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Terry Farrell Helps Vegas Fans Recapture World Record for Most Star Trek Costumes August 13, 2013

by Nancy Garrett , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , trackback

Amid chants of  “USA! USA!” and with a surprise entrance by Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space 9), Star Trek Las Vegas fans Saturday night recaptured the Guinness World Record for most Star Trek costumes in one location for the USA. They did it with plenty of time and a few Trekkies left to spare.

Team Effort

The world record attempt for Star Trek costumes is like a Trekkie sporting event.  Expect a comeback attempt from the UK, where the existing record was set back in October 2012 at Destination Star Trek London with 1063 participants. “We can’t let this title get out of our hands again,” seemed to be the general consensus. But Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013, Creation Entertainment’s  Las Vegas convention will go into the books. “A win is still a win. It may not be a very pretty win, but we’ll still a win and we’ll take it. It was a great team effort.”


Convention-goers line up for the Guinness World Record attempt

This year’s group seemed slightly less enthusiastic than the powerhouse 2011 crowd to set the record with 1040 costumed fans. That year, almost every hand in the room was raised in Vulcan salute and every voice was chanting, “Star Trek! Star Trek!”  This time, fans for the most part were seated and patiently waiting. Others checked cell phones texts, Tweeted, or compared costumes. Some photographed each other, wandered through the theater greeting friends and sipped cold beverages. But all eyes stayed on the count and the clock.


Fans wait for the costume count

Competition Anxiety

While the overall mood seemed festive, there was definitely an air of tension. The crowd, once a line of several hundred fans standing along the perimeter of the main hallway and up and down and around the corner of another hallway, somehow did not look quite as massive inside the theater. During the first hour, the announcer frequently called out, “Change the number to 200. Change the number to 300. Now we’re at 400.” Every hundred fans to enter brought louder applause and cheering. As the numbers grew, so did the enthusiasm.

But after about 500, the pace seemed to slow. Maybe it was time for a group photo? “Will all the Klingons move to the back of the room for a group photo, please?” As a few housefuls of Klingon families proceeded to the rear of the room, so did about twice as many camera-clad fans. Another group photo was called for anyone dressed as Deep Space Nine characters in observance the 20th anniversary of that series.


A group of Klingons pose for photographers

Tally inches closer…

Finally the count reached 900. But the next announcement was a damper. “Change the number to 915.” Only 15 more? What was happening? Where was that long line which weaved around the Rio convention wing? Eventually, smaller groups of people came trickling into the room. Minutes, which seemed like — well, something longer than minutes —  passed. 950… 975… Was time running out? Was Star Trek Las Vegas going to reclaim its’ world record?

“If you have cell phones, now’s the time to phone your friends,” came the announcement. That statement may not have helped the room’s overall sense of confidence but it seemed to boost the total tally. More fans, larger groups starting filing into the theater. The excitement again was brewing. Then came the clincher… the confidence… that sense of success,  or as Karl Urban (Bones in ST09 and STID) said it best as he described landing his starring Trek role: That feeling  “when you know you’ve knocked the ball out of the park.”


Trekkies photograph Terry Farrell’s surprise entrance

Record broken!

Into the room came Number 1064! After that, a few more fans entered. 1067! Everyone was cheering! The London record was broken! Then, just as the fevered excitement started to lull, suddenly a group of about 15 or 20 more fans entered, followed by a tall Trekkie in a TOS red dress: Terry Farrell would be number 1085. That’s when the doors were closed. The room went electric (or maybe I should say, electronic)! Nearly every fan in the DeForest Kelley Theater jumped up with a camera or cell phone up to digitally capture her surprise appearance. “Five, four, three, two, one” came the final time countdown. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my meager three years of attending Star Trek Las Vegas: Always expect the unexpected and there’s strength in numbers, especially Trekkies with numbers. (Okay, that’s two.)


1. MA - August 13, 2013

Wish I was there…

2. Gary 8.5 - August 13, 2013

Very Cool!

3. Gary 8.5 - August 13, 2013

We need footage of this.

4. Optimistic Doodle - August 13, 2013

@2: Yep! That, and more DS9 :-)

5. Robman007 - August 13, 2013

These fans were smokin crack. STID was not the best film of the series, but it was light years above 3/4’s of the TNG films.

Crack smoking crybabies..

6. Marja - August 13, 2013

Some of the costumes are very elaborate and I congratulate the fans on their creativity and devotion to the craft of costuming.

I wish we could see pictures of the more creative and elaborate costumes! And the “uniformed” Trekkers who also wore character makeup and hairstyles [exercising creativity as opposed to simply buying and donning a uniform shirt, but congrats to those folk for upping the numbers!]

Hooray for creative Trekfans!

7. 8of12 - August 13, 2013

Robman007, I’m not sure they are the ones sounding like “crybabies”. Try the mirror. NEXT!
(It was an awesome con.)

8. tony - August 13, 2013

I was there there were more people outside that didn’t make it in or was just not interested I bet we could have easily had another 100 but a win is a win

9. Other Guy - August 13, 2013

A real missed opportunity for another Enterprise Rec-Deck scene.

Oh well, Next time.

10. Other Guy - August 13, 2013

3. Gary 8.5

We need more footage of Terry! At least one close up!

11. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - August 13, 2013

We’ll get our record back soon Americans … :-)

12. Snugglepuff - August 13, 2013

I was number 800! =D

On a side note, this site has been super slow with news lately. Whats up with that?

13. TF - August 13, 2013

It was awesome and my favourite event at the con! I came in around 700 and the excitement was electric! The costumes were amazing! The anticipation, the cheering! I loved only and am proud to have been a part of it.

14. Ciarán - August 13, 2013

I’m actually shocked to hear that the atmosphere was anything less than berserk! Because that’s how I’d be behaving if I was there! I’ve never been to a Star Trek convention in my life, and it’s not for the lack of trying. There has never been a convention here in Ireland and I did try to get to the convention last year in London for the 5-Captains get-together, but I couldn’t end up going due to money (the prices for the con were just exceptionally, extraordinarily and worst of all, unfairly expensive).

15. PEB - August 13, 2013

STID WAS NOT and IS NOT the worst Star Trek film ever. I was upset over the rehashed ending as I felt the story could be told using Khan in a way that didn’t lift scenes and dialogue from a previous Trek film. But there are incredibly beautiful moments, scenes, story bits and amazing visuals (the Enterprise jumping to warp and falling out of warp in Klingon space are just stunning) that keep this from being anywhere near the bottom of the heap. To put it there with the suggestion that this is the concensus of hardcore Trek fans is just disgraceful. I’m a hardcore Trekkie, and haven’t been to these cons (purely out of money and distance reasons) and while STID wasn’t the best Trek film by any means, it was an extremely fun and great Trek film.

16. Other Guy - August 13, 2013

Terry appears here in this YouTube of the days costume record..


17. BatlethInTheGroin - August 13, 2013

#5 and #14: What are you guys talking about? This article isn’t about STID.

18. Les Eveson - August 13, 2013

Congratulations to everyone at Las Vegas for regaining the record, from someone who was in London when it was last set. LLAP!

19. Steve Gennarelli - August 13, 2013

Star Trek.com had reported about a poll amongst the Convention goers that ranked all of the “Star Trek” movies.
In a fact I found unbelievable, these “So called” fans voted and the film that got the worst scores was 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness”.
How could this be ???
I know there has been so me anti-JJ backlash from some long time fans but I thought this new film was quite reverent to the Classic Series and it was about “something”.
I left the theatre feeling really satisfied and the movie scored an extremely high score with Moviegoers in general and received lots of positive buzz from film critics.
That’s what #5 and #14 were writing about. I still find these results impossible to believe.

20. Gorn Captain - August 13, 2013

Props to the guy who made a TOS spacesuit straight out of The Tholian Web!

And props to the fans who dressed as Ruk and Sylvia!

I think I see a Sybok in the crowd too. Not sure who the pointy white hat is though.

21. Red Dead Ryan - August 13, 2013

Worst Trek movie off all time? A tie between “The Final Frontier”, “Insurrection”, and “Nemesis”.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” might have had its problems, but it still is one of the top five (at least for me).

As for these records, I find that they are pointless. We know its going to be beaten next year anyway. What you want to do is set a record that stands for years, or even decades.

22. Gorn Captain - August 13, 2013

It’s not about the numbers, it’s just the fun of being there. :)

23. fansincesxtynine - August 13, 2013

Glad to see the maroon monsters from the TOS movie era!

24. sean - August 13, 2013


If you want much better pics, check out io9


25. Marvin the Martian - August 13, 2013

Terry Farrell is totally awesome. What a fun lady.

26. Hat Rick - August 13, 2013

Terry Farrell is amazing. I was just thinking and posting about her the other day. :-)

27. The Original Spock's Brain - August 13, 2013

The article was twice as long as it needed to be.

28. LOFC_Ed - August 13, 2013

We may be united via ‘Trek, but we are still in competition! We will get the title back off you America!

29. The Original Spock's Brain - August 13, 2013

Exclamation point!

30. CmdrR - August 13, 2013

Hearing Terry call out “#%$@ yeah!” totally made my night.

31. JakartaTrek - August 13, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!
And, STID is one of my favorite ST movies…

32. Lostrod - August 14, 2013

Ouch. Fans ranked their favorite Star Trek movies and STID was beaten by Galaxy Quest …



33. Ciaran - August 14, 2013


Galaxy Quest beats quite a few of the “official” Star Trek movies!

34. Andrew - August 14, 2013

I’m waiting for the total to get to 1701.

35. Jim Nightshade - August 14, 2013

yup…actually galaxy quest is a gentle spoof of trek done with much humor n wit great efx and almost a tribute to trek…galaxy quest creators understood trek much better than many of the trek movie creaters

36. Caesar - August 14, 2013

She can “capture” my “world record.”

37. Niall - August 14, 2013

@20, The pointy white hat is from some Voyager episode where the Doctor was tooling around with his program. (again). I think it was the one where a planet worshiped him as an opera singer. I’m afraid the name of the episode escapes me right now.

38. JohnRambo - August 14, 2013


39. Cafe 5 - August 14, 2013

How cool is that Star Trek Las Vegas Rules!…Many of the fans are right ST:ITD wasn’t that good…it suffers like a dropped pie at a bake sale…all the parts are there and it doesn’t quite look right and the taste is a little off but its just OK. Poor writing and execution do not a good film make. I hope for the fans sake that at some point someone gets it right and we can all share in a well made, well thought out cinematic event.

40. ajm1701 - August 14, 2013



A bunch of fans having a good time causing no harm to anyone. And you took the time to write something derogatory about them. That says more about you than it does about them.

41. PEB - August 14, 2013

@35 Sorry but there’s no justification for ranking Galaxy Quest among the Trek films. To do so is…illogical. And just plain stupid.

42. CmdrR - August 14, 2013

“Master and Commander: Far End of the World” also beats STID on a list of Trek movies.

43. Herb Finn - August 14, 2013

Terry leaves DS9 but bring the World’s Record over the top :)

44. Pastor Neil - August 14, 2013

@ 5: Robman007

I completely agree with you 100% , Each of the first six features all orignial cast members together, they each had a good story line.
to me, ST II, and ST VI were the very best films, and ST TMP had the best music score to this date IMO

45. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2013

“Galaxy Quest” is an okay movie. A bit overrated by some fans here, but it is way better than at least half the Trek movies, in particular “Generations”, “The Final Frontier”, “Nemesis” and “Insurrection”.

46. JohnRambo - August 14, 2013

Wrath of Khan…….the best Star Trek film……??????


where is “Roddenberry’s Vision” in Wrath of Khan????

Im SICK of these so called “fans”, they don’t even know what Star Trek is about.

They say that the new Star Trek films are missing Roddenberry’s vision but at the same time they claiming wrath of khan is the best “star trek” film.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Wrath of Khan is a sci-fi film with star trek characters nothing more.
No Vision, No Star Trek.

In my opinion it is one of the worst star trek films.

Star Trek into Darkness is LIGHT YEARS better.

47. Matthew Briggs - August 14, 2013

It looked awesome fun and next year to celebrate my 30th birthday I hope to go to a convention for the 1st time

As for this list I call it claptrap. I did feel let down by STID, but its way up at number 7 on my list

48. THX-1138 - August 14, 2013

Trek belongs on TV. My personal favorite is TUC followed by TMP:DE. The rest are the rest.

My personal wish for the next movie would be a plot getting Spock back to his universe.

49. THX-1138 - August 14, 2013

Damn phone.

That should read “personal favorite MOVIE”.

And yay costumed fans!

50. bassmaster22 - August 14, 2013

What’s shocking is that “Chronicles of Riddick” didn’t make the list to beat STID. Riddick was a much better Trek movie.

Come on, folks. If you forget that STID is supposed to be a Trek movie, it seems like a decent movie. But it was a BAD BAD BAD trek movie. BAD.

And now they’re going back to the same story wizards responsible for that? Maybe the next one can just go straight to bluray.

51. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2013


“Wrath of Khan is a sci-fi film with star trek characters nothing more.
No Vision, No Star Trek.

In my opinion it is one of the worst star trek films.”

Well, while TWOK is by no means a perfect movie (it is a bit dated, and somewhat small-scale) it is still one of my top three favorites, alongside FC and 09.


“What’s shocking is that “Chronicles of Riddick” didn’t make the list to beat STID. Riddick was a much better Trek movie.”

Good god man, I hope you’re being ironic. “Chronicles of Riddick” is a terrible, terrible movie. “Pitch Black” was good, but the sequel stank up the joint big time. If you put it on the list of Trek movies, then it belongs down with the crappy movies like “The Final Frontier”, “Insurrection”, and “Nemesis”.

Honestly, I can’t believe what I’m reading here. It must be “Dumb Comments” week on TrekMovie.Com, LOL! :-)

52. Smike - August 14, 2013

I was there once when the record was broken by Fed Con Germany in 2010. Just being part of it was great, but yeah, I guess this honor belongs to the US fans…

@51: Chronicles of Riddick was definitely not a perfect movie but it is at least one of these rare movies SHOWING OFF STRANGE NEW WORLDS!!! Pitch Black, Chronicles and the new one, while being brutal adult-only romps in parts, deliver upon the premise of Star Trek to a degree I have NEVER seen on any Star Trek movie so far… This is why I love the Riddick series, Avatar and the Journey to Worlds of Jules Verne series so much… despite their narrative flaws, these movies DO boldly go were none had gone before an that is EXACTLY what I want ANY future Star Trek movie to attempt… I’m done with crazed madmen using superships and superweapons to cry havock on Starfleet… I want them to waltz down on alien worlds and experience the ultimate SPACE ADVENTURE…nothing more, nothing less… either they deliver next time or they’re screwed once again… we don’t need a new timeline to have just another Shinzon standin blowing up another star…

53. Phil - August 14, 2013

Worst Trek movie…come on, Generations, hands down. Script by committee, horrible plot device, horrible villain, and at it’s core it really was a movie about nothing. A sci-fi Seinfeld episode, featuring Nexus, a portable Guardian of Forever. Don’t like reality, jump in the Nexus, and change it. It’s amazing how this thing managed to cruise around Federation space for years and no one figured it out.

Next, Final Frontier. After that, Insurrection, Nemesis, and SFS are all interchangeable. Watchable, but overblown TV episodes.

54. CaptainSpock - August 14, 2013

i’m glad the broke the old record ….usa,usa….

los vagas star trek fans also rated jj abrams box office hit the poorest star trek film in the intire cannon..behind the movie galaxcy quest!

read this

55. Basement Blogger - August 14, 2013

@ 48

Good to hear from you THX-1138. I agree with 100 percent. Star Trek belongs on television. To paraphrase Anthony, it’s a place where more complex stories can be told. And I also say congratulations to my fellow Trekkers for dressing up. Bravo.

My favorite of the Trek films is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Bold. Original. Funny. And an environmental message to boot. It’s what Star Trek is all about.

56. THX-1138 - August 14, 2013

Hey BB!!

Ironic that your fave flick is TVH. That’s what I want for Spock in the next JJ or not JJ Trek film:

To send Spock “home”.

As for me I am in the middle of DS9 season 4. I watch all the series in order and just go back to TOS when I finish off Enterprise.

57. Basement Blogger - August 14, 2013

@ 56


I’m also trying to catch up on the later seasons of DS9. Here in Cincinnati it was on low powered TV stations and really didn’t have good show times. The irony is that some Trekkers whine about Berman Trek and yet they point out how great DS9 was. Well, Rick Berman co-created the show and set the tone. It’s talky and that’s fine. Total opposite from Abrams Trek. But I will add that I liked Star Trek Into Darkness quite a bit. It was Star Trek.

The remarkable thing about Star Trek: Enterprise was the whole third season. The war with the Xindi was a big metaphor about the war on terror. And this was done before the Supreme Court said Star Trek 2009 had a 9/11 moment.

And the crappy song for Enterprise is beginning to grow on me…. “It’s been a long road…….” It’s from the movie “Patch Adams!”

58. I am to Smurfy - August 14, 2013

Why doesn’t this site cover the conventions that actually run by actual star trek fans, instead of Creation who’s owners merely see walking money bags when they look at people entering their CON’s

I love the fact that Chris Pine is sticking by his guns, and not doing their events, after the poor treatment they showed his father Robert.

59. I am to Smurfy - August 14, 2013

I can’t wait to read the excuses the appologist try to force as to how the poll is innacurate. with Into Darkness being the least favorite trek film.

60. Basement Blogger - August 15, 2013

@ 59

Smurfy, this is not just disagreement. You’re throwing incendiary bombs. You see there are many Trekkers who liked Star Trek Into Darkness. By saying you “can’t wait” for the “excuses” you’re using terms to bait the fans, Get them riled up. I’ve read enough of your stuff, Smurfy. You’re currently trying to pick a fight with MJ on another thread. Your tone towards those on this site is not respectful or friendly. You do this for one reason.

Throwing fire bombs and picking fights is not disagreement. It’s trolling. You’re not “The Other Guy” are you?

61. Andrew - August 15, 2013

“followed by a tall Trekkie in a TOS red dress: Terry Farrell would be number 1085.”

Anyone else thinking of that line in ‘Trials and Tribble-ations?’ “…and the women wore less.”

62. I am to Smurfy - August 15, 2013

60 Think what you will BB, but if that was the case why did I wait several days to log back on.
My comment is meant to pick or throw anything.

Last word I am ever saying to you BB is this, you can not accept the fact that people don’t agree with you, you want to talk about picking a fight you try to tell me on that other thread that no one has seen a movie, that I said for me was personally a better film.
Never mind the fact that it has screened around L.A, and had a highly succesful premiere screening at Cannes back in May.

You don’t agree with me its no sweat off my back, were our own people.
I just think people like you need to get off your high horse and quit slinging accusations around at people just because YOU dont agree with them.

And with that I have said my piece you can respond to me till your BLUE in the face, I won’t say anything else.

Sorry everyone if this derailed the thread a bit, and I am sorry Matt if you think I stepped out of line.

63. Basement Blogger - August 15, 2013

@ 62

Smurfy says,

“Last word I am ever saying to you BB is this, you can not accept the fact that people don’t agree with you,”

Wrong Smurfy. I’ve civilly debated with many people here. I’ve been here for more than three years. Made friends here. Debated with friends. And since Anthony has been gone, the trolls have surfaced.

64. NoSeth - August 15, 2013

For what it’s worth, I rank STID 5th out of 12. I would say I liked 7 movies, didn’t like 5. So if you’re in the top 7, I liked the movie. The bottom 5 were just not good movies for me.

I liked STID. It wasn’t the best, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. The poll surprises me, but they are entitled to their opinions, and they are as valid as any of ours. It’s significant though because these are die-hard fans.

65. William Bradley - August 15, 2013

Strangely enough, this report leaves out the fairly widely reported fact that the attendees of this huge Star Trek convention in Vegas voted STID “Worst Star Trek Movie of All-Time.”

Because it’s just a light gloss on Trek, AND because it insults serious fans of Star Trek with the Khan nonsense, the scream, the “magic blood,” etc.

Of course, this entire TrekMovie site existed only to promote the JJ-verse version of Star Trek.

Personally, I put STID around the bottom of the middle of the pack of Trek movies, since some of the others are pretty dire.

I’m sure Bob Orci has gotten the message.

66. Phil - August 15, 2013

@65. Unscientific poll, and as we see here, all it takes is a couple of vocal malcontents to vote repeatedly to throw things off. Obviously, these people have not seen Generations.

STID was not a bad movie, no worse then any of the other action flicks that came out this summer, but as it is basically a mash up of previously seen Trek, it’s in my middle third of Trek movies.

Bob is a sharp guy. Hopefully he figured it out.

67. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - August 15, 2013

So jealous i was not there!

68. Groucho - August 15, 2013

Amid chants of USA, USA!!


One of the things I love about Trek cons, be they in the UK, US or wherever, is the international flavour of the attending fans and the fact that Trek connects us over culture, language, creed, nationality, etc. This jingoism (and it would be the same if it were shouts of UK, UK or whatever) is disappointing. Maybe it’s being overemphasised in this report, but I hope it doesn’t become a ‘thing’.

Or maybe I just need to lighten up!! ;)

69. THX-1138 - August 15, 2013

I am going to chime in with the sentiment that I do is the cons of old.

We used to have an annual con here in my hometown during TNG’s heyday at one of the larger downtown hotels (the population of our area was around 400,000+ in the mid-90’s-about 500,000 now days). I have no idea who ran them but they were big fun, well attended, and AFFORDABLE. I could attend all weekend and see some of the stars (Marina Sirtis was there on more than one occasion) as well as enjoy a terrific dealer room. The last Vegas con I went to was with my wife when they were closing the Experience. It cost me over $2,000 to do the con stuff and the Experience and with all of the rest of Vegas to enjoy my bill approached $5,000. That was way too much and I won’t go to another one.

70. Captain Braxton - August 15, 2013

I look forward to the UK breaking this again ;)

71. Lurker - August 15, 2013


I semi-agree with you. If you look at TWOK the same way the nuTrek bashers look at STID, it definitely has it’s flaws.

I was ready to write a whole list of flaws and inconsistencies with TWOK, but it just made me realize how absurd the nuTrek bashers are.

Narrow-mindedness cannot be untaught.

72. Basement Blogger - August 15, 2013

Okay let’s debunk this Las Vegas convention film poll now. The major Trek site that’s reporting it is TrekWeb. I dont’ know if Gustavo Leao likes Abrams Trek but at least he cites his source. The source is blogger by the name of David Faraci for Bad Ass Digest. Link. If you read the artilce Faraci does not like STID, so he’s not neutral. It would help if Nancy Garrett could talk about this “poll.”

The big question is how was the poll taken? According to Faraci, it was part of a forum. And how many people were in the room according to Faraci? One hundred. That’s it folks. A majority of one hundred Trekkers hated STID. By the way, there are no numbers associated with the “poll.” It’s simply ludicrous to extrapolate this unscientific “poll” to Trek fandom when there are hundreds of thousands of Star Trek fans.

The only poll that counts for the popularity of STID among fans is the box office. Why? I think we can assume that a great majority of the people who saw STID were some type of Trekker. Yeah, not all were hardcore. And did they come out for STID? Absolutely. And by the way if the movie stunk, word of mouth would have killed the film.

So what is box office for STID. According to Wikipedia, STID is the highest grossing movie of the franchise. And we have yet to count Japan’s box office and the Blu-Ray sales.

Link. Faraci’s blog post. A majority of attendees in a forum hate STID.

73. Disinvited - August 15, 2013

#72. Basement Blogger – August 15, 2013

It’s fine to try to debunk this. But if you are going to call out polls for being unscientific then that removes Rotten Tomatoes and CinamaScores as polling sources for claiming STID is critically acclaimed as well. And as for Wikipedia’s STID gross numbers they clearly indicate their numbers are being second hand reported from Box Office Mojo:


Which clearly indicates that the worldwide number quoted is unadjusted for ticket price inflation in its rankings so it is also not clear what kind of “scientific” economic strength indication finding is being claimed by bandying that number about?

Also grosses are not the same as profits. And plenty of old Hollywood reporting newsprint warhorses with track records of reporting grosses that far predates Mojo’s existence report that STID is barely turning a profit. Perhaps not scientific, but as scientific as anything that Wikipedia’s put together with regard to Trek movie gross analysis.

74. Disinvited - August 15, 2013

#72. Basement Blogger – August 15, 2013

It’s fine to try to debunk this. But if you are going to call out polls for being unscientific then that removes Rotten Tomatoes and CinemaScores as polling sources for claiming STID is critically acclaimed as well. And as for Wikipedia’s STID gross numbers they clearly indicate their numbers are being secondhand reported from Box Office Mojo:


Which clearly indicates that the worldwide number quoted is unadjusted for ticket price inflation in its rankings so it is also not clear what kind of “scientific” economic strength indication finding is being claimed by bandying that number about?

Also grosses are not the same as profits. And plenty of old Hollywood reporting newsprint warhorses with track records of reporting grosses that far predates Mojo’s existence report that STID is barely turning a profit. Perhaps not scientific, but as scientific as anything that Wikipedia’s put together with regard to Trek movie gross comparisons.

75. Basement Blogger - August 15, 2013

@ 73


You are correct that we have not calculated the profit that Star Trek Into Darkness will make. That’s because we don’t have the costs Only the suits at Paramount do. And you can’t trust studio accountants. Remember Forest Gump? It’s your burden to prove that numbers from Box Office Mojo are bogus.

Rotten Tomatoes is a respected site for gathering movie reviews and putting a number or percentage on positive reviews versus negative reviews. It does not have to call anybody to get their opinions. Critics don’t volunteer their reviews. They are not polling. RT looks at all the major critics in the business and puts a number as to whether a movie is fresh or rotten. When it comes to saying if a movie is critically acclaimed or not, Wikipedia must go to a source that is accurate. It goes to Rotten Tomatoes as one.

I like TrekWeb. But it’s the only major Trek site that’s reporting one guy’s blog post as news. And again buried in the post is fact that this was an audience at a forum. We have no numbers. One hundred people who choose to participate in a poll is not scientific. .

The bottom line. Star Trek Into Darkness is a critical and financial success.

76. Disinvited - August 16, 2013

#74. Basement Blogger – August 15, 2013

I’m not saying Mojo numbers are being invented by them only that it’s doubtful that they indicate anything in a scientific sense – especially given that the those self-same studios with their creative accounting ways that you cite are MoJo’s major source for its gross numbers. The studios choosing to release the information in that manner over actual number of tickets sold because they prefer numbers that appear impressive over any with actual substance that may convey something meaningful but not quite as heartening. For example, the studios believe they benefit from creating the illusion that more people are going to the movies than ever before by inflating ticket prices in ever creative ways such that grosses inflate and can be misrepresented as more people are actually attending when the attendance numbers actually are going in the opposite direction and are mirrored in physical home media movie units as well.


But my point is this is what MOJO, itself, says about comparing grosses from different decades and what they regard as meaningful even given its lack of rigor:

Adjusting for ticket price inflation is not an exact science and should be used to give you a general idea of what a movie might have made if released in a different year, assuming it sold the same number of tickets.

Since these figures are based on average ticket prices they cannot take into effect other factors that may affect a movie’s overall popularity and success. Such factors include but are not limited to: increases or decreases in the population, the total number of movies in the marketplace at a given time, economic conditions that may help or hurt the entertainment industry as a whole (e.g., war), the relative price of a movie ticket to other commodities in a given year, competition with other related medium such as the invention and advancements of Television, VHS, DVD, the Internet, etc…

Still, this method best compares “apples to apples” when examining the history of box office earnings. ”

My point is trekmovie has a long history of itself, industry and fans quoting what they find convenient in numbers that Mojo publishes but ignoring what MOJO itself says is the best way to compare movies from different time frames.

And again, there is nothing “scientific” about what RT does. In the past, they freely admitted that their methods are not submitted to peer review nor possessed of any particular mathematical rigor in any sense of the scientific method.

77. JakartaTrek - August 16, 2013

About the Vegas poll, it must be stupid including “Galaxy Quest” on the list. It made the poll invalid–not to mention: only one hundred fans at a convention participated. The participants were so ignorant or stupid or maybe they hate STID/JJ so much that picked “Galaxy Quest” as Star Trek film. LoL.

STID is not the best ST film, but not the worst either….

Box Office Mojo reports that STID tops the WW BO (even if it is adjusted for inflation–in my calculation).

78. Basement Blogger - August 16, 2013

@ 75

Okay, Disinvited, you tell me how to determine whether a film is a critical success. Let’s see. How about we collect reviews of the major critics. Divide the positive from the negative ones. Oh and form a percentage using math. That’s what Rotten Tomatoes does. I’m not saying it’s a science. It is math. But it’s probably the best way to determine if a movie is a critical success. If you got a better method you should start your own website and do what Rotten Tomatoes does. The guy that started it made a lot of money when he sold it. Until we get your better method, the best way to determine if a film is a critical success is to research Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic.

But here’s what we do know. A poll taken in a forum at a convention in which about one hundred who choose to participate is not scientific. There are no numbers in the Vegas convention poll. It’s not a reflection of the hundreds of thousand mabye millions of Star Trek fans. We’re not talking about Public Policy Polling.

79. Disinvited - August 16, 2013

#74. Basement Blogger – August 15, 2013

Here’s what Stephen Wang creator of ROTTEN TOMATOES said:


“There’s the mistaken impression that the Tomatometer is a quality rating telling you how good a movie is. Actually, I like to think of it as a confidence meter — the percentage likelihood that you’ll enjoy a movie. For instance 100 percent Fresh for Toy Story 2 doesn’t make it the best movie of all-time, rather that you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy the movie (and I think everyone can agree to that!). In fact, the Tomatometer is just a very useful GIMMICK that hopefully draws people into the site where so much more about movies can be discovered and dissected.”

80. Disinvited - August 16, 2013

#78. Disinvited – August 16, 2013

Correction, dropped a letter/article:

“Here’s what Stephen Wang A creator of ROTTEN TOMATOES said

81. Basement Blogger - August 16, 2013

@ 80


I don’t disagree with his statement. It’s subjective as whether a person will enjoy a movie. The point is and I don’t think you’re getting it is this. If we were writing an article on any movie, ‘How do we determine if the movie is a critical success? Or put it this way, “Did the a substantial number of critics positively review a movie?”

So how do we determine what the critics say is a good or bad movie. We take as many of the reviews as possible. Separate the good and the bad. Do the math. Reach a percentage. And guess who does that? Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. If you have a better math system let me know. Frankly we can start our better way of analyzing whether a movie is positively reviewed by a substantial number of critics. We can sell the site for chunk of change.

82. Basement Blogger - August 16, 2013

Correction to 80. That post should be addressed to number 79.

83. Buzz Cagney - August 16, 2013

#71 thats a crock. We are narrow minded because we felt Dorkness a failure? I think you’ll find it quite the opposite.
We aren’t mindless lemmings running around in costumes being content with whatever crap is shoveled up in front of us.

84. Disinvited - August 16, 2013

#81. Basement Blogger – August 16, 2013

Well, we could make a great start simply by allowing our tallying and calculating methods to be constructed in the scientific method which includes peer review to ensure the numbers are being tallied in a valid manner and represent something meaningful. None of those you cite do.

85. I am not Herbert - August 16, 2013


…and yes, discerning fans say: STID sucks! =P

86. Tiger - August 17, 2013

Holy Crap Terry Ferrel still looks as hot as EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love the fact she still has her pouty mouth lol.

As for STID being the ‘worst’ Trek film by a select few, yeah I disagree as well (its in the middle of the pack for me…not great but not horrible either). But yes hopefully Orci and others are getting the message, no more mash up of former stories and 30 year old characters that are not even like the original anyway. Something completely new and different with a story about strange new worlds or the very least NOT Earth again.

But generally a fun and enjoyable film. Still not sure how TFF is a better film to some of these people.

87. Basement Blogger - August 17, 2013

@ 84


Stop it with the peer review. There’s science and there’s math. Accounting is math. We are not trying to see if the Mars meteorite contains Martian microbes. Determining whether the majority of critics liked Star Trek Into Darkness is math.

Let’ me break it down for you. Majority means more than fifty per cent. ? 51 % So out of one hundred critics reviewed Star Trek Into Darkness, if fifty one liked it, that’s a majority.

Okay, Rotten Tomatoes does not like a simple majority when dealing with critical consensus. I agree. Fifty one percent is basically even. You see fifty per cent is even. Fifty one per cent is not good enough to say that a movie is liked by a good number of critics So they take sixty per cent as critical consensus for positive or they use their “gimmick” the term “fresh.” It’s what is called a super majority.

Now somebody has to read the reviews to determine whether they are positive or not. Rotten Tomatoes does this. And they use a very basic positive versus negative review. Why? Because some reviewers use different grading methods. I use a grade system. F-A. Some use numbers like one through ten. My system is like grade school; whereas some use numbers. Other critics don’t use any grading system.

Here’s where it’s math and not science. The number of major critics is finite. We know who they are. Time Magazine, New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Slash Film…. etc. So all we and Rotten Tomatoes have to do is count them. See it’s math.

Polling is more of a science. And it’s not an exact science. That’s because a pollster doesn’t have the finite numbers., i.e. he doesn’t know how exactly how many Republicans will support Rand Paul for example. If he did, he could merely count them. Pollsters take a slice of a number in the discipline of polling and extrapolates it. But since we know who the major critics are, all we have to do is count them. Got it? It’s called math.

Here’s what we do know. David Faraci is the source for the Las Vegas poll story. He hates STID. He attended a forum at the convention. According to him, the forum had one hundred attendees. Out of the one hundred, a majority hated STID so much they ranked it last. See my link to his story at 72 above.

The facts of STID are this. STID is the highest grossing Star Trek movie of the franchise. Link. If it was hated by so many, there’s no way it would have sold that many tickets. I think we can safely assume that a good number of Trekkers went to see it. Rotten Tomatoes grades it out as 87 per cent or their “gimmick” term as “fresh.” Metacritic grades it out as seventy two percent .

And by the way, you have not come with a better way of counting critics and figuring out if the movie has reached critical praise level. That’s because it’s math which is what Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic does.


88. Bob - August 17, 2013

Was it mentioned here that ST Into Darkness was voted worst movie in the franchise?

89. Basement Blogger - August 17, 2013

Correction. Disninvited says Star Trek.com reported the story about the poll. The put reported the “poll’ story at the end of convention news. It was not a headline like Trekweb. I stand corrected.

90. Jerry Modene - August 17, 2013

FWIW, I liked Generations. It was the only one of the TNG movies that actually felt like TNG. First Contact was very good, but it started TNG down the path of becoming action flicks with TNG characters and turning Picard into Rambo.

91. Disinvited - August 18, 2013

#87. Basement Blogger – August 17, 2013

Indeed math is math. But the data gathering and collecting part IS science as in determining what is noise and what is valid to be counted and applicable. You can have the most perfect arithmetic in the world but if the data isn’t being collected and filtered under a strict scientific protocol, then it’s nothing but noise signifying nothing, i.e. garbage. Under computer science and math you can prove an algorithm/computer program functions perfectly but you feed it garbage, garbage is what you get out, i.e. NOT science which for the moment is how we determine what is useful. Not wishful notions that an organization that regards its own metering as a gimmick is following a strict scientific protocol in collecting its data.

92. Gary Seven - August 18, 2013

Re: the World Record – the moment was electric and Terry Ferrell’s appearance was a great capstone! Suspect we will be leap-frogging the record for some time to come – so plan to enjoy the next ride!
Re: The poll – which seems to be the primary topic of conversation – it wasn’t a poll. I applaud Jordan Hoffman and the StarTrek.com group for engaging those who were able to make their OneTrekMind sessions in spirited discussions, but the attendees could not hope to represent the fan universe and there were no ballots; no counts. Jordan and crew offered up Galaxy Quest and while it was supported by the Okuda’s it did not originate from the group. The “scoring” was based on a Gong-show type assessment of the audio response to Jordan’s placements. Accuracy was subject to where you were seated in the room. Seated in the room, there was clearly a group that hated STID. A clear majority – I’m not so sure. So, great fun – yes! Meaningful at a level that merits the preceding discussion – no.

93. MC1 Doug - August 20, 2013

Why is “Galaxy Quest” even named as a “Star Trek” film????

Yes, I know what the film represents, but it is NOT “Star Trek.”

94. ME!! - August 22, 2013

I’m surprised this site didn’t do an “article” on the “poll” for best to worst Trek films…unless perhaps they realize how bogus it was.

95. Clinton - September 2, 2013

Still cool. We tried to break the record at DragonCon this weekend, but fell short by about 170. Speculation was that if the attempt had been made on Saturday rather than Sunday, we would have easily had the numbers. But, of course, no one knows for sure. I just think it might have been hard for the Con to devote that much function space on a very busy Con day. (I’m not one of the organizers, so I’m just speculating).

I was there at the previous DragonCon attempt, too, and had mixed feelings when this try was over. It would have been fun to break the record, but I was also thinking that this whole thing has the potential to get out of control. I’m not taking anything away from any of the attempts, or the current champ, I just don’t want this to get too serious. It’s just supposed to be fun.

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