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J.J. Abrams endorses Rupert Wyatt for Star Trek 3 director – still nothing official September 12, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Rumor,Star Trek Beyond , trackback

While still nothing official has been announced about the next director for the 3rd Bad Robot Star Trek movie, the website HitFix caught up with J.J. Abrams during the home video release celebration of Into Darkness. They asked him about the rumor that Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) was being considered, and the status of any pre-production progress on the 3rd movie.



On Rupert Wyatt:

He’s incredibly talented, and we’d be lucky to have someone as talented as Rupert. But there are things we’re focusing on right now before the director, which is just sort of the fundamentals of where the story is gonna go.


On the status of Trek 3:

It’s too early to talk about details, but there have been a lot of really exciting ideas about what comes next.

On producing Trek 3:

I plan to be involved in the story and producing the film and I feel very blessed to be involved at all.



1. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

Wyatt would be good. Fortunately for Star Trek, Orci and the rest of the folks who made the last two movies should be sticking around.

2. Britan - September 12, 2013

I am glad these guys are making these movies. Trek for a new generation. I think they take far too much criticism. I love these new movies.

3. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

Agreed. I don’t imagine it keeps them up at night. LOL

4. CoolPT - September 12, 2013

They need to get it (Star Trek) BACK to the prime timeline in the next movie. I would have really enjoyed seeing the prime characters in the academy. The story arc should incorporate both timelines, maybe have Prime Spock trying to return to his time and something gets fouled up and both exist for a short time. Wouldn’t it be an iconic moment to have Shatner and Pine look in each others eyes for a moment in time? THAT would be a movie worth seeing!!

5. BatlethInTheGroin - September 12, 2013

#4: No.

6. BatlethInTheGroin - September 12, 2013

What you’ve just described is a cheap, gimmicky, groan-worthy X-men plot.

7. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

No more prime timeline. Don’t even want to see Nimoy again. Let it go.

8. Phil - September 12, 2013

@4. Not only no, but hell no!

9. Optimistic Doodle - September 12, 2013

Yes, love movies. But what lies beyond Star Trek 3? THAT’s the question …

Still early days though.

10. MJB - September 12, 2013


11. Phil - September 12, 2013

Lets see…… ‘we’d be lucky…”, “it’s to early…”, “I plan to be….”……

Loose translation: Nothing is being done at this point, except chatting up a few talking points over pizza and beer.

12. Platitude - September 12, 2013

Wyatt would be a great choice.

Still think they should bring in Ron Moore to help write.

13. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

How many posts away are we from someone seriously proposing that they bring 67 year-old Nicholas Meyer out of retirement to work on this? LOL

14. David Oakes - September 12, 2013

It’s the five year mission. I want some black hole or voyage to the end of the universe or some area of space where logic does not function and they have to work out how to escape where traditional methods won’t work & it’s all about figuring out the physics and logic of this weird phenomenon.

Just NO Villain this time. And no canon references. Make something truly original. The 3rd film will be make or break. I’ll love it whatever it is but no more referencing the past.

15. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

@ 12. Platitude – September 12, 2013

“Wyatt would be a great choice.
Still think they should bring in Ron Moore to help write.”

Agree. Ron Moore should be called in to help Bob & Alex. Not sure if I like the idea that Abrams will be involved in the story as well. He should leaves that to the writers & whoever is going to direct the movie.

16. Phil - September 12, 2013

@12. Oh, so you are on board for a reboot of Generations? John Logan was nominated for an Academy Award, that’s no guarantee of success, either.

17. Marja - September 12, 2013

4 CoolPT, Gosh no, I couldn’t disagree more. We need room for new stories and a new dynamic for Starfleet. I think the shake-up after Marcus goes would provide many interesting storylines.

I just feel like the Prime timeline’s been done to DEATH. We hopped backward in time for “Enterprise” – good series that didn’t get its due – and forward in time for ST:TNG, DS9 and Voyager. I don’t want to go 200 years farther into the future – imagine the sets and technology? I can’t. Having it farther in the future than TOS is problematic as it is.

18. Marja - September 12, 2013

11 Phil, Yep, sounds like the same kind of messing about they did before the thoughtfully considered, “not-rushed” STiD was scripted and began shooting [sarcasm].


13 Dennis Bailey, hahaha! They’ll be jumping on the bandwagon anytime now :p … Nick Meyer, Shatner, more Nimoy … I just feel like folks need to move on. Ron Moore or a Sci-Fi writer would be a great addition to the writing staff [as long as we don’t get all that “honorable Klingon warriors” stuff. It was already tiresome by TNG Season 4.

19. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

They’re not going to do a movie without an actual character as the villain.

20. CaesarGJ - September 12, 2013

#1: I think you meant UNfortunately.

21. Marcus - September 12, 2013

@ 4 CoolPT,

I agree. According to what I understand, JJ and company only have a contract to do three films. Once JJ gets further into the “Star Wars” universe, I personally believe he will just move onto other things.

22. Trekboi - September 12, 2013

Some suggestions For Star Trek XIII…

Final Fronteir
Strange New Worlds
New Life
New Civilisations
Sound familiar?

On a Real budget!
The sahame about the last 2 films, they had big budgets & big action but barely saw another planet was all earth & gun fights

23. NuTrek is great! - September 12, 2013

To Bob, Alex, JJ and Bryan – Solid choice for a director.

With regards to the new movie: please DON’T turn it into Star TrekWars.

Star Wars is endless conflict (given the name). Star Trek is exploration, of the human condition and the unknown.

If you’re going with the Klingon war prospect, how about a triple threat of Kor, Koloth and Kang? Three ships plus the Enterprise. Dare I ask, have an away mission to a damaged Fed ship where Sulu assumes temporary command.

But don’t do the “one of the Klingons” turns evil/betrays nonsense. Make this about the Feds and Klingons finding themselves forced to work together — and fighting alongside each other. And when it means doom for both sides, the Organians step in. Both sides stay war free, although still somewhat distrustful.

I don’t want to see shoot em up Trek.

Get back to the Grand Adventure.

24. Freman - September 12, 2013

After 3 they should do a TV series set in the nuTrek verse, with a new crew. And they could use it to have guest stars from the Prime verse every once in a while.

25. Marcus - September 12, 2013

If they do go back to the prime universe, the next film should be called “Star Trek XI”. I think JJ’s mirror universe needs to stand alone.

26. Trekboi - September 12, 2013

They got away with earth in the first film where they were putting the crew together but didn’t fullfill the promise of the first film & go out exploring
Instead straight back to earth (to appeal to the forign market)

Don’t forget the third Vengefull Villan in a big Black Ship in a row- Ughh

Is that too much to ask for $150-190 Million budgets?

27. njdss4 - September 12, 2013

Now if only we were getting news that the writers were leaving, too, I’d be much happier.

I wonder how much control the writers had over how shallow New-Trek has been. I guess we’ll find out when Trek 3 comes out since it doesn’t seem like the writers are going anywhere.

28. Trekboi - September 12, 2013


29. Matt Wright - September 12, 2013

@ 27 – Writers were already confirmed as being Orci and Kurtzman.

30. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

#20: “I think you meant UNfortunately.”

Clearly, some obscure use of the word “think” that I was previously unfamiliar with.

Uh-uh. Try again.

31. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

@ 11. Phil – September 12, 2013

“Lets see…… ‘we’d be lucky…”, “it’s to early…”, “I plan to be….”……
Loose translation: Nothing is being done at this point, except chatting up a few talking points over pizza and beer.”

Hopefully it won’t take them another FOUR YEARS to finish the movie.

@ 18. Marja – September 12, 2013

“11 Phil, Yep, sounds like the same kind of messing about they did before the thoughtfully considered, “not-rushed” STiD was scripted and began shooting [sarcasm].


YES, I really hope that Lindelof will have ZERO input in this process.

32. MJB - September 12, 2013

@11. Phil

Yum! Pizza and cold beer sounds good right about now!

33. sean - September 12, 2013

I’m still holding out for Brad Bird, but this would not be a bad alternative.

34. Stargazer54 - September 12, 2013

Agreed . . . new story, new situation. We’re finally starting the 5 year mission. Kirk’s the youngest captain in the fleet. No mentor to fall back on. He’s on his own far from Earth and Starfleet. Adherence to the prime directive is about to be tested.

As far as the haters . . . the “old ones” (and you know who you are) who are on board are eager for more. Those that aren’t . . . then so be it. Let’s just get on with it and make the third in the series original with no references to the past. Been there, done that.

35. James - September 12, 2013

Loved ST09, adored STID and cant wait to see what they come up with for the third one. This is a golden age of critical and commercial success for Star Trek – lets hope it results in a new TV show.

LL&P Star Trek

Sorry poster number 4, but add me to the ‘hell no’ brigade

36. Danpaine - September 12, 2013

I think it’s a safe bet we’ll never see the Prime Universe again, at least in the movies, especially from this crew. And as much as I grew up with and loved it myself, I have to agree with keeping it in the Alt. timeline. And for God’s sake, don’t include “Khan” in it again. Or whoever he was.

37. Commodore Adams - September 12, 2013

I’ve already watched Into Darkness twice since I purchased it, I love the new movies. I am glad everyone from the previous 2 movies will be involved with the 3rd.

With regards to the prime universe, its never gone, just like the mirror universe is always there. I have a feeling a new TV show will still take place in the prime universe because a lot will change. Undoubtably after the Dominion War, Bajor and the Cardassian Union have joined the Federation, with the Federation helping with resources to rebuild Cardassia. With Rom as the new Grand Nagus and the reforms on Ferenginar, you have to assume that they also end up joining the Federation. Who wouldn’t love to see Cardassians and Ferengi in Starfleet uniforms. With Martok as head of the council, I have a feeding ties between the Federation and Klingon Empire are stronger than they have ever been. This is assuming we continue in the prime timeline.

I don’t feel that all Star Trek movies and TV shows from here on in have to be in the alternate universe. The alternate universe was a nice vacation for Star Trek to step into something and take a change, try something new and learn something.

There is no reason that a new TV in the prime universe cannot be as badass as the movies yet continue on with tradition. I’ve said this before and ill say it again, a new Star Trek TV show should take place 100-200 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis with the TV show taking concepts, ideas from previous Star Trek, the new movies, and a littles show from Ron Moore called Battlestar Galactica.

38. THX-1138 - September 12, 2013

I wish to ask this question:

Why the strong feelings from some of you that Star Trek be forever finished with the Prime Universe? I’m not saying that that AU set up by JJ and company needs to be “reset”or anything, just why does the original time line (or what-have-you) have to be done away with?

My personal wish is that Star Trek returns to TV and that it takes place a long time after Nemesis in the Prime Universe. I would prefer a new Enterprise and crew but that isn’t imperative to me.

I understand the original concept that JJ and Orci and the rest had for the AU and it being something to free them from 40+ years of canon and such but I don’t see why that would have to be the case for a Star Trek series set 100-200-300 years past Voyager. I’d personally like to see where man has advanced (or not) and what the current state of the Federation and Starfleet is.

As for the possible new director, I don’t know enough about him. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a good movie but not anything to me that was ground-breaking or amazing from a directorial point of view. It appeared to be a well managed production so that’s good.

39. THX-1138 - September 12, 2013

#37 Commodore Adams

You, sir, are obviously a man of high intelligence and uncompromising good taste.

Either that or the Force is strong with the both of us.

Or maybe all of the above.

40. Phil 2 - September 12, 2013

It is time for someone NEW. The whole idea about going back in time to erase everything was to do something NEW not a rehash.

STID was a piss poor Star Trek II wanna be and I don’t appreciate being told to “F” off by cast and the writers. People who were NEVER fans in the first place.

Something original or get out!

41. Phil - September 12, 2013

I am number 8 and 11. Number 40 is someone else.

42. Keachick - September 12, 2013

Phil – only ONE (1) writer told ONE (1) person to “F off” and only ONE (1) cast member told ONE (1) small group of people to “F off”.

None of the writers or cast have ever told me to “F off”.

Just saying…this is no time to exaggerate or misrepresent the two actual events that took place.

Please – just stop.

43. Keachick - September 12, 2013

Oh, I see. So there is a imposter here now.

Too sad.

44. rogerachong - September 12, 2013

Opening Prologue Scene: Nurse Christine Chapel is discovered on a distant planet with scientist boyfriend Roger Corby gone mad and sends Ruk on the attack. Kirk Fu and Spock Mind Meld attacks ensue as Chapel is heroically rescued!!

Roll title” Star Trek Ruks” or “Star Trek Rules”or “Star Trek Games” You know that they hate Colons and boborci removed all the colons on his PC and IPad.

The Klingons take Ruk’s body to build their own fighting androids unknown to the Enterprise crew. Later as Kang, Kor and Koloth engage the Enterprise the angry Ruk android defeats the Klingons as the Enterprise gets their butts kicked. Nurse Chapel then pleads with him not to destroy the Enterprise, (weep, weep) Afterwards Spock and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson defeats a cadre of cloned Ruks to save wimpy Kirk’s life. THE END.

45. Matt Wright - September 12, 2013

I wouldn’t say an imposter, which implies purposeful misconduct, just someone who used the display name Phil. I have changed the name on the comment to Phil 2.

46. LLAP - September 12, 2013

Can we get some new writers as well, especially after Orci’s recent tantrum that pissed off a lot of Trek fans?

47. Phil - September 12, 2013

@44. Dooooo you smellllllll what the Ruk is cooking?

I foresee an Oscar here.

48. THX-1138 - September 12, 2013

@ Phil


49. Disinvited - September 12, 2013

#17. Marja – September 12, 2013

We are so compatico that hope you can forgive me this, but whenever I hear a fan declare that some “universe” has been “done to death” I hear the Animaniacs singing IT’S A GREAT BIG UNIVERSE.

I mean, how could the Prime universe be over? As best I recall they haven’t even visited another (unparalleled) galaxy yet? Do you have any idea of how many galaxies there are that don’t even resemble ours in the slightest manner whatsoever? The Kelvans (sic) hinted that intergalactic travel is within Federation capability. And I’m very curious as to whether or not Kirk gave them a better deal than he did Khan? A Federation Intergalactic ship using reconstitutable dodecahedrons(?) instead of suspended animation chambers…

50. The1701 - September 12, 2013

Ronnald D Moore would be a brilliant addition to the writing staff and why not make him executive producer too?

All sounds really promising I think.

51. THX-1138 - September 12, 2013

@ 49 Disinvited

Starfleet Officers! Just add…umm….Just press the button!

52. Phil - September 12, 2013


But wait. Board the starship in the next ten minutes and we’ll double the offer! Just pay extra shipping and handling….

I’ll save you the trouble of replying. GROAN!

53. Bob Tompkins - September 12, 2013

Tongue Firmly in Cheek Department:
With the release of Star Trek into Darkness on BluRay and iTunes last Tuesday, work begins in earnest on Star Trek III. The plot details that have leaked thus far:
Star Trek III finds the intrepid crew of the Enterprise battling Klingons over a super powerful terraforming/life creation device so they can grow humpback whales in order to satisfy an alien probe. They get the weapon, but realize it doesn’t work as advertised, so they use a map to the planet at The Center of the Universe where they hope to find God, who can surely whip them up some humpback whales. Unfortunately, it turns out that this place is not The Center of the Universe, which is actually at a street corner in Wallace, idaho, USA and the being there is not God at all, merely Q on vacation.
They do convince Q, however , that he is the only being powerful enough to stop renegade Klingons from upsetting a peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Oh, and could he whip up some humpback whales while he is in a helpful mood?. Q surprises everyone by telling them he isn’t Q at all, but Trelayne, Q’s cousin.
MischevousTrelayne whips up some humpbacked people who invite the Entity to come and live with them at the Old Folk’s Home in Wallace idaho, which is all that The Entity was looking for anyway. Screw the whales. The Entity lives out its days as a leaky oil barrel at the facility and the Enterprise goes off in search of new adventures. Really new adventures.
This way, they get all of the ripping off of previous Star Trek movies done in one fell swoop, leaving Star Trek IV forced to find something original.
By the way, this production group’s contracts expire with the delivery of Star Trek III.

54. Bob Tompkins - September 12, 2013

27- That would only serve to move everything even further away from Gene Roddenberry’s vision, making it even less like Star Trek than it already is.

55. The Keeper - September 12, 2013

Excited that Rupert Wyatt is a contender for directing the 3rd Star Trek film….not so excited that Orci and Kurtzman will be writing.

I fear another self indulgent lying session by Orci and Kurtzman for the next few years as the film is being made, trying to deceive us once again by returning to a Khan vs. Klingon vs. Federation story line they wish to finish.

To Boldly Go Where They Don’t Need To Go….
At least we have a cast of fine actors.

56. Disinvited - September 12, 2013

#50. THX-1138 – September 12, 2013

Glad you picked up that while I was serious about the galaxies, that I was merely toying with the Kelvans.

57. poesterdad - September 12, 2013

At the end of Into Darkness it was said “to boldly go where no one has gone before” … So do it… Take it someplace its never been.

58. VulcanFilmCritic - September 12, 2013

@13 Dennis Bailey. About 39 or 40. Hey, 67 is not that old for a director!

As for Star Trek III. Can we lighten it up for a change of pace? We’ve destroyed Vulcan, killed Spock’s mother, killed Captain Pike, killed Kirk (but revived him), and unleashed Khannnnnnn!
Isn’t it time for a clever and at least in part more humorous script like Star Trek IV? (I am not a fan of STIV; I thought the whole save-the-whales thing was a bit too cutesy-pootsie.)
Can we have the crew at least have some real dialogue together? Can we have some character development? Hopefully, without resorting to cliche? The whole Spock-Uhura romance has just descended into sit-com schtick. It’s making me nauseous. Why even bother hiring an actor like Zachary Quinto when there’s Ashton Kutcher?
In sum and in short: I don’t want “dark” space opera and magic plot devices. I want beautiful, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and a little heart warming science fiction.
The 50th anniversary of Star Trek deserves no less.

59. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

I don’t want to see Earth again. Time to move on & go to new planets. No Klingon, Romulan or Vulcan. Come up with a new race that we never encountered before.

And enough with the revenge plot, it is really ridiculous & boring as well to keep doing that.

60. Rick - September 12, 2013

Bring back everybody : Shatner, Nimoy, Takei, Koenig, Nichols . It will be the 50th anniversary. They deserve at least a cameo.

61. THX-1138 - September 12, 2013

#52 Bob Tompkins

OK, how the heck do you know about Wallace ID and it’s being the center of the universe? When I was in school (college) I knew of a couple places that were the center of….something.

Ever hear of the U and I or the Oasis?

62. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

Trek writer reveals how close Khan came to not being in Into Darkness.

Did you know that Khan was almost not Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness?
That’s what Roberto Orci revealed.

In an interview with 1701 News, the Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer talked about Benedict Cumberbatch’s big bad villain who almost wasn’t Khan Noonien Singh. Let’s call him … John Harrison.

“Khan was in our mind. When we were doing the ’09 one (‘Star Trek’), we can’t help but fantasize about a sequel, like W.O.K. — the Wrath of Kirk.”

Orci revealed that he and Alex Kurtzman almost had the Botany Bay (Khan’s ship) being discovered at the end of 2009’s Star Trek. (Which obviously didn’t happen.)

In the interview, Orci apparently stated that Khan was a villain he’d wanted to explore from the get-go (which is strange, since he’d already strongly argued against having Khan as the movie’s big bad), but it wasn’t always that way.

“We started with Khan, went away from Khan, and then went back to him,” Bob Orci said.



63. THX-1138 - September 12, 2013

#51 Phil

Groaning is not a bother to me. Just ask our fellow posters here.

#55 Disinvited

Well what little boy hasn’t gazed up at the stars and dreamed of being an un-reconstituted starship captain.

64. NuFan - September 12, 2013

The prime universe is a poo-poo stinky universe that died of boredom.

65. Martin - September 12, 2013


Opening 20 mins; birth of the borg

a primitive alien civilasation gets infected and transformed into drones, meanwhile hundreds of years later the borg wipeout and assimilate an alien race in the delta quadrant before they detect a powerful energy sorce from light years away ‘the narada attacks the uss kelvin’ star trek 2009, and sets a course traveling to the alpha quadrant the borg half way find a borg subspace transmission ‘star trek enterprise regeneration’ find info on technology from the future. report there findings back to the collective.

Beginning and middle

the kilingons attack the federation.
with guests from enterprise admiral archer ‘clashing with scotty’ and granny tpol ‘assuming she survived the destruction of vulcan’.


the borg attack the Klingons and the federation in 23rd century as the borg are really powerful kirk wakes khan and his crew to help ‘khan could snap a borg with his own bear hands and immune to assimilation’
the borg open a temporal rift to the 24th century prime timeline while the uss enterprise follows them in its wake ‘with great battles with uss titan,voyager,enterprise e and defiant and many more use the nano virus against the borg.

A great way to celebrate the 50TH ANIVERSARY in style with a reunion from all 5 star trek series.

If you read all of this Many thanks please give feedback and let me know what you think.


66. Phil - September 12, 2013

@62. No. Hell no.

67. Marcus - September 12, 2013

@62. Martin,

Within one of the episodes of “Voyager”, quite possibly mentioned in “Star Trek: First Contact”, the Borg queen mentions that the original species was once humanoid. If you think about the nano probes as an advanced technology, the first species to be affected would have warp capability.

68. Jake Sisko - September 12, 2013

@62 They are not going to do the Borg. If they did that means that they have officially run out of ideas. I would not mean seeing an exploration film with the traditional alien threat but no Borg.

The Borg has been done and even though its a new timeline the Borg will not show up until the 24th century. That being said, I am glad that the writing team is staying and I think that the next film will be bigger and better than this one.

69. Allen Williams - September 12, 2013

I still say Johnathan franks. He did one of the best movies of Trek, and a movie that was in my opinion good enough to be granted honorary even numbered status.

Jar Jar on the other hand barely made 2009 good enough to again qualify for honorary even numbered status (I’m saying Insurrection was better) and 2013 is so insulting because its a remake rather than something new like what we told him back in 2009 or 2010.

70. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

@62. Martin

Why bring Khan back ? We don’t need that.

71. oscar - September 12, 2013

Abramsverse, one more to end, and then we will back to square one: original timeline again in a tv show. Because original timeline is the CBS business…And the original stuff is the original stuff….

72. Sebastian - September 12, 2013

Rupert Wyatt is a very talented director.
I’m a big fan of his “Rise Of The Planet of the Apes” (the best Apes movie since the 1968 original, IMO).

He might be just the right person to steer this franchise back onto a smarter path. I sincerely hope new writers might come into the fold as well. Writers who can do more than simplistic, dumbed-down revenge epics….

Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof really dropped the ball on this last one.

73. Lostrod - September 12, 2013

I hope they invest a portion of the budget to a science advisor and actually listen to his/her feedback.

I had no real issue with the Khan aspect or action of STID, it’s just that the bad science and plot holes were distracting.


74. Sebastian - September 12, 2013

# 66 Ahmed~


KINO (Khan In Name Only) once was enough for me. Having him on ice to do Kirk and Starfleet’s bidding is not practical at all; not to mention there is NO evidence that Khan is ‘immune’ to assimilation (how would anyone know that?); why would we assume that? Because of his heretofore unknown ‘magic blood’?

No, ENOUGH with Khan already… he was hardly the ‘greatest enemy’ ever faced by the Enterprise; what about Gary Mitchell? Or Charles Evans? They were freaking demigods! Khan was felled by a plastic paper towel in a bare knuckled brawl with Kirk in engineering. And why would Khan be willing to HELP Kirk and company again? Seeing as how he placed them back on ice….

Keeping Khan as some kind of “Fire Extinguisher” (to only be used when you need him) is like trying to tame a great white shark to eat from your hand….

75. Sebastian - September 12, 2013

# 69

Edit: Plastic paper towel rack…. not plastic paper towel. Oops…

76. Curious Cadet - September 12, 2013

@64. Marcus,
“the Borg queen mentions that the original species was once humanoid.”

I like that as a nod to the future, just as I liked the Borg episode of Enterprise. Really well done. But honestly, I don’t want an entire movie featuring the Borg … Yet. Set up the Borg for another film down the line after we’ve gotten back a little more to TOS roots. They haven’t even started the five year mission yet.

Unfortunately, if Lindelof is involved, I believe the Borg are next on his hit parade, unless he can come up its something exciting to do with a whale probe.

Khan is also high up on his list of characters to reprise.

So you may just get your wish …

77. Curious Cadet - September 12, 2013

If I were going to see an episode of TOS rehashed in some way, I’m thinking the Doomsday Machine. Continuing the thread of Starfleet militarization, I’m imagining this:

The crew are in deep space exploring. They finish an exciting mission and are relaxing on the way to their next assignment when they discover the planet they were to explore is missing. But it’s not just a mindless machine on autopilot destroying anything in TOS wake, somebody is controlling it this time. Maybe Daystrom, sent into deep space to experiment with it, after one of Marcus’ deep space probes discovered it. Imagine what an unhinged Daystrom with control over an alien doomsday device implanted with his ingrams could do …

Of course Young Spock will just Skype Prime Spock and he’ll tell him how to defeat it, so there’s not much of a movie there I guess.

78. Jay Pierce - September 12, 2013

Wasn’t crazy about the first film, but loved the second one. Loved the Easter eggs in the second film. It made up for the screw ups from the first film. Looking forward to the third to see what they are going to do. They need to continue to do the Easter eggs.

79. sean - September 12, 2013


If you’re referring to First Contact, it’s already even-numbered (#8). If you’re referring to Insurrection, then good lord no. Klingon pimples and baddies obsessed with plastic surgery. Ick.

80. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

@ 72. Curious Cadet – September 12, 2013

“Of course Young Spock will just Skype Prime Spock and he’ll tell him how to defeat it,”

LOL , They should put that in Starfleet regulations, “Officers are encouraged to Skype with their counterparts from the future in the event of a universal emergency” :)

81. Disinvited - September 12, 2013

If Paramount really insists on bringing Khan back, I suppose it might be interesting to see how such a being might deal with the Organians or their mandatory Peace Treaty?

82. Sebastian - September 12, 2013

#72 Curious Cadet~

That was great! LOL. ;-D

Spock prime could just make his younger self a list of ‘dos’ and don’ts’ and be done with it.

I could see the next film beginning with another Skype session between the Spocks, with older Spock telling his younger self, “You might want to stock up on humpback whales…. just saying.”

83. Disinvited - September 12, 2013

#77. Sebastian – September 12, 2013

If I remember correctly how Ambassador Spock got to The Romulan Homeworld in TNG to engage the Romulan youths in Socratic dialogues: he could just publish his generation’s version of THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY?

84. Spock/Uhura Admirer - September 12, 2013

Part of me believes this won’t happen, simply because they’ve acquired a reputation for saying one thing and then doing another… So, we’ll see…

85. NuFan - September 12, 2013

Well, okay. Then I will just say the prime universe is quite dull by today’s standards.

86. Brandon - September 12, 2013

I think for future Star Treks on TV they should coninue this alternate timeline. They could jump about thirty years into the future and follow the adventures of David (Marcus) Kirk who in this timeline follows in both his mother and fathers footsteps! Hey they could have Kirk ancestors all the way to Picard’s timeline! That is how I think it would be best to continue. Chris Pine and the gang should remain on the big screen, with maybe an occasional guest spot on the TV series.

87. Sebastian - September 12, 2013

# 84 Spock/Uhura Admirer

In my day, such practice was called ‘lying’… ;-)

88. Josh - September 12, 2013

While I really enjoy the new Star Trek films, I hope the producers move in a new direction after they complete the current trilogy. They should return to the Prime Universe but in the 25th Century so that CBS and Paramount can work on TV and movies together, which isn’t really happening right now. Something like Bryan Singer’s Star Trek Federation and maybe focus on the decadents of Kirk, Spock and others. This way that writers can deal with new stories and new developments that don’t have to contend with the complex how are things different questions every time a new movie comes out in the parallel timeline.

89. Corylea - September 12, 2013

I’m glad Abrams won’t be directing the third movie. Maybe the new director will be someone who actually LIKES and UNDERSTANDS Star Trek, instead of someone who wishes it were actually Star Wars.

Now can we have Dorothy Fontana write the script? Or Leonard Nimoy? Or a real science fiction author, like Robert J. Sawyer or Lois McMaster Bujold?

90. Disinvited - September 12, 2013

#87. Sebastian – September 12, 2013

In WOK it was called: “exaggeration”. ;-)

91. Vultan - September 12, 2013


I second that emotion.

92. Marja - September 12, 2013

27 njdss4, “I wonder how much control the writers had over how shallow New-Trek has been. I guess we’ll find out when Trek 3 comes out since it doesn’t seem like the writers are going anywhere.” I think a lot of what made STiD thin was the RELENTLESS ACTION. Orci and Kurtzman are writers and co-producers but they are not Studio Suits. They are not the guys who do economic projections and focus groups. They are writers, probably one of the lowest common denominators in Hollywood as compared with money people. Believe me, the money people are the ones who dictate how much action there must be, and the way they need to hit plot points.

The “Save The Cat” scriptwriting methodology fits in, but it was designed to MEET THESE ‘NECESSARY PLOT POINTS” to “drive” stories to please 14-25 y/o males [the big movie-going audience in summer, apparently] the most. I’d say don’t blame writers for the sameness of Hollywood Summer Tentpole movies [term always makes me snicker]. Blame the senior producers and the Studio Suits. Their aim is to make money, money, money – not good stories, but stories that will SELL to young guys. As for the rest of us, female Trekfans, older Trekfans, Trekfans who want better stories, I guess we’ll have to wait for TV.

Get Vince Gilligan [X-Files, Breaking Bad and more] to produce it! He’s a ST fan.

40 Phil2, not regular Phil [and thanks MattW for clearing that up]: “STID was a piss poor Star Trek II wanna be and I don’t appreciate being told to “F” off by cast and the writers. People who were NEVER fans in the first place.” Sorry but you are quite wrong. Simon Pegg has been a fan for decades. He and Karl Urban were probably the only two Trekfans cast in ST 2009. As for Bob Orci, he is a fan too, though not always polite to disputatious fans.

89 Corylea, I’m all in favor of D.C. Fontana! She wrote some of the very best TOS scripts! Most of my top ten TOS are her stories. But I think, given a movie with fewer “action points” to hit, Orci/Kurtzman could do a darn good job of it. They seem to bring a lot of understanding of her points of character to the small amount of characterization and “Enterprise family” writing they get to do. I’d like to see a Sci-Fi author on board for sure.

93. Mad Mann - September 12, 2013

OK. I am SO stoked for Rupert Wyatt for the new director. Some new blood at the helm could only help, and Wyatt is smart and has great respect for source material. His Apes movie oozes with references to the original Apes movies, so I am sure his Trek would be the same. I also glad Lindelof is NOT on board. He was the one that pushed for Khan, that Orci originally was against. Lindelof does NOT get Star Trek, I am glad he is gone.

This could be great news. Wyatt may also pick out the stupid parts that littered throughout STiD. I strongly think that STiD is a great movie with a little too much stupidity holding it down.


94. Dennis Bailey - September 12, 2013

If they want to bring Khan back, that’s fine.

“@13 Dennis Bailey. About 39 or 40. Hey, 67 is not that old for a director!”

Yes it is – it’s way too late to become a director of blockbuster films (and that’s what Trek is now) for someone who hasn’t directed a theatrical film in over twenty years when there are far too many other experienced choices.

95. Vultan - September 12, 2013

I like Rupert Wyatt, and I liked his Apes movie. But please, enough with the cutesy references. The “damn dirty ape” line in Rise was awful. On the level with Spock screaming “KHHHAAANNN!!!”

Star Trek has reestablished itself. We know what it’s all about. Leave the references to Family Guy and Shrek.

96. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 12, 2013

A shameless repost, but I think I’ve given this alot of thought and it is meant to address all those that are disturbed by this latest Trek and the tone of the new movies.

If they wrap this next Trek correctly we will all be singing their praises.

I am beginning to suspect that they took such a trigger-happy approach so they could really take some chances with a three picture storyline.

Remember, John Harrison / Khan made some comments about the state of the Federation while referring to Vulcan’s demise. Where in Star Trek has there ever been a pointed effort by a screenwriter to refer to another series storyline, or to even have a movie sequel’s story connect together? Very few times. Inspite of the popular STII and STIII

I am getting the feeling the our much maligned writers were trying to make us all see things that take us out of our usual comfort zones in Trek, so that we take a look at the world WE are living in, to possibly make positive changes in our society. I see real concern for our world in Star Trek into Darkness – put there by the writers – for our best welfare. Now that is an encouraging way to look at these Trek’s. There is the hope.

I am also beginning to suspect that this next Trek will really make us see exactly what Star Trek could be – in its full potential. To that end the writers seemingly decided to create characters that are going through dark times that are very trying (sound familiar?), to take them to a place where they should not have ever been. In the end, through that trek into darkness, we just might have an opportunity to more fully connect to those characters, by sharing in that similar dark experience. Thereby learning more about them in situations that are new.

I think alot of us are “upset” because we looked to Trek as a place where the craziness of this world, the darkness could not exist. Gene’s original utopian vision was a future place that is kinda like heaven. A clean place where missery never often happens. But Gene’s future is not a real place that is easy for most to to find interest in, while enjoying what a character might experience. So, perhaps we need to see our characters have similar tragedies occur, so that they are more real to us.

To make the characters more real, the writers are trying show us that they to share in dark tragedies, so that we all have a common frame of reference. A shared experience.

Here’s hoping that someday we can relate to each other on that higher level, and still pay for ticket. Seems like a contridiction, though.

I believe that these “new Trek” writer guys are way smarter than we have been giving them credit. We will see after the next movie if Star Trek can elevate to truly become something more than just that “geeky sci-fi show.” I think it can. And I see no reason that this next trek can’t travel through all the series, experience all the characters, in an effort to avoid Trek’s greatest threat.

Nero and the dark timeline paradox.

97. Marja - September 12, 2013

38, You may as well ask, why the strong feelings of some that “we need to go back to the Prime Universe?” Why? what’s left? I’ve already expressed my views on “going back to the Prime Universe

49 Disinvited, yes, I know there are many other galaxies and solar systems to explore, I just feel like between TNG and Voyager these were done to death. How many planets did each ship visit in that timeline? IDK, over a hundred. I just want to see a new dynamic. JMHO.

I like the altVerse because it’s a new and different Federation/Starfleet with a different set of circumstances facing them after Nero’s incursion 25+ years before. I just like that set of possibilities is all. And I love the new cast, and would hope to see some of them in a new ST series, at least at first.

77 Curious, I’m with you on Doomsday Machine. One of the best TOS eps EVER. Only please don’t make it a Big Black Ship. I kinda liked the aluminum-encrusted windsock, which to me looks like nothing so much as [pardon my indelicacy] a fiant cat turd … however it’d be great to see a crazy daystrom [shout-out?] in charge and an A-list actor as Cmdr Decker. If we have to have a re-hash, that is. [Spock SKYPing Spock – snicker!]

Actually I hope for a whole new story involving new civilizations … NOT the Borg, NOT Q, NOT Khan, and NOT a whole bunch of other stuff. I think STiD should be the swan song of “retread” stuff – even though I’ve said I found the “parallel” scene-switch touching and interesting – I hope they’re going in a whole new direction.

I’m afraid it’s shaping up to be Klingon War, Khan redux. As Prime Spock once said, “Forbid! FOR … BID!!!”

98. Marja - September 12, 2013

BTW, I haven’t seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but its good critical reviews speak loudly in Wyatt’s favor as a director.

(I didn’t see “Rise…” b/c it was too scary a premise … I’m a real wimp about some movies.)

I almost abbreviated it ROTPOTA, but that looked too much like Rot Potato … :p

99. Vultan - September 12, 2013


Rise is a good movie, Marja. Check it out sometime. Not really scary, I think. Has some tough moments though. And the best, uh, “digital performance” since Gollum. Another great one for Andy Serkis.

The sequel comes out next year.

100. DonDonP1 - September 12, 2013

@65 Not a bad plot idea for the soon-to-be produced and soon-to-be released 13th big screen adventure from the Final Frontier. Let’s hope “Star Trek” returns to the small screen with a new series, set post-“Nemesis.”

101. DonDonP1 - September 12, 2013

I got my own title idea for “Star Trek XIII”: “Star Trek: Beyond Time.” Either that or a title that is as original as “Into Darkness.”

102. Jerry - September 12, 2013

Sort of funny that the next Trek film may be directed by someone who helmed a PotA movie. Roddenberry hated that CBS passed on GENESIS II in favor of a PotA TV series.

103. Shitty Dodge - September 12, 2013

Rise of the Apes only worked because Andy Serkis improvised most of the Ape characters and their dialogues, which is almost half of that movie and the only half that matters. The direction for anything else on Rise was pedestrian on the level of Peter Berg.

He would be a very risky choice, folks. I’m scratching my head asking why JJ would endorse him.

104. Spock/Uhura Admirer - September 12, 2013

I don’t know if anybody linked to this yet, but it was nice to see video of JJ talking about this. He looked a little stressed, but other than that in good spirits. I hope they do well on the next film:


105. Omegaman - September 12, 2013

The third movie will follow on from the previous, that’s a given. Do not expect anything different then the first two period. You can bank on a villain also!

106. Matt Wright - September 12, 2013

@ 104 – That’s another write-up of the video interview HitFix did which is what this very TrekMovie article is about. The video is a link at the bottom of the article (and now the top too). I couldn’t find an embed code that worked right for it.

107. Curious Cadet - September 12, 2013

@97 Marja,
“it’d be great to see a crazy daystrom [shout-out?] in charge and an A-list actor as Cmdr Decker. If we have to have a re-hash, that is. [Spock SKYPing Spock – snicker!]”

So how do you reckon Decker fits in? I’m thinking he and Marcus were regulars at the officers club. Decker takes Daystrom out to support his research on the DDM, Daystrom goes nuts, and ends up taking Decker hostage, and beaming his crew down to a planet that gets eaten (how’s that for ripping off, Err poetic homage to, the original?).

So, my beef with Nimoy in STID is because Orci said repeatedly after the criticism about ST09 that prime Spock would not tell them about the future, and other perils the Federation would face. Nevertheless, without so much as an apology, there’s Nimoy doing exactly that. I’d love to see Young Spock Skype Prime Spock in the next movie, and have Nomoy say something like: “I’ve never heard of the Zzzizixcks race of beings, my God you’ve discovered something new and original that never existed in the Prime universe with which I cannot hep you for a change, good luck, LL&P.”

108. Basement Blogger - September 12, 2013

I’ll keep an open mind on Rupert Wyatt. I did not see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. My brother gave me a copy but I haven’t looked at it. The only Apes movie I really loved was the first one, Planet of the Apes. (1968) And it was a classic. Came out the same year as 2001: A Space Odyssey. What a year!

I do wish Paramount could think bigger. It’s the fiftieth anniversary for Pete’s sake. Look, the Bond franchise hires Oscar winning Sam Mendes. Okay, he hates Q ‘s gadgets but that’s serious talent.

Disney took Abrams, so why can’t we Trekkers get a power hitter? It’s wishful thinking for me to keep saying this. But Steven Spielberg is free. Dropped out of American Sniper. Hasn’t really done a space movie. Not enough space for Close Encounters and E.T. to count. Quentin Tarantino may be free. He’s got Bad Robot connections. Guest starred in Alias. Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar will come out in 2014. He’s likely going to be free. I just wish Paramount would not take Trekkers for granted.

109. Spock/Uhura Admirer - September 12, 2013

@#87 Sebastian

Well, I try to be polite… ;-)

110. Spock/Uhura Admirer - September 12, 2013

@106 Matt

Oh, I’m sorry I just didn’t notice it. Too bad the embed code they provide doesn’t work right for this site.

111. Spock/Uhura Admirer - September 12, 2013


I just checked YouTube, and they have the same video on their channel there. I think I’ve seen you all embed YouTube successfully. I hope this can help.


112. Matt Wright - September 12, 2013

I had only seen it in a proprietary player on their site that won’t embed properly. I’ll update the article ASAP.

113. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

From the other thread:

@ 2048. Matt Wright – September 12, 2013

“Time to close, but don’t worry there’s a reason for it beside hitting the 2,000 comment mark.
Check TrekMovie tomorrow morning :)”

Matt, can you give us a hint :)

114. Matt Wright - September 12, 2013

@ Ahmed – I did already in the STID Discussion page, since Phil was getting pretty wild with his guesses.

It’s really just a matter of housekeeping, the comments were slowing down, it hit 2000+ comments, and as I teased earlier, there will be a new article up in the morning to continue the discussion.

Now can we keep the comments on the article topic? My little tease has now been re-posted by people to three different articles/pages here.

115. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

@ 108. Basement Blogger – September 12, 2013

“I’ll keep an open mind on Rupert Wyatt. I did not see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. My brother gave me a copy but I haven’t looked at it. The only Apes movie I really loved was the first one, Planet of the Apes. (1968) And it was a classic.”

You should check it out. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is probably the best Apes movie after the 1968 movie.

” Came out the same year as 2001: A Space Odyssey. What a year!””

Yeah, 1968 was one of the best years for sci-fi movies. Very much like 1982 that saw some of the best sci-fi movies ever: Blade Runner, The Thing, Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan & E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

116. Spock/Uhura Admirer - September 12, 2013


No problem. I’m glad I could help! :-)

117. Ahmed - September 12, 2013

@ 114. Matt Wright – September 12, 2013

“@ Ahmed – I did already in the STID Discussion page, since Phil was getting pretty wild with his guesses.”

oops, sorry about that. I didn’t check the STID page.

118. Cervantes - September 12, 2013

I’m gonna guess it’s an article concerning someone’s ‘alternative take’ on how Star Trek *isn’t* broken…

119. Phil - September 12, 2013

Miley Cyrus has assumed control of the site. Complaining about Twerking is now officially banned.

120. Matt Wright - September 12, 2013

LOL @ Phil, careful someone might actually believe you.

121. Mr Mike - September 12, 2013

I think it’ll be good to have a new director but am glad the writers, especially Roberto Orci are staying on in full capacity. Orci should be the new Rick Berman. After watching Into Darkness on Blu-ray tonight, I have no idea what the detractors are talking about. There were quiet, character moments amidst the action. The movie was darn near perfect and the nods to the past make it better for fans. I started watching Trek with TOS and have followed it through every incarnation. The only wish I have is that Star Trek find its way back to TV, though I have no idea what the show would consist of. The Next Generation was the most popular TV Trek and lent itself so well to TV. I wonder if Orci and Kurtzman could re-imagine and recast TNG for modern television.

122. Platitude - September 12, 2013


Reboot of Generations? What? Where did you get that from my comment?

I just think Ronald D. Moore is the man. He wrote the book (so to speak) on the Klingons, and since they are probably going to have Klingons featured heavily in this one it makes sense to have him involved. Plus he co-wrote First Contact which is a fan-favorite, and wrote who knows how many (okay, I’m sure someone does) episodes of TNG and DS9.

Ron Moore is no John Logan. He has Trek street cred. How you could make that comparison makes no sense to me.

123. Plum - September 12, 2013

What gets my goat is how the studio suits at Hollywoodland let JJ slip through their fingers.

Bad Robot had forwarded a whole plan for films, tv, and so on. Now, JJ Abrams will take all that where-with-all to Disney and Star Wars. Opportunity wasted. And the future of Star Trek too.

124. Mr Mike - September 12, 2013

What did JJ have in mind for TV? I read that one article on the subject, but no one from production ever confirmed any of it. It seems like conjecture. It would be great if some of the best Trek writers could work on something grand for the next movie– people like Ron Moore, Ira Behr, Dorothy Fontana, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, and Manny Coto. I believe Orci and Kurtzman ought to guide Star Trek, as has been done beautifully by connecting the comics to the film; they should take it to the next level. TV and perhaps novels. I would really like to read the novels that deal with all the off-screen occurrences in the new timeline. Unlike the Prime universe books, perhaps with Orci’s direction, the new timeline books could be kept consistent and “almost canon”, like the comics are.

125. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - September 13, 2013

Stuart Baird

126. USS Stains - September 13, 2013

How about this as a plot for the new film?

Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise get to understand the true nature of the word ‘terror’ when a spatial anomoly propels the ship and her crew into an alternate universe; the Star Wars universe!

Kirk and the crew mst use all of their resources when they do battle with His Royal Higness Darth Vader!

Lives will be lost; friendships will be tested, and viewers will be treated to a film that includes comedy, laughs, excitement and horror.

It doesnt get any hotter than this!

127. Hat Rick - September 13, 2013

Here’s my take on this: I think it’s a good we’re getting a bit of news about the next sequel. I’ll have to research Mr. Wyatt and see how he’s done in the past, although of course I realize that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was by and large well received. I still wish we had a firm commitment to the effect that the next sequel has been greenlighted by Paramount and Bad Robot.

Until then, Trek Lives! And Vive La Trek. :-)

128. Robert - September 13, 2013

After looking at his resume, I agree with good ol’ JJ.

129. Colinar - September 13, 2013

Hello all,

Did you see Wyatt’s IMDb page? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1012501/ Under the title “Director” it says Star Trek 3 (announced). What does this mean? Is it formal yet?


130. Basement Blogger - September 13, 2013

@ 128

Anthony Pascale wrote that IMDB is like Wikipedia. He likes it but won’t go with it until it’s confirmed or he has a reliable source. I also like IMDB but if it’s like wikipedia where users edit, I’ll wait until it’s confirmed or Trekmovie has a source like BC playing Khan.

131. crazydaystrom - September 13, 2013

@97 Marja,
“it’d be great to see a crazy daystrom [shout-out?] ”

Oh yeah Marja! I couldn’t agree more. Rupert! Have your people get in touch with my people! ;-)

132. jed - September 13, 2013

JJ, I love what you have done with Trek, but I feel like the guy who went to the party with a date only to see her leave with another guy (that guy being star wars!).

You should have finished what you started, three films with JJ as director would have been perfect. The films so far have such a unique style that will be lost without the JJ direction.

133. TUP - September 13, 2013

I’m a big supporter of this trilogy ending with the restoration of the Prime Universe. For one thing it’s a full circle arc. For another, there are just way too many plot holes etc in the new universe for hardcore Trekkies to accept without picking it all apart.

I liked both movies. But every time I watch STID, I get more and more annoyed.

The existence of Spock Prime just has to be undone. And merely his death wont do it. Merely his promise not to interfer wont do it. He broke that promise very, very easily in STID and he didnt even know how high the stakes were. Are we really to believe he wont reveal information concerning events that have a direct impact on the life or death of Earth etc? He wont tell them about VGER or the Probe or the Borg or Q? Come on…. He wont warn the Klingons about Praxis? He wont warn the Romulans about the supernova? He wont warn Kirk about the E-B (tell them to install the tractor beam)?

None of that makes a lick of sense. Not to mention the fact that Spock should be the most sought after hostage in the universe and not just by Klingons and Romulans, but by Starfleet. Marcus seeks out Khan but doesnt do anything to Spock Prime? Nonsense.

And I believe the marketing of Nimoy led to a lot of very positive feelings for the 2009 film and including Shatner would do the same for the next one. Shatner is not a young man. Include him now. Before it’s too late.

134. Bob - September 13, 2013

As long as Orci has nothing to do with the writing, I may watch it.

135. Gary 8.5 - September 13, 2013

93. Wyatt has not been announced as the director for Trek 3

136. Gary 8.5 - September 13, 2013

It has not been announced
.Some people might be interpreting Abrams positive comments as a tacit confirmation,
But, I dont think Abrams intended it that way .

137. Captain Hackett - September 13, 2013

Bring back Nicholas Meyer.

We need a very different, cool and epic storyline which involves with something that we are familiar like Guardian of Forever.

138. Phil - September 13, 2013

@134. No. We have had the Khan rehash, it didn’t go down well. We also had the Guardian rehash, which gave is the worst Trek movie ever, Generations.

139. Willy-bill - September 13, 2013

Seriously, folks. Nothing involving the PRIME TIME LINE (emphasis used to reflect the ridiculously named alternate time line, used here). Nero was shoved back in time, and altered the time line so much, that there should be no references to the old canon. I was happy to see Nimoy character, only once during this film. The first had enough of Nimoy character to set the new story line up (although I think they could have put more of Nimoy into the first, to make the new story line rock solid, they did a fair job of fulfilling this, in Into Darkness).

My opinion, which is my opinion, clearly shows that Into Darkness, while having plenty of action, adventure, and plot twists, to keep it interesting, it also had the feeling of a poorly put together fanfilm. Had I not known the name of the movie, the ship was remotely similar, names of the characters had been changed, and the uniforms dismissed, I would’ve thought the movie was some cheap made, lame excuse for a sci-fi film. All in all, though, I did enjoy the above marks, as it did keep it interesting. But Kirks insistent on violating the Prime Directive shouldn’t have resulted in punishing Kirk, as it got the job done, and saved his first officer.

140. Dave in RI - September 13, 2013

Does this mean no more of those annoying lens flares, or are we stuck with them because of the way the bridge set was built?

141. TUP - September 13, 2013

@139 the point of Kirk being punished was that he was a rookie Captain. We all know the Kirk from the Prime universe violated every rule in the book whenever it suited him and his superiors let it go because he was James T Kirk.

In the new universe, he’s just another rookie Captain they wanted to reign in. I dont feel we’re seeing him develop into the James kirk we know as much as I had hoped. But its only been two films.

142. Buzz Cagney - September 13, 2013

Jar Jar has been a good Director but I fear the writers pandered to this non-Trek fan too much.
Hopefully they’ll get a Director on board who knows and loves Trek, not somebody along for the leg-up to what he see’s as bigger and better things.
Now, the real problem still needs addressing. A writer who can come up with a new and original story leaving the current writers to do their excellent stuff on the characters, humour and lore.
They are so close to creating greatness if only they can nail down a brilliant story.

143. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 13, 2013


144. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 13, 2013

woops “Story”

145. T'Cal - September 13, 2013

You know what they should really do? Not listen to us! Instead make another hit movie that more people go see than before. They seem to be on a roll. I’ll just sit quietly and wait for TPTB to make another great film and then I’ll enjoy it. This team has had more success than any other Trek team and WE are supposed to tell them what they are doing wrong?? Nope, nope, nope. The naysayers who came out of their mother’s basement to see the film and mindlessly pan it need to get a life. THIS IS TODAY’S TREK! If you don;t like it, watch your discs and leave the vast majority of the movie-going audience alone. We don’t care about your petty beefs. And you give the rest of the fans a really bad name.

146. Platitude - September 13, 2013

145. So true. Spot on.

147. TUP - September 13, 2013

I disagree to a degree. Listening to fans on sites like this is probably a bad idea (unless its me they are listening to in which case I’d be happy to check out the script for the next film and let them know my thoughts…lol).

But this isnt an original creation. They are working with established iconic characters and they have a responsibility to understand that and work within the confines of what has been established to a degree.

Even their own efforts to change things by creating a new universe really didnt give them the freedom they wanted because they established the potential for the “universe to correct itself” but it opened up far more plot holes (like Spock Prime’s existence).

148. Doug - September 13, 2013

Bring back Q and the Borg into the alternate universe. Man wouldn’t that be awesome. Q of course should still be played by John DeLancie, and the Borg could be all gnarly and sinister.

149. THX-1138 - September 13, 2013

#145 T’Cal

Take a deep breath and relax. You act like people that don’t agree with you owe you money.

It’s not that people who are critical of STID are “supposed” to tell anybody what they are doing wrong, it’s that they “get” to tell them what they think they are doing wrong. It’s called freedom of expression and until notified otherwise is in effect for everybody. And rest assured, many of them don’t live in their mother’s basement and most of them have rich and fulfilling lives. At least I assume as much because just like you, I have no idea what everybody’s life is like. And nobody is bothering the rest of the movie-going audience, unless there has been some unreported molestation of theater goers.

It is dismaying, though, to hear that you don’t care about your fellow fans. It’s that attitude, in my opinion, that gives Star Trek fans a bad name.

150. Mantastic - September 13, 2013

I have a few, very simple requests for the next sequel. As long as these things happen, I’ll be a happy camper.

1. Make it smart and have it make sense. Put some real thought into making sure there aren’t plot holes, magical deus ex machina plot devices, and put some real science and physics into it so I don’t have groan worthy moments like the Enterprise dropping down to Earth like a stone in a pond. Make the audience think instead of only having constant action Michael Bay style. Be like Inception, not like Transformers.

2. Make it original. No more “Kirk screws up, Starfleet gives him crap”. No more characters from the prime timeline (especially ones that are, say, whitewashed and barely resemble who they’re supposed to be). No more Earth/San Francisco is in danger catastophes. No more evil, giant black ships. No more “homages/ripoffs” of older movies. Dare to be original.

3. Improve the cinematography and editing. Get rid of the lousy shaky cam, get rid of the ever-dreaded lens flares, and stop jump cutting scenes (especially action scenes) so fast that we don’t have time to process and take in what the heck is going on.

151. TUP - September 13, 2013

I’m hoping that the awful awful awful edited fight scenes of Man of Steel will forever end the quick cut lightening fast indistinguishable fight scenes forever

152. Captain, USS Northstar - September 13, 2013

How about a story combining the threat of possible war with the Klingons so we can see Kor, Kang, or Koloth decked up against Kirk — any one of those would do fine (although I’d love to hear Chris Pine as Kirk say: “My dear, Captain Koloth”).

Meanwhile, Commodore Wesley (played by Donald Sutherland) is working with Richard Daystrom (played by Denzel Washington) to create a fleet of computer-controlled, “Nomad”-class attack ships. When the ships go rogue, Koloth and Kirk join forces to eliminate the threat.

We could even bring in The Organians at the end to ensure that all-out war is averted.

153. T'Cal - September 13, 2013

“149. THX-1138 – September 13, 2013

#145 T’Cal

Take a deep breath and relax. You act like people that don’t agree with you owe you money.

It’s not that people who are critical of STID are “supposed” to tell anybody what they are doing wrong, it’s that they “get” to tell them what they think they are doing wrong. It’s called freedom of expression and until notified otherwise is in effect for everybody.”

It’s fall. let’s give the old Constitution a rest. I’m tired of all these freedoms too many people have…


154. pilotfred - September 14, 2013

#4 i kind of like the idea of having the primeline and the jj line together,they dose seem to be a three movie and then nothing, so why not nothing! well for the jj movies,have the characters go out in a blaze of gory,saving all he universes,maybe add to the prime, if the actor want to and they can afford them,i often wonder if a crew member from enterprise c decided no i am not going back into the raft how would that effect the time-line?same goes here!this is the way to bring back prime kirk? what if Chris pine kirk stayed and William as well oh boy,just think of the motion picture with kirk and decker going head to head,now think of young kirk as in the decker role

155. 47 - September 14, 2013

I hate that prick J.J. Abrams. That’s the guy who self-admittedly doesn’t “get” Star Trek, who doesn’t like Star Trek, and yet such a guy becomes a director in charge of a movie called “Star Trek”. Talk about incredible irony. Screw you, Abrams.-Screw you for turning Star Trek into a Star Wars version of Trek and for adapting it to your own intellectual capabilities, i.e. dumbing it down and rendering it virtually soulless. You’re probably not reading this, Abrams, but still… In the case you are, I will say this: go to hell. And leave Star Trek alone. Because you know nothing about it. You’re just a Michael Bay-type average director and a cheap imitator of Steven Spielberg. There, I said it.

As long as JJ fricking Abrams is associated with Star Trek, it will be a dumb, primarily action-driven, meaningless and mindless drivel which merely uses the iconic Trek concepts and characters as a template. He won’t be directing the third movie, thankfully, but no doubt he’ll still be casting his shadow… he is already picking a director according to his taste. I hate that disgusting little troll. I am so glad he went on to Star Wars… he must be in nirvana now. Screw him. I hope we’ll get only one more of this nonsensical alternate universe starwarsified version of Star Trek and then hopefully Star Trek will be able to find its soul again. WITHOUT JJ Abrams and Bad Reboot, er, I mean Bad Robot.


156. Bob Tompkins - September 14, 2013

ThX 1138:
Ah Wallace Idaho- The place they filmed Dante’s Peak, home of the Museum of Prostitution.
It was on my way to follow my beloved Yankees down the west coast a couple of years ago that I simply got tired and pulled off into a small town just inside the Idaho border called Wallace, Idaho to rest and grab a bite to eat. I was struck with an eerie deja vu, as if I knew this place fairly intimately.
It didn’t take long to discover why; I talked to several people about their movie experience, stepped onto The Center of the Universe and walked past the Museum which was closed.
I bought several unique silver items for my sons and then saw the clincher, the place where the digital Interstate overpass collapsed with all of those cars on it.
It ended up being a fun day…

157. Adolescent Nightmare - September 14, 2013

I will direct it. Pick me JJ!

158. Spock's Bangs - September 14, 2013

Sucks JJ won’t be directing, having just re-watched his last two trek, I love his solid pacing as well as his “eye” for staging and wild fluid camera movement. I hope the new director isn’t a paint by numbers guy and has some style.

159. T'Cal - September 14, 2013

In about 8-10 years someone else will be given the reigns and we’ll see another iteration of Trek. As Spock put it: “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

160. Miko - September 14, 2013

Star Trek 3: Rise of the Borg

The next trek needs to have a really creepy feel. The crew are out on their 5 year mission traversing the unknown in a part of space that feels like it could be set in the ‘Alien’ universe. Vast, lonely and eerie. Kirk and crew are about to discover a sinister race of beings looking to perfect themselves in anyway possible! Abducting several members of kirks crew in their sleeps, they are taken to a horrible chamber where they are experimented on like lab rats. These beings in a pre-borg state are trying to discover how to implant devices into humanoid tissue. When the enterprise is rendered helpless by borg invaders, kirk orders self destruct and bids to rid the galaxy of this relentless threat. Fleeing their ship for the last time they watch as the enteprise explodes in a huge ball of fire. scampering away in shuttles they seek refuge on a nearby planet awaiting rescue. Movie ends with kirk and crew getting a new ship refitted to look more like the ncc 1701-a and warping off to their next adventure…cue dark ominous music…pan back to the debris site of the previous enterprise and we see borg cybernetic parts rebuilding themselves! End.

161. Keachick - September 14, 2013

#160 – Sick and unoriginal – the words go like this, NO! NO WAY EVER!

162. Jack - September 14, 2013

Man, fan ideas are terrible. And I include STID in that category.

The trouble has never been Abrams’ directing — it’s the scripts.

163. Jack - September 14, 2013

150. “No more “homages/ripoffs” of older movies. Dare to be original.”

I agree completely.

And action movies don’t require incoherent stories to be action movies.

164. Trekbilly - September 14, 2013

“How many posts away are we from someone seriously proposing that they bring 67 year-old Nicholas Meyer out of retirement to work on this? LOL”

Ridley Scott is older than that and still directing. Why is the notion of Meyer directing another film so laughable? Not that I’m suggesting he return…I think Rupert would do a fine job. I still say Alex Proyas would be an excellent choice as well…he’s a highly underrated director.

165. Trekbilly - September 14, 2013

I’d like to see something new in the next one too, but unfortunately, it’s already been telegraphed that the next one is “Klingon Wars”. Since they shoved Khan down our throats, I have no illusions that they won’t do the same with the Klingons in the next one. It’s a depressing thought…but that’s how it’s gonna be. Take it to the bank!

Look how many of us objected and voiced our displeasure with the idea of having a return of Khan…and they did it ANYWAY.

Don’t expect anything new. And frankly, I’m not entirely sure I trust this team with anything new. The last bunch tried something new with Insurrection and that sucked, quite frankly.

New as in The Borg = Good. New as in Stretchy Face Aliens = BAD!!

Does anyone really think this Supreme Court is going to actually give us something new after what they did with Into Darkness? And if they did, do you trust them to come up with something that is a worthy addition to the franchise…in the same way the Borg were?

I don’t.

166. T'Cal - September 14, 2013


167. Miko - September 15, 2013

ok not the borg then… Doomsday machine. lets face it, if they do something new fans will cry and if they don’t fans will still cry Everyone has their favorite part of trek and its such a massive playground you cant please everyone. Just got to be grateful we are getting any kind of trek at all.
I like into darkness a lot. The best part of it was the vengeance! We haven’t seen girl on girl action since TWOK. Just a shame the Enterprise didn’t get a single shot off! What happened to kirk getting down on one knee and shouting fire as the big E deals that fatal torpedo to an aggressor?!

168. chrisfawkes.com - September 15, 2013

The next Star Trek should tell the tale of an alien race on their home planet.

Really get the audience hooked on the issues and politics these aliens face.

Then about the 45 minute mark bring in Kirk and crew.

169. Noropolis - September 15, 2013

While I think the next film should be about a very serious Klingon encounter (based upon the Klingons getting ticked off in STID). I think the film should be about the great unknown…space. Make this an original “STAR TREK” in the literal term. The last scene of STID started to get the feel of Star Trek. There has to be a level of nostalgia too. There must be connections to the original time of the Star Trek universe, but this can still be an original film encountering new life and new civilizations.

170. Keachick - September 15, 2013

There is a tendency to call various (fan) ideas bad, unoriginal, whatever, possibly many ideas are just that. We all seek a movie that is original with new life and new civilizations and yet keep coming back to proposing new stories about Tholians, Andorians, Borg and so on – all known alien races within the Star Trek universe(s).

The truth is really that people can only handle so much originality at a time and sometimes they do not even recognize it when they see it.

STID was an original story which used known characters (including a version of Khan). Carol Marcus comes from TWOK, but I am not sure about her father, Admiral Marcus. I think he was a new, original character. Events did not take place just as they did in TWOK. There were obvious similarities, but that makes sense, given the present day understanding of MWI theory of what may be or is possible, even as I write this…

I have presented (some time back) to Bob Orci a scenario where nuKirk and his Enterprise do encounter an *alien people and world. Now whether other known people within the Trek universe(s) are also aware of these people and place, well…that might become a story in itself.

*These people and their world became part of my conscious imagination around 1999/2000 (it was a young James Kirk who met them), long before the notion of making this present film series was thought of. However, my first short story outline did not involve Star Trek and characters. Later, another story version did…

Think what you will (can’t stop you anyway), but it does not change the truth of what I write here.

171. Martin - September 15, 2013

I think Lana Parrilla will make a great borg queen.
but I would like to explore strange new worlds with an original story for the next film as much as everyone else, but the borg would be AMAZING and EPIC on the big screen in 2016 i just can’t get those mellow green/yellows with red lens flares out of my head.

172. Marja - September 15, 2013

I really don’t want to see the Borg ever again.
Klingons … I feel the same, but have a feeling they’ll be BAAAAAck. I think we just saw movie 2 of a 3-“episode” arc.

I’d really like to see if a good movie could be done without a “villain” or “villain race,” just a series of surprising or unfortunate events that the Enterprise crew strategize and use their scientific ingenuity/interspecies understanding /diplomatic skills to overcome/survive. Do they really have to save the frikkin’ Earth or the flippin’ galaxy every time?

why yes. i guess they do.

173. CommodoreDecker - September 15, 2013

The Borg are going to factor into STnu3 in some way, bet on it.

In the alt timeline Q will move the Borg will be in the Alpha Quadrant to meet Kirk first instead of Picard.

174. General Chang's Chicken - September 16, 2013

So what happens after Star Trek “3”? Great question.
I think television would embrace a new Star Trek TV series, done in the new universe.

We are so lucky to be able to go to a movie theater and see a NEW Kirk, Spock, McCoy story! JJ Abrams has saved a product that is a huge part of all of us.

Cant wait to see what comes next…..

175. Daoud - September 16, 2013

“Star Trek Into Light”
With the Organians providing a lot of bright light at a pivotal moment, of course. The Klingon Cold War has been going for at least a few years by the time the movie picks up… and it’s about 2260. Doomsday devices aren’t that far off… The Klingons may think it’s a Federation super-weapon… What if the Narada incursion “flared” it a food sign. What if the Narada also “flared” Vejur a “look here” sign? And the Borg…. Damn, that Nero set a lot of crap in motion.

176. Steve - September 16, 2013

Rupert Wyatt I fear is going to be just as sh1t as JJ Abrams.

Star Trek needs someone in their 50’s at least to direct the next movie, someone more understanding of the original concept.

I fear Star Trek is just dead, we’ll just end up with more brainless junk aimed at dumb teenagers.

177. T'Cal - September 16, 2013

About the only idea I’ve liked so far is the title of the next film: Star Trek Into Light.

178. David Oakes - September 16, 2013

After seeing ” Oblivion ” – Kosinski would be my 1st choice.

Oblivion looks stunning.

179. Adam E - September 17, 2013

What’s the best site for up to date Star Wars VII news and spoilers?

180. Rogue_Alice - September 17, 2013

waa waaaa waaaaaa

181. Curious Cadet - September 17, 2013

@179 Adam E,

Why http://www.warsmovie.com of course … That’s where Anthony’s been … He’s gone over to the dark side with Abrams.

182. Curious Cadet - September 17, 2013

@172. Marja,
“I really don’t want to see the Borg ever again.”

Awww. No love for the Borg?

I think a fresh take on the Borg would be compelling. They need to be a lot less stiff and cliched than they became (e.g. “Resistance is futile”).

Despite the fact that the Borg are the closest thing Trek has to Zombies and Paramount has just had a massive hit with WWZ (and likely pushing hard for a more zombie-like re-boot of the Borg), I think you are correct that we will see the Klingons featured.

Whatever the individual story lines of each movie to date, and despite the producers protestations to the contrary (or perhaps silence), I think there was always a three-picture through-line intended to tie all the movies together. The deleted Klingon ‘catalyst’ scene in the first movie, the pointless involvement of the Klingons in the second, and finally a featured role in the third, possibly with the return of Khan. Who knows, like Lucas, once the third film premieres, Abrams may go back, shoot additional material and put the Klingon scene back into ST09 to tie them altogether in a special directors edition box set.

But don’t rule out the possibility of the Borg making first contact with the Klingons, and giving us … wait for it … Klingon zombies!! Wait I got it … Brad Pitt is put into cryo storage, which is why they showed us the Citizen Kane warehouse shot at the end, and they revive him to help battle the Blingons (er … Klorg?), and since he’s from the 20th century he’s familiar with Khan and suggests they awaken him to help too. And that’s what’s holding up the announcement of the third film since Brad wants his company to produce in exchange for his star power. That’s why Paramount had the roadshow double feature over Labor Day weekend!! It’s all so clear now!

183. Martin - September 17, 2013

Every captain has encounted the borg picard, sisko, janeway and even captain archer but kirk and spock has never encounted the borg EVER.

It would be interesting what relationship kirk will have with the borg queen will she suduce him or vise versa

Its an alternate universe anything could happen

but I still want an original story with a new alien race on its 5 year mission.

184. JR - September 17, 2013

it’s time for new creative blood…. with each film.

185. Michael - September 17, 2013

Did someone just say incorporate “Next Generation” into the next movie? Uh….HELL NO. Next Generation sucked. So did all the spin-offs. Just leave the storylines paralleling the original storylines. All you Next Gen fans…go away.

186. T'Cal - September 17, 2013

Has anyone here read the script called “Origin of the Species” that was supposedly almost produced as a VOY episode? It’s a great story and would’ve made an excellent addition to Borg history.

187. Damian - September 18, 2013

I’d like to see something completely new and original. I’d say no to the Borg. They were a great villain (though a bit overdone in Voyager–the Enterprise episode “Regenerations” actually did a good job of bringing the Borg back down to their core). Also, I’d prefer no Klingons, as they have been overdone in all the series.

I keep plugging Gene DeWeese’s novel “Chain of Attack”. Of all the novels, I always thought what a great movie that would have made. The Enterprise gets trapped in another galaxy, so it would all be unexplored, and Captain Kirk needs to try to get warring factions to make peace after centuries of war.

Sadly, though, I get the impression that the team is setting up for a Klingon-Federation War movie, based on the events of STID.

188. stephen - September 18, 2013

A different writer would be just as important, or even more important.

189. paustin - September 18, 2013

#53…you’re hired

No Prime in the next film, Having another Spock scene in STID just smelled of a stunt more than anything else. We need some good writing next time. Not just naming characters from tos to string everyone along. This is ridiculous. This is turning into fanboy wank fiction for gods sake. Don’t even get me started on Spocks’ “KHAN!!” scream. That was embarrassing and it totally ruined what had previously been a touching scene.

190. et - September 18, 2013

Forget Rupert Wyatt… Give me EDGAR WRIGHT for the next trek film!

He knows character! He knows action! He’s got a sense of humor! He knows how to be uplifting without being corny…


191. Adam C - September 19, 2013


Im just not invested in a 2hr serious parody. What I want is a TV Series!

192. captain spock - September 20, 2013

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what did i do to need your approveal to commit on the articals that what i want to know please answer me at my E-mail adress captains spock

193. Smike - September 21, 2013

Here is what the third one could be about:

The story of “Star Trek Beyond Enterprise” involves:

– A trip to New Vulcan, which turns out to be Talos IV, with Spock Prime having abused Talosian illusionary abilities to recreate all of Vulcan including Spock’s mother (it’s supposed to be the teaser of the movie)

– Kirk being abducted by the Klingons as they want to create an army of augmented supersoldiers from Khan’s superblood in his veins (They must have been pretty impressed by Khan’s exploits in STID)

– Spock and crew stealing the Enterprise against Starfleet orders on a quest to bring back Kirk (yeah, it’s the third one once again!)

– Blown-up Praxis being replaced by an artificial moon called Sto’Vo’Kor, designed as both a giant power plant and mobile military base (Death Star anyone?)

– Sto’Vo’Kor being powered by a mysterious powerful energy sourced called “Green Energy” (Red Matter anyone?), which actually turns out to be the life essence of a wounded, captured and exploited Organian (sounds somewhat Farpointy to me)

– An army of ridgeless Super-Klingons all played by Benedict Cumberbatch in creepy 60s retro outfit (Attack of the Khans?)

– Colonel Worf (played by Michael Dorn?) as a friendly Klingon asset trying to stop the Khanite Superklingons from taking over the Empire

– A holodeck prototype showing Spock, Uhura and Bones going camping in what seems to be a rendition of Neverland (Wonderland obviously was too TOSy)…

– A new kind of weapon emitting a constant phaser beam…They’re called “Phase Sabers”, there are two settings: cut and drill! But wait until you see “Phase Bat’leths” (obviously they are going for a bit of cross-advertising between Star Wars and Star Trek!)

– The Enterprise temporarily equipped with a Klingon cloaking device provided by Col. Worf

– Sulu will finally reveal his homosexuality, a nod to George Takei and progress

– Rumors of a flying Super-Targ are obviously exaggerated, but you never know…

194. Martin - September 22, 2013


The Klingons are at the verge of starting all out war against the federation, plus the subspace signal sent by the borg in star trek enterprise ‘regeneration’ would take 200 years to reach the borg in the delta quadrant ’24th century TNG ERA’ but when Nero’s ship came through the black hole and changed the past the borgs subspace signal could have traveled faster ‘like a message in a bottle on a tidal wave’
which means the borg will come very soon.

Most likely the forth star trek film.

but just as the Klingons attack the federation………

A powerful god Q or Trelane
could play kirk and his crew at a game ‘to test if he is ready for what awaits’ and put all his crew in embarrassing amusing and dangerous situations sending the enterprise across different points in the galaxy coming into contact with many dangerous alien races new and old such as THE BORG in the delta quadrant or the DOMINION in the gamma quadrant or the doomsday machine or traveling to points in time like ‘the guardian’ and many more etc etc…….

some red shirts get killed ‘good god man save them’ says McCoy and Q/Trelane responds ‘if you can’t take a bloody nose maybe you should crawl under your bed’

Kirk could steel advanced alien technology along his travels to help defeat the Klingons ‘that’s if Q/Trelane sends them back’ until kirk begs so he can stop all out war with the Klingons.

What tricks will kirk have up his sleeve or will Q/Trelane save them.

195. Shaun - September 25, 2013

All out war between the Federation and the Klingons. Split the crew up into ground assault and fleet to cover both ends of the conflict. Remember it’s a parallel timeline the original movies only showed the Klingons as a treat, never at war. Enterprise ncc-1701 should be destroyed and pave the way for NCC-1701A, originally it was in the search for Spock that ncc1701 was destroyed and after the journey home that 1701a was made. Screw that, self destruct is for wimps. Also some one is due to die, and don’t bring them back to life. That is stupid, and already done with both Spock (original) and Kirk (new). I agree it should be something we have not seen before.

196. Keachick - September 25, 2013

So you are saying that nobody has seen war and battles (even in space) ever enacted before. There is nothing original about wars and battles – an explosion is just that, so are kicks and punches and so are scenes showing people dead or dying.

I have seen more than my share of those re-enactments, even in Star Trek. If I see nuKirk get seriously kicked and punched once more, I will tell Bob Orci and co. where they can shove their liking for a “good fight”.

What everyone seems to forget in all this is that what they want to see played out are people behaving immorally. However, god forbid, we are shown a little human (female) skin – something which is not innately immoral.

People – ordinary joe’s, writers, producers, directors, actors, special effects people… really need to reflect on this salient point.


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