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Watch: Captain Kirk’s Patriotic Speech From ‘Omega Glory’ July 4, 2014

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Today is the 4th of July – celebrated as Independence Day in the USA. In the future history of Star Trek, the USA ceased to exist after World War III, but the principles that founded the nation lived on. And being that James T. Kirk was born in Iowa (he only works in outer space) he shows pride for the former nation in a patriotic speech from the episode “The Omega Glory.” Watch it below.

Kirk Gets Patriotic

In the 24th episode of the original Star Trek’s second season the crew once again found an example of Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development on Omega IV which evolved much like Earth except that two groups Yangs (or ‘Yankee’ Americans) and Kohms (for Communists) are at endless war with each other – a war that Earth avoided. Eventually Kirk ignored the prime directive (again) and decided to get them to all stop fighting – and he did this by explaining the true meaning of preamble to the Constitution of the United States (which they had turned into "holy words" only to be seen by chiefs). Kirk set them straight – in one of his most Shatnerian of speeches…

Happy Omega Glory Day From


The Omega Glory: The Poster

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1. VulcanFilmCritic - July 4, 2014

I love my country but this is has got to be the most ham-fisted “patriotic” speech in the history of TOS. Even as children back in the 60’s we laughed ourselves silly at its corniness. Still, I’d like to see a little of this “theatricality” seep over into the new Captain.

2. IDIC Lives! - July 4, 2014

Yes, it was an amazing but very energetic silly speech but then, the ending of that entire episode was silly. And, Roddenberry wrote it! It should have been just two warring tribes on the planet, then Capt. Ron Tracy comes down believing he has found the fountain of youth, 2 Star Fleet captains clash (I like that aspect of this episode), and eventually after several concussions, Kirk wins out. Ah well–

I’ll tell you what I do stand up and salute Shatner for, as it turns out: For NOT agreeing to do either of the JJ films, whatever the specifics of that situation are/were.

I am sure Shatner had some less than noble reasons, too, for not doing them, and some accounts say JJ did not want him under any circumstances but, we humble fans don’t really know the truth so–

I hereby salute The Captain (bring out some kind of flag!) for staying out of nuTrek. That guy is brilliant!

3. Hat Rick - July 4, 2014

There are two schools of thought about this episode concerning whether this episode promotes negative stereotypes as a result of the depiction of the villagers (“Kohms”), who seem vaguely Asian in appearance. The Wikipedia entry for this episode refers to one interpretation which states this thesis (see the “Analysis” section of that article).

4. Ciarán - July 4, 2014

I wish I was able to have pride in my country, but Northern Ireland isn’t exactly a place where that’s possible. Lol.

5. IDIC Lives! - July 4, 2014

#3 Ciaran,
I lived in the south of Ireland (Kilkenny) for 5 years and became personally and otherwise, very aware and affected by “The Troubles.” I left a part of my heart in Ireland, what an incredible land she is!

6. Ciarán - July 4, 2014


Yeah if I came from the south, it wouldn’t be bad at all. But coming from the North is an embarrassment. Such a backwards place to live. We must be a joke to the rest of the world.

7. IDIC Lives! - July 4, 2014

I was in Belfast in 1988, stayed there a few weeks, and thought I had fallen into a Dickens novel. But in fairness, I came from Southern California at the time (I am not from there), and the la-la land of plastic surgery, ego, and dieting to perfection (none of which I did) was even worse. The authenticity of Belfast was amazing to me.

However, would I want to be born there, live there? No.

But I don’t think the world considers the North of Ireland a joke–we stupid Americans hardly know it exists, but as for the rest of the world, I think they are lost in a Celtic green mist when they think of Ireland and truly do not realize–much of anything. Even in the 1990s, the tourists streamed into Kilkenny from other European nations and shopped and drank till they dropped.

I was astounded at the sheer volume of alcohol consumed all over Ireland. I didn’t/don’t visit bars in the States but of course the public houses over there, everyone goes. So maybe in American bars, more alcohol is consumed than I realize but–the bottles and glasses filled up the Irish pub tables because there was no more room, toppled onto the floor, and still more was consumed. I suppose that does show the Irish unhappiness and frustration.

In those days, guns were never pointed at my head in America; Belfast frightened and astounded me as the British Army did so more than once, but in 2014, military and Homeland Security guns are all over the place here too. Not to mention the U.S.’ people’s ignorant love affair with guns.

I live in a backward part of the U.S. which has many jokes told about it. Iowa grows corn and corny jokes. I do empathize, Ciaran. We also will grow Captain Kirk, of course.

Star Trek takes us away, to an enlightened world – or at least more enlightened than this one. We as a species can be better than we are.

8. Kohm Mortar, LLC - July 4, 2014

This episode sucks.

9. Ciarán - July 4, 2014

Well having grown up here in west Belfast all my life, all I can see is the downside to the place. I was born in 1986, so I don’t have really any memories of the Troubles as it was all nearing the end by the time I was able to remember anything. This is a contentious time of the year in particular where the hatred and vitriol on both sides comes out and the attacks start, and that’s just the politicians in office. I was raised to not have any political opinions and make my own mind up. And I have, and Belfast is a joke. Northern Ireland is an embarrassing place to be from. And the only reason I haven’t left is because I am a homebird at heart. It’s a craphole, but it’s home.

At least by living in Iowa, you have JTK to look forward to! Lol. I’d love to see a Star Trek character from the north of Ireland, maybe I could call Bob Orci and work my way into the next movie! Lol.

10. Oscar - July 4, 2014

July 4, the indepence day…
And the day of the Gettysburg battle..its last day
Quoting Joshua L Chamberlain, colonel, 20 th Maine infantry , USA, heroe of the litle round top, in Gettysburg:
« I Long to be in the field again, doing my part to keep the Old Flag up with all its stars»

«…that we here highly resolve that these dead shalll Not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and, that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth»
Gettysburg speech.

James Kirk is a good yankee, eh eh, his favourite song is «when Johnnie comes walking home»

11. CmdrR - July 4, 2014

I know this episode takes its knocks, but I really enjoy it. I LIKE the ending, even if it is utterly implausible, even if it’s the umpteenth time we’ve seen a parallel Earth. I like the pacing. The prologue is creepy as hell. I love Ron Tracy’s acting (or mis-acting.) I love a good Capt. vs. Bad Capt. story.

Happy E Plabnista, folks!!

ps — That poster is hilarious.

12. CmdrR - July 4, 2014

I know this episode takes its knocks, but I really enjoy it. I LIKE the ending, even if it is utterly implausible, even if it’s the umpteenth time we’ve seen a parallel Earth. I like the pacing. The prologue is creepy as hell. I love Ron Tracy’s acting (or mis-acting.) I love a good Capt. vs. Bad Capt. story.

Happy E Plabnista, folks!!

ps — That poster is hilarious.

13. Oscar - July 4, 2014

I thought Kilkenny was destroyed by Cromwell , you know, he liked killing irishmen and catholics…

14. Exverlobter - July 4, 2014

” In the future history of Star Trek, the USA ceased to exist after World War III”

Who said the USA ceased to exist after WWIII? As seen in Into Darkness Great Britain still exists in the 23rd century so why not the USA?

15. Chris Roberts - July 4, 2014

I thought these days Kirk was born in space… he’s about as American as Shatner is.

[ducks for cover]


16. LogicalLeopard - July 4, 2014

“Captains Log, Stardate July 4, 2265….studied planet Omega IV….at a distance…which contains a pre-warp humanoid developing civilization. Uneventful.”LogicalLeopard

17. IDIC Lives! - July 4, 2014

#7 Ciaran, There’s your answer! Get into the Trek films, make a small fortune, and return home in glory – and treasure home. Not the north of Ireland–but, as you said, HOME.

#11 Yes, Cromwell is apparently remembered with utter hatred across Kilkenny and Ireland. I am not Irish so I say “apparently.” As a human, of course, I hate his genocidal march too. But, hey, Oscar, Kilkenny is still there, ya know? Rural Kilkenny is magical. I swear, there are fairies and strange light-forms there, I have photos. :-)

#13 Chris, You can re-write Trek if you want but dammit, Kirk sprouted in the corn field. Yeah, I actually agree with you. Shatner is about as Iowan as I am. Frankly, I could get lynched here, I am slightly out of step.

But wait, I was born here, and came back here after many years. I bought 17 acres of beautiful land, cheap, and never looked back – like what TOS Pike dreamed of with his old horse. And for the most part, the frozen chosen citizens leave me alone.

Seriously, not every Iowan is what the stereotype tells you.

18. LogicalLeopard - July 4, 2014

Yeah, I dont think the USA ceased to exist, nor did any other country. The only major differences is that the Soviet Union never broke apart (or got back together) and the African continent, or part of it, joined together as the African Confederation.

19. dswynne - July 4, 2014

For those who think that Kirk speech is “corny”, I feel sorry for you for missing the message behind the words. Then again, with today’s political rhetoric, I’m not surprised that people can be this cynical about believing in the ideas behind the words liberty, fraternity and equality. Hopefully, some day, we can get over our own “tribal” politics, and truly become an egalitarian society.

And for those who believe that the US would cease to exist in the world of Star Trek: get over yourself. If anything, it would have merged with Canada and Mexico to form a new country called the North American Union, or something. Or maybe, Panem (as seen in the “Hunger Games”).

20. BatlethInTheGroin - July 4, 2014

#17: Are you always this melodramatic? Get a grip.

21. BatlethInTheGroin - July 4, 2014

Kirk’s message may have once had meaning. These days, unfortunately, the U.S. government has become corrupt and oppressive. The United States is a pretty vile place now, and those words have no real meaning since the government no longer practices the concepts behind them. It’s only a matter of time before the United States goes the way of EVERY empire throughout history. It’s inevitable. Americans are living on borrowed time at this point.

22. Oscar - July 4, 2014

Beh, United States of America is not the roman empire, the spanish empire, or the british empire. United States is a great nation. A nation who likes liberty and hates tyranny. As the great patriot said (George the third): «Give us liberty or give us death»
The world needs a powerful America, because only America wants to defend liberty with the last full measure of sacrifice..American foes are living on borrowed time…

Ok, I’m a huge fan of Captain America, too.

23. BatlethInTheGroin - July 4, 2014

#20: That rhetoric hasn’t described the United States in decades. The U.S. is a complete mess now, and most countries around the world view it with disdain since it constantly fails to live up to its enormous potential by a hundredfold. The American government is run by big businesses now, and all they care about is money. If that weren’t true, it would never have started an illegal war in Iraq.

24. tom - July 4, 2014

There is no occasion — even July 4th — for watching any piece of this horrible episode.

25. Oscar - July 4, 2014

Beh, anti American proganda. Sadam was a genocidal killer, and the war was made by a coalition of free countries. America is view with disdain by the foes of the liberty, oks, they are legion. No matter. They can not destroy the land of braves, we have our faith, liberty, constitution and civil rights…this great power will prevail because the human spirit wants to be free and hates jailers. USA is the key of the liberty, and around the world, who loves liberty loves America…and Star Trek.

26. BatlethInTheGroin - July 4, 2014

#23: That was ridiculously un-self-aware. There has never been a time throughout the past two centuries when the rest of the world has looked upon the United States as badly as it does right now. Ever since the U.S. invaded Iraq without provocation–Hussein had NOTHING whatsoever to do with 9-11 and had no weapons of mass destruction–it’s been all downhill. Even many American allies see the U.S. through different eyes now. To say that whoever loves liberty loves America is wrong on several fronts. First, a lot of liberties have been infringed in the U.S. in recent years. Second, if you think the world loves the United States, you need to get out more–you’d be floored at how wrong that sentiment is if you traveled abroad. Third, there is no country called America. It’s called the United States. Fourth, people who have lived in EVERY empire to date have thought theirs would prevail. None ever has. The U.S. is a mere baby, in terms of how long it has existed compared to other empires historically–and, yet, it has already reached the point that many of the others reached near the end. There’s a huge amount of disharmony between the lower and upper classes. The middle class is disappearing. Civil rights are being trampled upon left and right. And the cracks in the system are becoming chasms, thanks to the actions taken by religious zealots, warmongers, bigots and big business. The end is near. It’s just a matter of time, and the rest of the world is waiting for it to happen.

27. dswynne - July 4, 2014

@18 (BatlethInTheGroin): Well, I WAS in the drama club back in high school…

@18 (BatlethInTheGroin): And just like the US government in “The Omega Glory”, the Yangs and the Khoms lost their way, by ignoring the principles that made America an inspiration everywhere. But as Kirk infers, just because a people have lost their way, that doesn’t mean that the ideas are no good. It’s too bad your cynicism have blinded you to this, or to the opportunity to make right what went wrong. It’ll take work, but it is doable.

28. BatlethInTheGroin - July 4, 2014

#25: I hear ya’, man. Sadly, though, the people are pretty powerless to fix the clusterfrack that the United States has become. The only people who ever run for high office are part of the same political machine that has been destroying the country for decades. That’s why things are no different under Obama than they were under Bush–because neither of them gives a crap about the American people, and because both of them are in the back pocket of big business. The same will be true of the next president, and the next, and the next. Congress, meanwhile, is FILLED with amoral a-holes who care only about lining their pockets, and that’s not going to change either. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, is a complete joke. So yeah, the system’s too broken to fix at this point. A tipping point has been passed, and the end is coming.

29. Oscar - July 4, 2014

Without provocation? His dictatorship was the weapon of mass destruction. His dictatorship and imperialism was a provocation. He killed 2 millions, 2 millions, muslims, kurds …and He was protected by his friends in NU, China, a dictatorship, Russia, pure imperialism, Syria…oh, yes, and France and Germany with socialist goverments…NU defending dictatorships, as always.
United States hates tyranny.

I know ,around the world, good people loves America and the rabbel hates it.
Because they hate democracy, And America is the symbol, the paladin of the democracy. America and Israel. Thugs hate cops, honest men, do not. They know cops are to protect and serve them.

Maybe you hate your country, maybe your prefer Cuba, Venezuela or Iran.
Your choice, America is a free country.
We are the people, United States of America. And we have a power and a responsability. We say, no in our watch, tyrant, no in our watch. Remember: we have a Hulk.

30. Mad Mann - July 4, 2014

NO! Watch this instead for some Star Trek Fourth of July action!

31. Ahmed - July 4, 2014

@27. Oscar

You have a simplistic view of the world & the role of the United States in it.

“He killed 2 millions, 2 millions, muslims, kurds …”

And that happened between 1986 and 1989, both Regan & Bush did nothing at that time.

“United States hates tyranny. ”

Get real, The United States supported tyranny from all over the world since the Cold War.

Augusto Pinochet, Idriss Déby, Manuel Noriega, Islam Karimov, Ferdinand Marcos, Mobutu Sese Seko, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Saddam Hussein, Haile Selassie, Meles Zenawi, Hosni Mubarak, Anwar Sadat, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Yoweri Museveni & many others.

“I know ,around the world, good people loves America and the rabbel hates it. Because they hate democracy, And America is the symbol, the paladin of the democracy. America and Israel.”

You know, it is might be a good idea for you to take a trip to the Middle East or Latin America, see the real world. While you are in Israel, please pass by the West Bank & Gaza Strip to see the beauty of the Israeli democracy!

32. BatlethInTheGroin - July 4, 2014

#29: I’ve just realized you’re trolling. No one could possibly be that naive about the world works. First of all, the United States isn’t even a democracy–it’s a republic. If you actually cared about the U.S. as much as you claim, you’d be aware of that. So it’s obvious, then, that you’re only pretending to be how you’re presenting yourself.

33. Hat Rick - July 4, 2014

Dear friends, I recommend that we cool the political rhetoric before it gets out of hand. Politics can bring out the worst in many people and people say things in the heat of passion that they may not mean.

Let’s take Kirk’s speech in the way it was intended — as an idealistic statement that the audience is supposed to agree with at the time it was broadcast. We can all disagree with one another about various things, but let that not divide us. Now is not really the time nor is this the place for that.

Happy Independence Day!

34. Legate Damar - July 4, 2014

I’m American, but I still found that speech silly and over the top. That whole episode didn’t make any sense. Why would their be Americans and Soviets on another planet? It made even less sense than the planet of modern ancient Romans (with its silly Jesus is awesome message at the end).

35. IDIC Lives! - July 4, 2014

#33 Hat Rick, I nominate you as a Federation diplomat and I mean that as the highest praise not an insult like the diplomat in “A Taste of Armageddon.” And even then, that guy was right in his way. Kudos.

I am trying, my friend, maybe we need something like AA meetings for battling Trek fans.

“Hi, I’m IDIC Lives and I fell off the wagon…”

“But OTOH, I shall not bow to mediocrity…”

“But that makes me a real prick.”

I might have to start talking to myself around here. I salute Dr. McCoy!

36. Oscar - July 4, 2014

United States is the people , a goverment is only a tool. People can change the tool. But the people , the Idea, is the Nation.
Middle East? The only democracy is Israel. And they are an ally. Yes, Obama, they are our ally…you should not forget it.
Latín America? Its worst enemy is the chavismo, the communism, the populism, Fidel Castro and friends.
I have a simplistic view because a tyranny is a very simplistic thing. You fight or you surrender.
America destroyed nazism, stalinism, fascism , America saved democracy, America saved Europe. America must be proud, Americans must be proud . Americans must not say «I’ m american, sorry, I’m guilty» They should say «Yes, I’m american, and I am proud». But anti american propanganda is a cancer . This cancer is killing America.
Our soldiers are freedom fighters, Not mercenaries. We are not the new Reich, we are good people, our soldiers are good people. We are not angels, because no one is an angel, or maybe man is a killer angel, we have our share of deadly sins, to be sure, but we are the only country defending liberty and democracy, yesterday, today, tomorrow, we Watch the Wall, because only we want watch the Wall, the prize is the blood of our boys…Our sins will be acquited, because our sacrifice is huge. America needs faith, neither sarcasm nor cynism, and of course no needs self flagellation.

37. Ahmed - July 4, 2014

@36. Oscar

Maybe you are trolling us as BatlethInTheGroin suggested, but dude, you put Goebbels to shame with your propaganda.

38. Vultan - July 4, 2014


Because TOS was very much into the parallel Earth theory or whatever they called it. Really though, they used existing sets and costumes for budget reasons. This is why we got Roman world, gangster world, west world, etc.

39. Cygnus-X1 - July 4, 2014

2. IDIC Lives! – July 4, 2014

Do you remember during production of ST09 how Shatner was making some remark to the press every week about JJ not wanting him in the movie or not taking his calls or however he phrased it?

Shatner wanted in ST09 big time.

It killed him that Nimoy was in the movie and he wasn’t!

40. Keachick (Rose) - July 4, 2014

There weren’t Americans and Soviets on another planet. There were Yangs and Kohms.

I see this story as an allegory about what was happening at the time the episode was made, ie the cold war between the US and Soviet Union (and the US having troops in Vietnam fighting the North Vietcong). It was about the fact that the Yangs had forgotten, did not understand, the import of their “holy words” and this is what Kirk explained and reminded them about.

I think that Gene Roddenberry felt that the preamble (as well as the Constitution itself) were either being ignored or misrepresented and through the character of Kirk, sought to remind any US viewer watching of the preamble and how noble it was to aspire to. He saw that there was a lot of talk but not much in the way of genuine understanding and walking the way of the words.

I may have misunderstood this, but I do recall Chris Pine mentioning that he had only watched the first season of TOS all the way through (Abrams’ homework for Chris – if only the homework I got had been that cool!) and yet referred to this scene of Shatner reading part of the US Constitution as “*only the Shat could”…LOL!
(I had the impression that he was referring to Shatner offering a unique version of a way to say those words)

Dear, dear CP – The Omega Glory was an episode from the second season…LOL

* or words to that effect.

41. Oscar - July 4, 2014

Trolling? I’m an american who loves his country, who loves democracy, civil rights and The constitution…and you say I’m a nazi…? American soldiers crashed nazism, American blood.. This is American in an american website can not defend his country? The independence day? Why? Because a couple of anti Americans think America is an evil empire? Maybe you should visit the american cementeries in NORMANDY…American soldiers and their last full measure of sacrifice, there are a lot of sacred cementeries full of american soldiers. Around the world…..You should respect their memory.
The independence day is a special day , americans remember our origins, our legacy ,our roots, and our heroes. Can you understand it?

42. Keachick (Rose) - July 4, 2014

oscar – “but we are the only country defending liberty and democracy, yesterday, today, tomorrow”

It is statements like this that get people from other countries pissed off and rightly so. Other countries also defend liberty and democracy (as you put it) and have done so wherever and to whatever extent they are able.

America did not alone save Europe. In fact, the only reason America entered WW2 was because the Japanese bombed their naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. Britain (along with its allies – Canada, Australia, NZ and others) were battling Nazism pretty much by themselves, whilst the US got rich on selling the much needed armaments and other supplies that Britain and her allies needed to stop Germany from actually being able to invade and occupy Britain, turning it into another Nazi state.

There were Americans who were asking that the US intervene and send troops to help Britain with its fight but they were ignored. Many of those able to fight left the US and joined the British military in order to fight what they could see was a terrible tyranny. The rest of the US just got rich, until Pearl Harbour…

Please, Oscar – you have said more than enough, about everything re your views on BR Star Trek and about the US being the only country interested in being and maintaining any kind of genuine liberty, democracy, human rights for the peoples of this earth.

I am offended as a New Zealander who hears stories about NZ servicemen who fought in those wars alongside other bigger nations in order to preserve a vestige of genuine humanity for themselves and for their children.

The sheer ignorance and arrogance…

43. Hat Rick - July 4, 2014

@IDIC Lives!, 35, thanks for that! I could do a lot worse than be a Federation diplomat.

44. Ahmed - July 4, 2014

@41. Oscar

“Because a couple of anti Americans think America is an evil empire?”

The United States is not an evil empire, it is a superpower that care only about its own interests. There is nothing wrong with that, but please, don’t make it like American powers are used for the good of the people of Earth!

45. pilotfred - July 4, 2014

yeah such and bad episode,however happy 4 th of July to you Americans

46. Hat Rick - July 4, 2014

@pilotfred, 45, thank you!

I referred to Phil Plait in another thread just now, and so I naturally Googled him to see what the Bad Astronomer was up to. Well, he’s still up to his old tricks of disspelling misconceptions about astronomy, which is awesome, of course. But very relevantly, Mr. Plait has posted an article about a patriotically colored comet! You can see his post (scroll down one article) at his new home on the Slate website. (He used to have his own website, and then migrated to Discover; now he’s with Slate.)

47. Oscar - July 4, 2014

Beh, last speech.
The decisive power in WW I , WW 2 …was America.
Europe is not a nazi Garden thanks to America. And The Pacific is not a nippon lake thanks to America. British and Commonwealth nations fight was heroic…but not a decisive fight. And the communism, a totalitarian power, is not now Master and Commander thanks to America. South Korea is a democracy thanks to America, and North Korea is a hell because America could not save it…
Yes, americans powers are mainly used for good of the people of Earth.

48. Cygnus-X1 - July 4, 2014

47. Oscar – July 4, 2014

Yes, americans powers are mainly used for good of the people of Earth.

FDR saw that Hitler was a serious global threat and was pushing for the US to get into WWII in 1939 or 1940, particularly to help Britain in her fight against the Nazis, but the American people were strongly opposed. It wasn’t until after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor 3 years into WWII that the American people were finally willing to enter the war.

You’re obviously also ignoring all of the self-serving meddling and evil that the US govt perpetrated in Central and South America (Guatemala, Chile…) in the 20th Century. We overthrew popularly elected leaders and installed evil tyrants in their stead, simply because American corporations could make more money with the evil tyrants in power. We did the same in the Middle East, propping up evil tyrants like Saddam Hussein and arming Al Qaida, in order to “triangulate” and play one country or faction against another—Iraq vs. Iran, Al Qaida vs. USSR. The US and UK orchestrated the overthrow of the popularly elected leader of Iran in service to our own interest in Iran’s oil. We propped up Noriega in Panama and Hussein in Iraq until they stopped doing what we told them to do.

At any rate, I trust the point has been made regarding the effect of US foreign policy upon the “people of Earth.”

Happy Independence Day! :-)

49. IDIC Lives! - July 4, 2014

Here is a peace offering for all Star Trek fans. THIS is the magic!

50. Keachick (Rose) - July 4, 2014

I do know that there were many Americans (including senators and the president himself) who wanted their country to help fight the Nazis, but they were largely ignored, until… it is interesting that the US seemed more democratic then, as the president did not ignore the will of the majority at that time, which he could have done, as Commander-in-Chief…hmmm

The US, like many nations, is quite self-serving, only standing up for the rights of others, when it is in US interests to do so and not doing so, when there is little or no political or financial gain to be had by doing so.

Unfortunately, it is not only its genuine allies who see this facet, but also the enemies, many of whom do not even pay lip service to furthering human rights (esp. rights of the human female), freedom of speech, freedom of religious expression or the right not to adhere to any etc… It is not good.

Oscar – you stepped on a mine here. I suggest that you remain silent, lest you learn more truth than you can obviously handle.

51. Keachick (Rose) - July 4, 2014

IDIC Lives! Wonderful link.

Thank you for sharing.

52. Vultan - July 4, 2014

The US is self-serving, but with a lot charity in between. Don’t forget the billions of dollars in aid and disaster relief over the years, from both the public and private sectors. It’s disingenuous to paint the country as either a complete dystopia or utopia. It’s complicated, as with most countries.

53. Cygnus-X1 - July 4, 2014

52. Vultan – July 4, 2014

Right, that’s true also. US aid to Russia during its apocalyptic famine in the 1920s was pretty much entirely altruistic. Sure, it’s good to make friends and be seen as a force for good on the world stage, but there was no immediate benefit for the US in saving millions of Russian lives in the early 1920s. We did it because we couldn’t stand by and do nothing while all of those innocent people suffered.

I wasn’t intending to paint the US as entirely sinister and self-serving; just pointing out that the ethics of our foreign policy have been inconsistent.

54. Vultan - July 4, 2014


No, I knew what you meant. And yeah, it is sadly inconsistent.

I’d forgotten about the Russian famine. Saw a documentary about it a few years ago. But you don’t have to go back that far. There’s the recent Japanese and Haiti disasters for example.

55. Vultan - July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July, by the way!

56. Lostrod - July 4, 2014


“Do you remember during production of ST09 how Shatner was making some remark to the press every week about JJ not wanting him in the movie or not taking his calls or however he phrased it?”

Yea, I remember. At every event, Mr. Shatner was asked the same question “are you in the movie?” And he answered the question. Blame the interviewers not Mr. Shatner.


57. Lostrod - July 4, 2014

#42 Keachick

“The sheer ignorance and arrogance…”

To put things in perspective. WW2 deaths:

New Zealand = 11,900
USA = 407,000

Your statement speaks volumes.

Happy Independence Day.


58. Marja - July 4, 2014

6 Ciaran, Not with Roddy Doyle, author — he’s great and he writes about the people of Belfast. I feel he represents the Northern Irish peoples’ hearts very beautifully.

7 IDIC, I just felt incredibly weird in NYC’s Grand Central Station to see National Guardsmen with rifles in 2010. And I am ashamed every time I see anyone representing the NRA on television. They are a national — international embarrassment.

15 Chris, But Kirk was born to two Iowans. Or at least Dad was an Iowan.

25 Oscar, Dissenters are patriots too. Do remember the Revolutionary War, and those who dissented with their rulers, the British under George III. America under George W. needed its dissenters too.

26 Bathleth, Couldn’t agree more. I hope the people take the country back. Otherwise corruption will rule. Corruption has ruined much of what made the US great. I do take issue with your idea that Obama is the same as Bush. While he does accept money from large corporations, he came up with the American Health Care Act, and it was the right-wing Congress that decimated it [because Obama — over and over — made the mistake of trying to compromise with them, when they had no intention to compromise].

30 Mad Mann, thanks, I always LOL at this. ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!

37 Rose, that was good advice to Pine, because after the first half of 2nd Season the writers ceased, for the most part, to write good material for Kirk.

41 Oscar, I am curious to know if you watch the FOX TV channel regularly for your news, because you sure sound that way. I am an American, and I am proud of the IDEALS of the US. However I, and Bathleth, and Ahmed, all feel that some in the US have abandoned our ideals. patriotism doesn’t mean accepting and propagandizing the US ideals while ignoring the frightening reality that corporations have more power over US citizens’ lives than our government does. My heart thrills to the sounds of our patriotic tunes, “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” et. al, but cries a little too for how far away from our ideals we have strayed.

42 Rose, thank you for saying this. I was about to remind Oscar that there are other liberty-defending nations! Y’all have every right to be p*ssed off. I do feel I must point out, though, that there were US citizens who joined the RAF so they could defend Britain against Germany prior to 1941.

48 Cygnus, You have said it so well. Thank you, and happy Independence Day. May our country return to its ideals.

49 IDIC, Thanks for the glimpse of days of yore, and some of the reasons I love Trek.

59. Vultan - July 4, 2014


And Americans fighting the Japanese in China prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor (the Flying Tigers).

60. dswynne - July 4, 2014

Here is a recent Pew study on the state of the American people:

Sad that only 40 percent of Liberal Americans are “proud”of their country…

61. Keachick (Rose) - July 4, 2014

#53 – “I wasn’t intending to paint the US as entirely sinister and self-serving; just pointing out that the ethics of our foreign policy have been inconsistent.”

I agree. What I should have written, which is more accurate, is that the “US, like many nations, CAN BE quite self-serving…”

Marja – My post #42 – “There were Americans who were asking that the US intervene and send troops to help Britain with its fight but they were ignored. Many of those able to fight left the US and joined the British military in order to fight what they could see was a terrible tyranny.”

I did make the point that many Americans joined the Allies (Britain, Australia, NZ, Canada…) by enlisting in the British Military forces before their own country joined the fight.

#57 Lostrod – Like the US, with its MUCH BIGGER population with bigger numbers in the US military and of course losing incurring more casualties – unlike that of NZ, the country with (one of) the SMALLEST population and having the greatest distance to go in order to join the fight and do their bit, NZ and Australia fought on two fronts – in Europe allied with the British, and in the Pacific against the Japanese.

Your comment does NOT give the proper perspective. You cannot just throw out big numbers, but need to see those numbers in relation to other factors, like the overall population of a country etc. I doubt there is a single NZ family at the time of the two world wars who did not have at least member fight in one or other (or both) wars – my maternal grandfather (WW1) – injured in the face and incurred lifelong disfigurement and scarring, my husband’s uncles and so on. That is the *problem* with being small – virtually no one is spared, as it were.

62. Patrick Shirley - July 5, 2014

What would you all think of a story of a U.S. navy ship from the Persian Gulf War and a Chinese ship being transported thousands of centuries in the past on Omega IV and forming the basis of the Yang and Kohm civilizations? Both ships have nuclear weapons that will be used in the war and the Americans have captured some bioweapons from the Iran-Iraq War that eventually becomes the Omega virus.

63. dennycranium - July 5, 2014

Speech perfectly delivered by fellow Canadian- William Shatner!

64. IDIC Lives! - July 5, 2014

I posted a polite, well thought out comment which has not appeared yet. It is relatively lengthy, I spent time on it. This happened once before and both times, I made a friendly comment to “#58.” (this thread) Am I blocked from mentioning “#58″ by her name?

I just forgot it the first time my comment was never posted but this time, and with this coincidence (because no other comment of mine recently responded to #58 and all others have gone up immediately) — I am asking.

Anyway, very frustrating. Yes, I see a comment may need the approval of a moderator but my comment was so much more pleasant and positive than so many on this thread.

65. IDIC Lives! - July 5, 2014

THAT Star Trek LIVES, it is not the days of yore.

I am answering this, Marja, only as a test. Let me see if this goes for approval.

I am moderator on a large site and I know words can be blocked.

66. IDIC Lives! - July 5, 2014

So I guess my comment was held for approval for some other reason. Ok–?

67. Garth - July 5, 2014

Oscar is very clearly trolling. If not, then he is embarrassingly ignorant about history. His view is so off-base and unrealistic, it’s astounding. If Oscar is not a troll, then he’s a simpleton. Either way, he’s making a fool of himself.

68. B Kramer - July 5, 2014

One of my favorite all time Kirk moves is in this one: he’s tied up, feigns unconsciousness and trips the guard up. Good fight scene at end with the struggle for the knife too. See what happens with between those darn Yankees & Communists. ;^)

Happy belated Independence Day and Happy belated Canada Day to fellow Canadians (even rdr the Canadian mj-jr ;^) on the board (noticed there’s quite a few on the board actually).

“We’ll have you out in a minute Spock.” Ouch!


69. Buzz Cagney - July 5, 2014

#4 You should have pride in Northern Ireland. The Irish are- mostly- lovely, kind and generous people. Its just a tragedy that a few chose to make so much misery.
I’m English and grew up in the 1970’s with neighbours from Northern Ireland and they were, they are, a lovely family.
Be proud of the good and shun the bad.

70. Buzz Cagney - July 5, 2014

#35 yea, I’m in the AA. Alcoholics Unanimous. If you don’t fancy a drink you phone them up and they talk you into having one. :)

71. B Kramer - July 5, 2014

Speaking of Captain Kirk prime, Bill Shatner is this year’s Calgary Stampede Grand Marshall and here he is with the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper at said event:


72. Jonboc - July 5, 2014

Certainly is a of activity on Trek movie lately. I wonder if Anthony sustained enough hits and ad revenue in his absence to actually sell the site? With the official announcement of the 3rd movie, the articles really have picked up. At any rate, it’s good to see new articles on a regular basis.

73. IDIC Lives! - July 5, 2014

Well, it seems my post is forever lost in cyberspace or shot down.
Maybe it was because I swore at the whatchamacallit church we discussed several months ago, Marja; I mentioned to you that their founder has died. Not my biggest regret.

I agreed with you wholeheartedly, Marja, about the NRA and I was generally very pleasant. :-)

I pointed out that all posts of the USA are “correct” since it is a complex subject and forms a number of paradoxes. Truth is usually relative. I have always been active in trying to make my country better – what it can and should be. I feel the same way about the human race.

I did mention that not all Americans “got rich,” Keachick, when we didn’t enter WW2 immediately. 70 years ago–my parents were working hard to make ends meet but did not make ends meet. Americans, for all our faults, do have a huge work ethic because our government teaches us to reject socialism of any kind, so on we go, working ourselves silly.

I mentioned in the lost comment that the American middle class is decimated, not good news for us or for the rest of the world, for that matter.I have many friends who are really hurting financially and also in terms of health care.

So I will stop here lest this comment get banned again.

74. Gary 8.5 - July 5, 2014

I hope everybody had a happy Fourth.
I don’t suppose there are any TOS Marathons this weekend ?

75. Marja - July 5, 2014

73 IDIC, It was Westboro Baptist Church, and I agree, there was no great loss.

My parents were “Depression Babies” — not babies actually but the Depression hit when my dad was about 17, and he worked in the Civilian Conservation Corps, something we desperately need today to shore up our failing infrastructure. It was the only source of income he and his mother and younger brother had.

When WWII rolled around, folks of my parents’ generation saved tinfoil, string, and so on, and dealt with gas, sugar, flour and other rationing, all for the war effort; there was genuine sense that all had to sacrifice some comforts to aid in building planes, ships and materiel, to beat a true enemy of democracy, Fascism, whether German or Japanese.

I grew up as a Baby Boomer, so am rather spoiled in comparison, but living as a retired enlisted military person has taught me about the wisdom of budgeting, and the wisdom of going to college [because I didn’t, and it truly does make a huge financial difference by middle age].

There are many who hurt so much more than I do. My neighbor’s husband is in hospital; he’s 100% disabled veteran, so health care costs him nothing [thank god], but because he and his wife have not been married long enough she stands to lose her apartment home if the worst should happen to him.

Food and medical care, apparently, “should be available only to those who work.” But people have a lot of difficulty finding work in this economy and with the huge public transportation problems. My neighbor tells me the buses aren’t running today or tomorrow. Imagine if she had to get to a job this weekend! Charities are overburdened with demand, while the 1% go on buying yachts and living oblivious to the suffering of their fellow Americans. And Congress proposes reducing “entitlements.”

Progressives really need to learn to shape and use language in the way the Righties do. Right now the dream of Trek looks far away; funding for our space program has been so drastically cut.

Ah, well, perhaps we can keep the spirit of Trek alive in our youth, our language, and turn things around in the next generation or so.

76. IDIC Lives! - July 5, 2014

Part of what got lost in cyberspace was my account of my friend whose name you might remember from the fan fiction days – she was very good at that! She is too young for Medicare and pays nearly $1,000 monthly to some big insurance conglomerate. She does not qualify to Obamacare thanks to a loophole the 1% Repubs forced into OCare. For almost 20 years she has made her living traveling and carrying heavy stuff – as a merchant. She is ill and in great pain and she keeps trying to work because she must, or lose her home. The medical machine takes hundreds of dollars monthly because insurance will not cover a lot of it and they offer her no real help.

This is but one of millions of formerly middle class situations (not to mention the financially poor) in this country.

I happen to know a lot of people on a marginal basis because they were my clients or subscribers to my publications. That all changed with the Internet but I have kept in touch with many, and virtually ALL have fallen from their middle class status and are really struggling.

I went to college but graduated in Education, a field I detested after teaching for 11 years, so basically then had nothing to offer for other fields of employment. I should have gone into the sciences which I love and am good at, but females were shepherded into Bachelors of Arts (teaching, nursing), not science specialties.

I have made my own way, self employed for many years; I would not have created this path if not for Star Trek which opened science, science speculation, and futurism to me. Plus I had 2 encounters of the strange kind when I was a child (no kidding) and so have a driving need to find out what is said to be non-existent.

77. IDIC Lives! - July 5, 2014

Marja, I just answered you but it has been wiped out again. I was just chatting with you, same subject as you mentioned. I do not understand. No bad words were used, nothing like that.
I can’t recreate it right now, have chores with my animals. Sorry.

78. Ctrl-Opt-Del - July 5, 2014

I’ve always enjoyed the delicious irony of this speech being delivered by a Canadian actor! :-P

79. Keachick (Rose) - July 5, 2014

#76 – There are also some words other than obvious swear words that can cause messages to vanish, like ins*r*nce and p*rn(ography) (note my spellings). If I had spelled either of these words correctly, you would not get to see this post – ever. One or the more *interesting* quirks of this site…

When I say that the US got rich, the truth is really that a small percentage of Americans got rich by making and selling weapons and war materials to Britain and her allies, before the Pearl Harbour incident in 1942. This was the beginning of what we know as (US) industrial/military complex – a beast if there ever was. For a good many others, life ground on, as it did and still does.

80. IDIC Lives! - July 6, 2014

In both posts of mine on this thread which did not manifest, I mentioned the U.S.’ new health care system in its pop name as relates to our president. Perhaps this is the word not allowed?

Anyway, Marja, I tried. I assume you will not speak to me again due to my flabbergasted, honest protests regarding Uncle Alan so—t’was nice knowing you, Marja. I really wish we could have chatted a while.

81. B Kramer - July 6, 2014

Phasers set to fun: William Shatner kicks off the Calgary Stampede

82. B Kramer - July 6, 2014

81 BTW look who shows up in the comments above with the usual dis.

83. Cygnus-X1 - July 7, 2014

81. B Kramer – July 6, 2014

81 BTW look who shows up in the comments above with the usual dis.


84. Yanks - July 7, 2014

OMG, the liberal haters do come out don’t they.

Oscar, may god bless you.

Only “the Shat” could have given that speech! :-)

“They must apply to everyone or they mean nothing!”

No truer words spoken.

85. Ahmed - July 8, 2014

@ 81. B Kramer – July 6, 2014

“BTW look who shows up in the comments above with the usual dis.”

Of course, good thing that he was downvoted to oblivion!

Thanks for the link.

86. I am Roger Corby! - July 8, 2014

My ancestors were aboard the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock. I am intimately acquainted with their motivations and accomplishments, not to mention their failures. Other ancestors were New England Puritans, Aristocratic Huguenots, upper-middle-class Reformed Dutch colonists. They were all involved in the War for Independence from Great Britain; some were even Loyalists who paid with their lives and the lives of their children.

All agreed on certain fundamental principles of Liberty and their Christian faith.

Their dispute was because of the exercise of power — the power of the purse and ultimately the power of the gun — and the imposition of foreign will upon people who are content to live their own lives.

The American Declaration of Independence — announced on Independence Day — and the subsequent organizing Constitution of 1789 cannot be understood outside that context. You see, the American Revolution was not fought for monetary gain. It was fought of the concept of self-determination and the ancient Rights of Englishmen apparently denied the British Americans along the Atlantic Coast.

Their fight was over the place and purpose of existence as free men — something that can be understood only as it affects the individual. Individuals came together through kinship ties and accumulated into tribes, clans, and ultimately nations but the foundation was the individual and his struggle in life. This has explicit religious connotation as well, inseperable from the Reformed theology and way-of-life exhibited by my forefathers and proven by their secular success, which attracted immigrant by the tens of millions.

As for Communists portrayed as Asian well of course they were and largely are Asians of the kind then-recently faced off against American soliders in Korea and Viet Nam.

Communism is an antithesis of the American Cause in which the people serve the state and, individually, count as nothing to the State. It is a secular feudal system of bureaucrats in lieu of aristocracy and nobility. Its failure is evident by the risks suffered by its subjects who willingly court death as a fair price for escape.

So ultimately, it grieves me so many Americans find this episode and this speech corny and humorous, even worse irrelevant. It is a sign to me that the unique character of my ancestors of the 17th C. has been lost and my country is now populated by persons whose self-conceptualization has reverted to the homeostatic norm for human beings, that being middling mediocrity. Soon the accumulated capital, social and material of those hearty Pilgrims of 1620 will be squandered and life in America will be indistinguishable from life elsewhere. As others have noted, as a practical matter, it already is so.

None the less, this episode speaks to my blood and I honor it for their sacrifices and stupendous accomplishments the present generation cannot hope to comprehend, let alone equal.

87. Keachick (Rose) - July 8, 2014

An Independence Day story with a difference

“On July 4, the same day Americans celebrated their independence, Raju took his first steps of freedom. Sharp said he is doing “fabulously.” “

88. Cygnus-X1 - July 8, 2014

85. I am Roger Corby! – July 8, 2014

So, you interpret a few off-hand comments about this particular scene in this particular TOS episode, the way that it plays, being being melodramatic, corny or whatever, as indicative of the USA’s once pure blood being diluted and weakened these days by an excess of immigrants?

The Puritans were a fundamentalist sect of religious zealots intolerant of even superficial commonalities of the Church of England with Catholicism. They were good about teaching their children the English language in the New World, but little else beyond religious extremism. Their bizarre, unnatural views on human sexuality still cause serious problems for good people today. The found the ornateness of Europe’s majority religions intolerable, but they were quite content to adopt the European standards and practices regarding witchery and the punishment of suspected witches.

I’ll have today’s melting pot, thanks.

89. Yanks - July 9, 2014

@ 85. I am Roger Corby! – July 8, 2014

Great post and thanks for sharing your insight.

@ 87. Cygnus-X1 – July 8, 2014

The “pot” is the same today as in the “old days”. The difference is now the government attacks you if you are a Christian.

90. B Kramer - July 9, 2014

84 For sure & welcome.

91. Disinvited - July 9, 2014

#88. Yanks – July 9, 2014

”The “pot” is the same today as in the “old days”. ” — Yanks

Hey, I remember pot from the old days — it’s not the same; not even the WA and CO legal brands.

92. Ahmed - July 9, 2014

A better & honest speech from ‘The Newsroom':

93. Cygnus-X1 - July 9, 2014

88. Yanks – July 9, 2014

The “pot” is the same today as in the “old days”. The difference is now the government attacks you if you are a Christian.

No it doesn’t; you’ve simply been deluded by people who seek to impose their religion upon their fellow citizens. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.