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New Int’l Star Trek Into Darkness Animated Poster + UK Tix Sales ‘Overwhelming’ + Japan & Aussie Contests April 10, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Star Trek Into Darkness is taking the world by storm. We have some updates on the international marketing including a new animated poster. There are also new contests for Japanese and Australian fans. Also a sign that the future is bright as demand for Into Darkness crashed UK ticketing website. Details on all that below.


New International ‘Cinemosaic’ animated poster and banner

Some of the official international Star Trek Facebook pages have released an online animated "Cinemosaic" poster you can embed on your own site or share. Here is the one from the UK

Paramount UK also released this static banner for the movie.

Day 1 UK sales crash ticketing site

Yesterday tickets went on sale in the UK and according the response was literally overwhelming. Tweets sent out by Paramount UK and Odeon cinemas reported problems with sites crashing due to demand.

Things have calmed down and tickets are again available (Click for 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D). But this kind of demand is a good sign showing that the marketing is working.

Japan and Aussie contests for Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t open in Japan until August 23, but Paramount Japan has a contest for 200 fans to see a 31-minute "Special Secret Preview" of the movie. There will be three events: Tokyo (100 people, April 19th), Osaka (50, 4/17), and Fukuoka (50, 4/18). Click here to sign up.

Win a chance to see "secret" Japanese "Into Darkness" previews next week

Paramount Australia has partnered up with mobile phone maker Huawei who are offering a contest with the grand prize of a trip for two from Australia to the Los Angeles premiere of Into Darkness. Click here to sign up.

Win a chance to see "secret" Japanese "Into Darkness" previews next week

Let TrekMovie know what’s happening locally

There is a lot going on with Into Darkness internationally. If you see something in your local market we have missed, please send in a tip to

Thanks to Freddie, Terry and Tatsumi for helping with this report


1. singularity87 - April 10, 2013

The trio is definitely Kirk, Spock, Uhura now.

2. bob - April 10, 2013

where is the merchandise???

3. Kenneth Of Borg - April 10, 2013

We know you are really eager to book for #StarTrekIntoDarkness, we’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties for BFI IMAX…

A vision of things to come….

4. NuFan - April 10, 2013

Khan can crash through three frames at a time. He’s unstoppable!

I hope the ticketing computers don’t crash here.

5. JRT! - April 10, 2013

That whole UK thing!? Just hype and total bollocks. I had NO problem with booking,they probably pretended to fix it by the time I popped by the sites to book,lol,but I cancelled it. I’ll read the spoilers on the 23rd and see the movie in New York May 15th.

And yeah,where’s the bloody merchandise!? And I don’t mean that Lego rip-off crap,lol!


6. Caesar - April 10, 2013

#1 – Yeah, sad. :(

7. MattR - April 10, 2013

That cinemosaic thing is very busy. LOL

8. Phil - April 10, 2013

@5. I’m not sure why you keep insisting this was fake when numerous news outlets are reporting on this…

9. Elias Javalis - April 10, 2013

Great to see trek powerful again:)

10. Crazydaystrom - April 10, 2013

#1. singularity87 –
“The trio is definitely Kirk, Spock, Uhura now.”

Yep it would appear so. I hope Uhura’s role has the heft to warrant her higher profile

11. The Mighty Chip - April 10, 2013

Does anybody know when US tickets go on sale? I don’t mean for the “fan sneak” thing, I mean for regular post-17th showings.

12. crazydaystrom - April 10, 2013

And love the animated poster. Reminds me of the ‘Tree of Life’ poster, which was not animated and was divided into many more photo sections. But nevertheless …

13. maspill - April 10, 2013

Got my tickets no problem 12.05AM!!

14. Keachick - April 10, 2013

By the 23rd century, does something happen to our sun, in that it no longer shines as brightly? Questions, questions…

15. Becca - April 10, 2013

#6- Very sad..

16. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 10, 2013

I loved the animated poster!

17. aligee - April 10, 2013

got my tickets for Glasgow IMAX at 9.05 yesterday!

18. Mad Mann - April 10, 2013

Wow, all that imagery is just stupid. I don’t see how that would get people to want to see this movie. I mean, people with guns and trenchcoats? I guess Columbine is far enough in the past now to show such things.

19. Bartholemew Stains - April 10, 2013

Intense Star Trek excitement; it does NOT get any hotter than this!

20. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 10, 2013

Oh the Anticipation of Into Dakness. Star Trek. Can’t wait.

21. Keachick - April 10, 2013

I guess Paramount is appealing to the violent, angry, the despotic makeup that we all possess, to a greater or lesser degree. Besides, whether some like it or not, violence and despotism sells and God forbid that anyone even get so much as a sniff (that only a trained sniffer dog could sense) that Star Trek could also contain the slightest romance or peaceable surroundings and behaviours… not “in my Star Trek”

(read sarcasm)…

22. DesiluTrek - April 10, 2013

Star Trek was not about pointing guns all the time.

23. StelArian - April 10, 2013

The BFI IMAX is playing ‘STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS’ in true IMAX 15perf 70mm film format, one of only 3 cinemas in the UK provided with a rare film print to screen it.

24. Andrew - April 10, 2013

Really happy to see demand is high in some parts.

25. JohnRambo - April 10, 2013

@22. DesiluTrek


26. Nony - April 10, 2013

Does anyone have a sense of how popular Trek generally is in the UK? How did the ’09 movie fare over there?

27. Jack - April 10, 2013

Who says this Trek is about pointing guns all the time. Who, other than is, is going to see a movie advertised by clips of guys sitting around a conference table talking about philosophy — or a movie poster of our heroes smiling on the shiny bridge surrounded by potted hyacinths. The point is — our characters, and Starfleet itself face a challenge we’ve never really seen in Trek. Will they stick to their ideals in the face of this (or have they list them already).

So the selling/starting point is a crisis. Now we see how our people handle it.

You people who say Trek was all peace and flowers likely haven’t watched the show recently. At its best, Trek was about situations like this that challenged ideals and presumptions.

28. Phil - April 10, 2013

@26. Pretty popular. The UK accounted for about 10% of the overall gross, and about 1/4 of the foreign box office. Germany and Australia were next at about 12.7 million each.

United Kingdom PPI 5/8/09 $9,059,797 25.6% $35,392,062 8/9/09

29. Valenti - April 10, 2013

Still miffed the film won’t debut until the 6th of June here in the Netherlands.

30. me - April 10, 2013

Seems to be a thriller and not a scifi-movie!?!?

31. mr.universe - April 10, 2013

same goes for denmark :-)
6.of june

32. John from Cincinnati - April 10, 2013


Yeah totally. Bummer :-(

33. John from Cincinnati - April 10, 2013


Exactly why Ron Moore was so right when he said (and I agree) that Star Trek is better as a television show, not a movie franchise. Leave the guns and spectacle to Star wars movies and leave the thoughtful, enlightening entertainment to Star Trek on television.

34. Keachick - April 10, 2013

I am commenting on what the trailers and posters have shown so far. I do not think, *for a minute*, that STID will just have wall to wall gun-toting heroes, fighting, an antagonist kicking someone who is down already, Kirk questioning why not a vendetta etc etc. However, apart from a blink-and-you-miss-it scene (and I did, for real) of a woman in her underwear (ie sight of human flesh, reminding us, possibly, of our inherent humanity/fragility) clearly looking bewildered and likely wondering “what the f*ck am I doing here?”, it has all been non-stop action, much of it of the violent, destructive kind.

Given how successful other violent movies tend to be at the box office worldwide, it is hardly an aspect of human nature that Paramount would not seek to exploit, especially when it NEEDS to get a decent return on the nearly $200 million that has been invested in this movie.

Think schadenfreude – who has not experienced it just a little?…:(

35. YXM - April 10, 2013

Hey, you guys are FAR BETTER OFF THAN US IN JAPAN. F@$k with the sneak previews, WE WANT THE WHOLE MOVIE. What is wrong with the distributors? Since the Bluray/DVD will probably be available in the US by the time it comes to Japan, some of the Trekkies are talking of just getting that and boycott going to the theatre. Why 3 months later man, WHY???

36. Phil - April 10, 2013

@34. Then don’t watch it, if it offends your delicate sensibilities that much..

37. Marja, very excite! - April 10, 2013

One thing makes me sad about the mosaic action poster … no starship! Unless you count Spock sitting on the bridge, and the shot is not that identifiable as bridge on a starship….

The international marketing appears to be the “aim” so far – violence, revenge plot, guns, leather coats ‘n all … I hope we see a trailer and some posters with a starship or the bridge or … something Star Trek-ish … the aiming of 20th-century-looking weapons is NOT it.

I really liked the Enterprisse rising out of the sea, but that was fan-made, right?

Mid-May!!! I am very excite!

38. Marja, very excite! - April 10, 2013

* Enterprise *

39. spock69 - April 10, 2013

” 21. Keachick – April 10, 2013
I guess Paramount is appealing to the violent, angry, the despotic makeup that we all possess, to a greater or lesser degree. Besides, whether some like it or not, violence and despotism sells and God forbid that anyone even get so much as a sniff (that only a trained sniffer dog could sense) that Star Trek could also contain the slightest romance or peaceable surroundings and behaviours… not “in my Star Trek”

What a dooshbag! Guess you think the whole movie is just the trailers!

40. spock69 - April 10, 2013

Maybe you should try Little house on the prairie
Check it out, the trailers contain no violence or conflict of any kind.

Although I do remember a grasshopper getting trodden on in one graphic scene but I think it was cut from general release do to the horrific nature of the situation

41. Iva - April 10, 2013

Oh, cool, does this mean Bones gets killed in the movie or something? Tho judging by how much you degraded his role he may as well be dead already.

42. spock69 - April 10, 2013

Maybe you should try Little house on the prairie
Check it out, the trailers contain no violence or conflict of any kind.

Although I do remember a grasshopper getting trodden on in one graphic scene but I think it was cut from general release due to the horrific nature of the situation

Spellcheck!! Due

43. spock69 - April 10, 2013

Bones will be in it for sure
You guys and gals read far too much into trailers

Not long now

44. Iva - April 10, 2013

43. spock69 – April 10, 2013

[]Bones will be in it for sure
YIou guys and gals read far too much into trailers

Not long now[/I]

I know he will be in it, but they are removing him from the main 3, that makes him a convenient character for a cheap kill off.

45. spock69 - April 10, 2013

They can’t kill the doc!
Who will help them in an emergency… lol

46. Keachick - April 10, 2013

#39 spock69 – The word is actually douchebag (apparently came from South Park)…duh.

Did you actually read my post at #34? I guess not. I was commenting on the trailers and posters, which probably show in all about two minutes of actual film, which has a running time of 129 minutes.

Please – do not deride me as you have, especially when you appear new to this site and therefore may not be aware that my comments may refer to what other posters may have written on another thread previously. In light of this, you are especially ill-advised to call me names, but if you must, please make sure you spell the derisive words correctly. Ensuring that your spelling and grammar are correct is paramount in situations such as this!

47. Iva - April 10, 2013

45. spock69

Anybody else? A random new character? He is easily replaceable to this new crew of writers.

48. Phil - April 10, 2013

@39. If you really want to get her going, say something bad about her boy toy Chris Pine. So predictable….

49. spock69 - April 10, 2013

I saw what you did with the word “Paramount” I like it, very clever.
Anyway, about “Little House”

50. Phil - April 10, 2013

@47. Harrison is a 100% lock to die. All Trek movie villains get it in the end…There’s little reason to keep either of the Marcus’s around, either. Carol seems to be a screamer, and dad is probably the guy getting the military send off…

51. fwise3 - April 10, 2013

Thanks for the shout-out, Anthony!

52. helen - April 10, 2013

They got that gif poster idea from a Cumberbatch fan who did one just of his moments

53. Jack - April 10, 2013

We know (and audiences know) what the Enterprise looks like — not much to reel the audience in there.

I do get what people here are saying — you don’t want this movie to forget space, or hope, or camaraderie, or discovery, or an awesome flyby of the E.

I don’t want that either. But, so far, the marketing is setting up the premise — bad stuff is happening to Starfleet.

54. Vultan - April 10, 2013


STARfleet? What’s STARfleet?

55. Vultan - April 10, 2013

From the looks of the trailer, must be a solar panel company… with an office in Nakatomi Plaza.

56. Disinvited - April 10, 2013

#27. Jack – April 10, 2013

Probably the same audience that exists for BEING THERE and MY DINNER WITH ANDRE?

Quality is not always trumped by quantity.

57. Son of jello - April 10, 2013

Did everyone hear about the STTOS Phaser rifle being sold for i think $240 000 dollars yesterday.

58. Keachick - April 10, 2013

I had no idea that Chris Pine was a boy.

Phil – stop trolling. It is offensive and dumb.

59. Phil - April 10, 2013

@57. Yep. Old news, amigo.

60. Jack - April 10, 2013

Yes, exactly. Loved ’em both. Actually, Being There made 30 million bucks in 1979. Wow. I’m surprised by that. The rerelease of Andre made $5000 in 1999 (although it was 1 theater for 3 days).

I know, but when has Star Trek ever been Being There. or Crimes and Misdemeanors. Or Sartre. Let’s not fool ourselves here. Can it be smart? Yes please. But when was Trek ever entirely about speeches and ideas without anything happening (except for the first season of TNG)… And it’s a stretch to call Trek an examination of philosophy…

If they made a Trek movie solely like that — smart people wouldn’t go see it because it’s Star Trek.

Why can’t it be both?

“From the looks of the trailer, must be a solar panel company… with an office in Nakatomi Plaza.”

Nice. :)

61. Phil - April 10, 2013

@60. Smart – sure. High art – never!

62. Crone - April 10, 2013

I saw My Dinner With Andre three times in the theater when it was released. I’ve seen all of Bergman, Truffaut, Malick, Fellini, Godard, etc. etc. etc. I just bought my ticket for STID for the fan peek on the 15th. I am sixty one years old. I am incredibly excited. I love Star Trek.


63. BH - April 10, 2013

@60 – “And it’s a stretch to call Trek an examination of philosophy…”

Hardly. Go watch the original show. It’s patently easy to say because it’s true.

64. Tanner "The Dude" Waterbury - April 10, 2013

Anyone know when Hasbro is releasing the Toy Line, or did they puss out?

65. JRT! - April 10, 2013

@8 Probably ‘cos neither I nor anyone else I talked with had any of this happen to them. Just sounds like it never happened. Sounds too much like Comic Con,LOL! Who need to do something about how they sell tickets btw. But hey,at least everyone’s getting tickets to this thing,that’s good,right? lol. Still curios as to why the Odeon tweets were before 9am though,another reason this sounds wrong.

@64 What toy line? You mean the Lego rip-off crap? Don’t care. Think it’s May though,lol. I’ll wait for the real stuff,if it ever comes along.


66. Gary Makin - April 11, 2013

Re: #5 – The BFI IMAX site was crashed, not the main Odeon site.

67. JRT! - April 11, 2013

Ok,lol! Not saying it didn’t happen,just find it VERY hard to believe. And why did Odeon tweet about it before 9am? Did they start selling tickets earlier than 9.05am?

And no,I don’t believe EVERYthing I hear in the news either,LOL! I know from experience how they hype it up and do their own spin on things. Looking forward to the movie though. Seeing it in new York will be FUN!


68. - April 11, 2013

Here is another competition from the Hype for Australia to win tickets to the Sydney premier.

69. Daniel - April 11, 2013

#35 Dude, I’m also on the dial-up Japan wagon. If this solely has got to do with Cumberbatch’s schedule only open during the end of August so that he can attend the red carpet event, I’ll be pissed. Jar Jar Abbrams doesn’t seem to get that the Sherlock fangirls will dish out their money anyway whether the man comes or not!!! The actual non-Sherlock/non-Trekker movie audience (which honestly isn’t interested in Sci-Fi) will just think that Star Trek (its even a sequel!!!) isn’t popular enough in Japan to premiere at the same time as the rest of the world and pass it off. Kids (the generation that the franchise really will benefit from inducing new Trekkers) will be back in school by that time as well!

70. Jenna - April 11, 2013

My friends and I tried online for BFI IMAX for over and hour before we started calling and even then the queue to get connected was long then the operators were kicked off themselves. It took hours to get the tickets done. No idea why the time on the Odeon tweet is off–I didn’t see it until later.

71. Jäger - April 11, 2013

Got my tickets for a preview!
Date? 8th May!
Thanks to the German cinema that does this preview!

72. JRT! - April 11, 2013

I had no problems when I went to the site to book a ticket,but that wasn’t at 9.05am of course. I just waited a couple of hours instead. Not like it’s gonna get sold out in two hours,lol! Which of course it didn’t. Yeah,that Odeon tweet time was kinda weird.

Not long tillwe know all the spoilers,those of us who wanna know,lol!

Have fun!


73. Crisis in the slow lane - April 11, 2013

I think those tweet times are GMT. The UK is currently on BST i.e. GMT+1. Hence, the Odeon tweet was at 09:49 BST after box office opened. There definitely were problems with the Odeon and possibly the Cineworld ticket websites when booking first opened. I think this was simply due to the fact that a hardcore of us geeks were all trying to book at exactly the same time. Now the initial excitement has settled down a bit, there are still seats available for most of the early screenings. I’ve already booked for the Cineworld IMAX in Edinburgh on the 9th, the Empire in Leicester Square on the 12th and the BFI IMAX on18th and I’m sure I will see it in 2D at least once with my CIneworld Unlimited card.

74. JRT! - April 11, 2013

Yeah,that’s probably it. Had no problems with any of the cinemas in London when I was shopping around for tickets,lol! Never managed to decide on any of’em so just cancelled the lot. If I manage to make up my mind after reading all the spoilers on the 23rd,then maybe I’ll get a ticket if I pop over to London on the 9th.

Or just wait till I’m in New York. Not that superexcited about the movie anymore to be honest. Just another movie,like I’ve said in numerous other posts,lol!


75. Commander K - April 11, 2013

So pretty much everyone will be avoiding trekmovie et al after April 23rd incase they get spoilered!

One site i will be visiting is Rotten Tomato, to keep an eye on what reviewers think!

76. Aix - April 11, 2013

Is that gif set I mean, cinemosaic really not in-sync? It’s hard to look at.

77. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 11, 2013

Got my tickets for 9 May – Yay!! A civilised hour of 10am, and in 2D so I can work out what’s going on before later going to see it again in 3D. I’m 30 years too old to want to cope with the hype and adrenaline of the mignight screening.

78. KK - April 11, 2013

#69 I think you need to think through before saying a movie’s release schedule is set due to Cumberbatch’s availability to attend the JP premier; this is way too irrational and sounds naive. Most of the foreign movies are released in Japan a few months later than their releases in the US or the UK; it’s the same for Life of Pi, Skyfall and The Avenger; these movies did great business in Japan nonetheless, and probably benefited from the good word of mouth effect from their success of the B.O. worldwide. The original schedule of STID was in September, which is usually deemed a death slot for movie releases in Japan because all students are back to schools after the summer break, which is understandable as the ST09 wasn’t really a hit in Japan comparing to other summer blockbusters; it was moved forward to August after the promo trip of Abrams, Pine and Cumberbatch to Tokyo last December, I would say that the nine minute IMAX preview and the surprising popularity of Cumberbatch in Japan MIGHT help a bit.

79. Classy M - April 11, 2013

@74 – Since you’re so unenthused about this film, why do continue to visit this site? Or is raining on other people’s parades your thing?

80. JRT! - April 11, 2013

Didn’t say I was unenthused about it,just not that superexcited. And no,not raining on anyone’s parade,just keeping it real. lol. Of course,I’ll be more than happy to say this was the best ST movie EVER,if I feel it is. Being a Trekker doesn’t mean you have to like EVERYthing Trek that comes out,like a few of you here already know and are happy to say. So no,not my thing to do the raining. My fave Trek’s are TOS and STE,so go figure,lol! TNG is good too,lol!

And I’m sure this will be a great movie!


81. JRT! - April 11, 2013

OH and the reason I continue to visit this site is ‘cos there’s a lot of other Trek news here than just this movie. So this site,and a couple of others,I check out on a daily basis. Forgot to answer that part,lol!

Keep Trekkin’!


82. Buzz Cagney - April 11, 2013

#1 yep, what a waste of a great character in McCoy and the best actor in these new movies Karl Urban.
Hopefully the actual movie has more McCoy than the publicity has. And less Uhura!

83. dududada - April 11, 2013

#69, #78 : BC is not available anyway. He’s shooting the Alan Turing movie in August afaik

84. KK - April 11, 2013

#83 Firs of all, I don’t care about whether Cumberbatch can attend any of the STID premieres; I’m not a standing among crowds and screeching type. Secondly, except for that you are Cumberbatch’s agents, publicists and personal assistants and have a firm information re Cumberbatch’s work schedule, I’ll take it as it’s just your speculation as to his availability to the JP STID premiere. As far as any fervent The Hobbit/ Sherlock fan knows, Martin Freeman is due back to NZ for more filming of The Hobbit in June and July, and he’ll back to London to continue the Sherlock S3 shoot till September. I suppose they can’t shoot Sherlock without THE Sherlock in August and September, but that’s not to say that it’s entirely impossible for Cumberbatch to spare a few days to Japan for the STID premiere; random fans simply don’t have such info.

85. Anthony Thompson - April 11, 2013

When it comes to the UK: Cumberbatch.

86. Aix - April 11, 2013

Goodness. I don’t care if you’re just interested with Trek because an actor you’re a big fan of is a part of it. I mean, the more the merrier! It’s good that someone made you interested in Trek. But woah. Reading the comments, some Cumberbatch fans are just full of themselves.

I mean, he is a great actor and seems like an overall nice guy one can hangout with in a pub but I think even he would be irked to know that his fans just assume stuff about his schedule, star power, box-office pull– talking like they’re industry insiders and advertising experts. I don’t know. I mean, isn’t it a of stretch to say that his busy schedule resulted to the late premiere in Japan? And please, can we not talk down on the other “less well-known” actors in the cast.

Oh well, just my two cents. Let’s indeed hope that BC’s popularity in certain territories bring high ticket sales. It’s still all about Trek after all.

87. KK - April 11, 2013

#86 Judging by the tone Daniel (who sort of complained that the STID JP released date might be set to work around Cumberbatch’s schedule) adopted, I think it’s safe to assume that he’s not a Cumberbatch fan.

Yeah, there are one or two seemingly younger Cumberbatch fans on this board often inflate Cumberbatch’s star power or talk like they do have Cumberbatch’s work schedule, but I personally feel that it’s because they are still learning the entertainment industry and they are probably at most fanatical stage of celebrity worship. It’s obvious not all of Cumberbatch fans here talk like that, and I think you are one of Cumberbatch fans as well. Let’s not make it sound like A LOT of Cumberbatch fans are like that, and to be fair, not to say that he’s a super star at the moment, but obviously he does bring in new audiences, both in fanboys and fangirls.

88. TBW - April 11, 2013

63, OK, maybe there were “examinations” of philosophy, but they were so frequently heavy-handed that I don’t think the person you’re responding to is exactly off-base. Lamp-shading an idea isn’t the same as examining it. And, let’s get serious here…TOS and TNG in particular are FULL of lampshades.

89. Captain Hackett - April 11, 2013


90. Voss - April 11, 2013

Love the Cinemosaic poster. It’s definitely busy. The fight sequence between Quinto and Cumberbatch looks so intense. Uhura on the poster–awesome!

91. Kris - April 11, 2013

Wow. They’re really trying to push Uhura aren’t they? Wish they’d give some of the other crew members a bit of attention too. Bones and Scotty were just as important.

92. KirksLove - April 11, 2013

@27: Jack

THIS! OMG, I love you. A man with a brain… I’m so sick of all this “MY Star Trek was this or that”, “Star Trek was never about this or that”…

93. Keachick - April 11, 2013

Whether Benedict Cumberbatch gets to attend STID premieres depends on what is in his contract with Paramount/Bad Robot. If Benedict Cumberbatch’s contract stipulates that he must attend this or that or all premieres/publicity events, then that is where he will be, unless he wants to incur penalties for being in breach of contract.

Chris Pine was released from his STID film schedule in order to promote This Means War in the US and London, because he would very likely be in breach of contract with 20th C Fox if he did not do that work and it is not a good look for any studio to force an actor or other to breach a legal contract. The only people who get to hear big ka-ching ka-chings would be the lawyers.

94. Keachick - April 11, 2013

Three actors are attending the world premier of STID in Australia and they play Kirk, Spock and McCoy respectively. I find that interesting…

95. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 11, 2013

@94. Keachick

I’m really pleased, although I won’t get to see them in person. You live just across the ditch, you know how this works – Karl Urban is practically Australian… So naturally he’d be coming out if his schedule allowed ;-)

96. Stephan - April 11, 2013

I have to say the cinemas in my city in Germany have very little to none posters or banners of Star Trek Into Darkness. Every other movie like fast and furious, the gatsby, iron man, pacific rim, wolverine has its advertisements. Seems nobody here is aware of a new star trek movie. :(

So much for the international promotion efforts…


97. Keachick - April 11, 2013

Karl Urban practically Australian? Karl was born in Wellington, NZ. I was born just north of Wellington, NZ. Neither he nor I are “practically Australian”. Just saying…

I have no idea what Karl Urban’s schedule is, but I can say that starting 21 April are the first school holidays for the NZ school year. I have read that Karl tries to schedule his work commitments around dates like school holidays etc. Now if I were him, I might try to bring my wife and two boys with me to Sydney for the STID promotion and for the school holidays. Just a thought…:)

Although, he may not have too much family time as I think he has to be in Moscow with the rest of the team for the Russian premier on 25 April, however I am sure his wife can manage without him for the rest of the time…

98. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 11, 2013

@97. Keachick

Umm, you were supposed to pick up on the sarcasm there… For example Russell Crowe, Jane Campion, Keith Urban, Rebecca Gibney, and I’m sure many others, were born in NZ but are now associated with Australia. It seems to me (as an Australian with a Kiwi father from Dannevirke) that anything good from NZ will be somehow appropriated as Australian so it’s not too much of a stretch to say (except when it comes to Cricket or Rugby), Kiwi eh – that’s close enough.

It is my belief that Karl Urban is well thought of over here, and his presence in Australia for the premiere would be a benefit in promoting STID in Australia.

Sorry if I inadvertently offended you. That was not my intention.

99. Jack - April 11, 2013

Surprisingly, Elysium’s trailer makes it look better than Into Darkness…

100. Jack - April 11, 2013

78. KK. Any idea why movies get released later in Japan? Just curious.

101. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 11, 2013

Chris Pine and Alice Eve at the 3rd Annual Coach Evening to benefit the Children’s Defense Fund, host JJ Abrams

102. Ahmed - April 11, 2013

@ 99. Jack – April 11, 2013

“Surprisingly, Elysium’s trailer makes it look better than Into Darkness…”

In what way ? The two movies are too different to compare them.

103. Keachick - April 11, 2013

#98 – Sorry – just a bit touchy. I know you did not mean to offend…

Karl Urban represents us folks downunder and anyway there is a little kiwi in Bones McCoy’s background. Even JJ and Bob Orci don’t know this. You read it here first…:)

104. KK - April 12, 2013

# 100 Jack Japanese are generally more fond of domestic movies. Usually it’s the Japanese animation movies top its box office for several weeks, and then it’s the domestic movies; even those hit foreign movies like Skyfall and Les Miz, which top the B.O. for one or two weeks, their overall performances are weaker than the best selling Japanese movies. That may have something to do with the screens the foreign movies can sell and I could imagine that there might be some protections for the domestic film industry when they negotiated the relevant treaties under WTO scheme; in fact, not only in Japan, usually foreign movies are released one or several months later in China and South Korea and if my recollection is correct, in some European countries as well. No offense, but a lot of countries wouldn’t like the massive cultural invasion from Hollywood.

105. KK - April 12, 2013

#93 Cumberbatch’s casting in STID was decided at the end of 2012 and he signed on the project within 10 days of the commencement of STID production according to his interview; at that time he had already signed on Series 3 of Sherlock and The Hobbit (mo-cap and voice work for Smaug the Dragon and The Necromancer), I imagine his agents and attorneys would duly protect his rights not to break his any existing contracts and commitments when negotiating with Paramount and Bad Robot; this is hardly non-precedent, Martin Freeman had to turn down the offer from The Hobbit as its leading man due to his commitment to Series 2 of Sherlock; Peter Jackson believed that Freeman is the only one that can carry that part so he decided to work around Sherlock’s shooting schedule and break The Hobbit filming so that Freeman could go back to London to make Sherlock S2. In fact, back then there was an article reporting that Paramount paid for Cumberbatch’s traveling expenses for him to fly to NZ to film his parts in The Hobbit and then back to LA for STID filming; I suppose since they were keen for him on board and it’s a late casting, they wouldn’t give Cumberbatch’s attorneys hard time on some minor issues that could cause him to violate existing contracts.

106. JRT! - April 12, 2013

Are you sure it was 2012? That leaves VERY little time to film his scenes! I heard it was 2011. lol! He’s an ok actor,and look forward to seeing him as a bad guy.


107. KK - April 12, 2013

#106 Thanks, it’s a typo; didn’t notice that; it should be at the end of 2011. As for Cumberbatch’s acting ability, sure everyone would have his or her opinion, but judging by the fact that he has received 4 BAFTA nominations, one Emmy nomination, one Golden Globe nomination, and own several critics awards and an Olivier Best Actor Award in the past ten years, and based on my own viewing experience that Cumberbatch is an actor who can act the death of a marriage and the end of an era by a slight muscle twitch of his mouth, if he’s only an OK actor in your opinion, I guess most of actors working today are way below average in your eyes, and I and lots of critics should immediately fxxk off for having really bad tastes.

Anyway, an actor’s performance in a movie has a lot to do with the script and the direction, I would hold my judgment on his performance in STID before actually seeing it.

108. JRT! - April 12, 2013

LOL! In my eyes,lol! I like that. No,most actors are not below average,and just because I’m not one of the uberCumberbatch fans that some of you are,doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy his work. He’s an ok actor. I’ve seen better,I’ve seen worse. Plain and simple. Some think Cumberbatch is just the greatest actor ever,some don’t. Comes down to what you like and so on. And there is no correct answer to that.

109. dswynne - April 12, 2013

@ Keachick: Maybe Earth has become the “new” Coruscant in the JJ-Verse? ;-)

110. Keachick - April 12, 2013

#105 – My point exactly. Studios/directors need to work in together sometimes for their mutual benefit and not have actors and others stuck between a rock and a hard place.

111. Keachick - April 12, 2013

#109 – I had to look Coruscant up. I guess it shows how unStar Warsy I am. All I can say – God, I hope not.

Of course, there are many cities around the world now that have a similar look to what is shown in STID’s London and San Francisco. Certainly there is some interesting architecture etc, but they also appear so devoid of greenery (unless it is of an artificial kind). Greenery in the form of plants is LIFE and represents the promise of life.

I guess the Observers have won…:(

112. Phil - April 12, 2013

Interesting. Seems BC made good use of his time in the States, he shot his role in !2 Years a Slave in 2012 as well. Another interesting Trek connection, the PBS broadcast of the book starred Trek’s Avery Brooks.

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