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WATCH: Second Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer December 17, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The second trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has just been released. This one is being called the “Teaser Trailer” and is the same one which debuted with domestic non-IMAX screenings of The Hobbbit: An Unexpected Journey over the weekend. It is longer than the “announcement trailer” and has many new things to see. And you can watch it below. Warning: Spoilers.


Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

Here it is. [UPDATED: Replaced Apple version with YouTube]

(Also available at Apple Trailers)

If you missed it, HERE is the previously released “Announcement Trailer”

Stay tuned to for our usual shot-by-shot analysis of this new trailer.


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1. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

this is gonna give me something to chew on for a while. slo mo frame by frame here we come!

2. aligee - December 17, 2012

just watched it – cant see a lot of changes form the teaser??

3. aligee - December 17, 2012

ahhh… strike that…. my browser was still showing the teaser!!!!!

4. Kendall Byrd - December 17, 2012

Must be flooded—-not loading!!!!!!!!

5. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012


That was almost better than the 9 minutes!

6. Bob - December 17, 2012

Just saw the teaser. Not bad for a teaser. Is it May 17 yet? Lol. Been watching the IMAX trailer (yah, I recorded it on my iPhone) too. LOVE the music.

7. Joe Coatar - December 17, 2012

Lord save us from Quicktime!!!!!!

8. Matt Wright - December 17, 2012

FYI: The download links work on Apple’s site. The streaming “watch now” links for the higher quality versions seem to be offline/overwhelmed.

9. John W. - December 17, 2012

People in tubes!

10. Markus - December 17, 2012

the film seems packed with different contents. must be an attack on star fleet headquarters, followed by a chase to the klingon home world, where the showdown happens. but i cannot make sense of the jump from the skyscraper and those scene nor of the role the little girl and his mourning father plays.

11. The Professor - December 17, 2012

Already watched it twice.
I have to watch it more!!!!

12. John W. - December 17, 2012

:56 has people in tubes!

13. mayanspacecadet - December 17, 2012

wow, kinda disappointed and it looks pretty cheesy actually.

14. Blake Powers - December 17, 2012

What’s the deal with the guy taking an alka seltzer?

“In a world full of darkness and indigestion!”

15. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012


chekov runs through enginbeering
there are humanoids in cryo tubes or something similar!!!
the father puts a starfleet ring into a glass of some liquid
tmp badge

16. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

First takeaways:

The “hand on glass” scene definitely appears to be between Kirk and Spock. Looks like an earth based building, not in space. I’m guessing it’s right before Spock jumps off that building and goes chasing after Harrison.

17. rm10019 - December 17, 2012

I cannot wait for this movie!

18. Jonx - December 17, 2012

1:17: I think I see a battered ‘old style’ Constitution Class Starship!!!

19. matt - December 17, 2012

i get the quicktime logo and a question mark through it.

20. trekmaster - December 17, 2012

The trailer is not embedded here on trekmovie :-(

21. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

Man of Steel Trek.

22. thorsten - December 17, 2012

I like what they did to the ship @ 1:17…

23. Kimberly - December 17, 2012

Here you go:

24. Markus - December 17, 2012

ah… spock jumps of the high-rise to land onto some aircraft below.

I guess it is john harrisson starting a war with the klingons. the starhsip crashing into the bay seems like one victim of a battle in orbit. all the debris seems to indicate that.

25. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

Guys the streaming thing in the article above should work by 9AM. Bad Robot sent out the link a bit early before embed codes set to work. CLick the above links for now. I am working on YoutTube

26. Matt Wright - December 17, 2012

TMP badge design on the new dress uniforms, interesting…

27. Jeffery & the Hamstrings - December 17, 2012

Think the Big E was having a pretty bad day too, what with some of the deflector missing…..

Looks awesome!!!!

28. Aix - December 17, 2012

!!! @ the spacesuit thing!

29. Jonathan - December 17, 2012

Looks like the Enterprise takes quite a beating!

30. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

And those are definitely some kind of chryotubes. The glass is iced up and you can see faces underneath. Also…is that Noel Clarke and Cumbers walking out the door in the background?

31. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

Looks like interesting shots start at about the 47 second mark: someone (John Harrison?) looking down out of a damaged building down onto a destroyed one.

55 seconds has the folding of the federation flag, but it doesn’t look like it’s “over” anything to me, just over a sidewalk or something

56 seconds DEFINITELY looks like some sort of life pods WITH people in them in some sort of cargo bay

1:13 – guy in a spacesuit flying through major debris toward….I assume Earth?

1:17 – a Constitution class vessel (with NCC-17??) with pretty devastating damage

1:19 – better shot of the person falling. That does look like Kirk. POSSIBLY Scotty, hanging on, but the crewman falling doesn’t look familiar.

1:21 – what….WHAT IS THAT?

1:26 – Scotty holding on for dear life

1:26 – looks like Kirk speeding in a rocket suit with a cracked visor

1:27 – I thought the punch from the international trailer may have been Cumberbatch punching like a desk or console in frustration. No, he’s beating on someone (can’t see who. probably Kirk).

Most of the rest looks like stuff we’ve seen or just “characters looking dazed” shots

But still…wow

32. Anthony Thompson - December 17, 2012

This isn’t working for me. When will it be on YouTube?

33. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

14 – heh I thought of that but it kinda looks more like a metal gumbdrop when I paused it.

15 – oh, it could be a ring. didn’t notice *watches again*

18 – I’m almost certain it’s the new Enterprise type of ship

34. Blake Powers - December 17, 2012

My bad, it was a ring. #notalkaseltzer

But you can see how it would get the wrong, Right? Right?

35. thorsten - December 17, 2012

I like the little windows in the jackets that show the uniform color…
and the old school icon on Kirks jacket @ 1:28…

36. Vger23 - December 17, 2012

Very cool…very intense. Brings goosebumps to the surface and is exciting all at the same time! Very nice! The Pike monologue ties in nice with the 2009 trailer talking about “meant for something special…”

#13- Yeah, looks super cheesy.

Give me a break…

37. Aix - December 17, 2012

Was that Kirk or Harrison standing on top of the building?!

38. Captain Mateo - December 17, 2012

Well, Checkov was not in season one of Star Trek. So maybe he moved around a bot before sitting on the bridge in gold.

I think the story goes like this: Harrison reintroduces eugenics techniques from the 1990s. Alters himself. Wishes to cure others throught his technique. Is pissed off at Earth society for outlawing such medical practices. Offers this to someone who can help him…..the dad with the sick girl. Creates detruction in London and SF, maybe even Qronus. Then adventure. I think the Botany bay will be found at the end of the movie.

FYI: in Space Seed the crew barely could figure out what the Botany Bay was and who was onboard so I do not think even Starfleet knows about Khan and the others.
…of course unless the Klingons found it in this timeline and woke him up. He then joins Starfleet and does what I have stated above. The Klingons seem to find everything at the right monent…..the edited scenes had the Klingons capturing Nero in the first film. Yep!

39. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

I don’t think the people-in-tubes scene is on a ship. When the people walk out, the wall behind them looks like it’s made of stone, so it definitely looks planetside

40. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

Maybe Harrison is the Lord of the Rings XD

41. John W. - December 17, 2012

During the Saldana/Quinto kiss, is that typical Trek incognito wear? Is that for Qo’noS? Or for some other kind of place?

42. Martin - December 17, 2012

Quicktime more like slowtime.

43. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

31, Josh, 1:21 looks like a bird of prey to me.

44. JJ's Secret - December 17, 2012

Definitely a new style Klingon Bird of Prey at 1:21

How do we know it’s Spock jumping off that building?… (probably is..)

Girl’s dad drops ring into glass?…

Tubes with bodies!!!.. with lab technicians leaving the room!!!

Gray jackets that have a window that show the shirt color….

45. alphaquad20 - December 17, 2012

What’s up with the frame @ around 1:56 – the word “FINISH” upside down? A mistake, or some kind of easter egg/clue? boborci?

46. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

15 – you’re right, he is dropping a ring into the glass of water

32 – thank you sir!

38 – I’m not sure. I THINK Harrison but don’t quote me on that, heh

47. Ciaran - December 17, 2012


48. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

43 – I don’t think so. It looked too small. It looked like it was either some one-man craft or even an autonomous fighter to me. It looked like it was chasing after some small Federation-type craft as well

49. thorsten - December 17, 2012

Maybe this is related to Cold Station 12…

50. Millie - December 17, 2012

This trailer was amazing, I have no idea how I am supposed to wait for the next 5 months!

51. sonix1977nl - December 17, 2012

Did J.J. Abrams play the Mass Effect trilogy by any chance? The rifle that kirk is holding in his hand looks a lot like the standard rifle in that game. Considering J.J. is a game fan it might well be. ;-)

52. Iva - December 17, 2012

Oh, well, it will be the second Abrams movie to get no support. Let’s see if we can make it the top pirated of the year again :)

53. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

45 – probably something they forgot to take out after editing marking the end of the trailer

54. Nurse Gabble - December 17, 2012

THIS I like so much better than the announcement trailer.
Great music and Greenwood’s VO is as good as CB’s.

55. Mad Man - December 17, 2012

I’m big enough to state that I may have to eat crow.

This looks good.

BUT: There seems to be more Earth/planet side based action than space action. I wonder if that is on purpose, to show a more traditional-like action movie than one that partially takes place in space. That makes sense. People are fickle.

56. Mr Lirpa - December 17, 2012

Hmm, I wonder if that’s a khan and his crew frozen in those tubes..

57. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

48, wings-up, guns on the end, no way to tell scale. We’ll find out in May…. All round looks amazing, Star Trek is in the best possible hands with JJ and co, no doubt about it.

58. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

I’m very interested about the part where the Jedi leave the room with the people in tubes *runs*

59. JJ's Secret - December 17, 2012

Definitely looks like Cumberbatch walking away from the tubes..

when spock (or whoever) jumps off the building, you can make out a shuttle of some sort flying below.. he probably lands on that in some way…

60. John Tenuto - December 17, 2012

Those certainly look like “Space Seed” frozen sleeping chambers to me!

61. - December 17, 2012

That looks sensational.

I have heard a few people not that into Trek say the same after the first trailer.

62. NuFan - December 17, 2012

What if they thaw out the rest of Khan’s recovered crew? They’ll be sorry!

63. Sci-Fiddy - December 17, 2012

Didn’t work for me. the 2009 trailers each had a good 2-minute theme with 1 idea.

This trailer seems to have 3 parts and 3 different ideas. minute 1 is pike talking about kirk… minute 2 is JH talking about safety. and the last 17 seconds is that family thing.

It’s like 3 teasers concatenated together.

64. Benedict Cumberkhan - December 17, 2012

Anybody notice they flash the word “finish” at the very end, after the credits? It’s reverse and upside down.

65. Dunsel Report - December 17, 2012

Looks great.

66. martin - December 17, 2012

@18- That is a JJ Gigantiprise Constitution Class.

However, in frame by frame in QT HD- you can see:
the last two digits are not on the ship because part of the hull is destroyed. Also not visible is the name of the ship, either obscured by JJFlares, blur, or damage or a mix. Not on the top or underside of the saucer.

But it is clearly the same class as the 2009 Enterprise.

This could be one of the ships brought down over Earth instead of the E, in my guesstimation.

67. Paul - December 17, 2012

This was somewhat awesome. :) Wow.

68. aligee - December 17, 2012

Quicktime worked perfect for me! First time. on the Apple site.

69. Jeyl - December 17, 2012

Ah, Starship Battle Damage. This movie is finally looking up.

70. BitterTrekkie - December 17, 2012

A remake of Space Seed/Wrath of Khan.
How original.

71. - December 17, 2012

I think those tubes are coffins.

72. MOVIELORD101 - December 17, 2012

@64- Yeah i saw that. I’m trying to find out why it’s there and why it’s positioned so weirdly…..

73. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

60 – not that they can’t “modernize” what the sleeping capsules look like but…no they don’t. Those where rectangles cut out of the wall.

They look more like the capsules seen in the TNG episode “Neutral Zone” i think to me

74. Spock Jr. - December 17, 2012

Note the calmness, though I do not feel calm. I cannot – with all my powers of wordplay – express how powerful that was for me, and hopefully, to all… I have never seen anything quite so immaculacy constructed as to build-up such utter, undiluted excitement. Sheer, absolute perfection. Genuinely, seriously… speechless.

75. Nony - December 17, 2012

Pike sounds like he’s not doing so good. At all. His voice is very weak. :(

76. Gary - December 17, 2012

Maybe its a cryogenics clinic holding people with incurable diseases awaiting a cure.

77. Thank You - December 17, 2012

Anthony: THANK YOU for your hard work to update the site! And THANK YOU for making the time to post this!

It’s appreciated!

A frequent site visitor

78. Drunk Garak - December 17, 2012

@71 The tubes have frost on their glass, and coffins generally don’t have viewing windows. Cryopods, for sure.

79. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012


But there’s glass at one end that’s clearly iced up on the inside. Why would you freeze a coffin, and what’s more, why would you leave glass there to look at the dead person’s face? These look like classic SF sleeper ship chambers.

80. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

71 – that could very well be as well

My other thought is that they could be something similar to what happened in the Neutral Zone i TNG – people who were frozen until medicine could help them, and maybe Harrison plans on using them somehow.

If they ARE from the Botany Bay, they clearly seem to have been removed from it without being activated, at least in that scene.

81. Penguin44 - December 17, 2012

I think people in tubes are in the morgue.

82. Captain Ronald Tracey - December 17, 2012

I still think the cryo tubes (and the hands on glass) are red herrings. I’m not sure about the wisdom of bringing back Khan (or anything related) after the reboot of the last film.

83. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@71 chrisfawkes,

I had the same reaction. There’s something much more ominous about them than sleep chambers. Just don’t know why they would be frozen, unless there’s a need for preservation.

Either way, those aren’t the Botany Bay chambers. If at all, they are Starfleet issue. So the bodies were transferred. I don’t think ese are the Botany Bay’s occupants.

84. Gary - December 17, 2012

Now on YouTube…

85. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

When the ship crashes into the water near the end of the movie we’ll be glad it can do a submarine impression… Also, I love the lens flare – anyone else?

86. Anthony Thompson - December 17, 2012

Frankly, I hated the first one. But I LOVED this!!! Bob was right – it’s all about marketing. It’s interesting to compare the tenor of the two trailers – right down to the very different mood of the music.

87. Adam C - December 17, 2012

was hoping to see the imax trailer saw it watching the hobbit last night, really wanted to see it again :( oh well roll on may

88. Iva - December 17, 2012

I had hoped Kirk had killed a lot of people by mistake, like Pike predicted, and those were the funeral scenes. Not gonna happen tho.

89. Nurse Gabble - December 17, 2012

Scotty floating around at 1.26
Failing of artificial gravity?

90. Anthony Thompson - December 17, 2012

Come to think of it…where is Chekov? I haven’t noticed him in either trailer. It was nice to see the others, though!

91. thorsten - December 17, 2012

My guess is that the tubes held part of the 1,800 embryos of 20th century Augments, left over from the Eugenics Wars. Harrison could be one of them, which would explain why he offered medical help otherwise not available.
Maybe Stafleet went back to Cold Station 12 and used some of the embryos, which coud lead to Harrisons Wrath. You would have a superhuman enemy, eugenic wars and all, without the need to use Khan again. Sound OrciKutzmanstyle to me.

92. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@80. Josh C.,
“My other thought is that they could be something similar to what happened in the Neutral Zone i TNG – people who were frozen until medicine could help them, and maybe Harrison plans on using them somehow.”

No, but I think you’ve hit on it …

In the future if you had a disease that could not be cured, perhaps patients are put into stasis until such time a cure is found. I think that shot is from a very sad scene, where someone has just been shown the limits of modern medicine. Considering the opening if the film. If that’s actually Noel, Cumberbtach or Weller, that’s what we might be seeing, a tour of the sad realities for which John Harrison has taken up the cause?

93. Dunsel Report - December 17, 2012

Perhaps it is an “Akira” kind of deal where the dangerous psychically-enhanced Eugenics Wars specimens from the past are kept sealed off in a high security facility that will be raided by the bad guy. Not Khan’s people but the others whose existence was concealed by the post-WW3 government.

94. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

I think this movie shows the beginning of the Eugenics Wars. Maybe Harrison is a catalyst for it starting. Maybe those tubes shown in the trailer are bound to be put on a ship? I think that’s Cumby’s character and a doctor in that shot. The doctor in the nine minutes is wearing a white jacket like that.

That’s my guess! :-)

That shot may be the final shot of the movie…or close to it.

95. Aix - December 17, 2012

Oooh. Re Spock jumping. Wasn’t that the ‘space barge’ in the leaked photos?! He was fighting Cumberbatch there (and Uhura was helping as I remember). And he jumped?! Interesting!

96. Dunsel Report - December 17, 2012

#91 beat me to it

97. martin - December 17, 2012

I think they can modernize the Botany Bay somewhat – but they will have to stay somewhat original too. If these are Khan and his followers, then these are modern cryotubes that they have been placed in.

It makes sense that OG Spock would reveal to StarFleet the large dangers they will now face. This is a new timeline, and it is not disrupting the OG timeline. Spock would warn them of Khan, the Doomsday Machine, and other threats so they could deal with those before the destruction that occurs first. By doing that it may very well be that Khan and his crew have been brought to Earth in that state.

98. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012


That really doesn’t make sense to me. Embryo tubes in the shape of a full grown person, with glass at one end where someone’s face would be?

99. boborci - December 17, 2012

52. Merely by opining here, you are supporting the movie, so thanks!!!

100. Yeppo - December 17, 2012

Big E gets a pounding!

101. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

92 – it’s possible. Perhaps…people with conditions that be cured through genetic manipulation that is prohibited by Earth?

that could certainly be a “worthy goal” to be fighting for, which Cumberbatch apparently is.

That point – that we may feel empathy for cumberbatch’s cause, is still the #1 reason why I don’t think this has anything to do with Khan.

102. thorsten - December 17, 2012

@Roddenberry was a Peacenik…

Star Fleet needs the augment embryos for something, and grows a batch of them… they got experimented on and kept frozen, except Harrison, who escapes and is gung ho for freeing his brothers and sisters… or so ;))

103. Mel - December 17, 2012

I also think it is a morgue.

104. Basement Blogger - December 17, 2012

Wow. It looks great. If it is Star Trek, then we’re going to have a great Star Trek film.

105. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

99 – you’re probably reading all this and snickering at how wrong we all are!

106. captain_neill - December 17, 2012

This looks really cool, but at times its very alien from the Trek I grew up with.

107. Yeppo - December 17, 2012


I don’t think Scotty is floating, it looks like he is hanging on. Hull breach maybe?

108. Sebi - December 17, 2012

Did anyone spot the hidden URL in one frame where they show BC in the brigg?

Something like

Viral campain anybody?

109. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012


I’m not criticizing the possible plot or motivation you suggest. I’m saying there’s no reason embryo tubes would be built to be the size of a full grown human with a glass face plate. Do you know how big an embryo is?

110. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

Boborci, is that Pike’s ring in the glass?

111. captain_neill - December 17, 2012

Sometimes it makes Trek feel like any other big blockbuster movie, it has gained something but at the same time lost something.

112. trekmaster - December 17, 2012

@#99 boborci

Is there a prime timeline Enterprise at minute 1:17!? What is the father dropping into the glass at 1:24?

113. Yeppo - December 17, 2012


Yeah, fricking huge! Like bigger than a face!

114. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

Could Cumby be on Qo’nos to collect Klingon DNA for the Eugenics program? Are these Augments created from human and Klingon DNA?

115. Kris79 - December 17, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness so far the most anticipated movie of 2013 by fans on the Digital Spy website. Exciting times! Must see more! Make it so you Bad Robot

116. Gaila - December 17, 2012

Waiting for someone to do a frame-by-frame, but it looks like the ring might have been a Starfleet ring? The brief glance of the insignia looks right, but I may be totally wrong.

117. Yeppo - December 17, 2012

Oh, and it’s pretty much confirmed that it’s Khan now. Isn’t he using an Indian accent?

118. John Tenuto - December 17, 2012

Hi Everyone

If we compare


What do fellow fans think?

119. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

108 – where? I just went frame by frame through that section and didn’t see anything? was it just a black screen slipped in? Was it appearing over the video somewhere?

120. alphaquad20 - December 17, 2012

108. Nice catch!

121. Vger23 - December 17, 2012

Boy, people will do whatever it takes to continue this Khan / Eugenics / Augments connection, huh? It’s uncanny.

122. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

Oh wow, Sebi, amazing!

123. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

118 – if they’re from the botany bay, then they’ve been moved to new federation pods.

I personally don’t think they’re Khan. They’re someone else. Perhaps people with incurable diseases that have been frozen ala The Neutral Zone in TNG

124. pock speared - December 17, 2012

Pretty sure the film is about sex.

125. boomer13 - December 17, 2012

My thoughts about this trailer is how far Star Trek has come. It just needed some tender loving care to bring out the fans and make new ones. Even though I know some people gripe that this isn’t their daddy’s Star Trek but in order for a franchise to grow it’s got to change(ala Doctor Who).
I’ve heard some friends they are more excited to see this than the new Star Wars which really it’s story has been told.
It’s visually appealing, the actor’s all have chemistry together. I’m looking forward to see where this new Star Trek leads to. Bring it on.

126. Sebi - December 17, 2012

Wow, now I reaaaally feel like a geek, seeing that URL first…

127. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@118 John Tenuto,

With all due respect, those two pictures have NOTHING to do with each other.

According to Space Seed, in order to get the occupants out of those chambers, they would have to be revived. The tubes we see in the trailer are not from the Botany Bay. Totally new technology.

Not saying this can’t be Khan, but based in these tubes, there’s not really a connection.

And given what we know about this movie so far, more likely to have nothing to do with Khan, or augments. See my earlier comments.

128. njdss4 - December 17, 2012

Very cool viral marketing insert with the link shopped into the trailer! I can’t wait to see what it’s for.

I LOVE seeing the Enterprise with battle damage! Give us space battles!

129. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

Where are you from Sebi, can I get an autograph? XD :p

130. pock speared - December 17, 2012

That brief shot of William Shatner crashing into the bay was terrifying.

Brilliant work, B’orci.

131. thorsten - December 17, 2012

Roddenberry, sorry for being unclear here…

I think they take the embryos and grow them to adulthood.
Then Starfleet cancels the program, and has a lot of frozen Augments stored away somewhere. I don’t think that these folks are the crew of the Botany Bay…

But Bob will laugh about our little pet theories anyway ;))

132. Captain Ronald Tracey - December 17, 2012

@#108 – great catch, Sebi! Went to the site and entered info. Nothing major came up but an interesting marketing ploy.

I wonder if “Are you the 1701″ refers to a line in the film. Maybe spoken by a character from another ship? Peter Weller’s character?

All this guessing is so fun!

133. Drunk Garak - December 17, 2012

That’s definitely the Enterprise being torn up around 1:17.

We can deduce this for two reasons:
1) It’s the same exact model/class of ship, i.e. it looks exactly like the Enterprise. In a big budget movie they wouldn’t use the same model twice for two important ships, it’s not visually interesting and it could confuse casual viewers (Some producers of Star Trek II though viewers might even get the Enterprise and Reliant confused since they have a similar style).
2) The registry we can see says “NCC-17..” Let’s suppose the producers wanted to have another ship of the same design as the Enterprise in the movie, do you really think they would then go and give it a nearly identity registry number? For what reason, out of laziness? Or intention to mislead?

I know someone will read this and say, “Well, it could be the USS Constitution NCC-1700.” No, sorry, not going to happen. We could expect them to reuse models on a TV show, but not a $200m movie.

The bigger question, which I’m sure Bob Orci is prepared to hear a lot about over the rest of this years is, “How can you rationally explain anti-gravity switching to the aft of the ship? The Enterprise isn’t a steamboat sinking.”

134. sean - December 17, 2012

clearly sleeper pods, not coffins. it’s khan or other botany bay survivors.

now i’m worried, what will the garth/mitchell people do when they see this?

135. BeyondtheTech - December 17, 2012

I don’t think it’s the Enterprise crashing into the ocean at the end. The nacelles don’t look like the ones from the first movie.

136. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

@131 Thorsten

OK, I see what you mean. It’s certainly possible.

137. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

Spock’s jump reminds me of MiB 3 ;)

138. Just Saying - December 17, 2012


139. Ki - December 17, 2012

Why it does not “feel” like a Star Trek movie? Why they want to kill the spirit of the Enterprise. Are the new producers sadistic?

140. John Tenuto - December 17, 2012


Hi Curious Cadet

Those are all logical arguments against there being a connection. Thanks!

I am thinking more about how it is obviously a frozen human in the first tube, and how Khan’s ship in “Space Seed” was a frozen sleeper ship.

All of the TWOK references, from the Vulcan axiom in the 9 minute preview, to the possible Spock/Kirk hand touch (presuming that is Spock or Kirk), to the cryo tubes here, to Harrison having some kind of super strength as does Khan (McCoy says in “Space Seed” Khan could lift both he and Kirk with one arm), and the reference in “Space Seed” to how Khan has amazing healing and recuperative abilities (at least for himself; McCoy says there is something inside Khan that refuses to let him die in “Space Seed”) are all adding up to me that either Harrison is Khan or he is a harbinger of Khan for the third film.

Of course, the two images could have nothing to do with each other as you state! It is fun to think about though!


141. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

Are You the 1701 is also on the twitters by the way:

134 – I’m sure Khan people see think it’s “clearly” that, and I’m sure it’s partly meant to feed into that. I don’t think that’s “clearly” what it means, however.

142. Hugh Hoyland - December 17, 2012

Fantastic. And it looks like Kirk will be flying around in space Another space launch!

143. Nick - December 17, 2012

Random thought … (having not seen the 9 minute preview) …

Maybe Noel Clarke plays Richard Daystrom.

By helping his sick daughter the villan might access the technology needed to ‘detonate’ the fleet.

… probably way off base, but hey you never know …

PS. Went to The Hobbit, 3D 48FPS. Really enjoyed it … I was a bit gutted the Star Trek trailer was not attached though. Never mind!

144. Chris H - December 17, 2012

Does anyone have a transcript of the Voiceover – I can’t tell what the second line of the monologue is, anyone?

145. Sebi - December 17, 2012

@Captain Ronald Tracey

Since the URL also mentiones a facebook page, maybe something happens at 1701 likes? OK, a long shot I guess….

146. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

134 – or I should say, I agree they’re sleeper pods, but not clearly Khan or followers

147. Spock Jr. - December 17, 2012

Young Spock: (answering a question posed by the educational computer) Awesome. As in the original form, to inspire awe and wonder.

Question – what did you think of the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser?

148. Goofball 1701 - December 17, 2012

Guinan shows up and tells Kirk he needs to kill Khan, so he does. From then on, Cumberbund is out for revenge.

149. count smokula - December 17, 2012

this made me think of the “for your family” line in a whole different way… for me, cb is clearly an augment (just look at the moves he pulls in the announcment trailer) and refering to augments as family has basically been done in every episode in which they appeared… i think cb is doing whatever it is he’s doing (starting a war with the klingons maybe so the augments can be of good use again and help humanity with the goal that one day every human will be “advanced”? jj did say that the villain wasn’t just evil but had somewhat understandable motives and that motive doesnt seem mindlessly destructive) for his “family”… he feels more like a liberator than a conquerer so it might very well not be khan but everything (including the tubes) seems to be hinting at some kind of augment plot… could the chess-reference in the synopsis be some kind of reference to an augments “superior intellect”? so man questions and speculations i might be completely off this is just a gut feeling

150. uberjeff - December 17, 2012

1:26 Anyone else think that is scotty in engineering when the ship is all messed up and people are hanging off things?

151. Kirkwanabe - December 17, 2012

#135 – WATCH AGAIN. They are the same. ;-)

152. NuFan - December 17, 2012

One Billion Denial Points awarded to:

Curious Cadet
Josh C.

153. Actual - December 17, 2012

Why is everyone ignoring the obvious here? Chekov is now a REDSHIRT!

He is going to die!

154. thorsten - December 17, 2012

The question is, drops the Father his academy ring in the glass because he betrayed Starfleet to Harrison in exchange for his daughters health?

Superior ability breeds superior ambition.

155. Yar's love child - December 17, 2012

Pike dies. That’s my guess anyway.

156. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

Thoughts about Chekov in a red tunic – maybe Scotty is injured in that mess (I think it’s clearly him hanging) and Chekov is promoted to head of engineering while Scotty is out of service?

It would make sense

157. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Okay, unless someone can screencap where that URL shows up in the trailer, I call BS.

158. Actual - December 17, 2012

I don’t think that’s the Enterprise in the trailer. I thinks it’s another ship of the same class getting pwned during the ”fleet detonation” sequence.

159. Kirkwanabe - December 17, 2012

#135 – I did watch it again. Sorry, think you are correct!

160. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

#151 go frame by frame- that is NOT the big E.

161. Bob - December 17, 2012

Someone may have already posted this, but just in case… take a closer look at the image 56 seconds into the teaser trailer. At first viewing I thought those were coffins, but looking at a freeze frame, they look more like a “sleep tube” or some sort of hibernation chamber – you can clearly see a face in the front glass and it looks like some sort of frost crystals around the edges… discuss

162. JJ's Secret - December 17, 2012

Kahn isn’t in the movie… it’s all a setup to lead us astray…. the girl will be ‘kahn’ in the next movie….

I like the idea that Noel Clarke is Daystrom…. and I definitely think that he is dropping his ring into the glass because he just betrayed Starfleet.

163. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

#159 sorry, didn’t see that! :-p

164. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

153, Actual. I think someone (from the crew) is going to die, Pavel in a red shirt could be going down! Maybe John H will save him…

165. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

Right there at the lower right end of the screen, when the cam zooms onto Harrison in the brig.

166. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

161 – what do you think half the comments are already discussing lol

167. konar - December 17, 2012

I’ve been on a conference call so I had to watch it with no sound… can’t wait to throw it up on the big screen and watch is with full audio! Already signed up for the viral campaign!

168. Fedup - December 17, 2012

Yawn – definitely not Star Trek as I remember it. Aren’t people getting tired of seeing endless scenes of carnage and destruction, and things exploding in trailers these days? Or have imaginations just taken a nose-dive with the general public over the years?

Seems to be about cinematic violence induced adrenaline rushes, and not remotely close to Roddenberry’s original intent…

I bet the third film will be more of the same, with yet another villain of the week story…

Get some fresh writers in next time – you know… Proper science-fiction writers with ideas…


169. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

Where exactly is this embedded URL in the trailer? I have gone frame-by-frame and cannot find it!

170. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

171. Sebi - December 17, 2012

@ 157. Roddenberry was a Peacenik

Its exactly at 1:07 in one frame on the right hand side. Red letters on black ground…

Don’t just call BS…

172. Yar's love child - December 17, 2012

135 – If gravity has been lost on the ship and it’s crashing into the planet, crew members would certainly be thrown around in that way.

Keep in mind the majority of constitution class ships from the show had ncc-17XX registry numbers, so it’s not unreasonable to think it’s one of them. That being said, i think it’s Enterprise as well.

173. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Whoah! You’re right. There it is! The URL’s at 1:07, over on the right panel adjacent to the cell. It’s in red, for only like half a second. nice!

174. MOVIELORD101 - December 17, 2012

Here’s the proof:

Look towards the bottom-right of the shot.

175. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@134 sean,
“clearly sleeper pods, not coffins. it’s khan or other botany bay survivors. now i’m worried, what will the garth/mitchell people do when they see this?”

Stoking the fires of hate already I see … ;-)

There is NOTHING CLEAR about this at all. The way I see it, it’s another red herring misdirect by the master of misdirection. While I agree these are most likely stasis pods, it has nothing to do with the Botany Bay. Khan doesn’t fit with John Harrison’s actions so far and the overall sympathetic motives he’s said to have.

The whole augment, station 12, eugenics wars thing is the geekiest of geek when it comes to Trek. I simply don’t see the relevance as a parable to today’s audiences. But I do see something amazingly relevant when it comes to medicine. Illegal stem cell research anybody? Universal health care? These are topics being fought about on the public stage today.

But I don’t discount Khan, it’s certainly likely, and I can see a story about veterans and how government tends to exploit our soldiers, subject them to experiments (Gulf War Syndrome) and then turn their backs on them leaving them to deal with that and PTSD without any official recognition. But based on what I’ve seen so far, and the obvious hammering on my head by Abrams with the clues that it is Khan, an augment story seems the LEAST LIKELY probability now.

176. ReadyForDarkness - December 17, 2012

In the shot of the pods, the one in front has a large circle with a smaller circle next to (or orbiting it?). If you look at the far end of the room where the two characters are exiting, the same symbol appears in lights next the door. Does anyone recognize the symbol?

177. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012


Yeah, I see it now. My apologies. I was wrong.

178. Gary - December 17, 2012

After you submit you remail info on, it says “Thank you , we will tell you when the search begins”

The Search for Spock???? Hmmm.

179. samrock83 - December 17, 2012


180. Bill Peters - December 17, 2012

I like it and there was Hints that in the 9 Minute Trailer that they talk about the Prime Directive, so I am happy.

181. SherlockFangirl - December 17, 2012

You can put me down with #13. Just didn’t feel as much for this one as I did for the ‘announcement’ trailer a week and a half ago.

182. John Tenuto - December 17, 2012


Did you try downloading it? There is that option near “Watch” at apple.

Hope that helps!

183. Sebi - December 17, 2012

@ 177. Roddenberry was a Peacenik

Thats OK. We are all very excited I guess. And sometimes you don’t know what to believe anymore. Khan, Gary, John, URL, Enterprise crash…

Man, these months til the premiere will be loooooooooooong.

184. Dunsel Report - December 17, 2012

Any Star Trek where someone talks about the burden of being responsible for 400 lives on that ship up there is 100% OK with me.

185. SciFiMetalGirl - December 17, 2012

Well, I don’t know what’s not to like!

186. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

168 – cause nothing blew up in Wrath of Khan. Or Undiscovered Country. Or First Contact

Here is a cap of the URL, though my yellow “square” around it makes it almost impossible to see I think heh

187. Spock Jr. - December 17, 2012

@168 Fedup
If you can see nothing of value here, nothing of interest or good intent, if you feel no wonder or excitement – then maybe, just maybe, it is you, unfortunately, that does not understand Star Trek, not the writers of Into Darkness. Roddenberry would approve – his beloved creation alive, well and bigger than ever. His message (one of many) was that the future is what we make it – and that we could and should make it something to be proud of, something worthy of us. A message, maybe not found in a teaser trailer, but will be prevalent in the finished movie.

188. Valenti - December 17, 2012

By the Gods, this was freaking amazing.

I am really excited right now.

189. Captain Hackett - December 17, 2012


190. Vann - December 17, 2012

@118: John Tenuto,

I agree with you, that was the cherry on top of everything else that screams Khan in this trailer (as if the rest in previous info wasn’t obvious enough).

The whole ”the villain kept by crew destroying the ship from inside and ending up on command” that this trailer shows has too much of a Khan-ish feeling to it.

Personally I’m starting to think they actually changed the character’s name, but kept him the exact same villain. I don’t like it, though.
I still have hopes they’ll reveal the name “Khan” in the end.

What do you think about the name issue? Is John Harrison his name or an alias?

191. Daniel Broadway - December 17, 2012

Not sure why people think they see a TOS constitution class starship at 1:17. It is absolutely the same design as the Enterprise from 2009. Just really damaged.

192. Jay - December 17, 2012

#175 lol

If the trailer showed a ship with “Botany Bay” on it, people would still refuse to accept that this movie is about Khan.

193. Gary - December 17, 2012

Anyone notice Chekov wearing a RED SHIRT??????

194. Joseph Chapes - December 17, 2012

I’m starting to fear for Chekov since he is now in a red shirt. Just thinking if they are looking to kill someone off . . .

195. Actual - December 17, 2012

OMG! After watching the trailer again, it all makes sense now!!

Khan is playing Harrison, who is the twin of Cumberbatch, who is the genetic reincarnation of Garth, who altered his appearance to look like V’Ger!!

196. voyagerlives - December 17, 2012

Doesn’t look like the enterprise going into the water… it looks like an old starship…. the struts supporting the engines are too straight…

197. Jay - December 17, 2012

#190 I think it is an alias…. most probably someone else found the Botany Bay – maybe Klingons – and Khan took an assumed identity in order to return to Earth and infiltrate Starfleet.

198. CAPTAIN SCARLET - December 17, 2012

That trailer gave me chills…

199. captain_neill - December 17, 2012

I won’t be a happy Trekkie if they have rehashed and retconned Khan, one of the best vilains and movie.

Even though they are using the vilain out for revenge plot again I am hoping for something fresh from these guys rather than a redo of one of Trek’s greatests.

I would rather Orci and Kurtzman dazzle me with their own writing rather than lifting ideas here and there from others. So here’s hoping John Harrison is a new character and hoping Peter Weler is a descendent of his character Paxton from Enterprise.

Yet not sure if team Abrams is aware of Weller’s previous Trek excursion.

200. thorsten - December 17, 2012

Chekov is fine, he is just scared of all those gallons of Budweiser sloshing behind him @44 seconds…

201. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

#174 thank you!!

202. captain_neill - December 17, 2012


Thats why I think they are aiming for the Transformers crowd.

The second one, was so awful I refused to see Dark of the Moon and I heard it was no better. Appraently 60 mins of robots beating the hell out of each other, to me that would get boring as I do like a story to my action films.

My fav Trek movies are the action movies of Trek, Wrath of Khan, First Contact yet the action is complemnetend by a strong story. And to Star Trek, great stories are key to Trek

203. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

#191 -isn’t the re-design technically still a Constitution class in the JJ verse?

204. Green-blooded Inhuman - December 17, 2012

I’m glad none of you are writers. These conjectures are atrocious. The father and a doctor or scientist (white coat) are leaving the room with the pods. The father’s little girl is sick. Those pods are probably at the hospital the father visits, or is at least connected to it. Maybe the name of the hospital is the Botany Bay…;-)

But seriously, stop with the lame Khan-jectures.

205. Jay - December 17, 2012

Why when you go to the Apple Trailers page for STID trailer…. at the bottom they show some movies you can buy… and they show ST09 and TWOK, and then TOS remastered.


206. Jonathan - December 17, 2012

1) I assume the Enterprise is in Earth (or somewhere elses) gravity which is why the internal ships gravity is flipped 90 degrees

2) It’s almost certain that the ship getting beaten up at 1:17 is the Enterprise, they aren’t going to use a ship of the same design with a registration of NCC-17xx and it not be the Enterprise

3) The nacelle struts on the ship crashing in to the sea don’t match the Enterprise’s if the ship reminded me of anything it looks like the Enterprise J from ST:Ent

207. sean - December 17, 2012

i love these comment threads. such fascinating discussion. :-)

208. Actual - December 17, 2012

It has to be said……

”The Legend of Zorro” PALES in comparison to ”The Mask of Zorro”.

209. boomer13 - December 17, 2012

could the tubes be of deceased people that were killed in the attack?

210. Tuberius - December 17, 2012

Got it, John Harrison will be a new character : a mysterious Spock’s half-brother!

211. Actual - December 17, 2012


Err you mean like SYBOK!!!!!

212. Bob - December 17, 2012

@166 – I noticed the image and jumped to the end of the comments to post. Hadn’t read any of the previous postings at the time. Bad me. =) Lots of interesting thought threads on here. Wonder how many of them will turn out to be accurate.

213. Aaron (Naysayers are gonna nay) - December 17, 2012

My two cents… About the pods as that will probably be the biggest point of discussion today. They are stasis pods in the hospital where the little girl is. They probably keep her in stasis to help her live longer and pull her out occasionally when the parents come to visit. No cure disease this makes sense. Plus the people walking away look like hospital staff to me.

Master of misdirection at work. :-)

214. gingerly - December 17, 2012

Still happily flailing about the Trek stuff coming out.
Still have no clue what’s going on…

But thoughts. Spock jumping off a building, Chekov in a red-shirt (OHNOES!) PIKE’S VOICE!!!!! :D

That’s the best part for me behind the Spock and Uhura kiss.

I’m an thoroughly and permanently pysched for this thing to come out already!!

215. Vann - December 17, 2012

@195. Actual:
Honey, you nailed it!

197. Jay:
Yeah, I agree with you, that would fit the facts pretty well.

204. Green-blooded Inhuman:
You’re sounding like those people that say its not Chris Pine’s hand against the light in the hand-on-hand scene.

Do you know who’s Noel Clarke? Check his height and bio-structure, that’s not him at all.

216. Moputo Jones - December 17, 2012

JJ – I take back every nasty thing I’ve ever said about you and the Supreme Court. I had a nerdgasm watching that trailer.

217. Green-blooded Inhuman - December 17, 2012

@213 Thanks for repeating my thoughts. #facepalm

218. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

212 – oh someone may guess right at some point, but I’m guessing bout 0.01% will end up being right lol

219. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

At 1:11 in the teaser and the following shot of the space suited person moving through space — looks to me like that big star base we saw in Earth orbit in Trek 09 gets blown up!!

Maybe that’s how the fleet gets detonated? A bunch of ships at one time while docked at the star base?

That’s my guess…

220. KHAAAN the weasel - December 17, 2012

@169: When the camera pans/zooms to Cumberbatch in the brig there’s a couple of red screens/panels on the right-hand side. Shortly (talkin a SPLIT SECOND here) before the panels get out of frame you can see the URL shopped onto one of them.

221. Jerry - December 17, 2012

I’ve heard that John Harrison is the villain in this move. This is from Benedict Cumberbatch’s own mouth. See the video at the address below.

222. Vann - December 17, 2012

@205. Jay:

223. Tuberius - December 17, 2012

@211 no Sybok, John Harrison is human… the older son of Amanda Gryson.

224. MJ - December 17, 2012

A bay full of people in cyro chambers.

The Botany Bay!



225. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@190 Vann,
” that was the cherry on top of everything else that screams Khan in this trailer (as if the rest in previous info wasn’t obvious enough).”

@192 Jay,
“If the trailer showed a ship with “Botany Bay” on it, people would still refuse to accept that this movie is about Khan.”

Guys — I’m not saying that it can’t or won’t be Khan (or even Khan adjacent).

But seriously, doesn’t it bother ANYBODY that this movie all but hangs a sign around Cumberbatch’s neck that says “Hello my name is Khan”!?

After all t is secrecy, why so coy? Why point every clue directly at Khan and then insist Cumberbtach is playing John Harrison? What do you think would happen if all the fans agreed it was Khan? Then there would be no more mystery and all of this would be for nothing. For 5 more months, we’d all discuss what Khan’s up to (and somebody might quite possibly guess it) and take all of the freshness out of this particular mystery. The question is, if we all agreed it was Khan would Abrams try to misdirect?

The fact is, there is no ship with “Botany Bay” on it in the film. There is no concrete evidence it is Khan, and until such time, the blatant attempt by the producers to suggest it’s Khan should sound alarm bells for anyone who thinks there’s no other possibility.

226. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 17, 2012

Wow… That was incredible, in fact incredible doesn’t do it justice

227. Actual - December 17, 2012


DAYUM! Good idea! Would love to see that eyesore get blasted!

I would have preferred to have seen an update of the design from the TOS movies (ST3, ST6 etc). THAT’S RIGHT, I’m picky! Deal with it!

228. For sure it's Khan - December 17, 2012

I think the backwards and upside down (?) FINISH at the end is a discombobulated SINGH : )

229. scotty - December 17, 2012

150: I think your right that does look like engineering at 1:26

230. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

219, 227 – at least that would make room for the traditional Starbase we see starting in Star Trek III, heh

231. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

As with the announcement trailer, this trailer is serious in tone and much more foreboding than the preview. I thought it was very well done indeed.

232. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#227 — HAHA!! You didn’t like that base? I thought it was kinda cool.

But what I didn’t think was cool was what Chekov is running past in his red shirt — those godawful chrome beer tanks from the brewery!! Ugh!

233. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@204 Green-blooded Inhuman,
“Those pods are probably at the hospital the father visits, or is at least connected to it.”

Josh C. @ 39 made the observation that the wall behind the pods looked like stone and therefore most likely planet side.

Put together the fact that the hospital is an old medieval stone castle, and you have a pretty good evidence for making the case that these pods are indeed in the basement of the hospital. Regardless, it is highly unlikely they are on board a space ship, or in any new Starfleet facility.

234. sean - December 17, 2012

DC Fontana once said that if they’d had the budget for it, Rodenberry would have had explosions and space battles every week on TOS.

235. Logan - December 17, 2012

Wow, looks like a piece of crap, just like the last one. A movie made for mental midgets and JJ fan boy cultists. JJ Dreck Two: The Wrath of Bad Writing from the people who have brought you intelligent artistic achievements like Hawaii Five Oh, Lost, Transformers, and Prometheus.

What a bunch of suckers being mulcted by venal Paramount.

I’m glad Roddenberry isn’t here to see his vision pissed on and destroyed by these people.

Star Trek Into Crapness.

236. Jason - December 17, 2012

Haven’t read any posts above yet, but we have a trailer that’s a structural ripoff of Man of Steel – choral soundtrack, solemn voiceover blah blah, plus a poster that’s a direct copy of Dark Knight Rises. I think that counts as a massive marketing fail.

237. Aurore - December 17, 2012

I just saw it.

It . Is. Going. To . Be. Good. PEEOPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. : ‘Still don’t like the title.


238. mhansen0207 - December 17, 2012


Well then, don’t go. The rest of us will be happy to watch this epic looking movie in the theater without you as you sit home and be negative and crying for your old Star Trek.

Stay classy.

239. Boborci - December 17, 2012

235 Logan

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! See ya! Ba-bye!

240. -H- - December 17, 2012

@40 lol

Maybe he is the necromancer ;)

241. Giez - December 17, 2012

Take a look at 0:55 of the new trailer!

Is that KHAN walking out of a room with CRYOBAYS??!!
If so, John Mitchell may be a KHAN follower or KHAN himself!


242. Bd - December 17, 2012

#235 – Let’s not forget “Cowboys & Aliens”.

243. Jason - December 17, 2012

Film looks great though.

244. mhansen0207 - December 17, 2012


Bob Orci, unlike some “Trek fans”, I thank you for all the hard work that you, J.J. and company have put into the making of this film. From the looks of this trailer, it’s about to pay off BIG TIME.

245. uberjeff - December 17, 2012

BOB!!!! is it enginering at 1:26 oh please say it is. oh please. No one here wants to talk about anything but tubes and red shirts, its all very silly.

Btw keep up the good work!

246. Matias 47 - December 17, 2012


How true.

247. Anthony Lewis - December 17, 2012


Obvious Troll…………….wait for it…….obvious.

248. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

I’ll be there opening night. 3D IMAX. I bet Logan will be there too.

:-) Logan will…wait for it…

…run — to go see it! Lol!!!

249. Allergic to Retax 5 - December 17, 2012

We all know that Checkov wasn’t a cast member when Space Seed was filmed. The half ass explanation of why Kahn knew Chekov in STII was that he was a junior officer serving below decks and met Kahn there. Chekov in a red shirt running past the beer tanks doesn’t mean it’s on the Enterprise and probably takes place somewhere in the past. I think the villain is Kahn and we are seeing a flashback.

250. Weerd1 - December 17, 2012

Well, regardless of the villain’s identity, we are thematically seeing Wrath of Khan for this universe. Kirk having to deal with the fact that sometimes no matter how good you are people die was TWOK to a tee.

@235- Roddenberry would be similarly troubled by your rudeness. You can disagree without becoming uncivil. One of the points of TOS if I remember correctly.

251. Flake - December 17, 2012

Spock is jumping off a rust coloured thing as seen in the leaked fight footage. Klingon ship?

I reckon Khan aka John Harrison has been ‘awake’ for decades with his new identity. He and his followers all joined starfleet & all advance to a high rank and await the day when they are called upon to take over Starfleet & Earth. Superhuman, Super intelligent sleeper agents loyal to Khan at key positions in Starfleet.

252. PureGenius - December 17, 2012

31. Josh C. – December 17, 2012

1:13 – guy in a spacesuit flying through major debris toward….I assume Earth?

It looks like our moon, based on the craters.

253. Vann - December 17, 2012

225. Curious Cadet:

Yes! That’s EXACTLY what’s bothering us!
If they have their villain’s name, they have absolutely no reason to keep making secret about him. Look at their work, they’re good, and they love to show off. (Not complaining, they CAN, so why not?)

But if J.Harrison was their brand new villain (even having him the e x a c t same character building ad adjacent events than Khan) they would be shouting at everyone how their villain is awesome.

Also, there are limits to “misleading” scenes, lines, images, props.
No one will spend millions of dollars on a whole scene JUST to mislead a minimal percentage of fans that MIGHT not like their villain.
This is a blockbuster, they aim for the mainstream audience, they couldn’t care less what a small group of people think about their villain.

So, as you say, there is no point on pointing every clue to Khan, if he’s not the villain.

You forget the post-credits scene that would be added to the previous movie, which contained Botany Bay in it. Simple as that.
But yes, it hasn’t been showed yet on new material, so, it’ll take some more time for people to stop refusing to believe it.

But anyways, the point is, no multi-millionary production would insist so much on suggesting it’s one villain, just to piss a few fans off. That’s not possible.

254. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

Khan; ‘Mr Chekov, I never forget a face…but yours is really different than when we met in STID, not to mention your curly hair, and I wasn’t even Khan in that movie”

255. Aix - December 17, 2012

Cumberbatch looks like he is aging as well…

256. Thorny - December 17, 2012

206… “2) It’s almost certain that the ship getting beaten up at 1:17 is the Enterprise, they aren’t going to use a ship of the same design with a registration of NCC-17xx and it not be the Enterprise”

Why not? Seeing one of Enterprise’s new sister ships going down in flames would really add to the peril faced by the Enterprise.

257. psb2009 - December 17, 2012

@133. Drunk Garak – December 17, 2012
I believe that there are no models in this or the last movie- they are all digital. Doesn’t answer the question of which ship it is, but there are no budgetary issues to re-using ships or not.

258. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

They finally, in the 23rd century, found the series of tubes

259. Green-blooded Inhuman - December 17, 2012

@249 and @251, nice tries. Go back, re-read your posts, and then ponder how absurd they seem. If you fail to identify the absurdity, just stop posting.

@223, Curious Cadet…Not sure why that other poster refused to think that’s Clarke’s father-character walking out of the pod room. Looks like a black, bald man wearing the same color or shirt Clarke had on underneath his jacket in the IMAX 9 minute teaser. Those pods are probably other sick people, or hold the way to “save” his daughter.

260. Clinton - December 17, 2012

Just a thought. If Harrison is Starfleet, might Pike’s speech actually be one given to him?

261. Friendly Alien - December 17, 2012

get the feeling most people around here get too attached to Trek details and forget to feel the trailer. If you let yourself feel what they’re showing, you’ll get a really better notion of what’s going on.
Like understanding what ship is being thorn out and who’s dead and who’s the villain.
Try to follow the audio, image and music edition instead of spending the whole time searching for clues. Then you’ll see them.

262. secondbassman - December 17, 2012

boborci – I don’t know about the rest of these goobers, but this is the stuff I dreamed of watching Trek as a kid. Thank you.

263. Craiger - December 17, 2012

Could Harrison have served under Pike? Maybe Pike’s statement in this trailer means a command he had before he made a mistake and get some of his crew killed and one of them he thought was killed was Harrison? However if that happened why would Starfleet give him command of the Enterprise Starfleet’s flagship?

264. AJ - December 17, 2012

Blows the “Man of Steel” trailer out of the water. Not even close. Way to set the bar high, guys.

265. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

253 – I agree, I doubt they would make scenes merely with misleading fans ahead of the fact.

HOWEVER, given that this is the 2nd movie, homages to Wrath of Khan were probably inevitable regardless what this movie was about, and things like that (perhaps the hands touching on the window) WOULD make for easy fodder. Also, I’m just they are picking things that they KNOW will rile up interest because, well, it riles up interest.

266. LJ - December 17, 2012

In response to all those saying things like ‘this is not real Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek is not about explosions, etc.’ I’d like to offer my own humble opinion in response:

These trailers, and indeed the 2009 movie, take me back to the TOS I watched as a child – full of action, humour, spirit and soul. Things which, IMHO, seem to have been lost somewhat in the TNG era shows. We all remember the iconic fight scenes with the Gorn, and again in Amok Time. We all remember the banter between characters and the catchphrases. We all remember the fun. The trailers have this in spades.

Furthermore, I’d venture that this is what many of us have been waiting our whole lives for: Star Trek done justice on a broad canvas, up there with the big boys. Obviously, we’ve all seen Star Wars, and I’d wager many of us have wondered what Trek would be like given similar attention, and funding. Now we can see it: the minutiae of everyday life in the Trek universe (cars, bikes, cities, etc.); we can once again have interesting creatures (see the Delta Vega critters in 2009); we can see strange new worlds like Nibiru that don’t look like some backlot; we can have epic space battles.

Post-TOS Trek was pretty much like a ship in a bottle – even in the movies most of the action was aboard the E, with maybe one planet visited per movie. Now we can see the full scope of the universe we grew up with, and if anything this can help communicate the message of the series: we can now see the full diversity of the Federation, we can see the quality of life of everyday non-starfleet people, we can see fully what the Federation becomes.

I for one am very happy to have the chance to spend time in this new Trek universe.

267. Green-blooded Inhuman - December 17, 2012

Also, the “family” line spoken by Harrison has a much different tone than the “You think you’re safe” line. In the former, Harrison seems like he’s in pain…duress…etc…or possibly speaking through something distorting his voice (brig wall?)…

Starting to think Harrison’s character is also looking for a way to save someone. This guess coincides with the description of Harrison as being “not good, not bad” and not completely evil.

268. Craiger - December 17, 2012

If they did this movie just like the old TOS only Trek fans would go see it. Most people think of Trek as boring, too intellectual and not enough action. JJ fixes that for them.

269. Aashlee - December 17, 2012

I love the reboot universe. I think it emcompasses the essence of TOS, yet isn’t afraid to explore the “what ifs” of younger versions of our favorite characters and circumstances apart from the original series. This trailer is intriguing.

I don’t think John Harrison is Khan, but, if I had to tie him into that story line, it’s possible he may be part of Khan’s group. Maybe Khan died somehow, and Harrison took over… Just a thought.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the May premiere…!

270. Sebastian S. - December 17, 2012

That is an impressive trailer. Feels much more “Star Trek” than the unfortunate teaser poster…

271. Gorn Warrior - December 17, 2012

Okay…here goes my “best guess”

In this timeline, a shady company finds the Botany Bay. The CEO (Weller) finds these superhumans and uses illegal genetic modification to develop medicines (what his company specializes in). Enter John Harrison. Test subject for the therapy…gives him super strength.

Harrison becomes a member of Star Fleet and uses the new medicine to help a man’s dying daughter…Dr. Daystrom. He basically blackmails him to give him access to computers of federation ships (which he designed).

Harrison goes to Quo’Nos to either settle a score or steal a ship. Kirk &co find out, pursue him. He uses Daystrom’s help to disable many starfleet ships. Ships are destroyed and some crash into ocean on Earth. It is then revealed that Harrison was Khan, awaken by Weller and given gene therapy/surgery to change his appearance. He is taking out starfleet to remove the barrier stopping him from once again trying to rule the Earth!

I personally don’t think the villain is Khan, but I think this rough story could make sense and is possible

272. LJ - December 17, 2012

@263 In the prime universe Pike did get a lot of his crew killed at Rigel VII, and this caused him to doubt whether he should continue in command. No reason a similar incident may not have occurred in the new timeline.

273. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful - December 17, 2012

@168 I’ agree completely I’ jump to write this even before continuing to read the rest of the post after yours, cuz this movie will make money and I’ will be first in line but this is rollercoaster modern movie making crap like for today’s movie goers with no drama at all, cuz drama does not sell any more, so you know this movie will never win the oscars, it will be fun and it starts and finish so quick that you feel cheated somehow. Not adventure like Star Trek should be but any trek is better then none, so I’ll see and enjoy it, but I want ST on TV even if it’s like an episode a month. Have not seen it so if they stop the action for just a bit and just talk like drama in a briefing room before they explode it which I believe it’s going to happen then I’ll like it and I’ll consider it more like Trek but wow today’s movie goers man if its not action, action, action then it’s crap, no it isn’t . Star trek needs melodrama, talk, talk, talk let me breath and then star the action untill the end, it makes the movie feel longer and thus more like you went to the movies, without the talk, talk talk part you went for rollercoaster ride in the new amusement parks The cinema of today. my opinion: now start the hate mail and insults, it will not bother me at all. say whatever you want like OH yea this movie won the oscar and it wasn’t drama or who cares about the oscars and all you want to say, but I’m right and you all, all, all know it. boo hu hu he’s not happy with JJ’s timeline or movie making skills, yes I’ am but slow it down JJ, even SW the original best there was talk, talk, talk. YES I’ know about trailers needing to be fast and exploding to capture the audience, so they’ll come to see it but in the movie slow me down, even a rollercoaster is slow untill you get to the top and if you go twice it’s even better right, so slow twice and down the hill twice then I feel like I’ went to see a movie and crap the oscars.

274. Stun - December 17, 2012

Hey guys I’ve been following these posts for a while, and I honestly have no idea why some people insist on saying John Harrison is from Starfleet.

Are they jumping to that conclusion from the standard black suit he uses in the “crib/whatever” scene and that he’d “destroy them from inside”?

The suit is apparently standard used under the color-oriented assignment ones. It’s also used for extra people in the ship, as seen with Kirk in the first movie.

And they meant he destroy the ship from within in a psychological way, he charms and seduces people into doing what he wants, making them become their own danger. It’s a intellect force that’ll be going on, not a LITERAL person from inside their ship.

But are there any proofs that he’d be Starfleet? I may ahve missed them if so.

275. Captain Peabody - December 17, 2012

I will repeat my theory:

Starfleet, made desperate by Nero’s incursion, creates race of genetically modified dudes to fight the Klingons.

They go off, fight, and die as cannon fodder, protecting the Federation from Klingon domination…but no one knows about them, and no one cares.

Harrison is pissed off at watching his family die for a society that doesn’t give a crap.

He comes back to get his vengeance on Starfleet and show the citizenry of the Federation what war is really like.

Perhaps he’s also trying to free some of his comrades who have been put “on ice” by Starfleet after completing their mission.

Perhaps he also uses the genetic-engineering tech that Starfleet’s been using to build Augments but keeping secret to cure difficult diseases and so gain influence in the Federation.

He and his Augments infiltrate various places, and blow stuff up.

Eventually, he leads our heroes back to Kronos, where the Augments are doing battle with Klingons across the planet.

At some point, Spock jumps off of something.


276. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@253 Vann,
“No one will spend millions of dollars on a whole scene JUST to mislead a minimal percentage of fans that MIGHT not like their villain.
This is a blockbuster, they aim for the mainstream audience, they couldn’t care less what a small group of people think about their villain.”

Again, not saying it can’t or won’t be Khan. But there is an alternate explanation to everything we’ve seen.

You are making some assumptions that I am suggesting the filmmakers are spending millions of dollars to mislead the fans, because they might not like the villain. I posit nothing of the kind. You yourself point out how this film is targeted at a mostly non-Trek audience, for whom none of these clues matter at all. The clues are for us, and us alone.

Moreover, these filmmakers are known for their homages, visual and in dialogue. The fact that there are similarities to the Wrath of Khan, and to a lesser degree Space Seed, does not mean that’s what they are remaking. The fact that there are scenes in this movie that are both compelling to a mass audience, reflective of the story and evoke a connection with Khan are serendipitous at best. If Abrams can use the footage to misdirect the fans without impacting the message of his movie or reducing its power to a broader audience, don’t you think he would do it? I know I would if I liked to play these games.

As for previous references by the producers, Khan was being discussed as a subject of a sequel even before the first movie was released. You don’t think the master of misdirection didn’t start weaving his web of deception from day one, and use that debate to his advantage?

But ultimately Abrams is playing this game to delight the fans of Star Trek, not quell a few fans who might be disgruntled by his choice of subject matter. That’s the least likely reason Abrams is doing this. And if misdirection is his game, then it won’t be Khan, or it might be. But there’s nothing I’ve seen so far that offers “proof” of anything conclusive — just a bunch of subjective assumptions based in very limited information.

277. Iva - December 17, 2012

Just tell me they didn’t bring Pike back only to kill him off…. If he is the one who goes down because of Kirk’s overconfidence I’ll choke a bitch.

If Kirk dies, I’d like that much much better.
That K/S hands on the glass scene that had Spock killed in ST 2, might be the hands on glass scene that has Kirk on the other side and dead this time around.

278. I, Mugsy - December 17, 2012

268. Craiger – December 17, 2012

“If they did this movie just like the old TOS only Trek fans would go see it. Most people think of Trek as boring, too intellectual and not enough action. JJ fixes that for them.”

How do you explain the popularity of Star Trek IV then?… Not even a villain of the week in that, just a “threat”, which turns out to be caused by us. Trek IV was the last imaginative Trek movie to hit the theatres IMHO. Yes this new films looks pretty (as did the last one), but…

ahh well what’s the point? Modern audiences love it – that’s all that counts I guess.

279. Tony Todd's Tears - December 17, 2012

Time for General Grinn to make a Recut with the Prime Universe characters watching the trailer, unimpressed.

280. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Needs more Lens flares!

281. Giez - December 17, 2012

0:55 – Guy on left walking out has a pony tail and I think same color outfit as Khan. Looking at the walls it made me think of a Cargo bay or storage facility. Does look like maybe brick outside the hallway… So maybe some of Khans people were hidden on earth??

Coffins have always had no windows… So that made me rule out the dead from an attack.

282. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

283. Nathan - December 17, 2012

@Bob Orci

I understand you had to go with the title you did. However, please don’t tell me you weren’t tempted to go with, “Star Trek Into Awesome!”.

That trailer is good. The movie will be great.

But, you seem to have forgotten my cameo…
(Fine, I’ll even do it for free next film. But I’m not happy about it.)

284. Optimistic Doodle - December 17, 2012

@45: ‘FINISH’ (not ‘THE END’), upside down

Maybe hinting at ‘CLIFFHANGER’?

Anyway, bear in mind that not everything ends up in the movie…
(e.g. brewery ;-)

285. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

I guess the funeral is for Pike

286. Set Phasers to Troll - December 17, 2012

Every one of you are way off base. The villain is without a doubt Space Lincoln. Probably set loose by Trelane (The Liberace Q) to wreak havoc on the galaxy. I’m willing to bet money that near the end he mates with the Horta and it gives birth to Khan just in time for part 3. Post credit bonus: Chris Pine (Kirk) bangs Joan Collins.

287. dub - December 17, 2012

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but Harrison’s weird accent with the forced low overdone “bad guy” voice is starting to annoy me. It reminds me of Shinzon.
I’m still looking forward to the movie and I’m really excited about Carol Marcus, but that voice…hopefully it’s not like that throughout the movie.

288. Craiger - December 17, 2012

#278 – Because that movie was more of a comedy.

289. Cenobyte - December 17, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Starfleet – possibly the Enterprise but maybe not, has discovered the SS Botany Bay – Cumberbatch is one of Khans group and the only one a) alive or b) they have woken from stasis… and they are keeping the rest of them on ice… he’s fighting to get them (possibly including a sleeping or dead Khan) back (remember Khan was a decent somewhat respected ruler when he was on Earth, no reason Cumberbatch wouldn’t start out normal/nice-ish until he is crossed). That’s where the family comes into play. It’s a guess but seeing the pods in this trailer with Sherlock being walked out of that room kinda makes me feel I’m on the right track.

Of course I could be totally wrong, and I’m cool with that. ;)

290. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

I hope John Harrison is NOT Khan!

291. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#275 — I like that! Very Blade Runner-esque too! We’ll see….

292. PureGenius - December 17, 2012

I think the shot where Kirk or Benedict is look out at the destruction below, is actually from the bridge of a starship that has crashed in SF or London. Look at the angle at which he is looking from. And the surface below him doesn’t look like a building. There are no windows and it looks like the hull of a starship. Especially when you use the other buildings as a frame of reference. The whole thing is titled.

293. Vann - December 17, 2012

265. Josh C.:
Yes, you’re right.
But again, what I said is that there are limits to it. To picking too many interesting things from the same source.
There are too many Khan-related things to be considered just as homages and interest-picking details.
If that’s the case, it’s really lazy writing, and I don’t believe they’re lazy writers.
That amount of Khan is not there to please some fans, as much as it’s not there just to piss off others. It’s simply part of their plot, whatever it is.

271. Gorn Warrior:
I like your theory, really.
To be honest, personally I’m expecting something quite close to that, give or take a few points, to be the real thing.

294. summoner2100 - December 17, 2012

Hmm, With that long pan of the brig, why do I suspect Starfleet may have brought the brig materials from the same place as SHIELD and MI6? =)

Gonna be good though!

295. RedShirt232 - December 17, 2012

@266 Thank you. Everything about ST09 and Into Darkness (so far) feels very much consistent with the TOS, which contained lots of action and humor. Next Gen would have the occasional action episode (Q Who) or funny episode (Hollow Pursuits), but rarely were the two types combined in the way they were on TOS (A Piece of the Action). I grew up on Next Gen, but I’m looking at what JJ and boborci are doing through a TOS lens, and it looks fine to me.

296. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

Oh that was beautiful.

297. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

293 – well, frankly, a lot of “evidence” or “things” that people have said referenced Khan don’t actually have to reference Khan, or aren’t specific to him (but COULD apply to him, as well as several other people).

The only circumstantial pieces of evidence that clearly screams out “KHAN” are Carol Marcus as the life support pods. That is pretty much it.

298. gingerly - December 17, 2012

Okay, just spotted something in the trailer that convinced me, Chekov is not the one in danger…

BUT perhaps it’s misdirection.

Just to give you guys a clue. There’s a shot of Kirk reaching down to grab or hold on to someone in the teaser.

In this full trailer, I believe we get a glimpse of who he failed to hold onto and it’s one of the primary crew/cast.

299. Craiger - December 17, 2012

I thought by Trek’s time they got rid of all disease? So why would that girl be sick?

300. gingerly - December 17, 2012

I still believe it’s an augment and I believe his cause to make everyone “stronger” so they don’t have to go through what he went through or something…

301. PaulB - December 17, 2012

It looks like the building Spock is jumping from is blowing up or collapsing behind him. There’s smoke and debris flying up, anyway.

Also, it’s interesting that when Pike says “everyone under your command” and we see the main characters one by one, there’s a shot of what appears to be Harrison standing in the wrecked building. He’s included in the group of people under Kirk’s command, so I’m thinking he’s a crew member.

Might be a bit of misdirection, but if so, that’s cheating! No fair! :)

302. gingerly - December 17, 2012



Have you watched the show? The crew picked up spores and diseases all the time.

303. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Guys, although i really hope that John Harrison is John Harrison and not Khan, i think it is really suspicious that IMDB has not adapted the Harrison-name yet, while Alice Eve is already listed as Carol Marcus.

Does IMDB already know something?

304. Vann - December 17, 2012

@276. Curious Cadet:

I think we agree at everything, then, except for the fact I believe there are limits to what can be considered as just an homage.

I mean, a few homages to different plots and episode are different than a clear concentration of scenes, lines, characters, plot devices, mechanisms and music from the same source (Khan-related).

But yeah, you’re right, and we both understand how they plan and aim, audience-wise.

305. Data Logan - December 17, 2012

@ 1:26 does Scotty appear to be weightless?
or just holding on for dear life?

306. mhansen0207 - December 17, 2012

Just wanted to post this in response to all the people saying Gene Roddenberry would “NEVER” have approved of J.J. and company doing what they’re doing with Star Trek. Watch this

I truly think Roddenberry WOULD have been pleased.

307. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Trailer looks good.
Althoug i think that the first Teaser-Trailer was more effective with Cumberbatch’s vengeance-speech.

308. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

Love the shot of the “sleeper pods.”

FIRST thing I thought was that was from the END of the movie. Y’know, just as the movie begins with a Raiders of the Lost Ark type chase, maybe it will END on a note from the same movie.

Where the ark got boxed up and wheeled into some anonymous “hole” in the warehouse, I thought maybe we’ll see that Starfleet Intelligence is sitting on a stack of supermen and superwomen like Harrison.

Ends on the money shot: a sleeping Khan behind the glass!

309. dmduncan - December 17, 2012


But I hope not. Never put the closing shot in a trailer when it’s also a surprise shot, I think.

310. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

This trailer is awesome!

311. locutus - December 17, 2012

I get the feeling that haters of the last film are starting to change there minds.that is not a bad thing.

312. dontcare - December 17, 2012

@299. Also don’t forget that Dr. McCoy’s father was on life support and suffering from a horrific terminal disease, leading to McCoy removing him from life support to end his pain. Tragically a cure for the disease was found not long afterwards.

313. topas - December 17, 2012

266 -LJ

Exactly my thoughts, glad to see someone sharing those.

314. Jonny Boy - December 17, 2012

Wonderful trailer… I am so excited for another round of Star Trek that my insides are going to burst from anticipation. I’ve seen the prologue footage twice in IMAX, and the trailers are on repeat. Absolutely stunning.

One thing that has stuck out to me is that when Kirk and McCoy board the Enterprise thru the airlock, Scotty mentions that they’ve had the Enterprise submerged “since last night!” The way he says it, and his general displeasure, indicate that it was a spur-of-the-moment decision that must have been made in response to some change in the situation. Maybe they have a backup plan to use the Enterprise to blast thru the volcano underwater to relieve some pressure, or maybe there is a some reason they couldn’t stay in orbit. Either way, it definitely wasn’t part of the original plan. I can’t wait to find out why they had to do it!

315. 111 - December 17, 2012

Maybe it’s Scotty who dies. It looks like he’s fallen after Kirk was unable to pull him up. And that would explain Chekov in a red tunic.

316. filmboy - December 17, 2012

Let’s see: Carol Marcus, check. Life pods, check. Villain bent on revenge against the federation/starfleet, check. Spock and Kirk engaged in one final conversation, with one of them sacrificing themselves, check. All they need is the Reliant, Genesis Device, and maybe some brain slugs and you got a “reimagining” of The Wrath of Khan.

With that said, I am geniunely interested in this film. It looks like more of the same from 2009’s Trek. But adding some interesting angles to Kirk’s story. I do not believe anyone ever told Kirk what Pike does here. No one ever pulls Kirk aside and tells him he is an arrogant dick or that he will get his crew killed. I think both of these statements are true about THIS Kirk. I like that Pike has become the wise mentor, the Obi Wan if you will, of this series, helping the young hero find his way.

Overall, not too bad. Looks like the Enterprise gets pretty messed up here, spacesuits in space is nice, and visually it looks good. As far as the 15 uniform changes, eh. No money in the future so no need to worry about the cost of producing so many different uniforms.

317. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

That is certainly a possibilty, just wish it was Keenser instead.
Or maybe Scotty is not killed, but put out of comission for a good deal of the movie.

318. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

filmboy the Ceti Eels were allready in star trek 09
using them would be redundant.

319. Chris Doohan - December 17, 2012


Actually, let the door hit him on the way out.

320. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 17, 2012

There’s a stone wall in the corridor outside the room with the pods; I’m wondering if what we’re looking at there has something to do with the experiment on the colony in the Return of the Archons issues of the Ongoing comics series. The shot seems to tease ‘Botany Bay,’ but I don’t think it is.

321. saavik001 - December 17, 2012

Looks amazing! I can’t wait!!

322. Jack - December 17, 2012

Wow. I’m thrilled. I haven’t paused it yet, but is the deflector gold in one shot? I’m nearly giggling here.

BTW, everyone who’s talking about how intellectual TOS was. Er, well, is this a different TOS than the one I saw?

It dealt with morality plays, which were the staple of most TV drama then. And there were some great, pretty typical-of-the-time SciFi ideas. But it was never Masterpiece Theatre, thankfully. It wasn’t mindless kids’ entertainment, no. And it treated the characters and their situations relatively seriously. But intellectual?

I guess the best of Trek got you thinking (but also feeling) — so, yeah.

Even TMP had a fairly simple story, a lesson of a few repeated, self-evident truths, and loads and loads of fx.

Heck, look at Nemesis — talking endlessly (and superficially) about ideas, in that case nature vs. nurture, doesn’t shed any light or give any life to those ideas. We could have the characters standing around reading fortune-cookie wisdom to each other all day, and it wouldn’t make any sort of connection with an audience. It wouldn’t get the audience either thinking or feeling?

Whatever, I’m thrilled. So, what now? Will there be silence once again until April?

323. Basement Blogger - December 17, 2012

@ 99

Hey Bob Orci,

Don’t pay attention to the crazy Trekkers except for me. Look you can’t please everybody. Not everyone is going to love your work. Some of us may love your stuff, others may like it and others may hate it. Hey I don’t like Mahler. Not everything John Coltrane appeals to me. There I saved you thousands of dollars in therapy. :-)

And by the way, I liked Star Trek 2009 and have also criticized it. This new movie is getting me excited. First nine minutes you raised the Prime Directive. Now in the trailer you seem to address Kirk’s maturity that had some of us concerned in the first movie. Looking forward to May. Got to go and look up the Prime Directive.

324. I'mPaul - December 17, 2012

WOOOOW. Flying around a major American city and destroying things?! That reminds me so much of Transformers, and Transformers 2, and Transformers 3, and the Avengers. And trailers to three or four other movies that looked too unimaginatively boring to watch. And how many times can a person free fall in one trailer. I hate to admit it and am surprised at myself for doing so but, this is looking kind of unimaginative and lame. And I’m with everyone else hoping that the Earth bound stuff is only a small portion of the film.

325. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

56 seconds, guy on left, khan.

326. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 17, 2012

Single worst experience of the day – trying see this blasted trailer, that never was able to load. Total B.S!

Best part of day, watching Bilbo learn to use his ring.

Tell me again why I should enjoy this Trek?

327. CALQL8 - December 17, 2012

The poll needs to be clarified. Is it asking about the “Announcement Trailer” (the first trailer released) or the “Teaser Trailer” (the second trailer released)? I’m guessing the poll intends to ask about the Teaser Trailer and “Announcement Trailer” is a typo.

328. Pointed Sideburns - December 17, 2012

Anyone notice the father (Noel Clarke) dropping the ring into the glass also has a Starfleet dress uniform (Like Kirk and Scotty are wearing) on as well as a mark where a tear has just run down the side of his face?

329. Chain of Command - December 17, 2012

Rick Berman: Hey Brannon! Have you seen the trailer for the new “Star Trek” movie?

Brannon Braga: No, but I heard Spock is a Vulcan in it. I thought he was the Mexican engineer on the Nimitz in the original series?

Rick Berman: LOL, yeah! Me too! Hey, didn’t Davey Jones play Kirk in the original series?

Brannon Braga: I don’t know, I never watched it.

Rick Berman: Me neither!!! Well, hey, I gotta go. I found some Ron Jones CD’s that I need to throw away.. God, I hate him!

Brannon Braga: Cool! I’m a little down anyway. My 9th TV series got canceled.

Rick Berman: Bummer.

330. SoonerDave - December 17, 2012

FYI You Tube version of trailer has been pulled by Paramount. We’re forced to use Apple’s CrapTime.

331. John - December 17, 2012

@329. LMAO. Found some Ron Jones CD’s that I need to throw away…

Man he made some good music during seasons 2-4…

332. SoonerDave - December 17, 2012

DEAR PARAMOUNT: PLEASE PUT AN AUTHORIZED COPY OF THE TRAILER ON YOUTUBE. Please don’t force us to go through that idiotic iTunes/Quiktime crap.

333. LizardGirl - December 17, 2012

Well, I can’t seem to watch it. It won’t load for some reason. And when I click on the release date, it takes me to another page that wants me to download Quicktimes. I’m sure it’s a good trailer though.

334. LizardGirl - December 17, 2012

Oh, well…it seems I’m not the only one who can’t watch it.

335. Chain of Command - December 17, 2012

It’s a freaking trailer! Are you seriously that lame that you have to “pull” it from youtube?

Oh, I forgot, this is “Paramount” we’re talking about. The company that spent 4 dollars per film on 9 of the previous 11 Star Trek films and complained because they didn’t make as much money as Star Wars.

Sorry, I love Star Trek, but GOD do I hate Paramount Pictures and CBS.

336. NCM - December 17, 2012

Can’t begin to keep up with the threads anymore, but love all the material–Thanks, AP.

Love the music in second trailer. The voice-overs are perfect. The movie looks amazing! Cannot wait! For now, all concerns at bay, and I’m predicting a huge success, for fans, casual movie-goers, the court…

337. Teiresias' Shades - December 17, 2012

Commenters… relax… and chant with me.

338. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

Apple thing is just 24 hours. Paramount will give us download tommorow

I’ll put on tm YouTube page and embed here

339. Pegasus - December 17, 2012

First, I want to say without question that this looks and feels great. It’s definitely got great performances. The voice over is great, the music is exciting, the visuals are epic. This does look great.

(I’m just super annoyed Paramount won’t let me post it to my fb so my friends who don’t google Star Trek can also watch it. What’s with tearing down every post of the trailer that’s not on eck. Annoying!)

Just a question to think on for the future, JJ and crew: would showing us designs of the rifle Kirk fires out the window have spoiled the ending? Would a blue-print of the “brig” room have shattered an epic reveal? Would a glimpse at the new “Klingon ship” have destroyed the narrative? How about a close-up of the class ring? or the phaser Spock is holding on Qo’nos? What about a look at some of the uniforms? Or a real visual for the design of one or both of the atmospheric suits?

For the future, I think the tightness on details can be relaxed a little with these movies, so fans can enjoy the process instead of waiting like dogs throughout. None of those little things would ruin the movie, especially if we are given a blue-print of a room and not told the purpose of the room or the name of it. Just a thought. I’d like to have more fun and feel more included for the next movie.

340. Obsidian - December 17, 2012

I sure hope this movie is going to be as good as the trailers!

(some of the worst movies have really cool trailers)

341. Schultz - December 17, 2012

To my fellow readers. Is there a stereo version of the teaser? I really love it, but the mono sound just p****s me off.

342. Superman - December 17, 2012



*Bones is unable to save Khan, unlike in “Space Seed”
*Harrison awakens, is taken aboard the Enterprise and given a Starfleet uniform, a la Khan in “Space Seed”
*Kirk does not awaken the rest of the Botany Bay crew due to orders from Pike to bring the BB crew and Harrison to Earth
*Harrison is furious at this, gets violent, is put in the brig
*The BB crew and Harrison are brought to Earth
*A year passes. Harrison has planned his revenge on Starfleet and the Federation, securing assistance from various people and manipulating others to aid in his goal of usurping the Federation, freeing his crew, and then taking control
*Harrison’s biggest supporters are from within Starfleet and the Federation itself, including Peter Weller’s character.

343. Jay - December 17, 2012

Why do they use Apple and Quicktime?????????!!!!!!?????


I can’t watch the damn trailer because it keeps telling me to download quicktime first, eventhough I already downloaded quicktime.

Then if I try to download the trailer instead of view it, then it just takes me to the Apple itunes trailer website where…..wait for it…. i can VIEW IT if i download Quicktime first….UGH!!!!!!

344. Allen Williams - December 17, 2012

I don’t get the quicktime thing. Didn’t steve jobs (not that I like him or anything) push for HTML 5 to replace all plugins including quicktime, which is one of the worst? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of quicktime as a avenue of attack for viruses has been used. I think its even more than PDF or flash.

As a web developer myself, I know HTML 5 isn’t an easy replacement, but for 99% of all users H.264 will work just fine either in IE9+, or safari on a mac.

345. Jay - December 17, 2012

Why do they take it off of Youtube? That’s the ONLY place I can ever watch the damn trailers.

346. Jay - December 17, 2012

It wouldn’t bother me if the quicktime would actually work. Is the free quicktime viewer not part of the deal? Are they trying to force you to buy the full version to watch the trailer?

347. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

As I said, I will have it up on TrekMovie YouTube channel by tomorrow and I will replace the Apple embeds.

The rules are Apple gets exclusive for the first day. Paramount are strict about this and to stay on their good side we cant ignore the request

348. scotty971 - December 17, 2012

This looks epic!!!!!!!

349. Pegasus - December 17, 2012

#347. Thanks for the explanation Anthony!

Too bad for apple, the whole thing is such a jumble. Not very good advertising for them or their system right now hehehe.. Oh well.

350. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 17, 2012

10 to the trailer!

………….a big ZERO to Quicktime! ;-) :-)

351. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2012

wow….the poll s hows overwhelming luv n excitement over the trailer..i bet bob orci, you are lovin this….lookit all the c omments..excitement…even the few naysayers(and snappy boborci) are entertaining….yup…a nthony n crew are back b a byyy! i think the cryotubes hold augments but not khan….maybe phillip j fry i s in there….welcome to the 23rd century..hahhh..he is a big trekkie ya know…imagine bender on the bridge….i think u guys are havin yer cake n eating it too again….using khan but not k h an with your own spins…khan was a fave . movie cuz of the action..jj and bob give us unparrelled action and grand scope n some aint happy…….its still trek but is more fun more acceessible….yah gene r would . LUV all this…thanks againmr orci u treksaver u!

352. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2012

virtual keyboards suck danged kindle fire hd 8.9

353. olly - December 17, 2012

Paramount have deleted fan uploads of the trailer including the one on Cumberbatch huge you tube channel. This seems a silly move to me.

354. LizardGirl - December 17, 2012

Thanks Anthony for the heads up. I’ll tune in tomorrow to watch it.

355. ZeroBANG - December 17, 2012

QuickTime… ok whatever, but why no Fullscreen?! come on…

356. Chingatchkook - December 17, 2012

Awesome, awesome, awesome….way over the top awesome. It’s gonna be a long wait until May!

357. merrick - December 17, 2012

hoping the Enterprise gets the kick shit out of her as well as her beating the shit out of the ENEMY.

358. Flake - December 17, 2012

I wish they could have stayed a bit more ‘true’ to the production design of the movie era 1979-1991 and some of what came subsequent to that. I would love to see an unaltered Klingon BoP or the original Probert designs of Enterprise/Reliant etc (Grissom/Excelsior) and the Earth spacedock from the TOS movies. Just some more nods dotted around the movie(s) rather than everything designed anew. Ah well… they could have made things more familiar to us old-timers and still made it look cool for the new generation of fans.

359. Gary Makin - December 17, 2012

Not allowing this to go on YouTube is a dumb move.

360. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

One word: PHASERRIFLE!!!

Feel like I’m at McDonalds. Da da ta da taaa “I’m lovin’ it!”

361. Chris Free - December 17, 2012


362. RAMA - December 17, 2012

Did someone really say this looked “cheesy”..its the most expansive trailer ST has ever had, there’s never been anything of this scale in Trek…I have no idea what they were watching.

363. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Maybe its like in the last scene of Prometheus. In the last scene, the Alien emerges.
And in the last scene of STID Khan will come out of the shadow. However i dont think that they reveal his face, as they probably would try to cast a known actor for Abrams third movie that is not cast yet.

364. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2012

its on you tube now..easily found it dled hd version…

365. LizardGirl - December 17, 2012

Whoa! Just saw it. Hmm…I’m definitely getting a “Space Seed” vibe with those “people tubes”….but, again, the character’s name is John Harrison…*shrug*.

366. Joe - December 17, 2012

I haven’t read all the talkback, so forgive me if this has been brought up already, but what if it’s something like this: Harrison is not Khan, but IS part of the Botany Bay crew. The comment at the end of the trailer (hands touching, “anything you wouldn’t do for family” comment) has got me thinking…maybe Harrison is a harbinger of sorts. He is awakened before the rest of the BB pods, and is setting the stage for the return of his “father, either figurative or literal, which is Khan. Paving the way, so to speak.

367. Alt-Spock - December 17, 2012

Apple exclusive = Lame

I’m not installing QuickTime, no way, no how. I can wait for a real link.

368. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2012

apple lame for us android tablet users too i have a youtube dler and i found the new trailer right away…

369. Jack - December 17, 2012

358. But we’ve already seen those things. ;). And we can see them instantly by popping in a DVD or Googling.

370. Phobos - December 18, 2012

Awesome trailer.

371. Jack - December 18, 2012

I disagree that we need blueprints and designs months before a movie comes out. Why are those needed at all *before* you see it. Just enjoy the darned movie. The next day, go buy all the stuff.

372. Dennis Sisterson - December 18, 2012

I’m glad to see there’s a lot of shots of people jumping off things. In the first film there wasa lot of hanging off things. This raises the bar I think.

373. Flake - December 18, 2012

raised it high enough to jump off of

374. Jay - December 18, 2012

#347 Then maybe they should make sure it actually works. They have smoe kind of embedded software that incorrectly keeps saying i don’t have quicktime when I do.

375. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2012

As promised the QT embed has been replaced by YouTube (this is from the TrekMovie channel and officially sanctioned by Paramount)

This will be patter moving forward. First 24 hours will be QT due to Paramount agreement with Apple Trailers. Then I will provide YouTube streaming after that.

376. Sk8r_gurl - December 18, 2012

On it like always, thanks Anthony! Let the smartphone viewing commence!

377. Alt-Spock - December 18, 2012

Thanks Anothony.

But I don’t understand Paramount’s logic. Why restrict marketing of an upcoming film? One would think they’d want as much exposure as possible.

378. Phil - December 18, 2012

@235. You obviously missed Spocks Brain and space hippies. There is a poetry reading at the local community college that might be a bit more to your liking….

379. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2012

Alt Spock
Its only 24 hours and I suspect there is some benefit to the studio. It seems that Apple or Yahoo or AOL/Moviefone etc get these ‘exclusive’ firsts. Some are better at embeds than others. To their credit, the Apple people sent me a specific embed that works better at TM and fits site better.

380. Ted C - December 18, 2012

Just saw The Hobbit and this trailer was not shown.

381. Pegasus - December 19, 2012

#371 – as a fan, if they wont give real details on the movie, they can at least give us insignificant stuff to mull over. Why not? This is a cult franchise. It was saved by fans on numerous occasions. I love that they’re now focused on non-fans, but as a fan, I’d enjoy Peter Jackson’s form of active production to this black-out solitude that ST has become. Dont ruin it for me, but there’s a lot you can give that wont ruin it. So give us some of that. It’s all im saying

382. Charla - December 19, 2012

Looks like this movie will be all that was promised and more!! Cannot wait for May!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!! :D

~ Thanks for the article ~

383. msn1701 - December 21, 2012

Spuhura again? Called it but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Ew.

384. Son of Captain Garth - December 21, 2012

I don’t think that’s Kirk and Spock canoodling with the glass betwixt ’em. That looks like a black undershirt on the side opposite Spock. I’m guessing that’s Cumberbatch. He’s probably reaching up from the floor after fainting from sheer exhaustion. He’s in, what, 23 movies this year? Oh, and Sherlock starts filming in January! The poor bloke! Quinto was probably helping him up and offering a cappuccino. I know they put the starch back in my legs! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.