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More Into Darkness Junket Videos W/ Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Cho, Urban, Abrams, Eve and Cumberbatch December 13, 2012

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More video interview clips have emerged from the Star Trek Into Darkness junket. This evening we have Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Karl Urban, JJ Abrams and Benedict Cumberbatch talking to Entertainment Tonight, plus more clips of Cumberbatch with Access Hollywood. There is also a warp speed video of cast naming favorite episodes, aliens and villains. Watch it all below.


Crew Take Star Trek Quiz and Talk Into Darkness

This first video from Entertainment Tonight features Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Alice Eve and JJ Abrams. Here are select quotes…

Karl Urban: All the characters are put to the test. We are that much more confident with characters and each other. In the first movie Kirk earns his captaincy. In this movie he has to own it.

Chris Pine: For Kirk in this one, what was exciting is and what I think gave me a chance to do my own thing above and beyond what Shatner did, Kirk has to face his self worth. Is he capable or not of leading…I think he experiences absolute evil in this film and a lot of that is related to his deep sense of vulnerability.

JJ Abrams: In terms of Benedict [Cumberbatch] he is is an incredible actor and he is someone that brings an entirely new intense energy. Yes he is angry at some moments but he is remarkably rational and wildly and insidiously brilliant. Part of the fun of this bad guy is he is not just a raving lunatic. He is someone that you have conversations with and you get seduced by him.

Alice Eve: There is a hint of romance

Zoe Saldana: [on Uhura and Spock] Whether they are together or not in this movie that will remain to be seen. But you can see in the first nine minutes [playing this weekend in IMAX], there is a great deal of affection they have with each other.

Here is the video:

Cast and Crew talk favorite villains and aliens

More Cumberbatch

ET also talked to Benedict Cumberbatch who said that he is enjoying all the speculation about his character in Star Trek Into Darkness. Cumberbatch also again described John Harrison as a "terrorist" and noted…

Benedict Cumberbatch: [John Harrison is] someone who’s a fearsome warrior and he’s an expert in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, as well as being a psychological terrorist — he’s a great manipulator of minds to perform his intentions and do his bidding. But he has a cause; however violent and destructive the effects of his actions are, the reasons and intentions behind them are pretty noble, so hopefully at some stage in the story you’ll have a sympathy for him, which should be unexpected but should be genuine. He’s fighting for something he believes in, as strong as those who are defending Starfleet and the Enterprise itself."

Here is the video:

And there is more video from Access Hollywood  featuring Cumberbatch, here he talks about how Into Darkness is "so much bigger" than 2009’s Star Trek. He also talked about how the original Star Trek had many "fantastic morality tales" and how "JJ has managed to marry that from the original with the spectacle of an incredible new era in cinema."

And in another Access Hollywood clip, Cumberbatch talks dealing with the pressure of living up to fan expectations. The actor says he realizes he can’t please everyone but he will be "over the moon" if the fans are happy with Into Darkness.

UPDATE: Abrams Star Trek fans will be really happy

Here is some more from E! featuring the cast and crew.





1. Starship Captain - December 13, 2012

Well that’s exciting :)

2. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 13, 2012

CP and ZQ were a total disappointment in the Vulcan salute … I need to say this guys … you could have tried a bit at least!

;-) :-)

3. Josh C. - December 13, 2012

OMG the person who plays Marcus said Kirk is an alien. DOES THAT MEAN MARCUS IS ACTUALLY AN ALIEN

(disclaimer: not an actual serious argument)

4. Smike - December 13, 2012

I simply don’t know why they can all talk about STID being “so much bigger” and “more epic” than the first one…

The first one sets up an entire new timeline…we see the birth of Kirk, the destruction of a ship, then the destruction of Vulcan and the death of 7 billion Vulcans, a battle to stop Nero from toasting Earth… How much more epic can that become???

Is John Harrison going to challenge God himself and team up with Satan? ANYTHING below that scope could possibly not outdo the creation of an entirely new timeline…So yeah, bigger, better SFX and (hopefully) a villain with more convincing motives…but that will be it…

5. Andrew - December 13, 2012

Yet another mixture of hyperbole and vacuous cliches. More and more I feel this film is going to be utter crap.

6. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 13, 2012

And Karl Urban ROCKS!!!!… ;-) :-)

7. Colin - December 13, 2012


Okay, see you in May, nerd.

8. J. - December 13, 2012

There are two more interview videos /Cumberbatch & the cast/ on but can’t embed them.

9. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 13, 2012

You know what? … I know they will never say anything relevant about the plot … at least what we want to know … so I just savor the delight it is to see these guys! lol

;-) :-)

10. Lurker - December 13, 2012

#5 – And the “mixture of hyperbole and vacuous cliches” makes this different than any other movie how????

Get out of your little world Andrew.

11. Amorican - December 13, 2012

Men: “Our characters are put to the test . . . self worth . . . deep sense of vulnerability . . . insidiously brilliant”

Women: “Romance . . . they are together . . .affection.”

Star Trek: Fighting gender norms in the 23rd century!

12. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 13, 2012

Yeah Andrew, your welcome to feel what you like but do you have to share it with the rest of us? There’s 700 or so stories set in the universe in Star Trek, all unique, all brilliant and all different, these movies are just as good, these hold up to everything else that has gone before and go beyond in terms of scope which is about time. Trek has had to make do in the past with limited resources and now for the first time Star Trek is being celebrated and honoured for its popularity and importance as a cultural phenomenon in the most fitting of ways, by telling stories relevant for the 21st century and an entirely new generation

Gene Roddenberry would be very proud his legacy is living on in the hands of the visionary writers and directors of today’s world.

And FYI, this movie after only one minute looks a darn sight better than Man of Steel, Pacific Rim and Iron Man 3…

13. Hat Rick - December 13, 2012

This cast seems genuinely fun and likeable. I love coming here to TrekMovie to see what some of our favorite people are up to in Trek.

And thanks again, Anthony Pascale, for these great stories. Keep them coming! :-)

14. RAMA - December 13, 2012

Wow long interviews, nice!

15. Bob Tompkins - December 13, 2012

If he is Khan, I don’t look for a reveal until the final moments of the film.
JJ will want to string us out as long as possible.
Garth of Izar does not have super= powers save for his shapeshifting abilities; Gary Mitchell, as I stated, was dispatched in the comics.
The only canon characters who remain are a surgically altered Sybok [and thus the through- the- glass handholding and the sympathy for the character] , Apollo, Charlie X [too old], Trelaine or Q [powers too limited], or Khan.

16. boborci - December 13, 2012

random question:

when was the first submarine?

17. Aix - December 13, 2012

Cumberbatch is the exact opposite of Urban in fanboyism. Haha! He seems to not really know a thing about Star Trek.

18. Josh C. - December 13, 2012

boborci – 1600s wasn’t it?


19. MJ - December 13, 2012

@5 I’m not sure anyone has every got away with using the work “dickhead” on this site, but that is the first word that happened to pop into my mind when I read your insightful and thought-provoking post.

20. dmduncan - December 13, 2012

I loves me some good villain, and Harrison sounds like he’s gonna be one for the movie history books.

21. No Khan - December 13, 2012

17. Do the ACTORS really need to be fanboy, geeks, trekies.etc. I don’t think so. It seems every ST fan expects total life investment in these shows like us. Is just not like that way for most people. I noticed the same thing with the Star Wars actors. They too are expected to be fans of the older episodes or they don’t have any cred to the Star Wars fanbase!

22. FusionVok - December 13, 2012

boborci – JJ’s recent quote about “enjoy your reruns” had me dying over here. I sure hope he really said that. Hilarious!

23. VulcanFilmCritic - December 13, 2012

@ 16 boborci The first working submarine was built by a Dutchman in the 17th Century, but at the end of the 15th to the early 16th Century Leonardo da Vinci drew one. He probably got the idea from watching boats temporarily submerged with the use of stones. So the practice may have been even earlier.

24. R. Banks - December 13, 2012

I’ve always thought that the movie villains who despite their horrible actions, still have something that I can sympathize, and even agree with, are the most compelling, and the most terrifying.

Cumberbatch is going to deliver a stellar performance as the new Star Trek villain IMHO.

25. Stephan Urkel - December 13, 2012

16: aha! Kirk and Khan duel submarine style in TWOK.

I caught it! Let me be the first to suggest Cumberbatch is Khan. Full cOnfidence now.

26. Schultz - December 13, 2012

The first submarine was built in 48 BC by the Legio III. Caesar went to Egypt with that thing. ;)

27. Andrew - December 13, 2012

LMAO – it is so easy to make you Trekkies show your true nature. Enjoy playing your little dress-ups in your costumes on opening night, you sad weirdoes.

28. Clinton - December 13, 2012

Love Karl! He is a fan and he shows it with pride!!!!

I don’t mind that everyone in the cast is not a huge Trek fan. It’s more important that they are good in the roles. Let’s face it. The original cast knew nothing about Trek either. ;-)

29. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 13, 2012

@26 Schultz

Also, Aristotle’s described as building one for Alexander the Great, but that’s pretty much dismissed as apocryphal.

30. Commodore Adams - December 13, 2012

@ 16. boborci

The first submersible – of which there is reliable information on its construction – was built in 1620 by Cornelius Drebbel based on designs by William Bourne. Improved types were tested between 1620 and 1624 using wooden oars as a means of propulsion, but there is still controversy over this as it might have been pulled by a boat when tested and not propelled on its own.

The first military submarine was the ‘Turtle’ 1775

I’ve always had a love for nautical vessels, be it aquatic or starships :D

31. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 13, 2012

But if true then that would be the first sub.

32. Josh C. - December 13, 2012

27 – trololol

now question: did bob orci ask that as some sort of clue? or make us run around like chickens with their heads cut off thinking it’s a clue when it’s nothing

33. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 13, 2012


Alexander the Great’s submarine:

34. Schultz - December 13, 2012

@29 Roddenberry was a Peacenik: seriously now, that’s from the 13th or 14th century, I think, from one version of the Alexander Romance. So it shows that there were people at least 300 years before the first submersible was built that *envisioned* such a device. Which is pretty cool, I think. Mediaeval science fiction! :)

35. Well Of Souls - December 13, 2012

The first military submarine was the Turtle (1775), a hand-powered acorn-shaped device designed by the American David Bushnell to accommodate a single person.

36. Mad Man - December 13, 2012

16. Google it.

Speaking of submarines, since on average, pressure goes to one atmosphere every 33 ft of water, and the Enterprise is pretty deep in the water but goes up quickly, how do the crew avoid the bends? The “Space Seed” episode had a decompression chamber that…..

…wait a minute. That’s another connection to Khan! It IS Khan!

37. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 13, 2012


Medieval science fiction indeed, sir. I love me some Alexander Romances though. Especially when he goes into space. ;)

38. Well Of Souls - December 13, 2012

Does the Enterprise now become the 1st submarine in 1 way or another?

39. CAPTAIN SCARLET - December 13, 2012

Khan or not,i really feel Cumberbatch will be a kick ass villain.

40. Schultz - December 13, 2012

@37 RwaP: well, that’s ancient truth. Alexander became a god… Amun… so he *did* go into space. That’s a fact… well, a “mythological fact”. ;)

41. Commodore Adams - December 13, 2012

@ 23. VulcanFilmCritic – No doubt Da Vinci had designed one but not a life size working model, same with flying machines. But you know this :P

@ 26. Schultz – Interesting, I have never read any documented information on that.

42. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 13, 2012


Yuppers. It’s really interesting to when you start reading his adventure ascending above the sky on four rocket-like pillars. You can still see a relief of his “space-shot” on St. Mark’s cathedral in Venice. (Luckily that was pillaged from Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade and preserved, otherwise it might not have survived the Turks’ siege of the city.

Alexander was the Captain Kirk of his time, exploring under the sea, the veil of stars, and strange new lands…too bad most of it’s myth.

43. Colin - December 13, 2012

For a franchise of this popularity and legacy, I actually personally don’t believe the actors have to be fans or know much about it. Of course I get giddy inside when they do! However, I DO think its absolutely crucial that they respect and try to learn and gain an understanding of the franchise, and their character.

Star Trek deserves their respect and I feel that so far everyone on the crew has given it. Change is necessary, look at Doctor Who, stronger than ever since 63′. People whine and whine about the changes in that series but it ensures survival, freshness, and a constant new generation of fans.

44. Aix - December 13, 2012

So… I just come across a John Harrison (yes, the STiD villain) fake twitter account on Twitter. It is hilarious! He seems to be a metrosexual.

45. Aix - December 13, 2012

LOL @ fake twitter account on Twitter. Geez self, of course it is on Twitter.

46. Gary - December 13, 2012

boborci…will the enterprise meet the Seaview or the Seaquest in the new movie? Looking forward to Captain Kirk meeting Admiral Nelson or Captain Bridger.

47. Schultz - December 13, 2012

@42 RwaP: “too bad most of it’s myth”… doesn’t matter. He’s still an ancient Cpt. Kirk. You see, Caesar was the coolest mother of ’em all, but he still wept in front of one Alexander’s statues, deploring that he at his advanced age hadn’t yet achieved what Alexander had early in his life. So it doesn’t matter whether some of Alexander’s deeds are myth or not, back then it was *real* anyway.

48. rm10019 - December 13, 2012

boborci – 1620 according to Wiki, should i be looking at something else on that site? We like clues! Esp with Sherlock as our nemesis!

49. R. Banks - December 13, 2012

@27 Andrew,

Although I consider myself to be a fairly dedicated Star Trek fan, I’ve never dressed up for any of the movie openings.

However, I do have to come clean and admit that under my street clothes I did indeed wear my Boba Fett Underoos to the premiere of Return of the Jedi…

50. rm10019 - December 13, 2012

Ohh, is it because the Enterprise goes ‘down periscope’ in this one :)

51. rm10019 - December 13, 2012

33 – Alexander the Great, also mentioned in the same breath with Bold Men of the past, by McGivers.

52. Schultz - December 13, 2012

@51 m10019: Marla forgot Big Julie. She’s just a hack. ;)

53. Josh C. - December 13, 2012

this thread is now proof that people can literally take anything and tie it to Khan.

OK, let’s put it to the test:



54. MJ - December 13, 2012

Maybe Andrew is the villain in the new movie?

Whoops, nah, now that I think about it, we’ve heard the new villain is intelligent, awesome and unstoppable, not to mention that the villain doesn’t wear Depends.

55. Schultz - December 13, 2012

@53 JoshC: pudding, from PIE *pud, “to swell”, “to expand”, “to augment”… AUGMENT… KHAAAAAAN!!!!!

56. Gary - December 13, 2012

53. Didn’t Khan eat Pudding in the mess hall on the Enterprise?

57. Sebastian S. - December 13, 2012

# 53 Josh~

Because rations of pudding were all Khan and his people had to live on after Ceti Alpha VI blew up…. so, John Harrison is Khan! ;-P

From what I’m hearing, the villain is fighting for a noble cause, and wants to help some stranger’s sick child? Um…. yeah, that’s definitely Khan all right (extra sarcasm sauce). Before Khan fled Earth, he was last seen working at a soup kitchen in NYC right alongside Edith Keeler’s ghost…

58. K-7 - December 13, 2012

I believe he ate more than pudding during his brief stay on the Enterprise. ;-)

59. Vorus - December 13, 2012


“The first combustion-powered submarine was Ictineo II, designed in Barcelona, Spain by Narcís Monturiol. Originally launched in 1864″

The first sub to carry what most of us would think of as “a modern-type engine” was launched in 1864. 1864? As in the registry number of the USS Reliant?

A clue? A Coincidence? Or just more screwing around with the fanbase?

60. Exverlobter - December 13, 2012

Nobody mentioned General Chang as their favourite villain.

61. MJ - December 13, 2012

You know that 2nd ship in the trailer that crashes into the ocean might be the Reliant?

62. Vorus - December 13, 2012


I’ve thought the same thing myself. Would kind of be a silly thing to try to jam the Reliant into the script, just “because”, but it wouldn’t surprise me. (My guess is that the crashing ship is part of the fleet that is “detonated”.)

63. Anthony Pascale - December 13, 2012

I believe it was 2259.

Oh sorry that was the first use of a starship as a submarine.


64. R. Banks - December 13, 2012


Khan didn’t eat his meat, so he couldn’t have had any pudding.

How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

65. R. Banks - December 13, 2012

@60 Exverlobter-

Chang was awesome. I love the eye patch with rivets.

66. Colin - December 13, 2012

Wasn’t that ship in Insurrection underwater? I can barley remember anymore…all I remember from that movie is that a british tar is a soaring soul, who is apparently as free as a mountain bird.

67. Josh C. - December 13, 2012

66 – indeedy it was underwater

main thing i remember is driving the enterprise by joystick, heh

68. Jagen - December 13, 2012

#27 And yet you have so little life as to sit around pecking away at people who have an interest different than yours? Talk about true colors. Yours shine through. I guarantee there are things you enjoy that others would care less about. Tell us…would you care about their opinion of your likes? If not, then you know how we feel about you. If you do, then stop being a hypocrite. Either way….

69. Spuhura Addict - December 13, 2012

Oh…I wish this movie would just open already. The suspense and the unknown is absolutely killing me.

And yes I will be in my Uhura costume on opening night…if it still fits. ;0)

70. Spuhura Addict - December 13, 2012

There is no shame in having a little fun in life.

71. Colin - December 13, 2012


Are you male or female?

Not judging just trying to get an imagine in my mind going here

72. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 13, 2012

Thank you for the videos. I just love these guys and gals. Great interviews. They all look and sound so good. Very exciting.

#2 Dee Chris and Zach did the vulcan salute – they are just a little more shy than the others. Actually they were very impressive. Chris did not have to do the vulcan salute in the first movie and Zach had to have fingers glued together for the first movie. Looks like the guys have worked on it. Very good, guys, not to mention Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve.

Keep up the good work, people!
Thanks a million!

73. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 13, 2012

I meant to write – They were ALL very impressive – as in – ALL the actors. JJ Abrams got it down as well.

Very good indeed.

74. Spuhura Addict - December 13, 2012

Lol! 100% All female.

75. Harry Ballz - December 13, 2012

Pudding and Khan?

All I know is that I’ve been pudding up with this Khan crap for too long!

76. gingerly - December 13, 2012


I think the question should be first known submarine…

…Because I have a feeling that someone from one these old island cultures invented a submarine waaaay before one was marked and known by the western world.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Perhaps it proved impractical in the long term and was lost to the elements.

Anyway, it is great to the see the cast together again, however much this is “work” for them, I hope the remain good and giving in the face of repeat and dumb questions.

If I were in their position every time someone asked something completely inane and annoying, I go –:chi-ching!;– in my brain and remember that I get to play this iconic character…

The my mere appearance would make many folks’ best life-moment ever!

Anyway, they are very good at expounding while revealing absolutely nothing.

I forgot how ridiculously good-looking everyone is.

77. Sebastian S. - December 13, 2012

# 75 Harry Ballz

Great job, Harry! ;-D

I too, khan’t take this Khan Khrap much longer.
Sick of people jumping to Khanclusions….

78. Matias 47 - December 13, 2012

Alexander the Great = Captain Kirk?


Alexander was a conquerer, during his consolidation of power in Greece before he moved on, the city of Thebes refused to capitulate. Alexander marched his army to the city and offered terms. When these terms were refused, Alexander laid siege. The city was destroyed many of the civilian ihabitants, including noncombatant women an children were slaughtered. He went on to conquer the Persian Empire and when he took Egypt, he had himself declared a god. That’s not myth, it’s history. Zeus, Perseus, Theseus, Heracles — they were myth.

Now, what about our erstwhile captain reminds you of Alexander?

Just curious.

79. Tiberius Subprime - December 13, 2012

They Khan’t help themselves.

80. Buzz Cagney - December 13, 2012

Struggling to get excited over this movie. My disconnect with JJ’s Trek apparently continues.

I am surprised by Pine’s assertion that he was able to do something different with Kirk over what Shatner did. Namely, to feel self-doubt. Kirk, on more than one occasion, demonstrated he was feeling conflicted about his ability to command.
Chris, I suggest now is the time to actually watch the show. Take out those Star Wars discs (different franchise entirely mister) and actually sit down with a grown up who will explain the more subtle nuances to you.

81. diggin up bones - December 13, 2012

Relax. Don’t feed the Trolls, it only encourages them.

82. boborci - December 13, 2012

23. VulcanFilmCritic – December 13, 2012
@ 16 boborci The first working submarine was built by a Dutchman in the 17th Century, but at the end of the 15th to the early 16th Century Leonardo da Vinci drew one. He probably got the idea from watching boats temporarily submerged with the use of stones. So the practice may have been even earlier.

i’m shocked! so far back? but that sounds right!

random question 2 coming soon.

83. boborci - December 13, 2012

63. Anthony Pascale – December 13, 2012
I believe it was 2259.

Oh sorry that was the first use of a starship as a submarine.



oh no, you didn’t;)!

84. boborci - December 13, 2012

46. Gary – December 13, 2012
boborci…will the enterprise meet the Seaview or the Seaquest in the new movie? Looking forward to Captain Kirk meeting Admiral Nelson or Captain Bridger.


how did you get the script?

85. Charla - December 13, 2012

Enjoyed the clips!

86. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 14, 2012

I’ve been pretty aloof so far about STID. I don’t like to get involved until there is sufficient information to make reasonable conjectures. Also, I’ve been quite displeased with the thought that they could possibly be trotting Khan out again.

Now that I’ve read some of the stuff Cumberbatch and Abrams have been saying about John Harrison, I feel it is more likely that he is not Khan. Khan was intelligent, but arrogant to a fault. You’d no more feel sympathy or consider that “the reasons and intentions behind them are pretty noble” than you would at hearing Hitler speak (leaving aside for a moment that many Germans in the 1930s *did* feel that way about Hitler; let’s stay with the here and now). However, I am getting a strong feeling that this story definitely has to do with Terra Prime, J.F. Paxton, and the Augments that were in Cold Station 12, or the Augment DNA that the Klingons ended up fiddling around with.

Whoever Harrison is supposed to be (in the canon, if he really is part of pre-existing canon), he is an Augment. Maybe he’s on a revenge kick because humankind sold his kind out, let it fall into Klingon hands, and he’s become a Terra Prime “Earth for Earthlings” type – combined with the fact that he believes he can be a judge due to his ‘superior’ genes. That would be grounds for vengeance, and also account for anti-Starfleet terrorist activities, but also could give him a certain ‘noble’ quality in that he’s fighting to preserve humankind from outside threats (and its own naivete).

But, if Harrison is part of canon, I just can’t figure out who it could be. I’ve spent time re-reading the synopses of the Enterprise series episodes on the Augments (courtesy of Memory Alpha) – the ones from Cold Station 12 that Arik Soong took under his wing. The most notable character was Malik, but it can’t be him as Archer shoots him dead in the episode titled “The Augments” and everything in the Enterprise series is canon for the post ST09 timeline.

87. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 14, 2012

^correction: the Augments Arik Soong takes care of are not from Cold Station 12, and in fact the embryos there get destroyed. But I suppose it’s possible there are more embryos floating around….

88. Tiberius Subprime - December 14, 2012

Everything seems to go well until Lindelof gets involved. Although JJ started the series well, Lindelof’s writing for Lost took the series in the direction of stupid. And Prometheus…blah.

JJ and Co need to keep this guy away from the scripts.

With the excessive secrecy, and all the speculation, and going back and seeing Lindelof’s work, I am no longer eager to see STID.

But I know I will. At least once.

It better be good Bob.

89. boborci - December 14, 2012

88. what? me? worry?


90. me - December 14, 2012

I’ve watching ST the animated series again after many,many years and all about the first ST movie by JJ can be seen in the animated series.

It looks like the second JJ, ST movie can be found there also.

Stll looking into it.

91. Ozma - December 14, 2012

#17 “Cumberbatch is the exact opposite of Urban in fanboyism. Haha! He seems to not really know a thing about Star Trek.”

A couple of years ago, Cumberbatch hosted an episode of a quiz show where the point is more to just talk about the news than win. At one point, the contestants started going back and forth about Klingons and politics. Cumberbatch just looked at them and smiled, and it was obvious he hadn’t a clue what they were talking about.

Really funny in retrospect.

92. Pointed Sideburns - December 14, 2012

Anyone catch Urban saying that the Bridge crew extras in the last film are in this film too? That is indeed continuity!!

93. Ralph Pinheiro - December 14, 2012

post 82. Bob Orci.

William Bourne and Leonardo da Vinci draw plans for the first submarine in 1578.
The first published prescription for a submarine came from the pen of WILLIAM BOURNE, an English innkeeper and scientific dilettante. Bourne first offered a lucid description of why a ship floats – by displacing its weight of water

94. captain_neill - December 14, 2012


I have been going through the amimated series again my self and there are some cool stories in ther. Yeah I did like how they used Yesteryear in the last film.

95. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 14, 2012

“Chris, I suggest now is the time to actually watch the show. Take out those Star Wars discs (different franchise entirely mister) and actually sit down with a grown up who will explain the more subtle nuances to you.”

Actually Chris Pine said that he has watched all of the TOS episodes at least once. He does not need a grown up to sit with him. He clearly understands the subtle nuances of Kirk, as he was able to demonstrate them in the first movie. Perhaps this Kirk is a bit more emotional. Most of the time TOS Kirk seemed pretty confident of his ability to command. The only time I recall his confidence being stripped was in the episode The Enemy Within.

The fact is that we do not know all the story of this film to be able to judge Pine’s assessment of Kirk in this movie fairly because we have not seen all of the movie. A thought just occurred to me that maybe Kirk feels so lacking in ability to deal with what this John Harrison has brought about that he decides to resign…who knows.

96. Tiberius Subprime - December 14, 2012

Sorry Bob, I have a lot of respect for you and what you’ve done.

It’s the other guy I worry about (having seen his work.)

97. Nurse Gabble - December 14, 2012

Karl is pure fanboy gold!
Love my doctor :-)

And Alice Eve picking Kirk as her favorite alien, well that may give an inside why the Jim/Carol relationship didn’t work out so well in the past.

98. captain_neill - December 14, 2012

I am hoping that Cumberbatch is NOT Khan

99. me - December 14, 2012

@94 so I’ m not the only one that can see that the writers and JJ of new Trek are copy and paste artist.

Its like the seen in Phantom Menace was from Ben-Hur, to make money just copy, use no creativity at all, move things around, call them something else and you have a movie Hollywood.

Modern writers no creativity, I’ll help:

Star Trek Time Conflict = Dinosaurs on another planet being hunted for sport only senseless killing of some of them for ivory. The natives ask for help from the federation even if that planet is not a part of the Fed.

Star Trek The Center of the Galaxy = pull into a black hole only an alien force keeps the ship from destruction and it travels to a planet of the 81 century that knows of Earth and the crew wants to visit Earth just to see it out of curiosity but they must fight there desires: they cannot and they will remember that weakness but not what came of it. The alien force tells them that Earth is fine and just out of love it will take them there with only one condition It will erase there memory after there visit, they accept. However we go with them and we remember our future.

Some people will point out similitude’s with this or that but they don’t offer ideas, of course we’ve seen dinosaurs but on Earth and we have gone into the future but find it fine, no problem, nobody to fight, no antagonist just a cup of tea and go home, lol Boring to some but have the war on the journey back not in the future.

100. me - December 14, 2012

More crazies An alien planet that wants out of the Fed.

An Alien Planet that has the ability to move itself and chooses to become a brother planet to earth.

An alien planet and people that actually look like something alien, not like actors with make up yet we who see the movie actually find them beautiful, and they are not at all, yet because we can see them being hunted for food by the other species of the same planet: we see them cry out for help, an intense and hard movie to see: A Star Trek tear jerker, very nasty stuff, we rescue them by supplying the planet with cows, spock hides in a closet during the entire movie. I said more crazies….didn’t I’.

101. Nick C - December 14, 2012

I really like this cast. And I think JJ comes across very well.

102. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 14, 2012

72. Rose (as in Keachick) …

HAH… shy??? … OK !!!! you know I love these guys… but Hellooo!!! “snobish” moment a bit…LOL

btw… Zoe ROCKS, too!!!!

;-) :-)

103. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 14, 2012

@ 47 Matias

Schultz and I were talking about the Alexander of the “Alexander Romances” tradition, which were these early middle ages/high middle ages tales of adventure surrounding Alexander the Great. In these, Alexander not only traveled to India (as historically he did) but had all these sci-fi type adventures too, traveling under water, into outer space, etc. So I was speaking to this fictive Alexander and comparing his adventures of exploration to Kirk. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

104. loghaD - December 14, 2012

Karl Urban says his favorite villain is “Benedict Cumberbatch”, lending further support to my theory that Benedict Cumberbatch plays his future self.

105. Jose Kuhn - December 14, 2012

Harrison => underground augments

Magneto => Mutants

That is Star Trek Into Darkness in a nutshell!

106. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 14, 2012

me – what are you on about? Nobody has seen STID yet so your comments are a bit presumptuous.

Dee – On second viewing, yes, I agree that Zach and Chris did need to try a bit harder doing the Vulcan salute, but they still managed it. Snobbish though? – not sure there.

BTW, what’s with the annoying trashy background music on the ETonline videos? Horrid.

So the guys quietly talk horticulture, not revellers at all…LOL Actually, I believe that gardening is in fact one of Karl Urban’s favourite leisure time pursuits, so there may be something to that statement. Also, now I believe that Chris Pine has now owns a property with a LOT of garden.

107. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 14, 2012

Chris’s favourite villain the tribbles? What was he, wearing his finest leathers, standing beside a car loaded up with tribbles that he had hidden out in the desert? You don’t fool me for one second, Chris…:)

108. TrekkerChick - December 14, 2012


Do I recall correctly that ZQ actually had to have his hand bound/taped for the scene in the first film?

Trying harder? Sure. Not everyone has the muscle control, however.

109. Dr. Cheis - December 14, 2012

Karl Urban was rocking that quiz!

110. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 14, 2012

#106. Rose (as in Keachick)

Captain Fine in Sydney, 2009… LLAP… sigh!

;-) :-)

111. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 14, 2012

Nice one, Chris. Hopefully, we shall see a fine Pine/Kirk vulcan salute or two in the new film.

112. Startrekfangirl - December 14, 2012

Whoa! Someone listen carefully to ZQ’s flub in the interview he and CP do with Access Hollywood…He says “Khan…uh, uh, uh, Nero ….” when talking about what the villains have done to the crew. CP looks stunned when he says it and ZQ looks flushed as he tries to keep on talking.

113. Plum - December 14, 2012

Why the heck NOT bring back Khan???

I’m constantly surprised by the comments lamenting any return of Khan. The arguments are all valid, and great alternatives are suggested. But if I think of this as a Star Trek FILM, and one that brings back the iconic characters of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, then I gotta wonder, if not hope, that I’d see their most iconic villain appear. Wouldn’t ya want that? I would.

Rant over. Please continue with your speculations. ;p

114. Jason S. - December 14, 2012

John Harrison is…FLINT.

John Harrison… a watchmaker. A character of time.
Submarine -> Da Vinci -> Flint.

thanks boborci.

115. Mel - December 15, 2012

In the second video I have two understanding problems. What alien is Karl Urban saying to John Cho? Mangora or something similar? And who brought the Gorn head to the set of Tropic Thunder? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.