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UPDATED: Check Out 13 Star Trek Into Darkness Stills – Now In Hi-Res April 6, 2013

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

In the last few weeks we have presented a number of new Star Trek Into Darkness images from magazine scans and elsewhere in low resolution. We now have these images available in high resolution so you can see all the details. Check out 12 new high-res Star Trek Into Darkness images below. [UPDATE: 1 more image added]


More Hi-Resolution Images From Star Trek Into Darkness

Take a closer look at the new movie…

(click images to enlarge)

UPDATE: JJ Abrams with Deep Roy (Keenser)

Chekov wearing Engineering uniform

Dr. Carol Marcus, Scotty, Dr. McCoy and Capt. Kirk observe while some kind of device is lowered down (possibly photon torpedo)

Kirl, Uhura and Spock on Qo’noS

Uhura with Klingon disruptor on Qo’noS

Dr. McCoy with John Harrison in Enterprise brig

Mr. Sulu on the bridge of the USS Enterprise

Spock (in steaming volcano suit) in USS Enterprise transporter room

Kirk and Admiral Pike at Starfleet HQ

Spock and Uhura look at her Communications console on the bridge of the USS Enterprise

Damaged USS Enterprise falls towards Earth

Behind the scenes shot of Chris Pine on USS Enterprise set

Director JJ Abrams on the bridge of a Federation ship (not the USS Enterprise)

More images available at the TrekMovie Star Trek Into Darkness gallery page.




1. Ben - April 6, 2013

Can’t wait for Into Darkness! We’re just over a month out!

2. Rico - April 6, 2013

Great group of pics! Thanks!

3. Theatre Historian_Levi - April 6, 2013

I thought Carol wasn’t a Dr yet in this movie, and that she was an Ensign.

4. Jack - April 6, 2013

3. Really? I hadn’t heard that anywhere.


man, Yelchin’s filled out. Hubba hubba.

5. Vorus - April 6, 2013

I still can’t believe they are doing the whole stupid “Ship is crashing, so we all go sliding around the floor” crap that SW Ep III did. That’s not how gravity, real OR artificial, works…

6. Jack - April 6, 2013

It does if the ship is crashing into the Earth head or tail-first (or upside down) and artificial gravity is out. Doesn’t it?

Man, that photo totally spoils Spock getting out of the volcano. Kidding. Although I do I need to get my electricity cut until the 15th.

7. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 6, 2013

@3. Theatre Historian_Levi

Why can’t she be both? Dr is a civilian title for MDs and PhDs. I’m not sure what her Starfleet rank is supposed to be in this movie, so can’t comment on whether she is an ensign or something higher. Either way, she could still be a Dr.

8. Anthony Pascale - April 6, 2013

Carol (Alice Eve) is “Dr. Marcus” and she holds the rank of Lieutenant in the movie.

9. Star Trekker - April 6, 2013

Love the shot on the “E” falling to earth. Can’t wait to see it play out on screen!

10. kgwrotethis - April 6, 2013

Looks like Spock is enjoying a smoke session.

11. Pensive's Wetness - April 6, 2013

@9 do you think the final battle involves both ships falling and it’s Harrison’s ship that actually plows into SF bay?

12. Harry Seldom - April 6, 2013

#7 Re: Gravity

No, that’s not how it would work. The crew would be falling at the same rate and acceleration as the ship (assuming artificial gravity is out), so they would appear weightless relative to the ship. This is why “free-fall” is often used as a synonym for “weightless.”

You could get scenes like that if AG were out, and other forces were operating on the ship (like getting hit by something), but those would be transient and frequently changing direction and intensity.

Hope that helps.

– Harry

13. Nony - April 6, 2013

Might the sign next to Chekov mean he isn’t on a ship, but has been reassigned to a planet to do engineering work? “United Federation of Planets: Starfleet Directives Apply.” If it were a Starfleet ship, obviously Starfleet directives would apply and that notice wouldn’t be necessary.

14. Di1701 - April 6, 2013

John Harrison is Charlie X.

15. Star Trekker - April 6, 2013

@ 11

Not sure what to think! I am thinking that there is a battle with the “E” and another ship – and while the other ship falls into the bay, the “E: barely escapes with it’s nacelles intact!

I am think that Harrison is a Starfleet Captain and the bridge that JJ is standing on is Harrison’s bridge. And I am trying to figure out what type of ship it is since they are wearing different uniforms.

I do know a few things (speculation of course)… I know Cumberbatch is not Khan. Nothing of what we have seen so far gives us that. I know that he isn’t April. I have read the comics and while i do think Harrison has ties to April, I don’t think it is him. I am think that Harrison is with a different division of Starfleet – just don;t know what it could be.

We must take in account what JJ and the Supreme court have been saying. JJ says he has also made this film form non-Trek fans. Meaning you won’t have vague things like “augments” or the like. The general public will not get the whole augment thing in my opinion. While there will more than likely be Easter Eggs in the movie for the fans, I don’t think there will be things in the movie that you would have to know Trek to figure out.

Anyway, that is what I am thinking.

16. Brian - April 6, 2013


Yea, yelchin is looking hot here..

17. JohnRambo - April 6, 2013

@Trek Movie, i hope you make a News about those awesome gameplay videos from the star trek game:-)

18. Lewis - April 6, 2013

@4 @16
Yes, he looks pretty good. They really should have rebooted him as gay but they would never be brave enough to it.

19. Dave1119 - April 6, 2013

Spocks line in the transporter room: Do you mind if I smoke?

20. Markus McLaughlin - April 6, 2013

I can’t wait to see it, I just wish there was a BRAND NEW tv series set during the film’s era as well… :(

21. Jack - April 6, 2013

18. Agreed!

22. Trek Tech - April 6, 2013

McCoy taking a DNA sample from Cumby….? Yup

23. J.C. England - April 7, 2013

8. – Thanks for the clarification, Anthony.

24. DonDonP1 - April 7, 2013

@1 Nor can I!

25. harrold waltishimer - April 7, 2013

Just a crazy idea left to discuss:
what if Harrison is a timetraveller from the future who came back to bring some thing in order that happened after the events of the movie?
No one really can say what or who Harrison really is or what he has to do with Star Fleet. So Why do we clinge to the idea that he is from this time periode?
Nero wasnt from Kirks time, so why should Harrison be?
If he´s Star Fleet, couldn´t it be he´s from an operational force, like section 33?
or couldnt he be a person very much like “silva” from bonds skyfall? somebody from within the core of starfleet maybe with even more power than kirk (in retrospect to the fact that kirk commands the newly commisioned flagship), that he commands some type of experimental new warbird type of ship? something like defiant in ds9 specially designed for a more warlike federation after neros attack on earth earlier?
just thoughts written at a very early time of day.
see ya in cinema, folks.
cant wait to see the conclusion.

26. NickScalan - April 7, 2013

@3 @7

If Starfleet is to be analagous to the U.S. Navy, when you enter the Navy after graduating from a civilian school with either an M.D. or Ph.D. you start at the rank of “full” Lieutenant. Dr. Marcus would only need to attend the Officer Training School or go through ROTC at her civilian school. The US Naval Acadamy does not offer any graduate degree programs. I didn’t have time to comb through Memory Alpha looking up Starfleet degree programs.

Now prime Dr Marcus(ST2:TWOK) was a civilian scientist working for the Federation Science Council, not a Starfleet officer. MA has nothing about her ever being in Starfleet. I wonder if they will cover what lead alternate timeline Dr. Marcus to join Starfleet or just that she always was.

27. Jim - April 7, 2013

Anthony, is that the “Gatt2000″ standing in the background of the Sulu pic?

28. Superquerulant - April 7, 2013

I guess that the whole crew of this “heavy battle cruiser” are (with the exception of Admiral Marcus of course) are augments – I really do not believe that Harrison is able to “fly” that thing all alone.

So why are those augments attacking Harrison in that one scene seen in the trailer?! Well probably because they do not know who they really are – And I personally believe that even Harrison doesn`t know who he really is until he does his mind meld with Spock.

Because let`s be honest: Until this scene with those two hands touching the “glass” Harrison seems to be relatively relaxed and has no problems with being imprisoned by Kirk & Co..

Means: If Cumberbatch is really Khan “John Harrison” was the name given to him by Admiral Marcus`people after they deleted his memories and he was used as a “terrorist” to make starfleet much more “military” than it was before and starting a war between the klingon empire and the federation.

The scene with both ships entering the atmosphere makes sense if we “remember” the beginning of the movie where clearly is shown that there are specific difficulties for a starfleet vessel in a planet`s atmosphere but the crew of the Enterprise was and is able to handle it while the augments have absolutely no idea what to in such a situation.

Time is money in the movie business – And the “submarine Enterprise” scene wouldn`t be there if it wasn`t necessary for the “plot” of the movie…

29. Fred Michaels - April 7, 2013

Anyone else notice the “CVN-65″ on the device (second photo)? Nice little homage there…

30. Driver - April 7, 2013

What does CVN-65 mean?

31. Jerry Modene - April 7, 2013

Reference to the recently-retired aircraft carrier Enterprise. CVA-65 was its number.

32. Jack - April 7, 2013

I hate the word augments, nothing personal.

33. Theatre Historian_:Levi - April 7, 2013

Thank you for clarifying that Anthony.
For somereason I thought I had read that Carol was not YET a DR, in Into Darkness and that she was only a Ensign at this point.

34. gingerly - April 7, 2013

I am afraid for Chekov. That redshirt….

But I am loving these new photos. Especially, the one with Kirk, Spock, and Uhura fending off something in that dark corridor.

And of course, Spock leaning over Uhura’s communication console and shoulder, *sigh*

I still think Harrison is Joachim.

John being the name he had before Khan got to him.

35. Elias Javalis - April 7, 2013

The level of Artistic design is truly exceptional..Bravo!!

36. Dr. Cheis - April 7, 2013

#12 Re: Gravity

They would be falling at the same rate as the ship if the ship was in total free-fall. If however it was able to partially resist the pull of gravity, the occupants inside might slide to the lower end of the ship while the ship itself falls at a lesser speed.

37. flo - April 7, 2013

just watched some old tng making of (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLERSdK3buU) in which patrick stewart praised the set design as being elegant. he said that in his opinion the tng set had a grace and a quietness to them, not shouting “high tech”.

the jj bridge sets seem to be the absolute opposite of this quiet gracefulness. they look like a mess. i have to agree with mr probert for criticizing the unmotivated shapes, angles and lines (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=438292839557726&set=a.422175394502804.106069.419107208142956&type=1&theater)

38. Marja, worried about starship longevity - April 7, 2013

#37 Flo, Well … I would love it if Enterprise’s Bridge were a combo of Enterprise NCC-1701-D and NCC-1701; but I don’t think JJ would be willing to go with the look, as someone once said, of a hotel [their criticism of NCC-1701D’s bridge].

The carpet, the graceful appearance … IDK, doesn’t look so “operationally oriented” as JJ’s Enterprise or even TOS’s NCC-1701 … tho’ I do remember that under stress, new Enterprise’s glass-fronted Bridge began to crack ….? What’s that about, wouldn’t a starship be built to withstand all kinds of conditions?

39. Jim Nightshade - April 7, 2013

28 super..excellent conjectures on your part….khan having his memory wiped, to be used by sf then regaining his identity would be brilliant….

hey bob orci–listened to whitley strieber on coasttocoastam tonite…,,he has alien implants that have reports proving they are extraordinary but no one interested in studying them…incredible..he also mentioned he has a comedy treatment of the grays no one in hollywood interedted in..sounds brilliant..u would think paul whitch our new scotty was in would open some minds..maybe jj n you guys should get ahold of whitley n see what he has n if it has any potential…..

40. Hat Rick - April 7, 2013

The torpedo shows TNG design influences. This is probably due to input from Classic Spock, who knows a thing or two about technology from the 24th Century. :-)

I love it!

41. Hat Rick - April 7, 2013

@Marja (38), I’ve always thought that the bridge of the starship must be the best-protected area of the vessel, so I’d like to believe that there are multiple levels of force shielding around the entire area. Thus, even if the front display screen were to completely disintegrate, the bridge would be well protected by emergency shields far stronger than the “glass” material itself.

The only reason that the nuEnterprise has a “glass” windshield is for resaons of economy, since the force shields, through multiple protected sources, would be a significant draw upon the ship’s electroplasmonic resources if left to run continuously.

In fact, there are some who speculate that the emergency bridge shields and inertial dampening fields are so strong that, under certain conditions, the ship could run into an asteroid at warp speed and the bridge occupants could still survive. (Not the entire ship, mind you.) Source: Me.

42. SelorKiith - April 7, 2013

Sure they are build to last but they were literally dipping their toes into an artificial black hole which might be a tad more stressful as what Starfleet thought ”normal” operational or combat stress would… or in fewer words they haven’t build the E to fly through a friggin’ Black Hole.

43. SOOOONNNGGG - April 7, 2013

New theory: Harrison’s gripe has to do with androids (GATT2000). At one point a certain Noonian is mentioned. Everyone in the audience gasps (KAAAAAAAAHHHN!) only to later be revealed as the grandfather (or whatever the timeline would make him) of Dr. Noonian Soong.

44. Jonboc - April 7, 2013

The device being lowered (or raised), looks interesting, but you would think the would be using some type of anti-grav technology in place to do the heavy lifting.

45. Ciarán - April 7, 2013

No, no, no! Any male member of the Soong family has to be played by Brent Spiner. End of! LOL.

46. Bart - April 7, 2013

31- The carrier Enterprise was reclassified CVN-65, formerly CVA-65. I honestly don’t see that in the second picture though.

I REALLY hope they don’t destroy the Enterprise again though. It was powerful in TSFS, but it was only so powerful because the ship is supposed to be like another character. Let’s not keep destroying it before we get attached to it.

47. MikeB - April 7, 2013

These shots look great. Can’t wait to see the film, but is anyone else a little concerned about the release date of the film? Trek has one weekend at no1 assuming it beats Iron Man in it’s second week. The following week comes Fast and Furious, and those films have killed at the box office. Once again Paramount positions a Trek film in the middle of almost unbeatable competition. Why on earth don’t they release one of these at Christmas when it would dominate?

48. Trek in a cafe - April 7, 2013

Has any character in the trailers actually mentioned or said aloud the name John Harrison?

If not, the name could just be a hoax on us….

In fact I wonder if the film was shot and edited so that only a few people really know… Not even most of the film crew or the actors…

The name is only on PR materials, or am I wrong?

49. Roger - April 7, 2013

So the last movie was a wanna be Star Wars film. This one is now Batman/Mission Impossible. Looks like we will never get a real Star Trek film again.

Call me when its over.

50. Ted C - April 7, 2013

I wonder if when they repair the Enterprise they will ditch everything but the saucer and redesign a more attractive ship.

51. captain_neill - April 7, 2013

I rewatched the Abrams film last night and I actually forgot how much fun it was. I focus so much on the changes that I forget the nods hed did do to TOS.

I still prefer the prime universe and always will but I have to say Abrams film was great fun. Yes the story is still thin but the character moments worked well and some moments really reminded me of why I love TOS so much.

I still prefer my clasical music but there was a lot of nods to the Trek I like in Abrams film.

And the editing and music was great to see again. I can now say Into Darkness is looking more exciting to me. But I like to see it as the next chapter of the legacy.

52. Disinvited - April 7, 2013

#50. Ted C – April 7, 2013

Actually, I kind of get the impression from that picture which is said to be the Enterprise with the wrong nacelles rising out of the water that Scotty’s done just that, i.e. underwater attached the E’s saucer to a salvageable crashed other ship’s second half with functioning impulse engines and repairable Warp.

53. Chris Pike - April 7, 2013

37. flo – April 7, 2013

Absolutely agree, the production design in general of the JJverse was my biggest disappointment, it is all over the place with a very generic scifi look that’s too contemporary in feel in many places – the world today looks very different to that of 250 years ago. From the ugly big E to the SS uniforms, the shipwork welders, the bridge boutique, the earthbound dry dock, the Budengineering…. and the wise Probert comments explain nicely why it all seems a mess. I just think the design work could have been better and more visionary without distracting from how enjoyable the film was. Many of us fans have a huge admiration for the work Matt Jeffries did 50 years ago – I somehow doubt that will be the case with the current production in another 50 years time.

54. MikeTen - April 7, 2013

@#50 TED C, I was hoping for the same thing, maybe a Star Trek The Motion Picture type refit.

As for Chekov being assigned to Engineering this could explain where he was at when Khan took over Enterprise, although I think if Khan is in this movie he will be in one of those cryo tubes.

And the device being lowered by Dr. Marcus, it could be a prototype of the Genesis device, maybe they are putting the various pieces of Wrath of Khan in this movie just in a different order. It would be funny if the ship Harrison crashes into San Francisco is called the Reliant.

55. Buzz Cagney - April 7, 2013

yea there’s Chekov- at last! Anton was a bright point in ’09 for me so great to see him back.

56. CPelc - April 7, 2013

So is that Nolan north is the background left of the jj pic on the alternate bridge? Sure looks like it could be him leaning over.

57. Mr Sulu's Iron - April 7, 2013

Help! Someone has stolen me!!

58. Jack - April 7, 2013

57. Nice.

59. Anthony Pascale - April 7, 2013

The name John Harrison is used in the movie it is not just for marketing.

60. flo - April 7, 2013

53. Chris Pike – April 7, 2013

thank you for your opinion. i’m totally with you. here’s what mr probert said about the bridge picture:

GEEEEZZEEE LOUISE there isn’t one area that isn’t cluttered with CRAP. “Plain” obviously isn’t in this guy’s vocabulary. Maybe this way-too-over-designed- set looks the way it does in order to cram in another set of lights… I mean, ya gotta have some excuse for more lens flairs, right? Obviously a great cost-effective set, needing only two colors: dark grey and darker grey but the electric bill,… wow. Remember the days when the actors stood out and the set was the background?

source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=438292839557726&set=a.422175394502804.106069.419107208142956&type=1&relevant_count=1

61. DUNN - April 7, 2013

I’m honestly really ready to see Neville Page’s interpretation of Klingons. Lets see those photos. Its been said that they resemble TMP Klingons but with piercings. Felt like he did a wonderful job on the last film and I’m hoping to see his spin on Andorians, Tellarites, and maybe a certain Triexian and Caitian in the future. Would love to see an Arex or M’Ress on the bridge at some point in ‘3’, and, yeah, I’m well aware of the fact that A.) Common-folk wouldn’t know who they are and B.) its a little early for them to be involved with the crew. Still think they’d be a cool addition. And still holding out for a Vanguard reference thrown in somewhere either here or in ‘3’. Wishful thinking.

62. Tim - April 7, 2013

Thankfully there’s apparently no need to do any thinking in this movie. Two hours of nonstop guns, explosions and, oh yeah, the shipping blowing up yet again.

This isn’t a part of a reboot. It’s an overbake.

63. flo - April 7, 2013

62. Tim – April 7, 2013

you forgot the submerged enterprise :D

64. Jack - April 7, 2013

62. Well, we’ve seen 2 minutes or so of 120 (or whatever). So, the stress is on the word “apparently.” But I’m holding judgement until I see the thing. The trailers for nearly every previous Trek movie showed the same sort of stuff.

65. Jonboc - April 7, 2013

I have to disagree with Mr. Probert. While I love his work on the motion picture, his TNG Enterprise design was an unbalanced, aesthetically top heavy mess and the bridge of the Enterprise D had more in common with a hotel lobby than the command center of a starship. So forgive me if I take his criticisms of JJ’s bridge with a grain of salt.

66. Jack - April 7, 2013

53. Come on, I know you’re not the only person who’s said this — but how are they SS uniforms? Because of the hat (like the one in Pike’s quarters in TOS)? The grey? The long coats (in this one)? Er, I’m starting to defeat my own argument.

I guess one could argue they’re more militaristic than the ones seen in most of TOS… but, you could also argue that they’re a lot less militaristic than the stuff in the Trek movies, and than anything worn today.

67. Scott Gammans - April 7, 2013

The thing in photo #2 is obviously the Genesis Device.

The bridge in the final photo is obviously that of the USS Reliant.

And Anton Yelchin has obviously been working out.


68. Craiger - April 7, 2013

New Collider JJ interview. I can now see his point about not revealing too much. I think its cool speculating if Harrison is an alias or not. The first film I think we did know most of what was going to happen and they revealed too much.


69. Spock jenkins - April 7, 2013

@65, I agree with you completely. The TBG Enterprise looked like a big flying Teapot. Hated it.

70. Spock Jenkins - April 7, 2013

Typo, sorry. Meant TNG of course.

71. bjdcharlie - April 7, 2013

@65 and @69 yes, the ship design in TNG, among other things, really ruined that iteration of Trek. TOS for me. Drama, exploration, valor, curiosity, sex, fallibility, logic, risk, compassion, life on a starship.

Does anyone agree with me that there is no sign of a new Engineering in the released pics? I think I still see valves and pipes and steam, like Jules Verne in an Apple store.

72. Grrr - April 7, 2013

makes me want to throw up. I’m glad JJA got what he really wanted so he can leave star trek alone. we have taken enough of his off handed step child abuse

73. captain_neill - April 7, 2013


I think the set designs in TMP look better as sometimes I do think they are too white and the walls do look too ‘busy’ at times.

I think the set design choices in the last movie were one of the weaknesses in the last movie, especially with the lower decks such as engineering, does anyone like a brewery as an engine room?

To me with the sets from TMP to end of Enterprise there was an eleganticy and simplicity to the desgns. They said the future without being too in your face with panels that make no sense.


I would rate the Enterprise D higher anyday

74. BillyBoy - April 7, 2013


Wow, John Cho is clearly a dead ringer for a younger, pre-TOS George Takei here. You can totally see him eventually becoming a 22 year old Sulu from TOS when he gets older. He looks absolutely nothing like a middle aged Korean guy from Harold & Kumar.

(JJ & Co., I love some of your casting decisions, but as much as John Cho tried, he is NOT Sulu… and he’ll be even older when you make the third movie)

75. Craiger - April 7, 2013

I thought the D wasn’t a bad design but I think they made the saucer too big. Was the mistake of the 1701-D making it like a luxury liner to accommodate families and for them being out in space a long time and they should have made it more for exploring? However some say that is why they designed the D like they did because since they were away exploring for long periods of time they would want their families on board? Would space be a dangerous place to have your wife and kids onboard?

76. Mr Sulu's Iron - April 7, 2013

Bite me

77. CommanderDJ - April 7, 2013

Oh well, at the end of the 3rd movie, the Federation Time Police will show up and fix the timeline, and just like the 4th or 5th season of Dallas, it will have never happened in the first place. Only Spock (Prime) will know.

78. zod's ghost - April 7, 2013

I love every Enterprise design, from TOS clear through to ST09. Each one is beautiful in its own way. My favorites are the refit/A, the E, and the C, but all of them are beautiful to me.

79. singularity87 - April 7, 2013

Personally the design of the Enterprise-D is my favourite, though that’s a matter of taste.

There was a big problem with TNG plot-wise though in that it did not make any sense to have civilians on a vessel that was regularly in so much danger. The result of dragging a vessel carrying children deliberately into confrontations with the Romulans and the Borg was patently ridiculous. Having said that a lot of good stories came out of the civilian side so maybe it was worth it.

I think it was acknowledged later that this did not make much sense which is presumably why neither Voyager or the Enterprise-E were portrayed as carrying civilians as a matter of routine.

DS9 made much more sense, where the crew were administrating a largely civilian outpost, sometimes during conflict. That was a good way of bringing in civilians. And many of them left the station when things got really bad.

80. Jonboc - April 7, 2013

#79 “DS9 made much more sense, where the crew were administrating a largely civilian outpost, sometimes during conflict. That was a good way of bringing in civilians.”

Agreed, DS9 handled it really well.

81. Oxford - April 7, 2013

@ 6, 12.
If the ship is plummeting to Earth and artificial gravity is out then the crew would be weightless. The crew of the shuttle or the ISS are weightless for the same reason – a ship in orbit is falling toward the Earth but has enough tangential motion to that it continuously misses. It keeps falling in a circle and remains in orbit.
However, if the ship is in a flat spin the crew would be thrown out towards the outside of the ship due to the centrifugal force.

82. Red Dead Ryan - April 7, 2013

#79, 80.

I agree. I think this was best exemplified in the season two three-part opener, as well as season five’s “A Call To Arms”.

The latter featured ships arriving at the station to remove civilians just before the epic battle between DS9 and the Jem Hadar/Cardassian fleet.

83. scott mccowan - April 7, 2013

What would make these pix even sweeter!! Hearing Star Trek and Doctor Who will be joining forces to do a joint flick.

84. richpit - April 7, 2013

Dang, I was hoping they’d change the stupid communicators for this movie. (and phasers too) I wasn’t a huge fan of the props. Loved the movie, though.

85. Keachick - April 7, 2013

I believe the best protected area on a starship is the sickbay. No doubt the bridge is another high priority area as well.

86. The Original Spock's Brain - April 7, 2013

Too many whiners here. Whine, whine…

87. chrisfawkes.com - April 7, 2013

Casting for chekov was a huge mistake.

I would like to see that role recast for the next installment.

Not an attack on the actor just that he has no similarity to the original chekov at all

88. Dennis C - April 8, 2013


Agreed but I must confess to feeling the same way about Simon Pegg. I’m a huge fan of his but I just don’t buy him as Scotty.

89. harley3k - April 8, 2013

I have those exact same goggles that Chekov is wearing.

90. captain_neill - April 8, 2013

The new Abrams version of the Enterrise i growing on me but to me it does not hv the beauty of the original or it’s reft from the movies. But it has grown on me.

In regards to the Enterprise D, seeing it on remastered TNG I don’t the D has ever looked better. The detail of the deflector dish looks strong in the blu rays, even in warp fly bys.

I am still a great fan of the Enterprise E, I like the the shape and that had a great bridge.

91. Rich Civil - April 8, 2013

@5 @6 apparent gravity in the ship when the ship is moving around can be very much like is show in the still and as we have seen in countless star Trek Episodes. Any change in velocity will create a situation that is just like gravity. If the ship is moving at a steady speed you don’t feel the speed this is the same here on Earth if you travel in a car at a steady speed. But when you increase or decrease the speed of the car you feel a G force.

For fictional space craft that move and accelerate at high speeds they need something to counteract this or the whole crew would become ground beef on the walls. This is called artificial gravity or inertial dampeners. Even with this technology it is conceivable during attacks or some other sudden movement of the ship all of the motion is not absorbed by the technology and you get everyone falling out of their chairs or in a steady acceleration not being counteracted the wall or ceiling can become the floor depending on the vector of the acceleration..

92. Jim Phelps - April 8, 2013

I see Gattt standing behind Sulu at the helm

93. Hawaiiowa - April 8, 2013

Flying Teapot = Gong?

What I find interesting reading these conjectures is just how much we still don’t know about the movie as compared to the last one. A month going in, almost everyone on the board knew the storyline, many of the subplots and much of the continuity. This time around…

The previews are disjointed, a new character continues to spawn comparisons to canon characters, scenes don’t fit into an appreciable continuity (how does Starfleet HQ connect with gunbattles on Qo’nos?). Lotsa questions unresolved. The IDW countdown comix also offer very little…I consider them coundownless in a sense.

I still don’t understand how the E crew winds up on the Klink’s homeworld. Isn’t Qo’nos the center of an interstellar empire? Or did Kirk go “I know Johnathon Archer” and the Klinks gave him a carte blanche visa? In the first movie, the Klinks lost a buncha K’Tinga-class destroyers (something like 40, if Uhuru is to be trusted) against Nero, but they should have more than enuff to stall off any Starfleet ships incurring into their space, especially near their capital planet!

94. Superquerulant - April 8, 2013

@ 93: Seems logical to me that “humans” are basically allowed and able to enter klingon space and even their homeworld – Of course that doesn`t include members of the military etc.. That`s why Kirk & Co. are “undercover”.

In the cold war soviet citizens were allowed to visit the US and US citizens were also allowed to visit the Soviet union – Still both nations were simulating war scenarios against each other in their military facilities.

Of course the average Star Trek audience is not used to this situation because visits to different planets have always been portrayed very “simple minded” in Star Trek history – For example: Picard, Kirk & Co. are visiting a small town on a planet with a population of over two billion people and several continents but still this one town is portrayed as such “powerfull” that it could change the history of the whole planet.

I believe that Star Trek has to “think bigger” – One of the first steps into this direction is of course the fact that we now have “small attack vessels” in Star Trek while in the “past” we only (with a few exceptions of course) had always “big battle cruisers” which didn`t really make sense from a military point of view at all…

Means basically: “We are at war with the dominion and our fleet is going down – But still we are only building big ships with holodecks and an arboretum for at least 700 people while the real thing we would need right now is just a “flying thing that can shoot a photon torpedo”…

95. Yanks - April 8, 2013

Thanks for the shots Anthony!

96. Alvin Banks - April 8, 2013

@30 &31, in the Navy “CVN” stands for Carrier Vessel Nuclear. The Enterprise was formerly called CVA(N) 65. The “A” stood for attack but was dropped and the ship was reclassified as “CVN65.”

97. Robe - April 8, 2013

A bridge should be practical with all stations in view of the command chair. The Next Generation bridge looked lovely but had important stations hidden away at the back.

98. Phil - April 8, 2013

From Naval History and Heritage Command:

Includes CV, CVA, CVAN, CVB, CVL, CVN, CVS and CVT
Does not include CVE, CVHE, and CVU

U.S. Navy aircraft carriers intended to operate with the main fleet were numbered in the “CV” series, which was originated as part of the cruiser (“C”) group of designations. During and after World War II, ships in the CV series were frequently given modified designations, including CVA (attack aircraft carrier), CVAN (nuclear-powered attack aircraft carrier), CVB (large aircraft carrier), CVL (small aircraft carrier), CVN (nuclear-powered aircraft carrier), CVS (anti-submarine warfare support aircraft carrier) and CVT (training aircraft carrier). All of these expanded designations were numbered in the original CV series.

World War II also generated a separate number series for aircraft carriers that were intended for auxiliary purposes such as escorting convoys, transporting aircraft and other missions which did not require the high speed of the CV series ships. Originally called Aircraft Escort Vessels (AVG), then Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers (ACV), they were finally termed Escort Aircraft Carriers (CVE). During the mid-1950s, many CVEs were redesignated as Escort Helicopter Aircraft Carriers (CVHE) and Utility Aircraft Carriers (CVU). These retained their original CVE series numbers.

This page provides the hull numbers of all U.S. Navy aircraft carriers numbered in the CV series, with links to those with photos available in the Online Library.

99. Rob - April 9, 2013

I’m thinking aloud here, but an image of Carol Marcus next to something that looks like a photon torpedo leads my train of thought down the Genesis torpedo alley. What are your thoughts? Too obvious? Wishful thinking?

100. Damian - April 9, 2013

53–Set design was a pet peeve of mine as well. As much as I loved Star Trek (2009) the sets sort of drew me out of the movie. Even the scenes on Earth and Vulcan did not seem consistent with the Star Trek universe. I know some have complained that Federation ships looked sanitized and sterile. But come on people, it’s a spaceship. It’s not supposed to look like a boiler room/brewery.

I loved the refit Enterprise from TMP. That was probably one of my favorite designs. And I agree with Captain Neill, it looked futuristic and yes, optimistic, but it wasn’t in your face. It was simple at the same time. I know there are a lot of detractors, but the D was one my favorites. I always loved the city in space idea. As we learned later on, it was also a city with some teeth to it. I always tell people the part of Generations I liked the least was not Kirk’s death, but the destruction of the Enterprise. When Picard went back to stop Soran, I was kind of hoping he would save the ship too. But the E was a worthy successor, so it all worked out.

101. Will - April 11, 2013

Seriously, those are Stargate Atlantis uniforms. Anyone else seeing that?

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