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Watch: 4th Star Trek Into Darkness Clip + Scotty Character Profile + ‘2nd Look’ Featurette April 30, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Tuesday morning brings a few new Star Trek Into Darkness clips to share. First up is a new clip featuring Kirk’s first meeting with Alice Eve’s character. And there is a new character profile, this time with Scotty (featuring new footage). Finally a new behind the scenes featurette. See it all below but beware of spoilers.


Clip "Meeting Carol"

The fourth clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has emerged. This time it comes from UIP Thailand (the Thai distributor for Into Darkness). Watch the "Meeting Carol" clip below – complete with Thai subtitles.

Character Profile – Scotty

The second new video today is the second character profile – this time for Simon Pegg’s Scotty. The video includes some new bits of the movie with Scotty as well.

‘Second Look’ Featurette

And a second featurette for the movie has also been released by Paramount. At first glance it is similar to the ‘First Look Featurette’ released earlier this year, but some parts are new.



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1. Keith H - April 30, 2013


2. martin - April 30, 2013

first. No way.

Carol clip is awesome. So is scotty.

3. Tom - April 30, 2013

Spock’s jealous! Love it!!

4. Markus - April 30, 2013

this clip has some star trek-feeling to it. although spock seems a little too yealous.

5. Commodore Adams - April 30, 2013

Loving the clips. Clip 3 with Kirk facing Cumberbatch in the brig is still the best. The manipulation, ominous music, that clip got me excited, it’s the first taste we have had of Harrison’s manipulation and clever ploys.

6. sean - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace? So is she trying to hide her connection to her admiral father or is she married in this universe? A widow, perhaps?

7. Patricia - April 30, 2013

Can’t wait to see this movie! I love Star Trek.

8. Michael Towns - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace??

9. Patrick - April 30, 2013

@6 My guess is her parents split up and she grew up in Europe with her mother, hence the accent.

10. Pragmaticus - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace??? Admiral Marcus really is playing a dangerous game, isn’t he?

11. Quark - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace?

12. Antni - April 30, 2013

I dont know why but Spocks face cracks me up as she sits down haha as if he’s jealous there will be another Science officer on board.

13. baby - April 30, 2013

alice eve reminds me off a bond girl….

14. Brian - April 30, 2013

Carol Marcus didn’t have an accent.

15. Antni - April 30, 2013

Oh and the Scotty video says its unavailable in my country. :(

16. Josh C. - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace? She married? Undercover name? Using her middle name for some reason?

17. me - April 30, 2013

is it me or does scotty’s uniform look messy?

18. martin - April 30, 2013

@6 – My two guesses. Or Wallace is her mother’s maiden or a step dads name.

Since her dad was off Earth with Bobby April, it also explains that her mother may have raised her in England.

19. bmar - April 30, 2013

Captain James Tiberius Perfect-Hair. Love it.

20. Matt - April 30, 2013

James Tiberius Perfect Hair. LOL. Classic.

21. Kapten Kerk - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace? So Dr. Marcus doesn’t want people to know she is the admiral’s little girl and be accused of nepotism.

She is cute as a button though!

22. bmar - April 30, 2013

Obsessive Fanboy comment about about how his hair isn’t perfect because it’s parted on the wrong side in …3…2…

23. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 30, 2013

If Spock were Human. He was not happy about another Scientist.

24. Ryan T. Riddle - April 30, 2013

Bromance jealousy! Love it.

25. Daniel Broadway - April 30, 2013

Ha, I think someone forgot to render the title over the end of that Second Featurette.

26. ScottC - April 30, 2013

From what I’ve “heard” Carol uses her mother’s maiden name instead of her father’s at first, but Spock finds out who she really is. Maybe she uses it so as to not get preferential treatment?

27. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 30, 2013

Just 2 more weeks and 1 day.

28. spockboy - April 30, 2013

VERY psyched about the movie! although I find Quinto’s Spock to be relentlessly pissy all the time. Maybe his character is going through an arc that will end with the cool, reserved Spock with Nimoy’s subtle undercurrent of emotional struggle.

29. bmar - April 30, 2013

Daniel…hysterical. Damn Final Cut!!! (or After Effects?)

30. Sunfell - April 30, 2013

Jealous Spock is jealous.

31. CaptainDonovin - April 30, 2013

Officially done watching clips until May 18 after I’ve seen the movie – two times or so.

32. NOTthe1701 - April 30, 2013

OR Alice Eve is not playing Carol Marcus at all…

33. The Sinfonian - April 30, 2013

This is weird. Bob Orci completely picked up on the whole weirdness with Janet Wallace. After all, the original TWOK scripts didn’t have Carol Marcus, but Janet Wallace. When the actress wasn’t available, they invented Carol. I always suspected Janet was Carol’s sister, and that after Carol rejected Jim, Janet was next. Eez so confuseeng!

34. Darmok - April 30, 2013

The name Wallace is a cover (probably…def is) to get on board the E.

35. BH - April 30, 2013

@28 – you need to go an rewatch the first season of TOS. Spock is far and away the most emotionally erratic of the crew. And that fact is FASCINATING.

You should know that, spockboy.

36. Mantastic - April 30, 2013

Not to be nitpicky but since when is Spock ever jealous? And if he has been, I don’t remember him being so outward and, dare I say, emotional about it?

It’ll be interesting to find out why Carol is British this time around. Something tells me she’s a trojan horse for her dad and whatever he’s up to.

37. Crone - April 30, 2013

@31 no more clips for me either. And I am having my memory wiped of all the ones I saw AND the damn spoiler I wandered innocently into…. Any one know a good memory wiper- I mean, besides Nomad?

38. Defiant - April 30, 2013

In the “Meeting Carol” clip, I don’t see Kirk, Spock and Carol(Marcus), I see Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper and Penny.

39. Phil - April 30, 2013

A Scotty that speaks his mind. That might be worth the price of admission all by itself.

Carol Wallace? So Kirk is prowling married women now, too? (speculation and opinion, all you open relationship people take a deep breath now…).

Spock is jealous? Does this make Kirk bi?

40. EM - April 30, 2013

Alice Eve is Khan!!!

41. Josh C. - April 30, 2013

@36 – I think given that Admiral Marcus is assigning her, I definitely think he intends to use her as a trojan horse, though I have a feeling it’s in a way that she is unaware of.

I’m personally leaning toward the “she uses her mother’s maiden name to avoid favoritism/charges of nepotism” angle for the explanation of her name

42. somethoughts - April 30, 2013

Spock being jealous is possible since he is still pretty raw compared to spock prime.

43. JohnRambo - April 30, 2013

Bones! Karl has done it again!:-D

44. Travis - April 30, 2013

Dr. Carol Marcus seems to be covering her last name and putting in Wallace instead! Things are starting to come together don’t you all agree? Of course I wouldn’t want to spoil the ” Entire ” movie with my fellow Trekkies would I? Lol

45. Phillip - April 30, 2013

I love Simon Pegg, but dont you think he could have knocked out a few push-ups for the shoot….I mean c’mon you are playing a military officer!!

46. cpelc - April 30, 2013

@38— Exactly. Annoyed and jealous Spock is very similar to Sheldon.

47. Harry Seldom - April 30, 2013

@38 — Actually made me laugh out loud.

– Harry

48. Commodore Rexan - April 30, 2013

Why is her last name Wallace?

49. Flake - April 30, 2013

@37 The flash thing from Men In Black :)

50. Kevin - April 30, 2013

We have no context. May not be jealousy at all. Think – Why might Spock be concerned over Starfleet assigning redundant personnel?

51. konar - April 30, 2013

Pine is so channeling Shatner in that exchange… in the original series Kirk would often make a humorous or sarcastic aside to Spock, even though it is clear that Spock would never react to it or see the humor. Just one of those fun kirk character things that Pine and the writers have captured perfectly.

I think Quinto’s reaction is perfect on so many levels.

52. konar - April 30, 2013

29. Or Avid. ;-)

53. JackballTV - April 30, 2013

her character reminds me of ‘David’ from Prometheus, love it!

54. Robman007 - April 30, 2013

I’m guessing that those weird “white torpedo” looking items are the 72 reasons that have been onboard the Enterprise the whole time.

When Kirk mentions her specialization in Advanced Weapondry, that will come back to mean that she has been in charge of studying and recreating (as well as perhaps some minor experimentation) what made Khan and his people and how to replicate it to use against those that certain parts of Starfleet feel are a threat (Klingons, per the Countdown comic, Romulans because they now have Red Matter) etc, etc…

…maybe she loads the sealed Augments into the Enterprise cargo bay so that, after Kirk captures “harrison” that Admiral Marcus can just eliminate the whole bunch at once and destroy all evidence of his illegal activities…hmmmmmmmm

55. porthoses bitch - April 30, 2013

@37 Personally hoping that the “As Seen on TV” store at the mall has a mind sifter in stock.

56. fwise3 - April 30, 2013

Where are the title cards at the end of the “Second Look?”

57. M - April 30, 2013

Because her dad is the Admiral, so it is to avoid looking like he is playing favourite.

58. Trek in a Cafe - April 30, 2013

What if her mom was also on the ship and went down with daddy Kirk on the Kelvin?

They Jim and Carol could be brother and sister….Time for a DNA test!!!

59. MelyBelle44 - April 30, 2013


I know/hope you are being cheeky, but it would be quite the disappointment to have George Kirk be this incredibly brave and true man in ST09, only to find out he was a lousy cheater.

For you guys talking about Spock and in another thread Kirk, and how they are young and raw, and they haven’t had a chance to grow into the people they are in the Prime universe, I think you completely miss the point of an Alternate Reality. They are different people. They do not “become” anything. In this alternate reality, Spock is more visibly emotional. Jim grew up without a father, so naturally, his personality and demeanor are going to be different than the other timeline.

Certain experiences have slight or sometimes great effects on people, and with each transformative moment in each character’s lives in the 09 timeline, they are going to deviate from their Prime counterpart. That’s just the way it is.

60. Michael Hall - April 30, 2013

Fascinating. That’s where I’m at now, Thailand. You’re all welcome. :-)

61. Shawn Richards - April 30, 2013

“Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to hide a starship under the ocean”

Says Scotty, in a line I’m sure was put there to appease the overly sensitive fanboys

62. Mad Mann - April 30, 2013

Carol Wallace? As in David Wallace?

63. Jemini - April 30, 2013

Spock is not impressed haha
I can see he doesn’t trust her maybe

64. martin - April 30, 2013

@59 – Spock is very close to the same as he would have been in the prime universe IMO. Spock from early season one episodes displayed emotion.

Spock from “The Cage” was emotional, and was the closest to age to the Quinto Spock we have seen.

Spock had relationships as well in the Prime universe. And Sarek and Spock showed emotion towards each other and Sarek especially so towards Amanda.

Kirk? Different, definately. He has more hair, probably not a bare chest, he is taller, and doesn’t wear a girdle. He runs a lot faster and can jump down from higher places than prime Kirk. In fact, Pine Kirk could probably jump right off that bridge and survive, so we won’t have this issue for Star Trek 2039 where we can’t have Abrahms Kirk dead and not come back for reboot #2.

65. DB - April 30, 2013

Ah, I see why Carol Marcus has the accent and the last name of ‘Wallace’. It’s obvious. She married Wallace the inventor. I bet she’s just crackers for cheese as well. :B

66. Ash - April 30, 2013

Lol jealous Spock is adorable. I can’t wait to see how him and Kirk become the epic duo we love in this film. This is SO their movie from what I’ve heard.

Also Scotty’s character profile was awesome :) Simon Pegg is great! Hope we get one for Bones soon too!

67. Ash - April 30, 2013

Also, I can’t get over how beautiful Alice Eve is. Perfect :)

68. Nurse Gabble - April 30, 2013

Wow, look at Karl from 0.18 to 0.22
He captures Bones perfectly without saying a word.

69. Mark - April 30, 2013

@67- dude, for real, she is a KNOCKOUT!! Even if I didn’t love ST, I (and many others I’m sure lol) would go see this movie for her alone. Love that she is a Trekkie like the rest of us ;)

70. MelyBelle44 - April 30, 2013


I am just curious…when you say jealous spock.

Is he jealous because he is worried they replaced him so quickly?

Is he jealous of Kirk because Carol seems interested in him?

Is he jealous because she is so qualified?

Why would he be jealous?

71. NC Trekker - April 30, 2013

I thought Spock had no ego to bruise.

72. Duh - April 30, 2013

The fact that they’re suggesting Spock has an ego… When he said he didn’t have an ego in TWOK… Is clearly a reference to TWOK and must mean that Harrison is khan.

73. JohnRambo - April 30, 2013


i love it!

74. DaBunker - April 30, 2013

I think Spock’s looking at Carol like that because she’s another science officer and why has she been assigned to the Enterprise. Spock looks close at her after this dialogue,
Carol says “assigned by Admiral Marcus”
Kirk gets puzzled while he reads “a specialty in advanced WEAPONRY” thenspock says “You requested another science office?” and Kirk says “I wish I had”
some fans see Spock’s “jealousy” and 1 see a funny representation that Spock is pissed off that there’s another science officer on board the E and 2 slash fans see any “close” interaction between Spock and Kirk as gay

Spock’s fascinated, this officer coming in not requested by Kirk and he’s anilyzing why

75. Son of Jello - April 30, 2013

Maybe she is married to a decendant of William Wallace.

76. BH - April 30, 2013

@64 – thank you. I’ve been rewatching the 1st season and Spock is a mess. Kindapping Pike to return to Talos IV; basically panicking and jettisoning the fuel in Galileo 7, and the Naked Time revealed the roiling underneath. That’s just for starters.

Then again, there’s always this scene, which nails him to the wall from the second season:

Quinto is doing just fine. Not a fan of his shadow, but whatever.

77. Aix - April 30, 2013

Jealous Vulcan Alert

78. rogue_alice - April 30, 2013

If Carol Wallace “changed” her name maybe she is affecting an accent as well. Hehe.

79. Son of Jello - April 30, 2013

For those who are interested. This is what Alice Eve was doing in 1967. When she traveled back in time and was french. If she could do this with Zachary Quinto today that would be great.

80. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 30, 2013

Ah, Vulcans – thay tell Humans they don’t have emotions, and then they go around proving that they do… It has always been thus ;-)

I’m not sure I agree with the term ‘jealousy’ here because of its usual romantic connotations, but its a pretty good fit nonethless. Certainly Spock is irked. Irked at Kirk in general, possibly. Irked by the surprise addition, perhaps – there are those of us who prefer routine, and can react with considerable annoyance when that routine is unexpectedly disrupted. Irked by the thought that Kirk might consider him replaceable/insufficient, when he considers himself an excellent science officer without need of further assistance. Of course, if Kirk confronts him about being irked, he would deny being capable of being irked…

Carol Wallace, eh? Is she just trying to keep out from under her father’s shadow, is she married, or is there something more sinister to this ‘deception’?

81. Keachick - April 30, 2013

Spock is just being his usual Vulcan self – ie he considering that being part-Vulcan gives him intellectual superiority over everyone else, especially in matters of science. It is just that this alt. younger Spock cannot so easily hide the emotion associated with this sense of superiority that vulcans cultivate. I love Kirk’s response.

As for Carol Wallace(?) – I don’t recall anything be told about the prime Carol Marcus’s backstory, nor anything about this Alice/Carol. Perhaps, in both timelines, one of Carol’s parents was British and the other American. In the prime universe, Carol was brought up in America, hence the American accent. In this alt.universe, Carol was brought up in England, hence the British accent. No doubt the movie will clear up this little (apparent) anomaly, along with everything else.

82. MelyBelle44 - April 30, 2013

I never suggested that TOS Spock was emotionless. All I said was that Quinto’s Spock is more visually emotional. I don’t think I suggested anything that wasn’t true.

83. Keachick - April 30, 2013

It appears that this is the first time Carol and Jim actually meet, hence there is no relationship as yet formed for anyone, let alone Spock, to become jealous over. Spock is irked by someone being assigned whose qualifications may match his own…

84. Ash - April 30, 2013

@70- wow. Why are you so worried about that?

I think he is bothered that there is another science officer on board, like perhaps they think he can’t handle it alone. I also think he is upset that Jim is still mad t him. Yes, It seemed like he was a little jealous. I’m not talking slash-tastic jealousy but its a blow to his ego I’m sure.

Now should I ask you why you were so panicked that I (like many others on here) used the word jealousy? Good lord…

85. scottevill - April 30, 2013

At the risk of being generic I have to say that I’m practically wetting myself over these clips. Confidence is high, people.

86. SAMMY B - April 30, 2013

Any relation to Dr. Janet Wallace from “The Deadly Years”???? Hmmmmm

87. Coastie - April 30, 2013

One thing I noticed is it looks like there are more money shots of the Enterprise in this movie — one of my biggest complaints of the 2009 Star Trek was we barely got but a few glimpses of the ship.

I am excited about this movie, don’t get me wrong, but I finally found the perfect analogy to how I feel this new Trek compares to the originals — I feel like it has turned into a Pirates of the Caribbean movie when the old Star Trek movies were more like Master and Commander.

88. Coastie - April 30, 2013

— and I love Pirates of the Caribbean by the way.

89. Lurker - April 30, 2013

@64 Martin
“Kirk? Different, definately. He has more hair, probably not a bare chest, he is taller, and doesn’t wear a girdle…”

Funny you wrote that, I just read somewhere that Roddenberry made Shatner shave his chest. He didn’t want a hairy captain.

90. KHAAAN, the weasel - April 30, 2013

Is it just me or has Zach Quinto’s voice changed since the last movie (or did HE change his voice, respectively)? Sounds a fair bit deeper to me. But interestingly not so much like Leonard Nimoy, but more like Tim Russ as Tuvok…

91. dggaona - April 30, 2013

@64. But prime Kirk wouldn’t lose every damn fight he gets into like Pine does. You gotta take the bad with the good if you’re going to compare…

92. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 30, 2013

@90. dggaona

Insufficient data for an accurate comparison. We’ve only see Alt Kirk for a couple of hours to compare him with Prime Kirk. However, from memory:

Alt Kirk loses a fight with 4 beefy cadets – he is drunk at the time

Alt Kirk is beaten up by Alt Spock – Prime Kirk always came off second best to Prime Spock in a ‘fight’

Alt Kirk is saved from a Romulan by Sulu – Prime Kirk didn’t win all his solo battles either, eg the Gorn… Yes, I realise Kirk prevailed in the end, but he lost the physical fight

Alt Kirk prevails over a Romulan on the Narada (I got your gun…) – he didn’t lose all his solo battles either

93. Marja - April 30, 2013

Spock is displaying a close interest in Marcus, especially after Kirk reads her qualification sheet out loud. He appears to me to be suspicious and analytical, especially as Kirk didn’t request she be assigned to Enterprise.

68 Nurse G, you are so right. Urban has been masterful as McCoy since the start, and That Eyebrow says so much! I think he’s as suspicious as Spock is.

94. Marja - April 30, 2013

And I forgot to say how handsome Simon Pegg looks in his dress taupe [?] uniform. He has quite a nice deep voice too!

Every gent in this movie is very intelligent and is quite handsome, each in his individual way … as Ms Eve has proved and Ms “Zaldana” has also [altho Ms Z sometimes seems a bit goofy in the Aussie interviews, she was great in Berlin]!

It was quite funny to see their brilliant interactions with “Spocko” the other day :D

95. Marja - April 30, 2013

ha, Scotty,

“ONE DAY I’ve been off this ship, one bloody day!”

96. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 30, 2013

The more I watch the ‘Carol’ clip the more I become convinced that Spock is irked at Kirk in general, even before Carol shows up – and that Kirk is not very happy with Spock either. That seat between them is vacant for a reason…

97. Captain, USS Northstar - April 30, 2013

@76 and others: thanks for that clip and for the comments reminding us of Spock in the early going. I just caught “The Enemy Within” and that “emotional charge” is there. I think we’re seeing the evolution of Spock over these movies. Don’t forgot the emotion he displayed in TMP, either.

I love the “Meeting Carol” clip. Nice bit of sly humor on display there. We’ve been hearing that — even though the title and other peeks would hint at a dark film, we do have those light moments that are so very much in the Star Trek mold. For another example: “Captain James Tiberius Perfect-Hair.” Priceless.

Counting down the days!

Oh, and by the way: Yes, Alice Eve is very easy on the eyes.

98. Captain, USS Northstar - April 30, 2013

One additional thought (and I’m sure others have commented on it):

Note the energy of the scene — clearly Kirk and Spock are at odds with each other at the beginning of the clip; Spock seemingly holding the high moral ground in an argument.

Carol Marcus (Wallace) comes in and changes the balance. The energy swings to Kirk in Spock’s confusion. She sits between them — interesting staging — and it is Spock who shows the same flash of irritation that we saw on Kirk’s face at the beginning of the scene.

An interesting — dare we say fascinating — dynamic is at play here. All the while, Bones in the background, observing Jim’s reaction. And, the look on Kirk’s face as he reads: “Advanced Weaponry.” It’s a look that is almost asking — “Why?”

Very satisfying. In addition to the action, we’re going to have a movie with a great many layers, lots of emotional dynamics, and a certain cleverness that, I think, will appeal to many different audience segments: critics, casual movie-goers, sci-fi fans, action/adventure fans and, of course, Star Trek fans.

99. Tony Todd's Tears - April 30, 2013

Why are they flying around in shuttles all the time? Did the doomsday machine knock out the transporter?

It appears that this bird has been laying in the sun for far too long.

100. Keachick - April 30, 2013

We are more used to seeing a good deal of transporter use in TOS and even more so in the TNG series. The technology had obviously been improved by then, along with the safety aspect. The shuttle seems to be transporting a fair number of people in that scene so therefore it makes more sense to use a shuttle as opposed to transporters.

101. Time to come home Trelane... - April 30, 2013

Too much LDS 64.

102. JimBob - April 30, 2013

I do love trek , but I just don’t understand this obsession with the die hard fans trying to compare this “ALTERNATE REALITY” with the prime universe. This is another reality which is going in it’s own direction as abrams stated he did not want to be constrained by canon hence why this is another reality.

Just let it play out see where it goes, aI find it exciting and fresh actually playing out with current events. As with the question by the above poster they are using them for visual perspective for the non fans To show off the big E in all its glory fly by.

This is essentially your summer action popcorn flick, does Hollwierd give a damn about the fans NO they are in it for the money…. they found a way to make trek relevent and that makes money…

103. JimBob - April 30, 2013

sorry for an additional post.

Just try looking at it from this prospective…. If you were an investor in the film, would you want a trek movie from times past that did not even pass the 200mil mark and cost what movies do today, just to appease the fan base NO you would lose your money as it is only aimed at a small niche of the movie going population.

Remember most people going to see movies do not want a philosophical story that makes you think. Sorry to say most of the moviegoing crouds want action and probably have a short attention span.

Bless Mr. Roddenberry but I remember him saying in some documentary he was hoping someone would come along and take trek on.

Well here you have it and Trek is alive and well almost 50 yrs later and going to get a new fanbase to continue on with.

I sometimes think some of the fanbase not all are OCD and not willing to look at things with a fresh perspective and stuck in the past not willing to let go. Well I guess youbwill be in the past and not getting far in life, there is a whole world to explore get out of your basements or what have you and enjoy life remember trek is fiction not real or reality.

104. Basement Blogger - May 1, 2013

The Thai clip. Fantastic. Funny as I watch Spock almost seem jealous. Oh, oh, I think I just insulted Spock. Sorry. And intriguing as Carol’s last name is Wallace. Note in the clip she says she was assigned to the Enterprise by Admiral Wallace. And she’s an expert in weapons tech. Okay, what’s on board the Enterprise? This could be the deeper Star Trek that I hoped for. Bob Orci, I’m excited.

105. Curious Cadet - May 1, 2013

Poor Zoe … with her quote: “this is the kind of film 3D is made for”.

Too bad they didn’t shoot the movie in 3D then Zoe.

106. Theatre Historian - May 1, 2013

It was filmed with 3D in mind from the start of shooting.
And that makes a world of difference when doing post conversion.

And even it had turned out to be an afterthought, there are a number of great 3D conversions as of late that have been done on movies that were never intended to be in 3D, such as Top Gun and Jurassic Park.

107. illogical - May 1, 2013

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