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New Image Shows JJ Abrams On Different Bridge + Analysis Of The Other ‘Into Darkness’ Ship March 31, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

More images from the recent Empire magazine cover story on Star Trek Into Darkness have emerged. Mostly they are things variations of things seen before but there is one image of director JJ Abrams with a clear view of the bridge on a ship different than the USS Enterprise. TrekMovie takes a closer look at that image and goes back to analyze other images that appear to be (or could be) from the same setting. Beware of potential spoilers.


JJ On The Bridge

In the various trailers that have been released before there have been a number of glimpses of the exterior and interior of a ship that is not the USS Enterprise. The new issue of Empire has a shot of director JJ Abrams giving us a better look at the bridge of a ship that isn’t on USS Enterprise, but appears to be a Federation-style design.

Abrams on the other bridge
(caption calls it the "Apple Store-style bridge")

We have seen this bridge before

This isn’t the first time we have seen this darker-designed interior, just the first time it was clear we were looking at a different bridge. The following screencaps featuring John Harrison, Kirk and Dr. Marcus (from previous trailers) also appear to be on that same bridge.

Is that the bridge of the space jump ship?

The trailers have also shown us shots of Kirk and another person doing a ‘space jump’ between the USS Enterprise and another Federation-style ship. Although the trailers have not given a good look at this ship it clearly has a somewhat different design than the Enterprise.


This exterior detail of an explosion is also clearly not from the USS Enterprise, and so it too could also be this other ship.

Same as San Francisco crashing ship?

TrekMovie has already identified that the ship shown crashing into San Francisco is not the USS Enterprise. This may be the same ship with the above bridge.

This shot of Harrison may also be from his vantage point on the crashed ship

Maybe these too?

These images (from international trailer and a publicity shot of Simon Pegg) also show what appears to be a non-USS Enterprise ship and so could be the same ship as the above bridge.

And finally this now famous shot of what appears to be cryo-tubes may also be from the different ship, although the back wall appears to be stone design (implying it may actually be not on a ship at all).

Crew villains?

One more interesting detail comes from the recent international trailer and links back to a story by TrekMovie’s John Tenuto from February – who noted that the Hasbro KRE-O Into Darkness toyline featured what were described as "villain" and "specialists" figures in a different kind of uniform. And if you look closely at the bad guy John Harrison is punching above, his uniform seems to match the toy. And when you look closer you will see that the weave of the uniform is NOT the Starfleet emblem but just a generic weave.

Have we seen the ‘specialist villains’?

And when you look behind JJ Abrams you can see guys wearing the same uniforms on the new bridge.

Spot the new uniformed-guys behind JJ

So while this ship has Federation-style designs, the crew isn’t wearing the same kind of Starfleet uniforms as the crew of the USS Enterprise.


More new images

Below are more Star Trek Into Darkness images from the new issue of Empire magazine (via CBM).



1. somethoughts - April 1, 2013

Interesting, does Harrison take over this ship or is he the assigned captain? So many questions! Maybe space seed happens to this ship?

2. meepmeep189 - April 1, 2013

So it seems that Checkov is under cover, first?

3. Tadeo D'Oria - April 1, 2013

My theory: Cumberbatch is April and this ship is his Enterprise, which he salvaged from mothball out of pride and uses as his base of operations.
In the end, using an older ship will be his doom.

4. - April 1, 2013

It is all looking great to me.

I cannot wait until May 9.

5. Tadeo D'Oria - April 1, 2013

Forgot to mention, it would fit perfectly with the Countdown to Darkness comics. At least for now.

6. Matt Wright - April 1, 2013

The other bridge looks a lot like the Kelvin’s bridge, but maybe upgraded a little bit. Still it seems to imply a slightly older ship.

Some kind of upgraded older ship for merchant marine kind of duty? Hence the different uniforms that aren’t Starfleet.

7. Josh C. - April 1, 2013


Science vessel (seems unlikely)
Training vessel (seems more likely, esp. If its a decommissioned prior enterprise)
Intelligence ship? (Just guessing from the top agent line)

8. AyanEva - April 1, 2013

I can’t even begin to guess the plot of this movie but I sure am excited! Is the entire crew of this other ship renegade former Starfleet officers? Mercenaries? Random scientific vessel that Harrison hijacks for some reason? And is it something that Kirk does to make it crash? Harrison does say, ” You have no idea what you’ve done.” Maybe he didn’t intend for it to crash because of reasons.

9. Logan - April 1, 2013

Reliant. Wouldn’t that be fitting.

10. Browncoat1984 - April 1, 2013

Guess: April fools?

11. 750 Mang - April 1, 2013

I’m telling you, Harrison is one of Khan’s crew. Spock Prime told Starfleet where to find the Botany Bay,. They woke them up a few at a time and used the augments as super soldiers. The movie will end with Khan waking up. Blah…

12. Keachick - April 1, 2013

What is the hanging Kirk wearing? It does not look like a Starfleet uniform. He appears to be wearing a red and grey/black? jersey with grey pants. The outfit looks quite good actually.

Just had a weird thought – Marquis?

I have to say that these bridges look a little metallic and sterile; do not project an affirmation of life feel about them.

13. Aix - April 1, 2013

Woah. Now I think Carol Marcus is the one doing the space-jump with Kirk! That would be incredible.

Why is John Harrison punching a bad guy?! Why?!

Well, aside from lens flares JJ obviously love plaid shirts.

14. Philip Dunlop - April 1, 2013

A “specialist” is a term for a non-commissioned officer. If there are “specialists” on the bridge of the non-Enterprise, then it suggests to me a band of renegades have done mutiny. Carol Marcus may be a commissioned officer on this ship. If her relationship with Kirk began between ST09 and STID, then you could see her being used as a lure for Kirk.

I reckon this is an older ship too, even though it looks like the movie refit era ships, and has a much more attractive and proportional silhouette than the Enterprise.

15. Kyle - April 1, 2013

Maybe it’s the Abrams’ version of the Excelsior

16. RedRevan - April 1, 2013


“Why is John Harrison punching a bad guy?! Why?!”

I have a feeling that in that particular scene, Harrison is leading the way to somewhere in that ‘other’ ship to help Scotty and Kirk get out of there. If examine the international trailer more, you’ll see that Kirk has a gun in that scene yet he just watched Harrison punch the lights out that specialist villains. Ergo, Scotty and Kirk aren’t chasing Harrison; they’re following him.

17. somethoughts - April 1, 2013

That specialist John punches looks kinda thin to be a specialist, I mean looks like anyone can kick his ass lol

John Harrison: My coffee is cold, I will walk over you cold corpses!
Skinny Specialist: owwwww

18. Optimistic Doodle - April 1, 2013

Spock lives!

19. Son of Jello - April 1, 2013

If there was a problum with Harrison maybe starfleet had everything under controle or managable. And Kirk in his youthfull enthusiasim and inexperience did a space jump over to the other ship and made a complicated barely controled situation even worse by being the confident guy on the spot that has to take action. Making a bad situation worse, (yes you got the bad guy but by showing a little restraint could have avoided the ship crashing into the planet etc) getting himself reprimanded for it (by Pike)

And his actions put him out of the running to capture harrison (not enough self controle from kirk to be trusted with the job). So maybe we are going to get Kirk and crew stealing the Enterprise (yay) with the crew being wary of kirks exuberant behaviour but they give him the benifit of their trust to go indipendant after harrison. Because Kirk knows he has relly FU and needs to do this for himself and his crew.

So as Zaphod said 10 out of 10 for style but minus several million for good thinking.

20. Son of Jello - April 1, 2013

Maybe with the Enterprise beinge so new and further advanced technologicly due to Nero. The bridge of other starfleet ships while still top of the range look a little dated compared to the Enterprise bridge.

21. Superquerulant - April 1, 2013

My personal theory (and sorry for my bad English by the way): The whole thing with the “Submarine-Enterprise” from the beginning of the movie is only there to explain the outcome of the final battle between the Enterprise and this “battle cruiser”.

Means basically: Kirk`s crew knows what they have to do with the ship when they are entering the atmosphere of a planet – “Marcus`crew” doesn`t!

22. Optimistic Doodle - April 1, 2013

You know, it’d be funny if Scotty joked about painting the Enterprise yellow ;-)

23. 1966-2005 - April 1, 2013

Just another bridge that ignores the canon. (after Kelvin and Abramsprise)

24. Son of Jello - April 1, 2013

22 I dont read the comics and if I miss a week or two I dont read all the comments in this forum. I don’t get why he would paint it yellow. I hope its not to obvious.

25. TOS 4 EVER - April 1, 2013

‘TIME to…bring back… Kirk Prime.’

26. trekmaster78 - April 1, 2013

It was not Nero who brought new technology to this timeline. It’s Spock Prime who violates the temporal directive

27. Son of Jello - April 1, 2013

25 Optimus prime that transformes into the enterprise from STTMP.

28. Jason Buffalo - April 1, 2013

I have a Feeling you will see a TWOK Battle with this new ship, i post it before but i would expect that the Enterprise will get a surprise attack from this ship, just saying because Kirk did mention in TWOK when they first meet up with the Reliant that this situation was particular and went to Yellow Alert, also when you look at the damage of the Enterprise in the Trailer , she was hit pretty hard on the right side of the ship, so is J.J trying to over top TWOK ?.

29. EJD1984 - April 1, 2013

What if the ship is an advanced classified Section 31 vessel.

30. Picard, Jean-Luc - April 1, 2013

LOVE the design and style of the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies,

Could be April’s Enterprise?

(Also RE: The Wrath of Khan, In my books, JJ Abrams already topped it with his 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek: First Contact tops them both)

31. Optimistic Doodle - April 1, 2013

@#24: Read #21 and put that ‘Submarine-Enterprise’ on yellow alert ;-)

32. T'Cal - April 1, 2013

It looks like Chekov’s communicator’s delta lights up. I don ‘t that from the last film. New communicator?? New toys?? Yay!

33. Dr. Image - April 1, 2013

Now THAT’S a bridge.
Looks like Eaves or Sternbach may be back on the case. Good, if so.

34. JRT! - April 1, 2013

Marquis? Who or what is that? But if you mean a Maquis…LOL!….then I hope you’re wrong. They were boring.

In the background of JJ on that bridge,are those new or old uniforms?


35. William Kirk - April 1, 2013

Looks better than the Enterprise bridge… and I also like the design of second ship more than the Enterprise.

36. Gary - April 1, 2013

Looks like a Deltan on this new bridge.

37. Son of Jello - April 1, 2013

yellow submarine Eureka! the hat goes on your head, I get it now I was so dumb as a monkey I tried to wear a hat on my butt. That 20 minuts I spent trying to make a connection between submarine alarm sysems and Star Trek while interesting was quite pointless. If your ever on a submarine the alarm handle is a yellow oval and is for a general alarm one turn of the handle causes the alarm to sound. 14 gongs is a typical length for the alarm. There is also Green,Red,Orange,Blue and Pink. The blue one (missle jettison alarm) is similar to the red alert sound from the original star trek.

38. Jim - April 1, 2013

Yesss sir!

39. bradley1701 - April 1, 2013

Maybe the JJ version of the Excelsior?

40. stewcelliott - April 1, 2013

It has what looks like blue impulse engines, similar to the NX-01, so the older ship theory seems likely.

41. Cass - April 1, 2013

Has anyone thought that one of the specialists is Carol Marcus? One of the toys is blonde.

42. Joel - April 1, 2013

Based on what’s been said in Countdown, I’m thinking this is Robert April’s Enterprise that was “lost”. John Harrison is definitely not April (who he is, is anyone’s guess)

Somehow Harrison takes control of this Enterprise to do his bidding.

Again, given what’s happened in Countdown, it seems like a possible scenario. Regardless, I’m excited to see additional ships, since outside of the new E and the Kelvin, ST09 was a little bereft of starship action (other than seeing the destroyed hulls and some ships jumping into warp).

43. Legate Damar - April 1, 2013

Harrison is probably Khan, and the ship is probably Reliant.

44. Jovius the Romulan - April 1, 2013

… so excited for this movie it’s not even funny. Every time I learn more I’m excited at the possibilities. I’m trying to keep myself away from major spoilers, but then again the last movie wasn’t really ruined by me reading everything here.

Perhaps this is a mere science vessel, explaining the differing uniforms? Then again, the Kelvin was supposed to be the same and

Wait a second…

What if this is the U.S.S. Constitution? In the alternate reality, the Enterprise is still referred to as a Constitution-class starship, rather than being an original design as some people thought. It’s entirely possible that the ship we’re seeing here has the same design but with older technology and components (different nacelle and saucer shape, etc.), whereas the Enterprise was given more time to gestate and incorporate the newest technologies to combat the theoretical Romulan threat (which Starfleet was probably fearing for the better part of 25 years).

45. Dennis C - April 1, 2013

This is not a ‘state of the art’ ship but the Enterprise prior to Kirk’s. Dare I say, it looks better in almost every respect.

@26: Both vessels bring 24th century technology into this alternate universe so that would have impacted things. Bonus: Romulan AND Federation technology! Possible downside: The Klingons had over 20 years to study it. Dumb plot hole as a result of encountering Nero’s ship: After 20 years the Klingons wouldn’t have stripped this ship of every last weapon, mined it’s computers for Romulan technology and never would have discovered that this ship was from an alternate universe?

46. BH - April 1, 2013

This could be very obvious: they simply are drawing Robert April in teh comic to NOT look like Cumberbatch. Perhaps this is April’s return and that could be his old Enterprise (though they said decommissioned in the comics, but hey…).

The show won’t drop until next week with Issue 4, but Nero appeared in every prequel comic and this mini series supposedly has yet to introduce Harrison. Is Harrison April?

47. copper based blood - April 1, 2013

#12 Keachick

I think he’s just wearing the full back attire & the “Red” that you see is just lighting, because if you look at the other guy hanging, he has the same red cast upon his attire also.

48. Giez - April 1, 2013

Those uni’s definately show that this is an organized group they are fighting. Old Enterprise or ther decomm ship my guess…

Isn’t Harrison punching one though??

49. Ragnar Danneskjöld - April 1, 2013

The mystery ship looks like Aprils Enterprise in the darkness comics

50. TyrusX - April 1, 2013


Dude, this has been covered before. The ship was made using borg nanotechnology. Every time something was removed of the ship, it would be useless and the ship would build another one.

51. Leatherman - April 1, 2013

@ # 11 750 Mang

That was my thought as well!

52. Markus McLaughlin - April 1, 2013

I like to see the Gorn/Romulans/Ferengi and prototype TNG style uniforms in the next Trek film…

53. - April 1, 2013

First off the architecture doesn’t always constitute the level of advancement. Look at cars. Cars are more stylish and so forth today, but they still work almost like cars from yesteryear. No I don’t mean TAS Yesteryear.

Second, I can’t help but think the canon villain that John Harrison was before was one of Roger Corby’s androids. A duplicate of John Harrison, one of Starfleet’s top agents with his memories and skills. BUT with the hate of being duplicated and abandoned that was passed onto the android. The revenge, the need to return to family….

But I have been wrong before.

54. Crone - April 1, 2013

Reading this thread was stuck by an odd thought: I just love you all so much!!!

Love, ancient trekkie who adores you.

55. Elias Javalis - April 1, 2013

Looks like a new generation of Starfleet ship. Like the Excelsior in Star Trek III. Then again, i could be wrong and its an older design…April’s Enterprise?

56. JohnRambo - April 1, 2013

@30Picard, Jean-Luc
“Star Trek: First Contact tops them both”

Star Trek: First Contact sucked! the logic in this movie is just plain stupid!

57. JohnRambo - April 1, 2013


No, just no!

58. Lady Valkris - April 1, 2013

The more I ruminate, the more I’m convinced that there’s a Section 31 and Khan/Augment connection. Harrison saying he’s better at everything, The cryochambers in the first int’l trailer. Carol Marcus being involved.

The Countdown comics are really pulling a bait and switch here. Hopefully the final one will illuminate what’s going on. A female Mudd, an older April fighting a one-man war?

Multiple storylines. My only hope that there will be more story weaved in between the Michael Bay’esque ‘splosions. The 9-minute preview rocked my socks and the movie looks gorgeous, but as a 40+ Trekkie, I need substance as well as style. Destroying the Enterprise won’t give me heartburn, Kirk Prime did it. But it must not be for the sake of doing it.

The movie premieres two days early here via IMAX 3D so I will be there with bells on. Love me some Trek and I’m willing to support it no matter what.

59. Lady Valkris - April 1, 2013


Equally ancient 40+ year Trekkie here and it warms the cackles of my old heart to see so many Trekkies/Trekkers chatting about STID.

I’ve always been proud of being part of this crowd.

60. Jason Buffalo - April 1, 2013

Okay i Got it, remember TOS even different members of Starfleet had different insignia it was later after TOS that the Federation used one and the same insignia, so it could be very possible that these with the Different Uniform represent a different department of Starfleet, maybe in the area like Special Forces,Secret Service or even just simple Police, in other words i would not be surprised if J.J would introduce another branch of Starfleet.

61. Andrew - April 1, 2013

Awesome analysis. It raises as many questions as it answers, which is a lot of fun.

62. Superquerulant - April 1, 2013

The Enterprise in “The cage” had antennas on its nacelles, a different painting and a “grey” bridge – Even the bridge itself was bigger!

So that basically means that even Roddenberry and the studio back then changed the original design of the Enterprise.

Back to the “battle cruiser`s” bridge: Looks to me like a refit of the Kelvin`s bridge…

63. airchrysalis - April 1, 2013

on a brighter note: CHEKOV
i was worried if he was going to be in the movie at all

64. Randy H. - April 1, 2013

So I’ll throw my theory out there as well, and since it is based on spoiler it – itself – should be viewed as SPOILER ALERT!

When the “last of the supermen” left Earth in the alternate universe’s Botany Bay, not everyone with their genes left. Whether a young child, or a pregnant woman, at least one child of the supermen survived on Earth. That child had decendents. Starfleet knows about this (how hard is genetic mapping, anyway), and has recruited those that are left as Special Ops. John Harrison is one of those decendents. He’s mad because, upon Starfleet’s finding the Botany Bay, either they didn’t wake them up, or killed them accidently, or something. Hence his original “family” is gone and he’s ticked at Starfleet for it. He sees it as betrayal – using his genes for Starfleet’s purposes when it suits them but destroying others related to him when viewed as dangerous.

This will set up a conflict between how to deal with people who are different but sometimes useful, with the “moral” being violence in the service of anger over that treatment is unacceptable. Parallels can (will?) be made between the U.S.’s use of Native Americans in WWII for codes (having treated their ancestors reprehensibly), Homosexuals in the armed forces (used to be kicked out, despite bravery), and even Management/Union differences (labor as a tool only).

If the above it right, the movie actually might tread down some interesting corridors. We’ll see . . . .

65. Riker 001 - April 1, 2013

Here’s my thought…it’s the bridge of the Constitution Class Re-Fit for this timeline…Harrison somehow gains command of that ship… it could be the refit that is crashing with Harrison looking on afterwards from a damaged/open area.


Everyone is thinking the ship crashing in the trailer is not the Enterprise but I would not count that possibility out as of yet…especially with the new International Trailer. It’s possible that is indeed the Enterprise crashing into the bay and they will have the Refit ready to go for the next movie.

66. Superquerulant - April 1, 2013

@ 63: We always have to keep in mind that this movie only has about two hours to explain itself to a “non-trek-audience” – So a big storyline around Harrison and the augments wouldn`t make much sense.

Do I agree that Harrison is an augment? Yes I do – But I do not think that there will be a big “let`s pick up Khan and the boys storyline” for Harrison but much more a hint for “insiders” maybe at the end of the movie (or probably already in the middle of it when Spock does a mind meld with Harrison and sees the scene with the cryo tubes).

(By the way: I actually believe that the big guy on the left is Khan in a kind of flashback)

So for an non-trek-audience this movie is probably supposed to work out like this in the end: “Oh sh…. there are dozens of “Harrisons?!””…

67. star trackie - April 1, 2013

I seem to recall Peter Weller mentioning that his character had his own starship, it could be Marcus’, although the uniforms don’t seem to fit. Could be something the Botany Bay’s “supermen” were wearing. Not sure why Harrsion would be fighting with one of his own though…hmmm. Questions, questions and more questions! Oh well, it wont be long now!

68. REM1701 - April 1, 2013

Hopefully it signals the end of that sorry excuse for a bridge they designed for the “Enterprise”. That’s the WORST designed bridge since the NX- Excelsior in ST3: the Search for Spock. Herman Zimmerman we need U back ASAP! :-(

69. Son of Jello - April 1, 2013

@60 the uniforms could indicate patrole/operation sectors. Local solar system, Nutral zone,New Vulcan sector etc

70. Gary - April 1, 2013

It’s April’s Enterprise. April Fools

71. BH - April 1, 2013

@67 – in Countdown to Darkness, Robert April abandons the Enterpise to raid the armory, take sides in a civil war, and beam himself planetside and arm those being slaughtered.

His first officer left him there and returned to Earth and the public was told of April’s “death” – that first officer is Peter Weller’s character, Admiral Marcus.

Because they’ve pushed that story to a point where we have found out the Klingons are arming the side fighting April I believe there’s a chance at an “unofficial” proxy war Starfleet is waging via Robert April some twenty years later with their tacit approval since Admiral Weller knows the truth of April.

It’s all conjecture, but those are the story points that seem to directly setup some things we’ll see in Darkness. There’s no John Harrison, but I’m beginning to suspect it’s April drawn with blond hair to continue the throw off, and we’re going to see his powers in issue 4.

There’s also really nice dialogue between Kirk and Uhura about how Spock is beginning to act emotionally and with a type of death wish since Vulcan was destroyed. I’ll expect that to be followed up on as well (volcano anybody?).

Still want Garth, though. That’d be hot.

72. Keachick - April 1, 2013

In the prime universe, the Maquis did not form until the 24th century, but perhaps in the alternate universe, events bring about a group similar to the Maquis (or the Maquis itself) to form much earlier. The Maquis is part of Star Trek canon, but not TOS canon – until now, maybe?

This Maquis ship sans wings (maybe these wings can “fold”) reminds me of the small vessel that Kirk, Spock and Uhura are on, when Kirk navigates the ship through a narrow gap –

Just exploring possibilities…

73. scotchyscotchscotch - April 1, 2013


Where did you hear that? Interesting theory

74. Captain Ransom - April 1, 2013

It’s obviously the USS Constellation commanded by a haggard and paranoid Captain Decker before he became commodore.

75. Jamziz - April 1, 2013

This bridge design looks way better than Enterprise. Feels less Apple Store and more Star Trek.

76. Curious Cadet - April 1, 2013

@71 BH,
“It’s all conjecture, but those are the story points that seem to directly setup some things we’ll see in Darkness. There’s no John Harrison, but I’m beginning to suspect it’s April drawn with blond hair to continue the throw off, and we’re going to see his powers in issue 4.”

So April reverse ages and dies his hair black to disguise the fact he otherwise looks just like the captain of the enterprise that mysteriously disappeared 20 years earlier? Yeah that makes perfect sense …

77. Michael Hall - April 1, 2013

@ 75–

“Now THAT’S a bridge.
Looks like Eaves or Sternbach may be back on the case. Good, if so.”

Definitely agreed (though I very much doubt Sternbach’s involvement at this point, more’s the pity). But compared to the overlit, cluttered confusion of the Enterprise bridge this design is a breath of fresh air–streamlined, stylish, yet functional, and in some respects very reminiscient of the TOS original. In the context of Karl Urban’s original comment–sadly not borne out by the actual look of the 2009 film–that the new designs were “reminiscient of the TV show, only never seen before in such detail,” this could even believably pass as Pike’s bridge from the first pilot. Nice work, whoever was responsible.

78. Pensive's Wetness - April 1, 2013

here’s a though: Mirror Universe Star Fleet vessel? John Harrison’s anger is from… oh never mind that wont work (because the transporter crap didnt happen yet… or didnt at all in the JJ-verse…)

79. Trek Fan - April 1, 2013

With every picture that comes out. With every new detail we hear about the movie. It seems that we are going further and further away from the “Khan” theory. And I doubt there will be any “augments” in the movie either – the non-Trek movie crowd has no idea what an augment is.

It’s looking more and more like John Harrison is actually JUST John Harrison… of Starfleet.

80. Kard - April 1, 2013

I agree 79.

I m afraid many here are reading into all this way way too much. … and may be way disappointed.

It could just be that. A simple new story with a guy called John Harrison. The Kahn cryo shot could just be a link to part of a original story or next movie.

I have a feeling this may just be a two-parter ya know folks.

81. Jonboc - April 1, 2013

#68. ” Herman Zimmerman we need U back ASAP! :-( ”

No, we don’t. Fresh and new is the order of the day, not tired and done- to -death.

82. totally random - April 1, 2013

@76. So you can accept reverse aging but not cosmetic surgery? If he is really a rejuvenated Robert April (which I doubt for the record) then he did not just dye his hair, he also would have changed his face, which can be accomplished today, and would probably only take an hour or so in the 23 century.

83. Rich - April 1, 2013

I can’t wait for the film to be released so all the silly theories can be put to rest.

84. echo - April 1, 2013

Star Trek 5 was better.

85. The Observer - April 1, 2013

The late Robert April’s old Enterprise? Now under the command of the ruthless Khan?

86. Red Dead Ryan - April 1, 2013


“Star Trek 5 was better.”

No, it wasn’t. It was much, much worse.

87. Michael Hall - April 1, 2013

#68. ” Herman Zimmerman we need U back ASAP! :-( ”

No, we don’t. Fresh and new is the order of the day, not tired and done- to -death.

Sez who? For my money Zimmerman’s designs were always fresh and innovative even when the shows themselves were not, and far more faithful to the clean, functional-yet-attractive look of Starfleet tech in Roddenberry’ original concept than those of Scott Chambliss.

88. BH - April 1, 2013

@76 – yes you are correct: how dare I suggest a possibility whereupon April might actually reverse age and appear differently. That could NEVER happen.


89. Desstruxion - April 1, 2013

I hope the nu-interprize shreds into a million pieces on it’s way down. Ugly ship.

90. Trek Fan - April 1, 2013

89. Desstruxion

People said the same thing with TMP came out. There was huge outrage when they changed the original Enterprise.

91. Bongo the Space Wizard - April 1, 2013

This new bridge does look to be somewhere between the Kelvin and Enterprise styles, if you imagine a design continuum along the style lines of the JJVerse. It’s also a fairly straight bad-guys vs good-guys thing – the Enterprise bridge picked out in bright shining heroic white, the (presumably) bad guys’ ship in dark greys and blacks.

If you look closely at the shots of the other ship that we have here, it looks like the exterior of the vessel itself may be in a dark grey / black versus the standard Starfleet whites-and-blues. Could just be a lighting / framing effect, though. A jet-black starship would be cool :-)

For my money, this is probably April’s Enterprise and bridge. It bears a passing resemblance to the one depicted in the Countdown comics. Perhaps Marcus turned it into a Section 31 (or whatever black op division he is running, since it’s starting to seem likely that that’s what’s happening here) vessel and faked the decommissioning, hence the ‘alternate’ uniforms for the Specialists.

92. Phil - April 1, 2013

@84. Trek 5 was better, said no one, ever.

93. Michael Hall - April 1, 2013

“89. Desstruxion

People said the same thing with TMP came out. There was huge outrage when they changed the original Enterprise.”

Sorry, but I was there, and no, they didn’t (and there wasn’t). The fan response in 1979 to the ‘refit’ NCC-1701 (particularly the exterior) was in fact very positive–much more so than the eventual reaction to the film itself. And why not? That redesign was the collaborative effort of Matt Jeffries, Mike Minor, and Andy Probert, artists who were all deeply invested in the ‘world’ and legacy of TOS, not Johnny-come-latelies who–however talented–are simply putting their own stamp on designs created decades before, and whose esthetic choices are arguably often at odds with the spirit of that work.

94. Trek Fan - April 1, 2013

93. Michael Hall

I was there too. There were people, just like there is with the new enterprise, that hated the new design. Hated the look of the bridge, hated that they got rid of the red railings, hated the square nacelles. Yes, there were people that hated it then.

95. Michael Hall - April 1, 2013

“I was there too. There were people, just like there is with the new enterprise, that hated the new design. Hated the look of the bridge, hated that they got rid of the red railings, hated the square nacelles. Yes, there were people that hated it then.”

No doubt there were fans who disliked some of the changes (again, I was speaking mostly of the exterior). There are always differences of opinion on these things, and heck, I wasn’t crazy about all of the redesigned elements myself. But the general response, both in my immediate circle and in the genre publications at the time, was overwhelmingly positive. There’s simply no comparison to the controversy sparked thirty years later by the work that Ryan Church and ILM did for the Abrams film.

96. Trek Fan - April 1, 2013

95. Michael Hall

Really. You don’t remember reading in Starlog that people didn’t like that they messed with their beloved Enterprise? I could remember articles talking about how the nacelles were a big issue. And that people didn’t like the way the engine room was laid out … hated the color scheme… hated the bridge most of all. Basically the same issues that people have today

97. Phil - April 1, 2013

@94. I don’t doubt there were a few people who hated the new look, but I seem to recall the overall reaction was positive. There are folks who hate mom, the flag, and apple pie, too…you can’t please everyone, unfortunately. It’s just that in the information age, a small number of people can carry a disproportionately large voice.

98. Trek Fan - April 1, 2013

97. Phil

I agree completely. Only with the internet, you hear more about it today than you did back in the day with only magazine articles.

99. Michael Hall - April 1, 2013

” I don’t doubt there were a few people who hated the new look, but I seem to recall the overall reaction was positive.”

Way more than a few, actually. According to Ryan Church, the design was “very controversial” even amongst those who worked on the 2009 film, and he and Roger Goyette were responsible for the bloody thing. No to mention the Trek design alumni I’ve spoken to personally who were also rather less-than-impressed. I’ll grant your point about the Internet’s ability to amplify dissenting voices in a way that was unheard of back then; even so, there’s still no comparison to the reaction regarding the TMP design in 1979.

100. Michael Hall - April 2, 2013

” I could remember articles talking about how the nacelles were a big issue.”

Really? I’d love to see a citation or link for such an article. I was a regular reader of Starlog back then, even know a couple of the writers who had articles published in it, and quite honestly recall no such thing.

101. Commodore Adams - April 2, 2013

As a fan of industrial design, I am going to eat this movie up. I love the look of that bridge. Not too many colours, and not bright white like the big E’s bridge, no sunglasses needed. Considering they have the Big E bridge, sickbay, transporter room, and some hallways from the previous movie, I am really excited to see what other federation/starfleet style sets they have built. Hell, im excited to see everything.

102. Commodore Adams - April 2, 2013

@ 99. Michael Hall

“even so, there’s still no comparison to the reaction regarding the TMP design in 1979.” What do you mean by that, what exactly was the reaction for the refit style? I can’t recall reading or watching anything about it, just curious.

103. Phil - April 2, 2013

@99. I was referring to the TMP Enterprise. The 2009 Enterprise has it’s critics, obviously, but I also believe it has it’s supporters as well.

104. Kev - April 2, 2013

@3 you may have hit the nail on the head, think about it… why else would he personally scratch out the name enterprise on the new one with that ship?

presuming that’s the one that attacked the enterprise after a sabotage at warp.

105. Curious Cadet - April 2, 2013

82. totally random,
“@76. So you can accept reverse aging but not cosmetic surgery?”

Not at all. If they do something as ridiculous as reverse age him, they might as well perform cosmetic surgery. Heck, they should go the full Monty and pull a “Face Off” switch. In fact, if he just swaps faces with somebody, then he doesn’t have to reverse age, just swap with a younger person. Indeed, why reverse age at all? Just get a facelift that alters his appearance at the same time.

This theory is all just so ridiculous. It’s such a contrivance to make Harrison somebody Cumberbatch clearly is not, be it Khan, or April.

106. Disinvited - April 2, 2013

#102. Commodore Adams – April 2, 2013

From Jan 8, 1979:,29914615

If i read Dick Kliener’s sarcasm right, he wasn’t thrilled with it.

OT but I found this interesting: “The script, at that time, had no Mr. Spock in it. Nimoy had said that he was not available at the time. But I felt that Mr. Spock was absolutely essential, so I fought to get him.” – Robert Wise

Can’t really pin this UPI reporter down:,3643099

“”The Starship is refitted, but familiar.
It better be. ”

Followed by an interesting quote:

“We know this set had to be recognizable, otherwise those fans wouldn’t accept it.” – Harold Michelson, production designer for TMP

Bennett Steelman seems to be giving it a thumbs down:,2473917

“”The first 90 minutes … are basically a documentary of the Enterprise and its space going hardware.”

and goes on to make an observation still valid today, “”The STAR TREK movie seems weakest when it tries to compete directly with Luke Skywalker, Commander Adama and the high-budget boys…”

107. Tomar Re - April 2, 2013

In the first pic of Abrams standing in the “apple store-style bridge”, what does the writing say on either side of the command console where the “specialists” are sitting. Can anyone blow that image up and make it out?

108. REM1701 - April 2, 2013

Bring back! Herman Zimmerman & John Eaves! ASAP!!! The only 2 men (with the exception of Andrew Probert) who knows how to design Starfleet starships….

109. Yanks - April 2, 2013

Well, my first impression of that picture where it appears Harrison is(has) chest punching the man in the blue uniform was that it was Spock’s double.

Thank for setting me straight Anthony.

I never got the impression that the cryo chamber photo was on a ship. “Augments” was the first thing that came to mind. Something like Cold Station 12 or something similar; maybe underground.

110. BH - April 2, 2013

@105 & 82 – not sure what you guys are clucking about: are you REALLY saying that just because they have drawn April in a comic book with greying/blondish hair and goatee – a comic with a print run of MAYBE 30,000 – that he couldn’t get played by Cumberbatch? Or that Robert April’s one appearance had to do with reverse aging.

You know who’d they MAYBE disappoint with pulling that bs stunt? 25,000 readers who are buying movie tickets regardless. Your average Joe won’t even know about the prequel comic.

In short, April’s ‘look’ in the comic could be wholly irrelevant and in the end it wouldn’t really matter. Not when we’re dealing with people who had Spock eject a first officer from a moving starship and he lands 1 mile from Spock Prime and 3 miles from Scotty. These guys will take the needle of the record when it comes to logic at any time. They get away with that by creating a fun ride along the way so you don’t care about logic.

111. BH - April 2, 2013

Quick add- go look at the toy lines making the rounds. There really looks like there are two different Entrprise’s they’re marketing, which would have to mean one is Robert April’s if that’s the case.

112. radii - April 2, 2013

the white bridge is now grey … JJ still doesn’t get Star Trek and Orci and Kurtzman don’t know what they’re doing

113. Travis - April 2, 2013

The last movie takes place in the 2233-2258 window, the end of which is just two years preceding the 2260’s which saw significant time travel use/abuse by the Federation, ultimately leading to legislation that establishes the DTI in 2270.

We know with Spock/Nero, there has clearly been an impact to the timeline. Add to this the fact that the snapshot of cryo tubes seems an awful lot like they belong in Cold Station 12…


114. Dr. Cheis - April 2, 2013

Chekov is holding a communicator… didn’t those get replaced with the shirt-button ones in the comic? Looks like the comic artist made a goof.

115. Jovius the Romulan - April 2, 2013

radii: Calm yourself, young centurion. You may plan to exact your revenge on The Abrams, The Orci, and The Kurtzman once you have seen their latest work!

116. Jovius the Romulan - April 2, 2013

(In plain English, see the movie before you make such proclamations.)

117. Harry's Son - April 2, 2013

Bold statement to say this is not the USS Enterprise. I’d say it is not the 1701.

Anyway, I like the Dr. Strangelove war room light on the bridge.

118. cpelc - April 2, 2013

Another Image from EMPIRE Mag

119. Michael Hall - April 2, 2013


“What do you mean by that, what exactly was the reaction for the refit style? I can’t recall reading or watching anything about it, just curious.”

Per my previous posts, my impression was that the fan reaction to the “refit” of the Enterprise for 1979’s STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE was largely positive, as opposed to the criticism from fans and ex-Trek designers that greeted the fairly radical redesign of the Abramsverse. Others here apparently recall it differently, though.


“@99. I was referring to the TMP Enterprise. The 2009 Enterprise has it’s critics, obviously, but I also believe it has it’s supporters as well.”

Yes, I know that the current version has its supporters. No problem, since there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ opinions to have on the subject of the esthetic qualities of a fictional movie spaceship. Bur I do maintain that, to the best of my knowledge, the reaction to the Abrams version was much more critical than that in 1979.


Your first link doesn’t seem to work. The articles the others link to seem to reflect dissatisfaction with the film itself (not an uncommon reaction at the time), rather than the production design.

120. Jovius the Romulan - April 2, 2013,29914615

It’s because he gave a secured “https://” URL rather than “http://” at the beginning. Try this one, it worked for me when I changed it.

Seems to me there was a fairly mixed reaction to both TMP’s design and story from casual watchers and Trekkies alike.

Personally, I neither hated or nor loved the 2009 Enterprise at first. It was just like, “Oh cool, they’re showing the new Enterprise.” But it has grown on me quite a bit — apart from those damn moving parts on the nacelles. Those were pretty out of place. The intensified glowing from the nacelles was enough, IMO.

121. Trek Fan - April 2, 2013

100. Michael Hall

Buddy, like I said… it was in the publications not online. This was in Starlog magazine back in 1979 and some other Sci-Fi mags. I have no links to them. I remember reading about it when I was 14.

I never had a problem with the redesign back then (or even the 09 version) but I do remember reading about it. They also had many designs they were playing with… most of them horrendous!

122. Phil - April 2, 2013

@119. In the technology age, opinion can be much more immediate, and as we have seen on other issue, a very small number or prople can create a lot of commentary. I suspect we are splitting hairs here – if 10% of the fan base didn’t like TMP’s Enterprise, and 15% don’t like Bad Robots Enterprise, the majority doesn’t have an issue with either one, which would be an honest statement. Considering that Bad Robot reached a largely untapped audience not familiar with Treks history, it’s a win for everyone.

123. Phil - April 2, 2013

@121. I seem to recall that a good chunk of the early production are for TMP was trying to shoehorn Trek into the Star Wars mold. Horrendous, indeed.

124. Jonboc - April 2, 2013

#121. ” They also had many designs they were playing with… most of them horrendous!”.

Agreed…the design of the late Ralph Mcquarrie was particularly horriffic.

There will always be detractors and supporters, the difference being, in 1979, there was no Internet to magnify the response. The haters will always be more vocal, and therefore more visible…nothing new there.

125. Michael Hall - April 2, 2013


Thanks a lot for posting that corrected link. Once again, though, I don’t see anything of a negative reaction on the writer’s part to the film’s production design, just speculation that Trekkies may not like the fact that the settings wouldn’t appear the same as they did on TV.

Interestingly, the article totally ignores the changes to the exterior design of the ship, which as opposed to the sets is my main focus in comparing the reaction to the 1979 and 2009 versions. These days, take a fan poll on all of the Enterprise variants seen in the movies and TV shows and I guarantee you that the TMP version will win hands down as the favorite, every time. (Not that I necessarily agree–the refit has its points, but in some ways I still prefer the TOS original.) Perhaps the same will be true of the Abrams version in thirty years’ time, but I doubt it.

@122, 123–

“Considering that Bad Robot reached a largely untapped audience not familiar with Treks history, it’s a win for everyone.”

Well, the 2009 movie definitely wasn’t a win for me, but I do hope to feel very differently next month.

” I seem to recall that a good chunk of the early production are for TMP was trying to shoehorn Trek into the Star Wars mold. Horrendous, indeed.”

I guess you’re referring to the truly radical Enterprise reboot proposed by STAR WARS production illustrator Ralph McQuarrie and Bond production designer Ken Adam. Yeah, that would have been pretty hideous, all right.

126. totally random - April 2, 2013

@110. You really have no clue at all how big the comic book industry is do you? 30000 copies wouldnt even cover the demand in New York City alone, much less the rest of the world, especially for a series that sells through multiple printings of each issue and also sells in electronic form, IDWs Star Trek is selling millions of copies each month.

127. BH - April 2, 2013

@126 – wow did you really step in it. Look at this link for sales. Countdown is ranked #114 and didn’t sell 15000 via Daimond the main distributor in the United States.. I over reached it by a factor of two. I didn’t go looking for this prior to posting because I DO know the current state of the inustry, I just had no idea I was being so generous in my estimate.

Comics haven’t sold in the millions in years. YEARS. So go away.

Totally Random = totally wrong.

128. BH - April 2, 2013

@126 – I’ll add there is no way that Countdown has 1.985 million downloads worldwide to make up for the lack of true demand outside people on a site like this for that title.

If you want to insist that’s the case – wow.

129. Starman - April 2, 2013

Looking at JJ on this bridge, is the bald-headed guy in the background possibly the British actor Joseph Gatt? Some time ago TrekMovie learned Gatt appears in the film by the name “GATT2000″, a character who is a bald humanoid with some kind of technology built into his head – possibly an android or human with tech enhancements. Any one seen other details on this character?

130. Coastie - April 3, 2013

Like the “other ship” better than the current Enterprise … also like the baseball long sleeve T looking other uniforms ;)

131. molander - April 3, 2013

My theory is .. that captain pike is killed and kirk is once again promoted to captain.. Harrison is an alias and some how affiliated with the space seed theory of khan or is khan.. Remember , originally in the 2009 star trek movie the space seed ship was suppose to be seen in that alternate version.. What if.. nero’s ship that wasnt suppose to be in that time line enter at a point where it disrupted its path? what if that distress signal from the u.s.s. kelvin reached starfleet, and what if they did sent the ships to rescue the escape pods. And load and behold when they got there, they find… the s.s. botany bay ship? What if they awake the ”Harrison” alias and found out he was the genetic experiment from the past and programed him to be a rouge agent..? And what if he was promised to “free” the suspended animation pods that starfleet hid from the federation as a secret convert, and didnt? And his revenge on starfleet was a ploy to start war with the klingons while using terrorist acts on federation cities on earth. This attack on pike (upon if he is killed) sends kirk to see it as a personal responsibility to seek ‘Harrison” to justice.. I know is another character and I think it has to do with an alternate space seed twist… If not khan then who else?

132. Shunnabunich - April 3, 2013

Whoever wrote that caption has never been in, or even seen a picture of, an Apple Store. (And they were saying the same thing about the JJPrise bridge, too, despite the fact that THAT bridge was all white plastic and lights blazing in everyone’s eyes.)

133. Phil - April 3, 2013

@125. Excuse me. Most everyone. And thanks for the reminder about why you are such a pain in the ass. Go polish your f*cking Hugo and admire the reflection…..

134. Thomas E. - April 3, 2013

Section 31 Stealth Ship? This whole Alternate Universe things is really interesting, IMO. I mean Harrison here wants revenge for something Starfleet supposedly did, so you have to wonder if they did something similar in the “Prime” Universe. Probably not since we never heard of Harrison in the Prime Universe so whatever Starfleet may have done in to anger him here must be a result of the alternate timeline. But what could it be?!

I really can’t wait for this movie. It’s going to be so awesome.

135. Jovius the Romulan - April 3, 2013

131. molander: “Remember , originally in the 2009 star trek movie the space seed ship was suppose to be seen in that alternate version..”

I’m afraid you’re mistaken. In the interview you refer to, they were simply discussing ideas they had tossed about but decided not to do for good reason. One being that it would lock them into doing something specific for the sequel.

133. Phil: Um, was that reaction really necessary? Calm down.

136. ron wilson - April 3, 2013

John Harrison was a bridge crew
Member in the tow episode with Gary Mitchell.

137. molander - April 3, 2013

understood, but what im refering to is that even if they didnt film it doesnt mean it doesnt get mention in the new film. So either way they didnt commit to it but it some how makes its way to our into darkness film jovius. And now upon reading the upate it seems more and more likely it is kahn.. so some of my theroy could come to pass.. live long and prosper…

138. Jovius the Romulan - April 3, 2013

136: <- Referring to him?

139. Star Trekker - April 3, 2013

Do we know if the Gatt2000 character is an Enterprise crew member or another Starfleet crew? That could very well be him in the background behind JJ.

140. BH - April 3, 2013

Far too thin shouldered. Gatt appears in 1:09 of another trailer, wearing full blue science shirt, not the “Specialist” version we see here.

And even though you don’t see his face in the 1:09 spot, look at the build that guy has. That’s Gatt.Shoulders are nine feet wide.

141. Star Trekker - April 4, 2013

140. BH

Are you talking about that scene we only see the back of two people in the distance? The one with the coffins in the room? Was it confirmed that was Gatt?

142. Capt. Pickard - April 4, 2013

It’s obviously not her, but that ‘other’ ship looks awfully ‘E-Like’… and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. I’m personally sick to my stomach that there is no more TNG-timeline stuff going on. So much to explore and do, and it seems that era is very and truly dead.

143. Isaac Gunson - April 5, 2013

I think that the ship that crashes into Alcatraz may actually be an Excelsior-Class vessel. When it hits Alcatraz, it shows the radar dish. This radar dish also has more of an overhang than the NCC-1701. Plus the only crashing ship that we can confirm IS the Enterprise actually falls belly first. The bridge may be of the Excelsior, and Harrison could have been the Captain on it’s maiden voyage. The crime he could be referring to is probably that the leaders are swelling up with pride that the Excelsior is better than ever. The new unifrom could also be setting the tone for the inevitable Next Generation Remake.

144. BC - April 5, 2013

i dont think its khan period or gary mitchell. in my opinion i think it could be robert april or maybe his son if he had one. in the original trek he has a wife, maybe the klinks killed her and starfleet didnt do anything about it so maybe thats why he wants revenge on the klinks and starfleet. maybe HE’S the one that found the botany bay and studied their genetics and added their DNA to his to make him younger and stronger and maybe he steals his old ship or a science ship or whatever it is. we have to wait and see. its almost here. be patient. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.