Friday Funnies: Watch Levar Burton’s ‘Tweeting Rainbow’ + Sesame Street’s Muppet Kirk |
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Friday Funnies: Watch Levar Burton’s ‘Tweeting Rainbow’ + Sesame Street’s Muppet Kirk August 8, 2014

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Star Trek: TNG’s LeVar Burton is branching out from Reading Rainbow to "Tweeting Rainbow," courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch LeVar read celebrity tweets to kids below. Plus, in other kids TV/Trek news, William Shatner is happy that Kirk is on Sesame Street.

LeVar Burton’s ‘Tweeting Rainbow’

From last night’s Jimmy Kimmel live, LeVar Burton’s "Tweeting Raingow" – featuring LeVar reading celebrity tweets to kids.

Sesame Street Features ‘Kirk’ Muppet – Shatner Approves

The fine folks at Sesame Street turned Comic-Con into "Numeric Con," complete with genre icons Doctor Who, Wolverine, Batman, Princess Leia, and Captain Kirk.

This got the attention of William Shatner, who tweeted out his approval.



1. CmdrR - August 8, 2014

OH, it is taking all my willpower not to type that the muppet’s rug looks better than the Shat’s…

O, crap. I typed it. Soooorrryyyy….

2. Captain Dunsel - August 8, 2014

“Look at the wee puppet man!”

3. Elias Javalis - August 9, 2014

World needs more Men like Levar!

I Salute you Sir!

4. richpit - August 9, 2014

Wow, it’s crazy how that Muppet looks just like Shat!

5. Curious Cadet - August 9, 2014

What’s with the selfies with people sticking their tongues out? I don’t get it, and they’re popping up everywhere now. Is it just ‘hey I’m whacky’? Or does it signify something? I have to admit seeing Burton do it is disconcerting because it’s usually something I see from kids and teens (and he’s a role model, right?). I feel like ‘that old guy’ right now, but honestly, what happened to a smile? Keep your tongues in your mouths kids, and keep your pants pulled up!

6. Curious Cadet - August 9, 2014

@5 MORE,

Oh, it’s a parody. Should have watched the video first. So that explains Burton, but not the phenomenon.

7. CmdrR - August 9, 2014

If the tongue is purple, they’re at least part Chow.

Nice to see LeVar having fun!! Nicer to see Reading Rainbow living on.

8. Keachick (Rose) - August 9, 2014

Lots of tongue poking here as well…:)

9. LT Bailey - August 9, 2014

Now that CPT Kirk is a Muppet, I wonder if Disneyland or rather California Adventure will work this Muppet into the Muppet Theater show.

10. Magic_Al - August 10, 2014

Looks slightly related to Guy Smiley.

11. Ctrl-Opt-Del - August 10, 2014

Please tell me that wasn’t Vic Mignogna doing the voice of the Kirk Muppet… -_-

12. Platitude - August 11, 2014

2. Captain Dunsel – August 8, 2014

“I do not have puppet cancer!”

13. Tad - August 12, 2014

That’s because the muppet’s hair is its real hair . . . not a toupee . . . LOL! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.