Shatner: JJ Doesn’t Know What To Do With Me + Watch Bill’s Live Chat To ISS At 10:30 AM (EST) [UPDATED] |
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Shatner: JJ Doesn’t Know What To Do With Me + Watch Bill’s Live Chat To ISS At 10:30 AM (EST) [UPDATED] February 7, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Once again William Shatner is weighing in on his lack of participation in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies. Bill seems to believe that JJ Abrams doesn’t know what to do with him and he appears dubious about why they never told him about the scene they wrote for him in the 2009 movie. More details below- and in other Shatner news – watch Bill’s live chat to space at 10:30 AM Eastern. [UPDATE: Chat is over – we have recorded version to watch below].


Shatner on why he isn’t in Into Darkness and on his Star Trek 2009 scene

There are a couple of new comments from William Shatner regarding Star Trek and the JJ Abrams movies. First up there is a quote from Shatner from when he did a lot of press last month that slipped through the cracks but is worth noting. At the end of an interview about Shatner’s live show at the San Antonio Geek Speak Blog was this off-hand comment…

Oh, and before you ask: Shatner’s not in this year’s “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

“I don’t think that [‘Darkness’ director] J.J. Abrams knows what to do with me,” Shatner says. “Age and change in body shape.”

And there is more. Last night Shatner did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ event on Reddit which covered lots of issues from food to ducks. But one question and answer actually related to Star Trek, and notably it was about the scene written for Shatner for the 2009 Star Trek movie. Shatner seemed somewhat dubious about why he was never actually offered the scene. Here is the exchange.

Did your "Favored Nations" clause at Paramount keep JJ Abrams from giving you a cameo in 2009’s Star Trek movie, since he would have been required to pay you the same rate as Leonard Nimoy, and your cameo would have been a short one? (I believe the scene was a holographic version of you as Kirk wishing Spock a Happy Birthday)

That’s what they say they had written. Who knows what the real reason was.

Watch: Shatner’s Space Call – 10:30 AM (Eastern)

Last month we reported that William Shatner was tweeting with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who is on board the International Space Station. Now NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have arranged a special Tweetup (#CSATweetup) with some space enthusiasts along with Shatner and Hadfield. Hadfield is also calling in to the station. The event kicks off at 10:30 Eastern.

UPDATE: Here is a recording of the event…


1. MJ - February 7, 2013

Sure Shat, JJ knows exactly what to do with you. In your present shape sir, he is ready to offer you the role of Jabba the Hutt in SW E7. Congrats!

2. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - February 7, 2013

Unless they were to incorporate the scene written for ST09 into STID, I don’t see how you could otherwise incorporate Shatner into STID.

Besides, it only would have worked in ST09 because it would have been appropriate for that movie. It just wouldn’t fit in with STID. With Spock Prime being in this uinverse, there could be a vaild use of Nimoy’s character. But not Shatner’s Kirk.

3. John - February 7, 2013

Shatner did an AMA on Reddit!

4. John - February 7, 2013

Oops sorry, I should of read the article on this page first.

5. Baby - February 7, 2013

JJ does know what to with you Will because TOS Kirk is dead

6. Frank - February 7, 2013

Give the guy a break, He’s 100 years old.

7. Aix - February 7, 2013

JJ doesn’t know what to do with me.

8. Calastir - February 7, 2013

Shatner should direct the next movies.

That man has kept the flame burning for us fans over the years, and it pains me how JJ is handling the franchise.

9. I'm Dead Jim! - February 7, 2013

@1 MJ, in keeping with continuity, I thing Shat will be playing Jabba’s grateful widow. :-)

10. Cardsguy - February 7, 2013

William Shatner could cameo as James Kirk’s grandfather. He doesn’t have to play Prime James Kirk. I thought they could have morphed Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto at the end of Star Trek(2009) in that Pike scene into Shatner and Nimoy getting honored years later to show that Pine and Quinto are playing the same characters.

11. Toby - February 7, 2013

Just leave him out of it, we don’t need any more time-travelling nonsense

12. Calastir - February 7, 2013

But that would rule out 89% of Star Trek plots.

13. Exverlobter - February 7, 2013

Shatner again is such an attention-whore.

14. marty - February 7, 2013

re-use the alternate kirk ending from generations–the one where he didn’t die. have q or spock(using red matter) travel back to then or the nexus. then age him appropriately. it’s that easy. it’ll it trek canon. digitally fix his weight or have him go on a diet.. or just have him ‘aged’. do whatever. there’s no record of kirk’s death anyway. heck, that might be a big pile of rocks on that planet. kirk could be living off the land.

as for star trek 13.. have jj produce, and have nicholas meyer direct it. or frakes. harve bennet is too old. put picard on screen with data. use the ‘countdown’ comics to make them canonical.

15. Danpaine - February 7, 2013

@1 – your disrespect never ceases to amaze me. And you have the gall to call yourself a true fan.

16. DeflectorDishGuy - February 7, 2013

Sorry Bill, but JTK is a human… a dead human. No katras or Nexuses or alternate timelines can change that at this point. You sir, are dead, on Veridian 3. Deal with it. :)

17. Jonboc - February 7, 2013

#13 “Shatner again is such an attention-whore.”

Hmm..not unlike our own MJ! lol (see post #1)

18. T'Cal - February 7, 2013

The man is a genius and will always land on his feet. Can you think of any other actor who has reinveted himself more than he has? I thought not! That being said, he doesn’t belong in these films, although I loved the idea of the voiceover at the end of the last film. That could’ve worked very well. But that time has passed. Love you, Mr. Shatner!!

19. P Technobabble - February 7, 2013

It seems to me that in Hollywood pretty much anything could happen i if someone wants it to happen. Unless we’re on the inside, we have no clue what the reasons are for not using Shatner. It’s all speculation. I think it would be cool to see him onscreen again, but it doesn’t look like that will ever happen. As for stuff like Shatner directing — Paramount wouldn’t even let him do a director’s cut of TFF, so why would they let him direct another film?

20. Captain Dunsel - February 7, 2013

@ 12. Calastir -“But [eliminating time travel] would rule out 89% of Star Trek plots.”

Maybe we can send Rod Roddenberry and Chris Doohan back to warn their fathers to “fix” that so it’s only about 60% or so…

21. Ben Yoris (FR) - February 7, 2013

I’m so desperate to see, one day, even for one moment a cameo or so, William Shatner as James T. Kirk again.

I just can’t believe that while he’s still alive (and live long and prosper to him) and with a good story, or say a good reason, we can’t have this delicate favour to see him one more and final time wearing the uniform.

That would be such a nice move to all Trek and TOS fans all over the world. Definitely would be a tribute to … everything that I love in Star Trek.

This is movie story alright. But this is also much more than that. A momentum.

Please make that happen, with good will (and that includes William Shatner’s one…) everything is possible.

22. Hat Rick - February 7, 2013

The CBC news channel in Canada is running what is the equivalent of heavy rotation (no pun intended) on this story.

Opening with a title card featuring a slightly sour-looking photograph of Bill Shatner paired with a separate photo of Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield, the anchor threw the story to CBC reporter Michael Serapio, who ran through a series of tweets exchanged between Shatner and Hadfield.

Serapio reported that Shatner began the exchange. Hadfield’s responses included a report that the ISS was in “standard orbit” and that there were signs of life on Planet Earth.

Trek regulars Leonard Nimoy and George Takei also posted related Tweets of their own. Takei said he would have no objection to an away mission as long as he didn’t have wear a red shirt. Serapio helpfully explained the reference.

23. Guset Snatcher - February 7, 2013

I think Mr. Shatner is a God amongst men, but he needs to let go.

Prime-Kirk as holograph would have worked great in Star Trek 2009, but its time for Bill to kick back and rest on his laurels.

He did such a stirling job in TOS, he has nothing more to prove…

24. - February 7, 2013

Shatner has been shafted too many times.

How he never got best actor Oscar for the death of Spok scene in Wrath of Khan I’ll never know.

25. Horatio - February 7, 2013

Dear Shat,
You are great. You are the Kirk. The Captain. Numero Uno. The standard by which all subsequent pretenders have paled in comparison.

But why the hell did you allow your character to be killed off? Especially in such a lame-ass way? It would have never happened had you not agreed to it. So in a movie that even Nimoy knew would suck donkey you killed off your character. An Icon. In a really stoopid way. And in doing so you pretty much blew your chances at any more sequels or reboots. You have only yourself to blame.

However, you are still The Shat. The Man. Captain, my Captain.

26. - February 7, 2013

Here is what Abrams should do. Cast Shatner as an older Hans Solo in Star Wars.

Or as Hans Solo’s dad.

27. Mark Lynch - February 7, 2013

The Universe would melt if that happened…

28. Bob Mack - February 7, 2013

I think we need to give Shatner a break. He gets hounded by the press and fans about the new movies all the time, getting asked the same questions over and over again (Are you in the new movie? Why not?) and so he makes an occasional comment. Who wouldn’t? He was a little vocal in 2009 but I think it’s entirely appropriate to direct those questions now to JJ and team.

29. Mr. Anonymous - February 7, 2013

Man, I love the Shat, but he needs to let it go. You don’t hear Nichelle Nichols complaining that she wasn’t in the new films.

30. Lostrod - February 7, 2013


Bob, you summed it up perfectly. The pattern is apparently set. Any interview with Mr. Shatner will include a question about his lack of participation in the latest ST movie and he answers in a diplomatic manner.

This, of course automatically triggers MJ’s tasteless weight jokes which then triggers those who think anyone over the age of 60 should just not be allowed to speak or be seen.


31. who is eating breakfast? - February 7, 2013

I believe that if Star Trek 3 or Trek 13 whatever it is going to be called if it is the last one with the current cast, and if JJ is not going to be associated with Star Trek due to Star Wars, then maybe if Mr. Orci is brought back on board they could put something together with putting the timeline back in line with the prime universe and have Mr. Shatner appear at the end of it. Thus that series of movies ends with the prime universe back and sets us up nicely for a new TV series maybe in 2015 or 2016 with a new enterprise crew set in the future? How about a new generation set like 100 or 200 years after Voyager with the crew of NCC-1701-M or NCC-1701-R. Thus the new show is back in line with the prime universe.

That is just my opinion. If Mr. Orci is on I would like his opinion. I can’t help but look at Days of Futures Past on the new XMEN movie for my belief that this could work.

Oh and if anyone cares I had corn flakes for breakfast : (

32. Delgado - February 7, 2013

A lot of people here can make stupid jokes about WS all they want, about body shape or age but all who do and all who don’t including MR. JJ will someday be old and out of shape but can they be as prolific as WS, as an actor at his age and shape, no they can’t, period, WS is ST for ever Take that!

33. pilotfred - February 7, 2013

unless they dig up kirk and bring him back to life somehow, he dead jame t kirk is dead (prime)

to bring him back from the dead would be a full story in itself

34. AJ - February 7, 2013


Every time Shatner is “hounded by the press,” it is a staged PR moment he probably pays someone to arrange. It’s a non-issue, yet it seems to pop up all too often.

35. Mike Li - February 7, 2013

Ok I been trying to be nice about what, but to says hat in Abrams doesn’t know what tomdo with you jus shows how egotistical he really is. First of all. Though his acting and character in TOS was original and great he is t entitled to be in any future projects. He’s had his time. Kinda can’t hold my respect for him if he continues to press for a Abrams trek role. To be completely honestly this is like those situations where someone invites him/herself to hang out. As a 19 yea old guy I still remember lots of events where I have or someone else has done that and it’s not a cool situation For either side

36. Darmok - Breakfast at Tenagra - February 7, 2013

The fanboi in me still wants to see a final cameo of Kirk Prime. They made Jeff Bridges look in his 30’s again…maybe they can pull something off with the Shat.

Dunkin Donuts cawfee and cheese danish for breakfast.

37. ME!! - February 7, 2013

Well everything could be cleared up in a heartbeat if anyone involved who knows would speak up….well, Mr. Orci? Where are you in all this? What do you know?

38. falcon - February 7, 2013

Let’s face it, TOS is dead. It pains me to say that as a Trek fan from the very beginning. And as the actors who portrayed those beloved characters continue to die off (RIP DeForest Kelley and James Doohan), it’ll be even harder to go back to the past. JJ’s Trek is not TOS … it was never intended to be, never will be, and IMNSHO will never match the popularity of TOS. But it is what it is.

It’s time for all of us, including Mr. Shatner, to let go.

The Enterprise will live on, but let’s stop focusing on fictional space travel and start focusing on getting out there for real. If “the human adventure is just beginning,” it’s high time we got going.

39. - February 7, 2013

@ 28. Spot on.

Context is lost when you only hear what he said.

@34. I’ll give you a life tip.

Never put your speculation across with an authority as if it were fact.

40. PilotDerek - February 7, 2013

Well sucks to be in the unpopular group, but I’d love to see Mr. Shatner as Kirk again.

@pilotfred like the name brother

41. The Professor - February 7, 2013

I am with you, Derek.
I have no idea how to do it, but would love to find a way.
It would be nice even to have him do the voiceover for “Space, the final frontier…”

42. Chris Doohan - February 7, 2013


“Maybe we can send Rod Roddenberry and Chris Doohan back to warn their fathers to “fix” that so it’s only about 60% or so…”

I’ll get to work on that.

43. Billiam - February 7, 2013

Could always film the originally intended scene now and add it as an easter egg in the credits… maybe Kirk finally opens the package Old Spock slipped to him in ST09? It would have to fit with the third movie obviously, but just a thought.

44. Shannon Nutt - February 7, 2013

Shatner was in Generations, Nimoy was in Star Trek (2009). Seems like a fair trade off, and I think Trek is really at the point where no more cameos of actors (be they from TOS, TNG, or otherwise) are necessary.

45. Aashlee - February 7, 2013

@44. Amen.

I know it’s hard for some people to change, but it’s time to cut the apron strings between original cast and new cast. Let the new cast do its thing. Let Mr. Abrams, Mr. Orci, et al., do theirs. Trek will never grow and develop if it’s constantly in the shadow of the original.

If “the human adventure” is “just beginning,” then let’s get on with it!

46. Craiger - February 7, 2013

I think they should have let Kirk live at the end of Generations and let him beam up to that rescue ship Picard and Riker were going to. Kirk could have said “Jean-Luc what have you done to the Enterprise?” Picard – “Don’t look at me I wasn’t in command.” Picard looks over at Riker.

47. Phil - February 7, 2013

There is nothing for JJ to do with you, Bill, unless this is a pathetic attempt to currey some favor for a part in Episode 7. Don’t you have a Priceline commercial to shoot or something?

There is something to be said about making a graceful exit….

48. Jovius - February 7, 2013

#8: Shatner directed and had a hand in writing Star Trek V, and look how well that turned out.

49. I am not Herbert - February 7, 2013

JJ doesn’t know anything, except shoveling drivel to pinheads…

SHAT knows JJ!!

50. boborci - February 7, 2013

no huge mystery. We knew Shatner deserved more than a cameo (not just based on his comments to that effect but based on our sincere repect) and we didn’t want to insult him by offering only that. And creatively, JJ wasn’t sure if the scene fit into the overall movie.

51. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

I’m a Shatner fan but I don’t want him in the new movies UNLESS there’s a mind-boggling awesome story that necessitates the appearance of Kirk Prime. I rewatched The Search for Spock last night (not my favorite Trek film) and Shatner was great in it! I can see him as Kirk anytime I want. He doesn’t need to be brought back again. And twisting and contorting to contrive a story just to have him appear as Kirk again will work against the movie and Star Trek as a whole. Please just don’t do it.

52. Disinvited - February 7, 2013

#16. DeflectorDishGuy 45. Aashlee

Even if the writers go with your preference that Prime Kirk stays dead, in Star Trek, there’s always possibilities. One is: Its canon via Guinan that no matter what happens outside once one exits the timeless Nexus that a shadow remains there. Creative minds could find away to incorporate shadow Kirk in some way if they wished to work with Shatner.

53. Disinvited - February 7, 2013

#32. Delgado

I’m fairly certain you are espousing the antithesis of what STAR TREK choose to portray the future holding for most humans.

35. Mike Li

For a different perspective, rent MY DATE WITH DREW.

54. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

52. Disinvited –
“Creative minds could find away to incorporate shadow Kirk in some way if they wished to work with Shatner.”

I repeat – … twisting and contorting to contrive a story just to have him appear as Kirk again will work against the movie and Star Trek as a whole. Please just don’t do it.

55. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 7, 2013

#1. MJ… LOL … you definitely bad!

;-) :-)

56. I am not Herbert - February 7, 2013

yeah, like JJ-verse has no contrivance… LOL!!!

contrivance is boborci’s writing style… =(

57. Mad Mann - February 7, 2013

50. And I’m glad you didn’t do it. A cameo just for the sake of the cameo is pointless if it’s not helpful to the story, it takes you out of the movie. It’s like Bob Hope coming in with his golf clubs “I’m just playing through” and you’re like WTF? Stupid.

JJ did the smart thing by not having it, and Bob, you are right for not giving a small cheesey cameo to Shatner.

58. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

56. I am not Herbert –
All fiction by definition is contrivance. I was referring to overt and unwieldy contrivance solely for the sake of the appearance of a character.

59. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

Or I should say ‘for the *inclusion* of a character’.

60. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

Or I should say ‘for the *inclusion* of a character’.

61. I am not Herbert - February 7, 2013

so was i… ;-)

62. Good Afternoon To Everyone - February 7, 2013

I always like Shatner’s Return novel that was a pretty good idea. Myself I like the “time travel” movies the most in Trek and in all movies, I love Back to the Future, Looper, and looking forward to Xmen Futures Past movie next year.

Time travel makes people wonder wow look at what “could” occur.

Myself I wish Mr. Orci would take a crack at the following movies and make a script and see if the “big wigs” would look at it.

1. Back to the Future 4

2. Friday the 13th Part 13

3. Greatest American Hero movie

4. Knight Rider movie

5. He-Man movie

Any chances Mr. Orci :)

63. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

61. –

64. I am not Herbert - February 7, 2013

yeah, those movies ARE more boborci’s speed… ;-)

65. Phil - February 7, 2013

@50. At this point you are being incredibly gracious. Shatner went on the record early on predicting doom and disaster for Trek 09 because he was not involved. I don’t know that he is owed anything at this point, other then a well deserved thank you for the time he put into giving life to the character to begin with.

66. Trekkiegal63 - February 7, 2013

While I have a healthy respect for Mr. Shatner, both because he was brilliant as Kirk, and because he is 81 years old and still works very hard, juggling multiple projects at once (I hope I have half as much energy at 81 – almost 82) I agree that the apron strings between the alternate universe and the prime universe should probably be cut.

In fact, this may very well be an unpopular opinion, but I didn’t really care for the ‘passing the baton’ concept of “Generations”. Not only was it poorly executed but it set a precedence, one that those in-charge at the time failed (with the possible exception of “First Contact”) to deliver. The TNG crew were supposed carry the franchise in film, and I feel that, by placing the TOS cast (or pieces of it anyway) in “Generations” it invited the shadow of the success of “The Wrath of Khan”, and “The Voyage Home” and “The Undiscovered Country” to loom over the TNG cast, making it that much harder for them to carry the mantel. In other words, it set the expectations higher then Berman et al could handle.

*shrug* Just my two cents, anyway.

67. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

62. –
Of your list the only one I’d really like to see is The Greatest American Hero. Loved that show.

But I’m anxiously awaiting Ender’s Game. Hope it’s good. I read the book years ago and I loved it. But won’t retread it until I’ve seen the movie. I don’t want the book in my head possibly getting in the way of the film.

68. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

Oh yeah, I think Back to the Future should be left alone.

And I’m aware Ender’s Game is not on that list.

69. sean - February 7, 2013

Two things I love about Shatner are his self-awareness and simultaneous, seemingly contradictory complete lack of self-awareness.

70. Superman - February 7, 2013

MJ, keep your cruel, mean-spirited vitriol to yourself. Apparently, you’ve missed one of the central concepts of Star Trek: Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations. William Shatner is a person, yet you treat him like a punchline. Shame on you.

71. al - February 7, 2013

EGO and all, I love Shatner, but the truth is, if he wanted to do Trek again,he would come into audition having shed about 40-60 pounds.
Granted, he is no spring chicken anymore. But they are personal trainers to whip you back into shape Mr. Shatner…if that is what you think the true reason is why jj hasn’t included you in the reboot.

72. Red Dead Ryan - February 7, 2013

I think William Shatner needs to step aside, be gracious, and let the new cast enjoy their time under the Trek sun. They will only be doing three movies at the most anyway.

Shatner will always be synonymous with Kirk, and vice versa. Unlike Chris Pine, who is a talented nuKirk but also more of a mainstream actor who won’t be nearly as attached to the franchise as Shatner has been since its inception.

73. Gusset Snatcher - February 7, 2013

Shatner needs to just let it go;

I love TOS, but Bill is getting obsessional

74. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 7, 2013

I and others have suggested suitable roles that William Shatner could play in this alternate Star Trek universe, but not James T Kirk. His James T Kirk is DEAD. William Shatner could easily play an older male relative of this young James Kirk – his grandfather or uncle from the Kirk side of the family. Apart from being part of the hologram scene written for the first movie, he cannot play prime Kirk anymore. Shatner/Kirk fans and William Shatner need to, properly, realize this, move on and get creative again. For goodness sakes, it is doable!

James T Kirk is now played by Chris Pine!

75. Phil - February 7, 2013

@66. Generations is probably my worst of the Trek films. It should never have been made…

76. Phil - February 7, 2013

@74. Never going to happen….

77. Danpaine - February 7, 2013

46. Craiger – February 7, 2013

Good call.

78. LOFC_Ed - February 7, 2013


Totally agree.


The main idea of the 2009 ‘Trek was to establish a new timeline so they have a ‘clean slate’. Nimoy was used to ‘bridge the gap’ between prime and alternate timelines (I’m sure you know all this but hey ho!). They have established that ‘clean slate’ so there is now no need to try incorperate other prime timeline characters into the new movie(s).

79. LOFC_Ed - February 7, 2013

Sorry, meant to be @12, not @13

80. THX-1138 - February 7, 2013

I love William Shatner as Kirk.

But as it’s been said countless times, you ALLOWED your character to be killed off on screen, Bill. Unfortunately, as it turned out, someone else got hold of the franchise, obliterated the Prime universe from being seen onscreen again, and recast your character. That, as they say, is that. The prime universe exists now only with Nimoy’s stranded character and on a bunch of DVD’s and blurays in my collection.

Sad day, but there it is.

81. Damian - February 7, 2013

It’s almost sad to see William Shatner these days. Dude, you are and always will be the legendary Captain Kirk. Chris Pine did an excellent job, but when everyone things of Captain Kirk, they think of William Shatner. That’s nothing to scoff at.

Of all the previous actors, he is the one that just won’t seem to get over it. Sure, other actors have “offered” their services if ever asked, but other that Shatner, they don’t seem to have this entitlement attitude, that Abrams owes them.

I just don’t have any sympathy for Shatner. A lot of people rail against how he was killed in Generations, but he agreed to do it. I’ve always said he could have walked away. He wasn’t tricked into it, he did it of his own free will. The consequences of that is that Kirk-prime is dead.

82. crazydaystrom - February 7, 2013

81. Damian-
“Kirk-prime is dead.”

Indeed. As I’ve often said – ‘Shat’ is past-tense.

83. Trekkiegal63 - February 7, 2013

#75 Phil:

Agree entirely. I own it, just to have the complete set, but I just can’t bring myself to rewatch it ever.

84. PEB - February 7, 2013

Blame Picard for Kirk not being around, not JJ. Think about it, if Picard had never gone into the Nexus to get Kirk, he would still be in there. He could’ve been brought out at any moment and given a good send-off worthy of the the legend he is. Actually, I guess I could blame Guinan right? Since she was the one who told Picard to go get Kirk….crap okay no it was Captain Harriman wasnt it? He was the one who let Kirk go down to the deflector control….okay okay okay no it was Kirk who had the comfy captain’s chair on the bridge of the Enterprise B but stopped Harriman from going. So in a long round about way, I guess Kirk was the catalyst for Kirk’s death afterall…

85. Kev-1 - February 7, 2013

I’d like to see Shatner as Kirk again, but I don’t think a glorified cameo would do justice to his character. As for Generations, he explained in an interview not too long ago that if he had not participated, they would have just said he died. Look how the Two and Half Men producers completely and utterly dispatched Charlie Harper without Charlie Sheen’s presence. He also explained that Paramount, having considered Next Gen’s TV ratings, believed Next Gen movies would create bigger grosses than the TOS series. So they (prematurely?) canceled the TOS movies.

86. Basil - February 7, 2013

Is there any prospect of Generations being declared non-canon? Since no-one seems to like it…

87. THX-1138 - February 7, 2013

#85 Kev-1

Umm…no. If Shatner had not participated then the movie “Generations” doesn’t get made. Even the producers would have to realize that you couldn’t have a torch passed from one captain and crew to the next if one of the captains doesn’t show up.

No Shatner, no Kirk, no different generations to try to bridge. They would have to go to plan B–Make a stand alone TNG movie. Which should have just been plan A to begin with.

88. The Sinfonian - February 7, 2013

@29. Mr. Anonymous – Man, I love the Shat, but he needs to let it go. You don’t hear Nichelle Nichols complaining that she wasn’t in the new films.

Ummm, if it weren’t for the Writers’ Strike underway, Nichelle was actually to be written in as Zoe’s Uhura’s [grand]mother. So they’ve said.

89. Damian - February 7, 2013

I actually thought Generations was a decent film, for the most part. I don’t even have a problem with Kirk dying, or dying for a people he never met (Veridian 4). That is a perfect hero’s death. It’s easy to give your life for people you know, it’s much more heroic to die saving those you never met (a point the movie should have driven home more).

But I do agree, the method of his death was poorly conceived (in a sense, his “first” death on the Enterprise-B was more appropriate–as he died saving the Enterprise).

But the rest of the movie was ok. I liked the idea of the Nexus. It was certainly unusual.

I guess it’s kind of sad, but I was always more upset they destroyed the Enterprise than I was about killing Kirk. I loved the Enterprise-D. When Picard and Kirk returned from the Nexus, I was actually kind of hoping they would prevent it’s destruction.

Reading posts about Generations over the years, it seems if it weren’t for Kirk’s final death on Veridian 3, many fans would have considered it an average Star Trek film.

90. Red Dead Ryan - February 7, 2013

If they had Kirk save the Enterprise B and still be sucked into the Nexus while leaving it at that, then it would have been fine.

The problems occurred when Kirk came back out of the Nexus seventy years later on some barren planet. Not to mention Kirk whining about the galaxy owing him one was out of character. And the god-awful death scene.

The first “death” scene was perfect. Kirk went out as a hero, while leaving his disappearance/death open-ended for a potential future resurrection would have left open the door for Shatner to have appeared in J.J Abrams’ “Star Trek”.

91. Damian - February 7, 2013

90–True. They could have left Kirk’s death on the Enterprise-B. He died alone (as described in Star Trek V–though one could argue he was alone from his 2 closest friends at the end too) and for the Enterprise. The Nexus and Dr Soran would have served to link the 2 Generations together. And yes, in Star Trek fashion, it would have left some wiggle room for the future.

But the producers and Paramount really wanted to have Picard and Kirk, 2 legendary captains, work together. It wasn’t enough to have a link, they wanted Picard and Kirk to save the day—together.

92. Damian - February 7, 2013

90–I wonder how much Kirk’s whineyness had to do with Shatner. I read the Shatnerverse novels that resurrect Kirk, and they all had that same galaxy owes him and Starfleet is out to exploit Kirk and prevent him from having a life and family theme throughout.

His books were decent, but the whole woe is me thing did get a bit trying.

93. Trekkiegal63 - February 7, 2013

#86 Basil:

Here, here!!!

#89 Damian:

For me, at least, it was more than Kirk’s death (although, yes, I will go on record as saying that scene sucked as much as a scene can suck). Soran didn’t work for me as a villain (suprising considering the acting chops of Malcom McDowell), he wasn’t relatable at all. And it bothered me how little screen time the other characters aside from Picard, and maybe, Data, received (I mean Frakes had, what? Two whole lines throughout the entire thing?). It wasn’t a very good ensemble film. And overall it had more the feeling of an episode than a motion picture. And don’t even get me started on the science…

… also, on behalf of my gender, I was more than slightly peeved that Troi had to be the one to crash the ship (but not as peeved as I was that her whole purpose in “Nemesis” was to be mind raped, AGAIN… because we hadn’t seen that before in season 5 “Violations”… bitter, who me? I know not what you speak ;)).

94. Tom - February 7, 2013

I really wish they find some way to get the hologram scene filmed. Just use it for the 50th anniversary which will hopefully be trek 3. Someone should officially present it to Shatner. Hope Mr Orci is listening. I still think that is the only misjudgement JJ made. Perhaps if he is just producing we can see this wonderful scene played out

95. Exverlobter - February 7, 2013

God, again that, “Kirks death sucks” discussion.
Well guys, if you consider, that Kirk should originally be shot in the back by Malcolm McDowell, his “new” death does not seem to be that bad.
I think it was appropriate. However, i always thought that the “Oh my” was stupid, but that was Shatners idea. And his sacrife is pointless, at least for the audience, because even we don’t see this civilisation that Kirk saves.

So yes, his supposed death on the Enterprise B was better but on the other hand too similiar to Spock’s Death in TWOK. But the Bridge-death was at least to some degree OK, while the shot in the back-death would have been a slap in the audiences face.

96. Kev-1 - February 7, 2013

#87 That’s what the interview reported Shatner as saying. If you don’t believe that, take it up with the guy that did the interview.

97. DonDonP1 - February 7, 2013

@6 If you are reffering to William Shatner, nice try. Shatner is only 81 years old, going on 82 next month. Sheesh!

98. Jonboc - February 7, 2013

Wow…so many envious of the great William Shatner. You guys just need to come to the realization that you’re not Shatner…you can’t be Shatner…but also know, that it’s OK not to be the Shat. There’s no shame in admitting that. :)

99. MJ - February 7, 2013

@70. “MJ, keep your cruel, mean-spirited vitriol to yourself. Apparently, you’ve missed one of the central concepts of Star Trek: Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations. William Shatner is a person, yet you treat him like a punchline. Shame on you.”

Excuse me, dude, buy Shatner has made a fortune over the last couple decades in treating both himself and us fans as punchlines.

@30 “This, of course automatically triggers MJ’s tasteless weight jokes which then triggers those who think anyone over the age of 60 should just not be allowed to speak or be seen.”

Nope. Only if you are really out of shape and trying to force your way into playing the lead role in a Trek movie — then I would prefer you just shut up (memo duplicated for Mark Hamill and Carrier Fisher). Otherwise, I have no issue whatsoever with anyone else large and rotund and over 60 saying anything or doing anything they want –just don’t force your way in playing Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Nimoy — guy stayed and shape and did a bang-up job in Trek 2009; Guiness, looked pretty fit in Star Wars for an older Jedi; Ford – can still credibly play Solo — these are folks who can credibly play these types of roles still. Shat cannot.

It is what it is.

100. Finn - February 7, 2013

The new timeline means that Generations won’t play out the same way. You could have some sort of flash-forward at the end of this trilogy using Shatner and Nimoy as the old age versions of Pine and Quinto. Does it really have to be Kirk Prime to make it worthwhile?

101. DWNicolo - February 7, 2013

I still say they should do a mirror universe Kirk in one of J.J.”s Star Trek movies with Shatner as Emperor Tiberius.

102. Harry Ballz - February 7, 2013

At the top of this thread they show a picture of Shatner as Kirk, back when he had something to offer.

Let’s see them post a CURRENT picture of Shatner and we’ll hear the truth as to how much clamour there is for his return as Kirk.

103. Red Shirt Diaries - February 7, 2013


Here are a couple:

It’s just hard to see a Kirk in there anymore in these recent photos of Shat. One would just hope that he would realize it himself soon, and move onto other things.

104. DiscoSpock - February 8, 2013

#103. OMG, I didn’t realize he had let himself go to that extreme. I truly fear for the guy’s health now — being over 80 and that large is very, very dangerous. His family should consider an intervention or something.

R.I.P. TOS Captain Kirk.

105. Captain Chopsteak - February 8, 2013

Okay, you guys are suffering from extreme Shatner worship. I’ve religiously watched all things Trek all of my life. And to be honest, he did make a great captain Kirk. In a couple of movies. I mean for cryin’ out loud. Shatner isn’t a god. Let’s face it. He’s old. He’s fat. Sure, it sounds rude. But for god’s sake. Could you picture Shatner actually having the acting skill to adapt to JJ Abrams’ direction? I’m sorry. No way in hell.

Shatner has an ego (like many actors of course). But as long as you worship him, he will never change. He did FANTASTIC in The Wrath of Khan, and yes I think it was Oscar worthy. But the rest? “Klingon bastards, you’ve killed my son”? I felt nothing. HELLO?

It sounds like I’m hating on the guy. But I’d honestly watch any movie he’s in. Because he is an icon. He’s an absolute icon thanks to all of his Trek fans. His fan van is running off of old fumes. The times are changing. People argue that Kirk is better than Picard. Maybe. But Patrick Stewart is a far better actor. Leonard Nimoy’s acting ability has aged like fine wine. Spock is more iconic than Kirk is. Spock was the BEST character to bridge the gap in the new movie. And Shatner just won’t let that go.

Remember, Kirk died. Just because you want him back, and he wants himself back in for the spotlight doesn’t mean he should be. And anyone who says that doesn’t make sense just doesn’t deserve to be called a hater. It’s absolutely stupid.

I loved his performance in The Wrath of Khan. But as far as his acting ability goes? It pales in comparison to the actual character of James Tiberius Kirk. I don’t mean to disrespect the man, but lets get real. The older he got, the less he was willing to act to the tone of the film or the script. He… just… READ… the LINES. With…. INFLECTION.

106. Toonloon - February 8, 2013

As much as it pains me to say so, I think JJ, Bob and the team made the right decision.

It was a brilliantly and touchingly written scene, and it gelled well with the film, but it really would have just been there for the fans who, in all likelihood, would have complained “is that it???”.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. At least this way the door is open if a Shatner guest role fits with an upcoming story. And if the guys do develop a new Star Trek series, there’s no reason why Mr Shatner couldn’t participate in that in some capacity.

107. Mel - February 8, 2013

MJ and some other people making fun of his looks are just mean. The guy is over 80. I doubt anyone on this site will win a beauty contest at that age.

Personally I don’t want that any Star Trek actors from previous series/movies appear in the new movie (at least not in their old roles), because I want the new actors to stand on their own. I already didn’t want Nimoy in the last movie. I thought without the time travel story, the movie would have been better.

108. Kev - February 8, 2013

well Mel I think the scene with Kirk doing a happy birthday thing isnt a bad idea and having Nimoy there does help sort of ease over the transition from old to new.

something that didnt go over to well with people and the new enterprise, me included (still think the madkoifish version was THEE version to go with) so it was sort of a okay if this doesnt work hopefully they’ll have something to grasp onto kind of deal

and personally I still kind of think the birthday scene with Bill being shown to new kirk after some huge fight between new kirk and spock would probably work to show how different these versions are and maybe act as a catalyst for them to finally grow into the working relationship like they had in old trek

or something similar to it

and also I kind of think the reason why Bill here is so keen on getting in is well he is 80 years old and he doesnt know how much time he has left.

like almost like he thinks this could be his last star trek hurah, sort of like Relics for Scotty/Doohan and better than the generations one and maybe a second chance to make up for it.

so I can kinda see where he’s coming from, and what can I say I just like Shatner and he and his ship will always be the captain and the enterprise I think of when I think of star trek

the old refit 1701 or 1701 A enterprise with him in command, not the new one lol

seriously fix the proportions on that baby its driving me nuts looking at the side profile of that thing, makes the D look like the enterprise E when it comes to a balanced figure.

109. Disinvited - February 8, 2013

#60. crazydaystrom.

I don’t quite think you quite grasp what you are saying. The ship has already sailed on your gripe.

In the 2009 movie script, Prime Spock was introduced as a contrivance to resurrect the dead Kirk character. Are you sure it’s the resurrection of the Kirk character back in the Prime universe that you object to and not just that Shatner would play him?

Because I don’t object to a suggestion that another actor should play resurrected Prime Kirk. But then again, I don’t want to see Shadow Kirk written as interchangeable with Prime flesh and blood, and dead Kirk. I think it would be interesting for the audience and Shatner the actor to explore finding himself a shadow of his former self through Shadow Kirk. But while I’d like to see Shatner do it I’m not tied to this concept that only he could play the role.

If another actor is cast, I think it would be a mistake not to have Shatner involved in some way but if they can’t, c’est la vie.

110. Mel - February 8, 2013

@ 108

“and also I kind of think the reason why Bill here is so keen on getting in is well he is 80 years old and he doesnt know how much time he has left.”

Personally I never got the impression, that Shatner is upset, that he isn’t in one of the two new movies. He didn’t seem angry in my opinion. I think he is fine with it, that he isn’t in one of them.

Sure, he would have done an appearances, if they would have asked him. He likes Star Trek, that the old characters were revived, etc.

And if he would have gotten a role and refused it, people would surely also have accused him of prejudice/bad manners/not giving new Star Trek a chance/etc. Some people would have said, that he is a grouchy old man, who doesn’t like to be replaced and tries to put new Star Trek into a bad light out of jealousy/selfishness/displeasure.

111. Richard - February 8, 2013

Be thankful Mr Shatner, he didn’t know what to do with Trek either

112. mhansen0207 - February 8, 2013

Of course JJ knows what to do with you Shatner:

Keep you FAR the Hell away from these movies. Your ship has sailed, you should NEVER be in them.

Never was a fan to be honest. He had his moments, but I agree with MJ, the man is a punchline, and really not a good actor.

113. Damian - February 8, 2013

106–I have to agree. To me the whole holodeck thing seemed to me like a hamhanded attempt to get Shatner in it at all costs. And yes, the same fans clamoring for that would be the same ones saying “that’s it?”

Plus, Shatner wanted a role, not a cameo. He would still be complaining that all they gave him was a cameo.

114. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 8, 2013

Is William Shatner actually saying he wants to be in any new Star Trek movie playing his old character, James T Kirk? I don’t think I have ever read that anywhere. Does anyone actually know and can point to a link/an actual quote made by him in this respect?

If it seems OK for people to have Nichelle Nichols written into a Star Trek movie playing Lt Uhura’s (Zoe Saldana) grandmother or other older female relative, then why is not OK to write a similar Kirk character for William Shatner to play? Nobody seems to bitch about the possibility of George Takei playing an older Sulu (John Cho) relative or having Walter Koenig play Chekov’s (Anton Yelchin) older relative.

In fact, it has been suggested that these older TOS actors do a cameo as a homage to TOS and the original characters they played. Why can’t the same be for William Shatner?

Bill – take the cameo role, if offered, and be a proud quirky great-uncle to this young Pine/Kirk!

115. BatlethInTheGroin - February 8, 2013

#8: What?? The last time he directed a film, it was a DISASTER. And no, Shatner has not kept the franchise alive. That’s a ridiculous statement.

116. BatlethInTheGroin - February 8, 2013

#15: There’s no such thing as a “true fan.” That’s elitist nonsense–the kind of thing Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say.

117. BatlethInTheGroin - February 8, 2013

#26: Who the hell is Hans Solo?

118. BatlethInTheGroin - February 8, 2013

#98: That was a monumentally STUPID comment. Just because people criticize does NOT mean they’re jealous. It’s idiotic and nonsensical to claim that it does. Get a grip.

119. Tom - February 8, 2013

I think the problem is that Shatner would have said “thats it?” If it was reported to be a cameo I would not have expected anything more than that scene that was written. I still believe even if it was a forced attempt to get him in the movie that it would have worked. I really enjoyed the film but I think it would have been one of my favorite moments.

120. Cervantes - February 8, 2013

@ 95 –

Good point about ‘Prime’ Kirk’s final ‘Oh my…’ line being a bit of a naff sign-off.

In fact I reckon that if his ‘death’ scene in GENERATIONS had been done WITHOUT any of the last dialogue between him and Picard…then it would have come across a lot more effectively overall. Dennis McCarty’s excellent score at that point carries the scene, and seeing Picard finding an already dead Kirk amongst the bridge wreckage would have been a far more shocking and dramatic exit for Shatner instead. This would have given it more of the kind of tone that his earlier, superior ‘death’ scene had.

Hell, if I wasn’t making a fanedit of GENERATIONS where ‘Prime’ Kirk actually SURVIVES the movie…then I might have actually have done a simple re-cut of the scene to do just that instead!

But while I’d rather a creative solution had been conceived that would have enabled Shatner to re-team with Nimoy briefly in a ‘post’-GENERATIONS ‘Prime’ Kirk role…I’d rather NOT see him ‘cameo’ in a non-‘Prime’ Kirk role in any of these ‘alternate timeline’ movies.

That would seem ridiculous, considering Nimoy has appeared as his ACTUAL TOS character in the first one…

Lastly, to those who still decry the notion of a ‘portly’ Shatner appearance to begin with in these reboots – I doubt that many in the audience for the 2009 movie would have minded too strongly if an entertaining scene or two involving the elderly Nimoy and Shatner had been devised for the ‘hand-over’ to the younger cast in the first place.

Personally, I still think it was an opportunity missed to come up with a scenario to get BOTH these ‘Trek’ stalwart together onscreen for a final nostalgic re-union. If we could handle seeing a very craggy, elderly Nimoy involved, then I’m sure we could have equally handled a ‘somehow-still-alive’, elderly Shatner too.

He may be stout now, but he’d have filled out a well-fitted Admiral’s suit just fine, had he been included. He and Nimoy didn’t need to be seen leaping about anywhere, at the end of the day. And I’m sure Pine and Quinto could still have held their own, despite having both of the original actors appearing in some capacity in the movie, too. But perhaps that’s must me.

121. Cervantes - February 8, 2013

…or even Just me. Damn typos.

122. Aashlee - February 8, 2013

I think the best way to honor TOS, its writers, its producers, and the actors–Williams Shatner included–who helped breathe life into the characters and universe(s) we love so much is to use TOS’s foundation as a springboard into further creative exploration. Re-casting all the same people, doing it all the same way as we did before does not do that. Yes, we remember the TOS crew’s work fondly and will revisit it from time to time, but it seems like such a waste to insist on using precious AOS film time (especially when we may only get three AOS movies) to walk down Memory Lane.

I like William Shatner. I’ve met him, and he was very nice to me. I don’t care what shape he’s in right now; I like watching him. I find his big, over-the-top, energetic personality entertaining in an odd way, but entertaining nonetheless. I admire how he’s been able to channel it humorously, especially in the last few years, and I wish him well.

That said, I do not want or need to see him in an AOS movie, especially because it would be a distraction more than a device to move the story along.

123. Tom - February 8, 2013

#120 Cervantes

I agree with you. A scene or two would have been great. I wish they would film a nice scene with both Bill an Leonard and include it in the third movie. It will probably be the last of the alternate universe films anyway and be a nice conclusipn to both TOS timelines. Of course they could possibly appear in a tv series as a guest. However we dont know if and when that would happen. We also cannot assume that at that time they will be available and healthy enough to do it.

124. Cervantes - February 8, 2013

@ 123 Tom

Here’s where I see things –

1. We missed out on a meaningful ‘Prime’ Kirk Shatner appearance alongside Nimoy in J.J.’s TOS reboot, due to either an unwillingness or inability to come up with a subplot that ‘undid’ his GENERATIONS fate.

2. Although a nice little ‘cameo’ scene was conceived involving Nimoy revealing a PRE-GENERATIONS ‘Prime’ Kirk ‘hologram’message, I reckon it’s highly unlikely to be something we’ll see in the next (final?) ‘alternate timeline’ movie either.

So my last hope for a respectful Shatner appearance is for something along the lines of what # 100 Finn alluded to – Some kind of plotline that involves seeing ELDERLY versions of Pine and Quinto’s Nu-Kirk and Nu-Spock characters at some point in the movie…which would be played by Shatner and Nimoy!

Make it so J.J. and co.!

125. Cervantes - February 8, 2013

…and I don’t necessarily need them to be the ones that end the 3rd movie. After some ‘ELDERLY’ highjinks with Shatner and Nimoy, the storyline could somehow be constructed to have the YOUNGER versions be restored to continue on for the rest of the movie…

..but I can imagine the entertaining possibilities with which Shatner and Nimoy’s scene(s?) could end up going down, if they were written as SUDDENLY MUCH OLDER versions of the younger Pine and Quinto characters for a while…

126. Tom - February 8, 2013


JJ & co Make it so!

127. Anthony Thompson - February 8, 2013

Shatner is getting more pathetic day by day.

George obsesses over Shatner and Shatner obsesses over JJ. LOL.

128. Phil - February 9, 2013

@114. Shatner was heavily promoting his novels as a means to resurrect his Kirk during the development of of Trek 09. It’s also well documented he wanted equal time with Nimoy as a condition of involvement. Between that, and him also being on record predicting doom and disaster for the last movie because it didn’t feature his Kirk, it’s safe to conclude Shat wanted another turn in the chair. The links are out there, look them up.

Been visiting this site for a while now, and I don’t recall any groundswell of support for the idea of casting the TOS co-stars in minor roles in the movies. I understand you are trying to make a point, but making stuff up to do it doesn’t get the job done. Shat’s Trek ship has sailed, and considering that Pine portrayal of Kirk is a caricature of Shatners Kirk, I suspect that professional pride would probably want to keep Shatner as far away from Pine as possible, anyway.

129. K-7 - February 9, 2013

@114 “If it seems OK for people to have Nichelle Nichols written into a Star Trek movie playing Lt Uhura’s (Zoe Saldana) grandmother or other older female relative, then why is not OK to write a similar Kirk character for William Shatner to play? Nobody seems to bitch about the possibility of George Takei playing an older Sulu (John Cho) relative or having Walter Koenig play Chekov’s (Anton Yelchin) older relative. In fact, it has been suggested that these older TOS actors do a cameo as a homage to TOS and the original characters they played. Why can’t the same be for William Shatner?”

Who has been suggesting this? I don’t want any of this? No thanks!

130. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 10, 2013

One or two people were suggesting this. My – what short memories!

#128 – William Shatner has expressed nothing but respect for Chris Pine and his talent.

131. Red Dead Ryan - February 10, 2013

Well, I remember numerous fans suggesting that the sequel be a remake of “The Deadly Years” just so that the remaining TOS actors can play older versions of their characters in the new timeline. Never mind that both DeForrest Kelley and James Doohan have long ago passed away, or that the entire concept is pure fanwank that would make “The Final Frontier” look like an Oscar-calibre film in comparison.

132. Rose (as in Keachick) - February 10, 2013

People presented all kinds of ideas. I personally did not like the idea of remaking “The Deadly Years” and I doubt any of the actors did either. Clearly, some ideas are better than others. These are just notions, thoughts, ideas that the writers/producers et al may be able to run with…or not.

133. phx219 - February 13, 2013

#16 – Kirk is not dead on Veridian 3. We don’t know what the future holds for Kirk anymore, but at age 90, in the JJverse, he could very well still be alive. Any kind of flash forward or time travel story could use a brand new, never before seen version of Kirk – yet still played by Shatner. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.