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Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Commercial ‘Our World Will Fall’ February 3, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial airs during the second quarter of the game. However if you can’t wait, you can watch it here at See below for an embedded version and for a link to Apple Trailers for HD version.


Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Spot

Here it is…

You can also check it out in HD at Apple Trailers.

Extended Version with Star Trek App + Analysis coming soon

Using the new Star Trek App, if you scan this commercial live on TV or via the above links or embed you will unlock an extended version of the commercial (5 seconds longer). Get the app now:

The usual shot by shot analysis will follow shortly.



1. Aaron - February 3, 2013


2. Sk8r_gurl - February 3, 2013

heh, awesome….

3. Alan - February 3, 2013

I think Harrison is some kind of augment. Maybe the Khan theory isn’t so far off, after all.

4. david - February 3, 2013


I am better…

At what?


Augment. Augment. I repeat, the villain will be an Augment.

5. Brandon - February 3, 2013

Ok that was cool! I wonder where this movie will leave us at the end?

6. Jonathan - February 3, 2013

Anybody notice that the Enterprise in this shot seems to be underwater?

Can see bubbles of air licking out the nacelle and the front of the saucer section

7. SciFiMetalGirl - February 3, 2013

Enterprise… crashing… so not cool! We just barely got to know her!!!

8. somethoughts - February 3, 2013

awesome, keep it coming!

9. Brandon - February 3, 2013

JJ has got to be back for the third film. At the same time though, I can’t wait to see what he does with Star Wars Episode VII!

10. BoroPhil - February 3, 2013

yep, if this isn’t Khan, he has to be an augment. there will be a link.

look at the evidence:

1) Trekmovie calls Khan ages ago
2) Botany Bay almost made it to end credits of Star Trek 09
3) Orci declares villain ‘canon’
4) Carol Marcus is in the film

95% Khan or an augment

11. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

6 – I dunno. It clearly seems to be crashing down into the planet in that part. Maybe puffs of smoke instead of bubbles?

11 – I’m not sure if any of those are really convincing, though I do agree there may be an augment element (though nothing related to Khan).

1) this isn’t really evidence of anything. sites “call” things all the time that end up being butt wrong

2) Like they had any idea what the plot of this movie was going to be in 2009

3) How many canon villains are there in star trek?

4) Maybe the best clue, but this is more along the time of Space Seed (which she was not part of)

5) What major Star Trek baddies don’t think they’re the shit?

12. Anthony Thompson - February 3, 2013


13. SoonerDave - February 3, 2013

@6 Look at some of the surrounding imagery – clouds – puffy smoke – don’t think that’s underwater. Besides, if the E were crashing through water, she’d almost certainly be tumbling through all three axes of movement, not going straight down. May be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, but I think she’s descending through space.

Looks really awesome.

14. ThePhaige - February 3, 2013

Very nice !! Looks like the Enterprise needs a refit again. I still dont think thats the Bif E crashing though even though this segment leads us in that direction.

Reminded me of that line Gary Oldman used in The Professional..

Oldman: Get me everyone
Cop: What ya mean?
Oldman: Everrrrrrry ONEEEEEEE!

15. MV84 - February 3, 2013

#6. Jonathan

It’s smoke you see in this shot!!

The big explosion at 00:03, could it be from the starboard nacelle (00:14)?

16. Jonathan - February 3, 2013

Surely it’s in water, there’s no smoke, no fires, the image is distorted from being underwater, bubbles and bits of debris floating away.

The clouds in the background are just clouds of bubbles

17. trekintodarknessprincess - February 3, 2013


18. Jonathan - February 3, 2013


Explosion at 0:03 isn’t the nacelle, there’s people walking in there and the far end is curved, looks like a large shuttle bay or weapons facility

19. Wes - February 3, 2013

Ok, I’m really starting to think we may lose the Enterprise in this one. Which means we may get to see the J.J. ‘verse 1701-A…which I am quite ok with.

I’m also starting to waiver on my “That is most definitely not Enterprise crashing into SF Bay.” call. Sure, the nacelle pylons and nacelles themselves don’t look quite right in the Bay crash shots…but then the E herself looked to be in pretty rough shape falling into the atmosphere in this trailer. Extreme battle damage and atmospheric re-entry could account for the “cosmetic” differences.

20. Anthony Thompson - February 3, 2013

That smiley guy is still in the crowd scene. Can’t they zap him?

21. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 3, 2013

BETTER!!! ;-) :-)

22. Anthony Thompson - February 3, 2013

Chris Pine’s hair looks spikey.

23. This is going to be a long year - February 3, 2013

The background extra who is smiling at the camera
(previously reported by Trek Movie) is still in it at 0:04.

24. This is going to be a long year - February 3, 2013

#20 you just beat me to it.

25. Captain Jack Bauer - February 3, 2013


That’s not the nacelle. Appears to be some sort of cargo bay or something. There’s a lot of equipment and people walking around.

26. Remington Steele - February 3, 2013

Pardon me but isn’t the WWII debate still going on?

27. Hythlodeus - February 3, 2013

Is Uhura kissing Harrisson? Or was that Spock? Either way, terriffic trailer!

28. MV84 - February 3, 2013


You’re right about that!!

29. Brandon - February 3, 2013

I think that image is of the Enterprise underwater, but the ship crashing in the bay can be seen in the next frame mowing down the San Francisco skyline. I think we are going to get to see a great many ships of the fleet destroyed. Also Enterprise is sinking straight down like in a controlled descent that other ship skims the surface of the bay! We are going to be in for one hell of a thrill ride!

30. I'm Dead Jim! - February 3, 2013

Jonathan, the ship is clearly falling out of orbit. Those are clouds below it. The black billowing stuff is smoke. The E is underwater at the beginning of the movie. That has already been established. But this is not it.

31. David J - February 3, 2013

It’s a hanger deck of some decription at 00:03. There are shuttles and other craft with warp nacelles ‘parked’ in the various bays, along with what looks like misslies on the left hand side closest to the camera.

32. Josh C. - February 3, 2013

16 – I think one can clearly see cities lit up on the dark side of earth just at the beginning of that shot. 99.9% sure that’s in orbit or upper atmosphere

33. Barney Fife - February 3, 2013

1000% E falling towards clouds before it. You can see black smoke coming from the damaged parts. It’s dropping straight down…like a brick, which is fascinating.

34. Jay - February 3, 2013

Johnathan.. You’re seeing clouds! Not bubbles…. Seriously its clearly falling to earth from space!

35. PaulB - February 3, 2013

I still half-heartedly suspect (and semi-wish) that Cumberbatch is playing a version of the villain Omne from the Phoenix novels by Marshak and Culbreath back in the 1970s. He was tougher than humans and at least as tough as Vulcans, super-intelligent and better at EVERYTHING, very calm and controlled at most times, with vengeance in his heart against the Federation because of his family and the results of the Prime Directive, and whose goal was to break Kirk and Spock and all they stood for, often by offering people a chance to save their loved ones…even from death. And so on. Fits WAY better than Khan.

Some people hated those books, others adored them, but either way, the character of Omne would fit almost everything we know about this villain, assuming (as so many do) that he’s not REALLY just John Harrison.

36. BorgPhil - February 3, 2013

11 – all fair points, but it’s a lot of evidence in one direction imo. surely if this will be an augment story, Khan will be involved somehow?

37. Phil Baiden - February 3, 2013

Is it too late to say that the British flags are upside down?

38. I'm Dead Jim! - February 3, 2013

Jonathan, JJ likes that dirty lens look at times, including these E scenes. There are spots here that you may be mistaking as bubbles, perhaps? I don’t see anything like bubbles.

39. Aix - February 3, 2013

The fist time I heard it, I thought it was “I am butter”. Hahaha! Woah, now that I think of it, it can also be “I am bitter!”

Don’t you think Cumberbatch’s voice is a bit mechanical in this? The guy does change his voice in roles but I don’t remeber it being that robot-sounding.

The CGI fire is horrible.

40. Hat Rick - February 3, 2013

I had a helluva time trying to view this trailer. Every time I tried it, the browser said that I needed to download QuickTime, and after I did and rebooted my computer, it gave me the same message. Wasted the better part of an hour doing this. To no avail.

Finally got to see it on my iPod Touch.

I hate it when they trash the Enterprise.

41. Jonathan - February 3, 2013

I must be mad, but it’s clearly underwater!

Falling out of orbit shot:

Clearly lots of debris and smoke and embers and flames in sharp detail as it falls

Underwater shot:

Everything has a blue hue to it, the image is distorted, no black smoke or embers, or fires, just bits of debris and bubbles

No bubbles!? What are these making a long straight accent to the surface?!

42. scotchyscotchscotch - February 3, 2013

39 I thought he said butter too haha! The internet could have fun with that one

43. Brandon - February 3, 2013

Look at the link in post #6…….. That has to be underwater. The smoke is gone, debris and bubbles are floating up and away in a straight line. Enterprise is going for a deep dive. I know they showed smoke in a couple of those frames too but the frame freeze in that link is probably after Enterprise went down into the water.

44. Rick Sternbach - February 3, 2013

Heck, as long as the E has a couple of impulse coils running, it should be able to counter a few gees and drop in without killing the entire crew. Pity about the starboard nacelle, tho’.

45. Enterprise Ensign #4 - February 3, 2013

WOW! So the Enterprise IS one of the ships that falls to Earth? Damn… REALLY looking forward to this movie!!

46. scotchyscotchscotch - February 3, 2013

Jonathan great stills. I agree with Hat Rick too, it hurts me to see E get f’ed up and wow it clearly is

47. Garth of I - February 3, 2013

John Harrison is KLINGON

48. SciFiMetalGirl - February 3, 2013

Bubbles = debris falling off of hull

49. thasc - February 3, 2013

It’s not underwater. Notice that in the ‘falling’ shot (where the camera is close to the saucer), the saucer forward hull is heavily scorched – the ship has just undergone re-entry. In the ‘underwater’ shot (with the supposed bubbles), the hull is clean, if busted up – ship has not undergone re-entry yet. If the ship fell and then sank underwater, it would still be scorched from re-entry.

50. KHAAAN the weasel - February 3, 2013

Hey, look at the way Pine raises his eyebrows when he asks “at what?” – that’s so damn shatneresque!

51. Rick Sternbach - February 3, 2013

#41 – If those are underwater shots, how is there lighting coming from below the ship? As a former scuba diver, I can tell you the light pretty much comes from above and the intensity drops off pretty quickly. I suspect the ship is dropping through the atmosphere and clouds of debris are streaming off.

52. Just another Redshirt - February 3, 2013

My guess: Cumberbatch is an augment and Khan IS in the movie. I bet we’ll see Khan’s nameplate on a cryotube and a CGI of Mr. Montalban’s face through the frosted glass.

53. MV84 - February 3, 2013


It´s not water

Falling out of orbit shot:

I see buildings: right/bottom

Underwater shot:

You have to watch the video again. On the left you can clearly see lights from a city (not in this picture). Dark grey is land, blue is water!!

54. Moofunk - February 3, 2013

Hah. People complain about the Enterprise being built on Earth, so in this one they get ships into planetary atmospheres whenever possible. That’s some nice trolling. :D

55. Reign1701A - February 3, 2013

Are you guys serious? You can clearly tell the Enterprise is falling from orbit. You can make out the buildings on the planet surface and everything.

56. PaulB - February 3, 2013

#41 – I agree, it looks like bubbles! No doubt about it! BUT…I don’t think those are bubbles, just as others are saying. Yes, they look like bubbles in that shot, but I think it’s an optical illusion of sorts, or just bad CGI, but not REALLY bubbles.

So, no, you’re not crazy, but you’re too certain of your interpretation. We both see bubbles. I think we’re wrong. Peace!

57. X - February 3, 2013

The Enterprise crashing to Earth? I didn’t know Troi would be in the reboot…

58. olly - February 3, 2013

The CGI fire is terrible. Get the British flags the right way up.

59. Jonathan - February 3, 2013


I know the first shot is in orbit! You can see the smoke and fire and debris flying up as it drops towards the surface.

If you mean this shot of the dark in the top right:

Looks to me like fire reflecting off the waves in the sea or wreckage burning on the surface

60. Hawkeye53 - February 3, 2013


Have a look again at your screen shot. It’s clearly debris (pieces of the hull) being forced (sheered) off the hull of the Enterprise as she enters the atmosphere. The dark on the left is possibly the dark side of a planet (possibly Earth) and the lighter the opposite there are clouds.

Just my interpretation of course. Great shots anyway. Found my new screen wallpaper lol.

61. Jason - February 3, 2013

I think that’s just debris falling off the ship, not bubbles.

62. Al - February 3, 2013

Why does London blow up?

63. LeenyR - February 3, 2013

Getting so pumped for this movie!!! Is it bad that I’m going to request my ship date to basic training be postponed until after May JUST so I don’t miss opening day?

64. Jack - February 3, 2013

Glad this is here — we can’t watch the Superbowl ads in Canada, even on CBS (the cable pcompany replaces it with the Canadian version, which is the CBS version with crappy Canadian commericals)…

65. Captain Cohen - February 3, 2013

A a Brit, nice to see right at the start there’s the Union Jack (flag) next to the Federatoion flag on the side ofa building. I see St Paul’s Cathedral too short to be crashed into while the huge skyscraper gets it!! Lol..

Seriously disappointed that I can’t get the App, even by tryin iTunes USA site.
But wow.. Cool.

This will rock.
Thanks everyone involved in getting this news up. Fan since ’66 in the UK.

66. Captain Cohen - February 3, 2013

Oh dear, it really is late here in the other side of the pond. SO SORRY for awful typos.

“Federatoion” is NOT an English mispronunciation .. Just tired.

Laugh long and prosper ;)

67. Jonathan - February 3, 2013

Just hope I can understands ODEONs booking website so I can get a release day ticket at the BFI IMAX.

68. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

I hope Kirk doesn’t get Carrol Marcus killed when she is at the beginning of her pregnancy with David.

69. Tanner Waterbury - February 3, 2013

Most of you that say “It’s underwater” I’m literally face palming. There would be a fog effect if it was underwater. Unless somehow on this planet the water is clear all the way to the bottom. Come on guys…. it’s CLEARLY falling from orbit. The “bubbles” aren’t bubbles, matter of fact I am betting it’s atmosphere leaking away. Still….will be interesting to see WTF happened to the Enterprise, and why it’s so damn damaged.

70. Hat Ric - February 3, 2013

Now, let me make one thing perfectly clear — not only am I annoyed that the Enterprise is getting the crap kicked out of it yet again, but I’m fearful that the Powers that Be will use this as an excuse to “give the fans what they want” — i.e., to rebuild the Enterprise as a smaller ship on the scale of Classic Trek. (I.e., a thousand or so feet long, as opposed to the current movie ship’s size, which is supposedly twice that size).

I, for one, do not want a reduced Enterprise as a “bouquet” or “gift” or “nod” or what-have-you to the fans. I’m used to the idea of a larger nuEnterprise now, and if you’re gonna give us a redesign, in the name of all that’s Roddenberry, do NOT make the Enterprise smaller! Make the engine room less beery. Start with that!

And yes, I realize I’m ranting. It’s my right as a Trek fan. It’s also required (see the official Trek club handbook you should all have received at our very first meeting).

71. TrekMadeMeFat - February 3, 2013

Harrison is not an Augment. Harrison is THE augment.

72. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

All this talk about bubbles has left me with an image of the fish in the dentists fish tank from Finding Nemo repeating the word bubbles, bubbles,bubbles. :)

73. Hat Rick - February 3, 2013

^^ How can I misspell my own name? Answer: It’s easy when you’re ranting.

Which I was.

In case you hadn’t noticed.

74. Neil - February 3, 2013

Can’t believe they got the Union Jack wrong. Hope they correct that embarrassment.

75. The Original Spock's Brain - February 3, 2013

That’s the E severely damaged and going down.

76. Jack - February 3, 2013

65. The extra 5 seconds in that app just look to me like shots we’ve seen in previous trailers. The bonus seems to be the ability to buy tickets for 2 days before release (which was already on there) but I keep tryinga bunch of different major zip codes, just to see, and It says nothing available…

77. StephenH - February 3, 2013

Forgetting the whole ‘is it or isn’t is underwater’ debate, the sight of the Enterprise getting trashed is probably part of the ‘Detonating the fleet’ blurb we had from the original synopsis. Don’t forget in the trailer also saw a shot of the Enterprise with her deflector dish blown to smithereens in the teaser.

I think she’ll survive, because seeing various shtos in the teaser, announcement and now this trailer, I think somehow Harrison ha smanaged to get some top secret code from starfleet 9or has a mass starship disabling frequnecy weapon of some kind (preifx codes for all fleet vessel ??) but somehow Scotty pulls off some engineering miracle and gets the Enterprise back up to where at least she can be repaired.

I think the second act of this movie will deal with the immediate aftermath and whilst Kirk is called to account for his actions in the first half, he and the crew have to take on Harrison without the Enterprise available whilst she gets patched up.

And right when all hope seems to be lost, we can witness her grand ressurrection in the final act whe she comes barging in all guns blazing to show her might !!

And IF they are doing a refit / JJ-Prise-A for the third movie, they couldn’t do worse than this …

78. MV84 - February 3, 2013

Is the cargo bay/shuttle bay/ weapon facillity Starfleet or Klingon?
I’m not sure about that. In the video it looks like the explosion takes place in London, but it could also be edited to make it look that way.
The yellow lights in the background and the yellow light in the shot in which Cumberbatch attacks a Klingon look similar to me.

79. Son Of MJ - February 3, 2013

I just want to point out, After kirk asks harrison who he is. I don’t think that he responds with the” I AM Better” right after.

for all we know he is actually implying he is Better now at everything than he was when they first met. which someone who was old and is now de aged much younger would be.

I don’t think he is an Augment, because if he simply just some random genetic superman than whats the point. if your going to do a Genetic Superman story then do Khan panic and alter it to be jo blo random augment cause you can not find a guy who looks like montalban.

I put more faith in them than that so thats why i think the whole augment thing is going the wrong direction.

80. mattytrek - February 3, 2013

#74 Neil – whilst we’re being pedantic, it’s only a “Union Jack” at sea. On land, it’s a Union Flag.

Bob Orci – wee bit of CGI to get the flags the right way around would be appreciated by we BritTrekkies

81. Copper Based Blood - February 3, 2013

Wow!!! London Blowing up. It looks like with the British & UFP flags flapping in the wind, the explosion maybe the UFP’s UK branch.

Got a Small Theory:- in the 9 min IMAX preview, John Harrison says to the Dying Girls Father “I can Save her, Your Daughter, I can Save Her”.

What happens, if the next line spoke to the Girls Father is “isn’t There anything you would not do for your Family?”

Like Blowing up a UFP building, I wonder???? Blow up the building for the life of your daughter.

Before everyone is thinking that Harrison is referring to the Augments & Khan, when he says “Family”

82. The Troubled Tribble - February 3, 2013

I was asking a friend, just a few weeks ago, “How long till JJ destroys his first Enterprise?”

Seems like I may have an answer.

83. CmdrR - February 3, 2013

Another Enterprise bites the dust.
I hate to think what Starfleet’s debt is.

84. Hat Rick - February 3, 2013

@StephenH (77), that’s the most beautiful version of the Enterprise I have seen in a very long time!

And just think — if the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum theory is true, that’s an actual ship, existing in an infinite number of universes.

I’m jealous of those universes!

85. msr - February 3, 2013

Looking at the close-up of the battered saucer section, a lot of the damage looks as though it might have come from internal explosions, suggesting possible sabotage. Thoughts?

86. Dr. Cheis - February 3, 2013

What? Why did I even turn on the Superbowl if I could just watch it online?

87. Dr.Image - February 3, 2013

Blowing up the ship- AGAIN?!?
Just write a decent script and cut the bullshit…

88. Gary - February 3, 2013

The Enterprise being destroyed could be a flashback scene of April’s Enterprise. She was later rebuilt and given to Pike.

89. NCC-73515 - February 3, 2013

So this is “We have starships” instead of “We have planes”?

90. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 3, 2013

Looks like Starfleet Academy gets taken out!

I see the bridge is still too pristine white and bright. I liked the lighting and layout of the TOS Enterprise. None better. It was simple and elegant. With this new bridge, it feels crowded. I always think I would bump into something.

The bridge on the TOS movies was too dark – ridiculously so.

91. The Original Spock's Brain - February 3, 2013

Just aired.

92. Aix - February 3, 2013

Are the “beep-beep“ sounds the new “Inception horns“?

93. captain spock - February 3, 2013

just seen the superbowl ad on T.v. cool looking forward to seeing the movie now…

94. Captain Cohen - February 3, 2013

@74 & @ 80, gentlemen, I believe that the Union Flag may be flying deliberately upside down, as a sign of distress or need for help.

You can tell because in the left lower corner the red stripe is higher than the broader of the 2 white stripes while being hoist (hung from its left hand side).

I hope that makes sense.

95. Mawazitus - February 3, 2013

Is this the first time we’ve seen Harrison/Cumberbatch speaking in any of the trailers (including the 10-minute preview)? We’ve definitely heard his voice, but we actually see him say “everything” in this spot. Not that it’s important, just an interesting approach to trailer editing.

96. Moe - February 3, 2013

Just saw the ad. I can’t wait for this movie.

97. theodore t currington - February 3, 2013

App scan didn’t pick up anything from the spot…

98. dmduncan - February 3, 2013

I’ve never been a fan of JJ’s Enterprise. It needed a facelift. I hope this is an opportunity.

99. dmduncan - February 3, 2013

Yeah, so that was the second QUARTER, not second HALF. Is there more coming in the second half, or was that it?

I need to know if I can stop torturing my eyeballs watching that game now.

100. Chain of Command - February 3, 2013

Cool! Finally, a serious Star Trek film again.

101. Wes - February 3, 2013

Hmm…the “extended” preview that was unlocked in the app was no different than the onr aired on television. But they got my eyeballs pointed at th e tv, which I suppose was their goal. Well played, Paramount and CBS…well played.

102. Anthony Thompson - February 3, 2013

90. Rose

Are you kidding? The JJ bridge is MUCH larger than the TOS bridge! And the TOS bridge wasn’t terribly “elegant”, either. Made of 2×4’s and plywood. Though I admit it has a nostalgic appeal. Not made for big budget movies, though! : )

103. Cervantes - February 3, 2013

So possibly NOT Nu-‘Khan’ after all, but could merely be an ‘alternate’ version of one of his ‘augmented’ cohorts instead.

If that proves to be the case, then yes, the writers and J.J. have ‘technically’ not just used an ‘alternate timeline’ version of the already excellent portrayal of the ‘Khan’ character…but have instead just come up with a nearly identical kind of character instead. Fair enough, as fans of the original, actual ‘Khan’ can’t say he’s been re-imagined for the worse…

…except he’ll still seem like ‘Khan’-lite if he’s an ‘alternate’ Botany Bay survivor in this, no matter the name change. I still have a slim hope that he turns out to be someone newer and more interesting than an ‘alternate’ buddy of Nu-‘Khan’ in this, but that’s just me I guess.

Either way, the Nu-‘E’ is most definately plunging towards a cloudy atmosphere, rather than sinking underwater, lol…and I sure hope J.J. uses his CGI wizards to alter that grinning ‘extra’!

104. Anthony Thompson - February 3, 2013


I am ready.

105. Bob Tompkins - February 3, 2013

The only thing missing was Kirk screaming Khaaaaaannnnnn! into a communicator.
Looks like we will quickly get NCC-1701A very quickly in this series.

106. Captain Cohen - February 3, 2013

Finally, @80 Mattytrek, and I’m sure you are about to fall asleep hearing this old Brit go on.. from a British Government memo in 1907..

“”Union Jack is the national flag and there is no objection to its general use by private persons on land.” and “It appears to Mr. H. Gladstone (Home Secretary) that the Union Jack can be used on land without impropriety by any private person.”

Home Office Memorandum of February 1907. [HO 45/10287/109071]

“Hey, Captain Cohen, are these tedious messages just payback for not being able to download the STIT app there in little old Britain?? Bazinga – to quote a certain Dr Cooper”

107. PureGenius - February 3, 2013

The Union Jack is a mirror image, not upside down. I’ve seen that often in movie. Probably done to frame the shot better. Probably a mistaken assumption that the flag was symmetrical.

108. K-7 - February 3, 2013

Just saw it. The Enterprise is dust in this movie.

109. Dennis C - February 3, 2013

Meh. I dunno. I’m starting to find that all of the secrecy surrounding the villain is getting to be a bit tedious.

As for the Enterprise getting battered, it hasn’t been around long enough for me to form an emotional attachment to

110. PureGenius - February 3, 2013

The shot was probably mirrored and the UFP flag added in post, because you can clearly see United Federation… on the flag is not mirrored.

111. K-7 - February 3, 2013

Also, BC comes across more like Khan now in this new trailer.

112. UKtrekFAN - February 3, 2013

As a Brit, I find it amazing that the perception of the “Hollywood guys” is that London, is Dark & Dismal with Grey clouds & Sky, all the time.

We do “sometimes” get Blue Sunny Skies, here in London.

does not do much for the tourist board.

113. Copper Based Blood - February 3, 2013


Been to London 4 times, it Rained every time!!!!

114. Baby - February 3, 2013

why do they keep puting alice eve scream…it is plain awful.

115. ScottC - February 3, 2013

The tv version is 33 seconds and the app version is 37 seconds? 4 extra seconds is all we get? Really?

116. K-7 - February 3, 2013

#114. I love that scream.

117. NCC-73515 - February 3, 2013

Guys, I got it. 911 with ships instead of planes; Federation declares war on Klingons, turns out it was an inside job. At least that’s what I read into Bob’s comments XD

118. K-7 - February 3, 2013

#115. Yep, a bit disappointed.

119. Dennis C - February 3, 2013



120. JJM3 - February 3, 2013

The aired / version of the ad is 33 seconds long, and the “unlocked” / “extended” version in the app is 37 seconds long. The app version’s extra four seconds are made up of one new bit of onscreen type (“THIS SUMMER,” matching “OUR” “WORLD” “WILL” “FALL”) and two extra shots, Kirk on a floor during some explosions and the Kirk & McCoy cliff jump on Nibiru.

121. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

Is the Enterprise April is captain off the Ring ship from STTMP? I think it may have been a cruise ship and not a military vessel. Maybe they just end up stranded and angry Starfleet didnt come and get them and Some kind of bizzar effect from the planet changed them.

122. NCC-73515 - February 3, 2013

I wish they would open up the movie forum again, it’s been locked since Friday…

123. mattytrek - February 3, 2013

#106 Captain Cohen

Thanks mate. I don’t dispute it’s USE. But “Jack” is a nickname from predating naval flags. The flag should still be properly referred to as the “Union Flag” but when hoisted at sea, it would revert to “Union Jack” or “Jack Flag”

Though, most still call it Union Jack.

124. AB - February 3, 2013

Just throwing this out there as an alternative take on the “I am better” “At what?” “Everything” dialogue:

I think that it IS most likely some reference to Harrison being an augment of some kind, but for the “Harrison is actually April” camp, is it possible he could be talking about being a better captain than Kirk? I don’t think it’s likely, but that’s just a random thought I had watching it again.

125. Captain Karl - February 3, 2013

So for Faux Trek 3, it looks like we’ll have NCC-1701A way ahead of schedule.

126. Michael - February 3, 2013

Not to be off topic here but I’ve been feelin’ a bit disenfranchised lately with all the Bad Robot teasers coming out as an exclusive with iTunes and hence the need for QuickTime (and the need to break a vow I swore I’d never do again) just to watch a comercial?

Has anyone converted these to something a bit more common – h.264 / mp4???

Resisting urge to go on rant about DRM and the industries never ending attempts to needlessly mess with the consumer.

127. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013


I think he was telling Kirk he is not equipped or experienced as a person/captain enough to compete with J Harrison and others involved. I’m better at everything could mean Im older wiser more experienced in understanding the universe and how it works with the confidence and clarity in what I am doing and that is going to make you fail get people killed your ship destroyed and you don’t have the life experiences or the maturity to compete with me. It dosent have to be genetic advantage it can be Intellectual.

128. Devon - February 3, 2013

“So for Faux Trek 3,” Not clever in anyway.

129. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

127 What I meant to say was Pike has told Kirk this and J Harrison is showing it to him.

130. Mathew Binkley - February 3, 2013

John Harrison may actually be the character’s name, but I bet money his middle name is Garth.

We know Robert April is involved somehow. Who better to conspire with a Starfleet captain (who, judging from the “Countdown” comic is slightly miffed at the loss of his captaincy) than another one?

“You think *your* world..” Not “our world”. Garth’s from Izar, not Earth.

Storywise, it would provide a dark mirror image of Kirk: someone with the same genius and abilities, who went to the “dark side”. Garth is one of the few characters in canon who could go toe-to-toe with Kirk.. Garth had no problems committing genocide either.

The imagery in some of the interviews and press releases… Comparing him to Hannibal Lector… Comparing it to a “game of chess”. They point to elements of “Whom Gods Destroy”.

131. Moose - February 3, 2013


Those QuickTime videos are H.264 and do not have DRM. You also to do not need iTunes to visit Apple’s Trailers site.

132. H hill - February 3, 2013

If that is Khan, are we bothered by the fact that Carol Marcus has to ask “Who is Khan?” In TWOK? Or is that just old canon and therefore
not important?

133. Gary - February 3, 2013

hopefully the newly built enterprise wont use a brewery for its engine room

134. dmduncan - February 3, 2013

Uuuuh yeah, when Harrison says he’s better at everything, he doesn’t just mean “intellectual.” He means EVERYTHING.

He means, in other words, that he is comprehensively superior.

Yes, the man has a backstory.

135. Mathew Binkley - February 3, 2013

And one more thing occurs to me…

The atom bomb which destroyed Hiroshima turned about a 0.5 grams of uranium into energy. That’s roughly the weight of a paperclip.

Judging from the trailer, we may have multiple starships stocked with kilotons of antimatter falling onto the planet’s surface.

“Our World Will Fall”. Something tells me all the footage we have seen to date may *SERIOUSLY* underestimate the scope of the terrorist action.

136. Son of Jello - February 3, 2013

133 Maybe the ship was drunk J Harrison just dropped a roofie in the engines and thats how he made the ship crash.

137. DonDonP1 - February 3, 2013

Cool! I saw this ad earlier during Super Bowl XLVII on the one, the only, CBS, which owns “Star Trek” and all other television properties that were once owned by Paramount Pictures prior to the Viacom Split of 2005. Of course, my national flag (the national flag of the United States of America) may have been not seen in the 2009 reboot, but the Union Flag of the United Kingdom was seen in the TV spot.

138. Jacko - February 3, 2013

#126 Download the K-Lite codec pack which comes with media player classic or vlc, and don’t stream the thing off of itunes download it via that down arrow beside view now and select what resolution you want via the drop down menu and save the file.

139. Wizzard - February 3, 2013

#41 The falling out of orbit shot is either not complete or sombody is messing with the ships reg numbers, they look at the 7 and the 0? The numbers don’t line up on the hull.

140. Gary - February 3, 2013

hmmm…first Romulas is destroyed…then Vulcan…perhaps this is the ultimate alternate reality and Eath is destroyed as well???

141. Jack - February 3, 2013

132. This is a completely new ball game.

142. Vulcan Jay - February 3, 2013

Bad news for you underwater guys.
San Francisco Bay isn’t that deep, a ship the size of Enterprise would sit on the bottom with a significant amount of superstructure sticking out of the water. Also we know the bay is the same depth as in our time because both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge still exist.

143. Ty - February 3, 2013

E is damaged and missing hull sections in same right-rear area as the Kelvin did in ST2009.

144. Gorandius - February 3, 2013

There is always the possibility that his response of “Everything” was taken from elsewhere in the film and spliced in there to just throw us off/

145. jesustrek - February 3, 2013

Water bubbles? …of Course is the water of WC of all Enterprise rooms !!! :)

146. ados - February 3, 2013

lights out at super bowl…lol

147. planetaryexile - February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Into Darkness

148. Platitude - February 3, 2013

I don’t know if he’s Kahn, but he is definitely genetically engineered.

149. Star Sick: the Original Generation - February 3, 2013

You think your ship is safe…

Just because it’s the second movie in a trilogy…

You are wrong…

150. Dr. Bizzare - February 3, 2013

Cumberbatch is a hybrid……the Aug virus from the TV show that affected Klinks, is affecting him. Half Klink, Half super human, all pissed off.

151. Aashlee - February 3, 2013

147. Hahahahaha!

152. Nick - February 3, 2013

My guess which I’ve noted before, is that the man with the sick child is Richard daystrom. The ideal man to assist with messing with star fleet ships on this scale. He wears an academy ring also.

Of there is one small thing I’d like to guess right it would be that!

Trailer is awesome & wowsers!

153. Punkspocker - February 3, 2013

Sweetness! Can’t wait. Big E looks a bit distressed.

154. Anthony Pascale - February 3, 2013

155. sean - February 3, 2013


They definitely could not do worse, as that is one ugly ship.

156. Bmar - February 3, 2013

147 – Win.

157. Peter Loader - February 3, 2013


I wish they would open up the movie forum again, it’s been locked since Friday…

I think the site got hacked… i sent them an email about it after weird things started happening…

158. NCC-73515 - February 3, 2013

157 Peter:
If it was hacked, do they know addresses and passwords now?
It always identifies me as “Coenceruffell”… you as well?

159. Trina - February 3, 2013

I really don’t know ST canon well enough to speculate, much – I’m watching everything again for the first time in several years & my memory’s not that great. lol

John Harrison, from what I’ve seen & heard, seems to clearly have both superior mental and physical ability. We’ve heard it in interviews. The early bit of film footage that was leaked showed Harrison going to his knees from Spock’s Grip, and then rising again and basically beating up on Spock.

To those who are tired of the mystery about Harrison: don’t worry about the mystery. Just wait for the performance. Cumberbatch is a very fine actor and I think you’ll see it in his John Harrison.

160. crazydaystrom - February 3, 2013

First – Those falling E shots don’t look like underwater shots to me AT ALL.

Second – If we get a redesigned Enterprise, one with straight nacelle struts or at least wider spacing between nacelles, I’ll be a happy Trekkie.

And third – It IS looking more and more like we might have a Khan (or other augment) situation going on here. Damn!

Oh well, it looks like it’s going to be a great action film. I hope we get some thoughtful science fiction along with the BANG-BOOM!

161. crazydaystrom - February 3, 2013

That should have been-
…redesigned Enterprise by end of film…

162. Tox Utaht - February 3, 2013

If the Enterprise is trashed, it would need to be rebuilt either before the end of this movie (which would mean an extended time off ship) or no ship betw movies (such as 3 to 4).

163. Captain Karl - February 3, 2013

Well, at least not to you, Devon;)

164. enterprise1965 - February 3, 2013

For the Enterprise refit in the 3rd Star Trek movie, can we have a Star Trek: TMP looking Enterprise refit?

165. John - February 3, 2013

This looks like a good action film, but it’s not Star Trek. Thank you J.J. for leaving so we can get a true Star Trek fan to direct the next movie!

166. Flaming Nacelles Forever - February 3, 2013

@165 John.

Grow up. Star Trek is for everyone, not just the dedicated fans of what came before.

JJ has done something no one has been able to do since the Voyage Home – build the fan base while making money. I am very happy Star Trek will be around for some time yet to come, and I’m happy.

Admiral Thrax

167. Peter Loader - February 3, 2013


No. I get something entirely different. Sometimes, even after I attempt to log in. It actually let me post once, then the post disappeared.

Note: the three topics displayed all have the same content repeated.

168. Peter Loader - February 3, 2013


Tried to post again. It actually worked and showed my previous post, but my Avatar has changed. The sites a complete mess now.

169. Nick - February 3, 2013


TOS was an action/sci fi TV programme really … plenty of hand to hand combat, with Kirk even bare-chested on occasions.

170. CaptainCone - February 3, 2013

AS 169 said–

TOS was an action/adventure series, and the movies were action/adventure flicks. The view that some have that it was some kind of hard science fiction are looking back through some seriously Kubrick-colored glasses. The one time they really tried that, it was TMP and it’s the least liked when the series and films are talked about most of the time.

And that’s coming from someone who likes some parts of TMP quite a bit.

Its disingenuous to try and claim Trek as a particular kind of high science fiction and shun its action and adventure elements, and its even worse to do so while shunning fans who enjoy the action and adventure elements of it alongside the message and the sci-fi.

It is what it is. JJ is doing fine.

171. Phasers-On-Stun - February 3, 2013

Well said! I’ve seen every episode of the classic trek many times over the years and I sometimes wonder what show everyone else is watching.

172. CoffeeProf - February 3, 2013


You have no idea what you’re talking. For God’s sake, Roddenberry pitched TOS as a SPACE WESTERN.

173. Aurore - February 4, 2013

” I am better…(at)… everything…”

I believe you! I believe you!

….Oh, man…this is going to be so good….

174. PEB - February 4, 2013

@170 thank you! i think some fans are confusing tng with tos. tng and voyager wer high brow sci-fi technobabble shows of trek lore. tos was action adventure on a budget and yes they had a message but so does jj’s trek.

175. James McFadden - February 4, 2013

i think that Starfleet will try to de-augmentize all augments or destroy them in order to ensure the safety of the galaxy

176. CsMisi - February 4, 2013

I’m going too with the Garth of Izar theory.

177. drumvan - February 4, 2013

174 – i think some fans are confusing tng with tos. tng and voyager wer high brow sci-fi technobabble shows of trek lore. tos was action adventure on a budget and yes they had a message but so does jj’s trek.

totally agree. “into darkness” could play out having the general vibe of a “doomsday machine”. imho, one the best of the t.o.s. episodes. it was tense, emotional, action based, had a life lesson of self sacrifice in atoning for one’s mistakes. i still get chills watching it to this day.

if s.t.i.d. is as successful i’ll be a very happy camper.

178. et - February 4, 2013

I think this ad is absolutely great, but I do hope the good folks over at Paramount marketing will now pat themselves on the back for showing America that the new Trek will be badass, and then get to showing us that it will also be FUN.

Respectfully submitted: You gotta go after that “Avengers” market, throw in a few one-liners, and get the idea in the heads of the casual weekend movie-goers that they won’t leave the theater depressed.

Just sayin’.

179. BeyondtheTech - February 4, 2013

I’m hopeful for this movie, but it does seem like a lot of “Earth” and not a lot of “outer space.”

In any case, with all that hull damage, I would guess that Star Trek ’15 will continue the path to a refit of the Enterprise like the original series did.

180. et - February 4, 2013

@10. He’s not Kahn. He’s Joachim. He’s one of Kahn’s disciples, and I bet he’s fighting to get Kahn out of stasis.

Now, Peter Weller may turn out to be Kahn….

181. Figomatic - February 4, 2013

The ‘bubbles’ shot of the Enterprise looks to me like it’s still high in the sky, but those are globules of liquids leaking out from broken water, coolant, hydraulic, lubricant, etc. mains and lines. The ship’s busted, so it would have busted liquid lines, same as any car, aircraft, or ship would have if it were severely damaged.

The bright lighting from below the ship doesn’t indicate it’s underwater, as a previous poster/diver stated. Unless there’s a bright underwater city illuminating the underside, much like low clouds are lit by city lights at night.

Another poster noted no smoke, fires, or atmospheric reentry streaking are seen in the ‘bubble’s shot. That makes sense to me if the ‘bubbles’ shot (or, IMO, the ‘leaking liquids’ shot) is early in the destruction process. Later in its descent, reentry streaking occurs and things start igniting/exploding causing the trails of smoke in the later shots.

In other words, it’s the ‘bad to worse’ scenario. The ‘bad’…the ship has holes punched in it and sections missing, some areas are leaking liquids into space, but damage control teams and automated fire suppression systems are mitigating internal damage. The ‘worse’…due to it’s falling out of orbit, atmospheric reentry stress dynamics and continued system failures are too much for damage teams and automatic systems anymore so explosions, smoke, flames start occurring as we see in the ‘smoking/streaked’ shots.

Just my opinion. Still kinda brain dead from Superbowl last night, so I hope it made sense. I’m gonna grab some more coffee…

182. Mark Lynch - February 4, 2013

Joachim? Really?

In the TOS era, that would make him about 5 years old….

183. LizardGirl - February 4, 2013

@174 PEB

Yes! Exactly! I also agree with you. That’s probably why TOS is my favorite franchise. It’s an adventure! Not saying that I don’t like TNG, because I do. But as you mentioned, there’s quite a bit of tech lingo in TNG that can get confusing or downright boring to listen to at times.

Kirk and his crew understood that actions spoke louder than words. And yet, there’s some good moral fiber in there as well. It’s probably the only Star Trek franchise that the very young and the older crowd and watch, understand and enjoy together.

What is high brow sci-fi anyways? I honestly wonder what it is because there isn’t much of it to compare with what’s on now. *Shrug*. All I know is that JJ did a great job on ST09. And the new trailers and teasers look fantastic. And I really hope he sees it through the end for the third movie. I like his style and I don’t want to see it switched up on the very last movie.

184. LizardGirl - February 4, 2013


Pfft! Never thought of that! Good point, and it should completely rule him out as the villain.

185. DisgruntledTrekkie - February 4, 2013

So what?
They changed Chekov’s age. Why would they do any different with a character who appeared in canon only once.

186. DisgruntledTrekkie - February 4, 2013

Sorry I meant 182.

187. Mark Lynch - February 4, 2013

It`s one thing moving things around by a couple of years or so. But fifteen years or more is a ridiculous thing to do just to put a known character in.

Joachim senior? Now you’re talking my language!

But as Khan and his followers are in no way, shape or form involved in this movie, it is an academic point only…

But I may be wrong, we will see in a few weeks. I’m patient and do not mind waiting to be proved correct… ;-)

188. Mark Lynch - February 4, 2013

And in case you were wondering I am a sarcastic ba***rd!!!

But it is all in good jest! ;-)

189. Trekkiegal63 - February 4, 2013

#177 Drumvan:

Funny, I got the “Doomsday Machine” vibe from the trailer as well. I mean, not so much in following the plot points, but just the overall aura and feel of the thing. And I agree, “Doomsday Machine” was one of the great TOS episodes. It’s impact no easily forgotten. If JJ pulls off a “Doomsday Machine”-esque vibe with STID, I will be one happy consumer.

…Just a thought. Everyone has been assuming April is tied into the new film, but Decker could also be a viable option, i.e. a Commadore with an axe to grind. Maybe, in this universe, he lost his ship and crew to a Nero-related fall-out instead of the Doomsday Machine and became crazed with ‘fixing’ the system. Would fit with the theme of revenge. Perhaps Weller’s character…

190. RBanks - February 4, 2013

Hey, If the Galactica can survive being slammed down onto the atmosphere, the Big E can too darn it!


191. RBanks - February 4, 2013


I got that vibe too.

“Doomsday Machine” is one of my favorite TOS episodes as well.

I never thought of Decker being a viable tie-in. Hmmm…

192. endeavour crew - February 4, 2013


193. endeavour crew - February 4, 2013


This will easily be the most badass ST villain of all time.

194. endeavour crew - February 4, 2013

But is it really John Harrison or is it……………………………..


195. MJ - February 4, 2013

I’ve just spent 15 minutes looking at my Playmates Toys Enterprise 2009 versus the trailer footage of that Starship crashing into the water and then hitting that city (probably SF), and there is no physical way that I can see how that ship can be the Enterprise. The pylon of the 2009 E, if bent like some or saying from the stress of reentry, could in no way be stretched in length to look like the ship in the trailer — that ship simply has much longer pylons. Additionally, holding my model at the same angle as that ship hitting the water, I can clearly see the back 40% of the secondary hull, when in this trailer you can’t see the secondary hull at all on this ship.

I am thus 99% confident that this ship is not the 2009 Enterprise based on my assessment here with my model.

196. Marja - February 4, 2013

How tantalizing, and *irritating*. I can play the other videos from other pages, but not this one.

I’ll be back as soon as I’ve dug it up from somewhere else on the web.

Did I need an Apple device to see this one?


197. Anthony Pascale - February 4, 2013

I have updated article with YouTube embed version for those with apple embed problems.

198. Marja - February 4, 2013

Okay, I found a news site and watched a very cruddy [giant pixel] version, then found an HD version.

It looks wonderfully exciting.

Spock falls a little farther down off the building.
Better kiss with Uhura.
BLUE EYES in brig scene [CumberPine]
Enterprise falllllling [NO DO NOT REBUILD DIFFERENTLY! 2009 ENTERPRISE WAS BEAUTIFUL! Curves like a racecar and … ample nacelles]

Another fan on this site noted, humor would be more than welcome. I agree. At least one line. This trailer is so dark, emotionally.

Smilin’ Guy is still in city destruction clip. BOO. Overwrite him with a Gorn.

I look forward to the movie, needless to say, but hope it will have some humor, and keep the present design of the Enterprise.

Ah, well. It will be what it will be, because it is what it is. Already.

199. Rich Wuori - February 4, 2013

Perhaps the Enterprise will get a refit after all the damage and be redesigned with the look the Enterprise from the original series, but I would prefer it change the way it looks like in the Motion picture through The undiscovered Country.. That’s my favorite..

200. paging BobOrci - February 4, 2013

Hey Bob,

ok, we;ve heard a lot about” expect tears, the humors there”, etc…
How do you view the film as a whole? and if you may, it there a question at the end that we may be asking ourselves, and what would that be?

I think that won’t give a ton away


201. dmduncan - February 4, 2013

Images in this film look beautiful.

And “Our. World. Will. Fall.” Hope that doesn’t end up being prophetic. Sometimes life imitates art. See, for example, Futility/Wreck of the Titan, by Morgan Robertson.

202. son-of-shatner - February 5, 2013

I’m worried…. Kirk has pointy sideburns? That’s far too close to the original series for JJ is it not?

203. THX-1138 - February 5, 2013

There are a lot of people who think that TOS was an adventure series. That is true in so much as there were exciting things going on. I mean it was the 60’s and you had aliens and spaceships and planets to explore.

But TOS was a vehicle to tell morality stories.

And it was pitched as a “space western” so that the idiot suits at the network could wrap their unimaginative brains around the concept. It was actually pitched as “Wagon Train to the stars”. If any of you are old enough to even remember Wagon Train, the show, you know that Star Trek was absolutely nothing like Wagon Train.

And there seems to be a backlash against TNG, “technobabble”, and “hard” science fiction. I wonder if anybody making these comments actually reads any science fiction? Read Ringworld. Don’t be put off by the “sciencey” stuff. Read Asimov, or Clarke, or any number of the classic science fiction authors. They liberally spread actual science into their stories. Not all of the “technobabble” in TNG was “babble”. Like all “hard” science fiction it extrapolated it’s technology from current scientific theories.
Was it overused? Probably, just like “cheesecake” was probably overused in TOS.

I’m looking forward to this movie and hoping to get more of a TOS feel from it. But like most of the movies it seems to get a bloated in the action department and too lean in the thinking department. That’s why I prefer Trek on TV.

204. Nano - February 5, 2013

Yes to Harrison as Augment, or some human (Lol) Klingon”Kloned” spy! Unfortunately that theory has Nemesis overtones which would be lame.

I’m betting a rogue SECTOR 31 Agent lost to the Darkside :)

205. Pegasus - February 5, 2013

30 second add with 8 seconds of new visuals and 2 lines of new dialogue. I dunno. Yawn.

206. Dismayed - February 5, 2013

TNG era technobabble wasn’t bad at first but it eventually jumped the shark. When Voyager blather started going on and on about rapid nadion effects and such it was time to reel it in. Dial it back a notch. When you’re not adding to the story, you’re just cluttering it up with inconsequential nonsense, you’re no longer writing a clear and compelling story.

There were some similarities to Wagon Train. In Wagon Train, the train was always making its way back and forth from the center part of America to California and back again. There were occasional big action episodes with Indians attacking and the trains circling. There were many episodes where they’d be on the trail and along the way would find some crazed old man wondering about that led to something interesting. Sometimes we’d run into an old flame or find out about someone’s past during the civil war. In a lot of ways the original Star Trek series really did follow the Wagon Train formula. But I agree, it mixed in hard science fiction and challenging story lines that shows of that era just never did. I liked the fact that they usually did it while generally talking about tech or science, but not always stooping to the level of spouting off the names of whatever the unobtanium particle of the week needed to be. It happened, but TNG took it to all new heights and rarely did it really help the storyline.

207. Christopher John Seeley - February 6, 2013

@7 Plenty of letters left in the alphabet!

208. Brian Matthews - February 21, 2013

Uh… bubbles?
I think not.
SFX nowadays would certainly be able to show such an underwater visual better than to make it look like it was falling from space, with various-sized hull rends spouting various-sized smoke trails – which is what must be going on, since we’ve already have scenes that looks like the Enterprise crashing into the water. Plus: if that was San Francisco Bay (and I ain’t saying it is) there’s not enough water depth to show such a ‘sinking’ Enterprise… nor would there be much hope for that deep of water near any coastline. And I find it amusing that the ridiculous idea of big plumes of smoke ‘underwater’ is completely ignored.

209. Brian Matthews - February 21, 2013

RBanks: >Hey, If the Galactica can survive being slammed down onto the atmosphere, the Big E can too darn it! Right?<

Too many unknowns about the two (fictional, BTW) technologies. I was always under the impression that starships shouldn't/couldn't go to warp within an planetary atmosphere (ST:IV notwithstanding). That's a warp engine. What the Galactica has seems to be an instantaneous transport capabilty, which is something STAR TREK could never claim. The physical constraints look to be quite different for the two – and the Galactica probably has little business in an atmo itself, anyway. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.