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Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Poster Has Arrived + Trailer Online Next Tuesday April 12, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Earlier this week TrekMovie reported that the final domestic Star Trek Into Darkness poster was coming soon – and soon turns out to be today. You can check out the new USA poster below. It has also been announced that the new domestic trailer will be online on Tuesday.   



Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Poster Is Here + Trailer on Tuesday

Today Apple was given the exclusive first look at the final domestic ‘one sheet’ poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Check it out.

Final domestic one-sheet poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge)

Apple also announced that they will posting the the new domestic trailer (which TrekMovie reported on earlier this week) on Tuesday of next week.

Regarding the new poster, as expected it is quite different from the international posters. The domestic poster is also noteworthy as it has no tagline – unlike the international poster which prominently features the tagline "Earth Will Fall."

International one-sheet "Into Darkness" poster is very different than the domestic one-sheet

In 2009 the domestic Star Trek poster did feature a tagline ("The Future Begins") – which was also used in TV spots and other promotions. As for the design, the 2009 domestic poster was also different than the 2009 international posters.

2009 domestic poster for "Star Trek"

The new domestic Into Darkness poster could possibly be seen as a continuation of the domestic 2009 Star Trek poster which featured the USS Enterprise at warp (in a stylized fashion). That poster showed the ship "boldly going" out on a mission with the new poster showing the ship in peril.

In fact it’s not really a Star Trek movie poster if it doesn’t have the USS Enterprise on it. Of the 10 ‘prime universe’ Star Trek movie posters, only two didn’t include a USS Enterprise somewhere on the poster. The Star Trek IV poster featured a Klingon Bird of Prey but only because Kirk and crew used the Klingon ship in the movie because the Enterprise had been destroyed in Star Trek III (and they didn’t get a new Enterprise until the end of the movie). Nemesis was the only poster to not feature any ship at all – and that film almost killed the franchise so apparently Paramount knows to put a ship on the poster.

All 10 pre-JJ Abrams era Star Trek posters – only Nemesis had no ship on it

More stuff coming this weekend and next week

TrekMovie has also learned there are additional ‘character’ posters coming shortly. Also tune into the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday to see a new domestic TV promo. The TOS "Arena" Gorn Captain (featured in the recent Shatner promo) will also be on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards – promoting Star Trek: The Video Game


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1. singularity87 - April 12, 2013

I really hope that poster of the Enterprise crashing doesn’t get picked up as a metaphor if the film doesn’t do well at the box office . . . .

2. Marshall McMellon - April 12, 2013

Very nice!

3. singularity87 - April 12, 2013

It is clearly a Star Trek poster unlike the international one, which just looks like a generic action flick.

4. Vultan - April 12, 2013

Looks fake.

5. Flake - April 12, 2013

Bombs away!


Much better than the floating heads/bodies posters recently.

6. Punkspocker - April 12, 2013

Yeah, the Big E

7. Barney Fife - April 12, 2013

W O W ! ! !

8. Phil - April 12, 2013

A bad day for the good ship Enterprise. Somehow I doubt this will be the last ship to carry the name Enterprise….

9. Phil - April 12, 2013


Pilot to co-pilot, we’re goin’ down…

10. Planet Pandro - April 12, 2013

Now that’s more like it…

11. Nony - April 12, 2013

I like it! Simple, effective, more natural-looking than the international ones.

What I find striking about it is the vague unsettled feeling the black area gives me, which I had to think about for a minute. It is this: there’s a starship present, and our view is from in or above the Earth’s atmosphere, so one would expect that a black ‘sky’ area would naturally have stars, since Star Trek + ships + black usually = space — but it doesn’t. No stars. A dead blank darkness, not a living one.

12. Elias Javalis - April 12, 2013


13. Tuomas - April 12, 2013

I like that there’s a lot of empty space in the poster. It’s eye-catching and beautiful. Though I feel bad for the Enterprise.

14. Jonny Boy - April 12, 2013

Haha, looks like I wasn’t far off when I made this…

The new poster is awesome! I was hoping that they would do something to play on the dark vs. light idea suggested by the title. Loving it!

15. Flake - April 12, 2013

#11 Actually we should never see any stars in space if something as bright as the Earth is in view. Sci-Fi has got it wrong. We only see the stars in Scifi because it would look weird without them.

16. Planet Pandro - April 12, 2013

Oh and the domestic trailer on tuesday!? That’s my birthday!

I have a feeling I’ll be glued to the internet in anticipation all day.

17. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 12, 2013

Wow!. That look’s totally Awesome!!!.
Come on May 15th.

18. Daniel Broadway - April 12, 2013

Hey look, they didn’t copy and past the smoke this time. Nice!

19. Kapten Kerk - April 12, 2013

It looks fan-made. But not in a “it-is-fake” way but more of a “it-is-great” way.

(Fan-made posters are really good usually. Like the awesome poster of the Enterprise rising from the ocean by MadMan’s Shipyard.)

20. Tuomas - April 12, 2013

Just noticed something curious: look at the engineering section where the registry number should be. It says “NCC” but there’s no “-1701″. Obviously this is the big E but I have no idea why they took the numbers out. Anyone else?

21. David - April 12, 2013

@ 1 no chance. The film crashed the IMAX website with pre-orders.

It’s going to be massive.

22. Theatre Historian Levi - April 12, 2013

Awesome I love that new poster!!!!

23. Colinar - April 12, 2013

Damn, i cannot wait any longer!

Bring it on!

24. Kev - April 12, 2013

ah good an excuse to refit the ship to fix the nacelles and the engineering section and get her looking more like Matt Jefferies version

kinda always thought you know it’d be nice if this version had been like the tos one as he wasnt happy with the redesign of his ship in TMP, all those years ago. you know maybe to honor the original design yet bring it up to date in a way he would have liked.

no go sadly, instead we got one that looks like the TMP one turned into a hotrod just to make it look like it might turn into the TMP one in the end.

25. Phil - April 12, 2013

@20. Yeah, it’s not Enterprise, but another ship in her class….

26. MagicDan - April 12, 2013

I have to admit, my heart sank when I saw it. I don’t want her to get hurt! Please let them pull out of it before its too late.

No doubt that I will be seeing this multiple times.

Looks good so far.

27. Tadeo D'Oria - April 12, 2013

@20 It looks like the model is missing some textures. Not only the “-1701″, but I believe the entire texture of the center of the saucer is missing. Notice how it’s unusually white when compared to the rest of the saucer. I believe this is also the case for the neck.

28. Kev - April 12, 2013

there’s no markings on the underbelly at all actually.

Here’s a new Tag line for you though

the new USS Enteprise, crashing into a theater near you on may the 17th

this ship crashing into earth brought to you by the pinto starfleet technology first pioneered in the Enterprise D, Voyager and the NX 01.

as when you want to bring a ship down with a staff infection via cheeze in the gell packs or rig up a warp core ejection system that never works with no backups whatsoever except no substitute in Crappy construction and technology

buy pinto starfleet technology today, we have a sale on crappy inertial dampeners going on right now fresh off of the new enterprise from the ’13 movie!

Sorry being an sfdebris fan I just had to do that lol looking forward to the film my nitpicks and disliking on the new enterprise aside

29. kmart - April 12, 2013

putting the ship on the cover makes a huge dif in sales. I used to write for CINEFEX, and the movies where they had the ship on the cover (TMP & TVH, along with their TNG series coverage) sold out, while there SFS, TFF, TUC, GEN, FC, INS & NEM issues are still widely available (especially INSURRECTION, which has this horrible MY FAVORITE MARTIAN cover.)

30. The Mighty Chip - April 12, 2013

To me it seems like they’re pushing the “Enterprise is crashing!” thing a little harder than they need to… that’s the main reason I think she’s probably going to be fine by the end of the movie. At this point her getting destroyed would just be too expected.

31. MJ - April 12, 2013

Finally a cool poster. This will hang on my wall, framed, someday soon

32. Langlang1701 - April 12, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch what are you doing to the Enterprise? Just because Sherlock jumped off a building, and faked his death, doesn’t mean that you get to destroy the Enterprise.

33. Maltz - April 12, 2013

I’m sorry, but I still don’t see why Star Trek has to be only about destruction. That’s all we’ve gotten from JJ.

And by the way, the “crashing Enterprise” to make way for a newer version has been done too many times.

Sorry. I am really just not impressed with the new direction.

34. lankyguy - April 12, 2013

Tired of Star Trek crashing the ship. It’s been done and done over. Enough.

35. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 12, 2013

Still “not really”… anyway it´s better than the intl poster!

36. Phil - April 12, 2013

@33. Name one Trek movie that didn’t involve something getting blown up…

37. Robman007 - April 12, 2013

IGN dropped a bit of a spoiler on their report about this poster…regarding the ship crashing to be Enterprise, but is it Kirks Enterprise?

Leading more and more to the April connection.

38. Kapten Kerk - April 12, 2013

The wait us killing me!
I don’t care if John Harrison is Khan, April, Mitchell, Garth or the Easter Bunny!
But I NEED to know about the Federation starship that crashes into Alcatraz!!! Is it the Enterprise or another ship??? Is it Khan’s Reliant, April’s Enterprise, the Excelsior or what???
And if it’s a new ship design I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

39. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 12, 2013

N I C E !!!!

40. njdss4 - April 12, 2013

Finally a poster that reminds people this is supposed to be a STAR TREK MOVIE, not just ‘generic future action flick’. I doubt the trailer on Tuesday will be anything special. Just a rehash of what we’ve already seen from the other ones around the world.

41. Vultan - April 12, 2013


The Voyage Home. The only act of violence is against a doorknob.

42. bterrik - April 12, 2013

Plot twist! This movie is just an Ent-D holodeck simulation – this time it’s for Troi, and she’s struggling with driving lessons!

43. Garth - April 12, 2013

i think this new movie is going to make our eyes bleed

that was a compliment

44. Planet Pandro - April 12, 2013

41. Well, the Whalers shot a harpoon at poor George and Gracie…that counts too!

45. Robman007 - April 12, 2013

Too bad Fringe is not on the air. The last time Trek was released we had Clint Howard on Fringe essentially spill the guts on the plot of the film 3 days before the film was released (he talked about protecting us from time traveling Romulans who are trying to alter the past/future) and that he was Spock. Haha!

46. DesiluTrek - April 12, 2013

I like the poster because it is a metaphor for my sentiments on that design of the Enterprise. May it go down in flames.

47. Luther Sloan - April 12, 2013

Hey… the poster in the apple page is different!

48. Robman007 - April 12, 2013

I do wish that folks would understand that movies and TV are different beasts. You can’t have the exploration style Trek adventures on the big screen because they are not profitable and the few that have tried have been disastrous for the franchise. Action based flicks with fist fights and space battles work best on the big screen where you need to reach an audience beyond a Trek fan.

Not rocket science.

49. Phil - April 12, 2013

@41. Not – the whale probe was laying waste to the planet, and completely draining the power supply of any ship that came close. Recall the communications intercept that life support was failing. The probe was indiscriminate in it’s work.

Okay, technically it didn’t blow anything up, but a dead crew is a dead crew..

50. Vultan - April 12, 2013

You asked.

51. Ayaneva - April 12, 2013

I love it! I’ve been checking back here all day between herding children to see what the surprise was! I definitely love this poster.

52. Commodore Adams - April 12, 2013


I loved the 2009 poster of the ship at warp and that it is the cover for the blu-ray steelbook. The crew posters or the character posters never interested me. All the 2009 character posters were less than spectacular. There is something about the ship, the “8th” member of the crew, the vessel that carries them, protects them – quote that Janeway speech about Voyager. Anyway, like the 2009 stylized ship at warp poster, I love this poster. Great job guy!

53. The dude - April 12, 2013

WHAT?? space?? Yes an actual star trek poster!!! ST FTW!!!!

This could have made a really cool poster too.

54. BH - April 12, 2013

First to say: lense flare!

55. The dude - April 12, 2013

@ 54

56. Miles R. Seppelt - April 12, 2013

Super cool poster!

Maybe we can get rid of this crap Enterprise and get a better design!

57. Phil - April 12, 2013

@50. Yes, I did….

58. Commodore Adams - April 12, 2013

Anthony I laugh at the comments about Nemesis. I just marathoned the movies…and no matter how many times I watch it, or how many years go by, my love for Nemesis does not grow, its a terrible movie. It has its moments and when Data – an artificially life form – gives his life, its incredibly moving. Although a powerful moment its not enough, there is nothing can save Nemesis.

The failure of Nemesis and the UPN bullshit with Enterprise did almost end the franchise, but Paramount knows that Star Trek is a cash cow, it just needed some time…and some people who wont sink it.

59. Buzz Cagney - April 12, 2013

Doesn’t really float my boat. Er, or my Starship for that matter. Looks like the ship is destined for the scrapheap already. Oh well.

60. Buzz Cagney - April 12, 2013

#41 pmsl.

61. kmart - April 12, 2013

Saying TVH doesn’t show violence is such crap; the images of the whales being butchered on the institute’s tv monitors bothered me a lot more than rubber and wax getting stuffed in Koenig’s ear or anything else in any TREKmovie.

62. THK - April 12, 2013

Hmmm, I’m just wondering… Could the ship crashing at Alcatraz be the Excelsior? It has rectangular nacelles and ”sucked-in” deflector dish after all.

63. summoner2100 - April 12, 2013

Yep, cause that is what you want in a Star Trek Poster, a picture of a ship crashing. Especially when the guys behind the movie keep saying that they are keeping the “message of hope” that is a part of Trek. I call this poster a fail, and I don’t like it.

64. radii - April 12, 2013

all the posters for Abrams’ second Trek film have been terrible … the movie looks like crap too

65. Harry Ballz - April 12, 2013

The poster of the ship falling from space looks like they ripped off the storyline from The Search For Spock.

Not very impressive betting the impact of a promotional poster, with it depicting 30 year old material!

66. Beck - April 12, 2013

I don’t like the Enterprise crashing either, but I gotta admit it’s a well designed poster. Clean and striking.

67. IPIUIL - April 12, 2013

Very cool poster!
But as No.20 Tuomasan others pointed out,
something is strange with the registry on the engeneering section.
The “NCC” is upside down, when compared to the old model an it`s missing the “1701”, so it might not be THE Enterprise ;-)

68. Factchecker - April 12, 2013

So….CHEMTRAILS in space then….

69. Keachick - April 12, 2013

It is a better poster than the others. I wonder – will there be other posters to come?

I can see how having all the posters side by side on a wall could tell the basic outline of this movie’s story…

Perhaps the producers could put together a poster in the next few months, after the film’s international release, tying everything together – with light (goodness) starting to shine out of the darkness, with vibrancy and healing. Our fine protagonists survive and may even manage a smile and they are aboard a good ship Enterprise…

PS I couldn’t give a damn what the nacelles look like…

70. paul - April 12, 2013

Should have been the one sheet internationally as well not the John Harrison poster he is a solid actor but not that well known in UK or anywhere else YET!

71. Phil - April 12, 2013

@69. No. Not sure what part of FINAL domestic ‘one sheet’ poster you didn’t understand….

72. Danpaine - April 12, 2013

My first impression was….”pretty cool.”


73. 4light - April 12, 2013

I guess the Enterprise will have to RISE !!

74. Captain_Conrad - April 12, 2013

No tagline required. The image says it all: “Enterprise will crash. Fans will cry.”

75. bluthx - April 12, 2013

#18 Thats too funny I noticed that the streames of smoke looked the same…. too funny.

76. Marja, the art critic [easier to criticise than to do, of course] - April 12, 2013

As MAD magazine might say,

“Here we go again with another…”

… depressing poster. These artists apparently have a palette of black, grey, silver-blue, and flame-yellow.

As Nony said, no stars. A starship crashing. All in all it says “OMG, tragedy, ruin!” Really, is that what we need in our mental worldscape?

Yes, the 2009 poster was black, white and grey, but a starship was whoosing by, on a mission!

Those other posters! Wow! Lookit! Heroes! COLOR!

77. Commander K - April 12, 2013

Its okk, not as good as the white one from 2009…and i hate that transformers-esque font!!

78. AJ - April 12, 2013

So, we all have to make an effort to catch Enterprise as it falls. What’s the big deal?

79. Chris Roberts - April 12, 2013

No ship on Nemesis. I can’t believe I never spotted that. 11 years!

Next somebody will tell me, the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

80. Classy M - April 12, 2013

@70 – ‘Not that well known in the UK…’ Seriously? I must respectfully beg to differ.

As to the poster: It’s OK but I’m not mad about it. Conceptually it’s fine, but the execution doesn’t bear close scrutiny. Its Photoshop quality is no better than the international version. That said, it’s nice to see My Lady Enterprise front and centre again.

81. drumvan - April 12, 2013

i like it. my only graphic knitpick is that the right edge of the saucer should either be totally visible with some blue on the right side or slightly more off the page so it looks like it’s “flying out of the frame”. it just seems to stop right at the edge, which is “neither here nor there”.

82. LLAP - April 12, 2013

I don’t like the international poster because there’s nothing Star Trek about it apart from the movie title. This one, on the other hand, is great. Compelling, conveys a sense of high drama, and the Enterprise of course lets you know this is a Trek movie.

83. Marja, nuEnterprise Appreciator - April 12, 2013

and PS, I love the new Enterprise and I hope she is not changed one whit. Like Scotty, I like the “ample nacelles” – and I hate the tired trope of “let’s destroy this one and make another one”

84. Bamasi - April 12, 2013

Over 70 posts now and no one has asked Mr. Bob Orci what his thoughts are of the poster? We’re off our game.

85. drumvan - April 12, 2013

wait, they re-cropped it from an earlier version i downloaded?! they did exactly what i was hoping for. good for them :) now it rocks!

86. KHAAAN, the weasel - April 12, 2013

Hmm, a lot of flames, considering the ship’s still in Earth’s lower orbit… but well, it’s the old “explosions in space” problem… At least Trek09 got it KINDA right with lots of debris flying everywhere ‘n stuff.

87. Anthony Pascale - April 12, 2013

as noted in the article this isn’t the final poster but this is the official US one-sheet. The other posters to come are character posters – like the ones done in 2009. Some theaters will have room to post a lot of posters and will include the extra character posters.

RE: poster difference
Well the article was written and waiting for apple to go live. It went up when they went live but the poster I had was slightly diferent than the one with Apple so I replaced it. The main change was the final final final was a bit more cropped so the credits type was larger.

88. StalwartUK - April 12, 2013

Well at least it looks like a Star Trek poster…

89. Galrand - April 12, 2013

“When the Enterprise is…ashes…then you have my permission to cry.” – John Harrison

90. James Regulus Kirk - April 12, 2013

My God, Bones… what have I done?

91. AFort - April 12, 2013

apparently Deanna Troi has found her way into the alternate timeline and back to the helm of the Enterprise! You would think we would learn our lesson!
Just kidding! Love the poster!

92. Mantastic - April 12, 2013

Fire in space? Please tell me they’re not going to have things on fire in space.

93. CmdrR - April 12, 2013

Big improvement.

94. ME!! - April 12, 2013

Much better than the Cumberbatch centric posters so far. This one’s classic.

95. Steve Johnson - April 12, 2013

Love the delta shield influence going on there.

96. Anthony Thompson - April 12, 2013

Not the Enterprise. The nacelles are too long and not thick enough.

97. Anthony Thompson - April 12, 2013

If the Enterprise IS destroyed, that’s when we’ll see the TMP refit replace it (as seen in the recent comics).

98. JohnRambo - April 12, 2013

awesome! new single from empire of the sun and a new star trek into darkness trailer all on the same day!:-D

99. Disinvited - April 12, 2013

#15. Flake – April 12, 2013

I think we need some context to understand what you are asserting? Because my ancestors could see stars from the bottom of cisterns in broad daylight. Also Einstein was verified by watching the sun’s gravitational field bend starlight near it where it is way brighter than earthshine.

#32. Langlang1701 – April 12, 2013

Yeah, cause like destroying a planet with billions on it, is cool, but destroying a starship with a crew of over 400…well, you have to draw the line somewhere?

100. Aix - April 12, 2013

Uhm…that reminds me of the IM3 poster where Iron Man’s falling! But it’s great!

Also, I may or may not have seen a domestic banner as well…

101. Khan 2.0 - April 12, 2013

looks like a blend of the Ent appearing in the atmosphere in Tommorow is Yesterday (both versions)

and Trek IIIs falling Enterprise comet

and wasnt Enterprise falling in the atmosphere a rather big plot point in ‘Prime Directive’ (I think bob orci said he used as one of the core books when researching ST09?)

so 2009 had the TMP teaser poster remastered one, the Top Gun one, and the ‘A’ one similar to Generations/FC, (plus the forgien Goldengate bridge one)

and STID hasCharlies Angels, Khan walking hot coals, and now Enterprise Down

i shall have to amend my best to worst poster list i did a few threads back

102. Jeyl - April 12, 2013

….we’re not in space anymore.

103. Disinvited - April 12, 2013

#92. Mantastic – April 12, 2013

As long as spaceships keep carrying oxygen around up there there’ll be fires.

Now I’m with you on their not depicting the molecular diffusion of fires in space accurately. But we should be aware that many of those fires start on ships with fully functioning artificial gravity, in which case those depictions are mostly correct.

104. kev - April 12, 2013

42. bterrik you must be a sfdebris fan lol

90. James Regulus Kirk: destroyed an ugly ship, come on I know where we can find a better one

“steals the enterprise C”

92. Mantastic – April 12, 2013

Fire in space? Please tell me they’re not going to have things on fire in space.

well you’ve got air in the ship being released into air, if it keeps up with the opening it could keep the thing alight I reckon

plus the real enterprise imploded on herself with fire being visibile from the outside till the explosives went off

105. kev - April 12, 2013

hey hold on looking at the poster closely, is the left engine coming off in that shot?

106. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 12, 2013

I quite like it. It’s definitely recognisable Trek. However, I’m not convinced it is actually Kirk/Pike’s Enterprise on the poster. Time will tell.

107. Thomoz - April 12, 2013

Has anyone else notices that there is no tie in merchant – not even a tee shirt – for this film yet?

108. Dr. Fridgehead - April 12, 2013

Interesting poster. Though, I am confident the Enterprise does not crash since we can clearly see it in the background of the space jump clip all busted up.
On another note, I’m getting annoyed with these comments about hoping this new Enterprise is refit so it looks like the old TOS ship. If you want the old show, watch the old show. It’ll still be there. Get the box set or watch your recorded tapes. Get over it already. The old Trek died. Rick Berman killed it and kicked the corpse.

109. Squire of Gothos - April 12, 2013

Looks like a great poster!!

110. captain_neill - April 12, 2013

Not really sure about this poster, nice to have the Enterprise on there but I think photoshopped posters don’t have the magic of posters that were painted, I don’t know if anyone agrees.

Wish they could combine the main rew with the Enterprise in space. As I think the combo of the two works best.

Berman did his best given the pressures and demands of the studio.

111. cgrest - April 12, 2013

The look, design and overall feel of the poster is really good. But the lack of a tagline is definitely disappointing.

112. Stargazer54 - April 12, 2013

Boy, ILM sure loves blowing up the Enterprise. Bet you never see such an image involving the Millennium Falcon. Just sayin’ . . .

113. Chingatchkook - April 12, 2013

I love all the Trek movies. But I hate it when they destroy the Enterprise. I hope that isn’t what this is.

114. MattR - April 12, 2013

#111. Sometimes a tagline isn’t really necessary. I think the image is striking enough that any lame tagline, including the very generic sound “Earth Will Fall” would detract from the visual.

115. wa2flq - April 12, 2013

At this point I have two concerns.

1) Are nacelle supports pitches adjustable?

2) The saucer looks too flat. Did someone toss a pizza cutter out an airlock?

116. Disinvited - April 12, 2013

#108. Dr. Fridgehead – April 12, 2013

Lord knows I have my problems with the BBgun but you are confused. Rick Berman didn’t having anything to do with the design of the first Enterprise on television or the first one in the movies or a redesign of them so he couldn’t possibly have killed them.

And only two posters mentioned a refit. The second guy mentioned TMP but he was referring to the flat Nacelled NCC-1701 in the comics for the new vision which you extol.

117. captain_neill - April 12, 2013

I doubt they would be destroying the Enterprise.

Do people prefer artwork posters or photoshopped?

118. MC1 Doug - April 12, 2013

I hope this means we will be seeing a more acceptable looking Enterprise with the next film…. I just do not like the engineering pod and pylons. Sorry (and I am wearing a phaser blast impervious garment). ;-)

119. Ahmed - April 12, 2013

I wonder if that poster will make the general moviegoers, who will see it, want to see the movie ?

120. Michael Hall - April 12, 2013

A good angle on a redesign I’m just never going to really like, not to mention a cool and dramatic composition to boot. No doubt; I like this one a helluva lot better than the 2009 poster, and just hope I can say the same for the film itself.

121. captain_neill - April 12, 2013

tickets already sold out over here

122. Aix - April 12, 2013

@115 Haha! Thought the same thing! I can now see parodies of this, the earth a pizza, the Enterprise a pizza cutter.

123. captain_neill - April 12, 2013

I think Berman gets a bad press, he worked with gene and tried to keep Trek going after Gene died.

it was Paramount who aways insisted on a new spin off and Beran stayed as he felt it was better him because he knew Gene than getting someone else in.

Berman is not perfect, no fan is but he should be commended for keeping Trek on the air for 18 years. Yes it was not as fresh but some great telly was produced and I admire his persistence when studios where making demands that would not have worked. I look forward to this feature on the Enterprise season 1 blu ray as I have heard it have fans re evaluating it

Fans hate berman, fans hate Abrams, no offence but we are not behaving like the humans Roddenberry gave us, Trek fans should be forward thinking people, and I include myself in this debate as I was anti Abrams but death threats are too far. But we should be behaving like the characters we love.

Do I like everything Abrams has done? No but I can admit he made a good film. Did Berman make mistakes? Yes he did but they are both part of the legacy,

I prob have a preference to Bermans style as that era of Trek is what I grew up with and I prob got comfortable but it is what I grew up loving. However, I am looking forward to Into Darkness more now as it gets nearere and a rewatch of the last one.

124. helen - April 12, 2013

Somone has already made fun of the poster by including Iron man on it.

125. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 12, 2013

You do realise you CAN get an Enterprise pizza cutter, don’t you? I have it on good authority that that’s what my son has got me for my birthday this year. Last year it was a tribble ;-)

126. Jack - April 12, 2013

“Perhaps the producers could put together a poster in the next few months, after the film’s international release, tying everything together – with light (goodness) starting to shine out of the darkness, with vibrancy and healing.”

No offense, and I’m not just singling you out… but Jesus goshdarned Christ already.

What the heck? Have you guys never seen a movie poster before? Posters get you into a movie — they often show some potentially iconic image, or an element of conflict, or a really hot movie star. And you folks want shrubbery, stars and rainbows? Floating heads of the entire cast? Is this because you want to hang the thing in your guest bedrooms and don’t want to depress your in-laws? Are you afraid your neighbours won’t know it’s a Star Trek poster (because there are no stars! and no trekking!) and think you’re a supporter of terrorism and guns and crashing stuff and they’ll report you to he feds?

If you want a happy ending and no bloody drama or conflict, then wait outside the theater until about 90 seconds before the end credits roll.

What, the poster for Wizard of Oz should have showed her waking up back in Kansas? The poster for Trek II should have shown them all standing, happy and hopeful, in front of the view screen… with a little note that the threat gets eliminated, the bad guy dies and Spock will be back!! ;)?

Note: I gave up coffee this morning.

I get what you’re saying — later on, you’d like a pretty Pixar poster. Fair enough.

PS. I’m not a fan of taglines, generally.

127. Jack - April 12, 2013

Neil, how do you know it’s photoshopped? It’s not just a still from the film.

128. Phil - April 12, 2013

@126. Your restraint is admirable, Jack…I deleted my reply.

129. MJ - April 12, 2013

One of these popped up on Ebay for $25 and I just bought it.

130. MJ - April 12, 2013

@69 “Perhaps the producers could put together a poster in the next few months, after the film’s international release, tying everything together – with light (goodness) starting to shine out of the darkness, with vibrancy and healing. Our fine protagonists survive and may even manage a smile and they are aboard a good ship Enterprise…”

This is the best Trek Movie Poster in years. I love this poster, and now I will receive it in the mail next week. This is ART !!!

131. Theskulltrail - April 12, 2013×240.jpg

Something to smile :-) You see what it looks like in the right upper corner?! :P


132. Garth - April 12, 2013

people… can’t we all just get along?

133. Disinvitedd - April 12, 2013

#123. captain_neill – April 12, 2013

I’m with you there. Far to often corporate deflects the suits culpability by blaming the “talent”. Ever ready to take the credit for successes and scapegoat failures.

134. Red Dead Ryan - April 12, 2013

I like this poster.

135. Brett L. - April 12, 2013

I get that minimalist is in, but it seems a bit ho-hum. I think the posters that include some of the characters’ faces tend to feel more heroic and epic.

136. Aix - April 12, 2013

Maybe the ship in the poster is indeed April’s Enterprise and Kirk just got hold of it because he has gone rogue (for the man-hunt) and has no official access to his own Enterprise.

137. Phil - April 12, 2013

@130. Come now, MJ. it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Come one, everybody, lets smoke some peyote, everybody get naked, lock arms and sing kumbayah now….embrace your inner space hippie now, yeah, brotha…

Don’t be a Herbert…

138. James - April 12, 2013

Glad to see that monstrosity they called Enterprise go. Maybe we can get a decent looking ship now.

139. Rico - April 12, 2013

Kind of meh on the poster. Wasn’t a big fan of the 2009 poster either. I want them to hire an actual artist to do a great poster like the stuff Drew Struzan or others did back in the day. Those were movie posters – not just someone good with Photoshop.

140. Thorny - April 12, 2013

Anthony… that’s not the actual Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan movie poster in the set of photos. Wrath of Khan’s official poster was the one with the ten pictures around the periphery with the “Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan:” logo and “At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance” tagline in the middle. Plus credits. The Enterprise appeared in two of the photos. The image shown here first appeared on one of the VHS re-releases in the mid-1990s.

141. Trekbilly - April 12, 2013

#112 — My thoughts exactly! They treat the finest ship in science fiction like dirt! :-/

142. Vultan - April 12, 2013


As someone who works in Photoshop on a daily basis, trust me, this is a Photoshopped poster. I see about… four different elements in use here: the crashing Enterprise (probably a screen grab from Into Darkness), the smoke trail, Earth, and the space gradient. Oh, and there’s the little flare on the left just to let us know for sure this is an Abrams movie. Ha ha.

Not a terrible layout. Though the details look borderline fan-made to my eye. I liked the 2009 much better. Very artsy… for a Trek movie.

143. Vultan - April 12, 2013

Correction: 2009 poster

144. Cyril - April 12, 2013

The smoke trail behind the Enterprise looks almost exactly like the one left by the Chelyabinsk meteor in February. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a picture of it as a source image.

145. Curious Cadet - April 12, 2013

@92. Mantastic,
“Please tell me they’re not going to have things on fire in space.”

It’s not in space. It’s in the upper atmosphere where there’s plenty of oxygen to create enough friction to cause an unprotected object in freefall to burn up.

146. endeavour crew - April 12, 2013

Hundreds of Enterprise crewman cry out in unison as their ship falls to


147. MJ - April 12, 2013

Nothing personal, but some of you people wouldn’t know a great Trek movie poster if it hit you in the ass and called you papa.

Almost all Trek movie posters have pretty much stunk. The only truly great Trek movie post was the Star Trek 4 one:

And the other truly great Trek movie poster was the unofficial advance poster for STTMP:

All of the rest of the posters in my opinion are either average or just plain stink.

PS: @144 Nope — I just printed each out and compared them side by side and they are substantially different smoke trails.

148. LizardGirl - April 12, 2013

This…is EXACLTY what I wanted! I’m not reading too much into any abstract meaning of it. I just think it’is cool! (^_^)

149. A Pastor - April 12, 2013

One of the best ever…

150. Dave H - April 12, 2013

Best Star Trek Movie poster since the 1980’s!!!

151. A Pastor - April 12, 2013

Nemesis on 3rd place
2009 on First place
This one for USA 2013 in 2nd place
ST 4 on 4th. and The Motion Picture 5th.

in my opinion.

152. psb2009 - April 12, 2013

@147 MJ
That STTMP poster sure brings back memories. I was twelve at the time, had it hanging in my room for a long time. You’re right – one of the best.
It made me think of how great Star Trek was back then, the possibilities were endless.

153. Gorn Captain - April 12, 2013

Nice! Reminds me of one of the 1970’s TOS novel covers.

154. MJ - April 12, 2013

@152. Yea, it was “magical” at that point in time when we were waiting for the first Trek movie.

@151. Wow, I guess this illustrates how people’s tastes differ. To me, the Nemesis poster looks like some fantasy crap idea and doesn’t convey Star Trek. That poster almost makes me ill.

155. Red Dead Ryan - April 12, 2013

The worst poster was the acid-warped one from the last movie. Pure crap. No thought put into that one whatsoever.

156. MJ - April 12, 2013

@151. But otherwise, we are not that far apart with your Top 5.

157. Red Dead Ryan - April 12, 2013

The only other posters that I don’t like were the “The Final Frontier”, “Insurrection” and “Nemesis” ones.

158. Vultan - April 12, 2013

I think Final Frontier has the best poster of the bunch, even if the poster is the best thing to come out of that train wreck.

Search for Spock, Undiscovered Country, and First Contact are also strong entries. Too bad Drew Struzan is semi-retired. Would love to see him do one.

159. Vultan - April 12, 2013

If big floating heads are your thing. ;-)

160. Red Dead Ryan - April 12, 2013

We also saw big floating heads during “The Voyage Home” and “The Final Frontier”.

161. MJ - April 12, 2013

“Nice! Reminds me of one of the 1970′s TOS novel covers.”

You know, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but yea, maybe that is why I like it so much. Some examples:,_Bantam.jpg

Man, would I love to have posters of the cover artwork on Star Trek 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 from these. 10 as well.

162. Vultan - April 12, 2013


“What does God need with a big floating head? I’m the Big Giant Head!”

163. MJ - April 12, 2013

Yea, the floating heads thing works for some, but it’s not my cup of tea.

164. Curious Cadet - April 12, 2013

@142 Vultan,
“I liked the 2009 much better. Very artsy… for a Trek movie.”

Wasn’t that just a rip-off of TWOK soundtrack album artwork?

165. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@140. Thorny,
“that’s not the actual Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan movie poster in the set of photos. Wrath of Khan’s official poster was the one with the ten pictures around the periphery”

You mean this one:

Yeah not very inspiring. It looks like the cheap movie Paramount thought they were making.

166. A Pastor - April 13, 2013

Nemesis was original Into Darkness for me and I was curios about into darkness at that time, saw the poster and was looking forward to seeing the movie for what I’ knew was not going to be exploration adventure ST but something dark and sinister and I like most of the movie, hated the dune buggy.

I’ know exploration adventure does not sell anymore for the mostly idiotic movie goers of today but I miss it and I’ miss it a lot, I just have about had it with revenge movies…

I’ want an Alien from outer space to kill, kill, kill on the loose at ST academy and Spock talks to it via mind meld and Kirk saves Urura when spock tries to kill her and he gets away on board a star ship just like Enterprise, so Kirk travels to an awesome planet that is very alien and sci. fly looking and we get ST back plus aliens like alien plus a friend in peril and have a Klingon female be the key to solving the problem.

167. Check the Circuit - April 13, 2013

Looking at the poster more closely….has the port nacelle actually snapped off? Just looks aligned/connected because it’s following the same speed and trajectory? Of are my eyes playing tricks on me?

168. Vulcan Soul - April 13, 2013

Love the metaphoric message of the poster: Abrams crashed Star Trek for good!

169. Marja - April 13, 2013

#161: I took a look at the UK Corgi book covers for the ST series – talk about some floating heads, omg. ST #4 in the US editions was a big favorite of mine.

Interviewer: “Is that your crash helmet?”

Bill Dana [as astronaut]: “Ohhh, I hope not…”

170. pock speared - April 13, 2013

Chekov is dead. Well dead. A dead perogi. This is an ex-

In war movies, the kid gets it. I’ll get that e-spacemail to your mom, kid.

Also, it’s poetic justice for letting Wesley live so long.

Any takers?

(oh, and Gatt2000 takes over.)

171. Phil - April 13, 2013

@167. I thought I saw that, too….of course, when it slams into mother Earth all that should be left is scrap metal either way. Makes me wonder what happens to all that anti-matter when a ship goes down….

172. pock speared - April 13, 2013

who said it looks like those blish covers from those halcyon days before this bloody internet? one agrees. happily.

who is whinging that it doesn’t look like the posters in those halcyon days of bad taste, like the flaming bad font on “the voyage home”? who thinks photoshop is some kind of offense? For you, my droogies, I say:

“Welcome to the 21st Century.”

173. - April 13, 2013

Off topic:

Rosario Dawson speaks Klingon. Any chance she can be in the next Star Trek installment.

174. Adam C - April 13, 2013

omg its going to bomb :*(

175. JRT! - April 13, 2013

Now THIS I would put on my movie poster wall! I LIKE it! And don’t care that a lot of other sites are comparing it to the Iron Man 3 poster,lol!

Yes,Rosario Dawson does speak Klingon,as does her brother,and she’s in this movie. Or at least the trailer,lol!

Tickets aren’t sold out in the UK yet,but who knows,maybe they will be.

I’m guessing the character posters will look a lot like the new banner!?

Have fun!


176. Jack - April 13, 2013

Back at the time, I just remember seeing the advance posters for Trek III (the Spock head) and Trek IV (the title racing/crashing toward San Francisco). Trek V’s advance (the movie seat with a seatbelt) was very Shatner… And, yeah, I still have old comics with the advance for TMP (a Phase II-ish ship… With individual head shots of the whole cast at the bottom.

Taste is a funny thing, I really didn’t like the V poster shown above. But loved the TMP shown.

Saw Trance tonight. Meh. Man, Rosario Dawson would have been terrific in Trek, had Uhura been written as more than a prize.

177. Calastir - April 13, 2013

I hate it.

There’s no way I’m going to display that depressing image of a starship crashing and burning on Earth.

And I don’t understand any Trekkies that would.

178. Jack - April 13, 2013

Final PS ever: Hey, just noticed Saavik took poor McCoy’s place in the triad! Damn that Nick Meyer!!!!


179. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - April 13, 2013

I love this poster. Nice to see the Enterprise descending into the atmosphere. Also, there shouldn’t be stars visible from that vantage point. You don’t see any in the Apollo 17 image of Earth, and that has to be at a greater distance.

@123. “Berman is not perfect, no fan is but he should be commended for keeping Trek on the air for 18 years. Yes it was not as fresh but some great telly was produced and I admire his persistence when studios where making demands that would not have worked. I look forward to this feature on the Enterprise season 1 blu ray as I have heard it have fans re evaluating it.”

He should be commended for keeping Trek on as long as it was.

However, I only think he gave us an 18th year of Trek on TV, not an additional approximately 12 years. When TNG went off the air, Paramount wasn’t going to let there be a vacuum, and they assumed having DS9 wasn’t going to be enough. A new series was going to happen regardless of Berman. And then, when Voyager ended, UPN owed Star Trek another series. If it wasn’t for us Trek fans, I don’t think UPN would have survived those first bunch of years before they got broadcast rights to the WWE. So it was only logical for them to create Enterprise. That left Season 3 of Enterprise which very well could have been the last. I give Berman the credit for seeing Enterprise to a fourth seaon. And I’m glad he did, because by putting Manny Coto in charge, we got the best season of the series.

My problem with Berman (and Braga) is how Voyager and Enterprise went down. There were some very poor episodes of Voyager in the last 2 seasons, and my biggest gripe with Voyager was how awful the Borg became as villains. I prefer to think the Borg were destroyed in the events of Endgame. (I would have ended Voyager by bringing them home several episodes sooner and having an epilogue.)

Enterprise was good the first season, became stale during the second. However, there were things wrong – like the Temporal Cold War, the characterization of the Vulcans, Phlox being a Denobulan, Enterprise looking like it belonged in the 24th Century, not 22nd, the title and theme being as “un-Star Trekish” as possible…I can go on. I think the Xindi plot in the 3rd Season was good, but totally out of place for a Star Trek prequel. I know Trek fans who stopped watching because of the storyline. Plus, it’s ending was terrible. Throwing them back into WWII, when we saw that with the Hirogens on Voyager (even though that was in the holodeck)? And, I wanted that storyline over…now it was a cliffhanger into Season 4?

That’s why I have a problem with Rick Berman. Saying it was “not as fresh,” is like saying that a banana that was 20 years old was barely fresh. It didn’t make for a lot of good television, let alone great, which we had seen in TNG and DS9. (Which I do love the fact that people are watching DS9 and reevaluating it for the better, which it absolutely was!)

With that being said, I want to see Enterprise come back on Netflix because of how great the 4th Season was, and how great the 5th could have been. And if shows like Family Guy, Futurama and Arrested Development can come back, and DirecTV can have their own little channel to save a few TV shows in their own right, there’s no reason why Enterprise couldn’t. Just fly to Germany and film the bridge scenes from the guy’s garage. Okay, that might be a little too pricey, haha.

180. Exverlobter - April 13, 2013

How many into Darkness Posters are there? I lost the track.

181. Jack - April 13, 2013

I work in photoshop too — I can’t see how you can tell by these small images.

182. helen - April 13, 2013

New interview with Cumberbatch and his fans are not happy that they are probably going to cut his topless scene

183. Exverlobter - April 13, 2013

I dont like this one. The Enterprise is too small. There is barely anything interesting on that poster, except the smoke.
The International Posters are better.

184. Khan 2.0 - April 13, 2013

@183 i agree. the ‘Enterprise Down’ poster (as it shall hereby be known) is more like a teaser poster (as was the 2009 Ent in warp poster – that was a recreation of the TMP teaser)

IMO the ‘Charlies Angels’ one is more apt as a final movie poster – and interestingly its not that disimilar to the Bob Peak TWOK one – similar sepia colour. armed Kirk/Spock/female/main Villain (only the heroes are more prominent than the villain this time)

185. Khan 2.0 - April 13, 2013

My best to worst final movie posters list – IMO – picking what i think is the best one from each movie (i know a few of the films have had more than one)

TUC (the big 3 ‘beaming’ as the Ent A battles a battle cruiser/BOP and the title explodes out of Praxis as Chang looks on – i was mesmerized by this poster back in xmas 91 – it even looked xmasy)

TWOK (Bob Peak nebula one)

FC (Picard/Data/Queen ‘beaming’ in the shape of a Starfleet ‘A’ – abit like TUC mixed with Gen)

TSFS (Bob Peak giant blue Spock head)

TMP (rainbow – iconic)

TFF (- shame the film didnt live up to the tagline. )

TVH (Golden Gate with BOP and 7 heads)

ST09 (the Top Gun one)

STID (Charlies Angles meets TWOKs Bob Peak)

GEN (Kirk and Picard in the big ‘A’ – that ‘A’ was everywhere in late 94)

NEM (green smoke. sort of a redesign of the FC one)

INS (pretty much same as TUC teaser poster- even stealing the tagline! It dosnt look like a final poster, more a teaser poster – as obviously VI had done that . Ordinarily they have characters on the final movie posters (and with the teasers its just ships/logos/symbols) so INS is the only one without. plus there was no teaser poster for INS – guess this mustve worked as the teaser poster too, so it leads me to think that maybe it was intended to be a teaser poster for INS but they ran out of time or couldnt be bothered or whatever and just had it as the main movie poster too….

186. Khan 2.0 - April 13, 2013

***best to worst advance/coming soon ‘Teaser’ posters***:

TUC (Klingon Head – either Gorkon or the klingon ambassador
– following the Ent A. They really pulled out all the stops for VI – esp with the posters)

TSFS (Crystal Spock Skull – some might say its a final movie poster but ive always consided this to be a teaser poster as its sparse/no characters – more in line with the other teaser posters)

FC (little Ent E flying away from big Borg ship – variant was the Ent E flying toward borgified earth)

TMP (early concept design of the Ent that ST09 later replicated. Someone has actually gone to the trouble of updating it to the final design here: )

TWOK (logo words surrounded by action pics – like TSFS Crystal Skull might be a final movie poster but ive always consided this to be the teaser poster as again its pretty much just the logo)

STID (doing the Dark Knight/Inception/whole bunch of others standing before big destruction thing):
(also TDK joker/batman & Prometheus)

ST09 (uniform textured gold/blue Starfleet ‘A’ badge – the first poster for the film – reassured everyone it wasnt going to be a reboot – at least not in the full on proper reboot sense)

GEN (Ent D zooms toward the Starfleet A – they really hit upon using the ‘A’ as a poster design for that movie)

TVH (Giant STAR TREK IV flying to earth San Fran)

TFF (“Why are they putting seatbelts in theatres this Summer?” – erm…to stop people from leaving?…interestingly someone recently pointed out the seatbelt is resting makes the Starfleet ‘A’ symbol and the chair itself with the belt across looks abit like a red Starfleet uniform – so even this one has some merit)

NEM (Shinzons back with green smoke – i guess they thought green smoke would sell that movie…why green smoke/mist anyway? to tie in with the green nebula at the end? alot of green in that film and especially in the posters…? – was a take off the greeny Alien film posters?)

INS – n/a

187. JSM - April 13, 2013

Star Trek TMP: New Enterprise

Star Trek II: Badly damaged

Star Trek III: Enterprise destroyed

Star Trek IV: New Enterprise

Star Trek V: The ship is full of glitches

Star Trek VI After the space of just two films the ship is scheduled for decommission (!)

Star Trek VII: Crashed Enterprise

Star Trek VIII: New Enterprise

Star Trek IX: My goodness… it’s OK in this film?! ;)

Star Trek X: Enterprise severely damaged (and the franchise!)

Star Trek 2009: New ‘old’ Enterprise

Star Trek 2013: Appears to be destroyed….

and the story continues….. !

Sorry folks, I was very bored….. ;)

Whilst I do not like the idea of yet another revenge based Trek story, I do like this new posted! It’s far more eye catching than the 2009 one.

You get the picture ;)

188. sono yo - April 13, 2013

about movie posters

the best one ever
two legs apart bond in between

189. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@168. Vulcan Soul,
“Love the metaphoric message of the poster: Abrams crashed Star Trek for good!”

You know what, you’re right.

Abrams has been trying to blow up the Enterprise since the first movie (he wanted the Kelvin to be named the Enterprise until the studio nixed that idea — personally I think that would have been better for the poetic symmetry Abrams set up in the film, but I digress). The message was clear though “this ain’t your father’s, or granfather’s Star Trek, so get ready for a ride as all bets are off, because I am JJ Abrams damnit!”

The poster is definitely cool, but the message is anything but that which Star Trek has tried to send for almost 50 years. The very symbol of Star Trek — the Enterprise is plummeting to its death. I don’t know. It’s not right, somehow. It’s enticing in a provocative sort of way, but also disturbing. Imagine if ST09 had been marketed with a poster of Vulcan imploding as seen through a debris field of destroyed starships.

ST09 captured the spirit, the excitement, and the energy of the original. It was a positive image that suggested the thrill ride that was to come, a substantial bang for one’s buck. But this one promises death and destruction, thrilling though the prospect may be. Is this really what movie audiences want from a Summer movie? Are people so angry that they only want to see movies that destroy something? Preferably something connected with the establishment?

Seemingly, all that’s left after this film is to kill Kirk and Spock off, sacrificing themselves to save Uhura and Bones, so nobody can touch Abrams’ creation once he jumps ship completely to Star Wars.

I’m actually surprised CBS/Paramount agreed to let them market the film this way. It just goes to show the polar shift in thinking that has occurred since Paramount’s first efforts to revive the franchise with ST09. And I’m sure Moonves loves this poster.

Vulcan Soul, thanks again for the much needed slap in the face. I was looking only at how cool the poster is, not at the implications it represents.

190. Trek Fan - April 13, 2013

189. Curious Cadet @ 168. Vulcan Soul
“Love the metaphoric message of the poster: Abrams crashed Star Trek for good!”

Are you two familiar with the movie Star Trek III: The Search for Spock? Yeah, before for make ignorant comments like those – go watch that movie and see what happens to the Enterprise there.

191. Trek Fan - April 13, 2013

Paramount had no problem with marketing the destruction of the Enterprise back then… Are you saying that Harve Bennett & Leonard Nimoy couldn’t wait to blow up the Enterprise too?

192. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@190 Trek Fan,
“Yeah, before for make ignorant comments like those”

Speaking of which, why don’t you read what I wrote before greasing up your keyboard. In particular, I would have loved it if the Kelvin had been the Enterprise destroyed at the beginning of the film.

While TSFS did see the destruction of the Enterprise, the movie wasn’t MARKETED that way. The Enterprise is shown just as majestic in that movie poster as in all others, including ST09. A positive, exciting image. Yes the Enterprise was destroyed, but it was a surprise, a shock, and it was justified in context of the film, and even McCoy puts a solid positive spin on it. It was a profound moment that left the audience hopeful, with a positive message and trust that the Enterprise would be back.

What STID poster does is tantamount to advertising a NASCAR race with cars crashing into the grandstands in giant explosions. Yeah the fans might go with expectation of seeing a crash, but advertising it as such is just plain morbid and plays to the worst of our human frailties.

Hopefully you can see the difference.

193. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@191 Trek Fan,

Not saying that at all.

Again, big difference between leading with that image and teasing with it in a trailer. Overall, that trailer is hopeful. ST09 is not.

194. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 13, 2013

But does the Enterprise actually crash? Is the ship in the poster really the Enterprise? If it is, does it really crash? Anthony has told us a number of times that the ship crashing into San Francisco is not Enterprise. How can we be sure this one is? The original movie synopsis was that the fleet was ‘detonated’. That implies to me a number of ships. Certainly, we are supposed to think it is Enterprise to add to the pre-movie drama and angst. It seems to be working…

We’ll know in a month or so.

195. Trek Fan - April 13, 2013

192. Curious Cadet

Take a look at the trailer of for ST3 – It was marketed like that in the trailers.

“Join us, on this, the final voyage of the Starship Enterprise… Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.”

Hope YOU can see the similarities.

The new poster for the current film is not about the destruction of the Enterprise – it is about how something so powerful can be vulnerable. Do we see the destruction of the Enterprise? Or do we see it in trouble? Fact is, we don’t know the fate yet. Unlike the trailer for ST3 which clearly shows the end of the Enterprise, this poster doesn’t. If the poster showed the Enteprise blown to pieces, and you see the saucer section completely ripped in half or the nacelles blown off … then I would agree with you.

Even the trailers for TWOK showed a battle damaged Enterprise. There is a history of destroying the beloved ship. How about Generations? How about Nemesis? JJ isn’t the only one who like to blow up the Enterprise, my friend.

196. Timncc1701 - April 13, 2013

Don’t mind seeing this Enterprise go down. Maybe the next one will have more reasonably proportioned, less “ample” nacelles. . . .

197. Ahmed - April 13, 2013

A new Star Trek poster, and this time it is Uhura!! AGAIN

Why they don’t make a poster of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio just once ?

198. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@195 Trek Fan,
“Hope YOU can see the similarities.”

The poster shows a ship going down in flames. The causal observer sees chunks missing and flames pouring out of it, peices flying off and the depiction of an uncontrolled dive. This kind of image rarely results in anything but an impact, based on the average movie goers experience.

And to address ObsessiveStarTrekFan’s comment here, no we don’t know for sure it’s the Enterprise, but it is strongly implied, and the average audience member is going to assume its the enterprise because it matches the usual shape.

Finally, I’m not arguing against blowing up the Enterprise, I’m commenting on the primary poster advertising this film. Blow it up all you want. But a single image implying for the average viewer the immenant destruction of the major symbol of the franchise has implications far beyond your apologies for it. It is not a positive image. At best it is simply misguided marketing, at worst a hint at Abrams’ disdain. And by the way, I’m not saying Abrams wanted to blow up the Enterprise because he hates the franchise, but rather the equivalent of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. I assert he simply wanted to establish this was HIS Star Trek symbolically.

And for the record, I don’t necessarily think the Enterpise does get destroyed in this movie, as a fan I know the ship can take a lot and still be salvaged. But the average movie goer doesn’t know anything about that, and Abrams has said many times he is not making this movie for the fans.

Ultimately the reason Nimoy wanted to blow up the Enterprise, and the way it was teased are completely different than Abrams’. It’s not a single static image of the ship ‘splodin’, it’s the ship possibly being destroyed after a trailer showing some justification: “their greatest struggle”. And it was aimed squarely at the fans (presumably the only people who were paying to see the movies at that point). One has context, the other doesn’t. All some people are going to see is this poster; they may never see a trailer. And the overwhelming message is a negative one that caters to what I perceive as a society in crisis for whom such images motivate heightened interest.

Again, hope you can see the differences.

199. cgrest - April 13, 2013

Fate. It protects fools, little girls and ships called Enterprise.
-Cmdr. Riker (Contagion).

200. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@197. Ahmed,
“Why they don’t make a poster of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio just once ?”

You mean like this?

201. Ahmed - April 13, 2013

@200. Curious Cadet

Yep, something similar that show the classic trio in action or something.

About the movie poster, I’ve same feeling about it, didn’t like it as much as the other posters & not sure if that poster will be effective in attracting general audience attention.

202. AJ - April 13, 2013


Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio = a sausage fest. We old-timey fans want some reassurance that the KSM relationship will take hold in the JJverse, but the posters, meant to put butts in seats, should be more generalized. Also, Cumby and Zoe are far more well-known than the other guys. Enterprise-as-Space-Junk is also iconic for North American fans. How’s Kirk gonna pull his finger out and save the day? We’ll find out soon enough.

203. Curious Cadet - April 13, 2013

@201. Ahmed,
” not sure if that poster will be effective in attracting general audience attention.”

See I think it will be VERY effective at attracting a general audience, but for all the wrong reasons.

@202. AJ,
“Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio = a sausage fest.”

Haha, exactly. I think Plinkett’s RedLetterMedia review was right on in that respect. Unlike Michael Bay’s testosterone fueled “Pain & Gain”, Trek features a bunch of thin and neat geeks whose sexual identities are slightly ambiguous thanks to the technology driven setting. Might send the wrong message in today’s open society.

And you are right on about Cumberbatch and Zoe (well at least Zoe is HOT if not well known). The international poster does exactly what it’s supposed to do — focus on the celebrity for a franchise about which elements are not as well known or embraced. The international market has always been driven by celebrity — as long as Tom Cruise is in it, it doesn’t matter if its any good. Pine and Quinto are no Shatner and Nimoy, they don’t have the benefit of 79 episodes in international syndication as those iconic characters under their belt. McCoy was never featured as much as the others, but the same is true unfortunately, Urban does not have even the following Pine and Quinto now do.

The domestic poster says: the gloves are off — doesn’t matter who’s in it, or what it’s about — it will be as good as, or better than, Transformers! It speaks volumes about the crowd Abrams and Paramount hope to attract. In their defense, they are consistently focusing on what is arguably the star of Star Trek — The Enterprise, perhaps the most recognizable image from the entire franchise. And in that respect, they’re kind of putting to focus where it belongs.

204. Kapten Kerk - April 13, 2013

Q: How do you know that a poster is a success?

A: When there are over 200 messages discussing it!

PS: The poster looks great! The Enterprise looks Great!! The movie will be GREAT!!!

205. MJ - April 13, 2013

@198. What a bunch of silly over-analyzed nonsense that really misses the key points and meaning.

The poster simply conveys, “Oh oh, the Enterprise and crew are really up against the wall in this movie, and the Enterprise may get destroyed.” And it your analysis had been a little smarter, you would have pointed out that above the Enterprise is “darkness” where below (between the Enterprise and Earth” it there is “light” — which are metaphors for the struggle between good and evil.

And of course it is the Enterprise. Duh!

The above is the correct analysis of this poster.

206. MJ - April 13, 2013

Again, this is the best official Star Trek movie official poster of all time in my opinion, and I have owned a number of the posters, and have seen them all in theaters at each ST movie opening, etc.. etc., over the years.

207. MJ - April 13, 2013

@205 correction:

….you would have pointed out that above the Enterprise is “darkness” where below (between the Enterprise and Earth) it there is “light” — which are metaphors for the struggle between good and evil.

208. Dave H - April 13, 2013


Expanding a bit on your use of the light below and above the ship as metaphors for good and evil, the poster says to me that the fate of the Enterprise is balanced between the fight between “into darkness” and “light/earth and humanity itsself,”with the outcome looking dire.

It’s just brilliant!

209. Red Dead Ryan - April 13, 2013


That’s a good analysis!

210. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - April 13, 2013

Coolest Trek movie poster in years!

211. Mad Mann - April 13, 2013

I really like this poster. It’s simplicity is perfect for this movie. Although my favorite poster of was for Star Trek II: TWOK, I do like this one.

I never liked the whole floating big head thing in movie posters, it’s just cheesey. The TWOK poster LOOKS like a movie full of action and drama. Floating heads look like, well, floating heads.

Anyway, I’m glad this new STiD poster looks like a Star Trek poster.

212. Mad Mann - April 13, 2013

Aw, man! I just realized this poster is another rip-off!!

Look at this Iron Man 3 poster:

Look familiar? And I just praised this new Star Trek into Darkness poster in it’s originality.

First they rip-off the Dark Knight poster, and now Iron Man 3? I mean, it’s one thing to rip-off a movie poster from 5 years ago, but to rip-off a movie than comes out just 2 WEEKS before is just, well, stupid. The general public will be like “huh, looks like a cheap Iron Man 3 rip-off.”

213. K-7 - April 13, 2013

#212. Not buying your comparison. There has been a lot of posters with stuff falling to Earth over the years. Ah, they stole this from Superman Returns. No, they stole this from Meteor. Or perhaps they stole this from the Challenger disaster photos. Yada, yada, yada. LOL

I agree with Gorn Captain that the 1970’s Bantam novels are most likely the inspiration for this poster.

214. Dave H - April 13, 2013

I don’t see much similarity at all with the IM3 poster either. I agree completely that the original poster looked like a Dark Knight deal. But no, this looks substantially different than that IM3 poster.

215. MJ - April 13, 2013

@212 Unless you take an extremely superficial look at this poster, it looks NOTHING like the IM3 poster.

STID in space; IM3 in Atmosphere

SITD above the Earch; IM3 above a city

STID spaceship; IM3 guy in suit

STID light and dark metaphors; IM2 — nothing meanigful like that

STID retro look; IM3 photoshop comic book look

216. Phil - April 13, 2013

The poster is fairly elegant in it’s simplicity, with the starship (not convinced it’s Enterprise, thinking it’s more emblematic of a wounded Starfleet/Federation) as a literal ‘thin blue line’ between light and dark.

And most production art is digital these days, so for all the snarky comments about photoshop, get over yourselves, people. It’s the 21st century now, stone slabs and chisels have been out of fashion for a while now…

217. Jack - April 13, 2013

216. “And most production art is digital these days, so for all the snarky comments about photoshop, get over yourselves, people. It’s the 21st century now, stone slabs and chisels have been out of fashion for a while now…”

Agreed. All these knowing photoshop comments, along the lines of — “some Paramount intern simply photoshopped in The Gherkin and Shard, accidentally, into San Francisco, in that first poster” (since debunked), or “They just duplicated the same smoke trail three times” in the more recent Cumberbatch one — really bug me. As if they’d whip up the stuff, clumsily, in photoshop in ten minutes and then send it off to the printer. You’re looking at a tiny image of a massive poster.

218. Jack - April 13, 2013

“Why they don’t make a poster of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio just once ?”

Nothing against Karl Urban, but are folks going to line up to see a movie because Karl Urban’s on the poster?

And who’s the other guy in that Pain and Gain poster?

“Yeah the fans might go with expectation of seeing a crash, but advertising it as such is just plain morbid and plays to the worst of our human frailties.”

We’re not talking about rubber-necking past a car crash here — what’s being conveyed is a dire threat. Would a movie about 9/11, if it were fiction, have a poster showing the planes hitting the towers? I think so. I say fiction because we got pretty sensitive to (and desensitized by) that image after seeing it so much.

219. Keachick - April 13, 2013

Jack – get yourself a coffee

I thought that people bought movie posters. I guess I was assuming that these posters may be on sale for people to purchase, hence my idea of Bad Robot…producing a tie-up poster in a few months after international audiences have had a chance to see the film.

I was not complaining about the posters. Individually, yes, but as a group, not so much. Oddly, my walls do not contain posters of anything, only original acrylic landscape pictures painted by my deceased father.

As for the other commenters – no surprise there…:(

220. MJ - April 13, 2013

“Yeah the fans might go with expectation of seeing a crash, but advertising it as such is just plain morbid and plays to the worst of our human frailties.”

Curious Cadet, this is nonsensical. Are we all frail little bunny rabbits who can’ handle a poster that hints at the threat in a summer tent-pole movie? You call yourself “Curious Cadet”, but this sounds like its coming from a scared underclassman?


Uhura is already part of the “Big 4″. Watch Trek 2009 again, my friend. If you don’t see that, then we must be watching different movies. And this does not directly relate to timing the amount of minutes she is on the screen;rather it relates to her impact on the story and her key role on the crew. “The Big 4 era” is already here, dude.

221. Jack - April 14, 2013

I know, I just don’t see it. I agree that McCoy didn’t get much to do at all. Certainly not enough. Really, to me it seemed like the big two (Spock/Kirk) and, at times, the big one (the aforementioned James T.).

Could the movie have worked pretty much the same if Uhura had been replaced by Ensign Goodbody. I think so.

She was there, sure. Was she essential? I don’t think so.

TOS essential personnel, without whom the show wouldn’t have been Star Trek: Kirk, Scott, McCoy, Spock. Everybody else could have been recast, or their lines replaced by guest stars or extras and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the stories (diversity aside) or the feel if the show.

TNG essential personnel: Picard, Worf, Data, maybe Crusher, maybe Guinan (basically, except for Guinan, everybody who stayed on the ship in First Contact.)

DS9 essential personnel — everybody, except for Jake Sisko, Nog etc. They’re not terrible, but arguably, not essential.

Voyager — Seven, Doc and Janeway, in descending order.

Enterprise — Trip, T’Pau and Archer.

222. MJ - April 14, 2013

“Could the movie have worked pretty much the same if Uhura had been replaced by Ensign Goodbody. I think so.”

You could say the same thing for McCoy if that is your litmus test. Sure, us major fans would have missed McCoy, but for most, the movie could have worked fine without him just as it in your point that it could have worked fine with Uhura.

I mean, if that is what your argument is hanging on, then you really only believe in the Big 2 then — Kirk and Spock.

223. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 14, 2013

@221. Jack

2009 movie: I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that when you say ‘doing’, you only referring to physically doing stuff and discounting character interaction. I personally prefer characters who are fleshed out rather than one-dimensional. McCoy had a lot of interaction with Kirk and a couple of scenes involving interaction with Spock. It is the interaction that showcases character. Running around fighting etc. generally does not. We learned quite a bit about the characters of Kirk and McCoy and Spock from that interaction. Similarly, we learned quite a bit about Spock & Uhura from the interaction between them, and also about Kirk and Uhura from their interactions.

Could the movie have worked pretty much the same if Uhura had been replaced by Ensign Goodbody? Well Goodbody, or someone whose ability Spock respected, would still have been needed to support Kirk in his attempt to get Pike to listen to his assertion that the fleet was going into a trap. Similarly, Goodbody, or someone else close to Spock (remember that Kirk & McCoy were not at this point), would have been needed to allow Spock to acknowledge his grief and then pack it away again so he could continue to function. Without that scene, together with the bullying scene, we would not understand that Spock actually has emotions, but chooses to control them in the Vulcan way. We would not understand how eroded his control was at the point where Kirk goaded him into lashing out. We would not have empathised with him as much when he did snap.

I digress here, but this fact that Spock had emotions but controlled them is still not appreciated by a good many TOS fans who saw Spock week after week with an immobile face (compared to a Human’s) and a constant denial of having emotions, and took it at face value, instead of watching the character’s physical expressions and interactions with others, which told a very different story.

Bottom line, yes Abrams and co could have done it differently. They could, for example, have had Spock already within a friendship with Kirk and/or McCoy. Then Spock’s foils would have been Kirk and McCoy, as they were on TOS. The action may have been much the same, but from a character perspective this would have been a very different movie from the one we saw. Personally, I was happy to see the movie they DID make.

Regarding your TOS list of essential personnel (with all the caveats about ignoring promotion of diversity and a more inclusive future, for the sake of argument here), I’d prune it further and remove Scotty. Really only Kirk, Spock and McCoy were essential.

TNG, DS9 & Voyager: your assessment seems reasonable. I won’t argue it. Similarly Enterprise (except of course, you mean T’Pol. We only saw T’Pau in Awakening and Kir’Shara).

224. Vultan - April 14, 2013


But it is the same smoke trail duplicated over and over in that poster. Clumsy? Yes, it is, and I’m surprised it made it to final approval. Some art director needs to get his eyes checked.

And there’s nothing wrong with Photoshopped posters—when they’re done right!

225. Jim - April 14, 2013

Really nice message of hope there with a totally ruined Enterprise going down.
It seems like JJ has ripped the Optimism out of Star Trek too.

Oh and it looks way too much like a rip off of the Iron Man 3 poster.
Again proving that this is just a rehash of old Trek and now Marvel movies.

Epic fail

226. Curious Cadet - April 14, 2013

@220. MJ,
You quoted me: “Yeah the fans might go with expectation of seeing a crash, but advertising it as such is just plain morbid and plays to the worst of our human frailties.”

And replied: “Curious Cadet, this is nonsensical. Are we all frail little bunny rabbits who can’ handle a poster that hints at the threat in a summer tent-pole movie? You call yourself “Curious Cadet”, but this sounds like its coming from a scared underclassman?”

I implied NOTHING of the kind. I have no idea how you inferred your taunting reply.

227. MJ - April 14, 2013

@226. I apologize for my overzealous reply (a poor attempt at humor), but I found your statement here to be basically ridiculous.

If you think I misinterpreted this statement, then please explain to to me how are we suppose to interpret this statement then???

I categorically reject that this poster is designed to get “the lowest common denominator of humanity” interested in this movie, and that to me is what it sounds like you are saying.

This has already become my favorite Trek poster of all time, and I have ordered one which I will frame and put up in my house soon.

228. K-7 - April 14, 2013

#225. FYI — multiple people debunked the Iron Man poster comparison earlier in this thread. Comparing this poster to that poster is an Epic Fail by you.

229. MJ - April 14, 2013

@225 “Really nice message of hope there with a totally ruined Enterprise going down. It seems like JJ has ripped the Optimism out of Star Trek too.”

Sheesh, did you not get metaphor of “light, with Earth” below the Enterprise and Darkness below it? This poster is conveying the balance between light (good) and darkness (evil), with the uncertain fate of the Enterprise hanging in the balance. It’s brilliant!

I guess this all went right over your head head, though.

“nuTrek/JJ hate post #16578 – check-mark — said poster sucked”
— cha-ching!!!

230. MJ - April 14, 2013

@224 “But it is the same smoke trail duplicated over and over in that poster.”

That is just not the case. At first glance, their are some similarities between teh lower smoke trail and the upper right one, but when you compare them centimeter-by-centimeter at a detailed level, they are not the same.


231. Dave H - April 14, 2013

Vultan and MJ,

I just looked really closely at the smoke trails myself, and I don’t think that they were using the same smoke-trail over and over. There are noticeable differences.

232. Dave H - April 14, 2013


With all due respect, I don’t think you understand the message that the poster is trying to convey. Look at it again, and think about what you are seeing. There is more to it then your reactionary first-glance review.

233. DiscoSpock - April 14, 2013

Awesome Star Trek movie poster. Just freaking awesome!

234. Vultan - April 14, 2013


Just so we’re clear, I was talking about the Cumby poster. And yes, they did a shoddy job of differentiating the smoke plumes at the upper left. They’re too similar to each other. Looks unnatural. And the way they abruptly stop under the tagline—yikes, bad design all around.

The ship crashing is much better. Well, looks better from far away at least.

235. MJ - April 14, 2013


Dude, you obviously are not familiar with how crazy looking real smoke plumes from damaged spacecraft look like. Here is the Challenger disaster smoke plume, a crashing aircraft smoke plume, and a space shuttle reentry plume: (look at the asymetrical long one at the bottom)

Real smoke plumes like this are not straight and pretty.

It’s a good things that these are real photos, as I could certainly see some here claiming these were all photo-shopped. LOL

236. MJ - April 14, 2013

…and I am talking about the plumes in the new Enterprise poster, not the Cumby poster. The Cumby poster is lame.

237. Dave H - April 14, 2013

Trek fans have spoken here. Nearly 80% either Love or Like the final theatrical poster.

238. Dave H - April 14, 2013


You obviously are not familiar with how real reentry plumes look. Here is one set from a Space Shuttle mission:

I suppose these uneven and “unnatural” looking plumes were photo-shopped as well? LOL

239. MJ - April 14, 2013

#238. Dave H,

That is a better example then the one I found from the STS 103 mission above.

Great minds think alike!

240. Vultan - April 14, 2013


What? I wasn’t—repeat: WAS NOT—talking about the smoke in the ship crashing poster. That one looks okay to me. More natural than the Cumby poster. It works. OKAY!!!

Try reading my posts more carefully next time guys before you go to the trouble of link hunting.

241. MJ - April 14, 2013

Ah, OK. Sorry for confusing everyone.

242. Phil - April 14, 2013

@238. Funny how I pointed out problems with heat generation and multiple sonic booms on a ship twice the size of an aircraft carrier entering the atmosphere, and I got my head handed to me.

Yep, space opera and science fantasy. And yes, I’ll enjoy the show, too.

243. Vultan - April 14, 2013


No problem.

I may have my nitpicks with what I’ve seen of this movie so far, but I still want to see it. I mean, some form of Trek is better than no Trek at all!

Hope the numbers are good enough to get a new show approved, like Voyage Home did for TNG.

244. MJ - April 15, 2013

Cool. Forgive me, as I am a little sensitive about this final theatrical poster, as I have a $30 order in on Ebay to get it this week.

245. Vultan - April 15, 2013

Again, no problem. Totally understandable when the old wallet is involved.

246. Curious Cadet - April 15, 2013

@227. MJ,
“I categorically reject that this poster is designed to get “the lowest common denominator of humanity” interested in this movie, and that to me is what it sounds like you are saying.”

I think the poster is great. Very cool, great imagery. I might have it in my house as well.

However, it’s not Star Trek to me. Then again, to each his own. Fair enough.

But, I find it disturbing that the poster design preys on the “looky-loo” mentality that causes LA traffic to grind to a standstill on a regular basis whenever a couple of cars come together in the HOV lane. And god help you if it’s an injury accident and the jaws of life are brought in.

And I didn’t say anything about the lowest common denominator of humanity. I’m commenting on the fact that 13 year old boys seem to be riding a disturbing trend to see things destroyed and left in ruin. And like stopping to gawk at a traffic accident, this poster seems to know what buttons to press to get people to stop and take notice, especially 13 year old boys which this film seems to be squarely targeting — and they had better be if they want to join the billion dollar club someday (and they do).

Sex sells and so does a bloody train wreck. As you so astutely note, the distressed Enterprise evokes imagery of the space shuttle disaster. It also has overtones of the World Trade Center burning. It beckons at the morbid curiosity that inhabits most of us. It’s why the Kevin Ware video on You Tube has over 5 million hits after the networks responsibly refused to continue showing it shortly after it happened.

What it doesn’t do for me is express hope or optimism. It doesn’t have any of the energy or excitement of the 2009 poster. It doesn’t evoke adventure, which is what Star Trek is all about to me.

247. MJ - April 15, 2013

@246. Wow. Not sure I can help you with your concerns about car accidents and onlookers. I don’t see this poster doing that, but I do see how one could take that interpretation if they really believed this.

Must be depressing to be you, dude? Cheer up, man!!!

248. Jack - April 15, 2013

“What it doesn’t do for me is express hope or optimism. It doesn’t have any of the energy or excitement of the 2009 poster. It doesn’t evoke adventure, which is what Star Trek is all about to me.”

Fair enough, but it’s there to get folks into theatres and give ’em a sense of what they’re going to be seeing. Rainbows and sunshine don’t seem to fit with the bulk of this movie.

249. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - April 15, 2013

@246. “What it doesn’t do for me is express hope or optimism. It doesn’t have any of the energy or excitement of the 2009 poster. It doesn’t evoke adventure, which is what Star Trek is all about to me.”

I don’t know why you need to get that out of a poster.

250. Curious Cadet - April 15, 2013

You guys are funny.

Why are you making it about me being in a dark place?

Quite the opposite.

I said it before, it’s the difference between advertising a NASCAR race with cars whipping around the track vs. cars crashing into the grandstands in an explosion. If it weren’t in such bad taste, I can guarantee you that NASCAR would do the later because the nature of society today is to be attracted to the prospect of death and destruction, and it would likely put many more butts in seats than they currently do.

I’m not the first person to observe this phenomenon. Media increasingly caters to this growing aspect of society, and it just saddens me that Star Trek has now jumped on the bandwagon. Look at the classic Trek posters, many of which suggest the darkness to expect within the movie, yet keep the excitement and optimism which is a hallmark of Star Trek.

Anyway, to each his own. Teenage boys will continue to fry ants under magnifying glasses and rip the wings off flies. Might as well cater to this mentality in the quest for their self-entitled allowance money.

251. Curious Cadet - April 15, 2013

Come see Star Trek, we blow the sh*t outta stuff. Step right up for a future filled with death, carnage, and the end of the world.

Gene would be proud.

252. Unwanted - April 15, 2013

@250, 251. Geeze grow up man, get over yourself, I certainly don’t share your opinion of this poster, and judging by the poll above neither does anyone else.

253. Jack - April 15, 2013

251. Look at it from a story point of view. The story deals with dark stuff and a major threat to, well, everything — so what is the poster *supposed* to show?

” Look at the classic Trek posters, many of which suggest the darkness to expect within the movie, yet keep the excitement and optimism which is a hallmark of Star Trek.”

Like the original Star Trek II? How are those other posters conveying optimism, exactly? Because they show stars? Because they’re pretty paintings?

254. Jack - April 15, 2013

250. “I said it before, it’s the difference between advertising a NASCAR race with cars whipping around the track vs. cars crashing into the grandstands in an explosion.”

The analogy doesn’t fit. What if it was a *movie* about Nascar where that Nascar explosion was key to the plot?

So what should it be? How do you show optimism in a poster?

255. Jack - April 15, 2013

There’s also a bit of snobbery going on here — non-Trek-fan movie goers aren’t, generally, as dumb as you might think…

256. MJ - April 15, 2013

@250. Curious Cadet,

I think to sum it up for the group, and please don’t take this the wrong way — we just think your view on this is kind of wacked out, and your view perhaps says more about some issues you have with things outside of Star Trek more than with Star Trek. Cheer Up!!! And reach out to your family and friends for support if needed.

@254 “There’s also a bit of snobbery going on here — non-Trek-fan movie goers aren’t, generally, as dumb as you might think…”

Agreed. And no one I know, including my son and his teenage friends, are out there drooling over car accidents like this. LOL

257. PEB - April 15, 2013

can we just note, for arguments sake that Bones isn’t a key character featured on FIVE of the SIX TOS film posters? …just sayin

258. Curious Cadet - April 15, 2013

@252 Unwanted,

Why do I need to grow up exactly? I already said I liked the poster. I just don’t like the direction the franchise has taken with it. Two different issues. And I’d say the poll is indicative that other people do have issue with it, perhaps not exactly my position, but the fact remains 50% love it, while 50% less than love it.

@254 Jack,

First, i was talking about real life. Second, there have been movies about car races and they didn’t lead with the spectacular crashes that were a part of them. Besides, a movie about NASCAR is not Trek. Moreover, there is no reason to show spectacular explosions, death and dismemberment as part of any movie poster — such things pander to teenage audiences who crave first-person shooter video games with extreme bloodthirst enhancement packs, and people who slow down to look at gruesome traffic collisions. Show us how exciting the movie is going to be, don’t show us the worst of the train wrecks. Case in point, Titanic was not marketed with the depiction of the ship breaking in two along with the accompanying explosions as freezing bodies bobbed in the water like ice cubes, and it did pretty well. Instead it expresses the optimism that was at the heart of the story despite the tragedy.

@256 MJ,

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you need to get out of Lala land and vist a few red states. And while you’re at it, pay attention to what the people in the cars ahead of you are doing the next time you are gridlocked on the 405 thanks to a motorcycle collision with a big rig.

I like the poster. I think it’s great. But the movie industry is exploiting the worst of humanity in depicting death and destruction as a way to attract audiences over excitement and adventure, and now Trek has stepped onto this slippery slope.

And yes there might be some snobbery when it comes to how I think Trek should rise above the usual tripe contained in the typical Michael Bay action movie marketing, but your anecdotal evidence is just that — limited to your isolated viewpoint. Just watch the evening news if you wanna see what people really respond to in the world. But thanks for keeping an open mind.

259. MJ - April 15, 2013

“And while you’re at it, pay attention to what the people in the cars ahead of you are doing the next time you are gridlocked on the 405 thanks to a motorcycle collision with a big rig.”

Dude, you are acting like looking at accidents while passing by on the freeway is some NEW thing. It’s not. And not only that, the Star Trek poster has no relation to it whatsoever.

Dude, seriously, this connection you are trying to make is just wack.

260. MJ - April 15, 2013

“Just watch the evening news if you wanna see what people really respond to in the world. But thanks for keeping an open mind.”

‘I’m watching it right now, and I see tons of good people trying to do the right thing to clean up the bad one sick person or small group did today.” Which is probably about what we are going to see in the new Trek movie.

261. Defiant - April 16, 2013

Anyone got an idea when exactly the new trailer will be released today?
Thanks in advance!

262. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

@259 MJ,
“Dude, you are acting like looking at accidents while passing by on the freeway is some NEW thing. It’s not.”

Well, at least you acknowledge the phenomenon. That’s progress …

263. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

@260. MJ,
“I’m watching it right now, and I see tons of good people trying to do the right thing to clean up the bad one sick person or small group did today.” Which is probably about what we are going to see in the new Trek movie.”

And I see every piece of footage from every angle of the explosions and carnage being run continuously, even alongside the responder’s efforts. The front page of the New York Times, leads with a picture of a victim with garish blood splattered across the sidewalk.

Violence and sex sells. It’s sensational. It makes people look. I see the good being reported, but I’m not naive enough to ignore the copious negative images displayed by the news coverage of yesterday’s attacks, easily outweighing the positive ones.

I realize you have a hard on for the new poster, but let’s call a spade a spade — it’s a “train wreck”, and people are drawn to them like moths to flame. That choice was not serendipitous. Nothing about the poster suggests to me that something good will come out of it, much less good people trying to do the right thing as the result of the bad caused by a single person. It has but one purpose, to draw attention. It’s no different than the posters for Earthquake, Towering Inferno, or Poseidon adventure — movies whose sole purpose was to depict a “train wreck” in epic proportions. The audiences could care less about the stories, they just wanted to see death and destruction, the posters spoke to that … and now Star Trek has such a poster.

264. MJ - April 16, 2013

@263. Wow. I just leave it for you, that I hope you can find a way to get some more positive things going in your life. Your views are kind of sad, and your views are more disturbing to me than the obvious and NOT NEW facet of human nature that like to look at wrecks.

Whose worse, the guy who looks at the wreck, or the persons who makes it a point to ruminative incessantly to the rest of us about how wrong that person was who looked at the wreck, and how wrong that makes our society?

265. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

@264. MJ,
“Whose worse, the guy who looks at the wreck, or the persons who makes it a point to ruminative incessantly to the rest of us about how wrong that person was who looked at the wreck, and how wrong that makes our society?”

You’re right MJ, who’s worse? Hitler, or the people who ruminate about how bad he was … Can’t correct a problem until you deal with it. But good philosophy. Just bury your head in the sand, maybe the problem will just go away, or at least you won’t have to deal with it.

266. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

And I will leave you with this: Star Trek at its best holds a mirror up to reflect society’s weaknesses in an effort to presumably correct them. This movie poster panders to those weaknesses. I expect more from Trek. Forgive me.

267. MJ - April 16, 2013

Ah, you pulled out “the Hilter card., the “get out of jail free” tactic of last resort that people use when they have lost an argument. Puling out “the Hitler card is so lame — I would have thought you would have come up with something better than that?

Whatever? I can see that we are not making any progress here, so this will be my last post on this topic.

Again, I hope you get some more positive energy in your life. You have some wacked out ideas that are kind of worrisome to me at a human level. Please don’t be afraid to reach out for some help to family and/or friends.

Best Wishes, MJ

268. MJ - April 16, 2013

“The Hitler Card: used when, in a heated debate, you compare something to Adolf Hitler. Usually a last resort defense, The Hitler Card is usually played by those who know they are loosing a debate, but are to stubborn to acutally admit it.”

269. K-7 - April 16, 2013

Curios Cadet,

Would you think poorly of me for watching “the trainwreck” of your arguments here?

LOL :-))

270. Keachick - April 16, 2013

#266 This is what I have been saying ever since I came to this site, whether it is about a movie poster or about what is shown more often than not in many movies today, which includes Star Trek 09.

I do not know whether some of the scenes depicted in that movie pandered to the weaknesses or reflected certain element in an effort to highlight and perhaps correct. Sadly, I found very early on that scenes like a young man being repeatedly punched in the face in a bar while everybody stood around watching seemed to delight lots of people more than not, judging by the overwhelming reactions of a majority of posters on the internet sites that discussed the film. This was one of several similar scenes.

It is not so much that the producers (including writers and director) chose to include these scenes as part of the overall storyline – it is their prerogative and right – it is either audiences’ gleeful reaction or indifference to this kind of life denying (killing and/or maiming) which has alarmed me somewhat.

However, on top of this, what is even MORE alarming is the negative reaction to the split second sight of a female in her underwear which by far outweighs any negative reaction to the audio/visually graphic violence which definitely does last more than a split second and indeed makes up a large part of many blockbuster movies.

The violent scenes tend to be life denying, but they seem to get a pass by the same people who decry scenes of (near) naked humanity or those alluding to sensuality or sexual love, which could be considered somewhat positive and life affirming.

No doubt, one of those who shall not be named will make a sarcastic retort, as one did when I suggested that a poster be made (once this movie has been seen by most international audiences) depicting this alternate Enterprise crew together, possibly managing a smile. You know – the hippy/kumbaya comment…

Do we (as a culture and people) prefer to affirm life or deny life?

You tell me…

271. K-7 - April 16, 2013

#270. Good point. Because if I am on the freeway, and I see both a naked lady and a car wreck, I look at the naked lady before the car wreck.

Seriously, I got no problem with sex AND violence in Star Trek, so long as it is vital to the story and is consistent with Star Trek.

272. Dave H - April 16, 2013

Call me guilty,

But I always look at car crashes on the freeway. Why would I not look. I have empathy for the people involved, plus I view it as an object lesson to drive more safely or “that might be me”.

Perhaps I am the person that these types of posters are after then, I guess? I know that I am not a bad person though, so I kind of resent this Curious Cadet person assigning themselves to be judge, jury and executioner just because I choose to look.

273. MJ - April 16, 2013

@272 Dude, it’s human nature to look. No apologies are necessary. This person I think has the hang-ups and dissonance on this, not you.

274. MJ - April 16, 2013

@270. Sounds like the same post you have mad about 20 times here.

We get it now, OK! Your views on “sexual love” in Star Trek are now ingrained on my brain for all eternity.

275. MJ - April 16, 2013

@221 “Seriously, I got no problem with sex AND violence in Star Trek, so long as it is vital to the story and is consistent with Star Trek.”


276. DiscoSpock - April 16, 2013


Keachick’s free love and Star Trek sermon again.

Scotty, please beam me out of here!

277. Curious Cadet - April 17, 2013

@267. MJ,
“I hope you get some more positive energy in your life. You have some wacked out ideas that are kind of worrisome to me at a human level. Please don’t be afraid to reach out for some help to family and/or friends.”

Thanks for your concern. You are a real credit to humanity. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.