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Tix For Thursday 3D Into Darkness Screenings & Double Features Available + Watch Mazda/Trek Commerical April 17, 2013

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness showings in the US for Thursday May 16th are now available – including some double-features with the 2009 movie. More info below plus check out the new Mazda/Into Darkness TV commercial and some cool new theater displays in Europe.      


Thursday 3D screenings announced + Cinemark Double Features

The official StarTrekMovie.com site has been updated with the new poster and new trailer and also added link to buy 3D tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness for Thursday (in addition to the IMAX Fan Sneaks on Wednesday).

You can buy tickets for Wednesday the 15th and Thursday the 16th

And Cinemark theaters (including Century theaters) has announced Thursday Double Features of both Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness. You can buy tickets for those double features in advance at Cinemark.com.

Cinemark has Star Trek double-features lined up for Thursday the 16th

Mazda Commercial

Here is the new Mazda commercial cross-promotion for the Mazda6 and Star Trek Into Darkness.

There are also a couple of new Mazda themed missions in the Star Trek app, including one to ‘scan’ (listen) to the above commercial.

Cool European Star Trek promotions

And in International Star Trek marketing news, here a a couple cool theater displays from Europe. First up comes this staircase from the Filmstaden Sergel in Stockholm Sweden (via loghaD on Twitter).

And the Cineplex Alhambra in Berlin German has gone all Star Trek on the outside (via German facebook page).

Have you seen cool Star Trek promotions?

If you have seen a cool Star Trek Into Darkness promotion – take a picture and send it in to Twitter @trekmovie for email tips@trekmovie.com.


1. NL-NaeZ - April 18, 2013

Can’t wait for the movie!! Unfortunately I still haven’t seen any promotions here in The Netherlands… :-(

2. njdss4 - April 18, 2013

I still have tickets to a Thursday 2D screening at 11am that I found through the mobile app. I hope the listing is legit, because I’d really like to see the movie before the official opening day AND avoid having to see it in 3D.

3. chrisfawkes.com - April 18, 2013

Loving the Mazda ad.

No big displays but the Hype are giving tickets out daily to the Sydney premier next week.

I only found out yesterday you can enter as many times as you like. I may have to block out a day and keep entering.

So for the Aussies. http://au.thehype.yahoo.com/competitions/win-star-trek-into-darkness-premiere-tickets/-/16488806/

4. chrisfawkes.com - April 18, 2013

I apologize. I just read that the entries for that competition are now closed.


5. JohnRambo - April 18, 2013

@2. njdss4

“AND avoid having to see it in 3D”

Oh my….

6. Jack - April 18, 2013

My local multiplex has the old poster off in a corner and a piece of printer paper taped over it saying they’re selling for Thursday the 16th. Just sayin’

7. chrisfawkes.com - April 18, 2013

Event Cinema’s where the premier will be held will be giving away ten double passes. This comp just opened a few hours ago


8. AyanEva - April 18, 2013

Yeeeaaaah, not going all the way to NJ for a Thursday show (the closest Cinemark theater). It’s just 14 miles but the bridge has a toll and my cinema is 5 minutes away. I’ll wait for my local Regal listings. I hope they’re up soon. :(

9. AyanEva - April 18, 2013

Speak of the devil. My Fandago app is now showing a listing for the Regal near me. 8pm on Thursday, May 16th for 3D. No midnight?

10. stefano g - April 18, 2013

none her in italy…as always… :-(

11. Lt. Dakin - April 18, 2013

The Mazda is driving by the Caltrans District 7 building which you can see in the trailer when the saucer is crashing.

12. Calastir - April 18, 2013

@1. NL-NaeZ
Doen ze toch nooit hier in Nederland…

Translation: They never do around here in the Netherlands…

13. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

There is no way I am buying a mazda every couple of years Abrams will come around to my house and blow the crap out of it. :)

14. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 18, 2013

I have already bought my ticket’s for the May 15th 7pm Showing a couple of moths ago. I So can’t wait.

15. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

# Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire

Tomorrow Im off to buy my ticket for 10am May 9th (sucker) :)

16. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

#14 Watch those moths dont eat it first :)

17. Tom - April 18, 2013

So are we going to Spock drive a Mazda in the movie now? I just remember the groan-inducing Nokia product placement from the first movie.

18. CmdrR - April 18, 2013

13 – The lens flare windshield feature would make you wreck long before that.

19. Elias Javalis - April 18, 2013

July 11 here. Close to my birthday..Thanks for the delay..he!

20. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

So having R2-D2 in ST09 would that now be considered product placement.

21. Mad Mann - April 18, 2013

What’s going on with the viral marketing? Any changes to the “Are you the 1701?” thingie?

22. Flake - April 18, 2013

Acer are doing a Star Trek promotion now. Just come up on twitter.

I always thought the best tie-in possible would be one with Apple considering how Star Trek fore saw a lot of apple tech (and the apple store bridge) oh well.

23. Dr. Image - April 18, 2013

Mazda: Yet another boring auto design. WHY doesn’t anyone design cool car cars anymore? (that normal people can afford…)

24. Stephan - April 18, 2013

No star trek advertising in my local cinemas in Germany. :-(

25. Curious Cadet - April 18, 2013

Considering all the 2D to 3D conversion which have been going on lately, I’m surprised Star Trek ’09 wasn’t being converted over the last four years to coincide with this release. Maybe after …

I was just checking the DirectTv listings and was surprised to find that considering ST09 has been on cable and network TV numerous times for free over the last four years, that the only way to view it this month is PPV. One would think it would be offered for free everywhere to get anyone not familiar with the franchise to tune in and get amped up to see the new one.

26. DavenetSoo - April 18, 2013

8pm showing Thursday May 16th in my hometown Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada as well…change of plans?? OH YEAH!!!

27. Josh C. - April 18, 2013

naturally there are no cinemark theaters near me, heh

28. NL-NaeZ - April 18, 2013

@23 – Stephan:
Is it also that bad in Germany? Here in The Netherlands the same thing… Maybe because NL is such a small country…? There are no competitions over here where we can win premiere/VIP tickets or something like that…

kinda boring….!!

29. Simon - April 18, 2013

Sucks that IMAX insists on using their proprietary 5.0 sound system and doesn’t support DOLBY ATMOS or Dolby Surround 7.1.

INTO DARKNESS has been mixed in DOLBY ATMOS and so to get the full experience you need to see it in 2 different theaters: IMAX to see the native IMAX footage and a theater that has the ATMOS sound system.

30. Daniel Broadway - April 18, 2013

I read that there was supposed to be a clip from the movie released today on the web. Do you know if that’s true?

31. Robman007 - April 18, 2013

So awesome living near an IMAX screen. May 15!!!

32. Phil Baiden - April 18, 2013

Why does the voiceover say “Maaaaarrrrrrzda”?

It’s Maz. Da.

As a middle class dad the Mazda 6 is about the pinnacle of my aspiration. We have a Mazda 3 now but another sprog on the way. We could do with the extra room.

33. Ashley - April 18, 2013

Just ordered my ticket for the 3D showing on May 16th. :) Will probably see it in 2D the next day. xD

34. Keachick - April 18, 2013

#17 – I seriously hope so.

Do Vulcans know how to drive cars though? Prime Kirk did not know how to drive a car, but obviously this nuKirk does!

A car is a car is a car…

35. LizardGirl - April 18, 2013

I have stupid work on Thursday so, me no go. But, I hope to be there for the official opening Friday.

36. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

34 Keachick

They coulden’t even manage a bus ride for a while there. I wonder if prime Spock will slip the correct change into Kirks pocket sometime in the future.

37. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

I just realised Kirk does know how to use profanity. Maybe prime Spock has already clued him in on the future. And kirk now keeps a penny in tied in the corner of his hankie.

38. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

I hope there is a dvd extra “one on one swearing lesson with Mr Spock”

39. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

Re post #36 #37 #37

I just thought of a joke

Kirk goes upto Prime Spock as says “Any tips you can give me on the future Spock” Spock replies “Yea here’s a buck fifty and go fu@#k yourself dumb ass”.

40. Son of Jello - April 18, 2013

Ok here we go

Kirk and Spock are sitting in a room.

Spock “Ok Jim I want you to clear your mind and try.

Kirk closes his eyes and concentrates “b…bbb….bbbi… bicycle”.

Spock “Were talking about the an entire species here…….. Jim you have to get this right”.

Kirk “O K Spock Im do ing my best but I don’t undersatnd why you want me to do this….What species? Save them from what? from who?

Spock “You have to trust me Jim the future of the planet depends on it”

Kirk “b..bbbii……biiiiii……bingo!”

Spock “Ok Jim one more time”

Kirk “bb……bbiiiii……..biiiiit………bitch”

Unfortunatly Uhura is walking past the room at this time

Uhura “Hey mouth breather I hope that wasen”t directed at me?”

Uhura then turns and sees prime Spock gasps in shock backs out of the room and runs of down the corridor. And for the rest of the day she cant get the image out of her head so later on when she is with her Spock being intimate.

Uhura stops what she is doing.The image of a naked prime Spock is burnt into her mind

Uhura “Im sorry Spock its over”

And thats how Uhura and Spock break up.

Thanks you’ve been a great audience

I just got a new job on Thursday and dont start until Tuesdey next week so I will be here all night.

And don’t forget if you want Spock and Uhura to stay together and Live happily ever after support these orginizations, http://www.seashepherd.org.au/ http://www.whalewatch.org/ Save the whales if not just for there sake. But for the sake of Spock and Uhura and their love for each other.

41. Keachick - April 18, 2013


42. Anthony Thompson - April 19, 2013

Never heard of ‘Cinemark’. Why no advanced showings in 2D???

43. Sunfell - April 20, 2013

Just got my fan sneak tickets at the local brand-new RPX theater. Very glad they’re doing it- I’ll even put up with 3D at least once.

44. KevinA Melbourne Australia - April 22, 2013

Just got 2 tickets to IMAX Melbourne Australia’s Double Show.
Worlds 3rd Largest IMAX screen…so they say!

May 8
Star Trek 2009 – 9.30pm then
Midnight – Into Darkness 3D.

WoaHoo! If I die at 3am I’ll be very happy!

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