve seen it yet — Cumby is Khan’s son, born a year after the Botany Bay is found by Nero’s Klingons.

75. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

Hey dean-o, (48) why so angry and calling the Khan people, “idiots.” I still believe it’s Khan but yes you Mitchell believers have more ammunition. We’ve seen the Starfleet undershirt before. And yes, again, from the photo, it looks like BC has pointed sideburns like crew of Starfleet.

I trust Anthony’s reporting. His story that BC was Khan was confirmed by sources. Anthony is very cautious about what he reports. When rumors swirled it was Khan, he waited until he had sources to confirm it. If it’s not Khan, those sources should be ready for the Wrath of Pasquale. :-)

By the way, the brig has a kind of 2001 vibe. Reminds me of a gigantic HAL.

76. Captain Hackett - December 10, 2012

It is most definitely the brig, not airlock. If the picture showed an airlock, then it should have a control panel inside right? And, it is way too big for the airlock.

77. Alec - December 10, 2012

Are you sure Benny is in the Brig? Perhaps Kirk and Spock are. It’s Khan – he has returned a la Space Seed.

78. Spock Jr. - December 10, 2012


What #69 says…

79. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

Yep, that’s me!

80. psb2009 - December 10, 2012

it’s Roger Corby. The blonde is Chapel.

81. mojo - December 10, 2012


82. Aix - December 10, 2012

Wait. I have seen this before! Avengers. Loki. Capture cell.

83. Sub Trek - December 10, 2012

Could the thing on BC’s arm actually be a button on the glass? It’s right in the center of the two stripes.

84. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

I wish things wouldn’t get reinvented all the time, it makes my head ache!

By the way someone send Kirk to Mots Grandfather for a Starfleet regulation haircut…

85. Walter - December 10, 2012

Could be Gary Mitchell. Could still be Dr. Noonian Soong, too.

86. gingerly - December 10, 2012


I would DIE if it were Finnegan.

For the longest time, I thought Cupcake was Finnegan.

…but yeah, it’s not Finnegan. XD

I have a feeling that it will seem so obvious in hindsight, who it is, once it’s revealed.

87. Sebi - December 10, 2012

What I noticed – maybe others did too – that during the scene with the Klingon, Benedict’s hair seems a lot longer than in this shot. This suggests that this is an image from the beginning of the movie and some time passes until the villian “returns to have his vengance”….

Of course, that doesn’t tell us who BC is….

88. Punkspocker - December 10, 2012

I seriously can’t speculate anymore. That’s why I let all of you do it for me. All I can say is that Cumberbatch is a f@$&ing panty melter!

89. Aix - December 10, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch and Spock were planning something without Kirk knowing it? Resulting to the hand on glass scene. :O

90. Hythlodeus - December 10, 2012

A starfleet member that was crewmember in The Cage? would explain why he could help that girl. Talosian technology and stuff..

91. Craiger - December 10, 2012

I am wondering if it could be Garth. I looked him up and on the Memory Beta site it mentions the Battle of Axenar. Could that scene with Cumberbatch and the Klingon be a flashback scene showing that battle?

92. Travis - December 10, 2012

@48 Dean-O: Idiots huh? Well lets see here! 1st: Gary Mitchell on WNMHGB and on the first Star Trek Ongoing comic is DEAD! 2nd: Gary Mitchell was never and IS never a Villain for a Star Trek Movie! Khan ( Character ) may i remind you is 2nd in the best Sci-Fi Villain list to Darth Vader! 3rd: Maybe you should watch the teaser trailer again huh?! Gary Mitchell doesnt talk European, Benedict’s Character eyes remain to a normal human being, Benedict’s Villain ( If he was Gary Mitchell ) shouldnt have trouble kicking the shit out of the Klingons but guess what he did and carried a weapon that gary Mitchell would never do! The villain is indeed KHAN or another Augment from the 1990’s!

Also too if you want to know who Alice Eve looks like???… She looks exactly like the actor who played Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! Dont believe me then look it up….

93. Nurse Gabble - December 10, 2012

Right now I don’t care who the villain is.
I just love that stare of BC

94. Trekzilla - December 10, 2012

Gary Mitchell. Has to be. It’s practically an updated version of Mitchell in the brig from WNMHGB.

95. Captain Hackett - December 10, 2012

No. 4. Chris Doonan –

How come there were no toilet in brig in TOS TV series?, too! ;)

96. Flake - December 10, 2012


97. vera - December 10, 2012

I bet a scene similar to this one prompted that tweet about it being Benedict’s hand on the glass. But it doesn’t prove anything.

98. Legate Damar - December 10, 2012

It’s got to be Cyrano Jones. He wants revenge for being forced to spend decades cleaning Tribbles off of that starbase.

99. SherlockFangirl - December 10, 2012

Don’t you people in the 23rd century ever pee?

100. Tanner Waterbury - December 10, 2012

Could it be a Khan Clone? We all say it may or may not be Khan, but he sure doesn’t look the part. Could he be a slow growing Augment? In a sense, a continuation of Arik Soong’s secret Augment Experiment, and called him Khan?

101. Peter Loader - December 10, 2012

In my opinion… Cumby’s a former Starship Captain long thought dead… now on a mission of vengeance and needs Kirk’s help.
A Captain rescued by and alien race, given a unique power to sustain his life force and help others.The question is which Captain.

102. Josh B - December 10, 2012

Nice work of late Anthony! Keep the details coming!!

103. Trekzilla - December 10, 2012

Yes, that thing behind Cumby does look like the “Eye of Hal” from 2001. Guess who was in 2001? Gary Lockwood who played Gary Mitchell in WNMHGB.


I think not.

104. Vulcanchop - December 10, 2012 says Cumberbatch is……John Harrison? Who?

105. Dunsel Report - December 10, 2012

#101 Cool idea. A bit like Philip K. Dick’s “Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.”

106. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - December 10, 2012

Who is ‘John Harrison’ then?

107. Hythlodeus - December 10, 2012

yeah, and notice how cumberbatch wears shoes? Guess in which movie people wore shoes? Spy Kids 3D in which Ricardo Montalban played a part.


Of course.

108. Flake - December 10, 2012

The key here appears to be Peter Weller :)

Whether it is Khan or not, I think Cumberbiatch is working for him… doing his bidding. Maybe he awoke Khan and also just happens to be working on some new terraforming technology for the Federation?

109. Nucleus - December 10, 2012

This is Elba II asylum.
The prisioner is Garth of Izar.
It looks like there is a lot of space around Kirk an Spock, to much space for an starfleet ship.
I want to mention that Garth is a britisch name and the name of a britisch village. So there is a connection too.

110. Aix - December 10, 2012

Some say the caption of this photo names Cumberbatch’s character as John Harrison. LOL!

111. Nony - December 10, 2012

There’s a crew member named Harrison in a bunch of TOS episodes…I’m guessing it’s probably a John Doe-like assumed name, though.

112. Johnny - December 10, 2012

Guys… we now have an official ID on Cumberbatch’s character. Did Trekmovie miss this part?

The official “caption” for this photo reads as follows:

“(Left to right) Zachary Quinto is Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.”


113. AJ - December 10, 2012

The “John Harrison” thing is all over the web. Apparently the brig photo was pre-captioned with the name.

114. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 10, 2012

I am not seeing Khan or Mitchell here. Possibly Garth. I am still thinking a Romulan or Vulcan who has had his ears surgically altered or another Vulcan/Human hybrid like Spock, except that he inherited human ears, instead of vulcan ears.

Picture does not actually say much, if anything, at all, except that these characters/actors are all tall, cool looking dudes

115. Moputo Jones - December 10, 2012

John Harrison? Like I said before, Cumby’s probably an Augment.

116. Tesla's Cat - December 10, 2012

NEW CHARACTER! YESSSS! *punches air*

117. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

Sorry Travis, but I can’t let your comment slide by without saying something. Alice looks almost exactly like Dr. Dehner’s character from “Where no man has gone before”

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the comparison image I have put together…

Also, Carol Marcus was never in Starfleet. Alice Eve’s character is.

118. Aix - December 10, 2012

So John ‘Longitude’ Harrison is a real person and a clockmaker and marine chronometer. I read somewhere he is standing in the Greenwich Observatory (where the prime meridian lies) in the poster. WOAH!!!

119. Aix - December 10, 2012

I mean, inventor of marine chronometer.

120. Floggy Bottom - December 10, 2012

I thought Immediately of this John Harrison, the clock maker (see the book “Longitude” and/or visit his clocks at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich).

I presume this is a misdirection name from JJ, but choosing Harrison must have some relevance…

121. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

Might want to look at this…

Sounds like Paramount misdirection to me!

122. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

Sorry Floggy, Aix

you must have submitted the same time as I did!

123. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

John Harrison is probably a decoy name.

I still think all we see fits Garth best… but could be Khan, Mitchell or Garth..

124. Peter Loader - December 10, 2012

Weller has got to be the larger villain of the piece. He’s nowhere to be seen in the first trailer and apparently not in the 9 minute version either. The focus on Cumby is a smoke screen designed to allow them a wow factor when Weller’s role is revealed.

125. Gilnitz89 - December 10, 2012

Harrison was an off had crew member in a good number of TOS episodes too.

126. Gilnitz89 - December 10, 2012


127. Gilnitz89 - December 10, 2012

i’m thinking it’s all just misdirection though.

128. Floggy Bottom - December 10, 2012

Further, I smell the beginnings of a viral campaign. Harrison is just the first clue.

129. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

I still hope it is Gary Mitchell.
Khan already had his own film, which BTW cannot be improved, they can only screw it up if the use Khan again.
Garth of Izar? That would be just weird.

130. noleknight - December 10, 2012

You guys are being played so hard…listen to how ridiculous you all sound.

131. Aix - December 10, 2012

Does that mean he is a time-bender of some sort? Or he can travel from one universe to another?

132. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@112 Johnny,

I sure hope so. I hope that’s what Orci lied about. Frankly I don’t like any of the options being suggested. They don’t serve anything we’ve read or seen so far.

The best bet would be a new character with lots of nods to other Trek lore for the fans. New audiences won’t care who it is, they don’t even know who Khan is. Whereas Trek fans likely will care.

133. Wayander_Neo - December 10, 2012

Taken from Memory-Alpha:

“When Khan Noonien Singh attempted to take over the ship in 2267, Harrison wore a red operations division uniform while among the crew trapped on the bridge. Kirk’s captain’s log noted commendations for numerous personnel, including Technician Harrison, who lost consciousness from oxygen deprivation. (TOS: “Space Seed”)”

The games afoot………

134. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

I still say Weller sounds like Mudd. Garth needs arms, Mudd supplies. And Garth is not weird, if one understands him — and indeed, what we see in the 9 mins fits how Garth treats others. He tests people, and if they end up his friend, he gives them a lot, but if they go against him, he gets vengeful.

135. Sub Trek - December 10, 2012

Clockmaker reminds me of Dr. Manhattan.

136. AJ - December 10, 2012

I think ‘John Harrison’ is either a nom-de-voyage for the character, or, most likely a joke to keep fans guessing.

137. Hythlodeus - December 10, 2012

@125 Cumberbatches hairdo would fit Lt. Harrison as depicted on memory alpha. interesting

138. Colin - December 10, 2012

John Harrison is a mole on the Enterprise and a Section 31 Operative. This brig scene harkens back to Archer interrogating Malcolm Reed. Harrison may be secretly genetically engineered.

I. Am. Drooling.

139. Kirk's Girdle - December 10, 2012

How better to measure interest in your film than to drop a name and watch the net explode?

140. Optimistic Doodle - December 10, 2012

No, seriously, how did C enter the ‘Aquarium’?

141. Mark Lynch - December 10, 2012

Well, at least the aquarium fits with the Enterprise going swimming… ugh!

142. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

Wait. That picture is clearly a Horta pretending to be a human with Telosian aid.

143. Larry Nemecek - December 10, 2012

46. Only now?

93. No no, stay distracted. :-)

144. JPL65 - December 10, 2012

My take is that he is Gary Mitchell. They beginning of the film details the accident and effects as we remember. However, this Kirk does not kill him when he had the chance, but tries to contain him and the rest of the film are the result and consequences. The ESP effect grows stronger with time, and the whole thing gets our of control quickly.

145. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@137 Hythlodeus,

“Cumberbatches hairdo would fit Lt. Harrison as depicted on memory alpha. interesting”


I’ve never seen so much speculation in a film hinge on hairstyles!

And that’s about all that would match … Haha

146. TheWrathOfBong - December 10, 2012

Orci said he was canon. Didn’t say he was NOTABLE canon. That would be hilarious, if they used the name of an old red-shirt so they could claim the character as canon.

147. AJ - December 10, 2012

Now, it’s mainstream: NY Daily News:

148. Starscream2112 - December 10, 2012

That pic screams Charlie X to me.

149. ricker - December 10, 2012

John Harrison = Jack the Ripper

150. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

Garth John Harrison. Sounds like a real name. It is a real name. See how they are telling us it is Garth? By using John Harrison? Garth John Harrison is a real person, so we know Garth can be a first name, but in this universe, he could be using his middle name, John…..

151. Peter Loader - December 10, 2012

So is the war torn planet could be Ceti Alpha V.

152. Larry Nemecek - December 10, 2012

Just two points and an admission:

–If it IS a brig, and K/S are the ones being held … then Kirk has a wonderful circular deck port there to jump into.

–Perhaps that IS a forcefield–a wonderful new alt-universe forcefield that has a visible sheen, and enough density causing glasslike reflection? Makes as much CYA sense as everything else.

Lastly, an admission: I never noticed the actual bootstraps on JJverse Starfleet boots. They were there in ’09. Gosh, a wonderful metaphor for punk Kirk, and Our Times.

153. Kirk Nelson - December 10, 2012

Not Khan. Harrison.


154. ricker - December 10, 2012

No, they wouldn’t..

155. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

John Harrison took a pet Horta….

156. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

…yeah, it’s “Gary” Mitchell in the brig ;-)

it will be a force-field in post-production…

what else would they do? slide that whole “glass panel” open and closed? …i think not… ;-)

…but JJ probly DOES like breaking glass… LOL!

157. Fascinoma - December 10, 2012

If he really is taking on the role of Harrison, then I can see why they were looking for a Latino actor to play him, based upon the images on Memory Alpha. Because Harrison is not a well known character, most people wouldn’t notice if he’s “racebent” – there is the possibility of making a new character out if him, this is not like trying to recast Khan as a white guy… but on the other hand, Harrison is also a pretty common name. And using a lesser known TOS character and giving him an alternative destiny is kind of brilliant.

I am still Team Garth, in my ideal Trek movie, but this sounds pretty awesome.

158. Aix - December 10, 2012

They should have named him John Watson! Much funnier!

159. mirror_mirror_abrams - December 10, 2012

I think this may clear it up

160. Barney Fife - December 10, 2012

Bob Orci – The Wrath of ‘John’? How much are you, Abrams & Company enjoying all the comments from the Trekkers? I’m actually having fun with all of this and look forward the nine minutes this weekend!

161. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Duh! Harrison, of course! Should’ve known that! XD

162. gov - December 10, 2012

So…question…..why doesn’t he use his apparent “super powers” to simply escape? smash the brig?

also…there is a marked difference in skin tone between BC and Pine…does that help in deciphering the “hands on glass” moment? is it kirk or villain that spock is interacting with?

bigger version of image doesn’t scroll properly with firefox.

163. thecapn - December 10, 2012

Could he be Flint? Harrison just another assumed name in a long line of them?

164. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

John Harrison was a clockmaker, also a navigator. This is a hidden reference to TAS “The Counter Clock Incident.”. Cumberbatch is Robert April reversed aged.

From Memory Apha:

Then just as it comes time for the ‘detonation’, Spock becomes too little to reach the controls and so April ‘detonates’ Karla Five’s ship, triggering the supernova, which the Enterprise passes through, and they make it home to “our” universe.

165. newbie - December 10, 2012

I hope somebody has pointed this out already, but there is something DISTINCLTY ODD on Cumbys left hand in this picture.

just my two cents

166. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 10, 2012

Really????… John Harrison????

167. Drunk Garak - December 10, 2012

New one for the villain list: What if Cumberbatch is Zefram Cochrane?

Convoluted story to follow:
Perhaps a rogue Starfleet captain played by Peter Weller (Garth?) is on the run from a Starfleet ship and comes across Cochrane living out his life quietly with The Companion. Garth realizes the power of the Companion and wants it for himself. In a fight, Garth kills the entity, but not before the Companion endows Cochrane with superhuman strength. Cochrane, enraged by the murder of his lover at the hands of Starfleet captain, kills Garth, takes his damaged ship, and sets course for earth. Cochrane returns to Earth as a friend and a heroes welcome. After explaining his surprising youth and vigor, Starfleet quickly enlists him as an expert on warp fields. Now, safely welcomed into the Starfleet, he sets about his plan to detonate all warp ships (in a dramatic scene we see Starfleet ships dropping out of the sky and crashing to Earth) and take revenge on the organization which has corrupted and twisted his invention for war.

168. Sarah B - December 10, 2012

I’m going to take a guess that the image on Benedict’s arm is a still image of Lt. Harrison from a TOS episode, possibly Space Seed.

169. GARTH - December 10, 2012

who the “F” is John Harrison??? are you sure its not CAPTAIN John Harriman? = )

170. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

Maybe if Cumberbatch is Robert April reversed aged and enhanced, he takes revenge on Admiral Pike (who took over the Enterprise from him) killing him.

171. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

John Harrison? Two words: RED HERRING. JJ is just BEGGING you guys to start digging. Don’t fall for it :)

Man, who knows how the movie will turn out, but this marketing setup is nothing short of brilliant. The whole world is talking about a movie that doesn’t come out for five more months. If that’s not marketing brilliance, I don’t know what is.

172. thecapn - December 10, 2012

Oh, btw, the image on the thing behind BC is a reflection. If you look closely you can see that the light patterns are identical to those on the floor and ceiling of the brig, and you can see BC’s back, as well as Kirk and Spock’s front. I tried to Photoshop it for better detail, no luck, but it’s not reaching behind him like an airlock.

173. No Khan - December 10, 2012

If Its Khan in a way we’ve never seen Khan before. Then why not just create a new character. But they want too have Khan or some version of him, just to have Khan (Marketing) in it. I hate prequels or re-imagining that strays to far from the original character that we have cemented in our minds. These changes always end up being disappointing. I’m already not liking this Khan as a geneticist.

174. Sebi - December 10, 2012

My guess is that John Harrison is not the real name but maybe a name BCs character used to cover up his true identity while on earth.

So now I’m going back to Khan. Who else would need to hide his true name?

175. J - December 10, 2012

MJ, are you there? It’s me, Khan

176. Randall - December 10, 2012

My understanding from the Italian site this was first posted on was that Kirk *asks* Cumberbatch ABOUT John Harrison. Not that Cumberbatch IS John Harrison.

177. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@97 vera,
“I bet a scene similar to this one prompted that tweet about it being Benedict’s hand on the glass. But it doesn’t prove anything.”

That’s a good bet. People are quick to assume things from brief clips. Without having seen it, I will only point out that in the scene on glass in the Japanese trailer, the lights are off on the foreground side of the shot and as evidenced here, the lights are quite bright behind the glass. Suggests it is a completely different location, though there are admittedly any number of reasons why the lights might be turned off in the chamber pictured here. There’s also the fact that this appears to be a force field of some sort (despite the seemingly reflective surface), as a giant pane of glass to open and close a jail cell seems infinitely impractical to me. But then what do I know about 23rd century penal practices.

On the other hand, could this be some kind of containment cell in sick bay. That would make a certain amount of sense too since you would not only want to be able to see the patient as well as access them easily. Since presumably they would not be struggling with you as a prisoner might, a giant glass door would be less impractical here.

Plus, everybody looks clean and fresh, which suggest this is all well before anybody has started fighting with each other. The name “Harrision” aside for a moment, in the case of Mitchell, certainly possible they are running tests on him before he has started the change for instance.

178. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

John Harrison. Finally, a name!

179. dontcare - December 10, 2012

@165. He has a monitoring device on his sleeve, zoom the picture, it’s pretty obvious.

180. Sub Trek - December 10, 2012


Think so too:

Harrison is in Space Seed -> Kahn

John Harrison is a clockmaker -> Dr. Manhattan -> Mitchell

Sounds a bit far-fetched but it seems like a good fit for some further misdirection by giving both main sides some fodder. Also makes me think that it is neither of them.

181. Fascinoma (Team Garth) - December 10, 2012

I think that in one interview, Cumberbatch implied that if people actually knew who the villain was, they wouldn’t be interested.

Generating buzz because he’s a complete unknown? Brilliant!

182. Drunk Garak - December 10, 2012

Also, our friend Bob Orci claimed the villain is canon, but didn’t say which canon. Perhaps Cumby is the Joker, or Loki, or Raoul Silva. We know getting captured by the good guys in the second act is all part of their overly contrived plan to unleash chaos from within.

183. phasers on stun - December 10, 2012

What about Dr. Richard Daystrom, creator of the comptronic and duotronic systems. The guy was unstable and ultimately killed hundreds of people with his M5 computer. As a rewrite for the new timeline, he implants some type of computer thing in his body giving him the ability to control starfleet systems using his mind and detonate the fleet and other super abilities.

Or maybe it’s Gary Mitchel but with a different name (so the producers can say it isn’t Gary).

184. mirror_mirror_abrams - December 10, 2012

I enlarged and sharpened the image to see what was on the sleeve..looks like a picture of a tholian

185. Legend of Link - December 10, 2012

This may be a red herring, but maybe he takes on the name John Harrison to throw off the crew. I don’t think they’d post such a blatant lie on the net. This is exactly what Nolan did for Batman Begins. They posted pictures of the actor posing as Ra’s Al Ghul and labeled the pictures accordingly. However, as we all know *SPOILER* Liam Neeson was eventually revealed to be the real Ra’s Al Ghul.

I think Spock and Kirk both BELIEVE Cumby is Harrison, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to this than meets the eye.

186. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Did a John Harrison appear in the ‘Ongoing’ comics?

187. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

I am finally convinced Cumberbatch is a enhanced reversed aged Capt Robert April. He seeks vengeance against Admiral Pike and tries to destroy Starfleet top brass (as seen in the trailer where phaser fire erupts at a round table meeting). He kills Pike (funeral scene).

188. cw - December 10, 2012

183: But he was black? That’s a stretch, saying he’d end up with the same name and vocation with a totally different parent (due to the Nero thingy)

189. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

The image that appears to be on CumberbatcHarrisons’ arm isn’t really on his arm at all, folks; its a reflection from the intervening glass.

190. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@174 Sebi,
“My guess is that John Harrison is not the real name but maybe a name BCs character used to cover up his true identity while on earth. So now I’m going back to Khan. Who else would need to hide his true name?”

ASSUMING Harrison is a legit name, this is a fairly acceptable rationale for Khan.

The stumbling block, is that they still have to explain how Khan became a blue-eye white guy with an English accent, and why he’s lurking about outside hospitals and offering to save sick little girls. Even if you the appearance change, the rest of it doesn’t really match up with what motivates Khan, or how he typically behaves.

But I would accept that this is an alias for the character whomever it is that allows JJ to identify the character without giving anything away.

191. Fascinoma (Team Garth) - December 10, 2012

This is a huge reason I don’t believe Cumbervillain is at all Khan.

Khan just isn’t the sneaky type. He’s not someone who’d be sneaky or covert, or who would use an assumed name.

He’s bombastic. He wants you to behold the glory of his Khan Khleavage.

192. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Is that thing in the center a decompression chamber? XD

193. Sarah B - December 10, 2012

I wondered if Noel Clarke was perhaps playing Dr. Richard Daystrom and that Benedict’s character wanted something from him and would use his daughter as leverage. Just a thought….

194. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

That glass eye behind Cumberbatch could be the latest version of the HAL-9000

195. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

He’s actually the aggregate of all the red shirts from TOS come back to life thanks to the Telosians to get revenge for Kirk sending them to their deaths.

196. Flake - December 10, 2012


197. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 10, 2012

@190 – different universe, different Khan… Meaning he could be someone totally different in this universe to what he was in the prime timeline…

198. Daniel Broadway - December 10, 2012

Since this name has been released, if legit, I would expect Trekmovie to issue a retraction of it’s earlier April 2012 assertion that Cumberbatch is Khan. Since they have not issued said retraction, I will believe it’s Khan until told officially otherwise. I have never known of a Trekmovie source to be wrong, unless I am overlooking something.

199. porthoses bitch - December 10, 2012

heres a cool little mindf..k….that wall is none other than transparent aluminum…..question… if we say archers ent. is still true canon..then did the original timeline crew visit 20th century SF in this timeline?

John Harrrison is the great great great grandson of Rick Harrison fromk PAWNSTARS…A show where harcourt Fenton Mudd would would feel right at home….Chumley is playing Harry.

200. porthoses bitch - December 10, 2012

heres a cool little mindf..k….that wall is none other than transparent aluminum…..question… if we say archers ent. is still true canon..then did the original timeline crew visit 20th century SF in this timeline?

John Harrrison is the great great great grandson of Rick Harrison fromk PAWNSTARS…A show where harcourt Fenton Mudd would would feel right at home….Chumley is playing Harry.

201. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 10, 2012

OMG So the villain’s name is given and people still can’t get off their Khan/Mitchell obsession. Seriously, WTF? This is truly, seriously NUTS! Come on, people.

I think that may be the lie that Bob Orci told – ie that the villain is somebody iconic to TOS TV and movies canon.

It appears that John Harrison is a totally new character – YAY – who was most likely born in 23rd century Britain. The only way to understand his motives for revenge is by going to see the movie. Whether the name of John Harrison was given to him in honour of the historical John Harrison, who knows. It is not an usual name.

Please, Bob – confirm? Was that the lie?

202. NuFan - December 10, 2012

Genetics has been used to make Special K look like a caucasian named John Harrison.

Genetics has been used to cure Special K’s descendent, the Indian girl dying in the hospital.

203. AJ - December 10, 2012

One thing is for sure: He has the pointed sideburns and clean-cut look of a Starfleet Officer. If they were bringing him back from that war-torn planet, I doubt he’d look so spiffy. Perhaps the brig is at SF Command, and not on the Enterprise.

He obviously leaves Earth at some point, and goes to hunt some Klingon.

204. RAMA - December 10, 2012

It’s FLint!!

205. Ciaran - December 10, 2012

Thank you Anthony for giving us this extremely satisfying piece of news. It’s fantastic now to know the name of our new villain. Now we can finally put these ridiculous Khan/Gary Mitchell/Garth of Izar/Trelane/Q/Charlie X rumours to bed.

206. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

ALL OF YOU……………..LET GO!!!!!!!

It is NOT- Gary Mitchell or Khan.

Just as you wanted- it is a new character……..enjoy!

207. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

Well they originally wanted Benicio Del Toro (Puerto Rican) as the lead. He actually resembles the Ron Veto (Hawaiian) who played Harrison in the original series first season episodes. Check out the comparison:

Ron Veto/ Lt Harrison

Del Toro

208. Craiger - December 10, 2012

What if he is just some canon Starfleet officer that is a Captain or a Commodore that was court martialed and desgraced by Starfleet and now he seeks revenge?

209. Aurore - December 10, 2012

John (a.k.a. NEW character?) Harrison, huh?



210. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@197 Picard, Jean-Luc,

“different universe, different Khan… Meaning he could be someone totally different in this universe to what he was in the prime timeline…”

No he couldn’t. It’s the exact same universe up until Nero showed up. Khan was already established and in suspended animation for 250 years.

211. LizardGirl - December 10, 2012

He doesn’t look very Khan-ish here. But he does look very handsome.

212. JohnRambo - December 10, 2012

John Harrison? NEVER!!!!!

213. Craiger - December 10, 2012

#206 – No its not a new character, Orci said its a canon character.

214. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 10, 2012

#201. Rose (as in Keachick)

And What about this?

OMG………………………;-) :-)

215. No Khan - December 10, 2012

Peter Weller = Khan! He will only appear at the end of the movie. Being awakened on the Botany Bay.

216. Nony - December 10, 2012


That’s it! He’s playing a young Senator Vreenak, post-plastic surgery. That’s why he was in the hospital.

“You think your world is safe? IT’S FAAAAAAAKE.”

217. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

Garth is pretending to be John Harrison, obviously. Garth does that you know. Pretend to be someone else.

218. Craiger - December 10, 2012

That photo on Cumberbatch’s arm could be his wife or girlfriend.

219. James T West - December 10, 2012

Above all things, a God needs compassion!!!!

220. Craiger - December 10, 2012

#215 Would Weller be a big enough box office draw as Khan?

221. ME!! - December 10, 2012

Wow. They name the character and you’re all STILL going on about Khan and Mitchell (and Garth). Amazing.

Fact is, there was a TOS character named Harrison. Look him up. He was in lots of episodes in the background. Is this Cumbie’s character? Who knows? I’m just glad to have a name and that it isn’t KHAN!!

222. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

This can either be good or bad.
If John Harrison is a completely new character, and the whole “It’s gonna be an iconic TOS-character” was just a hoax, i’m fine with it.
But if John Harrison is just a decoy-name for Khan, i will be pissed.

223. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

Congrats to everyone on the STiD pic for coming up with someone………


On a side note and I know everyone will hate me this……..

but Bob, would you ever consider writing for the new Disney/Star Wars pics or no????

224. B.T. Dubbs - December 10, 2012

So i haven’t read every post – just scanned them – but i haven’t seen anyone suggest Harrison could be a dude taken over by an ‘entity’. One that we would recognize from canon, even if we don’t recognize his host?

225. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

John Harrison John Harriman (Enterprise-B captain).

Off by two letters.

Even though this is an alternate reality, the difference in those two letters cannot be explained if they’re intended to be the same person.

Although the actor who played John Harriman (Ferris Bueller’s friend) looks a bit like CB.

226. Sarah B - December 10, 2012

Peter Weller=Colonel Green and Benedict=Khan. It seems likely that the two of them must have been aware of each other during the Eugenics Wars….

227. Aix - December 10, 2012

Somebody ask Tom Hardy (Bane) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) to connive and get Benedict Cumberbatch drunk and make him reveal his identity in this film. I heard they are all good friends anyway.

This is soo effing frustrating and fun at the same. Ugh.

228. Sunfell - December 10, 2012

That explains the original casting call for a “Latino” male for the character.


Funtime starts now: “Jooooooooohn!!!’


This’ll be a great movie- no retreads. Excellent.

229. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

I WANT one of those Starfleet black long-sleeved t-shirts! =)

230. OtherGuy - December 10, 2012

It is Charlie X-Man, and they are all aboard the USS Enter-carrier (as in Avengers). That’s why the E has to rise out of the water. It was the true “wonder” moment from this year’s most popular film.

Let’s see how many popular movie ideas can JJ and the gang appropriate this time around.

Perhaps the reason Charlie X-man’s eyes are so green is because he is wearing his Lantern ring. Which is great for Kirk, because he is wearing yellow.

231. B.T. Dubbs - December 10, 2012

… or maybe it’s a misprint and he’s playing Gregory Harrison…

232. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

Don’t discount the chance John Harrison is embodying the “real” TOS villain …John Harrison may be the “name” of the character, but I doubt we’ve heard the last of his “identity.”

233. Craiger - December 10, 2012

What if they genetically engineer a new Khan and show flashbacks of Khan and Colonel Green during the Eugnenics Wars?

234. TOSship - December 10, 2012

I think “John Harrison” is a fake name for disinformation purposes..
it’s meant to look like paramount slipped up and accidentally released the name.

1. so they could release images to appease fans but not give away plot

2. free publicity – to keep the guessing game going, I mean.. come on look at the firestorm on all the forums.

3. Of course I could be wrong and John Harrison is an all new original villain. Can’t be Gary Mitchell, he was all about controlling things with his mind not super strength and action. Could be a Joachim type of character with Weller as Khan.

235. Tony Whitehead - December 10, 2012

This is obviously an Apple store and Kirk and Spock are ordering the new iPad from John Harrison. That is all.

236. dontcare - December 10, 2012

@210. But the timeline changed the first time when Archer and T’Pol went back to WW II, I mean seriously Plasma cannons in Nazi hands, Nazi’s occupying New York, etc, serious changes there, everything after that is up for grabs.

237. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

…yeah, it looks VERY DERIVATIVE… wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets sued for infringement… LOL!

238. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

@234 I agree.

Or it’s really Harrison Ford and the villian is really Han Solo :)

239. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012

There is a slight resemblance between Cumberbatch and Ron Veto who played Harrison. The way their hair is combed is very similar. Del Toro resembles him very much. Now we know why they wanted a Hispanic looking actor.

240. Ste - December 10, 2012

Cumberbatch has shorter, more coiffed hair here so this is in the past where whatever he wants vengeance for happened. I also think this is an airlock although noone looks particularly bothered that he’s standing in an airlock!!

241. SB - December 10, 2012

I am absolutely convinced that the villain is [INSERT NAME OF TOS CHARACTER] because of [INSERT RIDICULOUS MINOR DETAIL ONLY A DIEHARD FAN WOULD KNOW], which proves that the movie will [SUCK/ROCK/PICK ONE].

There. Now I really feel like a Star Trek fan.

242. Johnnyb807 - December 10, 2012

@4 (Chris Doohan) In ST V: The Final Frontier when Kirk, Spock & McCoy were in the Brigg, Kirk pressed a button & the toiled slid out of the wall. I assume it’s the same thing here.

To everyone else (Chris included :D ) , thank God Benjamin Cumberbatch is not Khan.

243. M - December 10, 2012

Just a thought but could John Harrison be a temporal cold agent like Daniels from Enterprise? Perhaps an agent for any of the temporal cold war factions. If so, he could have unimaginable technology that could be explain the one man weapon of mass destruction part and the ability to heal.

244. Schwozh - December 10, 2012

Perhaps it has something to do with klingon augments from Ent? klingons cloned one of the augments from Ent (100 years later “again”) to use him as a weapon against powerful foes like Nero and the Federation.
Cumberbatch breakes free killing hes captives. Weller brings Cumberbatch in to use him for his own purposes as a “vision of creating better humans”.

Weller is CEO over a big medical company, he uses unorthodox methods. Cumberbatch is using those unorthodox methods to heal this girl so the people of earth’s opionion change accordingly to Weller’s ideals and visions.

This vengeance Cumberbatch is talking about is actually something Weller has influenced him with or he is pissed because he know that he cant live in federation society because of his augmented abilities.

245. Red Engine - December 10, 2012

Is it possible that “John Harrison” is a mashup of two canonical characters– say, Gary Mitchell and Ben Finney? In the first issue of the comic, Mitchell does express some resentment at Kirk for being promoted over him…

Just a thought.

246. Schwozh - December 10, 2012

The only thing i found about person named Harrison is this…

247. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

it’s OBVIOUSLY the BRIG. notice the bunks at each end?

248. Nurse Gabble - December 10, 2012

His real (TOS?) name/identity will be revealed during the events of the movie.
Would you name your villain John Harrison? C’mon sounds like a i_surance agent.

249. EM - December 10, 2012

John Harrison??? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

250. Dear Leader - December 10, 2012

Did you all not read that photo caption?

“Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison”

Not Khan, Not Mitchell, Not Garth. *yawn*

251. pothoses bitch - December 10, 2012

perhaps the toudhing hands are a mindmeld thru the brig wall.

252. Luther Sloan - December 10, 2012

Did you notice the different haircuts of Cumberbatch through the movie?

253. Schwozh - December 10, 2012

Whats that symbol on his right arm?

254. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

I know he’s English, but seriously … why is Cumberbatch so PALE in this picture?

I mean he’s even lighter than Spock. I know he’s behind the forcefield or whatever, but he’s literally chalky white, his lips, everything. Just compare him to Kirk and Spock, who aren’t especially pigmented themselves.

There has to be some reason he is soooo pasty white, other than he is English. This has bothered me from the start.

255. jas_montreal - December 10, 2012


entirely new character? Sounds good to me? Or are they fooling with us? Either way, i like it. Continue to confuse us boborci. You guys are making this movie more interesting, lol.

256. Spock Jenkins - December 10, 2012

Has anyone thought whether Weller or Batch are anything to do with SECTION 31?

257. Lance W - December 10, 2012

If John Harrison is his name, and he’s an all new character, I’m guessing he’s with Section 31.

258. Kev-1 - December 10, 2012

That’s a nice still. John Harrison could be a new invention, but with similar abilities, motivation to existing characters. Have to wait.

259. Colin - December 10, 2012


Yes…I’ve said that a million times…this movie is going to be a 9-11 conspiracy in space…Section 31 is going to stage an attack of Earth to start a war with the Klingons…but the Enterprise is going to go to this war torn planet and find evidence…

John Harrison IS the same character from TOS but in this timeline Section 31 recruited him and hes now a mole on the Enterprise…Weller is probably some big-wig in the agency.

260. Bill Peters - December 10, 2012

Wonder what happens to Cupcake in this one?

261. Craiger - December 10, 2012

Now that Paramount has released that Cumberbatch is John Harrison I wonder if JJ will have to say who the bad guy is just to clear up that up? Just announce it already saying who the bad guy is doesn’t spoil the movie.

262. MJ - December 10, 2012

So he is calling himself “John Harrison.” That doesn’t really help us into seeing which canon villain he really is, does it?

Except, well this does completely rule out Gary Mitchell at least. Mitchell would not need a fake undercover name to use in the presence of Kirk and Spock.

So at least we can finally rule out the laughable Gary Mitchell scenario.

263. trekmaster - December 10, 2012

Hm, Harrison might be an augment or an alien (klingon!?)

264. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

To everyone on the STiD team……………….THANK YOU!!!!

I firmly believe in this film- you have captured all of the TOS spirit and yet made it relevant to the iPod/Phone/Pad generation………..

The excitement you bring to ST reminds me of my junior high days when we all could not wait for ST3 to see if Spock was indeed alive…

Interestingly, Star Treks 50th anniv is coming up and it would coincide with the next movie being released in 2016…………


265. Richard - December 10, 2012

It’s a faaaaaaaaaaaaaake… name. Would suspect so anyways. Though part of me is really hoping for a brand new villain so it being some dude named John Harrison would be interesting.

Still think its a fake out by JJ and Paramount. This has been a master class in marketing hype they’ve put on so far.

266. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@253 Schwozh,
“Whats that symbol on his right arm?”

It’s a reflection. Whether this is actually glass, or something else, it appears to me to be a monitor from across the room with an especially strong light source against his black shirt (the outside vertical lights appear likewise against the dark glass in the background too).

The question is, is it a CLUE? Or is it just some random monitor? Typically, anything not in a shot would be turned off, but since this surface is clearly reflective, the equipment would likely have been intentionally turned on. That said, and I don’t think Cumberbatch is playing Khan at all, but blowing up that image, it appears to be a picture of someone, and for some reason it reminds me of Khan! LOL

267. J - December 10, 2012

262: this name does not rule out anything. Sorry.

268. CanOpener1256 - December 10, 2012

It’s not fake .. Get over it. They pulled a “canon” character, and wrote an original story .. Or this Harrison fellow crosses path with another character who gives him super strength and powers. I think this story is not going to be as simple as we think. Perhaps, he tries to be the new “Khan” by using augments on himself.

269. kunundrum - December 10, 2012

@ 259 Colin – Good call. Section 31 all the way.

270. Ed Waters - December 10, 2012

“Never Mourn Black Omne”

271. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

boborci wrote that they will keep it a secret as long as they can. So I guess this is the beginning of a new ARG :D

272. MJ - December 10, 2012

“It’s not fake .. Get over it.”

This comment is your basically pulling this out of your ass, dude. You have nothing to back this up with. Nothing. Get over it yourself.

273. singularity87 - December 10, 2012

The captain of the Enterprise-B in Generations was John HarriMAN. It seems unlikely they’d create a new character with such a similar name to one that had been used before and obviously it’s not John Harriman.

That makes it more likely it’s an alias, but then maybe they just like the name John Harrison and decided it didn’t matter (or even over looked) that such a similar name had been used before. Particularly as no one else here seems to have picked up the similarity.

274. Jose Kuhn - December 10, 2012

Or maybe is an offspring of a super human from the eugenic war whose family has simply been underground but in plain sight.

275. Aurore - December 10, 2012

“That explains the original casting call for a ‘Latino’ male for the character….”

It’s a cover.

Over the course of the movie, the character’s real name will be revealed.

Juan (Esteban) Hernández.


276. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@262 MJ,
“So he is calling himself “John Harrison.” …Mitchell would not need a fake undercover name to use in the presence of Kirk and Spock.”

Whatever you have to tell yourself.

1) You assume they are captioning this image with the names the characters are using at the moment of that image, rather than the Alias Cumberbatch may first use in the film.

2) You assume Kirk and Spock still don’t know who he really is at this point if it’s Khan, or someone else they don’t know.

Neither of which is even remotely confirmed by this picture alone, or any other source I have seen.

And ask yourself, if the character is using an alias, why would Abrams ever release his real name if he’s seeking to conceal the identity until the movie is released, even if it is Gary Mitchell?

277. MJ - December 10, 2012

@267 “262: this name does not rule out anything. Sorry.”

Yes is rules out Mitchell completely. He would not be using a fake name.

No Mitchell — case closed!

278. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

“John Harrison” bridge for sale! CHEAP! ;-)

279. Richard - December 10, 2012

Ok, the villain is clearly a sentient lens flare that has taken corporeal form as Benedict Cumberbatch. Clearly.

280. K-7 - December 10, 2012

I agree that this makes the Gary Mitchell scenario very unlikely.

281. Lance W - December 10, 2012

@279 LMAO!

282. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

…a “Gary”, by any other name… smells just as “god-like”… ;-)

283. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

@277 MJ

Also, both Kirk and Spock know Mitchell’s face, so unless it’s something weird like the ascended consciousness of Mitchell is possessing another member of the crew, then I don’t see how it could still be Mitchell.

284. Richard - December 10, 2012

MJ, you’re assuming that this caption from Paramount isn’t being deliberately misleading. It rules out nothing. John Harrison could be another red herring mislead from JJ and the studio. They’ve been doing this since day one.

Its laughable that you would think this rules out anything.

285. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Someone should go to John Harrison Way in London!
But I see no hospital there…

286. Red Shirt Diaries - December 10, 2012

R.I.P. Gary Mitchell, as it is clear now that you will not be in STID.

287. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Wait, there is a hospital of some kind, the Greenwich Peninsula Practice…

288. CanOpener1256 - December 10, 2012

I am not pulling it out of my nether regions. Unless this is a hoax, it is a release or early promo leak from Paramount Pictures. They would not lie, and neither would JJ flat out lie. A lie can lead to all sorts of silly legal issues. I highly doubt that the suits at Paramount would approve a flat out lie. Use some grown up logic here. Subterfuge, sneakiness, red herrings yes. But not a flat out lie. If I am wrong, shame on them.

I think Harrison is attempting to fulfill what Khan tried, or we will see them on the BB with the freeze dried Khan and something will happen and the old Khan will be transferred to Harrison.

289. Punkspocker - December 10, 2012

It’s Jawn Harrison!

290. MJ - December 10, 2012

@284. LOL :-)) Sure, whatever you say, dude. LOL :-))

The Mitchell scenario just died today here folks. You can nitpick my Khan theories all you want still, but please don’t bring any of that weak-ass Gary Mitchell resurrection stuff to the table anymore — stick a fork in Mitchell — he’s done in Trek.

291. MJ - December 10, 2012

@288 “I am not pulling it out of my nether regions. Unless this is a hoax, it is a release or early promo leak from Paramount Pictures. They would not lie, and neither would JJ flat out lie. A lie can lead to all sorts of silly legal issues. I highly doubt that the suits at Paramount would approve a flat out lie. Use some grown up logic here. Subterfuge, sneakiness, red herrings yes. But not a flat out lie. If I am wrong, shame on them.”

E X A C T L Y ! ! !

292. Tesla's Cat - December 10, 2012

Maybe he’s the product of two Beatles in a transporter accident. *gets coat*

293. ScottC - December 10, 2012

He is a clone of some sorts, “John Harrison” just sounds like a generic name. Maybe Section 31 used some of Khan’s DNA to build a better Augment? Maybe Harrison is the last name of the scientist who created him and he named him John.

294. George Harrison - December 10, 2012

Anyone notice that “John Harrison” and “Gary Mitchell” have the exact same amount of letters?

295. KHAAAN the weasel - December 10, 2012

John Harrison.. well what if they just misspelled the name and it’s actually ‘John Harriman’ … who somehow got also pulled into the Nexus in “Generations” (off-screen) and returns to the alternative past (as his younger self, mind you), to make Kirk pay for making him look like a douchebag… I mean: Wasn’t Captain Harriman more or less the douchebaggiest character of the whole franchise? Geez, that would be the lamest plot ever, though…
I guess the name John Harrison is either some red herring, or it’s actually an original character despite any claim that Cumberbatch’s character would be an established one.

296. Richard - December 10, 2012

@288 CanOpener1256: Studios use fake names all the time. Return of the Jedi was called “Blue Harvest” during filming in the trades. They even had shirts and hats made up with Blue Harvest on them. Studios have been doing these types of things forever.

Btw, its not illegal to give a character in a film a fake name. What sort of silly nonsense are you on about? You sound like MJ. Wait, are you MJ?

297. MJ - December 10, 2012

@293. You have the same last name as Harrison, and you have the same first name as Kirk’s brother. Perhaps you are the villain then?

298. Richard - December 10, 2012

#294 George Harrison: Good catch!

299. Leo R - December 10, 2012

Nice job to fool us, especially with the “borrowed” uniform. Cumberbatch is playing Khan. Hands down.

300. MJ - December 10, 2012

@296. Interesting how you are now resorting to being a jerk about this and accusing people of stuff. Well, I guess when logic fails, what else can you fall back on. I’ll bet you’ll start the name-calling next.

301. Trekzilla - December 10, 2012

I’m not buying this John Harrisonn thing.

“John Harrison”?! Ooooohhh there’s a name that strikes terror in the hearts of men! ROTFLMAO!!!

302. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

“John Harrison” is a code name for “Gary” Mitchell…

same number of letters in first and last name…?

both Anglo names…?

Hmmm….. ;-)

303. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

Whatever happens, i hope Gaila gets a little cameo.

304. John the Horta - December 10, 2012

It’s so obvious.

John Harrison was the name of the first Horta

305. USS - December 10, 2012

#300 MJ: Pot? Kettle? Black? Funny to see you speak of logic when you’re posts are so clearly lacking in same. Richard is hardly the first person to point this out to you.

306. grag - December 10, 2012

Bit of a stretch, but . . . Flint the immortal man who was actually several famous figures from history? John Harrison was the man who invented the nautical clock that allowed longitude to be determined. One of the villain’s alter egos? Admittedly unlkely, but that’s what occurred to me.

307. martin - December 10, 2012

I think we can all rest easy now. The answer to the riddle is Trelane.

From the 2010 rumor: “It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named. ”

The character Harrison is a hint. Harrison appeared in the TOS episodes Mudd’s Women, Space Seed, and Devil in the Dark.

Talosians and Gary Mitchel were not in TOS episodes, they were in pilots.

That leaves one name from the above, Trelane which is a regular TOS episode, and has no ties to the name Harrison.

Further, Trelane looked into his telescope to observe earth hundreds of years earlier and thus his entire styling. He had no clue that he would be so out of time. And – TIME – is what the real John Harrison was interested in. Trelane’s style was from the time period also of the clockmaker John Harrison.

As for Trelane being a Q- He was not. Trelane needed a power source – he was not a super omnipotent like Q. Trelane would fight hand to hand, and he would use weapons.

You can thank me later, but remember it was I who proclaimed it first. I am hopping off the Sybok bandwagon now.

308. Red Shirt Diaries - December 10, 2012

Richard, one might also possibly conclude here that you are Curious Cadet? You both seem to agree on nearly everything, with similar themes?

309. SimonSaysFreeze - December 10, 2012

Harrison was a real character on TOS – he was in 27 episodes. Yes, this could be Paramount and JJ just doing a fake-out on us, but they could very easily be telling the truth here. Harrison is court-martialed for something, booted out of Starfleet and/or left for dead somewhere, gets a hold of technology from the Khan-era Eugenics Wars, “enhances” himself and seeks his vengeance.

310. Sofaslug - December 10, 2012

I admit this idea may be far fetched but here goes: Klingons found the Botany Bay. Khan tried to take over the Klingon ship as he had tried to take over the Enterprise but Khan was killed by the Klingons. Cumberpatch’s villain may be one of the Botany Bay crew who survived and is Hell-bent on revenge on Earth?

311. Jack Zymurgy - December 10, 2012

I didn’t see this posted above. Here is the Memory Alpha entry for Lt. Harrison, who looks like Benicio Del Toro:

312. MJ - December 10, 2012

@305. Never seen you post here before, “USS.” Or have I? ;-)

313. curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@283 Roddenberry was a Peacenik,

“Also, both Kirk and Spock know Mitchell’s face, so unless it’s something weird like the ascended consciousness of Mitchell is possessing another member of the crew, then I don’t see how it could still be Mitchell.”

Bless you!

The IDW Comic which Orci states IS CANON, gives us new information about Mitchell.

He is INDEED POSSESSED by an Entity from the Galactic Barrier.

This could still easily be Mitchell, er … John Harrison. Let’s say Mitchell is in fact dead at the end of the comic. But inside his body reside the entity who needs the biological component to generate its power, specifically one with certain ESP potential. Starfleet retrieves Mitchell’s body, and in the course of studying it, the entity hops into a perfect candidate John Harrison. Now, we all remember how it took Dr. Dehner much longer for the effects of the entity to take over her body in WNMHGB. Likewise, John Harrison has an even lower ESP quotient and therefore it takes longer to affect him. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Personally, I doubt it would be Mitchell due to how convoluted the backstory would have to be, as well as a bunch other evidence. But no more convoluted than the story would have to be to bring back Khan as a pasty British guy who lurks outside hospitals helping cure sick children hiding behind fake names.

So, yeah, Mitchell is still 100% possible.

314. SPATAN555 - December 10, 2012

John Harrison? Is he the next Khan? Or the new Gary Michell? Fascinating.

315. PEB - December 10, 2012

No way it’s Khan, check out those standard regulation Starfleet sideburns on Cumberbatch!

316. John the Horta - December 10, 2012

Here is Horta’s picture… doesn’t he remind you of Cumberbatch and Del Toro both?

317. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012


That link’s already been posted 7 times so far in this thread.

318. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Well there was one Johnny in STXI, right…

319. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

Ok, now i get a little bit nervous.
Gary Mitchell seems very unlikely now. Why would you confuse your audience by using an ordinary decoy name and reveal the real name which is also very ordinary.

So that means there are 2 possibilities left.
John Harrison is a completely new character. I would prefer this scenario.

John Harrison will be revealed to be Khan. And that would piss me off!

320. MJ - December 10, 2012

@319 “Gary Mitchell seems very unlikely now. Why would you confuse your audience by using an ordinary decoy name and reveal the real name which is also very ordinary. So that means there are 2 possibilities left.
John Harrison is a completely new character. I would prefer this scenario. John Harrison will be revealed to be Khan. And that would piss me off!”

I agree with this summary of where we are at. It’s either Khan or a completely new character.

321. NCC-73515 - December 10, 2012

Would explain why they changed it from “Georgie!” to “Johnny!” ;D

322. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

@313 CC

Whoah…that actually really seems to make sense. There’s your revenge motivation right there. And what was it that Simon Pegg described the villain as, when he said “It’s not Khan, that’s a myth”? He said the villain wasn’t your standard alien with a grudge but a “kind of…thing” (paraphrasing).

Unlikely, as you said, but still kinda cool to think about.

323. Trekzilla - December 10, 2012

John HarrisKhan!! Lol

324. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

MJ: Myopic Junior-grade?

325. curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@308 martin,
I think we can all rest easy now. The answer to the riddle is Trelane.


Of all the theories I’ve read this one seems the least likely. Primarily because Trelane is sitting on his undiscovered planet looking at the Earth several centuries earlier.

Even if another ship happens to visit his planet before the Enterprise wandered by, there is no reason to believe that Trelane’s “parents” wouldn’t have intervened again, and once again never allowed him to “play” with vulnerable humans ever again. I can’t imagine any other race stumbling across Trelane who would not also have suffered similarly resulting in the same result of intervention by his parents.

326. George Harrison - December 10, 2012

How come no one is asking who Peter Weller is playing? Or has that already been established and I missed it?

327. Get on with your life - December 10, 2012

HA HA JJ and co will have ya all guessing to the end, and then have the bunch of you at a psychologist trying to cure you obsessive compulsive disorder and madness

Why bother trying to figure it out and ruin the movie before it is released.

I like trek but not to this level, I figure if they had told you, you would get mad, and as they haven’t its like I want more give me a pillow to cry on lol!!!

Good I like little hints but I could care less who the villian is, I work in the real world not sitting here thinking Star trek is real world

328. BulletInTheFace - December 10, 2012

I really wish fans would stop obsessing over the term “canon.” This is all fiction, folks. Canon is irrelevant and incredibly nerdy.

329. MJ - December 10, 2012

@326 He is a CEO-type of character who has is own ship. That is what we do know.

330. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012

277. MJ

And it completely rules out Khan as well. Khan would never use a fake name. He is too egotistical to do so. Sorry guy, not Mitchell – but not Khan either. Admit it, the mighty MJ was wrong.

331. K-7 - December 10, 2012

#328 “I really wish fans would stop obsessing over the term “canon.” This is all fiction, folks. Canon is irrelevant and incredibly nerdy”

Yep. Which is why we should not be surprised or freak out that Khan is going to look different and have a substantially adjusted back-story in this film.

332. BulletInTheFace - December 10, 2012

#307 wrote:
“It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

The above is a hoax and was eventually debunked. That quote was made up by a hack non-journalist named Devin Faraci, not Abrams’ team.

333. BulletInTheFace - December 10, 2012

#307: LOL. You most definitely are NOT the first person to suggest Trelane. A lot of people have suggested that.

334. Oz - December 10, 2012

Cumberbatch doesn’t even look like Cumberbatch to me in that photo. Could be Garth, who has tweaked his appearance through shape shifting slightly to avoid recognition…and has assumed the identity of a Starfleet officer John Harrison. Could be!

Or it could be Khan. Or something nobody has thought of yet. Marketing genius at work, I salute Bad Robot and Paramount.

335. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

OMG- this is bizzarre!!!!!

Everyone wanted a “NEW” villain…..

Yet after it is announced everyone still argues Kahn vs. Mitchell…….

could it be that we are nothing but dysfunctional fans!!!!!


336. MJ - December 10, 2012

@330 “the mighty MJ was wrong.”

Dude, you are obviously letting you personal desire to see me proven wrong here effect your mental judgement.

Go back and watch the TOS episode again, and you will see that Khan tries as hard as he Khan to keep his past secret. Duh!

I’d say, “nice try,” but your post doesn’t even meet the criteria for me to throw you that minor of a bone.

337. star trek fan - December 10, 2012

this is getting annoying…

338. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012


Where is Bob?

Is Enders Game your only love now?????


339. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

I hope I get a little bit more attention this time because I mention some ideas and get not recongnized and only somedays after someone else is retelling that and it’s developing into a big discussion ;-)

So … Have anyone saw which characters are playing the other roles … Who the hell is a Captain Abbott played by someone or a Ensign Spyke?! Were these characters in TOS? And whats about Joseph Gatt?! At the beginning of the Year it was told that he will be also in the Movie … But as Peter weller there is no livesign from him yet … And whats about the Alien vessel where the child of weller has been taken a picture of?

340. J - December 10, 2012

@277: Ok, so now that the “case” is “officialy” “closed” I would assume you’d stop writing about the villain identity? We get it – it’s Khan. Happy now?

341. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

John Harrison.
Well, I guess that Peter Weller will be George Lennon than, lol.

342. Pointed Sideburns - December 10, 2012


Lt Harrison (Ron Veto) appeared in 27 episodes of the original series compared to Lt Kyle (John Winston) who appeared in 11.

343. curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@323 Roddenberry was a Peacenik,

“Whoah…that actually really seems to make sense. There’s your revenge motivation right there.”

And the entity also could identify itself to Kirk and Spock as Mitchell, messing with them, telling any lie it wanted to achieve its ends. Keep in mind this would likely be the first time a Galactic Barrier Entity has ever been on another world. Who knows what plans it might hatch to entertain itself, especially if it took months to ramp up to its full god-like potential.

So many ways to plausibly skin this cat. Which is why I’m not yet willing to rule out most any possibility from what has been disclosed.

But theres absolutely NO WAY anybody can say with any certainty that it’s one thing or the other at this point.

344. MJ - December 10, 2012

@340. You are misquoting me and you know it. Whatever, dude!

345. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2012

If the storyline is something as stupid as the Klingons attacking Earth, while it’s weak after Nero’s carnage, and Cumberbatch getting powers and going after the Klingons for murdering his family during said attack, and then Starfleet sending Kirk and crew to stop the madman for the sake of galactic peace….I’M GOING TO BE ROYALLY PISSED!!!!

Not a good enough story by half! We didn’t wait 4 years for THAT!

346. Get on with your life - December 10, 2012

335 I do not know if these folks work or not most likely, sit around all day thinking trek is real world and have a distorted sense of self probable don’t work is my guess with this level of OCD I would fire them.

There told who he is and still dont believe it.

347. JeanLuc - December 10, 2012

I find it very entertaining to see comments about one’s impaired mental capabilities from someone that was purporting that comment system blocks his solid Khan evidences because of having a secret pact with JJ Abrams.

348. PEB - December 10, 2012

By the way, it’s so cool to see the public interest in Trek like this. The trailer has been on youtube’s most popular vids list and I keep seeing articles on the net about the trailers. Good times, good times. Looking forward to continuing to collect the comics and playing the game this spring too!

349. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012

336. MJ

Wow, you come across as so arrogant that you can’t even admit when you are wrong! LOL. and no, I am not mistaking confidence for arrogance here. You are so desperate to have the villain be Khan that you will grasp at anything to try and prove your point… including seeing clues in comments that Bob Orci makes. “It must me Khan… he spelled the word cOn.” Wow… you kill me. But I have to admire your perseverance dude. Admit it, you were wrong. There is nothing wrong with admitting that. I admit that it doesn’t look like it is either Mitchell or Khan… still someone in canon… but very obvious that it isn’t Khan or Mitchell.

350. Disinvited - December 10, 2012

On ENT Harris was a Section 31 recruiter. In our olden days, the last name Harrison literally meant Harris’ son. Maybe the writers are filling-in a canon Lt. Harrison’s backstory to connect to section 31? How do you save the Federation by detonating the fleet?

351. FrancoMiranda - December 10, 2012

Carol Marcus is in the movie.

And, the war planet is the Klingon home world.

I think. May be confirmed soon!

352. Little p-brane - December 10, 2012

I don’t understand.
Why does everyone and their goldfish just assumes it’s a recycled character? Is it really that hard to imagine he’s a new guy?
I get that people like to speculate, but why do they insist on something as unimaginative as a recycled villain?

353. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@345 Harry Ballz,
“If the storyline is something as stupid as the Klingons attacking Earth, while it’s weak after Nero’s carnage, and Cumberbatch getting powers and going after the Klingons for murdering his family during said attack, and then Starfleet sending Kirk and crew to stop the madman for the sake of galactic peace….I’M GOING TO BE ROYALLY PISSED!!!!”


That synopsis is so dead on I am very afraid for all of us.

Nice intuition …

354. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

…YES! BELIEVE EVERYTHING you read on the inter-web! LOL!!! noob?

355. J - December 10, 2012

@344: Ah, the good ol’ “and you know it”. I think it’s #2 on the “Ten simple rhetorical gimmicks for winning every possible discussion for dummies” list. Thank you for the enlightment.

Yours sincerely,
Whatever Dude.

356. K-7 - December 10, 2012

Curious Cadet, I haven’t posted for a week, but I come back here and see that you are still hanging on the Mitchell/Galactic Barrier nonsense?. Come on, man! Wake up and smell the coffee! This is going to be a movie that involves making a political statement about the U.S.’s overreaction to 911, and Khan and Starfleet Intelligence, with our crews response to them, will be the tools by which the message is delivered.

Please drop the Mitchell nonsense now. Mitchell has now been ruled out, and the silly barrier creature is not credible for a major Trek movie. People would be laughing at it.

357. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

Whats about #339?! :)

358. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

One more question Bob- was George Harrison from the Beatles an influence on the charcter name???

359. Leo R - December 10, 2012

1. Gary Mitchell dies in the second comic and Paramount has already announced the comics are canon and lead into the movie.

360. Andrew L - December 10, 2012

Looks like Gary Mitchel. He even leans into the brig wall like he does in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” when he is zapped by the forcefield.

361. pg - December 10, 2012

What if this Harrison guy is just a “clone” of Khan, and Khan uses whatever genetic engineering tech to start infiltrating starfleet with certain look alikes… Maybe what what whole scene in the beginning deals with Khan splicing his genetically superior genes into the dying girl, thus beginning to create a new army like the one he had on earth in 1996..

And Weller’s character is the guy that has the technology to inject this DNA into others.. Sounds crazy but not so crazy if you think about it..

362. MJ - December 10, 2012

@354. Well the disbelieving much of what you read on the internet, and pulling the rest of what you believe out of your ass, is hardly a way of critical thought to take pride in, dude.

363. FrancoMiranda - December 10, 2012

I’m glad some of you guys ain’t writing this movie.

364. MJ - December 10, 2012

@361. Doesn’t sound crazy at all.

365. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2012

353. Curious Cadet “Nice intuition…”

Yes, CC, I would have made one hell of a starship captain! :>)

366. JJ's Secret - December 10, 2012

Eve is Marcus. All over the Twitterverse

367. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

MJ: your “logic” is irrefutable! LOL!

368. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

Now that we know Khan’s name (John Harrison) the next big question is Alice Eve’s name….

Is it………………………

Liz Denner
Janice Rand
Carol Marcus
Marla McGivers

Sound off please…………….this is actually THE biggest mystery about STiD……………..

369. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

…and ESPECIALLY believe what you read on Twit-ter! LOL!! =D

370. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

Oh and on such a BIG day where is Red Dead Ryan?????

371. MJ - December 10, 2012

@367. LOL. On second thought, your are Herbert! ;-)

372. AJ - December 10, 2012

It could be that Khan is in the film, but NOT as the main villain.

We know the family at the open is at least half-Indian, and that pint-sized little Indian girl who took all those photos is probably the one in the hospital. Connection?

It seems ridiculous to me that JJ Abrams would cast a pasty-white Brit to play a Sikh who, according to the JJverse, was floating in that same Botany Bay launched in 1996. He is either still floating around, or was found by someone other than Kirk and is….somewhere.

Perhaps the little girl is a descendent, or a product of Khan’s DNA, and there was a glitch. It doesn’t solve the issue of ‘John Harrison’ by a longshot, but Cumby is NOT Khan Noonien-Singh.

373. MJ - December 10, 2012

@368. Empire Magazine thinks Alice Eve is playing Janice Rand.

374. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

Whats about Joseph Gatt and the other actors playing Captain Abbott and Ensign Spyke?! Look Out on IMDB

375. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

That’s MISTER Herbert, to you! ;-)

376. Simon Belfast - December 10, 2012

Guys, this also kinda looks like a JJverse version of the decompression chamber from Space Seed..

377. Luther Sloan - December 10, 2012

Alice Eve is Carol Marcus

378. Craiger - December 10, 2012

I think Harry just nailed the plot. Could they be making Cumberbatch’s character just like how Captain America got his powers?

@345 Harry Ballz,
“If the storyline is something as stupid as the Klingons attacking Earth, while it’s weak after Nero’s carnage, and Cumberbatch getting powers and going after the Klingons for murdering his family during said attack, and then Starfleet sending Kirk and crew to stop the madman for the sake of galactic peace….I’M GOING TO BE ROYALLY PISSED!!!!”

379. MJ - December 10, 2012

@372. AJ, I am open to this being a Khan-centric story without BC being Khan. That is a distinct possibility.

380. JJ's Secret - December 10, 2012

in 366 and now in 377, Eve is revealed as Carol Marcus…. reading it everywhere right now, especially on Twitter.

381. draderman - December 10, 2012

k so i dont know if anyone has figured out where cumberbatch is standing EXACTLY in the poster but i just did a google maps search for where the real john harrison lived in london and… it looks like it lines up with the movie poster. check for yourselves if interested.
red lion square.
dont know what it means tho, but still can it be a coincidence?

382. MJ - December 10, 2012

@378. Agree with you and Harry. That would be a lame story!

383. David Ryan - December 10, 2012

Well we will have to wait to the 4 part prequel comic book comes out that gives us the back story and introduces the character.
Not a remake of a tos episode

384. Craiger - December 10, 2012

Or Harry, what if your idea happens but Cumberbatch is Khan? Starfleet gets so scared about the Klingons they get Weller’s character to find the Botany Bay to revive Khan and his people to go after the Klingons. They do that but then decide to turn on Starfleet and want to rule Earth again?

385. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

Yup, Comic Book Movie says Eve is Marcus AND Klingons are seen maskless with ridges and facial hair.

386. draderman - December 10, 2012

my guess: john harrison is a viral marketing clue to fcuk with us

387. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2012

Uh, don’t forget, you can’t spell TWITTER without the word TWIT.

(just sayin’)

388. Craiger - December 10, 2012

The Klingons attacking Earth and London is one of the targets along with destroying alot of Starfleet ships again. That could be the opening scenes of the movie.

389. Red Shirt Diaries - December 10, 2012

Check this out:

Khan Noonian Singh = 16 characters

Capt John Harrison = 16 characters

390. SciFiJunky - December 10, 2012

So hoping that the John Harrison name is not subterfuge. I will be sooooo happy if it isn’t Khan!

391. Larry L Logic - December 10, 2012

I think the Marcus revelation etc are covers for what’s really going on

392. Craiger - December 10, 2012

What if Cumberbatch’s family gets killed in the Klingons attack on Earth and he seeks revenge for that?

393. Red Shirt Diaries - December 10, 2012

@386 Is that the swear word for chicken’s mating?

394. Allen Williams - December 10, 2012

#4 humans no longer need a toilet in the 23 century. “I got a take a leak” “I’m not detecting any leak……oooh…….leak……I get it thats pretty funny”

Granted thats 24th century not 23rd, but I suspect its still true.

395. Spock Jenkins - December 10, 2012

Ornamental piercings for the ridged head Klingons. Where does this leave the ‘smooth-head’ storyline from Enterprise? Carol Marcus – yes!!

396. Sarah S._TN - December 10, 2012

Here’s a thought: Noonien Soong?

397. Colin - December 10, 2012





That is what you guys sound like.

398. MJ - December 10, 2012

@384 “Or Harry, what if your idea happens but Cumberbatch is Khan? Starfleet gets so scared about the Klingons they get Weller’s character to find the Botany Bay to revive Khan and his people to go after the Klingons. They do that but then decide to turn on Starfleet and want to rule Earth again?”

Now that is one cool plot!!!

399. Disinvited - December 10, 2012

#346. Get on with your life

Can you correctly attribute the phrase, “Get a life!”?

400. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2012

Craiger, I didn’t even read the comics, but what if (after death) Gary Mitchell’s spirit comes back onto the Enterprise and enters the body of whomever is most ESP susceptible? That being John Harrison, who manages to retain his own faculties, hears that his family has died in the Klingon attack of Earth and starts his..(cough)…..bush league…(yawn)…vengeance?

401. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 10, 2012

IGN is saying on twitter Alice Eve is Carol Marcus, Collider Frost almost says the same…. ;-) :-)

402. Larry L Logic - December 10, 2012

@395 – Like TMP, the ridges do return quite early on plus I’ve always believed someKlingons still have ridges to an extent or have cosmetic surgery to correct the damage of the mutation.

403. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

Whats about Joseph Gatt and the other named actors on IMDB?

404. Chingatchkook - December 10, 2012

Well I certainly don’t think he’s Khan at all. He doesn’t even look all that maniacal from this shot. But then again mind you, neither did my ex-wife when I first met her.

405. section9 - December 10, 2012

John Harrison?

Sounds like a shoe salesman.

Orci, if this doesn’t work, you’ll be lucky to get a job writing dialogue for Ron Jeremy.

406. J - December 10, 2012

@405: as if “Gary Mitchell” ever sounded any better… (or “Harry Mudd” for that matter”)

407. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

The Marcus and ridge info comes from people who saw the footage at today’s Bad Robot Avid event. Unlikely that they’re making s##t up. So the plot thickens! :)

408. Joey B - December 10, 2012

Check this out:

Sherlock Holmes = 16 characters

409. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 10, 2012

IGN is saying on twitter Alice Eve is Carol Marcus, Collider Frost almost says the same…. or almost said the same …;-) :-)

410. J - December 10, 2012

I’m telling you BC is Gorn. The clues are everywhere.

411. Craiger - December 10, 2012

Harry, I guess you think they are going to use Star Trek to capitalize on the Super Hero movies?

412. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

404. Chingatchkook – Did we have the same ex? :)

John Harrison is the best decoy name ever. After all, Harrison was the only TOS character to wear all THREE colors. The ultimate background guy and the best name to give a character to get the crazed curious (like me) off the trail of the real character.

Call me nuts, but I’m still stickin’ with Gary. That pose in the brig is soooooooooooooooooo Garyish!

413. Joey B - December 10, 2012

@405 Check this out:

Ron “Hedgehog” Jeremy = 16 characters.

I think 389 is on to something.

414. AJ - December 10, 2012

Harry & MJ:

Asking Weller to go get Khan to defeat the Klingons would involve prior knowledge that his ship is still out there, which could only have come from Spock Prime. That gets into silly territory.

415. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

The only thing is that if the Klingons were responsible for the attack, you’d think the marketing would reflect that. Why would the ad focus be on some random Starfleet dude? Why wouldn’t we have posters of Klingon warbirds dropping bombs on a futuristic San Francisco? Marketing is capitalizing on established brands, and Klingons, tribbles, Khan and the phrase “beam me up, Scotty” are just about the only things your average movie goer knows about Star Trek.

Look at the Batman movies. In the Dark Knight, from day one the entire ad campaign was Joker, Joker, Joker. But with DKR, they were much more mysterious, showing scenes of destruction and an old reclusive Bruce Wayne shambling around Wayne manor. It raised more questions than it answered. Why? Because no one in the general public knew who Bane was. They didn’t have an established brand to flaunt. This is feeling more and more like a DKR style ad campaign, rather than a DK one. I know that JJ’s secretive, but I just don’t see how he could have convinced Paramount to run a hundred million dollar ad campaign without mentioning if the Klingons attacked earth or if Khan was back. There’s just too much money at stake.

416. Classy M - December 10, 2012

The more I look at it, the odder that picture looks.

What’s Spock looking at? His face should be turned more if he was looking at Cumberbatch’s character. And there’s something immobile about Pine’s face (yes, yes, I know it’s a photo). I suppose I mean expressionless. The only one who seems animated is the prisoner. So… has the Batch got them in some sort of thrall?

Also, in the teaser – I wonder if the voice-over indicates Cumberbatch’s character is actually communicating his threat telepathically with all of mankind. The ability to do that would make him a formidable opponent indeed.

417. Nick - December 10, 2012

I seem to remember Bob Orci saying something about ‘face melting’.

Could be wrong, … does that help anyone’s theory?

418. Colin - December 10, 2012

J.J. Abrams

Is 8 characters, multiply by 2 because there are two Js in his and and BAM 16 characters

We are getting closer guys

But I really still think its Khan mixed with Moriarty possesed by Mitchell who was assimilated by the Borg

419. AJ - December 10, 2012

The Carol Marcus stuff is coming from the presentation at Bad Robot today. I am sure Anthony will spill something soon. Also, 14 Klingons with two speaking roles.

420. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2012

Craiger, you mean the Trek writing team might have been influenced by “flavor of the month” movie trends?

I’d like to think they have a bit more talent than THAT!

421. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

So it will be Khan then.
But what if the movie sucks. Khan will be ruined as well.
What is with the dignity of Ricardo Montalban?
Leave the character alone.

422. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

Ha……….it’s so funny and interesting the thoughts on John Harrison….

but has anyone considered…………….?

With all the hype could this be Paramounts “Skyfall”?

Both franchises have taken 4 years off.

Skyfall is arguably this decades’ Avatar……..

20th Century has Avatar, Sony has Bond and Paramount has Khan………….I mean Harrison………

423. Killamarshtrek - December 10, 2012

372. AJ

I think you could be onto something there. What if this ‘Harrison’ has a beef against Starfleet/Earth, learns that this Indian girl is a decendant of Khan’s so tells Noel Clark he can cure her so he can access her DNA to ‘Augment’ himself and ‘have his revenge’!

Fits what we’ve seen so far!!

How’m I doing Bob?!

424. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

(Cont. from above) And btw before someone points this out, I know the Klingons are in this, and have a bigger role this time out. I’m talking specifically about the idea of them attacking earth.

425. Captain Pike - December 10, 2012

“I didn’t believe it when the bar tender told me his name”

426. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2012

414. AJ “Harry&MJ”

AJ, don’t include me in the Khan crap. I didn’t suggest that idea!

427. J - December 10, 2012

@418: “Is 8 characters, multiply by 2 because there are two Js in his and and BAM 16 characters”

I keep getting 17, please help.

428. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

Face melting? Garth again… just new effects for shape-changing…

429. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

And I suggest a poll………………………….

Who has seen TWOK since early 2012 when Anthony posted it may very well be Kahn?????

Just sayin’………………..

430. anonanon - December 10, 2012

I still have this Spock Prime problem — and this is why he must be killed off:

Should he not make it his unending job to inform the Federation of all the threats awaiting them?

They should know about the Botany Bay and a million other things already, if he’s doing the right thing.

431. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

Does JJ Abrams realise that all directors who tried to do the next Wrath of Khan failed horribly? Guys, try to make a good movie on its own.
Dont use Khan (John Harrison is just a pseudonym)!

432. The Keeper - December 10, 2012

Trekkies, Pay attention to this post by:
311. Jack Zymurgy – December 10, 2012

I didn’t see this posted above. Here is the Memory Alpha entry for Lt. Harrison, who looks like Benicio Del Toro:

Congratulations Jack, you found our villain.
Oric said it was some one from TOS, and he didn’t lie.

Fan boys started mulling over all the major villains, having conniptions as actors were announced to be in the running for the role.

Now we can understand why they were originally looking for specific ethic types: To better fit the role of the lowly Lt. Harrison, who in this new timeline becomes the most dreaded and feared man ever to live and brings the Federation down to it’s knee’s.

Some one we know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT.

But was there in canon.

Would it have fit better if they found ome one that looked like the original actor who played Harrison, sure,
but being such a minor unnoticed player, and running out of time to find the right actor, they simply found a solid actor who can portray this guy and hand in a grand performance….which is what really counts.

Yes, You , I and everybody else WERE WRONG!

We think in our own terms and safe box of Star Trek, and rarely think out side that box.

So shut up, sit back and wait for the film to come out.
Forget about your theories assumptions and guessing games…because you can’t ever escape your simple mindedness and single directions.

Do what you guys do best, worry about lens flares and other idiot whines.

433. sean - December 10, 2012

I think Cumberbatch was always misdirection on JJ’s part. Getting everyone to focus on who he’s playing, while no one yet knows who Peter Weller is playing. Cumberbatch probably is someone new while Weller is someone known.

434. Phil - December 10, 2012

John K. Harrison. Don’t call me Khan…..

435. MJ - December 10, 2012

@414. Well, at least it doesn’t approach the sillinness level of a Mitchell resurrection scenario.

What if, like the Knights Templar, a very small surviving group of superhumans from the Eugenics Wars has been keeping the line alive, and BC is their current leader. Then, his family gets killed when the Klingon’s attack, and he kind of goes of the deep end by supporting a covert mission to attack the Klingons. However, once he tastes power, like Khan, he can’t let go.

In a movie like this, the movie could end with BC being destroyed, but a final scene showing the Botany Bay drifting in space could set up Star Trek III or a later movie.

This is what I mean by this movie having a “Khan-centric” story without BC playing Khan.

436. AJ - December 10, 2012



Not bad. Does he lie to her dad to get into the hospital? Remember, in the 23rd Century, all disease has been ‘eradicated’ on Earth, so this girl’s sickness is quite rare indeed. Perhaps his initial intentions are good, i.e. he’s researched the condition, but injects it into himself, and his ambition soars with his super-strength. Khan is the villain, and he doesn’t even know it!

437. Phil - December 10, 2012

Hmmm…an augment from the 1990’s? Perhaps the villian is Pam Anderson.

438. Radioactive Spock - December 10, 2012

No idea about the little image on CB’s arm, but if you invert colors on it and flip it 180 degrees it looks like a mans face. lol. I got bored.

439. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012

John Harrison was a Enterprise crew member during TOS. He appeared in several episodes, including “Space Seed”.

Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch may not be playing “that” John Harrison.

The John Harrison name may be the Trek equivalent of Henri Ducard, who, in “Batman Begins”, turned out to be Ra’s al Ghul.

440. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

Khan certainly could be ruined… that’s why they couldn’t get anyone to take the part…

…and why there are some Khan elements left-over…

…and why it’s a little bit later finishing production…

…and why it seems cobbled-together…

…and on and on…

441. Kevin - December 10, 2012

But the burning question is …. what ever happened to the creature Nero put in Pike’s mouth in the last movie?

442. J - December 10, 2012

@441: it went into a black hole or red matter or something. Not sure, I wasn’t paying attention.

443. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

Who is Captain Abbott and Ensign Spyke?

444. Trekluver - December 10, 2012


You may very well be correct. Remember, Uhura didn’t have a first name either until the reboot… Lieutenant Harrison could turn out to be an excellent jumping off point for the writers if this is correct. (After all, Bob Orci wouldn’t have said BC’s character was canon if it wasn’t.) Everything we already know TOS’s Harrison could easily fit into the new timeline, while also incorporating everything we already know about BC’s villain.

Personally, I don’t think the villain can be Khan or Mitchell anymore. BC’s character is far too different from them to be a re-imagined version of either.

445. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

Just rewatched TWOK…………………….

Have a feeling STiD captures the TWOK feeling yet without being a reboot/rehash/prequel………

446. Michael - December 10, 2012

John Harrison ???

A joke?

Isn’t Abrams a Beatles fan?

447. CmdrR - December 10, 2012

It’s not until post #72 that someone notices the “John Harrison” caption????????

As always, these “clues” basically tell us nothing.

441 – Check the Captain’s Log.

448. Greg Stamper - December 10, 2012

Could John Harrison be ‘Mr. Flint’?
‘I possess twice your physical strength.’ – Requiem for Methuselah

However, I can’t figure the ‘vengeance’ angle.

449. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

This could be the best movie ever made but if they use Khan, it will always be a minus point which will damage the film.

450. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

And Joseph GATT?

451. Gornorrhea - December 10, 2012

Fun fact: In the new Stella Artois ad campaign, Alice Eve stars as a character named “Carole”.

452. MJ - December 10, 2012

@433. Good point. It could be that Weller is playing a revived Khan, but he’s in more a background role until the end like Emperor Palpatine in SW. Perhaps the storyliine could even have Spock and Kirk convice BC’s character to not support Khan by the end of the movie (like Luke turned DV to the good side), which would then lead to Khan’s destruction. Orci and company love SW — so a Trek-like take on this would not shock me.

Again, another credible Khan-centric story possibility where BC does not play Khan himself.

In relation to this, see this very Khan-like (TOS version of Khan) photo of Weller:

453. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@356 K-7,
“This is going to be a movie that involves making a political statement about the U.S.’s overreaction to 911, and Khan and Starfleet Intelligence, with our crews response to them, will be the tools by which the message is delivered.”

I don’t think Mitchell is going to be the story, just that he is not ruled out by anything we have seen so far. But I will consider no longer defending that option, if you can put together a cogent synopsis of exactly how you think your ideas are going to logically fit together plausibly for an audience based on what we currently know.

454. Captain Dunsel - December 10, 2012

I just hope Kirk doesn’t take a sudden step backwards…

455. Little p-brane - December 10, 2012

@397 Clint Eastwood = Old West Action!
I see you’re just as tired of the epileptic trees as me.

456. Konar - December 10, 2012

Actors are identified in publicity photos as the name of the character they play. Period. The same way they appear in the credits. Not as they are known at one particular moment in the film. John Harrison is the charactor’s name. It is not an alias for any other name. It is the name of the character. Again. It is the name of the character. This is the way identification of characters work in publicity photos. This is the way it is.

457. K-7 - December 10, 2012


Khan: A superhuman has got to make a living.

Kirk: Dying ain’t much of a living, son

458. Radioactive Spock - December 10, 2012

I’m thinking the villain is a character from TOS who wasn’t a villain then, but the new timeline results in him becoming the villain somehow. I recall confirmation that the character is canon, and that would be the best way to keep anyone from guessing right.

459. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

No one interested answering my questions???
Whats about Joseph Gatt and the other Actors … Especially this Cpt. Abbott???

460. Check the Circuit - December 10, 2012

Remember, Bob Orci said there has been one great lie in his comments about STID. Could it be that Cumby’s character isn’t canon?

Or is his character the obscure background character from TOS?

Or is the name John Harrison a red herring?

It sure looks like a scene from WNMHGB.

Enigmas wrapped in riddles.

The Supreme Court knows how to get people talking. Love it!

461. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

John Harrison. Hahaha! I love you guys! You don’t quit.

462. Mad Man - December 10, 2012

Well, at least it’s not Khan.

But I was hoping for something else.

John Harrison? What an intimidating name.

463. K-7 - December 10, 2012

#456 “John Harrison is the charactor’s name. It is not an alias for any other name. It is the name of the character. Again. It is the name of the character. This is the way identification of characters work in publicity photos. This is the way it is.”

Huh? I could have sworn that when I saw the original Star Wars, that Darth Vader was listed as Darth Vader in the credits, not Anakin Skywalker, and with no connection listed at Luke’s son.

464. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

Film Thrasher is confirming ALice Eve is playing Carol Marcus, and that the Klingons will have the same appearance as TOS, i.e. no ridges. Which if true opens the door for Cumberbatch to be a Klingon.

There’s also a tweet indicating they will have ridges, so hopefully Anthony will clear this up soon …

465. Garth Faction - December 10, 2012

Actually, characters often get a fake name for publicity shots… look to the Batman series as a prime example…

466. Brody - December 10, 2012

What if this story is about a previously anonymous TOS crewman who loses his life or is abandoned by Kirk (following Starfleet orders), only to be resurrected or discovered by some cosmic entity and sent back to wreak vengeance on Kirk and violently bring his ship and the rest of Starfleet down to earth in retribution?

467. K-7 - December 10, 2012

#460 “It sure looks like a scene from WNMHGB”

I did not see any scene from the trailer the remotely looks like WNMHGB? What are you talking about?

468. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

@464 Curious Cadet

You got a link?

469. K-7 - December 10, 2012

#466. Kind of like V’Ger creates Buffy the Vampire Slayer? :-)

470. MJ - December 10, 2012

@468. Here is the link:

This confirms Carol Marcus.

The circumstantial evidence for a Khan-centric story keeps pouring in.

471. Peter Loader - December 10, 2012

It now looks like Cumby/Harrison is working for Section 31 which has finally reared its ugly head and damaged Starfleet from within. The Enterprise and her crew are on the run and utilising every trick in the book, including under water.

472. USS EXETER - December 10, 2012

They f’d up by not asking Javier Bardem to play Khan.

473. The Keeper - December 10, 2012

Lt. Harrison was a background character in at least 9 episodes of the first season of the original series.

The Corbomite Maneuver
Mudd’s Women
The Naked Time
Balance of Terror
The Conscience of the King
Space Seed
The Devil in the Dark
The Alternative Factor
This Side of Paradise

474. K-7 - December 10, 2012

#470. If that isn’t the final death blow to Mitchell, then I don’t know what is. If it was Mitchell, then they would have Dehner in there, not Marcus.

475. Val Jean - December 10, 2012


In “Space Seed,” Harrison was nearly suffocated to death on the Enterprise bridge by unfrozen superman Khan Noonien Singh.

Could this be the same guy?

476. K-7 - December 10, 2012

#472. Are you kidding me? He was horrible in Skyfall. He’s a one-hit wonder.

477. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

@470 MJ


Can’t find anything about the Klingons though. Guess I need to be on twitter to find anything out these days. LOL/

478. Sebastian S. - December 10, 2012

As long as his name isn’t Khan Noonian Singh, I’m happy! He could be named Casper W. Milquetoast for all I care….

I speculated it might be a new character on the previous threads, after the mounting evidence made me withdraw my Gary Mitchell theory (no glowing eyes, British accent, etc).

And a new character is also what I voted for in two of the polls. My geeky prayers have been answered. My guess is (now) as I’ve said in previous threads that he is a top-secret Starfleet infiltrating augment (or a Klingon-human hybrid of some sort) designed to be a Starfleet ‘super soldier’ who turned on his makers (probably Peter Weller’s CEO). Maybe Section 31 could be in this? I’d like that…

At any rate, it’s NOT Khan and I have real, genuine hope that it might be much more than a TOS rehash after all. I’m really excited again.

If this is true? Then I sincerely thank you, Bob Orci, for NOT giving us fans a Khan version 2.0; that would’ve been pointless. New universe; new possibilities…

PS: How would you like YOUR crow, MJ?


479. Val Jean - December 10, 2012

then again Ducard or Miranda Tate were names given to the characters played by Liam Neeson and Marion Cotillard in the batman movies….

wel all know how they turned out… OK guess he’s not going to be John Harrison

nice try JJ

480. endeavour crew - December 10, 2012

Red Dead your back!!!!

Not to toot your horn or others but I value you and Rose/MJ/dmdunc/basement blogAnthony P. opinions and many others and you help keep this site alive.

In the words of John Harrison-

“Your world is not safe”

“Get Geico”

481. Jonboc - December 10, 2012

Wow. Harrison eh? total curveball…I love it!!

482. SciFiJunky - December 10, 2012

@ 456. Konar


A Starfleet officer from canon fits the mould of the story synopsis release a ways back… blah blah blah “an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for” blah blah blah….

Now the question remains of how he acquires super-human abilities. Some sort of entity like the good ol’ days of classic Trek? One can only hope. Hope, and dream…

483. Sebastian S. - December 10, 2012

“Go back and watch the TOS episode again, and you will see that Khan tries as hard as he Khan to keep his past secret.”

Um…. is that why he told Kirk in Space Seed that his first name was Khan? A bit like Hitler going incognito by saying his first name was “Adolf”…

Tell me, does that man in the brig look ANYTHING like Khan Noonian Singh? At all? You will never give this bone up, will you? Even after the credits roll, you’ll still be in your chair murmuring to yourself,
“It’s Khan, it’s Khan, it’s Khan, it’s Khan…..”


484. Stargazer - December 10, 2012

The problem with all of this Carol Marcus stuff is that all of these sites are pointing to the same source. One guy from’s twitter post. It’d be more credible if it was coming from a variety of sources, but its not. Its just a bunch of sites pointing to the same source. Tat hardly counts as independent verification.

485. Seatbelt Blue - December 10, 2012

@461 –

About as intimidating as “Gary Mitchell.”

486. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

Alice Eve’s name does not even appear on the credits at the trailer site.

Whoever she is, her role does not appear to be big enough to warrant a spot equal to what Peter Weller gets on the same site.

487. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

Didn’t no One saw that in the Ongoing Comic … George Kirk with long hair looks very similar to Cumberbatch???????????

488. edshrinker - December 10, 2012

A reporter from Collider, attending a press event at Bad Robot in support of Star Trek Into Darkness tonight, tweeted that Alice Eve’s anonymous female lead in the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel will in fact be Carol Marcus.

“STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS slight spoiler: Alice Eve plays Carol Marcus,” tweeted Collider Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub.

489. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012

MJ – you like to use places, like that website, as the end all and be all. They are not confirming anything. They are going by what are more than likely, people’s opinions on what they saw. If Alice Eve’s character was confirmed, you would have heard it here or on a major media outlet. Keep reaching buddy… your perseverance is inspiring!

By the way… when is it that Khan joined Starfleet?

490. Skulltrail - December 10, 2012

The Brother i mean

491. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

I sometimes feel that in debating who the villain is, we are missing out on what we could be debating, instead, which could be far, far more important.

Such as whether the Enterprise looks exactly the same as it did in 2009, for example.


Or the appearance of Montgomery Scott, who seems much less comedic in scenes that have been released.

Seriously, I wonder if the Enterprise has changed in any way.

No more brewery engine room…?

492. edshrinker - December 10, 2012

Collider has proved to be quite reliable in the past. There is another souce. Keep ’em coming. I assume Anthony will want to confirm breaking news on his own site?

493. Unbel1ever - December 10, 2012

Thank god. It’s a new character!

494. edshrinker - December 10, 2012

They did film at the Bud plant. Let’s hope it is for some continuity but engineering got a major upgrade.

495. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@474 K-7,
“If that isn’t the final death blow to Mitchell, then I don’t know what is. If it was Mitchell, then they would have Dehner in there, not Marcus.”

What kind of deterministic logic is that?

Carol Marcus has absolutely NOTHING to do with Khan, except that he happened to be the villain in a movie she was also in.

And what does Dehner have to do with Gary Mitchell? The two characters have absolutely nothing in common except they figured together in an episode of the series set in the Prime universe. In this universe Dehner wasn’t on the Enterprise when they encountered the barrier, therefore she is of absolutely no importance to Mitchell.

By your logic, because they marooned Kirk on a planet called Delta Vega, Nero should have been Gary Mitchell.

Carol Marcus is an independent character that has interest to Kirk, and NOBODY else. And we know Orci likes to pay homage to Trek (Delta Vega, Tribbles, etc.), so that’s all we have so far.

If anything, I think all these big arrows pointing at Khan should be telling us the exact opposite. Why would Abrams be working so hard to keep Cumberbatch’s identity a secret and then all but hang a sign around his neck that says Khan, if it was Khan?

496. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 10, 2012

The best thing Colliderfrosty said, the cast is there… he talked with Karl Urban!

:-) :-)

497. martin - December 10, 2012

I love this if it doesn’t have Dehner, then it can’t be Mitchell.
If it has Carol Marcus then it must be Khan.

You folks must think that the writers are as creative as Data. Here are some more things I guess we need to count on if Carol Marcus is in it- Noel Clarke plays Captain Terrell. It is the Reliant crashing into the bay in the trailer. The flower planet is in the Mutara Nebula.

Marcus and Khan have zero tie to each other. Dehner has a little more tie to Mitchell, but they were not soulmates, it was a short infatuation is all.

Marcus being in this does not mean Khan is in it. It is much more likely that announcing Marcus now is to throw all of you off in thinking Khan is somehow involved. And you are falling for it.

Maybe my earlier argument is wrong about Trelane. I might still be right about Sybok.

But I am going to throw in another name. John Harrison’s body is being occupied by Janice Lester, who is pissed about Carol stealing her man and Jim sneaking his way into a captaincy ahead of her and he/she is going to detonate the fleet!.

498. Dunsel Report - December 10, 2012

Very excited about the prospect of Captain John Harrison feeding the crew of the USS Lexington or whatever it is to some alien entity as part of a Faustian bargain. And I will love it when Trek fans stop obsessing over tedious DS9-style Federation political affairs and remember how awesome it was when the show was about great tragic souls like Matthew Decker.

499. AJ - December 10, 2012

Truth is: No one in the real world of non-Trekdom could give a hoot about Carol Marcus. The character was in TWOK 30 years ago. Let’s hope she’s that “Little blonde lab technician” that maybe McCoy pushed toward him in the JJverse (“I almost married her!, etc.).

Linking the Genesis Device, and via that premise, Khan, to all of this, is premature.

One thing from the initial blurb is that Kirk has a “personal score to settle.” Maybe “John Harrison” kills Carol Marcus.

500. Stargazer - December 10, 2012

I still think JJ and team are playing all of us. Bad Robot is having a red herring palooza.

501. martin - December 10, 2012

@495 – I am not you. I cannot believe we said almost the identicial thing at the same time.

502. Konar - December 10, 2012

465– untrue. A major actor playing an iconic character will be identified as the iconic character. Bruce Wayne/Batman doesn’t count since both have achieved iconic status. Same with Darth Vader/A. Skywalker. So if BC were playing Kahn or Gary Mitchell, he certainly wouldn’t be identified as John Harrison in a publicity photo, despite the most acrobatic rationale.

503. BulletInTheFace - December 10, 2012

#444: That’s not true. Uhura’s first name has been widely known to be “Nyota” for decades. It just hadn’t been spoken yet on film.

504. Stargazer - December 10, 2012

Screw all this talk about the villain and Alice Eve. WHAT ABOUT THE NACELLES!!???!?!?!?

Won’t somone please think of the nacelles.

505. Colin - December 10, 2012

What if Cumby is George Lucas who is trying to kill everyone because someone wrote a better prequel trilogy than him?

506. gigastazio - December 10, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing Dukat. It’s obvious.

507. Fascinoma - December 10, 2012

495 – “Carol Marcus has absolutely NOTHING to do with Khan, except that he happened to be the villain in a movie she was also in.

And what does Dehner have to do with Gary Mitchell?”

THIS! Some sense!

The assumption that Marcus = Khan, Dehner = Mitchell, has been annoying the smeg out of me.

Carol Marcus and Kirk did not meet in “Space Seed” or even anywhere onscreen during TOS. All that’s ever established is that they had a history long enough prior to TWOK, to produce a son about David’s age.

And just because Dehner is there doesn’t mean Mitchell is, or vice versa.

The entire crew that we know were not even all on the ship at the same time until the second season, yet here they are all together when the Enterprise launches.

NuTrek has already proven that it mixes up the characters and does different things with them. Uhura pairing with Spock for example.

And I wish people would get over the “a villain can’t be named ___” business.

I’d love to turn the Tumblr social justice warrior crowd loose on the people who think villains can’t have an Anglo name, lol

I’ll pass out the popcorn!

508. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@499 AJ,

Yes! I’ve been saying all along that Carol Marcus makes a much more interesting character if it turned out to be Gary Mitchell than Dehner, for that exact reason. Whomever the villain is, kills Carol Marcus, who it is learned was pregnant with Kirk’s child. You don’t think that would make Kirk go after him with blood in his eyes? You betcha …

509. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

@edshrinker (491), thanks for that tidbit.

Well, here’s the thing: Now we know that the Enterprise has an ultramodern brig. So, if this is how they treat their prisoners, imagine how nice the crew berths are. Must be done in Apple Moderne style. (Hey, I just created a name for it! Hope it’s okay with Apple… No claim is made on the name, okay, Apple? It’s fair use / parody. Maybe I should say, “Mapple Moderne” (Simpsons reference).)

So, really, if they’re going to use the Bud plant again, the indications are that they haven’t completely overhauled the engine room. Which may or may not be true and/or good. I’m not that fixated on the engine room. Really I’m not. Though I have to say, the artwork for the movie showed some beautiful concepts for it that weren’t realized “because of budget” or something. :Sigh:

At least the bridge and the rest of the ship is awesome.

Also, I’m already thinking about the so-called “glass” in that image. It must be some kind of superglass or (as someone has already said) transparent aluminum. I’m thinking about the bridge “glass” viewscreen, as well. It showed signs of cracking (hell, it did crack) near that black hole, but by rights it should be thousands of times stronger than plain old tempered glass — it’s the 23d Century, after all.

And this gets me thinking about the transparent dome we’ve seen on TOS and TNG Enterprises. (Remember when the dome shattered in Generations?) My thinking is that the entire bridge is surrounded by industrial-strength high-powered shields that prevent the kind of surprise attack that would annihilate the bridge. (From the topside, such a dome would look like a bullseye, with the captain in the very center.)

Discuss amongst yourselves. :-)

510. SciFiJunky - December 10, 2012

@ 487. Skulltrail

I have not read the comics (stopped collecting comics years ago when I started having kids – the bank account couldn’t handle both).

Is Kirk’s brother a Starfleet officer in this timeline?

511. AJ - December 10, 2012

Regardless of Bob Orci’s love of conspiracies, I do not think the writers would do a ‘Section 31′ story. Nor would they use the Borg, or anything outside of TOS’s classic 80 episodes (“Cage” included). Uhura ordered a Cardassian drink in Iowa in ST09. Fine.

Within TOS, you can rule out comic figures like Mudd and Trelane, and boring old men like Roger Corby or the Captain of the Exeter.

If BC is truly ‘Crewman Harrison,’ bring back Lee Kelso and Mr. Kyle as well. How about Yeoman Smith from WNMHGB? Lt. Riley?

512. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

My money is on this being an ARG ramp-up. Think about it, all the misdirection goes viral and they ride the publicity until May!

Wish someone could blow up that little square for us to take a peak at ;)

513. Esteban - December 10, 2012

This Batman/Avengers wanna be still doesn’t interest me.

514. PEB - December 10, 2012

Kirk’s brother is a family man who has nothing at all to do with Starfleet. I liked the story that he was a part of in the comics. It dealt with some of the animosity that would’ve been there following the older brother just up and leaving youngKirk.

515. edshrinker - December 10, 2012

@509 Hat Rick

That is really funny – I always thought that too. The bridge on Federation vessels seem only to be missing a bullseye painted in the middle of the saucer. Could you possibly make it a better target?

Thinking that in ST 2009. Nero had really crappy aim.

516. AJ - December 10, 2012


Curious Cadet:

Wow. And add the “family” theme into it, and you have put two puzzle pieces together. Kirk is heading back to avenge the death of Carol and their unborn son.

517. Craiger - December 10, 2012

That could be interesting if Cumberbatch is Klingon that doesn’t have the ridges, so he looks Human. Maybe he infultrates Starfleet that way?

518. SciFiJunky - December 10, 2012

@ 514. PEB – Thanks!

I think I might buy myself a Christmas gift and get the Trade Paper Backs of the new ongoing comic series – especially if there are links to the new movie with their pages.

519. Canadianknight - December 10, 2012

John Harrison – 12 characters in the name

Gary Mitchell – 12 characters in the name.


Just sayin’. :)

520. Fascinoma - December 10, 2012

Oh, and to people who think she can’t be Carol Marcus because Marcus was never in Starfleet…

That was never explicitly stated. In real life, lots of people do a few years of military service after college (or before college), before starting their main career.

It’s just that the characters we always see on Trek tend to be the “lifers”, but it doesn’t mean it HAS to be that way.

521. Li'l Shat - December 10, 2012


And both names have four characters in the first name, eight in the last.

522. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

The fact that Bob has been uber quiet today too also lends to they’re up to something. They’re eating this up and waiting to see what string they can pull lol. It looks like the cube in the middle is a picture of a woman but flipping it around makes me think it could be something else

523. Anaxagoras of the South - December 10, 2012

@Hat Rick. That the bridge is explicitly protected by something other than normal shields already has a precedent. TWOK. Remember when Kirk ordered Yellow Alert? Saavik replied with “Energize defense fields.” and we see a schematic of the Enterprise, upon which a circular wave appears around the bridge area of the ship.

So, yeah, there’s something else besides regular shields.

524. PEB - December 10, 2012

I personally say it’s worth it. I didnt know if I’d enjoy them going into the first issue but after a couple 2 part issues, the stories move from being re-tellings of TOS episodes and are original stories that have much more of a twist to them. They Red Shirt issue is a great stand-alone tale and even Keenser’s story made me like the little guy. He’s no JarJar and the issue treats him as a real character that you can connect with on some level. More than anything, you get a chance to feel like Kirk is actually growing as a character and as a Captain (from his conversations with ‘cupcake’ on how he isnt exactly liked since being super promoted to Captain to his interactions with the rest of his crew). I’m 28years old and I’m a comic fan regardless but I’d definitely suggest the ongoing series to any fan of Trek. Oh, and theres even a little Section 31 glimpse in there too.

525. Canadianknight - December 10, 2012

#521 – Exactly.

My money is on Mitchell…

526. JohnnieHF - December 10, 2012

That is the brig in the picture. If you look at the sides of the room, there are seats that can be moved in and out of the wall. The hallway behind the cell is a row of other cells. I think there is also a force field – if you look around the edge of the cell, there is a force field light. Don’t know why there is glass.

I think this is a scene from the comic book when Mitchell was in the brig – it is backstory for the movie.

527. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012

Still waiting to hear MJ’s explanation for when Khan joined Starfleet.

528. edshrinker - December 10, 2012

@523 Sure as heck better be the case considering it’s location. Considering images are all via viewscreen images and not a “window”, it is curious why they would put the most important part of the ship with the most important crew members in a bubble on topo a giant bullseye.

Just sayin’

This is my defense mechanism to avoid my own reetahded speculation on Benny Batch’s character.

529. Rick Johnson - December 10, 2012

Isn’t the “John Harrison” thing kind of a clue for everybody who was saying “Gary Mitchell sounds like a guy from accounting”?

They already said they want everybody speculating, and aren’t going to name the guy. So it’s not a real name. It’s practically a love letter to you loyal nerds (they knows nobody who’s not a nerd cares if it’s “Gary Mitchell” or “John Harrison.”)

So, still Gary Mitchell, though I have no idea what any Trek antagonist is doing chitchatting with parents. My guess is the guy is a federation scientist and has some technology Mitchell needs. There’s no plot if Mitchell = Q from the outset.

530. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012

My last comment was deleted. *sigh*

531. Chris Roberts - December 10, 2012

Thank goodness they didn’t go for John Thomas!

I’m not believing a word of this incidentally.

It’s a coincidence I’m sure, that they pick a background character’s name from “Space Seed”.

I’d need to check, but going by this universe’s rules… I’m pretty sure BC would be as unsuitable for that role… as he’d be playing Khan.


532. Anaxagoras of the South - December 10, 2012

@edshrinker. Well, in Starfleet’s defense, pretty much every navy in the world puts its bridge out, loud, and proud out in the open…except for subs (then again, if you hit a sub it’s all over so it really doesn’t matter at that depth…). I mean, look at aircraft carriers…

533. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

@Anaxagoras of the South (524), I will have to look for that the next time I watch TWOK. Good catch!

534. Sean4000 - December 10, 2012

It’sist likely a Chekhov situation, not GENETICALLY the same person as the original timeline.

535. Radioactive Spock - December 10, 2012

I just don’t see the whole God-entity thing working well on the big screen. Whoever this Harrison is I seriously doubt it has anything to do with any of the all too common TOS omnipotent energy being plot devices.

536. Ross Manuel - December 10, 2012

It a Gary mitchell for gods sake its Gary mitchell

537. MJ and Khan sittin in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G - December 10, 2012

Let’s have the Trek Movie drinking game:

– Everytime MJ says the word Khan, veryone takes a drink.
– Everytime MJ uses a website as proof, everyone takes a drink.
– Everytime MJ says “whatever dude”, everyone takes a drink.
– Everytime MJ says it can’t be Gary Mitchell because its so clearly Khan, everyone takes a drink.

538. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

So Eve is Marcus, eh? Sounds to me Kirk’s getting his love interest, and Cumbervillain kills her, or their future son (David?) in the new timeline, thus leaving him with “no family” other than Cumberbatch. So that gives Kirk his own Moby Dick story against Cumberbatch? I kinda hope not.

Seems like there has to be something that ties Cumberbatch to some other new villain, or a villain from the prime timeline, that gives him his lust for vengeance.

For all we think we know, we don’t know much. And I just can’t get into the idea that its someone substantially removed from the TOS timeline. Not saying its impossible, I just seriously, seriously doubt it.

539. Nathan - December 10, 2012

Sooooo…there are two possibilities the way I see it.

The first is that John Harrison is a Starfleet officer played by Cumberbatch, most likely the alternative version of the Harrison from the main universe. He’s a Starfleet guy who got genetically engineered or joined Section 31 or whatever.

The other option is that my insane theory that Cumberbatch actually plays all of a race of identical Augments is true, and that John Harrison is simply the Cumberbatch Augment tasked with infiltrating the Enterprise. The differing haircuts support my position, which is starting to look more and more likely…but still insane.

If that’s true, this one will probably die, and Spock will sympathize with him as a member of dying race or something.

Am I insane? Do the people in white coats need to come take me away?

540. TheWrathOfBong - December 10, 2012

527: He never joined Starfleet, he just has the shirt on because he was on a starship and that’s what was available. Just like he did in Space Seed–if anything, this similarity could be seen as a PLUS for the Khan theory.

541. Max - December 10, 2012

With all the “facemelting” comments from Bob before, I think we have a surgically altered Khan on our hands. Posing as someone else.

542. No Khan - December 10, 2012

I never thought the main theme in Star Trek after all these years would be about KHAN! He has hijacked Star Trek! Roddenberry must be rolling in his grave!

543. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

color inverted image on his arm looks pretty cool, anyone else taking the ARG bait? We had a pretty damn good time with it last time.

544. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

^^ Interesting comments, Anaxagoras, about the bridges of naval ships.

U.S. Navy command ships have a command center that is deep inside the vessel, sort of an auxiliary or battle bridge. Most of the information necessary to warfighting is processed by human officers and their computers inside this center. However, it is unclear to me whether the entire ship can be run from this center, although it very well could be technically speaking, particularly if one uses sufficient automation and video and other sensors. Many things can be done by wire, or even wirelessly, and by communicating via the ship’s intercom to places were orders must be executed. Other C4 tasks can be managed by placement of protected video cameras, for example, or remote monitoring of the ship from the air, from other vessels, or from space, and through use of robotics. A command to activate the Rolling Airframe Missile batteries can be done from anywhere aboard the ship, for example; there is no reason it has to be done from someone aboard the regular bridge. And the computational resources necessary for the tracking element for the disposition of such defensive systems are probably provided by the command center anyway.

The new Ford-class aircraft carrier, under construction, is supposed to incorporate the latest in technology and so much automation that fewer total crew are necessary.

545. Fascinoma - December 10, 2012

You know, I think JJ Abrams accomplished what he set out to do. I have officially hit Peak Cumbervillain and no longer have any interest, whatsoever, in knowing who the villain is.

546. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012

I honestly can’t believe the number of folks on this thread who actually believe that “John Harrison” is the villain’s actual name.

So, J.J Abrams has spent the last couple of years keeping the villain’s identity a total secret, and then, suddenly decides to reveal it? Seriously?

John Harrison? You guys truly believe the villain is John Harrison? LOL!


J.J Abrams is totally obsessed with keeping the villain’s identity a secret. So yes, a fake name is possible.


547. Carlos - December 10, 2012

Come on guys. His name is John Harrison and he is not Canon. The source is Paramount. Get over it.

Filling the commentary section with non-sense conspiracy stuff will not bring Khan, Mitchell and Garth back. They are dead as everything about original Star Trek is. End of the line.

548. kevan - December 10, 2012

John Harrison, very familiar to capt john harriman of 1701-b, where kirk died….or went into the nexus….

549. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

@543 I thought the same thing (photo on wrist is an ARG tease)

Not sure they’d start one out quite this early. Think the one before the 09 movie was only about a month before the film’s release, but don’t recall.

But it WAS a heckuva lot of fun! Hope they do something like that again.

And, no, I can’t fathom too many folks are taking John Harrison seriously.

550. a. Fortner - December 10, 2012

John Harrison? Wasn’t he one of the Beatles?

551. Commodore Adams - December 10, 2012

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – SPOILER – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it in the comments above by the character played by Alice Eve was also revealed. Article by Scott Collura at IGN.

552. MackDaddy - December 10, 2012

The vaillain’s name is: ☊☏☂☁☃▧◬

The prononciation is a little tricky.

553. Dave1119 - December 10, 2012

I’m taking the caption at face value until proven otherwise. The villain is John Harrison, who is indeed the obscure stand-in that appeared in several of the TOS episodes. This would fulfill Bob Orci’s assertion that the villain is canon. Now, I don’t think he is the “real” villain. The real villain is either Peter Weller, who has done something to John Harrison, OR, to go way out on a limb, what if the destruction of Vulcan released the Katra of a particularly evil ancient Vulcan? That would explain both the “Your World” and the “I have returned” comment. It has been established in canon that a Katra can posses a human (Enterprise). There was a novel many years ago that dealt with exactly that scenario. And the katra possessed unstoppable mental powers.

What do you think?

554. No Khan - December 10, 2012

Oh No, Alice Eve is Carol Marcus! Why are they copying the movies the tv show has so much more to mine from & better material!

555. Benny - December 10, 2012

I think this is the most plausible so far.
Peter Weller is revealed to be Khan at the end of the film and Cumberpatch is his predecessor that perhaps awakens him before dying.
This would make Cumberpatch out to really be a ‘John Harrison’ aka the main villain of this film.

556. John Harrison - December 10, 2012

The Enterprise is a garbage scow. Yeah that’s right Scotty, you heard me.

557. Benny - December 10, 2012

I mean CumberBatch.

558. No Khan - December 10, 2012

@555, I think that’s the Easter egg. Remember its now a trilogy!

559. Hat Rick - December 10, 2012

@Commodore Adams (551), interesting and it would definitely indicate to me who the villain could be.

560. Commodore Adams - December 10, 2012

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – SPOLER – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Some info about the Klingons

561. Commodore Adams - December 10, 2012

And none of the spoilers I have posted have been confirmed, simply articles i’ve seen whilst perusing the net.

562. Sid - December 10, 2012



563. Thunderbubble - December 10, 2012

#270 Hey Ed, I’m with you. It’s Black Omne. Could you confirm for me and Ed please, Bob.

564. Benny - December 10, 2012

Continued from 555.
May not necessarily be the awakening from Space Seed, or an awakening at all.
Want to believe Cumby’s Gary Mitchell though.

565. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

soonerdave, yeah it started like a month before but I think they’re kicking this one off early. I think there’s clues in the jacked up press release that we haven’t caught onto yet. Also in the image, you can see crewmen walking the pathway behind the brig. Also Kirk’s left pant leg has something funky on it, like an embedded image. The clue in the image says From Left to Right, I bet you take what’s hidden on Kirks left leg to Cumberpatches right arm for the next clue. I’m just don’t know enough about images to delayer etc…

needs to dig up what we did from the last ARG cause I think there was a similar trick with a QR code.

566. kevan - December 10, 2012

If it is carol markus how can you make the leap it is kahn. In TWOK kirk and Markus had a kid who old, so he did not come out that old so kirk and Marcus had a romance years before TWOK. This could be that story.

567. pg - December 10, 2012

Cumberbatch…IS…the nephew…of the guy…that caught Mickey…when Clubber Lang shoved him…– this is how RIDICULOUS people are getting over who he’s playing lol… Can’t we just wait and see the film..

568. Flux Conundrum - December 10, 2012

Where on Harrisons memory-alpha page does it say his first name is John?

No where.

569. Wunderbar - December 10, 2012

Ich glaube, dass John Harrison gerade ein Codename für Gary Mitchell ist, dass die Produzenten pflegen, um uns alle weg von der Spur zu werfen.

Auch warum würden sie Alice Eve schauen lassen gerade wie Elizabeth Dehner zum nur Haben sie, Carol Marcus zu sein? Was würde der Punkt sein? Scheint nicht, viel sinnvoll zu sein mir.

570. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@553 Dave1119,
“I’m taking the caption at face value until proven otherwise. The villain is John Harrison, who is indeed the obscure stand-in that appeared in several of the TOS episodes.”

If he really is a character named John Harrison, and not an alias for something else, he’s essentially brand new, and that name is merely an homage. The real Harrison was played by Ron Veto who is of Hawaiian descent. Definitely not Cumberbatch.

So the lie was that while Cumberbatch plays a character whose name comes from canon, it’s not actually the same character.

571. Rick Johnson - December 10, 2012

German guy knows what’s up.

572. Cygnus-X1 - December 10, 2012

I’ve been predicting that the villain would be John Harrison for the past two years.

But did anybody take me seriously?


573. martin - December 10, 2012

Holy Smokes. I am watching the SyFy 20th Anniversary special and right now they are showing John Harrison who is the Writer/Director of the Dune miniseries.

Mind blown.

574. Flux Conundrum - December 10, 2012

Looks more like a quarantine/decon chamber to me than a brig.

575. Ambrose - December 10, 2012

William B Harrison? Bread and Circuses?

576. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012


I used google translate to parse what German guy is saying. Apparently he’s got an exclusive interview with John Harrison Ford coming up that will answer all questions. But first, MORE DANCING!

577. Uncle Sean - December 10, 2012

I’m sure someone has already thrown this idea out there… but what if Cumberbatch is an undercover Klingon? Like Arne Darvin from Trouble with Tribbles? I’m sure there’s a ton to contradict that but it just occurred to me.

578. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

Isn’t this an interesting tie in? maybe a fluke but those flukes are what solved the last ARG riddle

579. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

link this time lol, sorry!

580. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

More confirmation from tonight’s press gathering at Bad Robot that ALICE EVE IS CAROL MARCUS. Link from IGN. I’ve surmised all along that she is Carol Marcus. DO I KNOW HOW TO DEDUCE OR DO I KNOW HOW TO DEDUCE. :-)

Now where did we first meet this character? Oh, yeah. The Wrath of Khan. Marry the fact that Carol Marcus is in the movie with the evidence. Search for Hispanic actor ala Ricardo Montalban. DVD commentary about putting a scene with the Botany Bay. BC’s character is human and has super strength; not telekinesis. Oh, yeah the big story by TrekMovie with sources telling us all that it’s Khan. What would Sherlock say? I’M KHAN.

IGN link Alice Eve is Carol Marcus.

581. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012


I was wondering if anyone would bring up M. John Harrison! (BTW, how many people can say they’ve reinvented the space opera genre twice? Banks gets the glory, but Harrison’s the better writer IMHO.) I know Bob is a fan of literary SF, so maybe there is a deliberate tip of the hat there…

582. No Khan - December 10, 2012

Klingons now with piercings! I guess they can’t do face tattoo’s again. I’m so sick of trendy villains always sporting Tattoo’s, Piercings & Overcoats. Its been done to death! Aren’t there any fresh ideas anymore.

583. Curious Cadet - December 10, 2012

@580 Basement Blogger,

Yeah, you know what it totally sounds like to me?

Massive misdirection …

Carol Marcus has absolutely NOTHING to do with KHAN, and EVERYTHING to do with KIRK during this period of his life.


584. Wunderbar - December 10, 2012

#576: LOL!

Ich vermute, wer Alice Eve spielt nichts mehr als eine Liebe Interesse / Jungfrau in Nöten sein.

585. Li'l Shat - December 10, 2012

My guess is the villain in this film is Gary Mitchell and that they’re saving Khan for the final film of the trilogy. Carol Marcus is being introduced in this one; she’ll be back for the Khan installment.

It’s just a guess, so please don’t crap on Li’l Shat.

586. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 10, 2012

May I just say Cumberbatch reminds me of Tom Hiddleston in that tuna-can-like brig they had in The Avengers? I just want to inject that in here…

It seems Gary Mitchell’s name is not Gary Mitchell in this universe–it’s John Harrison.

587. Phil - December 10, 2012

I still think this is misdirection.

The fact that Karl Urban has a slipping of the tongue a few months ago. Sure actors can play tricks on the fans but I think it sounded more like a slip of the tongue.

Stay tuned.

588. Andy - December 10, 2012

Could someone fill me in as to what ARG is, and what it means in the context of trek?

589. Benny - December 10, 2012

Why have I read all 587 comments?

590. I am not Herbert - December 10, 2012

BobOrci’s Lie:

…is that he is a Star Trek fan. =(

I have wasted enough of my time on this fake-ass excuse for Star Trek. =(

i will get it on netflix, given the chance, otherwise… see ya! peace out!

good luck to you all! see you on the other side of the rainbow! I hope!

I will be continuing my studies and practice, in preparation for serving with the Galactic Federation of Light =)

with Love & Light,

“I am not Herbert”

591. CanOpener1256 - December 10, 2012

Why is that a brig? Could be a quarantine room. Perhaps Harrison is in there because something happened on the Botany Bay? Like getting possessed by Richardo Montablan. He keeps saying “Genuine Corthinthian Leather” over and over again.

592. Doug Graham - December 10, 2012

It’s *got* to be Gary Mitchell…the guy doesn’t look like Khan (despite the rumors), and there really haven’t been too many Star Trek villains that can match withs with Kirk.

Of course, going all the way back to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, Kirk apparently killed Mitchell by dropping a big rock on him. Mitchell made a return in “Star Trek, Of Gods And Men”, so it would only seem logical that the original Kirk *did not* kill him…but he’s been biding his time all these years…

593. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012


“Why have I read all 587 comments?”

Because you’re waiting for boborci to appear. Like all the rest of us.

Bob! I summon you in the names of all Seven Hundred of the Ancient and Unspeakable Gods!

594. Wunderbar - December 10, 2012

Während wir alle Spinnen wilde Theorien sind, ist hier ein: Was, wenn sie die Enterprise zu bekommen, so stark beschädigt, dass es zu sein nach den Ereignissen des Films refit hat. Und wat wenn das Refit macht das Unternehmen aussehen, wie es in der Motion Picture tat.

Ok, das ist nur die alte Schule Fanboy in mir sprach. Ich denke immer noch die Enterprise sieht zu steril in diesem Apple-Store-Motiv und die Brücke sieht aus wie ein Friseursalon. Ich erinnere mich an eine der größten Beschwerden über Berman Trek war, dass die Schiffe sterile suchen schien. Wir hatten keine Ahnung, dass JJ Enterprise wäre die sterile von ihnen allen sein.

595. Benny - December 10, 2012

Simon Pegg has quashed Khan rumours on Twitter, but has anyone quashed Karl Urban’s slip-up? Other than Karl Urban himself?

596. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012


An ARG is an Alternate Reality Game, with clues interspersed in “real world” settings but within a “contrived” environment. The Trek promotion crew did an extensive ARG just before release of the 2009 reboot movie, in which cryptic Romulan codes were supposedly unearthed along with strange messages embedded in social media (twitter), photos, and even emails. It was an amazingly complex game.

The end-game was a three-dimensional computer-generated map to protect the Federation from the Narada. I was in on the game to the end, and those who followed the game “from the other side” actually awarded prizes to some of the participants (although I was not among them, sadly :) )

The notion is that there may be a similar ARG in advance of this movie, even to the extent of wondering whether early clues are already being planted in the character names and obscure photos.

597. El Kapitan - December 10, 2012

I’m not going to necessarily pick between Khan or Mitchell, but I would remind you that in WNMHGB, Mitchell did reference that, “little blonde lab tech I aimed at you.”

And Kirk, shocked, said, “I almost married her!”

That certainly does link Gary Mitchell with Carol Marcus & lends weight to the Mitchell camp. And Bob is nerd enough to use it is all I’m sayin

598. RIchard - December 10, 2012

#597: That is an excellent point! I now have to go rewatch that episode to catch that reference.

599. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

@579 That story by Harrison is startling! London-based, multiple universes, rogue captains, conflicting realities…..amazing coincidence if that’s all it is.

600. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 593

Here’s the secret to getting Bob Orci to appear. Just post this comment.

“JFK was killed by a lone gunman.”


601. Jack - December 10, 2012

592. It’s not Gary Mitchell. Use a little imagination here. It’s like some of you have never seen Trek. I’m not surprised if it’s just a name we ‘d seen before, or heard once or twice. So what if the villain wasn’t a “villain” or even a major TOS player on screen? He is here. There could still be another reveal to come, of course… but I won’t be surprised if this is it, period.

I don’t think it’s Khan, but it’s still possible (although that reveal would be like Dustin Hoffman pulling his wig off in Tootsie.).

602. No Khan - December 10, 2012

Its a Trilogy. Khan will be in ST3. These guys are bailing after 3 movies and they are determined to do their Khan! Maybe we will get some real Trek after they leave. They sure won’t be able to do Khan for another 25 years.

603. somethoughts - December 10, 2012

I think the point here is the name of the villain doesn’t matter, what matters is a awesome kick ass epic space movie with ground breaking special effects and drama

604. BulletInTheFace - December 10, 2012

#592: “Of Gods And Men” is just a fan film–it has no bearing on the official Star Trek universe.

605. MJ - December 10, 2012

@537 “Let’s have the Trek Movie drinking game…”

Hey sock-puppet, this is the kind of post I would expect from whichever one of you is so bankrupt of ideas that you “TRY” to ridicule me.

Not working…but, “The Moronic Adventure is Just Beginning” for you — whoever you are…obviously you a regular here who doesn’t have the nads to post this under your real name. LOL

606. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

@SoonerDave, I had never heard of that book before. I found it by searching for some of the glaring words from the original ‘weird’ paramount synopsis and the james harrison name drop here. When I read the description i was like NO WAY lol… wishes I had the image skills that some of the cats who worked on the last ARG did.

I swear there is some glaring manipulation in that image. That little cube has some kind of grid pattern behind it when you play with the contrasts etc. There’s some weird shadows I can’t quite figure out where they’re coming from and that pant leg on kirk looks manipulated. I’m about to crash for the night, watch the first clue be solved when I wake up lol…

607. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

@600 BB



Seriously if anyone on the Supreme Court has even read Light then my hopes for this movie have just gone through the roof. Here’s an old review by Jeff Vandermeer:

I don’t think Orci and co. are referencing it though. It’s funny, the Mitchell faction would go nuts over it. The K Tract is like a James Joycean Galactic Barrier with the Shrander an even darker Gary Mitchell.

608. hhey MJ - December 10, 2012

Get a life. It’s not khan… As anyone with half a brain can see.

609. MJ - December 10, 2012

Someone asked me to explain how come Khan might be in Starfleet. We don’t know that yet. A few reasons I can come up with might be:

(1) He’s working for Federation spooks (being managed by Weller), undercover in Starfleet.

(2) He’s just wearing the uniform like in TOS Space Seed, and is actually not in Starfleet.

(3) He’s a descendant or family member or crew member of Khan who is in Starfleet, and is not Khan.

610. MJ - December 10, 2012

@608. Great. Hey moron, at least use your real posting name here please. I thought we were beyond this infantile crap now that Anthony was back.

To those critical of my Khan ideas, is this “Romper Room” 3rd Grade level nonsense the best response you all can come up with.

This just reflects sadly on all of you. Is this your finest hour here in debating me? Really???

611. LogicalLeopard - December 10, 2012

Okay, let me be the first to say that although it is TOTALLY feasable for a white guy to play Khan, a Sikh character played by a Hispanic, it is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS for a white guy to play Harrison, an Inuit character played by a Hawaiian. He’s either John Harrison. a new character, or that’s not his true name.

And I’m not even going to support that with facts, you all know its wrong. :p

612. SoonerDave - December 10, 2012

@609 Khan, in the alternate timeline, might have been discovered by a different ship, perhaps Peter Weller’s ship, who opted to use Khan’s supemen as his own brand of shadow Federation Mafia in return for an eventual “piece of the action” (pun only slightly unintentional). When Weller’s character disses Khan’s insistence, Weller banishes Khan’s crew, killing Khan, leaving his second-in-command – played by Cumberbatch – ready to seek revenge on the Federation for denying its existence.

You could almost think of Cumberbatch’s character conceptually as similar to the one played by John Malkovich in “In The Line Of Fire,” a hired/trained CIA killer who was discarded by the CIA when no longer needed. Weller’s corrupt CEO-type character could be the one that “trains” Khan’s men to serve as Federation “henchmen…”

613. K-7 - December 10, 2012

Hey MJ,

Yea, that is their finest hour in debating you. All they have left in the tank is to make fun of you and demean you.

614. dean-o - December 10, 2012

I’m not the least bit “angry” on this subject, only amused. So the John Harrison red herring is interesting… as someone else noted… that name may be a clue to the term navigator. Garth seems unlikely, since the man is insane and can’t muster up the power to break out of a maximum security space-age insane asylum. Garth is also prone to tantrums like a 5 year-old. He’d be a wimpy villain. Of course, if they’ve re-imagined him as something completely new, much younger than he should be, and with new god-like and Mitchell-y powers, then the way Garth is portrayed in TOS doesn’t matter, does it? So it that sense, he’s as much a possibility as a white Khan with a Gary Mitchell haircut I suppose.

615. Adolescent Nightmare - December 10, 2012

I am not impressed with Khan’s unimaginative secret identity. Even a name like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne was more creative.

616. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

What the freakin’ heck???

“In M. John Harrison’s dangerously illuminating new novel, three quantum outlaws face a universe of their own creation, a universe where you make up the rules as you go along and break them just as fast, where there’s only one thing more mysterious than darkness. In contemporary London, Michael Kearney is a serial killer on the run from the entity that drives him to kill. He is seeking escape in a future that doesn’ t yet exist—a quantum world that he and his physicist partner hope to access through a breach of time and space itself. In this future, Seria Mau Genlicher has already sacrificed her body to merge into the systems of her starship, the White Cat. But the “inhuman” K-ship captain has gone rogue, pirating the galaxy while playing cat and mouse with the authorities who made her what she is. In this future, Ed Chianese, a drifter and adventurer, has ridden dynaflow ships, run old alien mazes, surfed stellar envelopes. He “went deep”—and lived to tell about it. Once crazy for life, he’s now just a twink on New Venusport, addicted to the bizarre alternate realities found in the tanks—and in debt to all the wrong people.”

This is waaaaaaaaaaaay too close for comfort…

617. Eclectrek - December 10, 2012

Cutting and pasting something said on another forum:
friend of mine on facebook figured it out as follows: he wrote “This is a total stream of consciousness thing, so bear with me… The official cutline for this photo (cool brig, by the way) identifies Benedict Cumberbatch as “John Harrison.” That’s obviously a false flag, because they would never give this information away so callously when they’ve worked so hard to protect it. So… who is “John Harrison,” really? Well, it’s the name of the writer/director of the 2000/2003 “Dune” remakes, so there’s a sci-fi connection. Harrison also directed and wrote the score for “Creepshow,” which recently had its 30th anniversary. That film’s theme song was recently covered by Garth Knight (perhaps you can see where I’m going now). Knight is a homophone for night, which is a synonym for darkness. Garth would refer to who I believe Cumberbatch is really playing: Garth of Izar.” That’s JUST the sort of convoluted misdirection Abrams would pull. Can’t wait to see the movie here…

Curiouser and curiouser

618. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012


Scroll up, we’ve been discussing that.

619. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

By the way, Light isn’t the only thing M. John Harrison’s written (although it is the best.) He also inaugurated the age of gritty, hard edged space opera with The Centauri Device. As I said, he’s reinvented space opera twice.

620. Andy Patterson - December 10, 2012

Superherohype is reporting who Alice Eve is.

621. George Zip - December 10, 2012

Did BobOrci say it was TOS canon or just canon? :)

622. Benny - December 10, 2012

Benicio Del Toro was initially approached for this role. Question is, does Del Toro resemble any of the villains we are suggesting here, besides Khan?

623. Rule enforcer - December 10, 2012

As per the rules of the Trek Movie drinking game, everyone must now take 2 drinks.

624. Ahmed - December 10, 2012

Beside the TOS guy named Harrison, have we ever met a character name “John Harrison” in any of the Trek series, not just TOS ?

625. Tomar Re - December 10, 2012

Carol Marcus is the little blonde lab technician that Gary Mitchell introduced to Kirk.

The photo of Harrison, Kirk, and Spock actually depicts a decontamination chamber that they’ve placed Harrison in after recovering a photon torpedo tube /sarcophagus he was in…

Just some conjecture…

626. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

I’m 99% sure now this is an ARG drop. There are absolutely patterns in Kirks pant leg. See for yourself and tell me if I’m wrong.


The square on Cumberpatch’s arm when inverted looks like a dog with an arrow pointing to Kirk’s Pant Leg


627. enoch111 - December 10, 2012

I haven’t read every comment, but what if Cumberbatch is Garth and takes over Jonathan Harrison to infiltrate Starfleet and eventually it’s revealed that Peter Weller is actually Garth of Izar.

628. The Observer - December 10, 2012

Khan, hiding from history.

629. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

John Harrison is basically Khan. I am gonna bet.
I am disappointed. They rebooted the franchise for what? To do ANOTHER variation of Wrath of Khan? Although it is a very good movie, i now come to the conclusion that the movie actually hurts the franchise. Because everybody sees only Wrath of Khan, Wrath of Khan, Wrath of Khan.
Nothing else.
“Nemesis” already sucked because of this. Trek 2009 already stole aspects from Wrath of Kahn, and now again???
C’Mon the Trek Universe is bigger than this.

630. martin - December 10, 2012

@621 –
Maybe since John Harrison is a one man WMD, Boborci meant to say he was a cannon, not canon.

631. jamesingeneva - December 10, 2012

OK, one other thing, if you follow that arrow I mentioned it points EXACTLY to the weird distortion on Kirks pants. AGGGHHHH doesn’t want to go to bed but has reached the end of his capabilities

632. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

Hey MJ. I’ve posted the IGN update that confirms Alice Eve is Carol Marcus. Posted again below. I’ve always surmised that Eve was Marcus. That’s more evidence of Khan since she comes from TWOK. Sorry, we Khan theorists keep getting called idiots and having our intelligence questioned.

By the way, point out the fact that TrekMovie has not retracted its story that BC is Khan. So our detractors are also criticizing Anthony with his sources.

1. IGN update. Eve is Marcus.

2. TrekMovie stands by its story. BC is Khan.

633. Jack - December 10, 2012

According to Anthony’s Twitter feed, he’s with them at some Bad Robot cocktail party. The guy’s job has perqs every four years or so.

And so what if people here (the commenters) guessed wrong? These theories are running wild all over the Internet.

It was always guessing — the ‘clues’ were never conclusive ( black hair! they approached Latino actors! Cumberbatch bulked up! They said on the DVD commentary that they’d talked [joked?] about putting the Botany Bay at the end [but didn’t]! Anthony’s and AICN’s sources! Comments from Pegg [not Khan but a thing, like a conspiracy?], Bob [not Mitchell, Ruk etc.] and Urban [Mitchell! And I have exclusive footage!], It has to be Khan because he’s Kirk’s nemesis and part of pop culture! Gary Mitchell [and Lee Kelso] in a torpedo tube instead of a grave in the comics!).

The people who claimed to know for certain based on the flimsy evidence were fooling themselves, or f^^^^ng around with the rest of us. It was all guessing. And why not? Guessing’s fun.

634. Larrold - December 10, 2012 is reporting (via TrekWeb) that the Alice Eve character is Carol Marcus.

635. Jack - December 10, 2012

BTW, this was a much cheaper and more effective way to get people involved than an ARG or a bunch of websites.

636. Richard Johnson - December 10, 2012

I thought the Khan people were insane. I could never forgive them for the death of my boy.

That’s sobering. If Eve is Carol Marcus, all my certainty it’s Mitchell goes out the window. It might still be Mitchell without Dehner–and the look is totally off for Khan. Then again if the latino actors fell through, they might have deliberately changed the look so-as-to completely eliminate any thought of Montalban. In fact they would have.

In light of the lack of grey hair and eyes, Mitchell looks much, much less likely. I can see them thinking the eyes would screw up the performance, but the grey hair wouldn’t hurt at all.

Gary Mitchell, Khan or just “John Harrison,” I guess? I don’t see how Khan is a one-man weapon of mass destruction, but if the Klingons discovered the Botany Bay, who knows?

BTW agree with @629, I’m tired of the “nemesis” angle–I was looking forward to a Gary Mitchell story since I thought the original episode had great sci-fi themes. Whatever. Khan, maybe.

637. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

You guys figured it out yet? Who John Harrison is?

638. Crone - December 10, 2012

@626 A dog with an arrow? Finally, Admiral Archer’s beagle.

639. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

Hehehe! You guys know what chaff is and when it’s used?

640. MORN SPEAKS - December 10, 2012

In ‘Space Seed’ Khan doesn’t reveal his name.

If Kirk & co. pick up human on a Klingon planet with them all dead….do you think he’s going to announce his name is Khan?!?

It’s an alias (pardon the pun).

641. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

” It has to be Khan because he’s Kirk’s nemesis and part of pop culture!

@ 633 , Jack
Yeah, but why did they reboot the franchise. To do again a variation of Wrath of Khan?
And besides the nerds, i dont think that anybody remebers a 30 year old film. The argument, that Khan will be a seeling-point is overestimated. Nobody knows Khan except the nerds.
They should have used Mitchell instead. For the mainstream- audience it would have made no difference, and for the sake of the story, Mitchell would have made way more sense.

642. Benny - December 10, 2012

Looks like I’m going back to watch Space Seed and Where No Man Has Gone Before.

643. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

I am enjoying the HELL out of this now.

644. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

To post…or not to post…that is the question.

645. Hugh Hoyland - December 10, 2012

I cant figure it out. But its probably because Im sleepy ;]

646. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012

Me too!
I’ve been laughing my ass off for a couple of hours now.
JJ is certainly enjoying this game he’s playing with us.
At least, their burning curiosity is certainly helping the marketing.

647. crone - December 10, 2012

@644 oh, out with it!!!

648. PRCCOLE - December 10, 2012

I’m still betting on an attack on the tribble homeworld by a klingon/horta alliance. I hate that there’s so much anger in here over the mystery, but very glad to see so much passion for trek again.

649. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012

Then suddenly, my deleted post comes back. >:|

650. martin - December 10, 2012

@640 – That is true.

With that in mind, the next red herring thrown out there will be Cumberbatch in the brig telling Kirk that he is “fatigued”.

651. The Great Bird lives - December 10, 2012

Perhaps that was Khans birthname…?

652. ACB - December 10, 2012

Did anyone else notice that the names “John Harrison” and “Gary Mitchell” have the exact same letter count in each name (First name = 4 letters, Last name = 8 letters). That and both names each share that the first and last names are commonly first names.

Tongue and cheek anyone….

653. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

@646: JJ may be sweating more than laughing.

654. Jack - December 10, 2012

What do Khan and Carol Marcus have to do with each other? Are we saying their destinies are somehow linked (the Reliant was working for Marcus, essentially, when it found Khan — at least 20 years later than when ID is set). Does that mean Clark Terrell has to be in this thing too? Are we saying there are no coincidences in the universe, or in a hastily written screenplay? (like Khan just happening to be found by the ship connected to his enemy’s old flame?)

Nobody was questioning your intelligence, Blogger. Your logic and faith in circumstantial evidence, maybe.

655. somethoughts - December 10, 2012

In this universe, Khan has been discovered by another crew a few months after the Kelvin incident, Khan is intergrated into starfleet based on his strength and intellect, we see his solution to the KM simulation. Khan is part of a black ops starfleet intelligence.

Khan is sent to steal cloaking device from the Klingons but is double crossed by starfleet-enterprise and is considered KIA.

Khan assumes the identify of John Harrison to exact vengence on earth, kills Kirks family and fatherly figure and blows up the fleet, in turn Kirk goes on a personal manhunt

656. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012

IF… and big IF… it is Khan… let me ask you this. Why would they reboot an existing character that was already done in movie form? Orci and gang said they did the whole alternate universe so they could be free to tell new stories during the first missions on the Enterprise crew…. the first one was great. New & different. Then – with a clean slate to do whatever story they can imagine – they decide to rehash a Khan story. Not very original. Are there no original ideas left? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

For the record, I still don’t think it’s going to be Khan.

657. Trek Fan - December 10, 2012

And I don’t buy Khan EVER acting as second banana to anyone. He is a megalomaniac and wants to rule himself. Why would he take orders from someone else? Why would he “join” Starfleet” and act as an operative? He wanted world dominance when he ruled before. He would never “work” for anyone. I don’t buy that.

658. ACB - December 10, 2012

Another point in regards to the trailer, why does everyone assume that Cumberbatch’s narration is meant as a threat? Could it not be reflection on his part as well?

659. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

“For I have returned to have my vengeance!”

Not exactly a zen master does that statement make…

660. TheWrathOfBong - December 10, 2012


At the very end of the movie…

BC: “Harrison, John.”
Starfleet Admin: “Nothing here.”
BC: “Ah…try my legal name.” [hands ID card to Admin]
Starfleet Admin: “You should use your full name. I like that name. Khan.”

661. gov - December 10, 2012

from thrasherfilm:

“it’s been revealed that Klingons will be making an appearance outside of the bonus features of Star Trek, with two confirmed to be taking off their helmets to reveal their appearance to look like the original series’ appearance except with ridges. However, they will still contain their facial hair and piercings present in TOS.”

Someone above said that they WONT have ridges. This report says that they DO have ridges….they are otherwise styled TOS styled.

662. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012

@ gov

Whah? They had piercings in TOS?

663. ACB - December 10, 2012


That statement could be because of something that has occurred to him. All of the other lines of dialogue could be seen as reflection on his part, remembering some terrible loss or act that has occurred to Cumberbatch’s character.

664. Jack - December 10, 2012

653. Doubtful. This came out just before the Bad Robot event where they revealed that Eve is playing Carol Marcus. Anthony’s at it and promised a bunch of new info later tonight.

Had they planned to keep the characters’ identities a secret until May? Or at least a little longer? I have no idea. I think the Khan/Mitchell speculation is fun, but could alienate non-Trek fans eventually.

I’m really hoping they don’t reveal too many more surprises. It’s not like you can avoid this stuff — some guy at work, on the bus or in line at Starbucks is bound to be talking about this. It’s still a long time between now and May. I’m hoping they don’t blow their (proverbial?) load before then. What will be left to promo if they do it all now?

665. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 10, 2012


Hmm. Possible. I mean we don’t know if he said it all at once, or even who I was talking to. Interesting theory…

666. somethoughts - December 10, 2012

His voice over in the trailer could be directed at the Klingons…

667. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

652. ACB – December 10, 2012


668. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 10, 2012

Multiple sites now confirming Eve as Carol Marcus. Haircut theory officially asinine. Denialists losing steam.

669. dean-o - December 10, 2012

I’ve got it!: BC is Balok, who, after capturing the Botany Bay and awakening Khan, is in turn overpowered and genetically altered by Khan to become a new superman. As Balok’s big Christmas ornament ship races back to Federation space to exact revenge on Kirk for…umm… being a space midget… Captain Garth uses his super bomb to disable Balok’s ship, capturing him, and forcing him to perform entertaining spectacles at Garth’s crazy dinner parties. Khan is then.. umm. Oh wait, this makes no sense. Never mind.

670. The Last Vulcan - December 10, 2012

618. Roddenberry was a Peacenik – Sorry was skimming thru too fast. :)

661. Bob – We don’t need your kind around here. Anthony, please show this moron the door.

671. Andy - December 10, 2012

@ 626

The inverted image you posted looks vaguely reminiscent to the creature from the 2009 movie named Keenser. I certainly don’t now what that entails, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

672. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012

Well, they’re confusing the hell out of all trek sites, so I think they’ve accomplished their goal. Even if someone manage to piece it together, he/she will still be treated with skepticism because people here have their own belief as to what is happening and other ideas can’t enter their thick skull anymore.

JJ may be sweating but it’s still all fun game to him. One betrayal from his crew is all it takes. :)

673. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

646. Nadeshiko – December 10, 2012

I love this whole gang of moviemakers. I think they are brilliant.

674. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

650. martin – December 10, 2012

@640 – That is true.

With that in mind, the next red herring thrown out there will be Cumberbatch in the brig telling Kirk that he is “fatigued”.



675. TrekTech - December 10, 2012

All of you folks saying that if shes Carol Marcus it cant be Khan…wtf? Why is that? This is YEARS before the Botany Bay was encountered and around the same time that Kirk commented (in WNMHGB) about ‘That little blond lab tech’ that Gary Mitchell threw at him that ‘he almost married”. mmmhmmm. This has LONG been speculated in fandom to mean that Mitchell was the one that hooked young Kirk and Marcus up.

676. ACB - December 10, 2012


When you seriously look at it she had to be Carol Marcus. Kirk meeting her is too much of a pinnacle moment for his character and it would have to occur by the time this film takes place for there to be any possibility of him having a son.

That is why I have been wondering if the final shot of the Japanese trailer with Cumberbatch’s final lines of dialogue possibly referencing that. Kirk having knowledge of a son…

677. gov - December 10, 2012

@663. Roddenberry was a Peacenik

notice the piercing part is in quotes? that’s a direct quote from thrasherfilm. i simply copied and pasted what they wrote.

sorry for any confusion.

678. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

What a pitty. The trailer made me so hyped for this…
But the recent news were a major downer.
Carol Marcus? John “Khan” Harrison?
Frack it!

679. ACB - December 10, 2012


Exactly. Though I feel that they may go with showing what drove Kirk and Carol apart in this film.

680. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012

Me too. All this secrecy and red herrings are making me excited. They’re using it to their advantage to keep people talking. Amazing.

681. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

673. Nadeshiko – December 10, 2012

1. Yes on the skepticism treatment!

2. JJ’s flying the helicopter like he’s got missiles on his tail!

3. And we don’t want anyone on his crew to betray anything. We really don’t. He is concerned about the quality of the experience we have when we go to see this movie. His secrecy is for us. I really believe that after today.

682. Rick Johnson - December 10, 2012

@677 But will Kirk’s son still be lame and need to be killed off almost immediately, because he’s smarmy? Will the audience still not like him? Even as a child actor?

There has to be a fictional law somewhere that allows for the abortion of unliked characters in reboot universes. Even pro-lifers gotta get behind that.

683. CAPTAIN SCARLET - December 10, 2012

Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus , Trekweb had the scoop!

684. ACB - December 10, 2012


LOL. True.

Though honestly they would simply leave it with Kirk being aware of Carol being pregnant, the child being his and her telling him to make the decision not to be with him and asking him to stay way.

685. ACB - December 10, 2012

…her telling him that “she” has made the decision…

686. ACB - December 10, 2012

She will probably choose to leave Starfleet and asks him to join her but she knows he can’t.

687. Crone - December 10, 2012

For the future of my daughters ‘ daughters I sincerely hope birth control has improved by the 23rd century.

688. ACB - December 10, 2012


Not with James T. Kirk around…….he probably just tells them he will have an allergic reaction to it.

689. Nadeshiko - December 10, 2012


@3. Yes.

It seems like we are the only ones who are past speculations now. Can’t wait for the next trailer.

690. Crone - December 10, 2012

@689 hah!

691. - December 10, 2012

Thank Orci it’s not Khan.

692. crazydaystrom - December 10, 2012

I soooo WANT it to be Sybok! Who do I THINK it is? No effing idea. There are good, no, great arguments for every single character guessed by you guys…solid arguments. But lets face it THE most important thing is that we get a movie with a great story. For me it would be most satisfying if Cumberbatch is a canon character that none of us have guessed, or most of us ;-)

I’ll tell you I’ve gone from being really ticked off about all the secrecy about this movie to being really impressed at how well JJ and Co. have kept their cards so close to their chests. Clever fellows they. There must be quite a bit of smug and satisfied chuckling amongst them, the baddest of all robots. John Harrison indeed! Ha! Clever fellows. No doubt there ARE surprises to come.

And oh yeah, he’s Sybok…with some weird human ears.

693. gov - December 10, 2012


By titling this story to include “villain name revealed”, does that mean trekmovie is officially (finally) retracting Khan as the villain/BC playing Khan?

PS I’m not trying to be a jerk….it’s an honest question.

694. Jack - December 10, 2012

Well, it might show what drives them apart in this universe.

Hey, and I don’t think Marcus means it can or can’t/will or won’t be Khan. It means Carol Marcus will be in the movie. It’s like saying that Pike in the first one meant they absolutely had to be doing Talosians. Nothing *has* to be.

There could still be a Khan connection, big or minuscule, to all this. Or none at all.

BTW, could Khan not being an actual leader in the 90s be explained by some shadowy Glen Beckian conspiracy (but a 90s one, like he was on the board of Microsoft, or the executive producer of Friends, or the force behind grunge or something) that hasn’t come to light. I never read the novels that dealt with it.

695. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 654


When you question my logic then you question my intelligence. And by the way circumstantial evidence is admissible in a court of law. That’s how facts are proven. Trust me, I have to deal with deal with circumstantial evidence all the time.

Since you constantly question my logic why don’t you challenge Anthony’s?. And while you’re at it,, call his sources a bunch of liars. Anthony is very careful about what he reports. Based on your comments, you should be taking on Anthony too. Or are you a little shy? Let me help you. Here’s Anthony’s story about Gary Mitchell and he explains why it’s not likely. Let’s see you take down Anthony’s logic also. Go for it.

1. TrekMovie articles that point out the weaknesses in the Mithcell theory; Khan story not retracted.

696. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

545. Fascinoma – December 10, 2012

You know, I think JJ Abrams accomplished what he set out to do. I have officially hit Peak Cumbervillain and no longer have any interest, whatsoever, in knowing who the villain is.


Oh come on! Stay at the party!

697. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

MJ: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I seem to recall we made a $100.00 bet that it wasn’t Khan and that the villain was a new character. I’ll let you know where to send the money.

698. Disinvited - December 10, 2012

arl Urban has been an original series STAR TREK fan since hewas 7. Still is:

So it’s hogwash that he could only have gotten the name Gary Mitchell from the sequel’s script.

699. Jack - December 10, 2012

658. “Another point in regards to the trailer, why does everyone assume that Cumberbatch’s narration is meant as a threat? Could it not be reflection on his part as well?”

Good point.

I’m a little sad that all the identity speculation about Star Trek I.D. has ended — if it has indeed ended. Maybe identity is a theme of Trek I.D. and this has all been a massive example of that. Stretching, I know.

700. ACB - December 10, 2012


Though for legitimacy of storytelling I hope it will not be Khan. It would be too much of a coincidence to have everything from STII come together again in this film. They need to keep it as fresh as possible.

The Kirk-Carol back story makes sense because it was only alluded to in STII. It was clearly an emotional moment that left an impact of Kirk and I think Abrams and Orci are geared towards that, revealing those moments that have come to shape these characters into who they are.

701. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012

Thanks, Bob, for creating an an original story and new villain and not caving in to the pathetic nostalgia buffs among us who wanted a retread of a 46 year old story and character. Bravo!!!

702. Crone - December 10, 2012

This is highly entertaining, but how are they going to keep this level of excitement going until May? I’m old, I could die! How about a screening now for this 61 year old TOS Trekkie? I’ve hung in there this long, shouldn’t I get a private screening or at least a IDIC pendant or something? What say you, Mr. Abrams, and Orci, and the others? My hair is going gray over this (well, this and the aforementioned 61 years), I could keel over at any moment…
Never mind,I’ll shut up and go to bed. So glad these wonderful young filmakers are keeping these characters ( especially the legendary John Harrison) alive. LLAP

703. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

Jack, (@ 654)

By the way, using circumstantial evidence and my “flawed” logic, I deduced that Alice Eve was Carol Marcus long before today’s announcement. Check out my article on July 15. Link.

So while you have criticized my logic, I was right about Eve being Marcus a long time ago. .

1. I deduced Eve was Marcus on July 15; pretty good for a person with flawed logic and can use circumstantial evidence.

704. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

703. Crone – December 10, 2012

You are going to make it, Crone!!! You have the midichlorien count of a 30 year old jedi.

705. crone - December 10, 2012

@704 We do not speak of those things where I live.

706. Exverlobter - December 10, 2012

So Alice Eve is Carol Marcus
What for a Downer.
First of all she has got that Dr. Dehner Haircut.
Secondly, Dr. Marcus was never in Starfleet.
Yes i know, in the Abrams- timeline it could be different, but that’s basically a total reverse of her character. Originally Carol Marcus and David were against Starfleet, and now she is a member of it?
No, Dr. Dehner would have made such more sense!
Furthermore it would have been a nice twist, if Dehner is the girl of Kirks life and not Carol Marcus. But Abrams HAS TO play it safe. What a pitty!

707. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

703. Basement Blogger – December 10, 2012

Oooh! :-(

Gloating has a nasty way of backfiring, BB. Why don’t you and Jack take a break and go get some hors d’oeuvre?

708. Sean - December 10, 2012

Get ready for an epic Tina Fey eye roll in STID when John Harrison’s real identity is revealed at the end….”oh twist”….alla TDKR with JGL & MC

709. Anthony Pascale - December 10, 2012

710. Picard 47-AlphaTango - December 10, 2012

“So now who do you think the villain is?”

Clearly, the villain’s true identity is Kor.


As evidence, allow me to cite their hair. Formidable manes in both cases, the sort of stuff they try –and fail– to bottle “Just for Men”. The kind of hair that just screams, “I won the genetic lottery and I’m going to steal your girl and if you’ve got anything to say about that I’ll steal your mother, too”.

The kind that has supernatural powers, its own cult following, and a morning slot on ESPN2.

That kind.

Wait, I’m projecting again, aren’t I?

711. The Sky's The Limit - December 10, 2012

I’m still not buying that BC is Khan even with Alice Eve as Carol Marcus. Wonderfing how Peter Weller fits into the story. Whatever CEO means and the name of his character might connect the dots a bit more.

712. Basement Blogger - December 10, 2012

@ 707


Jack challenged my logic. So to prove to him and maybe you that my logic was sound, I showed you all that I deduced that Eve was Marcus a long time ago. (@ 703) Hey I acknowledge I could be wrong. The Mitchell theorists have some evidence too. And if I’m proven wrong about Khan I will say so. And I’m guessing Anthony will have to also. His sources will also have to endure the Wrath of Pasquale. :-)

But for the last six months, Red Dead Ryan, MJ and myself have to endure attacks on our intelligence. See Montreal Paul. See @ 48, being called idiots.

And by the way, just because I think it’s Khan doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea. In my opinion, I think it’s a bad idea. But I will keep an open mind on the new film though. And the idea that the Supreme Court wants to deliver a deeper film makes me excited.

713. jose kuhn - December 10, 2012

John Harrison is a human/augment descendant wanting to do what it takes to get star fleet out of the way for an augment revolution…

714. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012

I wonder why the idea of Carol Marcus being in the movie automatically means Gary Mitchell as the villain just because Mitchell mentioned a “blonde lab assistant” in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?

I suspect that Kirk had spent time with a few blondes.

715. Red Dead Ryan - December 10, 2012

Oops, I meant “blonde lab technician”.

716. Benny - December 10, 2012

Was Benicio Del Toro originally going for the role that Peter Weller received and not Benedict Cumberbatch perhaps?

717. Rob - December 10, 2012

For the sweet tears of weeping Christine, why do some of us get hooked into rejecting possibilities based on appearance? The notion that Cumbys can’t be Mitchell cuz he doesn’t have grey hair, or he can’t be Khan cuz he’s British is sillier than Soupy Sales with a slinky.

Just cuz we are told the Cumby character is “canon”, does not rule out that he may be a character from TOS reimagined by the SC and shaped in part by the changed timeline.

I love the notion of a star fleet created man-monster as a reaction to paranoia, but consider the following from the stab in the dark dept.

We know that just prior to the destruction of Romulus, Nero had been mining Delta Vega…not the ice world that Spock prime was deposited on with Kirk, either. This according to background data given by the SC.

So, let’s say that MITCHELL PRIME was not killed entirely by the falling rocks, that as the stones were tumbling, Mitchell was able to suspend himself in stasis. Nero disturbs or somehow provides the means by which Mitchell prime can energize himself enough to stow away on his vessel and convalesce. When with limited strength, Mitchell prime could easily hide himself from detection and get the lay of the land. When Nero very shortly thereafter he happily lands (or perhaps influences events to find himself) in the new timeline, he realizes that all he must do is WAIT for Kirk to be born, become Captain, etc., to get his revenge on the arrogant human and the organization that marooned him and nearly killed him.

Why not just kill kirk as he was growing up? Sure would be a lot easier. Why not just take Neros ship himself? I dunno. I’m not in the SC! But I do know that nearly a century waiting to be freed MAY have engendered in what Mitchell prime had become a sense of humility (he was bested by normal folk, after all, hoisted on his own petard of hubris) as well as a seething and consuming desire to emotionally destroy the little man who was his temporary ruin. The Jim Kirk he knew loved Star Fleet, his hip, his crew and his family. He has decades to watch, wait, and eventually strike when the time is right.

Sure I will grant you that I’m just as full of stale Tribble scat (I imagine their feces to look like pop rocks for some reason) as esveryone else, and frankly I have grievously digressed from my point; a fact for which I apologize.

So to restate:

1) ruling out a Cumby character possibility based on appearance, former abilities, or anything similarily one dimensional is nuttier than squirrel poo. There I go with the feces of cute creatures again!

2) the SC can do and WILL DO whatever they can to entertain and thrill us, and will not be using a small-ball definition of “canon”. Have you seen Lost? M.I.?

3) As none of us knows anything for certain, let’s all back off each other and not be so darn mean. You know who you are! Could be Mitchell, Mitchell PRIME, Khan or Garth. Unless the SC is lying, we do know that Cumby is a canon-BASED character….but that is all. Let’s not lose our community here in trying to prove our own theories right, or the other posters theory wrong.

PeAce all!

P.S. please feel most free to respectfully rip MY theory to shreds!

718. somethoughts - December 10, 2012

Maybe they revised script n changed character from khan to john harrison after bc got role. We do know harrison has super human strength and intellect and becomes a terrorist that is chased by Kirk and crew and fights Klingons on their home world!!! OMG boborci, you listened to everything I ever wanted in a star trek movie!!! Indiana Jones, Inception, departed in space with martial arts, omg scenes, with imax 3D!!! Love you guys

719. Anthony Thompson - December 10, 2012


Excuses, excuses. : D

720. Jack - December 10, 2012

I’m not insulting your intelligence. i’m saying that your evidence doesn’t exclude other possibilities. You’re mentioning really obvious stuff as proof.
You guessed Marcus. And so did most of the people here. Blonde love interest = Carol Marcus. Sure, people also guessed Dehner. But there was no proof it was Marcus, although it seems like a good idea and, yes, she’s blonde.

Sure, circumstantial evidence is admissible — but does it always tell the real story?

“4. Alice Eve plays a character from canon. She studied for the part by watching all the TOS episodes and seemed to focus on Kirk. She’s also very blonde like Bibi Besch was in Wrath. I believe she’s playing Dr. Carol Marcus.”

This isn’t deduction. It’s a guess, Bernie. You guessed right. And you guessed the obvious choice (like Khan).

None of the ‘evidence’ you mentioned proved anything. She watched all the TOS episodes — except Marcus was never in TOS, except, possibly for a mention of a little blonde lab tech in WNMHGB. Yes, she was blonde and Bibi Besch was blonde in Wrath.

It makes sense that it’s Marcus since she’s the only real relationship we ever heard Kirk talk about (okay, there was Ruth, and that lawyer, and a few encounters along the way). But it didn’t *have* to be her.

Here’s your evidence for Khan, as I understand it. And we’ve all seen the same stuff. It’s that it’s so obvious. Sure, it could be Khan — but apart from Anthony’s sources, none of this stuff excludes another character. And Khan seems obvious. And you’re talking to the rest of us like we’re morons because we can’t see the obvious. We see it. But none of it’s proof. Sure, it could be Khan.

-In the Trek ’09 DVD commentary , they mentioned they’d thought about including a shot of the Botany Bay at the end, like Batman Begins did with the card (but they didn’t actually do this)
*possibilities: they were kidding/they were serious/they were telling us the villain/they hadn’t decided yet/they were teasing us… etc.
-Bob said here that the character is from canon
Possibilities: he was lying, he was telling the truth, it could be Khan or dozens of other TOS characters
-They were talking about casting Latino actors, apparently
Possibilities: if true, it could have been a bunch of characters and the Latino actor may or may not be playing a Latino, or a Sikh
– Cumberbatch worked out and dyed his hair
Possibilities: Khan, or a bunch of others
– photos from the set show Cumberbatch overpowering Spock
Possibilities: same
– Anthony cited unnamed sources not directly connected with Paramount or the production confirming that it was Khan, Nimoy was in the film, and Klingons were in it.
Possibilities: the sources were correct, incorrect (misinformed, lying) or only telling (or knowing) part of the story.

The only one that actually confirms Khan is the bit from Anthony’s unnamed sources. And you’re argument is — if we don’t buy this, then we’re calling Anthony a dupe, an idiot or a liar, or we’re alleging a huge conspiracy to disinform.

Why hasn’t he retracted? Because he’s gotten no evidence yet that his source is wrong? Faith? I have no idea. Maybe it’s right?

If you’re convinced it’s Khan, great!

The logic part? That Ricardo Montalban was Latino, they were reportedly looking at Latino actors before casting Cumberbatch and therefore, Cumberbatch is playing Khan (who isn’t Latino, as far as we know).

Same with the other superficial stuff (dark hair). Again, could be Khan, but how does it rule out other characters? It is Star Trek, there are all sorts of means to enhance strength.

It ain’t factual evidence. But you’re correct, none of the evidence you cite excludes Khan.

Now Simon Pegg said it wasn’t Khan and apparently so did somebody in Bad Robot. Were they lying? Maybe.

It could all be a lot more complicated.

This ‘new’ character mentioned today is tall, dark, handsone and hunky. He was also in Starfleet during TOS.

721. Kirk, yes really - December 10, 2012

This is just too much fun! Been a life long Trek fan, I’m just happy that this five year mission is still going on. Debates about who, what, when! whoulda thunk from a cheaply produced yet smartly written and forward thinking creative venture from the 60’s has us all, young and old, staying up too late to discuss this stuff. Sure beats no Trek at all I say. Saw the trailer for Oblivion today too. Looks cool. Have fun at the movies folks, beats reality any day…peace to all, happy holidays..,.

722. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

720: “It could all be a lot more complicated.”

I believe you are right.

723. Trip - December 10, 2012

i’m not buying the “John Harrison”/Cumberbatch announcement; that’s just a little too clever:
“John Harrison (24 March 1693 – 24 March 1776) was a self-educated English carpenter and later a clockmaker. He invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought device in solving the problem of establishing the East-West position or longitude of a ship at sea, thus revolutionising and extending the possibility of safe long distance sea travel in the Age of Sail.”

724. dmduncan - December 10, 2012

It also CAN’T be Gary Mitchell. If his name IS John Harrison, and the comics are even pseudo canon, then Gary Mitchell is out, and Karl Urban’s comment was false. Dehner is gone. Mitchell is gone. Nothing left to hold on to about that theory. RIP.

And Khan?

Haha! Think I’m just going to sit back and enjoy reading everyone’s posts for a while.

But oh! Whoever it was that kept suggesting Lt. Kyle? Hey man, you were NOT far off in your idea!

725. MJ - December 10, 2012

@724. Still confident this will be a Khan-centric story. The additional circumstantial evidence of Eve playing Marcus is likely not a coincidence. BC will have a connection to Khan; we’ll have to wait and see just what it it. It could be Weller is Khan, or it could be BC has carried on the secret society of the Khan superhuman bloodline (see earlier post) like the Knights Templar, and now they are needed to help Starfleet Black Ops beat off the new Klingon threat. I am not prepared to believe that Anthony was completely duped or lied to us last April — I still think we will have some form of the Khan story in this movie, and having Carol Marcus around, and seeing BC make superhuman jumps and called a one-man WMD supports this.

The only thing for sure is that Mitchell now is pretty much off the table.

726. MJ - December 10, 2012

@720. Jack, you seem hell bent whenever somebody is proven right here about claiming “it was a lucky guess.” Sorry, but I am not buying this. Basement Blogger put together the information available and deduced it was Marcus and Khan. He should be commended for this. Enough please of your ‘luck” and “lottery winner” type comments — you just sound petty saying that kind of stuff.

727. MJ - December 10, 2012

@703. Don’t worry about it, Basement Blogger. Many of the people on this site will show up in droves out of the blue to jump on you when your are proven wrong on something, but seldom will more than a couple of folks give you a well deserved slap on the back when you are proven right.

It is what it is. Don’t let you get it down. Let’s plan on having a “virtual cocktail” together when the Khan connection/character is revealed soon, or at the movies premiere.

728. Jack - December 10, 2012

“But oh! Whoever it was that kept suggesting Lt. Kyle? Hey man, you were NOT far off in your idea!”

Exactly! And I think it’s (Harrison) a pretty amazing homage to Veto, if it is indeed the case. I didn’t know the guy’s name (Veto… or Harrison ) before today, but remembered seeing him.

And I’m not trying to bash Basement Blogger. I’ve ruled nobody out, other than maybe Gary Mitchell. I’m an agnostic.

I need more than unnamed sources (I worked in news and had been given incorrect information pretty regularly, often by people who thought it was correct), hair colour and a (reported) casting call for Latino actors (was this ever confirmed? Other than the Del Toro bit) to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Benedict Cumberbatch is a genetically engineered Sikh prince shot into space in 1996 (and the unforgettable villain of the first Star Trek 2), first played by Ricardo Montalban (who was supposed to originally be named Erikson or something)…

Again, he still could be. But he was recognized the first time around. Surely…

I believe it when I see it. And even then, I have doubts. But the guessing is fun.

729. MITCHELL - December 10, 2012



The EXACT same number of letters in each name!!!


730. Mike - December 10, 2012

He’s pulling everybody leg. This is from Star

A technician first-class on the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2267. Harrison nearly suffocated on the bridge when Khan cut the air supply. Captain Kirk’s log reflected a commendation for him.
I’m telling u who it is

731. Rob - December 10, 2012


MJ. I dig your thoughts on Khan, especially as they relate to a Khan connection. Interesting, indeed. I do however disagree that Mitchell is out. Look at my suggestion above (717); not because I may be right, mind you…. Just as a function of seeing that ANYTHING is still possible with this particular creative team!

Criminy, if I can cobble together a workable, if not originally conceived plot, the SC could easily put together something great, right?


732. MJ - December 10, 2012


Carol Marcus

Nurse Chapel

WOW — exact number of letters in each! Can you believe it! What does it all mean?


733. Jack - December 10, 2012

641. No, I agree with you. I’ve never bought the argument that Khan is Kirk’s nemesis, like the Joker is to Batman. Or that Khan is the only villain that makes sense. But both those arguments got made here a lot.

I was listing a bunch of arguments that I don’t agree with.

734. Rob - December 10, 2012

That was supposed to be “UN-originally conceived plot”. Damned auto correct.

735. MJ - December 10, 2012

@731. Thanks Rob. If it hadn’t been for the recent comic book, which Orci has story-line control over, in which Mitchell was killed off, I’d agree with you. But since that comic is suppose to be canon, then using Mitchell in the movie would require some sort of resurrection — and I have explained numerous times here how I think that would be such a silly idea.

736. Jack - December 10, 2012

“680. boborci – November 27, 2012
544. M paul

Looking forward to revealing my lie. Hope you will be amused.”


Who knows? I’m still figuring it’s about something else, possibly something to do with Weller. There will be complications. I suspect we’ve seen a bunch from the first quarter of the film and not much else. By ‘suspect,’ I mean hope.

It seems unlike past MO for these guys to blow their (hopefully proverbial) was five months before the movie comes out.

I’m really, really, really hoping that there’s a lot more really to this (even with Lindelof involved ;)).

737. Rob - December 10, 2012

735 MJ

Did you peruse my idea? I an talking bot about new timeline Mitchell…but instead suggesting Mitchell PRIME.

AGAIN….not cuz I have a stake in it or need to be right, but becAuse we just DON’T KNOW. None of us can be certain with this creative team.

738. Rick - December 11, 2012

Holy Trekoids 737!!! Wow talk about going from quiet to STAR TREK newarama! I don’t have much to add, but I sort of can’t wait or will have to wait to see how this film plays out.;)

739. Paul - December 11, 2012

It’s obvious that ‘Harrison’ was a typo, and the name is actually ‘John Harriman.’ Harriman is upset that his life has unraveled into being known as the Captain when James Kirk was killed. As a result, he gets so miffed at Kirk, he decides to travel backward in time and kill him personally…years before Kirk would set foot on the Enterprise-B…thus making sure he isnt blamed for Kirk’s death.

However due to his own shortcomings, when computing for time travel, Harriman screws up. He mistakes his bridge lieutenant who failed to beam over the El-Aurians as being a Vulcan junior science officer from the Excelsior. This the time travel computations are all wrong.

As such, Harriman winds up traveling back in time to an alternate reality to his own. He convinces Capt Kirk he was a recent transfer and is in science division..hoping to find Spock to help him get back to his own time.

740. CJ - December 11, 2012

Just a couple thoughts:

– I thought this while watching, but then watched a video to hear his voice and it’s pretty safe to say it’s his, but what if the voice over in the trailer was not BC? I sounds just like him though so I am sure this is totally off, but what if the voice we are hearing isn’t even BC’s character?

– Going off of what was scene in the 9 minute about BC’s character offering to do something for the guy he was talking to, speculation of it being the revival of a loved one or family member, what if that “is there anything you would not do for your family” moment with the hands on the glass be BC and Spock arranging to do something to bring back Spock’s mother?

741. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 11, 2012

John Harrison?

Obviously a Red Lectroid.

742. camsoft2000 - December 11, 2012

I think everyone has it the wrong way around. I think this is basically a new character with the same name as a mostly unknown character form TOS. That way when they told us the villain would be cannon and from TOS we would go into a frenzy and talk about it while they actually had nothing to share with us. Genius marketing.

743. The Snob - December 11, 2012

Could it be that he’s called John Harrison throughout the film, only to have his true identity revealed later in the film..? Perhaps Sybok, who knows..? I do think it would be very cool to end this film with a cliffhanger involving Khan or The Borg or whatever ST villain more or less known to the general audience. Kind of like the ending of Batman Begins with the Joker card.
On the other hand, I think it would be really cool if he indeed is *the* Harrison from TOS; a minor character elevated to epic propotions.

744. Stephan - December 11, 2012


I just learned that the new Trailer will be shown in Germany on 12.12.12 in front of the Hobbit 3D HFR screenings. At least in Cinemaxx theaters.


745. Spock Jr. - December 11, 2012

More than possible that, having been captured, Starfleet would furnish a prisoner with fresh clothes. He may just end up wearing a Starfleet shirt – after he escapes, of course! ;D

746. Mark Lynch - December 11, 2012

So I guess that Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof are going to kill just about everyone that Kirk has ever had an attachment to.

Poor and predictable story telling to me.

His Dad is killed off as he is born. We are not sure what his Mums status is. But she appears to have spent a lot of time off-world. So no Father figure and absent Mum contributes to genius level repeat offender.

He gets his act together and then the love of his life is murdered, while carrying his unborn son (my guess) which sends Kirk down a dark path of revenge and hatred.

Oh well.

Amazing how much of a Dr Dehner hairstyle they gave Alice. Another way to misdirect us then? I’ve got to say that I was convinced it was Dehner that Alice was playing. But that’s what logical thinking gets you. Not always right.

747. DJT - December 11, 2012

That’s some fancy lookin’ brig if ya ask me.

Does he get cable in there, too?

748. captain_neill - December 11, 2012

Cool looking set but if that is the brig then should there not be a forcefield and not glass?

749. Not a doctor - December 11, 2012

Anyone thinking Q? He wasn’t so nice to humans in the beginning – the voice over has Cumberbatch saying “your world’ meaning he isn’t from the world of humans and Q often showed up in a starfleet uniform.

750. thandrahan - December 11, 2012

It’s the Johnny from the scene where Kirk speeds by him in the car as a kid.

751. Norbert - December 11, 2012

I imagine JJA’a crew and cast loughing every time they read about our fanboy guesses about who the villain might be.

And yet… what if the name Harrison is just a disguise for someone else?

752. The Original Spock's Brain - December 11, 2012

@ 620 We heard that already…

753. Not a doctor - December 11, 2012

Basically with the new timeline, it would be very hard to predict what happens now – we know Kirk is immediately made the Captain of the Enterprise – they can either parallel some of the original story lines or create something entirely new. I think they are only pulling themes from TOS – but these movies will either continue with the alternate timeline or in the end merge the alternate timeline with where we pick up on Star Trek The Motion Picture.

Some thoughts – we know the timeline leading up to Kirk’s birth is still fact – what if we have a tie-in from the early years – a Terra Prime resurgence – terrorism from within on Earth – it certainly explains Weller’s involvement – maybe Cumberbatch starts out bad, ends up good – would love to see him again in the third movie – I still think he is shown in the preview rescuing Kirk and Co. from the Klingons. Time travel has always been huge in Star Trek – maybe this time the threat is from the past.

754. Straker - December 11, 2012

John Harrison = Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) from ‘Lost in Space’

755. I know nothing!!!! - December 11, 2012

in this messed up universe, John Harrison is Spock’s Half Brother.

Amanda Grayson before marring Sarek was married to Human.

756. captain_neill - December 11, 2012

From now on its all a parallel universe to me.

it’s all different but at same time I hope they respect the vison that is Trek.

757. Damian - December 11, 2012

Based on what I’ve seen and heard up to this point, I think it’s pretty clear Khan is not the villain. Cumberbatch looks nothing like Khan from Space Seed or TWOK, we’ve seen him with a Starfleet uniform numerous times and we’ve heard indicating Cumberbatch was a former Starfleet officer. I think the whole Khan thing was a decoy personally. Abrams is notorious about secrecy and I wouldn’t put it past him to throw out false “leaks” to keep people off balance.

758. Damian - December 11, 2012

BTW, that’s not to say that there is a Khan connection of some sort, either involving Augments or involving someone who idolized Khan. Just that I think it’s pretty clear Khan himself is not the villain and is not directly involved.

759. Damian - December 11, 2012

oops–I should have said ….not to say there isn’t a Khan connection….Damn I wish we could edit our prior comments.

760. Trek fan in Iowa - December 11, 2012

He’s playing Aaron Rodgers! And he’s going to Discount Double Detonate the entire fleet!

761. lwr - December 11, 2012

Obviosly BC is Wesly Crusher.. I mean come on! look at him.
He has traveld through realities because this new timline results in STTNG never happening and he ends up in a boarding school in France.

762. Trekzilla - December 11, 2012

They should call this the Trek Into Vengeance Trilogy .

763. captain_neill - December 11, 2012

Orci, why does this universe not have forcefields in the brig like in the show?

Enterprise it made sense to have glass as it was a century earlier.

764. Trek_ - December 11, 2012

Why do people keep ignoring the teaser trailers? Don’t they see it crushes most of their theories?

765. Wes - December 11, 2012

I’m sure this is meant to throw people off. If it was John Harriman, that would interesting. I am still firm on the belief that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character isn’t John Harrison, it is Gary Mitchell. It fits into the plot revealed to us over three weeks or so ago. “With a personal score to settle…” In response to #763, I think they are using a force field – the glass is an illusion.

766. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

@765 @everybody else that insists on this
Bob Orci confirmed Gary Mitchell won’t be in the movie.

767. JTK - December 11, 2012

What’s with the gray emo pants with the new uniform? Really?

768. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

And that just to say the character himself won’t be AT ALL in the movie.

Because everybody already knows it’s Khan who BC is playing.
-Khan’s part was offered to Benicio del Toro and a series of “Latino” actors like Montalban.
-There was going to be a post-credits scene with Botany Bay, if THAT is not obvious enough, I don’t know what do you want.
-The trailer’s line “For I have returned… to have my vengeance.” and the TWOK mirrored scene of Spock and Kirk (although it seems like there’ll be a significant change in that moment)
-From costume design view, his clothes as shown in the trailer are an high-tech update of the original’s.
-Khan is the most profitable villain they could get right now. It will give them a strong premise/cliffhanger for at least one more movie. And that’s how producers think.

769. Dave the Riss - December 11, 2012

Uhhh… is it me, or is the thevillian narrating trailer voiced by Patrick Stewart.. really listen……..??? Doesn’t he have a pissed off Romulan clone or whatever out there?

770. Classy M - December 11, 2012

769: It’s you.

Cumberbatch and Stewart don’t sound a thing alike. They both have highly distinctive voices, unique to themselves. Other than a similar timbre and an English accent (speaking broadly, because their accents are not identical), there’s no reason to confuse one with the other.

Here’s Patrick Stewart being interviewed about TNG:

And here’s Benedict talking about STID:

771. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

728. Jack – December 10, 2012

The problem with the Gary Mitchell theory now is that the comics are at least pseudo-canon, so if he was an Enterprise crewmember named Gary Mitchell returned from the “dead,” why is he being called John Harrison in the script? He should still be Gary Mitchell, their old shipmate.

AND we now know Eve is Marcus with Dehner hair, not Dehner. LOL!

The only thing left the GM theory has in its favor is Karl Urban’s comment, which by itself is a weak shred.

GM theory is not impossible, but much weaker than it was a week ago.

772. Trekkie - December 11, 2012

@771 The character is not beign called John Harrison in the scripts, this Harrison thing is just speculation until now.
Orci confirmed Mitchell will not be in the movie at all.
And later in his new interview, made Karl’s comments sound very misleading. I’m partial to the writer, since we know actors like to play it, like Simon Pegg.

773. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

The Dehner hair is hilarious. That is either coincidental, or these guys are diabolical!

774. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Something about this John Harrison guy makes me want to play a Rolling Stones tune:

775. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

What’s puzzling me is the nature of his game. ;-)

776. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

Bob said Cumberbatch is playing a canon character. Bob also said he lied about something.

He wasn’t lying about that.

Bob’s lie is extremely important to figuring this whole thing out.

So if John Harrison is the man Cumberbatch is playing, and we do have an obscure character in canon by that name, the question naturally arises…is Cumberbatch playing ONLY one canon character?

Or is he playing two? Two who are, in fact, the same?

They told us his name was John Harrison. You don’t think it’s that simple, do you??? You don’t think they were hiding his name because it was going to reveal something important when it turns out it reveals next to nothing and is yet another mystery?

Whatever else this movie is going to be, I think it’s also going to be a mystery.

777. Charley W - December 11, 2012


Actually, legally, except for testemony by witnesses. ALL evidence is circumstantial: if there are photographs of the defedant commiting the crime, it is still circumstantial evidence by definition.

778. Bird of Prey - December 11, 2012

Who the F… erengi is John Harrison??

It’s either Garth – or Finnegan!

Finnegan: “Oh come on, Jim! You put your ship on red alert and detain me, just because I gave you some wedgies back in the academy?”
Kirk: “You also shut me into my own locker! SEE HOW THAT FEELS, FINNEGAN?”

The question is: WHOSE vengeance is the trailer talking about… ? ;-)

779. Nony - December 11, 2012

‘I briefly spoke with Cumberbatch about the character, and while he couldn’t say much he did describe Harrison in a particular way. “He’s a terrorist,” Cumberbatch emphasized.’ (Jen Yamato, Movieline)

I don’t know if that propels the discussion forward at all, but in the interests of manically dissecting every tiny bit of information…

780. Klingg - December 11, 2012

Hi, does anyone have a link to any place showing what is in that mini image? Like a visual proof of what’s written and how and etc.

Because I’d like to be sure of what’s fact, and what’s being expanded by comments. until now, all I see is people saying this or that is the accurate inscription, but how can I check it?

781. Vulcanno - December 11, 2012

@780: I think you meant the original source of the image and caption.

If that’s it, then I’d like to see it too. This article has no link to the source.

782. PTL008 - December 11, 2012

I’m going with Gary Mitchell. He was confined with a forcefield on Delta Vega until he grew too powerful to be contained. This image is consistent with that. Perhaps in this timeline, Kirk left him on a desolate planet before he became too powerful and Mitchell’s powers grew strong enough for him to transport himself off the desolate world and seek out revenge.

Dark horse would be Charlie (X) Evans.

783. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 11, 2012

“Bob said Cumberbatch is playing a canon character. Bob also said he lied about something.
He wasn’t lying about that.”

Why not? Actually what I think has happened is that we were told that the villain was from canon and that Alice Eve’s character was new. Lie – in that it’s been a switch – the villain is new to canon and Alice Eve is Carol Marcus (canon).

I don’t like lying but if you had to lie, Bob, then this was a clever lie and threw everyone off.

784. PTL008 - December 11, 2012

Carol Marcus would fir with Mitchell. Remember in TOS when Mitchell was talking about being in Kirk’s class and saying how he aimed that little blonde technician at him. Kirk responded that he almost married her. Many fans believe this woman was Carol Marcus. The time line is about right as well.

785. Vulcanno - December 11, 2012

Please, any links to the source? Anyone?

Also, can we be sure it was orci himself who posted that? (the comment saying he lied)

786. dalek - December 11, 2012

John Harrison is the name of the Starfleet officer who Khan genetically changes himself to look like and infiltrate starfleet.

Khan Noonien Singh will look like Ricardo Montalban in the movie (but you will see him on a viewscreen as what Khan looked like before he surgically altered himself to look like John Harrison).

The officer in the brig is the real John Harrison having been imprisoned for Khan’s deeds as his doppelganger.

787. dalek - December 11, 2012

To further back up this theory reports indicate that the villain wasn’t forthcoming about his name in the 9 minute intro for the movie. That’s because the name is known to the audience, and it really isn’t John Harrison as that wouldn’t be any kind of reveal or secret. What can Khan offer the family of Noel Clarke? Genetic enhancements to save his baby’s life — something illegal within the Federation.

788. Bugs Nixon - December 11, 2012

Alan Ruck played John Harriman in ST Generations… Mmm? Hey? I think its him and Paramount made a typo. The Nexus spat him out in the parallel universe.

789. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

783: “Why not? Actually what I think has happened is that we were told that the villain was from canon and that Alice Eve’s character was new. Lie – in that it’s been a switch – the villain is new to canon and Alice Eve is Carol Marcus (canon).”

Don’t think so, Rose. Bob didn’t lie because his demons were acting up. ;-)

He lied for a good reason. To protect something important.

790. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

John Harrison. John Harrison.

So who the hell IS this perp?


791. Aurore - December 11, 2012

“They told us his name was John Harrison. You don’t think it’s that simple, do you??? You don’t think they were hiding his name because it was going to reveal something important when it turns out it reveals next to nothing and is yet another mystery?”

I do not think it’s that simple.

But, being able to refer to the character as “John” (harrison) instead of “Mr. Cumberbatch’s character”, or, “the villain” is something I appreciate.

Moreover, I like surprises, and, I expect to be surprised by the sequel.
A sequel which I hope will be…”blindingly brilliant”.

Either that, or I’ll look at October, 7 2012, as the day when Mr. Orci told his (biggest) lie regarding the sequel:

“…..Delayed gratification is not a strong characteristic of some folks. I get it. All I can say is:

relax. the movie is gonna melt your face right off. Your eyeballs are going to bleed. And you’ll thank us;)”


(post 398):

792. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

You folks and your Khan. Think different. Reorient yourselves.

Remember, A.B.C.

Anyone But cOn.


793. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

791. Aurore – December 11, 2012

So might the speculation potentially harm your enjoyment of the movie, Aurore?

Or might the different scenarios presented in here actually accompany you during the watching and make it MORE interesting trying to figure it out according to what you have already heard speculated about here?

Because some of them may be right. And being aware of them you may figure out what is going to occur before everybody else.

Does that make the experience better or worse for you?

794. Anthony Pascale - December 11, 2012

BTW, I actually updated this article with the caption (and name) from the Bad Robot party using my phone! Try doing html on a 5″ screen!

I also removed the notion that it might not be the brig. At the Bad Robot event I confirmed it is definitely the brig

795. Phil - December 11, 2012

@788….seeking vengenge on Starfleet, for sending him out unprepared, resulting in the death of a legend, and robbing him of his command. What the hell, he figured, I got blamed for killing Kirk in my universe, I’d might as well do it here, too!!

About as plausible as Enterprise is a submarine, I suppose. :-)

796. Aurore - December 11, 2012

“So might the speculation potentially harm your enjoyment of the movie…”

I don’t think so.
As I’ve said many times before; I enjoy reading the different theories presented here…. even those including Khan…

“Or might the different scenarios presented in here actually accompany you during the watching and make it MORE interesting trying to figure it out according to what you have already heard speculated about here?

Because some of them may be right. And being aware of them you may figure out what is going to occur before everybody else.”

I (want to) believe, perhaps wrongly…and unrealistically , that none of those scenarios is close to what is in the film.

I already said that I did not expect to see a story (on the big screen) the plot of which I would have read online! I, personally, am not interested in that.

….Man…as promised on another thread, I am so going to kick Mr. Orci Star Trek Fan’s a** into darkness if this happens….with all due respect.


“Does that make the experience better or worse for you?”

You said somewhere that, ultimately, the movie would end up saying much about the people who made it, or something to that effect. That was perfectly articulated. And, this is one of the reasons why , no matter what happens, and in spite of some of the things I’ve said previously, I don’t want to miss the debates here before the movie is released.

Remembering some discussions, comments by Mr. Orci etc…while watching it will, I believe, enhance my enjoyment….especially if it is as good as expected.

797. dean-o - December 11, 2012

John Harrison is a lie, chosen to throw us off the trail. They chose that name because it has a vague TOS canon history and also because it has the same number of letters as the real bad guy. Urban made a mistake they are trying to control, and they are doing a great job suspending the damage he did. Gotta hand it to them. They are master spinners.

798. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

My latest theory explains a lot of the odd shenanigans with the casting.

I’m going to go out on a limb, skinnier than the skinny limb I’m already out on. Follow me at your own risk. Better yet, somebody get a net and follow me down below.

Could they really have taken an obscure character that IS canon and made him into someone epic in the rebootiverse? (If so, then whoever it was that kept suggesting Lt. Kyle was not far off the mark.)

Are they that clever? Yes! Bob certainly is!

1. That type of character WOULD give them almost as much freedom to work with as a completely new character. They COULD develop him or his back story any way they like.

2. But even more interestingly, by using an obscure character who is seen in the background of several episodes of TOS and whom we never paid any attention to before, they could actually create more depth to TOS, 45 years later — AND give us that something extra as fans both to take with us to the theater and to TOS when we see him in those episodes where he appears.

Think about it.

Like Kirk and the rest of the crew, John Harrison may be the same person in both universes, and there he is behind Kirk in TOS hiding with a secret history and unknown connections and intentions. This gives him a possible life in TOS we never suspected, and makes us look at TOS differently — after all these years!


That’s the kind of neat trick I would expect from Bob. But I don’t think that’s the extent of it.

Look at the actor who portrayed John Harrison in TOS:

Oh, he’s Hawaiian, but that’s a guy that they could also be looking for a Latino to play.

You know…someone like Benicio Del Toro.

And because he’s an obscure background character with no iconic status — unlike Khan, and no established religious or cultural qualities — unlike Khan, while having an ambiguous racial makeup — unlike Khan, they are protected from multiple forms of blowback for their decision to cast Cumberbatch.

Even though this John Harrison guy looks like someone Benicio Del Toro ought to play more than Benedict Cumberbatch, they CAN get away with putting Benedict Cumberbatch in that role precisely because Harrison doesn’t come with all the baggage that Khan does.

That’s not all. They can do it for other reasons too.

More interesting ones.

Ready for some brainfry?

There is someone ELSE from canon that Benicio Del Toro would be a plausible fit to play. THIS glowering guy:

They look like cousins in the same family!

That character is Colonel Philip Green, played by Phillip Pine, and that character was also played by another actor who looks NOTHING like either Phillip Pine OR Benicio Del Toro, i.e., Steve Rankin:

You guys still following me? It’s a long limb. Don’t make any unnecessary movement. This is dangerous.

Now, while actors Steve Rankin and Philip Green do not resemble each other, they both played the same part.

And while actors Benicio Del Toro and Benedict Cumberbatch do not resemble each other, they were both UP FOR the same part.

Here’s the kicker: Benicio Del Toro looks like the Colonel Green played by Phillip Pine, and Benedict Cumberbatch looks like the Colonel Green played by Steve Rankin.

So, we have the same CHARACTER played by very different looking actors, one version of which you could pick from a Latino pool of actors (Benicio Del Toro, Edgar Rodriguez, Jordi Molla) for your resemblance, and the OTHER version of which you could pick from an anglo pool of actors for your resemblance. Benedict Cumberbatch.

You could go either way.


If Colonel Green, whose future we KNOW NOTHNG about is the SAME CHARACTER as obscure little John Harrison (who is consistent in those TOS episodes with the Latino-looking actors), then you could while honoring canon put EITHER Benicio Del Toro OR Benedict Cumberbatch in THAT role for STID!

If Colonel Green and John Harrison are in fact the same person, and John Harrison is the man that Colonel Green eventually BECAME to hide his identity, then ALL of the actors who were reported considered for the mystery role Cumberbatch eventually got would fit him! And they would fit him because canon itself portrays them as differently as the actors whom we know were considered for that role, and in making a choice which way to go, you could go either way — Benicio Del Toro, for the TOS version of Green, or Benedict Cumberbatch for the Enterprise version of Green.

And either way, Colonel Green, with Peter Weller there because he’s reprising his role as Paxton, the man who threatened Starfleet before and whom we will find working with Green in this movie to do what he failed to do at the end of Enterprise’s run on TV.

With the new augmentation angle, several possibilities open up:

*Harrison/Green may be an augmented CLONE of the original with Paxton in charge of an augmented clone army.

*It’s even possible that Harrison is not Green, but an augmented clone of PAXTON himself!

*The unstoppable force of terror that detonates the fleet from within may be cloned augments that have completely infiltrated Starfleet command under the control of Harrison/Green and/or Paxton.

799. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2012

797. dean-o “They are master spinners”

Funny, dean-o, I always thought they were really good at baiting us, which would make them master…….er, wait, never mind!

800. JFK was shot by a lone gunman - December 11, 2012

Really folks! The only people who know who John Harrison really is
and the plot of the movie is very small and does not include many if
not all of the people commenting here, and the official people who
are connected to the project excluded.

Khan did introduce himself as John Harrison in the scene following
his being brought out of cyrogenic freeze on the Botany Bay on TOS.

Alice Eve is Carol Marcus.

Now since this a alternate timeline it does not necessarily mean that
TOS canon cannot be rearranged or written to serve the JJ-verse but
here you are confusing yourselves with JJ-verse versus original timeline
canon. When it comes to writing JJ-verse stories viz original timeline the
word of the day for the writers is “take what you need and discard the rest.”

I sit here humbly shaking my head at the people who confuse the JJ-verse
with the original timeline in their understandably inaccurate predictions and
speculations on ‘Darkness.

It is entertaining in a dark way though. Cheers!

801. dmduncan - December 11, 2012

800: “Khan did introduce himself as John Harrison in the scene following
his being brought out of cyrogenic freeze on the Botany Bay on TOS.”

Liar liar pants on fire.

“Khan…is my name…”

802. Red Dead Ryan - December 11, 2012

I’m still sticking by my prediction of Khan.

It’s late, and I’m getting tttiiirrrrreeeeeeeddd.

All I had to eat today was some cookies, a few gourmet jelly beans, and a bag of popcorn.

The bag of popcorn was eaten at the theatre when I saw “Skyfall” again tonight.

Boy, “Skyfall” is great.

803. captain_neill - December 12, 2012

So it is definitely a brig with no forcefield? Has tech become backdated in the alternate universe?

804. captain_neill - December 12, 2012

The set design is cool but still looks too apple store and sterile compared to the wonderful set designs of Matt Jeffires and Herman Zimmerman

805. captain_neill - December 12, 2012

I don’t want BC to be either Khan or Mitchell, I want him to be a new villain. A villain I don’t have to compare to a previous actor.

Cause no matter how great BC is, no one and I mean NO ONE is going to best Ricardo Montalban as Khan. Period.

806. Aurore - December 12, 2012


First things first.
I loved your entire post.

Regarding what probably happened casting-wise, you made a solid, very convincing case, particularly, here :

“….Oh, he’s Hawaiian, but that’s a guy that they could also be looking for a Latino to play.
You know…someone like Benicio Del Toro.”

Exactly, and, upthread, I assumed that is what Sunfell meant @228, too:

“That explains the original casting call for a ‘Latino’ male for the character.

(There also was what was posted @ 207, of course.)

I always felt that there had to be a reason for the powers that be’s insistence to consider/cast Hispanic actors…that might have been it…

I am not familiar with “Enterprise”.
However, your arguments, with regards to what the story could be about, were very interesting.

‘Good thing that I like reading theories about the sequel….after reading your post, I surprised myself believing that I *might* enjoy an “Augment” story, after all…But, nothing is certain….of course….

Still, If that is what is in store for us, I truly hope it will be good.

Finally, here was my favourite part:

“1. That type of character WOULD give them almost as much freedom to work with as a completely new character. They COULD develop him or his back story any way they like.

2. But even more interestingly, by using an obscure character who is seen in the background of several episodes of TOS and whom we never paid any attention to before, they could actually create more depth to TOS, 45 years later — AND give us that something extra as fans both to take with us to the theater and to TOS when we see him in those episodes where he appears.

Think about it.

Like Kirk and the rest of the crew, John Harrison may be the same person in both universes, and there he is behind Kirk in TOS hiding with a secret history and unknown connections and intentions. This gives him a possible life in TOS we never suspected, and makes us look at TOS differently — after all these years!


…..”Amazing” IS the word, dmduncan.

807. dontcare - December 12, 2012

@803. On the other hand, if you don’t have force fields on your brig, and have a transparent wall instead, and the ship looses power, then you don’t have prisoners loose on the ship.

808. Aurore - December 12, 2012


(Regarding Sunfell’s post, though, I must say that I thought She/he was either joking; ” John Harrison” is not really an Hispanic sounding name…Or, reacting to what had been said @ 207 and, earlier in the thread.)


809. Aurore - December 12, 2012


She/he was either joking; “John Harrison”….


She/he was either joking; noting the obvious (fact that); “John Harrison”….

810. Disinvited - December 12, 2012

Doesn’t it seem the that John Harrison in the brig here looks somewhat different than the “enhanced” John Harrison bounding around on Kronos?

It’s the same actor but something has happened to this character.

811. Rob - December 12, 2012

Had a thought. Is it at all POSSIBLE that Cumby is playing the role of David Kirk PRIME, all growed up but driven mad and remade by genesis?

There would have to be oodles of explanation and story exposition to make it legit, but the phrase “…to save your family”, takes on a truly ominos tone, considering kirk and marcus are both in the movie. Whats more, Davids hatred of starfleet was large but douchey, and the fact that he was killed by klingons could make it logical that he wants some revenge there too. Finally, if indeed he was somehow remade with the aid of genesis, one power might well be healing…life from death, etc.

Tear me to shreds?

812. yan - December 12, 2012

Have a spoilerish suggestion, so look away..

or scroll down

What if the hands pressing together are both Spocks. Once again, Sprock Snr saves the Enterprise?

813. Optimistic Doodle - December 12, 2012

@807: Okay… But how does one get behind the transparant wall? Especially when transporter power is down, or simply made impossible at that location (security issues)?

814. Bill - December 12, 2012


Separate power than main power to keep forcefield up?

They do have sliding doors, stands to reason if it was a transparent wall it could slide in from the side, above or below.

815. Bill - December 12, 2012

Also, nice how you can have over 800 comments on this particular story alone, (not to mention dozens of fan sites and other stories), all dedicated to this one thing.

The best way to advertise is to cause discussion and discourse, good or bad.

816. Robe - December 12, 2012

I always thought the force field cell was stupid, what if the power fails?

817. Optimistic Doodle - December 12, 2012

@814: Thanks Bill.

The still doesn’t prove sliding capabilities to me. But I can’t be 100% sure, of course. So, nevermind for now. Actually it’s the background wall (hatch?) which is the mystery. This is a very strange brig! Looks more scientific…

And too bad ‘Cupcake’ wasn’t in this still.

818. Optimistic Doodle - December 12, 2012

@814: Thank you Bill.

The still doesn’t prove sliding capabilities to me. But I can’t be 100% sure, of course. So, nevermind for now. Actually it’s the background wall (hatch?) which is the mystery. This is a very strange brig! Looks more scientific…

And too bad ‘Cupcake’ wasn’t in this still.

819. dmduncan - December 12, 2012

802. Red Dead Ryan – December 11, 2012

I’m still sticking by my prediction of Khan.


Attaboy, RDR. I can admire a man who’s willing to go down with his ship. Captain Jack Sparrow you are not. ;-)

820. dmduncan - December 12, 2012

806. Aurore – December 12, 2012

Glad you liked it, Aurore. I liked it too. And I’m not done. Alternative theory coming soon.

821. robbie - December 12, 2012

cumby and weller’s characters r both intertwined! wellers character could be khan! and cumby could be his LT.or indeed be mitchell or blackjack harriman! indeed if khan is a genius he would kno that he would have to commendeer starfleet 1st! to see how they would react! to see his chess peices in action! to kno where to check and mate! and also realize that it is what jj abrams says is made to be a good movie not so much a trek movie! so u still would need relative plot and the means!

822. Red Dead Ryan - December 12, 2012


Yeah, I decided to do what Edward John Smith did and lock myself in the bridge should the ship sink. Not enough lifeboats for all of us “Khan-nites”. :-)

823. Red Dead Ryan - December 12, 2012

Well, I’m the captain of the Khan ship, and as such, I will lock myself in the bridge should the ship hit an iceberg and sink. I’m afraid that there is not a sufficient number of lifeboats for all the “Khan-nites” to escape should a maritime ship disaster occur on my watch. :-)

824. dean-o - December 13, 2012

I’ve GOT it! Cumberbatch is playing “John Harrison”, which is an Alias of the REAL villain of STID… and that villain is….. (drum roll)…. J. J. Abrams!

Chris Pine’s Kirk will be known for yelling “A-BRAAAAAAAAAHMS!”

You heard it here first, folks.

JK… I think this new Trek rocks Mr. A!

825. Trekkertos - December 15, 2012

You don’t put people in the brig in these new Star Trek movies you just shoot them out into Space to die.

826. Natalie - December 16, 2012

There is a photograph attached to John Harrison’s right sleeve. It looks like a dancing woman. Any thoughts?

827. Natalie - December 16, 2012

The picture on his right sleeve looks like a photo of a girl in a dancing pose. Maybe Kirk stole his girlfrend and he will have his revenge.

828. Craig Fillmore - December 16, 2012

It would be cool if it’s Omne. I have not seem any evidence in the credits to support this, but as far as villians who could be a “one man weapon of mass destruction” Omne is the only one that comes to mind other than Gary Mitchell. Oh what about Charlie X or Trellaine? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.