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Chance at a Worf TV Show? The Idea’s “Never Dead” Says Michael Dorn October 9, 2013

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Celebrity,Trek on TV , trackback

Michael Dorn called in to chat with the guys over at the Transporter Room 3 podcast to talk Trek and the possibilities for Trek on TV. He even mentioned a script that he himself wrote for a possible Worf TV show, where the Klingon we know and love is fighting for the Empire (and even has some humans on board for the ride). Is that still a possibility? It’s “never dead” says the man himself. Hit the jump to hear the podcast.


Transporter Room 3: Episode 50

Michael Dorn chimes in about a Worf TV show around 1:15:00

Transporter Room 3 Talks to Michael Dorn about Worf on TV
“Where do you suppose Worf is now?” That was the question posed to Michael Dorn at the end of his chat with the guys over at Transporter Room 3. His answer hinted at a (now likely defunct) script written for a Worf TV show sometime last year.

“Well, I actually wrote… last year, there was a chance that there was gonna be a Worf show on television. We don’t know where it was gonna be; it may not have been networked. It may have been cable. Who knows? But, there was interest.”

It turns out, Dorn even penned some of the script himself.

“What I wrote is Worf is still on a journey of discovery, is still trying to find his place in the universe. Not in the Klingon world or in Starfleet, but kind of in the universe and in his own soul. He has a ship. He has a mission. And he has his first officer — his girlfriend. He has a new girlfriend who is as badass as he is. And he is, basically, with all the things going on, he is still trying to hold the Klingon Empire together with all of its faults and foibles and assassinations and coups. And at the same time he’s trying to find his own way in the universe.”

That sounds cool. Is there still a chance that it could happen?
So there’s a script, and there’s some sort of interest, according to Dorn. But, is this something that’s still a possibility? When can we see Worf on TV?

“I have the script! I think that if there’s enough interest with the fans, with the news media, with writers, it’s never dead. The script is done; I’ve already written it. I’m getting ready to send it out and kind of inundate the business with it to see if anybody’s interested. So we’ll see, but it’s never dead.”

“It’s a Klingon ship”
Dorn goes on to talk a bit about the details of the would-be new Worf show. “It’s a Klingon ship,” said Dorn, who added that, the same way the Enterprise was home to a Klingon, Worf’s ship would include human officers aboard.


1. Phil - October 9, 2013

Since Worf resigned his commission, he’s been teaching pottery classes on the planet Sculpture 4…..

So, the proposed show is basically an inverse of TNG. Been there, done that.

2. Rick - October 9, 2013

Ain’t gonna happen

3. Stargazer54 - October 9, 2013

Well all you can say about that to Mr. Dorn is, “Qapla!”

4. Marja - October 9, 2013

I love Dorn, and like Worf, but I really wearied of all the Klingon politics and societal and family challenges in TNG.

But I have to say, I have never seen any Trek actor – including Nimoy – exude such personal charisma and oh, I’ll just say it, sex appeal, as I saw when I attended a con at which Dorn spoke. Whooo-ee!

5. Red Dead Ryan - October 9, 2013

Uh, no. I think we have moved on. I wish that the ex-Trek actors would do the same. No more Michael Dorn, William Shatner, George Takei, et al.

Time for new actors to headline any new proposed series.

Otherwise, it just becomes “Inside Star Trek” all over again….

BTW, I like Michael Dorn as an actor, and Worf as a character. I just don’t have any desire to see any more of them.

6. BatlethInTheGroin - October 9, 2013

This show was NEVER being considered, I guarantee you. It never had even the remotest chance of being made.

7. MJ -- THE GRAND RETURN !!! - October 9, 2013

Memo to Michael Dorn,

Dude, I loved you 25 years ago on TNG. But you are in your 60’s now. Your Star Trek ship has sailed.

Enjoy your free time and your grandkids — you’ve earned it!

8. MJ -- THE GRAND RETURN !!! - October 9, 2013

Red Dead,

Very encouraged to see that Mark Hammill is getting into shape:

Man, I wish I had a couple million dollar contract for a movie to force me to get motivated to lose some weight!

9. pilotfred - October 9, 2013

i do want to see another show set on the prime timeline,one more jj film and finish it,then straight back with the prime timelime,the worf show could be as good,like ds9 tried to break away from a starship show this could do so as well,ok its still on a ship however a klingon ship so diffrent,maybe a straight blurau would be great

10. Irishtrekkie - October 9, 2013

needs to be a story about this twitter post

11. THX-1138 - October 9, 2013

#8 MJ

Don’t mean to bag on your post, but the article you linked to says the picture of Hamill is from 2005. Hopefully he can get himself into the kind of shape in that picture, though.

12. Phil - October 9, 2013

Okay, before the ‘no way in hell’ critics go to ape s**t over this, Dorns post-Trek career has pretty much consisted of some voice over work. So cut the guy some slack for trying to keep busy. If the guy is scratching for work, I’d much rather seem him do something, anything in Trek then working as a greeter at some Indian casino in North Dakota somewhere….

13. The Keeper - October 9, 2013

Really do we need a TV show about Worf in his old age single handly fighting the Senile’s of the planet Geriatrics 4 or carpet bombing the peaceful non technological moon world of Rustic 12?

Mr. Dorn have you thought about maybe a nice night club act or even driving a Mr. Softie Icecream truck?

Just sayin….

14. Melllvar - October 9, 2013

Man, you guys are lame.

I would LOVE to see him don the makeup and head gear one more time. Is there a most solid and kick ass character who they could possibly make a new thing out of??

I hope this happens. I will watch it, all of you haters will watch it… do you REALLY want NOTHING to happen? Would that make you all a lot happier, just waiting for another film with Chris Pine and co?

I for one am excited even at the possibility of seeing Michael Dorn’s Worf, one more flippn’ time. There are always possibilities…

15. Jason - October 9, 2013

The idea is dead.

This is the same guy who thought fans would fork over $750k to watch him do a romantic comedy with his Trek cronies.

I like Worf, but Dorn’s ego is increasingly bugging me.

16. dswynne1 - October 9, 2013

@13 (The Keeper): You’re saying NOTHING. Michael Dorn probably looks better now than when he first played Worf, thanks to having a strict diet and exercise routine. Secondly, he would be in make-up playing his old character, and his script would be about an older Worf who is still adventuring. Geriatric, he isn’t, especially when compared to THIS guy:

Personally, I’d be lucky to be like Dorn or the “Old Man” who is doing pull ups at their age…

17. Platitude - October 9, 2013

I think this would be rad, but I’m not sure that it really as much a of chance to happen. But maybe as a mini-series?

18. windelkin - October 9, 2013

I think it would be great to see Worf again, even if just for a low budget DVD movie or mini-series. What would it hurt? If you wouldn’t want to see it, then fine, don’t tune in. It’s ok to not care, just as you may not care to read any of the trek novels that have come along. But please don’t shoot it down for those of us who would enjoy it.

19. richpit - October 9, 2013

I wouldn’t really be interested to watch it, but more power to him if he could actually get it made. I liked Worf on TNG just fine, but can’t see him headlining a whole series.

But heck, I’m no TV executive.

20. t'cal - October 9, 2013

I’d love to see a Worf show. His was one of the richest charaters in Trek until they tried to make him a joke in the films. I would rather see him as the first Klingon captain in Starfleet. His mentors have been among the best leaders in the fleet: Picard, Riker, and Sisko. It would interesting to see him employ a bit of each of their influence on him. In this series, we would see that he has matured into a capable leader, a skilled tactician, and an accomplished diplomat.

21. Chingatchkook - October 9, 2013

Let’s see…We’ve had Michael Dorn, Brian Fuller, Seth McFarlane, and (if I remember correctly) even Ron Moore express interest in a new Trek TV series. And probably a few that I can’t rember right now. Not to mention numerous posters here. HELLO CBS, ARE YOU LISTENING????

22. Red Dead Ryan - October 9, 2013

Yes, unfortunately the picture of the fit Mark Hamill was from about 2005 or so. Almost ten years ago.

So we have to hope that he does some work outs at the gym…

23. Lens Flares Suck - October 9, 2013

The Klingon politics and plotting got as boring to me as Bajoran religion.

This is never going to happen.



24. Lens Flares Suck - October 9, 2013

Oh, and about Mark…. I’m his age and damn, it is HARD to loose weight at this age.

I wish I had a personal chef and trainer to help!

25. MJ -- THE GRAND RETURN !!! - October 9, 2013

THX, Read Dead,

Whoops — yea — I didn’t read beyond the photo. I hope can look close to that photo for the movie.

26. Buzz Cagney - October 9, 2013

Dorn, the George Takei of TNG.
I’m sure there was interest in a Worf show- in his household anyway. Beyond that…….

27. Jason - October 9, 2013

The series sounds cool to me.

28. sgreco - October 10, 2013

God please NO. I love worf, really I do, but Captain “I’m going to shoot the viewscreen because Q’s face is on it” really, really doesnt need to happen.

Leave it go.

Give us a series set 75 years AFTER The Next Generation. Bring back an Enterprise and crew it with a whole new cast. Take us into the future as TNG brought us to where we are now.

29. RenderedToast - October 10, 2013

Sorry Worf, but you’re played out. You’ve been in more Star Trek that anyone else and probably ever well. Be glad and move on.

30. Deep_Space_913 - October 10, 2013

Not going to happen. No movie/tv exec is going back to the “Prime” Universe. The J.J. movies and their success have closed all doors to anything TNG, DS9, or Voyager. Sadly.

31. Damian - October 10, 2013

In the novel universe, at least, he’s the first officer of the Enterprise now under Captain Picard. I’ve been an avid novel reader and followed the continuation of the spin-offs. In a way, a Worf based show would bother me if for no other reason, it would blow up years of stories that have been written since Nemesis.

But, there’s not going to be any continuation of the spin-offs. Whether you want to see it or not, it won’t happen. You may see a new series someday in the prime timeline, sure. But it will likely be something like ideas that have been floated that take place maybe a century or more after Voyager. Far enough from the other shows that they can create something more or less original without conflicting with canon.

32. Mel - October 10, 2013

I think the next Star Trek series will be set in the new movies universe and it will be told from a human perspective and the majority of characters will be human and not aliens. I really doubt we will see Worf in a main role again, especially played by Michael Dorn.

33. NCC-73515 - October 10, 2013

Why not make a web-based series like New Voyages / Phase II, or ST Continues, or all the other high-quality fan series that have appeared in the last years…?

34. Russell Meyers - October 10, 2013

Sounds like a good ‘Blood and Chrome’ type short series. I would enjoy seeing Dorn as Worf again. I vote yes.

35. TUP - October 10, 2013

As much as I like Worf, this sounds like a terrible self-serving vanity project.

I enjoyed Worf showing up in all the movies and series, sometimes inexplicably but a Captain Worf series? No way. That would not sustain Trek.

Now if Abrams wants to include a young Col. Worf in the next movie, I’m down with that.

36. Cmd.Bremmon - October 10, 2013

I’d be so in, sounds much more exciting than another bland TNG repeat set in an elliptical vs a spiral galaxy with even blander aliens.

37. ME!! - October 10, 2013

@ 8. MJ: Can you not read? Or are you just blind? The website you linked to CLEARLY indicated that pic of Hamill was taken almost 10 years ago.

38. ME!! - October 10, 2013

No, no….please…no Worf centric show. I loved the character…especially on DS9 where he was more…”complete” and not screaming embarrassing Klingon nonsense as he did in at least the earlier TNG seasons.

I don’t care to see a love relationship on Trek. That is NOT what Trek is about or for. Girlfriend for a first officer? Seriously? You don’t think that would compromise Worf’s ability to command effectively, Michael?

No more Klingon nonsense. That grew from interesting to rather tiresome in just a couple seasons of DS9. I sure as heck don’t want to see an entire series based on it.

39. ME!! - October 10, 2013

Klingon nonsense meaning the political infighting, etc.

40. Jason - October 10, 2013

I think Worf was/is my favorite ST character by far, and while I would love to see a guest appearance by the character, I don’t know that he could lead a successful series. That being said, I think that the more important take away of the interview (at least the written part above) is that whether it comes from the fans or past Treak actors, there is a definte feeling that ST to be back on TV, which I completely agree with.

41. Red Dead Ryan - October 10, 2013

#37. ME!!

Did you not see MJ’s post at #25? Or are YOU blind?

42. Danpaine - October 10, 2013

Of course I’d watch it, or at least give it a try. So would most of you. Now, rest assured you’d COMPLAIN about it afterwards, but you’d watch.

Unless someone can make a Trek series as compelling and addictive as Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, or as grand and sweeping and epic as Game Of Thrones, I don’t want it anyway.

Any new Trek show has to be a completely different animal than what any of us have seen before. With GREAT writing.

43. bdoble - October 10, 2013

I love Worf and think ashow with him as Capt would be sweet. I don’t think it should be on a Klingon ship. I love the Klingon and every thing about them but I think to many people would be turned off by seeing a show taking place a dark lighting Bird of Pray. I would love to see Worf be the Capt of a next generation Defiant typ war ship. I also would love to see Martok back on tv.

44. Horatio - October 10, 2013

Crud, we told them NOT to do a new movie with Khan and they did it anyway so….

Get ready for Star Trek: Wrath of Worf next fall on G4!

45. Spud69 - October 10, 2013

These TNG guys make me laugh, nobody is interested & Paramount gave you all the chop in 2002 after your 4th disaster of a movie. TIME TO RETIRE !!!

46. Damian - October 10, 2013

45–I wouldn’t put First Contact in the disaster column. While it has a few detractors, it was a blockbuster when it came out.

I’ve noticed many fans have it as one of their top 3 to 4 Star Trek films.

But, it’s true, CBS already doesn’t seem to keen on any new series at this point. Certainly not a follow up to one of the spin-offs. The most Dorn could hope for might be a role in an episode of any new show (perhaps as an older Worf in a show taking place 100 years later, since we know Klingons are long lived).

47. Damian - October 10, 2013

45–Unless by “disaster” of a movie you are simply referring to Nemesis, and not lumping all 4 movies together.

48. captainedd - October 10, 2013

Maybe he could play his grandfather…

49. Phil - October 10, 2013

The headline floating around is that Orci is pitching a series to CBS. So the list continues to grow….and we need to accept it will be in the new universe if (and that’s a big if) it happens…

50. Marja - October 10, 2013


I think seeing him in his regular [sex-aaaay] Human form might be cool in the next movie. He could play an Admiral in charge of Fleet Ops, or an updated Commodore “Decker” … a nod to Trekfans that wouldn’t disrupt the film or its plot.

… that is, if they can’t get DENZEL WASHINGTON or TOM HANKS ;-)

51. Jerry Modene - October 10, 2013

Wasn’t Tom Hanks the original choice to play Zeframe Cochrane in First Contact?

52. Red Dead Ryan - October 10, 2013

I wouldn’t count on CBS approving a new series. They don’t seem to be interested in sci-fi right now, plus network tv isn’t the place for it anymore, with all the talent and reality shows that a proposed Trek series would have to go up against.

Plus I don’t think Paramuont will sit by idly and allow someone else into their sandbox. CBS and Paramount aren’t getting along right now.

53. Ahmed - October 10, 2013

What to Do with the Future of Star Trek

Jake Hinkson

When a recent Star Trek Creation convention voted J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek Into Darkness the worst film in the franchise, some industry people (including the film’s screenwriter) shook their heads. The movie made good money (though not the breakaway box office that some predicted) and notched generally favorable reviews. So what’s the problem? Is this just a case of some Trekkers and fanboys being overly critical? Or does it point to larger, long term problems? After all, while the new Trek films have been built to be general audience pleasers, they still rely on the fanboys to be their backbone. What happens to Star Trek if the Trekkers start to abandon it?

Maybe the best way to answer that is to look at ways the franchise could right itself. Here then are some suggestions…

Have Kirk Grow Up Already

The biggest change in the new series of films has been to make James T. Kirk an emotional hothead. That worked fine in the first movie, with young Kirk becoming a kind of early career Tom Cruise character—the Maverick of Starfleet, if you will. But in STID Kirk is still a screw up, still a hothead, and still the kind of a dumbass who needs to be reminded, yet again, that the rules apply to him. But a movie story has to work within the logic that it constructs, and it’s getting really hard to buy that this guy is a commander of anything.

Quit Trying So Hard To Be Sexy

Let’s talk about the three-way with the cat girls. Hey, we all know Captain Kirk loves the ladies. [Oh…cat girls…I get it…] But here’s a study in contrast. The original Kirk was a James Bond-type ladies man. He was a charmer. He was smooth, damn it. This Kirk acts a little too much like a dude who just attended a Frank TJ Mackey seminar on how to pick up insecure sorority girls. I mean, this Kirk harasses random women on the street… Not too smooth.

Come Up With A Plot That Isn’t About Some Guy Seeking Revenge

Here’s an interesting point to ponder: all four of the last four Star Trek movies (Insurrection, Nemesis, Star Trek, and STID) have been about revenge. The reason for this, I think, is that everyone wants to recapture the Khan magic. Here’s the problem: in and of themselves, revenge plots suck. They’re simplistic and derivative. That’s not to say that they can’t be the springboard for greatness (see everything from Hamlet to Kill Bill), but revenge itself is just a lazy trope.

Try Something New

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan is one of the greatest pop sci-fi movies ever made. It’s exciting, it’s funny, and it’s unexpectedly moving. But we have it already. It’s here. I own it. Let’s move on. In fact, I hope the new Trek team is done directly quoting the first films.

Discover Strange New Worlds

Somewhere along the way with the new Trek films, someone fixed on the idea that Star Trek is an action franchise. It’s not. It never was. It’s a science-fiction franchise. While action has always been an essential element of the series—Shatner spent half his time on TOS punching guys in the face—it wasn’t the element that predominated. Star Trek hasn’t lasted fifty years because of action scenes.

It lasted fifty years because it created a universe of wonder and intrigue. It mixed fun pulpy elements (fist fights and laser guns and make-out sessions with green slave girls) with fascinating ideas and flights of fancy.

Despite all I’ve said so far, Abrams actually did a lot of good work with his Trek films. He established a great creative team, assembled a talented cast, and he set some interesting plates spinning. Now that he’s moved on to Star Wars, I guess someone new will be —ahem—taking the helm.

Hopefully, that person will build on all the good work here and take us into something fresh, something that is truly inventing new Trek material, rather than just reheating the old.

54. MJ -- THE GRAND RETURN !!! - October 10, 2013


“When a recent Star Trek Creation convention voted J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek Into Darkness the worst film in the franchise…”

Ahmed, that is just such a dumb-ass thing to say like that. We’ve covered that farce of a poll in detail here, and even by people who try to defend that poll, they have at least acknowledged that it is completely a lie to say the entire convention voted it the worst film.

Come on dude, you are better than this. I am used to seeing higher quality posts from you here?

55. Ahmed - October 10, 2013


Read the whole sentence dude:

“When a recent Star Trek Creation convention voted J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek Into Darkness the worst film in the franchise, some industry people (including the film’s screenwriter) shook their heads. The movie made good money (though not the breakaway box office that some predicted) and notched generally favorable reviews…..”

The writer went on to make some good suggestions that I think we can agree on, from moving away from revenge plot to making Kirk a real captain worthy of his crew respect & so on.

Read the whole article & lets talk, shall we :)

56. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 10, 2013

I would support and watch!

57. Stargazer54 - October 10, 2013

#53 Pretty much on the money there, Ahmed!

58. Stargazer54 - October 10, 2013

But this is thread is supposed to be about Dorn doing a Worf series. After reading all the comments and giving it more thought, I think I have to agree that it’s time for him to hang up the ridges and play a human character.

I’m surprised that, as an actor, he would want to hide behind the make up. I think he could certainly do better and play more interesting characters without the Worf vehicle.

59. Phil - October 10, 2013

@58. Dorn is pushing a series because he has been so typecast that’s the only work he can get. It’s not a question about the make-up, the guy needs a check.

On a real life note – Scott Carpenter has passed. A real spaceman, from an era when the rocket ride could get you killed. A true hero.

60. Factchecker - October 10, 2013

Long live Trek 1.0…..

61. The Keeper - October 10, 2013

What they should do is have Worf die in the first 5 mins of the opening episode then for the next 5 or so years explore if Worf was killed by a foe, an accident, a preexisting medical condition, assassinated, murdered, died of natural causes, contracted some viral plague or never really existed!
The series can confuse the hell out of every one each week.
Occasionally they can use Dorn as a photograph, hologram or dream to figure things out.

It would be a blast.

62. Ol Pointy Ears - October 10, 2013


Maybe a Worf NG Cartoon? Motion Comic with Dorn’s voice?

Low budget, New J.J. Verse changes, etc.

Could be fun.

Try it!

63. MJ -- THE GRAND RETURN !!! - October 10, 2013


Ah, OK, Ahmed. At first glace it looked like you were replying to some Jake Hinkson guy. Now I see you were posting his words. Sorry for the misunderstanding — my criticism is then moved from you to him. Thanks!

64. Ahmed - October 10, 2013


What do you think of his suggestions ? IIRC, you addressed some of the issues mentioned above back in September when you made a list of suggestions for Bob & Alex.

and btw, the guy gave Abrams credit for bringing Trek back.

“Despite all I’ve said so far, Abrams actually did a lot of good work with his Trek films. He established a great creative team, assembled a talented cast, and he set some interesting plates spinning. Now that he’s moved on to Star Wars, I guess someone new will be —ahem—taking the helm. “

65. Captain Slow - October 10, 2013

Since I haven’t seen anyone here talk much about this:
“Bob Orci just told me they’ve had a meeting with CBS to revive @StarTrek on TV”
I thought I’d post it. It’s easy to find the source if you’re interested. Right now, I’m not getting my hopes up since I doubt anything is going to happen soon.

66. Steve Riggs - October 10, 2013

I would love to see WORF! I think there should be an ensemble cast but smaller than TING. Perhaps some of the other cast would be available for a pilot! Especially Patrick! Surely the sets of Enterprise E are available. Something must drive Worf to make a decision to jump ship! The Klingons will not just give him a ship so perhaps something causes him to jump ship so to speak then he is assigned as 1st officer and then he kills the captain!
Steve Riggs

67. The Grand Negus - October 10, 2013

I love Michael Dorn but he should not be getting the hopes of Nerds up. They are not revisiting that Next Gen Universe. I was always of the mind that Next Gen had no business in film. You see how that all turned out. It would be cool to see a Trek series set in the alternate reality. I think that world and is ripe for exploration. Given the fact that they are ignoring much of the original series characters (And do not throw that non canon comic in my face. Into Darkness has already contradicted the comic). It would be cool to see those characters resurface. A section 32 series perhaps? Gary Seven? That would be cool. They should call up Ron Moore and have him spearhead the entire thing.

I honestly think it will be a long time before we see a weekly Trek series again. Trek has done well at the box office but in order for a series to be justified it would have to do Avengers well and I don’t know about that. New Trek has done well. Its crossed over but you can’t have a new show that requires continuity training. I think a new Trek would be cool but hey studio economics will come into play and that show better haul in massive revenue. Sci-Fi shows are not cheap to make.

68. MJ -- THE GRAND RETURN !!! - October 10, 2013

Actually, Ahmed,

It looks like he ripped off several of my “six points” nearly word-for-word.

Hey, whatever, my points aren’t copyrighted.

69. Li'l Shat - October 10, 2013


“It looks like he ripped off several of my ‘six points’ nearly word-for-word.”

He more likely came to similar conclusions on his own.

70. Markus McLaughlin (@MarkusMcLaughln) - October 10, 2013

start a kickstarter campaign, if RENEGADES can be made, then, CAPT. WORF can also be made!!! :D

71. Red Dead Ryan - October 10, 2013

No one gives a frak about “Renegades” and no one will give a frak about a Worf series. Sorry, but most people want new Trek with new actors.

72. Captain Slow - October 10, 2013

I’m utterly confused about Renegades. They want to be able to pitch it to CBS as an actual series and yet they set it in the 24th century Prime universe, which will likely never be revisited, and then when they show us a picture of their bridge it looks rather terrible. Even with CG enhancements I can’t see it looking like a proper bridge.

One thing that no one seems to realize is that any new series will have to be set in the JJverse, and I think that’s a good thing. It makes it much more accessible and there are more possible directions to go in. The downside is that it’s more expensive. That’s one of the reasons that I believe that if there really are meetings going on at CBS, it’ll be for an animated series.

I’m not a Star Wars fan so I haven’t been keeping up with what’s been going on in their franchise but I remember hearing that Disney was working on a replacement for Clone Wars. Maybe CBS wants a rival?

73. Blue Thunder - October 10, 2013

I wouldn’t worry too much about Renegades. The entire concept behind it is not all that hot. Plus, with Vic Mignogna behind the helm, it is bound to be as much of a disaster as Star Trek Continues(and the real reason and motivation behind that)is.

74. TrekSolutions - October 11, 2013

Prime Universe. Set during Star Trek Online. Handled by Bad Robot. Since JJ left the films, bring in Whedon. Problem solved.

75. Jim Nightshade - October 11, 2013

kickstarter got a lot of money from fans….surprised me….personally i liked of gods and men and i will probably like renegades…dont blow up vulcan again haha….

i would watch a worf tv or direct to dvd…it could be done well…some of us trek fans are older n like all trek incarnations to varying degrees….

76. bdoble - October 11, 2013

I want to see a new show on tv and the way things are looking its prob going to be in the jj time line, seeing the reports out are that Bob Orci is in talks with CBS. Thats a good thing, I just hope it not going to be a cartoon I don’t think I would be able to watch a cartoon version of star trek. I all so like star wars but never was able to watch the clone wars. What I would love to see is two ne w shows one taking place in the prime time line in the 25th century with old trek stars coming into help bring I a new wave of actors into star trek. And a second show taking palce in the jj time line in the 22nd century. This way you can have two shows that can be their own stand alone show, and you can have the old fans like me and man others be happy with our star ttrek that we all grew up loving and the new jj trek that a hole new generation of fan can love and whi knows mabe some of the new fans will like the old style star trek I like both. If both shows are a hit they could do really interst ing cross over time travel show.

77. Damian - October 11, 2013

I think CBS is in a wait and see mode when it comes to Star Trek right now. They are currently putting out TNG and Enterprise in Blu-Ray (with TNG obviously needing a lot more investment by CBS). In particular, if TNG does well on Blu-Ray, they’ll probably release DS9 on Blu-Ray next. If that does well, then maybe then CBS would be in the mood to consider something new. That’s hard to tell.

One thing I do strongly believe. If TNG Blu-Rays do poorly and they end up in the bargain bin at Big Lots, that will be it. CBS will not invest any new money in Star Trek. Why would they chance it. Star Trek isn’t exactly cheap to produce. In a way, TNG is almost a test to see if it’s worth CBS’ time. Just my take.

78. T'Cal - October 11, 2013

The writers aren’t looking to make us, the longtime fans, happy. There aren’t enough of us to make a movie or a show successful. They need to reach out to the non-Trek people and pull them in. That’s why STID was so successful among non-fans and a disappointment to some Trekkers, but hardly all Trekkers. I liked it a lot as did my family. JJA is going in a different direction because the last one ran its course. And the next person to run Trek will go in another direction, much like TNG compared to TOS. We as a fanbase are so splintered that whoever runs Trek next will never appease even a simple majority of us. That’s pathetic. This is Trek for now. If you don’t love it, that’s fine. But why beat to a pulp every chance you get rather than acknowledge that it is successful? I don’t get it…

79. Commodore Adams - October 11, 2013

Read the news, Orci had a meeting with CBS who are very interested in a new Star Trek TV show. Forget what JJ said, he’s always hiding the truth or diverting us from it. And a Mr. Worf series would never fly, its a selfish vanity series and it just wouldn’t work.

Face reality, kickstarter, netflix and web based are not the place to start a new Star Trek series, nor would it survive, not if networks want big numbers, a Star Trek TV series will have to change the way the movies did to bring in the bucks. Star Trek is of a higher caliber than a web based series, those are for the shitty fans series. The fan made series are terrible, I can’t watch that shit. If its not Star Trek by a network, its not Star Trek. Red Dead Ryan is correct, those fan made series are pure shit, I laughed my ass off at the Renegades trailer with Tim Russ and Walter Koenig, it was so pathetic it was embarrassing.

@ 77. T’Cal. Well said, I don’t get it either. The original 10 movies are much like the TV shows because the people running the shows were also working on the movies. Well….from TOS to ENT those people are no longer involved in Star Trek. As you said, this is now, so Star Trek has to be for now.

All you middle aged approaching geriatrics who only love TOS, deal with it, this is the way it is, TOS is not the ONLY OFFICIAL STAR TREK, the following shows were much less sexist than TOS and far more technically accurate… so in my opinion TNG is far more “Star Trek” than TOS. You think with age comes wisdom and more understanding, I guess not for all. Im 30 and I love and appreciate the new movies as much as previous movies and shows, its all Trek to me. I get as much enjoyment out of watching Kirk and Spock as I do Sisko and Nu Kirk and Spock. Maybe I’m young enough to enjoy and appreciate it all and not old enough to be a cranky old BITCH!

80. Disinvited - October 11, 2013

#77. T’Cal – October 11, 2013

I’m not sure why you think these decisions, as to what TV TREK to produce, are in writers’ hands, as listening to writers’ opinions as to whether to green light a TV project has not been Hollywood’s M.O. historically.

For example, FOX thought FUTURAMA and FAMILY GUY didn’t have TV numbers either and so cancelled them, but reversed that decision based on DVD sales (Not writers’ opinions) and that’s one thing everyone seems in agreement with respect to any Trek version: The Home video products sell. So, on that basis, there’s reasons to launch any version of STAR TREK on TV.

Sure, TV productions are willing to use the market draw of a successful movie to attract viewers, but history shows the successful ones rarely have tight integration with their big screen progenitors (possibly because creative people often pursue their own visions), for example STARGATE and M*A*S*H. Altman has let it be known numerous times that he was not happy with TV’s M*A*S*H regardless of its success or awards. Neither has STARGATE fared differently.

81. TUP - October 11, 2013

What is with this Star Trek Renegades nonsense? These people actually believe their project could be a pilot:? haha Is Chekov really 150 years old? Stupid.

Trek on CBS wouldn’t last half a season. A lot of good shows get cancelled because they cant generate high enough ratings especvially expensive shows which Trek would be. This would have to be a scenario where CBS puts the show on CW or allows Bad Robot to produce and shop the show anwhere they want.

82. Flake - October 11, 2013

Trek tv is in the hands of CBS who have got absolutely no interest in a Star Trek tv series regardless of the idea or producer. It will require a change of leadership at CBS to change this.

83. TreK_Fan - October 11, 2013

I like Worf’s character but a show based around him is too limited in scope. If any of the next generation characters should be in a new Trek series the only one that would make sense is Wesley Crusher. Since he was a kid in TNG a new show that would have his character as an adult some 25 years later would not be bad as a starting point. Also we were told by the traveler that Wesley future is of significance like a young Motzart. Sorry Worf, your story line cannot carry a series.

84. LordCheeseCakeBreath - October 11, 2013

It would be cool if it was a Comedy…sitcom deal. Just call it “Worf” with laugh tracks and all!

85. not so negative nancy - October 11, 2013

you’re all a bunch of negative nancy’s.i would love to see this show!

86. Marja - October 11, 2013

79 Commodore Adams “Face reality, kickstarter, netflix and web based are not the place to start a new Star Trek series, nor would it survive, not if networks want big numbers, a Star Trek TV series will have to change the way the movies did to bring in the bucks.”

Okay, you may not be familiar with NetFlix? It does not equal Kickstarter or the sometimes awful web-based Star Trek platforms. It does not cost the potential viewers more than $8/month. Cable, which many of us need even to see the networks, costs anywhere from $40/month to well, far more than I’d ever be willing to pay. I think my local Comcast has a $200 lineup. Criminey.

NetFlix has at least two new and critically-acclaimed quality shows at present, “Netflix Originals” Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. House of Cards stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and is excellent, the darkest, most cynical political humor ever.

I’m not sure if either show approaches the cost level of Star Trek however.

Here’s a strong possibility. CBS starts the new “Trek” series. After 6 episodes, because they’re not making as many billions of big money as they want out of the milch cow, CBS cancels it. Then maybe Netflix can pick it up [grin]. Failing that, maybe TBS, TNT, one of those. Alas for viewers like me, who’d still need cable to see these last two.

Networks are some of the worst places to “grow” a TV series. They are so eager for instant mega-profits, they’re quick to hit the cancel button. Witness “Firefly” on the Fox network. A damned good show cut off just as it was finding its audience – and devoted fanbase. What a shame, truly.

87. TUP - October 11, 2013

Did I see someone suggest a Wes Crusher series? Give me a break.

Premium Cable like HBO, Showtime and now netflix are fantastic for Television. Quality shows for adults. I’d love a gritty Trek series on HBO but I sort of ignores one of their main demos.

And ofcourse, CBS would want to control the series which means it goes on CBS or one of it’s affiliates.

88. Marja - October 11, 2013

79 Adams, Also?

Some of us love all of Trek and aren’t cranky about it at all.

Well, in my case, except “Voyager.” Which was the only show featuring a female captain [I loved that so much!], but was bogged down by babble of the techno variety.

Voyager had the best theme and visuals with the theme, too. After, of course, my dear TOS.

I love TOS because it’s “my first Trek” but also because it mixed action and plot quite successfully – in the better shows – with a goodly dose of true Science Fiction. And Leonard Nimoy as Spock, well, [happy sigh].

I love TNG because it was “revival Trek” and featured the fabulous Patrick Stewart, among others. I love DS9 because it had a complex plotline, a large ensemble, and spies and politics, wow. And Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell … et. al. Great casts in both shows.

I love Enterprise because it’s very nearly a return to TOS, with its “ACTION! captain” who could also be very judicious, its wonderful cast, and very good Sci-Fi background / foreground plots. The techno-babble, such as it is, is smoothly integrated into the stories as it had never been in TNG, DS9 or VOY.

AND I LOVE THE NEW TREK. I have my issues with it but the cast is solid gold, the character writing is fantabulous, and the music, OMG. Unlike many, I did like the underlying themes of STiD, I just felt there was far too much violence and cruelty.

I feel strongly that the next Trek movie should be a Fall release [not a Summer blockbuster] and should lead up to a TV series with the AbramsTrek cast, which possibility I’ve discussed elsewhere.

89. Thorny - October 11, 2013

82. Flake…

Or it will require declining fortunes at CBS. Which is what is happening this season. They’ve already canceled one series (“We are Men”) and another (“Hostages”) is at death’s door. Two or three years ago, CBS dominated Monday nights. Now their only hit on Mondays is “How I Met Your Mother” which is ending this season (and one of its stars will almost certainly go straight to ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD”.) There once-dependable “Two and a Half Men” is long past its prime and yesterday got its lowest rating ever. That’s part of its Thursday line up which goes into freefall after the juggernaut “Big Bang Theory”. There only new hit series last season (“Elementary”, not counting the summer-only “Under the Dome”) is down sharply and losing badly to ABC’s “Scandal” on this season. “Person of Interest” has seen a sharp drop in ratings since CBS unwisely moved it to Tuesdays (a change in focus for the show may have hurt, too.) “Hawaii Five-O” was never much of a hit for them, always being challenged by ABC’s much-cheaper “Castle”‘. “The Mentalist” has done its Red John story to death and is clearly in its last days on Sundays. NCIS, its coat-tail success NCIS-LA, and Criminal Minds are the only still strong dramas on the network. The aging NCIS is still a juggernaut in overall ratings, but this week was beaten by “Agents of Shield” in the advertiser-coveted youth demo. CBS plans another NCIS spin-off, but last year’s attempt (“NCIS Red”) was abandoned. So what does CBS do now? More procedural dramas? Or try something aimed at a younger audience? It might be time for CBS to take another look at Star Trek,

90. Dave H - October 11, 2013

No, I’ve noticed several posts on the Internet where they have pretty much re-used MJ’s “6 points” from two months ago for their own “analysis.” Don’t kid yourself, as we saw with the Ahmed-Orci incident, other sites on the Internet are constantly mining material from here. And MJ provided the best and most comprehensive analysis to date that any of us have read on how to improve the next movie — that’s why it is getting reused elsewhere.

69. Li’l Shat – October 10, 2013

“It looks like he ripped off several of my ‘six points’ nearly word-for-word.”

He more likely came to similar conclusions on his own.

91. Ahmed - October 11, 2013

Another site is reporting the story about Bob meeting with CBS

Roberto Orci Has Met with CBS to Discuss a New Televised STAR TREK Series

92. Ahmed - October 11, 2013

And now, Bob replied to that article in the comments section:


i THINK MY COMMENT HAS BEEN BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. Someone asked about Star Trek TV, and I said we had inquired about the rights. Doesn’t mean a show is imminent nor do we assume CBS would want us to do that at this time. I refer you to the Roddenberry podcast for context.

93. Li'l Shat - October 11, 2013


In the article I see five points, not six.

94. BJ (TheFreshmaker) - October 11, 2013

I long for the days when the only tension between fans was whether Kirk or Picard is the best captain. Somewhere around 1990 or so. I dont know if its the younger crowd or the older ones that have just become so bitter about change. Fandom is not what it was back then, but it makes me so sad that the community as a whole is just helping to destroy itself.

95. Sybok's Secret Brother - October 11, 2013

Why not?

96. Captain Slow - October 12, 2013

I find it interesting that they’re inquiring about the rights. I think about two years ago they said that they’d asked about the rights to doing an animated series. If they have to ask again then presumably CBS hasn’t answered yet. I still think that the only reason there hasn’t been a new series is because CBS doesn’t want to make one, not because of the costs.

97. Spud69 - October 12, 2013

46. Damian

Yes, all four TNG movies were disasters as far as I’m concerned. All four of them ignoring canon laid down by their own TV show. Generations was rubbish, First Contact was rubbish, Insurrection was booooooooring and Nemesis was just pants!

First Contact was entertaining in most places but that was not Picard from the TV show. And what was that ‘recreate the vortex’ at the end? Are starships capable of creating tunnels through space-time now lol?

98. Jim Nightshade - October 12, 2013

i agree bj….i thought being a trek fan meant enjoying most things trek…supporting as much as possible to keep our franchise alive…sure i like some shows and movies better than others but to me the worst trek is still better than most non trek…i even contributed to renegades because i liked of god and men…considering they got hundreds of thousands in kickstarter funds im not alone…in the old days trekmovie had articles bout most trek…like this years ornaments…id also like to read more about renegades n other productions too.,..trek fans should watch the first episode of fangasm…the last ten minutes almost made me cry…anyone with on demand cable should watch it…

99. yrch - October 12, 2013

@10 Irishtrekkie
That is not good news.
Let them be off to Star Wars for good.

As for Michael Dorn’s idea, that is by far not enough to cary a new ‘Trek’ show on TV.

100. Marja - October 12, 2013

89 Thorny,

There are many, many fans of The Big Bang Theory who are already Trek fans – but those who aren’t already Trek fans could be drawn in with Big Bang as the lead-in to Trek [smiles and rubs hands with anticipatory glee].

101. Marja - October 12, 2013

89 Thorny,

And who the heck came up with the idea and ads for “Hostages”? “Kill the president or we killl your family” … REALLY?

Great cast, but the stupid premise seemed good for maybe 2-5 episodes at most. How would they extend that premise for a season, even?

Studios and their ways are a complete mystery …

I hope they do greenlight “Star Trek” … but they have to give it at least a year to find an audience. Since they’re bleedin’ money anyway they could keep the faith with ST till it has a solid, devoted audience. They’d have to love fans buying related merchandise, seasons of DVDs, and more for years to come.

102. Marja - October 12, 2013



Poor Bob – this seems to be happening a bit too often lately ; )

Let’s hope the comment re CBS/Trek bears positive fruit anyway!

103. Marja - October 12, 2013

96 Capn Slow, ” I still think that the only reason there hasn’t been a new series is because CBS doesn’t want to make one, not because of the costs.”

Which begs the question, why wouldn’t they want to? Income stands to be made from a standing fanbase and a huge potential fanbase.

As I said though studios mystify me ….

Fanbase division, ah yes, I remember the days when TMP fans and TWOK fans had their differences.

It is as old as ST Time.

104. Captain Slow - October 12, 2013

@ 103 Marja
They just seem to hate Star Trek. They’re willing to re-release old Star Treks but they don’t want to make new ones. And as an example of why it’s not about the cost, find on Youtube the Esurance STID ad. They built a simple bridge set that looked quite good just for a 30-second advert. And a whole bridge was built for the Vengeance which I’m sure wasn’t completely scrapped, plus there are all the costumes, props, and 3D models that have been made for the movies which they could use. The only reason I can see why they won’t make a series is that they hate Star Trek.

105. Captain Slow - October 12, 2013

An example I just remembered of studio weirdness is the series Early Edition, which had good ratings and yet was canceled after four seasons, by CBS. I’m sure there are plenty of other examples of the same thing but this was one with a series I actually watched (I don’t watch much TV).

106. Disinvited - October 12, 2013

#103. Marja – October 12, 2013

Worse, I remember the “If Spock dies, you die!” death threats – Not fandom’s finest moment.

As for CBS, I can only speculate based on that I recall before he came to head the new CBS, that Moonves once said something to the effect “That he doesn’t understand it and he feels he can only make money from things he understands.”

107. Captain Slow - October 12, 2013

@ 106 Disinvited
Now we know who the fans’ death threats should have been aimed at.

108. Disinvited - October 12, 2013

#107. Captain Slow – October 12, 2013

At the risk of being accused of not knowing the difference twixt roles and reality, you might want to check out Moonves acting legacy before you go there. As I recall he mostly played thugs and mob enforcer types.

109. Red Dead Ryan - October 12, 2013

I think you guys are missing something here….CBS isn’t going to risk big bucks putting an expensive show like “Star Trek” on it’s networks. The show would need at least fifteen million viewers a week, ala numbers TNG got during its prime. Not going to happen. The only shows that get those high ratings are talent shows like “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent”.

And unfortunately, the “The Next Generation” and “Enterprise” Blu Ray sales have been disappointing.

So its not likely we’ll have a new Trek series anytime soon. It’ll happen, but most likely after 2020, not before.


The Vengeance bridge was a heavy redress of the Enterprise set.

110. Disinvited - October 12, 2013

Knowing Les, I dug around to see what could possibly explain THE DOME and EXTANT then I dug up this:

“Science fiction is something I’d love to find a way to do so our audience could really embrace it … Oh, and I’d love to try a funny hourlong comedy!” – Nina Tassler, CBS President

111. bdoble - October 12, 2013

I have a question how much does falling skys cost on tnt. I have not seen the show but it seems to have a lot of cgi anliens and stuff like that. So if a show like that is on weekly why can’t star trek come back to tv. I hope the Bob Orci rumors are true. I know some people don’t want jj trek but I just want trek back on tv soon.

112. Corinthian7 - October 12, 2013

As much as I’d love a Worf-centric show this has zero chance of happening.

113. Captain Slow - October 12, 2013

@ 109 RDR

It may have been a redress but the chairs and consoles were new.

114. Marja - October 12, 2013

105 Capt Slow “An example I just remembered of studio weirdness is the series Early Edition, which had good ratings and yet was canceled after four seasons, by CBS.” I loved Early Edition! That cat Awwww, and Kyle Chandler has since acted in many good roles [acclaimed as Coach Taylor in “Friday Night Lights”].

106 Disinvited, Well, that makes Les Moonves and JJ Abrams ; ) … at least we got some Trek even though JJ claims not to have understood it.
…. WAIT FOR IT …. ; )

110 Disinvited, Well, let’s hope Nina Tassler Et. Al. can convince the brass to pony up some $$. Sets for the ship are already designed, the biggest expenses seem to me to be CGI, makeup, actors, and SFX not digitally based.

115. Captain Slow - October 12, 2013

@ 114
Don’t forget, he was also in Super 8!

116. Exverlobter - October 13, 2013

Definetely don’t want to see that.
Michael Dorn already had way enough screentime on Star Trek, more than any other actor!
And c’mon he is too old to portray a Klingon Badass.

117. Danny - October 13, 2013

Michael Dorn really needs to talk to Star Trek Renegades (The Tim Russ/Walter Koenig pilot shooting right now) – if it goes to series Captain Worf and crew could have a recurring role

118. Marja - October 13, 2013

115 Cap’n, yeah, Kyle Chandler plays a good Dad!

119. I am not Herbert - October 14, 2013

…yes, hopefully Captain Worf can find a home with ST Renegades! =D

Make it so!!

120. Harry Mudd - October 14, 2013

Guess, some of us doesn’t remember Michael Ansara reprising his role as “Kang” huh??? Still kick ass after all these years. Dorn will do just fine playing an older, wiser Worf.

121. Harry Mudd - October 14, 2013

And I almost forgot John Calicos, and William Campbell. I think Campbell did a much better job the 2nd time around playing Koloth, right???

122. Marja - October 16, 2013

121 Re Campbell as Koloth, There was nowhere to go but up. He made a great Trelane but a terrible TOS Klingon.

123. Jack - October 19, 2013

Conventions give actors a distorted sense of popularity.

124. Red Dead Ryan - October 20, 2013


Agreed. But conventions also give fans a distorted sense of entitlement, I might add.

125. crazydaystrom - October 20, 2013

@109. Red Dead Ryan
“I think you guys are missing something here….CBS isn’t going to risk big bucks putting an expensive show like “Star Trek” on it’s networks.”

What I’m missing here RDR is why some decision making someone doesn’t have the imagination and ‘testicular fortitude’ to greenlight a lower budgeted Trek show with outstanding concepts and writing. It wasn’t that long ago that Time magazine was proclaiming Battlestar Galactica (the reboot) as THE best show on television. Star Trek could be “the new BG” in that regard. But it will take less pussyfooting around, less meddling from those who don’t understand science fiction and Star Trek and an intelligent, imaginative show runner with the afore alluded to BALLS!!!

Call me crazy

126. crazydaystrom - October 20, 2013

Arrgh!! Not done yet!

What I said above WILL one day happen, sooner or later. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. Though what’ll probably happen is Paramount/CBS will see all the moolah Disney makes with the Star Wars universe then conclude “We can do that too!” Then eff everything up. Again.

127. crazydaystrom - October 20, 2013

Forgive me folks, I’m ranting. It just bugs me to no end that the heat and true potential of Star Trek has STILL not been tapped.

And I keep forgetting to say, I don’t think a ‘Worf Show’ is the route to take. Unless it’s radically different from any ‘Worf’ we’ve seen before. I grew to like Worf eventually but I still see him as comedy relief for the most part.

128. Jack - October 20, 2013

124. Agreed!

129. Jack - October 20, 2013

It’s interesting that the genre shows that have done famously well: BSG, Tru Blood and Game of Thrones all came with a built-in basic story structure. TB and GOT because they’d been books, and BSG, at least in the beginning, because it had been a TV show. Sure, things were changed, but the basic story arcs were there.

Even Dr Who has a zillion years of plots, characters and villains to play with — and that established story structure.

The trouble with Trek is that ‘ship in space, has new adventures every week’ — means, potentially, that each episode is a stand-alone, and character development is tricky. Sure, you can have arcs, but TV trek has never done that as well as shows like Fringe (after the first couple of seasons) say. And attempts at a bigger story structure (Starfleet officers on an alien space station, a Starfleet ship 75 years from home, the first starship to leave Earth have been a little shaky from the get-go, DS-9 managed to make it work, mostly.

I’d like to see Trek with flawed, more real characters instead of just characters with gimmick backgrounds (half-Klingon, Trill, empath, hot widowed doctor with son, creepy doctor).

130. T'Cal - October 22, 2013

Those who say things such as, “We don’t Worf ready to shoot at the main viewer,” or, “Dorn’s too old,” don’t get it. A Worf series would show how he has grown from an inexperienced fish out of water who at first kept his distance from the rest of the crew and spewed Klingon rhetoric to a capable leader, a skilled tactician, and an accomplished diplomat. He is now comfortable in his own skin unlike the brash and inexperienced young Klingon that he was decades before.

The Captian Worf I envision no longer wears his sash because he no longer needs to defiantly broadcast his heritage to others. His race is only a part of who he is now. His culture is very important to him but he no longer needs to shove it in everyone’s face because he’s matured. His quarters now have pictures/holos of Keh’lar, Alexander, Dax, friends from the Enterprise and DS9, and him as an ambassador as well as his bat’leth but it no longer looks like a Klingon museum. He’s wiser, more seasoned, blending the leadership styles he saw in Picard, Riker, and Sisko as well as that of his own that we saw him develop at the end of TNG and throughout DS9. He is no longer swayed by the Klingon High Council; he respects it but he is a member of the Federation and a Starfleet Officer before all else. Still, he has an intelligent sense of humor that he uses only occasionally but always appropriately. He is now a captain we want to emulate.

Make this show!

131. Keachick - October 31, 2013

#53 – This post reads like nonsense.

132. Biff - November 7, 2013

Do IT!!! Do IT!!! Do IT!!!

133. Damned - November 7, 2013

Dude f these nay sayers Im all for this… n in response to the actors should move on… I say go watch your new movies they are only sad parodies of the old good stuff.

134. Mickey707 - November 8, 2013

How about a tv movie once every few months to see where some of these caracters are at in their different lives? It would not matter from which era they come from.. a new refreshing look every time. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.