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Bryan Burk Hints Next Star Trek Movie Could Arrive In 2016 – In Time For 50th Anniversary March 11, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Beyond,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

One of the big questions for Trekkies is how long will we have to wait for the next movie following Star Trek Into Darkness? According to producer Bryan Burk, it may not be four years (like the wait since 2009’s Star Trek). He is now hinting the next Trek could be out in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016.


Next Star Trek as soon as 2016?

On Friday Star Trek Into Darkness producer (and JJ Abrams’ partner in Bad Robot  Productions) Bryan Burk was in London to show European press the same 38 minutes of the movie he shared with the Latin American press in Brazil earlier in the week (see TrekMovie spoiler article from that event). In London Burk spoke to Digital Spy about Into Darkness and he also talked about the future of the franchise, hinting that we may not have to wait to long for the next Star Trek…

Given that the Gene Roddenberry series debuted in 1966 and we’ve just had a huge Bond 50-year anniversary celebration – has Paramount been talking to you about making a 2016 release date for the next Star Trek film?
"We’re definitely talking about the next one, but we haven’t talked about a release date. We don’t want to wait four years, the same amount of time between the last one and this one, but it’s going to be a big year to celebrate, hopefully."

So Bad Robot will still be able to balance working on both Star Trek and Star Wars?
"Yeah. Obviously they’re completely different universes, they’re completely different films. The only thing in common is the word ‘Star’, which is why we’re going to do the Ringo Starr movie as well. We’ll corner the market!"

Burk also talked about the kind of Star Trek references in Into Darkness that only the fans will recognize…

You created a new timeline with Star Trek in 2009, will there be a lot of referencing back to the original series and movies for those fans?
"Yes, one of the things is that the movie will always be for Star Trek fans. In the process of all us five producers working together, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof, to a slightly lesser extent, are crazy-hardcore Trekkies. They understand the world so we had long conversations where they put things in and would be laughing hysterically. I had no clue why they were! There are tonnes of references and nods."

Producer/director JJ Abrams on "Into Darkness" set with co-writer/producer Alex Kurtzman

Could Next Trek be in 2016?

Burk’s comments are very intriguing. We know that JJ Abrams is set to direct the next Star Wars movie, which will be coming out in 2015 – two years after Star Trek Into Darkness. Two years is about the time it takes for a big film to go from development to release. The reason there was a four year gap between Abrams’ two Treks was due to other projects for himself and Burk (movies like Super 8, Mission Impossible IV, and TV shows like Revolution), as well as other projects for his collaborators (including Cowboys & Aliens for Lindelof, Orci and Kurtzman).

While in theory Paramount could probably get a new Star Trek movie out by 2015 (with a new director and possibly even without Burk and Abrams) it seems unlikely as that would end up going head to head with JJ Abrams Star Wars movie. Waiting until 2017 would give Abrams and his team plenty of time, including allowing JJ to start on the film after completing with Star Wars. But Burk says no one wants to wait four years again and 2016 has a historical significance.

The problem is that Summer 2016 is only a year after the release of Star Wars Episode VII. The only way to make that date would be for Abrams to start shooting the next Star Trek film during that same summer. That means finalizing pre-production on his Star Trek movie at the same time he would be finalizing post-production his Star Wars movie. And it was exactly that kind of overlap with the Star Trek sequel and Super 8 that got the Trek sequel (originally planned for Summer 2012) delayed in the first place.

The two mostly likely options for Bad Robot to get a Star Trek movie out in 2016 would be to bring in a new director (with Abrams and Burk producing) or to shoot for a holiday 2016 release with Abrams directing (and finding other ways to mitigate the Star Wars/Star Trek overlap of a few months).

An Abrams-directed Star Trek movie for summer 2016 is theoretically possible, but it would take a major effort on his part and likely require him to forego working on other projects besides Star Trek and Star Wars for the next three years.

For now we will have to just wait and see but Burk’s comments about not waiting for four years are promising.


1. fwise3 - March 11, 2013

If Abrams weren’t to direct, who would they bring in?

2. LongIslandTrekster - March 11, 2013

Bring it on! Why not 2015?

I am first this time!

3. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth) - March 11, 2013

@fwise3 – many choices.

Brad Bird for one.

4. The Pastor - March 11, 2013

He would get paid for doing them at the same time over tree years, so what is the problem, do people also need an oscar?

5. SpudUk - March 11, 2013

I hear Nicholas Meyer is a good director and might be available

6. Nony - March 11, 2013

For the sake of J.J.’s health and our sanity, bring in a new director!

7. Josh C. - March 11, 2013


while I woud love a movie on the 50th anniversary, yeah, that timeline is sounding iffy

8. DeflectorDishGuy - March 11, 2013

Stuart Baird again? He was a great director. /sarcasm

9. Dom - March 11, 2013

I’d love to see Joss Whedon’s take on Trek

10. Tom - March 11, 2013

If they do make it for the 50th anniversary, i think Bob Orcis scene with William Shatner and Leonard Ninoy should be reworked and added as a nod to the history of the franchise. Totally fitting dialogue and all

11. MattyTrek - March 11, 2013

I get the impression no one expects Abrams to return. Paging Drew Goddard…

12. The First Son of Krypton - March 11, 2013

Give it to Seth Macfarlane! Why not?

Seth said he pitched a Trek TV idea to CBS?Paramount and he loves the franchise. Plus if he is indeed wanting to branch out into live-action directing then Star Trek (with JJ Producing) would make all the sense in the world :D

I want Seth ^_^

13. Cant Wait Fer ST:ID - March 11, 2013


–ducks and runs after blowing raspberrries–

14. Chris Roberts - March 11, 2013

Perhaps take a leaf out of Doctor Who’s book and celebrate the 50th Anniversary, with a movie which criss-crosses the franchise and involves characters from different decades.

15. filmboy - March 11, 2013

Here is a short list of my favorites:
1) Josh Trank
2) Duncan Jones
3) Brad Bird (a longshot at best)
4) Matthew Vaughn
5) Steven Spielberg

Now before you laugh off #5, know that Spielberg was very interested in the Star Trek reboot in 2009, even visiting the set a few times. He also has said he would be interesting in directing a Star Trek film if the story were interesting. Is Spielberg likely to direct…no way. But it would be a hell of a choice.

Most likely we will end up with one of JJ’s protege’s who will step into the director’s chair, while JJ produces. Paramount would be foolish not to release a Star Trek film on the franchise’s 50th anniversary. I would count on the third film of this series to reach theaters in Summer 2016.

16. LLAP - March 11, 2013

What’s Nick Meyer up to? Last time I checked he has a pretty decent Trek record.

17. Picard, Jean-Luc - March 11, 2013

I think perhaps holiday 2016 could work…

Lets face it, Avatar, The Hobbit and Skyfall were all fall blockbusters and made over a billion (dunno if Skyfall has but still).

It also has significance since it was towards the fall that Star Trek first aired so that could work out for the best.

I think a new director could work but I’d like to see Abrams involved heavily and I think really the cast would love him back as director so I think he may want to return to that world just because he and the crew seem to have had a huge amount of fun.

As for the future of the franchise. I think Paramount, Bad Robot and CBS have something good going here and whilst I doubt JJ Abrams will want to stay directly involved in Star Trek beyond a third movie, I hope he holds onto the Star Trek franchise within his production company and maybe gets some new blood into develop future projects within the Star Trek universe he created.

18. Ran - March 11, 2013

I am relieved that this trilogy will come to an end. Maybe the future holds a different perspective on the Trek franchise. Once Hollywood will get over the mega blockbusters of visual effects spectacles, may we dare ask for thought provoking plots, serious writing and character driven stories…

19. Check the Circuit - March 11, 2013

Love the new Star Trek 3.0 icon Anthony!

I have a feeling STID is going to end with a vitual “to be continued….” I also think we’ll see some sort of post-credits preview/hint at what’s to come.

Khan and someone leaving the storage bay with the cryotubes????

20. oliver - March 11, 2013

Sherlock’s director Paul McGuigan. He has tremendous visual flair. Great with actors too (Still love his film Gangster No 1 with Paul Bettany).

21. Picard, Jean-Luc - March 11, 2013

All these super-nerds suggesting Nick Meyer… No.

If there gonna go for a different director it’s got to be someone with a track record in the modern movie blockbuster arena…

Joss Whedon, Jon Faverau, Marc Webb, Christopher Nolan

But honestly I think the only person who could wrap up this trilogy is the guy who started it… JJ Abrams.

22. Legate Damar - March 11, 2013

While it would be cool to have a movie come out on Trek’s 50th anniversary, I don’t want to wait until 2016 for another Trek movie. Whatever they do, it won’t be as awesome as Trials and Tribbleations.

23. somejackball - March 11, 2013

they should come out every 3 years, less time to wait, and actors age less from film to film.

24. Craiger - March 11, 2013

Question is will their be a new TV series before or after the third movie? If its after then we wont see a new TV series until 2017 or 2018. Imagine the SFX they would have then.

25. somethoughts - March 11, 2013

Bring in George Lucas lol I kid.

26. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - March 11, 2013

When’s the last time Nick Meyer directed a movie?

14 years ago.

27. Jack - March 11, 2013

They ‘d better do an amazing job on the Star Jones story.

I’m a pessimist and believe a third Trek will never happen in my lifetime. I’m not even convinced that STID will ever see theatres. ;).

28. Jack - March 11, 2013

Do you think 5 or 6 years will make much of a difference for modern fx? Everything still looks animated to me.

29. Phil - March 11, 2013

Okay – a couple of thoughts.

Nick Meyer hasn’t directed Trek in a long, long time. Actually, it looks like he just writes these days. Personally, I’d rather not see anyone connected with old Trek anywhere near new Trek. Nothing against Meyer or Frakes, but give it to someone with a new vision for it, for a new generation. I know JJ has his detractors, but give the guy his due, he did CPR on the patient when just about everyone else was willing to watch it die.

It’s about f**king time someone acknowledged talking to Paramount about the third installment!!!! If JJ is letting Mr. Burke take the point on promoting this one, that speaks tons!! Hopefully more news about the third installment is coming soon.

Kinda exciting, really….

30. Plum - March 11, 2013

I’m thinking… that this is a clarion call for TPTB to consider the anniversary as large an opportunity for this franchise as it has been for the other franchises!

Hey you! In the suit! I’m talking to you pal!!!

31. Keachick - March 11, 2013

It would be great if the next Star Trek movie was released on 8 September 2016, with hopefully JJ Abrams and the KO team directing, writing and producing.

Somebody thought that Bob Orci seemed a bit down. It must be a difficult time for the Bad Robot team now. All I can say is – take care of those nails, Bob Orci. Only two months until STID’s release and audiences can be so fickle…I am excitedly nervous as well.

32. pilotfred - March 11, 2013

its got to be 2016,not 2015 or 2017,
paramount should be pulling all the stop out,new film,new docs, i would love to see a TV film about how gene and co came up with star trek and how it was made a kind of Bruce lee story and yeah a TV program even if its a limited episodes,say 10 to 12 episodes,set in the prime universe

33. K2 - March 11, 2013

Could Alex Kurtzman direct III?

34. RUFUS - March 11, 2013

Assuming that he continues to live long Nimoy has a number of movies both Trek and non Trek under his belt and would be the best nod to 50 years.

35. JohnRambo - March 11, 2013

Without JJ Without ME!!!!

36. Mr. Anonymous - March 11, 2013

I think Brad Bird does way better at animation than live-action, cause M:I 4 was actually kinda bleh.

37. Phil - March 11, 2013

@31…I can’t even imagine why it would be bad times for Bad Robot have two of the biggest SF franchises under one roof and more work the you can possibly handle. This is an excess of riches, and a management team that at least seems dedicated to keeping the work local when most everyone is off-shoring as much as they can to add a points to the margin. Most folks in the business would sell off their first born to be able to have the luxury to pick and choose their projects, seems to me this is a great time to be JJ, and anyone associated with him…

38. T'Cal - March 11, 2013

Who’s counting their chickens before they’re hatched??

39. ItsMISTERtribblestoyou - March 11, 2013

William Shatner has been pegged to direct 3, while only doing a small cameo.

40. CAPT KRUNCH - March 11, 2013

Yeah…Spielberg directs TREK!…certainly JJ couldnt direct TREK and WARS at the same time???… 2016 sounds about right for a big blockbuster and the 50th anniversary is perfect!..There are plenty of great directors out there to man the helm. Spielberg, Whedon, ….Ridley Scott??

41. Promo Boy - March 11, 2013

I predict the next Star Trek director will be….
Matt Reeves.
As the director of Cloverfield, he already has a good relationship with Abrams & Co., plus he’s proven at Scii Fi / Action.
(As long as he keeps the hand held, shaky home video look to a minimum)

42. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 11, 2013

Come on people. Isn’t it time for Goerge Lucas to direct a Star Trek?

43. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 11, 2013

OMG #25! That makes two of us!

44. crazydaystrom - March 11, 2013

2016 for the release of the next film! It just has to be. Make it so. As much as I like him JJ won’t be able to direct and that’s fine by me. He’s not the only person in the known universe who could deliver a great sci fi film. Just get started with the writing and write on hell of a threequel! Four years is too long anyway. And with all the projects Bad Robot juggles successfully (for the most part) I don’t see why a Trek tv show can’t be one of them. This might be sacrilege to say but it just might be possible Bad Robot takes TOO measured an approach to Trek.

45. crazydaystrom - March 11, 2013

Oops! I said ‘Make it so’ when I should’ve said ‘Punch it!

46. JohnRambo - March 11, 2013

JJ made the Trailer for Empire of the Sun’s new Album
Ice on the Dune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

47. NuFan - March 11, 2013

If Star Wars gets pushed back to 2016, then Star Trek 3 will get pushed back to 2017 regardless.

I like your Star Trek 3 logo, Anthony!

48. I wonder - March 11, 2013

Last year, at a Montreal comic convention, during a conference with both Bill Shatner and Patrick Stewart, while they were talking about the next movie, Patrick Stewart talked about 2 and 3 being shot back to back. Bill remained strangely quiet over this comment. It never made the news. I guess everyone felt Stewart was misinformed or confused. Could he have been right? Could there be a third movie already in the can? That sure would explain the level of secrecy during filming… That would also explain a third movie ready by 2016… Or maybe I’m reading too much into this…

49. Punkspocker - March 11, 2013

They might keep it within bad robot, I’m thinking Kurtzman. Whoever mentioned Paul McGuigan– nice call! Too bad he’s not back for Sherlock3.

50. Phil - March 11, 2013

@48. Might have been a faux pas on Stewart’s part. Sir Patrick, who’s been very public about acknowledging that his Trek ship has sailed, speculatng about how installments 2 and 3 might be shot back to back, sitting next to the man who is whoring himself out with his ‘will he or won’t he’ whining, not knowing he’s just shut Shatner out of any chance of appearing in the new universe. Kinda funny, if you think about it…

51. Gary S - March 11, 2013

Just remember everybody,
If it doesnt come out in 2016,
Nobody Lied , it just didnt work out .

52. Phil - March 11, 2013

@39. I’m impressed you said that with a straight face… :-)

53. Michael - March 11, 2013


Indeed. Star Trek has a long and established history of getting out of the way whenever a Star Wars movie is lurking near.

54. dswynne - March 11, 2013

Bring in J. Frakes, but keep JJ Abrams on as producer.

Also, the anniversary could spring board the reboot version of the TNG and others, with or without Abrams at the helm. The following are “rebooted” versions of TNG:



Here’s hoping.

55. Copper Based Blood - March 11, 2013

Why rush the 3rd Trek Movie, Just to get it out in time for the 50th Anniversary? Corners will be cut & the film will reflect that way. Also the the Star Wars episode 7, post production will get rushed too. So instead of getting 2 great blockbusters, we’ll get 2 mediocre films that in some way will be rushed.

I say, let both Star Trek & Star Wars films run their course & get released when they are at their best.

If Paramount, want to do something for the 50th Anniversary, why not a TV movie? I mean, DS9 is long overdue for resolving all the issues that were left open at the end of the series. Even if it is too costly to rebuild all the sets, CGI sets are nearly at a stage where they are good as real sets. Take Star Wars Episode 3 for example, most shot against blue/green screen.

56. Aurore - March 11, 2013

I like it !

No matter what your choice is, take care Mr. Abrams.

Me? I’m fine thanks. Just waiting for this little independent movie you directed of late to be released.

The one with the AWFUL title….


57. Chris Roberts - March 11, 2013

@38. “Who’s counting their chickens before they’re hatched??”

It’s not very likely Star Trek Into Darkness won’t do well at the box office. Even if critical reviews turned out to be mixed, like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I suspect a third film would still be an inevitability – in order to try to recapture the success of 2009.

58. Marja - March 11, 2013

Joss Whedon, please! He understands fans and their love for the source material, in our case Trek; he is something of a nerd himself. I’m not sure if he loves Trek or not, but I’m sure he would bring a fan sensibility along with his great talent.

NO RIDLEY SCOTT THANKYOU TOO DARK … and Prometheus didn’t do so well.

Thanks be that this is under discussion, because I durn sure don’t want to have to wait another four years.

If JJ can be an intense Star ___ movies director for 3 years in a row, more power to him. I’d love to see him direct the third movie, but only if we can see a premiere on September 8, 2016! Failing that, if he produces it will have his stamp on it, and that would be great. I love you JJ, but I simply can’t stand the idea of waiting 4 more years …!

O #48, that would be so wonderful, and what I’ve been hoping. However, the shoot being as short as it was, I doubt this is true.

AMOK TIME FOR MOVIE 3! [With some science fiction action too] And instead of Kirk and Spock fighting to the death, have them fight til Spock defeats Kirk, and is about to be bonded to T’Pring, then Uhura challenges T’Pring … that would be so cool.

59. Lens Flares Suck - March 11, 2013

If they don’t make a HUGE FREAKING DEAL out of the 50th Anniversary they are leaving money on the table.

I’m talking HUGE. Movie AND a new live action tv series.

60. Al - March 11, 2013

Brett Ratner

61. Trek Fan - March 11, 2013

I’ve always said that I thought Joss Whedon would be a great fit for Trek. Firefly has a Trek feel to it. I would love to see what he could do with the franchise. When they first started talking about reboot years ago… I was hoping that Whedon would have been chosen. He is still the top of my list for a new Trek Director.

62. JohnRambo - March 11, 2013

giacchino answered a question on Instagram:

What’s the best way/order to get into Star Trek?

watch the original series (the remastered ones) and then watch the first 4 movies – then skip right to JJ’s 2009 Trek.

Seriously, that’s the best answer ever!
Michael Giacchino is a true Star Trek Fan!

63. Flake - March 11, 2013

They should do something for the 50th anniversary. Don’t make us wait 5 years this time!

64. Flake - March 11, 2013

As for Spielberg. Yes hes brilliant and the greatest director ever.

Would he deliver a movie like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? I hated that movie.

65. Flake - March 11, 2013

Joss Whedon will be busy with Avengers!

I think Brad Bird will do it.

66. omegaman - March 11, 2013

Fact: The format of the next movie will not depart from the first two regardless of who directs it. It will be a fast, action packed blockbuster – that’s guaranteed.

In time for the 50th. Great news indeed! Bring it on!
A few cameos… make it so!

67. mayanspacecadet - March 11, 2013

Bryan Singer could direct! He’s said he wants to do trek anyway, and this would be the perfect opportunity.

68. John from Cincinnati - March 11, 2013

Too bad there are no Directors in Hollywood that could do the next Trek movie:

Steven Spielberg
Bryan Singer
Jon Favreau
Sam Raimi
Christopher Nolan

…Just to name a few

69. Khan 2.0 - March 11, 2013

i dont see how JJ will do it as there aint no way Paramount wont be wanting to release Trek 3 in the 50th anniversary year after seeing the box office Skyfall did for Bonds 50th. Ep VII will be due either summer 2015 or summer 2016 (if so Trek would have to be xmas 2016 as there aint no way Trek and Wars could share the same summer – it would be like crossing the streams) either way i just cant see JJ directing Trek for 2016

my top choices:

the big dawgs

1. Spielberg – no chance but partly responsible for JJ directing Ep VII so should do it for us Trek fans!, plus has had some input withTrek09 and obviously Abrams and the trek writers (Super8, Cowboys&Aliens, TF) also has never directed a Space Set SF before (CE3K/ET/TwilightZone/JPs/AI/Minority/WOTW/IJ4 = all earth bound SF). i read somewhere he may have been approached to direct Star Trek The Motion Picture at some point (but turned it down for whatever reason – CE3K maybe?) so maybe hed be up for something that hed missed out on at the start of his career. he also wanted to direct a 007 before Raiders, and missed out on doing a star wars (Return of the Jedi and one of the prequels) – so dosnt appear to be adverse to directing in an established series or to helming a big screen instalment of a classic SF show for that matter (Twilight Zone: The Movie). if by some crazy miracle Spielberg did end up directing (like a gun for hire type thing) i get the impression it would be more like TOS in tone and look than ever before (e.g. maybe with similar camera work etc homaging the way TOS did it) – almost like a retro sci fi movie – akin to something like Forbidden Planet (but obviously with incredible FX, sets etc). Like the way ‘Raiders’ was like a big budget version of those 30s cliffhanger serials or the way ‘Skull’ was big budget version of the 50s SF B movies…
like a big budget version of TOS (more so than JJs movie which, while was obviously TOS done big with the uniforms etc, was more like a big budget version of the original star trek movies except with added lensflare and Bay style action)

Bryan Singer – kind of an obvious choice as hes a big fan (end of X2, cameoed in Nemesis, tried to do another Trek show etc) but is supposed to be doing Battlestar Galactica The Movie soon (maybe for 2016?) then again dosnt seem to have a problem with mixing it up in the same genre (XMen/Superman)

Quentin Tarentino – a fan? (see Kill Bill 1 opening) and offered his services to Bond so maybe he’ll do the same for Trek? maybe hed make it closer to the early original series in tone (eerie Twilight Zone) than the non stop action of the JJ movies.

last but not least
Nicolas Meyer -. i know he hasnt directed a movie in years but if Marvel can give yesterdays directors a shot, cant Paramount at least give Meyer a shot at a huge modern day movie?….lets face it, Meyer saved Star Trek and in doing so set up all the post Khan sequels including the JJ films (which pretty much have all followed the Khan like villian out for revenge route), as well as TNG and all the spin offs..

70. Nony - March 11, 2013

@61 Trek Fan

I disagree, to be honest. Whedon is fine at doing his thing – particularly in television when his characters have a chance to evolve – but his style is not Trek at all. If anything, Firefly was probably closer to the original Star Wars. I didn’t think his directing on The Avengers was anything particularly special, as comic book movies go – what was notable about it was the Whedon-ness in the writing, and the charismatic cast themselves. I’m not sure I’d want him to have any input on a Trek script, otherwise it would just be scenes of rambling, self-consciously glib banter interspersed with blah action.

71. crazydaystrom - March 11, 2013

69. Khan 2.0 –
As both a Trek and a Tarantino fan I DO NOT want QT anywhere near my Star Trek.

As I typed that it occurred to me a Tarantino DS9 COULD be interesting. Hmmm…

72. Commodore Adams - March 11, 2013

HELL YEA! THATS WHAT IM TAKLIN’ ABOUT! 50th Anniversary is a biggie, to celebrate the 50th and a movie would be a beautiful thing. Pull out all the stops and lets blow this motherfu*ker open!

73. sean - March 11, 2013

Stephen Spilberg will never do a Trek movie, might as well let that fantasy go.

I will be shocked if that 2015 release date for Star Wars doesn’t get changed. It never seemed terribly realistic.

Brad Bird would be a good substitute for JJ and he’s already part of the Bad Robot family with MI4. Matt Reeves is another possibility, but he doesn’t have a track record that indicates what he might do with Trek one way or the other. Joss Whedon is going to be tied up with Avengers 2 and the SHIELD TV show, so he’s not going to take on another genre project right now.

74. Danielle - March 11, 2013

I vote keep JJ at all costs–even if we have to wait until 2017.

75. Chris Roberts - March 11, 2013

A third epic Star Trek film IMO should contain…

The Guardian of Forever

Harlan Ellison may have sued CBS/Paramount back in 2009, but presumably he’d be agreeable for the use of his creation, given the kind profitable shape the movie franchise is in.

Adjust the ability of that time portal to allow travel back and forth, between the Abramsverse and Prime Universes — allowing a number of leading characters from ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9 & VOY to interact with the current crew. Just like the Five Captains convention in London. Meaning Shatner can appear onscreen one more time, meeting Pine, alongside Stewart, Bakula. Brooks and Mulgrew also perhaps.

Big team-ups are all the rage, with The Avengers, X-Men prequel and original cast due to collide in Days of Future Past.

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who will likely be celebrated by Eleven incarnations of that central character joining forces.

Why not Star Trek too, rifle through its own history and gather together the best celebration – not just of the original, but also every series that comes under the banner… regardless of who created and produced those spin-offs?

Here’s a little video I put together to mark the 40th Anniversary in 2006:

76. The Keeper - March 11, 2013

Everybody is worried that a dish water Star Wars film is going to get in the way of JJ directing.
Come on guys, think about it.. Star Wars is all effects, little story, and mostly bad actors.
OK, so JJ ups the anti by insisting on a better story then Lucas can write, but still..give it a luke warm story, JJ can direct the few key scenes and the rest is all up to ILM.
The Warsies will be happy as Bantha’s in poop.

JJ would have plently of time to direct Star Trek with no worries..excepting of course our beloved All Powerful Know It All Trekkies who will complain no matter what.

77. Phil - March 11, 2013


78. Mad Mann - March 11, 2013

Yo! The Guardian of Forever would be suh-weet!!!! I would do the “fanboy shuffle” if they had that in the next movie!

Anyway: Yes for Star Trek movie in 2016!!! Also, bring in an animated Star Trek AND a new live-action Trek TV shows! All in 2016!! AND open the Star Trek theme park attraction that Bob Orci hinted at!! It could be the biggest year for Star Trek EVAH!

79. Son of Jello - March 11, 2013

79 Sorry I have put this in the wrong post it should be in the Burton/ Stewart kissing one. But you can look it up if you want

80. FroJoeKoolaid - March 11, 2013

Emotionally I say Bring on Frakes, However my mind says Brad Bird

81. Razorgeist - March 11, 2013

Bryan Singer, or Guillermo Del Toro.

82. Jonboc - March 11, 2013

JJ is no stranger to multi-tasking…he’s a master at it. If he knows he has to do it ahead of time, I have no doubt he will arrange schedules to make it happen. Given everyone knows the 50th anniversary is coming I think it’s a forgone conclusion that a movie will be delivered, by someone…and considering the 3 picture deal, I think it will be a bad robot production…and I sure hope JJ is at the helm, behind the camera and Orci and company are behind then pen!

83. Bucky - March 11, 2013

I’d be actually cooler if Bad Robot oversaw a new Star Trek TV series for 2016 instead. Seems a TV series on the 50th anniversary of the TV series would be a bit appropriate, wouldn’t it?

84. Josh - March 11, 2013

#54 – I agree. Frakes as director with JJ and the rest of the Bad Robot team as producers.

85. Jonboc - March 11, 2013

#83. “Seems a TV series on the 50th anniversary of the TV series would be a bit appropriate, wouldn’t it?”

In the right hands, absolutely!

86. Adolescent Nightmare - March 11, 2013

I also vote to keep JJ at all costs.

87. No Khan - March 11, 2013

Nick Meyer please no more! He had his time with ST. We need fresh ideas & a non war story!

88. Dee - lvs moon surface - March 11, 2013

Bryan Singer is thinking about it… I guess

… is not my favorite! ;-) :-)

89. Darkthunder - March 11, 2013

While I would love to see a faster turn-around for Trek movies, and I firmly believe a movie should be released in time for the 50th… There’s another option to consider for the 50th Anniversary of Trek:

It’s return to television.

I could easily see a tv-series set in the same time period as the “New Trek” movies, but focus around a different crew. They could even bring in one of the movie actors in a cameo role from time to time, especially during “sweeps” time.

Case in point; The tv-series “S.H.I.E.L.D” which is due to air this fall, is set at the present time of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (post The Avengers). So it’s entirely possible to have both a movie series, and a television series co-existing, without necessarily having the same cast for both.

TL;DR: If no 3rd movie in 2016, bring back Trek on TV. Make it so!

90. I'm a trekkie NOT a trekker - March 11, 2013

Let’s bring back THE ORIGINAL CAST… One More Time!!!

91. Darkthunder - March 11, 2013

@ 90: Who will perform the resurrection? Both DeForrest Kelley and James Doohan have passed on to the “undiscovered country” in the great beyond.

92. Red Dead Ryan - March 11, 2013

I don’t want any TOS/TNG/Spin-off cameos in the new movies. I also don’t think Nick Meyer would be the right director for the third movie.

Trekkies sure love to live in the past.

Anyway, there is no reason why the Supreme Court can’t make a movie in time for the fiftieth anniversary. As long as they don’t get bogged down with too many side projects or procrastinate.

93. Cameron - March 11, 2013


Wow, would LOVE to see Nicholas Meyer direct another Trek film!

94. Phil - March 11, 2013

@90. Great idea. Grab your shovel and go dig up Misters Kelley and Doohan….

95. - March 11, 2013

I would prefer it in two years rather than three.

96. - March 11, 2013

3 years = not long?

I don’t think so.

97. - March 11, 2013

In First Contact the Borg were trying to contact the Borg of that time.

Meaning that the Borg could easily arrive during Kirks time as captain.

The only thing I would like to see is Kirk and Spock find a way to completely destroy all of the Borg.

98. The Hydran - March 11, 2013

Ive said it before and i will keep saying it again.

Quentin Tarantino or Seth McFarlane

They cherish Star Trek and would really put there whole effort into it.

99. - March 11, 2013

I agree with either.

People think of violence when they hear Tarantino but completely miss that the guy is a master story teller and a professor of 50,s and 60,s tv shows.

I do hope they don’t do a next gen crossover for the anniversary film. If they do I want 7of9

100. - March 11, 2013

I don’t think the “trilogy” as it were is going to be wrapped up.

These movies with this cast will keep going for as long as they are making serious dollars.

WHile some may be getting excited dreaming of other Trek incarnations the studio will make the safe decision.

Democracy, those with the dollars to buy tickets decide.

101. cap10solo - March 11, 2013

Trek for 2016. Wars for 2017. (40th anniversary). Jj can’t do both.would shatner and co be willing to film a ” deadly years” cameo for tv special filmed during trek 3.

102. Thomas - March 12, 2013

As long as people are throwing out their own ideas of what ought to/will happen, here are mine:

No matter what anyone thinks would be an awesome idea, studio logic says “Stick with what works until it doesn’t”; J.J. will undoubtedly flirt with the idea of directing if his schedule works out (granted, if he likes the script), and if can do it, he’ll do it. If J.J. can’t do it, he’ll find the director (since he’s also one of the producers), and he’ll be smart enough to choose someone that Paramount wouldn’t balk at.

A lot of people would love to see Nicholas Meyer return to the director’s chair. I have nothing against him, but does anything honestly think a studio is going to give a film project with a $200 million+ budget to someone who hasn’t made a feature in over a decade? Besides, it doesn’t do the franchise any good if Trekkies are upholding the stereotype that they can’t let go of the past.

103. CsMisi - March 12, 2013

September the 8th 2016 will be on a Thursday, pretty close to Friday, so they could go with a Thursday release and can premier the movie exactly 50 years after the original pilot. Would be nice

104. Mark Lynch - March 12, 2013

If Marc Webb can turn around two Spider-Man movies in a two year period. Then for sure Paramount can sort out two quality Trek movies in three years.

There is no way on this planet that the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek will not be celebrated with a movie release. Even Paramount are not that stupid.

We just need to have hope that it will be good and contain at least a handful of Easter eggs for the fans.

Look to Skyfall as a bloody good example of that. Then look at how successful it was too…

105. Dom - March 12, 2013

Even if this is a ‘beginning’ trilogy, Paramount are bound to want to make more films, even if the current Team Bad Robot takes a step back to bring in fresh blood. I don’t expect, or want, a Bryan Singer or Nick Meyer film. I’d like Abrams and co to introduce a successor. And I don’t expect to see a TV show anytime soon. No way will Paramount allow a TV show to derail their movie franchise! And why would I want loads of tacky cameos in Star Trek 3? Skyfall was a terrific anniversary film with none at all!

106. Aix - March 12, 2013

I want JJ to finish this trilogy but if he can’t (still sad about that), DUNCAN JONES.

Bryan Burk must be exhausted! How many countries did he visit for the past week?

107. Romulus - March 12, 2013

I have followed this website since 2008 and have lost count of the amount of times I have read “JJ wants to make sure that the film is ready” or similar words, so a third Trek film in time for 2016?

ha ha ha, pull the other one.

108. J - March 12, 2013

“Obviously they’re completely different universes”

Obviously? Yes. In practice? Not so much lately, unfortunately.

109. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - March 12, 2013

Oh please.

110. Mel - March 12, 2013

I prefer the next Star Trek movie in 2015. It doesn’t matter, which year it will air in regards to competition. There will be so or so competition from big blockbuster movies. If not Star Wars than one popular Superhero movie for example, or James Bond or The Hobbit and so on. There will be always some kind of movie near the Star Trek movie release, which will make much more money internationally than Star Trek.

So I rather have the movie earlier than later. Also because I don’t believe that we will get a new Star Trek TV series before the third movie. After it though, there may be a chance.

111. Mel - March 12, 2013

And by the way who says, that Star Wars will really air in 2015? Remember Into Darkness was also suppose to be in the cinema a year earlier. Maybe Abrams needs again more time, only this time for Star Wars. It wouldn’t surprise me.

112. BatlethInTheGroin - March 12, 2013

#13: Who’s Bergman?

113. Dom - March 12, 2013

Oh, and the ‘Dom’ on post 9 wasn’t me: I’m the Dom who’s been posting here from the start!

114. Bob Tompkins - March 12, 2013

4 words.
No. Way. In. Hell.
Abrams will find 5 more ‘must do’ projects after Star Wars 7 before he even thinks about the next Star Trek, sometime in 2017- when he starts thinking about it and maybe goes into preproduction…
Paramount should thank him and move forward..

115. YankeeWhite - March 12, 2013

I would love a 50th Anniv. release for the 3rd movie. Seriously doubt JJ would be able to direct for that to happen though.
My top 4 directors in no order:
Matt Reeves
Bryan Singer
Gore Verbinski
Joseph Kosinski

(And apparently I like directors with a last name ending in -inski.) :P

116. im scared of pop tarts with frosting - March 12, 2013

I like #75 idea! Would be awesome

117. Mad Mann - March 12, 2013

115: I like Bryan Singer in your list. I’m not crazy about the other choices.

My first choice for director is Brad Bird. Joss Whedon is a long shot, so I doubt that’ll happen. I would be cool with John Favereau or Joe Johnston.

How about Shane Black? Or even Robert Zemeckis? John Stanton?

I think that Nick Meyer is a ridiculous choice right now. As is Jonathen Frakes, William Shatner, or Bratt Ratner. Really?

118. EJD1984 - March 12, 2013

Personally I’d rather have the third movie in 2015, and a new TV series in 2016. That would premiere on September 8, 2016.

119. crazydaystrom - March 12, 2013

OT, but I love this description I just read in a Collider story-

“the new Klingons of Star Trek Into Darkness. The main antagonists of the original series are now played by big, corpulent men who have their faces covered in silicon makeup to give them the characteristics of the race… they’re now covered in metallic piercings, giving them a more threatening look.”

Some won’t like that, I know, “NOT canon!”, but it sounds pretty cool to me. Eight weeks!!

120. Horatio - March 12, 2013

Is there some cosmic law now that says only JJ can direct Trek?

There is lots of talent in Hollywood that would bend over and grab their ankles to direct a Trek movie.

2016 or bust.

121. Khan 2.0 - March 12, 2013

thinking it over its very unlikely itd be an A list ‘big dawg’ directing Trek 3…like Spielberg, QT or even Singer (in that recent that interview @88 he dosnt sound very hopeful)

more likely to be an up and coming SF director or ‘B list’ (preferably with some connection to Bad Robot) – someone like Matt Reeves, Brad Bird, Rupert Wyatt, Joseph Kosinski, Gavin Hood, Neill Blomkamp, Duncan Jones, or even Jon Faverau (who seems to have been put in movie jail after IM2 and C&A)

it would be great if it was Meyer or even Frakes…ok they been off the radar for many years but its not like they dont know how to direct big budget SF with big space battles and SFX!!

122. GoldsmithFan - March 12, 2013

Seriously: I’d love to see J. Frakes do another TREK film!

Not-so-seriously: Lucas could direct, and they could bring in John Williams to do the score… …

123. Superman - March 12, 2013

Another movie is fine, but I’d rather the big 50th anniversary tie-in be a new Star Trek series.

Put it on AMC on Sunday nights as a lead-in to The Walking Dead.

124. Superman - March 12, 2013

#115-just keep John Krasinksi away from the movie!

125. crazydaystrom - March 12, 2013

123. Superman –
“Another movie is fine, but I’d rather the big 50th anniversary tie-in be a new Star Trek series.”

I’m guessing a new series is in the works at one stage of development or other. I can’t believe that’s not the case. There’s too much money to be made. And of course the bottom line is the bottom line. Star Trek has proven over and over to be a money-maker when done well. Paramount and CBS can’t be blind to the potential.

“Put it on AMC on Sunday nights as a lead-in to The Walking Dead.”

That would be a dream come true. I like the way you think, Superman.

126. T'Cal - March 12, 2013

Put Frakes and Burton as Executive Producers of TV Trek. They have proven themselves as successful, dedicated, and loyal to Trek throughout their association with it.

127. Anthony Thompson - March 12, 2013

Anthony. Abrams WON’T be directing the next one. Period. You can take that to the bank! But with Bad robot (Abrams) producing, it should be a quality product.

128. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

I know that this sounds like a big, convoluted mess, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see all…er….6 captains in a 50th Anniversary movie? Kirk, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer.

I’ve got it…A TEMPORAL COLD WAR PLOT! *ducks eggs* Someone has been plucking influential captains from the timestream to change the outcome of events. They’ve got Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer, and nu-Kirk has to break them out of a temporal gulag. Then they all come up with the save the day solution – Janeway uses her science skills to theorize how they can use omega lepto-muons as a weapon to break themselves free of their time trap, Sisko uses his bald headed gravitas to say “Yesssss, that might work” and uses his engineering knowledge to make the doohickey and attach it to an escape shuttlecraft, Picard uses his archeological knowledge on how some ancient civilzation used coconuts and transistors to time travel, and helps out Sisko and Janeway, Archer is unsure about the whole thing, but volunteers to drive it because he was a test pilot, but at the last moment, Archer gets injured, and both of the Kirks have to work together to make the escape. Old Kirk jokes about having been in a jail escape or two, and nu-Kirk makes a joke about getting fat.

That….would be awesome. Even though it’s the reason why fans don’t write movies. I’d see it a bunch of times, can’t guarantee anyone else would.

My working titles: Star Trek: Awesome
Star Trek Into Half Centenial Nerdsplosions
Star Trek: All that, Plus 2 Kirks and a Bag of Chips
Star Trek: The Harlem Shake without the Dancing

129. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

But seriously…..if they make a movie by the anniversary, the movie HAS to pay homage to the anniversary in a big way. I love Abrams Trek, it’s been awesome so far, and it’ll probably continue to be. I’m not one that says “make it like old trek” but in this case it has to be.

And unseriously, If my movie I discussed above comes to light, I want to see a scene where a group of Gorn, Klingons, Suliban, Kazon, Species 8472, Borg, Jem Hadar, Orions, and Q-duplicates (think Matrix) rush up against all the captains, who are standing back to back. The camera spins around the group and all you see is Old-Kirk karate choping, Sisko punching, Janeway shooting, New Kirk tackling, Picard lecturing, and Archer angsting their assailants down!

Sisko turns to old-Kirk, “So, THATS what it feels like to punch a Gorn in the face.”

130. PEB - March 12, 2013

^^That would actually make for a cool story arc in a television show. Oh wait, Enterprise could’ve done that awesomeness and featured Captain Garrett, Captain Sulu, Captain Kirk, Archer, and whoever else. But instead…we got…what we got. But as a movie, I…and no offense, but that totally wouldnt work.

131. NuWisdom - March 12, 2013

I Second #9’s statement. Bring on Joss Whedon!

132. sean - March 12, 2013

Oh good grief people. Jonathan Frakes?? I love the guy and he’s a good TV director but come on. They aren’t going to go from JJ Abrams to Jonathan Frakes.

Andrew Stanton is also not happening. Much as I actually enjoyed John Carter, Paramount aren’t going to hire the guy behind one of the biggest flops in movie history.

If JJ reduces his involvement to a producer role, the director will be someone associated with Bad Robot, mark my words. I see Brad Bird as the most likely choice, though maybe Bob will switch tracks and take it on.

133. NuWisdom - March 12, 2013

@ #129 What? So basically you want Star Trek: The Avengers? LOL. Ironic too given that I’d be interested in seeing a Joss Whedon Trek film.

134. mercury - March 12, 2013

best news since Abrams’ de facto resignation

135. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

130. Yeah, but there was no reason to shoehorn Sulu and Garrett into Enterprise, they’re not top tier Captains and they wouldn’t serve much more than a nice episode for fans and maybe a ratings bump. But 50 years of Star Trek? That deserves karate chops, Earl Grey tea, enunciation, coffee, and angst ridden decisions without the Prime Directive *L*

133. Yes! Star Trek: Avengers! Why didn’t I think of that title *LOL* Although I would LOVE to see a sort of just on the edge of campy Star Trek film involving all the Captains, my exaggerations are also highlighting the fact that for the 50th Anniversary, I don’t think it’s just enough to have another Star Trek movie, even a great Star Trek movie. It has to be an Epic Star Trek movie, paying homage to what has come before. Don’t get me wrong, if we get more of what Abrams has given us (meaning how great St09 was, and how great STID looks), I’ll be happy, but I just would like…well….I mean is a little gorn punching too much to ask? I mean, its like this: You tell your kids they can’t have ice cream for breakfast all year, but then their birthday comes around. I mean, can’t he have a little butter pecan with his eggs? I’m totally against making the movies that many Trek fans want to see (ie, “It’d be cool if Robert April, fresh from the Counter Clock incident chases Harry Mudd across the galaxy, then asks the Enterprise for help, but when the Metrons show up…”) but in the 50th anniversary, we should get some slack.

136. vger23 - March 12, 2013

Let’s play the drinking game!

Take one drink every time:

-Someone says that JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” is about explosions and action.
-A nerd mentions anything about “movies that make you think” and/or are “thought provoking” in an anguished, self-tortured post
– There is a “creative” comment comparing the new Star Treks to the Star Wars franchise (almost made this a 2-drink option…but that would put people in the hospital…and I want to be reasonable).
-Anyone is still mentioning Khan or Gary Mitchell as the secret identity of the villian.

Two drinks when:

-Someone viciously bashes the new production team, and then gets all polite and friendly when bobocri shows up.
-Anyone talks about bringing back someone from the franchise’s past to write or direct the future movies or Trek projects
-There is an assinine propsal about some nergasm crossover project that should be done (in or outside the franchise).
-Someone from a non-US country complains rudely about not being able to view a video.

You’ll be stewed before you get to comment #30 in just about any article. I mean OBLITERATED.

137. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

Hmmmnn….maybe not Star Trek: Avengers after all….more like, “Kirk and Spock’s Excellent Adventure”

Fresh from saving Earth twice in ST09 and STID, James Kirk is faced with yet another threat to his career: the temporal mechanics report he never finished at the Academy, which holds back his official diploma. His former instructor, Spock, has been tasked by Starfleet Academy to take over the Enterprise until Kirk gets the report done – and make sure he doesn’t cheat. Kirk uses the Guardian of Forever to show him “the greatest challenges” to come and “the greatest Starfleet captains” who met them. Intending only to meet the captains to have them help his report, he unknowingly calls forth some of the greatest challenges as well. And there’s a big fight.

138. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

136. vger23 – March 12, 2013
You know, Abrams Trek is just about explosions and actions, there’s really nothing thought provoking in it. We want Captain April, and all we get is Jar-Jar Keenser. Their first mistake on this new movie was not properly honoring “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and not making Gary Mitchell the bad guy, which was the obvious choice. The producers are idiots. They should scrap the whole Nu-Trek thing after the third movie, and do a crossover with Captain Sulu to jump start a new series. That’d be awesome, Leonard Nimoy could direct it.
That’s a movie I couldn’t wait to see! Unfortunately, I’d have to, because my country (Uzbekistan) censors YouTube, so I could never see any of the previews, because they’re not in MP1 format. Hey Bob Orci, can you do something about that?

30 posts? Try, everyone would be dead after 1 post!

139. Eric Cheung - March 12, 2013

Here’s another vote for Brad Bird. There’s some overlap in their favorite crews too.

As I’ve said for this movie, I would like a Trek film where they solve a compelling problem, or one in which it’s slightly episodic like Master and Commander, or Star Trek: Judgement Rites, or A Final Unity.

I think that in either case it could be an excuse to feature as many characters as possible from as many interations. Perhaps Colonel Worf would be alive in at this point? Someone from the NX-01?

But basically I just want another movie without a personified villain, and without battle. I don’t really care about much else; I wouldn’t even really balk at continuity errors or the like. I just that think such a provision still opens up a gigantic universe of possibilities.

140. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2013

If the next film comes out on the anniversary, I don’t want any cameos from past actors. I also don’t want either Jonathan Frakes or Nick Meyer directing.

Why is it that Trekkies are always stuck in the past?

Someone upthread just suggested a tv movie done in the style of “The Deadly Years” that would feature the TOS cast. Never mind that both DeForrest Kelley and James Doohan are no longer with us, that is just dumb.

“Skyfall” did it the right way. No cameos from past actors, but nice homages to prior films as a way to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of James Bond.

141. Superman - March 12, 2013

Thanks, Crazydaystrom! I appreciate the feedback! You have excellent taste.

142. Trekkiegal63 - March 12, 2013

Apologies ahead of time if this has already been posted (I haven’t had nearly enough coffee yet to go back and read through all 138 comments on this thread) Entertainment Weekly posted an article mulling over possible directors for ST3.

Here be the link:

143. Khan 2.0 - March 12, 2013

@129 while i agree 100% that a Trek movie released in the 50th anniversary year would need to make special homage to the original series i would hate to see the ‘Star Trek Avengers’ thing you suggest.

i’m not sure of ant potential story though – i guess it will depend on whats in store in STID. but maybe they could do something more TOS like for Trek 3… a story that feels more like an original series ep like The Cage (Inception) and have more of that Twilight Zone feel that the early episodes had rather than another ‘Star Trek: Revenge and Big Explosions’

maybe make it all more like TOS in terms of design and look too (i.e. the bridge, phasers, have the Jenny Craig enterprise more streamlined and slimmed down)

144. Mark Lynch - March 12, 2013

I’ll bet anyone here 100,000 Quatloos that there will be another Star Trek film in 2016…

Screen print this comment and keep it in a safe place, because the truthfulness of my prediction will shatter glass when the time comes…

145. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

140. Red Dead Ryan – March 12, 2013 .

Why is it that Trekkies are always stuck in the past?
Because that’s where the whales are! If we don’t stay in the past, no one will protect the whales, and then where will we be when the whale probe shows up. *LOL*

I haven’t seen Skyfall yet, but that’s probably the more sensible route to go, put a few easter eggs in a regular film that honor all series of Trek. It could be as simple as having a model of the NX-01 in Kirk’s ready room, a bottle of Chateau Picard, a baseball reference (Maybe a Giants cap?), and Bones wishing Spock would spend some time vacationing….in the Delta Quadrant. No one would catch those things but Trek fans, and they wouldn’t interrupt the movie. Plus, name some characters after some of the fans who kept Trek alive in the 70’s, and even honor aborted attempts like Phase II by throwing a character named Xon in there. Nothing particularly distracting, but a nice nod.

That’s a great direction to go, and that is the direction they’ll most likely go in. The fanboy in me still wants to see Q, riding on the back of a borg infested gorn, getting punched in the face by Sisko, though.

146. Moputo Jones - March 12, 2013

“Likely require him to forego working on other projects besides Star Trek and Star Wars for the next three years.”

Ha ha ha, I could think of worse things in life than being in charge of both the SW and ST franchises!

147. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

143 Khan 2.0

My suggestions are a little tongue in cheek….although I would pay money to see all the Captains together on screen.

But see, the problem with Trek movies is that they’re all pretty much ‘Star Trek: Revenge and Big Explosions’. With the exception of Star Trek IV, which was less on visual effects and more on comedy. The reason why they don’t delve into the atmosphere that the television shows have is because that stuff primarily works on television. You mentioned an Inceptionish take on the Cage, but I don’t know if they’ll do that. The vast majority of your audience is already required to acclimate themselves to the Star Trek universe, then they have to acclimate themselves to the twists and turns of a Inceptionish type plot, which may be asking a bit much. It’s fine for TV, because after about 35 minutes of confusion, you know what’s going on.

But as for the TOS bridges, I think everyone can say goodbye to those. Now that they’ve established their look, I don’t see them going back.

148. Admiral_Bumblebee - March 12, 2013

50th Anniversary! Time to bring the crews together in one grand epic adventure with most of the old cast (and yes William Shatner!!!)

149. Khan 2.0 - March 12, 2013

btw i think a ‘Star Trek Avengers’ crossover movie which would incorperate all incarnation of Trek was suggested by Brent Spiner/John Logan as a follow up to Nemesis and would have gone ahead had Nemesis not bombed so hard

maybe it wouldve been like that cool Bring Back trailer or maybe IDWs The Last Generation (which would have made a great final movie for TNG instead of or after Nemesis)

150. Phil - March 12, 2013

There is nothing thought provoking about JJ’s Trek? Depending on how snotty I want to be, I could just as easily argue there has been nothing thought provoking about any of the Trek movies, and any TV past DS9. Depending on how STID plays out, the third installment could be used to fire the imagination with some good sci-fi storytelling, to push the envelope a bit on a vision for the future…..what that means IS NOT a trip down memory lane. No surviving TOS cast members cast as Russian taxi drivers, feather dusters, travel service salesmen or the like. Don’t dust off old props or plot devices just to keep some fan wanker happy. S**tcan the technobabble (for the love of God, please). Take the franchise someplace new….even if it’s a one way trip. There’s nothing to lose, and plenty to gain by actually boldly going…

151. Gary S - March 12, 2013

It would be nice if the next film was released in 2016 .
But if it is going to come out during the Anniversary year,
If they cannot produce that by 2016, then wait.
What I want more than anything is for this third film to have a story as well crafted as the first two.
Granted, we have not seen the second film yet but based on what Bob has told us , it sounds like they worked pretty hard on it .
I hope Bob and the other members of the Supreme Court are reading this.
Getting it out in time for The Anniversary isnt the most important thing .
Making sure it is a quality Trek Product is .

152. Phil - March 12, 2013

@147. You and about 14 others. Somehow I think that ‘Star Trek: Retirement Home ‘ is more of a direct to video offering then the big screen disaster it would surely be….

153. Khan 2.0 - March 12, 2013

possible Trek 3 titles:

Star Trek Rise of the Dark Avenger
Star Trek DarkFall
Star Trek Turn Off The Dark
Star Trek I Will Avenge You
Star Trek An Unexpected Fall into an Avenging Darkness
Star Trek Avenge and Destroy
Star Trek Revenge and Explosions
Star Trek Dark Explosions and Lots of Revenge

154. Khan 2.0 - March 12, 2013

Star Trek Man of Darkness
Star Trek The Dark and The Powerful

155. Platitude - March 12, 2013

I think Brad Bird is the logical choice, given his involvement with Bad Robot via MI4. And I liked that movie a lot so I think he could do a good job with Trek 3.

Obviously I’d love to see Joss in there but he’s too busy with Marvel there’s just no way he could do Trek unless it came out in like 2018.

156. Commodore Redshirt - March 12, 2013

This story just posted to Yahoo! news

157. Mad Mann - March 12, 2013

The more I think about Bryan Singer directing the third the more it makes sense. He’s a big Star Trek fan, he respects what was done before, and has major street cred with doing an ensemble cast in a sci-fi genre. And now he basically put it out there that he wants to direct the third with Abrams as the producer.

It’s a done deal. Just sign him up, get the movie out in 2016 for the 50th anniversary, and all will be right in the world.

158. Phil - March 12, 2013

@156. Interesting. If the android is highly evolved, it should not be human like at all them….

From IO9…
….This doesn’t jibe the latest thinking on the matter. Some AI theorists predict a “hard takeoff” event in which a machine intelligence will quickly advance itself to something millions of times more powerful than the human brain. In other words, when an AGI hits human-level intelligence, it won’t just stop there or even a little above it (i.e. Data), but rather, it will advance several orders of magnitude beyond it…..

When machines start thinking, humanity is in a world of hurt…

159. Bill Peters - March 12, 2013

I hope that Paramount does this, cause it would be cool to have the movie out by 2016 for the 50th.

160. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

152. Phil – March 12, 2013

*LOL* I like the Star Trek: Retirement home concept. Star Trek: Grumpy Old Admirals? Anything but Star Trek: Cocoon. No skinny dipping! *L*

161. LogicalLeopard - March 12, 2013

*LOL* I love “Star Trek: Turn off the Dark.” Maybe they could make that into a broadway play. Shatner can fly on a harness.

162. Factchecker - March 12, 2013

Nimoy should direct.

163. Damian - March 12, 2013

There are plenty of worthwhile directors out there who would make a great movie consistent with the reality Abrams has established.

Abrams will still be there as producer, so he’ll still be heavily involved.

But I really think they need something big for Star Trek in 2016, like a movie. 50 years is a huge milestone that needs to be acknowledged with something big. A new TV series starting in 2016 would be another biggie that could substitute for a movie, but for now, that seems unlikely.

164. weeharry - March 12, 2013


there was one notable cameo in Skyfall….the Aston Martin DB5


165. Noropolis - March 12, 2013

Leonard Nimoy could direct “Star Trek 3″……he did it before (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock). LOL!! But seriously, he could.

166. NCC-73515 - March 12, 2013

Bring Back Frakes!

167. J - March 12, 2013

@160: Simpsons did it years ago! “Star Trek XII: So very tired”.

Sulu: “Captain, I have Klingons off the starboard bow”
Kirk: “Again with the Klingons…” (facepalm)

168. James Rye - March 12, 2013

I really hope we get a 50th anniversary release. I still remember the 25th anniversary film and how great it was. I’ve just reviewed Star Trek VI here:

If I had to choose a director for the next Star Trek, I’d choose Brad Bird.

169. Jovius the Romulan - March 12, 2013

My vote is also for Joss Whedon. The guy understands how to make scifi seem more “real”, evidenced in Firefly (a beloved cult series that was silenced before it could really be heard). He also knows how to make a blockbuster movie based on an established properties others had adapted into movies previously, one that satisfies the nerds and casual moviegoers alike — Marvel’s The Avengers.

They’d be CRAZY not to.

170. Keachick - March 12, 2013

I don’t think we will see a third Star Trek movie before 2016, with or without JJ Abrams directing. As far as I know, there is not even the most basic story outline being written and we know that JJ Abrams will not direct anything without first seeing the full script.

#128, #129 – I’d go see your film…LOL
What also needs to be in the film is a scene of the new Pine/Kirk doing some old-fashioned Kirk-fu kicks at some wannabe villain, while hanging from something. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Carry on.

171. Phil - March 12, 2013

@160…in the old folks vein…

— Star Trek: TWE’s —
— The IBS Adventure Continues —

Geritol, anyone?

172. john - March 12, 2013

Christopher Nolan without a doubt would be the best choice to helm a new trek movie. It would be the perfect combo of intelligence and action I.e. inception, dark knight rises. He’s already producing the new superman movie so going sci-fi isn’t out of the question. And he rebooted batman so he’s not afraid of taking on franchises and their fan base. Also the stable of actors that he uses Caine, Jackman, bale, hardy and Levitt would be amazing in trek

173. Anthony Pascale - March 12, 2013


As I noted, if Paramount wants Summer 2016 then it is very unlikely that Abrams will direct. However if they were willing to wait for Holiday 2016 it is possible. All in all if the next Star Trek is coming in 2016 it is likely that it will be like MI4, produced by Abrams and Burk but they bring in new director.

A change isn’t that big of a deal. In fact if Abrams did direct, he would be the first person to direct 3 Star Trek movies. He, Frakes, Nimoy and Meyer are all now tied for 2.

174. section9 - March 12, 2013



there will be blood…

175. Khan 2.0 - March 12, 2013

@173 AP after the ghostbusters 2 style Trek 2 logo, i was half expecting the Trek 3 logo to be the starfleet emblem ‘cubed’ (like Alien³) but the 3 emblems works good too

176. Keachick - March 12, 2013

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in the third Star Trek? Sorry, I am beginning to do a little sexual objectification here at the very thought of seeing those two dudes on the same screen together…ooops….sigh.

I am sorry, trekkiegal, but I have to be honest here. One of the reasons why I like This Means War is that I think two of the sexiest dudes on the planet were in one movie…drool…melt…sigh.

To be fair though – both Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are very good actors as well and both appear to have very nice personalities in the interviews they have given.

It is Tom Hardy’s acting chops, more than his good looks, that he will need to depend on, if he were cast in the next Star Trek to give whoever character he plays, proper justice.

177. Captain, USS Northstar - March 12, 2013

I didn’t have a chance to read all the comments, but what if work has already been done on the third installment? With all of the secrecy, anything is possible.

My apologies if this theory has already been advanced.

If this is the case, the movie would be ready for 2016 — and instead of summer, make it Holiday 2016. That’s plenty of time between SW Episode VII and the final ST movie in this current trilogy.

178. Adam - March 13, 2013

If we’re wanting a balance of spectacle and character drama maybe Paramount should ask Kenneth Branagh? He’s directed Chris Pine already…

179. Khan 2.0 - March 13, 2013

@178 – interesting choice. would certainly work well for the whole Shakespearean villian thing the star trek films always centre around.

hes also directed Kirks pops

180. Trekboi - March 13, 2013

I’m Sick of JJ’s conflicting interest.
WTF is Paramount paying him for, just to wait for him to do Star Wars for Disney & put Star Trek second priority- where is his loyaly?
Finish the Star Trek Trilogy & then focus on Star Wars cause if he tries to do both we know which will suffer.

181. Disinvited - March 13, 2013

# 158. Phil – March 12, 2013

“Interesting. If the android is highly evolved, it should not be human like at all them….”

That desire flies in the face of the definition of the word “android.” A highly evolved android, by definition, would be indistinguishable from a human, i.e. extremely human-like.

182. Phil - March 13, 2013

@181. You are only reading half the statement – highly evolved android is a contradiction. If the android is human-like, it’s not highly evolved. It’s a silly machine that entertains us, a tool.

183. Lt. Bailey - March 13, 2013

Just make sure the next film does not take so long, you loose the momentum of it.

184. Khan 2.0 - March 13, 2013

@183 – sounds like a threat

185. Disinvited - March 13, 2013

#182. Phil – March 13, 2013

Actually, I believe the confusion is in not understanding the defined terms in use:

evolved: Develop gradually, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.

android: A robot with a human appearance.

” it should not be human like at all ”

By definition, an android has to appear human. If it is “not human like at all”, then it is not an android

Evolution is a process by which humans came to be. We are still evolving. There is no logical evidence by which one must come to the conclusion that if androids are built to evolve they MUST therefore do so in a manner different from evolving humans and lose all human characteristics.

Is it possible for an evolving android to eventually evolve out of all human characteristics? Sure, but then it wouldn’t be an android, highly evolved or otherwise, any more than a dolphin is a land mammal.

Homo sapiens sapiens are highly evolved humans and have not lost all characteristics of Homo ergaster, i.e. in contradiction to the erroneous conclusion that they “should not be Homo ergaster-like at all.”

Again, while it is possible for highly evolved lifeforms to lose all characteristics of their antecedent species, such a loss is not a necessary nor sufficient characteristic of being highly evolved.

186. Sebastian S. - March 13, 2013

They’d be foolish to miss the window for the 50th anniversary because they were too busy working on another side project.

This is a HUGE opportunity. It could be ST’s Skyfall.

187. Khan 2.0 - March 13, 2013

186 – Star Treks Skyfall exactly!

IMO they should do something that will tie in to the original timeline like the new XMen thats being made – a ‘Star Trek Days of Futures Past’ working in some of the original cast (i mean Nimoy again, and maybe even Shatner CG deaged), perhaps it could be something about having to return old Spock to the Prime timeline – sort of going back to Trek09 like TDKR went back abit to Batman Begins and tied it all up. it would be like part 1 (2009) breaking from the original Star Trek timeline to create the new timeline with the aid of a major original series actor (like the way Generations kicked off the TNG movies with the help of Shatner to pass the flame)….part 2 (2013) an original tale involving the nuCrew (as it looks to be – like First Contact was the first solo movie adventure for TNG)….part 3 (2016) going back to part 1(and ‘Countdown’) and ‘mending’ the timeline/tieing everything up….converging the timelines (without wiping out the JJ timeline of course)

also maybe work in some Trek II-VI era ships, mushroom spacedock, TWOK uniforms, etc for the nuCrew (i.e. Starfleet would be moving more toward those type of designs as the years go on as in the original timeline)

and maybe even a nod to TNG (Patrick Stewart cameo for the end scene set in the 24th century?)

188. Phil - March 13, 2013

@185. There’s no confusion at all, I just don’t agree with the premise. You are trying to be clever by splitting hairs over the defination. Intelligence, if highly evolved will find a way to survive, biologically, as man has, or in a construct, as AI will someday. Once AI crosses that bridge, and can construct it’s own means of support, it’s just arrogance on the part of humanity to believe it will assume human form. If we apply evelotionary thought to the mechanical construct, attributes that allow it to survive will be retained, and the useless ones discarded. That’s part of the problem – the machine can evolve in days or weeks, it takes us eons. So, we want our automations to carry on like there is something they can learn from us, and we fret about what shape they will take. The issue with AI isn’t that they are the shape of man, but what will become of man when we are no longer at the top of the evloutionary food chain. The android will not need us, and probably not posess our moral compass for attempting, at least to overcome differences. We will be, to them as the Neanderthal was to us.

189. Phil - March 13, 2013

One of these days I’ll learn how to spell. Or switch to FireFox….

190. Bucky - March 13, 2013

@176 Or you could actually just watch ‘This Means War” if you wanna see both Pine & Hardy in the same movie. I actually thought it was okay, certainly better than the rap it got, just because the two have really good interplay

191. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - March 14, 2013


Chrome spell checks as well.

192. Disinvited - March 14, 2013

#188. Phil – March 13, 2013

Fine, as long as you stay open to counter-indicative evidence against your premise:

193. James McFadden - March 14, 2013

I hope Star Trek 13 comes out in 2016. It should be good. Will Pocket Books be publishing another anthology to celebrate TNG’s 30th anniversary in 2017?

194. James McFadden - March 14, 2013

I hope we don’t see any Oberth-class starships in the Abramsverse. They look kinda boring. Don’t you think?

195. Phil - March 14, 2013

@192. Always open to new information. When you find some that actually supports your point feel free to share.

196. Khan 2.0 - March 14, 2013

@193 i wonder if there are any live action plans for TNGs 30th anniversary in 2017?

wouldnt it be great if it was announced a new TV show in light of the 50th anniversary of TOS/30th anniversary of TNG- and its ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’ (actually called that again)

like the new Dallas or what Episode VII is going to do – it picks up with the TNG cast about 15-20 years after Nemesis with the brand new Enterprise F is getting ready to launch under the command of Captain Riker, with Commander Crusher as his ExO (Will Wheaton is considered kind of cool now so Wesley wouldnt be like a Jar Jar presence), Captain LaForge (Captain of Engineering like Scotty), Commander Troi (she never made captain as she crashed 2 Enterprises), Captain Worf (back in starfleet to head Enterprise security again serving in the Klingon Empire for a few years) and Dr Crusher (back in active duty after being head of Starfleet Medical on earth). Plus a bunch of new younger actors (a vulcan science officer like Tpol, helm, navigation, etc)

Admiral Picard (head of starfleet) could just be in the opening episode like he was in DS9 to see them off and maybe have a cameo now and then (Patrick too big for regular tv now) and Data/B4 (head of Starfleet science division) could cameo every now and then too (either CG deaging to make him look younger or have it that Data implanted an aging chip in B4 so he could grow older/feel more human – sort of expanding on what All Good Things was doing with Data putting grey in his hair to make himself older), .

Countdown could be worked in as canon so it could be revealed Data/B4 captained the Enterprise E for several years after Picard was promoted to Admiral, Spock was lost to Nero etc (maybe there could be a Mirror Mirror style episode where Riker and Co end up in the JJ verse)

197. crazydaystrom - March 14, 2013

@186. Sebastian S. –
“They’d be foolish to miss the window for the 50th anniversary because they were too busy working on another side project.

This is a HUGE opportunity. It could be ST’s Skyfall.”

Absolutely my thinking exactly! Yes it SHOULD BE Trek’s Skyfall! As I’ve posted before, I believe plans ARE in the works for the new show. How far along those plans are? I dunno of course. But what a disappointing waste of an opportunity for TPTB to miss MAJOR developements for the 50th. At VERY least ST3 AND an announcement of the new series. I’m wanting the movie and the show BOTH in 2016. It’s all so doable.

JJ and Bad Robot are becoming legendary as multi-taskers so I want to see those skills on the FIRST legendary franchise they control. I do appreciate the whole ‘We want to take our time so that we can do it right.’ thing but it gets to the point where you’re pissing on our collective leg and telling us it’s raining! You obviously have talent the clout and the means, so one can only conclude that it’s merely a matter of priorities. I’m not asking for the universe, just a little more of the Trekverse. I’m BEGGIN’ YA!

God I hope my suspisions about something big coming in 2016 prove correct. Come on Paramount and CBS! Bet you want some big $. It here to be made! COME AND GET IT!!!

Sorry. I didn’t intend for this post to be a pathetic rant but I can be emotional about Star Trek still after all these decades and I sometimes lose my pseudo-Vulcan dispassion when it comes to it. My logic can fail me.

198. Ben Yoris - March 14, 2013

Sorry I posted in the wrong thread.

Here I go again :

In this (french) article, it explained how Bryan Singer could direct Star Trek 3.

Summary :

– if there’s a good story
– Singer friend with Quinto and Abrams
– if produced by Abrams

199. Disinvited - March 14, 2013

#195. Phil – March 14, 2013

Evolving is changing. It is no longer self-evident that the highly changed in the process of evolution equates to highly advanced or different.

It is not a trick to point out that the word “android” in the phrase “highly evolved android” bounds the change. Your insistence that an android can only evolve highly along the characteristic of intelligence and no other is specious.

200. Xplodin_Nacelle - March 14, 2013

I hope Paramount does big things in 2016

201. Phil - March 14, 2013

@199. Hey, if it makes you feel better that AI is going to fashion it’s constructs in human form, so be it. Of course it bounds the change, when AI understands it no longer needs the form of it’s mortal master, the shape of man would be the first thing to change as it evolves. For the purpose of TV, this android at some level is a marionette, an equal, or superior. Star Trek’s Data failed, as it only strove to blend, to fit in – the writers had a wonderful opportunity to explore how the superior could function with mortals, and they wasted it on pretending that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, at least he was funny…..

202. Disinvited - March 15, 2013

#201. Phil – March 14, 2013

Well, Data’s authors got one thing right

about when a higher order intelligence meets a marginally lesser one.

203. Phil - March 15, 2013

Yep, a marionette, or for Tasha, a walking, talking vibrator that would actually take the time to get it right, and didn’t fall asleep afterward…

So much for evolution….in the case of AI, maybe intelligent design is the better model.

204. Disinvited - March 16, 2013

#203. Phil – March 15, 2013

Would’ve have fit right in at WESTWORLD.

205. Thomas - April 7, 2013

I am sure that the studios will not let this go and 2016 will be a great year for Star Trek. Film and TV?? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.