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Quinto: Not Confident Enough (Yet) To Direct Star Trek – Talks About Trek Cast’s Future After 2016 July 18, 2014

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Zachary Quinto has talked much about how he and Leonard Nimoy bonded during the making of the 2009 Star Trek movie, however he doesn’t appear ready to follow the original Spock to Trek director’s chair. Details below, plus Quinto’s comments on the future of the franchise following the third Star Trek for the new crew in 2016.

Quinto not ‘confident’ enough to direct Star Trek – curious about future after 2016

In more extended transcript from his press event at the Summer TCA (via Spinoff) about his new Starz documentary TV show "The Chair" (about first-time directors), Zachary Quinto was asked if he would like to follow in the footsteps of Leonard Nimoy (the original Spock) and direct a Star Trek movie. Quinto didn’t seem ready to take on such a task, saying…

I want to direct. I’m already producing, and producing at increasingly on a high-profile level. I haven’t yet directed. That’s something I aspire to, but I doubt that I would feel confident enough to start in that realm.

Quinto not ready to follow Leonard Nimoy to Star Trek director’s chair

Quinto then went on to talk about the future of Star Trek with the his third time playing Spock (slated for 2016) and beyond…

I feel like we all signed on for three movies, so we’re coming up to the conclusion of that commitment. It will be very interesting to see how our relationships to the franchise evolve beyond that point.

What happens after the next Star Trek movie is an open question. Before the 2009 Star Trek film all the actors signed options for an additional two films (for a total of three) so any fourth film would require renegotiations, and that assumes they are interested (and Paramount wants to continue with the same cast).

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Three and done? Or more for the new Trek crew?


1. Darkthunder - July 18, 2014

My vote would be on either No new movies for at least 5+ years after 2016, or a new ship, and a new crew.

My hope, is that they eventually actually give the go ahead on a new television series. Preferably set in the Prime Universe, post-Voyager at least 100+ years. It worked for one Trek spinoff being 100 years after another show.

2. Jason - July 18, 2014

They should wrap up the alt-timeline in this upcoming film and then just set everything back to normal.

3. Marja - July 18, 2014

I’d like to see the new timeline continue into a Five-Year Mission on TV, with as many of this present cast as possible. 10 – 12 eps/year, season-long story arc, with mini-arcs [2 or 3 episodes].

4. Khan 2.0 - July 18, 2014

Maybe it be similar to XMen…a 4th film with another cast like First Class… (TNG origin movie) ..then somewhere down the line a DOFP type movie with JJ cast and the nuTNG

5. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 18, 2014

Completely new cast for either a rebooted series or a rebootet TNG-cast – or a completely new crew… Enterprise G or something like that.

Would be fitting. We have a big farewell for the 50th anniversary and use the anniversary to start something new. A new Trek, newer the Nu-Trek ;)

6. Keachick (Rose) - July 18, 2014

Same cast in this alternate universe Star Trek film and/or TV series – that is my wish!

7. Oscar - July 18, 2014

Cold truth: ST 2016 will be the last nu trek movie. That’ s why Orci wanted to direct this movie. Last chance.
And CBS does not want Nutrekverse. They have its own bacon…the original star trek…98% is original timeline merchandasing…That’ s the real business…That’ s why original timeline has future and nu trek has not.
Ah, December 2015: Paramount/Bad Robot end its partnership…

No future for nu trek. Nu Trek was only a joke, a sideshow… and with the return of SW, gijoe trek is not necesary, original thing is always better…

8. IDIC Lives! - July 18, 2014

#7 Oscar
You are a wise man (I assume you are a man, your name being Oscar).

9. Trekbilly - July 18, 2014

New five year mission on TV with either recast TOS crew or set TNG’s distant future with a new TV show.

10. Disinvited - July 18, 2014

Based on the quotes supplied and the article cited, I’m going to have to disagree with the TrekMovie Staff’s assertion that “Quinto not interested in directing Star Trek.”

“Look, I want to direct.” — Zachary Quinto

That indicates interest.

“… I doubt that I would feel confident enough to start in that realm.” — Zachary Quinto

Having doubts is NOT the same thing as “not interested”.

Besides, we’ve been doing this dance enough to know that directors and studios don’t commit until there’s a script, and Quinto says what ST4’s script will have to have for him to assume the chair:

“…it has to be material that I believe in and material that I feel connected to in a way that I haven’t quite found it yet.” — Zachary Quinto

11. Dytallix B - July 18, 2014

The ‘nu-trek’ movies have been appalling so far, so I really hope that the third is the last.

I would love to see Trek return to TV with a new ship and crew. Set it in the 25th Century, make it clear in the first ten minutes that Vulcan still exists so that the fans know it is the prime universe again, and off you go.

However, it seems doubtful that the ‘powers that be’ will want to produce a new series as it would be quite a risk. Mind you, people used to say that about Doctor Who.

Perhaps the previously mentioned ‘powers that be’ could test the waters by producing a few one off TV movies first. A feature length show telling the Borg origin story perhaps? Imagine a society that starts off ordinary, and then becomes so dependent on their technology that they start to wear it and then augment it into their bodies? Hmm.

12. Oscar - July 18, 2014

Thanks, pal.
Nu trek was a Paramount’ s trick. They wanted to earn easy money with two or three gijoe trek movies made for easy moviegoers. This was its only plan.
That’ s why CBS, the real boss, is not interested in nu trek.
Roberto Orci wanted a nu trek series. CBS says nope. He wanted an animated series. CBS says nope. ABRAMS wanted to replace TOS merchandasing by nu trek merchandasing, CBS says nope.

1. Actors end contracts
2. Paramount / Bad Robot end contract
3. CBS is not interested in nu trek.

1+1+1= 3
3= ST 2016 , last nu trek movie.

13. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 18, 2014

I think it would be easy to have a new TV-series set in the Prime Universe.

Let’s face it. The cast of nu-Trek commited to three film. Today it’s different in the movie industry than 30 to 40 years ago. I doubt we will ever get actors as dedicated to playing one role as it was the case with Shatner and Nimoy. Nowadays actors want more diverse roles, which is totally ok. Also the execs at the studios do not want this as then actors could come up and demand more and more money, so actors need to be replaceable.
So we would have to face a Star Trek future with an ever changing cast. I for myself don’t like seeing different faces for the same role over and over again. I find this very distracting and annoying.

So the solution would be to exchange the crew when the contracts expire. After Nu-Star Trek 3 we would get a different crew and new ship for a number of movies (maybe a TNG reboot) and so on.

Now for how to have a TV-series set in the Prime Universe when the movies take place in the alternate universe:
Make the next movie meaningful, epic and come full circle for the crew and story. Include the Prime Universe into the story, have both universes interact with each other so that we know they exist alongside each other.

In a new TV-series a new crew aboard a new Enterprise could maybe have a conversation through a gap in the universes, talk about the alternate universe and what happened etc. So it would make sense having a new series take place in the Prime Universe and people would not wonder why everything is different.

14. Chris Roberts - July 18, 2014

Why can’t they keep this cast AND set it in the Prime Universe.

Look at that massive gap between The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan, during which the Enterprise crew grow ever more seasoned until they reach “old”.

The Enterprise refit redone with all the ILM CG of the current movie ship. It’s as iconic as its late 70s design cousin the Millennium Falcon, which will no doubt grace our screens shortly.

15. thomas vinelli - July 18, 2014

@11 I don’t think its a matter of risk for a Trek TV series, its just no ones interested at this time. Look at all the Zombie movies that have been made, yet they did one on TV ..”The walking Dead” and that seems to be doing very well. As much as I’m been Zombied to death , I like the TV show. The point someone or ones at HBO saw a Zombie TV series could work and the rest is history. So if Someone at Paramount /CBS have a interest in a Star Trek TV series, it will happen , its just a matter of when.

16. Mike Barnett - July 18, 2014

NuHaters or Talifans won’t like my list but this Trekkie (since 1966) doesn’t care about them. I like all forms of Trek and I’m all-in on nuTrek with it’s alternate universe.

My list assumes that CBS & Paramount can finally get on the same page.

1. Sign the current cast for more movies (every 3 to 4 years). These would be action/adventure/thriller big-budget movies.
2. Sign the current movie cast for at least 3 seasons of a TV series (streaming or cable or premium cable) with 8 to 16 episodes per season. This would be more of the character driven episodes that most everyone wants. Save money by using the movies sets along with CGI models that have already been created by ILM.
3. Hire Sneaky Shark to produce the TV series and features after Star Trek 2016.

M A K E I T SO, R O B E R T O!

17. Moshe - July 18, 2014

In the Prime ST universe, whenever it was discovered that the timeline had been tampered with and altered, the Enterprise crew would set about trying to “fix” the problem and restore the original timeline. (A few examples: “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “Assignment: Earth”, “Yesteryear”, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, “All Good Things…”, “First Contact”). Therefore, in the first JJ-Trek film, after Nero changed the timeline and destroyed Vulcan, Spock’s expected and logical course of action should have been to attempt to restore the original timeline via time travel. He had at his disposal a number of ways to accomplish this, including the “slingshot” technique, used successfully in “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, “Assignment: Earth”, and “The Voyage Home”; and the Guardian of Forever, used successfully in “The City on the Edge of Forever” and “Yesteryear”.

I think that something along these lines would be a great idea for a new ST film. Done properly, the story of the restoration of the prime timeline could be a great movie. (Ideally, Nimoy ought to star in it, but unfortunately he doesn’t seem up to doing new films any longer.)

18. dswynne - July 18, 2014

Of course there will be more nuTrek. Paramount is not about to let go of the franchise, and CBS isn’t interested in producing a new series. What could happen is having new actors playing these roles with a new production crew. There’s too much money at stake. But I am hoping that there will be nuTNG someday…

19. samrock83 - July 18, 2014

New cast, characters and ship please. Prime universe sounds better. Do the new 13 episode seasons on a channel daring enough to do it right. Is that CBS? Or CBS partnership with an AMC or FX(X)? Quality over quantity these days. Engage…

20. TUP - July 18, 2014

ive long wished they’d “fix” the alt-universe in this upcoming film but I assume they wont.

I do assume the movie will make lots of money and Paramount will want to continue with another movie in 2-3 years though it wouldn’t surprise me to see Orci/Abrams etc drift away from it.

In the TOS movies, it was important to have all the actors sign up and ofcourse, outside of the big three none of them were expensive. Might cost a bit more money this time, but probably wouldnt be difficult to get the cast back under contract for a couple more movies.

If there is any desire to take a break, I’d have Viacom invest in a really good TV show in this (ugh) universe and spend a couple of seasons building to another movie using the TV cast and the movie cast.

21. Danpaine - July 18, 2014

Unless this next film really blows my socks off (which I’m not terribly hopeful about, given the last), I have no problem never seeing this particular cast again.

I agree with those who say Trek will do a fade for a number of years after this. For a channel like AMC or FX to pick up a Trek show, the writing would have to be pretty tight, the production values high. Competition on television is incredible now, as is the quality. There’s just no room for mediocre shows anymore.

And a Trek show, done right, would be very expensive to make.

22. Curious Cadet - July 18, 2014

@16 Mike Barnett,

I doubt any of that will happen. The majority of the cast is not likely to sign on for recurring film installments, and Paramount is not going to start replacing them piecemeal a la Bewitched and the Darrin swap of the 1960s.

There might be one more film with all 7 cast, but scheduling all of them without a contractual obligation might be close to impossible. And Paramount is looking to cut costs. They’re trying to reduce the budget by $20 million by shooting outside of LA, but as soon as the actors contracts are up, so will their salary requirements be too — up, up, up! That $20 million they save by shooting elsewhere could easily be added back and then some in renegotiating 7 actors salaries integral to the movie. And if the 4th film doesn’t do as well as it’s predecessors, that’s the end of that.

As for TV, most high profile actors will commit to a series as long as the price is right, or if it’s something they feel will secure them an accolade, or satisfy their soul. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like Star Trek will do that for any of them. So hiring 7 cast members who would likely prefer to spend their time working on feature film projects or TV series they actually care about, or which pay extremely well, means a Star Trek series with that cast will be very expensive, before they’ve even built one set or CGI’d the first frame of video.

At a minimum any series will require Pine and Quinto in every episode, even if the others drift in and out (as in TOS). I seriously doubt either are going to be willing to commit the next three years of their lives locked into a TV production schedule, which might interfere with film projects they really care about — and for the record, few studios will even invest in a regular series without a 5 year option on the actors (it used to be 6), hard to believe they would make an exception for one as expensive as Star Trek.

If Nu-Trek goes forward on the big or little screens, it will be with a completely rebooted cast of unknowns who will draw on the popular resurgence of the franchise thanks to Pine and Quinto. And we will come to love them just as we have the current lot. Star Trek will likely be no different than Batman, Spiderman, or Superman — another recastable, rebootable franchise for mass consumption, the stars of which make little difference as long as they are dressed in garish red, blue and gold shirts. If Paramount follows their pattern to date, the 4th film will not be out for almost 16 years after the first recaptured a vast new audience. That’s just about the right time for an adolescence child to grow up and have children of their own, with a brand new generation of adolescents who are ready to be introduced to and embrace their own Star Trek cast. Financially, little else makes sense.

23. Trek in a Cafe - July 18, 2014

A good idea for a new trek series would be to set the series during the second five year mission. Begin the series shortly after the end of TMP and then you have five years (or more) before TWOK.

Isn’t that what happened according to the novelization by Roddenberry himself?

24. trekwho - July 18, 2014

I would like to see the third movie be the launching point for a TV series. I suspect most of the actors do not want to be pinned down to doing Star Trek and want to move on to other ventures.

25. Nony - July 18, 2014

Karl Urban at least has already said that he’d be happy to keep going as long as they want him, but he genuinely loves Trek. I imagine Simon Pegg is the same. The real issue would be Pine, Quinto, and Saldana – they’re the biggest stars, so they’re probably the ones in danger of getting bored with it all and wanting to go do something else, especially Quinto. As long as Paramount throws enough money at them, though, I’m sure the cast will all return for at least a fourth movie. (But never a TV series.)

26. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 18, 2014

Keep em for one more. If it’s done in a Classic Trek style!

Is there not one crewmember that would like to go there?

27. Curious Cadet - July 18, 2014

@25. Nony,

I’ve don’t doubt Urban’s or Pegg’s statements. But there’s a difference between continuing to do it without anything else going on, and doing it for the same money when there are other more lucrative or challenging offers on the table, as is most certainly always going to be case with one of the seven actors, regardless of their interest in Trek. If I were Urban, however, I would not be quite so affable considering how under-utilized his character has been. If they don’t give him more to do in the next film, love of Trek or not, he would be a fool to continue wasting his time and talents on trek if there’s something else on the table. And while Pegg got a leg up in STID, it’s hard to imagine giving him as pivotal a role again, and elevating Bones at the same time while maintaing Uhura, Quinto and Pine’s screen time (and you can bet Saldana is already begging for more to do in the next film).

A fourth movie with this cast is only likely if the third movie makes more money than STID, to justify the increased salaries their agents are all going to demand to take them off the market for a year to make and market it. Moreover, it’s an easy out for Urban, Pegg and the others if any of the big three decide to walk, or tough negotiate. Paramount needs all 7, and that leverage will make the negotiating all that much harder. I can just see the tweets 4 years from now … “i’d love to do another trek, but I feel like we all have to return to be true to the family we’ve created, and so far ______ has not agreed to come back, for whatever reason, so I have to respect that and in deference to the art, I can’t either.”

28. Picard, Jean-Luc - July 18, 2014

Beyond 2016 I’d hope that someone somewhere out there will have the will and commitment to put Star Trek back on the telly and really cement the franchise as THE pioneering Sci-Fi TV show that can’t be missed, appointment TV shown on just as TOS was for the 60’s, just as TNG was for the 90’s. New Star Trek, completely new vision for it that reflects our world today and yet maintains the integrity that Star Trek has always had.

Trek’s home is TV.

I’d love to see this cast do more though, out of all of the Trek crew’s this one for me is yet to really resonate with the fans. You simply can’t build these characters well enough in a 2 hour movie every 3/4 years so I think you’ve either got to just draw a line with the 3rd movie and accept that this crew was just there to entice a new audience into Trek, then returning it to the universe we know, understand and love, or you get these guys to sign onto not just do the movies but to voice an animated TV series, appear on a live action TV series as well as continuing the 5 year mission with them through another 4 movies after the 3rd movie.

Personally I would love to see them integrated into the prime universe. It’s brilliant that they’ve [Abrams and co] been able to create an alternate universe but similar to the Mirror Universe, I think it’s only great for a short period of time. I hope the third movie kinda ties it all back again and that the events in the current Star Trek Ongoing Q comic story are in fact the jumping off point for a new movie, I’d love to see John DeLance back as Q tying this franchise back together and restoring the prime universe. I don’t see the big deal with having so much canon behind you. Look at Star Wars, Marvel and DC, huge histories behind them and it doesn’t stop new fans enjoying the current movies. I think whilst these alternate universe theories are brilliant ways to tell new and exciting stories, the Star Trek Prime Universe will always be considered the universe we’re living in today so to return to OUR universe’s future either beyond the 24th Century or right after the events of Star Trek: Countdown, would be the way forward. A movie that celebrates all of Star Trek, acknowledges the fans huge commitment to it over 50 years and restores it to it’s original timeline leaving the opportunities there for someone new to come in and develop new Trek’s within the Prime Universe.

Now depending on the current cast’s commitments beyond Star Trek 3, you could either bring them into the prime universe or you could leave it open ended the same way we’ve seen the Mirror episodes end, as if that universe carries on regardless so that if you wanted to you could return to those characters.

But as it’s the 50th I’d love to see Admiral Picard, Q, Captain Data, LaForge et al all reunite in some ways and bring 50 years of Star Trek together, tying up what for me seems to be quite a fractured franchise with one arm doing something completely different to the other arm.

29. Curious Cadet - July 18, 2014

@26. TrekMadeMeWonder,
“Keep em for one more. If it’s done in a Classic Trek style!”

Hmmmmm. While I have no interest in returning to the Prime universe (just better scripts), this is not a bad idea for the 50th anniversary film. While I know this is not what you intended:

Bring Nimoy back to play the role he played in ST09 — one of teacher. Don’t waste him as an alternate universe encyclopedia of info as they did in STID. Let’s kill Prime Spock off, and on his deathbed have him impart to Quinto and Pine in flashback (mind meld) some of what made his friendship with Kirk strong, and emphasize the greatness and potential he sees in them both. Then flashback to this cast playing their Prime universe counterparts in a familiar episode, literally line for line, in the old style uniforms and old style ship (but upgraded for current technology). Then another flashback (much later in time) which allows Shatner to make a cameo. Since they are literally recreating a scene from TOS, get Shatner on the set to “coach” Pine in a 50th PR spectacle.

This would make so many old school fans happy, giving them what they always wanted, and it would speak to the development of the characters which is what this new movie series is purportedly all about. And it gets rid of Prime Spock once and for all.

30. Captain Pike - July 18, 2014

I’d like to see a return to TV. That is where Trek really belongs.

Just while I am here – one thing about these new movies that occurs to me whilst reading Roddenberry’s memo’s during his original series run…

Chekov in the JJ Abrams universe is actually a lot closer to the character originally envisaged rather than Walter Koenig’s Beatles-esque visage. He is a true wunderkind in the JJ movies, as opposed to what we saw in TOS. Read the memo’s. This is how the character was always supposed to be.

There are many things that bother me about the JJ movies (like Delta Vega, beaming ridiculous distances, travel time to Qonos etc), but you have to admit, if you really dig into it, that he has actually got a lot of things right.

That said, as great as these multi million dollar blockbuster action movies have been, I still would rather Trek was back on TV, where we can really get to know the characters, and where we can get decent stories.

On Topic – Quinto needs more experience before he can direct. He is not ready yet to take on a Trek movie. Yet.

31. crazydaystrom - July 18, 2014

Since I really like the cast I’d love for them to stay on more Treks. The difference I’d like most to see is with the writing, the storytelling. I want Star Trek to again be respected by the science fiction community as well as the general audience. Respected and embraced by both those groups the way TNG was during its heyday. IMO the best thing Bad Robot did was their recasting of the original 7. Even Quinto, who is my least favorite of the nucast, has grown on me.

Yeah, I’d like to see the nuguys in a Trek movie that truly thrills and satisfies me completely, the way I’ve always believed Star Trek could on the big screen. The only Trek movies that have done this for me are- TWOK and ST’09 (despite the things that bugged about that outing, forgiven as nessecary evils of the reboot). Sure it would be possible to recast Kirk and crew satisfactorily but we got the cast now. I say use them better. Use them well.

32. Mad Mann - July 18, 2014

Oh man. Remember the 1990s? That’s when we were SPOILED by the amount of new Star Trek being produced. New TNG movies every two years, TWO new TV series on the air at the same time, 30th anniversary specials, ST: The Experience, Playmates Toys, etc. Not to mention several hours of Trek in syndication on every day!

Oh man do I miss those days.

33. Paul - July 18, 2014

Pines former agent leaked he is only getting paid $1.5m to $3m per Trek film so I doubt he would return after 2016 unless they offer a lot more money.

You can see the other cast members will be on far less this is a cheap cast for Paramount most of the budget goes on the VFX so after Trek 2016 will require either a mega hit to give them all a decent rise or some will not want to appear again when they can earn more elsewhere.

Paramount have a long history of not wanting to pay Trek actors top dollar its just a product to the studio & the accountants which means probably another reboot unless Trek 2016 is a genuine global mega hit.

34. Red Dead Ryan - July 18, 2014

Firstly, I think the cast will move on after the third movie. Paramount will look to decrease production costs substantially if they do go ahead with a fourth.

Secondly, a fourth movie (another reboot, set in yet another universe) will be made several years down the road after being put on ice due to lack of interest and/or progress on how to proceed. The next iteration will be made by a no-name director featuring a young cast made up of relative unknowns as well as washed-up c-listers.

Thirdly, there will be no tv series for a long time. CBS isn’t interested in producing a new show when they can just simply expand the CSI brand. And no way do they hire another studio or Netflix. CBS will not want to have to share revenues with anyone else. Plus Netflix will eventually be become property of Disney anyway.

35. Tom - July 18, 2014

29 Curious Cadet

Wat you described would really tie in nicelyl with the 50th and Nu Trek.

36. TUP - July 18, 2014

Im not sure it would be very difficult to get the actors to sign on for a couple more movies. Its good money. They seem to enjoy the work. And if they are smart they see the benefits to being tied to a franchise.

Pine is the new Jack Ryan so he’s obviously comfortable with being a Franchise star. Other actors do it too. I dont see it as being a big deal.

TV would also be fine if it was done premium. A lot of movie stars are going back to TV for the quality of the story-telling and in the case of premium TV, its an easy gig. it doesnt take up their entire year anymore.

I dont know all the ins and outs obviously but if Im Viacom I seriously study Star Trek. They need to look at it as a franchise property like Disney has done with Marvel and Star Wars. Look at Sony, trying to turn ONE Marvel character they own into its own franchise.

Paramount hired the wrong guy in Abrams who is a bit of a control freak. I can relate to that but if you cant devote the time and energy to spearheading the entire franchise, dont be a control freak. There should be movies, TV shows, animated shows, documentaries, merchandise, rides etc. A freakin franchise!

Marvel is a successful movie franchise that doesnt immediately seem to translate to TV and yet they gave Shield a big push and even though its so-so it hasnt stopped them teaming with Netflix for a premium treatment with multiple series building to a big event. Thats vision.

Star Trek has always been treated like the red headed step child. That promised to change but Bad Robot has probably hurt the franchise as much as it’s helped it. There is no “head of Marvel” or a Kathleen Kennedy to focuse solely on the Trek franchise. Viacom must create a Trek division, reunite the TV and movie properties and hire a legitimate executive to over-see it. They need a real multi-year plan to restore Trek to a franchise property.

37. Tom - July 18, 2014

29 Curious Cadet

What you described would really tie in nicely with the 50th and Nu Trek.

38. Oscar - July 18, 2014

Paramount/bad robot productions end contract: december 2015. And no renewal.
It mean, no more Abramsverse.
Avengers world, SW, Spider Man, X Men…extended universes
Paramount has not any extended cinematic universe. If they want one the easiest choice is the original ST…the greatest space sci fi saga ever…

ST future is the original timeline…Nu trek was only a break, a sideshow
Business is business. And the original timeline is better bussines than Nutrek…nu trek is only movies, but the original timeline is a whole, global business: films, tv series, novels, merchandasing…CBS knows it, Paramount knows it.

ST 2016 is the last nu trek movie. You can not accept it?. Beh, sorry. Wait and see.

39. Off-Killer - July 18, 2014

@29 No flashbacks. This would just be shoehorning the old cast in. It needs to be a meaningful and epic story and we need to know that Prime Kirk ist alive and well.

And why do you want to get rid of Prime Spock?

They should get rid of Nu-Spock or Nu-Kirk. Killing them off for good would be THE thing to distance the alternate universe from the Prime universe. Something big happening that has an impact on the crew. Blowing up Vulcan and never mentioning it again was a lame excuse. Blow the Enterprise up, kill off Kirk and/or Spock. This would make for a truly alternate universe.

40. Mike Barnett - July 18, 2014

22. Curious Cadet
What you said makes sense to me. I guess my bottom line would be some sort of Trek after 2016. Movies and/or TV series with any cast would make me happy.

41. Phil - July 18, 2014

Well, Oscar, still have your head firmly shoved into a rather constrictive body cavity, I see. As long as you continue to ignore that the alternative universe is gaining traction in other venues, I have no idea what drives your rather irrational bias, but it certainly isn’t a firm grasp of the facts.

42. Daniel - July 18, 2014

Several months ago someone on this board swore that Pine was signed for a fourth film, and that he admitted it publicly. I have no idea if this is true.

43. crazydaystrom - July 18, 2014

28. Picard, Jean-Luc
“Beyond 2016 I’d hope that someone somewhere out there will have the will and commitment to put Star Trek back on the telly and really cement the franchise as THE pioneering Sci-Fi TV show that can’t be missed, appointment TV shown on just as TOS was for the 60′s, just as TNG was for the 90′s. New Star Trek, completely new vision for it that reflects our world today and yet maintains the integrity that Star Trek has always had.

Trek’s home is TV.”



44. somethoughts - July 18, 2014

after 2016 reboot TNG, this is my dream team.

Story elements of best of both worlds, all good things… and yesterdays enterprise

James McAvoy as Jean Luc Picard
Tom Hiddleston as Lt. Cmdr Data
Henry Cavill as Commander Riker
Jessica Alba as Counsellor Troi
Idris Elba as Lieutenant Worf
Bryce Dallas Howard as Dr. Beverly Crusher
Jennifer Lawrence as Lieutenant Tasha Yar
Jamie Foxx as Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge
Zoe Saldana as Guinan
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Wesley Crusher

Robin Williams as Q

Directed by James Cameron or Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon
Music by Cliff Eidelman
Written by Ronald D. Moore and Harlan Ellison and Roberto Orci
Budget $250million

45. Captain Pike - July 18, 2014

The problem is… Star Trek needs a true sci fi visionary at the helm.

Since Gene passed away, all we’ve had and all we are ever likely to see is people interested in only furthering their own reputation or in lining their own pockets.

Sad really. But unless the status quo changes, we can only ever expect Trek-lite.

46. Phil - July 18, 2014

@42. During publicity in Britain for STID, Pine was asked what his future held, and he said he had a couple more Trek movies to do (I’m paraphrasing this a bit). Some here took this to mean two more movies AFTER STID, and others two movies INCLUDING STID, which had not had it’s US release yet.

As the settlement of the lawsuit with his former agent only mentioned three movies, I suspect that the general consensus is that he has one more under contract. If the studio holds options to go beyond that, no one knows at this point….

47. somethoughts - July 18, 2014


Gene himself said there will be great people who will go on and make better star trek, star trek is alive, just look at how many new fans there are now and well it is doing critically and at the box office. I hope Star Trek continues to thrive and hopefully we see it back on TV the medium best serve to tell character driven stories without the need to save Earth or stuck in a 2hr movie formula window.

48. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 18, 2014

A reboot of Enterprise would be interesting. I think the series went a completely wrong way. It was way too much Voyager whereas it should have been a series about the first people going out into the unknown experiencing the wonders and the frightening terror of space. There were too much human-like civilizations out there whereas I think it should have been much more mysterious. Less civilized aliens, more dark and alien places full of mysteries. Long lost ruins of ancient civilizations, graveyards full of ancient shipwrecks and mysterious beasts dwelling there… Something out of a painting from Angus McKie…

49. Sunfell - July 18, 2014

I appreciate Quinto’s honesty about directing- people tend to forget that Star Trek was his very first movie. He’s doing a lot of interesting things with his production company now, including a new series called “The Chair” that is premiering on Starz this fall.

I’d love to see him helm a movie sometime- including a Star Trek film. If anyone could be a direct inheritor of the Star Trek mantle, it would most likely be Quinto, simply because of his closeness to Nimoy. And I would trust that he’d do an excellent job, too, because he cares about the franchise, but isn’t so close to it as to be blinded (and deafened) by the fans.

I am not as hostile to the new universe/cast as many here are- I thought it was fun, if flawed. If there are good stories involved, I’ll watch them.

50. Corylea - July 18, 2014

From the things Zachary Quinto has said in interviews, I get the sense that he’s finding Spock rather frustrating to play; he wants to play characters with more emotional range than a Vulcan.

Paramount could get him back for a fourth movie if they offer him a lot of money (which he could use to fund something worthwhile at Before the Door), but Paramount probably won’t want to do that. Or they could offer him an emotive-Spock script, maybe something with pon farr in it. Or they could offer to let him direct it. In the absence of one of those things, I think we’re unlikely to get Quinto for a fourth movie.

(Of course, what I’d really like to see is Star Trek on TV, but as long as the movies keep making money, I think Paramount is unlikely to do the necessary negotiations with CBS for that to happen.)

51. B Kramer - July 18, 2014

17 Good points M.

52. Jason - July 18, 2014

I’d imagine Saldana would be the most difficult to renegotiate since she’s the most well known and is involved with so many other big franchises (Avatar sequels, Guardians of the Galaxy).

53. Dytallix B - July 18, 2014

#48 I agree, Enterprise was such a wasted opportunity, but forget about rebooting it. It’s a cliche but Star Trek has always been about moving forward, not back. All this time spent over the last decade or so, doing prequels and reboots, is simply not in the spirit of the thing. Let’s have a whole new incarnation: new characters, new ship, new century. Imagine all the cool 25th+ century technology and storylines that could be introduced without needing to worry about the canon minefield.

And how do you get out of the nu-Trek universe? Easy. In the final scene of nu-Trek 3, they rescue Guinan from the Nexus and she says: “This isn’t right, it’s changed.” Skip to first scene of new TV series, and Guinan is looking out of the window of the Enterprise H in orbit of Vulcan and says: “That’s better. Anyone for prune juice?”

I’m not being entirely serious with that suggestion by the way.

54. Phil - July 18, 2014

@49. Actually, it’s just a handful that are hostile, a couple of them to the point of irrationality. They are fun, if flawed, and what the whiners don’t seem to understand it that the backstory to this universe is implied, because there isn’t a TV show to fill in the details, unlike the TOS movies, where there were three years of TV episodes to flesh out the Star Trek universe.

This universe needs it’s own TV show, hopefully something that would capture the spirit of space exploration, and not the spirit of Federation bureaucracy that seemed to be the hallmark of TNG and everything that came after.

55. TUP - July 18, 2014

Enterprise shouldnt have even been in space until the end of season 1. Sure, “work” in Earth orbit or show us the moon and mars. But it should have been a serialized drama about constructing and launching the ship and all the politics. End the season with the ship launching.

Anyway…I dont actually have a problem with portraying Spock Prime’s death if only because the character has spanned all generations (and multiple universes). because of this, Spock is sort of the character that we’ve followed through the franchise from the beginning. Having an emotional, heartfelt death of old age would be fine by me if it was meaningful. If he knew he was dying and had one last mission left – to rescue his captain from that craptacular death in Generations.

And then the death scene is Shatner Kirk at Spock Prime’s side. It would, without saying it, remind us that Kirk said he always knew he’d die alone and then there you have Bones is dead, Spock is dead and no matter who Kirk knows, no matter who he’s with, he will, from our perspective eventually die alone.

56. Mr. ATOZ - July 18, 2014

Star Wars is going to dominate the sci-fi universe for awhile. Trek should take another mini-break, regroup and then let Disney buy them out. Kirk vs. Solo – the movie

57. Digsthenutrek - July 18, 2014

I think it is time for a TV. Show. I would love for the new fans of Star Trek to see what the federation is and what it represents, since the last two movies does not adequately explain the values behind starfleet. That does not mean I hated them, on the contrary, I found them exciting to watch-star trek with a little rock n roll-however, I would recommend a science adviser to look at the script (the moon is not 20 ft from the earth), if the next one is going to be about exploration. So good luck and lets hope for a cerebral experience this time.

58. Phil - July 18, 2014

@52. Yeah, but that raises the bigger question – one of the gripes about previous movies was the ensemble cast, so if they ditched a few of the secondary characters does the product really suffer that much? It would not bother me to see movies 4-7 mix and match the cast….

59. TUP - July 18, 2014

uhura could be re-cast without an issue. The issue of not including all the characters would be swinging even more wildly from the establishment. But I doubt fans would care much at this point

60. Buzz Cagney - July 18, 2014

oh they’ll be back. None of them are particularly setting the world alight and it is now looking like Trek is going to be their big thing.

61. NuFan - July 18, 2014

Easiest prediction yet. Easier than Khan.

62. Phil - July 18, 2014

I don’t see the need to recast – any crew isn’t on duty 24/7, and when Uhura (or Sulu or Chekov) isn’t on duty the chair doesn’t sit empty. Just leave it to change of watch, and move on with the story. If Scotty is hard at work somewhere in the bowels of engineering, he may not be needed for a particular story. Outside of Kirk and Spock, you could have any of the other cast members on ship, but off camera – Enterprise is a big ship, so it’s not that much of a stretch…and it’s a golden opportunity to bring in another star to fill out a role.

63. Oscar - July 18, 2014

Oh, I see, Phil, you are a cheer leader…
Beh, oks, you can not accept truth? Your problem.
You can insult but you can not change this: in star trek history, nu trek is Nothing…an anecdote. And the next movie will be the last.
Wait and see, nu trek cheer leader

64. Sunfell - July 18, 2014

“Kirk vs. Solo: The Movie”

Perish the thought!

Or, embrace it- as the Abrams universe has, with sneaky homages to Star Wars in both films. (Did anyone catch the TIE fighter engine sounds coming from the pursuing Klingon ships on Into Darkness?)

I’d love to see a good ‘last hurrah’ with the AU cast, and maybe a 4th film as well.

Who knows- we might see a Trek-Wars mashup in 2021. Hide and watch.

65. Lois (Keachick) - July 18, 2014

#46 – That is my understanding as well. The quote about two more movies came before the making and release of the second film, STID. This was a case of bad journalism.

#54 – Agreed. The (near) irrationality of certain posters is now obvious.

#58 – Agreed. I voted that I reasonably expect that, if a fourth movie were to be made, that 4-6 of this new cast would return. Who? Well, that’s the question. I think there could be problems if either Pine or Quinto chose not to do a fourth movie, if it was tentatively greenlit. Hopefully, that would not happen, barring serious injury or death (God forbid).

#62 – Maybe.

66. Digsthenutrek - July 18, 2014

Here is my TNG Reboot Dream Team:

James McAvoy-Picard or Patrick Stewart: The man does not age
Bradley Cooper-Riker
Wow Tom Hiddleston would be a great data
Omar Cy-Worf
Brie Larson-Tasha Yar
Deanna Troi- Olivia Wilde
Wesley Crusher-Nicholas Hoult
Beverly Crusher-Amy Adams
Geordi LaForge-Dule Hill
Nurse Ogawa-Fan Bing Bing
Guinan- Roario Dawson
Q- Jonah Hill (ok not my strongest pick)

I saw #44’s list and decided to join the fun!

67. Nony - July 18, 2014

Off-topic but casting-related, just in case Bob is reading – there are a lot of people who like the idea of Michael Ealy as Dr. M’Benga, if there happens to be a M’Benga hanging around in Sickbay at any point in the next movie. Bereaved Almost Human fans would love to see him and Karl onscreen together again, even if it’s only a little scene in passing…just something to consider!

68. Ahmed - July 18, 2014

Much ado about nothing!

69. THX-1138 - July 18, 2014

I haven’t heard yet anything that gives me confidence that Star Trek in it’s current iteration goes beyond the next movie. Indeed, the next movie needs to be a much bigger hit than the last two if any of the original actors were to successfully renegotiate a new contract with Paramount. If you can’t get them all back then any resulting movie would be a much diluted product. Anyway, that is truly putting the cart before the horse as from all reports the next movie does not have a finished script, a director, or a green light.

70. Marja - July 18, 2014

16 Mike Barnett, Seconded!
67 Nony, YES! I’d love to see Michael Ealy again [WHY FOX WHY DID YOU CANCEL “ALMOST HUMAN”?!?], and as Dr M’Benga too.
If they do manage to do a new Trek TV series, I hope they’d put Ron Moore and or Manny Coto in charge. And Dr Neal deGrasse Tyson, or another Trek fan scientist as scientific advisor [it has to be someone who can compromise a little for dramatic purposes, so I’m not sure Dr Tyson would be The Guy, seeing the hammering he gave “Gravity” ;-) ].
Oscar, I say Beh! to all your negativity.

71. MikeB - July 18, 2014

Definitely keep this cast. They’re not going to catch lightning in a bottle over and over. Look at the revolving casts in some of the fan films – it makes it harder to bond with the characters.
Besides, if Marvel can keep all their big name actors involved than Paramount can. Especially since they can’t seem to get a film going in less than three years.

72. Jason - July 18, 2014

Pine and Quinto did not become big stars

73. Lemingsworth Bint - July 18, 2014

Yes, an easy prediction. Especially given each of the cast member’s responses when Anthony asked them if they’d stay past 3 at the Bad Robot Open House for STID.

Ahmed will post the link to Anthony’s article, I’m sure.

74. Phil - July 18, 2014

Not sure Dr. Tyson is the guy to bring in as a science consultant, otherwise the cast will be explaining everything, and the movie will clock in at about five and a half hours.

Cygnus would get the physics lecture he’s been pining for, though….

75. Ahmed - July 18, 2014

@73. Lemingsworth Bint

Nah, I’m sure that you know to use google!

PS: If you find it too hard to navigate google search, then shout for help :-)

76. Dee - lvs moonsurface - July 18, 2014

Whether a fourth movie happens, and not take a long time for this, I would like to see the same cast on it!


Probably/apparently the interview of Chris Pine that the English site published during the premiere of ‘Into Darkness’ in London, was taken the year before when Chris was at CinemaCon promoting ‘Rise Of The Guardians’, on April 2012. He was still filming ‘Into Darkness’.

At the time among other things Chris said there was only one more week to the end of the filming, which happened in Northern California, as we know.

So apparently he was talking about ‘Into Darkness’ and Star Trek 3 (more 2 movies)… if my guess is correct about that interview, right? :D

77. Cygnus-X1 - July 18, 2014

17. Moshe – July 18, 2014

In the Prime ST universe, whenever it was discovered that the timeline had been tampered with and altered, the Enterprise crew would set about trying to “fix” the problem and restore the original timeline.

Two problems:

(1) The Planet Vulcan that was destroyed in ST09 was that of an alternate universe. The Prime Universe Vulcan still exists.

(2) The time travel device of ST09 does not allow for going back and changing events in one’s own timeline. If Spock Prime tried to go back and prevent Vulcan from being destroyed in the ST09 Alt Timeline, his point of entry into the past would cause the universe that he entered to branch off from the Alt Timeline, forming a different timeline with a different Planet Vulcan. If this different timeline happened to be invaded by a Nero via a black hole, then Spock might be able to prevent this Nero from destroying this Planet Vulcan, but the Planet Vulcan from the ST09 Alt Timeline would remain destroyed.

78. Cygnus-X1 - July 18, 2014

45. Captain Pike – July 18, 2014

The problem is… Star Trek needs a true sci fi visionary at the helm. Since Gene passed away, all we’ve had and all we are ever likely to see is people interested in only furthering their own reputation or in lining their own pockets. Sad really. But unless the status quo changes, we can only ever expect Trek-lite.

This is exactly right.

Trek needs and deserves a visionary like Ronald D. Moore was for BSG.

Trek is an important part of Western Culture. It’s older than Star Wars by more than a decade and comprises a vastly larger body of works. It deserves better than to be little more than the latest Happy Meal theme.

Trek deserves to be meaningful again. Anything short of that is a travesty.

79. Cygnus-X1 - July 18, 2014

47. somethoughts – July 18, 2014

star trek is alive, just look at how many new fans there are now and well it is doing critically and at the box office

Yeah, and look at what’s become of Star Trek in the process.

It’s been stupified and gutted in order to attract the “new fans,” and they don’t tend to be fans of the old Trek. It’s making money, but I wouldn’t say that it’s critically praised beyond its most superficial attributes. You might as well make the same argument about the Transformers movies. Look at how much money they’re making and how many kids go to see them.

80. Cygnus-X1 - July 18, 2014

74. Phil – July 18, 2014

Not sure Dr. Tyson is the guy to bring in as a science consultant, otherwise the cast will be explaining everything, and the movie will clock in at about five and a half hours. Cygnus would get the physics lecture he’s been pining for, though….

Heh. Cute, but not true.

I refer you to Dr. Tyson’s many television appearances, most recently the Cosmos reboot, for examples of how he relates with and communicates to general audiences. He has no trouble explaining scientific concepts to the masses.

81. I am not Herbert - July 18, 2014

PLEASE let nu-trek die with three crappy movies… PLEASE!!! =(

…if it’s not too late: CANCEL the third one! nu-trek SUCKS! =(

82. IDIC Lives! - July 19, 2014

I vote for Dr. Michio Kaku as advisor.

83. IDIC Lives! - July 19, 2014

#70 Marja

One individual’s “negativity” is another individual’s fight to make something he or she loves–better.

One individual’s “negativity” is another individual’s effort to bring quality to an ongoing artistic effort.

I for one do not “hate STID.” It is more that I love actual Star Trek.

I won’t elaborate as we have done so, yes, endlessly, but so have the “pro” nu-Trek people.

I do not think we should be labeled as “negative” any more than you should be labeled as “negative.”

Nu-Trek, if taken at face value and continued, diminishes what “was” Star Trek, a most intelligent and exceptional creation.

You will say you love both and I appreciate that, but I am not sure that is possible. Maybe it is (not debating this point, just my opinion).

If Star Trek is to exist in the future, a direction is to be taken, a choice is to be made. It is not “negative” on anyone’s part, to try to influence that direction in a logical, heart-felt way.

So I won’t label you as “negative,” and you won’t label me as “negative.” Thanks.

84. Copaflyer - July 19, 2014

I actually believe this cast will all sign on for more films. Look at the Harry Potter Franchise, that cast only signed on for the first four films. Yet they ALL (except that unfortunately passed away) came back for rest of the series.

Potter is a little different, as they knew they were working towards and ending. However I do think that it illustrates how actors and audiences have evolved. People are not as quick to associate an actor with a single role as they used to be. In fact this cast has done an excellent job of doing great work outside trek in-between films.

If the third movie does well, there will be interest (and money) to do more. If the cast continues to enjoy working together, and the money is there, I highly doubt they would turn it down.

85. James - July 19, 2014

I cannot believe that so many people think that Star Trek will go dark AGAIN for another 5+yrs after JJ has rebooted the franchise and in my opinion reinvigorated it. It would make ZERO sense to mothball again. In my opinion most of the cast will remain and if changes need to be made to the cast it will happen. But I don’t see Star Trek sitting idle. I also see a new TV show coming.

86. somethoughts - July 19, 2014


nice choices too


I know they could not please all but I give them A+ for trying.

If Gene was alive today he would have loved both movies but may have been against the darkness but then again the utopian future was dealing with someone from the savage past.

87. somethoughts - July 19, 2014


I think now that the origins story is done boborci promises that the characters and stories you love is more like their prime counterparts for part 3

88. Moshe - July 19, 2014

#77. Cygnus-X1:

(1) But you can say the exact same thing about “The City on the Edge of Forever”: The Federation and the Enterprise didn’t exist, but only in an alternate universe (the one in McCoy saved Edith Keeler and Germany won WWII). In the Prime universe, the Federation and the Enterprise “still existed”. However, in the episode, Kirk and Spock didn’t want to remain in the alternate universe, and instead sought a way to return to “their” universe.

(2) On what basis are you assumiong that the time travel device of the JJverse differs from the other time travel devices we have seen in ST? Here too, you can say the same thing about CotEoF: If Kirk Prime and Spock Prime tried to go back and prevent McCoy from saving Keeler in the CotEoF Alt Timeline (which they did), their point of entry into the past would cause the universe that they entered to branch off from the Alt Timeline, forming a different timeline with a different Federation and a different Enterprise. If this different timeline happened to be invaded by a drug-crazed McCoy via the Guardian, then Kirk and Spock might be able to prevent this McCoy from stopping the Federation from coming into existence, but the Federation from the CotEoF Alt Timeline would remain non-existent.

89. somethoughts - July 19, 2014


I recall boborci saying as long as he is writing star trek there is no sling shot around the sun etc to restore the time line as he using a different model of time travel and alternate realities.

90. Curious Cadet - July 19, 2014

@88. Moshe,
“On what basis are you assumiong that the time travel device of the JJverse differs from the other time travel devices we have seen in ST?”

Only one of the main writers of both films, and the head writer and presumed director of the third film. If they ever use another method for time travel in Abrams produced Trek, then Orci lied to everyone, and he does not lie.

That said, there is absolutely nothing in either film that confirms Orci’s MWI premise (and he has said this was intentional). So at any time, Orci could “change his mind” just as he did when he stated explicitly on these forums that Spock Prime would never give them any information about the future, and that all the red matter was destroyed. Or, the next filmmakers could revert to Trek’s age old method of time travel, and go back in time and change their own history, thus “fixing” the time line.

Without Orci having the balls to commit to his method of time travel on the screen, then anything goes. The Enterprise could slingshot around the sun and “fix” the timeline at any point, they just haven’t discovered it in this timeline yet.

91. Cygnus-X1 - July 19, 2014

88. Moshe – July 19, 2014

(2) On what basis are you assumiong that the time travel device of the JJverse differs from the other time travel devices we have seen in ST?

Curious Cadet and somethoughts are correct.

Orci said that he premised the time-travel device of ST09 on the MWI.

Some pre-BR Trek episodes have also been premised on MWI, while others have not. Cosmic Inflation and Brane Cosmology (the two other multiverse models) had not yet been formulated/discovered at the time of TOS, so The Alternative Factor and Mirror, Mirror must both have been premised upon MWI as well. Other Trek, like TNG Yesterday’s Enterprise and STIV were not premised upon MWI.

92. Captain Smirk - July 20, 2014

nuTrek 3 should be an “unboot” where Chris Pine lands in the proper Star Trek universe and gives advice to Patrick Stewart (while on horseback) and we get back to more post-TNG era adventures…

93. Slornie - July 20, 2014

==On the matter of a fourth alternate universe movie==

I would definitely like to see them go on and make a fourth film in the alternate universe, especially if the third outing goes well. I also don’t see any real obstacle to achieving it with the same cast – e.g. how many Marvel movies have Robert Downey, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson each been in now?

Even if they can’t get all seven (or is it eight now with Alice Eve – is she signed to reprise her role as Dr Marcus?) there is always scope for cameo roles/new characters (e.g. Spock/Saavik in Search for Spock, Sulu/Valeris in Undiscovered Country).

==On the matter of a return to TV for Star Trek==

/Lazily updates and reposts something I said on an article here two years ago:

You know what, I think there may be an opportunity for Star Trek to return to TV after JJ’s trilogy is finished (possibly 2018?). Enterprise is still valid canon in this new alternate universe (based on the happened-before-Nero-incursion theory), but anything future-wise is new.

Assuming the alternate universe matches the general flow of the original, why not take the USS Enterprise C (or -B if -A never happened in this timeline) under Captain Rachel Garret? After recently watching Voyager, I feel another leading female captain would be a nice change and show off the egalitarian nature of the Federation. It also avoids the sensitivity of “remaking” another cherished crew (e.g TNG).

Set some 60 years after TOS (prime and alternate) and 40 before TNG (prime) it would make for an interesting foray into the “new” Federation. How have things evolved with the loss of Vulcan and the events of Into Darkness (including destruction of Praxis over Kronos) and sequel? Maybe the Federation has arrived at peace with the Romulans instead of the Klingons, or maybe the Borg arrive early?

94. Curious Cadet - July 20, 2014

@93. Slornie,
“I also don’t see any real obstacle to achieving it with the same cast – e.g. how many Marvel movies have Robert Downey, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson each been in now?”

Do you have any idea how much those guys get paid to repeatedly star in those franchise films? I thought not.

“Even if they can’t get all seven…there is always scope for cameo roles/new characters”

My greatest dream, a TOS movie without all the characters that make it a TOS movie. What happens if they can’t get Pine? Hmmm. A Galileo 7 remake without the Enterprise half of the story, or with a cameo of Kirk on the shuttle’s monitor, which Pine shoots on his iPhone from the set of whatever other movie he’s working on. Super! And if Saldana doesn’t come back, just recast Uhura, and keep her in the deep background. Nobody will ever notice.

95. The Original Spock's Brain - July 21, 2014

@ BobOrci: New series in Alt Universe, 2275, with John Cho as Captain Sulu on the E.

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