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Brannon Braga Suggests Netflix Could Bring Star Trek Enterprise Back For Season 5 March 25, 2013

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Star Trek: Enterprise went off the air after four seasons in 2005, despite a fan campaign to save the series. But that may not be the end of the story. In a new interview Enterprise co-creator and exec. producer Brannon Braga opines that good performance on Netflix could lead to a new season. More details below.


Braga Suggests Netflix Bring Enterprise Back

The folks at TrekCore have an interview with Star Trek: TNG, Voyager and Enterprise writer/producer Brannon Braga, conducted at last year’s Star Trek London con. One of the most interesting bits of the lengthy interview was regarding the fan fundraising effort for a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise – which he dismissed as implausible – but he then suggested that the show could have a future, if it performed well on Netflix…

The best possible thing the fans could do is, if they want to see another season of Enterprise, is watch it on Netflix…My neighbor produces Arrested Development, and they’re making a new season of Arrested Development. I recall him telling me that it’s because for that show, they know they’re gonna get… they have data! They know a certain number of people are going to watch that show. I’ve heard rumors in town that the CBS show Jericho might get another season, because the numbers on Netflix are big! Watch Enterprise!

Much more from the Braga interview at TrekCore: Part 1 and Part2.

You can also watch the two-part interview below.


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1. The Trekman - March 25, 2013

I think there should be a Star Trek: Enterprise kickstarter. It would be a good way to see if there’s enough interest in a new season. It worked for Veronica Mars.

2. Red Dead Ryan - March 25, 2013

Now, I do like “Enterprise”. But if Netflix picks up the show, then I’m a Mugato’s uncle.

3. Platitude - March 25, 2013

He said he knows they pay attention to those statistics, but he is in no way saying if this is actually something that could happen or not. Hopefully people don’t take this too seriously. This is like Alan Tudyk saying he still thinks Serenity 2 could happen every year for like the past seven years. Take it with a grain of salt.

4. Scooter - March 25, 2013

Sounds like a plan!! Make it so!

5. Platitude - March 25, 2013

@1 – Veronica Mars is WAY less expensive than Enterprise would be to make, Braga points out in the interview that fans raising money for Enterprise would be fruitless.

6. somethoughts - March 25, 2013

Sure why not, people are hungry for star trek now, maybe picard loads up season 5 on the holodeck and there is a accident and he gets thrown into the reality of season 5 as archer and he wakes up and says oh boy

7. Thorny - March 25, 2013

Well, I think the entire cast is available. Even Bakula hasn’t done much since “Men of a Certain Age” ended. But if it comes back, Enterprise should be set an equal amount of time in the future, so any of the cast who doesn’t want to do it can be easily written off as taking a new assignment over the last 8 years. Just pretend “These are the Voyages…” never happened (have T’Pol wake up and find Trip in the shower) and move right on into the Earth-Romulan War. That would be enough to make me sign up for Netflix.

8. annoyed. - March 25, 2013

A Star Trek: Enterprise Kickstarter? No. Hell no. Kickstarter is for poor people who are creative and need start up funds. Sorry, but Star Trek and the companies behind it make enough money to produce their own content. This abuse of crowd funding websites by big companies and people already in the industry has to stop.

9. Red Dead Ryan - March 25, 2013

If the show comes back, get Manny Coto, Ron Moore, Bob Orci, and Alex Kurtzman to do the writing.

Focus on doing only about a dozen episodes per year, covering the Romulan War, with the odd Mirror Universe episode thrown in.

And make sure Brannon Braga stays on the sidelines.

But I can’t see this happening. It would be too expensive, though the possibility of a non-network Trek show could be something special.

10. somethoughts - March 25, 2013

I wouldnt mind seeing a kelvin prime series or tng with stargazer, tom hardy or cumberbatch as young picard

11. Brannon's Mom - March 25, 2013

The ironic thing is, Braga is pushing for this, the same guy who ruins everything Trek in the first place.

12. Andrew - March 25, 2013

I’d love to have Enterprise back for a 5th season. We’d finally get to see the Romulan War.

13. TardisCaptain - March 25, 2013

Yes please. Especially if Manny Coto helps out.

14. Jack - March 25, 2013

“A Star Trek: Enterprise Kickstarter? No. Hell no. Kickstarter is for poor people who are creative and need start up funds.”

Exactly. I’m still annoyed at Michael Dorn trying to raise $750,000 for a vanity project because he thought Trek fans would pay to see former TNG/DS9 actors read from the phone book.

And Enterprise looked cheap the first time, I can’t imagine it looking decent on a Netflix budget… but what the hell do I know?

Personally, I never liked the mirror universe episodes after Mirror, Mirror. they seemed like fun for the actors and an excuse for girls to make out, but otherwise completely pointless.

15. Trekkmom - March 25, 2013

Yes, if we could get the same caliber of writing that was coming together at the end of the last season! (Also if we could just pretend that Trip’s death was just a bad dream, thanks)

I loved the Mirror episodes! Especially the Enterprise and DS9 ones!

16. MJ - March 25, 2013

I voted NO.

17. somethoughts - March 25, 2013

I would love to see early 90s style star trek or 60s style, as long as there is no war arcs or stuck on a space station.

Exploration with aliens of the week and outer limits and twilight zone style show.

18. Ahmed - March 25, 2013

I would love to see either a new series in the Prime Universe or at least miniseries/DVD movies.

19. JohnRambo - March 25, 2013

please let the old star trek rest in peace.

20. workforkirk - March 25, 2013

YES! But the show would have to have Manny Coto running it. I would simply LOVE for Enterprise (And T’pol) to come back!!! Season 4 was one of the best EVER!

21. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

More Trek?

I’m buying NETFLIX, tonight!

22. CmdrR - March 25, 2013

How would that even work?
The budget to reproduce even half the sets would be huge for a Netflix production. SFX? Can you say Revell hung on a thread?

Seriously, did anyone store the sets, props, costumes, or are you seriously envisioning starting from scratch?

Yes, it would be nice to undo the finale. Just have Tripp wake up from a drunken stupor and swear, “Never again!”

23. czn - March 25, 2013

Because of our fighting between ourselves as to the many desires of us fans and not keeping our mouths shut, I want this and I want that is exactly why Netflix wont touch it.
Let them do whatever they want!!!!!

24. czn - March 25, 2013

Only ideas for episodes in whatever form they choose, please, please…

25. Phil - March 25, 2013

Okay – if Netflix does pick this up, it’s going to be a budget driven production. So, hopefully good, character driven sci-fi storytelling. No epic special effects driven space battles. And I’m okay with that, it would be nice to see Trek return to it’s roots. In Enterprise’s case, they would have to ignore seasons 3 and 4 though….

26. DiscoSpock - March 25, 2013

Please God, Nooooo!

27. Craiger - March 25, 2013

The Enterprise actors have gotten older so they can’t pick Enterprise up were it left off right? Enterprise’s last season was set in 2155. The actors are seven years older now. If you treated Enterprise like it was in real time then Enterprise would have to be set in 2162 and that would go against canon since their wasn’t an Enterprise NX-01 as a Federation Ship. Plus the NX-01 was decommissioned in 2161.

28. Phil - March 25, 2013

@15. May I ask why?

I voted yes, mostly for the reasons mentioned on post 24.

A good reason to vote no, though, would be because to return to the yes reasons, a lot of what was already committed to film would have to be ignored – so if they go that route they might as well start clean.

I don’t see a wrong answer here, except for the fans who want to a weekly barrage of space battles…and there is a s**tload of that garbage on YouTube to begin with….

29. Lt. Dakin - March 25, 2013

A 12 episode season.

If Netflix were going to do Star Trek, why bother with Enterprise? They could do anything they wanted.

30. Lt. Dakin - March 25, 2013

And why not just do TNG?

31. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

Great, Brannon.

At 8:40 – 9:50 (second part) Brannon admits that he would love to write “till the end of his career… this technobabble… this shit.”


32. Phil - March 25, 2013

30 minute episodes. There would only be four or five stories per season, each 4-5 episodes long. That might work…

33. somethoughts - March 25, 2013


I think they had nothing else to do after defeating the Borg in First Contact. The ship was flat, uniforms was dull, everyone looked so stale, there was no creativity left in the tank and Star Trek died until 2009.

TNG was good whatever happened to good Star Trek on TV?

34. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013


35. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 25, 2013

Sorry Phil and somethoughts. Still steaming from that interview.

36. I am not Herbert - March 25, 2013

YESSS!!!! Make it SO! Number One! =D


37. Legend of Link - March 25, 2013

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Did I mention, hell-frackin’ yeah? Either as a kickstarter or on Netflix. Hey, if Veronica Mars can get a movie, why can’t Enterprise get another season? It’s becoming more and more plausible.

38. somethoughts - March 25, 2013

I do miss the mysteries and good character driven stories. Enough with the Xindi’s, Dominion War, Bajoran crap, give us some good sci fi Star Trek that makes us toon in weekly.

39. Andrew - March 25, 2013

I would love a 5th season. We could finally watch the Romulan war.

40. BatlethInTheGroin - March 25, 2013

This has no chance whatsoever of happening. Period.

41. VulcanCafe - March 25, 2013

NEVER going to happen. NEVER.

@21 CmdrR – IIRC the budget for Enterprise was about 3.3 million per episode. That’s in line with many current mid-high end TV series on any network. Netflix set out to make a point with its original series House of Cards. The series cost over $100 million dollars for 2 seasons (20 episodes, 10 completed). Thats $5 million per episode! Netflix will shell out the cash if they think its worth it. Arrested Development’s new season is probably running at least half of that price, if not less.

42. The Sinfonian - March 25, 2013

@26 You only *think* it was decommissioned. Pretty clear it’s involved in black ops with Section 31, with Commander Tucker in charge, and T’Pol as his XO. Secret missions, time travel, etc. Sounds fun. Don’t really need any of the other regulars, although keeping Reed and Phlox makes some sense. They’ve never solved the mystery of Future Guy, for instance.

43. sean - March 25, 2013

If we’re going to get Trek back on TV let’s get something new, not try to resurrect the least popular Trek series we ever had. No disrespect to those that enjoyed Enterprise, but that ship has sailed.

44. tman - March 25, 2013

Netflix is down the street. Please don’t kill them with these ridiculous suggestions!! The local economy needs them to survive in spite of themselves….

45. tman - March 25, 2013

Now if they want to fund another season of Firefly, that’s different.

46. sean - March 25, 2013

On the other hand, an animated series done in this style would be awesome (and less cost prohibitive):

47. T'Leba - March 25, 2013

Rest in peace.

48. draderman - March 25, 2013

After reading a few months back that Future Guy was Archer, I would love to learn how he went from Earths first President, to a 28th century temporal terrorist. The death toll from the Paraagan colony alone implies there must have been something pretty big at stake for him to kill all those people.

Brannon suggests a two hour tv movie, which would have the potential to be awesome, and could lead to more “Trek Mini-series”. They could revisit NextGen, do a Sisko returns DS9 story, check in on what the Voyager crew has been up to 10 years on, crossovers, new stories etc. The problem is Paramount tho. Don’t think they would go for it.

49. Cygnus-X1 - March 25, 2013

It seems like a good idea at first, but there are some problems:

(1) Trip is dead and he was one of the main characters. I suppose they could clone him from some cells of the Trip clone that got preserved or something, and then engineer the clone to slow to a normal aging rate once it reached the age that Trip would be now. But that’s kinda cheesy, and it would retroactively mar the death of Trip in the Season 4 finale.

(2) The actors would all be TEN years older than they were at the end of Season 4. Do they all have the same ranks? That’s pretty lame. Is T’Pol still running around in that sexy Vulcan sheer outfit? There are issues here.

(3) The production values of Enterprise were top-knotch, especially at the end. Is a Netflix-only viewership going to allow them the same budget as when they were a network show?

These are not insurmountable problems, but Enterprise Season 5 would likely need some changes over what it was in Season 4, namely some cast changes. I think a better idea would be to advance some members of the NX-01 to the next model Enterprise…the NX-02 or some other suffix, kinda like the popular sports car lines that revamp every few years but keep the same name—Corvette, Mustang, Firebird—Or, they could advance them to a new ship and name the series after that ship, but a substantial cast change either way would probably be necessary.

They’d probably wanna bring Archer back as captain of the new ship, I’d bring Flox back—he was a good character with lots of potential, the rest of the crew could be new cast—I’d include a new, sexy female officer, perhaps as first officer to preserve the winning formula of Enterprise.

And bringing back Manny Coto would be crucial…or someone as good as him to run the show.

50. Cygnus-X1 - March 25, 2013


51. Charles Ivie - March 25, 2013

I think this is a wonderful idea. How much of the original cast is available? I am a Netflix subscriber and would jump at the chance to add Season 5 to my complete Enterprise DVD collection. I read somewhere that if season 5 was approved there would be some of Larry Nivens world in the stories. I would love to see the Kzin and Puppeteers in the show. And a visit to Ringworld would be nice.

52. Jason S. - March 25, 2013

@11: No, Jar Jar Abrams and the studio ruined everything in the first place! It was the studio who kept pushing for more Trek when Berman felt they should take it slower. It was JJ who then pushed Trek into a product that looks nothing like Star Trek.

Berman and Braga are the heroes here people! These are the guys who have been defending Roddenberry’s original idea. The Studio and JJ are the bad guys!

I’d LOVE to see more Enterprise! I don’t know if this would actually make it happen, but at the worst, we all just get to enjoy the current four seasons of Enterprise. I can’t see a down side here!

53. Jonboc - March 25, 2013

There weren’t enough fans watching to keep it on the air, I have a hard time believing there are enough people watching repeats of a the show to warrant the millions it would cost to ramp up such an expensive venture.

54. I am not Herbert - March 25, 2013

Love Arrested Development too! =D

55. somethoughts - March 25, 2013


I do not agree with you here, I think JJ and company did a excellent job reimagining Star Trek and gave it life again. Sometimes you need a different style and story telling to keep things fresh.

I felt Berman and company was going through the motions and they were burnt out and lost the passion that made them sucessful earlier on.

TV to Movies hardly work, you have to cram so much history, characters etc. into a 2hr movie.

56. MikeTen - March 25, 2013

So now Mr. Braga is a red shirt? I’d get Netflix back to watch a new season of Enterprise. or a Titan series. Is it too late for a Excelsior series?

57. somethoughts - March 25, 2013

Problem I found with Enterprise series was it lost me with the temporal wars, xindi, etc. I just wanted to see a show with some good stories, character developments and arcs and social commentary.

I really miss the mysteries of space etc and visiting strange worlds with problems that the crew tried to solve. I think the best star trek episodes fall into that category. Episodes that made you think and go huuummm facsinating!

58. sean - March 25, 2013


What utter nonsense.

59. K-7 - March 25, 2013

#52 Jar Jar Abrams? Berman and Bragga are heroes?

Let this day in history be noted at the day that Jason S. made a complete fool of himself on

60. Sybok's Secret Brother - March 25, 2013

I am watching it now… f’n b-tards… I am soooo desperate for weekly Trek injections…

61. Red Dead Ryan - March 25, 2013

Yeah, Jason S. is a moron and needs to get lost.

62. Magic_Al - March 25, 2013

The only way the show could be “produced” on a Netflix budget would be with all bluescreen sets and digital backgrounds a la Blood and Chrome.

Maybe get the Enterprise cast to do a new series continuing the Empress Sato storyline in the Mirror Universe, using fan series’ TOS-era sets.

63. Steve Johnson - March 25, 2013

@52 Jason

Yeah. No. They did not. They took multiple credits on the many latter day projects to get more money out of the job. They came up with absolutely ridiculous concepts. Braga prided himself on nothing having watched the original series, and that showed any time elements of the original series popped up in the new shows that he was involved with.

Enterprise died a slow and painful death. It was the twilight of an era of Trek that had lasted for just over two decades. It had it’s highs, and it’s los, but it’s over and done with.

If we want a new Star Trek show, and it’s coming to netflix, I say start from scratch. Either use the JJ universe as a setting for a series. or set it way out in front of everything else wherein you can use dramatic change to revitalize the shows concepts. Much like Doctor Who did in 2005.

Let’s not bring back Enterprise. I loved the cast, but the characters, the writing, and a lot of the visual decisions were some of the worst in the series history.

64. Anthony Pascale - March 25, 2013

Warning to Jason for trolling
Warning to Red Dead Ryan for flaming

65. Trekbilly - March 25, 2013

Sure, why not?

I pretty much quit watching TV (at least with any regularity) when there stopped being a Trek series on. If Enterprise was back on, I’d watch it.

I’m glad to hear Jericho might get another season. That was STUPID of CBS to cancel it!! Networks never give anything a chance to find it’s legs…

66. MC1 Doug - March 26, 2013

I voted yes, an impassioned YES! I would love to see Enterprise come back. UPN made a big mistake in canceling it when they did.

Here’s why and some suggestions. As someone suggested, get Manny Coto. He rocked!

1) Who said Tripp is dead? The novels found a plausible way to bring him back and so could any good screenwriter. One thing about his death that always made me think it wasn’t real was when Tripp winked at the Captain before Dr. Phlox placed his body in the chamber. Tell me if the series had miraculously gone into a fifth year that they would not have found a way to bring him back… just look to how creative they were bringing Jean Luc back after being Borgified.

2) The series was surely, if it had continued, and inevitably heading towards the Romulan War. Show me a TREK fan that isn’t salivating at that prospect.

3) The show was finally finding “its legs” that last year. Again, chalk that up to Manny Coto. TNG didn’t find its legs, really, until its fourth year.

4) TREK designer Doug Drexler had some pretty cool plans for the evolution of the NX-01 (see link)

5) Plans were afoot, if the show had continued, making Shran a crewmember. What a intriguing idea!

What would I change if the show was brought back?

1) Get rid of that God damned theme song!

2) Start embracing more of the themes that made TOS what it was… and I think Coto was making that a reality.

3) Of course, make sure Tripp had not, in fact, died. The relationship that was developing between him and T’Pol showed great promise… and something I wanted to see.

4. Do not, under any circumstances, put it back on UPN (yes, I know CW). Those executives never knew what it had… sound familiar?

5. Take more risks. No matter what you think of the series, the potential was there if only they had tried to do more.

6. I liked the idea of mini arcs… and please no more, temporal war, no more Suliban…. one of the problems I had with the Suliban and the Xindi threat was, it broke canon all to hell. Now mind you, that was not necessarily a bad thing, but in all the years of TREK, how is possible we had never once heard of the attack on Earth from the Xindi. This was one of the biggest mistakes Berman and Braga made with the series.

Now, we all know if they were to bring the series back it would not be under Berman’s supervision. I know there are people on both sides on that issue. I straddle the fence there. I think the original run (behind the scenes) was direly in need of new blood. Coto was a great start.

Let me pose it this way, I give Rick Berman a whole lot of credit. He ran the franchise for good deal longer than anyone, even Roddenberry himself.

Think of it, do any of you see JJ sticking with the franchise for any length of time? Same goes for Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof. By the same token, I think Berman was losing his edge… he himself tried talking Paramount into letting TREK take a break, but they were adamant about milking their cash cow. You cannot fault him for trying to make it work again, but you can take him to the barn for trying to ignore TOS. Enterprise should have done more to set the stage, and in its fourth season, seemed to be heading in that direction.

I want someone willing to take TREK back to the small screen where it belongs and to be in it for the long haul.

Yes, I wholeheartedly would love to see Enterprise come back for a fifth, but I am not optimistic that will ever happen. But it is a nice thought.

67. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - March 26, 2013

I’m no fan of Enterprise by any means, except for Season 4 when Manny Coto took over writing. If Manny Coto comes back, and they stick with the rumored plans of the 5th season, I’d like to see it.

Any chance they could do a DS9 direct to Netflix movie while they’re at it?

68. tuvix - March 26, 2013

jj bashing = trolling, but braga bashing ok? dosent seem fair

69. sean - March 26, 2013

A miniseries/direct-to-dvd movie is possible (if not probable), but I’d rather they give that treatment to TNG or DS9 as a 50th anniversary kind of thing.

70. JP Saylor - March 26, 2013


Oh and I don’t have anything against JJ. Do you blame a little child for screwing something up? No of course not. He’s a Star Wars fan, he doesn’t care about the Trek franchise. I blame Orci and them for the new movies and their striking similarity to Star Wars. They’ve really ruined Star Trek for me. Hopefully this Enterprise on Netflix thing comes to fruition. Maybe that will rekindle the ol’ warp drive.

71. Caesar - March 26, 2013

Never gonna happen. Still, would be neat to see Romulan war.

72. DonDonP1 - March 26, 2013

I may be cool with that. Although, I suggest that a fifth season would air on TV as well: on either CBS or the CW.

73. shawn Hunt - March 26, 2013

Enterprise or not… The romulan war should be on tv!

I loved enterprise, if they do it they should have coto back or … forgot his name, the guy who wrote ds9 and battlestar galactica, he was good.

But for god sakes, that song has to go, the title sequence for enterprise has to be changed. I understand what they wanted to do but it came out so cheesy. I think it killed star trek. Broken bow was awesome and it went down the hill until season 3 and got cancelled at the end of 4, too little too late!

We dont eve need a theme song, somthing quick and simple … arrow and walking dead are good examples.

Bring star trek back with fresh ideas… like stf academy, more interpersonal and ethic dilemas, not just the bridge crew, the lower decks, whats life and the job aboard a starship, other captains and ships, the risks, why do humans go that far out in space, the federation, politics, there is so much more then what has been done before. I know star trek has alote of hardcore and conservatives fans but they will watch it and shut up if its good, even if its not the same as their dads star trek. Who do your like more adam west or Christian Bale? Things must change and be even more entertaining than before!

I would love to be part of the creative staff! Or at least have the chance for a story sales pitch.

74. WillH85 - March 26, 2013

I’d love Enterprise to come back and get a propor last season. Season 4 was great, it’s what the show should have been from the start.

75. Commodore Adams - March 26, 2013

I would have rather had 7 f*cking seasons with at least 2 seasons dealing with the Earth Romulan War. If this does happen would be cool to see the crew in 2161 or post 2161 early Federation era. The actors are older, would work out very well. I highly doubt it will happen and if it does the level of quality that will determine whether I watch or not. I don’t really care for the fan fiction episodes like the ones done by whats his name who had the bridge cameo holding a tablet in the 2009 movie. If its not done by a legit studio, with a respectable budget, it just wont interest me. The Mortal Kombat web series with Jeri Ryan was fantastic….a real f*cking tease…but fantastic.

76. BatlethInTheGroin - March 26, 2013

#52: Please avoid the spiked Kool-Aid in the future. Thanks.

77. BatlethInTheGroin - March 26, 2013

#61: No, he DOESN’T need to get lost. His statements are ludicrous, but he has every right to be here and state them.

78. Barney Fife - March 26, 2013

Nooooooo! I don’t want anymore Berman-era Star Trek. I would prefer CBS to hire Bad Robot to produce the next LIVE ACTION series. I also would think it would be fun to have an animated series…..but live action would be preferred.

79. Pensive's Wetness - March 26, 2013

he’s wearing a red shirt… o.O

80. Vultan - March 26, 2013

I vote YES. Sounds like a fun idea. And if it doesn’t work out, hey, a TV movie would be nice.

81. DisgruntledTrekkie - March 26, 2013

Count me in for more Enterprise, but please get Manny Coto, Mike Sussman and the Reeve-Stevenses back.
Having said that, I doubt it will ever happen.

82. saavik001 - March 26, 2013

I’d watch it… Just when it started to get really good, Enterprise got mothballed. I hate having to wait four years for 2 and a half hours of Star Trek… UGH. Netflix, hook it up!

83. Saavik001 - March 26, 2013

66 – I like the refit design, but the ship doesn’t need two deflector dishes. Fill in the top one and make it the new mess hall or their version of Ten Foward.

84. Schultz - March 26, 2013

I liked Enterprise a *lot*. Great cast, and Tucker is one of my absolute favorite Trek characters. I’m in.

PS: More Jericho? That would also be great.

85. Dr. Cheis - March 26, 2013

I’d get Netflix to watch Enterprise season 5, but I wouldn’t get it just so I can see if maybe there will be one.

Also, I can’t help thinking the cost of Season 5 would be greater than Season 4 was. After all they pretty much got rid of all the props costumes and sets. They’d all have to be rebuilt.

86. Anthony Pascale - March 26, 2013

RE: bashing and trolling
I don’t like any of the usual ad hominem bashing. But I especially don’t like name-calling. I would like people to find adult ways to discuss, debate and critique without resorting to attacks and flaming.

87. Basement Blogger - March 26, 2013

First, I would love to see Enterprise back. Second, I think we should all continue to watch Star Trek on Netflix, Amazon, whatever to send a signal to CBS, to bring Star Trek back to TV. I say a limited series on AMC to test the waters. Maybe put it on after The Walking Dead.

88. Thomas - March 26, 2013

Whatever the next series ends up being (I’m not holding my breath for more Enterprise), it’s going to have to appeal to the broadest possible audience, and as such, it will almost certainly be in the vein of current Trek. I don’t think that’s a bad thing; personally, I think a new Trek series could be intelligent and more dynamic at the same time.

I personally think it’s a step backwards for Trek as a franchise to build a new series around the previous creative talent, that is to say, those who were involved prior to ST09. Enterprise tried to change it up with Manny Coto, but it was too little too late. I’m not blaming Coto for that at all, since he had been tasked with essentially trying to right a sinking ship. I just don’t know that it’s in Trek’s best interest to keep going back to the same creative well to revitalize Trek on TV. Besides, I would be very surprised if there haven’t been even informal discussions between CBS/Paramount and Bad Robot already regarding a potential series. They’re all pretty well invested with one another, and to continue to have J.J.’s name attached to Trek couldn’t hurt its’ chances for success on TV.

89. Buzz Cagney - March 26, 2013

It wasn’t worth watching first time around!

90. Mike Thompson UK - March 26, 2013

A new proper Star Trek is what we need. Not on Netflix but for Syndication around the world.

91. saavik001 - March 26, 2013

Even Amazon Studios might be an option for new Trek…

92. James Heaney - Wowbagger - March 26, 2013

Well, I’ve been watching Better Off Ted lately, thinking my wife has all the time in the world to watch Enterprise with me. But if there’s even a small chance it’ll be returning, we’ll be changing our habits!

Man, I was a diehard TrekUnited / SaveEnterprise guy back in the day. Brannon and Manny, just tell me what I have to do and I will do it. Season 5 would make my year.

93. Thomas - March 26, 2013

I’ve been on the fence regarding Enterprise. Admittedly, I have a bit of a soft spot for the series, since it’s the only one I’ve had the chance to see from the moment it debuted, Broken Bow is a truly great pilot, and it is partially responsible for why I enjoyed ST09 as much as I did. My affection for Enterprise is tempered, however, by the fact that it nearly killed my love for Star Trek. At first, it seemed like they were trying to do something a little different with the tone of the series, what with humans striking out into deep space on their own, which I enjoyed. I never really got the whole Temporal Cold War premise but I went along with it. But it was very quickly apparent that this series didn’t really bring much of anything new to the table and by the halfway point of Season 3, I gave up (the Xindi arc wasn’t nearly as interesting as it could’ve been, but it learned from Voyager’s mistakes somewhat while having the same basic premise). Even now, I’m not very interested in revisiting the show. Perhaps the only worse case of unfulfilled potential in Star Trek is Voyager itself.

94. Penguin44 - March 26, 2013

I would totally love a fifth season of enterprise. However I voted no, as I don’t want it exclusive to netflix. I don’t use nor want to use the service.

95. Exverlobter - March 26, 2013

I always was a proponent of the idea of making a new season of Enterprise. The biggest problem of that show, was the franchise-fatiguement in the early 2000s. But now Abrams resurrected the interest in Star Trek so Trek definetely should go back to TV:
For those of you that say that there is primarily an interest in the Abrams-crew and that they should get a TV series, i say that it won’t gonna happen.
For example Chris Pine is a big movie star now , he would not do Trek on TV. Furthermore this whole extravaganza of the Abrams films would lose its appeal on a TV-budget.

No do it with the Enterprise crew again. I think Manny Coto should continue to write the series, his path for season 4 was the right one, Enterprise had finally found itself.

96. Mr Lirpa - March 26, 2013

@95 you just saved me from typing that that first paragraph!

I think it’s going to be very interesting seeing a Star Trek TV show post JJ. Hopefully whoever makes it will have a fresh take on the ST universe, it was getting very fatigued by the time Entreprise ended, sadly, of course Enterprise was just getting interesting…

97. Exverlobter - March 26, 2013

@96. Mr Lirpa
“of course Enterprise was just getting interesting…”

Yes, compare that with TNG.
The first 2 seasons of TNG were horrible, the third was OK, and the series actually found itself with season 4. It was the same with Enterprise.
If TNG had been cancelled at that point, nobody would have remembered TNG as the great show it actually became in its later years.
Enterprise indeed had the potential to become as good as TNG. What a pitty that they did not gave them a chance.

98. V - March 26, 2013

Manny Coto at the helm.
All the cast back.
Fresh ideas, new writers.
A pre-planned direction.
No more repeating ideas from previous trek shows.
A more mature outlook (see Ent S3 and S4)
Wrap up the temporal cold war plotline with a 3 episode arc

End the first season with 1) the first moments of the Romulan War which leave the NX-01 in BAAAD shape so that it gets refitted to 2) this design

Keep the mini-arcs (2,3,4 episode mini arcs) – really cool idea.

AND when the Romulan war gets going at full speed during season 2, have the NX-01-A Enterprise (see the refit link from above) joined by the NX-02 Columbia (Ada Maris’ Erika Hernandez was a fantastic character that I wanted to see a lot more of). It’s a war, can’t really focus on just one ship.

99. Eric Cheung - March 26, 2013

This would be great. The cast is still young enough. I think people really discovered the show in retrospect.

The thing I’d like most to see in Star Trek is a depiction of the Romulan War and the story of how the Coalition of Planets became the force that saved Earth and became the United Federation of Planets. For me I think those are the main loose ends in the entire Star Trek saga that I’d like to see tied.

I’d also maybe like to see some of the stuff in the bio taken from In a Mirror Darkly, Part II or the Picard Family Album on screen too.

100. Exverlobter - March 26, 2013


“Trip is dead”
Trip is not dead. That whole episode was a Holodeck-simulation. So Trips death was a simulation as well.
Seriously, they did this whole Trip is dead thing just because they were cancelled anyway.

” The actors would all be TEN years older than they were at the end of Season 4. ”

Did not stop them in the finale to use aged Jonathan Frakes and put him in the TNG timeframe again.

The Hobbit is also recent example that showed that they do not care about aged actors. And i had not a problem with that.

101. ripleyaeryn - March 26, 2013

Yes, of course! I love the show (but not the ending), I want it back (even if it’s on Netflix), but I have several things that for me should be a must :
-Manny Coto
-All the cast back
-Trip alive
-more Romulan
-not copy/paste from other star trek shows
-cross over with DS9 (No Holodeck! This is So Odd), shows are similar but different, just like Sisko and Archer
-Shran as NX-01 crew member
-buildings of Federation, K7

102. Josh C. - March 26, 2013

This is probably just teasing us – the chances of this happening are rather slim considering Enterprise has been off the air for 8 years.

HOWEVER, *IF* it were to actually happened – that would be awesome. I loved Enterprise. I’ve probably watched it through at least twice on Netflix already myself.

103. Mad Mann - March 26, 2013

I’d rather see Terra Nova return thatn ST: Enterprise. I asked Braga a question about on Twitter and he basically said Terra Nova is done no matter what. I’m surprised he has hope for Enterprise.

104. CmdrR - March 26, 2013

41 – Thank you for that serious answer to my questions.

Yes, in theory this could work with any series. It remains to be seen whether an audience really wants this.

105. al - March 26, 2013

uh…well…why not…TOS was cancelled after 3 seasons….and look what star trek has become. As long as they disregard the last episode…I say…yeah.

106. Exverlobter - March 26, 2013

Enterprise is the tragic hero of all the Star Trek series.
TOS was cancelled early, but got its chance to come back with the movies.
The sucess story of TNG is just a miracle. Seriously, the show deserved to get cancelled after the second season. It was so bad! BUt audiences were more patient in those days. But In contrast to Voyager the show got at least better. Like during TNG The quality of Voyager was from the beginning questionable but in contrast to TNG the Voyager never took off.

Like TNG Star Trek Enterprise however was on the right track and just at that point it got cancelled. It would have been better if they had axed the show after the second or third season, because i could have lived with that at that lowpoint. But not after season 4.
What a tragedy.

107. Allen Williams - March 26, 2013

Terrible poll. Some people don’t like it and others (like me) would rather watch it on blu-ray than netflix for the improved quality. You shoul dhave had more options.

108. Damian - March 26, 2013

Not going to happen. I loved Enterprise (particularly season 3 and 4), and I too felt when Manny Coto was brought on board that brought much needed new life to the series. But it’s over. It would need CBS’ blessing. When it comes to Star Trek TV, CBS (and Paramount before) were basically all on TV or nothing. We’ve never seen a made for TV movie, a miniseries or direct to video. You won’t see direct to Netflix either.

Obviously Braga seems interested, but I’m not sure Manny Coto would be, and I’m sure not all the cast would be. Judging from his previous interviews, Rick Berman appears satisfied to leave Star Trek to a new generation.

I agree with 55 that the Berman team was spent. Bringing Manny Coto in the fold was the best decision they could have made because it breathed a fresh perspective into Star Trek. But it seems a number of fans only remember the lowlights. The Berman team also brought us First Contact–a blockbuster movie that had broad based appeal too, and Deep Space Nine (not to mention it wasn’t until Berman took the reigns of TNG that it finally came into it’s own).

That doesn’t mean watching it is a bad idea. Showing an increased interest in Star Trek can persuade CBS to maybe commission a new show, so I’m all for it.

109. Damian - March 26, 2013

106–All true. Somehow TNG managed to pull itself together. That’s why I mention Berman is not the evil Darth Vader of Star Trek that some make him out to be. It wasn’t until he took a more direct role that TNG dramatically improved. And yes, audiences were more patient. When TNG first came on, I was rolling my eyes at points (Code of Honor anyone), but something about it kept me coming back each week. Probably because even in season 1 and 2 you still had episodes like Conspiracy and Q Who. Even Deep Space Nine was a bit slow to start.

I liked Voyager, but it was my least favorite of the TV series’. It did have more than it’s fair share of weak episodes (Threshold being at the top of that list–even Braga is ashamed and he wrote it). But it had enough decent episodes to keep me coming back.

But no doubt, it was time for fresh blood. Star Trek was becoming predictable. I don’t believe it’s because Berman, Braga or anyone on the team wanted to kill Star Trek. I think it’s just they’ve done it all. There was no where else to go. Their biggest fault was just not realizing it sooner.

110. Marika - March 26, 2013

In Europe we don’t have netflix… but please!!!!! yes, yeas !!!

111. Jovius the Romulan - March 26, 2013

Considering by now, the actors are just old enough that it could take place in 2160-2161 (before the founding of the Federation), it could work.

Season four was really going places and trying to connect the dots to TOS. The finale was a clunker for sure, but had it been allowed to go on another season I could see a lot of great things happening. It had just gotten out of the Voyager ship-based show formula with two (and three!) parters that really drew you in. The occasional “first contact with another species episode” is fine. But what we really wanted was to see how the Federation eventually came into being, including the Romulan War.

112. T'Cal - March 26, 2013

TPTB shouldn’t listen to us at all other than that we want more TV Trek. We are far too splintered and will never agree on any storyline. I want old Kirk! No, I want new Kirk! No, I want Sulu on the Excelsior! No, I want Worf! No, I want DS9! No, I don’t want blah blah blah. I just hope they get an executive producer who will do what ever and do it very well.

113. sean - March 26, 2013


The big difference being 20 million or more people were watching those early seasons of TNG. And it increased nearly every year the show was on (even during those questionable first 2 seasons). Enterprise, on the other hand, lost about a million or more viewers each year it went on.

Now, did TNG have an advantage being syndicated? Absolutely. The TV landscape changed quite a bit in the 13 years between those two shows premiering. But the fact remains that Enterprise bled viewers every year it was on.

114. Superman - March 26, 2013

I’d rather see all the Trek series perform well on Netflix and have this convince CBS/Paramount to do a new Trek series, maybe even exclusive to Netflix…

115. Deanna - March 26, 2013

That’s it. Braga’s completely delusional.

116. mcg - March 26, 2013

Uh, NO. Enterprise was the worst show in a series of declining quality shows from Berman & Braga. They had a good run with TNG, but they grew stale. They should never be let anywhere near Star Trek again. Star Trek needs fresh blood and a new direction if it’s to return to TV.

117. Sharon - March 26, 2013

I am on Netflix rewatching season 4, arguably the BEST season of the Star Trek franchise. I would love the Earth Romulan war on screen and our Enterprise NX01 crew (with the original actors!) back in action. Go Team Archer!

118. John from Cincinnati - March 26, 2013

Oh yes I hope it happens! Enterprise was just starting to bridge the gap to the Original series. Season 5 wouldve been monumental. More Romulans, more mirror universe, more Andorians and Tellarites and beginnings of the Federation!

make it happen!

119. Legate Damar - March 26, 2013

Awesome! Enterprise was always my favorite series besides DS9, and it is the only Trek series that really feels like it ended before its time. Even TOS was really fine with just 3 seasons. I don’t know how likely this is to happen, but at least now I can feel like I was spending my time productively when I just rewatched the entire series on Netflix.

120. Thomas - March 26, 2013

I appreciate Braga’s optimism, but I’m thoroughly convinced Enterprise is dead and buried. If it wasn’t that successful the first time around, I can’t see anyone being willing to re-invest in it. Arrested Development may work on Netflix, but that show still had people talking about it in the mainstream, something Enterprise did not have. Beyond that, there’s the Arrested Development movie coming that people are anticipating, so there’s something to which the show can attach itself.

Honestly, I can’t see any new Trek being produced without Bad Robot getting first crack at it. Besides, CBS/Paramount by all accounts doesn’t seem particularly interested in bringing Trek back to television at this point. Unless something happens soon, I think we’re due for another

121. Thomas - March 26, 2013

Sorry, my post should end with, “Unless something happens soon, I think we’re due for another long wait before another series comes along.”

122. weeharry - March 26, 2013

Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this as I have kind of skipped past a lot of the comments, but we don’t get any Trek stuff on Netflix in the UK.

Even just getting that fixed would please me, as I’m already a Netflix subscriber, but I would be all for this happening too if it means that Trek will return to its true home.

Happy birthday Mr Nimoy!!! :-)

123. Calbie - March 26, 2013

I would give as much money humanly possible. i love that show so much. it’s just, human.

124. Lt. Bailey - March 26, 2013

This would be outstanding if it can actually be done. But this 5th season needs Manny Coto to produce the season as the Romulan War, thats what us fans wanted to see. Maybe have Judy & Gar Reeves – Stevens write some scripts that they had planned before the show got canceled. I have already watched all 4 seasons on Netflix, even though I have all 4 seasons on DVD and soon to get Blu-Ray.

125. Cygnus-X1 - March 26, 2013

100. Exverlobter – March 26, 2013

—-Trip is not dead. That whole episode was a Holodeck-simulation. So Trips death was a simulation as well. Seriously, they did this whole Trip is dead thing just because they were cancelled anyway.—-

But wasn’t the holodeck simulation drawn from Star Fleet’s historical records?

—-” The actors would all be TEN years older than they were at the end of Season 4. ” Did not stop them in the finale to use aged Jonathan Frakes and put him in the TNG timeframe again.—-

And you liked how that turned out? Maybe we just have different preferences here. If they didn’t have a choice, as with the TOS movies and the TNG movies, then they’d have to cast the same actors in their TV series roles. But Enterprise was cancelled. There’s no need to bring back the entire crew. Not to be disrespectful, but I think it’d be just as well if not better going forward if only Archer and Flox were retained. Apart from Trip, Archer and Flox were the best characters, and their ranks and positions (Captain and Dr) could more realistically still be the same several years after 2154. There’s no real need, frankly, to bring the other characters back. And it would be weird if they were brought back, having an ensign in his late 30s and so forth.

126. Christopher Roberts - March 26, 2013

I wish I could help. Netflix outside the US probably doesn’t count for much.

A fifth season, mini-series or even as little as a TV Movie… anything but leaving it at “These are the Voyages” would suit me!

As for all the sets, props and costumes having been auctioned off… a redress of ST09’s Kobayshi Maru simulator set would do. Change the monitor interfaces with Okuda’s TOS influenced graphics, blinky coloured lights and the NX-01 just got refitted like Kirk’s Enterprise did in 1979 that’s all.

127. Exverlobter - March 26, 2013

@125. Cygnus-X1
“But wasn’t the holodeck simulation drawn from Star Fleet’s historical records? ”

In Sci-Fi it’s quite easy to bring people back from the dead, and because the whole last episode was just a simulation, a resurrection of Trip might not seem so contrived as with other characters that came back from the dead. The whole simulation-thing makes it easier.

“And you liked how that turned out”

Indeed that depends on how bad or good the actors have aged.
Patrick STewart for example even now looks almost the same as 20 years ago. Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis however dont look that fresh anymore. The last ENT episode suffered from that.
In Contrast the Hobbit was an example where that worked. I’ve seen Scott Bakula on recent Interviews,he still looks great.

128. Damian - March 26, 2013

127–Also, the novels (not canon, I know) have retconned Trip’s death and the whole TATV fiasco to be sort of a cover-up operation so Trip could go undercover to the Romulan Empire as part of Section 31.

Novels rarely retcon what’s on screen, but this was one time it was welcomed (though technically, they didn’t retcon what happened in TATV as that was more or less an expansion of a TNG episode, but just how history recorded the final mission of the NX-01).

129. Aqua - March 26, 2013

1) No, if we get more Star Trek it needs to be a fresh series, it’s not like this series was merely interrupted for a year or so.

2) Braga needs to be banned from any future production of Star Trek, he was the problem in both Voyager and Enterprise, once he was moved to the side in Ent S4 it improved dramatically, except for the handful of shows that he did.

130. Exverlobter - March 26, 2013

@129 Aqua
“No, if we get more Star Trek it needs to be a fresh series, it’s not like this series was merely interrupted for a year or so.”

Dallas was of the air for more than 20 years but got recently picked up again. The same wIth Enterprise can work.

131. Khan was Framed! - March 26, 2013

I’d love to see an Enterprise Mini-series about the Romulan war!

This show got screwed over by Rick Berman’s ego; he thought he could just do the same things he did on Voyager & it would work.

It wasn’t until Manny Coto got involved that it really took off & it’s unfair that we didn’t get to see a proper send off for the series.

Netflix seems like the perfect place for a 5th season of Enterprise.

Hell, I’d settle for an IDW comic at this point.

132. Mighty Hellstar - March 26, 2013

Good point – it’s taken this long to mention that there’s absolutely NO Star Trek on Netflix in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great service and it’s given me the chance to catch shows I’ve never had the chance to see before, but seriously needs shows like Star Trek, the Stargate shows, Terra Nova, etc.

I presume they have some kind of tracking that let’s them know how popular things on there are, so maybe letting them see the interest is still there is a start. We need to prove the franchise is still alive and well in the hearts of the viewers. Personally, as a writer, it gives me great excitement to see Netflix making original shows. There’s hope to see anything done on screen!

133. Smike - March 26, 2013

Yes, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Bring back ENT… Thought it has been eight long years now, the series will always be one of my favourites. I donated 300 bucks back then (got most of it back eventually) but it didn’t help…

9-10 years after its original cancellation is a perfect timing for a comeback for a multitude of reasons…

1. There was a ten-year gap between the penultimate episode and the Foundation of the Federation. The actors are now at the right age to play the characters around that date. And then they could move on the Romulan Wars…

2. TOS was brought back nine years after its cancellation, as a movie though, but still…

3. The ENT Blu-Rays are out right in time…

4. ENT is the only Star Trek series that connects both timelines. It has not been affected by that Nero shift, so it is both a prequel to TOS and NuTrek.

Go for it! It’s the best place to start… Get it on Netflix, buy it on Blu-Ray… turn it into a late success…

134. Bob Tompkins - March 26, 2013

Kickstarter is a good idea for a small project that the actors would do for scale, simply because of their love of he project- which is the case for Veronica Mars. The startup costs for Enterprise would be prohibitive. I started a forum topic on Gateworld about finishing Stargate Universe with a kickstarter and have had a lot of fun reading the pros and cons of it.
The network must be behind the project as was the case with Veronica Mars. The actors and other talent must be willing to work cheap based upon the money they have raised. There must not be any extraordinary startup costs for futuristic sets. Don’t forget, Veronica Mars is a one- shot deal. Money must be raised for every episode unless the project does very well, allowing the studio to step in. Finally, actor availability.
Kickstarter does not sound viable for bringing back Enterprise except as a one- shot deal.

135. Demode - March 26, 2013

I would be happy with just a Romulan mini-series for Enterprise.

136. Total-Trekkie2 - March 26, 2013

Brannon Braga and Rick Berman created and co-created with Roddenberry the best of Star Trek. I don’t care what others say, those to are HEROES, and always will be!!!

137. Jax Maxton - March 26, 2013

I never understood why they couldn’t make a bunch of Trek movies/mini-series for TV or home video, much like Babylon 5 tried doing. Now these wouldn’t be just be one cast or another, but. realizing that the characters had moved on from their respective series, they would be an amalgam of characters from the various series. You could have Captain Data commanding Enterprise and escorting Admiral Janeway with Doctor Bashir accompanying when something happens. I always thought this would be a way to continue the 90’s Trek series while also help to kick off a new series down the road. Of course, with the whole “alternate universe” now in the films, I highly doubt that CBS would want to re-visit these characters. But how great would this be on Netflix?

138. annoyed. - March 26, 2013

@Bob-#134. Refer to post #8.

139. EFFeX - March 26, 2013

This would be so awesome. I really don’t want to get my hopes up, but this would be so exciting!

140. Christopher Roberts - March 26, 2013

Not sure how any Star Trek would stay exclusive to Netflix myself. I mean, there must be plenty of old farts like me, who like shelves full of DVD and Blu ray box-sets! I suppose that’s going the way of album sleeves with gatefold artwork. Pity. Half the appreciation I have for collecting is seeing collections, instead of on a hard drive which ends up deleted or lost in a crash.

Ultimately Braga’s probably self publicising here and it’s not likely, because it’s not JJ Abrams Trek, but I’d like to see a better ending for Enterprise than we got, however long the story they could get made would be.

Get an actor from one of the other Star Treks to guest-star or make an appearance. As long as it doesn’t involve the holodeck… ;)

Invite Michael Dorn onboard to play Worf’s great grandfather, and Brent Spiner as Arik Soong. Flash backwards and forwards between the 22nd & 23rd Centuries, to show Archer really ancient alongside Zachary Quinto or something. That way it’s got more crossover appeal than just Enterprise.

Perhaps reveal Leonard Nimoy Spock as Future Guy… or Archer as mooted.

Or else, maybe William Shatner could lower his asking price for that Season 4 story idea they had, revealing him to have been the NX-01’s Chef or Mirror Universe counterpart on a rampage, trying to get back home.

141. matt - March 26, 2013

Can anyone tell me the recording/track that is playing immediately previous to the start of the interview in each video??


142. somethoughts - March 26, 2013

It would be awesome to get a new star trek show, new ship, uniforms, crew etc. No baggage, just a fresh start. It can be based in tos years, or tng years. Or just make TV episodes with current movie crew, I know it wont happen but I can dream lol instead of 3-4 yr breaks we get to see these guys every week!

143. Craiger - March 26, 2013

What about a series set in Abrams Universe on Enterprise’s sister ship?

144. scifib5st - March 26, 2013

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I skip this site for two day and BAM!!!!
Post 52 has got it wrong…

Trip was (in the paperback book) was set on another path, only to return to the Enterprise crew at some point…

Where is the kickstarter for this???

5 yrs of 10 years later I don’t care. I think James Cawley have a role as a ensign or perhaps the Grand Father of J.T Kirk… that would be GRAND.

M. Coto would be the best for show runner!!!!

With the 50th Ann. comming CBS should do something to “\juce the pot” if they want to make any earings on there project setting in their file cabnits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
After all, CBS is only looking at the bottom $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ line!

145. Scott Gammans - March 26, 2013

I like “Star Trek: Enterprise”, but it’s more likely that tribbles will fly out of my butt than it getting a fifth season on Netflix.

146. Trekbilly - March 26, 2013

Yeesh….Drexler is normally a pretty good designer, but I despise that Enterprise refit. Talk about FUgly!!!

147. Disinvited - March 26, 2013

#141. matt – March 26, 2013

That’s Jerry Goldsmith’s excellent Titles introductory music to the movie STAR TREK: FIRST CONTATCT

148. Disinvited - March 26, 2013

#145. Scott Gammans – March 26, 2013

From April 7th, 2010:

“If Serenity couldn’t do it, what are the odds that Veronica Mars could? Not very good and I’m guessing the studios will see it that way.”

And then there were those who thought the final SW trilogy would never get made…

The point is if VM could happen then any kind of content generation can. It is a whole new ball game. Before corporate industrial entertainment publishing, patronizing the arts was a vanity affair for the wealthy elite. This marks its resurgence but with dedicated small groups’ patronage over powerful individuals.

149. Gary Makin - March 27, 2013

I’d watch it – but they should withdraw These Are the Voyages from all future TV/online broadcasts/streaming, and pretend like it never happened.

150. New Horizon - March 27, 2013

Anyone here watch Sherlock on Netflix?

I could see Enterprise working like that. They could do 3 episodes a season at 1 1/2 hours each.

I don’t think it would be cost effective to try and do 12 episodes.

151. Ahsoka Tano - March 27, 2013

yes please do it! I wish we had Netflix in europe…

that or an animated show would be hot

152. Kev - March 27, 2013

no no no no no!

if you dont know why the answer is no check out this review by Sfdebris:

enterprise nearly made the guy who played the comedian in watchmen quit acting, it got that bad towards the end with berman and braga in the seat

so let it stay dead for god sakes and lets move on and focus on bringing back TNG and DS9 if there’s any truth to this, not crappy enterprise

and if you gotta have someone bring back trek to tv for god sakes get Ira Steven Behr and lock berman out of the buliding if his name is attached in any way whatsoever.

153. Al Hartman - March 27, 2013

I would like to see a fifth season of Enterprise, but I won’t subscribe to Netflix to see it. I’ll buy the DVD set when it comes out as I did with BSG: Blood and Chrome.

I think it would be too cost prohibitive to rebuild all the sets, unless they could amortize the cost over a large number of episodes.

154. Yanks - March 27, 2013

Lots of great comments.

I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

For those here that don’t know, you’ll have to look long and hard to find a bigger Enterprise fan.

Personally I never thought we had a chance to get Enterprise back on TV except if someone showed up with a huge lump of cash and said “Please make a 3 or 4 part TV mini-series, un-f…. TATV, cover the Romulan War and see to the founding of the Federation and the neutral zone”.

This Netflix initiative is intriguing.

I’d be very surprised if anyone in the cast of Enterprise wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to come back together and right a couple wrongs. #1. The show was cancelled just as it hit it’s stride, #2. That abomination that was called TATV (just delete that thing please).

But I would also expect them to be picky reguarding what writers & producers were at the helm. If it included either of the “killer B’s” they might balk. They’ve rode that horse before and it bucked them off. But then again, work is work and none of them seem very busy. I don’t think age is a factor yet. TV is very good at making folks look young. (Look at Peter Weller in STID)

My personal choice would be Manny Coto & Michael Moore. What a pair they would make and the series (franchise) couldn’t be in better hands in my view.

Another note, I don’t believe we could have Doug Drexler’s NX-01 refit until after the RW. It’s going to be tough enough to follow Spock’s description from ‘Balance of Terror’ (canon) of the RW in NX-01& NX-02.

So whether it’s a mini-series or a season 5 hosted on Netflix I’m all for it, and the franchise should be rooting for it too. To end 2 decades of straight Trek and a 40+ year franchise with TATV is just a slap in the face to the franchise, all trek fans and especially Enterprise fans.

We can do better.

Let’s hope the vaulted trek fan-base can unite and do something other than gripe about the new movies. My guess is they wont. They could have flocked back to Enterprise during Enterprise Season 4 when it gave them exactly what they were complaining about and didn’t.

Fingers crossed.

155. Leo R - March 27, 2013

Biggest pile of BS I’ve ever heard. The show is dead and CBS is not going to bring it back no matter how many views are on Netflix. Braga doesn’t represent the network nor has the authority to even make such a claim. This was purely stupid of him to even make these comments.

156. Yanks - March 27, 2013

@ 113. sean – March 26, 2013

The big difference being 20 million or more people were watching those early seasons of TNG. And it increased nearly every year the show was on (even during those questionable first 2 seasons). Enterprise, on the other hand, lost about a million or more viewers each year it went on.

Now, did TNG have an advantage being syndicated? Absolutely. The TV landscape changed quite a bit in the 13 years between those two shows premiering. But the fact remains that Enterprise bled viewers every year it was on.

TNG had no competition. All trek incarnations lost viewers including TNG after season 5. What’s the comon link in trek after TNG season 5?

Think about it.

157. BillyBoy - March 27, 2013

Seriously, there’s not going to be any return to the pre-JJ Abrams timeline. No “Enterprise season 5″, no “Captain Worf series”, no “Riker & Troi on the USS Titan”, and no “Next next generation, set 100 years after Voyager”. Some of these projects MIGHT be feasible but the Berman era of Star Trek is over so they’re not going to revive his Star Trek legacy any time soon with the current people in charge of the franchise. If they do another TV show, it will be after the 3 new timeline movies and will take place in the Abramsverse. Eventually they might decide to depart from that and go in a new direction, but I don’t think they will ever return to the prime universe, except in maybe books or video games. I don’t know why people are getting their hopes up floating these ideas. It’s about as likely as another Bond movie set in the world of the Pierce Brosnan movies.

158. Shane - March 27, 2013

I support bringing Trek back to TV, I’d even be interesting in an Enterprise mini-series or something but keep Braga as far away from Trek as possible.

As for Netflix bringing Enterprise back, I don’t think it’s likely. Enterprise was a very expensive show, just to build all the sets and get things started up would probably far exceed their budget.

159. Yanks - March 27, 2013

@ 157. BillyBoy – March 27, 2013

Don’t be a hater :-) Think positive!

I don’t see the next series being set in the Abrams-verse. I don’t think there is any way a star trek series in that time could be successfull with actors other than the ones we currently have in the movies (and we wont get those for a tv series at a price that would be sustainable). I think JJ’s-verse should stay in the movies.

160. jas_montreal - March 27, 2013

Wow, this is a really good idea. Brannon Braga needs to push this idea further and we (the fans) will try to watch more star trek on netflix to boost the numbers :)

Maybe a kickstarter for enterprise season5 ? :)

161. T'Cal - March 27, 2013

I would so much rather see a miniseries done annually than a weekly series. My son told me about the story line for the video game star Trek legacy that spanned ENT’s, TOS’s, TOS movies’, and TNG’s eras and it sounded great. I can see that kind of idea as a 5-10 part miniseries.

162. Thomas - March 27, 2013

In all this discussion, has anyone bothered to see if any of what Brannon Braga is saying is official, i.e. there have been talks about actually reviving the series if Netflix streaming is successful, or is he just speculating? Until we hear something official from Netflix or CBS/Paramount, I’m assuming this is nothing more than an idea being floated out into the universe.

163. Will I am - March 27, 2013

Where is this notion of a Netflix based show coming from? As far as I know there are no Netflix produced shows. What was stated is that by watching enterprise on Netflix would prove there is demand for a continuation. Nowhere us if stated that Netflix would produce and stream a show. I suggest this statement by braga has less to do with producing a new show and more to do with increasing his royalties front hide of us who stream trek on Netflix.

164. nscates - March 27, 2013

Yeah, it’s prolly unlikely, but I’d watch. My wife and daughter and I are actually in the middle of an epic Star Trek re-watch on Netflix, we started with TNG (since my wife hates TOS) and have made it all the way to the start of season 4 of Enterprise. I had forgotten both how bad it was in the first two seasons and how much better it got in the third and fourth seasons. That’s not to say it was ever flawless, but they really started raising the bar towards the end and I found the stories and characters became vastly more interesting.

I would love to see it wrap on a better note. I always felt bad for the actors after watching TATV. Bakula in particular worked too hard to make Archer seem real in spite of very uneven characterization in the scripts to get sacked in such a lackluster way. Such a pity that it was cancelled just as it finally got into a rhythm

165. Christopher Roberts - March 27, 2013

@163. See’s twitter feed.

Babylon 5 & Matrix creators are working on a show called Sense8, which has been given a 10 episode order.

166. nscates - March 27, 2013

@ 163 –

Actually there is at least one Netflix produced show and it apparently was not cheap to produce – 100 million for 26 episodes. It’s called House of Cards and stars Kevin Spacey. Check out this article about it:

It is supposedly doing well and has gotten favorable reviews.

AFAIK, Braga is just speculating, not actually representing Netflix or any other studio. But if the will is there and, more importantly, if the market is there, anything could happen.

167. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2013

Why would CBS/Paramount allow a rival to make money off of their property?

“House Of Cards” was developed in-house. It’s an original property.

The only way this could happen is if its a joint CBS/Netflix venture, which I doubt because the studio would want too much control over the content being produced.

168. nscates - March 27, 2013

CBS already licenses lots of its properties out to Netflix, which essentially lets both companies make money off of CBS properties.

You may be right that they wouldn’t be willing to do a joint venture with Netflix if they feel there’s not enough money to be made or if they have some objection to co-producing a series that would run on another network, but it has been done before. Friday Night Lights got kicked around all over, finally landing on a Direct TV channel, but I think that ABC owned the franchise throughout.

Like I said before, it’s probably unlikely, but not impossible, especially if the suits feel there’s money to be made.

169. Green - March 27, 2013

I think a good performance on Netflix could help convince CBS to make a new TV series however I sincerely doubt that they’d revive Enterprise.

170. tuvix - March 27, 2013

@143 – Craiger:
please explain how you do an abrams-verse story during Enterprise time?? dosent abrams-verse start like, a hundred years after ENT??

171. Greg2600 - March 27, 2013

I contributed to the Enterprise fundraiser back in 2005. While I think it would far out draw Veronica Mars on kickstarter, the problem will be CBS and Paramount.

Not sure if it’s true but Robert Duncan McNeill told me last year that he thought JJ Abrams was given an exclusivity period where no one else could make a Trek series.

172. V117 - March 27, 2013

Enterprise was one of the two worst Star Trek series. Let it stay dead.

173. yoda - March 28, 2013

please please bring it back. I am a fan of star trek since the 1960s and television has nothing like it. i would pay to watch the 5th seson or even a tv movie. i think the novel thegood men do would be terrific

174. Theatre Historian_Levi - March 28, 2013

No reason netflix wouldn’t work for Enterprise as well.

you know that this new wachowski series is not going to be cheap either.

175. Theatre Historian_Levi - March 28, 2013

Red Dead Ryan, while House of cards is original to netflix, Arrested Development is not, and its new season is premiering in May.

Its a whole new world for televsion productions now.
heck look at whats going on with All my children and one life to live coming back to life as a half hour format soap by an online production company who licensed the show and characters from ABC, after they killed the shows over a year ago now.

176. YES - March 28, 2013

Everything is still better than this JJAbrams-Crap!

177. Jovius the Romulan - March 28, 2013

#152: “enterprise nearly made the guy who played the comedian in watchmen quit acting, it got that bad towards the end with berman and braga in the seat”

Kev, may I please ask that you do your research before making false or misleading assertions? First of all, his name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, not “the guy who played the Comedian in Watchmen”. He’s a talented actor and deserves more respect than that. Second, you’re making an implied causal connection towards Berman & Braga’s debatably poor leadership of the series and Morgan almost quitting acting. It had nothing to do with that. The reason is that he found the heavy makeup hellish to wear and did not want to go through that again.

178. Christopher Roberts - March 28, 2013

So much of Enterprise seems to be a case of “We wanted to do X, but were forced to compromise and do Y.”

And here you are with the biggest built-in reset button, called the Temporal Cold War.

Something which could basically allow a second throw of the dice, going backwards to go forwards again… with the elements we liked kept and ones we don’t, removed and reasoned as having been interference by the future.

Without the TCW and Klingon first contact would obviously be different.

Without Klaang to return back home, you probably end up with a partially different crew assigned to the NX-01 under Archer and Trip, launched at a later date. While at the same time, all of those characters still exist and can be run into again back on Earth or in service with Starfleet elsewhere.

Throw in a nagging sense of deja vu. The possibility characters vaguely remember the way history was. Trip meeting T’Pol in different circumstances, since she was never brought onboard as an observer and she’s elevated to a Vulcan Ambassador. Having nightmares that Elizabeth has been killed during an attack by aliens on Earth, but waking to find a subspace communication from her.

Loads of things could unravel without those future factions trying to manipulate the timeline. Make improvements with a ready made in-story reason.

Let’s say the ultimate end to the TCW timeline leads to “These are the Voyages” and all the acculmilated changes resulted in a Riker and Troi more likely to be among those seen on an Enterprise, just the week before in “Parallels”… rather than in “The Pegasus”.

Want to do a run of episodes set on Earth, where Terra Prime are protesting the construction and launch of Earth’s first Warp 5 ship? Then start this soft reboot with that in there.

Throw in a Future Guy appearance, who seems to have found a way to travel into the past at last to interfere directly. Then reveal who he is and kill him swiftly to prove that storyline is finally dead.

From a science fiction standpoint, there’s no reason why Enterprise couldn’t be reimagined, reintroduced and still contain carryover elements – I’m thinking that would be members of the cast willing to return.

179. Tom G - March 29, 2013

J J Abrams dumbed down trek. I’d welcome the return of Moore, Braga and Berman.

ST 2009 was a good science fiction film. It wasn’t trek though. The new one looks to be more of the same. Generic and dull.

I agree with some earlier comments. Season 4 (with the exception of the final episode which was clearly rushed due to the constraints of the series wrap) is the best season of any of the trek series. The Reeves-Stevens writing duo are excellent. Read their novels of you haven’t already.

If Netflix are seriously considering this, they have my full support.

180. bytesaber - March 29, 2013

I like Berman and Braga *shrug* I mean, we did after all watch TNG, VOY, and ENT. If we are wanting another season of ENT, it must be because we enjoyed seaosn 1 – 4. Just saying. And besides, if they create it, then it would more likely match the same feel, which apparently is what we all want. Don’t hate on them because they actually gave us alot of what we enjoy. I don’t want the “new star trek” feel in what I’m forced to now call the “prime” universe. So I would prefer to not include those writers.

181. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 29, 2013

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 5 would be friggin’ fantastic, wherever it found purchase!

Heck, at the very least, we’d get to undo the intolerable “These are the Voyages”

182. Christopher Roberts - March 29, 2013

Did I read somewhere Doug Drexler’s involved in a Facebook campaign? Anybody got a link?

183. Marika - March 29, 2013

here is the facebook campaign :) sign people :)

184. Curious Cadet - March 29, 2013

@178. Christopher Roberts,
“And here you are with the biggest built-in reset button, called the Temporal Cold War … I’m thinking that would be members of the cast willing to return.”

Oh GOD No!

Enterprise was fraught with problems. The Temporal Cold War was chief among them, followed closely by the casting. One gets the sense that Braga thought, “hey, time travel movies are the most popular in the franchise and my First Contact was one of the best, so why no make an entire series where time travel is incorporated into every episode — it can’t miss!” And he hired Bakula, the most milquetoast captain Starfleet ever knew (well next to Harriman), seemingly for no other reason than he had a popular time travel series!

The irony is that Braga had a chance to do exactly what Abrams is doing for the fans. Whatever else Abrams has done, he’s sparked the excitement of TOS. Braga could have cast a young dynamic Kirk-type character to be the first-ever captain of a starship Enterprise, and instead of creating more of the same bland TNG era original characters from an all but exhausted creative mine, he could have gone back to the classic nostalgic characters introduced in TOS, as they began to do in the 4th season. This would have at least maintained the ratings among the fans and kept the series on the air. Instead, his approach drove them away in droves. Instead of a young dynamic captain, we got the guy whos next gig was “Men of a Certain Age”, and a quirky somewhat introverted crew that never truly bonded in my eyes. With the exception of the ever wonder-eyed Midwest boyscout Trip Tucker, the rest seemed downright anti-social, brooding over dark secrets and spending their free time alone. Bakula was like an intergalactic psychologist performing group therapy between pointless, aimless exploration.

And this was nothing but Braga’s hubris. Enterprise was his first series as executive producer and he wanted to make his mark. And boy did he. Rodenberry faced he same challenges Braga did, but they still pulled off something amazing, and didn’t blame the failure of the series on those compromises. And from what I have seen of his subsequent work, Braga doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, or gotten any more creative.

All this is to say, why even bother with Enterprise? Where is the audience that Braga thinks will flock to Netflix to see this misguided thing? Where where they when the series was cancelled? Exactly.

Start fresh. Forget the whole time-travel ridiculousness. Orci is right, time travel should be used sparingly, especially when current MWI theory is applied (as it should because Trek has always been about using the most current understanding of science). If the crew travels in time, there should be no convenient reset button, it should have real ramifications like it does in ST09. And for God’s sake get a fresh young cast. None of those middle-aged actors should be brought back. Think of all the Trek in the Prime Universe that could be told from the end of Enterprise to the beginning of TOS. There’s over 100 years where anything could happen. If nothing else, how about Robert April’s 5 year mission? But truth be told, I’d rather see something closer to Captain Robau and his adventures. At least that would tie into the popularity of the current films and perhaps draw in a larger audience than just going back to a failed series — let Orci produce it. And who says there can’t be other starships called Enterprise? Just because Braga and Berman painted themselves into a corner in a poorly thought out comment by a TNG character … Hell, the simplest explanation is that they simply misspoke: “did I say 7 ships? Meant 10″. Or maybe they just need a good solid Orci-type timeline split. Heck, Why not just give us a series based on young Capt. April, Marcus or Pike, and the adventures of that Enterprise during the 25 years after Nero’s encursion. Let’s SEE the key moments as the Alt universe departs from the Prime universe, while they revisit some of the most iconic characters Star Trek ever envisioned.

Anything but reheating Enterprise in the microwave of mediocrity.

185. celticarchie - March 29, 2013

Get Ronald D. Moore to write/develop it and it’ll be great.

And DVD boxsets with tonnes of special features…don’t be skimping out on the special features.

Come to think of it, anything would be better than JJ Abrams mindless gibberish.

186. Christopher Roberts - March 29, 2013

@183. Marika – “here is the facebook campaign :) sign people :) ”

Done. Given the choice (which there likely isn’t), I’d prefer to see further developments in the 22nd Century. Far too much unfinished business there for my liking and I liked the concept, the cast, the technology and even find stuff to appreciate among the disappointing episodes.

187. Earl - March 30, 2013

Please, no. In 11 seasons, Braga gave us Voyager and Enterprise, two shows that almost regularly failed both as quality television and watchable Star Trek. An Enterprise season 5 would be like someone at Netflix saying “Remember that ‘Spock’s Brain’ episode? Let’s make more of that!”

Or, more realistically, “Remember that guy who made that terrible dinosaur show for ABC that went millions of dollars over budget and only lasted a season? What he really needs is a fourth try.” Or whatever try this would be for Braga to make something credible that doesn’t involve Jack Bauer.

Just, again, no. There have to be plenty of talented TV producers out there who’d do a better job at Trek with something fresh.

188. Eric Cheung - March 30, 2013

Do you think Erik Jendresen would be interested in doing a TV version of Star Trek: The Beginning?

189. Jack - March 30, 2013

“Just, again, no. There have to be plenty of talented TV producers out there who’d do a better job at Trek with something fresh.”


190. Jonboc - March 30, 2013

# “Come to think of it, anything would be better than JJ Abrams mindless gibberish.”


191. Bester - March 30, 2013

Netflix dont own star trek, cbs would prob not give/sell them the property, until that changes never going to happen.

192. Greg - March 31, 2013

@152: that was the most unbalanced, one-sided Haterist review of an Enterprise ep I’ve ever heard.

Sfdebris is Comic Book Guy…

193. Romulus` - March 31, 2013

Braga couldn’t be anymore blatant if he was to stand on the street with a Netflicks sign.

I voted NO

If will never happen….move on People

194. Wolf359 - March 31, 2013

I find enterprise deserves a chance, because I think the show went really start from the 3rd Season. What Abrams and his people regard these should generally stay away from ST, because as you can see in the movies they can from ST SW and ST does not need those types.

@ Thomas: You do not really believe that someone, a series focusing on the stupid Abrams universe portfolio so no more ST’s? anzurlocken only to a broad audience? something one probably works out at the cinema, but not generally in TV and why, a resignation in franchise? ENT has more potential than this crap from Abrams. Personally hope there will never be a ST series that is made by this loudmouth Abrams. Nor his scrap company Bad Robot Although ENT but should no longer be produced, I hope that the closer series back in the right timeline plays and as for Abrams and his manure can fall into swamp of oblivion, because this stuff is generally not a potential that is only cheap SW waste the ST looks like something and nothing more. But luckily abrams know it to SW and hopefully people will come again to the ST franchise like in contrast to the abrams and his fools.

195. Bruce - April 1, 2013

I miss weekly episodes of Trek, and I actually liked Enterprise – but I think they would be better off making a fresh new Trek series rather than try to pickup where they left off in Enterprise.

196. Joe - April 4, 2013

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