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Happy 47th Star Trek! September 8, 2013

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Trek Franchise , trackback

It was on September 8th 1966 that Star Trek debuted on NBC in the U.S.A.
The episode chosen to be broadcast first was actually the fifth produced – “The Man Trap“.


Also, as commenters have pointed out, happy 40th anniversary to Star Trek: The Animated Series, serendipitously, it too debuted on September 8th in 1973

So fire up Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Star Trek.com, or your DVD or Blu-ray copy of TOS and celebrate!


1. Elias Javalis - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Harry Ballz - September 8, 2013


3. freezejeans - September 8, 2013

I grew up on TOS in the 70s, and that episode haunted my dreams for weeks. Still loving that series all these years later, how many of us did it inspire to study space or engineering and so forth?

4. James - September 8, 2013

Egad! It is the return of the number 47! It has come to merge with its creator, S’trek! X-D

5. MJ (The Original). - September 8, 2013

Matt, you may not have heard the news, but in an earlier thread, Curious Cadet made some rather astounding calculations and claims that make your article here invalid?

Yes, it is hard to believe, I realize, but using “Curious Cadet Math,” this year is actually the 49th birthday for Star Trek, and the 50th Anniversary Celebration will begin next year.

Sorry to inform you that you might be wrong with your dates, here. ;-)

6. dswynne - September 8, 2013

I’m going to celebrate by watching the streaming video of STiD…again! Yay!

7. I am to Smurfy - September 8, 2013

Sad to see my comment was deleted from when this article was taken down a bit ago after being posted a few mins before midnight :(

Oh well it was a nice birthday message.

8. Jim Nightshade - September 8, 2013

yah who is the decider…on when treks anniv. starts? first aired date should count or what about when the first pilot was completed…or even when forbidden planet was released haha….

9. Jim Nightshade - September 8, 2013

i remember we called that creature the salt vampire….really good startlingly scary costume….there was an awesome full size statue of that monster downstairs outside entrance to quarks bar at trek exp. in vegas….still havent been back to vegas since two weeks before they closed…there was a full size gorn statue right next to the salt monster too…hah we called the aliens in menagerie butt brains….talosians right? i forget…

10. Manuel Davidoff - September 8, 2013

still love TOS! This is Star Trek! Happy 47th aniverssary

11. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - September 8, 2013

Reading a couple of comments above, it’s like deja vu all over again ;-)

I’m reminded of all the ‘discussions’ at the time over whether 1 January 2000 or 1 January 2001 was the start of the 21st century…

Anyway, I’m happy to go with first US air date – Happy 47th birthday Star Trek!

12. Jim Nightshade - September 8, 2013

Happy bday trek….however…our fans seem to be the most divisive, rude, self centered, yes even hateful we have ever seen at this moment which does not bode well for future trek success imho….we must heal…..idic enjoy our differences…delight in them…after all that broken trek thread is quite entertaining hahhh…still gotta wonder wheres Anthony as his website is at the center of a gathering storm….

13. Optimistic Doodle - September 8, 2013

I remember growing up exploring the final frontier on ‘black & white’ telly. Yeah, those were the days…

Happy B, Star Trek. Live long and prosper!

14. Bob Tompkins - September 8, 2013

Fired up my BluRay copy of The Man Trap at 12:30 AM…… with the original FX.

15. Barney - September 8, 2013

So to many fans including the people that write articles on the site, Star Trek got a broken gift for its birthday with Into Darkness.

Just Kidding….

Happy 47th birthday star trek. may this franchise continue to live long and prosper.

Now if only we can get an original non revenge story for star trek 3 filled with humour, action, drama, romance, bromance, the enterprise crew been a family, good science, friendships, life, space exploring all in Star Trek 3 that will be the best gift to give Trek on its 50th birthday in 2016.

16. Optimistic Doodle - September 8, 2013

“[…] that will be the best gift to give Trek on its 50th birthday in 2016.”

Hey, what about a bold new television series or rollercoaster 50th Anniversary DVD/BR ;-)

17. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek. May you Live long and prosper.

18. The Keeper - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek!
May we see yet another 47 years of Trekkin…we just have to get pass the 50th Anniversary vomit drop that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be regurgitating and live thru more of Orci telling us to f^ck off.
Oh and I am sure Simple Peg will be chiming in, but hell he can easily be replaced as Scotty. That guy from the Futurama episode “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” would be great!
What’s his name, Welshie?


19. Elias Javalis - September 8, 2013

My first memory was in 1984-85, i was Five. I couldnt make out much. Just some Fellas with weird looking costumes..(thank God, Star Trek Re – runs hit the Greek TV at the time). That picture stays in my mind and in my heart ever since.. I may have to thank Star Wars for my entry to Sci – Fi world but Star Trek will always be the sensitive Child i will always adore!!

20. Hat Rick - September 8, 2013

Oh my God.

I’m listening to ST:TMP’s main fanfare and introduction, and all of a sudden, a moment ago, I decide to go to TrekMovie dot com, and here it is: A tribute.

There is a God — or at least, a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful serendity.

I cannot tell you how happy I feel …. This is Star Trek — as close to a religious experience I’ve had for months.

Thank the universe for such a thing.

Bob Orci, if reading this — forget the crap you get from a few fans here and there. And those fans who don’t like ST (2009) or STID — Live Long and Prosper to you as well. We’re all one family — the family of Star Trek fans.

To Star Trek and all its adherents — and to all the rest of humanity, the good, the bad, and indifferent: May you, somehow, some time, at some point in your lives, LL&P.

My best to all of you.

21. Hat Rick - September 8, 2013

^^ “Serendipity.” As corrected. ;-)

22. Mad Mann - September 8, 2013

I celebrated last night by watching “Errand of Mercy.” I needed to wind down after a grueling drive through the Bronx…Star Trek always puts me in a better mood.

Thanks, Star Trek! Here’s to 47 more!

23. Sebastian S. - September 8, 2013

A Happy Birthday to a show I’ll always love, even if I don’t love all of its offspring equally (or in the case of VGR or STID? Not at all).

Live long and prosper, Star Trek. May you weather your current storms and recapture your truer self someday….

24. Ensign Ricky - September 8, 2013

I am six weeks older than Trek. Turned 47 in July. Happy Birthday Star Trek!

25. crazydaystrom - September 8, 2013

47 years! Wow! I was there. Not for that very first broadcast but there that first season. ‘Charlie X’ was my introduction to this nearly five decade love. I was instantly hooked. None of the silliness of Lost in Space (which to, to be honest, I was a fan of) but science fiction with a seriousness I’d never seen before. I will never forget the thrill of discovering the show. Thank you Mr. Roddenberry.

And Happy Birthday Star Trek. I gotta admit you look pretty good for your age.

26. Temple Fugate - September 8, 2013

I’m a child of the 80’s, so I grew up with The Next Generation, but by the mid 90’s I had seen everything back to “The Cage” and I watched the new shows almost every week until the end of Enterprise. Star Trek is the closest thing I have to a religion besides my actual religion, and it has undeniably shaped me into the person I am today thanks to its inspiring ideals and its characters.

Which is exactly why, although I put it on a tall pedestal, I haven’t been terribly upset by the bad movies or the reboots. It’s a shame there are bad Trek movies, yes, but one important thing Trek taught me when I was very young was to see past the bad things. At the heart of every Trek movie and series (yes, even “The Final Frontier”) there is a positive message, and that message is all I need to know that something is “true” Star Trek.

Today I celebrate Gene Roddenberry’s accomplishments, and I celebrate Rick Berman’s and JJ Abrams’ accomplishments too, because thanks to all three of them the words “Star” and “Trek” are still on peoples’ lips and in fans’ hearts almost a half-century later, and have touched an incalculable number of lives in amazing ways.

So cheers to Star Trek and whatever form it may take in the years to come.


27. CmdrR - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Salt Vampire!

28. Ashley - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek! <3

29. Curious Cadet - September 8, 2013

It’s interesting that this episode was chosen to be broadcast first.

It features McCoy who in the first season wasn’t even given title billing. Was this to put Spock, a character NBC tried to eliminate from the first pilot, out of the initial spotlight? Nevertheless the episode focuses on McCoy and Kirk rather than Kirk and Spock. And Scotty is visibly absent.

It also features the alleged flirtation between Uhura and Spock that many suggest is the canon precedent for their relationship in the Abrams films.

Appropriately for the divisiveness STID has allegedly caused in the fan base, the premeire episode received negative reviews by the critics, notably Variety and TV Guide.

30. Ahmed - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek :)

31. Commodore Adams - September 8, 2013

Happy 47th Anniversary to Star Trek! Almost half a decade of fun, meaningful, intelligent entertainment, a hopeful view of humanities future, not something dark and grim or in a galaxy far far away. Thank you Gene Roddenberry for giving us a hopeful and optimistic view of the future. “The human adventure is just beginning.”

Im 30, so I could not be there from the beginning, but at 4 years old I was there for the beginning of TNG. I remember watching new episodes of TNG and reruns of TOS with my father since I was young, i’ve been hooked for 26 years.

I have been celebrating with a movie marathon for the anniversary as well as anticipation of the release of Into Darkness on Tuesday.

32. Trekman_dave - September 8, 2013

I missed it when she first launched – however quickly watching the re-runs and being able to see every incarnation from TOS – I have thought of ST as a fundamental part of my life.

Also as my birthday is 3 days later I have always had a great 3 day birthday celebration.

LLAP and let’s get rid of this silly arguing

33. AJ - September 8, 2013

Have a Happy, Star Trek!

34. Trek Lady - September 8, 2013

I am of the “first” generation Star Trek watchers. I enjoyed the first airing of the series while sitting on my father’s lap. I am not sure if my first memories of the show are from that time, or from the later re-broadcasts, but I do know my love of Trek was something I built with my father. Sometimes, when I was very good, I got to be the one to hold the television antenna in just the right spot to insure good reception – a slightly less grainy black and white image! Dad and I have attended every Trek film together since TMP. He is in his late 70’s now, and we have had a few health scares…but we still set a date for every Trek movie. We have dragged my mom to a few, and sometimes the rest of the family, but it is really “our” thing… Dad instilled in me a love of science fiction and space exploration. Thanks to him, I was a sci-fi buff from childhood. While my friends were reading Harlequin, I was reading Heinlein. I can recall attending some science-fiction conventions during my teen years, and being one of the only girls there –they guys weren’t always sure what to make of me. “Chicks” weren’t supposed to be into that stuff. Thankfully, things have changed and there are a lot more women into sci-fi these days so I no longer feel quite so exotic… LOL!

35. Aurore - September 8, 2013

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. It was love at first sight.


Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

36. Ahmed - September 8, 2013

@ 34. Aurore – September 8, 2013

“I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. It was love at first sight.


LOL, that is sweet :)

37. EM - September 8, 2013

I was 8 months and 4 days old on September 8th, 1966!
It’s been a Trekkieful life!

38. Lou - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek!

And thanks to all who continue to keep Gene’s vision alive.


39. Nomad - September 8, 2013

Always thought it a bit unfortunate that this episode was the one to lead. It’s not an ideal introduction. The overall tone is uncharacteristically morose, and the first scene of the film is of the crew beaming down, but we’ve had no introduction to them, the ship, or the concept of the transporter itself. Nothing has been established. The episode plays as if we’re supposed to be familiar with all that already. Little wonder that the reviewers were unimpressed, or that a large part of the potential audience failed to be hooked at this stage.”The Corbomite Maneuver’, which would have led if the visual effects had been ready, was designed as an introductory episode and works much better as one – defining the ship and its crew very well, along with the whole ethos of nonaggression and peaceful exploration under which it operates. It would have been a much stronger hook, which might have brought in better ratings and reviews from day one, leaving the show with fewer battles to fight later and perhaps even a full five year mission as originally planned. To quote the series’ final spoken line, ‘if only…’.

40. porthoses bitch - September 8, 2013

Let’s not forget a happy 40th bday to the animated series. Wwow 40 years…..born in ’58 Im a TOS kinda guy.

41. Hat Rick - September 8, 2013

47 is a good number for Trek, and in particular the TNG version of it, so maybe we will soon hear of a new Trek TV series. Or at least the official announcement of the third JJ Trek movie.

Can you imagine the excitement if CBS does announce a new Trek TV series?

TrekMovie might even have to change its name. Dibs on TrekTV.com! ;-)

42. I am not Herbert - September 8, 2013


43. crazydaystrom - September 8, 2013

@26. Temple Fugate –
“Today I celebrate Gene Roddenberry’s accomplishments, and I celebrate Rick Berman’s and JJ Abrams’ accomplishments too,…”

I’d have to add Mr. Harvey Bennett that list as well.

44. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 8, 2013

Same old Nancy!

45. Gary Neumann - September 8, 2013


46. Lemingsworth Bint - September 8, 2013

Let’s not forget the contributions of Fred Frieberger and Brannon Braga.

47. Jonboc - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday TOS!

Love Man Trap, it’s great Trek, but also has an almost weird “Outer Limits” vibe to it. In fact, I think I’ll watch it tonight.

I also would like to throw down some love for The Animated Series, which also premiered on this day, Sep. 8, 1973. Happy Birthday TAS!!

48. Rivas Jakarta - September 8, 2013

47! I won’t even point out the irony. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TREK!!!!

49. Commodore Adams - September 8, 2013

@ 34. Trek Lady

That is a great story, sounds very much like mine. I was 4 years old when TNG was released and would watch it and TOS reruns with my father. He got me hooked on Star Trek and its kinda been ‘our thing’ ever since. We have seen every movie in theatres together since Generations. We watched Star Trek so often my mother and sister developed an appreciation and respect for it, I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are fans but they watched it. I was surprised when my mother and sister both said that they wanted to see the 2009 movie as well as Into Darkness, they love my love for Star Trek lol.

3 more years and its the 50th blow out! Can’t wait!

50. admiral new dude - September 8, 2013

Yawn…this hasn’t aged well

51. Keachick - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Star Trek! Gosh, 47 years old today. Time flies when you’re having fun…:)

OT – 7 September was Alex Kurtzman’s 40th birthday. Hope you, Alex, had a great birthday and many happy returns. I look forward to seeing more good things from you and your writing mate, Bob.

52. Dave H. - September 8, 2013

MJ, that’s hilarious. Yes, I too remember those wack posts from Curious Cadet that were claiming the 50th Anniversary could be celebrated in 2014.

5. MJ (The Original). – September 8, 2013
Matt, you may not have heard the news, but in an earlier thread, Curious Cadet made some rather astounding calculations and claims that make your article here invalid?

Yes, it is hard to believe, I realize, but using “Curious Cadet Math,” this year is actually the 49th birthday for Star Trek, and the 50th Anniversary Celebration will begin next year.

Sorry to inform you that you might be wrong with your dates, here. ;-)

53. Matthew Briggs - September 8, 2013

Happy birthday my beloved Star Trek. May you keep boldly taking me to strange new worlds.

Pop there goes the cork on my Romulan ale

54. Curious Cadet - September 8, 2013

@39 Nomad,
“”The Corbomite Maneuver’, which would have led if the visual effects had been ready”

According to Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, “The Corbomite Maneuver” was not chosen because virtually all the action took place aboard the Enterprise.

55. Dr. Cheis - September 8, 2013

Always bugs me that they aired the episodes in semi-random order.

I’ve started going through and watching the episodes in order of Stardate, which is much more fun.

(Have to rely on production order or early draft Stardate when no Stardate is given.)

56. Mike Thompson UK - September 8, 2013

37 EM I was 8 months & 1 day

57. Nomad - September 8, 2013

53: That’s interesting – read the book but hadn’t remembered that bit.

58. Don - September 8, 2013

2013-1968=45, I’m unsure as to the mathfail going on here, Happy Birthday Star Trek, yay. But I was born in 1967, and I am quite sure that I am only 46 years old. I checked, did the math. Looked at my drivers license. Called my mother. The whole bit.

59. Matt Wright - September 8, 2013

Where do you get 1968? Start Trek debuted in 1966…

60. Jonboc - September 8, 2013

I’ve been with this site since the beginning…since Trek remastered was announced as was JJ’s new movie. It has been one wild, fun ride and I’m fond of many here and I thank you MJ and so many others for fun spirited discussion! But, the site has spiraled into such chaos and venom that I think I’ll cash in my chips as well.
You’ve done an great job Matt, in spite of the circumstances, but Orci is gone, MJ is out…I don’t have any desire to kick the sand in the sandbox anymore. Trekmovie used to have the inside track and it was a fun place to celebrate Star Trek. Today, on Star Trek’s birthday, I celebrate Star Trek by leaving this madness to the other inmates of the asylum. It was fun. But it’s not anymore. Stay well good people, and keep on Trekkin!! -John B.

61. Ahmed - September 8, 2013

William Shatner Celebrates Star Trek’s 47th Anniversary

On September 8, 1966, the first episode of Stark Trek aired on NBC. The iconic series has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks to a few new movies and stars like William Shatner and George Takei are still riding the success of the sci-fi program Shatner woke up this morning and sent out a quick birthday message to the landmark show.

Shatner writes: “Good morning and Happy Anniversary to a show I was fortunate enough to be a part of! @StarTrek”



62. Lostrod - September 8, 2013

Happy birthday, Star Trek!

I’m so glad I was there in front of our family’s new Zenith TV to watch that premier “brought to you in living color” episode by NBC.

Of course the night before I watched an episode of Lost in Space …

Miss those days.


63. Disinvited - September 8, 2013

FWIW Here in SoCal, the KTLA MORNING NEWS is now advertising a STAR TREK scoop for tomorrow morning’s show.

It may be as significant as:


or maybe something else. Keep watching the skies.

64. Lostrod - September 8, 2013

#5 MJ

I have limited time to browse through postings. So what is the miscalculation of math you are revering to?


65. Phil - September 8, 2013

Happy anniversary, Trek. Though I didn’t discover the show until the late 70’s (I’m 49, so even if I did see it the first time around, I probably would not have remembered much at the ripe old age of two), you have provided many years of enjoyment and taught me a few things along the way.

A little civility, please.

66. wi-kiry-lan - September 8, 2013

Pinning down the moment Trek died is a bit more complicated.

@60 Jonboc best wishes – commenting on web sites is just a relapse of a bad USENET habit for me.

67. Matt Wright - September 8, 2013

@ 64 – MJ is joking. It’s a sort of debate from another thread a while back. A small group think Trek’s birthday should be counted from 1964 (when The Cage was first filmed), not from 1966 when it was officially picked up by NBC.

68. Paul - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek, and remember Bob Orci is the decider!!!

69. Blue Thunder - September 8, 2013

Classic Star Trek episode written by famed science fiction writer George Clayton Johnson(who would write Logan’s Run in 1967)and guest starring Alfred Ryder and Michael Zaslow.

70. Nony - September 8, 2013

Happy 47th…I always thought it was cool that the first aired episode was such a McCoy-centric one (if you know me, you know I’m a Bones girl).

71. Jerry Modene - September 8, 2013

When did Trek die?

One could argue that TOS at least started to die when Paramount bought Desilu. I’m pretty sure the first episode with the Paramount logo was “Patterns of Force,” the Nazi episode.

But the remarkable thing is that as many times as Star Trek has been declared “dead”, it keeps coming back.

And thanks to the poster above who noted today’s 40th anniversary of TAS. For while I remember watching a few episodes of TOS when it was on (I was born in 1957), and the reruns on Channel 11 in St. Louis and Channel 2 in Oakland from 1969-73, it was with the debut of TAS on September 8, 1973 that I really was able to watch first-run Trek from the standpoint of a fan, having discovered Gerrold’s “World of Star Trek” earlier that year.

I’ve said this before, but for all the grief fans have given David over the years, he was a driving force in the creation of Star Trek fandom and the appreciation of all things Trek. Even JJ-Trek, which to this day I still have decidely mixed feelings about.

72. Markus McLaughlin (@MarkusMcLaughln) - September 8, 2013

3 Years From Now, I want to see a BRAND NEW TREK SERIES on NETFLIX or in Syndication! I grew up on TOS, TNG, and DS9! Those shows meant a lot to me. Enterprise was cool but it was NO TOS….

Long Live Trek! :D

73. Karen - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek! You inspired me to dream about a future where everyone was honored & respected for their ingenuity, natural talents and courage. I dared to dream & those dreams allowed me to meet & work with real astronauts and greet most of the cast from the original show. Thank you for making your fantasy world, a true life reality for me and, being my unseen friends and heroes. My tribute to you will always be to bring the dream forward and to encourage and inspire others to do the same, as you did for me. Thank you for the gift!

74. Gary 8.5 - September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek!
I still love you in all your forms, and I aways will.

75. Trekbilly - September 8, 2013

Why do people say ‘goodbye” here when they know they will just come back later…or under another name? LOL!!

76. Curious Cadet - September 8, 2013

@64. Lostrod,
“So what is the miscalculation of math you are revering to?”

This was a strawman debate stemming from a point I made that Trek technically could start celebrating the 50th anniversary as early as 2014 if they wanted to, basing it on The Cage which was produced in 1964. Nobody actually suggested the 50th anniversary should ever be in 2014, as far as I know.

The actual point that got railroaded by the usual suspects, was that the sequel to STID should be released in the Summer of 2015 as an early kick-off to the 50th anniversary in 2016 (at the time Star Wars still had a Summer 2015 release date, so if THEY could do it, why not Trek?), considering 4 years elapsed between the first two films, and it seemed imperative to get the next movie into the box office as soon as possible, rather than wait for Summer 2016 just to coincide with the actual 50th anniversary.

But that’s why we all love Trekmovie, no?

77. Li'l Shat - September 8, 2013

Happy birthday Star Trek!

I’m a Star Trek baby, having been born on Oct. 7, 1966. Some of my earliest and most vivid memories are of Star Trek on television. Quite frankly, it terrified me. But it also compelled me.

I’ve been watching Star Trek my entire life, in all its permutations. In my own way I love them all–including Abrams Trek–although of course I have favorites as well as those I enjoy less.

I hope that when I die, Star Trek will still be going strong. Happy birthday, Star Trek! And many more…

78. Sebastian - September 8, 2013

77. L’il Shat

Me too!

I was born the week “Balance Of Terror” premiered.

Not a good omen for my mother, I’m sure…. ;-D

79. K-7 - September 8, 2013


If I have some time tomorrow, I will look up the old posts on this, but Curious Cadet definitely posted something about justifying that they could do the 50th anniversary of 2015, since that was when they started working on The Cage.

And I regret to report, that Bob Orci has ended his involvement on this site. And shortly after that, MJ concurred with Bob, and he is gone for good now as well.

80. K-7 - September 8, 2013

Lostrod, I meant to say “2014” above, not “2015”.

81. thebiggfrogg - September 9, 2013

70. With you I am a Bones guy. Always my favorite–and it so happens that DeKelley in STIV scrubs just popped on my random desktop background.

Happy Birthday Trek from a second-gen Trekker (born six months after Trek premiered, and watched during the ’70s reruns–at least as far as I can remember).

82. thebiggfrogg - September 9, 2013

Born the day after “The Devil and the Dark” and 13 days before “Errand of Mercy”. Good company, I guess.

83. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

FWIW: I’m guessing KTLA’s scoop must be the Stewart Wedding:


84. Dggjag - September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek! I have loved you most of my life! Since the early seventies sitting on my Dad’s lap to watching Into Darkness with my own teenage children, it’s been a kick ass ride!! Thank you and live long and prosper!!

85. Hat Rick - September 9, 2013

I also want to “give a shout out,” as the kids say these days, to the fans who have produced some amazingly high quality productions out of sheer love for Trek.

Of course, there are the more famous live-action fan productions, including those with professional actors such as Messrs. Takei and Koenig, to name but two. But one of the more striking fan productions — emblematic of the variety of Trek fans and their talents — is a purely CGI production which may be accessed at YouTube under a search for “Star Trek vs. BSG HD,” which I first came across a few months ago. I thought it was a fantastic, 23 minute long contemplation of the common destiny of humanity against adversity, and an expression of humanism of which the creators of both SF series would be proud.

Trek is a universal trope by now — pun intended.

86. jas_montreal - September 9, 2013

love TOS soooooooooooooo much :)

87. Mark Lynch - September 9, 2013

Only three years until the next JJTOS film then?

It had better be mind blindingly good or I’ll…. I dunno what, but it`ll be bad I tells ya!

88. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - September 9, 2013

I’m not sure which thread to post this on – but here goes…

I was trawling the web and noticed that it has been announced that science fiction author A. C. Crispin has died. Trekkies will remember her for the novels Sarek, Yesterday’s Son and Time for Yesterday.

It seems so long ago that I read them, and enjoyed them greatly.

Here is the web site where I found the announcement

89. Curious Cadet - September 9, 2013

@64 Lostrod,

Comment #1049 is what started it all in case you are remotely interested.


90. emotionallylogical - September 9, 2013

Pretty special birthday considering how prominent the # 47 is in Star Trek. Happy Birthday!!!!

91. Hat Rick - September 9, 2013

I’m quite saddened to learn of the death of Ms. Crispin. Her works will be long remembered.

92. Gary 8.5 - September 9, 2013

Oh no, sad to hear that.
She brought me much joy over the years .
My condolences to her families and friends

93. trekologist - September 9, 2013

Keep Boldly Going!!

94. Nony - September 9, 2013

@88 ObsessiveStarTrekFan

How sad. :( I just came across her last message two days ago; I didn’t know she had already died. I haven’t read her Trek stuff but I remember reading her Han Solo books as a kid.

95. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

Bruce Greenwood will be live on KTLA’s morning show in this hour’s (9am Pacific) Entertainment Report in SoCal.


96. Marja - September 9, 2013


Trek inspired me so much in so many ways, from my choice of career [USCG – Semper Paratus!] to my hobbies, writing and drawing, and a long-time interest in costume design and drama. Thanks to all the wonderful talents involved, too many to mention all specifically, but especially Gene Roddenberry, Gene Coon, D.C. Fontana, Bob Justman, and William Ware Theiss – and of course OUR BELOVED CAST, Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly, Doohan, Nichols, Takei, Koenig, Barrett; every one of them has literally changed the world through their influence on the young.

For everyone who says Star Trek is silly, or a waste of time, I give you astronaut Mae Jemison [and remember Nichelle Nichols, who did much to promote the idea of women in space, not only by playing a role, but in her real-life actions] and two generations of other scientists, actors, artists and innovators. Our fandom is wide and varied.

Star Trek is beloved by peaceniks and military folk, by Lefties and Righties, by pilots and ground-dwellers, by sailors and landlubbers, by great intellects and the average.


Thank you all, Star Trek people, whether you sail on Earth or among the stars.


97. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

Hmmm….KTLA’s big scoop seems to have been that the movie drops on DVD/Blu-ray tomorrow and the movie’s great.

98. Curious Cadet - September 9, 2013

@96 Disinvited,

Sad the is will be Greenwood’s last association with Star Trek. Don’t suppose he mentions that, eh? Haha

But never say never. I remember a time when Nimoy said he would not be back, and the producers seemed to echo that sentiment.

There’s always the chance that Pike could be seen in flashback, or an illusion created by the Talosians, etc. There’s also the possibility that Pike was put into stasis, and upon the discovery of Dr. McCoy’s Khan blood serum, might have revived him too. Oh well. I suppose death is better than being immobilized in a wheelchair and communicating with a blinking light. Though I saw Stephen Hawking guest star on The Big Bang Theory and it was essentially that, so maybe an opportunity was missed here.

99. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

#97. Curious Cadet – September 9, 2013

They had a big spoiler warning for a clip that would have introduced that discussion but a technical snafu allowed Greenwood to skirt around mentioning it.

I get the good-natured intent in your mention of Hawking, but feel I must note that your apparent big swerving of the wheelchair around Data’s poker game might be mistaken by some as a purposeful and uncalled for knock of THE BIG BANG THEORY which has only been equally as loving in its jabs at Trek.

100. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

Doesn’t sound as if Z’s sequel is any further along than STID’s?


101. Basement Blogger - September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Star Trek!

So I’m watching an episode of Furturama called “Rebirth.” It celebrates the return of Futurama from cancellation. And I’m thinking, they brought back Family Guy and Futurama. You know where I’m going with this. What about Star Trek on TV? Yes, I know those two examples were cartoons and cost less to produce. But I argue that Star Trek has the more passionate and larger fan base.

Our leader, Anthony Pascale says Star Trek belongs on TV. He says it’s where more complex stories can be told. Link. And by the way, Anthony, we miss you. I hope you’re okay.

I agree with Anthony. Star Trek belongs to TV. So CBS, you own half of the CW. What do you say? Put Star Trek back on TV for the fiftieth anniversary.


102. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 9, 2013

I can’t imagine watching such an amazing futuristic show way back in the 60s!

And still, Star Trek TOS is way ahead of the times.

Thanks, Gene! Where ever you are!

103. The Sinfonian - September 9, 2013

The sequence with Captain Pike and Doc Boyce, filmed in Pike’s cabin was the first scene filmed, on November 27, 1964.
I choose to celebrate that date, primarily because I was born on that date. Cool knowing when I was born, quite literally, Star Trek was first being filmed…. My mom was a Shatnerphile, and the lady who founded the Nimoy Fan Club was just around the block… so my first 4 year old memories include Frank Gorshin half-white, half-black on the TV among other things!!
Sure, celebrating the first broadcast airing is a reasonable course to take; but some of us like 1964 for various reasons.
(PS, Jonboc… fare thee well… David a/k/a Daoud a/k/a The Sinfonian…. Been around since the beginning too, so I know what you mean.)

104. Sebastian - September 9, 2013

Speaking of Man Trap (specifically writer George Clayton Johnson) this summer, I won an autographed copy of “Seven for Space” in a trivia contest at Comic Con in San Diego. “Seven…” is a book written by Clayton’s Logan’s Run co-author, William F. Nolan. But when I opened the book, I was pleasantly surprised to see that BOTH authors had autographed the book! Very cool for me, as I’m also a “Logan’s Run” fan (the original book & movie).

So that, combined with my insane number of ST autographs collected at various conventions over the years, are a nice way for me to personally commemorate ST’s launch 47 years ago (!). Since I was born the year of ST’s debut, I’ve always felt a strong ‘kinship’ with the show; almost like the show and I have ‘grown up’ together.

Now we’re both middle aged, have been through a lot of changes, and we’ve both done a few things we’re not proud of… ;-)

Live long and prosper, Star Trek. May your best days lie ahead, and may the wind be forever at your back…

105. Disinvited - September 9, 2013

#103. The Sinfonian – September 9, 2013

Never have understood the cries of heresy and ridicule leveled against any not inclined to strictly adhere to the conventional view as to what to celebrate about Trek and when. For example, most businesses celebrate the day they got a customer to fork over their first dollar for their efforts and there’s sure been enough harping on Trek being a business in these parts for NBC’s first cancelled check for a pilot to be a valid date for celebration under that view. IDIC should compel a celebration of your right to do so, and to that end I say: Enjoy!

106. ksmsscu - September 9, 2013

“…all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.” The ship has been my very satisfying and I hope meaningful life to this day and it’s been steered significantly by the challenging and in-the-end optimistic view of Gene Roddenberry, the original cast and crew, and all of those who have labored mightily for the past 47 years bringing Star Trek to the world.

@62 Lostrod — We had much the same experience that special Thursday night, except my family’s new “living color” TV was an RCA! Proud to have been there with you in spirit!

@96 Marja — Thank you for writing a superb salute to Star Trek and all the inspiration it has given people across our planet for nearly 50 years (my career choice: USAF – Superiority Through Airpower).

Happy Birthday, Star Trek! The human adventure is just beginning.

107. The Chief - September 9, 2013

Everyone is so caught up in finding mistakes in the math of the original series’ debut anniversary they neglected to point out that while the Animated Series is INDEED 40 years old, it’s only because it actually debuted in 1973. The article says 1974 (which, if this was true and not the mere typo it actually is, would mean STTAS would be 39). Just sayin… while we’re all nitpickin!

108. Sarek66 - September 9, 2013

Happy 47th Birthday to Star Trek TOS and happy 40th birthday to Star Trek TAS. I have enjoyed Star Trek since the early 70s. I was born 3 weeks before the premiere of the original series. It has been one of my favorites for a very long time.

109. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 10, 2013

103. The Sinfonian

Happy Trek birthday to you too, Sinfonian!

110. Yanks - September 10, 2013

@ 107. The Chief – September 9, 2013

while we’re all nitpickin!

Really? Star Trek fans nitpickin?


111. Marja - September 10, 2013

98 Curious, O how I wish they could/would bring back Pike. I LOVE BRUCE GREENWOOD’S PIKE.

Please Bob, if you’re lurking, please find a way to bring him back … pretty please?

112. Lostrod - September 10, 2013

Ok. This is me. Someone who has watched Star Trek from the beginning . I’m sorry if the new “stewards of Satr Trek” have a problem if some of us who have issues with the direction of the franchise.

All I know is that I don’t have time to defend my concept of Star Trek with JJ , or boborci or etc..

I’ve stuck around through thick and thin. This is a bit thin because I don’t see a lot of real diistinction in ST these days. All this bickering back and forth between old and new is odd at this point.

All i’m asking for is civility and respect for why we are here today.
My issue is not with Nutrek establishing with the timeline. Itself with simple logic isssues and science gaffes that district with ST.

Oh we’ll. too tired to argue. I have to be at work at the break of dawn in the morning …


113. Marja - September 11, 2013

112 Lostrod, Those of us who like all iterations are definitely not blind to the flaws of the new.

But plot holes are nothing new to Star Trek … nor is bad science.

What *is* new, to my distress, is the emphasis on violence and destruction.

114. Mr.Regular - September 11, 2013

I had just downloaded into this human experience three months prior (ok, I was “born” three months before) the debut of the program that has been the backbone of my life. My mom and dad watched the shows as they were first being broadcast and although I can’t remember them from that time I am certain based on my mom’s word that I must have been watching, too.

VERY GRATEFUL to Gene Roddenberry and the original cast and crew and all of the rest who came after for creating many, many magical moments.

Hoping for many more adventures to come and even the return of Bruce Greenwood’s “Pike” as a source of wise counsel from time to time.


115. Dep1701 - September 15, 2013

I’m just sorry that so much disrespect and venom has been spewed at Bob Orci here. The fact that someone actually involved with the new films who bothered to check in with this site felt so unwelcome that he decided to leave is a sad statement on Trek fans in general.

I seem to remember a time ( long before internet anonymity gave carte blanche to rude and hurtful behavior ) when Trek fans were a somewhat more welcoming and civil group. Perhaps this is because more often you had to actually face the individual you disagreed with in person.

I wonder what nastiness would have been posted towards Bill Shatner if the internet and sites like this had been widely available in 1989?

Kirk: “Courtesy is for everybody, around here…”

Happy Birthday Trek. May your dream of IDIC come true sooner than later.

116. Disinvited - September 15, 2013

#115. Dep1701 – September 15, 2013

I’m uncertain of this “respectful” tone of which you speak? It seems to be a nostalgic yearning implying that the death threats the director and producers of STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN received were somehow more polite, respectful and genteel than the critical words hurled at Orci because the World Wide Web didn’t exist?

117. Disinvited - September 15, 2013

FWIW: I recall that the tone of early Trek discussions in the olden days took a marked turn once one of Trek’s other writers, and an award winning one at that, one Harlan Ellison, took to using his considerable wordsmithing skills to “tell it like it is” and take Trek to task laced with colorful metaphors when “trekkies” just plain didn’t comprehend his points.

Ellison was such a master of the put down when he perceived he was in the presence mindless drones that it influenced the timbre of Trek discussions from that point forward.

118. Adam Bomb 1701 - September 27, 2013

I guess I’m the old man around here. I was born in 1954, and was 12 when “Trek” premiered. I was in seventh grade, and a classmate kept urging me to watch this new series called “Star Trek”. So, one Thursday, I caved. I couldn’t understand why there were not one, but two guys with pointed ears prominently featured (the episode, of course, was “Balance of Terror”). I sort of blew the series off, but came back for the repeats that summer. And was hooked, especially since the episode that grabbed me was “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”. I got my parents to let me stay up late on Fridays during the third season. By the way, I lost touch with my classmate after graduation. Which as just as well; despite turning me on to “Trek”, he turned out to be a real pinhead.

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