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Turkey-Day Tidbits November 28, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Celebrity,Fandom,Humor,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , trackback

New Takei cologne “Eau My”

George Takei has joined the long list of celebs who have released their own fragrance.


The name of the cologne is of course a take on his catchphrase  “oh myyyyy”

It is described thusly:

Set Phasers to Stunning. George Takei’s Eau My is a clean, refreshing fragrance for Men and Women. Subtle and charming, with top notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot and fresh ozone transitioning to night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals and grated ginger. Sensual woods, crystalized amber, soft skin musk, and vetiver will delight you when dry.

It will be released December 15th, it is available for pre-order at Amazon.

Chris Pine getting kudos in preview of another Paramount franchise – Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Pine has joined the Jack Ryan club, he joins Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck as being one of the leading men playing character Jack Ryan. This prequel Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is due out in January.


Read more about the preview footage and Pine’s own comments on Jack Ryan as a character over at Cinema Blend.

Spockboy’s new Claymation TOS video

Friend of the site, Paul “Spockboy” Sibbald has created a new Claymation-style video featuring our TOS heros and some new sidekicks…

Life-Long Trek fan, gets to interview Shatner for his day job

Casey Claiborne, who works for FOX 7 news in Austin, TX was able to make his dream’s come true when he got to interview William Shatner at the Austin Comic-Con. Click on the image below for the full story and videos.




1. Silvereyes - November 28, 2013

This is idiotic news. Just because someone used to be involved in Star Trek doesn’t mean we need to know everything they’re doing in their afterlife.

With all due respect to Mr Wright and other contributors to this site who are doing their best, I grow weary of this site posting no-news to fill up their pages. Give us actual ST news or get off the Web.

2. dayxday - November 28, 2013

@Silvereyes: Sorry you were forced to come to this website and read something you didn’t like. There ought to be a law!

3. Buzz Cagney - November 28, 2013

Eau My sounds delicious!

4. Silvereyes - November 28, 2013

@ 2 dayxday

True, however when I do come to this site, I expect to read what this site says it offers, which is “The source for everything new in Trek” and no, perfume is not Trek.

5. kevin - November 28, 2013

im gonna have to agree…. i dont really care about pine’s other movies (im sure they are jsut fine).. and while i follow william shatner on twitter, its more for humorous reasons, because he says funny crap.. than because i want to know what captain kirk’s other projects are is doing now….i really only care about him in reference to star trek…(never watched tj hooker either)….. the site title is “everything new in star trek” .. so he has a point. so… maybe there isnt any new news in trek and you should say that in your posting to social media.. “nothing new.. just filler stories about actors new projects to keep the webpage from falling into disuse” but then who would click on it to go see that?

6. Red Dead Ryan - November 28, 2013

I agree that this is merely filler…..but we need to give Matt a break. He’s basically the only one keeping the site running right now, and I’m sure he has a life and a day job outside of this place.

At least we’re still getting new articles from time to time…something to be thankful for.

7. Phil - November 28, 2013

Lighten up, guys – this site in it’s heyday had plenty of news that was only peripherally related to Trek. Personally I miss Science Saturday.

8. Legate Damar - November 28, 2013


9. Buzz Cagney - November 28, 2013

I hate to break the news to some of you guys but Trek is, by and large, over and done with save for a movie every few years. This kind of stuff is pretty much all we are left with at the moment.
If you aren’t interested don’t read it. And certainly have the politeness not to moan given that someone has troubled themselves to find it and post i up.

10. t'cal - November 28, 2013

There will be another TV show, no doubt. We don’t know what form it will take, but the journey will continue.

11. Harry Ballz - November 28, 2013

I think George Takei should have called his cologne “THE NAKED TIME”.

The motto?

Slap this stuff on and your partner will be looking forward to THE NAKED TIME!

12. kara giver of pain and delight - November 28, 2013

Oh come on, seriously.

Some people on here need to lighten up. The title includes “tidbits” and the tags are “Celebrity,Fandom,Humor,Viral Video/Mashup/Images”.
What did you expect?

The poor guy that runs this site gets flooded with hatemail if he goes more than a week without posting anything. There isn’t that much news out at the moment seeing as the last one came out not that long ago. If you don’t like what he posts then go somewhere else.

13. K-7 - November 28, 2013

“For men and women”

Sounds like the perfect fragrance for Spock’s Bangs.

14. TUP - November 28, 2013

Wow that first poster is truly an idiot. Ofcourse this is Trek-related. Get a grip

15. Ahmed - November 28, 2013


How about a news story about Star Trek: Renegades ? The first trailer went online last week.


16. crazydaystrom - November 28, 2013

7. Phil
Lighten up, guys – this site in it’s heyday had plenty of news that was only peripherally related to Trek. Personally I miss Science Saturday.


14. Ahmed
How about a news story about Star Trek: Renegades ? The first trailer went online last week.

That trailer actually made me want to see Renegades. It did it’s job.

17. crazydaystrom - November 28, 2013

Eau My!

Haha! Mandarin zest? Ozone transitioning?!? Haha! Sounds like terms you’d hear coming from the kitchen on Enterprise…if Chef was Asian.

I like the ‘punny’ name though. I’d consider it if I were into scents. But alas…

18. Harry Ballz - November 28, 2013

@12 K-7 “Sounds like the perfect fragrance for Spock’s Bangs”

(in my best Beavis&Butthead chortle)


19. Harry Ballz - November 28, 2013


I guess Takei knows his economics….

“watch the scents and the dollars will take care of themselves!”

20. ironhyde - November 28, 2013

Since Abrams put Star Trek into his mystery box, this site has essentially been dead or on brief spurts of life support… I keep hoping :( And it’s nothing personal against the people running the site.

21. cmdrr - November 28, 2013

I think George Takei should have called his cologne “THE NAKED TIME”.

The motto?

Slap this stuff on and your partner will be looking forward to THE NAKED TIME!

or… For men who want to whip out their sword and go chasing other men.

Best of luck to George… who knew you could build a whole career on one catchphrase and Shat-bashing?

22. cmdrr - November 28, 2013

Gotta wait til I get outta work (grr, Thanksgiving night, grr) to check out Spockboy’s latest. Loves me some good Spockboy video.

23. Marja - November 28, 2013


don’t miss it folks

Sibbald does great voices : )

24. Ensign RedShirt - November 28, 2013

Matt should be given kudos for keeping this site alive. He’s not the owner, and he’s posting because he loves the site and doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to it.

Cheers, Matt. You’re doing great work.

25. Lisa Fletcher - November 28, 2013

Jack Ryan is my favorite..!! I love his eyes and eyebrows.

26. Hat Rick - November 28, 2013

Matt, thank you for this very interesting article.

While I agree with one poster’s assertion that these aren’t exactly Earth-shaking news items, I do appreciate your effort, Matt, to post something new here at TrekMovie. No offense intended to those who may disagree.

We would all appreciate news about the third sequel (if any), and other such more consequential news, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy other Trek-related, or even Trek-tangential, tidbits as well.

I do think that many Trek fans continue to take an interest in the professional and public lives of those who have been an essential part of the Trek community, so news about Takei and Pine are in no way objectionable in my book.

Thanks again, and let’s keep the news coming.

27. Hat Rick - November 28, 2013

Also, I disagree with people who think that Trek is “over.” I agree that I, myself, have been a bit down on Trek lately because I’ve been disappointed in the afterglow (stating it charitably) of the last box office. And I’ve been a bit negative about all the waste of potential that Trek has. I’ll cop to that.

But Trek still has potential.

It still does. And — need I say it, friends? Then here it is:

Trek Lives!

28. Keachick - November 28, 2013

So there is to be no sex or perfume that could possibly relate to Star Trek in any way… (Oh) Eau My…:)

29. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, .Steve Austin will be that man: better, stronger, faster. - November 28, 2013

‘Six Million Dollar Man’ to Finally Get Sixth Season


Bob, how about doing this show too, but don’t ruin it :^)

30. Ed from Aus - November 28, 2013

To all those complaining (Silvereyes) please checkout the other sights, they to have little or no ST information as currently there is none.
Obviously those complaining think that they can do a far superior job, my advice go and set up your own site, go on do it.
This is still a great web site and to all concerned keep up the good work especially in these quiet times

31. K-7 - November 29, 2013

Ed from Ass?


32. crazydaystrom - November 29, 2013

Yeah, much thanks Matt! Your efforts are truly appreciated!

33. Jonboc - November 29, 2013

…from the “for what it’s worth department”…


34. Keachick - November 29, 2013

Ed from Aus – I assume Aus stands for Australia?

35. Phil - November 29, 2013

Spockboy should have his own links page here….

36. Sawbones - November 29, 2013

Spockboy, like your other ST stuff, specially the ‘Bill & George’ one:


Like this one too from JoJo Krako productions:


37. Sawbones - November 29, 2013

Spockboy more ST animated favs:



Live long etc.

38. Mad Mann - November 29, 2013

Cool, new Star Trek news! Yay! And, as always, haters be hating! Yay! Global warming is for real.

Now I’m going to watch some old Star Trek eps. Why? Cuz everything else that’s new sucks! That’s not sarcasm!

39. Jack - November 29, 2013

This article is exactly what should be here — and exactly what this site did in it’s heyday. Seriously, why comment if the comment is to say this article shouldn’t exist?

40. ME!! - November 29, 2013

@38 – How’s the Kool-Aid?

41. ME!! - November 29, 2013

A cologne for men OR women?

I think not. There’s a reason we’re made differently and as such we’re chemically different as well. What works for one may not work for the other…same as one individual from the next. Our hormone differences would make the scent like night & day.

42. Anthony Thompson - November 30, 2013

George is leaving Shatner in the dust!

43. Ahmed - November 30, 2013

@ 31. K-7 – November 29, 2013

” Ed from Ass?

Well, K-7 looks like the dumb cousin of police dog, K-9 !

44. Jack - November 30, 2013

“I’ve been disappointed in the afterglow (stating it charitably) of the last box office.”

Since when is 30 mill short of a half a billion dollars a failure? $470 million worldwide is pretty bloody good — especially for Star Trek. It’s the best worldwide a Trek movie has ever done, and, worldwide total, it beat Trek 09. And it’s especially good for any movie that wasn’t Iron Man in the summer of 2013, where every movie fared a lot poorer domestically than forecasts suggested.

They could have easily made a much, much crappier movie (these are the Transformers folks, after all) that did twice as well (although this last summer, who knows? Other movies that seemed like slam dunks tanked) — and they didn’t.

People here complain about Trek movies being too actiony and yet they expect them to make a billion bucks. It’s rather insane.

Heck, it’s the tenth most lucrative movie, domestic, released in the past 365 days — on a list that includes Man of Steel, The Hobbit and two giant, G-rated family flicks. And it’s the sixth highest grossing movie domestically of the summer (it beat World War Z, Elysium, Hangover 3, Pacific Rim, a bunch of expensive cartoons, the Lone Ranger, White House Down, Kick-Ass 2, Grown-Ups 2, After Earth, GI Joe, the massive hit The Heat). That ain’t a failure, or even a disappointment.

Does Hollywood need to rethink these big budget blockbusters? Absolutely. it looks like audiences are sick of seeing cities be destroyed and the mandated by massive-budget massive CGI final battles (and, personally if trailers show me that crap, I lose interest in seeing the movie — the STID into Darkness trailer made the movie seem even less interesting than it actually was).

45. Ahmed - November 30, 2013

@44. Jack

Domestically, STID didn’t fare as good as ST09. When you take into account the added 3D & IMAX tickets, it is clear that STID was less successful at the box office from ST09.

ST09 was ranked # 7 ($257,730,019) in 2009 domestic grosses

STID is ranked # 9 ($228,778,661) in 2013 domestic grosses & it will go down when The Hobbit is out in December.

” it looks like audiences are sick of seeing cities be destroyed and the mandated by massive-budget massive CGI final battles”

Yep, it is becoming so boring to watch the same thing over & over.

46. BatlethInTheGroin - November 30, 2013

#1: You’re a socially inept jackass. YOU get off the Web, dickhead.

47. Harry Ballz - November 30, 2013


Uh, you don’t have to say it twice!

48. Silvereyes - November 30, 2013

47 & 48 brilliant post. Not so sure you would have the balls to say this to my face, but then you don’t have to, do you? The internet is perfect for you little dweebs unable to deal with the challenges of real life social interactions. Now go ask your mommy what she cooked for your supper tonight. If you can’t find her try the laundry room, she’s probably washing your clothes.

49. Son of Captain Garth - November 30, 2013

Given the fairly benign messages that have been deleted, I’m surprised #43 hasn’t been taken out. I wasn’t aware that blatant racism was tolerated on this site–nor for Trek in general.

Silvereyes, nice of you to come back and look at the comments for an article you didn’t like on a site you though should shut down. You can’t seem to get enough of this.

50. Harry Ballz - November 30, 2013

Silvereyes is a good guy.

I’ve interacted with him on this site for a long time. I consider him a friend.

Please, everyone, stop shitting on his parade. He merely stated an opinion.

Opinions are like assholes…..everybody’s got one! Smell ya later!

51. BatlethInTheGroin - December 1, 2013


“Now go ask your mommy”

Seriously? You used the “living in your parents’ basement” cliche and actually thought you were effectively insulting me? You’re really THAT emotionally and intellectually stunted? Do you also think telling people to get a life, or implying that they’re not getting laid, are also good insults? I had no idea I was dealing with the developmentally disabled. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

52. BatlethInTheGroin - December 1, 2013

#49: I didn’t. The system must have hiccupped.

53. crazydaystrom - December 1, 2013

51. Son of Captain Garth

Yeah SoCG, post #43 is THE MOST SAD, PITIFUL and OFFENSIVE thing I have EVER read on this site!! I hope he get’s well soon!

54. boborci - December 1, 2013

stuck at airport for two hours. Anyquestions?

55. Red Dead Ryan - December 1, 2013


What’s going on with the next movie?

And I agree #43 needs to be deleted.

56. Ensign RedShirt - December 1, 2013


Any plans for novels?

57. Mel - December 1, 2013

How much time will have past in the timeline between Into Darkness and the next movie? Any plans for this yet? Will Star Trek 3 plays right after what we have seen in Into Darkness or will there be some years between them?

Will there be classical enemies we already know from TOS?

Any plans to add any other TOS characters, we haven’t seen so far?

58. Ahmed - December 1, 2013


RDR question “What’s going on with the next movie?” is probably the main question that everyone want to ask you.

59. crazydaystrom - December 1, 2013

One question :
Will we see the next film in 2016?

60. Jonboc - December 1, 2013

Hey Bob, sorry your stuck (or was stuck…depending on when you read this lol ) that always sucks. Hope you were able to enjoy the holiday. Have you been to NASA to check out the restored TOS shuttlecraft? Planning a road trip for after the holidays as we speak, I’m about 5 hours away…. NASA is always a fun stop if you’re in the area.

61. crazydaystrom - December 1, 2013

Some others:

When can we reasonably expect any solid news re: the next film?

How are you feeling about the performance of Ender’s Game?

Would you, could you, consider being involved with a Galaxy Quest sequel? While doing yard work today a couple of (perhaps) funny and interesting ideas popped into my head.

And a statement:

Absolutely loving Almost Human!

62. Ensign RedShirt - December 1, 2013

61 – crazydaystrom

Bob and Alex have nothing to do with Almost Human.

63. Silvereyes - December 1, 2013


You’re right, calling someone dickhead because you disagree with him is a much better strategy. So is being a self-righteous smartass. I’ll try that next time.

64. Silvereyes - December 1, 2013

50 Harry.

Thank you Harry. I appreciate the support, but don’t worry about it. What you said about everybody having an opinion is what I like to say… It’s from Dirty Harry! I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the frustrated virgins here so all is well. Cheers!

65. StevenPDX - December 1, 2013

@boborci: Has there been a singular highlight moment for you since you’ve become involved in the Trek franchise?

66. boborci - December 1, 2013

65. Pitching the first movie to L Nimoy was surreal…

67. boborci - December 1, 2013

next movie?

I figure we should catch them right in the middle of 5 year mission. Thoughts?

68. Phil - December 1, 2013

@54. Well, I’m resigned to the fact that there won’t be any news on Trek 13 for at least 18 months, and all the back and forth on STID has pretty much run it’s course – let’s try a ‘what if’ question….

Someone posted a link elsewhere on this site to a satire page, discussing that CBS was working on not one, but two pilots for next year. Both Trek themed shows, but loosely based on the CSI and NCIS models. Assuming you were tasked to develop a Trek themed show, under the one stipulation it was not Starfleet themed, what aspect of Federation would you like to explore, and why?

69. Phil - December 1, 2013

Damn it…Federation life….

70. Phil - December 1, 2013

@67. Well, you guys have hinted at it already, in the new universe Kirk is supposed to be destined for greatness. In the old universe Kirk had that reputation as well, and I suspect it wasn’t because of the five year mission. Presumably, there is some defining event(s) in Federation history that not only was a turning point in Federation history, but also catapulted the legend of Jim Kirk into the minds of Federation leadership and it’s citizens. The closest analogy I could think of might be what WWII did for Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Patton That might be worth exploring…

71. Cygnus-X1 - December 1, 2013

16. crazydaystrom – November 28, 2013

—That trailer actually made me want to see Renegades. It did it’s job.—

Second that.

72. Phil - December 1, 2013

@70. All the better if it occurs during the five year mission, I suppose…

73. dayxday - December 1, 2013

@Silvereyes Goodwill brought me some free clothes today, but I grow weary of them bringing me free stuff not to my liking. I told them to give me things I actually want or get off my porch. #entitledwhiner

74. StevenPDX - December 1, 2013

@boborci: Love that idea! As a writer, this will give you a chance to forward their character development, leave behind the origin story, and give lots of little “canon moments’ to the fans as the actors reference their past adventures that have taken place (“Remember that Gorn incident?” which Kirk can say to Spock).

It’ll also show how the crew has gelled and matured. How has Kirk dealt with the death of Pike, his mentor? What about Spock’s relationship with his father, the rebuilding of Vulcan society, or his human-vs-Vulan struggle with his feelings? Plus, you may want to bring in some of the Enterprise story lines, as it is the closest prequel to TOS…and some of those episodes were terrific.

Thumbs up to your idea from this fan, Bob!

75. StevenPDX - December 1, 2013

@boborci: Thanks for answering my question. I’m publishing a book soon and met a legend recently and surreal is a great way to describe how it felt. Your experience must have been amazing! Appreciate you sharing with us.

76. Keachick - December 1, 2013

#67 – Maybe…I gotta work on possible scenarios…:)

Please – can you give a definition of “fanfiction” and how it might compare with other forms of fictional writing? Could some ideas proposed as part of what some describe as “fanfiction” be as good as any other idea and able to be used as part of a story line in a television series and/or movie?

Thank you.

77. BatlethInTheGroin - December 1, 2013

So does anyone know what happened to TrekWeb? The side hasn’t been updated since Nov. 22, and on the TrekWeb Facebook page, the editors publicly quit.

78. SkiesSeven - December 1, 2013


“I figure we should catch them right in the middle of 5 year mission. Thoughts?”


Why not use a similar model to the TNG episode “Where silence has lease”? An exploration story, and a villain (like Nagilum) who experiments on the crew’s psychology/behavior. This would allow for many character moments, and a lot of cool things that could be done visually.

As I’m sure the Klingons are in the next movie, I would suggest you replace the Romulan warbird seen in that TNG episode for an armada of Klingon ships.

Here’s the link: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Where_Silence_Has_Lease_(episode)

79. SkiesSeven - December 1, 2013


Here’s a description of Nagilum: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Nagilum

80. AJ - December 1, 2013

67: boborci

Have the new film begin just as Elliot Gould and Garrett Morris show up on the Bridge to shut down the series after 3 seasons *ahem* I mean end the 5 year mission after 3 years.

Like to see the JJverse version…

For reference:


81. Nachum - December 2, 2013

In the Austin video: The sleeve stripe that guy has first appeared in Search for Spock, 29 years ago- not 30.

Yes, I’m a Trekkie. :-)

82. Marja - December 2, 2013

44, Y’know, I don’t give a rat’s patootey if ST makes bazongo-billion$.

I wish they’d release it in Fall/Holiday season so they could place a little less emphasis on making such a huge bankroll

AND A LOT MORE EMPHASIS on good story, characterization, scientific/ moral / philosophical questions.

All that had to be “crammed into” an over-action-y “blockbuster” [ city buster? look what happened to poor San Fran ], while action, cruelty, deaths and violence superseded science fiction / character discussions.

WHICH O&K CAN DO VERY WELL, so why all the violence? Why, Bob, why?

83. Marja - December 2, 2013

75 Keachick,

NO FANFICTION IS ACCEPTED OFFICIALLY BY ANY LEGAL ENTITY OF ANY FRANCHISE. So forget that venue :-) unless you want to have fun writing stories based on “Star Trek” without any hope that they’re going to be in any official presentation [TV, Movie]

To write a novel or screenplay and get it officially considered you would need a literary agent.

Fanfiction is based on any TV series/movie someone loves, e.g., Star Trek. Fanfic authors write fiction based in that “universe”. Fanfiction is not for profit, and is usually “tolerated” by the legal entities owning the franchise[s]. Some forbid the creation of fanfic. Not Paramount/CBS, fortunately :-)

You can probably google the term. Check out Wikipedia Star Trek fanfic for more info on/definitions of it as well. I’d also recommend you check out Fan Fiction.net, Fanfic Anonymous, Archive of Our Own for stories.

It’s hard to find Trek stories that aren’t romantic in nature, but there are some, these are called “GenFic” [I guess for “general fiction”]. Fanfic.net has “ratings;” K – T are for all ages, M is spicier, MA is … XXX.

Be advised, “slash” refers to guy on guy or gal on gal, and is often not for the faint of heart. For example, if you see K/S, it’s not about Kirk and Spock, co-workers and friends, it’s about Kirk and Spock, lovers. If you see K/C that’s probably Kirk/Carol, S/U is Spock/Uhura, &c.

You can write and submit fanfic on Fanfiction.net, but fanfiction cannot be copyrighted, as Star Trek’s copyrights [for example] belong to Paramount/CBS. I doubt anyone from the official “Star Trek” reads fanfic, but if they do, I hope they find the good stuff, not the dross :-)

Some real actual Hollywood writers are on the board, and can probs advise you better than I. You can also check out Wikipedia, “submitting stories for Star Trek” or some such.

84. LogicalLeopard - December 2, 2013

Okay, so I realize that many people have criticized the portrayals of classic Star Trek characters in the new movies, and the concept of Star Trek itself. I’m not one of those people, and I love the way the movies are done.

So am I a hypocrite if I think the Jack Ryan trailer looks like it’s too action-oriented? *LOL* Jack Ryan always seemed like a history professor who knew how to work a gun pretty good thanks to old military training, but it didn’t seem like he ran around punching people. Am I wrong?

85. Anthony Thompson - December 2, 2013

76. BatlethinTheGroin
I believe you answered your own question. That Italian guy ran a good site but it was very buggy.

86. Phil - December 2, 2013

@82. I suspect membership in the Writers Guild would also be required, as I recall compensation is negotiated through collective bargaining.

Rose has heard this before, as she has fessed up to penning fan fiction in the past. At some point it’s going to sink in that if she wants a legitimate look, it has to go through a proper submission process. Hardly a day goes by when studios don’t get a few unsolicited scripts in the mail – my understanding is they all pretty much end up in the trash.

One can always dream, I suppose. You summed up amateur vs. professional nicely, by the way.

87. Anthony Thompson - December 2, 2013

67. Bob

Doesn’t matter what year of the mission, but stay away from Earth. And please write Spock as a Vulcan next time. We saw enough ‘drama’ from him in the first film.

88. Victor Hugo - December 2, 2013

hey fellow trekkers, check out my Captain Kirk fan art on Deviantart:



89. crazydaystrom - December 2, 2013


“The God Thing”, as an early proposal for the first Star Trek movie was called and intended to explore
I know, probably too heady and potentially controversial for a summer blockbuster film. And definitely needing to be non-derivative of Prometheus, 2001 and (OMG!) TFFparticularly TFF, but how about a Trek film that ponders and explores not only the origin of humanity but all life in the universe and the very universe itself. In fact universes and ALL existence as we know or could even imagine it. I’d suggest it be called Star Trek: First Cause but I know the idea is to get away from colons in the titles. Star Trek To The Beginning?

The theory of our not ever being able to know the origin of all things intrigues me. And of course to say God created everything doesn’t answer the question, it ultimately begs the question: “From where comes God?” I certainly do not expect that question to be answered in a Trek film. (Ha! If only it could!) But as many discoveries have happened by accident or as a result of pursuing some other thing, how about our creator(s) finding humanity not to be completely unique but to have some truly unique and to him/her/it/them unexpected quality that makes us particularly worthy of special attention? Lots of opportunities for conflicts with other and new species, McGuffins and philosophical/theosophical ponderings. And it could raise Star Trek to another level of science fiction much in the way I believe Gene Roddenberry wanted.

I really like Star Trek: First Cause. :-)

90. crazydaystrom - December 2, 2013

J.J. Abrams On Why Khan’s Identity Was Kept Secret In STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

91. Victor Hugo - December 2, 2013

Crazydaystrom – i would pay US$ 6.99 in a Star Trek pocket book with that title “Star Trek:First Cause”.

In that book I would want to see plenty of “Time Warp effects”, “Dinosaur” and an ending similar to the ps3 game “Beyond Two Souls”, in which we can see countless souls floating in the ether like an aquarium.

92. Who cares - December 2, 2013

Oh god this is so funny, I’ve been watching TOS in sequence, including episodes I haven’t seen in years. So far I have seen the Enterprise operating under power and control in atmosphere, Spock had a human girlfriend in 2254, and Kirk gets his a__ handed to him almost every time he gets into a fight. It’s just like the new crew.

93. Victor Hugo - December 2, 2013

91. hehehe most of us see the original series with nostalgia eyes, so they do no wrong.

I also remember that in the ST comics in the 1970´s, the Enterprise was shown LANDED on a planet, and people would walk out it like they would walk out of a cruiser ship. :)

94. Ahmed - December 2, 2013

J.J. Abrams Says He Regrets Hiding the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Khan Reveal; Talks Joe Cornish Directing TREK 3

While this year’s sequel Star Trek Into Darkness was a sizable commercial success and garnered mostly positive reviews from critics, many longtime Trek fans weren’t so keen on director J.J. Abrams’ follow-up. One of the key criticisms launched at Into Darkness was its heavy riffing on previous Trek film Wrath of Khan, specifically Abrams and Co.’s coyness about the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villainous character. The team wanted to keep the film’s Big Bad a surprise until opening weekend, and they went to great lengths to conceal the fact that Cumberbatch was indeed playing Khan.

Abrams is currently knee-deep in pre-production on Star Wars: Episode VII, but he recently spoke frankly about Star Trek Into Darkness, admitting that they probably should’ve been honest with fans by confirming that Khan was in the film. Moreover, he addressed the possibility of Joe Cornish taking the helm of Star Trek 3.

Abrams : “The truth is I think it probably would have been smarter just to say upfront ‘This is who it is.’ It was only trying to preserve the fun of it, and it might have given more time to acclimate and accept that’s what the thing was.”

Abrams : “The truth is because it was so important to the studio that we not angle this thing for existing fans. If we said it was Khan, it would feel like you’ve really got to know what Star Trek is about to see this movie. That would have been limiting. I can understand their argument to try to keep that quiet, but I do wonder if it would have seemed a little bit less like an attempt at deception if we had just come out with it.”

The truth of the matter is that the team was likely in a no-win scenario. By not copping to the fact that Cumberbatch was playing Khan, the constant side-stepping by Abrams and the cast in pre-release interviews became rather irritating and made for unfair expectations regarding the finished film, but if they had confirmed Cumberbatch was playing Khan, they no doubt would’ve been inundated with endless questions about how their character was different from the original version, the nature of Into Darkness’ ties to Wrath of Khan, and plenty of other questions that they couldn’t possibly answer without ruining the twists and turns of Abrams’ film.

That being said, the big “reveal” of Khan in the context of Into Darkness is still a little befuddling since at that time, the Enterprise crew has no prior knowledge of Khan or his past. He’s just a mysterious, dark character who happens to have a funny name.


95. crazydaystrom - December 2, 2013

90. Victor Hugo – December 2, 2013
Crazydaystrom – i would pay US$ 6.99 in a Star Trek pocket book with that title “Star Trek:First Cause”.

Is that actually a Trek novel? Does the premise resemble mine at all? And is it any good?

96. Victor Hugo - December 2, 2013

94. No, i mean, if YOU would write it, i would buy the pocket book in the library in the airport. Your premise is promising.

97. Keachick - December 2, 2013

Thank you, Marja, for your explanation of “fanfiction”. However, it was more about use of an idea or ideas that might present themselves within that literary context, or even various ideas for the movies, presented on this site.

Bob Orci has, in the past, called people here his consultants. Even here, he asked for thoughts, which leads people to believe that he is actually interested in their ideas and may even use one or two, if he thinks it is good enough and fits with the story he already has in mind. Am I, Bob Orci, in error to have interpreted your comments to this site in this manner?

I see that Bob Orci himself has not replied. That sadly is making Bob Orci appear all too predictable and not in a good way.

I try to be direct and honest without being abrasive…

98. Keachick - December 2, 2013

Phil – I don’t need to “fess” up to anything. I just have ideas about these characters and what they might do or have happen to them and present them here, mainly for writer Bob Orci’s interest/edification(?) or otherwise…This has also included how a scene from the last movie might have been done differently.

No need to confess anything as I have done nothing wrong.

99. Steven Maines - December 2, 2013


Bob, in the middle of the 5 year mission might have them in a complacent (seen it all mode). Give us a bit more of the wonder and mystery (of ToS) that would happen experiencing “deep space” for the first time.

My .03 cents.

100. BatlethInTheGroin - December 2, 2013

#84: Italian guy? Do you mean Gustavo? He’s Brazilian. :)

101. LogicalLeopard - December 2, 2013


I probably would have enjoyed the movie more if they had revealed Khan before they released it. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but I would have been on less pins and needles wanting to “figure out” what was going on with the movie, and just would have sat back and enjoyed it more. Of course, I also enjoyed all of the mystery leading up to the movie, a little too much. It was fun to hatch all those crackpot theories. So in essense, it was like enjoying the tailgate so much that you dont appreciate the game like you should.

102. BatlethInTheGroin - December 2, 2013

Bob Orci: As long as the next film avoids the mistakes of the past couple of films (not enough McCoy, not enough space exploration, shoe-horning a TOS villain in for no apparent reason and making him nothing like the original version), I’ll be fine. I thought you guys did a very good job on the last two, despite the above problems, so I look forward to what you come up with. Just please don’t rip off entire scenes from other films again–that was a big misfire.

103. crazydaystrom - December 2, 2013

95. Victor Hugo
94. No, i mean, if YOU would write it, i would buy the pocket book in the library in the airport. Your premise is promising.



Why, thank you very much.


104. Vultan - December 2, 2013

I think it would’ve been best to avoid a Khan storyline altogether. Would’ve saved them a lot of grief.

As for fan fiction, if you’re looking for a couple of examples: ST Generations and STID. About as bad as they get in that regard.

105. boborci - December 2, 2013

96. U r right

106. Phil - December 2, 2013

@97. No one said you did anything wrong. It’s not a crime to write fan fiction, which you have repeatedly stated you do. However, Bob’s ‘consultant’ comment was meant in the broadest possible terms, and does not imply in any way, shape or form that his is not an original work….for purposes of copyright and contract law, if Bob ‘borrows’ something he saw on-line, particularly a fan fiction, that’s not properly credited, he opens himself and the studio to the mother of all lawsuits for copyright violations and possibly plagiarism. So, yeah, you are in error in your interpretation of his comment. Keep on writing if it brings you enjoyment, but until you sell something/get published it’s just fan fiction.

107. Ahmed - December 2, 2013


Any plans for the 50th Anniversary in 2016 ?

108. crazydaystrom - December 2, 2013

105. Ahmed
Any plans for the 50th Anniversary in 2016 ?

THAT is so THE question!!

109. Jonboc - December 2, 2013

Middle of the 5 year mission sounds great. it allows the characters to age a little and blows the door wide open for storytelling. We’ve spent 2 movies coming together and getting up to speed. I look forward to seeing the crew, on the 5 year mission, seeing how they handle the awe and dangers of the unknown.
Dont achor your imagination, Bob Orci! With Greek Gods, planet killers, Salt Vampires, planets run by Gangsters, a time portal and yes, even a whole society controlled by Spock’s brain…Kirk and his crew learned, early on, where deep, unexplored, space is concerned….expect the unexpected!

110. Marja - December 3, 2013

84 Logical, I thought Harrison Ford did a lovely job of “analyst suddenly thrust into being a hero” and I’d be willing to bet Pine will do a fine job too. He may not be Ford-caliber just yet, but he’s getting there.

92 whocares, IKR?? Some fans here seem to forget what TOS was really like, eh?

107 Ahmed, LOL!!! I sure hope they have some plans, and for Star Trek, too :-D … not Start rek II, which they’ve already done :-p

Daystrom, I seem to recall the title “The God Thing,” was that not a David Gerrold idea? Or was it the basis for … :-p … TFF?

111. crazydaystrom - December 4, 2013

The God Thing was a script written by Gene Roddenbery (um..95% sure about that) when the first Trek film was in developement. Paramount rejected it and eventually ST:TMP became the first film of course. Roddenberry said it dealt with the “true” meaning/nature of God and that the subject made the studios uncomfortable.

Interestingly enough GR said some elements of that script survived and made their way into TMP. I don’t recall which ones or if he ever actually went into details about that.

112. Chuck - December 4, 2013

Wow… lay off the site admin and contributors!! Let’s face it – if JJ’s Trek had tanked or never happened, tidbits like this about the TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9 and ENT cast and crew would be about ALL we would have to look forward to these days.

If you can’t take some tangential stories now and then, put this site in an RSS feed reader and dive in only when you feel the news is “Trekkie” enough for you.

You know, “Turkey Day” is actually supposed to be about giving THANKS!

113. Jack - December 5, 2013

78. Nagilum and experiments — absolutely not. It was terrible then. And terrible when Voyager did 60 variations of it.

But, yes, of course it should be mid mission.

Is coming here a great idea, Bob? Not just because that spat made international news, but because fans here complain that the last movie was too fannish/homagey. My advice? Relax. Let the fans go for a while and trust your instincts. We don’t need you to listen to us and you don’t need every single one of us to like you personally, just give our heroes another worthwhile adventure.

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