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Watch: Bad Robot Variant Of Star Trek Into Darkness Intl Trailer + Caps Of New Footage March 22, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

There is yet another version of the new Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer to see. This one was shared by Bad Robot today via their twitter feed and it contains some new footage and a couple of newly annotated shots. See what’s new below.


Bad Robot’s Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

Early this morning the official Twitter feed for JJ Abrams Bad Robot production company sent out a tweet with the message "Further into Darkness" and a link to a new page on the site which has the video of an alternative version of the new international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Watch the new trailer (uploaded to Youtube) below

New footage

The new footage shows a an explosion on a ship, but which ship isn’t clear. The first part shows the explosion blowing a hole in the ship…


…and the second part of the new shot shows people being sucked out of the hole in the ship (which appears to be at warp).

Newly annotated shots

The Bad Robot variant also adds a couple of annotations. Presumably these annotations will be seen in the actual film.

More ‘shot by shot’ analysis

Check out TrekMovie’s other analyses:



1. trekmaster78 - March 22, 2013

Now the year is official!: 2259!

2. BiggestTOSfanever - March 22, 2013

Thanks for finding this!

3. Nigel - March 22, 2013

don’t like that universe.

4. Kregano - March 22, 2013

So is people being blown out into space going to be a thing in Abrams movies? I don’t see how they can top being blown out into space at warp though.

5. Josh C. - March 22, 2013

I’m almost wondering if the scene with Harrison in the brig will go something like this:

“you think you are safe, you are not.” etc. etc.

*things start blowing up on ship*

“have I got your attention, now?”

6. Curious Cadet - March 22, 2013

“One of our top agents”

Hmmm. Like James Bond. Well trained, but not superhuman.

Also, well vetted. Hard to slip an imposter by this division without some inside help … Which of course is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Of course it could also be Cooke too.

7. Jim Phelps - March 22, 2013

I think where the Starfleet servicemen are being sucked out is on the back of the saucer section just right of the impulse engine . In the international trailer towards the end as the Enterprise is in a spin falling to earth, you can clearly a huge chunk of that section blown out.

8. Connor - March 22, 2013

Looks like the ship with the explosion is at warp since you can see the familiar blue warp steaks behind the sucked out service men. js

9. Connor - March 22, 2013


10. Connor - March 22, 2013

or maybe I should read the article lol

11. Oz - March 22, 2013

If, as I suspect, there is a fair amount of emotional / philosophical depth to the story in addition to all the action we see in the trailers, this will be a fine movie. Can’t wait to see it.

12. Josh C. - March 22, 2013

I’m still wondering when (if) they’re ever going to do anything with this still

13. dmduncan - March 22, 2013

Trailer is awesome. I am FEELING the magic again.

14. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - March 22, 2013

Ok. Less then 2 months before we can see the Whole Movie.
Then we will all GEEK! OUT!

15. me - March 22, 2013

Judging from the flag, the United Kingdom stays united in 2259. No independent Scotland and no re-united Ireland

16. JohnRambo - March 22, 2013

3. Nigel

then get back into the prime universe

17. Josh C. - March 22, 2013

@15 or they just didn’t bother redoing their flag, heh

18. Daniel Broadway - March 22, 2013

Welp, if it would buffer, I’d love to watch it.

19. Thomas - March 22, 2013

12. Josh C.

I know what you mean. I registered at a few months ago and so far nothing’s happened there either.

20. LavianoTS386 - March 22, 2013

You mean “Blown” out of the ship :P

21. Damon - March 22, 2013

Sucks to be blown.

Wait, what?

22. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - March 22, 2013

It’s Blown to be Sucked.

23. Mad Mann - March 22, 2013

@ 21. Damon.

Well played, sir.

24. Peter N - March 22, 2013


Warp steaks are best served cold. It is very cold in space.

25. AJ - March 22, 2013

This one is a barnburner for sure. I say this one hits $700m quatloos worldwide. Let’s start the bidding.

26. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - March 22, 2013

I Bid that it will hit at least $741,745,452.42 Million World Wide.

27. Thomas E. - March 22, 2013

I wonder if “Agent” means he is part of Section 31?

28. Peter N - March 22, 2013

I bid 300 quatloos on the newcomers!

29. Undiscovered Latin Gay Male Trek Character - March 22, 2013

I wonder if Pike dies in the office massacre scene. Might he be the “fallen soldier” and maybe a big part of the impetus of Kirk’s revenge?

30. Daniel Broadway - March 22, 2013

Has anyone considered that “Agent” may be refering to Noel Clarke’s character and not Cumberbatch?

31. Keith H - March 22, 2013

Sucked out into space at warp, now that’s a new level of things! Love it.

32. njdss4 - March 22, 2013

@12 I asked Anthony about that on Twitter but never got a response. I think the whole “Are You The 1701?” thing got abandoned and it will be quietly ignored.

33. Dominic - March 22, 2013

London: Year 2259 pic looks like a nod to Fringe. I dig it a lot.

34. Tom - March 22, 2013

Great trailer
Bob Orci if you are reading 2 questions

Are you ready to top this in 2016?
Any chance of seeing Kirk Prime & Spock Prime for 50th Anniversary movie in 2016?

35. somethoughts - March 22, 2013

I think ST ID total gross will be $675m+ Worldwide

2+ Academy Awards! :D

0 Razzies!

36. Flake - March 22, 2013


37. Shawn - March 22, 2013

Is it me, but does the ship that crash into San Francisco harbor look like the Enterprise-E???

Seriously, freeze frame it and look at the shape of the nacelles when it crashes into the harbor. Also in the really wide shot, the shape of the ship looks like the Enterprise-E. And when it crashes into Alcatraz the bottom deflector dish section looks just like the Enterprise-E.

or maybe it’s just me….

38. Neumann - March 22, 2013

30- I think you’re right.

33- I agree, though I have no idea what the blimp things are meant to be.

And it’s a little strange to see a future without billboard screens, we’re so used to that Blade Runner future now that without them there’s this almost totalitarian feel to everything. I’m sure the lack of colour has something to do with it.

39. Flake - March 22, 2013

Correction, sir, blown out.

A common mistake sir.

Ok ok

40. Curious Cadet - March 22, 2013

@29. Undiscovered Latin Gay Male Trek Character,

Yes Pike obviously dies and is part of the family that motivates Kirk to seek revenge.

@30. Daniel Broadway,

Yes, I think this is most likely — they don’t seem to be aware of Harrison until the attack on them, so Cooke is the agent Marcus references. So Harrison could still be anybody … Anybody from canon, that is …

41. Flake - March 22, 2013

Ship crashing into sf bay is much much bigger than any star fleet ship seen thus far in Star Trek, I’d guess a mile wide and 3 miles long.

42. Flake - March 22, 2013

Could be a really bad guess though… I base it on nothing :p

43. Spock is a Sith Lord - March 22, 2013

Personally, I’m so excited to be a sci-fi fan right now that I can’t even stand myself. Rejoice friends, imho this is truly a golden age in sci-fi cinema. Trek, Wars, Comics (ok maybe not exactly sci-fi) – Between the stories, the FX/CGI, the quantity, etc… Keep it coming Bad Robot, keep it coming kids! You hear me Bob?

44. Netranger - March 22, 2013

while the nacelles dont look right if you freeze frame the ship exploding and seemingly falling out of orbit you can make out NCC-1701 on the primary hull– — so who knows- its not biggie- its not like I am totally tied to this new ship– but does make one wonder-

45. CanOpener1256 - March 22, 2013

The new shot of being being blown into space at warp …. You can see the front tip of the nacelles at the bottom right outside the hole. These match the nacelles in that long distance shot where Kirk is shot into space and the nacelles of the ship that crashes into the water.. Not the Enterprise.

46. Actual - March 22, 2013

Clearly the villain is Khan…….hehe.

47. Spock is a Sith Lord - March 22, 2013

If you look at the very front of the saucer section as the ship is crashing over the buildings (from the ground view), it appears very thin – much much thinner than big E’s saucer.

48. ajdczar - March 22, 2013

So it is a movie about terrorism. That fits Star Trek speaking to current events. I thought DS9 covered it quite well BEFORE 911.

I am actually excited if that is the direction they have gone. Especially if the terrorists are working within the world’s governments. Creepy and hard to stop.

I am pumped

49. ajdczar - March 22, 2013

As for the Kahn inferences, perhaps the world’s governments found the Botany Bay and have been using the augments as special forces…

That would mean Harrison could be an augment, but wouldn’t have to Kahn

50. Spock is a Sith Lord - March 22, 2013

Can’t wait for Harrison to wield his crimson lightsaber when his true identity as Darth Norman is revealed, trained by the dreaded Darth Mudd. “At last we reveal ourselves to the federation, at last we will have our revenge.”

Don’t scoff too quickly; look thru the silliness and plot-wise it may not be as far-fetched as you think?

51. Robman007 - March 22, 2013

Wow, folks are still on the subject of the ship crashing into the Bay. It’s NOT ENTERPRISE! It looks almost like April’s Enterprise from the comics. NOT ENTERPRISE! Very different ship.


52. Jim Phelps - March 22, 2013

@30 Daniel Broadway

Yes I have considered it. They had to have surveillance of him (Noel) going into the building and that is probably how they identified him as being responsible. They probably don’t know who Harrison is until right after he takes out Starfleet Brass at the meeting. Kirk gets a good look at Harrison after he fires his phaser rifle at him.

53. Daniel Broadway - March 22, 2013

@ 53 Jim. That is how I believe it plays out as well.

54. topas - March 22, 2013


“I don’t see how they can top being blown out into space at warp though”

…transwarp or quantum slipstream :D

55. Daniel Broadway - March 22, 2013

@ 37 Shawn. No it doesnt. At all.

56. Jose - March 22, 2013

Harrison is a Section 31 Ancestor of a Botany Bay crew augment!

57. DaddlerTheDalek - March 22, 2013

This Mysterios New Starfleet Ship makes me really curious…

58. Undiscovered Latin Gay Male character - March 22, 2013

Whether or not Harrison’s an “agent” — I’m wondering — the Nero incident obviously brought greater attention to time travel & alternate reality possibilities & problems. Maybe Section 31 did, or did not do, something that has really pissed off Harrison.

59. martin - March 22, 2013

@41 – to me the ship looks approximately the size of Alacatraz.
Three miles long would be ten times the size of Alcatraz, and would be twice as long as the distance between the wharf and the island.

If it is the same length to a little longer than Alcatraz that would put it at 1500-2000 feet long. Around Half the size of the Abrahmsprise.

I don’t think it is the Enterprise for a simple reason, they wouldn’t give that away in the very first teaser. Since that time, we see falling Enterprise and bay-ship cut so it looks together. Much of the teaser is putting disperate shots/dialogue together – I don’t think these match.

However, one thing I did notice is that Kirk flying away from the E, there is damage to the engineering section and the saucer to match damage seen on the falling enterprise. Whether it is damage post-fall or pre-fall – that is the question. My guess is his companion in this is Carol Marcus – that’s why she is stripping down – either after the space jump or preparing for it.

60. Steve Johnson - March 22, 2013

People seem to not want to accept that maybe, perhaps, both The Enterprise and this other ship (and there are clearly two distinct ships here.) both fall to Earth. The Enterprise seems to be in some kind of a dead fall, where as the other ship that hits San Francisco/Alcatraz is on a forward moving flight path as it comes down.

So maybe both ships cripple each other in Earth orbit and end up going down. Either that or The Enterprise performs some really incredible maneuver and last minute restoration of it’s power to make an escape, only to be later refurbished “SkyFall” style.

61. Cody - March 22, 2013

I am surprised, no one has mentioned about the combadges… being a mixed of TMP and TNG. Yes TNG cause it is not a full circle, you can see it ovaling a bit

62. topas - March 22, 2013


Exactly my thought on Carol Marcus being the 2nd person in suit, spacejumping with Kirk. After all, she is (or seems) to be on the other ship and witness Harrison beat up Kirk.

63. Ted C - March 22, 2013

@62 Cody, what’s surprising is that you did and that you said “ovaling”.

64. David P - March 22, 2013

My guess is Harrison Is Khan but they botany bay was recovered or found earlier in than in the original timeline and that they had their mind erased or something to that effect and something triggers harrison/khan memory and this is revenge for whatever starfleet did to the rest of the augments

65. Tuskin - March 22, 2013

I see the fixed the UK flags since the Super Bowl Trailer, they were backwards in the Super Bowl Trailer.

66. RenderedToast - March 22, 2013

The shot of Alice Eve in her underwear is SO gratuitous. She’s literally standing there like “LOOK MOVIE-GOERS, BOOBS”. I get they have to market this movie to the morons that infest this world, but could they not have found a slightly better way?

To be honest, unlike the trailers for the first one, I’m yet to be enthralled by what I’m seeing. They’ve put that weird circular shuttle scene in 3 versions of a trailer now, like that’s the best thing they can show, and it’s dumb. “We’re not going to fit!” “We’ll fit!” *shuttle bounces off the sides of the wall*. Utterly cliche. John Harrison, despite all the talk about him being a villain you can relate to, is doing the same dumb “bad guy” voice that’s in everything these days. If I can relate to him, why does he have to act like that? This isn’t how people talk. Look to the original Khan as comparison – smiling, joking, sparring. This has none of the wit.

Incidentally, Cumberbatch absolutely cannot be Khan, that would be so ridiculous given what we’ve seen and heard so far.

I do have faith in the movie but its not looking like it’s going to have the same cross-market appeal the first had.

67. Mel - March 22, 2013

Do we know yet how long the movie will be?

68. kevin - March 22, 2013

I’m guessing the “agent” is the father who blows up London to save his daughter. “What would you do for your family??” Seems Harrison has everything planned out .. the explosions lead to a meeting of the big brass at which time he open fires killing many of Starfleet’s leaders. Those jobs you won’t see posted on Monster. What ensues next is a gallactic version of cat and mouse. But in the end, everything happens for a reason and Kirk finds himself having to trust Harrison to save the world. Sneaky, sneaky! Looks like a fun movie .. don’t know if I can take two hours of the action though. What a ride.

69. Lostrod - March 22, 2013

Looks like they may have cropped out the “photo bomb guy” at around :14 …

70. Dennis C - March 22, 2013

I’m starting to think that it is the Enterprise, it’s just not Kirk’s Enterprise.

71. Victor Hugo - March 22, 2013

15: you should have asked Bob Orci for the flag change BEFORE they started shooting the movie.

72. Flaming Nacelles Forever - March 22, 2013

What if, in this timeline, Khan didn’t rise to power…until now.

73. Dennis C - March 22, 2013

So, if you check out Countdown to darkness there are a couple of interesting nuggets:

– In issue 2 we see April’s Enterprise in two panels as well as a brief glimpse of the ship’s interior. Take another look at the trailers and we may be seeing the interior of the old Enterprise.

– In issue 3 April takes command of the Enterprise by invoking Protocol 31.

Take that for what you will.

74. Flake - March 22, 2013

The ship hitting Alcatraz can’t be out of control, it must be intentionally crash landing in that location. If an out of control starship collides with a planet at a high enough speed it would be an extinction level event ‘cos those things are enormous, weigh a million tons and have anti-matter onboard! This is why trek needs planetary shields in case something like this occurs. E=mc2

75. Flake - March 22, 2013

This movie is very blue. I wonder if this colour was selected because it is better for 3D? Blue and bright.

76. Joe - March 22, 2013

70. I don’t understand why someone would moviebomb/Photobomb a movie. are they bored or what?

77. Michael Hall - March 22, 2013

I’m really, really hoping for the topical, intelligent political thriller implied by about 5% of this trailer. Even if, like THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, it turns out to be not all that congruent with my (or Gene Roddenberry’s ) vision of the Star Trek universe.

78. Skeptic - March 22, 2013

Piecing together some ideas I’ve read on this forum and elsewhere, I wonder what people think about this possibility?

– Someone, maybe Adm. Marcus, discovers the Botany Bay in this timeline before it was discovered in the prime one. He views Khan as an asset, perhaps against the Klingons or other threats the Federation faces. He makes Khan an agent, and gives him the cover identity of John Harrison.

– What triggers Khan (Harrison) to turn against Starfleet is something to do with the other Augments. Maybe others find out about him, and they put the other Augments back in stasis. Or maybe Marcus promises Khan to restore the other Augments in exchange for something, and then, fearing too many Augments might be uncontrollable, he reneges.

Wouldn’t think tie everything we’ve seen together quite nicely? Is there evidence to say it couldn’t be the case? I’m just curious why people are so strongly Harrison isn’t likely to be Khan…

Thanks for your thoughts.

79. T'Cal - March 22, 2013

27. Thomas E. – March 22, 2013

I wonder if “Agent” means he is part of Section 31?

57. Jose – March 22, 2013

Harrison is a Section 31 Ancestor of a Botany Bay crew augment!

I would have no problem with either a Section 31 story or an Augment story. There’s a lot they could do with either or both for that matter.

80. Gary S - March 22, 2013

What would section 31 do to piss off Harrison,
and what does it have to with alternate realities and time travel?

81. T'Cal - March 22, 2013

Maybe that Russian whiz-kid is an agent of S31 as well.

82. T'Cal - March 22, 2013

S31 comes across or is tasked with investigating the Botany Bay. On it they find Augments whose DNA could’ve saved Cooke’s daughter and Harrison’s wife but Starfleet Command wouldn’t allow genetic engineering or enhancement. Cooke and Harrison get…miffed.

83. Michael Hall - March 22, 2013

“Wouldn’t think tie everything we’ve seen together quite nicely? Is there evidence to say it couldn’t be the case? I’m just curious why people are so strongly Harrison isn’t likely to be Khan…

Thanks for your thoughts”.

Well, they’re pretty much my own thoughts, except that I don’t think it’s likely Harrison is Khan. Joachim, maybe, or one of the others. I wouldn’t bet on either of us being right, though.

84. PaulB - March 22, 2013

Folks, why the heck would Khan agree to becoming a Starfleet agent? This is one of the dumbest theories bouncing around. Do you even know who Khan was? As a character, not just a name most of you can’t spell correctly?

Remember, Khan ruled a large portion of Earth before his exile–he had “power over millions” and he viewed himself as superior to everyone else. So, why would an awakened/defrosted Khan agree to becoming a secret agent for a space fleet for a do-gooder “federation” of free planets? “Once I had power over millions. Now, I run around in a Starfleet undershirt and shoot things and punch things a lot.”

Yeah…that makes SO much sense. (If it turns out to be the movie’s plot, I’ll demand a refund, because that’s insanely stupid on so many levels.)

85. Skeptic - March 22, 2013

What if Khan is merely coerced into being an agent? Marcus (or someone) may find the Botany Bay, and locks away all the Augments until Khan does some work for him. It wouldn’t be the most original of plot devices, but not an uncommon one for Star Trek.

86. Giez - March 22, 2013

Joachim hasn’t been born as Khan never met his mother on the enterprise.., Marla(?)… Why don’t people realize this??

Interesting that besides the one “bay” shot, nothing has looked like it’s Khan trailer-wise. The fact that nothing has come up yet in 3 comics tends to say it’s not him.

In some way, there is a connection to April. I can still think it’s his kid, bent on vengence on the federation for whatever happens to April at the end results of Countdown #4…

We will see

87. Steve Johnson - March 23, 2013

What if Harrison is one of April’s officers?

Think about it. One of the themes here is loyalty, family. Kirk seeking revenge for the death of one of his “family” (Pike?). So what if that’s the connection? Kirk lost Pike. Harrison lost April? Because of something starfleet did.

“Is there anything you -wouldn’t do- for your family?”

Just food for thought.

88. Stan - March 23, 2013

They won’t show the Enterprise being destroyed in the trailer? It’s been done:

89. cz - March 23, 2013

They can deny it all they want harry’s-son is an android!

90. Michael Hall - March 23, 2013

“Joachim hasn’t been born as Khan never met his mother on the enterprise.., Marla(?)… Why don’t people realize this??”

Um, because they happened to have actually watched “Space Seed”?

91. martin - March 23, 2013

Why Harrison is not Khan –

They have stated that Harrison is Starfleet. Whether he is regular corps or perhaps section 31 or something else, who knows?

Khan, when awoken in Space Seed, did not wait at all to seize control. He immediately went about plotting to take the Enterprise. In Wrath of Khan, when presented with a weapon that would grant him whatever power that he desired, his only desire was to destroy the enterprise, even as he had Kirk stranded on the planet. Instead of leaving the crippled enterprise, he followed it into the mutara nebula because he could not wait to destroy kirk and the enterprise.

Khan while smart and strong, does not have the capacity for the patience to enter Starfleet, train, take orders and spend time in such an organization before he gets bent on destruction. Unless they are completely untrue to the character, that type of backstory doesn’t fit Khan.

Now could it be another augment, Juachim, or another Botany Bay survivor, that is completely possible. Could it be a human cyborg hybrid created by the child or grandchild of Arik Soong, and the father or grandfather of Noonian Soong? Is it a Norman from Mudd’s planet. That is completely possible. As Norman infiltrated Starfleet, that even works, whether Mudd is part of the story or not. But it isn’t Khan.

92. Anthony Pascale - March 23, 2013

Remember that the new trailer is an ‘international’ trailer. I suspect that if there is going to be another event for the Are You 1701 it might be done around the release of the domestic theatrical trailer. That would be in April. I do know that Paramount arent doing the kind of intricate (some would say too complicated) type of ARG done in 2009.

I do know that as of now we havent missed anything with regards to viral stuff and ARGs.

93. somethoughts - March 23, 2013

This will be interesting, after everyone finds out who John Harrison is there will be a lot of pissed off people and a lot of people who say, I told you so lol

a) reveal isn’t that big of deal
b) reveal is huge and pisses off die hard 1980s Trekkies
c) reveal is huge and causes interweb arguments over why it isn’t possible

94. somethoughts - March 23, 2013

It is Seal Team Six capturing a terrorist in space whom the audience may understand his motives.

Big allegories, drama, sci fi moments, martial arts, action and adventure with some cool sexy boobs in 3D IMAX mixed with awesome music and sound.

I hope they keep the panty shot of eve in the domestic trailer :) yes I only want to see the movie because of that one sexy frame, people need to relax and remove stick from rears and remember to have fun.

95. Optimistic Doodle - March 23, 2013

Strange: a ship that ‘happens to crash in San Francisco’ …

Perhaps it’s more (terrifying) intentional
than coincidence?

96. Mantastic - March 23, 2013

2259….when the color green ceases to exist.

97. Keachick - March 23, 2013

#96 Yes indeed. So we have to look forward to even bigger ugly grey cities in the future. Earth can barely cope with the waste etc from the ones we have now.

Where are the trees? Trees never needed humans, but we need them. In fact, humanity needs all that is nature – flora and fauna way more than it ever needed us. Indeed, most sea and land life did fine until the greedy, pride filled humans came along…

98. The Sinfonian - March 23, 2013

@92. A shame, as the ARG in 2009 was fun for those of us playing along. It had unfulfilled potential. I did appreciate making a number of online friends in Europe as a result of it. The Klingon messages, Romulan numbers, things like that, QR codes, all that… it was fascinating.

@various. The ship crashing into SF is most likely ENTERPRISE, but not Pike/Kirk’s Enterprise. It’s clear April’s ship was the original Connie Enterprise (which we have no CANON as to what type of nacelles it carried: it could have been refit before Pike’s missions.) Of course, I recall Bob saying a ship named EXETER would make an appearance if that sequence didn’t get cut.

99. flywithsean - March 23, 2013

Ok after many times watching all these previews I have a theory.

The real bad guy/guys is not Harrison but rather high ranking officials from Starfleet. Harrison while looking to be the bad guy during the previews is not. This is a total misdirection from the previews. Harrison may be misguided in his decision on how to stop them, but I don’t believe this is a classic revenge movie.

Here are some reasons why

1. “You think your world is safe it is an illusion enjoy these final moments of peace.” – So step back from that and see it from the angle of him describing what he is trying to reveal to everyone else. Something he knows and wants everyone else to know

2. The top agent who caused the bombing in London was not Harrison but they make it look that way in the preview because right after Weller says that they show Harrison in the ship

3. “Your commanders have committed a crime I can not forgive” So I again say someone high up in starfleet or many in starfleet are guilty of something. They are the true bad ones.

4. “Have I got your attention now” Sounds like this was said after explaining to Kirk whats going on. Not after attacking as some uber bad guy

5. Kirk talking about Vendettas and going after Harrison but then on the ship he says he has no idea what he is supposed to do only what he can do. Sounds to me like he just found out that his superiors are lying to him and that Harrison isnt the bad guy he was made out to be.

6. “You have no idea what you have done” I see this as a Kirk being told he is following the wrong leader and is jeopardizing something. Maybe peace with the Klingons

7. If he is such a ultimate danger why is he allowed to monologue on the bridge when he was held in the brig. It’s because he was let out when he was seen as not being the bad guy.

8. When Harrison is surrounded by the red shirts he has Spock and Kirk behind him in tow. Looks to me like the red shirts are for protection and not escorting Harrison.

Also the hand scene from a previous trailer could be Harrison and Spock is holding his hand out because he is thankful for whatever Harrison did.

Call me crazy if you want but we are being fooled by these previews. Bad guy will turn out to be Weller or even Pike. There is kind of a hint at this at the end of part 2 of the comic for “Return of the Archons”

I await everyones input

Also I want them to do Khan but with Faran Tahir (Captain Robau) as Khan. I don’t think there is any other choice. And no in this day and age a Latino will not play a Sikh from Northern India.

100. Daniel Forsman - March 23, 2013

It’s Robert April’s Enterprise crashing down. The symmetry of the ship looks like his ship.

101. Edshrinker - March 23, 2013


You are DEAD on I believe. The one shot of Harrison smacking down a dude in a narrow hallway…Kirk is right behind (with Scotty) and he is ARMED. Harrison is leading them toward someone/something. And kicking some butts along the way. Scotty looks like “Holy Shit!” And the next screen shot is Harrison turning from the carnage, seemingly looking back at Kirk and Scotty. I think this is the 3rd act, as Kirk is convinced Harrison is on the right side, even though his methods are not exactly subtle (we are told as much, as it has repeated over and over we will see Harrison’s motives as just – just not the methods).

The thing is, we see Harrison in custody 2 different times. Once on the Big E brig with Spock and Kirk in command garb. Later we see him in custody with Kirk in Civvies. And he seems to let Kirk smack him down on Kronos. I think that is when the grab him again and he convinces them Adm. Marcus is the bad guy in this, directing whatever action (or lack of action due to the Prime Directive…Comics lead in with April) and the bad guy(s) are all within Starfleet.

So spot on my friend. And I have thought since the beginning the WOK shot of Spock and another hand on the glass was HArrison’s hand after the ultimate sacrifice – doing what he had to to root out the TRUE evil. A sign of forgiveness and respect.

What say you, my beloved Trek family??

102. Buffalo - March 23, 2013

Is it Possible that John Harrison is more a reference to Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost in Space

From Wiki:
Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) A Doctor of interstellar environmental psychology, expert in Cybernetics and an enemy agent

103. Optimistic Doodle - March 23, 2013

I hope Chekov keeps running!

104. AnthonyD - March 23, 2013

1) It doesn’t have to be kahn to be an augment
2) Terrorists using starships instead of planes
3) If augments were discovered by military not exploration, then reanimating them could include memory wipe; which, if they later learned who they were would likely result in desire for revenge
4) Just like the world’s major powers have been mucking about with the middle east for a very long time….

105. Elias Javalis - March 23, 2013

Its common tactic that movies try to build extensions of their universes nowadays. I wouldnt be surprised if Into Darkness is a prelude of a Khan Movie!

106. bterrik - March 23, 2013

I believe the ship that crashes into San Francisco does so under power – if you go frame by frame as it demolishes Alcatraz, you can see that the deflector dish is still glowing blue. Which lends some more credence to the theory that the crashing ship is in controlled flight.

107. Gary S - March 23, 2013

93.Right On!
I predict all 3 will happen to varying degrees

108. Trek in A Cafe - March 23, 2013

99 – LOVE IT

I think you are right.

I also think that it’s a love story and Carol is pregnant throughout the entire film.

Therefore Kirk has to side with Harrison, position himself against her dad. Save the earth. Loose his son?

109. richard - March 23, 2013

just saying could it be KHAN after all 2 months to speculate!

110. Dunsel Report - March 23, 2013

We will never hear the phrase “augment” on film, ever. Just saying it aloud sounds silly.

111. Spike - March 23, 2013

102 buffalo…cool find man, way to keep your eyes open

112. Jack - March 23, 2013

110. “We will never hear the phrase “augment” on film, ever. Just saying it aloud sounds silly.”

I hope to God you’re right.

113. Tiberius Subprime - March 23, 2013

Sounds interesting. But it Cumberbatch cannot be Khan. I think he is another augment.

If you look at the teaser, there is a scene with two men walking out of a room of what look like cryo-tubes.

The man on the right is bigger, broad shoulder, and it looks to me like he has dark hair and maybe a small ponytail (as Khan did in TOS).

Moreover, the suit he is wearing looks vaguely gold with patterns, as Khan’s did in TOS.

Another poster mentioned that this film could be a setup for the third movie, where we do see Khan.

So, the film could end with Khan being woken up, but we never see his face, just the back of him as he goes walking off and the credits roll.

(I also like the idea that, at some point in the film, Kirk has to trust Harrison for some reason.)

114. Tiberius Subprime - March 23, 2013


Wow. You could be right. Never thought of that.

115. somethoughts - March 23, 2013


I think this is very possible, gives the movie more meat and potatoes.

116. AJ - March 23, 2013

If we take flywithsean’s well-reasoned post in #99, we can then deduce that “I will walk over your cold corpses” is not a threat, but a prediction of something to come which he is trying to prevent. Additionally, when Harrison says “I’m better…at everything” to Kirk, he could be trying to convince him of his worth in trying to stop the big bad, whatever it ends up being.

My only quibble is the Russian translation of the title: “Revenge” Is it actually Kirk’s revenge? Remember Peter Weller says something like “Starfleet is not about vendettas,” to which Kirk replies, “Maybe it should be.”

117. dswynne - March 23, 2013

@97 Or it could be that rather expanding outward, Earth’s people simply began to build upon the existing cities, turning them into these megalopolises (hence why everything seems gray and feels “dense”). Also consider that San Francisco is a seat of power for the entire Federation, the San Francisco Bay Area could end up being one big city-state, with many races making the area into their home.

118. Curious Cadet - March 23, 2013

@116 AJ,

I agree.

Broken down like this it is unlikely Harrison has anything to do with Khan or augments. He has a purpose to reform the Federation, not take it over. And while we might not agree with his methods, we respect his cause. If Kirk and co. end up aiding him in some kind of uneasy truce, then it is clear the goal is pro-Federation, which is nothing any augment, much less Khan, would be interested in.

119. J - March 23, 2013

@99: very cool indeed.

Does “For I have returned – to have my vengeance” (1st trailer) fit into this theory?

120. WA2FLQ - March 23, 2013

Love the Trailer, with on minor exception.

The damn brewery is back.

121. LJ - March 23, 2013

@99 Great post, and with some ideas I had been considering myself, especially due to TPTB telling us we’d be able to identify with Harrison and his motives. That, and the fact that I think when we see Weller he’s more often an antagonist than not. The only problem I’d have with a rogue admiral is that we’ve already had Cartwright and Dougherty in the movies. Your point number 6 is the strongest, IMO: it is as if he knows Kirk has handed the initiative to the real ‘big bad’.

@117 San Fran, I believe, is only Starfleet HQ: the capitol (or at least the President’s office/residence) is in Paris which was shown as greener through the president’s window in VI. It seems like various Federation offices are dispersed over Earth as a whole. Indeed, I’m very curious to see what is centred in London (btw I still yearn for a Starfleet shipyard in Liverpool, similar to San Fran. Liverpool was Europe’s main port for a long time, and HQ for the Allied Atlantic Fleets in WWII. I imagine it on the Wirral side of the Mersey, close to where the old Cammel-Laird shipyards were, of course).

122. Flake - March 23, 2013

When Harrison punches someone with a new uniform in the chest, Kirk and Scotty are following close behind. Kirk has a gun in his hand but neither Kirk nor Scotty appear to be stopping him. Where is he going, what is he leading them to?

Maybe Harrison is the survivor of tests done by Starfleet to create a super soldier? Tests that have not gone very well? Maybe his friends have been killed in pursuit of this new super soldier? Maybe he was part of this test without his knowledge? Starfleet want to cover it up? Section 31? The ship we are seeing in the trailer is black and styled sort of like a stealth fighter… like some black ops/black project/section 31 ?

123. AJ - March 23, 2013

What’s the deal with YouTube’s self-CC function? Why does Harrison mention Jesus in the brig? And the line about UPS?

124. AJ - March 23, 2013


That quote is possible the spanner in the works of the theory, but trailers often overlay them out of context. Maybe he said it to a Klingon, for all we know. He seems pretty pissed at them in the teasers we’ve seen. It may also be meant to throw us punters off the scent of what’s ultimately in play in the film.

In all the trailers, we’ve seen him assaulting Klingons, blowing up Starfleet brass, in captivity, beating the tar out of Spock, and touching the glass a la TWOK. I think it’s safe to say he is redeemed in the end.

The ‘threat within their own organization’ as it’s written in the blurb could potentially be what gets Kirk and Harrison onto the same page. Maybe Kirk is at odds with Pike before he is (maybe) killed, and his regret plays a role in how he calculates his next move(s). Talk about maturing into Captain material. Making the right decisions in this context fits that bill as well.

This film could be a superb mix of great stuff. I’m hoping so.

125. magister - March 23, 2013

Botany Bay found

Warned of cargo

“some'” thawed

retrained under sec 31

new mission to stop Kling Emp.

abandoned by SF during mission

all superhumans killed save one

plots vengeance

E to the rescue


126. Flake - March 23, 2013

125: Not that straightforward because we see Kirk aiding Harrison at one point in the trailer.

127. magister - March 23, 2013


E to back team seal six on Kling mission

E told to pull back, abandon team

JK disobeys saves “one”

“one” is p.o.ed

128. Picard, Jean-Luc - March 23, 2013

I’m gonna say it first:

Star Trek Into Darkness will gross over 1 billion at the box office world wide.

Cumberbach will put people in seats as will the now familar and popular faces of Pine and Saldana, plus who doesn’t want to go and see this movie (apart from the silly souls here who still think Star Trek should be wrapped up in cotton wool preserved like a pickle in vinegar) It looks incredible.

Plus you’ll get all the Star Wars nerds coming to see Abrams final movie before he goes off and tries to resurrect a that pile of pointless toy-flogging shit that has not done anything for this world apart from keep the toy industry alive.

129. Matt - March 23, 2013

128. I’m taking that Wager.

130. AJ - March 23, 2013


“All the Star Wars nerds” are now in their late 40s and early 50s, and I’d wager at least half of them despise the garbage they’ve had to swallow since “ROTJ” ended the first trilogy by whcacking them all in the ‘nads.

Everyone forced their kids to go watch those embarrassing prequels with them in cinemas, and they’ve finally shut down that horrid “Clone Wars” show leaving character arcs unfinished for anyone who gave a crap because no one does. Anakin Skywalker is the definition of a mass-child-killer amongst other victims, and the film series, in which two of six films are watchable oddities, is something for me to definitely poop on. The “hero journey” can blow me, as far as Star Wars is concerned.

131. Jack - March 23, 2013

128. I hope you’re right. It all depends on the international take. I do think it will outdo the last one — but…

132. Jack - March 23, 2013

From a couple of weeks back…

Which 2013 Movies Could Earn $1 Billion?

133. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2013

They cancelled “Clone Wars”?


I liked that show.

Oh well.

I guess that puts the kibosh on anyone thinking about doing a Trek animated series. Poo!


134. deralexx - March 24, 2013

as somebody else said it before on a different website…

i’m more excited about the release of TNG season 3 blu-rays than about that *star trek* movie… and this comes from a die-hard been-star-trek-fan-for-most-of-his-life trekkie… ;-(

135. Carl Geffers - March 24, 2013

I haven’t read all the comments, so excuse me if somebody already posted something like my idea.
So here is my theory about Cumberbatch’s character: he’s an augment or an android and the first of his kind, designed by starfleet (especially by carol marcus (after all she is a pretty good scientist) and her admiral father) for mass production. But the project was put on hold and all of the augments/androids were frozen/deactivated and put into storage (the coffins) except for Harrison and now he is trying to free them – “isn’t there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?” and “Your Commanders have comitted a Crime and I cannot forgive.”.
This story would make a lot sense with the Original Series depicting artificial life forms quite often and the political comment Star Trek is known for – in this case slave labor and the creation of a cheap work and military force. Abd thus possibly laying the groundwork for the war with the Klingons (who would naturally want to fight other warriors with Harrison’s skills) in the third movie.

136. crazydaystrom - March 24, 2013

128. Picard, Jean-Luc –
“I’m gonna say it first:
Star Trek Into Darkness will gross over 1 billion at the box office world wide”

1) You didn’t say it first
2)As much as I’d love for that to happen, ain’t gonna.

Star Trek 2009 did “Domestic”: $257,730,019 + “Foreign”: $127,950,427 = Worldwide: $385,680,446

For STID to join the $1 billion club (of which there’re only fifteen movies) it would have to do more than 2.5 times the business of ST’09. Impossible? No. But not likely. For this it would take an incredible increase of ticket sales in the non-North American markets. I know Paramount are working towards that goal but that would be a huge accomplishment. I hope it happens. I’m going to do my part. I saw ST’09 ten times at the theater. Waaay more times than I’ve gone to see any other film before or since. Maybe I’ll break my own record with STID.

137. Noropolis - March 24, 2013

NONE of the “Into Darkness” trailers have the epic feel of the final trailer for “Star Trek” (2009)!! No epic music and clever editing/transitioning. These trailers are lame lame lame!!

Please make an epic trailer following the mold of the final trailer for “Star Trek” (2009)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

138. Curious Cadet - March 24, 2013

@136 crazydaystrom,

I agree. The DVD, cable, PPV and downloads likely doubled the potential worldwide audience but that’s a long way from a billion. And that was 4 years ago. So the fire has to be lit again, and of course marketing outside the US is key.

There’s also a brand new audience of kids that likely were too young to attend 4 years ago. And people seem to flock to 3D movies regardless of the content, but especially if it promises to be a spectacle as Trek does.

The trailers have been instrumental in building a renewed buzz, so much so I hear that people are more excited to see Star Trek over Iron Man 3. Man of Steel is likely going to be the most anticipated film just because its a reboot, everybody knows who Superman is and will likely suck away much of Trek’s momentum. But if Trek delivers the experience the trailers promise it could well drive the box office much higher than seems possible right now.

I don’t really see Hangover III or the 6th installment of Fast & Furious doing much damage. The latter is long in the tooth, and the last Hangover cost them a lot of good will (not to mention being R rated).

139. Phil Baiden - March 24, 2013

The title Into Darkness will relate to Spock. It’s not Kirk who sides with Harrison in the end.
There’s all this stuff about how he’s not coping with the loss of Vulcan. He’ll be won round to Harrison’s point of view eventually. Which is why he does the TWOK hand on glass thing.
Star Trek III will be The Search for Spock as he becomes a fugitive from justice.

140. Trekbilly - March 24, 2013

#66 — It worked on me! HAHAHAHA!!

141. filmboy - March 24, 2013

@#99. I like your theory alot. Pulling a switcheroo like that would be right in these guys wheelhouse. I remember way back when a blogger on AICN theorized that the villain in Into Darkness would start out as the bad guy and then before the end redeem himself or be revealed to not be the bad guy and sacrifice himself to help Kirk and company.

I remember when I read that I thought that was a really interesting way to go for this film. Perhaps it will be the case. If so, the marketing department has been doing a pretty good job of painting a very different picture of what this film is.

If your theory is true, then there is really no way Cumby could be Khan. I know it is remotely possible as this Khan could be shaped by different events, post Botany Bay, than the previous Khan did. But even still, righting wrongs and fighting the good fight are just not congruent with Khan’s nature at all. The man ruled millions. He craves power. I doubt he would be self-sacrificing or morally upstanding, a crusader for the light.

He could, however, be another augment on the Botany Bay. Not Jaquim. But someone else. Then the theory would work. If Cumby is not Khan, I still think the film ends with Khan’s introduction. They want to have a crack at him and if not in this film, certainly in the next.

Good theory though. I like it.

142. George - March 24, 2013

Has anyone considered that “Harrison” is a member of section 31? They said the charater was “cannon” but I haven’t hear anyone talk about it maybe a character from “Enterprise”

143. Jack - March 25, 2013

Right now it looks like every action movie I’ve see in the past 10 years. CGI ships crashing, lots of grey, lots of shooting. There’s hopefully more to it — but so far not a single one of those scenes (except for guy and the ring — and now we know what that’s all about) intrigues me. Sadly, I’m more excited by what I’ve seen of Oblivion, even though we’ve learned the entire plot from those trailers.

And, my feelings aren’t because I believe Trek shouldn’t have conflict and shouldn’t be dark (I believe neither of those). But if this wasn’t Star Trek, I probably wouldn’t want to see the movie teased so far. Right now it looks like standard bad guy after revenge – end of story. There’s nothing particularly interesting about any of it, so far. We’ve seen about 7 seconds worth of Cumberbatch — who’s supposed to be the reason to see this movie.

144. Jack - March 25, 2013

99. I hope you ‘re right and it ends up being more interesting than it seems so far…

That’s certainly a more potentially Trek-ky story

145. Pierre - March 25, 2013

Is it possible that “Harrison”, being an agent for Starfleet, feels that Starfleet has some kind of gripe against the organization and wants to change things for the better? This kind of storyline could easily parallel an American who fights for the Taliban or some other kind of revolutionary who feels he needs to do something drastic to “right” a fundamental “wrong”.

Therefore decides to take on the name of a historical figure whose ideals he identifies with, such as “Kahn”.

This way, this movie can have a “Kahn” without it being the historical “Kahn” that the prime universe finds on the Botany Bay.

146. Curious Cadet - March 25, 2013

@142. George,
“Has anyone considered that “Harrison” is a member of section 31?”

Or, Cooke’s character is the section 31 agent, which is why Harrison targets him.

@145 Pierre,

Seriously? That’s the most desperate Khan-Khamp justification out there. Naming somebody that has nothing to do with the Eugenics wars or the Botany Bay “Khan” is a waste of the name and the potential storyline. Calling Cumberbatch “Khan” in the end does not make him Khan, nor does it make this a Khan-centric story.

The biggest problem with Khan in a film is his reason for being. In the 1960s we were still debating Hitler’s quest for a master race. There were no DNA-enhanced experiments because DNA was still theoretical. khan was a product of “selective breeding”. Enterprise turned it into DNA experiments. But today, Hitler’s master race is relegated to history. Biological diversity is generally embraced by society, and DNA manipulation is more about curing cancer. It just isn’t a salient issue. Movies like the Bourne Identity, and Captain America tell tales of building a super soldier, but that only has relevance in relatively low-tech world where infantry battles are still the dominant form of engagement. Automated Drones and missles are rapidly replacing the need for traditional land battles and even air engagement. So imagine having an Enterprise that can target anybody, anywhere from space with pinpoint accuracy, or merely beam the enemy away, not to mention weapons and detection equipment that eliminate the need for hand to hand combat altogether. Any physical superiority of Khan and his people suddenly becomes moot in such an time. Surely the Klingons and/or vulcans and Romulans are equal in physical capability. The novelty of enhanced physical ability then has little merit in a universe of such creatures.

So if you take the cautionary tale of “enhanced” genetics out of the picture, then what’s left? Most likely any story about Khan would focus on his outdated ideologies and his desire to control others with them. We live in a world of waring ideologies and religious extremism. Republicans vs. democrats, Muslim vs. Christian, communism vs. capitalism. A relevant story about Khan would focus on that aspect of his character, not the genetic superiority. The relevant cautionary tale here for current audiences is to be careful of these charismatic extreme leaders, something that was foremost in the minds of people following World War II, but seems to have been forgotten today.

147. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

Movie IS missing the mark.

By this time last movie Trek was scoring huge numbers at TrekMovie. Not not it seems.

The movie is missing the mark at this point. I just don’t see why I need to see or care about this Trek. I really don’t.

Can someone expain it to me?

148. Keachick - March 25, 2013

How can you say the movie is missing the mark when you have not even seen if yet?

If you don’t care, then you don’t care. Maybe once it is released and you find a spare US$10 or whatever, you might take a risk and go see it. Afterwards you may come out caring – or not.

149. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

Sorry, Keachick, everyone. I don’t mean to be a downer.

Just say’in that his Trek is missing something iconic. Can’t put my finger on it yet and I know it has not premiered yet, but it seems that the marketing is missing the buzz from last time.

I think its becuse JJ and co. is trying to hide the main plotline of the movie. I can’t figure it our, but it seems like the marketing is too enigmatic.

150. totally random - March 25, 2013

@149. Less buzz? Not hardly, Paramount added showtimes to the May 15th Imax3d “sneak peek” because they were selling out across the US, I don’t remember hearing about any theatre selling out any showtimes in 2009 and this one is doing with 2 more months before it even comes out, that does not equal less “buzz” or interest, it equals more.

151. Jack - March 25, 2013

“By this time last movie Trek was scoring huge numbers at TrekMovie. Not not it seems.”


152. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

Jack that wes suppossed to say “Not now, it seems.”
Sorry ’bout the typos.

But if you want to see a good trailer for a movie coming out soon that does not cloud the message, then click here…

153. Jack - March 25, 2013

So far, we see no risk to our crew… follow me here, sure we see falling, and explosions and mayhem… And that ominous voiceover… and we see them all reacting to things… but there’ve been no human moments so far. Just lots of Pine and Quinto looking stonefaced… and people we don’t know, screaming…

Surely it’s possible to keep the plot secret while showing is some hint of real human emotion.

154. Jack - March 25, 2013

Sorry, I didn’t mean the typo — I just wondered what you meant by ‘huge numbers?’ Just positive comments?

155. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

Star Trek is always going to have its core group that will bring in the usual 150 million, or so. What Trek needed is great mainstream appeal.

Exactly like the Avengers did last year. Just like Iron-man did a few back. And yes, just like Trek did last movie. To a fair degree. The 09 Trek did acheive alot of appeal, But, I still I think it could have done even better. Even to the heights of Avenger B.O. numbers.

The missed potential, I think, was trying to ground the movie in reality (like Batman Begins) and then confusing things greatly by using an alternate timeline in the plotline. The Alternate timeline is my constant Trek bitch, lately. But I reserve judgement with this new flick if there is hope for Treks primary timeline.

They wanted to make a great movie so bad the first time that you needed to read a series of comic books to fully appreciate and explain the plotline. That’s not good news for your average moviegoer.

And it looks like they are on the same track this time again. But do to Trek’s ravious zombie core, they are keeping the vital details hidden from view so the viewer will be amazed when they DO see it. But in doing so I think they are missing a great opportunity.

IMO, the secrecy is already limiting this Trek’s promotion, characters and plotline.

Live Long…

156. totally random - March 25, 2013

@155. The alternate timeline is your biggest bitch, really? Its my favorite thing about JJ’s take. Then again I love alternate/parallel universe stories, whether its Mirror Mirror on TOS, Roads not Taken on the 89-92 Superboy TV series, Parallels on TNG, or virtually any other variation on the idea, like all the times they did stories like that on SG1 or Smallville (and there are multiple parallel universe stories in both), frankly I can’t understand bitching about that at all.

157. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

You would not have your alternate without the original greatness.

158. Keachick - March 25, 2013

There are some people who have never read the first series of comic books yet were still able to understand the plot of the first Star Trek movie. I have never even seen the first set of comics.

159. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

And if they really thought about the plotline, then they had simple questions that went unanswered.

Frustrating, and not vary professional, IMO.

160. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

156. totally random

My point exactly.

Anymore, it’s not “Star Trek.”

It’s, “Star Trek – yeah the one in the alternate timeline.”

161. totally random - March 26, 2013

@160. Yeah I got that part, but to me that is not a negative, since now the entire movie franchise is an alternate timeline story. I love it, it doesnt bother me at all, and I can’t wait for more.

162. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 26, 2013

Yes.Me too.

But as long as there are no plot holes you could stick a shuttlecraft in.

163. Curious Cadet - March 26, 2013

@155. TrekMadeMeWonder,
“Star Trek is always going to have its core group that will bring in the usual 150 million, or so. What Trek needed is great mainstream appeal.”

I have no idea what you’re talking about. If there were truly a core group capable of bringing in $150 million, Rick Berman would still be driving the boat. Nemesis was the most expensive Star Trek movie made after TMP, and earned only $7 million over its $60 million budget.

When you say Trek needed great mainstream appeal, I’d say Abrams got exactly that. Arguably ST09 made more than any Trek movie to date, and held its own with some of the biggest blockbusters of that year.

You talk about the audience needing to read a comic to understand it, and the confusing altered timeline, both of which only mattered to those core fans you reference, to help them understand why canon didn’t match up anymore.

I’ve been talking Star Trek to people I would have never thought would talk about it, and none of those people had any of the issues you do. Yes they pointed out plot holes, but I find no movie is without them, and that’s a typical post movie discussion regardless of the film. But none of them were confused by any of it. In fact, the alternate timeline thing is blissfully ignored by those who knew nothing of Star Trek before they walk into the theatre. And the comic? Seriously? Everything in the comic is adequately explained vis-a-vis Spock’s mind meld flashback for the audience otherwise oblivious to them.

Is is OLD news man. 2009 is calling, they want their forum topics back …

164. Frederick - March 26, 2013

I like to imagine all this with our old actors, young again. How great would that be to see? With Hunter as Pike, etc? I can dream, can’t I?

165. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 26, 2013

“Yes they pointed out plot holes, but I find no movie is without them,…”

That’s my gripe about the Hollyweird. You spend 200 million to make a movie and there’s a PLOT HOLE?

Not professional. Not professional.

166. Keachick - March 26, 2013

If no movie ever had a plot hole, that would make the movie makers perfect, which would mean that they were not human, but rather inhuman. Movie makers, AFAIK, are more flesh and blood human beings like the rest of us.

Besides, what most people label “plot holes” turn out not to be plot holes at all. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.