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ENT Season 4 Blu-ray will have Writer’s Reunion feature December 18, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,ENT , trackback

Brannon Braga gave Enterprise fans a little gift today when he posted a picture of the just filmed Writer’s Reunion for Star Trek: Enterprise to Twitter.


In the photo are: Andre Bormanis, Chris Black, Phyllis Strong, David A. Goodman, Brannon Braga, Mike Sussman, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

The previous reunions done for the TNG and ENT Blu-ray sets have all been great. Look forward to seeing this on the Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray set, expected in mid-2014.

–Thanks to TrekCore for pointing out Braga’s tweet


1. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2013

Yes, I can see why most of these people would have time in their schedule for a chat!

2. Cmd.Bremmon - December 18, 2013

Enterprise was the greatest missed opportunity in the history of Star Trek. We could have got a series about humanity recovering from nuclear war, coming together, dealing with first contact, dealing with technical limitations, a bunch of races on the verge of being conquered coming together and over coming differences, etc and instead got boring bland TNG season 15. We should have seen landing parties trapped on the surface with no transporters to give them an easy out, the Captain way out there having to make the big calls without the easy hailing of Starfleet command to take the weight off, no phasers on stun and the use of machine guns and nuclear weapons that almost every mission ended up being an epic life and death adventure, first contacts gone wrong that would have consequences for generations, the entire human race learning from mistakes/successes, etc. It should have been the logical peaceful Vulcans learning that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, the violent Andorians learning that picking a fight isn’t the way to go either, that I guess these illogical humans somewhere in the middle might have something to offer the galaxy. One day someone should try an Enterprise “reboot”.

3. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2013


I like the way you think, Cmd.Bremmon!

4. David - December 18, 2013

Good to see you all together. Now get busy on writing season 5 of Enterprise!

5. ASP - December 18, 2013

#1: Kind of like you huh? Keep on keeping on keyboard warrior.

6. Curious Cadet - December 18, 2013

Are there actual “fans” of Enterprise? Or merely those that didn’t hate it?

7. Captain Smirk - December 18, 2013

Bremmon is right. Ironically, the main problem with “Enterprise” (aside from frequent bouts of dull writing) was that they removed the actual human “enterprise” from the proceedings and just left us with a ship named Enterprise.

To paraphrase Frank Drebin, watching this show with foreknowledge of its unfulfilled potential is “like eating a spoonful of Drano; sure, it’ll clean you out, but it’ll leave you hollow inside.”

8. Matt Wright - December 18, 2013

#1 Come on now. Goodman is a successful writer for Futurama and Family Guy. Chris Black went on to work a variety of successful shows including a stint on Mad Men.

9. jeff - December 18, 2013

ok guys, our first writers room project is seeing how badly we can ruin a profitable and popular franchise through terrible writing and cardboard characterizations.

let’s spitball some ideas…..

10. David A. Goodman - December 18, 2013

#8 – thanks Matt. Everybody else up there is pretty successful as well, who took time from very busy schedules to participate in this. We had a great time, but it was a warts-and-all discussion that I think will surprise a lot of people.

11. James Whale - December 18, 2013

Um, where’s Manny Coto? Enterprise had its best season (4) once he came on board, and it was only the creativity of his writing that left Enterpriseon a high and the fans wanting more.

12. Matt Wright - December 18, 2013

@ David A. Goodman — Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to the roundtable :)

13. Mike C. - December 18, 2013

COTO!!! Very disappointed.

14. MARTIN - December 18, 2013

The forth season blu ray trailer is on startrek.com now, picture quality is amazing and its released in april 2014.

15. jas_montreal - December 18, 2013

:) The old timers. Love it.

16. ASP - December 18, 2013

#10: Thanks for stopping in and please don’t mind people like poster #1. There’s certain folks here that just enjoy running others down to deflect from their own sad lives. Best of luck with your future writing and producing projects!

17. David A. Goodman - December 18, 2013

11 & 13. Manny had a last minute problem at “24” and couldn’t make it. Brannon and the writers who worked with him on Season 4 (Mike, Andre, Judy and Gar) spent a lot of time talking about his positive influence on the show.

16 – thanks – but people are entitled to their own opinions, and you have to be able to take a joke, which is how I read #1’s comment.

18. K-7 - December 18, 2013

Enterprise writers reunion? Huh?

This is like bringing back the Carter administration or the Swamp Thing writers for a reunion. Why? So they can deconstruct how they made the worst Trek series ever?

19. David A. Goodman - December 18, 2013

I’m sick to death of people on this website ragging on the Carter Administration.

20. Red Dead Ryan - December 18, 2013

While I do like this show, it is far from being above criticism. Some of you people here need to remember that there is a thing called “free speech” which includes the right to dissent. Now I understand that you Berman butt-kissers have trouble wrapping your simple brains around such a concept, however, it does not give you the right to silence those who don’t agree with your opinion.

21. David A. Goodman - December 18, 2013

I’ve made a lot of money from Berman butt-kissing.

22. Red Dead Ryan - December 18, 2013


You mean you personally paid Berman himself for the “privilage” of kissing his butt. ;-)

23. Dave H - December 18, 2013

Yikes, this sounds so boring, it almost makes a Mulgrew or Picardo interview seem exciting by comparison. ;-)

24. ASP - December 18, 2013

#19: Well played David :)

#20: I have a hard time taking seriously anyone that uses the phrase “Berman butt-kissers”. That sounds so… childish.

25. Vultan - December 19, 2013

David Goodman, you’re a good man for taking these comments with a sense of humor.

For the most part, I enjoyed Enterprise.
Thanks for your work in Trek.
And Happy Holidays!

26. Cmd.Bremmon - December 19, 2013

I always pictured the writers memos for Enterprise going something like this:

MEMO: Enterprise spacecraft
WRITER: Let’s embrace the pre-TOS nature, have a primitive ship with short range communication, nuclear missiles, short range defence turrets. Maybe incorporate ring ship elements.
MANAGEMENT: People liked the Akira in Star Trek First Contact. Slap an old navigational deflector on the Akira.

MEMO: Pilot- Vulcan Rescue Episode
WRITER: Pilot is a distress signal is received from a Vulcan research ship in the hands of the last ship of the Vegan Tyranny (Orion Empire?). Vulcans believe it to be illogical to attempt a rescue given the advanced technology of the ship however naïve Earth, eager to prove itself, decides to send the crew on a rescue mission. Vulcan attaché sent to minimize the impact of what Vulcan command sees as an illogical suicide mission.
MANAGEMENT: Missions against all odds just seem too illogical for humans, plus we need technology for “Star Trek”. Add transporters, phasers, etc. Too much Earth as Kirk, Vulcan as Spock, Andoria as Dr McCoy, interspecies debate and compromise. Instead incorporate time travel arc that makes little sense, mysterious bad guy we never reveal.

MEMO: Klingon Prime Directive episode
WRITER: Human ship tries to make peace with primitive Klingon race by offering them advanced technology, instead Klingons take ship and are unleashed on the galaxy. Enterprise must rescue crew, after action report recommends Prime Directive after Klingons conquer world X.
MANAGEMENT: Too epic, humans make too big a mistake, makes sharing of technology an ethical grey area instead of black and white. Change to D7 Battlecrusiers showing up every so often, crew visiting Klingon council.

MEMO: Dilithium crisis episode
WRITER: Crippled Enterprise needs to mine dilithium (re: dilithium shortage arc from last episode), mining company can help but natives opposed to mining. Enterprise must broker a solution between the two parties made difficult as Klingons move in to secure resource, Enterprise must work out a solution.
MANAGEMENT: That’s just too complicated with no happy ever after, deals with modern day issues. Change to episode to Risa, maybe time travel to future. Too much drama, no technobabble. What is this – Avatar on TV?!? Add in holodecks, replicators to eliminate any energy shortage episodes and ensure the viewer doesn’t have to think too hard.

MEMO: Matriachial Society memo
WRITER: Earth is allying with matriarchial society where men are prohibited to leave the planet. When Enterprise crew member objects, diplomatic solution, etc. Turns out was due to nuclear war in the past, society rebuilding, etc.
MANAGEMENT: Aliens MUST act like humans but in strange costumes. Haven’t you seen TNG?!?

MEMO: Season finale (nuclear attack)
WRITER: Romulan drones nuke Earth colony on Wolf 359, Enterprise to counter attack? Do they nuke back as enemy moves closer to Sol system to send a message? The Andorians advocate for an all out nuclear reprisal, the Vulcans advocate for withdrawing all colonies.
MANAGEMENT: Too world war 2 dilemma with epic scale. Roll back to strange vessel cuts line into Florida with strange beam.

27. Cmd.Bremmon - December 19, 2013

MEMO: Planet scene with landing party trapped?!?
MANAGEMENT: Read that last script, that landing party is trapped in that asteroid cave with no way out surrounded by enemies chasing them!??!? It was so much tension I couldn’t turn the page. Please add transporters so they can just beam out.
WRITER: Er.. you sure? Once we add them they are in and they really don’t fit into the timeline… our SFX have advanced enough where shuttles really aren’t a problem, we can even do atmospheric combat sometimes-

MEMO: Hard decision for Captain
MANAGEMENT: Again reading that one script where there is that shape shifting hostage taker during the Vulcan-Andorian negotiations and the Captain is talking with the MACO team if they should take the shot/attempt a rescue – it just occurred to me that if they shoot it’s life and death. If they shoot the hostage taker they might not get information on who he/she is, if they don’t the hostage taker might kill the ambassador and precipitate interstellar war. Can’t we make this an easier choice and just stun the alien, add in some Phasers on stun? Better yet, can’t the Captain just contact Starfleet Command and find out what to do? Again, it’s just too much tension, I couldn’t turn the page I was so nervous to read on.
WRITER: At this point, whatever. Why don’t we provide unlimited ammunition for everyone, make dilithium crystals rechargeable, do a Borg episode and give the ship a holodeck?

28. Damian - December 19, 2013

6–Consider me a fan. Star Trek fans come in all colors. I have a friend that just likes the original series and Enterprise, and nothing else. I’ve loved Star Trek in all its forms. I’ve even read the continuing Enterprise novels that take place after the series.

Season 1 and 2 are a bit TNG-lite, I’ll admit. I loved TNG too, but it obviously doesn’t fit well in a prequel show. I still liked Enterprise, but it was missing something.

By Season 3, I think they had finally broken their TNG habit. Whatever your feelings on the Xindi arc, it really didn’t remind me at all of TNG. There were some elements similar to DS9’s Dominion War story, but in Enterprise it was more of a search. And we see a positive side to humanity when Archer is willing to work with some of the Xindi when he could have held a grudge. Unlike with the Dominion, the two sides actively worked together to stop the weapon.

Season 4 finally became what Enterprise was supposed to be all along, a prequel to the original series. Undoubtedly due to the influence of Manny Coto. TATV was the only blemish on season 4, IMHO.

Personally, I probably would have ended the last episode with the declaration of war by the Coalition on the Romulan Empire. They cut the show just when it found its legs and it would have served them right to end on that note.

So yes, I loved Enterprise too. I agree with RDR, it is not above criticism. Frankly no show or movie is. I loved the original series too, but even that is not above some criticism. The same with STID. Nothing in life is perfect, after all.

29. crazydaystrom - December 19, 2013

I’d like to hear what they have to say, “warts and all”, and season 4 was the best of that series so I’ll probably get this eventually. Right now “money’s too tight to mention”. Too bad Coto couldn’t participate.

@David A. Goodman
Sorry about your being kicked in the teeth here. Apologies.

30. Jim Nightshade - December 19, 2013

David A Goodman……enterprise was my sister’s fave trek show…I also loved it too….thank you sir for all your hard work and loved Futurama and family guy as well…..futurama was so unique probably one of my favorite animated comedies of all time…..sad to see it go but what an awesome run..brilliant n sarcastic with best writing n voice actors ever…..u guys should be proud as hell…..we shall not see its like again I’m afraid…..

31. David A. Goodman - December 19, 2013

23 – I don’t know what you’re talking about, I can’t get enough of PIcardo and Mulgrew interviews
24 – thanks so much!
25-26 – yes, that’s exactly what they were like
27 – I’ve read a lot of similar things from other fans, it seems you’re not alone
28 – no apologies necessary – I can take a lot more than this – tell everybody to bring it on!
29 – thanks – I was very sad about Futurama too, I haven’t worked there in a while but it was one of my favorite jobs and my friends David Cohen and the rest of that writing staff continued to make a fantastic show.

32. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 19, 2013

I bet with the time they have had to consider how Enterprise ended that these writers sure have plenty of great ideas where Enterprise would go now.

33. Pensive's Wetness - December 19, 2013

In all these arguements, i just think back to what my brother had used to describe what he thought of the Zindi arc of ENT: “They are doing Fing Star Blazers!!! W.T.F? LOL they even got Space Marines!!!” My brother was typcially unkind in remarks to the production of ENT because of his view of unoriginality in many ways…


you know, something that is rarely mentioned, maybe ENT’s faults lie in what was happening in RL (the start of the Global War on Terror) at the time ENT was airing. It honestly was harder to watch some stuff because for one, a lot of folks didn’t have the same habits of watching TV time like they used to previously. American’s were pretty anxious back then and we just didnt have that feel for fantasy. A lot of us wanted justice (argueable, bloody revenge as well). I think it would do a lot of good to explore the ratings of several shows from that era to see if my comment holds water (I dont know. I’m a mechanic, not a Nelson Retard…) about how RL events adversially affected viewership…

34. Pensive's Wetness - December 19, 2013

~Nielson Retard… I got C’s in english. might explain why i detested writting and editing evals when i was in the Navy…

35. I am not Herbert - December 19, 2013



David A. Goodman: Glad you are here! …sorry about the dickish trolls ;-)

36. I am not Herbert - December 19, 2013


37. Cmd.Bremmon - December 19, 2013

David A. Goodman

I do apologize for being so harsh, I did love a lot of the writing on Enterprise (especially the 4th season) and I loved the characters. It’s just I really, really thought this was going to be the best Trek ever, surpassing even the original, and was disappointed when the Pilot episode took that opportunity away from you writers (in my opinion the Pilot episode ruined to the point even the awesome 4th season could not escape its limitations).

38. Ahmed - December 19, 2013

@ 20. Red Dead Ryan – December 18, 2013

“While I do like this show, it is far from being above criticism. Some of you people here need to remember that there is a thing called “free speech” which includes the right to dissent. Now I understand that you Berman butt-kissers have trouble wrapping your simple brains around such a concept, however, it does not give you the right to silence those who don’t agree with your opinion.”

What a hypocrite !

39. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2013


No hypocrisy here. Just some much needed objectivity. “Enterprise” put Star Trek into a coma, and the Abrams movies brought it all back to life. Sorry if the truth hurts!!!!

40. Ahmed - December 19, 2013

@ 39. Red Dead Ryan – December 19, 2013

“No hypocrisy here. Just some much needed objectivity. “Enterprise” put Star Trek into a coma, and the Abrams movies brought it all back to life. Sorry if the truth hurts!!!!”

I wasn’t talking about “Enterprise”. I agree that “Enterprise” wasn’t a good series.

But when you talk about free speech & the right to dissent & so on, you don’t follow your own advice when it come to STID. In fact, you acted like you have the right to “silence those who don’t agree with your opinion.”

Again, I agree with your view about the Enterprise.

41. MJ - December 19, 2013

My God, you don’t even realize the hypocrisy of YOU posting this message here, do you? :-( You calling others’ trolls…huh?

The dangers of Myopia are thus illustrated here….

35. I am not Herbert – December 19, 2013


David A. Goodman: Glad you are here! …sorry about the dickish trolls ;-)

42. David A. Goodman - December 19, 2013

33 – 9/11 definitely had an effect on both tv watchers and writers. It’s something we talk about in the round table.

37 – no apologies necessary, you weren’t the least bit harsh! It wasn’t what you wanted, I totally get it.

38-41 – please move on, I want to hear more insults.

43. Vultan - December 19, 2013


Interesting. I saw a doc on the history of horror movies a few years back and they cited the First World War as one of the main causes for the rise of horror cinema in the ’20s and ’30s. Do you think 9/11 has had a similar effect on pop culture in the past decade?

Everything does seem to have a darker tone now. I mean, look at Man of Steel… sinking in skulls… yikes!

44. David A. Goodman - December 19, 2013

43 – Absolutely, man of steel and transformers and even the new star trek rely on these cataclysmic destruction of cities that have a very dark, 9/11 quality. Galactica, which I loved, was almost a treatise on the post 9/11 world.

45. Vultan - December 19, 2013


Yep. And though some of them have been very good, I’m getting pretty tired of those particular commentaries—well, the darker, joyless tone anyway. Think it’s about time to take off the ‘black veil,’ yes?

Star Trek in particular.

46. Matt Wright - December 19, 2013

@ Vultan – I hear ya. Trek has generally been about hope, and dealing with ethical issues from a careful, generally positive, and proactive (not usually reactive) approach. We’re now over 10 years removed from 9/11. We need to try to learn from history, and move forward. Instead it seems that certain symbols/themes from that time period have become fetishized it into our popular culture, but it’s lost all context from the actual events.

47. Vultan - December 19, 2013



48. jeff - December 19, 2013

my favorite aspect of season 4: the certainty that it didn’t give rise to a season 5.

though i did enjoy the series finale, which dug up the corpses of much better characters from a much better series because you couldn’t rest a wasp’s turd on the shoulders of that “stellar” enterprise cast.

and, sorry to be a downer here, but didn’t coto’s arrival at Dexter roughly coincide with a precipitous decline in quality there? was he part of that Dexter finale, one of the most disappointing instances of wasted opportunity since, well, Enterprise?

nothing bad to say about goodman, though. i’ve seen good work by him elsewhere. my quibble is principally with rick berman and braga, who seems constitutionally incapable of overseeing a successful show.

49. Ahmed - December 19, 2013

@46. Matt Wright – December 19, 2013

“We need to try to learn from history, and move forward. Instead it seems that certain symbols/themes from that time period have become fetishized it into our popular culture, but it’s lost all context from the actual events.”

Yep. I don’t mind darker movies in general but it is just too much nowadays. The huge success of The Dark Knight didn’t help as well, what with everyone looking for the next edgy & darker movie. Unfortunately Star Trek followed in the same steps.

Let hope that the next Trek movie will be more positive & inspiring.

50. David A. Goodman - December 19, 2013

45, 46, 49 – I agree – I think the tragedies are “fetishized”- I do miss the hope.

48. Thanks for the compliment. Its amazing to me Rick is vilified all over the web but he hired every great writer on next gen, ds9 and voyager, as well as all the talented artisans who put it all together, and was the final say on thousands of important creative decisions on those shows. Say what you want, but he was the boss on all the sequel series, and created the atmosphere and infrastructure where incredibly memorable science fiction television was produced.

You can say I’m butt kissing, but he hasn’t paid me in twelve years.

51. Vultan - December 19, 2013


I don’t mind dark material either. It’s just how it’s handled is the thing. One of my favorite movies is Back to the Future, which, apart from its sci-fi trappings, deals with such things as murder, terrorism, incest, and bullying.

And it’s a delight!

52. I am not Herbert - December 19, 2013

…yes, show 9/11 for what it REALLY was/is… OR let’s move onwards and upwards… =)

…and reach out into the unknown… for our destiny among the stars! ;-)

53. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2013

Seeing as how there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed three and injured 286 others last April, as well as the intense days-long manhunt that followed, I would say that, contrary to popular opinion here, terrorism is still very much relevent in the story-telling arena. We’re still struggling to deal with the aftermath of 9/11 over a dozen years later. Al-Queda is still the greatest threat worldwide, and until that group is defeated, we will always be reminded of the deadly intentions of rogue fanatics and masterminds.

54. I am not Herbert - December 19, 2013

Back to the Future is one of my favorites too… I love 80’s movies… ;-)

…i never really think of it as dark though…? maybe just the plutonium “wrapper” story, but that’s pretty brief and undeveloped…

I think of it as funny nostalgic look at parents young lives, with lots of good nods to pop culture… ;-)

55. David A. Goodman - December 19, 2013

53. – no question war has been a part of our lives for a long time and that has an effect.

56. Vultan - December 19, 2013


No, not a dark movie but with dark elements—Doc being gunned down at the beginning being top among them.

57. Matt Wright - December 19, 2013

@ 53 – You’re certainly right about acts of terrorism still continuing to shape our social landscape. However, my point was the 9/11 imagery has now become something used in movies simply for the sake of the imagery. It’s lost all real meaning and has become, what is now a widely used term for that kind of stuff in movies, “destruction porn.” We see no aftermath, no human toll, etc. It’s there simply for the spectacle.

58. David A. goodman - December 19, 2013

57 – I agree

59. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2013

57. Matt Wright,

I agree with you on that. Collapsing skyscrapers seem to be the norm in a lot of blockbusters today.

Hopefully, the next Trek movie will move onto a new topic. Other movies can deal with the terrorism theme.

I’d like to see the writers forget about Earth, Klingons, and vengeful madmen and instead focus more on exploration.

And before anyone says exploration would not be of interest to the mainstream crowd, I’ll remind people of “Avatar” and its upcoming sequels, as well as Christopher Nolan’s next movie “Interstellar” which all have featured, or will feature, themes of exploration. “Interstellar” and the “Avatar” sequels will no doubt make boatloads of cash at the box office when they are

60. Ahmed - December 19, 2013

@59. RDR

“I’d like to see the writers forget about Earth, Klingons, and vengeful madmen and instead focus more on exploration.”

Agreed. I think most of us here have similar hope for the next movie to be more sci-fi & less dark. To stay away from Earth & the solar system, to go to new places & meet new alien lifeforms.

61. Cygnus-X1 - December 19, 2013

39. Red Dead Ryan – December 19, 2013

—No hypocrisy here. Just some much needed objectivity. “Enterprise” put Star Trek into a coma, and the Abrams movies brought it all back to life.—

Not sure how objective an assessment that is there, buddy.

It’s more reasonable that 18 years of continuous Trek on TV (with 2 new series running at the same time during the 1990s), plus 3 (or 4) sub-caliber TNG movies during that same period, is what led to Trek’s eventual coma. And the 5 subsequent years of no Trek leading up to the 2009 re-boot (along with the movie, itself) revived the franchise.

So…credit where due, and also blame where due…

But, let’s not completely abandon reality while grasping for our much needed objectivity.

62. Cygnus-X1 - December 19, 2013


And where’s Manny Coto?!?

63. Cygnus-X1 - December 19, 2013


And, as I think most people would agree, VOYAGER could have been A LOT better. (And DS9 could have been substantially better too, for that matter). But if we’re looking to scapegoat a series for the demise of Trek in the mid-2000s, I’d lay more blame on VOYAGER than on ENTERPRISE. The latter was as much a victim of circumstance as of a weak second season.

And, as always, if we’re looking to scapegoat a person…

Well, you know.

64. Jim Nightshade - December 19, 2013

Mr Goodman Sir I agree with you about Rick Berman….I feel he carried Roddenberrys Torch after his death about as well as possible….I think it was just so many series on for so long combined with sometimes overly picky Trek fans (Ive loved and supported every trek incarnation even a worst trek series is better TO ME than most other shows)….that led to a trek decline….New Blood by then was definitely needed and JJ Abrams has done a good job of reviving the basic trek themes to a broader audience even if it is watered down trek its a helluva better and more entertaining than nothing….

I Believe some of favorite futuramas were when you were there…..the Trek Episode of course was wonderfully written, and who would ever forget the roswell episode that one almost had me collapsing on the floor laughing my ass off hahah…..lets see the brain creatures were great too as well as frys special destiny due to him being his own grandfather…..One of the newer ones the EYE PHONE episode was soooo funny….Especially how they have to keep standing in line for upgrades and Mother saying something like they are dumb sobs hahaha…..Gawd great stuff!!! I even liked the end episodes even though we knew the staff was disappearing and all….loved how the last episode was kinda a loop going from Fry and Leelas life together to starting over again in an endless loop that is THE SERIES….awesome stuff….again thanks for your part….Love being able to say hi to great heroses like you…..Way to go Trekmovie.com

65. Damian - December 20, 2013

50–I agree with you on Berman. I enjoyed Star Trek under his watch too. I think there were some missed opportunities, sure, but not enough that I hated the shows he produced.

I thought Enterprise got back to what Star Trek was supposed to be. They needed to break the TNG habit, which I thought they did by season 3. But let’s be fair. Even Deep Space Nine, which I thought was a great show, took about 2 to 3 years to find its legs. The same with The Next Generation. UPN just didn’t have the patience. I’d tell anyone nubie fan who wanted to take a look at Enterprise to actually start with season 4. I think Enterprise was on the right path at that point and if they had continued it the normal 7 years the others got, I actually think it would have gotten better.

I have no beef with Berman. Yes, he made some mistakes along the way, I mean he is human. But he also presided over a period of Star Trek greatness in the 90’s. I think people sometimes forget there was a time when he was on top of the Star Trek universe, much like Abrams today. Particularly when First Contact came out. Star Trek was everywhere and everyone was watching it in some form.

So yes, if I were to see Rick Berman on the street today, I’d shake his hand and thank him for many great years of Star Trek. The same goes for JJ Abrams, Harve Bennett, and frankly anyone who has ever had a hand in guiding Star Trek, because I’ve loved it all. Even TFF and Nemesis.

66. Damian - December 20, 2013

And I do have to give kudos to this site.

Not only does Bob Orci interact with the fans here, but so has David Goodman, and I’ve seen Rick Sternbach, Brannon Braga, and Ryan Church post here before, among others I’m sure.

How many Star Trek sites out there can say that.

67. Cmd.Bremmon - December 20, 2013

@ 60.
“I’d like to see the writers forget about Earth, Klingons, and vengeful madmen and instead focus more on exploration.”

If you wanted to forget about Earth, Klingons, etc Enterprise, a prequel which should have been about Earth finding her place among the stars in a Universe with Romulans / Klingons and hardships out there, was not the place to do it.

The idea that “exploration” equals everyone getting along, humans in funny costumes, technobabble (we don’t need hydrogen, we have unlimited power, free money because we’ll calibrate the M/AM drive with the X,Y,Z grid) and sitting in a well carpeted movie theatre doubling as a bridge was done to death with TNG and then VOY.

It is clear that they wanted a prequel because they wanted to be different. They have the opportunity to show that Gene’s TNG dream wasn’t built in a day but was blood, sweat and tears. If they didn’t want to show Earth, and real exploration (how are we going to use the hydrocarbons on Titan to help the Earth recover from a terrible nuclear war for instance, something no one has done before) because they want to do episodes about who is dating who in the holodeck they should not have done a prequel series.

Bottom line – They have now ruined any opportunity to make that era more exciting logically freed from the limitations of the TNG verse thus forcing the JJ Abrams reboot. And it wasn’t even the majority of the writers (look at the 4th season who tried to save the day), it was whoever did the series bible and wrote that god awful pilot. I mean they were so close minded and cowardly they couldn’t even bring themselves to have humans not get along with early Klingons at first contact. Pathetic.

68. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2013


I think you misinterpreted the statement. I was talking about the recent movies. Which I like a lot, but would like to see a different theme next time, and doesn’t mean technobabble, or no conflict. I pointed to the “Avatar” movies as an example.

69. Cmd.Bremmon - December 20, 2013


Oh understood. Avatar is an example of what I was hoping to see in Enterprise as well.. early humans mining for dilithium for instance. Imagine Avatar but with a starship stranded and the Klingons moving in on the sector…..oh and Starfleet Command won’t be responding for six months. Oh the fun the writers could have had….

70. Damian - December 20, 2013

68–That’s one of the reasons I always enjoyed the novel “Chain of Attack” that I always thought would make a great movie or show.

The Enterprise is flung to a far-away galaxy (so no chance of Earth, the Federation, Klingons or Romulans, or any other known aliens). They come across planet after planet destroyed by war. When the Enterprise finally encounters the aliens in the war (who incidentally didn’t even start the war hundreds of years ago) the Enterprise must find a way to get the two sides to talk just so they can survive and try to find a way home.

It has the usual opportunities for action, space battles and so forth. It also shows the best of Starfleet and the Federation, even though they are in a distant galaxy. You get to see Captain Kirk as a diplomat.

It had exploration, action, character moments, and suspense you’d want for a film.

71. Cmd.Bremmon - December 20, 2013

@ 70

Chain of Attack works I think but as a TOS movie or series with the ship being primitive vs. TNG. Otherwise it’s just Star Trek Voyager.

The far away galaxy thing always throws me for a loop. Just to play devils advocate what is going to happen differently in Andromeda vs the Milky Way (and on the same note the Voyager in the Delta Quadrant)?

a) They are all alone exploring the universe; er, kind of like Earth’s first starship will be doing
b) They might run into an evil alien race, a less developed and well known Klingon Empire?
c) Might get involved in an intergalactic war like the Romulans?
d) Might meet some aliens and come together in the spirit of cooperation like some less developed and more generic Andorians, Tellerites, Orions, etc
e) Might be just struggling to survive like a primitive finite fueled, low tech spacecraft would be except now they have regenerated dilithium crystals and unlimited armament? The crew doesn’t even need to worry about conditions being rough since they can jump in the holodeck.
f) Might meet a super advanced race like the Metrons, Q and the Borg?

I argue that the only place Trek could have gone was back to a primitive time where the fate of the human race depended on one ship, similar to TOS. Right concept – wrong implementation.

Ironically though I do feel Gene Roddenbery knew the problem he was in
and had a solution that would mix everything up – go 1000 years in the future and have the Roman Empire (*cough* Federation) fall that one ship had to pick up the pieces (i.e. you can do the prequel as a sequel). I think these notes ended up being Andromeda however that simply could never be done as a Trek series because it would mean that the Federation ended up collapsing and if we can’t even do a prequel where the Klingon first contact is nasty and we fought the Romulans with nuclear weapons (when it was specifically stated time and time again in canon that it was nasty, a big mistake, that the Prime Directive became a Federation guiding principle, etc) how are we going to justify the fall of the Federation?!?

I don’t even a Fall of the Federation series since you want the timeline to go from dark, exciting, warfare to cooperation and rainbows so I think prequel was the way to go. They also devalued TNG by doing Enterprise wrong – having a Klingon serving on a Federation ship is no big deal now given at first contact they were pretty much singing kumbya.

72. MJ - December 21, 2013

How about we have a Fans Reunion special for this Blu-Ray, where all the fans who said “what the hell was that” when they saw the first episode of Enterprise, get together and reminisce nostalgically about the day they knew that Trek was indeed fully in decline?

73. Hat Rick - December 21, 2013

Wouldn’t it be great to have one or more writers of “Enterprise” do a spec script for the next Star Trek movie?

Not that that would happen in real life, but still, it’s fun to think about.

74. Jim Nightshade - December 22, 2013

i liked enterprise..loved scott bakula n most of the cast….like every trek series nothin is perfect…tos spocks brain anyone? still haters gotta hate n you wonder why any trek series are not on the air? cause u picky people didnt support em….worst episodes of enterprise still better than most scifi on tv now….porthos lives….

still youse guys is entitled to your opinions….now lets trash stid some more too…maybe if u haters keep it up we will have no more movies to watch either….i call myself a trek fan not too sure what to call u guys….antitrek fans maybe? sheesh….dont get a life ,,,,,hehheh….just remember us non haters also entitled to our opinions too,,.

75. Jim Nightshade - December 22, 2013

gotta wonder why are you enterprise haters even making comments here? If you dont like it and cant say somethin nice and are not interested in the enterprise blurays then dont leave any comments at all…theres an idea…

76. Jim Nightshade - December 22, 2013

and im not trying to get personal, start a stupid argument or hate anyone….just wondering why the put down comments have to keep flowing for no reason other than to be negative n hateful which i am not trying to be imho…

77. Jim Nightshade - December 22, 2013

in my opinion you haters are dissing the article, the writer of the article n the news and us fans who do want to read and comment on the article and news…in a more positive light why are u even reading the artcle mych less leaving articles if u r not interested…

78. Curious Cadet - December 22, 2013

@74. Jim Nightshade,
” you wonder why any trek series are not on the air? cause u picky people didnt support em….”

I don’t buy this augment at all. The ratings were quite high for a non-network series, and there was evidence that DVR time-shifted viewings pushed the ratings much higher then Neilsen reported. The series is no longer on the air because Les Moonves wanted it gone, and has not since wanted to invest the resources into a series with such a high overhead without the potential for equally high ratings.

79. MJ - December 22, 2013

Hey Jim,

Enterprise was just not a very good TV show, and some of us are still not happy the way that this huge Star Trek tv series opportunity was botched.

So, for me, the fact that they want to try to sell me a high-priced blu-ray set, and pack it with a reunion of writers who didn’t really get the job done in many peoples’ opinions here, certainly gives me the right to comment here on their attempt to get me to buy their product, and pad the studios pockets with more fan $$.

You want to sell me something here in an article that covers this product, then you are going to get my opinion on it in the open forum that is attached to this article.

80. MJ - December 22, 2013

….I mean, imagine if I made toasters, and if a model of toaster I made for several years a decade ago broke down a lot and people rejected it….and then today, I re-release that toaster model, and include with the toaster a video that has the whole toaster factory team of mine reminiscing about what a great toaster that was… A lot of people would not happy with me.

81. Jim Nightshade - December 23, 2013

i understand basically what youre saying mj…but shouldnt you be basically reviewing the product n letting us know specifics as to why its not worth getting in your opinion of course instead of just bladting/hating and mocking the show that quite a few of us liked obviously a lot more than you did….some of us would like to hear the writers stories n opinions good n bad…at least i would probably, will get the series…,the news article isnt really trying to sell it to you more like announce the details n let you make up your own minds…

82. Jim Nightshade - December 23, 2013

curious cadet you may be correct bottom line regarding an executive killing the show but also remember it was almost cancelled the season before as well but somebody made the decision to give it another year…

83. MJ - December 23, 2013

@81. Fair enough Jim. I will refrain from future posts here, and I am sorry is I perhaps ruined some peoples joy here.

I guess I’ve been bummed out about Enterprise for years now, and finally some of the producers and writers show up here, and I had a chance to vent.

Anyway, it’s out of my system now…enough from me here!

84. Damian - December 23, 2013


Sort of agree with you. I loved all Star Trek. Certainly people have a first Amendment right to vent here (well, if you’re US citizens anyway). I personally thought Enterprise was an improvement over Voyager. I liked Voyager too, but I can’t help feeling there were a lot of missed opportunities there. But Voyager was the ultimate exploration show too, since there were new aliens every year of the show.

Enterprise took until about the 3rd year to find its own way, as did DS9 and TNG. I understand the frustration of MJ and others. They were looking for something totally new. Had Enterprise started with Season 4, it might be viewed in a different light.

I do believe, though, that the chances of any future Star Trek TV show hinges on how popular some of these Blu-Rays are. Maybe not Enterprise so much, since there was probably a minimal cost to put them on Blu-Ray (since they were filmed in HD in the first place).

But I think the success/failure of TNG Blu-Rays will determine first if CBS will do DS9 next on Blu-Ray. If you see TNG Blu-Rays in the bargain bins of Big Lots or some other closeout store, then I really doubt CBS will invest anything further in Star Trek for a long time (save for their licensing agreements with Simon&Schuster, Comics, etc).

Not saying if someone hates TNG or Enterprise that they should buy something they don’t want. But just stating a fact of economics.

I would just say, if you are someone that didn’t like TNG or Enterprise, that you at least hope that those of us who do enjoy those shows do go out and buy them. Or in other words, even if you didn’t like those shows, don’t hope they fail miserably at the stores, because that will doom Star Trek in CBS’ eyes for a long time.

85. dscott - December 23, 2013

@6 Curious Cadet:

Yep, I’m one of the few. Even paid the rediculous amount QMX wants for their NX-01. Mainly because tackling the the refit big E myself has turned out to be a great deal of pain (I’m no newblette to scale models, it’s just that this requires more timee and effort than real life will afford me – it’ll get done, just not anytime soon).

86. Cmd.Bremmon - December 23, 2013

@ 75

I think it is important that fans make logical, entertaining and productive critical comments (while giving props to what works) that future writers can point to these articles or they will keep making the same mistakes over and over again (as they did with Voyager followed by Enterprise).

Next time a Eves comes in with a drawing of an NX-01 that looks pre-TOS and managements goes “Hey, fans loved the Akira, let’s use that” and the writer needs evidence that it will cost them fans, dollars, result in mockery for decades to come he can now point to this forum as evidence that their argument just doesn’t fly.

Bottom line – fans would have loved Enterprise, could have been the best Trek series ever, Paramount could have been doing movies, spin offs, selling DVDs if they had paused and decided to fully realize the prequel concept (as Manny Coto tried to do when it was unfortunately too little too late).

87. DiscoSpock - December 23, 2013


“….I mean, imagine if I made toasters, and if a model of toaster I made for several years a decade ago broke down a lot and people rejected it….and then today, I re-release that toaster model, and include with the toaster a video that has the whole toaster factory team of mine reminiscing about what a great toaster that was… A lot of people would not happy with me.”

I agree 100%. These writers, who screwed the pooch here, have never had to put themselves in front of the fans to critically answer for their sub-par efforts on Enterprise. So we are all just suppose to “atta-boy” them here and go on our way without offering our opinions on Enterprise because this Jim guy scolds us for not being courteous???

I mean, they are trying to act like we should celebrate something that was frankly a cluster-fuk in the history of Star Trek. Just put the Blu-Ray out without all the fanfare, and I am fine with it, but please don’t try to rewrite history much more positively with this self-aggrandizing writers panel.

88. DiscoSpock - December 23, 2013

“Next time a Eves comes in with a drawing of an NX-01 that looks pre-TOS and managements goes “Hey, fans loved the Akira, let’s use that” and the writer needs evidence that it will cost them fans, dollars, result in mockery for decades to come he can now point to this forum as evidence that their argument just doesn’t fly.”

Yes — DUH!!! The shipped look TNG-like, not like the natural progression before TOS enterprise.

Hell, even JJ “got it” in this regard.

That shipped look horrid and completely unbelievable for a predecessor ship to the original E. That was the first of many “bran-farts” on Enterprise.

And don’t even get me started on the opening song and the huge-breasted Vulcan.

89. Razorgeist - December 23, 2013

Too bad I already own it on DVD. Either way this looks like a good discussion. Oh and Mr Goodman if you’re still here “Federation the first 150 years” was awesome!

90. Jim Nightshade - December 23, 2013

hey guys i understand your feelings to vent and might agree it would be good for some of the main writers/producers involved to hear your opinions as well if they hadnt already…im also not telling anyone to shut up or leave either…my main point is just that here is not the place to get their attention or personally attack or insult them as only mr goodman seems to be listening and im pretty sure he had little to nothing to do with those decisions…and neither did those of us who liked n supported enterprise…that was my main point that the hostility seems misdirected here…i wasnt trying to shut anybody up or not let you vent how you feel…sorry guys..

91. Jim Nightshade - December 23, 2013

thanks for listening also…

92. DiscoSpock - December 24, 2013

@90. Jim N, in retrospect, my comments in #87 were a little harsh. Sorry!

93. Damian - December 24, 2013

I might be mistaken, but haven’t these panels and interviews they’ve done in the past also talked about things that haven’t gone so well as well.

I don’t know that these panels are just rosy opinions of the showrunners. I think they are more for the fans of the show to explain some of what went on behind the scenes.

I know on the DVD, it was interesting to see how Herman Zimmerman designed some of the sets. I think that’s partly what this panel is about, to give the fans of the show some background.

Now yes, if you hated Enterprise, this panel will hold no interest for you. But you wouldn’t be buying the Blu-Ray if your not a fan anyway, so it’s sort of irrelevant in that case.

94. Jim Nightshade - December 25, 2013

discospock thanks for listening…peace n reflection for the holiday and end of year…i realize that those who feel strongly both pro n con feel that way cuz they are fans n care…i am sure most of those who worked on enterprise were also fans….the whole may not have added up to the potentials but i do think they were doing the best they could..remember this was also their work/careers…i dont think everything done was perfect or wonderful but neither was it all crap in my opinion….i agree manny c and 4th season they really got it…loved the mirror episode, after watching that i was wishing that was the series we had…hah…archer was awesome as a bad guy hah….anyway my friends enjoy life while u got it….being that negative doesnt do your lifeforce any good..lifes too short…with me only a couple of years from 60..health probs galore losing jobs even tho i am praised n never written up…i worry more try not to feel too negative not easy sometimes…trek is one of my fave escapes believing we can persevere and become better than what we are….i will keep trying to believe…

95. Jim Nightshade - December 25, 2013

Also good points damien, absolutely the behind the scenes extras often talk about less than rosy pictures, conflicts misunderstandings and reflections on what might have been different or better…but yes mostly its behind the scenes discussions, how n why things get done etc…i dont think any of em try to rewrite history in their favor, more like remembering how it was done from their perspectives…

96. David A. Goodman - December 25, 2013

80 – there’s a toaster metaphor. I just needed to acknowledge it.

87 – how do you know it’s self aggrandizing or that we’re rewriting history when you haven’t seen it yet?

89 – thanks for the kind words on my book!

Jim Nightshade – you seem like a nice and fair guy, thanks!

97. Jim Nightshade - December 26, 2013

Thanks mr goodman sir…i also love your variety of writing talents and am thrilled to be communicating with you…thanks again for your contributions to trek, futurama, family guy etc…keep up the great work…

98. Craiger - December 26, 2013

#96 – I think Enterprise should have been about exploring in the first season or two. Then the Romulan War. Then how the Federation was formed after the Romulan War.

99. Cmd.Bremmon - December 27, 2013

@ David A Goodman

I have to ask especially given you did a great job with that Federation, 150 years book – would your version of the founding of the Federation and pre-TOS have been a lot different than what we saw on Enterprise had you had the opportunity?

100. David A. Goodman - December 28, 2013

Cmd. Bremmon – first, thanks for the compliment of my book!

To answer your question, any life long Star Trek fan imagines the “blank spaces” between the tv series and movies differently. What I’ve liked about all the sequel series to TOS is that when I first saw them none of them were what I expected, and though all had big disappointments (with the exception of “Q Who,” I think you can completely disregard the first two seasons of TNG, and most of season 7 with the exception of “Pegasus,” “Parallels” and “All Good Things.”) in the end I enjoyed all of them. When I saw “Broken Bow” I was still just a fan and I loved it (it’s easily the best pilot of all the post-TOS series) even though it wasn’t what I expected, or as a series what I would’ve done.

101. MJ - December 28, 2013


Mr. Goodman, here is a specific question. TOS Enterprise was a clean design. And the predecessor ships to that ship which were illustrated in the 1980 Star Trek Space Flight Chronology were also clean designs.

So why in the hell did you decide to go with a NG-style busy and clunky desing for the Enterprise? Makes no sense to me whatsover. It should have been a clean design that was a direct predecessor to TOS Enterprise. It looked more like a predecessor to TNG-era Voyager than to TOS Enterprise.

Yea, this still upsets me to this day. Even the JJ Entrprise, which I have some issues with, didn’t abandon the basic “clean design” from TOS.

102. David A. Goodman - December 29, 2013

MJ – I wasn’t part of the development of the series so I don’t know the answer to that question, though I imagine it’s been talked about by the creators and designers in interviews that are on line, hasn’t it?

Though I disagree with you somewhat about the space flight chronology – the Patton in that book isn’t a “clean” design, it would be around the time of Enterprise and I love that one.

103. Matt Wright - December 30, 2013

@ MJ – As Goodman said, you’re asking the wrong dude. The art department tried very hard to get a more TOS look. Doug Drexler, as a life long TOS fan, helped design the Enterprise for ENT, and his original vision was lighter in color and would have downplayed the paneling a bit. He tried very hard to lobby for a more TOS design and was shot down at every turn by the powers that be. He recounted that in a few places in his now offline blog.

104. Basement Blogger - December 30, 2013

Kudos to the writers of season four “Enterprise.” I’m not a fan of serial television,i.e. big story arcs. TOS did not use them. Still, it was an emotional and smart season. Loved “Demons” and “Terra Prime.” Gene Roddenberry would have proud.

105. Craiger - December 30, 2013

If you look at the NX-01 compared to the Abrams Enterprise it fits right in with the Trek Universe.

106. Damian - December 31, 2013

101–I know Herman Zimmerman said something about that in one of the interviews he did for the DVD box set. Now he was primarily responsible for set design inside the ship, but he noted the challenge of trying to make the NX-01 less advanced than the Enterprise in the original series, but still making it looked advanced from today’s perspective.

I thought at least for interior design, Zimmerman did a pretty good job of that. And I agree that would be a pretty big challenge. I mean, lets face it, I loved the original series the most, but set design in the 60’s was considerably different than it is today. How do you make something more primitive than the 60’s while at the same time making it more advanced than today.

I would think that goes for the design of the overall ship done by Drexler. They needed something that looked futuristic from today’s perspective. It would have been nice if as Matt notes, Drexler was allowed some of his modifications. I think that goes back to during the first 2 seasons, Enterprise was still feeding off the whole TNG mentality. That’s probably what led the team to want the ship to look the way it does. By season 3 and 4, the storytelling had finally broken its own ground, but the ship was what it was obviously.

107. Damian - December 31, 2013

Also, as an aside, Zimmerman was one guy I sort of wished Abrams had retained along with John Eaves. Zimmerman was always concientious about the continuity of the set designs in Star Trek (for those who disliked Voyager, remember he was not involved with Voyager). He did do the designs for all the movies between Star Trek V and Nemesis.

I always thought Zimmerman would have given Abrams the look he was after while maintaining a continuity within the Star Trek universe. Certainly engineering would have looked more familiar and the bridge would have looked less like an IPOD store.

108. Matt Wright - December 31, 2013

@ 107 – Yep Zimmerman was great at his job. He based the interior of ENT on modern-day fast attack submarines.

FYI John Eaves actually did work on ST 2009 and STID in some small capacity, he’s the only behind the scenes person that I know of to cross over from prime timeline movies to the new ones.

109. MJ - December 31, 2013

“Yep Zimmerman was great at his job. He based the interior of ENT on modern-day fast attack submarines.”

In a similar theme to my earlier comment, he should have been base-lining the ENT on a more primitive version of TOS Enterprise.

I mean, the attack submarine thing has some merits, but then base the interior on a fusion of TOS ENT and attack submarines then, so that we can see the ENT as the legitimate predecessor ship to the TOS ENT, rather than a TNG-derived ship with an attack submarine interior.

110. Jim Nightshade - January 3, 2014

mj with all respect due to your opinions…i also believe that the ent. designers did try to have a more primitive pre tos design but of course i believe the bosses insisted on it looking nicer than the 60s design so what do you do…tos set designs while wonderful for the 60s doesnt work in the more sophisticated times now….heck an iphone today looks more advanced than anything in tos….i understand how difficult it was to do that….the only flaw with the mirror episode in season 4 was using the original tos look n saying its more advanced cuz it didnt look like it in most ways…also d goodman confirmed my guess that he had nothin to do with those designs and decisions…

111. Michael - January 3, 2014

Where the heck is THE MAN? Manny Cotto who single handedly got the series best season out of the gate?

112. Michael - January 3, 2014

If I were producing the extras..I would have WAITED until all the principals ESPECIALLY Manny was avail. This is like filming the 2 Musketeers.

113. David A. Goodman - January 3, 2014

Michael – manny was available as it was scheduled around him. He had to cancel last minute (literally a few minutes before) and the producers were on a deadline.


Porthos (one if the two musketeers)

114. Craiger - January 4, 2014

#113 Would they have used the Romulan War in Season 5 or 6 if Enterprise had continued? I wonder if it would have been good to condense the Romulan War into one Season?

115. Craiger - January 4, 2014

However since they had the Xindi War would having the Romulan War been too much war in a series? Unless they could have had the Xindi also be in the Romulan War? Maybe feeling guilty for what they did to Earth the Xindi would form an alliance with Earth and help them fight the Romulans?

116. jeff - January 4, 2014

From that hideous theme song to the frequent canon contortions and gaffes, the alarmingly advanced set design to the wooden acting, the bad continuity to the squandering of vulcans, klingons and andorians aplenty …. what, precisely, is there to celebrate in this season-four collection? The writers have, it’s true, done a lot of excellent work: elsewhere.

But it’s mind-blowing to see people completely forgetting the consistent critical drubbing this show received during its run, the abysmal and hemorrhaging ratings, and the way in which is came yay close to ending Star Trek permanently.

It’s like people celebrating the many virtues of Attack of the Clones and Phantom Menace.

Consider the sheer number of utterly forgettable crew members here. And I can’t name them because of their utter forgettability. I do, of course, recall the Temporal Cold War, because it amounted to nothing. And the Xindi, because those rather bland baddies were given far more time than they deserved.

I also recall how every “successful” plotline had been done better by a previous Trek iteration. Time travel eps aplenty. A Western-style episode. Etc.

Hoshi sticks in the memory. She was pretty good. I think the blatantly McCoy-esque guy was awright, too. But Phlox was a one-note sickbay stand-in. Mayweather was an utter zero (this is the fault of poor development….for all i know the actor had some chops but never ever got to show them off). And so on.

And call the finale a love letter to fans if you want. But I think plenty of intelligent fans realize that there was such a lack of faith in the Enterprise cast of characters that someone felt a desperate need to hook a smatter of additional viewers with a gratuitous Riker-Troi framing device.

117. David A. Goodman - January 5, 2014

Jeff – why do you assume we get together and pat ourselves on the back? This is a reunion, and it’s a remarkably frank discussion about the show by some of the people who wrote it. But it’s interesting to me (and feel free to correct me) you watched every episode of a show you clearly hated.

118. Matt Wright - January 5, 2014

While he may not be part of the roundtable due to a last minute issue, I’m sure Manny Coto is interviewed separately in the main S4 documentary, because he’s interviewed for the S3 documentary.
So it’s not like the guys making the docs don’t know Manny Coto is important or something. Roger Lay Jr. and Roger Meyer Burnett are very good at their jobs and big Trek fans, so they know it’s important to talk to Manny.

119. Allison - January 8, 2014

While i think the writers and directors should shoulder some responsibility for bad writing and creative decisions made on Enterprise I also realize that reality is a little more complicated. I also think that the cast gets a lot of unfair blame for ‘killing’ off the show, and while the show may have been able to benefit from some tweaks I don’t think it would have been a significant boost. It’s not the actors’ faults that the show had trouble finding its direction. Its easy forget that it takes literally hundreds of people to make a show and it takes a collective effort to keep it going and keep it interesting.

To be fair, the networks and the studio have a lot of say in what goes on. Like it or not, the people writing the paychecks aren’t always Trek fans and don’t care about the audience. What they look at is viewer numbers, plain and simple.

But a lot of people who worked on Enterprise are passionate Trek fans and people who have poured their heart and soul into their careers making the shows and movies what they are.

For what its worth, I think that Enterprise had one of, if not THE strongest first couple seasons of any Star Trek show. Maybe not as good as TOS, but arguably better than some of the awkward early Voyager and TNG episodes. The Temporal Cold War and Xindi arcs also provided a pretty interesting backdrop for the show, giving it a little more sense of larger things happening behind the scenes. We’re not just spending every episode watching the crew fight off rubber forehead alien of the week.

Not to mention the excellent set design and visual design courtesy of some incredibly talented individuals like John Eaves, Doug Drexler, Herman Zimmerman and many others.

While there are things I would have liked to have been done differently, the only thing I really wish is that the show hadn’t been cancelled just as it was getting its sea legs. As unlikely as it is to happen, I would love to have a season 5, 6 or 7 exploring the Earth-Romulan war and all the other things that provide a historical backdrop to the later series. There is a lot of story to tell and unfortunately nobody is willing to fund it.

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