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Bryan Fuller on pitching a Star Trek TV show October 2, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Interview,Trek Franchise,Trek on TV , trackback

Trek alum Bryan Fuller was out doing press interviews for the second season of his show Hannibal when his love for Star Trek came up with Crave Online. Fuller worked on the writing staff of Deep Space Nine and Voyager before creating critically acclaimed shows such as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daises. Click on for more.


On the rumor that he pitched a Trek TV series:

I haven’t pitched it, I just expressed interest that I would love to do a “Star Trek” TV show. Again, that was my very first start, on “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager.” That was my first job as a writer in Hollywood. So having spent four years on staff and another year of freelancing before that on “Star Trek,” it’s a very near and dear property to my heart, and also a philosophy. I would love to create a “Star Trek” show, so that’s on my dream docket.

Would this hypothetical show be set in the new Abrams-verse or a “old” prime universe?

I think there’s something very exciting about the new J.J. Abrams-verse, and there’s also kind of an interesting reinvention. How would “The Next Generation” evolve from that? Where would that be? Where would that go? But there’s also… “Star Trek” is such a big universe, and there are so many places to go with it. I have a very specific idea that I would love to do. We’ll see if I ever get the opportunity.


— Read more from Bryan Fuller on Hannibal at Crave Online


1. MAXIMUS - October 2, 2013

Do a couple episodes of deleting the Abrams universe and have the rest of the show take place in the Prime Universe and I promise you will live on in Glory.

2. WOW - October 2, 2013

No brains and all dumb action while screwing up the timeline and things (Khan) that came before Nero’s ship. Contradictories galore in the Abramsverse, not to mention a ton of lazy writing.

3. Zip - October 2, 2013

I’d love to see Star Trek back on TV, Any Star Trek… But more like the TOS, We can sometimes be trapped when we have to be politically correct all the time, (( Mom always said no body likes a good boy ))

4. Andrew P - October 2, 2013

I think the safest option now for a new series would be a spin-off from the Abrams-verse, but set in the Next Generation era, as sort of hinted at above. That way, the show can draw on as much (or little) of the Next Gen tropes as desired, but now filtered through an Abrams-verse, without directly competing with the movies (in the same way that Star Trek VI came out mid-TNG run). I doubt you’re going to get all the current Trek cast signed up for 8 series of TV or whatever the deal is these days, and they wouldn’t run a show without everyone on board.

5. Richie - October 2, 2013


Set it in the PRIME UNIVERSE. And please… Move it forward in time. Set it a good 50 years or so AFTER “The Next Generation”. No more Borg. No more Q. No more paranoid Section 31/conspiracy/secret war/”trust no one” crap. No more clashes with the Klingons & Romulans. Let the Romulans and Klingons be our allies (…albeit not always friendly allies – the relationship can be rocky, for dramatic purposes. But I think that the whole Federation/Klingon/Romulan/Cardassian thing has been done to DEATH. Personally, I think it’d be fascinating to see a Klingon Starfleet starship captain, or a Romulan Chief Medical Officer, or a Cardassian engineer.). Give us a future where all that bullsnot with the Red Matter and Romulus getting destroyed never happened. Give us a future where Spock succeeded in uniting the Romulans with their Vulcan brethren and ushered in a new age of peaceful relations. There is SO much material to be mined from that.. Set it out in the frontier. Give us NEW races, new challenges. Give us compelling characters to care about. The best sci fi – and the best STAR TREK – has always been using these fantastic settings and circumstances to explore the human heart, the human psyche. Roddenberry used TREK to shine a light upon the beauty and ugliness of the human soul, and to show us that our better angels can – and will – prevail.

Do that, and STAR TREK will live again.

6. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - October 2, 2013

I would like to see Star Trek back on TV as a new show. I don’t have any real preference for timeline or universe. I’ll know when I see it if it ‘calls to me’ as Trek.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started visiting this site, it’s that trekkies are indeed diverse. I suspect any attempt to make a new Star Trek TV show that appeals to all existing trekkies will be doomed to fail.

Any new show should ‘go boldly’ – in several senses of the phrase. Hopefullly it would attract a following from both existing trekkies and current non-trekkies.

As Spock would say “there are always possibilities…”

7. Nony - October 2, 2013

I would like to see a Captain Pike series set in the new universe. Follow a younger Greenwood-style Pike as he rises up through the ranks to become a professional badass in a world where Starfleet and the Federation are trying to figure out how to respond to the incursion of an Angry Future Romulan ship. So much potential.

8. Marja - October 2, 2013

Again, I would love to see an AltVerse show with this cast in a TOS-like show, Kirk occasionally being a “cowboy”

10-12 eps/year on Netflix

Long and short story arcs …

But as said above, any trying to please “the fans” and they’re frikked, LOL

9. Spockadia - October 2, 2013

Get back to basics. After TNG, things ended up going up in different directions, not all of them good. I want to be back aboard the Enterprise, 50 years after TNG. New crew. More diverse. Final frontier. Wagon train to the stars. Bryan Fuller + Seth McFarlane = win.

10. I am not Herbert - October 2, 2013


11. Sebastian - October 2, 2013

Sounds like Fuller wants to pitch TNG version 2.0.

Can’t ANYONE associated with Star Trek come up with something new for a change?!? To boldly go where 750 hours of television have gone before…

Sad that the franchise is just feeding on itself these days. It’ll keep ripping itself off until it becomes a copy of a copy of a copy…

Let the Bad Robot movies run their course, and put it to bed for awhile. Obviously ST needs more beauty sleep.

12. marty - October 2, 2013

personally, i’d love to see another star trek series on tv. i’d watch every week. i never got the opportunity to see NEW star trek the night it was on for the first time. (i’m just 28, and it was syndicated on channels that i didn’t get).

first off, prime universe all the way. if star trek xiii doesn’t correct the timeline back to what it was originally(which is a huge story opportunity ‘they’ should jump on), then the new series should take advantage of that. then have it on cable, perhaps showtime, but have a full 22 episode season rather than one with 12.

there’s so much stuff untouched by the 5 series. what happened between zefran cochrane and star trek: enterprise? what happened between enterprise and TOS? TOS and TNG? what happened after voyager got home and after nemesis?! (i also still want one more TNG movie to give them a send off like TOS got with undiscovered country).

there is such a large universe left, use it. don’t go down the jjverse road.

that’s why it’s so disheartening for bad robot to basically trash the previous 4 series(excluding enterprise) and 10 movies for themselves to play with cannon and rehash the classic trek bits.

just throwing out random ideas, most for a post nemesis story: origin of the borg, earth-romulan war story, info about world war 3, new romulus, sisko and wormhole aliens, riker and the titan, where’s the voyager crew? ds9 crew? Q, post-nemesis vulcan/andoria, bitterness in the federation.. along with fixing plotholes. go past warp 10. stop with the ‘crew member gets kidnapped and communicator is taken’ bit. show a toilet. have a captain/crew with a family for once.

that’s my piece.

13. marty - October 2, 2013

heck, they could even do a show concurrent to the former series. picard and the enterprise are battling the romulans. mean while on the other side of the alpha quadrant, the uss bosman is dealing with cardassians.

now i’m done. i think.

14. Admiral Kent - October 2, 2013

I would just like to see the Next (Next?) Generation…push the envelope! Have we become so cynical and so obsessed with our own destruction that we’ve run out of ideas of what the future holds? Do we really think the smart phone is the pinnacle of our technological development? It seems there’s no fresh ideas anymore…just running back to the safety of where we’ve already been. Let’s see some future crazy tech and cameos from the Enterprise D crew. Make it so…

15. BatlethInTheGroin - October 2, 2013


16. bassmaster22 - October 2, 2013

#7 is spot on here. Agree 100%.

Besides, think about all the different ways the Abrahms universe is going to come to a screeching halt.

V’ GER will happen regardless because those events were set in to motion way before. So it’s unreasonable to think that with the divergence in the timeline, that once again Kirk and crew will be in the right place and time to stop VGER. Who knows if Decker was even born based on timeline changes.

The Abrahms universe probably ends there.

17. StelArian - October 2, 2013


I disagree with you but love the way you say it :)

18. Nony - October 2, 2013

@9 It wouldn’t be so much a prequel as just filling in the gaps of what was shown in the ’09 movie, from 2233 onward, using a (relatively) minor character. Explaining how Starfleet reacts to its 9/11 moment, so to speak, and grows into the more militarized entity it has become by STID. Plus, Pike never got as much play as he deserved, in either universe, and now he’s double dead.

I mean, none of this has the slightest chance of ever happening in real life, ever, but I love Greenwood’s Pike and I want to see how he got to where he was. And we know practically nothing about people like Number One and Boyce and Colt.

19. TUP - October 2, 2013

I would have no issue with a Pike series but once again you confuse viewers. Prime Universe, TOS, TNG, Abrams-Verse, Enterprise…Star Trek is too big in a way.

20. CmdrR - October 2, 2013

New crew. New ship. Please.

But, go-go boots and flip hairstyles for the ladies. Mmmm. Oh, and strangenewworlds and all that stuff…

21. Alex Quirino - October 2, 2013

I would love to see Star Trek back on TV, but only if it’s something new. No more reboots or reimaginations of things we’ve already seen. They could even use the JJ-verse but I would only watch it if the adventures were completely new

22. Optimistic Doodle - October 2, 2013

“Star Trek is such a big universe, and there are so many places to go with it.”

Indeed, the prime universe is big ;-)

23. Astronut - October 2, 2013

Yes, a Trek tv show could be great if done carefully – – but NOT AS A “PREQUEL” CONCEPT… I do not want to have an automatic guarantee that the characters cannot die, the Federation cannot be destroyed, etc etc……..

4) A CAPTAIN WHO IS NOT A P*SSY (personally I’d go with one similar to the middle eastern captain at the beginning of NuTrek 1…)

24. samrock83 - October 2, 2013

It must feel fresh and relevant. Needs new blood. Fuller has done well for himself, but I’m not crazy about his involvement, especially after the Next Gen 2.0 idea. Bad news.

I like the idea of something in the style of the cable/Netflix model of a 13 episode season (long gone are the days of a 22 – 25 episode season, which isn’t necessarily bad). A shorter season would probably be more cost-effective with a show that by its very nature requires a large budget for sets, costumers, makeup, etc. It seems that major networks have said bye-bye to most shows like that, unless it’s dead person makeup (ah la Bones, and other cop shows).

Also, we need to let go of the flawed Roddenberry idea for TNG that there cannot be any real conflicts among the human characters. I’m sorry but that’s crazy. In a lot of ways Roddenberry gets too much credit for Trek’s development, including TOS. It’s all about the writers. And perhaps the worst film of them all (TMP) is the one film with Roddenberry fully on board. I know this idea is controversial, but there’s a lot of evidence to back it up.

Looking at the Trek is Not Broken editorial, I cannot agree more that it’s all about the characters. Stories can be retold and tweaked. It’s the characters that make it new and exciting. The great thing about Trek is if you have fantastic characters you also get this amazing universe that offers so much freedom for innovative – and FUN, ADVENTUROUS – stories.

I don’t think my comments are particularly groundbreaking.

The one that’s gotta happen is originality – original characters that speak to the current audience without piggybacking on these anti-hero Madmen, Breaking Bad stories. Let Trek find it’s own way, with its own characters, its own conflicts, and a willingness to tell stories that captivate people.

Two cents deposited. Thanks.

25. Red Dead Ryan - October 2, 2013

A new series has to take place in the new universe; the prime timeline is already overflowing with canon.

It should also be a spin-off of the Abrams movies, not a rehash of TNG.

I say give John Cho a Sulu series where he commands the Excelsior a few decades earlier than in the prime timeline. Then you can include Lt. Rand and maybe even Nurse Chapel, both of whom weren’t in the Abrams movies.

26. James - October 2, 2013

Not gonna happen.

Cos CBS aint interested according to Abrams.

Many more years to wait, predict I.

27. crazydaystrom - October 2, 2013

Wow if a Fuller show could happen! I’m a huge fan of his Pushing Daises and I’m actually intrigued by the idea of what he would do with a nuTrek: The Next Generation show.

Mainly I want Star Trek back on tv. And well done (which is less rare for the television medium anymore). But puns aside, I agree the cable model for shows – high quality, shorter seasons, more mature themes – is the direction for Trek to go.

And while I do like most of the other ideas that’ve been suggested on this thread so far, I just don’t think we’ll see a return to the Prime Universe anytime soon. If ever.

28. TUP - October 2, 2013

The people that want “new” what do you want? I hear a lot of what you dont want and it leaves me with boring, bland, alien of the week Voyager styler BS.

I’d lov an HBO-styler 12 episode series, no commercials, bigger budget, adult-oriented. Tie it into Abrams-verse directly, spinning off from the next movie. This would allow for some guest stars and be more episodic.

But if it ever comes back, it’s going to be CBS-driven which means it wont come back because it wont generate ratings that CBS will need. Hopefully Paramount can get the rights back and produce a show they can sell to whomever they want.

29. kevan - October 2, 2013

I would love to see a new TV series, but, Star Trek was stale when it ended. So, from my point of view, it needs to be new. The new movies have taken it in a new direction which IMO would be best to grabe new people, peak interest, new stories. I do not want a show to pander to me as an old trek fan. Change is good. I believe in the IDIC and their are many creative ways to achieve it. The stale, “we are better then everyone else” mantra that was in ST when it ended cannot come back. I agree with 28 TUP, a mini-series would be good to see reaction to it if a show was viable. My idea, the new timeline, with the crew setting out on voyages. You could have a Garth of Izar tangent to it, Commodor decker, April or Mitchell, (I know the last two were delt with already).

30. samrock83 - October 2, 2013

TUP, while I think an adult-oriented show would have a lot of potential, I don’t think Trek would do well to cut out the younger demographics. One of the biggest reason Trek has lived on is its appeal to people of all ages, including children. That being said, audiences are more demanding than they used to be say in the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

Anyway, I just think Trek should stay accessible to a wide range of age groups.

31. TUP - October 2, 2013

The Sopranos did alright on HBO.

The Walking Dead does alright.

Voyager was such a great concept that they didnt actually explore. Same with Enterprise. Im still interested in seeing those concepts come to live.

DS9 was truly amazing in being a stuck-on-a-spacestation show that was very, very good because the producers and writers made it all about the characters and the intrigue. I like intrigue.

32. dswynne1 - October 2, 2013

If there was going to be a new series, it most likely be a “reboot”, since Paramount/CBS/Viacom/Whatever would use the new series to market older ‘Trek episodes. But if TNG does get a reboot, I think this is the way to go:

Out of all the proposed casting choices, this one seems credible, IMO.

33. Xplodin_Nacelle - October 2, 2013

I’d love to see a TOS year 4 & 5, & the eighteen months right up to TMP fleshed out on network TV – kind’ve like the New Voyages/Phase II group has started.

2nd choice: TOS Red Uniform movie era in a weekly format.

34. Phil - October 2, 2013

@1. Well that’s a formula for cancellation after about three episodes. Go watch the fan films.

35. TUP - October 2, 2013

@32 that TNG reboot sounds aweful.

They missed the boat with a great series idea – Enterprise B. New ship, “future-ish” and a time in canon that we know very little of. A popular ship design and an era where they could have guest appearances.

36. shockwave - October 2, 2013

I say go w/the prime uni & have the series set in the 2280’s (movie era). I like the uniforms, ship designs, and have James Horner come up w/a theme.

37. Jonboc - October 2, 2013

Good Lord no more TNG-style Trek. We just broke out of that moldy mold of almost 20 years of sameness. While I respect Fuller’s talent and originality, I don’ t know if he can disassociate himself, enough, from those Trek’s he worked on and bring something totally different to the table. And the product would have to be radically different from TNG in mood and execution to succeed today. I just don’t know if Fuller could do it.

38. Anonymous Coward - October 2, 2013

Prime Universe, Post TNG, Ent F or G, somewhere out where the Delta and Gamma Quadrants meet.

A ship full of reunited Romulans/Vulcans, a Kilngon Starfleet captain, stuff like that. A chance to show old antagonists attempting to live up to Federation ideals and not always succeeding.

Some time ago Fuller threw out some ideas about a post-conflict Federation that I still think has the most going for it.

39. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 2, 2013

Since it is always, and finally, only about money:

Q: How do CBS and Paramount make money with Trek?

A: Not easily, or very clearly.

CBS owns the rights to the Trek characters. Paramount has to license the use of the characters FROM CBS in order to make the movies. CBS could make a series on their own and (theoretically) completely ignore the movies (but probably wouldn’t).

CBS owns the CW network, and Showtime. The most mass marketable theme would have to feature Kirk & Co. set in the original timeline. TNG and later iterations are too niche pigeonholed, and don’t have the same earniong potential.

Easiest thing to do politically would seem to be renegotiating the current JJ crew’s 3 film deal to add a limited TV run on Showtime/CBS network (CBS keeps the $$). High quality TV is hot right now (Breaking Bad), lets actors stretch out a bit, (slightly) cheaper to produce and market. Set it in TOS and it’s a winner. Hell, you could even have fun filming exact TOS scripts using the new crew, on updated sets.

40. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 2, 2013

Memo to CBS (this is a freebie):

This idea has been mentioned many times before…

You boys are stting on a nice little payday. Not blockbuster money, but something. You have in your possession the animated half hour Treks, which feature all the original actors’ voices. For a relatively small investment, you could replace the wooden Filmation animation and cheesy music with some new CG animation and updated (Giacchino/Horner/Goldsmith) music, as was done with the updated FX for the live action TOS high def release a few years ago. Run them on a limited syndicated basis, or a half hour on Showtime (you own Showtime), to build awareness, then sell them on iTunes.

You’re welcome.

41. KillaBC - October 2, 2013

I would love to see a new series set in the TLE era. It was such an unexplored era in a Trek and still has that air of the wild west about it which TNG was sorely lacking. It would be good to see the beginning of the Cardassian border wars and the declining relations with the Romulans. The uneasy peace with the Klingons, there is so much and I would love to see it realised on TV.

42. Jay Pierce - October 2, 2013

I would like to see a series set in the prime universe & the Lost Era between the Movies & the Next Generation. I’ve read the Lost Era series in the books & found it great. I would like to see more of it.

43. bardicjim - October 2, 2013

If they were to redo TNG only one man could play Picard. Former James Bond, Timothy Dalton.

It is quite uncanny.

44. Sebastian - October 2, 2013

# 26 James

That’s probably a good thing too.

ST shouldn’t be flooding TV screens just because it can. It should come back to TV when it really has something important to say to a new generation and not just rehash past glories.

I agree with CBS. We really don’t need a new ST series now; let the current movies run their course and then wait a few years. Build an appetite for it again.

45. Dom - October 2, 2013

It would be a huge mistake to set a TV show in the 24th century of the Abramsverse. It immediately turns the movie series into a historical period and handcuffs it. I mean. Can you imagine the outcry and the retcons involved if Chang had blown up Vulcan in STVI, for example?

I’d love to see a series running parallel to the movie series as the new 23rd century with all its new tech has so much to explore. Why not follow a starship and crew that’s transwarp beamed into another galaxy, for example. What might they discover in, say, the Andromeda Galaxy?

Anyway, for now, I’d rather Mr Fuller stick with Hannibal; I love that show!

46. Ahmed - October 2, 2013

For the TV series, it better to go back to the Prime Universe. As for the movies, leave it in the Alt-universe & keep all the relentless action & explosions for the fans all over the world to enjoy it on the big screen in 3D!

47. ironhyde - October 2, 2013

Just as long as it isn’t the tedious, exposition-heavy, monotonous misery of “Sleepy Hollow”. Please. Is it the budget on that show that’s the problem? Lack of imagination? It’s the same issue we had with Khan! Why does everyone talk about what’s happened, happening and will happen, and we never actually see anybody DO anything! And it takes itself so seriously, with everyone talking in whispers about riddles. Boooring.

Ahem. Anyway. To sum up — yay, just as long as it’s not Sleepy Hollow-esque.

48. Shadowplay - October 2, 2013

@16: except, Voyager 6 never existed so they could capitalize on that to say that V’Ger as it was presented in the 1979 film would never be created. No probe falling into machine planet, no V’Ger.

49. windelkin - October 2, 2013

What about setting it up with the “temporal prime-directive” agents from the distant future that popped up on Voyager and Enterprise? Wasn’t his name Daniels? You could have a crew, even a time traveling cloaked ship that jumps from universe to universe, timeline to timeline, correcting anomalies that doom the galaxy as a whole. That way, you see the prime universe one week, the alternate universe the next. You could explain away all alot of inconsistencies with that concept, and we’d get to play in the Terran Empire alot. Wouldn’t that be fun? it would be part Back to the Future, part Quantum Leap, part Mirror, Mirror.

50. Nony - October 2, 2013

(oops, my response up there was for BatlethInTheGroin, I used to be #4…the comment numbers have gone all crazy again.)

51. Jonboc - October 2, 2013

#47 “Ahem. Anyway. To sum up — yay, just as long as it’s not Sleepy Hollow-esque.”

Clearly a lame attempt to get a dig in on Bob, knowing he reads these posts, and nothing more. No doubt a regular Into Darkness detractor, using a convenient alias. Go play on capital hill with the other children.

52. Robert - October 2, 2013

Anna Gunn as Nurse Chapel. Make it a medical show :) hahaha

53. Will - October 2, 2013

Dear God, please no JJ-universe inspired TNG remake. Just… no. No to all of that.

54. copper based blood - October 2, 2013

A “Captain April” Show set in the Pre- Alternate Universe, around the time of George Kirk (Pre-Nero) It doesn’t even have to be set on the Enterprise, Could have a young “Pike” serving on board as first officer & the occasional appearance of an aged “Admiral Archer” And since this period in starfleets history is common to both timelines, it opens the opportunaty to use both timelines, in any future time travel stories, in case they want to use any actor, from any of the incarnations of Star Trek.

55. Carl LaFong - October 2, 2013

Oh, just make the USS Sutherland and adapt the series based on the Hornblower novels. Simple and straightforward.

56. PEB - October 2, 2013

From now on, this site will be called, grumpy old purists.

57. NuFan - October 2, 2013

I don’t think old fans should suggest old ideas set in the old universe. You want to convince them that they can make money if they do a series.

58. Thorny - October 2, 2013

I would have said it is unlikely we’ll see another Trek series any time soon, but I think CBS might want to start considering it sooner rather than later. They’re dramas this fall other than the two NCIS’s have been taking some serious hits. Elementary and Person of Interest are faltering at the 10pm hour. Five-O was already a failure which only survived because of some weird (and ill-conceived) syndication deal with TNT I think, and has now been exiled to Fridays. Good Wife and Mentalist are living out their last days on Sundays, hopelessly delayed every week by football making them nearly impossible for casual viewers to watch.

So what would I recommend for CBS? Get started on Trek Series 6, and do it NOW. Get it ready for launch next Fall on Thursdays at 9pm. Dump the doomed second hour of comedies on Thursdays (Mondays are falling apart and needs “2 1/2 Men” back pronto) and launch Trek Series 6 at 9pm behind Big Bang Theory and likely returning “Crazy Ones”. Use the 10pm hour to burn off a final season of “Person of Interest” (to reach good syndication numbers) or launch another new drama (unless the upcoming “Intelligence” is a hit, which might make a good fit with Trek.)

59. THX-1138 - October 2, 2013

#56 NuFan

Come on guy. Don’t be so divisive. And if folks from the other point of view are being divisive they should stop too. Yours was the first comment I read.

This “Star Trek Fan” would like it if a new series was set in the Prime Universe, and far into the future after Nemesis. Setting it aboard the Enterprise would be a nice touch. And no, it doesn’t have to have the political correctness that TNG had. TNG was a product of it’s time.

I just don’t think a series in the JJ universe is going to happen seeing as Paramount does the movies and CBS has the TV rights and the two companies don’t seem to want to work together. In light of this fact a Prime Universe show would seem to be the only option for Trek’s return to the small screen, although that seems unlikely as well since CBS appears to want to keep hold of classic TOS imagery.

And I just don’t see the movie actors doing a TV series. Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin all have film careers that are in various stages of upswing. Zachary Quinto appears to be the only one of them that hasn’t been able to crack that nut, outside of playing Spock in the new movies. I don’t think the rest of them are willing to take a step “backwards” and do episodic TV. Of course maybe that’s the angle: Have a Spock-centric NuTrek show where he is trying to re-build the Vulcan culture. Maybe he is searching for a way to bring the Romulans and what remains of the Vulcans together ala TNG’s “Re-Unification” episode. Since it’s a new universe maybe he get’s his own ship to captain.

Anyway, just tossing darts.

60. Gary 8.5 - October 2, 2013

Here is my idea .
Simplicity itself.
A ship.
A Crew.
A Five Year Mission.
It worked before.

61. Sebastian - October 2, 2013

# 52 Robert~

She DOES look like Majel Barrett, doesn’t she? That is, when Barrett is blonde.

I’m glad to see another “Breaking Bad” fan here. I absolutely love that show…

# 60


I agree in spirit but that’s really just a carbon copy. If it’s going to tread familiar ground that closely, then I’d rather just watch my DVDs of TOS….

ST shouldn’t come back to TV unless it has something new to add to the mix. We’ve had 4 ship-based series (counting TAS) and one space station. With over 750 hours in the can, there aren’t many directions for such a self-limiting idea, really. You’d have to give them more than that ’60s Kennedy-esque perception of space travel. The world’s changed.

A new ST series would have to recognize that. I’d love to see a series on Earth at Starfleet HQ; a sort of “West Wing of the Future.” You could have ships on the show now and then, but the real movers and shakers would be at Starfleet HQ.

But this is moot: CBS has made it clear (to JJ Abrams) that they don’t want another series at this time. I think that’s wise. They should wait for the current cycle of movies to end, and let it rest awhile.

62. Thorny - October 2, 2013

59. THX… Note that Karl Urban is actually starring in a new show this fall, “Almost Human” debuting next month on Fox. John Cho is recurring on “Sleepy Hollow”, last season was a regular on “Go On”, and also starred in “FlashForward” post-Trek 2009. Quinto did the limited series “American Horror Story”. Yelchin’s movie career has not been successful, with one movie (“Odd Thomas”) evidently so bad it has been in studio limbo for nearly three years now. Pine and Saldana are really the only cast out of reach for TV. And even Pine could probably make a case for TV, since only “Unstoppable” has been a hit for him (and that was mostly thanks to Denzel Washington.) If someone like HBO or Showtime made a move to get them to do a limited (12 episodes, say) TV Trek, it could very possibly be done. I don’t think Network or Basic Cable could afford it, though.

63. Marja - October 2, 2013

59 THX, “And I just don’t see the movie actors doing a TV series. Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin all have film careers that are in various stages of upswing. Zachary Quinto appears to be the only one of them that hasn’t been able to crack that nut, outside of playing Spock in the new movies.”

* TV is still a pretty attractive deal to many actors – if the production is fairly “spread out” and doesn’t involve 10 12-hour days back to back with maybe 1-2 days for a break. It allows for family stability [actor doesn’t have to rush off overseas for months at a time] c/w movies. And if the series is on Netflix, they won’t be afraid to back a relatively expensive show if it’s popular. Right now ALL the Trek series are playing on Netflix, negotiated thru something like the next hundred years … ; )
* TV has lost some of its “cheesy” rep among the public because of high-quality shows on HBO, Showtime and Netflix. Film actors are longer embarrassed to appear in TV shows. If they’re quality.

* Active movie careers do not necessarily preclude acting in a TV series – if it’s about 10 eps/year. How many films do most actors make in a year anymore? Maybe two? Say that’s 3 – 6 months out of a year, with returns to the studio for voice looping if needed. Zoe Saldana [regrettably for me, but not for her] is in two Avatar movies and that Marvel thing – I don’t know if any of the films has started shooting yet. That’s going to make Trek3 difficult, let alone a series, but it’s possible she can be replaced as Uhura, though I personally like her in the role.

Actor “shooting” time in Star Trek is – for a movie – about 3 – 6 months. The rest of the time before release is taken with CGI and other things.
Expenses: Once CGI is done for a TV series [the repeating elements, like Bridge stations] it will not be as expensive as a movie. I think. There will be new CGI every ep for the “guest ship” or aliens and their environs, but most TV series are expert at re-dressing sets for scenes on planets, other ship corridors and the like. Costumes can be cleverly designed and re-designed over the course of a series. I remember one episode of TNG featured aliens wearing thin packing material [such as you find protecting the coating of your computer’s/stereo components’ plastic shells] that looked vaguely like fishnet, over their alien robes.
Quinto did “American Horror Story” for two years, 10 episodes each, I think? During that time STiD was filmed. So there’s time.
Production costs will be lower because once sets are built for the ship, SFHQ, and so on, those sets will be used and re-used.

“I don’t think the rest of them are willing to take a step “backwards” and do episodic TV. Of course maybe that’s the angle: Have a Spock-centric NuTrek show where he is trying to re-build the Vulcan culture. Maybe he is searching for a way to bring the Romulans and what remains of the Vulcans together ala TNG’s “Re-Unification” episode. Since it’s a new universe maybe he get’s his own ship to captain.”

* Maybe I’m projecting a little, but I think Pegg would be fine with doing a TV show, if it’s Quality Trek, b/c he’d still be free to star in a movie and possibly produce other movies. Actors on set, even in TV series, retire to their trailers between shots, which take forever to set up. For the ambitious actor/producer, this is time to make phone calls crucial to setting up a film in early stages.
As for the other actors, Urban and Cho are doing TV right now, Yelchin is up and coming, but hasn’t been in any big A-list projects I know of; besides Saldana, Pine is probably the only A-list action/adventure actor breaking into Stardom at this moment.

* Quinto is a producer of films, and acted in his company’s production of “Margin Call,” one of the critically acclaimed films of 2011. High acclaim. I believe it won Sundance’s Indy film of the year. He and his company rounded up Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and other film actors to star in it. Quinto is not so interested in acting on film as he is in acting on stage. Believe me, I’d be thrilled to see him in a Spock-centric series! I like your idea, but he could also captain the Enterprise when “Kirk is on temporary assigned duty” [don’t hurt me, Keachick! ; ) ] for a couple/three eps a year. But they’d have to do something about Spock’s hair, b/c Quinto hates that haircut with a passion. The distinctive brows, well, there’s another challenge ….

64. The Observer - October 2, 2013

While I’ve certainly had my fill of the Prime Universe, I’m not very enthusiastic about Mr. Fullers’ TNG reboot either.

65. Marja - October 2, 2013

OOPS Film actors are longer embarrassed to appear in TV shows should read
“… NO longer embarrassed, to wit, Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’.”

And Simon Pegg LOVES Trek, so I think he’d find room in his schedule.

Pardon my formatting in my above post.

66. Marja - October 2, 2013

64 Fuller, I’m with you. AltVerse yes, PrimeVerse, it’s crowded. And 24th century has not only been done [to death], but any series set later than that would have to come up with advanced-looking technology far ahead of any we’ve seen, even in AUTrek.

67. C Zenko - October 2, 2013

When I seen Star Trek 2009 for the first time, I thought I would really like to see the USS Kelvin. We know how it ends, but I would love to see a 3 or 4 season series. That way when we see Star Trek 2009, we have a connection to the Kelvin. Even a comic series would be good. Another thing I would like to see would be a ST VI era ship, that was one of my favorite eras. If the writing is good you could easily do another ship. The big question is how to make the stories relevant to us today. Everything we see in the movies and on tv is so dark and negative, it would be nice to see something that is positive overall.

68. T'Cal - October 2, 2013

I won’t try to beat the professional writers with an idea for the next Trek show. I just want a quality series.

69. Curious Cadet - October 2, 2013

Here’s the thing. Ever since they announced ST09, the TNG fans started talking about rebooting TNG next … like in the very next sequel.

The problem is its a very different thing, that appeals to very different people in some cases.

TOS appeals to a majority of Trek fans. And that’s what the brand is rebuilding under. TOS was off the air for a decade before TMP came around and revitalized it, and it took another 3 very successful movies to launch TNG. So why would it be any different this time around?

Why on Earth would they risk confusing their new fan base by creating a Star Trek series that didn’t follow suit from the brand that’s been reestablished? TOS had 20 years to establish itself with an ever growing audience of outsiders. By the time TNG came along, it was the relaunch of a brand. But TNG has been off the air for almost 20 years. The last movie was almost 12 years ago, and had the lowest box office receipts of any Star Trek movie. Why on Earth would anybody want to try to reboot it now when the current movies are doing so well? It would come out of left field and only serve to confuse the newer fans.

At the end of the day, I’m frankly just not interested in seeing TNG rebooted. And there are a lot of Star Trek fans who aren’t interested in that either. But that doesn’t mean that we all get what we prefer. TNG was the only Trek available for a decade and as such I watched and enjoyed it. And if that’s what drives Star Trek in the future, so be it. But right now that’s not it. And unless the studio takes a poll that shows TNG will be the more profitable direction to go in the near future, I’d say the TNG fans should accept the current state of Trek as well and with any luck, in another 10 years somebody will think rebooting TNG is a good idea too and it will get more than second billing to James T Kirk.

70. Curious Cadet - October 2, 2013

And think about the fact that the TNG era may have been so successful because they created two spin-offs expanding the universe. Had VOY and DS9 been set in completely different times, with completely original settings, they might not have been received so readily. Enterprise was a completely new concept and it suffered as a result. Doing the same with Abrams Trek is the path to success, not creating something completely different that has none of the familiarity that DS9 and VOY had built-in.

71. Jonboc - October 2, 2013

#69 Curious Cadet, I couldn’t agree more, well said.

72. david oakes - October 2, 2013

Tv show showing the creation of Khan and rise to power all the way up to becoming John Harrison and finishing when he flees from Section 31.

73. Vger23 - October 2, 2013

The number of varied (and devoid) ideas on this thread leads me to two unfortunate conclusions:

1. The time is NOT right for a new television series. No matter what the concept, about 1/7 of the fan base would like it and the other 6/7s would hate it. It’s not sustainable in the current state of fandom.
2. Fans should never write Star Trek concepts. Ever.

74. Cygnus-X1 - October 2, 2013

It’s funny…coming on the heels of the awesomeness of TNG, I was disappointed at the time with DS9 and Voyager. They still don’t compare with the best of TNG, but now that I’ve been able to binge-watch them on Netflix, I am able to appreciate what was good in them without being disillusioned at waiting a whole week, every week, for a less than satisfying episode, of which there were many. (Not to mention those frustrating Summer cliff-hangers!) And having seen over the past 4 years two movies called “Star Trek” which felt nothing like Star Trek, the idea of having a Trek veteran run a new TV series—even if he was from DS9 and Voyager—is very appealing.

I wish we could form a sort of super-group comprising the best Trek showrunners, producers and writers for a new series. Manny Coto would definitely be in it. And it’d be very exciting to get Ron Moore involved again.

I miss Star Trek and I hope it comes back soon.

75. czn - October 2, 2013

no, no, no stop making things harder, keep it simple:

same time line as Tos the enterprise with kirk (William Shatner) is on one side of the galaxy were Romulus, Klingon and others are; the new show on a constellation type ship on the other side on it’s 5 year mission.

first officer female Hispanic, captain female white, doctor is Vulcan male with ponfarr on first episode and everybody else on the bridge crew is black Americans:
name of ship is The USS Hardwood

76. John"the wise"Rambo - October 2, 2013

” Again, that was my very first start, on “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager.”

And there we have the Problem.

@74. Cygnus-X1
“And having seen over the past 4 years two movies called “Star Trek” which felt nothing like Star Trek”

Sorry but that’s impossible. TNG, DS9, VOY felt nothing like Star Trek.

Star Trek has finally returned back to its roots.

77. DonDonP1 - October 2, 2013

@5 Agreed. Hope a new small-screen adventure from “the final frontier” would air on either CBS or the CW…or at least NBC, which aired the original series and the animated series, as CBS Television Studios’ first production for the “Tiffany Network’s” rival “Peacock Network” either ever or since “Medium.”

78. Allen Williams - October 2, 2013

I think the biggest problem is that CBS is too successfull for Star Trek to stand a chance for more than a year. CBS has crazy unrealistic expectations for all its shows. Unless a new star trek show surpasses TNG’s ratings, it would be booted automatically. It might stand a chance on NBC or ABC, but that’s not going to happen.

79. DonDonP1 - October 2, 2013

@78 I mentioned the CW, which is 50%-owned by CBS and 50%-owned by Time Warner.

80. Marja - October 2, 2013

76 Rambo, I was reading with interest until I got to the name of “your” ship. A joke, and one in very poor taste.

81. Marja - October 2, 2013

76, Rambo, You forgot the two most populous races on Earth: South Asians and East Asians. All for that bad joke, I suspect.

82. Commodore Adams - October 2, 2013

I say stick with the prime universe in frontier space on a ship. 50 years at least post DS9 Nemesis. Maybe some new tech like slipstream or coaxial warp to allow them to get deeper into space faster, maybe federation jump gates to go to other quadrants. We know post DS9 the bajorans probably join the federation same with the ferengi with Rom as negus. With the federations help with the cardassians against the Dominion, the cardies probably joined the federation as well. There is just so much to work with without having to do an alternate universe TOS series or redoing TNG.

83. K-7 - October 3, 2013

Dead Like Me
Pushing Daisies

No thanks dude. Keep making sick crap instead.

84. Jay Ley (UK Trekkie) - October 3, 2013

Why not a series based in the prime timeline, with the opening scene being the destruction of Romulus and with Spock disappearing through the black hole?

“Picking up the pieces” sounds like a good name for the first episode…

The JJ-verse would continue but the series would carry on from after the Nero incident.

Would be interesting to follow the STO story, or to follow the USS Titan.

85. Calastir - October 3, 2013

Anyone mention the Prime Universe yet?

As in; they should run with that and forget JJ’s awful side-trek?

86. Barnabas Stains - October 3, 2013


I have always thought that a great name for a Federation starship would be USS Barnabas Stains.

87. Janice - October 3, 2013

I like the idea of a TV show–but I would like Bruce Greenwood there as Pike.
I’m far more interested in Pike than Kirk.
I won’t hold my breath on any TV show though.

88. Vger23 - October 3, 2013


Yes at least 50 times.

89. C Zenko - October 3, 2013

With how expensive it would be for a show of this kind, I do not think we will see a large budget show unless another network creates an all new space science fiction show that becomes a smash hit. Then the other networks might decide to create thier own to pull viewers back to them. Reality TV has damaged the tv landscape. They are cheap to produce, and if they become popular they likely pull in larger profits than any other type of show. The general population is not interested in space. If we see Star Trek on tv, I doubt any of us would recognize it.

90. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 3, 2013

OK, we all like Star Trek. But it was definitively proven that Star Trek fans alone cannot buy enough movie tickets to justify big screen movie budgets. TNG specifically, is a big screen non-starter. The movies have to have crossover appeal, which is why Spock and Uhura suddenly became boyfriend/girlfriend, in order to appeal to a female audience.

For crossover, you have to know what your product is, and what it isn’t. Star Trek, to the masses, is Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise, McCoy et al, in that order. Star Trek IS NOT the Federation, Star Fleet, the rank structure, nor is it simply “boldy going”. Those are just the framework to give Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise et al a conflict/storyline to work through.

The characters of TNG/DS9/VOY are far too “inside baseball” for mass appeal. A new TV series that relies on the continuing adventures of new members of the Federation, Star Fleet, set on a ship that isn’t the Enterprise is not a money making proposition. Period. WE might all like that show, but Joe Blow who lives down the hall most likely isn’t interested. Star Trek is a brand. Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise are the ingredients.

91. Lemingsworth Bint - October 3, 2013

The prime universe has as much chance of altering its downward ratings spiral as I do of sprouting wings and flying away.

92. Tim Smoke - October 3, 2013

I love to watch new star trek tv show. It need to something new starships design like Enterprise F to J class and hot ships like a defiant class and Akira class starship. I love a Excelsior class type.
No more time travel story but sometime story show about.
I think agree to used JJ’s tv show anyway as new than old tv shows
new Klingon and romulan starship design.

93. Disinvited - October 3, 2013

#57. NuFan – October 2, 2013

You are forgetting CBS made a mint off of old folks with MURDER, SHE WROTE. I’d rather fancy a DC Fontana’s: STAR TREK, SHE WROTE.

#73. Vger23 – October 2, 2013

I am unclear. Are you using the fans Orci and Kurtzman as proof of your No. 2 conjecture, or do they disprove it?

94. Disinvited - October 3, 2013

#91. Lemingsworth Bint – October 3, 2013

“The prime universe”, being a fictional entity whose existence is due to human artifice, has about as much of a chance of changing anything in the real world of its own volition as Roger Rabbit does emerging from your imaging screen and bopping you on the head with an oversized rubber mallet.

95. ME!! - October 3, 2013

Got news for everyone thinking an Abramsverse TNG series would be cool. With all the changes in that universe getting more & more drastic as time goes on, by the time they’d get to the end of the 24th century, the TNG era/crew/ship/tech/events, etc would be unrecognizable. The odds of that very same crew coming together after all the alterations of Prime historical events are fairly astronomical and if they did have them all, it would be totally unbelievable for some of us.

96. Disinvited - October 3, 2013

#90. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. – October 3, 2013

Interesting…how exactly was it definitively proven that TMP pulled in $175 million world-wide because it appealed significantly outside its Trekfan core demographic?

97. czn - October 3, 2013

If there must be an asian on the bridge, he or she shoild be Filipino, in my opinion…
also the name of the ship, if USS hardwood or some reason is not good then any name thats catchy…USS Paso Fino.

And Star Trek will be back on TV as Star Trek Academy to test the waters for audiance that way not much money spent on FX, cuz you just have class rooms and studants/Alien studants with makeup and and the campuses of the various nations. First campus in China, second in Russia, Saudi Arabia and so on…spend a bit on other planets and a bit less on space fights…

save money and fans must buy into it no mater what and stop shooting themselves on the foot like they did with ST Enterprise…

ST on Netflix
CBS please no reality TREK
Paramount you made money with INTO…make two movies at the same time one for TV and one for the big screen, test the waters Paramount!

98. Disinvited - October 3, 2013

#94. ME!! – October 3, 2013

I think you are discounting that TNG (What was it called? YESTERDAY’S ENTERPRISE?) where the Enterprise C jumps forward in time (Still possible in the altuniverse as nothing in its physics model precludes that.) radically altering the Prime universe and still Picard ended up on an Enterprise with his same bridge crew (including, even, the dead Yar). Now the altuniverse rules says its Enterprise C can’t go back and fix anything so an altTNG definitely will be a different animal dramatically, but the odds that most of the starring characters will be available seem predetermined statistically.

99. Thorny - October 3, 2013

78. Allen Williams… Have you seen the network ratings lately? CBS is not the all-powerful behemoth it once was. Its “Crime Broadcasting System” base is absolutely falling apart, with ratings for “Person of Interest”, “Hawaii Five-O”, “Elementary”, “The Mentalist” and the lone-surviving “CSI” in free-fall, and their new “Hostages” has been a completely failure. “NCIS” is still a beast, but how much longer can it realistically go? David McCallum is positively elderly, and Mark Harmon is not getting any younger. DePablo has already bailed. “NCIS:LA” is a total unknown without “NCIS” as a lead-in. On the comedy side, they have “Big Bang Theory” which gets staggering ratings, and “How I Met Your Mother” is anchoring Monday nights. But “Mother” ends this season, and the rest of the Monday lineup is a train wreck. Of their new sitcoms, only “The Crazy Ones” has been a hit, and it remains to be seen how it will do without “Big Bang” as its lead-in this week.

I do suspect CBS is going to have to change its tune sooner rather than later. It may not go with Trek, but it will have to do something soon to stop the ratings bleeding on Sunday, Monday, and the 10pm hour across the board.

100. Trekboi - October 3, 2013

@16 bassmaster22 &
@ Shadowplay

The Nero Comic #3 showed what happened to V’Ger in the JJ Universe.
The comics, overseen by our friend Orci, are considered cannon in the JJ Universe.

101. Slornie - October 3, 2013

/Shamelessly reposts what I said last April about a TV show in the Abramverse back when this supposed pitch was first mentioned:

You know what, i think there may be opportunity for Star Trek to return after JJ’s trilogy is finished (assuming it gets that far, maybe 2018?). Enterprise is still valid canon in this new alternate universe (based on the happened-before-Nero-incursion theory), but anything future-wise is new.

Assuming the alternate universe matches the general flow of the original, why not take the USS Enterprise C (or -B if -A never happened in this timeline) under Captain Rachel Garret? After recently watching Voyager, i feel another leading female captain would be a nice change and show off the egalitarian nature of the Federation. It also avoids the sensitivity of “remaking” another cherished crew (e.g TNG).

Set some 60 years after TOS (prime and alternate) and 40 before TNG (prime) it would make for an interesting foray into the “new” Federation. How things have evolved with the loss of Vulcan (maybe peace with the Romulans instead of the Klingons?), maybe the Borg arrived early?

102. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

Good news for Bob, Fox just renewed ‘Sleepy Hollow’ for a second season. The show is so much fun to watch & I’m glad that we will get to see a second season.

103. TUP - October 3, 2013

Comics are not canon. Doesn’t matter what Orci says. If you have to read a comic to fully understand and appreciate a movie they better hand it to you on the way into the theatre and include a copy with every Blu Ray. Ridiculous.

104. THX-1138 - October 3, 2013

#102 TUP

This is a correct statement.

105. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

Not to mention that the new comics are simply boring. With the exception of Nero & Khan comics, the rest are just rehash of TOS episodes. I stopped buying the comics after seeing there is nothing new there.

106. T'Cal - October 3, 2013

Quote: “73. Vger23 – October 2, 2013
The number of varied (and devoid) ideas on this thread leads me to two unfortunate conclusions:

1. The time is NOT right for a new television series. No matter what the concept, about 1/7 of the fan base would like it and the other 6/7s would hate it. It’s not sustainable in the current state of fandom.
2. Fans should never write Star Trek concepts. Ever.”

Right on, my brother! The fanbase is so insanely splintered.

107. bdoble - October 3, 2013

I love star trek Im 28 yrs old and grew up on tng and ds9 re runs. I like the new movies they look sweet and the Klingons were not that bad. I look at them as them starting to get their cranial ridges back from what happen to them on star trek enterprise and in some type evolving back into their full Klingon form. I really would like to see a new star trek show in the 25th century I love red Uniforms that Crusher and Janway have on in the futer from All Good Thing and End Game. It wouyldbe nice to see more non human crew members. But what ever happens I need Star Trek back on tv.

108. Thorny - October 3, 2013

Congratulations Bob on “Sleepy Hollow”!

It is a limited run series, right? Going to be replaced by “Almost Human” in November? That’s a shame… long absences were no friend to “Lost” “Jericho”, or “Revolution” at all.

109. Keachick - October 3, 2013

Any TV series should be set in the alternate universe. The only series I would be interested in seeing is one which tell stories about these alternate Kirk, Spock et al and played by the same actors as are seen in the big screen films. Otherwise, I don’t much care at this point…been there, done that.

110. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

@ 107. Keachick – October 3, 2013

“Any TV series should be set in the alternate universe. The only series I would be interested in seeing is one which tell stories about these alternate Kirk, Spock et al and played by the same actors as are seen in the big screen films. Otherwise, I don’t much care at this point…been there, done that.”

Never going to happen for very simple reasons, the actors will not accept to be stuck in a TV series & the budget of a TV series will never allow for same production values & action scenes that you see on the big screen.

So I guess you can just ignore any news about any future Trek series.

111. Keachick - October 3, 2013

Ahmed – so the actors have told you this?

Actors go where the work is and of late, American actors have actually realized that they can, and indeed probably should, move between mediums – ie stage, movie, TV, just as their British counterparts have been doing – forever!

112. Thorny - October 3, 2013

107. Keachick… so setting a new series 75 years after TNG with an all new cast of characters is “been there, done that” but setting a new show with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy is not? That seems to be a bit flip-flopped logic to me.

113. Spud69 - October 3, 2013

I’d like to see TV movies or a mini series with different characters and timeline each episode. I’d like to see The Eugenics Wars and the history that followed, WWIII right up to where Enterprise started.

114. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

@ 111. Keachick – October 3, 2013

“Ahmed – so the actors have told you this?

Actors go where the work is and of late, American actors have actually realized that they can, and indeed probably should, move between mediums – ie stage, movie, TV, just as their British counterparts have been doing – forever!”

Zoe Saldana is going to be very busy with the 3 Avatar movies, not to mention Star Trek 13. It is just not possible that she will leaves that to do weekly TV series.

Chris Pine is also busy, granted not in major movies like Saladana, but still I don’t see him doing TV series.

The rest of the cast are in various TV projects now, so they may want to give it a try but not Saldana or Pine.

The American movie actors that are appearing on TV series these days, are the exception to the rule. And most of them are not move A-list stars anymore.

115. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 3, 2013


“Interesting…how exactly was it definitively proven that TMP pulled in $175 million world-wide because it appealed significantly outside its Trekfan core demographic?”

Not sure what you are getting at. Where do I start? TMP was released in Dec 1979. I saw it in a theater when I was 15. TMP featured the TV cast and characters, and was highly anticipated. It definitley had some crossover appeal because it was an “event”. It grossed as high as it did IN SPITE of getting lukewarm reviews. Why are you citing TMP? Until Trek 09 it was still the highest grossing Trek of all, adjusted for inflation. It actually makes my point that only the original characters can carry a movie.

I should have been more specific; it has been definitively proven that TNG cannot carry a movie series. Go to boxofficemojo and look at the Star Trek movies adjusted for inflation.

I am not even sure we need another tv series.

116. Keachick - October 3, 2013

Ahmed – Have you asked Zoe Saldana or Chris Pine? In fact, has anyone?

117. crazydaystrom - October 3, 2013

I still like the idea of a Trek anthology series. Various a NX sundry stories set in the Star Trek universe(s) with science fiction writers creating the tales.

118. crazydaystrom - October 3, 2013

That should’ve been *various AND sundry*…

Stand alone episodes, multi-part stories or like American Horror Story each season having a single story arc then the next season another area of the Trek universe explored. That format would actually be ideal for Keachick’s idea from another thread of a Kirk and Carol story away from the Enterprise. And without the need to obligate themselves to a multi-year commitment it would be easier to lure the ‘stars’ to the show. Quinto’s done both season’s of AHS.

119. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

@ 116. Keachick – October 3, 2013

“Ahmed – Have you asked Zoe Saldana or Chris Pine? In fact, has anyone?”

Nope, if they happen to be in the neighborhood, up here in Calgary, I will ask them :)

120. Red Dead Ryan - October 3, 2013

These aren’t like the old days when prior Trek casts would do both movies and tv series. The new group of actors have much broader careers than most of the TNG and TOS casts (except for Stewart and Shatner, both of whom have done popular series and/or movies post-Trek) and for some, the main reason why they signed on was because J.J Abrams was directing.

And notice how they don’t do conventions either. They consider “Star Trek” a stepping stone for their careers, and not the “end-all, be-all” job that happened to be the case for many of the prior Trek actors. They also don’t want to be stereotyped or typecast.

Zoe Saldana is already going to be busy filming the next “Avatar” movies, which are going to be shot back-to-back. It’s going to be a challenge for her to film the next Trek movie, never mind a television series.

So it’s pretty clear that most of the new cast members aren’t going to be doing a new Trek show.

121. THX-1138 - October 3, 2013

#112 Thorny

Thank you! I have been thinking this exact same thing when I see posts talking about how setting a show in the future of the Prime Universe is a step back while extolling the virtues of a show set in the Prime Universe’s past. I always feel like saying “Wha? Huh?” Thank you for putting it so succinctly.

I still don’t think that a series with the movie cast, any of them, in an alt universe TOS era show is viable seeing as CBS owns the TV rights. It would seem they want to keep the current movie casts, storylines, universe separate from a TV property. And after reading a lot of the posts here I’m starting to come around to the idea that the time is not right for a Star Trek TV series anyway. We may be a decade away, depending on how things play out with the movies.

122. THX-1138 - October 3, 2013

#120 Red Dead Ryan

Yup. I totally agree with what you posted. I have noticed their absence at conventions and sort of felt the same as you have expressed. Star Trek may be a stepping stone in their career and not the ultimate goal. Perhaps, if like the original cast, they come to realize that Star Trek was their most shining moment they embrace it more. But as for now, aside from Pegg and Urban, I think Trek is probably fun and a good payday, just not their love.

And yes I do know that Chris Pine has a real burr in his saddle about the convention organizers for the Vegas con. But he also doesn’t seem to attend any of the other ones, either.

123. TUP - October 3, 2013

I understand why people like the idea of a series beyond TNG but what make Star Trek interesting in a way different from Star Wars and other franchises, is that its recognizable as us…in the “near” future.

How would a Trek series 500-1000 years in the future look? I just dont find it all that interesting to be honest.

I think DS9 really maximized their concept. But Voyager and Enterprise did not. THere is still value to be minded from those concepts. I realise that a Prequel would immediately be bogged down by criticism but expanding on the TOS time frame is what the public finds most interesting.

Assuming you cant use any of the current movie actors, how do you do it?

I think the movies actually hurt the most interesting aspect of a TV series by making the technology too advanced and everything too close together.

I want to see a long range voyage with little interaction with Starfleet outside of the occasional space station or star ship encounter. Take the promise of Voyager and Enterprise and combine them.

We might think we know a lot about the TOS era but we really dont. Show us.

Barring that, an Enterprise B series which should have done when Generations came out.

Or a Temporal Investigations series which allows all eras, technology, time travel, alt universes etc to be explored. It can be tied into the current movie universe by the very nature of Nero’s arrival.

124. Josh - October 3, 2013


I agree with you. You should do something similar to Bryan Singer’s Federation concept, but not as far into the future. Maybe 70 years that will allow for economic, political, technological changes with new intergalactic political challenges.

I alternate universe reboot is becoming to complex with multiple angles of critique. Why spend more time in the alternate universe when all the new fans (I’m in my early 30s) have no idea what the going on with the TOS anyway.

125. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

Trailer for the new Chris Pine movie.

‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Theatrical Trailer

126. THX-1138 - October 3, 2013

I know this has no real bearing on the discussion, but I have always kind of wanted to see a show set on board a Daedalus Class ship. I thought that’s what “Enterprise” should have been.

Then again, I’m just sort of freaky for starships.

127. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

A funny comment that I read today about the new Jack Ryan movie:

“Ben Affleck played Jack Ryan for 124 minutes and managed to save 1200 lives. I dare you to do better.” :)

128. Vultan - October 3, 2013


Looks like an odd mix of Star Trek and James Bond.

Hey, it’s just a trailer. Got a good director and good actors. A little underwhelming though.

129. Ahmed - October 3, 2013

@ 128. Vultan – October 3, 2013


Looks like an odd mix of Star Trek and James Bond.

Hey, it’s just a trailer. Got a good director and good actors. A little underwhelming though”

I love Jack Ryan books, read them all & watched all the movies. Harrison Ford will always remain in my mind as the best one who played the character of Jack Ryan.

Since the movie is not based on any of the books, it looks like they changed Ryan from an analyst to super operative. I hope Kenneth Branagh will manage to come up with an interesting take on the character, regardless of what we seen in the trailer today.

130. Admiral Stedman - October 3, 2013

Why not take a cue from American Horror Story and go with a new premise each season? You could recast characters as various aliens, do a story arc or have unconnected episodes all season long. But at the end of season 1 it is done and we move on. I know it’s not traditional Trek but I’m trying to think what works and what might allow it to thrive on TV again.

131. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - October 3, 2013

The new cast may not be not hitting the convention trail with the same zeal as the original cast.

However, a quick check of the internet shows that the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con on August 8-11 had Zachary Quinto (and Wil Wheaton), while the Fan Expo Canada on August 22-25 had Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban (and Nichelle Nichols and George Takei).

132. Trekboi - October 4, 2013

93. Disinvited

Your forgetting they deliberately Killed Murder She Wrote by changing its 12 year timeslot & pitting it against shows with young audiances.

133. Trekboi - October 4, 2013

103. TUP
104. THX-1138

Your statement is ridiculous- so does that mean the producers have ti hand out dvd’s of the first film before you see the second one or it’s not cannon?
No because they assume you are familiar with it- if you guys had read the comics ST Into Darkness use of Khan would not have surprised you.

If the procucers/writers say the Comics are Canon then they are Canon- so whatever happens in them has happened in the movie universe so they will not come up again in the JJ Universe
so no VGer, no Garry Mitchel or whatever they have covered in the comics- deal with it.

134. dboble - October 4, 2013

How long is going to take for a 3rd film prob 2016? And then if Fuller can pitch the show to CBS. Or can we get a new show befor the next movie come. If I remember from what other people have said is that 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek the 3rd film should be a huge sci-fi themed epic with time travel that can have sone type of alien entity that can travel through time space that can help try to bring in a difrent ship and crew from the future anf that crew can be the cast of the new star trek show. I would prefer the new show be in the 25th centry

135. My series pitch - October 4, 2013

How about a rip in space time in the JJverse that creates a third reality, plus an additional half-reality. So basically an additional 1.5 timelines added to prime and jjverse, for a total of 3.5 Trek timelines. In JJverse 2.0 Uhura is captain of the Enterprise, and also does a lounge show in the crew’s pub. But in the additional “half reality” the Enterprise is half the size with one warp nacelle. (So the half-timeline has the same time-span, but objects are half the size of their counterparts in the other 3 timelines). Humanoids are about 3 feet tall. And Kirk -is- captain of the enterprise in the timeline 3.5 but suffers from chronic tourette’s. Peter Dinklage would star as the obscenity-spouting captain.


136. crazydaystrom - October 4, 2013

@129. Admiral Stedman
“Why not take a cue from American Horror Story and go with a new premise each season?”

Yeah. That was something I suggested in my post 118. Could be very exciting I think. And could open the door for many avenues to be explored.


137. TUP - October 4, 2013

Wrong. Comics are not canon. These writers can say they are canon for their purposes but they will eventually be violated by something else shown on screen and screen takes precedent.

Lucas allowed much of the greater Star Wars universe to be considered canon and guess what, it means nothing now with the third trilogy coming out.

If I go see the second or third or fourth movie in a franchise, I expect the prior films to be worth viewing. But having said that, good writers will make sure every movie can stand on its own. The first Trek movie I ever saw was Trek III. Not very wise to see it before II but I still appreciated it.

You will never convince me that its my fault I didnt fully “appreciate” STID if I didnt read the comic. That’s just plain idiotic.

I actually felt the Spock/Kirk mind meld in 09 was a bit out of place in a big budget movie. Having to have a scene where one character explains everything to another (to explain it to us) was like having a prequel movie that was never made detailed to us in the middle of the sequel. Weird. But needed.

138. Thorny - October 4, 2013

133… Which producers and which writers? TOS producers and writers? TNG era producers and writers? Bad Robot producers and writers? What do we do when one disagrees with another? We have enough trouble just with things we’ve actually seen on screen conflicting with previous episodes or movies. Canon is what has appeared on live action screen/film and nothing more, and that has been the very widely accepted definition of Star Trek ‘canon’ for 40-ish years now. It is that way for a reason, as it would be impossible for future writers to keep up with the myriad novels and comics before writing their next screenplay. If we have to start taking everything that’s appeared in a comic or novel as canon, it will be mayhem no matter who wrote it (there are well over a hundred “official” novels, why are they less canon than a comic book written by the guys who wrote the movie screenplay?). Sorry, but “I wrote the comic serialization, and I say that’s canon” just doesn’t cut it. We have to draw the line somewhere, if only to maintain our own sanity. That line is what is on film.

139. John Gorn - October 4, 2013

It would be cool to see another Star Trek television series. The problem is that the television rights are with CBS and the movie rights are with Paramount. Not to mention that studios want to save money and producing a weekly sci-fi series is expensive.

Orci has said that the comics are not canon and I wish people would stop trying to make them canon. In the movie Kirk made a comment about not losing anyone in his first year but the IDW comics say otherwise. The 09 countdown comic seemed to establish a previous relationship between Spock and Nero but in the film Spock told the story to Kirk and implied that it was his first encounter with Nero. Comics can’t be canon. The general movie going public is not running to the comic shop to read Trek. That comic is entertainment for the Nerds who can’t wait for the next project. I promise you the next film will have little to do with the comic series. They might place the Enterprise into the 2nd or 3rd year of the five year mission.

I think a lot of the complaining about the last film is a joke and at the end of the day you Roddenberry purists are laughable. The old Trek contradicted itself on more than one occasion and at time screwed its own continuity. The film was great. It got great reviews and sold a ton of DVDs. I think its pathetic the way people go after JJ. Its nonsense. Let me see you do better.

140. Keachick - October 4, 2013

Chris Pine is in London working on a movie. They expect the principle photography to wrap up in early December. Chris Pine is also a character in another movie. That movie starts filming in November in Atlanta. I am not sure how big his role is in this second film.

Just because a person does not attend a convention, where there may be tons of noisy, demanding people, does not necessarily mean that this person may not work on a TV series. For Chris, I suspect that actually working on set, as in acting (and producing in the case of his own movie project) is where Chris prefers to be. His job description is actor.

It is likely that one day he will attend a convention or two, if they are properly managed and when schedules allow.

141. Keachick - October 4, 2013

Bob Orci has stated that what is written in the comics about this alternate universe is canon, unless it gets overwritten by what appears on screen later. These K/O writers are only writing stories about the alternate universe Star Trek, not about anything to do with the prime universe.

142. TUP - October 4, 2013

I dont care what Orci says about Comics Canon…its not really canon unless it appears on screen. And even if it is considered canon by these writers, to expect people to have to read the comics to fully understand the movie is idiotic. Personally, I dont believe that’s Orci’s intent here at all. Its a defense mechanism of some people defending STID by saying “you’d understand if you took the time to read the comic”.

There are a lot of things to loves about STID without making up excuses to argue against those that didnt (and for the record I loved STID but see how much better it could be).

143. THX-1138 - October 4, 2013

#133 Trekboi

With all due respect (which you seem to be lacking in your own post), I am with TUP.

If a viewer is expected to have to purchase and follow a comic book series in order to understand what is happening on screen in a movie, then I would submit that you aren’t properly telling your story on screen. Look at the Marvel films. Their stories were BORN on the pages of comic books, yet you are not expected to have to be a devotee of Marvel comics in order to enjoy the movies. All of your necessary story elements and plot lines are right up on the screen. A movie-going experience should not be reliant on outside material in order to follow the exposition.

144. Keachick - October 4, 2013

TUP – Bob Orci is one of the writers on contract to Paramount to help write the stories for the movies and any other related literature. So it does matter what Bob Orci says, unlike what you may say on the matter.

I have not read any of the comics that may relate to STID. I cannot get hold of any and yet I could understand and enjoy this film. STID is not reliant on these comics in order to have its story understood, unless the viewer is dense or something.

What many of you may take for granted, I cannot, not ever.

145. Danpaine - October 4, 2013

142. TUP – October 4, 2013
143. THX-1138 – October 4, 2013

I’m on board with you two. You shouldn’t have to buy a comic book that fills plot gaps or provides history which should have been addressed in the movie to begin with. Money-grab.

146. T'Cal - October 4, 2013

I’m still open to they idea of an animated series as long as it has the quality of shows such as Batman TAS, Justice Leage, Gargoyles, etc. These shows were written intelligently so that kids, teens and adults enjoyed them. And an animated series would attract young fans with the accompanying action figures, toys, video games, etc. That’s something Star Wars has always done well and Trek has not.

147. Keachick - October 4, 2013

Who is saying that anybody has to buy a comic book or novelization of any Star Trek movie?

As I pointed out, some of us can’t because we don’t have access, even if we wanted to buy such items.

Some people simply like to read their Star Trek, as well as watch and listen to it via the audio-visual medium. If they gain a little more background while they read, well, good for them. Of course, it is a money-grab. It is called producing a product, in this case, writing a story for a comic or novel and hoping that enough people will buy that product. Producing something usually requires time, effort, skills and money, hence the *money-grab*. Some people refer to this sort of activity as business – the cornerstone of a healthy (capitalist) economy and lots of people refer to this as a means of making a living.

*Money-grab* – such a mean-spirited, idiotic, dumb comment.

148. crazydaystrom - October 4, 2013

@138. Thorny
“it would be impossible for future writers to keep up with the myriad novels and comics before writing their next screenplay.”

Indeed. Especially when consider the fact that a lot of those sources contradict each other!

@140. Keachick
“For Chris, I suspect that actually working on set, as in acting… is where Chris prefers to be. His job description is actor.”

I concur. Just as Quinto, Urban and Cho don’t seem to have any qualms about television work (of quality), I’d imagine Pine would not be opposed. And if he’s a producer, all the more reason to put his all behind a project, no matter the medium or venue.

149. THX-1138 - October 4, 2013


It appears that you are missing some of the comments that are germane to our discussion. Statements regarding the need to read the comics in order to fully appreciate what was on screen, or that a certain plot point was explained in the comics were the ones that inspired our discourse. And I do believe that Bob Orci stated that the comics were canonical.

No offense intended here, but it can be difficult to follow a discussion thread sometimes and be privy to which party is addressing whom and about what.

As far as the term “money-grab” being mean-spirited, idiotic, and dumb, could you please elaborate? My apologies, but it sounds like you are being insulting to Danpaine without any direct provocation on his part.

150. crazydaystrom - October 4, 2013

Gene Roddenberry said canon is what’s on screen. And I’ve been fine with that for these decades. But I do not have a problem with the new creators redefining current canon. Just so long as they maintain their own consistency and stay true to what they set up as their canon. If they fail to do that and become slippery-slidey about it all out of convenience and laziness then they’re abusing the privilege.

151. THX-1138 - October 4, 2013

#150 crazydaystrom

I concur. I will readily admit that it has been difficult to let go of my own adherence and faith in Trek’s canon. But cut me some slack, I’ve spent the last 40 years learning it and absorbing and appreciating it’s many facets and intricacies. At the urging of my fellow fans I have been learning a new way to appreciate Star Trek, in this new iteration.

I hope other fans can forgive me if I search for something familiar to latch hold of when looking for an explanation regarding plot. I beg patience as I learn a new way to enjoy Star Trek.

152. Vultan - October 4, 2013

I was irritated with the 2009 movie when I learned that a lot of Nero’s back story concerning his motivations were covered in the comic book prequel. Are they doing this again with Khan?

Yeah, if it’s important to the story, it should be in the movie. We shouldn’t have to be on some… installment plan.

Money grab.

153. Keachick - October 4, 2013

What we were shown in the movie is what we NEEDED to know. All the comics is tell us extra stuff, things we might like to know, but are not necessary to the movie storyline.

I was not making any direct attack against a particular poster when I referred to the use of the words “money grab”. People also keep using the term “cash cow” in the same context and that, too, is such a dumb comment to make.

Of course, the franchise (along with any comics, merchandise etc) is a “cash cow” or “money grab”. As for the latest dumb comment, “installment plan”, well, this expression is just another variation on the same dumb nonsense that has been written since…forever.

I recall a critic describe TWOK, when it was first released, as being a cynical cash grab by Paramount. So it is nothing new – anything but. These terms being bandied about are sooo old and tired and have always defied common sense and imagination. It is time they were called out for bs that they are!

154. THX-1138 - October 4, 2013


Well then I guess we simply don’t agree. No matter. Thanks for your input!

155. Lens Flares Suck - October 4, 2013

Next Gen in Nutrek universe? Good God, no.

50 years past Next Gen in Prime Universe? That has potential but if only NO OLD CHARACTERS show up. Make it NEW. I don’t want to see a 150 year old Picard.

156. Disinvited - October 4, 2013

#115. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. – October 3, 2013

Thanks for clarifying. I think I get your point specifically with regards to the team helming TNG running into a creative block where they couldn’t see the worthwhile narratives that could have been told for the technobable trees. But I sincerely doubt they proved anything definitively with regards to TNG, any more than the Adam West Batman movie I saw in the 1960s proved anything similar with regards to whether there might be any merit in revisiting Kane’s Batman.

157. Disinvited - October 4, 2013

#132. Trekboi – October 4, 2013

Unfortunately, I am so long lived as to not be forgetting that and the numerous ways the Suits kill shows that their blinder based economic vision prevents them from figuring out how to make continuing profits. I am specifically tired of the current 9 year axiom where they claim they can’t profit from a TV show that runs longer that because of the expense of the accrued benefits, salary negotiations, et al of such long term employees both in front and behind the cameras.

158. AJ - October 4, 2013


A “cash cow” is not the same as a “money grab.” A “cash cow” is the point in a product’s lifecycle when it has peaked, and marketing costs can be minimized, and pricing increased to “milk” it for maximum return.

‘Star Trek’ is long past this period in its lifecycle (it probably peaked with the end of TNG, when innovation stopped, and an ‘auto-pilot’ mode set in). It is the “Volvo” of tent-pole franchises, where positive impressions of past successes are recycled by the current brand stewards, adding something ‘bold and new’ to reboot the product back to an earlier stage in its lifecycle. Remember ‘gritty?’ Every time you heard that word, it meant the franchise was past its monetizability peak.

If the press is to be believed, the latest film is not considered a great contributor to the bottom line (Paramount layoffs this week). Massive (and of questionable quality) investments in marketing, plus a huge budget to make the thing (and no inter-film projects/merch investments except throw-away comix) point to a continued risk-averse “investment mode” by TPTB. CBS is re-tarting its back-catalogue so that we buy the same products for the 16th time.

“Star Trek” is not “Star Wars,” where a two hour 3D film of George Lucas on the crapper next to R2D2 can bring in $500M. Whether we like it or nor, the past two films are expensive investments designed to broaden the appeal of a stagnated product to newer audiences. Knowing this, watch just how much is spent to celebrate the 50th anniversary, when the target audience is under 21.

A “money/cash grab?” Maybe the comics are this, but I can’t imagine anyone involved is hoarding sacks of cash after releasing them.

The home-video release strategy? There is a money grab, for sure.

159. Christopher Roberts - October 5, 2013

I would pitch a mini-series, bringing together different characters from across 50 years of Star Trek, and celebrate the anniversary that way.

A How the West Was Won or a Godfather II narrative. Follow different generations linked by Federation history. Or a long-lived alien, capable of having been involved in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th Centuries. Or a flitting back and forth, past and present storyline, as with Don and Michael Carlone.

160. Christopher Roberts - October 5, 2013


161. TUP - October 5, 2013

There was talk Bad Robot was extremely disappointed with Paramounts vision for the Star Trek universe. So the story goes, Bad Robot had a much wider marketing and merchandising plan in mind to run trek across many platforms all feeding the machine that is Trek.

Paramount has always been shortsighted with Trek. Star Wars was vastly different because Lucas owned it. And he was driven by a desire to make Star Wars a behemoth and to make himself unimaginably wealthy. He answered to no one (which made him very rich but also hurt the creativity of the brand).

Star Wars is science fantasy though. trek is steeped in realism. It’s different.

As for the comics I think 09 was more reliant on people reading the backstory to fully appreciate the film. The Spock meld was almost like stopping the film while Orci et all step into the frame and address the audience with a “here’s the backstory to the plot” explanation. They made it work within the context of trek lore (mind meld) but it was a bit heavy handed

STID relied less on the comic. It did however rely more on people knowing Khan to have a deeper appreciation for the film. It still worked for trek newbies although I imagine many of them saying “so what” when he revealed himself.

The “fan service” versus “original story” aspects are constantly at odds and I thought 09 did a better job of including references that trek fans would appreciate but new fans would not notice where as ID included references trek fans would appreciate but new fans would be confused by. Worse it included references that would annoy trek fans and really confuse new fans.

It’s a difficult balancing act. I also think they missed better opportunities to explore trek lore without confusing new fans and skipped over those opportunities.

162. crazydaystrom - October 5, 2013

@151. THX-1138
“I hope other fans can forgive me if I search for something familiar to latch hold of when looking for an explanation regarding plot. I beg patience as I learn a new way to enjoy Star Trek.”

I’m quite sure you’ll be forgiven by most of us fans, THX. As for that patience to learn a new way…God help us all in need of that.

And why, for the love of science fiction, couldn’t Lucas have made another film with the exquisite sensibilities of THX-1138?

163. Glenn - October 5, 2013

Do a series 25 years from Voyager.

Ignore the Abrams trek films as if they did not happen. (Trust me it is an easy thing to do!)

164. Keachick - October 5, 2013

#164 – a series 25 years from Voyager – groan…:(

165. MJB - October 5, 2013

163. Glenn
“Do a series 25 years from Voyager.”
Yaaawn Another snooze fest? No thanks.

166. Tiger - October 5, 2013

I dont mind the JJ verse on the big screen but good god do I not want that for a weekly series. We dont need an Indian version of Harry Mudd showing up. Keep it to another film or two and be done with it.

And no TNG reboot either. Seeing what was done with the TOS reboot, Im not exactly swooning with the idea of TNG given the same treatment.

No, something just new and different please. Stop rehashing old series and characters. It can take place on Enterprise B in JJ universe or Enterprise H in the prime universe just do something different and not cover the same history we already know. Take Trek somewhere new again and boldly go somewhere please. I like these movies but its sad they spent more time on Earth instead actually seeing the galaxy.

Give us a Trek show about exploration again. People down Voyager and Enterprise but ironically they were the two shows that was really about exploring since there was no Federation and everything was new to them and they didnt know what was around the next corner. DS9 had that in the alpha quadrant but its mandate wasnt about exploration (but still my favorite show). But a new show that gives us new characters to explore in new regions of space would really take the franchise somewhere different again. If people just want to see Kirk and Spock on a more continuing basis outside these movies there are about a dozen fan made shows on Youtube right now.

But just to keep recycling the past doesnt inspire. Its just for older fans who cant let go of TOS and TNG.

167. Tiger - October 5, 2013

I meant Gamma quadrant for DS9.

168. Blue Thunder - October 6, 2013

I’d like to see Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2 evolve into a regular TV series. Or even better, a Star Trek series about Captain Hikaru Sulu and the heroic crew of the Starship Excelsior.

169. Blue Thunder - October 6, 2013

Even one about the Enterprise-B would be interesting.

170. dswynne - October 6, 2013

@159 (Christopher Roberts): On another “thread”, I mentioned that the best way to celebrate, while getting the TOS actors together, would have a much older Jim Kirk(played by Bill Shatner) retelling a story to an interviewer. This story would open up in “present day”, where a younger Jim Kirk (played by Chris Pine) and crew are on that mission (one that would define their working relationship for years to come). We could even have Prime Spock die, but have Leonard Nemoy reappear as an older Spock from the nuTrek-verse. The movie would end with the interviewer being revealed as the nuTrek version of Jean-Luc Picard, who wanted to interview Kirk shortly before becoming the commander of HIS Enterprise, set within the Next Generation. Picard would get advice from Kirk, and Kirk would proceed to go to a reunion of former colleagues, for the final time…

Basically, this would-be film would serve two purposes. One, it will allow the TOS cast to reappear as their older counterparts, and, two, it sets the stage for a Next Generation reboot, should Paramount/CBS/Viacom/whatever are interested in producing. Of course, I wouldn’t want there to be an end the movies starring Pine and company, but my way leaves the door open to expand the franchise organically.

Personally, if there is a TNG reboot, it should be a shortened series with a specific story arc in mind, featuring these guys, in my opinion:

My favorite thus far. Anyway, looking forward to Star Trek 3…

171. Thomas Vinelli - October 6, 2013

Why don’t they get Fuller to write the next movie and get rid of the other clowns

172. Gary 8.5 - October 6, 2013

25 years ater Voyager?
And the point would be?

173. dboble - October 6, 2013

I have been re watching ds9. The more of it I watch the more I realize how good of a show it is. Not just as a Star Trek but as a show in general. I think new star trek should take a lot of ideas from ds9 from the darker aspects to the all out war. With that being said if star trek is to come back I think they need Ron Moore the episode s that he wrote are sone of the best I really like Soldier s of the Empire. Moores BSG could be the best scif show that has been on tv. All in all ilove star trek and want it bavk on tv asap.

174. The Batman - October 6, 2013

I personally feel that JMS’ proposed Trek reboot was light years ahead of the Abrams films, so…just go that route. Don’t bother explaining that it’s a new timeline created from the prime timeline. Just go back to do a TOS series, new cast, updated designs more in keeping with Enterprise/TOS, and let the show truly go where no other Trek has before. In other words, some of the regulars could die. Kirk never accepts promotion to admiral, Spock marries T’Pel and brings her aboard the Enterprise, Chekhov becomes chief of security, and so on.

Tell new stories with the original characters. After about five to seven years of that, retire that cast, and then do a “true” Next Generation, i.e., Decker takes command of the Enterprise, she’s refit, some of the original characters stay, some are gone. Maybe Kirk dies, and Spock gets promoted to captain, then admiral? Saavik takes his place under Decker’s command. Continue the story, but let real-world changes like death, reassignment, promotions, etc. happen and see where it all goes.

For Trek fans, it would be a treat to see how the familiar story and characters change. For those who know zip about Trek, it’s all brand new and exciting.


175. TUP - October 6, 2013

A few thoughts:

– Enterprise B series. I wrote about this somewhere in this thread (or the other). This was the golden idea they let slip by. A popular ship design taking place in a time period we know little about. An unsure young captain coping with guilt (and likely blame) in the wake of Kirk’s death. A Starfleet reeling from the loss of its most famous Captain. A very transitional time period with Klingon peace. The introduction of Guinan as a potential character. It leaves open potential for guest stats from tos era characters. I wrote fan fiction years ago that included Chekov being forced out of retirement to be Harrimen’s first officer to “mentor” him creating a reverse dynamic between captain and commander.

– a series set in the future (post TNG). I say heck no. What makes Star Trek interesting is it is us but in the future. It’s a glimpse of what we become. The further out you go the less familiar it is. It becomes fantasy. Enterprise was a great period of time to base a series in but they failed.

– prime universe vs new universe. Interesting that the tos universe is called “prime”. It’s the universe that is important to us. If
Bad robot is done after the next film I think we go with the prime universe. If hey continue then we keep the series in the same universe as the movies.

– if it’s new universe I think the only thing that makes sense is a different ship and crew in the same time period. Perhaps new Kirk et al guest appear on the pilot to bridge it. But a new ship going on a deep space five year mission. The only issue is the technology in the movies doesn’t make for a ship-alone-in-space feeling. The Kelvin was better. But they’d need to tone down the Apple Store tech

– if it’s prime universe i still think Enterprise B works. It could be easily marketed as “what happened between the time of Kirk and the time of Picard”. That’s an easy thing for viewers to wrap their brains around. Recast the main characters. Either show the lead up to kirks death or undo it as a plot device making shatner a potential recurring character. His age would be easily accepted in this concept.

Side note, the Kelvin should have been the tos era enterprise with April as captain. Would have made far more sense.

176. Tom - October 7, 2013

What about doing a show without a regular cast or ship but set in the star trek universe. Each week we could be in a totally different part of the galaxy with a totally different group of characters. Something along the lines of the outer limits? That way each week we could be in a completely different place. One week it’s a federation starship, the next a space station, the next an alien planet then something far out like a space cruise ship or something…

Alternatively we could have a cast of only 1 or 2 main characters who move from place to place. Quantum Leap meets star trek kind of thing? (Sam Becket is Captain Braxman?) Or something like Doctor Who (A Q like character as the Doctor?)

Each week the show could be a different place, maybe a different time, with different people and the chance to have old characters make guest appearances. This would also give the writing staff more to get their teeth in to in terms of plot lines.

177. dboble - October 7, 2013

I have been a big fan of the klingon ever since I watched tng as a kid. For me I always say the more klingons the better. I grew up think Worf was cool and then when he started on ds9 you get to see how of a badass he really is. Once you meat General Mortak (don’t know if u spelt that right) in the prison camp you get to see another cool Klingon with a good character arc. Even though the klingon s have been probly the most used race other then humans I don’t feel that we have had anuff backbone and meat to the klingon story of thier history if war both victorys and defeat s. I know Worf has talked about past wars and historical figures in the klingon history but I want somthing more. This may seem like I’m just ramble ing on bc I probably am. I guess my question is is there a good Klingon book out there that goes really indepth about the klingon and there history and or a book about Worf and Martok once he becomes the leader of the klingon high council.

178. crazydaystrom - October 7, 2013

@176. Tom

Tom that idea of an ‘anthology’ Trek show has been suggested numerous times by several posters here including myself. I really hope and think it’ll happen some day. I just don’t think that day will be any time too soon. I’d love to proven wrong on that.

179. Mark Zaremba - October 7, 2013

Hi people,
I have written a pilot for a new series of Star Trek. If you are interested in reading it, go to the pdf at the bottom of the page:

180. Dswynne - October 7, 2013

A proper Star Trek series has to have two main themes: testing the ‘human condition’ and exploration of the unknown. That means there should be no shows solely about wars or conspiracies, and certainly there should be a optimistic tone to the series even as the protagonists deal with such themes as ‘man vs. self’, ‘man vs. man’ and ‘man vs. nature’. I don’t mind the film series being popcorn flicks, but a television series certainly has to be thought-provoking.

181. Gary 8.5 - October 8, 2013

I am sure there are more than a few people who would consider the comics canon if they revealed John Harrison was NOT Khan.

182. LogicalLeopard - October 8, 2013

Well, I think one thing is for certain – no Abrams alt-universe Trek.

I say that not because I don’t like it, I say that because there’s an insane amount of unwarranted hatred among the fan base. The first poster on this thread, Maximus, called for it’s deletion. Why? It’s an ALTERNATE universe. That means if you don’t like it, fine – it doesn’t invalidate anything that you’ve ever liked about Trek. Don’t like the mirror universe? Fine, aside from a few episodes you can skip, the majority of Star Trek doesn’t deal with it.

Establishing a series at some point after Voyager (preferably another 70 years after as not to conflict with the Star Trek Online game universe) would help this, because it’d give people Trek they can watch on a weekly basis, and the movies won’t get so much flak. Those who hate it can simply stay home and watch the crew meet space hippies or the foreheads of the week.

183. Gary 8.5 - October 8, 2013

TOS looked at war more than once .
Humanitys propensity to destroy itself is part of the human condition.

184. LogicalLeopard - October 8, 2013

137. TUP – October 4, 2013

You will never convince me that its my fault I didnt fully “appreciate” STID if I didnt read the comic. That’s just plain idiotic.


I just ordered the trade paperback of “Before Darkness” from the library and read it. Completely unnecessary to appreciate STID. The only thing that would have been nice to read going into the movie was the whole thing about Spock risking his life due to psychological fallout from Vulcan’s destruction/his mother’s death. But the interchange in the movie is good enough.

I’m not a Khan hater by any means, but the April story would have been an interesting one to tell in a movie, in place of Khan. Kind of a hotshot, original Kirk that went off the rails and violated the Prime Directive, and a host of other regulations afterward. Kirk has to fight both his intellect and experience and fails miserably, until the end. His eventual victory gives him a more grounded understanding of why it’s important to not just do whatever you want to do, and the cost of doing that.

Of course, if the writers would have done that, they would have gotten more flak for making April a bad guy than they would have gotten with Khan. *LOL* This message board would have been filled with, “Why turn April into a bad guy? This story is basically the Wrath of Khan, so why wouldn’t they just use Khan? Us fans would have loved that!”

185. THX-1138 - October 8, 2013


I rented STID last night. I wanted to be fair to it, seeing as I only watched it once in the theater. The whole Khan thing just left a bad taste in my mouth so I decided I didn’t want to pay for it again.

And then all the uproar here brought to my attention that perhaps I wasn’t being fair to this movie and that I had let my long-standing (since I heard it mentioned about the Botany Bay end credit scene being discussed on the ST09 commentary) aversion to a Khan story. Man, there was a lot to enjoy in the movie. I absolutely loved the Nibiru stuff, even with the goofy Enterprise under water scene. As I see it, Star Trek movies always seem to have some ridiculous scene that doesn’t make any sense and is only there for the heck of it. I can deal with Star Trek goofy, cheesiness. I liked the fact that it appears that the Enterprise seems to be closer to it’s Prime Universe size (sorry, I’m a shipaholic). Loved the design of the shuttles. That was a nice nod to TOS. Urban was fantastic. And Pegg, on second viewing, did a much better job as Scott. Some of the interiors of the Enterprise were great. I loved that circular, atrium-like set a lot, and the whatever-the-heck it is facility they used for the core was great, although I see we just can’t get totally away from the brewery (ugh). I’m not so much a fan of the Spock/Uhura thing, but then again that could be a hold-over from my long-standing feeling that I never have liked Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to have love interests. I mean, since I was a kid. All that smoochy stuff got in the way of my space adventure, dang it!

But Khan just didn’t work for me on many levels, and I’m sure to be roasted for this but I think Cumberbatch’s performance was way over the top and hammy. To me, it made Montalban look like a statue. His facial expressions looked way too broad and if it’s possible, he OVER enunciated all his dialogue. On my first viewing in the theater I thought he put in a fantastic performance. On the second viewing it didn’t stand up to (my) scrutiny. And as I have said before, I think the way Khan was written, his motivations for what he did just didn’t strike me as ringing true to the character. Khan wasn’t a blood thirsty killer bent on revenge in Space Seed. He was a megalomaniacal ruler. He didn’t become so vengeful until he perceived that Kirk had left him and his followers (including particularly his wife) to die on a dying planet. He wasn’t described as genocidal in the Prime Universe, as he was in STID. He wanted to rule over us all. There is no point in taking pride over your superior intellect if you kill everyone who is inferior. So, for me, taken as a whole, the inclusion of Khan and the way it was handled, sunk the ship.

But again, there was a lot going right in this movie. Khan jumped the shark. That was two movies in a row that had a less than satisfying bad guy to me (four counting Shinzon and the F. Murray Abrams face-lift folks). Can we just not have a villain in the next movie?

What was the point of all this? Heck, I don’t know. Just trying to be a better me. Giving stuff a chance. I don’t want to be thought of as a hater. I just had some criticisms of what I saw. But I also liked a lot of what I saw.

186. Gary 8.5 - October 8, 2013

Am I the only one who didnt think of Ricardo Montalban while watching Cumberbatch’s performance?

187. Ahmed - October 8, 2013

Paramount’s Brian Miller Exiting Studio Post-’Star Trek’ Video Game Debacle

EXCLUSIVE: Just five months after shepherding the Star Trek video game to its epic fail of a release, Paramount SVP Brian Miller is on his way out, Deadline has learned. The Paramount veteran will continue in his post as SVP of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships and Consumer Products through the end of the year as part of a mutual exit decision reached with the studio. I’m told Miller is looking to pursue personal projects after 14 years at Paramount. But the timing comes conspicuously on the heels of May’s Star Trek video game debacle which Miller produced in-house and did heavy media promotion for.

Developers Digital Extremes and Namco took much of the blame for the widely panned video game, notably from Trek director JJ Abrams who in September called it a “big disappointment” and suggested that the game’s poor quality and reviews hurt the release of his Star Trek Into Darkness.

188. THX-1138 - October 8, 2013

#186 Gary 8.5

No, you’re not the only one. I didn’t think of Montalban while watching Cumberbatch. But you could hardly expect the two performances to not be compared to one another.

189. Jack - October 8, 2013

Whatever the new show is, group showers (like Starship Troopers), please.

I don’t understand why the Enterprise underwater bothered so many people. 3/4 of the tech on the Enterprise (transporters, antigravity, forcefields) is pure magic as it is.

190. Symar - October 8, 2013

I still think something based on a Starfleet Academy concept would work well on television. Hot, young, space fledglings learning the lessons of Starfleet… The ability to change cast members as needed through graduation, etc….

Put in a student from an alien race that sucks blood and is sensitive to sunlight and you’ve got an instant hit!!

191. LogicalLeopard - October 8, 2013

185. THX

What was the point of all this? Heck, I don’t know. Just trying to be a better me. Giving stuff a chance. I don’t want to be thought of as a hater. I just had some criticisms of what I saw. But I also liked a lot of what I saw.


And that’s really the bottom line, giving something a chance. Although I was always optimistic about this movie, I think I did myself a disservice in all of the speculation beforehand and not just going in to enjoy the movie. I enjoyed it on my second viewing more than the first. I’ve seen it again since, and actually just rented it from the Library again. When you watch a movie with an open mind, you start to see things you didn’t see before.

192. LogicalLeopard - October 8, 2013

189. Jack – October 8, 2013

I don’t understand why the Enterprise underwater bothered so many people. 3/4 of the tech on the Enterprise (transporters, antigravity, forcefields) is pure magic as it is.


Probably because of the fact that if hoverboards don’t work ON water (known to everyone except bojos like McFly), the Enterprise can’t possibly work UNDER water….

193. THX-1138 - October 8, 2013

#191 LogicalLeopard

Actually it worked both ways for me, as I said. I saw more things that I liked, but on the other hand I also noticed some things that I initially liked but didn’t stand up to a second viewing. ALL movies are like that.

BTW, my wife and daughter who are Trek fans, still don’t understand why the Enterprise was “hiding” underwater virtually right next to the native village. I just told them “Because it looked cool rising out of the water.” Because I truly believe that to be the truth.

194. Ahmed - October 8, 2013


CBS and Bob Orci reviving Star Trek series talks according to Sky News reporter.

Joe Michalczuk ‏@joemichalczuk

Bob Orci just told me they’ve had a meeting with CBS to revive @StarTrek on TV…This made me v excited

Don’t know how to react to this, on one hand, it is good news that we might see a new Trek series, but on the other hand, don’t want to see STID type series every week. I hope they will bring another showrunners & writers. Let Bob & Alex focus on the movies part & have someone else take care of the TV part.

195. Jonboc - October 8, 2013

A STID type of series is exactly what needs to be on TV to succeed…not so much that type of story, but that type of storytelling, and in that universe. . And I don’t care if old school fans dig it or not….witness the success of STID and the audience 2009…. The acceptance, and or participation, of all the detractors of Bad Robot Trek is not necessary nor is it needed. Just like the last two movies, a new series will thrive without you…sorry to break the bad news. Please make it so, CBS and Bob Orci, a series based in the new universe is the logical thing to do…build it, they will come.

196. Joseph - October 8, 2013

I love the Worf as captain idea, would be a familiar face…and he would be unpredictable at times..Today is a good day to die.

I also agree that the whole cardassian, romulan, Breen…as enemies is rather boring…when will Star Trek leave the Milky Way galaxy?

Would like something that shows more about star fleet academy.

Oh we’ll, just rambling on

197. Ahmed - October 8, 2013

@195. Jonboc

” The acceptance, and or participation, of all the detractors of Bad Robot Trek is not necessary nor is it needed. ”

Are you by any chance a spokesperson for Bad Robot or something ?

” Just like the last two movies, a new series will thrive without you…sorry to break the bad news”

What bad news ?? I said it was good news to see Trek back on TV, I just hope it will be a smart series that doesn’t relay too much on mindless actions.

198. Joseph - October 8, 2013

Ok, just had an idea…

I want a combat action Star Trek series, not too much laden with crappy fight scenes, I want Ridley Scott style aliens, with Battlestar Gallactica space camera movement, and more drama. I hate when Episodes tie up loose ends, I want funny comedy and really nasty evil.

He’ll, I would pay for a Star Trek channel…hell, it would be nice to have more than one new series going on at one time…..think two different crews each with separate missions, who cross paths once in a great while….kind of like CSI.

199. TUP - October 9, 2013

I never said you have to read the comic to appreciate STID. I said *if* you have to read the comic, that’s ridiculous. I was arguing that the comics are *not* canon no matter what anyone says.

My general opinion of STID is that I very much enjoyed the film. If it had been terrible, the little nitpicky opportunities probably wouldnt even occur to me. But because the film was *so* good, I find myself nitpicking all the lost opportunities to make it truly great. And then that forces me to nitpick 09 also.

The most glaring thing in 09 to me was the very first moments of the movie. The Kevlin should have been April’s Enterprise. Make that change, and we’re suddenly way better.

200. Marja, the bonafide Coastie. - October 9, 2013

As said previously [I’m seconding the notion], the “known” Star Trek brand is TOS featuring Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov.

Any TV series should feature these characters, and the setting of the AltVerse which many potential TV audience members will have seen on the “big screen.”

Movie actors often work in TV, and I would hope to see this with the AU cast!

144 Keachick, if you want them, the comic books are available by internet order (tho’ shipping may be prohibitive) or internet comics viewing subscription.

201. LogicalLeopard - October 9, 2013

193. THX-1138 – October 8, 2013
#191 LogicalLeopard

Actually it worked both ways for me, as I said. I saw more things that I liked, but on the other hand I also noticed some things that I initially liked but didn’t stand up to a second viewing. ALL movies are like that.

BTW, my wife and daughter who are Trek fans, still don’t understand why the Enterprise was “hiding” underwater virtually right next to the native village. I just told them “Because it looked cool rising out of the water.” Because I truly believe that to be the truth.


You’re right, you notice the good and bad. One thing that I just really like about both movies is Kirk’s development. Although I’m not a fan of the Mirror Universe, I always love remixes, reimaginings, remakes, and alternate takes. This set of movies really gives us a good look at an alternate Kirk, all ability and no experience, or the humility and discipline that comes with it. This movie was a pretty good gut kick to attention. Him having to tell the crew he was sorry for getting them all killed was brilliant. It was a very important lesson – “You can’t hack into a computer and change a no-win scenario.” I hope the 3rd movie continues to build on this development. Yeah, I’d like to see more about the other characters, but the Kirk story is so compelling, I hope they continue with it.

202. LogicalLeopard - October 9, 2013

193. THX-1138 – October 8, 2013

Oh, and about that Enterprise in water….I’m not sure my wife said anything about it, but….I just now wondered… did it get DOWN there *LOL* I mean, did it submerge a few miles off, and travel underwater until it was off the coast?

*LOL* I think I just became a “Anti-Submenterpriser.” I can defend the fact that it could survive submersion, and even have a valid reason to submerge, but how difficult would it be to actually TRAVEL DISTANCES in water, rather than up or down? How do you keep that think stable traveling with, what, navigational thrusters? With it’s awkward shape, it’s not exactly hydrodynamic (?) is it?

All in all, it’d probably be simpler to set it down in some uninhabited area and use the transporters.

But….it did look cool *LOL* So I’m not going to sweat it much.

203. LogicalLeopard - October 9, 2013

199. TUP – October 9, 2013

I didn’t think you were saying that, I was agreeing with you, if you were responding to me in post 199. You’re right, it’s senseless to have to read a comic to appreciate a movie, because the vast majority of the people will not read the comic.

However, I disagree about the April situation. It would have been interesting, it would have been nice to see, but I don’t think it really mattered all that much. In fact….I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Kelvin is better, and here’s why: First, it works better with George Kirk’s story. He’s just a regular XO (or senior officer, I forget) on a regular ship, with probably a regular career, who distinguishes himself for a final act of bravery. If this is the Enterprise with April, it becomes more an Enterprise story than a George Kirk story, he becomes part of something greater than just his act of bravery.

Plus, with Kirk, the attachment of the Enterprise has been because it was HIS ship. If his father served on April’s Enterprise, it’d be his ship AND his father’s ship, or the namesake of his father’s ship.

I mean, both ways could work….but I think personally it works better with a nondescript ship.

204. TUP - October 9, 2013

Thats an interesting take on it.

As a kid, I always assumed Kirk was the first Captain of the Enterprise and the legend of the Captain and the ship grew together. When I realised there was a long history of the ship, it actually made the ship more interesting to me…and as legendary as it was, it even made Kirk a bigger deal because he became the best Captain of a ship with a lot of great captains.

In the contest of what they did with 09, I think the Kelvin being the Enterprise works because:

– They actually designed the Kelvin very well. Considering the increase in SFX and set design etc, it’s pretty good representation of a ship of that time using the technology we have now. Even the uniforms were familar in the sense of being “between” Enterprise and TOS. But there appeared to be a huge technological leap between the Kelvin and the Enterprise later in the film. This is explained away as Nero’s arrival causing Starfleet to build bigger, better, badder ships. Thus, we never get to see “out” Enterprise.

– The Enterprise with April would “canonize” something that is essentially considered Canon (Robert April as Captain of the Enterprise) and to a lesser extent that George Kirk served under him.

– Destroying “our” Enterprise would better explain why the “original Enterprise” shown later in the film looks so different (and not just from an updating 60s tech with modern tech).

– 09 sort of hinted at Kirk living in the shadow of his father’s heroics though it doesnt really delve into that. Kirk staring at the under-construction Enterprise (and shaking the Kelvin salt-shaker) takes on added meaning if it’s the name-sake of his father’s ship.

– The fact the new Enterprise is being build in Iowa near where Kirk lives is a pretty rich coincedence (unless I missed something about this). But if George Kirk herocially died saving countless lives, having a ship yards in his home town actually takes on a reasonable meaning…it also provides a reasonable explanation for Kirk to be hanging around – it’s no longer a coincedence.

– Destroying “our” Enterprise literally would be a great visial representation of Nero’s arrival “tearing the timeline”, wiping out the future we know etc. We KNOW the Enterprise goes on to have all these legendary exploits, so seeing it destroyed in the opening moments of the film, changes everything.

– In a way, it would feed right into the idea that Destiny was always trying to find a way back to normal – the Enterprise that Kirk was supposed to command is destroyed…and the details of that destruction actually lend itself to the new Enterprise and James Kirk coming together (my previous points about why the new ship is built where it is, Kirk is hanging around etc)

– The fact Kirk gets into *that* particular bar fight with *that* particular group of cadets on *that* particular night in the shadow of *that* particular ship’s construction all leading to his advancement through Starfleet in less time than most leading to his assignment on the Enterprise (due to McCoy’s trickery which can only happen if they become friends which happens because they met on *that* particular shuttle to the academy) and putting Kirk in a position to save the day from the exact same villain that destroyed the Kelvin are all HUGE coincedences. These are explained away by “Destiny” but take on a deeper meaning if the Kelvin is actually “our” Enterprise

– seeing “our” Enterprise brought to love on screen would be super cool.

205. Who cares - October 9, 2013

@199/TUP. JJ wanted the Kelvin to be April’s Enterprise, he says so during the DVD commentary on ST09, Paramount forced him to change the name of the ship, telling him “You can’t destroy the Enterprise in the first 5 minutes”, stop blaming the wrong people for your complaints.

In other news, Brain Miller is losing his job at Paramount after 14 years.

206. TUP - October 9, 2013

Who was I blaming exactly?

207. Yanks - October 9, 2013

I wonder what his “very specific idea that I would love to do” is?

He’d be great to be a part of the team again.

208. Who cares - October 9, 2013

@TUP Oh I dunno, going by context, the people who made the movie.

Additionally, the comics ARE canon if the people who own and control the franchise say they are, which they have, they own it and ONLY they can decide what is or is not canon, not you, not me, not any of us here. This idea that some Trek “fans” seem to have that they can decide what is or is not official in opposition to the franchise owners is just frikin ridiculous. You don’t have to like it, thats just how it is. I don’t like that the Star Wars “Special Editions” are canon for that franchise, but I can’t change it, so I don’t bother complaining about it.

209. bdoble - October 9, 2013

What’s up with the story coming from Big Shiny Robot saying Bob Orci is in talks with CBS on making a new Star Trek show.

210. TUP - October 9, 2013

Hmmm..well if Paramount would not allow the Kelvin to be the Enterprise, then yes, I am blaming the people that made the movie. In this case Paramount.

A Star Trek TV show on CBC would be lucky to last half a season.

211. THX-1138 - October 9, 2013

#208 Who cares

Absolutely, they can say that the comics are canon if they wish. I believe the greater issue is that it doesn’t make sense to have story, plot, or background information in the comics that are necessary to help understand the motivations of the characters seen on screen.

As for the Kelvin or the Enterprise at the beginning of the movie, as a shipaholic I would have preferred seeing the Kelvin (a cool design) with the “look” more or less of the classic design. Orange nacelle caps, little less of the “TMP” style saucer, maybe throw on an actual sensor dish. Update it, certainly, to convey a more modern aesthetic, but have it look more like what we have come to expect of TOS. Seeing the E blown up at the beginning of the movie would have distracted me too much for the rest of the flick.

212. MJB - October 9, 2013

209. bdoble
Good! I’ve been saying K/O Paper Products is the best bet to revive Trek. Look how successful their other TV products have been. They deserve the chance. Make it so, boborci!

213. LogicalLeoapard - October 10, 2013

– The Enterprise with April would “canonize” something that is essentially considered Canon (Robert April as Captain of the Enterprise) and to a lesser extent that George Kirk served under him.
That’s one reason I’d like to see April, to officially canonize him.

– Destroying “our” Enterprise would better explain why the “original Enterprise” shown later in the film looks so different (and not just from an updating 60s tech with modern tech).
True…good point
– 09 sort of hinted at Kirk living in the shadow of his father’s heroics though it doesnt really delve into that. Kirk staring at the under-construction Enterprise (and shaking the Kelvin salt-shaker) takes on added meaning if it’s the name-sake of his father’s ship.
That was a salt shaker? I never noticed, I thought it was a model that Kirk had on him. Added meaning yes. I like the version of having it just have meaning because it’s HIS ship, but it could work either way. Makes the Enterprise almost getting blown up under his feet in STID more painful, too.

– The fact the new Enterprise is being build in Iowa near where Kirk lives is a pretty rich coincedence (unless I missed something about this). But if George Kirk herocially died saving countless lives, having a ship yards in his home town actually takes on a reasonable meaning…it also provides a reasonable explanation for Kirk to be hanging around – it’s no longer a coincedence.
I don’t think it’s coincidence as much as it is inspiration. The nearby shipyard (assuming that it’s been there for 40-50 years, was probably George Kirk’s inspiration for going into Starfleet. Kirk, being a rebel, wasn’t inspired, until Pike inspired him.
– Destroying “our” Enterprise literally would be a great visial representation of Nero’s arrival “tearing the timeline”, wiping out the future we know etc. We KNOW the Enterprise goes on to have all these legendary exploits, so seeing it destroyed in the opening moments of the film, changes everything.
Me likes, me likes. I’m coming more over to your point of view.

– In a way, it would feed right into the idea that Destiny was always trying to find a way back to normal – the Enterprise that Kirk was supposed to command is destroyed…and the details of that destruction actually lend itself to the new Enterprise and James Kirk coming together (my previous points about why the new ship is built where it is, Kirk is hanging around etc)


Gotcha. I agree, that would have worked pretty nicely. Plus, it would have been apreciated by a lot of fans for paying homage to the mythos. Well, if they weren’t upset that the old Enterprise was blown to bits. *L*

214. TUP - October 11, 2013

The old Enterprise was blown to bits figuratively in the sense the “new” Enterprise is nothing like the old. I for one would loved to have seen it on the big screen if only for ten minutes.

215. D Gordon - October 11, 2013

Abramsverse TNG will never appear without a lot of negotiating, seeing as the rights are divided between Paramount films and CBS/Paramount TV, and their already squabbling over Star Trek merchandising (Did you notice the lack of a toy roll out for STID?)

Prime Universe seems to be a pretty stable place at least up until the 29th-30th Century…seeing as that’s where all the Temporal Agents and Timeships come from.

Maybe any attempted TV show should try to do what Abrams could have done, and not worry about trying to fit it in any kind of old “continuum” . This is a reboot, no weird time travel, nor explaining it’s a parallel universe mumbo jumbo. If you, the viewer, choose to believe it’s a parallel universe, that’s your interpretation, but we’re not going to play with the issue one way or the other. We’ll set in the the 23rd Century, but it will now be based upon our best projections of what that 23rd Century will be like, with our history, so no Eugenics War in 1996, ect. Maybe they won’t even have transporters and their “warp drive” will be exceptionally limited. The crew may be the best and the brightest, and they may have some flat out arrogance because they know they are the best and the brightest. You can have the stories of exploration, deal with the nasty aspects of humanity, and the stories of conflict. You aren’t “beholden” to the Prime Universe Continuity or the Abramsverse Continuity, so your writers can be free to explore that continuity.

My two cents

216. Disinvited - October 14, 2013

#215. D Gordon – October 11, 2013

According to the NY Times reporting in 2005-2006 there is no split with regards to making new Trek. Paramount got rights to make Bad Robot Trek by begging Les Monves who gave them a deadline to get the ball rolling or lose their license to make Trek films. Paramount apparently retains grandfathered rights to their Trek film catalog produced prior to that date but that, at best, could only give them rights to remake those prior scripts without any any permission from CBS. However, it is probably a safe bet CBS would try some legal tactics to make it impractical for Paramount to try.

217. Disinvited - October 14, 2013

#216. Disinvited – October 14, 2013

That “Moonves”.

218. Suellen from Savannah - October 15, 2013

Actually I think ST Academy Days could be an excellent way to bring it back. Thus you go have them all start as freshman and give it 4 years and then graduate them in a series finale.

Shatner’s book about how Spock and Kirk met is actually not bad, and certainly could be a could starting off point. I know his story of how they ended up at the academy make sense than JJverse.

YOu would need to play with the ages a little, but Bones could actually be graduated and the MD who treats the cadet at Academy Health Center.

Thus you are open to reel in the younger crowd and make it interesting enough for the older ones as well. Its a fresh idea and open the door for lots of new stories that are not re-telling of old one.

Think of the fun you could have with Drill Sargents the first week, when all these brash young people hit the reality. You can watch grow into the fully fleshout command officers they will be.

219. Marja - October 16, 2013

Well, plus you could have Cadet training cruises, say, with Captain Pike or another great senior officer, and adventures ensuing therefrom.

They could spend a couple of episodes doing “Plebe Summer” – it’d be a great introduction to the characters.

Traditionally before they begin their first year of Academy, cadets report and become the lowest life forms on campus for a few months. This teaches them to obey orders, with no sass or excessive questions, gets them fit [Drop and give me 50 push-ups!], and gets them forged into a team mentality. Because when you share the experience of being the lowest life-form possible, you bond!

They gave up a lot of story opportunities when they had Spock and Kirk be unacquainted in ST2009. All they had to do was change the dialogue to KIRK: “Typical of that pointy-eared bastard. Superior SOB. He failed me in x class.” McCOY: “Well Jim – I don’t know him, but I like him.”

220. Mandrake - October 28, 2013

@52 Actually a Star Trek medical drama could be pretty cool. Sort of an intergalactic Mayo Clinic. A drawback is that every ship in the future has its own expert medical crew with a backup holo doctor. Probably be better to set it concurrent with TOS or Enterprise. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.