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Pine: Kirk Is Different In ‘Into Darkness’ + Harrison Not Typical Bad Guy December 23, 2012

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Today we post transcript of the third (and final) Star Trek Into Darkness interview transcript from the Japan press event, this time with Chris Pine talking about how he has personally changed since the last film and how Kirk has changed as well. The actor also gives some more details on Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain John Harrison and more.


Pine Talks Kirk’s Journey and Being Tested By Cumberbatch’s Harrison

Speaking to GyaO! at the Tokyo Star Trek Into Darkness press event a couple of weeks back, Chris Pine talked about how a long time passed between production on the last Star Trek movie and Into Darkness and how he has applied that to the work in the film, saying…

Chris Pine: I’m different because I am five years older and hopefully a bit more mature and I have had many more experiences since the first film and you can only help that experiences to bear on the character you are portraying at the time. So Kirk is definitely different this time around.

Pine was also asked what was the most difficult thing about the film and ended up revealing a bit more about his character of Kirk in Into Darkness

Pine: The most difficult aspect of this film was firstly the fact that it was a very physical film so the action sequences are very hard and very long. And then I think too, the journey that my character goes through is a very difficult one and very painful to let myself go through those experiences that Kirk goes through during the course of the film

Pine says Kirk’s journey is ‘very painful’ in Into Darkness

Chris also talked about how the scale of the film was also reflected in the characters as well…

Pine: With the 3D involved it just makes it that much grander and bigger. And the story I think gives these characters a lot more room to expand and grow and explore. So the size of the action and the size of the characters and what they go through is a lot bigger.

Chris also contrasted Cumberbatch’s John Harrison with Eric Bana’s Nero from the last Star Trek film…

Pine: Benedict is a great actor and portraying a really complex and layered bad guy in this film. And I think that is what really sets him apart, especially from [2009’s Star Trek] where Eric Bana did a great job playing our bad guy Nero. His kind of selling point was he was a really mean, brutal, physical bad guy and Benedict plays a guy who is just as physical and just as strong but who is real weapon is the fact that he is a master manipulator and is able to use the weaknesses of the crew to his advantage and against them. A psychological force to be reckoned with. 

Cumberbatch’s Harrison isn’t just a tough guy – he messes with your head according to Pine

More Tokyo Star Trek Into Darkness interviews: 


Thanks again to TrekMovie’s Japan correspondent Tatsumi Nageta for providing the Tokyo interview content from GyaO!



1. Ciaran - December 23, 2012


2. TrekMadeMeFat - December 23, 2012

How different? Isn’t it only a year later in this movie?

3. Shatman John - December 23, 2012

Has anybody else noted that there is very little space action in the trailer? Star fleet operate in space right (2009), now it’s underwater and In volcanos (2013). Maybe next trailer will reveal more? Hope so anyway. Sea trek doesn’t do it for me…

4. Michael Perrone - December 23, 2012

Could the “hands on the glass” scene be Harrison manipulating Spock in some way to let him out of the brig? That would be an interesting twist on that.

5. Elle - December 23, 2012

Master manipulator? Any ideas who could it be?

6. picard - December 23, 2012

“Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers?”

7. John W. - December 23, 2012

Is it possible they’re not only referring to intelligence but to some kind of psychic ability in Harrison?

8. R. Banks - December 23, 2012


I noticed and thought the same thing.

But for me, I’ve already had many movies, episodes, and years of seeing Starfleet operating for the most part, in space. I’m looking forward to the new environments.

I especially like the shot of the Big E rising from the ocean in the first trailer.

9. Mad Man - December 23, 2012

Maybe Harrison is really Sybok?


10. RP - December 23, 2012

I agree, there is one sequence in the trailer that looks as if JH is morphing, That would be a seriously good twist on the theme of manipulating the crew.

11. Sebastian S. - December 23, 2012

#7 John W

That’s what I was thinking as well. I keep hearing references to ‘mental powers.’

12. Gilberto - December 23, 2012

Chris Pine is a much more mature actor (and man) now, and it will reflect upon his character. I have high hopes for this film.

13. g - December 23, 2012

A million thanks to Trekmovie for getting us as much info as possible. Good work, Mr. Pascale. Congratulations.

14. Jack - December 23, 2012

10. RP – December 23, 2012 “I agree, there is one sequence in the trailer that looks as if JH is morphing, That would be a seriously good twist on the theme of manipulating the crew.”

Really? Cool. I hadn’t noticed that. Where?

15. R. Banks - December 23, 2012

Quote by g-

“A million thanks to Trekmovie for getting us as much info as possible. Good work, Mr. Pascale. Congratulations.”


16. Anthony Pascale - December 23, 2012

thanks for the thanks, but it is a team effort. For example could not have done Japan articles without Tatsumi

17. Garth Faction - December 23, 2012


Lord Garth…..

18. Gilberto - December 23, 2012

So, I’ll correct myself: A million thanks to Trekmovie for getting us as much info as possible. Good work, Mr. Pascale, and Great work, Trekmovie’s crew and contributors. Thanks, Tatsumi!!! Congratulations.

19. Curious Cadet - December 23, 2012

@17 Garth Faction,

Doubtful since Paramount hasn’t shut down the fan made Garth movie.

At least we know Harrison is not Khan thanks to Gilberto spilling the beans that Khan will be in the movie as a CGI effect.

20. Ahmed - December 23, 2012

“Pine:Benedict plays a guy who is just as physical and just as strong but who is real weapon is the fact that he is a master manipulator and is able to use the weaknesses of the crew to his advantage and against them. A psychological force to be reckoned with.”

I’m liking this so much. We need a smart manipulative villain, not just a “bad guy” like Nero who was, IMO, a boring, one dimensional character.

I will join the others & thank Anthony for the Japan reports. Also
Arigatou gozaimasu ありがとうございます。 Tatsumi

great thanks to Tatsumi

21. Jeff O'Connor - December 23, 2012

Well, Anthony, thanks to everyone involved in Trekmovie, including yourself. :P

22. Captain Archer - December 23, 2012

19. Curious Cadet

I think that guy, Gilberto, was yanking our chains. Even IF he was the IDW Gilberto, he wouldn’t know about what was happening in the movies, only the comics.

I don’t think the writers would have Khan as a CGI cameo.

23. Jeff O'Connor - December 23, 2012

Nero improved on subsequent viewings for me when I realized (or at least decided) not only was he crazy but he’d managed to turn his crew of fellow miners into nigh-on worshipers in his cause and in himself. A lot of the acting from his subordinates really comes across as insinuating they’re all depraved followers of Nero, this sort of Romulan avenging angel who is allegedly going to give them the peace of mind they crave.

…But still, yes, he was pretty one-dimensional and a weaker aspect of a generally great movie. Bring on the complexity.

24. Fascinoma - December 23, 2012

I feel good about the fact that John Harrison MAY just be John Harrison, and it would still be awesome, but…

Why would Garth being in a fanfilm that wasn’t shut down, contraindicate Garth being in this film? Wouldn’t the former be in the “prime” universe?

25. Curious Cadet - December 23, 2012

@22 Captain Archer,

Anthony has been reading these posts and has not removed Gilberto’s comment, or refuted it. He’s clearly the real deal.

@24 Fascinoma,

I doubt Paramount would allow a fan-made movie to move forward featuring the movie’s villain. It would cause all kinds of confusion. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve shut down a fan project.

26. Craiger - December 23, 2012

I hope master manipulator doesn’t mean mind control. I don’t like that.

27. BulletInTheFace - December 23, 2012

I am positive Garth is not in this film. There has not been a single bit of evidence of that–that’s just a fan wish. Nothing that we’ve seen about the film would bear that out. I think it’s extremely obvious that (1) Khan is in the film, and (2) Cumberbatch is John Harrison.

28. Captain Archer - December 23, 2012

25. Curious Cadet

People make comments like that all the time. We have no idea who this Gilberto is – probably just another poster. People post their theories all the time. I highly doubt that they would put a CGI Khan in the movie.

29. Captain Archer - December 23, 2012

27. BulletInTheFace

I wouldn’t say “obvious” because everything is pure speculation at this point. You have not seen the movie yet so it is not obvious. It is fun to speculate about things, but until we have proof of all that you speak of, it is not an “obvious” thing. But I do appreciate your enthusiasm! The only thing we are 100% certain of is that Cumberbatch is John Harrison.

30. Curious Cadet - December 23, 2012

@ 28 Captain Archer,

This isn’t a “theory”. He’s making a claim as someone in the know. Anthony knows who all of us are by our e-mail and IP addresses (this is how he confirms boborci), and he would have deleted this comment if it were not real.

31. Captain Archer - December 23, 2012

30. Curious Cadet

He never claimed who he was, just that he said Khan is CGI. Someone else speculated that it was the IDW comic guy. So in this case, it is just someone making a theory or someone being a sock puppet., that is all. I don’t believe at all that they would be foolish enough to do a CGI Khan as just a cameo.

32. Curious Cadet - December 23, 2012

@31 Captain Archer,

You mean like using a CGI Arnold Schwarzenneger in Terminator Salvation? Yeah, that was really foolish, Abrams never copies any other movies …

The guy said he spilled the beans “for those who know him” …

Seriously it’s actually quite brilliant, and totally believable. Until Anthony removes it, or invalidates it, or we get more imformation, Khan appearing as CGI is a definite possibility.

33. fascinoma - December 23, 2012

All this attempt at secrecy and hilariously, we now know more about this film than we’ve known about any other Trek film. I bet we know the entire movie by next month.

I’m so talked out when it comes to speculation that I barely even care anymore, just hurry up and show the film already.

34. Vorus - December 23, 2012


As the guy who speculated that this Gilberto is the IDW Gilberto, I have to say I agree with you. All I did was look as his statement of “fro those who know me”, and then Google “Gilberto Star Trek” and I found the Memory-Alpha page. It could EASILY just be a coincidence, I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in it, and I certainly don’t think it’s a certain connection.

I’d like to think I “broke the story” that an IDW source confirmed Khan’s cameo, but that seems a little too easy to be true.

35. Captain Archer - December 23, 2012

32. Curious Cadet

I don’t know, Cadet. Terminator Salvation CGI was very bad looking and it was a joke. That is why I say it would be foolish. It would also make any future movie staring Khan with these guys impossible to do since they would have to do the entire character as CGI throughout. No, I don’t believe it one bit. But everyone is entitled to their opinion on things, right? So we will just have to disagree on this one. I actually laughed when I read that comment up above thinking it was a good joke. But you are definitely allowed to believe it. I guess we find out in May!

36. Kirk, yes really - December 23, 2012

Anthony, just a random bit of positive rambling for ye. I’ve been enjoying this site since probably the beginning. Three, four, five times a day I drop in and read. Love the people, the debates and ideas, crockpot theories and well thought out and mostly reasonable discourse. And it’s all about Trek. Really. Really cool. Thank you for putting this thing out there. Sure sometimes you’ve gone dark on us, but that seems to correspond with what news may actually be worth the effort. Whatever, I can dig it. Right now my friend, you and your contributors are at the top of your game and I’m really enjoying the fruits of your labor. All the best to you, your staff and all the fun people keeping thus thing vibrant. Happy holidays. LLAP

Kirk, yes really

Ps hoping that Harris is a brand new entity, either way, looks awesome.

37. Red Dead Ryan - December 23, 2012

Gilberto’s comment is still on the thread. Add to that Anthony not backtracking on the original Khan report, and you have more proof Khan will be in the movie.

38. CmdrR - December 23, 2012

I’m really getting an icy chill… worrying that this flick is gonna be 99% action and 1% character, theme, memorable dialogue.

39. dmduncan - December 23, 2012

There’s an actor named Nick Tarabay in this movie with no credited character name yet. I’m thinking this COULD be the guy we see walking out of the cryo-tube room with Cumberbatch.

This guy could be Khan’s body for non frontal shots if they’re going to CGI his face. Hell…even if they’re NOT going to CGI his face this guy could be Khan!

Here’s some bing pics of the dude:

40. Curious Cadet - December 23, 2012

@39 dmduncan,

Good catch. Yes he could be Khan. IMDB says he’s 5’10.5″ so it’s close enough to match Montalban at 6′.

Unfortunately, that means if he’s playing the big guy on the left in the pods scene, with a shaved head, then the guy on the right can’t be Harrison, as Cumberbatch is 6′.

When I saw him early on, I assumed he was playing a Klingon.

41. razzo - December 23, 2012

@35: i agree with you that a cgi khan would be inviable, except if they use the cgi just to morph the old face into BC’s at some point in the movie. Then it would require just a few seconds and the job would be done and the cgi no longer needed for the villain.

42. dmduncan - December 23, 2012

They may not have all the actors on the imdb list. Or the guy on the right might also not be Cumberbatch. What do the Cumberfems say? They will have a better idea of what his backside looks like than I do.

43. StevenPDX - December 23, 2012

@6. Very good reminder. It’s a new era for Star Trek. When you only get a two hour film every four years, there isn’t time for exploration. It has to make money and have mass appeal to keep the franchise going. If Star Trek ever returns to television, I suspect we’ll see a Trek that can go more into depth on all the other aspects of this awesome Roddenberry universe that we all love so much.

44. Jack - December 23, 2012

“When you only get a two hour film every four years, there isn’t time for exploration.”

True. But there wasn’t much, if any, exploration shown on TOS either, apart from “her mission, to explore strange new worlds….” during the “Space the final frontier” mission statement.

They were (almost?) always on some specific assignment. Often to a settled colony or a previously contacted civilization. And action, conflict, drama and difficult choices ensued — because it’s a TV show.

All these folks who remember 40 minutes of science, ideas, peaceful exploration and discovery every week — without gunfights, fistfights or the crew flinging back and forth across the bridge — well, they seem to have watched a different Star Trek than I did.

Hell, even that Insurrection line “remember when we used to be explorers” is just that, a line — a line in an action movie.

All the folks talking about discovery and new ideas are the same ones who’ve made up their minds on a 2+ hour movie based on a minute or two (or even that nine-minutes, which actually suggests some very interesting ideas about choices and saving).

45. Lt.LanaShelby - December 23, 2012

This whole thing reeks of Talos IV…

46. Elias Javalis - December 23, 2012

Ha..he kinda looks like Shatner with his makeup! I don’t know the English word for the hair style in front of the ear, but it looks like alternate Starfleet has adapted it as well!!

47. MJ - December 23, 2012

@44 “All these folks who remember 40 minutes of science, ideas, peaceful exploration and discovery every week — without gunfights, fistfights or the crew flinging back and forth across the bridge — well, they seem to have watched a different Star Trek than I did.”

Agreed. TOS was swashbucking in space to a major extent. People are burying this under the rug and pretending the TOS was like TMP. TMP was by far and outlier/exception, folks.

48. MJ - December 23, 2012

@37 “Gilberto’s comment is still on the thread. Add to that Anthony not backtracking on the original Khan report, and you have more proof Khan will be in the movie.”

Exactly! And I hate to be Gilverto Lacanzo when he gets back to the office after the holidays. He’ll be lucky if he can avoid a meeting with Paramount’s lawyers. He obviously violated the IDW-Paramount Non-Disclosure agreement by releasing the info that a CGI Khan is in the new movie.

49. Gary S. - December 24, 2012

Why would Anthony remove Gilbertos comment?
He didnt claim to be the same Gilberto, he just used the cryptic”for those who know me” comment .

50. Anthony Pascale - December 24, 2012

What comment deleted? Which article? Not me

51. Gary S. - December 24, 2012

I did not mean to imply tha you had deleted a comment Anthony .
comment#114 ,
in the new JJ Abrams thread somebody calling himself Gilberto, Claimed Khan would appear in CGI form in the new film.
Some here believe it is the same Gilberto who works for IDW.
And it was pointed out since you had not deleted the comment, it must have been the real Gilberto.
I apologize for anything that I did to contribute to the confusion.

52. GG - December 24, 2012

“John Harrison” = Finnegan

53. TheBoss - December 24, 2012

I watched Sherlock yesterday for the first time, so if someone already posted this info ignore it:

It’s not far from Joe to John, is it? ;)

54. - December 24, 2012

I’m just glad they clarified there is no Khan just before christmas.

I mean they clarified it when they announced the character name as John Harrison just nice they clarified further that he is just an average guy in Starfleet.

55. - December 24, 2012

Nick Tarabay is a dead ringer for the original Gary Mitchell.

56. bardicjim - December 24, 2012

Harrison = Harry Son. Son of Mudd!

57. Jim Nightshade - December 24, 2012

cgi khan could look pretty good…they are getting better at it all the time….jeff bridges in tron legacy was used extensively and it was good enough to work…by now it might be better…anthony n crew always do an excellent job of reporting especially when floodgates of publicity is opened…and the comments from all ofnus here are funnier,crazier n more entertaining than any other site..add to that comments from the great orci,chris doohan, sternbech n many others n this site is the best..thanks again to anthony n crew…that being said i missed articles about this years hallmark ornaments or the pez sets of tng when they came out…for instance didnt know that wallmart had an exclusive locutis borg dispenser instead of picard…by the time i found out wallymart doesnt seem to have em anymore…does anyone know if the tng bluray sets all have the sound fixed…what about season do we know…those are a few things id be interested in reading about…best to anthony n glad anthony hasnt changed the name of the site yet…

58. - December 24, 2012

There is absolutely no basis for assuming there will be a cgi Khan.

Did anyone see Skyfall? Kincaide was played by Albert Finney but they considered asking Sean Connery to do the role.

The reason they didn’t was because they felt it would pull people out of the film.

Now clearly Cumberbach is not playing Khan so to bring that character in will completely derail the Harrison storyline.

There will be no Khan but i fully expect that some will be saying years after the movie that Harrison was indeed Khan but it was just never acknowledged.

The belief in Khan is almost cult like.

59. MJ - December 24, 2012

@58. You are overeating and being unnecessary melodramatic about this.. It may be as minor as one 10-second flashback scene, plus showing his “frozen” face in the cryo capsule. He’s not going to do more that, because the technology is not available to support a fully active CGI Khan.

60. MJ - December 24, 2012

@51. Gary, don’t know what you are taking about — Gilberto’s comment is still there — comment #114 in this article:

61. MJ - December 24, 2012

“There will be no Khan but i fully expect that some will be saying years after the movie that Harrison was indeed Khan but it was just never acknowledged.”

Where do you come up with stuff??? LOL

62. spock's pillow - December 24, 2012

” … that he is a master manipulator and is able to use the weaknesses of the crew to his advantage and against them. A psychological force to be reckoned with.”

Oh, hahaha it’s Doctor Severn from “The Way to Eden” – space hippies anyone?

Okay no.

63. MJ - December 24, 2012

@55 “Nick Tarabay is a dead ringer for the original Gary Mitchell.”

WTF ???

64. Garth Faction - December 24, 2012

Those who say the fan movie proves it is not Garth: I don’t think so. If the fan movie was stopped, it would make people think it is Garth, letting the cat out of the bag if it is him. Why do that, especially for a fan film? I can see new reason to stop it even if it is Garth.

65. MJ - December 24, 2012

Khaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaan!

66. Garth Faction - December 24, 2012


And who is “Gilberto” to claim knowledge? People on forums like this claim inside sources all the time, while having none. So no reason to delete a comment, to make some people think it is legit in the process…. It is just someone on a forum, nothing else.

67. captain_neill - December 24, 2012

As long as he is not alien from the character of Kirk, as defined by Bill Shatner.

68. Vulcan Soul - December 24, 2012

I always need to laugh when they say this villain is different because he actually has reasons. As if in real life “bad” guys are comic book devils stemming from an evil alien species! EVERYONE has reasons and thinks he is right from his point of view. So this only shows the limited understanding of these guys of deep narratives that go beyond the “Flash Gordon” approach of “Heroes need to stop evil guy with super weapon who threatens to destroy Earth” (and sorry, so far this is exactly what the plot of this movie looks like again – just like the last one, and the one before that)

69. MJ - December 24, 2012

@66 He works for IDW, and they have the contract from Paramount to create and publish the new Counting Down to STID series which they are working on now. That’s who he is,


70. Platitude - December 24, 2012

Getting more and more excited for this movie all the time! Seems like Cumberbatch is going to be an excellent villain, getting hints of Skyfall and Dark Knight (not a bad thing at all)

71. Aix - December 24, 2012

I think we are just all in denial that Cumberbatch is actually playing an original character. Hehe.

LOL @ CGI Khan! The Khanatics are getting desperate.

Don’t you guys think Cumby looks like the legend that is Christopher Walken? The both have the perfect ’serial-killer look’ when they act like it.

72. Aurore - December 24, 2012

I’ll personally wait for the article officially confirming (or not) the presence of any “CGI Khan” in the sequel.


Meanwhile, my thanks to Japan correspondent Tatsumi Nageta for providing the Tokyo interview content from GyaO!

It was very interesting!

73. Garth Faction - December 24, 2012


And you are sure this guy is the same one… how? Because he just uses a nick on a forum?

If he were someone really connected to the movie, either 1) he wouldn’t be posting like that or 2) he would be posting misdirection.

But I think it’s just nobody but a troll..

74. MJ - December 24, 2012

Or he is that guy but he just slipped up and couldn’t help himself.

Can I prove it’s him? No. Do I think it’s him. Yes.

75. Anthony Pascale - December 24, 2012

guys, lets not get all worked up over what someone posted in the comments. If it were verified news, it would be in an article.

if someone has been posting unsuported rumors, well that is just not allowed here so no more of that Gilberto (if you did such a thing)

76. Garth Faction - December 24, 2012


You didn’t answer how you know it was him? You would believe it if someone put on the name Clinton and claimed to be the ex-President?

Secondly, does he work with the Star Trek side of IDW? Or just works with the same company? People don’t always know what happens in other lines in the company.

Seriously, you didn’t answer me, and I think you don’t have a clue. Got it.

77. Travis - December 24, 2012

Alright people i think we are getting too far ahead with KHAN! Let me point out some senarios as to how KHAN is in Into Darkness!

1: We now know that Benedict Cumberpatch is not playing Gary Mitchell because Alex Krutzman already confirmed that the comics are indeed cannon so Mitchell is now DEAD! Now i think we all can confirm that Benedict is indeed playing a Augment ( Genetically Inhanced Human )

2: The scene in the Second STID teaser trailer that shows Tubes with Windows frozen are indeed NOT caskets! They are cryotubes most likely the Botany Bay!

3: Benedict Cumberpatch’s Character of John Harrision is very confused! His character could be one of 2 things i believe! (1) We all know that John Harrision was present in TOS episode ” Space Seed ” and its possible that Harrision aboard a different Federation starship discovers the Botany Bay, wakes Khan, Khan makes himself look like Harrision and may join Peter Weller’s character: John Fredrick Paxton! or (2) If John Harrision is indeed who he says he is then i believe Harrision was left over from the Eugenics Wars from the year 1992-1996 and he himself was cryo frozen here on Earth! He awakens in the 23rd centery by Peter Weller’s character and goes on a hunt to find the Botany Bay only to wake his leader Khan and followers to restart the Eugenics Wars!

And now Paramount has changed the plot of the story stating no loner of a ” one man weapon ” but instead a band of men… Its Khan!

78. Garth Faction - December 24, 2012


1. Well, many thought he was left, assumed dead, but not dead. How do they know he is dead? So he could easily come back.

2. How do you know they are “most likely” anything? This is just eisigesis.

3. Doesn’t prove anything is Khan related. Garth had his band of men..

79. Disinvited - December 24, 2012

#78. Garth Faction

Garth’s crew mutinied and threw him in the brig. What band did he have?

80. Garth Faction - December 24, 2012


His followers on Elba II… shows how quickly he gets them…

81. Gary S. - December 24, 2012

And a deaged Robert April could have his band of men too.

82. Matias 47 - December 24, 2012


“@58. You are overeating and being unnecessary melodramatic about this..” (sic)

Yeah! Never get in a debate over a plate of spaghetti. It just gets … ugly.

83. Disinvited - December 24, 2012

#82. Matias 47

Or pies! Pies have to be off the table.

84. Newman - December 24, 2012

I just solved the mystery of John Harrison.

If you watch This Means War featuring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon, you will see that Tom Hardy’s character sets up an online dating profile under the name “John Harrison.”


John Harrison in Shinzon.

85. Make a Better Into Darkness Trailer Please - December 24, 2012

PLEASE…..PLEASE…..PLEASE….make a better trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness!!!! The Star Trek (2009) trailer with music from Two Steps from Hell – Freedom Fighters made the trailer super epic….and I believe contributed to the success of the film. We need a epic trailer for this film….not one with lame thumping music…if you want to even call that music!!

86. Matias 47 - December 24, 2012


Ah, but when pies leave the table is the true danger arises.

87. Matias 47 - December 24, 2012



88. Red Dead Ryan - December 24, 2012


Kincaid wasn’t ever considered a role for Sean Connery. Connery retired from acting.

And no, Nick Taraby isn’t a dead ringer for Gary Mitchell.

C’mon, man, your reasoning lacks……logic. You’re grasping at straws.

89. Curious Cadet - December 24, 2012

@84 Newman,
“If you watch This Means War featuring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon, you will see that Tom Hardy’s character sets up an online dating profile under the name “John Harrison.”

This is AWESOME!

And there’s more than a few Star Trek references in that movie as well.

This absolutely CANNOT be a COINIDENCE.

90. Darmok - December 24, 2012

I mentioned this before but someone asked about the hands on the glass scene. Someone at DeviantART traced the veins in the hand on the glass and matched it with the potential actors in the film from publicity photos. They determined it was Chris Pine’s/Kirk’s.

91. Travis - December 24, 2012

@ 78 Garth Faction:… really, Really, REALLY… So your willing to argue about how wrong you are?

1: Gary Mitchell is Dead just like i stated! Maybe you should re-READ the first issue comic of Star Trek Ongoing because the last time i saw is that Gary’s eyes returned back to normal at the point Spock shot him! so what does this mean… It means Gary Mitchell would never, ever make it as a villain on the movies line! NEXT!!!

2: Lets go back to 2009 shall we… JJ Abarms and crew have been licking their chops to bringing back Khan! They have stated this in numerous interviews and as a matter of fact even reported that the seen with the cryobeds are infact a cargo bay… Hence it is the Botany Bay! in order to make this movie surpass the 2009 movie you have to bring back the badass villain of all of Trek and that my friend is KHAN!

3: Lets not talk about Garth shall we! Do you really think that Garth with his band of ladies i may add can really go toe-to-toe with Gentically Enhanced Humans???… You might want to find a day job in the comic business because thats where Garth belongs… only known as a reading story sir! Ill look forward reading your solo Garth story… Lmao

92. Newman - December 24, 2012


I’m glad you feel the same way. This cannot be a coincidence! I also noticed they used “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys in This Means War. I only got half way through the movie before some guests came over, but I expect to see more Trek references once I finish the movie.

Also, I’ve been to the bar at which Tom Hardy meets Reese Witherspoon. The Blarney Stone is a great spot if you’re ever in Vancouver.

Also, Merry Christmas!

93. Star Trek Nemesis blows, is the point - December 24, 2012

@88. It was widely reported that Sam Mendes considered approaching Connery to be Kincaid.

Question: “You brought back a lot of nostalgia. There’s a scene in Scotland with Albert Finney. Was there any thought of approaching Sean Connery for that role?”

Mendes: “There was a definite discussion about that — way, way early on. But I think that’s problematic. Because, to me, it becomes too … it would take you out of the movie. Connery is Bond and he’s not going to come back as another character. It’s like, he’s been there. So, it was a very brief flirtation with that thought, but it was never going to happen, because I thought it would distract.”

94. Garth Faction - December 25, 2012

91 Travis

1 Presumed dead. We don’t know the extent of his powers. If they wanted to bring him back alive, sci-fi moment, and voila he is back to life. What don’t you get about that?

2. Talking about Khan can also be a con to divert attention away from something else. They tend to do that. Don’t confuse assumption for fact. Speculating it could be something is one thing; unless you have something really concrete, stating emphatically it is that thing is just poor logic.

3. Garth is a genius. And if he mastered his shape-changing abilities, he would be able to alter his own body to out-super even Khan, if he wanted to. We didn’t see that in TOS, but it is also because he didn’t get off the planet. Things would differ if he was used. If you can alter your shape, you can fix weaknesses in the body and make them super-human. Very easily. Combine that with whatever crew he might be able to convince for his plans, and we have someone with the brains, the people, and the super-abilities to get much done.

95. Garth Faction - December 25, 2012

What if the hand was indeed Chris Pine’s hands… but it isn’t Kirk? Goes with the Garth theory….

96. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 25, 2012

Chris Pine says that Kirk is different. How would Kirk be all that different from where we last saw him in Star Trek 09? The ongoing comic series has Kirk deal with stuff as a new captain, but I thought that only a year had passed between the end of the last movie and the beginning of this movie. Certainly, Kirk will have gained some command experience, but would a year make that much difference as opposed to five years?

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