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Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Clip #2 + New Int’l Character Posers [UPDATED] April 23, 2013

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The second clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has been released. This time Paramount is showing off a fast-paced action chase scene featuring Kirk, Spock, Uhura. See below to watch the new clip. But beware of some spoilers (nothing major). UPDATE: We also have new international character posters.      


Star Trek Into Darkness Clip 2

UPDATE: Here is the second clip from Into Darkness (now from TrekMovie YouTube). This time it is a chase with Kirk, Spock and Uhura in a civilian ship being chased by Klingons, and if you look closely you will see Cupcake too


UPDATE: New International Character Posters

Paramount International has added Marcus, Bones and Sulu to their list of character posters, here they are (click to enlarge).


These are in addition to the four previously released posters.

Star Trek Into Darkness Clip #1

If you missed it, here is the clip from yesterday.



1. Pontihog - April 23, 2013

Wow, cant wait

2. pg - April 23, 2013

Definitely has sort of a Han Solo, Millennium Falcon feel to it, which I’m sure will only serve to tee off a lot of the so called “old school Trekkies”, but I think it’s awesome Trek is finally getting sequences like this one on a grand scale.

I really don’t see how this movie could stink at this point.

3. Commodore Redshirt - April 23, 2013

I think it’s better than the 1st clip!… feels like Trek to me!

4. Duck man - April 23, 2013


5. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

Dreadnought is called USS Vengance.

6. Tin-plated overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood - April 23, 2013

The giant “Dreadnaught” ship is the U.S.S. Vengeance. #Picardfacepalm

7. cpelc - April 23, 2013

#5 & #6

8. gingerly - April 23, 2013

I’m not even gonna mention where that clip took my mind…

But, I did like it. :)

9. CoffeeProf - April 23, 2013

Was it just me or was Cupcake in this clip?

10. cpelc - April 23, 2013

Also #5 & #6

11. Legend of Link - April 23, 2013

The U.S.S. Vengeance? Really? I guess it sounds cool, but isn’t that kind of like beating a cold corpse with a stick?

12. Lando - April 23, 2013

Bird of Prey now powered by Twin Ion Engines? Sure sounds like it.

13. rugbytown - April 23, 2013

Loving how the bird of preys ‘wings’ turned to slow it down. Loved the sound effects too. Liking the Klingon ‘theme’ also. FFS, liking everything!

14. Legend of Link - April 23, 2013

Still…I want to see it. Anyone else able to access the “first look” of the Vengeance on your app? I update it and there’s nothing new on there.

15. Commodore Shaggy - April 23, 2013

Seems like some just want to find something to complain about. Seriously, the name as already pointed out by #10 has been used in Trek before. What what do you want it called the USS Lollipop?

16. Smike - April 23, 2013

Love it! The BoP sound FX come of pretty Warslike…

USS Vengeance…hm…makes sense. Totally. Now we know why the film’s called Vengeance in Russia.

17. Tin-plated overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood - April 23, 2013

@15 It was used in a video game.

18. Smike - April 23, 2013

The score with the choir parts is also neat…though it doesn’t off Klingon…

19. Thomas - April 23, 2013

Did anyone else watch thus clip and think Blade Runner?

20. Klingon Warrior - April 23, 2013

The civilian ship that Kirk is piloting bears a remarkable similarity to the Flying Sub from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea…

21. Frederick - April 23, 2013

I hope nobody says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” or ‘Don’t get cocky, kid!” or “Never tell me the odds!”

22. James Cannon Runcorn Trekkie UK - April 23, 2013

#9 sure looked like him ….

23. Commodore Shaggy - April 23, 2013

@17 For all the whining I’m reading about this on Facebook and Twitter, I haven’t seen anyone offer up a better name (It’s not like it matters though, it is what it is).

It’s obviously a warship, the Defiant of the 23rd century if you will. I’m sure that if they picked a name from a ship like Excelsior, Reliant or Saratoga, we’d be hearing about the aneurysms certain fans would be having over changing the design and purpose of an established and beloved ship.

24. James Cannon Runcorn Trekkie UK - April 23, 2013

Yup. Site just confirmed it …. (Just above the clip)

25. Moputo Jones - April 23, 2013

#11: A lot of people still won’t/don’t accept it.

26. Navy - April 23, 2013

You know, Matt Jefferies suggested that vehilces for space flight would have smooth hull surfaces, much like aircraft would.

The new bird of prey is overly complicated, and does not resemble intelligent ship design. Does it look cool, yes. Does it follow any kind of logic? Doesn’t look like it.

If the vessel was for atmospheric flight only, it would have smooth skin to reduce drag.

Well at least the new star trek movie looks like it will be a fun ride, just will never actually be Star Trek. Hopefully we get a better rendition of the Enterprise and all the other ships during the next Star Trek reboot. Perhaps the next producer will use their brain, and think about the fact that it has been trekkies that have kept Star Trek relevant. We’re the ones that keep poring money into the franchise, so when are they going to make something just for us? It’s not like we can’t pay for it.

27. jojo - April 23, 2013

Zoe’s reactions are great in this clip. Great preview overall.

28. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@26: I’ve built a fair number of Bird of Prey models and the old school one was about as overly complicated as you can get for a TOS movie ship. It did not feature a smooth hull. It had pipes and all sorts of crazy stuff aligned on the hull.

Besides, nothing about any of the ships from Trek are realistic or intelligent. You want realistic and intelligent space ships, look no farther then the Earth Alliance vessels in Babylon 5.

Intelligence was not shown in the design of the warp engine pylons of any TOS era ship, with the exception of the Excelsior. The odd angles are not very realistic.

And stop it for once with the “it will never sound like Star Trek” act. That’s old, folks are tired of hearing about it. You sound like one of those whiney star wars fans who claimed Lucas “had his way with” their childhood.

It was old. Now it’s just pathetic. You don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you think you can do better, write a script and try and get it picked up.

29. Ashley - April 23, 2013

@26 All of Star Trek until the 2009 movie has been for trekkies, or have you forgotten already? >.> And even these movies have MANY elements that serve the fans only. But the fans alone cannot pay for something with this kind of budget. Honestly, if all trekkies wanted more of the same, all this money you speak of would be poured into fan retreads like New Voyages/Phase II, ST: Continues, and other fan productions. Don’t get me wrong, I like this stuff and look forward to it, but it’s obvious that the money isn’t going towards them. And why not? Certainly fans know what fans want, right?

30. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

Folks are going to find a million and one things to whine and cry about with this new movie.

I just wonder how long it will take for those same folks to understand that OLD Trek is dead and gone. You will never see it again. Star Trek may come back on TV, but it won’t be like it used to be. It will be more or less what you see now, which is not a big deal. I’ve been a fan for 32 years..yes, there are some things I laugh about with the last film, but for the most part it was solid. I’ve not watched a Trek film in theaters that much since The Undiscovered Country.

Star Trek could use alittle bit of the excitment that Star Wars has. I’m glad it’s been put in.

On a side note…I have no issues with USS Vengeance. Sounds like a ship built on the sly by a corrupt Admiral who thinks the Federation should ignore the Prime Directive and strike first against those who would wanna cause it harm, ala Nero. The Sword of Vengeance in a way.

Would you rather it named something like USS Duck Tales. USS Snotrag. USS Cleveland, USS Surprise…USS It’s not my Trek, waaaaaa!

31. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@29…the money does not go towards doing what we Trek fans want because

A. They did that. We got Insurrection, Nemesis, Generations, Voyager, Enterprise. Suck.

B. That’s not how the BUSINESS of Motion Pictures work. You have to market for NON FANS.

C. New Trek will always be this way. Even if it comes back to TV it will be “Trek Lite”..kinda like Fringe was called “X-Files Lite)

Star Trek fans have a repuation for being nitpicky. I’m starting to see why. You can’t win.

Imagine if the Enterprise in this new film was the Original. Those same “it’s not my trek” fans would be up in arms if they showed the Original getting beat from one end of the universe to the next. This film could be almost identical in nature to Spocks brain and if the Enterprise was getting trashed on screen they’d cry and whine with the million other reasons to cry and whine. It’s sad and embarrassing at times.

32. Metron - April 23, 2013

The people that complain about the complainers are usually pretty lame. Not everyone is going to love the movie, fanboys. Especially if all we have now is a couple clips and a couple trailers. I thought the first one was ok, mistakes and all…though, they prolly shouldn’t have tried to fit it in “continuity” as the second one seems to screw that up a bit- if the comic IS supposed to be canon that is….The only thing I can really say about the clips, personally, is that I wish they put in some old school TOS ships and tech, and I wish we could get away from “terrorism/villain” stories and focus more on the psychedelic weirdness of space and beyond.

33. STfanboy - April 23, 2013

@ 28 & 30 Robman007

Dead on my friend. The whinning IS getting old.

34. Trekbilly - April 23, 2013

This is the absolute BEST Trek has ever looked! Epic visuals, fantastic pacing! Hats off to JJ and the “supreme court”…this film looks fantastic and who knows? It may end up being the best feature film Trek yet!!

35. Brevard - April 23, 2013

Wow. Nice clip of Star Wars: Episode 7…oh…wait…what?

36. MORN SPEAKS - April 23, 2013

Sounds like the controls are your standard Klingon sounds?

37. frederick - April 23, 2013

I think that some of the people hating on the new action-filled Trek would like to see all that money spent on another ST:TMP-styled movie. Looooong sloooow pans across miles and miles of ships and looooong sloooow conversations on the bridge.

This is Trek for the ADD kids. Sure, it’s a bit frenietic for me, but we all wanted more action back in the old movie days and now we have it. Let’s be glad people like it.

38. Metron - April 23, 2013

Oh….one more thing. These marketing and ad people really screwed up this generation that is active on the internet. Making excuses as to how YOU are not the target audience is a sad thing. This is one of the reasons American cinema in general isn’t as respected as it used to be, it panders to idiots. Don’t listen and repeat this garbage the industry tries to implant into your brains or you may just become the “target audience”.

39. AyanEva - April 23, 2013

Aw man, this looks fantastic! And YAY FOR CUPCAKE! I was hoping he was somewhere in this. I just inexplicably like the guy.

40. KHAAAN, the weasel - April 23, 2013

Very… very… “Star Wars”-like … but well, if it makes for a gripping action sequence, why not…

41. Chris Doohan - April 23, 2013

I might just have to see this movie. :)

42. PureGenius - April 23, 2013

They just released a picture of the dreadnought on Facebook. And its name. You can get it through the app.

43. boogermcpooterfart - April 23, 2013

What happened to my post point out that Wrath Of Khan was originally going to be called “Vengeance Of Khan”?

44. PC3 - April 23, 2013

Vengence for what or who….Nero?

45. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013

I think this is going to be the best Trek movie yet!

46. Robman007 - April 23, 2013’s not an excuse. It’s the truth. Sad, yes, but still the truth.

They used to make movies for Trek fans. They bombed. Each film had a lower budget then the last. Trek fans alone cannot support the product. IF you want to see it on TV, then you have to hope this film can make some money. It can only make money if it is marketed for the masses. A sad truth, yes. The idiots do outnumber the smart individuals. Sad, but true.

Here is how I look at new Trek. Watching Fringe (another Orci/Kurtzman/Abrams show)..clued me in on how this “alternate reality” deal works….and it make sense.

In Fringe you had Dr Walter Bishop and Dr William Bell. They played around with gate ways and portal’s to alternate realities. Dr Bishop even crossed over, which caused a bad chain reaction in the “alternate reality”..a reality which was technologically more advanced then our own at that same time (they had smart phones in 1985..)..

So, what I like to think happened with this is that the Red Matter created what is essentially a large “Walter” portal, in which Spock and the Narada went into. They crossed over into an Alternate reality that was already technologically and stylistically different (as per the two realities in Fringe)…the change made was when George Kirk was killed. That screwed up the future of the Alternate reality much like Walter did when he took Peter. That also eliminates the idea of just “sling shot around the sun” to go back and save George Kirk…all that will do is fix this much different, alternate reality’s future.

It works.

47. Navy - April 23, 2013

quote “Intelligence was not shown in the design of the warp engine pylons of any TOS era ship, with the exception of the Excelsior. The odd angles are not very realistic.”

Actually if you put some thought into it, the TOS enterprise is the only ship with pylons that make sense. We know that the warp engines use plasma(ionized gas) to drive the warp coils. Ionized gas is actually a rather decent conductor and if it is arranged in coils, the warp engines are being used to produce enormously powerful magnetic fields. It is reasonable to assume that a human being wouldn’t want to be in close proximity to it.

Structurally, even the small size of the pylons isn’t a big deal if they are engineered and preloaded correctly. Think along the lines of the cabling that supports a suspension bridge, pulled taut internally(structural integrity field) this would preload the components, reducing movement.

Smooth hullplates, wouldn’t be much different than a top load on a Tesla coil, giving an area that allows the discharge to be equal across all surfaces(deflector shields).

I surmise that Cochrane built warp drive off of Tesla coils, with staged primary coils to compress space and time.

48. Legend of Link - April 23, 2013

First couple of reviews of the movie are online. You can google it. So far people saying it’s pretty good. Cool cool.

49. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013


I wholeheartedly agree they need to get away from the terrorist themes for the next one.

50. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@47..the angles. No way would you have an engine that is that large and that powerful attached to the hull with pylons that thin and at that angle. That’s a b**tch of an angle. I’d more think they would look like the Enterprise C or Excelsior..or part of aft portion of the hull like Defiant.

The angles of the original, refit and Abrams always just seem a bit unrealistic…then again, we are talking about a fictional universe, so whatever works :-)

51. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013


Has Talos IV been discovered in the new universe? Is it off limits?

52. gingerly - April 23, 2013

Well, the only thing I cared about was that it’s a good movie, and so it is!!

But I also read a review that said there is lots of touching….


Thanks bob!

I knew you had to learn something from Hercules/Xena fandom!

Thanks for the many hours spent knocking your head on your desk to script this film!

53. Ritz - April 23, 2013


Well Nicholas Meyer originally wanted to call it The Undiscovered Country.

But the point is that the name USS Vengeance is a nonsensical name for a ship, other than that perhaps in the movie it is captained by a vengeful man. But I don’t know, maybe he built it knowing he was going to appear in a dark movie about revenge ;)

So while the title of Wrath of Khan implies revenge/vengeance, the writer and director did not feel a need to call the ship Khan uses the USS Wrath or the USS Vengeance – we got the point when we saw Khan acting vengeful. Movies don’t need to tell us what they are about (like by naming the ship USS Vengeance), they should show it.

54. Capt. Crash - April 23, 2013

Oh C’mon – did you all not hear the Imperial Tie-Fighters sounds within that clip of the Klingons Bird of Prey?
Caught the first time…….

And yes – this clip reminds me when the Falcon was being chased by Tie-Fighters in the asteroid belt in ESB!

55. Phil - April 23, 2013


56. FastAttax - April 23, 2013

The civilian ship seems to have Starfleet issued alarms.
Is that a Klingon Bird of Prey chasing KLirk and crew?
Yes, dreadnaught is USS Vengence. Got full puicture on Star Trek Into Darkness App

57. Enda - April 23, 2013

I’m starting to wonder if Chekov is even in this movie. He was in the first clip released I know…but does he die or something?
It’s one thing that they have replaced Bones with Uhura in the triad, but it’s another thing completely when Alice Eve’s character is getting more attention then Pavel Chekov….It’s very sad, and I think a little insulting to Walter Keonig and all that he did with the character.

58. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

Read reviews of the film. Ironically, the issue folks who reviewed the film had with it is that they felt that certain scenes were made for Trek fans only..that JJ and the others wrote stuff for the fans only.

Funny considering the arguments about the film today..haha!

59. The Professor - April 23, 2013

Maybe Chekov will have a bigger role in the next movie

60. Metron - April 23, 2013

I didn’t ask you WHY things are the way they are, ROB. I said if you people perpetuate this thinking and shell out money for it- you will get this shit forever. And I hope you aren’t trying to explain “alternate realities” to people, nobody asked ( I am not being mean). I liked the first one, despite all the problems and bad decisions. If you factor in the “Countdown” comic books, they screwed up the history BEFORE the Narada went back in time with that stupid older Enterprise. They didn’t go back in time to an alternate reality, they went back in time and MADE/CHANGED reality- and they are only even calling it an alternate reality outside of canon because fans want the old continuity to still exist. I am not watching that garbage “Fringe” nor do I need to for anything. As far as the Red Matter goes, JJ stole that from “Alias”, he recycles crap like this all the time. The movie was good, they could have been worse, just wish they could have been more clever fitting in established pieces of the fictional universe.

61. Anthony Pascale - April 23, 2013

added character posters

62. Ritz - April 23, 2013

@ 58

I think it depends on what the reviewers mean by scenes made only for Star Trek fans. If they mean superficial things like Spock repeating lines made in previous movies or people in red shirts dying then that does not really do much for people who enjoy ‘classic trek.’

63. Enda - April 23, 2013

Ohh yes Anthony…maybe Chekov will get his character poster with Scotty! I hope so. I do like Anton Yelchin and I think he’s a great Chekov.

Either way, I’m very excited for Into Darkness. I hope it can live up to 4 years of expectations, but even still, by release day I know I’ll be happy with anything at all because it has felt like an actual eternity.
Yes, USS Vengance is dumb but ara, it’s not the worst thing in the world :)

64. JøhnRambø - April 23, 2013

Very good.

65. Shannon Nutt - April 23, 2013

I’ve read a few “spoilerific” reviews and the plot sounds AWFUL. I won’t say more than that, other than Orci and Kurtzman are going to feel the wrath of the die-hard Trekkers out there. When I first read it, I though it was actually some fan who made it up…that’s how dreadful it reads.

Granted, I’m sure it might prove entertaining and fun to watch, but there’s stuff going on here that are slaps in the face to TOS (I won’t say more…we can discuss in detail next month!).

66. aFort - April 23, 2013

@9 @22 @ 39

Yes, I believe CUPCAKE LIVES!!!!!!!

67. Actual - April 23, 2013

Really hoping these spoiler reviews from Sydney are just people playing a practical joke.

Turns out those initial spoilers were true after all.

68. Killamarshtrek - April 23, 2013

I love it! It’s very fast paced, it’s very exhilarating, it’s very exciting, it’s very……well err…… Star Wars!

69. Shannon Nutt - April 23, 2013

@67 Yes, and if true (and it appears they are) there was a lot of LAZY WRITING going on here. Or should I just say “going boldly where we’ve already gone before”?

70. robbysteve64 - April 23, 2013

yes it is cupcake and i think the ship they are in is Mudds ship from the comics

71. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@69…seems a bit of both. We did have alot of one thing happen in TOS…I’m not sure that slaps in the face of TOS, but more or less just doesn’t try something new. One common thing in all reviews is how awesome Benedict Cumberpatch is. That’s good.

72. Captain, USS Northstar - April 23, 2013

I wonder if Kirk brings Cupcake along on the mission with the order: “Come with me, Cupcake.”

And, may I say — I love the “Carol Marcus” poster. I sure hope we get to see more of her in the next movie.

And, there goes “Navy” complaining that it’s not “real Trek.” I have just five words for the “haters” out there — Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

WOW — cannot wait for this movie!

73. Basement Blogger - April 23, 2013

A couple of things. The scene is exciting. The music is great. It seems to convey a Klingon vibe which is why the Klingon ship comes off as mean. I hope we see the Klingons without helmets.

Second, forgive my maleness. But Alice Eve is one beautiful woman.

Third, I’ve said this before. Let’s not judge this film yet. I’ve been a critic of the 2009 movie even though I liked it. Just because this movie has big action set pieces doesn’t mean it won’t be smart. The Supreme Court wanted to go deeper. We’ll see. I’m hoping it’s like a big budget version of The Doomsday Machine.

74. JøhnRambø - April 23, 2013

Who cares if these spoilers are true? I will enjoy the movie and don’t complain about it.

75. MelyBelle44 - April 23, 2013

I think they could really shoot themselves in the foot. I think a lot of what the ST09 new fans or lapsed fans lets say appreciated about the film was its unpredictability. It was completely a new world, and there were a number of major surprises within the plot of the first film. People really liked that.

For some, it was too far a deviation from TOS.

With this film, I think they may disappoint both factions; there is still going to be TOS die-hards that this is too far from. Too much action, not enough Bones, not enough of the cerebral Star Trek that they love.

For the NuFans, if the writing is on the wall, and it seems it is, then the part that they enjoyed about the 09 film, the air of surprise, the idea that anything can happen. Nothing is sacred to the lore (they dissolved Vulcan for Pete’s sake) It is really a whole new animal….well that is lost, because it seems to be a rehashing of old storylines.

It very well may be a great movie, but I can see why people on both sides may be disappointed.

76. Robman007 - April 23, 2013


77. filmboy - April 23, 2013

@67 and 69 I am with you in how disappointing these spoilers are regarding STID. I don’t understand given the time they had (four years!) that they could not have come up with a better story then what I am reading today.

I, too, thought it was someone having a little fun and playing a trick. But after reading a few non-spoiler reviews and factoring in what I have already seen in the form of trailers and images, what these spoiler reviews claim fits and makes sense.

If you are gonna use the villain who shall remain nameless, at least give that villain a truly great story. Be inventive and make an original film. While I appreciate thrill ride films, Star Trek was never about that for me.

Star Trek was about the human condition, it was concerned with human struggles and moral conflicts. The space battles and explosions were secondary to the internal struggles of Kirk and his crew. It is JJ’s sandbox now and if I don’t like it I don’t have to play in it. But for long time fans like Orci and Kurtzman, they should have tried harder to make something original while also true to the legacy of Star Trek.

78. L4YERCAKE - April 23, 2013

Wow, great clip but… is the Klingon ship really supposed to sound so close to a Tie Fighter…?

79. Shannon Nutt - April 23, 2013

@76 & 74 – The problem here is that while 2009’s STAR TREK ticked fans off because of the whole new timeline thing, it felt very fresh and new. This one is going to tick people off because it DOESN’T feel fresh and new. I loved the 2009 movie and I hope I love this one just as much, but I can’t imagine I will after reading the synopsis – not because I don’t like the story, but because I’VE ALREADY SEEN THIS STORY! You’ll see what I mean in a few weeks.

80. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

79: I did feel that one aspect of the villan’s motivation was original. That has not been done before. No details of course, but you know what I mean.

The other stuff, yeah, I can see that.

I think with Trek you can’t win. They won’t make a movie that takes extreme risks or tries to “explore new worlds” because they are afraid the normal population won’t watch. You can’t win with Trek fans if you make something new because of the history. You can’t win with fans if you have some elements that are based on TOS because while folks want new and daring, they want TOS nods but they don’t want simliar stories. Odd mix, sounds confusing, but it can be true.

I’ll make judgement when I see it. I was not disappointed in the spoilers. Actually it’s the story I’ve been talking about in my discussions with my friends for the last 4 years, almost to a T.

Trek is a hard one to be original. Blowing up Vulcan was original and fans hat that and crying and moaned for hte last 4 years. Writing a Trek film, while a dream job for me, is not the dream job I’d ever want to be a part of.

81. Actual - April 23, 2013

@74. We have the right to complain if we wish to, we live in a free world.

Although of course, I will reserve final judgement until I have seen the movie with my own eyes. Still, information is information, and what I have read does not inspire confidence.

It’s not just the villains identity (and the utter impossibility of the villain’s appearance if canon is actually being respected), but the idea of life-restoring blood? Glaring errors in movie logic and franchise history….

Anyway, I’ll wait until I’ve seen the movie to say more, but I will say one thing for the record. Special effects and production values are NOT at the heart of Star Trek and they won’t hide poor writing from every film goer who sees this movie. It seems as though one too many a trek fan have become willing to swallow any, shall I say, illogical below par storytelling. just so long as the budget is high and the sfx looks cool.

TWOK’s sfx are terrible by today’s standards, yet it is undoubtedly the best trek movie ever made. I imagine I’ll still be saying that post STID.

82. RBanks - April 23, 2013

After reading some early reviews, and comments from the premiere, one thing that there looks to be a consensus on is BC’s acting. Everyone is saying he delivers a stellar performance.

83. Ran - April 23, 2013

@ 80

That is the challenge of being a very good writer. Sometimes, you rise to the challenge, sometimes you end up writing for J.J. Abrams.

84. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013


You haven’t seen the film. How do you know the use of the villain won’t be inventive and creative?

85. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@81…that “swallow any, shall I say, illogical below par storytelling. just so long as the budget is high and the sfx looks cool” has been going on far, far longer then just this film and the one before.

“and the utter impossibility of the villain’s appearance if canon is actually being respected” I wonder if fans felt the same with First Contact taking a large and smelly horse poop on cannon with how they handled World War 3 (called Eugenics Wars in TOS) and Cochran’s new “background”…I’m not complaining about the villans background for this film because even the all and never do wrong TNG made a mockery of established TOS cannon.

86. George Zip - April 23, 2013


I posted elsewhere, but the original title of STAR TREK II was “STAR TREK: THE VENGEANCE OF KHAN” (as per Nick Meyer) until LucasFilm asked them to change it, given that (at the time) “Revenge of the Jedi” was coming out (before someone pointed out that a Jedi does not seek revenge).

Ah, to be a nerd in the early 80s.

87. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@82..the other consensus being that even with the issues the film has, that Star Trek as a film franchise, still has a very long and bright future ahead of it..originality/logic issues of new film withstanding..

88. Gary Makin - April 23, 2013

Re: the Star Wars sound FX thing – well, Star Wars did borrow some sounds from Star Trek.

89. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

also..this sums up they made a mistake catering the fragile feelings of fans with the “alternate reality” garbage…

“Glaring errors in movie logic and franchise history….”

If you reboot it, then the villan, who is no surprise to anyone who paid attention to trailers/articles etc..can be whatever you want him to be. By trying to not hurt fans feelings by “erasing” what came before, you risk fans throwing a collective belly ache over this film and it’s plot details.

90. ScottC - April 23, 2013

Wow, I just read what is supposedly a spoiler review, and if its true, there will be a lot of pissed off people here. I won’t tell where I found the review or any other details, if you really want to find it, its out there.

91. GermanTrekker - April 23, 2013

Don´t worry about all the spoilers. Most of it is not true. Some people out there just have their “…” open. This will be an exciting movie for everyone! Action a little bit over the top, but nothing in it that will deeply disappoint any real trekker … on the contrary. Nough said.

92. somethoughts - April 23, 2013


93. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@91..seen it already? Did you enjoy the film?

I’m looking forward to it, regardless of what I read. I just hope, regardless of fans opinions, that it is successfull. I wanna see some five year mission movies with the crew as we know them..or in the general area of what we know.

94. Shannon Nutt - April 23, 2013

@89 – the major problem with this movie isn’t that they rebooted a villian, it’s that they rebooted many scenes, including the main climax. STAR TREK (2009) was a reboot, but it was original; this one sounds like a pale carbon copy of something we’ve already seen.

95. strangelove - April 23, 2013

Hey German Treker
Ich hoffe Du hast recht! Hast Du ihn schon geshen!!!!

96. Actual - April 23, 2013

@85 Actually the Eugenics Wars and WW3 are not the same conflict. They occur decades apart.

And it’s not so much the writers ”catering to fragile feelings”. In ANY movie script you are free to make up your own rules. But you must OBEY these rules you have yourself created in order not to confuse your audience.

The 2009 movie CLEARLY takes place in a certain time frame well after ”Enterprise”. Therefore THE WRITERS made the rule that everything before that point is unchanged. Including for example, the ethnicity of a certain character. By deciding after the fact to change this, they have disregarded their own rules and changed the frames of reference with which many trek fans are supposed to engage with this new ”alternate reality”.

For example, if in Star Wars 7, Obi Wan’s force ghost is Chinese, and the Wookies are 3ft tall, I would that be fine for most Star Wars fans. They wouldn’t feel as though previously established rules and conventions had been trashed unnecessarily by the writers, and thus their own engagement with the new films was not on firm ground (since the powers that be can simply change whatever the hell they like, whenever the hell they like).

Well those of us not taken in by flashy lights might consider 40 years of Trek cannon something worth respecting. Even if you think an easier route of a ”total reboot’ with no need to respect previous canon, was a better (lazier) choice. In which case I would say why bother rebooting Trek at all under those circumstances. You may as well just make a totally new sci-fi film.

Anyway, I’m not even that angry over the issue, I was half expecting something like this from the first initial spoiler revelations. Nevertheless I have the right not to be impressed by what has been done, just as you have the right to be impressed if you wish.

So respectfully…go sling your hook.

97. TBW - April 23, 2013

85…TOS canon? That’s a hoot…didn’t it take the writers half a season to settle on “Starfleet” instead of “UESPA?” (Which, from what I recall, were intended to reflect different organizations from the beginning.)

98. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@94…if the climax is what is being reported, THAT has the potential to open up some interesting and original plot lines….at least I’m hoping it opens up new avenues of plot for a/the characters

99. somethoughts - April 23, 2013

Chekov again seems absent from promotions, marketing material and even actor appearances. Anyone else agree?

100. clara - April 23, 2013

I love how when you point out that the name of the ship being the Vengeance in a movie where revenge is the focus is silly, they get told to “STOP COMPLAINING U STUPID HATURRRRR”

I remember when people complained that the TNG movies were “dumbing down” Trek, and now they call it “fresh and exciting”.

101. mars396 - April 23, 2013


Is Simon Pegg in this movie?!?!?!

102. Factchecker - April 23, 2013

Old Trek > Old Star Wars
Old Star Wars > New Star Wars
New Star Wars > New Trek

Or has it all become the same thing? I’m confused…..

103. Jack - April 23, 2013

5 etc. Spoilers! What does that name have to do with this thread? Yeesh. Okay, I’m joining MJ in bailing. Heck, even the new STID reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes say less than this site has revealed recently.

From the Onion A.V. Club’s Game of Thrones reviews:

(This Game Of Thrones post is written from the point of view of someone who has not read the books the series is based on. As such, spoilers are strictly forbidden. Any spoilers in comments will be deleted on sight. If you see spoilers, please mark them as best you can and email toddvdw at gmail dot com or contact Todd on Twitter at tvoti, and he’ll take care of them as soon as possible. Remember: Discussions of things that were different in the books or confirmations of things that won’t happen count as spoilers, too)

104. Carrots don't grow on trees - April 23, 2013


Scotty dies in the movie saving the ship from crashing.

Also, Chekov’s voice finally breaks.

105. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@ 97 Yeah TOS cannon was all over the place in Season 1. Season 2 was when they settled on a Federation and Starfleet and dropped references to United Earth. Details between seasons were always way or inconsistent.

@96…it’s hard to tell in TOS when Eugenics Wars and WW3 took place. Eugenics Wars took place sometime between 1992-1996 (during Khan’s reign). Whole populations being bombed out of existence. On the verge of a dark age. WW3 was never really given a TOS date, other then how many died and Col Green. I might have to watch again, but it seemed according to the back and forth cannon of TOS that WW3 and Eugenics Wars were meant to be one in the same. First Contact was the first to establish WW3 as being decades after the Eugenics Wars.

What’s lazy about a total reboot? No rules. You can do anything you want, even make Spock a female. Just seems that would have been better in the long run then making an Alternate reality that builds on what happened pre TOS. Just seems relatively risk free. Granted, it lacks originality to go back to TOS characters, but a total reboot would have been safe compared to this alternate reality to spare the feelings of fans stuff.

So, respectfully to you…sling your damn hook

106. Sterj - April 23, 2013


This felt a little Star War-sy to me, tho…

107. clara - April 23, 2013

His other ship is the USS Campyvillian

108. gingerly - April 23, 2013


Yes, Now, it’s all the same thing.

Now, you can leave the new fandom and stick with the old stuff, you like, right?

I mean surely, you’re not buying a ticket to see this or sticking around this website when it’s all the same thing… ;)

109. Carrots don't grow on trees - April 23, 2013

Also in a big reveal, the Enterprise transforms into Optimus Prime.

110. Aix - April 23, 2013

The headline confused me! POSERS? Haha!

They’re trying so hard to hide the uniforms!

111. RBanks - April 23, 2013

I just read the first 3 reviews, and things are looking positive.

One critic gave the film 3.5 out of 5, and the two others both gave a score of 8 out of 10.

So far, so good…

112. Carrots don't grow on trees - April 23, 2013

@105 LOL! What fan feelings have been spared exactly.

Vulcan destroyed. Uhura taking Bones place with Kirk and Spock. Uhura/Spock romance. Khan redone……Beastie boys…

Seems to me they’re just fine doing whatever they please. I don’t see them treading on egg shells here.

I don’t really care if they’d done a ”total reboot” or not. But I can tell you one thing. If they had cast an Indian or Latino actor as Kirk, people would not have been so cavalier about it.

113. El Chup - April 23, 2013

@ 96

spot on

114. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

108. Some folks seem to miss and wish the franchise would do more stories like the crew finding a planet in which promotes eternal youth, but that planet is being under siege by Joan Collins, Rene Zellweger, Nicole Kidman and their crew of other plastic surgery gone wrong hollywood elite look a likes who are being aided by a corrupt Starfleet….or the travesty that was the Nexus or Nimbus 3.

115. Carrots don't grow on trees - April 23, 2013

@106. I don’t really get why people keep mentioning star wars. I really don’t see the ”Star Wars” anywhere in this nu-Trek.

116. Carrots don't grow on trees - April 23, 2013

I hope the next movie has the Tribble King!

117. El Chup - April 23, 2013

@77, nice to see that unlike most of the children these days who think they know what Star Trek is, some people actually still get it.

118. Factchecker - April 23, 2013

Somebody said Lobot is in this one. Does that mean we’ll see Lando?

119. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013


I don’t think the creative team behind STID cares about fans feelings as much as they care about making a successful movie. Like another poster said, when rebooting one can discard all previous rules, however they must abide by the own rules they create or risk losing all credibility with the audience. They decided to do an alternate universe, which means this is still Star Trek and the Star Trek mythos must still be respected. The Botany Bay was still out drifting in space when Nero shot on the Kelvin. All the events in the Enterprise series has already taken place. What is so wrong with having familiar characters in new situations? If you’re against that then they should’ve just made a whole new science fiction universe with new characters, places and things or else don’t call it Star Trek.

120. Robman007 - April 23, 2013


I don’t like the Uhura over McCoy deal either. I could have cared less about Vulcan getting toast. Good story plot. Sucked, but it could lead to interesting story developments.

Although, everything you listed sounds like reboot material, so why the need to even talk about Alternate Realities. THAT was my biggest beef with the last film. Just seemed like studio interference with the reasoning being “you can’t totally erase Trek history, it might piss fans off”

121. RBanks - April 23, 2013

@ 118-

And maybe a few Ugnaughts…

122. DiscoSpock - April 23, 2013

Oh no, what are all the anti-Uhura sexists going to do now that a Bones poster is out? ;-)

The lack of a Bones poster in the face of an Uhura poster was causing them all such awful consternation last week.


123. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

Heyyyy who deleted my Klingon soundtrack comment?!

124. kirkship - April 23, 2013

I could swear that he Bird of Prey had some Tie Fighter sounds mixed in there as it it flew by…

Anyone else hear that?

125. ironhyde - April 23, 2013

:( … why when Uhura says “Bearing 285″, it sounds like a random number attached to a word we’ve heard before, but when worf said it, I believed he knew what he was talking about. haha..

That’s the second clip and I’m not feeling it. I see Spock, yes. Spock is there. But uhura? no… Kirk? really no. I’m just not seeing Star Trek. Who are these people and why do they talk like that? :P And why does that ship not at all look like a klingon ship?? #26 Navy is right. Seriously, why doesn’t any of this feel like Star Trek? :(

How about next clip we go with one that shows how the movie is Star Trek?

126. Steve Johnson - April 23, 2013

I am really, utterly, truly baffled by some of the spoilers I just read. I had really hoped the writers were not going to go down that route. But, well, as Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park “Well, there it is.”

127. Number 3 - April 23, 2013

If the early spoilery reviews are true,it’s no wonder J.J. & company wanted to keep everything so secretive. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get an original story, just a twist on what’s already been done.
But Hey, it “looks” cool.
I’ll still see it.
one letter (K).

Be Well

128. Carrots don't grow on trees. - April 23, 2013

Okay, some serious thoughts now.

I’m not too concerned about the Villain being who it is, in terms of canon or ethnicity issues. My main gripe is that it seems this particular villain was chosen almost because it was expected. I’ve read the same spoiler reviews others have and I have to admit to being less than enthusiastic, though reading something and seeing it on screen are very different things.

Still, a while back, when everyone was debating the villain, someone posted an amazing theory of the villain being Sybok that was such an original angle and so out there, I still remember it now. I think I was more interested/excited reading that theory/story, than by the spoiler reviews for Into Darkness…

Still, time will tell. And I’m pretty sure regardless of the story, the film will be a financial success. So they’ve still got a 3rd movie to play with.

129. RBanks - April 23, 2013

@ 124 kirkship-

Yep, that’s the first thing I thought of too, a TIE Fighter engine sound.

Perhaps it’s a little audio homage …

130. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

Regardless, Trek has not been “original” since the TNG run. DS9 ripped off Babylon 5, Voyager was unoriginal and dumb, Enterprise spit more times in the face of “cannon” then JJ Abrams ever has tried and the films have tried to copy on themes from Wrath of Khan as far back as Generations. The last film to really get it right was 6..but who really cares anyways. Not worth losing interest in the films over debates with the same fans Shatner called out in his famous SNL skit. The haters make it real tough to get any enjoyment on a site dedicated to these new films because they are so wrapped up in “it’s not my trek”..if you don’t like like the films, write your own shit, film it in your moms basement and put it on YouTube. Do something constructive if you hate these films so much other then lurk on a site that is a fan site for said films

131. Steve Johnson - April 23, 2013

@130 Please, stop with the broad-speak hyperbole. Really, truly, please. Just because someone has a few criticisms of the movie does not mean they are a “hater.”

I like, almost love, the 2009 Trek, but using an established villain, when all the pieces were there for “John Harrison” to simply be an original, and incredibly well done character, only for it to be one we have seen before is potentially a huge misstep for this film. Especially if it is as literally an aping of another outing of Trek as it sounds like it will be.

132. karl - April 23, 2013

well, you can google the reviews from the sidney premier and you will find out the spoilers about John Harrson

133. Carrots don't grow on trees - April 23, 2013

Ah, Babylon 5. Now THERE was a show.

Well…Seasons 1-4. We shall not speak of season 5.

We shall never speak of season 5.

134. Ceti Alpha 5 - April 23, 2013

Yeah……unlike the haters around here that have been carrying the same chip on their shoulder since ST’09, I’m gonna form my own opinion AFTER I see this movie, and not before.

It’s only logical.

135. Crone - April 23, 2013

@117 I’m an old Trekkie and I like nutrek just fine. Am a bit disappointed by who The villain seems to be, but I am grateful that the crew of the Enterprise is still alive and flying. It’s been a long, strange, endlessly amusing trip. Can’t wait till the 15 th.

136. Rick Sternbach - April 23, 2013

Bearing 285, eh? To port and slightly ahead? More like bearing 185 – – wait…172…no, 163…aw nuts, he’s right behind us!

137. ironhyde - April 23, 2013

#136 lol :)

138. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

136: haha!!

@133 Babylon 5 was amazing….but we don’t talk about season 5..

@ Crone. Love it. Hope the ride ends up being worth it to you. It is cool to get new adventures of the crew of the Enterprise.

139. Robman007 - April 23, 2013 is disappointing in a way that he is who we all thought he would be. An original character would be nice. I have a feeling that Benedict Cumberpatch will make it a great role regardless of who he really is.

140. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013

Anyone who is against seeing familiar Star trek villains/characters then go watch Babylon 5 or Star Wars.

141. Crone - April 23, 2013

@138. the 2009 one made me quite happy. I will never admit to my peers the amount of times I saw it on its theatrical release. They would deem me mad.

142. Factchecker - April 23, 2013

@132 – karl

Why…oh why……

143. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@141. Agreed. My dad and I, both long time TOS fans, saw the 2009 movie way too many times. We have issues with it, but enjoyed the fact that at least Trek was back.

144. Phil - April 23, 2013

This just in, rated PG-13 in the US…which should come as a surprise to no one…

145. Tdogtim - April 23, 2013

Wow. Metron sprung a leak… so much for being a peacemaker. Might want to change your username

146. PEB - April 23, 2013

@16 You’re so right! I love that the Bird of Prey actually moves like…A BIRD OF PREY! The wing mechanics are awesome! And the speed….give me a fleet of those and the battle cruisers from Trek09 and I could see the kind of damage the Klingons of this timeline could do!

147. Disinvited - April 23, 2013

#144. Phil – April 23, 2013

“for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence.”

Odd thing is I haven’t been able to stumble across the Aussie rating which I assumed would be out by the premier?

148. John from Cincinnati - April 23, 2013

The producers of STID have really crossed the line! They have the audacity to put a Star Trek villain in their Star Trek movie! The nerve!


149. Plum - April 23, 2013

“New Int’l Character Posers” … worst punk band ever. lol! Sry, I forget how to contact you guys… plz fix! ;p

150. Disinvited - April 23, 2013

#144. Phil – April 23, 2013

The only interesting thing I dug up is a story on how back here in the USA the National Association of Theatre Owners are creating their own ratings system:

”HOLLYWOOD makes violent films because they’re “cool”, not because they make more money at the box office, a tinseltown industry spokesman (National Association of Theatre Owners president, John Fithian) has revealed.”


“Star Trek Into the Darkness release not insensitive, director J.J. Abrams says”:

151. Dennis C - April 23, 2013

So, are they flying into he Death Star here and, if so, where’s Lando?

152. Jonboc - April 23, 2013

Posters look great. The clip is excellent. Just finished the first mission of the game, it was fun as hell. Now about to read the third installment of countdown to darkness. Life is good! ( unless you’re a JJ hater…then I imagine all this excitement and buzz is making you pretty miserable right about now. LoL)

153. Nano - April 23, 2013

No Whining and Complaining here just pure Cheer-leading! No thanks, I had my feel of Mindless Automatons…

154. Anonymous Coward - April 23, 2013

#124- Yes I did.
That whole sequence looked and sounded like a SW chace, not a ST movie.

I think we we will all be happier when JJ Abrams can go make a movie he can actually legally call Star Wars.

155. Dennis C - April 23, 2013

I think my biggest fear is that this second film (assuming we’re dealing with Khan) will put a reverse spin on the ending of Star Trek II:

Based on what we’re seeing in the trailer, the Enterprise is spiraling out of control and Kirk is determined to save his ship and crew. So, with all hope is lost, Kirk dives into a chamber of some sort and buys the farm saving them all after Scotty tells him that the only way t save the ship is to jump in to said chamber. Of course the tricky part is how you bring Kirk back before the end of the movie and THAT scenario lends itself to something that could be less than satisfying on a dramatic and emotional level.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong but if that’s what the climax is building to, Kirk’s death in Generations would now seem inspired by comparison.

A little speculation mixed with a healthy dose of fear. We’ll know soon enough (and, yeah, I’ll be there at midnight!).

156. Joseph_Kirk - April 23, 2013

Was that Cupcake?

Anyway the SW fan in me is glad to see the Solo-esque Kirk is piloting something, even if it does resemble a backwards millennium falcon

157. The Art of Film is Dead - April 23, 2013


How can DS9 be a rip-off of BABYLON 5, and TNG not be a rip-off of TOS? By your own logic TNG wasn’t original either.

158. Sunfell - April 23, 2013

How many audio Star Wars easter eggs can you count? I heard a prop-plane, a TIE fighter, and a pod-racer, among other things. Ben Burtt had a bit of fun with that, clearly. Will we get a Wilhelm scream, too?

And I finally got a glimpse of “Cupcake” (Hendorff in the comics series.)

159. TREKWEBMASTER - April 23, 2013

Amazing clip. Suffice it to say, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

And J. J. you’ve far-exceeded my expectations. Thank you. All of you folks, you’ve earned it this time.

Heartfelt. Honest. And Jim, I have faith in you…

160. I'mPaul - April 23, 2013

This scene is in practically all of the trailers and promos and that’s fine. I just don’t really understand why. It seems like kind of a throw-away thrill ride scene. It’s really just not that remarkable and I don’t get why or how it’s supposed to drive people to the theaters.

Just….who cares???

161. Anthony Pascale - April 24, 2013


Comments for articles with spoilers allow discussion of spoilers in the comments section – but try to limit to spoilers discussed in the article.

Discussing potential spoilers not posted at and/or linking to other spoilers will result in deletion and instant ban.

As always, articles without spoilers allow no comments with spoilers. Discussing spoilers in non-spoiler article will result in deletion and ban.

162. Michael - April 24, 2013

I love the new Klingon home world and ships. They look a lot more sturdy and industrial. I always thought that Klingon ships were some of the worst designs in the franchise though. The D7 torpedo launcher thingy was stupidly over sized and the neck would have been the easiest thing in the world to shoot out. Don’t even get me started on the Bird of Prey. I wasn’t a big fan of the new Enterprise, but I think they’ve done a great job with the alien races. The Romulans looked pretty good too, even if literally nothing about the design of the Narada itself seems to make any sense.

163. Rick - April 24, 2013

@discospock-umm no the lack of ANY Bones poster in the face of like 5 Uhura posters and everything else is what annoyed us. To many fans, he is just as important to us as Uhura. Maybe even more so. This is the first one we’ve gotten of McCoy, and I wasn’t even sure we would have it. Giving Uhura posters and story lines is cool, but ignoring Bones almost entirely is bothersome. But yes by all means, continue to whine about sexism. We can all tell you love to do it.

164. gingerly - April 24, 2013


Rick, have you looked at the TOS movie posters?
Guess who’s missing from them.

Heck, we even got complete newbie on the ST:TM POSTER IN THE Deltan and yet…

No cries that she was taking Bones’ place.

165. 750 Mang - April 24, 2013

Just read a spoiler review. Pathetic.

166. Plum - April 24, 2013

@…161. Anthony Pascale – April 24, 2013

*brain explodes*

167. Rick - April 24, 2013

@gingerly- yes Bones isn’t on them. Neither is Uhura. That’s not my point. My point is that Bones is being treated like a lesser character in place of Uhura instead of sharing it with her and it bothers a lot of fans obviously. He is just a beloved. I know Zoe is more famous than Karl but that’s a crappy reason for seemingly downplaying his character.

168. BillyBoy - April 24, 2013

First clip (with them debating what to do about Spock on the volcano) was very true to the spirit of Star Trek. Second clip seems much more Star Warsish… especially with the design of the shuttlecraft or whatever that is they’re driving. I see Millennium Falcon there, not a Trek shuttlecraft.

169. Kapten Kerk - April 24, 2013

USS… Flying Sub?

170. A Guy - April 24, 2013

Why all the complaints that the Bird of Prey “sounds like a TIE fighter” as if that were something new? Dust off your copy of Star Trek VI and watch the BoP approach Khitomer near the end. Sound familiar? Now, dust off your copy of Star Trek V (warning-there will be considerably more dust) and listen to the sound the BoP guns make. Again, sound familiar?

171. Arnold - April 24, 2013

Here’s Scotty one-sheet

172. Jim Nightshade - April 24, 2013

This is why uhuru has a bigger role than bones….besides zoes talent,looks, etc…n trying to appeal to gals n minorities etc…her character has kinda moved up in importance due to her relationship with spock….i may be wrong but no triad in jjs universe…its kirk/spock learning n growing closer to deep friendship they had but logidtics change with uhuru cuz kirk/spock/bones kinda had each other but too dedicated to ship n starfleet for normal families…in jjverse its different dynamics…hope mccoy gets more to do….

173. DaddlerTheDalek - April 24, 2013

I like the Clip. The Music sounds Great.

174. Mad Mann - April 24, 2013

136: Rick Sternback: LOL!!

Can you fix the whole movie?

175. Curious Cadet - April 24, 2013

@173. DaddlerTheDalek,
“The Music sounds Great.”

The music sounds like Star Wars. So of course it does … ;-)

176. Curious Cadet - April 24, 2013

@171. Arnold,
“Here’s Scotty one-sheet”

Thanks for that. It’s funny that theme for the rest of them is weapons in hand ready to strike and Scotty’s got a communicator. It would be out of character for Bones so his pose is sort of appropriate, but Sulu’s poster is kind of dull by comparison, like he’s trying to figure out why the ship isn’t jumping into warp when he “punched it”.

Poor Chekov. Why no love? And will he be in gold or red shirt? Will he be Holding anything or merely working out a conundrum in his head?

And what about Admiral Marcus? I mean why have Carol but not him? Oh right … There are no women in Star Trek (except of course Christine Chappel and Janice Rand whom they elected to ignore). Wonder if they plan to keep her around for the next movie.

177. bman - April 24, 2013

I wonder if this civilian ship they’re flying is the ship Kirk confiscated in the prequel comic.

178. Keachick - April 24, 2013

#172 – “her character has kinda moved up in importance due to her relationship with spock”

Nope. Uhura’s relationship with Spock is incidental.

It is about the role of a communications officer (who is also a competent xenolinguist) which can’t help but be a very important one in a space-faring people who may meet people who do not speak the same language… In TNG, the communications and security chief became one and the same, first by Tasha Yar and then later by Worf.

I think this alternate universe Uhura is fulfilling a similar important role. She may not the actual chief of security, but she reports to them or they to her? Having a xenolinguist and communications expert, who can also handle herself in situations of conflict, would be an invaluable person to have around. Having this kind of person working alongside the captain and/or his first officer and other members of a landing party makes a lot more sense than having a doctor there, whose first vow/duty is to uphold the Hippocratic Oath. Once the scene is secure, then the doctor can be brought down, either to render medical assistance and/or make his own medical science investigations.

This is unfortunate for the cranky but ultimately kindhearted and altruistic Dr “Bones” McCoy. Hopefully, he will have his *moment* to shine. In fact, I believe he does, in STID.

179. MC1 Doug - April 24, 2013

Don’t Chekov and Scotty rate a poster?

180. Exverlobter - April 25, 2013

All those posters look ugly

181. Curious Cadet - April 25, 2013

@179. MC1 Doug,
“Don’t Chekov and Scotty rate a poster?”

Haha, right!? Aside from Sulu, the only truly international actors and characters among the crew featured here.

182. Jane - April 25, 2013

Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch look alike :P

183. scotchyscotchscotch - April 30, 2013

#21 lol never tell me the odds, ha! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.