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On Thursday Star Trek Into Darkness has its world premiere in London – with a press event over the weekend. TrekMovie will be there. We also want to give fans a chance to ask JJ Abrams and his cast a question. Details below.



Ask JJ Abrams and the stars of Star Trek Into Darkness a question

TrekMovie is offering fans a chance to get their question asked at the Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere and junket in London this weekend. TrekMovie will be conducting interviews with:

TrekMovie will pick one fan-submitted question for each interview.

How to submit questions

You can type your questions into the comments below. You can suggest one question for each person listed above (so up to nine total questions for each fan submission). Format your questions thusly:


[Your Question]

– [Your First Name + City, State (or Country)]

Please focus your questions on things related to Star Trek and avoid any major spoilers.

Questions must be submitted by midnight Thursday at noon (Pacific Time).



1. Phil - April 30, 2013

Well, this should be interesting….

2. cpelc - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Benedict Cumberbatch

Brent Spiner shared in an interview that you approached him and Patrick Stewart at a restuarant asking if taking the role in STID would affect your career positively or negatively. Do you feel like you have found an answer at this point?

– Cory Pelc, Sherman, IL

3. Silvia - April 30, 2013


What sort of music did you listen to before doing a take as Harrison? (if that is something that you do..)

Silvia – Lisbon, Portugal

4. Sarah Thurlow - April 30, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch

How does it feel to become part of such a huge franchise like Star Trek & is it a little daunting

Sarah Thurlow, London
(although i’ll be in Leicester Square somewhere)

5. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2013

remember each of you can suggest questions for each of the nine people above. You dont have to just chose your favorite

6. Sunfell - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

Who is ahead in your ongoing interview vocabulary battle- you or Chris?

Sunfell (Lorie Johnson), Little Rock, AR

7. Anne - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

Was there a scene you found difficult filming?
May we expect you to take on further action roles? (Please.)

8. Captain_Conrad - April 30, 2013


Now that you’re also going to be directing Star Wars, have you considered the possibility of taking things a step further and creating the very first Star Trek/Wars crossover?

Parker- Key West, FL (USA)

9. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2013

remember to add your first name and city

10. Joke De Winter - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch:

You did a lot of the VO work for most of the trailers and Viral video’s that went out. Did they approach you for this early on – and how do you feel about having played such an important part in the promo of the film?

J. De Winter
Antwerp – Belgium

11. Sunfell - April 30, 2013

For Simon Pegg:

How is your foot?

(Simon tweeted that he’d injured it messing around on a set last week, and Leonard Nimoy teased him about it on Twitter.)

12. Nicola Hurden - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Benedict Cumberbatch

Which character have you enjoyed playing the most so fat in your career?

Nicola Hurden, Bracknell, Berkshire

13. Mirror Jordan - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto

Do you foresee more movies for this current cast beyond a trilogy?

Jordan – Mount Sterling, MO (USA)

14. Teener - April 30, 2013

Q for Zoe Saldana

How physical did you have to get for your role as Uhura this time around? Did you have to learn any Alien languages??

Tina- Tampa, Fl

15. Aislin - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

Do you prefer playing the part of a goody, a baddy, or prefer to remain morally ambiguous?

Aislin, Leeds (West Yorkshire)

16. Nicola Hurden - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Benedict Cumberbatch

Which character have you enjoyed playing the most so far in your career?

Nicola Hurden, Bracknell, Berkshire

17. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2013

And another friendly reminder. We will be picking questions that are related to Star Trek (past, present or future)

18. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Zach Quinto

Do you find it easy playing such an emotionless character? Or is it even more challenging finding subtle ways of showing that small sliver of emotion through your performance?

–Shawn, Lancaster, PA

19. Sophie - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine

Do you feel like you play Captain Kirk in the same way as you played him in the 2009 film, or has he changed since then?

– Sophie
Birmingham – UK

20. clevercloverly - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

Since the other interviewer forgot you when asking the typical silly, “Who’s hotter?” question.

Who’s hotter, Matt Bomer or Cam Gigandet?

21. BeyondtheTech - April 30, 2013


It seems to me that a trilogy or three is the magic number for many of the recent or most successful movie series such as Batman/The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, The Matrix, X-Men, Spider-Man, etc., with some minor exceptions to the rule.

And with the last of the trilogy made and their three-film contractual obligations are over, the actors who are now infused with their iconic characters appear to hang them up and walk away without looking back.

What can we do to make sure that Star Trek will not follow the same pattern?

Raphael – South Plainfield, NJ

22. clevercloverly - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

Since the other interviewer forgot you when asking the typical silly, “Who’s hotter?” question.

Who’s hotter, Matt Bomer or Cam Gigandet?

Columbia, SC – US

23. Sunfell - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

In the few clips I’ve seen, I’ve noticed that Spock has an interesting edge to his usually smooth voice. Is this a reflection of the stress he is clearly under?

Sunfell (Lorie Johnson), Little Rock, AR

24. Lua - April 30, 2013

Q for Zoe Saldana

Why so gorgeous? What’s your secret? ;)

– Lua.
Paris, France

25. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Simon Pegg

As a Star Trek fan, did you suggest or throw anything into your performance as an homage to TOS? Maybe the way Scotty beamed people? Do you have moves like Doohan?

–Shawn, Lancaster, PA

26. AyanEva - April 30, 2013


You mentioned that a major reason you decided to read for the role of John Harrison is because you wanted to work with JJ Abrams. Assuming that you had a basic description of the Harrison character, what role did that information play in your decision to audition for the part?


How has Sulu’s role and function within the crew dynamic developed since the last film and where do you see it eventually going?

-Carole, Philadelphia, PA (USA)

27. aligee - April 30, 2013

Q for Simon Pegg:

Was the Scottish slang phrase “wee man” you use in the trailers and sneak clips your idea, your wifes or Tommy Gormley’s?

Allister Gourlay – Glasgow Scotland

28. DarthMcWord - April 30, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

The music in your Star Trek films has had, at times, homages from the old scores (namely Alexander Courage’s theme from TOS). However the music is mainly new and noticeably has no hint of the fanfare from The Motion Picture (which, along with the TOS theme, has come to represent the franchise). Was it a conscious decision to exclude most all musical elements from previous franchise installments in your new movies to give it a unique feel? Did you ever consider including elements other than Courage’s TOS theme?

– William, Winston-Salem, NC

29. gingerly - April 30, 2013

Q for Karl Urban

As a Trekkie, were you able to give your input or make suggestions for the cast and crew to give subtle nods to the fans or add accuracy?

-Maggie – Washington, DC

30. drumvan - April 30, 2013

q for j.j. abrams

in the future would you ever be interested in rebooting the “tng” cast as you did with the “tos” cast?

van – ann arbor, michigan

31. Anne - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

Which of John Harrison’s powers would you like to have in real life?

– Anne, Munich (Bavaria), Germany

32. Dani Burker - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

Do you think there should be a movie made only about John Harrison like a pre-quell to Star Trek:Into the Darkness?

– Dani Burker, Catasauqua, Pa – USA

33. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams

What was your favorite “cheap” effect you ever used in your Star Trek movies? (for example: having Tom Cruise hold the nose-gun himself)

–Shawn, Lancaster, PA

34. BeyondtheTech - April 30, 2013


While there are many who appreciate JJ Abrams and his Supreme Court breathing new life into Star Trek for the big screen again (such as myself), there have always been those die-hard yesteryear fans of TOS/TMP and TNG that screamed blasphemy from blog sites such as and from their various social networks. They’ve been critical of everything from the starships to the storylines to the casting.

What is your most memorable insult or critique (of yourself, if possible, or of the “new” Star Trek), and how do you react or respond to it?

Raphael – South Plainfield, NJ

35. That One Guy - April 30, 2013


Can you push to have your character say “nuclear wessels” in the next film/game?

– Josh, Columbus

36. Adélia Braga - April 30, 2013


You once said you enjoyed working out to play John Harrison. How different was the work out routine, in preparation for the character, from your own? (if you find the time in your schedule to do any work out at all, I mean)

Adélia Braga – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

37. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Karl Urban

You played “Cranky” McCoy very well, any chance we will see more of the “Southern Gentleman” McCoy? Are there any TOS Bones-isms you hope to include in the future?

Shawn, Lancaster, PA

38. Ivan - April 30, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

Has Michael Giacchino’s music played an important role in the movie? What do you think about his music in STID?
– Ivan, Samara, Russia

39. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine

Did you do any training with Naval officers in preparation to play Captain Kirk? How did you prepare for the role?

–Shawn, Lancaster, PA

40. Maëlle Morans - April 30, 2013

Q for Jeffrey Jacob Abrams

I was at your master class in Paris but I have not had the chance to ask this question:
Are you happy that young people like me (I’m 14) become fans of Star Trek thanks to you and the actors ?

PS: It’s thanks to you that I want to become an assistant director ^^

-Maëlle, Maubeuge,Northern France

41. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Alice Eve

No question, I just think you’re stunningly beautiful. And you seem to be genuinely enjoying your time promoting this Star Trek movie and going through the publicity tour like a real professional. I hope you continue to find more success, Hollywood could use more sincere and passionate actresses like you.

–Shawn – Lancaster, PA

42. Trekbilly - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ —

What goes through your mind when you read posts from fans on websites whining about your take on Star Trek?

43. Maëlle Morand* - April 30, 2013

Sorry it’s Morand not Morans^^

44. gingerly - April 30, 2013

Q for Zoe Saldana

If you don’t mind sharing, what was Nichelle Nichols most helpful tip when it came to playing Uhura?

-Maggie, Washington DC

45. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Zoe Saldana

You starred in several high profile sci-fi movies, and continue to do so with Avater 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. What is it about the genre that draws you to these roles? How do you feel about your status as a geek pin-up girl?

–Shawn – Lancaster, PA

46. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

Did you like Hooter’s?

–Shawn – Lancaster, PA

47. Trekbilly - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ —

What goes through your mind when you read posts from fans on websites whining about your take on Star Trek?

Toby — Clear Lake City, TX

48. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Q for John Cho

Is the parking brake on?

–Shawn, Lancaster, PA

49. gingerly - April 30, 2013

Q for Alice Eve

How did you approach the character of Dr. Marcus? Did you watch Bibi Besch’s portrayal, or did you make her all your own, and how?

50. j a g - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Simon Pegg

What bits of homage to James Doohan did you do and get into this film, that you think we will enjoy?

– [Jape + Sammamish, Washington

51. gingerly - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams

I remember the really practical and cool mirror effect that you used in Star Trek (2009) for the space-jump and the unique “shaky-cam” effect.

Was there anything memorably practical that you did this time, that regardless of the larger budget, you would have done anyway, even with a smaller budget?

Maggie- Washington, DC

52. Hawkeye - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine:

How much of Kirk’s personality in Star Trek 2009 & Into Darkness is based on you personally?

Q for Simon Pegg:
What’s was it like sharing the transporter room with James Doohan’s son?
Jason; Niantic, Connecticut

53. J. - April 30, 2013

Is it 100% sure Karl will attend the London Premiere?

54. cpelc - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Chris Pine

JJ has said that the actors provided more input to their characters during the filming this time. What is something you suggested for Kirk?

– Cory + Sherman, IL

55. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine

Have you visited, and what do you tink of the fans at

Mike – Pittsburgh PA

56. gingerly - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

Given the iconic status of the role of Spock, your status as a proudly out gay man, and that Newsweek article from a few years back which theorized that ‘gay actors cannot convincingly play straight roles’, have you had any trouble or problems with homophobia from critics or fans, given your romantic role with Uhura?

-Maggie -Washington, DC

57. tadz - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams:
how did you balance the movie from something being rebooted to something fresh in terms of your target audience?

Q for Chris Pine:
Given the alternate universe from ST09, what is the future for Kirk and Uhura? Still interested?

Q for Benedict Cumberbach:
From being sherlock to john harrison of STID, what will be the key ingredient in this mysterious character that will definitely linger into our minds as we journey into darkness?

-TADZ, Manila Philippines

58. DonDonP1 - April 30, 2013

Q for the entire cast

Hello. Have you all grew up on the ENTIRE CBS-owned “Star Trek” franchise (not just the original series that aired on the “Tiffany Network’s” rival “Peacock Network” NBC, but also the animated series, “The Next Generation,” “Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager,” “Enterprise,” and the first ten motion pictures–produced by Paramount Pictures–with both the original cast and the “Next Gen” cast)? Of course, I cannot blame J.J. Abrams for being a fan of just the Disney/Lucasflim-owned “Star Wars,” since I, myself, grew up on both “Trek” and “Wars.” LOL.

– Donny, Seattle, WA (USA)

59. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth) - April 30, 2013

Q – for JJ Abrams. What made this story the one that was chosen for the movie over the other ideas? ie was it always a clear choice or were there two or more story ideas in contention before the final decision was made?

Lou Sytsma(sit sma) aka @OldDarth

St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

60. jacqueline smith - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch.

You’ve mentioned that John Harrison is a one man weapon of mass destruction who does terrible things but he has a reason. Did you find playing him difficult or even emotionally traumatic at times, or were you able to keep yourself distanced and switch off at the end of the day’s filming.

Jacqueline, Worthing, West Sussex.

61. Lokke Rietdijk - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict

It must be overwhelming seeing yourself around London everywhere, what’s your opinion on being in such a big production with their own huge merchandise with the risk of getting your face on lunch boxes, a thing you once said not to desire?

Lokke Rietdijk
The Netherlands

62. LogicalLeopard - April 30, 2013

BO-RING!!!! Why particpate in a Q&A with Abrams? We get our questions answered by Bob Orci all the time, because and it’s forum posters are so awesome, Trek Brass come around and hang out with us.

63. loghaD - April 30, 2013

Q FOR J.J. Abrams

Do you plan to make the screenplay of Star Trek (2009) publicly available in some form? [For fans who love Trek minutiae.]

– Felix, Stockholm, Sweden

64. Alexander - April 30, 2013

What is your favourite episode from Star Trek: The Original Series?

How does it feel, sitting on the Captain’s Chair of the USS Enterprise?

Who is your favourite Captain from all of the Star Trek Series?

Which is your favourite “I am doctor, not a…”-phrase from the original series?

What is your favourite moment in any of the Star Trek Series / Movies?

Alexander – Hockenheim, Germany

65. Dave H - April 30, 2013

“On Thursday Star Trek Into Darkness has its world premiere in London.”

Huh? The World Premeire of STID was in Syndney over a week ago.

We live on only one “world”, and it had its premiere of STID already.

66. USS Enterprise C - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams

After working on Star Trek for two films now, you have successfully expanded the fanbase from Trekkies to general movie fans. With this new fanbase in mind, where do you see the future of Star Trek going beyond this prequel / reboot trilogy?

Josh, Los Angeles, California

67. Barney Fife - April 30, 2013


It’s not too early to think about 2016, the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. Can you give us a little hint what we can expect that year…especially in regards to new live action TV series?

Mike – Bloomington, Minnesota

68. USS Enterprise C - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

When preparing for the role of Spock in this film, did you keep up with and take into account all (or some) of the events which occurred to the character in the Star Trek Ongoing / Countdown To Darkness comic books?

Josh, Los Angeles, California

69. USS Enterprise C - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine

Prior to working on Star Trek, it seems most of your work was outside of the Sci-Fi genre. How do you see Star Trek affecting your long term acting career? Do you see more Sci-Fi projects in your future?

Josh, Los Angeles, California

70. ripleyaeryn - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine :
If you could meet another Star Trek captain (from other movies or tv shows) which one would you pick and why ?

Q for Karl Urban :
Did only DeForest Kelly inspired you to play McCoy or were there other inspirations (from other Star Trek movies or tv shows, or not)

Q for Zachary Quinto :
Have you ever watched other Star Trek movies or tv shows, if you haven’t which one would you like to watch to start ?

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch :
Did you feel any pressure by getting the part of John Harrison knowing hardcore Star Trek fans ?

Q for JJ Abrams :
Any hope getting Scott Bakula back as Admiral Archer or someone else with Leonard Nimoy from the original series ?

Elodie – Burgundy, France

71. Roddy - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto:

Which Vulcan super power would you choose to have in real life:

Super Hearing
Super Strength
Super Logic
Super Eyebrows?

Roddy, Blacksburg, VA

72. Data476 - April 30, 2013

Q FOR J.J. Abrams

Would you consider bringing the Borg back for any of the next star trek film/s that are based on your rebooted interpretation of the franchise?

Matthew Burns – west mids, UK

73. Mr Phil - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto
Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one?

Q for Chris Pine
Have you practised, at least in private, the Khan scream?

Q for JJ
If you had the choice, which decade from the 20th century would you have most enjoyed making movies in? Which bit of technology can movies do without?

Q for Simon Pegg
How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Phil, London, UK

74. bry - April 30, 2013

Q For Benedict Cumberbatch

Has working on Star Trek whetted your appetite to work on more Sci fi films

Q for JJ Abrams

Would you like to work with Benedict Cumberbatch again on Star Wars 7

Bry, London,UK

75. GeekyJo - April 30, 2013

Q for Zach
-What is Spock’s most endearing trait?
Q for Chris
-What’s the most important thing that you have gained/learned from playing Kirk?
Q for Karl
-What is Bones’ most important quality and how does that play into his friendship with Kirk?

Josephine- Fort Collins, CO

76. Trekbilly - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ

Would you consider using The Gorn as an enemy race in a future Trek film?

– Toby, Clear Lake City, TX

77. hairytrekker - April 30, 2013

Q for Simon Pegg

I’ve recently come into possession of a class J scout with less than 10 to the 28th parsecs on the clock. Would you recommend replacing the baffle plates?

Q for JJ

If you weren’t to direct the third film, who would you trust most to take over?


78. George - April 30, 2013

Q: for JJ

What would it take to work on the next film with such a talented group of people. I’ve worked on other Star Trek films and TV show in the past starting with doing the promotional work for Paramount for STII:TWK and STIII:TSFS. I then did some PA work on STIV:TVH and ST:TNG and ST:DS9

George- Pearland, TX

79. Ben Williams - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams:
As a director, how difficult is it to balance the story you want to tell and yet making it accessible to get a PG-13 rating so as not to hurt sales?

Q for Chris Pine:
As the ‘Hero’ of the story, what is the message behind your portrayal of Kirk? What are you trying to tell people?

Q for Zachary Quito:
What is the most fun part of having played a character like Spock away from the set?

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch:
Do you notice any similarities or interesting differences between the Star Trek fans and the Sherlock and Cabin Pressure fans?

Q for Zoë Saldana:
Do you get much say about your characters development during production?

Q for Karl Urban:
What was it like to have an action figure of yourself in the last movie? And are you in the least bit disappointed that there are no action figures for this movie?

Q for Simon Pegg:
Patrick Stewart really pushed for the quality of the scripts when making the Next Generation, and they strived to be taken seriously, as a geek scholar what does your new take on Star Trek strive to do?

Q for John Cho:
After Sulu was made captain in the Star Trek 6, with his own ship, Mr Takei stated that he had wanted to do a spin off show about him on his ship, do you have any such Star Trek ambitions?

Q for Alice Eve:
Most of the other actors in the film had the chance to speak to the actors who portrayed their characters previously, sadly Ms Besch past away, what questions would you have had asked her had you had the chance?

Ben – King’s Cross, England

80. Chris H. - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams:

When you came on board, your task was to revive the Star Trek franchise and make it appeal to a new generation of fans while maintaining the spirit of the various series and movies.

What do you see as the biggest challenge on a going-forward basis to keep the franchise fresh and successful, whether that’s in more movies, a TV series, or what have you?

–Chris, Gurnee, IL

81. matthewbriggs - April 30, 2013

Q for Mr Pascal, do you know what time the stars will be arriving at this premiere. i’m going to be in London till around 20:00hrs GMT


82. Classy M - April 30, 2013

Question for Chris, Zachary, Zoe, Karl, Simon and John:

How did making “Star Trek” change your life? What advice would you give to Benedict and Alice to help them prepare for the changes they are about to face?

Geri, Kells, Ireland

83. Chief Engineer - April 30, 2013

Q FOR Zachary, Zoe, Benedict

Now that it’s common knowledge that you were set up on the last day of filming by Mr Pegg and Mr Pine would you like some suggestions on how to prank Simon and Chris for Star Trek 3 or do you have something in mind?

If not let me know!

David, Glasgow, Scotland

84. Keachick - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine
Now that you have had two opportunities to play James Kirk, do you like him as a character/person?

Not having seen STID yet, do you think it is possible for this Kirk to be a dad and command a starship, be able to fulfill both responsibilities well and, most of all, enjoy himself while doing so?

What would you like to say to your fans (Pine nuts)?

Thank you.

Rosemary, Auckland, New Zealand

85. Val - April 30, 2013

For Chris and/or Zach:

Given what you’ve said about what was involved in getting in and out of the wetsuit/volcano suit (not to mention their aesthetic qualities) which of the two would you rather wear?


Val, Liverpool, UK

86. stunkill - April 30, 2013

Where is poor Anton Yelchin in all of this?

87. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2013

Anton is shooting another movie

Paramount says Karl will be there

88. Grand Marshal Skaldak - April 30, 2013


How are Horta babies made?

Shane in Ireland.

(Please ask this, it’s a genuine honest-to-God dream of mine to ask Karl Urban this question)

89. Rossy Anggraini from Bali,Indonesia - April 30, 2013

Q For Benedict Cumberbatch :
Have you ever get any injured when playing John Harrison?

90. Nyoman Rossy - April 30, 2013

It difficult for you to talk slowly as John Harrison reminding that in your daily you talk little bit faster?

Rossy – Bali, Indonesia

91. Lauren - April 30, 2013

for all cast, from Lauren, Madrid

What did you do exactly after you received the call confirming you had got the role in the movie?

92. Classy M - April 30, 2013

@81 – Stars should start arriving at the London premiere around 5-5:30 pm if they follow the usual trend.

Both Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch will be recording their appearance on the Graham Norton show that same evening so they won’t have much time to spend on the red carpet. Taping for GN starts around 7pm, I think. (I’m not Anthony, but I hope that helps.)

93. NCC-73515 - April 30, 2013


We’ve heard that this movie will be about kirk earning the captain’s chair. Do you think Kirk is a ‘real’ captain by the end of this film, at the same stage as the Kirk we know from TOS?


Has Nimoy seen the film, and what was his response?


Do you feel Uhura is now in the position that Bones had before, forming the famous ‘triangle’ with Kirk and Spock?


We know you’re a fan, so what was the happiest moment for you as a fan when you were filming?


What aspect sold the script and the part to you, when did you get hooked and thought you want to be a part of it?


How much did the casting of Benedict change the script, were any lines changed because of his stunning voice?


What is your favorite line that your character says in this movie?


You seemed to give away who the villain is at one point in an interview, and it turned out to be wrong. Was that a name that you came up with, or did JJ tell you to plant some false information?

– Uli from Heidelberg, Germany

94. Kirk - April 30, 2013


Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

-Kirk, from Bothell,WA

95. Kirk - April 30, 2013


What did you do on your iPhone audition?

– Kirk from Bothell, Washington

96. Killamarshtrek - April 30, 2013


As a fan who, over the years, has suffered from the ‘Geeky’ label attached to Trekkers, I’d like to thank you for perhaps your greatest achievement, that of making Star Trek COOL, and ask – how did you do that!?

Barry, Sheffield, England

97. Keachick - April 30, 2013

I like the Graham Norton show. It is very cool that Chris and Benedict will be on the show together. They should have a blast. It is a conversational type show and can be very funny.

We are watching the latest series here on NZ television and I think we may be a month or so behind Britain. I will need to watch out for this episode.

@Chris and Benedict – Go for it. Have fun!!!

98. Stanley - April 30, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

Have there been any talks about releasing director’s cut editions when the trilogy is completed? Furthermore, if you were the only person who would had a say on this matter would you yourself be interested in releasing DC editions of the films?

Q FOR Alice Eve

What were your initial thoughts when you heard that you got the part to play Carol Marcus? Did the Star Trek franchise whith it’s almost 50 years of history and (critical) fans scare you a bit?

Q For Chris Pine

What do you like of Kirk as a person and what do you dislike of him?

– Stanley Tjan from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

99. Nick Tierce - April 30, 2013


Is it at all disappointing that the digital 3D conversion of the footage shot in the IMAX format will never allow for the true, full resolution 70mm presentation?

Nick Tierce, Murrieta, California

100. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 30, 2013

Question for J.J
On Lens Flares. Why do you feel it’s so inportant to have so much of it.

Mike Austin Texas

101. NuFan - April 30, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

Why do you think it’s only male fans that whine about canon and female fans don’t care?

Q FOR Benedict Cumberbatch

Did you sign for more than one?

-Tanner, Newport Beach, California

102. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 30, 2013

Karl Urban.
How much fun is it in Playing Dr. McCoy.

Mike Austin Texas

103. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 30, 2013

Simon Pegg.
What is the best thing in Playing Scotty.

Mike In Austin Texas

104. Newdivide1701 - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ

I understand you were a Star Wars fan before. What was your impression about the prequels stating that midichlorians were the source of the force instead of the energy field that gives the Jedi his strength?

And is the ACTUAL source of the force at Sha-Ka-Ree?

Robert, Alberta, Canada

105. Jack - April 30, 2013

For JJ

Why are you premiering an American franchise overseas? Why do we original fans have to suffer the long wait and trying to avoid spoilers when the rest of the world gets to see something which started in the States in the first place?

Jack, Jensen Beach, FL USA

106. Newdivide1701 - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ

We all know that Star Trek 11 is an alternate reality that parallels the original, and even then the original has other alternate realities that parallels that. But if you had an opportunity to do an actual reboot, like Battlestar Galactica or the Christopher Nolan Batman series, how would you do it and what inspiration would you use?

Robert, Alberta, Canada

107. Q - April 30, 2013

For Simon and JJ:
THANK YOU for treating Chris Doohan so well.

For Anton and John:
Loved hearing your voices in the Star Trek videogames. Did you enjoy the process? Are you signed to do more?

For Karl:
How do you get into character on the set?

108. Vivian - April 30, 2013

Do you think working in Star Trek Into Darkness as a villain will affect the image of the good Benedict, that people have?
Vivian,Belo Horizonte,MG Brazil

109. Paul - April 30, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams
What does Star Trek do better than Star Wars?
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Chris Pine
What part of your own personality have you added to Kirk’s persona?
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Zachary Quinto
How do you manage the challenges of emotionally restrained acting while still showing that Spock is coming to grips with the inner tug-of-war between his human and Vulcan halves? Bravo, by the way.
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Benedict Cumberbatch
How did you tweak the villain’s character, as written on paper, to make the role your own?
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Zoe Saldana
Do you feel the role of Uhura still has social impact for women?
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Karl Urban
Your portrayal of Dr. McCoy is a spot-on tribute. That being said, how does your McCoy differ from that of DeForest Kelley’s?
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Simon Pegg
Deep theological question for you. Who loves the Enterprise more: Scotty or Kirk?
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR John Cho
At what point will you tell Kirk, “Stop telling me how to drive the ship!!!”? FYI, I named my childhood dog Sulu.
– Paul Paducah, KY

Q FOR Alice Eve
What was the most unique aspect of working on this Star Trek movie versus your other projects?
– Paul Paducah, KY

110. Vivian - April 30, 2013

Do you think Spock will grow as a person when faced with new problems such as John Harrisson?
Vivian,Belo Horizonte,MG Brazil

111. Vivian - April 30, 2013

What did you think of continuing Star Trek? Did you use old ideas thought when you made the first movie or added only new things?
Vivian,Belo Horizonte,MG,Brazil

112. TrinaInUS - April 30, 2013

Q For Simon Pegg

As a writer and producer, what does it feel like to you now when you act in films, like the Star Trek franchise, where you’re not ‘wearing those hats?’

Q For Benedict Cumberbatch

What did you find unique about your role in STID, as opposed to the others you’ve done?

Trina, Lenexa, Kansas

113. Pensive's Wetness - April 30, 2013

Mr JJ Abrahms

I first must begin by thanking you for your efforts. I first got to look at your film, as a russian bootleg that some pilot from the Airwing ‘aquired’ during our 2009 cruise (For the record, i’m not 100% sure about the exact source. it looked better when i watched the film at the Norfolk Base Cinema, when we got back that summer). Now a lot of people seem to be worried about your upcoming choices for, ahem, employment. Do you feel confident that you can still be able to produce a quality product, with the same technical touch of success, that you enjoyed when you previously did with Cloverfield-Trek-Super-8? and are you prepared to deal with the childhood-eating machine known as Dysney?

Chris; Omstead Falls, OH USA

114. msn1701 - April 30, 2013

For Quinto – If Spock could only save one person from certain death, Kirk or Uhura, who would it be?

115. Kev - April 30, 2013

Q For JJ Abrams

What was your major inspiration for the new enterprise and the new look of the sets?

Q For Zachary Quinto

What would you like to do with the new Spock character wise compared to the prime universe counterpart?

Q For John Cho

Would you like your Sulu to grown into his prime universe counterpart, namely commanding a ship, or something different?

Kevin – Hudson MA

116. sean - April 30, 2013

For JJ

Many people were obviously unsatisfied with the Star Wars prequels. What do you feel was missing from the prequels that failed to live up to the original trilogy and how are you planning on avoiding those missteps in your own contribution to the Star Wars universe?

Sean / PHX / AZ

117. John G - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ:

In the extras to the last movie, you wore an INFOCOM shirt, with the logo of the beloved 1980s adventure game company. What was your favorite Infocom game and was the escape pod scene in Planetfall an influence on the one in Trek?

118. Marja - April 30, 2013

Question for

Mr Abrams: will you include the extra 20 minutes or so of scenes on the DVD that you deleted from the movie to shorten running time [I hope so]?

Mr Pine: What muscle groups do you use most in exercising Kirk’s “superpower” of dangling off cliffs, platforms, etc.?

Mr Cumberbatch: I admire your stillness and sense of command of self you bring to Harrison – a big part of that is your penetrating gaze and WOW, your voice. What to you is the MOST important aspect of movie acting?

Ms Eve: I’m impressed by your depth of research into Trek – would you say you’ve become rather a fan?

Ms Saldana: You are in absolutely beautiful shape, but do you think Uhura’s wearing such a tiny minidress is kind of silly, especially if she’s going into action?

Mr Quinto: I had the pleasure of seeing you in Angels in America. Michael Caine said that the center of a movie actor’s performance is his eyes. I definitely see that in your Spock. Does BODY language account for as much in Spock’s characterization as it does in characters you play on stage?

Mr Urban: I absolutely love your McCoy. Which of these aspects of his character do you enjoy portraying most: Maturity in relation to other characters? Debating Spock? Sarcasm? Humanity and Compassion? Crankiness?

Mr Pegg: have you ever geekily argued about Star Trek technology with other fans, like how the Enterprise looks, Engineering, or ST Technology in general?

Mr Cho: What’s your favorite aspect of playing Sulu, being on the Bridge and using that cool speedboat accelerator for warp, talking technobabble, or how COOL Sulu is?

Marja [“MAR-yah” not mariah, not maria, thanks.]

Tallahassee, FL

119. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 30, 2013

#118 already? … Ok I give up! ;-) :-)

120. gingerly - April 30, 2013


Paul, man. I LOVE your questions. :)

121. Anisa - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch!
I know this is a common one but, I’m dying to know…
How did you prepare for your role in Star Trek? :) x

122. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 30, 2013

My question to Chris Pine, would be, if had a chance:

Chris when the producers finally allowed you read the script and you arrived at those scenes with wetsuit or in bed with feline women with tail … Which was your first reaction? were you able to be cerebral and analytical about that?

Dee, living in phases of the moon – you know the silver satellite!

;-) :-)

123. jojo - April 30, 2013


Is there any practice or preparation that you and Zoe have to undertake in preparation for your more intimate scenes?


What is most fulfilling about playing the role of Uhura, and do you think we will ever get to see a small part dedicated to her family background in future films?


Is there a specific direction that you would like implemented for the Sulu character, and what has been the most challenging aspect of playing the character?

Jo, North Carolina

124. Unwanted - April 30, 2013

Q For JJ: Who is the new voice of the Enterprise computer?

Shane, Rapid City, SD

125. CaptainDonovin - April 30, 2013

Question for cast: even though you kind of knew what you were getting yourselves into, were you prepared for the fandom aspect of Trek (I ask this after watching the Berlin premier & seeing the size of the crowd).

Q for Karl: you’ve done Doom, Dredd, Trek, what’s next on your wish list?

Q for John: how different have your experiences been (work load/hours on set) for Trek & your other movies to working on Go On (love that show).

Q for Simon: on the outside chance this movie is a hit & you get to come back & play for a third movie, any chance you’ll sneak Paul into the movie.

Ed, Hugo (north of Minneapolis/St. Paul), Minnesota

126. Keachick - April 30, 2013

Only one question for each of the cast members? Truly? There are just so many really good questions. Why can’t all the questions put to the individuals be collated and given to each to answer? Perhaps each person could have his/her own thread here where they can answer each question, even if the answer is Pass or I don’t know.

I realize that these people are busy, but even so, this could be a wonderful, lovely opportunity to be had by all…

127. Sunfell - April 30, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto:

Spock Prime was a musician, and played the Vulcan lyre. Would your Spock do the same thing, or does he walk on the wild side musically?

Lorie, Little Rock, AR

128. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2013

I would love to get the stars to answer all the questions, but i am only allotted so much time with each and I am allocating a part of my time for one fan question per interview. These questions aren’t a separate thing on top of my regular interview times. So there is only so much time to go around.

129. The Sky's The Limit - April 30, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

In the trailers, you comfortably channel a great deal of controlled rage into your character’s persona. Did you draw from a personal experience to fuel John Harrison’s personality?

Sal, Chandler, Arizona

130. Jonboc - April 30, 2013

Q for Chris Pine

One of the fun parallels, that I see, between you and William Shatner’s portrayal of Kirk, is your comic timing. You both seem to walk that tightrope of drama and comedy with ease. Do you prefer one over the other or do you prefer films that strike that happy medium?

John, Denison,TX

131. Sunfell - April 30, 2013

Anthony, it’s is kind and generous of you to do this. I hope you pick some good ones.

132. Jonboc - April 30, 2013

For ALL cast members except Cumberbatch. :

I’m loving the new Star Trek video game, in part due to your lending your vocal talents to the game and bringing your CGI character to life. Logistically, it seems to be a pretty easy gig, would you ever consider lending your voice to a CGI or animated version of Star Trek, should such an idea ever make its way to the front burner? thanks

John, Denison, TX

133. gingerly - April 30, 2013



I do understand, but given that interviews with actors and creators about their projects tend to be repetitive, will you please try ask really good expansive questions, that perhaps haven’t been posed fifty times to them already??

Both ours and your own, please?? :)

Make them think!

134. Keachick - April 30, 2013

The questions need to be about their STAR TREK characters and please no Star Wars question for JJ Abrams. This site is about Star TREK, not Star Wars, thank goodness.

135. jesustrek - April 30, 2013

For JJ Abrams

you admitted that it is No fan of Star Trek,ok no problem you are a great director, but must admit you fall in love with the USS Enterprise, admit it is a beautiful Starship.

Jesus Salinas, Monterrey,Mexico.

136. Becca - April 30, 2013

Q. for Karl Urban

I know you’re long-term star trek fan. (also super geek!!) Mr. pine said that last time you bringed the enterprise model in the world premiere 2009, and destroyed it!(lol) So,Just out of curiosity, you bring it again or bring something else in this premiere? :)

Becca,Seoul,South Korea

137. captain spock - April 30, 2013

Q:JJ Abrams. where you you rather do star wars at home(U.S.A.) or abroad in England where they did most of the star wars triolgy

Q :JJ Abrams:are your children more star trek fans or star wars fans?

Q:Chris Pine: what is the most hardest role you had to play in a movie so far in your career.

Q:Simon Pegg: do you think that they ever going to say beam me up Scotty in any of the star trek movies.

Q:zachary: if JJ Ambrams is not able to return to direct the next star trek movie who would be the one you would choose to replace him as director of trek?

Q: Karl will we get to see bones drink a mint julips in this movie.. if not the next one maybe..

Q:john what is the most favorite acting role that you have played so far in your career?

Q:Benedick that you played the part of Harrison In ST:ITD, & if you had to do the part all over again would you commit to doing it a second time?

Q:Zoe . what is your favorite Uhura scean in ST:ITD

Live long & prosper

Debbie .V- Harrison Twp Michigan a trekker sence 1966

138. Captain Peabody - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams

Now that you’re doing both franchises, what do you think is the essential difference between Star Wars and Star Trek?

Q for Karl Urban

Have you had any contact with the family and friends of DeForest Kelley, and if so, how meaningful has that been for you?

Q for Chris Pine

How do you think the cast “family” for this incarnation of Star Trek is shaping up, and do you consider yourself the “father”? And who’s the “red-headed step-child” of the family?

Q for Simon Pegg

Scotty in the original series was portrayed as both a comic figure and an extremely competent military officer; do you think you’ve found the right balance for this in your portrayal of the character?

139. Captain Peabody - April 30, 2013

Oh, for the last message

-Nathan, Birmingham, AL.

140. John - April 30, 2013

So what is a World Premeire? I thought the World Premeire was just in Sydney as it was the world first premeire for STID?? Confused

141. KeepOnTrekin - April 30, 2013

Q – Chris Pine

What has it like acting against Benedict in the scenes you shared together?
Was there a kind of one-upsmanship for each other, to out intense the other?

Steve – Turtle Creek, Pa.

142. Gary Makin - April 30, 2013

Question for Alice Eve: You can do a convincing American accent – why didn’t you use it in STID?

Gary Makin, Liverpool, UK.

143. Gary Makin - April 30, 2013

Question for JJ Abrams: Are you tired of all the lens flare references?

Gary Makin, Liverpool, UK.

144. Razorgeist - April 30, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams.

Would you consider approaching Vger for the next movie. or perhaps bring in elements from later trek series and movies.

Steve – Philadelphia PA

145. Dr. Cheis - April 30, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

There were a lot of aesthetic changes made between the TOS Star Trek and your Star Trek. Which of those changes do you think were the least well-received, and do you wish you had done them differently?

Q FOR Chris Pine

Was there ever talk of giving you contact lenses to match William Shatner’s eye color? It would have made it easier to see you as a younger version of the same person.

Q FOR Zoe Saldana

It seems like your character is the most different from the TOS counterpart. Do you see it that way, or do you think your Uhura will still one day become the classic Uhura?

Q FOR Simon Pegg

It seems like the new Scotty is a lot more of a comedic character than the old one was. How much of that is your influence. and how much is the writing?

– Craig from Columbus, Ohio

146. StelArian - May 1, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

Thank you for making Star Trek popular culture.
You where not fan before involve. After directing 2 movies, what’s your personal opinion about Star Trek?

Stelios Arian, Athens Greece

147. Basement Blogger - May 1, 2013

Q fro J.J. Abrams

This film has the concept of the Federation’s Prime Directive, what is your view of it?

Q for Karl Urban

McCoy is a passionate and caring person, where does his passion come from?

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

How do you view science fiction?

Q. for Alice Eve

You prepared by watching the original series and said Charlie X was your favorite; are there other episodes that you liked and why?

Bernie from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

148. Richard Bossley - May 1, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams

Were you concerned references to the original movie would be either too subtle, and therefor lost on the audience members who haven’t seen TWOK, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, seem forced.

Richard Bossley, Wellington, NZ

149. Julie Iannone - May 1, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

If you could act out any scene where Spock is behaving out of character what would you have him do?

Q for John Cho

What would you title the next Star Trek film if the writers had to base the film’s plot around your decision?

Q for J.J. Abrams

Were there any alternate titles for this film or the 2009 Trek that you can share?

Q for Zoe Saldana

Would you rather have unlimited beaming capabilities on Earth or a chance to meet extraterrestrial life?

Q for Simon Pegg

Would you rather be sucked into black hole that takes you five years into the future or spend nine months stranded on Delta Vega with Keenser?

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

If you were offered the chance to travel into space would you go?

Q for Chris Pine

Who would you rather have as a roommate Kirk or Spock?

Q for Karl Urban

Which character in the Trekverse, besides your own, would you like to play?

Q for Alice Eve

If you could spend a weekend in Vegas with one member of the Enterprise crew who would you choose and why?

Julie – Chicago, IL

150. Jakub Licko - May 1, 2013

Q for Zachary Quinto

How do you feel playing such an iconic character like Spock?

Q for JJ Abrams

Will there be a third installment in the future if Into Darkness performs well?

151. Stokie Spock - May 1, 2013

Q For J J Abrams

Would you like to produce a new Star Trek series for TV and do you have any plans for the fans for the 50th annervisary of Star Trek. ??

Q For Simon pegg

What’s it like been seen as a iconic Sci Fi character ??

Matt from UK staffs

152. Aix - May 1, 2013

Q for everybody

If you get a chance to own a prop from the STiD set. What would it be?

If you get a chance to adopt an alien life-form from the Trek universe as a pet, what would it be?

What fictional technology/ gadget from Trek would you want to have?

Manila, Philipppines

153. Arnold - May 1, 2013

Q for JJ:
If u weren’t going to direct Star Trek 3, which director would you pick??

What is the status of M:I:5?

After Star Trek 3, are there plans for another trilogy or series of films about characters of TNG or Kirk and Spock at elder age?

I read an article says that Michael Ardnt said the new Star Wars is gonna contradict the continuity of the previous films. So is this SW movie gonna be sequel or stand-alone?

Q for Chris Pine:
Tell me a little bit about Jack Ryan. What great stuff did Kenneth Branagh bring into this movie? When will the trailer be released?

Selangor, Malaysia.

154. Arnold - May 1, 2013

Q for Benedict:

Did you spend time developing a different voice for the dragon, Smaug like Heath Ledger did with the Joker? Tell me a little bit about the motion capture as a dragon

Selangor, Malaysia.

155. Wrath of Pete - May 1, 2013

Q for all: (but especially JJ, S Pegg)

What was the first Star Trek movie you saw at the cinema? where was it and what did you think of it at the time…?

Pete, newcastle

156. Sean Mukherjee - May 1, 2013

Q for J.J.-
Do you think Gene’s vision is being preserved?
Particularly with response to exploration & scientific discovery!

157. Sean Mukherjee - May 1, 2013

Q for Alice Eve-
How would you like to develop your character for a future Star Trek Movie?

158. Sean Mukherjee - May 1, 2013

Q for Chris Pine-
How important is strategy & communication in your version/portrayal of Captain Kirk? Sean , Ilford, Essex.

159. Sean Mukherjee - May 1, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch-
Would you like to play the character ‘Avon’ in Martin Campbell’s ‘Blake’s Seven’ another Sci-fi tv series?This time as a hero!

160. Morris - May 1, 2013

Q for Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto –

Just a curious fan question: If you weren’t actors, what do you think you are now?

Morris, Philippines

161. Vivian - May 1, 2013

For you who has worked with many talented actors, how was the experience of working with Benedict Cumberbatch?
Vivian,Belo Horizonte,Brazil

162. Anthony Pascale - May 1, 2013

Paramount is calling London premiere ‘world premiere’ because all (or almost all) stars will be there and they are also doing the big junket there. It is confusing, I asked the same question

163. Jennifer Hindes - May 1, 2013


Will we ever get to see your famous iPhone audition for the part of John Harrison? A DVD extra, maybe?

– Jennifer, St. Louis, MO

164. Q For Benedict Cumberbatch - May 1, 2013

What is the common characteristic between Benedict and John Harrison?

165. Debbie - May 1, 2013


Instead of John Harrison, if you could play one of the Enterprise’s crew members, who would you choose (regardless of whether you look like that character), and why?

Debbie, New York , NY (USA)

166. Carl - May 1, 2013

Questions for:

Chris Pine: William Shatner always wished that Captain Kirk had died in a heroic fashion in ‘Star Trek: Generations’, how would you like your Captain Kirk to bow out in the future?

Karl Urban: I would like to say firstly that I feel your portrayal of Doctor McCoy was absolutely incredible, and that DeForest Kelley would be very proud of you if he was still with us. If he was still with us and sat next to you in the cinema watching the movie, and you could ask him at the end of the movie “Did I get this part right?”, what part would that be?

Benedict Cumberbatch: I am about to begin my Drama School training in London in September, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to be precise (where you trained to be an actor), are there any tips or important pieces of advice you could give me? Any would be appreciated.

Carl, London, England

167. brian p - May 1, 2013



168. Juliana - May 1, 2013


Who do you prefer, Smaug or John Harrison? Which one is the most evil?

Juliana Martins.
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

169. David Vincent - May 1, 2013

Q for S Pegg

Wrath of Khan or Empire Strikes Back? choose

david, London

170. David Vincent - May 1, 2013

Q for JJ

we often hear you profess your love for Twilight Zone and Star Wars, and that you were never really much of a fan of star trek, but cmon dude you mustve dug The Wrath of Khan back in 82 right? that film was like THE best movie of the entire 80s!

david, London

171. Kaitlin R - May 1, 2013

Q for Benedict:

You’ve played a variety of characters-soldiers, spies, a infamous genius, and now a sic-fi villain. Is there any kind of character or stereotype you’d like to play someday?

Kaitlin West Berlin, NJ

172. Juliana - May 1, 2013

Q for Simon Pegg

Scotty will have action scenes in this movie?!

Juliana Martins.
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

173. Mariamante - May 1, 2013


You’re going to be starring as some very iconic villains this year. One of course being John Harrison in “Star Trek Into Darkness” and later this year you’ll reprise in the second “Hobbit” film, “The Desolation of Smaug” as the Necromancer and Smaug. Any plans for returning to New Zealand with the rest of the “Hobbit” cast for summer pick-ups?

-Mariamante, USA

174. Keachick - May 1, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

New Zealand is a gorgeous country – Yes/No?
Just think – Peter Jackson no doubt took you to places that not even ordinary kiwis get to to see (DOC/Iwi/private land)…lucky *so-n-so…:)

*I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Auckland, NZ

175. Angela Swafford - May 1, 2013


Star Trek has been the forerunner of things like the cell phone, the tablet, the external memory and biometrics, among others. Did you see in the new JJ movie a brilliant device that perhaps will become as iconic to our pop culture in the not so distant future?
Thanks and congratulations on your professionalism.

Angela Swafford, Science Writer,
Miami Beach, Florida

176. Keachick - May 1, 2013

Q for JJ Abrams

This is really more of a question for the writers – but how much research did you and/or the writers do in real world science, such as astrophysics, quantum physics, astronomy, biology, botany, zoology…? How much of the science-fiction in this movie is based on what is now known, theorized, projected by the scientific community?

Thank you.

Auckland, NZ

177. Vengence of Khan - May 2, 2013

Q for Mr JJ

I know you’ve said you were always more of a star wars guy but were the original cast Trek films abit of a big deal to you back in the 80s? after all they shared abit in common with the SW films at the time – ILM, ‘Vengence’ of Khan had to change its title due to ‘Revenge’ of the Jedi the following year etc

paulo, blackpool

178. Ellie - May 2, 2013

Q for Benedict Cumberbatch

If you could have breakfast, lunch and then supper each with a different person who would they be… And please could you say that salvete (Latin) is plural and cannot be used in reply to a greeting of salve as my friend always does as it is infuriating when my friend does this…

179. Sk8r_gurl - May 2, 2013

Q for JJ:

I love your team’s team on Trek and can’t wait for Into Darkness; it’s great to see Star Trek’s “cache” with mainstream audiences increase so much over the past several years. I do, however, miss the quieter, “morality play” style of the Trek I grew up with in the 90’s and beyond. My question: Do you think that style of Trek could succeed in today’s marketplace? If so, what would need to happen to make it successful, or if not, why not?

Q for Chris:

Kirk is a natural leader and certainly a character of almost absurd confidence. How much do you find yourself similar to him, and what if him, if anything, are you able to incorporate into your own life and career? And if you had any advice for Kirk, what would it be? (aside from tell him that dangling from platforms is tough on the joints)

Q for Zachary:

A bit of a silly question: of the main cast, you’re the only “alien” and have to deal with the resulting makeup. If you had to update one element of Spock’s appearance while still hopefully maintaining his quentessential (Spockiness), what would it be, and why?

Q for Zoe:

You’ve acheived a great deal of success by embracing roles in science fiction, including Trek, something many actors express reservations over. Why aren’t you afraid of sci-fi, and what words of advice would you give actors who aren’t completely sold on performing in genre tv/film?

Seattle, WA

180. marty - May 2, 2013

Q FOR JJ Abrams

Any chance that the movie after ‘Into Darkness’ will allow the timeline to be reset or corrected for future movies/tv series? I see why you went the alternate timeline route originally, however there are still many great stories left to tell in the original universe. It would be nice to know what happened after Deep Space Nine/Voyager/Nemesis, or between Enterprise/The Original Series, and between the Undiscovered Country/Next Generation..

Marty-Alkol, WV

181. marty - May 2, 2013

Q FOR Chris Pine

I noticed nods to William Shatner’s Kirk in your performance in Star Trek, any chance we’ll see more in Into Darkness?

Marty-Alkol, WV

182. marty - May 2, 2013

Q FOR Karl Urban

How hard is it to go from an Australian/NZ accent to a southern accent, let alone an American accent?

Marty-Alkol, WV

183. jimgrant1701 - May 2, 2013

JJ Abrams

Nero when back into the black hole. is he still alive and will he return in another movie?

Jim – Brunswick, ME is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.