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Star Trek Into Darkness Australia Gala Premiere Set For April 23rd – More Cities To Follow [UPDATED] April 7, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

JJ Abrams and his Star Trek Into Darkness stars are getting ready to take their show on the road with a series of gala premieres around the world. It looks like once again Sydney Australia will have the honor of being first, with a premiere on April 23rd. They will then head to a number of other cities around the world. More details exclusive below.  [UPDATE: Australian ticket contest giveaway]


UPDATE: Win tickets to see Australian Premiere

Empire Australia have launched a contest giving away 25 pairs of tickets to the April 23rd premiere in Sydney. Details at


original article

Star Trek Into Darkness International Premiere Tour Kicks Off late April

Star Trek Into Darkness will open to the public as soon as May 9th in many markets around the world (including Australia). But before the official release date comes the gala red carpet events and it appears the official world premiere will be in Sydney Australia – as it was with the 2009 Star Trek movie. The Australian Telegraph is reporting that director J.J. Abrams along with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban will attend a red carpet premiere for Star Trek Into Darkness in Sydney Australia on April 23rd. The event will be at the George Street Event Cinema. 

Photos from Star Trek 2009 premiere in Sydney, Australia

TrekMovie has also confirmed that (like with the 2009 movie) there will be additional international gala events for Into Darkness.  As for additional stops on the tour, so far we have learned of Moscow (April 25th), Berlin (April 29) and London (May 2nd). There may be additional cities and dates as well (and it is possible that there may be another city before Sydney but so far it seems likely Australia will be the first stop). TrekMovie sources indicate that the cast and crew attending each event will vary with the London premiere expected to have an especially large collection of Into Darkness stars.

As of Friday Paramount was still not officially confirming the schedule so it is possible that the list of cities and/or dates could change. We are expecting some kind of announcement in the following week with more details on international premieres and possibly US premiere as well, so stay tuned to TrekMovie.

Simon Pegg at the London premiere of Star Trek in 2009 – He will be at the Into Darkness premiere on May 2nd

Thanks to TrekMovie Australian correspondent John Penberthy who contributed to this report


1. Bob - April 7, 2013

First Contact!!

2. Andrew - April 7, 2013

I can’t help but be a little jealous of the people (anywhere) who get to see this before me. XD

3. Sk8r_gurl - April 7, 2013

Just a few weeks til we get to hear how great this movie is, can’t wait!

4. David - April 7, 2013

So a little after April 23 we should be hearing whether or not Cumberbatch is who everyone thinks he is….

5. Captain Dan - April 7, 2013

Exciting! And now hoping to be a part of it in some way in Sydney :)

6. David - April 7, 2013

But i’m good. I just need to go in with zero expectations at all.

I loved the first movie enough to trust that they know what they’re doing.

Whatever happens i’ll watch with an open mind at least.

Plus. May 9th in the UK . only 4 weeks to go.

7. LLAP - April 7, 2013

Great, spoilers will be nearly impossible to avoid.

8. Newdivide1701 - April 7, 2013

I don’t care who sees it first, as long as I see it in a theatre. I haven’t missed seeing a Star Trek since I first started going since Star Trek 4 (I was 9 when I started), and I’ll be damned if I am going to start now.

9. Sam - April 7, 2013

According to the travel company that made the flight arrangements for the trip to the L.A. (Hollywood) premiere that I won using the app, that premiere is May 14th.

10. Curious Cadet - April 7, 2013

@4. David,
“So a little after April 23 we should be hearing whether or not Cumberbatch is who everyone thinks he is….”

Yup. And because Australia is an English language country, the entire synopsis is likely to be posted on Wikipedia within a day.

11. Not in Australia! NOOO! - April 7, 2013

Australia! Friggin Australia! Why? This is the USA..they should premier it here. This is America! :D

They need to premier it here in Washington DC! Like they did for TMP. Have it at the Air & Space..they’ve got IMAX. :) How fitting it would be..another Star Trek at the Smithsonian.

12. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 7, 2013

Gee, it’s getting close now. Too bad I can’t see myself taking a midweek trip to Sydney to try and catch a glimpse of them. I’ll have to be content with whatever the news services report. Heaven help me – I might be forced to watch commercial ‘morning’ TV to catch a report. On second thought, I could never sit through that. Might record it though, so I can fast forward through the dross…

Roll on May 9!

13. Dr. Cheis - April 7, 2013

So I guess I’ll want to stop visiging the Internet on the 23rd if I want to avoid spoilers.


14. smike - April 7, 2013

@11: But that’s exactly why they are going abroad with those premiers. The old Trek movies, even the last one, didn’t do too well outside the US. They are hellbound on conquering the global market, which has become increasingly important for Hollywood BO numbers. It’s not enough to make 250$ domestically to cash in a fair return. STID has to do better internationally. First, they are going for the rest of the English-speaking work (Australia, UK etc), second for Russia (Chekov) and then Germany (where NextGen had been huge, but TOS movies including the reboot never really took off). That policy may be the only reason we’ve got London and Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie. He’s one of the biggest stars of UK TV these days and they’re eager to chime in the 2012 London hype (Olympics, Queen, Skyfall) and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. They even released a DH/ST crossover comic book for that purpose…

15. atexp80 - April 7, 2013

Nice – hope they offer tix to Sydney like they did last time. It was great getting to experience it with the stars.

16. smike - April 7, 2013

hell-bent, not hellbound, sorry…

17. omegaman - April 7, 2013


Haven’t you heard? Australia is the lucky country. Has been for quite a while! Come on down!

18. pepperoni40 - April 7, 2013

Technically, wasn’t the first place to see the 2009 Star Trek movie the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX?

19. TrinainUS - April 7, 2013

So London may be the first premiere that Cumberbatch is at, due to current filming of Sherlock? That’d kind of suck. I hope they’re putting Sherlock on hold early enough that it doesn’t happen that way. Guess we’ll see.

It seems like a long time till the film opens in the U.S. … and I have trouble staying away from spoilers. Sigh.

20. somethoughts - April 7, 2013

Trekmovie should premiere it here :)

21. MJ - April 8, 2013

23 April in Australia. This is such bullshit.

22. Valerie Hutchinson - April 8, 2013

Hi, I’m here in Sydney and would kill to get an invite.

My Star Trek group has 8 folks who would love to attend.

Two of us managed to get into the Opera House premiere for the last film, be a shame to break tradition.

Any idea who we could contact?

23. somethoughts - April 8, 2013

Signing off to avoid any leaks, will return after I see STID on may 15th 8pm est!

24. MJ - April 8, 2013

@11 “They need to premier it here in Washington DC! Like they did for TMP. Have it at the Air & Space..they’ve got IMAX. :) How fitting it would be..another Star Trek at the Smithsonian.”

Exactly. Or somewhere in the U.S. or Canada — here on the continent which pays most of Treks earnings. Given the poor international performance of Trek 2009, why should the international market be “rewarded” by getting to see the movie weeks before the U.S.

I cold live with an international premiere or two a day or so before 15 May; but three fracking weeks ahead of us?

This is just plain wrong.

25. ster j - April 8, 2013

#11. Hear, hear! I want it here, here, too!

26. Elsie Akele - April 8, 2013

How do we get tickets to be part of the Sydney premier on the 23rd.
My hunsband, my daughter and I are huge fans of Star Trek and
were part of the red carpet premier in Sydney in 2009.
Would love to be part of this latest films premier.

27. Anthony Pascale - April 8, 2013

Yes I think technically the surprise Fantastic Fest screening was a few hours before the Sydney 2009 event – but the Sydney event was the official ‘world premiere’ with Abrams.

Here is our article on the Austin TX event

And before you ask, Fantastic Fest is in September this year

28. DiscoSpock - April 8, 2013

Doesn’t releasing the film 3 weeks ahead of the U.S. market pretty much negate the whole “JJ secrecy” thing? Because now we are going to hear about all the major plot points and ending well before the movie, unless we deliberately ignore all Trek media. I’m sure Anthony will provide all the details here before May 15th, right?

So what was the point of all the secrecy then???

29. Kev - April 8, 2013

Disco didnt we already have a spoiler filed article on the film a few weeks to a month ago from a screening and even then with the screencaps of a newer trailer they spoiled who robocop was playing in the film by accident.

really just should have said X admiral, not such and so key to the films plots characters admiral guys

so the best thing is to self regulate and just avoid those spoiler filed places and comments sections, and stick with general reviews to give you an idea of the quality of the film when it comes out

which for me is Confused Mathew, Sfdebris and Linkara of that guy with the glasses.

if they say its a good film and worth going to see I will, if not well I already suffered through alot of bad voyager and enterprise episodes and do not wish to be subjected to more on a 2 hour scale.

I dont think its going to be like that but you never know.

30. JRT! - April 8, 2013

LOL! Exactly! April 23rd-secrecy over!

DH/ST!? If you mean DW/ST crossover then yeah,but it wasn’t for that purpose,it was just for fun,and fun it was. Hope they do it again at some point,with the TOS crew.


31. DiscoSpock - April 8, 2013

Anthony, will you be posting your review, and the plot spoilers, on the date of the international premiere, or will you wait until 15 May? Thanks

32. JRT! - April 8, 2013

I must’ve missed that spoiler filled article,is it still here somehwere? Or do you mean the screening of about 30 minutes and an article about that. Not too many spoilers there though.


33. Anthony Pascale - April 8, 2013

RE: My review
I dont know when I will see the final movie. Last time I think I saw the movie a couple of days after the Sydney premiere and posted my review the day after that without spoilers with a spoilery review the week of the official release (four weeks or so later). But this time I’m not sure if i will see the movie before the press screenings which should be about a week or so after the Sydney premiere.

I will likely follow suit and post a spoilerfree early review and then a more detailed review with spoilers around the release date. But too early to say when on all of that. The general release coming out a week early in Oz/NZ/Europe also complicates things as so many TrekMovie readers are from overseas so for them the movie will be ‘out’ while the Americans and Canadians wait.

34. Aussie Rob - April 8, 2013

RE: #11

Loved your post, but as an Aussie, I’m sure glad and feel privileged to be getting the premiere of this film. Although not that it makes much of a difference as I will still have to wait the five weeks like everyone else

35. commander K - April 8, 2013

Despite what people will tell you, you can go to the premieres, I managed to last time and it was an amazing experience.
Be prepared to shell out at least 500 dollars and double that if u want to go to the afterparty with all the stars..worth the experience I say!

36. Melllvar - April 8, 2013


Think of this as the gods of trek finally giving back to us internationals for not being able to access a bunch of videos on this site from time to time.

See! Everything has balanced out ;)

Fk yeah Australia

37. JRT! - April 8, 2013

JIMINY CRICKET!!!! I hope that was Australian dollars! lol! I paid nowhere near that much for my various premieres and afterparties,usually end up between 100-125 US dollars. And yeah,totally worth it of course. So much fun and bumping into all kinds of people,great times. Not doing it this time though,didn’t do it for the last movie either.

Roll on April 23rd so we can get all the spoilers,lol! And I can decide on popping over to London or not for the May 9th showing.

Have fun!


38. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 8, 2013

Actually, as at the time I’m posting this $1 Australian = $1.04 US…

39. - April 8, 2013

How can I get tickets to the Sydney premier? Is there a link.

40. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 8, 2013

Empire Online are running a competition with 25 double passes to give away to the Sydney premiere. Here is the link:!-star-trek-into-darkness-australian-premiere-tickets/

41. JRT! - April 8, 2013

HOLY MOLY! Even MORE expensive! LOL! But still worth it of course. Sometimes it’s that pricey ‘cos they do it for charity and such. At least some of the ones I’ve been to in the UK have.

Now where’s the darn merchandise from this movie!? lol!


42. - April 8, 2013

If I cannot get to the Sydney premier I will be attending my local cinema on the 9th with friends.

We will all dress up as a klingon, captain Kirk and myself as spock.

We are going to stand outside the cinema at the end and say “beam me up” into our iphone star trek communicator and spray santa snow into the air above our heads.

Ok, sounds dumb but it’ll be fun for us.

43. - April 8, 2013

Cheers ObsessiveStarTrekFan

44. GrimJackal - April 8, 2013

I attended the 2009 Sydney premiere and I’ll do everything in my power to attend this one. It was ana amazing experience.

45. singularity87 - April 8, 2013

I guess I need to edit my hosts file to block me from viewing this and other Trek sites after that date until I’ve seen it then. :P

Otherwise reading all the details will be unavoidable. I wish I hadn’t gone as far as I have with them but it’s very hard to resist the temptation.

46. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - April 8, 2013

@24. “Exactly. …Why should the international market be “rewarded” by getting to see the movie weeks before the U.S.”

They’re not “reward[ing]” the international market. They’re trying to generate more revenue in the international market by debuting it overseas first.

Just because the primary revenue is generated in North America does not mean we’re any more entitled to it than anyone else. Complaining about who gets to see it first, and when, is very un-Star Trek like.

47. Keachick - April 8, 2013

I am only 3+ hours away from Sydney (by air) but I need to get my passport updated and I doubt that can done in the next week. According to my husband, Air NZ are doing some cheap deals to Sydney, but then again timing and finances are not on my side. Getting hold of premier tickets could be a problem, let alone being able to go to any after-party… plus I have a cold

I feel stymied…so what’s new?…:(

48. Jemini - April 8, 2013

it will be impossible to avoid spoilers and torture for us that have to wait may lol

49. Commander K - April 8, 2013

#37, #38, #39, #44

A lot of local ‘concierge/luxury lifestyle’ services maybe able to help you…you have to be a member (In the UK there is Quintissentially, for example)..these guys will find you the best premiere tickets + afterparty where you are pretty much with the cast. They are not made available for the public directly.

For Trek 09 we got to walk the carpet, get an introduction to the movie from Chris Pine, Zach Quinto and JJ Abrams..(got a high five!)…

.if you wanna do this though, go all the way…try and get the best package available…it’s a once in a lifetime experience and makes you (and the people in the crowd snapping photos!) think you’re a star!

50. Commander K - April 8, 2013

and just to say prices were higher because the concierge company needs to make money as well :D

51. Craiger - April 8, 2013

Guess I will have to avoid Trek sites from April 23rd until I see it. I wonder if who John Harrison really is will leak out on April 23rd?

52. Phil - April 8, 2013

How is this for spoilers? Scotty dies, Kirk declares his undying love for Spock, john Harrison is elected Presidernt of the Federation, and a spurned Uhura plots her revenge….

53. Bob Tompkins - April 8, 2013

On 4/23/2013, all of Abrams’ little secrecy games come to a crashing end. Somewhere on the Internet, a copy of the movie will be available before May1, 2013.
I recall reading that a version with Russian language title cards was available before the US release.
It’s the world we live in folks and there isn’t a thing we can do about it.

54. Mark Lynch - April 8, 2013

For sure on the 22nd of April, and up until I see STID in glorious Bfiimax-avision!!! I will be on a self imposed full Internet exile.

Not so hard really, for an old fella like meself… ;-)

55. Stephan - April 8, 2013

Hi folks,

seems, a new poster is out:

56. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

#52 Phil:

LOL! No offense meant in any way, shape or form, but your spoilers kind of suck. ;)

57. JRT! - April 8, 2013

And that new poster is SOOO crap! Like I said,when agreeing with Marja,they REALLY need new marketing people. I hope this poster is very misleading,that the movie will actually be GOOD,’cos this poster is not.


58. Classy M - April 8, 2013

I was just watching DS9 (as you do) and an ad for STID came on with a reminder that tickets for the UK go on sale tomorrow at 9:05am. Made it seem more real somehow.

59. Maelle - April 8, 2013

And Paris ??!

60. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013

I agree with MJ and DiscoSpock. A three-week head start for the international market is ridiculous. The whole movie is going to be leaked and spoiled online. Not to mention if it gets a whole lot of bad press then it will burst the bubble here in North America. Now, if the movie gets great buzz, then it will be torture for us.

Why couldn’t they just release the movie a maximum of one week ahead of Canada and the U.S.?

And I just know that the Blu Ray/dvd release in Europe will happen about a month prior to the U.S. and Canada.

61. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

Ya ever know something and wish you could comment on it but can’t?
I am kind of feeling that way right now.. :)

62. MJ - April 8, 2013

@46 “They’re not “reward[ing]” the international market. They’re trying to generate more revenue in the international market by debuting it overseas first. Just because the primary revenue is generated in North America does not mean we’re any more entitled to it than anyone else. Complaining about who gets to see it first, and when, is very un-Star Trek like.”

You deliberately ignored the huge qualifier I put in my argument, which was:

“I cold live with an international premiere or two a day or so before 15 May; but three fracking weeks ahead of us?”

So yah, OK, if it had to be an international premeire then to get up the overseas sells, then at least don’t F-over your primary market by doing it nearly a month ahead of your best customers. That is asinine, and I am not happy with Parmamouint or JJ about this.

….not to mention, as others have mentioned, if this is the plan, that what has been the point of the huge secrecy thing all along given then at least 2/3 of the market for this movie is going to probably hear the major spoilers now well in advance of the movie???

63. Keachick - April 8, 2013

Other countries have to wait to see movies all the time, sometimes even months after the US and countries like the UK see the same films. Countries like Japan don’t get to see STID until August/September and Brazil until June/July. I have no idea why this is, but that is how it is.

Now that is not fair at all! Think of all the spoilers Japanese and Brazilians, to name two nations, could be exposed to between 17 May and their release dates.

64. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013

I wonder what happens if the movie flops in some of those international markets?

Isn’t “Iron Man 3″ and “Fast & Furious 6″ scheduled to open internationally around the same time?

65. Gornsky - April 8, 2013

Living in Sydney, I think people in countries like Australia can sympathise more than most, because for YEARS we have had to avoid internet discussion forums because they were always skewed towards the US audience, regardless of the country of origin of the source material. I remember very clearly having to completely leave all the discussion groups I loved for this very reason, not just for a few weeks or a month — but permanently. There was no convincing any US-centric posters that spoilers should be observed for anyone but US readers, and conversely, if a show aired outside the US first, spoilers had to be observed for months, even years, until the thing aired in the US.

It does seem unfair, on a global scale, that Sydney should have two bites of this very juicy cherry. I can only assume it’s logistical. As the publicity junket, and the talent, moves around the globe, maybe it just makes sense to do it this way. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will be very careful to mark any net opinions I have with appropriate spoiler warnings — knowing how severely it sucks to find out something you really didn’t want to know. Moving forward, distributors need to meet the market and understand that the internet makes us global consumers.

Of course this supposes that we can actually get tix to this thing. Last time, you could buy them from the Opera House box office. So far, neither Paramount nor Event Cinemas seem to know much about it.

66. Phil - April 8, 2013

Can everyone who is screaming this isn’t fair take a deep breath and think about what you are saying for a second? If there was ever a non-issue to get worked up over, this is it. The only way this isn’t fair is if one is assuming that every single possible person who might see it should be completely shielded from any and all information about the show..and that ain’t happening.

Take a look at the box office from the last movie – it was still drawing respectable numbers five weeks after it’s release. All that says is that what ever is and isn’t known about the movie isn’t a driving factor in attendance. Further, most everyone will base a decision on how well the movie is reviewed. Which means there will be some idea about the content when you head in. Man, there is some nasty stuff happening in the world these days…knowing some details about a movie pales in comparison to that…

67. Phil - April 8, 2013

@64. Well, considering that the premiers start in about two weeks, I’m guessing that enough people have laid eyes on the finished product to know if it is going to be a flop or not.

68. Disinvited - April 8, 2013

#65. Phil – April 8, 2013

Exactly Phil, it’s as if they’re creating in their minds that there are these hordes of moviegoers for which the surprise factor is so important they never go see the same movie twice because once they’ve seen it there’s no surprise on subsequent viewings. And we know, that at least for Trek attendance, that clearly is not the case, i.e. fans of Trek go to see the movies more than once. So the surprise factor must be a “nice to have” and not an “absolute must” for Trek movie enjoyment.

69. MJ - April 8, 2013

@63 “Other countries have to wait to see movies all the time, sometimes even months after the US and countries like the UK see the same films. Countries like Japan don’t get to see STID until August/September and Brazil until June/July. I have no idea why this is, but that is how it is.”

75% of the earnings from Star Trek 09 came from the U.S. and Canada. So the U.S. and Canada is Star Trek’s/Paramount Pictures “BEST CUSTOMER”

You don’t treat your BEST CUSTOMER well by giving them a product that has been released to other customers weeks before-hand. That would be seen as shabby treatment of your PRIMARY MARKET.

And I will repeat, I get that they want to do an international release to boost worldwide ticket sales. But 3 fracking weeks before their BEST CUSOMTER gets the movie??? Not to mention that this completely invalidates the whole secrecy thing for the majority of us???

This is just wrong — there is no way around it.

70. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

I will say this, for over a decade now I have worked for the theatre that hosts 90 percent of ALL the movie premieres in the entire world (heck Mr Grauman invented the red carpet premiere at his Egyptian Theatre) and I am quite allright with it having the Gala red/black carpet premieres internationally first.

Its a different world out there today than it was even just 5 years ago, the market changes and you have to go along with it.

71. MJ - April 8, 2013

@65 “Man, there is some nasty stuff happening in the world these days…knowing some details about a movie pales in comparison to that…”

Phil, for any normal movie, I would agree with you on this. But JJ has gone to great lengths to go with this uber-secrecy policy to try to “protect us from ourselves” so that we can enjoy the movie without major spoilers. This 3-week earlier opening before the North American opening effectively renders the goals of that secrecy policy meaningless.

72. MJ - April 8, 2013

“and I am quite alright with it having the Gala red/black carpet premieres internationally first. Its a different world out there today than it was even just 5 years ago, the market changes and you have to go along with it.”

Like I said, I can live with the international release. But the three weeks ahead of the U.S. is just plain asinine, and and insult to by far the largest Trek market in the world — North America.

I could even stomach 1 -week advance. But beyond that, NO — I just think it is insulting to us North American fans. And I doubt that anything anyone else will say here will be able to convince me otherwise.

73. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

Sorry you see it that way MJ.

74. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

MJ you do realize that people who are invited to the premiere are typically not the ones who go online spoiling info about movies.

Even the small percentage of the general public who get lucky and get a demo or promo ticket typically don’t go online and spoil things.

75. MJ - April 8, 2013

Theater Historian,

You must surely acknowledge the super-secrecy practice of JJ and his Trek movies is very unusual. When you have a practice like that, you are completely invalidating that by having the movie premiere over three weeks in advance of when the majority of fans will be able to see it. This is a fact.

To go through this much trouble to keep everything secret, but then to release it in smaller markets weeks ahead of time — just makes no common sense at all to me.

76. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

Just because the movie is premiering in Austrailia on the 23rd, doesnt mean the general public is seeing it then.

Honestly It amazes me how many people don’t realize that a premiere doesn’t mean that the movie is opening to the public then.
Yes the movie is having its Red carpet Premiere that day, but 99 percent of the people in austrailia still have to wait till May 9th to see the movie.

when you have a movie this big with a cast this big it becomes a matter of working with their schedules.

let me frame it this way MJ, if the Red Carpet premiere took place in the US on the 23rd of April, that wouldnt change the fact that the movie itsself is opening on May 15th/17th

77. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

even if the premiere was held in the US first only those people invited to that 1 screening would be seeing the movie then, 99.9 percent of the us population would still have to wait till the general release date of May 15th/17th

And I can name a number of movies that the red carpet premieres have taken place as much as month before its general release.

78. MJ - April 8, 2013

@76. Interesting ancillary information, but you ignored my central question regarding who this relates to the whole JJ intense secrecy process.

Your attitude seems kind of old school…like you aren’t even aware that the information from this movie is going to be all over the internet the minute after the premiere?

That is why when you have a movie where such such uber-secrecy is important, you need to have it out in most places in a much shorter time that three weeks.

Nolan has this type of secrecy on his movies. The premier of Dark Knight Rises was July 17th, and worldwide release was on July 20th. That is the type of release calendar an uber-secret film needs to go by. Nolan and WB understand this; JJ and Paramount do not.

79. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

Ha Ha MJ
Avengers had its world premiere last year in Hollywood almost a month,before it opened in theatres around the world/
(I know I was the announcer inside the theatre for it)

You didnt see people talking about what they saw in the movie the minute after its PREMIERE.

again you are confusing Premiere’s with General public openings.

80. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

77 MJ what question was i ignoring?
I didnt see anything ending with a question mark, or being posed in the form of a question.

In any case its not your call its the studio and the creative team behind the movies call..

81. MJ - April 8, 2013

@80. Being a smart-ass about it isn’t going to convince me either, dude.

And when did I say it was my call? Huh??? (enough question marks for you?)

Maybe cut down on the Medical Marijuana here tonight, my friend…I think it is effecting your posts. :-))

82. MJ - April 8, 2013

@79. Exactly. And Avengers was not a movie with an uber-secrecy practice like STID and Dark Knight Rises had/have.

Exactly my point!

83. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

“Maybe cut down on the Medical Marijuana here tonight, my friend…I think it is effecting your posts. :-))”

82. MJ – April 8, 2013

MJ Dude you just crossed a line.
I have never smoked anything in my entire life. And my comment 80 was legimately asking what question i missed from.

84. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

I consider post 82 to be a personal attack on me

82. MJ – April 8, 2013

“Maybe cut down on the Medical Marijuana here tonight, my friend…I think it is effecting your posts. :-))”

MJ Dude you just crossed a line.
I have never smoked anything in my entire life. And my comment 80 was legimately asking what question i missed from.

If you don’t agree with me that is one thing, but be civil about and dont sling accusations at someone who doesnt agree with you.

I hope Anthony takes notice of your post 82

85. MJ - April 8, 2013

“Relax, Cupcake. It was a joke.” No worse then your sarcastic comment about me not knowing how to post a question properly…except that maybe my remark was funnier, whereas yours was mean-spirited. You sister, Bell, would have laughed. :-)

86. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

85 MJ once again I was simply asking what question I missed.
And was not sarcastic at all.
I implied that i missed it cause i hadn’t seen a question mark.

but again rather than point that out you choose to attack me again.

87. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

This is what i wrote if you took it as sarcassim, then I apologize.
But it wasnt saying you didnt know how to pose a question.
(i would be the last one to say anything like that since my grammar on these boards are always horrible)

So let me ask again, what question that you asked did I miss?

88. MJ - April 8, 2013

I said, but forgot to include the question mark,

“You must surely acknowledge the super-secrecy practice of JJ and his Trek movies is very unusual.”

And then you seemed to ignore this, followed by what I thought was your sarcastic remark that I did not put a question mark on this?

89. MJ - April 8, 2013

I apologize as well if I misunderstood you here.

90. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

This is what i wrote if you took it as sarcassim, then I apologize

77 MJ what question was i ignoring?
I didnt see anything ending with a question mark, or being posed in the form of a question.

It wasnt Sarcastic and it definately was not saying you didnt know how to pose a question.
(i would be the last one to say anything like that since my grammar on these boards are always horrible)

So let me ask again, what question that you asked did I miss? So I can perhaps address it.

I respect what you have to say by the way thats why when post 82 (or i guess its labeled 81 now) I felt personally attacked.

91. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

MJ thank you

92. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

I don’t look at it being unusal, but I think in his brazillian interview that anothony poste in another thead, JJ explains perfectlyhis reasons for being secretive.

At the same time they have a huge movie to market, and they are launching in a way to broaden Treks international appeal I believe.

93. MJ - April 8, 2013

Back to the argument, let’s please agree to disagree in terms of release dates and locations in general….

But again, my main point was that in today’s information world, if you are going to go ultra-secret on big movies like this — with a long release period where your largest market gets the film much later than smaller market do — then you pretty much undo all the hard work you did to keep that security practice going.

So, at the end of the say, what was the point on all of the secrecy?

Levi, surely you can you acknowledge that this is valid point?

Thank you!

94. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

93 MJ
if it was a press screening or one of those test screenings, then yes.
If this was a screening like that texas one again yes.
But the audiences(and keep in mind I have been a part of over 500 actual premieres)at premiers in general do not go running online talking about what they saw at the premiere. even the very small amount of the general public who luck into one of the very few demo or promo tickets that might go out.

95. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

93 MJ
Now if the movie’s general release was openeing the very next day there then yeah I would say your points would be valid concerns because
yes you would probably get some clown like that guy who posted the entire ending to SKYFALL on one of the theads here last November, following its general release in Europe.

96. MJ - April 8, 2013

@94. You point here works only if the people seeing the premiere don’t spill the beans over the internet right away.

We shall see if this works for this film. I hope you are right, but I remain skeptical.

If there was some huge revelation, like Khan being Harrison, I would be shocked if that was not immediately all over the internet without hours of the Australian premiere. Do you think that something like that could be kept secret?

97. MJ - April 8, 2013

@95. or the ass that told the Looper ending to us. :-))

98. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

In all honesty we will probably alll just need to decide how much we look on the sites to remain clear of spoilers the closer we get now.

part of the reason I am really hopefull that Khan isnt the villian is cause of the stories online announcing he was will take away the impact of that reveal I think. but again I also still honestly believe Khan over the past 2 years has been misdirrection.

99. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

MJ wow I missed that one. See someone doing that is not a fan of movies, they are just trying to annoy.
such a shame when someone has to ruin others viewing experiences.

100. MJ - April 8, 2013

@98. Agreed.

Talk to you later, dude. Sorry for the misunderstanding. You are good people!

101. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

96 yeah because 99 percent of the audience for premieres are industry folks, and the lucky few fans who make it inside are typically not the ones who go blabbing online.
Keep in mind press members don’t get to acutally go inside the theatre, they are relegated to outside.

102. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

100 thanks MJ, feel the same. Its nice when people can talk out a a misunderstanding.

103. Phil - April 8, 2013

I seem to recall Avengers opened a couple of weeks early in Europe, and it didn’t hurt the US box office any. If anything, it fueled desire on the part of the North American audience to go see it. If STID ends up being a billion dollar movie we will all be calling JJ a genius.

Regarding JJ’s secrecy – while it was tight, it wasn’t airtight. We have learned plenty about the movie in previous weeks. Let’s face it, when the cone of silence comes off, it comes off. It’s a controlled release of information, not a state secret, after all…

Any business is going to spend a majority of it’s marketing on acquiring new clients, and a movie franchise is no different. Money is money, regardless of it’s point of origin. Paramount’s emerging market for the Trek franchise is overseas, and I’m good with that. Have to agree to disagree there, MJ…

104. Phil - April 8, 2013

Yeah, I’ve known for a while I won’t be seeing STID opening weekend. JJ had a lot of nerve to schedule the north American release on the date of my anniversary (stomping my feet)…so, yeah, I fully expect to know all the gory details of the movie before I go, because everyone will be spilling the beans here. No biggie, I’m still going to see it the following week anyway.

105. Theatre Historian - April 8, 2013

104 Phil you should take your wife to see the movie as part of your anniversary lol.

And is your aniversary on the 17th or the 15th?
if it is the 17th you could always go see it on one of the two showings on the 15th

106. Disinvited - April 8, 2013

#105. Theatre Historian – April 8, 2013

Maybe this will help. I know for a fact from reading the comments on the Alamo Draughthouse 2009 sneak on their website that those attending were embargoed against revealing anything before the official release and yet when reported at TrekWeb on TrekMovie’s coverage of this news:

one of the commentors posted at the 9th comment sending people to ainitcool and warning about spoilers over there concerning the Draughthouse sneak but then without any spoiler warning says “One problem I noticed was that if you read COUNTDOWN it’ll ruin Nero’s motivations.” which I consider spoilery because it confirms that he’s the film’s protagonist to someone who may have been avoiding that info. Heck at TrekMovie where their story originated it took 196 comments before someone mentioned Nero!

107. Phil - April 9, 2013

@105. Somehow I don’t see that happening. Any other time, perhaps…

Anniversary is the 17th, As IMAX now causes problems with motion sickness, I’m a bit funny about paying extra for the privilege of puking in my bag of popcorn. The 24th it will be, spoilers and all….

108. JRT! - April 9, 2013

Of course people will talk about big movies the minute after a Premier like this. They did for Avengers and they will do for this. Plain and simple. I don’t care one way or the other,will still see the movie,lol! But this secerecy thing will be over on April 23rd.


109. - April 9, 2013

I have been in contact with the cinema and tickets will not be on sale to the general public.

No offense but isn’t doing a series of premiers but not opening to the public just going to come off as rude.

I don’t see the point. Fans are going to feel more insulted than honored.

110. MJ - April 9, 2013

“Of course people will talk about big movies the minute after a Premier like this. They did for Avengers and they will do for this. Plain and simple. I don’t care one way or the other,will still see the movie,lol! But this secrecy thing will be over on April 23rd.”

Thank You!

So again, what was the point of the secrecy?

111. MJ - April 9, 2013

“No offense but isn’t doing a series of premiers but not opening to the public just going to come off as rude.”

A series of premiers around the world that the elite and rich get to attend weeks in advance of us fans doesn’t sit well with me either.

I already invested in the IMAX preview last December, and the IMAX Sneak on May 15th, and yet I feel like I am getting b-f’k’d here by Paramount studios with getting some delayed viewing weeks and weeks later than “the privileged.”

112. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

seriously? Do you think that Paramount invented gala premieres for Star Trek in 2013? This is standard industry practice since the era of Charlie Chaplain. And doing international premiere is also now pretty much the standard thing.

I am again amazed at the fauxrage running around here at these noncontroversial things.

I look forward to next month and reading about how evil Paramount is because the popcorn costs $6 at the local theater

113. GrimJackal - April 9, 2013

@109 That’s a spit in the face to fans, and a genuine disappointment. Worst of all is many of the industry people attending won’t even care, or will walk out before the film even begins, as happened with the pair sitting next to me in the Opera House for the 2009 premiere – said they’d rather be at “some party”.

This is just plain annoying but I’ll keep a tabs on the cinema in hopes they open it up to the public closer to the premiere. I JUST secured time off work today specifically to go and see this damn premiere. That’s annual leave well spent if I’m just sitting at home thinking about what could have been. :/

114. GrimJackal - April 9, 2013

@112 The chagrin is justified. Why open up the first film to the public then exclude them 4 years later so people who don’t even care about Trek can fill those seats?

115. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013

Popcorn does cost more than $6 a bag at my local theatre….though Paramount is not to blame.

But Paramount can be blamed for how the promotion of STID has gone.

I mean, the international community gets to see the movie three weeks in advance?

Gimme a break!

116. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

the last star trek movie had a more extensive gala tour starting almost 5 weeks before US opening. And this is how Paramount opens movies. GI just had an gala opening in Sydney – same theater – same time in advance. Then they went on to London – again same deal as Trek. This is how it is done now.

Please find something real to be insulted about. This is just marketing. You bring out celebrities to get the local media to take their pictures and run stories and do interviews to build buzz to get people to the theater opening weekend. That is how it has ALWAYS been done.

117. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

116 you are exactly right Anthony its a diferent world now days,
Heck GI Joe didnt even have its Gala black carpet L.A. premiere until the day of its actual general release.

118. - April 9, 2013

The difference is that the expectation was set last time when tickets were open to the public.

119. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

112) Again correct Anthony a number of movies going back to even the 30s and 40s actually had their premieres internationally before they did in the states.

I just want to add without Sid Grauman there wouldnt even be such a think as a movie premiere he was the one who first had the idea and concept of rolling out the carpet putting up the Kleg lights and inviting the stars out to watch their movies play for the first time way back in 1922 at his Egyptian Theatre with Douglas Fairbanks Robin Hood,.

Sid would be mighty proud that 90years after hosting his first premiere that they are still going strong ALL OVER the world

120. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

and don’t forget there are a number of movies that don’t even get a premiere they just get thrown out into theatres without any real support.

121. Aix - April 9, 2013

What is so unfair with Trek being premiered in other countries first rather than the States? It may be Hollywood-produced but the world doesn’t revolve around the US. Geez. It’s an international film industry! It’s global marketing! That kind of thinking is just bratty. Oh, well.

122. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

It was unusual for tickets to be sold to the public for a gala premiere but it was held at a very large venue IIRC. This time it is a regular theater. But both the london and the Sydney premiere have featured contests for people to win free tix so thats even better right? I know that in Moscow they have invited some of the local Trek club to come to at least the press screening (often there are press screenings the day before gala events).

again the fauxrage is silly. It is standard practice to do VIP premieres but even then, Paramount is finding ways to bring fans to the event.

There are plenty of things to find to criticize the TPTB, but holding gala premieres isn’t one of them. And to be quite frank it is embarrassing and playing into the stereotypical Trekkie model of nitpicking everything

123. GrimJackal - April 9, 2013

You’re right. Much better to screen the film for a bunch of industry types who don’t even know their ‘Trek from their ‘Wars. They’ll have glowing things to say about it because they’re incapable of critiquing a film they don’t understand or a franchise they know nothing about.

124. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

Anthony out of curiousity did you attend either the black carpet premiere of Star Trek 09 or red carpet premiere Nemesis in 02 that were hosted at the Chinese?

One of my favorite premiere set ups over the past decade by far was the delta logo shapped press line for Star Trek 09

125. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

i did the carpet at the 2009 although it was a bust. If you werent Extra, ET or Insider you didnt get access to the big stars. But I talked to Frakes and Sirtis and some BTS ppl and Pegg a little. It was fun. At the Chinese. This site didnt exist in 2002 so no prem for me.

126. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

Sorry to hear that the acess to the bigger stars was that limited.

well if anytime in the future you cover a premiere at the chinese or even at the theatre next door be sure to stop by and say hello.
Would be more than happy to give ya a tour of the theatre.

127. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

Well I did get one on one interviews with all the cast and all the producers a few days before at the junket so it wasnt a big thing. Doing red carpet interviews is a total hassle. Its lord of the flies and people are yelling and jostling. But I will be doing it again this year – maybe at two different premieres even.

128. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

127 you are totally right about that especially the premieres where the set up is small and get crammed in an even smaller than normal space.

You should see how pushy and yelly the photographers get durring the handprint ceremonies,

129. MJ - April 9, 2013

@112. Of course I am over-reacting, Anthony. I frequently over-react. Being provocative here is my calling card. :-)

That being said, having MULTIPLE international premieres 3 weeks before the predominant market for Trek (North America) gets to see it is unprecedented in Star Trek history.

So yea, after following this franchise’s movie premieres since 1979, and never missing and Opening Day, I am taken a back a bit by this international-centric and long-delayed U.S. release approach.

I’ll bounce back though. :-))

130. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

did you not read what I wrote. The last star trek movie had a gala premiere in Australia over a month before the USA. And they had more cities on their ‘gala tour’ before hitting LA.

And ask any former Trek producer or director if they were given a chance to do an international gala tour in advance of their movies and they would have jumped at the chance.

Paramount is trying to break the paradigm of North America dominating Trek. That is the whole point. But again not unpredented with Trek and certainly not with the industry.

/arguing something that doesn’t need to be argued

131. MJ - April 9, 2013

OK, I hear you.

I am going to take a chill pill per your advice.

132. Phil - April 9, 2013

@129. Yeah, man, that’s a good thing. That means there is interest in the product out there.

Glass more then half full, amigo. A good problem to have.

There has been enough chatter from Byran Burk to suggest the third installment is probably an unofficial green lit project. I’m on record as believing that once this cast has fulfilled it’s contractual obligation, we probably won’t see them again on the good ship Enterprise. So, a legitimate debate is, what direction does the franchise go after the THIRD movie??

It’s never to early to over react…. :-)

133. Theatre Historian - April 9, 2013

132 personally and I know this probably won’t happen but I would like to see the third one find a way to dove tail this universe back into the prime universe.

But I think after the third movie assuming this universe remains seperate and the universe doesnt find away to correct it self, and continues to run along as a parallel universe if the cast and crew decide its time to go there own seperate way, I would like to see a different crew other than Kirk and spock, new actors and new characters.

134. Keachick - April 9, 2013

This time, four years ago, Zachary Quinto was bungy-jumping off Auckland’s skytower… ST09 US release date 8 May – release dates for other countries followed. He appeared just before 8 May on the David Letterman show talking about the experience and showed a large poster of Auckland CBD/Skytower. I was impressed. I have been trying to work just where the picture would have been taken. My only guess would the harbour bridge, but at that stage, it had no pedestrian/cycle way; vehicular bridge only…hmmm

It seems that these fine actors (CP, ZQ, KU, JC) will not grace us in NZ with their presence this time round…:(

135. Phil - April 9, 2013

@133. As the prime universe didn’t end, there is nothing stopping them from going back for a return visit. I’m not sure I’d need to lineal return, though. Also, the prime universe might still be better suited for TV, but that’s a separate conversation.

Maybe I’m not too picky – I could see a different cast of actors playing this crew. It doesn’t bother me to see a new actor play James Bond from time to time, and I can’t really say that I could not imagine this cast as these character only. Either that, or this cast could head off to the five year mission after this installment, and other stories of the Federation could be told. The more I’m thinking about this the more I’m realizing that it’s a real tough decision to make….

136. Scotty - April 10, 2013

I cannot help but to agree a little with MJs point of view. The plot and identity of the villain has been purposely kept VERY secret which has generated a ton of buzz and interest. Knowing that, it does seem wrong with making their biggest audience and fan base wait much longer than those other markets. There is no doubt that it will be next to impossible to navigate the month of May without hearing about the spoilers. That sucks, bad! What sucks more is that I will try my damn best to avoid seeing this (that will be a long shot since I am checking the web daily now) and the time gap may make hearing it unavoidable. It is like not knowing who won the Super Bowl. People will hear about it and talk!

137. loghaD - April 11, 2013

It appears that the Swedish gala premiere will take place on May 7th, presumably at the theater Rigoletto in Stockholm.

This is according to an article on the website of a PR firm involved with United International Pictures, inviting their clients to the gala premiere.

Article (in Børkish):

138. Disinvited - April 11, 2013

If you’ll notice:

CTC means its still not rated which I take as an indication that it is still not “in the can”.

139. Phil - April 11, 2013

@138. Or a simpler explanation – they just have not rated it yet. IM3 just got their ratings, and foreign premiers are in full swing.

140. Keachick - April 11, 2013

STID has still not received a Classification rating yet here either. This is not that unusual. I predict that this film will receive the same M-rating that ST09 received.

141. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 11, 2013

Iron Man 3 is still coming up as CTC (not rated) here in Australia, and it opens here on 24 April.

142. Disinvited - April 11, 2013

#139. Phil – April 11, 2013

Yes, but isn’t IM3’s premier the other way around, i.e. US 1st? I’m going with the concept it will be rated first where it is first released. Now, if you’d found STID rated in US then I’d say you were onto something.

Besides, a movie can’t be rated until a completed edition is submitted to the various boards, that is my logic is. it has to be done to get viewed for a rating. Ergo, you found IM3 rated somewhere therefore it is in the can.

143. Phil - April 11, 2013

@142. No, I found a couple of stories about RDJ traveling the world for premiers, that started last week. Apparently the London IM3 premier for IM3 was postponed for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. The Beijing premier was April 6th…several days prior to the rating announcement.

At this point the lack of a rating for STID isn’t conclusive evidence the film isn’t complete. Now, if pre-sales were being canceled or postponed, or premier schedules started sporting ‘TBA’ labels, then there would be reason to be concerned. A friend of mine works for Disney in their promotions department, and handles their premier production and design work. She is generally on a premier 3-5 months prior to the event, so I’m assuming other studios follow suit, as it’s a small number of contractors they all tend to use for work that gets contracted out (security, catering, stuff like that). So…I’m not to worried about STID not being done at this point…

144. Disinvited - April 12, 2013

#143. Phil – April 11, 2013

Oh I didn’t mean to imply worry. More like curious as to how close Bob, et al, were going to cut it as he indicated they might change their minds several times. I have no doubt all the parts are ready. It is just going to be interesting to see whenexactly they decide to walk away and stop the tweaking.

145. e - April 23, 2013

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