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TrekInk: April 2013 Star Trek comics solicits January 18, 2013

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Comics , trackback

klingonIDW Publishing has released their April solicits. TrekMovie has the covers and details of April’s Star Trek comics and other comics news after the break.

April 2013 Star Trek comics solicits

Star Trek #20
Written by Mike Johnson, art by Claudia Balboni, cover art by Tim Bradstreet

The all-new origin stories of the Enterprise crew conclude with this special issue that focuses on TWO Trek Stalwarts: Sulu and Chekov! Witness their first meeting at Starfleet Academy, and learn how their paths intertwined all the way to the bridge of the Enterprise! Overseen by Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this issue sets the stage for Sulu and Chekov’s new adventures in the blockbuster film sequel!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variant Covers: Tim Bradstreet sketch cover and a photo cover!

Star Trek #20 RI photo cover

Cover RI: photo cover

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 (of 4)
Written by Mike Johnson, art by David Messina

This is it! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of this official prequel to next spring’s STAR TREK film sequel! Overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this climactic issue leads directly into the upcoming blockbuster as Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew fight for fate of the Galaxy!

2 regular covers will be shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio (4 David Messina, 1 Photo)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variant Covers: unique variant cover, graded by the CGC!

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 RI

Cover A and RI: Art by David Messina

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness TPB
Written by Mike Johnson, art and cover by David Messina

The countdown to the motion picture event of 2013 begins here, in this blockbuster 4-issue prequel mini-series that sets the stage for the upcoming STAR TREK film! Like the best-selling STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN in 2009, this all-new series leads directly into the next movie, with a story by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson (STAR TREK ongoing series), and drawn by the original STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN artist, David Messina! STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS is the can’t-miss lead-in to the new adventures of the Enterprise crew!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-623-0

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness TPB

Cover: Art by David Messina

Star Trek: John Byrne Collection HC
by John Byrne

Comics legend John Byrne has taken on four Star Trek titles, all collected in this oversized hardcover collection. Assignment Earth recounts the adventures of interstellar agent Gary Seven, Crew recounts a tale from the very beginnings of the United Federation of Planets, Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor is a collection of tales from this famous member of the Frontier Medics Program, and mystery, intrigue, and war abound in Romulans: Pawns of War.

HC • FC • $49.99 • 320 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN 978-1-61377-612-4

Star Trek: John Byrne Collection

Cover: Art by John Byrne

Star Trek Space-Spanning Treasury Edition
Written by Mike Johnson, art by Stephen Molnar, cover art by Tim Bradstreet

IDW continues to boldly go where no comic book company has gone before—producing beautiful treasury editions of comics deserving of a BIG format! Collecting three issues that tell two complete stories, featuring one story inspired from the original series as well as one completely new tale! Great stories by ace Trek scribe Mike Johnson and stupendous art by Stephen Molnar featuring THE RETURN OF THE ARCHONS and THE REDSHIRTS STORY!

FC • 72 pages • 9.25” x 14.25” • $9.99

Star Trek Space-Spanning Treasury Edition

Cover: Art by Tim Bradstreet

Other Star Trek comics news

Artist David Messina gives us our first view of a Klingon in the new Trek verse. You can see Messina’s original art for Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 at

Art by David Messina

Art by David Messina

Apparently the Kindle edition of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Vol. 2, is already available for your reading pleasure, but limited to these devices: Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad, and Kindle for Android. The trade paperback edition is scheduled for release in February.


Star Trek The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Vol. 2, Kindle Edition



Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.


1. Snugglepuff - January 18, 2013


Looks cool.

2. Robert - January 18, 2013

Finally, new news.

3. James McFadden - January 18, 2013

any more surprises?

4. Baby - January 18, 2013

yeah news after 10 days,however I have already seen this comic news on trekweb.

trekmovie will have to keep up with trekweb when it comes to trek news as I prefer this site to trekweb.

hey trekmovie maybe you should post the story of how the beautiful zoe saldana and the handsome chirs pine will host the oscars technical awards.

5. Commodore Adams - January 18, 2013

Can’t want, its the 2009 anticipation all over again XD

6. DeflectorDishGuy - January 18, 2013

Um… how can Sulu and checkov meet at starfleet academy when one is in his 30s and the other was 17 at the time of his posting aboard the Enterprise?

I mean, ok, I know we can all get a touch irritated with the canon nazis… but can we at least have some semblance of logic applied to these stories?

7. Phil - January 18, 2013

@6. Sulu was on the 13 year plan. Career student.

8. rogerachong - January 18, 2013

Chekov is a whiz kid and attended the academy at a much earlier age than the other crew members. Hence he meets Sulu. You also have to remember that enlisting is not like Grade school. You can choose at any age to volunteer for Starfleet. Just like a MBA class, you get people of all ages and backgrounds in class together. This is actually a good thing as you learn a lot by working together on projects with people quite dissimilar from yourself in age, experience and family life.

9. SherlockFangirl - January 18, 2013

Wow, old news masquerading as new news.

10. CraigM - January 18, 2013

Wait, the adventures conclude with issue #20? So that’s the end of the series? Crap. And here I’ve been buying the series in trades. Oh, well. I guess that will save me a bit of money for other comics in the future.

11. LogicalLeopard - January 18, 2013

Wow…..first everyone complained about no news now they’re complaining the new news is old news. Don’t they know that there are news starved trekkies I’m China that would be grateful for this?

12. LogicalLeopard - January 18, 2013

that’s “in China.” Nothing like autocorrect to ruin sarcasm…

13. Hat Rick - January 18, 2013

John Byrne is well-respected in the comics industry and will do a great job, I think.

14. boborci - January 18, 2013


15. Jack - January 18, 2013

9. Seriously? It ‘s way more detail than was on Trekweb yesterday. There are still mainstream sites publishing ‘Trek fan passes away’ as news this week. Trekweb also posted a month-old video as news this week too.

16. Jack - January 18, 2013

6. Grindr!

17. rogerachong - January 18, 2013

@14 Carry On BobbyO! Is the Superbowl trailer coming together? Do we get a glimpse of GATT2000, Peter Weller and the rest of the band in it? Only asking for a glimpse to be satisfied, pretty please.

18. Shat-a-tat-tat - January 18, 2013

The Gotham City mayor from the Dark Knight would be a great Khan… Timothy Olyphant (Justice/Deadwood) for Gary Mitchell… Oliver Platt for Harry Mudd.

Yes, random casting thoughts. I’m hard up for Trek news.

19. Jack - January 18, 2013

Thanks, Mark. Any idea if the first Into Darkness is still coming this month?

20. Jonboc - January 18, 2013

Hey Bob, I’m glad you guys stayed with the motion picture version of the Klingons. I always loved the fact that it was simply an extenuation of the spine. It made much more sense than all the weird turtle-like formations just globbed together and stuck on the foreheads. I blame Nimoy and Trek 3 for that abomination. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading the countdown comics to the film, I’ve been reading the recent Star Trek : The Motion Picture newspaper strip compilation and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The next 4 months sure are going to be a lot of fun!!

21. Curious Cadet - January 18, 2013

@16 Jack,


I’d LOVE to see that story! Haha

22. boborci - January 18, 2013

FYI — regardless of who gets which story first, this is my favorite Trek site, and that is why I only chat here.

23. Ahmed - January 18, 2013


And we love to have you around here interacting with the fans.

Beside Star Trek & Ender’s Game, are you involved in other science fiction movies or TV series ?

24. Jim Nightshade - January 18, 2013

YAY Bob…I happen to agree with you…back when Anthony started this was nothing….Anthony and his staff made this site vibrant and alive and it seemed there is much better reader interaction, comments etc…here..YES sometimes a bit TOO intensely dedicated one way or another as in WE LOVE NUTREK…WE HATE NUTREK hahah…

Anthony and staff do a better job at listing news disseminating it and then we get to pick everything apart and fight about it..Thats why this website is still the best even waiting when the action and news wane…

Oh and Bob just watched the Fringe Finale….I know off topic here but Man was that a great finale. I think you guys created the best show on tv and the acting/casting is perfect and the writing has been incredibly original right up to this very emotional fantastic ending…Love and family win….My only regret..NO more Fringe..SIgh….But thanks to you guys and bad robot…awesome show…from beginning to end…

25. Flaming Nacelles Forever - January 18, 2013

@22 – feel the same way;)

Looking forward to your latest endeavours with an unusual level of anticipation. I think I know what you’ve done (Harrison is not Khan, but Khan appears setting up the third film), and marvel at the hints and subterfuge.

26. Jim Nightshade - January 18, 2013

hah don’t know if it will make it into tv guides in box letters section but I sent them a letter about their cover article on fringe and the finale….also tried to throw in a reference to Bob… and the new trek movie…free advertising I hope….

27. J.Frakes - January 18, 2013

Who the Hell said these were “Motion Picture” Klingons. They are wearing masks.

28. Toonloon - January 18, 2013

Can I ask you guys a question – those of you who read Countdown before Star Trek 2009 was released, did it make you know what was coming when you watched it, or did it enhance the movie, or was it an entirely stand alone affair?

I’ve been trying hard to avoid too much about STID and wondered if I should avoid this too.

29. Jim Nightshade - January 19, 2013

thats a matter of opinion toonloon…..if like me you devoured every bit of news n rumors then most of the plot of the prequel was already known by reading here…by that time reading the well done prequel did add details without revealing more of the movie so i liked it for the background but if u really dont want too much info then dont read a prequel n dont read articles ornposts here either haha
in other words it all depends on what u think too much info is..

30. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 19, 2013

Has anyone seen this? Lovely stuff –

31. Anton Yelchin - January 19, 2013


32. Remington Steele - January 19, 2013

My god, you miserable miserable little people

Complaining yet again about a break and then a new article.

Ill guarantee ye are active on loads of other sites/forums shoving your worthless opinions down others throats as well.


33. Gustavo Leao - January 19, 2013

My name is Gustavo Leao and I am the editor of TrekWeb

I just wanna say that Anthony and me are good friends, we exchange emails from time to time, and Anthony even phoned me from the US some time ago (I live in Brazil)

If Anthony takes vacation from time to time to work in other projects I understand because editing a site like this is a lot of work, I am tired myself and will retire from TrekWeb in October

On a last note – TrekWeb is not in competition with TrekMovie or TrekToday, this is not a race folks, this supposed to be fun

Best regards,


34. Jim Nightshade - January 19, 2013

Well said Gus…and this is just my humble opinion and in no way am I ever gonna tell Anthony how he should run but maybe just maybe, if he would communicate with his readers just as a courtesy to let us know whats going on like…gonna be outta town first two weeks of feb for instance it might cut down on these op eds from impatient Trekkies hahah….or have another staff member let the readers know….its certainly not required as its Anthonys site and he owes us nothing… and if this place is good enuf for the likes or Bob Orci, Chris Doohan, Mr Sternbach et al its more than good enuf for me…however Anthony Decides to run it….I will 4ever be in Anthonys debt and humbly thank him for his dedication to us and Trek….and his staff…their hard work for us is appreciated….always..

35. P Technobabble - January 19, 2013

34. Jim
“.. if this place is good enuf for the likes or Bob Orci, Chris Doohan, Mr Sternbach et al its more than good enuf for me…however Anthony Decides to run it….I will 4ever be in Anthonys debt and humbly thank him for his dedication to us and Trek….and his staff…their hard work for us is appreciated….always..”

Couldn’t add a thing to that. Hear, hear!

36. technology - January 19, 2013

With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright
infringement? My site has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. Do you know any techniques to help protect against content from being stolen? I’d really appreciate it.

37. NCC-73515 - January 19, 2013

Is #31 Anton Yelchin the real one?

38. Mark Martinez - January 19, 2013

@19 Jack: Countdown to Darkness #1 is due out next week, Jan 23.

39. bardicjim - January 19, 2013

Is that the real J.Frakes? If so. I just want to say I love your work!

40. Skulltrail - January 19, 2013


We saw Joseph Gatt in the trailer already! He was the left guy in the scene who walked out of the room where the cryo-tubes had been!

41. Sunfell - January 19, 2013

Glad to know that this is Bob Orci’s favorite digital hangout. I enjoy both the posts as well as the comment threads (when they don’t disintegrate into fanboy bickering).

Keep up the good work, Anthony!

42. Mattyb from Manchester - January 19, 2013

@33 Gustavo Leao well said sir

I have been and avid follower of this site and since the 1st announcement of JJ Abrams and co taking over the Star Trek franchise. I find both websites very good in producing articles, wheather its a spolier, tidbit of information about a film or a look back on something.

People should remember that these websites may not be peoples only jobs and they do have other priorites.

I am also pleased that Mr Orci interacts with people here, goodness know it must be annoying with all these moaning mini’s around

By the way Mr Orci once tweeted at me. I did make a high pitched sound and scared my room mate

Both to Trekmovie and Trekweb thanks for the good work

43. Ahmed - January 19, 2013


Thanks Mark for the article & the information.

44. Mark Martinez - January 19, 2013

If you’re interested in variant comics, the website to order the Enterprise Edition of Countdown to Darkness #1 is live. See for more information. This retailer exclusive edition is limited to 1701 copies and has cover art by Stephen Molnar.

45. Mark Martinez - January 19, 2013

@43 Ahmed: You’re welcome. Stay tuned for a review of Countdown to Darkness #1 next week.

46. Mark Martinez - January 19, 2013

One more tidbit about Countdown to Darkness #1: IDW has already ordered a second printing of issue #1, to be released late February. So, there will be plenty of copies for anyone interested in reading the prequel.

47. Mark Lynch - January 19, 2013

I’m actually looking forward to the countdown comics.

I assume that they won’t give anything away about the film?

48. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 19, 2013

I assume that the Klingons being depicted in the comics and the STID trailers are actually people wearing removable helmets and other body armour and not another variation on how Klingons look naturally in the flesh, as it were. Well, their heads at least.

If my former assumption is correct, then frankly it is horrible. I guess having an actor put on a helmet cuts down on the time spent in the makeup department.

Of course, throughout human history, warrior helmets and body armour has been common place and it is sensible. The only people who fought naked were the Celts in Roman times and the Romans hated it…apart from many Maori in pre-European times. Not sure why the Romans hated the fact that Celts fought naked. I have a theory or two of my own.

Klingons are now a literally faceless, murderous enemy, anybodies, nobodies, whereas before they were fearsome, murderous individuals within a collective, which is what armies are.

What are you doing, Bob Orci? Seriously.

49. Sub Trek - January 19, 2013


Has it been confirmed that we will only see them with helmets? If not, I say: wait for the movie before you start complaining.

50. Ahmed - January 19, 2013

@ 49. Sub Trek – January 19, 2013

Has it been confirmed that we will only see them with helmets? If not, I say: wait for the movie before you start complaining.”

IIRC it was mentioned that, apart from two main Klingons characters, all the rest will be wearing helmets.

51. Jack - January 19, 2013

38. Thanks! I buy ’em through the app the second they come available — I’m that geeky/incapable of restraint (then I go pick up the copy the comic book store sets aside). It’s an arguably better vice than Cheetohs.

52. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2013

The reason why the Romans hated the Celts fighting naked was because the Celts wielded bigger *AHEM* “swords” than the Romans, and actually knew how to use them.


53. mercury - January 19, 2013

so disappointed to read that Cumberbatch’s character and Chekov don’t have any scenes together! i was hoping Chekov would get more screen time in this one

54. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2013


And yet, Cumberbatch’s character will somehow remember Chekov twenty years or so from now.


55. Bob Tompkins - January 19, 2013

I find it hilarious tat they are even considering putting the animated series on Blu- Ray. There is just so little detail in the cheapo animation that it gains nothing by a high- def conversion.
Now if they planned to reanimate the series using present day digital techniques, might be another story.

56. This is going to be a long year - January 19, 2013

Concerning Klingons with helmets, I figure that in the first movie they did it so they could leave us guessing as to whether the Klingon’s have ridges.

I for one would rather not see the Klingon look until the main Klingons take their helmets off during the movie. It’s fun having some surprises.

Also since this is a new timeline with new tech. It is possible that the Klingon’s have cured the disease they got on ST Enterprise and will have a new fresh look as a result.

57. The Sinfonian - January 19, 2013

@56 They had the Narada in cold storage for 20-odd years and access to the Romulan database of the 2390’s. One would think the details of the cure to the “Phloxian Plague” were there. You know they’d have pinned it on the Denobulan.

@others So, strange that Gatt isn’t called anything but “Gatt 2000″. What the heck? There’s Khan. Mr. Gatt being genetically hairless makes it very straightforward to apply the appropriate makeup to turn him into a reasonable facsimile of Khan.

58. Cant Wait Fer ST:ID - January 19, 2013

It’s Gary Mitchell!! Gary Mitchell!! Can’t you people see that?!?! I will go to my grave screaming it’s GARY MITCHELL!!! The proof is in the Elizabeth Dehner haircut!!! “Carol Marcus” is just a pseudonym!!

(How’s that fer an idiot-rant?)

59. This is going to be a long year - January 19, 2013

@57 One thing that never made sense from the 1st movie’s comics was that the Klingons would have had access to the Narada.

You would think they could have used it and its tech to wipe out the Federation and Romulans before they could catch up technologically. The Klingons would have had a huge head start.

Even without Red matter, the Narada was very powerful.

60. This is going to be a long year - January 19, 2013

Or maybe it wasn’t the comics, but rather the deleted scenes. It’s been too long!

Is it May yet?

61. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 19, 2013

The problem with Klingons in helmets is that someone like John Harrison or other can more easily infiltrate the Klingon army. I suppose this is something all armies have to guard against, body armour worn or not. However, with helmet wearing, identification of a “no-gooder” would take a little bit longer and in that time, much damage could be done. Perhaps another more immediate way of identifying legitimate combatants is there…

62. ME!! - January 19, 2013


(snort) Hunh? Wha?

Oh, some new news?

Oh…Trek comics, eh?

Ok….(yawn)….well, wake me when we get something substantial on the new movie or the TNG Blu-rays.


63. NO-ONE. - January 19, 2013

Holy cow, just look at the comments arguing over Klingon helmets….

Hey, kiddies, WHO CARES?!?!

Just go back to your fudgecicle.

64. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 19, 2013

Hey, No-One, if you don’t have a useful comment to make, then it is better not to make any.

Some of us prefer to see the faces of friend and foe.

65. Jack - January 19, 2013

The thing is, the ‘why don’t you have this’ complaints sometimes come within minutes of stories being posted on other sites. We might be procrastinating or goofing off at work by checking out Trek stories — but is it fair to expect (volunteer) staff to be filing 24/7? Anthony also writes longer stories — he generally doesn’t just post a couple of sentences and a link, like some other Trek sites. What if the story’s bogus — or incomplete?

I do miss the days of weekly features. But they take a lot of time.

Good points Gustavo. I go to your site because you tend to get stuff up really quick. I come here because Anthony’s great at thoroughness and providing context. Plus the discussions here are usually interesting/aggravating;). And, folks connected to the franchise tend to post here.

66. runoutof patience - January 19, 2013

10 days of nothing. Then this appears, not a word about why the lull in comms. As usual with this site, no response at all to the faithful.
All you guys and gals should just pack it in and use another site because the people that run this one don’t seem to give a shit!

67. Jack - January 19, 2013

Klingons are now a literally faceless, murderous enemy….

Well, we haven ‘t actually seen ’em yet, really. And in the previous deleted scenes they weren’t yet murderous, or, technically, an enemy.

68. Jack - January 19, 2013

Plus, the mystery is kind of great.;). I like the helmets. I’m hoping the reveal surprises us a little.

69. Jack - January 19, 2013

66. Should there be a daily “no news today” post? Hourly?

I’m not trying to defend the site, but Zi just don’t get what you want to see here. There’s no movie news right now. And not a lot of other Trek connected news.

70. caotain_neill - January 19, 2013

Not sure I like the new look to the Klingons as much as the classics looks.

Seems like a cheat to get round the forehead issue.

71. Curious Cadet - January 19, 2013

@59 This is going to be a long year,
“You would think they could have used it and its tech to wipe out the Federation and Romulans before they could catch up technologically. The Klingons would have had a huge head start.”

The Klingons couldn’t get past the passwords necessary to operate the ship. They could study it, but that was about it. After 25 years, you’d think there would have been fewer of Nero’s crew left after torturing them to get the passwords.

Now the Klingons and Romulans both have copies of the Klingons’ database, and the Romulans have the remaining red matter in the universe. The Federation only has the scans the Kelvin took. They’re pretty much screwed.

72. runoutof patience - January 19, 2013

66# My point being that a lot of people ask the people that run this site if everything is ok when there are long periods of downtime and never ever get a response. Andrew went missing for weeks a few months ago and many people were concerened and asked out of kindness if everything was ok and as far as I know he nor anyone else aknowledged any of the questions. Wikepedia have a great section on manners and respect!

73. Admiral Archer's Prized Beagle - January 19, 2013

#10 they’re doing a multiple part origins story for each crew member that concludes with issue 20, the series is still ongoing.

74. SoonerDave - January 19, 2013

@72, Random extended and entirely unexplained absences of site leadership are SOP, and the relative virtue of the lack of explanation in response to earnest queries of concern is a source of great debate here. Best suggestion is to endure the gaps and take what is given when its given, and try the other places when this place falls of the map. Happened before, it’ll happen again. C’est la vie, to quote Kirk…

75. pock speared - January 19, 2013

trekweb is to trekmovie as gilligan is to the skipper.

76. Gilberto - January 19, 2013

These prequels are quite enjoyable. And the IDW comics are written by the same guys who write the movies. That’s the most official prequel available for any movie I’ve seen. A real treat for trekkers, and definetly a proof that those guys respect and cherish Star Trek. Many don’t like this new universe, but nobody can deny that those guys are really dedicated. It’s definetly a no-lose scenario!

77. Kirk, yes really - January 19, 2013

Just had to say this somewhere. Battled through cancer in 2009 and made it through to see the first Trek. Just got a clear scan yesterday and am in full remission. See you on day 1 for this thing. I am psyched!! Planning on making it through the trilogy and the subsequent reboots as well. (Ha ha. Just kidding. You booted it outta the park) Keep up the good work Bob O and the rest of the crew!

78. Kirk, yes really - January 19, 2013

Here’s my story.

Some friends used me for a short film doc challenge. Just some wierd ness with a hopefully positive vibe if you need it. I’m serious, Trek was one of the things I really wanted to see live again. That and me, but mostly Trek.

79. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 19, 2013

#77 – Kirk, yes really

Fantastic! Get this man/woman a special pass to the premier, Bob! Please!

80. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 19, 2013

Kirk, yes really – You are a fellow kiwi or am I mistaken?!

Now I’m not sure that Bob and/or co may be able to manage to get you that pass. Anyway, 16 May is now less than four months away.

81. Jim Nightshade - January 19, 2013

Way to go Kirk! Far too many dont make it, GLAD YOU DID!!! As I near the big 60 within a few years I realize even with my health problems worsening I have still had a mostly good life….So very many havent even had a chance to live as long as I have….especially painful are the children who die far too young to have had a chance to live a life….when I think of all the pain and sadness in the world, as Julian Lennon once wrote in a song…”saltwater wells in my eyes”….No wonder I like escaping into Trek once in a while….dreaming of a better positive future where we can all contribute and explore in peace, righting the wrongs to make the future better for all…..Trek Lives…

82. Kirk, yes really - January 19, 2013

Rose….no mate, I’m not a kiwi! A basic American mutt, a little Irish, a little German, and some southern Virginia to balance it all out. I’m not gonna need any passes or anything. Just wanted to share my good news and enthusiasm for the movie with the folks who come by this great site. It’s been a great deal of fun lurking for years now. I don’t comment much but it’s a fun group. ” it’s exciting” to quote some guy from some movie.

Jim…I hear you my friend. Bad health is an awful thing to deal with. For yourself and to see others suffer it. I truly believe its things like this site and sharing a common interest like Trek that makes it all worth doing. Even when you feel like crap. Keep on fighting!

83. Jim Nightshade - January 20, 2013

thanks kirk…you too buddy….you too…ive had diabetes last 8 years controlled with pills til a couple years ago…insulin sucks….being older sucks 1st time i lost a job n could not find another…workin part time for state taking care of my partly disabled gal friend…better than nothin but miss the good old healthier better payin job days hah oh well…plus my dad died couple years ago…tough to feel optimistic sometimes but havent given up yet…im sure you mustve gone thru a lot battling glad u r better….that is awesome…

84. Douglas - January 20, 2013

To Rose as in Keachick:
I see your posts so often but don’t know what Keachick means. I googled Keachick and basically got items about baby birds. Forgive me if the answer to my question is wildly known, it’s just something I’ve wondered about.

85. Jack - January 20, 2013

78. Wow.

86. Kirk, yes really - January 20, 2013

Thank you again Jim. You’ve clearly been dealing with more hardships than seems fair . I just want to tell you that with time all things can become less painful. Both physically and emotionally. I know what you mean though, escaping into the Trek universe, and now we have two to pick from, is a welcome bit of fresh air.
All the best.

87. boborci - January 20, 2013

Kirk, yes really

Hope you like it!

88. Killamarshtrek - January 20, 2013

Am I being sceptical, or is there a ‘stormtrooper’ influence to those Klingon helmets & uniforms?

89. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

They do around the eyes, Its pretty much the same shape as on a storm trooper helmet. And the ridge down of the nose makes them look similar, in profile you can see a similarity around the mouth area.

90. Boborci - January 20, 2013

88 don’t forget Star Trek came way before Stsr Wars.

Star Trek had a version if the force, a planet destroyer, etc

And even without that, yeah, you r being cynical. You think helmets were invented in 1977?

91. Jack - January 20, 2013

Bob, please tell me this movie won’t be too schmaltzy in the end :)…

92. Spockchick - January 20, 2013

Perhaps Klingons will be like Judge Dredd and never take their helmets off? (Shame on you Stallone).

@78. Kirk, Yes Really. Awesome news, enjoy the film :-)

93. Ralph Pinheiro - January 20, 2013

Hey, Bob Orci.

I don´t think that is inconsistent Klingons wearing helmets. In my opinion, they are a race that honors the ancient traditions.I think it makes them look more warriors. Technology with ancient traditions, I think that’s normal. With face covered, it leave the impression that hide something more than theirs intentions.

Mr. Orci, if you can answer me, will we see Klingons smarter, strategists and hostile? I’m tired of seeing stupid Klingons, after all they are terrifying worriors.

94. Toonloon - January 20, 2013

Thanks guys. I think I’ll hold off til the movie.

Bob Orci – you guys are great in giving us Trek but with stuff we haven’t seen before, Vulcan exploding, starships in water, etc. it’s just a thought but how about giving us Spock’s first name? I’m sure there would be a lot of fun in they and Ben Burtt could weave his magic and truly make it unpronounceable for humans. :)

95. James McFadden - January 20, 2013

Message for Bob Orci:
If Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek 13 prove to be a success then CBS Paramount would be able to give the green light for a fast-paced 12-season Star Trek show. Am I right?

96. Mark Martinez - January 20, 2013

Diamond Previews has put up a PDF of the first five pages from Countdown to Darkness #1. See

97. Promo Boy - January 20, 2013

Anthony AWOL again? No news, no Anthony- is that how it works?
Miss you, buddy!

98. Ralph Pinheiro - January 20, 2013

96. Mark Martinez

Spock is still upset. This might have some consequences for “Harrison case”

99. Ralph Pinheiro - January 20, 2013

For example, he might even consider “logical” what Harrison is doing and goes against Kirk at some point of the movie.

100. Killamarshtrek - January 20, 2013

@90. Boborci
Your version of Trek (which I love by the way), came well after Star Wars & I’m sure you’ve already admitted it has influenced you. Just pointing out a similarity that’s all!

Just out of interest, what was Star Trek’s version of the force?

101. Baby - January 20, 2013

about trekmovie…the site has just released the preview of countdown into darkness.

come on trekmovie..

I am dont like the graphic and art drawing much.b.ut it will do.

Spoilers down below

Spock is dreaming that he saved his mummy.

102. NCC-73515 - January 20, 2013

“Klingon for the Galactic Traveller” says that the old Klingon armor included a helmet.

103. Craiger - January 20, 2013

I got it Harrison is a Klingon sleeper agent.

104. Boborci - January 20, 2013

100 Spock felt the death of hundreds of Vulcans… telepathically… A decade before obi one felt a disturbance in the force.

105. Victor Hugo - January 20, 2013

hi there, i´d like to share with you an illustration i did on DeviantArt as a homage to all Red Shirts !

106. Rose (as in Keachick) - January 20, 2013

#78 – Kirk, yes really

When I scrolled right down to the bottom of your link, I noticed the words, “Location New Zealand”. This is what made me think that you were posting from New Zealand. I don’t normally scroll right to the bottom, so perhaps this might be usual for youtube and links. Scroll down to the bottom of any Trekmovie site page and what you see is stuff CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp, contact etc. I hope you can see how I thought you might be from NZ. Now I am confused.

#84 Douglas – I have explained Keachick before a while back but I don’t mind doing it again. When I first came on the internet and signed onto IMDB, they only allow you to use on word names, therefore the name became Keachick and not Kea Chick. I was looking for a name that was unique to my country of birth, NZ, and the kea bird came up. Kea are only found in NZ. They live in the South Island and are the world’s only alpine parrot. They are the world’s most intelligent bird and are considered the fourth most intelligent creature on earth – human, chimpanzee/dolphin, bear, kea. The latest story I can recall is the case of a pair of kea, newspapers (good lining for their mountain burrows/nests) and a letterbox with a padlock… I like them! Check this out –

Chick is also a play on words – as in baby bird and woman who is young at heart.

107. Mad Mann - January 20, 2013

@100 and 104:

While it’s true that Star Trek was created before Star Wars, Horatio Hornblower and Forbidden Planet came way before Star Trek. So, really, there are no original ideas any more in story-telling, just slight changes in the details.

That said, I’m glad that the trench-coat look was dropped for the Klingons. At least now the Klingons look a little more “alien.”

I really don’t think these new Klingon helmets are based on Stormtroopers, I think they look like orc helmets from LOTR.

108. Killamarshtrek - January 20, 2013

104. Boborci

Yes ‘The Immunity Syndrome’, spose that is a comparison. I guess Spock would’ve felt the death of his whole planet even more!

Would it not be fair to say Trek & Wars have influenced each other over the years. Wars wouldn’t have had deflector shields, tractor beams, FTL drives (Warp or Hyper) etc, as well as the examples you mentioned without Trek.

Now the influence seems to be going the other way – Farm boy pursueded to follow father’s path by an older mentor, major character’s home planet destroyed etc.

109. SherlockFangirl - January 20, 2013

I see TrekMovie has posted the first five pages of Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness! :D

Oh, wait…

110. So Tired - January 20, 2013

@49 There was a story stating that a dozen or so Klingons will be seen, all wearing helmets, two of these Klingons will take their helmets off and have speaking roles. Reportedly they had TNG style ridges, TOS style facial hair, and piercings in their ridges. Personally I hope one of them is from the House of Mogh.

111. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

110 In DS9 trials and tribbl-ations didn’t worf have an explanation (that he didn’t really explain) that would mean that the Klingons in the Abrams Star Trek should look like the STOS Klingons with smooth foreheads and stringy beards and mustaches . and a red/brown complection.

112. So Tired - January 20, 2013

@111. That is less than important to me, or the majority of moviegoers, and I am just passing along what was in one of the stories about the press visits to Bad Robot, it certainly is not anything I have any choice or control over. Personally I have no problem whatsoever with ignoring the entire ridges vs no-ridges issue, and I am glad JJ and the guys have as well, I also think pierced ridges sounds completely in character for Klingons, as piercings are very common in various warrior cultures from Earth’s history.

113. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

112 It was a question not a criticism.

114. Craiger - January 20, 2013

Not sure why helmets for the Klingons were needed since they already explained that in this episode? Unless they felt it would take to long to explain that to people who never saw Enterprise?

115. So Tired - January 20, 2013

@113. And my answer was I dont care, the majority of the audience wont care, and good for JJ to discard clumsy story elements caused mostly by budget issues.

116. Douglas - January 20, 2013

To Rose (as in Keachick): Thanks for explaining the name you use to post.

117. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

115 For someone who dosen’t care you seem persistent.

118. Ahmed - January 20, 2013

As long as the story is great & the characters are 3 dimensional, I’ll be happy with the movie.

I hope that the prequel comics will provide an interesting background to the story without revealing too much.

119. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

118 I’m hoping for the 3-D release where the characters are 6 dimensional.

120. So Tired - January 20, 2013

@117. No, just continuing to respond to you, if you dont need or want a response you should say so, or not be surprised when people continue to engage in conversation. I’m just sayin’

121. Ahmed - January 20, 2013

@ 119. Son of Jello – January 20, 2013

“118 I’m hoping for the 3-D release where the characters are 6 dimensional.”


122. Steven Kaufman - January 20, 2013

Bob Orci-

Thank you for taking the time to interact with the fans. I don’t know of any other franchise where the creators stay so close to those who love the work.

You are a class act!

123. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

If J harrison is some kind of genetic alteration and he has some involvement with the Klingons. Maybe he offered the Klingon’s a genetic formula? goo? that would make them Stronger? Better? Faster? warriors in exchange for their help. But being a bad guy who seems to to want destruction The Klingon’s may have ended up with smooth foreheads and lesser warrior traits, like going back to one heart instead of 2 and losing their other redundant organs due to the goo being from Human DNA. It would be a rather embarrassing chapter in their history and John Harrison being human would have left a resentment for Humans and the Federation that took a long time to be resolved. Even if J harrison loses his war he still gets a win that will bring ongoing destruction for the Federation.

124. Craiger - January 20, 2013

What if Starfleet used the Augment DNA on Harrison to make him a spy in the Klingon Empire? The Klingons find out about him, capture him, Starfleet denies his existance. Later he escapes and seeks revenge on Starfleet? Maybe Harrison in Starfleet could be flashback scenes?

125. Craiger - January 20, 2013

When he returns he keeps his strength but gets rid of the ridges.

126. Craiger - January 20, 2013

Or Harrison goes into the Klingon Empire as a spy but chooses to be like the Klingons without the ridges.

127. Basement Blogger - January 20, 2013

@ 108

Not sure that @ 104 is THE Bob Orci. He posts with no caps, “boborci.” Hopefully, Anthony is around to stop this stuff.

128. Basement Blogger - January 20, 2013

Kirk looks pissed off on the Countdown cover. So much, that it doesn’t look like him.

129. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

Maybe he went to the Klingon empire as a protest over High Taxes in the Federation. High Taxes make people pretty angry and resentful so his agenda may be to bring down the capitalist pigs in San Fransisco.

130. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

I wonder if Captain Picard met boborci he would accidently call him Mr Broccoli.

131. Jim Nightshade - January 20, 2013

Remember when Alex Guinness complained about the cornyness of that million voices crying out in silence line….ha as Bob orci already mentioned us trek fans already were familiar with the line….

hey Bob orci did you see fringe finale..’did you like seeing elements from the first few episodes being used and or brought out again….nostalgia vale for me was high….that whole cast is so talented…..

132. Jack - January 20, 2013

114. I like to pretend that Enterprise was an alternate timeline, especially the Klingons’ ridge to nowhere.

133. Son of Jello - January 20, 2013

132 I don’t think your alone there.

134. CoffeeProf - January 21, 2013

Will the complainers just shut up for once. It’s obvious that the guy has other things going on in his life other than this site. You need to chill out. If all you do is complain about lack of updates then may I suggest that you visit another site? For the love of Xenu, there’s no satisfying people nowadays. Just sit back, chill, and updates will come when they come. I, for one, don’t been to be inundated with useless news all the time. When there is stuff that is important enough to come out on the site, it will.

135. Craiger - January 21, 2013

This site would also post the tiny bit of Trek news when their wasn’t any news about the movies. They would post news on Trek products what old and newTrek actors were up to. Like Shatner being in that new priceline ad with Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory playing his daughter. Those are the news items we miss. They even had some Scifi news.

136. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 21, 2013

Chris Pine,JJAbrams and Benedict Cumberbatch in Tokyo

Paramount Japan

137. msn1701 - January 21, 2013

Cool design for the Klingons! I love it.

Also congrats to President Obama. I know how much he loved watching TOS growing up. Star Trek is SO important because it inspires people. I’m so thankful to JJ for continuing the legacy.

138. BiggestTOSfanever - January 21, 2013

Yeah! Star Trek beats Star Wars every time.

Is it safe to assume that T’Pring died in when Vulcan was destroyed? Spock was telepathically bonded to her and probably wouldn’t allow himself to fall in love with Uhura if T’Pring was still alive.
BTW I think the match is cool and a good decision on your part.
I’m looking forward to the sequel!

139. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 21, 2013

BTW… Mr. Bob Orci are you there? Please, more Karl Urban in the promotion of Into Darkness!!! Please! Please!

;-) :-)

140. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013

I remember a quote from 30+ years ago asto the Klingon ridges being caused by having their spines driven up and over thier heads as a result of having ” Captain Kirk having kicked their ass so many times ” Gerrold maybe ?

141. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013

I’ll give 3 * to Obamas “We the people” speech today… extra * for the newscasters immediate follow up of “those three words”…………….Barrack, you old trekkie you…

142. Khan was Framed! - January 21, 2013

John Byrne’s Crew series was incredible!

Possibly one of the best Trek tales ever & focused on one of the franchise’s unsung heros, too!

More please, IDW!!!

Get away from the “New-niverse” & these novelty crossovers & get back to telling classic trek stories!

143. James McFadden - January 21, 2013

i have good faith in jj abrams and his star trek team.

144. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013

My biggest issue (no pun) with IDW is their almost constant use of using photo reference to far….often overdueing it with body positioning, and facial expressions…

However for anyone loving comics in the 70’s and 80’s John Byrne is the king….realism farapart from King Kirby, and the later day steroid induced reincarnations by thep Image crew

145. crazydaystrom - January 21, 2013

132. Jack –
“I like to pretend that Enterprise was an alternate timeline, especially the Klingons’ ridge to nowhere.”

133. Son of Jello –
“I don’t think your alone there.”

I, for one, really liked Enterprise’s retconned explanation of the smooth/ridged Klingons, particularly its connection to both the augments/Khan and Soong/Data. All a tasty and elegant bit of retconning the tradition of which goes all the way back to The Cage/The Menagerie really. I could be wrong but I think Gene would’ve liked it too.

146. boborci - January 21, 2013

Posted in honor of MLL day.

147. boborci - January 21, 2013


148. Victor Hugo - January 21, 2013

Speaking of unsung heroes, i would really love for Manny Coto to return on televised Star Trek.

149. Craiger - January 21, 2013

#148 – I read for Season 5 Coto was going to hint at the coming of the Romulan War. He wasn’t afraid to write it but B&B were.

150. Jack - January 21, 2013

Speaking of conspiracies, why do movies made by multi-millionaires and massive multinational corporations tell us incessantly to not worry about money and be mimes if that’s what truly makes us happy.

151. crazydaystrom - January 21, 2013

147. boborci

Thanks for the link Bob.

Question. Did Sirhan Sirhan act alone re RFK? I don’t recall ever reading any conspiracy theories about that. Surely there must be.

152. boborci - January 21, 2013


yeah, Sirhan shot from front, but RFK shotbehind the ear. also, more bullets found than Sirhan’s gun carried = conspiracy.

153. boborci - January 21, 2013

150 cuz movies are illusions that usually tell you what you want to hear.

154. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013


My thought has always been is that Oswald and Ray were convinced that they were and could be the sole shooters (Oswald’s “I’m just a patsy” may have been his realization of this)…sadly the MLK case has always held a lower profile. This may have been a thoight as to ” not disturb old dirt “

155. Craiger - January 21, 2013

Hey, Bob you could have your own time travel conspiracy movie by rebooting The Final Countdown. Maybe combine some of The Philadelphia Experiment with it since it had that time storm in it.

156. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013

Has anybody ever read a good accounting of the Roddenberry original crew jfk assasination movie pitch? I’ d love a look at some of tthose old scripts and designs….Ellisons pitch. Bryant and Scott, Roddenberry,,,lol I used to live for Susan Sacketts ” Star Trek movie Report ” in Starlog.

157. Craiger - January 21, 2013

Chris Doohan confirms he is Into Darkness:

158. Victor Hugo - January 21, 2013

rebooting watering movies, i wouldn´t mind seeing a reboot, sequel of SEAQUEST! Spielberg wouldn´t mind!

Ben Kingsley could be Captain Nathan Bridger!
Jamie Foxx could be commander Ford.
Megan Fox could be Katherine Hitchcock

159. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013

Hell Megan Fox could be Darwin…..

160. Hugh Hoyland - January 21, 2013


I’ve been looking for more details about Roddenberrys Star Trek 2 pitch for a while, but to no avail.
Same goes for “Star Trek: The God Thing and Star Trek: Planet of Titans. Would love to get my hands on those scripts to.
I actually got into screenplay writing because of reading Trek screenplays. One day I’ll finish the one I started.

161. So tired - January 21, 2013

@159. Hey man thats not fair, that Dolphin was a much better actor than Megan Fox.

162. Red Dead Ryan - January 21, 2013

Erica Durance could be in a reboot of “SeaQuest”. She could play the ship’s anchor.

163. So tired - January 21, 2013

@162. See I gotta disagree with you there Red Dead. I like Erica, I liked her on SG1, and on Smallville, come on at least she was a better Lois that the one from ANY of the movies.

164. Craiger - January 21, 2013

RDR – Durance as Stacey Haiduk’s role.

Another reboot I like is Airwolf.

165. porthoses bitch - January 21, 2013

@164 this afternoon, just for laughs I booted up the cartridge for my atari 2600 Airwolf…..still plays…the mid 80’s rule….Jan Micheal Vincent as Santini….let’s all pretend Barry Van Dyke doesn’t exist (including Galactia 1980.

166. Aaron (Naysayers are gonna nay) - January 21, 2013

Not complaining just a question. Weren’t we told we would get a new trailer of the 3 – 4 minute variety this month???

167. Mad Man - January 22, 2013

152. Oh boy, here we go again. Jimmy Hoffa did it.

168. Victor Hugo - January 22, 2013

In the first SeaQuest movie, the crew would investigate an earthquake in the Marianas Trench, which unleashes giant jurassic sharks all over the ocean.

Then some evil scientist (Malcolm Mcdowell) puts mind controlling devices and threatens New York.

It´s up to the Dolphin to save the day and reset the mind controlling device.

Enters Michael Giacchino soundtrack.

169. Mad Mann - January 23, 2013

#168. What’s your point?

170. Battle-scarred Sciatica - January 23, 2013

Erica Durance:

Anchor = Wanker.

Hideous, hideous actor.

171. Victor Hugo - January 25, 2013

huh? maybe a little brainstorming fun? :P

172. Jack - February 4, 2013

166. Were we? I didn’t hear that… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.