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5 4 New US Into Darkness TV Spots + JJ Abrams Featurette + New Images+ 8-bit Poster May 8, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

UPDATED: Today has seen a flurry of new promotional releases from Paramount. There are new TV spots, a new featurette with JJ Abrams, new images, and a new 8-bit animated GIF poster. Check it all out below (beware of spoilers).


New TV Spots

Paramount have redone all their domestic TV spots to reflect the new May 16th date but they have also released a number of new spots, each of which has a tiny bit of something new in it. Some also feature quotes from some of the early reviews. Check them out.

UPDATE: Fifth TV Spot ("Safe") removed from YouTube by Paramount.

New JJ Abrams Featurette

If you have signed up for AreYou1701.com then today you got notified of a new video page with director JJ Abrams.

AreYou1701 also shared a couple of new images today…

And the German Facebook page has this new image of John Harrison getting comfy (not "Morgen" means tomorrow in German).

8-Bit Poster

Finally the official Star Trek app has shared this animated GIF 8-bit poster by Jesse Eisemann.


1. Daniel Broadway - May 8, 2013

In the “Safe” spot, the screen McCoy is looking at has huge spoiler!

2. Scott C - May 8, 2013

The visual of the Enterprise plumetting into the clouds in the spot: Safe is awesome!

3. T'Leba - May 8, 2013

Can’t wait!

4. Scott C - May 8, 2013

@1, I hadn’t noticed but you are right!

5. thasc - May 8, 2013

Wow #1, you have some crazy good eyes! Yes. Huge spoiler! Don’t pause, don’t pause!

6. Plamen - May 8, 2013

Spot with falling Enterprise rulezzz!!! :)

7. Reign1701A - May 8, 2013

Holy crap, the Enterprise dropping through the clouds!!

8. Julian - May 8, 2013

@1 Yeah it does!

9. JTK - May 8, 2013

Wait a minute…Karl Urban shows his Aussie accent in that clip!

10. Geodesic17 - May 8, 2013

@1, Is it something we didn’t already know?

11. Daniel Broadway - May 8, 2013

@ 10, It depends. Some people know, some don’t.

12. Dharma - May 8, 2013

@9 — Karl Urban is Kiwi, not Aussie. He’s from New Zealand. :)

13. Moshe - May 8, 2013

@1. Daniel Broadway:

Pretty impressive that you noticed that, but you can’t really call it a spoiler anymore. The cat’s been out of the bag for some time, and it’s all over the place, everywhere you look. Just look at the cast credits on IMDB.

14. Joe - May 8, 2013

I tell you what, I did pause it and I still didn’t see the spoiler.

15. Moshe - May 8, 2013

OMG, they took it down! (“This video is private.”)

16. Skippy2k - May 8, 2013

Wow, is that a slip up or a deliberate misdirect? Like most I assumed it was either khan or an augment but kinda surprised they let it go in a trailer if not done deliberately.

17. KennyN - May 8, 2013

Well—looks like Safe has been locked down!

18. KennyN - May 8, 2013

Anyone get screen caps?

19. Barney Fife - May 8, 2013

The secret was fun while it lasted! They did a pretty good job keeping it quiet this long.

20. Div - May 8, 2013

hahaa maybe paramount realized ‘safe’ was giving the spoiler lol

21. nx-2000 - May 8, 2013

For those of us in the know, I’m afraid the secret was (more or less) out the moment they released that “72 reasons” clip…

22. rogerachong - May 8, 2013

In the “Safe” spot it is great to see them finally highlighting the positive reviews for the film this early on!!

23. Moshe - May 8, 2013

Are they going to take down the IMDB cast credits, too?

24. Garak - May 8, 2013

Oh god, I didn´t download this spot

25. Daniel Broadway - May 8, 2013

Did they take that video down because of my comment? Oops!

26. John - May 8, 2013

it seems the last video is no longer there :(

27. AyanEva - May 8, 2013

For the now removed spoiler promo I was like, ” Don’t watch it! Don’t watch it!” and I didn’t watch it. Now that it’s taken down, I’m kind of mad at myself for not watching it because now I’ll never see it. LOL

28. T2 - May 8, 2013

That “pawn” voice from Cumberbatch is eerie…

29. JackballTV - May 8, 2013

yeah you will, next week! =)

30. Ashley - May 8, 2013

Is that a reflection of the camera behind Cumberbatch on the left?

31. porthoses bitch - May 8, 2013

I wanna play stid on my 8bit nes. Reminded me of Activisions Space Shuttle.

32. Starman - May 8, 2013

Well, crap. I didn’t see the “Safe” clip. I already knew that ‘secret’ so it wouldn’t give anything away. Anyone see it up anywhere else?

33. Barney Fife - May 8, 2013

Saw the “Safe” commercial during tonight’s American Idol. You only can catch the ‘secret’ if you pause your DVR and go frame by frame. Paramount did that on purpose, right??

34. Gary Makin - May 8, 2013

I can’t keep up with the promotion for this film.

The movie is currently 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Oddly, none of the five “rotten” reviews is particularly rotten. A couple is positive.

35. Matt Wright - May 8, 2013

I think I just missed “Safe” airing during a repeat of The Simpsons on a local station. Conveniently right then my DVR decided to act up and not let me rewind to see if it was :(
Of course we’ve pretty much all figured it out by now anyway, so letting a fleeting glance at it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

36. Aix - May 8, 2013

Ooooh. Paramount! What have you done? Hahaha! And don’t they have control over their IMDB page? Seriously. Nobody go there!

Great that Peter Travers loves it!

37. TOG - May 8, 2013

Well then…

38. ScottC - May 8, 2013

“Safe” commercial aired during Modern Family too, and it does have the same spoiler in it, so maybe Paramount will re-release it on YouTube now.

39. ScottC - May 8, 2013

So now I wonder if that scene where 2 people are walking out of a room with what look like cryogenic tubes in it, may be that someone is being put back into cryogenic freeze?

40. Dennis C - May 8, 2013

Yeah, just saw the ‘Safe’ spot and if you weren’t sure before it’s spoiled in the commercial.

41. Fascinating - May 8, 2013

8 bit poster looks like a title screen for an old atari, intellivision or colecovision video games.

42. Matt Wright - May 8, 2013

@38 — Guess we’ll see if they air the same promo with Modern Family in the west coast version here at 9:00.

I bet Paramount puts “Safe” back online with that split second excised.

43. Victor Hugo - May 8, 2013


The “Heeey!Heeeey” chant at the end of the trailed is sort of reminiscent of the “Dark Knight Rises” tribal chorus “The Fire Rises”.

It also remind me of brazilian soccer hooligans shouting in a stadium, which is appropriated for KLINGONs, heheheeh.

Maybe the subtle klingon chant from the Star Trek VI soundtrack is too gentle.

44. Tanner "The Dude" Waterbury - May 8, 2013

Man! Now I wish someone can Homebrew an unlicensed 8-bit or 16-bit Nintendo cartridge! If someone has the knowhow to program a sidescroller type game, you’d probably have a better game than the new Star Trek game.

45. Colin - May 8, 2013

“We shall now have tea and speak of absurdities” – Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, 1955

I feel this way in the last movie, and I feel it more from what I have seen and watched for this movie –

In Star Trek II, Admiral Kirk says,
“Galloping about the cosmos is a game for the young, doctor. ”

feel that this quote has been taken to an absurd extreme.

This brings up for me another quote from that classic Trek film, and it is again from the admiral,

“I told Starfleet all we had was a boatload of children but we’re the only ship in the quadrant.”

So, what is the reason for having a “boatload of children” in this new film?

46. Klondike307 - May 8, 2013

The only thing missing is the voiceover guy from the German TV spots reading the title!

47. Starman - May 9, 2013

@45 Um, cadets vs crew. That should be obvious

48. midniterider - May 9, 2013

I missed the spot before they took it down. what the …. was on the screen?

49. AJ - May 9, 2013

Don’t think we’ve seen this spot, where Cumby discusses Uhura:


It’s a UK spot called “Disruptions.’

50. T2 - May 9, 2013

Speaking of McCoy, saw this photo (spoiler free). Either they don’t know how to spell in the 23rd century, or the Trasnporter is a new technology…


51. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 9, 2013

@50. T2

‘TRASNPORTER’ – /*snort*/

We’ll see that one day in the STID ‘cinema sins’, I guess.

Still, I see the same sort of thing in the ‘real world’ with great regularity.

52. virgin vulcan basement nerd - May 9, 2013

For those who are curious, here is a screen cap of the SPOILER.


53. Chris Pike - May 9, 2013

50. T2 – May 9, 2013

some would say that’s a kind of metaphor for how the nuverse films look good on the surface but don’t stand up to close scrutiny….!

54. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 9, 2013

@53. Chris Pike

Some of the ‘oldverse’ can’t bear too much scrutiny either…

We love it (mostly), but it wasn’t perfect. If you really want to amuse yourself, or have a good cry, whichever is appropriate, I suggest you check out the IMDb site for the previous Star Trek movies and acquaint yourself with the reported goofs and plot holes.

55. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 9, 2013

…and if you go back to TV TOS itself, according to IMDb, you have this example: In the latter part of the first season, the credit, in all-uppercase, for “SCRIPT SUPERVISOR”, has the first word misspelled “SCPIPT”.

Put away the rose-coloured glasses for what went before, because “Nobody’s perfect, Saavik-kam” ;-)

56. Q and Q - May 9, 2013

How could Paramount screw up so badly with this clip??? This SCREAMS follow-up story by TrekMovie.com!!! And why would Alice Eve yesterday explicitly deny what we now all know to be true? Chris Pine was right when he expressed his relief at the movie’s release so he won’t have to LIE any more!

57. Defiant - May 9, 2013

Anyone got the “Save” clip? I would’ve downloaded it, but I was too late, Paramount already pulled the clip down and it doesn’t seem to appear elsewhere on youtube or other websites.

58. NCC-73515 - May 9, 2013

I honestly think it helps to know that particular spoiler before so you can prepare yourself if you’re a fan.

59. AJ - May 9, 2013

ANOTHER new clip:

Kirk and Scotty running through the ship…


60. jkooz83 - May 9, 2013

Something tells that even though its a MAJOR spoiler it doesn’t tell the whole story, i still have a feeling you know who isn’t who we think he is. Simply because of all the denials, why deny why not just say we cant say or i dont know or something like that the fact that the actors are flat out denying it sometimes makes me wonder. Again everything im saying could and most likely is hogwash, but with this spoiler it now gets a lotta gears goign in my mind to start thinking of some plot lines that need to be explained.

61. John - May 9, 2013

@60 This isn’t a new clip

62. jkooz83 - May 9, 2013

I want to see the safe clip come on paramount!!! i want to see it!!! ive seen the screencap so its already ruined for me just let me see it!

63. I am not Herbert - May 9, 2013

I like the 8-bit poster! =)

retro-geek! =)

64. Do You Wanna Dance - May 9, 2013

Still hoping someone has the “Safe” video. Anyone?

65. James McFadden - May 10, 2013

In the 24th Century of the Abramsverse (Star Trek Next Generation):
1. Year is 2360 and
2. Admiral Picard is Chief of Operations at Starfleet Command and commands a 4-nacelled dreadnought called the USS Victory (Victory-class).
3. Captain Riker is in command of the Enterprise-D.
4. Captain Janeway is in command of Voyager.
5. Captain Sisko is in command of the Defiant.
6. Captain Chakotay is in command of the destroyer USS Geronimo, first ship in her class that looks like a large 24th Century version of the USS Vengeance but with the latest mod-cons.
There are 12 Geronimo-class destroyers in the Galaxy. Chakotay patrols the Romulan Sector. He is eventually promoted to Commodore. The UFP, Klingons and Romulans form the Khitomer Pact in 2271. Annika Hensen grows up to become a Starfleet officer. All Starfleet ships have Phasing Cloaks. And Chakotay’s ship will have Mark-12 Phasers along with Disruptors.

66. BatlethInTheGroin - May 12, 2013

#65: Huh?

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