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Star Trek Mobile App Launches – First Into Darkness Bonus Material Coming During Super Bowl [UPDATED] January 31, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Merchandise,Star Trek Into Darkness,Web , trackback

Today Paramount launched their new Star Trek mobile application which promises to provide fans with exclusive content on a regular basis between now and the launch of Star Trek Into Darkness…and beyond. This includes bonus content that will be delivered during the Super Bowl this weekend. More details and first impressions with the app below. [UPDATED: Now available at Google Play Store]


Paramount Star Trek App Available Now – Get Exclusive Bonus Content During Super Bowl

The new Paramount "Star Trek" app is here. The app is cross between a game and marketing tool for Star Trek Into Darkness. I had a chance to preview the app last week and it is a lot of fun and more importantly, it promises to provide fans with exclusive content from the movie. The way it does this is by regularly updating with new "missions." These come in three types. One will be for you to watch and "listen" to Into Darkness trailers or clips. The second is to take pictures of specified Star Trek visual items (like a poster or standee). And the third will be location based (such as visit your local theater). Each mission provides you points and as you gather points you unlock content, such as the poster and trailers.

The app is avaialbe for both iOS and (very soon) Android. Almost all the functionality works anywhere in the world with the exception of the geo-location missions which are US and Canada only.

There will also be missions that will unlock exclusive new content. The first big thing will be this Sunday during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. If you have the app running and "scanning" (in other words listening to the audio) while Paramount’s Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial airs it will unlock special bonus content from the movie, exclusive to the app.

In addition to the missions and media content, the app also has a news feature that will include links to articles online (including as well as some exclusive articles just for the app.

After meeting with the developers I am pretty enthused about this app. Some past marketing tools kind of landed with a thud, but they appear to have learned their lesson. The key will be that this one is updated regularly with new missions. In addition the new technology of listening, scanning and geo-locating is pretty impressive. While anyone in the US and Canada will be able to use the app in any location, Paramount are also looking into providing special missions for "Star Trek locations" such as the future home of Starfleet in San Francisco. The app will also have some tie-ins into the "Are You The 1701" viral campaign, but for now they aren’t providing specifics. Promisingly Paramount see this as more than just an app for Into Darkness but a "Star Trek" app that will live on beyond this upcoming movie.

Bottom line is that if you are looking for the full Star Trek Into Darkness experience you should get the Star Trek app. You can download the free app right now at:

UPDATE: Helpful link

Many of the missions can be accomplished using the Into Darkness media page.

More on the App at the official site:

And if you missed it, here is a video of the announcement of this app from CES (note the contest is now closed).



1. Macca - January 31, 2013

No uk version?

2. Dax - January 31, 2013

UK version?

Windows Mobile?

3. CaptProton - January 31, 2013

We in Europe are Second Class Star Trek Fans… We cant watch Trailers, take part in contests… :(

4. NuFan - January 31, 2013

I am a good sheep and I have downloaded the App and ready for Sunday.

5. X - January 31, 2013

I thought Star Trek didn’t sell as well internationally, why are they focusing all the promotion on the US? Everyone’s going to go see it anyway.

6. Anthony Pascale - January 31, 2013

The article notes that the geolocation missions are US and Canada only, however you can download the app regardless of your location and all the other functions and missions will work.

7. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 31, 2013

if you think the Trek world in Europe, it is difficult … so imagine on the surface of the moon … lol

I need an android version soon… ;-) :-)

8. Max - January 31, 2013

I don’t understand the Academy mission. Do you actually have to go there?

9. MOVIELORD101 - January 31, 2013

I second that, Max! I’m all the way in New Jersey. I don’t wanna travel all the way to San Fan in order to beat this! There HAS to be another way!

10. Jefferies Tuber - January 31, 2013

Who produced this app? Was it Santa Monica-based Trigger?

11. matt - January 31, 2013

it won’t work on my iPod touch cause it doesn’t have a camera. darn it!

12. Cianfry - January 31, 2013 app for EU. So sad.

13. Dr. Cheis - January 31, 2013

Sounds more fun than a little PewPew phaser app.

14. Trekkiegal63 - January 31, 2013

Very cool, I will be downloading this asap!

15. LtPiper - January 31, 2013

Well I installed it but the dang thing won’t load!!!!

16. Michael Hall - January 31, 2013

“it won’t work on my iPod touch cause it doesn’t have a camera. darn it!”

Since when do iPod Touch’s not have cameras? Mine sure does.

As someone who worked at Qualcomm for eight years: no offense if you’re reading this, Dr. Jacobs, but this “run the maze like a good little fan/rodent to get your rewards”-style of promotion strikes me as ineffably creepy. Sorry, no can do.

17. Ster julie - January 31, 2013

Nice dress, Alice!

18. Emperor Mike of the Empire - January 31, 2013

Downloaded and this is really cool. Look’s like Bad Robot is really going after the marketing.

19. JohnnieHF - January 31, 2013

Hi Anthony – Missed you. Were you involved as a creative consultant on the lead-in comics for the new movie? I bet that was pretty cool.

20. Dr. Cheis - January 31, 2013

Since when do iPod Touch’s not have cameras?

I think the first 2 generations of the iPod touch don’t have cameras.

On a side note, my app keeps crashing after scanning 1 in 5 images and then I can’t view them in my “unlocked rewards.” =\

21. rogerachong - January 31, 2013

Just like a fine bottle of aged rum she is intoxicating and wears it so well. Like fire that Red dress burns a hole in my left pocket!

Alice Eve and Zoe Saldena is like fine Black & White Scotch straight from the Scottish Highlands, smooth and definetly hits the spot!

22. Dr. Cheis - January 31, 2013

Oh here’s an interesting discovery. Some of the unlocked pictures have captions that might shed some light on what’s going on in them. This one for example is titles “Harrison’s Getaway”
Too bad half of my pictures don’t show up, though I still got points for them.

23. Slornie - January 31, 2013

Why is everything US-centric? :(

Is there any other way to unlock the location-based content for those of us who live elsewhere? E.g. unlock codes released every so often to let us catch up?

24. ScottC - January 31, 2013

I’ve gotten up to the rank of Chief Petty Officer but can’t figure out how to do the Map (circle) to visit Starfleet Academy and get 20 points. Anyone figure that one out yet?

25. George - January 31, 2013

I’ve got the same problem as ScottC, I tried going step by step through the directions to SF but nothing.

26. Aix - January 31, 2013

YAY! This is soo COOL!

Now, they should include fans from Asia in geo-location missions in the next movie! It is like we are missing the majority of the fun here!

27. Rianna - January 31, 2013

Don’t see it in google play store yet?

28. Pegasus - January 31, 2013

App is free? Coool. Then: “This App is incompatible with this iPad”.

Yeah, as if I wasn’t disappointed enough that Apple itself abandoned my ipad 1 after 2 years, now Star Trek has jumped on the — “you use an ipad 1? You’re incompatible!” bandwagon.

Sigh. Excitement for what’s to come, met head-on with disappointment. Again.

I’m out.

29. gilberto - January 31, 2013

Well, I’m from Brazil and had to make an account in the US to use all the functions. No wonder Trek doesn’t do well in other countries. NO marketing, releases on finals week… oh, myyy!

30. Aashlee - January 31, 2013

Well, this will be an interesting application of new media… Games and treasure hunts are not my thing, but I know it is for others. I will download the Android version when it’s available just to see what the marketers are doing. Professional curiosity.

Anyone who was worried about “getting the word out” or piquing interest in the movie should be mollified for at least the five minutes it takes for them to look at the app. Then I’m sure that, yet again, we’ll be hearing all about how “terrible” the marketing for this movie is.

Some people are never happy. *sigh*

Looking forward to further developments…

31. Nony - January 31, 2013

Kinda sucks if you’re a fan who can’t afford a smartphone…guess I’m not getting ‘the full experience’. I hope some of this content will be released on the internet at some point.

32. sasan1 - January 31, 2013

‘Travel to San Francisco and visit the future site of Starfleet Academy.’

You physically have to visit the location.

33. Aashlee - January 31, 2013

28. Pegasus – January 31, 2013
App is free? Coool. Then: “This App is incompatible with this iPad”.

This is why my husband and I refuse to buy Apple products; they obsolete them too quickly. If you try to update the software at all, the device will cease to function, which is sad for people like us who stretch their devices into years of use.

My condolences.

34. Jonny Boy - January 31, 2013

Android all the way

35. Mark from Mainz - January 31, 2013

No….we can’t download the app in Germany. If you follow the link it says
“app not available in German app store” :-((

36. Jamziz - January 31, 2013

Like any of us need a marketing tool to get us excited about the film.

37. rogerachong - January 31, 2013

Well it is sad that having a smartphone doesn’t get you smart.

38. jorDe' - January 31, 2013

It requires a Front Facing Camera (IPhone 4 or higher). Not compatable with IPhone 3GS.

39. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 31, 2013

#37 LOL

40. ados - January 31, 2013

Anthony…good to see your text on this site again

41. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 31, 2013

Gosh… app not available on the surface of the Moon… SHAT!!! :-(((

42. oliver - January 31, 2013

The app isnt available via UK itunes yet.

43. AJ - January 31, 2013

OK, so now what?

44. Chris Roberts - January 31, 2013

I don’t know about anyone else… but that video thumbnail deserves a caption competition.

45. Jack - January 31, 2013

Okay — so the geolocation stuff can’t be cheated? I’m not flying to San Fran for 20 points ;).

I don’t get what the point of this is — is it just racking up points? Is there a payoff (bonus content, a draw for local preview screenings, etc?)?

46. Legend of Link - January 31, 2013

Still not up!! Grr. Why does Google Play always get shafted?!

47. Jack - January 31, 2013

Gotta say, I wish they’d just focus on trailers , commercials, posters and the media blitz and not product tie-ins and all this other, er, crap. How is esurance going to draw people into a Star Trek movie? You can tell, I’m not a marketing fan (I spent 3 crappy years at a network coming up with all these sorts of cockamamie ideas — when really, the basics are all you need).

Do these kinds of things actually boost sales?

48. AJ - January 31, 2013


I think the idea is that “Star Trek ID” could attract new customers to Esurance.

49. jas_montreal - January 31, 2013

after the JJ star wars announcement, i can care less about this film. If he doesn’t care about this franchise, then why should I care…. Especially these gimmicky advertisements. I’ll stick with DS9, thank you very much… A show from a time where we had people involved in the franchise who cared about the franchise (Ronald D. Moore, etc..).

50. Craiger - January 31, 2013

Will their be a Windows 8 app?

51. The Geek - January 31, 2013

Alice with red dress, she dies in the movie and kirk goes on personal vengeance against Spock’s brother…

52. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 31, 2013

Chris Pine talks about JJAbrams on Star Wars

53. 16309A - January 31, 2013

Stil no android app?

54. china - January 31, 2013

I agree with the earlier poster who says they should focus on posters, trailers etc rather than this option. Its excludes so many fans.

55. Mad Mann - January 31, 2013

Cool, Now I just gotta make all 50 people at the Superbowl party I’ll be at to be quiet during the commercials!

That’s ridiculous.

56. CanOpener1256 - January 31, 2013

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . Somebody wake me when it gets uploaded to YouTube . No more giving my email to crass, privacy destroying corporations that want to monitor my every move. Yes, I am cranky today . Must be the chemo.

57. Starman - January 31, 2013

@16 – older iPod Touch’s don’t have cameras. I’m holding one right now.

58. Jonboc - January 31, 2013

I kinda like it, seems fresh and different. It’s a new age, gotta get on board the train or risk being left behind. Time and tech marches on, I’m glad to see Trek with its finger on the pulse on the marketing front. Looks like a fun app.

59. AyanEva - January 31, 2013

I downloaded the android app once the Google Play store finally got it…and now it tells me that it can’t run unless I’m connected to the internet for the initial launch?! I am confused. My phone has internet. Does it need to be on a wifi signal or something?

60. AyanEva - January 31, 2013

Here’s the exact error message: ” Internet Connection Required: Your device must be connected to the internet for the initial app launch. If you have internet, please verify that the system date and time are correct.”

I just verified that both the date and time are correct…what am I missing here? I press OK on the error message and the entire app shuts down.

61. AndorianMan - January 31, 2013

I figured out how to to do the “visit starfleet” mission on my android phone. Just install Fake GPS Location app.
Worked perfect for me. When you click “get directions” in the star trek app google maps will give you the longitude and latitude. Copy and paste it into the Fake GPS app and click “Set Location”.

62. captain spock - January 31, 2013

yep put that app on my iphone a little while ago , havent had time ti play with it yet ….

63. StelArian - January 31, 2013

This app is not available in my country! Argh….. Crap! Why Paramount?

64. John Gill - January 31, 2013

Dang. I get “This App is incompatible with this iPod Touch”.

65. - January 31, 2013

I can’t get it in Australia.

Pretty sloppy.

66. - January 31, 2013

Really, Paramount make an announcement on something that people around the world are looking forward to and have not even considered anywhere outside of the U.S.

I can’t believe how rude that is.

67. Jack - January 31, 2013

33. Ashlee — it’s a camera-based app. If you have the iPad without a camera, well…

68. Jack - January 31, 2013

Guys, for all the ‘we’re excluded’ people — it’s an app. And a gimmick to get people to watch that Super Bowl commercial (which will be online soon after) and to go to trailers and images that y’all have already seen. Whatever secrets revealed will soon be posted here, I suspect. There doesn’t seem to be that much else to it. You’re still getting all the same trailers and images that everybody else is.

69. Jonny Boy - January 31, 2013

For anyone who can’t make the Trek to Starfleet Academy for real, there are a few apps for faking your GPS location. It may require you to do some trickery on your phone (setting “Allow Mock Locations” in Android settings under “Developer”), but I got the app to award me the points.

The app I used is called :

70. captain spock - January 31, 2013

it have you find different photos on empire magazine , down to three more to do ,my battery in my i phone was going dead so it will be some time today before i get two more done . it fun doing this.

71. Dr. Cheis - January 31, 2013

To those of you unable to use the app, don’t worry. You’re not missing anything that hasn’t already been revealed on this site.

Maybe that will change later, but not today.

72. Jack - January 31, 2013

Okay, I’m full of crap — I’ve been fiddling around with tgis and it’s kind of fun,

73. Jack - January 31, 2013

66. You were planning on watching the Superbowl, Chris?

74. Jack - February 1, 2013

Okay, so here’s all I got. Spoilers follow. Not movie spoilers, but app spoilers…

Btw. There are no new photos, clues or anything else (yet?), so you’re not missing anything, other than spending a half hour pointing your phone at pictures (on your computer screen) that you’ve already seen.

That said, I can’t get the scanning/listening part to work — it says ‘listening’ but doesn’t do anything. The scanning pattern in the screen seems decorative, and doesnt show whether or not it’s picking up. I’ve got an iphone 4s and was trying to listen on my ipad.



Scan the Empire photo of Harrison alone in cell and you get the caption: “Harrison’s Mind Games”

Scan Harrison jumping through window and you get “Harrison’s Getaway”

Scan Spock in Volcano and you get (drumroll, please… ) “Spock in Volcano”

The other self-explanatory captions:
Kirk confers with Pike
Captain Kirk and Dr. Marcus
Kirk, Spock and Harrison
Scotty takes a call

When you scan the poster, it says “what do you see in the poster?” There’s nowhere to input an answer, whatever that answer would be.

That’s it.

75. Sidney - February 1, 2013

Not available in the Netherlands, just like the 10 minute IMAX 3D trailer was not included in the Dutch prints for the Hobbit, or anywhere else, feeling left out…

76. Hat Rick - February 1, 2013

This article presents fantastic and welcome news.

I was so tired of the focus on Abrams’ new project.

Abrams is still very much attached to Trek and STID promises to be the BEST Star Trek movie ever, perhaps!

I, for one, will be looking for this app on all of its available platforms and am as confident as ever that I will enjoy using it.

Star Trek Lives!

77. mitja_i - February 1, 2013

This app is not available in my country too!

78. rogerachong - February 1, 2013

Spent the last 3 years in marketing and this is a great marketing tool for Paramount. Unfortunately YES you guys are being used as guinea pigs to TEST this new marketing tool. Paramount will collect all this data and cross reference the opening weekend movie gross by country and sector to aid them in future endeavours for other movies etc. This is a Micro-Targeting tool one of many that are now flooding the world with the Rise of the Smartphones. Even in Politics, Obama had an App that told you when they were having events in your community, using the phone GPS locator to pinpoint you.

This type of micro-targeting will become more common and apparent moving foward. This is part of the CHANGE that you get used to, as you move into the FUTURE. Star Trek is reborn and so to will Star Wars or they will both die. Past is only Prologue, and for any work of art or fiction one must place oneself Ahead Of The Curve. That is the underlying reason so many people hate visionary artists and employees for that matter. But without a Vision The People Perish.

Albert Einstein famously once declared, “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”. As a Trek fan it can be wise to live by that credo and then your eyes will be opened to see behind the foggy curtain that blinds so many of the posters on this site, that bicker endlessly the miniscule Changes in “THEIR” Star Trek.

79. Grand Negus - February 1, 2013

I get “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”


80. Hat Rick - February 1, 2013

Okay, Roger, but marketing-wise, I don’t have anything to hide. Even if I wanted to.

Besides, everything is ALREADY known to everyone in Corporate America thanks to mega-infofarmers such as a certain search provider whose name is strangely similar to the verbal representation for 1.0 x 10^100.

Not to mention even more powerful government information mining programs that monitor electronic transmissions over land, sea, and air, from whose Eye of Providential capabilities none can possibly escape….

81. Aix - February 1, 2013

Hihihi. I just want to say that I am enjoying the hell out of this app. Good job! Even though I cannot participate with the geo-location missions.

82. rogerachong - February 1, 2013

#80 True but whenever you download the App to your phone anywhere in the world Paramount will instantly almost 100% be assured that you will buy a ticket on opening weekend for “THEIR PRODUCT”. They also like Obama, intend to continue to track you via Smartphone even after the movie is out of the cinema and they now need to promote “Mission Impossible 5″ for instance. All this done by the consumers willing consent. You have now placed yourself in a specific micro-targeted group. Paramount will share this info with its corporate partners for a FEE$$. So eSurance and others are along for the ride in order to make profits not necessarily to please trekkers. mark my word soon other “Competing” studios will adopt these same strategies in the future.

I know you already know that fans just don’t get that Hollywood is run by a few, who try to brainwash the world to follow USA cultural norms. They are all suddenly crying about JJ jumping ship and all sorts of nonsense. One day they will realize that “There Is No Spoon” and JJ and Hollywood Co. are all on the same boat.

We are all in a global village of fans for USA product content on these phones. Pretty soon Drones will lock unto phones in the domestic USA as well and then the Apocalypse will rain down! DUH, DUH, DUH!

83. Hat Rick - February 1, 2013

I have no problems with “USA product content,” as you put it, so I guess I’m not gonna have much of a further comment on your reply.

If I’m interested in Trek, by defintion I’m interested in certain content produced largely in the United States. I really don’t care if Paramount knows that I like Trek.

People have to like something. If it’s not content produced in the United States, it’s content produced somewhere else. So be it.

84. Raktajino - February 1, 2013

This app is a bit stupid, literally. I downloaded it on my (Android) tablet and my phone. I’m logged in via Facebook on both yet my progress doesn’t sync between the two. I did everything on my phone but my tablet doesn’t have a clue I’ve done anything yet. Boo. It’d be nice to have it sync so I can not half to do the work twice yet easy view my rewards on a bigger screen

85. rogerachong - February 1, 2013

@83 Relax, why so serious? I thought you would be “game” for a little conspiracy with your breakfast, no?

I was born and live in the Caribbean, both my kids were born in New York city in the USA and I am headed to Aberdeen, Scotland in March (the fictional birthplace of Scotty) to hook up with my wife who is working there already. So you see we are living in a globalised environment and I love it. Started seeing TOS on a black and white TV as a 4 year old in Trinidad. The rest as they say is history. Life is short and one can only embrace it.

I was in a pub in London the other day and the house DJ was playing “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynerd Skynerd (can you believe that). Brits, myself and assorted europeans were singing along, had a great time!! Closest I ever got to Alabama was Atlanta, GA or maybe Tulsa, OK. I don’t know which is closer really. Funny thing, that is one sweet tune after one too many drinks when you are far away from home, Cheers!!

86. Bob Mack - February 1, 2013

The app does seem pretty cool based on my first few minutes playing with it. I’m also in favor of more products that get Alice Eve to do promos.

87. Steve Dunn - February 1, 2013

We can’t get this app in Australia. It’s not as though the content isn’t compatible, it simply is not available to download in the app store. Really really disappointed at this, as I was really look forward to getting it. Poor effort Paramount.

88. little p-brane - February 1, 2013

Looks like no app for me. Apparently, I’m in the wrong country. FML.

89. Mark Lynch - February 1, 2013

Well, colour me disappointed that this only works in the US.

By the way, for those of you that get frustrated when you only notice a typo after you press “say it!”

Try installing “ieSpell” to Internet Explorer (if that`s the browser you use)
Firefox has something similar.
Very handy for me, as I type faster than I can think sometimes!

90. helen - February 1, 2013

Paramount need to wake up to the audience outside of the USA.

91. drumvan - February 1, 2013

come, come… young minds, fresh ideas. be tolerant. :)

92. Aashlee - February 1, 2013

67. Jack – January 31, 2013
78. rogerachong – February 1, 2013
82. rogerachong – February 1, 2013

Thank you for the information and commentary, gentlemen. :-)

93. Jack - February 1, 2013

The draws are for trips to the premiere — that could get pretty costly if Paramount did it worldwide, no?

94. NuFan - February 1, 2013

Good to see older folks having so much difficulty. Makes it easier for me to win.

95. Underhill - February 1, 2013

So, this app runs silently in the background listening to, watching, and tracking your every move. Sign me up!!! I’m sure this technology will not be used for anything other than harmless movie marketing.

Mr. Orci, I know you feel conflicted about this news. Alice looked conflicted, too. She looked just ‘thrilled’ to promote this (but maybe this is how she always looks).

Hooray for Star Trek and Paramount. Boo for individual privacy and enventual (if not already) ultimate government surveillance. Good trade?

96. Disappointed - February 1, 2013

No closed captioning/subtitle for Deaf Trekkies?!?!?!

Without it, I won’t run this app on my iPad 3!

97. Paul - February 1, 2013

Can’t use this app on my 3GS iphone. :(
not compatible. :(

98. The Professor - February 1, 2013

I have been promoted to Crewman.
But it is not scanning the images or sounds sometime.
Still, it is fun.
I saw some cool stuff inside the app.

99. drumvan - February 1, 2013

made it thru the first round of “missons” with the exception of the visit starfleet task. trying to figure out a way to do this other than downloading another app to change your current gps location. using a droid x.

so far it seems like the app is more geared towards people that don’t visit trekmovie or trekweb on a frequent basis. most of us “hardcores” have seen and read all that appears to be “unlocked” in the app.

100. Michael Hall - February 1, 2013

“Time and tech marches on, I’m glad to see Trek with its finger on the pulse on the marketing front.”

Yeah, because if there’s anything that Roddenberry always insisted Trek was all about, it was pushing the envelope on marketing theory. That’s why I always found his college lectures to be so inspiring, anyway. :-)

Seriously, though–seems to me this is a classic case of overthinking a problem. The nerds who will jump through hoops to obtain the little Cracker Jacks prizes this app chooses to bestow are guaranteed to see “Into Darkness” at least once in any case. The general audience will choose to see it based on the usual combination of advertising, their own individual tastes, and word-of-mouth. Am I missing something–just getting too old and cranky to understand the reasoning behind all this digitally intrusive folderol, or what?

101. CanOpener1256 - February 1, 2013

@rogerachang. I appreciate your insights and comments, but I am not going to be tagged like some animal in the wild so that Paramount or any other corporation can study my movements, etc. I wish people would wake up to this invasion of privacy and RIGHTS that go with that. This will be horribly misused someday.

102. Hat Rick - February 1, 2013

Okay, you guys win. I’m probably not gonna download the app.

Man, the fun’s been sucked out of the room.

103. Michael Hall - February 1, 2013

Hey–don’t ever let anyone, myself included, spoil your good time. Download away; I just don’t see the point.

104. Punkspocker - February 1, 2013

No app for ipad mini? Huh. Having problems scanning pics on my droid, anyone else having android problems?

105. rogerachong - February 1, 2013

Even Alice Eve on camera, in the video above said, and I quote, “Yikes!” when hearing of the Apps’ capabilities. (Man that was soooo funny ROTFL). Next time they should give Zoe the money for the promo appearance.

If I was there in that marketing team, I would have died with that unsolicited comment from my paid schil-person. It is actually fun keeping on your game-face while you spew a mixture of truth, lies and innuendos. Marketing is really great for the most part. Man did I have some good laughs back at the hotel after some of those meetings.

106. Hat Rick - February 1, 2013

@MichaelHall (103), too late. I’m already depressed.

107. Jack - February 1, 2013

96. No closed captioning? But there’s no audio content on this that would need closed captioning…

108. Aashlee - February 1, 2013

105. rogerachong – February 1, 2013

“If I was there in that marketing team, I would have died with that unsolicited comment from my paid schil-person. It is actually fun keeping on your game-face while you spew a mixture of truth, lies and innuendos….”

Thus, why I’m not working in a marketing department anymore. I used to go head-to-head with company vice presidents when it came to stretching the truth about product benefits. The company president thanked me for my ethics.

It’s tough out in the trenches, LOL!

As cool as I think the app is, some of you above have me wondering about the whole GPS aspect. Though I don’t think that anyone gives a darn about me, my location, what I’m doing — Hey, why would the government, Paramount, or anyone other than my husband care about me specifically? — there’s something disquieting about it that I haven’t worked out.

109. Jack - February 1, 2013

102. I say try it. It’s free. It’s nifty enough. It’s less lame than the phaser from last time.

And maybe there will be some fun stuff coming through down the road. I got a geeky thrill from pointing my phone at an image from empire mag on my iPad and seeing it instantly register.

I don’t think the app itself is a bad idea. We’ve got to work our way to those unavoidable retina scanners from Minority Report somehow.

110. Jack - February 1, 2013

108, It’s the same deal as those frequent flyer miles and store bonus cards — to see who’s buying what, where. No?

111. Jack - February 1, 2013

btw, I love that ‘contractual obligation’ look on Alice Eve’s face.

112. Ctrl-Opt-Del - February 1, 2013

“This item cannot be installed in your device’s country”

There is no logical reason for this… Seriously, what the hell is it with America proudly treating the rest of the world with contempt even when it’s actually to its disadvantage to do so?

113. rogerachong - February 1, 2013

@110 Jack: Nah not really, shoppers cards, frequent flyer stuff and barcodes are all patently old school. This is the new Shiite baby.

We already know, right out of the CEOs mouth that the app can see, hear, locate, track and also think in a simple sort of way, even when it is in your pocket or purse. That is already an established FACT. That ain’t no smartcard dude. All they have to do is increase its ability to think ie. make it smarter so it can relay more info back to Quellcom.

I know that conspiracy theories are a big sidenote on this site due to Boborci’s obsession with them. I am not here to deter anyone from consuming digital content of any kind. After all we are adult minded (I hope) and have the free will to make our own choices. After all this is just a blog on the internet that we can choose to ignore at will.

Just ask the hypothetical question though; “Are you really so sure that the app is as dumb as they say it is? Or is it smarter; just smart enough to recognise other environments not related to Star Trek and relay more data back to homebase than THEY tell you. After all the nice folks at Quellcom are only intrested in entertaining you for “FREE!”

114. Aashlee - February 1, 2013

110: I don’t sign up for those. Frequent flier miles, yes, because the airlines already have all your info. You can’t fly without providing all that. But I just threw out three customer loyalty cards that I got from two favorite restaurants and one favorite retailer. I looked at all the information they wanted to activate the cards, and it was ridiculous. So I said no to that. I don’t mind an entity wanting my name and e-mail address for verification and to send e-mail offers. But my first/middle/last names, birthday, address, and some very personal demographic information…no way!

115. Michael Hall - February 1, 2013

“@MichaelHall (103), too late. I’m already depressed.”

Well, me and my big mouth. Guess I won’t be working for Qualcomm ever again.

116. Aashlee - February 1, 2013

112. Ctrl-Opt-Del – February 1, 2013

I don’t think it’s that at all. Maybe your country’s government and business community want to retain your economic and/or cultural sovereignty, and so this kind of direct data communication is blocked? Just a thought.

117. Jack - February 1, 2013

113. Yeah, but can it do those things when the app’s not on? I doubt it. It can hear and scan — but only when you push the appropriate buttons within the app, no? Even tracking, will that work when the app’s off? I wouldn’t think so. It can be disabled, btw, and the app’s still fine.

I think that’s a bit of hyperbole from the CEO. It’s not literally recording all you do and figuring you out. This ain’t HAL. You’re taking pictures of movie posters (or their online versions… i suspect a decent hand-drawn facsimile would work too) and listening for soundcues in trailers. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been done in other apps.

118. rogerachong - February 1, 2013

@115 You are really fun, love that post!!

I can just imagine Dr.Jacobs of QuackadoodleCom chasing you round and round, yelling, “You meddlesome brat” like in a Scooby Doo cartoon; while Taylor Swift gazes with her “dumb blonde” look, singing “We are never ever, ever getting back together” “Like ever!” I am just sitting there watching the wheels go round and round, with Alice Eve (Dr. Marcus if you please) on my lap, naturally, only shouting “Yikes!” when eitherf you or Dr. Jacobs go running by.ROTFL Is there a doctor inna House!! Anyways LLAP!

119. Michael Hall - February 1, 2013

*L* I never met the current Dr. Jacobs, as it was his father who ran the show when I was there. Overall I actually found QC to be a pretty decent place to work, and while I wasn’t always thrilled about everything the company did (the attempt to secure a cellular infrastructure contract in the early days of the Iraq War was a particular low point), I had and continue to have a great deal of respect for Irwin Jacobs, Sr.–not only a brilliant scientist and entrepeneur who started some very successful companies, but whose progressive values and regard for his employees seem to be a rarity in a corporate world decimated by the values of the Chicago school. That they and one of the passions of my life (even in the guise of Abrams NuTrek) have gotten together in this way just leaves me feeling pretty weird. :-)

120. James McFadden - February 1, 2013

this new film is exciting. wouldn’t Robert Beltran and Ethan Phillips look nice dressed up as Praetor Dralath and Senator Pardek?

121. Red Dead Ryan - February 1, 2013


F@ck no!

122. James McFadden - February 1, 2013

It would be nice to see Star Trek Renegades and Star Trek Phoenix get a little bit of support from Paramount in the future.

123. MJ - February 1, 2013

Anthony, don’t you have any news or insight in JJ going to Star Wars??? Where have you been???


124. MJ - February 1, 2013

Michael Hall,

Sheesh, I know you don’t like nuTrek, but do you have to ruin a harmless little bit of marketing fun for the rest of us fans?

You are dating yourself, bro. Just relax and have a little fun with it.

125. MJ - February 1, 2013

“@rogerachang. I appreciate your insights and comments, but I am not going to be tagged like some animal in the wild so that Paramount or any other corporation can study my movements, etc. I wish people would wake up to this invasion of privacy and RIGHTS that go with that. This will be horribly misused someday.”

LOL. My, how quaint! Looooser! :-))

126. CanOpener1256 - February 1, 2013

Reminds of the sci-fi movie Minority Report in which Tom Cruise enters some building and holographic ads pop up as he walks along catered to him. Interesting concept. In real life, however, would you want o walk into a store or mall and have ads for the new anti-itch hemorrhoid cream popup for God and everybody to see because you googled hemorrhoid relief 15 minutes earlier? It’s a fun concept to tailor ads and items when I shop online. Like Amazon’s recommended for you algorithms. That is fun and convienant. But GPS driven stuff is scary … And may one day lead to Tom Cruise walking into a bookstore only to see ads popup advertising the new book: “how to keep a wife without trying” or “Scientology withdrawal in 5 easy steps”. Embarrassing! Lol!

127. CanOpener1256 - February 1, 2013

@mj. I take it you’re one of the “tagged ones”. Remote dissent drones now locking target location.

128. MJ - February 1, 2013

No doubt you are living off the grid, and are well stocked up on 50+ magazines with your assault rifle, just waiting for our Big Brother government-corporate cabal to call your bluff.

NSA now targeting your phone calls — even your attempt to use payphones to slip them is not working.

129. Anele Ivanova - February 1, 2013


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130. Uberbot - February 2, 2013

Dayum, Alice is HOT!!!



131. UKTrekkie - February 2, 2013

App still not available in the UK iTunes store!

This is a typical example of how Star Trek “overseas” fans are treated, it’s ridiculous.

The world doesn’t revolve just around the US and Canada.

132. trekintodarknessprincess - February 2, 2013

I know I’m from the UK as well and really do think Paramount should make a UK version of the App. :(:(

133. Ctrl-Opt-Del - February 2, 2013

116. Aashlee – February 1, 2013 – “Maybe your country’s government and business community want to retain your economic and/or cultural sovereignty, and so this kind of direct data communication is blocked?”

If that was the case similar promotional efforts for other “foreign” movies wouldn’t be allowed either, it’s just Viacom choosing to be parochial out of the same nonsense type of jingoism that many (indeed, most; but not all) American companies display.

Oh, well; their loss. I’ll not deny I’ll still go see the movie in the cinema & buy the DVD, but that’s all the British cash they’re getting out of me.

134. Stephan - February 2, 2013

The Android app is not available in Germany. Does anybody know if this will change?

135. Eliasj - February 2, 2013

Same here too. Cant blame my cell phone. Its going to be available for us Europeans pretty soon I suppose!

136. Hat Rick - February 2, 2013

The important thing is that we create buzz for STID. We don’t need to contribute to PR for that “other” star-related enterprise.

From now on, let’s pretend this whole “JJ is directing that ‘other’ star-related franchise” thing is just a bad dream.

The Superbowl will figure in STID promotions, from what I hear. That’s pretty awesome and definitely a point for our team.

If we can get “Grandpa” David Beckham to endorse Star Trek in any way, shape or form, over the next few weeks, our victory will be complete.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled quibbling.

137. Jack - February 2, 2013

131. Are you guys really going to be watching the Superbowl on American TV to see a Star Trek ad for the app to work? It’s designed to draw attention to that ad — and to get people watching for that very expensive ad, I’d argue.

Look, I’ve lived in Europe and Asia — and I live in Canada, where we traditionally get locked out of things. I think I understand the frustration.

138. Jack - February 2, 2013

133. Can you tone down the American jingoism cries in this instance? Yeesh. I’m not American, but I find this pretty irritating. It’s a free app designed to market a movie to U.S. customers — you’re not missing much. It doesn’t automatically mean they don’t value you as a moviegoer. It would be interesting to hear why — perhaps the costs of distributing through individual countries iTunes stores are too much, considering that a handful of people would be using the app. Or maybe the stores won’t allow apps that aren’t fully functional inside those countries. I have no idea.

Heck, for the last movie there were all sorts of European promotions that folks in North America couldn’t attend. Who cares?

139. Ahmed - February 2, 2013

Since it is such a slow day, I’m posting this story from io9

Zach Quinto in “The Search for (Someone Who Gives a Crap about) Spock”:

I would have thought that between the Star Trek movies and Heroes, Zachary Quinto would be recognized pretty quickly if he walked down a crowded street. I also would have thought that if you went down that street and asked people if they liked Star Trek, there’d be at least one in 10 who did. Unfortunately, as Quinto found out while on a episode of Bill Eichner’s Funny or Die series “Billy on the Street,” that doesn’t appear to be the case.

140. Hat Rick - February 2, 2013

Canada’s situation is slightly different from Europe, as American cultural influence is rather overwhelming in the Great White North. The same cannot be said for Canadian influence on the United States, although clearly the Canadian influence on Star Trek is critical (William Shatner is Canadian).

Most Americans are doubtless unaware, for example, that the Mayor of Toronto is in peril yet again of losing his office, only a week or so after being saved by a court appeal that restored him to his position. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and its cultural center.

Few people in the United States can even name the Prime Minister of Canada (Harper), let alone the Mayor of T.O. (Ford).

Yet even in Canada, certain things aren’t accessible — notably video feeds from certain American newsites, for example.

Now that America has restored a Democrat to the Presidency and, lately, re-elected him to a second term, many Americans may be surprised to find that most Canadians feel more favorably toward the U.S. government than half of the U.S. electorate itself.

The affinity between the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, and the True North Strong and Free, isn’t always reflected by the accessibility of multimedia on the Internet.

141. Hat Rick - February 2, 2013

@Ahmed (139), if you’ve ever seen Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segments, this wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

It was either in one of those segments or a similar one that a voter claimed to have stood in line and cast a vote for President — the morning of the Monday before Election Day.

Streetwalkers (no, not that kind) say the darndest things.

142. Ahmed - February 2, 2013

@140. Hat Rick

I know what you means. I live in Calgary & I find it really frustrating when video clips from Hulu & other sites won’t play “due to my location” !!!

They need to fix this annoying issue & allow video feeds to Canadian audience.

btw Canadian influence on Hollywood far exceed Star Trek, James Cameron aka King of the World is a Canadian.

143. Hat Rick - February 2, 2013

@Ahmed, not to mention Alan Thicke.

Please — it’s a request — don’t mention him.


144. Ahmed - February 2, 2013

@143. Hat Rick


141. Hat Rick – February 2, 2013

“Streetwalkers (no, not that kind) say the darndest things.”

Agreed, some of the stuff people say on TV are just too stupid or insane.

145. MJ - February 2, 2013

@131 “App still not available in the UK iTunes store! This is a typical example of how Star Trek “overseas” fans are treated, it’s ridiculous. The world doesn’t revolve just around the US and Canada.”

You all had your several centuries of being the center of everything. Nothing lasts forever.

146. MJ - February 2, 2013

@138 “Can you tone down the American jingoism cries in this instance? Yeesh. I’m not American, but I find this pretty irritating. It’s a free app designed to market a movie to U.S. customers — you’re not missing much. It doesn’t automatically mean they don’t value you as a moviegoer. It would be interesting to hear why — perhaps the costs of distributing through individual countries iTunes stores are too much, considering that a handful of people would be using the app. Or maybe the stores won’t allow apps that aren’t fully functional inside those countries. I have no idea. Heck, for the last movie there were all sorts of European promotions that folks in North America couldn’t attend. Who cares?”

Yes, please stop the whining. Let’s not start another world war over there because of this — we’re getting fatigued over here with having to bail Europe out of those.

147. T'Cal - February 2, 2013
Hwil Hweaton!!

148. THX-1138 - February 2, 2013

As a U.S. citizen I wouldn’t presume to speak for the citizenry of Canada, But I’m also pretty sure that if you were to tell them that THEY were presuming that the world revolved around them you would be met by hearty laughter. Living near Canada my observation is that you would be hard pressed to find a more humble and decent country in the world, particularly when their southern neighbor is the U.S.

And no, I’m not bashing my own country.

149. UKTrekkie - February 2, 2013

@145 – That’s a little immature!

Then @146 – What world do you live in? Bail Europe out? WTF?

150. K-7 - February 2, 2013


Yea, MJ’s immature, but you need to read your history books. The U.S. saved your assess in both World War I and II. That’s what he is referring to. And that’s a fact.

And yea, their is a bit of historical irony in someone from the U.K. complaining about another country being the center of it all. Don’t you have a sense of humor in hearing yourself complain about that?

151. DiscoSpock - February 2, 2013

British guy bitching to U.S. guy about not being the center of it all is certainly like the pot calling the kettle black. lol

152. MJ - February 2, 2013

“British guy bitching to U.S. guy about not being the center of it all is certainly like the pot calling the kettle black. lol”

Yea, I was just trying to have a little fun with this. UKTrekkie is so earnest about this he forgets about how it looks to others.


153. dmduncan - February 2, 2013

101. CanOpener1256 – February 1, 2013

@rogerachang. I appreciate your insights and comments, but I am not going to be tagged like some animal in the wild so that Paramount or any other corporation can study my movements, etc. I wish people would wake up to this invasion of privacy and RIGHTS that go with that. This will be horribly misused someday.



154. UKTrekkie - February 2, 2013

@150/152 – Hardly fun, appropriate or relevant is it?

US saved the World? Right, like the British had no input into it at all.

Get over yourselves for christ sake!

155. oliver - February 2, 2013

US bail Europe out during the war – dont make me laugh. Pathetic.

156. Ahmed - February 2, 2013

The United States joined the World War II years later & only after it was attacked in Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

157. Red Shirt Diaries - February 2, 2013

#154 #155 #156

Good luck guys with that WWII thing if the U.S. hadn’t gotten involved. You are all joking, right?

158. Ahmed - February 2, 2013

It must be really slow day here on Trekmovie for us to argue about World War II !!!

Might be more productive if we focus on Sci-Fi related issues

159. THX-1138 - February 2, 2013

154 UKTrekkie

I think what was actually said was that the U.S. bailed out England in both World Wars, not that it saved the world. I’m pretty sure that most in the U.K. would agree that you would have to give the U.S. at least an assist in both cases.

And try to ease up a bit. You act like you need an American to bail you out or something.

160. Red Shirt Diaries - February 2, 2013

Agreed, THX-1138.

In any case, Europe and the U.S. need to stick together or risk getting steamrolled by Asia later this century. This bickering started by UKTrekkie, with MJ pouring oil onto UKTrekkie’s fire, is unnecessary.

161. K-7 - February 2, 2013

During peacetime, people in Europe constantly bitch about the U.S, about how spoiled we are, and about jealous little petty things like access to Star Trek aps.

But when the chips are down, and shitstorms are happening over there, guess who they are going as “their best friend” to bail them out?

162. K-7 - February 2, 2013

correction: “…guess who they are going to call as…”

163. Hat Rick - February 2, 2013

Let’s stop this cafe’ philosophizing about World War II.

Star Trek is about the future.

164. Michael - February 2, 2013

Is tomorrow’s trailer all new?

165. Dunsel Report - February 2, 2013

#161: Settle down, Beavis. Without France, we would have lost the Revolutionary War and Edith Keeler would never have even met with Roosevelt.

166. Jack - February 2, 2013

The U.S. didn’t bail the British out of either WW.

142. The thing is, it’s all about distribution rights — and probably advertising dollars. Ex. Global broadcasts SNL in Canada, so we can watch the clips on Global’s site but not on NBC’s. But, plenty of Canadian content is blocked outside of Canada (Americans can’t watch Coronation Street on, for ex. — and Canadians on vacation there right angry letters to CBC saying they pay their taxes and should be able to watch the CBC wherever they are. Entitlement knows no borders.

167. Jack - February 2, 2013

161. Not cool. And you’re certainly not helping quash the idea that some Americans think they’re the centre of the universe. Nobody asked the US to be the defender of the world — the US acts out of self-interest.

168. Red Dead Ryan - February 2, 2013

The U.S might not deserve all the credit for saving Britain, Europe and Asia from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, but without the world’s biggest military surplus, World War 2 would have lasted several more years, with millions more dead. Hitler may have even possibly been able to nuke London or Moscow had he had the time to finish building the atomic bomb.

Both Germany and Japan were inevitably going to lose because they overextended themselves into countries much bigger (Russia and China) then themselves, at the same time they were involved in many battles on several other fronts.

The attacks on Pearl Harbour happened to speed up the demise of the Japanese and German regimes. Millions of lives and dozens of cities and countries ended up being saved as a result.

So I would say that it was a combined effort of many countries, including Canada, Britain, France, Russia/Soviet Union, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S that won both WW1 and 2.

169. K-7 - February 2, 2013

@167. May not be cool, but it is damn well true. You are right about self interest though – because it is when the self-interest of survival becomes paramount, the Europeans start calling western. And it is in the U.S.’s self-interest to save western civilization. So I agree with you on self-interest.

@165 Edith Keeler is not “real”, Butthead.

170. K-7 - February 2, 2013

correction: “…the Europeans start calling Washington.”

171. msn1701 - February 2, 2013

I’m just glad they are promoting it! Smart movie IMO.

172. Jack - February 2, 2013

169. Seriously, what are you talking about? You seem to be misinformed.

173. CanOpener1256 - February 2, 2013

Here’s the sad thing folks .. It is the day before game day Sunday and not a peep from paramount about star trek’s game day trailer. Other films have given us a glimpse, or released the trailer itself. Nothing for us .. Nada .. Zilch. So tomorrow, will somebody do us the favor of uploading a status of the movie on this web site? I mean, without paramount knowing my gps location, email address and sound quality of my television. I mean that’s what these underground fan sites are for, right?

“Fighting the good fight against socialists (ie rescuing Europeans) since ’56”

174. Mikey C - February 2, 2013

Had fun with the app until I did everything I could with it. I live in the midwest and do not think I will be able to get to San Francisco to get the 20 points for that any time soon.

175. Watch Super Bowl 2013 Online Free - February 2, 2013

Useful info. Fortunate me I found your web site by accident, and I am surprised why this
twist of fate didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

176. K-7 - February 2, 2013

@172. Seriously, you are obviously not a student of history.

177. K-7 - February 2, 2013

@173. CanOpener, you realize that you can watch the STID trailer commercial during the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl without using a Smartphone, right? You post makes me think you don’t get this?

178. CanOpener1256 - February 2, 2013

I know that .. I plan to watch it. I am just saying that paramount seems to be focusing on this app solely for marketing. While other movies (wwz, oz, iron man 3, etc) have been building up the marketing blitz with teasers, photos, press releases, etc. I hate to think that other than catching it live, the app will be the only way to re-see it or new screenshots. We’ll see I guess.

Btw, I’m not against apps .. I use an iPad . I think the best app tie-in was the app for The Hobbit. Videos, photos, character info and tons more with no GPS or registration required. Also, it supported full iPad screen size.

179. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 2, 2013

#168 – Well said, Red Dead Ryan!

Britain and its Allies declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939 after Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, USA on 7 December 1941. It was only after then that the US entered the war, fighting on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific.

At this point the much, much smaller nations of the Pacific Ocean, Australia and NZ began fighting the war on two fronts as well, in Europe and Pacific against Japan. The Japanese got as far as being able to bomb the Australian city of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. It was more than likely that largely due to American efforts that Australia and NZ (along with many smaller Pacific island nations) were not overrun by Japanese forces. It was this co-operation between our three nations that gave rise to the ANZUS Pact/Treaty.

I think the part that people particularly in Britain resent is the notion, often repeated in many a Hollywood movie about WW2, was that the US won the war. Well, it did, but not without the groundwork laid by Britain and its allies, Canada, NZ and Australia, all smaller countries population with much of a military force of their own. We all won it!

What America provided was military hardware and it became an even wealthier nation as a result and so the military-industrial complex really came into being and has become a force unto itself/of itself pretty much since then, dictating policy…The USSR followed the example, often at the expense of the general welfare of many of its people and now, of course, we have China, India, North Korea, France and any other tom, dick and harry all sporting military hardware, which includes nuclear weapons.

What brought the war to a close was the A bomb. The US couldn’t just drop one on a Japanese city, but two. I mean, wtf? Please don’t say, “Oh well, Hitler or the Japanese would have done this or that if we hadn’t” or other. We were not Hitler or the Japanese or at least we weren’t supposed to be.

180. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 2, 2013

Edit – NZ and Australia had already been fighting in Europe for more than two years when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.

181. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 2, 2013

Since it’s a bit slow and I doubt that NZ is one of the countries that can get the App for STID (not that I would bother anyway) –

Have any of you seen/heard about what has been happening in Australia? Just beggars the imagination – what with a severe drought with heatwave hot enough to start bush fires all over and now massive flooding. In the drought the average temperature was about 38 degrees Celsius or 100.40 degrees Fahrenheit. One temperature I recall hearing was up to 47 degrees Celsius or 116.60 degrees Fahrenheit.

182. K-7 - February 2, 2013

#179. Rose, you’ve outdone yourself with your anti-U.S. posts this time. You’ve lower the bar about as far as it can be lowered by equating the U.S. with the U.S.S.R.. Enough said — your post is morally bankrupt.

183. MJ - February 2, 2013

@179 “What America provided was military hardware…”


We lost nearly half a million people fighting that war. What a complete and utter misstatement. I thought you lived on an Island near South Asia? We lost tens of thousands of young Americans saving you and Australia from Japanese domination in the most brutal island-to-island fighting the world has ever seen.

A simple “Thank You” would suffice.

184. Nick - February 2, 2013

Thank the many people of MANY different countries who made enormous sacrifices during the war.

Lets hope the dreadful devastation of rampant NATIONALISM like that of Nazi Germany & Japan is never seen again. As fans of Star Trek we surely appreciate inclusiveness & respect across all borders.

Can we please agree on that & move on.

185. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

Australia’s population during WW2 was 7 million. Our alliance was with England and we went to war because England declared war. It is also an interesting story that Robert Menzies (Aust PM) while in England was put foward as a PM of England to replace Churchill he had some popular support in the media and amongst senior british figures (interesting). The begining of the war was a desperate situation for Australia its population and soldiers. At the start of WW2 all of the authority of where our soldiers went was under British command.(another interesting story)This eventually changed. Australia during WW2 is quite a frightening story especially at the start considering Australia,s geographical position. Also consider that if Australia was invaded during WW2 it was designated as an Issue that came under the war in Europe and in Asia (understandable). A very lucky country If it had happened Australia’s liberation was the last thing that was going to be resolved at the end of the war and not during. Australia.s northern land was expendable.

186. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

For the first two years of WW2, the US lost no one, however, in that time, 1939-1941, “what America provided was military hardware and it became an even wealthier nation as a result and so the military-industrial complex really came into being…”

Any nation who pours millions, billions of dollars into maintaining a massive military-industrial complex could be considered morally bankrupt. Meanwhile, like Russia now and the USSR then, your nation has millions of people living below the poverty line.

Yes, thank you, USA, for helping save us from Japanese domination. Did I mention the co-operation between the three nations involved? Co-operation requires a degree of trust and goodwill and that is what gave rise to the ANZUS Pact which saw Australia and NZ join the US in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

I am not anti-US/American. Pointing out facts as I know them is not anti anything. I wish you would stop calling me that. What I do know is that you are anti-me every time I point out something you may not like.

187. Red Dead Ryan - February 3, 2013

#182 + 183.

I can’t understand how Keachick can continue with her anti-U.S rants.

I mean, she acknowledged my post at #168 and then turned around and went on her usual political tangents.

My post was completely fair and unbiased. It was also correct. It wasn’t pro- or anti-American. But somehow my post was a platform for her patented “holier-than-thou” ramblings.

I just want you guys to know that I didn’t intend to give Keachick that platform.



188. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

Rose (as in Keachick), you are insulting everyone here in the United States by now twice comparing us to be equivalent to the former Soviet Union. I request an immediate apology for this unacceptable and immoral comparison?

189. Red Dead Ryan - February 3, 2013

The Soviet Union was a massive failure. Economically, socially, and politically.

Millions of people were slaughtered under Stalin’s rule, and millions more died of sickness and starvation in the preceeding decades until the fall of the Iron Curtain. Not to mention the epic disaster that was Chernobyl, and how badly handled that was (and probably still) is. Not to mention numerous bloody invasions of several countries, including the former Czchoslovakia and Afghanistan.

The U.S has its flaws, but none come close to what the leaders of the former Soviet Union displayed towards its own people.

I mean, c’mon, how can Keachick conveniently ignore those facts???


190. MJ - February 3, 2013

@184 “Thank the many people of MANY different countries who made enormous sacrifices during the war. Lets hope the dreadful devastation of rampant NATIONALISM like that of Nazi Germany & Japan is never seen again. As fans of Star Trek we surely appreciate inclusiveness & respect across all borders.”

Nick, I agree completely. Were all in this together still.

@188 “Rose (as in Keachick), you are insulting everyone here in the United States by now twice comparing us to be equivalent to the former Soviet Union. I request an immediate apology for this unacceptable and immoral comparison?”

I agree. Comparing the U.S. to the USSR is completely out of bounds and insulting to the good people from all countries who post on this site daily.

191. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

America made money from the war with lendlease. Britain did not finish paying its debt to the US until 2006. Henry ford was a fan of Hitler and received Germany,s highest honer for a non German. Ford supplied germany’s industry before (pre 1941)and continued to supply Germany after it entered the war. American owned factories (electrical)were left alone by American bombers during WW2. Not to mention the US contrivening the Geneva Convention when it was profitable to do so. Nobody hates America we just want you to take a good long look at yourself. You don’t deserve an Appology what you need to be greatfull for is our patience with the way you portray yourself to the world.(guess what IBM was doing during WW2)

192. Vultan - February 3, 2013

I’m confused. Can this app give a comprehensive history of World War 2 or not? And if so, can it tell us which country has the biggest rodeo belt buckle?

The article mentions nothing but Star Trek.

193. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

IBM the numbers tattooed on to holocaust victims were the numbers used by IBM punch cards. Germans love efficiancy and IBM was the answer to their agenda. Remember the movie shindlers list? Speilberg didnt mention that an American company was the effeciancy behind this. IBM knew this and remained silent or ignored it. And you demand an appology. Look at your history and not the romantic notion that is marketed to you.

194. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

Hey Son of Jello,

How”d that forced sterilization of Aborigines and systematic breaking up their families in good old Australia work out? And guess what, some in your country want to start doing it again? wtf? I mean this is your government, supposedly representing you, not some private business like IBM or Ford misbehaving badly. Its one thing to cherry pick a couple misbehaving companies who have blood on their hands, but when a country does it, with the defacto support (i.e. by not being outraged about it) that reaches a much higher level of deplorability There is a difference!

I don’t want your apology, but the aboriginal population could certainly use one from you.

195. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

I know this may be off topic but…

Has anyone actually gotten the SB ad mission to show up yet?

I know we have 14 hours or so but it’d be nice if it appeared before the game lol.

196. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

Also, hows that raping of the Great Barrier Reef thing working out. I hear the U.N. is about to declare the reef an endangered area because of the effect of the out of control coal shipping you are now doing — you know, the systematic rape of most of your lands for coal, minerals, etc. to feed the Chinese industrial capacity…and concerns about global warming be damned!

197. MJ - February 3, 2013


I have a lot of dealings with Australians in my business, and most see eye-to-eye with Americans on most issues, and have a mutual respect. Please don’t think that Son of Jello is representative of Australians, as he is not. In fact, he is a frequent troublemaker here on these boards, and has used sockpuppeting and other negative trolling tactics in the past. Some here think he might be the infamous Stunkill who posts here a lot to make trouble.

198. MJ - February 3, 2013

Everyone here needs to relax and stop insulting others’ countries.

199. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

#198. Rose (as in Keachick) still owes an apology for equating the U.S. with Stalin and the Soviet Union.

200. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

And here is the sad history about how the British mility systematically took away New Zealand from the Maori’s:

This doesn’t include how in the mid-nineteenth century the New Zealand government swindled the Maori’s out of the best lands in the country and then resettled them with European immigrants.

201. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

Disco Spock yes you are quite right this is an issue that is still exists. In your limited search you failed to mention Liver disease that is currently killing the Aboriginal population the forced seperation of Aboriginal children that persisted until the 60s and the ongoing disaster that is Aboriginal settelments in Australia. Along with Alcoholism and domestic violence and Death’s at the hands of police in custody. But not being an Aboriginal I cannot tell you that story its not mine to tell. (and its the ability to tell the story that is important). Also there is the ongoing attempts to have the remains of Aboriginals (skeletons/sculls)returned to Australia from various museums around the world (I think they are in the same museum with the Elgin Marbles). So Disco spock thank you for bringing this issue to the world of the Star Trek forum Its both important and relevent And the more people around the world are made aware of this the more that can speak out about there treatment. Also be aware that the Aust gov has acknowlaged and made itself accountable for the treatment of native Australians who have a heratige in this country going back 40,000 plus years. (there was an Aboriginal in Star Wars bet you didn’t notice) and the Australian gov has Appologised and accepted its treatment of Aboriginals and has overthrown Terra nullius as an Idea

I didn,t cherry pick its just such a long list to choose from I went with the pop culture names that America knows and loves.

I was just pointing out that America has a blinkered view of history and that it won’t hear differently about it and sometimes it comes across as uninformed boasting.

I hope you remember your comments next Thanksgiving day. (only if your american)

202. UKTrekkie - February 3, 2013

Anyone would think that MJ actually fought in WWII.

I mean look at this comment – “A simple “Thank You” would suffice.”
(Refer to post #183)

I think the US had plenty of them back in the late 1940’s!

I’m not Anti-American, I’m just sick of all the pathetic licensing restrictions the US puts on products and services that are targeted and relevant to a “global” economy.

Star Trek typically does very well in the UK, but probably not so well in countries like Spain, France, Eqypt, Iran, Iraq and then the likes of Japan and China. Is it any wonder why?

203. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I doubt you are aware that 44,000 native Americans served in World War II, with the majority serving in the Pacific theater, which helped kept Australia free. I’d mention Navajo codebreakers as an example, but undoubtedly that is a made up story by blinkers in our movie industry.

My view of history does not require me to belittle others by using terms like “pop culture”, “uniformed boasting”, and infering their history is a product of web searches. People who need to stoop to the level to provide troll-like remarks like that are undoubtedly not very comfortably with their own views and education — hence the need to put others down to convince themselves of their own supposed superiority.

204. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

Wow you didn’t take that well at all. Its always retaliation never conversation when trying to communicate with America. Lets attack the words and not what they are trying to say. which was thank you for contributing to the topic. Im not you enemy.

205. Remington Steele - February 3, 2013

Sweet, an article about the new app descends into the usual petty squabbles.

Seriously, do some of you even HAVE lives?? I’m pointing the finger at specific people…mainly those who will have a lot of barely trek related comments on this thread…

206. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

I think the comments on this sight are all trek related. War the consiquenses of, Ambiguity in responsibility, Racial conflict, Understanding and communicating with others with differing or misunderstood opinions. Different nationalities talking about what they don’t know of each other. Expressing an opinion without being hated,Isolated or destroyed for them(mostly). Sharing and building on comminality and not conflict. (a precarious mostly)You may not like where the forum goes to but that’s the whole point. It exists for these reasons and the reasons come from different viewpoints and experiences. Yes we have lives,Lives enough for a mobile phone app to be the start of a common conversation and not the regimented boundaries of it. And while you are vaguely pointing your iphone application finger at us.Say who you are referring to we are all specific in who we are talking to. Why cant you show the same courtesy. The people on this forum are at least trying to discuss issues with others and that’s Star Trek all the way. If you want to pick a topic that is not ST related let me know.

207. Hat Rick - February 3, 2013

When did this site change its name to “”?

Simmer down, folks. No one’s mind is going to be changed by these arguments. All they do is create animosity.

208. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

207 conflict? how can communication be conflict if there is animosity that’s a personal choice to make. We are not lined up aginst each other ready for battle. There is no war here and if these comments don’t change your mind fine they are not supposed to but I would be worried about ST if no one thought about them enough to try and understand the other.

If you don’t like a bit of fire play it safe eat uncooked food and get sick doing it. We may argue but somewhere in the argument is the cure to your raw food illness.

209. Mark L - February 3, 2013

The app now lets you purchase tickets for a Fan Preview of “Into Darkness” on Wednesday, May 15 through Fandango.

210. Ctrl-Opt-Del - February 3, 2013

Star Trollin’ across the universe….

211. Spock's Bangs - February 3, 2013

okaaay. I seriously doubt Boborci is reading every comment now, and who can blame him? Thanks for dragging the site down MJ. No your not the only one, but, like always, you started it. It gets old. Maybe after the Super Bowl commercial and you kiddies get out of the sandbox this article can get back to being a fun read.

212. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

“In total, around 140,000 New Zealand personnel served overseas for the Allied war effort, and an additional 100,000 men were armed for Home Guard duty. At its peak in July 1942, New Zealand had 154,549 men and women under arms (excluding the Home Guard) and by the war’s end a total of 194,000 men and 10,000 women had served in the armed forces at home and overseas. A total of 11,928 New Zealanders, or 0.73% of the 1939 population, lost their lives.”

Full Name Commonwealth of Australia
Alliance Allies – Minor Member Nation or Possession
Possessing Power United Kingdom
Entry into WW2 3 Sep 1939
Population in 1939 6,936,000
Military Deaths in WW2 39,366
Civilian Deaths in WW2 735″

0.57% of its population died.

By the Numbers

Number of Americans who served in World War II: 16.1 million

Average amount of time each U.S. military serviceman served overseas during World War II: 16 months

“Estimated number of people serving in World War II worldwide: 1.9 billion
Estimated number of U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines killed in battle during World War II: 292,000
… of U.S. troops who perished outside of battle during World War II: 114,000
… of U.S. troops wounded during World War II: 672,000
… of deaths, in total, sustained by U.S. forces during World War II: 405,000
… of U.S. military deaths as a percent of the total United States population: 0.4%”

Interesting statistics! The US, it seems, has always had approximately 100 times the population of NZ and yet look at the statistics. I am sorry, but your nation’s contribution to the war effort was not as high as you might like to think in terms of people per head of population. NZ’s losses were much greater than yours and so was its overall contribution. So was Australia’s.

I had no idea. I am as surprised as anyone!

Another factor that should not be overlooked was that the countries of USA, Canada, NZ and Australia were not attacked (apart from Darwin), their infrastructure was not left in ruins. They did not have to deal with millions of homeless people, which was the case for most of Europe, both East and West. Of course, these four main countries did take in many refugees from Europe, which helped a little with the housing crisis, among many other horrendous problems faced by people in those times.The USSR was the worst with another harsh Russian winter to look forward to. Many of the horrible, tacky, large apartment blocks built very quickly post WW2 still stand today on the outskirts of Moscow, St Petersburg (then Leningrad) and other (then) Soviet cities. Not pretty, but functional – I’ve seen them.

213. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

“What America provided was military hardware and it became an even wealthier nation as a result and so the military-industrial complex really came into being and has become a force unto itself/of itself pretty much since then, dictating policy…The USSR followed the example, often at the expense of the general welfare of many of its people and now, of course, we have China, India, North Korea, France and any other tom, dick and harry all sporting military hardware, which includes nuclear weapons.”

This is what I wrote and I think it is fairly factual statement. The only nation that was not crippled after the war in every respect was the USA. The USSR was a mess, as was much of Europe. Millions of Americans, Canadians, Australians or New Zealanders were NOT homeless – they were! The US had the largest military force then. Also they were just as keen to spread Democracy – US style as Stalin was in spreading Communism, except that the USSR did not have the military might that the US had. So the arms race began, with the US in the lead. The US continued to build up its military forces and continued testing and developing nuclear weapons. Peoples of a few small Pacific nations can attest to that, much to their grief.

Both nations were/are culpable when it came to the unprecedented and insane build up of weaponry, including nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, other nations, many with fanatical agendas of their own, have been following suit.

Stalin was as bad as Hitler, if not worse. He was a megalomaniac with extremist views which were as ruthless as they were crazy longterm. He murdered Lenin so he could be leader. He and Lenin were supposed to be good friends/comrades. With a friend like that, who…well, you know the rest.

It is a shame that people do not read what I actually write and think before shooting me and themselves in the proverbial foot.

214. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

As a child, I remembering seeing on TV some Americans and British people say things like – “Better dead than Red”. What?

I have no idea what some Soviets were saying about us. I doubt it was anything of a charitable nature.

215. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

#200 Yes, indeed, this was how the British and European immigrants behaved towards indigenous people everywhere they went – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America etc. This behaviour was considered OK morally and culturally by most people in the 18th and 19th centuries. The very same land grabs and resettlement (on reservations – with the poorest of climate and terrain) occurred in Canada and the USA as well.

As far as I know, no Maori has been forcibly sterilized in NZ. Unfortunately, it has happened in Australia and also in the USA. Some time back, a regular contributor DMDuncan (I think – please correct me if I am wrong) brought to our attention (if anyone was indeed paying attention) that in the US, native American Indian women are STILL being forcibly sterilized NOW. Perhaps this poster might like to confirm this.

As far as *Pakeha cheating Maori out of good land, well, my husband’s Pakeha (great) grandfather was made an honoury Maori chief, because (a) he saved the Chief’s son’s life and (b) he told the chief not to sell land for the sum the other Pakeha buyer was offering because the chief was being ripped off. The chief took the grandfather’s advice. That land was indeed worth far more than what was being offered. The Maori retain ownership to this day. It remains largely unspoiled and beautiful part of NZ. The title of honoury chief is normally passed down from father to son…

* Pakeha is Maori for “other”, as in White European person. I am a Pakeha New Zealander, as is my husband, Chris.

216. Danpaine - February 3, 2013

(…yawn). Meanwhile over at Trekweb, Star Trek news!

217. ScottC - February 3, 2013

Gosh I remember when this site was fun to read, now we are berated with multiple political and philosophical views of others. Its getting to the point I rarely come here anymore.

218. ScottC - February 3, 2013

@216 Danpaine – EXACTLY!

219. ScottC - February 3, 2013

By the way, for anyone who doesn’t want to read through the long winded posts of others, the app now lets you buy tickets to advance shwoing on May 15th.

220. dmduncan - February 3, 2013

Forced sterilizations (as far as I know) ended in 1978, except in the great “progressive” state of CALIFORNIA, which continued the practice on African Americans and Latinos for another year.

221. CanOpener1256 - February 3, 2013

Yep .. Trek web .. The source of all news about trek ! Meanwhile, back on the history channel:

222. dmduncan - February 3, 2013


So what you’re saying is you will only trivially discuss philosophical issues, i.e., as meaningless canon disputes over who exactly said what, in the context of the Star Trek episode in which they appear?

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy poo on your head.

223. ScottC - February 3, 2013

@221 CanOpener 1256: LOL

224. ScottC - February 3, 2013

@217 dmduncan: yep, I don’t need to read someone’s 5 part dissertation of New Zealand history on this site.

225. dmduncan - February 3, 2013

I have grown…fatigued…with the discussion of who saved whom.

226. Hat Rick - February 3, 2013

For real history, consult a history textbook.

This is a Star Trek site, folks. Seriously, now.

227. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

I saw the fandango thing, and when I clicked on it, it said no theaters available and disappeared so….I hope it comes back at some point.

Also, still no mission for the ad this afternoon for me…

228. Gary S. - February 3, 2013

Looking forward to some possible spoilers today .
And at least a good TV spot!

229. ScottC - February 3, 2013

@227 Josh C: the Fandango icon worked for me and I bought my tix and it still shows available. Maybe it does that if there are no theaters in your area showing the advance fan sneak?

230. Gary S. - February 3, 2013

How about all of you ?
what do you want from today?
Spoilers from the app?
What do you want see most in the TV spot?
What other TV Spots are you looking forward to?
Are there films that you think should have aired a TV spot that are not going to?

231. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

230 – I’m not sure I’m expecting much in the way from spoilers from the ad spot other than maybe another new peak at a scene or two. It is only a 30 second spot, after all.

The one movie I’m kind of surprised didn’t try putting out any sort of teaser was Ender’s Game. Yeah, it’s still 9 months until it’s out, but it’s a good opportunity to let people know it’s out there.

229 – that’s possible, but it could just be that my theater doesn’t have tickets available yet. I’m not sure why it would just disappear if it couldn’t find a theater yet either, unless it’ll come back later *shrugs*

232. Spock's Bangs - February 3, 2013

I hope to see more of the jet pack space action. Also a quick glimpse of Shatner would be nice. :)

233. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

heh ok interesting. I just opened it again and now I have a “special update” under news (about the ad), fandango is back, and the super bowl audio mission is finally there. *shrugs*

Dunno if it just pushed out or if mine was just slow getting it for some reason.

234. Gary S. - February 3, 2013

Now you have me thinking about an Ender”s Game Trailer!

235. LJ - February 3, 2013

All this talk of British, US, Australian – we’re the same people guys! Prior to a hundred years a go or two we had a shared history on the same little archipelago to the north of Europe (the British Isles, or the Atlantic Archipelago to our Irish brothers). All we are separated by now is different governments – ever heard the saying “divide and rule”?

It was the Anglosphere that saved the world from tyranny in World War II, as it did in World War I and the Napoleonic Wars before it. The Anglosphere and its firmest ally, Russia, who stood by us in all three global conflicts, and sacrificed more than any of us in the last.

We stood together, helped each other, looked out for each other. Just because the Empire, and in WWII the Commonwealth was there first does not mean it is entitled to the glory. Nor does the fact that the US accepted Japan’s surrender mean that it is entitled to the glory either.

We were, and remain, brothers. Let us remember that. We still have wolves at the door, and a good friend and neighbour helps keep them at bay.

236. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

man and we had a streak of 8 actual star trek related posts in a row going too…

237. Gary S. - February 3, 2013

So, didnt we have a A Superbowl Trek TV spot about four years ago today?
Or at least four Super Bowls ago.

238. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

237 – sure did:

239. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

#224 – I did not write a 5 part dissertation on NZ history. If you had bothered to actually read the posts, you would know that. I don’t know where you come from, but I suspect that it is more than likely the US. Did you bother to read the statistics I posted about US losses during WW2?

There was only one post which dealt specifically with NZ history and that was in response to an assertion made by another poster. I also mentioned some history that actually pertains to members of my own family. God forbid that anyone actually writes anything of personal interest and historical value.

I did not initiate the topic that has just been discussed.

The story of the App and trailer showing at the Superbowl is of limited interest because a good many of us do not live in the US and so won’t get to see the Superbowl. Hopefully, what is shown will be linked here or will get seen on youtube. Most of us have been unable to see the nine minute preview either, so it is difficult to discuss something we have not seen.

STID may deal with aspects of war and conflict, not too dissimilar as to what has been discussed here. Star Trek, I have been told by many a poster, was about getting people to think, to debate, to wonder about who we were as people, who we are now and who we might be. Some discussion of history, philosophy, politics, ethics/morality can hardly be avoided if we are at all serious, and not just writing more useless flippancies and criticisms.

240. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

Son of Jello, guess I must have hit the mark, because finally instead of insulting everyone from the U.S. like we are little kids who don’t understand you learned view of the real world, you are now complaining about MY USE of language. lol

Rose (as in Keachick), I am still waiting for you apology for equating the U.S. with the Soviet Union, the most ruthless dictatorship of the 20th century. And your ridiculous percentage of deaths in WWII are meaningless — the U.S. lost nearly half a million people while NZ lost less than 10,000 — try those numbers on for size. You’d be speaking Japanese right now if it wasn’t for the U.S. You have a truly warped view of the world, and frankly I pity you more than anything else at this point. So cancel my request for an apology and please accept my pity for you.

Hey Spock’s Bangs, UKTrekkie was the poster who started all this. Get your facts straight.

LJ, I agree with this completely:

“We stood together, helped each other, looked out for each other. Just because the Empire, and in WWII the Commonwealth was there first does not mean it is entitled to the glory. Nor does the fact that the US accepted Japan’s surrender mean that it is entitled to the glory either.
We were, and remain, brothers. Let us remember that. We still have wolves at the door, and a good friend and neighbor helps keep them at bay.”

241. Red Shirt Diaries - February 3, 2013

Disco Spock,

Also, I have seen estimates the between 30 and 35% of the U.S. population was directly involved in the World War II war effort, Countries like New Zealand didn’t come close to that level of participation.

242. Jonboc - February 3, 2013

A glimpse of a Klingon sans helmet would be very cool. I do hope there is new footage in the super bowl spot to pick apart.

As far as WW2 goes, all this “my dad can beat up your dad” foolishness is a chore to wade through. I dont think I’ll return to this particular thread. See you the other side of the Super Bowl spot…hopefully, in a newly created thread.

243. Moputo Jones - February 3, 2013

Has anyone had problems with the Kirk/Carol Marcus mission? No matter what I do, the app won’t recognize the picture.

244. Brisbane Trekker - February 3, 2013

I have been reading the articles on this site weekly for the last several years, but have never posted here before. However, I felt I just had to respond here today given some of the outrageous things being said.

My grandfather died at Lae in 44, and my father was severely injured at Long Tan in 66. So to hear someone from those peacenik islands to the East of us criticize the use of nuclear weapons on Japan, and compare the U.S. to the Soviet Union and Stalin, just completely saddens and sickens me. And it shows a complete ingnorance of historical context and the real-world geopolitics of the 20th Century.

The United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and others collectively saved the world from NAZI and Japanese oppression, and then won the long fought Cold War over a period of 47 years, and prevented Soviet oppression from expanding and stopping the threat of a nuclear war for the earth. Many of our citizens died in these wars, and their sacrifice should not be belittled by people who simply want to bury their head in the sand and pretend they are above it all, and criticize the generations before them to have given them their relatively easy life in today’s world.

245. Remington Steele - February 3, 2013

How dare any of you discuss Star Trek, this is not the place for that…

Oh wait…

246. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

I will certainly not apologize to you for anything, DiscoSpock. If you had bothered and actually use what mind you have to comprehend what I wrote, I compared the post-war US build up of weapons and that the US began the arms race that we are still reeling from today. I was not commenting on the type of political systems of the respective countries nor on the ruthlessness of the respective leaders. I was talking who made the guns first…Get it. It is fact. I do not need to apologize for stating a fact.

If all you can see is numbers, then you really are shallow. Why do you think the link I posted here bothered to show percentages if they did not mean anything? In fact, almost everything I read about numbers give a percentage of the country’s population – Duh.

Of course, more Americans died because you have a population 100 times bigger than NZ. However, fewer of the overall population died than for NZ, therefore far fewer families and friends were directly affected by these events. Reading about the numbers of soldiers who died or were injured is far different from one of those soldiers being a member of your own family ie a son, a brother, a cousin, a father.

According to the link, 418,500 Americans died in WW2 out of a population of 131,028,000 (1939). The percentage is 0.32%. The other statistic I copied and pasted put the percentage at 0.4, slightly more. NZ lost nearly 12,000 people, not 10,000 and the percentage is put at 0.73%, almost twice that of the US and even higher than Australia.

Perhaps you should actually read the link and see what the figures and percentages are for many of the other nations. For example, Britain had less than half the population of the US and yet lost nearly as many soldiers as the US.

It is also easier to sit at home making bombs for the war effort thousands of miles away than be in the thick of it. Working in factories making military hardware is no different from the NZ farmer working his stock and the land to feed Britain’s hungry soldiers and allied servicemen. They were also participating in the war effort. People can’t fight very well if they are not fed. The reality is that a higher percentage of Australians and New Zealanders found themselves in the thick of it, in Europe and the Pacific, than the overall percentage of Americans did.

247. Rich Civil - February 3, 2013

So I’m supposed to pay $2.99 for promotional material for an upcoming movie?

sounds to me we are getting fleeced.

248. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

#244– Brisbane Trekker

My friend, I was going to respond to Rose (as in Keachick) again, but your post says it all. Thank you so much for the sacrifice Australians made to WWI and the Cold War, and thank you for reconfirming to us all that most people in the far South Pacific are still part of the grand coalition that allows us all the great life we have today. Your family’s sacrifice, and others’ like it across our grand coalition, allows such a level of freedom for the Western world that people like Rose (as in Keachick) can virtually burn flags and virtually piss on the people of the U.S. as much as she wants — we should relish in the fact that our freedom allows people like Rose to have wacky views of the world and to insult whole peoples’ if that is here desire.

Thanks Brisbane Trekker for putting this all in the proper perspective for all of us. Much obliged.

Rose (as in Keachick), I want to thank you as well for indirectly proving to me how great freedom is. Keep doing what you are doing – that reaffirms the values of the freedom people have fought for during the past 75 years. I am no longer upset with you – you are unintentionally illustrating what hard won freedom is all about.

249. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

I have already noted (actually a number of times on this site over time, even on this very thread) that Stalin was a ruthless dictator and megalomaniac. He could not be trusted. Lenin found that out. It probably did take much time for many of the Soviet Politburo to realize they needed to watch their step or else…

He was responsible for much bloodshed and systematically got rid of the intelligensia (I think they were called), which proved to be not only shockingly cruel, but incredibly stupid. Many of these intelligensia and others were Jews. Many Jews took their religion seriously and since he hated all religion, they were for the chop there as well. I think we know two descendants of those families who managed to escape Stalin’s racist and anti-religious crusades.

The two descendants I speak of are William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Another descendant may well be Chris Pine, whose maternal grandfather was a Russian-Jewish refugee.

I have no reason to apologize for anything that I have written. I am not burying my head in the sand. I am merely trying to present facts as I know them and if some of you do not like what is put before you, that is really not my problem. Either you want to look at the facts or is it that you’d prefer to dump on me?

I don’t have any great love of Stalin or much of what went down in the name of Communism, Marxism in that part of the world. Both Hitler and Stalin and their stooges were blights on humanity and caused so much misery for millions of people in the 20th century, it just beggars the imagination – the Gulags, Auschwitz-Birkenau and all these terrible names/places. Now we have China, where its record on human rights is almost as bad. Their economic hold on the US and other countries is frightening. I don’t like China’s politics either.

No, the USA is nowhere as bad as any of these places, however the military-industrial complex is US and is being copied elsewhere. The Soviet Union was the first nation to compete for weapons superiority. They both became Superpowers.

#244 – I am sorry about your losses. Many people lost loved ones in that war. However, to not only bomb one city with a nuclear weapon but two cities, I am not sure how that can be justified. Certainly, it ended the war quickly, but it also lead in a new era of fear, as well as sickness that has been passed down through the generations. Most of the people killed in those cities were ordinary civilians, as were the survivors. The bombs destroyed everything – buildings, man, woman, child, animal, tree, insect and people are still suffering the effects of the radiation. Do you really think those civilians deserved such a fate any more than anyone else? Perhaps, we will never know the answer. It was a most telling and horrific end to what had been too shocking to imagine or believe, eg Nazi concentration camps – that was WW2.

What I find discomforting is the blase way you will slam at me, while dismissing the true ongoing horror of that day, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by atom bombs.

250. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

I have not pissed on the United States or anyone else. My views are not wacky at all. In fact, there are many people who may feel similarly. I take great offense at this statement.

Why won’t you acknowledge the greater sacrifice that a higher percentage of Australians and New Zealanders made? I have pointed the relevant facts. I feel that you are pissing all over our own dead soldiers downunder. What gives offense is how dismissive the US can be about its allies, and this is because they are much smaller, so, of course, don’t have the same manpower, equipment etc. NZ has fought alongside the US in every war it has been engaged in since WW2, including this present one, and yet over the years, when the average American is asked about NZ, they don’t even know we exist and many have only a vague knowledge of Australia. Why is that?

NZ did not have to fight in WW2. Hell, we were on the other side of the planet. What did it matter that Hitler was invading Poland and building death camps? NZ did not have to be in Korea or Vietnam. They were both small Asian countries engaged in a civil war up there in the Northern Hemisphere. Nor does NZ need to be in Iraq or Afghanistan. Hell, those countries are even further away. What have they got to do with us? The thing is – for better or worse, NZ does make a stand, get involved whether it is through UN peacekeeping efforts or direct military assistance via our SAS troops.

So stop dumping on me when I query some things and perhaps it is you who need to show a little gratitude, though we be very small.

251. Hat Rick - February 3, 2013

OMG, if I read one more post about WWII, or how the “Anglosphere” was and is such a wonderful thing, which has nothing to do with STID, I will LITERALLY explode!!!!

Okay, not “literally,” but you know what I mean.

Anyone ever hear of this little thing called “Star Trek”? Interesting thing. We might want to talk about it.

252. Gary S. - February 3, 2013

Well, we had our first TV spot.
Snitch , starring The Rock.
i might see that one, i dont know.
I saw a short preview of The Lone Ranger spot, that looks cool.

253. Gary S. - February 3, 2013

Okay I just saw the Full Lone Ranger spot, it looks pretty good to me .

254. K-7 - February 3, 2013

Disco Spock, Brisbane Trekker,

Well said. I concur.

Let’s just ignore Rose’s negative comments here and celebrate the freedom that she has to make them given the sacrifices of so many from WWII through the Cold War.

255. norez - February 3, 2013

Either I can’t really figure out how to use the ‘scanning’ or it’s not working. Photo scanning just shows a white screen with a box in the center, and audio scanning is just the wavy lines. I thought perhaps it was similar to the wavy line thing in STO, where you have to match one to the other, but swiping doesn’t seem to do anything; the waveforms widen and narrow at their own discretion.

I would be more bummed out if it was the non-reboot version, to be honest. Just thought I’d play around with this, check it out. Done.

256. MJ - February 3, 2013

All, I agree. Let’s just chalk up Keachick’s latest tirade against the U.S. as a celebration of the freedoms that all of our countries fought for.

We fought for the right of people to have differing and sometimes wacky views on things that would insult the vast majority of us — that is something to embrace and be proud of. Likewise for Son of Jello – let’s celebrate his outrageous opinions as well.

257. Red Shirt Diaries - February 3, 2013

Rose, you are misinformed regarding the history of the atomic bombs and the surrender of Japan.

This link explains that an allied invasion of Japan would have cost 4 million allied lives and extended the wary two full years:

This link explains that the Japanese gave no response to the surrender ultimatums of the allies, and so that’s why the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki:

Also, while not involved in the atomic bomb development, I’ll bet you are not aware that NZ and the U.S. were working on another WMD device together during WWII — that Tsunami bomb:

258. DiscoSpock - February 3, 2013

#256 “All, I agree. Let’s just chalk up Keachick’s latest tirade against the U.S. as a celebration of the freedoms that all of our countries fought for. We fought for the right of people to have differing and sometimes wacky views on things that would insult the vast majority of us — that is something to embrace and be proud of. Likewise for Son of Jello – let’s celebrate his outrageous opinions as well.”

MJ, I agree 100%

259. Jack - February 4, 2013

David Warner as Gorkon, from memory (so wording might be off) it appears we have a long way to go.”

I’m right/you’re wrong leads us to no good. I include me here.

260. Check the Circuit - February 5, 2013

It’s funny that MJ isn’t self-aware enough to realize he started the mudslinging by perpetuating the “ugly American” stereotype with his comments.

And it’s ironic that he would do so on a site dedicated to a mythology based on inclusion and tolerance. The folksy “dudes” and “bros” do nothing to hide the condescension and vitriol.

261. Cocosilk - February 20, 2013

Ok…the app has been updated to the Iman/Beam Me Scotty scanning missions, but I’m having problems scanning the Iman pic. Anyone else having the same problem?

262. Bigwavejohn - February 22, 2013

Ummm…so if anyone’s interested in getting back to the original thread… I downloaded Fake GPS, dragged my location to San Francisco and the Starfleet Academy mission was completed!

OK, back to the History Channel…

263. rubernck21 - February 23, 2013

But is there an iPhone app that will do this? Preferably that is free, lol. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.