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Star Trek Into Darkness – Blu-ray review September 6, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Review,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

After much pre-release hoopla, we have our review copy of the Blu-ray of J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness.

In the wake of a shocking act of terror from within their own organization, the crew of The Enterprise is called back home to Earth. In defiance of regulations and with a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads his crew on a manhunt to capture an unstoppable force of destruction and bring those responsible to justice.

As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

Read on for our review of the Blu-ray release.

The Movie

Star Trek Into Darkness is quite the rollercoaster. I agree with the favorite adjective used by anyone in the cast and crew when interviewed about STID during press junkets, it is “relentless.” They aren’t kidding. Into Darkness takes off at a breakneck pace, and with only a few pauses here and there it mostly keeps that pace.

The plot itself is a bit muddled at times, but makes for a great summer blockbuster. Into Darkness seems to be perhaps the most controversial Trek movie yet. I won’t go into a full review of the movie itself, since by now most TrekMovie readers know the plot and already know how they feel about the movie.

The opening scene of running through an alien red forest is great and could sort of be something out of a TOS episode like “The Apple”.


Bruce Greenwood returns as Admiral Pike and has some of the best scenes in the first third of the movie.


After an attack on Starfleet HQ things kick back up into high gear.

The new choice for the externals of the warp reactor is fantastic, I love that they used the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore Labs.


Zoe Saldana as Uhura gets a great moment as she stares down a Klingon warrior while appealing to his sense of honor.


Peter Weller as Admiral Marcus gets to chew scenery and it’s generally a lot of fun and he’s pretty intimidating at times. For example: talking down to Kirk by calling him “son” while staring him down across the viewscreen in his hulking war machine of a ship.


Then we come to Benedict Cumberbatch, in the controversial role of John Harrison (or Khan if you prefer), whatever he’s saying sounds great, his voice and accent really draw you in. Yep, the old Hollywood gimmick of bad-guy-has-British-accent still works.  You really get the sense that he’s sizing a person up with every word he or she says to him, looking for weaknesses both physical and psychological for him to exploit.


Before you know it, who is considered good and bad seem to be flip-flopped, and then we’re off dogfighting around the Sol System, eventually to Earth, to try and save the day once more, but with two megalomaniacs, who have different agendas, to deal with this time.

In the end Kirk and crew are (of course) chosen for the first long-term deep space mission, a 5-year mission, a positive note to end on. One I sincerely hope the writers actually use as a spring board for real unknown exploration (and danger, this is a summer movie after all) in the next movie.



Audio and Video Quality

The audio matches the pacing of the story, it’s bombastic through and through. The 7.1 Dolby TrueHD lossless track sounds great and Michael Giacchino’s score never sounded better.

As one would expect for a brand new film, the video looks fantastic. One thing that I personally like about J.J. Abrams is that he prefers to use real film cameras, he likes the style and feel of film. To that end, the movie isn’t always squeaky clean and digitally sharp to the last drop, it has a sharp yet film-like look for most of the scenes.


Now there is one somewhat perplexing decision that Paramount and Bad Robot have made, they made the same decision with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol as well, the IMAX scenes are not expanded to full screen 16:9, they kept the aspect ratio constant at 2.35:1. However there is one exception to this, the iTunes version offers the expanded aspect ratio for the IMAX scenes (ala WB’s The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises). So much for Blu-ray being the ultimate format for videophilles….  For more on the iTunes download see the Bonus Material section below.


Bonus Material

NOTE: This review is of the general retail Blu-ray edition, not one of the exclusive versions with bonus material (i.e. Target or Best Buy editions).

As previously reported (article 1 / article 2), both the Target and Best Buy copies come with ~30 minutes of different exclusive material. Target’s comes on an actual extra disc while Best Buy’s is only available as digital content from the Best Buy owned CinemaNow service. If I were buying a copy this Tuesday, I’d say get one of the Target versions, since it comes with a real disc of extras, that you can access any time, and will never be taken down.

Also note that the DVD (both in retail box form and included as an extra disc with Blu-ray copies) is the movie only. If you want any bonus features you need to get a Blu-ray edition.

What you actually get without any retailer exclusives is a bit disappointing, to say the least.  There are seven approximately 5 minute (some as short as 2 minutes, one is 8 minutes long) behind the scenes featurettes. In the industry they call this EPK (Electronic Press Kit) material. EPK material are little video bites that are usually meant to go with a news story about the movie, etc. And that’s what most of these feel like.

Some of these are a pretty good look at how practical sets and effects came together with CGI enhancements, it is nice to see that things aren’t all just actors in front of a green screen (*cough* Star Wars prequels *cough*). However, unlike a good commentary, these are all “watch it once, forget about it” kind of bonus content. Most of the supplements are pretty self-explanatory based on their titles.

“Creating the Red Planet” – Huge practical sets were made over a 6-month period, one outdoors with red foliage and one indoors for the volcano scenes, the amount of real set (versus CGI extensions) in each scene is admirable.

“Attack on Starfleet” – Another breakdown of a big action scene, we see that the production crew used a motion controlled rig with lights mounted on it that simulated the spotlights from the attacking jump ship, so there was real interactive light moving on over the set and actors faces.

“The Klingon Homeworld” – Designing the new Klingon makeup and wardrobe, the production team used a huge 40,000 sq. ft. stage to build the Qo’noS set, and some comments on how well Zoe Saldana took to her Klingon language tutoring, they even brought in Klingon language creator Marc Okrand.

“The Enemy of my Enemy” – This is basically rambling from J.J. and the writers semi-justifying why they went with Khan, in the end it’s seems to comes down to “because we wanted to.”

“Ship to Ship” – A look at the scene of the spacesuit run between the Enterprise and Vengeance that Khan and Kirk make over to a very anxiously waiting Scotty (as one would expect the spacesuit part is green screens and wires). We also get to see the giant warehouse that poor winded Simon Pegg has to run up and down multiple times, it’s an impressively simple use of a real-world location. They took an existing warehouse, gave it appropriate mood lighting and painted the floor black, everything else was pretty much left the way it was.


“Brawl by the Bay” – A look at the floating barge where Spock and Khan pummel each other relentlessly (there’s that word again!) at the film’s climax.

Continuing the Mission” – This is a little 2 minute bit on what we reported back in May, J.J. Abrams used four real world US military veterans as the “Starfleet Ceremonial Guard” in the UFP flag ceremony at the end of the movie.


The Mission Continues” – This is basically a PSA for the veterans group that J.J. Abrams supports.


Digital Copy

So for all the dearth of bonus content, there is one minor consolation, which is that all the Blu-ray versions come with a digital copy code. This code can be used to activate either an UltraViolet copy (if you’re already invested in that digital ecosystem) or it can be used to get an iTunes download. I highly recommend you choose the iTunes download. The iTunes code will allow you to get the movie with the bonus commentary version. This is currently the only way we’re going to get a commentary, so you might as well take it.

The iTunes version is called “Enhanced Commentary”, this is because it is in effect an entirely separate copy of the movie with both visual and auditory commentary in the file. It is like getting an internal presentation on the movie from Bad Robot’s production staff. The commenters are actually able to draw on the movie like a sportscaster. There are also times when there is a little picture-in-picture window showing a behind-the-scenes image of the unfinished scene to compare it to the finished version. TrekCore has full details about the iTunes commentary.

Another feature of the iTunes version is that it is the only way to get the IMAX scenes opened up to full screen 16:9. All North American disc releases keep the aspect ratio fixed at 2.35:1. So the bummer here is that iTunes copies are, out of necessity to make it easily downloadable, lower video bitrate than what the Blu-ray versions offer, and it doesn’t have lossless audio. Of course you’ll also need to hookup your laptop to your HDTV or get an Apple TV box to view the iTunes download on a big screen.

Deleted Scenes? Anybody?

Since we’re provided a way to get a commentary that just leaves the biggest let down of Into Darkness on home video, there is no version, retailer exclusive or otherwise, that has deleted scenes. We know at least one existed, J.J. Abrams himself showed it to the public on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show, the infamous Benedict Cumberbatch “Shower of Evil” scene.


More STID Images








1. Kevin - September 6, 2013

I wondered when this would go up, good job!

TrekCore did a big review of the Best Buy and Target features, too:

2. Captain2K - September 6, 2013

Nice review. So, want phase? order from Amazon. Want extra bonus disc? Order second copy from Target.

No deleted scenes? oh that’s just not right.. maybe it’s on a future exclusive?

3. luthersloan - September 6, 2013

No deleted scenes? No audio commentary? OK. Definitely, I’m not going to buy

4. TrekMadMeWonder - September 6, 2013

Now we gotta really start being nice to bob o here at TM ,so that MAYBE we can see those deleted scenes online someday.

So, what’s next for STiD?

The Academy Awards!

5. Nick - September 6, 2013

No matter which disc or downloadable version you choose to buy, how can a person not feel as if they were somehow shorted?
I can only imagine how McDonalds would market a Combo Meal with this marketing gimmick? You want a Big Mac, order of fries with ketchup and a large Coke? Well, this is how you do it.
1) Buy Combo 1 to get the Big Mac and the ketchup packets,
2) Buy Combo 2 to get a Chicken Sandwich and Fries
3) Buy Combo 3 for the Fish Sandwich and Large Coke.
There you have it! A Big Mac, Fries, and Coke. And it only set me back $15. WHAT. A. DEAL. !!!

6. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 6, 2013

I am pretty sure the cover says Star Trek into Dark-Ness.

Not Star Trek in Dark-Ness EXTRAS.

Can’t see how you are being shorted. If you don’t like the contents, don’t buy.

7. TOM DUMAS - September 6, 2013


8. TribbleNation - September 6, 2013

I’ve read this write up about the different places to get bonus material and I can’t help but feel that this is JJ and company’s way of flipping off all the star trek fans here in America that have given them so much hell over the past 7 of 8 years.

We’ve demanded that they respect canon and respect the fans and made this one of the hardest reboots possible. I just feel like this is their way of paying us back. We love our Trek and are one of the most vocal fan bases int the world.

I think they f*cked up when they decided (in their Arrogance) to redo Khan. They couldn’t leave well enough alone. Don’t know if they started to believe their own press or just thought they could make it better. Either way they should have done something different.

A whole universe of possibilities and they chose the convenient path. What a waste.

The sad thing is I (for myself) never really liked TWOK. It was okay. And I personally liked this one alot, but you have to respect the fans. They are the one’s shelling out money to support the franchise. They are the ones that have made Star Trek what it is today. Big business and directors forget this.

Like I said. Everyone would have been much happier with something original. It was kind of what we were all hoping for and expecting. Maybe even dreaming would happen.

May next time?!?

9. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013

I was going to boycott this because of the lame “extras cash grab” by Bad Robot and Paramount, but the Joe Dickerson editorial and the nuTrek haters, including the antics of Amhed-Orci situation, have me so pissed off at the nuTrek haters, that I have now changed my mind and have decided to move forward and get the Blu-Ray next week after all.

And to further spit in the face the nuTrek haters/whiners, I am going to buy the iTunes commentary edition now as well.

This is my “FU back at you” to the nuTrek haters on behalf of my good friend, Roberto Orci, who been so unfairly treated by a small BUT VERY LOUD minority of fans on this site. Shame on all of you — you know who you are!


10. Vultan - September 6, 2013

Not a great fan of the movie, but that’s one beautiful shot of Jupiter. I forget, which moon is that supposed to be?

11. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 6, 2013

8. MJ

People change, MJ.

Don’t get yourself all caught up in that.

12. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013



13. Keachick - September 6, 2013

I assume there is a DVD version. I hope so.

14. Keachick - September 6, 2013

‘“The Enemy of my Enemy” – This is basically rambling from J.J. and the writers semi-justifying why they went with Khan, in the end it’s seems to comes down to “because we wanted to.”’

I guess they feel they need to justify what they have done because of all the shit leveled against them over this interesting decision. One of the wonderful things that must give movie makers such a thrill is actually being given the opportunity to write their own story and be able to bring it to “life” via the audio-visual medium. It is far better this way than to do something “because we didn’t want to”.

15. Ahmed - September 6, 2013

@ 12. Keachick – September 6, 2013

“I assume there is a DVD version. I hope so.”

Yep, here is the link to Amazon where you can get the DVD version.

16. Commodore Adams - September 6, 2013

Great review!

Regardless of the squabbles over the movie, it was awesome, fun and beautiful, visually extremely pleasing! I may have my small quips about the movie but as a long time Trek fan, this is Star Trek, and its awesome. I had to see it three times in theatres to get my fill.

Regardless of the lack and spit up of the bonus material (which sucks), its the movie that I am eager to see again. Since I love my blu-ray steelbook’s I will be at Best Buy on lunch day.

17. Curious Cadet - September 6, 2013

Looks like this will be one of the biggest home video sales of the year, if not the biggest.

Guess Abrams and Paramount will not learn their lesson after all. Another win for the producers and studios. And look for all home video packages to be released this way in the future.

But look at it this way, if the dog eats one, or you loan it to a friend and forget, you’ll have several backup copies of the movie to replace them. Or give them as gifts, assuming you know anyone who isn’t rushing right out to buy theirs on Tuesday.

The idea of a boycott was always a joke to begin with.

18. Li'l Shat - September 6, 2013

Well I for one am boycotting the Blu-Ray.

Although I really want it, and I want that iTunes commentary edition as well.

But, but, I just said I was going to boycott all this.

Well, I’m sure I can come up with some transparent, self-righteous excuse to justify both purchases.

19. Colin - September 6, 2013


As I don’t have the fawning opinion of this film that you do, I suppose that makes me a “hater”. Fine. I am a hater. As a hater, your proposal matters little to me. It doesn’t change my opinion of the film. And, as for your friend Robert Orci, he is your friend and not mine. I am not expected nor obligated to support him. I am thankful that he apologized for his comments. And that is all I will say on that.

20. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013

@18 “Well, I’m sure I can come up with some transparent, self-righteous excuse to justify both purchases.”

Yes, because you do have “Shatner” in your name, after all.


I don’t have a fawning opinion of STID either. It was a good Star Trek film that came out after a phenomenal Star Trek film which people got spoiled on — just like STIII after WOK in the 80’s — I was there, and a lot of fans had the same arguments, sans the Internet of course.

21. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013


“This is a good but not great Star Trek movie, a sort of compromise between the first two….The second movie, the best one so far, remembered what made the Star Trek TV series so special: not its special effects, not its space opera gimmicks, but its use of science fiction as a platform for programs about human nature and the limitations of intelligence. “Star Trek III”….has some of the philosophizing and some of the space opera, and there is an extended special-effects scene on the exploding planet Genesis that’s the latest word in fistfights on the crumbling edges of fiery volcanoes.”


Just like I said. ST 2009 was just so damn good, that a good STID movie just can never be good enough for some fans — who instead, because it isn’t quite as good at Trek 2009, choose to falsely claim that this good Star Trek movie completely sucks….which is dishonest, disingenuous and as disservices to all involved…not to mention a “dis” to Bob Orci.

(and then of course we have the small contingent here who didn’t even like Trek 2009…that contingent has been gleefully piling on here lately…it’s been like Christmas in summer for all of them)

22. Captain, USS Northstar - September 6, 2013

I have a birthday coming up at the end of October, so I will ask my wife to pick up the Target Blu-Ray and then get the iTunes download.

That way my daughter and I can enjoy the movie everywhere and anywhere just as we enjoyed it together when we went to see it in the theatre — 3 times!

It’s my 50th this year — so why not celebrate with my favorite collection of Sci-Fi characters aboard the beloved Starship Enterprise!

23. Brett L. - September 6, 2013

Companies get away with downsizing and frustrating customers because they can. Typically, fans complain, end up settling, and the bar is lowered for the next time around.

Before you know it, we’ll be paying a premium for 1/4 of a movie at 4 different retailers and you’ll have to buy all 4 parts and reassemble them in order to watch the whole movie. One of the 4 parts will be the “chase” part, so it’ll be marketed as some fun treasure hunt thing. In the end, you’ll realize you’ve spent $80.00 for one movie because you had to spend $19.99 per part!

Less for more is their business. Complaining does nothing. Not buying might.

24. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013


Actually, VHS’s of Trek movies in the 1980’s were about $80, which would be equivalent to about $200 in today’s dollars. So a $25 dollar blu-ray is 1/8 of the cost of trek movie on the media of 30 years ago.

25. Ahmed - September 6, 2013

@ 24. MJ (The Original). – September 6, 2013

Actually, VHS’s of Trek movies in the 1980′s were about $80″

wow $80 , are you serious ?

26. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013

@25. Yep. That was standard, until the late 80’s when the prices came down to about $40 for an initial release. See:

27. Markus McLaughlin - September 6, 2013

I am thinking about skipping STID as far as owning a blu ray copy; I really want to see Trek XIII and I hope it will REALLY be more about the characters and less ON the action!!! BTW, I don’t own Trek V on blu ray either, so it’s all good…

BTW, Star Trek BELONGS on TV once again, be it syndication, a network, OR netflix!!! A NEW Series Boldly Going Where None Have Ever Gone Before!!!

28. Keachick - September 6, 2013

I think the term “friend” is used a little too liberally sometimes.

I don’t know if Bob Orci could be my friend or not (one always hopes that another person could be though) and I don’t think anyone else can say that either, unless they have had the opportunity to have met with him on more than one occasion and believed they have both developed a genuine understanding and rapport.

I don’t see Bob Orci as an enemy either. I see him as a usually polite acquaintance who appears to enjoy commenting on some of what people write here, sometimes agreeing with what is written and other times not. Really just doing what everyone else does who posts their comments here.

I think that many of his comments make a bigger impression because he is also so tied up in helping to bring us another iteration of our favourite television/movie series. I think that many of us hope that our opinions and suggestions may make a positive impression on him and guide him to write the next movie using some of the ideas presented to him. However, he is not obliged to…after all, he has many other things to consider as well.

29. Derf - September 6, 2013

I’m a bit confused at what you are saying in our 16:9 and 2.35:1 quandary? If it was shot in 2.35:1, don’t you want that? Black boxes and all? I know I do, even back on our old 4:3 TVs, I ‘love’ my black lines. I had to get a ‘really’ big 4:3 TV to enjoy my 2.35:1 movies, but I hated all the cropping and fake fading that were added to make them fit.

Granted, 16:9 is a lot closer, but I’d still rather not have my images clipped just to get rid of pretty small borders (these days on the 16:9s).

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are saying? :\

30. Keachick - September 6, 2013

Thanks for the information about the DVD version.

I hope it might contain some extra features and not just the movie. Having the opportunity to watch it on a small analogue TV while it plays on my $29 TEAC DVD player while I am snuggled up in bed on a cold winter/spring night is just fine by me. It is what I can afford.

Although I think being able to watch all the extra features as well is great, it is the actual MOVIE that really matters.

31. Jonboc - September 6, 2013

…yep, the 80’s were conflicting times….it was awesome that my favorite movies and select episodes of my favorite TV series, Star Trek, were one of the first shows to get the video-tape treatment, in both VHS and Beta. But the excitement was short lived as the tapes were the $80 range. Pretty pricey for a kid flipping burgers @ $2.50 an hour. Not to mention the top loading VCRs that you could drop $400 to $600 bucks on, easy…wired remote and all. lol

That fact that my bluray disc and Phaser replica is around the same price of those simple video cassettes is a reminder of just how far tech has come. And the fact that I can afford it is a testament to how far I’ve come! lol.

Cant wait to see it again!

32. sean - September 6, 2013

Yeah, VHS tapes used to be insanely expensive back in the day. I actually remember some movies being as high as $100. They would eventually go down to around $30, but only after they’d been out for quite a while (usually 12 months, sometimes sooner than that). That lasted until at least the early 90s, because I remember The Hunt For Red October being super expensive (the tape itself was red and supposedly this was worth extra money). Part of it was to give video rental places a sort of exclusivity period, the idea being if the video was that expensive people would rent it first and then buy it later when the price dropped. And hey, if they were willing to shell out the $79 or $99 to own it, all the better.

33. MJ (The Original). - September 6, 2013


Well, I would like to think that Bob is my friend at least in terms of here at Trekmovie. If that sounds dumb and unrealistic, so be it.

And even though you and I get into it now and then, I’d like to think that you and I are kind of friends as well. I know that if something tragic happened to your or others here (even people I disagree with a lot) that I have been conversing with for years, I would be happy to donate time or money to help your or someone in need.

34. Ahmed - September 6, 2013

@MJ, Jonboc & sean,

Thanks guys, I grew up in the 90s, so most of that stuff is news to me, the 80s sure sound like fun times :)

and Jonboc, “wired remote”, really ?

35. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 6, 2013

15. Ahmed

$15 bucks gets it to my door? Pretty good.

36. Adam C - September 6, 2013

Blingons lol

37. Keachick - September 6, 2013

MJ – I don’t think it sounds dumb, just a little unrealistic perhaps.

Anyway, you are right. If I read that anything bad had happened to you and/or yours or to anybody else here, irrespective of who they were, I would be very upset. I have no desire nor right to wish harm come to anyone.

38. Brett L. - September 6, 2013

True, but I think you’re missing the point here, folks. Yes, I suppose I’m “glad” I don’t pay $80 for a DVD, but that’s not the result of some random or benevolent process. Studios predicted cheaper VHS (and ultimately DVD) prices would be a good business move. And they were right. Rarely are outcomes for business and consumer a clear win-win like this. The point is will they be right when it comes to their strategy for movies like STID–a business move (like most) that screws over fans. Remains to be seen.

Besides, the random “$80″ example was obviously satire. Even I’m not cynical enough to think we’re going there quite yet.

39. Lurker - September 6, 2013

Derf – the IMAX sequences are closer to the 16:9 ratio, so since the blu ray is presented in 2.40:1, we see cropped versions of those scenes.

There’s a forum on with examples. You can definitely see what is missing, which is why some of us would like to have the IMAX version on disc. Besides, that’s how the movie was intended to be seen.

40. John from Cincinnati - September 6, 2013

ST 2009 was far inferior to STID. I mean, a set up movie, as described by JJ and Orci themselves had a thin cardboard villain in Nero. STID was much better.

However, Star Trek Enterprise was a much more fulfilling Trek experience than either of these movies.

41. Blue Thunder - September 6, 2013

I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing my copy of the film. I’ll be one of the first at the local Entertainment store to obtain my copy of it.

It will be better than anything that Farragut Films and Dragoncen has ever released, since that Washington DC based company and its unethical business partner’s slow and unsteady decline since the events of December 2011.

42. Mr. Anonymous - September 6, 2013

So…what if in Star Trek 3, Harrison’s actually revealed to NOT be Khan.

*mind blown* =P

43. Curious Cadet - September 6, 2013

@25. Ahmed,
“Actually, VHS’s of Trek movies in the 1980′s were about $80″ wow $80 , are you serious ?”

That’s incorrect.

Perhaps TMP was $80, but TWOK set a precedent as being one of the first movies to initially retail for the remarkably low price of $39.95. By 1986, older movies were selling for as little as $19.95.

44. Gorn Captain - September 6, 2013

#24 TWOK was one of the first titles to be priced to sell instead of rental when it was released on home video in 1983. Around forty bucks or less depending on who you bought it from. It jump started the trend of people buying a movie to keep instead of just renting it.

45. Gorn Captain - September 6, 2013

#42 beat me to it. ;)

46. czn - September 6, 2013

Will not buy , will wait 5 full years too buy it, period!

47. Elias Javalis - September 6, 2013

If sales are strong they might leave the Budget for Star Trek 3 intact!

Star Trek 2009 sales were up to 100 mil dollars! Pretty sensational!

48. Optimistic Doodle - September 6, 2013

Yes, I can somewhat understand their (commercial) motives.


STID is only the 2nd installment. The 5-year mission has yet to begin!
[ Side note: Does this mean 5 more sequels at least? ;-) ]

Maybe it would’ve been strategically more valuable to really win and very much so keep the hearts of the – old and newborn – fans by e.g. releasing an ‘ultimate fan edition’ this xmas.

I mean, they did go all the way with the sequel. Why be modest now?

The rollercoaster ought to continue :-)

Cherish the fans.

Love ST.

49. shamelord - September 6, 2013

I for one prefers having just one format throughout. The 2:35 format is great and I didn’t like the aspect ratio changes on the Dark Knight Rises blu-ray. I found that distracting.

50. JRT! - September 7, 2013

Still not getting this until they release a proper version with all the extras in one place. I love my extras! lol! And I do like the movie,but I just don’t like the way this is done. I’ll get the movie illegally for now,lol!


51. Marja - September 7, 2013

Well, I’m patient with these things; I can wait.

As far as friendships on board TrekMovie, I count many here as my friends of the “ether” … the airwaves … whatev. Which is why I always try to be diplomatic with folks I disagree with [up to a point, then I go my separate way]. It’s fun to debate as long as personal attacks aren’t happening.

So I appreciate being able to come here and have fun discussing Trek with y’all. Thanks for being here : )

52. K-7 - September 7, 2013

@40. “However, Star Trek Enterprise was a much more fulfilling Trek experience than either of these movies.”

Good one! I thought your were serious for a minute before I started cracking up. LOL

53. Trekkee - September 7, 2013

I got the UK 3D bluray set this week and in spite of the lack of extras I’m delighted with it. The iTunes copy is a huge plus point for me, and my friend got a new 3D TV, so we baptised it with this and were thoroughly impressed by the whole thing.

The only reason I can see for holding off on extras is for a special edition later on, maybe before Christmas but that’s a bit soon.

And that’s hardly unusual for studios, look at the Hobbit and whole LOTR sets for the best examples. Only fans really care that much about extras, and us Trekkies should be used to being milked by now surely.

As for this being blamed on JJ or anyone else in the production team, that’s just silly. They don’t plan the marketing for this any more than they make the sandwiches in the catering truck.

It’s a great release for what is is. Chill and enjoy.

54. Jim Nightshade - September 7, 2013

Well gettin the itunes version for the aspect ratio chain n commentary even with a free code wont help itunes is on my windoze 7 computer…cant transfer to hidef tv….any cheap way to do that? my tablet is kindle fire hd 8.9 which outputs to hdmi very nicely but no itunes for it hah oh well…sigh

55. Optimistic Doodle - September 7, 2013

iTunes, UltraViolet, BR… Add: YouTube!

Yep, there was no room on any BR ;-)

56. Keachick - September 7, 2013

Hey, people – Check this out

57. Marja - September 7, 2013

ROFL Keachick – thanks!

Don’t Quinto and Pine have the funniest laughs?

58. Keachick - September 7, 2013

Marja – Adorable laughs!

59. Csere Mihaly (@cseremisi) - September 7, 2013

I’m curious why don’t the writers decide to use for a few scenes Pholx and maybe T’Pol as they should be alive during this time period. Maybe they will use in St3

60. ksmsscu - September 7, 2013

@27 – Markus, I agree with your judgment that Trek 12 isn’t really worth buying. It’s certainly in the bottom half of all the films and who wants to waste time watching disappointing Trek when there are hundreds of hours of exciting and thoughtful Star Trek produced between 1966 and 2005. And as you point out, the real payoff of enduring these nufilms is to get a great, thrilling and challenging new series back in a weekly ‘TV’ format. Also, the ‘no commentary’ Blu-ray debacle should just give more impetus both to long-term fans and happy newcomers to turn their backs on Bad Robot and JJ’s scheme. He’s never going to want for money for the rest of his life after Star Wars, but he had to play this cheap scam on Trekkers as he slammed the door behind him — good riddance!

@31 – Jonboc, I see you’re back on the boards. Still ‘lol’ing after every paragraph but having ducked and disappeared in the comments from August 20th’s ‘news catchup’ after you told me and others disappointed by STID that we ‘just didn’t get it’ and it was a ‘darn shame’ we ‘weren’t able to grasp it’ — then, when I sincerely asked you to specify just what ‘it’ was that a large number of fans couldn’t get about how wonderful Into Darkness was, where’d you go? Guess ‘it’ was just too hard to put into real words with all the anticipation of waiting to line up to get your little phaser. Please do enjoy it.

61. Derf - September 7, 2013

@39 – Ah, ok, thanks. I don’t know much about IMAX and didn’t realize it sat somewhere between 16:9 and 2.35:1.

I’m just an old 2.35:1 person myself. :)

62. northstars - September 7, 2013

No BluRay or DVD for me, then. I would have been interestend just because of the bonus material, because the movie didn´t do it for me – but without that (deleted scenes, commentary, outtakes and such stuff), no thank you…

63. Jonboc - September 7, 2013

#59 ksmsscu “Guess ‘it’ was just too hard to put into real words with all the anticipation of waiting to line up to get your little phaser. Please do enjoy it.”

I “guess” I dont eat,live and breath every comment on every thread of this site like some! lol <—– (that little guffaw was just for you!)

Now, best I recall, I mentioned that I wasn't going to waste my time trying to explain it…that haters are gonna hate or something to that effect. If you need me to explain it to you, then, yeah, you just don't get it. I haven't the time or inclination to launch into a long-winded essay as to "why" you should understand a movie…and it would be long….dealing with themes, characters, comparrisons with TOS, WOK, the Bermanverse etc etc. You don't like the film, nothing I can say is going to change your mind… your loss.

Did I mention I can't wait to get my copy of the film and phaser replica? :)

64. seangh - September 7, 2013

Popped in my Walmart copy this morning. Same bonus features as above, more than I expected to be honest, given all the non bonus hype that was going around. Plus, I also got the bare bones Blu-Ray copy of ST09 which I did not have. Happy :)

65. Art - September 7, 2013

Is the lack luster release JJ’s way of telling Trek fans, “Screw you, I’ve got Star Wars now”?

66. Curious Cadet - September 7, 2013

@42. Mr. Anonymous,
“So…what if in Star Trek 3, Harrison’s actually revealed to NOT be Khan.”

Because the producers have already stated that Harrison/Khan is the same Khan from Space Seed and TWOK.

And NOBODY involved with the production would lie about Khan’s identity … now would they? ;-)

67. Curious Cadet - September 7, 2013

@47. Elias Javalis,
“If sales are strong they might leave the Budget for Star Trek 3 intact!”

And why does that matter?

I predict sales will be strong (who had the ridiculous idea a boycott would work anyway?) and I almost gurantee the budget will be cut given their stated intent to move production out of Los Angeles, which they claim added $20 million to STID alone.

But yes, the fans are going to fall over themselves to double and tripple dip to collect all the extras, and eat right out of Abrams greedy hand, just like he knew they would. And that incudes the hypocritcal “haters” — you know the ones who claim they will never see the movie, yet miraculously know everything about it? I’m expecting STID to easily outperform ST09 in home video, despite underperforming at the domestic box office.

68. enterprise1965 - September 7, 2013

I will wait for a “Director’s Cut” or “Ultimate” Release.

69. Aurore - September 7, 2013

“…And NOBODY involved with the production would lie about Khan’s identity … now would they? ;-)”


No. They wouldn’t. Ever.
They were just trying to keep a secret.

…And, for some people online, “John Harrison”‘s true identity was… “the worst kept secret in Hollywood”…


70. Sebastian S. - September 7, 2013


I really don’t think I’ll bother (even as a ST completist).
The movie simply wasn’t good enough to justify buying it multiple times just to put together what should’ve been a ‘definitive’ release (you know; the kind that almost ALL major studio movies release when they come to BR). This is yet another slap in the face to ST fans (who love extras).

Another F/U from Bad Robot (makes three now!).
Now I know why the call themselves ‘Bad'; not because they’re cool, but because the robot is genuinely malfunctioning….

71. Driver - September 7, 2013

The next movie’s gunna to be Loooooads better just wait ohhhhhyeah!

72. Dunsel Report - September 7, 2013

Signs Trek is in a coma: 1) Comment threads more likely to be about box office than about how wonderful the Vulcan Mind Meld theme was; 2) Next movie somehow in hands of dude who did GI JOE: RETALIATION.

73. Dunsel Report - September 7, 2013

meant to type scene, not theme.

74. Buzz Cagney - September 7, 2013

#65 surely this release is the Directors cut? For some, to this point, unknown reason JJ seems to wield rather a lot of power in Tinseltown so i’m pretty sure nobody but him ok’d the final cut??.

Speaking as one that has had real problems with Darkness I will say that I saw the movie again last night for the first time on DVD though.

You know, there is so much to enjoy. The humour is good and managed to avoid the usual O and K bodily function type of gag.
The character moments are solid and well played out. The action is more than we could hope for- perhaps more than we should hope for? A bit too relentless and confusing at times maybe, but I guess thats what the popcorn crowd want.
I enjoyed Scotty very much this time. Probably some of the best moments and scenes’ are Pegg’s.
And Pine is more than good enough. No complaints. And I say that as a life-long Kirk fan.
And wow, did they ever manage to capture the Original show in style. Very impressive.

As I say, there is much to enjoy so why, oh why, did they make it such a convoluted mess of a story about Khan- and managed to make Khan of secondary importance at that, certainly initially.
And sorry, Cumberbatch did not convince as Khan. A decent enough actor but in the wrong role.
This movie could so nearly have been brilliant. Unfortunately, because of the messy story and wrong casting, its just a decent way to pass a couple of hours with a bottle of wine.
Please don’t tell me to F*** off, Bob, because you did get so much right here- but you also messed up somewhat. So close, but no cigar.
Such a shame.

75. whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - September 7, 2013

@14. Keachick – September 6, 2013

I remember on the commentary track of Star Trek (2009), J.J. makes a comment that he’d like to see the Enterprise under water. Context aside, he just wanted to see the Enterprise under water. So what do we get in STID? The Enterprise underwater.

I think that you are spot on when you say that they are doing things in these films, not because they make any kind of sense, but “just because they want to”.

76. Joe Siegler - September 7, 2013

Anyone know if you use the Digital Copy to get the iTunes version if that digital copy will work with the commentary stuff on an Apple TV? Or do you get the “plain” version of the movie there?

77. THX-1138 - September 7, 2013

Just as important to me when I buy a movie on disc (whatever the format) are the special features. Particularly an effects laden movie such as STID. I love to see how things were filmed and in the old days of real model-making I particularly enjoyed seeing the miniatures as they appeared in real life. I think if music hadn’t been my calling I would have wanted to get into model work and miniatures filming.

I like commentary tracks as well because you can gain so much insight into what made the film-makers make the decisions they did. Plus the deleted scenes and bloopers are just fun.

So yes, I am a special features junkie.

To make me have to hunt around for special features that are exclusives to different retailers and/or to just not bother with including them at all is a deal breaker for me. I may buy it in a few years if I see it in the second hand bin or if someone burns me a copy but I won’t be spending any money on a new disc. Bad move, Paramount.

78. Marja - September 7, 2013

69 Dunsel, I’d enjoy discussing the Vulcan Mind Meld in STiD [I wish you’d post that over on the “Star Trek is Broke” thread]. I wonder if Spock was hitting Khan with all the anger and sadness he himself felt on the days following Nero’s destruction of his home planet. Or did you mean the touching scene as Pike is dying?

Now you have me worried, is Chu back under discussion as director for the third installment [Egad!]? I thought the rumor had been disproven.

73 Joe, Your comment just points out for me how many details I have to understand and implement just to see the extras. Sounds like too much work to me … for now I’m just going to shrug and wait. May your viewing be well worth the work : )

79. Gary 8.5 - September 7, 2013

69. Jon Chu has not been announced as director .

80. TUP - September 7, 2013

I’ve always been a supporter of the people behind these movies. I wanted Khan (and while the execution could have been better) it was great.

But hearing about Orci’s mind-blowing fan rant and now this effort to get hardcore fans to pony up for three or four purchases, enough is enough.

A time will come when Paramount wonders why Trek doesnt seem viable anymore and it will be because they simply dont get it.

81. Brevard - September 7, 2013

I hated STID and have no intention of buying the Blu-ray or any digital version of this derivatively silly movie. I have no reason to want to continue to support this version of my beloved Star Trek. Folks, if you buy all these versions just to get special features, then you are playing into Paramount and Bad Robot’s play to make more money. It’s all it is. More money for the producers. We’ve all been had. If you want more Star Trek like this, then by all means buy, buy, buy. If you want to send a message, then don’t buy anything. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get Star Trek back where it belongs–on the small screen–because Paramount will no longer see it as a viable movie franchise.

82. Lemingsworth Bint - September 7, 2013

It’s great to see all the positive reviews. For both the blu-ray and the movie itself. I think I’ll wait to see what people are saying about the various extras before I decide which version to get.

83. Keachick - September 7, 2013

#72 – “I think that you are spot on when you say that they are doing things in these films, not because they make any kind of sense, but “just because they want to”.”

No, YOU are saying that what they are doing in these film don’t make any kind of sense. The point is that they may have wanted to do certain things and then found a way to do them in a way that made sense to them and others, like me.

The reasoning for the Enterprise being underwater was explained way back when and it made as much sense (or not) as just about anything/everything else in Star Trek – like, at present, warp drive – something few scientists ever see as being realistically possible, now or in the future. Having a big ship (modified submarine) cruise an ocean’s depths for a time is actually more realistic and feasible. What’s more, it was so visually enjoyable to watch as it came out of the ocean…

84. Keachick - September 7, 2013

Star Trek is where it is because it belongs there. The future is unknown, out there.

85. Keachick - September 7, 2013

Gosh, I’m with MJ here. I wish I was in a position to buy everything I could get my hands on, however a DVD will have to do for now.

The arguments re producers etc doing a “cash grab” etc hold no logical water. The film industry is a business like any other and there are many other people like retailers who also depend on the success of that business so that they can pay their own bills.

I can’t believe some of the bs I read here at times.

If you don’t like STID, then don’t buy the blu-rays, iTunes and whatever else is for sale in the US. It is that simple. Bad Robot is not forcing anybody to do anything. It is your choice, always has been. Now quit bitching. So many dumb spoiled BRATS!

86. Platitude - September 7, 2013

Great movie. Disappointing home video release.

87. John from Cincinnati - September 7, 2013

How to fix Star Trek thread – over 1400 comments

STID Blu ray review thread – 86 comments

That pretty much says it all

88. Optimistic Doodle - September 7, 2013

Optimism! The home video release is the original un-cut cinema version :-)

89. K-7 - September 7, 2013

@87 / John from Cincy

LOL. This thread started 24 hours ago, while the fixing ST thread is a week old.

What a dumb-ass statement. :-))

90. K-7 - September 7, 2013

@81 “If you want to send a message, then don’t buy anything. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get Star Trek back where it belongs–on the small screen–because Paramount will no longer see it as a viable movie franchise.”

OK, Brevard, you’ve just convinced me to buy an extra copy to make up for your bull-crap here. I am going to personally zero out your not buying this and personally cancel your intellectually bankrupt, negative, piss-poor attitude, which makes me ashamed to be a Star Trek fan.

Your action has just failed with my extra order of the Blu-Ray that I just put in at Bestbuy online.


91. Commodore Adams - September 7, 2013

No! You cannot have a space exploration in a 2 hour movie! Every Star Trek movie has dealt with a specific scenario and never about exploring the way the weekly series did. Only Star Trek V dealt with exploration when going to Sha-Ka-Ri.

I say go with a Klingon conflict for the next movie. I want to see some epic battles with fleets of Klingon ships. Star Trek is more than just exploration and the prime directive. There will unfortunately always be conflicts, so I say take advantage of it. What better than there be a conflict with the Klingons and in the end, there is peace or at least some sort of understanding and mutual respect. Lindelof got me excited when he said “there might be a larger conflict on the horizon.” I say GO WITH IT! DO IT DO IT DO IT!

92. Exarkun63 - September 7, 2013

@25 & 26

VHS movies were expensive in the early ’80’s. When the Star Wars movies first hit retailers they were in the $80 range. Not very affordable for everyday folks.

However, Raiders of the Lost Ark was release on VHS for $40 and went through the roof with pre-orders alone (I was among them). Following the success of Raiders (Paramount) on video, Wrath of Kahn (also Paramount) came out the following summer in theaters and was a hit. So Paramount priced TWOK for $40 & again pre-orders went through the roof.

That was pretty much the beginning of VHS becoming affordable over the next few years.

Anyway, will I buy Into Darkness? Probably. Even though the way that the extras are being doled out is pretty freaking crappy. Especially since it’s a foregone conclusion that after they milk these editions of Into Darkness for every single cent they can get out of us, Paramount will eventually release a “Special Edition” that costs even more with everything on it to continue milking us all.

93. THX-1138 - September 7, 2013

Wow, now here is an example of people who like STID being unnecessarily mean to people who are voicing their opinions.

There is not one person on this thread that is being critical that demeaned or called names of those who are all for buying this bluray set. There are several of you on the other side of the fence that are being immature and nasty, however.

Can’t you guys dial back the hate every now and then? Lashing out personally is ridiculous. And here is the proof of who is doing it.

94. Ahmed - September 7, 2013

@ 90. K-7 – September 7, 2013

“OK, Brevard, you’ve just convinced me to buy an extra copy to make up for your bull-crap here.”

May I suggest that in order to make a real difference here, that you buy ALL various versions of the Blu-ray & digital copies as well.

After all, it is not too much to ask to spend a few hundred dollars just to show your loyalty to the franchise :)

Happy viewing my friend :)

95. K-7 - September 7, 2013

@94. Enjoy your “15 minutes of fame” while it lasts, Ahmed. You must be so proud to be the one to get Orci to blow his top?

Congratulations — that was a great moment in Trek fandom. :-(

96. Ahmed - September 7, 2013

@ 95. K-7 – September 7, 2013

“You must be so proud to be the one to get Orci to blow his top?”

There is NOTHING to be proud about that exchange. I like Bob & the fact that he come here to talk with us.

But as someone who work in a hostile environment like Hollywood, he is supposed to know how to deal with the fans.

We are past that story now. As I said in the other thread, we both made mistakes & it is time to move on.

Lets talk about plans for the next movie.

Shall we begin :)

97. Dave H - September 7, 2013

Perhaps PrimeOrci told Ahmed that he had to elicit an emotional response out of the Orci in our universe? ;-)

98. Jack - September 7, 2013

Critical fans are not necessarily haters. What does “hater” even mean? If you disagree with something, you disagree with something. I think it’s fine ro voice opinions here, and keep name-calling out of it. It’s not like we’re in picketing in front of Bob’s palatial mansion.

That said, when does it stop? People were complaining about Trek 2009 for 4 plus years (the same complaints over and over)…. until something new came along to complain about. Personally, I was kind of passive-aggressively hoping Bob might take the hint and deliver something spectacular. And I think the problem might be that he listened to us a bit too closely. I was naively hoping for The Dark Knight…

STID is fine and fun. It was sublime until about halfway through. It didn’t feel like a complete movie… it was a build-up to the engine-room scene and then… a Streets of San Francisco foot chase, some magic blood and a very neat wrapping up of the whole thing.

By the way, is it ethical of Starfleet to put Khan back on ice? Was there a trial? Was that the sentence? Maybe he asked for it? Is this another Starfleet secret facility?

99. ricardocube - September 7, 2013

I agree with MJ.

Lets support Trek by buying this Blu-ray / DVD as many times as we can afford to.

People who totally don’t like the film, I guess you can be excluded.

But to the proper Trek fans who liked Darkness, go buy it guys! Lets show Paramount we still like Star Trek, and we want it to LLAP.

100. Jack - September 7, 2013

33. MJ (The Original). – September 6, 2013


Well, I would like to think that Bob is my friend at least in terms of here at Trekmovie. If that sounds dumb and unrealistic, so be it.

And even though you and I get into it now and then, I’d like to think that you and I are kind of friends as well. I know that if something tragic happened to your or others here (even people I disagree with a lot) that I have been conversing with for years, I would be happy to donate time or money to help your or someone in need.”

Wow, that’s really nice.

101. Ahmed - September 7, 2013

@ 97. Dave H – September 7, 2013

“Perhaps PrimeOrci told Ahmed that he had to elicit an emotional response out of the Orci in our universe? ;-)”

LOL, that was funny :)

102. Dave H - September 7, 2013

#75 “I remember on the commentary track of Star Trek (2009), J.J. makes a comment that he’d like to see the Enterprise under water. Context aside, he just wanted to see the Enterprise under water. So what do we get in STID? The Enterprise underwater.”

In TMP, the needed to figure out some way to add drama to the early part of the movie, so GR and RW decided to add in the “wormhole effect” just for the hell of it, even though in 79 previous episodes and TAS a wormhole effect problems with the engines was not even part of the vocabulary — i.e. there was such thing as a “wormhole effect malfunction” in TOS/TAS.

So we got a womhole in TMP even though the story didn’t require it, and even though it was completely inconsistent with what we had seen of warp engine problems on star Trek for over a decade.

103. Ahmed - September 7, 2013

@98. Jack

“By the way, is it ethical of Starfleet to put Khan back on ice? Was there a trial? Was that the sentence? Maybe he asked for it? Is this another Starfleet secret facility?”

We might get some answers in October when IDW release the new comics miniseries “Star Trek: Khan”. Although, they are saying it will be more about his backstory, but they might include an epilogue that explore what happened to Khan after the events of STID.

104. Jack - September 7, 2013

99. I think, despite the griping from fans, Trek’s seen a lot more love than most summer movies this year. It had the best consensus on RT, it brought in $460 million (which is better than Trek’s ever done before).

I gripe, but I saw it in the theatre at least 7 times (and was there for teh IMAX 3D premiere) and bought in on iTunes the first day it was available. It’s actually kind of crazy, but I was doing it mainly out of fan loyalty — and I was trying to figure out exactly why I was disappointed. But when you stop and think about it, this is kind of bizarre — are we forking over cash and making Paramount a fortune, solely to show them that we like Trek generally?

I think Paramount marketing needs to learn a few lessons from all this.

105. czn - September 7, 2013

Could care less if the budget for #3 is lower, will not buy #2 and I’ will buy episodes of a new series on TV, they should be sold the week after they’re on TV, will pay top dollar for them, come on P/CBS get with it…

106. whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - September 7, 2013

@83. Keachick

I disagree. However, YOU are entitled to your opinion, just as I am.

That said, while there are many things in both Abrams Star Trek outings that are outstanding (acting, sets, concept, effects, pacing), there are just as many that make no sense as far as cause and effect, suspension of disbelief, or character motivation are concerned. And it’s not Star Trek specific, or limited to a franchise film. It would be just as bad if it were any other film that took these kinds of liberties with a story and the intelligence of its audience. Prometheus comes to mind…or Heaven’s Gate.

Also,your There-is-no-warp-drive-nor-do-scientists-foresee-warp-drive-ever-happening argument is off the point in relation to the reason for the Enterprise being underwater. As is your contention that this reason was explained ‘way back when’.
A writer getting on fan boards and explaining why they did something in a film (like putting a spaceship underwater instead of in orbit around a planet whose inhabitants have barely invented the wheel), instead of taking the opportunity to have that explained organically in the story, doesn’t lend itself to good storytelling. And when I see that kind of storytelling, I am going to say something about it, every time.

If you keep accepting it, it’s guaranteed that you will get more of it in the future.

Now, let me state that I don’t love Star Trek any more or less than anyone else on this board. I just want more for and from this beloved franchise. I want it to live up to what it should be.

107. Keachick - September 7, 2013

Jack – You like more about the film than what you didn’t like. Perhaps it is about these TOS characters becoming a kind of virtual family and we love them, irrespective of what they may be shown doing or where they might be, no matter how silly some of it might seem to us.

I don’t know – just musing…

Anyway, savour the moments of STID that you do like and accept the rest with an “oh well…nobody and nothing is perfect”. Remember that not everybody is as cranky about what and how the story was told or about the colour of a particular man’s skin…
if that man is really supposed to be the very same KNS from those other two ST iterations, then I do think that Bob Orci, dear, you and co. have fritzed out somewhat in this particular instance. Truly, Bob – just saying.

108. Keachick - September 7, 2013

#106 – I have not seen the film in over three months so my memory of all that occurred is not always that reliable. However, I do recall an explanation being given, just after the movie’s general release and for some reason, I think I may have been one of the people giving it. Oh crap. Darn memory…:(

We all want it to live up to what we think it should be. This is something that I think people tend to forget…

109. whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - September 7, 2013

108 Keachick

“[I]f that man is really supposed to be the very same KNS from those other two ST iterations, then I do think that Bob Orci, dear, you and co. have fritzed out somewhat in this particular instance. Truly, Bob – just saying.”

I could not agree more.

This film has me with a foot on both sides of the fence. There are things that I absolutely love about it and things that leave me scratching my head. The same can be said for the entire J.J. Star Trek Thing.

110. Dee - lvs moon surface - September 7, 2013

so things smell sweet… here now… I guess! :-)

111. Geoscal - September 7, 2013

Despite all the complaining about this film, it is a great summer blockbuster and awesome Trek film to boot! I love the attempts to play homage to Trek that has happened before and how great this movie looks.

I don’t know what all the complaining about lack of extras are about. Just buy it at a retailer that sells a disk with extras and don’t forget that the STID App has a ton of extras for free!

112. I, Aye - September 7, 2013


My goodness Son, how old are you? What a pathetic silly thing to contemplate… Why do you need to ‘get back’ at anyone? Bob is more than capable of rebustly defending himself, and Mr Dickerson is quite entitled to having his points of view (one I agree with, by and large, as it happens). Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, it was a well written piece. Unlike your ‘lets get back at him gang’ school-yard like charade. The only one you get at is yourself here, for buying a blu-ray whose content (or lack of) you weren’t happy about.,,

Gene Roddenberry would be ashamed of the kinds of people Trek is bringing out of the woodwork here/elsewhere. When his dream was for humanity to come together peacefully… Whatever happened to civilised discussion?

You do his memory and creation a great disservice.

113. kmart - September 7, 2013


Have you even read the earlier TMP drafts, from when it was a TV movie? The wormhole is a huge improvement on the rock that just happens to be on a collision course with the ship in that draft. Not only does it give the thing some scientific depth, but it also puts the mishap on Kirk in a major way, using spectacle to point out character flaw.

We’d never seen a ship with brand new warp engines before, so the idea this hadn’t happened on TOS doesn’t invalidate it at all.

Now if they’d tried to say the refit was built on Earth because the warp engines had to be calibrated WITHIN a gravity well (which I think is the Orci line from several years back), then you’d have a huge WTF. But the wormhole is fine.

114. Garak's Pride - September 7, 2013


Sounds like you are just making excuses because it serves the cause of you and others who keep picking on nuTrek.

The wormhole thing in TMP is equal to the E being underwater in STID. Both were done as filler, to be cool, and add a bit more drama. There is no difference whatsoever.

115. Curious Cadet - September 7, 2013

@99. ricardocube,
“Lets support Trek by buying this Blu-ray / DVD as many times as we can afford to….Lets show Paramount we still like Star Trek, and we want it to LLAP.”

Do you work for the studio, or Bad Robot?

I’m starting to think Paramount or Bad Robot paid Joe Dickerson for that review. It has single handedly stopped the talk about the egregious money grab they conspired on that has resulted in half a dozen unique versions of the home video extras packages.

Doesn’t matter anyway, the boycott idea was just ridiculously naive.

116. Steve Powell - September 7, 2013

OK what is this crap about having different versions of the DVD at different retailers ??? That is BS and NOT a good idea whatsoever !!! Why should I have to buy multiple copies to see all the content ? If this movie was filmed in IMAX, why is it not in 16:9 format ? I do NOT want to see borders on a blu-ray movie when I’m watching it. Come on guys, this is UNACCEPTABLE !!!!

117. ricardocube - September 7, 2013


Actually I am JJ Abrams.

118. ksmsscu - September 7, 2013

@99 ricardocube — I quote you, sir: “But to the proper Trek fans who liked Darkness, go buy it guys!”

I’m dumbstruck! Poor Gene’s ashes must be burning up in orbit. I could care less what STID’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes is (and I haven’t bothered looking – I’m sure I’ll get the number thrown in my face).

Darkness has completely polarized and perhaps torn apart the Star Trek fan community. Did the Supreme Court not foresee this result, knew but just really wanted to make a lot of money, or plain didn’t care (it was a job – they’ve got plenty more)?

How do we move on together from this massive clusterf*ck (our civil war, not the movie itself)?

How do we do it when @99 ricardocube calls those who liked Darkness “PROPER” Trek fans. I can’t begin to describe how much I resent that statement, and I bet I’m not alone. Go back, say, to DS9 — some of us thought it was sluggish and uncompelling, but some of us thought it was fresh and took chances. Maybe the breakdown was 60-40 for one of those viewpoints. Would anyone in the 60% say those in the 40% were not “PROPER” Trekkers? But back then, we all couldn’t constantly and endlessly snipe at each other through instant communication anyone could see.

And now, @116 ricardocube claims to be JJ Abrams. Matt, can you try to verify this? And if it is you, Mr. Abrams, the nerve, the hubris to call only those who liked your movie “PROPER” Trek fans — really, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, and I hope you get marooned in your galaxy far, far away.

119. Lostrod - September 7, 2013

@ 24. MJ (The Original). – September 6, 2013

Actually, VHS’s of Trek movies in the 1980′s were about $80″

wow $80 , are you serious ?

Yep. I remember buying STMP for $98 when it came out – on Betamax. I still have I, but nothing to play it on.

If I recall, STIII was released at the unbelievable price of $39 at the time. Paramount gambled that more people would buy a movie at the lower price rather than rent it. STIII was the test case and it paid off.

I’m not buying the Blue Ray or DVD of STID. I bought the pre release digital download. That’s enough for me.


120. Ceti Alpha 5 - September 7, 2013

Ehhhhh, I liked the STID soooo I’ll be picking up the blu-ray on tuesday.

121. Lostrod - September 7, 2013

Correction to my post @118. It was STII not III that broke the video price barrier at the time.

Studios hated all of the mom and pop video rental stores that popped up at the time. Although they created the problem by pricing their releases so high that it was only logical to rent rather than buy a movie.

I recall that WB actually released movies with a counter on them so they knew how many times a video was played and charge the video rental places per play. Needless to say, the stores just skipped stocking the WB movies.


122. mike lee - September 7, 2013

I am offended they did not put deleted scenes in there. It won’t cost them anything to add them in on the bonus disc. Just another way for them to make bank. Then again if it helps them continue the franchise I would be happy; yet it would still be an indirect contribution to it. Star trek is about a world without greed and here we see that very concept in the fact that people in charge made a conscious and calculated decision to save deleted scenes for another version of a dvd to this movie just to make bank.

123. Exarkun63 - September 7, 2013


I posted back @ #92….it was actually Raiders of the Lost Ark that broke the price barrier & then Kahn the following year. I paid $39.95 for each. Then Temple of Doom & Star Trek 3 followed.

124. JJ's Tampon - September 7, 2013

How about this suggestion. JJ Abrams and crew hang it up and concentrate on polluting the Star Wars franchise and personally apoplogize for the abominations they have given us that have Star Trek in the title only. It ain’t real Trek, nor is it decent entertainment, unless you enjoy watching crap.

and to every nuTrek fan I say…..Get a life! Then get some taste. Then get out of your mother’s basements.

125. MJ (The Original). - September 7, 2013

@114 “kmart, Sounds like you are just making excuses because it serves the cause of you and others who keep picking on nuTrek. The wormhole thing in TMP is equal to the E being underwater in STID. Both were done as filler, to be cool, and add a bit more drama. There is no difference whatsoever.”

Exactly. Same thing!

@118 “Yep. I remember buying STMP for $98 when it came out – on Betamax. I still have I, but nothing to play it on.”

Yep, Lostrod. Me too! And that was a really expensive purchase for me back then, being just 17 years old.

@115 “Doesn’t matter anyway, the boycott idea was just ridiculously naive.”

Agreed. What idiot came up with that boycott idea, anyway? (whoops!!!) :-))

126. Red Dead Ryan - September 7, 2013

Yeah, I was a bit ticked off with the shortage of special features. I still am annoyed, though I may end up getting the Target Blu Ray, which seems to be the best version out there. I’m sure the special features that I don’t get will be put up on YouTube eventually, anyway.

127. Basement Blogger - September 8, 2013


Thank you for this article. I was going to get the Blu-Ray from Best Buy but you point out that Target will actually give you the extras on a disc. I’m not into going online to get the extras and you point out that who knows how long that website will be around.

Here’s a note for Paramount. Putting different special features on different formats is a disservice to the fans who are your customers. It’s confusing and another cash grab like the 3D in the movie.

128. Cervantes - September 8, 2013

So, the studios have discovered a new strategy to bilk the movie-buying public with, by depriving us of the complete added value extra content on their releases, I see.

It’s a real pity that Paramount seem to have embraced this angle with such gusto…so I’d prefer this particular high-profile release of theirs to sell badly due to their lack of consideration for hard-pressed fans. Sadly, I’ve no doubt that fans of the movie will buy this initial release regardless, giving the studio comfort to continue with more of the same shenanigans in future.

By the way, I have to disagree with those that feel there’s no big difference between the ‘wormhole’ sequence in ST:TMP and the ‘underwater’ sequence in STID. There is. Regardless if either scene are unnecessary ‘filler’ or not, one at least shows the starship Enterprise flying in a ‘space’-set scenario…while the other makes it out to be a submarine!

129. Mad Mann - September 8, 2013

I wonder if Paramount will actually LOSE money on this ridiculousness. I know I’m not buying the Blu Ray, who else is not?

I will rent it from Red Box to watch, but I will hold out until a COMPLETE disc comes out with all the extras, commentary, deleted scenes, trailers, and bloopers.

Dang, I can’t believe they don’t even have TRAILERS on this.

130. Trekboi - September 8, 2013

There is no senes in this stratagy

Yes, people who can find all the pieces of the Special Features puzzel will pay more for multiple purchases of the films but not everyone will do that & most can’t when dealing with purchases from other countries

The only fair thing is to do more expensive, traditional 2 disc “Duluxe” editions with all the special features for those willing to spend$60-80.
The rest can get the standard editions- those people wouldn’t have gotten the multiple versions for random featurettes anyway.

Exclusives may make one company money initially but the artists & fans end up suffering long term
Example- Madonna’s blonde Ambition Tour 1990 was released on laser disc as a pioner exclusive as part of their supporting the tour- 23 years later you still can’t get it on disc
Just poor video/Youtube copies- the fans suffer & The Artists work is seen in a poor quality state.

131. Trekboi - September 8, 2013

I Don’t Mind speneding Money to show support to the franchise but I at least want a complete Definitive Quality edition of the film for my $$$

132. Curious Cadet - September 8, 2013

@129. Mad Mann,
“I wonder if Paramount will actually LOSE money on this ridiculousness. I know I’m not buying the Blu Ray, who else is not? I will rent it from Red Box to watch”

This is why a boycott is ridiculous.

You’re still giving them your money, just not as much, and Prmount will still sell thousands of copies to fill those redbox machines.

The first comment I made on this topic was a tongue in cheek parody press release suggesting that if people don’t buy the BluRay Paramount won’t produce any more movies — a common alarmist theme people around here like to post. Of course it’s complete BS; STID has done very well at the box office, more than enough to justify a new movie, even if it arguably didn’t do as well as Paramount hoped. However, Paramount is still very much counting on Home video to recoup its marketing costs and increase its profits. And who knows, maybe delaying an announcement about the sequel is part of the master plan to boost video sales by encouraging such perceptions, it would also explain the exceptionally early release.

But this whole cash grab over extras isn’t going to stop the majority of people who saw STID and will want to own a copy. I’ve said this until I’m Blu in the face, what made Star Trek the most successful box office movie in the franchise is the same thing that’s going to make a boycott pointless — the majority of the audience are movie enthusiasts, not Star Trek fans. STID was an exciting visual and sonic spectacle, and even those who didn’t love it will want this BluRay to showcase their home theater systems. They don’t care about a bunch of behind the scenes featurettes, or directors commentary. They just want to see those crystal clear explosions and feel them rumble out of their 7.1 surround speakers. So what if they only get half the extras they would have gotten a year ago?

And Star Trek fans just can’t help themselves, they say they’re going to do one thing, but then always do another when the product is released. I would call them hypocrites, but it’s more like a disorder. CBS has known this for years, and now Paramount is cashing in too, well at least riding on Abrams’ coattails anyway. Abrams may not be making the movie for the fans, but I think he knows them a lot better than he lets on.

133. VOODOO - September 8, 2013

I can objectively say this was the best film (even with some of its flaws) of the summer, but I won’t be buying this title on Blu-ray until a proper version is released.

I feel taken advantage of by the suits who are forcing fans to buy several different versions to get all the “exclusive content”

134. Aurore - September 8, 2013

“…However, Paramount is still very much counting on Home video to recoup its marketing costs and increase its profits. And who knows, maybe delaying an announcement about the sequel is part of the master plan to boost video sales…”

…Maybe negative “news” articles about Star Trek fans are good for business too, so to speak. Just a little bit, perhaps.

For, in 2009, and this year, in the comments section of such (negative) articles, I often noticed comments that went something like this :

“…If Star Trek fans hate it, it must be good! I had no intention to watch this movie before, but, now…I might give it a try…”


135. Lou - September 8, 2013

Add my voice to the chorus of discontent fans to Paramount/CBS.

If Para/CBS actually believes many fans are going to go out and buy multiple copies of the same movie to get all the extras – they are out of their collective minds.

I’m not playing this game .. will wait it out until a special edition version is released with all the extras included.

.. my 2 cents.


136. Brevard - September 8, 2013

#85, Keachick, please don’t resort to name calling. We all have opinions, but there is no reason to call people names. Please be civil.

137. Hat Rick - September 8, 2013

So I have my Target version of the 2009 version of the movie, with the three dics and — most importantly — in its SPECIAL ENTERPRISE SCULPTURE container which I can look at everyday. (Two of its discs are in the primarcy saucer and the third doesn’t fit — the ship’s base is resting (lightly) on it. It’s in pristine condition.)

I’ll probably buy my Blu-ray at Target for the special features. Thus Paramount / Bad Robot will receive my money despite my reservations about the whole “where are the features” thing.

Okay, Paramount / Bad Robot. I’ll admit: You got me. I am powerless to resist, despite your marketing gimmickry. But I still probably won’t buy more than one version. I’m sure of it. Or at least, pretty sure. Maybe.

138. Brevard - September 8, 2013

#90, K-7: Wow, you really told me! Guess, in your world, it’s not okay to have a different opinion. Could you at least be civil about it? My post expressed a civil opinion about which I did not resort to calling anyone out. In future, please try to do the same.

139. crazydaystrom - September 8, 2013

I’m going to wait to get the blu-ray later. Either a ‘complete’ disc set with all the fixin’s or if that doesn’t come then one from the discount bin. I didn’t get Insurrection or Nemesis until years after the discs were released. Every other Trek film I got upon release. Including ST09.

140. John from Cincinnati - September 8, 2013

How to fix Star Trek thread – Posted Sep. 1, 2013 – 1492 comments

STID Blu ray thread – POsted September 6, 2013 – 139 comments

STILL says it ALL!


141. Dave H. - September 8, 2013

You used words like “hate” and “silly” on STID which insulted good people here who liked STID. So, if you are going to behave like an ass, then don’t give us this fake act who surprised your are when people call you an ass or whatever. You are not fooling anyone. If you are civil, then I am President Obama posting here as Dave H.

136. Brevard – September 8, 2013
#85, Keachick, please don’t resort to name calling. We all have opinions, but there is no reason to call people names. Please be civil.

142. trailer_maker - September 8, 2013

My Fan Made Teaser Trailer Editing Of “Star Trek Into Darkness”

143. Keachick - September 8, 2013

Sorry about the name-calling. It gets hard to remain civil when people who say they like something are repeatedly, over a period of more than four years now, told that they are merely popcorn munchers who leave their brains at the door, must ADHD afflicted and/or part of the MTV generation or get accused of “brown nosing” JJ Abrams and co, for being an Abrams’ apologist/stooge, whatever. Never mind the incredibly insulting comments repeatedly made about JJ Abrams and others – stuff like “JJ raped my Star Trek”, “Uhura/Zoe is a whore”, “JJ should die” and so it has gone on.

It has been relentless, most of it nonsensical and at times, highly offensive, and even personal in some cases. I was personally insulted by a poster on another site the other day – very nasty it was. Fortunately the site’s admin. deleted the entire thread, soon after that comment was posted. The entire thread’s theme, started by the insulting poster, was inflammatory and full of inaccuracies. Perhaps this person’s comments towards me gave the admin. one more reason to delete the entire thread. I doubt that anyone will ever know for certain.

It is clear that people like Bob Orci and Simon Pegg have also been aware of this vitriolic commentary that so many people choose to engage in. I cannot blame either these movie-industry people from blowing up with the “F*ck Off”. It has been a long time coming. However, it should be noted, that both these people (Orci and Pegg) have reacted this way towards one specific person or one very specific situation. Neither have told Star Trek fans as a whole to “F*ck Off!” Not at all. These are the facts!

144. Ahmed - September 8, 2013

@ 141. Dave H. – September 8, 2013

“You are not fooling anyone. If you are civil, then I am President Obama posting here as Dave H.”

I didn’t know that POTUS got time to come to a Trek site :)

145. Keachick - September 8, 2013

What does also bother me, even offend me, is the continual barrage of complaints and the repeating of this notion of a studio doing a “cash grab”, “milking the fans” etc. What people seem to forget is that this so-called “cash grab” is nothing new nor are the complaints. The same complaints were made when it became possible to have a personal copy of a film and be able to watch it in the privacy of your own home and at a time of your choosing. TV and cinemas do limit such individual freedoms to some degree. We take these new technologies so much for granted. It is assumed that anyone/everyone has all the latest, and that is because so many people do. Both the manufacturers and retailers of these new technologies need people to make use of them, to want and be able to afford the latest upgrades etc and the makers of movies help provide for this to happen.

Unfortunately, it is people like me who miss out and always have. I have always lagged behind when it comes to being able to afford and embrace the latest ways of watching a film, listening to music etc. I have other priorities like getting my three children fitted with the right kind of footwear so daughter can do cross-country, play netball, son take long hikes, walk around a large university campus each day and so on without suffering from sore feet, legs and back. These things cost. Good pairs of shoes are not cheap, especially when the younger feet are still growing. Just one example. The purchase of a new HD television set, along with a blu-ray player, will once again have to wait.

I am happy that many of you seem to have the means to even be able to announce that you won’t be buying STID on blu-ray, iTunes etc in protest no less, not “can’t afford to buy”. I don’t even have that ability and I suspect that they are many others, even in the first world, who will be in a similar position to me.

Count your blessings, people, otherwise many of you will come off as sounding like spoiled brats. I am sorry. I am just telling it as I see it.

146. Jey - September 8, 2013

“Zoe Saldana as Uhura gets a great moment as she stares down a Klingon warrior while appealing to his sense of honor.”

It’s a great moment because…. it amounts to nothing? The idea of Uhura simply assuming that this random Klingon who she’s never met has a great sense of honor is just… what? Why would the mention of honor alone be enough to sway this Klingon’s aggression? Where did these new films establish that Klingons have any honor at all? They certainly don’t act that way given how he grabs Uhura by the throat and is about to cut her insides out IN THE OPEN IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. This is what happens when you try to write a diplomatic character in an action movie. Diplomacy must fail, thus rendering her role pointless.

147. Marja - September 8, 2013

118 ksmcssu, How do we move on together from this massive clusterf*ck (our civil war, not the movie itself)?

How do we do it when @99 ricardocube calls those who liked Darkness “PROPER” Trek fans. I can’t begin to describe how much I resent that statement, and I bet I’m not alone.

And I hope I’m not alone when I get equally resentful when some fans say anyone who likes Abrams’ work [and I’m not a worshipper, I have my issues with both of his ST films] “doesn’t appreciate true Star Trek” and similar nonsense. I’m an original fan since 1967, and like many iterations of Star Trek, including Abrams’.

I don’t appreciate the amped-up violence and relentless action, but I do appreciate the character moments [alas, only “moments”] and dialogue. And the actors make a really good job of it.

So I fail to see how calling it a “clusterfrikk” is going to help us move on together.

Any thoughts?

148. Marja - September 8, 2013

#132 Curious, “I’ve said this until I’m Blu in the face”
I saw what you did thar ; )

149. Marja - September 8, 2013

132 Curious, yes; Abrams is a nerd. He may not be a ST nerd, but he knows nerd-dom well, and nerd-dumb too.

That’s why he knows he can pull this stuff.

150. Keachick - September 8, 2013

Oh stop Jey – We know you hate Uhura. We got that a long time back. This is just boring.

151. Marja - September 8, 2013

143/145, Keachick, I’m right there with you. Can’t afford the DVD now, am patient, will wait, don’t have Blu-Ray, heaven knows when, I’ll be checkin’ YouTube. Just here to see what’s what.

… and I’m equally tired of the “you’re brainless if you like the new ST films” rant.

152. Marja - September 8, 2013

146 Jey/Jeyl? “It’s a great moment because…. it amounts to nothing? The idea of Uhura simply assuming that this random Klingon who she’s never met has a great sense of honor is just… what? Why would the mention of honor alone be enough to sway this Klingon’s aggression? Where did these new films establish that Klingons have any honor at all? They certainly don’t act that way given how he grabs Uhura by the throat and is about to cut her insides out IN THE OPEN IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. This is what happens when you try to write a diplomatic character in an action movie. Diplomacy must fail, thus rendering her role pointless.”

Actually it rather amused me, the assumption that Klingons have honor, and the turnabout, because this is a different ‘verse from what was endlessly [and oddly, to this TOS fan] displayed in TNG, et. al., Klingons are Honorable. I personally think it might’ve been a “wink” to those as puzzled as I at the change in Klingons in TNG.

Why “must” diplomacy fail? I mean, sure, it failed in this instance, but in other cases might be the expedient, the wise, the safe, or the most compassionate thing to do. Negotiating before slaughtering? That’s what Starfleet’s about. Risks, risks they take to bring peace and goodwill. You don’t do that at the end of a phaser. First you try it with words, but you have the phaser as backup.

And Uhura doesn’t know she’s in an action movie. All I know is, that character has guts, which admittedly, were in quite a bit of danger there : )

153. Dennis C - September 8, 2013

I was not a big fan of STID but, like any true fan, I will add this one to my collection — eventually. Not because I have issues with the movie but because special features are being spread across every store within a ten mile radius of my house.

In a year’s time we may actually see a definitive collector’s edition with all of the special features. I can wait.

154. Jeyl - September 8, 2013

@152: “And Uhura doesn’t know she’s in an action movie. All I know is, that character has guts, which admittedly, were in quite a bit of danger there”

A lot of characters have guts. I just wish she had a defining moment where her show of guts actually accomplished something. But these stories can’t really pull that sort of thing off because these are Star Trek ‘movies’, not television episodes. She will never have a story dedicated to her character where she encounters a problem and resolves it. Even Troi and Beverly Crusher had their own episodes where they got to do some pretty cool stuff on their own. Uhura will only be the “girlfriend”. She’s certainly not getting any work done at her station.

And I still don’t consider that “stunning Khan” moment in the end was of any significance because, as I said in the other thread, it could have been any other character and you would only need to change one word of dialogue for McCoy. They threw her in there not because there was any real plot development for it, but because they wanted to make Uhura more of a “chick with a gun” kind of character. that was one of Bob Orci’s idea of improving her character by throwing her into the action, and that’s all he did. No more, no less.

155. Sebastian - September 8, 2013

@ # 114 Garak’s Pride~

“The wormhole thing in TMP is equal to the E being underwater in STID. Both were done as filler, to be cool, and add a bit more drama. There is no difference whatsoever.”

Couldn’t disagree more.

The wormhole sequence in TMP was a dramatic illustration of just how unready the ship was when she left space dock, and it also necessitated Spock’s dramatic return to the ship (so that he could be of genuine assistance). So, dramatically it served a two-fold purpose.

The Enterprise underwater in STID served NONE.
The Enterprise had no reason to be lurking underwater on a planet where the inhabitants would not have spotted them in orbit, and they also ran a greater risk of being seen when they emerged from the water (especially if they were just waiting near the shoreline. It was unneeded and foolish.

But, like most else in his ridiculous movie, it ‘looked cool.’

156. Keachick - September 8, 2013

From memory, I thought that the reason the Enterprise ended up being underwater was because the planet’s atmosphere did not allow for (safe) transporter beaming. It was explained but I can’t remember exactly what. Hopefully, the DVD/Blu-ray versions of the movie will be out here tomorrow, Tuesday, 10 September. If not, a week or two from now.

There is no way that transwarp beaming will make starships obsolete. It is just such an absurd conclusion that so many people manage to reach and then angrily call Bob and co. out for it…Duh

I am unhappy that Bob Orci had said goodbye, but I also find understandable. There is so much misrepresentation of a movie you have helped bring to the cinemas and noxious rubbish shoved your way that any one person can take.

What’s more, we are so lucky that we can go around saying *beep* off to all and sundry without having our outbursts quoted out of context and spread all over the internet. So sick of the bl**dy hypocrisy.

157. Garak's Pride - September 8, 2013

Hey Sebastian,

Then how come, given all the stress, engine issues, problems with the ship, etc. etc, we didn’t see one single instance of wormhole malfunctions, or even the terminology of wormholes being mentioned in any of the 79 TOS espisodes; nor in the mid-70’s TAS episodes?

I’ll answer this question for you. Because the decided to “invent this” for TMP because it was cool filler and filler and it added a bit more drama in a rather static part of the movie. And the idea that Spock was needed; well heck, what an insult to Scotty; so that seems artificial to me as well. Spock was there anyway because Vger was calling him, not because of warp engine problems.

158. ksmsscu - September 9, 2013

@147 — Marja, I’m glad you made your comment. Since 2009, overall, it’s been good to have Star Trek back. The first 10 minutes of 09 were thrilling; super action and great drama. It was fun to see a story of how the Big E’s crew all came together. I admired the authority and mentorship given to Christopher Pike. I, like many, thought DeForrest Kelley would have been very proud of Karl Urban. Naturally, there were some plot lines and scenes I didn’t appreciate as much. But a good start to this important revival.

I’m also a Trekker since 1966, and my family is just into its 3rd generation of fandom. We went to the fans’ special premiere of Into Darkness really hoping for a home run. I was truly disappointed in feeling those in charge of the film hit an infield single. Hey, that’s one guy’s opinion. Concerns I had from the first movie were magnified here. Look, we all know by now the criticisms and defenses and praises. There’s no need to restate them here, and to address your question, Marja, I think it would be really good if we all just agreed to disagree on STID. Every time some ancillary issue comes out (speculation on a new director, Blu-ray features), it’s an excuse to debate the film’s merits again endlessly, but moreso to unleash hurtful, even vicious attacks on each other or on The Powers That Be (I’ve fell into this trap as much as anyone).

Civil wars, as we know from our own history and from current events, are ugly, bloody, and end with huge resentments that last a very long time. Since May, we, the real fan community, have started down that road but we have time to stop. Democrats and Republicans can have very large policy differences, but can say “We’re all Americans and if we should find a middle ground, or at least agree to disagree, we’ll have done it peacefully.”

A lot of fans, myself included, state the real goal of the movies is to get Trek onto a new audience’s radar screen, in order to get the franchise back where it belongs, on television, and we all know how terrific TV can be these days with the right creative team and the backing of the right ‘network’. Paramount and CBS want to make good money and they have their game plans for our very favorite program. But certain franchises can become damaged goods and lose their attractiveness to Hollywood. If we agree to disagree on this film in particular, we won’t be guilty of helping put Star Trek in that dreaded category. LLAP, everybody.

159. Trekstruation_cycle - September 9, 2013

The only people who think this movie is great are the plants hired to troll this site by JJ and company.

160. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

#156. Keachick – September 8, 2013

Maybe they’ve introduced a new way of launching shuttle craft, but as far as I can tell it is far safer and more efficient to launch/land in the shuttle bay and transit to the atmosphere, to and from orbit than under water?

#157. Garak’s Pride – September 8, 2013

How would the idea of Spock being needed for Scotty to work out a solution be any more insulting than Mr. Spock telling him to “Cross circuit to B.” or “Reverse the polarity” of his magnetized tool? Which I seem to recall occurred fairly regularly in the series.

161. Sebastian - September 9, 2013


Garak’s pride~

Because these were supposed to be new and far more powerful engines, if you recall. Never tested. Hence… the wormhole.

162. Mad Mann - September 9, 2013

132. Curious Cadet

Yeah, I guess. They’re still getting some money. But I still refuse to buy one until they release a complete version. It could be a year or two, but I’m willing to wait.

163. TUP - September 9, 2013

If Paramount wants retail exclusives, so be it. But at least give us a definitive Blu-Ray with all the extras included, even if it’s $20 more. Because regardless of the “business” aspect, this is absolutely Paramount taking advantage of the loyalty of fans to buy every version.

I have multiple versions of Star Wars. No way am I going to buy three of four of the SAME STID just for the extras. Slap in the face.

Makes you wonder about the people in charge of Star Trek, to be honest. And keep in mind, I LOVED the movie

164. Hat Rick - September 9, 2013

Well, if one has multiple copies of SW movies, then that’s a bit of an incentive to have multiple copies of Trek movies as well, no? :-)

Anyway, I have all seven seasons of TNG in storage in their original boxes — this is the silver-boxed series on DVD. That’s seven sets of DVD’s. I’m very proud of my collection and some of the DVD boxes are pristine and unopened. This doesn’t mean I won’t buy a TNG retrospective DVD or special collection.

I’m guess I’m just that kind of fan. :-)

Also, I’m a bit embarassed by the fact that I haven’t given the same completist treatment to TOS. I only have one of the seasons!

Hope it comes out in Blu-ray as a special release.

I guess I’m not helping the cause of being against the lack of features on the STID Blu-ray. But what the hell. It’s a hobby. And what a nice one to have.

165. THX-1138 - September 9, 2013


Perhaps you could sell your computer and cancel your Internet account in order to defray some of these expenses?

166. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

Five people in the UK have an alternative method of acquisition with a unique extra:

167. Lifelongtrekfan101! - September 9, 2013

It may stink now, but you all know that the deleted scenes will be in some other big package down the road. And like most of you I will buy it also. I am planning on getting the movie just like I have with every season of every show including the animated version and every movie. Just about to update my movie collection to all Blu ray. This clearly a marketing ploy by Bad robot because everyone who loves Star Trek like I do will be getting the deleted scenes when they come out. I look forward to it. I guess I am a sucker.

168. Curious Cadet - September 9, 2013

@162. TUP,
“If Paramount wants retail exclusives, so be it. But at least give us a definitive Blu-Ray with all the extras included, even if it’s $20 more.”

My guess is that Paramount will do exactly this around the holidays, for well meaning family members to give as gifts. In this way they at least sell two copies, one retail exclusive, and the deluxe version, which will probably cost as much as two BluRay copies. So that’s basically 3 copies they will sell. Not bad.

169. Benjamin - September 9, 2013

I don’t know if it was posted somewhere else on the site, but ol’ R2D2 has been spotted into STID.

170. Keachick - September 9, 2013

#165 – Perhaps I could sell the computer if it were mine to sell, but it isn’t. You have little idea of my circumstances, but suffice it to say, that it were not for the financial assistance (and occasional gifts like a television set) from our family, when they are able, I doubt we would have much of anything.

If we were living in the US, it is more than likely that I and my family would be living in a trailer somewhere and referred to ever so *lovingly* as “white trailer trash” because whatever home and financial assets we might have had would have been swallowed by medical bills and what’s more, no medical ins-rance company wants to know about my husband…

Fortunately, we live in NZ, where more than 80 years ago, some (com)passionate and wise people had a notion of instituting/putting in place a comprehensive welfare/health care system that was available to all NZers, no matter who they were and what they could afford…I have nothing but awe and gratitude that we have this kind of “socialism” because I know what it has meant not only for me and mine but for so many other people as well. Long may this form of “socialism” reign.

Telling it like it is…

171. Disinvited - September 9, 2013


Doesn’t seem as if Target will be relying physical media for extras on new releases in a short while after that launches?

172. MC1701C - September 9, 2013

26. Once again, completely and utterly wrong. TWOK was, in fact, the first film on videotape priced at the “sell-through” price of $39.99. It did well enough that this became standard practice throughout the industry.

173. TUP - September 9, 2013

@164 – I have multiple copies of Star Wars because Lucas kept changing them. Stroke of genius really but we';re talking multiple releases over many years. And by multiple copies I mean VHS, DVD, Special Editions, Blu Ray. Not the same damn movie on three different Blu Rays at the same damn time just for the extras. That’s greedy and insulting in my opinion.

To be honest, it makes me want to not buy a copy at all right now and wait to see if they release a delux version. If all Trek fans flat out refused to buy any of the retail exclusive releases, it might make Paramount re-think. Then again, they’d claim it was a sign of franchise fatique and retire Star Trek again.

174. Sebastian - September 9, 2013

# 172 MC1701C

I remember that.

Of course, my family at the time had bought it on the ‘8 track’ of video; the CED videodisc. It was an old format that used needle & groove technology and played movies like a record. Skips and all. It was dreadful.

Later on, I bought TWOK on laserdisc (a substantial improvement), then on special edition DVD and (finally?) blu ray. Still have my DVD (it has features and scenes not on the blu ray), but I sold my laserdisc on ebay years ago.

No more chasing Khan for me thanks. Round the moons of Nibia, round the Antares maelstrom and round Perdition’s flames were enough for this old Trekkie….


175. Josh C. - September 9, 2013

oy, I like extras as much as anyone, but they’re called “extras” for a reason: because they’re, well, extra.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I may view extras the first time I load up the disc, but after that – I load the movie to watch the movie

176. seangh - September 10, 2013

@josh – totally agree. Extra bonus features are nice, but come on, it’s about the movie, not the extras. Amazing how people like to piss and moan about such trivial stuff.

177. USSEXETER - September 10, 2013

OK so I just got back from Target and bought the combo pack, Blue Ray + DVD + Digital copy. As someone who only has a DVD player (XBox) will this bonus disc for special features play in a DVD player as well as a Blure Ray? I could have got the made in Mexico plain DVD copy, but was really wanting the special features bonus disc too, hence why I bought the combo pack.

Just wondering if I made the right choice.

178. THX-1138 - September 10, 2013


I am an extra features junkie. When I buy a disc it’s because it is loaded up with all the extras.

I don’t buy a pizza that just comes with crust and sauce and if you want some other toppings you have to go elsewhere.

I don’t buy a new car that comes with seating and seat belts but if you want AC, stereo, and power steering and brakes you have to go to different dealerships.

I don’t go to a Tower of Power concert to hear just the rhythm section but if you want to hear the horns you have to go to a different club.

It makes sense that there would be different disc releases with different features. That makes sense for folks who just want the movie, or are more budget minded about their video purchases. But to break up the features and scatter them willie nilly to different stores and not have a definitive version available without having to make multiple trips and purchases is VERY consumer un-friendly.

So I will choose not to consume.

179. Spock's Bangs - September 10, 2013

Hot damn, I have the movie in hand! Don’t know beans about what extras it has or doesn’t have. All I know is I have the best movie off the summer in my hands ready to watch in the home theater tonight. Love this movie!

180. TigerClaw - September 10, 2013

Just got my copy of the 3D Blu-Ray version today. I used the download code to get the Itunes version since it has the commentary on it. The code also seems to work for the Ultraviolet version too. So I have both the Itunes and Ultraviolet digital download versions. :)

181. JimJ - September 10, 2013

Whiners, continue to whine, but MANY love this movie. I was born the same year as Star Trek and have been a die hard fan from the moment I remember watching TV. This movie ROCKS and I am gonna play that blu ray until it wears out, then buy another one!!!! Haters are gonna hate, because the movie that THEY love is perfect, ya know, unlike this Abrams thing. Star Trek is all about perfection, everything was just so perfect until Abrams and Company got ahold of it. Pathetic, I say again, are these haters.

My friends and I will relish in the greatness that is this movie. The highest grossing Star Trek movie worldwide ever. Oh yeah, I know….people will start shouting about inflation and the like. Hang on to your hate and watch Galaxy Quest (which I do enjoy, btw). Thank God it didn’t point out all of those perfections in Star Trek before Abrams & Co.. It would have been so boring if they made it like pre-Abrams.

182. Michael - September 10, 2013

Target Excl. Star Trek:Into Darkness Full Listing of Bonus Content


The Voyage Begins…Again
Creating The Red Planet
Rebuilding The Enterprise
Attack On Starfleet
The Klingon Home World
The Enemy Of My Enemy
Vengeance Of My Enemy
Ship To Ship
Mr. Spock And Mr. Spock
Kirk And Spock
Brawl By The Bay
Continuing The Mission
Visual Affection
Theatrical Trailers:
Trailer 2
Now can’t wait to get my Best Buy Canadian Excl. copy to watch even more featurettes!

183. Basement Blogger - September 10, 2013

I just bought the Blu-Ray-DVD-digital copy from Target. The Target special edition contains the extra features disc. and special box cover art. Plus I got 5 coupons for two dollars off on future Blu-Rays from Paramount. World War z, G.I. JOE; Retaliation, Pain and Gain, Hansel and Gretel, Jack Reacher. These are for Target stores. Hey, you didn’t expect Wal Mart and Warner Brothers coupons?

The price was 19.99. That ‘s the same that Amazon is charging for the combo pack. I’m not talking about the super duper one with a model phaser.

I’m a Best Buy guy but Target had the set up I wanted. No online features but an actual disc that won’t evaporate in the cloud. Again, I voice my complaint of dividing the features among multiple retailers.

184. Charla - September 10, 2013

I’m happy to say I have seen STID again!

Initially, I didn’t like that there were little extras on the discs, but just couldn’t wait until Target opened. I had to have it!! LOL I went to Walmart at 0005 and purchased the blu-ray there. I was sooo tired too. Not sure why I had to have it last night but just had to get it.

I watched the extra features that were on that set and was OK with the cost. Would it have been nice to have had as much as ’09 Trek had on it? Yes it would have, but those days are gone for all consumer goods not just movies and the bonus features that used to accompany them.

What is nice is that there are various price ranges at least so the buyer can opt to buy inexpensively and get the no-frills version, or they can go all out and purchase the phaser collectible 3D Blu-ray with some extra features. I really wanted the ship with the set at Walmart, but I also have to try to follow a budget so I passed on it for the meantime.

The important feature is there on them all, and that is the movie! :D The movie was even better on my TV I think than in the theater so I am loving it (and I seen it in IMAX 3D too) It still made me a little tearful too after seeing it 3 times in the theater! Anyway, hope that those who were upset will re-think their position and support Star Trek in the end.

PS. Be nice to Bob.

185. bob - September 10, 2013

i cant believe there’s no deleted scenes. huge letdown just to see “heres a set”. i saw the sets already

186. Thorny - September 10, 2013

I bought the Best Buy version. The extras use Best Buy’s CinemaNow service. My Sony Blu-Ray Player has CinemaNow access. I logged in, and CinemaNow tells me that my Blu-Ray player is not authorized to play the protected content.

I also downloaded the iTunes version and iTunes extras. Does anyone know if those are the same extras as the Best Buy / CinemaNow ripoff?

This was the last DVD/Blu-Ray I’ll ever buy from Best Buy.

187. BLA - September 10, 2013

I buy discs for the special features. I’ve already seen the movie, so it’s not worth it if that’s all I’m buying. I can watch it streaming if that’s all I want.
Shame Paramount has followed every other company and forgotten who pays their salaries. (Happy customers)

188. I am to Smurfy - September 10, 2013

I sucked it up and bought the Target exclusive ,downloaded the itunes version and bonus features and lo and behold the menu comes up on my pc but the commentary wont play
very aggrivated.
Anyone else having this issue?

189. Trekdinner Hildesheim - September 11, 2013

Deleted scenes are the creme de la creme of every Blu Ray or DVD. It is typical they do not share it. Making a secret out of everything. Especially this “secret making thing” was one reason for the partially failing success of the movie: If I would have known, it is a Khan movie for sure, before I went into the cinema, I would have been more “prepared” to see a Khan-movie. So I was sure it would certainly be “not one more revenge-movie” (Karl Urban), but – of course – Khan-movies are ALWAYS revenge-movies….

Well, back to the topic: I WANT DELETED SCENES!

190. star trackie - September 12, 2013

copied from another article, its good to read good news for a change, thanks Jason Medeiros for the info!

This is for you Bob Orci:

You would think the following would be big news on this site:

STID is currently sitting at #1, 2 and 18 ( various editions) for Blu Ray Sales in the U.S., when adjusted for worldwide sales, it sits at #1, 2, and 18 and worth noting ST09 has shot back up to #12 due to the popularity of STID ( ). STID is not only owning home video sales, it was also the #7 movie of 2013 ( ). Too bad Star Trek is “Broken” huh? It was doing WAY better than this before you guys came along. Sarcasm at maximum power Captain.

191. John"the wise"Rambo - September 12, 2013

Just watched the 3D Blu-Ray and it was AWESOME! This is definitely one of the best Star Trek Movies ever made!

BUT….. the german version is also missing the IMAX scenes:-(

192. mattheww - September 12, 2013

I won’t rehash all the plot holes etc. that others know far better than I do, but what I really dislike about both films is that they attempt to movitize resolutely television material.

It is seminal that Luke Skywalker is a seeming orphan with daddy issues; It’s important to know how Spiderman got his powers and what they mean to him.

But *none* of the “origin” material tacked onto the first film ever influences anything that comes later, or even informs character in any meaningful way. Pike says “good job” at the end. So what?

But fine, it took its time but it got them all to the Enterprise — so let the franchise begin!

After this brief whole-second-movie that is.

When they left on their five year mission at the end it felt like a slap in the face for being so promising and full of wonder. Why the hell didn’t they start there two movies ago?

193. Jim Nightshade - September 13, 2013

The walmart steelbook and vengeance ship is good….its a hot wheels version sturdy but smaller than i expected….i think i liked the st 09 jjprise dvd holder better….awww well….

the amazon phaser prop is big n heavy looks great hardly any moving parts…i think i might have liked a lighter elect light up phaser instead but still cool to look at….

194. Mikeee - September 13, 2013

Is the Digital Copy that comes with the Blu Ray combo pack an HD itunes download? I don’t want it if its not…

195. Curious Cadet - September 14, 2013

For anyone supporting the Abrams/Paramount cash grab, here’s a good article explaining just what extras you’re missing depending in which retailer exclusive version you chose to buy, or not to buy.

196. Curious Cadet - September 14, 2013

More re: iTunes audio commentary download.

197. Matt Wright - September 15, 2013

@ 196 – I have a link to that TrekCore article in the review.

198. Matt Wright - September 15, 2013

Apparently the “post-9/11 veterans dedication” has been removed from the end credits. No idea why.

199. Alex - September 15, 2013

Just got mine today. Standard version, no extra extras. Funny that most people say that they get the movie for the movie, not the extras. I completely agree. I would go for a special edition with extras over a vanilla every day, but picing different sets of extras? No way. That’s exactly what makes it all the more irritating: was Paramount’s marketing department hoping that they would sell more copys with that strategy? Nobody cares if they own the Best Buy or Target or whatever version. The whole stunt feels so utterly redundant to me.

200. Disinvited - September 15, 2013

#198. Matt Wright – September 15, 2013

If I recall it was a market specific dedication that wasn’t in every print distributed worldwide. I remember lamenting the lack of fortitude that factored in that choice.

201. Matt Wright - September 16, 2013

News of another deleted scene we won’t be seeing any time soon :(

There was a scene at the end of the movie, after the memorial service, in which Chris Pine (as Kirk) comes up to me and my daughter. He sees us, and my daughter is now healthy, with a full head of hair, and I thank him for his speech. He looks up at me and he knows who I am, and then he looks at my daughter, and they both have this moment where they know they share Khan’s blood. But it got cut.

202. Curious Cadet - September 17, 2013

@199. Alex,
“was Paramount’s marketing department hoping that they would sell more copys with that strategy?… The whole stunt feels so utterly redundant to me.”

Reminds me of the same flawed Paramount marketing stunt for the movie Clue which was equally as well organized and completely backfired.

This won’t impact their BluRay or DVD sales at all, but I doubt it will produce as many additional sales as somebody thought it would.

So who knows, since this was allegedly directly attributable to Abrams, and likely the only product marketing he had sole control over, it was probably his middle finger to the fans who slammed his movie, and were partly responsible for the reduced domestic box office numbers. Maybe he figures since the fans, who are the only ones who really care anything about the extras, skipped out on multiple viewings of the film; if they want to complete their Star Trek collection (which many compulsively do regardless of their feelings — and who doesn’t own Spock’s Brain?), then they will have to buy multiple copies. And if they don’t, who cares? Abrams has sent his message without losing anything more than he already has, and he’s on to Star Wars.

203. Pookiefreak - September 20, 2013

It has been sad to see old and new Trek fans devolve into hate-based dialogue at times over ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ since its theatrical release when, at its core, the true ‘villain’ behind everyone’s disgruntlement with the film – AND ITS HOME VIDEO RELEASE – is Viacom.

As noted in , “Paramount Pictures formerly owned the television production company Paramount Television, through which it produced and owned the Star Trek television series. In 2006, the former Viacom was split into two separate companies: CBS Corporation and a new Viacom. CBS Corporation was given ownership of Paramount Television, which was renamed CBS Paramount Television, currently known as CBS Television Studios, and thus gained ownership of the Star Trek franchise and TV series, while Paramount Pictures retained the rights to the Star Trek films through a license from CBS Television Studios.”

When this occurred, an immediate adversarial relationship was established between CBS Corporation’s ownership and exploitation of the STAR TREK TV series and the theatrical division’s efforts in the eventual 2009 reboot. JJ Abrams expressed his frustration about this when he gave up on trying to launch a new TREK series during the development and production of his first TREK film. Furthermore, the Paramount theatrical division immediately alienated the 2009 STAR TREK film from core Trek fans by turning their back on all major fan grass-roots conventions, telling the new Trek cast members they’d double any fee any cast member got to attend a convention to simply NOT attend. Only Zach Quinto was allowed to attend certain conventions, IF Leonard Nimoy was appearing, and he was on stage with him simultaneously.

Abrams grew frustrated with the fact that CBS Corp. wanted nothing to do with his new TREK feature in 2009, and that Paramount features was offering little support in terms of reaching out to fans to brand his new TREK. CBS Corp. dominates TREK merchandising as they control the licensing of all TV series, and TV licensing dominates that of the original 6 Trek films, and the 4 Next Gen films. STAR TREK was delayed from release at Christmas 2008 to the summer of 2009 as Abrams was struggling to get his film’s promotional and merchandising campaign to a proper fever pitch.

It never hit it.

With ‘Into Darkness,’ he faced the same obstacles. With the the Paramount Feature department offering little interest in creating a ‘bridge’ to CBS Corp., and their powerful STAR TREK merchandising machine and mastery of the convention circuit, Abrams and crew were left with just those in the Paramount Feature Division assigned to STAR TREK. And based on my sources, the Paramount Feature Division doesn’t care about STAR TREK anymore.

Abrams and crew made the STAR TREK they thought fans wanted, with an original take. As a STAR TREK fan, I initially hated it. I felt it undid everything accomplished in Abrams’ first and BRILLIANT ‘Star Trek’ film – one which I felt deserved a Best Picture Nomination in 2009.

But, my wife loves “Into Darkness.” And, I’ve found something very special in it. As a recovering alcoholic in AA, I’ve found it to contain incredible messages and lessons about accountability, the breaking of the ego, accepting responsibility, and learning that sometimes ‘The needs of the many out way the needs of the few, or the one.’ I have been using it with my Sponsees as a tool for those who are having a hard time letting go of their Ego and the thought that the rules the rest of the world live by do not apply to them – like Kirk in the film. And I’ve found it to be a good tool with many of them. To me, ‘Into Darkness’ is not a great STAR TREK film, but it’s a damn good film.

So, perhaps we Trek fans need to take a breath on ‘Into Darkness.’ We should remember the problem with Abrams’ STAR TREK reboots began in 2006 when Viacom FOOLISHLY took a multi-billion dollar asset and split it in half between two separate corporate divisions – forever guaranteeing the Hollywood egos who would run the separate divisions would inhibit, frustrate and severely challenge ANY attempt by ANY filmmaker to reboot STAR TREK on the big screen. The fact those running the Feature Department at Paramount could care less about STAR TREK has made it all the more worse for Abrams and company.

204. brett - October 2, 2013

if you really are intending to go guy extra copies of this movie because you know that some people are not going to buy the movie then you have got a really skewed idea of the world around you, hollywood, the movie industry, and marketing. this is not a charity or a game. some of these comments perplex the hell out of me.

buying this movie will not put trek back on tv. it will not bring in better writers. it will not change the studios opinion of their product. this is a summer action movie franchise. it exists to sell. not to be creative. not to help you. not to bring you things you like. it it here to put you in a seat once. to make money off of your recognition of the material they are updating/ ripping off/ paying homage to. these are the same people that are trying to make a viewmaster movie. its all about money. this has nothing to do with the integrity of anything.

you are not soldiers for a cause. you are consumers in the most basic form. no one cares why or how many copies of this movie that you buy. they are just adding up numbers.

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