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New Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer To Debut Online At Midnight + Check Out 2 New Stills March 20, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

TrekMovie first broke the news that a new longer Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was coming with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which opens next week. We have now been informed that this new international trailer will be released early – specifically midnight tonight. Paramount has also provided us with a couple of new Into Darkness images. Check it all out below.  


International Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Coming Midnight Tonight

Paramount’s international arm has decided to release their new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness a week before it will be seen with screenings of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The new trailer will debut online at Apple Trailers tonight at midnight (or 12:01 AM Thursday March 21st – Pacific Daylight Time). Like with the ‘announcement trailer‘ which was released in early December, there will be many localized versions of this new trailer (UK, Germany, Russia, etc).

The new trailer is expected to be around 2 minutes and 20 seconds long and you will be able to see at as soon as it goes live. Shortly after the release TrekMovie will also have our usual shot-by-shot analysis. Until then, Paramount has provided a couple of preview images (below). These images will also be made available via the new Star Trek app.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

The new trailer coming at midnight is being described as the "international trailer" and will be attached to international screenings of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which opens worldwide next week. However, being that there doesn’t appear to be a new domestic version of this trailer, screenings of the G.I. Joe movie in the US and Canada will likely include the recently released ‘alternative teaser’ which premiered with Oz The Great and Powerful (see that below). This means that a "theatrical trailer" is still to come for domestic theaters (likely sometime in April). It isn’t known how closely that domestic trailer will resemble the international trailer which will be released tonight.  

Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Teaser #2


1. Geek Girl - March 20, 2013

Intense Star Trek action; it doesn’t get any hotter than this!

2. Ciaran - March 20, 2013

They say Wednesday night at midnight, well technically, that would’ve been quite a few hours ago, because it’s really gonna be Thursday when it’s released. Not Wednesday. It’ll have ended. Sorry. LOL.

3. Jack - March 20, 2013

Oddly, when I saw Oz in the theatre (not in 3D) it didn’t have the Trek trailer. Although every movie I’ve seen in the last six months seems to have the trailers for that Tom Cruise movie and the Will Smith/M. Night movie… I’ve yet to see a STID trailer on a movie screen, and I see a lot of movies.

4. Jack - March 20, 2013

I did indeed read the story– I get that there hasn’t been a trailer apart from the Oz thing — but wasn’t the teaser supposed to be out with tgeHobbit? So are these only attached to specific movies? I’d thought that maybe it would have appeared with other films… I don’t know how anything works…

5. Trekkiegal63 - March 20, 2013

Difficult to determine which of the three looks the most intensely disgruntled as they are pretty even in that regard within these new shots. ;)

A new trailer, definitely exciting!

6. Anthony Pascale - March 20, 2013

sometimes trailers are at theater discretion. So not every HOBBIT or OZ screening had the STAR TREK trailers. However in the case of GI JOE, that is a Paramount movie and they have more control over it and so the International screenings should have the longer new trailer (that comes out online tomorrow) and the USA/Canada screenings should have the trailer that came with OZ.

7. JRT! - March 20, 2013

Too little,too late. Oh well,still gonna see the movie since I already bought my ticket. Could pop over to London and watch it May 2nd.,lol! Doubt I’ll do that though.

8. Jack - March 20, 2013

Cool. Thanks for the explanation… ;)

9. Marja - March 20, 2013

Y’mean we in the US don’t get the newest trailer?

I saw the new “kid-friendly” one with Spock telling Kirk about his flying, “I don’t think that qualifies” – that trailer rocks! [And “Oz” was kinda fun too]

but I was hoping we’d get to see the newest one? No?

“I don’t think [the US] qualifies”?

awwww ….

10. Marja - March 20, 2013

Oh! Upon re-reading …

“Belay my last”

11. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 20, 2013

My guess with the still of Kirk & Spock is that this is probably after the attack on the Starfleet meeting. Spock’s undershirt looks a bit dusty on the upper chest. Now to wait to see if the scene the still is from is in the new trailer tomorrow.

12. Dennis Sisterson - March 20, 2013

Like many trailers, it looks like the editors have mined the film for cliches.

13. Newdivide1701 - March 20, 2013

Do you realize how much of a pain in the ass you are? Who else thinks that’s what Pike really said?

14. Punkspocker - March 20, 2013

#13. I honestly heard ” pain in the ass” also.

15. Chris Roberts - March 20, 2013


More clues hopefully…

16. Lt. Dakin - March 20, 2013

Cumberbatch standing in front of the Crystal Cathedral in Garde Grove, California in that exclusive image.

17. Mad Mann - March 20, 2013

I hope it’s better than the last. So far, the trailers for this movie have been less than stellar. The first, 2009 Star Trek had much more engaging trailers.

This new one looks OK, but so far not as good as Trek 09.

18. Lt. Dakin - March 20, 2013

Gargen Grove, CA. It is immediately west of the Outlets at Orange, just off the 5. The grounds at the Crystal Cathedral are open for self guided walking tours. I just went 2 weeks ago.

19. Marja - March 20, 2013

I see Mr Abrams has been up to his location shooting trickses again! Good catch, Lt. Dakin ; )

Maybe we should have a location challenge … tho since I only know parts of Long Beach and the San Fran Bay area, I might be at a loss.

Next trailer, see how many locations we can spot?

20. Typical Trekker - March 20, 2013

wah, wah, wah, wah. i dont half a life since tasha went away. where’s the trailer for ST:2015? cant i half anything? WAH!!!!!

21. Calastir - March 20, 2013

Running, jumping, screaming, explosion, tuba, title, and another generic trailer finished!!! ;-)

22. Passionate About Protein - March 20, 2013

You know, I am absolutely overjoyed that in the 2009 film and the forthcoming one, the same uniforms that were used in TOS are worn by the crew.

But does anybody else thing it would look great if the crew of the Enterprise all wore baseball caps that had ‘Star Trek’ written on the front?

I thing it would really great and really compliment the uniforms

23. Trekboi - March 20, 2013

In Australia they had the 9 minute opening/preview thing instead of the preview- i was so pissed as I had chosen not to see it.
Thank’s for the spoiler warning, oh wait you guys said it was a normal trailer on OZ!

24. Daniel Broadway - March 20, 2013

What’s with Kirk always wearing black instead of his command gold?

25. Mad Mann - March 20, 2013

22: Baseball caps with Star Trek written on it? Is that a joke?

But, anyway, I too love the old red/yellow/blue uniforms. I think that’s the best part of the reboot. I think the updated versions are the best Star Trek uniforms of all time. TMP pajamas were lame, the TWOK-TUC military ones were too, well, military-looking. The TNG movies uniforms were almost all black like they were ninjas or something.

The red/blue/yellow unis are perfect. I also like how they are in use but the characters wear dress unis, academy unis, etc. for some variety in the movie.

26. Phil - March 20, 2013

Everyone is dressed in black. John Harrison is a Ninja.

27. cpelc - March 20, 2013

24 – It must be the variant they are going for.

I for one would like to see instead an updated version of the famous green command tunic.

28. CmdrR - March 20, 2013

So, “Punch it!” is the new “Engage!”

29. msn1701 - March 20, 2013

WIN WIN WIN! Thanks for telling us! :D

30. Simon - March 20, 2013

@20 – Using current domestic locations for “future” Earth…he shot the UK scenes in LA so ILM had to stick some of LA’s skyscrapers into future London!

Freeze frame the bombing shot of the London skyline, there are a few towers from LA’s downtown there.

31. The Professor - March 20, 2013

May 15 cannot come soon enough!

32. NuFan - March 20, 2013

Spock looks so cranky. Did Khan spit in his lemonade?

33. spock1701 - March 20, 2013

They could wear baseball caps, rubber arm bands for when they jump in the sea and legwarmers to keep warm.
Baseball caps… I ask ya

34. JohnRambo - March 20, 2013

This looks like a picture of kirk and spock.

35. Flake - March 20, 2013

I have noticed in the trailers thus far that we never see the crew in their multicoloured star fleet uniforms. I wonder if this is a conscious decision by JJ Abrams to remove them from promotional materials to distance it from the low budget 60s show that is apparently such a turnoff for international audiences?

36. Calastir - March 20, 2013

Because aparently everything has to be ‘dark’ and ‘edgy’ these days…

37. Ciaran - March 20, 2013


I was thinking the same thing. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe when officers are on Earth and they’re not wearing the grey formal dress-wear (like we saw Spock wear in the Kobayashi Maru hearing scene), they take off the coloured part of the ship uniform to just show the black undershirt.

I have no idea of the logic of this, it’s just a shot in the dark.

38. Ciaran - March 20, 2013


You think the multicoloured uniforms are a TURN-OFF for international audiences? First of all, let’s get this straight, there’s only one audience and it’s the WORLD audience. Secondly, as an international audience member (as you would label me), I find that idea beyond ridiculous. The coloured tunics are one of the things that makes Star Trek what it is, as it was one of the things it was most identified with when it was first released in the ’60s. Why would non-American audiences dislike such a legendary part of this legendary franchise?

39. Dee - lvs moon surface - March 20, 2013

Chris Pine among the Kid’s Choice Awards presenters on Saturday, March 23

;-) :-)

40. Buzz Cagney - March 20, 2013

#24 its cos he’s a bit of a bad boy now. Goda wear black if you are a bad boy. He’ll have some black leather on at some point, for sure.
He’ll have his cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of his tee-shirt next.

Thank goodness, another trailer. It seems like at least several moments have elapsed since the last one.

41. I am not Herbert (retired) - March 20, 2013

“punch it” (and chrome throttle) are fracking stupid =(

“I told you it would fit…” is fracking stupid (and a rip-off) =(

big fish on Scotty’s “engineering display” is fracking stupid =(

and on, and on, and on… FRACKING STUPID! =(

JJ and boborci are Illuminati operatives tasked with making Star Trek look stupid. =(

…and the sheeple LOVE IT! …it sickens me (barf) =(

42. Buzz Cagney - March 20, 2013

#22 i’m guessing you meant to say ‘Star Fleet on their baseball caps’?
Bit too Star Trek: Enterprise for me.

43. Basement Blogger - March 20, 2013

I wonder if there is going to be a YouTube version also. I have trouble with the ITunes versions or maybe I can’t use these infernal machines.

44. Buzz Cagney - March 20, 2013

#41 indeed, some of the dialogue on show so far is lame. Not least the supposed ‘wit’ from Spock, ‘i’m not sure that qualifies’
Holy crap did the writers leave the script in the hands of their 13 year old nephews or something? Oh hang on, it was their 13 year old nephews who wrote Transformers so they’ll be in their late teens now- so probably will have sharpened their writing skills by now.

Still not feeling the love but I have an order of popcorn all lined up anyway. If only so I have something at hand that I can throw at the screen

45. Anonymous Coward - March 20, 2013

#41 & 44- Oh, Jeezus, yes. Luc Besson is less cliched than JJ et al.

Do audiences and farancise fans really fall for this cliched, flared-up mess? Judging by these boards, I guess ‘yes’, but damn people…

46. Keachick - March 20, 2013

“big fish on Scotty’s “engineering display”? No, that was a big fish swimming by the Enterprise to take a peek and so it should ‘n’ all.

BTW, I am one excited “sheeple” I’ll have you know… Baaa

47. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

Americuh EMBRACES (and is defiantly proud of) it’s DUMBNESS =(

…and JJ and boborci know how to pander to it… =(

48. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

Keachick, you are just moist for CP’s nu-Kirk… (nothing wrong with that) =P

49. suejoe - March 20, 2013

41. I am not Herbert… you are correct. you are not herbert. you are an idiot

50. Flake - March 20, 2013


Yes that’s exactly what I am saying.

International audiences outside of the English speaking countries and Germany do not like to watch Star Trek and the last thing they would do is pay money to go and watch it. So it makes sense that they are going to try to make it NOT look like Star Trek and instead show it has moved on from the low budget roots into big action adventure. I think people in these foreign countries believe Star Trek is some children’s tv rubbish with people dressed in pyjamas and they aren’t interested. That’s why they are moving away from the old uniforms.

51. Geek Girl - March 20, 2013

I was the first to start this thread, and I am now going to bring it to a close.

No more posts please.

Everybody is so excited about this movie; it just NOT get any hotter than this!

52. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 20, 2013

Kirk’s hair is parted on the wrong side. This bugs me.

53. Spock's Uncle - March 20, 2013

I think it’s time we unplugged “I am not Herbert”‘s breathing apparatus and let him slip quietly in that final frontier…

54. Edshrinker - March 20, 2013

Yuppers. Alls of us Ameri-can’ts just gots know sence about kultural stuffs. We need some pretentious ass to tell us what “true cinema” be.

“Dumbness” can be corrected. But once a douche…well

Like him or not, JJ has been a part of several successes in TV and Cinema. I dare you to do better.

See what I did there?

55. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

Beam me up Scotty!

…this “Star Trek” sucks =(

56. LogicalLeopard - March 20, 2013

41 I am not Herbert: Eh. I love “Punch it.” I realize it’s a matter of taste, but really, punch it, engage, go…they’re all superfluous. There’s no reason that the Captain can’t just say “take us to the _____ system.” and the helmsman say, “The course is laid in and the ship is underway, Captain” So is it a juvenile flourish? Maybe, but they all are.

I told you it would fit is silly and a rip off, but i’m not all that offended. I like the fact that the Star Trek movies are paying these little homages/digs/rip offs to certain Star Wars scenes. I’m okay with it. It’s not making the universe explode.

I could live without the fish scene, but really, we can’t have a serious conversation about silliness in Trek. We’d be here a month per season of TOS discussed.

44) Buzz Cagney – You can’t really make a good judgement on the dialogue from a TRAILER which doesn’t have much dialogue in it at all. After the MOVIE comes out, if you choose to see it, you can make all the Transformer digs you’d like. I think the writing was competent in the first, so we don’t have a reason to suspect that it will be poorer in the second movie.

57. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

I LOVE humor, but not STUPID JOKES (visual or otherwise) in Star Trek =(

58. Ciaran - March 20, 2013


Have you never heard of FedCon? It’s held in Germany and it’s one of the biggest Star Trek convention experiences in Europe.

I’d like to know where you pull this information from? Where do you read this rubbish? If you show me, I’ll accept it, but no proof, then you;re just talking out of your ass.

59. Flake - March 20, 2013

I think the little fish thing with Scotty works and will get a laugh in the theatre ! Its about 5 seconds.

60. edshrinker - March 20, 2013

Very Logical, leopard. And I like “Punch It” as well…especially in light of it being Kirk’s mentor’s catchphrase. I enjoy that fatherly connection he has with him as I find myself saying things my dad (bless his soul) used to say all the time as of late. The dialogue could end up being awful (God. Please. No.) but there is no way to determine anything collectively from what are essentially sound bites from the movie.

61. Flake - March 20, 2013

Ciaran: Yes Star Trek does well in USA, UK, Germany, Austrailia and New Zealand. You need to look up the international box office of Star Trek 2009 and you will see how Trek struggles outside of those countries to the point that the old TNG/TOS movies probably didn’t even get a run in the cinema in many countries.

Yes Trek does well in Germany and I am aware of that. Now how about France/Spain/Italy/Japan/Russia/China/Brazil/Mexico & 100+ more countries where Trek does very poorly relative to other similarly budgeted blockbusters. Battleship was derided but it blew Trek away overseas outside of UK/Germany/OZ/NZ… pls look it up.

62. Flake - March 20, 2013


63. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

“Battleship” sucked ass…

What does it tell you, that it beat ST2009 overseas?

64. Flake - March 20, 2013

Battleship, Argentina: $1,510,747
Star Trek, Argentina: $405,993

Battleship, Brazil: $3,773,080
Star Trek, Brazil: $1,907,913

Battleship, China: $48,328,711
Star Trek, China: $8,556,951

Battleship, Columbia: $1,478,203
Star Trek, Columbia: $281,553

Battleship, Japan: $18,128,606
Star Trek, Japan: $5,822,930

Battleship, Italy: $5,747,869
Star Trek, Italy: $3,127,646

Battleship, Indonesia: $3,762,420
Star Trek, Indonesia: $1,057,869

Battleship, Mexico: $9,633,057
Star Trek, Mexico: $3,415,764

Battleship, Russia: $21,998,643
Star Trek, Russia: $4,122,486

Battleship, Singapore: $4,189,981
Star Trek, Singapore: $1,195,561

I could go on. Battleship was a bomb that got bad reviews vs Star Trek that apparently was not a bomb and got very good reviews (In the USA) but overseas Star Trek flopped and has done, consistently, since 1979.

65. Flake - March 20, 2013

Why has it flopped overseas (except half a dozen) ? I do not know. This is why they are making it NOT look like Star Trek by omitting the coloured tunics. I would love someone from a country where Trek is not taken seriously and flopped big time to come tell us why no one wants to watch it !

66. Sherlock - March 20, 2013

In Germany Star Trek (2009) was way less successful than Nemesis. And guess which one had most viewers there? Hold your breath… Insurrection

67. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

because it does not resonate with them…

the rest of the world has better taste…

they can see through the right-wing propaganda!

plus, they are not fooled by a US marketing campaign… ;-)

68. Flake - March 20, 2013


The TNG movies and TOS movies did even worse than Star Trek 09. I think TMP did ok but the rest did nothing. Trek 09 is far more successful overseas than a TNG movie or a TOS movie but still way below other movies with a similar budget.

69. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

i will not “engage” with you…

so go ahead and “punch it!” LOL! =D

70. Ciaran - March 20, 2013

Flake, I accept your proof. Now we need to go to all those countries that it doesn’t do well in and show them exactly what they’re missing, and they better like it…….or else! LOL.

71. Stephan - March 20, 2013


i am still a little worried, because I don’t expect into darkness to perform any better in Germany than the last trek movie.
Here in Germany nearly no one knows or even is interested in into darkness. On cinema websites you can see it as one of the many summer movies but it doesn’t “feel” like a blockbuster.

I am afraid into darkness will be overshadowed by Iron Man 3 in Germany.

72. Disinvited - March 20, 2013

#64. Flake – March 20, 2013

Here it was reported:,254265

“STAR TREK — THE MOTION PICTURE, released in December, 1979, grossed $170 million world-wide…” – Lou Gaul, Entertainment Editor of the New Jersey BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES as syndicated in OVERKILL CAN KILL A MOVIE, Beaver County Times – March 1, 1981

So how can you report TMP (1979) did lousy international when it equaled the domestic in an era where that was a pretty good international haul?

73. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

YES! Iron Man 3!!

Marvel does it right! =D

74. Disinvited - March 20, 2013

#68. Flake – March 20, 2013

TMP doing ok overseas is not consistent with your statement “,,,overseas Star Trek flopped and has done, consistently, since 1979.”

75. Flake - March 20, 2013

I always thought TMP did 82 domestic and about 50-something rest of world. I admit that TMP did do well regardless and accept your point :P

Therefore I will say Trek has been lousy overseas since 1982.

76. Marja - March 20, 2013

Alas, in Japan, many don’t even know the diff between Star Trek and Star Wars : (

It amazes and saddens me that “Battleship” beat Trek so badly in some countries. But I think that speaks more to, perhaps, their lack of good taste : } or their enjoyment of huge pointless spectacle without much characterization or plot.

I, too, look forward to seeing those wonderful, handsome, beautiful and energetic cast members portraying Starfleet officers and their efforts to overcome evildoers : )

And yes, a little humor too! Simon Pegg has the funniest facial expressions, and Chris Pine’s “astounded” face is priceless too. As is “disapproving” Spock. And I can’t wait to hear Uhura’s dry rejoinders and McCoy’s sarcasm. And watch Sulu’s cool, and Chekov’s brilliance … 57 days of anticipation ….

77. Red Dead Ryan - March 20, 2013


Maybe you should change your name to Buzz-KILL Cagney. Honestly, these movies aren’t meant to be carbon copies of TOS. Hey, I can’t stand the Spock/Uhura romance, but there were plenty of other things in the last movie that I really enjoyed.

I think you just have to give the sequel a shot. If you decide you don’t like it afterward, that’s fine.

Just go in with an open mind, and you might end up having fun by accident!


78. Red Dead Ryan - March 20, 2013

As for the international market, there are going to be countries where “Star Trek” will never be popular. Different cultures, different tastes.

Paramount does need to expand into the foreign market. However, the studio has to realize it cannot appease a segment of the movie going audience that prefers to avoid all things “Star Trek”. It will only result in a product that ends up alienating new and existing fans, as well as driving away potential new devotees.

All J.J Abrams can do is market the film as best he can overseas, by promoting Chris Pine’s Kirk and Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain as “enticements” to those who are on the fence, or those who are interested but aren’t all that familiar with the “Star Trek” franchise.

There are those with a closed-minded opinion of “Star Trek”, and they are not needed to be bothered with.

Just like there are going to be some countries where “Star Wars” dominates, and “Star Trek” languishes. And vice versa. That’s the way it is.

79. Disinvited - March 20, 2013

#76. Marja – March 20, 2013

In the case of TMP, I have always assumed that was because it was clearly influenced by 2001 and that the international market has a definite taste for art films, i.e. TMP had an excellent integration of mindblowing images and 6-channel Goldsmith influenced sound. Although in hindsight, 6-channel sound would only be a factor if the 70mm prints got significant international distribution. Barring that, it could only be based on the visual cinematic art. Although, I do recall the Dolby Stereo matrix surrounds were pretty good too.

80. John from Cincinnati - March 20, 2013


I second the notion. I want to see the updated variant of the Green Command wraparound tunic!

81. Ciaran - March 20, 2013

ST:TMP was a snorefest. End of.

82. dalek - March 20, 2013

Looking forward to the new trailer with great anticipation.

I third the notion of the updated Green tunic. Bob, please make it so for the third movie!

83. somejackball - March 20, 2013

i like that top image of Kirk & Spock, Zach looks a lot like Nimoy’s Spock there!

84. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

…you don’t get the green tunic when you are a “pain in the ass”…

…let alone, an immature dick… =(

85. -H- - March 20, 2013

#24 and all related comments about the black shirt:

The black shirts that we see in the trailers for STID, and that were also present in Star Trek 2009 are some sort of official underwear shirts, and the usual colored tunic goes over them.

We have seen the same underwear shirts in TOS, for instance in the episode 1×06 “The Naked Time”, when Spock and Liutenant Joe Tormolen are being checked in the medical bay. There are some screencaps in the following TrekCore link:

Also in the trailers for STID we also have seen the crew wearing the aforementioned tunics, so regarding this, there is nothing new.

BTW, there are at least two new uniforms that complement the ones we know.

86. Anthony Pascale - March 20, 2013

Reporting on Star Trek TMP global sales are an anomaly for the franchise. They may be true or maybe not, it is hard to tell. But it is a red herring regardless. There is no doubt that in terms of all the other films with better available data and syndication of the various TV series, Star Trek has generally performed poorly outside the English speaking world (with the exception of Germany). I’ve spoken to people all over the world (Russia, France, Latin America, Korea) and while there are fans everywhere, they all say the same thing – most people think Star Trek is a joke or something for kids or they just don’t ‘get it’

STAR TREK 2009 did break new ground for the franchise getting a wider release internationally but it still under-performed other films with international only bringing in about 1/3 of total sales. For INTO DARKNESS Paramount are trying to rectify this. The new world tour should help. THey are putting more effort into intl marketing. STAR TREK 2009 has been on home video and on TV, so more see it is a different thing. I suspect they will get closer to parity for INTO DARKNESS but Domestic will still be bigger. If they can just get International to 45% of sales (about where the Batman movies perform) that would be a win

87. I am not Herbert - March 20, 2013

…may have something to do with crappy dubbing (overseas)… ;-)

88. Keachickr - March 20, 2013

I think that foreign (non-English) television networks could be encouraged to screen Star Trek (2009) on their (free-to-air?) TV channel(s) before STID’s release date. It is said that nobody has to have seen the first movie, but I do think that if people get a look, a taste of the first movie from their own living rooms, they might be prepared to give this next movie a go.

Hopefully, we may see a re-screening of Star Trek in the next few weeks before NZ 9 May release date. Interestingly, last Sunday (10/3/13), free-to-air TV did a premiere screening of Unstoppable with Chris Pine and not so long ago, another channel screened at a later time, the movie Carriers, another Chris Pine movie. I spoke to a sales lady in a DVD retail store and she asked if I knew about the new Star Trek movie coming out. I said “Oh yeah. Can’t wait!” We strangers were two very happy females!

89. xander - March 20, 2013

I think I’ve found cumberbatch’s ship in the trailer:

I recognize those triangular nacelles from the ship crashing into the bay and the city, aka 9/11 bomber style using a ship instead of a plane.

90. dududada - March 20, 2013

@flake: i’m from indonesia. It’s not coz the unfamiliarity (we hv TNG on tv as well as TOS in the 70’s). People here are unfamiliar with Thor or Ironman, but those 2 movies did better. It’s all down to the marketing. Not enough hype/buzz for ST’09. And yeah, for casual viewers/non fan, star trek equals people sitting on the bridge, talking…. So… Emphazising Into Darkness in the title with small Star Trek on top is a smart move imho.

91. The Sinfonian - March 20, 2013

In TOS, black undershirts were often worn under the tunic. The re-envisioning of the JJ versions make sense with the tunic always being an overlay to the black undershirts.

As for “punch it”, I’m going to suggest they’re really speaking a Hindi-like phrase “Panaji” which is the capital of the state Goa in India. Clearly the warp drive initiators must be built in an Indian factory, hence to start them up, you say “Panajit!” Or not.

92. Gary Makin - March 20, 2013

Battleship doing better than Star Trek 2009 in foreign markets is ironic given that it ripped the movie off (and Independence Day and Armageddon).

93. Gary Makin - March 21, 2013

Wouldn’t it be better for Paramount to debut the trailer exclusively with GI Joe 2 – some people would’ve gone to see that movie just to see the Star Trek trailer.

94. General Trelane - March 21, 2013

OK, it’s 0015 hours – where is it?

95. Jerry Modene - March 21, 2013

West coast time, he said – about 2 hours and 35 minutes from now as I type this (9:25 PM PDT).

96. General Trelane - March 21, 2013

“But I don’t wanna wait and I won’t. I’m a general! And I won’t listen to ya!”

97. sovereign - March 21, 2013

still waiting

98. Marja ... wriggling with anticipation ... - March 21, 2013

When does it “go live” again …? 2400 hours EDT or …?

99. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 21, 2013

44 minutes and counting..

100. Josh C. - March 21, 2013

it’s up

101. JRT! - March 21, 2013


102. somejackball - March 21, 2013

i concur, it has arrived!! =)

103. Josh C. - March 21, 2013

my official first reaction:

holy mother of sh*t

104. somethoughts - March 21, 2013

He is one of our top agents! omg Alice Eve is stunning!

Looks fricken awesome!

105. JRT! - March 21, 2013

That bad,huh? LOL! Have to wait for it to hit youtube,stupid machines here at work won’t let me watch Apple trailers. GRRRR! At least it’s up,lol!

106. Josh C. - March 21, 2013

that good lol. or action packed anyway

107. JRT! - March 21, 2013

Just saw it on youtube and my first reaction was same as yours Josh,lol! Looking forward to seeing this though,looks ok,ROFL! And I was just about to join the,New Trek Is All Flash And No Substance Brigade. LOL! But this looks like it could be a good movie.

108. Ashley - March 21, 2013

Almost blew my socks off as much as the first one did. Really looking forward to this movie. 0.0

109. Tarrax - March 21, 2013

Hmm, is that an Ambassador Class crashing into the water at the end?

110. Calastir - March 21, 2013

LOL! Good save, sir!

As for the trailers so far; I was really looking forward to this, and I hear the names of my favorite characters, but apart from that this simply isn’t Star Trek. Too dark, too generic.
“I will walk over your cold corpses, and dance naked in the full moon wearing your skins as a…”

I fear this’ll be the end of the franchise.

111. Flake - March 21, 2013


Well there is enough action in the trailers so far that perhaps the international audiences will finally give Star Trek a chance :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.